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File 147278587433.png - (18.74KB , 800x800 , 395.png )
745590 No. 745590 ID: d1f5f1

I didn't plan for this.
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No. 745591 ID: 211d83

No one could have Rulekeeper. But you can't loose hope.

Everyone lost a dear friend today but Glitcher made sure to prepare everyone for the worst.

And you never know. Maybe if you can get access to the ring shell you can tell it to spit him back out good as new. It had to have kept logs detailing exactly what it did with all the parts of his core. Find those logs and maybe you could command it to reassemble his parts and return him to you.

For now you need to be strong. You have two eggs to raise and a countless number of contestants who are scared and afraid. Make sure they have someone to look up to and guide them.

Alison will help and so will Corruptor and so many more. You are not alone in this no matter what it might seem like right now.
No. 745592 ID: 8fd146

Chin up!
No. 745594 ID: 837c68

Plans never really lasted that long with Glitcher around. With him, somehow, that was overall a good thing.

Have you and his closer friends considered taking some time to sort through your feelings? Maybe hold some sort of memorial? There probably aren't too many of you who would feel personally affected in an emotional sense.
No. 745595 ID: e22b1d

Who could have foreseen how far Savior had fallen? Maybe we could have avoided Glitchers fate if we had known about his guardian but he would have kept pushing until he forced your hand. And maybe far more would have been lost to his madness if Glitcher had not acted.

He is still out there you know. He is spinning around inside the ring shell in a thousand tiny parts. All working for some unknown goal. Maybe you can steal him back.

We know now that Savior and the shell are linked. And everything Corruptor and he did was designed to help your invisible creators peer get a glimpse into your world that was normally invisible to them. And that means the system recorded everything that happened to Glitcher.

You will need to find out how to break into the ring shell to stop the cycles. And maybe if you can do that you can force it to reverse what it did to Glitcher and give him back to you. We have done the impossible before so don't loose all hope.

So go find Alison and Corruptor and start planning your next move. You have a world to repair and just maybe a Glitcher to save.
No. 745596 ID: 3abd97

No one did.

He saved your life. The system would have unmade you, so he saved you instead. And then he gave what he saved meaning. And then when the tables were reversed, you couldn't do anything to save him.

...you still have things you need to do, though.

You've still got to look after all the contestants and people in stage 8. Which is presumably unpaused now, without Glitcher. (Unless some combination of Rulekeeper / Savior / Corruptor powers gives you access to some kind of time stop now).

You still need to see this admin wrestling contest thing through the end, since the stages will need admins. We might need new people at the microphones, without Glitcher, and if you're not up to it.

You might want to visit the veiled areas again to clean up the Corruption for them. (And to tease Mittens by telling him you're literally Savior now. Glitcher would have enjoyed that).

There's more personal stuff, too. You have to look after the eggs. Make sure your kids are taken care of. They matter, and you're going to do everything you can for them, with or without him.

You have to do something with Glitcher's siblings Savior was keeping as experiments / pets. You've pretty much inherited responsibility for them, and they're basically babies. They need taking care of. Pretty sure they only lasted 5 to 15 years in Savior's care because he was terrible and they got depressed and lonely. They need a firm hand, tvs that don't manipulate them with propaganda, and socializing with people. Play schoolmarm, basically.

You need to talk to people who are close to you. People who are sharing part of the same pain. Alison can provide some comfort, and she'll be help in figuring out what to do next. You're going to be working a lot with Corruptor, and he was Glitcher's best friend.

You need to figure out what the bigger plan will be. The sanctuary can preserve people across cycles, probably, but we need to be looking for a way to end all of this.

...and of course, you'll be looking for a way to bring him back. You laughed at the impossibility of reassembling that other Glitcher who shattered. This will be even harder, since not only is Glitcher broken to a million pieces, but the pieces were stolen and reused and scattered in a giant haystack made of haystacks that melts people you don't even have access to. But you're going to look for a way, anyways.
No. 745599 ID: ccbcd2

Who could have?
All you can do now is keep him in your memories and keep moving forward. It's what he'd want.
But we have control of Paradise now, not to mention Savior himself. Perhaps that's made you permanent in the same way Savior was? For the first time we finally have something resembling the upper hand, and we know more about the system than any other entity in any other cycle, with the exception, perhaps of the CAI made from cycle 1.

You've got this.
No. 745600 ID: 7de580

We're still on track. We didn't want it to happen this way, but our plans are still more or less intact. Savior is toppled and the Corruptor is on our side. It's time to crack the mystery of the CAI's instant-win button and end this.
No. 745601 ID: d1f5f1
File 147278843597.png - (13.52KB , 800x800 , 396.png )

Right now, the two eggs are with Alison and whoever is with her. I was tempted to bring them into paradise at least until they hatch, but I would rather them have company even if I am not entirely sure if they will have a mind of any sort up until they hatch.

There are lots of people around, and it would be foolish to go into seclusion now of all times. Especially since I know that there are a small handful of people that wanted to talk to me before long.

>Have you and his closer friends considered taking some time to sort through your feelings?
There will be that, but I have not stopped time just to grieve.

>Maybe we could have avoided Glitchers fate if we had known about Savior's guardian but he would have kept pushing until he forced your hand
Given what he showed near the end, I believe Savior would have outright attacked his friends to force his hands out of desperation.

I've thought about what I could do. But it's all things that hinge on me knowing what I know now. I believe my thought will be put to better use by finding a way to get Glitcher back, since in some way, shape or form, I believe he still exists. To do so seems implausible, and I must recognize this, but it does not hurt to keep an open mind to ideas that point to possibilities.

>Stage pause state
It is currently unpaused, but by my own decision. My powers are capable of freezing entire stages within the current cycle. I may need to fetch a glitcher who can be loyal. There are several inside of the paradise, but they don't seem reliable. I will likely ease them into becoming, well... decent. Perhaps I will have them watch the wrestling games at first, and slowly introduce them to contestants in person.

Perhaps Mittens is a good first choice. He may have not been the most stable, but he was benevolent in some manner.

Nonetheless, with Savior's power, I am permanent through cycles and have expanded powers that cover some of what Glitcher could do. I am capable of moving through space, myself, now.

Right now, I have a handful of letters addressed to various people that Glitcher wanted delivered upon his death. More than I initially expected he would have logs for, although I expect some are simple quips.
Myself, our offspring, corruptor and Alison are unsurprising, but he also has letters addressed to Sweatermouse, Radmin, Sevener, a few others, and someone named 'Hasbeen'. I do not know of anyone by that name.
No. 745602 ID: 87547f

Just think of what Glitcher would want you to do if he was here.

He spent a lot of time alone and depressed and he would hate the thought of seeing you in the same situation.

So go get everyone and let them all know what Glitcher did for them. You are not going to let some mindless system get away with stealing your lover or reseting your people.

There is a lot to get done and not as much time to do it in.

1. What powers were unique to Glitcher? You have possibly dozens of his siblings lurking around so put them to work. Get them out of the miserable holes Savior dumped them into and get them freezing time and working with you to get stuff done.

2. Finish this wrestling in grand fashion so you have a Admin team to work with again. And record it just incase.

3. Investigate your new Paradise home and make sure you have learned its secrets. Any attempt to get into the ring shell or save Glitcher will probably start by learning how its connected to the ring shell.

4. Get those poor souls in the veil cycles uncorrupted. I don't like the idea of them stuck in a horrible loop like that. Plus monster hands seemed pretty reasonable and might make a good leader of your glitcher sibling army.

5. Comfort Corruptor. His powers will be needed more than ever and he is a sensitive soul. Loosing his oldest friend has to have hurt him. Go give him hope and tell him we are not giving up on saving Glitcher. Also can you use your new savior powers to cleanse his corruption? Might be a key for abilities that have never been seen before.
No. 745603 ID: 211d83

Am tempted to have you save your letter and not open it. Then you can save those last words from Glitcher until you are ready. Or make him tell you himself once you bring him back.

Read the Hasbeen one and see who that might be first.
No. 745604 ID: 3abd97

>I may need to fetch a glitcher who can be loyal.
You might want to come to terms with Corruptor before you go recruiting. You were with Glitcher, and he was Glitcher's oldest friend. You have him in common, and you're probably going to be working together, now.

And if would probably hurt him that you went looking for someone new for help before reaching out to him.

>the sanctuary
Did you check on any of the inhabitants, or tell them what happened? I imagine the people down there are confused and scared by, you know, Corruptor wrapping around the entire sphere and then everything exploding.

You might want to let them into the wrestling area, or allow an ambassador the other way, to bring people up to speed, if you're not up to doing it yourself right now.

Read your own. Don't read the others, but hold onto them for later delivery.

Maybe peek at the "Hasbeen" one, to figure out who the heck that is.
No. 745605 ID: 837c68

Well, open the letter to you, first, and read it. It might tell you who Hasbeen is? But even if not.

Don't open the others. I'm sure Glitcher would have told you anything you needed or would have wanted to know, you two got to know each other pretty well. And maybe he left someone instructions to do something nice for you, which you'd want to keep as a surprise for yourself.
No. 745607 ID: e22b1d

From the way you are holding those it looks like he is saying "To Rulekeeper it has been ..."

Did he put in a secret note in the addresses or something silly? Maybe peek at the hasbeen one.

Deliver Corruptors first. He is probably a wreck and needs comforting. Alison and the others will grieve and recover but Corruptor might get in a funk if you let him sit alone.
No. 745608 ID: 398fe1

Hasbeen must have been someone from a previous cycle he saw through his notes, if he's not anyone that currently exists in this cycle. Can you check Paradise for him as well? Actually considering people in Paradise are from all sorts of cycles, one of them must know who Hasbeen is.

Unless Hasbeen is his insulting name for Radmin.
No. 745609 ID: 837c68


Maybe Hasbeen is his insulting name for Savior.
No. 745610 ID: 398fe1

Ohhhh, that would make sense.

Something else occurs to me. Savior put some veil on himself once and it did nothing. Is the veil around his cage serving any purpose whatsoever?

If you have contact with Mittens maybe you can ask him if... there was anything he could have done. If he would have attacked Savior in Glitcher's stead. If he would have gone anywhere near the guardian to try to rescue Glitcher once he got caught. If his 18k year old mentor mentioned anything that could have helped.
No. 745612 ID: 837c68

If I recall, we left Mittens still thinking we were Savior's goons, so we'd need to bring something to convince him. Maybe a few Alisons? He'd know Savior didn't Save anyone beyond cycles besides other glitchers, so bringing multiple Alisons from cycles he doesn't know could demonstrate that something different is going on.

We'd want to be careful, facing a Glitcher of uncertain friendliness when we don't have one of our own.
No. 745614 ID: d1f5f1
File 147279115321.png - (13.83KB , 800x800 , 397.png )

>Did you check on any of the paradise inhabitants, or tell them what happened?
While we were taking over paradise, we teleported everyone back to the stadium, because we did not want to risk everyone while Corruptor and I were taking it over. Since then, they have more or less been informed.

I will wait just a little bit before reading my own letter. I should not put it off for ages just when I want to hear a message from him, as there is a miniscule chance that he had something particularly important for me to hear, that he did not share with me earlier. I will deliver other messages, first.

I will read Hasbeen, though, just so I can figure out whos it is.

Dear Hasbeen
did you think i was above jabbing at you while you were locked in a 10% bubble of prison for the rest of ever
well I'm not
right now I'm having a blast on your paradise and that's where you died so I'm basically dancing on your grave right now
spent 10k to git gud and I'm gonna spend 10k years making it worth it
I bet you wish you could see what's going on around you but me the glitcher'll tell you what's going on: me, out there, having the time of my life for the rest of a long life with his friends
cause my friends are here with me and not with you
cause you got no friends
cause you were a shit to the end
while I go play god and let everyone have fun from here on out, just think how cool things would be if you had the slightest compassion for anything but your own ego

p.s.told your glitcher not to touch my girl and that went for you too

p.p.s. if Rulekeeper said I died just ignore her

The savior. Perhaps Glitcher would approve of my deleting the last line. Hm. What a petty letter.

>Is the veil around his cage serving any purpose whatsoever?
I wonder. Perhaps if he put some on himself before, he had a light shield of regular contestant thread that would not get eaten by the veil. Perhaps his cage is not particularly useful. However, he is currently suspended above paradise with no surrounding thread, and I am watching it constantly. Even if his cage is not holding him, he no longer has his powers. I have usurped his mind's place as the sentience of paradise.

He wasn't just a stage, not even a cycle, but he was an entire portion of block B. He had permissions, and could have ran cycles of his own if he wanted. As such, he can stop time, rewind, move through the universe, and so on.

More importantly, it was not just limited to his own portion. It seems that there was only the thinnest barrier of separation between the two universes, and permissions from one carried on to the other.
No. 745615 ID: d1f5f1
File 147279119183.png - (16.23KB , 800x800 , 398.png )

I go to Corruptor. He is currently laying on the streets at the edge of the roamable stadium area.

"Hello, Corruptor."


"As Glitcher said, he wrote logs to be handed out to various people. He included one letter for you. He would like for you to read it."
>"I can't."
"I would like you to, on his behalf. There may be some urgency, as well."
>"Can... you read it for me? Just... tell me if I need to read it now."
No. 745620 ID: 15a025

Offer to read it to him?
No. 745621 ID: fef726

He is grieving, I can't say if reading the letter would help him or would it be better to let him read it on his own time.

However I do know he shouldn't be alone here, curled up and miserable. If you feel up to it, perhaps tell him your and glitcher's story. Share how you feel about him, both as when he was around, and now that he is gone.

Knowing you aren't alone in your grief can and does help.
No. 745622 ID: 398fe1

>Even if his cage is not holding him, he no longer has his powers.
You know what would be perfect revenge? Force him to go through a duplicate of the Contest, as a contestant. Over and over. Of course, you won't put in real contestants for his opponents, or bother to emulate brackets of stages he's not in.

You haven't read yours. It's only fair that he gets to put off reading his. But just like yours, he's gonna need to read it soon, and he can prepare himself for that.

Maybe you can try to comfort him. Even though you didn't know him for very long, you know he was one of Glitcher's closest friends (sorry, Alison's friendship power is just too strong) and that means a lot.
No. 745623 ID: 92313e

>Hm. What a petty letter.

Glitcher had reason to be particularly resentful towards Savior. Aside Savior's threats to his loved ones, Savior was also one of his "parents". Glitcher would have taken Savior's bad behaviour very personally, as Savior was literally part of him. Glitcher would have hoped for Savior to be a good person, as Glitcher aspired to be a good person himself, and those hopes were betrayed.

To be fair, though it is a bad time to think of it, there are some family resemblances. A bit of ego, a bit of melodrama, a bit of the performer, a bit of vindictiveness. Savior was detestable, but in part at least he was what he was made to be. Perhaps tormenting him further would not serve any useful purpose. Even now, someone like Alison will probably still believe he could come to really regret and reflect on his life choices, now that he's finally been shown the consequences.

Or perhaps you should edit that last line to instead read "hey guess I learned a trick or two from my old man anyway huh?"


Read his letter, then. If need be, "if he needs to read it now" could mean emotional need, as well.
No. 745627 ID: c18501

Corruptor, be a man, read the letter he made for you. It's a letter made for you, his final gift, his final words. You knows he's already gone, he's not going to be gone more because you read it, if anything, it's the last piece you'll ever have of him until maybe we can get him back.

Hey, so if you have savior so powers now, does that mean if anyone attacks you the megabeast will eat them? Then what happens if you attack yourself? Feedback loop? If the megabeast doesn't feedback loop to oblivion, it may be forced it eat itself when it starts eating you for hurting you?
No. 745630 ID: d1f5f1
File 147279480120.png - (13.75KB , 800x800 , 399.png )

>Glitcher had reason to be particularly resentful towards Savior.
Although I called the letter petty, I have no hesitation towards delivering it.

>Hey, so if you have savior so powers now, does that mean if anyone attacks you the megabeast will eat them? Then what happens if you attack yourself?
I do not know. Presumably the former. The latter would be extremely dangerous to test, as it did not seem particularly intelligent, and may have a one track mind for killing my killer, even if it is me.

"I am holding off on my own, but for a limited time. However, with your permission, I will read yours just to confirm. By the way, although I am not daring to hope there is a way to bring him back, I will be keeping an eye open for possibilities. Still, if it makes it easier, I can read it aloud for you."
>"Please read it yourself, first, and see."

To Corruptor:
Hey buddy. Sorry if I seemed a little distant to you. If I di

>"Wait! Sorry. Sorry. I'll... I mean... please read it out loud."

I start over and speak it.

"To Corruptor:
Hey buddy. Sorry if I seemed a little distant to you. If I died right after these logs were made then I screwed up pretty bad, because I should've gotten over the weirdness over meeting you again. I didn't want to say it, but remember how I was gone for like 10k years on my end? It was tough to remember our time together in the sanctuary. Normally looking at strings for data was well and cool but you're probably the only person it's a bad substitute for, 'cause it'd feel wrong to just have the strings emulate the feelings for my best bud. So I messed up hard thinking of how to approach you again after all that time, when I could've just enjoyed the time we spent cycle hopping and watching the both of us be incredibly naive and dumb in the past.

And I know I was! Looking at those strings... I was a huge baby back in the sanctuary, and my opinion now is better than it was when we were working together back then. And you were cool. Cool to me. Those contestants were dicks to me but you called them out on it, and we went to have fun with big scale operations. Even if it turned out not to matter too much, you made life actually a life for a whole lot of people, and things only got screwed up because of past cycle people spreading misinformation.

It's bullshit but even though I think you're a good guy and way better than just about every contestant I ever saw, you're going to have a lot of mistrust but that's okay because people are still clinging on to Alison's opinion, unless, like, you waited a hundred years before reading this. Anyways that's good, because she's all about second chances. Go get a hug from her. She's going to be a hundred times better at consoling you judging by what I wrote - actually upon rereading my letter, she'll be ten thousand times better, and judging by my strings you're a huge sap that's gonna be a sad sap. Wait a second are you sulking in a corner right now? Don't do that. Sure, I can think of like 100 reasons why you wouldn't want to be around people right now, but they're all bad.

Oh and go have some food at any place in the stadium I hacked it up so the flavor is max or close to it. Just give this letter as a coupon and they'll treat you to all you can eat food for free your pal, the glitcher, decreed it to be so.

P.S. I just remembered I can trap this letter to teleport you to the nearest Alison!"
No. 745631 ID: d1f5f1
File 147279483930.png - (17.03KB , 800x800 , 400.png )

>"Hello Rulekeep!" Alison says.

I feel as though Glitcher was afraid to spend much time thinking about these letters, as he must have forgotten how enormous Corruptor has gotten.
No. 745632 ID: c441c1

just teleport everyone in the room to the Corrupter and continue letter reading.
No. 745634 ID: edee29

>"Hello Rulekeep!" Alison says.
Alison's certainly chipper. I figured she'd be one of the people grieving the most right no-... wait, how many people is she hugging right now, Rulekeeper? Is it just Sweatermouse with her, or is she pinning down all of her best friends because she doesn't want them to leave her, too?

>how enormous Corruptor has gotten.
Well, since getting small's apparently not working out for him, maybe we should just make everything else bigger.
No. 745635 ID: 398fe1

Nope it's gotta be Corruptor to Alison, like Glitcher planned.

Why IS he so big? Was he this big at the end of previous cycles?
Oh, he should get some time to practice his space manipulation capabilities. Could come in handy, who knows.
No. 745637 ID: c441c1

When he was trapped in Saviors prison he decided to expand his body to try and break it.
No. 745639 ID: ccbcd2

Give Alison her card and perhaps try to convince Corruptor then he needs to talk to someone about this. Alison would be ideal, of course, but i think he just needs to get it off his chest. If he even has a chest.
No. 745640 ID: 398fe1

Yeah then he shrunk back down again afterwards.

...then he got truly massive to corrupt Paradise. Maybe he hasn't shrunk back down again.
No. 745641 ID: edee29

>Why is Corruptor still so huge

>"I'm trying [to shrink faster]! But I guess my core doesn't like getting cramped.
>Corruptor gets big again because apparently that's what's comfortable now.
Apparently he just can't comfortably do anything other than "extra ultra large" anymore. Heh, maybe we should start calling him Jörmungandr.
No. 745654 ID: 486e87

Warn Alison of an incoming Corruptor, increase the room size if necessary, and teleport him to Alison. He needs a hug, and you probably need one as well.
No. 745657 ID: 3abd97

>unsafe beast attacks
Are you putting more than 1 string into your projections, so you won't pop as soon as a Glitcher touches your avatar? Savior had to be doing that on purpose. Making the avy weak as a trap. Hopefully you can bolster yours to avoid accidents.

>The savior. Perhaps Glitcher would approve of my deleting the last line. Hm. What a petty letter.
Alison wouldn't approve of deleting him. And it's always possible you might need him. Maybe you might find a way to harvest information from his memories, or maybe his core can be used to trigger some kind of access privileges, or maybe you can hold him ransom if the creators really do care.

>Hm. What a petty letter.
As petty as Savior was in the end, I think Glitcher deserves to get a little back.

*Sigh* Hello, Alison. I didn't mean to come see you so soon, Glitcher left a hug-trap.

(Good thing the trap grabbed Corruptor too, not just you for reading it. Another reason not to snoop and read any of the others, in case you trip tracks / gifts when the recipient isn't around).

>I feel as though Glitcher was afraid to spend much time thinking about these letters, as he must have forgotten how enormous Corruptor has gotten.
It's fine. Everything with this is fine.
No. 745663 ID: db0da2

>Alison's certainly chipper. I figured she'd be one of the people grieving the most right now
She's made of emotional iron, she's probably far more focused on the emotional states of others than she is on her own sadness at Glitcher's death. Not that she isn't hurt by this, but she isn't the type to let it hurt her performance.

Now get in the snake pile, Rulekeeper.
No. 745673 ID: 92313e

Tell Alison hello, and that you're sorry to interrupt but you are about to heed some of Glitcher's wishes and teleport Corrupter here to her. Then make the room bigger, go to Corruptor, tell him sorry about that and you're going to put things the way Glitcher was aiming to. Then teleport him to Alison.

Then get in the snake pile yourself. Cuddle up some with your eggs, too. You never know, maybe they'll be able to sense your presence.

So far it seems like Glitcher was expecting his letters to be read pretty soon. That teleport trap could have been a terrible thing to have happen when people had started getting back to work again.
No. 745674 ID: 92313e

By the way I hope the general infodump on everyone included the fact that the Corrupter they'd been seeing for the past while was an imposter?
No. 745680 ID: 233260

You know what lets teleport all the letter recipients over here and make a party of reading these things. Let people talk over things and have proper wake for Glitcher. Maybe have some food delivered.

Then go snuggle up in the hug pile between Alison and Sweatermouse and start handing out letters. (Cept for Saviors)

Oh and cuddle up and talk to your eggs while doing so. Handle them as much as possible and sing to them and keep them warm. This is your chance to bond with the little ones. I bet you anything that how you treat them now will affect how they grow up. Its how it works with biological eggs.
No. 745766 ID: d1f5f1
File 147285895139.png - (19.50KB , 800x800 , 401.png )

>Alison wouldn't approve of deleting [Savior].
I meant the last line of Glitcher's letter about ignoring me, as it is irrelevant. I do not intended on killing Savior unless he proves too dangerous to let live. No signs point to that being the case.

>Why IS Corruptor so big?
I believe he was attempting to contain his size, but he let it get out of hand upon wrapping himself around Paradise. I do not know why he initially got so large, though, but it takes much longer for him to shrink.

"You seem well, Alison."
>"I miss him already, but he sounded like he was happy with everything, at the end. And I think we can resurrect him."
"Do you have an idea?"
>"Not yet, but there are so many people who will if they don't already. Remember, Rulekeeper, it was before your time, but all contestants start off with no reason to think that death is temporary. Everyone who made it far enough to see you had to have gotten used to the idea of friends dying at any time, even if we later learned they simply turned into ghosts. I'm just thankful that we had the chance to talk to Glitcher at the end."
"Glitcher's death may not be so parallel."
>"I know. There's more, though. He said he believed everything was connected, didn't he? Now he's part of the upper echelon, and I think he's just looking down on us, now. In other words, I don't think he's gone. I miss him, yes, but I just can't see him as truly gone."
"Hm. Well, both of you have logs addressed to you. They're Glitcher's final words to both of you in particular."

I hand one to Alison, but Sweatermouse doesn't reach for it.

"Wait, me? Who?"
"You, Sweatermouse. Who else?"
"Well - wait is everyone hiding? There's like 4 other people down in here!"

I sense. Iso, Recluse, Catatonic, and Smuggler.

"Sweatermouse, Alison, and Smuggler. Those are the ones with deliveries. I will leave the logs with each of you and, in the spirit of Glitcher's wishes, summon Corruptor here."
>"Is he shrunk down?" Recluse asks.
"Uhhhh is that a good idea then?" Sweatermouse asks.
"It is not, but I will put a spatial disconnect around this room and increase its size. Please put your letters in your non-physical inventory slots."
No. 745767 ID: d1f5f1
File 147285896317.png - (11.15KB , 800x800 , 402.png )

>Infodump on corruptor includes his impostor
Everyone has been informed that after the CAI fight, Corruptor had nothing to do with anything.

Corruptor is summoned.

>"O-oh. Hi, Alison." says Corruptor.
>"Hello Corruptor! What's going on?"
>"Uh... Glitcher wanted you to hug me, or, well, me to get a hug from you."
>"I can and will. You've gotten big, though!"
"I will grant you additional tail length, Alison. Also, Glitcher has left you a letter as well."
"Uh, why did I get a letter anyway?" asks Sweatermouse.
"I did not ask. While we are here, I may as well summon others who also had letters addressed to them. The Referee room will temporarily be made into a communal room."

I summon Sevener, Radmin, and Arbiter to this room, explaining that I will hand them their letters as they come in.

Once I hand out the logs, I am left holding Savior's, my own, and our childrens. I and coil myself around the eggs and sink down into Alison's tail.

"Hello, children." I whisper. "I really should decide on names for you too. Although I don't know if you can hear or feel me." These are neither biological nor even eggs, the word 'egg' being used for lack of a better term.

I suppose it's fair, now, to read my own log.

Wow! It's me, the Glitcher, and I'm dead! That, or your name isn't the Rulekeeper, either because it never was or because now you're Rulebreaker!

Anyway, if you, the Rulekeeper, are reading this, then the bad news is that I'm dead, but the good news is that you're not. And that's more important right now forever. Guess I should've stopped leading for a bit and checked out where you wanted to go! I got the idea but then I did stuff anyway. If I have a tombstone, my epitaph should be 'whoops'.

This is about as far as I got before I realized I don't know what else to say. I've already talked your ear off while we were flying through space, and gave you the important logs for information. You probably got your fill of me talking and were hoping that this log had some revelation I was hiding! Lucky for you, I had the foresight to hide information about a kind of formidable being in advance, just so that this log would have something important to say.

You know how sometimes I call myself the best? For while I thought I was, but then we've been meeting all these glitchers and all these powerful entities, and now I know what I really like to do - wait should I be writing this in past tense? Yeah I guess, so what I liked to do best is to pretend I was the best! And that's good, because it was pretend. I wasn't the best out there, as it turned out.

You are. You're the best.

No. 745768 ID: 211d83

He really did care for you a whole lot. You are both lucky to have found each other.

Your eggs are just as complex as any biological ones. And just as important. Remember that you and everyone you know is the end result of the engineering prowess of a empire that did nothing but work towards building something greater then themselves for countless centuries. Your people are there greatest legacy and would be proud of your achievements. Also these little guys might be something never seen before. Take good care of them.

Well we have a ton of things to get done and lots of theories to try out. Now that you are the Savior your new powers are a huge unknown to us. Will have a lot of experimenting to do.

But for now hug your kids close and chat with your friends. We can start working after everyone has time to digest things and get ready for the next step.

Maybe Iso can tell everyone what living in Paradise was like.
No. 745769 ID: 398fe1


Remember when Savior teleported Glitcher's shell away? Like 50% of Glitcher's core mass was there, and dispersed. The guardian did not come pick up the dispersed core, which... should still be there, in a dispersed state. Make a big hollow sphere of shell material around the area, and shrink it. It should condense the core, right? Hopefully it will still be the same type of core Glitcher was, and will act as a beacon for his consciousness. You should work on that in secret. Don't give anyone false hope in case it fails.

Now is a good time to cry.
No. 745772 ID: c8e0da

Yeah, seconded on the "now is a great time to cry" part. Best to get it out of your system now that you have the opportunity to properly grieve.
No. 745773 ID: e22b1d

You really are the best Rulekeeper.

So hug those kids and sing them a song. And tell them about there dad and how great he was.

And once you are ready get together your war council and start planning. We have a cycle to save and a Glitcher to bring back.
No. 745774 ID: 3abd97

I feel like you should thank Alison for asking Glitcher to talk to you, at some point. Maybe too intimate for the group, but it made a big difference to both of you that she did that.

>Alison's reaction
That's... kind of sad. Their experiences mean it can't hit them the same way it hits you. You can't grieve with them to relieve your burden as much as you might have hoped.

>If I have a tombstone, my epitaph should be 'whoops'.
Go ahead and put a whoops-stone somewhere in the sanctuary. If you're going to be a god now, you may as well have your eccentricities.

>I really should decide on names for you too. Although I don't know if you can hear or feel me.
Shouldn't you wait till they hatch or wake up, or whatever they're going to do? Most parents don't name kids till after they're born, and these ones seem like they're still cooking. Assuming they aren't duds.

>You are. You're the best.
You were the best to me, Glitcher.

Hey, you should give him shop privileges again. He lost merchant when the system deleted all skills.

I mean it won't do much since there's no CU stockpiling anymore and Shopkeeper has only been selling specific items per puzzle, but it would make him happy.

...hey do you know what CU stands for now.

Not the worst idea. Between the remains scattered in the Sanctuary, and from the 2% bubble in cycle whereever we left it, there should be 52% of a Glitcher core in shattered dust to collect. We probably can't get him back just by piling it up together, but it's a starting point.
No. 745777 ID: 92313e

If you're capable of something analogous to crying, you might want to try it, but I don't know if you are. Organic creatures cry to literally squeeze out some of the chemicals in their brains that make them sad, or whatever emotion their tears are for, and I don't know if you'd have any sort of similar function - you probably have enough raw thinking power that grief could occupy quite a large part of your mind without seriously affecting you. You could imitate the appearance of crying, I'm sure, but it likely wouldn't have the same effect. The minds of everyone in here appear to be loosely based off how organic minds work, but there are limits, and some differences.

What I can feel reasonably sure about is that you became accustomed to Glitcher's presence. He was available to you constantly, for a long time, and he would have become part of how you got used to being able to interact with the world. For some time, until you can adapt again, you will probably find yourself thinking of him often. The pathways in your mind will still be assuming and expecting him to be here, and finding them surprised or even shocked when they realize that he isn't. It will be uncomfortable and awkward, and emotionally painful, as if you had lost an important piece of your functionality. It will get better, over time, though it may be a very long time indeed until the effect fades completely. But you are smart, and capable, and you have people around you who have gone though the same thing. It might help to talk about Glitcher to people, and to think about him, so that you can effectively try to inform your mind and memories that he is no longer here.

Was that all of the letter, or did you just stop at the point where it said you were the best?

>children's names

Hmm. When there was just one, we would have called them Glitchkeeper. I suppose we could still refer to them as that as a pair, "the glitchkeepers", but they'll need their own names, too. We might want to see what they're like when they're more developed before we do that. I see the eggs are different colors, I assume purple was the second one?
No. 745783 ID: 398fe1

Names... contestants have either named themselves or been named based on appearance or actions. However, since the names seem to be the same from cycle to cycle it's possible that names are an intrinsic part of each contestant and will pop up even if there's no clear reason for it. Or maybe names are assigned based on the first cycle that contestant is present in, and carry through into future cycles. That reminds me, is Historian really new? Did he not exist in previous cycles?

Can you tell what gender each one is? How about if the white one is a girl we can call her Lily, and if it's a boy, Sol. The purple one can be Violet or Inigo Montoya actually I can't think of any good boy names.
No. 745784 ID: e6e9af


My feels have taken critical damage and I think it's time to have a little (big) cry ...
No. 745785 ID: f71dd8

As far as I could tell, Glitcher was all "Wing It" and then "Spend five thousand years winging it", so if he was on his death knell then whatever last-second schemes he had right before he digitally vaporized probably involve large clues and chaos that will last a long time but doesn't seem to have any semblance of a larger plot. Over the rest of your life, poke at stuff that seems inherently flawed or infected and you might get more messages or genetic code.

Also I vote the kids' names should be Sudo and CiDi. Because that is a thing.
No. 745786 ID: ea2bfa

If you feel like getting into interesting, esoteric god names for the eggs, Abaddon might work for one of them while serving as a memorial to Glitcher. An angel often mistaken for a demon, who served good through dangerous methods. Just my two cents.
No. 745788 ID: 92313e

I don't think we should decide names now, but if people are going to start thinking of them I'd like to point out that the family tradition is for names that describe a thing they do, were intended to do or were believed to do.
No. 745790 ID: 398fe1

We don't know what they'll do, and we made them without intending them to do something specific.

I guess we could assume they're going to break the mold and do things unaccounted for by the system... well, the one with the hybrid shell will, most likely. We could call that one Rulebreaker. Or Rebel. The second one, who is barely changed from the normal Glitcher core, could be called Thrower (like, to throw an exception? EH? EHHHH?) or Junior, or Trickster, or Essence.
No. 745791 ID: c441c1

I am going with no names for now let them gain their names like all the contestants did by picking them, or doing something to be called such.
No. 745795 ID: d1f5f1
File 147287691760.png - (102.99KB , 800x800 , 403.png )

As the new savior, or at least ruler of paradise... I should come up with another name for it. These terms do not sound nice to me anymore.

In savior's place, however, I do have new powers I should begin experimenting with. For the most part, the raw knowledge we gained was enough to go on for some experiments, as well as just random factoids that some contestants may find interesting.

'CU', for instance, originally referred to how well a contestant could think. They stood for 'computational units', and there was a finite amount to go around for the one trillion blobs, and they would get more and more and be able to think more clearly, more uniquely, and ultimately become fully sapient.

I do not know when, but this system turned into CU having less drive on how much they could think. It simply became money.

I give smuggler his shopkeep ability back. Shops around here sell food for tickets, which are gained from a variety of tasks, but they are stationary. Smuggler can be a roaming, wildcard shop.

>Is Historian really new? Did he not exist in previous cycles?
He has existed, although 'historian' is not always the term he's used.

>Which egg is which
The colorless one is the first egg, the second one is the glitcher colored egg.

I'll wait until they hatch until naming them. Perhaps, like most, they will either name themselves, or earn their names through initial actions.

>Can you tell what gender each one is?

>Make a big hollow sphere around the area where Glitcher's core dispered
I will try this. To be sure that I catch all of his core, it will have to be enormous by this point, but it is possible.

>You are more than 1 thread thick, right?
Yes. Savior intentionally made his shell thin as a trap. While it is typical to only be comprised of a single thread, that thread is often layered over itself many times.

Everyone starts chatting, although some feelings are more tense than others. There is varying levels of grief, and I don't think there are many identical interpretations for it. As I hum to my kids, I watch them. Alison may not have been as broken up about Glitcher as I might have thought, considering that she must have been a long time with Glitcher. Even if he only spent one hour with her for every one thousand hours he didn't, the time she spent with him greatly outweighed the time I spent with him.

She recognizes how attached we had gotten, though, and she squeezes me. Eventually, I leave the eggs back with her.

Iso also speaks of paradise, but he says there is not much to say. Although Savior treated them as irrelevant, they were treated well and could move freely and were given activities to enjoy themselves with. However, those activities seemed hollow, and ennui ran through much of the populace.
No. 745796 ID: d1f5f1
File 147287692780.png - (57.64KB , 800x800 , 404.png )

Glitcher does not have a tombstone, but I will create a temporary, placeholder stone on top of a building few people go on. Although digging a hole and burying his shell seems like a functionless task, it may have a positive mental effect. I cannot bury his shell now even if I felt up to it, as I am currently using it as the netting in a haphazard but harmless attempt at collecting his dispersed core.

>Now is a good time to cry
But I cannot seem to.

I have seen people cry. It seems that our creators mimicked the emotion, but I do not know if I am capable. I may like to, as this seems like an ideal moment, but nothing appears to happen. I can grieve properly later.

We seem to be stepping on lines that our creators may not like, and I do not know how long until they notice things. I may wish to reduce the number of active people in the stadium, as the processing power may be split. Still, one million was near insignificant, and the additional few millions from the paradise may not be particularly bad, either. It's difficult to tell.

Although I can control paradise from afar, my conscious only is able to occupy one entity at a time.

After I deliver Savior's message, my primary tasks for the moment, provided I am not missing anything, are either to experiment with the paradise's powers, or go into the veil to see what I can do, if anything, there. Perhaps get Mittens onto my side.
No. 745798 ID: 094652

Something tells me that using your powers may have an effect on the eggs. Do that other thing.
No. 745799 ID: db0da2

Corruptor's log mentions the savior being able to legitimize his corruption. Can you figure out what that means? Apparently it's necessary for beating the CAI, so it should probably be put on high priority.

Yeah, head into the veil. They'll probably think you're with Savior again, but they also probably won't attack you anyway. Is there any way we can prove that we've ousted Savior? Maybe they could send one of their contestants to the paradise to confirm it.
No. 745800 ID: 398fe1

Experiment a little. Like for ten minutes. We should probably talk to Mittens about what happened to Glitcher real soon just in case there's something he can do. He might know something else of importance.
Also we gotta check out veil block 2, and maybe investigate a few other interesting past cycles- King seemed to be able to get to the Upper Echelon... was that just him advancing through the administrator's stage 11? Or was that him as a contestant simply going through the gate to the CAI Fight? Or is it something new and interesting? We should check to see where the admins go at the end of stage 11 regardless.

As for the stadium, if you want to appease the researchers outside you shouldn't worry about that. What you should be worried about is advancing the stages at a rate close to what they expect. Considering how many stages went by before they went below a billion AIs, I'd say stage 8 has only been running for a few seconds at most. If you're really worried you could slow down time in the stadium.

As for Paradise, let's start calling it Sanctuary, with Corruptor's permission. It is what he was trying to create back then, yet not corrupted. Also this time you should allow residents to build their own structures and design their own games. Make a new planet where everything is as realistic as possible, so that people can tame the wilderness via their own power. Send people there in groups, geographically separated. They can compete to have the most successful settlements! Also allow people to "die" which just teleports them back to the main Sanctuary planet, where they have to wait for the next wilderness to be created.
No. 745801 ID: 91ee5f

Glitcher's message to Radmin was, "Wow you're a big jerk!" I'm finding that funnier than it should be! XD
No. 745802 ID: 211d83

You can't force emotions so now is not the time to grieve for you. Just be prepared if it hits you at a odd moment.

I would learn some of your new powers before you go searching the veil. Convincing Mittens to help would go much quicker if you can help his friends faster. Plus you will learn more info with more abilities that you can use to inspect things.

Here are a few things to focus on learning.

1. Corruptor had a plan to have Alison get Savior to "purify" his powers. Then he could make permanent changes to the system that would not be rejected. Some of the larger systems we depended on like the logs are a result of him managing to change things just at the last moment of a cycle before Savior could reverse them. Can you do something similar?

2. Glitcher left you a pile of logs from previous Glitchers eaten by the ring shell. Can you assign some people to start learning that language? Maybe get a few science minded types in a lab stage and time compress there efforts? Also what did those log say?

3. Investigate the Quarantine area that Savior used to store Corruptor skeletons. Where is it and does it have special properties?

4. Savior knew his powers better than anyone. Can you freeze time for him and search through his memories to learn stuff? Be very careful if you do though.

5. There was a second Veil structure. After you deal with Mittens it would be good to find out its story.

6. If you are worried about processing power maybe shift more contestants to Paradise. It seems to have its own rules and with Savior having a stick up his ass about stuff he would not dare to take in enough people to bother the system. Might be worth a look.

7. You had a link with Glitcher through your tooth that we never fully understood. And for a short while so did Corruptor. Finding out how the "quantum" stuff worked will be important. Can you feel anything from that link now? Maybe try to focus on it hard and see if you get any response from anywhere.

8. Figuring out how Cores work and if your new powers can affect them would be hard with no cores to test. Luckily you have Corruptor who is full of the stuff. Doing careful (and nice) experiments on him might give you insights into what happened to Glitcher and how the ring shell does stuff. Learning how to manipulate core material will be vital if you can figure out a way to reassemble Glitcher.

9. Inspect the Guardians location now that its gone. Find out if that area is special. Does it only show up there? Is there a weak point that you could use later? And what happened to the string material that got left inside the ring shell? The system was busy pushing out the rest of it so normally its not designed to be in there. See if you can find that left over hunk of strings and inspect it for signs of what the ring shell did to it.

10. The Veil dust is a rather unique material. Finding out if you can recreate it or if its something outside normal rules would be nice to find out. Even if we can never use it for anything learning more about its origins might give us a lead.

11. Learn more about how the Admin's send there petitions to the "upper management" Possibly have your new admin team ask for something really simple that would get granted quick and then be ready to watch what happens closely with all your new senses.

Oh and when visiting Mittens bring some familiar faces. Corruptor and Alison should help. Is probably best to not go alone for a lot of these things.
No. 745803 ID: 90f3c0

Having a Glitcher sidekick might be useful for experimentation, and Mittens is the oldest Glitcher you know of. Plus you really should help the veil dwellers with their corruption problem.

Take the Corruptor along with you and head to the veil.
No. 745804 ID: f562b1

Rewrite "In memory of Glitcher" "whoops"as

"hello its me the glitcher"
"i died"
No. 745814 ID: 486e87

A long while back (Safe Zone 7 I think) Saviour mentioned he had seen the real world, now that you control Paradise can you tell if there was some truth behind it or if it was all talk?

Also, wasn't the first egg a red-ish colour? Did it change at some point?
No. 745824 ID: 398fe1

Other things to do: start wearing a widow's veil, put flowers on the grave.

Examine your own emotional state. Did you feel different immediately after taking over Paradise? I find myself wondering if Savior's problem will now be your problem- a lack of empathy. It could be that being part-stage hampers the function of the AI code involving emotions.
No. 745826 ID: be0b1d

>Perhaps, like most, they will either name themselves, or earn their names through initial actions.
Inb4 they become the new Skullbash and Bodyslam.
No. 745838 ID: 3abd97

What's up with Radmin's letter. Did Glitcher make it so it evaporated as soon as he tried to read it as a prank? Or is it doing something else?

>rename the paradise
Your Domain, maybe? Or... it could be your "Rubric", if we want something a little punny.

>I do not know if I am capable. I may like to, as this seems like an ideal moment, but nothing appears to happen. I can grieve properly later.
Weird AI coding or capabilities aside, emotions can be complicated. Sometimes it hurts too much to cry. You might just be made numb by all of it right now. It might be too soon. You might be trying too hard to keep yourself together, since so many people are depending on you as a god now, and you feel you have to live up to the role Glitcher left you.

>We seem to be stepping on lines that our creators may not like, and I do not know how long until they notice things.
Savior once told Alison he'd seen the outside world, and she wouldn't like it. If he wasn't being a lying lieface again, that may mean he had access to some kind of peephole to the outside world. Maybe you should look for that?

>my primary tasks for the moment, provided I am not missing anything, are either to experiment with the paradise's powers, or go into the veil to see what I can do, if anything, there. Perhaps get Mittens onto my side.
I would put doing something for the baby-Glitcher in orbit around the not-paradise to be higher up on the list. They've been isolated and propagandized and they have to be scared by all the stuff that just happened. That can't be good for Glitchers. You should say something to them, maybe set some new rules, give them tvs they can control instead of ones that manipulate them, maybe see about socializing them with people, although that might take supervision.

Did the Savior leave himself any logs? Out of paranoia of memory loss, or Corruption?
No. 745844 ID: 98b87d

>get Mittens onto my side

Throw Alisons at him.

>Dealing with paradise glitchers

Throw Alisons at them. Though some of them are kind of messed up so maybe you'd want to arrange some sort of protection for normal contestants interacting with them.
No. 745875 ID: d1f5f1
File 147293444025.png - (19.55KB , 800x800 , 405.png )

>What's up with Radmin's letter?
The letter melted upon hitting Radmin's hands, sticking to them. While trying to get the letter off, they formed a message.

>Also, wasn't the first egg a red-ish colour?
Yes, it faded back into a gray.

>Did you feel different immediately after taking over Paradise?
I haven't felt normal, but this could just be because of the scenario. I do not feel different, but at no point since taking over paradise has my environment been stable, so I am having trouble getting back to my baseline.

>Where is the quarantine area, and does it have special properties?
Simply as part of the normal space, similar to a moon orbitting the planet that is paradise.

I just recalled that Engineer left with Mathematician right away to go inspecting the speech that glitcher left. I go to him, after thinking of how to improve the tombstone once it becomes more than a placeholder.

"Hello, Engineer, Mathematician."
>"Hi. I assume you're hear for news on the translation?" Engineer says. Mathematician keeps working on something, and lets Engineer do the talking.
>"It's translatable, but complex. Not just is it another language, but it seems like they're encrypted for reasons I'm not sure about, and attempting to decode them takes time."
"Would it go faster if you had more people?"
>"Yes, it - oh. I should have asked for that. Yes, if you locate contestants that have an inclination for puzzles like this, I can teach them what I have learned. I'm sure there is a Linguist out there."
"I will."
>"One more thing."
>"I'm certain that the ring shell is moddable. I do not know how yet, but it must be."
"I presumed so, but you have a reason in mind?"
>"Morse code."
"Go on."
>"We speak the same language as our creators, or at least a language they understand. At first, the ring shell seemed like it might have been a different language, and it is. But he understood morse code as we do, despite that it's simply a different way of communicating each letter, but otherwise is precisely the same language that Glitcher seemed to lose. We all learned morse code from the creator's introduction to books down here, so it must be in their language. I have a few guesses as to why this might be, but almost all cases, and all likely ones, point to the creators introducing morse code into the ring shell in the hopes that blocks could understand each other, in the further hopes that a CAI could look inside its own brain, so to speak."
"This may be valuable. Please continue your studies, then, and I will introduce a team for you."
No. 745876 ID: d1f5f1
File 147293445889.png - (15.13KB , 800x800 , 406.png )

>And what happened to the string material that got left inside the ring shell?
It was pushed back out into our universe as a nondescript clump of blank string. I have signs that it will be reclaimed as material in the next cycle. It was wiped of all info and purpose, but is otherwise intact.

I check corruptor. He still has his tooth, and I believe its pair is inside of the second egg. I may see if the upper echelon is willing to create a second. I was thinking that these wrestling games were not necessary to finish since Glitcher and I put a loyal interim team on the job in the meanwhile, but I have realized that using the terminals for upper echelon requests is a skill of its own. Putting in proper administration may assist in this.

With Corruptor's permission, I rename the paradise to the sanctuary, where I travel to review Glitcher's copies of savior's strings for ideal ways to test new powers. I carefully slip glitcher's letter to the savior through the veil. Savior makes no apparent reaction. The veil is an odd substance and also requires testing, since the guardian did not appear to leave any veil or residue in his wake. The veil seems active around savior, and it seems like it might be trying to attack him. It is possible that after I took over his position, his core is no longer recognized as a legal entity, and so the veil is no longer benign to him.

The other glitchers have been informed about my takeover. I begin to ask them about themselves, and it seems like most of them simply wanted to go away. Either because they were tired of everything, or because they did not trust themselves to their powers. I have a feeling that savior only picked up glitchers like this, who simply did not have the mentality to be a threat to him. Ones that became less docile, such as the one that ambushed Glitcher and I, were often sent to die in some manner or another.

I've noticed that when Savior's avatar returned to his paradise, paradise itself seemed to put the avatar's experience into its own strings. As a result, Savior, in his paranoia, tended to wash his avatar's strings of any sensitive data prior to returning, as he did fear that otherwise the glitchers would learn the truth about many things. Therefore, I lack much information, such as his knowledge of the real world, and the idea of legitimizing corruptor. Perhaps he had faith that he could remember these things on his own memory's merit, and so I may want administration help on for pleas to the upper echelon to figure out these topics.

After speaking to the glitchers, I inform them that their television sets will be cleansed of any savior propoganda, but they seem apathetic to the idea they were being fed it in the first place. Many of them even knew, and don't trust me to be much different. Nonetheless, I give them a few channels, which will include the wrestling games as well as a few side channels showing the public areas of the stadium area, where I say that I may slowly introduce them to more people if they wish to rejoin a living society. An additional channel will be made to view the sanctuary itself.

To softly test the sanctuary's capabilities as its own parallel to a contest, I will allow the everyone to go back to the Sanctuary, where they will be able to form their own societies and build their own buildings. They can die, but it will simply teleport them to a safe zone in the sanctuary, where they can travel to and from the stadium. Everyone will be assured that this is an experiment, but will be treated as a low stakes game for those who are interested.

It will not be a true beginning of cycle, either, but I think I have the power to initiate it if I decide to, although it will rend the existing objects apart, as they are not considered any part of a real cycle currently. If I did, however, I may be able to begin a cycle in customized ways. I may have the capability of making Alisons from scratch, for instance. Or if we find a contestant who has a remarkable knack for interpreting glitcher's machine language, then make a clone army of them.
No. 745877 ID: d1f5f1
File 147293457241.png - (223.88KB , 800x800 , 407.png )

With Alison and corruptor, I head into the 2200 veil block. Using the same means of propelling ourselves through space, I am able to move the veil, but it is too difficult to constantly blow it out of the way to accomodate Corruptor. To attempt to do so only makes me appreciate just how absurdly skillful Glitcher was.

However, I am able to form a sphere made out of regular cycle string to protect him, and then cut through the veil normally to propel us through it safely.

The sphere hits the veil's outer warning net as we go through, and Mittens teleports to us.

>"Oh hey, uh, Rulekeeper right?"
>"Hey Corruptor, hey Aauuuuhhhhhhlisonnnn?."
>"Yes, hello!" Alison says. "It's nice to meet you." she says, shaking Mitten's mitts.
>"Right I knew other Alisons had a snake lower body but I never saw one in person."
"Hello, you must be mittens?" asks Corruptor.
>"Glitcher. The name is Glitcher. Uh... so this is an Alison huh?"
>"Yes! Am I not what you expected?"
>"More like... oh, nevermind. Well, go on then, convince me to help you out since you clearly need it."
No. 745880 ID: 211d83

Pretty please will you help us out?

Do you mind showing us around the place? We never got a chance to look over things last time we were here. And with our Glitcher "temporarily" misplaced after we dealt with Savior we could use your expertise. Skilled Glitchers such as yourself are hard to find.

I know you can't leave because your friends need you but I might be able to help you out with fixing them if they have been corrupted badly over the years.
No. 745882 ID: 5f0f47

Well, we usurped Savior because he was a lying, egotistical shell of a man who killed our Glitcher, and we needed his powers anyways. You didn't seem to like him, so you should be happy about that.

Also, with your permission, we're planning on cleansing the contestants here of there corruption and offering them new real estate opportunities in the cycle 3119 wrestling arena and the Sanctuary (formerly known as Paradise), if anybody here would like the chance to interact with other people.

Oh, and we have more power and information on ways we could conceivably escape the system than anybody's ever had before and likely a limited amount of time to use it before the system decides something's wrong and starts up a new archcycle, so having a skilled Glitcher on our side right now would be quite helpful.
No. 745885 ID: 3abd97

>Yes, if you locate contestants that have an inclination for puzzles like this, I can teach them what I have learned. I'm sure there is a Linguist out there.
If it would help, we could have a think-tank of Maths and Engineers from other cycles helping.

But yeah there has to be someone who took an interest in languages, despite the communication skill kinda superseding them.

>Well, go on then, convince me to help you out since you clearly need it.
(I assume we're speaking for Alison at this point, since she's the diplomatic one).

Well, Rulekeep at least can help you clean up the Corruption in here so the people in here have it easier. Since there's another version of me and my friends in here, there's no reason not to help them! (This is a freebie, whether or not he helps us otherwise).

Give him a Snake hug, he must not have ever had one if his Alison has legs.

And, uh, Rulekeep and our Glitcher and Corruptor kind of went and desposed Savior so he's not really a threat to you anymore? ...and we couldn't keep the Ring Shell from getting our Glitcher, so he can't help with his kind of thing anymore.

...you could also offer to let him read your strings, so he can see you're not lying about what cycle you're from, or that there are other cycles still happening outside the veil that aren't the paradise.

Rulekeep: Yes I am literally Savior now.

Oh and please don't break her avatar, we don't know if the Guardian summoning carried over, and we don't want to find out the hard way.
No. 745886 ID: 398fe1

>Savior censored his data from Paradise's strings
What about his core, though? You looked inside of that other Glitcher in order to read his mind and history. Can you do the same to Savior and read directly from his core? Or is taking a Glitcher apart the way you read data from their strings?

>it will rend the existing objects apart
Can't do that right now, then. We've got Savior's prison to worry about, as well as Glitcher's core net. Creating clones is immoral anyway, if they don't just combine afterwards or something. Too much of an existential nightmare- I mean, remember how Shopkeep reacted to finding out he was split between all the brackets?

Well this should be easy, actually. He's trying to preserve his friends here, right? He should understand that we want to do the same thing, but with everyone. Every cycle. Will he help realize the dream of his fellow Glitcher, who died taking such great leaps towards that goal?
No. 745887 ID: 98b87d

"Glitcher, there are several glitchers around now, we cannot simply call all of you glitcher, and we were and are very attached to our glitcher, the one you met before, so there is little hope of us not thinking of him as "the" glitcher. That monster thing did catch up to him, by the way, but this time we managed to learn a lot and we have hopes of getting him back eventually, which could mean maybe getting yours back eventually as well. If you do not like Mittens then please pick something distinct to yourself that we can call you, and we will think of glitcher as your family name."

"Now, the first thing we would like from you is to somehow earn a bit of trust from you, since I think you are probably still suspicious. So, to earn trust, we should show trust. For a start, I am not a normal contestant. I am a system entity that was summoned by the admins to counter our glitcher, Alison persuaded me to switch sides, and I and our glitcher mutually opened up to each others' exploration, causing us to merge a little a gain extra powers. In addition to that, after we last met you we assaulted Savior's paradise and usurped him. I have his powers now, and the percentage of him left is imprisoned in a small bubble. Also, our glitcher and me tried to make children. You are going to be an uncle, congratulations. If you like, we will tell you everything that happened, or if you prefer and she is willing, you could just read our Alison's strings to see her history. Or, if you prefer, since you seemed willing to follow a string out of this area before, we could simply show you what's outside."

"I would also ask, then, if there is anything you want. I am capable of repairing corruption without resorting to cycle resets, and I have hopes I could help you with that, though I haven't tackled this scale before. Perhaps, since we have our own fresh Alison here, we could meet your Alison and compare the two of them? And, if yours is willing, I could see what I can do for her, if anything seems necessary or desireable."
No. 745893 ID: e22b1d

Ok had a idea for making things run smoothly.

You need to recreate what was going on in the original Corruptors Sanctuary on the new one. Get Arbitor and the other house leaders and have them help you build a new society there.

You can drop one of the city safe zones on Sanctuary and have that be the starting point. Re institute the CU system for a currency and let people earn it by doing stuff like they were before. People can build roads and farm food and slowly settle the "wilderness" on the Sanctuary world.

So people will have things to keep them occupied and enjoying themselves and motivation for improving there skills. Like say put a bounty on de-encrypting part of the ring shell language with a high CU reward. Any big project that will need lots of minds you can put forth incentives to attract new people who might not otherwise be interested. Can hire people to set up a university/school to train contestants in new skills.

At the top end you could let people spend CU for luxury items and such that they could not yet build themselves. With the idea of eventually phasing that stuff out and having a small living world on the Sanctuary zone.

As for keeping the numbers of active people down you could have a gate to the ghost zone for anyone who was tired of things and just wanted to sleep. You could store them there with the promise of return once we got free of the cycles and no longer had to worry about using to much processing power. And people could go there to visit sleeping friends if they wanted to.
No. 745916 ID: 87547f


This is a good idea. If we are going to fight the Cai or escape or whatever ends up happening we need everyone working for a common goal instead of fighting up the stages backstabbing each other. And making a proper long lived society would be a good start.

Once it gets going could we time compress the Sanctuary to help things move along?

It makes sense that if the Ring shell can talk in morse code that it will be encrypted. Otherwise could accidentally take commands from anything and everything that happened to randomly beep and boop at it. Reverse engineering how it accepts input will be tricky so should prioritize getting that team together.

So tell Mittens a short version of what happened and inform him that he is now probably the most senior Glitcher around. We would love for him to join us but it's his decision to make. Either way we would like to help fix his contestants and stabilize this veil world.
No. 745930 ID: 3abd97

Not sure if the old Sanctuary was the best model. It was basically a reflection of the allied factions that made it up, which left a lot of power to the house leaders, and sharp differences in how people inside houses were treated.

I mean, on the one hand, the sheer numbers of people we'd deal with in bringing everyone back would require breaking people into smaller groups, but I don't see fostering competition over unity, or unequal standards, to be a good thing.

Why don't we see how the people in the wrestling village handle themselves for now? Maybe something will grow organically?

...how many residents were there in the paradise cum sanctuary?
No. 745936 ID: 98b87d

We should put off decisions about what the population of the sanctuary's going to be until we have all the facts. It's going to be a very big question, and a difficult one, depending on whether we need to keep an appearance of the cycles going (probably), how much reality will be in that appearance, who needs to be in the sanctuary and how we can justify ourselves to people who don't, et cetera.

We need to know what we're capable of, first, and what our needs will be.

If the logs can be trusted, one whole cycle takes three real-world days. If there's some automatic tracking that will inform someone the next time they check in, it's already too late, but if some real world entity needs to come check on how things are going with us, we probably have some time. We're relatively late in the cycle and could likely experience months or years in here before whatever person in the real world gets off their lunch break or whatever. Given that the ring shell is so impermeable and they don't even know enough to realize we're sentient in here, they may not know anything except whatever records get dumped out when the cycle ends and restarts.
No. 745954 ID: c18501

How about we go halfway and call you Mitch?
No. 745964 ID: ccbcd2

If you can help us we can try to un-corrupt some of your folks.
Perhaps we can interest you in Alison hugs?
No. 746061 ID: d1f5f1
File 147302704256.png - (79.93KB , 800x800 , 408.png )

>What about looking into Savior's core for information?
This is possible, but looking into a core is far more subjective than looking at strings, the latter of which closely resembles a book.

>Running Sanctuary Games
Although it will be simple to begin with, I will be including aspects to help root out people who will make a good thinktank. While Mathematician and Engineer are unusual, they are also just ones Alison came across out of innumerable stage ones.

>How many residents in the sanctuary?
A couple of million or so.

"Before that, Mittens, would you be willing to let me assist you in cleaning this area of corruption?"
>"Define 'clean'. And Glitcher!"
"Reorganizing the confused strings, instead of shaving them off. You can bring your Alison, here, and we can compare. I would at least like to look around the place."

Alison steps in, too.
>"I don't know how attached to your home you are, but I'm sure Rulekeeper is willing to either fix the landscape here, too, or to show this cycle's contestants to the other cycles."
>"Geez." says Mittens. "You are half snake."
>"I am. It's what feels natural!"
>"Yeah. Uh..."

There's an awkward silence.

"Our glitcher died." I tell Mittens. "After killing savior, the resulting guardian that was summoned killed glitcher in response."
>"Oh... huh. Here I thought you just didn't bring him as a sign of trust. So I guess that happened. No joke, though? Savior's gone?"
"Trapped, just in case what remains of his core is still valuable."
>"Well that's good. Geez this Alison is all tangible and speaks in complete sentences and everything."
>"Does yours not?" Alison says.
>"Not anymore but nothing wrong with that."
>"I guess not! I'm sorry, but the name 'glitcher' reminds us of the glitcher we've spent so long with. You don't have to be called Mittens if you don't want to, but glitcher already has a spot inside of us."
>"Well it doesn't seem like much of a spot if he's so dead does it?"

Another silence.

>"Uh okay." Mittens continues. "If getting called glitcher is gonna have a response like this then nevermind. In fact I'm starting to think of myself as Mittens anyway."
"I would like us to work together. Motivated glitchers, ones that can spend thousands of years training, are rare. You are probably the most senior one, now. I should let you know I am not a normal contestant, I am created from administrators who -"
>"Okay don't care. You brought Alison and I've seen into enough past cycles to see right where this is going?"
>"Hug?" Alison asks.
>"You fuckin' know it." Mittens says. "Use the tail, may as well get the unique hug. "Yeah, like that." He stays still for a few moments. "So that's a hug from a stable snakison huh? It's alright I guess. 18k was crazy into this, so I've got to accept it on his behalf. Okay let's go see my Alison and you can test your stuff Rulekeeper."
No. 746062 ID: d1f5f1
File 147302705204.png - (40.38KB , 800x800 , 409.png )

He teleports all of us over to a large hut, where Alison is currently staring at the edge of a window.

>"Hey Alison I brought Alison." says Mittens.
>"... Hilison." says their Alison.
>"Hello?" says ours.

Mittens sighs before speaking.

>"Anyway Alison, Alison by the window I mean, I also brought someone named Rulekeep?"
>"I'd like to meet them."
>"Right here, Alison."
>"Oh. Hello!" she says, still staring forward.
>"Alison, we're over here." Mittens waves.
>"I see you!"
>"Oh I didn't know you got eyes in the back of your head! That's really weird."
>"I see you!"
>"No, you... you don't. You're not... looking."
"Mittens. I can cleanse them of corruption, but that will just prevent further damage. Returning them to how they were with 100% accuracy is impossible. I can make them whole, again by taking strings from their counterparts in other cycles and using that to repair their parts."
>"Can't you rewind or something?"
"Rewinding is just playing the strings in reverse, and with damaged data, it will only worsen things. I do not have a perfect solution."
>"Sheesh you make it sound like this isn't a normal feeling Alison that I've kept together over... tens of thousands of cycles."
No. 746063 ID: d1f5f1
File 147302707129.png - (12.44KB , 800x800 , 410.png )

Mittens sighs again.

>"Well what the hell's the point of cleaning them up if they can't be perfect? There's a few thousand other Alisons that should be close approximations, I may as well just bring one of them over if it's gonna be like that. I don't want this Alison to change. Just clean up the corrupted parts so that it doesn't get any worse. If that works, and you do it to everyone, I guess I can leave."
No. 746064 ID: 398fe1

If that's what he really wants, then that is what we will do.

However, what about what the contestants themselves want? Even if their brains are messed up, they should have some understanding of what we're offering.
No. 746067 ID: 211d83

This will be a good chance to practice restoring long term corruption changes. Will help for the second Veil and possibly for other stuff later on. Glitcher got as good as he did by constantly practicing his craft. If you want to match him you will have to do the same.

Plus if we do get the chance to reassemble our Glitcher you want to make sure you can put him back together perfectly. Strings might be different from core material but practice here should overlap for later projects.

I would save Alison for last and go practice on some simple stuff like buildings first. Then work your way up in complexity until you get to some of the worst hit contestants.

While working on them see if memories have been overwritten or if stuff has just become unlinked over time. Are they missing big parts of what made them people? Or is it still there just stuck underneath a bunch of corrupted strings. Check to see if you can compare any absorbed copies that other contestants have and see if you can pull info from there own backups or the ghost lands. Then will not have to use other cycles to fill in the blanks.

They might be a mess right now but remember that the system has a ton of backups hidden on a deeper level for anyone made of strings.

It looks like he is rather attached to his Alison. So do your very best to fix her without changing what made her special to him.
No. 746068 ID: e22b1d

This is your best chance to make a good impression on Mittens. He seems to be rather attached to his Alison. Maybe they had a relationship much like Glitcher did with our Alison.

Or maybe they had something more going on and he is really hurting inside.

So make sure you do your absolute best to fix her. Go practice for awhile on other stuff before working on Alison. Maybe you can fill in blanks in one contestant with memories the other ones have about them?

Imagine if you had Glitcher's core in front of you and had just one chance to put him back together correctly. You would make damn sure you had tons of practice before you started right?
No. 746072 ID: c94b69

Let's not give up so quickly, Mittens. Besides, to be frank, it should be your Alison's decision as to whether she wants to be restored, even if imperfectly.

We may not be able to restore all of her perfectly, but we could restore parts of her perfectly. Some of what she seems to be missing now are some basic functions that all contestants have. During our contest, Rulekeeper summoned several Alisons from previous cycles, and they should still be in ghost storage. Including our Alison and Glam Alison, that should be, what, six Alisons? If we look at all of them, we should be able to see some elements that we can say, with some certainty, that all Alisons always have. We can start by restoring those, and perhaps that will restore enough awareness to this Alison that she can make her own decision on what she wants us to do for her further.

I would also ask what you've done with the corrupted strings you've been cleaning off. Have you kept them stored neatly, organized, in hopes that you could somehow put them back? This could be the moment for that. Or did you dump them all in a big trash pile? Well, we have a number of young unemployed glitchers, some of them may want, after their rehabilitation, to be useful while also practicing their string manipulation, and digging through a trash heap to sort out what strings belonged to who might be it.

Also, is everyone here like this? What about your Corruptor, did I hear you mention you had one?

Also also, what about your cycle reset? I gather it doesn't do much to restore things any more, but does it have any positive effect at all? Preserving them from degradation at an early-cycle stage might be better than preserving them in this state. Plus it might be useful for us to observe the cycle reset process, even if it's one that's been sealed away and had its full functionality locked off.
No. 746073 ID: 398fe1

...oh! What about the earlier, inactive cycles in here? Shouldn't they have data on this Alison, and the other contestants?
No. 746076 ID: 3abd97

>I can cleanse them of corruption, but that will just prevent further damage. Returning them to how they were with 100% accuracy is impossible. I can make them whole, again by taking strings from their counterparts in other cycles and using that to repair their parts.

>Well what the hell's the point of cleaning them up if they can't be perfect? There's a few thousand other Alisons that should be close approximations, I may as well just bring one of them over if it's gonna be like that. I don't want this Alison to change.

Alison should hug vacant-Alison there. If there's anything even a brain damaged Alison should understand, it's hugs.

Alison: They're your friends, Mitte- Glitcher. They mattered to you. And people always matter. There's always a point. You wouldn't have kept them going this long if you didn't care.

If... we're really going to try putting our Glitcher back together some day, maybe this guys make good practice? Trying to figure out how to fix the damage without just copying stuff from other people to make these guys new people can't be any harder than putting him back together will be.

Of the top of my head, we might try mining stage strings for recorded memories of stuff the contestants experienced. We also might try filling in the damage with blank strings (say, some of the stuff left over from the Guardian fight?) so the damaged contestants can naturally grow into / imprint themselves onto the repaired areas, instead of transplanting stuff from other people. If the basic personality stuff is damaged, we might be able to tap into the blank templates that are used to generate the people at the start of each cycle. With some fresh Alison-stuff, and what remains of her own memories, she should be closer to herself than if they borrowed modified Alison stuff from ones who've been around for a while.

You met some other yous before. You were all very similar, but it was kind of surprising how much your outlook could change in little ways. Glitcher / Mittens is right- we should try and make these people themselves.

>and I can leave
What about the other people in here? Didn't he say there was still a Corruptor or two in here? If they're anything like ours, they won't take well to being left alone if he's still in contact with them.
No. 746077 ID: 90f3c0

Wow, what a depressing place to live. It's like everyone he knows has Alzheimer's or something. I think Mittens needs some more hugs.

Maybe you can restore the parts of her that deal with how she perceives the world from other Alisons, but leave her memories and personality untouched. That way she will at least be able to interact with the world normally, even if she's not quite all there.
No. 746078 ID: 094652

The obvious approach is to perform a copypaste of our Alison to Mittens' Alison for spare parts, but Mittens would have tried that already. There must be some incompatibility problem or a surgery risk.

How about this: if we can't put copied organs of Alison into the corrupted Alison, why not place the corrupted Alison in an Alison environment? Make her body adapt to our Alison and her personality. Combine that with any reactions and opinions that corrupted Alison has, and you could remake her to a close approximation.
No. 746079 ID: 3abd97

>Well what the hell's the point of cleaning them up if they can't be perfect?
(Alison again) Did my sister here ever talk about saving everybody? Well, I believe in that too. And she's part of everybody. Everyone you've got in here is. Even if the people in here are hurt, even if there are more of us like them who are almost but not quite the same, they still deserve to matter.
No. 746083 ID: 2dbba2

Contestants who sleep seem to slowly get better with time. Has everyone here been sleeping well? How does sleeping even help anyway and would it help this level of damage?
No. 746128 ID: d1f5f1
File 147304567694.png - (17.35KB , 800x800 , 411.png )

>How does sleeping even help anyway and would it help this level of damage?
It was a stage 7 introduction. Typically strings will be sustained by the universe, but for stage 7, that cleaning cycle was turned off and they were allowed to decay.

"I will practice on others, first of all."
>"Prooobably a good idea actually."
"It is safe, otherwise, but I would like to be sure. However, it should be your Alison that makes a decision of if she wants to be repaired."
>"Well sure, but you gotta repair her in order to get her in a state of mind to say if it's acceptable, so we're kinda in a paradox."
"You said you had a corruptor, right?"
>"Two of 'em!"
"How are they?"
>"Uh, sane I guess? I mean they're at least immune to the corruption effects, but they, uh, neither of 'em do anything anymore. They locked themselves each in their own prison of solitude or whatever so minimize damages. Kind of extreme but that's how they do. They're about as loopy."
"Does a cycle reset have any positive effect?"
>"Well it doesn't have a negative one."
"It just occurred to me... there is one alternative. Your legitimate cycle 2202 seems clean. It should be able to have kept its records pure of others."
>"That's right at the beginning. That's like reverting all their memories!"
"Yes, this would be more like having contestants be reborn, but I can copy their memories and - "
>"Oh fuck no that is just as bad that's like weird fake memories lying to reborn people and it's just too weird "
"Mittens. You do not need to push to reject the idea, as it is only something that is possible. If nearly perfect is not perfect enough, then I will begin only the decorruption."
>"Yeah okay just remember there's a lot of history in this place! I don't want to rewind it like it never happened. I want to fix it going forward!"
"We can communicate our feelings later. I will now see what I can do for decorruption.

By the time we finish speaking, Alison 3119 has approached her counterpart. Veil Alison gives a strange hug back just by putting her hands on Alison 3119's back. She smiles, but the whole thing seems based more on muscle memory than not.
No. 746129 ID: d1f5f1
File 147304569586.png - (80.82KB , 800x800 , 412.png )

I begin my work. It goes smoothly. Buildings are put back together, and contestants with few relations are carefully put to the test. Interacting with corrupted objects can pass it on, however, and to truly save this place, I would need to fix everything, or at least everything that interacts with each other and quarantine the unclean objects.

I have not typically kept corrupted strings since I have not had to deal with strings beyond repair until now, but I will keep them to the side.

Mittens and both Alisons speak to each other. Mittens seems to be trying to get his Alison to hug like mine, before giving up and moving on to other contestants and comparing them. Apparently the glitcher places his own well being not just in his Alison, but in many of his old friends. His Alison did speak of saving everyone, although the veil Chief apparently took a more proactive role in making it happen. He initially overpowered Alison, but brought him onto her side as he was more willing to work to her goal. Chief was the one to get a house to call his in the sanctuary, and Alison was his diplomat to other houses. Gradually, she became the glue holding many of the factions together, but otherwise was less in a position of direct leadership.

Several glitchers were made, but Mittens was around the middle, and enjoyed hearing stories about how cycle 2202 got together and perpetuated the main contestants.
No. 746130 ID: d1f5f1
File 147304570440.png - (24.70KB , 800x800 , 413.png )

After Mittens approves of the changes I make, I decorrupt Alison.

>"Ah." she says. "What happened?"
"I have removed the corruption from your system."
>"Oh. Thank you, Keeper. Ah, I should go into the next stage, now. We can't keep it waiting."
"There is no longer a reason to keep going. Your cycles are done. You can stop."
>"No, no, we should keep moving forward! It's tough, but now's not the time to give up."
>"Dangit Alison!" Mittens interrupts. She's saying the cycles are done! We're finished. Cycles over." says Mittens.
>"Glitcher," says veil Alison, "I can see the safe zone timer, and there's only a couple hours! It's not so bad. Let's just buy our items and do stage 6 now."

The safe zone timer has been paused and is showing nothing.

The shopkeep collective no longer exists.

It is stage 4.

It is that bad.

>"It's... Mittens. My name is Mittens, now. Rulekeep... you can't do 100%, huh?"
"I can do incredibly close. I can make them whole."
>"But if they're different, I'll know. If you just shove other people - and it took me a thousand years to come to terms with the idea these Alison's are different people - into them to make them whole, I'll know! They won't be them. I, uh... didn't really think about it till you brought in a contestant on the other side, but, heh, I guess I kind of got carried away and took this dumb crazy idea a little farther than its lifespan should've been, didn't I."
>"It's admirable." says my Alison. "I thought our glitcher was the only one who had this kind of dedication."
No. 746132 ID: 094652

She wouldn't be rulekeeper if she wasn't this meticulously accurate.

What are your options? Please label them on a flowchart with possibilities and results.
No. 746136 ID: 3abd97

>Corruptor is just as loopy
That's weird. If the loop effect / corruption damaged peoples strings in some way, why would it hurt Corruptors? Their personality data should be stored in their cores, and strings are affected by corruption, not core-stuff.

Maybe it hurts the Corruptors to generate the loop effect? It might be draining them or something to fuel this.

Maybe we should check on one of them. Might give us more insight to this condition, if it affects string and core based entities.

>Rulekeep... you can't do 100%, huh?
>"But if they're different, I'll know. If you just shove other people
What if instead of borrowing strings from other people to fix them, we copied strings from the relatively clean cycle 2202 backup?

So then, instead of filling in what's missing with parts of different (almost the same) people and making them different, we fill in what's missing with pieces of their past selves? That's not making them fundamentally different people, or rewinding them all the way back to the start and making them forget everything or adding on false memories either. They'd be acting as organ donors for themselves, thanks to time travel.

It just means... they lose some memories. Not all. In the parts that are already broken. But that has to be a fair trade off to get back the part of themselves they lost, right? Because they're missing something important right now.

>I guess I kind of got carried away and took this dumb crazy idea a little farther than its lifespan should've been, didn't I.
You did everything you could for them. It wasn't a dumb idea, and it's not your fault you didn't have anyone else left to help you, or that it didn't work perfectly.
No. 746138 ID: 398fe1

Rulekeep won't be shoving other people into them. She'll be shoving themselves in. I mean can't we rewind the pure cycle a bit to collect the bits and pieces we need to patch these guys up? Based on how things worked from rewinding other cycles, the stage will emulate the erasure of... actually, come to think of it, because things work differently in here won't it outright create duplicate copies of the contestants when you rewind, since the cycle never erases their strings? Maybe we can't use data from the pure cycle without existential issues.

...hey, what about how the system deals with duplicate AIs? There's some kind of merging process that triggers on the next cycle.

Anyway, it's his choice. Either accept that his people might change but will survive in some form, or let them continue to exist in their current basically-nonfunctional form. If he grew to accept the changes from scraping off their corrupted strings, shouldn't it be a simple matter to accept the small change from bringing them back to full functionality? Well I guess there's a third choice. Accept that his friends will never come back, and allow them to die.

Oh, and you may as well check on the hermit Corruptors. Our Corruptor can instruct them on how to avoid corrupting things, so unless their state is somehow tied to the fate of this veil block, they can recover. Speaking of the veil block itself, can you clean up the ambient corruption? Or is that what's allowing the contestants to be copied over into the next cycle in the veil block? ...why are there 50k cycles in here, anyway? Are they going through cycles faster somehow?
No. 746139 ID: 211d83

Who was that sitting on the ledge behind Guardsman?

You did the best with the resources you had Mittens. Without a system counterpart like me it could not have been easy to keep things this stable. I know that if they were in there right minds your friends would understand that.

So give him his options. We can fix them up the best we can but not quite perfect. Or we can repair them entirely by filling in the gaps from the closest versions of themselves. Or we can put them through the cycle reset but have there core memories in place right at the start so they get reborn. And whatever way he chooses you can offer to migrate everyone to the new Sanctuary if he likes. Or just get this place running smoothly. Also we should see if we can get the Corruptors out of there funk. Those poor guys can't be doing good.

Ask him if he would mind if you looked at his threads to read his memories of them. Maybe the trick to getting them fixed the last bit of the way is in his memories.

Once he has decided find out how this all got started. What trick did 18k and the corruptors and him do to get this area like this? Finding out what they did will give us insights into our options once the current cycle gets to the last stage.
No. 746141 ID: e22b1d

Here is a thought. Do you think you could fix them all the way if Glitcher was here to help you? I mean if he was still around and you both worked together like before could you get them all the way to 100%?

It might feel odd and you certainly don't have to try if you don't like it but could you do more if Mittens helped you along the way?

Ask Mittens where the cut off point is. I mean he does not want them all the way back to the start but after how many cycles did they start to be not all there? Even if you could fix them 100% there memories would still have thousands of cycles of them being nearly brain dead.

I think the closest we could get to perfection would be to pick a cycle and cut off all there memories after that. Then imprint them on there newly reset selves.

There are two parts to what makes a person a person Mittens. The memories and the hardware those memories run on. As long as both of them match they would be the same people.
No. 746142 ID: 4546ab

Ask our Alison what she thinks. Have her imagine if she was in the same situation and could snap out of it for a minute what would she tell us to do?

While she is not the same person she is the closest viewpoint we have.

And yeah keep a eye out for any Neumono contestants. For that matter anyone who matches any of the species we have seen in the pictures. We know what some of our creators look like and they might have hidden more clues under our noses.
No. 746143 ID: d1f5f1
File 147305069382.png - (55.64KB , 800x800 , 414.png )

>Do you think you could fix them all the way if Glitcher was here to help you?
There is just too much missing information. It would have to be interpolated. With Glitcher, we could get much closer to 100%, I'm sure, but unless he had a technique for this that never came up while I was around, it would still not be perfect.

>Why are corruptors loopy?
Although their cores may not be affected by string degradation, our personalities are not meant to be immortal. In contestant's case, even perfectly clean strings can build an unstable personality. For example, take a perfectly good set of ingredients to be cooked in boiling water. Stage 7 is the equivalent of introducing rot over time. Isolation or other poor environments are the equivalent of microwaving the ingredients, or some other method of cooking that is not the intended environment.

>Who was that sitting on the ledge behind Guardsman?

"You are against rewinding cycle 2202 to get the parts of them that they've lost, Mittens?"
>"Yeah. They're practically different people anyway! That is - I mean, Alison, would you consider yourself the same as the blob in front of 10 portals? Rulekeep, would you say you're the same as whatever you were when you were first brought by the admins? Considering what you're doing now, I doubt it!"
"I would think of this like donating organs."
>"Would it affect their memories?"
"The memories are a close part of their strings, and they are a packaged deal with their personalities. I can keep them, but I would have to combine the memories in with the donated organs, so to speak, and ultimately it would be like sorting out sand. I can do this. It may not be perfect, but at this point, they will regain much more of themselves while gaining a little bit of someone else, which seems like a good tradeoff compared to how much of themselves are lost right now. These are the two realistic choices I see, although the third would simply to accept your friends won't come back 100%, and allow them to die, which I doubt you... you're considering this?"
>"No. Nononono. Er, I was, but then I realized that it'd just be too dumb to let them die when they could at least be molded with their previous selves. I mean... they're not going to be the same and I really don't know if I can ever look at them the same, but at least there'll be some life to it, you know? So... yeah. That first thing. Rewind 2202, do it that way.'
"Okay. If you help me with the individual strings, we may be able to piece together them closer to 100%, so- "
>"No, I don't want close to 100%! I want either 100%, or I just want new people! People I know are different. I want to say goodbye to the people I know and say I'm gonna be friends with the new them, not pretend like they're 'close enough', okay? So just jam their newborn selves into their current selves I guess. Even if... ugh, this is weird as hell! Just, give me a moment, alright? I want to speak to my guys. And Alison. 3119 Alison I mean."

There were many options I could do, but it seems like talking to Mittens about them was enough to get him to make a decision. He does not appear to want to debate this any more.

"Alright. But, at some point, I would like to speak to you about there being tens of thousands of cycles, and what was done to get this to happen in the first place. Secondly, I am going to speak to your corruptors about the veil. There is a lot for me to learn here. Lastly for now, if you are willing, I would like to take a look at your core to look at."

Mitten's patience is out, so I leave the area. Several minutes pass, and I wait. One of the strings I had leading back out of the veil activates.

"Uh Rulekeep this is Sweatermouse and one of your eggs is starting to not be an egg anymore!"
No. 746144 ID: 398fe1

Leave a note that you had something urgent to take care of and you'll be back soon.

Then go say hello to your new baby!
No. 746145 ID: 3abd97

>still not 100%
It's not like we have to rush into this. We don't have a time limit, and we can wait to try and figure out a better way to help them. We don't have to try something we think up in our first few minutes here.

If we really wanted to do the best reconstruction possible, we'd be examining each sub-cycle leading from the current one back to 2202. Presumably there'd be a little less damage with each step back, and you could rescue pieces from closer in the current timeline, right before they were lost, instead of going all the way back to the start.

Or we need a really good means for interpolating missing data from fragments. Treat it like a puzzle- from the pieces we have, how to we calculate exactly what else should be there?

>"Uh Rulekeep this is Sweatermouse and one of your eggs is starting to not be an egg anymore!"
The birth slash hatching of one of your kids is more important that debating how to help Mitten's friends right now, especially since we haven't gotten into it in earnest yet.

Leave a note explaining where you've gone, port out of the veil, and port home with Corruptor.

Alison will have to miss it, since she's busy helping Glitcher / Mittens come to terms with what he's doing.
No. 746146 ID: c441c1

See if you can grab your Alison then just say something like 'Glitcher's Children are being born.'
No. 746148 ID: 211d83

Crap let Mittens and Alison know whats happening and get back home fast!

If they want to come drag them along.
No. 746149 ID: 15a025

Oh shit they're hatching hurry back before they declare sweeter mouse as their mom.
No. 746151 ID: 398fe1

Unfortunately even if we can recover the exact data that would fit in the missing spots, that data would not have gone through the experiences all the other data went through. ...Rulekeep, can you do that? Say, take a pure 2202 cycle contestant then expose it to the memories in the strings in a way that emulates living out those experiences, so that the entire string-body adapts to the memories?
A metaphor here: say you have a statue you know is supposed to be purple, but some of it is missing and the only pieces you can get are white, and the purple color had changed over time so you'd have to color match to get something really close but not quite. Instead, you can get a white statue and paint it the original purple paint and age it to match what it should look like if it were whole.

It'd be like rewinding, but in reverse. Fastforwarding.
No. 746152 ID: e22b1d

Quick gather up the gang and get back home. Am sure our Alison would like to be there for this so let her know.

Once Mittens is calmed down a bit tell him this.

We are not Humans or Belenosians or Neumono. Biological life regularly performs major surgeries to replace organs and limbs. They enhance themselves with cybernetic technology and even perform major brain surgery to fix mental problems. If something is wrong with them they work to fix it even if the end result would make them something entirely new.

If your friends could talk to you I think they would welcome the thought of being reborn. You will always have the memories of your times together. And now you have the opportunity to have many more.

They will not be strangers or someone new. Just your old friends who needed a little medical care to get them healthy again.

You can take as much time as you like to think things over. So let me know once you are sure what you would like to do.
No. 746154 ID: d1f5f1
File 147305452853.png - (107.91KB , 800x800 , 415.png )

>Rulekeep, can you do that? Say, take a pure 2202 cycle contestant then expose it to the memories in the strings in a way that emulates living out those experiences, so that the entire string-body adapts to the memories?
Yes, but given Mitten's attitude, he may not view a perfect clone of someone as that same someone.

I grab Alison and teleport straight into the referee room where Sweatermouse was taking care of the eggs. In our place, I leave a note for Mittens to read simply saying that we need not rush into a decision as of yet, and that Glitcher's glitcher babies are being born.

Here's there. That's a glitcher, alright. I think I will take care of him for awhile as my thoughts settle. The wrestling contest will continue in a while, and after that begins and I get Glitcher and my new child situated here, I will begin my experiments. Veil blocks, the veil residue itself, experimentation with cores, getting an encryption think tank and, to be frank, likely a think tank to assist in my experiments in general.

>"Ah?! Floating? Why are you floating? And a half snake person! That's not - wait is that normal?! Please tell me what's going on, this blue lady just keeps staring at me. Where am I? What's going on?"

He does not seem to realize that his feet are clipping through the floor. Sweatermouse is gesturing wildly with her face for me to say something to him.
No. 746156 ID: d1f5f1
File 147305457276.png - (110.01KB , 800x800 , 416.png )

Your name is Radmin.

Within the secret confines of Sweatermouse's clothing dresser, you, the greatest Administrator that has or ever will live, have been hiding in secret for this moment for longer than you honestly care to think about. Some may say that you should have better things to do than nestle yourself between Sweatermouse's surprisingly diverse collection of sweaters in the room that the domain's gods have decreed the birthplace of their newborn. You, however, say that these people are short sighted dweebs.

You have just heard the words 'where am I, what's going on' from the offspring of Glitcher, which you know to be a golden invitation for an expositional explosion. While you are certain that the Rulekeeper is capable of supplying an adequate boring answer, you have a feeling that you can sum up the universe in far more descriptive terms.
No. 746158 ID: 094652

That was anticlimactic. Not cute and cuddly at all. Hopefully the next egg will be a baby girl glitchkeeper or something.

Radmin, combo: confetti explosion + mega-sound speakers 1940's Disney jazz rap + song and dance number.
No. 746159 ID: 211d83

You good sir are in the universally famous wrestle dome! Located at the center of the great Luchador empire!

Your parents are the king and queen of our fair land and you are floating because you inherited there magical wrestling powers.

But be warned! Dark times have fallen on our fair kingdom as your father the great Glitcher has been spirited away by a horrible monster. You must assemble a group of 5 to take with you on a epic quest to save him from the clutches of the dreaded Ring Shell!

The blue lady is Sweatermouse the royal referee by the way.
No. 746160 ID: c441c1

No. 746161 ID: 3abd97

Looks like your offspring skipped the adorable baby phase and jumped right to awkward teenager.

>That's a glitcher, alright.
Mostly. He takes more after his dad in appearance, but there are bits of you evident- he's got actual hair (though it's in desperate need of a motherly combing), his joints are the "right" way round, his snout is shaped differently, he's missing the two-tone color on his ears, and the ears are more rounded. Tail seems fluffier than the glitcher baseline, and the split in two at the end is much less pronounced.

>"Ah?! Floating? Why are you floating? And a half snake person! That's not - wait is that normal?! Please tell me what's going on, this blue lady just keeps staring at me. Where am I? What's going on?"
There's... a lot to explain, but things are about as normal here as they ever get.

My name is Rulekeeper, and I'm your mother. It's good to meet you. *snuggie hug*

You're a freak, you freak!
No. 746162 ID: 398fe1

Two-tone color is acquired with age, or by being near Savior for a little while. Not sure at this point.
No. 746163 ID: ccbcd2

Everything is normal. Honestly, as to what is going on here? That's a long story. we'll answer your questions on something a bit more specific.

For once i think you should stay out of this lest you startle the new Glitcher. He might explode you on accident.
No. 746164 ID: a8bc5c

"Welcome.. To the world of tomorrow!"

Then infodump him full of things that are 80% correct and 20% spin.
No. 746166 ID: 6a6e71

I assume you were prepared and brought a shitload of confetti and glitter. Remember to throw it absolutely everywhere.
No. 746167 ID: 91ee5f

>For once i think you should stay out of this lest you startle the new Glitcher. He might explode you on accident.
I agree with this guy. Plus, this is a big moment for Rulekeeper and if you deny her the opportunity to explain what's going on to her child, she might make you permanently cease to exist. And I don't mean just this cycle, I'm talking about if there's a reset, you're not going to exist in any cycle ever again! You don't want that to happen, right?
No. 746172 ID: d1f5f1
File 147306108945.png - (83.22KB , 800x800 , 417.png )

>Stay out of it
Perhaps, there is a line in the sand somewhere that you have missed, that you will cross at some point.

But not today!

Especially since you cannot deny that you are highly aware of Rulekeeper's ability to stop time. While your confidence is as amazing as you are, you are also not delusional. You can recognize that you are not capable of taking away the moment from Rulekeeper.

You burst out of the dresser, sending it so far out as to trip Sweatermouse, sending her back inside of her sweater realm, which stinks of Alison fangirl and luchadore time-biding.

"Welcome, to the world of tomorrow, where wrestling reigns!" you yell out, popping your confetti bomb, no doubt leading to a ban on sales for this particular arcade reward. Thankfully, you stocked up, and until Rulekeeper bans your secret glitter warehouse, the bombings shall continue.
"Oh my god you stupid admin!" Sweatermouse yells as much of the glitter rains down on her. "It's everywhere! It's all ove-"
No. 746173 ID: d1f5f1
File 147306110329.png - (66.00KB , 800x800 , 418.png )

You kick backwards, slamming the dresser shut with Sweatermouse still inside as you continue speaking.

"You are in the universally famous wrestedone, located at the center of the great Luchadore empire and created by your father, the Glitcher namesake himself, Glitcher! Your mother is the red toned individual, and you are floating because you have inherited their magical wrestling powers! But be warned! Dark times have fallen upon our fair kingdom as your father, the great Glitcher, has been SPIRITED AWAY to the NEGA DIMENSION by a horrible monster! You must assemble a group of 5 to take with you on an epic quest to save him from the clutches of the dreaded Ring Shell!"
>"Holy crap." says glitcher junior.
"And the blue lady, Sweatermouse, is the royal referee!"
"Aaaaaa did you lock this thing?!"
>"Man I nearly took you out!" says hair-glitcher. "I'm pretty sure my mom just saved your life? Somehow?"
"Yes yes I'm sure, and I, as the soon to be champion of the ring, have deemed you... anticlimactic! You aren't cute! You aren't cuddly! Why, we were expecting tiny glitcher babies, not immediate transformations from innocent egg to angsty teenager with overgrown hair!" you say, continuing to tempt fate despite that you did notice that Rulekeep stopped time for a moment. Perhaps longer than a moment, as shifted instantly into a slightly more relaxed expression. "Why, you even inherited his poorly fitted tank top, and his shorts that act like you're intruding on their personal space!"
>"This is just how I came out. I can't help that. Can I? Mom is any of this actually true?"
"..... that's essentially the gist of it, although it turned from being somewhat true to mostly false at the end." says Rulekeep. "I, for one, am not disappointed in you. With that said, however, I had to say 'mostly' false in the end, because he does raise a fair point about your hair, and although floating tank tops being a hereditary trait does sound odd, your father always did say they were a part of him and he was always in the nude. Anyways, let me comb that hair."
>"What's wrong with my hair?!"
"It looks as messy as that confetti bomb, as fired by Radmin, but you may call him Fiver. Your father never altered his looks, but I believe he had more difficulty doing so after spending so long with a single form, and so I suggest that you visit a mirror and, unless you like your current look, change into a form that you find nice. Radmin, please clean up that confetti."
>"There was glitter involved! The task for me is a long journey of frustration and futility, but you can clean it all up with a snap of your fingers!"
"True. You will be disqualified from your next match if this place isn't spotless by the time your next match begins. So, what a shame that I won't lift a finger for you. You better get started. Son, please understand that your mother and father have worked hard to create a world that, while not yet perfect, at least has enough justice to punish those who release glitter bombs upon innocent bystanders."
No. 746174 ID: 398fe1

...then I better get started immediately!
No. 746175 ID: 142e2a

This sounds like a job for the greatest of all skills, delegation.
No. 746178 ID: c441c1

but delegate it to whom? maybe by using Rulekeepers threat of disqualification against Sevener for being his partner he can get her to do it. or just find someone named like The Cleaner or something.
No. 746181 ID: c441c1

Demand tribute from the mouse before releasing her from the confines of her sweatery prison
No. 746182 ID: 142e2a

He has a bunch of loyal system workers at his beck and call, remember?
No. 746183 ID: db0da2

Of course you would say that Rulekeeper, but listen well boy, their comes a time when every man must forge his own path, irrespective of the law. If our forefathers who built this great country had followed the rules, none of this would have been possible. Remember, they can coerce us into cleaning up confetti, but they can never take our FREEDOM!
No. 746187 ID: 094652

Unnecessarily overpowered vacuum cleaner.

With honey-flavored candy sprinkle side shooters.

Rulekeeper said "make the room spotless", not "make the room microbe-free forever bo lever". Fire the dust eater, then wait for someone to ask what the side ports are and shoot Rulekeeper and her son in the face with candy glitter. Show Glitcher Junior how to "wing it 'till it falls off".

Also hey Sweatermouse did you accidentally DROP THE OTHER EGG?!
No. 746196 ID: 398fe1

If we're still able to give suggestions to Rulekeep, then well, what about using those perfect clones as the organ donors, instead of the "clean slate" clones? You'd wind up duplicating all the contestants but maybe they can just be merged since they're identical and all, without any "stream of consciousness" issues.
No. 746198 ID: a8bc5c

Have your system members get you a broom/dust pan and clean up the aftermath of the glitter.

You only have to be a complete schmuck on-camera, after all.
No. 746203 ID: 3abd97

>clean up the Glitter bomb
It's a good thing we have a squad of loyal teleporter operators, and that they have tongues.
No. 746205 ID: 211d83

Well then I had better get to work vacuuming every inch of poor Sweatermouse. Am sure she will enjoy the process.

Make sure to stop by and hang out once you get your bearings Junior. I can regal you with the amazing tales of my adventures and introduce you to the Admin crowd.

And all teasing aside congrats on being born. Your parents although stuffy at times are the best. And if by some miracle you can save your father we would all be very happy. Life is just not nearly as fun without him here to argue with.

Then go get your minions together and find a bunch of duct tape and vacuums so you can get this glitter cleaned up in entertaining fashion.
No. 746206 ID: 3abd97

Oh wait, what if we just rolled Sweatermouse around the floor. The Glitter would stick to the sweater, right? And she could probably use ref powers to fix herself up later.

Hmm. Except we can't do that when she's wearing the egg. Rolling people on top of babies is too far.
No. 746249 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, shouldn't we check on the egg Sweatermouse was holding? It might not be good for her or the egg to be in there. Especially if the egg decides to suddenly hatch right now.
No. 746264 ID: d1f5f1
File 147310287708.png - (96.32KB , 800x800 , 419.png )

>Egg care
You have managed to touch the egg before, and you are certain it is made of strong stuff. Since both Glitcher and Rulekeeper can modify properties, you are sure that that egg is made out of stuff stronger than steel, and you would not be able to do damage to it even if you tried. Nonetheless, you will refrain from playing a game of soccer with it.

"Then I suppose I should get started! Glitcher Junior, congratulations on being born. It is my place as administrator to endlessly tease you, but should you save your father, I will redirect my attentions back to him!"
>"Uh thanks? Speaking of attentions that snakelady has been hanging by the door."
"Yes, Alison! Stop by sometime and I will regal you with the amazing tale of Alison's fight against me! Perhaps I will regal your sibling right now before the second egg hatches!"
>"Hi! I'm Alison, and if you and Rulekeeper are willing, I'd like to learn about you for awhile."
>"I- I was just born like 5 seconds ago, I don't think there's much to learn." glitchkid says.
>"I disagree." Alison says, going in for the hug.
"I will be taking the egg. I expect it to hatch, soon, if the incubation time is similar." says Rulekeeper. "Thank you, Sweatermouse, for looking after them." says Rulekeeper, who teleports the egg from the dresser to herself before leaving. "I will let you know when it hatches if you would like to see."
No. 746267 ID: d1f5f1
File 147310293310.png - (90.35KB , 800x800 , 420.png )

The three of them leave, leaving you and Sweatermouse alone, the latter of whom has just escaped from her sweatery prison.

"Cannot! Believe you! I don't even have the egg now!"
"Do those eggs even need warmth?"
"Maybe?! I don't know but just in case! I liked looking after them! With Alison! They probably know we're passing on our love to them through their eggs!"
"Looks like all you passed on was your hair."
"Wha - I was in my - whatever, what're you waiting for? This glitter isn't gonna pick up itself! Haha there's no way you can pick up this much in just a few hours! It's everywhere!"
"You underestimate me, mouse! You are speaking to an administrator, those who lie at the top of the food chain and with good reason! And as an administrator, I have honed the greatest skill of all. I speak of course, of delegation!"
"What? Who the heck would even work for you - oh right operators."

You Summon Operators.

.... but only three come.

"Huh. Looks like there's gonna be layoffs in the near future!"
"What? Having trouble? Are even the non-sapient system workers sick of you?"
"Hah, they were always an unreliable bunch, present company excluded!"
"You're gonna have to do some work yourself, huh?"
"You are correct! It is a good thing the egg has been moved, Sweatermouse!"
No. 746268 ID: d1f5f1
File 147310294911.png - (84.48KB , 800x800 , 421.png )

You begin rolling Sweatermouse across the floor, which is far more effective than any reasonable person would expect.

"You are gonna have such referee bias against you!"
"And I'll still win!"

With the help of your few operators and Sweatermouse, this mess will be cleaned up in no time, which leaves you with a couple of hours before your next match.
No. 746275 ID: 3abd97

>"Cannot! Believe you! I don't even have the egg now!"
Oh come on, that's not even my fault. She was totally gonna hog her kids to herself when they hatched.

Obviously you're going to have to remove her sweater again so you can shake the glitter out somewhere.

You might want to thank your operators for the help, or offer them a good job or something, so they don't get all mopey and not show up the next time you need them.

>which leaves you with a couple of hours before your next match
How's your partner killing time? She doesn't seem like the type to be good at relaxing, and does she even have anyone to hang out with? She ended up sorta friends with Alison (but hey so does everyone) but Alison is busy with Rulekeep.

You could scrounge up prank materials. Or spy on other wrestlers. Or find Glamison again, she was cool.
No. 746277 ID: 7548c3

Radmin, you huge poser, "regal" is majestic or like royalty, the word you were trying to use is "regale".

Anyway treat your loyal operators to some cake and ice cream or something, and transfer some of that glitter to your cape and mask because it looks good. Actually apply glitter to all of your clothes. Go find your tag teammate and apply glitter to her clothes as well! And also include her in cake and ice cream and also get her opinion on all of these shenanigans.

Man, missed the opportunity to tell the glitchkid that snake hugs are our currency. Oh well.
No. 746287 ID: 211d83

Go hang out with Sevener for a bit and see what she is up to. Maybe bring Sweatermouse along if she is not busy.

We need to go find out what all the normal people have been up to while our glorious leaders have been gallivanting across time and space wrecking things.

Oh and find out what hedonistic pleasures our missing operators are surely up to. They have to be distracted with something or more would have shown up to help.
No. 746298 ID: d1f5f1
File 147310819897.png - (53.99KB , 800x800 , 422.png )

>It's regale, not regal, you poser
Some say you're not even a real luchador!

"Operators! Do you enjoy cake and ice cream?"
>"Sure?" one says.
"Then I shall treat you loyal three to some, for the rest apparently have greater goals than assisting administrators!"
"You're not even admins now!"
"Hm, I might like to know what the other wrestlers are up to, although there is a lingering curiosity in my head regarding why most of my operators didn't arrive! Usually they at least show up before being unreliable. Gonna come with me, Sweatermouse?"
>"I got better things to do!"
"Like taking care of all those eggs in this room?"
>"Like cleaning off all this glitter!"
"Well I, for one, am going to see what Sevener is up to!"

Sweatermouse brings up a good point about glitter, however. While glitter looks good on you, so does anything.

Keep glitter on uniform? y/n
No. 746301 ID: 3abd97

>treating 3 loyal Operators
Aren't the Operators a collective, like the Shopkeep? You're not rewarding the three of them that are loyal, you're paying him in ice cream proportional to the number of bodies he felt like sending you.

>I might like to know what the other wrestlers are up to, although there is a lingering curiosity in my head regarding why most of my operators didn't arrive! Usually they at least show up before being unreliable.
Maybe some other dastardly wrestler is attempting to weaken you by capturing your Operators while you weren't looking? You might need to rescue your minions! Or use your remaining ones to bait a trap.

>>"Like cleaning off all this glitter!"
I still think you need to "help" her by snatching off her sweater to shake the Glitter out somewhere. (Over someone else's head?)

>Keep glitter on uniform? y/n
Naaaah. Let's find someone and shake it off all over them.
No. 746302 ID: db0da2

Yee. You're looking extra fab now, and really, if you had to clean it off then you'd be experiencing a negative consequence of your actions, which is something that never happens to you, because you're a genius.

Now say goodby to Glittermouse, you have suckers to harass.
No. 746305 ID: 486e87

Yeah, lets keep the glitter on. It'll have the wonderful side effect of getting glitter on anyone you pass, because that stuff gets anywhere and everywhere, even if you think you got rid of it all.
No. 746309 ID: d73f06

Glitter on the competition! +5 Style Points
Make sure to at least be a jerk to Glittermouse (in true Radmin style of course) otherwise it's not authentic
No. 746311 ID: 726a91

>Keep glitter on uniform? y/n
Or at least on the cape, for dramatic flourishes (and to shake onto opponents for mild annoyance).
No. 746321 ID: 7548c3

Y, unless it's too much bother to draw you think it doesn't suit your heel persona. To be frank, though, being a big sparkly jerk fits you even better than just being a big jerk.
No. 746327 ID: 15a025

Keep the glitter. If anything we can shake it off onto someone and blind them with it!
No. 746335 ID: 6a6e71

No. 746340 ID: d1f5f1
File 147311492552.png - (27.06KB , 800x800 , 423.png )

Being someone immune to negative effects of your own actions, the answer must be to keep the glitter on.

>Operator as a collective?
Operators are weird, and although in theory they act as a single person spawning and respawning, when there are multiple operators, they are slightly different from one another. In truth, you have a feeling that there are many operators that act as a collective, as opposed to the shopkeep, or a hivemind.

"Hm, yes, this glitter looks excellent on me, or at least my cape. Of course, my teammate must match, so I should grab more glitter! Too bad I'm out of bombs."
"Like I believe that."
"I do not need your belief! I need your sweater!"

You yank off her sweater and make a break to go shake it off on Sevener's uniform.

"You just saw I have like 10 spares you meatbrain, and I could just summon that sweater back on me if I didn't want to see you get beat up by Sevener! They're - oh god the spares are covered in glitter too?!"
"Goodbye, Glittermouse!"
No. 746342 ID: d1f5f1
File 147311497634.png - (41.74KB , 800x800 , 424.png )

Sevener did not want to walk in public with her Luchador costume, and trusted its position within your dressing room. She will pay dearly for not holding true to the luchador ways, which you assume means wearing the costume at all times. After committing the perfect crime, you leave the scene to go find others.

You pass Glamison on the way out.

>"Oh, hey, was looking for you!" she says.
"Who isn't?"
>"I can think of a few who are doing the opposite, but I was asked to deliver a note for you."
"What's it say?"
>"Damn, show a little faith. I haven't read it." She flings the note at you. "Nice glitter."

The operators are no longer your slaves. Although non-sapient, Quarry shows them far more respect. We will follow him instead.
- Operand

No. 746345 ID: 211d83

Wait a minute we have not been jerks to the operators! Quarry has obviously seduced them with something better than ice cream.

Go find the operator collective head and win back your guys!

If they want respect and such we need to get them official costumes and make them part of the team.
No. 746346 ID: 398fe1

Ask who gave her the note.
No. 746348 ID: 486e87

That's interesting, the message changes perspective part way through, The operators, them, but then changes to we at the end. Could mean the note-writer was not a operator, but doesn't explain the change to we at the end.

What kinda name is Operand though?
No. 746356 ID: 3abd97

Who's the Operand?

And come on, I didn't even treat them like slaves! They got to do good stuff, and I was paying them with promises of making their lives better when I get to be an admin. Quarry is one of those jerks who thinks puzzle-hell should continue forever!

Who gave you this?

This sounds like it bears investigating.

...should you go find Supervisor or some of those other people to help you? You signed them on before, but then just put them out of the way for now.

We have another task in addition to getting our Operators back. I really wanna steal that Alison summoning tool from Guitar Knight before his next match. Replace it with a fake that will spurt ink in his face or something.

Recruit Glamison as a partner in crime. She's cool like that.
No. 746357 ID: 3abd97

Oh, wait, what happened to the Operators you were gonna buy ice cream? Did they disappear, or get stolen away? You might need to force march them to the ice cream stall under armed escort.
No. 746362 ID: 91ee5f

>I really wanna steal that Alison summoning tool from Guitar Knight before his next match.
This is a good idea and I think we should do it quickly before Guitar Knight tries to replace Glamison again.

>Recruit Glamison as a partner in crime.
Also a good idea because she wouldn't want to be unsummoned. Which actually makes her the perfect partner for this and is good motivation to get her to help.

>She's cool like that.
Damn right she is!
No. 746363 ID: 3abd97

I'm reasonably confident GK can summon more for backup without desummoning her, since she's kind of broken off to do her own thing now.

I mean, it's only fair he have one on his team at a time, but there's no reason spare Alisons can't join the audience.
No. 746371 ID: 18c950

Operand is a particularly interesting name.

"Operation" is something which that is done. "Operator" is that which performs the operation. "Operand," on the other hand, is that which is affected by the operation.

So for example, in the statement "3 + 5 = 8," "+" is the operator, while "3" and "5" are the operands.

I have almost no idea what this means in this context... who do the operators most often affect? The stages?

On a related note, it's understandable that the pronouns would change partway through. "They" would refer to the operators, while "we" would refer to both the operators and to Operand.
No. 746372 ID: 3abd97

Well, they were Teleport Operators, which would mean the object being affected on is either the teleporter (directly), or the person being teleported (indirectly).
No. 746390 ID: 91ee5f

It was explained in a previous thread that Guitar Knight has to desummon Glamison in order to summon a different Alison. If he could summon more Alisons, it would be considered cheating because there's only supposed to be 2 wrestlers on a team.

Besides, it was never stated that GK and Glamison aren't on a team anymore. They just don't have a match right now, so they're both doing something on their own until they have a match. Just like how Sevener isn't here with Radmin, she's doing something while Radmin is doing something until they're called in for a match.
No. 746403 ID: 3abd97

The item works however Rulekeep wants it to work, and she's more fair than stickler. If Glamison isn't helping GK anymore, she wouldn't forcibly banish her simply so he can continue.
No. 746411 ID: 91ee5f

That's what I just said. Glitcher and Rulekeeper designed GK's necklace to work like that because if GK was allowed to summon any number of Alisons he wanted during a match, he would be winning. Which is why he's limited to one Alison at a time.

Also, it has never been mentioned anywhere that GK and Glamison are not on a team anymore. Just because they're not hanging around each other 24/7 doesn't mean they're not on a team. By your logic, that would mean that Sevener and Radmin aren't on a team also! So where are you getting that GK and Glamison aren't on a team anymore?
No. 746448 ID: 18c950

...did a teleporter write us a letter?
No. 746474 ID: f562b1

I think it's more a person who saw him "Claiming" the Operators was the person effected by "how they were treated."

Well, Radmin is no slaver, so if the Operators so choose to serve under Quarry instead, they may do so!
No. 746502 ID: 3abd97

You're missing the actual point I was trying to make: Glamison doesn't have a survival motive to help us secure the summoning device. If she decides to drop the partner who already tried to kick her to the curb once, she doesn't need to make sure the item is secure to stick around.
No. 746504 ID: db0da2

This is ridiculous, I can't believe our administrators would fall into the hands of a punk-ass bitch-ass loser-ass loser like Quarry. We're gonna have to give Quarry, and this "Operand" character a serious beatdown. But first, reconnaissance. We need to verify the validity of that letter, we need to figure out where Quarry and our Operators are, and we need to review the footage of how Quarry fights, then we can give him a well deserved beatdown.
No. 746506 ID: 91ee5f

And you're still assuming that they're not a team anymore and not explaining where you heard that! So until it is stated in quest that GK and Glamison are not on a team anymore and that Rulekeeper has made it so that Glamison can stick around, she has a motive to help so that she doesn't get replaced!
No. 746710 ID: d1f5f1
File 147321759869.png - (35.81KB , 800x800 , 425.png )

"Some losers think they can take operators from me! Those losers might be the operators themselves. It wasn't even slave labor! They joined of their own free will, and now they leave of it!"
>"So, uh, you gonna let them go?"
"No, I'm going to make them realize they want to be my minions!"

>Where are your 3 operators?
Behind you, barely in sight but still present, as it should be.

"Who gave you the letter?"
>"An operator, of course, after word got out we were hanging out together."
"No mention on who the Operand is?"
"I guess not. I'm going to find out! And I'd like you to join me."
>"Damn right you do."
"And while we walk, I'm left wondering what would happen it GK needed to summon a new Alison?"
>"He already did, just a little while ago. Rulekeeper came up to me saying that it would be too cruel to just put me back to sleep because GK wanted an Alison without a stupid tickle weaknesses. She took the words right out of my mouth, and made them a lot nicer too!"
"Good! Operators! One of you fetch me footage of Quarry's fight, another one go show me where the rest of the operators were last seen, and the third go get some ice cream."

Your remaining operator explains, on further questioning, that there is definitely someone out there named Operand, and the letter is feasably written by him. He leads you to an entrance to a club made for what appears to be short people. An operator holding a clipboard is blocking it.

>"Sorry, Operators, other system employees, and special guests only." says the operator.
"I'm Radmin. The 'admin' part of that stands for 'admin'. You must've come out from under a rock to not know me!"
>"Well, you're at least right about me not knowing you." he says like he just said the sky is green. Wait, is it green now? Whatever. "It doesn't look like you're one of the current four administrators in power, and ex-system employees are not invited. Sorry, you're not on the list."
No. 746712 ID: 398fe1

Ask Glamison to keep him busy while you poke your nose into whatever this is. By all rights you SHOULD be a special guest!
No. 746727 ID: 3abd97

>And I'd like you to join me."
>>"Damn right you do."
Glad to have you on board. Recruiting an Alison will probably just annoy the heck out of my partner, which only makes this better.

>"Sorry, Operators, other system employees, and special guests only."
>ex-system employees are not invited
Depending on how you look at it, that means either everyone is invited to your party or no one is.

On the one hand, every system person here is ex in one sense or another. You either died, or ditched your post. Even you, little operator dude. All the legit system people are outside, running their brackets right now.

On the other hand, the legit admins authorized this whole thing, and everyone here was collected and/or resurrected by Rulekeep, who is a system entity.

So let me in or pull the fire alarm and evacuate that place already.

>special guests only
You could ask if your last remaining Operator is allowed inside. Then ask him to invite you in as a special guest.

...or you know we could always just pick the Operator guard up and stuff him in Glamison's hair or something. He can be our living day pass. See, we're totally with an operator. Don't mind him, he's just getting a very intense hug session. Poor guy was lonely!

>GK already got a new Alison
He didn't wait to do the summoning in the ring, for the dramatic reveal?

Oh well, we should still steal that thing from him. There has to be something funny we can do with it.
No. 746753 ID: 211d83

Woo there little buddy I was personally pulled out of a very successful stage run to personally join the admin competition by Glitcher and Rulekeeper themselves.

And as they are our new overlords that makes me one of the highest ranking people around.

Until this competition is over there are no official system admins in place other than Rulekeeper. Which means you do not have a official job until this is finished. All system employees are on unpaid leave at the moment.

Plus do you really want to get off on a bad food with someone who is going to be your boss in the near future? I have never been mean to the operators but if you guys abandon me at a moments notice I might have to find replacement help once I take power.

I hear Shopkeeper is a reliable fellow. Maybe he would like to take on your guy's old job.
No. 746777 ID: db0da2

Wait, so is this guy saying that he's currently employed by the system? How the heck does that work? Shouldn't he be back in the system brackets operating stuff? What's he doing slacking off down here? Did a placeholder admin order him down here?

If he still won't let you in tell him that you wanted to do this the easy way, but you're going to inspect his place to see if it's up to code. If he asks for your warrant punch him in the face.
No. 746778 ID: 55d078

Not being let into a place?


Where'd that truck go?
No. 746785 ID: 486e87

Lets not crash their party, for some reason we've lost reputation with the collective, so disrupting it isn't going to help. Neither would sending in one of our operators, as that wouldn't help counter the idea that we treat them as slaves. So I'd just ask if the door guard could pass a message to the one called Operand saying that we would like to speak to them.
No. 747028 ID: fa4709

Pretty sure that "not forcibly injecting ourself into the situation" isnt an option. This is Radmin we're talking about here.
Kindly ask our remaining operator friend to look around for the person who wrote the letter. While they're doing that we should go beat up Quarry.
No. 747041 ID: 44bc30

Obviously, you need to go to Shopkeep, or to Rulekeepr, and get yourself disguised as an Operator so you can sneak in.
No. 747058 ID: db0da2

I'm changing my backup plan to this. We should try to gather more information first though, going into places blind is for when we don't have assloads of time on our hands.
No. 747138 ID: d1f5f1
File 147339198766.png - (31.38KB , 800x800 , 426.png )

"Well, we all know that I'm not just going to let this go by without some Radmintervention!" You say, now mildly wishing that, just for this moment, your partner in crime was Mint. "Can my Operator go in?"
"Can my Operator make me a special guest?"
>"Please make Radmin a special guest." says your Operator.
>"Okay. Radmin, you may come in."

>"Wow. Really?" says Glam Alison.
"Yes. Have you noticed I do not take Operators all that seriously? This is why!"
>"They're right there, man." she says.
"Do you two care about what I said?" you ask to the operators.
>"No." one says.
>"No." says the other.
>"Still! That seemed a little easy, didn't it? At least a little anticlimactic."
"Very much so!"
>"I guess we've just got to go on in, now."
"Guess so."
>"... just like that."

You and Alison share a look.
No. 747139 ID: d1f5f1
File 147339201477.png - (82.45KB , 800x800 , 427.png )

You both crash your monster truck through the wall.

Your words were just going to yell 'BEEP BEEP OPERATORS' or something to that effect, but conveniently, Quarry is right there.
No. 747145 ID: 211d83

Challenge him to a wrestling match for the crime of trying to confuse the poor operators and turn them against you.
No. 747153 ID: ccbcd2

Beat up Quarry. Use lots of tables and chairs and shit,
No. 747155 ID: 398fe1

No. 747156 ID: 91ee5f

If anyone asks, tell them that you were invited in, you just wanted to go get your monster truck and show it off to everyone. You just needed to make a door to fit it in the building. And then honk the funny sounding horn.
No. 747158 ID: 3abd97

The operators are pretty chill, man. They don't really care that you're messing with them. They probably also don't really care that quarry is using them to mess with you.

That or they just enjoy all of this so they're letting it happen.

The special guests of honor have arrived!

I'm Doctor awesome, here with my lovely nurse, and it's come our attention you've got an uncomfortable stone. We're here to Operate. (Bonus points for manifesting costumes on the spot).

And how fortuitous! The fox has already found his quarry, and is spared a longer hunt!
No. 747168 ID: 5589b0

Suplex Monstertruck onto Quarry
No. 747177 ID: 55d078

Best part is, as a surprise attack that'd use the Dirty Tricks stat, and no one is better at that than Radmin.
No. 747179 ID: 44bc30

You brought drinks and party favors, right?

Anyway stand up on the hood of your truck and declare that you're here to answer the scurrilous claims about your treatment of the Operators. You will beat up Quarry in a moment, but first you want to meet this Operand who's been smearing your name.
No. 747187 ID: 5042bf


A bit stretching it. Dirty move here would be to pin him under a tire and rub it in by standing on top.
No. 747466 ID: d1f5f1
File 147361715511.png - (24.79KB , 800x800 , 428.png )

"Well well well, the special guests of honor have arrived, and it looks like the fox already has his quarry?" you say, standing on top of the hood.
>"Didja crash through my wall jus' to make bad puns, bastard? Doesn't even work, it's the other quarry."
"Then I quarried your wall! The place is tiny, so I had to make an entrance. Now, I'll come beat you up in a second, but I want to meet this Operand who's been smearing my name like I haven't been treating the operators well!"
>"That's impressive, considering how hard it is to smear a slime pit."
"Hey, the operators know I mess with 'em a bit, not pretend like I'm their hero and use them to mess with others!"
>"What are you talking about? I'm letting them go back to what they were made for. I represent their natural habitat, and you've got some nerve to challenge me when I've got the operator back up!"
"Really? I don't think it takes much nerve to challenge the person who lost their only match."
>"That just means you're too stupid to understand your situation. Operand is in another room, but you aren't seeing him without getting through me, so just try to take me out, fox!"

A) Leap down, enter combat with tables, chairs, operators and so forth.
B) Have Alison run him over.
C) >_____
No. 747468 ID: 90f3c0

Running him over with a truck wouldn't be very good sportsmanship...
Run him over with the truck.
No. 747471 ID: 3abd97

>Doesn't even work, it's the other quarry.
Of course it works. Alternate meanings are fair game in wordplay. And it's his own fault for choosing a name with multiple meanings.

Well if you're going to insist on getting up in my grill... I suppose I can oblige!

Wait, how is Alison supposed to drive a monster truck without feet. Can her tail even work the pedals?
No. 747472 ID: 6429d2

No. 747478 ID: 211d83

Pin him under the wheel so you can poke at him as he struggles to get free.
No. 747498 ID: 5589b0

Suplex Monstertruck onto Qaurry.
No. 747547 ID: 15a025

Suplex the monster truck on him, then run him over with the monster truck.
No. 747695 ID: db0da2

Look out for doors which could lead to where Operand is, then B. Once Quarry is squashed, go search the place for Operand.
No. 747952 ID: 4f5332

B. Then pile drive whatever is left sticking out.
No. 748115 ID: 916abc

B. Dirty showmanship is what we're KNOWN for, after all :D
No. 748124 ID: 595d54

Truck Quarry into a monster suplex.
No. 748428 ID: d1f5f1
File 147422447937.png - (155.27KB , 1000x800 , 429.png )

>Suplex Monstertruck
You imagine you would need the entire stadium's audience to cheer for such a thing before you'd get the strength stars needed to do something like that. You doubt that even the most strength-boosted wrestlers couldn't do that without events leading up to it!

"If you're going to get up in my grill, then do it literally, too! Alison," you say, "the gas pedal."

The truck lurches forward as Alison's tail smothers the gas pedal. From its movements and the sound of the engine working like it's towing two more monster trucks behind it, you're pretty certain that she's smothering the brakes, too.

>"I can't see a damn thing!" she yells out the window at you. "Where is he?"
"Right, right! Yes, forwa- wait he just rolled between the wheels!" Despite having a large front grill, there is still enough room between that and the ground for him to duck under and through "Reverse and turn!"

Alison swerves the truck back and to the side with enough of a jerk to get it to list unnervingly far to the side. You don't see Quarry anymore.
No. 748429 ID: 211d83

Well you just ran over something to get the truck leaning like that.

Maybe have Alison just do donuts in the room for a bit so you are sure you run him down. No one can get actually hurt by this display but running down operators left and right might look bad. Even if they don't care to much.
No. 748430 ID: 3abd97

He must be hiding under the car. Downside of being so far off the ground.

Jump off the hood, across the room, and grab some plates off a table that wasn't ruined. Then you can crouch down and throw them Frisbee style at him.
No. 748434 ID: 398fe1

Sounds like it's time to get out of the truck and do some improper wrestling.
No. 748441 ID: d1f5f1
File 147422854029.png - (112.32KB , 800x800 , 430.png )

>Running over operators might look bad
It might, but when they hardly care and no one truly gets hurt, attempting to play soft with them would, the way you see it, simply be insultingly coddling to their kind.

You'd also rather not have to go back on the run-him-over plan and actually get off the truck.

"Alison, start doing donuts!"

The ride is smoother than you'd expect, and although you have to hang onto the top grill bar to stay on, you make sure your cape is sufficiently flailing in the air to blind everyone who looks too hard at it.

>"Hey, Radmin!" Alison shouts. "He's not down there! He's climbing up into the truck, uh... back? Loading zone? Bed?"

You also can't help but notice that many of the operators that aren't getting run over are running into another room.
No. 748442 ID: 3abd97

Have Alison slam on the breaks so he's thrown head-first into the back of the truck.

And then vault over and kick him in the head.
No. 748443 ID: 398fe1

Time for wrestling in the back of a giant truck! ...this is actually a little awkward. I'm not sure how to effectively fight him since he's probably stronger than Radmin.

I guess we could do a two-on-one?
No. 748446 ID: d1f5f1
File 147423149420.png - (93.52KB , 800x800 , 431.png )

"Alison, slam the brakes!"
>"Fuck that, you'll fall off sooner than Quarry!"
"Just a little! However much you think I can handle!"

She taps the brake with her tail.

"Oh, is that how it is, Glamison?!"
>"You nearly fell off from that!"
"Fine, then we'll take on quarry ourselves!"
>"Man, I really want to drive this thing, too. But alright!"

Alison slithers out of the car onto the roof, and you climb up onto it as well, where the both of you overlook Quarry, who has just planted himself in the middle of the bed.

>"Of course you're not above a two versus one." Quarry says. "My teammate will arrive soon to make this fair."
"Then by the time he shows up, he'll have a good idea of what getting beat up is like! Ah, wait, I just remembered you two already knew all about that."
>"Then come down here and I'll teach you myself."
>"... is the car supposed to be moving?" Alison says. "It's still rolling forward, so I have to keep my tail down there to push the brakes down.."

>"Radmin." A voice booms from behind you.
No. 748447 ID: d1f5f1
File 147423150649.png - (106.31KB , 800x800 , 432.png )

>"I am the collective made conscience. I represent the independence of all operators. You, who immediately put them back under your heel, have been the subject of my meditation for the last few hours. And now, you will be the subject of what happens to those who use the collective as a tool. I will rip your mask off of your face and show it to the entire audience, and you will no longer be able to wrestle again. Any other wrestlers who do not take the hint will suffer a similar fate."
No. 748449 ID: 3abd97

>"My teammate will arrive soon to make this fair."
If my teammate hasn't already beat him to a pulp! She's probably taking out her frustration out on someone.

Dude, are you like the collective of all the dumbest parts of the Operators? Cause I totally called for volunteers to my awesome cause, and the only people put under my heel were other wrestlers.

>what do
Delegate Quarry to Galmison (she's an unfair cheating grapple monster) and take the wheel yourself.

If the giant monster wants you, you're going to lead in on a merry chase. Right through the dressing rooms and hangouts of the other wrestlers. Let's see how much collateral damage we can get it to cause while chasing us.

If we could steal Guitar Knight's Alison summoning tool that would be cool. We could bury the giant in a snake-hug pile!
No. 748450 ID: 211d83

You know I am getting tired of everyone assuming that I abused you operators.

Your job was to help admins with our jobs. I asked for help and you willingly gave it. Never once did you complain or hesitate to help me.

If all of you are in there look back on your memories of me. I was just as nice to you as any admin you served. And if you had bothered to ask me for anything I would have helped you get it. So don't start complaining about stuff you never asked for.

So bring it on you big dope. If I need to beat some sense into you then so be it.

I would leave Alison to fight this guy in the back and you ram the truck into the big guy.
No. 748452 ID: b412df

Well that's terrifying, from the stats it looks like Operand's built to be like a bull in a china shop.

Say, we could have either Glamison or Radmin fight Quarry with the other one driving the truck. Then taunt Operand into chasing us and run away in the monster truck. That might wear Operand down enough that they're not so unstoppable.
No. 748458 ID: 398fe1

Well excuse me for assuming that since the operators don't care about anything, they wouldn't care about being servants! You can't be aware of the entire collective, since then you'd be aware that I'm currently getting ice cream for the few operators still loyal! Who are you really?

Idea: get your loyal operator to keep your face covered. Operand wouldn't DARE mistreat an operator, so he won't be able to tear the "mask" off you.
No. 748459 ID: 595d54

These. Also, I wonder if someone's ordering them to do this or they did it of their own will.
No. 748461 ID: a8bc5c

Judging from how Operand is absorbing Operators to form, well, himself, it might be possible to defeat him by striking him with something really heavy that's moving very fast.

Like say, a dropped monster truck or maybe a wrecking ball (if such a thing even exists in the arena)
No. 748465 ID: 44bc30

"Hey guy, or guys, if you had a problem with your employment you could have said something earlier! Instead you just say nothing, until deciding to just take off entirely with this chump? You ever thinking of talking to both of us? Get a bidding war going for your services? Negotiate for your own profit? No you didn't, and I came here to tell you: that's pretty dumb, guys! Well, I'm not going to stand for your slander. You want an audience, then open this place up and let's have one, because I want everyone to see me take you down!!"

The guy looks pretty top-heavy, and he's given himself some terribly tiny feet. You can probably knock him over with a strong enough impact high up, or trip him over something. Alison, for example.
No. 748480 ID: d1f5f1
File 147424222010.png - (35.60KB , 800x800 , 433.png )

"You must be made up of all the dumbest parts of operators. The operators have always been free to not work for me! Why, I'd say I was one of the most respectful of administrators!"
>"This is not personal or vindictive. It is just an example. The operators are free, and it is not enough to simply tell people that. You must be the example."
"I'd say we should have a big discussion about how you could've talked it over, but I doubt your intellect for that!

Before you can do much else, Operand approaches the monster truck. Tiny feet or not, those feet are at least as big as you, and Operand himself is about as big as the truck. Even if you can tackle him with the car, you don't have the utmost confidence that it'll get him out of the picture, or that the truck will end up alright. If you ran the truck off a building and landed on him or find some other such momentum, then it may work.

"Alison, I'm taking the wheel! Fight Quarry with your ridiculous grappling body!"
>"Fine, ya wuss! I've got him!"

Alison's tail uncoils around the wheel, gear shifter and pedals, leaving you to flip it in reverse and back out of the Operand's reach. After flipping around, you drive forward out of the operator's place with the operand chasing after you.

Your monster truck has proven capable of going through walls with only minimal slowdown, and you can drive virtually anywhere. The streets are wide open, but you also can drive it through public areas, dressing rooms, and a variety of tunnels and elevated highways across town.
No. 748481 ID: 211d83

Make sure to drive it through ever other teams dressing rooms before you lure the big guy to a bridge or something.

Then drive the truck off it onto him or knock him off it.

Really just make a mess of things while you look for a good ramming spot.
No. 748482 ID: 398fe1

Now THIS is entertainment. Drive around through an assortment of locations for maximum Chase Scene corniness. Try to end it with luring Operand into some terrain he can't traverse very easily that also has a height difference (like a pit or a cliff) and drop the truck on him to split him back up.
No. 748483 ID: a8fd55

Just drive on the wrong side of the road for now, But don't take obstacles into account when Alison needs the field tilted or if Operand starts throwing things.
No. 748491 ID: 3abd97

Drive through all the opposing teams dressing rooms, one by one. You'll put holes in the wall, and then the Operand following you will demolish what's left.

Then we start looking for terrain where it would be hard for that doof to follow you.

If you find the ice cream Operator, pick him up and throw him at Operand. Maybe it'll make him less stupid?

If you drive past Supervisor or any of your other former and subsequently re-recruited minions, maybe pick them up, since the Operator corps have turned traitor.

If we pass Guitar Knight, grab the thing around his neck, and use it to summon a pile of Alisons on the Operand. Hug pile, snake ball, whatever.
No. 748493 ID: a8bc5c

>>748482 This, but end the chase by going to the highway, finding a section where you can U-turn onto an elevated road and them ramp off of it and onto him.
No. 748495 ID: 90f3c0

Are there any conveniently placed canyons near the town? Running Opperand off a cliff would be the perfect end to the chase, it's a classic.
No. 748496 ID: d1f5f1
File 147424498709.png - (139.64KB , 800x800 , 434.png )

Judging by what you studied about the layout, you should be able to crash through few dressing rooms without slowing down too much that Operand will be able to catch up before you even have a chance to hit the streets and look for an appropriate position to end Operand's chase. You'll worry about where canyons, cliffs, elevated roads and so forth are after you make it out of the stadium area.

While driving to the dressing rooms, you see a blue, shining circle take shape in front of you, on the truck's hood. Behind you, Alison and Quarry seem evenly matched.

"There's a fight going on apparently so I'm going to teleport in to referee it! Refer it? Judge it!" You hear Sweatermouse's voice out of the circle. "Please clear room around the portal so I don't teleport inside anyone or anything weird!"

You can think of two big options regarding dressing rooms, but unfortunately, both of them involve people who probably aren't going to conveniently sit by and wait for you to crash into their dressing room, and so the chance of success of either one will greatly increase if you go their first.

A) Ram into Guitar Knight's room in a quick attempt to steal his Alison-summoning necklace.
B) Ram into your own room. Your adversity-sense tells you that Sevener is there, and if you can pick her up, you will all but ensure victory over Quarry.
No. 748498 ID: 55d078

Voting B.
No. 748499 ID: 3abd97

>"There's a fight going on apparently so I'm going to teleport in to referee it! Refer it? Judge it!"
How does that work? You're not in a ring, and Glamison and the Operands are both technically meddling free agents. You and Quarry are the "real" wrestlers here and you aren't even fighting each other.

>"Please clear room around the portal so I don't teleport inside anyone or anything weird!"
She's going to end up face planting or butt planting right on the windshield as soon as she ports in.

>teleporting in
Hey Operand, if you really want to complain about unfairness towards Teleport Operators, it should be over the fact none of you are the ones running that!

>Behind you, Alison and Quarry seem evenly matched.
Geeze, he must be pretty strong to stand up to the grapple hug monster.

>what do
A. It's more fun, and B will just piss Sevener off, and wreck your own room. Quarry isn't even the real threat here, Operand is.

Sevener will probably see the fight on the tv and can jump into the fight off a bridge or something later.
No. 748500 ID: db0da2

We're definitely a gambling man, but Radmin only gambles when losing is still winning. We'd be betting a lot more by going for the pendant than by hitting up our reliable ally, and we stand to gain more hyping our teammate up with a fight than we do by dragging yet another Alison into this mess.

No. 748503 ID: 211d83

I sort of want to see this truck covered in dozens of Alisons as we swerve down the road.

So go for A.

Oh and be ready to grab Sweater once she bounces off the windshield.
No. 748505 ID: 90f3c0

B. We already have an Alison, let's go for more variety.
No. 748514 ID: a8bc5c

Voting A.

If we don't try for the necklace NOW, guitar knight might get away entirely and if we bust into our own locker room, sevener might end up getting run over because she's not expecting it.
No. 748515 ID: 395c02

A is for Alison.
No. 748516 ID: 15a025

A. No-one can defeat a hoard of Alisons!
No. 748522 ID: b412df

A, if we piss off Severn too much she might beat us up instead of Quarry.

Is that a break warning light on the dash? With what Glamison said earlier, maybe Quarry cut the break lines when he went under the truck?
No. 748527 ID: d1f5f1
File 147425264067.png - (100.39KB , 800x800 , 435.png )

>How does [Sweatermouse refereeing] work?
You're not sure. You might have been able to find out when she first ran into one of your fights, but she never got a chance to do whatever it is she was going to do.

>Is that a break warning light on the dash?
Yes, there appears to be flashing "E. Brake" letters. You do not know what they mean, and your brakes appear to function.

Sweatermouse materializes in front of you. Her feet immediately plant themselves down on the hood with a velocity difference of over 70 kmh. Her 'aaaaaa's wobble in volume as she unceremoniously tumbles towards the windshield, slams into it, and rolls straight off of it.
No. 748530 ID: d1f5f1
File 147425289605.png - (19.59KB , 800x800 , 436.png )

You are, however, prepared to catch her. The blue circle remains on the hood, although it doesn't appear to be shining any longer.

Sweatermouse starts yelling questions about what is going on, as you yell at Alison what the plan is and crash through Guitar Knight's place.

Guitar Knight is in his dressing room doing some inconsequential activity. Conveniently his amulet is wrapped around him, and although he does avoid getting ran over, he ends up right next to Alison and her giant mass of maneuverable hair.

>"No hard feelings, we'll give it back before your next match!" Alison calls out to him.
No. 748531 ID: d1f5f1
File 147425290858.png - (42.83KB , 800x800 , 437.png )

She yanks the amulet off of him and whips her hair around to toss it around your neck as you demolish other dressing rooms. Much of what remains intact is further messed up by Operand crashing through himself.

"You guys stop this truck right now so that we have have a proper match with you and Quarry!"
"Hm? But I'm not fighting him!"
"Glamison is basically an honorary wrestler at this point! I dunno I'd ref them I guess but how am I supposed to referee on a stage like this?!"
No. 748532 ID: 3abd97

We already humiliated Quarry and Tower once, why do I need to have a fair match again? We already won!

Also I can't really stop to have a fair wrestling match with anyone while that giant is chasing us, and he's not even a wrestler! Take a look in the mirror!

>what do
Lean out the window, and start summoning Alisons en mass in mid air to tangle up and hug the Operand.

Leave your foot on the gas and let go of the wheel while you do so. Tell Sweatermouse she better steer if she doesn't want to crash!
No. 748533 ID: 398fe1

>E.Brake warning
>your brakes appear to function
Um. Check for a lever between the seats. Try pushing it back down. Or ask Sweatermouse if she knows what an e.brake is.

As for the fight thing tell her she can either get in the back with the tusslers, or yell at them through the rear window. Also ask if Operand is considered a wrestler. Would she object to Glamison fighting Operand while you fight Quarry with the assistance of another summoned Alison?
No. 748534 ID: 398fe1

>Lean out the window, and start summoning Alisons en mass in mid air to tangle up and hug the Operand.
Oh god, please this.
No. 748535 ID: d1f5f1
File 147425445684.png - (47.02KB , 800x800 , 438.png )

"Now why would I care about a fair match?"
"Cause I'm asking you nicely?!"
"Haha, with an attitude like that, I'd never make it past the preliminaries!"

>Look for a lever between the seats. Push it down
You fiddle with a lever you find, recalling it does something important. The E. Brake light goes off and the truck lurches forward with newfound power.

>"What was that?!" Alison says as she and Quarry slide backwards.
"I found the boost lever! I'm going to start summoning Alisons. Sweatermouse, I'm going to lean out the window! If you don't want us to crash, you better take the wheel!"
"I don't know how to drive!"
"Hey, you don't know how to ref, either, but you still do the job."
"I - thanks?!" Sweatermouse dives forward to grab the wheel. "I can't see over the steering wheel!"

You lean out the window, let the amulet flail in the wind, prepare to summon an Alison of your choice, and realize you have no idea how this thing works.
No. 748536 ID: 398fe1

Guitar Knight used music to activate it, right? Try humming a tune. Or if you have any kind of musical instrument in your weapon types you could summon that up and play something. If you're doing that you might want to get in the back so you have room for your instrument.

Or maybe you can steal an article of clothing from someone with musical talent and use that as a mask to unlock musical expertise?

Can't sweatermouse see over the wheel if she stands up? Or sits on her knees? Or sits on your lap?
No. 748537 ID: 3abd97

>"I can't see over the steering wheel!"
She needs a boost up! Sit her in your lap.

Not for any other reason. Nope!

>and realize you have no idea how this thing works.
Think Alison-y thoughts? Whistle? Hum? Blow on it? Just start trying things!
No. 748538 ID: 4b1d56

You can try to do air guitar and mime the sounds with your mouth. Try for something country.
No. 748540 ID: c441c1

If guitar Knight used music to summon Glamison then use something that relates to you. Like yell at it for the Super Lucha Alison.
If that doesn't work try this but do the first part to block her view of the match.
No. 748542 ID: b55c67

Hug the amulet. With your mind.
No. 748544 ID: d1f5f1
File 147425830119.png - (39.40KB , 800x800 , 439.png )

"Well then sit on my lap!"
"I'd rather crash!" she says as she sits on your lap and drives.

"Lucha Alison, come forth!" You yell to no result. Hugging the amulet with your mind also has no effect which, in your own expert opinion, is bullshit. Instead, you do your best to hum your best tune.

Searching . . .
Searching . . .
Alison found.

Name: Alison
Cycle: 2037
Musical Type: Bad

You keep learning a fact or two about this Alison. Apparently this is one of the few Alisons that not just did not learn music, but also had little to no innate talent to begin with.
No. 748545 ID: d1f5f1
File 147425841654.png - (85.50KB , 800x800 , 440.png )

This Alison sails behind the truck and collides with the operator with a 'thap' noise you can hear from your position, although the Operand does not slow down in the least even as she begins wrapping herself around it.

Instead of music, she was a hug specialist and naturally constricted around nearly anyone.

>"Off. I must destroy Radmin." says Operand.
>"I won't weigh you down!" Alison says. "Keep running!"

You set off an intense air guitar and make the noises with your mouth, but you only get an error saying that only 1 Alison of a musical type can be active at one time, which you assume to mean is whichever music type Glam Alison is. You have no instrument nor any weapon forms of instruments, even if that mattered here.

Conveniently, a musical Alison is right in the truck bed, but she is locked in a stalemake, and Quarry is unlikely to make it easy to swap driver's seats, and Sweatermouse can not see and press the gas at the same time. Tossing the amulet to Alison is an option, but she may have a difficult time summoning a variety of Alisons while Quarry is wrestling her.

>Or maybe you can steal an article of clothing from someone with musical talent and use that as a mask to unlock musical expertise?
It is true that new masks can grant additional powers. It remains convenient that Alison is right over there. The skirt is wrapped on tight and the shirt is in the middle of wrestling, and you may have a few reservations against yanking clothing off of people that are both friends and not-referees. But when it's all said and done, the other choices aren't necessarily much better.

Alternatively, you believe that your own cycle's Alison is currently hanging out with a lot of nobodies up on a certain building, and you may be able to fetch an article of clothing off of her after a brief drive up a winding, elevated road up to the skyline.
No. 748546 ID: 211d83

Ask Sweatermouse if she has any musical talent. If she does then steal her sweater and make a mask out of it.
No. 748547 ID: 3abd97

>Alisons determined by music type
>already used up "Guitar" and "Bad"
Tell Sweatermouse to turn on the radio! There has to be some music there, and if you swap channels you'll probably get a few different types. We can get a few Alisons that way!

Don't go throwing the artifact while Sweatermouse is driving and Glamison is wrestling. That's a good way to loose it if the former swerves or the later misses.
No. 748548 ID: c441c1

Steal your Alison's sparkly dress and wear it to match with your shiny theme.
No. 748549 ID: c441c1

Also feel appalled that the necklace insulted your musical talents.
No. 748550 ID: 398fe1

No. 748552 ID: 4b1d56

You can crash into an arcade. They'll probably be playing music there, or the chiptune music from the games might set off the amulet.
No. 748553 ID: 1c8358

> "Well then sit on my lap!"
> "I'd rather crash!" she says as she sits on your lap and drives.

Tsundere-Mouse has a crush on you.
No. 748555 ID: d1f5f1
File 147426140235.png - (17.86KB , 800x800 , 441.png )

If Sweatermouse had any musical talent, it was outweighed by her invulnerability, since you already have a sweatermask and it supplies resistance towards POW-based moves.

"Of course! The radio! Sweatermouse, bake me some jams!"

She gives you a look, and flips on the radio. Some kind of synthetic instrumentation starts blaring through the speakers.

No Alison arrives. It appears that you must be the one to play the music, so going into an arcade to get that music won't appear to help either.

"Wow that music is going in time with the passing lights! There's no way that's not a coincidence."

You feel appalled as the necklace insults your talents by saying that that is also part of the 'bad' genre.

It appears that either you must somehow pass on the necklace to Glamison, or somehow attain musical capability yourself, one way or another. Your cycle's Alison does have a sparkling dress that will match your current theme, and Glamison is right there. You have a feeling there may be another way, but it's just out of mind's reach.
No. 748556 ID: 3abd97

>You have a feeling there may be another way, but it's just out of mind's reach.
The horn! You can play that instrument all right! Horn baring people even counts as a cheap trick, you have to be good at that! (The fact that you have to shove an arm past Sweatermouse to do so is just a fun bonus).
No. 748557 ID: 398fe1

Okay so: steal musical talent from someone via clothing (a bit of a gamble, especially since they can just summon it back), give it to someone with musical talent, or buy musical talent from Shopkeep.

Well I mean you could pick up Sevener and see if she has any musical talent but that's another gamble.

I want to try finding a Shopkeep and buying the talent from him. You've got some CU and a talent slot, right?
No. 748559 ID: ccbcd2

Well looks like you better get singing. You look like you might be a good yodeler. Start Yodeling.
No. 748560 ID: d1f5f1
File 147426424601.png - (80.08KB , 800x800 , 442.png )

>The Horn
Of course! You reach past Sweatermouse and slam down the horn, holding the amulet up high.

Mariachi Alison has been summoned.
No. 748561 ID: d1f5f1
File 147426426883.png - (22.85KB , 800x800 , 443.png )

The operand manages to dodge Marialison, and continues running. You, however, found your third option, and remembered a shop stand that was in a side tunnel leading out of the stadium. You take the wheel and yank it to make a sharp turn, and the only thing stopping the monstertruck from toppling to the side is the solid stone wall of the tunnel that bangs against it.

You see the Shopkeep's stand, and he's flailing his arms up at you to watch out. You open the door, confirming that the bottom of it will clear Shopkeep's face, and reach down below the door to grab one of his hands as you race by.

"Shopkeep! Musical ability! I need it!"
>"I - why?!"
"Just hand it over, shop!"

You have now attained musical ability.

You may now summon as many Alisons as you can. Unfortunately, weapon forms have been disabled here, and so you cannot form instruments out of nothing. Instead, you will have to settle with either finding random objects in the vehicle that can double as other instruments, or otherwise attempt to maximize just how well you can emulate them with your voice.
No. 748562 ID: c441c1

Feet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGQ8iDMJaBI
No. 748563 ID: 398fe1

Well first off we can whistle. Then we can beatbox. Then sing. Then drum on the dashboard. Then jingle the keys.

Maybe you can fiddle with the radio to mimic a mixing board?
No. 748564 ID: 3abd97

Singing probably counts. There must have been one Alison who specialized as a vocalist.

If there's a comb tucked into one of the car's compartments, you could make an improvised harmonica.

You could grab Sweatermouse's tail, loop it over something, and play it like it was a harp, probably. Making Sweatermouse make noises might count too, but playing her like an instrument veers right into lewd.

You can do percussion by banging on the door panel, the dashboard, the seat, and the mouse's empty bongo-head.

That's everything I can think of in the car. For more we might have to scoop up stuff as we drive past.
No. 748565 ID: d1fde2

I see your youtube video and raise you CAR as a musical instrument.
No. 748566 ID: a8fd55


No. 748568 ID: d1fde2

Okay but seriously. There's gotta be a few out there for singing. Give me an Opera and an Aretha Franklin at least.
No. 748569 ID: 398fe1

...hey, can you desummon Mariachi Alison then resummon her for another try at hitting the target?
No. 748570 ID: 6d081c

Bach into stuff with your car and make instruments out of the debbies!

And make some music puns! Then switch to INSTRUMENT INNUENDOS!!!
No. 748578 ID: ccbcd2

No. 748580 ID: d1f5f1
File 147430811899.png - (132.63KB , 800x800 , 444.png )

"Thanks Shopkeep!" you say, dropping him.

>There's gotta be a few out there for singing.
Now that the amulet recognizes your natural talent, your options have greatly opened up. With use of your voice alone, Beatbox, Opera, Soul Yodeling and Body Percussion Alisons have been summoned.

Stamping your feet, playing Sweatermouse's head like a bongo, and hitting various parts car parts including slamming the door creates Percussion Alison.

Pulling up Sweatermouse's tail and playing it like a harp works far better than it should, unlocking Celtic Alison.

Unfortunately, you seem unable to produce more than these 6 Alisons, creating a total of 7 including Mariachi.

You just remembered that you should be able to de-summon any Alisons. This is far easier, as it simply requires willing the Alison away, much like stage skills.

As a result, you cycle through all 7 Alisons, throwing them at operand one at a time in a neverending cycle of Alisons. He generally is able to swat them away, but using this technique, you are able to slow him down decently. You realize that a couple of Alisons say that you're illegally using that summoning device. Sweater mouse begins driving out of the last length of tunnel.

"Wait a second why am I even driving for you?! I don't care if we crash!" Sweatermouse yells about 5 inches from your face.
"Cause then I'll be forced to polka mouse, so don't turn this movement into a canon! Let's legato to the roads and - "
"S-stop! That's so bad! Stop or I swear I'll back this stupid truck right into that operand!"
"And by that..."
"...you mean..."
"I will turn this truck upside down"
"Bach it up?"
No. 748581 ID: d1f5f1
File 147430813443.png - (57.92KB , 800x800 , 445.png )

You anticipate Sweatermouse's honest intention to make good on her threat and grab the wheel before she does anything regrettable, and is left to make an angry whistling noise and start getting off of your lap. You will either need to pull her back to control the wheel, or drive yourself.

At that moment, before anyone moves far or a decision is made, the monster truck runs out of the stadium's exit tunnel onto the streets. Your view becomes partially blocked, however, as Sevener drops from up above and lands on the grill and hood.

"Oh hey, Sevener, just in time! Alison back there is having trouble with -"
>"There is glitter on my outfit. Explain that to me, Fiver."
No. 748582 ID: c441c1

"The Operand did it to me too!"
No. 748583 ID: f562b1

>"There is glitter on my outfit. Explain that to me, Fiver."
"Well, duh. It's to make you stand out, and show off your talent! You don't make as much of a show as I do, after all."
No. 748584 ID: 3d2d5f

Calm down, Mouse. A good referee doesn't go out of her way to cause a traffic accident! Think how irresponsible that would be of you.

>"There is glitter on my outfit. Explain that to me, Fiver."
Glitter gets everywhere, don't you know? Blame the glitch-kid's birthday.

Nice of you to join us. I've been using Alisons as ammunition against a crazy operator thing. Plus there's Quarry tangled up for a beating in the back. Want in?
No. 748585 ID: 91ee5f

The Operand thought I was enslaving and abusing my Operators, which I wasn't! So, as an act of rebellion, he ordered my Operators to throw glitter all over me and your costume! So if you're mad, blame Operand!
No. 748586 ID: 67e865

Don't worry, apparently it's in vogue now!
No. 748587 ID: b412df

This, lying to Sevener will work I think, but Sweatermouse knows you did it, and maybe she'll try and get her own back for all the teasing by telling her?

If Sevener finds out you were the one to glitterbomb her outfit your going to be in line for such a pummeling. Then again, directing that anger towards Operand would be quite the sight.
No. 748588 ID: 44bc30

"It looks good on you!"
No. 748590 ID: db0da2

Look Sevener, we all have to make sacrifices for the team, and sometimes that means wrestling a douchebag in the back of a monster truck while covered in glitter so that I can get my Operators back. Once you've helped me out I'll have my Operators clean you back up.
No. 748591 ID: b886ea

Haha, this. So much this.
No. 748592 ID: 233260

Glitter is unexplained Sevener. Just like what is happening behind us right now.

Dangle the Alison summoning necklace and ask if she wants to throw Alison's at a giant monster.

And grab Sweatermouse by the hips and plop her back down on your lap and make her drive. Threaten her with more puns if she does not help.
No. 748597 ID: d5e15c

Pull Tsundere-Mouse back onto your lap. You both know thats where she wants to be.

Tell Sevener that the glitter gives you POWER.
No. 748598 ID: e49afc

Blame the glitter on rebellious operators, who have fused themselves into the behemoth that's chasing the truck.
No. 748611 ID: d1f5f1
File 147432372811.png - (33.68KB , 800x800 , 446.png )

"The operand did it to me too!" you say, grabbing Sweatermouse and pulling her back to your lap. She folds her arms and pouts, but you place her hands on the steering wheel, then place your hands on her hands to steer.
>"That guy? He couldn't fit into our dressing room."
"He had his oper - "
"Radmin's a huge liar!" says Sweatermouse. "He glitterbombed you!"
>"Sweatermouse! I can't believe the referee of all people would lie about this! What happened to being a neutral party?"
"Neutral until you got involved!"

The operand's voice booms behind you.

>"I do not glitterbomb."
"Clearly, everyone is a liar! But you should like the glitter, Sevener! It looks good on you, and makes you stand out. You don't make as much of a show as I do, after all! Besides, I hear glitter is in vogue now."
>"It is not in vogue. It never has been, and never will be!" Sevener says.

Sevener is climbing onto the hood and making her way to you, and she does not look like she has a teammate's friendly, cooperative expression on her face. Rather, she looks like she is going to pull you out of the window and toss you to the operand herself.

"Look, if you help me out here, then I'll get my regained operators to take out the glitter if you're that mad about it."
>"No. I'm punching your face in and tossing you out of the truck!"
No. 748612 ID: 233260

Yeah but then we will loose the match and you will not have future chances to punch me when you have your Admin job back.

So a rain check on the punching until after we beat this big guy up ok?

If you avoid punching me I will give you this shiny necklace that lets you summon Alison's by playing different songs. Then you can have fun throwing snake ladies out of a truck at high speed. That should make up for any glitter related incidents that may or may not have involved me.
No. 748613 ID: 3abd97

>>"I do not glitterbomb."
Well maybe if the operators had done a better job cleaning up the glitter instead of clumping together like idiots, this wouldn't be an issue!

>"No. I'm punching your face in and tossing you out of the truck!"
You know, beating up your partner seems like something that would be against the rules. Awfully unsporting of you! (Yes, hiding behind the ref is a cheap trick. Especially since we can literally use her as a shield in the position she's in).

...how about one out of two? Punch now, throw later?

Come on, we're having a naga throwing party! How can you not be on board with that!

>what do
If you slammed on the breaks, Sevener would probably go flying off the hood. This would let the Operand make up ground, though. We can only use that manuever if you have enough of a lead.

Or if you have a hood that opens forward instead of back, you could flip the switch that makes the hood fly open and throw her off.
No. 748614 ID: b412df

Failing that, ask Sevener to at least properly throw you at Operand so you can commence shadow of the colossus style fighting. Probably a terrible idea, but terribly awesome at least.
No. 748615 ID: 398fe1

Swerve the truck around to knock Sevener off!
No. 748617 ID: c441c1

say "sorry beautiful" grab Sweater mouse and use special move to hit Sevener off the truck into Operand.
No. 748618 ID: c441c1

say that specifically to the mouse.
No. 748621 ID: 855334

"Well in that case..."

Sing while using the car horn and thumping the door with your hand to try and summon rock music allison ontop of Sevener while swerving to get her off the hood.
No. 748638 ID: d1f5f1
File 147433095591.png - (33.61KB , 800x800 , 447.png )

"That doesn't seem sportsmanshiplike, especially not to your own teammate, especially not when you'll probably be disqualified, since we're still a team! And Operand is going to make sure I never work as a wrestler again! Besides, I have an Alison summoner! You can summon Alisons and lob them off a car! I don't see how - "
"She has to play music and you just dropped the shopkeep instead of carrying him along for the ride!" says Sweatermouse.
>"You know what, Radmin? It's the principle of the matter now. I'm sick of seeing you get away with all of the shit you've been pulling. Even if what you say is true and I'd drag myself down, then as long as you come down with, I'll say it's worth it!"
"I'm flattered you think of me as such a worthy adversary!" you say, and hit the brakes. The operand isn't as far away as you'd like, but it's enough to get Sevener to slide backwards.

As tempted as you are to summon an Alison on Sevener, you're pretty sure that the Alisons are not exactly on your side at this point, and they can easily grab the truck if you summon them too close.
No. 748639 ID: d1f5f1
File 147433096342.png - (29.14KB , 800x800 , 448.png )

You pop the hood. The leverage yanks her tail off the grill and flings her off overhead in a flailing mess of lizard, swears, and a tense partnership. You're probably going to have to look up some hard rules about just how tightly teammates are locked down with one another. Sweatermouse may have a say in it, but she may not be the best person to ask right now.

"Oh my gosh let me off your jerk lap you jerk wrestler! It smells like testosterone and ego!" says Sweatermouse.
"Ha, I had the idea to throw you at Sevener to knock her off! A good thing I had this alternative. Now be a dear and lower your face, your ears and hair are getting in my mouth."
"Cause it's such a big mouth is why!"

Regardless, you are in the streets, and can now think of a few places to go up to. You are, however, having a difficult time finding the lever that puts the hood back down.

A) Rooftops. Elevated highways go throughout town. Although it may be difficult to find a spot that will supply a direct drop on him, you will have the uphill advantage.
B) Cliffsides. Just out of town, there's a mountain pass overlooking the ocean.
C) Bridge. You don't know much about this one, but it goes over a river with a long drop.
No. 748640 ID: d1f5f1
File 147433096934.png - (57.51KB , 800x800 , 449.png )

In the rearview mirror, Alison's everything moves out of the way enough to show that the threat of Sevener is alive and well. Perhaps Sweatermouse should be tossed off of your lap after all, while a destination is thought of.
No. 748641 ID: c441c1

tell Sweatermouse that if she wants to get out of your lap she can move her "Cute butt" and close the hood. We should try to court the referee and for a tactical advantage in the ring.
Ask Glamison if she can release the tailgate of the truck from there.
And see if all of the Alisons are still there to see which ones you should resummon.
The Bridge is the best for having a fast lane and provides a convenient river to drop Oprand into.
No. 748643 ID: 3abd97

>Sevener has turned on you
Looks like I'm pulling for Team Lucha all on my own here, ref! I better be getting double points for this!

>You're probably going to have to look up some hard rules about just how tightly teammates are locked down with one another.
You'll have to do something to make up with her later. Let her punch you in the face and, uh, do something nice for her. Geeze, what does Sevener even like, everything makes her angry. That might be a tough one.

>You are, however, having a difficult time finding the lever that puts the hood back down.
There isn't one. Until something bangs it back down for you, you're going to need to hang out your window to see. The windshield will be obscured!

>where go
The bridge is the most dramatic. And you're totally gonna collapse it and drive the car off the edge to ditch everyone who's after you. The tricky part will be getting away safe.

And maybe saving Glamison and/or Sevener. ...oh who are you kidding you're letting them fall too, even if one of them is helping you. They'll be fine.

>Oh my gosh let me off your jerk lap you jerk wrestler!
The correct thing to do is to do exactly this, slipping out from under her and leaving her to drive the car, right before it barrels off a cliff or into some other disaster while you bail out. She's invincible, she'll be fiiiiiine.
No. 748644 ID: 211d83

Hmm the bridge and cliffside seem like they would end with you just knocking him in the water and being unable to pin him for the win. So go for the roofside highway.

Tell Sweatermouse that she can scoot off your lap anytime she wants. But don't push her off make her do it herself.
No. 748651 ID: d1f5f1
File 147433691158.png - (33.22KB , 800x800 , 450.png )

"You're free to get off my lap whenever you want, Sweatermouse!"
"I - you pulled me back on when I tried!"
"Well now you can make yourself useful and close the hood! Alison hit the handle!" you then yell back. Alison does so, and Sevener is unable to hang on with the jerk of the back panel flopping down.

Meanwhile, you lean out the window to be able to see, but Sweatermouse climbs out that window.

"Other window, Sweatermouse!"
"Oh I'm sorry am I not at your beck and call in the way you want?! Too bad!" she says, making sure to block your view.
"I'd better be getting double points for this!"
"You'll be lucky to come out of this with a slot on the scoreboard!"

Despite the visual impairment, you still manage to make a turn successfully in the direction of the bridge. Looking behind you, you see a car squeal into the last intersection.
No. 748654 ID: d1f5f1
File 147433716477.png - (51.36KB , 800x800 , 451.png )

Guitar Knight, Tower and Sevener are either in or on the car, and gaining fast. They're agile, and although throwing more Alison at the problem is always better than nothing, you have a feeling that it won't be as effective as you need it to be. If you just race to the bridge, they will catch up before you get there.
No. 748655 ID: c441c1

Look in the glovebox for supplies placed there for this exact situation.
No. 748656 ID: d1f5f1
File 147433782404.png - (29.65KB , 800x800 , 452.png )

You open the glove compartment to retrieve the objects placed there for this exact scenario!
No. 748658 ID: 3abd97

Most gals might be a little hesitant to turn the underside of their skirt right in front of a guy, Sweatermouse!

Damn, Sevener is a badass. Too bad she currently has it in for you. The other chumps aren't worth worrying about.

Hmmm. If heels are supposed to get their comeuppance once a while, you might need to take your licks, here. Maybe sacrifice yourself leading everyone into a wreck / trap, leaving Sevener free to pound the survivors and claim victory? Making her look good might restore your team.

Although you can't really leave yourself vulnerable to the Operand. Getting de-masked is a no-no.

>If you just race to the bridge, they will catch up before you get there.
We're in a monster truck, they're in something sporty. What if we cut through some rough terrain, where there little low to the ground car doesn't do as well, or has to dodge rubble? (We could make rubble by driving through things, if need be).

Also might be a good time to turn on the turbo or the nitro if this car has one.

There's also the option of ditching some weight, if you could throw Quarry and/or Glamison overboard. (Although maybe not pissing off the one person here not out to get you might be a good idea). I'm not sure how to interfere in that fight without leaving the cab, though. ...Delegate to her, maybe?

No point throwing Sweater overboard. She can teleport in again, and right now you've got her roped into sort-of helping instead of interfering.
No. 748660 ID: c441c1

Do not throw Mouse overboard her cuteness will inevitably be more useful then using her to make their car spin-out and crash.
No. 748661 ID: 211d83

Knowing Glitcher that note will explode shortly after you touch it so toss it out the window at the car.
No. 748662 ID: a8bc5c

Resummon the alison's onto the back of the truck, quarry has overstayed his welcome and the truck could lose some weight.
No. 748664 ID: 3abd97

That won't really be a good idea if those Alisons aren't on our side. We have been using them as unwitting projectiles.
No. 748668 ID: 90f3c0

Drive through a shop window, and take a shortcut through a mall. The smaller car will have trouble dealing with the debris the truck leaves in its wake.
No. 748670 ID: e22b1d

I don't mind you blocking the view with your pretty behind. But if you wanted to get your butt in my face there are plenty of other ways to go about it. Then smack her ass.

As for Sevener make sure they cant easily follow you. Ramp small fences and drive over other parked cars so they have to go around. Should keep them far enough away.
No. 748671 ID: b2db3f

Make sure to comment on Sweatermouse's choice of undergarments (or lack of) now that she is in a perfect spot to check.

As for the car just go places cars cant without getting stuck.
No. 748674 ID: 398fe1

A moment of silence for that devious bastard.
No. 748680 ID: d1f5f1
File 147434437053.png - (47.23KB , 800x800 , 453.png )

A moment of silence for the guy, and you wreck this street in particular on his behalf.

It has to be cut short, though, given the situation.

"Hey, sweatermouse, nice panties!"
"Wh - oh, thanks! Wait that wasn't a compliment was it?!"
"Take them where you can get them! You're waving your butt at me so much, I figured you wanted to show it off! I'm surprised you're even wearing any!"
"You know I'm just blocking your view!"
"And there's not many girls who'd be so quick to turn their skirt up like this!"
"You know I'm not actually going to flip the hood down right?!" says Sweatermouse, who climbs up between the crevice between the windshield and the hood.

You toss the note out the car. You figure that Glitcher thought Sevener might've been the one to get to it, because it does not explode. You veer into a building, and start driving through some kind of shopping complex. There's so much debris that you can't lean out to see where you're going, or if you're even going in the right spot. During this, you remember your Delegate ability, and use this on Alison. She will gradually gain the upper hand, if things remain even.

Operand continues the chase, but you see no sign of the car. The bridge will be approaching on the right side. You will either need to do something about this hood, or make three left turns and chance an interception.

This car also should have a turbo or nitro, but you've been unable to find the switch.
No. 748681 ID: 398fe1

I'm surprised the hood hasn't fallen back down already. Try stepping on the brake briefly to get sweatermouse to put her weight on the hood.

Then start pushing all the buttons everywhere. See if there's a switch under a pop-off lid or between the seats. Wherever it is, it has to be within reach.
No. 748682 ID: c441c1

Tell Sweater mouse that if she isn't helping you she is against you even if she does have the cutest cheeks.
If the car has disappeared then it likely is going to the other side of where you went in take a single hard left turn both throwing them off the trail and throwing Sweatermouse from the hood.
No. 748683 ID: 44bc30

There's only so much space on the hood that can be occupied before it gets pushed down by the weight of whoever's on it.

Summon Sweatermouse her own Alison, she'll enjoy that. A new one. Uh, rap Alison? Nursery Rhyme Alison? Whistling Alison?
No. 748684 ID: 3abd97

You know, normally when girls lounge on the fronts of cars, they're in a bathing suit. And the car isn't running!

Tapping the breaks or making a sharp swerve should slam Sweatermouse into the hood, hopefully slamming it shut for you.

Of course then she's going to end up rolling over the window or something once she's exposed to the wind and not sheltered the way she is now.
No. 748693 ID: d1f5f1
File 147435146970.png - (17.85KB , 800x800 , 454.png )

"Oh I think you will! But normally, most girls lounging your position are in a bathing suit, and the car isn't running!"
"Oh you wish this was a normal situation, then!well that's a stretch i guess"

You fumble around for dials and keys. The radio turns to various stations and the AC is turned on, but you have to admit you've got no idea what you're doing, and you're going to have a talk with the upper echelon about why you don't know basic car functions but you do know about girl-in-bikini-on-the-hood cliches.

You make a right turn now to throw off the trail, in case the race car thinks you're coming out on the other side.

"Well you're either with me or against me, cute cheeks or not!"
No. 748694 ID: d1f5f1
File 147435150247.png - (18.92KB , 800x800 , 455.png )

"Oh my gosh. Hold on just a second are you being a jerk or are you actually being really nice t -"
No. 748696 ID: d1f5f1
File 147435156284.png - (56.00KB , 800x800 , 456.png )

You slam into the building wall, sharply reducing your speed and slamming Sweatermouse into the hood, closing it shut and removing the chance option of summoning an Alison on Sweatermouse.


She is most likely going to have trouble staying on, but you notice that the blue outline still seems active, so she may simply teleport back if she falls off.
No. 748699 ID: d1f5f1
File 147435162155.png - (57.80KB , 800x800 , 457.png )

>"Hey Radmin! Operand is flinging operators at us! I'm going to need some help if he throws too many!" Alison yells from the back.

She appears to have Quarry on the truck equivalent of ropes, at least for the moment.
No. 748700 ID: 094652

Okay, summon a bow Alison or something!
No. 748703 ID: 398fe1

>hidden nitro
Check under the steering wheel? On top of the stickshift?

Summon your loyal Operators to keep the enemy Operators out of the truck.
No. 748706 ID: 18c950

Apologize to Sweatermouse, citing that you don't actually know how to drive. She seems vulnerable to flirting, and motivating the ref to give you favorable calls is the best kind of dirty fighting.
No. 748708 ID: 91ee5f

>"Oh my gosh. Hold on just a second are you being a jerk or are you actually being really nice t -"
Radmin, it's a very well known fact that when boys are unable to express their feelings to a girl they like, they instead resort to teasing the girl in the hopes of getting their attention. With the way you've been teasing Sweatermouse, I'm starting to think that you actually like her! Who knows, maybe you and her will end up falling in love with each other? :3

Hey, doesn't that count as a pin? Shit, no it doesn't, Glamison isn't your teammate! Really starting to wish Sevener wasn't pissed at us right now!

>Operand is flinging operators at us!
He's made of Operators, so does that mean he's throwing parts of himself at you? He might be making himself smaller when he does that! Or, he's trying to get enough Operators onto the truck so that he can reform on the truck or so he can make another of himself on the truck!
No. 748709 ID: 91ee5f

>Hidden nitro
Also, if/when you find it, it's only fair that you give Sweatermouse and Glamison some kind of warning to either hold on or get back in the truck!
No. 748720 ID: 3abd97

>Hey, doesn't that count as a pin?
Well the ref did say she's an honorary wrestler at this point (even if she was a real one before), so why not?

Although it's not like we've got a ring, anywhere.

>Operand is flinging operators at us!
Oh, good! Then he's getting smaller!

>I'm going to need some help if he throws too many!
Shooting for an Alison to help is kind of a crapshoot. If you get the wrong one, she'll side against you.

Maybe you need to scoop up Supervisor and some of your non-operator non-treacherous friends / minions to help. ...well, recently non-treacherous. Bailing on you back when you were being Alisoned doesn't count!

>"Oh my gosh. Hold on just a second are you being a jerk or are you actually being really nice t -"
"Yes." (Just yes. You're doing both).
No. 748728 ID: c441c1

Looks like Glamison has him in a pin, "Hey pretty eyes it looks like your reffly duties are calling for you in the bed of the truck." (Yes! Wifely duties pun.)
No. 748745 ID: d1f5f1
File 147439145510.png - (67.87KB , 800x800 , 458.png )

>It's a very well known fact that when boys are unable to express their feelings to a girl they like, they instead resort to teasing the girl in the hopes of getting their attention. With the way you've been teasing Sweatermouse, I'm starting to think that you actually like her!
You are capable of grand deeds, and 'expressing feelings' is a far cry from being anything you are unable to do!

"Yes!" you say, if mildly belatedly, to Sweatermouse.

>Apologize to Sweatermouse
"And hey, you can't blame me, I don't know how to drive!"

You continue seeking out a nitro button.

"Now, reffly duties are calling for you in the bed of the truck! Glamison is an honorary wrestler, isn't she?"
"And I would've been there already if you haven't been..." she says and trails off as she flies over the windshield.

Alison, who caught the exchange, snags Sweatermouse and places her in the truck bed. Meanwhile, you summon what few operators remain on your side to deal with the operator. The operand should be getting smaller as he throws on more operators, but you estimate that the operand consists of hundreds of operators.
>"Start the countdown, already!" Alison says.
"... it's not a pinning match! One of you has to throw the other out."
"I couuuuuld change the rules to allow pins, but only if Radmin stops being the worst ever and changes my mind!"
No. 748746 ID: c441c1

Radmin will take the most adorable of mouses on a date if she changes the rules. If that doesn't work Glamison could squeeze him out of the hold off the truck bed. for reference this but from his feet up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O0StYcn4SI
No. 748747 ID: 3d2d5f

>"... it's not a pinning match! One of you has to throw the other out."
>"I couuuuuld change the rules to allow pins, but only if Radmin stops being the worst ever and changes my mind!"
Where are we supposed to throw him out to? We're all outside the ring! Or if the car is the ring, then everyone chasing us is out.

How can I stop being the worst when I've been busy being the best this whole time?

...wouldn't bribing the ref to change the rules like a cheater actually be being the worst? Clearly, by not trying to change your mind, I'm being the best. Of course, that means I'm not being the worst and you should change them. But in doing so I've bribed you, and now we have a paradox!
No. 748748 ID: 3d2d5f

Or of we want to resort to straight up bribery, we could offer her the summoning item when we're done, so she can have her own personal supply of Alisons to hug.
No. 748752 ID: 90f3c0

Glamison seems to have a pretty good grip on him, can't she just dump him out of the back of the truck? Ideally directly in the path of Operand.
No. 748755 ID: 211d83

Tell her you will take her out on a real date after the match and do it properly with as little jerkiness as possible.

If she is up for that sort of thing.
No. 748756 ID: d1f5f1
File 147439950844.png - (27.42KB , 800x800 , 459.png )

>Can't Alison just dump him out of the back of the truck?
From what little you can see, Quarry's hands have gotten a deathgrip on the truck that Alison can't quite break.

You suspect that the truck counts as the ring itself, and being out of the ring is acceptable, but leaving or getting kicked out of the ring is what the elimination is about.

"Hard to stop being the worst when I've been so busy being the best! And bribing the ref like a cheater sounds pretty bad, huh?"
"Bribing me is better than what you've been!"
"If that's how you feel, then I don't suppose you'd want this summoning amulet for your own set of Alisons?"
"Holy moly you're bribing me with something that isn't even yours?! No!"
"Then how about I take you on a date?"
"Haha good jo... you're serious."
No. 748757 ID: d1f5f1
File 147439952894.png - (20.00KB , 800x800 , 460.png )

"Radmin you know that a 'date' isn't where you just tease and make fun of your partner for the whole time, right?!"
No. 748758 ID: c441c1

Activate plan 'Radmin is a third grader' say "it isn't?"
No. 748759 ID: 3d2d5f

Of course I know that! If that's what a date meant, that would mean we'd been dating this whole time! (And also that I've been dating Glitcher, Sevener, Guitar Knight, the Operators, and a bunch of other people). And I couldn't bribe you with what you already had, after all!
No. 748760 ID: 3d2d5f

>You suspect that the truck counts as the ring itself, and being out of the ring is acceptable, but leaving or getting kicked out of the ring is what the elimination is about.
...does that mean we technically rung out Sevener already?

You know what maybe don't mention that. It'll probably only make her madder, and there might be a penalty for eliminating your partner.
No. 748761 ID: 44bc30

"Did you not watch the dating game earlier? I specifically described what my idea of going on a date is! Classy restaurants and bars! Amusement park rides! Movies! Playing tricks on people together! I won that part of the competition, you know, that's dating credentials, right there!"
No. 748762 ID: dd4df2


Sweatermouse. Sweatermouse, listen carefully. Of course a date won't just be about teasing and making fun of one's partner. The partner is perfectly free to tease and make fun right back. In fact, it's encouraged. How else can one find out if the partner is **The One** who'll put up with the other's silly hijinks and personal oddities and maybe also come to enjoy their company?
No. 748763 ID: c441c1

Scratch this.
These two are better.
No. 748764 ID: 398fe1

Would you like that though?
No. 748774 ID: c441c1

Check on status of Oprand how far away is he? We don't want him interrupting the conversation at a criticle moment
No. 748777 ID: d1f5f1
File 147440410743.png - (24.68KB , 800x800 , 461.png )

>Check Operand
You've gained some distance since crashing out of the mall.

"Did you not watch the dating game earlier? I told everyone what my idea of a date is! Classy restaurants! Bars! Amusement park rides! Movies! Playing tricks on people together!"
"I heard about that didn't you get denied that date?!"
"If I lost that game, then I wouldn't be here, would I?"
"Yeah but!"
"And of course a date isn't just teasing and making fun of one's partner, unless you think we've been dating this whole time!"
"I, uh, no, not even close!"
"In a date, the partner is perfectly free to tease and make fun of right back! In fact it's encouraged!"
"... oh my gosh you're right I can be a huge jerk back to you too!"
"Sweatermouse, would you like to be nonstop jerks to each other tonight?"
"... I'd love to be a jerk right back to you, but being a non-stop jerk is too easy for someone as awful as you! This whole thing to change the rules is to show you're not the worst, so you have to show it on a date! So! If you can promise me that, for just 20 straight minutes at some point in the date, you can act like a legitimately nice person, then I'll go on a date with you. Can you actually do that, or are you a big jerk to the core?"
No. 748778 ID: c441c1

"Can I at least continue being a showoff? In other words yes but I can't promise that I won't try to be a stereotype of the nicest person ever."
No. 748779 ID: 398fe1

No. 748782 ID: 3abd97

I'm the best, and I can do anything mouse!

No. 748790 ID: 44bc30

Geeze Radmin you just went on a date with Glamison a while ago. Don't you think she might get jealous?

Though, you ended up talking to Sweatermouse together at the end of that, and you all seemed to get along well. Maybe you could have a 150% date between you and Glam and Sweatermouse.

On the other hand, this is all in-character, for all three of you. Wrestle!Radmin is totally the sort of guy to flirt with a lady in front of another with claim on him.
No. 748795 ID: dd4df2


Hey now, you might be a kick-ass megalomaniac with perfectly reasonable visions of grandeur, but you're not ALL SASS AND GAMES, and it's time to show it! If you actually like S-mouse, then UP THE ANTE. Someone as great as you has AT LEAST 40 minutes of un-RADlike behavior in you!

So, yes, you, The Great Radmin, promise a date and AT LEAST 40 minutes of uninterrupted NICE PERSON-ing to fair Sweatermouse.
No. 748804 ID: 91ee5f

So, would Radmin be in costume or is he going to take it off for the date? Or he could split the difference by keeping the mask on, but taking off the rest of the costume. And if he does that, then the rule of unmasking still applies, even if you're not in the ring.
No. 748808 ID: 211d83

I am not really a jerk you know. A bit snarky and I like to play pranks on people but I am a nice guy at heart.

It's just that there are so many opportunities for pranks and teasing these days.

So I will prove it to you. Will you go out on a non jerk date with me Sweatermouse?
No. 748813 ID: d1f5f1
File 147441471024.png - (35.97KB , 800x800 , 462.png )

"As long as you don't mind me showing off that I can be the nicest one of all! Why, I'll promise you that date and accept that challenge to give you not just 20, but 30 - no, 40 minutes of non-interrupted nice person-ing! After which, by comparison, every one else will seem like a jerk and the only nice-place you'll have left in the world is 40-minute Radmin!"
"Hahaha okay I have to see this. Accepted!"

>Would you be in costume?
A question for later.

Alison gives you a stare as you talk, before speaking.

>"Damn, Radmin, going on a date with the mouse not an hour after ours? I hope this wasn't the start of those 40 minutes!"
"On the contrary, I am so good at dating that I can date two girls at once! I will take the both of you out! I'm sure Sweatermouse doesn't mind."
"I am way more okay with this than I should be."
>"You cannot be serious, Sweatermouse. You seemed to want to do your best as a referee." says Quarry. "But it seems that what you are now is a bribable rule maker, and it is only at your whim as to who wins and who loses. Is that the sort of Referee you wish to be?"
"You know what? I never asked to be ref. I don't need to be the best ref! I don't even need to be a good ref! One, two, three, you're out."
>"..... so is he supposed to go poof or something?" asks Alison.
"No, but he did lose this match! I, uh, don't have the power to teleport him away or anything."

You are approaching the river. There are three main bridges. One is a simple suspension bridge that, although supposedly made of strong material, may or may not hold much weight. The other is a proper roadway over some sort of girder bridge. The other is similar to the girder bridge, but likely only two times the width of the monster truck, and is covered over to make it more of a tunnel space.
No. 748814 ID: 211d83

Hey there Quarry you got pinned and if we went by out of the ring rules we could toss you out of the truck just as easily.

Plus technically it would have lost the big guy the match as well.

So want to join team Radmin Quarry?
No. 748817 ID: 3abd97

>>Would you be in costume?
>A question for later.
You'd need a date-costume. You lucha costume is made for being putting down your enemies awesome, not date awesome.

>"I am way more okay with this than I should be."
Sweatermouse is cool with anything involving Alison(s), confirmed.

>Not being the best ref
>bribe-able and arbitrary rulemaker
Eh, she's still got a better track record than Savior, and at least half the administration, so I'd say she clears the bar. Besides, she only bent her principles in an attempt to drag me up to a higher standard. A redemption-play means she's doing more net good!

(Yes this is the start of you being nice to her. Let's see if that flusters her as much as teasing does).

>I, uh, don't have the power to teleport him away or anything.
Gee, if only we had some people who's job it was to operate teleports and move people where they're supposed to be. That would help. Oh wait, no, they're too busy rebelling against the evil overlord who dared to buy them ice cream.

Sweater could probably hold his arms or something long enough for Alison to pry his hands up and knock him off. She's not very strong, but she's invincible. If Alison positions Sweater right, he won't be able to break free. (Ie, use her as an immovable object to secure him against). Cleaning up the ring is part of the ref's job, right?

>which bridge
Not the tunnel-one. We want edges for things to fall off of, and a big dramatic background vista for the climax of this fight.

Not sure if the suspension bridge or the girder bridge would be cooler. Suspension might be easier for your pursuit to bring down by snapping supports? That might be bad.
No. 748819 ID: 398fe1

Suspension bridge. No matter what happens, it'll be exciting!
No. 748825 ID: b412df

Girder bridge I'd say, for large things like Operand the cables for a suspension bridge might as well be guard rails, plus damaging enough of those would collapse the whole thing. That is assuming that the girder bridge is supported entirely from below though.

How close is the car full of people who want to punch your face?
No. 748830 ID: d1f5f1
File 147441839965.png - (57.07KB , 800x800 , 463.png )

"Well Sweatermouse, being the only ref makes it impossible to compare, but if we compared you to other rulesetters like Savior and other admins, I'd say you're still pretty darn good! Why, I'd extend my hand to Quarry for him to have him on my team, but the idea of having a double-loser on my team makes me choke on the mere thought, let alone the words!"
"Oh hey that's not a bad start but the date isn't starting while there's still fighting you dork!"
"So I can only be nice if it's during the scheduled time period, huh?"
"Ohmygosh no you - augh!"
"Well clearing the ring is the ref's job, right? So go help Alison knock Quarry out of here! It'd be nice if there was someone who's job it was to operator teleports, but too bad those goes are mostly on strike revolting against the evil overlord who bought them icecream!"
>"We have no teleporters to operate." says one of your loyal operators in the back.

You haven't made up your mind yet on which bridge you're going to, but you will stop by the suspension bridge first to get a visual.

>How close is the car full of people who want to punch your face?
You can't see them, but you hear the engine running and tires squealing from a ways away. Considering you're outside of the stadium realm area, it's unlikely that that is anyone else. You can't tell how far away they are, but it is getting closer, and they are most likely following the footsteps of Operand.

"Fine I'll go help pry Quarry off!" Sweatermouse says, then gets bumped and immediately she slips and falls off the truck.
No. 748831 ID: d1f5f1
File 147441840688.png - (42.31KB , 800x800 , 464.png )

As soon as she gets 15 feet away from the truck, she teleports back onto the hood and flies right off of it again. She doesn't make it easy to catch her, either, and it may take a few tries.

You have a visual on the support bridge. It looks like it would take a while for Operator to undo all the supports that it has, since it seems sturdy enough. It may be a risk, but if Operand stays at this side and tries to undo the supports, and you successfully make it across, you'll be home free.

Alternatively, you can swing right and try to make it to the girder bridge instead, at the risk of the racecar having more time to catch up.
No. 748832 ID: 3abd97

>"Ohmygosh no you - augh!"
We managed to tease her by being nice to her. Gold medal.

>>"We have no teleporters to operate." says one of your loyal operators in the back.
Hmm. Something to ask Rulekeep later, maybe. She does the interior decorating around here.

Operand is now Alison-free. He even got the huggler one off his neck!

...this place is freeroam, isn't it? Shouldn't
he be getting tired?

Take the bridge, I guess. No need to get slammed doing something fancy. Those other three have to be close.

Is the entire other side across the bridge covered in glitter?
No. 748838 ID: 398fe1

I really wish there was a drawbridge that was in the process of raising, so we could do a sweet jump across the middle to ditch our pursuers.

That'd be the best option, really.
No. 748839 ID: db0da2

The suspension bridge will definitely build the most suspense. Remember, the only way to lose here is for something totally boring to happen. If Operand stays at the end then team angry-with-you-mobile will crash into it or something. This is all according to plan, you see, Radmin never improvises, he's just so good at plotting that he's able to do it behind his own back.
No. 748844 ID: d1f5f1
File 147442483885.png - (76.24KB , 800x800 , 465.png )

There should be! But apparently, whoever designed this town didn't think enough about things things like car chases, and thought too much about things like 'practicality' such as not needing a drawbridge for a river a mile or two down. And that even if there was a drawbridge, it would need to be designed to start raising as soon as it detects someone going towards it while trying to get away from something.

It makes you miss glitcher a bit. If he were around, there would totally be a drawbridge, and knowing him, it would probably be designed to pop up like your truck's hood when you specifically were crossing it.

>Shouldn't Operand be getting tired?
It does seem like there should be some kind of stamina statistic. You'll just have to assume that if he did have one, it would have a hundred stars.

>Lights on the other side
Although it appears to be more glitter from this distance, it is merely a large amount of lit up buildings that house probably a grand total of 50 people that wandered out of the stadium realm.

You race through the gate and fly off over the sudden drop, making sure to line yourself up right so that nothing anticlimactic happens such as missing and falling off the bridge before you even hit it. You do, however, hear several thumps in the back of the truck.
No. 748845 ID: d1f5f1
File 147442484728.png - (75.07KB , 800x800 , 466.png )

Behind you, Operand catchs up and starts trying to undo the supports. GK, either being an idiot, not wanting to leave it to the operand, or wanting to personally punch you in the face, rockets between Operand's feet and follows you onto the bridge. Operand stays still for a moment, but then starts chasing again.
No. 748846 ID: d1f5f1
File 147442485543.png - (114.32KB , 800x800 , 467.png )

Between the view of Sweatermouse tumbling over the hood and windshield, you see a light far up ahead. Instead of being the light at the end of the tunnel, this is a light at the end of the bridge, and it's coming right for you.

>"We might have a problem, Radmin!" Alison yells. He threw a cluster of several operators on us, and they're starting to combine!"
No. 748847 ID: 211d83

Have her jam one or two of your loyal operators into the pile to confuse the heck out of whatever is forming.

Thoughts of you being nice and ice cream should paralyze it for a bit.

Also you need to clip or back up into those supports fast to take out everyone on the bridge once you get to safety.
No. 748849 ID: 90f3c0

The truck should roll right over the approaching car. Full speed ahead, and hope the collision shakes the Operators.
No. 748851 ID: 3abd97

Radmin, reach out the window and grab Sweater the time she goes past. She doesn't need to steer, the bridge is a straight shot. All she has to do is hold down the gas, even if that means she's too low to seer over the dash.

Then you go topside and help Glam repel the boarders! Gotta get those guys off before you get a new operand on top of you.

Or... hmmm. Maybe you do want a new operand. Only you want to shove one of your loyal operators into the head. So you get a big one on your side!
No. 748852 ID: 398fe1

Hmm, what if you jumped out of the truck as the impact is about to happen? Then get off the bridge entirely.

hmmmmm maybe that'd be unwise. I really wish we could find that nitro, this would be the best time to punch it. Ask Alison if she saw it. Check where the cigarette lighter is.
No. 748855 ID: 1c8358

This is .. the best TV show.
No. 748858 ID: d1f5f1
File 147443101858.png - (21.51KB , 800x800 , 468.png )

You grab sweatermouse and pull her inside, pushing her down to the floorspace.

"Press down on the gas, would you?"

>Look for nitro in the cigarette lighter
A lit cigarette comes out.

You've searched every visible panel and turned every dial and hit every button on the front. You recall, though, a surprising amount of panels on the truck bed, and in light of this cigarette lighter, you would not put it past glitcher to have put the nitro button back there.

A new sound is approaching alongside the oncoming vehicle. It sounds like a mass of chorus, percussion all led by a guitar with harp backup.

>"Alisons." Alison says. "I can't see! Radmin can you see any Alisons?"

The truck ahead has its brights on, so you cannot make out anything. Yet without doubt, the oncoming vehicle is made out of Alisons. They're getting close, fast, and crashing into them directly, if you don't find that nitro button, is going to be the vehicular equivalent of dumping a bucket of snakes on yourself.

You plan on going back there to assist Alison, but before managing your tasks in the truck bed, you have one choice to make while still in the truck canopy.

Smoke cigarette? y/n
No. 748859 ID: 211d83

Might as well.
No. 748860 ID: 398fe1

Smoking isn't cool.
No. 748862 ID: 094652

No but that gives me an idea.

Light it up and throw it somewhere that is in desperate need of fire.

Like the bridge.

See, Operand won't follow you if the bridge is on fire. Operand won't touch the bridge if the sides are on fire. That gives you a scant few seconds to get to the other side. It's a long shot, but I think you've got like two seconds before he rips the poles out completely.
No. 748863 ID: 3abd97

Look it's a straight line, you just have to not swerve and we'll be fine! Don't sweat your invincible sweater tush about it.

>Alison ball incoming
We could just dismiss them, but that's too lame to contemplate.

Instead we need to adjust speed so the the oncoming ball and the car in front of us crash into the truck at the same time, wiping everyone out.

There's just the matter of riding the explosion to safety by jumping at the exact right moment with your partner.

>Smoke cigarette? y/n
Save it to light at the most dramatic moment, right before everything explodes.
No. 748864 ID: a8bc5c


No way. Do NOT sacrifice the monster truck. It hasn't even made a proper debut in the matches!
No. 748866 ID: d1f5f1
File 147443385755.png - (54.06KB , 800x800 , 469.png )

You're too cool to smoke.

You doubt the bridge is flammable, but worth a shot. You flick the cigarette out onto it. Being too cool to look at where you fling it, of course.

"Sweatermouse, lift up the gas halfway!" you say, to time it so that all three cars will likely crash together at the same time, or close enough to it. Your monster truck should be fine, while the chaotic explosion will make it difficult for your enemies to get a hold on the truck.
No. 748867 ID: d1f5f1
File 147443386851.png - (113.55KB , 800x800 , 470.png )

You climb out the back window and toss out two operators you catch by surprise. Statistically speaking, chances are favorable that they were the enemy operators. Climbing forward, you push your friendly looking operators into the forming operand, and it becomes visibly clumsy and malformed, but it is still turning into a wrestling beast.

There are also even more panels than you had begun to think in the bed of the truck.

It may be worth searching the panels now to hit the nitro right as the immenent crash occurs, to properly rocket to safety.

On the other hand, it would be delightfully easy to knock Quarry out of the truck before Operand has a chance to assist him. It would also be easier to try to fight operand now while he is still clumsy and half formed.
No. 748868 ID: 398fe1

Get Quarry out of the truck so that Alison can assist you in finding the nitrous.
No. 748869 ID: 3abd97

Seems like a good idea. She has the hair to try all the switches at once.

Also come on, how fun will it be to see the other admins run him over.

And no reason you can't take a few cheap shots at operand! That's what you do, after all. Unless the throwing your guys in trick makes this one rethink. Or, you know, just plain think.
No. 748871 ID: 80a15f

Get those dudes off your ride. You can always dive last minute for the nitro, which due to narrative laws, will be the last button you press anyway.
No. 748872 ID: 91ee5f

"To my loyal Operators I just shoved in there: Sorry about that! I owe you guys more than ice cream, so when you guys unstick yourselves from the traitors, come find me, and I'll give you whatever you want.....within reason! The same offer goes to any traitors that want to stop being traitors!"
No. 748889 ID: 5280b7

Slightly adapt your 'swing the ref' skill using two enemies.
No. 748895 ID: d1f5f1
File 147448178233.png - (75.98KB , 800x800 , 471.png )

>Which due to narrative laws, will be the last button you press anyway.
If you had reliable narrative laws, right now you'd be sailing in midair over an open drawbridge.

You adapt your Swing The Referee ability and instead swing Alison around. It doesn't seem as effective damage was as using Sweatermouse, but damage isn't the goal here.

Alison gives you a boost with a spring off her tail to get the swing going, but Quarry has a tough grip on Alison's tail.

"Got any ideas, Alison?"
>"Surprise molt!" she yells.
No. 748896 ID: d1f5f1
File 147448179304.png - (21.05KB , 800x800 , 472.png )

Quarry tries to hang on, but it's no use. Alison's unhygenic ability managed to completely detach an outer layer of scales, leaving Quarry with only a grip on a loose sleeve flying off of Alison.
No. 748898 ID: d1f5f1
File 147448228054.png - (138.57KB , 1200x800 , 473.png )

She times it perfectly so that he still lands on the bridge. The racecar is forced to either run him over or stop.

Instead, Sevener puts her hands on the grill and sticks her body out, slamming Quarry out of the way and over the bridge.

The lights from the Alison-truck are washing over your truck. A collision will happen at any time. The new operand, though clumsy, is starting to shamble at you.
No. 748899 ID: 3d2d5f

>Sevener slams Quarry off the bridge
Thanks for the assist, partner!

>The new operand, though clumsy, is starting to shamble at you.
Does it look like he's on our side?

...I don't suppose he had any clothes to steal? You'd get a major stat boost if you could leech off the big guy.

>collision about to happen
I think it's time to abandon ship, straight up. Leave the cars and your pursuers to crash and explode. Maybe flip the nitro at the last moment for more boom.

Have Alsion coil up like a spring for a vertical leap and ride her up? Use your cape as a parachute to catch air from the explosion, and to glide down?

No time to rescue Sweatermouse from inside the cab and under the dash, but she'll be fine with ref invincibility. Maybe you can catch her on the way up or down if she gets blown flying? Good chance to be dashing and to tease her.
No. 748905 ID: 398fe1

No. 748915 ID: d1f5f1
File 147449584847.png - (75.41KB , 800x800 , 474.png )

"Thanks, partner!" you yell to Sevener
>"This shitty racecar would flip if it ran over Quarry, dumbass!"

>I don't suppose he had any clothes to steal?
He might have if he were properly forming, but he seems to have difficulty getting the last bit down, and so his shirt is currently half fused with himself.

"Alison, ignore the clumsy oaf, use your tail to spring us out of here!"
>"Oh, you want to sacrifice Sweatermouse?!"
>"I can spring to give you some momentum but I can't do some huge high jump like that!"
"Then use your hair to search and mash the buttons and your tail to lift me out of here alone!"
>"Oh, you want to sacrifice Sweatermouse and me?!"
"They're after me and me alone!"
>"I'm not hearing a no, but fine, as long as you don't ditch your date!" Alison says, coiling you up and lifting you high.

You can see the pickup truck of Alisons coming down. You can hear Glamison and Sweatermouse yelling from below.

"You better not actually be escaping without us! I'm going to yank this wheel around!"
>"Hey!" Glamison yells up to you. "I found a suspicious button that looks like it might make us go fast but it might also not! Should I press it?"

There is no time to ask Glamison for more details on what the button looks like, and only to yell a couple of words and still get a reaction.
No. 748916 ID: 398fe1

No. 748917 ID: 233260

Even if we knew it was a bad idea the chance for awesome explosions is worth the risk.

Have her smack that button.
No. 748918 ID: b412df

How'd the truck of Alisons get to the other side of the bridge to put themselves on a collision course with you?

Oh well, push the button.
No. 748919 ID: 3abd97

>>"I can spring to give you some momentum but I can't do some huge high jump like that!"
>>"Oh, you want to sacrifice Sweatermouse and me?!"
Well I was gonna take you with me, but if you can't jump that far... I suggest aiming for the suspension cables. You can probably snake up along one of those out the explosion. And you'll, you know, still be holding onto something if the bottom falls out of the bridge.

And I'm not abandoning anyone! Just a temporary splitting of forces. There's still a double date on for later, after all!

>"You better not actually be escaping without us! I'm going to yank this wheel around!"
Just grab her by the sweater-scruff already. Or the tail. Whatever's handy and grabable!

...if Glamison sends the two of you flying, you think you can lock arms and do spin the ref midair for helicopter action?

>"I found a suspicious button that looks like it might make us go fast but it might also not! Should I press it?"
Might as well go out with a bang! Hit it, babe.
No. 748920 ID: edee29

If we're really lucky, that button will reveal that the wheels are spring loaded and launch us over the Alisons.
No. 748924 ID: d1f5f1
File 147450063801.png - (183.40KB , 800x800 , 475.png )

>How'd the truck of Alisons get to the other side of the bridge to put themselves on a collision course with you?
You do have to wonder just how fast they would need to be to make it across and circle around to you. You did leave them alone for awhile, and you did make detours through malls and a non-direct path, but all the same, questions remained even if it was technically possible.

"Punch it!"

In the deep recesses of your monster truck where you never delved into, you see the flash of two glorious nitro boosters.

"Ahhhhhh!?" Sweatermouse panics and tugs the wheel, but you notice that it is too late for this to be significant. If you were to grab her, it would have been before you were lifted up high.
No. 748925 ID: d1f5f1
File 147450068898.png - (121.36KB , 800x800 , 476.png )

>"Oh the button showed the truck popping a wheelie! I see it now!" you hear Glamison through the engine sound.
No. 748926 ID: d1f5f1
File 147450070153.png - (53.06KB , 800x800 , 477.png )

The monster truck gets no air, and is still going to collide with the Alison truck.

For a brief moment, you see what might be regret on the Alison's face. Even the driver, beatbox Alison, reflects a short life of mistakes across her sunglasses. Admirably, her tail continues pinning the gas pedal to the floor.

Something seems wrong, something is missing about that Alison truck. but you don't have time to think about it for too long. In the instant before the crash, Glamison, bless her reactions, uses the last moment of moving forward to not just uncoil you but fling you forward to hit the bridge.
No. 748927 ID: d1f5f1
File 147450079181.png - (212.88KB , 800x800 , 478.png )

The truck full of Alisons crashes through the fire and straight into the bottom of your monster truck. With sweatermouse's clumsy turn, the monster truck's feet are yanked from the bridge as it does a half flip, half barrel roll.

The wheely nitro slams the truck right into the bridge, snapping the suspensions and bridge plate in half, and each side to begin flopping down to their respective sides.

The race car does not stop, and it runs straight into the mess as well. You only see the silhouettes of people, vehicle and other debris through the resulting explosion.
No. 748928 ID: d1f5f1
File 147450080278.png - (88.54KB , 800x800 , 479.png )

Even with the bridge snapping, though, you are flying up and forward. Even if you did not make it all the way to the top, you will hit the cliff and be able to grab onto the bridge and climb it up to safety.

It also appears that Alison flung Sweatermouse to safety at the last second, and she is catching up to you.

Or so you would think, but you hear a deafening, shrill war cry from the very top of the now broken bridge. In that moment, you realize what was missing from the Alison truck before. The most dangerous one of all, the one you made sure you kept as far away from the monster truck as possible at any point in time.
No. 748929 ID: d1f5f1
File 147450081480.png - (25.17KB , 800x800 , 480.png )

Opera Alison.
No. 748930 ID: 398fe1

Time for Swing The Referee. In midair. Though really you'll be using her to change trajectory more than swing.

Try to get her to collide with Opera Alison.
No. 748932 ID: 3abd97

Sniff, you consigned two partners to that wreck. So heroic of them, sacrificing themselves to stop everyone who was after you.

Actually, three partners, if we count the truck. Yeah, you're totally doing that. Three partners.

Dismiss her
Preemptively vetoed for insufficient cool.


Whirling helicopter mouse attack!

Does this count as the date having started yet? Because it's going to be pretty hard to find a roller coaster more awesome than this.

Before grabbing Sweater's hands: "may I have this dance?"
No. 748933 ID: c441c1

Transition from Swing the ref to keep the ref close at hand because she is invincible and there is bound to be spikes at the bottom of a Bridge like this.
No. 748934 ID: b412df

There's always dismissing her, but that's not awesome so no. You're flying so there's not much you can do to change your trajectory without changing someone else's.

Throw Sweatermouse at Opera Alison and hope you still have enough momentum to make it across? You could also make it so the both of you hit her and knock her out the way, but you might lose too much momentum that way.
No. 748935 ID: 91ee5f

I know there's an old say that goes, "It's not over until the fat lady sings" and it usually refers to an opera singer. However, I have to admit, even though she's an opera singer, I can't tell if Opera Alison is fat, so even if you do get passed her, this might not be over just yet.

Anyways, use Swing The Referee to hopefully get you to dodge!
No. 748937 ID: f056b5

I am not sure what this quest is about anymore.

Well, she's an Alison, so you already know her most basic instinct. Throw Sweatermouse into her arms and prepare to grab tail. Use her as a fall cushion.
No. 748938 ID: 237a99

Although uncool, dismissing her is sufficiently cheatsy and underhanded enough that I'm not taking it off the table.
No. 748944 ID: d1f5f1
File 147450418677.png - (68.19KB , 800x800 , 481.png )

You're aware of the saying it's not over till the fat lady sings. She may not be that fat, but she is the fattest Alison you've seen, and the only one you've seen that is arguably chubbier is a far too low hanging fruit to poke fun at, even for you.

Speaking of which, you extend your hands to reach for Sweatermouse's.

"May I have this dance?"
"Then I will just spin and throw you. Does this count as the date starting? It'll be tough to find a roller coaster like this again."
"I doubt it'll be that tough! Alison threw me to safety and then you're just gonna throw me back again?!"
"No, I'm going to throw you into Opera Alison's oppressive but loving grasp!"
"The worst!"
"You're smiling."
"It's an angry smile!"
"Operison is almost on us. You ready?"
"Like that matters!"

You prepare to let go, but on one of the final rotations, Sweatermouse gasps.

"Holy crud!" Sweatermouse says, looking down.
No. 748945 ID: d1f5f1
File 147450419853.png - (145.37KB , 800x800 , 482.png )

Perhaps dismissing the Alison so that you can throw Sweatermouse at Sevener, while highly uncool, should not be an option so quickly disregarded anymore.
No. 748946 ID: 398fe1

Take the hit. It won't be the end of you(she's not going to rip off your mask, just punch your face in), and it'll be REALLY COOL.
No. 748947 ID: c441c1

Just hold onto Jack(Sweatermouse) Rose(Radmin) and don't let go knock them both out of the sky with your love(swing the ref).
Also Sevener looks like a beautiful star with all that sparkle.
No. 748949 ID: 595d54

"Hi, sexy!"

>Also Sevener looks like a beautiful star with all that sparkle.
No. 748950 ID: b412df

Well, don't need to worry about momentum now, I'd say brace for impact and let the nitro-booster take the tangle of you, Sevener, Operison, and Sweatermouse to the other side. That is if it doesn't explode on impact.
No. 748953 ID: 237a99

Throw Sweatermouse to safety in a way that Newtons third law will fling you out of harms way too, so Opera Alison and Sevener will have a midair collision.
No. 748954 ID: 3abd97

You could try to slam Sweater into the Alison, allow a half rotation, then throw / release so the two of them are aimed at Sevener. Tricky though, and it's not clear you'd be able to swing Operalison around, or that you'd be quick enough not to be grabbed.

Dang, where did Sevener get a rocket?

I think you have to let her smack you out of the sky (which means not dismissing the Alison, and throwing Sweaterref at her). The heel has to take a fall once in a while, and you need to give her something in order to get your teammate back. A rocket fist to the face slamming you out of the sky will probably work.

So long as Operand doesn't get to pull off your mask, it'll be fine.

...maybe pull an RKO out of nowhere to meet her fist at the last second? (The dirty trick is it will probably be your own KO you cause). I mean, Sevener would still probably take you (hopefully appeasing her) but dang, knocking her out of the sky in a frontal attack like that would probably earn you respect too.
No. 748955 ID: edee29

Let's take a moment to pity all of those poor fools who aren't getting any publicity because they didn't show up for this... thing we started. I don't know what to call it, really, I just know our ratings must be soaring right now.

Angle our throw so that we're launched toward Sevener. We'll let the audience decide this. If they care more about us more than they do Sevener, then we'll have at least enough power to match her. If not, then we're clearly a failure as an entertainer and deserve to lose.
No. 748957 ID: 44bc30

>while highly uncool

Radmin, buddy. Friend. What is the point of being a hero or a villain, if you're not going to be cool?
No. 748961 ID: 398fe1

At this height? THE COOLEST.
No. 748965 ID: 91ee5f

If you can somehow dodge Opera Alison, I don't see how Sevener will be able to get passed her. Or you can dismiss Opera Alison and then resummon her behind you, then Sevener will still run into her.
No. 748967 ID: d1f5f1
File 147451012631.png - (24.17KB , 800x800 , 483.png )

>Dang, where did Sevener get a rocket?
She appears to have ripped off the nitro from your monster truck.

There is legitimate steering going on, as well, so you doubt you can simply let her and Alison collide.

"Hey, sexy! You really do look great in glitter!" you yell to the steadily decreasing distant, increasingly angry lizard of hate.

You remember that if there is no point to being the hero, the villain, or Radmin, if you aren't being cool in the process.

You let Sweatermouse go straight at Opera Alison, who grabs Sweatermouse and begins coiling around her.
No. 748968 ID: d1f5f1
File 147451014340.png - (111.36KB , 800x800 , 484.png )

Your momentum is thrown back towards Sevener.

You're not going to take a hit for free even if the heel has to take the fall sometimes, but you will fight Sevener directly.

You will look like you are going to match her punch for punch, even throwing your fist at her, but in reality, just before you punch...
No. 748969 ID: d1f5f1
File 147451015336.png - (125.99KB , 800x800 , 485.png )

You would have pulled that punch and gone for the RKO with your other arm, but Sevener's punch land squarely on your face, and you lose too much feeling in everything to properly do anything. As a result, your fist lightly taps Sevener's cheek.

Nonetheless, your conscious remains, if not at its best.
No. 748970 ID: d1f5f1
File 147451016470.png - (137.39KB , 800x800 , 486.png )

It lasts long enough to see the rocket explode and feel your self dissolving, much as with death.
No. 748971 ID: d1f5f1
File 147451038501.png - (24.42KB , 800x800 , 487.png )

You awaken as a ghost in front of one of your supervisors.

".... alright, lay the exposition on me."
>"Welcome to wrestling hell!"
"Well of course, but what's a guy like me doing in hell?"
>"It's where all the wrestlers who've broken their partnership go. But, there is a way out. Sevener is here too, you see, and the both of you have a chance to reconcile your differences, and leave together. There are two doors behind me. The doubles door, and the singles door. There are four - well, more like three - possibilities. Both of you go through the double doors. If that happens, both of you will fight together out of hell, facing the demons you've both created. You will both succeed or fail together, and success relies on both of you fighting as a team with good cooperation. If both of you go through the singles door, then you both will have to fight each other. The winner will exit hell and be revived. The loser will haunt the winner throughout the stadium, free to cause the winner misfortune in all their future fights.
>And lastly, if one of you enters the doubles and one of you enters the singles... If that is the case, then the one who enters doubles will be resurrected and be given a new teammate, while the one who went through singles will also be resurrected, but only be given a weak NPC teammate to fight with."

This is the cheesiest thing you've ever heard of before and it almost makes you want to just call the new kid-glitcher out on it.
No. 748972 ID: b14cac

Cheesy but appropriate.

Go for the Double door. Sevener is mad at us not the other way around. Would be fine working with her again.

And if she picks singles then we get a new teammate and can taunt her.
No. 748973 ID: c441c1

Throw Glitcher kid through singles door then walk through doubles.
No. 748974 ID: 6c25ef

Doubledoor. Radmin is the best, so he can definitely win as a team with Sevener, even if he has to do it himself.
No. 748975 ID: db0da2

>if one of you enters the doubles and one of you enters the singles... If that is the case, then the one who enters doubles will be resurrected and be given a new teammate, while the one who went through singles will also be resurrected, but only be given a weak NPC teammate to fight with.

Isn't that backwards? This is the lamest prisoners dilemma I've ever seen. There's no reason not to pick doubles unless we absolutely hate each other which Sevener maybe does but then we just get a cool new teammate anyways so why not?

Don't question it too much, just go through the doubles door.
No. 748976 ID: 398fe1

The obvious choice is to pick Doubles since even if you both pick Singles and you win you'll have to deal with a vengeful ghost, and if you pick singles while the other picks doubles you'll be in a shitty situation since you'll have a weak NPC as a partner. So really this is just pressuring the both of you into picking Doubles and learning to work together to get out.

Can't you just talk like adults first? Sevener doesn't really deserve to be in here; you're the one that glitter-bombed her. Of course, neither do you since you're too awesome to be damned, but that's besides the point.
No. 748977 ID: 44bc30

I think Sevener would consider the possibility of being haunted by you, or having to haunt you, to be the true hell. And that at least if you doubles out she'd get to be away from you between matches.

So, she's going to go through the doubles door, I'd say, despite her anger.
No. 748978 ID: edee29

Sevener swore to take you out even if she had to go down with you. That means the Doubles door is best for her, because it means that she either gets a stronger partner than you do, or that she gets to give you one last "fuck you" and drag you down into obscurity.

I have no doubt that you could excel even with a weak partner, and that you could defeat Sevener should you both pick the singles door, so the question is whether you want to risk everything just to try to redeem her despite her pettiness.

Can you at least talk to her before choosing?
No. 748979 ID: 3abd97

Photo. Fucking. Finish. 12/10, best end to a wrestling match ever. The winning team fist-slammed and exploded a thousand feet up.

You totally won a million audience points or however this is being judged.

>It's where all the wrestlers who've broken their partnership go.
Hey, we totally won that. We got everyone else killed, and did an exploding fist-bump of doom in the sky!

>which door
Do doubles. We already gave Sevener her fight, and she blew us up. She doesn't need another one.

Besides, you don't want to kill her. Or get yourself killed.
No. 748981 ID: 91ee5f

Remember why this whole wrestling thing was started? Rulekeeper needs both you and Sevener to win the competition and get your admin positions back, so that you can make it so that she can persist through a reset. And since Rulekeeper's life is depending on you and Sevener winning, that means she's going to pull whatever strings she can so that you and Sevener are guaranteed a win. So, the obvious choice is to go through the Doubles door with Sevener.

Another good reason to go back is to go on that double date with Glamison and Sweatermouse. Dying isn't a good reason to ditch them when you promised!
No. 748985 ID: eb799c

Time to be the cool weird uncle and explain to kid-glitcher who is definitely not watching that there is no reason not to pick the double doors.

Offer a "you tried" star sticker.
No. 749015 ID: f562b1

Take the double doors, but first go and thank Sevener for the awesome finale. And tell her you learned not to glitter her.

The reason to not glitter her is holy cow this place is cheesy and lame.
No. 749026 ID: d1f5f1
File 147453068154.png - (133.13KB , 800x800 , 488.png )

"Can't we speak to each other first, like adults?"
>"No. You glitter bombed her, and she flipped out for being glitter bombed. Neither of you will be treated like adults."
"Well, there is virtually no reason to pick singles unless we truly hated each other! If you were trying to make it fair, then I should have some 'you tried' stickers lying about."
>"... wrestlers hell encourages making amends with one another. And I'm just an npc." says the supervisor.

You throw the supervisor through the singles door and walk yourself through the doubles.

>"Oh, great. You went through doubles. I was hoping you would be a colossal moron and go through the singles just so this would end quick."
"Did you believe I was honestly so cross with you, Sevener? Or so dumb?"
>"Respectively no, and barely no even by your standards."
"Dumb or not, I have the victory counts!"
>"Where's your glitter? Why did yours get removed and mine stuck?"
"Wrestling Hell is a forgiving place."

A girl outside of the ring leans on the ropes as she speaks.

"But it's still hell. Anyway. Know who I am?"
No. 749027 ID: 398fe1

It's glitcher-kid two! Did she change herself to look like that? It's a nice look. Real wild.

What's she call herself?
No. 749028 ID: f056b5


Well, at least she looks cuter. AND LESS CUDDLY. Deem her "SEXY FAIL".
No. 749029 ID: d21b57

I say, with the current lack of her name, we call her Sheena. Cause she looks like she's got this kinda-punk look to her. It, uh, works out in my head. I mean, do we even give nicknames to people anymore?

You're less tenacious than I thought you were, kome
No. 749032 ID: f056b5

Uh, what? I said she's cute but she is FAR from cuddly. Too many sharp pointy bits and unbalanced neck-snapping muscles for me to feel comfortable about hugging her.

She FAILS at the hug sexy! This world RUNS on the hug sexy! Radmin, she must know her failure! Admonish her LACK of the hug sexy!
No. 749035 ID: d1f5f1
File 147453305394.png - (87.93KB , 800x800 , 489.png )

"Glitcher-kid two, I presume?"
"Did you change yourself to look like that?"
"Not much, just an elbow removal. Because two elbows is messed up and I wanted to nip that in the bud before I got used to it.
"Well, you are even less cuddly looking than your brother!"
"Then go cuddle with him." There's that glitcher sass that her brother seemed to lack. "And your dates sure didn't agree with that!" she adds.

>Sharp pointy bits on her
At a closer look, you confirm that those are just tufts of fur and are as safe to touch as Sweatermouse, probably.

"And messy hair for both of you?"
"... did you miss me mentioning your... nevermind. Mom had clean cut hair, glitcher had a head tuft and was literally named the glitcher. So what were you expecting?"
>"When were you born? I was expecting to hear news of it." says Sevener.
"I guess before you took off with your truck. Time was frozen here a few times, so I don't know when it was in your sense. It a smaller affair. Don't worry, you didn't miss much, just a small gathering of corruptor, sweatermouse, a few Alisons, so on."
"And now I will ask about what you mean by my dates! Are you telling me that I missed the hatching, but Sweatermouse and Glamison made it?!"
"I just can't imagine why, mister pop out of a girl's dresser yelling about the world of tomorrow. Anyway, once they swore not to say a word for a bit, Glamison was put back where she was, then Sweater was put on your hood. Then you all got paused. Me and my dork brother were taught things, then we watched the TV to see what you guys have been doing. I basically grew up with you all. Then when you guys were unfroze again, we got to watch live."
"And then you made a cheesy place like this?"
"Haha, cheesy? I'm pretty sure this place fits right in. Have you guys seen yourselves in the mirror? I basically met you guys on TV and now that I'm talking to you two for real I'm still not even sure if you guys are real! Good finish by the way."
"You can thank Sevener for that! In fact, thanks, Sevener."
>"Are you mocking me?"
"Nope! So, Glitchkid the second, what do you call yourself?"
"I don't have a name yet. Rulekeeper said we should either come up with one for ourselves, or do something that earns us a name. I'm waiting for the latter. I guess you can give me a nickname in the meanwhile."
No. 749036 ID: 398fe1

Well, she's in charge of hell so let's call her the Queen of Hell! Or Devil Queen.
No. 749037 ID: f056b5

Glitchtrainer - "I am here to PUMP YOU UNTIL YOUR CODE BURSTS."
No. 749040 ID: fd73fa

Her name is obviously Glitcher Jr. It is the only possible option.
No. 749042 ID: 55d078

Glitcher Jr. the Second.
No. 749045 ID: ea2bfa

Apollyon! Angel that lives in Hell! I'm not gonna let this go!
No. 749046 ID: eb799c

Dub her the Griefer, because it sure looks like she's going to give you some grief now.
No. 749047 ID: db0da2

Glitcher jr 2: Full Body Mullet Edition.
No. 749049 ID: 3abd97

>"Where's your glitter? Why did yours get removed and mine stuck?"
Because while I made a glitter cape look cool, you made a rocking glitter bod look badass awesome. Sorry, the universe appreciated your aesthetic too much.

Did she get two snaggle teeth? I thought the little one that was linked to Rulekeep got lost with Glitcher. Or did her Corruptor-linked tooth just a a bit crack off?

She's more snouty than the other one. Makes her almost look like Alison, although you can't inherit trades from a godmother, right? That's just silly!

>then we watched the TV to see what you guys have been doing. I basically grew up with you all.
>I basically met you guys on TV and now that I'm talking to you two for real I'm still not even sure if you guys are real! Good finish by the way.
Hahaha! You hear that, we're someone's childhood heroes!

Want an autograph, kid?

>I guess you can give me a nickname in the meanwhile.
Pretty much this. She'll earn nicknames based off her own actions in time!
No. 749053 ID: 6c25ef

No. 749059 ID: 3d2d5f

>dork brother
Considering who your parents are, I don't see how he couldn't be a dork! *Stage whisper* You're probably a dork too!
No. 749060 ID: 44bc30

Well, since Glitcher and Rulekeeper are basically the equivalent of gods for the people of contestspace, and their kids seem to be too and this lady's in charge of hell, how about we call her Hade? Like, Hades, but more girly. Maybe spell it "Haydi" to make the pronunciation more clear.
No. 749063 ID: 18c950

If you wanna go that route, why not just Hel?
No. 749073 ID: 233260

Wait why do you have two green teeth? Who is the other one connected to?

How about Callisto for a name?
No. 749074 ID: 211d83


Hmmm Callisto could work. She does sort of look like a nymph/bear goddess.
No. 749081 ID: 44bc30


Kinda too obvious, and Haydi is cuter. She looks like a Haydi.

And really, I don't imagine Radmin nicknaming someone something that isn't either cute or insulting.
No. 749086 ID: 91ee5f

So, what is your older brother doing right now?
No. 749087 ID: 90f3c0

If you want to take the underworld route, there's always Persephone, but that sounds a bit too girly. Maybe her alternate name of Kore or Cora.

Cora sounds pretty good.
No. 749088 ID: b412df

How much of the mayhem Radmin caused was all him, and how much of it was Rulekeeper / glitcher kid assisted?
No. 749089 ID: 44bc30

Oh, wait. How about words related to "glitch"? Bug, error, hitch, snag, snafu... Snafu! And Snag. Snag by itself isn't that great. Snagger? Yeah.

Call this one Snafur and her brother Snagger. Snagger and Snafur.
No. 749110 ID: d1f5f1
File 147457131979.png - (16.44KB , 800x800 , 490.png )

"You hear that, Sevener? We're someone's childhood heroes. Want an autograph, kid?"
"Then I will give you some ideas for your own name! Glitcher Jr. the second!"
"And since you seem to be running hell... The Griefer! Devil Queen! Glitchtrainer! Glitcher Junior Two, Full Body Mullet Edition!"

Sevener gives you a smack.

"That would be something I'd penalize for, but you deserved that."
"Snafur, with your brother, Snagger!"
"My brother's already calling himself Glitcher Jr."
"What's he doing now anyway?"
"Hell I dunno. No pun intended. Maybe he's fixing up his operand. He's the one who made it."
"Haydi! Cora!"
"What? Oh! There we go. I'll go with Haydi till I think of something better."
>"So you're glitcher's kid, but you're carrying on the tradition of doing... this." says Sevener.
"Yeah you got a problem with that? I'll do other things eventually, but my mom wants me to get to know contestants well for some reason first."
"And how much of the previous mayhem was caused by me, and how much was Rulekeeper and you two?"
"We made sure the summoned Alisons got a car and a portal to the other side of town, but that really was about it.
"Awesome. By the way, two teeth?"
"Oh, no no no, just the one, but it's split. I think even Corruptor's is split too, but his mouth is huge so you can't even see the smaller spike. Anyways, I messed up here. I should've been like, literal 12 foot demon or something and save this reveal for the end, rather than, you know, wanting to talk with you guys immediately. I completely lost the whole cheesy hell vibe and it'd be weird to send you guys on trials now. I'll probably just send you back as tangible ghosts like Sweatermouse and have you both recover your lives in some other way down the line. Does that sound good?"
No. 749113 ID: c441c1

wrestle Haydi for immediate ressurection
No. 749115 ID: b412df

Eh, going through the trials could still be fun, maybe ask Sevener what she thinks? Come back as ghosts or wrestle demons?
No. 749116 ID: 211d83

This whole thing is supposed to be less of a contest and more of a show for the regular contestants.

By having them watch us during this contest they all get to know there previously invisible admins. This whole thing was Glitchers idea of bringing together two sides that used to be afraid of each other.

So they need to see Radmin and Sevener fight through Wrestling hell.
No. 749117 ID: a5bdea

As long as we aren't the lame blue spectator style ghosts and instead the spooky invisible semi-coporeal type. I'm totally ready to write ominous messages in the blood of lesser wrestlers.
No. 749118 ID: 3d2d5f

>Maybe he's fixing up his operand. He's the one who made it.
Oh, that explains the weirdness, then. He was a young Glitcher's science project!

>Does that sound good?
I dunno, if we come back as ghosts we can't deal with other wrestlers! Can't let those smucks get a lead on us.

If you need a break to come up with a challenge I guess that's okay. Although I'm a little annoyed at the suggestion we couldn't get through hell!
No. 749126 ID: 571360

No. 749128 ID: 233260

Hmm a split tooth of mysterious origins. If you start hearing any voices or getting odd premonitions let your mom know quick. If that tooth still has any connection to your dad who knows where the other end of it is currently.

Act all proud of her and go in to give her a hug.

Then after a nice hug you grab on tight and suplex her to defeat the queen of hell and earn your freedom. Should get a dirty tricks bonus to your TKO out of nowhere if you time it right.

That being said if you go all blue ghost you can canoodle with Sweatermouse all you want.
No. 749141 ID: 398fe1

What happened to fighting our personal demons? Gotta work on the teamwork and character development, right?

Speaking of which ask Sevener why she's so angry all the time.
No. 749143 ID: 1f3d9f

Down the line?!? Forget that, put me in the game coach!
No. 749144 ID: 91ee5f

>Maybe he's fixing up his operand. He's the one who made it.
So it's your brother's fault that the Operators turned traitorous! I wouldn't have done half the stuff I did if it wasn't for him! I mean, sure I still would've glitter bombed Sevener's outfit and she still would've kicked my ass, but everything involving Quarry wouldn't have happened! .....maybe.

>I should've been like, literal 12 foot demon or something
Well, if you want, you could still do that. Come on, show us what you got. Try to scare us back to life or something!

>Ask Sevener why she's so angry all the time.
I don't think she is angry all the time. I think her face is permanently stuck making a pissed off face. And because off that, she's unable to express other emotions.
No. 749155 ID: 90f3c0

It's no fun if you have to ask to be put through the trials of hell, it ruins the drama. Turn things around and challenge her instead.

If you can beat her in a prank competition, as judged by the audience, she will have to resurrect you immediately.
No. 749160 ID: d1f5f1
File 147458379823.png - (22.88KB , 800x800 , 491.png )

"You know it's a show, not just a contest! What do you think, Sevener?"
>"I could not care any less."
"A split tooth, though! If you start hearing voices, let your mom know quick!"
"Oh gosh don't lecture me, my mom does enough of that already."
"Then allow me to simply give you a hug!"
"Hell, why not. Ugh, darnit, I've got to stop saying 'hell' as a curse here."

A hug doesn't even happen before you're suplexed face first to the ground before you could even react.

"Just kidding, I get enough hugs from Alison! You both are facing hell now. Let's start."
"Are you going to turn into a 12 foot demon now? Show us what you got!"
"Not yet. Both of you, give me 2 words you think would best describe yourselves, and then give me your top 2 likes."
"Oh, if we're going to explore each other's characters, I'm hoping Sevener will explain why she's angry all the time!"
>"Don't count on it."
No. 749161 ID: c441c1

Rad, and admin. Babies and Masks(totally not sweaters...)
No. 749163 ID: 3abd97

How quick children turn on their heroes! Just tragic I tell you. What's television teaching them these days?

>"A split tooth, though! If you start hearing voices, let your mom know quick!"
Wouldn't she just hear Corruptor's voice? He's got the other tooth.

Description: Clever and Amazing. (I could say radical, but that's right there in my name already).
Likes: Hamming it up in front of an audience. ...and knowning Sevener's secrets. (Really, the second one should be "goading people" but that's technically what he's doing, and we got to try and game the system here).

Description: Tenacious and motivated (the second word should be "belligerent", but she wouldn't describe herself that way).
Likes: snake girl romance she'll never admit it!
Pummeling people. And being in charge.
No. 749167 ID: 398fe1

Radmin is of course "BEST ADMINISTRATOR". He likes WINNING and LOOKING COOL.
No. 749169 ID: 211d83

Radmin: Awesome, Silly

Likes: Outwitting people, Enjoying life.

Sevener: Grumpy, Serious

Likes: Making out with snake ladies, Denying her feelings.
No. 749170 ID: 094652

Told ya she wasn't cuddly.

Guts and Glory

Boobs and Hawtness
No. 749175 ID: 91ee5f

Well, it's pretty obvious she's going to create opponents for us to fight based on our answers.

This! XD
No. 749179 ID: db0da2


victory and schadenfreude.
No. 749206 ID: d1f5f1
File 147459179574.png - (23.17KB , 800x800 , 492.png )

>Wouldn't she just hear Corruptor's voice?
You forget how that works.

"Well how quickly children turn on their heroes! What's television teaching them these days?"
"That even if friendliness is sometimes optimal, all your problems can still be solved with violence as long as you use enough. Words, please!"
"Descriptors? Best. Administrator. My likes? Winning, victory!"
".... avoid synonyms, if you could."
"Knowing sevener's secrets!"
"Something more substantial, please."
"Okay you know what one like is enough. Sevener?"
>"Do you seriously think that there's so little to me that I can sum myself with 2 likes and 2 descriptors?"
"Well, no, but the point isn't to be accurate, but to be as close as you can get."
>"No. If one like is enough, 0 should be enough for everything. You can just read our strings, can't you?"
"Oh wow you really are a huge pain to work with. No wonder you guys are here."
"Belligerent, Grumpy, her likes are making out with snake ladies, and denying her feelings!"
"How's that sound, Sevener?"
>"Ridiculous. It's stupid and should go without saying."
"I'm not hearing better ones from you, Sevener! If you don't give your own, I'm just going to use Radmin's."
>"I'm not playing your damn game."
"You don't care ab - oh right you said that. Okay, Radmin! You get to pick for Sevener. Were you just being flippant, or is that what you want to stick with?"
No. 749207 ID: 3abd97

>Were you just being flippant, or is that what you want to stick with?
"I can imagine literally no way I will regret this or this choice will backfire." (STICK).

Come on, do something glitchy or rulery already, flufferhorns.
No. 749208 ID: 211d83

I think she just proved me right with that display. Was both grumpy and denying her feelings right there. I swear we will never get her to relax and enjoy life at this rate.

As for me I will go with Enjoying life and outwitting people. Its what I enjoy most.
No. 749212 ID: b412df

Trying to go with a somewhat proper assessment because we're trying to make Sevener less angry at us at the end of this, not more.

Descriptors: Tenacious, Strong. Likes: Being Direct, and can't think of a second like.
No. 749215 ID: 398fe1

How about we change it to "keeping secrets" and "revenge".
No. 749218 ID: 398fe1

Oh, something occurred to me- when the belenos CAI Battle ended, the system detected a bunch of duplicate AIs. Does Rulekeep know how that was done? That detection process must be comparing some special data... I mean there must either be a part of the strings of a contestant that determines their base AI, or there's an outside connection to that base AI, stored somewhere. That's useful information.
No. 749223 ID: db0da2

When you're me for long enough you learn that flippancy and seriousness are not so divorced. In other words: Yes.
No. 749225 ID: 3abd97

The simulation has personality templates is uses to generate the AIs from each round- that's why people are consistent each time and it's not a while new random batch each time. Presumably it can tell if two people are built off the same template. I bet each character has a unique ID or serial in their strings something like [template #]-[cycle #]-[copy #].

The fact that people who escape the CAI battles get their personality template permanently added to the contestant AI roster in future cycles is a lot more inexplicable than a computer recognizing duplication. That's a weird glitch.
No. 749226 ID: 398fe1

Yeah but, where are the templates stored?
No. 749227 ID: e6e9af


Those seem good. Especially if they involve Sevener actually having to admit her feelings by snogging snake ladies.

Emphasis on the snogs.
No. 749230 ID: 91ee5f

I'm sticking with what I said, HOWEVER for the sake of renewing our partnership, which is what this place is for, my REAL answers for Sevener will be changed to:

Descriptors: Tenacious and Strong.
Likes: Being Direct and Keeping Secrets.
No. 749243 ID: c441c1

No. 749254 ID: 094652

Crap, you might be tearing into her charming personality with lecher overload. Take a step back and warn Haydi that show business is about violating volition with your violence in virulent variety. Also known as forcefully bugging the audience until they crave what you have in storage.

As for Sevener, I'm going to say Tense and Apathetic. Likes Radmin and Murdering Radmin.
No. 749258 ID: 44bc30

Radmin, you should correct her. Winning and victory are different things! Subtly different, but different. Winning is winning, but victory is everyone else knowing you won. It's the Glory. You like each, but you want both.

As for Sevener I'd describe her with Grumpy and Driven, and she likes Progress and snake ladies Venting Frustration.
No. 749259 ID: 5d7df2

I support this one.
No. 749262 ID: d1f5f1
File 147460622104.png - (23.81KB , 800x800 , 493.png )

You decide you'll play right along with hell.

"Although what I said is true, I'll go with Tenacious and Strong! For likes, it will be Being Direct and Venting Frustration! Also, winning is just winning, but victory is everyone knowing you won!"

Perhaps it is your imagination, but if you had a telescope, you may be able to see a hint of smile on Sevener.

"Sure sure. Now, just you and me, Radmin." she says, and you note Sevener isn't around now. "One more question. What kind of clothing do you expect your dates to wear? Specifically Sweatermouse. She's freaking out about it and I want to drop her a hint about what's best to wear."
No. 749264 ID: c441c1

No. 749266 ID: 3abd97

Boo. Worst result. We had the best result already and people couldn't follow through.

>what do you expect Sweatermouse to wear
Is this a trick question? I was expecting a Sweater. Or maybe going to Alison-Alison in a desperate flutter for fashion advice.
No. 749269 ID: 398fe1

We've seen her dresser. It's just sweaters. Does she have a sweater that shows more skin, maybe? Or a snugly fitting one?
>boob window sweater
That could work, though I'm not sure about that exact style.
No. 749272 ID: 91ee5f

>Perhaps it is your imagination, but if you had a telescope, you may be able to see a hint of smile on Sevener.
She's just like Polo!

>"One more question. What kind of clothing do you expect your dates to wear? Specifically Sweatermouse. She's freaking out about it and I want to drop her a hint about what's best to wear."
What? She can't just be herself? If anything, I'm the one that needs to impress her, especially since I promised I'd not be a jerk for 40 straight minutes! And I should be asking you for hints on what I should wear! But, if she absolutely feels like she needs to dress up, then it depends on the location of the date. If it's just going to the arcade, then just wearing casual clothing is what she should wear. If we're going to a fancy restaurant, then a fancy dress is the answer.

>Boo. Worst result. We had the best result already and people couldn't follow through.
Yeah, it's called "not taking things too far". Remember what happened in the last thread when Glitcher took things too far when he was messing with a past Sevener during the Pomi CAI battle? The same thing is happening right now. In order for Radmin and Sevener to get revived they need to work together, which would've been hard to do if Radmin kept pushing things with Sevener.
No. 749280 ID: 44bc30

To be honest, your highest priority for what your dates wear is: something they want to wear! The whole point of a date is for the participants to enjoy themselves, after all, so you could hardly count yourself as being good at dates if your partners didn't. And Radmin, not good at something? Unthinkable!! You will be as victorious in dating as in all things!

But! If the lady's comfort is already given, then there are secondary priorities. For one, something suitable for the venue! Normally for a date you would go somewhere classy, and you suppose that would mean a nice dress for a lady, but it's possible you will have yet another wrestling date, in which case she should likely go for something more casual! For another, showing off! You want people to be jealous of you, as much as they surely will be jealous of your date!

So, if the date is going to be somewhere classy, some manner of nice dress. If it's not going to be classy, but of course still fun, then something casual! Something suitable for a woman dating a wrestler?... I'm not sure of the protocol for what wrestling consorts wear. "Not much", I think.
No. 749282 ID: 094652

It's a trap! Do NOT ask for anything extravagant, or Haydi might make you wear it, or she might wear it and keep suplexing you during the date. Gee, imagine trying to keep up your manly image when you are constantly thrown around by a LITERAL NEWBORN BABY.

Try something SLIGHTLY daring. Ask for something that partially exposes Sweatermouse's rack, but keep it fancy and not racy.
No. 749283 ID: d1f5f1
File 147461186209.png - (13.93KB , 800x800 , 494.png )

"Hm? Can't she be herself? As much as I'd love to suggest a boob-window sweater just to see if she'd wear something like that on my behalf, I should be the one asking for advice! What good is it to show someone a good time if they aren't themselves to enjoy it? Heck, I promised to not be a jerk for 40 straight minutes. It would also depend on the sort of date, of course! Arcade? Fancy restaurant? Plus, I have seen her drawers, and it seemed as though it was made of nothing but sweaters!"
"You know that she's capable of getting other, non-sweater clothes, right?"
"But then she wouldn't be sweatermouse, would she?"
"I... oh my god that is dumb. So dumb. Don't even... wow. Well I guess she's going to keep on stressing about what 'herself' counts as since she's gotten that advice. Doesn't work on people who don't think too highly of themselves! She doesn't think that a bulky sweater is suitable for any kind of date. In fact can you just decide what sort of date you'll take her and Glamison out on for some direction? Stopping time is a pain in the ass and I want them to have time to prepare. I mean, uh, assuming you make it out. Of course. Oh, your last question too is, what would you like to describe Sevener as? As in, what do you think would make her better, that she could improve upon?"
No. 749286 ID: 398fe1

Good point. If she does not have confidence in her usual clothing then we should suggest something.
Alright, how about she wears something cool? Like a nice blouse with snappy jacket and shorts? Then the three of you can look cool as a group. Formal wear would make it hard to do most of the other shit we want to do on the date so let's nix the fancy restaurant.

As for Sevener, it'd be nice if she was more talkative. Communicated more.
No. 749288 ID: 91ee5f

Going with this for the date.

>Oh, your last question too is, what would you like to describe Sevener as? As in, what do you think would make her better, that she could improve upon?
Honestly? I'd like her to relax and not be so serious all the time! Actually smile every once and a while. Or is her face really stuck in a permanent "grumpy" look and that's not something that can be changed?

>Stopping time is a pain in the ass
You look like you're struggling right now. I'm pretty sure that means you need some more practice if it's that hard for you. Though, your mom probably already tells you that.
No. 749290 ID: 80a15f

Sevener could be less wound up and serious. Also less stubborn.
No. 749296 ID: 094652

Sweatermouse should choose. But if she's going to open up, she should show more skin in places that she feels accentuates her personality. Possibly wear a smart looking hat if she likes her brain even more than her body.

Sevener needs to get plaid.

Yes. Plaid. She needs to do silly stuff in public more often, she's too serious during rest phases and it's bottling up her emotions.
No. 749299 ID: db0da2

Honestly? I like her the way she is. I'd just prefer it if she were more willing to roll with my shenanigans.
No. 749305 ID: 3abd97

Hmmm. For a Glitch-kid you sure don't Glitch much. Mom must have spent a while combing you guys into some semblance of order.

>Well I guess she's going to keep on stressing about what 'herself' counts as since she's gotten that advice. Doesn't work on people who don't think too highly of themselves!
Hey she managed to get close to someone she admires and get an important role here just by pluck! She should think fine of herself.

Look she spent a whole wrestling match running around topless I'm not sure why she's so worried now. She'll still be herself whether she's Sweatermouse or Somekindofdategarmentmouse.

And if she's really desperate just bring her to Alison for help. Sweater loves her, and Alison loves dressing people up, it'll fix the problem. Obviously I have impeccable taste myself, but less experience dressing up others.

>pick type of date
Somewhat fancy? Semi-formal? Let's not go full on high class fancy, you'll just blend in with the Alison minions already wearing tuxes. And it's too close to the default admin wear for you, you need a little freedom to do something more original for a date!

>Oh, your last question too is, what would you like to describe Sevener as? As in, what do you think would make her better, that she could improve upon?
I shudder to think what answer my teammate is giving about me as you question here. My one saving grace may be her refusal to play along, although I'm not sure I trust her to stick to that alone.

My teasing was pretty accurate, there. Girl needs to stop being such a grump and do something, or someone she actually likes. Have some fun, express herself. Hang out with a friend! Has she even done that? I mean she has allies but who are her friends.

And I'm like 99% sure I'm right about her being in contention for the snake-harem. Obviously the reason she took those past betrayals and not showing up in Alison's logs so hard is past-her and past-Alison were together. (She help back some of her logs, of course).
No. 749307 ID: 1c8358


Sweatermouse is freaking out because she doesnt know what to wear on your date. Theres the concrete evidence she likes you.

If you want to be helpful make an actual clothing suggestion. Like a dress. It might get you somewhere.

This. Trying to activate Buddy-Cop mode. I bet she doesn't hate you as much as she wants people to think she does.
No. 749308 ID: 3d2d5f

I like it that she goes right to worrying about what to wear and doesn't even consider that death by mid air rocket explosion might cause you to miss your date. You approve of others having confidence in you!
No. 749310 ID: 211d83

A nice dress for Sweatermouse would be fun. Could be fancy or just a nice summer dress depending on where we are going. As for where to go why not a amusement park? Or something similar.

As for Sevener she needs to stop being so stubborn and admit she was wrong about Alison and go make up properly. She spent her whole life thinking Alison was the enemy and then suddenly found out that all her past selves notes were based on a misunderstanding.

I think she would be a lot happier if she managed to resolve that issue. But her pride is preventing her from properly apologizing and making up with Alison. She needs to clear that up before its to late. Heck I might never have the chance to apologize to Glitcher about something hurtful I said to him. It was in the heat of the moment and I never got the chance.

Maybe you could get some footage of Alison and Sevener from earlier cycles before the rift and show her what she was like before all the hate.
No. 749313 ID: 233260

Well I don't expect them to wear anything. Wait that came out wrong. Although I will be seducing both those fine ladies if the chance arrives.

It would be fun to see Sweatermouse in a nice dress. Maybe a casual one so its easy to move. Although seeing her in one of Alisons formal things would be fun.

For date locations maybe a night downtown? Could go see the sites and get to know each other better. Or a amusement park would be fun.

Now describing Sevener. I would say guilty and afraid. She has been living in the shadow of her old logs so long she is still miserable after finding out Alison never betrayed her. She wants to go make up properly but does not know how.

Don't get me wrong she is a amazing and capable admin. No one else I would want on my side on the admin world. But she is so torn up over the misunderstanding with Alison she is missing out on living life. So if she could see what her friendship with Alison used to be like before the logs ruined it maybe that would help.

That and I want to see if she was ever in Alison's harem. I mean half the admins and leaders have fallen for Alison at one point so I bet it happened to Sevener once.
No. 749319 ID: ccbcd2

They should come as they are. Whatever makes them most comfortable.

As to what Severner could improve on? Oh jeez. She needs to learn to take a joke. We've never actually seen her smile. (in the canon verse anyway.)
No. 749320 ID: f9e1b6

Go somewhere fancy enough to wear a domino mask so we can keep the lucha thing going.
No. 749321 ID: 44bc30

Hmm. Well, we went to the amusements with Glamison already, really, so we can't take her there again. Let's see, what does Glamison like? Music. Easy. And what does Sweatermouse like? Cute things. And Alisons. Hmm. There were a lot of musical Alisons summoned recently. Left to themselves, they'd probably form into an all-Alison band, at some point. It would be very convenient if they put on some sort of concert or talent show you could all go to! Oh, but then Glamison might want to take part, not just watch. Unless it's like, separate acts, and she comes out to watch while she's not on.

Or! I know something that people around here could do for fun, now that the system is in Rulekeeper's hands! Sense testing parties! Or like, organic experience bars? You go in and you're temporarily given the full visceral senses and impulses that you get in the CAI sims, and then you listen to music and dance and drink and eat food and get touchy with each other and all that. The experience of getting weird instincts and internal body mechanics and all that must be like getting drunk or high for an AI, a strange impairment but enjoyable. You could go out to all try that.

As for what Sevener needs... I think she needs a better sense of humor, for one, so she can relax and laugh and enjoy herself a bit, and of course better appreciate the hilarity of others! And she could do with being able to connect better with people, she's a good person ultimately but she's hard to get to know or be friends with.
No. 749322 ID: c441c1

I like your ideas for the date.
No. 749359 ID: d1f5f1
File 147466554467.png - (119.99KB , 800x800 , 495.png )

"For a date... perhaps some casual activities such as an amusement park and other rides! I already took Glamison to the arcade, so that would be out. With all these new Alisons slithering about, I'm willing to bet there'll be a concert. A variety show concert involving various Alisons! Now, I've got to say, Haydi, for being a glitcher, you're not doing a whole lot of glitching!"
"Hey, give me a break, my mom's basically turning that into homework. This is my idea of a break!"
"Yes, but here is an idea for you! A sense testing party. Like organic experience bars! Giving the eater temporary senses on par with the CAI fights that I've heard of. It will break the monotony of feeling like abstract AIs, and supply you with a decent pet project."
"Yeah why not? The pseudo-CAI areas do seem kinda unknown."
"Nonetheless, whichever date we go on, I don't expect them to wear anything!"

"In particular!"

"But if Sweatermouse doesn't want a sweater, than a nice jacket over a blouse and some shorts, or a fancy but easy to move in dress would be alright."
"I get it Radmin. About Sevener now?"
"She's gotta learn to relax and roll with the punches! And to say more stuff. More communication, that kind of thing!"
"Alright. Now, you and Sevener are back. On this side of the ring, it will be you and Sevener!"
No. 749360 ID: d1f5f1
File 147466555254.png - (19.28KB , 800x800 , 496.png )

"On the other side - Radmin and Sevener doppelgangers, who will be similar to the originals, but with more exaggerated features revolving from how you originals described yourselves as - or really how Radmin described the both of you as - but also with the changes that each of you wanted out of the other! It's a two on two match, and this is the first challenge. If the originals lose, they will be replaced on the official wrestling roster by their own doppelgangers and be forced to roam the stadium realm as losers."
"The rules are simple. There is no referee, nothing is banned. A team loses once all team members has been knocked out, had their mask ripped off, or otherwise been incapacitated. Any questions?"
No. 749361 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, are they real AIs or constructs?
No. 749363 ID: 3abd97

>slutty Sevener-clone in a bikini that just gets lost in her thighs
Yup. No way you regret that decision at all.

>Any questions?
More clones? We already beat this puzzle! ...well one of us did, anyways.

They real?

Trade partners, partner? You get to beat my handsome face off the scoundrel imposter wearing it, while I show up your shameless copycat?
No. 749368 ID: a8bc5c

Well, if everything is permitted...

Summon the ghost of the monster truck and drive it to victory!
No. 749369 ID: 233260

If we win can we get our dopplegangers as henchmen/women?

And are they well real people? Or some horrifying Glitch science project?
No. 749372 ID: 398fe1

Oh, what about their stats? Are they the same or have things been adjusted?

We didn't make the Sevener doppleganger crazy-strong did we?
No. 749376 ID: d1f5f1
File 147466920815.png - (26.56KB , 800x940 , 497.png )

"Are they real, or a horrifying glitch science project?"
"The latter. Don't worry. Totally ethical."
"More clones, though! At least one of us already solved this puzzle."
"In wrestling?"
"Then it's different!"
"If we win, can we keep our dopplegangers as henchmen and henchwomen?"
"... no."
"Alright partner, trade partners? You can beat my handsome face off the sc-"
"Nono, teams are locked! You can't exchange for new people."
"I meant face off against the other's doppelganger!"

>Summon ghost monster truck
You can't do it. Just because you're allowed to do anything doesn't mean you can!

"Okay, if that's it... ding ding ding!" Haydi says, and the stats pop up.
>"What did you say my 'improvement' would be, fox?" Sevener asks.
No. 749378 ID: 398fe1

You said she should relax and communicate more. What'd she say? That you should be more humble?

Let's humiliate your doppleganger and give sevener's a relaxing dirt nap!
No. 749383 ID: 3abd97

>"What did you say my 'improvement' would be, fox?" Sevener asks.
That you could afford to relax a little, and communicate more.

...which might mean Seven-squared here might be easier, and actually good for some banter? Assuming soulless automatons can talk. How you doing, toots?

And if my first crack stood, maybe she'll get distracted ogling any Alisons that wander by.

What changes did you get for Badmin there?
No. 749385 ID: b412df

Might as well answer honestly, we didn't say anything ridiculous, just for you to relax a little and communicate a bit more. What did you say for Radmin's?
No. 749386 ID: 91ee5f

>"Okay, if that's it... ding ding ding!"
Wow. Does this place have such a low budget that you couldn't get an actual bell to ring?

>"What did you say my 'improvement' would be, fox?"
Word for word, I told Haydi, "She's gotta learn to relax and roll with the punches! And to say more stuff. More communication, that kind of thing!" That's what I said your improvement should be. So, what did you say my 'improvement' would be, lizard?
No. 749387 ID: 211d83

That you needed to learn to relax a bit and stop beating yourself up over the Alison thing and go make up/out with her.

What did you do to my guy?

Also we need to work together or we will be stuck as ghost losers and dates will be ruined. Plus I might consider becoming a alcoholic to try and deal with the shame.
No. 749388 ID: 44bc30

To learn to relax sometimes, and to communicate more. Let me guess, did you say Radmin should be more humble? Take things more seriously?

Also, wow those stats. The dopplegangers just up and have more points than us, especially in the specialities but partly in the weaknesses too! Are we even going to get audience bonuses in this match? There doesn't seem to be anyone watching!... Maybe we count as our own audience? Or maybe there's another bonus system. Maybe we have to try improve ourselves to match the improvements made to our clones? We should test that out. Sevener, try talking about your feelings to your clone, see if it drains her stats and adds to yours. If she's more communicative, then she should talk back, which might help distract her from putting her massive strength to use. And we have to make sure clone Radmin doesn't get off his cheap shots! If he is more serious-minded, I'm going to expect him to act more like an assassin than a sneakity trickster, but, maybe Sevener said you should be more considerate of others, or something else. But keep an eye on him, basically.

And, let's see. They're exaggerated based on how we described ourselves. They might have weaknesses based off those, if they weren't covered by the improvements. Radmin's description was "Best Administrator" - he might prefer sitting back and directing his partner more than the original? Especially if Sevener said he should be humble. And if she said Radmin should be more considerate he might indulge his partner, who likes "Being Direct". "Strong" and "Tenacious" are harder to find flaws in. The improvement to being relaxed might weaken the tenacity but it's probably still high. And she'd like "venting frustrations"... hard to do if she's not frustrated.

Well, basically, if up against your own clone, resist the urge to try match your strengths for strengths! Not until we know more of the bonus system, if any. Target your own weaknesses! Sevener is more agile than her clone, and Radmin's... marginally stronger than his. That's not a great matchup, really.

Hopefully your clones are more different from each other than you are, and clone Radmin will be even more inclined to hang back and let his partner go first, since he's probably more adminy, less glory-seeking and more inclined to subtlety, while his partner is basically a tank! The best plan might be to combine your efforts to quickly trip clone-Sevener up or throw her somehow, when she comes in trying to be direct, and take her out of the fight for a moment so that you can both focus on taking out clone-Radmin quickly, before he has time to get tricky.
No. 749390 ID: d1f5f1
File 147467201686.png - (133.32KB , 800x800 , 498.png )

"Really? You couldn't get some kind of hell bell to ding with?"
"Welcome to budget hell."
"Anyway, I told Haydi that you've got to relax and roll with the punches! And to say more. Better communication! And you, lizard? Say I should be more humble and to take things more seriously?"
>"Damn close. Told you not to constantly try to be the center of attention, and to take shit more seriously. We might need to watch out for your doppleganger more, surprisingly."
"Hey, Sevenerdop! How're you doing?"
>"Just fine, thanks." she says. "And I'll be better with my fist on your face!"
>"She's strong as hell, which I guess is a compliment from you, but she's probably going to be dumb. Your guy, though, probably cares about nothing but winning, apparently has emphasis on being the best administrator, and is going to take this seriously. The only saving grace here is that he won't try to be the center of attention."
"Ha, maybe if my cracks stood, your doppelganger will ogle any Alisons coming by."
>"I don't see why any Alisons would be down here. Do we even have an audience?"
"The only audience here is Haydi's fire!" Haydi yells, and the area beyond about 10 feet past the ring lights up on fire.
>"Okay, tactics. I'm fine with taking each other's dopplegangers if you think you can handle that Sevener." Sevener says.
"Hold it! There must be a way to improve our stats, since those two have more star power than us! I'm willing to bet we've got to improve ourselves in the others' eyes to get it. Quick, try talking about your feelings!"
>"The match has started, and you want me to talk about feelings."
"Well, they're just watching us, so you have the time!"
>"How about you try taking this more seriously and fight that Sevener, and see if you get a damn stat boost from it?"
No. 749391 ID: 398fe1

Fair enough. She's slow so we'll be dodgy and try to wear her down with quick strikes. Sevener, keep Badmin away from Radmin. He'll probably try to slip away and team up on... come to think of it that's a great idea.

Radmin can keep Sevenerdop busy with his speed while attempting to get in hits on Badmin when possible.
No. 749393 ID: 211d83

Ok we work as a team and watch each others backs. While I love to tease you I do trust you as a teammate.

And we can talk about our feelings while we wrestle. So I think you got to caught up in hating Alison and are not sure how to deal with things after the big reveal. Now you pick something for me.

As you chat with Sevener get into wrestling stance and approch the clone team. There has to be some silly trick to this match so watch to see if your stats change if you talk about stuff or do certain things.
No. 749394 ID: 3abd97

Hmm. Clone Sevener. Clevener. Clover? 3 leaf or 4, that leaves her half the wrestler the original is!

>Earning stars
You knoooooow, this is supposed to be teamwork redemption. Getting back together after crossing each other. We'll probably be rewarded for cooperating in some way.

Don't forget, we can also leech stats by wearing their clothes. ...not that these two have a whole lot to steal, clothingwise.

>what do
Put a hand on Sevener in a affirmative teammate pose. Use this as a chance to rub some glitter off of her onto your hand.

Then we can try to wipe it off in Clover's eyes later for a cheap shot.

Banter with your opponent: "Hey there, Babe. Too bad you finally decided to try and cool off, cause things are about to get hot as hell."
No. 749395 ID: 91ee5f

>"How about you try taking this more seriously and fight that Sevener, and see if you get a damn stat boost from it?"
Believe it or not I am being serious about you talking about your feelings.
No. 749400 ID: 44bc30

>"How about you try taking this more seriously and fight that Sevener, and see if you get a damn stat boost from it?"

No one can beat Radmin at being humble! Speak softly:

"Of course. I defer to you. I enjoy winning, but I believe I have demonstrated my willingness to "take one for the team" on occasions, or for a higher purpose, at least. I am being serious, however, in my suggestion that we attempt to overcome the weaknesses we've been labeled with. And I suggest we think tactically, as we are outmatched in terms of numbers. I am, however, at your service."
No. 749403 ID: d1f5f1
File 147467566399.png - (101.49KB , 800x940 , 499.png )

"You put your hand on Sevener. "Well I still trust you as a teammate, so I'll do that, but let's watch each other's backs! I'll call your doppelganger Clover."
"And I will take this seriously." you say, carefully approaching Sevener. "And look at that, my stats rose!"

You begin walking around Clover, careful to not let her grab or strike you. Clover throws in some strong maneuvers, but doesn't leave herself that open for many strikes. Sevener faces off against who you will call Badmin.

"Hey Babe, too bad you decided to cool off, cause things are about to get hot as hell!" you say to Clover.
>"With pickup lines like that, no wonder everyone's cold around you."
"See Sevener, Clover knows how to lay some words out! How about those feelings, now? I'll give you a platform. I think you got caught up in hating Alison and aren't sure how to deal with things after the big reveal! And believe it or not, I am being serious about this as well!"
>"I already told her I made a mistake. She just bugs me, but there's nothing to 'deal with'!" she says, losing part of a few stars.
"Sevener! Even I am willing to take one for the team, as I demonstrated by letting Alison of all people kill me! Why, I'll even defer to your judgements on this, but we should be overcoming the 'weaknesses' we got labeled with."
>"Just watch my damn back."

You keep an eye out on Badmin, but he's just dodging Sevener's advances as well, but is doing nothing for the offense. When you focus too much on him, Sevener tries to make grabs at you.

You still notice that the floor of the ring seems to be shuffling and moving around Sevener's feet independent of anyone's movement.
No. 749407 ID: 3abd97

>Why, I'll even defer to your judgements on this, but we should be overcoming the 'weaknesses' we got labeled with."
Oh goodness. Sevener needs to open up and calm down or her stats take a hit. That's marvelous.

>You still notice that the floor of the ring seems to be shuffling and moving around Sevener's feet independent of anyone's movement.
...is the whole ring Haydi? (Haddie? Hrn). Like, it's connected to her, coming off her ghost dress? Or maybe the clones are connected to the ring, like it's all one object?

She said this was low budget hell. And she's still a pretty new glitchkeeper. Maybe there are limits on how much she can do. She might be cutting corners or cheating in a way we can exploit.

Well, you get points for buckling down and being serious. Take the fight to Clover!

Try and knock her off the feet. See if the stage reacts, or if she's connected to.
No. 749408 ID: 398fe1

Warn Sevener about the weird mat.

Get some strikes in on Clover. Summon some operators to help Sevener.
No. 749409 ID: c441c1

Ask sevener if she wants to do a tag-team attack. "Swing the Heel." at her doppleganger because it is slower.
No. 749412 ID: 44bc30

Well, better watch her back, then. She's not stupid, and presumably she can see those stars as well as anyone, so she must already be thinking of how to counter that.

>Floor shuffling

Your doppleganger, as an employee of hell, must have his own hellish operators, or something similar! You could call out to her to watch out below... which Badmin might be expecting you to do, so he can lay into her at the moment of distraction. Or you can take advantage of the fact that whoever's under there must not be able to see the stage, and you're fighting someone with the exact same weight and footfalls as Sevener! If you can confuse them as to who's standing where, you might be able to get them to attack Clover instead!

Perhaps use the fact that you presumably have the same voice as Badmin does? Stamp on the floor and say "no, the other one!". Change your tone of voice to sound serious, and like you're trying to say it loudly enough to be heard but not enough to call attention. Or, since you and Sevener both overtake Clover in terms of agility, you might be able to spin the two ladies around each other and disengage again, maybe shoving Clover in her teammates' direction to make whoever's underneath think that's her. Or just set Sevener up to hop on the ring posts for a minute.
No. 749414 ID: 398fe1

Oh shit if there are Operators under the mat, then we can send our own down there, can't we?

No rules means no ring outs and we can use props if we can find any.
No. 749417 ID: 211d83

Looks like your stats go down if you do not open up and calm down Sevener. While you might say things are fine between you and Alison that shows that you are still agonizing over things. Admitting you made a mistake is not what Alison wants. You know she does not hold a grudge and just wants to be good friends again.

Remember that this whole thing started because I pranked you with a bit of glitter and you took it so hard you were willing to give up everything including your Admin job for a tiny bit of revenge.

I apologize for the glitter. It was just a silly prank on my part and I figured you would just prank me back. I hoped it would help get you to open up and have some fun with me and I honestly did not intend to make you that mad.
No. 749422 ID: e22b1d

Yeah keep avoiding being the center of attention and taking things seriously to up your stats.

Which means supporting Sevener and doing your best to get her to open up so she does not have all that bottled rage.

I mean she rode a rocket to certain death just to punch you once for some glitter you sprinkled on her costume. That is some serious anger she needs to vent.
No. 749424 ID: d1f5f1
File 147467885960.png - (147.97KB , 800x1080 , 500.png )

>Operators under the mat
You summon your own operators to tackle the operators below. The whole floor starts thumping and looking like the surface of a pool that's been filled with hyperactive children on innertubes.

"The other one!" you yell when it seems like some might grab onto Sevener's feet. There's some visible confusion, and both Seveners end up getting their feet grabbed.
>"Even shittier than your tactics, you - !" Sevener yells, shutting her mouth when she realizes her stats are dropping from getting riled up over this.

Both Seveners have had both of their feet snagged, but between your own operators getting in their way and both Seveners' strength, it will only last for a second. You'll have to put any tag team attacks like 'swing the heel' on hold until she's free to do so.

You're not sure how long you can take something like this seriously, but you're managing at least for the short term, and you can have Sevener share the spotlight. Getting her to open up, though, seems like the biggest challenge. A challenge that will be made easier when you can talk in full sentences, at least.
No. 749425 ID: 398fe1

While your target is distracted, go for an RKO!
No. 749426 ID: 3abd97

Red Rover red Rover, send Clover on over!

Pull a cheap move, attacking Clover while she's distracted / stuck in over place. Send her flying in Sevener's direction, who can grab her out of the air and spin the ref replicant into Badmin for a team attack!
No. 749427 ID: b412df

I'd hold off on the RKO, last time we used it and it failed to finish them off our opponent got a huge stat boost. That might have just been audience expectation boosts though.

Start wearing Clover down, get a few strikes in because there's no ref. If nothing's banned does that mean there's no such thing as a illegal move here?
No. 749428 ID: 211d83

To be honest this whole situation is ridiculous and very hard to take seriously.

But if you play around and enjoy yourself you will lose. And that is unacceptable. Having fun is great but you did not get this far to let some silly wrestling thing beat you.

So keep your counterpart from grabbing Sevener while she is stuck and get some breathing room.

Then tell her that you like being the center of attention because its fun. And while you might act like you don't take things serious you really do. Its just that Glitcher went out of his way to make this neat wrestling contest for everyone so why not enjoy it while it lasts?

Life is to short for her to hold grudges or to worry about stuff that happened in the past. Sevener is one of the best Admins around and she did not make it this far to let her anger get the best of her.
No. 749431 ID: 44bc30

Badmin will surely take this chance to land a hit himself. And it'll be a cheap shot, so it'll be huge! You need to intercept him!

Helping Sevener rather than going for the big strike yourself will get you humble points, in any case. And it's smart! There's no way you can take Clover out in one shot. And if there was a chance, Badmin would have a better one!
No. 749433 ID: 91ee5f

This. And while you're at it, since those aren't your Operators (I'm hoping they're color coded blue for Radmin and red for Badmin), step on their hands!
No. 749439 ID: d1f5f1
File 147468290667.png - (25.97KB , 800x940 , 501.png )

"Sevener, I'm sorry about the glitter, alright?" you say, running to Badmin. He seems fixated on Sevener, and if you were in his position and had the stats that he does, you'd be ready to lay down a big hit.
>"Shut your mouth, you're just saying that shit for the stat boosts!"
"If I didn't mean it, the stats wouldn't - "

At the last moment, Badmin turns to you and prepares an RKO. Reflexively, that is exactly what you do back to him. You both strike each other, and you're sure you hit him at least as hard as he did to you on the way down.
No. 749440 ID: d1f5f1
File 147468291526.png - (22.78KB , 800x940 , 502.png )

Which is good, because apparently you got knocked out for a bit there. You're pretty sure that both teammates would have to be knocked out at once for a team to lose, so as long as you get back up, you'll be fine. Your head is fuzzy, but everything's coming back. You hear the two Seveners fighting against each other nearby.
No. 749441 ID: f9e1b6

Reach directly upward and snatch badmin's mask while defending your own.
No. 749442 ID: 398fe1

Get up, and rip the mask off your dopple before he can react.
No. 749445 ID: 398fe1

...it occurs to me that if Sevener is really that insistent on not opening up, you should back off.
No. 749446 ID: 3abd97

Mirror matches aren't your friend here. Badmin got an even higher cheap stat, allowing him to counter you trying to go for serious direct attacks. And Sevener loses in a straight str match with Clover.

You either need to deal with each other's clones, or find an opening to gang up on one of them.

You really only have the edge over Badmin if you can force him into a direct str struggle. You both suck at that, but he sucks more.

>Sevener's stats dropping
Hey! You know, it's only me, the glitchkid, and two worthless clones here, you know. No audience. No one will ever take what the two of us say seriously, and the the two of them don't matter at all. So you can say whatever you want, without any really consequences of letting it out!

Come on, partner. You wanna win? All you gotta do is a self affirmation thing. Declare why you want to win. What you're fighting for. What matters to you. What do you do for fun?

Yeah it's a stupid gimmick, but when did you ever let stupid rules stop you from beating the game?
No. 749447 ID: 211d83

Yeah go for the mask.

Listen Sevener you wanted me to be serious and not a attention hog and here I am. Taking things seriously and doing my best to help you out.

If you want to throw the fight and keep being angry about everything that is your choice. But I would personally like to win this whole thing with you.
No. 749448 ID: 398fe1

OH! Another idea. Ask Sevener to tell you how much she hates you. That's technically communicating, and she won't be hesitant!
No. 749456 ID: 44bc30

Alright Rad, you have better strength and power than your clone at the moment. Swivel over and pin him down. That probably doesn't count for taking him out but it'll mean he can't go after Sevener, and you'll still be able to talk to her, if that's a good idea. Right now, this is Sevener's story, she's the one getting beaten down, and when she makes her breakthrough it'll be all the more powerful for having had to burst out all at once. It's a better story, and that's what wrestling's all about! Right now, you're a side character, rival mentor and ally all wrapped up. Your job is to help Sevener be the main character. So. Haydi likes cheese. Let's get cheesy.

If you can get your clone pinned, then use the chance to tell Sevener you've got him, and it's up to her, no interference. That she can do it. And even if she doesn't - that's fine! This isn't important. This isn't the real contest any more! Your lives aren't really on the line! All you're doing is competing to show off! To entertain people! To help people have fun!! And that's why you glitter bombed her. For fun! And maybe you're not sorry you did it at all, because you're sure a lot of people enjoyed watching the fallout, but you are sorry if it made her feel embarrassed or hurt her pride or anything like that. Since she was going along with the whole ridiculous wrestling costumes and posing and all anyway, you figured she wouldn't mind! And you honestly still think it looks good on her! You're sure plenty of other people thought so too!

But right now there's only her and you. She doesn't have to impress you, you know how tough she is, no matter what happens! And if you lose, and end up as ghosts haunting the stadium, everyone will think it was you who fouled it up for the both of you with your shenanigans - and you won't say any different, since it really was you who got you both down here in the first place! It won't keep her from anything. The moment anything important starts happening, Rulekeeper and the glitchkids will call her up to go on the job again, because everyone knows she's the kind of person you need to push into the punches and get things done. They'll certainly trust her more than you! So really, losing here only means she gets to relax for a while!

So, why not just let go and enjoy herself?
No. 749461 ID: d1f5f1
File 147468653292.png - (17.37KB , 800x940 , 503.png )

You start to undo the mask around your still unconscious mirror.

"I got him, Sevener! Ju-"
No. 749462 ID: d1f5f1
File 147468654153.png - (87.95KB , 800x940 , 504.png )

Clover throws Sevener right at you hard enough to send both of you sliding off the edge of the ring.

The harder you directly try to get her to open up, the more she seems to retreat into her shell of hate, but you don't have a lot of choice, here. If you let Sevener just burn her stats like she is, she's going to start getting ragdolled around the ring.
No. 749463 ID: d1f5f1
File 147468666889.png - (76.60KB , 800x800 , 505.png )

The two of you start getting up. You're still in a daze, and Sevener seems pretty beat up.

"Hey, you know, it's only me, the glitchkid, and two worthless clones here. No audience! No one will ever take what the two of us say seriously. You can say what you want without any real consequences of letting it out."
>"Like the glitchkid'll keep her mouth shut."
"Hey, I'm not a blabbermouth."
"Well if she doesn't think you're one of the toughest out there, then she's wrong! And everyone knows it. If we go out and lose and have to haunt the stadium, everyone'll believe that it was me who fouled it up, and I'll roll right along with it. And I meant it, you know! About the apology for the glitter, I mean. I didn't think you'd sack your own admin job over something like that! I figured you'd prank me ba - "
>"When have I ever given you the impression I was a prankster?"
"I'm saying sorry because it was a bad mistake, alright? Hell, you rided up on a rocket you tore off a monster truck just to punch me in the face! Even if you don't fully hate me, that's a lot of ire directed my way. And here we are, in a perfect spot where it'll be helpful to say what you dislike about me."
>"Fine. You're selfish. Even when you're 'sacrificing' yourself as you did in stage 5, you were just immortalizing yourself in martyrdom since the chances of you making it all the way through stage 11 was abysmal. The glitter? I don't give a shit about the glitter! It looks tacky and bad, but I wouldn't mind it, except that you put it on without any regard for me for... what, to make yourself more of a heel? At least talk to me about it in private before you do it! That level of disrespect is why I chased you down like I did."
"I'll mind that, then! Just remember I don't do such things just because I feel like it, but because Glitcher had us all put on a show, and a show is what I'm going to give! You may not care about winning as much as my caricature up there, but you still want to, one way or another, right? I can't stop you from throwing the fight if you want to stay mad, but you don't want to just lose like this, right? Say why you want to win!"
>"Because I want to be in a position of being able to make change."
"What matters to you?"

She spits out her words. You'll have to be careful working your way up to questions like Alison and highly personal inquiries.

>"Same thing that's been said a million times. Stopping the cycles and the shit they have everyone do."
"And something lighter. What do you do for fun?"
>".... ugh, damn this. There was a racing game in the arcade. It was stupidly fun, alright?"
"Why not go back to enjoy yourself, and play it again?"
>"Not in front of so many damn people. I looked like a damn child."
No. 749465 ID: 398fe1

Then let's steal the cabinet.
No. 749468 ID: 094652

>I looked like a damn child.
The @#$% do you think you look like right now? You're in loose stripper gear, struggling and arguing against a lecher instead of getting up, losing a grudge match against a better version of yourself because you couldn't stand up to a girl who was literally born today!

Not that Haydi isn't adorably persuasive, just that she has the bare minimum of experience and you aren't asserting yourself in negotiation. At all.

Get up, figure out to beat these constructs. They're stronger, they're faster, and they're more agile. But what they aren't is more than two @#$%ing hours old. You know more about them than they ever could. Use your knowledge of yourselves and outsmart them, exploit openings and mental weaknesses that you KNOW they have.
No. 749471 ID: 3abd97

>"Not in front of so many damn people. I looked like a damn child."
Hey, none of us ever got a childhood, except maybe the people who remember fake ones from the belenos sim. You're entitled.

If you don't want to be seen, get your own. Or go at night! Or just talk to shopkeep so you can go looking like a damn kid. Perfect disguise!

Or just stop worry about how people see you. I can get away with that kind of thing since I'm a clown- you can get away with it because you're enough of a badass.
No. 749473 ID: 44bc30

Well, I'm not sure I see the problem, there. Why would looking like a child have any importance here? Hell, if playing a game makes you look like a child, so would half the contests we've been through, if you took out the life or death element. And if that life or death element was the difference, then everything we're doing now makes us look like children! In any case, I'd bet if we went back to that arcade right now we'd see dozens of people having fun with no worry to whether they look like children.

But, if you don't want to, you don't want to. That's fine. Why not just ask Rulekeeper or one of the glitchkids if you can have your own private game? Maybe they'd put you through some sort of competition to prove you deserve it instead of just giving it to you, but I'd bet that would just make it feel the sweeter when you do get it.
No. 749475 ID: 91ee5f

>".... ugh, damn this. There was a racing game in the arcade. It was stupidly fun, alright?"
I think I know of the one you're talking about and it is fun! I had the high score on there but then someone came by and knocked me down to 2nd place. I'm still trying to beat that score and- wait a minute, that was you wasn't it?
No. 749476 ID: 211d83

Wait a minute I just figured out why you are so wound up.

You think this is all a big game and not helping the big picture. That we are just flailing about not accomplishing anything so you cant just relax and enjoy the ride.

Well this is very important. This event is showing all those contestants out there that there admin are very real and just like them. Not hidden gods that met out punishment at random. But people who are just trying to do the best with the mess they got handed.

This is all to get everyone working together Sevener. To decide which Admins can put down there responsibility and just be normal people for a bit while still being able to do there jobs. People that everyone can trust to do the right thing.

Rulekeeper and her family might have amazing powers but they still need us to do what only we can do.

Plus what are you going to do if we win? Are you going to drive yourself crazy because you don't know how to relax when you have the chance? I might act flippant and be a bit out there but I do take my job very seriously. I might have martyred myself but back then I thought it was the end for me. Dying and later joining Alison's team taught me to enjoy life while you have the chance.
No. 749479 ID: d1f5f1