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File 125771508634.gif - (180.74KB , 800x400 , 1.gif )
74344 No. 74344 ID: 426169

high in the mountains over the Sun Kingdom
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No. 74346 ID: 426169
File 125771515066.gif - (98.09KB , 800x400 , 2.gif )

lies a temple, where many great warriors have trained.
No. 74347 ID: 426169
File 125771521436.gif - (97.73KB , 800x400 , 3.gif )

A young pupil approaches the shrine, with a desperate plea.
No. 74348 ID: 426169
File 125771531067.gif - (35.58KB , 800x400 , 4.gif )

"Honored ancestors, help me. Help me become a great warrior."
No. 74349 ID: 43d730

Stop getting aroused by talking to altars, then.
What can we do you for?
No. 74350 ID: dda9dd

What seems to be the trouble eh?
No. 74351 ID: 9c02db

first step, choose a weapon
i recommend a wet towel
No. 74352 ID: e75a2f

Young Mster, in order for you to receive our wisdom, you must first climb to the top of the Jade Falls in the East Shang Wu province and meditate for three nights atop the falls. Then you must travel down into the Xian River Valley and find for yourself a pearl of dragon hidden among the lilies.

After this is complete, return to us and we shall impart our wisdom.
No. 74355 ID: 426169
File 125771674238.gif - (20.02KB , 800x400 , 5.gif )

"Honorable ancestors, thank you for listening to my plea. I am called Mu. I have been a student of the great master Hao Ru Gen for six months... but I am having great difficulty learning the Way. Instructor Zhao is very strict, and says that if I do not improve and pass the Entrance Exam in three months time he will banish me from the school. "

"Weapons training is for senior students only."

"Honorable ancestor, I am forbidden from leaving the school grounds. I feel instructor Zhao would use any opportunity to be rid of me. He does not like me very much. I think it's because I am not from a respectable family."
No. 74356 ID: e75a2f

Ah, but if you are not from a respectable family, then why do you call us honorable?

It seems Instructor Zhao is a bit misguided.
No. 74357 ID: 43d730

Well, what seems to be the holdup?
Lack of discipline? Unfavoritism? Noodle-arms?
Does he have specific complaints or just general decrying?
No. 74359 ID: 426169
File 125771775247.gif - (19.89KB , 800x400 , 6.gif )

"Well... He makes me try to do things that are just impossible. Last week he told me to lift a rock that was twice my size. Yesterday I had to kick a tree down. And when I fail he makes fun of my efforts. I try as hard as I can, but I just cannot do the things he tells me to do! I don't mean to be a whiner but I've never seen anyone else get these kinds of assignments. I shouldn't be saying this about an honored instructor, but I'm pretty sure he makes sure the older students beat me up and steal my food when no-one's looking."

"Well, errrm.... this... isn't exactly my family shrine. It just seemed the thing to say. I heard about this place from Ling Pu. She said that I might find some help here. I think she also said not to wear a skirt no matter how hard you asked, but I must've heard wrong."
No. 74360 ID: 43d730

No skirt?
How about panties?
Ah well.
Is there another instructor you can appeal to?
Perhaps to compare the teaching methods used on you with?
This sounds like student abuse...
No. 74362 ID: e75a2f

Your Instructor is short-sighted. A man who can only see as far as his feet has a hard time telling another man where his farm is.

You should pay Instructor Zhao no mind; thought the way is one, the paths to get there are many.
No. 74380 ID: 3f9975

Do you have any sisters?

first things first, we're going to have to get you into a proper training outfit. How can you hope to kick a tree down if your legs are restrained by pants? How can you lift a rock if your shirt is not made of the lightest, pinkest silks?
No. 74392 ID: 426169
File 125772027722.gif - (40.76KB , 800x400 , 7.gif )

"I- will strive to understand your words, honorable ancestor."


"Well, no. Instructor Zhao is in charge of training the new arrivals. I'm not even a full student until I pass the Entrance Exam, so I don't have anyone complain to, besides Zhao himself.
In any case, I know there are four other instructors, so maybe I could persuade one of them to give me tutoring during my free time? Although if they are like Zhao...

According to instructor Zhao there are three major attributes that new students must possess to be able to overcome the Exam. A student must have the Speed of a Viper, the Strength of the Ox and the Spirit of the Dragon. I'm not entirely clear how to acquire those, or even what they are really, but I have three months. I don't think I'll learn these from Zhao."

"I'm an orphan, so I don't know. The family who raised me had no other children. And, uh, these are the clothes they gave me. I could ask Ling Pu for a better training outfit."
No. 74394 ID: af3e6d

Ling Pu sounds like she's dealt with us before. Do we know her?
No. 74399 ID: 43d730

Well... I'm trying to think of a way to get an advanced instructor to see these training methods...
I'm worried that these are in fact the appropriate methods of training.

Tell me, do the words Dragon-blood, Dynast, or Immaculate Order mean anything to you?
No. 74400 ID: 3f9975

Clearly the answer is simple. You must hunt down a viper, a dragon and an ox and defeat them at their own game so that their power might be yours.

we'll help.
No. 74401 ID: 632862

You would probably get the best chance of tutoring by asking Qin to assist. He is only one rank above your training level, so the chance of backlash is less than if you asked the higher level trainers. If that fails, are there any particularly friendly teachers you know of? Personality can count for a lot as well... You could also try asking permission to simply watch more advanced students train. You can learn a lot from just watching.

Also in case you haven't been doing so, independent training is important for picking up where teachers leave off. Go lift rocks until you can lift bigger ones. Go kick trees until you can break them. Start off with a difficult yet possible task, and gradually advance.
No. 74413 ID: 426169
File 125772275798.gif - (102.44KB , 800x400 , 8.gif )

"She's the groundskeeper here at the temple. She has her own hut near the gardens. Whether you know her or not is between you and her, but she has been here for years and years, so it's possible."

"Are you saying I should just shut up and stick with it? But I only have three months, I need help."

"Ok, I'll ask Qin after afternoon class. I haven't really spoken with teachers other than Zhao, but maybe he'll agree to help. I don't think I'll be able to watch the advanced lessons, since I'd be missing my own.

As for training by myself, I've been trying but I don't know what to focus on. Without guidance it seems like wasted effort. If you have anything specific in mind I'll be happy to listen."
No. 74421 ID: 4e56c9

>If you have anything specific in mind I'll be happy to listen.

You must learn to catch the striking Viper, wrestle the angry Ox and defeat the dragon in a test of wills. Only then will you be ready.
No. 74424 ID: 632862

Focus on speed first. I think our first priority will be keeping your food from being stolen. Defending yourself from the older students will require much more improvement than simply evading them.
No. 74442 ID: 426169
File 125772494837.gif - (45.35KB , 800x400 , 9.gif )

"Ok, I'll be sure to ask Qin about speed training. I must head out to the training field - I didn't hear the gong from the shrine. Oh no."
No. 74448 ID: 4e56c9

Shit! did they start without you? get over there, fast!
No. 74469 ID: 426169
File 125772727376.gif - (27.97KB , 800x400 , 10.gif )

"Oh please great ancestors, guide my tongue so that I do not anger instructor Zhao."

>"Mu. Delightful."
"Sorry si-"
>"No no, do not apologize. I am confident that you have already mastered todays lesson to have such distain for my teachings. In fact, why don't you demonstrate your knowledge to the rest of the class?"
"Erm... I don't-"
>"Ah don't be so modest. Spread out, students. Give the master some space."

Oh no. This isn't good.
No. 74488 ID: 426169
File 125772825523.gif - (168.05KB , 800x400 , 11.gif )

>"Go ahead, Mu. Attack me. Don't hold back."

I tried a straight up charge last time this happened. Broke four ribs and nearly my neck.
He's freakishly fast with that staff, even if he's only got one arm.
Please give me a hand, ancestors.
No. 74497 ID: 6c80cf


Do a straight up charge again.

Then turn it into a slide-try snapping his legs out from under him and driving your fist into his stomach.
No. 74498 ID: 4e56c9


There. We have blessed you with our strength and our cunning. Move with confidence and his blows shall not land upon you. But have courage in yourself, for your own lack of conviction is the only thing that can betray you now. Go, Nahkh! Fight for everlasting peace! Yours is the fist that will pierce the heavens!
No. 74506 ID: 426169
File 125772916666.gif - (125.82KB , 800x400 , 12.gif )


Ok, charge-slide-tackle-punch combo. Trying that.

No. 74510 ID: 4e56c9

Remember, he'll have trained to compensate for his missing arm. Use this to your advantage. He won't expect an attack on his good side.
No. 74529 ID: 426169
File 125773011058.gif - (116.27KB , 800x400 , 13.gif )

No. 74530 ID: 426169
File 125773016213.gif - (64.33KB , 800x400 , 14.gif )

No. 74538 ID: 4e56c9

Bear the pain, boy. It is nothing compared to the glory. Bear the pain and fight on. You must not fear, for fear begits doubt and doubt is the first step towards defeat. Bear the pain and fight on. Bear the pain and with it, win.
No. 74539 ID: 426169
File 125773026341.gif - (29.64KB , 800x400 , 15.gif )

>"Not so easy is it, Mu?"
No. 74541 ID: 43d730

Sorry, but hopefully he'll leave it at that.
No. 74542 ID: 632862

Say "Nothing easy is worth doing."
No. 74546 ID: 6c80cf


Wow, he IS pretty fast. At this point, I think your reflexes are literally incapable of allowing you to defeat him unless you shoot him to death with a team of crossbowmen.

I think the best advice we can give you is say "Yes, Instructor Zhao."
No. 74548 ID: 4e56c9

This. Then try attacking again.
No. 74561 ID: 426169
File 125773143154.gif - (6.78KB , 400x800 , 16.gif )

"Y-yes *HACK* master Zhao.*
>"There we go. We're learning lots today, aren't we?"
No. 74568 ID: 4e56c9

Oh hey, why didnt you tell us Zhao was possessed by malign spirits? Geeze. That explains why he's trying to prevent your destiny.

I mean... um... pretend i didnt say anything about destiny. We're not alowed to speak about that.
No. 74576 ID: 6c80cf


Seriously. Red glowing eyes, giant shadow. You should contact a priest.
No. 74597 ID: 632862

Can you stand? You still need to know what he's teaching the other students.
No. 74599 ID: 426169
File 125773346016.gif - (21.66KB , 400x800 , 17.gif )

Evil spirits? What makes you say that? I don't think that master Hao Ru Gen would let something like that go on.

>"Well, Mu?"
>"I think that perhaps this excercise is too advanced for the pre-entry class. Don't you agree, Zhao-san?"
No. 74601 ID: 426169
File 125773353466.gif - (63.15KB , 400x800 , 18.gif )

>"Instructor Kubai. Don't you have a class of your own to teach?"
>"I left them practicing their calligraphy and was stretching my legs when I felt such a burning murderous intent that I simply had to investigate. Making such young pupils practice kigan? Such ambition. Your pupil must be very special."
>"I do not presume to tell you how to teach your pupils, and I expect the same in return."
>"As you say, Zhao-san. Nevertheless, if I could borrow your pupil for today?"
>"Take him. I will have nothing to do with him until tomorrow."

Yes, I- I think I can stand.
No. 74608 ID: 632862

This is fortunate indeed! I think we should attempt to get advice from Kubai, since he has already approached you. Do not breach the subject for now. Be humble and see what he has planned for you.
No. 74611 ID: b8d544

Follow him, certainly. Heed his words.
No. 74613 ID: 426169
File 125773427844.gif - (76.18KB , 400x800 , pause1.gif )


"Gee, granpa, you have such a big -"
No. 74614 ID: 4e56c9

yes. This man is wise and goes with our blessings. Follow him, but beware the darkness. We have clearly been gone too long from this place.
No. 74616 ID: 632862

What are you doing? STOP THAT THIS INSTANT.
No. 74637 ID: 5d5878

That is possibly the most original pause screen yet. I'm not sure if that is a good thing.
No. 75092 ID: 426169
File 125777953982.gif - (85.13KB , 800x400 , 19.gif )

Instructor Kubai is from the Dawn Isles. This is the first time he's spoken with me, so I don't know much else.

>"How goes your training, Pu?"
No. 75093 ID: 43d730

I must confess to weakness and doubt, Instructor.
No. 75096 ID: 426169
File 125778104047.gif - (104.15KB , 800x400 , 20.gif )

"I must confess to weakness and doubt, Instructor."
>"Oh? Is that how you feel in your heart? Do you feel yourself weak and full of doubt in yourself?"
No. 75098 ID: 4e7bdd


I am worried I am not doing well, Master. I try as hard as I can, and at times, I feel as if I have made no progress.

I apologize for these thoughts. I know I should be trusting and faithful and unwavering, but I am young, and my mind still defies me and questions many things.
No. 75099 ID: 56669f

I worry I have been given impossible tasks unasked of other pupils. It is disheartening, despite the blessings of the ancestors.
No. 75102 ID: 426169
File 12577835607.gif - (104.05KB , 800x400 , 21.gif )

"No, it's just."
>"Is Zhao giving you a hard time?"
"Well, yes. It seems like he makes me do things unasked of the others. I try as hard as I can but I feel I'm making no progress. I apologize for these thoughts, I know I'm not supposed to question my instructors. My mind is too undisciplined."
>"Do not apologize, I value honesty in students much more than groveling. And I know that your instructor uses harsh methods, but he is not a wicked man. If you are given tasks unasked of the others, perhaps it is because you are unlike them? Your instructor may be many things, but a fool he is not. For example, what do think he was trying to teach you back there?"
"Teach me? He was punishing me for being late!"
>"Ah, only on the surface. Think, Mu. Think."
No. 75104 ID: 632862

He was surrounded by a black aura. It condensed for a moment before he struck, though we misread the direction and got hit anyway after trying to duck under the attack.

Maybe we should go back to the stone, and the tree. We'll see if those tasks are really impossible for you.
No. 75109 ID: 0bc826


Discipline? Responsibility? Was this what he was teaching me, Master?

Should I meditate on this? Or should I attempt to continue my training?
No. 75113 ID: 426169
File 125778781299.gif - (104.31KB , 800x400 , 22.gif )

"He was surrounded by a black aura, and it focused just before he struck. I failed to dodge him."
>"Interesting. You have a keen eye, Mu. To sense another's murderous intent is no easy thing. No matter how monstrous. It is very rare in one so young. Very rare. But you are correct, he was teaching you of the Eye. A lesson I feel should be reserved for advanced students."
"As you say, instructor."
>"You would do well to pay close attention to the intent behind Zhao's lessons. I believe you still have much to learn from him. There is value in knowing the form, but to truly advance one must understand the purpose behind the form."
"I will meditate on your words, Instructor."
>"There is plenty of time to meditate when you are old and feeble, young student. You should practice with the intent in mind, and practice hard."

>"I believe I should be getting back. My students tend to find trouble whenever I am not looking. How do you feel about your training now, young Mu?"
No. 75114 ID: 0bc826


A little better, Master. I will try and find understanding in Zhao's teachings. If he is showing me this technique, then he must think it will be important to me.

...Master? Could Zhao be trying to protect me from something?
No. 75115 ID: 426169
File 125778875791.gif - (100.24KB , 800x400 , 23.gif )

"A little better, Instructor. I will try and find understanding in Zhao's teachings. If he is showing me this technique, then he must think it will be important to me."
>"Good. Zhao may be harsh, but he has a sharp eye. Most sharp. But now I must tend to my students before they set something on fire."

"...Instructor? Could Zhao be trying to protect me from something?"

>"... I do not presume to know Zhao's motivations. It is not for me to speculate."
No. 75118 ID: 426169
File 125779188858.gif - (65.30KB , 800x400 , 24.gif )

>"But I doubt that your instructor will need you for today. Have the afternoon off. Have Ling Pu treat those injuries."
"Yes, Instructor."

So, ancestors, what should I do? I could go see Ling Pu, practice on my own or go back to the student housing for some rest before afternoon class ends.
No. 75120 ID: 50c03d

Go see Ling Pu, little one. Then go and train as long as you feel you are able.
No. 75121 ID: be9ed4

Practice on your own. Go find a snake and try to catch it as it lunges at you.
No. 75123 ID: 43d730

Seconding, with the proviso that you should rest if she says rest.
No. 75126 ID: 426169
File 125779568594.gif - (72.69KB , 800x400 , 25.gif )

As you say, honorable ancestors. I will see Ling Pu, then practice on my own. Hopefully I can find a new place to practice in.
No. 75129 ID: af6aad

Are there no open dojos or empty fields in which to practice?
No. 75133 ID: 43d730

...You are going to eat at some point, yes?
No. 75135 ID: 426169
File 125779998072.gif - (48.81KB , 400x400 , 26.gif )

I'd prefer a secluded place.

Yes, supper is an hour after the afternoon practice is over. It's not my turn in the kitchens, and if I find a secluded enough place to train then Chi-ming can't make me take his turn.

>"Mu! What happened to you?"
No. 75137 ID: 6248cb

Who´s she?

Also, "Just another day of practice." can be a good answer
No. 75138 ID: 426169
File 125780198482.gif - (44.17KB , 400x400 , 27.gif )

She's Ling Pu. The groundskeeper and gardener of the temple.

"Just another day of practice."
>"I see... Come with me, I'll treat your bruises."
No. 75139 ID: 426169
File 125780250177.gif - (44.09KB , 400x400 , 28.gif )

>"There, sit down and take off your clothes. I'll get the medicine and bandages, it won't take a minute."
No. 75140 ID: 6248cb

Mind to ask her where did she know about us -- at least, well enough to advise you about the skirt thing?
No. 75141 ID: 5d5878

Ling Pu? The "Honourable" Ancestors say hi.
No. 75142 ID: 426169
File 125780492993.gif - (49.19KB , 400x400 , 29.gif )

I think she said something about getting advice from them a long time ago. She didn't say anything specific.
No. 75143 ID: 426169
File 125780500058.gif - (51.58KB , 400x400 , 30.gif )

Do you think I should ask her?
No. 75144 ID: 43d730

It should make for conversation while she patches you up, at least.
No. 75145 ID: 6248cb

After you tell her we said hi.

We´re ancient but forgetful. Many ask for our help, while others get our help without asking for it. Reminiscing is always good; getting in contact again is always nice; and knowing where you / we are coming is always helpful.
No. 75148 ID: 426169
File 125780783832.gif - (45.84KB , 400x400 , pause2.gif )

Well as long as I hold the record.
No. 75996 ID: 426169
File 125800594410.gif - (17.70KB , 400x400 , 31.gif )

Ah, hello there, old friend. I see you have taken the child under your tutelage. Has he been a good boy?
No. 75997 ID: 34470e

Wait... Are you talking to us?
No. 75998 ID: 426169
File 125800679659.gif - (17.81KB , 400x400 , 32.gif )

Really now, I remember you being quicker on the uptake. Sorry for keeping you in there for so long, your brains must be full of dust.

And don't worry, the boy can't hear you now. He's more than a little distracted about showing his bare behind to a woman.

Eh, boys.
No. 75999 ID: 43d730

For the little time we've known him.
Tell us, forgetful old spirits we are; what adventure did we aid you on?
I'd hoped being dead cured senility, but it seems this isn't so.

Also, can you give us a bit of exposition on the surrounding area and events?
No. 76000 ID: 632862

He came to us about a problem that seemed daunting at first, but proved to be a misunderstanding. Mu has more talent than he knows, and Zhao saw that. He was attempting to teach him advanced techniques, and well, you know how Zhao is. Mu thought he was asking the impossible.

We'll try to share with Mu the wisdom to see what Zhao is asking him to do.
No. 76002 ID: 426169
File 125800850792.gif - (18.04KB , 400x400 , 33.gif )


If you keep that "honorable ancestor" act up a second longer I'm turning you back into a toad. I made you what you are, or did you forget? Oh I suppose you might have. Nevermind that now. I sent Mu to you for protection. Zhao figured out who he is the second he saw him. That one-armed monkey has sharp eyes. Too sharp for his own good. He'll try to make it look like an accident. Bah. More trouble than he's worth.

I need you to keep the boy alive and with all his bits intact. I'll take care of Zhao when the time comes. Can you remember that?
Oh and get him past the test. I can't have him loose outside the temple where I can't watch him.
No. 76003 ID: eef35e

Aww, but it's fun. And yeah, we've kind of forgotten.

We'll do our best. Mu will be fine if he moves right. But something that might help, what motivates Zhao?
No. 76004 ID: 34470e

>If you keep that "honorable ancestor" act up a second longer I'm turning you back into a toad.
Is that why I taste bug guts?
No. 76005 ID: 632862

What? Zhao isn't trying to teach him? Okay, this is pretty bad.

Kubai found out that Mu is special. Should we be worried about him too?

'Mu' means emptiness... Do you know who his parents are?
No. 76006 ID: 43d730

>Mu training
No. 76007 ID: 426169
File 125801045882.gif - (8.93KB , 400x400 , 34.gif )

I knew I should've gone for snake. Or turtle.
That idealistic simpleton will believe the best out of everyone. Zhao isn't good enough to emit such terrible killing intent without actually going for blood. Plus he only missed the Third Gate by an inch or so. The boy is lucky to be alive.

>Do we know who the boy's parents are.
He's my grandson, you fool.

>What motivates Zhao.
Fear, probably. He doesn't want a new Dragon to walk the earth. Or he might just be out for petty vengeance. Seems more like him.

Damn that man. May the ten thousand devils of hell piss in his sock drawer. At least this cloud has a silver lining. If Mu is to survive him, he'll advance rapidly.
No. 76009 ID: 632862

What, seriously?

Okay, we really need to get some better reaction times for this kid. I'm guessing Zhao isn't going to actually train him very much, if he can help it.

Do you have any suggestions as to what teacher we should approach for additional lessons? We've already met Kubai, but since we've told him the problem was Zhao he might not be motivated to help further. We originally thought to ask Qin, since he's only one step above Zhao.
No. 76010 ID: 426169
File 125801162710.gif - (17.68KB , 400x400 , 35.gif )

Yes seriously. Devil piss is no joke. Stains something awful it does.

And yes, he is my grandson. Whatever my son saw in that wench I'll never know.

Mu will receive plenty of training from Zhao. He can't let the other instructors figure out he's going for murder. He needs to keep up an appearance of teaching. The lessons just might be extra dangerous. Heh, no pain no gain I always say.

If you really wish for additional training, Qin or Kubai are both not entirely incompetent. Perhaps persuade one of them.

One more thing. Don't tell Mu about this. Grandma, murder, "ancestor", any of this. He's too young to understand.
No. 76011 ID: 6c80cf


Reaction time, speed, and health are all good choices. Most of the training possible for this also has a great deal to do with hand-eye coordination.

Throwing things, counting moving objects, juggling, and dodging thrown items.
No. 76017 ID: 632862

>Don't tell Mu about this.

Um, we'll try.
No. 76018 ID: 426169
File 125801294645.gif - (19.01KB , 400x400 , 36.gif )

I'll leave that for you. But hear this: If Mu finds out that we're related, or if he figures out that you aren't ancestors, or if he winds up dead or maimed then I am going to be most upset.

And you don't want to make me upset, do you?
No. 76019 ID: 34470e

I... We... Please don't hurt us...
No. 76020 ID: 632862

Please, I don't wanna be a toad again!

...why are your eyes like that, anyway? That doesn't look normal.
No. 76022 ID: abb30a

Not specifically.
No. 76023 ID: 426169
File 125801371227.gif - (17.56KB , 400x400 , 37.gif )



>What's up with em eyes?
What would you expect from the White Dragon of the West?
No. 76024 ID: 632862

Oh, so you're a badass then.

Should we be getting back to Mu now?
No. 76026 ID: 34470e

I apologize for joking about the frog thing.
No. 76027 ID: 426169
File 125801473946.gif - (23.90KB , 400x400 , 38.gif )

>Can we switch back to Mu now?
In but a moment. I wanted to make sure you were on the level.

Heh, ask Zhao how he lost his arm some time.
Badassery aside, I have no wish to break the deal with Hao Ru Gen. I will contain myself.
Apology accepted.
No. 76028 ID: 426169
File 125801510874.gif - (387.39KB , 423x600 , pause3.gif )

No. 76167 ID: 426169
File 125808035898.gif - (34.75KB , 400x400 , 39.gif )

>"My my, aren't you a handsome young man."

Ancestors, where did you go? She took my only piece of clothing. This is undignified.
No. 76168 ID: ca148f

Relax. She's seen worse. Trust us. Be polite to her. Its very important to your umm... destiny. and stuff.
No. 76169 ID: 43d730

Trust us, she's not interested, other than as a patient.
She just likes to watch you squirm.
Stand there and take your doctoring like a man.
No. 76170 ID: 632862

We were talking to Ling Pu... catching up on old times. But that is none of your concern.

Sit down on the bench and cover yourself. If you want dignity, that's the best you'll get right now. It would be wise not to defy her.
No. 76436 ID: 426169
File 125821914148.gif - (50.47KB , 400x800 , 40.gif )

That was... disturbing.
I feel violated.

But better. Much better.

She has warm hands.

She told me of a place further up the hill. There's a hidden spring which joins with the stream near the temple. It has cold water, level ground and privacy.
No. 76438 ID: 426169
File 125822001185.gif - (78.06KB , 800x400 , 41.gif )

This must be the place.

Oh, honorable ancestors, what would be the best way to practice?
No. 76439 ID: b1e366

Tie rocks to your feet and jump in the pond.
No. 76440 ID: 426169
File 125822074286.gif - (15.56KB , 800x400 , 42.gif )

Ok, fortunately there were some vines around.
No. 76441 ID: 426169
File 125822096769.gif - (80.51KB , 800x400 , 43.gif )

Ok, ancestors. I am now wet... What was this exercise about again?
No. 76442 ID: 43d730

Find a rock you can barely lift.
Pick it up repeatedly, making sure not to drop it on your feet.
Then... Anyone have ideas for speed training?
No. 76443 ID: b1e366

Now run around in the pond. It's resistance training.
No. 76445 ID: 426169
File 125822290619.gif - (217.65KB , 800x400 , 44.gif )

Ok, how about this one?

No. 76446 ID: 5d5878

I think we forgot to mention not to drown.
No. 76447 ID: 426169
File 125822356095.gif - (41.25KB , 400x800 , 45.gif )

Can't... breathe... help...
No. 76448 ID: 43d730

This is a wildly inconstant pool.
Drop the big rock, and give us a map.
No. 76450 ID: 426169
File 125822412116.gif - (23.70KB , 400x400 , intermission1.gif )

God I need a drink.
No. 76451 ID: 426169
File 125822448168.gif - (44.84KB , 400x800 , 46.gif )

It's crushing me against the bottom. I can't drop it. It's too heavy.
No. 76452 ID: b1e366

Now you see the folly of asking a bunch of dead people for advice.
No. 76453 ID: 43d730

Push it off to one side, then.
Act quickly, man.
You don't want to start on Breath Control technique training already, I presume?
No. 76459 ID: 107da3


You should be lighter under the water-just slam your legs against the ground and push it to the side with your arms. It should roll off you. Continue the movement until you get out of the water.
No. 76478 ID: 426169
File 125823402859.gif - (39.56KB , 400x800 , 47.gif )

It's moving a little bit. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up.
No. 76480 ID: 43d730

Well, it's this or die.
Your choice.
No. 76483 ID: 426169
File 125823496459.gif - (18.62KB , 400x400 , pause4.gif )

[been awake for 31 hours, needs mah sleep now.]
No. 76581 ID: 34470e

D-dying will be m-most unwise. I urge you not t-to.
No. 77188 ID: 426169
File 125833627880.gif - (40.82KB , 400x800 , 48.gif )

Almost... moving... just a bit more

Runn-... out of... air...

need... help...

[Do you become visible?]
No. 77195 ID: 43d730

That's an option?!
No. 77198 ID: 426169

[I just did. Manifest? Y/N]
No. 77201 ID: 5ba271

Nay, I say. The whelp needs to do this on his own.
No. 77207 ID: 632862

Yes, he needs help. This won't break our contract, I don't think.
No. 77209 ID: 5d5878

We see if he can do it on his own. If he passes out and is guaranteed to drown, we MANIFEST.
No. 77211 ID: c7a54a

In b4 we materialize as frogs
No. 77217 ID: 43d730

First order of business.
No. 77231 ID: 426169
File 125833906062.gif - (100.49KB , 600x600 , 50.gif )

>Mu received Sage Advice

No. 77246 ID: 426169
File 125834017015.gif - (96.28KB , 800x400 , 51.gif )



I... I will not let those bastards win. I will prove my worth! I will pass the exam!

Ancestors! Will you aid me?
No. 77248 ID: dda9dd

I suppose if you put it like that.
No. 77273 ID: 426169
File 125834246287.gif - (95.75KB , 800x400 , 52.gif )

Thank you, ancestors!

What should I do next? I'm pretty much soaked through. I'm gonna have an earful at supper if I show up like this.
No. 77277 ID: dda9dd

You're probably going to want to wring yourself out... maybe sit in the sun for a while and dry off.
No. 77287 ID: 632862

Just sitting in the sun is inefficient. Quickly wring out your robe and then find a good circular path to run in. Weigh yourself down by tying rocks to your feet like before, and also hold one in each hand. Running will air-dry the robe faster, while also giving you some exercise.
No. 77291 ID: 4553b2

Oh I dunno, you did almost drown...

...but you also kicked that rock's ass. Yeah, we'll help you.
No. 77312 ID: 426169
File 125834463540.gif - (88.56KB , 800x400 , 53.gif )

It's still a bit moist. I really ought to hang it out to dry. Won't I catch a cold if I run around in wet clothing?
No. 77315 ID: 5d5878

Likely, but it is improper to run around wearing nothing at all.
No. 77321 ID: 632862

Well... I guess it won't take that long to dry if you let it hang in the sun.

Use the time to meditate instead. I think it might be unwise to run around naked.
No. 77322 ID: 426169
File 12583454485.gif - (20.36KB , 500x500 , pause5.gif )

It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!
No. 77333 ID: 5d5878

Goddammit, that was exactly what I thought of right after I posted it. Now I wish I hadn't.
No. 77343 ID: 107da3


Yeah okay whoever told you to pick up the rock was a retard.

Alright, the idea is... you tie rocks to your limbs and various muscle groups under your clothing, then go about daily activities and exercises. It's a good way to specifically strengthen certain muscles, as well as increasing their speed. You have to deal with more weight.

The downside is a lot of people don't learn to control their own strength doing this when they take the stones off (assuming years and years of this). So it kind of makes you ... clumsy, if you aren't careful.
No. 77347 ID: 4ffe84

Now try catching dragonfllies with your bare hands.
No. 77378 ID: 43d730

I was saying weight training, not "mix suggestions and try to swim at the same time".
No. 77502 ID: 426169
File 125839498195.gif - (45.83KB , 500x500 , 54.gif )

Very well, I will prepare while the wind dries my clothes.

Weight training you say? I suppose I could make do with rocks tied to my hands and feet, or I could, eh, borrow a set of weights from the practice hall.

You spoke earlier about weapons training. Even though it's for advanced students only, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to plan ahead. Just so I can direct my training better.
The four main weapons are the sword, the sabre, the staff and the spear. There are of course many others, but to learn one of those I guess I would need to find a master of that weapon. There's training on the four basic ones here.

So, uh, which weapon should I strive for, if any?
No. 77509 ID: 1443c0
File 125839563759.jpg - (37.87KB , 396x260 , twin-hook.jpg )

No. 77513 ID: dda9dd
File 12583968651.jpg - (58.37KB , 300x432 , MonkSpade99-01d.jpg )

I would recommend a Shaolin Spade or some variant myself.
No. 77514 ID: 632862

I've always been partial to the spear.
No. 77518 ID: 426169
File 125839849266.gif - (324.56KB , 1500x500 , 55.gif )

[A bit of a change in pace, instructor introductions to follow]
No. 77521 ID: 7eda8b

No. 77540 ID: 426169
File 125840261514.gif - (219.45KB , 1500x1500 , 56.gif )

Choose wisely, young student.
No. 77541 ID: 5ba271

Yu Rin.

Ladder-Fu is the deadliest style.
No. 77544 ID: 34470e

You Win. I mean Yu Rin.
No. 77548 ID: 2cbe3e

Lee kim
No. 77554 ID: 954933

No. 77557 ID: e75a2f

Kubai. You know he wants you.

I mean you want him.
No. 77558 ID: 7eda8b

No. 77560 ID: 1c907d

No. 77562 ID: 632862

No. 77565 ID: 426169

[Editors note: Whoops, forgot about spears. Both Kubai and Qin teach those.]
No. 77568 ID: 1443c0

Jackie Chan
or Qin if your going to be picky
No. 77612 ID: 107da3


Kubai is a good choice. You'll never know when you need a ranged weapon.

Alternatively, Yu Rin.
No. 77643 ID: 5d5878

Kubai. Wisdom, AND staff mastery? Booyah
No. 77725 ID: 836378


Kubai. I think that he will prove the most difficult to study under, believe it or not.

His lessons will be merciless, his teachings will be hard to understand.

But in the end, you will learn a great deal about who you are, what your purpose is, and how you may fulfill the destinies that await you.

The Staff, Pole-arm, or Sword are all excellent choices. I would lean primarily towards the Polearm, then the Sword, then the Staff.

A staff and a polearm are interchangeable in terms of style. A sword would probably be a different focus all together.
No. 77842 ID: 426169
File 125842777346.gif - (52.28KB , 500x1000 , 57.gif )

Choose any three techniques and one weapon.

[Three most popular choices will be selected. If the techniques are unclear, ask away.]
No. 77844 ID: 5d5878

Techniques - Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Mastery, Medicine
Weapon - Staff
No. 77846 ID: 5ba271

Sap Will, Uncanny dodge, Medicine, Halberd.
No. 77847 ID: 7eda8b

What's the difference between Chi Focus and Meditation?
No. 77848 ID: 107da3


Uncanny Dodge, Danger Sense, Medicine, Longbow.
No. 77850 ID: 426169

Chi focus enables Mu to use his spirit to increase the accuracy and strength of his blows momentarily. Meditation allows him to recover from his wounds faster, as well as boosting his mental capacities.
No. 77853 ID: 836378

A halberd will be sufficient in terms of weaponry.

As for skills, Uncanny Dodge will aid in many ways of life, and you'll be far more agile.

Chi focus will ready your mind and body for the trials ahead.

I am torn on the last. At once, I wish to do Medicine, but also Meditation. Each are equally important.

I will go with the will of the group on the last skill. I think it will be medicine, however.
No. 77860 ID: 7eda8b

Staff - Philosophy, Uncanny Dodge, Chi Focus
No. 77875 ID: 632862

Uncanny Dodge, Nerve Point Strike, Medicine, Spear.
No. 78003 ID: 426169
File 125846937665.gif - (24.89KB , 500x1000 , 58.gif )

[Weapon voting is tied between staff and halberd, bonus round for everyone. If you have a cool unlisted weapon along the staff/polearm axis, post a picture and it might be added to the list.]
No. 78005 ID: 954933

I vote Ji.
No. 78006 ID: 1c907d

Guan Dao
No. 78007 ID: 1443c0

Defiantly liking the Guan Dao
No. 78008 ID: c05c83
File 125847486048.jpg - (6.06KB , 300x327 , pudao.jpg )

Pudao if it's not too similar to Guan Dao (Basically the same with a longer blade and a stabbing point)

If it is, Gun.
No. 78010 ID: 5ba271

Guan yu
No. 78011 ID: 426169

[That's... pretty cool actually. Pudao is up for selection.]
No. 78012 ID: 2cbe3e


No. 78013 ID: 836378


I'll have to agree with this. It is an excellent looking weapon.
No. 78022 ID: 632862

No. 78035 ID: 1443c0

fuck yeah changing ma vote to Pudao
No. 78083 ID: 426169
File 125849004978.gif - (93.95KB , 500x1000 , 59.gif )

Mu trained under master Kubai for many years, learning from his skill and wisdom and perhaps most of all from his patience. His master taught him the arts of the pudao polearm as well as the art of medicine. During the long and frequent, Mu learned how to focus his Chi to strengthen his blows as well as an uncanny ability to avoid his masters stick.

The time of Mu's studenthood has come to an end. As is the tradition of the temple, Mu must now venture outside the temple grounds to experience the world for one year's time. Only then Mu can make the choice between a life in the temple and a life in the living world.

Mu has been given a certificate of graduation as well as fifty silver coins to aid him on his travels.

On the eve of Mu's departure, master Kubai presented him with the Raven's Claw, a pudao crafted by the master smith Cheng-ji of Two Rivers, as well as a set of prayer beads he himself had made.

Among Mu's other possessions are a map of the kingdom, a leather satchel, a week's travel rations, a waterskin, monk's robes and straw hat given to him by Ling Pu the groundskeeper.

The sun rises amidst the mountain passes. It is time to leave.

No. 78089 ID: 1c907d
File 12584902782.gif - (11.93KB , 567x794 , dora-the-explorer-coloring-page-10.gif )

Check the map.
No. 78108 ID: 426169
File 125849323239.gif - (179.70KB , 1000x1000 , map1.gif )

Having said his farewells, Mu heads towards the village, examining his map. The map is somewhat old and worn, but still readable.

Hmm, let's see. We're here in the mountains, by the river. Which way should I travel to make a name for myself?
No. 78132 ID: f4a809

Go see the demon oracle.
No. 78138 ID: 426169
File 125849591386.gif - (72.83KB , 1000x1000 , 60.gif )

Demon Oracle, eh? You sure about that?

I guess I could list a few other possibilities. I could go up the river to the Ghost Springs. I could pay to get part of the way up, but the boatsmen never go all the way.
I could head downstream to the Shi inn, and maybe find out some rumors about what's going on out in the real world. Again, it's either walking or by boat, but that costs a few coins I guess.
I could try and cross the southern mountains, but I don't have enough supplies for that. I could buy more here in town.

Or I could go north to see this supposed "Demon Oracle" just like you suggested, Old Toad.
No. 78167 ID: 5ba271

Follow the river to the Inn, join adventuring party.
No. 78171 ID: 0cc59e

Trust me, if you're ever going to find your place in the world, you'll need to see the demon oracle. Sure, you could dick about in the affairs of mortal men... but come on, that's chump stuff. The oracle will set you down the path to true greatness!
No. 78250 ID: 632862

Go to the inn first, for information. Hmm, go on foot.
No. 79726 ID: 426169
File 125871140622.gif - (46.18KB , 800x300 , 61.gif )

Ah, east. The direction of kings, erm. Is it not said, that the wisest man faces east in the... morning?

I'm pretty sure someone said that.

So... If I'm to be accepted as an instructor in the temple I need to make a name for myself out here in the real world. How should I do that? Slay a great beast? Win a hundred duels? Join the imperial army and become a war hero?

Most of the instructors have done something like that. I know master Hao Ru Gen first became famous after he defeated the wicked White Dragon of the West. Qin and Zhao were both war heroes, and Kubai dueled master Hao to a draw. Many years ago of course. I don't know what Lee Kim did, but Yu Rin is said to have broken ten thousand chairs against ten thousand heads. I asked him once and he said he stopped counting after a hundred.

So, Old Toad, any thoughts on that?
No. 79732 ID: 632862

I think we should just wander around until we just happen to do something great. Or at least until we see a long-term commitment that could lead to greatness. The path to a war hero is actually pretty boring when you're not fighting...

How about we become a famous explorer? Walk around the edge of the world? Climb the highest mountains?
No. 79733 ID: 426169
File 125871519349.gif - (30.73KB , 500x500 , 62.gif )

I doubt I could walk around the edge of the earth in one year. That's gotta take like two or three.
But yeah, I guess I'll just wander until I find something interesting.

Speaking of which...
No. 79734 ID: 632862

I wonder who that is following us.
No. 79736 ID: 426169
File 125871567114.gif - (30.19KB , 500x500 , 63.gif )

I do not know.
Whoever it is can't be very experienced at sneaking. Light footsteps.

How should I deal with this?
No. 79737 ID: 632862

It's probably some young student that grew enamored of you or something. Turn around and tell them to come out, you know they're there.
No. 79741 ID: e7f309

Turn a corner and stop. wait for him to turn the corner and confront him then. he won't see you coming.
No. 79747 ID: 915264

Careful about the sun´s direction, you dont wana be caught because of your shadow.
No. 79752 ID: 426169
File 125872408336.gif - (35.32KB , 500x500 , 64.gif )

"Damnit, where did he go? He was right here."
No. 79753 ID: c0f3bf

No. 79757 ID: 5d5878

*pop up* I still am. Why are you following me?
No. 79777 ID: 0863ea

That rock in the foreground has a face, move around to it and inspect it. Greet it, in fact.
No. 81549 ID: 426169
File 125919681713.gif - (40.83KB , 500x500 , 65.gif )

I know he's around here. He can't have run ahead, I'da seen him.

Maybe those bushes over there?
No. 81550 ID: 426169

[It's currently in the middle of the night here. I'll keep this update session going for a few hours, but only if I actually have readers. If you're watching, lemme know, otherwise I'll be back later.]
No. 81551 ID: ab04d4

Roll call? I'm here. Now the question that arises is... Or more, are...

1: Is this a cutscene?
2: If not, who are we controlling? Stalker, stalkee, or our own toad bodies?
3: Where the heck did he actually hide?
No. 81552 ID: af3e6d

Just checked in. Dunno what suggestions I'd give, but I'll try. Still there?
No. 81553 ID: 426169
File 125920190992.gif - (47.43KB , 500x500 , 66.gif )

1. This ain't no cutscene, bitch. PRESS A!
I'll make a point to especially mention when cutscenes happen from now on, mkay.
2. Currently controlling PEASANT BOY
3. :P
Still here. Superhuman game was going pretty well, too.

Hey, there's a hidden path here.
No. 81554 ID: 34470e

Investigate the HIDDEN PATH, peasent-boy
No. 81555 ID: 632862

Check the path.
No. 81556 ID: af3e6d

He probably went that way. Follow!
No. 81557 ID: 426169
File 125920277230.gif - (17.49KB , 500x500 , 67.gif )

Man, this canyon is way long. Stupid monks.
No. 81558 ID: ab04d4

What is the hidden path surrounded by? Any bushes or other similarily fuzzy/bushy things that a person could hide in? I want a description of the innards before we go in.
No. 81560 ID: ab04d4

Okay, never mind. I posted too late. In that case, try to look up once in a while. Or else Rocks Fall Everyone Dies would suck. Or something else equally fatal falling from above.
No. 81561 ID: af3e6d

You've got footprints behind you, but I really don't see any in front of you. Maybe he didn't go this way...
No. 81564 ID: 426169
File 125920347857.gif - (18.16KB , 500x500 , 68.gif )

...re right, Toad. But I don't think the little twerp will notice that anytime soon.

Can we keep going? We still have a long way to go today. He'll be fine, it's only a short while back to town, he'll get hungry and go home before he ends up in any trouble.
No. 81567 ID: af3e6d

Yes, yes, we can continue on. Good job giving him the slip, though that doesn't seem to have been that mean a feat.
No. 81569 ID: ab04d4

Nah, follow him. If you do it right you'll make another friend, and if he gets into trouble, well, you could start making a name for yourself as well here as anywhere.
No. 81577 ID: 426169
File 125920489212.gif - (18.21KB , 500x500 , 69.gif )

Yeah, yeah. Thanks.

Well I don't know. I don't really want a kid following me around. I mean, what if bandits ambush us? I could fight my way out, but not if I have to protect some sprog.

He'll find his own way home.
No. 81578 ID: ab04d4

Fine, but don't blame me if he shows up a while later and totally screws you up. If he finds another way into your life, it'll probably be in a more intrusive fashion than the one I suggested.
No. 81583 ID: 107da3


Perhaps you should confront him? Why is he following you?
No. 81584 ID: 426169
File 125920638465.gif - (43.42KB , 500x500 , 70.gif )

I don't know, and don't really care. Probably some kid stuff.
No. 81586 ID: 426169
File 125920643653.gif - (55.52KB , 500x500 , 71.gif )

Ah, just you, me and the road, eh Toad?


Hey, what was that?
No. 81590 ID: ab04d4

Go find whatever it was. I'm sure I won't be the only one telling you to do so.
No. 81605 ID: 426169
File 12592076033.gif - (18.13KB , 500x500 , 72.gif )

Whatever it was it wasn't human. Gotta hurry.
No. 81607 ID: af3e6d

No time to waste! Gogogo!
No. 81611 ID: ab04d4

See, you had to go down the canyon anyways. And then the kid will be in trouble anyways. And you'll have to save him anyways. See?
No. 81613 ID: 426169
File 125920896761.gif - (64.31KB , 1000x500 , 73.gif )

The ground's too hard to leave tracks. The trail stops here.

A little ominous, don't you think?
No. 81620 ID: 632862

Peek down the side passage briefly. Perhaps he fled down it, since it is narrow and would block a large pursuer.
No. 81636 ID: 426169
File 125921071261.gif - (58.59KB , 1000x500 , 75.gif )

The ground softens up there again, and I'm not seeing his tracks. He probably didn't go that way.
No. 81640 ID: 632862

Crap, we'd better get in that cave then and save his sorry ass.
No. 81643 ID: af3e6d

Listen at the cave mouth for a moment, then enter stealthily, ready for a fight.
No. 81662 ID: 426169
File 12592127446.gif - (806.87KB , 500x1000 , 76.gif )

Mu prepares for battle.
No. 81671 ID: 426169
File 125921336879.gif - (58.81KB , 1000x500 , 77.gif )

I cannot hear anything from within, but I do smell smoke. Something is burning.
No. 81673 ID: 426169
File 125921347088.gif - (58.36KB , 1000x500 , 78.gif )

Stupid peasant boy, I'm coming for you.
No. 81894 ID: 426169
File 125928888756.gif - (58.98KB , 1000x500 , 79.gif )

I can hear someone moving in there. The smell of smoke is stronger, but not strong enough to cover the smell of decay and filth. Wretched.
No. 81896 ID: 34470e

What's the writing on the wall say?
No. 81898 ID: 632862

Make note of the tripwire, though you aren't near it yet.
No. 81902 ID: 426169
File 125929006352.gif - (123.01KB , 500x500 , 80.gif )

I don't recognize the script.

Blimey, wouldn't have noticed that in the dark.
No. 81903 ID: 34470e

Examine the skeleton with the armor
No. 81907 ID: 426169
File 125929112735.gif - (39.00KB , 500x500 , 81.gif )

Looks like an officer's armour. Looks like it's been here awhile.
It's all corroded around the neck there. Looks like there's some writing but I can't make it out.
No. 81908 ID: 34470e

And the other skeleton?
No. 81914 ID: 426169
File 125929193718.gif - (20.76KB , 500x500 , 82.gif )

This one looks younger than the armoured one. I don't see any traces of clothing, but... yup, there's a cut in one of the ribs, right behind the heart.
No. 81915 ID: 632862

Proceed, avoiding the tripwire. Be careful also not to disturb the windchimes hanging from the ceiling.

Is there a barrel or something in the corner?
No. 81921 ID: 426169
File 125929277381.gif - (54.78KB , 1000x500 , 83.gif )

I'm... not exactly sure what that is. It's like a box that's prodded a little bit open.
No. 81922 ID: 632862

Ignore it, then. Could be a trap.
No. 81923 ID: 632862

Oh, on closer inspection it's attached to the tripwire. So it is in fact a trap.
No. 81940 ID: 426169
File 125929552195.gif - (69.35KB , 1000x500 , 84.gif )

Right, trap. Ignoring.


"...can't do this to me! I'll"
"Oh will you give it a rest, already. I gotta get dinner ready by the time the missus comes home or I be in all flavours of trouble."
No. 81942 ID: 34470e

Wait a bit. It may seem like a cliche "I've captured you, so now I'll eat you" thing, but it might not. If the thing starts to put the boy in the pot, intervene.
No. 81952 ID: 632862

Might I interject with a word of caution? He mentioned his wife will be coming home. We have no idea when this is; she could be here any minute and would ambush us from behind. Enter the room, and ask what he plans to do with the boy.
No. 81980 ID: 426169
File 12592975381.gif - (78.24KB , 1000x500 , 85.gif )

Right, no time to waste. I'll try to be tactful.

"Foul beast, unhand the boy!"
"Oh would you look at that. More dinner guests."
No. 81983 ID: 632862

His motivation is clear now. Proceed with administering lethal force!
No. 81987 ID: 34470e

His motivation is NOT clear. "dinner guests" could either mean guests for dinner, or more food. We Don't know which one. Ask him what he means by "dinner guests".
No. 82000 ID: 632862

Compromise and administer non-lethal force, then.
No. 82008 ID: 426169
File 125929904513.gif - (78.83KB , 1000x500 , 86.gif )

"What do you mean by dinner quests?"
"Why, I was going to cut up tiny pieces of you for the stew, then serve it for dinner for me missus. Might even let you have a taste. I'm friendly like that, the missus always says. Won't you stay for dinner?"

More specific, please.
No. 82010 ID: 34470e

Keep asking him questions. Distract him while you release the boy from the prison. Ask him how much of you he needs.
No. 82013 ID: 632862

Uh, lethal force would be, for instance, stabbing him in the eye with your spear.

Non-lethal force would be knocking him out by blunt trauma to the head via fists or the non-pointy side of your weapon.

I think it's safe to say we should just kill him though. Test his defenses first with some quick pokes before attempting a strong hit.
No. 82015 ID: 632862

His posture does suggest he's about to leap at you, though. Try to anticipate this, and just put the spear in his way.
No. 82062 ID: 426169
File 125930185684.gif - (74.26KB , 1000x500 , 87.gif )

He keeps his distance, I can't hit him from over here.
No doubt.
"So, uh. How long have you been married?"
"I don't see how that's any concern of yours, longshanks. You wouldn't be trying to distract me with questions while you free my dinner, would you? We can't have that now can we."
No. 82068 ID: 34470e

"YOUR dinner? I thought I was your dinner."
No. 82074 ID: 632862

If he won't let you get within striking distance, try to force him into the tunnel. He might have some difficulty avoiding both you and the traps.
No. 82089 ID: 426169
File 125930499526.gif - (97.67KB , 1000x500 , 88.gif )

Disappeared? What sorcery is this?
No. 82093 ID: 632862

Not disappeared. He's above you, or behind you. Dodge to the left.
No. 82101 ID: 426169
File 125930637021.gif - (46.82KB , 500x700 , 89.gif )

No. 82104 ID: 632862

Good, now strike!
No. 82110 ID: 426169
File 125930820977.gif - (26.00KB , 500x500 , toad1.gif )

Allright folks, listen up.
No. 82111 ID: 426169
File 125930828184.gif - (32.02KB , 500x500 , toad2.gif )

No. 82112 ID: 34470e
File 125930889885.png - (17.80KB , 504x354 , THAT2.png )

I just couldn't resist
Kick him in the hand to try and make him drop his knife.
No. 82115 ID: 632862

Do this using the momentum from the dodge to assist a spin-kick. Bring your spear around in a slash during the spin for an extra attack.
No. 82118 ID: 426169
File 125931222914.gif - (136.00KB , 500x500 , 90.gif )

[Mu attempts spin-kick/slash combo]
No. 82119 ID: 426169
File 125931229218.gif - (21.18KB , 500x500 , 91.gif )

[The previous image was animated]
"Khyaa, you're a live one aintcha. Good. I was getting bored. Might even save you for dessert."
No. 82120 ID: 34470e

Ask him how he knew to dodge you. Something's up.
No. 82121 ID: 426169
File 125931433196.gif - (30.05KB , 500x500 , 92.gif )

"You're fast."
"You're slow."
No. 82122 ID: 34470e

grrr... Time to try something different: Ask him where he knows where bugs gather.
No. 82123 ID: 107da3


Okay, first of all, the 'mistress' will be here soon and will probably have similar abilities as him (considering he's the one who's doing the housework).

He's behind you... jump to the side and try to change your orientation to facing him, with your legs carefully placed to the side. Your upper body faces him, but be careful.

Thrust your weapon toward his right side.

Should he try to dodge again (as expected), slash swiftly with your blade. This will even allow you to make a 180 degree slash should you need to, or even cut up and down.
No. 82362 ID: 426169
File 125937730764.gif - (44.92KB , 500x500 , 93.gif )

"Good balance, strong guard. But slow, stiff. Might as well be a statue."
"Cease your taunts monster, and fight!"
"Oh ho ho, fight eh? A little shitstain like you? I think not."
No. 82372 ID: af3e6d

Roll forward and get your blade where you were before you rolled, quickly.
No. 82382 ID: 632862

He's about to dart around and attack your left side. Make a feint jab towards his current position then smash his face in with the butt of your spear as he attacks. Arc your body during this to dodge his attack. While he stumbles, focus your chi and spear him in the chest.
No. 82443 ID: 426169
File 125938405674.gif - (82.93KB , 500x500 , 94.gif )

[Mu attempts to feint, dodge and counterattack.]


"Oh? You DO have a pair of eyes on you boy. Most impressive."
No. 82444 ID: 119b5c

You may have to take a wound, or find some way to grapple it. No offense to the creature, but it doesn't seem like it's too strong, just very. very. quick.
No. 82505 ID: 426169

[Just to be clear, more input is needed or yo gonna get stabbed, boy.]
No. 82508 ID: 632862

Let go of the spear, grab his weapon arm with both hands and twist it painfully. Then knee him in the groin repeatedly. Really let him have it. Focus Chi into it for good measure.
No. 82518 ID: 107da3


Kick him in the nuts.
No. 82522 ID: 426169
File 125939416419.gif - (59.66KB , 500x500 , 95.gif )

"A-tut tut."
Goddamnit how does he move so fast?
No. 82524 ID: 426169
File 125939432314.gif - (319.03KB , 500x500 , 96.gif )

"You're beginning to bore me. Perhaps I should finish up. You humans are all so weak, so boring."
He's.... He's in range. If I can just get him to be still for a second...
No. 82535 ID: 632862

He's having trouble deciding on how to attack, but is waiting for you to make the first move. You can see the black aura as much as we can, correct? Attack when he seems to want to strike you from all angles at once.
No. 82543 ID: 426169
File 125939962543.gif - (218.89KB , 500x500 , 97.gif )

"So, human, any last wo-"

"Y- you... Such eyes."
No. 82544 ID: 34470e

Back away a bit cautiously and see what he does next.
No. 82545 ID: e7666f

Keep that defensive stance up, too.
No. 82546 ID: 632862

He's distracted. Press the attack! Aim to lop off the hand he uses to hold the knife.
No. 82548 ID: 426169
File 125940218749.gif - (1.06MB , 300x800 , 98.gif )

"W-where does a boy get eyes like that?"
No. 82549 ID: e7666f

Training (Stab him through whatever seems appropriate) under people that want to kill you.
No. 82551 ID: 632862

Give the pudao a quick counter-clockwise spin in front of you before bringing it forward in a slash. Keep your eyes on him. Be ready to dodge if he is still capable of attacking.
No. 82553 ID: 426169
File 125940432533.gif - (81.11KB , 500x500 , 99.gif )

"By training under people who want me dead."
No. 82554 ID: 34470e

Perform a small kata to signify your victory.
No. 82555 ID: 426169
File 125940613978.gif - (18.58KB , 500x500 , 100.gif )

Now is not a time for training.

"Please, young master, don't kill me. I'll let the boy go."
No. 82557 ID: 34470e

Make him release the boy. Tell him to run away from here. There's something I want you to do.
No. 82560 ID: 426169
File 125941076073.gif - (75.92KB , 1000x500 , 101.gif )

"Release the boy."
"Y-yes young master."

"Adventures suck! I'm going home."

Now what did you want to ask him?"
No. 82561 ID: 34470e

Ask him what he wants to eat besides humans. You're going to get him food. PROPER food.
No. 82563 ID: 426169
File 125941318180.gif - (72.94KB , 1000x500 , 102.gif )

"Ask him what he likes to eat."
"We're going to feed him!"
"We certainly are not!"
"Oh come on it'll be awesome! Our own goblin pet."
"Oh for cryi-"
"Hey, I'm nobody's pet."
No. 82565 ID: 34470e

That wasn't exactly what I had in mind
Fine. He's not our pet. But you still have to help him with his dinner. After all, you DID let his "food" escape.
No. 82570 ID: 426169
File 125941581116.gif - (73.45KB , 1000x500 , 103.gif )

"Well fine, he's not our pet. But you did ruin his dinner, Mu."
"What?! I resc-"
"It's your responsibility, Mu."
"Why you little-"
"What would master Kubai say, eh Mu?"
"You'll pay for this, Toad."
"Ho goblin, what do you eat besides humans?"
"Uh, rabbits and the like. Whatever I can catch, basically."
"Mu, we're going to catch some rabbits for this poor man."
"... Fine."
"You're very strange for a human."
No. 82571 ID: 34470e

Now go out and find him some wascally wabbits!
No. 82572 ID: 426169
File 125941665651.gif - (21.03KB , 400x800 , pause6.gif )

No. 82576 ID: af3e6d

Circle of life and all that, it's this or humans. If the rabbit's lucky, in its next life it may be a toad.
No. 82597 ID: 426169
File 125943358498.gif - (42.88KB , 400x800 , 104.gif )

"All right, Toad, spill the beans. What did you have in mind? I need to be up to speed before going back in there."
No. 82605 ID: 34470e

What's there to spill? I meant exactly what I said. We help him with his dinner. That way, rumors will start of your greatness. Rumors that will evolve into tales, which will in turn evolve into legends.
No. 82701 ID: 426169
File 125944925240.gif - (17.47KB , 400x800 , wassupposedtobeapausescreenbuthey105.gif )

"Lemme get this straight. You want me to return to the home of the monster that tried to eat me and that stupid peasant boy, whom I fought and wounded, and go cook him dinner. Just to get in his good graces, and hope that he chats up a lot of travellers who can spread rumours. About me. Is that what you're saying?"
No. 82703 ID: 476456

No. 82708 ID: dda9dd

Hey if you would prefer to kill him, I'm certainly not going to stop you. But as we have not yet met the Lady of the House it may be a good idea to get a look at just who's toes you may be treading.
No. 82837 ID: 426169
File 125945558690.gif - (21.27KB , 400x400 , 106.gif )

"I wasn- You know what? Fine. I'm sure that Kubai would agree with you. If this goes bad I'm blaming you, y'hear?"
No. 82840 ID: 426169
File 125945567858.gif - (86.58KB , 1000x500 , 107.gif )

"Hello? I brought you your- oh."
"Well, aren't you full of surprises. I was sure you'd hightail it out of here the second you got outside. I keep misjudging you, human. That doesn't happen a lot."
No. 82874 ID: 34470e

We may need to tend to his wound as well.
No. 82957 ID: 426169
File 125946054599.gif - (85.12KB , 1000x500 , 108.gif )

"I, uh... if you do it like that you're going to scar."
"Not the first scar I have, human. What do you want?"
"Nothing, I just.... let me help."
"Nothing? Doesn't your kind always wants repayment for everything? "Pot of gold" this, "heal my sick wife" that. You beat me, I let the boy go. *sigh* And you show me kindness. Very well. I give as I am given. To do otherwise would not be proper. So, kid, what do you want?"
No. 82968 ID: 34470e

Just his gratitude. Anything more would be selfish.
No. 82975 ID: 426169
File 125946153546.gif - (29.13KB , 600x600 , 109.gif )

"Just your gratitude. Anything more would be selfish."
"Now listen here, kid. I will not be indebted to a human. To refuse a boon from a mountain goblin would be most disrespectful. Either ask your boon or beat it."
No. 82982 ID: ab04d4

That he stop consuming sentient beings (because apparently there's more than just humans that are sentient in this world).
No. 82983 ID: 34470e

Maybe he could teach you how to be as quick as him.
No. 82986 ID: af3e6d

This is probably the right thing to do, but there's no real way to hold him to it, or for it to even be feasible.
This is more selfish, but also more reasonable. If one finds someone stronger than themselves, they should not despair. They should simply seek what makes them stronger.
No. 83116 ID: 632862

I have a feeling that a 'boon' would be something that would not affect the goblin. Him teaching us how to move that fast would be pretty awesome, and let us do more good in the world than if we had killed him/forced him to not eat people.
No. 83151 ID: 426169
File 125949310473.gif - (20.58KB , 600x600 , 110.gif )

"I don't suppose there's any way for me to convince you to stop eating people?"
"No. The missus wouldn't hear of it for starters."
"Ah. ... Could you to teach me to be as quick as you?"
"What is your name, boy?"
"Mister Nothing, eh? Listen close then, "nobody". Only a precious few mortals can learn the Demon Arts, even fewer find willing teachers. Understand that this is no small thing you are asking of me. Is this truly what you wish?"
No. 83153 ID: a3b36a

Unless it would be considered some huge taboo in your culture, I'd say 'go for it'. It's another area to improve your life. Might check about potential downsides, though.
No. 83221 ID: 426169
File 125952472843.gif - (41.90KB , 600x600 , 111.gif )

"It is. Teach me your skills, goblin."
"Hee hee. Very well, little no-one. I will teach you Demon Flash Step, even if it kills ya, hee hee!"
No. 83235 ID: 119b5c

Killing me is harder then you think. I will prepare for the worst. I hope you are ready for me goblin.
No. 83301 ID: f78140

"Thank you"
No. 83331 ID: dda9dd

Not the first time you have learned under such a master, I'll warrant it won't be the last either.
No. 83410 ID: 426169
File 125955019246.gif - (26.07KB , 600x600 , 112.gif )

"You aren't the first such master I've had. I hope you are ready for me, goblin."
"Hee hee, this will be interesting. It's been decades since the last one."
No. 83414 ID: 426169
File 125955119872.gif - (11.55KB , 600x600 , 113.gif )

"-since the last Dragon walked the Earth."
No. 83417 ID: 119b5c

Yeah. Thats right, fade to bla-
Wait, what was that last part?
No. 83421 ID: af3e6d

No. 83553 ID: e498d9


For some reason, I'm getting a 9Dragons-esque kinda feeling from this skill name.

When you're done training that skill, go run Heroic Episodes in Laozhu Village, and try to grind up a Blood Essence.
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