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File 144281132804.png - (326.82KB , 960x560 , 395a.png )
671229 No. 671229 ID: d78cc1

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Static_on_the_Wire
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/72481.html
Previous Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/654197.html

No more questions.

It's time.
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No. 671232 ID: d78cc1
File 144281156024.png - (12.08KB , 960x560 , 395.png )

"Have you thought about what you're gonna call yourself?"
Sara strokes his arm.
"After all this?"
"i hadn't, actually. 14-1 goes by 14-1 still i think. i dunno."
"getting warmer."
"You just gonna keep your numbers?" Sara asks. "If we get hitched do I call myself Saraty Three Six?" She props herself up a little on his shoulder. "Not that we need to get hitched or anything."
No. 671236 ID: a6f913

i think the whole point of this is that when this is all over we're not going to HAVE to do anything. we can do whatever we want.

(one of those things might be getting hitched)
No. 671237 ID: 149da0

>Saraty Three Six
If I don't have a name and we got hitched, wouldn't it make more sense if I took yours than made something up?

73 Dalton? Uh, that makes it sound like a street address. Sev Dalton?

>gonna keep your numbers
Not sure if that's really something I can answer till we've dealt with the bureau. Until we finish that, it's still kind of part of me.
No. 671264 ID: bb78f2

Sev is a name.
I'll just go by Sev.
Just Sev.

As for last names, ehh, DA gave me this body's one. Could maybe try out an African remix of that name so I can't be tracked. I'll have to go on some name site and hope it doesn't give me malware though. Did you know name sites swim in malware? They do.

It's terrible, because names are awesome and they should be researched.
No. 671279 ID: a107fd

Just take Sara's last name, on account of her actually having one. "Sara and Sev Dalton."

Although, maybe you could check in with that man in the hospital Dartline told you about, first? Just walk in like you own the place, with the hologram disguise on and everything, EMT outfit for Sara, and say "hi dad, 'cause of spy stuff i'm less dead than you heard, anyway, i found this awesome lady, and i wanna know if you approve of the marriage even though we can't have kids the usual way."

Probably trigger some ambush that way, but, strategically, anything Sosa's throwing into that ambush is resources he's not holding in reserve to defend his own hideout, and shooting up a hospital to take down a rogue agent hurts the Bureau's rep on a number of levels. You've walked into, and out of, way stupider setups.
No. 671291 ID: 0fc976

Seversky has a nice ring to it.
No. 671337 ID: 2a7417

What about the name Sheev? As in Sheev Palpatine. But also as in Kashif.
Speaking of which, Kashif really gott liebe tonight!
No. 671342 ID: 3ab69d

I said it before and I'll say it again:

You two are going to get married and have cute undead robot babies and it's going to be so cute.
No. 671355 ID: c4f242

Tell her about the body's name, but I vote no on that. That guy's dead and we don't really have a connection to his life. Sev Dalton would work fine.
No. 671375 ID: 7a6915

We've got time. Besides, who says we'll go with just one answer about who we are for the rest of our lives? Normal people change jobs, move to different places, and change beliefs when they learn new things and circumstances change. We don't know what kind of people we are a year from now--whether we'll be chilling on a permanent vacation like 14-1 or if we're instead doing something much, much different.
No. 671457 ID: ad7bba

No more questions.

It's time.
No. 671555 ID: d78cc1
File 144290187890.png - (9.42KB , 960x560 , 396.png )

"if this works out right we won't have to do anything."
"i like sev. that's my name. sev sev sev."
"Sev. Good mouth feel."
"sev dalton, maybe. if that's what we want."
"Mondo progressivo. As Pen would say."
"so what now?"
"Best part." Sara curls up on 73-6's chest. "Cuddle till we fall asleep. And then: Cameroon."
She sings softly under her breath. "Ma ma ko, ma ma sa, ma ko ma ko sa."
"is that the anthem?"
"Naw. Just a thing we learned in grade school. It means I dance in Cameroonian. Or whatever they speak in Cameroon."
73-6 blows a lock of her hair, just to see it move. "we should probably look up what they speak."
"Is my 'do bugging you?"
"no. i like it."
"It's made of like some kind of anti-itch material. Very high tech." She shakes her head a little and swishes her hair across his chest. "I guess I can afford to keep this body up to date and stuff now. Get some boobs again."
"do you want to?"
"I dunno. I miss them but it's kinda nice not to have 'em in the way."
"you're pretty. with or without boobs."
"You're pretty."
73-6 scoffs.
"You are!" Sara affects a terrible, indeterminately european accent. "You are byootiful, dahlink."
"is that supposed to be transylvania?"
"have you ever met a frenchman?"
"Je suis le don't know." She kisses him. "You are beautiful. To me."

They hold each other.
73-6 tries not to think about tomorrow.
Before Cameroon, he has to get through tomorrow.
What'll he do come morning?
No. 671563 ID: 263d48

ask mom for 5 more minutes.

then get ready to kill a psychopath.
No. 671584 ID: 0fc976

Try to figure out what was buzzing.

Hum some showtunes.
No. 671600 ID: ad936f

oh we found out what was buzzing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 671690 ID: d45c80

What happens tomorrow depends on whether 38-3 survives. If he doesnt, we go back to the ruins and retrieve his body. If he does, we scramble the hovercraft, track him down, and kill him then. Base defences should target his transportation to make sure that even if he lives you can outrun him.
No. 671770 ID: 149da0

>What'll he do come morning?
Hack himself access to Dartline's coffee delivery robot. And his breakfast in bed robot.
No. 671777 ID: ad936f

what can't hack dartline with his own shit
No. 671878 ID: a107fd

Call up 90-2, get the whole gang in on this plan.
No. 671894 ID: 0fc976

I think 90-2 (=88) is already aware of the plan. He was there when we made it, after all.
Hardcoded. Bureau. Loyalty. Stahp.
No. 672010 ID: b19c9a

First we must be aware we are no longer virgin. Then mental high five.
No. 674247 ID: 1bfe73

Wait and hope 38-3 falls for the trap.
We can't do much till then.
No. 675437 ID: 8aa7ad

Gather the team and get yourselves ready.
It's gonna be a long day.
No. 676210 ID: 2d5d20

No. 681511 ID: 12b34c
File 144671354581.png - (23.92KB , 960x560 , 397.png )

"You don't need him," 38-3 says. "I'm better than he'll ever be."
"So prove it," wires Sosa.
"I have."
"Impress me."
"He'll have turned, and I'll end him." 38-3 descends the steps to Outpost Jericho's subterranean entrance. "You'll see."

He stands in front of the door.
"It's time to face the music, Monica.
Open up."
No. 681512 ID: 12b34c
File 144671355748.png - (18.87KB , 960x560 , 398.png )

"Welcome to Jericho, Agent 38-3."
Monica's voice echoes through the halls, through which 38-3 stalks like a shade.

"I was expecting more than your drones to welcome me, Monica." 38-3 pauses mid-stride. The drone haltingly follows suit.

"73-6 has taken the others on-mission," Monica says. "I'm looking into where."
"You don't know?"
"I think it had something to do with the reconstitution chamber. Repairs? Or something?"

38-3 starts walking again, fast. "What makes you think that."
"He was fiddling around with them earlier. Told me he was-- hold on--"
"38-3, uhhhh, you might want to get down there. Something's-- hold on-- oh no. I think 73-6 did something not good."

38-3 is running now.
No. 681513 ID: 12b34c
File 144671357473.png - (22.12KB , 960x560 , 399.png )

He slams open the door to the reconstitution chamber.

"38-3." Sosa's voice is sharp across the wire. "What's happening?"

"The reconstitutor." 38-3 scans the room. "It's gone."
No. 681514 ID: 12b34c
File 144671358162.png - (31.50KB , 960x560 , 400.png )

"Automated defense system engaged.

Target acquired.

"God Dammit."
No. 681515 ID: 12b34c
File 144671364145.png - (196.22KB , 960x560 , 401a.png )

On a bank of monitors in DA's secret Rhode Island headquarters, Monica watches the camera feeds winking out one by one. Jericho devours itself before them in a blaze of cooked ammunition and fiery explosions. "Rest in peace, Jericho."

"rest in peace, monica," 73-6 says. "you're burning up in the control room."
"That's touching, Sev-Three. Thank you." Monica squints. "Jesus," she repeats. "If this doesn't kill him I don't know what will."

"Why you gotta say that cracker in a horror movie kinda shit and jinx us," Keisha says.
DA folds his arms. "I'm not convinced. Get a street view."
No. 681516 ID: 12b34c
File 144671364762.png - (18.92KB , 960x560 , 401.png )

The windows in the surrounding cars and buildings have blown out. Broken glass is all over the ground. The conflagration that was once Jericho has risen up through operational secrecy and the Earth's surface to burn on street level.
Civilians flee or hyperventilate or take pictures on their phones.

And from the wreckage staggers the gaunt cyberzombie frame of 38-3.

"Zeetus Lapeetus," Sara says.
"Told you," Keisha says.
No. 681519 ID: 1c32b1

Should have known he was too creepy to die.
No. 681522 ID: a107fd

Welp, so much for plan A. What kind of guns are there on that vtol we stole from the Fantomas, and how easy is it for 73-6-2 to pilot remotely? If Sosa knows the rez chamber is missing, not just subverted, we should probably put that face-stealer the rest of the way down before he blends into the crowd.
No. 681524 ID: 7b7ab3

That had to have slowed him down.

Let's finish him off now. No chances taken!
No. 681535 ID: 88960e

Damn. He's got skills to have dodged those guns and explosions. ...the first explosion really should have been set to take out the exits and trap him underground. Oh well.

Can we get him off those cameras? Hack to blackout the area from Sosa?

He only stops trusting 38-3 if it's plausible we've killed him and made 38-4. If he's seen walking away immediately that breaks that. Sosa can't know he's alive until it's too late to trust.
No. 681543 ID: 2a7417

Can we jam Bureau communications? Put some static on 38-3's wire?
We'll lose track of him too if we jam surveillance. That means we need to send a response out *now*.
No. 681546 ID: 2a7417

Blow up Jericho again. Can you do that? Can you explode... twice?
No. 681559 ID: bb78f2

You know what I just realized, we should have had Dubs on one of the buildings out there to snipe him.

He SHOULDN'T survive a headshot.
No. 681560 ID: bb78f2

You know, I forgot about it, but WE DO have that robot corpse that could be useful in killing him.
No. 681644 ID: ad936f

lol no, we need to get rid of him right the fuck now. Y'know what they say, strike well the zombie is hot.
No. 681667 ID: b5b419

shoot him again
No. 681747 ID: 12b34c
File 144679577315.png - (12.37KB , 960x560 , 402.png )

"ok." 73-6 scoots his chair back and stands up. "i'm going to go shoot him."

Dartline follows him out of the room. "How?"
73-6 pulls out his flechette pistol. "with this thing."
"We getting 38?" 88-1 ducks out of his room, laser in hand. "Knew that trap wouldn't get him."
"Not thematic enough. You seen Pen?"
"have you?"

"How are you getting back into the Boston Sprawl?" Dartline asks.
"with the vtol or something," 73-6 says.
"You want the entire city firing up your ass?"
"maybe the hovercraft."
"Or just a rental, 73-6," Dartline says. "Panel van or something."
"i can't exactly get one of those."
"I can," Dartline says. "Tinted windows and I have spook plates around somewhere."
"I still vote VTOL or hovercraft," 88-1 says. "I like to feel tall."
No. 681758 ID: 7b7ab3

Discretion is of the essence.
The VTOL and hovercraft will attract too much attention.
Take the rental, ghost back into the sprawl, and end him.
No. 681763 ID: bb78f2

Spooky van
But if Dubs REALLY wants to, he can go hovercraft.
We're still running in the van though.

Nothing like a double strike.
No. 681775 ID: 5ad4a7

Keep in mind we'll have to figure out a way to either kill him without anyone witnessing it, or get away without being followed back to base.
No. 681806 ID: ad936f

Personally, I think the van is more thematically appropriate for a drive-by.
No. 681819 ID: aeadb9

Van it.

Also I'm hoping you cut his comms right? Right? Because if he reports to Sosa goodbye surprise round.
No. 681830 ID: 5fa6c8


Also check where pen is??
No. 681844 ID: 2a7417

Take the Ghostbusters van. I don't know why Dartline thinks that's less conspicuous, but I ain't afraid of no ghost.
No. 681851 ID: 7b7ab3

>Also check where pen is??
This almost escaped me. Definitely do this.
No. 681863 ID: 0a29a4

>Inb4 'in yo crotch' jokes
But why don't we do both? We take a van, while a decoy kamikaze flyer/hover makes a delivery of high explosives. Send the kamikaze in first, make it look like it's about to land, when BOOM! You zap his ass to kingdom come with a crude EMP. Then you unload whatever ordinance you got with you and jet.
No. 681916 ID: 12b273

Wait. How are we gonna find him. Won't he have hologrammed up and disappeared into the crowd by the time we get there? He'll see you before you see him, assuming he doesn't run.

I thought the whole point of this was to possibly kill 38-3, and failing that, make it so Sosa can't be sure we didn't. Doesn't that mean we should be hacking to black out the area so Sosa doesn't know if he's alive or dead?

Please tell me we jammed the shit out of Sosa and started messing with all cameras in the are as soon as the first bomb went off.
No. 681932 ID: a107fd

Wait a sec... Sev, you have ludicrous amounts of money, right? Buy one of those trucks that car dealerships use to transport their merchandise, with all the cars still on it. Load the spooky van into the back. Boom, decoys.

Also check in with Deneb. Has 38-3's wire been compromised yet, or is Sosa still getting a live feed?
No. 682191 ID: 534cc4

Spooky van, but the thing needs a fucking turret in the back.

For reasons. And MURDER.
No. 682642 ID: d13e12

I second this. Can we get a BIG fucking gun on a bipod bolted onto the back? Also hopefully the trap at least DAMAGED 38. Nothing could survive that without at least some damage. We can only hope. Follow up with check on Pen. I have a feeling she's trying to do something stupid and dangerous, with an emphasis on the STUPID part.
No. 682649 ID: 3663d3

is he immune to bombs, or is he immune to nine bombs?
No. 682650 ID: 12b34c
File 144705177721.png - (9.53KB , 960x560 , 403.png )

"maybe the van," 73-6 says. "maybe we put a big friggin gun in it."
"That defeats the whole point," Dartline says. "Subtlety. We use a stolen vehicle we let every Bureau gun in the city know we're home. Especially one that flies. Common goddamn sense."

"Yeah but how long's a normie car gonna take to get there," 88-1 says. "Hours, with the traffic. How would we find the guy who can change his face?"
"You leave that to me," Dartline says.
"That doesn't comfort me like it should," 88-1 says.

"you did cut off his feed to sosa, right?" 73-6 says. He looks around for the hallway to the bedrooms. The place is a labyrinth. "that worked, right?"
"Of course it worked."
"ok. pen? hey, pen?" 73-6 raises his voice. "where'd she sleep."

"Sorry. Sorry. Sorry hi."
Penelope slouches around a corner. She looks terrible. "Hi. We rolling?"
"pen. jeez. are you ok?"
"Why what."
"you look like shit."
"Oh. Do I? I--" She burps, wetly. "Am good. Estoy bueno."
"What's going on, Pen?" 88-1 asks.
"Cage en diez." Penelope steadies herself on the wall. "I think I'm fiending, dudes."
"you're what?"
"Bureau was giving me some stim stuff. Diluted, 90 told me. To try and wean me off it. If I'd stopped all at once it would have killed me. I thought I was good to go more or less but I dunno." She hiccups. "Going cold turkey's kicking my shit in."
No. 682651 ID: 5ad4a7

Aw shit we forgot about that. Is it in any of the stuff we stole? Oh well we can't use Penn like this, not without some raw materials we can use to dilute or something. Penn wouldn't JUST COINCIDENTALLY know where to get some would she

hint hint she has a secret stash I didn't forget
No. 682652 ID: bb78f2

Do we need to get you some Monster and a tiny dash of cocaine?
No. 682654 ID: 12b273

No offense Pen, but I don't think you're up to going toe to toe with a guy who could shrug off a building blowing itself up in his face fight now.

I think we gotta bench you.

>"Of course it worked."
Cool. Then we just have to make sure none of the security cameras or cell phones that caught 38-3 have their data get back to Sosa.
No. 682659 ID: 0fc976

Seconding this and having her sit this one out. New secondary objective: Acquire a new source of vitamin D (for Drug). Got any fingers in that lucrative pie, Mr. Alchemist?
No. 682692 ID: a107fd

Please tell me we didn't pillage all that medical gear and high-value-density stuff from Outpost Jericho, yet somehow forget to bring along the stock of knockoff murder drugs.

Sara, you're our field medic. This falls within your area of expertise. Can Penelope's meds be found and administered quickly enough to get her ready for this mission, or should she stay back at base, watch the perimeter, and use her katana to peel potatoes?
No. 682877 ID: 6518df

Yep, she's benched.

See if the gang can scrounge something for her, then see to acquiring a car.
No. 682891 ID: 12b34c
File 144714056966.png - (11.18KB , 960x560 , 404.png )

"i think we gotta bench you, pen," 73-6 says.
"Nooo. Come on. I can-- fuuuuck." Penelope slides down the wall and ends up hunched against it. "Pensé que había terminado con esta mierda."
"what does--"
"I thought I was done with this shit, man," Penelope says. "Like I was out. Please don't tell Keesh."
"it's kind of obvious."

"She thinks I just got a bug. OK I can go back out there, OK? Medicated."
"how? we don't have any of the stuff."
"You just gotta get me something else," Penelope says. "Other shit can keep a cap on the withdrawals. We were all tweaking at Tribranch whenever we couldn't afford the stim fix."
"you had to pay for them?"
"Company store, amigo. It was stims or you go full junkie." She sniffs. It sounds like a dying water buffalo. "Get me some smack or some weed or some coke and I'll be good to go."

"you want to get high?"
"I've done it before," Penelope says. "It works. Dope makes me sleepy, weed makes me loopy, and coke makes me crazy but maybe I should be crazy."
"I have a bump or two I can spare," Dartline says.
"you what?" 73-6 grows increasingly bewildered.
He shrugs. "Beats coffee."
"Pen I love ya but I don't know if I want to work with you on snow," 88-1 says.
"I can't just sit on my ass while you guys are out there." Pen manages to sit up more. "I wanna fuckin' kill this guy."
No. 682893 ID: 799984

If Pen wants to hide from keesh, she can come, but she has to stay in the fucking van.

If she were support, it would be a different matter. She's front-line though. Her judgement has to be sound at every moment. This guy's too dangerous for an unpredictable element, sorry Pen.
No. 682895 ID: 6518df


Sev and Dubs can deal with 38. Pen can come, but she is -not- going into combat like this -or- if she's coked up.

Pen on combat stims was scary. I do -not- want to see cokehead Pen.
No. 682901 ID: bb78f2

Should we try a dope and coke mix?
Dangerous, but it SHOULD counteract the effects.
No. 682941 ID: 7a6915

What about amphetamines like adderall, or analgesics less dangerous than opioids?
No. 682951 ID: ad936f

I think she should do the drugs, she only has to be conscious enough to flip out and kill this dude.
No. 682974 ID: a107fd

No drugs. Pen, I know you wanna kill this guy, but we ALL wanna kill this guy, and you got to do the final assault last time. 38-3 pretty much just does the social thing, he won't be nearly as much fun to stab as that guy in power armor was. Take some time off, give your bloodstream a chance to unfuck itself the rest of the way. Then you'll be clean and ready for action when we go after Doctor Wily Sosa.

Besides, this probably isn't even going to be job for swords. Out in the open, Dubs could just laser a fist-sized hole through 38-3's pelvis from two blocks away.
No. 682977 ID: 88960e

Penn, we're just asking you to sit one game out, not the season. We still gotta get to Sosa, and through whatever protection he's got. We'll make sure this shit is out of your system by then.

Plus I'm pretty sure if your girlfriend found out I'd drugged you and brought you into a fight she'd kill me.
No. 682979 ID: 2a7417

guys, guys.
what if,
88-1 took the drugs instead, and you rode the secondhand high?
No. 682984 ID: a6dc58

Not today Pen. This is the kind of situation where she might make a mistake, running on fumes with an imperfect fix...and given that she's a melee/stealth combatant, she's likely to be in a high risk situation.

We need to bring her to bat in the end game against Sosa, and we can't do that if she gets an injury here...especially when it could get her killed.
No. 683059 ID: ad936f

that makes perfect sense
No. 683128 ID: 534cc4

I'm not sure it's safe for her to be taking drugs while on cold turkey from the super drugs that are making her sick. She can come, but she needs to sit in the back rather than be a star player.
No. 683338 ID: 395c9b

Guys, if we take her along, I don't think we can trust her judgment enough to stay in the van and not get herself killed at an inopportune moment. How horrible would that be? If she were to try to prove herself or something? No, she stays here. No two ways about it.
No. 683339 ID: 395c9b

(Obviously, don't share that thought process with her.)
No. 684609 ID: d55cf2

No. 686433 ID: 2a2f8a
File 144895202839.gif - (398.71KB , 960x560 , gif1.gif )

"if you want to come you can," 73-6 says. "just to hide from keesh. but you have to stay in the van."
"no. stay in van."
Penelope looks miserable. "This is donkey shit."

The agents prep for their mission.
No. 686434 ID: 2a2f8a
File 144895215583.gif - (469.53KB , 960x540 , thing6.gif )

73-6 flies the hovercraft carefully out of dock.
"so where are we picking up this van?" he asks.
"Closest place is two blocks from here," Dartline wires.
"Ay we don't want to be close to here when we switch we want to be close to thirty eight," Penelope says. "Motherfucker is a shapeshifter in the sprawls. You give him time to recuperate he's gone. And this thing at max is ten times faster than a frickin' mini van. It's a good plan for the pickup but not the commute. You know any rental places in Boston?"
"You want to drive Bureau hardware all the way to Boston?" Dartline hisses.
"You want to drive a creepy panel van with a fifth of the horsepower?" Penelope rolls her window down and spits an off-color gob out. "We had time to be sneaky before we blew our hosue up, Sev-Three. Now we just need speedy."
"I can track him," Dartline says.
"Tracking him's gonna be a lot easier before his nanomachines fix him up," Penelope says.
"I have no strong feelings one way or the other," 88-1 says.
"Pussy," Penelope says.

No. 686441 ID: d82123

Choice .gif work.

I agree with DA. We need to be careful and avoid attention.
Besides, 38 can't be in good shape after all that. I think we bought ourselves some time.
No. 686442 ID: a107fd

Dartline, I know you're used to working solo, but the details of how you're tracking our target do kinda have tactical significance here. We already murdered that last pedophile, your decade-long quest for revenge is complete, we're all friends. You can afford to open up to us.

Speaking of which. Our priorities are catching 38-3 quickly, and avoiding Bureau (or miscellaneous-other) surveillance as we do so. Best plan for stealth is the van, best plan for speed is the hovercraft. Can we split the difference? What are our options for van-rental places between here and there, and how would you say they stack up in terms of keeping secrets, and likelihood of giving us back the hovercraft when we return rather than selling it off for parts?

As an outside-the-box option for combining stealth with speed, can we swing around to pick up Jericho's non-compromised personnel? Tell them their bullshit assignment is cancelled because something more urgent came up, Monica confirms over the wire, and it's not even a lie. We hide in the back, tell them to drive back to Jericho. When they arrive, 38-3 sees a couple of non-traitors pull up, stare at the wreckage in slackjawed horror, ask who did this 'cause they genuinely don't know. He'll think they're his extraction.

Admittedly, maybe he figures out in time that we're doing the same thing to him as he and I did to Lockjaw, but if he fights he's badly outnumbered, if he runs we'll have an easier time chasing him with a milspec vehicle and no head start, and even if he gets away he's going to be that much less likely to trust any other Bureau assets that make contact, which furthers the goal of driving a wedge between him and Sosa.
No. 686443 ID: a107fd

Another advantage of the fake extraction plan: some lucky murder-cyborg gets to say "come with me if you want to live."
No. 686462 ID: aa5aaa

We're not friends just because our murder targets happened to match his murder targets.

Okay, let's take the subtle approach.
No. 686489 ID: 3ab69d

How about we meet halfway?
No. 687409 ID: 358a34

<Stealth Mode>
No. 712361 ID: 2a2f8a
File 145932198522.png - (12.55KB , 960x560 , 407.png )

The rental van coughs and trundles its way through the sprawl.

The agents inside are getting antsy.
73-6 feels like they've been driving forever.

Penelope pokes 88-1 again.
"What, Penelope."
"Can I borrow your hat?"
"Please, man." Penelope is shiny with cold sweat. "This is my fucking last wish."
"Fine." 88-1 passes his beret into the back seat. "I don't know how it's gonna fit over your hair."
"I'm not wearing it," Penelope says. "I'm puking in it."
"You are not puking in my beret."
"I aint puking on the floor."
"Use a window!"
"That ain't stealthy, chico!"
"Sev!" 88-1 is twisted round in his seat, trying to get his hat back from Penelope, who's hacking with laughter and using her superior wingspan to keep it away from him. "Pen's gonna puke in my fucking beret!"
No. 712362 ID: 2634c0

"Kids stop it or I will turn this car around I swear to God."
No. 712363 ID: defceb

Make the sacrifice 88. Pride ain't worth getting blindsided by some lucky sniper peeking our way.
No. 712364 ID: 526147

There's an ashtray isn't there? Puke in that.
No. 712367 ID: bb78f2

Puke in my shoes, Pen. Then give me yours.
If this goes Die Hard, my feet will be bleeding everywhere.
No. 712372 ID: 5ad4a7

Can't she just puke in her own shoes then?
No. 712405 ID: 2a7417

Use your shoes Pen. Those boots ain't made for walkin' today, that's what you're gonna have to do. One of these days these boots are gonna puke all over you.
No. 712470 ID: bc7b9a

Look if someone spots someone leaning out of a van window to puke they're not going to think it's full of badass cyborg assassins. It's fine. Also didn't you already get everything out? You were upchucking earlier.
No. 712715 ID: 171c6c

No. 712723 ID: 2a7417

Unless they match our faces to a database. Dystopian cyberpunk futuuure
No. 713493 ID: a107fd

Pen, either quit screwing around, or get out and walk. You're faster and stealthier on foot anyway.
No. 713666 ID: f6442a

Please do not make the puking agent going through heavy withdrawal get out and run alongside our innocuous rental van.
No. 713708 ID: f36501

Fuck, just puke on the floor or in the cupholders or some shit.

Who cares. No shoes will show her down, and that is a pretty nice hat. A little puke on the upholstery isn't he worst thing that could happen tonight.
No. 713774 ID: 2a2f8a

Hey Y'all!!!
updates for all my stuff are on hold for a while as I've lost my tablet pen and don't have the money to get a replacement one.
Next paycheck it's Priority One.

No. 713836 ID: 3ab69d

No. 713851 ID: b412df

That's a bit of a downer, only recently caught up as well.

Just puke on the floor, it's a rental van, worst they can do is charge for cleaning, and we can cover that.
No. 715201 ID: db3be0

Check the glove box. There might be a bag or something.
No. 716664 ID: 2a2f8a
File 146070213139.gif - (527.85KB , 960x540 , item.gif )

"just.... use one of your shoes, pen."
"I can't use my fuckin shoe! I walk in those!"
"is there a bag or-- shoot--" 73-6 rifles through the glove compartment.

Penelope swallows hugely.
"Never mind," she says.
"Uch, Pen," 88 says.
Penelope burps.
"UCH, Pen."
"Shoulda let me use your hat." Penelope lays back in her seat. "Where are we going, Sev-Three?"
"where dartline tracks 38," 73-6 says.
"Left at this upcoming intersection," Dartline wires in his ear. "And tell your people to keep their edge."
"they're frosty, da. get us a target."
"Upcoming building, three doors down to the left."

"Oh, fuck." Penelope squints out the window. "This is giving me deja vu. In a back seat, going through withdrawl,

and driving up to the fucking pigpen."
No. 716665 ID: 2a2f8a
File 146070214111.png - (26.50KB , 960x540 , 408.png )

"dartline we have eyes on. it's a police station. 38-3 is in a police station."

"Looks like you've got a problem, 73-6," Dartline Alchemist wires. "You kill any cops and you move from being on the Bureau's shit list to being on everyone's shit list."
"so we don't kill any cops."
"For all we know 38-3 is a cop right now."
No. 716666 ID: 5ad4a7

Abort. We can't go in there without being made, and we don't know what disguise 38-3 is using.
No. 716671 ID: 7b7ab3

Well this is a fine mess! The rat's hidden amongst the cats!

There's got to be a way to ferret him out! He's hurt, cut off, and alone! He's vulnerable!

We can't blow this opportunity! Consult with the team and come up with a plan. There must be a way!
No. 716689 ID: f76cc4

-Sneak in and try to hunt him down.
-Try to lure him into an ambush.
-Retreat, regroup, and restrategize.
-Charge in, guns blazing.
No. 716699 ID: 5ad4a7

...it occurs to me we could just wait for him to come back out. He couldn't possibly be planning to sleep in there.
No. 716710 ID: cab7d6

Are there any scans his disguises can't fool? Can we do that thing in movies where they scan for a suspicious void instead of a heat signature?
No. 716716 ID: 2d015a

Can't you just hit the fire alarm and then hack all the computers while the cops are out?
No. 716721 ID: 9f0151

No. 716842 ID: a107fd

Dubs, get on a roof across the street. Pen, alley by the fire escape. Sev, put your pretty face on, walk in the front door. Anybody asks, you're here about a parking ticket. Start hacking cameras, looking through the archive for who walked in when Dartline says the target arrived.

Target leaves out the front door, gets shot by Dubs. Target leaves out the back, gets stabbed by Pen. Target stays put, disguised as a cop, Sev finds him and hacks his implants.

If we're very lucky, the target is currently under arrest (I mean, it sure looked like he was involved with a blown-up building), in which case Sev might be able to simply post bail and walk out with the target in custody, nice and legal.
No. 716961 ID: f36501

I am liking the sound of this, but how many exits are there? There could be more, is there any way to get the specs of the building?
No. 717016 ID: 02422f

Our best bet isn't to go in there after him. It's to find a way to blow his cover so the cops turn on him. Then either the cops kill him for us, or he's forced to flee into our waiting bullets.

We got two super hackers- can we get eyes inside the station?
No. 717119 ID: a107fd

If he gets killed by cops, how do we take possession of the body?
No. 717122 ID: 02422f

Easier to rob a morgue than a riled up police station.
No. 717249 ID: bb78f2

Think we could get some blueprints of the place and camera views? His disguises aren't perfect, he needs a face (to either digitally copy from, or tear off), and he needs a physical uniform. If 38's KILLED a cop himself, we could destroy the Bureau that way. Good blackmail material.
No. 717327 ID: 25ea9d


Hacking the cameras is brilliant. Don't leave your suspicions to just policemen, though.


> He couldn't possibly be planning to sleep in there.

Why not? Imagine a homeless guise. The drunk tank is the perfect place to get a little R&R while under police protective custody, maybe just long enough for a reconstituted agent to activate their self-repair. I'm doubting 38 escaped from Jericho unscathed and this is an awkward place for 38 to fight Sev and pals. This seems like a purely defensive measure.

The only alternative I can think of is buying time to reestablish contact with Sosa. Hopefully that gets kept under control.
No. 717339 ID: 5ad4a7

...oh, another possibility is that he just got taken in for questioning since he walked out of an exploded building.
No. 717526 ID: 2a2f8a
File 146095338550.png - (107.13KB , 960x540 , 409.png )

88-1's new thermal vision will be able to see through 38-3's disguise. Unfortunately the walls are made of stern enough stuff that he can't get anything more than a fuzzy picture right now. He'll probably need eyes on to identify 38-3.

73-6 can't hack the cameras in there without a line of sight to a terminal he can do it on. Which requires getting inside the building and knowing where exactly that would be.

Fortunately he knows just who to call for that one.

"monica? sara? you read me?"
"Loud and clear, Sev-Three."
"are you eating something, monica?"
"Yeah. It's a protein bar thing. We only have this and like bananas. DA what's the address of this place so I can order something delivered?"
"Don't dare, Bureau."
"So Dartline still can't take a joke and I have burrito cravings," Monica says. "How are things on your end?"
"can you guys find the floor plan for--" 73-6 squints. "precinct 563 a."
"On it," Sara says. 73-6 can already hear the clacking of a mechanical keyboard. "I'm assuming DA has this kind of thing on file somewhere."
"I do," Dartline says. "Don't poke around too much in there."

"563 A. Ok. Main entrance front, subterranean entrance from a garage at the end of the block with security and a civ presence. There's a fence in back wired to cameras and motion but you can hack that. I'll find you some kind of exterior terminal but I think those cameras are local and the cams inside are going through a central office thing. So like we can only really mess with the security outside the building from outside the building."

"Yknow Sara usually the briefing kind of thing is my department," Monica says.
"Oh sorry! Do you want to take over?"
"Nah." Monica chews. "Looks like you got this."

"Right. OK so garage entry has living eyes. Back door entry has digital ones. There's a rooftop entryway too with nothing guarding it but that one you'd need to infiltrate another building to get down to cause there's no way you're climbing up; and the buildings around it are all populated offices. If you waltz in we can play it by ear but they're already going to be really skittish in there on account of the explosion. I think a lot of their officers are out on the scene right now."

"So why don't we just wipe out the ones inside?" Penelope asks. "Just hack all their cameras off and clear the building out till we find 38. Not like pig iron's gonna give us much trouble."

How are you going in?
+Front door!
+Back fence!
+Not at all!

[b]And you're entering:
+Guns blazing!
+In disguise!
No. 717534 ID: 5ad4a7

Excuse me? I thought we were supposed to be the good guys. Let's not start killing cops.

...we could just waltz in and outright bribe the cops so they let us have 38-1. So long as no cameras record our faces it should be fine.
No. 717535 ID: 7b7ab3

>+Back fence!
The cameras should be child's play. Once we're in we'll hunt down 38-3 and end him quietly.
Let's try to keep the casualties to a minimum. Things are messy enough as is.
No. 717544 ID: bb78f2

Back way
No. 717548 ID: ae72a0

Our best bet is to sneak in, locate 38-3, secure him by whatever means necessary, then extract. Sev's pretty much the god of hacking, so bypassing those fence cameras will be nothing.
88-1 is MVP for tracking the target, so he's a must have.
38-3 won't go quietly. We still have no idea how capable he is right now, and a fight between super cyborg zombies in a police station is the kind of attention we don't need. We need to drop him quickly and quietly.
Extraction is the hard part. Getting past internal security will be a pain, so I'd suggest disabling it. Avoiding conflict with the cops will help keep things quiet.
Once we're out, we head back to "base" for drinks.
No. 717564 ID: f6442a

[a]Backdoor. We'll scout that path out so Dubs can enter the building for target ID if needed. Hack the back door cameras and keep an eye on them so we know if anyone goes out that way, and have Dubs keep a close eye on the building exterior. I don't suppose his special eyes work through shared vision?. You got the van, Pen.

[b] Stealth-like, no killing. This was literally just covered.

Does Monica think they would they go for it? Cops do seem really strapped for cash with all these private sector competitors.
No. 717591 ID: a107fd

Front door, in disguise.
Best case we can post bail for the john doe they picked up outside the exploded building, tell them it's Bureau internal affairs (that's not even exactly a lie), walk out with 38-3 on an armored leash, mission accomplished, no muss no fuss.
Less optimistically, the front desk could have a hackable terminal.
At the very least, it's cheap recon. We want to do this fast, but there's no hard deadline.
No. 717611 ID: 2d5d20

Back fence, stealth like

guns blazing has never and will never work
No. 717844 ID: 8d9368

Well, we sort of didn't really set ourselves UP for guns blazing. Penelope kinda did, but she's not in shape for it and anyways we don't want to kill a bunch of cops. We have tricks in a firefight but we're at our best when noone knows where we're coming from. Although 38-3 certainly knows we're coming.
No. 717871 ID: 726a91

Hmmm... How fucked would the Bureau (or Sosa in particular at least) be if 38-3 were seen ploughing through a bunch of LEOs? Because Sev can do his face-morph thing, and 38-3 is actually really in the building anyway, which may have some papertrail eagerly upward-moving Bureau manglement could dig up in a vain attempt to oust Sosa.
No. 717962 ID: ea5d68

We really need the stealth element right now. But maybe your idea would work if the situation gets hot.
Maybe have Sev walk in the front door in disguise as another Bureau agent (could Dartline have a dossier of impersonable guys?), so he can hack things on the inside. Once we get a feel of what the situation is like (and access to cameras and shiz), send Pen into the garage, maybe use her speed to exploit a lull in the guards' vision. If she's seen we could easily tamper with the live feed. 88 would act as the sniper support, lookout and getaway driver all at once. Monica & Sara could be our extra eyes in the sky (or data network once Sev hooks us up with the precinct's network).

So, to reiterate, we're going to have disguised Sev ask about the blast, and if the police have arrested anyone. During this time, he'll hack into the police network, connecting that network to Dartline/Sara & Monica. Then we fake a cyber-attack by... idk, Fantomas? that locks down the building. Right before the cyber-attack, Pen infiltrates the building and Sev finds out where 38-3 is. 88 makes sure anyone that walks out is dead. After we find out where (or who) 38-3 is, we kill him, then say that the internal affairs business is done. Erase or tamper every electronic records afterwards, and say to the cops that this is strictly a hush-hush business, that nobody leaks this secret and lives.
No. 718031 ID: a075ba

I would point out that this is different from our other missions. This time, our target is almost certainly expecting us, and he's had access to our files. Except for the things we tried to keep secret, he should know our tricks.

He's picked the police station because he thinks Sev is trying to be a goody goody. They're not only protection- they're hostages. He expects Sev to be unwilling or unable to go in guns ablazing.

He knows Sev favors sneaking into places and hacking them. The most obvious or accessible points to hack the building are probably traps. He wants us to come in, and then turn this into a no-win situation where Sev either has to die or shoot a bunch of cops.

>+Not at all!
We can't play the game he wants us to play. Not blind.

I think we need to run counter to our usual instincts. We don't want to infiltrate- we want to mess up someone else's infiltration. We want to stir the cops up, to cause trouble for whatever role 38-3 has assumed. He'll be forced to bug out, make a stand, or take the reigns and control or manage the situation- any of which will give him away to us, if we're watching.
No. 718043 ID: f6442a

If we're going to run counter to our usual mode of operations, it should still be something we can pull off well, and without cop killing. Like bribery.
No. 718046 ID: b0f2af

I'd second going in with some kind of mask (maybe not our holo-face) and just bribing our way up. We have money, money they theoretically don't know about, and which we have never had before. We have never used our money before to do anything besides buy information and weapons. It definitely seems sufficiently pattern breaking.
No. 718106 ID: 674d30

This is also a good strategy. Ask Dartline if he has dossiers of other Bureau agents other than us, and perhaps if he knows their usual modus operandi. We steal that modus operandi, and run with it until we identify 38. Then we switch to our rules, our game.
No. 718730 ID: b1960b
File 146147693765.png - (27.86KB , 960x560 , 410.png )

"ok. we're sneaking it."
73-6 coasts the van past the station and pulls into an alley on the next block. "pen, stay with the van."
"Aww c'mon."
"what are you gonna do, puke on them? let's go, dubs."
"Word." 88-1 slides the passenger door open and hops out.

The agents keep to back routes and byways on their approach to the police station.
73-6 feels out in front of him for the bobbing signals of its outdoor cameras and traces them back to their source, which he hacks as effortlessly as breathing.

73-6 can now:
+See through the outdoor camera feeds
+Deactivate all cameras or any individual camera, or put in a loop
+Put out an automated APB signalling for police backup to this building
+Put out a false positive motion alarm at any point on the outside of the building

"swish." 73-6 presses his back to the wall of the precinct, just around the corner from the chain link fence. "that was some paper ice."
"Awesome, Sev-Three," Sara says. "The fence should be-- oh-- uh Keisha is coming in to--"

"Give me that mic. Ayo SEV."
73-6's ear rings.
"What the FUCK you thinking taking my sickass girlfriend out on your FUCKING spookrun, Sev-Three?" Keisha says.
No. 718733 ID: 775ecb

She insisted on coming, but we're making her wait in the van. We couldn't say "no" after everything that's happened!
No. 718734 ID: b0f2af

Don't touch that camera system. The cameras may be set up with loops already, or possibly looking at rooms that are filled with actors.

Also, well, we tried to tell her not to come, but Pen wasn't having it.
No. 718735 ID: f6442a

She's benchwarming, Keesh. She wanted to come so I figured I'd have her do something low-intensity.

You could tell if the camera's already looped with your godlike hacking, couldn't you? You can at least test it by feeding a loop to a camera and looking through it yourself.
Are there security cameras on other buildings watching us?

So, uh, let's go in.
No. 718738 ID: f924d5

"Keshia, which would you rather have us knowing where she is or having her go off of our grid, because i assure you that she would have followed us anyway.
No. 718739 ID: 7348d0

Skim the feeds quickly and check what spots have poor coverage. Be best to loop back as few cameras as possible.

Look Keesh: she insisted, she's on backup and we're busy spooking right now. Can you chew us out when we get back?
No. 718741 ID: bb78f2

Maybe you should talk about that with your girlfriend instead of me. She insisted. She's defending the van right now, so she's not going to take the full brunt of the action, even though she wants to.

I can't fight people who are insistent. At least ones I don't want to kill. I don't have the balls to say No to Pen.
No. 718762 ID: a075ba

>"What the FUCK you thinking taking my sickass girlfriend out on your FUCKING spookrun, Sev-Three?"
I'm an undead hitman, not a doctor, Keesh.

Start mentally flipping through the camera feeds while you're getting chewed out. Let's see what there is to see.

Let's not put her on the line with Pen.
No. 718770 ID: cbd7dc

lmao solid line.
No. 718771 ID: 25ea9d

Ah, can't access old feeds from here. The recordings must be protected, inside maybe? Shame. If we could've coordinated with an inside feed, might've found the face-swapper right here, or at least gotten a lead. Guess it's on to legwork.

Figure out what cameras cover your approach to the facility. Make a blind spot via looped video feeds on the necessary surveillance equipment. Walk in. No idea what's on the other side of the door though, right? Yikes. Bonne chance.

You can hold on to the hack link, right? If things start getting dicey in there, that false positive motion alarm could be useful for drawing attention away from you. If you can't hold it, maybe pass it off to someone else? That said, with DA on our side, feeling pretty confident he can whip up something like that if we need it.
No. 719014 ID: 726a91

Yeah, that seemed preeeeetty easy for a police station chosen by 38-3 to hide out in. I'm thinking Honeypot.

Hack the cameras to set up loops in sequence, timed to follow how you'd infiltrate the building. But sit tight and watch what happens when that theoretical you reaches the entrance.
No. 719015 ID: cab7d6

What do 88's thermal cameras tell him about our intended entrance?
No. 719238 ID: b1960b
File 146164627179.png - (16.33KB , 960x560 , 411a.png )

“i tried to talk her out of it but she insisted.”
“And you fucking let her?”
“how was i gonna say no?”
“By saying it, motherfucker. What kind of friend are you, Seventy Three Six? You didn't even tell me? After the fact? Who even the fuck am I to you people. Ruin my fucking life. PEN. I know you listening, bitch. Penelope.”
“They need me, Keesh! I’m on the team!”
“Need you? The Fuck they need you for? I NEED YOU, PENELOPE. HERE. You can barely fucking walk! Does crackers waving they fucking guns at you really get your dick that hard? Jesus Christ. What a wicked fucking way to treat the girl that loves you.”
“Perra loca we are on mission here.”
“Aight. Aight. I'm gonna keep it short. ALL of you need to check your fuckin realities. Is it at all important to you what happens after this shit is over? Are you out there killing because you want to STOP someday? Do you even WANT to stop? Cuz this is the future calling motherfucking collect, Pen, and you ain’t fucking here. And fuck me really cause I thought just cause you ain’t a man this kind of shit wouldn’t happen. So fuck me, basically.”
“No. No. It's cool. I'm done. Make sure she comes back alive, Sev. So I can fucking kill her.” 73-6 hears the smack of Keisha dropping the mic.
No. 719241 ID: b1960b
File 146164649666.png - (29.31KB , 960x540 , 411.png )

“Fuck,” Penelope says, quietly.
“Um, so those cameras,” Sara says.
"Cage en diez," Penelope says.
“pen. i'm sorry but focus up.” 73-6 flicks through the camera feeds. He finds one mounted on the corner of the building, facing the back door.
Two cops leaning in the doorway.
“So I come in and the junky from the phone is freaking out like he's speaking in tongues! Over his friend who's zonked out, right? And it looks like he's ODing. But I realize yknow what he's actually saying?”
“He's reciting pi in Finnish.”
“Swear to God.”
“How'd you know Finnish?”
“My girlfriend was Finnish. Remember Suzy?”
“Suzy with the tits?”
“Yeah, with the tits. So it turns out these junkies were on the hunt for a re-up and they accidentally found a tube full of that shit they give Corp hackers. To zap their brains into overdrive. But that shit is crazy expensive and you're only supposed to take a drop and he took a whole fucking syringe. Now you tell me how the fuck 2 junkies find something like that.”
“The fuckin trash, man! Can you imagine-- like who throws something like that away? And who the fuck just shoots up something they found in the garbage? Fiends, man."
"So what happened to him?"
"He's a fucking savant now, man. He can do any math problem like that. But he forgot how to feed himself and he shits himself all the time. He needs diapers."
The other cop puffs on a cigarette. "Jesus."

73-6 flicks through the other channels. These cops are the only ones on the perimeter right now.
88-1 can't use his thermal vision through a camera feed, and the walls are too thick to see through anything more than one layer in.
No. 719245 ID: 4041c8

Keisha needs some perspective. If we don't finish what we started, then these bastards will never stop hunting us. I know she's scared and hurt, but she needs to understand. We are doing to protect our future.

Either a distraction or a non-lethal takedown. Maximum stealth, minimal casualties.
No. 719250 ID: f6442a

Too bad the Bureau's nonlethal arsenal is rather limited. Any combat hacks on these meatbags?
(For later reference, Bureau grenades can be set to concussion mode. But that's loud, obviously.)
Ooh, a sewer grate. Where does that connect to?
Nice line, but doesn't really apply to taking an incapacitated agent in the van with us. Which we (Sev) were originally against.

Cloaking and luring them past you with a false ping seems like it could work, but a distraction lets them know we're here.
No. 719252 ID: b0a8e1

Quick and quiet, non lethal knockout and put them somewhere the cameras can't see them. Take any useful gear they have, in fact would it be wise to put on the uniforms over your trenches, or would that complicate things more? Your call sev.

While doing this, if any of this takedown will be in front of a camera, loop some nothing for the bored guard to watch.
No. 719260 ID: b0a8e1

Hack the guy facing your direction's phone and make it ring, then when he answers have something stupid and innocent play like an ad or a prank call.

Then merc them and knockem out while they 'wtf' about it.
No. 719262 ID: 5ad4a7

What we got for equipment here? Anything good for nonlethal that won't make a huge amount of noise?

88-1 can jam their comms so they can't immediately alert the station, at least.
No. 719266 ID: 4041c8

>Nice line, but doesn't really apply to taking an incapacitated agent in the van with us. Which we (Sev) were originally against.
True, but if Keisha is considering ending her relationship with Pen over one instance of poor judgment, then that's awfully petty of her, especially considering everything that Pen's put on the line for her.
No. 719267 ID: 5ad4a7

I don't think she is, exactly. She's chewing Pen out.

Also Brom's using her as the voice of the author or some shit.
No. 719272 ID: a107fd

Hack the storytelling cop's phone, look through his contacts list. Call him, spoofing the caller ID so it seems like you're calling from Suzy's phone. Tell him she won't be harmed if he cooperates with some simple instructions, starting with moving away from the door.
No. 721559 ID: 3e182c

This, but instead of the door, give him a random address. Tell him to come alone. He won't. Cops will be dispatched from the facility to respond, and you can guarantee he'll be going too. This will not only clear the door, but thin out the inside and make things easier. Hell, if your lucky, 38-3 will be in that dispatch, and you'll be able to pick him off from the outside.
No. 721604 ID: 56d144

But this will alert 38-3 to our presence. He's not dumb.

Looping the camera to show them standing guard and taking them down non-lethally is preferable, I think.
No. 721642 ID: 999759

Yeah. The other idea is too much of a gamble.
No. 721853 ID: 3e182c

You also assume he doesn't already know were here.
He will be prepared either way. We're probably walking into a trap, if a hastily prepared one one.
No. 721866 ID: f6442a

All the more reason to give him as little warning ahead of time as possible.
No. 726193 ID: d13e12

It's clear neither of these two is 38. They both know each other too well. 38 wouldn't know anything about any cop. They're clean.

Put the camera on a loop then throw something to get them to look away, then take them both out. Hide the bodies, then get inside.
No. 733387 ID: a107fd

No dead police, please.
No. 734286 ID: 4c106e

No. 744748 ID: b1960b
File 147233384162.png - (19.79KB , 960x560 , 412.png )

The cop whose Finnish girlfriend had tits suddenly has AC/DC playing in his pocket.
"Shit hold on," he says. He fishes his phone out of his pants and half-turns away from where the two moldies hide. "Hel

"You two having fun over there?" 88-1 asks, as 73-6 tightens his sleeper hold and waits for his mark to stop struggling.
"not all of us have to compensate for how short we are with a big heavy rifle," 73-6 says.
"Predictable, brother."
"well i'm a little busy-- dude c'mon--" 73-6's cop finally goes limp and unconscious. "god finally. there we go." He unceremoniously drops him like a sack of potatoes. "you see any heat sigs on the other side of this door now?"

"One faint one, must be far side of the room." 88-1 squints. "Must be down a hallway or something. It's getting a little stronger."
"what's inside, sara?" 73-6 wires, dragging his cuddle-buddy out of sight from the building.
"Looks like you got a sallyport," Sara says. "Electronic locks, thumbprint scanners, and a high-angle closed circuit camera. From there you have a hallway with doors to secure interview rooms, storage, janitor, and the john, leading out to detainee processing."
No. 744749 ID: e22b1d

73-6: stand outside the door until your invisibility augs kick in then hack it unlocked and have 88-1 crack it open until the camera's in your line of sight, then hack the camera. Easy peasy.
After that we should check the interview rooms. Maybe we're lucky and 33 is in one of them.
No. 744754 ID: 1d4e27

Oh, yeah. Use invisibility right here and hack the camera through line of sight. Electronic security is no problem to you.

If the sallyport blocks the camera: use your holo-guise to peek around the corner before hacking.
No. 744764 ID: 582eb5

Okay. Maximum effort.
Cloak and crack the door.
88-1 eases the door open.
Hack the camera.
That heat signature?
Possible issue.
Be prepared.
No. 744771 ID: 7b7ab3

Be mindful of the heat signature.
No. 744842 ID: 69dc1a

No. 744926 ID: 99be3c

88-1: Keep tabs on that signature.
73-6: Get that door open, and deal with the camera.
No. 745013 ID: 897b0b

No. 745174 ID: 188dc5

Hack the door, hack the camera, and enter slowly. Don't want to risk someone hearing the break in.
No. 745598 ID: b1960b
File 147278808796.png - (23.09KB , 960x540 , 0039.png )

The door hack is child's play. That's public servants for you.

They wait until 73-6's adaptive cloak kicks in, then 88-1 reaches over and creaks the door open, pulling back as he goes to stay out of the camera's eye.

73-6 looks around the sallyport, sees the camera, and faster than it took for him to spot it he's in.

From here, 73-6 can:
+Shut down or loop any camera in the building
+Look through the camera feeds for:
=Secure interview room A
=Secure Interview Room B
=Detainee Processing
=Armory Storage
=Break Room
=Public Lobby
=Admin Conference Room
=Investigations and Reports Offices
+Set off automated proximity alarms localized to any part of the building where a camera is located
+Deactivate the autodeterrent for any noncoded weaponry
+Overload and physically destroy any or all cameras
+Overload the entire security center, blacking out all lights, electric locks, computers, and security systems, and sending a distress signal to Sprawl PD Megacentral.

If they have an autodeterrent in place, they'll have some kind of mainframe in the building which 73-6 would be able to reprogram if he finds it to wipe the codes and cover anybody with a weapon in camera view with rapid hardening riot foam. He can't reach it here.

The security center overload would work on blunt force destruction; there's no way to prevent the outgoing distress signal if 73-6 takes that option, which means time would be very limited.
No. 745606 ID: 1d4e27

Deactivate the autodeterrent, check all cameras for people or signs of suspicious activity. Start with the interrogation chambers.
Next, move inside and use your view of the interior to get a better idea of where that heat signature is heading. It's impolite to stand in the doorway, Sev.
No. 745613 ID: 7b7ab3

+Look through the camera feeds for: All
+Shut down or loop any camera in the building
+Deactivate the autodeterrent for any noncoded weaponry

That gives us intel on the building, gives us an unobserved and silent entry, and frees up our weapons.
Not a bad deal.
No. 745648 ID: a107fd

Live camera feeds only, or can we look back through the records? I mean, if we know when 38-3 arrived, we should check what face he was wearing.
No. 745829 ID: 97db13

No. 745859 ID: 398fe1

Hey don't move without looping the camera that's currently pointed at you.
No. 746082 ID: 769cbd

Shut down the auto-deterrent, then check the feeds. Once we've got a feel for the field, then we can make a move.
No. 747072 ID: b1960b
File 147336930519.png - (27.53KB , 960x560 , 413.png )

73-6 loops the camera feed in the sallyport and makes sure the autodeterrents are down.

He starts flicking through the cameras. Place seems pretty empty, even for a precinct. Most of the cops are probably out dealing with the explosion.
Two guys in the break room just sitting and on their phones.
Another two in the Reports office. One of them is at a cubicle, dictating to a desk computer. 73-6 turns on sound.

"...sweep of Mercantile, came across a visibly inebriated party in an alley. He refused the officer's offer of assistance, so was obliged to enter the squad car by order, which he agreed to. Subject is logged as a Doe and sleeping it off in B."

Another cop is leaning on a cubicle at the end of the row. "Big day, huh?"
"You not on the detonation?"
"What do I care? It's just Bureau. Creeps and moldies."
No. 747073 ID: b1960b
File 147336931701.png - (14.32KB , 960x560 , 414.png )

73-6 switches to the Secure interview room B feed.
The lights are out. A figure in a heavy coat is seated at a steel desk, laying face-down.
No. 747085 ID: 486e87

If I recall correctly, 38-3 doesn't have a face without stealing someone else's, just a series of holograph discs instead. So if that was him that would explain why he's lying face down.

Does this camera have a thermal setting that we can flip to? I remember something about the heat signature giving 38-3's disguise game away.
No. 747088 ID: 90f3c0

Can you rewind the video feed and check for any face ripping action, or is it live only?

If the guy has been defaced, there should be records or who was in the interview room at the time. You just need to move a bit further in and hack the right computer. Then you'll know whose face 38-3 is wearing.
No. 747089 ID: 7b7ab3

Good lead, but nothing definite.
Time to ghost their way in and get to hunting.
Proceed to interview room B.
No. 747102 ID: fe8424

Multiple potential targets.
He could be anyone. This needs to be handled carefully. It's tempting to split up and cover more ground, but don't. 38- 3 could be anywhere. Check the interview room first, then move on from there.
No. 747105 ID: 398fe1

If we get to the room and he's seemingly disguised as a homeless bum how will we know if that's him or not? Do we even know the limitations of his disguise?
No. 747148 ID: b1960b
File 147339319990.png - (4.23KB , 960x560 , 415.png )

73-6 slips through the sallyport door, 88 on his heels.

The door to B is unlocked. It pushes open.
The figure at the table doesn't move.
No. 747151 ID: 960f86

This seems like an obvious trap
No. 747152 ID: 960f86

This seems like an obvious trap
No. 747154 ID: 9b49e6

Thermal vision, who has thermal vision?
Also ready your monofilament whip. You brought it with you, right?
No. 747159 ID: 7b7ab3

This is too easy.
Something's up.
No. 747163 ID: fe8424

Well, that's either him or it isn't. Time to find out. Proceed with caution.
No. 747167 ID: 71d443

Well, the room has a suspicious person. It could be him, it could be his distraction. The camera may even be looped. I wonder if our hacking is robust enough to detect other hackers.
No. 747175 ID: a107fd

Use Heel-Face Turn to disguise your voice, knock on the door and say "Wake up, John Doe. A 'Ms. Jiyang' posted bail, so you're free to go."
No. 747181 ID: 2a7417

That's no disguise at all. 38-3 already knows our voice and face. We're not even dressed like a cop.

So, updates on that heat signature?
No. 747184 ID: a107fd

Hey, y'know who we know that can hack Bureau comms and perfectly imitate voices? Deneb.

Anyway, check whether that's the moldie you're looking for, by as many independent means as reasonably possible, before closing to hand-to-hand range.
No. 747232 ID: 7177c6

Oh just put a bullet through this fuckers head! If it's 38-3 it probably wont kill him and if it isn't who cares, we've killed plenty of random schmucks before.

No wait having some guy die from bullet head will alert the whole precinct, so have dubs thermal vision and keep his gun trained on him.
No. 747233 ID: b1960b
File 147348592760.png - (5.41KB , 960x560 , 416.png )

"88-1, you got thermal vision?"
"Yessir. Should spot out 38-3 through his holographic disguises."
"use it on that guy. i want to know whether or not i should just shoot him now."

88-1 squints.
"Well, you definitely don't gotta do that."
"Whoever that was," 88-1 says, "He's dead as fuck now."
No. 747234 ID: 398fe1

Yeah that sounds about right. Go get a look at his face then find his doppleganger in the security feeds. Go shoot the doppleganger and we're done.
No. 747237 ID: 7b7ab3

It's a decoy.
Search the feeds again.
There has to be some way to nab this bastard.
No. 747243 ID: 7177c6

We may want to take a look at his face so we know who we're after.
No. 747244 ID: 9f3729

>touching suspicious dead bodies
let's not do this, no. Keep searching, flip through the feeds.
No. 747245 ID: 3e182c

Hack the cams again, rewind to when this guy was booked. Get a look at his face.
No. 747273 ID: 8702a0

Thankfully there aren't many other people for him to disguise himself as in the building.
My money is on that one guy at the computer.
No. 747281 ID: 509fa9

The cop who knows that this a moldie affair is pretty fucking suspicious to me.
No. 747286 ID: 3e182c

Wait. Yeah.
Wasn't Jericho a secret base?
And how would he know it was bureau anyway?
No. 747299 ID: e22b1d

I mean once a secret base explodes and a bureau moldie staggers out of it it's not really a secret anymore
No. 747313 ID: 398fe1

I think it's most likely to be the cop that was dictating the incident report. He is the only one that we know was linked to the corpse.
No. 747369 ID: a107fd

Reconfigure the autodeterrent, same way you did that Fantoma turret, so it sprays riot foam on anyone carrying a legitimate police sidearm but nobody else. Lock all the doors except the one you came in through.
No. 747467 ID: ce2e2f

What's that 1 px line in the bottom left of the image? Check for tripwires.
In b4 it's just an art error
No. 747502 ID: b1960b
File 147362943971.png - (8.28KB , 960x560 , 417.png )

73-6 can't rewind anything unless he gets to the security center. Sara could show him the way but it would require sneaking.

He can't do this unless he finds the mainframe first, and he doesn't know where that would be.

That is exactly what it is.

Looks like a crudely jury-rigged tripwire that would pop out the cap of a Bureau grenade taped to the wall just inside the door.
No. 747503 ID: 9f3729

We must have really spooked him if he's this sloppy!
That, or he's going for obvious ploys to lull you into a false sense of security.
Stay on your guard, and aware of your surroundings.
Give the cameras another sweep, and see if it's safe to recover that grenade, if it is it could come in handy.
No. 747504 ID: 398fe1

Cool, free grenade!

Since our target has obviously mistreated the police force here, you may be able to get their assistance in taking him down AND keep quiet about it.
No. 747505 ID: f6a7c2

Do you feel confident in your trap disarming abilities? We don't want cops dying to a Bureau weapon.
No. 747518 ID: 3e182c

Alright sneak to the security center, but try to be quick about it. If I was an injured undead cyborg trapped in a police station while being hunted by a team of elite rogue assassins, I'd want to know everything that's going on in the building, and the security center is the place to do it.

He's probably holed up there, and if you move you might be able to get there before he realizes the cameras are looped, deletes the saved footage, and tries to escape.

It might be helpful to hack the security feed again and display the camera showing the security center door on your hud as you move.
If anyone leaves that room in the next few minutes, there's a good chance it's 38-3.
No. 747522 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, isn't that cute.
Cut the wire and take the grenade.
Time to move on the security center. Once that's under control there's nowhere for him to hide.
Keep on guard for more traps.
No. 747525 ID: 71d443

Enlisting their help seems like a very bad idea. Especially when 38-3 may be hiding among them.

Check the traps for traps and then disarm it for a free concussion grenade.
Turn 88's thermal tricks on the chatty cops next.
No. 747701 ID: a107fd

Check the face on the corpse. If it matches any visible officers, that's probably your target.
No. 747706 ID: 700450

Im fairly certain he cuts peoples faces off. I may be mistaken as a lot of people are asking to look at it.
No. 747713 ID: 2a7417

It would be those people who are mistaken.
No. 747741 ID: 398fe1

It's all a hologram. We saw it dissipate; he didn't peel off the face.
He cut the last guy's head off, why is this one's attached?
No. 747855 ID: 65fb70

This is just sloppy. Take the grenade, check the body (beware of more traps), then sneak off to the security center.
No. 747898 ID: b1960b
File 147382552193.png - (9.26KB , 960x560 , 418.png )

Psh. What is this, amateur hour?

73-6 effortlessly disarms the tripwire trap.
And this guy's supposed to be Sosa's right hand man?

What was this gonna do, give 73-6 a free grenade?
No. 747899 ID: b1960b
File 147382554178.png - (11.77KB , 960x560 , 419.png )

The end of the Bureau grenade falls off, revealing the inside to be hollow.

A decidedly non-Bureau frag grenade slides out, and as it clears the confines of its cylindrical housing its safety lever releases.

No. 747900 ID: 0c58e1

No. 747901 ID: 7b7ab3

Chuck it into the hallway and HIT THE DIRT!
No. 747902 ID: bb4809

then duck and cover
No. 747903 ID: 18c950

Well things are about to get loud, obnoxious and deadly. Biggest problem first, toss/kick/whatever the (real) grenade away... maybe at the corpse?... and dive for cover somewhere the opposite direction.

After that, we're on a time limit now. The grenade going off may actually distract the cops for you, but 38-3 is going to know what's going on and generally where you are, and you need that information to be out of date ASAP.
No. 747904 ID: 398fe1

I don't suppose you can electromagnetically rip apart the grenade to get at the fuse?

If not, just... drop it in the room and shut the door, then take cover.
No. 747905 ID: 18a38e

They have a split second to react here.
Sev could try to grab it and hold down the lever. That might buy them some time. But there's no guarantee that would work.
Sev could grab it and throw it into the hall. Less chance of it killing them. But the entire station would hear it.
They could just run. Abandon stealth and just leg it. Their cover is about to be blown anyway. Quite literally.
No. 747906 ID: 9f3729

Quick! Throw it under the corpse! And hack the station offline, I doubt there's much point to subtlety now that a grenade's gone off in the cophouse!
No. 747908 ID: 71d443

Damn dirty knockoff grenades.

Kick it and head for the garage. 88, cover the front exit.
No. 747909 ID: 3e182c

Aww damn. Bat it away and make it to the nearest empty room you remember from the security feed. The sound here is the dangerous part. Not only will the cops be alerted to your presence, but your opponent will be alerted of your security hack. Time to do this the hard way. Make your way to hr. If he's using this guys face, you'll need a database of all the faces actually employed here to compare to.
No. 763636 ID: 33eec1

I vote for this.
No. 763638 ID: 33eec1

Also, everyone remember...the lever is OFF. There's no way to stop a fuse after that unless you have ungodly reflexes and can pierce a grenade's shell.
No. 763725 ID: a107fd

>ungodly reflexes
Like some sort of undead ninja super-cyborg?
>pierce a grenade's shell
With, say, a monofilament whip designed to shred targets from the inside? Or various other high precision armor-piercing weapons, going all the way back to the electro-icepick? Probably shouldn't activate the electricity if we use that, but it could work.

Yeah, let's do this.
No. 763766 ID: 71d443

The monofilament whip? You're suggesting we use a hammer when a scalpel is required. Nope. Noooope. N, O.

Now stop necroing a thread about a zombie.
No. 781669 ID: f6ba27
File 148766027958.png - (216.89KB , 960x560 , 1.png )

73-6 kicks the grenade back into the room and dives.
Whoever the dude in there was, he's about to turn into tomato soup.

No. 781670 ID: f6ba27
File 148766030021.png - (290.90KB , 960x560 , 2.png )

73-6 tries to will his ears to stop ringing.
"dubs? are you--"

A bullet smacks into his chest. Much too low-caliber to penetrate his trench but if the next one gets him in the head he--

He snaps his arm up to his face and it saves his life. The next shot slaps his forearm and makes him whack himself in the head. Great.

He fires blind with his flechette gun.
But the guy who fired the pistol is already gone.
That was definitely not a cop.
No. 781671 ID: f6ba27
File 148766032969.png - (11.45KB , 960x560 , 3.png )

"Fuck," 88-1 remarks.
"fuck," 73-6 agrees.
The siren starts up.
So do the footsteps in the hallway, coming this way.

Hijo de puta me cago en la leche Penelope's head is killing her.
The THWUMP that she just heard is not helping.
No. 781672 ID: f6ba27
File 148766035995.png - (17.65KB , 960x560 , 4.png )

She blinks in confusion at the police station, then watches a cop come stumbling out, gun drawn. He's moving like he's hurt, though there are no visible wounds.
He staggers into a cruiser and slams the door behind him. The engine starts up.
"Uhhhh, boys?" Penelope wires. "Who just left the party?"
"38 fucking 3." 88-1's voice is punctuated by the unmistakable sound of gunfire.
"He's, uh," Penelope is trying to process this. "He's about to fuckin leave."
"pen our hands are full." This is 73-6. "are you fit to drive?"
"that better be yes because you gotta follow that car."
"Can you drive, amigo?"
More gunfire.
"little busy."

Are you going to be in charge of

73-6 as he and 88-1 battle their way out of the precinct?
Penelope, chasing down 38-3 in the middle of the worst Oscar the Grouch session of her life?
No. 781673 ID: 9145ba


Can 73-6 and 88-1 get outta there unassisted without causing casualties? Maybe. They're smart fellas.
Can Penelope avoid crashing into a wall without guidance? Ha ha nope. Backseat driver time!
No. 781678 ID: 1226ae

38-3 is an elite deathtrooper assassin with magical holodisguises capable of surviving a building falling on him.

Cops receive 12 weeks of training and are paid a moderate sum, and are equipped with handguns and optional light kevlar vests.

I think Penelope's gonna need the help on this one. Pen all the way. 88-1 and 73-6 can beat down, choke out and hack distract cops all the live long day but if Penelope gets zapped by 38-3 she's completely fucked.
No. 781679 ID: 7b7ab3

Gotta go with Pen.
Sev and Dubs are bad enough dudes to get out of there without turning it into a bloodbath.
Penelope, on the other hand, ain't exactly in top form and can use all the help she can get.
No. 781683 ID: 3abd97

No. 781705 ID: 8d4593

73-6 can handle himself.
Penelope needs us!
No. 781763 ID: 302f29

No. 781764 ID: 521e29

Sev is a big boy. Pen needs the help.
No. 781781 ID: b15da4

Sorry boys, you're gonna need to appropriate a new set of wheels. Andale, 104-1!
No. 782003 ID: f6ba27
File 148774567777.png - (59.30KB , 960x560 , 5.png )

Penelope turns the key in the ignition.

"Keesh," she wires. "Baby..."
The cop car roars into motion.
"Lecture later, bitch!" Keisha yells in her ear. "Floor it!"
Penelope floors it.

The siren is screaming on the car up ahead as it takes a wide turn and nearly slams a sedan into the side of an overpass.

38-3 isn't driving like he knows he has a tail yet but it doesn't exactly matter. He's clearly in a fucking hurry. The cars are giving way for the cruiser; for the panel van they are not. That, combined with the jankiness of this car and her killer fucking headache, is making her lose ground on him anyway.
No. 782004 ID: 9f3729

Get our hacker friend to start hacking some streetlights or something, slow him down!
No. 782005 ID: 398fe1

Find out, via Keisha, where he's going, then take an alternate faster route (go offroad?) and cut him off. Maybe get some traffic lights hacked via our new friend so that 38-3 gets tied up behind people that are stopped at red lights.

You might also be able to get a hacked police report out saying that someone has stolen a police vehicle.
No. 782006 ID: e22b1d

Kick out the windshield, slam the car into the divider, use the momentum to go flying OUT the windshield and glide your way high up so you can drop on the car from above. NOTHING will go wrong with this plan.
No. 782017 ID: 9145ba

DA: Cause traffic MAYHEM. Initiate Carpocalypse along the cop car's route. Raise dividers, lift bridges, host impromptu traffic light raves. Sometimes, you gotta break a few eggs to make a 38-4 omelette.

Penelope: Worst comes to worst, just don't lose sight of him. We might have to send in the hovercraft now that we've lost all surprise.
No. 782024 ID: 8d4593

Have Pen project her hologram and make it appear as if she lept onto the hood of 38-3's cruiser from above and is now trying to hang on and get inside. His vision will be blocked even if he sees through the deception.
No. 782076 ID: 9adf59

No. 782083 ID: fceae5

We need surveillance on this guy.
DA needs to get some cameras or something on him before he vanishes.
Not that I don't have faith in Penny.
No. 782165 ID: 7b7ab3

Ask our friends back at the ranch if they can lend a hand.
Otherwise, just do your best to keep on him.
No. 782312 ID: f6ba27
File 148783550428.png - (24.10KB , 960x560 , 6.png )

"Pit crew. Hey." Penelope blinks the cold sweat out of her eyes and tries to focus on the road. "Dartline. I need mayhem, hombre. You gotta get this guy cut off."
"How do you propose I do that?"
"I don't know. You're the fuckin' plans guy."
"I know." DA says. "I just like to be reminded. Get ready for some evasive driving."
Penelope hiccups and tastes something bad. "Some mmmh?"

The traffic light up ahead blinks, then shorts out.
So do the rest of the lights on the street.

The cruiser rams straight into a squat agro-cab at the intersection. Penelope can hear yelling up ahead, then the squeal of tires as 38-3 steps on it and tries to ram his obstacle out of the way. But there's already a growing jam of vehicles ahead of him. The lights come back on and whoop a big glowy fuck-you at the knot of vehicles around him. They're trying to back out of his path, but there's no room.

Penelope swerves to avoid a suddenly stationary semi, its horn bellowing down the block.
She's close enough now to see the silhouette in the cruiser, leaning on the gas.
Hey there, lil' cabron.
No. 782313 ID: 398fe1

Time to get on foot and take him out. Open up on his car from cover to flush him out, then you can chase him down on foot and slice him in two-- you're definitely still faster than he is.

Hrm, I don't know how bulletproof police cars are, though. Would shooting work at all? Maybe you should jump straight onto the roof above him and jam your sword in there to spike his head.
No. 782314 ID: 1226ae

Hit him with the car, project a hologram of you leaping out the side window while you leap out the windshield and cut his head off. We only need a partially intact brain to revive him.
No. 782319 ID: d36af7

Abandon the van, preferably across at least two lanes of traffic. Get out and walk, and when I say "walk," I mean kick in that 40 mph running speed while jumping on top of cars. Bring your sword. Anybody shoots you, deflect the bullets and stab their chest vitals.
No. 782327 ID: 8d4593

Make the jam worse with the van, go invisible, and shinobe dash to him. I doubt the roof of the car is bulletproof. Or swordproof, for that matter.
No. 782339 ID: dd5b4d

Block him in, prepare to ninj him. Beware of the inevitable booby traps.
No. 782355 ID: 7b7ab3

I'm not sure if Penny is in a condition to engage, but what choice do we have?
Just be careful, Pen.
No. 782361 ID: 0555b9

Camo only works when standing still, unfortunately.
Take a leap from behind that big van onto the top of his car and SORD the roof. Avoid the rearview mirrors! If he shoots back, you and your hologram split up and run.
No. 782373 ID: 4994e9

Penelope also doesn't have invisibility iirc. Isn't that only Sev?
No. 782376 ID: 8d4593

Wiki says they both have it, but only states that Sev's turns off when he moves.
No. 782378 ID: b15da4

Dubs, progress report? Once you're out and on wheels you can take the shot even if Penelope's incapacitated, as long as she's got eyes on.
No. 782517 ID: f6ba27
File 148791712941.png - (14.59KB , 960x560 , 7.png )

Penelope puts her foot through the windshield.
Two Penelopes leap out onto the hood of the panel van, clicking two swords free from their scabbards.
One Penelope kind of feels like she's gonna puke again.
No. 782518 ID: 9f3729

Choke it down, cabron, we got a job to do!
No. 782519 ID: f6ba27
File 148791725597.png - (23.11KB , 960x560 , 8.png )

As soon as she leaps, she feels the great big pendulum of fuck you in her head swing sideways. she slips a little on the landing and has to regain her footing.

38-3 is out of the car now, vaulting over the one in front of him. Penelope separates herself as she chases him.

"Can you shoot this motherfucker, Dubs?" Penelope wires.
"Give me--" Blam Blam Blam Blam. "Give me a second."

He yanks the guy he crashed into out of his driver's seat and pins him in front of him as a screaming human shield, firing over his shoulder at one of the Penelopes.
She tries to juke but the bullet fizzles right through her. His eyes swivel the real Pen's way under his dark visor.
Bang Bang Bang. "Kind of fucking-- kind of busy!"
No. 782521 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 782522 ID: 9f3729

Quick, do your matrix shit and dodge that bullet!
No. 782523 ID: 9145ba

Deflect the bullet!

38-3 has made a serious error in judgment if he thinks a human shield is going to make us hesitate. On the other hand, he might assume that's the cause of our subpar performance instead of withdrawal.
No. 782525 ID: 398fe1

You can deflect a handgun witch your sword even in your current state. It'd be tough if he had an uzi or something.
No. 782526 ID: 1dd8d0

Deflect bullets drunkenly! You have Genji skillz now!

Also I wonder if Penelope ever watched one of those wuxia movies with drunken master style? Would come in real handy right now.
No. 782529 ID: bde5e6

Either do some fancy shit or get behind cover. Both options are good.
It would be far more impressive and satisfying if we could get him without harming the human shield, though.
No. 782530 ID: 1226ae

Okay, use your JONESING abilities to deflect the bullets into the OTHER bullets! Also he seems REALLY accurate if he can hit a dodging hologram so uh, if you can't deflect, take cover. Your girlfriend ain't gonna like it if you turn Moldy.
No. 782532 ID: f6ba27
File 148791921640.png - (12.68KB , 960x560 , 9.png )

Penelope's sword flashes.

She deflects a bullet.
She snaps the blade down and deflects another.

38-3 plugs his human shield in the gut and flings him at her. He's already sprinting to find cover behind another car in the jam as the man staggers into her arms.

What a fucking dick!!!
No. 782534 ID: 398fe1

No don't even bother with the civvie, just keep chasing the target. Someone else can call 911 or whatever.
No. 782536 ID: 1dd8d0

'shot civilian' might be 38-3 if we're not careful. Hit with handle, back of neck, sidestep away, and chase after the runner.
No. 782537 ID: bde5e6

She should get herself and the guy into cover first, then call in the situation. She's in a one-sided shootout with 38, she's got a wounded non-combatant on her hands, her backup is preoccupied, and her head feels like it wants to fall off. She could use some help.
No. 782538 ID: 9145ba

Deflect civilian! Uh, I mean, dodge civilian!

It's not one sided, it's a stalemate. He's got a gun, she's got a deflector. She keeps him in sight, 88 can make the killshot. Eventually.
No. 782541 ID: 8d4593

Your Shinobe will deflect bullets and your Striding and Sprinting will allow you to tail him easily. Keep the acrobatics and matrix shit to a minimum. Play this easy on yourself. Even in your current state, he is a prisoner within your element. He cannot escape on foot. Calmly close distance, and execute.
No. 782543 ID: 7b7ab3

Gut shot. Not necessarily fatal, but potentially. Wiring for paramedics might be advisable.
38 knows that 73-6 and his group are an empathetic bunch. He's banking on her being distracted by a wounded non-combatant. He underestimates her ability to multitask.
If the civilian dies, then that's just one more reason for 38-3 to die.
No. 782544 ID: f6ba27
File 148792186657.png - (13.31KB , 960x560 , 10.png )

"Sara chica I need you to wire for some--hoo boy--" Penelope holds her breakfast in. "Paramedics chica because I got a civilian just got shot."
"On it."
"What happened?" Monica chimes in.
"Dude es un fucking pinche pendejo is what happened."
Penelope is after him again, springing over cars.
Another bullet fired over his shoulder and another snap-deflect.
He's slowing down.
Then he stops.

He turns around, and Penelope can see his day glow eyes behind the cop's dead face. The hologram is fizzling at the edges.

"The pool digger with the sword," he says.
"Sticks and stones, puto blanco," Penelope feels her sweat rolling off her chin. "You that eager to die?"
"Two Bureau men I was worried about." The electrified bureau spike Penelope remembers 73-6 using drops out of his sleeve into his hand. "One junkie bitch doesn't scare me."
Gun in his right hand, spike in his left.
Penelope's grip tightens on her sword. Sorry, 73-6. This one's hers.
No. 782548 ID: 398fe1

Careful. He can send that electrical surge down your sword into your arm. He'll probably try to do that straight away, maybe even use the gun as a distraction. Or he'll force you to block a bullet then use the opening to spike you. Or he'll force you to block the spike then shoot you. There's a few ways he can take you out, so don't underestimate him. If you recognize the gun, how many shots could it have? An ammo count could be useful. Sev may have been shot at by him so check with him to confirm that (two shots then), plus the five shots you saw him shoot. That makes seven.

It may be wise to play it safe and keep your distance until dubs can snipe him. Or you can use the hologram-blind trick again then slice his feet out from under him. Then puke on his face and cut his head off.
No. 782549 ID: 7b7ab3

Proceed with caution.
Keep defenses raised.
The bastard's up to something.
Use hologram to keep him distracted.
No. 782551 ID: 277439

Haven't you got a gun too?
No. 782554 ID: 7b7ab3

Another frightening possibility is that Penny has walked into a trap or something and is dangerously close to getting axed.
So maybe let's avoid that.
No. 782559 ID: 9145ba

Nope. You're on D. (Defense, not drugs.) Don't worry about a loss of honor, spikes don't count as swords. Taunt him with the hologram as a distraction. See which one of you can do a more convincing Drunken Fist impression.

...Speaking of cover, I suppose we are a bit exposed out here. Has he contacted support of his own, Monica?
No. 782560 ID: b412df

Be wary of using your hologram, his disguises use holograms so his degree of familiarity might allow him to see through yours.
No. 782561 ID: fe7355

>Gun in his right hand, spike in his left.
>Gun in his RIGHT hand
Wait a second! He was holding the gun in his left hand when he fired at you, yes? But now he's holding the gun in his right. While it's possible 38-3 is ambidextrous, he could also be pulling a holographic fakeout on you. Cloaking the hand holding the spike with a hologram holding the gun and shrouding the one with the gun with that of a spike. And the spike may even be nothing but a hologram, but don't count on it.
No. 782562 ID: 8d4593

He knows he's out of options. His only course of action is to fight. Still... He surely has one last trick up his sleeve... maybe two.

Note how he's defending his gun arm.
You can't deflect bullets if his gun is inside the threat range of your sword. He'll either do something to trip you up, or present a non lethal opening, only to open up on you at point blank when you take it.

Stay calm. Don't go for the kill yet. You need to disarm him of that gun. Chop off his fucking arm if you have to.
No. 782567 ID: d36af7

Funny story, Harrison Ford was also having digestive problems when he was playing Indiana Jones in that iconic scene where he just shoots the random sword guy. That's why he suggested it. Original script had some tricky duel choreography, disarming with the whip. Nausea is a strong motivation to quit screwing around with unnecessary flourishes.

Keep your distance, maybe blind the target with your holodecoy, and start putting bullets in him. Brain needs to stay intact, collateral damage is a concern out here in public, and your marksmanship isn't going to be so great, so don't try anything fancy. Aim for center mass, erring on the low side. Gut, crotch, thighs.
No. 782568 ID: 1ad8a4

Give him the Double Saudi Thief special.
By that I mean lop off both his hands.
No. 782581 ID: fc1ca8

I wonder if we still have any doses from that injector headband we got from those thugs in Ch3?
No. 782606 ID: 57e9e6

>>782561 o shit
No. 782645 ID: 1226ae

It's a trap! Slash behind you while feinting a gunshot at his illusion!
No. 782793 ID: f6ba27
File 148800267676.png - (8.60KB , 960x560 , 11.png )

They circle.

Penelope's eyes dart down to his hands and back up.
If that spike and her blade meet without enough force for her to break it, he's going to be able to shock it right out of her hands. And if he can open her into a parry with it she'll have no way of deflecting the bullets from the gun in his right...

...wait. He was firing lefty just a second ago.
Penelope's brow twitches.
If she hadn't been looking for it, and if he wasn't beat to hell from the Jericho explosion, she wouldn't have caught it. But she was, and he was, and she does.

The edge of the gun fizzes and shimmers a second before snapping back into cohesion. She catches sight of a sliver of spike underneath it.
She snaps her attention back to his face. A welcome slug of adrenaline pushes the nausea out the back of her head.

He's going to try to pull something and he doesn't know that she knows.
No. 782807 ID: dd5b4d

Well they say fools rush in.

So fool him.
No. 782815 ID: 7b7ab3

It could be that he's out of ammo and is trying something desperate.
It could be that he's still loaded and plans to shoot her with the camouflaged gun.
Whatever the case may be, Penelope has the upper hand.
She could try to fake him out with her hologram.
She could let him make the first move, then catch him unaware.
She could take immediate advantage of this situation and take him by surprise.
Decisions, decisions.
No. 782820 ID: 1ce34b

>He's going to try to pull something and he doesn't know that she knows.
Use that to your advantage! Press the attack and slaughter this animal!
No. 782828 ID: 8d4593

The weight distribution needed to use a melee weapon and a fire arm are different.
Feint an attack and give him an opening to use his "spike", but then strike where his hand will need to be to fire at you.
No. 782838 ID: f6ba27
File 148801343940.png - (27.89KB , 960x560 , 12.png )

Penelope lunges, tip of her blade pointed toward the fake gun and the hidden spike.

38-3 is about to parry then presumably shoot her in the head as soon as the sword fries itself out of her palm; but it doesn't.

The katana slides along Penelope's shoulder as she jukes her body to the other side, flipping the pommel in her grip and stepping into the opening his fake spike was supposed to keep her out of.

There's a slick tearing sound.
38-3 staggers backward. His left hand and the gun in it don't go with him.

He has one spike now and one stump.
No. 782842 ID: 9f3729

Dodge pokey zappy stick, Kick away gun, ready for his turn
No. 782844 ID: 8d4593

No need to kick it away. It won't help him now. Finish him.
No. 782845 ID: 1226ae

Through the throat, down through the collarbone and out his right side. Safest way to terminate him without destroying the head. Be extremely careful, he might be rigged to explode.
No. 782848 ID: 9145ba

Smash spike. Go for the killing blow. (try leaving the other hand intact for when we resurrect him, guys.)
No. 782864 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 782866 ID: d36af7

Pick up the gun and shoot him with it.
No. 782877 ID: 3abd97

Finish him.

...then throw up on his bleeding and dying body, ruining his chance at a dramatic last moment.
No. 782911 ID: f6ba27
File 148805145093.png - (13.44KB , 960x560 , 13.png )

Guy's only got one hand left. This shouldn't be difficult. Penelope goes in for the kill.

38-3 catches the blade with his spike just above the hilt and pumps it full of electricity.

Penelope squawks and loses her grip on it.
No. 782912 ID: 9145ba

Why don't you just shoot him?
No. 782913 ID: cdccbe

Jump back! Now!
No. 782915 ID: b412df

Disengage from melee then shoot the bastard. You have a pistol, right?
No. 782918 ID: f6ba27
File 148805288706.png - (18.95KB , 960x560 , 14.png )

Penelope stumbles back as 38-3 wrenches the katana from her hands. He sprints forward, letting it clatter behind him.

She pulls her pistol and quickfires a bullet right into his stomach. For all the attention he pays it she could have been packing a water gun.

He dives at her, spike out.
No. 782921 ID: 595d54

>shooting the stomach
c'mon aren't you a trained assassin or something

Stay out of melee range, keep firing. Kinda tempted to try and hit a leg, but probably better to aim for a more predictable target.
No. 782923 ID: 2120ee

Kick him with your fucking ninja legs. If they can make you go 40mph, they can make him go 40mph too.
No. 782926 ID: 3abd97


Do an 8-foot vertical jump, kicking off his face in the process. Just don't let him close enough to spike you.

If blood loss affects moldies, time is on your side. You can afford to draw this out, he can't.
No. 782931 ID: 9145ba

Jump outta the way, utilize hologram duplicity again. More bullets, more effective, r-right?
No. 782932 ID: e22b1d

Let him tackle you onto his gun, then use your striding and springing to leap up out of his grip and swiss-cheese him akimbo.
No. 782933 ID: fe7355

Guys, Pen is specced for sword, not gun. She's not going to be pulling any gun-fu here. Check the wiki for her shell upgrade list.
No. 782937 ID: 7b7ab3

>+STRIDING AND SPRINGING+ Top speed of 40 miles per hour on foot and an 8 foot standing vertical jump.
Leap over him and get the sword back!
No. 782939 ID: fe7355

Whatever you do, throw up a holo-dupe to obscure 38-3's vision so he can't see what you're doing.
No. 782940 ID: f6ba27
File 148805637174.png - (11.67KB , 960x560 , 15.png )

Penelope grabs for 38-3's arm as he tackles her to the ground.

Her arm shakes as she holds the spike above her chest. He plants his stump on the handle and pushes.
His eyes are on fire.

Her fingers scrabble along the asphalt and close around his gun.
No. 782941 ID: f6ba27
File 148805640401.png - (15.60KB , 960x700 , 16.png )

She plants both feet on the ground beneath him and fires two shell enhanced knees directly into his crotch, slamming him off of her.

She fires them again and goes from laying on the ground to a cartwheeling leap into the air.

She points both their guns at him and pulls the triggers until they're both dry.
No. 782942 ID: f6ba27
File 148805641710.png - (13.19KB , 960x560 , 17.png )

38-3 wobbles on his feet as the last of his hologram shorts out and fades.

Penelope pukes her guts out.
No. 782943 ID: 2120ee

Okay now get out of there before the bomb in his chest goes off.
No. 782944 ID: 9145ba

One would hope reconstituted assets were not designed to be so... disposable, especially one that has served Sosa so well.

Still, stagger off somewhere to recover. Take comfort in the familiar view of a faceful of back alley pavement.
No. 782946 ID: 3abd97

If there was a bomb, Sosa would have detonated it the minute he thought 38-3 might have been compromised. And the "-3" means Sosa's brought him back after dying at least twice as an agent.

Back up. Maybe use your own hologram trick to buy you some space. If possible, try to stay on the side where he's been disarmed, force him to keep turning.

Wire: "A-any time would be good now, Dubs."
No. 782947 ID: 277439

Throw empty gun at him in irritation. Why won't he die?
No. 782950 ID: 7b7ab3

Keep eyes on him and see how that backup is coming.
No. 782955 ID: f6ba27
File 148805869772.png - (20.39KB , 960x560 , 18.png )

Penelope spits the last of her sick out.
She throws her gun at 38-3's head in frustration.

"Fuckin cara de cucuy gringo spook fuckin chingate y DIE puñetón!"
No. 782956 ID: f6ba27
File 148805874328.png - (8.49KB , 960x560 , 19.png )

He takes a slow step backward, raises his stump uncertainly almost like he's waving, then dies.
No. 782957 ID: 9145ba

Find his hand, he's gonna need that back when you revive him.
Drag yourself and/or him back to the van.
No. 782961 ID: b412df

You did good Pen, radio that 38-3 is dead, again.
No. 782962 ID: 3abd97

Do not take your eyes off him. Might be a last ditch attempt to get you in killing range or try something.

Wire it in.

"One target down. Gonna need a body recovery team. And a collapsing sick-ass junkie recovery team."

I mean, police response time is probably gonna be pretty bad with Sev and Dubs shooting up the station, but someone's gonna show eventually.

"Dart, please tell me you killed any cameras nearby. We don't want Sosa knowing for sure if we got him."
No. 782964 ID: 1226ae

Okay, cut off 38's other hand, put a bag over his head, get your sword and remove his head, then toss the pieces in the truck, making sure to keep the head and hands separate, and cart him back to base. REMEMBER, he probably has a tracking system on him so you'll need to FAST FAST FAST your way out of there before the recovery Deathsquad shows up.
No. 782966 ID: 7b7ab3

Get on the wire.
"Hey, guys. I think I got him. Can we go home now? Me duele la tripa."
No. 782968 ID: 69361d

You know its funny, in other quests we gain party members by making friends or saving their lives or betting them in a competition, but not this quest, in this quest me murder.

Party Member Acquired!
And no Penelope you may not pass out on the asphalt, yet.
No. 782991 ID: 96c896

Is it even a good idea to take the body? It could have a tracking device on it.
No. 782997 ID: 9145ba

If he does, keeping Dubs nearby will prevent any signals from getting out. Communications jammer.
No. 783003 ID: d36af7

The tank might be able to build him a new hand but it's still a good idea not to leave chunks laying around. If Sosa recovers the severed hand, that's a great big clue about what happened here.
No. 783005 ID: 277439

I don't believe it. Stab him with his spike, toss everything into the van and haul ass outta there.
No. 783010 ID: fe7355

DO NOT ASSUME 38-3 IS DEAD! This fucker is wilier than a sack full 'o coyotes and underestimating him nearly got you killed. Him playin' dead as a last ditch chance to possibly stab that spike into your eye socket before he actually expires is right up his alley. Leave 'em bleedin' out a bit longer while you get your shit halfway together.

Give 38-3 a wide berth while you recover your sword as you wire in that you're 99.9% sure 38-3 is dead again, you're out of ammo, and you're in desperate need of a jumbo bottle of mouthwash and all the Tylenol forever.

Ask what's the situation on Sev and Dubs' end, as well as what DA is pickin' up. What's the evac situation? You gonna need to bring the van 'round to nab Sev and Dubs or are they makin' their way to you? And what's the response ETA here, from news, emergency services, police, and anybody else that may be dropping in on this party. ...And did DA jam 38-3's wire? 'Cause if not then Sosa already knows what has gone down here.

You'd really like to leave that shitbox of a van behind and jack another vehicle for your getaway, but you can't 'cause if you leave the van it might get traced back. You'll have to take it for now 'till it can be discreetly disposed of and another clean transport acquired. Bring the van up to 38-3 if possible. Otherwise you're going to have to carry the stiff. Then insert your sword into his spine from the back, at the base of the neck, so if he's not quite dead he'll be for sure be paralyzed before being fully dead.

The fact that there's a lot of blood that matches 38-3's type and, more tellingly, his DNA, will tell just as much if not more about the fate of 38-3. And even if the rain suddenly comes down and washes it all away, there's still the civvie eyewitnesses. One way or another, probably sooner than we'd like, Sosa's gonna figure out his pet assassin is dead and the corpse is in 73-6 and company's possession, and thus all the secrets 38-3 had in his head. Clock's tickin' on how long that intel is valid, so assume it's shorter than longer. Still, don't leave bits of 38-3 behind. Don't want to make it easier for Sosa, after all.
No. 783032 ID: f6ba27
File 148807876155.png - (22.91KB , 960x560 , 20.png )

Penelope checks his pulse. She's wary of damaging the body any more than she already has.
He is assuredly dead.

38-3 was a boogeyman to all of them for so long. It's a very weird feeling, dragging his corpse along the ground.
Penelope stuffs the body in the back seat of the abandoned agro-cab. She steps gingerly over its former driver, moaning in agony on the ground. The sirens are distantly singing.
"I'm outta bullets, team," Penelope wires, tossing his hand in after him. "And 38-3 is outta blood."
"is he dead?" 73-6 wires.
Penelope sits heavily in the driver's seat, clutching the wheel to ground her spinning head. "He's fuckin' dead."
"Oh my God," Sara says.

Penelope is leaning on the undented side of her ride when she sees the dust cloud the cop car is kicking up.
She carefully clears her katana of the mouth of its scabbard, then clicks it back into place when 73-6 and 88-1 get out.
"Got you boys a present in the back seat," she says.
88-1 leans in through the window. "Jeez," he says. "You sure you shoot him enough?"
"He was a tough motherfucker," Penelope says.
"not as tough as us, looks like."
"Excusame. Not as tough as me."
"Bring him back and we can reconstitute him," wires Monica.
No. 783033 ID: f6ba27
File 148807877052.png - (12.75KB , 960x560 , 21.png )

"No use." Dartline cuts in. "In the amount of time it takes to put him back on his feet, we lose the momentum. Your friend was not subtle, 73-6."
"Chupame, Dartline."
"Your best chance is to rip his brain out, extract what you can from it, and come up with a plan of action on your way to kill him."
"Haste makes waste," Monica says. "So he'll figure out what we've done. So what? If we wait, and give it a day or even a week, we'll have time for Penelope to recover, get 38-4 in the field... we can even fix the robot 73-6 dragged home."
"You propose spending a week in my hideout."
"Will they find us?"
"They won't find us. But I still don't have any beds for you.
"So we'll sleep on the floors. Then we monitor their movements and put together a plan with a lot more resources."
"We'll never have resources to match theirs. We need momentum."
"You're overestimating what momentum can do for us! And you underestimate my agents."
"clear comms," 73-6 wires.
"He started it," Monica says.
No. 783036 ID: 9f3729

"Let's revive the fucker, he's tough and loaded with handy shellmods. Set him up as unflinchingly loyal with our combined super-hacker powers and we have us a very potent asset."
No. 783038 ID: 3abd97

Even if we go on the raid immediately, 38-4 makes a decent plan B if everything goes to hell.

Momentum is overrated. The whole point of this move, and the last few we've made, was psychological. We want to give Sosa a chance to squirm. To worry about his bogeyman being forced to jump sides. For his fake bureau admin going missing to start to cause problems in his power structures.
No. 783039 ID: 65ec8d

The benefit of "momentum" is that you don't give your opposition time to adapt, plan and prepare for your activities. Acquiring new resources and new capabilities accomplishes the same thing; admittedly not to the same effect, but it does also make you more adaptable and effective in general.
No. 783042 ID: 9145ba

It takes a day to bake someone, Monica said. We take a day, no more, no less. Her family won't be out of danger forever.
Still, I really want to see 38-4 used to bring down Sosa, or at least get riddled with bullets by his defenses. Heh heh.
No. 783046 ID: 7b7ab3

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
DA's momentum could end up splattering us against the Bureau's walls.
However, we don't have the luxury of time. We don't have a week to prepare.
We bake 38-4 as quickly as possible, patch ourselves up, make a plan, get our gear together, and make our next move.
Don't over-complicate things.
No. 783060 ID: 96c896

I agree with Dartline. A surprise attack will work better. We probably can't get a new moldie any shell upgrades or anyway.

Yes, that's right, we'll have to upgrade him from scratch. Reviving 38-3 will not keep his shell upgrades in place!
No. 783083 ID: f6ba27
File 148809300811.png - (8.97KB , 960x560 , 22.png )

"we can spare a day for putting him in the oven," 73-6 wires. "that's what we'll do."
"Fine," Dartline Alchemist says.
"Hell yes," Monica says.
88 squints at Penelope. "Are you gonna survive the hovercraft ride home?"
"I survived the rest of this fucked up day," Penelope says. "Can I borrow your hat?"

Sara leaps into 73-6's arms. "You got him!"
"we got him!"
"You're so--" She can't find the words to say what he is. "We're actually seriously doing it! We freaking got him!"
"i know!"
"Next stop Cameroon!"
"well next stop sosa."
"Next stop Sosa then Cameroon!"
She showers him in kisses.
No. 783084 ID: f6ba27
File 148809303713.png - (7.71KB , 960x560 , 23.png )

"Penelope you bitch!"
Keisha storms down the hall and slaps Penelope in the face.
Then she throws her arms around her. Penelope crumples into her arms.
"Mi cielita. Mi Alma. I'm sorry."
"I was so fuckin scared babygirl. Never fuckin scare me like that again."
"I gotta. Babe I gotta go back out there. They need me. You sae today like, they need me."
Keisha nods into Penelope's leatherclad shoulder. "I know. I fuckin hate it but I know."
"Don't be scared for me, Keesh. Hey. What am I?"
Keisha sniffs. "Una chingona."
"That's right." Penelope holds her tight. "I'm a chévere chingona badass. I'm gonna get clean and I'm gonna get us out." Penelope holds her tightly. "This is how I'm gonna get us out."
No. 783085 ID: f6ba27
File 148809305694.png - (15.32KB , 960x560 , 24.png )

Monica and 88-1 watch the tableaux transpire.
"Uh," Monica says. "Good job, dubs."

"Thanks." 88-1 says. He holds up a hand "High five."
They high five.

"So uh" Monica clears her throat to get 73-6's attention. "We got the pod all ready to load the package into. Oughta get it done as soon as we can."
"It should take around 24 hours for him to cook," Monica says. "Maybe our last 24 hours of quiet for a while."
"may be."
"What are you gonna do with it?"
No. 783087 ID: 2120ee

"Play Blastlands for sexy keeps with my cyborg girlfriend."
No. 783092 ID: d36af7

Check in with 73-6-2. This next run is for all the marbles, so if Deneb has any more infowar shenanigans available to compromise the Bureau's internal comms, let's get all that set up and coordinated with Dartline in advance.
No. 783098 ID: dd5b4d

Do you have any leftover shell upgrades to cram down 38-4's throat?
No. 783116 ID: b412df

Does the moldy pod have any sort of debug mode so we have look at what shells 38-3 was packing while he cooks?

We should start planning, collect info, check with our sources, get that robot running; basically the more stops we can pull out, the better.
No. 783125 ID: 680522

What sources do we have? 14-1, deneb, who else?
No. 783126 ID: 5b93d3

Out of an abundance of paranoia: does the mouldy-pod need to be connected to any outside infrastructure, or can it be wrapped up in a Faraday cage? While taking down 38-3 couldn't be described as 'too easy', it wouldn't be unlike Sosa to leave a nasty surprise for anyone attempting to turn his favourite toy.
No. 783136 ID: 7b7ab3

Get everybody and our stuff together before the big jam.
No. 783144 ID: 46d4bf

This and
No. 783155 ID: 9145ba

We're gonna fix up the robot for 73-6-2.
No. 783258 ID: f6ba27
File 148816729468.png - (16.27KB , 960x560 , 25.png )

73-6 resolves to:
(in order)
Check in with 73-6-2 and finish fixing the robot for him to control
Observe the construction of 38-4 and see what kind of tweaks and construction options they can make
Try and get in contact with 14-1 for his assistance in the final push
Come up with some kind of sexy blastlands thing with Sara, because he's already feeling like a teenager about getting to touch her again

"there we go."
73-6 pulls the trench over the robot's sleeve.
73-6-2 picks a tune out on his guitar. "very slick."
"hows the video feed?"
"bit of a recurring blur. if you just give me degaussing controls i can take care of it just fine. not worth opening him back up again."
"how do you know it's a him? just cause you're gonna be inside of it?"
"maybe it should be a her so we can both be inside robots."

"Wow! New agent!" Sara's in the doorway. "He looks great."
"hey sara," the 73-6s say.
"Hey Sevs. You play guitar, Three-two?"
"something i picked up." 73-6-2 strums. "have to fill in the time somehow when you're not getting chased by a murdercorp. and when your meat body steals the dame."
Sara blushes. "Oh--sorry."
"i'm kidding. sex drives are for organics."
Sara investigates 73-6's handiwork. "You'd hardly know he got his face blown off."

"just needs one more touch." 73-6 holds up a sharpie. "he needs a face. wanna do the honors?"
No. 783259 ID: f6ba27
File 148816731078.png - (6.31KB , 960x560 , 26.png )

Show me your war face, tgchan.
No. 783261 ID: ca6f74
File 148816766122.png - (8.23KB , 960x559 , required.png )

Thus is the pact fulfilled.
No. 783263 ID: 398fe1
File 148816828667.png - (7.08KB , 960x560 , grr.png )

No. 783264 ID: 1f8505
File 148816873602.png - (11.68KB , 960x560 , warface.png )

No. 783265 ID: 398fe1
File 148816874140.png - (6.99KB , 960x560 , aaaaa.png )

my faaaaaace
No. 783267 ID: 9145ba

Ease off on the sharpie, Sev!
No. 783268 ID: 8d4593
File 148816941972.png - (11.99KB , 960x560 , Cy.png )

No. 783269 ID: a363ac
File 148816944690.jpg - (47.33KB , 960x560 , NP8U9EN.jpg )

No. 783270 ID: a363ac

also super secret ultra mega chicken version that should totally win http://imgur.com/nAoyLvS
No. 783273 ID: 3abd97
File 148816983318.png - (35.42KB , 960x560 , Dem perly lights.png )

No. 783275 ID: 4063a3
File 148816992096.png - (77.78KB , 960x560 , man.png )

No. 783277 ID: 521e29
File 148817019725.png - (10.65KB , 960x560 , RobotFace.png )

he's a big meanie
No. 783278 ID: 398fe1
File 148817047996.png - (6.28KB , 960x560 , sev2.png )

We could just do this? So boring though!
No. 783279 ID: 9145ba
File 148817054611.png - (55.65KB , 960x560 , double agent.png )

>maybe it should be a her so we can both be inside robots.

Lips sold separately.
No. 783286 ID: 14f8aa
File 148817100746.png - (15.45KB , 938x558 , face4.png )

Couldn't stop at just one.
No. 783289 ID: 14f8aa

To be clear about that, I submit all 5.
No. 783294 ID: 3abd97
File 148817216256.png - (42.20KB , 960x560 , so anime.png )

No. 783303 ID: 9145ba
File 148817248594.png - (27.59KB , 960x560 , dont let your dreams be dreamworks.png )

You're right. It needs something new, something that's never been done before.

If this is a democracy, I actually support either the vanilla face or the :3 face
No. 783353 ID: dd5b4d
File 148818151665.png - (16.98KB , 840x490 , the_sevinator.png )

2 cool

Hasta a la vista.
No. 783371 ID: 22471c
File 148820162866.jpg - (132.63KB , 892x1001 , Beautiful butterfly 6.jpg )

We fear no pain, no death, no gods
No. 783388 ID: 9f3729
File 148820894773.png - (3.30KB , 200x117 , 148816731078s.png )

73-6-2 more like 73-SEXY-2
No. 783455 ID: e136ae
File 148823748074.jpg - (7.92KB , 200x118 , Face.jpg )

No. 783456 ID: b073ca
File 148823807234.png - (19.00KB , 960x560 , ityxfyub.png )

No. 783516 ID: f6ba27
File 148825474878.png - (10.57KB , 960x560 , 27.png )

Sara caps the sharpie. "Done!"
No. 783517 ID: f6ba27
File 148825475715.png - (7.64KB , 960x560 , 28.png )

"It wouldn't be fair if IRL Sev was the only one with a pretty face mode."
"beautiful, sara."
"really gorgeous."
No. 783518 ID: f6ba27
File 148825478547.png - (13.28KB , 960x560 , 29.png )

"The great nightmare of the Central Bureau."
Monica puts her hand on the warm surface of the reconstitutor. "And now he's floating around in a jar."
"like a spooky evil pickle," 73-6 is at the controls, poring over 38-3's specs and extracting the memories they'll need for the final push.
"Going to be a weird dynamic," Monica says.
"sosa did something to him. i'm not an expert on personality reconstruction or anything but even i can see it. 38-3 was like an emotional flatline. a complete shutdown. with this one big insane peak to him."
"What was that?" Monica asks.
"he hated himself and loved sosa," 73-6 says. "it was specifically programmed in."
"That's... jeez." Monica takes a step back from the pod. "We were up to some grim shit in the Bureau, huh."
"killing him might have been the best thing for him." 73-6 fiddles with the controls. "i'm just gonna slide the sosa lust setting down."

38 is a bit of a wreck. Having an outpost explode around you and getting swiss cheesed can do that.
He was shelled out the ass, though, and with his level of expertise 73-6 thinks he can cobble what's left into one of three suites:

Stalker: Holographic disguise and voice modulation. Same stuff that made 38-3 so freaky in life.
Beast: Pain nullifiers, fast heal, antiballistic skin. 38-4 will have the same level of nigh-unkillability as 38-3 did.
Ripper: Silent step and a HUD that pinpoints weak spots and pressure points mean that 38-4 will be able to instantly kill nearly anyone he gets close enough to with his spike, no matter what kind of armor they're wearing. The exception is people like Penelope, who are as shelled up and expert in melee as he is.
No. 783519 ID: 7b7ab3

You know what the team doesn't have?
A tank. A heavy. A tough guy.
Sev is a great spook, Pen is a melee machine, and Dubs rocks support.
We need a guy who can soak up punishment and deliver it back.
I vote Beast.
No. 783522 ID: 9145ba

Closed casket reconstitution, eh? Must be pretty bad. Anyway, you should preserve Beast mode 38: This nightmare is coming back to haunt Sosa, and it's not going away. The holo-guise is a regrettable loss, but they know 38's coming. They will likely be prepared for it. If we nicked any other shell upgrades when we cleaned out Jericho, this is the time to use them. The point of no return!

About the next point on the list... 14-1's already done a lot for Sev. Should we really ask him to come provoke a Bureau he's already safe from? It might just irritate him.
No. 783525 ID: 9a72f1

Beast; a terminator would really round us out.
No. 783527 ID: 65ec8d

I agree with the reasoning that we need someone who can take damage, so yeah, Beast.

Uh, see if you can find a way to make him ok with that, though. Not like, crazy into it, just fine with a bit of pain. You don't want to make someone into a bullet sponge and also have it super suck for them.
No. 783528 ID: 398fe1

Beast. Sosa has prepared for any holographic disguises by now and will be expecting us, so this will be a shootout. We can't count on stealth or trickery.

Uh, can we fix his face? Make him look not so horrific? Eyes in the right places, that sort of thing?
No. 783533 ID: f6ba27
File 148826001739.png - (10.46KB , 960x560 , 30.png )

73-6 goes for Beast.
He plugs in the final commands, then gives 38-4 a devil-may-care attitude about pain. If you're gonna make a meatshield, you may as well make him amenable to his role.

He finalizes, and his supersoldier starts to bake.

73-6 considers the next point on his agenda.
Should he call 14-1, or let retired moldies lie?
And if he does, what does he ask for?
No. 783535 ID: 9c2915

Dial up 14-1. Tell him that shit's about to hit the fan, and you'll see him on the other side.

He'll probably be happy to know you're alright.
No. 783536 ID: dd5b4d

Call him for advice on storming a heavily fortified corporate HQ. Who knows, he might even be willing to provide a little oversight.
No. 783537 ID: 9f3729

Aye. We can proc this solo, but he's our dad friend buddyguy! We gotta say hi.
No. 783539 ID: 398fe1

I feel like calling him just to say hi would be a breach of the general agreement not to call him unless it's an emergency. Also, the last conversation we had with him really sounded like he expected us to say hi AFTER escaping the Bureau.

So I say, don't call him. At best he'll be angry. At worst he'll outright warn Sosa to keep on good (enough) terms with the Bureau.
No. 783540 ID: fe7355

While I really doubt 14-1 would rat Sev out for calling when it wasn't a emergency, it still isn't a emergency and 14-1 will not be happy if Sev uses what should be a secure emergency contact for less than that. Save the social call until Sosa is good 'n dead and y'all will have legit reason to celebrate.
No. 783541 ID: 8d4593

I don't think we should call him. Not yet. If we do then for advice. This isn't his fight, but the mans got experience.
No. 783552 ID: dd5b4d

Well, if we don't call him now there's no chance to get him involved. The man lives on another continent.
No. 783553 ID: 1226ae

Leave 14-1 out of this. For all we know he's actually our boss's secret split personality.

Have we ever even SEEN our boss's real face? WAS IT ALWAYS JUST 34-3?
No. 783554 ID: 4f1e84

Let retired moldies lie, man. 14-1 already had enough action for his lifetimes.

But do call him after we take down Sosa.
No. 783556 ID: 7db3b6

I agree with leaving 14-1 out of this until we're popping the champaign.
No. 783567 ID: 04c3d3

Give him a call, but don't recruit him for the push. This is our gig.
Ask him for advice about post-murderzombie life.
No. 783572 ID: 0555b9

You can call 14-1 for business, but don't call him just for pleasure. It makes sense to use what resources ya got for the final push.
No. 783589 ID: 65ec8d

Leave 14-1 alone. Let him hear from you when it's all over.
No. 783743 ID: d36af7

Call 14-1, ask if he wants to get involved personally, but spin it less like asking for a favor, more like an invitation to a party. "We're all gonna get plastered on illegal shell upgrades and stolen Tribranch murder drugs, then go dance on Sosa's grave afterwards, you wanna come along?"
No. 783744 ID: b2c471

Don't call, maintain opsec.
No. 783746 ID: 3abd97

Call him. Even if he doesn't come along, he's always given you good advice. And this might be your last chance.
No. 783753 ID: f6ba27
File 148834447991.png - (8.30KB , 960x560 , 31.png )

73-6 has 14-1's comms dialed in.
He is on the verge of requesting a connection.
He shuts it off and feels the little servomotors responsible for long distance communication whir down in his head.
He'll call 14-1 once he's on the other side.

What's next on his checklist? Oh, right.
His pulse picks up.
Was last night just like a one-time thing? How do you ask to do that again? Should he ask her out on a date first? Like maybe with his hologram on? Should they play Blastlands? She's so much better than him! Should he ask if she wants to like watch a movie? Should he get a tie? He has no idea where he could find a tie. Maybe DA has one???
No. 783757 ID: 398fe1

Ask her if she wants to watch Netflix and chill.
No. 783761 ID: 92967f

Just be your usual cool, calm, collected self and ask her to join you for the evening.
No. 783765 ID: 9f3729

"Hey bby u want sum fuk"
No. 783788 ID: eb3cf7

Legit do this.
No. 783805 ID: fceae5

This. Just be cool.
No. 783807 ID: 65ec8d


Oh gosh Sev I've changed my mind you need to call 14-1 right away

so he can give you dating tips
No. 783808 ID: 3d2d5f

That's perfect.
No. 783861 ID: 7b7ab3

Chill out.
Just talk to her.
No. 783868 ID: 0555b9

Just ask if she wants to sit on the, uh... server together and watch a movie. Well, pretend to watch a movie anyway.
No. 783880 ID: d05761

you could ask her if she wants to upgrade her firewalls...
or maybe test that earthshattering orgasm function.
No. 783888 ID: 34c3de

Get some candles and some MREs or something from DA's hackerhobo storage! Ladies love a candle lit dinner
No. 783889 ID: d05761

you could also look through her manual for any useful robot dating tips.
No. 783941 ID: f6ba27
File 148841394207.png - (12.51KB , 960x560 , 32.png )

RIGHT. Be yourself. Calm. Collected.


Hmmmm. Does that sort of thing really work? Should 73-6 like...

Chill out, Sev.
Do they??? Even if it's MREs?

Oops there she is. Act chill, 73-6. COOL.

73-6 leans in the doorway of DA's armory. Sara is methodically putting a bullpup rifle back together. The rag in her hands suggests she was just cleaning.
She stares at the gun for a couple of seconds after it's back in one piece, mouth in a thin frown, then goes to start stripping it down again.
73-6 waits for her to notice him, but she doesn't. She seems preoccupied.

"sup," 73-6 says.
"Oh!" She looks up. "Hi, Sev!"
"hey babe."
"Sev?" Sara asks. "Why does your face look like that?"
No. 783942 ID: f6ba27
File 148841394946.png - (7.08KB , 960x560 , 33.png )

No. 783944 ID: 837e86

Sev, you hopeless, undead dork, wipe that look off your face right this instant for fuck's sake.
No. 783948 ID: b412df

Ah good, I was wonder if we had enough firepower to arm our two new members.
No. 783949 ID: 595d54

Look man, she started liking you even without you trying to act fancy, you don't need to start rewriting your personality or anything. Just ask her how she wants to spend some time together.
No. 783953 ID: 65ec8d

"I'm trying to be smooth with intent to ask you if you want to hang out or do a date thing or something like that, but I'm failing because this is not covered in the assassin revenant handbook. Sorry. Got any tips?"
No. 783960 ID: 5aec4c

Quick, talk about guns!
No. 783973 ID: 2ccee9

"the Bureau didn't have a manual for this"
No. 784011 ID: 9145ba

"Uh my stitches are probably getting loose again. Too bad we had to play ding dong ditch with the base doctor."

Anyway, Hhhhow. Are you feeling right now. Are you running hot? 'Cause I can cool you down, baby. Because I'm stiff as a corpse. Unf.
No. 784049 ID: f6ba27
File 148842836887.png - (9.31KB , 960x560 , 34.png )

"uhhh my stitches are probably just loose again." 73-6 hastily wipes whatever he was trying off his face and scrambles for another tack. "i was just wondering if, like-- that's uh, that's a cool gun."

"I was actually wondering something too."
Sara picks the gun up off the table.
"Tomorrow, when you go for Sosa. You're gonna be outnumbered."
"probably. uh."
"You have Keesh and Monica and Dartline and everyone in the control room," Sara says. "You have enough hands there. Hands that don't know how to shoot. But I do."
"I'm a vet," she says. "And a field medic. And maybe I'm not a super-assassin like all of you and maybe this isn't Blastlands, but I've fought before, for stuff I didn't really even care about. And this I care about. I'm tired of sitting on my hands and watching you risk your neck. You and Pen and Dubs and I guess 38-4 now too. I want to come along this time."
No. 784051 ID: 398fe1

Okay but only if you wear a bunch of heavy armor to protect your vulnerable brainmeats.
No. 784053 ID: 9145ba

Well it's not like you didn't have everything on the line already. Having a bureau operator in the field could help too if those permissions still mean anything. One who's so quiet they have to cough to let people know they're in the room. Plus she probably won't set off any metal detectors!

But uh after all that mission prep don't you just wanna sit somewhere and uh... bone? I mean, chat?
No. 784064 ID: 3e6146

See if Dartline can get her some combat suites.
No. 784067 ID: 398fe1

Dartline could temporarily increase her security as well. What if we ran into someone in there who's better at hacking than Sev?
No. 784071 ID: d05761

You couldn't convince sick Penelope to stay behind, so I'm not sure you can stop Sara either.
You'll probably need her help anyway.

She never did CQC so her melee skills may be lacking.
No. 784081 ID: a8bc5c

Way I see it, there's two problems that need addressing if Sara wants onboard.

1: her ice needs to be vetted and improved. do not get DA involved in this. Maybe 73-6-2 can help a bit.

2: she needs to be able to wear one of the bulletproof coats you guys use. Without compromising her ability to see.

Best bet with that is probably trying to just give her access to multiple someone's visual feed in a pinch along with any schematics and cameras we hack during the upcoming shitstorm.
No. 784083 ID: 8dcef8

Spar with her.
See if she measures up.
No. 784105 ID: d36af7

Give her some of the best armor plates that money can buy, and also acquire any spare bodies of the same model, reconfigured so she can pilot them remotely. Call 'em extra life power-ups. Replace the empty brain cases with bombs.
No. 784113 ID: d05761

Keisha isn't gonna like it if we let her girlfriend AND her best friend fight the final boss.
No. 784138 ID: 0555b9

Explain to Sara there's a certain degree of expendability to you Bureau agents that she lacks. You and Dubs have died before, and Penelope's accepted the risk, but there's no way to reconstitute even your body, Sara. You just don't feel right putting that on the line.

If you did end up going, however, hiding a bomb in your head for the mision would be pretty cool. Nobody would see (or hear) it coming.
No. 784230 ID: 5b93d3

This can also nicely segue into some 'wrestling'.
No. 784426 ID: f6ba27
File 148851603220.png - (8.78KB , 960x560 , 35.png )

"i couldn't stop penelope," 73-6 says. "i guess i can't stop you either."
Sara puts the gun back on the table.
"but we gotta make sure your firewalls are airtight. and you gotta wear a bulletproof trench. or like five. or if there's some armored plating around we--"

She shuts him up.
No. 784427 ID: f6ba27
File 148851604157.png - (10.57KB , 960x560 , 36.png )

"Now what did you want to talk to me about?"
No. 784428 ID: e646e7

Sev, if you're ever going to confess your feelings, now's the time.
No. 784429 ID: 2120ee

"I think I'm in love... with your pussy."
No. 784431 ID: e22b1d

Please. Be classy.
With her vibrating pussy.
No. 784432 ID: 398fe1

"Did you want to have sex again"
No. 784433 ID: 7b7ab3

Tell her how you feel, Sev.
You may never get another chance.
No. 784434 ID: 9f3729

"But also with you. You're great."
No. 784435 ID: 9145ba

We were going to kill geoff but that got resolved, so... let's talk about your butt.
No. 784442 ID: 2ccee9

Spill the spaghetti then run away.
No. 784463 ID: d36af7

Activate heel-face turn so you can blush properly. Ask if she wants to go to a dance with you sometime, and then get married and have a million impossible cyborg babies, and also have sex right here, right now, on the armory workbench.
No. 784465 ID: 01171b

No. 784473 ID: 9145ba

No. HFT is a mood killer for Sara. She loves the real Sev, not his facade.
No. 784478 ID: d05761

Confess your undying love for her, then kiss her... ON THE LIPS!
No. 784510 ID: d36af7

Yeah, but in context it's the equivalent of him nervously hiding behind a book, without putting any actual physical distance between them.
No. 784770 ID: f6ba27
File 148861930927.png - (9.62KB , 960x560 , 37a.png )

"i think i'm in love with you," 73-6 says.
"I know you're in love with me, you dweeb," Sara says. "And you know I'm in love with you."
"i do?"
Sara slides the gun off the table and scoots her butt onto it. "C'mere. I'll prove it."

He does, and she does.
No. 784771 ID: f6ba27
File 148861936062.png - (30.13KB , 960x560 , 37.png )

Sev makes sure the cameras are all turned off.

Then he remembers something cooler to do with his hacking.
No. 784772 ID: 9145ba

No. 784784 ID: 7b7ab3

Bravo! Bravo!
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