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File 144501975212.png - (358.60KB , 1500x1106 , TWWLHP1.png )
676806 No. 676806 ID: 1f8505

It is a cool October evening. Not cold, just cool enough to make a broom ride though the dusk air extra enjoyable. A red-haired witch clad in purple cruises through the sky, on her way back home for Halloween vacation from the Academy of Wind Magic. The night is young, the sky is clear, and all is well...

Pray tell, what was your name again?
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No. 676808 ID: 88960e

No. 676810 ID: 3009b4


Like the sitcom.

Wiggle your nose.
No. 676811 ID: 2a7417

Ebony "Enoby" Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.
No. 676830 ID: e4abe1

No. 676831 ID: cf1cda

I vote for Anita
No. 676832 ID: 89941a


Your parents.. they er, well. Really enjoyed Harry Potter, but they misunderstood something important.
No. 676833 ID: 1b60c0

Vivianna Throckmorton, flayer of flesh.
No. 676834 ID: 799984

No. 676835 ID: 3009b4

Miss Switch.
No. 676837 ID: 1f8505
File 144502410382.png - (509.11KB , 1500x1156 , TWWLHP2.png )

That's right, your name is Anita Lorena Óðinn.

Anyways, you are on your way back home...

...when a strange gust of wind, leaves, and dust whips across you! It messes up your hair, sullies your clothes, blows your skirt all over, unties your-
No. 676838 ID: 1f8505
File 144502410856.png - (219.61KB , 1500x944 , TWWLHP3.png )

It is evening over an old ghost town. Some say they can hear the whispers of the dead, and the howls of the undead in this place.
No. 676839 ID: 1f8505
File 144502411332.png - (300.71KB , 1500x944 , TWWLHP4.png )

But the shriek of a red-haired witch takes the place of the whispers tonight.
No. 676840 ID: 3663d3

nose dive, get to the ground fast.
No. 676852 ID: 2f4b71

Quick, pull the reserve!
No. 676857 ID: 9d8023

Why would you wear side tie panties? Thats like asking for nakie butts!
No. 676864 ID: 1f8505
File 144502700915.png - (599.42KB , 1764x1691 , TWWLHP5.png )

Anita quickly nosedives her broom, not wishing to fly further with a naked rear end.

As Anita lands around the ghost town, the broom sputters and falls to the ground. The magic seems to have failed, for you see, witches who attend the Academy of Wind Magic have enchanted clothing in order to magnify their innate magical abilities.

Unfortunately, Anita chose to endow the majority of her magical enhancement charm to her underpants. She figured that they were least likely to be damaged in a witch duel.

So, that means that Anita cannot fly until she can locate her missing panties. She does retain some of her Wind Magic, but its effectiveness is severely reduced.
No. 676866 ID: 799984

Maybe that pumpkin saw your panties? ...If it can talk? I mean, it has a face so it can probably talk, right.

Anyway, ask it if it's seen anything fall from the sky. Better to not mention the panties directly in case it speculates correctly that they are the garment your power relies on and attempts to take advantage of your relative powerlessness.

I'm sure the pumpkin is an upstanding member of society who would never do so, but it is wise to exercise caution.
No. 676870 ID: 3663d3

yes ask pumpkin
No. 676879 ID: f80256

You really shouldn't wear clothing that easily unties when flying.

...also you might want to invest in a pair of shorts or something to wear under the skirt if they're prone to falling off.

>she put most of her enchantments on her undies
Doesn't that mean you have to do your laundry every single day, then? Otherwise you're wearing dirty underwear (ew) or you're going without enchantments.

>what do
Charm the bats, employ them as magically controlled aerial reconnaissance drones.
No. 676907 ID: 2f4b71

Surely self-cleaning would be one of the first enhancements, for convenience?
No. 676908 ID: 2ccbb3

So... can't you just call a taxi?

Because seriously, if you didn't bring your wallet or customize a pocket dimension for your inventory, that would be really stupid.

In any case, Halloween is still coming up. Maybe you can make some cosplay friends, hitch a ride?

You're no defenseless girl, that's for sure.
No. 676925 ID: b5b419

you may want to reconsider getting too close to the tentacle pumpkin while not wearing any underwear
No. 676926 ID: 1f8505
File 144503726132.png - (605.13KB , 1764x1682 , TWWLHP6.png )

"I know a simple cleaning spell for keeping my clothes clean! All Academy students are taught it. Keeps things from getting really smelly."

"Also, my panties are normally VERY secure. It must have been some form of magic that... took them."

"I do have a wallet, but we aren't taught the Bag of Holding spell until 3rd year. And I doubt this dead town has a taxi service. It looks like nothing's been here for years."

"Uh... hey pumpkin! Did you happen to see um... anything fall from the sky recently?"


The pumpkin monster crawls towards Anita. The bats also start fluttering towards her.
No. 676927 ID: f80256

No. 676928 ID: 5ad4a7

We've only got wind magic which means run away!
No. 676930 ID: 799984

No way, we can't run away. It'd see up our skirt!

Just repeat the question, I'm sure the pumpkin is coming closer because it didn't hear us properly. It doesn't have ears, you know.
No. 676933 ID: 2ccbb3

You have long stockings, refashion those into makeshift panties and WILL YOU RUN ALREADY?!
No. 676934 ID: 3663d3

speak louder and slower. that always works.
No. 676935 ID: 518dbd

Lets use some wind magic. Cast gust of wind!
No. 676936 ID: ad936f

It's a pumpkin ffs just kick it. I think it was probably a pervert ghost that did this, fuckin' pervert ghosts. Don't trust any ectoplasm you find.
No. 676937 ID: 1f8505
File 144503995523.png - (719.65KB , 1764x1682 , TWWLHP7.png )

Anita speaks again, louder this time.

"Did you happen to see anything fall from the sky?"


"This isn't working. And I'm not fashioning my stockings into anything! They're part of my magical ensemble too. If I take them apart, I lose any enchantment they have!"

Anita instead opts for going on the offensive and casts Gust of Wind.


The pumpkin monster and bats are knocked away by the burst of wind.
No. 676938 ID: 5ad4a7

Throw rocks at them.
No. 676940 ID: f80256

Now charge and start whacking them repeatedly with your broom.

...also be careful that those gusts of wind don't flip anything up.
No. 676941 ID: 799984

Nice job!

Hope nobody was behind you when you did that. Wind and all.

Oh yeah, abscond while the absconding's good.
No. 676950 ID: fe06ff

Broom-fu that pumpkin into pie!!
No. 676981 ID: 2ccbb3

Bats into pumpkin!
No. 677045 ID: 1f8505
File 144506312328.png - (591.68KB , 1764x1682 , TWWLHP8.png )

Anita summons her broom and whacks the pumpkin monster with it.


The Pumpkin Monster has been slain. The errant bats simply fly off in a different direction.
No. 677046 ID: 5ad4a7

Alright I suppose... continue leftwards.

Do we have any way of knowing which way the panties are?
No. 677047 ID: f80256

Final Fantasy victory dance.

Time to explore.
No. 677050 ID: 955c3f

Devour the pumpkin to gain its strength.
No. 677054 ID: 1f8505
File 144506484189.png - (605.35KB , 1763x1694 , TWWLHP9.png )

Anita moves forward. She spies not one, but TWO pumpkin monsters blocking her path, and sees some kind of 1950's zombie girl.
No. 677057 ID: 799984

She's the real threat! Dash past the two pumpkins to blast her with wind point blank!
No. 677062 ID: 5ad4a7

Um uh, smash the nearest pumpkin.
No. 677063 ID: 955c3f

What can you actually do with wind magic? Can you make those pumpkins smell like brains? Divide and conquer!
No. 677133 ID: fe06ff

Wind the pumpkins into the zombie for double KO
No. 677137 ID: cedab7

Insult zombie to make her self conscious until she runs away crying, smash pumpkins
No. 677145 ID: 2ccbb3

Use wind magic to make a loud noise behind the zombie! Then kill the pumpkin beasts and throw pie all over her prom dress.
No. 677147 ID: f56624

oh shit, it's a dead quest! Quick, write in an update and she'll go away!
No. 677152 ID: 326ed1

Wind magic to upskirt the zombie, make sure she isn't wearing your panties!

Then either use wind to knock the zombie over so it falls on and crushes the pumpkins, or use your broom to smack a pumpkin flying into the zombie's face.
No. 677176 ID: 6cb462

simply walk around them. You have no time for these shenanigans.
No. 677194 ID: 1f8505
File 144510853448.png - (658.26KB , 1763x2000 , TWWLHP10.png )

"That's right! I have no time for these shenanigans! I have undies to find."

Anita runs past the pumpkin monsters and the zombie. Her bold strategy to ignore the monsters fills her with determination.
No. 677197 ID: 1f8505
File 144510904133.png - (527.57KB , 1580x1721 , TWWLHP11.png )

That determination is diminished slightly when Anita happens upon three more 1950's-era zombies.
No. 677198 ID: 799984

Defeat them with your patented Tornado Tyrade.

Which is clearly a thing you have as a magical girl. Named attacks.
No. 677199 ID: 5ad4a7

Just push them over. Either with wind or broomstick.
No. 677202 ID: 3663d3

SWEEP them off their feet then keep moving.
No. 677223 ID: 025c3c

How have zombies from the 1950s not fallen apart yet! They don't look built to last.

You do realize now that you're surrounded. Monsters ahead and monsters following behind.
No. 677225 ID: 6cb462

Not really. There is nothing that is stopping her from heading towards those buildings in the background.
No. 677226 ID: 3009b4

Those zombies are from the 50's. Show them that you're not wearing panties. They will freak out and run.
No. 677234 ID: fe06ff

wind them into the air
No. 677241 ID: 1f8505
File 144511635193.png - (576.00KB , 1580x1721 , TWWLHP12.png )

Anita whacks the Greaser zombie with her broom a few times. It falls to gross fleshy bits.

Unfortunately, now Anita is surrounded by advancing zombies, as well as the pumpkin monsters from before.

Anita then remembers she has an AoE Wind Magic attack that she can use, but at the cost of having a temporary magic cooldown period.
No. 677242 ID: fe06ff

Use AOE!
No. 677245 ID: 3663d3

use it and run.
No. 677252 ID: 025c3c

Wind burst go!

...when they'd dead again, see if any of the lady zombies dropped panties.
No. 677255 ID: 1f8505
File 144512213952.png - (1.13MB , 1580x1721 , TWWLHP13.png )

Anita unleashes her AoE attack: Cyclone Burst!

The surrounding zombies are pulled into the vortex and turned into zombie pâté. The pumpkin monsters, being slightly hardier than the undead, are simply flung away.

It also has the unfortunate side effect of blowing Anita's skirt up. She does her best to cover up amidst the high velocity winds.
No. 677256 ID: 3663d3

oh no, that window is behind you, it got a look at your bum!
No. 677257 ID: 025c3c

What's holding your hat down? An enchantment?

Maybe you need to enchant your skirt not to flip up if you're going to specialize in wind magic. Or just invest in shorts / pants.
No. 677307 ID: 1f8505
File 144513174061.png - (800.02KB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP14.png )

Anita's hat was certainly knocked off and not the result of the author's negligence. She recovers it successfully and advances.

In front of a church, Anita spies some sort of mummy girl, and a bat carrying away a familiar green striped undergarment!

"Take it to the castle! The Doctor will be pleased to have such potent magical undies."

Anita senses a high concentration of magical energy emanating from this mummy.
No. 677308 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 677309 ID: 025c3c

Chase undies, attempt to ignore the (unwrapped?) mummy's attention.

When you can use magic again, down the bat to recover them.
No. 677310 ID: 12fa81

Your magic's still coming back, so you'll have to seduce her.
No. 677316 ID: ad936f

No. 677317 ID: 0ed6e9

hit her in the back of the head with your broom while she isn't looking and run past and grab your undies before the bat get's to far away.
No. 677320 ID: 2ccbb3

Choke the undead girl to death with your broom. Then rip her head off and ransom her to the Doc for your panties.

You can both have a laugh about this later.
No. 677324 ID: 3009b4

Sneak up and unravel her. Take her bandages. Then show her you have no panties.
No. 677325 ID: fe06ff

sneak attack from behind!
broom thwak!
No. 677334 ID: 3663d3

steal her clothes. clearly they are the source of her power as well.
No. 677377 ID: a107fd

Attempt to parlay. Open with an indignant shout of "hey, that's mine!"
No. 677388 ID: 1f8505
File 144514396384.png - (773.47KB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP15.png )

Anita takes only a few steps before the mummy girl turns and faces her.

"Well well well! You must be the former owner of those tasteless childish panties."

Anita becomes indignant.

"Sh-shut up! I demand you return my property to me at once!"

The mummy girl chuckles.

"No deal, my little red-haired witch. They belong to Doctor Underkläder now! She has great plans for the magical properties of your panties."
No. 677389 ID: 1f8505
File 144514397224.png - (836.76KB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP16.png )

The mummy girl then yawns and points to you.

"And now I'm bored of this conversation. Come deal with this little witch, my followers!"

Three Greaser zombies emerge from the dust and begin shambling towards Anita.
No. 677390 ID: 3663d3

channel rage into broom attack
No. 677415 ID: 5ad4a7

Bash their heads in then tell the Mummy she's next if she doesn't give back your panties.
No. 677421 ID: 025c3c

Use broom to trip the first one, and step back as the two zombies behind him trip over the fallen zombie.

Then beat the zombie pile to pulp.
No. 677435 ID: 2ccbb3

Dodge all three and go straight for the boss. Bonus points if you can get zombies to attack her.
No. 677487 ID: ad936f

Just hop over them and onto her face, then RIP OUT HR HEART AND EAT IT TO GAIN HER POWER!
No. 677523 ID: a107fd

Knock the first zombie to it's knees with some magic wind, run up the stumbling minions like stairs, jump, then hold your broom overhead upside-down so the flight enchantment instead accelerates groundward and aim it at the mummy like a spear.
No. 677567 ID: 1f8505
File 144520442040.png - (813.76KB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP17.png )

Anita whacks the first zombie with her broom. It falls to bits.

The mummy girl is not impressed.

Anita's cooldown is complete! She can resume using wind magic again.
No. 677568 ID: 5ad4a7

Wind blast the zombies into the mummy, then run up while she's disabled to give her a good whack.
No. 677582 ID: fe06ff

Cyclone again!
No. 677586 ID: 0fc976

Blow them back into the Bronze Age (i.e the mummy)!
No. 677589 ID: 2ccbb3

Use wind to stun one and then bash the other! Save your cyclone for use against the undead's magic attacks!
No. 677601 ID: 1f8505
File 144521264321.png - (0.99MB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP18.png )

Anita uses Gust of Wind in an attempt to knock the zombies into the mummy girl. However, in an act of extreme agility, the mummy girl leaps out of the way.

"Good try dear! But you'll need to try a lot harder than that to best me."

The Greaser zombies are thrown into the ground, breaking into bits.
No. 677603 ID: 3663d3

can't change trajectory mid air, up swing into where she is gonna land!
No. 677613 ID: 0fc976

Slam her into the ground. You don't try to fly away from an air witch!
No. 677619 ID: d4940a

Use your big cyclone now that she's up in the air where it'll be extra effective and she won't be able to cleverly avoid it.
No. 677623 ID: 025c3c

Hold up the non-brush end of the broom so she impales herself as she lands.

Use wind magic to stop her from dodging.
No. 677635 ID: 2ccbb3

She's in the air! Use Cyclone while her connection to the ground is severed!
No. 677647 ID: ed3883

Use something so you can steal her own magical clothes
No. 677691 ID: fe06ff

Cyclone her now! it's the perfect time
No. 677722 ID: 1f8505
File 144522726172.png - (922.18KB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP19.png )

Anita opts not to expend her magic on the Cyclone Burst which would leave her vulnerable, and instead snags the mummy girl mid-air.

"Hey! No fair!"
No. 677723 ID: 1f8505
File 144522726621.png - (917.31KB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP20.png )

Anita then uses her last available wind spell, Downburst, to send the mummy girl straight into the ground.


Anita thinks she may have knocked the wind (heh) out of the mummy, but then again mummies probably don't need to breathe.

The mummy girl is stunned.
No. 677724 ID: 5ad4a7

Straddle her and pound her face in.
No. 677725 ID: 0fc976

Disarm her by confiscating any enchanted articles of clothing.
No. 677727 ID: fe06ff

pull off her enchanted skirt
No. 677729 ID: 2ccbb3

Take off her clothing and then stomp her neck until you decapitate her.

She's undead, she can take it.
No. 677730 ID: 2b41c2

Use a powergul gust to blow her clothes off. Thrn take her undies.
No. 677736 ID: 3663d3

take her clothes for yourself. it's only fair.
No. 677738 ID: 1f8505
File 144522968892.png - (275.10KB , 1029x859 , TWWLHP_Mummy_Defeated.png )

Anita charges up her Gust of Wind, and unleashes a devastating gale upon the mummy girl.


The mummy girl's clothes are shredded from the high winds, and she falls limp. Anita guesses she wasn't the only one who uses clothing enchantment! But in this case, it must have simply kept the mummy girl active.

Anita still detects a high level of magical energy. It seems to be originating from the mummy's...

No. 677739 ID: 5ad4a7

Replacement panties! Get 'em.
No. 677740 ID: 025c3c

Steal the mummy's panties. They aren't as good as yours, but it's better than going commando, or without enchantments.

Power up!
No. 677743 ID: fe06ff

acquire panties!
No. 677747 ID: 3663d3

you should pick her up later, as in get some more magic stuff later and put it on her, bind the magic to yourself so she can't beat you up without losing power.
No. 677749 ID: a107fd

Equip panties (eye for an eye, etc.), check whether they restore access to higher wind powers or provide access to necromancy.
No. 677750 ID: 2ccbb3

Take her with you, but remove her limbs first.

Also, please don't wear her panties; they might have an STD or curse or something.
No. 677752 ID: b0eee5

Can you tell what kind of magic it is? Take pantsus in any case
No. 677945 ID: 1f8505
File 144528141750.png - (774.63KB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP21.png )

Anita slips the panties off the mummy girl. Beholding them, she senses a great amount of old magic energy.

Plus they have a little bow on the front, and Anita find that kinda cute.

"I guess this is better than wandering around with a chilly rear end."

The red-haired witch casts her cleaning spell on the undies before putting them on...
No. 677946 ID: 1f8505
File 144528142264.png - (792.27KB , 1400x1465 , TWWLHP_Panty_Get.png )


The surprisingly comfortable underpants surge with energy. Anita senses she has received the ability to cast a new spell!

Anita can now cast Summon Undead, and receive one zombie ally at a time!

Anita also notices that the panties must be made out of Egyptian cotton due to the high thread count. She makes a note to keep these as soon as she find her original undies.
No. 677947 ID: 3663d3

can you use it on the mummy? maybe interrogate her.
No. 677949 ID: 2a7417

Be ready. When the Panty God arrives, knock her over with a gust and steal her panties too. Or did you need to put them on your head first to summon her?
No. 677950 ID: 5ad4a7

Do you really need to retrieve your own panties? Can't you just enchant a new pair, now that you have some power under your belt again?

I mean, you can fly again, right?
No. 677959 ID: 3663d3

she needs her old ones so she can fly, otherwise she will have to hike through zombie and pumpkin infested lands till she finds a store.
No. 677986 ID: 7a6915

>she needs her old ones so she can fly, otherwise she will have to hike through zombie and pumpkin infested lands till she finds a store.
We seem to be making tracks without injury and we've even faced a miniboss here. Unless we'd be mocked forever we might be better off hoofing it and telling our school about the magical pervert who took our unmentionables. Anita's a pretty girl, if there are enough friendly magical perverts at your school you could offer to take these ones off and put on the old ones in front of the perverts that retrieve them as a reward. I think we should seriously consider this plan because it has less risk of getting covered in zombie guts or embarrassingly kidnapped (or worse).
No. 677992 ID: 025c3c

Res the mummy! She's your servant now!

Also she's the only undead you encountered strong enough not to fall apart immediately and talk, so she's obviously the best choice for minion.

The enchantments on them are probably worth more than the mundane utility of getting home, since Anna's been stacking all her clothes enchantments on them.
No. 677995 ID: 2a7417

Seconded, rez the mummy.
No. 678024 ID: 1f8505
File 144529527220.png - (755.79KB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP22.png )

Anita requires her original panties because they have the strongest concentration of her Wind Magic. She would re-enchant the ones she just got, but that requires an Enchanting Altar that is located at her school. Or house. Both of which are hundreds of miles away.

Besides, they're HERS! Anita refuses to let some mad scientist mangle her favorite underpants.

Sadly, Anita can only summon undead, and is unable to revive the mummy girl.
No. 678025 ID: 1f8505
File 144529527801.png - (770.67KB , 2070x1832 , TWWLHP23.png )

Anyways, Anita is filled with determination, and heads off in the direction the bat flew with her underoos: the Dark Forest!


Enemies destroyed: 9

Panties retrieved: 1/1

Enemy Combat Alerts: 0

Headshots: 1

Retries: 0

Perfect Stealth, No Kills: 'fraid not.

Fulton Extractions: what

RANK: Yes.
No. 678026 ID: 5ad4a7

Wait what about the loot? She had loot!
No. 678035 ID: 0fc976

We're wearing it already.
No. 678043 ID: 025c3c

>Sadly, Anita can only summon undead
Huh. So we can't summon an undead from a dead body. Go figure.

I guess we can only make new ones poof from nowhere.
No. 678147 ID: 2ccbb3

Uh, you forgot to loot the corpse for all that shiny gold. Unless it's fake gold / cursed / detrimental to your personal goals.
No. 678169 ID: fa66b2

...I keep expecting some horrible thing to show up and drag the mummy away.
No. 678295 ID: 1f8505
File 144537068336.png - (324.86KB , 1500x1624 , TWWLHP24.png )

Anita enters the Dark Forest. She sees two pumpkin monsters and two...

...GIANT SPIDERS?! Gross! Anita wishes she had a giant shoe right about now.

Or a giant wad of toilet paper. One of those.
No. 678296 ID: 3663d3

ride one like a freaky eight legged horse.
No. 678300 ID: 2a7417

Summon zombie ghost to spook them away.
No. 678309 ID: 6cb462

attempt to tame at least one of the spiders. make it you pet.
No. 678352 ID: 5ad4a7

Shoo the spiders away with your broom.
No. 678353 ID: 025c3c

Summon undead to step on the spiders for you.
No. 678394 ID: 1f8505
File 144538767473.png - (331.87KB , 1500x1624 , TWWLHP25.png )

Anita doesn't know the first thing about taming or riding giant spiders. That talent belongs more to the Academy of Animal Charming, and they have ridiculous amounts of coursework.

Suddenly one of the giant spiders spies Anita, and sprays her with its sticky liquid webbing! The pumpkin monsters turn to advance.
No. 678396 ID: 025c3c

C'mon! Wind blast! Summon zombie! Do a spell already.

(Don't wind blast your own zombie).
No. 678397 ID: 0fc976

Eww. Spider silk doesn't come from mouths...

Blow the pumpkins into the spider's faces (which are facing away from you) to blind them.
No. 678399 ID: a107fd

Air blast to re-establish range, then summon a zombie and order it to remove the webs.
No. 678416 ID: 2ccbb3

Summon Zombie to attack web. then when the enemies converge on the zombie, blast them all at once.
No. 678449 ID: d4940a

I wonder how effective it could be to wind blast summoned zombies at people.
No. 678481 ID: 1f8505
File 144541079968.png - (490.58KB , 1500x1624 , TWWLHP26.png )

With a little lateral thinking, Anita manages to cast Gust of Wind at a distance, sending the pumpkin monsters flying, but simply tossing the giant spiders a few feet. It does buy Anita enough space to summon an Undead.
No. 678482 ID: 1f8505
File 144541080524.png - (322.87KB , 1500x1624 , TWWLHP27.png )

"Bust me loose, undead friend!"

The zombie claws through the webbing, freeing Anita.

The giant spiders appear angry at being thrown a few feet.
No. 678483 ID: 5ad4a7

Double-team the spiders.
No. 678484 ID: 3663d3

send waves of minions at spiders.
No. 678508 ID: b8ceae

Sic Zombie Girlfriend on spiders.
No. 678515 ID: 88960e

Sic em, girl!

Zombies don't care about venom, nor fashion. They should be immune to spider bites or web defacement.
No. 678538 ID: 2a7417

Advance on spiders with zombie meat shield blocking string attacks. Then, use broom on spider "faces."
No. 678595 ID: 1f8505
File 144547044848.png - (445.62KB , 1500x1624 , TWWLHP28.png )

Anita tells the zombie to attack the giant spider on the right. She then runs up to the giant spider on the left and casts Gust of Wind to blow the spider into a broken tree branch. The spider is impaled through the head, killing it.

The other giant spider, meanwhile, grows more frustrated with the zombie. It is unable to suck its vital fluids since it doesn't have any, and the webbing is ineffective against its zombie strength.

The zombie, however, is just as fruitless. It swipes the air, continuously missing the low-walking arachnid.
No. 678596 ID: 5ad4a7

Squash spider!
No. 678597 ID: 025c3c

Will the zombie follow commands?

Kick it!

If that doesn't work, just broom the spider from behind while it's distracted.
No. 678618 ID: 2ccbb3

Just flank the spider and kill it already.
No. 678651 ID: 1f8505
File 144548161467.png - (322.31KB , 1500x1624 , TWWLHP29.png )

Anita decides to flank the spider from behind while it's distracted with the zombie.

Anita whacks the spider with her trusty broom until it stops moving.

Gross. It's got green goo.
No. 678652 ID: 1f8505
File 144548162203.png - (438.40KB , 2104x1624 , TWWLHP30.png )

Moving further through the forest, Anita happens upon yet MORE creatures. She sees a dryad, a ghost, and the ol' standby: the pumpkin monster.

"Why can't this be easy?"

The zombie gurgles in agreement. Or at least Anita THINKS it's in agreement.
No. 678653 ID: b8ceae

"Hello, Ms Dryad. Have you seen an evil wizard's minions wandering around? I have to recover an artifact from him before he burns down the forest!"
No. 678655 ID: 0fc976

Use a vacuum to swipe strategically placed leaves. They *might* count as enchanted undergarments, maybe.
No. 678656 ID: 025c3c

I don't suppose the dryad and ghost are smarter than the zombies and can be reasoned with?
No. 678676 ID: 64ee5b

Doesn't hurt to try anyway.
No. 678803 ID: 1f8505
File 144555786032.png - (431.11KB , 2104x1624 , TWWLHP31.png )

Anita attempts to reason with the dryad and ghost.

"Hello, Ms. Dryad. Have you seen an evil wizard's minions wandering around? I have to recover an artifact from him before he burns down the forest!"

The dryad speaks with a low, reverberating feminine voice.

"We serve the Lady Wood Nymph and her master, Doctor Underkläder. We protect the forest from all interlopers under the order of our lady. Begone, or suffer our wrath."

Anita thinks this isn't getting anywhere.
No. 678804 ID: 799984

Use wind to (gently) blow the pumpkin monster onto the dryad. I'm pretty sure the pumpkin monsters are super stupid, so it should try to wrap her up with its tentacles.

Just ignore the ghost, ghosts can't touch anything.
No. 678809 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask if you can talk to the Lady Wood Nymph. You lost the artifact you're trying to retrieve when you crash landed here, and you cannot actually leave without it since it's require for you to fly.
No. 678810 ID: 025c3c

Sorry, your master's master has stolen something from us.

Wind blast. Try to knock the pumpkin or ghost into the dryad to slow her down so we can skip past.
No. 678840 ID: 7a6915

"Doctor Underkläder is the thieving interloper who stole my underclothing. If you don't have the discretion to act on the side of right in this case then please at least let me pass."
No. 678850 ID: fe06ff

Wind the dryad's leaves off
No. 678856 ID: b5b419

"Maybe you should make like a tree and LEAF."
No. 678862 ID: 3f9dc0

Be all "oh, yeah, I do want to get out of these woods as quick as possible. Is the nearest edge behind you?"
No. 678866 ID: 2ccbb3

"Why don't you make like a tree, and fall into a wood chipper."
No. 678896 ID: 2a7417

Oh yeah? I heard this Doctor Underklader chops down trees willy-nilly and grinds them into a wet pulp. Then, he desecrates their carcasses even further with ink in esoteric scribblings of his own mad design! He's playing your Lady for easy access to more victims.
No. 678988 ID: ba73c3

i vote on >>678850 's suggestion
No. 678994 ID: 1f8505
File 144566232485.png - (463.09KB , 2104x1624 , TWWLHP32.png )

Anita continues to attempt to negotiate.

"I do want to leave these woods. I have to get out of them to talk to your master's master. She has stolen something from me that I need back!"

The dryad is unmoved, and bellows.

"If you will not leave, you will be punished."

The pumpkin monster strikes Anita for damage!

The dryad proceeds to charge some sort of magical energy ball.
No. 678995 ID: 025c3c

Hide behind your zombie so it takes the hits, and blast the pumpkin and dryad with wind magic. We can splatter the gourd and scatter her leaves.
No. 678996 ID: 5ad4a7

Smash pumpkin. Zombie, get in the way of that energy ball.
No. 678999 ID: 3c17ca

blast pumpkin into dryad, send zombie forward.
No. 679106 ID: 7a6915

Come on, if this dryad didn't have any doubts at all she would have already attacked. Your diplomacy is working! Keep talking.
No. 679107 ID: 2ccbb3

Throw the pumpkin at the dryad, and then have your zombie grapple the dryad. Try to tear the dryad apart for a better broom handle, or get some wood shavings.
No. 679112 ID: 1f8505
File 144572425267.png - (650.09KB , 2104x1624 , TWWLHP33.png )


Since diplomacy failed, Anita casts Gust of Wind against the pumpkin monster. The pumpkin flies towards the dryad, but the dryad fires her ball of magic energy, destroying the pumpkin mid-flight in a bright explosion.

The zombie shambles towards the dryad.

The ghost does nothing.
No. 679113 ID: 2ccbb3

She probably uses ground attacks, so use the zombie to jump, and then use wind blast to propel yourself for a grand slam broom smack.
No. 679114 ID: 3663d3

defend with wind, tell zombie to touch ghost so they merge into zombie goast.
No. 679134 ID: 0fc976

Stump the tree with a riddle.
No. 679141 ID: 12b273

Blow her leaves off. Maybe they're enchanted, or maybe she'll be forced to yield to modesty.
No. 679144 ID: a107fd

Ask the ghost whether she's one of the dryad's past victims.
No. 679203 ID: 1f8505
File 144574636290.png - (484.99KB , 2104x1624 , TWWLHP34.png )

While the zombie distracts the dryad, Anita casts Gust of Wind directly beneath her, propelling her into the air.

The dryad gets irritated with the zombie's ineffectual clawing and slices it apart.

The ghost continues to do nothing.
No. 679204 ID: 1f8505
File 144574636820.png - (344.62KB , 2104x1624 , TWWLHP35.png )

Anita, at the apex of her jump summons her broom, and brings it down upon the dryad.

The dryad is shattered into splinters.

Anita thinks she may have heard the ghost giggle.
No. 679207 ID: 3663d3

ask ghost what's up.
No. 679218 ID: 12b273

You just killed something that could talk. She was a person. You killed a person over panties, are you proud of yourself?

>ghost giggled
Did she like that?

Talk to the ghost, try to recruit her.
No. 679220 ID: 85aa87

> You just killed something that could talk. She was a person. You killed a person over panties, are you proud of yourself?
or a construct that was more like a robotic sentry that just imitates intelligence but isn't actually alive. Either way it was attacking us and didn't give a rats ass why. Plus without those panties we can't really leave anyways.

as for the ghost see if you can get her to talk to you.
No. 679221 ID: 3663d3

we only killed after attempted diplomacy, if they refuse to listen to reason we can't really help it.
No. 679228 ID: 2ccbb3

She's a dryad, she can respawn as long as you don't burn down her spawn tree.

Offer to let the ghost possess the dryad's head. You could use an ally in these dark times.
No. 679246 ID: 32fa26

No probs. It was a declared enemy combatant who had just attempted hostile action while refusing to surrender or stand aside.
No. 679280 ID: 0fc976

Examine the leaves. Do they possess magical qualities?
No. 679282 ID: 3c17ca

address the ghost, and summon a new zombie. See if the ghost is cool, maybe we can use it as an ally, posess our zombie for a sweet upgrade?
No. 679321 ID: b8ceae

Sure, lets go with that.
No. 679325 ID: 3009b4

Check Dryad for panties. If found, wear on head.
No. 679400 ID: 1f8505
File 144583534267.png - (326.47KB , 2104x1624 , TWWLHP36.png )

The leaves have fluttered away in the gentle evening breeze. Anita senses no magic remaining in the debris of the dryad; it must have been a simple automaton.

Anita summons another zombie, and attempts to speak to the ghost.

"Spirit! Why do you dwell in this forest? What was your lot in life that prevents you from moving on? Also do you wanna team up and go take on a mad scientist?"

The ghost glides up to Anita, and lets out a soft giggle before it whispers to the red-haired witch.

"I saw your panties."
No. 679401 ID: 799984

That's absurd! Explain that they are NOT your panties and that you took them from a woman you beat up.
No. 679405 ID: 12b273

This, while blushing and stammering.

If she wants to see your panties she can help you reclaim them from the jerks who stole them.
No. 679406 ID: 2ccbb3

... "Get in the zombie or the zombie gets in you."

But seriously, just let her tag along in your broom. She'll get to TOUCH your panties ALL THE TIME in exchange for her alliance with you.

You've had worse things poking you tonight than a dead person. Why not make a permanent squad member for it?
No. 679407 ID: 0ed6e9

does she mean the green ones that you need to leave or no?
No. 679409 ID: 3663d3

really?! which way did they go?!
No. 679425 ID: 88960e

Seduction: "...wanna see them again?"
No. 679525 ID: 1f8505
File 144590137810.png - (325.25KB , 2104x1624 , TWWLHP37.png )

Anita blushes and stammers out a retort.

"H-how rude! I had to uh... borrow these from an impertinent mummy."

The ghost giggles again. Anita tries diplomacy again.

"Do you want to come with me? I have to reclaim my lost underwear from some mad scientist. And I might need your help."

The ghost smiles.

"Okay. You should be able to find your lost panties in the castle ahead."

Ghost Lady has joined your party!
No. 679526 ID: 1f8505
File 144590138502.png - (575.44KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP38.png )

Anita, the ghost, and the zombie advance through the forest until they reach the exit. Before Anita can breathe a sigh of relief, she sees a Wood Nymph and two dryads guarding the way out.

The Wood Nymph sees Anita.

"Oh, so you're the intruder who took out Neferu. Impressive, witch! But this is as far as you go."
No. 679527 ID: 0fc976

Ghost Gal, possess a Dryad and hug the other one. Anita, cast Air Cyclone at the Nymph. Zombie, just shamble right into that cyclone and get messy zombie guts all over that nice clean leaf outfit. We have more where he came from.
No. 679528 ID: 5ad4a7

I don't want to kill you, Nymph. I just want my panties back. Can't two magical creatures attuned to nature come to an understanding?
No. 679529 ID: 0ed6e9

hey look, there's the castle. use wind magic to launch them all into the air and move on. We have an underwear thief to deal with.
No. 679532 ID: 12b273

Ghost: possess dryad, turn the wood on it's master.

Zombie: charge! (Or move forward in some shuffling approximation thereof).

Witch: Wind blast the opposition.

Cut that out, you're just mid-bosses. Mid bosses aren't important enough to get names.
No. 679540 ID: 1f8505
File 144590727494.png - (640.07KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP39.png )

Anita attempts diplomacy again.

"I don't want to kill you, Nymph. I just want my panties back. Can't two magical creatures attuned to nature come to an understanding?"

The Nymph summons a pair of bright green wings in a sparkly magical display.


Diplomacy has failed!

The ghost attempts to enter a dryad, while the zombie shambles towards the other dryad, which is charging a ball of magic energy.
No. 679541 ID: 3663d3

wind blast zombie into magical energy ball so it blows up in her hand.
No. 679542 ID: 12b273

>ghost's hands are right in the dryad's chest
Ghost confirmed for perv.

"Then burn!" (Bluff, as if you were casting a fire spell. Nature / tree mage's worst enemy).

While you're doing that, do this >>679541
No. 679543 ID: a107fd

Can wind blast be used to pull rather than push? If you knock the dryad who's charging an energy ball over forward, that gives your zombie a chance to be more useful than just a single-shot ablative armor.
No. 679547 ID: 2ccbb3

I think she'll call that bluff; if you had fire spells you would have used them ten seconds ago.

Jump with the zombie and wind blast broom bash air attack!
No. 679574 ID: 5ad4a7

I think casting a wind blast would mess up what the ghost is doing. Just shove the zombie forwards normally.
No. 679589 ID: 3c17ca

have the Dryad/ghost attempt to grapple the nymph. we can then interrogate her once we finish off the comparatively easier dryad.

Have our zombie help grapple.
No. 679607 ID: f56624

remove your clothing and defecate on the ambulatory shrubbery
No. 679609 ID: e4abe1

can you trow a rock at the Nymph before she can cast something?
No. 679626 ID: bdfdc8

Diplomacy has failed again! Engaging unlimited for- Oh wait, wrong game.

Try to stop the hippie witch from flying away by summonig more zombies right under her and making them hold her feet and/or legs.
No. 679650 ID: 1f8505
File 144597185419.png - (740.75KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP40.png )

Anita casts Gust of Wind, and blows the zombie into the dryad, setting off the magical energy and blowing them both into bits.

The ghost has assumed direct control of the dryad.

Before the possessed dryad could catch her, the Nymph flies into the air and charges her own ball of magic energy.
No. 679651 ID: 3663d3

use controlled wind to launch dryad into the air.
No. 679654 ID: 88960e

Wind magic: slam her from above, driving her down into her own energy blast, and into possessed dryad attack range.
No. 679659 ID: 0ed6e9

dodge attack from fairy wannabe, then slam her to the ground with an air attack. Also ghost girl took over the druid.
No. 679720 ID: 2ccbb3

Summon Zombie
Ghost Lady Throws Zombie
Zombie Grapples Nymph
Ghost Lady Possesses Nymph
Execute Dryad
No. 679754 ID: 0fc976

Hug the tree (use it as a body shield)
No. 679775 ID: 1f8505
File 144600665047.png - (619.07KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP41.png )

Anita jumps out of the way of the magical bolt. It explodes as it hits the ground behind her.
No. 679776 ID: 1f8505
File 144600665563.png - (622.34KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP42.png )

Anita casts Downburst at the Nymph, but it dodges out of the way. The Nymph is more agile than previously thought.

"Nice try, witch!"

The Nymph immediately starts charging another magical shot.
No. 679778 ID: 5ad4a7

Let's try something different. Give your dryad-ghost buddy a boost, both physically and with Wind Burst, to try to launch her at the nymph.
No. 679779 ID: 3663d3

launch dryad/ghost into the air. roll out the way. then act like you are going to attack the nymph again. dryad comes in for a suicide special landing attack.
No. 679783 ID: 12b273

The dryad body could blast spells, can't it?

I think it's time for you and your temporary partner to do a Chrono Trigger style combo attack.
No. 679917 ID: 1f8505
File 144606912157.png - (697.75KB , 2000x1257 , TWWLHP_Combo_Attack Copy.png )


Anita and the ghost dryad, focusing their energies, combine the guiding force of Gust of Wind and the raw destructive power of the magical missile into...

...Homing Magic Shot!
No. 679918 ID: 1f8505
File 144606912652.png - (734.39KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP43.png )

The Nymph fires her magical bolt, but the combined magical force of the Homing Magical Shot absorbs the shot, making it stronger!

The Nymph is dumbfounded.

"Uh oh."
No. 679919 ID: 1f8505
File 144606913182.png - (701.28KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP44.png )

The Nymph attempts to dodge the shot, but it easily homes in on her position.


The shot explodes on the Nymph, shattering her magical wings and sends her plummeting to the ground.

The Nymph is stunned.
No. 679921 ID: 5ad4a7

Go get her! Tell her this is her last chance. Help us in some way and she lives. If she refuses to help in any way tell her that she can at least promise to stay out of your way, and you'll have mercy upon her.
No. 679922 ID: 5ad4a7

Steal any magical clothing she has regardless.
No. 679923 ID: 2a7417

Grab 'em and run. Disregard nymph maniac.

Have Ghost-dryad put down roots, then make like a tree and get outta there.
No. 679924 ID: 12b273

Ghost: abuse the dryad's nature powers to tie her to the ground (spread eagle) with roots when she lands.

Anita: hold her at broom point and demand she surrender. If she doesn't, whack her over the head and knock her out.

Take her panties either way.

I think the ghost gets an upgrade, here. Obviously a Nymph is a better body jacking target than a dryad. Flight and stronger magic. (If we do that, Anita has to blast the dryad to pieces when the ghost vacates it).
No. 679925 ID: 947c0f

Lets do what we did last timr and shred her colthing with a wind blast!
No. 679947 ID: 1f8505
File 144607656977.png - (453.07KB , 1457x1424 , TWWLHP_Wood_Nymph_Defeated.png )

Anita decides to go two-for-two and charges a Gust of Wind as the Nymph falls to the ground.

Right as the Nymph hits the forest floor, Anita unleashes the Gust, shredding the Nymph's attire.


Anita senses the magical power of the Nymph fade, save for the magical concentration located in her underwear.
No. 679951 ID: 2ccbb3

Demand surrender, yank the panties.

Can you wear two panties at the same time? If not, hold on to the zombie pair until you find a high-endurance minion for Ghost Lady to possess.

Also, please figure out Ghost Lady's name, this is getting awkward.
No. 679952 ID: 5ad4a7

Let's see how she likes it!
...can you wear both pairs at once?
No. 679953 ID: 12b273

Steal panties. Dyrad ghost: tie her down with roots.

After trying on the panties to see what they do (and then belatedly realizing you changed your panties in from of an audience) ask if the ghost wants her. Is Pixie an upgrade from Dryad when it comes to possession?
No. 679955 ID: b8ceae

Acquire magic; demand Nymph aid you in recovering undergarments.
No. 679992 ID: 1f8505
File 144608890227.png - (458.65KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP45.png )

Anita removes the panties from the Nymph while she is unconscious. She senses just as much potent magical power as the underwear she recovered from the mummy. Unfortunately, Anita cannot wear both pairs of magical underpants. She must choose only one to wear.

As she beholds the underwear, the ghost emerges from her dryad vessel, which promptly falls to splinters.

The Nymph awakens in a dazed state.

"Ugghhh... well played, witch."
No. 679994 ID: 12b273

Summon a zombie so you have one, and then swap panties to see what the new ones do. (Use zombie as a modesty screen).

Ask the ghost if she wants the Nymph.
No. 679996 ID: 92daa8

sure you can, just wear it on your head or wrist like a bracelet
No. 679997 ID: 5ad4a7

...can ghosts even possess things that already have a soul?
No. 680001 ID: b8ceae

Ghost possess jerkface. Wear the new panties. Summon dryads!
No. 680003 ID: 2ccbb3

Impale her on a tree. She'll be fine.

Use the Dryad Panties for now. See if your ghost friend can possess panties or one of your summoned minions.
No. 680077 ID: 1f8505
File 144615536052.png - (840.11KB , 1570x1826 , TWWLHP_Panty_Get2.png )

Anita summons a zombie and removes her previous panties behind it. She then uses her cleaning spell on the new underpants and slips them on.


Anita feels her nethers tingle with magical energy as she gains a new spell!

Anita can now draw upon the magical energies of nature to create a Magic Missile!
No. 680082 ID: 12b273

A stronger attack, that's good.

Might have to swap panties in between fights to summon new zombie cannon fodder as we advance.

>what do
See if the ghost wants the Nymph. After that, proceed.

Ghost: giggle at the panty changing you just witnessed.
No. 680086 ID: 5ad4a7

Cool, that's a little more useful than a zombie minion, I think.
No. 680107 ID: 2ccbb3

With all this fighting, haven't you gone up a level or two?

Well, time to go straight into the huge deathtrap with the overlord mad scientist and can your ghost friend take point please?
No. 680109 ID: 0fc976

What's wrong with wearing both at once? You're already wearing the underwear of random strangers you've mugged, is hygiene really still a concern for you?
No. 680168 ID: 58caf6

ghost takes over nymph, see if we can learn something about ghost, and see if nymph can be our new zombie summoner.
No. 680247 ID: 1f8505
File 144624533380.png - (514.73KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP46.png )

The ghost lady, hereinafter referred to as Abigail, giggles softly at seeing Anita's new underpants, as well as peeking at her cute little butt.

Abigail cannot possess the Nymph due to the Nymph already having a soul.

Anita cannot wear two sets of enchanted panties at once as that would overload her magic, and she would explode. I mean, if that really were the case wizards and witches wouldn't wear wobes! Er, robes! They would just enchant like a million t-shirts and wear them all the time. And that's dumb. Seriously.

Anita turns towards the defeated and naked Wood Nymph. She speaks to Anita.

"Uurrgghh... great. Not only do I get wrecked by a red-haired witch, I get my panties yanked off. I'll remember this!"
No. 680248 ID: 1f8505
File 144624533886.png - (533.72KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP47.png )

In a brief display of green sparkles, the Wood Nymph teleports away.

Anita has a feeling that she won't be seeing the Nymph again any time soon.
No. 680249 ID: 1f8505
File 144624535970.png - (466.13KB , 1960x2000 , TWWLHP48.png )

Anyways, Anita is once again filled with determination, and heads off with her new allies to her final destination: The Creepy Castle!


Enemies destroyed: 9

Panties retrieved: 1/1

Enemy Combat Alerts: 0

Headshots: 0

Retries: 0

Got Through Mission Without Getting Cursed By Ghost: 5000 pts.

Fulton Extractions: umm

RANK: Perhaps!
No. 680255 ID: 10f4cd

Wait the ghost lady can curse people?
No. 680256 ID: 12b273

>Abigail cannot possess the Nymph due to the Nymph already having a soul.
Huh. And here I was expecting the ghost to backstab and possess Anita as a prank at the end of the thread. Guess that won't be happening, unless witches don't have souls.

Yes, ask how curses work.

...please don't demonstrate by cursing me.
No. 680274 ID: 0fc976

Witches might have souls, but gingers...
No. 680461 ID: 1f8505
File 144634196964.png - (467.53KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP49.png )

Anita, Abigail, and the zombie enter the castle. The front door was unlocked, surprisingly. Anita doesn't know what to make of that.

The party walks for a while through the dusty and rather empty castle. At the far end is a long hallway lit by torches, and decorated by pikes jammed into the ground. Upon these pikes are panties of various makes and colors.

Anita hears the faint sound of evil laughter at the far end.
No. 680462 ID: 0fc976

Scatter the panties to the four winds with wind magic.
No. 680464 ID: 3663d3

can you detect any magic from them? or are they a line of mundane ones?
No. 680465 ID: b8ceae

The first and third have duplicate panties.
Check them for magic, and loot all the magic ones.
No. 680466 ID: 2ccbb3

Probably a trap, so have the zombie collect each of the panties. You should also grab a spear if they aren't cursed, should be more effective than a broom.
No. 680467 ID: 12b273

Those panties look like a trap.

Send the zombie to knock the pikes over, stand back, see what happens.
No. 680473 ID: 1f8505
File 144634646940.png - (460.39KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP50.png )

Anita nearly forgot: she asked Abigail about her ability to 'curse' on the way through the castle; apparently, Abigail can cast a small temporary field that disrupts low-level magic. A useful ability! Anita is glad she didn't piss her off.

Anita senses little magical energies from the underwears. They might have been enchanted at one point, but something or someone drained away all that magic.

The zombie attempts to dislodge a pike from the floor, but it is securely cemented in. The zombie then attempts to grab a pair of panties when two bats fly in front of the party.
No. 680474 ID: 1f8505
File 144634647425.png - (626.26KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP51.png )


Smoke erupts from the pair of bats...
No. 680475 ID: 1f8505
File 144634647812.png - (531.52KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP52.png )

...and a pair of vampires appear when the smoke clears.

"INTERLOPERS! No more games! We will destroy you before you can interrupt our master! We will not be as easy as the creatures you faced before!"
No. 680477 ID: 2ccbb3

Cast Gust of Wind on the torch to burn the vampires.
No. 680480 ID: 12b273

Magic missile, no hesitation.

If you manage to catch the pikes in the blast, they could fall over and impale / stab them too.
No. 680518 ID: 1f8505
File 144635465914.png - (573.93KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP53.png )

"I am so tired of being waylaid! Out of my way!"

Anita casts Magic Missile, and fires the bright green bolt of magic energy at the leftmost vampire.

The twins do not seem impressed.
No. 680519 ID: 1f8505
File 144635466408.png - (696.35KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP54.png )

In an instant, the left twin lunges forward. Somehow, she produces a red sword which she swings at the missile. The projectile is deflected, and explosively detonates on Abigail instead.

"NO!" Screams Anita.

The twin chuckles.
No. 680521 ID: 2ccbb3

She'll be fine. Now THROW A VAMPIRE INTO A FIRE!!!
No. 680528 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh jeez I hope ghosts aren't hurt by magic that easily.

Try launching another magic missile but this time cast Wind Gust right after it to boost the missile's speed. If you can.

Alternatively you can try using Wind Gust to push the vampires into the polearms.
No. 680531 ID: 12b273

Geeze, the scrubs here can deflect the last boss's attack? That's no fun.

Send the zombie to charge in while you prep a wind blast. Make a wide column, to whip along the walls. If we can pick up the spikes and set them spinning in the wind, they'll be very hard pressed to blow all of that.

Hopefully the ghost can take more than one hit.
No. 680532 ID: 5ad4a7

...can Abigail possess the flames and use them as a weapon?
No. 680549 ID: 3f9dc0

Her feet need to be planted to swing a sword right. bounce her up with wind and then pop her in the air with a magic missile.
Hopefully she can't make a different blood construct to stop that.
No. 680560 ID: 92a560

Vampires don't have souls, so they could be possessed if the ghost is okay
No. 680586 ID: 0fc976

She's already a ghost, it's not like it'll kill her. Cast Upskirt Gust on the twins.
No. 680756 ID: 1f8505
File 144643030834.png - (707.78KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP55.png )

Abigail, now dimmer than before and wearing an expression of pain, sinks to the ground.

Anita angrily casts Gust of Wind at the twins. However, the twins dash through the gust with their inhuman vampiric speed. The right twin hisses at Anita as it extends its ghastly claws.
No. 680759 ID: 3663d3

infuse zombie with missile energy, throw at twins.
No. 680760 ID: 12b273

Zombie, throw yourself into the wind and be hurled right at the oncoming baddies.

Blow them up with magic missile while they're entangled. Maybe try for the one without a sword to protect herself with, especially since she's in front of the other.
No. 680765 ID: 5ad4a7


Run away! Nothing we're doing has any effect. Tell Abigail to meet you outside.
No. 680777 ID: 0fc976

Do something unexpected. Moon the vampires.
No. 680799 ID: 12b273

...I'm willing to be that a panty flash would probably left the ghost's spirits.
No. 680809 ID: 1f8505
File 144644164256.png - (724.44KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP56.png )

Anita orders the zombie into her Gust of Wind stream. It flings itself into the wind, and crashes into the vampire twins.
No. 680811 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey, do vampires have souls? Can the ghost possess one of the twins?

Order the zombie to steal the sword. Then get up in their grill with the broom.
No. 680812 ID: 12b273

Cool, now while they're too tangled up too use the sword, magic missile them.
No. 680814 ID: 3663d3

"zombie, keep them busy." fire another magic blast.
No. 680821 ID: 2ccbb3

Grab a torch and shove it in their faces!
No. 680954 ID: 1f8505
File 144650416669.png - (609.48KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP57.png )

Anita cannot grab a torch! It is firmly bolted to the sconces which is bolted to the rest of the wall which is probably bolted to the castle.

While the left vampire twin effortlessly slices the zombie in twain, Anita decides to charge this Magic Missile as much as she possibly can. It expands greatly while drawing in magic energy from her surroundings.

The right vampire twin hisses.

"Fool! What hope do you have?"
No. 680955 ID: 1f8505
File 144650417125.png - (771.59KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP58.png )

The Magic Missile vibrates wildly in front of Anita, reaching the apex of its charge. The energy starts to singe Anita's fingertips.

The left vampire twin brings her sword up, preparing to once again deflect the shot.

However, Anita is ready. As she releases the missile, she simultaneously casts Gust of Wind to shove the projectile at immense speeds right into the torso of the left vampire twin. It detonates with such force that is rattles the very walls and floor.

The vampire twins are stunned.
No. 680958 ID: 135d02

Lets ensure their defeat with the cyclone burst.
No. 680959 ID: 3663d3

finish them!
No. 680963 ID: 5ad4a7

Just make sure Abigail is out of the way of any finishing move you make.
No. 680964 ID: 12b273

Blood ritual: sacrifice a vampire to repair your ghost.

If we could toss them up and towards the wall so they were impaled on the pikes, that would be pretty cool. (They're vampires, they'll be fine so long as it's not through the heart).
No. 680967 ID: 1f8505
File 144650698559.png - (686.89KB , 1141x1025 , TWWLHP_Vampire_Twins_Defeated.png )

Anita expends the remainder of her available magic energy and casts Cyclone Burst. The whole room fills with violent winds as the vampire twins are engulfed in the turbulence.

The twin's clothes are torn into pieces as they screech in defeat.
No. 680968 ID: 5ad4a7

Steal that sword. Do they have any magic in those... underclothes?
No. 680969 ID: 3663d3

No. 680971 ID: 12b273

Quick, check on Abigail. Are you okay? Can I do anything?
No. 680973 ID: 2ccbb3

Steal as much clothing as you can. They're pretty resilient so you need to be fast before they recover.
No. 681022 ID: 1f8505
File 144652788086.png - (476.54KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP59.png )

Anita senses great magic energy in the vampire twins' panties. As such, she slips them off the comatose vampires. They are silk bloomers, and Anita is impressed with the material. They must feel amazing~

Anita turns to Abigail. She is still fading, with the same pained look on her face. Anita hands the ghost one of the pairs of panties. Abigail near instantly perks up and her expression relaxes.

"Hehehe... bloomers."

Abigail points out that each pair of the bloomers has a different ability: One confers the ability to enhance speed, and the other grants the ability to deflect magic and/or projectiles.

Unfortunately, the red sword one of the twins summoned was merely a construct and has since de-spawned.
No. 681024 ID: 12b273

Well first, we need to switch to the mummy panties and summon a new cannon fodder zombie for the next fight.

Then, uh, deflecting magic is a pretty useful ability if we're gonna be fighting mages.

...can ghosts wear panties? We have a surfeit of panty powers ups and a shortage of equipment slots to put them in.
No. 681034 ID: 2ccbb3

Did you take their bras?

Equip the defensive bloomers, they're useful in a fight. Also, can you wear bloomers over panties or is that also an overload?

Okay, stomp on their heads until their brains fall out, and then magic missile spam; they've earned a time-out in purgatory!
No. 681051 ID: 3663d3

use speedy panties, ghost gets energy deflection panties.
No. 681098 ID: 2a7417

Go deflection, in case our opponents use non-magical abilities. Not even speed is likely to dodge a bullet.
No. 681206 ID: b8ceae

Can Abigail possess the vampires? After all, being undead means they're soulless creatures.
Then she can equip the speed panties, and you can pretend she captured you to get an advantage in the next fight.
No. 681213 ID: 1f8505
File 144659918403.png - (1.38MB , 2000x2000 , TWWLHP_Panty_Get3.png )

Anita casts her cleaning spell on the bloomers and slips off the panties from the Nymph. Anita also notices Abigail smiling and staring at her as she changes. The red haired witch shoots her a look of disapproval.


The silken undergarments vibrate with magical energy. Anita has received the ability to cast a new spell!

Anita can now cast Reflect, which creates a field that reflects projectile attacks!

Abigail cannot equip the second pair of bloomers, unfortunately. They simply sit in her ectoplasmic field.
No. 681214 ID: 1f8505
File 144659919072.png - (469.49KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP60.png )

One of the vampire twins weakly sits up and hisses at Anita.

"Idiot! It's too late to stop Dr. Underkläder! Soon she will rule the world, and we will be watching it all unfold!"
No. 681215 ID: 1f8505
File 144659919421.png - (405.77KB , 1839x1586 , TWWLHP61.png )

Both twins then turn into bats and promptly fly out the nearest window.

The path ahead is clear, and Anita hears eerie noises.
No. 681216 ID: 5ad4a7

Well advance regardless.
No. 681217 ID: 3663d3

No. 681218 ID: b8ceae

Call out after them "I just want my panties back! That's it!"
No. 681225 ID: 5ad4a7

...can you wear panties/bloomers on your head?
No. 681227 ID: 12b273

>Abigail cannot equip the second pair of bloomers, unfortunately. They simply sit in her ectoplasmic field.
Well better than nothing.

>what do
Swap, make a zombie, swap back, advance.
No. 681271 ID: 1f8505
File 144661284706.png - (624.59KB , 2520x1676 , TWWLHP62.png )

Anita and Abigail approach the source of all the odd noises: a woman in a lab coat shouting over the sounds of noisy machinery and crackling electricity. In front of this woman is some sort of sigil, and above it float four sets of panties, one of which is the very pair Anita seeks!

The labcoated woman is cackling and shouting above the din.

"YES! YES! Hahahahah! Iä! Iä! Shub-Pantsurath! The Black Cotton with a Thousand Waistbands! Hahahahaha!"
No. 681272 ID: 3663d3

uh oh, she is gonna sacrifice your panties to a horrible tentacled monstrosity! tackle her!
No. 681274 ID: 5ad4a7

Don't say anything, just run up and smack her with your broom.
No. 681276 ID: 12b273

Make shush gesture at the ghost, and then walk up behind her, calmly an quietly.

Then cheap-shot her by knocking her over the head with your broom.

>words in the circle
"A thin membrane covering the sorus of a fern. The indusium often shrivels away when spores are ready to be dispersed. Also called fruitcover."

"any of several structures having a netlike or skirtlike shape"

...huh. Guess that sort of works.
No. 681277 ID: 0fc976

Throw more panties into the circle. Magical overload!
No. 681281 ID: 1f8505


It was the word Google Translate said was Latin for 'underwear'
No. 681291 ID: 2ccbb3

Destroy the computers and follow up with a lethal takedown on the mad doctor!

This is serious! You need to kill her before she ENDS THE WORLD! You can get someone to resurrect her later.
No. 681323 ID: a107fd

Pull the tape reels off those computer cabinets. If this is a matter of computational demonology, that'll probably cause a hard shutdown with minimal property damage.
No. 681326 ID: 99ca2b

Perhaps it would be wise to use gust to blow all the panties out of the circle.
No. 681450 ID: 1f8505
File 144669004420.png - (738.33KB , 2520x1676 , TWWLHP63.png )

Anita attempts to sneak up to the mad scientist and crown her with her broom when an arc of magic lightning shoots out of one of the Tesla Coils and shocks Anita in place.

The scientist does a heel turn to face Anita.

"Well look who it is! It's the Wind Academy witch who so kindly showed up in my backyard! Thanks for... 'donating' your underpants. They were invaluable in completing my research!"
No. 681451 ID: 1f8505
File 144669005195.png - (741.26KB , 2520x1676 , TWWLHP64.png )

The scientist turns back to the hodgepodge of science and sorcery.

"You see, I already collected the panties from witches from the Fire, Water, and Earth Academies. It has been incredibly difficult locating witches from the Wind Academy, since they tend to be flying all over the dang place! But now the elements are in place, and I can finally summon Shub-Pantsurath, the Elder God of Undergarments, to our plane of existence!"

The mad scientist pulls out a remote control and pushes the big red button.
No. 681452 ID: 3663d3

cast reflect, lightning is a projectile!
No. 681453 ID: 5ad4a7

Can Abby possess the tesla coils? Use them as weapons?
No. 681454 ID: 12b273

Can we reflect the lightning?

We don't have magic missile panties equipped, so all we have is wind. Cyclone burst! Maybe we can throw the panties out of the circle. Or we can wreck the Van de Graaff machines, at least.
No. 681456 ID: 0fc976

Since when do diabolical summoning circles have buttons to push?
No. 681474 ID: 1f8505
File 144669777313.png - (0.99MB , 2520x1676 , TWWLHP65.png )

Fighting through the paralyzing effects of the magic electricity, Anita casts Reflect, and the lightning bolt arcs through the air and shocks the remote control out of the scientist's hand.


The energy builds in the room, and the electricity arcs to the panties. The panties in turn start to arc energy of their own, striking the sigil on the floor. The sigil glows an evil glow, and ominous sounds emanate from the circle.
No. 681475 ID: 12b273

Well, the ritual started. We need to do something to disrupt it.

...shove the doctor in. She'll never see it coming. (What? We're out of zombies!)
No. 681476 ID: 2ccbb3

Spam magic into the circle until it breaks!

Also, push the doctor in.

If ANYTHING gets summoned, see if Abigail can possess them!
No. 681477 ID: 12b273

Wait! Curse disrupts magic, right? Maybe if Abigail cursed the panties she'd break their connection to the circle.
No. 681479 ID: 0fc976

Toss additional panties into circle. Do not push the doctor in.
No. 681481 ID: 3663d3

throw all other panties into circle. overload it
No. 681482 ID: fbc59e

spare panties but no doktor sounds like good idea.
Tossing the doc in might just get her fused with the summon. which sounds like a nice way to end up going straight to FINAL FORM BOSS FIGHT!
No. 681721 ID: 1f8505
File 144678748660.png - (1.21MB , 2520x1676 , TWWLHP66.png )

Anita decides to hedge her bets and casts Gust of Wind, which blows the underwear OUT of the sigil, and the scientist INTO the sigil. The woman is obviously less than pleased with this action as she shouts obscenities while falling into the Gap Between Dimensions.

While the panties are now free of the sigil, the magic lightning arcs out of control. The ground and walls start to shake.
No. 681724 ID: 0fc976

Grab your panties, ghost grabs the rest, FLEE upon your MIGHTY BROOMSTICK.
No. 681725 ID: 5ad4a7

Get Projectile Reflection up, then grab all the panties and run!
No. 681727 ID: 12b273

Grab panties and run. Reflect any eldritch energies that arc out.
No. 681745 ID: 5aaa6f

Tell Abigail to flee.

Then combo Reflect+Cyclone and deflect the hell out of the mysterious machinery
No. 681901 ID: 1f8505
File 144684271230.png - (1.38MB , 2000x1938 , TWWLHP_Panty_Get4.png )


After all this time, you finally recovered your panties! Victory never felt so good.

Anita is now back to full Wind Magic capacity, and can fly on her broom once again!

Anita also recovers the panties from the various witches from the other Academies. Maybe she can find a way to give them back somehow.
No. 681904 ID: e4abe1

don't be a fool, learn the magic from other schools!
No. 681905 ID: 12b273

>Anita also recovers the panties from the various witches from the other Academies. Maybe she can find a way to give them back somehow.
...maybe? For now, just grab them.

Hop on your broom, grab your ghost, and put some distance between you and that thing. It's either about to explode or spit out the final boss, and you don't want to be next to it when it happens.
No. 681927 ID: 1f8505
File 144685187529.png - (1.51MB , 2520x1676 , TWWLHP67.png )

Anita can't just suddenly learn everything there is to know about Earth, Water, and Fire magics! Those require separate enrollments in each of those Academies.

Anita tucks the panties away, and double knots her own panties just in case.

The magic lightning is now chaotic, firing every which way, and feeding back into itself. The castle starts rumbling violently, and debris falls from the walls and ceiling. Anita decides this is a good time to leave and summons her broom.

"Come on Abigail! We're outta here!"
No. 681928 ID: 1f8505
File 144685188046.png - (80.10KB , 1485x1512 , TWWLHP68.png )

Anita flies out the nearest window, sensing the magical feedback is reaching it's climax. She increases her speed to as fast as she dares.
No. 681930 ID: 1f8505
File 144685188578.png - (314.08KB , 1485x1512 , TWWLHP69.png )


The castle explodes, sending mortar and stone every which way. Anita feels a small pang of guilt, letting a perfectly good castle get blown to smithereens. Nobody builds castles anymore!

What a shame.
No. 681931 ID: 5ad4a7

Yay we saved the world! Time to go back home and make some calls, find out who lost those panties so we can return them.

Ask Abigail what she wants to do.
No. 681933 ID: 12b273

Do a fly-around patrol of the ruins. Make sure a boss monster didn't get summoned.
No. 681937 ID: cfcce6

Remember to practice your cackling as you fly on your broom.
No. 681943 ID: 2ccbb3

So, did you level up yet?
No. 681956 ID: 1f8505
File 144685874916.png - (156.85KB , 1485x1512 , TWWLHP70.png )

Anita does a quick circle of the smoking ruins, and finds nothing. Everything in the castle was obliterated.

Anita talks to Abigail while steering towards home.

"So! What do you plan to do now?"

"I dunno. There's nothing for me here, really."

"Well, you're welcome to come with me if you like. My family is definitely no stranger to supernatural folk."


"Cool! Let's go home."
No. 681957 ID: 1f8505
File 144685875342.png - (160.65KB , 1485x1512 , TWWLHP71.png )

Anita zooms off towards home with Abigail close behind, eager to get home and into a warm bed. And maybe get a hot meal too.

She isn't sure how to explain this to her parents, though.

Anita catches Abigail staring at her butt while flying off into the distance.

"Hehehehe. I can see why you like ghosts."

"Stop that!"
No. 681958 ID: 1f8505
File 144685875818.png - (350.69KB , 1832x1564 , TWWLHP_Congratulations.png )


Enemies destroyed: 100%

Panties retrieved: 100%

Enemy Combat Alerts: 0

Headshots: 2

Retries: 0

Elder Gods Destroyed: 0

Fulton Extractions: not

FINAL RANK: A Darn Good Witch.
No. 681960 ID: 12b273

I guess we cheap-shotted our way past the final boss. I was thinking we should save the curse for that, but I guess we didn't need it!
No. 681961 ID: 2ccbb3

Nicely done, see you next year!

(Also, find a spell that does Fulton Extractions, just for the heck of it.)
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