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File 148399980891.png - (247.37KB , 800x600 , title4.png )
771470 No. 771470 ID: 395c02

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html
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No. 771471 ID: 395c02
File 148399982768.png - (130.75KB , 800x600 , 544.png )

You once again find yourself floating outside Eezee's underwater abode.

The others had fallen asleep, exhausted by the workout they had given each other. But you could not rest. A feeling deep down kept you awake.

Something felt wrong. Why was your judgment clouded so by your lust? Why has this become a problem now when it wasn't before?

Are you the victim of foul play? Or is your inner dragon finally asserting its control over you, despite all attempts to contain it?

Wait, why would it be in control of you? If it's your inner self, then why wouldn't you be in control of it? Why was Mr. Ilan so insistent about its danger?

You don't know, and it frustrates you greatly. You feel like your entire life has been questions without answers.
No. 771472 ID: 395c02
File 148399983943.png - (112.02KB , 800x600 , 545.png )

But there is one thing you can find out.

Siphon, Gulketi, Eezee. Just who are they? Are they really aliens, as they claim? Or is there a darker secret they're hiding from you?

Are they really here to find their missing prince, or is that just a cover for their true objective?

The answers surely lie inside Eezee's underwater base. You're going to go in there and get those answers.
No. 771473 ID: 395c02
File 148399984914.png - (108.44KB , 800x600 , 546.png )

But... how do you approach infiltrating such a place? The BADLY-CODED DEATH ROBOT is defunct, but there's no telling what other security measures are in place.

Hmm. It isn't reacting to your presence. For whatever reason, it seems to be lying dormant. You're not going to waste this opportunity.

There's three main ways to approach this.

You could simply enter as you are. Even if alarms start blaring, Eezee would be unable to hear them. You could silence any alarm and use your magic to bypass any other security.

You could attempt to sneak in. By finally using INVISIBILITY for something, or by polymorphing into something, you could almost certainly fool any cameras or sensors. You're not as good at invisibility as you are at polymorphing, but your MP pool is so large now that you can remain invisible for about 20 minutes, which should be more than enough time. You can't mask your scent or heat, but that's not really important here, is it?

Finally, there's brute strength. By using your DRAGON FORM, or polymorphing into some other large powerful creature, you could simply smash any obstacle that stands in your way. Even if there was a second death robot, you'd have your magic this time. Oh, you'd enjoy the chance for a little revenge.
No. 771474 ID: 0967ef

Lets test that invisibility, in and out like a ghost.
No. 771475 ID: 952ab0

use invisibility. what other methods of detection could there possibly be?
No. 771476 ID: 398fe1

No. 771478 ID: 180f83

Lets try invisibility. Have we even used it yet in this quest? don't remember tbh
No. 771479 ID: 595d54

See if you can replicate invisibility by polymorphing into something perfectly transparent.
No. 771480 ID: 696fed

polymorph into this "Siphon" chick; resist urge to grope own multiboobs
No. 771481 ID: 3abd97

>not normal for what you just did
>something wrong with you
Might I just point out every other person involved did basically the exact same thing you did? So if there's something wrong with you, it's wrong with them too. Heck, pretty sure Siphon was pushing for something lewd to happen even before you were.

>what do

>You can't mask your scent or heat, but that's not really important here, is it?
Can't you do that trivially with polymorph? You morph into something that's scent matches the environment, and that has a minimal heat signature.
No. 771482 ID: 61c7b9

Invisibility should work. Don't bother with brute force. Clearly there's some sort of magical dragon-stereotype-enforcing-curse at play. Maybe dragons cast it on the barrier so everyone would hate dragons. Either way, go sneaky. We can always tear people asunder later.
No. 771489 ID: ba506f


cause we can.
No. 771491 ID: 97cee0

Smashing Eezee's stuff would be very rude. They could still turn out to just be exactly what they say they are! Eezee also clearly likes staying hidden, so I wouldn't underestimate her sensors.

I would say simply enter as you are... but since Eezee turned off the anti-magic thing, which is why you can contemplate these options, and you've been in and out of Eezee's ship before and know where it is in relation to yourself, can't you just portal inside, now? If you made a horizontal portal facing down it would work like a moon pool.
No. 771492 ID: 9145ba

Use Polymorph to become Siphon. If they're really aliens, they'd have something that can detect heats. Aliens always detect your heat.
No. 771530 ID: 8cb228

How good is polymorphing at hiding scent or heat or magical/electrical presence in water and getting a stealthy form? Especially when supplemented with invisibility? Does invisibility include, uh, inthermability? Unsmellability? Or is that more polymorph's domain? If you combined the two to get as broad-stealthy as you can manage, how long could you keep that up?
No. 771534 ID: 094652

Use invisibility, but treat it like camouflage; you'll want to save your MP for the OTHER 'security' killer robots, so use a low-power version and stick to cover and blindspots.

Remember, look for gene mods. If you can increase Mr. Ilan's lifespan, he could repair his magic and then repair yours further! Also, you may as well grab some party favors for your friends and family; breast growth gene mods for your mother and Daatra, maybe you should leave the dildos alone.
No. 771536 ID: 91ee5f

Wait! What if Eezee turned the magic blocking thingy back on before she left the ship? Then you'd have your magic blocked again!

Buuuuut.....if she did that, we at least know what the magic blocking thingy looks like now. So if your magic is blocked again, you know what to smash when you get in there.
No. 771545 ID: 2e6880

Actually use Invisibility for something for once.
No. 771559 ID: b15da4

Come as you are. If the security systems disagree with your right to be there, body check their privilege.
No. 771684 ID: e53595

Practice Invis. Look around. Plus is there any way to scan or try and look inside? Don't you have a portal that could only transfer sight and sound? Siphon did say there where at least ten death traps that she found herself.
Just because your invisible doesn't mean you won't step into a trap.
It will also garuntee an answer to whether or not the "Cloaking Device" is still operational.

Maybe check dragon inventory for insperation.
No. 771745 ID: 395c02
File 148414857207.png - (95.17KB , 800x600 , 547.png )

>Clearly there's some sort of magical dragon-stereotype-enforcing-curse at play. Maybe dragons cast it on the barrier so everyone would hate dragons.
That sounds... self-defeating. Brewing hatred would lead to armies trying to break into their domain, wouldn't it?

>How good is polymorphing at hiding scent or heat or magical/electrical presence in water and getting a stealthy form?
It depends what you turn into. You'll be as warm or smelly as whatever creature you mimic. Some creatures would be very well suited to minimizing heat, though scent is a bit harder to mask.

Come to think of it, what's stopping you from being yourself, just cold-blooded? Probably the fact that it's freezing in there.

>Does invisibility include, uh, inthermability? Unsmellability?
With sufficient skill. But invisibility is by far your worst school of magic, so you lack the ability to pull off anything complicated. You could gain a greater level of magical prowess with a D-BURST if push came to shove, though.

>See if you can replicate invisibility by polymorphing into something perfectly transparent.
The closest you can come would be certain sea creatures who are 90% translucent, or something that has the ability to camouflage itself. If you wanted to hide one one spot for a long period of time, this would probably work fine. But movement, especially while trying to fool cameras and robots, would greatly increase the risk of detection.

You'd have to turn into a made-up creature to try to pull off true invisibility, and your teachers made it very clear that people have lost their lives and/or minds trying to become something that exists only in fantasy.

If asked, you could always provide more options for polymorphing by listing and explaining actual creatures you know of that'd be suited for whatever task you're trying to complete.

>If you combined the two to get as broad-stealthy as you can manage, how long could you keep that up?
About five minutes, depending. Using two schools at once is always kind of tricky, and doing it with your worst school is even trickier! You'd almost definitely want to use a D-BURST to make this easier.

>Might I just point out every other person involved did basically the exact same thing you did? So if there's something wrong with you, it's wrong with them too. Heck, pretty sure Siphon was pushing for something lewd to happen even before you were.
What, like a giant magical field of lewding? Is that a thing? Is there an as-of-yet untapped lewd school of magic you're only just now learning about!?

Or it could be another of Eezee's malfunctioning inventions. It would explain a lot if something was messing with everyone's heads.
No. 771746 ID: 395c02
File 148414858483.png - (158.58KB , 800x600 , 548.png )

...Unless they're just that lewd. But that would mean you're that lewd, and that can't be true… r-right?

>polymorph into this "Siphon" chick; resist urge to grope own multiboobs

m-maybe later

>Also, you may as well grab some party favors for your friends and family; breast growth gene mods for your mother and Daatra
Your mother would have no idea what to do with them. It takes great practice to get to the point that you're not randomly knocking things over!

You'd love to see Daatra's reaction, though. If only you could polymorph others!

But that's for later! For now, it's time to go! For the first time since practicing it in school off-screen, you turn invisible!
No. 771747 ID: 395c02
File 148414859865.png - (110.70KB , 800x600 , 549.png )

Huh. It suddenly feels as if the creation of your world just got a whole lot easier.

You can't see! Ah, right. You remember now. Light and eyes or some bullshit. You need to pull back your invisibility just enough to see without revealing your eyes in some kind of cartoony manner.

Okay. Got it.
No. 771748 ID: 395c02
File 148414861038.png - (94.33KB , 800x600 , 550.png )

>can't you just portal inside, now?

The COMPUTER TERMINAL shows a blinking cursor, as if awaiting a command.

The COFFEE MACHINE? shines its logos at you enticingly. You're still pretty worn out from previous activities...

The elevator down sits in the middle of the room. You don't know how to use it, but your magic can bypass it easily enough.

The portal used up some of your MP, but you should still have 18 minutes of invisibility. Better use it wisely!

-Gain access to the computer terminal. You're not a hacker, but maybe there's unlocked information, or the password is something really obvious!
-Get a coffee. Just the pick-me-up you need after the previous workout!
-Portal further in. For safety reasons you can only portal as far as you've seen, which would lead you to the room you fought the robot in.
-Utilize Light-only portal to map the place out. A bit MP intensive, but you could learn exactly where you need to go.

There are no obvious cameras in this room. You could cancel invisibility for this room or keep it up to be on the safe side.
No. 771752 ID: 3e182c

>Come to think of it, what's stopping you from being yourself, just cold-blooded? Probably the fact that it's freezing in there.
If you polymorph hemocyanin (Copper Blood) into your blood plasma, any temperature that doesn't physically freeze you should be tolerable. Horseshoe crabs and spiders have it naturally.

Use the light portals. Information here is key. Don't wanna wander aimlessly, have something happen, and not know your way around.
No. 771753 ID: 6f11d4

I would keep up the invisibility; I don't imagine a space ship would have the most obvious surveillance.

The computer seems interesting but how familiar are you with extraterrestrial command line?

I would just start exploring; learn more about who these people are and how they live. I don't think you need much magic for that.
No. 771754 ID: 143250

Lets agree that until we see Mr. Ilan, we try not to raise the tilde bar, just in case that is what is causing the seal from cracking even more.

drink some coffee.
No. 771763 ID: eb3fae

>Is there an as-of-yet untapped lewd school of magic you're only just now learning about!?

That sounds like succubuss magic! i wonder if demons are a thing around here
No. 771779 ID: ad1111


Well, it might not BE extraterrestrial command line... If they aren't actually aliens. We should probably at least LOOK at the terminal to see if we can hazard a guess at if they're fibbing or not about their alien-ness.
No. 771784 ID: 0f916b

Try "knockers" for the password
No. 771794 ID: db0da2

Could you go fully invisible if you gave yourself infravision or echolocation?

Check the computer. If you find anything password protected don't bother trying to guess it, the odds are astronomically low that you'd get it right, and there might be security that activates on an incorrect password. Keep up the invisibility.
No. 771798 ID: e53595

I wouldn't bother with the computer. The command line couldn't possibly be a clever screensaver.

Is it a recognized brand? Wouldn't want Caustic StarBrew or something weird.
Also has Eezee touched it? I would inspect it first. She's obviously been down here for a while; she hasn't tried to "Improve" it has she?
No. 771803 ID: 9145ba

Cancel invisibility for this room and get a coffee. Imbibing strange alien fluids has never sounded more appealing!
No. 771804 ID: ad1111


You know what, you have a point. Drinking the coffee would probably give us a boost, possibly in more than just being all hyped up on caffeine.
No. 771805 ID: 3abd97

If we're trying to hide from security cameras, they'll see coffee being dispensed and then disappearing. You'd need to hide behind an illusion while you interacted with the coffee machine, and as I understand it, you can only cast Invisible (self) not greater free-standing illusions.

>command line prompt password
It's probably something really obvious like "go left" "enhance knockers" or "stick your dick in it".

Although the computer has to log any interactions with it. If you play with it, your intrusion will eventually be discovered, even if it doesn't ping security measures immediately.
No. 771807 ID: 9e72a7

Coffee sounds good.
No. 771808 ID: a0cb83

Maybe the coffee machine itself is a hidden camera, Keep up the invisibility regardless of what happens.
No. 771809 ID: 6cd244

So explain to me: since your invisibility is so low-leveled, does that mean it's the kind where you can't make clothes invisible?

Go check the computer terminal and see if you can at least get a map.
No. 771967 ID: 395c02
File 148425479570.png - (91.09KB , 800x600 , 551.png )

>If you polymorph hemocyanin (Copper Blood) into your blood plasma, any temperature that doesn't physically freeze you should be tolerable. Horseshoe crabs and spiders have it naturally.
Is that... safe? You're not a biologist or anything!

>since your invisibility is so low-leveled, does that mean it's the kind where you can't make clothes invisible?
Your invisibility has become just good enough to include basic clothing like panties or a bathing suit. Going without would reduce MP consumption, but you can't just run around completely naked again, right??

>That sounds like succubuss magic!
Succubus magic? How would that even work?

Anyway, you can't decide between getting coffee and using the terminal, so you'll do both! You hit one of the random buttons and a cup fills with a strange but familiar liquid. You grab it, looking around to see if anything jumps out at you.

Hmm... nothing so far. Floating coffee must not seem weird to anything around here.
No. 771970 ID: 395c02
File 148425499916.png - (136.33KB , 800x600 , 552.png )

You take a drink, and your mind feels clearer and more energized! You think you can maintain invisibility for a few minutes longer now!

That crack still concerns you, though...
No. 771971 ID: 395c02
File 148425501737.png - (52.29KB , 800x600 , 553.png )

You examine the terminal. Darn, it's in a language you can't read.

A shame you're not a tourist with uncanny linguistic skills. You would be wasting your time trying to translate any of this.

Guess this was a bust after all. Oh well, might as well hit random keys!

[Random Typing intensifies]
No. 771972 ID: 395c02
File 148425503266.gif - (43.09KB , 800x600 , 554.gif )



"H-hello?" you say.



>E N H A N C E  K N O C K E R S


>G O  L E F T

The only way out is south, anyway.

>S T I C K  Y O U R  D I C K  I N  I T

Oh god she really is that lewd.


You're kidding.
No. 771973 ID: 395c02
File 148425504781.gif - (43.95KB , 800x600 , 555.gif )

>S (...sigh…) S I P H O N R 0 0 L Z

Not commenting.


She(?) helpfully reads each option out to you.


"Wait, ball?"
No. 771974 ID: 395c02
File 148425505848.gif - (40.78KB , 800x600 , 556.gif )


"So it's like, some kind of magic ball?"


"And-- did you say 'relaxation robot'?"


"Does... does it work on dra-- lizards?"


Well. that would have been handy a couple hours ago.

Hmm. You shouldn't waste too much time here. What do you ask for?

Please choose 2 of the options DIGITAL SIPHON read above.
No. 771977 ID: b59357

Use "relaxation" robot as an excuse to dawdle and pick as many options as you want.
No. 771978 ID: 595d54

No. 771981 ID: 595d54

Well I mean, Siphon's personal computer has been talking and outputting text in either English or something Ceridwen can understand as well as we can understand English.
No. 771983 ID: 143250

Access public database

Check messages (if you want for humor's sake, accidentally summon RELAXATION ROBOT by saying check massages instead of check messages.
No. 771984 ID: 398fe1

That's only because it's hacked. Unless Siphon's hack is in every terminal we won't be able to use the others. ...it probably IS in every other terminal, but I'd rather we get some immediate information before going deeper.
No. 771988 ID: 97cee0

Activate Elevator and disable security. Those really shouldn't take that long so if you have time past those (or if disabling security prompts another password) then check the map.
No. 771991 ID: f703e7

If you disable the security, would it kill any cameras? Then you could be Super Rude and touch all the things with more MP.

Add one map and you'd be set.
No. 771994 ID: 91ee5f


NO!!! That could be the same robot that attacked you! Especially since it's called Eezeryh's robot! DX

I already don't trust the robot, I'm not risking a ball being the thing that kills Ceri! D-:<

.....too bad he's not here, so that might end up not doing anything.

Unless it's a remote activation and it'll preen Chei wherever he is?

Temporary stat boosts!

Hmmm, maaaybe one more wouldn't hurt? As long as it's the same button that Ceri pressed to get her first drink.
No. 772003 ID: 094652

Activate Elevator, Disable Security, tell the AI you plan to fap all over the hallway as a prank so she should also disable janitorial services.
No. 772010 ID: c441c1

Summon ball, read important messages.
No. 772014 ID: 398fe1

Hey that's right. If we disable security and that includes cameras, Ceri won't need to go invisible anymore and we'll have more time.

No. 772016 ID: ad1111

Disable security, show map.
No. 772019 ID: 395c02
File 148426182637.gif - (140.07KB , 800x600 , 557.gif )


The coffee's really kicking in now!

did you say two options? You mean Three options!

(If you had previously voted on 2 options, please vote for one more option. Mistakes were made)
No. 772021 ID: 595d54

In addition to >>771978, summon Ball.
No. 772023 ID: c441c1

+ preen chei
No. 772024 ID: 398fe1


No. 772025 ID: ad1111

Add access database
No. 772026 ID: 9145ba

No. 772028 ID: 143250


Access public database

Accidentally summon Relaxation robot by saying "Check Massages" Instead of "Check Messages"

Then correct yourself and say "Check Messages"
No. 772030 ID: db0da2

No. 772031 ID: 696fed

>preen cheiX3
No. 772033 ID: a0cb83

Map access, activate elevator, and check out the messages?
No. 772039 ID: 8cb228

No. 772041 ID: ce3dad

Summon Ball
Preen Chei
No. 772043 ID: 90f3c0

Disable security.
Access elevator.
Read messages.

No. 772047 ID: 4854ef

> Preen
>Read messages
No. 772057 ID: f703e7

Disable security
Access map
Preen Chei.
No. 772076 ID: 91ee5f

Adding "ACCESS MAP OF AREA" to my previous votes here: >>771994 .
No. 772084 ID: 8111b6

Security, map, elevator.

Sure, it's tempting to snoop through those messages, but they're not ours. Just think about how we'd react if our parents were snooping in our room.
No. 772090 ID: dd4df2

ACCESS PUBLIC DATABASE (ask about dragons and/or which files were accessed last)

SNOOP, but snoop safely.
No. 772138 ID: 3e182c

from earlier
> Is that... safe? You're not a biologist or anything!
Maybe! Probably. It definitely won't insta-kill you. If you feel sick, just poly back! Only way to find out is to try!

Anyway onto this suggestion:

Preen Chei
Preen Chei
No. 772142 ID: db0da2

>Is that... safe? You're not a biologist or anything!
Rectifying this is something to put on the to-do list. Our main power is modifying our biology, we need to make sure we know what we're doing for situations like this.
No. 772466 ID: 395c02
File 148451727098.png - (50.09KB , 800x600 , 557.png )

Time slows to a crawl as your coffee-fueled mind considers each option.

Accessing the map could be useful, but this place doesn't seem that big or complicated. You should be fine exploring normally.

There's no need to activate the elevator-- you can just PORTAL down! ...Or teleport. Man, you almost never actually use teleportation. Probably because it comes less naturally than making portals. You're not even sure you could get much better at it, honestly. You kind of wish you could trade it for another school of magic.

Then again, it lets you (generally) keep your clothes from ripping apart when you polymorph, so it can't be all bad.

The database is enticing, but you'd waste a lot of time trying to use it, since you'd have to filter everything through DIGITAL SIPHON's translation. You could accidentally drop some alien tables doing this!

BALL... I-it's just a toy, isn't it? It sounds like some kind of in-joke. Still... you better not risk it.

If Eezee's RELAXATION ROBOT is the same one that nearly killed you, you'll pass.

Disabling Security... that sounds like a good idea.
No. 772467 ID: 395c02
File 148451728940.gif - (46.98KB , 800x600 , 558.gif )

"We don't need security. It's just me, probably-siphon here. Let's turn that shit off."


"I-I'm sure."


This is taking way too long! Oh right, coffee fueled time-dilution. The most powerful of magics.


"G-good?" Can security systems actually fall asleep? Surely the security isn't literally a small child looking at you through cameras!

No. 772468 ID: 395c02
File 148451730489.gif - (45.36KB , 800x600 , 559.gif )

Anyway. What next?


"Preen Chei."

It makes no logical sense to do this, but you don't care. You have to see what this does.


No. 772469 ID: 395c02
File 148451732999.gif - (44.59KB , 800x600 , 560.gif )


You try not to think about what the AI means by that.

No. 772470 ID: 395c02
File 148451734231.gif - (44.24KB , 800x600 , 561.gif )



No. 772474 ID: 395c02
File 148451745257.gif - (46.75KB , 800x600 , 562.gif )

:dchei_worried: "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" :dsiphon_cat: "PREENING YOU~" :dchei_worried: "B-BUT WE CONSIDER PREENING TO BE INTMATE! K-KETZAS ONLY PREEN THOSE CLOSE TO THEM!" :dsiphon_cat: "DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP, THEN~?" :dchei_lookside: "I... I D-DIDN'T SAY THAT, I... UM... OH GOSH." :dsiphon_happycat: "THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT~"

You watch this display for far longer than you probably should. You can't help it-- his squirming makes you really want to preen him, and it's not even real! You might not be able to stop yourself when you find the real prince.
No. 772476 ID: 395c02
File 148451748551.png - (55.27KB , 800x600 , 563.png )

Okay, okay. One more option. It feels like snooping, but checking the messages is the easiest way to gain insight into their intentions, and it might contain information useful to you.

The messages are in a strange language. You ask DIGITAL SIPHON to translate for you.


Vortex? So there's another person, huh? The use of 'ship' does lead some credence to their story, unless there's a boat nearby you don't know about.


Who's this person trying to fool?



Why are these marked as unimportant? Surely this isn't a daily occurrence for them, right?

Oh dear.

Well, now for the important one.


Their intent to find Prince Chei looks to be sincere. Aliens or not, they're certainly not normal. You may have to find this "main computer" to learn more about them.

No reason to waste anymore time here. You'll just portal down below, bypassing the elevator, and then...

You hear a voice from behind. "hello...?"
No. 772477 ID: 395c02
File 148451749888.png - (97.17KB , 800x600 , 564.png )

"nyau! i heard someone say massage! i am here to offer relaxing massages! oh, is nobody here...?"

Huh? Nobody asked for-- wait.


What do you do?

-HIDE! Stay invisible, wait for it to go away.
-Teleport down. Finally an excuse to use this instead of portals! It won't see you leave this way!
-Unhide, polymorphed into Eezee. It'll think you're its master!
-Unhide, accept offer for massages. You do feel a bit tense...
-Unhide, deny offer, ask questions. No massages, but maybe it can tell you something? (What do you ask?)
-Unhide, offer it a massage instead. Is... is this more of that "gym equipment" stuff? Are you expanding that to include all mechanical devices now? And after how the fight with the robot ended... oh goodness...
No. 772480 ID: c441c1

Unhide, offer it a massage instead.
No. 772481 ID: ba506f

Teleport down. Finally an excuse to use this instead of portals! It won't see you leave this way!
No. 772483 ID: a0cb83

Hide for a bit and see what it does.
No. 772485 ID: 143250

No. 772487 ID: 3e182c

No. 772488 ID: 398fe1

Teleport down.
No. 772489 ID: 9145ba

Unhide, polymorphed into Eezee. Work out kinks your body didn't know it had (because it didn't have them five seconds ago)!
No. 772491 ID: dd4df2

Teleport down!
No. 772496 ID: 97cee0

Unhide, polymorph into Siphon, accept offer for massages. Any ship's cameras that are around will see Siphon getting intimate with a robot and assume everything is as normal. And you do seem tense!

Remember to mark all those messages as "unread" again. Don't want your new alien possibly-buddies missing their correspondence!
No. 772510 ID: db0da2


Maybe being terrible at programming robots is a cultural thing to these people? But if that's the case, why do they keep making them? Maybe it's illegal and they're criminals.
No. 772512 ID: 61c7b9

Give it a massage.
No. 772532 ID: bd0acf

Accept massage. Siphon modified this one for her own use so it's probably fine, right?
No. 772567 ID: 616bfd

Unhide, and Offer Massage
No. 772569 ID: 91ee5f

No. 772572 ID: 11cc60

I think we should stray from immediate lewd, and teleport away. The infiltration is young, let's not end it with a maxed out tilde bar.
( but if lewd IS the answer, I vote to give it a massage. And think of sexy equipment. )
No. 772628 ID: da1652

Good massages take time. Bad massages are torture. Avoid handsy, head down.
No. 772715 ID: ce3dad

Unhide and accept massage! Got to see what cool stuff these guys have, right?
No. 772720 ID: 804a8c

No. 772767 ID: 8cb228

Do NOT take the massage!
No. 772899 ID: 395c02
File 148469460442.png - (101.89KB , 800x600 , 565.png )

Nope! You teleport the hell out of there!
No. 772900 ID: 395c02
File 148469461690.png - (101.22KB , 800x600 , 566.png )

You are now on the lower level. You look around the room. Not much else to see here. The robot is still powered down, covered in your weird magical dragon-goop. There's a weird substance suspended in a tube, but you've no idea what it could possibly be.

The way forward is blocked by the door, but obstacles mean much less to you now that you have magic. Eezeryh rushed you through earlier, but you're pretty sure you remember where you can safely put a portal. Onward!
No. 772901 ID: 395c02
File 148469462950.png - (194.81KB , 800x600 , 567.png )

You were in too big a hurry last time, but now you can take a moment to get a good look at this room.

To your right, you see the ''''''cloaking device'''''' that gave you so much trouble last time. You still kind of want to smash it!

Near that, you see a workbench covered in various tools. Behind it, you see what looks like an incomplete version of the robot you fought earlier, but it's a bit… different. Almost as if Eezee was trying to make it share her appearance.

Your eyes continue scanning left. You see a bookshelf, with more books in a pile nearby.

And... a weird box-thing? Everything around it looks... distorted. You're not sure you want to go anywhere near that.

Next... what the hell is that thing? It looks like some kind of weapon. A really, really big weapon.

There's the MAIN COMPUTER left of it. It's showing a map... it looks like your hometown and surrounding area! You see a few glowing green lights, one of which is right on top of you.

And finally, just to your left, a living area. Fridge, stove, bed and sink... more or less everything someone would need to live here.
No. 772902 ID: 395c02
File 148469464433.png - (92.09KB , 800x600 , 568.png )

Your coffee-fueled state allows you the time to get a closer look at the books. Oh, they're in your language! Most of them don't look very interesting...

...Hmm? A bright mark draws your attention to one of the books.

"History of forbidden magic?" The word 'magic' is crossed out.

If only you had more time, you'd love to see what that book contained.

While thinking on it, you walk around the GIANT WEAPON again. Geez, this thing is such overkill. Wait, what's this?
No. 772903 ID: 395c02
File 148469465564.png - (154.44KB , 800x600 , 569.png )

You've seen that type of creature before...

It's floating there peacefully. Wires connect it to what looks like a life-support system. Yet more wires connect it to the giant weapon.

What the hell is something like this doing here? Could you free it? Should you free it?
No. 772904 ID: 395c02
File 148469467092.png - (134.91KB , 800x600 , 570.png )

Your MP won't last forever. There's no obvious threats, and you're pretty sure you disabled security earlier. Maybe you can become visible and explore at your leisure? Or should you stay invisible and play it safe? O-of course, you could just remove your swimsuit bottom and spend less MP staying invisible, but you could lose them!

Invisibility aside, What will you do next?
No. 772905 ID: ce3dad

Become visible, take the "History of Forbidden Magic" book and go take a look at the main computer.
No. 772906 ID: 61c7b9

You should find the serial numbers on the tank and look up its purpose! Then figure out if the critter will die if you let it out or not. Maybe it's Prince Chei? Held captive?
No. 772908 ID: 398fe1

Just straight up steal the magic book for future reading. Then nose around on the MAIN COMPUTER.

The other stuff is mad science and is not part of our objective here.
No. 772909 ID: ba506f

>become visible and take the book

other then that see if you can't find a computer or something that will till you about the guy in the glass tube.
No. 772910 ID: 094652

Turn off invisibility, save your magic for a fight. Leave the kid in the medical pod, he's not done healing.
No. 772911 ID: 929ca6

If the thing in the tank was a captive, it would be restrained to stop it from pulling off those things attached to it. Therefore, it has to be something that, if it woke up, would want those things to be attached, and therefore would probably want to stay in the tank! Don't mess with the thing in the tank. Check out that forbidden magic book, instead.

You did (probably) disable the security, so feel free to become visible.
No. 772914 ID: 1a65e2

Get that book!
And also don't free it, you don't know what condition it's in.
No. 772915 ID: fe154d

De-invisible! And go read the book. Maybe there's something about how to re-choose your basic magical aptitudes? Cause portals can totally do everything teleports can, for the most part...
No. 772920 ID: 143250

As much as you would want to go streaking, don't lose the swimsuit bottom until we see Mr Ilan about your cracked status bar.

for now, stop being invisible, and grab the book.
No. 772928 ID: 91ee5f

>"History of forbidden magic"
The answers you're looking for might be in there! So take a look, it's in a book, a Reading Rainbow!

>The word 'magic' is crossed out.
Hey! Eezee vandalized a book! We should take away her library card for that! D-:<

She better not have scribbled all in that book to the point it can't be read anymore! You might have to magically punch her in the face if she did!

And eventually, you've got to hold her down and beat it into her thick skull that magic is real!

>Remaining MP.
Shit, yeah, go ahead and drop the invisibility.
No. 772930 ID: eb3fae

does the creature in the tank look sick or injured? Better not mess with it until you know more of its condition.

Also, Careful reading magical books they can be cursed!
No. 772934 ID: e4be6f

Drop the invisibility, but then also take off your swimsuit bottom anyway. Siphon would approve.
No. 772946 ID: 398fe1

Don't get naked. That's just what the mysterious lewd influence wants!

...what if that person in the tube is the source of all this? What if they're a huge pervert and that machine is emitting some kind of sex radiation?
No. 772960 ID: a0cb83

Skim through the book and lift the invisiblity incase we need to tele/portal out of the ship.
No. 772991 ID: e35270

Drop invis, and raid the fridge. There has got to be some alien rations to nick. I mean, some reclusive nerd wouldn't totally keep some kind of noodle based snack around in her basement.
Also maybe it's where she keeps more of that green hoop? That might fix the MP problem.
No. 772992 ID: beaf46

Lose the swimsuit bottom, obviously. Gotta conserve that MP.
No. 772999 ID: 8cb228

Keep the swimsuit bottom, drop invis, get the book, raid the fridge!
No. 773001 ID: 89f527

If removing swimsuit reduces MP cost and deactivating invisibility reduces MP cost, then surely doing both means you'll gain back MP rapidly! Lower amounts of armor IS supposed to be better for casting.

Steal the book, and see if the machine by the vat says what's going on.
No. 773002 ID: 9145ba

...Stay invisible while you're in the room with this creature. Shed your swimsuit bottom to conserve MP, if not dignity.

Skim that book!
No. 773091 ID: 06f58b

Drop invisibility, check book
No. 773226 ID: 6cd244

Stay invisible without the swimsuit. What if the person in the tube, or the other robot, or heaven forbid the giant weapon, wake up and see you?

Actually, maybe you should just consider calling the cops. I'm pretty sure all of this, not least of all the book of forbidden magic, is extremely illegal and dangerous.
No. 773439 ID: 395c02
File 148487825427.png - (92.46KB , 800x600 , 571.png )

It should be safe to become visible now. Since you're no longer using MP (save a tiny upkeep cost on keeping yourself flatchested should you suddenly require acrobatics), it's probably safe to keep your bottom on. For now.

Hmm? Did your surroundings suddenly get a lot less detailed? It's probably just you.

No. 773440 ID: 395c02
File 148487827106.png - (138.45KB , 800x600 , 572.png )

It might not be safe to sit here and read this entire book, but this is much too large a find to ignore outright. You'll go ahead and skim it a bit to see if it's worth keeping.

It's an aged book, as some of spells seem to be of the older RITUAL type, and it speaks of cast-able magic as if it's the new hotness.

Some examples stand out:

A summoning ritual, combining high level PORTAL MAGIC and PSYCHIC MAGIC to summon a creature from elsewhere and sway it to your side. This seems a bit dangerous, as you're pretty much gambling on the creature not turning against you despite your magic.

A charged polymorph spell. This combines high level POLYMORPHISM with FLAME, COLD, and/or ELECTRONIC in order to allow you to transform into creatures composed of those elements. Extremely dangerous, as doing it wrong could wound or kill the caster. Hmm, you could theoretically do this one...

A mind control spell. Use PSYCHIC MAGIC to make a person or creature susceptible to your whims, then use TELEKINESIS to force them to follow your commands. In their addled state, they won't fight hard enough to break your control. Yeesh.

An alchemy ritual. By combining high level TELEKINESIS and ELECTRONIC magic, it is possible to change elements into other elements, or create various chemical reactions. The book seems to mention various potions and metals you could make using this.

A flame-cold spell. It's fire that makes things cold. This entry's little more than a giant rant about how stupid this is and how it should be banned from all schools because it makes no damn sense and spits in the face of magic itself. The author has strong opinions on this one, it seems.

An extreme growth spell. By combining high level POLYMORPHISM with TRANSDIMENSIONAL MAGIC, you could enlarge far beyond the normal limits of POLYMORPHISM alone, turning into a giant creature! Weird, why would anyone be into that?

You continue flipping through. Time magic? That sounds concerning. What else...

Whoa, a bunch of pages are torn out. Why? You go back to the table of contents to see what they may have contained.


These sound like...

Okay, you really shouldn't waste any more time. You'll check out the rest of the entries later. Most of them seem to combine the main schools of magic into super spells.

FLAME, COLD, ELECTRONIC, PSYCHIC, TELEKINETIC, TRANSDIMENSIONAL (Portals, Teleport, invis), POLYMORPHISM... just what other crazy powerful combination spells could these create?

You take the book and put it in your DRAGON INVENTORY. Weird that this thing's considered forbidden. Was it taboo to mix magical types? Most people nowadays only focus on one primary school of magic, sometimes backed up with a secondary focus. Mixing magic is rare in general, and this old taboo might be why. When switching from RITUAL MAGIC to INFUSED MAGIC, the ability to use multiple schools in equal measure must have become lost knowledge to all.

All except dragons, it seems.
No. 773441 ID: 395c02
File 148487828641.png - (164.31KB , 800x600 , 573.png )

You examine the creature closely.

Is that the prince? You can't really tell like this. Maybe if you...
No. 773442 ID: 395c02
File 148487829991.png - (155.04KB , 800x600 , 574.png )

Much better!

No, you're pretty sure the prince was blue, and this one is red-ish. It doesn't look like it's in pain, but it's not exactly conscious, either.

Maybe it's best not to risk its life. You'll leave it for now. Eezee has some tough questions to answer.
No. 773443 ID: 395c02
File 148487831406.gif - (134.15KB , 800x600 , 575.gif )

You approach what looks to be the MAIN COMPUTER.

Yeah, that's definitely a map of the surrounding area. Four green lights, one is very close by. Wait, one of them is...

"Why is that one flashing blue?" you ask aloud.
No. 773444 ID: 395c02
File 148487832861.gif - (137.58KB , 800x600 , 576.gif )


GAH! Oh, it's DIGITAL SIPHON again.


Was it Siphon or Eezee that told the database to call you 'hot'?

"What do the lights mean?" you ask.


Incredible power? "Then why is one of them literally right here?"


It couldn't be detecting you, could it? Your form is supposed to hide your draconic nature, but Mr. Ilan's magic was almost certainly never designed to stand up to weird future alien technology.

But if it is detecting you, then the other lights must be other dragons! They're pretty far away, but you'd be able to reach them if you had a mode of transportation and a lot of patience, since "mode of transportation" for your town means small boats traveling along the river.

Something more catches your eye.
"Why is that one flashing blue?" you ask.






If that blue light is their wayward prince...
No. 773445 ID: 395c02
File 148487833837.png - (85.81KB , 800x600 , 577.png )

...That means it's very likely Prince Chei was captured by a dragon.

Mr. Ilan had forbidden you from going anywhere near a dragon. But if your new friends go alone, they'd certainly be killed. Do you try and hide this information? Do you betray your life-long mentor? Do you let your new friends run off to their almost-certain doom? You can't just sit here and do nothing.

One way or another, you need to head back before the others wake up.

What will you do?
No. 773446 ID: 61c7b9

From what you know, any dragons not in Dragon Land are douchebags who were thrown out. Therefore, you'll need to go help your friends slay this dragon and save Prince Chei!

I mean, it could be another Romantic Dragon, but the chances of that are unlikely and we were literally told that only exiles leave Dragon Civilization.
No. 773447 ID: 595d54

I don't suppose you could combine portals and teleportation to just nab Chei from where he is without having to mess around with the dragon?

If that's not feasible, you can just tell your friends Chei is with a "source of great power" and see if they already know what that means or if that gets them to be cautious. If not, probably best to spill the info.
No. 773448 ID: ce3dad

Obviously, you should go with your new friends!

Plus, isn't this the kind of thing Skif is supposed to be born for?

Also, and I can't stress this enough, should totally heavily research and practice your newfound extreme growth spell! It sounds like it would be super handy!
No. 773449 ID: 398fe1

This confirms their story, pretty much. Except, Erzee might have known where he was, and that you were a dragon, and got Siphon to lure you down into her lab to see if the "cloaking device" was powerful enough to stop you. Which it was.

So if you can take the antimagic device with you, you can keep the dragon from fucking destroying you. If you polymorph into something powerful before going into the antimagic field, you could even fight the dragon on equal terms! Especially if Erzee's robots helped.

Talk to Ilan about it. Wasn't he going to send you off to a friend of his that was most likely a dragon? Maybe you can team up with that dragon to rescue Chei. ...does Chei really need to be rescued though? Maybe he just made a friend.

Also you just met these people don't betray your mentor and go off on a possibly self-destructive rescue mission.
No. 773453 ID: 9145ba

Well, more polymorphism spells are always good, as it is your area of expertise.

Speaking of, why are you spending mana on hydrodynamics in here? You're not swimming anywhere in these walls! Deactivate all superfluous MP-spending abilities now.
Consider that force may not have been involved in Chei's relocation to the dragon's lair. It may not have to be involved in his retrieval, either...
Inform the crew of Chei's whereabouts, the dangers of dragons, and that you're coming with. You will accompany them so that any "negotiations" can take place on even footing.
No. 773459 ID: ba506f

extreme growth spell
mix it with your dragon form
you know have a giant dragon to ruin someone's day.

that spell is very useful if it doesn't slow you down at all because you as a giant plus all your movement magics and invisibility... well thinking about it now it's actually kinda terrifying.

Oh and as for what you can do. let your friends know and we can decide to step out later if we chose. I mean just because you tell them doesn't mean you have to go with. The (maybe) dragon still is a ways away from were you are now.
No. 773461 ID: 91ee5f

>An extreme growth spell.
Hey, that's a spell that Ceri can use! She's got both a high level of POLYMORPHISM and TRANSDIMENSIONAL MAGIC!

But, this is something that Ceri can't use yet. I think that if she tried it, even if she had her MP maxed out, it would only last 1 second and use up all of her MP.

Something to try later, when Ceri gets some more experience.

Suddenly, the neurons responsible for putting two and two together have fired, and brought back memories of Ceri's first meeting with Chei when she was just a child. And Ceri remembers the only ribbon that this alien machine could possibly be detecting.....is the ribbon that Chei had tied around his penis!

>What do?
Isn't Mr. Ilan supposed to be getting back from his trip some time today? Maybe you should wait for him before doing anything crazy. And also have him look at that crack on your stat screen again.
No. 773462 ID: 398fe1

>just what other crazy powerful combination spells could these create?
Portal+Invisibility(wait aren't these the same school?) = Invisible portals! Now it looks like you're teleporting, but you aren't really.
Polymorph+Portal/TD=non-circular portals for more efficient transportation of oddly shaped objects! Portals of different sizes to grow/shrink objects! Permanently! Uh, maybe this really should be forbidden...
Polymorph+Invis=Go partially invisible! Expose your organs and/or bones for the world to see! Become a spooky skeleton! Great for halloween parties but probably not otherwise useful.
Elemental+Invis=Attack with invisible projectiles!
Elemental+Portal=Attack from a direction they won't expect! Combine with invisibility for even greater trickery.
Portal+Teleportation="False Destination" spell, creates a portal pair but the entry portal teleports you somewhere else instead. Does the destination portal lead somewhere? Maybe, maybe not.
No. 773466 ID: 8cb228

Look how the extreme growth spell mitigates the negative effects of the Square-Cubed Law!

There should be a very big rant about that somewhere nearby!

No. 773473 ID: 696fed

the issue with extreme growth spell is that ceri is going to end up screwing it up and either die or end up with tits too huge to move :V
No. 773490 ID: 094652


The prince has been kidnapped by a dragon. What do you THINK you should do?

Get Mr. Ilan and SKIF'S PARENTS. They're professional dragon hunters, they will be too hyped at the prospect of hunting down a dragon and having the moral justification of saving royalty for the first time in a millennia to ask why there is a UFO in their backyard. You pull this off, they might even think you're actually some kind of retarded alien project made from dragon DNA and therefore the last thing their son should dominate.
No. 773494 ID: 3abd97

Hey, uh, Ceri. You remember that thing where you made a crazy new discovery with Skif, and instead of just doing something risky right then, you stopped and thought about it and did a bunch of research?

Do that thing again.

Even if you go to save Chei, it doesn't have to be right now, or even tomorrow. I mean, he's survived in captivity this long, right?

You need to explore your options and think instead of either writing him off or running right into a confrontation. Maybe you can use an intermediary? Or free him subtlety, or remotely?
No. 773495 ID: 493b5f

Ceri, you're letting anti-dragon propaganda get to you. Maybe other dragons you meet will be nice, civilized people who'll talk and negotiate! So long as, you know, they don't find out who you are.

Also, wow, any being as powerful as you are HAS to be a dragon?? Ceridwen. Come on.
No. 773508 ID: 987bda

He's been missing for awhile. If he was in danger, he'd be dead.
Go talk to Ilan about this. He might be able to help.
No. 773509 ID: fe7355

Ceri, don't just assume that a source of incredible power is another dragon. While dragons are powerful, there are likely other beings and things that are as, or even more, powerful in the universe. Especially considering you're standing in a ship presumably from outer space and met (and had sexual relations with) aliens, things and beings from beyond this world ending up here is a whole lot more possible than you thought.

Ask the Siphon AI to tell you a couple examples of entities or items that are classified at or close to the same power level as these four "incredibly powerful" ones, as well as how their power levels compare to each other. Then ask how close is the nearest power signature to your position and to show its location on a map of the ship.
No. 773514 ID: 143250

We gotta alert Mr Ilan on what we found before we attempt anything against that possible draconic threat.
No. 773518 ID: 91ee5f

>power levels
It's over 9000!!!
No. 773522 ID: 4c4ac4

That book is definitely something to check back in with later, even if most of the spells seem lethal or outdated.

This is a lot to process. I say take 5 and break into their refrigerator. A sharp mind is a hydrated mind.
Also, maybe ask what the database has on Mr. Ilan.
I mean, even if it makes no logical sense, what's the harm?
No. 773528 ID: 143250

Consider that Prince Chei might actually be in love with that particular possible dragon, and are living together happily.
No. 773553 ID: 92bf09

Oh, huh. Mr Ilan probably IS one of these dots, huh?
No. 773555 ID: dd4df2

Magic schools can be combined? Mind. Blown. It's potentially ethically dubious and insanely dangerous? Not so blown. Resolve to avoid ethical dubiousness.

(But hey, at least you know you're capable of training yourself to turn into a GIANT CERIDWEN now.)


Why the glum face? This doesn't have to be that difficult. There's a guy missing. His friends are searching for him. Help them. Besides, you and skif did want to get away from town, go on an adventure, for a while, didn't you? Joining Siphon's quest seems like a good way to do that. But you can't go off all half-cocked, either.

First of all, acknowledge the possibility that Prince Chei could just be hanging around with a dragon, maybe even Mr. Ilan's dragon friend and that procuring the assistance of said dragon friend - particularly in dealing with any dragon who has Chei's beacon - might be one useful ways to go about this. In this manner you can even pursue your own needs ~while~ helping your new friends!

As for betraying trust? Don't. But you can also ask for trust, either from Mr. Ilan or, preferably, from your new friends, or both. Obviously you're not going to dump all of you and your teacher's secrets onto Siphon's group (and vice verse), but they're clever aliens who's harnessed the power of magic in a technological (if slightly Objection!-able) way, and who obviously know a little about magic and dragons already (Eezee's own objections aside, they did have that book, and Siphon's been referring to you as a dragon, so they capital-letter Know Things for sure). If you explain yourself, you can probably get them on board with seeing your point of view.

So make some space-coffee, portal everyone to the ship for a pow-wow and apologize for poking around to Siphon and company, but your keen curiosity got the better of you. Point to the things you've found out (and please, address the unconscious Ketza in the room as soon as possible).

Go on to explain that these incredible sources of power that's been detected are a) probably dragons and b) known to be quite capable of manipulating that power to their own ends and that facing them head on is a very poor idea... no offense, Eezeeryh, but a giant mecha and a magic cloaking field probably won't stop 'em; looking at this book, and considering their great mastery over their power, it's pretty obvious they can get up to some powerful and disturbing things if they wanna, which means that trying to brute force a solution with robots and totally-not-magic-science is super risky. If Chei needs rescuing from a dragon, the team needs to be really prepared for it!

Luckily, the group has made sex, er, friends with some of this world's foremost junior experts on dragons! *pose*

Yes, you do mean you and Skif. You... kind of have a mission going. And though you've never met a(nother) dragon before, you've both done tons of research on them and you've got local contacts who you can get in touch with (i.e. Ilan and Skif's parents) that could help the group prepare for an encounter with one, hopefully so it doesn't end too badly.
No. 773560 ID: 0555b9

Take note of the extreme growth spell. Study it. Practice it. Then one day you are going to blow Gulketi's mind.

Seek Mr. Ilan's advice on confronting whatever has Chei.
No. 773610 ID: d1e7d4

It seems that all the spells are useless to us except
>An extreme growth spell.
We need to learn that shit! Maybe we can even learn to manipulate it into An extreme shrink spell?!

>wat do
Now now there is no indication that they can locate dragons, from what we've seen so far they are a little bit ... off with their machines and magic. For all we know the dot at this location could just be them picking up their own ship.
Well regardless of the veracity or competence of their tech they are picking up something and it's best to err on the side of caution.
Record the marked locations, take the book, collect a sample of your dragon goo and poke at the weird box thing with something long before heading out and consulting Mr. Ilan on all this crazy bullshit. Preferably with our new alien buddies around to answer some questions.
No. 773623 ID: 3e182c

>just what other crazy powerful combination spells could these create?

Polymorph + Teleport/Trans-Dimensional + Telekinesis = Annihilation
You could magically disassemble and destroy anyone or anything on an atomic scale with a thought.
Telekenisis + Electronic + Polymorph = Creation
Perhaps not in the old sense, but you could transmute inert matter into living things, and Vice-Versa.
Polymorph + Trans-Dimensional + Electronic = Absorption
Take the matter and energy around you into yourself to make yourself stronger. Steal the animating force of your foes to charge your MP then use their corpses to heal your wounds!

Creation + Annihilation + Absorption = BECOME A GOD!
Disassemble the world around you and shape it however you see fit. Experience the world become your canvas as you devour all of creation, only for it to be reborn in your own perfect, beautiful image!

You cannot deny it, this is your true destiny.
No. 773663 ID: 8cb228


Hey now! Let's not do this, eh? We don't want to go to the same place we went when, uh, narrative causality was being discussed, right?
No. 773686 ID: dd4df2


>Resolve to avoid ethical dubiousness

Make that a double resolve combo platter, with a side order of sanity and some extra reasoning on top.
No. 773707 ID: 398fe1

Oh, I thought of another one.

Portal+Teleportation= Death Portal. The portal is set to teleport some of an object that enters it to a different destination than the rest. This is obviously going to severely wound if not outright kill any organic being that enters the portal.
No. 773708 ID: db0da2

I'd like to remind everyone that just because the incredible powers we have potential access to could be used unethically doesn't mean we should panic and avoid using them as a matter of course. Nuclear fission can make bombs, but it can also make nuclear reactors. I'm sure we can find plenty of ethical uses for this stuff, or failing that we could use them as-is on our enemies for the sake of the greater good, we were planning on world domination at some point right?
No. 773744 ID: a8b64f

I know new magic is alluring but we need to wait till we at least have someone to talk to about these combos before trying anything
I say we ask the computer to hide chei's location from the crew to r a day or two, give us time to plan and keep the three amigos from diving headfirst into a dragon
No. 773745 ID: a8b64f

I know new magic is alluring but we need to wait till we at least have someone to talk to about these combos before trying anything
I say we ask the computer to hide chei's location from the crew to r a day or two, give us time to plan and keep the three amigos from diving headfirst into a dragon
No. 773792 ID: ad1111


put on to-do list for later... Or sooner.
No. 773922 ID: bce174

Talking of hiding the transmission..

Do we know if they've seen it yet? It WAS already blinking when we got here.

And if they haven't, how do we know that his ribbon will ping the system again. They seem to have been looking for him for quite some time. It would be a shame to hide it only for it to disappear.

I mean, what if it only pings when it's...exposed..
No. 773951 ID: 398fe1

...Wait a minute how did Erzee get a book of forbidden magic in the first place? Is it possible they're in contact with Mr Ilan too?
No. 773961 ID: 987bda

How do we know this isn't the kind of FORBIDDEN MAGIC that got Ceridwen's biological parents killed?
Lets talk to the guy who would know before we start messing with FORBIDDEN MAGIC.
No. 773962 ID: a8b64f

lewd implication aside
the message we found seemed new and urgent so we can assume we're the only one who knows and I'm sure we can get the computer to save the info but just wait a bit. If we can't be straight forward with what we know then we need time to figure this out with Mr. Ilan
No. 773975 ID: db0da2

Yeah, but who forbade that magic? The dragon government. And the dragon government is full of assholes, so we shouldn't respect their laws anyway. Our approach to this should be cautious but optimistic, not fearful. We aren't a luddite.
No. 774003 ID: f13109

Legal/scientific ethics aside we are in no way ready to tackle this alone, we should talk to someone who understands the subject matter before jumping in
No. 774010 ID: db0da2

I can agree to that. I was just trying to point out how it being "FORBIDDEN MAGIC" doesn't mean a whole lot considering who it was that forbade it. Talking to our more knowledgeable friend is an obvious course of action even while ignoring how it reduces the chance of us blowing ourselves up, because it'll likely save us a lot of time and effort researching stuff that has already been researched.
No. 774026 ID: 395c02
File 148512978131.png - (85.39KB , 800x600 , 578.png )

>Hey, uh, Ceri. You remember that thing where you made a crazy new discovery with Skif, and instead of just doing something risky right then, you stopped and thought about it and did a bunch of research?
Right. Yes. Okay. You have to stay calm and think.

This prince has been missing for a long time. If he was in danger, he would already be dead. None of these locations can be reached in less than a day, so it's not like you can rush out and save him immediately. And it's not like you didn't already know there were other dragons out there. You just thought they were a bit further away than this...

>While dragons are powerful, there are likely other beings and things that are as, or even more, powerful in the universe.
...unless those aren't dragons. The dot shown at your location could easily be Mr. Ilan, or maybe one of your new friends. Gulketi is a huge dragon-like creature, and was almost certainly using PSYCHIC MAGIC on you and Skif earlier. He could easily be the source!

"Siphon, are these blips of powerful energy coming from dragons?" you ask.


Hmm. No way of knowing for sure without visiting one of these dots.

>I don't suppose you could combine portals and teleportation to just nab Chei from where he is without having to mess around with the dragon?
Not from here, no. Maybe once you got close enough, but that still means getting worryingly close to something that could almost certainly destroy you without a second thought.

>The prince has been kidnapped by a dragon. What do you THINK you should do?
The fairy tales never speak of a dragon saving a prince from another dragon! This is an entirely different situation! Also dragons tend to die in those.

>Ceri, you're letting anti-dragon propaganda get to you. Maybe other dragons you meet will be nice, civilized people who'll talk and negotiate! So long as, you know, they don't find out who you are.
The evidence so far has pointed to them being unsavory types, but maybe the old texts are wrong...

You hope it's really that simple. Just walk up and politely ask for the prince back. But you should be prepared in case it doesn't go that way.

>Isn't Mr. Ilan supposed to be getting back from his trip some time today?
What? It may have felt like months, but you just met with Mr. Ilan this morning. You plan on meeting with him again before he leaves tomorrow.
>We gotta alert Mr Ilan on what we found before we attempt anything against that possible draconic threat.
>Get Mr. Ilan and SKIF'S PARENTS.
You could ask Mr. Ilan for help, but you want to keep Skif's parents out of this. You're less than fond of them right now, and you're not about to give them one of your own kind as a slave.

>Wasn't he going to send you off to a friend of his that was most likely a dragon?
No...? Mr. Ilan is going to visit his friend and try to convince them to teach you to control your draconic powers. He'll probably be gone for a while, though you're not sure how long.

You may be on your own for this one.

>So if you can take the antimagic device with you, you can keep the dragon from fucking destroying you.
Ah, yes. That would definitely even the playing field. You have to make sure you remember it whenever you decide to embark.

And this book might also come in handy...
No. 774027 ID: 395c02
File 148512979534.png - (182.47KB , 800x600 , 579.png )

>Creation + Annihilation + Absorption = BECOME A GOD!

If it were possible to combine every school of magic such that you become a master of Creation itself, you're pretty sure someone would have done it by now. Unless... someone already has. Could this very world is the creation of an all-powerful and unknowable god to which you are nothing more than a fantasy made real? Someone who can control every aspect of time and space, to whom you are unwittingly enslaved and forced to enact their every whim?

You're not even being meta right now! This is very concerning!

>Hey now! Let's not do this, eh? We don't want to go to the same place we went when, uh, narrative causality was being discussed, right?


>Resolve to avoid ethical dubiousness
Your existence is ethically dubious.
No. 774028 ID: 395c02
File 148512980971.png - (168.73KB , 800x600 , 580.png )

>Deactivate all superfluous MP-spending abilities now.
Oh, yes. You probably don't have to worry about acrobatics anymore.

>Wasn't the ribbon on his...
>Suddenly, the neurons responsible for putting two and two together have--
You refuse.

W-why would you want to grow so large? Maybe it would be useful to be able to literally stomp on something, a-and it would allow you to dominate Gulketi...

Goodness, but you'd have to be careful not to crush anything nearby, or hurt anyone friendly you interact with...

And what if you mess up! You could be immobilized with one giant foot, or arm, or even--

>the issue with extreme growth spell is that ceri is going to end up screwing it up and either die or end up with tits too huge to move :V
Oh nooooo!

>mix it with your dragon form
>you know have a giant dragon to ruin someone's day.

Okay yeah this is an opportunity you can't pass up. You'll look into this GROWTH SPELL later. Draaagooooonnnnn~

>I know new magic is alluring but we need to wait till we at least have someone to talk to about these combos before trying anything
You're not even sure who you'd talk to. Mr. Ilan would almost certainly confiscate or destroy this book.

It should be safe in your DRAGON INVENTORY for now, at least.

All right, there's not much else to do here. You need to talk to Mr. Ilan tomorrow, and possibly spend some time training your magic and/or stats so you're in a better place to handle whatever might stand in your way on this adventure to save the wayward prince. You also want time to go through this book and see what secrets lie within.
No. 774029 ID: 395c02
File 148512982825.gif - (55.92KB , 800x600 , 581.gif )

But before you go...

"Hey Siphon, do the others know about Prince Chei?"


"Do they know about the green blips of power?"


>As for betraying trust? Don't.

-Keep this secret for now. You can ask DIGITAL SIPHON to delete the messages, and tell them yourself later.
-Let them find out on their own. You can mark the messages as unread and wait for them to learn about their prince.
-Tell them everything. About the prince (and about your trespassing).

You may also want to think about what you'll actually say to them, or if you want to do something like speak to Skif alone first. Maybe use it as an excuse to relax from all this shocking information with some cuddling…?
No. 774032 ID: 2ca355

>Immediately thinks about fucking someone she doesn't know and already feels bad about fucking.

Ceridwen. Down girl. Your vagina isn't a brain.

But in all seriousness, discuss this with Skif.
No. 774033 ID: 9145ba

Talk to Skif about joining the aliens on their mission. They could use some locals with experience regarding dragons, especially since they refuse to admit they exist. Your little experience is better than their none.

Tell them you saw everything, in the hopes that they accidentally reveal something you missed.
No. 774034 ID: 143250

Might as well tell them. The computer will probably tell them you invaded earlier anyway, and make things worse for you if they found out that way.
No. 774035 ID: 6cd244

I really like plan "Tell them you saw everything" because you don't actually know most of what's going on here in this suspicious room and I feel like this is the lab of someone prone to accidentally bragging about secrets.
No. 774037 ID: 143250

If Eezee has a fit about you tresspassing, remind her that there still wasn't a do not disturb sign.
No. 774038 ID: 493b5f

Here's an idea. Tell them everything, but include a wee bitty white lie: that you were worried about the blue stuff that came off you, and you went back to see if anything weird had happened to it, like it had turned back into flesh or some gross thing, and if you should clean it up, because ew don't make someone else clean up your goo, Ceri. And while doing that you were worried about the antimagic thing and checked on it, and then you got curious and looked around and you're sorry for trespassing. Should be more understandable. And it's what the truth should have been, right? So it's like, kind of basically the truth. Hardly a lie at all.

You'll have to clean up the blue goo for real though. Which should get you a bit of good will at least? Really, I'd bet they're all waking up around now and will be rushing back here, and things will be better if they come in to see you cleaning up.
No. 774043 ID: 143250

How shall we clean it up? by absorbing it back? is it edible? try eating it.
No. 774049 ID: 8ab61f

Mark the messages as unread and let the aliens figure it out on their own. Finding the prince is their mission, and taking charge of it would be rude. They would probably accept help if you offered.
It would also be a good idea to keep a low profile. Letting Siphon take the lead would draw attention away from you. Weird aliens are probably more interesting than disguised dragons anyway.
No. 774065 ID: 094652

Tell them everything. They'll want to get on this as quickly as possible or they'll blame YOU for withholding information.
No. 774088 ID: ce3dad

Tell them everything. You should be as honest as possible. I don't think this was a huge breach of trust; you barely know them and they did kind just had... all that... with you a thread ago. You just wanted to know more about them and the sooner they get this information the better anyways.

Apologies may be in order, but that's easy if it comes to that.

Also, while we are being honest, I would ask about the Ketza in the tube... Just express your concern for his well-being. I am sure they will understand since we are already admitting the fact that you entered the ship and snooped around.

Actually, now that I think about it. Did you ever actually agree to help them find Chei? Saying so might bring you some good favor and trust and it certainly seems to be the truth.

In the vein of the Extreme Growth spell, think of the fun the others were having with Gulketi when he was big. YOU could be the recipient of that!

... Also, I have to admit I have a desire to see you rampage through a city... I'm sorry it's just who I am! ;n;

... A small chance but do you think they have a holodeck thing you guys could "play" in later after Chei is safe..? You know, like in those nerdy space shows.
No. 774126 ID: 59b16d

So far I'm all with plan clean up Ceri-Goo and tell them everything. I mean it DOES have merit; you saw how distressed Eezee was over her Nice Clean Floors. If killer robot doesn't awaken in the process, she would more than likely be super pleased that you cleaned up your would be murderer. It takes a lot of dedication to caring to go out of your way like that.

In fact yeah do that. Say you remember how messed up she was over your...different brands of goo, and that you felt bad doing that that to your new friends. Just think about someone with limbs like hers mopping. She'll be pleased.

If not for that, do it for science. Self knowledge. Considering the situation that the Blue-Goo came from, it would be rather unfortunate if we were to see it again. And as such, you would never (hopefully) see it again. It was a part of you. That in and of itself makes it interesting.

Also yeah, your gonna need some relaxing after all this. Maybe ask if the massage bot is actually safe (and configured to bipeds) and see if you and Skif can enjoy a massage together. Doesn't even have to be lewd. It can be.. Romantic.

( baser instincts deep within are drawing you towards the fridge. )
No. 774145 ID: 9145ba

If you're going to clean up all this goo, you'll need the proper attire for it. See if Siphon didn't keep a maid outfit in here somewhere.
No. 774149 ID: 91ee5f

>( baser instincts deep within are drawing you towards the fridge. )
Yeah, let's see if they have any alien ice cream. After all, ice cream makes everything better!

But if there isn't any ice cream, then just look for something that looks edible and hope it tastes good.
No. 774201 ID: 828723

Tell them everything because you already trespassed earlier so it's not like they'll be that much more mad
No. 774202 ID: 25393f

Tell them the things. They seem pretty chill.

Well, Eezee isn't that chill, but she seems like she's not the leader anyway.

If that is Gulketi being identified, though, we should really figure out what his deal is.
No. 774264 ID: dd4df2

>Your existence is ethically dubious.

One doubts your parents think that way, Ceridwen. One thing's for sure: you are a solid case of 'so far so good'. Give yourself a small pat on the back for that, at least.

Also: resolving to avoid ethical dubiousness does not mean that all of these forbidden powers can never be used. Just make the attempt to learn to use them responsibly (and avoid the ones that cannot be used responsibly) and do not teach them to people who will abuse them.


Speak to Skif alone, first.

-Hug-cuddle, apologize for abrupt orgy. You were a bit too worked up, thanks to Siphon's teasing and other stuff that happened earlier and kind of just leaped into it head first, which was, uh, perhaps too adventurous? Thank him for the good time, though. Hopefully he wasn't too weirded out by it all.

-Fill him in on events in alien ship and all you've discovered. He deserves to know what kind of weirdness he's getting into.

-Confirm meeting Prince Chei as a Ketza in the past with him. He was there, after all. Chei was bit of a spazz, but didn't seem like a bad sort. Does he remember anything else after the headbutt and the teachers were called?

-Avoid mixing secrets. Suggest that you shouldn't speak about any of the serious 'Mr. Ilan' stuff around your new friends yet; no need to worry them about your personal situation unless it becomes relevant to their mission somehow.

-Inform of intent to join quest. Since it dovetails well with your desire to go outta town for a while. Siphon and crew seem, if not harmless, then at least friendly and their need seems genuine. You want to help them out.

-Ask for his input. Since this is his choice too, mistress-ing aside. Whatever's going on could get them both into danger and trouble and in contact with actual other dragons if those power sources were anything to go by. If he wants to opt out or make a compelling argument for doing something else, he can go right ahead now, or later even.

-Ask him if he wants a safe word, in case you get this worked up in the future again. Your mother always told you it was better to have one and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Strange, why would she... uh...

Tell the truth to Siphon and company.

Actual things to say:

-Tell them you snooped, apologize and explain your reasons. You were curious and concerned after the orgy - it's not like you to be so worked up - and so you wanted to make doubly sure of their intentions, and get to know their ways and agenda better than 'literally just met and had amazing stranger-sex with'. This was an information-gathering thing only, though! You wouldn't and didn't mess with any of their stuff.

(Although while you're apologizing, you also spent, like, 2405 of Eezeryh's credits on DLCs and stuff for her robot during the fight to slow it down while it was trying to murderize you, and you also drank some of their coffee and checked their messages. Sorry!)

-Ask about the things you discovered. The unconscious bottled Ketza (What is up with that?). The book of forbidden magic (what is their interest in it, and where did they have it if they don't believe in magic, and could you possibly borrow it for a while to look it over?). The powerful power sources on their scanner thing (what do they know about them so far?).

-Inform them of the existence of dragons and what dragons are reputed to be. It's your best guess that some of those power sources might be dragons; you're not 100%, but it seems likely if one or more is in the area, it would count as such. Give them a mostly prejudice-free description of what a dragon is and what they might be capable of.

-Inform them of the missing prince's beacon being found. Tell them all you know about your encounter with him, back in the day. You never filled them in on how you knew of Chei. Also, you must inform them that the beacon (and thus, possibly, the prince) is at or near one of the power sources and tell them they might want to take great care approaching it. Assuming your hubby is up for it, you'd be happy to help out, as originally promised.

-Would you like to join my hoard/club? See, we've had sex, and I like you and I too am a dragon, only I've grown up with my powers sealed away, like a normal person, so I want to do good things and potentially one day overturn the prejudices of my kind and mortalkind.

... maybe later. They seem pretty loyal to Chei, anyway.
No. 774436 ID: 395c02
File 148529502480.png - (167.61KB , 800x600 , 582.png )

>One doubts your parents think that way, Ceridwen. One thing's for sure: you are a solid case of 'so far so good'. Give yourself a small pat on the back for that, at least.
Y-yeah... all right.

You've always tried to help people, even those who tried to make an enemy of you. Daatra is proof of that any foe could become a dear friend. You've never intentionally hurt anyone, and even when you want to dominate Skif you find yourself holding back.

There's no way you could convince yourself to lie to them, despite the robot and the shaky ground you met them on. It's just not your nature. You'll tell them everything and hope you can convince them to hold back on their quest, at least long enough to allow preparations to be made.

>Ceridwen. Down girl. Your vagina isn't a brain.
Of course not. It's the dragon inside you that wants to dominate others. Your vagina is simply the tool with which you would do said dominating.

Well, one of many possible tools...

You're not going to think about it any longer, though, because your tilde stat isn't very high right now and you've more important things to do!

>In the vein of the Extreme Growth spell, think of the fun the others were having with Gulketi when he was big. YOU could be the recipient of that!
You are trying to keep your ~ from going up, right...?
No. 774437 ID: 395c02
File 148529503680.png - (139.61KB , 800x600 , 583.png )

The goo from before catches your eye once more. You pick some of it up.

It feels--
No. 774438 ID: 395c02
File 148529504773.png - (146.00KB , 800x600 , 584.png )

Oh! Did your body just absorb it?

You feel cold, then warm. Your MP has refilled slightly.

Maybe this stuff is raw magical energy? Is magic actually made of goo? You always assumed it was a kind of energy, but that would have faded away by now, wouldn't it?

Either way, you do feel a little bad about making a mess, so you spend some time absorbing most of the goo created during your earlier battle with the robot. You are filled with a renewed vigor!

You briefly consider checking out the fridge. For some reason you really want to, but you're already overstaying your welcome. the welcome you didn't have in the first place

You fight the temptation and swim back to shore, book in tow.
No. 774439 ID: 395c02
File 148529505741.png - (162.06KB , 800x600 , 585.png )



"Hello sleepy head," you say.

Skif blinks his eyes sleepily. "Oh... hey. I must have dozed off a bit."
No. 774440 ID: 395c02
File 148529506841.png - (197.38KB , 800x600 , 586.png )

You draw Skif into an embrace. He feels so warm against your smooth scales.

"Yeah," you say. "You did have quite the workout earlier."


You hold him in silence for a moment. You can hear his breathing, his beating heart. It's always such a nice feeling, holding him like this.


-"Sorry about the orgy..."
-"So I went to the underwater base..."
-"Maybe we should use a safe word..."
-"About their wayward prince..."
-"How are you feeling?"
-Say something else?

No. 774447 ID: 143250

Ask how he is feeling, then find his clothes (and yours) and get dressed already.

If you feel comfortable about it, tell him about the crack in your stats menu.
No. 774450 ID: fd5137

-"How are you feeling?"
-"Maybe we should use a safe word..."

this combo seems natural (and wise)
No. 774451 ID: c441c1

safe word
No. 774457 ID: 696fed

So I went to the underwater base and was annoyed by a computer...
No. 774462 ID: 9145ba

"Sorry not sorry about the orgy." You know polymorphy works both ways, I could give you the same treatment any time..

"now, about their wayward prince..."
No. 774483 ID: ce3dad


Agreed, ask how he's feeling and get dressed.

Oh, and about the Extreme Growth/tilde thing... we can think about that stuff later... I just think it is important we don't forget!
No. 774505 ID: 8cb228

This combo is good.
No. 774531 ID: dd4df2


... now that's thinking with portals.


All of these seem worth addressing.

But How are you feeling? seems like the best start. It shows concern and will likely lead naturally into the topic of orgy apologies and safe words by way of awkward jokes.
No. 774552 ID: 6cd244

>If you feel comfortable about it, tell him about the crack in your stats menu.
Do we, uh, know about the qualities of stats menu in character? Open with "So that seal Ilan put on me was garbage!" Then gauge his response to see where to take the conversation.
No. 774559 ID: 395c02
File 148532443756.png - (76.41KB , 800x600 , 587.png )

As thoughts race through your mind about what to say, you look around and notice the pen and paper you always bring with you.

Maybe you could choose to explain things to Skif through a Giant Bird and Concerned Dolphin comic?

But what metaphor would you use here?

(You can choose to do this instead of dialog if you want. Please make it obvious if you're changing your vote!)
No. 774563 ID: 143250

Changing vote to Giant Bird and Concerned Dolphin comic. But this time, challenge yourself and draw with your non dominate hand.
No. 774566 ID: c9f250


Okay how about a comic about giant bird jumping into the water and diving down and they both like the closeness but concerned dolphin is worried that trying too much at once might lead to mistakes and how should they handle other divers or signal that it's time to go back for air.
No. 774570 ID: 6cd244

Changing to Giant Bird and Concerned Dolphin comic.
Giant Bird draws something pretty on Concerned Dolphin's head, and Concerned Dolphin is grateful. Then they play together, only to find that they played too hard and the drawing is already starting to fade!
No. 774574 ID: 91ee5f

I vote for the Giant Bird and Concerned Dolphin comic.

Giant Bird tells Concerned Dolphin that she has found a way to make herself even gianter than she is now with a special book! But Concerned Dolphin says he's concerned that Giant Bird might hurt herself if she tries to make herself even gianter! Should he encourage Giant Bird to try to make herself gianter or should he tell her not to make herself gianter?
No. 774583 ID: 8d4593

Everything is easier to say while giving a hand job.
No. 774589 ID: 1d0e08

Just talk to him, you doofus. Apologize for the orgy, ask about a safe word, and generally speaking apologize for dragging him into an orgy when the both of you have never gone beyond basic vaginal intercourse. If even you felt intense guilt and discomfort when it was over, imagine how Skif felt!

A comic would just muddy the waters, and the most important thing here is clear communication.
No. 774595 ID: 493b5f

I vote for Giant Bird and Concerned Dolphin! Maybe something involving meeting new friends and a sudden party, with lots of soft drinks and candy, and then wondering if there was a sugar rush? Or something?
No. 774599 ID: 707432

I vote for a comic revolving around the dangers of Tilde.
No. 774607 ID: dd4df2


I don't disagree with you, but perhaps we can do all of that AND get a Concerned Dolphin and Giant Bird comic out of it.


Like so! Everything's easier with comics, don't you agree?
No. 774608 ID: dd4df2


Aaaand I failed to make it obvious that I'm changing my vote.
No. 774609 ID: 0555b9

How about you use your words to ask aboout his feelings?
No. 774638 ID: c441c1

Giant bird and concerned dolphin
No. 774662 ID: db0da2

If we were going to do a comic we should have prepared it before we woke him up. If we do it now it'll come out rushed, we cannot compromise the quality of the comic for such a trivial purpose! Plus it would be kind of a dick move to make him wait to hear your important info.

Tell him about the snooping you did, the energy signatures, and your plan to maybe become god or conquer the world or something.
No. 774712 ID: 8cb228

Exactly how quickly can you make one of the comics and not have it be terrible? If you can do some weird off-screen thing, great. Otherwise, just tell him. With tact.
No. 774794 ID: fe7355

Start with "Sorry about the orgy..." That signals that you aren't happy with how things went and gives you a opening to tell him you don't know what the hell came over you back there. You've never had thoughts of orgies or sex with near-strangers or doing stuff like what you did before. And yet it was like a fog of lust fell over you and your mind turned into lewd soup and suddenly everything turned you on. And you pulled him into it without really asking and you're sorry.

Then ask Skif how is he feeling. Really, what is he feeling about all that? Then you can bring up that maybe you two should have a safe word. "Banana" would be good, since it's not one that'll show up in the throws of passion... You think. And the stuff about the prince and sneaking into their ship can wait a bit.

And don't make a Giant Bird and Concerned Dolphin comic to explain all this. Not the least because you can't come up with any kind of metaphor for "sorry I pulled you into a orgy because I was lust-addled" that won't be horribly strained and awkward. Just use your voice and talk and don't get needlessly complex about this.
No. 774801 ID: a0cb83

Starting with apologizing about the orgy sounds good.
No. 774869 ID: 395c02
File 148547152075.png - (121.72KB , 800x600 , 588.png )

"So, how are you feeling?" you ask.

"I'm not sure. Everything my parents taught me is saying to regret what we just did..."


"But instead, I feel elated.  I just spat in the face of everything my parents stand for. Everything I was told about how my kind should act."

Skif grins. "And I love it."


"My parents want me to be something I'm not. To enslave a dragon, to continue in their awful traditions. Maybe this wasn't how I saw it happening, but I've finally gone against their wishes. I've finally done something for me. I'd love to see their faces if they knew!"

"Maybe let's not tell them any of this."

"Hah. What are they gonna do? Mr. Ilan has them by the balls, remember?"

"Mr. Ilan is also leaving tomorrow? For a good while?"

"Shit. Right. Maybe I'll wait on the gloating for now."

You aren't very fond of Skif's parents, especially in light of what Mr. Ilan revealed earlier, but they're still his parents, aren't they? You're torn between joining his rebellious nature and wanting to help him reconcile with them. Curse you, COMP stat!
No. 774870 ID: 395c02
File 148547153662.png - (214.42KB , 800x600 , 589.png )

"If we're going to continue metaphorically flipping off everything your parents stand form, maybe we should come up with a safe word," you say.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, a word we can use to tell each other that it's time to stop. That way I-- er-- we can go all out with each other and enjoy the ensuing squirming, knowing that they're actually okay unless they say the safe word."

"That's... an interesting idea. Did you come up with it yourself?"

"Something like that," you say. You refuse to tell him Mama taught you the concept when explaining sex years back. You also refuse to think about why she knows about the concept.

"Well, what would be a good safe word? Probably something we don't say very often."

Hmm. You think about what a good safe word would be.

"Yeah... Let me think on that for a bit," you say.
No. 774871 ID: 395c02
File 148547154873.png - (203.42KB , 800x600 , 590.png )

As you ponder, something eats at you.

"You sure you're okay?" you ask. "With the whole, um, orgy...thing we just did? I... I pushed you into it when I shouldn't have. I'm sorry."

"Don't blame yourself for what happened. I, erm, may have also gotten caught up in the heat of things. Like I said, going against my parents’ wishes was exhilarating. Maybe not the healthiest excuse, but there it is. I'm sure you had your reasons too, right...?"

"Er-- yeah. The dragon inside me..."

...It feels wrong to blame it for your decisions...

"...I was overcome with lust, and sort of lost myself to the moment. Possibly related: the seal Mr. Ilan put on me might be hot garbage."

"What? It didn't break, did it? No, I suppose it couldn't have..."

"N-no! But I felt it... crack? If that makes any sense? Skif, if it does break--"
No. 774872 ID: 395c02
File 148547155901.png - (170.28KB , 800x600 , 591.png )

"It won't."


"I don't care what that snake or my parents say. I refuse to be a 'safety net' for something that isn't going to happen. We just have to ask Mr. Ilan to reinforce it, and take it easy. Maybe take that vacation we talked about."

"About that... actually, it's a lot to talk about. Do you mind if I draw a diagram?"

"This 'diagram' isn't an excuse to make another comic, is it?"

"Hahaha. ha. ha"


"Just gimme like, five minutes."

No. 774873 ID: 395c02
File 148547156957.png - (185.44KB , 800x600 , 592.png )

If only you could be paid monthly to produce such works of perfection.
No. 774874 ID: 395c02
File 148547158203.png - (107.95KB , 800x600 , 593.png )

"I see," Skif says. "So you went back to that spiky alien's base, explored it, saw a ketza floating in a tube, read a book that taught you how to polymorph past your size limits, found out about several strong sources of energy that may be dragons, absorbed a bunch of your old magic from a fight-- wait, a fight!? Are you okay!? You look okay!"

"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Wow, you got all that from this comic?"

"I'm really good at reading between the lines."

"So what do you think?"

"Well, the prince they speak of sounds a lot like that one guy we met as kids. Remember him?"

"Despite every attempt to suppress it, yes."

"Well, after I got the teachers, they said he had a mild concussion. That would explain why he was trying to lick everyone's hands. Anyway, they carted him off and that's the last I saw of him. If that guy is their leader, I'm honestly surprised they made it this far."

"Maybe he's a figurehead? They seem to care about him either way. Do you think we should help them find him?"

"If he's in the company of a dragon, it'd be extremely dangerous to. None of us can beat a dragon, except..."

"Except for you?"

"Damn it. Well, if you want to go save their prince, I will follow. But I really, really hope we can do so without actually fighting a demi-god."


No. 774875 ID: 395c02
File 148547159322.png - (174.65KB , 800x600 , 594.png )

"Hey, Skif?"


"Does... does this mean you're okay with us, you know, sleeping with other people sometimes?"

"Honestly, it's... not something I'm used to thinking about yet. Part of me wants you all to myself, but after all that's happened today I am determined never to 'tie you down' or keep you from doing what you want to do."


He gives an awkward smile. "Even if you were to fall in love with someone else..."

What do you say?
No. 774876 ID: 61c7b9

Tell him that regardless of who you love, nothing will ever diminish your love for him.

Also, the safeword should be something you would never, ever say, that isn't a proper noun. Like "Delicious Flat Chest"?
No. 774880 ID: fd5137

Tell him you don't know, you can't know, how you and your feelings will be in the future, how you might find love elsewhere.

But let him know that most important is that
now and forever, he's first and foremost in your heart. Nothing can change that, and even if your love grows to include others, he'll be at it's core, your closest companion.
No. 774881 ID: 094652

Safe word is "Bacon" or whatever is easiest for you to pronounce while choking.

You want to explore the galaxy and @#$% aliens. Skif means more to you than he realizes but he can't hold a candle to your sexual ambitions.
No. 774885 ID: d36af7

>something you would never, ever say
Close, but not quite. It should be something you can blurt out quickly, just two or three syllables, and it should be something with emotional associations so nerve-wrackingly un-sexy that you'd never, ever incorporate the concept into an otherwise enjoyable RP scenario, or forget what it means.
No. 774891 ID: 493b5f

For the safe word, optimally it needs to be something memorable, something that sounds distinct, and something that won't be part of an RP scenario or other sexual context. But not something so terrible unsexy that it'll stop you from just changing course a little and continuing your fun in another direction. Unerotic foods are a common choice.

As for what you should say... Tell him that right here and now, you love him. Say you don't know much about yourself, what dragon romance is generally like, or if any weird instincts have been mixed into you by how you've been altered, so you don't know what the future will show you about your own heart. Maybe you will fall in love with someone else one day, but that might not mean falling out of love with him. You'll tell him, if that happens; and if he falls in love with someone else, you just hope he'll tell you, and that you'll like them too. But for now, though you've extended friendship with benefits around, romantically your heart's still with him, and you don't see that changing soon.
No. 774923 ID: 1d0e08

>Participates in orgy with people he met literally all of a couple houre ago.
>"Well it would have cheesed off my parents, so it's all good."

Your boyfriend may have some serious familial issues, Ceridwen. May wanna keep that in the back of your head.

As for a Safe Word, I'd suggest "Flesh Golem". It's short, quick, and I doubt you'll want to keep going when you think of a person-shaped lump of head cheese given life.

But seriously, let him know that no matter what, you'll be sparing and serious with his trust.

And then, yknow, actually be sparing and serious. Instead of orgies with strange aliens that nearly got you murdered not 10 minutes ago and grope you without permission.
No. 774936 ID: ce3dad

I'm not sure what to say... But what were you thinking when you decided you wanted a hoard of romance..?

You'll always have love for Skif, but unfortunately your ambitions kind of conflict with a normal relationship.

I am sure you will start saying you will always love him and nothing will come between you two.

It's a long stretch, but you could come completely clean over your plans. Skif could play a larger role than just another mate. What if instead of thinking of it as "my hoard" it should be "our hoard."
No. 774939 ID: c441c1

"Well your still my favorite" *kiss
Go chase down that prince for ADVENTURE and possibly sexual misadventures!
No. 774945 ID: 398fe1

Broccoli. The safeword is broccoli.
No. 774951 ID: 9145ba

The safe word is "uncle."
No. 774954 ID: 4e2527

Keep it simple. Use 'safeword' as the safeword. Not like you're going to say THAT accidentally during sex.
No. 774990 ID: 143250

Safe word is ironically: danger.
No. 774991 ID: 143250

>What if instead of thinking of it as "my hoard" it should be "our hoard."

I like that idea.
No. 775029 ID: 6cd244

Obviously the safeword should be Your dad's name. That sounds like a quick way to very rapidly halt everything for both of you.

Note that no matter what relationships you may form with anyone else it's hard to beat a childhood friend and first love.
No. 775097 ID: 8111b6

I'd suggest something that couldn't possibly come up in any fetish that you might ever try with him. It's tricky when you consider all the permutations of some of them.

Maybe make up a word? or perhaps an unpleasant medical term that's hard to mistake as something else. Polyp? Ulcer?
No. 775169 ID: a28baa

For your safeword just shout "Vive la révolution!" and start running towards the local government building. This kills the sex.
No. 775202 ID: d28b53

Safe word is pineapple, it is always pineapple. Pineapple won't kill the mood but it isn't something you say while having sex.
No. 775211 ID: 8cb228

I like this one!
No. 775212 ID: 91ee5f

>Pineapple isn't something you say while having sex.
Clearly, you have never heard someone say, "If you get me a pineapple and a yo-yo, I'll show you a really cool trick!"
No. 775225 ID: 4854ef

Suddenly Dragon Romance: How to make a dragon cry in progress.

But yeah Pineapple works as a safe word.
No. 775261 ID: 76b09c

How about "cheese grater"?
No. 775281 ID: 987bda

>You think about what a good safe word would be.
Delicious Kale. Anytime somebody talks about a religion's ritual for purification by suffering as delicious, you know everything is wrong.

>What do you say?
Tell him he's special to you, and you want to be having sex with other people with him. You'll have both have plenty of partners, but only one partner.
No. 775287 ID: 241e41

>What do you say?
"Skif, I didn't mean it like... I wasn't thinking about it that way. I was just trying to have a little fun with them. Or something. To be honest, I'm not sure what I was thinking exactly.

"But I am sure that I never thought about replacing you with anyone. We've been through a lot together and we've always been there for each other. What we've got is special, and I don't plan on changing that any time soon. Especially not with a bunch of idiots like them."

>safe word
If you're picking out a safe word, then it should be something short, simple, and easily recognizable. Naturally it should be something unsexy that you wouldn't normally say in those situations, but it shouldn't be too unsexy or off-putting, because you're supposed to use it during sex and you don't want to mentally associate something disgusting with your sexual activities. One might say that's the point, because it's meant to stop you from doing whatever you're doing, but you don't want to end up thinking about unpleasant things whenever you think of sexy times.

It shouldn't be something too silly or embarrassing, either, in case you need to use it in front of other people. You'll want to prevent the awkward explanations from being more awkward than they need to be. You also don't want it to be something he'd be reluctant to say, so he won't have to make any unpleasant choices between embarrassing himself and going along with something he doesn't want to do.

You could use some obscure or foreign synonym for "cancel" or "reorganize" or a similar word; something technical and boring that sounds like science/office lingo would be a good choice. Or maybe he could vibrate his wings in a recognizable pattern, like two short buzzes followed by a longer one; that would be handy if his mouth is occupied with something else, but he wouldn't be able to use it while he was flying.

This would be easier to manage once you finish the Friendship Ritual. Then you could just use empathic signals and not have to set up a weird password system. Though we might want to do that anyway, just in case something unexpected happens.

Maybe it would be best to discuss this some other time. Actually, we might want to hold off on dominance play for the time being; it seems to be associated with your draconic nature and you could be weakening the seal by focusing on it. It's best to play it safe until you've got a good handle on what's going on and why.
No. 775299 ID: 395c02
File 148564476426.png - (34.37KB , 800x600 , 595.png )

>Your boyfriend may have some serious familial issues, Ceridwen. May wanna keep that in the back of your head.
Well, he did have a big fight with them recently. He's probably feeling more rebellious than normal, especially after what you two learned this morning.

You're torn between encouraging him to go against them and helping him reconcile. His parents almost certainly want him to enslave you, but they are his parents. Surely they still care about him...
>But what were you thinking when you decided you wanted a hoard of romance..?

>You'll always have love for Skif, but unfortunately your ambitions kind of conflict with a normal relationship.
This contradiction's been haunting you for a while now. The desire to have a hoard of (dragon) romance has been in constant conflict with your feelings for Skif.

It might be the one way that your mortal self and dragon self are in direct conflict.

If the dragon ever won, what would happen to him? You don't want to even think about hurting him...

You need to be open and honest.
No. 775300 ID: 395c02
File 148564477943.png - (182.35KB , 800x600 , 596.png )

"I can't promise how I'll feel in the future. Despite Mr. Ilan's attempts to hide it, I'm a dragon deep down inside. I still feel many of those instincts."

You look towards the sleeping aliens.

"Sometimes they are overwhelming."

Skif fidgets. "Sorry. I shouldn't--"

"I'm not finished. I want our relationship to be built around honesty, so I'm not going to lie to you, okay?"


"I want-- need to make a hoard. But money never meant much to me, you know? Treasure is just a bunch of jewels and metal. No, I want a hoard of, um... "

How do you begin to explain this?

"I want to be surrounded in those who care for me. And I'd... care for them, too."

"I see..."

"Still not done. Skif, I've known you my whole life. You were my first. Anything I end up feeling for anyone else could never be as strong or deep as the love I share with you."

He looks away, almost as if ashamed of what he was about to ask.

"So, you'd love me most...?"
No. 775301 ID: 395c02
File 148564479473.png - (165.42KB , 800x600 , 597.png )

"Yes, silly. You're the only one I'd want to share my hoard with. It wouldn't even have to be 'my' hoard. It could be... our hoard."

"Sharing your hoard... doesn't that go against everything dragons stand for?"

"Maybe. I don't care."

"That... that means a lot to me. Thanks, Ceri."

"And if you fell in love..."

"Nobody could ever replace you. I don't care if you do lose control of your powers. I'd spend my life finding a way to bring you back."
No. 775302 ID: 395c02
File 148564480690.png - (53.87KB , 800x600 , 598.png )

"Then I have nothing to be afraid of."
No. 775303 ID: 395c02
File 148564482337.png - (148.71KB , 800x600 , 599.png )

You hold each other in your arms for a while longer. Skif's so fuzzy and warm; Mammals are the best for cuddling.

You think on what happened just an hour ago. Thrusting three people you barely know at Skif... was it a mistake to do so? You could have jeopardized everything important for a single hour of passion. An hour that nearly broke the seal keeping your powers in check.

But you're still here, and Skif is still with you. He supports you even now.

Next time, you will be stronger. You will consider Skif's feelings before pushing him into anything. You will not endanger the all-important seal.

It's starting to get dark now. What a hell of a day. You can scarcely believe it's only now getting late.

You wake the others from their nap, holding Skif's hand as you talk to them about where you were and what you saw. Eezee starts to make a fuss, but Siphon and Gulketi stop her. Gulketi says that he understands why you'd do what you did. He seems much calmer as a dragon-svane! He tells you not to worry about upsetting them.

Siphon had one thing to say, though. "You ran away from the massage robot?"

"Yeah? Who knows what it would have done to me. You saw what happened with the other one."

She giggles. "But Eezeryh didn't code that one-- I did. It would have given you the best massage~"

Damn it.

Gulketi agrees with your conclusion that their prince is most likely not in immediate danger. Given that you know this place better than they do, they would appreciate any help you could offer.

You tell them that there's some things you still need to figure out. They agree to meet with you again tomorrow. For now, given their lack of clothing and their desire not to bring attention to themselves, they will hang out in Eezee's underwater base.
As you turn to leave, Gulketi stops you. He apologizes if he, um, if they pressured you into things earlier.

You shake your head. Even if you were overwhelmed with lust, it was still a decision you made. Who knows? Maybe once you got to know them better, you could try again.

Siphon seemed pleased with that plan.
No. 775304 ID: 395c02
File 148564483699.png - (79.02KB , 800x600 , 600.png )

You wave goodbye as you leave with Skif and head towards town. Along the way, you finally decide on a SAFE WORD to use.

"Hey, what if we make the safe word 'pineapple'?" you ask.

"What, like the fruit?"

"Yeah! It's not something we'd say normally, and there's nothing sexy about a pineapple."

"I dunno. I know a pretty cool trick with one."

"You do!?"

"Hehe, hell no! It's a pineapple! What the hell sexy thing could you do with that!?"

You both laugh. SAFE WORD OBTAINED!
No. 775305 ID: 395c02
File 148564484759.png - (147.44KB , 800x600 , 601.png )

Once you approach the road where you'd part ways, you give Skif a goodnight kiss. You offer to let him stay over-- maybe get away from his parents for a while.

He declines, insisting that facing them is something he has to do eventually, and there's no good reason to put it off. He waves as you part ways.
No. 775306 ID: 395c02
File 148564485994.png - (141.18KB , 800x600 , 602.png )

Your parents seem to have enjoyed themselves.
No. 775307 ID: 395c02
File 148564486759.png - (143.48KB , 800x600 , 603.png )

You change into your nightwear and take hold of the book you found earlier.

You're not sure if you should Tell Mr. Ilan about this book or if it should be your secret for now. He might try to confiscate it, citing that it's too dangerous for you. Maybe he'd be right. But maybe this book could help you learn to use your powers in all new ways. Ways that could be used to protect yourself or others. But... maybe he'd see the wisdom in helping you learn some of these spells safely?

It's getting kind of late. Should you Stay up and read the book? Or get some rest for now?  
No. 775308 ID: 696fed

ponder turning into a mammal for next date, something soft and fluffy and suited for your existing proportions. *COUGHDIUBANCOUGH*
No. 775310 ID: 9145ba

Stay up and read! Sleep is boring.
No. 775311 ID: 3abd97

Get rest for now.

Tell him about the book, but don't let him confiscate it. He doesn't have the power or the right to force you to give anything up, and you've proved by now you're willing to be careful with dangerous new magics instead of rushing into them. (Except sex. You're perfectly willing to rush into that, apparently).
No. 775312 ID: 0d9279

READ THE @#$%ER. This is one of those legendary artifacts that usually stays locked behind fifteen layers of security, only for your new alien friends to bust through the entire complex with their hyper-advanced spaceship ON ACCIDENT.

Study it with every chance you have. You may lose it forever if you're not careful.

Also maybe you should take photocopies and hide them in various places around your room.
No. 775313 ID: c441c1

Burn the coach don't tell them why just burn it.
No. 775314 ID: efee4c

You could try making a copy and giving the original to Mr. Ilan. If he doesn't want you to learn anything, confiscating it wouldn't matter.
No. 775315 ID: 4854ef


>Don't tell him about the book
>Study it all niiight looong.
No. 775316 ID: 398fe1

Read it all then tell Mr Ilan. He can't take the knowledge out of your mind!
No. 775319 ID: 143250

Read it, but not too much. You don't want to stay up too late, and miss your appointment with the snake. How about around 10 pages?
No. 775320 ID: 91ee5f

Don't tell about the book.

Get some sleep. You need to be well rested for whatever you plan on doing tomorrow!

Someone's been looking at Slinko's Tumblr!~~~ <3
No. 775325 ID: 5b93d3

This! Plus, books aren't infallible. If he knows you've read it, the least he can do is double-check it and let you know of any errors or pitfalls you might miss.
No. 775331 ID: ce3dad

I certainly believe keeping it our secret is the right move for the moment. Yes, there is probably reasons for Mr. Ilan wants you to avoid this magic but Mr. Ilan isn't always going to be there and who knows if he'll ever feel you are ready for it.

You can pace yourself; you can be careful. Maybe there is some overwhelming reason to avoid life magic but maybe it's more an ethical issue than a physical one. In that vein, you'll have to make your own calls. As long as you do what you think is right, you shouldn't have a problem in that regard.

Now, about starting to read or going to sleep... It's a much harder choice. I would say that you really didn't do much today, minus a bit of base-sneaking. However, you did just work through a large issue you've been wrestling with for a while, which was surely mentally taxing.

At the same time, tomorrow we plan to head out to help find Chei, right? If we don't take a peak now, we might not ever.


Might I suggest we start with the EXTREME GROWTH SPELL?
No. 775332 ID: 0d9279

No. 775343 ID: 9145ba

We're just reading it, not practicing yet! We'll probably go down to the lake again to ah, "practice" it some more.
No. 775344 ID: 24dd1a

Read the book! Especially look for handwritten rants in the margins about how the magic giant size stuff manages to compensate for the problems due to the square/cube law, and how annoying it is to build that into a robot...
No. 775353 ID: 91ee5f

We shouldn't stay up late reading! We might oversleep and miss our meeting with Mr. Ilan before he leaves!
No. 775354 ID: 143250

What if it is just a few pages, like I said here: >>775319
No. 775359 ID: ba506f

you got anything to do tomorrow morning? If not stay up and read and just sleep in, if so just rest and read it tomorrow

also Don't tell Ilan about the book for now. Let's deal with some of our other problems before we throw that onto the table with everything else.
No. 775365 ID: 987bda

Read the book, then tell him about it.
No. 775388 ID: dd85d5

Suddenly think of and regret skipping the massage robot.
No. 775389 ID: 8cb228

(Same poster)
To expand on this, this weird mad science-y bug probably has written down some pretty epic rants about how tricky it is to mitigate the problems inherent in the square/cube law with a Giant Robot (Ahahahahaha!), but this 'Extreme Growth Spell' seems to bypass them because of (whatever annoying reality hack it uses). Look for something written in the margins, on the back, or a piece of paper falling out of it or something.
No. 775398 ID: 804a8c

Repress harder.

No. 775410 ID: 8d4593

Read the extreme growth spell, then sleep. Keep it a secret.
No. 775412 ID: 17f043

Well, do you have anything to do tomorrow? You should read it NOW!

But you should not hide it from Ilan, he only has your best interest at heart. Try to convince him that you'll be responsible with it.
No. 775520 ID: 1730ee

Show and Rest.

There is no better way to prove to Ilan that you are a dependable, grown-up individual who cares for their teacher's opinion than to be honest about the greater magical mysteries that you've been made aware of, the extent of your perception of their dangers and what parts you are actually vaguely interested in as opposed to horrified over.

If he tells you never to pursue any of this, if he confiscates or destroys the book... Deal with that when it happens, if it even happens.
No. 775521 ID: 76b09c

Get some rest for now.

As for Mr. Ilan, maybe you can skirt the issue. You've already shown clues that the idea of you inheriting memories from your parents is a plausible possibility. Based on that, you can present yourself as concerned and ask Mr. Ilan the question of what if, hypothetically, you were to start remembering or otherwise gain knowledge of other forbidden magic? And from there you can ask questions like what is it that generally makes it forbidden, what are the biggest most general dangers of it, et cetera.
No. 775555 ID: 6cd244

Read the whole book! Then you can tell Mr. Ilan about it without worrying too much if he takes it away.
No. 775597 ID: 339cf2

I second this notion. If he takes it away, you'll already have the information anyway.
No. 775608 ID: 91ee5f

Not true! Since this is a world of magic, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Mr. Ilan happened to be someone that has some sort of mind magic!

He'll just end up taking the book and the info from Ceri's mind! DX
No. 775680 ID: ce7f0b

Go to bed, leave the reading material for the road trip.

Then use your extremely bolstered feelings for Skif to fuel new wet romantic dreams.

Maybe he'll count to six for you?
No. 775692 ID: ce3dad


(same poster)
Oh! Optional idea! Maybe Eezeryh can duplicate the book. Then you could share the original copy with Mr. Ilan and not lose the info if he decides to confiscate it. It means you can get his input, maybe learn why it's so dangerous and still have the option to pursue it if you feel you are capable to do so.
No. 776078 ID: 395c02
File 148590077171.png - (124.34KB , 800x600 , 604.png )

>Suddenly think of and regret skipping the massage robot.
No. 776079 ID: 395c02
File 148590078845.png - (167.22KB , 800x600 , 605.png )

Man, you really want to know what's in this book! But you're meeting Mr. Ilan in the morning, so you can't stay up too late. Maybe if you only focus on the spells you'd theoretically be able to cast...

Let's see. There's the spell from earlier, the CHARGED POLYMPORPH SPELL. According to this, if you launch an elemental attack at yourself at the apex of your transformation, you become infused with that element for the duration of the polymorph.

It continues: 'The timing is crucial: Too early or too late and the results are less than pleasant. It's suggested you start practicing with a small amount of ELECTRONIC energy, so at worst you give yourself a mild shock. The upkeep cost is greater than a normal polymorph, based on your skill in both POLYMORPH and whichever ELEMENTAL MAGIC you're using. It is not recommended to run out of MP in this form!'

You can only use elemental magic when using a D-BURST, so practicing this one could get a bit tricky unless you spend a lot of time being really draconic to fill up your D.

Ah, the EXTREME GROWTH SPELL. For some reason you have a great interest in this one!?

'As you know, POLYMORPHISM has a built-in limit of about 30 feet. Any larger, and your magic is unable to compensate for your incredible mass. However, with skilled use of TRANSDIMENSIONAL MAGIC, merging PORTAL, INVISIBILITY, and TELEPORTATION into a single force of magical energy, you can overcome this by... (Everything past this point is covered in red angry markings)'

Thankfully the details of casting it escaped what looks to be Eezee's wrath. Hrm, this spell probably can't actually be used by anyone nowadays, what with the mortal limit of one PRIMARY FOCUS and one SECONDARY FOCUS. There's no way for them to have full control of both T-MAGIC and POLYMORPH.

You're no exception... normally. Your D-BURST may once again allow you to practice and master the art of being really really huge. Unfortunately, the MP-cost grows exponentially. You'd be limited either by the time limit of the D-BURST or the incredible MP consumption larger sizes require! Maybe using your DRAGON FORM would be a less costly alternative?

If only you could safely access your draconic magic directly...

'DEATH PORTAL. High level TELEPORTATION will allow you to teleport someone else. If you do this just as they are passing through a PORTAL, the effects can be quite messy. This might be the best way to handle an opponent who is impervious to weaponry or elemental magic. This will only work if the opponent is unable to teleport themselves, or if they are too slow to react.'

Wow, this spell sounds... violent. You could probably cast this one without unleashing your D if you practice your magic more, but you're not sure you want to...

'RAPID ESCAPE SPELL. By using TELEPORTATION, PORTAL MAGIC, and POLYMORPHISM at the same time, you can displace a nearby object and take its place, allowing you to hide or confuse an enemy. You can also use this to avoid a deadly blow, causing the enemy to slice into something they can't easily remove their weapon from. The timing and portal placement have to be perfect to avoid self-harm.'

You read into the details and... you could probably cast this one with your current skills! It seems easy enough to practice, though there is risk of hurting yourself as you try to do it at faster speeds. Maybe you'd want Mr. Ilan around to heal you just in case...? Augh, but he might not even let you try this.
No. 776080 ID: 395c02
File 148590080039.png - (143.12KB , 800x600 , 606.png )

'EXTREME ATTRACTION RITUAL. Gather the fluid of a reptilian of the opposite sex of your intended target(s), a bottle of 100-proof Diuban whiskey, 2 oysters, and 1 strawberry. Mix together and use to draw the symbol in the diagram to the left. Infuse the symbol with raw magical energy, then stand inside it. You may experience a tingling. For up to a day (depending on strength of ritual) you will become irresistible to potential mates!'

Oh goodness. Y-you wouldn't actually ever need this ritual, right?


'COMPANION CREATION RITUAL. This one has no set list of ingredients. Simply gather items that would form various aspects of what you want to create (Iron to give it metallic skin, for example), then mix with water and draw the symbol on the RIGHT. Infuse with pure LIFE-MAGIC. Before long, you will have a faithful companion to aid you in whatever tasks await you.'

Life-magic... this page somehow survived the purge of life spells from this book. Maybe they saw this one as relatively harmless? The book goes on to explain how to modify the creation with LIFE-MAGIC to ensure it imprints on you properly and remains loyal.

Obviously you can't use LIFE-MAGIC right now, even with a D-BURST. But Mr. Ilan's friend intends to train you to control your inner draconic magic, so this might become a possibility one day. You could also just ask Mr. Ilan if he'd be willing to toss in a little magic for his favorite student, but the odds of success are... low.
No. 776081 ID: 395c02
File 148590081065.png - (114.76KB , 800x600 , 607.png )

At this point, you're looking to get 7 hours of sleep before having to wake up to meet Mr. Ilan in the morning.

-Continue reading!
-Better stop for now.

You're very on the fence about it, but you think you will show this book to Mr. Ilan. But showing it to him tomorrow doesn't give you time to copy or memorize very much of it. Maybe you should wait to show him until after his trip? Of course, you could Show him in the morning anyway and hope for the best.

(Suggestors may also come up with spell combinations or rituals. Rituals can do some things spells cannot, and are not always tied to the main types of magic. Things may be tweaked if used)
No. 776084 ID: 143250

Stop for now. Body needs roughly around 8 hours of sleep. Don't want to be late.
No. 776085 ID: 143250

Oh yeah, and wait until after his trip to show him.
No. 776086 ID: 094652


Oh who am I kidding, just put the book in a drawer and get some rest.

That last spell looks like a classic Shaper signature. Once you build a puppy out of lizards, you'll never want to let it go! You'll feed it and pet it and fight alongside it and let it EAT A FRACTION OF YOUR LIFE FORCE FOR THE REST OF ITS EXISTENCE, and if it dies you get back the fragment of your soul that you invested but none of the experience it siphoned from you, so the upkeep cost and feedback penalty means that making a disposable army out of these guys is extremely taxing on the caster, which explains why it's an acceptable life-magic experiment.
No. 776087 ID: 65ec8d

Better stop for now.

And I say show him, this stuff all sounds too dangerous to mess with without someone backing you up. Besides, maybe the knowledge in the book is a bargaining chip he could use with the person he's going to talk to! It could be the difference in getting you the training you need.
No. 776089 ID: ce3dad

Are you really sure Eezeryh won't have some space sciency thing that can quickly duplicate the book?

Anyways, I think it's time to sleep. You don't want to be burnt out tomorrow.

And about the Extreme Growth Spell... I guess we'll just have to save some D for the next orgy...
No. 776091 ID: 61c7b9

Stop reading for now, it's important you get a good night's sleep.
No. 776094 ID: 398fe1

>death portal, violent
You could use it only on non-living opponents like robots, or golems. Or you could just use it to break apart durable objects.
>giant size, mana issues
D-Burst only, then. Still useful, but only for emergencies where Dragon Form isn't big enough. Like if you have to pick up a house or something. Wait, how long does D-Burst last, exactly? In combat it seemed like the meter went down as you cast spells. If you use Extreme Growth, how long would it last?

Oh, the first thing I think of here is:
Long-Distance Teleportation Ritual
It would involve infusing a set of 4 or more objects or points at the destination with teleport energy to create a 3-dimensional space between them where it's far easier to teleport into and out of. In a pinch, 3 pillars could be used, so long as they're tall enough to cover anything involved in the teleportation. Then you do the same thing where you're teleporting FROM, and you get a much longer range for teleporting between the two points.
Keep all appendages inside the bounds of the area covered by the magic, or you're likely to lose them mid-transit.

Portal-Binding Ritual
Extended focus on a destination portal and a small circular object, or even two objects, will allow you to maintain a connection between the two for a small mana upkeep. So long as both are within a certain distance from eachother, you can trigger a portal link between the two for an additional mana cost. Useful for storage or communication. Light/sound-only portals are cheaper to maintain and activate. (bag of holding, or longer range audio-video communication)

Stop for now, and wait to show him until after his trip. Don't try anything from it that seems dangerous in the meantime, for your own safety.
No. 776095 ID: ba506f

>Sleep now and wait to show him until after his trip

It's easy to see how some of these spell would be made forbidden but I feel some of them where damned by association or because they cost so much magic from so many schools they became impractical. It couldn't hurt to learn about some of the less dangerous ones and practice them right?
No. 776098 ID: 8d4593

Sleep Now, Show after Trip

Soul Dash Ritual
Extend an invisible piece of your soul from a single part of your body, and instantly jump the distance for relatively little mp with a mere thought. Can be used repeatedly to cover short to moderate distances with incredible speed, Reach unreachable places with ease, or even pass through walls!

Circumscribe a drawing symbolic of yourself within [This] symbol. Extend from one limb a single line terminating with [This Other] Sigil.
The length of this line will be the exact distance of the extension and therefore the jump. Burn 1 cup of ground mugwart on [This Other] Sigil, Occupy the center of [This] Symbol, and infuse with TELEPORT magic.

Lasts all day or until MP expires.

Crossing the soul extension with other living beings could have unexpected results.
While the soul extension is active, you are more vulnerable to harm of any kind, but especially to magic.
This vulnerability increases with the length of the extension.
The soul extension passes through solid objects. DO NOT DASH INTO A SOLID OBJECT.
Know the thickness of your walls.
Great care should be taken when repeatedly dashing as to not accidentally become one with the ground. Or people. Or objects. Or buildings. Or passing birds or insects.
No. 776099 ID: 6cd244

I'm sure nothing would go wrong by augmenting such a powerful ritual with modern knowledge of genes and whatever your new friends' technology can do...

Go to bed for now; you don't want to oversleep and miss Ilan. Also tell him tomorrow just in case there's some danger. He sounds super old, too, so maybe he might be able to help you understand these rituals?

(As for suggesting rituals, we obviously need some kind of things which will be useful but also enable shenanigans in the future. For that, I suggest:
MASS TELEPORTATION RITUAL: Draw the ritual circle large enough for all parties to stand inside it using sand that has been previously infused with TRANSDIMENSIONAL MAGICAL ENERGY. The caster must link hands with the others and control the destination while attuning the circle to their life-forces. Everyone in the circle will be teleported a longer distance than normal teleportation magic could accomplish, but non-living and non-intelligent matter like cloth and metal can not be transported.)
No. 776117 ID: 9145ba

You read the important chapters, better stop for now. That's plenty of material already.

Wait to show him until after his trip. It's not like he's never coming back, riiiiiiiiight?
No. 776122 ID: dd4df2

Sleep now, show tomorrow.

You'll probably lose the book unless you're really persuasive, but keeping it 'for later' is the kind of compromise that could come back to bite you in the ass. You don't know if you'll even -have- the book later! Or if you'll end up using some of its spells without knowing about the pitfalls inherent to them. The book doesn't seem to describe the... side effects in all that much details.

Call me silly, but getting your magic teacher's impression on this tome full of secret forbidden magics BEFORE you separate from him for an extended period doesn't sound like a half-bad idea.
No. 776156 ID: 91ee5f

>but non-living and non-intelligent matter like cloth and metal can not be transported.
That means everyone is going to be trod otter out of their clothes and they'll be naked at their destination!
No. 776257 ID: 6cd244

Yeah, but without worrying about that you can teleport so much further! We've got to keep the mechanics well-balanced!
No. 776268 ID: 91ee5f

>trod otter
That's supposed to say "teleported". Stupid autocorrect! >_<
No. 776476 ID: 44d252

It doesnt look like there's such thing as healing magic. Let's change that!
Heal Wounds: First, using a combination of powerful Polymorphic and Transdimensional Magic, you can temporarily polymorph someone else who's injured back to their previous uninjured state. Then, while holding the polymorph, you must collect their sexual fluid and drink it, creating a magical connection with their body. If your Polymorphism Magic is strong enough you can then make their body permenantly keep the change, since it is their natural state anyway, meaning that they have now been healed of any wounds. You have to spend MP keeping up the polymorph until you finish, so you won't have enough if their wounds cost too much to fix.

Keep reading and tell him later, this is good stuff!
No. 776600 ID: 395c02
File 148606724962.png - (107.29KB , 800x600 , 608.png )

>Are you really sure Eezeryh won't have some space sciency thing that can quickly duplicate the book?
Maybe, but you'd have to detour really far to meet with her before Mr. Ilan. Doing so would require waking up a few hours early. You're young enough to get away with only 4 hours of sleep, but you've also had a pretty tiring day. You fought a robot! and did other stuff

Showing Mr. Ilan the book and gaining his insight would ultimately be the safer and smarter thing to do. But... well, maybe it's a bit selfish, but you don't want to risk losing the opportunities the book has given you. You want a chance to make a copy, in case he tries to tell you what's best for you again.

To give yourself time to make a copy, you'll wait for his return to show it to him. It's not like you don't have all the time in the world to wait and do it right-- you're a dragon!

You put down the book for now. You need to get plenty of rest. You have so much to do tomorrow and in the following weeks to get ready for your upcoming adventure. This is your first real chance to help someone else, to gain allies and begin building your hoard of followers friends. You wonder if Villains have to start like this too? Do they have to play nice long enough to gain their minions?
What kind of... minions....
No. 776601 ID: 395c02
File 148606726040.png - (72.23KB , 800x600 , 609.png )

No. 776602 ID: 395c02
File 148606726617.png - (1.46KB , 800x600 , 610.png )

No. 776603 ID: 395c02
File 148606727278.png - (148.96KB , 800x600 , 611.png )

No. 776604 ID: 395c02
File 148606728632.png - (55.08KB , 800x600 , 612.png )

A soft light beckons you closer.

-Call out.
-Dragon form.
No. 776605 ID: b15da4

You're dreaming!

Enhance knockers.
No. 776606 ID: bcc299

Call out.
No. 776608 ID: 6cd244

She can do that literally any time! That said,
No. 776610 ID: a363ac

No. 776615 ID: 143250

The last time you approached a light like that, your seal broke. Stay away.
No. 776618 ID: 91ee5f

No. 776620 ID: 79a07e

Agreed. Keep back. We don't want you losing any more of yourself.
No. 776625 ID: ce3dad

No. 776628 ID: ba506f

wait, I heard about stories like this

Retreat! Don't go towards the light Ceridwen, You're far to young to die!
No. 776633 ID: 8d4593

No. 776634 ID: 094652

Try to capture it without getting too close.
No. 776636 ID: 693dfe

Retreat. This could be the light coming from your cracked seal, for all we know, and entering it could represent the crack getting wider, or worse, shattering entirely.
No. 776639 ID: 398fe1

You're dreaming, but why are you not a dragon already?
No. 776645 ID: 79d0a8

No. 776647 ID: 65ec8d

This is a dream, so to represent your psyche accurately... Summon your dragon form to stand (float?) beside your mortal form, and approach together.
No. 776649 ID: 61c7b9

Approach, set Dream Knockers == Corporeal Knockers, wave in a friendly way.

Be prepared for an attack, but remain neutral. This could be a friend or an enemy, and we do not want to provoke it either way.
No. 776650 ID: dd4df2

Something is strange.

Approach, but cautiously.
No. 776656 ID: 9145ba

I don't think it's healthy to keep visualising her "mortal" and dragon forms as two separate beings. it makes it into an us vs. them situation. You've been a dragon all along Ceri, it's not something to fear, it's just what you are. You are the master of your mind, not your instincts!

Correct the minor error your subconscious has made near the chest area and approach.
No. 776659 ID: 65ec8d

>I don't think it's healthy to keep visualising her "mortal" and dragon forms as two separate beings. it makes it into an us vs. them situation.

That's the thing though, it represents (psychological) reality. Ceri is in a kind of unhealthy situation where she still views her dragon nature as something separate and strange that's hiding beyond a barrier dividing it from herself - while, at the same time, showing a temptation to abandon the mortal aspects of her identity, morals and mindset when she does indulge in her draconic nature. They're both part of her, but each one in a sense is still rejecting the other. Acknowledging that issue is the first step to resolving it. We can't get her to meld her two halves together into one right away, but we can get her thinking of them as allies to each other.

Hence, have them both appear and be friends. Don't forget, ignore or abandon either half. Never one without the other.
No. 776663 ID: a0cb83

Calling out sounds good for a start.
No. 776681 ID: 9945f1

Approach light.

Ceri looks pretty young in this dream.
No. 776683 ID: efee4c

Advance Plot!
No. 776773 ID: 8cb228

Call out, then approach.
No. 776926 ID: 8111b6

B -> A

Might as well take a closer look, and calling out avoids surprise.
No. 776931 ID: 91ee5f

I've got an idea!

Call out the light on being a cliché!
No. 777105 ID: 395c02
File 148623411017.png - (50.66KB , 800x600 , 613.png )

>Call out the light on being a cliché!
The light looks mildly offended. It's trying very hard, okay??
No. 777106 ID: 395c02
File 148623412410.png - (146.62KB , 800x600 , 614.png )

Your DRAGON FORM appears beside you. You're not sure why.

You want to run, to call out to it from a safe distance. But your body begins to walk forward. Your dragon form walks with you.
No. 777107 ID: 395c02
File 148623413420.png - (79.17KB , 800x600 , 615.png )

As you approach, you begin to see form in the light. It stares at the both of you intently.

You open your mouth to speak.
No. 777108 ID: 395c02
File 148623415235.png - (207.59KB , 800x600 , 616.png )

Your dragon form is destroyed.
No. 777109 ID: 395c02
File 148623416419.png - (120.55KB , 800x600 , 617.png )

The light's tendrils fade away as it continues to take shape.

It looks at you expectantly.

-Say something.
-Move closer.
-Call for help.

No. 777110 ID: 143250

Run away. If it killed your dragon form so easily, it can kill you even more easily.
No. 777111 ID: 398fe1

Ceri, this is what's behind the seal. Don't get any closer.

Ask what it wants.
No. 777115 ID: a363ac

Realize the light looks a lot like Mr.Ilan and call it out for plagerism
No. 777131 ID: 65ec8d

This may represent the alterations Mr. Ilan put on you, the seal itself persistently trying to keep your dragon magic contained and undo any dragon-ness that it can find that's leaked out. That would make more sense with how it looks like it's blocking some sort of giant crack or hole, with larger tendrils of some darker invisible something squeezing out around it.

Or it might just represent your fears of the incredible powers that you're afraid would instantly try to destroy you if your dragon nature was revealed.

Or something else.

Well, you're close enough now for it to do something to you if it wanted, and it can see you, so it's refraining for some reason. If it wanted to hurt you too, it would have by now. So, say something: ask it what it is and why it did that.

Or if you want help, maybe you should summon your third identity, rooted in yet also separate from your mortal and dragon halves, most powerful of them all: your tilde-self, embodying all your burgeoning (and pretty well-burgeoned already) libido!

... I'm not sure what she'd do, but I'm pretty sure being assaulted with tendrils would only make her stronger.
No. 777144 ID: 9145ba

Ask why it did that. If there's no response, leave. If there's a hostile response, use a bigger dragon.
No. 777161 ID: 55522c

No. 777171 ID: 67456a

Call me crazy, but considering Ceridwen's current issues with keeping her advanced libido in check, I feel like giving a personification to her lust is just a bad idea for everyone involved.

Just approach the being. It mostly likely means you no harm, considering it hasn't just holy-nuked YOU into oblivion yet. Have a bit of faith.
No. 777177 ID: a0cb83

Maybe this being wants to speak to what it believes to be the true you, so it tendril'd your dragon self.

Ask "why would you do that?"
No. 777186 ID: 973861


Time to book it
No. 777206 ID: 91ee5f

>Looks like Mr. Ilan.
Well, there's only one way to find out for sure if it is.....


That's how we find out if it is going to act like Mr. Ilan.
No. 777222 ID: 6cd244

Call for help! You have family and longtime friends who you can trust to protect you. See if your dad shows up with a crossbow.
No. 777258 ID: 35830c

No. 777295 ID: 8d4593

No. 777297 ID: 91ee5f

Also adding that you should Call out the light for being a cliché by looking like someone you know in order to do something important!

If the light gets offended again, then you can retaliate by saying that you take offense for the light attacking your Dragon Form for no damn reason!
No. 777327 ID: ce3dad

I had been thinking these dreams had been some kind of magical thing. This one seems to be more symbolic of anything.

The creature coming from the light appears to be Mr. Ilan who is still trying to contain your true dragon form. I am guessing this worries you and it's probably something to address with Mr. Ilan when you wake up.

For now, I would ask it "Why?" and see what it says. maybe it will give us insight into what you are truly worried about.

My guess is you are worried that Mr. Ilan's attempts to confine your dragon heritage will erase it completely instead of simply binding it. Again, these kinds of questions are for the real Mr. Ilan, not a dream manifestation that we can't trust is a real representation or a creation of your subconscious. Keep this in mind.

However, in that vein of thinking I should probably ask you just to be sure: Do you want to ever be a true dragon again? For the seal to break at some point and you regain your heritage? Would the inability to ever be a true dragon again upset you? I may have forgotten if this has come up before.
No. 777644 ID: e2a01c

No. 777646 ID: 34576f

Make a tactical retreat.
No. 777654 ID: b412df

Dunno if this will do anything, but it might be amusing: Voting for "So." as well.
No. 777660 ID: 4be0ea

As a question.
No. 777661 ID: 395c02
File 148641637234.png - (162.36KB , 800x600 , 618.png )

You demand to know why the light destroyed your dragon form. Its eyes narrow as it stares at you with an intense... frustration.

You insist that the light is ripping off Mr. Ilan! Unless... it is Mr. Ilan! Or at least, his magic that imprisons the dragon inside you!

Its eyes flash with rage at the mention of Mr. Ilan. You prepare your ultimate weapon.
No. 777662 ID: 395c02
File 148641638466.png - (240.78KB , 800x600 , 619.png )

"So!" you cry out.
No. 777663 ID: 395c02
File 148641639962.png - (180.25KB , 800x600 , 620.png )

The light's expression softens.


You're not Mr. Ilan... are you?
No. 777664 ID: 395c02
File 148641646056.png - (178.23KB , 800x600 , 621.png )

Then... what are you? What do you want?


Why won't you answer? Can you not speak?

Can I?

One of its tentacles reaches out to you. It hesitates.
No. 777665 ID: 395c02
File 148641647189.png - (234.23KB , 800x600 , 622.png )

You reach out without a second thought and take it gently into your hand.

You feel... a strange, deep sorrow.
No. 777666 ID: 395c02
File 148641648340.png - (168.46KB , 800x600 , 623.png )

The world begins to fade away. No! Wait! There's still so much to say!


it's not your fault
No. 777668 ID: 395c02
File 148641649508.png - (77.82KB , 800x600 , 624.png )

What... what was that!? That's not normally how that dream goes! Normally you run away, something attacks you, and then...


The dream is fading from memory. Wait-- the seal!
No. 777669 ID: 395c02
File 148641650833.png - (143.58KB , 800x600 , 625.png )

Is... is it worse? It looks about the same. You really need to see Mr. Ilan.

You look at the clock. It's nearly sunrise, a couple of hours before you need to meet your reptilian mentor.

-Try to get more sleep. You need to be rested.
-Take a relaxing bath. You're already up, might as well calm your nerves.
-Head out now, go on a walk. Maybe you can take the scenic route and collect your thoughts.
-Make a copy of the book! Eezeryh must have a way! You might be late (unless you have a faster method of travel in mind?), but this is your chance to take care of it now and not later.
No. 777671 ID: b15da4

You barely got any sleep at all then, didn't you?

Sleep 2: Sleep Harder! At least enjoy the comfy blankets.
No. 777672 ID: 4be0ea

As she touched his noodly appendage...
Copy the book
Portal yourself into the sky and glide to your destination!
If spyro could do it so can you!
No. 777673 ID: 398fe1

The crack did widen, very slightly.

Make a copy of the book! Use portals and polymorphing into a very fast bird to travel to and from Eezeryh's place. You can portal further/faster than teleporting, right? Or is teleporting faster?
No. 777675 ID: 3a72a1

Go back to sleep. You stayed up late as it is. If you're still feeling too stressed out you can take a minute to work it out...
No. 777676 ID: b15da4

How are you going to carry the book in tiny form?
No. 777681 ID: 398fe1

Hammerspace inventory.
No. 777682 ID: 143250

Oh yeah! sounds like fun. However, I wonder if clothing will be an issue in order to glide though... Might need to remove them. On the other hand, It is early enough, so people might still be in bed, and might not see you in the air.

copy the book, glide to destination
No. 777685 ID: 6cd244

Normally the way she gets her clothes back when she polymorphs back to normal is by teleporting them back from where she stored them. If she moves too far away from where she started she probably won't be able to get them back until she returns. That said, those guys have all seen you naked already, so it probably doesn't matter too much. So the plan to copy the book is:

1. Transform into a bird and carry the book through portals to the secret base to get it copied, 2. Do it again to go back home and retrieve your clothes, and 3. Hurry to your meeting place with regular running or teleporting so you have your clothes.
No. 777686 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, look on the bright side! At least you didn't wake up in a compromising pose for once!

And I say you should take a relaxing bath to calm your nerves! Make sure you do it before your parents wake up to take their baths! They always use up all the hot water and you're left with nothing but cold water!
No. 777689 ID: ba506f

copy the book and then teleport/portal to the meeting.
No. 777694 ID: 4854ef

-Make a copy of the book!
No. 777706 ID: 094652

Okay, TINNNY bit worse but yes. I'd say you have about a week.

Copy the book, and do NOT let Eezeryh tamper with it further! Centuries of research destroyed because one junior researcher can't stomach the thought of being wrong!
No. 777728 ID: 8cb228

Use polymorphing into a fast bird form that can carry the book, and your portal tricks for obtaining airspeed/altitude, to fly/soar to a place to copy the book!
No. 777816 ID: 7f97e6

Side note, who the fuck turns their nose up at cold fire?!?!
The heat regulating potential is incredible
No. 777817 ID: 7f97e6

Side note, who the fuck turns their nose up at cold fire?!?!
The heat regulating potential is incredible
No. 777818 ID: 7f97e6

Side note, who the fuck turns their nose up at cold fire?!?!
The heat regulating potential is incredible
No. 777831 ID: 25411f


Ohh noo..

This reeks of psychological scarring. Ceri, you don't remember anything dragon related from when you where young, do you? Something not go right for you?
No. 778174 ID: 395c02
File 148659697161.png - (71.19KB , 800x600 , 626.png )

>If you're still feeling too stressed out you can take a minute to work it out...
Just what are we implying here, hmm~?

>However, I wonder if clothing will be an issue in order to glide though... Might need to remove them.
Okay, things are definitely being implied. You'd just need to dress light, gosh.

>Side note, who the fuck turns their nose up at cold fire?!?!
Dumb magic users from ages past!

>Hey, look on the bright side! At least you didn't wake up in a compromising pose for once!
Small victories! Maybe it's because this dream was so different? But why did it go another way? Did the seal interfere? Or is it because you actually stood up to the 'monster'?
>They always use up all the hot water and you're left with nothing but cold water!
This is a problem you solved by showering at night. Originally you asked your parents to just shower at the same time, but they went on about how one person is always cold and it's just generally uncomfortable although Dad did note it was convenient that Mama is aquatic and this there's never a problem with lubri--
No. 778175 ID: 395c02
File 148659700195.png - (188.78KB , 800x600 , 627.png )

Okay you just realized what he meant and are going to stop thinking about this right now.



mental note: aqua form for shower shenanigans WHY ARE YOU STILL THINKING ABOUT IT OH MY GOD
No. 778176 ID: 395c02
File 148659701449.png - (233.44KB , 800x600 , 628.png )

>This reeks of psychological scarring. Ceri, you don't remember anything dragon related from when you where young, do you? Something not go right for you?
You've had some Dragon-related events that didn't go well, sure...

Back when you were a child, the thought of being a dragon excited you. But since you've learned everything you now know, from all the research and what Mr. Ilan revealed to you, it's become a little more frightening.

There's one question your mind keeps asking despite your attempts to ignore it. Are you even real? Like, is this the real you? Or are you something Mr. Ilan created from whole cloth and haphazardly pasted on top of a baby dragon to keep it in place? Will you cease to exist the moment that dragon is freed? What if Mr. Ilan doesn't want you to control a power that's a part of you, but to teach you to enslave and control a power-- an entity that isn't you at all?

You're too afraid to ask him (or anyone else) that question. You don't think you could handle knowing it were true.


Stupid late-night thoughts. Always so existential.

You're not getting back to sleep like this anyway. Might as well seize the chance to be productive.
No. 778177 ID: 395c02
File 148659702596.png - (174.16KB , 800x600 , 629.png )

>How are you going to carry the book in tiny form?
>Hammerspace inventory.
Hey now. Your DRAGON INVENTORY is more sophisticated than that! Okay, it literally isn't. Maybe you should stop being lazy and actually keep track of what you're carrying? Some kind of... system... for an inventory. You'd also have to explain things like how the book survived the trip from Eezee's underwater base to your bedroom.

Which is obvious: You found a plastic bag in her lab area and put it in that! Geez, what a silly thing to randomly think about and re-explain to yourself. Gosh.

Inventory shenanigans aside, you don't have to turn into a large bird and carry the book. Your AQUATIC FORM was upgraded to have wings! Not fantastic wings, but Mr. Ilan claimed you'd be able to glide with them.

You've practiced gaining height with portals before. It's a little more tricky to do it from the ground, though, and will use up a good chunk of your MP. You've also never tried it with your full-sized body...

Turning into a bird instead is much less MP intensive. But your clothes would be out of teleport range, so if you fly the book out as a bird, you won't have anything to wear after! Maybe you could just stay in bird form until you got back home? It's not like Mr. Ilan would mind...

-AQUATIC FLIGHT. WHAT A WEIRD QUIRK OF THIS ABILITY! Use more MP, but keep your clothes! Also the most convenient form for carrying a large book.
-GO ALL BIRD! Carrying the book might be hawkward (hehe), but you should be able to do it. No clothes, so you'll just spend some MP staying in birb form.
-BIRD IT UP AND THEN JUST BE NAKED AFTERWARD IT'S FINE. Why would you even need things like "modesty" and "support"!? This would use the least MP, but at what cost!?
-BIRD IT UP, POLYMORPH YOURSELF SFW. Well, this would solve the "modesty" and "support" issues, though being genderless is really weird. Maybe just going flat-chested is fine?

Geez. With choices like these, you're really glad this is all happening so early that almost nobody will be awake to see your shenanigans.

If you do turn into a bird, what kind of bird would you turn into?
No. 778178 ID: 696fed

No. 778179 ID: ba506f

but I wouldn't mind bird then nude either.

also try turning into a phoenix or if you want to be lame and say no then try turning into a Golden eagle or some other bird with a large wing span so you can carry more things
No. 778181 ID: 91ee5f

There's only one way to fix this mental image! You must replace your parents with you and Skif in the shower and the problem will be solved!

Get bigger bra because current one is too damn small! Honestly, the point is to have support, not to crush your lungs and be unable to breathe!

AQUATIC FLIGHT! This is a good chance to practice gliding! And the more you practice, the better you get! And when you get better, you can figure out how to do it and use less MP the next time!
No. 778184 ID: 6cd244

BIRD IT UP AND THEN JUST BE NAKED AFTERWARD IT'S FINE! You kind of want to save as much MP as possible. We are on a schedule, you know, and you don't want to run out at a critical time and be late. It'll be fine, they're all naked anyway... There is no ulterior motive here, right? Oh no, spend a moment considering that you might be kinda into that...
No. 778186 ID: a0cb83

No. 778187 ID: 012a6b

I vote we GO ALL BIRD! just because if you keep it up long enough sooner or later you'll run out of MP and revert to naked when you least expect it and it's gonna be real funny seeing you sneak back home without MP or clothes

Secretary bird for bird
No. 778190 ID: 4be0ea

Aqutic flight!
Its a perfect chance to practice your portals, and mp shouldn't be too much of an issue right now anyway.
Plus they have good coffee.
No. 778192 ID: ce3dad

No. 778193 ID: 094652

Your magic prevents your breasts from developing sag and bird form covers you in feathers. Anything that does obsess over your giant tits you can flaunt, taunt, and distract for a cheap shot. Also, internet viral videos haven't been invented yet, so who gives a @#$% about modesty?!
No. 778197 ID: 143250

Go all birb

What kind of bird? how about... does a harpy count? harpy dragon? if harpy doesn't count, then harpy eagle
No. 778208 ID: db0da2

>You don't think you could handle knowing it were true.
The answer is the same whether you know it or not, better to learn it now than later when you might not have the time to spend dealing with it. You are you Ceridwen, whether you're the "real" you won't change that. Your entire life won't be ivalidated by the semantic difference of whether the body you've been directly controlling your whole life generated you "naturally" or had you added by Mr. Ilan.
No. 778210 ID: 398fe1

Would it be more efficient to teleport upwards to gain height instead of using portals?

HEY! THE AQUATIC FORM USES NO MP. This is actually the cheapest option!

No. 778211 ID: 5e9de2

Be a parrot, the traditional companion bird of pirates everywhere.
No. 778212 ID: a363ac

Bird it up then go semi-SFW by removing nipples and vagina later it will be fine. it is good to practice anti-rape tactics anyway.
No. 778257 ID: 143250

Changing my harpy idea to Giant Bird from your comic if possible, lol.
No. 778268 ID: 6cd244

It was said before that it's a very bad idea to polymorph into fictional creatures, I believe, so don't do that.

Go with a bearded vulture, because it's clearly the best kind of birb.
No. 778289 ID: 143250

in that case, harpy eagle.
No. 778297 ID: 91ee5f

There's only one birb that's perfect for the job! Ceri must polymorph into the very rare and hard to find Slinkoboy, AKA Slinkoactualbird!
No. 778304 ID: f0e552

No. 778356 ID: 9145ba

BIRD IT UP, POLYMORPH YOURSELF SFW. Your modifications can be quite minimal, making this the most natural choice of a polymorph.
As for bird species, become a potoo!
No. 778592 ID: 9c6f61

Birb it up and just be naked.

As for born... How bout a Trout Birb?
No. 778702 ID: db0da2

No. 778715 ID: 69e0cb

Yeah, bird it up and just be naked after.
No. 778791 ID: 8d4593

With all this Birbing we'll never reach our portal potential!
No. 779242 ID: 395c02
File 148699381751.png - (122.33KB , 800x600 , 630.png )

You think over your choices. Only one of your new friends even bothers with clothing, and even then just barely. Mr. Ilan is a snake, so he might legitimately not care. And he's also naked.

is there anyone you know who doesn't spend so much time nude?

No reason to waste MP on modesty, then. You'll take the cheapest option and bird just long enough to reach your various destinations. You'll need to use the AQUATIC FORM to reach Eezee's base anyway.

Guess you don't have to bother getting dressed.
No. 779243 ID: 395c02
File 148699383211.png - (189.59KB , 800x600 , 631.png )

...Which means this was a big waste of time.

>try turning into a phoenix 
You might be able to do this once you learn CHARGED POLYMORPH, but currently you can't become an on-fire birb. Phoenix's aren't real, but they're close enough to real that you could possibly... well, you don't want to experiment with that just yet.

>Your magic prevents your breasts from developing sag and bird form covers you in feathers
Your unique nature leads to them being a bit hardier than mammalian breasts, with a little less sag and sensitivity. That's not to say jumping jacks don't hurt, but you've seen how some mammals react and you're pretty sure you come out ahead.

Also birds don't have boobs.

>There's only one way to fix this mental image! You must replace your parents with you and Skif in the shower and the problem will be solved! 
You're trying not to increase your TILDE for now. But maybe you'll make it a reality later, hmm~?

...Oh no! Get out of there, tilde!

>spend a moment considering that you might be kinda into that...
Into what? Everyone being naked? Well, kinda...

Augh! No tilde!!! Gosh!

Unless... are you trying to imply it's time to gain an EXHIBITIONIST trait? You better be careful, or that might actually happen!

>Couldn't you use teleport?
Teleporting zeroes out your momentum in relation to the planet, unfortunately, making it a poor choice for something that requires speed like flying. Good for losing speed or avoiding collisions, though.

>Harpy dragon?
So like, yourself but with wing-arms and bird legs? Technically possible, but you're not sure how well you could fly like that with no practice.

>Be a parrot, the traditional companion bird of pirates everywhere.
You really don't want her showing up again.

>Secretary bird
Those are really neat! But you think you read somewhere that they're not very good at flying, so they might not be a good fit for your current skills.

>Trout Birb
But trouts are a type of fish!

The fuck is a slinko.

>harpy eagle
>Bearded vulture
Both of these would probably get the job done fine. But which to choose...? You consider mulling over these options, but something tells you that you should probably just get on with it.
No. 779244 ID: 395c02
File 148699384166.png - (257.01KB , 800x600 , 632.png )

You begin to transform! You'll become...
No. 779245 ID: 395c02
File 148699385120.png - (187.27KB , 800x600 , 633.png )


Yeah! Bad-ass!

Man, being a bird is always such a weird experience. You breathe differently and you feel so light and smol. Er. Small.

You feel small.

You take the book (protected by the plastic you mentioned earlier and always had) into your talons and prepare to take flight!
No. 779246 ID: 395c02
File 148699386117.png - (95.32KB , 800x600 , 634.png )

One max range portal to get enough height and speed, and you're off!
No. 779247 ID: 395c02
File 148699387266.png - (39.57KB , 800x600 , 635.png )

No. 779248 ID: 395c02
File 148699388219.png - (95.77KB , 800x600 , 636.png )

Two portals! Two portals to get enough speed!

You're good! You got this! maybe the aquatic form was a better idea YOU SAID YOU GOT THIS BRAIN.

You shakily ELIGANTLY make your way to the small lake that houses your new alien friends. Unfortunately, landing proves to be a bit of a problem. You end up having to use TELEPORTATION to reach the ground safely.

You revert to your very naked aquatic form and swim to Eezee's base once more. This form's really getting its money's worth, isn't it?
No. 779249 ID: 395c02
File 148699389598.png - (147.94KB , 800x600 , 637.png )

You make your way to Eezee's lab, and find that she's actually awake. She waves you over.

"Hey what's up-- I mean, what can this incredible mad scientist do for you, o' noble dragon?" she asks.

"Um. I'm hoping you could make a copy of this book."

"Oh, the one you stole?"

"You stole it first!"

"You stole it last, and that's the one that counts."

"That's not how it works!"

Eezee smirks. "If you say so~ Man, you're lucky I got up early to be brilliant. What's the rush, anyway?"

You hastily explain why you need a copy made.

"Okay, okay. Geez," she says. "So what will you give me in exchange for wasting valuable science time copying a dumb book about ''''''''''''''''magic''''''''''''''''?"

That was way too much sarcasm.

What will you say/offer?
No. 779250 ID: 811cfc

Overwhelm her with flirtatious suggestions before she can ask to do weird science experiments on you!
No. 779251 ID: dd4df2


Hey, you got high Mind and Comp. There are surely things an inventor and scientist would appreciate in return - anything that will help her invent and science-ize, obviously!

And her particular beef is clearly that of the magic vs science... so give her some information and a way to study it.

Of note, there's the goop you produced -in extreme pain- while under the influence of her magic-blocking cloaking device. Eezeryh may not be aware of its MP-restoring significance. Tell her - and phrase it in such a way that it does not offend her delicate sensibilities 'It's just a different source of power,right? So if you actually have some, you can run tests and the like, right?'.

And if her inventions are powered in some way that is -related- to your magics (as may or may not be the case), maybe that substance - if a way could be found to transfer it into its physical format LESS PAINFULLY - can be used to power some of her inventions more efficiently than current technology allows?

Now you've told her this interesting tidbit AND you can promise to go dragon under the influence of the shield again to let her get her hands on some of that stuff so she can experiment with it powering her crazy, uh, crazily well-designed inventions.

So, in exchange, you'll take possession of this book (and a copy) and also extract a promise she won't turn any living beings into batteries. That's the dark side of figuring out a way to turn MP into fuel and you won't have it. Solemn mad scientist promise or nuthin'. *folds arms*
No. 779252 ID: ce3dad

Obviously, the thing to offer is lots of free hugs! Oh, and I guess more of that tilde in the future, or whatever.
No. 779253 ID: 0555b9

Your/Siphon's "toy" back.
No. 779255 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, look, Eezee, the word "magic" very obviously means something very different for you than it does here. Now we may not understand the very deep-down foundational functioning of what we call magic, but did your predecessors understand everything they were doing right away? What we call magic is a formalized well-studied subject of research and education that has given us enough information to be able to predict phenomena and to produce certain results from certain actions to a high degree of reliability and complexity, and there are people striving to learn more all the time. It is clearly a real thing and we may not be advanced with it as you are with your science but it is a well-developed field of learning with a long history which you've been dismissing just because it shares a name with a set of things you don't like. Like, if I called it "projected energy manipulation" or "focused reality alteration" or even some made up word like "panurak" or something, I feel like you'd be all over it by now trying to find out all you can? So, one, please stop talking down to me and two, if you help me out I'll give you some help learning how panurak works, because I think if you were willing to take a good look at it you could maybe find out more about it, and I'd like that too!
No. 779266 ID: 8d4593

Eezee's over smugness, while normal, makes me think she was expecting you all along. Just ask her in what way she wants you to be her guinea pig.

>The fuck is a slinko.
Slinko, to you, is a deity. The one true creator, the creator of the creators. He is that which is beyond the meta. Your father could probably tell you more.
Just know that Slinko once called you his sexiest creation. Rejoice!
No. 779271 ID: a363ac

Forgiving you for the killer Robot and NOT slapping you across the head for wasting my time when I am in a hurry.
No. 779278 ID: dd4df2


No time has been wasted yet, though!

Look, Ceridwen, you've got a couple of good ways to deal with this apparent issue. You can acknowledge that Eezeryh has a different outlook and opinion and respect this in conversations with her, even if you feel she is wrong to some extent or another. You may certainly talk about your differences, but when it comes down to it, you acknowledge that Eeezeryh doesn't believe in magic and don't press it unless there's, like, an emergency (i.e. if someone doesn't believe there's a fire, you still try to get them out of a burning building).

You can also, as has been suggested, offer/suggest things that may help her understand the issue better, and thus change her point of view over time. Someone stuck in their ways seldom expect to be met with kindness and understanding by their supposed intellectual opponents, and in trying to deal with that they usually end up broadening their horizons.
No. 779282 ID: 398fe1

Tell her you'll do her a favor, like she can run some experiments or something on you later, you're in a hurry. Yes, they can be sexy experiments.
No. 779314 ID: 987bda

Use a portal to drop it on her back.
"You know 'magic' just means 'insufficiently scienced phenomena', right? It demonstrably works, and with my help YOU can be the one to figure out HOW."
No. 779329 ID: db0da2

Rather than thinking of this as a one-off exchange of services, think of it as the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership wherein we're both willing to do each other favors free of charge, secure in the knowledge that they'll eventually be more than payed back, especially considering the many cooperative endeavors we will work on for our mutual benefit.

Basically, do it because you want to be my friend so that we can do science together, and that's the sort of thing friends do for each other.
No. 779331 ID: 67456a

Supporting this. Just because you got laid this doesn't magically make the killer robot okay, Ceridwen. Just tell her you'll consider that a full apology and then be on your merry way.

No need to put yourself at the mercy of a mad scientist on the off chance you'll get laid again. Even it the chances were good, we're trying to get better about not fucking everything that can string together a sentence.

Unless, yknow, you just wanna go back on everything. I won't judge. Honest.
No. 779335 ID: 8cb228

DON'T acknowledge his definition of magic as the one YOU are using. You do know that's the definition he is using, but agreeing with him would cause you to fall into a debate trap.

Instead, if we are going to go down this path of arguing about the magic thing (and that might not be a good idea...) acknowledge that he's using that definition, which some cultures in your history used, of 'magic' as 'something unknown and unexplained', but you were using the proper nomenclature for your culture for the set of empirically observed, related reality-adjusting phenomena, which follow a set of coherent rules, based on the utilization of a particular energy source. Remember nomenclature? You know, the science of naming things so other scientists know what the hell you are talking about and everyone's on the same page? A scientist does not get to arbitrarily choose definitions of words when they are being scientific!
No. 779340 ID: 91ee5f

Demonstrate your magic by opening a portal, reaching through, and yanking her halfway through it. Then threaten her by saying, "You know.....I've been wondering what'll happen if I close a portal while something's in it. Do you feel like helping me find out or are you going to help and finally acknowledge that magic is real?"
No. 779355 ID: 8cb228

Heck no, don't be an ass! Also, this course of action shows a massive misunderstanding of the roots of your disagreement. BOTH of you believe it's a 'real thing', ie, empirically observable and testable. He just is insulting the name 'magic' due to it's cultural connotations, which your culture has abandoned.
No. 779385 ID: da1652

Magic Demonstrations, As long as that accidental anti-magic field is off, Eezee would get a first-hand chance to observe your crazy bastardization of science.
No. 779393 ID: 143250

Offer your rare magical blue goop. You may lose magic power, but it didn't take all that much to get here anyway. It should be fine. Don't worry.
No. 779394 ID: c50b95

I know your trying to keep your ~ down but..

If Eezee will take potential science as trade then..

Tiddies. Reptile Tiddies.

If she doesn't really know anything about that because alien, tell her of the rather odd occurrence you are in nature.
No. 779433 ID: b7883c

She held on to that book for a reason, right? A reason like, say, investigating the claims it makes, which we have the intention and ability to do but which we need an intact copy of the book for?
No. 779438 ID: 696fed

No. 779443 ID: 6cd244

Actually that tilde bar of yours would probably be of some interest to let her study. It seemed like having that thing pinned at max capacity was affecting the people around you, too. Eezee sure seemed super opposed to all things lewd before she started spending time around you. Maybe she'll start believing magic when she finds out it's been affecting her! ...and maybe if she isn't interested now, she'll take a new interest if you work up that tilde bar...
No. 779445 ID: 804a8c

Two portals, one above the other for a period of time. If she can't see the potential in that, she's not a mad scientist at all!
No. 779560 ID: dd4df2


While Eezeryh might see the potential of portals, I think the point is - and her disdain for magic stems more from - that those portals being just willed into existence by way of 'magic' is something that is contrary to her rational scientific world-view. Her inability to explain magic's presence and more uncommon and extreme uses (other than by 'Uh, science can do that too!' or 'That is clearly impossible!') may be driving her just plain mad - not mad scientist mad! Sure seems that way, at least if we go by the notes she wrote in the margins of the forbidden magic tome.

Right now her method of dealing with this frustration seems to be to just diss magic. It is 'clearly' just some queer kind of technology or evolutionary trait that is either just pure bunkus or far less superior than her vaunted science, in which she is the established paragon. Consider her point of view - most of the primary magic users she has witnessed so far are relative savages technologically and most of the magical effects she has likely witnessed on-planet must be relatively low-key single-school stuff. (And to be fair, she did make frickin' healing goop. We've yet to see any sign of healing magics - so that may be the purview of Life magic, which we know next to nothing about.)

Honestly, it seems likely that Eezeryh's inability to solve the conundrum magic represents has caused her to deliberately or unconsciously start projecting her frustrations into contempt of the very concept itself - it's backward, stupid and it doesn't give her the answers she needs! - and so forth. That, or she just dismissed it from the start - but then why steal a magic book and try to study it? She thought there was something there, until she decided there wasn't, probably after some trial and error.

Anyway, this may not be the best time to probe her in-depth on the issue - should you even want to.

this may also not be the best time to probe her in-depths period
No. 781479 ID: 395c02
File 148761578636.png - (133.84KB , 800x600 , 638.png )

>Slinko, to you, is a deity.
A frightening concept.

"How about forgiveness for your robot nearly killing me yesterday?" you say.


"And, while we may disagree on the terminology, I have powers that I'd be willing to let you study."

"Ah, yes. You're able to change your form, right? I already have Gulketi for that, since he's inexplicably capable of transforming into a ketza. I wouldn't need to ask that of you."
No. 781480 ID: 395c02
File 148761582449.png - (156.78KB , 800x600 , 639.png )

You use a PORTAL to drop the book into Eezee's claws, which are somehow able to catch and hold onto it??

"I can do much more than that," you say.

"I see... You've created a portal through space. Interesting. Our science can obviously create the same thing probably, but seeing a biological creature opening one unaided is fascinating. All right, you've got my interest now."

"Good. You should know that our ma-- powers have laws that govern them. As with anything in the universe, they can be studied, principles derived, and knowledge gained. Also I'm a lizard with tits, so that's probably worth studying."

"I assumed you thought they looked nice. So you're saying you'd let me study you in exchange for copying this book?"

"I'm saying that we both benefit from working together. There's things I'd like a second opinion for, things that..."

You remember earlier.

"...that there have to be better answers for. You refuse to call what we do 'magic', but this is your best shot to find out exactly what it is. We can help each other both here and in finding your prince."

"Yeah, yeah. I know. I was just... teasing you. Lighten up a bit! Come on, let's get that copy made."

"Thanks. So where's the copier?"

"Copier? Oh, my dear child. You really don't know how we do things around here, do you?"
No. 781481 ID: 395c02
File 148761584452.png - (167.81KB , 800x600 , 640.png )

"Okay, so what the hell is that thing doing?" You ask.

"This laser is storing the molecular information of the book."

"Okay. What happens next?"

"Well, the computer will analyze it, then we can create a copy from the stored data."

"Amazing, so the computer can hold a copy of the book?"

"Oh, nothing so mundane~" She says. "Just follow me, and prepare for science."
No. 781482 ID: 395c02
File 148761585920.png - (163.29KB , 800x600 , 641.png )

You have seen things that can never be un-seen.

In your talons is an exact replica of the book. It's brand new, and yet looks and feels as old as the original.

Eezee called it 'SCIENCE!!!', but what she did had to be magic.

You gave her back the stolen-stolen book for now. This replica should be sufficient to show Mr. Ilan.

Despite the detour, you're on pace to get to the tree in time to meet with Mr. Ilan.

Soon enough the CLICHE TREE enters your view, and you begin to descend.
No. 781483 ID: 395c02
File 148761587051.png - (419.66KB , 800x600 , 642.png )

As you approach, your amazing bird eyes can just make out a figure.

Oh, did Skif beat you here...?

-Quietly land nearby. Let's see what he's up to before getting his attention.
-Land a distance away. This way you can decide on the form to take before approaching!
-Land in front of them, stay a bird. We don't have to stick to plan BE NAKED, right...?
-Land in front of them, revert to normal form. You made your choice and you're sticking with it!
No. 781485 ID: 0a2c58

Land a distance away! After all, what if it isn't Skif?
No. 781486 ID: 0d9279

Land on the cliché tree, stay a bird.

If that's an enemy unit you may want to keep your cover.
No. 781487 ID: ce3dad

Land a distance away. That shadow seems to only have 4 wings. If so, that's not Skif.
No. 781488 ID: 6cd244

Yeah, land up at the top of the tree where you hopefully won't be seen. Can you use invisibility at the same time as polymorphing? Definitely stay a bird, because you probably don't want to wind up naked in front of strangers or your teacher. Of course if you run out of MP...
No. 781491 ID: 1226ae

BE ON GUARD. Skiff's parents are insane dragonslayers and they know at least some of your secrets. One of them is probably hiding here to mind-slave-ambush you or trying to meet Mr. Ilan. Assume Skiff's parents work as a duo, with one pretending to be Skiff to lure you in and the other preparing to Dragoon Jump you while you're distracted. Unless you can just, yaknow, open a portal to get a look at the shadowy figure's face. That would be wise.

But yes, I highly suspect that this is Skiff's Family trying to get in some Dragonslaying, since they're crazy jerks and you're the only dragon they're aware of existing.
No. 781493 ID: 91ee5f

Does that mean the copy you have includes all the parts that Eezee scribbled in or is it brand new without the scribbles?

Wait, that's not Skif! Skif has 6 metal wing thingies! Whoever that is only has 4 of them! That could be Skif's mom or dad! Or worse, it could be one of those evil Dragon Tamers Mr. Ilan warned you about!

Let's land a distance away and see what they're up to!
No. 781494 ID: 91ee5f

No, not slaying, enslaving. Or as they call it, "taming". After all, they call themselves "Dragon Tamers".
No. 781498 ID: 143250

land a distance, stay birb. Make sure you are far enough away so that this person does not sense your magic.
No. 781506 ID: 9145ba

Land a distance away and stay bird!
No. 781509 ID: 398fe1

>-Land a distance away.
That doesn't look like Skif. His head is shaped differently. (also I thought we had time to stop at home and re-collect your clothes?) Don't walk up naked to someone you don't know.
No. 781524 ID: 2fe62f

Whoever they are, they aren't getting the book if we don't know them. Drop that shit if it even looks sketchy.

But if it's skip you should totally sneak stack him.
No. 781531 ID: 398fe1

...you know, we should probably use a sight-only portal to get a better visual on who that is.
No. 781545 ID: ba506f

Land a distance away.
No. 781577 ID: dd4df2


Land a distance away.
No. 781589 ID: a363ac

land as a bird and peck him playfully
No. 781597 ID: 8cb228

Land a distance away, as a bird, and see if you can get a good look at them, or just polymorph your eyes for better distance or binocular vision to get a better look?
No. 782119 ID: 395c02
File 148779628469.png - (119.34KB , 800x600 , 643.png )

You teleport discreetly to land a safe distance away. Something about this feels wrong.

>Does that mean the copy you have includes all the parts that Eezee scribbled in or is it brand new without the scribbles?
Her scribbles are unfortunately intact.

> I thought we had time to stop at home and re-collect your clothes?
Making the extra trip would have cost more MP and made you a little late. Maybe you should have done so anyway...

You focus your avian gaze on the figure. Your vision is really good, but your brain struggles to resolve what it sees. You use a VISION-ONLY PORTAL to close the distance, trying your best to avoid being detected.
No. 782120 ID: 395c02
File 148779629636.png - (147.92KB , 800x600 , 644.png )

It's... Skif's father?

But why is he here? Did Skif... did he find out about your plans? If so, what is he hoping to accomplish?

Mr. Ilan insists they fear his powers, so it'd be more than a little stupid for Mr. (sigh) Fonzerelli to try and do anything to you at the exact spot and time that Mr. Ilan is going to show up. Maybe he just wants to talk?

Then again, with Skif rebelling as he is, maybe his father's backed into a corner. His only remaining option might be to enslave you and run off before Mr. Ilan shows.

Or is he hoping to talk to Mr. Ilan before you show up? Maybe you could learn something from eavesdropping.

What will you do?

-Approach, make contact. How will you do so?
-Keep distance and wait. There has to be something you're not seeing.
-Make contact via a COMMUNICATION PORTAL. Whatever his goal is, talking is all he's accomplishing today. What will you say?
-Use a COMMUNICATION PORTAL to discretely summon Mr. Ilan. You know the incantation, after all.
No. 782122 ID: 4854ef

Approach, talk to him, Dragon to Dragon Catcher. You know the incantation to call him if you need it.
No. 782124 ID: 3a02d7

Go ahead and say hello to him as a bird. He's not going to do anything because Slinko is really bad at being subtle and Concerned Dad is obviously Mr. Ilan's contact.
No. 782125 ID: ba506f

>Make contact via a COMMUNICATION PORTAL.
make sure the portal stay above your neck. I don't think you're at the faze in your relationship with Skif to be walking naked in front of his parents. Actually thinking about it that might through him off his game if he does have anything planned. But then again he might be here for other reasons and then this would just be a really awkward moment.
No. 782128 ID: 0555b9

Keep distance and wait. That's not the real Skif's Dad, it's a cardboard cutout he's using to surprise you when he jumps out from behind a bush!

Now, when you do appear, you're going with Plan "Teleport my clothes back on because we're in range again," right? Or at least polymorphing yourself SFW?
No. 782130 ID: db0da2

Use a COMMUNICATION PORTAL to discretely summon Mr. Ilan.
He either knows what this is about and can enlighten us, or doesn't and would benefit from us telling him about it. Don't talk to Mr. Fonzerelli until you have more information, we don't know what he knows or what he wants, which makes the likelihood of us saying something that could put us in danger too high for comfort.
No. 782132 ID: ce3dad

Contact Mr. Ilan.

I get the feeling from his expression that he just wants to talk. With Mr. Ilan there he won't be able to do anything crazy and maybe there is something wrong that he needs help working out.
No. 782137 ID: 206bf8

Maybe he wants to talk to YOU about Skifs acting out.
Skif is his son and he loves him and he just wants what he thinks is best. So maybe he'll blame you and tell you stay away from Skif, or maybe he and his wife have had a change of mind and heart and want to understand or maybe he just wants to talk to you ease him worried mind and assure himself that his son is going to be okay and in good hands.

If we're going to marry Skif then they are going to be your in-laws, if we can find a way to mend bridges instead of burning them then we should at least try. So no time like the present, especially since he's alone and Mr.Ilan is on his way.
No. 782142 ID: 094652

If he's having an affair, you're going to tell him about what his son screwed last night.

Keep away and don't use any magic.
No. 782147 ID: dd4df2

... well, at least you have a fairly good (if strange) reason not to talk to him directly - you're not decent.

Communication portal to talk to him. Keep a watch out for the other parental unit.
No. 782152 ID: 65ec8d

Keep distance and wait.

And keep an eye out all around you, not just watching him. If he did come here to do anything to you, he would have brought Skif's mom as well, so she might be hiding nearby.
No. 782203 ID: 398fe1

>-Use a COMMUNICATION PORTAL to discretely summon Mr. Ilan.
There is no reason not to do this. You're here to meet him, but he isn't here and some jerkass is instead. Time to ask what's going on.
No. 782207 ID: 8cb228

Whatever you do, do it with a communication portal, from a distance. Whether it is talk with Mr. Ilan or talk with Skif's father.
No. 782219 ID: 143250

Wait and see. If he doesn't go away by the appointed time you are to see Ilan, then summon Ilan with communication portal
No. 782220 ID: 3a02d7

Squawk at him through a portal.
No. 782257 ID: 91ee5f

Let's not get close to him. He might have a magical trap to catch you and prevent you from speaking the summoning word for Mr. Ilan!

Let's keep distance, wait, and look around in case Skif's mom is here too! And if he's still here when it's time for Mr. Ilan to show up, then reveal yourself when Mr. Ilan shows up. Or if Mr. Ilan happens to be late.....you could summon him. But make sure you do it before you get near Skif's dad in case of a magical trap that catches you and prevents you from speaking!
No. 782288 ID: 8d4593

He doesnt have the spear. Hes not here to enslave you.
No. 782289 ID: 8d4593

He doesnt have the spear. Hes not here to enslave you.
No. 782297 ID: 865822

Given that you're not enemies, walk/fly over and greet him.
No. 782304 ID: 91ee5f

I think the spear is more of a prop to wave around and the ritual can be done without it.
No. 782305 ID: d3b8aa

Communicate via portal, explain that you're not decent enough to be seen in-person, even if it is strange to have been coming there naked in the first place.
No. 782306 ID: 350a50

Relaxed posture, he didn't come expecting an ambush.

Tiny portal, single claw straight to the jugular. It's the only way to be sure.
No. 782328 ID: c57f6b

Approach him and talk.

Also notice that his mane and fins are pretty handsome, and that Skif will probably get some of his own.
No. 782365 ID: 67d161

Keep distance and wait.
No. 782375 ID: ad1111

Oddly I agree with this idea, besides, you can always claim he struck first (and maybe cause some convincing evidence before anyone sees) :3
No. 782389 ID: cce27a

No violence. Communicate from a distance.
No. 782392 ID: 6bda2b

>-Keep distance and wait.
Caution is always a good choice when forced slavery is on the line.
If he starts to leave, then summon the snek.
No. 782398 ID: 1a1dab

No reason not to wait for a bit.
No. 782401 ID: b15da4

No communication, violence from a distance.
No. 782440 ID: 35830c

Ok, I don't think that Ceridwen should feel this way, but daaaamn, Mr. Fonzerelli is stylin.
No. 782589 ID: f87d91

Just keep distance and communicate. Running late and being a shapeshifter means that the not decent excuse is viable.

Future Mrs. Fonzerelli.
No. 782631 ID: 395c02
File 148796873532.png - (143.37KB , 800x600 , 645.png )

>Tiny portal, single claw straight to the jugular. It's the only way to be sure.
Y-you can't just kill Skif's father! Even if he attacked you, you don't think you could bring yourself to murder him. Think of what it would do to Skif!

You are far too COMPASSIONATE to even consider it, unless it was absolutely necessary. Even if you do become a villainess, you'd be one of the kinda nice ones! Besides, it'd be a lot harder to have a HOARD OF ROMANCE if you ran around killing everyone.

>Oddly I agree with this idea, besides, you can always claim he struck first (and maybe cause some convincing evidence before anyone sees) :3
That is not something you say with a kitty face!
No. 782632 ID: 395c02
File 148796874963.png - (140.68KB , 800x600 , 646.png )

>Also notice that his mane and fins are pretty handsome, and that Skif will probably get some of his own.
Y-yeah, you guess. Skif has fins and a mane too, though.

>Ok, I don't think that Ceridwen should feel this way, but daaaamn, Mr. Fonzerelli is stylin.
His fashion sense is a little outdated, but he does tend to wear nice clothes.

>Future Mrs. Fonzerelli.
You have no intention of marrying Skif's father!! H-He's not a DILF!

Er. Wait. You'd also get that name marrying Skif.

But aren't you a little young to be considering that? Then again, the FRIENDSHIP RITUAL is kind of like that and you're pretty on board with doing that. Marriage has its own implications and legal stuff, though.

Unless... what if Skif proposed to you? Would you say yes? Oh, gosh.

What would you wear? And how awkward would it be when your parents and Skif's parents had to share a room? You're not even sure if your parents know the truth about Skif's parents!

You'd have to save up a lot of money, too! You'd need an actual money hoard to pay for the ceremony! Or, maybe you'd prefer a smaller one?

Okay you're getting way too distracted.

You're equally torn (SOMEHOW) between waiting to see what happens, and opening a portal to talk to... let's call him Mr. F. for now. But your desire to talk to him is stronger than your desire not to, so you'll go ahead and open a line of communication... from a safe distance.
No. 782633 ID: 395c02
File 148796876361.png - (123.91KB , 800x600 , 647.png )


"Hmm? A bird is singing to me through a portal."

"Chirp! Oh wait, we established that I can talk as a bird. Hi."

"...Ceridwen, I presume."


"I assume you are being cautious and keeping your distance. It fills me with sorrow that both you and my own son feel like they cannot trust me."

"We read the books. And I overheard some of your argument with Skif the other day. I'm not sure what your intentions are anymore."

"That is unfortunate. I only ever want what is best for my son. But now it would seem he's turned against me."

"Then are you here to talk to me? To help you get him back on your side?"

"You both have formed an opinion based on incomplete information. I was afraid something like this would happen. We should have burned those books long ago."

"Then Skif would never have known the truth."

"Skif would never have known about our greatest sin. I wanted him to be proud of who he is, proud of what our people stand for. He could never feel that way knowing our ancestors lost themselves; That we are the reason dragons distrust mortals. But the world is not black and white. This is not a story where we are bad and dragons are good. Maybe I was wrong to try and hide information from my son. But since you both know now, it's only fair you get the entire picture."

No. 782634 ID: 395c02
File 148796877653.png - (152.59KB , 800x600 , 648.png )

"Do you know what's happened in the world since those books were written?" Mr. F. asks.

"Your kind continued to enslave what few dragons remained, to gain prestige."

"Yes. But that is only half of the truth. I don't know if you know this, but most mortal people are afraid of dragons now. I'm sure you know enough history to put together the reasons for this."

"Any dragon outside their lands have disobeyed their laws...?"

"Indeed. The dragons who come here are criminals in their own land. They are powerful, cruel, and unable to be stopped by anyone but us."

"By enslaving them."

"...Yes. There are some bad Dragon Riders out there. I will not pretend there aren't. But most of us want to redeem ourselves for the great sin of our past by protecting those who cannot protect themselves. We use our powers to stop these criminal dragons from enslaving or hurting others."

"So you're trying to say you're the good guys? That two wrongs make a right?"

"No. I'm saying that it's not black and white. Few things in life are as simple as in stories. You, for example. You are a dragon outside their lands, but we have watched you grow into a compassionate person."

"While hoping your son enslaves me should something goes wrong."

"We had no idea what would happen. Mister Ilan is powerful, but even he could not stop a dragon. He took a great chance in hoping his plan would work. We had to prepare for the worst, and we felt our son deserved the honor of saving the town should things not go as planned."

"But things are never that simple."

"They are not. I did not expect Mister Ilan's plan to go so well. Nor did I expect my son to fall in love with the very dragon he was meant to heroically save the people from."
No. 782635 ID: 395c02
File 148796878965.png - (52.31KB , 800x600 , 649.png )

He pauses, as if deep in thought.

"Or for that dragon to turn my own son against me."

What will you say?
No. 782636 ID: 38306d

He should be saying this to Skif, not you. Skif should be arriving shortly. Let him and his dad talk alone before you meet with Skif.
No. 782637 ID: b15da4

Don't blame the bird- er, girl- in his life for the friction your vision for his future is causing. It's inevitable that children want to rebel against their parents, especially when their parents were planning something so callous towards his friend - whom he has had playdates with since childhood, I mean really how did you not see this coming?!
No. 782640 ID: 6bda2b

>What will you say?


"Oh no you don't! You don't get the right to blame me for the consequences of your decisions, and you don't get to pretend you can take the high-ground here! You lied to him, hid the truth and manipulated him in the hopes that he would some day ENSLAVE his best friend! How did you THINK he would react?!"
No. 782641 ID: 1226ae

Got to agree with this one. They purposefully mislead him on the nature of the Enslavement Ritual hoping he'd use it on her on purpose and get a mindslave to boost their prestige while preventing Ceridwen from potentially becoming violent.

In essence, this isn't a question of whether Dragon Riders and Dragons are good or bad, this is about whether Mr. F is good or bad... and he has to face facts. He did something COMPLETELY IMMORAL for his own self-aggrandizement so he could vicariously live his son's life. Tell him this to his face. If he can admit he did something wrong, there's hope he'll learn to be a better person.
No. 782642 ID: 65ec8d

"Aren't you a bit quick to declare that he's "turned against" you? He's been angry at you, but did you never get angry at your parents when you were a young man? It hasn't been long since this all came out. Anger doesn't last, and I really don't think he hates you."

"Um. Besides which... I don't want to come off like I'm lecturing you or anything, but was he ever really "with you" if he was being deceived, even by omission? I'll ask him to talk to you about this, and hear what you have to say, like you just told me, because he should know everything there is to know. Buuut I still kind of resent the implication this is all my fault. And that you talk like you think I don't love him."

"... Also, as soon as I confided in Skif that I was a dragon he went right ahead wanting to do the ritual with me, not even knowing what it would really do, because he wanted to "protect" me. Did you know that?? The only reason that didn't happen was because we were cautious, which given that we're teenagers was really lucky! I could have ended up enslaved without having done anything wrong! That's what your... policy regarding the truth nearly did. So, um. That's another bit of resentment there, and why I think Skif's anger is pretty natural."
No. 782644 ID: a90ee5

say :"Skif made that decission by himself and if you insist that he was influenced then he was by your actions as much as he was by mine."
No. 782654 ID: 952ab0

Skiff did that himself. He's the one that turned ME against you. So it seems like I'm not the one you need to convince. I can try to get him to talk to you.
No. 782657 ID: 35830c

This. I think the arguments presented that are just "No, it's your fault, nyeeeh" are too hotheaded.

Let him know that while you and Skif may be angry right now, that doesn't mean the bridge is forever burned.
No. 782659 ID: 35830c

Also, Curse these intense portal angles!...

Is Skif's face plate gonna rough up like that later too because it's an age thing or is the smooth plate a trait he got from his mom..
No. 782661 ID: 91ee5f

>"I assume you are being cautious and keeping your distance. It fills me with sorrow that both you and my own son feel like they cannot trust me."
"Excuse me, but that isn't the reason I'm keeping my distance. If that was the reason, then I wouldn't be talking to you as a bird right now. The reason I'm keeping my distance is because I kinda, sorta...forgot to bring some clothes with me. I didn't want to make things awkward by showing up naked in front of you! And if Skif saw us talking to each other and I was naked, he might've gotten the wrong idea and thought you were trying to do something to me!"
No. 782662 ID: e22b1d

...I forgave Mister Ilan for putting countermeasures in place around me. It's cruel, and personally uncomfortable for me, but it's only responsible to plan contingencies with the kind of power that was being experimented with. I can forgive considering doing something terrible to a child, before the measure of her character was known, against the risk of a rampaging dragon.

I don't think your son is lost to you. He's angry, and he feels betrayed, and he resents being lied to and manipulated. Which, honestly, he's sort of entitled to be upset about? I mean, I played a part in that, but that's about your relationship with each other. You can still work through that.
No. 782664 ID: 0b99d7

Look, I, hell even Skif, doesn't want you to be an enemy. You obviously understand that we saw the half of the story that made you look antagonistic and made some decisions based on that, but we really want this to work out, for everyone, you included.
No. 782665 ID: 96c896

Man I don't even know you, and I was supposed to be meeting Ilan here, not you. Wouldn't you be cautious if a stranger showed up instead of who you were supposed to meet?
No. 782667 ID: 91ee5f

>Intense dramatic viewing angles!
Wow, this tree must be magic if it can give us dramatic angles from a stationary portal!

.....unless Ceri is moving the portal around for some reason. If that's why we're getting these dramatic angles, then I have to say, Ceri, stop doing that! We appreciate you trying to make things more dramatic, but it's rude to move your portal around when someone's trying to talk to you through it!
No. 782672 ID: 35830c

I'm pretty sure it IS magic. Or at least Cliche.
No. 782673 ID: ce3dad

"So what now?"
No. 782675 ID: e22b1d

Not sure calling him a stranger is really fair. I mean, maybe Ceri doesn't really know him very well, but I don't think you can call your best-friend-since-childhood's parents strangers.
No. 782676 ID: 143250

"I don't think He has turned against you, I think he is just angry that he feels like his life was being molded into what you want him to be, and not allowing him make his own choices, just like how I get angry at my own father for not letting me grow as an adult and make my own choices, like not letting me go out on dates with anyone for example."

"How about we invite you and your family over for dinner, and we can discuss this all together, family to family?"
No. 782679 ID: 8cb228

We don't want to be your enemy, and understand the reason for having precautions. But in keeping information from him, you went way, way too far. Keeping stuff from me, the potential threat, fine. But all of these secrets from him? It's him you've wronged.
No. 782681 ID: ad1111



A nice rant always helps relieve unneeded stress, and we can follow up with an apology.

... Alsototallyunrelatedbutitwouldhelpwiththe romance hoard.
No. 782725 ID: 8d4593

The spear instills a sort of... Primal hatred in me toward it and whoever wields it.
So long as it is in your possession I cannot trust you.
No. 782737 ID: fb1c7d

I like this. It's long but I think it gets all the points across. I feel this kinda thing needs a longer conversation anyway, not a short accusatory statement.
No. 782798 ID: f562b1

>"Or for that dragon to turn my own son against me."
He's a bit angrier than I thought he would be, but I don't want you guys this against each other!
You should talk to him, though. Don't force him into anything, but try and explain things. Be more honest with him. He's actually really smart, you know! I may have pushed him into a few questionable decisions but he knows how to avoid bad ones.
...except maybe rebelling a little too hard.
No. 782806 ID: d3b8aa


"It is a little premature to set your sights on enslaving someone before you know what kind of person they are, as I have committed no crimes aside from being born my (real) parents' daughter. I was placed in this land to keep me hidden for crimes my parents committed... Even other dragons would likely kill me for things I know nothing about that happened before I was born."
No. 782850 ID: cf8ee7


With the added note that he should be saying these things to Skif.

With this added information, Skif's father needs to consider how much of this situation is because of the information itself, and how much is because he kept it all secret from Skif? He shouldn't be blaming us; he should be blaming himself. And if he's even a remotely decent parent, he already is, and deflecting some of it onto us makes him feel better about himself.

But yeah, secrets almost led to a disaster. Everyone involved would have been better off with the older, better ritual known, and the information about what the newer, corrupted ritual does known. Nobody was served by keeping that a secret from Skif.
No. 782936 ID: 987bda

"He hasn't turned against you.
He's mad because he thinks you were grooming him to be a slaver, or were going to enslave me yourself if he wan't willing to do so.
He still loves you, he's just feeling manipulated and doesn't know if he can trust you or not. It's tearing him apart, since he's having to choose between his family and doing the right thing, choosing between people he loves.
It would be one thing if his fears were completely unfounded, but you WERE setting him up to kill or enslave me if I turned out to be a monster.

Give him some time. He's not in a place where you talking with him would help, since he thinks you're trying to trick him.
I'll talk to him and help him sort through what he's feeling.

Also, all our worries won't matter so much once we do the original ritual. Then he won't have to worry about you for my sake."
No. 782948 ID: 91ee5f

>Also, all our worries won't matter so much once we do the original ritual.
Assuming Skif's dad even knows the original ritual. It's been so long since anyone ever did the original ritual, it might actually be lost forever!
No. 782954 ID: 987bda

Uhh... You DO know we found it and have been debating when to use it, right?
It's been the main topic for like the past 2 threads.
No. 782960 ID: 72a406


I have seen things. Things that throw the morality book out the window. My powers unleashed visions of something that has manipulated the world since its conception and used dragons as fingers. It also acted as a beacon to foreign entities that have powers uncomprehend by dragonkind.

... Entities I have seduced to my will, to be precise.

There is something greater at work and I can't stop it if you @#$%-faced control freaks won't allow me all the leeway I can get. My birth parents pulled out all the stops to defy the fate of the world, to the point that their own children would vaporize their souls out of pure, unadulterated HATRED without a second thought.

The world is on the verge of a paradigm shift and you plan to control one of the least destructive players for some stupid redemption quest. How many villains will you arrest before you realize you're helping the world's rulers keep themselves in unchecked power?

Don't you dare stop me."
No. 782969 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, but that book was written how recently and the correct ritual is how old? If things weren't correctly written down, the book might not even have the correct ritual in it. Even if we remove the enslaving parts from the current ritual, it might not actually be the correct original ritual and end up doing something else entirely.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Skif's dad has a different book that Skif didn't find with the actual ritual in it. Something that important wouldn't be found by Skif so easily.
No. 782982 ID: e45836

He's right, things aren't black and white and some of the things he's saying make a good deal of sense. We should just get skiff and his parents in the same room and all have a big conversation about this.
No. 782988 ID: 987bda

In which case we should tell him that all he has to do is give Skif the correct ritual.
that would be the same as saying they're ok with him using that and being kinda-married to a dragon.
We can check the ritual they give him over to make sure it's right.
No. 783055 ID: cf8ee7

We found it. But we had to do quite a lot of research to put the pieces together; Skif's father may not even know about it. In fact, it'd be worth confirming if he does.
No. 783056 ID: cf8ee7

That'd be a good cross-check on what we've already found, as well as a sign of trust.
No. 783219 ID: 241e41

I can understand what you're trying to say. As powerful as dragons are, there has to be a way to stop them if they abuse their powers to hurt innocent people. And with a dragon being raised in the middle of a city, it's only right for someone to be there to protect people if something went wrong.

But that's not what you did. You're telling me that you're doing this out of necessity, but you told Skif that you were made to tame dragons. You lied to your son about some of the most important parts of your history, and hid the truth because it wouldn't make him see things the way you wanted. And when he finally found out the truth, you still tried to justify it to him, like it was some sort of sacred bond of friendship instead of slavery. You say that you were doing what you needed to keep people safe, and I can believe that some dragon riders really are, but that's not the kind of person you were acting like.

We didn't tell him what to think about any of this. We didn't tell him to hate you. Whatever he feels about the ritual, or about the other dragon riders, or about you keeping secrets from him, is a conclusion he came to himself, and quite frankly, it's understandable that he'd be upset ove what he could have done to us. We would have learned the truth sooner or later; it's lucky that it was before we did anything we'd regret, or he would have a massive guilt complex on top of everything else he's dealing with.

If you really want him to be proud of your people and what you stand for, then you really need to think about what that is. You "greatest sin" was based on a self-serving lie; you could start by not telling the same lie again.
No. 783426 ID: 987bda

Being confrontational doesn't help. We don't want to give his beef with us any traction, so we need to take a soft hand here.

It's better for Skif if we work things out with his parents, so as much as we want to call him to task on this we need to swallow our indignation and be the bigger reptile here.
No. 783742 ID: db0da2

He's pretty much right about everything except the "us turning Skif against them" thing. This whole mess is ethically dubious, but it makes sense to have a check against the potential disaster we represented, it's just that it also would have been prudent to plan for this (entirely predictable) scenario as well. We really can't be blamed for their poor parenting.
No. 783848 ID: 395c02
File 148839918517.png - (164.83KB , 800x600 , 650.png )

>Intense dramatic viewing angles!
>unless Ceri is moving the portal around for some reason
It's the Cliche tree. You have to keep things dramatic!

"He hasn't turned against you," you say. "Skif feels angry. Betrayed. But that doesn't mean he hates you. And... not to lecture someone older than me, but how can he be 'with you' if he's been deceived, even through omission? Once he found out I was a dragon, Skif tried that ritual, the one you taught him, under the assumption that he was helping me. Had I not hesitated... I could have lost myself that day."

Mr. F is silent. You can never read galeacoma with their faces hidden as they are.

You continue, "I can understand why you did what you did, just as I understand why Mr. Ilan set this whole thing up in the first place. But it's all really uncomfortable for me. I was never given a choice. My fate was decided before I even hatched."

"...To do otherwise would have been to risk many lives. If Skif had a second of doubt, if he hesitated for a moment, you could have murdered him where he stood. Skif learned what you were and did what he thought was right. In most circumstances everything would have gone perfectly."

"Except I didn't turn out to be evil."

He hesitates only a moment, then continues, "And not only has he befriended you, but he's fallen in love. Furthermore, judging from his smile the other night..."

He looks towards the ground.

"Oh, Skif. You were supposed to slay the dragon, not lay the dragon."
No. 783849 ID: 395c02
File 148839919952.png - (127.41KB , 800x600 , 651.png )

You briefly reconsider your stance on murder.

Stay focused. You desperately change the subject. "Even if you had been right, lying to your own son about your history meant he couldn't choose for himself. He deserved to know! Nobody would be happy learning their own parents couldn't trust them with the entire truth, so if he has turned against you, it's not because of anything I did."


"Skif knows now, and he wants to bring honor to his kind. That's the kind of man Skif is. That's the path Skif chose for himself when he finally had a choice. Really, you should be having this conversation with him, not me."

"I... intend to. But I felt the need to speak to you first. To help you understand the choices I and my wife have made."

"You're not making it easy! Did you seriously never consider that we'd be friends or um, fall in love?"

"Mister Ilan did propose that possibility. But at the time the idea of a 'good dragon' was inconceivable, an oxymoron. That Mister Ilan saw good in you despite what you are, despite knowing who your parents were, made us question his wisdom. My wife found it laughable. Either way, I intended to tell Skif everything once he was old enough to understand."

"Meaning to tell him 'eventually' doesn't make it right."
No. 783851 ID: 395c02
File 148839920935.png - (152.69KB , 800x600 , 652.png )

"Hmph. I never thought I would see the day where a dragon would lecture me about right and wrong. Especially one so young..."

What will you do?
No. 783852 ID: b15da4

You will continue to do: Skif. Take that, old man!
Keep up your polymorph as some animal or another until you and Skif leave, then drop it so you can rub your rebellious nudity in his face! Uh, not literally, probably.
No. 783855 ID: 7b7ab3

We live in strange, strange times, Mr. F.
No. 783857 ID: 34cbb3

Listen, I need to have a private conversation with Mr. Ilan, and you need to have a private conversation with Skif. Can we move this along? There are events taking place without us, that we need to react to. Anything that gets this interpersonal drama resolved for everyone, sooner rather than later, would be helpful.
No. 783858 ID: dc4690

Continue to say you have the moral high ground. He had how many years to observe you not killing everyone once you had magic and he didn't feel the obligation to clarify the whole slavery clause? It wouldn't even be hard to explain, just "this is the version we use for protecting against criminal dragons".

By the way, just musing here, but do they know about the huge power signatures that might be dragons? If they are, in fact, horrible murdery criminals, you might be able to get their help if one tries to attack you. So long as you convince them you don't want to kill people.
No. 783859 ID: db0da2

>I never thought I would see the day where a dragon would lecture me about right and wrong. Especially one so young.
Well, we've already established that you have poor foresight, perhaps you should reevaluate your worldview; read a book or something.

I don't hate you Mr. F, I'm not particularly fond of you, but I don't hate you. If you want the same to be true of Skif I suggest you open with an apology when you have this conversation with him.

This talk was just to clarify our positions towards each other, now that that's done I think we should get on with contacting Mr. Ilan.
No. 783864 ID: 398fe1

Ask him where the heck Mr Ilan is. He's late to the meeting, at this point. Also, wait, he knows who your parents are? Why did their behavior matter, exactly? Do dragons inherit part of their parents' personality through pure genetics?

May as well stop using portals to talk to him. Also polymorph into something bigger so you can carry around the book like a normal person. But something that wouldn't look weird naked, like... a giant bird that inexplicably has hands. Hey, you could polymorph into whatever Chei is, that would work.
No. 783866 ID: 0b99d7

Quick, while the moment is ripe! do a dramatic gesture by walking through the portal, resuming your normal form and hugging him.
Near the Cliche tree this is guaranteed 1000% to work out well.
No. 783876 ID: 91ee5f

>What will you do?
"Well, I'd like to think that I'm not evil because my adoptive parents did a good job in raising me to be good. Even after I first transformed into a dragon in front of them, they still loved me and didn't treat me like some sort of bomb that could explode and kill them at any second. Which is why I'm glad Mr. Ilan found them. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for all of them."

>Ask him where the heck Mr Ilan is. He's late to the meeting, at this point.
That's an easy fix! All we have to o is say the magic summoning word! "So."

That is a terrible idea! Imagine how horrified Skif will be when he shows up and sees his naked girlfriend hugging his dad! He'll end up getting really pissed think his dad's trying to force his way onto her or he'll get really sad thinking his girlfriend is cheating on him with his dad!
No. 783877 ID: b15da4

This is a terrific idea.
No. 783878 ID: 6bda2b

You keep saying dragon as if that makes me inherently evil... Last I checked, I'm not the one who tried to trick my son into brutally mind-raping and enslaving his best friend."

"And as for my age?"
Break the fourth wall, point to your mind stat.
"Young, but clever"
No. 783884 ID: 3abd97

>I never thought I would see the day where a dragon would lecture me about right and wrong. Especially one so young...
Hey, kids tend to have lots of ideas about right and wrong. Especially about what their parents have got wrong. This is exactly the kind of fight you should be prepared for, as a parent!

I'll take the ageism over the racism, though.
No. 783885 ID: 8d4593

I can get why you say that. I've know my nature. That deep desire to take, hoard, and dominate. But... I live among people. Real living breathing people like me. I'm not some monster. The very idea of harming others is totally alien to me.
No. 783890 ID: 9c2915

Refuse to speak to him until he apologizes for his insensitive dad jokes. Don't ask him to apologize, either. He's supposed to be the mature adult, not you.
No. 783903 ID: e1be6f

I he aware that if you and Skif get married you will be his daughter-in-law.
Point this out to break his brain.
No. 783915 ID: 143250

Suggest dinner together with your family and his. We can show him that way that you are not all that different from other people just because you are a dragon.
No. 783916 ID: 094652

"Level with me. How bad were my parents? Because I can totally accept them if they were serial killers, serial rapists, or serial comedians with an emphasis in hilariously destructive collateral damage. Did they become like super-tyrants and star a genocidal war, or were they the leaders of an eldritch cult that was planning to summon a horde of incomprehensible monsters that would make demons look like ponies? Or... did they eat souls?"
No. 783939 ID: 987bda

"My parents are extremely good people, and awesome parents. I hold my... Genetic donors in contempt.

You yourself said that the sins of your ancestors are the reason why only evil dragons come here, but dragons are rare enough here that people think they're just myths.
Did you not consider that would mean evil dragons are extremely rare?

You wanted to make sure I was safe. For others. I want you to know I don't just understand that, but I really appreciate it.

But the way you went about it was awful. As a father, which would you rather do to Skif if it had come to pass? Have him hating you for killing his friend, or have him hating himself for it?
You took what should have been your responsibility, your sin to bear, and foisted it off onto your son. It never should have been him.

When you talk to Skif, give him the ORIGINAL ritual. It'll show you trust him, and that you approve.
I mean, I'm mad at you now, but I'd like to get things smoothed over so we can invite you to the wedding."
No. 783940 ID: 987bda

Don't call the dragons her parents. Her parents are the ones who raised her.
No. 783947 ID: 398fe1

biological parents then.
No. 784066 ID: 8cb228

Alright. Is there some weird memory transfer or personality imprint thing among dragons? Cause this whole 'sins of the biological parents' thing is getting a little bit implausible!
No. 784095 ID: f562b1

>I never thought I would see the day where a dragon would lecture me about right and wrong. Especially one so young...
"Well it helps that I'm trying to avoid talking about other things."
"Don't ask, please."
No. 784327 ID: cf8ee7

This, verbatim. All of it.
No. 784330 ID: e97f18

This seems appropriate, and it suggests specific things he should do, including sharing the original ritual. It gives him credit for the things we can understand, and focuses both Ceri's and Skif's concern on the most important problem; misleading and lying to Skif. And it ends by tweaking him a bit, with the mention of a wedding in the future.

Go with this.
No. 784374 ID: 91ee5f

>When you talk to Skif, give him the ORIGINAL ritual. It'll show you trust him, and that you approve.
Problem with this plan: Skif doesn't trust his dad. So if Mr. F does try to give Skif the original ritual, Skif is going to think his dad's giving him an enslaving ritual and is just claiming it's the original ritual in order to trick Skif into enslaving Ceri.
No. 784380 ID: 398fe1

The thing is we're asking him to show Skif the original ritual when we already have something we think is the original ritual. It's a fact check, or a trap. Whichever way you want to look at it.
No. 784398 ID: 91ee5f

We also have to consider that Mr. F might accidentally give an enslaving ritual that he believes is the original ritual. Which will just prove that not even he knows what the original ritual is supposed to be.
No. 784514 ID: 395c02
File 148856154124.png - (98.56KB , 800x600 , 653.png )

"We live in strange times, Mr. F."


"Mr. Ilan had faith because he knew the people who would raise me. He knew the dragons who created me are not my parents. Sheriim and Myra, the ones who loved and raised me for 18 years, they are my parents. No matter what I did, what... form I took, they always loved me. I'm the person I am now because of them, and because of all the wonderful people I got to know over the years."

Mr. F's stance relaxes slightly.

You continue, "Besides, if the dragons who exist outside of the border are evil, and dragons in mortal lands is a rare sight, that means most dragons are good, right?"

"It means most dragons follow their laws. Ah, but I see what you're trying to say."

Is he relenting, just a bit?

"I know your heart was sort of in the right place," you say. "You wanted to keep people safe. I appreciate that, really I do. But if I had lost control of myself, or if I did turn out to be evil, Skif would've had to kill his friend and companion. Would you really be okay forcing him to deal with that, rather than doing it yourself?"

"My son deserved to be the hero, not me."

"I don't think he would have seen it that way. He would have resented you for making him kill his best friend ever."

"...Perhaps I did err a bit in my decisions," he says softly.

Well, you got him to half-admit he might have been wrong. That's actually pretty good for him.
No. 784515 ID: 395c02
File 148856155584.png - (138.52KB , 800x600 , 654.png )

"So how would you suggest I make amends?" he asks, returning to his usual tone.

"Well, you could teach Skif the original friendship ritual, the one dragons and mortals shared before your people committed their great sin. Give him the choice he deserves, and trust that he'll always make the right decision. It'd be a good first step in making things right."

"I'm surprised you want anywhere near any rituals."

"In case it wasn't obvious, I kind of love your son. We may be the first dragon and dragon rider in ages to really care about each other. Using the original ritual would also be the first step in undoing eons of pain and mistrust between our two people."

"I see. I... I will discuss this with my son, and my wife."

"Thank you. And, while I'm not happy with what you've done, I don't hate you or anything. Why don't you guys meet with me and my parents for dinner sometime? Maybe we could start over."

He gives the very slightest hint of a smile. "I will discuss this with them, too."

You consider reverting to normal form and hugging him... but this is a COMMUNICATION PORTAL, and he's out of range of your REGULAR PORTALS. Your 1000% perfect idea with no consequences cannot come to pass.

He lifts himself from the cliche-tree he was leaning against. "Well, I won't keep you any longer. I'm sure you have much to discuss with Mister Ilan."

He begins to walk off, pausing for just a moment to look back at you(r portal).
No. 784516 ID: 395c02
File 148856157131.png - (83.69KB , 800x600 , 655.png )

"My son might not get the glory and honor he deserves, but perhaps he found something far more valuable. Good day, Ceridwen."


You close the portal and glide down to the CLICHE TREE. You prepare to say the magical incantation that will summon him, when a voice catches you off-guard.

"I'm proud of you, child."
No. 784517 ID: 395c02
File 148856158408.png - (115.24KB , 800x600 , 656.png )

"Mr. Ilan?? I thought you were late!"

"I'm never late. But I didn't want to interrupt the first time in history that he admitted he was wrong about something."

"You... you wanted to bask in the glory of being right?"

"Basking is what snakes do. Besides, it's the small things in life that you truly appreciate, child. Or, maybe I shouldn't call you that anymore? You've really grown so fast."

Maybe you should offer that he call you Ceri? Or you can let him call you child if he wants.

Mr. Ilan looks off in the direction Mr. F was headed. "...Try not to think too ill of him. I'm sure he assumed, and rightly so, that I had the power to undo any rituals Skif did on accident. He might have rethought his plans otherwise."

You do remember him mentioning this last time.

He looks back at you. "Nice choice of bird, by the way. The bearded vulture, not one people think of often. But I must ask, why are you a bearded vulture with no 'beard'?"

"Because I'm a girl vulture, duh!"

Mr. Ilan makes several incomprehensible snake noises. "That's... not... how... that works..."

Hehe. Though it does remind you, you need to decide what to do with yourself.

-Revert to normal form. Speaking of growing...!
-Switch to dragon form. You want to some basking of your own. And you feel kinda good about being a dragon for once!
-Stay in bird form. Maybe it'll convince Mr. Ilan to come down to your level. You know, be an actual snake.

You also wonder what you should discuss with Mr. Ilan while waiting for Skif to show up.
No. 784519 ID: a363ac

Be a small snake to bask better (not just cause noodles are easier to draw what do you mean) and make fun of Mr.Ilan for being old by offering to let him call you child because you are compared to him. then you could just lay around basking while waiting for Skif.
No. 784521 ID: 094652

I wonder what happens when you enhance knockers in front of Mr. Ilan.


AND ENHANCE KNOCKERS MEANS EXPAND YOUR BREASTS, STUPID. No flashy lights, just slowly change into a dragon while massaging and emphasizing your chest. Make your boobs larger than normal.

Give him your copy of the book. If he suddenly yells, just say that the 'sorceress' who stole the original is a close-minded egomaniac who uses... 'thick annotations'.
No. 784522 ID: 6cd244

Why are you even thinking of reverting to normal and being naked in front of all these people? You really are into all this exhibitionism stuff, aren't you!

Switch to dragon form because you should really feel proud of yourself right about now.
No. 784523 ID: 398fe1

>Switch to dragon form.
Talk about the book and the dream you had last night. Also the possibility that Prince Chei has been kidnapped by a dragon.
No. 784524 ID: 143250

"when you said don't do anything crazy when you were gone, what exactly did you mean? because my seal cracked a little in two different instances, one of which was during a recurring dream I have. any idea what causes it so I can avoid it cracking again?"
No. 784525 ID: 143250

also, stay bird. Ilan seems to like it.
No. 784528 ID: 398fe1

Also yeah he should call you Ceri.
No. 784540 ID: 65ec8d

Him calling you Ceri would be kind of weird, it's kind of a nickname, and he seems a more formal type of guy. Your full name is Ceridwen, remember? Tell him he can call you by name if he likes, and leave it up to him which version to call you.

Anyway, revert to normal form, birds are nice and dragons are awesome but you can communicate better in your bipedal form. Hand gestures and so on. Besides, you're showing him the copy of that book you found, that was the plan, right? Hard to show someone a book without hands.
No. 784544 ID: dc4690

Tell him he can call you Ceri if he wants, but also that he can call you whatever he wants. Y'know, within reason, obviously. Stay a bird.
No. 784546 ID: b15da4

>be an actual snake.
You think he's going to do that in front of a species that eats snakes? Nah, copy him and become a snek for basking! Huh?! Where did these snaketits come from? Oh nooo, how embarrassing and anatomically incorrect!

Don't release your shifted form(s) until Skif arrives.
No. 784547 ID: 8f0bf5

XCom 2 has great snakes. Turn into one of those.
No. 784552 ID: 91ee5f

Offer that he call you Ceri.

>Change form?
I don't think we should turn into a dragon here. This tree is in a public place, in the middle of town, and on a hill, which makes it easy for anyone to be able to see her! We could get away with doing that at the lake because it's a secluded spot that's outside of town and has a bunch of trees surrounding it to block anyone's view.

And we already got naked in front of Mr. Ilan once, I don't think we should do it a second time!

I say we should stay in bird form!
No. 784553 ID: 91ee5f

Also, we should discuss about the book we found with Mr. Ilan while we wait for Skif.
No. 784556 ID: b412df

Stay birb, Discuss book.
No. 784561 ID: ba506f

>let him call you child if he wants.

>Stay in bird form
it seems to be throwing him off a little and that amuses me.

But yeah maybe star by showing him the book and see if we can't convince him to help us at least learn the size changing ability.
No. 784566 ID: 8cb228

Revert to normal form, he doesn't see your body sexually (except for the tail), and he can call you whichever name he prefers.
No. 784585 ID: db0da2

let him call you child if he wants. Our age relative to him hasn't changed much, he is very old. Besides, the moniker is kind of nostalgic, don't you think?

Stay in bird form. But subtly change it over time to mess with him, maybe add a beard or something.

Ask him about the book. Maybe mention plans for altruistic world domination.
No. 784646 ID: ce3dad

Dragon form, obviously.
No. 784669 ID: 27e367

Stay a bird.
No. 784677 ID: 6bda2b

Hmmmm.... your right.... Take snek form! Then seduce Snek Sensi!
No. 784700 ID: 987bda

Eww, no. He's older than her parents. Combined. With Skif's parents.
He's not just 'old', he's legit ancient.
No. 784746 ID: d0d34a

Take form of Snek. Swoon over his MASSIVE spurs.

Make him a little flustered. Make him feel sexy.

Wait.. Get out of here ~!!
No. 784774 ID: 0b99d7

-Revert to normal form, but sit and talk.
No. 784775 ID: dd4df2


Ceri, be Ceri.
No. 784822 ID: 696fed

offer that he calls you by your actual name and turn back to normal
No. 784826 ID: 65ec8d

Other possible topics of conversation, add them in if you have time for them:

- That freaky dream, how the most recent version of it turned out, and what could it mean?

- Your worry about self-identity and how much of you is you, whether if, if what was done to you broke apart and left only the original dragon stuff, would that destroy who you are now, would you be a different person, et cetera. Maybe ask if there are any resemblances between you and your dragon parents, personality-wise?

- Payback. Mr. Ilan has done a lot for you, and though he's paying a debt that's in the past and over time it could become something to resent. Or even if he doesn't, if he stays just being super nice and generous, that's all the more reason you should find some way to pay him back! So both on a practical level and a sentimental one, you should provide something for him. Ask him if there's anything he'd like taken care of while he's away, any errands or anything. Another way to make yourself valuable might be:

-- Business. Mr Ilan is a somewhat shady guy! Or at least he has been in the past. He might have... contacts. Ask him if he knows people, maybe some magical researchers or something, who would like to have a little supply of dragon blood now and then. Maybe someone who would only accept, and/or pay more for, "ethically sourced" dragon blood? You've got the supply, Mr. Ilan has the contacts, you can split the money. And better that demand get filled by your voluntary donation than by some less willing dragon elsewhere in the world, right?
No. 785134 ID: 395c02
File 148873248525.png - (156.53KB , 800x600 , 657.png )

With such a polite attitude, how could you possibly refuse!

You expand your breasts, making them even larger! My, you are quite voluptuous now!

And still a bird. Oh well!

"Why are you puffing out your chest like that, chi-- um... you?" Mr Ilan asks.

"Oh, er... no reason. Also, since we already know each other, and will probably get to know each other very well over the course of this dragon stuff, why not call me by whichever version of my name you prefer?"

"Yes, of course."

You decide to remain in birb form for now. As much as you want to embrace your dragon-ness, you're not exactly in a secluded spot! The odds of someone coming here this early are low, but not zero. And while most will assume you are having fun with POLYMORPHISM, there may be others who would panic or otherwise disagree with your choice of form.

Oh, you can't wait for the time to come when you redeem dragons and can walk around freely in your true form! And also for the time when your dragon magic isn't really freaking scary...
No. 785135 ID: 395c02
File 148873249862.png - (174.14KB , 800x600 , 658.png )

You tap a talon on the book. "Oh, while we wait for Skif, I er, found this book."

"Why is it in a plastic bag?"

"I, um, I didn't want it to get wet."


You're not sure if you want Mr. Ilan to know about your friends or not. You consider whether or not you should tell him.
No. 785136 ID: 395c02
File 148873251279.png - (106.65KB , 800x600 , 659.png )

Mr. Ilan removes the book from its container and skims through it. "Forbidden spells? What motive could you possibly have for reading something like this?"

"Well, um..."

"Oh? This one is ear-marked. Hmm... A giant growth spell? It looks old, unrefined. I could easily cut its magical cost by half."


"But you can already grow to 30 feet, can't you? Why would you want to grow even larger? Also, you haven't really answered my question. Why would someone as selfless as you want to dabble in arts usually studied by those with ill intentions?"

What do you say?
No. 785140 ID: 3abd97

...hey come on, it's not like I have to be evil to be curious about all kinds of weird and interesting magic!
No. 785141 ID: 8d4593

Because people with ill intentions are out there.
Other dragons are out there.
Dragons that would want nothing more than to see me dead.

I want to believe that I can get through life on words alone. I want to believe that any problem no matter haw large can be solved if I just apply enough hugs...

But deep down I know that's not the case.
When danger finds me, I want to be ready.
No. 785143 ID: bd9dcf

It's a few things, actually. One, I am a knowledge seeker, it's who I am, and that will never change. Two, there is a significant amount of overlap between my portal-use and teleportation, and this book has a ritual to swap out teleportation aptitude with something that helps me be more rounded. Three, my unique situation makes it so that I have a vested interest in learning about life magic, if only to give myself more time so as to prevent those around me from being harmed, and to better understand what was done to me and my heritage, and the ways things can go wrong and seem to be currently actively in the process of going wrong. Four, I find censorship of already accumulated pure knowledge morally abhorrent. Sure, regulate it's practice -- but censorship of knowledge for it's own sake? Ugh.
No. 785144 ID: 094652

"For science, duh. Every new power I learn is an experiment I can repurpose to new ends. We could have a space program by next year!"
No. 785147 ID: 398fe1

Hey, magic is just a tool. It's how you use it that counts. Some of this stuff is pretty unsavory, but a lot of it seems harmless AND useful. Is there a reason not to mix magic schools together? Is it... against dragon law?

As for why you want to be HUGE, well, being huge is cool and also good for self-defense.

Tell him about your new friends. There isn't any other way you can get his help rescuing Chei.
No. 785149 ID: db0da2

The spirit of scientific inquiry and progress? Just because it can be used for evil doesn't mean it has to. Metallurgy can make swords, but it can also make all sorts of other useful things, and if someone is attacking you with a sword, you don't want to be stuck defending yourself with a stick.

I don't see any reason to tell him about our new friends, but I also don't see any reason to be all that dedicated to hiding them. Don't mention them for now, we don't need our purpose here getting derailed by him getting curious about them.
No. 785150 ID: 65ec8d

Tell him you don't know if you really want to use these things, but you found the book and then you were curious, since you were... you know, kinda made by forbidden magic. You wanted to know why these spells are forbidden, is there something about them that you don't know? Some of them are obviously difficult to use for anything but bad purposes, but the rest are just a bit dangerous, not really that much more than normal magic. And they need mixed types, but that's just a question of ability. So why such a big fuss? You guess that with being exiled before you were born and the thing with Skif's parents, you've gotten into a habit of wanting to examine rules and traditions to see whether they're really good ones.

Besides, while some of these spells are pretty universally horrible, others aren't. They could be used to help people! And what about that rapid escape spell?

You really want to convince him, so also, tell him that you recently met someone who was bigger than 30 feet. What if, like, someone like that collapsed and needed to be moved, or if they were causing trouble and needed to be restrained? From there you'll probably need to tell him about your new friends. This would also be necessary to getting his advice and maybe his help regarding the signals on the map you saw and how to retrieve the Prince. You want as much help with that as you can get! Mr. Ilan doesn't seem to be a guy who likes publicity, so he's not going to go blabbing about aliens to everyone.

Also ask him if that growth spell could be used as the basis for a shrink spell. That'd be pretty handy while also being pretty harmless (and would present... fun possibilities).
No. 785156 ID: 91ee5f

>Tell about friends or not?
Tell him. Who knows? He might be able to get Eezee to admit that magic is real!

>Why would someone as selfless as you want to dabble in arts usually studied by those with ill intentions?
These: >>785141 >>785147 .

Being prepared for eventual danger and, like he said, Ceri is very selfless, so maybe if she knows one of these spells, she'll be able to help someone when her normal spells aren't enough to get the job done.

>A giant growth spell? It looks old, unrefined. I could easily cut its magical cost by half.
"Uh, could you show me how? Please?"

Hopefully if he shows you and you try out the spell, this: >>774028 , doesn't happen to your tits!
No. 785184 ID: 987bda

"Found it in a mad scientist's lab on an alien spaceship.
I looked through it. A lot of it looks... evil, but some of it looks like it could be useful. Like the quick escape and elemental polymorph.
Also, it'd be nice if I could make Skif my size for... Things.
You're the expert on magic, so I wanted your advice. I get why some spells are forbidden, but others I don't see any obvious reason.

Oh, and I agreed to help some aliens save their kidnapped prince. I kiiinda might need to expand my skillset if I'm going to be a hero.
Unless you have better spells for escaping or intimidating my way out of fights?"
No. 785192 ID: b7883c

Why would I preemptively write off forbidden magic when I'm a forbidden species kept safe by more forbidden magic? I wouldn't be here if there wasn't a difference between things that can be used for evil and actual evil.
No. 785216 ID: 9145ba

>Why would you want to grow even larger?
Because size matters! It matters a lot.

>Why would someone as selfless as you want to dabble in arts usually studied by those with ill intentions?
Because I've got something to prove: that magic is only as good or bad as the person/dragon using it! ...My life kinda depends on it.
No. 785218 ID: 9145ba

Oh, don't tell him about your friends. It just doesn't seem relevant in any way right now.
No. 785235 ID: 67456a

Yeah, no need to bring them up. "Well, see, I met these aliens, got molested by one, then went into their underground base and nearly got murdered by a killer robot. Then we all had an orgy for no actual reason even though I barely knew anything about them."

Yeah, no, that sounds pretty terrible.
No. 785254 ID: a363ac

Because why not learn about all the magics?
There is no reason to tell him or to not tell him. If he asks sure tell him but if he doesn't go out of his way to ask don't.
No. 785265 ID: 32ee1e

Um, because forbidden doesn't mean evil? And it makes sense for a powerful magic user to be interested in spells that no one has used or even attempted in centuries.
No. 785275 ID: ba506f

>But you can already grow to 30 feet, can't you? Why would you want to grow even larger?
Well the appropriate answer would be to say I wish to learn it because after finding out that if anyone ever finds out I'm a dragon some people might react poorly to such a discovery and I would like an ace in the hole or at least something to intimidate them with to leave you alone.

Embarrassing answer would be... well, uh, you ever watch any of those old Kaiju movies? You know the ones with the giant monsters fighting each other? When I was younger I always like pretending to be one so it kinda appeals to my inner child and... HEY STOP LAUGHING! It's not funny! Besides some of the spells in their seemed to be "banished" because the author felt they were useless like this cold flame spell I saw, or that the spell was dangerous to the user if they didn't know what they were doing like the growth spell we're talking about.

>Tell him about the aliens
Not really seeing to much of a reason to do that right now? I mean for the most part, yeah they're weird but they just really seem to be trying to grab their buddy. Not really seeing how this effects the old snake. So no [b]don't tell him[/] At least for now.
No. 785299 ID: 987bda

He has made it his life's work to keep us safe.
We're planning on doing something stupid and dangerous that could throw all that away, so he deserves to know.

Also, he totally has contacts in the Dragon lands who might be able to help.
No. 785404 ID: 108251

I agree. He has made you his life's work. Mr Ilan would probably like to know of any schemes we have planned. I mean, talk. This is the last time you'll see each other for awhile. Recap.
I also am all for Mr Ilan maybe talking about things that have happened.

As for the Ancient Tome of Kickass Kickassery(sic);

I agree with adapting the elder spells for more modern applications.
And Kaiju Love. Surely a smaller creature such as he can relate to Kaiju Loving.

Aside from that, either revert to dragon form or take form of mighty snek; for basking, of course.
No. 785407 ID: dd5b4d

Because you want to try these discipline blending spells and that's by far the safest one as you're already good with polymorphism and transdimensional magic.

Also you never know when you're going to need a 31+ foot Ceridwen.
No. 785509 ID: ce3dad

Tell him about your new friends. I don't really see a reason to keep that secret at the moment. It's not like Mr. Ilan is part of some secret government agency that would be upset about the presence of aliens.

Honestly, being big is just fun. Fun for a whole slew of reasons, whether he needs to hear the particulars of every situation or not. Also the self-defense thing, but that takes a backseat to the fun, right?

Also, maybe remark on how nonchalant he is being about your possession of this book. We went through a lot of effort and stress thinking that even mentioning it to him would result in him magically releasing it into the void somehow or something to that effect. I am honestly surprised how simply this went and I would question this perceived change of position on his part. If this is how he treats these events there is clearly something wrong with our interpretation of his motives.
No. 785530 ID: 395c02
File 148884814992.png - (164.80KB , 800x600 , 660.png )

You're on the fence about telling Mr. Ilan about your friends. You won't lie to him, but you will wait for an opportune moment to bring them up.

"Everyone would expect me to be limited to 30 feet," you say. "I'd like to have an ace up my sleeve in case I'm ever in danger."

"Is that so?"

"B-besides, being huge is really really cool and fun and amazing."

"There it is. You always did have a fascination with being a giant monster for some reason. Even most dragons aren't into that, you realize."

"That makes me unique! And it's not like I want to use these spells for evil or anything! We both know that other dragons want me dead. You said yourself you won't be around forever, so I need to have as many tricks as possible to ensure my survival and well-being. Being well-rounded could end up being my biggest strength, letting me handle anything that comes my way. If the time comes when diplomacy and hugs won't solve the problem, I want to be ready. Besides, some of the things in this book don't even seem that bad."

"Some of these barely even count as 'forbidden' by today's standards, yes."

"Either way, they could end up saving my life, especially things like the HASTY ESCAPE spell. But more importantly, I could use them to help other people! I don't want to sit around twiddling my thumbs until I lose control or die, I want to make the world a better place and redeem dragons for everyone. To do that, I need knowledge. I want to learn why things are or aren't taboo, and everything about the nature of magic and the ways it can be used for good or for bad. Magic itself is just a tool. What really matters is the intent behind those spells."

"Okay, okay. Enough with the speeches."

"What? But I was on a roll! I have like 5 more posts of things I can say!"

"It's okay, really. I've seen your stat screen. I know you're a compassionate person. I just needed a reminder that my dream didn't mean anything."

"You had a dream?" you ask.

"Yes, and it was terrible. I saw you succumb to greed... to lust. I would have woken up in a cold sweat if I had sweat glands. I just needed to be reminded that you'd never do anything crazy like try and take over the world, or randomly have sex with a bunch of people you barely know."
No. 785531 ID: 395c02
File 148884816819.gif - (48.92KB , 800x600 , 661.gif )

"Hahaha! That's silly to even think about! Of course I wouldn't! Do those things! Especially that second one! Pshaw! Haha!"




"Anyway," Mr. Ilan says, "it's not like I don't trust you with forbidden magic. I'm going to get someone to teach you life-magic for goodness snakes."

okay calm down he doesn't know and wait a minute did he just

"What'd you just say?" you ask.

"nothing moving on AS FOR THIS BOOK, I don't really have time to teach you about its contents before I leave. Maybe you could spend some time practicing the GIANT GROWTH spell while I'm gone? I'd like to see how much you can figure out on your own. It'd also make it easier to teach you the streamlined version if you know the basics."

"I'll try to find time! Actually, speaking of dreams..."

"Hmm? Did you have..." He looks past you. "Ah, maybe you should hold that thought."
No. 785532 ID: 395c02
File 148884818481.png - (185.27KB , 800x600 , 662.png )

Skif has arrived!

He brought his spear and Dragon Rider armor... just what is he planning?

Oh, that's right. You both were going to consider doing the DRAGON FRIENDSHIP RITUAL with Mr. Ilan's help today. In light of what happened with Skif's dad, should you postpone it?

He looks like he's about to say something DRAMATIC.

-Stay silent, let Skif talk. He might have something he wants to say to Mr. Ilan. something DRAMATIC!
-Say hi in bird form! Being friendly trumps being dramatic!
-Engage normal form, nude-hug Skif! WE'VE HAD ENOUGH DRAMA AND NOT ENOUGH SHENANIGANS.
-DRAGON POUNCE SKIF. Dragon form hugs are the best hugs. Maybe try not to crush him though.
No. 785535 ID: 3abd97

Let Skiff do his drama.

Then engage normal form, nude-hug Skif.

>I just needed to be reminded that you'd never do anything crazy like try and take over the world, or randomly have sex with a bunch of people you barely know."
Um. ...so casual sex is evil and/or will get me killed? Isn't that kind of... a puritanical and restrictive mindset?
No. 785539 ID: 804a8c

I think it's more along the lines of 'both those things happened in the dream, so if one comes true that's an indicator that the other has a certain possibility of the same'.

There is no choice here. This is the Cliche Tree. THE DRAMA IS REQUIRED.
No. 785540 ID: ce3dad

Dang, this is really awkward now since doing the ritual now means Skif's dad won't be able to teach him it. On the other hand, Skif's dad can still try to teach him the real ritual and doesn't need to know that it was already done since the intent is still there.

Either way, I would let Skif be all dramatic. When he's done we can dragon pounce him for fun and hugs.
No. 785541 ID: 65ec8d

If anything, that Dragon Rider armor should be specifically designed to protect the wearer from being squished by a dragon. Dragon Pounce!

His mental image of how this was going to turn out probably involves you being in dragon form, anyway. Skif has a bit of a love of drama in him, and now he'll the first of his kind in generations to perform the original, true dragon bond ritual! That's like, a legendary event, you know? If you do succeed in bringing dragon friendship back to the world, you and him and the moment of the binding will be spoken of for centuries to come! And I think there's a part of Skif that'd really love that, and want to get it all set up right and proper so that when it's portrayed in storybooks and stained glass windows and murals and so on it'll be accurate.

Not that I think you should get to it right away, you should postpone it. Now that you've talked to his dad, they should have a father-son talk! Sort things out! Wouldn't it be much better with his parents' blessing? So, dragon form, but pounce.

Or maybe just turn into dragon form and wait for him to speak? You did plan to consider the ritual today, not 100% for sure do it. Skif should have remembered that, right?

Also, given what Skif's dad said about his son's honor and glory, I'm thinking the idea of doing something so he's quote "proven his worth" unquote, instead of just getting to bond you by girlfriend nepotism, would be good for both his reputation and his ego. Perhaps rescuing a prince, at your side, for example?
No. 785546 ID: ba506f

>Stay silent, let Skif talk.
give him his moment but once he's done giving his speech
>Say hi in bird form
then if he ask about it
>Engage normal form, nude-hug Skif
tell him fine you'll change back to normal.
No. 785548 ID: 70983e

Yes! Oh we certainly will, Mr. Ilan! Practice makes perfect after all!

Let Skif say his piece, then nude-hug him. Shenanigans!
No. 785550 ID: 987bda

He wants to be cool. He never gets to be cool.
Let him have his moment, THEN pounce him and talk to Mr. Ilan about the friendship ritual.

If you do the ritual, you totally need to tell Skif that it was so romantic of him to marry you under the cliche tree. I want to see the look on his face.
No. 785566 ID: 91ee5f

Look at him, he's so handsome in that armor with his mane flowing in the wind and all that.~~~

Hey! No! None of that! Go away tilde! Shoo!

Stay silent, let Skif talk.

When he's done, say hi in bird form!

Then give him a surprise normal form, nude-hug! If you do it just right, then you'll hear a loud *clang* from his dick hitting the inside of his armored pants because seeing you nude will increase his TILDE Stat! XD
No. 785570 ID: 398fe1

>-Stay silent, let Skif talk.
Cmon don't ruin his big moment. You had all that drama now let him have some!

Also don't pounce someone who's holding a spear.