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File 146036746225.png - (48.41KB , 250x188 , FrillsbyAndGallsby OP2.png )
715796 No. 715796 ID: bfb318

Previous Threads/Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Frillsby_and_Gallsby
Quest may be NSFW at times. [Warnings: Gays, Smash Bros, Nudity, Dangeresque Situations]

Frillsby and Gallsby are the worst damn cops on the force...

But that's fine because we're the only cops on the force! It's a pretty small town!
Dog ladies be mad crazy with the magic here and sometimes the ol' F&G dream team have to hit them with The Book. Frillsby tells me that's just an expression but when I hit that guy with a book it worked out pretty well so I think I'm probably right on it being literal advice. For handling people getting spicy with their magic powers we got some anti-magic tricks, and are generally immune to direct magic, but people can get tricky with that stuff!
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No. 715797 ID: bfb318
File 146036748016.png - (257.89KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 045.png )

"WHoa hey!" Frillsby grabbed my snooter! I need that for snooting!
>"Gallsby you were spacing out super hard there. I asked you if you wanted to do anything before our patrol coming up in a couple hours."

Oh! Right. It's not much of a patrol, we pretty much just check up on a couple of dudes and get any info about possible problems. The Gang's been doing all right, Randy's still uppin' his restaurant game by finding out more things he can put garlic in. Yams has seemed a little tense, though! It might be because Khivat's been staying with him and she's a sick Fox main. Yams also almost killed her I guess, but that was like at least a week ago??
We don't run into issues too much, and anyone can just give us a call if they see something urgent. It's a pretty chill gig overall, except for when people try to kill us. Better than it used to be for us at our last gig anyway.
Aaaa I should probably answer him eventually!
No. 715798 ID: 38685c

Bake a kwanzaa cake!
No. 715815 ID: 15fcb0

Discover new and exciting uses for Brown Sugar, it's the miracle ingredient
No. 715818 ID: 092b20

tell him you want to tickle fight
No. 715823 ID: 35151f

do gay things, as is your prerogative
No. 715843 ID: 799bc9

Buy another corner couch so you have comfort at every turn
No. 715844 ID: f3969a

Cook up some hella sweets to take with you on patrol.
No. 715849 ID: 738934

Tell him you can find a better use for your snooter than him just grabbing it.
No. 715853 ID: 15a025

You could watch this years spin the bottle world championship for a bit. I hear they're using Molotov cocktail for the finals this time.
No. 715854 ID: cfee3f

flex uncontrollably
and by flex i mean flex
and belch
a song about how you like dicks
No. 715949 ID: bfb318
File 146043427193.png - (159.06KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 046.png )

"I want to tickle fight."
>"Gallsby no."
"What why."
"Ohhhhhhhh, fair."

We've already been watching the Spin the Bottle world championship, but the meta's gotten pretty stale. The main strategy got popularized by One Kiss Man when he used it to come out of nowhere to take the whole championship a couple years ago. What they do is trick spins to land on themself, and then they make out with a mirror. It lets them build up an insane combo to end their opponent in one kiss when they finally let the bottle land on them. People have been attempting to distract or attract their opponents enough that they end the combo early, but OKM's a rock and has still been winning it all.

"You know, there's a better use for my snooter than just grabbing it."
>"Do I know that?"
"Y-yeah, like... something with Brown Sugar???"
>"... what?"
"We could do all sorts of anything with Brown Sugar, we could make it into a Kwanzaa cake or some other sort of hecka sweet treat for our patrol."
>"Gallsby you realize that more goes into baking than just brown sugar, right?"
"Brown Sugar is both brown and sweet, and those are the two ingredients you need for a hecka sweet treat."

Frillsby gives me a concerned look and backs away into the kitchen. When he comes back he has Brown Sugar! And several non-brown non-sugar items!
>"Look, you need several other items besides brown sugar. Items like these. That I have on me. Please don't eat straight brown sugar."
"Wow Frillsby, you are basically a hecka sweet treat with all those ingredients on you."
>"So what should we make?"
No. 715951 ID: dd338c

No. 715957 ID: 5ad4a7

Cinnamon rolls.
No. 715958 ID: 4201a2

Cookies. You can make a huge batch and eat as many as you want and still have enough to share with your buds.
No. 715966 ID: 35151f

dick shaped cupcakes, for the subtlety
No. 716027 ID: d715c6

Coffee cake is pretty cool
No. 716029 ID: 15a025

Why not a dick shaped coffee cake?
No. 716035 ID: cfee3f

we make cake that is shaped like pie to confuse everyone.

also with dildos in it.
No. 716366 ID: bfb318
File 146060174253.png - (198.04KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 047.png )

>"... I mean I guess sure yeah lasagna has brown sugar in the sauce but that's not really-"
"You use the flour and butter to make a roux to thicken the sauce!"
"But you gotta let it cook in the sauce an extra hour to ge-"
>"Howwwww's about coffee cake, Gallsby?"
"Yeah!! I'll get the coffee!"
>"There's not actually coffee in coffee cake, buddy."
"So they're lying to us."
>"The coffee conspiracy makes fools of us all."

We spend a while being super good at making coffee cake, and I get ready to use my surgical precision to perfectly divide it with my claws once it's out of the oven and cooled off a bit.
>"You sure about what you're doing there, Gallsby?"
"Shhhh! She'll hear you!"

Is there anything else we should do or should we just eat some coffee cake and head off with the rest of it on our patrol?
No. 716368 ID: 5ad4a7

How about a kiss.
No. 716372 ID: 211d83

Eat a slice of coffee cake together like lady and the tramp.
No. 716390 ID: 4201a2

Eat the coffee cake... sensuously.
No. 716411 ID: be1222

That coffee cake needs some glaze.

That Frillsby also needs some glaze.

Do not mix up the literal and metaphorical glazings between these two, because then Frillsby would have to go shower. On the other hand, then you'd get to join him, so it all seems like a good way to spend some time before HITTIN THE BEAT
No. 716503 ID: 15a025

You can't eat coffee cake without having some coffee to drink with it.
No. 716514 ID: 9f0151

No. 716533 ID: 02422f

Stick your dick in it.
No. 716702 ID: 3c42f5

c o f f e e b o y s
No. 716791 ID: bfb318
File 146076465282.png - (176.36KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 048.png )

We bring out a mason jar full of cold brew to drink like a couple of cold bros, it's made with the finest of Peruvian coffee beans and by using triple distilled Peruvian Monster energy drink instead of water. It's The Good Stuff. The coffee cake is lacking glaze but we don't have anything to glaze it with handy that I could see! We try to eat a slice of coffee cake like lady and the tramp, but it goes rather poorly and crumbs get everywhere.

Where should we primarily hit up on our patrol to solve all problems in the town forever?
A. Check out what's hip hop happenin' at Randy's restaurant, he could have scoped out Suspicious Activity
B. Follow up with Khivat and Yams, Yams has seemed tense and that could probably be solved or my name's not Falcine Radium Gallsby
C. Just knock on some random person's door, they might be currently being robbed or something and they'd be all "wow you guys are good I didn't even notice that guy was robbing me, thanks buds"
No. 716809 ID: 5ad4a7

Let's go with B.
No. 716891 ID: be1222

C, and then B. Knock on a few random doors and just walk away on your way to Yams' jams
No. 716892 ID: 395c02

C i have a strange intuition that good things wait on C
No. 716897 ID: 15a025

No. 716908 ID: 35151f

guys cmon look at how metal [A] looks
we gotta do [A]
No. 716910 ID: 02422f

No. 717433 ID: e86066

gotta b
No. 717436 ID: 438866

It's time to B cool
No. 718146 ID: 188edb

Never not harass random strangers. C.
No. 718779 ID: bfb318
File 146152493062.png - (96.74KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 049.png )

Frillsby and I head on out and make the long dangerous trek to Yams' house. Frillsby says that we should probably give them a call first before just showing up but I assure him that that's something a square would do and we're not squares, we're surprise problem solvers.

"Yoooooo Yams open the door in the name of the claw!"
>"Don't scratch his door, Gallsby."
"What geez I wasn't gonna..."
>>"I'm coming, don't scratch my door!"
"What! This is blatant prejudice against guys with claws."
>>"Yo hey what's up what brings you here did I do something wrong?? Am I under arrest?! Frillsbyyy."
>"Yams it's fine we're just on our super important patrol to solve all problems big and small."
>>"Haaah well that excludes me no problems here if it was a problem it'd be like a medium or something and that's neither of the things you said. Yep. All's gucci, poochie."
"Frillsby you gotta arrest him he's totally lying he's seemed so tense ever since Khivat started living with him!"
>"Gallsby I'm not arresting him. Yet."
Man. Frillsby never wants to arrest our friends.
>>"What?! Yet?! Okay look fine maybe. Maybe there's a slight thing. A slight thing that maybe I sort of really don't want to stop but maybe causes An Issue... But just forget I said anything hahaaaaah..."
Hmmmm. Yams seems slightly suspicious here. Khivat then shouts out from inside the house with a grave insult to my dignity.
>>>"Who's at the door? Is it Frisbee and Gazebo? Tell them to come in!"
"I'm not a gazebo Khivat!! This is the worst nickname!!!"
Yams starts looking increasingly more nervous and lets us into the house.
No. 718780 ID: bfb318
File 146152495729.png - (155.18KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 050.png )

Oh! Khivat's not wearing a bottom! This may be relevant to the Yams mystery!
>>>"So what's up with you guy showin' up out of the blue?"
"We have a mystery to solve. A Yams Mystery."
"Yams! What do you think about Khivat going bottomless?"
No. 718782 ID: bfb318
File 146152497867.png - (269.38KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 051.png )

>>"aaaaaa Gallsby don't just ask that! I uh... it's..."
>>>"Sheesh Yams. When I asked him if I should be wearing pants around the house he was like 'No it's super definitely an okay if you don't wear anything just you do you uh huh yep.'"
>>"nooooo don't tell them that!"
>"Yams you just wanted her to be comfortable, right?"
>>"Y-yeah! It's not like... uh... A thing not that."
"Mmhmmm. You seem way more tense than usual, tho. Maybe we should do something about that."
>>>"He's trying to be subtle about how hard you are."
Yams makes concerned noises. He is really straining against his pants, and having a hard time not looking at Khivat.
A. Tell Yams to take off his pants to make it an even situation and give him some relief from pressing against his pants so much.
B. Tell Khivat that she's torturing Yams by going bottomless and that she should put on some pants despite Yams claiming otherwise.
C. Tell Yams to eat a raw potato while taking a cold shower.
D. Eh it'll be fine just give them some coffee cake and bail outta here.
E. Other?
No. 718784 ID: 211d83

E. So why aren't you two fucking yet?

Khivat stop teasing poor Yams and start getting into his pants.
No. 718785 ID: 87547f

Come on Yams you cant just have your roommate be wandering around without pants while you still are wearing some.

Look you are making her self conscious or something. The only option is to also go bottomless to even things out.
No. 718790 ID: 4201a2

A. It is super obvious the source of Yams' problem is his tight, constraining pants. Arrest those pants at once.
No. 718792 ID: be1222

Absolutely A. An active absolution, and also an alluring altruistic alternative.
No. 718793 ID: 90f3c0

A. The situation will be much more relaxed once everything is even. In fact, everyone should take their pants off.
No. 718820 ID: 15a025

C sounds like it will entail in some fun shenanigans.
No. 718826 ID: 38cb3f

No. 718841 ID: fef2ee

E. Everyone takes off their pants so that nobody feels left out.
No. 718847 ID: ca0e4f

Give him cake then tell him to take his pants off, don't explain until he asks
No. 718852 ID: a075ba

A, D, and
>E. So why aren't you two fucking yet?

I'm sure the lack of pants and coffee cake will somehow break through the sexual tension barrier and get them fucking. Or something.
No. 718854 ID: 741634

A. and E. everyone goes in pantsless solidarity.
No. 718992 ID: e89427

Q. Mutual Masturbation
No. 719060 ID: e0255a

/b/ Mutual Masturbation

Also when you do this you must not have pants on.
No. 719070 ID: cdec48

Most definitely C. Better if it's a cold yam, it has more stress-relieving properties.
No. 719103 ID: 7d9f2e


E: ask where she got that dope-ass shirt

also yeah A: arrest those pants for torturing Yams
No. 719894 ID: 7d9f2e

get that D, khivat ( pick A )
No. 721267 ID: bfb318
File 146255475857.png - (126.62KB , 900x750 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 052.png )

"Okay Yams, your pants are under arrest, I have to take them into custody. Take 'em off."
>>"My pants are already under citizen's arrest it's fine!!"
Dangit! Foiled. It legit looks like it must hurt with how much he's pressing against his pants though.
"It's gotta hurt to keep that thing restrained. At least start with unzipping so it only has to press against your underwear."
>>"G-Gallsby I dont think-"
Thinking is like generally a bad move, Yams should stop doing it so much.
"Khivat's bottomless, why not you? Just pull down your pants and let out your di-"
>>"That's different! And it's not like you or Frillsby are going without pants!!"
Yams is up off the couch and facing away from us now.
"MMhmmm. Frillsby pull my pants down, I don't want to rip them."
Yams claims this, but he turned back around and is now looking expectantly at Frillsby. He also followed my advice about unzipping at least. Oh no! It looks like Frillsby is getting the same problem as Yams now.
>"UHhhhhhh you sure about that Gallsby?"
"We gotta solve his problem, Frillsby!"
>>"... U-uh... Frillsby would still be wearing pants then though..."
"Yams! It's a deal then! All pants will be taken off!"
>"H-hey now, I've gotta take mine off too?"
>>"Wait wait wait Khivat what do you think of all this it's crazy right haha?"
>>>"What? Nah I think you should totally take your pants off, why would I stop you? Whip it out! Frillsby's gotta do it too."
>"Wh- How did I even get involved in this?! What if I just don't do it?"
"Yams wouldn't do it then, he would still feel under-dressed! Oh, you could bail outta here and continue the patrol so Yams can let it free."
>"...I uh.."
After a pause, Frillsby sheepishly starts undoing his belt.
>"Shut up Khivat! It's just!... Gallsby and I shouldn't split up on patrol, okay."
>>"Gh! Okay! Fine! I'm gonna do it!"
No. 721269 ID: bfb318
File 146255483068.png - (178.05KB , 900x750 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 053.png )

Yams grabs his underwear and pants and pulls down in one motion, letting his dick bounce free from its prison.
"Wow dang."
>"Geez, Yams.
"You're pretty good at this whole taking bottoms off thing, help me out here?"
I stretch my legs out towards Yams to get the attention off of him, and he takes the hint and my pants. They come off pretty easily, my underwear slipping off with them and exposing my crotch. I'm pretty chilled out but seein' what Yams is sporting has me hardening up a bit, but it's more of a gold and not the chromium boner Yams has going on.
>>>"Also cool."
Everyone looks over to Frillsby.
>"...Right. Uh. Yams, you can take my pants off too. If you want."
Yams nods his head fervently as Frillsby puts his legs out to give easy access. Yams pulls Frillsby's pants down, leaving his bulging boxer briefs. Yams then pauses for a second, with Frillsby keeping his legs out to him.
>"Y-yeah those too."
Yams nods and gets in closer, grabbing Frillsby's underwear and dragging it down his legs as well, his boner popping free.
No. 721270 ID: bfb318
File 146255484153.png - (322.65KB , 900x620 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 054.png )

>>>"Mission complete!"
"Isn't that better, Yams? Problem totally solved."
>>"Um. Mostly solved."
>>>"He seems really pent up, he might need to do a little somethin' still."

Man what!!! What could Yams need to do? Oh geez he's throbbing something fierce over there. Throbbing for Melee?? Oh wait, maybe jackin' it is what he needs to do. Man, which hand would he even use for that? Maybe it's just nothing and we succeeded at winning the mission already.

A. Play Smash Bros Melee for the Nintendo GameCube, achieve total Fox
B. Have Yams eat coffee cake, achieve total fullness
C. Have Yams masturbate, achieve total comfort
D. Duty Fulfilled, leave the host's world
E. Other
No. 721272 ID: d715c6

Just jackin it would be too easy, and clearly we're all about doing things hard in here. So the thing you should do hard is play melee, and losers gotta help out the winners. Or winners gotta help out the losers? Or you could do teams and help out your partner while they're playing and vice versa. It's an inexact science.

Alternatively, engage maximum teasing and just keep the boner party going as long as possible. Crimes can probably wait for the cops to get around to it that's how crimes work.
No. 721273 ID: eba1bc

Have yams masturbate (someone else)
No. 721280 ID: 5ad4a7

D, let Khivat handle things from here.
No. 721283 ID: 738934

Have everyone team up with there roommate for a smash battle.

Whoever loses has to help the winner with any ongoing pants problems.
No. 721298 ID: 433720

A Smash, 2v2, Losers = Slaves for a day.
No. 721322 ID: cdec48

D, duty fulfilled.
Let nature rule as it may.
No. 721324 ID: a075ba

Let someone else masturbate Yams.

Or you know, 'accidentally' knock Yams into Khivat, let nature take it's course.

And then kick Frillsby's but at smash while this is going on, because he'll be too distracted by those two going at it to focus properly.
No. 721333 ID: 4854ef

Agreed with this, knock yams to Khivat for natural courses.
No. 721344 ID: a22f87

sounds like a plan.
No. 721368 ID: f416da

A and B, two people play while the other two eat, then trade off. Winners decide if they want to help out the losers or be helped out or watch the losers help themselves out or whatever.
No. 721377 ID: 0e0e50

E. Literally circlejerk
No. 721457 ID: d41523

E. Play Twister.
No. 721550 ID: cb8e93

Lewd smash tournament!

psst you play with your feet right? cheat and 'poke' frillsby w/ ur snooter to make him lose
No. 721652 ID: 3082a8

E everyone grab someone else's naughty bits
No. 721657 ID: 5ad4a7

How about
E. reasonable discussion about Khivat's intentions towards Yams?
No. 721796 ID: 15a025

A and B.
No. 721918 ID: f18550

No. 721933 ID: 595d54

Everyone's sitting around with their junk out of their trunks and two people have boners. It's a bit hard to mistake intentions.
No. 721935 ID: 5ad4a7

Well I mean it's possible she's just teasing him and doesn't want to actually get down and dirty.

...I guess that'd be pretty shortsighted though.
No. 723271 ID: 7d9f2e

E: i mean, it's already an orgy, everyone's shoes are off
obviously something with feets :3
No. 723377 ID: da6ad0

E. Help Yams work up the confidence to take his relationship with Khivat to the next level, by gently, yet firmly establishing physical contact between them.
No. 723696 ID: bfb318
File 146338311853.png - (187.44KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 055.png )

"I know just the thing to solve all problems forever, a Melee match!"
>>>"With a little something on the line for winning, right? I'm in."
>>"I-I'm in too."
>"Wait aren't you even going to decide what the rules are first before-"
"All right so everyone's on board!"
"It'll be the most competitive of all modes, Free For All! Second place has to make first place orgasm!"
>>"Oh geez."
"Pssst! Frillsby! My master plan is going into action! Yams won't know what hit him!"
>>>"We can hear that you know. You're not even whispering, you just said 'pssst' and then talked normally."
"Khivat that was a private and secret conversation!"
Sheesh, what an eavesdropper. Anyway we get the match all set up with the traditional 14 stock 25 minute FFA. I pick Jigglypuff as part of my master plan, and everyone else goes Fox. I play with my feet since my claws make things super awkward, but Jiggly is pretty chill even with feet. I gotta ensure that Yams gets first, or else his problem won't be solved! We get into the game and I will need to determine how to enact my master plan.

A. Sneaky sabotage of Frillsby.
B. Get Yams back to...

Oh wait I can just multitask, scratch that option A. I'll just do it right now as he's about to do a ledge dash. As I boop my snoot to him I hear a sharp intake of breath, and he airdodges and falls to his death. He opens his mouth to say something but nervously glances at Khivat and Yams. They are both tryin' their darndest, with all their focus on the screen, and they don't notice the act of sabotage being committed against Frillsby. He decides against bringing a new wave of attention to his naked crotch for now, and attempts to keep his focus on the game. I'll keep giving Frillsby an occasional lick or ten to make sure he doesn't get ahead of Yams.

A. Gets Yams back to stage when he gets knocked off, with "accidental" soft hits that let him Up+B again safely.
B. All out offense against Khivat to try and get her into a lower placing. I got some sick phantom forward throw setups that she won't be expecting.
C. Some other pro strat.
No. 723698 ID: 5ad4a7

B could backfire and sink her to third place. Really, if Yams is second and Khivat first, I expect his problem will be solved anyway.

Go with A.
No. 723721 ID: d715c6

Go for A, as jiggly you can just "accidentally" whiff a bunch of rest setups against him while totally nailing them against khivat. Frillsby probably won't be a problem, unless he's super good at playing while getting his boner teased, which is possible
No. 723804 ID: 15a025

C, sleep on everybody!
No. 723819 ID: 4201a2

C. Just wreck Frillsby and then use super risky rests to take yourself out.

It'll probably turn out fine regardless of who takes first, as long as you and Frillsby take 3rd and 4th. Even if Khivat takes first and Yams has to get her off, nobody said exactly how he has to do that, and once the tension gets broken by real contact, it should be super easy to escalate the situation.
No. 723820 ID: a075ba

Yes run around putting foxes to sleep, except not Yams, mostly, and down B sometimes on Frillsby.
No. 728908 ID: 7d9f2e

do whatever you feel like, as long as it is utterly lewd
No. 775504 ID: bfb318
File 148572645007.png - (157.59KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 056.png )

It's time to get all restful up on Frillsby.

>"Gallsby what are you doing."
"Gettin' all restful up on you. Did you know that if I fall asleep right now you would fly into outer space?"
>"You've got to do that in the game!"
"I am though."

Somehow Yams and Khivat haven't noticed my funny business over here, or maybe they have and just are pretending to ignore. Yams is focused on trying not to die and Khivat is in this to win this.

Frillsby's fox goes 'whaaaaaaooooooooo as I get a a fourth upthrow to rest.

".... who set this game to 14 stocks?!" Khivat asks.
"No johns, you mean!"

Frillsby is losing stocks faster than he loses his pants, but even though I manage to save Yams a bunch, Khivat is still winning by a wide margin! Yams and I are close to tying for second right now, but it's fine that I'm doing fine right now, because the best person at sabotaging me is me. Maybe Khivat getting first and Yams second is okay, since it's not like first place making second place orgasm is against the rules. But what if it isn't? I could say it's fine but in the words of Frillsby himself, 'it will not be fine'.

A) Actually it will be fine. I should keep doing as I do.
B) Practice the time honored failsafe of smash FFA: Yell out 'she's winning, everyone get her!' and let nature do the rest.
C) Other
No. 775506 ID: 211d83

A. Continue to sabotage yourself by getting back to bopping that dick with your snoot.
No. 775509 ID: 398fe1

No. 775513 ID: cd1f9d

Option B.
No. 775587 ID: bfb318
File 148574281369.png - (124.70KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 057.png )

"Excuse me everyone but I would like to divert all of your attention to Khivat's number of stocks! Get her!"

You participate in the following 3v1 team battle, except that somehow and for some reason all of your rests completely miss her fox and instead hit Frillsby's fox dead on.

>"Gallsby I suspect you are doing this on purpose."
"Maybe if you weren't a lookalike I'd have better aim!" I say as I accidentally up throw to rest him again for his final stock.
>"Oh gosh sorry Frillsby I didn't mean to hit you!" Yams says as he manages to knock Frillsby's fox out of my rest knockback by softly flutterhushing him for 5%, and saving his stock.

He comes back by using his side b. He doesn't shorten it though and I grab him right out of it. And throw him up.

And rest.

"You know Gallsby they say that over 2,000 friendships are broken a year by up throw and rest."
>"Psh the others just get a stronger bond, a bond that involves DIing like at all."

I go and fight Khivat and it turns out that she can DI, but I act like I want it anyway and keep resting off stage while also sometimes actually landing the rest and taking out her stocks. I perfectly sabotage myself so that I die before Yams who has a whole 6 stocks left, and Khivat is 40% into her final stock. I'd say that this is mission comprete!
No. 775588 ID: bfb318
File 148574282578.png - (202.55KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 058.png )

Over the course of five minutes, Frillsby and I play spectator to the raddest, most tragic 6-stock comeback we've ever seen in our lives. There's waveshines, there's gimps, there's combos, and it's all one sided. Khivat takes the game back to get first place. On the bright side if I were in Yams place, that beating would be so bad that I wouldn't even be stiff anymore! Oh but I'm not Yams, Yams is Yams and a beating can't put his boner down. I bet his beefy arm shrunk three whole sizes though.

"Cool." says Khivat. "Wait, was there a prize?"
"Second place makes first place orgasm!"
"Cool. Come on, Yams, onto my bed."
"O-oh, gosh, really...?"

Apparently that was a rhetorical question because no one answers it.

>"Alright. I guess that might be it?" asks Frillsby probably rhetorically.
"Yeah what were we doing here again?"
>"Patrolling. Which is our job."
"Oh right we should get back to that."

A) Go back to patrolling places
B) Patrol Khivat's bedroom
C) Patrol for nearby boners
D) Patrol something else.
E) Don't patrol anything. Do something like play investigator. Like investigate what's up with Khivat's shirt.
No. 775591 ID: 211d83

B. Having set our man Yam's up for success we have a duty to see how his bedroom adventures go.
No. 775603 ID: 3abd97


Or at least nearby enough to listen in.
No. 775605 ID: b073ca

B- Someone might end up disturbing the peace
No. 775616 ID: bfb318

Do options B&E
No. 775640 ID: 91ee5f

You're crazy man! They're the good guys! They can't be Breaking & Entering!
No. 775647 ID: c57f6b

No. 775696 ID: 1712fe

C is a solid choice, possibly as solid as the nearby boners
No. 775712 ID: 86efeb

B then once there E and after that C
No. 775761 ID: cd1f9d

Take care of these boners and (A) go back to patrolling.
No. 775803 ID: 65ec8d

A). Someone owes you some money!!

Maybe use spoiler image function for politeness' sake, there?
No. 775804 ID: bfb318
File 148582360459.png - (188.82KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 059.png )

"Frillsby we've got to patrol the inside of Khivat's bedroom."
"We're cops, and it's our sworn duty to patrol every nook and cranny of the town and we've never been in all of Yams' rooms, so for all we know we've had a cave of crime and ruin hiding out right under our snoots!"
>"In Yam's spare bedroom."
>"Alright, fair enough, let's look inside."

Khivat didn't even shut the door all the way! That's like permission to come in.

"Ah! You guys! What are you doing here?" says Yams.
"Customary search and patrol! We're investigating this place for any crime."
>"Don't mind us."
"Yes everything looks good and in order in here. Hey Khivat where did you get that shirt from?"
"I'm not wearing a shirt."
"The shirt you were wearing a minute ago!"
"The clothing store."
"It even had our faces on it!"
"Well, I'm convinced, you guys really are investigators."
"That's good because we are! But who would put our faces on a shirt! Frillsby is that even okay?!"
>"Using our likeness on merchandise without our consent... there's probably a law against that. Maybe. I don't actually know."
"It's gotta be against the law! You should check that out!"
>"With who Gallsby? Who or what book would know that?"
"Probably no one, but if we can't say it's illegal, then the shirt maker can't say what they did was legal!"

A) Finish patrol, then go find the shirt making criminal
B) Finish patrol, then go through dutiful and researchful actions to find out if there's anything about that
C) It actually doesn't even matter that your face is on a shirt. It does say 'dead cops' but it also says 'I am a trash man' so it basically cancels out.
No. 775821 ID: 3abd97

Have fun you crazy kids.

A. Even if it doesn't matter, you want to find out where that shirt came from! For reasons.
No. 775823 ID: b54d7c

The shirt has your faces on it. That's practically the same as your names, so the shirt belongs to you.
No. 775882 ID: 398fe1

A/B, at least make sure that when you approach the person of interest they won't be able to just ditch all the illegal goods by the time you have official charges to press.

Don't steal the shirt, haha.
No. 775933 ID: 0a5d51

No no let us first finish our boner patrol' look there's one right there on Frillsbys' crotch. We must deal with this wayward erection immediately, with our tongue.
Then once that hard on has been thoroughly slurped into submission we can go find us a t-shirt maker and negotiate some royalties and some free custom shirts yeah.
No. 776541 ID: bfb318
File 148604749824.png - (199.44KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 060.png )

All right, it's time to finish our patrol.
Gotta patrol this diiiiiiii
>"Gallsby I gotta put my pants on if we're gonna investigate this potential Cop Killer."
"Whaaaaaaaat, cop killer?"
>"Four hundred and ten BILLION dead cops, Gallsby."
"Man. That's just so many dead cops, that would take so much dedication.
No. 776545 ID: bfb318
File 148604773648.png - (215.54KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 061.png )

"This is super serious so we gotta be super serious."

"You gotta put my pants on too Frillsby"
>"R-right. Wait, what clothing store could she have meant?"
"HEYyyy Khivat if you tell us what store it was you can have this coffee ca-"

Oh right I don't think we've ever been inside there. Some guy that's newer to town started it up.
"Let's ride!"
>"Gallsby I'm not going to let you piggyback ride all the way there."
No. 776546 ID: bfb318
File 148604777264.png - (236.08KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 062.png )

>"Boy. This sure is... a clothing store."
"YE, get you dress!"
>"Gallsby we gotta get our investigation on."
"YE, get you investigation!"
No. 776547 ID: bfb318
File 148604779176.png - (254.79KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 063.png )

>"All right well stop yelling geez."
There's just some mannequins here and some goof ass shirts. Aw damn that Beef's Greatest Grandpa shirt tho...

A.) This guy just sells weird shirts he ain't no danger, let's bail and go somewhere else.
B.) Him not being here is suspicious! Hold a stakeout until he comes back!
C.) Interrogate his mannequins, they would have seen it all!
D.) Another more different thing!!
No. 776554 ID: 595d54

C, this seems suspicious. You should definitely investigate the inanimate objects.
No. 776583 ID: f6b313

C, bruh do they have real fur???
No. 776632 ID: 1712fe

C, but be sure to give those mannequins a good pat down, they could be hiding weaponry in those stylish boxers.
No. 776641 ID: e6e9af


Interrogate the manikins ... and then arrange them in lewd ways. Because you need to send a message. Obviously.
No. 776643 ID: 90f3c0

C. And give them a thorough search in case they're packing anything suspicious.
No. 776648 ID: 95ad05

Are you sure those are manikins? Somethings off about them.
No. 776662 ID: 3abd97

No. 776701 ID: b073ca

D- Pull down those tap boxers, clearly they're infringing on wizards of the coast copyright and must be stopped
No. 776704 ID: d1d42a

remove boxers on mannequins
No. 776962 ID: bfb318
File 148616509328.png - (182.16KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 060.png )

"ALRIGHT FINE LET'S DO THE COP THING THEN. We've got to give these mannequins a pat down!"
>"What do you expect to find?"
"PACKED HEAT. Think about it. This is a shirt store so why are there boxers? To hide the hot goods! You get that pair of boxers but take a picture first because I'm sure I've seen that arrow before so it's probably infringement on something else!"
>"I don't think any lawyers will take a case like that Gallsby."

>"Mostly because of the 'no lawyers' gig we have going on. This fur feels convincing."
No. 776966 ID: bfb318
File 148616523679.png - (232.22KB , 900x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 061.png )

"I'm doin' it I'm putting these boxers in custody!"
No. 776967 ID: bfb318
File 148616524605.png - (218.90KB , 900x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 062.png )

The mannequin's eye rolls down to look at me and I'm starting to think this isn't a mannequin. Frillsby notices too or maybe he just likes to sometimes jump back and put up karate hands.

>"Hello" fine consumers! You both look like you're in dire need of torso-fitting fabrics! The name is Ante, and it is my duty and privelege to sell EACH and EVERY ONE of you at least one shirt! Don't be a shy guy, just buy what you spy with your eye!"

A) Inquire about purchasing Beef's Greatest Grandpa
B) Inquire about Frillsby & Gallsby Shirt
C) Place this man under arrest
D) Other
E) Continue pulling down boxers
No. 776968 ID: 3abd97

"Man this sure is a realistic manikin, huh?"

No. 776969 ID: 398fe1


Also ask if he's puppeteering the mannequin or if that's his real body.
No. 776973 ID: 91ee5f

>just buy what you spy with your eye.
D) Ask to buy this dick you found hiding under these boxers.
No. 776974 ID: 91ee5f

Because you're spying it with your eye right now.
No. 776979 ID: 90f3c0

A, E

Ask is they accept blowjobs as payment.
No. 776980 ID: e6e9af


Continue with E to pull down the boxers (we gotta know if they're packing the heat!) and then if necessary, ask about A because we are SO BUYING HIM.


Whatever it is. For games. Obviously.
(And maybe screwing with our friends. Or screwing. Depending on this whole boxer thing.)
No. 776986 ID: 1712fe

D, and E, because depending on what you end up spying with your eyes, you may want to take him up on his offer.

B is the more policemanlike option, but we have so much time to be cops. Basically all day.
No. 777059 ID: 3740b1

No. 777065 ID: f6b313

A and E, ask if we can get a closer look at the Beef's Greatest Grandpa shirt (by getting it off him)

also D for the D, let's buy what we see

Do B later, in the mean time get frillsby to pat down the other mannequin, get a proper search going on here
No. 777067 ID: 0bf8e6

E) while Frillsby talks.
Frillsby ask about custom shirts.
No. 777241 ID: 15a025

E, there might be some hard evidence down there.
No. 777266 ID: bfb318
File 148627462053.png - (124.09KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 063.png )

"Frillsby this mannequin's pretty realistic!"
>"It's exceeded its allowed realism rate and is no longer a mannequin. That's a person, Gallsby. Be polite."
"Okay okay."
>"Ante, since that's what we're calling you apparently, do you deal with custom shirts? Also is that your real body or are you controlling mannequins?"
"I assure you that me and my body are as real as these deals!" I'm pretty impressed, Ante seems completely unfazed by his boxers being taken off. I wonder if this happens a lot. "I may not deal customization, but my selection is so wide and vast that if you can imagine it, I'd ante up and bet we've got it! And now, what do you see for sale that you would like?"

>Continue pulling down boxers
>Ask to buy the dick you find
I pull down the boxers!
No. 777268 ID: bfb318
File 148627478971.png - (144.48KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 064.png )

"How much is thiiiiss?"
>"GALLSB- wait what."
"5.99 for the mini-shirt you see there, sir!"
>"Yeah Lil' Beef is a thing that's happening in our lives right now."
"Ante's always prepared for any occasion, and shirts are appropriate for any occasion! I see you eyeing my non-mini-shirt, too, of Beef's Greatest Grandpa! Obviously, you know it's a good shirt when trusted Antonio of the Clotheo Rodeo wears it himself. For a mere 16.99, it'll go right from my back to your back! I'd ask what you'd say to that, but I already know the answer's 'yes'!"
>"What makes you say th-"
>"Gallsby he couldn't read your mind."
"Oh yeah I mean HE'S A PSYCHIC."
>"Gallsby I think he says that to everyone. Ante, there was a shirt you sold that had our likeness on it."
"And we don't approve!"
"Sorry, but no refunds!"
>"We're not asking for a refund, but it's against the law to sell shirts with people's likeliness. Probably."
"Eh? You guys cops or somethin'?"
"Well I'm sorry officers, but I just haven't the foggiest idea of what you're talking about!"
No. 777269 ID: 398fe1

Hey don't make us detain you until we go back and get the shirt for evidence. Also don't lie to the cops, buddy.

Quote what it says on the shirt for good measure. Ask where he gets these shirts anyway, does he make the designs himself?
No. 777275 ID: bb78f2

You do know that ignorance isn't a legal defense, right?
And that we might sue your company into the ground? We have lawyers.
We want compensation.
Also we don't know about the actual market is for these so we don't actually know why you have them but don't know about us... so yeah. We'd like that answer too. We don't think we're particularly famous. The only cops on the force, sure, but that doesn't mean marketability.

Gallsby, I think we're talking to a stooge salesman and not even the dude that makes the shirts and business deals. Ask to talk to the manager.
No. 777279 ID: 3abd97

If people can buy the clothes off his back (and logically, off his cock and his balls and wherever else) doesn't that mean you're paying him to strip? He's a stripper! And this place doesn't look like it has a proper license for stripping. That's also illegal, and just terrible.
No. 777281 ID: a363ac

Abuse your powers as cops to steal his penis outfit under the law of Concealment of deadly weapons.
No. 777282 ID: 1712fe

Buy the tiny clothes, those things are fantastic.

You do have to be cops a little bit more, I guess, so ask to see what other police-themed clothing he has.
No. 777288 ID: 91ee5f

No. 777315 ID: 3740b1

No. 777319 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, just look around for other copyright-defying shirts and ask where his proof of rights to sell 'em is.
No. 777345 ID: e6e9af


Lil' Beefer's shirt is on upside-down, the silly thing! We better fix that for him, and tuck it into those tiny pants, too. Wouldn't want to be unfashionable or anything.
No. 777391 ID: bfb318
File 148632988142.png - (146.12KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 065.png )

"Deal! I'll buy the shirt! And the pants!"
"Sorry, but this rodeo is shirts only, the pants aren't for sale!"
"Fine but I'm confiscating this dick under the law of concealment of deadly weapons!"
"Oh, but surely there's a law that allows for deadly weapons inside of one's own home?"
"This is a shop!"
"And it's where I live!"
"FINE. What police officer themed shirts do you have?"
"All sorts! Let me look here..."

He rapidly flings through piles of shirts and sorts out a pile of shirts that he shows off proudly.

"Wow, get a load!"
>"Wow! These are all incredibly offensive."
"Don't be rude Frillsby! Who wouldn't like donuts?!"
"So you say, but the people on the streets will go 'wow! those cops really have a sense of humor, they must be the best cops on the force.'!"
"We already are the best!"
"Then you basically HAVE to buy all of these!"
"Hey wait if I'm buying the clothes off you then aren't you a stripper? Do you have a strip license?"
"No, you pay strippers to take their own clothes off, you're paying me for you to take my clothes off! It's a whole world of difference."
>"We've gotten offtrack. Like a lot. Ignorance isn't a legal defense, Ante. That shirt we saw had our image on it."
"Well, officers, I see no evidence. For all I know, this shirt doesn't even exist - not that I think you're all lying, of course, but I would need to see it!"

A) Go run back to Khivat's and borrow her shirt
B) Continue looking for possibly incriminating shirts
No. 777392 ID: 3abd97

Buy and equip the "fuzziest fuzz" and the "pew pew shooting guns" shirts.
No. 777394 ID: 398fe1

B first. If you can't find anything then split up and like, have Frillsby stay behind so you can go borrow the shirt for evidence.

Hey wait does he do custom orders? Or maybe Khivat put your faces on it with like, an iron-on sticker.
No. 777395 ID: f6b313

Get the fuzz shirt and the shooty shirt, explain that we could hypothetically arrest him for suspicion of fraud. The shirts have more than a passing resemblance to the one you saw earlier, and if you are asked to provide evidence in front of a jury you could say you had certainty beyond reasonable doubt that the shirt was produced by this store, based off the eyewitness testimony of 2 cops and a chick who was banging a dude.

...of course we could settle outside of court, we accept payments in shirts, money and smex.
No. 777398 ID: 1712fe

One of you go back for the shirt, one of you stay here and interrogate the suspect further. Clearly this is a tough customer... Well, you guys are the tough customers here, but at least you can buy the tiny shirt and further investigate the concealed weaponry.
No. 777401 ID: 398fe1

That sounds like a shakedown, dude.
No. 777477 ID: bfb318
File 148634541739.png - (188.60KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 066.png )

"Frillsby we gotta get the fuzziest fuzz and the gunshooty shirts."
>"I'm not saying no."
"And sold!"

We buy and equip the shirts.

"Okay Frillsby here's the plan."
>"Is it that one of us stays here and the other goes gets Khivat's shirt?"
>"Alright. I'll stay here then."
"Don't arrest him for suspicion of fraud or whatever while I'm gone!"
>"Better hurry then."
No. 777478 ID: bfb318
File 148634546586.png - (113.12KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 067.png )

I casually sprint over to Khivat's. Actually it's technically Yam's I guess.

"Hey Khivat hey Yams wherever you are."
"He's in the shower. What's up?"
"I gotta get that shirt off your back."
"... I thought you were gay as hell."
"Gays wear shirts too Khivat!"
"No, nevermind. I like this shirt. Why do you want it?"
"We gotta show Ante the error of his ways! By proving he used our images!"
"Fine. But you've got to return it to me afterwards, alright? Don't you dare lock it away as permanent evidence or some shit."
"Why would we ever do that?"
"Just return my shirt after it's done. I want you to shake on it."
No. 777479 ID: 398fe1


Give her the elaborate handshake you've learned growing up as a youth with claws for hands.
No. 777480 ID: 1712fe

I would say shaking is questionable due to your particular hands, but she survived getting dumpster'd so she'll probably be fine. I mean, she could shake a non-primary appendage if you're both okay with that, or you should shake your tush. Shaking is a versatile action.
No. 777487 ID: 3abd97

Yeah fine we'll give it back, we're cops, not thieves, so stealing is the opposite of what we do!
No. 777488 ID: 91ee5f

"You sure you wanna shake? I can't guarantee you'll still have the same number of fingers.....or even still have a hand."
No. 777511 ID: 211d83

I will shake on it for sure.

And also if the shop owner zaps the shirt with magic to change it to avoid the long arm of the law we will get him to fix it just for you.
No. 777748 ID: bfb318
File 148643541914.png - (130.95KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 068.png )

"Okay we'll shake but I mean I do have these claws."
"Well bundle them up and I'll grab them!"
"You sure you don't want to shake my feet or something?"
"I'm sure."
"I could shake my butt if that - "

She grabs my claws and starts shaking vigorously, staring me right in the eyes.

"Well okay a deal then! And if it turns out he zaps the shirt to change the evidence we'll get him to change it back!"
"Huh. He can do that?"
"Uh no probably not. I mean it's possible but geez I just thought of it right now and it seems pretty unlikely if I say so myself!"
No. 777749 ID: bfb318
File 148643542778.png - (188.55KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 069.png )

Moments later

"Hey Frillsby I'm back with the -"
No. 777750 ID: bfb318
File 148643544226.png - (195.42KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 070.png )

Aw man.
No. 777752 ID: 595d54

That was a friend's, he's under arrest for defacing someone else's property, and no you don't need physical evidence, you saw him do it yourself and so did Frillsby, and Khivat can testify that it used to be different.
No. 777753 ID: 3abd97

You're under arrest for making me break a promise. I was supposed to give that back to a friend! And also tampering with evidence.

Wait you're magic-proof. If you poke the shirt, or rub your face on it or something, can you break the spell?
No. 777754 ID: bb78f2

You're under arrest
10 years dungeon
No. 777756 ID: 398fe1

Yeah arrest that punk. That's tampering with evidence, destruction of property, AND the shirt still has someone's face on it who presumably isn't being given a share of the profits.
No. 777761 ID: 211d83

Ok this shirt is also great but now you just added a destroying evidence charge on to the pile.

You do know as the sole law enforcement in town our word you zapped it is all the evidence we need to arrest you right?

Listen we all think your shirts are awesome but you got to get permission to use someones face on them ok? You might get a pass on ours seeing as we are public figures and such. But Yams is a civilian and I am pretty sure this new shirt is even more unlawful.

We really don't want to shut you down because no one wants less of these awesome shirts in town.
No. 777836 ID: 54f614

Basically this.
At least get Yams' permission first!
No. 777918 ID: bfb318
File 148650745355.png - (126.57KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 071.png )

>Wait you're magic-proof. If you poke the shirt, or rub your face on it or something, can you break the spell?
No but it means that if I was a shirt, he couldn't change me!

"I made a promise I'd return this shirt! And it was probably under the presumtion I'd return it looking the same!"
>"Yeah that's definitely tampering with evidence."
"But do you have any evidence that I tamped with evidence?"
"Yeah our brains recall you doing it and our words saying you did it. That's evidence of the most imperical kind!"
"Now what kind of..."

"Ohhh. Oh this is one of those towns where you two would be the only cops on the force and you are basically the law aren't you?"
"You're under arrest, buddy!"
"So what's that mean?"
"Frillsby what's that mean."
>"It means we detain him while we investigate any charges against him."
"Well I guess I do want these shirts to exist! We're not going to shut him down or anything right?"
>"Uh no it's probably just going to be a fine or community service or something."
"Wait what if we put him under shop-arrest?"
>"Then I'd say that that doesn't exist, but since this is also where he lives, we could put him under house arrest."
"Yeah! Arrest him for Yams! Arrest him for my broken promise!"
>"Gallsby to be completely fair, I bet Yams doesn't even care about this."
"Well I'm gonna call him up then we can see!"
No. 777919 ID: bfb318
File 148650746256.png - (112.42KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 072.png )

"Oh hey Yams how're the things?"
>"It's pretty good Gallsby, pretty good and pretty much the same as when you left since it's been like 20 minutes I guess?"
"Yeah hey what if I told you your image was being used on a shirt and you weren't getting any royalties or anything?"
>"Oh man I mean I don't need royalties or anything and just being on a shirt sounds cool as heck!"
"Dangit Yams why you gotta be so chill sometimes!"
No. 777920 ID: bfb318
File 148650749547.png - (198.69KB , 1200x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 073.png )

I hang up.

"Okay you're off the hook for Yams, he wants this!"
>"Okay Ante, but from now on you have to get permission to sell any shirts that end up having people's faces on them."
"But what about my promise with Khivat?"
>"About that. That was destruction of evidence and destruction of someone else's property. We can't let that go."
"Well what's done is done, I'm afraid. I've seen the error of my ways, but I only have the magic to change shirts to something random. I have no control over what it turns into. But I tell you what! As an apology for changing a satisfying shirt, I will give both of you a 25% off your next shirt coupon! Then I'll have learned my lesson, and we can all go back to our regular lives."

A) Put him under house/shop arrest, and find out what should be done
B) Just give him a fine
C) Just sentence him to 40 hours community service
D) Accept his apology, let him off with a warning.
E) >_____
No. 777921 ID: 3abd97

Just bully him to zap the shirt with random magic until it's fixed again. That's the community service. Trying to fix a member of the community's shirt, as long as it takes.
No. 777925 ID: 91ee5f

E) Call Khivat and tell her what happened.

Ante better hope Khivat's as chill as Yams, otherwise she'll be the one to punish him!
No. 777926 ID: 65ec8d

Community service/fine: he has to replace the shirt. If he can't do it by magic, then he'll just have to do it without magic! Either making it himself or pay someone to. I am sure he has a photographic memory for shirts.
No. 777935 ID: 54f614

This. Let him do his job and stuff, but give out some o dat poetic justice and shizzle.

Also take him up on those 25% off vouchers and call it square.
No. 777936 ID: 90f3c0

Apology accepted, but he still has to replace the shirt. Have him zap as many shirts as it takes to find one that Khivat likes even better than the original.
No. 777956 ID: 211d83

Wait just second there buddy! We are not the damaged individuals here anymore. Plus that seems a awful lot like a bribe. (also a shitty bribe)

If you had just apologized and not zapped the shirt we would have let you off with a warning. But now its 40 hours community service.

Oh and you have to replace Khivat's shirt with a new one she likes just as much. She is a unkillable fire lady/demon/spirit? by the way so I would suggest being polite.
No. 777965 ID: bb78f2

Tell him to zap it until he gets one similar to the one he zapped away.
No. 777974 ID: 1712fe

100 hours of servicing the community, starting with you two. And shop arrest until that time is paid off! That sounds probably fine considering he lives there anyways.

Running a fabulous storefront offering people questionably fantastic shirts does not count as community service.
No. 778012 ID: bfb318
File 148652803908.png - (160.32KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 074.png )

"That's the worst bribe I've ever not accepted!"
>"Gallsby. Wording."
"The worst bribe ever! Community service! Also making a replacement. Zapping a shirt till it comes out the same as Khivat's old one. Keep doing wrongs until a right happens, that's what this is."
>"That will take forever if it really is random, and I don't want Khivat to wait forever. Ante can try if he thinks he can, but he does have to replace the shirt one way or the other, even if he has to custom order a shirt from somewhere else."
"What? But I sell shirts, not buy them!"
>"How'd you get these shirts, then?"
"Nevermind that, but I still can't just buy shirts from my competitors!!"
>"Fine, we'll replace Khivat's shirt, and fine you for 40 dollars."
"Frillsby what're we gonna do with 40 bucks?"
>"Buy Khivat a custom replacement shirt."
"This seems really needlessly complicated."
>"It really is."
"Well on the bright side I was about to call Khivat with the bad news but now I don't have to!"

Ante grumbles a bit.

"How much community service?"
"100 hours! Or maybe just 40. One for every dollar so it can be poetic."
>"Alright. Ante, by the legal power granted to me by being a cop, you are under house arrest while you aren't doing community service."
"Okay. Yeah, yeah, I'll do that!" He sounds surprisingly enthusiastic about community service, now.
>"Selling shirts isn't community service."

Oh nevermind all the enthusiasm is gone now and is replaced by louder grumbling. Ante grumbles a lot and it keeps going for a long time until he makes noises that are words again.

"Then what counts as community service around here?!"

That is a good question.
No. 778015 ID: bb78f2

Cleaning the high ways, being a deputy, cleaning our office or the jail (and/or apartment), I don't fucking know go ask City Hall what they need done and get a report on your hours back to us.

We may be the only cops in town, but we still report to city hall and have a jail... like right?
No. 778016 ID: b073ca

helping Gallsby put on and take off his pants
No. 778031 ID: 3abd97

>That is a good question.
That's a question for the only judge in town, not the only cops.
No. 778050 ID: 031944

Without damaging them.
No. 778081 ID: 398fe1

This is something you'd probably want to talk to the mayor about.
No. 778086 ID: 1712fe

Servicing the community's members. Like, the people. Or the other kind, that'd be fine too. Alternatively, cleaning public property, helping out the less fortunate, all kinds of stuff.
No. 778087 ID: 91ee5f

Call Khivat and have her come up with something. It was her shirt, so she should get to decide the punishment.
No. 778089 ID: a363ac

helping cops which mainly involves doing things with pants. and playing smash.
No. 778093 ID: 3740b1

Only blowjobs.
No. 778101 ID: 0b2b5d

You know what I say? Sod the community service and house arrest! Increase the fine, use what we need to buy the replacement shirt and the rest will go to the community. Say perhaps advertising for local shops like that new shirt store that recently opened up.
No. 778168 ID: 7e933b

Playing Melee.
No. 778270 ID: bfb318
File 148661518872.png - (303.66KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 075.png )

>Ask The Mayor
We might be cops, but we can't just ask the mayor. The mayor's the one who does the asking of things around here, and always by mail. But I'm sure the mayor exists even though we've never seen them before.

Also, I think our one and only mayor is also the one and only judge?

>Town hall
That exists too. I think. At least, there's a run down mansion that's in the place of where 'Town Hall' is put down on maps of Dorb. It looks so old it feels like it was the first thing built around here, and abandoned before the second thing was built.

Whenever I remember the place, it's always got thunder and lightning behind it.

The only reason we even think the mayor is there is because whenever we get mail from them, that place is the return address. It could be a ruse though!
No. 778271 ID: bfb318
File 148661520669.png - (135.72KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 076.png )

"You've got to help me take my pants on and off without damaging them!"
"Hmm... that seems like it's best suited for a professional."
"Dang Frillsby he's got me. Okay then he can clean stuff like our office, and our holding cell!"
"Oh? Should I feel surprised you even have an office and a jail?"
"Both of those are our apartment!"
"Of course."
"Whoa whoa what is this sass, if this shop counts as your home then our home counts as our office and holding cell!"
"How smart my customers are!"
>"Honestly, this town has been kept clean lately, including our apartment, and we wouldn't want to put any janitors out of business."
"Dang the only alternative I can think of is playing smash and turning him into a professional pants-taker-offer and pants-putter-onner!"
"Or have Khivat decide on the punishment."
>"Gallsby no that's a bad idea."
"Too late, Gallsby doin'."
>"You said you didn't need to call her. You even sounded relieved."
".... too late."
No. 778272 ID: bfb318
File 148661521832.png - (94.65KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 077.png )

"Hey Khivat how's the yams?"
"Is this a prank?"
"Nope never."
"He's doing fine."
"Hahaha I didn't know vegetables had genders!!"

She hangs up and I call again.

"But seriously we ordered a replacement shirt that'll get here sometime since your other shirt got bzappo'd into something else."
"What happened."
"Antonio bzappo'd it but we were thinking of his punishment and hey what do you think it should be?"
"Burn 'im."
No. 778273 ID: bfb318
File 148661525850.png - (173.79KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 078.png )

I hang up this time.

"Wow dang Frillsby you were so right."
>"I know, you had it on speaker the whole time."
"Well Ante it looks like your choices are either to play smash and help me with pants, or get lit on fire. And I know you may not want my opinion on this matter, but if I were you, I think that playing smash is a way better way to pass the time than being on fire."
"Eheh, would that lady really burn me? Perhaps she was joking?"
"Well she'd better be joking cause I'm pretty sure burning someone alive is a good reason to get put into for-real jail! Is that true Frillsby?"
>"Yes, Gallsby, I'm going to make a call and say that burning someone is definitely illegal. And since she's not allowed to do it, there's only one real option here."
No. 778275 ID: bfb318
File 148661533442.png - (189.48KB , 1000x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 079.png )


"Wow Ante who plays Ness? A total scrub that's who!"
"And one who knows the best character is the one who has the best shirt! You want to be the best character? Come on down to my clotheo rodeo and pick up some more shirts!"
"Frillsby he's trying to sell shirts during community service!"
>"As long as he's still doing the service, and not just selling shirts."
"Speaking of that, I sincerely hope I don't have to win for this to count as community service time."
"I hope so too for your sake, cause you're getting wreeeeeecked!"
"Well, just remember, while you practice smash, I'm running a company for over 14 hours a day!"
>"Gallsby be nice you're about to break the law with your burns. Don't make me put you in jail."
"Fine fine but you know what I could go for right now? Going pantsless!"

End Chapter 3
No. 778391 ID: bfb318
File 148668149735.png - (193.67KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 080.png )

Chapter 4
20 minutes and 4 matches after the end of Chapter 3

"Look Frillsby I know that you think jigglypuff can be a rude character to play but someday you'll learn how to DI right."
>"Gallsby we never finished our patrol."
"Oh geez you're right what would the mayor think !!"
>"We may never know, but we can probably make an educated guess considering that all we did was fine one person and then come back here to play smash bros."

A) All in a day's work! Which means patrol done.
B) Go back on patrol.
C) Find out what the mayor would think.
D) Other
No. 778394 ID: a363ac

B. Your right as always Frillsby. Civil servant put my pants back on!
No. 778395 ID: 398fe1

No. 778418 ID: 3abd97

Hey, technically, you didn't abandon patrol. You stopped to administer justice! That's important.
No. 778473 ID: 199251

Well we finished our boner patrol earlier so now it's time doughnut patrol.
That's right patrol your way down to the local bakery.
No. 778530 ID: bfb318
File 148676428378.png - (158.81KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 081.png )

"You're right as always! Civil servant, put my pants on, and then Frillsby let's go patrolling again."
"You all should patrol my store some more." says Ante.
"Except I'm hungry and I can't eat shirts!"
>"Food to go is a thing that exists that we could do."
"Yeah maybe but so is food to stay!"

A) Go to Bakery
B) Go to Antonio's shirt store for some reason
C) Go to Randy's
D) Patrol somewhere else
No. 778531 ID: 398fe1

No. 778533 ID: 3abd97

>"You all should patrol my store some more." says Ante.
That your way of admitting your store is gonna be lawbreaking soon? Naughty naughty.

No. 778539 ID: 91ee5f


Let's go be cop stereotypes and get some donuts!
No. 778637 ID: bfb318
File 148679295312.png - (107.15KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 082.png )

>"Wait a second. Ante did you just say your store is gonna be lawbreaking if we gotta patrol there?"
"My store is law abiding, but my deals are so extreme that my customers may as well be stealing my shirts!"
>"It's not a crime if they have a receipt."
"Let's get donuts!"
>"I have mixed feelings about wearing shirts like these and going to get donuts while on cop patrol."
"But donuts."
>"Yeah okay good argument. Randy has some right?"
"Randy's cool but I just dunno about garlic on donuts. What about the bakery?"
>"I don't think Randy puts garlic on donuts Gallsby."
"He does though we had some remember that time I asked for donuts and he gave us garlic donuts?!"
>"Gallsby I hate to be the one to break it to you like this, but all he did was carve holes into garlic bread."
"Yeah and that's a donut??"
>"Let's go to the bakery."
"Then I will see all of you guys down the road! Metaphorically, of course. Or perhaps not, since my shop is down the road!"
No. 778639 ID: bfb318
File 148679299216.png - (201.77KB , 1000x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 083.png )

We make it to the bakery. The door even makes a little 'ding!'

"Frillsby there's no one here and most importantly that includes behind the counter."
No. 778640 ID: 3abd97

Look around for a little bell to ding to get someone to show up behind the counter.

If you can't find a little bell to ding, start making "ding, ding!" noises yourself.
No. 778653 ID: 398fe1

See if he's in the back, baking.
No. 778654 ID: 91ee5f

He might be really short and he's standing behind the counter right now.
No. 778656 ID: bfb318
File 148679803789.png - (168.16KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 084.png )

"Haha wait is this guy just such a shorty that he's behind the counter and I can't see him?"
>"Well now that you mention it, I really hope that's not the case."
"I'm going to the back!"
>"Gallsby that's illegal, the back is for authorized personnel only."
"I'm a cop and I say so."
>"Well I'm a cop and - "
"Removing laws are for judges. Cops can only make them."
>"Dang I can't prove you wrong."

I look around on the counter for one of those little bells but I don't even see that. I just have to make do.

"Ding ding!"

A big clang reaches our senses, and that's shortly followed by a goat guy and three pastries.
No. 778657 ID: bfb318
File 148679808237.png - (221.66KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 085.png )

>"HI how long have you guys been waiting out there I'm so sorry!"
"Well I walked in and then said DING DING."
>"So not long." Frillsby says.
>"Okay okay well uh - did the doorbell not go off it must not of I need to get that repla - I mean welcome! To the store! Where I sell things like all of the bread you see... uh... here. Can - can I help all? I mean, let me help you."
No. 778658 ID: 398fe1

The bell on the door went off, yeah. Maybe make it louder or put more on there. Right now you're on patrol, does he know of any disturbances? If not I guess get a couple donuts. And a pastry.
No. 778672 ID: bfb318
File 148680902071.png - (156.91KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 086.png )

"We're here to investigate disturbances!"
>"Also to get donuts."
"Oh I have those! The donuts I mean. I uh - no disturbancewait why are you looking for disturbances?"
"We're here to destroy all D's. Disturbances, donuts, you name it."
>"Because we're cops."

He looks at his donuts.

"Okay. I mean, cool. That's cool! Yeah."
"Gee you seem real uncomfortable about us being cops."
"Nono that's not it, just... na-nothing, it's nothing. Donuts taste good to everyone!"
"What're you tryin' to say?"
"Th... that donuts taste good?"
"Well I can't argue with that! We'd like some please."
>"A pastry, too, to mix things up. By the way, your door bell went off. You may want a louder one."
"Wha really?! How many times has it... without noticing... I mean - let me get your donuts! And pastry."

He grabs a pair of tongs and picks up a chocolate frosted donut, then freezes up like he just realized something. He looks at that donut like he's trying to bore a second hole through it.

"... uh, what kind of donuts did you want?"
No. 778673 ID: 34576f

Jelly-filled. Preferably raspberry.
No. 778674 ID: 9f3729

Meat flavor with ham sprinkles
No. 778675 ID: fd73fa

Obviously garlic flavored.
No. 778676 ID: 1712fe

Get some glazed, frosted, powdered, sprinkled donuts. Yes, all at the same time. Very similar to everything bagels.

No filling, though, filled donuts aren't real donuts.
No. 778685 ID: 91ee5f

That one you're holding and that one on your head.
No. 778694 ID: 90f3c0

He's acting awfully suspicious, check that donuts for illegal substances.
No. 778697 ID: 398fe1

By eating them? That's already part of the plan!
No. 778811 ID: bfb318
File 148685977180.png - (114.39KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 087.png )

>"Meat flavored with ham sprinkles! Oh and at least one that's glazed, frosted, powedered and sprinkled all at the same time like everything bagles and one with garlic flavor and jelly filled."

He's a pretty good listener; he just stands there making that face the whole time.
No. 778812 ID: bfb318
File 148685978569.png - (185.75KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 088.png )

>"Oh and the one you're holding."

He spontaneously sighs in relief and keeps pulling that chocolate one to a box.

"Annnd also the one on your head."
"Er- what?"
"The one on your head!"
No. 778813 ID: bfb318
File 148685979863.png - (117.20KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 089.png )

"Is this a prank?"

So there's these horror games where there's a conspicuous hole in a wall or something that the player can't see into it well, and inevitably they have to stick their hole arm down in there to get an object or something and anything could happen.

That's kinda how this guy is acting when he feels up his horns. When he touches the donut it's like a player's reaction to seeing the horror game character pull back out with the arm gone.

"Eh... excuse me a moment."
No. 778814 ID: bfb318
File 148685983365.png - (161.63KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 090.png )

"What do you think Frillsby this guy is as sus as a bus."
>"That's not all that sus."
"No but I'm gonna taste for any illegal substances in his donuts!"
>"Yeah fair, in that case I'll taste for any in his pastries."
No. 778815 ID: bfb318
File 148685984777.png - (164.95KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 091.png )

"Okay sorry about that!"

He comes back out and grabs a bunch of donuts and sprinkles one with what better be ham, as well as a pastry that Frillsby points to.

"Okay that'll be 10.50! Oh wait - would you like any coff...ee?"

"Nope sorry just 10.50! I mean you can have coffee if you want I'm not denying you is what I mean bu-but is that all otherwise it's 10.50 dollars."
No. 778819 ID: 211d83

Is this your first day on the job cutie?

Cause you are as nervous as a guy who runs a bakery as a front for his massive drug smuggling empire. Then wink at him.

Then test a donut to see if its extra delicious. If it is then he is probably just a cute clumsy baker. (although still could be up to no good!)
No. 778820 ID: 398fe1

Why are you so nervous about cops buying coffee and donuts? Is it the shirts?
No. 778831 ID: 54f614

Get in reeeal close over the counter and ask for what he's selling in [strike]his pants[/strike] the back. Wink.
No. 778862 ID: 91ee5f

I don't think we ever told him we were cops.

But if we did, then he's probably nervous about pointing out the stereotype. He's not sure if we'll laugh or get pissed.
No. 778891 ID: 398fe1

We did. >>778672
No. 778945 ID: 3373e2

Flirt, this is the perfect chance to do so.
No. 779111 ID: bfb318
File 148695030445.png - (174.47KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 092.png )

"This your first day on the job?"
"No everyone says that but I'm just me! The owner and worker and baker."
"Cause you're as nervous as a guy who runs a bakery for his massive drug smuggling empire!"
"I - er - that's not - "
>"He's also as nervous as someone who's nervous about calling attention to stereotypes."
"Don't give him a way out of this Frillsby!"
"That's basically it I didn't mean to assume that you want coffee just because you guys were cops!"
"Wait what's stereotypical about cops having coffee?"
"Uh, th-the stereotype behind donuts and cops is actually I think I heard that it was because cops would go to donut shops not for the donuts but for the coffee and the donut shops were open 24 hours a day. So I guess it's kind of... I mean do you want coffee?"

I get up close.

"I wanna know what you're selling... in the back, behind you and your pants?"
No. 779114 ID: bfb318
File 148695036851.png - (159.35KB , 800x1000 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 093.png )

"...various.... baked... goods? I mean they're not for sale, either it's stuff for me or its uncooked and I can't sell uncooked food. Also I'm not wearing any pants."


"I mean, I'm wearing stuff down there just not pants!"

>"Gallsby didn't your mother tell you not to flirt with nervous goats?"
"What no she told me to do that every chance I got!"
>"Oh, alright then."

We buy the goods and I taste a donut and it's real good.

"Hey this donut's real good."
"Th-thank you! It has to be or... I mean, thank you!"
"Almost too good."
>"Gallsby that's not a crime. There is no law against good donuts."
"There should be!"
>"Do you want to think about that sentence now that you said it?"
"Yeah I take it back."

A) This guy's too suspicious, keep investigating
B) Move on
No. 779117 ID: 211d83

A. But keep flirting hard. It's got to make him crack eventually.

Wait why does the donuts have to be good or ...

That is suspicious talk cute muffin man.
No. 779121 ID: 89b351

aw hell, yeah leave for now but this calls for a stakeout!
No. 779125 ID: 29c4aa

No. 779130 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, investigate his lack of pants. That's suspicious. And a potential health code violation!
No. 779131 ID: 398fe1

Pretty sure it's fine so long as he doesn't use his dick to poke holes in the donuts or something ridiculous like that.
No. 779480 ID: 1712fe

Look, the concealed weapons thing didn't work on the shirt seller, it's clearly not a day for Enhanced Investigation Techniques. Get his name and number for POLICE RECORDS and investidate him tomorrow
No. 779614 ID: bfb318
File 148711732446.png - (160.83KB , 800x1000 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 094.png )

"I've got enough probably cause here to start investigating your lack of pants! Oh you are wearing something. Who wear's a skirt?!"
"It's a kilt!"
>"Hold it." says Frillsby. "Why do your donuts have to be good?"
"Because if they weren't then no one would buy them and I'd go out of business and I'd hate eating them myself too?"
"Well when he puts it like that it kinda makes sense but it's still suspicious! I'm putting your name in police records guy, and your address phone number too!"
"Th-this is my address."
"Oh wow you live here too don't you."
"Yyyeah, you could say that. So, uh, my name is Villi, I'll write down my number here. Am I in trouble?"
"Not YET."

A) Press him harder
B) Leave, then have a stakeout tonight.
No. 779616 ID: a363ac

No. 779617 ID: 65ec8d

Oh he could do with something pressed harder.
No. 779618 ID: 211d83

B. Staking out this suspicious cutie seems like a good use of police resources. Make sure to order enough donuts for the stakeout tonight.

"Well thanks for the wonderful donuts. And your kilt is very cute by the way. We will be in touch. To get more donuts that is!"
No. 779620 ID: 3abd97

No. 779641 ID: 29c4aa

He could definitely use a good press.
No. 779645 ID: 91ee5f

You're right. I can't believe he didn't iron his clothes properly! You can still see the wrinkles!
No. 779647 ID: b2db3f

That "kilt" looks oddly like he was pants less back there and quickly wrapped a tablecloth around himself to avoid showing up front with his dong hanging out.

Reach over and pinch one side and see if it comes right off.

If so then we need to find out what pants less stuff he was getting up to in back.
No. 779658 ID: bfb318
File 148712730210.png - (159.07KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 095.png )

"You look like you could use something pressed harder."
"Uhhhhhh ah I do need new sandwich pressers! Compacted bread is neat."
"Yeah, I bet you eat it right off that 'kilt', cause it looks like a tablecloth!"

I reach over and touch it. I almost pinch it but there is like a 97% chance that I will mess up and poke a hole or cut it, so I just play it safe and tap it. It's sure something that feels more like a kilt than a tablecloth.

( Panicked Bleating )
No. 779660 ID: bfb318
File 148712736065.png - (192.63KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 096.png )

>"Okay Gallsby that's enough tormenting the local populace. Let's go."
"Okay. We'll be back, Villi!"
>"Thanks for the donuts, sorry about Gallsby."
"N-no problem!"
"Yeah we'll get more taste of donuts and sights of skirts later."
Okay come back anytime!
No. 779663 ID: bfb318
File 148712742321.png - (314.85KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 097.png )

We go and finish the rest of our patrol, where nothing happens. At night, we drive our car back to his block and have a stakeout.

"Oh good he's still there. We'll get something on him!"
>"Gallsby I think he's just an awkward baker."
"Well he's that too but maybe more! Maybe we should bust in and have a raid? We'll run in and be like 'this is a sting!' and flash our badges."
>"We don't have badges."
"Don't we? What do we do when someone asks for our badge?"
>"No one ever has, and we are probably the luckiest cops because of it. We should get some after this stakeout."
No. 779664 ID: bfb318
File 148712744607.png - (159.61KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 098.png )

He's just standing there. Then sometimes he goes to the back and bakes some good, but then he goes back to standing at the counter. Suspiciously.

"Frillsby it's 8 PM."
>"Unless he just started his shift when we came in, he should be ending soon."
"What if he just works a long time?"
>"Then it's going to be a long stakeout."
No. 779665 ID: 211d83

Well time to find some fun activity to fill the time.

I would suggest complaining about having boner problems and make Frillsby take care of it cause you can't with your giant monster hands.

If he balks make sad faces at him and pantomime how your giant claws make life so hard.
No. 779667 ID: 398fe1

Play I Spy.
No. 779741 ID: 1712fe

Call him! If he goes into the back, you can SUDDENLY APPEAR at the counter, since it seems his bell doesn't work very well, if he answers right there at the desk, say lewd things to him to see how he reacts. An important criminal test.
No. 779811 ID: 5d75aa

Wait, is there a back entrance? Or even a back window?
He seems to have a set patrol route so we could try a sneaky stealth mission by hiding in the space between the door and the counter.
No. 779847 ID: bfb318
File 148720213175.png - (187.04KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 099.png )

>Play I Spy

"I spy, with my eye, a cutey!"
>"Is it the baker?"

Dang he's good.

"No it's you!"
>"Is it me only after I guessed the baker right away?"
"I can see multiple things at once though I didn't say which eye I was looking with! Well that didn't take long and now we have problems."
>"What problems."
"Boner problems."
"With my boner."
>"Gallsby we're on the job."
No. 779848 ID: bfb318
File 148720214042.png - (102.27KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 100.png )

"But look how hard my life is with these claws! I can't do anything!"
>"Gallsby you always say that."
"No I don't just sometimes!"

I shake my claws around and accidentally scrape the car seat.

>"Look at all these cuts in the cushions. Every single one was you pantomiming with your claws about how bad they are."
"Well it's a valid complaint I mean what do I ever do with these?"
>"Cut car cushions."
"Well we gotta find a car cushion villain!"
>"The closest things we have to car cushion villains are tacky color designs that are an affront to visual sensibilities."
"What about car salesmen?"
>"None in our jurisdiction."

>Wait, is there a back entrance? Or even a back window?
There's probably a back entrance for deliveries and taking out the trash and that kinda good stuff. I think there might've been a window, too.

Speaking of which it looks like Villi's gone to the back.

A) Knock at the back door for some reason
B) Spy on him through the back window
C) Call him. There's a phone by the counter.
No. 779850 ID: 211d83

B. Now is the time to see what secrets he gets up to in the back.

Did he close the shop or just wander back to bake again?
No. 779851 ID: a363ac

have Frillsby call him while galsby sneaks in the back
No. 779852 ID: 398fe1

Gallsby have you ever considered acting in an infomercial?

No. 779854 ID: 65ec8d

Gallsby start training to be able to bend forward far enough to take care of your boners yourself.
No. 779873 ID: bfb318
File 148720621910.png - (125.35KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 101.png )

>Did he close the shop or just wander back to bake again?
Just the back, but then again he might have just forgotten to switch the 'open' sign to closed.

>Gallsby start training to be able to bend forward far enough to take care of your boners yourself.
I tried once and it hurt so it was obviously a lost cause that can never be.

"Frillsby I'm gonna go sneak a look through his window."
>"Fine, but every time you do something, imagine yourself asking me if it's illegal. If me in your head says 'yes', don't do it."
"Okay got it!"

I walk around back and look through the window.
No. 779875 ID: bfb318
File 148720623025.png - (187.18KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 102.png )

Oh he was looking outside already. Maybe he can't see me? It's pretty dark out here.
No. 779876 ID: bfb318
File 148720624218.png - (210.04KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 103.png )

Nope, he can definitely see me.
No. 779877 ID: a363ac

point and laugh evilly at his smock.
No. 779878 ID: 2dcc3b

Return to the squad car! You've been compromised!
No. 779879 ID: 398fe1

Hey, let me in. I wanna see you bake.
No. 779880 ID: 5d75aa

Quick, pretend you're a hallucination and hide really quickly.
No. 779882 ID: e6e9af


Make the universal pantomime for blowjobs. Gotta gauge his reaction and know if he's got a secret pimping ring in the back there~
No. 779893 ID: 211d83

Slowly scratch at his window while sticking your tongue out a bit.

Also just barge in and demand to know his secrets so you can get back to patrolling already.

Is he baking people into his muffins? Using magic to make them taste the best? Eldritch portals to the pastry dimension in his stove? Why is he baking this late with no customers about?

Why was he so nervous earlier? You are the only cops in town and you love donuts and cute guys so what is he up to?
No. 780146 ID: 3abd97


Then go in and buy some coffees. Everyone knows you need coffee on a stakeout. So convenient when the place you're staking out sells them.
No. 780330 ID: bfb318
File 148736839837.png - (164.01KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 104.png )

I want to wave at him but this window is in the way, so I tap on it instead. I almost try to make the universal pantomime for blowjobs but it probably looks like I'm blowing a kiss through my claws. He comes in and opens it so he's a pretty cool guy, not all people are so cool like that when they see me and my giant claws tapping on their windows late at night.

"Hi 'Muffin Boy'."
"Watcha bakin'?"
"You seemed nervous earlier. You seem nervous now!"
"Hahaha well you know, when I saw you my first reaction was to call the cops but then I looked to the phone then I realized you were the cops so funny story right?!"
"Yeah it's funny cause you're the safest you've ever been with me around! I would like two coffees please. I'm on stakeout duty right now."
"Er, if you're on stakeout, why're you here? What are you... staking... out?"
No. 780332 ID: a363ac

Muffin buns.
No. 780342 ID: 91ee5f

This street. Bunch of weirdoes come around here at about this time of day.
No. 780354 ID: 65ec8d

There's a guy you suspect of concealing some real hot goods. So far he's kept them under wraps, but you're hoping that with your long stake out, you'll get to see him drop the covers, and take a nice look at what he's really packing. Then... well, it might just turn out that you'll need to seize it, and put it where it belongs... and him where he belongs.
No. 780362 ID: 3abd97

Well I can't tell you who I'm staking out, that would be unprofessional!
No. 780375 ID: 398fe1

That's a sssssecret.
No. 780378 ID: 211d83


This. And if he does not notice the flirting just tell him you think he is cute.
No. 780409 ID: 29c4aa

alright yeah I can roll with this
No. 781070 ID: 15a025

Creepy muffin thief who goes by "The muffin man"
No. 781076 ID: bfb318
File 148748343482.png - (154.18KB , 800x800 , 105.png )

"I can't just tell you, that'd be unprofessional! Are you calling me unprofessional?"
"Nnnoooot out loud?"
"What's that?"
"Nothing! Sorry for asking, of course it's a secret!"
"Dang right! But if you gotta know, there's a guy I suspect of concealing some hot goods! He's kept them under wraps, but after my long stake out, those wraps will be right out the window and I'll see what he's been packing! Then I seize it, put it where it belongs and him where he belongs!"
"... jail?"
"My holding cell."
"Uhhh... huh! It sounds like you have this all mapped out."
"I sure do."
"Well, uh, now that you mention it, I do have some hot goods. And, ah, since you asked like that, well..."

"I'll, uh, I'll be right back. Stay right there!"

He starts going to the back and I've never seen someone both shuffle and run at the same time.
No. 781077 ID: bfb318
File 148748344751.png - (161.57KB , 800x800 , 106.png )

He's back.

"Okay here's the coffee you asked for, I actually just brewed some coffee for an advance order so it's still hot! Here you go good luck on your stakeout!"

I mean this is where I'd be like 'oh no he completely missed what I was going for how could this be' but this is actually exactly what I expected to be.

He's looking at my claws pretty hard and that's fair because I'm looking at those cups pretty hard.
No. 781078 ID: a363ac

stab cup, drink drugs, arrest dealer.
No. 781079 ID: 398fe1

Ask for like a tray or something.
No. 781080 ID: 3abd97

Steal his skirt and use it to make a hammock to carry the coffees in. That has to be better than your claws, right?
No. 781082 ID: 91cfcf

I see something that vaguely looks like it could be misconstrued as a bulge. And he's blushing. Either he got your innuendo, he's into the claws, or both.

Ask him how much it costs to buy the kilt as a drinks hammock.
No. 781104 ID: 1712fe

Tell him you take your coffee the way a true officer of the law does: Heavy cream. As in nothing but cream. Goat cream.

You may need to call in backup on this one.
No. 781153 ID: 15f58c

Ask for a tray, if he doesnt have one call for backup.
No. 781157 ID: 9f3729

Drop the ruse
"Look the reason I keep coming back isnt to extort you or anything you're just really cute yet also Amazingly squirrely"
No. 784363 ID: bfb318
File 148850942611.png - (148.98KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 107.png )

"How much cream is in those coffees?"
"Oh, uh... none so far - sorry I forgot to ask, do you want cream or sugar?"
"Both. Heavy on the cream. From a goat. Goat cream."
"Uh, er, I am that, yes!" he says, pouring cream into the cup. "Both cups right?"
"Ye. Also I'm gonna need something to carry those cups."
"Yeah uh, I have just the thing!"
"Is it your kilt?"
"What if it was your kilt? Can I buy your kilt?"
"Sorry, it - it's a family heirloom!"
"Is it?"
".... well my dad showed me how to make it and I made it so I guess it was made using family tradition?"
No. 784364 ID: bfb318
File 148850949967.png - (153.79KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 108.png )

He slides a cardboard cup holder over my claw.

"Geez you really don't get it huh."
"... did I do something wrong?"
"I keep coming back here because you're cute."



This guy is nervous as heck but he's always nervous, making him basically impossible to read and basically the perfect criminal except that I'm not so sure anymore that he's a criminal.
No. 784371 ID: 1712fe

We are definitely gonna need backup. If nothing else because frillsby can remove the Family Heirloom Kilt safely, which is important, evidently.
No. 784373 ID: 211d83

Oh well he is cute enough so even if he is baking people into his donuts we can forgive him.

Pay him for the food and maybe invite him over for some cute nervous goat games later.
No. 784375 ID: 595d54

"I mean like sexually, with my--did your parents ever give you the Talk?"
No. 784378 ID: 398fe1

Ask if he's into dudes.
No. 784389 ID: 3abd97

Go to pay him, but drop the money with your clumsy claw so he has to bend over to collect it.
No. 784391 ID: 90f3c0

Your current tactics aren't working, time to try something else.

Ask him out on a date. Maybe he'll drop his guard and let something slip in a more casual setting.
No. 784392 ID: 4546ab


Do this but let the money fall behind him so he has to turn around while bending over.

Oh yeah and ask him on a date with you and Frillsby.
No. 785113 ID: bfb318
File 148872380586.png - (106.33KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 109.png )

I pay him, and throw the money down on the ground behind him.

"Whoops I slipped."
"That's okay!"

He starts to bend over. I guess I'd better just be up front!

"Wanna have a date?"
No. 785114 ID: bfb318
File 148872381337.png - (127.93KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 110.png )

His head whips around.

No. 785115 ID: bfb318
File 148872382535.png - (127.31KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 111.png )


I expect his ear to flop back down but then it doesn't. He just stays there like a self blinding statue.
No. 785116 ID: bfb318
File 148872383754.png - (169.17KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 112.png )

Just when I start thinking of all the things I could do while he's blindfolded, his ear comes back down and he starts talking again.

"I mean! Sure! Except - uh, wait - that is - when? Also how - I mean - I don't really... I have a job here! I don't know when we'd do it!"
"Nothin'. I'll call backup so it's a three way date, starting when you get off!"
"Get... off?"
"........ yeh. When do you get off?"
"I don't really... you know, leave work."
No. 785118 ID: a363ac

Well then aren't you just so lucky this bakery is being shut down for two days to fix that health code violation. Cute goat.
No. 785121 ID: 211d83

If you never leave work then this is your bakery right?

That means you can put up a "Out for a date" sign on the window whenever you like.
No. 785158 ID: 3abd97

>never leaves work
Hey! That violates labor laws. That means as an officer of the court, it is now my duty to drag you out of here on a date!
No. 785161 ID: 91cfcf

Yeah, put him in house arrest. At your house. Not his.
No. 785166 ID: 91ee5f

He's probably like the shirt selling guy and lives at his place of work. Meaning he's probably got a bed and stuff upstairs.

So if we drag him out of here, we'd be violating the law by kidnaping him!

Wait, where's the cardboard cup holder that was on your claw? Don't tell me you dropped it! Man, what a waste of coffee!
No. 785183 ID: 4c0339

this is without a doubt the best possible outcome

reverse house arrest this dude immediately, call it a sleepover

wait, take him to a movie or something now, this guy is clearly too innocent for sleepovers this quickly

also discuss the heck out of this with frillsby
No. 785201 ID: bfb318
File 148874648768.png - (184.45KB , 800x900 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 113.png )

>Where's the cardboard cup holder that was on your claw?
I just set it on the ground by me.

"Well this bakery is gonna be shut down while we inspect it for health code violations!"
"What! I mean - this place is really clean there's just no way!"
"Wow yeah I apologize 'cause on second look this place looks like it's a commercial set for Clean Bakery Inc. Wait you never stop working?"
"Y-yep! As in no! As - what I'm saying is that I'm always on the job!"
"Okay then you're under house arrest!"
"Wh-what?! Wait my bed is just upstairs, does this make this my house?"
"Yeah but that doesn't matter because I didn't say which house. You're under arrest at our house."
"But why?"
"Labor laws." I say like a real lawyer. "You can't have people working all the time, even if it's yourself!"
"But I gave myself permission?"
"Do you have the documents showing consent?"
"I - no?"
"Then you're coming with me!"
"Okay uh... let me just... clean out the oven before everything gets burned."
"Okay! Put on a 'out for a date' sign on your window."
"I don't have one of those!"
"Fine then just put up the 'closed' sign."
"I don't... have one. I'll just shut off the lights once I find the switches."
No. 785202 ID: bfb318
File 148874654196.png - (195.52KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 114.png )

Villi grabs a lunch pail with baked goods inside, and then follows me outside to Frillsby. Villi is walking outside like he forgot what outside was, but he is coming with me. The world would be an easier place to live if people let themselves get put under arrest like him. I wonder if there's an 'arrestee of the month' award. If not then maybe we can start it.

"Hi Frillsby I brought coffee!"
>"I thought his name was Villi."
"Yeah I got Villi too!"
>"Hi. Is there a problem?"
>"Gallsby why did you bring Villi?"
"House arrest. Or at least custody by cops." I say and wait for a reaction and that reaction is unsatisfied. "He's breaking labor laws! He's been working all night and all day, so we're going to suspend him from work!"
>"Labor laws probably exist, but I don't..."

Frillsby thinks about it for a moment, which is more thinking than I've done.

>"Okay yeah a mandatory break as a penalty for breaking labor laws actually makes sense. Good thinking. Where are we taking him?"

What thought I did put into this involved taking him back to our place for a sleepover or goat games, but my second thought is that we could do something else if that'd be better.
No. 785203 ID: 3abd97

>I'll just shut off the lights once I find the switches.
Geeze. You never sleep, either?

>Frillsby admitting something Gallsby did makes sense
That's it. It's the end times. World's gonna end before you goat cutie gets a date or anything.
No. 785204 ID: 4cfe41

Are there any local tournaments for Smash or whatever other games you lot are into?
No. 785213 ID: 29c4aa

Take him over to your place for a sleepover!
No. 785214 ID: 27e367

What is there to do in this town? Don't ask him about what he likes because he probably hasn't left the shop in years.
No. 785237 ID: 211d83

Its 8pm so do you have any fun night spots in town?
No. 785257 ID: 8cb228

Take him out clubbing! Even small towns have a bar/club! Go to yours.
No. 785285 ID: bfb318
File 148876639274.png - (153.47KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 115.png )

>Are there any local tournaments
Nah that would've been a good idea if it were a few hours ago, but if there's any tournaments around here then it's too late to enter them, especially by the time we go to a bigger town.

Frillsby and I start talking about our options. There's only two seats in the front so Villi has to take the spot in back since it'd be way too innappropriate for the cops to be back there.

"Geez Villi do you not sleep?"
"Not when there might be a customer!"

We come up with a whole four options total:

A) Sleepover/Do something at our prison/house.
B) Catch a movie. There's only one theater in town and we have no idea what it's playing tonight, but we can catch the last showing.
C) Go to the town bar.
D) Go to Randy's Diner.
No. 785288 ID: a363ac

A. because he actually does need to sleep
No. 785290 ID: 3abd97

No. 785291 ID: 29c4aa

A because this goat needs a place to relax, stop and get some booze first if you don't have any!
No. 785306 ID: 1712fe

B leading into A seems pretty legit. Nobody's gonna be watchin movies at this time of night so you can probably have the whole place to yourself! So you can hit on the goat more! Unless he's the kinda guy that gets super into movies that'd be less fun. If no movie, then Netflix n Chill leading into a sleepover seems coolio
No. 785312 ID: 398fe1

B tbh.
No. 785325 ID: 27e367

Movie sleepover!
No. 785510 ID: bfb318
File 148884471562.png - (190.01KB , 900x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 116.png )

We decide to go back to our place.

"Frillsby we gotta watch a movie."
>"I thought this was a sleepov - a house arrest."
"Yeah but after a movie! We don't need to go to a theater to watch a movie now, in the year of our lord!"
>"Plus, now we can pick the movie we watch."

>Insert movie title: ____
No. 785511 ID: 211d83

Blood horror 3 the bloodletting.

Nothing like a scary movie to get the cute nervous guy wanting to cuddle up with the two strong cops.
No. 785512 ID: a363ac

Goat-back Mountain is obviously the best choice.
No. 785513 ID: 1712fe

No Johns: The story of a destitute prostitute finding new business in the Smash Bros community
No. 785514 ID: 3abd97

Neumonos in Cheeverse: Empathy is Magic
No. 785515 ID: c42d0e

No. 785516 ID: 398fe1

How about Mad Max: Fury Road?
No. 785527 ID: b2db3f

If we are going theme movies how about "Men who Stare at Goats"? (Is a real movie which is also hilarious)
No. 785561 ID: 27e367

Terminator 2
No. 785563 ID: 595d54

The Life And Times of Yiffrey Dahmer
No. 785572 ID: e6e9af


Hawt Fuzz, the sexier, homoerotic parody of Hot Fuzz.
No. 785846 ID: 32d29a

Breaking Two Electric Boogaloo
No. 785910 ID: b2418e

Oh boy.
How about an episode of Queer ass Goat?
Or if you want a war movie I hear Das Goat is ok.
Mad Max: Furry Road is good if you're looking for something recent. If you want something really recent (not out on dvd yet :'( ) and you don't mind pirating it there's Fantastic Bleats and Where to Find Them.

Orrr, you could go horror with Night of the Giving Head, 28 Gays Later or the sequel 28 Cheeks Later, uhhh the Dicker Man, the Eagle Spread, Eagle Spread II: Bed by Dawn, Scary Booty, Put the Right One In, The Pining (for goat butt), Wes Craven's Bleat (1996), Paw, Paws (the one with the scalie who swims) or Silence of the Lambs.
No. 786723 ID: 15a025

Silence of the lambs.
No. 786805 ID: 6a0d91

Fuck all of you Police Academy marathon!
No. 786819 ID: 91ee5f

This! XD
No. 787270 ID: bfb318
File 148948241438.png - (156.10KB , 900x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 117.png )

I open the cabinet and we take some time picking the movie. There's a lot of choices, but I also want it to be something I haven't seen.

"Hmmm... Goat-back mountain... Men Who Stare at Goats... Das Goat, Queer Ass Goat, Silence of the Lam - oh my god. Oh my god Frillsby what is this."
>"What's what?"
"No Johns. The story of a destitute prostitute finding new business in the Smash Bros community? How have I not seen this?"
>"It was going to be your birthday present Gallsby."
"Why was it right in the movie cabinet then?!"
>"Because I made a terrible miscalculation about how well you could look through the cabinet with your claws."
"Well guess what Frillsby it's my birthday!"
>"Happy Birthday, Gallsby."
>"H-happy birthday?" says Villi.
"Villi we're watching this."
>"Okay. I've heard of smash bros before, so I can probably follow along!"
"You'll be hearing it a lot more from now on! And by that I mean from now as in the rest of your life. It's going to be with you to stay now."
No. 787271 ID: bfb318
File 148948242784.png - (176.05KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 118.png )

The movie starts pretty quick, and it already looks like they're at a big tournament.

>"No one thought he could get this far, but he's proven us wrong every single match so far."
>"Fleet kept saying 'no johns, there's not gonna by any johns on my watch!' but he's gonna have to put in the work to make sure of that himself! Here comes John now, looking ready to ride that dark horse to the big W!"
No. 787272 ID: bfb318
File 148948246367.png - (266.80KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 119.png )

The crowd cheers.
No. 787273 ID: bfb318
File 148948250613.png - (158.25KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 120.png )

[gasping bleat]
No. 787291 ID: 7397ab

Well that was a strong response. (Is that him on there?)

So Villi was that a gasp of appreciation or a gasp of recognition.

Cause that cute goat boy looks awfully familiar and or attractive.
No. 787294 ID: fc33ea

Look to the screen then to Villi and back and forth again a whole bunch.
No. 787316 ID: e6e9af


You guys are gonna shag after this, right?
No. 787323 ID: f97b68

Make Frillsby jealous and give the goat boy a kiss on the cheek.
No. 787382 ID: 3abd97

You didn't tell me you did movies, kid!
No. 787428 ID: a363ac

oh. my. god. look at his butt.
No. 787432 ID: 398fe1

Frillsby why do we have so many goat-related movies anyway?
No. 787493 ID: bfb318
File 148956718585.png - (183.09KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 121.png )

>Why do we have so many goat-related movies anyway?
I think there was once a sale on goat-movies.

>You guys are gonna shag after this, right?
I don't plan things! And as a non-planner, I'm certainly not planning on not shagging.

>Look at his butt.
There's still too much skirt in the way for that.

Frillsby and I look to the screen, and back at Villi again, and repeat. Villi maintains laser like focus on the television but I can tell he knows when we're looking right at him. When John is off screen, Villi relaxes just an inch. The movie moves back in time to show the events leading up to the big tourney, and as soon as John comes back on screen, Villi locks up and sweats bullets. They don't stop either, they just keep going as John makes his first breakthrough tournament.

>"Wait - we were counting John out, but he just got a beautiful shine! He's still in this!" says one of the commentators.
No. 787494 ID: bfb318
File 148956719403.png - (211.08KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 122.png )

Someone in the crowd stands up to cheer John on.

No. 787495 ID: bfb318
File 148956720408.png - (114.85KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 123.png )

>"Uh." the commentator says, not looking as uncomfortable as Villi. "Remember, this is a family friendly stream, so - "

The audience starts chanting for John too.

>"Suck that dick! Suck that dick! Suck that dick!"

"You didn't tell me you did movies, Villi!"
"N-no, I'm not! I mean, I don't!
"Really? Cause that cute protagonist sure looks a lot like you."
"I, um, have a brother that said he got the occasional role. But he didn't talk about his roles much!"
>"Is it because you'd get bashful?" asks Frillsby.
"M-maybe! Yeah he probably didn't want me imagining him as... wearing... that!"
"Well it worked because now you're seeing it."

>Kiss goat? y/n
No. 787496 ID: a363ac

N. Make him play smash then kiss goat.
No. 787501 ID: 1712fe

I dunno, I think the crowd in this very informative documentary has the right idea.
No. 787527 ID: 595d54

Sure, watching a porno of his brother is obviously the best time to seduce a goat. I guess he'd appreciate a distraction from the movie, if nothing else.

No. 787545 ID: f97b68

Poor goat boy. If that IS him on there, he must be so emdarrassed. Let him know we won't judge him for his past. Even though we're cops.

THEN give him a kiss!

And if it really ISN'T him, the still give him a kiss because that's the whole point of bringing him home, right?
No. 787587 ID: f97b68

No. 787874 ID: bfb318
File 148969512610.png - (132.13KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 124.png )

>"Don't worry, we're cops, we don't judge people off appearances."
"Th-that's good and all but that's really my brother!"
>"Well okay but I need to take a closer look!"

I get a closer look and smooch him.

[intensive bleating noises]
No. 787875 ID: bfb318
File 148969515149.png - (118.24KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 125.png )

Oh he fell off the couch. As far as my kiss deliveries go, this is now probably the worst one I've ever given, and also the best.

>"Gallsby stop tormenting every goat you meet."
No. 787876 ID: a363ac

go put that goat to bed
No. 787878 ID: 211d83

Does he have fainting goat syndrome?

Either way help him up (or prop him back up if he fainted) on the comfortable couch and continue watching the show.

No molesting the possibly paralyzed cute goat guy. But whisper for Frillsby to give him a kiss once he is back up and see if it causes the same reaction.
No. 787881 ID: 398fe1

Have you met any other goats?
No. 787888 ID: 9bf80c

Oh, he's one of those fainting goats. That means whenever he's surprised, he falls to the ground and becomes stiff.

No. 787890 ID: fc33ea

play dress up while hes incapacitated
No. 787894 ID: 3abd97

Look if I'm gonna give up tormenting every goat I meet, which is a big sacrifice, that's a lot of goats after all, can I at least keep tormenting one goat as consolation?
No. 787911 ID: bfb318
File 148970169589.png - (150.06KB , 900x900 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 126.png )

>Have you met any other goats?
"Frillsby this is the first goat I've met! I mean it's true that that means anything I do with him is a thing I do with all goats I've met but that's not fair to make it sound like I've met more than one."
>"Maybe not in person, but I could see you undressing John with your eyes."
"You can't prove a thing. Can we play dress-up?"
>"I don't think I could count the number of reasons why the answer is no."
"Is it because it's zero?"
>"I can count to zero."
"Can you? It might be one of those math conundrums."
>"It isn't."

Frillsby helps Villi back up to the couch and we wait for him to snap out of it.

"Frillsby when's he gonna come back?"
>"No one really knows, Gallsby."


"Geez I dunno I feel like there should be a cue what if he's actually just pretending to fai-"
[bleating resuming from last point]
"Oh okay."
No. 787912 ID: bfb318
File 148970170577.png - (165.82KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 127.png )

"Sss-sorry! I don't know why I can't be touched by you guys!"
"I didn't know you were a fainting goat Villi." I say.
"I'm not!"

"I mean usually I'm not but - but now I am? Ah no I really hope I'm not coming down with something."
"Do goats come down with a case of can't-be-touched?"
"... I don't think so?"
>"Do you need to get to bed?" asks Frillsby.
"No no I'm okay! I mean unless you wanted to but I mean there's the movie and all that and I don't want to cut it short on my behalf! Plus I feel fine now really!"
No. 787914 ID: a363ac

Frilsby nows your turn to kiss him.
No. 787915 ID: 398fe1

...wait a minute. Ask if he's inherently magical somehow. You two are antimagic, and if you touch him he gets paralyzed? Sounds like some kind of magic thing.
No. 787918 ID: 211d83


It's either magical mystery stuff or he is just really nervous about how cute you two are.

Test it by having Frillsby give him a kiss. Then after he recovers a high five.

In that order otherwise you might solve the mystery before more kisses are had.
No. 787919 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, he's gotta stay up and see what other secrets his "brother" has been hiding from him!
No. 787921 ID: 9bf80c

Now now, we need to be rigorous about this. Can he really not be touched anywhere by both of you, or is it just kisses specifically, on the cheek specifically, from Gallsby specifically?

You need to experiment. Frillsby kisses, Gallsby kisses elsewhere from the cheek, and other forms of touching. This may be a symptom of a serious condition, after all! You need to make sure you make a full diagnosis!
No. 787927 ID: 91ee5f

If it is, then since Gallsby has already touched him, let's have Frillsby touch him with his hand to see if we get the same reaction.
No. 788641 ID: 15a025

Ask if he knows the names of other movies his brother might be in?
No. 788643 ID: e6e9af


Finish the movie. It might give us clues as to why Vili -- err, his brother has this fainting problem. Since surely it runs in the family?
No. 789092 ID: bfb318
File 149004479433.png - (196.40KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 128.png )

"Frillsby I need you to poke Villi."
>"And to poke him, I need to know why."
"It's for science. What if it's just me that knocks people out when I touch them now?!"
>"Villi I'm going to poke you."
"Okay! Please be careful!"
>"It's just a poke."
"Yeah but not too hard! I'll try not to bleat."
>"I'm just... yeah nevermind here goes."

He tries not to bleat and what comes out is like a sneezing bleat instead. He flails his hands like he's getting tickled.

>"Gallsby I feel like a bully!"
"You are!"
No. 789093 ID: bfb318
File 149004480117.png - (114.60KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 129.png )

"Ohh no this really isn't normal at all! Why is this happening?!"
>"... Villi are you magic." asks Frillsby.
"Well he's sure not normal!"

Oh wait if he's magic...

"Oh you mean our anti-magic?"
"Your what?!"
"Yeah we totally suck magic out of people. And things. Mostly people. People like you. Sucking them dry."
>"Gallsby we get it."
"I don't get it!"
>"Gallsby I get it."
"Well, I - I mean I'm not magic! But I use magic to stay awake at all times so if you guys destroy magic then it probably messes with what's keeping me awake."
"Is it the caffiene? Do you have magical powers that lets caffiene actually work perfectly?"
"Oh, no, it just makes me a bit jittery like normal, nothing magical about that! It's the donuts. I can eat donuts instead of sleep."

This might be the worst and best magical ability I've heard of in my life.

>Return to movie
>Press for more details
No. 789095 ID: a363ac

Thats not good I am afraid we will have to put you down for your own safety. Frillsby grab him Gallsby will sit on him.
No. 789096 ID: 595d54

Press for more details and ask if there's anything he's confused about. Information for information's only fair.
No. 789097 ID: 398fe1

So does he... never sleep? What would happen if he stopped eating donuts? Would he sleep for like a week or something? Oh well. Gallsby: realize that unless he's into somnophilia you're never gonna get at that goat.

Ask if he's into somnophilia.
No. 789098 ID: 3abd97

...how long has it been since you last slept? And how does that not make you super fat.

>it just makes me a bit jittery
Is that cumulative? Cause you've been super jittery since we met.
No. 789099 ID: 9bf80c

That is not healthy you can't eat donuts all the time and you probably need sleep at some point. What is a life without dreams? We will give you a bed and nullify your donut magic and you can have a night's sleep.

Of course we will have to cuddle with you the whole night to keep the magic turned off.
No. 789109 ID: 91ee5f

>I can eat donuts instead of sleep.
How are you not fat?!
No. 789113 ID: 211d83

So if you took a nice long sleep you would be fine then?

Are you running your shop 24/7 all alone via donut power?

We need to get him to nap before any goat canoodling can occur.
No. 789118 ID: b2db3f

Hmm that puts a damper on our efforts to get up close and physical with you in various intimate fashions. "wink wink"

You had better spend the night snuggled up with us so you get a proper nights sleep for once. What safer place to work off your sleep dept to society than snuggled up with two cute cops?

How long have you been avoiding sleep by the way? I can't imagine its horribly healthy in the long term.
No. 789212 ID: c00eaa

Press dat boi like he's olives and you want his oil
No. 789306 ID: bfb318
File 149011578487.png - (113.56KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 130.png )

"So do you just never sleep?"
"Not often nope!"
"What do you do all night?"
"Tend to the bakery, of course."
"But why."
"Er, in case there's customers?"
>"Villi, how often do people go to a bakery at the middle of the night?"
"It's, er, happened a couple times, because there's someone that sometimes gets insomnia.
"Oh hey speaking of that, are you into somnophilia?"
>"Gallsby!" I guess Frillsby doesn't approve of something.
"... what's that?"
"Nevermind. So what happens if you stop eating donuts?"
"I get tired."
"Would you sleep for like a week straight?"
"Oh, no, donuts are a good substitute for sleep. I just immediately get a need to sleep if the donuts wear off. Then 8 hours or so is enough and I don't need donuts for awhile."
"How are you not fat!"
"The donuts I eat are specifically made to be low fat and low sugar, so that I can just have a lot of donuts guilt free. Also exercise! Usually running from the back oven to the front counter in my shop."
"What is a life without dreams, Villi?"
"Kinda what it is right now I guess?"
"Nope this is no good you need to sleep and what better time than while under arrest?"
"But I've always been fine without sleep! Staying awake isn't against the law!"
"It totally is!"
>"It isn't." Frillsby speaks up.
"Frillsby I thought you were on my side."
>"I am looking out for both you, and your lies."

Now it's my mission to find a way to convince or get Villi to go to sleep. Or I dunno maybe not.
No. 789307 ID: 3d2d5f

>special donuts that don't make you fat
Wait that's the real news here, that's amazing. He needs to advertise that, he'll have customers lining up out the door and around the block!

>it's not illegal
What about public safety, Frillsby! He's using untested drugs on himself! Who knows what could happen!
No. 789308 ID: 211d83

Listen Villi donut powered sleep is great and all but if you don't get some real sleep sometimes you will miss out on all sorts of fun stuff.

Sure the fun stuff is all direct physical activity with us but if you are interested in getting more cop kisses and all the interesting follow up activities then you need to get some rest.

Cause I did invite you out on a date and not just a guys movie night.
No. 789318 ID: b2db3f

Villi we are on a important investigation to determine the feasibility of seducing a cute goat boy. But if the main suspect keeps passing out when we touch him that plan is ruined.

Now if the passing out was unavoidable then it would be one thing. But according to your testimony its a easy problem to fix. So if you do not get some sleep it will count as interfering with a official police investigation.
No. 789323 ID: 8aa605

And what are the side effects of these magic, no sleep, no fat super donuts, and why haven't you shared it with the world and made billions?
No. 789329 ID: a363ac

HUG! THAT! GOAT! then Frillsby can't say anything because the muffin-boy is asleep.
No. 789537 ID: bfb318
File 149021741129.png - (136.98KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 131.png )

"Okay magic is cool and all but there is a much bigger question now - no fat no sugar donuts? You gotta advertise that! Unless you don't like customers."
"Of course I do, but... well first off, it's low fat and sugar, not free of it, and..."


"Villi you gotta complete that sentence."
"They just don't taste that good! I mean, they're not bad, but the taste really is compromised, and I just have it so I don't get fat or anything. And I just have them since I get the no-sleep benefit from them."
"Yeah well you gotta sleep. How else are we gonna cuddle up?"
"W-wait, what?"
"How else are we gonna cuddle up?"
"I didn't know we were going to do that!"
"What do you think I invited over you for?!"
"I thought I was under arrest!"
"You are!"
"But, that... oh I guess those two things aren't mutually exclusive but if you wanted to just get comfortable with one another why didn't you say so?"

"Ohhh wait. Oh wait you did say I was cute."

"And that you wanted to date."

"Ohhh I'm a little slow aren't I?"

He stops talking for a moment, and then, with the house of dead silence that is our apartment, he lifts up that donut and starts munching away.
No. 789540 ID: 595d54

Back to the movie. It's time to solve the eternal mystery of whether or not John sucks that dick.
No. 789546 ID: 3abd97

>I'm a little slow
It probably has something to do with never sleeping.
No. 789551 ID: 211d83

Not sleeping for weeks or months probably has you a bit loopy.

Well think it over while we finish the movie. If you are interested you can stay the night at our house and get some rest if you like.
No. 789557 ID: a363ac

better question is John Sucking that dick RIGHT NOW!
No. 789559 ID: e6e9af


Better stop him eating that donut or we'll lose our chances of SLEEPING WITH VILLI.
No. 789563 ID: 398fe1

Watch movie.
No. 789578 ID: 477b7d

>he lifts up that donut and starts munching away

Did you just get shot down?
No. 789589 ID: 91ee5f

No, I think that's his version of "liquid courage".
No. 789741 ID: bfb318
File 149029672636.png - (143.56KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 132.png )

>Did you just get shot down?
If I did, then Villi's got to work on his aim.

"Yeah you're a little slow but I bet it has something to do with never sleeping!"
"N-no no no, I was never good at, uh, cues, even when I slept normally."

It's too late to stop him from eating his donut, but that just means that to cancel out the donut I'll have to touch him harder.

>"Not to stop you two from getting all cozy with each other," Frillsby says, "but I'd like to see if John ever sucks that dick."
No. 789743 ID: bfb318
File 149029675179.png - (188.94KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 133.png )

We unpause the movie and watch as it unfolds back to the big tourney, where John starts playing the big game.

>"And John is back up, he's fighting!" says a commentator.
>"And we remind the audience that while we support supporting your favorite player, John's trademark chant is banned. Use it only if you feel like you want an escort out. Remember - we e-sports now."

The crowd is then silent for a bit, until a voice rings out. It's the same person that started that chant in the first place.

No. 789744 ID: bfb318
File 149029676879.png - (112.90KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 134.png )

No. 789746 ID: bfb318
File 149029683436.png - (238.29KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 135.png )

Then the audience explodes.

>"Scrub that dish!"
>"Scrub that dish!"
>"Scrub that dish!"

John scrubs that dish good. Then John was a champion.
No. 789747 ID: bfb318
File 149029687689.png - (85.73KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 136.png )

"Well that was cool."
"That was weird. For me I mean. Because... brother."
"Oh well would you look at that it's time for bed."
"But I'm not tired! I can stay in this room if you two want to get some sleep, and I'll be quiet, I promise."

"I mean."

"It's not like I have to stay up!"

"Or like it's bad to sleep! That's not what I'm saying!"

"But don't let me get in the way."

"Of your sleep. I mean."

No. 789748 ID: 595d54

Probably just cuddle or dogpile or something, if Villi is going to be staying anyway. Dreams are nice and everything.
No. 789751 ID: 612539

"Are you sure you don't want to get in the way of our sleep? Because if you did it the right way..."
No. 789753 ID: 90f3c0

Cuddling doesn't get in the way of sleep.
No. 789754 ID: a363ac

Escort the prisoner to his cell. (your bed)
No. 789771 ID: 211d83

Or you could cuddle up with us in our bed and get some real sleep. Then once you are rested you can decide if you want to get up to anything else in bed.
No. 789787 ID: 3abd97

Dunno. We have to make sure you don't escape arrest while we're sleeping!
No. 790005 ID: bfb318
File 149037887683.png - (136.45KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 137.png )

"Just one question! Does cuddling get in the way of our sleep?"
"Uh... I don't know, does i-"
"Then no?
"So it's settled!"
"... is it settled that we're cuddling?"
"See, you're not that slow!"
"Okay but...."
"This better be a good but!"
"It's kind of a big one!"
>"You are under police orders to continue Villi, you should just say it." says Frillsby who has my back again. "Or be held in contempt of the law."
"You both have to promise something!"
"I promise."
"I - I didn't say what you had to promise."
"Yeah but I promise."
"Then you promise to make sure I don't walk far or listen to anything I say. I think I'm a sleep walker and sleep talker. Is that okay? I wouldn't want to do anything... embarrassing."
No. 790008 ID: 211d83

Don't worry Villi we will make sure you do not go anywhere tonight.

And we will do our best to ignore you if you attempt to sleep seduce us. Cause its better to do that awake.
No. 790010 ID: 595d54

Promise to hold him tight. And if his big mouth is such a problem maybe you should suggest something to fill it. Or just promise not to take anything he takes too seriously.
No. 790028 ID: 398fe1

Ask what you should do if he starts being lewd in his sleep.
No. 790031 ID: 38c4ca

This. We don't want to get wrapped up in any sexy situations with only dubious consent.
No. 790079 ID: 3abd97

Well we've got you under house arrest, so it's our job to keep you from wandering far. Don't worry, your privacy will be protected. Hard to be embarrassed in a dungeon, there's less of an audience!
No. 790092 ID: a363ac

If this is the case then Frillsby clearly needs to be handcuffed to the prisoner
No. 790135 ID: e6e9af


No matter what we'll hold him tight and love him so right.
No. 790455 ID: 15a025

Pair of fuzzy handcuffs would fix that sleepwalking problem.
No. 790991 ID: bfb318
File 149066195528.png - (136.95KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 138.png )

"Okay so lewd stuff is fine?"
"What, no! That's the most embarrasing thing of all!"
"Well okay what do we do if that happens then!"
"It won't happen!"


"... if it happens, stop me!"
"R-really, it's okay?"
"Yeah it's better if you're awake!"
"I agree! I mean! In general!"
"It is our job to keep you around during house arrest, so you won't wander far. Your privacy will be protected. You will remain in the dungeobed. The bed. And I will not take anything you say seriously!"
"You won't?"
>"It's true. Gallsby never takes what people say seriously." says Frillsby.
"That's not true!"
>"Let's say it is."
"Okay it's true. Now it is time to patrol Villi's bed! I will hold onto you tightly, lovingly, and rightly! Innnnn faaaaa"

>Handcuff Villi to Gallsby? y/n
No. 790992 ID: 211d83

Yes. Its for the best really.
No. 790993 ID: 595d54

This plan has no weaknesses. Do it!
No. 790994 ID: b412df

Nah, bit too far I think?
No. 790996 ID: a363ac

no handcuff the goat to Frillsby.
No. 790997 ID: 3abd97

Wouldn't those be clawcuffs? Do you have a claw-to-handcuff?

But yes.
No. 790998 ID: 51649e

Yes, handcuffs.

As cops, you are actually obligated to get into handcuffs-related shenanigans. It's in the oath you take when you join.
No. 791036 ID: b88e47

No. 791282 ID: bfb318
File 149074469397.png - (170.19KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 139.png )

"aaaact you're under arrest! Again! With handcuffs this time!"

>Do you have a claw-to-handcuff?

>Fuzzy handcuffs
We don't need fuzzy handcuffs because we have fuzzy arms that are always ready for real handcuffs.

>"Gallsby. You can't just handcuff people!"
"Why not?"
>"Well first of all, it's rude."
"But he's a criminal."
"I am?!"
>"Is he? Is he, really?"
No. 791283 ID: bfb318
File 149074471346.png - (143.79KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 140.png )

I guide Villi over to the next room where we have an entire bed.

"Okay fine I'm being the rudest!"
"Aw, geez, you're not that ba-"
No. 791284 ID: bfb318
File 149074472314.png - (126.97KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 141.png )

No. 791285 ID: bfb318
File 149074477096.png - (132.17KB , 1200x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 142.png )

>"Gallsby do you ever wonder if we're the criminals?"
"No Frillsby we're cops and cops can't be criminals."
>"Yeah I guess. I'm glad we got that settled."
"You're welcome for solving your philosophical problems."
>"Gallsby you really should at least check with me before you handcuff people."
"Geez you weren't always so against spontaneous handcuffing!"
>"That's because usually we use the handcuffs I conjure up. Honestly, I don't even know why we still have that pair of handcuffs."
"What's wrong with these?"
>"Nothing really, except remember how we lost the keys to them?"
"Well I mean I do now."
No. 791287 ID: 3abd97

Sleep boop.

>"No Frillsby we're cops and cops can't be criminals."
But what if you're... crooked cops!

>That's because usually we use the handcuffs I conjure up
Wait that's magic how can Frillsby use magic have you been living with an imposter.

>missing key
Can't you just conjure up one of those?

Or we can use our cop powers to go arrest a thief and them bully him or her into picking the lock on the handcuffs for you.
No. 791294 ID: 211d83

Wait did you just handcuff him and put him in the guest/dungeon bed? Cause now you have to sit next to him all night. The idea was to take him to your guys bed so you could all snuggle while your antimagic kept him asleep.

Also without constant contact won't he wake back up?

Oh and I thought all standard handcuffs had the same keys?
No. 791295 ID: 398fe1

Aw butts. Ask Frillsby if he knows how to pick the lock with a paperclip. If not I guess you'll need to get some cable cutters. Well, Frillsby will have to, you can't go anywhere for a while.

Make sure to keep in contact with Villi so that his magic doesn't kick in and wake him up.
No. 791297 ID: 6353bc

Handcuff keys are easy. The key profile is just a nub. You can improvise with a bobby pin or some wire or something.

Frilsby and his ordinary, claw-less hands will need to rescue you from your hubris.
No. 791300 ID: 91ee5f

Can't Gallsby pick the lock on the handcuffs with his claws?
No. 791301 ID: 90f3c0

The handcuffs shouldn't be much of a problem, if Frillsby can conjure cuffs, conjuring up a key shouldn't be too hard. Failing that, you could always just use boltcutters.

But that's a problem for the morning. Snuggle up to the goat to make sure his magic doesn't interfere with his sleep.
No. 791559 ID: bfb318
File 149083730953.png - (126.35KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 143.png )

>But what if you're... crooked cops!
Well we sure aren't straight cops!

"Frillsby I've always wondered, how come you can make magic handcuffs when we're antimagic?"
>"Magic things we touch are negated. If you think about it, that's actually magic right there."
"Wait all this time I thought we were so non-magic we were negative magic, but are you saying we might be the most magical ones of all?"
>"Sure. Or something like that. I'll be truthful with you Gallsby, I hadn't given it a whole lot of thought. And now is not the time to give it thought either, with the situation we've got here."
"Well how about you magic up a pair of keys for these?"
>"I can't control it like that. The pair I get has random keys."
"Yeah but if you roll the dice enough you'll get the right pair!"
>"Gallsby I'm not going to lie, I really don't want to spend all night conjuring up hundreds of handcuffs and then have to explain it to the garbage man."

>Wait did you just handcuff him and put him in the guest/dungeon bed?
Actually it's the guest/dungeon/our bed.

"Frillsby don't all standard handcuffs have the same keys?"
>"Yes, but do you remember how you insisted on getting the custom made special handcuffs?"
"I do now. Well come on how hard can unlocking handcuffs be!"
>"Very hard. They're supposed to contain the deft hands of criminals, many of which are good at picking locks. In fact I think that's why I let you get the extremely hard to pick custom special handcuffs. If not, your claws should be sharp enough to pick it yourself."
"Bolt cutters then!"
>"Yeah, that's prooobably the most reasonable solution. I can pick some up in the morning. The hardware store opens up at 6 AM."

I guess I'll resign myself to my fate and snuggle up to Villi. To make sure he stays asleep.
No. 791560 ID: bfb318
File 149083731675.png - (131.18KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 144.png )

Villi sits up in his bed. He looks like he's about to go on a sleep adventure.
No. 791561 ID: a363ac

Make Frillsby cuddle with you.
No. 791565 ID: 3abd97

Well his sleep adventure won't go very far, he's tied to you.

Watch and see what he does!
No. 791567 ID: 211d83

Have Frillsby get his phone out and record whatever happens for posterity.

Just relax and see what the cute goat does.
No. 791579 ID: 1a9fe2

We must observe what the goat does, for both his safety and ours. And also it will probably be fun.
No. 791596 ID: 398fe1

Observe the wandering goat.
No. 791778 ID: bfb318
File 149091502813.png - (152.23KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 145.png )

"Frillsby I need you to cuddle me."

His hand holds my shoulder.

"Frillsby this cuddling is very sub-par I give it a D-."
>"But it is cuddling."
"Okay well if you're not going to use both arms for it then how about you record Villi?"
>"Without his permission?"
"Look we can get his permission when he wakes up. And if he actually hates it then we can 'delete' it!"
>"Okay but only if you remove the air quotes around 'delete'."

Villi gets up out of bed and starts heading towards the door. Like the actual outside door, not just out of the bedroom.
No. 791781 ID: 595d54

Ehhh, he did ask not to let him wander far and you're supposed to be keeping him under house arrest, ya cops. Keep him inside and see if he starts sleep-talking.
No. 791782 ID: 398fe1

I want to see where he goes (he'll probably walk back to the bakery and start baking) but you promised not to let him walk far. So don't let him leave the apartment.
No. 791783 ID: 3abd97

>tape him
Perfectly legit. He's under arrest and that's just your security camera.

>Villi gets up out of bed and starts heading towards the door. Like the actual outside door, not just out of the bedroom.
So what? It's not like he can go anywhere, he's tied to you.
No. 791784 ID: fee32f

Grab his shoulders and rotate his entire body
No. 791807 ID: 29c4aa

Today you find out how strong Villi really is.
No. 791816 ID: bfb318
File 149092294576.png - (132.80KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 146.png )

I don't walk alongside him, so as soon as he walks anywhere, he gets met with a case of the handcuffs.

>"I'm surprised, Gallsby, but also proud."
"Geez this lack of faith! I am the straightest cop okay."
>"Certainly not the most honest."
"Geez! Besides he was probably just going to go back to the bakery and sleep-bake."
>"I admit I would be curious as to how well he could do it."
"Yeah well, he is locked in tonight! He's not going anywhere!"

I turn him around. I don't know how strong he is but he doesn't resist as he ends up facing me.

He takes a step forward and headbutts me.

No. 791819 ID: 398fe1

No. 791821 ID: 4854ef

Baaa Raam Yooou

Then lightly headbutt him in return.
No. 791828 ID: 3abd97

Oh my god this is adorable he's head booping me.

Boop him on the head yourself!
No. 791850 ID: bfb318
File 149092743117.png - (167.82KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 147.png )

"Baa?" I butt my head into his head a bit awkwardly but the deed is done.

Haha he's shaking his head and actually trying to get me to fall down or something and it kinda tickles.

"Frillsby are you getting this?"
>"Our surveillance camera is getting every bit."
"We have a surveillance camera?"
>"Yeah it's the latest phone app."
No. 791855 ID: 3abd97

Goat wrestle!
No. 791858 ID: 8cb228

'Fight' for dominance, and pretend to let him win and see what happens!
No. 791884 ID: a363ac

No. 791885 ID: 211d83

Let him win the headbutting contest and see what he does then.
No. 792406 ID: bfb318
File 149107071788.png - (129.40KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 148.png )

I try to wrestle him and push him off but then he just keeps coming at me.

"Ohhh noo Frillsby he's winning and taking me to the ground I need backup!"
>"No Gallsby it's too late there's nothing I can do for you. You'll just need to hold him off yourself."
No. 792408 ID: bfb318
File 149107073384.png - (139.29KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 149.png )

Once I'm on the ground he stops headbutting. Instead of that, he starts chewing on my shirt.
No. 792409 ID: 398fe1

No don't let him eat your shirt, dammit. That's a one of a kind item!
No. 792410 ID: c82945

If you let him eat your shirt, then you're one step closer to nudity. And it'd only be fair to undress the goat to match then! That's the law.
No. 792412 ID: 3abd97

Hey, no, that's a nice shirt.

Give him something else to chew on!
No. 792413 ID: a363ac

Let him eat your shirt.
No. 792448 ID: 59a396

Well stop him by putting something else in his mouth.

He might keep chewing though so watch out.
No. 792502 ID: 1976b9

Yes we need to remove the shirt at once and let him nuzzle our chest fuzz.
No. 792507 ID: 8cb228

No lewd things. But if there's a bone or a piece of rope or a squeaky toy or something, he can chew on that!
No. 792562 ID: fa8f9d

No shirt eating
No. 792635 ID: 15a025

give him something else to chew on.
No. 792640 ID: 91ee5f

"Officer down! Officer down! Frillsby, I'm requesting backup!"
No. 792751 ID: bfb318
File 149113081239.png - (316.69KB , 800x650 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 150.png )

"Frillsby! My beautiful one of a kind shirt is being devoured!"
>"We just ordered a replacement shirt for Khivat, I'm not ordering another replacement shirt already!"
"I'm gonna be the fussiest for real!!"
>"Wait, I have an idea. I'll give him something else to chew on. Also, you are already the fussiest for real."
"Wow rude!" I say, as I manage to flip Villi over, and he continues chomping at the air, "Wait, what are you going to give him?"
>"I'll give him the chicken."
"Frilllssssbbbyyy nooooooooo"
Aaaaaaaaa Frillsby picks up the chicken and is about to toss it at Villi's mouth this is the worrrrrrrrrst.

Maybe Villi won't catc-UAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
"Frillsby I regret ALL DECISIONS"
"Frillssssbyyyyy stop tormenting every Gallsby you meeeet."
"... Is he done?"
>"Well he dropped the chicken."
>"Oh right, he did say he was a sleep talker, huh."
"Frillsby that's not talking that's chicken yellingggggg!"
>"Well, goat yelling."
"But he got the yell from a chicken."
>"Goicken yelling?."
"Choat yelling."
>"Sounds about ri-""UUUAAAAAAaaaaaa"
"Frillsby how are we going to sleep if we have a yelling goat on our hands!!!"
>"I've trained myself for months, listening to screaming goats on my headphones as I fall asleep every night."
"I can't believe you've done this in the year of our lord, current year, Frills to the beeeeeeeeeee!"
mumble mumble
>"What's that, Villi? Timmy fell down the well?!"
"Haaah, sounds like Villi's dream land has more blowing than just Whispy."
>"I'm sure he's just dreaming that he's cheering on his brother."
"For real though Frillsby what's our gameplan for sleeping with this screaming goat?"
No. 792752 ID: 398fe1

Maybe he can scream into a pillow once he's back on the bed? Or you could gag him. It's real weird but seriously, he's loud.
No. 792753 ID: 1a9fe2

Do you have your police-issue ballgag, it seems like that would come in handy here. Otherwise, you can distract him by complying with his sleep-request, maybe that'd get him to calm down!
No. 792774 ID: 211d83

Hmm if he can sleep think about smash do you think he can play it while sleeping? This warrants a experiment I think.

As for sleeping with him just put him in between both of you on the bed and snuggle him good so he can't get up.
No. 792776 ID: e6e9af


Bro, your claw-hands.

D'at skirty thing.

So near.

No. 792788 ID: 3abd97

Maybe if donuts put him to sleep, bagels knock him out. They're opposites, right?
No. 792789 ID: 91cfcf

You need to make him stop choking the chicken. Rescue the poor rubber poultry from him, and be sure to notice that bulge while you're at it (owo).
No. 792807 ID: bd9dcf

No lewds! You promised! See if you can get him a gag of some sort.
No. 792863 ID: d1d42a

yes taking a peek is important, you need to make sure he's not hiding contraban
No. 793024 ID: 59a396

i mean, maybe let him suck that dick
No. 793050 ID: 3740b1

Definitely smuggling something there, better check it out.
No. 793178 ID: bfb318
File 149126403240.png - (182.02KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 151.png )

"Frillsby! Get the police issue ball-gag!"
>"There's no such thing as that."
"Get the custom issue ball-gag!"
>"We don't have that, either."
"Frillsby I refuse to believe we have lived in this town without purchasing a custom issue ball-gag!"
>"It's Dorb. Population 200. I cannot imagine there is a sex shop."
"Whoa whoa whoa who said anything about sex?"
>"... are you not thinking it?"
"Whhhhhatever! You don't know there isn't a sex shop! You don't know there isn't a store that has a sex department to make up for a lack of a sex shop! Put ball gag on the shopping list Frillsby! Right between the ice cream and the lasagna!"
>"Yeah sure. What are we going to do now?"
"I gotta do something about my claw hands I wouldn't want to poke anything."
>"Gallsby you're poking his kilt."

>Lift skirt
No. 793179 ID: bfb318
File 149126410602.png - (172.57KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 152.png )

"I slipped."

"Frillsby I can't see anything from up here, what's it look like? Also your camera is pointed to the side!""
>"I know. Also it looks like he wears underwear like a functional member of society."
"You saying people who don't wear underwear aren't functional members of society?"
>"I'm saying people should wear underwear when they go out in public."
"Oh okay."
>"Gallsby. Gallsby you've gotta wear underwear when you go out."
"I totally do, you can't pr-"
"SUCK ON THAT COCK BRO. SUCK THAT DICK GOOD." This isn't sleep talking this is sleep screaming!
"Frillsby how thick are the walls here? Do we have neighbors?"
>"... Gallsby hold him down I'm getting the pillows!"
No. 793181 ID: bfb318
File 149126421533.png - (141.91KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 153.png )

"Frillsby this is not a permanent solution!"
>"I know! It's barely even a 30 second solution!"
"What if we don't have neighbors and if we do then what if they like people yelling 'suck that dick' in the middle of the night?"
>"I don't think they do Gallsby."
"But you don't know! Maybe we've been depriving them up of goat screaming dick chants till now!"
>"Reasonable assumptions can be made in the absence of information! Wait, quiet - what is that noise?"

Sounds like...

"... oh my god he's eating through the pillows! We gotta think of something unless this is just our life now!"
No. 793182 ID: 595d54

Well, you could try an actual tin can, goats won't actually eat those, but it might damage his teeth. Uh, can Frillsby conjure a manacle around his snout?
No. 793183 ID: 211d83

You either have to feed him or get something in his mouth to suck on.

The rubber chicken was a great idea except for the squeaky bit. Do you have anything that would double as a chew toy?
No. 793190 ID: 51649e

>kilt with underwear

That's illegal! In Scotland. Fantasy stereotype scotland.

I notice he's screaming about dick sucking but the boner count is still zero. I guess it's because it's his brother, so he's not into it. Which implies that if he did start having sex dreams it would shift away from any dreamstate involving his brother, and therefore from any need to shout his brother's signature encouragement chant.

Therefore QED if you do something to turn his dreams lewd he will stop screaming about dicks. That's logic.
No. 793191 ID: 3abd97

What are you neighbors going to do if there's too much noise? Call the cops? That's you! You already know!

Okay if donuts keep him magically awake, there must be some food that keeps him magically asleep. All the way asleep. That's just logic.

Start cramming different things in his mouth hole into you find the one that makes him shut up. Clearly it isn't shirts or pillows.
No. 793196 ID: a363ac

tell him to scrub that dish.
No. 793204 ID: 398fe1

Try to control his dream from the outside. Tell him this is a family friendly tournament he can't use that chant.
No. 793220 ID: 8cb228

Chew toy! Get some rope! Some rawhide. A big stick! SOMETHING! ANYTHING!
No. 793734 ID: bfb318
File 149143279877.png - (104.95KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 154.png )

"Frillsby I don't even think we have a problem, think about it - if the neighbors have a problem, who're they gonna call?"
"Us! It's the perfect crime!"
>"We don't do crimes!"
"The important thing is that we have no problems."
>"The neighbors will though."
"Yeah but us though."
>"Then they'll call someone else."
"Who else is there?"
>"The mayor."
"Oh yeah. Frillsby did he at least have a boner down there?"
>"Gallsby no."
"No to me or no to a boner?"
>"It might've been fighting the underwear at half strength I don't know how tight his un - Gallsby priorities, we need a solution right now I can't keep this pillow on Villi's face."
"Do we have any chew toys that don't go UAH when chewed?"
>"There's some washclothes I can sacrifice.
"Wait - get some bagels! They're like the opposite of donuts!"
>"That... I don't have a better idea so okay."
No. 793738 ID: bfb318
File 149143293169.png - (159.50KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 155.png )

I speak into Villi's ear.

"Villi you can't use that chant this is a family friendly residence. You gotta... scrub that dish."

"Frillsby where are the bagels!"
>"I'm working on it!"

I hear a sound like the fridge just got rolled upsidedown, and Frillsby comes back and tosses the bagel at Villi's mouth.

Okay he seems calm now and actually sleeping like a regular man. Bagels are confirmed donut's opposites.
No. 793739 ID: 398fe1

Thank god. Maybe now you can cuddle in peace. And maybe sleep too.
No. 793761 ID: 3abd97

There we go everything is fixed and there will be no problems ever.
No. 793764 ID: 91ee5f

>I hear a sound like the fridge just got rolled upsidedown
Frillsby, did you roll the fridge upsidedown?
No. 793776 ID: 211d83

Get a pile of bagels to put next to the bed and lead the goat back to bed. Hopefully the bagels will not activate some unknown magic ability he has.
No. 793794 ID: bfb318
File 149144363457.png - (134.38KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 156.png )

"Frillsby did you roll the fridge upside down?"
>"What, no. Why would I do such a thing."
"Because it sounded exactly like you rolled the fridge upside down!"
>"How would you even know what that sounds like? Gallsby have you rolled the fridge upsidedown ever in the past?"
"Don't turn this around on me just get more bagels in case he starts up again!"
>"You're not denying it."
"Yeah well you're acting really suspicious Frillsby."
"I dunno you're just a suspicious kind of guy like in general!"
>"Gallsby go to bed."
"Fine I will!"

And I do! I lift Villi up into bed, where we spoon since that's basically what we gotta do with the handcuffs. There are exactly zero other options.
No. 793795 ID: bfb318
File 149144364516.png - (174.67KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 157.png )

There's some shifting over night and I've got to pin Villi down now and then but for the most part we sleep juuuust fine. I'm woken up at an acceptable wake-up time by Villi shifting around and yawning.
No. 793796 ID: 595d54

Hey, he already rose and shone. Be sure to wish him a good morning and assure him you already forgot all about him yelling about his brother and cocksucking.
No. 793801 ID: 51649e

Looks like someone's smuggling some slumber lumber. Some impressive stretch on that underwear? Unless he slipped out the top...
No. 793802 ID: 3abd97

I guess he ate the bagel! That's good, right?

What's he yelling?
No. 793819 ID: 211d83

Quick check to see if you also have some impressive morning wood?

Ask him how he slept. Also where is Frillsby?
No. 793821 ID: 91ee5f

"I would ask if you slept well, but seeing as you've got something going on down there, it's obvious that you did sleep well!"
No. 793831 ID: a363ac

boop it!
No. 793884 ID: 4cd945

Pretend you're asleep except very poorly!
No. 793893 ID: c31aac

"Mornin' cutey."
No. 793917 ID: 1a9fe2

Gotta inspect that Suspicious Bulge, that is a very important clue of the Sleeping Gote Mystery
No. 793994 ID: e6e9af


That goat is smuggling one HELL Of a something under there. Pretty sure that wasn't there earlier, either. Any chance he's a sleep-walker and might have snuck something into the bed to SURPRISE you with ...?
No. 794016 ID: bfb318
File 149152937336.png - (225.20KB , 1000x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 158.png )

"Morning cutegoat."
"Oh hi Gallsby I see that the handcuff is still on?"
"Just doing my job! My job that is making sure that you weren't gonna walk off or something. By handcuffing you."
"So uh, did I do... did I make much trouble?"
"Don't worry about it I've already forgotten about you yelling about your brother and sucking dick."

Oh now I can feel him freeze up!

"W-well thank you for keeping me in place!"
"Maybe I didn't keep you too well tucked in, though, because you found a way to smuggle something down there!"

He's still tense, and he starts reaching down there!

"Oh... that... that's just... I mean, last night... I..."
No. 794017 ID: bfb318
File 149152944498.png - (146.11KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 159.png )

Villi grabs something from under his kilt, then brings his hand back.

"Found this bagel?"

I am basically the avatar of disappointment here, except that as he brought out the bagel, he shifted his leg forward very suspiciously, making it so that I can't see the front of his kilt now. In fact he's so bad at hiding his slumber lumber that his whole body is basically pointing at it.

"So uh... how're you?"
No. 794019 ID: 3abd97

Where you wearing that bagel on something? Do you have a bagel stand down there?
No. 794020 ID: 1a9fe2

We need some ADVANCED INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES here. Gotta get him to the point that he can't hide what he's goin on, Justice finds a way! Engage the LEWD TEASING
No. 794021 ID: 595d54

You're wondering if he knows you were joking about smuggling and he doesn't have to hide anything, your bed isn't a border to anyplace but... some place with a cool name where great things happen. It's okay, Gallsby, not every line can be a winner, don't feel bad.
No. 794028 ID: 211d83

I am doing great thank you. Cuddled up with a cute guy like you made for a enjoyable night.

But I am also very suspicious of some signs I have noticed that are telling me you are hiding more smuggled contraband under that kilt.

So with your permission I would like to conduct a thorough search of your kilt premises for suspicious "activity"

I of course cant use my dangerous hands for such delicate work so will most likely be snooping around down there with my snoot.
No. 794039 ID: 3abd97

Wow, did you bake a bagel in your sleep? In bed? Under your kilt? That's amazing!
No. 794063 ID: 3740b1

Scrub that dish!
No. 794087 ID: bfb318
File 149157550309.png - (244.56KB , 1000x586 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 160.png )

"I'm doing great! I cuddled up with a cute guy all night!"
"W-who was that?
His confusion becomes even more blushing as he realizes.
"OH. Oh. Uhhhh.... I-I was too? Can the handcuffs be taken off now??"
"I don't have the keys!!"
"Don't worry, Frillsby will get bolt cutters!"
"I'm kind of worried!"
"Worrying is something that smugglers do! I think you might have more contraband underneath that kilt!"
"N-no, there's nothing else. It's just... nothing."
"Then you should have no problem giving me permission to peruse under there, then!"
"R-right, sure... wait-"
"And since you had the gall to try and eat my clothes last night I think it's only fair for me to have the gall. Because I'm Gallsby."
"What?! W-wait don't eat my clothes!"
"I have permission to make sure you don't have the contraband though right?"
"Uhmmm... it's.. it's not contraband..."
"What is it then?"
"you have permission to check under my kilt for contraband"
I grab his kilt with my mouth and (very gently! important!!) pull it up, "Ih ohay! Jush hrab no eah!"
I let it out of my mouth and stare intently at his contraband.
"It was safer this way I don't have hands!! Your boner is cool!! Where's Frillsby!!"
"aaaa that's embarrassing don't just say it like that"
He is making concerned noises.
No. 794088 ID: ac7aff

Villi would you like me to scrub that dish?
No. 794090 ID: 595d54

Hey, another layer of security. You haven't investigated properly yet, you need to check under the underoos too.
No. 794092 ID: 665ed8

Careful, looks like he has a weapon under that! Does he have a license for concealed carry?
No. 794100 ID: 398fe1

Time to use your feet to check in greater detail.
No. 794105 ID: 51649e

Hmm. Calculating... yes, that's a pretty impressive boner. If boner it is. It could be a demi baguette! Which would be flagrant defiance of the law, given you arrested him to ensure compliance with labour laws. You'll need to check further in case of illegal acts of bakery.
No. 794141 ID: 1a9fe2

Look, it's the kilt that's an heirloom, not his underwear. His underwear is fair game! Scrub that dish!
No. 794173 ID: 3abd97

Gallsby how did you teleport the handcuffs from your left hand to your right? I thought you weren't magic!
No. 794174 ID: 595d54

Other way around, but it sure looks like the cuffs swapped hands, yeah. Is this Villi? Did Frillsby find the key and decide to mess with you?
No. 794370 ID: e6e9af


Good point! We best check under that kilt thing to make sure he isn't some kind of convincing goat dakimakura our roomie-buddy found while you were asleep.
No. 794381 ID: 91ee5f

The real reason we need to search him is in case he has one of these: https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=1csiwW7kHiA !
No. 794546 ID: 15a025

"You want me to scrub that dish?"
No. 795132 ID: bfb318
File 149195874403.png - (194.32KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 160.png )

"You still have contraband of some kind down there!"
"I don't think that counts as contraband in non-public places! Also I think what you have are hands!"
"No that's just my own boner!"
"ER not your - I mean, I don't know where Frillsby is I thought you said he was getting bolt cutters? Wait - wait weren't the cuffs on your right? Why's it on your left now?"
"Because it got uncomfortable on my right!"

"That... what? How'd you get it off your hand?!
"I said I don't have hands Villi so cuffs can never can work on me!"
"I'm so confused Gallsby"
"You don't need to be confused you just need to let me see your contraband before I double-arrest you for concealed carry without a license and or illegal acts of baking!"
"I don't have any more contraband it's really just my - my - my dish!"
"Prove it!"
"aaaaaaa ok"

"ok I'm gonna prove it"

"usually it's gone down by now"

"it's still not going down"

"It's better that way now stop stalling!"
No. 795133 ID: bfb318
File 149195876511.png - (212.23KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 161.png )

"Want me to scrub it?"

These noises are even more concerned now!
No. 795136 ID: a363ac

no Gallsby stop that rape you would have to arrest yourself!
No. 795138 ID: 29c4aa

Time to choose.

I'll choose B. - SUCK THAT DICK
No. 795140 ID: 595d54

He seems willing but embarrassed. Give him control of the situation and see how he responds. After all, you were wrong, now he gets to decide what to do with you.
No. 795143 ID: 398fe1

Tell him it's okay if he doesn't want you to, but you'd be gentle.
No. 795144 ID: 1a9fe2

We're gonna need a confession of his crime of wanting his dick sucked and not saying so, where's frillsby to help record it
No. 795146 ID: 211d83

I need more than just Aaaaaa Villi.

Either you want me to or you don't. I am fine with either choice but its your choice to make.
No. 795148 ID: 3abd97

>"I said I don't have hands Villi so cuffs can never can work on me!"
>"I'm so confused Gallsby"
This is pure magic.

>These noises are even more concerned now!
Are these goat mating cries? It's hard to tell, you don't know a lot of goats!
No. 795161 ID: 3740b1

Scrub that dish

With your butt
No. 795163 ID: f97b68

No. 795170 ID: 51649e

You could ask him to shake his head or nod.
No. 795173 ID: bb78f2

Hey, Villi, man, if you don't take care of that you might die of blood loss.
Seriously man that's got to ache.
Does it hurt?
No. 795350 ID: bfb318
File 149205074302.png - (139.76KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 162.png )

>This is looking non-consensual
I'm still not a criminal! I'm on pause until he says that his concerned noises turn out to be because his dishes are unscrubbed.

"Is that a goat mating call? I can't tell if this is 'you want it but don't want to say you want it' or 'you don't want it but don't want to disappoint."
"The sun is out!"
"Villi that's your dick."
"No that- I mean THAT TOO but the actual sun is out!"
"Yeah that happens at daytime."
"My bakery! It's supposed to be open!"
"But it is!"
"It's innuendo Villi!"

"I mean I would say the mini-bakery is ooo" his voice trails off and he just mouths 'open for business', "But what's more important than serving customers their morning pastries?! I can't stay in bed, and... and!"
"And! You know!"
"And scrub that dish?"
"You can't just say it like that!"
"... suck that dick?"
No. 795351 ID: a363ac

GOD DAME IT Muffin Boy tell me if you want me to fuck you are not!
No. 795352 ID: 398fe1

Tell him the handcuffs are gonna get in the way of baking. He can at least wait until Frillsby gets back with some bolt cutters to get them off.
No. 795354 ID: 211d83

I think the morning pastries can wait a hour or so. You have heroically avoided sleep for who knows how long to get people there food so am sure they will not mind if you cum in a bit late.

Or if you want we can quickly get you back to your shop and I can indulge in a bit of hidden dish scrubbing under the counter while you serve the morning rush.
No. 795357 ID: 3abd97

...you don't want to serve me a morning pastry, right here, right now?
No. 795360 ID: 595d54

There was a 'yah' in there, I'm pretty sure that's a yes. It should at least be enough to get in position to start and see how he reacts.
No. 795373 ID: bfb318
File 149205552025.png - (136.10KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 163.png )

"You literally stopped sleeping to help customers I think they won't mind if you're late a single day!"
"I'd rather never be late!"
"What if I..." I lean in to whisper. "Scrubbed you under the desk while you worked."


"That's unsanitary Gallsby! I'm professional! A professional!"
"Yeah well we're handcuffed so I gotta be there anyway!:
"Oh. Oh yeah. Oh... ohhh.... ohhhhh if Frillsby's not going to be back right now then... I guess I'm suck he - stuck here! With... this problem! Unable to serve pastries!"
"Well, you have a pastry I've been wanting!"
"But I - oh! Oh! I mean yeah I... I mean that's - I mean you can! If you want I mean! I mean I want too but only if you want because I don't mean to pressure you because of my own problems and I'm sorry if I've been all shy but I never do this kind of thing and now I was unprepared for today and I wouldn't want you to do it if you don't want to so only do it if..."

He just keeps going!
No. 795374 ID: 211d83

Get him to make even more cute goat noises by sucking that dick.
No. 795377 ID: 398fe1

Definitely time to schlobber that knobber.
No. 795379 ID: a363ac

Shout SUCK THAT DICK in a good point to finish his ramblings. Then [Suck that dick]
No. 795380 ID: 3abd97

>That's unsanitary
I'll wear a hairnet, it's cool.

...wait. You weren't wearing a hairnet! You're unsanitary!

>He just keeps going!
You might need to kiss that goat just to stop him.
No. 795383 ID: 595d54

Suck that dick and suggest a 69 if the noises start being a problem.
No. 795384 ID: 3abd97

Sick that duck!
No. 795390 ID: 29c4aa

and you thought him chewing on your shirt was bad.

Do it, what's the worst that could happen?
No. 795410 ID: 1a9fe2

If you don't suck that gote's dick right now he might just explode, it's for the good of everyone involved here, gallsby
No. 795424 ID: bfb318
File 149206573432.png - (217.94KB , 1200x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 164.png )

"SOOOO you're doing it this is actually happening I mean that's good I mean that's what was going to happen when I said it was okay because it is okay and I mean I should solve this problem before and"

I got the 'okay go ahead' in some of those words so I'm okaying and going ahead and picking up that dick and putting it in my mouth with my mouth and definitely not my not-hands. I've basically mastered the art of recognizing which objects should not share immediate airspace with my hands and dicks are at the top! Even above waterbed mattresses and milk cartons!
No. 795425 ID: bfb318
File 149206575784.png - (118.92KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 165.png )

"I mean never being late before is part of the problem because now I bet there's a whole 20 people there just wondering if I died because that's reasonable to think that I would die before not being up to sell people pastries and it"
No. 795426 ID: bfb318
File 149206578515.png - (97.31KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 166.png )


No. 795427 ID: bfb318
File 149206585414.png - (94.91KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 167.png )


Well the noises are only half concern now and half mystery noises! I can't blame him for being concerned too because there's things that would concern me! Like 69ing him. Because he sure could chew things hard and considering how hard he's tensed up right now I sure am not going to imagine an appropriately representative picture, like say a big axe cleaving a log in two. Still though he's real tensed up!
No. 795429 ID: 398fe1

Then you're gonna have to take it real slow until he relaxes a little.
No. 795434 ID: 0d5b7f

mind your chompers there
No. 795479 ID: 211d83

69ing would be a trick with your handcuff situation. Besides its his first time and that would just complicate things.

So go nice and slow and enjoy the mystery goat noises.
No. 795480 ID: 3d263d

You're kinda angling him down a lot there, that might be uncomfortable.
No. 795584 ID: e6e9af


Well maybe you can ... "glaze that donut" if you know what I mean. Provided he's into that.

But scrubbing dishes is both cleanly AND a great way to make friends. So let's go nice and slow and be sure he's having fun (and getting enough air, the poor thing is probably forgetting to breathe with all that noise-making!)
No. 795627 ID: bfb318
File 149212582629.png - (117.13KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 168.png )

>You're kind of angling him down, there
Whoops I think it was fine but maybe it wasn't fine at all.

>Mind your chompers there
This isn't my first dish scrubbing!

I slow down. Which means I almost stop because I was already going slow! I think it's working though? He's still tense but his noises smooth out and I think I hear him taking a breath. It takes a minute or two but there's progress!

Yeah now he's breathing steadily and not making noise at all aside from little moans and if I didn't know any better I'd think that he just fell asleep!

.... I think he just fell asleep! This is the most challenging blow job I've ever done.

No. 795628 ID: 595d54

Well, he did say he wants this, so keep going. Play with his balls some, see if that helps?
No. 795629 ID: 3abd97

>he fell asleep
But he didn't have any donut energy yet! He should be running on real energy. Is his endurance so low he can't even get a dish scrubbed before falling asleep?
No. 795631 ID: 398fe1

Wake him up by flicking his dick with your tongue. Tell him it is very rude to fall asleep BEFORE the orgasm.
No. 795647 ID: a363ac

Pick him up and take him to the bakery where you can continue this later
No. 795683 ID: 211d83

Apparently other than being powered by donuts he is a narcosleepy goat. When he gets to excited he just passes out.

Well keep working on him and see if you can get those cute little goat moans to increase. Worst case we can finish this later.
No. 795750 ID: bfb318
File 149214809367.png - (137.76KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 169.png )

I just keep on going. He stays up the whole time so at least his body likes it?

He jerks awake and I tell him to be careful!

"Kmmngmm!" is how my 'careful' comes out.
"What's goi - oh. Oh! Oh my goood did I fall asleep? Oh god I'm so sorry that was so rude I really am liking this I - that is - yeah I'm liking this I didn't mean to fall asleep I just got too excited and I guess keep going if you want if I'm not spoiling the mood by falling asleep I know I'm screwing this up!"

I back off so I can speak better.

"It is rude to fall asleep before orgasm but I'm still sucking!"
"Well okay I'm sorry!"

I keep going and he falls asleep like two more times but he wakes up after a moment and he finally actually is settled even while awake making more goat moans. He's starting to get active too so I think he's gonna - "

No. 795751 ID: bfb318
File 149214813246.png - (104.90KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 170.png )

bleating intensifies

Okay there's no warning for his shot but I was prepared for anything by this point so it all gets handled like a professional!

No. 795753 ID: bfb318
File 149214821445.png - (143.36KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 171.png )

He almost falls asleep again but then snaps awake.

"W-well that was something!" Villi huffs out.
"Was it something good?"


"Oh god would it be rude to say I reaaaally need to go back to the bakery? I don't know about protocol for this!"

No. 795755 ID: a363ac

No. 795756 ID: 595d54

Yeah, get to work. No need to worry about the handcuffs, Frillsby can totally go find you.
No. 795876 ID: 211d83

Well normal protocol would be maybe some cuddling and possibly you returning the favor.

But I can take a rain check on that and we can get you back to your shop.
No. 796179 ID: 15a025

Going to work before taking caring of you personal hygiene needs?
No. 796349 ID: bfb318
File 149239214059.png - (133.53KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 172.png )

"Nahhh normally I'd cuddle you the rest of the day and maybe get a returned favor but I'll have a rain check. How about that personal hygiene?"
"Uh oh I'll take care of that myself! I live in the bakery so I'll just sneak in to get cleaned up first before meeting customers! Uh thanks by the way I know I was the m - was and am the most awkward person to be around but I really did have a good night! So uh... good night see you later? I mean good morning."
"Good night!"
No. 796350 ID: bfb318
File 149239216165.png - (76.60KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 173.png )

Well that was pretty cool I guess maybe I should show up again and see if he can handle it. Or maybe let the goat rest maybe that's the pro strat in life right now.

>No need to worry about the handcuffs, Frillsby can totally go find you.
Yeah I'm pretty easy for Frillsby to find, I don't think he's ever had any trouble at all!

And then he can take these handcuffs off!
No. 796351 ID: bfb318
File 149239219177.png - (134.73KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 174.png )

Wait hold on just one second, something's off.
No. 796352 ID: bfb318
File 149239222899.png - (132.83KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 175.png )

>"Hey Gallsby I'm back. Where's Villi gotten to?"
"He went back to the bakery Frillsby it's like his natural environment."
>"What about the handcuffs?"
No. 796356 ID: bfb318
File 149239248436.png - (182.78KB , 800x800 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 176.png )

"... they also went back to their natural environment."
"Always handcuff the goat every chance you get."
>"Gallsby no that's not a good outlook on life."
"Frillsby!!! You're turning this bedroom into a den of lies! That is a very untrue statement!"
>"Okay well I'll stop lying and instead say that I'm going to go rescue Villi now."

End Chapter 4
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