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File 145292268395.png - (169.01KB , 800x600 , title.png )
694230 No. 694230 ID: 395c02

This quest is NSFW
Expand all images
No. 694233 ID: 395c02
File 145292270806.png - (187.40KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

A large dragon looks down at an unhatched egg as a snake surrounds it in magical energies. Much time passes in silence until the dragon grows impatient and speaks up. "So?"

The snake looks up. "Just as I thought. It's an egg."

"Yes. I see that. But is it alive?"

"No. An egg is just a shell."

"For f-- is the unhatched dragon inside the shell still among the living."

"That's what you get for starting with 'so'. Yes, the life-form inside is still alive."

"I see."

"Well, what should we do? This child is guilty of the same sins as its parents, thanks to your kinds' stupid archaic laws."

"I'm literally the only dragon you can say that around and still be alive, you know."

"I know. You not killing me is why we're friends."

The dragon pauses in thought. "Perhaps... we could simply banish it, have it live with the lesser races."

"Lesser? That's racist."

"Well, if they want to be equals they should learn to be dragons."
No. 694234 ID: 395c02
File 145292272254.png - (127.54KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

The snake flicks its tongue. "Right. Well, I better make some changes so this one will fit in better in their society. Changes of form, changes of mind. Maybe give it some magic to defend itself with."

"Your powers always freak me out."

"You should have seen what the creators of old were capable of."
No. 694235 ID: 395c02
File 145292273554.png - (293.80KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

Now, let's have the powers that be decide your fate.

Like all dragons, you will need magic. You must choose a primary focus and a secondary focus.

Flame: The powers to create heat and passion. Immune to fire.
Cold: Low temperatures and hard nipples are your domain. Immune to cold.
Electronic: Shock foes or recharge batteries. Immune to tazers.
Psychic:: Read minds, infuse emotions and thoughts. You can affect, but not control, others.
Telekinetic: Your mind moves things, rather than people.
Transdimensional: Become invisible or start thinking with portals.
Polymorphism: Can only be a primary focus. Change into other creatures, and/or change your form.

Secondary focuses are weaker than primary focuses. For instance, going Fire/Cold would not allow you to make giant castles wherein you can sing about letting things go. But you would gain cold immunity, limited ice magic, and the more clever ones could combine it with fire to make a unique effect.

Enhancing your main magic with certain secondary magics can lead to some interesting and powerful effects. Or just awesome ones, like flaming portals.

Ah, I know you are too young to understand these concepts, but perhaps those that would guide you can make use of this information.

Now then, what will be your primary and secondary focuses?
No. 694239 ID: 6de7d9

Psychic Fire! Stack the emotion powers.
No. 694240 ID: 47160d

Transdimensional Primary
Psychic secondary
No. 694241 ID: 007e78

Primary: flame.

Secondary: Transdimensional.

We'll take them flaming portals!
No. 694242 ID: a22f87


No. 694246 ID: 7cffca

Polymorphism Flame: Transform in a burst of fire like some kinda phoenix
No. 694248 ID: efff28

Primary flame
Secondary telekinetic
Pyromancer is go
No. 694251 ID: b8ceae

Polymorphism transdimensional
No. 694252 ID: 15a025

Primary Transdimensional
Secondary Cold.
No. 694254 ID: 63cc9f

Telekinetic Flame
No. 694257 ID: eb385b

Polymorphism primary focus and Transdimensional secondary focus
No. 694261 ID: 15720c

I like this one. Just warp away when you transform. The "New form" warps in from elsewhere. Cna pretend to be not you.
No. 694263 ID: 4e5add


When in doubt, think with hot portals!
Primary: Fire
Secondary: Transdimensional
No. 694264 ID: d41523

Primary Flame, for getting hot in herre.
Secondary Transdimensional, for extra fun.
No. 694265 ID: 011d35

All sorts of neat possibilities, like using the Transdimensional secondary to circumvent (or distort to our advantage) normal shapeshifter troubles like conservation of mass and the cube-square law. Or just combining invisibility and shapeshifting.
No. 694272 ID: 5ad4a7

You didn't say we had to chose two DIFFERENT foci.

No. 694273 ID: f6442a

Primary Polymorphism/Secondary Trandimensional.
No. 694274 ID: 2ccbb3

Polymorphism Transdimensional
No. 694277 ID: f0e552


Hey. You're that ninja...

Also, I think our crime was being of descent of humans and dragons. Something tells me our dad was into dragons, if you know what I mean.

Or I could be wrong, I mean look at the quest image.
No. 694281 ID: 85249f

A nice practical combo that can also be used to commit a variety of felonies.
No. 694284 ID: 6cb462

Polymorphism and psychic
No. 694286 ID: 799984

Primary: Telekinetic

Secondary: Transdimensional
No. 694287 ID: 945fb0

Polymorphism primary
Trandimensional secondary
No. 694288 ID: fb37c5

Primary: Polymorphism
Secondary: Transdimensional
No. 694296 ID: 1009ca

No. 694308 ID: f56624

telekinetic and electricity.
There's some reaaaal shit we can pull with those, can you say "PK thunder"
No. 694310 ID: 925364

Polymorphism and psychic.

Find out what people like and change to better fit~
No. 694311 ID: 5f45d5

Transdimensional: Become invisible or start thinking with portals.
Polymorphism: Can only be a primary focus. Change into other creatures, and/or change your form

These two. Become whatever you want, wherever you want.
No. 694312 ID: 5a1d11

Well if this quest is going to be NSFW then
is the way to go.

Wacky shenanigans activate
No. 694316 ID: 3e2cae

No. 694320 ID: e38bc1

Polymorphism as Primary
Psychic Secondary
No. 694322 ID: 587951

Psychic primary, telekinetic secondary. Your command is my wish, etc
No. 694327 ID: 8371c4

flame electronic so we can have plasma breath and kamehameha waves/hadoukens
No. 694338 ID: 9d8777

Primary: Transdimensional, because yea
Secondary: Electric, becuase defence and utility!
No. 694354 ID: 2260e4

Flame and Electronic!
No. 694358 ID: 893eec

"Well, if they want to be equals they should learn to be dragons."

Gentlemen we have our end-goal. To propagate and make all races dragons.
No. 694361 ID: 58f084

Primary: Transdimensional
Secondary: Telekinetic

Poltergeist mode activated
No. 694370 ID: 8ae9ea

Polymorphism primary
Transdimensional secondary
No. 694379 ID: 904cc3

primary poly, secondary psychic. if your gonna get freaky gotta do it right.
No. 694380 ID: f2461f

Electronic and Transdimensional.
No. 694441 ID: 9b7db4

Polymorphism, secondary of Transdimensional.
No. 694453 ID: 933fbd

polymorphism telekinesis
No. 694504 ID: 4754ce

Polymorphism Transdimensional
No. 694661 ID: 891640

Primary: Polymorphism
Secondary: Psychic
No. 694689 ID: ca20f4

Primary: Transdimensional
Secondary: Telekinetic
No. 694771 ID: cf91e4

Primary telekinesis. Don't care about secondary.
No. 694773 ID: 9815dc


I support Fire/Fire.
No. 694774 ID: 41fd27

Primary: Polymorphism
Secondary: Transdimensional
Being invisible and changing objects into other objects is an important skill set for not only smut but, also magic tricks. Think about the Hat tricks!
No. 694815 ID: a1c0c2

Primary, polymorphism.
Secondary, transdimensional, heck yeah.
No. 694876 ID: 395c02
File 145308560861.png - (150.48KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

Yep, the ways of the universe are chaotic as always.

I feel the strongest pull towards... ah, yes. Polymorphic magic. As a primary focus, you will be able to turn into things that would have been impossible under secondary. What you turn into has to ostensibly be "alive", but can be 1/15 or up to to 5x your normal size. If you are 6 feet tall, that would produce a range of 3 inches to 30 feet. Of course, practicing and honing this magic could stretch these limitations.

Beyond that, the only limit is your imagination. Modify yourself, become something else, but try not to lose sight of who, or what, you are.
No. 694877 ID: 395c02
File 145308562026.png - (71.11KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

...Hmm. Yes. You seek control of the laws of existence. The oft-ill-defined Transdimensional magic. As a secondary, you have the option to have a balance of powers at weaker strength, or focus on one aspect of Transdimensional magic, making it far stronger at the expense of the other powers.

You could focus on Invisibility, Portals, or Teleportation. Teleportation, of course, differs from portal creation insomuch that it is A: instant and B: limited to yourself.

Of course, a choice of balance would allow all three, but the distance you can teleport, how "invisible" you can become, and how big or far apart portals can be, are greatly reduced.

What will you choose?
No. 694878 ID: 395c02
File 145308564663.png - (70.46KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

"I wonder what happens when he goes silent like that. Should've brought a book."
No. 694879 ID: e38bc1

I say go with balance; all three can have there uses. Also how flexible is the definition of "alive", can we make ourselves appear to be an undead for example?
No. 694880 ID: ec0bf5

Okay, definitely balance. Short range teleport is still super useful, limited invisibility probably just means your clothes and held objects don't turn invisible too considering what kind of quest this is, and smallish short-range portals probably still lets you do those shenanigans where you chain them and jump really far.
No. 694882 ID: eb385b

No. 694885 ID: 5ad4a7

PORTALS focus because portals.
No. 694886 ID: 007e78

Balance. We want versatility.
No. 694890 ID: e3388f

No. 694891 ID: db34e7

You know what you have to think with.

Its Portals, you have to think with them.
No. 694892 ID: f6442a

Focus on PORTALS because PORTALS.
No. 694894 ID: 2ccbb3

Balance it out. Seems rational.
No. 694897 ID: 799984

Balance because a bunch of those limitations can be fudged in conjunction with our primary magic.
No. 694917 ID: 2e2e33

Balance gives us more to play with
No. 694918 ID: ec0bf5

That's actually a good point, with balance limiting us we can still use things the portals even if they're tiny just by changing size
No. 694919 ID: cb446e

True. With invisibility, we can probably combine partial invis with being tiny and color changing for pretty decent stealth.
No. 694922 ID: 4e5add

always better to have a balance
No. 694925 ID: d451fe

Portals, gotta be sure you can make them big enough for your bedmates too!
No. 694932 ID: 5b7b42

Shrinking small would help hiding, and growing big would help cover medium distances, so I feel a specialty in portals is the way to go.
No. 694935 ID: cb446e

You are right; changing my vote to Portals.
No. 694950 ID: cf91e4

I joining up on the portal love.
No. 694956 ID: 1371c8

Don't commit, strike a Balance
No. 694966 ID: 15720c

Balance sounds like the best bet. Will we also stretch the use further like with Polymorphing as we practice it, or is that growth of capacity limited to the primary?
No. 694968 ID: 5042bf

Balance, also be the ugliest damn thing that only their mother would think is cute. Go, go, polymorph identity crisis.
No. 694972 ID: 0e5f15

nother one for balance
No. 695001 ID: 8ae9ea

All three are tempting, so I guess I gotta go with balance.
No. 695046 ID: 4201a2

Sure, portals.
No. 695063 ID: 91ee5f

No. 695078 ID: 3d2d5f

No. 695081 ID: 15a025

No. 695138 ID: fa18d4

No. 695155 ID: 60700b

Balance. Could use polymorphic to give us super strength while small and chuck things through portals, while also invisible.
No. 695170 ID: 1009ca

No. 695174 ID: 38247e

No. 695175 ID: 07fc66

No. 695205 ID: a1c0c2

Balance, definitely.
No. 695408 ID: d6c0af

No. 695436 ID: 922f1c

No. 695483 ID: 79a07e

No. 695815 ID: fef726

No. 695816 ID: 2a7417

I think the balance is tipped in favor of portals.
No. 695819 ID: 5ad4a7

21 balance vs 15 portals by my count, though I didn't check IDs and I could be off by one.
No. 695965 ID: 395c02
File 145333707356.png - (117.15KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

Utility. Balance.

I see, I see. But it would seem a desire to think with portals has given it a slightly increased capability compared to the other two.

My work is nearly done, here. You have limitless potential with POLYMORPHIC magic, though you will not reach it without training.

Your TRANSDIMENSIONAL powers will require some training to be usable, but with time they shall be very helpful to you.

I will also grant you insight, you will be able to gauge your own capabilities.

VIGOR - Your strength and overall toughness
SPEED - Quick motions and a constant annoyance to those trying to hit (on?) you
MIND - Your intellect, and magical prowess
SEXINE- uh... APPEAL - how much people will. uh. like you. Let's just seal this off until you come of age.

And no other stats.

As you are yet unhatched, your stats are not much to look at. But they shall rise with time, and with training.
No. 695966 ID: 395c02
File 145333709195.png - (116.51KB , 800x600 , 8.png )


"seriously? Well, I've done all I can."



"Yeah, I'm just messing with you at this point."

"Me being too small to kill you is also why we're friends."

"Hehe... so what now? Someone has to take care of the hatchling once it comes out."

"A couple came to me recently seeking a child to call their own. As they are not the same species, there was not much I could ethically do to allow conception."

"What? No baby hybrids?"

"For once, no. But I promised them I would find a way for them to raise a child. They were so excited... I know they would give this child a loving home."
No. 695967 ID: 395c02
File 145333710246.png - (95.82KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

"Well, I guess this is where we part ways. You won't know who I am, but we'll meet again. Someone's got to teach you how to use those powers, after all. And if you can hear me... learn how to ask questions properly, okay?

"Man, I hope I'm not interrupting anything important."
No. 695968 ID: 395c02
File 145333711674.png - (121.34KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

Meanwhile, inside the house...

"Ah~! Sheriim~!" The creature underneath moans.

"Mmm~" The one on top licks her in just the right spot.

"Yes, there~! So close...~ Oh... Tell me the name of our child!"
No. 695969 ID: 395c02
File 145333712891.png - (136.11KB , 800x600 , 11.png )


"No! No! Don't stop!"

"But... is this really the time to be discussing this?"

"Yes! No! I don't care! You're my mate! Father of my child! Keep moving, damn it!"

"Uh. Er. Yes! I'm the father! I'm taking charge! Don't climax till I say it!"


"The name of our child..."
No. 695970 ID: 38685c

No. 695971 ID: 2ccbb3

What's wrong with the Milk stat?

Pamela "Puffle" <BELCH-Tik>
No. 695972 ID: ec0bf5

You need to come up with an awesome, sexy name. With a name like MAX FURYPUNCH, men will kneel and women will swoon as your son passes. It'll probably be a son, at least.
No. 695978 ID: 8c667d

No. 695979 ID: 3663d3

the name of the largest living thing. SCALENE!
No. 695981 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 695983 ID: 44950f

Ceridwen is the name of a sorceress in welsh celtic mythology. She had shapeshifting powers, and the dragon is a symbol of wales.
No. 695984 ID: a93c23

A name should inspire greatness in your child. Go with Napoleon, for either gender.
No. 695986 ID: f6442a

What kind of a name is OHHH YES?
No. 695987 ID: f6442a

But really though, seconding this.
No. 695988 ID: 4ed1bd

No. 695989 ID: 587951

No. 696001 ID: db34e7

Lets compromise,
Name: Ceridwen
Embarrassing middle name: Napoleon
Last name: Scalene
No. 696002 ID: c9f250


This one.
No. 696003 ID: b17b81

A nice fancy name. (that would be horribly awkward to repeat in real life)
No. 696004 ID: a93c23

Yeah, I can dig this compromise. These guys surely already have a last name they want to use, though. Still, Ceridwen Napoleon is a name that will rise to the greatest heights.
No. 696020 ID: f0e552

well fuck i suppose that's one way to ask

your name is... "DeShawna ayTyreese"

I like this one, it's thoughtful
No. 696031 ID: d14a94

We would end up going by a shortened version as a nickname, like Cerdi. Or Wen, which would inevitably lead to a comedic misunderstanding regarding baseball.
No. 696032 ID: f5e25e

Mettaton Ceridwen sounds good.
No. 696037 ID: b8ceae

Sounds good, sure.
No. 696039 ID: 79a07e

Solid pick.
No. 696081 ID: 15720c

...I have to wonder where that even came from. This is going into my memory weird stranger mentor doctor guy!
>Tell me the name of our child!
I can't come up with any reasonable names, so I guess I'll just back up "Ceridwen." It's the kind of name that if for some reason we ignore the title image and go around as a male dragon the name somewhat still fits.
No. 696114 ID: ec0bf5

Ok, changing my vote to Ceridwen, but I'll also vote in favor of having an embarassing secret middle name like FURYPUNCH or Napoleon.
No. 696122 ID: 91ee5f

This guy has the right idea! I'm supporting this idea for the sake of any future comedic misunderstandings involving baseball! XD
No. 696132 ID: a568a4

No. 696169 ID: cd90cb

Let's do it!
No. 696628 ID: 395c02
File 145357327169.png - (142.93KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

"Uh... C... Ceridwen!!!" The lizard blurts out, almost in time with his climax.

"I love you so m--mmnnn~!!"
No. 696629 ID: 395c02
File 145357328292.png - (60.03KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

"Eh, it's probably fine."

*Knock knock knock!*
No. 696630 ID: 395c02
File 145357329764.png - (125.39KB , 800x600 , 14.png )


"S-someone's at the door!"

"I cabe~"

"That's great! I'm glad for you! But sSssSHhHhh"

"Oh calm down~ It's probably just the mail~ Let's go again~"

"But what if it's, you know, him? With our baby?"


No. 696631 ID: 395c02
File 145357330863.png - (140.97KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

Sounds of struggling can be heard as the two rapidly get themselves covered. The door flies open, and their lives are changed forever.
No. 696632 ID: 395c02
File 145357331823.png - (31.92KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

It would not be long before the egg began to hatch. The joy in their hearts was palpable.

But the powers that be have a choice to make. Are they to guide the child at key points in their life, forming their belief system and personality", or will they trust in the parents to do their job, skipping ahead until the child has reached adulthood?
No. 696634 ID: 47160d

The former of course!
No. 696635 ID: 0b66e1

What kind of parent skips through childhood. The first.

Gotta help your children when you need until, until it's time to trust them and let them do their own thing. (And be ready to help them again if they fall, cause you're family).
No. 696636 ID: 395c02

Let's go with the former, just to make sure the parents aren't horribly screwing anything up.
No. 696637 ID: 15720c

It's a question to us. We're the Powers that Be, not the parents.

I'm tempted to let things be with the parents doing their job, but I still wanna see it take place, so let's watch over it.
No. 696638 ID: 3663d3

read note hug baby
No. 696639 ID: 5ef13e

Always vote in favor of seeing adorable baby dragons.
No. 696640 ID: f56aab

We will be involved too. Also the parents should definitely partake in celebratory coitus once the egg is secured properly somewhere warm.
No. 696641 ID: 0b66e1

What kind of doof takes everything completely literally and feels the need to correct others on the blindingly obvious.
No. 696642 ID: ec0bf5

The parents obviously have most of the input here, it's their child, but I think it would be fine if we checked on the kid every now and then to see how it was coming.
No. 696644 ID: 5812ad

Agreed, we should be a presence and a guide, but we don't need to screw with the kid's head too much.
Given, that is kind of a universal constant in our, um, interventions.
No. 696646 ID: 2ccbb3

Let's start at the beginning this time. No skip plz
No. 696647 ID: 12ebed

Agreed, lets keep our eyes on Ceridwen through her childhood and tryto restrain ourselves on the crazy suggestions until she becomes an adult. The last thing we want is to mentally scar her right out of the gate.
No. 696648 ID: f6442a

The voices love character creation! Let us continue to meddle in the affairs of these puny mortals.
No. 696664 ID: dccff1

The first!
No. 696678 ID: b6178d


For once, perhaps we ought leave be.
No. 696695 ID: b9acc0

It might end up being awkward advising our dragon on more adult affairs after attending through childhood.

... What am I saying, no-one'll care. Could even end up a cute neighbour grown up thing. Let's attend and guide, then.
No. 696722 ID: 12ebed

For some reason this comment just gave me the mental image of Ceridwen playfully attempting to flirt with us when she reaches adulthood. And that hilarious image alone is enough to get me to want to go with option 1.
No. 696725 ID: f56aab

Well of course they would flirt with us. We are the naughtiest little voyeurs around after all.
No. 696733 ID: c343e7

Let's guide her into ADVENTURE! And adulthood, the worst adventure of all!
No. 696914 ID: f0e552

first one
No. 697136 ID: 15a025

Ah why not, option number 1 it is.
No. 697201 ID: 395c02
File 145378276797.png - (89.90KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

It would not be long before you hatched, and breathed in air for the first time.

"Aaah! It hatched! Our baby Ceridwen!"

"I wanna hug iiiiittt~!"

"no don't squish it we literally just became parents come on now"

"Aaaah! I'll hug you instead!"


You are incapable of forming memories, which is good as that night would be filled with many sounds you won't understand for a very long time.
No. 697202 ID: 395c02
File 145378277812.png - (127.19KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

"Ceridwin~! You're the cutest little boy or girl~!!!"

"Um, she's a girl I'm pretty sure."

"Our beautiful baby girl~!"

It would seem that a supreme godlike creature has ripped the choice of gender from the powers that be. Their anger would form many thunderstorms and wars of flame, but little would actually be accomplished.
No. 697203 ID: 395c02
File 145378278928.png - (91.86KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

You don't know how you feel about being held this way. Your reaction will form the basis of your personality.

What do you do?

Cry forcefully - Headstrong/Dominant personality (Tayza??)
Cry gently - Kind/Delicate personality
Whimper but don't cry - Shy/Submissive personality
Laugh - Comedic/Joyful personality
Stare blankly - Serious/Calculating personality
No. 697204 ID: 2260e4

No. 697206 ID: 2ccbb3

Laugh maniacally, in sheer insanity as you

... uh ...

Oh good, you're too young to understand the crushing weight of your insight. Should be enough for your parents to raise you back to sanity and make a mockery of all that frightens you now.
No. 697207 ID: 395c02

Whimper, but secretly think about crying forcefully instead.
No. 697208 ID: eb385b

Stare blankly
No. 697209 ID: c343e7

Cry forcefully, it's too tight ;-;
No. 697210 ID: 425719

Stare into the void of our parent's eyes, understanding both their infinite love for us, as well as the infinite cruelty of the cosmos.
No. 697211 ID: 5ad4a7

Cry gently. Squeak.
No. 697212 ID: 7d4e3e

Attempt to Bite her hand off (psychotic maniac)
No. 697214 ID: 2e716e

Cry... with laughter!

No. 697215 ID: dd338c

Cry with the force of a thousand sun!
No. 697216 ID: 7d4e3e

Throw up on her. We can base a personality off of that right?
No. 697217 ID: ec0bf5

Cry really hard, then bite the finger so it'll let you go
No. 697218 ID: f6442a

No. 697219 ID: 477b7d

Cry gently and be the cutest and nicest and best babe.
No. 697224 ID: eae933

Put on your war face and cry
No. 697225 ID: 0b66e1


And then stat chewing on the finger in front of you.
No. 697227 ID: 01ed92

No. 697228 ID: 88e46e

Stare blankly. Also it's not like it counts as taking away a gender choice when the OP image clearly has boobs.
No. 697230 ID: dafd35

No. 697231 ID: f0e552

No. 697238 ID: 0d492d

Stare blankly for a few seconds. Then Laugh.
No. 697243 ID: c9f250

Nibble finger until free!
No. 697247 ID: 6cb462

No. 697256 ID: ff990a

Just wimper. You may not like it but you sure can't change it.
No. 697261 ID: 534cc4

Stare for a few seconds then start laughing in an increasingly ecstatic way.
No. 697263 ID: 15720c

Cry gently. I'm sure this isn't the only point we'll get to form the psyche, but Kindness is always good even if it is.

>It would seem that a supreme godlike creature has ripped the choice of gender from the powers that be.
Eh, I'm fine with this. Mostly because
>it's not like it counts as taking away a gender choice when the OP image clearly has boobs.
And we can also tell her to just polymorph into a guy to have a dick if that's an option to have milk too. (I probably would have said female anyways)
No. 697265 ID: a6dc58

I'm also going with the "stare blankly for few seconds, then laugh." Joyful, but a bit calculating seems like a fun combination.
No. 697267 ID: b17b81

No. 697268 ID: 73c49c

Laugh, everyone should be able to have a good laugh. (we must become the master of jokes and bad puns, enhanced with magic!)
No. 697269 ID: f56aab

Whimper No crying
No. 697271 ID: d283ef

Best plan.
No. 697273 ID: f0e552

actually i change my vote to cry gently
but the forces that be will probably cry loud af
No. 697274 ID: ef1fcb

No. 697277 ID: edf87a

Laugh out loud.
No. 697278 ID: d960e5

>Shit self.
No. 697296 ID: 2a7417

Gently cry.
No. 697307 ID: 4854ef

Stare blankly
No. 697308 ID: 350a50

No. 697309 ID: 15a025

Laugh, crying is for the weak.
No. 697310 ID: 91ee5f

This one.
No. 697313 ID: 825b5d

Stare blankly
No. 697362 ID: 79a07e

Supporting this one.
No. 697387 ID: 99a64d

No. 697429 ID: a33f42

Laugh of course! Life is mean to be enjoyed.
No. 697443 ID: fa18d4

Sounds good.
No. 697446 ID: f36501

No. 697452 ID: 799984

Stare blankly.

Boring train lets go!
No. 697498 ID: 5812ad

Laugh in an attempt to show you are totally cool with whatever is happening in spite of the fact that holy shit what is going on.
This will become a useful skill.
No. 697508 ID: 4201a2

Weep softly.
No. 697512 ID: be1222

ayy lmao [that is to say, laugh]
No. 697520 ID: dda459

Deffo forcefully.
No. 697673 ID: 395c02
File 145395053645.png - (58.24KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

You stare blankly...

>Stare into the void of our parent's eyes, understanding both their infinite love for us, as well as the infinite cruelty of the cosmos.
Of course... it all makes sense now. Their love is unending, but time will play the cruelest prank of all and they will almost certainly meet their demise long before you do, forcing you to live your remaining days void of their love and support...
No. 697674 ID: 395c02
File 145395054869.png - (95.20KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

Teehee! Big eyes! You laugh!

You can't ponder the nature of life and love because you're literally half an hour old.

Nonetheless, you have a HAPPY and JOYFUL personality, and will often try to make jokes to lighten the mood. But, when the time calls for it, you will know when to be serious and focus on the task at hand.
No. 697675 ID: 395c02
File 145395056186.png - (126.79KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

"She laughed! Oh my god she's so cute I love her so much~!"

You feel warm, safe, and happy.

"H-hey! I wanna hold her too~!"

"Only if you beg."

"B-but I was the one who said to check the door!"

"That's literally not begging"

"Aaaah pleeeaaasssee I'll do annnyytthhiiinnnggg!"

"Hmhmhm~ Okay, okay."

He squeaks in delight.
No. 697677 ID: 395c02
File 145395057638.png - (107.58KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

Your first year of development goes by without issue. You are now old enough to be able to play with toys! But, which toys do you prefer to play with?

Sword and Shield - Gain a masculine personality. VIGOR + 1
Building Blocks - Gain a masculine personality. MIND + 1

Bobble toy - Gain a neutral personality. VIGOR + 1
Letter Blocks - Gain a neutral personality. MIND + 1

Dolls/Plushies - Gain a feminine personality. MIND + 1
Toy Vehicles - Gain a feminine personality. VIGOR + 1 (it makes sense because um they're...pink?)

If the choice of toy is too much for your tiny baby mind, you can simply vote MASCULINE, NEUTRAL, or FEMININE. We won't judge you.
No. 697682 ID: be1222

Bobble looks fun!
No. 697683 ID: c3110b

Sword and Shield!
No. 697686 ID: 6cb462

The letter blocks. try and spell something.
No. 697688 ID: 1009ca

Sword and Shield because only the weak play with things that arnt also weapons
No. 697689 ID: 480182

Get the dolls/plushies noble adventurers to fight the bobble toy rampaging giant.
No. 697692 ID: eb385b

Letter Blocks
No. 697693 ID: 2ccbb3

Your favorites are the dolls

But you play with ALL THE TOYS.







gee willikers mister bobblehead you sure are getting abusive

But I don't care guess what I learned from mister orange


And your childhood is basically that for the next ten years.
No. 697694 ID: 02422f

Toy vehicles!
No. 697695 ID: ec0bf5

Stack the building blocks and then knock them over with the sword.
No. 697697 ID: b17b81

Bobble. Gotta get that vigor up and I can't decide on personality.
No. 697698 ID: 88e46e

No. 697699 ID: 5ad4a7

I'm not sure what masculine and feminine mean for a dragon.

More detail please!
No. 697709 ID: f6442a

Dolls and plushies. When she learns to copy them and hide in a pile of toys, her parents are going to freak out.
No. 697722 ID: 15720c

Dolls and plushies.
No. 697728 ID: 15a025

Play with the creepy dolls.
No. 697734 ID: 0974d4

Is the bobble toy one of those man-sized, inflatable things that stand up whenever you try to knock them down?

Cuz if it is, wrestle the shit out of it
No. 697746 ID: d283ef

Okay, just for that...

But actually I want building blocks tho.
No. 697761 ID: 350a50

Letter Blocks
No. 697762 ID: f0e552

stare into the soul of the bobble toy, and play with that shet
No. 697764 ID: 67d5dc

That bobble toy is perfect hugging size. How could tgchan possibly say no?
No. 697766 ID: 460cee

Bobble that shit up
No. 697767 ID: 73c49c

sword and shield, got to protect the things you love!
No. 697770 ID: 4201a2

Opting for the blocks.
No. 697775 ID: fb2272

Dolls and plushies, just soooooo cute and the plushes are soft and squeezable!
No. 697776 ID: cc8fa0

Bulding blocks. Gotta build the buildings, so you can tear that shit down.
No. 697780 ID: 99a64d

blocks (either kind)
No. 697788 ID: 4854ef

No. 697789 ID: 4229c9

Building blocks and vehicles.

Or rather, why only two?
No. 697798 ID: fbe13e

Letter blocks and plushies. We will be smart and cute.
No. 697799 ID: 7d4e3e

Use the building blocks and the letter blocks to build a sick ramp for your toy vehicles.
No. 697801 ID: 7d4e3e

Alternatively, battle the dolls and the bobble toy with the sword and shield.
No. 697803 ID: f3ac81

We must build a city with the building blocks through which we can rampage, "Rawr"!!
No. 697805 ID: 3d2d5f

Haha, yes.

Build a city of blocks, populate it with vehicles and dolls, and then play Godzilla.
No. 697848 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, let's do this! We're going to need the Building Blocks, the Letter Blocks, the Dolls/Plushies, and the Toy Vehicles to play Godzilla! XD
No. 697885 ID: a2d7ac

The bobble toy will be our monster nemesis because no matter what we do they always stand back up unscathed
No. 697888 ID: 78a3e5

Building blocks
No. 697891 ID: 8371c4

all the toys at once obvs, oh and i dunno, masculine personality?
No. 697906 ID: 9c6d36

toy vehicles.
feminine and vigorous.
No. 697907 ID: fa18d4

Building Blocks

Because, the answer, no matter if male or female should always nbe LEGO... Perhaps puppets, which we put in uniforms to defend the endless LEGOtrenches.
No. 697953 ID: 20dd0b

Building blocks
No. 698054 ID: cab7d6

Dolls ACTION FIGURES in lego forts. Attack the castle!
No. 698086 ID: 3fbb37

Play with all of the toys!
No. 698183 ID: 395c02
File 145413326721.png - (92.40KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

No. 698184 ID: 395c02
File 145413328118.png - (157.25KB , 800x600 , 25.png )


A giant dragon is attacking the city!
No. 698185 ID: 395c02
File 145413330015.png - (99.41KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

We must stop it! Quick! Get kidnapped so I can save you!

But I can't!

Why not!?

No. 698186 ID: 395c02
File 145413331341.png - (92.53KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

I love you!


Oh no! The giant dragon is going to fight mister bobble! The giant dragon was actually a nice dragon, and she's going to be our hero! I love her!

No, I love her!

You can't!

Why not!?

Because... We're married!

No. 698187 ID: 395c02
File 145413332510.png - (97.21KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

Teehee! Your imagination runs wild! You play like this over and over as time passes and your personality starts to take shape. You are not overly MASCULINE or FEMININE, but as you age you will have some slight FEMININE tendencies.

Your stats increase!

HP +
MP +

You are unable to use your magical powers, as you are still young. But perhaps with a strong enough desire...

For now, though. Whee! This is great! Nothing could go wrong!

After a year of this, your parents decide it is time to turn your world upside-down...
No. 698188 ID: 395c02
File 145413333606.png - (150.51KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

...with an UNEXPECTED PLAY DATE!!!!!!

You are placed in front of a strange creature. Your parents look on expectantly.

What will you do?
No. 698189 ID: 15a025

Ignore this looser and go find something more interesting to mess with.
No. 698190 ID: a22f87

huh, he looks different from both you and your parents. Maybe if you tried looking more like him he'd feel more comfortable... or maybe you'll look so silly he'd laugh which is also good.
No. 698191 ID: 15e42e

Gasps! How come they have toys and you don't!?

Perhaps they do not realize the systemic injustice they are taking part in. Indicate your desire for one of those toys and see if they hand it over.

If not... revolution!
No. 698193 ID: 7b7ab3

Wave at new friend and babble cutely, as babies often do.
No. 698195 ID: 15720c

>huh, he looks different from both you and your parents.
Well, one parent has side-frills and the other, like you, has a dorsal frill. Neither parents have horns, but you do, and this other kid has horns too! That's as same as you to your parents, I think, but try and figure out more about him. Investigate, inspect! ...You can do this by playing a game using your toys against his, probably!
No. 698196 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, come on guys! Let's not be mean. Instead, let's make this our childhood friend who will go on adventures with us when we become adults! So, I vote for playing nicely with the other baby! It'll be soooo cute! XD
No. 698202 ID: f0e552

show this guy our imaginary world, he must be enriched with the same kind of imagination WE HAVE! Adventure!
No. 698203 ID: fb2272

Obviously you're supposed to play with him and be his friend! That's why he has two toys, one for you to play with with him!
No. 698205 ID: 2ccbb3

Hug his head.

Now you're DOUBLE MONSTER! Rawr! Terrorize the city twice as much because that's how "kid mathonomics" works!
No. 698215 ID: 99a64d

Collaborate with him to learn the art of roughhousing.
No. 698217 ID: aff562

Apply teeth to face. Not to eat him, no. Just, y'know, asserting dominance. Also, to see how much of his head you can fit in your mouth.
No. 698221 ID: 79a07e

Babble, play with them, get buddy buddy...

Congratulations, parents, you have introduced us to our future MINION. They will be our second banana, the guy (or gal) who we care about but clearly not the one who wears the pants here, so to speak. The one who always gets dragged into our Zany Schemes (tm) with a sigh and a 'I'm not sure about this...'
No. 698222 ID: d53e25


Let us be the most adorable babbuses and give our parents all the diabeetus.
No. 698224 ID: 9127e2


Fast, build the Blockfort! Man the defences!
OH, nooooooo the nicest giant dragon is being bribed with a shiny thing! We're doomed!

perfect logic
No. 698231 ID: f6442a

Get your own toys and join in on the fun.
No. 698233 ID: 0dc9e7

What the hell are those things on his head? We must investigate them immediately!
No. 698237 ID: 945fb0

The only answer is to hug the ever loving BHAJEEZUS out of him.
No. 698238 ID: 427410

Spontaneously grasp your polymorph powers just enough to mimic this strange creature.
No. 698241 ID: 8371c4

introduce yourself to this strange being that sits before you, and ask if you can play with them.
No. 698250 ID: ec0bf5

His tail looks fluffy. Touch it. Touch it!
No. 698259 ID: 02422f

>You are unable to use your magical powers, as you are still young. But perhaps with a strong enough desire...
>What will you do?
Portal yourself a toy! It's not fair he gets to be the one with all the toys.

>what else do
Bop playmate on head playfully. That's how you play, right?

Also, chew on him. Need something to teeth on. (Kids are basically the same as dogs, right).
No. 698270 ID: d41523

Squeeze him, in preparation for making him your main squeeze.
No. 698271 ID: 15720c

She's had teeth for at least a year now. There's no point in starting to teeth now.
No. 698319 ID: 88fef6

Bite it.
No. 698349 ID: 030760

No. 698384 ID: b8ceae

Portal in a toy to play with!
No. 698407 ID: c108f0

No. 698441 ID: ec0bf5

I feel like at one year old a kid would probably be able to talk at least some, rather than just babbling.
No. 698448 ID: 91ee5f

No, Diabeto. Roll back to kitchen.
No. 698706 ID: 15720c

This collection of sugestions is definitely good.
No. 698738 ID: 3dc9be

Show him your love... with your teeth. You just have to embarrass your parents, it's the sensible thing to do, for a baby.
No. 698747 ID: a22f87

8 year gap
No. 698853 ID: 534cc4

Hug him, and then bite him...cutely. Don't actually hurt him, then laugh it off and play with him.

We show him who's boss, become friendly with him, and later down the line we have a friend we can manipulate (and just be friends with), yaaaaaaaaay.
No. 698920 ID: 0f1713

Playfully wrestle with him. Its like a strong hug.
No. 700096 ID: 395c02
File 145495324643.png - (124.58KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

>Ignore this looser and go find something more interesting to mess with.
The concept of loose and tight things is beyond what your tiny baby brain can comprehend. But maybe there's some toys over--

What?? Betrayal!! The only nearby toys are in the hands of the strange thing in front of you!

>huh, he looks different from both you and your parents. Maybe if you tried looking more like him he'd feel more comfortable... or maybe you'll look so silly he'd laugh which is also good.
You remain unable to change form. Stupid limitations of the tutorial level!
No. 700097 ID: 395c02
File 145495325874.png - (125.68KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

>Wave at new friend and babble cutely, as babies often do.
"Ba ba ba ba!"


No. 700098 ID: 395c02
File 145495327210.png - (135.28KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

Head status: Hugged!

You terrorize the city two-fold! It looks like you made a new--
No. 700099 ID: 395c02
File 145495328639.png - (148.09KB , 800x600 , 33.png )


It looks like you asserted dominance over a new friend!

"Wh-- Ceri, no! No eating other babies!"

"It's because we're not giving her enough iron in her diet!"

"Those plates are made of iron??"

"I don't know!?!?!"

You've gained a SOMEWHAT DOMINANT personality.

This is just a phase, right...?
No. 700100 ID: 395c02
File 145495330098.png - (140.86KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

Let's find out! More time passes and it seems your personality is about to assert itself.

You want to destroy another city, but your friend is more interested in playing with TOY VEHICLES. You disagree on how you want to spend your time!

You could be DOMINANT and demand the city's destruction, or give in to your friend's wishes and become more SUBMISSIVE.

But does it have to strictly be one or the other? Perhaps there is SOMETHING IN-BETWEEN?
No. 700103 ID: 665ed8

Destroy the city with the toy cars!!!
No. 700104 ID: 760b4a

Why not do both! Build the city and your friend drives the cars through while trying to avoid the crumbling buildings!
No. 700105 ID: 7b7ab3


Reckless driving and vehicular homicide!

As babies!
No. 700106 ID: 796324

Build a sweet ramp leading to your sweet city. Then launch cars off the ramp into the city. It's always good to be a little inventive with your senseless destruction.
No. 700107 ID: 32ecc9

Assert your destiny as the avatar of destruction.
No. 700117 ID: 2a7417

Eat cars.
No. 700120 ID: a169b2

The dude can play as a car escaping the monster destroying the city!
No. 700121 ID: 3d2d5f

>just a phase, right
No, I'm cool with that sticking around. That's a good balance.

>what do
Compromise. Play with toy cars, maybe even build a small road system for them to drive in, then rampage among the vehicles. Driving for your lives is a game, right?
No. 700122 ID: 2ccbb3

Throw cars into buildings

No. 700144 ID: 15a025

Set up a town for your friend to drive through and destroy!
No. 700147 ID: f2461f

Manipulate the situation, dominant with style.
No. 700170 ID: 5bc73d

compromise is always the best solution
destroy the city with monster trucks?
No. 700175 ID: 8186ae

Dominant-focus compromise by smashing the city WITH the cars.
No. 700178 ID: a22f87

Oh, go mad max here. Build the city and try to defend it from the cars while he tries to use the cars to destroy the city.
No. 700192 ID: 99a64d

I like somewhat dominant
No. 700239 ID: 739c31

Use the cars to break the walls confining both of you.

Smash your way to freedom.
No. 700248 ID: b31734

Become the toy vehicle! Destroy the small city as the Monster Toddler Truck!
No. 700253 ID: 0cdf95

Go in-between! Vacillate wildly! You're going to be a shapeshifted, so why not be able to shift attitudes too? Leave them guessing forever!
No. 700305 ID: 20dd0b

No. 700329 ID: 2c4c23

Seconded. Who could say no to "Baby GTA"?
No. 700330 ID: a6dc58


I like the sound of this. Compromise all the way!
No. 700331 ID: 5ea852

Anyone who opposes this motion is a heretic.
No. 700333 ID: 825b5d

Bite him.
No. 700337 ID: 350a50

No. 700356 ID: 91ee5f

Do something in-between!
No. 700436 ID: 3371f9

Lets make this diplomatic and sneaky.

Leave him his will, but slowly build arround the Cars until they are trapped in a collapsing City. Bonus points for making him feel like its all his Idea.

If in doubt, always go full Vetinari.
No. 700475 ID: ec0bf5

Use the vehicles to attack the city! The military is invading! But you probably don't understand the subtitles of military conflict.
No. 700615 ID: aa1d3e

Teach this poor innocent child how to wreck cities like a pro
No. 700645 ID: f0e552

I wanna be a trickster, our powers certainly allow for fun with this kind of personality

try to do something tricky
No. 700649 ID: e1f641

You should be open to trying new things. Have a go at submission.

Then destroy everything if you don't like it.
No. 700832 ID: 395c02
File 145514678567.png - (164.32KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

Oh no! It's the fuzz! We gotta move before they make the city fluffy!

I'm not afraid! I'm a bad butt!

Oh! You're such a boiled egg!
No. 700833 ID: 395c02
File 145514679793.png - (217.83KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

Oh no! Yet another dragon attack!



Can't we just--


No. 700834 ID: 395c02
File 145514681324.png - (180.61KB , 800x600 , 37.png )


I have no choice. I must use... THAT.


No. 700835 ID: 395c02
File 145514682853.png - (196.99KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

No. 700836 ID: 395c02
File 145514684915.png - (106.80KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

No. 700838 ID: 395c02
File 145514691839.png - (97.18KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

Ah, it seems you've maintained a SOMEWHAT DOMINANT personality.

Your compassion and willingness to compromise means you are likely to be a LEADER.

HP +
MP ++

It will not be long until your powers begin to manifest themselves.


Are the powers that be tired of this lack of sultry events? Do they wish to COMPRESS CERIDWEN'S CHILDHOOD into just a few key decisions, or are they fine with the CURRENT PACE, which will provide additional decisions and character development into adolescence?

(This is the last time they would have to make this decision... probably)
No. 700841 ID: 47160d

The current pace is perfect!
No. 700843 ID: 15a025

Let's jump to our moody teenage years.
No. 700846 ID: ec0bf5

A born leader with a dominant personality who spent her childhood fantasizing about destroying cities and who will eventually develop superpowers? Keep the chargen going, I'm way more interested in raising some kind of supervillain than whatever this quest was supposed to be about.
No. 700847 ID: 02422f

Current pace is good.
No. 700849 ID: 90f3c0

Compressed a bit. More adorable childhood antics are good, but I don't want it to take forever to reach adulthood.
No. 700862 ID: 395c02
File 145514860029.png - (60.94KB , 800x600 , 40 and a half.png )

(This might be the first time i've ever made a non-update post in one of my quest threads, but if it helps you decide:

We'll stop being babies next update either way)
No. 700863 ID: cdf73f

No. 700864 ID: 5ea852

Kindergarten would be nice.
No. 700865 ID: eb385b

No. 700866 ID: 5ad4a7

As much as I want to say GET ON WITH IT, I can see the merit in not going superspeed through things.
No. 700868 ID: 02422f

Waaaaah! But we're not ready to not be a baby! WAAAAAAAAAH!

No. 700869 ID: 32e79c

Compress the timeline a bit.
No. 700874 ID: f924d5

Current pace
No. 700880 ID: 99a64d

Can we just skip to, like, elementary school? Being a babby/toddler is quite boring, but I'd like for us to take our time through childhood and early adolescence.
No. 700885 ID: f6442a

Maybe speed it up to one decision per 3 years max?
No. 700894 ID: 2ccbb3

Current pace
No. 700897 ID: fa18d4

Current pace, please.
No. 700908 ID: 91f726

Current pace
No. 700910 ID: 91ee5f

Current pace
No. 700911 ID: 41909c

No. 700919 ID: 8371c4

pace be current
No. 700920 ID: d283ef

What is happening currently is too awesome to consider skipping any.

So current pace, plz.
No. 701264 ID: 395c02
File 145531293407.png - (92.50KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

The powers that be will continue to guide you through childhood.

The next few years pass without issue. You learn to speak and walk, and your mind begins to swell with knowledge. You become quite curious about your surroundings, your life full of unanswered questions.

In fact, you're on a mission of exploration right now!
No. 701265 ID: 395c02
File 145531294540.png - (79.96KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

You see, there are strange noises coming from your parent's bedroom...

What will you do?

BARGE ON IN, they might be in danger!!!
SNEAK A PEEK, try to see what's going on without exposing yourself!
KNOCK ON DOOR, maybe you can just ask about the sounds!
No. 701266 ID: 34e4ed

Barge on in!

You must save your parents!
No. 701267 ID: 5ea852

Sneak a peek.
No. 701268 ID: 32e79c

Foul villains dare attack your parents?! Barge in and become the hero you are destined to be!
No. 701269 ID: 1009ca

No. 701270 ID: eb385b

No. 701271 ID: 350a50

Only a reckless fool charges into battle without knowing their opponent. Be sneaky and scout ahead.
No. 701272 ID: a22f87


No. 701273 ID: ec0bf5

No. 701275 ID: 15a025

Smash down the door and charge in with your sword saying you've come to save mommy and daddy.
No. 701279 ID: 02422f

Use a portal to sneak a peek. If you decide to barge in anyways after, shapeshift into something small. ...or just throw your sword at them.
No. 701280 ID: e18d6f

Sneaky peeky
No. 701291 ID: 6ec086

sneak a peek. we need to assess the situation and plan accordingly.
No. 701295 ID: 0ee8aa

Sneak that peak. You must assess the level of danger before you get involved, so you can formulate a plan of action.
No. 701298 ID: fa18d4

Sneak peak
No. 701300 ID: f0e552

oh god save your parents they're screaming in pain!
No. 701341 ID: 799984

Just walk in calmly.
No. 701343 ID: 2ccbb3

Why did you have to hold a toy sword in your hands at this stage of your -


Okay, Barge in and stab the she-titan in the butt!

REMEMBER, AIM FOR THE SHE-TITAN. Do not hit the male titan, he'll turn red and start spewing lava if you attack him first!
No. 701349 ID: f6442a

Expose yourself by not exposing yourself!
No. 701371 ID: e1015d

Only a reckless fool charges into battle without knowing their opponent. Be a reckless fool. Charge in!
No. 701379 ID: b60d09

No. 701418 ID: ed05ab

Knock on the door, then set yourself up to ambush whatever comes out.
No. 701476 ID: a6dc58


I'll second this.
No. 701479 ID: 99a64d

this is good
No. 701519 ID: 29c4aa

Sneak a peek THEN barge in when the time is right.
No. 701531 ID: 8371c4

sneak a peek then if you see danger barge in
No. 701582 ID: 760b4a

Take a peek first, you must know what you're up against!
No. 702456 ID: 395c02
File 145566862397.png - (65.87KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

You must be cautious! Throwing yourself in danger is the path to boo-boos and owies.

You carefully open the door, and look inside...
No. 702457 ID: 395c02
File 145566863797.png - (68.15KB , 800x600 , 44.png )


Oh my!

This is so scanda-- Wait. Why's that sword there? I thought this was a NSFW quest.

<incoherent rambling>

What do you mean you're shy? Move the camera past the sword!

<semicoherent whining>

No, they won't judge you! This is literally what you promised! Stop being a tease and get on with it!
No. 702458 ID: 395c02
File 145566865204.png - (115.84KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

There we go.

"Ha-ha! I am here to defeat the mighty dragon with my giant sword! And also my weapon!"

"Silly fool, you're exactly where I want you~"

"W-who's there??"
No. 702459 ID: 395c02
File 145566866337.png - (131.84KB , 800x600 , 46.png )


No. 702460 ID: 395c02
File 145566867556.png - (169.39KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

"W-w-what are you gonna do to me~?"

"Oh, I dunno..."
No. 702461 ID: 395c02
File 145566868852.png - (79.01KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

"Make you my special slave, perhaps~"

"uh. er. wait."


"Lizard tails."

"The safety word? Why--"
No. 702462 ID: 395c02
File 145566869915.png - (122.40KB , 800x600 , 49.png )



Seeing your father in danger, you've BARGED IN, sword drawn!

"L-leave dada alone, dagon!" You cry defiantly.

"S-s-s-weetheart, this-- we-- it's not—"

The foul beast's attempts to lie will not faze you! This is your chance to shine!


ATTACK!!!!!!! You go for the dragon with your sword! (VIGOR+)
TRANSFORM!!!!!!! You turn into a creature that can fell a dragon! (Your magic powers awaken. Feel free to specify things to turn into, within rough size limits)
Realize that the dragon is your mother and they're totally playing like you and your FRIEND does. I mean that's totally what's going on, right? (MIND+)
No. 702463 ID: ec0bf5

No. 702464 ID: eb385b

Realize that the dragon is your mother and they're totally playing like you and your FRIEND does
No. 702465 ID: eb385b

Realize that the dragon is your mother and they're totally playing like you and your FRIEND does
No. 702466 ID: 15a025

No. 702467 ID: 4f7dd0

Realize they're just playing, and then just laugh and tell them that you already know exactly what they're doing. Then close the door and leave them to wonder exactly what you've been learning about when they aren't watching.
No. 702468 ID: 0ee8aa

What kind of games have we been playing with our friends?

Transform into a worg to defend your father.
No. 702469 ID: fa4ddb

Realize the dragon is your mother and that she's really badly disguised. Then TRANSFORM!!!!!!! and join in their game as a much more realistic dragon.
No. 702470 ID: f6442a

Show your mother what a real dragon looks like.
No. 702473 ID: 5ad4a7

Because it's the cutest option.
No. 702476 ID: 208690

Don't be stupid, be a smarty!
No. 702478 ID: b2e8b1

No. 702479 ID: 462130

Turn into the hugest, scariest thing your mind can muster, slowly approach the all intimidatingly-like, and right when they can't get any more scared, boop one of them on the nose, giggle, and scamper off.
No. 702485 ID: 99a64d

Figure it out, you can do it!
No. 702486 ID: e64805

shout "BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!!" and Transform into a dragon slayer
No. 702487 ID: 5ea852

Transform into A BIGGER DRAGON!
No. 702488 ID: 2ccbb3

Realize that the dragon is your mother and they're totally playing like you and your FRIEND does

Because unleashing your superpowers as a kid could seriously ruin your life.
No. 702491 ID: 5042bf


Yeah, you'll be the best scary dragon here to enslave everyone. Give it your best and remember your cool evil laugh. Dragons fit in rooms right? Have spiky horns, dark scales and big teeth? Oh, and nudge your magical sword of dragon slaying to mommy so she won't feel left out.
No. 702511 ID: 02422f

>Realize that the dragon is your mother and they're totally playing like you and your FRIEND does. I mean that's totally what's going on, right? (MIND+)
Yeah, but there's no reason you can't play the game with them, now that you've realized what's going on. It's more fun that way! Just this once, you will be the hero of the game, instead of the city destroying monster!

(You must get your love of being the monster from your mother, she's clearly the bad guy in this game).

>ATTACK!!!!!!! You go for the dragon with your sword! (VIGOR+)
No. 702512 ID: 350a50

No. 702525 ID: 73c49c

turn into a gnoll of equal size, that should bring the strength needed to wrestle the creature of dada!
No. 702536 ID: 15720c

Hugest scariest thing: Be a big dog or something. Kids normally aren't exposed to super scary things.
No. 702537 ID: 521f09

Realize that it's really your mother, then ask if you can join their game!
No. 702548 ID: c51493

Yes. Uncomfortable and embarrassing situation TO THE MAX!
No. 702553 ID: 024c24

Attack then realize that they're playing, ask to join in, transform into dragon.
It is the best and only option!
No. 702568 ID: 38cb3f

No. 702630 ID: a22f87

grow a pair of wings so you can battle this dragon in the sky... or if you can't fly just so you look really cool.
No. 702661 ID: 149a0f

Only a bigger, badder dragon can defeat another dragon, TRANSFORM!
No. 702665 ID: fa18d4

We need more Arms, or prehensile tail or tendrils! We need to



>Realize that the dragon is your mother and they're totally playing like you and your FRIEND does. I mean that's totally what's going on, right?

Slowly close the door.
No. 702687 ID: d283ef

Definitely this.
No. 703173 ID: 395c02
File 145584195173.png - (118.80KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

It's now or never! You have to save your dada!!!!

Your emotions take over as you let out a(n adorable) bestial roar!

No. 703174 ID: 395c02
File 145584198407.gif - (3.05MB , 800x600 , 51.gif )

Your body changes. It hurts at first, but the pain is quickly replaced with a sense of...

That's strange...

This form feels more natural to you than your normal form. You feel... powerful. Your HP and VIGOR rise to levels that cannot be contained by the graphics!

This feels familiar! Amazing! You can save every dada in the world like this!

But... why does it feel so natural?
No. 703175 ID: 395c02
File 145584199598.png - (182.89KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

You're just a kid, so you can't think too hard on that. It's time to save dada!

You let out a much, much less cute roar. Your power is limitless! ATTACK!!!!!
No. 703176 ID: 395c02
File 145584201052.png - (62.33KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

>Realize that the dragon is your mother and they're totally playing like you and your FRIEND does.


Yeah, that's totally mama in a costume.

No. 703177 ID: 395c02
File 145584202026.png - (60.84KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

They're playing! That looks fun! You wanna play too!
No. 703178 ID: 395c02
File 145584203277.png - (165.75KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

They seem less than enthusiastic about you playing with them.

No. 703179 ID: 32e79c

Dragon kisses make everything better
No. 703180 ID: 10c902

Obviously you can't play before you know what the game is! Ask them!
No. 703181 ID: 47160d

No. 703182 ID: 5ea852

All aboard the DRAGON KISSIES train!
No. 703183 ID: 15a025

Ask what game they're playing.
No. 703185 ID: 0b74a2

Kisses and hugs! Why settle for one?
No. 703188 ID: 02422f

>our stats suddenly look like dicks

>But... why does it feel so natural?
I guess spending your entire childhood pretending to be a rampaging dragon might have had something to do with that.

>what do
Shout: Bigger dragon saves the day! (well maybe not shout-shout, your dragon voice is really loud).

You're not sure what you do next in the game. You rescued Dad from the evil dragon-mom, now what?
No. 703191 ID: f6442a

Hugs! Lick their faces.
No. 703205 ID: ec0bf5

Give them a biiig hug and open your mouth really wide. Tell them that you just ate them so you win. Then wander off to bed. Whatever just happened is kind of tiring.
No. 703212 ID: b17b81

Dragon kisses for the both of them! I think you're bigger than the two of them now!
No. 703216 ID: 1009ca

No. 703218 ID: 99a64d

Keep trying to scare them, pranks are fun!
No. 703219 ID: dafc46

Pounce them into a hug!
No. 703220 ID: 2ccbb3

Now turn invisible.
No. 703243 ID: 4201a2

Big kissies!
No. 703287 ID: a22f87

No. 703292 ID: 0ee8aa

Dragon kissing which absolutely can never be mistaken for dragon tasting.
No. 703296 ID: a6dc58

Ask them what game they were playing! Maybe you can be the dragon next time, because your costume is much better.
No. 703337 ID: c9f250

No. 703350 ID: a1c0c2

Maybe feel bad a bit about scaring mommy and daddy so badly. Also, yeah, hug then ask about the game they were playing.
No. 703360 ID: 742a1e

Possibly use Mind to realize that they're really scared for some reason! Maybe you're just that good at playing the hero?
No. 703396 ID: 77b607

Kisses and hugs make everything better!
No. 703428 ID: 5042bf

Make the kissy face.

Uh oh, are you in trouble for some reason? Do that thing that always works. With the big teary eyes and trembling lips. The one that causes all the funny noises from them.
No. 704591 ID: 343b23

No. 704624 ID: 395c02
File 145619310969.png - (127.06KB , 800x600 , 56.png )



No. 704625 ID: 395c02
File 145619312262.png - (93.74KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

They... they're scared of you.


Oh no...

you don't want to be scary...

No. 704626 ID: 395c02
File 145619313145.png - (106.04KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

No. 704627 ID: 395c02
File 145619314483.png - (174.41KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

"Shhh. It's okay, sweetheart. Mommy was just surprised."

"Y-you were?" You ask.

"Yes, but I'm fine now."

"A-am I... scary?"

"Of course not," dada says. "You're our daughter. We love you."
No. 704628 ID: 395c02
File 145619315858.png - (114.73KB , 800x600 , 60.png )

Their love fills you with joy. You feel... compassion.

COMPASSION vs SELF... Your choices in life will determine if you focus on the well-being of others, or purely on yourself.

Curiosity gets the better of you. "Mama...?"

"Yes, Ceri?"
No. 704629 ID: 395c02
File 145619322603.png - (177.29KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

"What were you and dada playing, anyway?"

"UM." Mama lizard-blushes super hard!





"Well, not anymore."

"We are the worst parents."

You have literally no idea what they're talking about. Should you...

INQUIRE FURTHER, let's see just how flustered these two can be drawn!
SAY SOMETHING, what would you like to say?
HUG THEM GOODNIGHT, for it is time for the next phase of your life.
No. 704630 ID: 32e79c

Golly gee wilickers, it sure seemed like a fun game they were playing. You should INQUIRE FURTHER.
No. 704631 ID: 15a025

Press further. Ask what sex is.
No. 704632 ID: ec0bf5

Why would you not inquire further? This has been a weird evening.
No. 704634 ID: 4201a2

Inquire further. It must be something really interesting if they do it so often.
No. 704635 ID: 02422f

>Rokoa poster

>INQUIRE FURTHER, let's see just how flustered these two can be drawn!
And why is everyone naked, anyways?

[Pause for awkwardness]

Is it bath time or something?
No. 704639 ID: 6e4a5a

This is the best idea.
No. 704641 ID: f6442a

You're an inquisitive child, you are. Inquistitate!
No. 704644 ID: 91ee5f

Inquire further.

After that, go to bed. And then get stuck in the door because you forgot to change back to normal! XD
No. 704646 ID: 2ccbb3

Talk about going to a school.

For superheroines.
No. 704654 ID: 0ee8aa

Inquire further, how do you play sex?
No. 704661 ID: 6e31ac

inquire further!
No. 704689 ID: ec0bf5

Ask them if your pajamas are going to make it out of this okay.
No. 704727 ID: 77b607

No. 704730 ID: 15720c

Sounds like "Sex" is a fake name Dada made up, if he and Mama kept getting confused and arguing over what it was.
No. 704740 ID: 5ea852

No. 704741 ID: a22f87

suddenly realize that your parents are smaller, then notice that you're bigger. Ask them if this means if you're a big girl now and then before they respond ask if this means you can stay up past 8 now.
No. 704981 ID: 8371c4

what is this sex they speak of
No. 705248 ID: 395c02
File 145637147139.png - (128.78KB , 800x600 , 62.png )

"Why is everyone naked, anyway?" You ask.




You giggle. "You're funny. Is it bath time?"




"The reason!"

You nod. "Okay. Also, what's sex?"

Dada stammers, "T-that um w-when two adults like each other--"
No. 705249 ID: 395c02
File 145637149018.png - (119.94KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

Mama glares at Dada, and he stops talking.

"He was talking about the... number six, which you can count to! And he's going to have to count by himself tonight."

"Oh no!" you cry, "I'll count with you dada!"
No. 705250 ID: 395c02
File 145637149977.png - (123.67KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

Mama gives you a look that scares you into your normal form.

Her words are strained. "Please just go to bed, honey. We'll get McDraggies tomorrow. That sounds fun, right? Just get your jammies..."

"My jammies broke..."

"I'll fix your jammies. Good night, Ceridwen."

Oh geez she used your full name you better abscond.
No. 705251 ID: 395c02
File 145637151250.png - (112.23KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

Soon after the events of that night, you are visited by a cute glowy snake guy. He says you'll have to go to magic school, instead of normal person school. He says it means you're special!

Your childhood friend, Skif, also attends this school, so he must be special too!

Time passes...

MIND ++++
HP +++
MP +++++
No. 705252 ID: 395c02
File 145637152615.png - (107.20KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

You are now old enough and smart enough to be totally bored by this stupid boring class.

Hmm? A paper airplane? Oh! It's a note!

It reads:



Intriguing! But how to respond?

Write back a detailed plan. You do have an escape plan, right? (MIND+, SELF+)
Nod at him, then turn into something small and dart for the exit. Nobody will notice you leave! (SPEED+)
Write back in the negative. No, let's wait until after this class, it's easier to sneak out then. (MIND+, COMP+)
Super no. Wait until after school. Skipping classes robs you of knowledge!!! (MIND++)
No. 705254 ID: 8a77e0

Turn into something small.
No. 705255 ID: f36501

Write back in the negative. Let's not get caught, yeah?
No. 705256 ID: ffc055

No. 705257 ID: 5ad4a7

Write back in the negative.

Escape after class!
No. 705258 ID: 47160d

wit how old is she? Cause the intro to the age makes it sound like she is 16 or so, but the act of hunting for treasure behind a playground is much younger
No. 705259 ID: 2ccbb3

I feel that most choices with +Self should increase the stat gains because of the self-improvement at the cost of empathy, while choices with +Comp should decrease the stat gains with the benefit of possible alliances / minions.

No. 705261 ID: 4201a2

Write back in the negative.
If you're going to ditch, you shouldn't be obvious about it.
No. 705263 ID: 38cb3f

Wait until after class.
No. 705264 ID: 02422f

Too bad portaling both of you out isn't an option, yet.

>what do
Write back a super detailed plan. Then at the very end say no.
No. 705265 ID: 88e46e

Write back in the negative.
No. 705268 ID: 32e79c

Make a break for it, they should know better than to keep a dragon locked up!

...even if it's going to be a very small dragon!
No. 705270 ID: 15720c

>you are visited by a cute glowy snake guy.
Huh. Are glowy snake guys common?
Intro didn't suggest an age, so she's probably only a couple of years into magic school. I mean, they're still on addition!
I wanna go for compassion but I also wanna sneak out sooner than later. Ah, well, focusing entirely on others wouldn't be such a good thing, so let's just come up with a plan.
No. 705271 ID: 99a64d

Negatory, you can't sneak out literally in the middle of class, that's stupid.

Did the glowsnake just all the magic kids into one neighborhood?
No. 705273 ID: ec0bf5

You've got to sneak out now. If there's really a treasure, you guys might not be the only ones who heard the rumor. Start writing up a detailed plan. Plus, looking at the board, I think you won't have any trouble outsmarting this teacher. And you certainly won't be missing much.
No. 705284 ID: 3f9dc0

"because magic" is a lousy explanation. 2+2 equals 5 for very large values of 2
No. 705285 ID: b17b81

Write back in the negative. Magic school for magic people means the teachers should know how to deal with magic students trying to magic their way out of class.
No. 705298 ID: 350a50

No. 705300 ID: 231c60

Write back in the negative.
No. 705304 ID: f6442a

Go small and dart for the exit. Come on Ceri, don't neglect that speed stat!
No. 705308 ID: 5ad4a7

Who needs speed when we have portals? And teleportation?
No. 705322 ID: 0ee8aa

Screw waiting. Write a detailed plan. He'll fake needing to go to the bathroom, and shortly after you'll fake being sick. If someone is sent to escort you to the nurse you can just teleport away.
No. 705323 ID: eab069

Hummm, reaction? initiative? I don't want to commit to heavy on the comp/self scale, we have to many Mother Theresas here in TGC, lets go with the detailed plan
No. 705327 ID: a22f87

>Nod at him, then turn into something small and dart for the exit.

You can you make it, I know you can.
No. 705330 ID: 3641d4

Detail planned.
No. 705334 ID: 799984

Write back in the negative.
No. 705356 ID: 91ee5f

Write back in the negative.
No. 705372 ID: a6dc58

Write back in the negative.
No. 705399 ID: 77b607

Wait until after class, you most certainly want to find the treasure but you don't want to get in trouble doing it. Because even if YOU can transform into something small, what about Skif!
No. 705408 ID: 2a7417

Gotta go fast!
No. 705429 ID: 8371c4

we got the plan ok so we use the plan and abscone before we die of boredom
No. 705633 ID: a1c0c2

Middle road, maybe play some transformation-related pranks on your teacher to fend off the boredom?
No. 705996 ID: 395c02
File 145662535895.png - (194.88KB , 800x600 , 67.png )

>wit how old is she?
Wit? Who? Assuming everyone in your class is the same age as you, probably 10??

>Huh. Are glowy snake guys common? 
Maybe??? But this is the same snake that showed up after you turned into a dragon. You don't know his motives, and your parents give vague answers when you ask about him, but he seems to have a special interest in you.

He tutored you, which helped you understand and control your POLYMORPHIC MAGIC, and says that you could become a very adept magic user with his help. Magic sounded fun, but his classes are soooooooooo boooooriiiinnngggg.
No. 705997 ID: 395c02
File 145662538536.png - (148.47KB , 800x600 , 68.png )

You write back in the negative, explaining that there's literally no way you'd successfully evade Mr. Ilan. One time he caught you just thinking about turning into a mouse and leaving! That or he simply makes the accusation at random, but it's always right.


Message delivered!
No. 705998 ID: 395c02
File 145662540019.png - (97.84KB , 800x600 , 69.png )

Now... what to do...

Oh! You'll amuse yourself! Let's delay the story further by spending ten updates on the adventures of GIANT BIRD and CONCERNED DOLPHIN! This is the best way to have suggestions affect the plot!

Oh no! CONCERNED DOLPHIN is concerned! It seems GIANT BIRD is too big! And--


Huh? Class is over? But how will we know how concerned the dolphin is!?
No. 705999 ID: 395c02
File 145662541130.png - (69.72KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

Sneaking out at that point proves effortless. It's possible the security has simply given up on keeping magic-users from doing whatever they want, instead relying on cries of "pllleeaaasseeeee?"


"What, like, past this bush?" you ask.

"Yep! That's where they said they hid it!"

"Wait... you hear that?"

There are strange sounds coming from the bush. Whatever this 'treasure' is, you're not the only ones inspecting it.

"Uh... ladies first?"

No, no, you first. I mean, your head is literally a helmet, you'll be fine! (SELF+)
CHARGE IN. It either needs your help or needs vanquishing!!! (SPEED+, VIGOR+)
Try to sneak up on it. Being sneaky's worked out so far, right...? (i wonder if i should make a sneaksy stat-- i mean MIND+)
Talk to it. Hello? you okay? Etc. (COMP+)
No. 706000 ID: a22f87

>Try to sneak up on it. Being sneaky's worked out so far, right...? (i wonder if i should make a sneaksy stat-- i mean MIND+)
fist we find out what we're up against, THEN WE CHARGE!!!
No. 706001 ID: 73c49c

CHARGE IN! time to show your friend that your not afraid and kool.
No. 706002 ID: a6dc58

Lets sneak up it. Be cautious first!
No. 706003 ID: 29c4aa

sneak up on it!!!
No. 706004 ID: ffc055

No. 706005 ID: eda59a

No. 706007 ID: 02422f


>Try to sneak up on it. Being sneaky's worked out so far, right...? (i wonder if i should make a sneaksy stat-- i mean MIND+)
If you can solve problems with magic, solve them with magic. Shapeshift into something small and sneaky.

Although if you want to keep spying on things, you really need to get your portals up and going to you can make magic peepholes.
No. 706008 ID: 2ccbb3

Bird and dolphin! I wanna see what the secret stat increases are!
No. 706010 ID: 030760

No. 706011 ID: 32e79c

Don't listen to these lesser minds, the only true choice here is to CHARGE!
No. 706014 ID: 2e6bc2

Charge! Sweet, sweet stat points.
No. 706015 ID: 9cd11d

Sneeky sneeky. There's time for compassion AFTER checking to see if it wants to rip your throat out.
No. 706016 ID: 0ee8aa

Charge with all the reckless abandon.
No. 706017 ID: 09bd4f

No. 706018 ID: d83e66

Charge forth!
No. 706019 ID: 5ad4a7

Charge in there heedless of danger.
No. 706022 ID: f6442a

(Oh, NOW everyone wants the speed choice)

Charge forth! MAYBE IT'S FRIENDLY!
No. 706023 ID: 343b23

Talk to it.
No. 706026 ID: f27e07

No. 706028 ID: 4201a2

Charge in! Take command!
No. 706030 ID: 38cb3f

sneak in!
No. 706032 ID: 350a50

No. 706033 ID: 3f9dc0

charge in! (our poor speed stat)
No. 706036 ID: 15a025

Charge on in.
No. 706039 ID: 706903

Sneak up on it! No one wants someone too fast in be- I mean sneak on!
No. 706056 ID: f0e552

No. 706067 ID: 99a64d

You first.
No. 706073 ID: 0a01b0

Let's be sneaky gits.
No. 706102 ID: e91254

Sneak dat
No. 706104 ID: 02422f

At first I read this as "sneaky tits"
No. 706105 ID: 99a64d

we can be that too.
No. 706714 ID: 395c02
File 145688842246.png - (176.69KB , 800x600 , 71.png )

"Alright," you whisper, "I'll turn into something tiny and see what's going on."

"Tiny? What if it's dangerous? You'll catch a small case of death!"

"Psh. I'm fine I got my munizations."


"If it's scary, I'll turn big. I'm pretty sure I have enough MP to do that now."

"Wait, we're acknowledging our stats now?"
No. 706715 ID: 395c02
File 145688843268.png - (194.26KB , 800x600 , 72.png )

You transform without answering!
No. 706716 ID: 395c02
File 145688844572.png - (99.87KB , 800x600 , 73.png )

You become a tiny birb!


Yes. It's time to be ultra sneaky. Man, this is kind of exciting! What could await you through the bushes!

It could be a monster! Or a cute animal! Or... or....


No. 706717 ID: 395c02
File 145688846162.png - (128.18KB , 800x600 , 74.png )


What the--

Uh, there's a big fluffy thing growling at a toy? It looks really afraid of it???

It seems too fixated on its mortal enemy to notice your tiny adorable presence. You better consider your next action carefully!

RETREAT YOU'RE NO MATCH FOR THIS Some battles aren't worth fighting! (SELF++, SPEED++)
TRANSFORM TO SCARE IT OFF It doesn't seem like you'd have to try very hard. (VIGOR+, Turn into what?)
REVERT TO NORMAL, COME IN PEACE Time to make a new friend! (COMP+, MIND+)
TALK TO IT AS A BIRD Hop around cutely while doing so! (COMP+, SPEED+)
PEEP Peep. (Birb+++++++)
No. 706720 ID: 29c4aa

No. 706721 ID: f6442a

Talk to it as a birb, which in this case means 'peep.' Peeeeep!
No. 706722 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 706733 ID: 02422f

>PEEP Peep. (Birb+++++++)
Your spirit animal is officially Venji.

>TALK TO IT AS A BIRD Hop around cutely while doing so! (COMP+, SPEED+)
This also counts as peeping, right?
No. 706736 ID: 061842

Revert, cum, I mean COME in peace, make a friend!
No. 706738 ID: 2ccbb3

No. 706739 ID: 343b23

Do cute bird things then transform back to normal and talk to it.
No. 706740 ID: ec0bf5

Transform to scare it off! Turn into a BIGGER ROBOT! But then turn back to normal before it actually leaves don't be a jerk
No. 706752 ID: efff28

Revert to normal, come in peace. Just do it safely behind the toy, as you're not nearly old enough to be showing up without your clothes.
No. 706754 ID: 15720c

Bird talk.
No. 706759 ID: c9f250

It has feathers it must be a bird too.

No. 706773 ID: f0e552

revert, we come in peep, uh, peace!
No. 706779 ID: 439fd3

Talk as bird
No. 706786 ID: 350a50

No. 706811 ID: 38cb3f

peep, then talk as a bird, then revert saying you come in peace!
No. 706817 ID: 99a64d

peep peep
No. 706821 ID: c47b0c

No. 706822 ID: 2e3855

Revert to normal come in peace. Ask why they're scared of that thing.
No. 706965 ID: ffc055

Talk to it as a birb.
No. 707031 ID: 8371c4

peep like you never peeped before if that doesn't work then revert and make peace
No. 707038 ID: c3abbf

speak as bird
No. 707040 ID: 4d09eb

No. 707048 ID: 2e6bc2

No. 707051 ID: b6178d

Flaunt your tiny adorable presence! Talk to it as a bird!
No. 707233 ID: 4f6b20

Peep and sit on doll. Assert dominance. Rule this dollhead with an iron talon.
No. 707235 ID: 832015

defeat the toy with your birb powers, proceed to converse cutely with the grateful fluff entity. peep and hop as necessary.
No. 707316 ID: 395c02
File 145713920340.png - (169.45KB , 800x600 , 75.png )

No. 707318 ID: 395c02
File 145713923436.png - (105.24KB , 800x600 , 76.png )

"Hey what's up," You ask.

"Talking bird."

"Yeah! Me too!"

"No I-- I'm not a bird! I'm a ketza!"

"A ketza bird?"

"You're a bird!"

Whoa hold on I need a moment. This is just. So much bird all at once.

Okay. Where was I.



No. 707319 ID: 395c02
File 145713924941.png - (142.64KB , 800x600 , 77.png )

"I'm not a bird, okay!"

"Me either!"

"D-don't lie!"

"I'll prove it!"

You transform back to normal!

"H-how did you... was that magic? Hello, fellow magic user! I also use magic!"

You're not sure if you believe him.

DEMAND HE PROVE IT. His words are highly suspicious!
Believe him, ask wtf he's doing here. And why is he so afraid of the toy???
Call in backup. This harmless guy is dangerous! Skif, come see!
Transform into a ketza. He looks cute! Let's look cute!
Try to transform into a ketza, mess up and be a slissa. Um... which quest is this, again?
Peep some more, wasting yet more time and angering dozens.

It is possible to combine two actions. That wasn't a thing but it keeps happening so now it's a thing!
No. 707320 ID: 02422f

>Hello, fellow magic user! I also use magic!
Don't demand he show it, instead use enthusiasm and social pressure to make him show it.

"Really? Cool! What kind? Can you show it?"

>Transform into a ketza.
Transforming to match everyone we meet, at least once, seems like a good idea. (Hey here's another shape to try, it'll totally make this person I just met more comfortable and not weird them out at all).

>Peep some more, wasting yet more time and angering dozens.
Actually as a ketza you should speep.
No. 707321 ID: 47160d

Transform into a ketza and demand he prove it
No. 707322 ID: 32e79c

Transform into a Ketza AND ask him to prove it!
No. 707323 ID: 7cffca

This magic stuff isn't as important as why he was so scared of the toy, ask about that. You don't have to actually believe him, though...
No. 707325 ID: f6442a

Transform into a slissa and demand he prove it.
No. 707326 ID: a22f87

>Call in backup. This harmless guy is dangerous! Skif, come see!
>Transform into a ketza. He looks cute! Let's look cute!
We got to get Skif to see this, maybe she might know what's going on.
No. 707328 ID: 350a50

Believe him, call in Skif to meet your new schoolmate!
No. 707334 ID: ffc055

Turn into a Slissa, proceed with ROMANCE.
No. 707338 ID: 16daa4

>Cool, what kind of magic?
>And why is he so afraid of the toy???
No. 707341 ID: 1009ca

Transform into a ketza
No. 707342 ID: f0e552

be ketza
No. 707344 ID: 99a64d

speep speep
No. 707347 ID: 2ccbb3

Go back home

No. 707375 ID: a6dc58

Transform into a Ketza and ask him about his magic!
No. 707376 ID: 8a31cd

You may need to add a spontaneity bar at this rate.
No. 707378 ID: 15a025

mess up transformation and peep peep peep.
No. 707390 ID: b672ef

Believe him, call Skif over and proceed with friendship with future benefits for all!
No. 707392 ID: 64d658

How can we decide that if we don't know what stats are going up?!?
We need to further increase our birb level!?!
No. 707435 ID: c2b2be

> Transform into a ketza
No. 707456 ID: 91ee5f

>Pip, boy
You've been playing Fallout, haven't you?

Transform into a ketza and start speeping! :3
No. 707618 ID: 395c02
File 145732195294.png - (85.40KB , 800x600 , 78.png )

You transform into a ketza!

"You know magic, huh? What kind? Why don't you show me!?"

No. 707619 ID: 395c02
File 145732196631.png - (150.87KB , 800x600 , 79.png )

He darts back. "D-d-don't boop my snoot out of nowhere!!"

"Why not?" you ask.

"B-b-because we boop snoots to show affection! And you're not really a ketza and I don't know you and Siphon keeps telling me to boop more snoots but she doesn't get it and (tons of speeping ensues)!!"

Siphon? You learned that word in class the other day! But 'siphon' isn't a person, silly! He needs to pay more attention in school!

Hmm? What's that...?
No. 707620 ID: 395c02
File 145732198188.png - (66.12KB , 800x600 , 80.png )

A red bow...? Did he drop it?
No. 707621 ID: 395c02
File 145732199565.png - (154.38KB , 800x600 , 81.png )

He snatches it off the ground!

"D-don't look at that!"

"What? Why not?"

"H-h-how about I show you my magic! That I have! Just. Uh. Look over there for a second! Maybe turn back to normal!"

Look over there for a second. Play along. Maybe Skif is behind you reacting to all this? (Gullability+ er I mean COMP+)
Don't look over there. No, no. Do magic right where I can see you, buddy. (MIND+)
What's with the bow? You're really curious now! (unlock APPEAL?)
Ask Skif to boop his snoot. Time to experiment!

You can also opt to Turn back to normal or Remain a Cat-sa. You lack the MP to transform into anything else!
No. 707622 ID: ec0bf5

Ask Skif to boop his snoot. Maybe he'll turn even more colors.
No. 707623 ID: a22f87

>What's with the bow.
>Ask Skif to boop his snoot.
it's always a good idea to learn new things.
No. 707624 ID: a22f87

Oh and Remain a Cat-sa, haven't turned into one of this before and it might be fun fluffy for a little bit.
No. 707625 ID: 5ad4a7

Don't look over there.
No. 707627 ID: 02422f

>Is that his... why is there a bow on it
Maybe it's a fashion accessory? Fashion is weird.

>What's with the bow.
>Ask Skif to boop his snoot.
Scientific incurring is a go!

>Turn back to normal or Remain a Cat-sa. You lack the MP to transform into anything else!
Don't change back just yet. Might as well enjoy your new shape for a bit.
No. 707628 ID: a22f87

oh also just noticed but what is that thing on his left wrist? a watch?
No. 707629 ID: 2e3855

Ask him about the bow. I wanna unlock "appeal?". Also, remain a Katza but promise to not boop his snoot again, at least not ourselves.
No. 707631 ID: 139629

Don't look over there.

And point out that he is a kiddie-fiddler if he finds you sexually attractive at your age.
No. 707633 ID: f6442a

Unlock APPEAL. And mental scarring.
No. 707634 ID: f02a77

Ask about the bow. Specifically, ask why he's naked in the first place.
No. 707635 ID: 16daa4

>Don't look over there.
Being shown something cool like magic then not looking at it is silly.
No. 707636 ID: e8cd71

Turn back, and ask about the bow as you turn to look.
No. 707637 ID: 2ccbb3

You're an empirical kind of girl, but he's not going to backstab you or anything.

So option 1 or 2.
No. 707639 ID: 1009ca

What's with the bow?
No. 707641 ID: 32e79c

You're not going to take no for an answer, are you?! Of course not, demand that he show you his magic right here and now, while also not giving into his demands!
No. 707647 ID: 00e4cf

I am actually genuinely curious about the bow.
No. 707648 ID: 4854ef

BOop the snoot! Also bow.
No. 707649 ID: 350a50

Change back, but don't look over there.
No. 707650 ID: 29c4aa

more snout booping and inquire about the bow!
No. 707658 ID: f0e552

lets boop his snout again
No. 707659 ID: f0e552

No. 707662 ID: 5ad4a7

No! That's sexual harassment!
No. 707676 ID: c363b4

Ask skif to boop his nose!
No. 707677 ID: b672ef

Knowledge is power, and magic is power, so knowledge is magic!

Learn the answers to Skif snoot-booping and his bow!
No. 707683 ID: 3641d4

Ask what's with the bow and then bop him.
No. 707694 ID: 2a7417

Ask what's with the robot.
No. 707705 ID: 38cb3f

Aww, he's embarrassed! Tell him your sorry and that you think he's really cute! Then ask about the bow.
No. 707718 ID: 8b9b87

It is too soon to unlock appeal! Turn back to normal. Either look over there or don't.
No. 707721 ID: 47160d

*suddenly realizes we are looking at like ten year old penis*
No. 707722 ID: 38cb3f

No. 707723 ID: 2e3855

Are we sure he's the same age as us?
No. 707725 ID: 88e46e

Yeeeeah, and if he's older than us then /quest/ is apparently trying to encourage a little girl to have sex with an adult man.
No. 707731 ID: e89427

I knew this day would come eventually.
No. 707732 ID: 99a64d

No. 707735 ID: 38cb3f

I mean, just start moving things away from sexytimes for now until later, and keep the quest moving. The quest is shaping up nicely and I'd hate for Slinkoboy to be scared off from doing a NSFW quest so soon.
No. 707736 ID: 4201a2

Unlock appeal. You've gotta do it.
No. 707750 ID: 0be428

Ask about the bow!
No. 707768 ID: 16daa4

Agreed on all counts. Change the subject to something like what is up with the suspicious claims of being a magic user.
No. 707769 ID: a1c0c2

for the love of all things holy do not ask about the bow. Maybe after another timeskip or two.
No. 707771 ID: 2e6bc2

No. 707808 ID: 0be428

Just stay the course with the bow.
If OP was uncomfortable about writing it, then they wouldn't have made it an option in the first place.

No reason to change it, especially when it has majority support.
No. 707811 ID: 2e3855

Yeah, talk about the bow. I'm sure something will interrupt before things go too far and all that will come of it are a few awkward conversations. Both with him right now and with our parents and/or school faculty later.
No. 707923 ID: 395c02
File 145753805836.png - (159.19KB , 800x600 , 82.png )

>oh also just noticed but what is that thing on his left wrist? a watch?
It's a bracelet, covered in gems. A really ornate friendship bracelet, maybe? He must have rich friends!

You aren't looking anywhere! "I'm really curious about the bow!"

"L-look, we male ketzas have to look as pretty as possible for the ladies. Some use colorful feathers or head-dresses, I use bows!"

"Oh! I like looking pretty too! But... you're not wearing any clothes. Where do you even put it?"

"I put it where I most want the ladies to look! But a kid like you wouldn't..."

A look of surprise fills his eyes.

"a... kid... like you... wouldn't...."
No. 707924 ID: 395c02
File 145753808465.png - (168.86KB , 800x600 , 83.png )





"What's he going on about?" Skif asks.

"I dunno. I think he thinks I'm a boy? You should boop his snoot."



Skif shrugs. He walks over and...
No. 707925 ID: 395c02
File 145753809982.png - (168.42KB , 800x600 , 84.png )

oh whoops
No. 707926 ID: 395c02
File 145753811638.png - (84.04KB , 800x600 , 85.png )

You fail to unlock APPEAL.

"I-is he dead?" You ask.

"Um... no, he's breathing."

"I think you hurt him. We should get a teacher!"

"Your COMP stat's that high, huh?"


"Okay, okay."
No. 707927 ID: 395c02
File 145753813245.png - (122.34KB , 800x600 , 86.png )

Upon learning of your actions, your teacher insists on you joining in some EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. Maybe they will help you channel your curiosity in more productive ways.

There are various clubs you can join, which will shape how you grow in the next few years. Which one is of interest to you?

Which club do you join? (vote on one)

General Magic Club. Learn to enhance your powers! (POLY+, INVIS+, PORTAL+, TELE+, MP++)
Invisibility Club. Assuming you can find it. (INVIS+++, MP++)
The Portal Club. Think with 'em! (PORTAL+++, MP++)
Teleporters Club. Now I'm over heeeere. (TELE+++, MP++)
Footsockball Club. What a clumsy way to merge soccer and football. (SPEED+++, VIGOR+, HP++)
No. 707928 ID: 88e46e

General magic club.
No. 707929 ID: ec0bf5

Footsockball Club! Just because you've got cool powers doesn't mean you can't be strong too!
No. 707930 ID: 2a7417

General magic club. Abra-ca-timeskip!
No. 707931 ID: 350a50

Footsockball Club
No. 707932 ID: 29afbd

The invisibility club couldn't possibly lead us to any trouble making.
No. 707933 ID: eaf58f

The first rule of invisibility club is, you don't talk about invisibility club. That way, no-one can even be sure it exists!

Anyway go to Footsockball Club and learn to get physical. You don't want to spend all your school day learning magic and then have to go straight to more magic! Variety is the spice of life!
No. 707935 ID: b672ef

Footsockball Club, what could go wrong with magic users playing sports!
No. 707936 ID: 1041fb

Magic shmagic, Footsockball Club
No. 707937 ID: 91ee5f

Seeing as Speed is our lowest stat, I say we should fix that! So, I'm voting for the Footsockball Club! XD
No. 707938 ID: a22f87

General Magic Club
No. 707942 ID: 343b23

General Magic club
No. 707948 ID: 910abd

General magic club, because you dont need to be fast or strong if you can just turn into something fast or strong.
No. 707950 ID: 445964

Don't let others limit what you can or can't do on your free time.

Start your own club.
No. 707953 ID: 02422f

Magic club. So you can learn magic and see other people do all kinds of cool magic.

The problem with all the other magic clubs is all the magic in them is the same.
No. 707967 ID: f6442a

Poly skill overrides other priorities. Become general of the school's magic club.
No. 707970 ID: 99a64d

either footsockball or teleportation.
No. 707971 ID: 99a64d

No. 707973 ID: 8111b6

General magic. one of the higher stat total options, and we'll be ready for magic shenanigans!

Maybe consider bows as an accessory for a while after that encounter. (Might make him amusingly awkward if we cross paths with that guy again.)
No. 707980 ID: 2ccbb3

Yeah this
No. 707981 ID: fa9b55

Footsockball. What better excuse to get outside more?
No. 708008 ID: 0c7bf6

Footsockball club, we have a need for speed.
No. 708022 ID: e89427

Footsockgolfcrickethockey Club.

Let's get some extra hit points.
No. 708023 ID: eb385b

General Magic Club.
No. 708028 ID: 15a025

Portal club
No. 708042 ID: 5ad4a7

What's keeping us from being in two clubs, anyway?
No. 708066 ID: ec0bf5

Wait CAN we start a fight club because if that's a thing I want to vote for that
No. 708068 ID: 2e6bc2

General Magic and Footsockball club; all the stat points.
No. 708082 ID: f6442a

Those clubs all meeting at the same time.
No. 708083 ID: 02422f

Portal magic could technically solve that. Open up multiple windows and we could be in attendance at multiple locations at once. Welcome to omni-club. The club of clubs.
No. 708084 ID: 350a50

Solution: time magic club.
No. 708087 ID: eb385b

I vote for this
No. 708089 ID: a6dc58

I am throwing in my lot with General Magic Club, the true home of nerds.
No. 708091 ID: e89427


Yeah sure time to find out if this setting has inter-dimensional patrol to prevent rampant abuse of time-space law.
No. 708097 ID: 838454

The hermione granger approach to schooling.
Either time or omni-portals
No. 708138 ID: 910abd

I already voted, but if we do go with footsockball, what's to stop us from a liberal application of magic during the games? Throwing balls around sounds way more fun when you can portal, teleport, go invisible, or turn into a bird. Even if it's against the rules I'm sure you could convince the other students!
No. 708140 ID: 2a7417

>Convince the other players to let you cheat
>Jump back and forth between clubs using a portal, still get the full experience of both
I'm not sure tgchan remembers how to school.
No. 708180 ID: b6178d

General magickry!
No. 708201 ID: e89427

Tgchan forgets how to "person" as long as it can take advantage of the quest master's good grace.
No. 708286 ID: 2a9dd8

> Invisibility Club
No. 708291 ID: f562b1

Let's ignore warrior and rogue stats and just go pure mage stats. General magic.
No. 708417 ID: 395c02
File 145776557119.png - (50.95KB , 800x600 , 87.png )

>What's keeping us from being in two clubs, anyway?
Two clubs? That's way too much work! You can't just raise all your stats by...


Are you freaking kidding me.

No. 708418 ID: 395c02
File 145776559845.png - (160.64KB , 800x600 , 88.png )

>I already voted, but if we do go with footsockball, what's to stop us from a liberal application of magic during the games?

You even go so far as to open a portal so your busy father can watch you play. He's so proud of you!

The others also use magical tricks, but your vast array of talents keeps you one step ahead of them. Some cry foul. "How can one person know four schools of magic!" "Someone else must be casting spells behind the scenes!"

But investigations reveal that nope, no cheating. You just rock.

And with that, you become a star player! All this attention feels wonderful! This is the happiest time of your life! SELF++
No. 708420 ID: 395c02
File 145776561784.png - (116.08KB , 800x600 , 89.png )

Your brain has developed far enough to be able to track your progress. You are now more aware of stat changes! You mentally attribute these increases in green.

You decide to show the increases in text one last time, for old time's sake.


More time passes, and you enter that awkward period where your body changes into an adult, but you're still too young to partake in the gimmick of this quest. But, perhaps, you can still find a cute boy (or girl???) to go on a date with?

Unfortunately, you are different from other mortal races. Your body still feels... somewhat alien, as if a magical force has put you on a different path, one you are not meant to be on.
No. 708421 ID: 395c02
File 145776563052.png - (175.00KB , 800x600 , 90.png )

In the LOCKER ROOM, this fact works against you. You've been shoved!

"Ssss! Who do you think you are!"

"Ah! What!? What'd I do!?" You ask.

"You know what you're doing, wearing that outfit, using your polymorphism to appeal to mammals. You're disgusting!"

"B-but I'm not polymorphed! T-this is my normal form!" And your mother gave you this dress!

"Stop lying, mammal-slut! You have scales. You're a lizard. We're lizards!"
No. 708422 ID: 395c02
File 145776564991.png - (116.67KB , 800x600 , 91.png )


It seems there's an aspect of growing up that your parents have not foreseen you experiencing.

What do you do?

Say something! What do you say? (????)
TIME FOR MAGIC! We're going off the rails! Decide what magic we use for what purpose! (????)

(Changing vote system: You can vote for two options, or double-vote for one option. Sometimes the winning action happens, other times a combination of actions will happen based on how many votes they have [least popular actions almost never happen]. When choices are open-ended [what do you say? etc], people can VOTE for what someone comes up with-- it basically works like most other quests in this case)
No. 708424 ID: 88e46e

"I'm a dragon, you're just ugly."

Make her eyeballs invisible so no light hits her retinas and she goes blind.
No. 708425 ID: ffc055

No. 708426 ID: f0e552

Lets see, our highest stat is mind... lets do this!!!

“Just to be clear, I’m not a mammal-slut. I’m just an atheist teenager who greatly values her intelligence. This being said, I am open to any and all criticism."

then drop this quote on em: "‘In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.’"

No. 708427 ID: a22f87

>Say something! What do you say?
Fine you want to see someone polymorph, I'll show you some polymorphing (turn into a dragon)
it may be an old trick by this point but when has it ever felt wrong turning into a dragon?
No. 708430 ID: ec0bf5

Let's use magic to show this lizard the error of her ways. Use POLYMORPH to turn into an exact copy of her... except with a significantly larger chest. Then make fun of her back.
No. 708432 ID: 2ccbb3

Turn invisible,

"There, you can't see my tits."

Wait for her to yell, then

"Oh, so you want to see tits after all? Well then"

THEN polymorph extra racks on yourself and/or her.


Place blue portal, teleport to platypus den, place orange portal.
No. 708435 ID: f6442a

Say something. "You're jealous and insecure about your own body! But fear not! You can still be pretty and have a DFC! I don't actually know what that means but I heard some boys talking about them."
No. 708438 ID: 1862a8

Polymorph into them. With tits.

And fight.
No. 708440 ID: 5ad4a7

I didn't think we were supposed to have that much range on our portals!

Tell her this is your "normal" form, but... there is another one you feel comes more naturally to you.
Remember that first form you polymorphed into? Polymorph into that. Just don't rip your clothes to shreds this time.
(It doesn't have tits! She should be satisfied. Or at least intimidated.)
That's a vote for TALK and MAGIC.
No. 708441 ID: 910abd

Yeah, them with tits it is. Then run away into the hallway and pretend to be them, wrecking their reputation.
No. 708442 ID: 350a50

Turn invisible and polymorph tits onto them.
No. 708443 ID: a6dc58

Realize with your Compassion that she is probably troubled and confused and taking it out on your. Also, reflect with your boosted self that it is probably because you are a star wizard-athlete. Wanting to be as awesome as you are is probably pretty natural.

Reply, "Well, clearly I think I'm Ceridwen,and I think all that matters is that I quite like this form. Of course there's one that feels a bit more...natural." Then polymorph into that form.
(A vote for Talk and Polymorph: Dragon)
No. 708445 ID: 3e5cb6

Say you'll both go to the magic professor and get them to scan you or cast dispel magic or something, and it'll prove this is your normal form!

Alternately, fight. "I'm not a mammal-slut! I'm an everything-slut! And no slutshaming!!"

Then you punch her in the snoot.
No. 708450 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh wait if Ceridwen polymorphs into a dragon again she'd better make sure she can FIT in the locker room!
No. 708451 ID: 5042bf

Polymorph into them with the unneccesary additions.

"I don't know you look pretty good both ways. Has someone claimed differently?"

Try not to be a dick and determine if she's just hurt by something or someone. Mayby we can help.

If she reveals to just being a racist and thinks of shoving you again just do as she requests. Dragon form and sit on her. spend the rest of your free time lecturing about hybrid species while atop her.
No. 708453 ID: 15a025

Polymoprh into a sexy lizard girl and fuck this jerk up.
No. 708455 ID: 8371c4

Johnny Cage 'em

that is to say do the splits and punch them in the cloaca
No. 708457 ID: 02422f

>Say something! What do you say? (????)
I'm a dragon, not a lizard. Completely different taxonomic tree!

That's like complaining someone doesn't look like a monkey if they're an ape! They're different!
No. 708462 ID: ab9ddd

Holy shit yes, get some psychological warfare in there. But...
This is probably a better idea... Not as fun, though.
No. 708463 ID: 3bc4eb

No. 708464 ID: f02a77

I feel like turning into them with tits would just complicate matters worse. At the very least, we're looking at some sexual-harassment and that's usually frowned upon in school.

Say something along the lines of, like, "Maybe I'm not a lizard at all! Maybe I'm just a thing that acts like a lizard! Like whales and dolphins - those things are mammals, dude!"
No. 708465 ID: 47160d

Lol what? What does that even mean?
No. 708474 ID: 99a64d

Time to unleash a savage fucking beatdown on this bitch. The secret to winning a fight is that you don't actually need to be better at fighting than the other guy, you just need to make them want to stop fighting before you. Work that pain tolerance! Also you have crazy magic, this bitch ain't got shit.
No. 708476 ID: ff7754

Doublevote for fight.
No. 708477 ID: b672ef

"Bitch, I'm a dragon, and dragons know no rules!"

Polymorph into dragonform!
No. 708480 ID: 99a64d

There is an age old adage; "Talk shit get hit" which I think applies here. In order to establish yourself as the alpha female of this school you have to show dominance over your competitors.
No. 708481 ID: 3e5cb6

You could also tell her you're a mutant pangolin.

Or ask when was the last time she saw a lizard with dewclaws or external ears.
No. 708488 ID: fd5ed6

Double vote, polymorph tits away
No. 708492 ID: 0c7bf6

Tell her you cant change the fact that you have them, ask her if shes just upset because she cant have them? Tell her that she looks pretty either way. Compliments always throw people off.
No. 708493 ID: f6442a

>you cant change the fact that you have them
But that would be a lie.
No. 708494 ID: d41523

She raises a good point. Tits are passé. Magic them away.
Then beat the shit out of her to establish dominance.
No. 708600 ID: a107fd

Shout back "Empirically false!" and polymorph a lizard-boob onto the bully's chest where they're grabbing.
No. 708604 ID: 8111b6

Fight! Fight! Fight!

...but just enough that we can make an exit or make them make an exit. Maybe finish with tossing them through a portal to the boys locker room?
No. 708716 ID: ec0bf5

I think that now that you're old enough to get a good idea of how your powers work, you should give us a better idea of what you can and can't do with them. For example, it seems like it's a but unclear to the suggestors whether or not polymorphing allows you to affect other people, or just yourself. Also, how clothing and carried objects are affected by your powers: while it would be appropriate to the theme of the quest for that stuff to be unaffected, it sounds like you've been transforming at school and turning back with your clothes intact, unlike what happened the first time you used that power.
No. 708766 ID: 16daa4

Say "I could just turn into a mammal. Why would I stop half way if I wanted to appeal to them?"
No. 708783 ID: e89427

I'd say that's the most intellectual "fuck you" you could provide.
No. 708788 ID: b6178d


Realize that the other girl is less concerned with your tits and more with finding some flaw, any flaw, to chip at your cool, because of her own insecurities.

Stay cool.

"So what? I don't give a monkey's butt if you call me mammal-slut. I'm cool with mammals. Are you saying that lizards and mammals shouldn't get along, because they're different? That's dumb. I'll hang with anyone, lizard OR mammal, tits or no tits!"
No. 708817 ID: 350a50

Yeah, changing my vote to some form of this, why not.
No. 708827 ID: fa18d4


this has my vote.
No. 708858 ID: fac1d0


Use your MIND and COMPASSION! Find out why she's being so mean.
No. 708930 ID: 2e3855

Inform them that you haven't even unlocked Appeal yet.
No. 709159 ID: 395c02
File 145797229030.png - (101.84KB , 800x600 , 92.png )

>Polymorph tits on her!
Your POLYMORPHISM only affects yourself!

Time slows down. Your heart is pounding. Your mind is in chaos.

>I didn't think we were supposed to have that much range on our portals!
You aren't! But you really wanted him to be there, and... it just sort of happened? Nothing can pass through these long-range portals, so it might be more accurate to call it a FAR-SEEING spell. Your range on actual pass-through type portals is still pretty small.

>I think that now that you're old enough to get a good idea of how your powers work, you should give us a better idea of what you can and can't do with them.
While you've come up with a clever way to TELEPORT your clothes to a safe spot while transformed, you cannot POLYMORPH anything that isn't literally your body.

You are only capable of TELEPORTING yourself a couple of meters, but by using a series of short hops you can keep going until your MP runs out, assuming nothing's in the way. It's not much better than just running for going a long distance, but it's fantastic for dodging around people in FOOTSOCKBALL!

You're unwilling to teleport through walls, though, because you're terrified of suddenly a couch where your legs are supposed to be.

You can't become completely invisible, but you can become harder to see. Magical camouflage!

>"I'm not a mammal-slut! I'm an everything-slut! And no slutshaming!!"
You haven't even gone on a date yet! Most boys think you're weird! At least, you assume that's why they keep staring at you.

This sounds made-up.

>"I'm a dragon, you're just ugly."
>I'm a dragon, not a lizard. Completely different taxonomic tree! 
Sadly, your parents have since revealed to you that dragons are not real. They said this is super mega 100% true and insisted you just believe them and never look into it, which doesn't seem suspicious at all.

You could pretend to be one, but including this rude snake-lady in your games of make-believe seems counter... productive...

No. 709160 ID: 395c02
File 145797230357.png - (191.36KB , 800x600 , 93.png )

You're a polymorph. you can be anything you want.

You'll become a dragon! And beat her up! You'll show her you're not a...

a... mammal... slut?

No. 709161 ID: 395c02
File 145797231896.png - (109.46KB , 800x600 , 94.png )

"Why would I stop halfway?" you ask. "If I wanted to appeal to mammals, I'd just turn into one."

"You know why!"

"I really don't!"

"uh... Because it'd take too much MP!"

"Spending all day in a slightly different form still uses all my MP," you reply. "But, here, I'll remove them. Is that better?"

"That's not the point!" She swings at you!
No. 709162 ID: 395c02
File 145797233032.png - (131.74KB , 800x600 , 95.png )

Years of FOOTSOCKBALL have lead to you being quite apt at avoiding things. You TELEPORT behind her!

"What is the point?" you ask.

"You think you're hot shit! Using your super magic to appeal to both lizards and mammals!"

You shrug. "No, I'm not hot anything. I'm Ceridwen. I don't think in terms of mammal or lizard. I think about who people are, and this form is who I am."

She swings her tail at you!
No. 709163 ID: 395c02
File 145797234288.png - (167.35KB , 800x600 , 96.png )

You avoid her attack. "And why do you care what mammals think of me? You're a really pretty lizard! You're rocking that DFC! You could have any lizard boy you want!"

She growls.
No. 709164 ID: 395c02
File 145797235520.png - (78.76KB , 800x600 , 97.png )

"I don't want a lizard boy! I want Zesmirl!"
No. 709165 ID: 395c02
File 145797236559.png - (67.43KB , 800x600 , 98.png )


Zesmirl? The shy boy from class?

...The mammal?

What do you say?
No. 709167 ID: fac1d0


get excited! begin quest: INTER-VERTEBRATE GROUP HOOKUPS!!!
No. 709168 ID: a76b7e

Oh, she must think he likes you. Because of the mammal traits. She's jealous. I'm assuming you don't want him. So, offer to help her attract him?


"Do you think I've been trying to attract him, is that why you're mad? I haven't! And I bet there's lots of things he likes besides just something every mammal girl has. I'm sure there's lots about you he could like! I'll help you find out!"
No. 709169 ID: 9a338c

Tell her that there is absolutely no problem in that, i mean , there are people out there who are into FAR weirder stuff.

If tits are a problem, then help her find how to rock her other charms/ASSets.

In the end you make a friend, and she gets laid. Its a win-win!
No. 709172 ID: ec0bf5

Well now you've just got to start plotting to get them together. Let her in on the plot.
No. 709174 ID: ffc055

Your compassion score is too high NOT to help this girl get over her externalized self-consciousness issues while also helping her get laid.
No. 709177 ID: f562b1

Ooh! Help her get a date! That would be so much fun.
No. 709180 ID: 2e3855

Let's help her get with her crush. If we're lucky it will finally unlock appeal.
No. 709182 ID: 5994da

But...most mammals don't have very pronounced teats. What is Zesmirl aside from being a mammal?

If he likes you, he was never forward about it.

Ask her what's stopping her from telling Zesmirl she likes him? He's shy, it's not like he'll trumpet it all over school like some douchebag.
No. 709183 ID: 5994da

Squee in a very girly fashion about her crush.
No. 709185 ID: c66656

Teleport close in and put your arm over her shoulders.
"And there we go. Isn't it nicer to just accept how you feel, rather than bottling it up and lashing out at innocent (and good looking) bystanders?"
No. 709196 ID: a22f87

how well do you know Zesmirl? could you try and hook these two up?
No. 709197 ID: 4201a2

Play matchmaker!
No. 709204 ID: b6178d


Ignore the sudden, but inevitable collapse of her web of lies and proceed with real business.

"... but, that's great! If you two got together, that might bring Zesmirl out of his shy-shell. I'll help!"
No. 709206 ID: 9cd11d


You gotta tell her you are TOTALLY in favor of this kind of thing!
No. 709223 ID: 2a7417

Don't be discouraged! Be confident in yourself and he'll notice you! Go for it!
No. 709226 ID: 38cb3f


No. 709234 ID: 5ad4a7

>You're rocking that DFC!
How do you know what that means

Tell her you'll help her out, then.
No. 709239 ID: 51c5c7

teleport beside her and put an arm around her
"We gon hook you uuuuup~"
No. 709244 ID: 02422f

>You're unwilling to teleport through walls, though, because you're terrified of suddenly a couch where your legs are supposed to be.
Use a far-seeing portal to check the other side of the wall for couches before 'porting, of course. (And by using a sight only portal, you can check for stuff like water, or lava, or baddies on the other sides of walls without risking them being able to pass through your spy-window and getting you).

>I don't want a lizard boy! I want Zesmirl!
Oh! You'd be good for him! He's all shy and you're all brave and stuff!

Open a covert far-seeing portal to spy on him. Make it small on the other end and/or apply not-quite-invisibility so it goes unnoticed.

At least you know the problem. She's jealous and insecure. You should help her! Matchmaker!
No. 709255 ID: a1c0c2

Immediately squee at the possibility of playing matchmaker and playfully say that if she wanted tips she should've just asked. Or something.
No. 709289 ID: 350a50

Put a friendly arm around her.

"Don't worry, I'll be your wingwoman! That's what teammates are for right?"
No. 709332 ID: 910abd

Remind her that mammals are also way into hips.
No. 709338 ID: 0c7bf6

No. 709370 ID: 91ee5f

>How do you know what that means?
I don't know what it means and it's confusing me! Could someone please explain what it means?

This! XD
No. 709372 ID: 88e46e

Delicious flat chest. Generally used by ironic shitposters or covert pedophiles, in my experience. Granted, my experience with people using it is entirely with the worse sort of person on 4chan, and for all I know it's more innocuous elsewhere.
No. 709376 ID: 150e3b

You should totally help a girlfriend out, here. I mean, hell, if you don't look out for each other then who will, eh?
No. 709554 ID: 3f9dc0

I mean, I just like athletic tomboys, and they often rock dat flat chest.
No. 709560 ID: 4201a2

Flat chest da best.

Tell her she's got it good, and all she needs is the right attitude and behavior to pick up any mammal she wants.
No. 709562 ID: 47160d

Flat chest FTW tell her that your breasts could never compete with the wonder of her chest
No. 709567 ID: 7f7d6f

Don't be creepy, these are still barely-pubescent teens. We're not trying to get them laid, we're trying to get them into adorable young romances.
No. 709584 ID: f6442a

>Don't be creepy
That's a tall order.
Anyway, stop hitting on her and start arranging a meeting between her and whatshisface.
No. 709661 ID: 8111b6

I vote for excited squealing and shaking of fists, shortly before babbling out rambled and unlikely plans for everything from their first date to marriage.
No. 709699 ID: 395c02
File 145815533677.png - (142.47KB , 800x600 , 99.png )

The force of 'teehee' consumes you. "OH. MY. GOSH."

"um could you just forget that part--"

"Why didn't you tell me you had a crush!?"

"that wasn't supposed to come out i meant to say something cool about being alpha female or something um"

"Nevermind that! We have to make this happen."


"You're the perfect girl to get him to come out of his shell! You could beat up people who make fun of him! Why haven't you told him how you feel?"

"H-he wouldn't want... I don't have..."

"What, breasts? Look, what matters is how you feel! Besides, there's a lot of things boys look for, like nice hips!"

"My hips...?"

"Yeah! Face the camera and let them see!"
No. 709701 ID: 395c02
File 145815535078.png - (65.30KB , 800x600 , 100.png )

"i don't--"

"Bam! Some mammals would actually prefer your hips to anything I brought to the table, and I bet you Zesmirl is one of them!"

You kindly refrain from mentioning that technically you could polymorph every hip. Your COMP stat is so much higher than your SELF stat.
No. 709702 ID: 395c02
File 145815536448.png - (133.99KB , 800x600 , 101.png )

"b-but, i--"

"He's an Elhimzen, right? That race isn't much about chests anyway. Didn't you know that?"

"why are you--"

"Now, we have to get you two together. This is now the most important goal of this segment."

"you talk weird... I-I wouldn't know what to say to him. D... do you have a suggestion?"

"Girl, gimme a second and I'll have 30 of them. Soon you two will be talking, and then maybe you'll hug... and then..."

"oh gosh"
No. 709703 ID: 395c02
File 145815537659.png - (124.53KB , 800x600 , 102.png )

"And then you'll kiss!!"

She squeaks in response.
No. 709704 ID: 395c02
File 145815539542.png - (135.37KB , 800x600 , 103.png )

"I... why are you being so nice to me? I was... I mean..." She sighs.

Your personality has become a little more FEMININE.


Slip him a note. Maybe some flowers? If you arrange a meeting, you can see their eyes light up when they meet! (MIND+)
Speak to Zesmirl on her behalf. A third party could help him overcome shyness. (COMP+)
Support your new friend, she should tell him how she feels herself! Let's get right to it! (COMP+)
Wait, isn't he in the male locker room nearby? Open a portal so they can talk! (PORTAL+)
Slip him a CONCERNED DOLPHIN AND GIANT BIRD comic. Use metaphors to explain her feelings! (BIRD+, DOLPHIN+, COMP+)
No. 709705 ID: ffc055

No. 709707 ID: 665ed8

No. 709709 ID: 2a7417

Being nice just feels better.
-1 PORTAL, there's already been enough underage innuendo to go in one endo and out the other!

Note and flowers. THAT HE IS NOT ALLERGIC TO. (the flowers, that is. What are the odds he's allergic to paper?)
No. 709711 ID: 99a64d

If TV and movies have taught me anything it's that plans for middle school romance have to be as convoluted as possible Slip him a CONCERNED DOLPHIN AND GIANT BIRD comic. Use metaphors to explain her feelings! is therefore clearly the best option. Stereotypes dictate that shy people are also smart, so he should be able to understand the metaphor, but if he doesn't you can Slip him a note. Maybe some flowers?

>i meant to say something cool about being alpha female or something um
Silly girl, being the alpha female isn't just about pushing people around, it's about being the best and you're clearly lacking in multiple areas. (don't say this, just think it, being the alpha female is also about knowing when to be polite)
No. 709712 ID: f02a77

Just have them talk to each other! Being a matchmaker isn't about bribes or talking somebody up. They gotta be the ones to get together and figure it out! Plus like, you're already halfway there with Lizard-Girl (we should probably figure her name out).

But uh, don't have them talk while they're both in the locker room. That'd make things worse for him.
No. 709713 ID: 8e4c15

Concerned Dolphin Giant Bird metaphor comic has to happen.
No. 709714 ID: fa9b55

Support her into talking to him in person!

.. wait she didn't do any of that 'affectionate bullying' stuff to him in the past did she?
No. 709717 ID: 5bbfd9

If he's shy, the direct approach won't go too well. So, either slip him a note... OR open a portal to the male locker room, not to talk to him, but to call one of your male buddies to talk to him and get a read on what he likes before you do much else!
No. 709734 ID: 4854ef

The reason I'm being so nice to you is because it's really not that bad all things considered, you were envious that I was stealing away someone you liked but I really don't care about him like you do, thus if you two get together you'll be much happier and thus won't want to bully people as much!

Anyways we should get them talkin'.
No. 709735 ID: 02422f

>"I... why are you being so nice to me? I was... I mean..." She sighs.
Because matchmaking trumps mean, and cause everyone gets frustrated sometimes!

I, yeah that's pretty much the best.

The only important thing is they're talking at the end. Maybe confusing them first will get them to both let down their guards!
No. 709738 ID: 0c7bf6

Get her to write the note to him! Also maybe flowers, let's hope he's not allergic. Can we get Skif to inquire about what types of things he likes?
No. 709740 ID: 5ad4a7

Because fighting her is pointless, you already know you'd win. This is more interesting!
No. 709742 ID: b6178d

Lizard-girl's too embarrassed to know the 'right' thing to say, and Zesmirl's probably too shy to speak his mind or take an outright declaration of love well, even if he does immediately reciprocate. Clearly, they both just need to get to know the other, first.

Bring Lizard-girl, and seek Zesmirl out under some pretense (like footsockball training/recruitment). Help make introductions and lead them to talk to each other until they get comfortable doing so. If you can identify and build on some common ground, be they club interests or personal interests, that's a big bonus, since that'd give them a reason to hang together to talk more. If they can manage to get along with your aid, take it to the next step.

Encourage lizard-girl to support Zesmirl whenever he's bullied. If he asks why, she can freely admit it's because they're friends/she likes him, without it being too awkward; she did just defend him and all. Encourage Zesmirl towards confidence in his interactions with lizard-girl, and eventually towards asking lizard-girl on a date. Be sure to give him tips on what -she- likes.

Hopefully that should do it.
No. 709744 ID: ec0bf5

Open a PORTAL to the MEN'S LOCKER ROOM, but not to him. Instead, drag one of your male friends into this to do recon. Then we can work on this at both ends. Once you've got some more information going, THEN you can slip him a note.
No. 709761 ID: 15a025

No. 709762 ID: f6442a

Just slip him a note, maybe some flour.
No. 709763 ID: 47160d

Let's not do that, I think her main male friend is Skif and my assumption is given their age is that by this point he has a crush on her and we don't want to traumatize him
No. 709769 ID: 1bb0ab

No. 709785 ID: e18d6f

Portal to the boy's locker room! What could go wrong!?
No. 709787 ID: f0e552

Tell her to tell him herself! Tried and true method. Metaphors... Not so much, what if he doesn't get the message?
No. 709802 ID: 350a50

This. Support her and give her the courage to do this herself!
No. 709809 ID: 9cd11d

Tell her to tell him how she feeeels~! Coach her so she doesn't trip over her words!
No. 709826 ID: 8371c4

support her get her to open up to him
No. 709827 ID: 91ee5f

Dem hips and thighs, she's obviously prepared for leg day! XD

But seriously though, you should ask your new friend for her name, you can't keep calling her lizard-girl! And then you should support your new friend, she should tell him how she feels herself! Let's get right to it!
No. 709851 ID: a22f87

>Support your new friend, she should tell him how she feels herself!
and we can help her practice by turning into Zesmirl and have her talk to you... maybe once you get out of the girls locker room so you don't start rumors about poor Zesmirl.
No. 709857 ID: 7cd761

How about we teach her to express herself through Concerned Dolphin and Giant Bird comics? Then she can tell him how she feels, but we can still do it through comics and metaphor.
No. 709862 ID: 78a3e5

No. 709863 ID: 5ec36c

support her plan, get to know her better in a Girly friendship montage! prep her for her upcoming chat with Zesmirl.
No. 709912 ID: 737d5c

>"I... why are you being so nice to me? I was... I mean..."

Because an enemy is just a friend you haven't made yet.
No. 709978 ID: 60d847

im supporting the portal idea. its obviously the simplest solution
No. 709988 ID: 99a64d

Oh come on, our comp stat isn't that high.
No. 709995 ID: 350a50

No. 710018 ID: 5ad4a7

I feel like we should take some opportunities to raise SELF in the future. An extreme imbalance can't be healthy.
No. 710020 ID: 60d847

mmm. too little might result in crippling self esteem problems or something
i'd say that our maximum should be a bit more than we have right now
like not a little bit but not a big bit either
No. 710029 ID: a6dc58

I'll cast my votes towards supporting her as a friend and giving in your temptation to be a schemer...I mean calculating side...by leaving a note to set up a meeting!
No. 710032 ID: 28d689

Support her
No. 710093 ID: 2a7417

It's not like we're starting from zero self-esteem and compassion stats, the meter just tracks who we tend to put first.
No. 710106 ID: f36501

arrange a meeting with the note and support her!

talk her into it with dolphin and bird metaphors.
No. 710294 ID: 395c02
File 145840617455.png - (120.40KB , 800x600 , 104.png )

>Because an enemy is just a friend you haven't made yet.
>Oh come on, our comp stat isn't that high.

It's high enough that you'll try to make friends, but not so high that you won't slap someone if diplomacy fails!


that'd probably never win a vote.

"Listen, everyone gets frustrated sometimes," you say, "I'm not going to hold it against you. But next time, just ask first! Being an Alpha female is about good leadership and understanding the situation, not just about who can beat people up the most."

Hmm. Someone who can do that AND beat people up, would they be the Alpha of the Alphas??

She nods. "Yeah. Leadership. Understanding. I um. I understand that I don't know how to talk to Zessy... um..."

"I'll help you!"