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File 143642491012.png - (625.52KB , 960x560 , 285a.png )
654197 No. 654197 ID: f68a09

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Static_on_the_Wire
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/72481.html
Previous Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/615083.html

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No. 654199 ID: f68a09
File 143642493766.png - (9.68KB , 960x560 , 285b.png )

"OK," Monica says. "Killing Sandman. Sara and I have agreed to call this one Operation Fuck Politics."
No. 654201 ID: f68a09
File 143642500041.png - (23.20KB , 960x540 , 285.png )

"Andrew Sandler is going to be giving a campaign speech. One of a circuit. He's the incumbent; he's gonna get reelected; still the dog and pony show must go on.

Now the speech itself is gonna be on the ground floor of" Monica hits a few buttons. "THIS building."

A blocky concrete building fizzles into being on the table.

"Some community center or something," Monica says. "Speech'll be on ground, but the COUNCILMAN is gonna be on the top floor instead, projecting a hardlight hologram of himself down to his supporters from a secured location. He ain't dumb. The whole place is souped up extra with security for the good councilman's visit."

"what kind of security?"

"Portable stuff, mostly," Monica says. "Nothing like his office but he has some tricks. Chief among them two automated turrets. One for the front one for the back. Together they have the sweep of most of the building. They got blind spots, though, most crucially the roof and the fire escape, which isn't legally allowed to have automatic countermeasures zeroed for it according to Sprawl Fire Code. Not that that stops most people, but this is a councilman. Instead, they just got the fire escape wired up with cameras, but those belong to the community center, not the councillor. The cameras should all be easy to hack via the center's mainframe, which you can get to easy from inside or heck maybe even the roof. Once you do that, someone can crawl up the fire escape and deposit themselves handy dandy on the secondary roof, away from the turret's influence and in through a window.

Now the TURRETS are probably not going to be wired into the community center proper, and they have their own secondary cameras and motion sensors, with which they will ID you, ring the alarm, and blow your shit off if they see you.. Gonna have their own console inside. That's rough for us, but hey. There's ways around it."

Easy way in is the garage. Center gets a regular delivery of canned food for its pantry. Sneaking into one of those trucks is a surefire way inside and then you're golden. Only security within is foot mobiles, and we all know of your gentle ways of dealing with them.

Another way in is the roof. That might be tricky. Gonna have to zipline from a neighboring building. They WILL have eyes monitoring those skies, but only eyes, cuz you can't put pressure alarms in the sky. So a distraction of some kind will be in order. Something disturbing enough to get their cam-watchers looking away from the skycam but not enough to set off the alarm. Advantage here is that if you get up to the roof you're only one floor from the target.

There is also the front door, obviously, if you can swing a way to get in through there. With your face thing there's a slim chance. You're not exactly the smoothest of talkers, sev-three. If I'm gonna be honest.
You have command of all our reconstituted assets, Sev-Three. I'm making the hovercraft and that copter you stole from the Fantomas available as well. Anything else you need we'll have to get quick. The speech is this afternoon. Starts five hours from now.
No. 654204 ID: e114bc

"Are you ready?"

>all our reconstituted assets
...we could take every drone out on the mission, then beat them back to base, evac the people we want out, and get out before the drones come home. I can't think of a *reason* to take every drone out at once though. Also I don't think we've put DA in the system yet and talked to him about how to whack Sosa. So that'd be jumping the gun.

Instead, let's just focus on the mission.
How about this: Sev sneaks in through the garage, disables the cameras, 88-1 comes in through the fire escape and sees if he can snipe the target. If there's no clear shot, then we'll have to meet up inside for a breach. Tactics should be a little cleaner with two people.
No. 654205 ID: 0fc976

Get it done fast, zipline on to the roof. For a distraction... how about an automobile accident? Gang (Fantomas) violence?
No. 654206 ID: b5b419

If you want to be completely insane you could deliberately crash a vehicle directly into the floor above the Sandman and then cut your way out and kill him.

It'd probably be one of those WHAT THE FUCK moments, but it'd ruin the vehicle and would have to be pretty well-armored; not too much since this is just a community building and not an armored bunker.

Wait, do we have a cheap flying vehicle? Or just... drop a bomb on the roof, then fly in through the hole? Kill him, fly out, or just have one of the reconstituted assets snipe him and never bother entering the building.
No. 654290 ID: 534cc4

I would like to say that it would be nice if 88-1 could get inside by faking being lockjaw, but it seems unlikely that the fantomas would be stupid enough to fall for him being 'alive'. I think going in through the garage is the safest bet, and playing safe is the smart choice right now. Have someone make a distraction, mid op. Having 88 use the fire escape works, or the roof if that seems like a better idea. As far as sniping goes, i bet he has some reinforced walls or something? Hopefully not.
No. 654304 ID: d4a543

Can we just fly the copter in and set an antitank mine upside-down on the roof over the room he's going to be in? Built-in Fantomas IFF neutralizes turrets for the entry. Pen can hop down the blast hole to confirm the kill, then jump back up and leave either with the copter or on foot with her shinobi thing. Might even taunt the turrets, since she's been itching for a chance to deflect full-auto fire.

We'll need to run by the Black Stalls real quick to grab an antitank mine and remote detonator. Having checked the armory just yesterday, Outpost Jericho doesn't have a suitable bomb in stock. (Hack the inventory if necessary to justify a shopping trip.)
No. 654359 ID: ab7529

>political speech
So there's gonna be a lot of trucked in civies in the speech room, there to cheer and look enthused on cue. That rules out a hard hit, we don't want collateral.

>what do
Sneaking in from the garage works, but it's the slow approach. The roof is quicker, but I don't see that we have all the tools to get in and out quick.

Honestly, the sneak up from the floor seems more Sev's thing. The ninka in from the room seems more Pen. Although she's also the best bet for making a distraction.

If 88 is support, how are we looking for possible support locations? What buildings are around this one he could be set up in?

>hardlight hologram
Any chance we could hack that? It would be a heck of a distraction if there's a glitch in the transmission mid-speech. Everyone would be working to get that fixed in a hurry. Guards sent quick to check hard line connections, techs desperately checking systems. (Also, if we could steal the hard-light thing on the way out, we could maybe use it as a tool against 38-3? Interfere with one hologram with another, or experiment with what disrupt them, or if we can hack together a means to detect them).
No. 654378 ID: e114bc

Are we even using Pen here? She should in theory be too pissed off at us to bring on a mission. I mean she's not actually pissed off but Monica might think it a BIT strange.
No. 654841 ID: d4a543

>So there's gonna be a lot of trucked in civies in the speech room, there to cheer and look enthused on cue. That rules out a hard hit, we don't want collateral.

Civilian crowd would be around the projected hologram out front, not the man himself. Anybody in the actual secure room Sandman trusts enough that they can't be considered neutral bystanders.

We had a lot of tricky plans worked out for the last job, but it all crumpled up into clearing one room. If that's going to happen again anyway, let's save time and bullets with a directional mine, and save face by making it maybe look like the Fantomas Vengadores tearing themselves apart, instead of the Bureau blowing up an elected official.
No. 654918 ID: f68a09
File 143660109412.png - (16.26KB , 960x540 , 286.png )

"all right." 73-6 waves his hand across the table and the building hologram sticks to it. He manipulates it with a turn of his wrist and zooms with the flex of his fingers.

"that hardlight hologram," he says. "there a chance we can hack that? it'd be a hell of a distraction, get the guards down to the conference room and away from the target."
"Good thinking, Sev-Three," Monica says. "It'll probably be controlled from the same console the turrets use, since it's Sandman's property."

"what kind of support can 88-1 give me? there any good buildings around?"
"Office blocks on either side," Monica says. "We can stage some kind of evacuation to empty them out. Gas mains are really fragile this time of year."
"I'll find a high place," 88-1 says. "I can link with your optics, Sev. You mark the targets for me and I'll knock 'em down. Long as it's not behind too much reinforcement. I'd say any room lining the exterior is a definite effective zone."

"very nice." 73-6 zooms in on the roof. "we couldn't drop a bomb on this shit, could we? maybe breach directly into sandler's hidey-hole?"
"I have no idea where we'd find a bomb like that on such short notice," Monica says. "But if we do it's yours. And that Fantomas flyer would be the perfect cover for it, it's true.

"i'm open to suggestions as to how you guys want to play this," 73-6 says.
"By the book," Monica says. "We come in through the garage, you make your way up to the top floor as you so admirably do with 88-1 there on the outside to support you, and we breach Sandman's little conference bubble and kill him. Just like our old missions. Simple as pie."
"what about penelope?"
"Penelope?" Monica tugs her collar. "Is not mission-ready. Doesn't seem it to me, anyway. I guess if you REALLY wanted to use her she'd be good on wetwork, but I really don't know if she's the subtle go through the garage type. I'd hack out that fire escape camera and then let her use that, link up with her on Sandman's floor where the security guys'll be thicker."

"what do you think, 88?"
88-1 shrugs. "I like the idea of Pen causing some kind of distraction for the camera guys, us coming in roofside, then hacking the building to shit. Seems like what you do best. Buildings like this usually got some kind of upper-level comms center you can really sink your teeth into, and it makes sense that they'd keep their security console topside, close to the chest. If you can find some way to lure Sandler out of his command center and I can line up a shot on him we've got a good clean kill."
"That's a vague plan," Monica says.
"We ain't bad at improvising," 88-1 says.

"and then there's the unorthodox approach with the flyer and the bomb." 73-6 taps his chin. "hm."
No. 654921 ID: 0fc976

You da bomb, Sev-Three. This is a really handy excuse to run to the black stalls and pick up some extra shiz too. Although, if the flyer had some sort of skycrane and this were a particularly insane video game, I would find an improvised explosive nearby, like an oil tank/tanker, carry it to the roof, and shoot it. *Shrug* Video game logic. It's weird.
No. 654934 ID: 54b088

Well, if the stalls have a spare 50 pounder on sale we could pick up that.
No. 654974 ID: 8d9368

With the kind of funds we have available now, there's no way we won't be able to find SOMETHING in the Stalls. Explosives aren't exactly a rare item to be wanting to purchase.
No. 654978 ID: 334db2

Yeah well the plan is the first casualty of war, and I'd like to be as close to the target as I can be before things go to shit. Let's get a distraction in line and go in roof-side.
No. 654992 ID: ab7529

The problem with the bomb plan is we only get one shot. If we fail to kill him (which is never a guarantee), we'll be hard pressed to make a second attempt.

I like Monica's or 88's approach. Sneak in, roof or garage, do your thing. Which way depends on how good a rooftop entry or distraction we can find.

>"Penelope?" Monica tugs her collar. "Is not mission-ready. Doesn't seem it to me, anyway.
That seems like a good excuse to leave someone behind to watch the base in case 38-3 shows up early, and who can try to keep our non-coms alive. Maybe we even give her a way to activate the lockdown and stuff if she needs to.
No. 655001 ID: d4a543

>The problem with the bomb plan is we only get one shot. If we fail to kill him (which is never a guarantee), we'll be hard pressed to make a second attempt.

If we bomb the wrong room or something, the second attempt is dropping somebody out of the copter and through the crater in the roof to run around inside their perimeter murdering the entire top floor with our usual close-quarters techniques. The third attempt is 88-1 sniping Sandman as he flees. Wait, does this place have any tunnels leading in and out?
No. 655006 ID: e114bc

73-6's close quarters techniques will not be as useful when guards are swarming the impact site.

I honestly just want to go for the by the book approach.
No. 655444 ID: 2a1897

So uh.

Instead of bombing the building or whatever, can we just hack the cameras to locate the target and then off him with our wallhax laser rifle?

I mean, it depends on if they've gone to the effort of reinforcing the walls or whatever, but it might be possible to do this without ever entering the building.
No. 655462 ID: 2a1897

Or if the range on the rifle isn't good for that, we could get 88 on the roof of the target building and have him shoot down through the ceiling. That'd put him within like 10 feet of the target at worst, and that should be well within wallhax range.
No. 655466 ID: 0fc976

Right, so,since this *isn't* a video game, we should stick to our true field of expertise, which is stealth. And killing everyone in this apartment. We'll go in through the garage to gain roof access for one of our assets. Pen can clear out guys, but we're here for just one guy, and 88 has a wall(or roof)-hacks gun... For the first part of the op at least we should have 88 ready as sniper support and there probably won't be time to move him to the fire escape, so I guess 108-1 is left to serve as the roof insert.
No. 655468 ID: ab7529

The roof entry might be feasible for Penny, even without the zip-line, with her 40 foot jump thing. (Although then I don't know who would be on distraction duty).
No. 655535 ID: 8d9368

Explosives are, I think, at least enough in our area of expertise that we should keep an eye out when visiting the stalls. We may not be a specialist, but when you have enough cash that's not the highest concern.

And even if we purchase explosives, we don't necessarily have to USE them. It's good to have options.
No. 655558 ID: e114bc

Would we even need a distraction if we used that?
No. 655565 ID: f68a09
File 143676419686.png - (13.47KB , 960x560 , 287.png )

"sounds relatively straightforward," 73-6 says. "i'll see what kind of distraction i can set up but otherwise i'll take the garage, 88 posts up in a building, pen breaches when i make the hole for her. play to each of our strengths."

Monica sucks air through her teeth. "And you're sure you want Penelope on this."
"it'll be okay."
"Your call, Sev," she says. "Back here in four hours. Do whatever you have to do beforehand."

She spins on her heel and heads out. "Gonna crack some skulls, boy. Do some good! Finally."
"Put all this behind us."
"Sure thing," 88-1 says.
Four hours.
No. 655566 ID: e114bc

Go talk to your robot crush. She said maybe come over to her room so take her up on that offer.
No. 655567 ID: 0fc976

Robot friend visit!
No. 655571 ID: f68a09
File 143676569123.png - (9.09KB , 960x560 , 288.png )

73-6 visits Sara in the control room.

"sara?" He knocks on the door. No response. "sara? you there?"
"Yeah," Sara says, from the other side.

73-6 lets himself in. Sara's turned away from him, facing the orange glow of the mission monitor. There's a countdown on it to go.

"hey, sara," 73-6 says. "any luck with the transmitter?"

Sara doesn't look at him. "Keisha isn't coming back, is she?"
No. 655574 ID: e114bc

Looks like Monica didn't tell her right hand man shit.

Tell her "Maybe someday." If pressed, tell her you let her loose in the desert. It's far enough from the truth that they can't confirm it for a couple days at least, and it at least correctly gives the impression you didn't kill her.
No. 655576 ID: 0fc976

Not to Outpost Jericho. (Secure connection) We were setting up an exit strategy from the bureau, and we messed up. Our bosses told us to kill her as a punishment, but we didn't. The Bureau won't stop there, though. We need to get out, and kill Sosa before he kills us. The final phase of our "plan" is happening, uh, basically as soon as we kill the Sandman. We're planning to keep you, Monica, Keesh, and Penelope/88 safe.
This is our chance to be more than just a reconstituted asset. We had to take it.

As our handler, any ideas for things to do on your end?
No. 655595 ID: f461c5


Walk away while making your secure connection.
No. 655597 ID: f461c5

Uh, just to be sure, if we make a secure connection, we CAN tell its not the face thief, right? I would assume so, but considering how powerful and intuitive, just wanted to make sure we dont just try to make a connection and not notice its not really her.
No. 655642 ID: 0fc976

Oh, of course, make sure this is really Sara by checking for your ICE.
No. 655651 ID: 88960e

Problem is even if this is Sara, can we trust her with the truth? We can't have her blowing this.
No. 655694 ID: 534cc4

Say no, Keisha is never coming back to Jericho.

Keisha sure as hell isn't coming back to Jericho, that's for sure, so it isn't a lie but she probably will just take it as we killed her. We can always tell her the truth later but right now she can't know.

Check for Sara's ice too.
No. 655695 ID: b5b419

Just say no and check the ICE.
No. 655696 ID: e607cd

"She's not coming back, but the way things are going, we'll all see her again soon."
Morbid doom outlook, or plan to escape? who can say?
No. 655700 ID: bb78f2

No is an honest answer.
Say the honest answer, only the honest answer.
No. 655707 ID: d4a543

Keesh is in a better place now. I'm trying to make sure the rest of us at Outpost Jericho don't have to meet her there before monday morning, and you should be too.
No. 655709 ID: b5b419

Oh, I like that. Changing my vote, and of course, checking her ICE and other things.
No. 655712 ID: d4a543

I think there's an interesting, albeit creepy mind-control, option: set up a speech-to-text keyword recognizer and a script linked to Sara's hormone regulators and whatnot so that whenever somebody mentions her former roommate she gets super sad and wants to change the subject. Artificial yet intensely sincere mourning, with an off switch.
No. 655719 ID: f68a09
File 143682365055.png - (8.18KB , 960x560 , 289.png )

73-6 just talked to a disguised 38-3 over video communications like less than an hour ago, and he's not even sure if 38-3's face theft could work on a robot. He scans her just in case. It's Sara.

"no," he says.

Long pause.

"Right," Sara says. She walks over to the console in front of the screens and rests her palms on it. "I'll get to work on prepping control for the mission, 73-6."

"thanks," 73-6 says.

Sara doesn't respond.

73-6 just stands there for about 30 seconds, trying to think of something else to say, then he leaves.

He misses when they were friends.

Anyway that didn't take long. He still has four hours to prep.
No. 655722 ID: bd8b82

yeah. think we may need to kind of kidnap her when we escape. once she sees keesh she will be too happy to be pissed at you.
No. 655735 ID: b60d89

Hit the stalls with 88. You need to get shell-shocked, bro.
No. 655737 ID: b5b419

We have enough money. Bring pen too.
No. 655741 ID: e114bc

>bring pen too
But that would be super suspicious. Better to just ask her for a wish list.
No. 655800 ID: f68a09
File 143684683285.png - (11.22KB , 960x560 , 290.png )

The elevator ride down to the stalls, 73-6 repeats the massive guards' ominous warnings limply and only half paying attention.

"You all right?" 88-1 wires.
"You sure?"
"it's just more sara stuff. she thinks i killed her roomate."
"Lack of communication's a pisser, huh?"
"Why haven't you let her in on it yet, anyway? Just curious."
"i don't know how she'd react."
"You don't trust her?"
"i don't know, dude. it's complicated."
"Don't let it get too much to you, Sev," 88-1 wires. "Pen and me are counting on you."
"Need another bro hug? To focus?"
"i'll keep you posted, dubs."

Those black market shell upgrades pack a strong punch, but 73-6 suspects that the toll of taking two of them would adversely affect mission performance. One upgrade knocked him on his ass already. Shell overdosing is not something you want to deal with.
He predicts that each agent can either have 1 superpowered shell upgrade or 3 normal strength ones.
As far as gear or other amenities, if he can think of it at this point he can buy it, provided he finds it in time. They've got 4 hours and the Stalls are huge. His normal gun salesman has packed up and moved on at this point, too; if he wants equipment he's gonna have to shop around.
No. 655803 ID: ab7529

Is there anything we can do to prevent getting more backdoors installed if we get shell upgrades? It's only worse if we compromise more of our people.

>He predicts that each agent can either have 1 superpowered shell upgrade or 3 normal strength ones.
Probably go superpowered for Sev and Penny, 3 normal for 88? He's gotten the least upgrades so far, he would benefit the most from cleaning up 'normal' bonuses.

...did Monica give us any spending money? Or did she just let you run off to the stalls with nothing, because she knows you've got money hidden from her at this point.
No. 655806 ID: 0fc976

We should be able to trust Sara, but honestly we are straining that trust and it could become unrecoverable soon if we keep doing things behind her back. Also trying to plan a rescue for people unaware they need rescuing is pretty hard, ya know?!
Let's hit up a reputable store such as Hoxton's Emporium for 88's shell slurrys. Then we can hit up a not-so-reputable store for super shell upgrades!
Finally, let's find a store that carries small arms, to get an upgrade for either us or Penelope.
No. 655807 ID: e114bc

Let's have a refresher on what the rules actually are:

"You acknowledge that you must wear a face covering or mask in the Stalls at all times. if you have not brought a covering, one will not be provided to you.
"You acknowledge that you will not speak to other Stall customers."
"You acknowledge that you will not brandish or discharge a weapon in the Stalls."
"You acknowledge that refunds are not guaranteed, and any harassment of Stall Vendors is grounds for immediate removal."
"You acknowledge that the authority of the Stall guards is absolute, and you will obey them at all times."
"You acknowledge that the violation of these rules can result in your immediate execution, and waive all responsibilities and rights not afforded you."

I kindof agree with this. I'm a little worried about putting everything in one basket for Sev though, and 88-1 actually came with a shell upgrade suite for some reason. He's got support stuff. Some defensive/CQC shell upgrades for sev would be nice since that's his biggest weak point, and I doubt we're getting that from another super. We'd probably just be offered combat hacking and invisibility+ again.

Another question is what are we going to do about the shell upgrades being detected? How did we explain the acquisition of the laser rifle anyway?
No. 655815 ID: e607cd

> How did we explain the acquisition of the laser rifle anyway?
We mentioned that our gun contact was leaving, and lied that he sold us the rifle on the cheap.

Don't do black shell upgrades for Pen or 88, they don't have the DA upgrade that makes those undetectable. Normal shells for those kids. Maybe Pen should get that upgrade that lets her be a hacking relay for Sev, while she is chugging them.

(The only reason I ever heard for not telling Sara things was the fear that she couldn't keep a secret. I am honestly not sure where that worry came from, she has been nothing but competent in all situations. We should tell her about Keish, at the very least, and letting it go to the level of >>655722 is just ridiculous)
No. 655827 ID: 8d9368

Even given the usefulness of Yank(it is amazing), I feel like this time everyone should spring for the standard variety. If anyone would be watching us down here, now would be the time, and 3 standard upgrades is still a LOT of punch. Especially in the areas where Sev-Three is lacking. Really it's kind of a choice between Combat Hacking or three upgrades to improve his non-hacking versatility. As far as the other two, yeah, they don't have any upgrades preventing the illegal upgrades from being detected, so it's gotta be the normal kind unless you want to tip off Monica immediately that we've gone fully rogue. Which is fine, because normal upgrades still let Pen BLOCK BULLETS WITH HER SWORD.

As far as gear to look for: start by heading straight to Hoxton and asking him for recommendations for firearms, explosives, toys for hackers(these could be things like drones, auto-turrets, basically laptops I dunno I'm not a future hacker in a dystopian world), possibly body armor? If he doesn't have specific recommendations, he might have recommendations on where we can buy that sort of info, which in this case is going to be a better deal than doing footwork, because we have money but we do not have time. Hoxton seemed like a useful guy in that regards. We also might see if we can find out what the deal is with purchasing a location down here? Do you have to go through some sort of primary authority? That doesn't seem to fit with the way the place is handled. We could use some info on just the way things are down here, because currently we have one not so amazing safehouse and like one useful connection(AI sev-three.)
No. 655831 ID: e114bc

Personally I was worried Sara might decide she's better off with the Bureau. Like, do we know she's that into Sev?

Then again the promise of FAT STACKS OF CASH might nullify any reason she had to stay with the Bureau.
No. 655833 ID: faa290

Three normal upgrades, one to Pen and two to Dubs.
get them both new equipment, not sure what kind of equipment, we'll wait and see.
And for the love of Gard combined the whip and shock spike. Pwease
No. 655857 ID: e607cd

We know she isn't THAT into the Bureau. She liked it because it was just a real job she could get with the prosthetic body she is self-conscious about. She liked feeling like she was helping people too, but the Keisha situation probably dulled that motivation.

So yeah, it's a good bet she likes Sev more than the job.

huh. A stall in the Stalls would be an amazing fallback option, if we can secure one. No other neighborhood is going to be as capable and willing to defend their neighbors from a coordinated assault. I bet we need something to ostensibly sell though. Maybe information services.
No. 655940 ID: defceb

black shell upgrade for sev, normal shell upgrades for everyone else.
No. 655941 ID: 77e1e0

did the Bureau give you a budget for this part? dipping into all that money we aren't supposed to have is going to raise red flags. Especially since they know you not-to-recently killed a bunch of rich folks, and their drained bank accounts are going to be noticed eventually.
No. 655942 ID: f68a09
File 143692728836.png - (9.58KB , 960x560 , 291.png )

73-6 loads up on shell upgrades at Hoxton's. Six of them, three each for Penelope and 88-1. They are going to be shelled the fuck out.

"And now that you've done your business," Hoxton says, "I'd like you to leave, please."
"wait but i had questions about where to find things," 73-6 protests.
"You'll have to find them yourself, Agent," Hoxton says. "I have given you these upgrades to acknowledge your previous patronage. I am severing our client / vendor relationship."
"I will not support a rogue agent." Hoxton rearranges his upgrades. "The Stalls are changing; growing popularity allows me to be selective with my merchandise. If you desire upgrades, you may associate with your fellow insurgents. Such as the Holden woman. Goodbye, agent."

Shit. 73-6 has 3 and a half hours before the mission starts and he has no idea where anything is except Cybranicon and Holden's store. Finding anything else is going to take time commeasurate with how rare it is.
No. 655951 ID: ab7529

>Huh, wonder how he found out.
Maybe the fact that non-rogue agents can't afford to buy six shell upgrades at a time. The bureau doesn't dole out rewards all at once like that.

>Goodbye, agent.
Goodbye, Hoxton.
No. 655957 ID: d90668

Yeah he knows you would not have the funds to buy this sort of gear normally so you obviously are about to go rogue. Thank him for everything over the years and wish him well.

I guess then book it to Holden's store. She might be able to point you in the direction of some other stuff.
No. 655971 ID: 0fc976

Let's go get some combat hax from the deep black market, unless a different set is available this time. No Holden back!
After that, go searching for a charming and legitimate small arms store. Good things come in small packages (except for shell vials. Blehh.)
No. 655973 ID: f68a09
File 143693439607.png - (10.94KB , 960x560 , 292.png )

73-6 visits Holden again, jogging ungracefully to get there. 88-1 keeps up, despite his stature.

"The fucking rogue moldie lives." Holden raises her eyebrows. "I take credit."
"that was good stuff you gave me last time."
"Wasn't it?" She leers. "You come here to sip from my poison cup and get fucked up? 10,000 a pop, just like last time."

"can i actually also ask you some questions about where i can find gear?" 73-6 asks.
"Whatcha gonna do with it?"
Why lie? "bust out of the bureau."
"Sick." She nods approvingly. "I knew I liked you."
"Aight, corpsie. What are you looking for? Rifles? Concealables? Explosives? Vehicles? Lingerie? Experimental weps? Armor? Food court? Gadgets? A handjob from a homeless dude? Because there's one in West-6 stack I'm told spits on his palm."
No. 655974 ID: defceb

Experimental weapons, armor, gadgets, stuff we can keep on our person that won't be immediately obvious.
No. 655977 ID: 0fc976

Explosives, concealables, and experimentals.
No. 655978 ID: 334db2

Armor. Only need to be shot once to be dead.
No. 655979 ID: ab7529

Hologram countermeasures.
No. 655986 ID: f68a09
File 143693898411.png - (10.03KB , 960x560 , 293.png )

Guided by Holden's sure direction, 73-6 goes all over the stalls on a black ops shopping spree.

He inquires into something that can get rid of holograms but everything he can find for that is just an EMP, which would fry his systems along with 38-3's.

He buys himself some bodyglove armor to go under his already bulletproof trenchcoat. It moves like it's hardly there. 88-1 and Penelope both get that as well.

As far as experimental weaponry, 73-6 finds a Mosquito Biter. It fires off a nerve-deadening laser followed by a tiny dart full of neurotoxin with a timed release 73-6 can set. The guy on the other end won't even know they've been stung until their brain starts hemorrhaging and then they have about 3 seconds to do anything about it. The salesman only had a pack of 5 darts available; 73-6 bought them all. The Biter's about the size of his hand.

And finally, he buys this: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/68983.html#74034

as well as all the claws he can find. It's designed for a triad member, so the weapon folds up and the claws are all in sleek, ultra-concealable bandoliers one could easily mistake for a belt.

By the time they're done there's about 90 minutes before the op starts. The ride back to Jericho is going to take that half hour; 73-6 has 1 hour left before what might well be his last mission for the Bureau.

"i can't fucking believe i own this thing," he says, as 88-1 and he leave the stalls.
"Is it really the most logical purchase?"
"dubs sometimes you have to go with what you feel, ok?"
No. 655987 ID: 0fc976

Use this time to tell Sara what's happening. It's your last chance Sev. Shouldn't have delayed it this long but there's nothing you can do about that now.
No. 655988 ID: 0fc976

Oh right, uh, gotta actually drink that stuff to get its benefits. Give 88 the shells to split with Penelope, and *then* go speak with Sara. You totally chugged that illegal shell upgrade in the shop and not in the Outpost, right? Right.
No. 655989 ID: 26e769


Yeah, we can't leave things like this.
No. 656000 ID: e114bc

You uh... you DID get that super shell upgrade for yourself, right?
No. 656001 ID: f68a09
File 143694180120.png - (395.87KB , 960x560 , 294.png )

Oh right.
He has to drink the thing.

88-1 keeps watch as 73-6 heads down an alley for his date with Holden's shell upgrade.


It hurts so bad he has to smack himself a couple times to keep from screaming and then double over to keep from vomiting. He stays on his feet this time, though. Maybe Holden's decided to let him off easier.


+COMBAT HAX AGAIN+ Same as what before. 73-6 gains a suite of combat-oriented hacking subroutines, making hacking in the middle of a firefight viable. Hacking is now instant, wireless, and requires no interfacing software, allowing 73-6 to use it in combat scenarios to jam electronic weaponry, haywire systems, and cause various other forms of havoc. In order to gain the effects of +Silent Running+, 73-6 sill needs to be touching the object, however.

+JUGGRNAUT+ Tired of the architects deciding where you're allowed to enter a room from? Get JUGGRNAUT and do some radical redesign. Also gives you a punch that can literally lift people off their feet and send them about 20 feet across the room and the muscle mass necessary to flip a car over.

+R U LYIN?+ A suite of social modifications that allow 73-6 to come the closest to mindreading anyone's figured out. Hormone readers, heartrate monitoring, remote electrostatic imaging, and good old fashioned guesswork allow 73-6 to have some idea as to what other people are thinking about.

No. 656004 ID: defceb

I vote for R U Lyin'?

We've had enough problems of people lying to us as is.
No. 656005 ID: 534cc4

Combat hax is gonna help us out more often when the bureau wants to kill us dead.

Super hacker sev.
No. 656006 ID: b5b419

Juggernaut has nutritional problems later on down the line.

Nah, we've had problems with being dumb. I'd go with the combat hacks - I find all this misguessing kind of charming (as a character).
No. 656007 ID: 0ee153

Lie detecting is useful. Not dying is more so.
No. 656008 ID: 0fc976

I cast FIST. Juggernaut baby!!!
No. 656009 ID: 26e769


Lie detection is important!
No. 656013 ID: ec8d91

Yeah let's go with the polygraph upgrade, remember that all that information is no use without alertness and mindfulness, though.
In this kind of business you can't rely on tools solely for watching your back.
No. 656014 ID: bb78f2

R U lying
No. 656017 ID: e114bc

I think R U LYIN might be useful. However, "might be" is not worth spending a super upgrade on!

COMBAT HAX will definitely be useful, so let's get that. (sorry, JUGRNAUT. I like you, but it cannot be.)
No. 656032 ID: 449801

WHY DO YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE FUCK, um er ah fffffffffine combat HAX.
No. 656039 ID: 88960e

R U lying counters disguised 38-3, unless he has perfect control over the biorhythms we'd be checking.

If we don't get that though, there's always a use for Hax.
No. 656042 ID: aef8a4

We know that 38-3 is Sosa's tool, we know they can spoof everything from their appearance to pretend to be someone we don't know, and combat hax will more likely let us know if someone is 38-3 than something designed to detect the biological responses they're faking anyway.
No. 656045 ID: fb17e6

combat hax
No. 656047 ID: 334db2

No. 656048 ID: 2a7417

No. 656051 ID: 93aa30

Combat hax. Let's max out that branch.
No. 656064 ID: 937a79

combat hax. i've been regretting not taking this one for a good while now.

r u lying is a close second but i bet it wouldn't work on 38-3 anyhow.
No. 656089 ID: f68a09
File 143698848943.png - (11.27KB , 960x560 , 295.png )

"You all right?" 88-1 asks, as 73-6 emerges from the alley.

73-6 blinks. Lines of hazy ghost code swim through his UI. Everything in a hundred foot radius bristles with tiny prompts and split-open data. He's not necessarily a hacking god; Hacking Messiah might be a better term.

"i think i am," he says.

84 minutes until go time.
The uncertainty in the back of his mind doesn't mesh with the potency he feels at his fingers; Does he tell Sara? Can he trust her?
No. 656091 ID: 2a7417

Yup-a-dup. But now you have to do it with extra style. Matrix style!
No. 656093 ID: 534cc4

Such pretty orange light. Yes i think this will do nicely.

I think its time to look at those shells you got for 88 and pen and see if we can do some harmless silent tampering on them to make them a bit more discreet. Make it so when taken the signal does not change, nor will it give any data away, don't need people knowing pen and 88 have bonus upgrades in them.

If that is a simple affair i think next thing to do is get in contact with Deneb and other us using our modded board.
No. 656095 ID: d90668

Remember that Sara was friends with Kesh long before you entered the picture. I don't think you can afford not to tell her.

Ultimately this whole mess hinges on you all working together and trusting each other. Yes telling her is a risk but I think its a bigger risk to keep her in the dark for the endgame.

With Monica its better that she has plausible deniability until the very end. But with the work you have done securing Sara's systems she should be able to handle the truth. Don't underestimate Sara.
No. 656101 ID: 534cc4

I would support this, it will be weird to do after telling her otherwise a couple of hours ago.

I still think we should go for it.
No. 656114 ID: e607cd

We didn't tell her otherwise, we told her Keisha isn't coming back. which is still true. Keisha is underground until such time as we are somehow in complete control of the Bureau.
No. 656175 ID: e1e180

I hate to say this, but in addition to being able to tell Sara... If she doesn't comply we can hack her.

It's not what I want to do, but it CAN be done if we need to.
No. 656188 ID: f68a09
File 143701820798.png - (11.27KB , 960x560 , 296.png )

73-6 finds Sara again.

She's got an overlay of the target building up on screen, and is going through it assigning room number shorthands for her own reference.

"hey sara?"

No. 656191 ID: b5b419

Just give her a hug.

Plus it'll give you the option to put you in close contact and tell her about Keesh.
No. 656192 ID: aef8a4

Determine if this is 38-3 first, Neo. It would be embarrassing to be caught on record disclosing that Keisha isn't dead NOW.
No. 656194 ID: e114bc

Now that you have wireless hacking can you hack in a secure line to her? Avoid using any DA subroutines. We don't have to worry about silent running because we don't need to hide the fact that we're hacking her.

Here's what you should do. Say "I'm sorry." while wiring to her that Keisha's not dead and for her to pretend she's still mad at you. Same kind of thing you did with Pen. Before you get into telling her you're gonna break out, ask her if she'd come with you if you escaped.
No. 656196 ID: 0fc976

It's not friggin' 38-3 he can't do robots and she's loaded up with our ICE

"I messed up." (Secure wire talk: Get her attention with "Keesh is alive." I've gotten you and Monica and everyone in danger and I'm gonna get us all out of it I promise, but- I want your help. If you can't forgive me for what I've done, well, I probably deserve that, but you've got to trust me for this to work. Do you?)

Option A: She agrees. We tell her to get ready to deal with 38-3, see what she can do about gaining access to the security mainframe.
Option B: She disagrees. She forgets the past minute of conversation, and we ready a lockout of her terminal.
No. 656201 ID: f68a09
File 143702375102.png - (9.06KB , 960x560 , 297.png )

"i'm sorry," 73-6 says.
He wires: "keisha's alive and i'm getting us all out of the bureau but i need your-"
And then Sara dive-hugs him.
No. 656202 ID: f68a09
File 143702376294.png - (11.18KB , 960x560 , 298.png )

"help sara and you gotta act totally like you're still pissed at me.

"eyes too."
No. 656203 ID: f68a09
File 143702377252.png - (10.76KB , 960x560 , 299.png )

"Sorry," Sara whisper-wires. "Sev but what's going on? Why the heck didn't you tell me???"
No. 656210 ID: e114bc

You've been screwing up and you're pushing the limits of how much you can get away with. One false move could be the end of everything. Someone could have put monitoring software in her, and besides she's Monica's right hand man now so it seemed like there was some risk in telling her... but you couldn't keep her in the dark anymore. Keisha is her friend.
No. 656212 ID: 227a05

"I panicked."
No. 656213 ID: ab7529

We own this base's security cams right? Make sure no one saw that.

>Sev but what's going on? Why the heck didn't you tell me???
Um. Well, you know, my not killing someone my bosses tell me to is pretty much treason.

...also Monica had to believe I did it. She feels terrible about it, but she didn't think we had a choice.

I've made mistakes, lately. I was afraid of making another one. What could happen if telling you was the wrong call.

>what's going on
Remember that politics thing between Sosa and Tai? It was a trap. There is no Tai. It was all 38-3 and Sosa, and now they're gunning for me.

This is bad, Sara. We're basically bugging out after this mission.
No. 656214 ID: ec8d91

Because, we needed you to act pissed off at me.
No. 656215 ID: 0fc976

(hack her eyes to say 'poop' again, it's a classic)
Oh, phew. We were worried about how you'd react but honestly I can't remember why right now. So uh our boss laid a trap and we fell for it hack, wire and sinker and now he's sent 38-3 to hang us all for treason. This has accelerated our timetable for forging a retirement plan and also I kind of need to kill him too.
No. 656219 ID: 8d9368

There is no Tai, it was all a trap set up by our lunatic boss, who we pretty much have to kill now. He hasn't exactly left us with a choice. Also his face stealing crony could try and infiltrate at any time and it's making us super paranoid even when the paranoia makes no sense, because his face stealing crony is REALLY GOOD at that. Also how the heck are we supposed to get Monica's family out guys do we even know where/who they are?
No. 656220 ID: bb78f2

Survival's sake.
We don't know how good of an actor you are. Penn's pretty good, and the one person that I needed to let know immediately to survive.
Basically, it really was need to know basis, but we couldn't take it. We were hoping to keep you in the dark until you were safe, because, lets face it Monica's family is in danger because the Bureau suspects we're going rogue, and we are, so if we aren't careful, both your family and her family would be dead and it'd be all on us.
So... sorry, but... your family might die if they think you're in league with me, and they might purge you and them anyway just in case. So... we really really shouldn't have told you because it makes it getting out safely that much harder and significantly just lowered our odds. So very very sorry, we're selfish idiots that wanted to stay friends way too hard.
No. 656236 ID: 937a79

because you're an awkward goof is why. did anyone see the dive hug?
No. 656238 ID: f68a09
File 143703462062.png - (12.61KB , 960x540 , 300.png )

"i basically did treason by not killing keisha," wires 73-6. "so now i have to retire. after this mission we're bugging out."
"We're leaving?"
"we are leaving."
"All of us?"
"all of us i can get to."
"Where are we gonna go? What are we gonna do?"
"i have a safehouse we can lay low at and after that i don't know. also i need to kill sosa."
"Oh gosh."
"and after that..."
"You don't know?"
"Sounds like you need help."
"i do."
"Well you should have freakin' told me, Sev-Three! I wanna help!"
"you're not mad?"
"Why would I be mad?"
"i just thought maybe you would want to stay with the bureau. keep a job, save the world..."

"Sev I've done some thinking," Sara says. "I've tried and tried to do the right thing. And it blew me up and it blew up my apartment and almost killed all my friends. I mean I'm not gonna have kids ever. I'm really tired of trying to save the world. I don't think it wants to be saved. Not by me, anyway. I think it's time to accept that. It can be someone else's turn to give it a shot. I kind of want to do the me thing now."
"i agree entirely."
"You want to do the me thing?"
"i um no the me thing. the us thing. all of us."
She wire-giggles. "I'm pullin' your chain, 73-6. We're getting out."
"we are. you, me, dubs, penelope, monica if i can swing it. one step at a time."
"One step at a time." Sara looks to the hologram building. "And Sandman's next for the boot. I'm with you, Sev-Three."
No. 656239 ID: f68a09
File 143703463277.png - (9.69KB , 960x560 , 301.png )

A bit of shell upkeeping before the pedal hits the metal:

88-1 drinks 3 upgrades and says he wants to die. Pick his path:

Sharpshooter: 88-1 gets tracking stabilizers and movement-based predictions. Human error is removed from his aim. He will no longer miss, ever, with anything accurate enough. In addition, he gains an internal smokescreen in case of discovery and the ability to stick to walls and ceilings, the better to climb to a vantage point or set up a roof-based sniper nest.

Support: 88-1 gets a suite of upgrades to support 73-6 and Penelope in the field. He can now see out of either of their eyes, including targeting data in relation to his target from their perspective. He no longer needs line of sight to shoot someone; as long as his penetration is good enough, he can fire using his friends' vision. He also gains the ability to selectively jam enemy communications and has motion tracking in a thirty-foot radius around him.

Penelope drinks 3 upgrades and calls 73-6 a fucking puta. Pick her path:

Swordswoman: Penelope's sheath integrates seamlessly with her arm; her sword is springloaded and literally an extension of her hand. She can conceal it perfectly and fire it off with lethal force. The sword itself is guided, and she can curve it around corners to kill people on the other side. She'll need to retrieve it manually, of course, but this path also grants her wolverine claws. So that's good.

Shinobi: Penelope gains 73-6's ability to turn invisible when standing still. In addition she can now create a hologram clone of herself to further confound her enemies and her striding and springing upgrade is enhanced to include a batman-esque glide.
No. 656240 ID: 227a05

Sharpshooter and Shinobi.

Mobility Matters.
No. 656241 ID: defceb

Can she block bullets with the claws? Is so swordsman.

No. 656242 ID: aef8a4

Support and Shinobi
We need the ability to shoot targets through walls and give 88 some tracking power to protect himself from unexpected threats, and the jamming is a big plus against the goddamn Bureau.
Also, throwing away your sword is stupid, and we need stealth backup to shadow and counter-ambush attempted ambushes against us.
No. 656243 ID: 937a79

Shinobi for Penelope (i'm pretty sure female ninjas are called kunoichi)

88-1 is a harder choice.
No. 656246 ID: f461c5

Shinobi, no question.

If 88 gets support upgrade, what determines what an ally is for purposes of his senses? Can we hack people with UIs to grant him the ability to see from enemy perspectives?
No. 656251 ID: 93aa30

> 88-1 drinks 3 upgrades and says he wants to die
A bit too late for that, Dubs.

Shinobi for Pen.

88-1 though... I do like the ability to bypass obstacles designed to stop people who can't walk on walls and ceilings, but... no line of sight is just too useful. Support.
No. 656253 ID: 534cc4

For Penelope, SHINOBI. Seems more versatile. I admit had dexterity (Perfect dual wield) been on swordswoman i would want it. On the off chance pen gets another shell i REALLY fucking would love to see true dex again.

For 88 i say SHARPSHOOTER. I feel like having this would be great with any gun whatsoever, and just imagine 88 taking out a room with a low recoil automatic and getting perfect bullseye headshots on all of them. They can't even dodge if they see it coming. Smokescreen and spiderman are a plus.
No. 656255 ID: 26046c

Support for 88 only if we have the ability to like him to cameras and people with augs, else Sharpshooter.

You had to mention Batman didn't you! Shinobi out the fucking ass!
No. 656260 ID: e114bc

Sharpshooter, Shinobi.

88-1 can already kindof see through walls, and sev can do jamming. Sharpshooter rounds out his skillset so that if he has to clear rooms on his own he'll be good at it.
No. 656261 ID: 88960e

Sharpshooter, Shinobi.

If we've successfully recruited Sara, maybe we should give her secret access to our hacked base emergency options. Someone has to trip them in case of emergency, and as a handler, she'll be in position to do so.
No. 656264 ID: 2a7417

Support and shinobi. Squadsight all the way!
No. 656326 ID: e1e180

Support and Shinobi.
No. 656354 ID: ad7bba

Sharpshooter and Swordswoman.
No. 656375 ID: 2a1897

Support and Shinobi.

Wallhacks and invisibility, all day erry day.
No. 656381 ID: d4a543

Shinobi for Pen. Invisible flying sword vs. invisible flying entire body plus sword, is no choice at all.

Support for Dubs. Gonna get cut off from the Bureau's resources soon, and then we're going to need to count on each other as a team.
No. 656382 ID: 945fb0

Sharpshooter, Shinobi
No. 656417 ID: 26e769

Support and Shinobi.
No. 656420 ID: 408e5c

Support and Shinobi.
No. 656423 ID: a01a20

Sharpshooter, shinobi.
No. 656429 ID: f68a09
File 143710784639.png - (29.36KB , 960x540 , 302.png )

Penelope is a shinobi[/i]. When 73-6 suggests that female ninja were, in reality, called kunoichi, she tells him to kunoit her ass.

88-1 is [b]support
. He doesn't have flawless accuracy, but promises 73-6 he's still a hell of a shot without it.

Time to finalize the entry plan.
Your assets include:
73-6, master hacker
Penelope, master hacker but the sword kind not the computer kind
88-1, support/sharpshooter
Available positions for the agents include:

The Garage, snuck in through a van.
+ Great way to get past the cameras and turrets; Very secret agent
- You're on the ground floor and your target is on the top floor

The Roof, sliding in on a zipline or (in Penelope's case) gliding
+ Right on top of the target and targets of hacking opportunity; Penelope has a better chance of a covert entry due to her Shinobi power
- Cameras necessitate distraction for security watchers

The Front Door, just waltzing right in.
+ Technically not trespassing
- You are wearing a black bulletproof trenchcoat and have a bunch of weapons; turrets have you zeroed in; bad idea

The Opposite Building, by dint of a lucky gas main emergency evacuating its occupants.
+ Great sniper spot
- Not great katana spot

The Fire Escape
+ Will deposit you right into the blind spot of enemy turrets and within reach of the top floor windows; lower profile than a rooftop zipline
- Same problem as the roof; there's a camera here.

The Turrets are automated and are based in a high-security network Sandman has brought with him.
The Cameras are monitored by underpaid security guards and are based in a low-security network owned by the conference building.
73-6 isn't sure where either of these networks have a vulnerability he can hack into, but 88-1 has posited that the top floor is a good bet.
No. 656431 ID: e114bc

73-6 gets in via the garage, hacks the cameras so that Pen can get in through the roof. Maybe 88-1 can get in through the fire escape to support her.

I look forward to seeing Pen act as bitchy as possible.
No. 656433 ID: ab7529

So what I'm reading here is the very first thing we need to do is hack the shit out of the cameras so they're not messing up our options.
No. 656437 ID: 534cc4

This, but i think it would be nice for 88 to be in the opposite building, THEN zipline or something over to the fire escape, would be perfect as he could spot any nasty surprises before coming in to support sev and pen.
No. 656450 ID: 0fc976

Sev, you're best suited for the garage deployment. 88 begins in the opposite building and ziplines over to the roof when the cameras are disabled. Penelope is on standby to glide to the roof for sneaky-stabby.
Let's get Keesh to distract the- ooh, right. Well then, if we need to bring Penelope in, I think it'll be up to Sev to provide a distraction from the inside. Remotely causing a vehicle to crash will direct security watchers' attention as far from the roof as possible.
No. 656455 ID: d4a543

73-6 goes in through the garage. Between his holographic face and invisibility he probably won't even have to kill anybody, just pretend he's a volunteer to help unload canned goods.

88-1 sets up on the other building, because sniper, obviously.

Penelope waltzes in the front door. Turrets you say? She can dodge at 40 mph, parry full-auto fire, and that trenchcoat is bulletproof for a reason.

Basically, Pen and Sev are racing each other toward the target. Whichever one hits more resistance gets to play distraction, using hax or flashy swordplay to draw attention away from the other. Dubs's job is to keep the defenders from concentrating overwhelming force on that distraction, until somebody puts eyes on the target, then he gets to help finish the job.

Save Penelope's gliding for her exit, like Trinity jumping across a street in The Matrix.

Wait... with combat hacking, can Sev figure out Sandman's exact position just by getting line of sight to the public-facing holoprojector, examining what the recording end can see of the rest of the room, and comparing that to blueprints? Feed that targeting data to 88-1 for a sniper shot and they might not need to go inside the building at all.

Incidentally, this would also present a chance to hijack, not just a news story, not just some minor politician's voice for a routine speech, but this corrupt bastard's soon-to-be famous last words, on live TV no less. That's so many orders of magnitude beyond tweeting 'wark,' it should really be taken seriously.

We could, for example, have Sandman explicitly accuse Sosa of various atrocities, with considerable basis in fact, and on those grounds call for the Bureau's federal funding to be suspended pending a full investigation. If the idea gets any traction (well-documented martyrdom can achieve some remarkable things), suddenly some loose-cannon moldie is a lot lower on the CEOs list of priorities.
No. 656457 ID: bb78f2

88 Opposite Building
Penelope Roof
Garage for Sev
No. 656468 ID: 534cc4

You realize when we kill him he is gonna die saying 'wark' now, on a public broadcast.

God i hope so.
No. 656483 ID: f68a09
File 143711671921.png - (14.12KB , 960x560 , 303.png )

73-6 takes the garage, 88-1 the building, and Penelope's on call to hit the roof as soon as 73-6 finds his way to the cameras.

The asphalt crunches under the tires inches from 73-6's head as he coasts into the building.
It was a simple matter of lying in the middle of the street invisible then magnetizing to the bottom of the truck as it rolled over him. A little nerve wracking, but effective.

"We got you movin'," Monica says into his ear. "Good stuff. I'll give you the last brief then hand it over to Sara. She's handling you directly. I'm running coordination."
"sounds good."
"So guess what, Sev? You're killing agents tonight. Sandman is protected by one of our competitors: The National Defense Collective, NDC. Basically a bunch of merc thugs who suit up in official gear on the weekends to go beat up picket lines for extra scratch, but that still puts them head and shoulders above the Fantomas in terms of experience, and they're kitted out by taxpayer dollars. These guys ain't fucking around, so use caution."
"do they know their boss is crooked? why not just tell them?"
"Because then they get him before us and they get the credit. And this way we have the retroactive authority to kill them. Everyone you put a bullet into is one less member of the competition."
73-6 smirks. "great."
"They're bastards, Sev-three. This is the kind of Agency that isn't used to shooting anything that shoots back. That's the Monica guarantee. Now go forth and kill. Your orders are to eliminate Sandman and anyone else who gets in your way. Big blowout on this one, Sev-Three. Move methodical and silent or fast and loud. Your choice as long as Sandman dies. If civvies see you you're cleared to let them live. Bureau is sitting on all the incriminating stuff we need to twist ourselves into the heroes. Call it free publicity."
"Cool. I'll be here, agent. Handing you over to Sara."

"Hey hey!" Sara comes on the line. "All things green here. You in yet?"
"about to be." 73-6 feels the truck coasting to a stop. "how are we all?"

"Sword sharp and invisibility bitching," Penelope wires. "I don't see why you ain't like this all the time."
"i can't move and be stealthed at the same time."
"So become an invisible fatass."

"Setting up on the floor opposite Sandler's," 88-1 wires. "Uplinks to you working like a charm. Pen, Sev, your eyes are my eyes. Uh with your permission."
"Ay I need to grant permission each time, right?" Pen says. "You can't just snoop in whenever?"
"No ma'am."
"OK. Good." 73-6 hears the hiss of Penelope sharpening her katana. "Chica needs some me time sometimes."
"Sev-three I think it'll work with cameras you hack too," 88-1 says. "As long as you have the visual feed up in your shell I can piggyback off it and snipe the dudes on the other side."
"that is actually really cool."
"We some badasses now, amigos," Penelope says. "Let's use it."
No. 656484 ID: f68a09
File 143711673012.png - (9.17KB , 960x560 , 304.png )

The truck is parked, now. 73-6 feels the springs shift as a man gets out next to him.
"What's up?" Sara wires.
"dude's wearing crocs."
"He shall be the first to go. OK Sev check it out."

A map beams to 73-6's HUD.
"88-1 is feeding me thermals from the building," Sara says. "Thanks, dubs."
"No problem."
"So two trucks in here. You're under the right one. You see that?" A blip appears. "You!"
"Here" two more blips. "The bad guys. One directly next to you, one on a six foot ledge with guard rail. Stairs to your right. No cover but the truck ya rode in on, cowboy.

But you're invisible. Forgot about that."

"This room's hittable, Sev," 88-1 wires. "Get me eyes on and I'll get you a corpse."

"I'm listening to you all being super spies and I'm sittin here with my thumb up my ass," Pen wires.
No. 656495 ID: 2a1897

Welp, getting access to the building's cameras so 88 and pen can murder errybody is priority #1.

For right now, uh.

We can't do anything to guy next to us from underneath the truck without the guy on the railing noticing (unless we use the fancy mosquito gun, and we only have five shots for that), and we can't do anything about railing guy from underneath the truck, so.

Uh. I guess crawl out from underneath the back of the truck out of sight of the two dudes, then combo-murder their asses with 88?

Unless we can just hack shit from underneath the truck. I mean. We're not supposed to have ranged hacking, but 's probably a good idea to see what we have access to from here, even if we don't do anything with it yet.

And yeah, 88 isn't supposed to have wallhax right now, sev will have to call in any kills as his own or whatever.
No. 656500 ID: e114bc

We can silent takedown these guys easy. Sneak out from under the truck and do a simultaneous kill with 88-1. You take the crocs, he snipes the guy on the ledge. Then it's onto the next room. At some point we're probably going to have to go fast and loud, but we should at least try to get to the cameras first.
No. 656512 ID: 534cc4


Pretty much this, nothing wrong with it.
No. 656530 ID: c8a13b

>The National Defense Collective
Their heads are unprotected

>wearing crocs
He must die now.
No. 656565 ID: aef8a4

Keep your professionalism and just penetrate past, damnit. He's wearing crocs, crocs! There is just no way that karma will allow him to survive unpunished for long so you don't have to take care of it personally you know.
No. 656569 ID: d4a543

Reach over and touch croc guy's ankle with your icepick. Taze, but don't stab. While he's convulsing and maybe going into cardiac arrest, the other guy (maybe even anyone watching the cameras) will be distracted by that, so you can roll out from under the truck on the other side and leave the garage. Not perfect stealth, but it's a lot quieter and more accident-like than wall-penetrating gunshots.
No. 656572 ID: e607cd

>88 isn't supposed to have wallhax right now
Did we hack their consoles to not beep on upgrade or something?

>fancy mosquito gun, only have five shots for that
Don't fall into the RPG trap and finish the game with unused assets that would have made your life easier. If you find a situation where time delay kill will be useful, take it.
Might even be worth it to use one now for >>656569 plan. Depends on if electrocution or deadly neurotoxin is the less obvious cause of death.
No. 656573 ID: a19cd5

good plan.
better plan.
No. 656585 ID: f68a09
File 143716346101.png - (7.97KB , 960x540 , 305.png )

73-6 slides out from under the truck to side opposite Mr. Crocs.

He peeks around the cab and spots the NDC on the balcony.
"dubs, see him?"
"Roger. Got the shot."
"cool." 73-6 creeps to the other side of the truck and readies his flechette gun. "go on my mark. ready..."
No. 656587 ID: f68a09
File 143716347161.png - (24.62KB , 960x540 , 306.png )


73-6 evaporates Croc's torso. He'll never hurt you again, fashion.
A pinprick hole appears in the opposite corner of the parking garage, tracing a straight line to the head of the guy on the balcony, which explodes. The head, not the balcony.

"2 down, monica. on me."
"Roger dodger. Logging. Might behoove you to hide those corpses."

"3 exits, Sev-Three," Sara reports. "Stairwell up to the first floor from the basement, hallway into some receiving offices, and the garage door you entered from."

Hackable targets in here include:
+Both Trucks
+Phone in the Headless Corpseman's pocket
+Radio at his belt
+Gun in Crocs' holster. Some kind of smart pistol.
No. 656589 ID: 334db2

Stick the bodies in the back of the truck and lock it. Tap into the frequency on the radio and see what you can't do with the pistol.
No. 656590 ID: 0fc976

Search phone for enemy communications. Get the truck you came in on ready to reverse through the garage door and make some noise, if they got cameras facing the outside of it. Pick up the smart pistol for use later as a smaller distraction. Can the radio be silenced? If not, just get what frequencies it's using and have Sara monitor those.
No. 656597 ID: f68a09
File 143716663243.png - (14.68KB , 960x540 , 307.png )

73-6 stows the bodies in the back of one of the trucks. He cleans up the blood as best he can. As long as nobody looks too close it'll be OK.

The trucks he came in on can be hacked to remotely start and crash through the garage door on a trigger. He goes ahead and does that. This will be a good distraction.

The smart pistol has a lock that refuses to let him fire it if he doesn't have the right handprints, which he disables with ease. It can now fire a shot remotely, semiauto or entirely full auto. 73-6 can also set it to fire as soon as it detects something move past its muzzle.

"sara, can you monitor their radio for me?" 73-6 asks, linking the frequencies up to his shell.
"Roger that, Sev."
"dubs you can jam these comms if i need it, right?"
"Three minutes to conference start, Sev," Sara wires. "Sandy's constituents are getting seated upstairs."

73-6 scrolls through the phone. Someone's been sloppy with their low-sec texting.

>heads up theyve moved our kiosk to the 1st floor exec office
>optic lock on the office door = better security?
R u telling me i have to take my aviators off to punch in now??
Theyre soldered to my face this is bullshit

Otherwise this looks like a personal thing, not a corporate one. That's all he's getting out of it, except for maybe a couple thousand credits belonging to the deceased. Chump change at this point.
No. 656599 ID: ab7529

>support sense jacking
I wonder, does that mean we can use 88-1 to check if people are really themselves or if it's 38-3? If we make sure he's got permissions on with everyone in the group today, it should be a big red flag if he can't see out someone else's eyes. Of course, that doesn't block him from replacing 88.

...we really need to set up trust passwords with everyone. ASAP.

>The smart pistol has a lock that refuses to let him fire it if he doesn't have the right handprints, which he disables with ease. It can now fire a shot remotely, semiauto or entirely full auto
That seems like it would be really useful to slave to 88. He's the one with the onmi-perception skills. It's functionally a small turret. And you can carry it into areas where a wall-shot might not penetrate.

>what do
More hacking. The trucks can be started up or exploded remotely if we need a distraction later (just send them crashing into something). The radio we can patch through to our handlers so someone can monitor chatter for useful info.

>3 exits
Well, we don't want to go out the way we came in, and we want to go up, so probably stairwell. Unless we have reason to think the cameras we need to hack are past the receiving offices.
No. 656604 ID: 0fc976

>That seems like it would be really useful to slave to 88. He's the one with the onmi-perception skills.
Why bother? He'd just be using our senses, and he can't aim it himself.
>The trucks can be started up or exploded remotely if we need a distraction later
We just did that.
>Unless we have reason to think the cameras we need to hack are past the receiving offices.
We just read that they are.

To the offices for a pleasantly shorter-than-expected route to security.
Can holo-projectors fool an optic lock, or do we need to bring this guy's eyes with us? ...Ick. We'll just find someone closer to the office.
No. 656606 ID: e114bc

So I guess we have to grab a guard's head to get through the office door and to the security.

Can you hack similar smart guns to not fire at all? That'd be useful in a firefight.

I guess we don't have a map yet, so just peek out the exit.
No. 656612 ID: 854b54

>We just read that they are.
No they aren't. They're first floor executive offices. We are in the basement and they are receiving offices. Learn 2 read.
No. 656614 ID: 0fc976

Yes, I was just coming back here to change my vote to stairs when I realized my mistake. As we're all at a shared base level of reading comprehension, let's keep it friendly buddy, eh :)
No. 656615 ID: d4a543

Can you use those inventory-management magnets to wear the smartgun like a hat, so it's pointed straight behind you, and share the gun's sensor readings with 88-1? Looks silly, but you get a personal rear-facing turret and 360 situational awareness.

Regardless, set it to fire a single shot any time somebody with a National Defense Collective IFF tag passes the muzzle.
No. 656616 ID: 8d9368

We can probably use the pistol to set up a decent trap once we get some cameras under our control, but at the moment mostly just seems like an extra weapon which could be handy but we kinda have plenty of gear. Hold onto it for now. The idea of slaving it to 88's systems is fine if we can set it up with the hacked camera system.

Can our hardlight face mimic thing do eye mimicry? If so, copy down the guards eyes or whatever, if not, we'll handle it when it comes up. Still, first floor exec offices sounds like our current target probably?

Also, since we have combat hacking now, just a reminder that anything we want to do stealthily and doesn't REQUIRE combat hacking should be done with contact to get the effects of silent running. If we are making a distraction by hacking some lights or something, combat hacking is great, but anything sensitive, like major security systems we want to be careful with. They could have cybersecurity of their own, and even if they don't, we don't want to leave unnecessary traces when we don't have to.
No. 656620 ID: 77e1e0

Could compromise their security system through that radio.
No. 656637 ID: f68a09
File 143717920818.png - (17.06KB , 960x540 , 308.png )

73-6 pockets the smart pistol and heads upstairs.
As he goes he whips up a quick shutdown hack. He'll be able to lock any other smartgun down (or fire it) at will.
He's not that worried about the optic lock. Maybe a week ago he would have had to do some eye harvesting but now he reckons he'll be able to hack through it without a problem.

"nearing the first floor just up from the garage. what am i in for?"
"Entrance checkpoint," Sara says. "88, we got thermals?"
"Roger. Four signatures. Give me ten seconds and I'll shift position to a spot I can hit them."

73-6 takes a peek through the stairwell door.
Three NDCs, two on the far wall and one behind a desk, talking to a frail, grey-haired civilian.
The one without a helmet has a smart gun at his belt. Mr. Riot Gear in the corner has a HUD on his visor 73-6 can fry to blind him until he takes it off.

"Give me a chance," she says. "I can clap. I can clap like the dickens."
"You're not on the list," Hat Guy says. "Missed your chance."
"Please. I need the money. My son-in-law--"
"Is none of our business. Out the way you came."
No. 656641 ID: 8d9368

If Sev locks up the one's smartgun and blinds the other's visor, he should be able to take out at least one of them while 88 takes out the third we can't hack to mess with. Probably should have a good chance to take out both of them, but I don't have any bright ideas.
No. 656643 ID: ab7529

One of the four is a civy.

Neatest solution: wait till one of them escorts her out, then kill the other two (fry visor guy, shoot other guy, shoot visor guy) then shoot the escort when he gets back.

Only problem is if they don't escort her out quickly. Then our timetable forces us to engage with her in the room. We can clear the room (hack smart gun to shoot one guy in the leg, and/or lock it up if he draws fast enough, coordinate with 88 to shoot the other two) but then we have the problem of a civy who saw us.

Hmm. We could wear the holo-face to be less terrifying and just pay her off, I suppose. She does need the money and we can tell her these are the bad guys. And she'll believe it when she sees our cover story later. National security, ma'am. Sorry for the inconvenience, here's the money you're owed.

Ooh, if we go in hot, throwing the whip out to the right to wrap around hat-guy's head is an option. He's right next to the door, we can get him around the corner as we step out to shoot someone else.

...although she's an old lady. There's always the chance we'll give her a heart attack or something even if nobody shoots her.
No. 656644 ID: e114bc

Wait until 88 is in position.

Fry the visor, let 88 take out the guy with the gun (but jam it anyway), kill the hat guy and then the visor guy. We don't want to give any of them the chance to sound the alarm, and visor guy can be killed last because he won't be aware the others are being killed.
No. 656645 ID: ab7529

Oh, I don't suppose the woman has a cell or something? If she doesn't just leave, you could fake a call from her family to get her out of there (caller ID shows one of their names from the contacts, fake scratchiness for terrible reception to get her to step outside, make it sound important through static).
No. 656646 ID: 0fc976

Wait for that civilian to get clear. then coordinate a headshot on the guy harassing the civilian from 88, killing the guy with the visor with your flechette, and the smartgun going off in the helmetless guy's leg.
No. 656649 ID: d90668

Get the woman to leave by transferring the money you got from the guys downstairs to her account. Say she won the lottery or something. Make sure she gets a email letting her know.
No. 656650 ID: 334db2

Disable that guy's smart gun if possible. 88 takes him out, you blind riot gear and drop the guy at the desk, followed by riot gear.
No. 656656 ID: e607cd

No cameras in here?

Tell 88 the heat signature in the center of the triangle is a civilian. Disable the smart gun, and leave him for last. Organize a simultaneous takedown with 88. Stab the close guy while 88 shoots the far one. Keep the noise down, and be nice to the old lady.
No. 656657 ID: f68a09
File 143719744408.png - (522.85KB , 960x540 , 309.png )

73-6 waits for the conversation to stop.
And waits.
She's very insistent and it sounds like they're on the verge of hurting her. He goes for it.
"blinding the one with the helmet, 88," 73-6 wires. "take the far hatless one quiet and i'll handle the talker."

"Oh, shit." The NDC merc taps the side of his helmet. "Guys I'm fuzzing up. Fuzz. Is anyone else--"
No. 656658 ID: f68a09
File 143719746164.png - (82.69KB , 960x540 , 310.png )

73-6 leaves the whip embedded handle deep in his first target and pulls his flechette gun right as the merc takes his screwy helmet off.
The darts shred through the kevlar, through his heart, and out the other side.

The old lady screams.
No. 656659 ID: 334db2

Cover her mouth before she attracts any attention. Tell her she needs to stay low and quiet. Try not to be too spooky.
No. 656660 ID: e114bc

Sorry ma'm. Bureau business.
Wire her some money, for her son in law. Just because.

Time to go fast and loud! Look around for the offices, get moving.
No. 656661 ID: defceb

Throw some money at her, tell her to quietly exit the building and tell nobody what's happening. National security matter.
No. 656662 ID: ab7529

Put on the holo-face and be all polite and charming. Sorry, ma'am, official government business. I'm sure you could have clapped quite nicely.

88, watch heat signatures, do we have incoming from the yell?
No. 656663 ID: bb78f2

Ma'am, could you be very quiet. You're in the middle of a dispute between two corperations, so please vamoose in a calm fashion.

All this is very normal for both me and these dead fellows, except for the being dead part, they were always on the other end. I understand this is very shocking for you though, so please go home and scream into a pillow and not contact the authorities, because we are the authorities, but we're different authorities, and we will kill the other authorities that will be sent if you call them, because we are very good at our jobs.

So be a good citizen, and continue to not care about what goes on when a bunch of thugs, zombies, and mercs are killing each other for whatever's sake.
No. 656664 ID: 0fc976

Give her a warning gesture. "Not a sound! This is just some, (retrieve whip) Official Government Business, ma'am. Take your credits and be on your way. Please exit the building and do not mention this to anyone, you got it? Good. Remember to vote early and vote often."
No. 656675 ID: f68a09
File 143720621426.png - (8.64KB , 960x560 , 311.png )

73-6 puts on his holographic disguise and claps a hand over the woman's mouth.

"Sorry, ma'am. Government business. I'm sure you could have brought the house down in there."
She mmphs. 73-6 fishes into his pockets and pulls out a wad of credits. He puts them in her pocket.
"Leave the building as quickly as possible. Stay quiet and low and tell nobody what you saw. OK?"
She nods.
"OK." He releases her. "Have a great day. And if professional clapping doesn't pay the bills try opera. You have the pipes for it."

She bolts for the exit.
No. 656677 ID: f68a09
File 143720624610.png - (13.48KB , 960x540 , 312.png )

"ok, team. three kills."
"Ay save some for me, Sev."
"that might have been our cue to pick up the pace. sara, exits?"
"The door behind the desk is a side hall," Sara supplies. "Break rooms and lockers for the normal employees. The one behind you leads further out into the foyer. In front of you's the doors to the venue hall and first floor offices, and down the hallway hang a right and you'll hit the bathrooms and stairs to floor 2."
"dubs, what are we looking at with heat? anyone hear that scream?"

"Guards further in probably didn't hear it," 88-1 wires. "Soundproofing here's pretty good and there's a healthy crowd in there. Five heat signatures from the side hall might be compromised. Two currently in motion. Four blips in the bathroom hallway, mostly stayed put. Hard to get a headcount through the office doors cuz of all the people clustered in for the rally. It's all a big smudge."

"I hear chatter about a possible disturbance," Sara says. "They're asking for a response from an Alpha Six. That might be one of your kills."
No. 656681 ID: e114bc

Could try faking an answer over the radio. Probably won't buy it though.

In any case, gotta handle the incoming bogies. Go invisible with a line of sight to the doorway, let 88 take a couple of them out then pop out of invis to shoot the rest.
No. 656682 ID: 0fc976

Drag that one body visible from down the side hall out of the way. We'll wait for the two moving guards to come to the side hall and kill them too. Can't impersonate alpha six, don't even know who it is, so just wait and see who they send to investigate him.
No. 656696 ID: e607cd

Anything in this room making com alerts? Check helmet guy's helmet. You've heard at least two of these guys talking, do what you can to mimic it.
Reply with "This old bird won't LEAVE. Had to get physical."
No. 656706 ID: ab7529

Make sure you recover your whip.

>They're asking for a response from an Alpha Six. That might be one of your kills.
It's an open channel? Do any of the bodies here have an alert or something going "hey, you, respond to that?".

Probably safest to grab the radio from whoever in the room has the most rank pips. Growl into it. "Old bitch wouldn't just shut up and leave. All clear here."

Nothing to lose by trying. If they come in here and see the bodies, or if they don't report back, the alarm will be raised anyways.

>which way
The text before said their stuff is behind the 1st floor offices. So the door we want is the one is front of Sev, if we want to hack the cameras so Pen can drop in the roof.

Might have to kill the two incoming, first, if the radio thing doesn't work.
No. 656897 ID: f68a09
File 143729023233.png - (11.88KB , 960x540 , 313.png )

73-6 gingerly picks up a radio from the guy with the hat.

"This is Alpha Six," he says, attempting to bend his shell-granted voice into an approximation of what he heard before. "Old woman wouldn't leave. Had to get physical."


"Remain at your post," the reply comes. 73-6 has no idea how to parse that.
He goes invisible just as he starts to hear the footsteps coming from the door behind the desk.
No. 656902 ID: 0fc976

Do you have thermals on that door, 88?
Be ready to take cover, they might plan to spray the seemingly empty room.
No. 656942 ID: ab7529

Dang. Our options are to either stay stealthed and let them pass, or kill them before they call it on, and then move on quickly.

I sorta favor the later. Waiting out a search of the room isn't something we have time for.
No. 656972 ID: aef8a4

Time to boogie, you're never gonna get to the VIP in time if you get bogged down in here.
No. 656988 ID: e114bc

You might have to use YANK to block incoming fire. Warn sara that your comms are going to be down for a minute.

I wonder if 88-1 will still be able to see through your eyes while your comms are disabled?
No. 657029 ID: 63ba7a

Uh, duck? Get 88-1 to jam comms, let them get inside the room and then take out the first two before they know what's hit them.
No. 657067 ID: f68a09
File 143737802394.png - (22.61KB , 960x560 , 314.png )

"dubs. jam their comms on my go."
"guys my comms might drop out in a second," 73-6 wires. "be ready."
"Why would--" Sara starts.

The door swings open. Two NDC come out and find spacing, guns raised. They scan the room for a second then one of them straightens, staring at the mulched corpses of his friends.

His finger fumbles for the button on his radio. "What the fuc--"

"go." 73-6 drops out of invisibility and splatters him.
No. 657068 ID: f68a09
File 143737803558.png - (23.36KB , 960x560 , 315.png )

"Comms dis--" 88-1 begins.

The other NDC moves fast. A lot faster than a Fantoma. He sprints toward his falling friend and fires off a burst at the same time.

73-6's hand shoots up and freezes the bullets in midflight. He blows the second man's head open.

"dubs what are we looking at for heat signature response to that burst? dubs?

oh, right."
No. 657069 ID: 0dc9cf

even if Yank burns out our comms and connection to 88, he can still monitor the situation.
No. 657072 ID: 63ba7a

Hello? Test test. Wire's on the fritz again. Totally not an illegal shell upgrade.
No. 657073 ID: 0fc976

Assume your cover isn't going to last long, move extra quick to take out their security kiosk.
No. 657075 ID: e114bc

Fast and loud time. ...I remember last time yank broke your comms for a good while. We'll be solo until you hack the cameras-oh great you can't even tell them that you've hacked the cameras. Oh wait! We have a workaround. Use their radio- wait it's jammed. HAH.

Figure out a way to hack something so that you can tell Pen she has an entry once we're in there. Meanwhile, time to clear the next room... or do we need to? All we know is there are heat signatures, not that they're agents. Could be some civvies in there.

To be safe, shove the desk in front of the door. Then let's boogie.
No. 657082 ID: 88960e

Hopefully 88's connection is on a different channel from wire comms. Thumbs up, to your invisible eyeball snoop.

And you know, if you had dubs take one of those guys, we wouldn't have needed YANK.

Work on rebooting that asap. Head through the door to the offices. That's where we gotta hack.
No. 657085 ID: 534cc4

Yep. The sooner we hack in, the sooner we can get some backup in here. Make your way to the terminal.
No. 657120 ID: 2a7417

88's commlink is through our shell, so he should be able to see our UI, right? Bring up a textbox to see if you can establish one-way communication. Ask him to give you a signal if it's working, probably by shooting something near you.
No. 657160 ID: f68a09
File 143742765861.png - (16.38KB , 960x560 , 316.png )

73-6 drags the desk in front of the door and kicks it into place. That'll hold them for a bit. It's time to move.

"88 can u see this?" he splashes across his hud, as he hustles to the door. "shoot corner doorframe"
A tiny pinprick burn singe gratifyingly appears right above the door, widening into a clean, nickel-sized hole.
"(´∀`)b" 73-6 wires, and slips through to the venue hall.

He scans the room on the other side, catches a flash of incoming blue, and scuttles to cover.
"No response."
A man in an exoskeleton stalks in front of his vision just as his invisibility kicks back in.
"Any of you?"
"Brentwood, get to the security desk and tell them what's happening. We got a guest."
"Sir." 73-6 hears a door closing.
"Shouldn't we tell Sandler's people?"
"If Shifty decides he decides but that's his call. We need to see if we can handle it before we try to move him or what are we here for?" Exoskeleton waves his pistol at the opposite hallway. 73-6 can see it's a smart gun. "Stack up."
No. 657162 ID: 2a7417

Shoot, 3 of them and 2 of you. You can only see the guy with the smartgun? While he's waving his gun at his friends, instigate a little "friendly fire" and see how many of each other they take out. Does Sev-three actually know the other two are there? If so, designate the lighter-armored one as 88's target after he's killed Exoskeleton or everyone's stopped shooting. Your target is the guy in "armor" with the flechette gun, or the filament whip if you think the fancy paperweights he's wearing might actually do something, or Exoskeleton if he doesn't take return fire.
No. 657163 ID: e114bc

Can you hack that exoskeleton? At an opportune moment, hack it and his smartgun, make him shoot his allies. Then shoot him.
No. 657164 ID: ab7529

>"Brentwood, get to the security desk and tell them what's happening. We got a guest."
>"Sir." 73-6 hears a door closing.
We should have 88 kill the guy who just left the room (Brentwood) before he can report to the security desk. Leave them in the dark a little longer. Hurt their response time and coordination while we're jamming their comms.

>While he's waving his gun at his friends, instigate a little "friendly fire" and see how many of each other they take out.
I like that, if we can. Than Sev and 88 take the two still standing. Worst case, if the smart gun owner doesn't do anything careless, you hack his gun not to work, and Sev and Dubs kill the other two first.

Um. We can hack the gun, right? Did yank mess that up? Test that you can still do remote hacking before coming out of cloak.
No. 657166 ID: 2f2f45

have dubs kill the one trying to report things!
No. 657204 ID: aef8a4

The more casualties we cause before reaching the target, the more likely that their defensive posture is tuned against what we can do and that the target has left before we get there. Disable their communications, make exoskeleton guy spaz out and distract the others, and MOVE ON.
No. 657207 ID: f68a09
File 143744012078.png - (22.47KB , 960x560 , 318.png )

"we have runner," 73-6 writes across his hud. "can u shoot it?"
He's aware that it'll be hard without access to his line of sight, but there's a chance that Brentwood will pass a window on the way and that'll be the chance 88-1 needs. They still aren't aware of him.

73-6 hacks the exoskeleton.
"Peter leads," the NDC is saying. "Slice the pie and keep on your toes. Chances are that the radio's their doing so they might-- uh--"

His arm raises. "What the--"
He shoots one of his buddies in the head. No idea on what kind of noise that generated and whether they can hear it in the conference room.
No. 657208 ID: f68a09
File 143744014097.png - (13.11KB , 960x560 , 319.png )

And then the dude with the shield tackles him.
They skid to the floor at the feet of a once-more invisible Sev.
"TAKE IT OFF" His surviving man plants a knee on the shield and tries to pull the gun from his hands. Neither of them are on the right end of the barrel.
No. 657210 ID: e114bc

Use that cool new weapon you have.
No. 657211 ID: bd8b82

apply magic ice-pick to inviting neck.
No. 657213 ID: d90668

Ok shoot the guy on top off of him and then lead the exosuit around in front of you to absorb bullets. Just make sure the guy in it does not see you or he will go yelling.

Actually if the exosuit can move on its own just shoot them both and you can still do that.
No. 657215 ID: ab7529

Yes, do this.

I don't think we can use exo-guy as a meatshield. If he's alive he's gonna yell. And if he's dead, his legs won't work, cause it looks like the exo is upper body only.
No. 657216 ID: ad7bba

Yeah, claws is a good idea. Take the shield for at least the hallway, don't want to get caught in the open with no cover.
No. 657217 ID: 2f2f45

How many claws we got? If not a lot just shoot them tbh who knowws if well have time to restock before shit hits the fan 2: Electric boogaloo
but then again, speed is priority...
No. 657218 ID: 0fc976

Shank the guy on top, clap Exoskeleton's hand over his mouth, then shank him with your other melee weapon.

Then he shall crawl. A gruesome but effective distraction, should we need it.
No. 657231 ID: bb78f2

Sev, do you have DVR on your sight, I want you to save this comical moment for eternity.
Never again on a mission will you ever hear someone on the battlefield ask his comrade to strip him in an emergency situation.
No. 657318 ID: ae5044

It seems you've accidentally walked onto the set of a porn movie. Can you stab the whip through both of them? If not shock spike one, whip the other.
No. 657409 ID: 534cc4

Use THE CLAAAAAW on his neck. After that make sure exo cant move and then blow his skull open, or just claw him too in the face.
No. 657430 ID: f68a09
File 143753372392.png - (23.79KB , 960x560 , 320.png )

73-6's Tiger Claw bites through the shield guy's back, pierces his heart, and kills him instantly.

He steps on the shield and punches where the Exosuit guy's face was. Three clean holes in the shield like it wasn't even there.

This thing rules. That was just with the default stuff. 73-6 has the neurotoxin claws, the explosive claws, and the microfilament claws all ready to go.

Anyway there's two exits here. One a large, tiled hallway leading off and around a corner, and the other a small, plain door at the far end of the room. Without his eyes in the sky 73-6 has no idea what's down either of them.
No. 657432 ID: e114bc

oops should've interrogated one of them

Go to the door the guy was gesturing towards.
No. 657433 ID: 0fc976

Peek through the door Mr. Teamkiller was not waving towards.
No. 657434 ID: ab7529

Okay. We know which door Brentwood went through, and we know that leads to the security desk.

Question is if we want to go that way. Do we think the cameras monitoring station is there, or just some guys coordinating coms with a bunch of backup.

Hmm. Supposed to be an executive office. That's probably a corner office, right? Maybe the door that goes around the corner is it.
No. 657450 ID: 334db2

Will the fact that you used weapons you aren't supposed to have come back to bite you in the future?
No. 657489 ID: d4a543

Put on that helmet from the previous room and grab the riot shield, then barge into the security desk room. They'll hesitate to shoot somebody who seems to be in a friendly uniform, or if they don't, hey, free armor. Either way it buys some time.

I think Sosa is far beyond the point of tracking individual demerits.
No. 657516 ID: 7cb2ad

If we actually cared, we could've picked it up off a dead body or whatever. The point is moot, since Sosa is a dead bitch anyways.
No. 657666 ID: 5b69c0

Can you turn on your wireless hacking to see if there's anything important looking behind those doors?
Failing that, the security desk is probably somewhere behind the unobtrusive looking door instead of the main thoroughfare.
No. 658090 ID: f68a09
File 143788811502.png - (9.14KB , 960x560 , 321.png )

73-6 picks up the helmet and shield and busts through to the next hallway beyond the nondescript door.

Three windows, two columns suitable for cover. Looks like Brentwood wasn't so lucky as to get to use them. His corpse is here, head melted through. Two spiderwebbing holes in the glass, dribbling down molten rivulets where 88's laser did its work.

It took two shots, though, which means Brentwood may have had time to holler something to the door at the far end of the hallway. 73-6 listens, and hears hurried movement from within.

The shield and the helmet are both too bulky and keyed off his silhouette to go invisible. If he wants the cloak he'll have to drop them.
No. 658092 ID: 0fc976

Hide them behind the column closest to you, run for the second column and cloak there.
No. 658096 ID: ab7529

Prepare to ambush the response coming. Place the hacked smart gun in a position to fire, ditch the helmet and shield near the body (so they don't give away your position) and go invisible.

When it comes time, you shoot, the gun shoots, and maybe Dubs gets a shot through the window too. (You could text "now" or "support fire pls" across your eye when you ambush them).
No. 658102 ID: e114bc

The shield is good protection. Keep it on you for a while. Heck, we could just kick the door down using the shield as cover, and shoot everyone in a very direct firefight.
No. 658110 ID: 0fc976

They'll know that's not his equipment, better to try to hide it. Using the smartgun as a distraction is good though, though we aren't going to hit anything with a gun on the floor the noise will be startling.
No. 658169 ID: ad936f

No. 658186 ID: 5c9255

Is your wire back up yet?
Keep the shield and helmet. Take cover behind the first column. Toss the smart pistol behind the other column to use as a distraction. Signal Dubs to fire on your mark.
No. 659086 ID: f68a09
File 143815532459.png - (17.65KB , 960x560 , 322.png )

73-6 chucks the smart pistol behind the far pillar to serve as a distraction.

The moment the NDC come in it goes off, and instead of seeing the zombie behind the pillar with a flechette gun and a riot shield they all jump back into the doorway, trying to take cover from the phantom shooter behind the second pillar.

73-6 hoses them with metal.

Two go down in the doorway. The third gets behind one of his dying friends to hide from the storm then bolts for the other pillar, firing at 73-6 on full auto. The shield absorbs the bullets.

"-ss? Boss? Bossman. Hey. You back yet?" 88-1's voice crackles into life in 73-6's ear.
No. 659089 ID: e114bc

Yep. That YANK ability is handy, but it sure does a number on the wire. Maybe we can figure out a way to shield it later.

Ask if he can pop that guy behind the pillar since we know where he is.
No. 659109 ID: 5c9255

Hey Dubs, just in time. Can you shoot a guy for me?
No. 659114 ID: bd8b82

paint the target. use that fire support.
No. 659137 ID: 2a7417

"Yep. Nearing the office. Another target, near where the runner was."
No. 659149 ID: ab7529

>"-ss? Boss? Bossman. Hey. You back yet?"
I read you, Dubs.

Mind putting a laser through dude?

>oh, also
7 kills we didn't call in yet. (2 yank fight, 3 exo-hack, 2 just now). 8 if we count Brentwood, although that was Dub's kill.
No. 659158 ID: f68a09
File 143819284101.png - (22.05KB , 960x560 , 323.png )

"read you, dubs."
"He's back, guys."
"Bienvenidos, Sev," Penelope wires.
Sara sounds relieved. "Oh thank goodness."

"7 more kills, sara."
"Jeez, Sev-Three. You're a machine."
"dubs can you blindfire at the guy behind the opposite pillar, my location? should be in the lower right corner of the leftmost window from your perspective."

73-6 peers over his shield and is rewarded by the sight of a jet of arterial spray and brain matter from behind the last guy's cover.

"think that got him."
"Offices through that door, Sev-Three," 88-1 says. "Their radios are still down but we just kicked the hornet's nest in there. Lot of activity. 11 heat signatures across about 4 or 5 rooms. Spreading into clumps of 3 and 4, heading your way. We got one guy going for the stairs. Think he's going to alert the rest of the building. I'll hit him if I can."
No. 659159 ID: ab7529

Well, hopefully I'm almost on top of the control center I'm supposed to hack. Although if they get distracted enough down here, Penn might be able to make her entrance up top anyways.
No. 659160 ID: 2a7417

Get ready to go full auto. Grab the shiniest gun on the floor and reload flechette and smart pistols. Ditch the shield and helmet so we can stealth past patrols again.

88, if the runner's movement is a problem when lining up a headshot, take out his legs first. If you miss, signal us to cause "the distraction" so we can get Penelope onto the scene.
No. 659174 ID: e114bc

Definitely keep the shield since it blocks bullets.

I say grab the smart gun again, keep using it as a distraction. They can't adjust to your tactics if nobody is able to use the radio to tell anyone what your tactics are.

Although if we're at the offices we can probably just hack the cameras and go invisible somewhere out of the way(or on the ceiling). Let the hornets buzz around with no idea where we are, while Pen finishes the mission. Then shoot our way out. Or let their radios come back up so they realize there's no point in sticking around. Once things are calmed down a little we can mostly walk out.
No. 659336 ID: 534cc4

Ditch the shield and helmet for stealth, and grab a smart gun to take with you.

Have pen get ready to move.
No. 659373 ID: d4a543

Keep the disguise for now, spread some FUD. Barge into the next occupied room and shout "Three more hostiles coming up the fire escape! Go to radio silence, comms are compromised!" or something like that, and give them a chance to relay the maliciously inaccurate intel before opening fire.
No. 659387 ID: 2a7417

We already failed to fool them once, their radios are shot anyway, and we'd throw away the element of surprise. How about we not do that.
No. 660205 ID: f68a09
File 143867656086.png - (13.11KB , 960x540 , 324.png )

73-6 drops the shield and the helmet and moves up to the door.

"sara we got schematics?"
"Roger Dodger. That's a, uhhhh, hub space up ahead. Left door custodial and security. Cameras will probably be through there. Right door administrator offices."
"what we got for heat signatures, dubs?"
"Four, boss. Something else: listen to this."
73-6 creeps toward the door to get a visual while 88-1 keys him into the jammed communications.

"All NDC this is Papa 2. Move VIP repeat Move VIP. Put the pre rec on and drag him out if you have to. We are compromised. Repeat: Move VIP."
"They've got like a dozen channels," 88-1 says. "I think this is emergency protocol. I'm trying to keep everything gummed up but if they've slipped through we gotta ratchet it up another notch."

73-6 takes a peek into the next room.
No. 660224 ID: f59333

We need to pick up the pace so Pen can enter/

There's only one guy covering our door and I don't know if we're fast enough to kill them all without one of the getting a shot of at us.
We're gonna haveta guns akimbo
No. 660231 ID: e114bc

There's a window. Possible fire support? Alternatively you could go for a grenade at this point. Chuck it behind the cover they have, then ice whoever's left.

What's that guy back there working on?
No. 660251 ID: 88960e

Anything hackable on these guys?
No. 660258 ID: 2a7417

Check this. What's the guy standing behind the barricade holding?
Distraction is a go, move your feet Pen!
No. 660298 ID: ab7529

If we have to storm the room, we probably shouldn't hold back. 88 support, and going all in. Would crazy claw weapons be more effective than the fletchet? Not sure how big the explosives are, or if one of the claw types are specialized to bunch through barricades. But now is not the time to conserve special claw ammo if it will help.

...is the barricade metal? We might be able to use YANK to crush 3 of them against the wall (we can push as well as yank, right?) while 88 snipes the last one. That would mean we'd be com dark as we rushed and hack the security room, though. We'd have to give Penn the go signal via 88. And if anything else happens, we might not get word in time. (Unless we hacked ourselves a backdoor through the systems here to talk while the wire is down).

Then Penn crashes the roof and goes full shinobi on a nest of stirred up renta-cops.

>What's that guy back there working on?
I think might be the backside of a barricade, just in case anything comes from the window.
No. 660307 ID: d4a543

Tiger time. Punch a neurotoxin claw through an appropriate spot in the wall, then launch it pneumatically to hit that guy covering the door. After he's incapacitated but before somebody else moves to replace him, step inside and sweep. Remember to use the barricade yourself.
No. 660393 ID: f68a09
File 143876022418.png - (14.62KB , 960x560 , 325.png )

73-6 scans the wall, squints, and punches a clean row of holes straight through it.

He launches a full rack of neurotoxin claws into the guy covering the door.

"What the--" he gasps.
"Five?" His friend behind the barrier looks up at him. "Are you--"
"I smell green," the stuck NDC mumbles.

Blood trickles out of his ear.
No. 660394 ID: f68a09
File 143876023370.png - (29.76KB , 960x560 , 326.png )

As he hits the ground 73-6 spins out of the doorway, cutting a scythe of flechettes across the room.

The guy holding the weird device thing behind the barricade is winged in the shoulder before he dives for cover.
The one in front of the door shoots instead of running.

The bullet squashes itself flat against 73-6's trenchcoat then dissipates its force against his new bodyglove armor. It tinkles to the ground. A sustained burst from the flechette gun and the NDC's brains slide down the wall behind him.

Two behind the barricade alive and one right over 73-6's left shoulder, rising from some terminal he was working on.
73-6 is in the open. He has to be quick.
No. 660402 ID: e114bc

What the heck there's five people here, not four. Guy with the baseball cap wasn't clearly visible from the door, and there's three others.

Can't use the barricade with two people behind it. Also, one of the guys not showing up via heat signatures makes me worry.

Unless you can combat hax that weird device and make it do something cool, best bet might be to dash to the right so that the guy by the terminal's LOS is blocked by the corner, while hosing down the barricade to keep the dudes behind it suppressed until you can shoot around it.
No. 660432 ID: b9fa4a

Could we flechette/claw the two guys behind the cover and then us the cover against terminal guy?
No. 660445 ID: 2a7417

Spike filament whip through the cover to get that guy, give terminal guy a terminal case of face metal. Send spam emails to the mysterious device or something, make it go haywire.
No. 660451 ID: 88960e

Whip around cover, not trough. It goes around corners.

If 88 could pop one of these guys that would be great. Does he have an angle?
No. 660648 ID: d4a543

First, duck, while hacking all the smartguns. Flip IFF around so they refuse to fire when pointing at you, but discharge automatically when any NDC agent passes in front.

Then move right, through the door to the admin offices. As you pass, make sure the corpse next to the door lands with his gun pointing at the two behind the barricade. Once you're in the offices, turn around to stab whoever managed to chase you without getting cut off at the knees by friendly fire.

Finally, double back and head for the cameras.
No. 660925 ID: f68a09
File 143900285537.png - (60.35KB , 960x560 , 327.png )

"dubs barricade standing hit him!"

73-6 slides across the floor to the barricade, scrambling for his whip.
He swipes it across the side, slashing a groove into the metal side and cutting the crouching NDC behind it nearly in half.

The other one drops his device, pulls out his smartgun, and points it at 73-6's head.

It goes beep-click.

He doesn't even have time to register surprise before 88-1 shoots him through the heart.
No. 660926 ID: e114bc

Incoming grenade! Get on the other side of the barricade from it. Try not to expose yourself to the remaining soldier, or if you do, shoot him first.
No. 660932 ID: ab7529

Dang. Did not expect the whip to slice right through a riot barricade. I thought it would whip around the edge. We got impressive hardware. (Well that, or these guys really don't).

Yeah, this seems the right plan of action. Use the barricade to shelter from the nade. Careful of the groove your whip cut in it- the rest of the baricade might snap along that line.
No. 660936 ID: d4a543

Four down, one to go, then head for the camera room.

Any chance that grenade has some fancy smart fuze you can put on hold with combat hacking? Never know when an extra grenade might come in handy.
No. 660937 ID: f68a09
File 143900483368.png - (26.11KB , 960x560 , 328.png )

73-6 vaults the cover to get away from the grenade.

The NDC on the other side has a gun pointed at him but it's a smart gun.

He charges 73-6, who plugs him in the head.
No. 660938 ID: f68a09
File 143900483936.png - (13.85KB , 960x560 , 329.png )

The grenade explodes behind him with an earsplitting BOOM.
If the conference wasn't aware of them before they sure as shit are now.

73-6 blinks, rattled by the explosion, and the NDC's hands close around his neck.

Aaaaaaah it's a fucking robot
No. 660939 ID: e114bc

Can't you hack it?! If not, your spike should have enough volts to fry it.
No. 660946 ID: ab7529

He's touching you. Physical contact means you can use the highest level of hacking. Hack it, obtain robot bodyguard / meat-shield. (Then order it to show you to the camera controls).

Or if for some reason you can't hack it, stab it with the good old spike and turn on the electricity. Fry that sucker's circuits.
No. 660948 ID: 3663d3

good thing you have all those ranks in computer science.
No. 660956 ID: d4a543

Make the robot go limp, then patch it's command codes through to Sara so she can use it as a telepresence rig.
No. 660958 ID: 334db2

Hack him, make him report the tango is down.
No. 660967 ID: 1730fb

Ring ring, calling hax! E-murder this guy and puppet his lifeless electronic corpse.
No. 660993 ID: f68a09
File 143901892024.png - (10.27KB , 960x560 , 330.png )

Oh, right, he's a master hacker.
73-6 wipes the robot clean and stops its brain activity, killing it instantly.

That's kind of fucked up.
Well it's also basically what he did to everyone else. Maybe it's because he has a robot girlfriend.
Or like friend. Is she?
But she called him Boo and stuff. There were those heart eyes. But maybe that doesn't mean anything.
He probably shouldn't refer to her as his girlfriend. 73-6, you've chosen a really bad moment to think about this. Focus.


Good plan, but a cursory investigation of the systems indicates Speech is down. The synthesizer must have been in the head. It's not detachable like Sara's grade-a model.

With his super duper ultra masterclass hack-god hacking, 73-6 can:
+ Slave the robot to his own systems, giving him complete control. It'll obviously be a huge distraction if he tries to control both himself and the robot at once.
+ Reprogram the robot with a complete AI overwrite, giving it an entirely new personality, which will probably take like a week to do.
+ Rig the robot to explode
+ Slave the robot to anybody else he can contact: Sara, 73-6-2, Dartline...
+ Basically most anything else he can think of. Too bad about the face.

A lot of these options will really compromise his cover with the Bureau. 73-6 wonders if he even cares about that anymore.
No. 660996 ID: 3663d3

slave the robot to.. YOUR OTHER SELF! the one copied by that crazy AI. you can then honestly say that you were the only one controlling that robot.
No. 660997 ID: ad7bba

Just program it enough to walk and enter a room and then dance the robot. Oh! Or, like, moonwalk into a room backwards and do some classic Jackson dance moves. Not that the effect work too well minus an appropriate hat.
No. 660999 ID: e114bc

I'm pretty sure heart eyes mean something.

Do whatever won't immediately blow your cover. I like the idea of slaving it to 73-6-2, but I can see how that would be a problem. Also I'm not sure the Deep AI would appreciate the distraction. Discuss it with Sara, maybe? First priority is getting to the cameras though. You can mess with the robot afterwards.
No. 661014 ID: d90668

If you are going to blow your cover do not let everyone know you are a master hacker. If that becomes known they will take countermeasures against you. Your hacking abilities are your ace in the hole for the endgame here.

Could you slave the body to your ai counterpart and then have him book it out of the building when no one was looking? Would not be useful for this mission but he could go have it repaired and then would be able to help out when Sosa gets here. Another set of hands would be awesome.
No. 661023 ID: d4a543

Dartline and 73-6-2 both have godlike hacking powers of their own to fall back on if they feel like acquiring robot bodies. Sara doesn't have hacking at all, except through us, and she's got the most practice operating a full robot body (rather than a 'moldie' cyborg shell) in real-world combat against Fantomas.
No. 661056 ID: 534cc4

I also like the idea of giving 73-6-2 a robot body, but we should do it only if we can disguise the reality of what we are doing somehow. If we could tell the bureau we just swapped friend/foe settings and made it follow simple commands, that could work. I feel like the robot likely is sending data somewhere, and we need to have all data scrambled so any workings can be further hidden. Even if that isn't an issue, unless we have a means to get the bot out without suspicion (which i doubt there is) then we need to have the bot explode at some point to do a further cover up, and we could use the explosion itself to our advantage somehow.
No. 661057 ID: 334db2

Speech might be down, but what about an internal radio?
No. 661060 ID: ab7529

>He probably shouldn't refer to her as his girlfriend.
C'mon, do you really want to risk dying single?

>A lot of these options will really compromise his cover with the Bureau.
That's assuming we tell the bureau we did this, and we don't just not have our robo-agent start moving as soon as you've left the room. It can sneak out of here after the mayhem is done, and then we have a secret asset. (Good to have more tools to use against 38-3 he doesn't know about).

Slaving it too yourself is too distracting. Building an AI from scratch we don't have time for.

That leaves Sara and your doppelganger. Since we're trying to keep this nominally secret from the bureau, I'd favor 73-6-2. Who can you trust to have your back, if not yourself?

And don't forget to call in the kills. And ASAP get to the computer room. Did you wipe all the everything from the bot, or just the AI files? Be nice if you could pull a map or floorplan that tells you which door you want.
No. 661075 ID: 6ebdfb

HELL YEA wait how will he see?
No. 661121 ID: ad936f

Rig the robot to obey 73-6-2 (or yourself if he is unavailable), but don't do anything with it right now, you can have it sneak out later when the bureau won't find out. Keeping the extent of your abilities hidden is absolute top priority.

As for Sara; it doesn't matter if she is your girlfriend. Right now you are not a person, you are an ass kicking machine, and she is just another person who you must protect. You can worry about interpersonal relationships AFTER you have saved everyone.
No. 661134 ID: bb78f2

If you give Sev-2 a robot body, and he fixes it up later, he might try to steal your robot maybe-girlfriend.
No. 661257 ID: f68a09
File 143911022304.png - (9.91KB , 960x560 , 331.png )

73-6 rigs the robot to receive an incoming connection. Letting it get up now would be too suspicious, though; he can figure out who to slave it to later.

He hustles to the administrative offices. Sitting among the basic desktops and hang in there posters is a squat black security kiosk.

The cameras are down in seconds. The turrets are flipped to his side.

"pen you're go. we don't have much time; sandman might be on the move. time to do what you do best. hit the top floor, hit it hard, and kill him and whoever tries to stop you."

"Sev-Three," Penelope wires. "Those might be the most erotic words a man has ever said to me."
No. 661258 ID: f68a09
File 143911023071.png - (474.65KB , 960x560 , 332.png )

Penelope stands back from the ledge of 88-1's building, slides her palm across her sword, and gets ready to glide.

"Knock knock, panochas."
No. 661259 ID: f68a09
File 143911023408.png - (8.32KB , 960x560 , 333.png )

Do we stay with 73-6 or switch to Penelope's perspective?
No. 661261 ID: 534cc4

Sev is our boy and all, but we gotta go full ninja now, pen deserves some screen time.


(Might be nice to have some choice on what sev does during our ninja rampage though.)
No. 661263 ID: e114bc

Your name is Penelope and you are going to kill everyone on this floor.
No. 661272 ID: f67386

Penelope, while shooting people is fun, slicing them in two is better.
No. 661292 ID: 1730fb

Penne ala rockstar.
No. 661297 ID: 9f26dc

Your name is Penelope, 104, and you're here to katana some fuckers and speak Spanish! And you're about to do both.
No. 661317 ID: d4a543

Switch to one-oh-eight-dash-zero. Sev-three can take some time off screen to gather up salvageable equipment (every one of those smartguns is just a strip of duct tape away from being a booby trap for repelling 38-3's assault on Outpost Jericho or the safehouse), or maybe make his way to the main hall and hack the public-facing hologram.
No. 661325 ID: 025022

Operative 108-1 is here to kill everyone in this floor.
No. 661347 ID: ad936f

No. 661434 ID: f68a09
File 143918495256.png - (164.98KB , 960x540 , 334.png )

So here's Penelope's plan:
She's gonna drop onto the roof, find a way inside, kill everybody, then escape with 73-6 and go find Keisha so she can give her a big gay kiss.

Simple! Effective! Very her.
No. 661435 ID: f68a09
File 143918496136.png - (4.78KB , 960x560 , 335.png )

Then maybe sometime down the line she'll write a book about this shit.
She wonders if anyone would believe it.
No. 661436 ID: f68a09
File 143918497430.png - (5.16KB , 960x560 , 336.png )

Anyway it's killing time.

"On the roof." She waves up to 88-1's sniper spot. "Ay Dubs."
"Hi, Pen. I'm waving."
"Can't see you."
"that's a good thing," 73-6 wires. "breach and clear, pen. i'll do what i can for you by terminal and dubs is watching from the sky."
"So what're my ways in?"

"i can unlock the roof access door for you or you can rappel in through a window," 73-6 wires. "door should be closer to the action than window, but window they won't be expecting."

"Or I could burn a hole in the roof for you and then you stick a grenade in and we finagle a breach charge outta that," 88-1 suggests. "Kind of a ghetto solution and you lose the nade but that's a dynamic fucking entry."
No. 661437 ID: 34a64b

Breach charge gotta breach charge. No-one's going to see that coming.
No. 661439 ID: ab7529

Window or nade seem cool. We should go with cool.

...maybe unlock the door anyways, right before you hit, so if they're watching the door, you fake them out.

Double check how many kills Sev was up to. He's got a head start- now you've got a target to beat.

Also hey, you get to murder a senator. That's cool.
No. 661440 ID: 0fc976

Dynamic entry!
No. 661447 ID: 534cc4

Do the crazy dynamic entry thing with the roof being burned and the grenade followed by jumping in and stabbing people.

Great plan lets do it no time to waste.
No. 661448 ID: 225f37

Go for the DOUBLE Fake out: Unlock the door, THEN tie a rock to a rapel line and toss it so it arcs down and breaks the window, THEN set off the breaching charge.

They won't have a fucking clue what's going on.
No. 661451 ID: cf6bc2

Holy shit yes! Door, Rock, wait 10 seconds, Breach.
No. 661452 ID: e114bc

Let's not blow the element of surprise by trying to do tricky bullshit.
No. 661494 ID: d4a543

Door gets you closest to the action, and swords work best at close range. Save your grenade for the contingency of some sort of sword-proof enemy or device that presents a real obstacle.

Window option, while awesome, should be saved for your exit: jump and glide away while looking back and turning invisible like that lady from Ghost in the Shell.
No. 661495 ID: d4a543

Remember to send your hologram clone in through the door first, so anyone lying in wait wastes bullets on it.
No. 661858 ID: ad936f

do this and then go in through the window. it's still a dynamic entry and it doesn't waste a grenade.
No. 661861 ID: 2a7417

Yeesh, keep it simple guys.
And by 'simple' I mean 'melt a hole in the roof to insert a grenade and create a new entrance.'
No. 661971 ID: f68a09
File 143945172880.png - (208.21KB , 960x560 , 337.png )

The ceiling explodes and the NDC light up the first thing they see drop into the room.

Unfortunately for them that thing was not the real Penelope.
No. 661975 ID: 6161ff

heeheehee, commence erotic death foreplay
No. 661983 ID: e114bc

See if you can decapitate them both in one dash. They're pretty close together, and they're looking away from you.
No. 662015 ID: 88960e

Sword-dash across the room. Bisect them both.

"That's 2".

Assess exits, see if your hacker buddy or eye-hacker buddy tells you which way to go from heat signatures or computers.
No. 662027 ID: 2a7417

Chop off shield dude's head and punt it into the other guy like a football.
No. 662226 ID: f68a09
File 143953573967.png - (145.13KB , 960x560 , 338.png )

Penelope hacks off both of their heads at around 30 miles per hour.

She almost slams into the wall. Gotta work on the brakes, there, toots.
No. 662227 ID: f68a09
File 143953574553.png - (23.73KB , 960x540 , 339.png )

"I'm in, amigos. Two dead crackers."
"Gotcha," Sara wires.

Penelope lightly kicks a head across the floor. Killing NDC is a rare delight. She remembers these guys from when she was homeless on the streets before Tribranch. Lot of the vagrants she used to run with got their boots as a last meal back in the day.

"OK, dudes. Looking at 2 doors. What's behind them?"

"The north one with the crash bar on it is a secured door toward the broadcast room," Sara says. "It's alarmed."
"already on that," wires 73-6. "i mean not that a little alarm matters anymore."
Sara giggles. "Probably not. That one going East just leads to more offices and the stairwell."

"And a shit ton of heat signatures," 88-1 wires. "Coming your way fast. A few behind that north one too but the mass is coming up the stairs."
No. 662234 ID: e114bc

Shove one or two of those benches or whatever in front of the east door. You'll have like a second of advance warning before anyone comes in through the secure door, at which point you can set up your hologram on one corner and you on the other.

If you can open the door before they arrive do so. Then you'll probably have to block some bullets before you can kill anyone...
No. 662307 ID: 88960e

>almost slams into the wall
Right, no power dashing in too small rooms. That would be an embaressing and insufficiently badass way to die.

>Shit ton of hostiles coming up the stairs
Dang. Wish we still had a grenade to throw down the stairs at them. Any on the dead guys?

Senator is probably somewhere behind the alarmed door. We should go that way.
No. 662332 ID: 0fc976

Sev, can you open the door remotely before they get here? We'll go through there and leave our holo-clone jumping back up through the hole when the NDC arrive.
No. 662365 ID: 3b9cd8

ignore drunk chick and seagull you have more important things to do and also ignore metagameing
No. 662378 ID: ab7529

Why is there a different color orange spatter on the floor, there? Is the hologram bleeding fake blood or what?
No. 662399 ID: f68a09
File 143960064224.png - (23.89KB , 960x540 , 340.png )

They're big old footlockers. Locked, but whatever's inside is pretty heavy.

Penelope drags one over to the East door and shoves it in front of it. That oughta hold them.

Five seconds after she sets that up the doorknob turns, then jiggles violently, then the door slams into the locker, which holds fast for now.

"alarm down on north," 73-6 reports.
"Seven sigs," 88-1 says. "All gathered at the top of those stairs."
No. 662411 ID: 0fc976

Crack it open, roll through the door, leave an explosive little surprise for the NDC as they breach the room behind you.
No. 662412 ID: 0fc976

Whoops, looks like we're out of grenades. Pry open a footlocker then set the hologram to jump up as you slip through the door, make it look like you got what you were looking for.
No. 662414 ID: ab7529

Hmm. Can you project your hologram on the other side of the door?

Have holo-Penn appear behind them, gun out, and have 88 start shooting at them. They'll think she's real. Then distraction-girl dives or dashes downstairs, thy pursue...

And you come batman flying down the stairs from behind and they all die.
No. 662418 ID: e114bc

Uh. Just leave it. Go through the secure door, have sev lock it behind you so they can't get through.
No. 662530 ID: 534cc4

Well the secure door is unlocked, why not go through it and just have sev lock it? (It's boring and safe i know, but at least there will be more to kill later.)
No. 662671 ID: 257e78

Can 73-6 hack the two corpses' smartguns as an additional hazard for whoever's trying to kick down that door? If so, position them in such a way as will be useful. Regardless, proceed toward the target without wasting too much more time.
No. 662679 ID: b19c9a

I think we should check the lockers really fast...then...wait...can't they SHOOT through the door? Be wary in case they try that.
No. 662814 ID: f68a09
File 143969917056.png - (42.87KB , 960x540 , 341.png )

Penelope can't project a hologram to where she can't see.
She opens the north door.

"Hola," she says. "Bring enough guys, you think?"

"Drop your weapon," says the dead motherfucker behind the shield wall.
No. 662817 ID: 6e65bc

Sev! Overload the lights! Make them shatter and go out!

Pen! Sprint down the hall, leap off the shield wall, and cut that motherfucker's head off!

Dubs! Shoot for the ones in the alcoves! Pen use the shocked man-wall as cover while he does that!
No. 662818 ID: e114bc

Oh dear. Can you deflect their fire until 88 can reduce their numbers?
No. 662819 ID: 334db2

Where you're going, you won't need brakes.
No. 662821 ID: 1b70ef

Gotta get fast, quick! Let's break the record for most guys killed in a second by sword, shall we? Make like a light streak and streak your way on blazing-trailed feet!
No. 662828 ID: ab7529

...how many guns can you deflect fire from at once, Penn? And can we send bullets back in their direction, Jedi-style? It would be pretty funny it we got to taunt "stop shooting yourself, stop shooting yourself".

I got an idea. Cast the hologram, on top of yourself. Make it do an obvious hologram flicker. Then dismiss it, project a hologram behind them, gun out, and have 88 shoot a guy. They'll think the hologram behind them is real, and you're the decoy. You'll have freedom to close and start killing when they turn to deal with her.

Wire 88 that he's allowed to fire at will when shit starts.
No. 662830 ID: 6d4595

So, can you see behind them enough to drop a hologram there? And can you make it talk?
No. 662831 ID: f68a09
File 143970174663.png - (55.47KB , 960x540 , 342.png )

Penelope breaks into a sprint.

They open fire just as the lights blink out. Penelope's blade is a blur in front of a blur as she sprints down the hallway, going so fast she nearly runs up the wall. Bullets trace brilliant yellow that her katana slices clean by murderous instinct
Behind her one of the guys in the alcove turns to try to get a bead on her and his head explodes. 88-1 is opening fire.

Penelope carves a path through the curtain of lead and screams:

Then she plants a foot on the head of the guy in the shield wall directly in front of her and launches into the air, swinging wildly at the man behind the line.

She hears him scream and die in the dark.
No. 662833 ID: e114bc

He screamed, that means they're going to fire in that direction. Relocate, try to find someone via their muzzle flash and eliminate them.

Sev might flash the lights every now and then to give you their position. Have a hologram up when this happens so they can't be sure where you are.
No. 662834 ID: ab7529

Kill em all. Then lights.

Tell Sev if the security feed is getting audio from any of this, to pipe it through the rest of the NDC comms. Let them hear what's coming.
No. 662845 ID: f68a09
File 143970512873.png - (131.33KB , 960x540 , 343.png )

"Lights," Penelope wires.

They blink on again.

The man she leapt off of has turned around. His visor is spattered with his commanding officer's blood. "Holy Shit!"

His MG thunders. "Shoot! SHOOT!"
No. 662846 ID: f68a09
File 143970513976.png - (53.61KB , 960x540 , 344.png )

"Lights out," Penelope wires.

She disembowels him.

The lights keep flickering and Penelope keeps cutting, until everyone in the hallway is dead.
No. 662848 ID: ab7529

>everyone in the hallway is dead.
Not quite. You're not a moldie yet, Penn.

Call it in. "That's seven more from me. And a lot faster than Sev's batch."

Any more incoming?

Then we need to get moving in whatever direction we think the senator's safe room was. They'll be trying to get him out. Can Sev tell where the holo-transmission for his speech was coming from?
No. 662849 ID: e114bc

Wire in your kill count, ask if the guys at the stairs are still roadblocked. Then advance.
No. 662865 ID: f68a09
File 143970858451.png - (81.08KB , 960x540 , 345.png )

"Yo SEV I just CLOWNED your ass for kill speed," Penelope wires. "Seven more dead."
"Penelope's on fire!" Sara says.
"yeah well i got the lights."
"Dubs how's the next room looking?"
"They're almost through the door," 88-1 says. "Then they got the security door behind you to deal with. Is that locked, Sev-Three?"

"Cool," Peneloe wires. "Then I got time."

She moves on.

Next room has a weird piece of machinery in the corner. This must be the thing that Sandman was using to broadcast.

"Go," a man says, on the other side.
"We need to evac," someone protests.
"Stay there. Keep Sandler there. We have to deal with this."
"So let us--"
"No." He slams the door. His arm hisses. It's powered armor. "I have this."

"Sev, can you hack this guy? Powered armor."
"no can do. not unless i can get closer."
"Uhhh Dubs can you snipe him?"
"Sorry, Pen. Walls're too thick."
"The fuck, dudes?"
No. 662866 ID: f68a09
File 143970859383.png - (12.41KB , 960x560 , 346.png )

"All right, you bitch."

The NDC pulls a sword from a scabbard built into his shield.

"Bring it on."
No. 662867 ID: f68a09
File 143970860667.png - (7.83KB , 960x560 , 347.png )

No. 662872 ID: ab7529

>This must be the thing that Sandman was using to broadcast.
Oh man, we should totally do something stupid with that before we go. Pose for the crowd, or make holo-sandman say something dumb.

>putting the objective at risk for an awesome sword fight
I like this dude's style.

Bitch, you just made my day.

Hologram clone time. Double attack. If he confused which sword is real, sucks to be him. If he can keep up, that's more fun.
No. 662877 ID: e114bc

Can you put your hologram on top of yourself? A full clone would be spotted after the first strike, but if it's merged with you half the time, and throws out fake attacks at the same time as your real ones that's a lot harder to handle.

Whatever you do, make sure to get some sick flippy ninja shit in during the fight.
No. 662897 ID: a107fd

Target the champion's armpits. Brachial arteries, all the connective bits and nerves to cripple the limb's function (although power armor might compensate for that), and because of the need for range of motion it's basically impossible to put thick or rigid armor there.
No. 662923 ID: 56f7d1

Mini boss battle. Remember katana not made for blocking.

Fuck yes if this is possible.
No. 662933 ID: f461c5

Do not let your orgasm slow you down.

And let us hope that Sev can spot whatever trick they hope to pull/escape they plan to take before it becomes a problem.
No. 662937 ID: 534cc4

The face. It's priceless. Seriously no credits can buy true happiness.

Kill him in a sword fight, don't let him shield bash you or pin you down. Use your mobility to stay one step ahead and land blows.
No. 662939 ID: 6cfee4

Looks like an exoskeleton, not full power armor. Try and get behind him and stick him in the ribs where an opening is. You might need to use your hologram like the other suggestion said and confuse him with it to create an opening.
No. 662950 ID: 34a64b

Unnerve him with your lunatic grin.
No. 662983 ID: 334db2

Part of me says to pull an Indiana Jones and just shoot him.


Don't mess around with this guy, and don't let down your guard. Don't want to ruin this moment by getting sloppy.
No. 663062 ID: a191d7

What kind of fool leaves his armpits unprotected? This fool, apparently.
No. 663391 ID: a25bbd

Well then, both you guys focus on finding Sandman, the evac's underway.
Pen, show him the art of the draw. Growing a second pair of holo-arms sounds good too.
No. 663469 ID: fb5461

hombre i might just let you live because thats the best thing anyone not my girlfriend's ever said to me
No. 663510 ID: b19c9a

Penn why did you suddenly become caucasian?
No. 663514 ID: 770318

Quick Pen, how many times was your sword folded?

this is crucial
No. 663658 ID: 497f15

Don't get too excited. You gotta girl waiting for you and she wants you in one piece.
No. 664168 ID: af0578

Control yourself, Pen. You've got a job to do here.
No. 664181 ID: 93a6e5

Probably not much if any times seeing as its like some factory produced look real shit supplied to hype drive junkie assassins.
No. 664298 ID: f68a09
File 144014541739.png - (18.34KB , 960x560 , 348.png )

Time to focus, Penelope!

She launches herself at the NDC guy, sword-first, and loses herself in a blissful dance of flashing swords and footwork. This guy's not bad.

"Not breaking a sweat, bitch," he says.

Penelope turns his blade neatly away. "You really need to work on polishing that shit talk before I end you."

She sprouts a second pair of holographic arms holding a holographic katana.
But even though it catches him offguard, and unbalances him enough that he lets a blow through, it's not enough to get through the armor.

And where Pen's arms touch the fake ones there's a fizzing layer of holographic interference that travels up the image and exposes it. Once he gets used to it there's nothing she can do, and he adapts quick. Damn, he's not bad, even if he's fighting like a coward.

And why shouldn't he? Time is on his side.

He's holding out on her, she realizes. She's the stronger swordswoman but he has the protection. He's waiting for her to tire herself out, the fuckin' timer scamming bastard.
It might work, too. The katana, although unimpeachable as the mark of a true swordswinging badass, is not a weapon that was designed for fighting a shield or polycarbonate ballistic armor. Every time he blocks a swing her arm goes a little bit more numb. He's definitely been trained to protect his weak points with that shield of his; in fact he might even be baiting the attacks on them out by the way his shield so instinctively finds the room to knock her around.
No. 664299 ID: 8177e7

Get him away from a wall, back up, split off your hologram and circle him in opposite directions. He can only stop one of yous stabbing him in the back.
No. 664301 ID: e114bc

You could try kicking him flat on his ass. That dash you have can give you the momentum to do so. Or you could try to disarm him. That sword hand looks cuttable. Or was that a weak point he's using against you too?

You have a gun but his armor is damn good and he has a shield to hide behind. At best you could use the gun to make him hide behind it, so that you could outmaneuver him. Like shoot and jump over his ass.
No. 664334 ID: 945fb0

... You wouldn't happen to have another grenade would you?
No. 664337 ID: 0fc976

Help him practice his shit-talking.
No. 664341 ID: 48475d

Is there any way we can lead him to somewhere Dubs can get a shot? Try and direct him towards a wall he can snipe through. He is controlling the fight right now, and we need to make him fight on our terms.

He's fighting smart, so let's fight SMARTER. We have two other lethal as fuck assassins on our side. If teamwork can save our ass here, we need to try it.
No. 664356 ID: ab7529

Okay- since your holo-double isn't confusing him anymore, just have her jump in his face to temporarily blind him. Take the opportunity yo strike somewhere vulnerable (you basically need an armpit stab to get around the armor), just to break off and go invisible. Then we can try to ninja-jump him.
No. 664362 ID: a107fd

Back away, act like you're panting and about to collapse, then when he advances for the kill just run around him and kick the door down at 30 mph. Out-swordfighting this guy is not your objective.
No. 664377 ID: 534cc4

He is blocking everything coming at his center, so take that gun and repeatedly shoot at his fucking face. He wont trust his helmet so he will use his shield, and while he is blocking bullets go for a leg stab or armpit stab if its more convenient.

If he wants to play the cowardly game then lets fight dirty.
No. 664409 ID: 2d5d20

i say we do this
we basically have no time for prolonged fights
No. 664411 ID: d1dd8c


That being said, if you can slash the unarmored area at his pelvis/ upper thigh as you're doing this, it would at least help slow this guy down. Still, The bluff is the priority.
No. 664415 ID: f68a09
File 144023000486.png - (11.15KB , 960x560 , 349.png )

If he fights pussy Penelope's fighting dirty.

She ducks back and her mirror image leaps.

It fizzles on connection with the NDC, but it fizzles all over his eyes.
No. 664416 ID: f68a09
File 144023005231.png - (85.26KB , 960x540 , 350.png )

By the time he has his bearings she's behind him. By the time he looks back she's invisible.

He stomps forward. "Where are you, bitch?"
Penelope's about to say something shitty at him about how much he's using gendered language as a crutch for his weak-sauce flame game but then she remembers she's invisible.
No. 664417 ID: e114bc

Be patient. Wait until he's close enough to strike before he can react, and turned in a way so that you can either get a really good wound in or kill him outright.
No. 664433 ID: 534cc4

Wait until he does something stupid and leaves himself open and then shove your sword in a weak point and fuck up his insides all to hell.
No. 664437 ID: 0fc976

Plow him over with a sonic boom backstab.
No. 664442 ID: ad7bba

Can you jump up onto the ceiling above him and then finish it with a blow from above? That'd be sick as fuck.
No. 664448 ID: ab7529

Wait for an opportunity, then run him though the unarmored bit under his arms.

Maybe get Sev to cause a distraction somewhere with hacking so sword guy's buddies are yelling at him to hurry up here.
No. 664449 ID: 281aec

I'm trying to think if we could make him to back up into you, but I think if we put the hologram in front of him, he'd either charge it or stay still. Hm.
No. 664486 ID: a107fd

Silently wire to 76-3 that you've got the power armor guy stalled and the target pinned down so he needs to get his moldy ass up here to make with the computer science.

Can you tap on the door without breaking invisibility, maybe trick them into opening up?
No. 664518 ID: f68a09
File 144028933948.png - (10.40KB , 960x560 , 351.png )

Penelope waits.

The swordsman steps back. His head is on a swivel. "You can't--"
No. 664519 ID: f68a09
File 144028934690.png - (23.25KB , 960x560 , 352.png )

Penelope steps back into visibility and rams her sword up through his exposed side, through his ribcage, and out the other side.

"Hide?" Penelope supplies. He gurgles and goes limp.
Penelope pulls her sword out with a jagged, fizzing hiss and he drops to the floor.
She wipes her blade off on his shirt.
No. 664520 ID: ab7529

Wire: Plus one, guys.

Dubs, do I still got heat signatures cowers on the other side of that door, or have they started running away yet?

Either way, it's time to chase down the senator and end this.

...I'm sorely tempted to use sandman's thing to pose for the crowd. Or something. It would be a shame to let that opportunity go to waste. Quick guys, what awesome stupid-thing can we do with the holo-projector before chasing the senator down. (Can we use it to impersonate him? Make him say something terribly stupid?)
No. 664522 ID: 3663d3

wasted enough time with this punk,get moving.
No. 664523 ID: f68a09
File 144029145029.png - (21.62KB , 960x560 , 353.png )

"Dubs," Penelope wires. "Can you--"

There's a gunshot from behind the door. Someone screams.

The door swings open. An NDC is pointing his pistol squarely at a hunched man in an expensive suit and a more expensive hairpiece.

"You want Sandler?" he says. "Take him."
No. 664524 ID: a19cd5

"Is that a challenge or an invitation? It could go either way here."
No. 664525 ID: 8177e7

Sounds far. Just confirm you've got Sandler, and not a body double or something.

Any other NDC movements?
No. 664526 ID: ab7529

Quick check: make sure Sandman actually looks like Sandman, and didn't just swap clothes. Double check over the wire or dubs eyes if you don't know what he looks like.

...then while still watching him, turn and shoot the hologram generator. Make sure they're not faking him with holograms.

If it doesn't appear to be a fakeout tell the NDC "Deal. Now get the fuck out of here."

If he actually tries something stupid like shooting you, just block the bullet. Then kill him.
No. 664527 ID: ad936f

"k" this is probably a trap but I doubt it's a good enough one to matter to us.
No. 664528 ID: bb78f2

I want to fuck with him and say that HE'S actually been the target all along and that Sandler was just an extra body we were going to use to make it look like that the target was Sandler.
No. 664529 ID: ef232b

"...I'll be honest, I'm a little caught off guard here."
No. 664531 ID: b5b419

Juust double check to make sure that guard isn't sandler and they didn't uniform swap or something.
No. 664532 ID: 0fc976

For a sec I thought there was a little girl in there with you.
No. 664536 ID: f68a09
File 144029499118.png - (119.10KB , 960x540 , 354.png )

"I-- hold on a sec."
Penelope shoots the hell out of the hologram machine.
No. 664537 ID: f68a09
File 144029501458.png - (77.17KB , 960x540 , 355.png )

She looks back. Sandler's still there.
"Well damn, hombre," she says. "Thanks. Kinda caught me off guard there."
"No problem."
"OK now get the fuck outta here."
"Don't have to tell me twice." The NDC steps over his dead comrade. "Didn't like how we do things, senator? Let me know how playing it your way works out for you."

He edges past a grinning Penelope and out of the room.
No. 664538 ID: f68a09
File 144029508121.png - (9.80KB , 960x560 , 356.png )

"Uhhh listen listen listen." Sandler backs away from Penelope's swordpoint. "You look like a reasonable lady. Who would listen to reason."
"I do?" Penelope steps right along with him. "Thought government types were supposed to be able to read people better."

"Listen listen."
"I'm not really listening, hombre."

"I am SURE that if we just take a moment to sit down, you and I and or I mean whoever employs you and I, we can straighten all of this out with a minimum of bloodshed."
"Un poco tarde para eso, Mr. Sandler." Penelope steps over the dead man.

"I can help you. I can." His back's to the wall. He tries to smile. "You need help? You need favors? Uhhh money? I can help you. I'm a, a, a very powerful man."
No. 664540 ID: 3663d3

"i'm a very powerful woman"

No. 664542 ID: ab7529

>I'm a, a, a very powerful man.
Tell him yeah, you could use a favor. You need some help getting ahead in life.

Then take his head.

Call it in, walk away whistling.
No. 664545 ID: 0fc976

Nuh-uh. Not listening to that bullshit.
*slice once, then twice in case of nanomachines*
Fuck politics.

(Sev, Dubs, start moving to the getaway vehicle, or rather to that vehicle you rigged to run remotely. Handy that we never needed to crash it, eh?)
No. 664558 ID: 2d5d20

stab him in a place where bleeding will happen

so everywhere, all the places
No. 664559 ID: b19c9a

Ask him what he knows about the Fantomas. Let's just get something fucking clear. I'm sick of not knowing shit.
No. 664561 ID: e114bc

Good idea.
No. 664605 ID: ad936f

Mince him, any help he could provide is nothing compared to the danger keeping him alive presents.
No. 664616 ID: 7a6915

Call it in, ask if we should do an on the spot execution or if we want to risk dragging him back as a trophy.
No. 664636 ID: 534cc4

Ask him if he was working with any agencies. If so , who, and how did they help. Tell him to make it brief or he dies.

Kill him brutally afterward.

If his spiel lasts more than 30ish seconds just cut him (and his head) off. We are tight on time we can't stick around too long or it could complicate extraction.
No. 664650 ID: a107fd

Ask Monica if we get some kind of bonus for live capture.
No. 664661 ID: 0fc976

>"OK," Monica says. "Killing Sandman..."
No. The bonus you get is a headache.
No. 664664 ID: f11ed5

man just dice their ass and bring home the body. we aint sev, we're just here to kill people.
No. 664688 ID: eecf63

Hey. Remember promising the DA you'd take him out and how you're about to make an exciting base escape? Shank him, shank him now.
No. 664692 ID: ab7529

We're not gonna get any actionable, reliable, or trustworthy intelligence from him before we kill him.

And even if we did, we'll have left the bureau one way or another before it would mater.

No pussy footing around. Just do it.
No. 664698 ID: a107fd

Ask him to set you up a face-to-face meeting with Sosa. Kind of a long shot, but it'd save us a lot of trouble if it worked and it's not blatantly treasonous.
No. 664745 ID: f68a09
File 144039280777.png - (7.19KB , 960x560 , 358.png )

Penelope laughs. She sheathes her sword. "OK, Andy. You got thirty seconds."
"29. You working with anyone besides the fantomas?"
"Fantomas?" Sandler splutters. "Fant-- what? Who are those? The the Fantomas Vengadores? I've never--"
"24 seconds." Penelope taps her fingers against her hilt. "Wastin' time."
"NOBODY. Uhhhhh no no a man who said he was from Sintek. For access to the the council network. Just the the custodial shell! It was on the level! He was Sintek! I swear!"
"18 seconds," Penelope says. "Why Fantomas?"
"It was a long time ago! I don't run uh or roll with them anymore! I wanted to change the world that's why I became a councillor I thought I could help people and FIX people but you can't anymore you can't and I thought that with them-- I mean haven't you ever--"
"Six, five, four--"
No. 664746 ID: f68a09
File 144039281479.png - (50.44KB , 960x560 , 359.png )


Penelope cuts him nearly in half.

"What a pechito." She resheathes her blade. "Monica, Sara, Sandman's been tucked in."
"He's dead?" Sara asks.
"As disco."
"OK," Monica says. "Extraction time. The whole place is going bananas. News picked up on it. They're on the way. I think a chopper's already out there. Place is surrounded by NDC but they're leaking like a sieve. Civilians are pounding for the exits."
No. 664747 ID: e114bc

Well that's a little annoying but we can probably manage to jump out the roof and off to another building/buildings. Assuming the roof is clear? 88 should be able to take out that chopper in time for evac. Or is that a news chopper?

Sev will probably have the most trouble exiting the premises but he can look normal and blend in. Maybe steal someone's clothes.
No. 664754 ID: 0fc976

News chopper. Hold your fire, bro!

Sev can use the remote-controlled distraction to lead attention one way while we escape on foot (or in Penelope's case, glide) in the other direction. Can you open the garage door remotely now? This will work better if the truck makes it more than ten feet before hitting a wall.
Sev will take the fire escape out, again.
No. 664762 ID: bb78f2

Monica, think me and Sev could blend in with those civies exiting the building?
No. 664796 ID: 227a05

Stab the guy a couple more times, just to be sure. And because it's fun.
No. 664952 ID: b19c9a

Fuck that. Slice him FULLY in half and then make the most badass ninja escape ever.
No. 664953 ID: b19c9a

Also...do NOT mention the Sintek man. That is VERY most likely going to be Dartline Alchemist and the last fucking thing we need is to be told to take him down.
No. 664982 ID: a107fd

Dubs is already outside the building. Can Pen and Sev leave more or less the way they came in? That is, crash through a window and glide, and drive a truck while dangling invisibly underneath it, respectively.
No. 664984 ID: 4b93df

Steal his phone. Take out the battery. Sev-Three can probably work his hacking magic on it later. Might be good to have leverage on the DA.
No. 665117 ID: f68a09
File 144056878592.png - (198.62KB , 960x560 , 360.png )

The truck's tires scream as it powerslides out of the garage.

It's immediately lit up by the searchlight of the orbiting news chopper.

Then it's lit up in a figurative sense by a dozen or more automatic weapons.
No. 665118 ID: f68a09
File 144056880779.png - (10.69KB , 960x560 , 361.png )

Penelope gracefully drops to the ground in the back of the building, and listens to the chattering gunfire 73-6's distraction created.

The other two are already waiting for her.

"three down," 73-6 says. He wires: "hey did you see a robot with its face blown off running around when you were in there?"
"Woulda remembered that," Penelope wires.
"good. it's keeping out of sight then."
"Good kill, Pen." 88-1 keeps his laser raised and pointed down the alley in case they run into more trouble.
"Thanks, brother men." Penelope dusts off her pants. "Larguémonos de aquí."
"translation, por favor?"
"Let's get the fuck out."

"Good work, agents," Monica says. "Come on back for debriefing. We gotta talk about what happens next."
"affirmative," 73-6 says. He raises his eyebrows meaningfully at the others and switches comms back to his secure channel.
"That we certainly do," 88-1 wires.

"Our last mission with the Bureau." Pen clicks her sword out of the scabbard and then back in again as they walk away from the kill site. "Rest in peace."
"Starting to feel like the endgame, isn't it?" 88-1 wires. "Didn't get much of a chance to get acclimated."
"Oh, word. Me neither." Penelope looks ahead for any foot mobiles, then beckons 73-6 and 88-1 up to her. "All right, Sev Guevara. What do we do now?"
No. 665121 ID: e114bc

We have to extract Sara. We can go in like everything is normal, and Monica can talk to us for a bit. After the meeting, Sev should go start hacking the security systems while pen and 88 secure Sara.
After everything's hacked and DA is given his back door like we promised, we talk to Monica and see if she's willing to try to leave with us.
If she is, we can easily just leave with her authorization after sev meets his end of the bargain with DA.
If she isn't, we either kill her or knock her out so she can't sound the alarm early. Then Sev deals with anyone else who might sound the alarm and get the drones on our asses.

We GTFO, meet up at the safehouse, then talk to DA about how exactly we're supposed to get to Sosa to kill him. It's possible we could somehow convince 38-3 to capture Sev alive for interrogation, have him hide the plastic gun on himself, then when he and Sosa are alone just shoot him and evac using sev's super secret super powers. 88 might be able to help out if he can somehow get to a good sniping position without the Bureau knowing, but I doubt it.
No. 665126 ID: b19c9a

This. I herby dub this plan "Operation: Fuck Sosa".
No. 665130 ID: ad936f

If Monica isn't willing to go with us we should just kill her, we can always bring her back later, WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY.
No. 665132 ID: 534cc4

I like this plan for the most part, but remembef 38 doesn't care about live prisoners. He is very likely to agree and take us in binds and then execute us and reprogram our corpse with our memory still intact and extract info that way.

I say we invite 38 in and assassinate him (or if he comes in with troops have a moldie shootout), and decide what to do from there.

Also there is one thing we need to remember, we have a moldie friend on the outside willing to come in and do us a favor, and i think i know what that favor is.

14 is gonna help us kill Sosa.
No. 665134 ID: 2f4b71

> "Operation: Fuck Sosa".
Operation: Sosadtoseeyougo
No. 665137 ID: b5b419

We kind of need to give DA access to the networks. Wasn't that something he wanted?
No. 665142 ID: ad936f

I HIGHLY doubt that he'll be willing to take that kind of risk for us.
No. 665148 ID: 281aec

Did we get Sandman's cellphone?
No. 665149 ID: 281aec

Did we get Sandman's cellphone?
No. 665155 ID: 2a7417

We should assume 38-3 is closing in and may already be here. That isn't Monica on the wire until you confirm it personally. Ask Sara for a status report.
Do you know of another way in/out of Jericho Outpost's cavern? Does Sara or the handler terminal have that information? (check terminal info yourself first for Jericho blueprints, her accessing that info would be shady.)
No. 665160 ID: 88960e

First off, we need checks to make sure 38-3 doesn't sneak up as any of us. 88 can check the other two by watching their eyes- since 38 isn't hooked up yet, attempting to look through his either won't work or if will trigger a confirmation prompt.

Sev can check 88 by trying to eye-text him, and Sara cause his hacking wirelessly recognizes her system, and he customized it.

Your secure hacked wire channel should be safe, unless he is or is allied with a hacker on Sev's level (it's possible the bureau has a loyal moldie hacker).

Penn... Hmm. I don't suppose there's interference if holograms overlap? She might be able to test for fakes that way.

Oh, also, if they don't know Sara knows, we should say.

>other stuff
What other assets at base do we have to worry about? Drones we can hack and own, but what about other moldies or human assets that could be turned against traitors? (Check that employee roster).

Problem there is he's on another continent and we didn't ask for help in advance. It might be too late to get him here in time.
No. 665161 ID: 88960e

Personally, I think the best way to kill Sosa is to kill 38, today, if we get the chance.

Then we use the moldie pod to rez him as 38-4, program him loyal to us, stuff him full of shells to get him back up to snuff, and then send him off to report success while we disappear and to kill his boss at the first good opportunity.

...and then I guess we control the bureau, since 38 could still pretend to be Tai and/or Sosa, and we would control him.
No. 665162 ID: a107fd

Check with DA about whether Sandman's "said he was Sintek" contact is actually him.

Establish punching each other in the face as a backup ID confirmation method. Physical objects disrupt holograms, and 38-3's face would be a hologram. Hesitation or screwups in IFF are to be met with immediate face-punching, no complaints.

Operation Macbeth, 'cause the voices in your head told you to kill, and you're the best at that, so now you're gonna be king.
No. 665172 ID: 36f185

Seconding checking with DA and Operation Macbeth.

Make sure the rest of the squad is informed on how this shit is gonna go with the checking for doubles. No more time for upgrades I am assuming?
No. 665270 ID: f68a09
File 144065793083.png - (61.86KB , 960x560 , 362.png )

"The Fantomas Vengadores," Monica says, "are in disarray. Moving forward I wouldn't be surprised if they were diminished to such a degree that they become a target for the federal agencies instead of private corps like ours."
"hit them that hard, huh?"
"Listening in on conversations from the channels we've found they're fragmenting harder than a vase that fell off the space needle," Monica says. "We might have you hit a few more pockets in the future so they get the message but for all intents and purposes the organization is no more."
"wow. end of an era."
"Too bad it came at such a dogshit time in all other senses," Monica says. "I'd bake you a cake if I wasn't sure it'd get us all killed. As it stands this is kind of a damp-ass squib, huh?"
"i guess."

Monica drums her hands on the desk. "So!"
"So we win, 73-6."
"go us."
"Feel good?"
"yes ma'am."
"Now all we have to do is survive tomorrow with everyone's heads still on." Monica's voice has a very deliberate lightness to it. "We keep everything buttoned up the next couple of months, and after the attention you've gathered has worn off, we go back to business as usual. Sev-Three the supercharged bunker buster. Now with a team."
"So for that to happen a few things we should probably talk about," Monica says. "Obviously this goes without saying but no talking about the office parties."
"no ma'am."
"Downplaying Dubs' laser rifle is also probably a good idea," Monica says. "I'm willing to write that one off as a Bureau Acquisition in a larger logistical sense then give it back to his personal use once 38-3 leaves. And I guess I should spoof reports for all those shells you got from the stalls."
"oh right. those."
"I'm not dumb, Sev-Three. All that shit you've been getting under the table has turned you into a better agent."
73-6 tries to hide his surprise.
"Don't know how we can spin that to 38-3 but I guess sloppy record-keeping is a better excuse than out-and-out insubordination, which is how I assume you've been affording this stuff," Monica says. "Getting scratch off your targets, Sev-Three?"
"I'll take the fall for it. Getting, like, audited beats getting liquidated. And then everything will be A-OK. Right?"
No. 665271 ID: f68a09
File 144065797395.png - (8.02KB , 960x560 , 363.png )

Monica's upbeat tone is melting around the edges.
"Right, Sev?"
"We can get through this."

"Do you really think that?"
Monica looks more tired than 73-6 has ever seen her before.
"sure," he says, uncertainly. "if we're careful, right?"

"We used to be best friends, Sev-Three. Remember?"
73-6 doesn't know what to say.
"It was so uncomplicated. You were so uncomplicated. I miss the hell out of that. That fucking mission in the hab-blocks. We never should have gone for Barduk. I should have gotten you out. Then no 14-1, no Penelope, no Sara, no Keisha... none of this." She leans forward on the table and looks away. "This is all my fault."

When she looks back at 73-6 her eyes are starting to water. "What's happening tomorrow, 73-6? What are you hiding from me?"
No. 665272 ID: b5b419

Reach over, squeeze her hand.

"Going to help make sure everyone stays okay and gets through this. Still besties. We should talk more."

"Besides, why are you complaining? New friends, good agents."

Maybe like, just... do you two have time to just start shooting the shit? Talk about past adventures, go out and booze up?

Sliiide into a hypothetical 'what will you do if you retired/could leave'
No. 665275 ID: e114bc

Saying it that way really makes her sound like 38-3. Also, didn't she blame you, before? Instead of herself? If Sosa and 38-3 found out about all the shit she just said, they would 100% liquidate this outpost. Since Monica was hiding some of it, they'd discipline her... by killing her, of course.

Well, go ahead and give her a hug. Tell her you're sorry, everything's fucked up, it was 38-3 all the time, there was never a Tai that wanted to help you, it was just a trap. Tomorrow you're going to die.

Upon contact you will be able to tell if it's 38-3, because you'd be able to hack into his moldy-systems. Or if the moldy-systems you can detect look the same as the wire on non-reconstituted people, I wonder if your magnet powers would disrupt 38-3's disguise?

If that's actually her, tell her there's still a chance. To leave today. Does she want to come with you? Keisha's not dead btw.

If that's 38-3, you're gonna want to stab his shit mid-hug.
No. 665276 ID: b5b419

It's not. 38-3 isn't smart enough or fast enough to figure out we've been getting shells and things under the table. He doesn't have access to the information. Still, it's a decent plan anyway except for the whole worry of cameras all over the room.
No. 665277 ID: a107fd

Shut down any monitoring devices and tell her.

Tai Jiyang is hiding the fact that she's been dead for years and impersonated by 38-3. Sosa's hiding the fact that he's going to kill us all unless somebody gets him first. I'm hiding a few billion dollars in wire fraud, a deejay called Sekhmet, and a driving desire to see my friends survive.

What's happening tomorrow is we're going to set up Outpost Jericho to make a good impression on 38-4.
No. 665281 ID: 31303f

No no no telling her about the plan
We have already pushed our luck by telling Sara. We have to keep Monica in the dark for just a little longer.

>>665272 is right. Calm her down and then escape without her. If she's tainted with knowing what we're doing then she's implicated and she and her family are in huge trouble. AND there's no indication that she's willing to defect for us anyway, just because she changed her mind about whose fault it is still means that she thinks what we're doing is bad. She might see it as her duty to stop us and then we have to kill her. The best thing to do is to escape then contact her from the outside or rescue her then if she needs rescuing.
No. 665284 ID: ad936f

One way or another in few days time either I or Sosa is going to be dead. Are you with me or against me? If she's with us then great, if she isn't, then she's better off dead for a little while.
No. 665293 ID: 0fc976

Close enough for physical contact and wire subterfuge? It only takes a touch. Then, out loud. "Business as usual." On wire: "Someone is going to die, and I'm trying to make sure it isn't us."
No. 665295 ID: 10b88d

If Monica goes with us, her family is screwed. If she doesn't she might be screwed anyway because she's fucked up twice now with letting agents go.
So what we should do is hack some good bulletproof armor out of the armory so nobody knows it's missing, then when it's time to go we shoot her with the flechette gun which doesn't have good penetration of armor then drag the "body" away with us. Faking a death worked with Keisha.
No. 665297 ID: 7bae98

we have a switch to wipe records of her family though, don't we?

we have this. it'll be hard but we can get out of this with everyone intact.
No. 665299 ID: 7a6915

"Hello 38-3, you're a day early. Taking over direct control of this branch for a while during the transition to our new target? If I have to keep it secret that you're doing this I will of course, but I hoped I'd rate a little more professional courtesy than you pretending to be someone else while talking to me."
No. 665301 ID: 2d5d20

its good to be cautious about whether or not 36-3 is posing as her, but we shouldnt outright accuse her of it. the last time we did and it turned out to just be her it kind of ruined our entire relationship

in addition, it might be to our advantage if we know its him but he doesnt know we know - we could stall him or something.

would there be anything that we knew about our relationship that the bureau wouldnt? we could try to casually drop it in conversation
No. 665302 ID: 2d5d20

whoops meant 38-3
No. 665307 ID: 7a6915

This is the best possible time for 38-3 to come mess with us:
-The job the company had us doing is complete;
-We are winding down from an op so our team is at its least prepared and guarded against suspicious questioning or anything else;
-We're expecting him to come later than this;
-He had plenty of time to set himself up as Monica while we were coming back from the mission, if he was already in the area.

Announcing a deadline at a certain time and coming a day early is a classic trick for catching people unprepared. If this isn't 38-3 we're talking to right now he has missed his best opportunity to fuck with us, and does missing an opportunity like that sound like him?
No. 665308 ID: a19cd5

No. 665311 ID: 2d5d20


while these might be pretty valid points we still need to consider the fact that outright saying we know what hes up to is a bad idea

we arent really action movie badasses that can get out of any bad situation, instigated or not

we need to plan for what we are going to do if it turns out that 38-3 is posing as her, and inform the others of our suspicions
No. 665313 ID: c3f053

When have we ever not been action movie badasses?
No. 665314 ID: 7a6915

Fine, you don't like how I respond to the probability of this being 38-3 come up with a different plan: My plan was to try to play for time conversationally while pretending that the worst of our 'treachery' has been breaking the rules to arm up better. But be ready for this to be 38-3--probably armed--because chances are high that it is.
No. 665316 ID: 2d5d20

now this is a plan i can get behind
No. 665317 ID: 57dfcc

I miss when things were easy, too. It's not your fault. As much as this place likes to make out like we aren't people, I made my calls that complicated things.

>What's happening tomorrow, 73-6? What are you hiding from me?
...I don't think 38-3 is coming do an audit. I'm pretty sure Sosa's sending him to kill me. And I kind of doubt Sosa is the kind of person who makes it neat and impersonal. He'll want to fuck with me by hurting other people.

Monica, what's the plan if he is being sent to liquidate us? (Get her thinking about the idea of self defense and survival before we try to turn her to rebellion).

>the whole worry of cameras all over the room
Sev should already any native cameras, since we already hacked the shit out of the Jericho systems. Only cameras that are a real problem are new ones anyone else might have planted.

>What's happening tomorrow is we're going to set up Outpost Jericho to make a good impression on 38-4.
Okay, this? Explicitly do not mention this. Ever. Saying our endgame out loud just gives Sosa, 38-3, or someone loyal to them the chance to find out and try to counteract it.

All they have to do is wreck the moldie res chamber, or make sure 38 doesn't leave a body when he dies. Easiest way to cover those bases is if the enemy doesn't know we plan on using them.

>physical contact to detect hologram
Now I'm wondering if specializing in the hologram tree of shell upgrades could have given him holograms that don't flicker when touched like Penn's does. (Going back and looking over the old threads, I can't find an example of Tai or Fatoma-disguised 38 physically touching or being touched by anyone).
No. 665329 ID: 52c643

even if this is 38-3, no hand-tipping!
No. 665368 ID: a107fd

Lay off the paranoia just a smidge. Combat Hax should be enough to detect 38-3 in a face-to-face meeting, even without a touch, just by pinging hologram projectors and other moldie hardware. Monica doesn't have all that, so she's real. Open up to her. Worked with Sara, remember?
No. 665377 ID: f68a09
File 144074856649.png - (11.58KB , 960x560 , 364.png )

73-6 puts his hand on her shoulder. She flinches.
Good. She's real.
"i don't think 38-3 is coming to audit us, monica," he says. "i think he's coming to kill us."
"I think you're right." Monica's voice is heavy as the thunderhead before the rain. "I think he is."
"there was no tai jiaying. or if there was she's been dead a long time. it was just sosa and 38 testing my loyalty and i think i failed. but monica listen i have a plan; keesh is alive; if we move quick we can all--"

She punches him in the chest.
She hits harder than he thought.
"monica jesus"

"BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD" Every BASTARD comes with a punch. 73-6 moves to protect himself, but Monica's already running out of steam. The punching becomes a desperate clawing, then Monica collapses against his chest, weeping like a child.
"My mom and dad." She's shaking like a leaf. "My friends, my professors, anybody who's known me, my fucking life, Sev! I had a life! What the fuck am I--" She chokes back another sob. "They're gonna torture them to get something on me then kill them. Anyone I've ever fucking known."
"i can wipe the records. i can hide--"
No. 665378 ID: e114bc

Dartline Alchemist can do more than that.
No. 665381 ID: ad936f

I got more than bullets from behind the bureau's back.
No. 665382 ID: 2e5e5f

no. we'll have to collapse the entire bureau. and sosa taking the entire infrastructure on himself is a deathstar-like weakpoint. we kill him, kill 38-3, blow up central command along with they records.
we'll have to blow up jericho first, make it look like sev and his friends escaped while killing monica.
then we do enough damage so that they can't retaliate.

well it's either that or monica makes a list of everyone she ever knew and we go door to door and kidnap them :V
No. 665384 ID: bb78f2

Do NOT under any circumstance implicate DA.

Monica, it was this or Jericho's completely purged. Are you telling me you'd rathered just die? We can fake your death, Monica. No one will go after a dead girl. I'm just trying to follow my survival instinct, Monica. Unlike the old Dubs, I still have it. Who fucking WANTS this life, Monica? I'm a Bastard for being human? I still am, even when I've died 3 times. Don't you tell me I'm an object. That ain't true. There's no Moldie here that isn't a person. Penelope didn't die once, is SHE a person? Is Keesh a person? Sara? You?

This is what happens when you work at the Bureau if you're anything but a sociopath. You didn't have what it takes, if it wasn't going to be me, it would have been some other Moldie, maybe one that didn't care if you lived or died. This was inevitable at Jericho.

Fighting is the ONLY choice. I'm not going to lay down and die. You know why I didn't kill Keesh? Because, here's the thing, I'm not a complete sociopath. I value life. I aimed that gun at her and I just couldn't fucking do it. Could you pull up that gun? Could YOU shoot Keesh and talk to Penelope right after with a straight face? No, because you have all these Moldies do it for you.

How many people have you helped kill, Monica? How many poor people have you asked me to hurt, who only had a slight connection to a primary target to fulfill an objective? Monica, you're a cog in a machine that KILLS people, HURTS people. Don't you DARE think you're better than me because I can't kill some people I care about. You're ALL my family. I want to protect all of them. I can't let them purge Jericho. I CAN'T.

I can't sit down and watch everything I've ever known burn to ash.
No. 665385 ID: e22247

"The other way around, Monica - we're deleting System32. And then restart the machine. Because the operation of the machine has become so odious, that I get sick at heart, that I cannot take part. I can't even passively take part. I've got to put my body on the wires, on the gears, on the levers, because we have to make it stop. And we tell the people who own it, the people who run it, that unless we're free, the machine would be prevented from working at all."
No. 665386 ID: 0fc976

Monica, you're talking to one of those murderspies slash expert hackers, I know that isn't all we need to do. We aren't doing this without backup. Plus, I'm going to make sure the Bureau is worried about the plank in its eye before the splinter in Jericho's.

(Do not mention DA's name!)
No. 665387 ID: 2a7417

Oh for hack's sake, jam the audio surveillance in this room before you spill any more treasonous facts.
No. 665388 ID: 3663d3

simple, you 'die' too. torturing the parents of a dead person is pointless.
No. 665389 ID: a19cd5

"You were right, monica. I didn't think of the consequences of all this at first, at least not until I got other people involved. That's on me and I feel TERRIBLE.
But I'm getting everyone out of here alive and then we're collapsing the bureau. I have a PLAN Monica.

Now wail on me as much as you need to, get it out of your system so we can figure out our next move and get you and your family to safety."
No. 665391 ID: a107fd

I think if 38-4 reports that you're already dead, and every trace Deneb can reach confirms it, they won't bother. You remember that mission in the factory where we got the data dump to end the Fantomas? Remember how my wire went silent? I wasn't just reporting kills to dead air, like I said. At first I thought I was talking to you but it was really that deepnet AI, who I ended up friends with.
No. 665396 ID: f5a4f7

No. 665398 ID: b5b419

I mean, it's not like she knew. How much trouble will she be in if we take the full brunt of the blame?
No. 665400 ID: ebc808

Probably still lots. Consider the Bureau's official policy on civilian witnesses.
No. 665402 ID: f68a09
File 144079519966.png - (108.10KB , 960x560 , 365.png )

73-6 hastily jams the audio recording in the room into hissing tape noise.
"i'm not deleting the folder," he says. "i'm deleting system32."
"What the fuck does that MEAN, Sev?"
"the bureau has to go. the bureau in general and sosa in particular. i didn't think of the consequences toward other people and that's on me and i'm really sorry but i have a plan and backup now. i can get you out."
Monica collapses onto a stool. "It's not me I'm worried about, Sev!"
"and i can keep them from hurting your family." 73-6 leans back on the table. Monica is face-down on it. "but you have to trust me."
"Sev-Three." Monica looks up, reaches into a recess in the table, and pulls out a banana. "Y'know when you're not killing people at my behest you can be a real asshole." She unpeels the banana and rubs under her puffy eyes. "My mascara is fucked."
"does this mean you trust me?"
"I don't have a choice," she says. "And your plans work."
She munches mournfully on the banana. She glances up at him. "What is the fucking plan, anyway? What do I do?"
No. 665403 ID: e114bc

Well now that we know she's with us on this, we can secure Jericho and set a trap for 38-3. Once he's dealt with we can lay a plan for taking out Sosa.

Anyway, first thing's first I suppose. Secure Jericho, and let DA in. Okay those are a bit contradictory but basically I'm saying we make this place less likely to turn into a deathtrap, then do what DA asked of us and use him and Monica to gather enough information on Sosa's whereabouts that we can go assassinate him.
No. 665404 ID: 2a7417

You get us into the parts of the Bureau administration moldies can't go. Get us deep enough to make a tunnel, and watch the magic happen.

We also need your help dealing with the remaining reconstituted assets on base, namely the shell technician. We can subvert most of Outpost Jericho's resources already (pls don't b mad), but she is a wildcard. Fun at Christmas parties, not fun at going away parties.

Those punches packed a... well, punch. You've got some decent shell upgrades already, I take it? I recommend you pick up some more, if you can stomach them.
No. 665405 ID: e114bc

Oh right, set her up with the private communication thing. Tell the others she's in with the rebel group.
No. 665406 ID: 57dfcc

>What do I do?
Well, she can start by taking control. Everyone and everything in this base that's not already in your little group squad of traitors- she's still there boss. She needs to take control of them before upstairs does.
No. 665506 ID: f68a09
File 144082705892.png - (18.46KB , 960x560 , 366.png )

"i think i should get you in the loop," 73-6 says. "we have to secure this conference room. i already have the recording locked down. can you see about keeping anyone else out?"
"It's already booked to me," Monica says. "I have ownership of the locks and overrides for an hour."
73-6 is about to point out that technically he could probably crack those in like half a second but whatever.

They gather in the waterfall room, entering singly to keep from being too suspicious.
"this is the conspiracy." 73-6 stands at the head of the table. "conspiracy, monica. monica... uh... we should come up with a name..."
"Jericho Initiative," 88-1 says.
"Operation screaming freebird," Sara says.
"#DickSquad," Penelope says.
"the conspiracy is a good one for now," 73-6 says.
Monica eyes 88-1. "You brought the newbie in before you brought me in?"
"They hacked me, actually," 88-1 says.
Monica puts her hands on her hips. "Dammit, 73-6."
"Gang's all here," Penelope says.
No. 665507 ID: f68a09
File 144082707923.png - (12.73KB , 960x560 , 367.png )

"Not quite."
Dartline Alchemist blinks into lasertraced existence on top of the conference table.

"Holy shit," says Monica.
"why do you have a gun?"
"Business," DA says. "My end. Might have to leave quick in a second."
Monica sputters. "DA? Seriously?"

"What's the plan?" DA asks.
"we set a trap," 73-6 says. "38-3 comes to jericho and we turn him into 38-4."

"Dartline fucking ALCHEMIST?"
"Didn't he try to blow up my girlfriend?" Penelope asks.
"Well only the wall," Sara says. "I think the plan was the fantomas actually blow us up."

"Might work," Dartline Alchemist says. "Some countermeasures you could use. Trap him inside. Maybe some turrets. I wouldn't know because you haven't gotten me database access yet, 73-6."
"working on it."
"But you can't hack the drones." Dartline Alchemist shakes his head. "They're moldies. Loyalty to Sosa's baked into the meat. That's the whole reason they use you. Biggest hole in your plan."

"How the fuck can you trust this guy?" Monica says.
"How the fuck can you trust her?" Dartline gestures at Monica with his holographic handgun.
No. 665509 ID: e114bc

Well her family is on the line. ...though if you think about it, her betraying us would get her a lot of brownie points. I don't think it would be enough to make up for her allowing 73-6 to get this powerful, though.

...wait. What if Monica's family is already being threatened? Sosa could be two steps ahead of us and kidnapped them. How about this: once DA gets database access, if he can verify her family is alright and maybe tell them to get to safety so we can more easily protect them, then we won't have to worry about Monica as much. She was best friends with sev. Still friends at least, I hope? Monica?

We basically can't trust DA, he's likely set this whole thing up from the beginning to eliminate the Bureau and let his company take over. What else could the plastic gun be for except to assassinate Sosa with? Also, sev having been hacked by DA or one of DA's associates would explain why he's able to rebel at all. Every moldy is supposed to be loyal, as we saw when we hacked 88-1. On the other hand I don't see much reason for him to go back on his word. Once Sosa is dead and the bureau is in shambles, why would he come after us? "loose ends"? We don't know who he is. That probably isn't even his real face.

Alright, alternate plan. Stealth kill 38-3, Monica covers it up so that nobody else knows it happened. Don't have to worry about the drones that way because they won't know anything is wrong.
No. 665512 ID: bb78f2

She's the most trustworthy human in the room that isn't an agent and has the most power.

Techncially most trustworthy normie is Penelope
Most trustworthy caller person is Sara, but she's a newbie
We don't trust DA, we trust his motives. The man can hack any amount of money into his account, so he can't be bribed, and since he's a blackhat, taking down anything powerful is fun AND Sosa is a potential threat in his future so if Sosa is taken care of, it gets the Bureau off his ass forever.
Also we trust Monica because she's been with us since the beginning, and earned that trust, and this is a respect thing. Plus, honestly she's probably going to get killed no matter what she does tomorrow so she's going with the best bet with the best solution, so her motives are tight.

Monica, do you have the extent of the how the brainwashing works? In the event of Sosa's death, what happens? If the moldies think Sosa has died of natural causes, we could trigger whatever is supposed to happen when that occurs. If we cut comms out, and spoof a LOT of shit, the trick can happen. Honestly, we might break 38-3 through the same methods.
No. 665513 ID: bb78f2

Oh, and I guess now is when it's the appropriate time to ask "Well, hey, I'm not loyal to Sosa, what's up with that?"
No. 665518 ID: e114bc

>The man can hack any amount of money into his account
Why'd he ask for payment then?
No. 665521 ID: bb78f2

Hacker's code I reckon, never do anything for free. Man has his self-respect for his work, need's some incentive.
We just got a practically endless bunch of moolah with hacking and we're a worse hacker than DA because DA can fuck with our shit, which means he can get any amount of cash he needs. He WILL get access to the Bureau's bank funding anyway, so there's no "Well, yeah, but he needs a person's phone or network access to gain their wealth" and he's about to gain Sosa's and the entire Bureau's, pretty much.
No. 665528 ID: b5b419

...yeah, DA and Monica are gonna end up boning.


Hack the machine that does the conversion for moldies, shove 'em all back in.
No. 665532 ID: 2f4b71

Loyalty to the name? To a likeness? A codephrase? A wireless encryption key?
No. 665544 ID: d90668

She has been my only friend since I woke up a moldie. The only one who did not treat me like a object from day one. If she is not trustworthy I do not even see the point of all of this.
No. 665554 ID: 0fc976

I owe DA more than I thought, and Monica, who saw me as... more than a tool, has her friends and family on the line too.

We'll do 88-12 and the other drones a favor and just put 'em to sleep.
(Drones are already practically robots, rezzing the outpost's drones AGAIN would a) reduce their effectiveness further and b) take forever.)
Gaining access to the turrets, drone controls and alarms at the security kiosk is our current priority. Our next objective, though, is 90-2.

Hey hey, ho ho, 90-2 has got to go. What are her capabilities, Monica?
To avoid suspicion, I would send her out on a mission and ensure she never returns. She might not even make it out of the caves, depending on how we edit the mission recordings.
Or, if we delete her employee data, will she be seen as an unknown hostile by outpost security and/or drones?
No. 665555 ID: 57dfcc

>How the fuck can you trust her?
Cause she's my oldest and first friend, and the first person to actually give a damn if I lived or died. I would be dead already, if not for her.

>How the fuck can you trust this guy?
That money trail you found leading back to him? The one that made the bureau want Keesh dead? It makes him want her not dead.

So we got a common interest in keeping someone alive, and in fucking over a common enemy. Sosa makes a lot of friends, ya see.

(We trust him only so far as we can throw him, and upper body strength ain't Sev's thing. He's an ally of convenience and necessity, not deep seated trust).

>can't hack the drones
They're stupid, and they have to get orders from somewhere in order to act on that loyalty. They can be tricked if we get ahead of that, right?

I mean, they should be set to take orders from Monica (until she's outed as a traitor) and Sosa's remote orders need to come from somewhere. We either need to cut off remote access so they stay Monica loyal, or we need to hack Sosa's communication system and impersonate him.

...how many drones are on the base? How many non-us moldies? We need a play to turn or deal with all those guys before they try to kill us.
No. 665669 ID: a107fd

If we can issue fake high-level orders to Jericho's local server, how about saying that 38-3's visit is actually a live-fire training exercise to test the outpost's defenses? Something about not wanting us to slack off just because the Fantomas are crippled, risk of nothing-left-to-lose retaliatory actions, etc. Tweak our copy of 38-3's files so the drones and turrets read his IFF as invalid or fake, then go to lockdown as soon as we're sure he's inside.

To get 90-2 out of the way for a few days, just send her on a bullshit mission to McMurdo AFB.
No. 665670 ID: ba3853

Because if I don't, we're all dead.
No. 665714 ID: f68a09
File 144092293343.png - (14.45KB , 960x640 , 368.png )

"i owe dartline a lot more than i thought, monica," 73-6 says. "and even if i can't trust him too much he's too useful to ignore."
"Too right," DA says.
"and monica is my oldest and first friend, dartline," 73-6 says. "and basically the one person who gave a shit about me the first few years of my life."
"Awwww Sev." Monica looks genuinely touched.
"so both of you need to simmer." 73-6 takes a seat. "while we find our solution."

"I like your idea," Monica says. "We can find a way to spoof the orders to the drones, at least, and I'd feel a lot better about facing 38-3 early and on our own turf."
"can we just convert the drones? with the moldy machine?"
She shakes her head. "Maybe one. But it takes almost a full day to bake someone. Even more if they're as fragmented and fucked up as a drone."
"how many drones we got?"
"Eight," Monica says. "Faking orders is risky, and it might not work past the first few minutes of the engagement, but that could be all we need. I can order the more human agents out for some excuse when 38-3 shows up. They'd love to not be around him."

"No good," Dartline says. "Your supposition is that you'll have the advantage here but if your assassin is as good as you seem to think he has a plan already in place, and an ambush relies on the element of surprise. He will be 100% expecting one upon his arrival, and he'll have you trapped. Thinking you can turn him or turn the drones also stakes its bet on Sosa not monitoring the situation personally, and he most certainly will be. You can hack him out, but he'll understand what's going on the moment you do, and he'll sure as hell have a way to check and stop 38-4 by the time you reconstitute him. And he'll know about the extent of your hacking skills. So we blow our aces. You don't gain the informational advantage by staying put, 73-6. You lose it. Best bet is to vacate now while you still can, retreat to somewhere undisclosed, and keep them on the backfoot until we have a more surgical way of dealing with them. Playing your cards now is stupidity. Save them for the man himself, not his muscle."

"We'll have gotten rid of 38-3, though," Monica protests. "And if we turn him now he's useful. Putting some paranoia in Sosa would help us."
"If you manage it," Dartline says.
"We have Sev's hacking," Monica says.
"Automated turrets and defenses will only get you so far against a master infiltrator and assassin with a detailed floorplan of your entire outpost," Dartline says. "You don't have the time or the ability to secure it."
"We do so," Monica says. "We know it as well as him if not better."
"And I'm not confident you'll be able to pull off the trick of turning the drones," Dartline says. "And if they don't turn you're all screwed."
"I can control them."
"Like you controlled your field agents?" Dartline holsters his gun and puts his hands on his hips. "Like I said. Not confident."
"And you expect me to be confident following your advice?"
"Temper, Monica."
"Fuck you, Dartline Alchemist."
No. 665715 ID: e114bc

DA sure is arguing strongly that we leave. I wonder if that's because he wants us out of the way for something, or if he just distrusts Monica that much that he wants us away from a place she can control. What will we do if we leave though?

...ah, I thought of another plan. We vacate right before 38-3 gets here, and assault Sosa's fort while 38-3 is away. We get the element of surprise then, keep our aces in the hole, AND 38-3 is not an issue.
No. 665717 ID: e114bc

...waaaaait. If DA is responsible for sev having free will, then he's like sev's dad... and Monica basically raised him so she's like his mom...

"Mom, Dad, stop fighting."
No. 665726 ID: 83799a

that was 14-1 iirc
No. 665728 ID: a54087

If word got out that a schism was about to happen in the Bureau would the other paramilitary groups take advantage of it?
And can 73-6-1 or that rouge AI help in anyway?
What are the chances of convincing others in Jericho than Sosas' gone to far?
No. 665732 ID: e5ea81

This plan has merits.
How many explosives can we get before 38-3's arrival? I'm thinking of trying to get rid of two birds with one stone. Or rather, 38-3 with a Jericho, and Sosa by our hands.

But still, it's quite risky. If Jericho-mousetrap didn't work and 38-3 lives, Sosa could be alerted. And then again, do we know where Sosa is? Sure he could have a corporate tower or three, but is he really there?

What if Sosa is like Tai Jiaying, another hand-puppet? I mean, we never seen him in person, only via video.
No. 665746 ID: bb78f2

What happens to the drones if they think Sosa is dead though?
What if we split into two teams, since the thing is that we all can't really run from Jericho. Monica and Sarah have family and friends to worry about, which means they have to be HERE and they need to know where they are. If Penelope and 88 are on a fake mission together, it might not look bad, that leaves Sev with 36-3 on home turf.

Maybe the thing we have to do is kill Sosa and 36-3 at the same time. It's possible he will be the most vulnerable then, and who knows what 36-3 will do once he knows Sosa's dead, he might turncoat himself, the whole "We're weapons and not people" thing could have just been an act or lie he's been telling himself all these years.
No. 665747 ID: 7a6915

"Monica, here's what DA is not saying: If we're out he can lay waste to everything in the Bureau systems without worrying it'll hurt us. Preparing an ambush here is less good than making all the bases Sosa and 38-3 operate from too dangerous and unreliable. Sosa would be easier to attack in transit to, or stationed at, a second-string backup site, and he remains a problem even if we do manage to get 38-3 first.
"Dartline, check my thinking: Why don't we try to do both these things, setting up a bunch of remote weapons to weaken 38-3, and then we can either move in to finish off or convert him if they're successful? Protect exactly enough so that we can still use the moldie building and programming technology somewhere off site."
No. 665748 ID: 57dfcc

>human agents
HEY. You're still overlooking something here. What about any non-us non-drone proper moldies in the base? There's at least one (the eyepatch lady who helped pick up Sara and Keesh, and who usually administered the shell upgrades). How many competent killers, who won't trick as easy as dumb drones, and might side against us, do we have to worry about?

More importantly, what are they capable of?

Other points:

The biggest problem with not removing 38-3 is he will still be after us once we go. We just lose the ability to chose our battlefield in exchange for pushing the battle to a later date.

If 38-3 goes, that means Tai instantly dies. A bigwig disappearing will put some disarray into the bureau, won't it? (And/or, it means if we send fake orders supposedly from her, Sosa has no way to refute them as fake).

The other big problem is if we run and try to play a long game with Sosa, Monica's friends and family will pay the price. We only protect them from the bureau by hitting it before it hits them.

>if you hack Sosa out of watching, then he'll know
Unless we make the hack bigger than him. We've DA on our side, and we're in good with Deneb. What if we called in a favor for a big hack? Put the whole east coast in the dark, telecommunications-wise. Big enough he can't reasonably blame his mission blindness on us. Plus, the chaos would make disappearing easier when it comes to that.

>can't be sure we'll hack the drones
Could Monica order them in for, say, maintenance? Install / attach an explosive to each one. If they don't turn like they should, boom.

That, or if we really don't find a way to turn them, we would cut there comms, and go around the base offing them one by one. 88 would finally get that rest he wanted. Uh, old 88. Sorry bro, inherited jersey number.
No. 665757 ID: 0fc976

With Monica's family on the line, we can't afford any delay once the Bureau knows we've gone rogue. If 38-3 can't be bested without losing some of our advantages, then we'll leave now. We have remote access to our current outpost assets anyway, we don't need to be onsite to use those. Still, before we go, I'd like to tap into Jericho's higher administrative functions...
No. 665771 ID: 2f4b71

Wait, Sosa is paranoid as hell. We don't actually NEED to hack 38-3, we just need to sever his link with Sosa for long enough for Sosa to assume he's hacked. Cut off from higher support, 38-3 as a lone mouldie is dangerous due to his ability to disguise his own person, but can't call on other resources for support. No backup, no supporting credentials, etc.

We could even just launch a half-assed brute-force-but-inelegant hack attack against everything Sosa has except for 38-3. Sosa will be instantly suspicious that we never even tried, and will underestimate our actual hacking abilities. It would also be a good cover to sneak in a more sophisticated targeted hack.
No. 665951 ID: a107fd

Alright, so let's say Sosa's monitoring the situation personally while 38-3 comes here to murder us all. Could Deneb, who we know can seamlessly pwn Bureau comms, give Sosa fake feeds from Jericho's internal security, and simultaneously compromise 38-3's wire, providing a fake Sosa voice? Let's Rashomon this shit.

Fake orders from Tai saying now the Fantomas are down, Outpost Jericho is decommissioned, and attached assets reallocated. We all pack our stuff, drones strip everything fungible out of the base down to copper wires in the walls, everybody gets out ASAP. 38-3 comes, sees that we're gone, hears Sosa confirm what happened from the security feeds, hears orders to search the place for a day or so, in case we're buried in some secret back corner, then return to base and discuss the next step. Maybe some heavies show up to help move rubble.

Sosa, meanwhile, hears a lot of nothing over the wire and sees an epic ambush wherein 38-3 is struck down and dragged toward the rez room as all cameras cut out. Heavies sent as backup drop off the grid as soon as they step in the front door. Then, his right-hand man shows up the next day, claiming no such thing happened, and further to be under priority orders to meet Sosa in person and "discuss the next step." At which point Occam's Razor hits an artery: given information Sosa has at that point, 38-3 seems obviously subverted, and can wear anyone's face. All the murderspies in Sosa's hideout are suddenly pointing guns at each other and second-guessing any security protocol 38-3 knows about.

Then we call up, say, Tribranch, tell them Sosa's personal guard are in disarray and their rogue agent Penelope is still alive, in there, trying to kill Bureau senior leadership. Offer them a shitload of money, half in advance, to get Tai Jiyang out of the building alive, or a reduced bounty if relatively intact with a salvageable brain. Strongly imply that if they were to prevent Sosa's safe extraction, that would also be appreciated. No situation is so chaotic that a bunch of crackhead ninjas with conflicting orders can't make it worse.

From there, see how it goes and improvise. Don't get 14-1 involved right away. Too obvious.
No. 665954 ID: a107fd

Of course, for this to work, Deneb needs a reason to play along. If friendship with 73-6 isn't enough, we can also offer all the computing hardware in Jericho's server room.
No. 665955 ID: e114bc

Oh, let's not forget about sev's robot clone, either. I think it might work in our favor to keep it a secret from both DA and Monica, but we also need to figure out how to make it a functioning body. I mean, can it see? Where is it right now? We need to get it some weapons.
No. 666030 ID: 2a7417

It's a longshot, but let's rig a trap in Jericho before we go. If we blow up the base we'd lose our assets here, but what if we gas it instead? There's got to be whole tanks of that industrial cleaner they use in reconstituted assets' coffin-bunks. If those tanks ruptured and the ventilation was sabotaged, would all that airborne chlorine and what-have-you render the base's air a toxic mess? This could be done in a more localized area depending on the volume onsite.
No. 666063 ID: a107fd

>If we blow up the base we'd lose our assets here

How long would it take to rip all the proprietary equipment out of the moldie-maker room and load it into a vehicle?
No. 666075 ID: ad7bba

I'm kind of in favor of not being here when the zombie cyborg killer shows up. I am also kind of in favor of here exploding when the zombie cyborg killer shows up.

Sure, it means being reduced to not much more than murderhobos, but it's not like this base is that much of a safe haven anyway. The enemy knows exactly where it is, its exact layout, and has an indeterminate number of loyal combatants within it. Not exactly a secure location.
No. 666108 ID: 5bdf0c

I would recommend reprimanding her a bit to curry favor with DA and not loose his help.
No. 666152 ID: 0fc976

Fuck politics.
No. 666386 ID: b19c9a

Is it possible to turn the drones AND vacate the premises? Like they'll be dumped out once they turn? Because I had an idea that if we combine all the plans of gas, explosives, turrets, and maybe even a lock down, we might kill 38-3, and even if we don't, he'll be incredibly slowed down. BTW, can we remote lock down the Jericho base? Like full on Blast Protection doors?
No. 666472 ID: f68a09
File 144117712843.png - (8.60KB , 960x560 , 369a.png )

"I don't see what a bean counter is going to bring to the table."
"I'm a handler."
"Beans. Corpses. It's all integers."
"And we're OK with being bossed around by a former employee of the single most incompetent resistance movement to ever smear its innards across the sprawl? Who then sold them out to the Bureau?"
"You're holding treason against me. At this moment."

"ok guys can you shut up for a second."
73-6 slams his palm on the table.

They all shut up and look at him.

"i think i have a plan," he says.
No. 666473 ID: f68a09
File 144117714518.png - (15.90KB , 960x640 , 369.png )

"first off. monica.

you send all the non-drone personnel out on various multi-day assignments and get them out of the way. they won't question it if it's direct from you."
"I can do that."
"you sure?"
"I can totally figure something out. There's all kinds of bullshit places I've been meaning to send that fridgeraiding rat 63."
No. 666475 ID: f68a09
File 144117722035.png - (15.63KB , 960x540 , 370.png )

"next, we spoof up fake orders that outpost jericho is to be liquidated following the defeat of the big 3 fantoma bosses, and we use alllll the drones as physical labor to do just that. we steal the reconstitution chamber and anything else we think would be useful, then we tell them to hold down the fort while we transport the stuff to, uh, storage or whatever.

they're drones. they won't question it.

we keep the new order info from transmitting to central with some hacked-together blockers, and set up a proxy sheet showing all hands on deck and rolling out the red carpet to our corporate overlords, so that 38-3 doesn't have any reason to question his visit."
No. 666476 ID: f68a09
File 144117723992.png - (12.47KB , 960x560 , 371.png )

"then i get into the database using monica's credentials, give dartline access as agreed, and hack jericho to hell. turrets, explosive overloads, toxin contamination from the leftover reconstitution liquids. we turn the place into a fucking subterranean deathtrap."

monica: we gotta fake your death. i'll rig a transmission or audio or something to make it seem like you're still there during jericho's meltdown. we lock down the situation room so 38 can't physically check it and rig it to blow so hard there wouldn't be anything left of you. if you were there. which you won't be.

it won't fool them forever, but it will buy us some time to get our next steps ready without worrying about your family and friends being hurt."
No. 666478 ID: f68a09
File 144117727624.png - (110.25KB , 960x540 , 372.png )

"and then we're out like bandits.
when 38-3 shows up, with sosa presumably watching, we wait until they see that we've stolen the reconstitution stuff, then we spring the trap and everything flips out.
a split second into it we sever sosa's linkup to 38-3. i don't know if i can do that remotely. dartline?"

"Child's play."

"cool. we can rig the cameras to watch the whole thing from hiding. if 38-3 bites it, we retrieve the body, reconstitute it, and we've got another member of team, uh,"


"sure, penelope. and if he lives, then sosa has reason to suspect the 38-3 who comes back is in fact 38-4. he's cut off, sosa's paranoid, we're sitting pretty in our hidey hole, ready to plan our next move while his head spins.
sound good?"

Monica clears her throat. "Damn, Sev."
"Dude," Sara says.
Dubs grins. "That's some speed chess shit."
Dartline Alchemist appears to think it over a few ways.
"Not bad," he says.

"I have to pee," Penelope announces. "Mad hard."
"Should have gone before we left," Monica says.
"I know. I know." Penelope crosses her legs. "Ay, Dubs. Cup your hands."
"You're the noobie. This is noobie duty."
"don't make me turn this hovercraft around." 73-6 keeps his eyes on the road. "in fact i'd like to turn as little as possible. because all the junk we stole is really messing with the calibrators."
Monica scoots up to sit behind him, watching the highway ribbon out into the sprawl. "Where are we going, Sev?"
"i have a safehouse," 73-6 says. "it's where keesh is staying. it'll be a little cramped but it'll do."
"Shouldn't we just, like, keep going until we leave the sprawl?" Penelope asks. "There's tons of abandoned buildings and shit out along the mid wastes. Bunker down in one of those and they'd never find us."
"Neither of those ideas are practical," Dartline's voice cuts in over the radio, loud enough that everyone jumps. That's a bad habit. "73-6, you don't have the equipment you'll need at the safehouse. Or at least not enough to work at capacity. I doubt an abandoned warehouse in bumfuck South Carolina would do either. Reroute to the Rhode Island reef municipality."
"what's there?"
"Me," Dartline Alchemist says. "Think it's time I finally let you catch up."
"Did I mention I don't trust this guy yet?" Monica asks.
No. 666480 ID: e114bc

I think the worst thing he could do at this point is steal all the stuff we just stole. I mean it wouldn't make sense for him to try to kill us since we're going to be killing someone for him. We're obviously not going to make DA's home our permanent base though. Not without some leverage.

>at least not enough to work at capacity.
But we're not going to use the equipment at capacity. We're only planning to reconstitute one person, and only if things go according to plan.
No. 666489 ID: d93d23

I think maybe you should try to set up this complicated hi-tech equipment in a place that is equipped to set up complicated hi-tech equipment. There's a bit of a risk of putting all your eggs in one basket, but DA's pad sounds like the best bet.
No. 666492 ID: ad936f

It's too late to not trust dartline. Let's go to his sick-ass hacker palace.
No. 666523 ID: 2a7417

Middle of nowhere warehouse is no good, the only thing of interest for miles around is *us.* This op's a little long in the tooth for O'Brien to be stringing us along.

Pretend you misheard him say Long Island.
No. 666524 ID: 102f54

"what capacity?"
Also! Fetch keesh!!
Crash with DA tho, BC I mean at this point, aren't we fucked already if he's a traitor?
No. 666525 ID: 534cc4

Grab Keesh, then go ahead and go to Rhode island to find out about what DA is planning and what he has to tell us about.
No. 666537 ID: 53063c

Just make sure Keesh is, well, Keesh, and not 38-soon-to-be-4.
No. 666554 ID: 88960e

What about the business on his end? Implication was someone he had to shoot found his location.

>don't trust him
Is it a step up not trusting him where he's more shootable than a hologram?
No. 666566 ID: 2a7417

arggggggh 38-3 is NOT going to be waiting in our friggin' safehouse. He is not Monica, he is not a robot, even with his mastery of infiltration he is just one man with a holo-guise.

That said, ask DA about the workplace disturbance he recently experienced.
No. 666627 ID: bb78f2

If Dartline wants to kill us, this is a convulted way to do it. If he's betrayed us, we're already dead. Though Dartline trusting us enough to show his own base is weird, I'll admit it, but it's a weirdness I'll have to accept, I don't know the man completely.

None of this shit has trackers, right Sev? The LAST thing I want is this plan fucking up because 38-3's riding under our truck all the way to Dartline's home on the underside.
No. 666652 ID: 7a6915

Wow, tell Monica that if she's really worried about how suspicious Dartline Alchemist is she should ask him for a job. The man has hobbies of trying to support education and human rights, and enemies of everybody who wants to keep things unfair and desperate; he needs friends and allies like fish need water.
Meanwhile we should deliver a backup set of stuff to the safe-house and pick up Keisha, then get going for Dartline's place with the rest. Can we call ahead so we don't catch her on the toilet, or would that compromise the safehouse?
No. 666697 ID: 57dfcc

Also, poor shell upgrade technician. Instead of recruiting you, we forgot about you, then stuck you with the idiot. Sorry.

>But we're not going to use the equipment at capacity. We're only planning to reconstitute one person, and only if things go according to plan.
If things don't go according to plan, we're going to need it to reconstitute dead teammates. Only with the wipe memory option turned off.

>have I mentioned I don't trust him
If he wanted to fuck us over, he doesn't need to be there in person to do it. At least this way we might be able to keep actual eyes on him.

(If we have net access, maybe we could ask 73-6-2 what we can dig up on the location we've been given?).

We also didn't tell dartline about the robot body. Not sure how much use that is against a hacker, but we got at least one surprise if we're in trouble.

If we're not killing Sosa today, we might want to get in contact with 14-1, soonish. (Call him with Monica?). Be nice to have him in play, too.
No. 666710 ID: f51c0f

we're in a hackable truck carrying toxic explosives; he doesn't need a trap.
i say we go to him, not putting all your eggs in one basket and all that. not that i'm saying keesh is an egg. btw, did you know eggs have more fat than carbs and proteins combined? just saying.
No. 666867 ID: f68a09
File 144126163324.png - (11.52KB , 960x560 , 373.png )

"we're going to dartline's," 73-6 says. "although i have to say it's bizarre to think he'd just let us waltz in."
"In for a penny, 73-6," Dartline says.
"Not you."
"Jeez I know," Penelope says. "Just, like, that's funny."
"have to take a pit stop first," 73-6 says. "pick up a couple of things."

Penelope picks up Keisha.
"Baby giiiirl!" Keisha covers her face in kisses. "Oh jeezus don't smell me girl I stink like a motherfucker. You knew I was alive, right?" She looks over Penelope's shoulder at Sara. "He told y'all I was alive?"
"Yah," Sara says. She playfully bonks 73-6 on the shoulder. "It took him a bit."
"Good. I woulda fucked you up, Sev."
"nice to see you too, keesh."
"I'm playing. This dead cracker saved my ass."
"Keisha I got invisibility now," Penelope says. "And like hologram ninjutsu."
"Babe you are such a fuckin' spook!" Keisha kicks her legs in midair. "You kill the sand guy?"
"penelope did it herself," 73-6 says.
"Baaaaabe!" Keisha kisses Penelope again.
They embrace for so long that 73-6 starts to think he should maybe hurry her along.
No. 666868 ID: f68a09
File 144126164367.png - (14.21KB , 960x560 , 374.png )

"Oh and Sev." Keisha leans past her girlfriend before he can say anything. "You planning on doing anything with the fucking robot over here?"
No. 666872 ID: e114bc

It's me
Yes, probably use it as a puppet in battle or something. Gotta get it some new eyes though, fix it up a little.
(don't tell them about sev-2, keep that secret until it counts)
No. 666885 ID: 678ad2

Oh hey he made it, sweat. Guys and girls and Pen welcome the new member of our team. He may be 73-6-2. Anything around here we can use to fix/augment him? At least get him a gun.
No. 666896 ID: ad936f

We should probably go hook up 73-6-2 now. There's no point keeping it a secret though. Even if Dartline betrays us there's pretty much nothing he can do with that information, Deneb is just 2strong.
No. 666902 ID: d93d23

You just liked the look of his face.
No. 666913 ID: 88960e

I figured it would make a nice conversation piece.

I don't mind hooking it up for 73-6-2 to use, but keeping the truth hidden ain't a bad idea. Nothing wrong if potentially untrustworthy people think there's one less of you than there are.
No. 666923 ID: 534cc4

If its possible we should uplink 73-6-2 to the robot, and fix its damaged face too.

Do we have any spare bureau gear? We really should since we stole a truck full of shit. Lets equip everyone in spare bureau trenchcoats and a sidearm or at least have them ready.

After we get 73-6-2 slaved in, and fix the robot and equip it, we really should modify it so the robot can look like 73-6 in his normal and hologram apperances. We will likely have to do this by using holograms, so it shouldn't be to hard to rig up that and a voicebox.
No. 666927 ID: a107fd

Hey Sara I got you a spare body, so if our group has to split up you can be on both teams, like Wolverine.
No. 666935 ID: 0fc976

First, I'm gonna make it dance The Robot. Then I'll give it to Sara as a stunt double, I think. (Seeing as it made its way here, does it have a functioning AI inside? Or did Sev-2 pilot it?)
No. 666946 ID: b5b419

"put a colorful hat on it, bring it to parties as a conversation piece"
No. 666959 ID: 8f8600

Give it a quick check over to make sure no-one managed to stick anything on it on its way over here.
No. 667168 ID: a107fd

What does DA think of the Drowned Kings motorcycle gang? As long as we're throwing whatever we can spare at keeping Sosa and 38-3 off our trail, they should probably be involved somehow.
No. 667784 ID: b19c9a

We couldn't make him look like Sev-Three, send him back to Jericho, and use him to make Sev's death more believable...could we?
No. 667904 ID: afb8ff

Well, if all else fails, we could always sell it for scrap.
No. 668024 ID: a107fd

Internals are all wrong.

We've got superlative amounts of money already.
No. 668026 ID: 7aa8c3

Yes he has a nice open face
No. 668027 ID: 3a8a2e

You remembered to take the bureau tracker off Sara, right?
No. 668035 ID: a107fd

Safehouse has a fridge, right? Put a bunch of castor beans in a bowl, or rig up something else delicious-looking and deadly, wrap it in a takeout bag and label it "property of Monica do not touch this means you." Then order 63 and 90-2 to scout out the safehouse after they're done with the bullshit assignment. Whoever survives that booby-trap gets an offer to join the Jerichite conspiracy.
No. 668043 ID: 534cc4

If we didn't get it i'm sure Dartline did, such simple mistakes aren't gonna be made so late in the game.
No. 668055 ID: 52ad92

If we're keeping it, then we should mame it.
Any ideas? How about "Poker Face?"
No. 668118 ID: f36501

Honestly? I don't know if any of us are going to decide. At least I have no idea what to do with it.

Ask the squad for suggestions?
No. 668957 ID: d78cc1
File 144194770471.png - (208.55KB , 960x560 , 375.png )

"i liked his face," 73-6 says. He'll keep the existence of 73-6-2 in his pocket for now. "load him onto the hovercraft. we got an overdue meeting to get to."

The Rhode Island Reefs, like the rest of the sprawl, are a homogenized thicket of tangled wires and stark concrete, crawling and clinging along the groaning sea cliffs beneath them like a cyberdistopian slime mold.

"Track along Quay 5." Dartline's even drawl commands 73-6 along the grimy streets. Homeless drifters cover their gasoline fires as the hovercraft's engines go by, to keep the coolant-laden exhaust from blowing them out. "Now stop. U turn. Back along where you came and turn up 17th. Left on Works Ave and then keep going until 23rd then backtrack to 12th."

"We doing something here or are you just shit at directions?" Keisha asks.

"My security systems are tracking you," Dartline wires. "You don't take this exact route they'll vaporize you when you get too close to the entrance."
No. 668958 ID: d78cc1
File 144194771603.png - (83.75KB , 960x540 , 376.png )

Their eventual destination is off the docks and a low loop into a coastal cave. The entrance is, of course, through a waterfall.

No normal vehicle could navigate the route they pick through the dripping rock. 73-6 guesses Dartline doesn't get a lot of visitors.
No. 668960 ID: d78cc1
File 144194785723.png - (164.13KB , 960x540 , 377a.png )

They disembark before a clean plastic door, built into the cavern, which slides open to accommodate them.
True to Dartline's word, they are not vaporized when they step through.
Floor tiles before them depress into the floor an inch or two in a winding path, which guides them through a bleached, whirring labyrinth. Racks of servers and electronics stand tall and severe in the hallways like rows of moai heads, occasionally juddering into violet-lit life as Dartline's petabytes of active processes ping through them.

"Wow," Sara whispers, her voice small and lost amid the white noise.

73-6 feels a movement against his knuckles that nearly makes him jump. Thin, tapered fingers close around his palm.

Sara's holding his hand.
No. 668962 ID: d78cc1
File 144194813796.png - (333.26KB , 960x540 , 377.png )

The groove in the floor eventually leads them to an insulated room, its walls spiky with foam. The hum here is dampened and comes mostly from two flickering terminals, wirelessly hubbed to a smooth, featureless computer rising almost organically from the floor.

From the hallway to their right, Dartline Alchemist, finally in the flesh, steps between the terminals and rests his palm on the ceramic roof of one.

Sara's grip on 73-6's hand tightens.

"Welcome, meddling kids," Dartline says, "to Rancho Relaxo.

"Few days ago you thought this meeting would have a flechette gun between it, huh, 73-6."
No. 668965 ID: b5b419

"Feels more like 63 days."

Or three months, take your pick.
No. 668966 ID: ad7bba

"So Keisha, you know this nerd?"
No. 668969 ID: bb78f2

Right now, expecting you to reveal yourself as 38-3, because of course it would be right now if you were to do that.
Or 14-1 all along. I mean, you COULD be 14-1. I don't know what upgrades he has. Would explain a lot.
No. 668972 ID: 0fc976

Or a tigerclaw, or a Strix, or a finger-gun. Hm, not the finger-gun, that'd be too silly.

That's a lot of servers for one free agent to have acquired. Sintek must have a very generous retirement plan.
Shall we get started with the reconstitution chamber's setup?
No. 668973 ID: a19cd5

"I dunno, I got some pretty sweet toys since then. Wasn't expecting the sudden trust but I'm also not complaining."
No. 668974 ID: e114bc

Things change.
No. 668976 ID: 2d5d20

ask him if he mains engineer
No. 668977 ID: a19cd5

Also this
No. 668982 ID: d78cc1
File 144195328965.png - (9.30KB , 960x560 , 378.png )

"things change," 73-6 says. "i have a lot more fun things to kill you with these days."
"Careful, 73-6."
"this is a lot of good stuff here. sintek must have a nice retirement package."
"Sintek don't have a retirement plan either," Dartline says.
"but you aren't sintek, are you?"
"I was. At some point."
"keesh, do you know this guy?"
"What." Keisha squints. "Should I know this guy?"

"Uh, well." Dartline is suddenly skittish. "I don't see how. It was a long time ago."

"It was--" Keisha's eyes widen in realization. "What the fuck? Mr. Doyle?"

"Oh, shit," Dartline mutters.

"Mr. fuckin Doyle take that fuckin visor off right now." Keisha is livid.
"You know I can't do that, Keisha."
"You are not telling me a bitch almost got blown up by her fucking comp sci teacher," Keisha says. "You're Dartline Alchemist? What kind of D&D-ass name is Dartline Alchemist?"
No. 668983 ID: d78cc1
File 144195334614.png - (9.56KB , 960x560 , 379.png )

"God Dammit."
Dartline Alchemist / Mr. Doyle covers his face.
"A comp sci teacher?" Penelope crosses her arms. "Named mr. doyle? That's the big bad DA?"
"No," Dartline says. "I mean yes. Sort of. It's who I was.

"It was a place called St. Joseph's. A magnet campus."
"in cambridge?"
"That's the one," Dartline says. "And yes. I taught there for a time after Sintek."
"You weren't never in fucking Sintek, Mr. Doyle," Keisha says. "You idolized Sintek. You weren't never in it."

"Keisha are you telling the story or am I?" Dartline runs his fingers through his hair. "OK. Never in Sintek. I would argue that being self-taught makes me more impressive, not less. But moving on."
73-6 can't hide his grin. "moving on."

"I was a computer science teacher."
"And IT guy," Keisha says.
"And IT guy. And among my more promising students was Ms. Chalthoum. There. I guess the music department always held more of a grip on you, though, Keisha."
"That don't explain how you went from St. Joe's to shooting my black ass, Mr. Doyle," Keisha says. "THAT'S what I'm interested in."
"It was a mistake, Keisha. Unfortunate random variable."
"Sure seemed like you knew what you were doing."

Dartline sighs heavily.
"OK. Do you want to tell them what happened at St. Josephs?"
Keisha's lips purse. "Is that what this was all about?"
"What else could it be?"
"Fine." She shakes her head. "I'll shut up."

"OK then." He clears his throat.
No. 668984 ID: d78cc1
File 144195339981.png - (4.85KB , 960x560 , 380a.png )

"St. Joe's was Cambridge's shiny badge for the longest time. Emblematic as it was of clear, definable progress being made toward a kind of future. The young people it taught were mostly poor, bad-neighborhood latchkey kinds of kids. It sounds like some sentimental bullshit but if they hadn't gone to Joe's they would have been chewed up and spit out like anyone else without the kind of cash you need to keep yourself above water.
And some of the best teachers left were on its faculty. The ones who hadn't given up on everything yet. Most of us were working for peanuts. We did it because we believed in it.

"The good councilmen of the Northeastern Sprawl believed in it too. Councilman Robert Masdea being our primary mouthpiece. He held us up to the light of a choir of a billion tax-deductible angels, and rode our success story through his entire, staggeringly long incumbency. Good chunk of his own change went into St. Joe's. Or his donors' anyway.

"For five years I ran with the Saints. I was making a difference. One of the little candles in the century's great oncoming darkness. I was a moron, of course. We all were. There's a reason they invented electric light.

"For shits and giggles I started hacking the security systems at St. Joe's. Just as something to do. I was getting deeper and deeper into the wilds of black hatting and I wanted to see if I could, y'know?

"And one night, as I was grading C++ assignments the little script kiddies had handed in on my main monitor, with the feed up on a little CCTV to prevent any traces, I caught some movement on the cameras in the corner of my eye and saw Bob Masdea and two of his gubernatorial friends, after hours in a place they shouldn't have been, with a 14-year-old student, doing something they shouldn't have been doing.

"And I saw something I shouldn't have seen."
No. 668986 ID: d78cc1
File 144195342202.png - (7.80KB , 960x560 , 380.png )

"Of course I took it to the cops. What would you have done if you were an idealistic idiot like I was? They nodded gravely and said they wouldn't take this lightly. Look right into it, they said.

"Overnight the funding dried up. The money, the attention, the supplies. Everything stopped. Bob saved so much money he bought himself a new yacht and St. Joe's drifted into the Elephant Graveyard all noble intentions condemn themselves to.

"And that's just about the last time I ever put myself up to doing anything for anyone if it didn't help me.

"A couple years down the road Bob Masdea's yacht experienced catastrophic equipment failure in the middle of Long Island Sound. It blew itself apart, with him on it.

"One of his buddies ended up reassigned to the Swaziland embassy three years later, right before the Ngwenyama's forces miraculously shut down the Puppet Gov's entire automated army and swarmed Mbabane. He was hanged.

"The last was the hardest nut to crack. He kept himself too clean and sealed for close to a decade.

"It took me about that long to discover the other vice he held besides his kid-diddling. A connection to a group of freedom fighters calling themselves the Fantomas Vengadores.

"And so here we are."
No. 668988 ID: e114bc

...hang on how much did he actually manipulate the Bureau to get at Sandman? Was blowing up the apartment just to get the Bureau on his ass, was the "blackmail" the Fantomas had fake, the information recovered placed there just so we would eventually go after Sandman? This is all very impressive if so. DA is a dangerous, dangerous man.

Also what does Sosa have to do with this? Is he just a bad man that DA thinks the world would be better off without? I'd agree with that sentiment, honestly.
No. 668991 ID: 0fc976

Wow. Hope you made him squeal, Penelope.
-Wait, you weren't talking about 88, were you?
No. 668993 ID: bb78f2

Okay, so, to confirm it was Sandman, right? Not who Dubs used to be, right? Dubs seemed pretty alright before the rez and he got cooler.
I mean I GUESS Warbucks could also have been a pedophile or ilbibliophile or whatever liking 14 year olds qualifies as. Shouldn't count out the ladies for such evil.
No. 669002 ID: 65994d

Is the last guy Sosa? If not why does he what Sosa dead so bad?
No. 669012 ID: bd0fbc

You are a good man, Dartline Alchemist.
No. 669021 ID: a107fd

So, Dartline, now we know what you're bringing to this, how would you like to be the next CEO of the Bureau of Domestic Defense? Only catch is we still gotta catch 38-3 intact and then have him play the part of Tai Jiyang for a long time.

Warbucks and Lockjaw were not "too clean."
No. 669092 ID: 149da0

Well, if there's one thing I understand, it's turning on your bosses with a vengeance when they turn out to be assholes, or fuck with people you care about.
No. 669168 ID: b7190e

soo who was it and is he dead already?
No. 669270 ID: d78cc1
File 144210635916.png - (9.31KB , 960x560 , 381.png )

"sooooooo... is he dead?"
"the guy."
"What he-- Yes. You killed him."
"was it lockjaw?"
"Whoa," 88-1 says. "Don't look at me."
"No motherfucker it was Sandler." DA puts his head in his hand. "That was the whole reveal thing I was doing."
"oh," 73-6 says.
"You manipulated us?" Monica asks. "The whole time?"
"I played it by ear," DA says. "Signed on with the Fantomas and kept an eye out for opportunities to bring him down. You presented yourselves."
"Like the south side of my fuckin apartment presented itself?"
"That was an accident, Keisha. I told you. Anyway, you're all here now. Hidden, safe, surrounded by tech."
"Are there places we can sleep here?" 88-1 asks.
Monica sniffs the air. "Is there a shower in here?"
"We get separate rooms?" Penelope chimes in, her arm lightly around Keisha's shoulder. "With like no cameras?"
"Yes yes and fine," Dartline Alchemist says. "It's time to figure out the next step. If that's turn in for the evening I can figure out the sleeping situation. Don't exactly have a guest room."
No. 669282 ID: d135cd

Guess some shuteye wouldn't hurt. Been a bit of a day.
No. 669289 ID: 149da0

>It's time to figure out the next step.
I guess it's too early to watch 38-3 stumble through the deathtraps we left? Would have made a nice bedtime video.

Hmm. Maybe we should call 14-1? We might want help when we go gunning for Sosa, with or without 38-4.

What's DA's beef with Sosa, if he's not one of the jerks who was messing with the kiddies?
No. 669294 ID: 0fc976

Check on Jericho's walls, and ask why Sosa is on Dateline Anarchist's hitlist. There's no need to call 14-1 yet, we don't have need of him. Plus, it would take him quite some time to get to the Sprawl from South America.
No. 669311 ID: b5b419

73-6 you really need to spend more time socializing and less time brutally murdering nearly every new person you meet.
No. 669318 ID: e114bc

Seriously though why Sosa?
No. 669337 ID: fb17e6

Probably should make sure you are now cool with Dartline, maybe see if he'd get rid of the backdoor in your head and such?
No. 669340 ID: 149da0

How can you ever trust that the man who put the backdoor in your head removed the backdoor in your head? It's unverifiable.
No. 669376 ID: 7a6915

We've got a big day ahead of us, killing off the Bureau before they figure out where to send agents and an army after us is gonna take a little work. Some shuteye and downtime would be helpful unless there's something on the schedule that really needs doing first.
No. 669387 ID: e114bc

...hang on how did he get this fortress? You can't build something like this on your own. Did he steal it from that guy we saw him shoot?
No. 669420 ID: d78cc1
File 144217730756.png - (34.78KB , 960x560 , 382.png )

"i guess the trap we've laid won't be ready till tomorrow," 73-6 says. "some shuteye wouldn't hurt."
"Then we start planning tomorrow," Dartline says. "After we see what happens to Sosa's little minion."
"why sosa?" 73-6 asks. "just wondering."
"Because I have an opportunity," Dartline Alchemist says. "And because if I'm not #1 on the Bureau's shitlist now I'm going to be as soon as they find out I helped you. So I'm going to take it apart."
"sound logic."
"Hm." Dartline comes out from between the terminals. "I don't suffer things to stay in my way. Now: the room situation."

"Just a second. Excuse me." Sara steps out in front of DA. "Do you remember me?"
He tilts his head. "The robot, right. Came with 73-6 into Blastlands?"
"Yeah well before that I was Keesh's roomate," Sara says. "The one who nearly shot you after you attacked us."
"That was you?"
"It was. And I just want to let you know I'm still nowhere near trusting you. And the next time you hurt one of my friends I'm gonna be there."
"I told you," Dartline Alchemist says. "It was a mistake."
"So was missing you." Sara's eyes are narrowed. "I'm not making any more mistakes. For your sake I hope you don't either."
Dartline snorts. "You know who you're talking to?"
"I do, Mr. Doyle. And you can stop trying to intimidate us because Sev-Three is a lot scarier than you are." Sara turns away. "I'll be at the hovercraft, guys. Find me when you get the rooms straightened."
She leaves the room.
"Que la chinga," Penelope says, the admiration clear in her voice.
"You going to keep an eye on that, right?" Dartline Alchemist asks pointedly. "Now rooms. Think I got four rooms I can spare for you which means we need at least one more double. Figure it out and I'll get you sleeping bags and such."
"Sleeping bags?" Monica puts her hands on her hips.
"Only got the one bed." Dartline shrugs. "It'll be like a camping trip."
No. 669421 ID: 0fc976

Let's "keep an eye" on Sara in the double room.
No. 669424 ID: bb78f2

"That" is your prodigal student's best friend and a person. I appreciate everything you've done so far, but do not call her an object.
No. 669425 ID: ad936f

Are we the only one who doesn't fucking hate dartline?
No. 669426 ID: ad936f

He was referring to her attitude towards him him, not her as an individual.
No. 669431 ID: 149da0

>You know who you're talking to?
The guy who just let 3 bureau assets into his inner sanctum? I don't care what kind of defenses or countermeasures he has set up- that's not enough to make sure he stays alive if he crosses us.

>You going to keep an eye on that, right?
Sure. If you give her a reason to kill you, I'm definitely gonna watch.

I assume Keesh and Pen want to bunk.

Then that leaves Monica, Sara, Dubs, Sev. Unless Sara wants to bunk with us, that means Sev and Dubs probably share. If DA needs one of the 4 rooms, and doesn't have his own somewhere, Sara and Monica could bunk.

Actually, if we don't trust him, it probably makes sense not leaving anyone alone. (Although, amusingly, that leaves Monica stuck with Dubs if Sara sticks with Sev).
No. 669436 ID: a107fd

Keesh with Pen in whichever room has the best soundproofing, Sara with Sev so they can have a chance to talk about the relationship thing, Monica with Dubs who has a baked-in compulsion to befriend her, save room #4 for 63 and 90-2.
No. 669500 ID: d78cc1
File 144221009612.png - (13.61KB , 960x560 , 383.png )

"OK." Dartline Alchemist tosses the sleeping bag onto the floor. "So this one's a two-fer. The machines here are sturdy enough you can use them as a platform thing for the bags if you want. Just shut off your magnets first, 73-6. No hard drives getting wiped by your dead ass tonight."
"hah." 73-6 scratches his butt. "that would be bad."
"So who's taking this one?" Dartline asks.
"well i guess it makes the most sense for the dudes to share a room, right?" 73-6 looks over at 88-1, standing in the doorway.
88-1 raises an eyebrow. "You guess?"

"unless, like, well do you need a room, dartline?"
"I have a room," Dartline Alchemist says.

"so maybe sara and monica could bunk or they could like have separate rooms or um." 73-6 clears his throat. It sounds like a rattling tin can with a pissed-off hornet inside. "uhh how about you ask sara where she wants to bunk, dubs?"
"You want me to?" 88-1's studied blankness cracks into a hint of grin at its edge.
"sure. yes. uh, thanks."
"Got it." 88-1 bows out.

"And tell her from me that I'm, uh," Dartline Alchemist studies his words. "Not maybe sorry but I understand where she's coming from."
"Get sleep. Big day."
"good night, dartline."
"Good evening."

Dartline alchemist leaves the door open as he goes.
No. 669501 ID: d78cc1
File 144221010643.png - (6.65KB , 960x560 , 384.png )

73-6 takes a seat on one of the terminal things.
He should definitely prepare two of these. Right?

I mean obviously he should but maybe he's sleeping alone. There's enough rooms for that.
Should he put on his hologram face? Should he take his gloves off? His palms are going to be all sweaty.

Is Sara even coming? She might not be coming. Maybe she wants her own room. That would totally be understandable.
But she held his hand. That has to mean something, right?

Maybe she was just scared but, like, she didn't hold Keisha's hand or anything. She held his hand.
She might not even be coming, 73-6. She probably isn't. Relax.
No. 669502 ID: d78cc1
File 144221011805.png - (11.25KB , 960x560 , 385.png )

Sara coughs politely behind 73-6 who nearly jumps out of his skin.

"Hi!" she says.
No. 669504 ID: 0fc976

Remember the basics of talking to girls, Sev. Say 'hi' back.

You know, you could sleep on the floor and move your sleeping bags together. Ain't much difference between one hard surface and another.

You should probably take your coat off too. Ooh, how scandalous.
No. 669505 ID: a19cd5

sara my spaghetti is flying, please say something before i explode from nerves
No. 669507 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh my god, yes!

Verbatim, please!
No. 669508 ID: ad7bba

Sev don't freak out. All it is is there's a girl who likes you in a room alone with you and she's only wearing one piece of clothing.

Nothing to freak out about.
No. 669534 ID: 88960e

Um, hi.

If you need an excuse for nerves, you can't remember when you last slept put of one of those tube things. Oh, wait, yes you can. At her place. Um. This line of thinking isn't making things less awkward is it.
No. 669539 ID: 2a7417

Take the hologram off, the gloves off, just take it allll off Sev-Three. Ooh yeah.

Ask Sara (no intermediates this time!) what she's going to do when this is over. Maybe... what *we* are going to do?
No. 669550 ID: 5aaa6f

double-check that Sara wasn't remotely tampered with upon entering mr super-hacker's inner sanctum.
No. 669620 ID: 50904b

say hi, dork
No. 669695 ID: d78cc1
File 144229186115.png - (9.51KB , 960x560 , 386.png )

"hi," 73-6 says. "it's no sleeping tube, huh?"
"That it ain't." Sara doesn't know what to do with her hands, it looks like. "Not exactly cozy, but."

"well there's a couple sleeping bags." 73-6 kicks one lightly. "we can spread 'em out. on the, uh, floor."
"Slumber party!" Sara giggles. "You gonna braid my hair?"
"i've never actually, uh." 73-6 runs his hand along his scalp. "not exactly qualified."
Sara giggles again, uncertainly.

They've both run out of cutesy evasions. They stare at each other, each caught in the other's headlights.

73-6 clears his throat.
"sara my spaghetti is literally falling out all over the place. please say something before i explode."
"Oh my God," Sara says. "Mine too. Oh my God I was so much better at this when I was human. Ummmm."

She looks back for a place to sit but the other terminal thing is too far away. She keeps standing.
"So do you remember a few nights ago?" she asks, carefully. "When you were hacking me and stuff?"
"And I said I was going to say all those things but then 38-3 happened so I was too afraid to?"
73-6 swallows. "yeah."
"I really was," Sara says. "I hope you didn't think I was making an excuse. I really do, ummm. I really like you."
"I do. I really really like you." Sara looks like she's about to melt into a pool of silicon. And you said you like me?"
"i did. uh i do."

"And you said 'maybe when we're under less scrutiny,'" Sara says. "And I got really scared and I didn't let you finish. I'm sorry."
"it's ok." 73-6 kind of wants to look away but can't.
"And now we are. Under less scrutiny now I mean. No more handlers or bureaus or regulations or stuff. And I know we said a lot of oh we shouldn't and maybe later and um but we danced around-- we never said, like, y'know--"
"what it was?"
"What it was. Right. That you-- I mean We-- what we wanted to do. So. Ummm." Sara bites her lip. "What now?"
No. 669699 ID: a6f913

scoot over and let her sit next to you,,,...,.,.
No. 669707 ID: b5b419

ohhh right. you may want to get rid of the government background running stuff

given that you're criminals now.
No. 669708 ID: a107fd

"We could start by just holding hands." Then when she touches your hand, do the mind-blowing orgasm hack thing.
No. 669709 ID: 0fc976

We are going to do it. Right now. If you're up to it.
We won't even need to, trust me.
No. 669714 ID: e114bc

Tell her how unfathomably rich you are.
No. 669730 ID: 534cc4

Kiss her you fool, passionately and with grace.

As passionately and gracefully as a lovesick moldie unleashing his suppressed emotions out can.
No. 669744 ID: 4be41f

take her hand and gently pull her close. go for a closed mouth kiss.
are you even capable of non-closed mouth kissing? this question is about to become very relevant soon.
No. 669745 ID: 281aec

Um, let's ease into it.
No. 669769 ID: d3e063

No. 669798 ID: 149da0

No words. Hack her gently.

Make an access requested prompt pop up on her UI.
No. 669842 ID: efea05

Start easy. First, go over her system options again, make sure everything's right. It'd be like... brushing her hair, kind of. While you do that, talk to her about the future. But, hopefully. Like, if she was rich and wasn't in trouble with anyone any more, what would she like? Get yourselves into a nice zone of comfort with each other.
No. 669850 ID: d78cc1
File 144237435376.png - (10.93KB , 960x560 , 387.png )

73-6 scoots over and pats the terminal.
Sara sits.
"i'm not sure," 73-6 says. He takes her hand. "if you were really wealthy where would you go?"
"Like how wealthy?"
"really really."
"Africa," Sara says, almost automatically. "Cameroon."
"why there?"
"They don't live like--" she waves her hand around. "the buzzing. And the volcano. I really wanna see a volcano."
"sara i'm really rich."
"Like how rich?"
"really really," 73-6 says. "i stole the money from those ceo people. at warbucks' meeting."
Sara's eyes widen. "Ohhh."
"and now i'm really crazy unfathomably rich. so after all this we can see the volcano in cameroon. and you don't need to run any more government stuff. and maybe you shouldn't since we're fugitives now."
"I already wiped all of it," Sara says. "I thought it was probably a good idea. Since we're hardened criminals."
"but we're gonna be ok."
"I know." She squeezes his hand. "Fearless leader."
"um not exactly." 73-6's throat is dry. "i'm freaking out right now."
"Me too. I didn't think this-- I kind of thought we weren't ever going to, y'know." Sara rests their hands on her leg. It's smooth and warm. "Sev?"
"Do you want to kiss me?"
No. 669854 ID: a19cd5

"I mean yeah but I have weird corpse lips, you ok with that?"
No. 669855 ID: 149da0

*look at and/or poke stitches*

Um. Can I even kiss or are these things in the way.
No. 669857 ID: f73b63

GODAMNIT SEV, do NOT let these virgins ruin your shot with dialogue. Go for it. Try to keep your foot AWAY from the general vincinity of your mouth. Kiss her!
No. 669862 ID: 0fc976

"I would like-like that."
No. 669863 ID: df2e32

More than anything else.
No. 669867 ID: 534cc4

Kiss her. Let things play out as they will.
No. 669902 ID: a19cd5

no but fumble super hard though
it'll be hilarious and she'll fall for what an inept clown you are outside of plotting rebellions and killing people

That's how relationships work
No. 669905 ID: bb78f2

You know... I need to learn how to pucker through these stitches.
No. 669915 ID: e1ea4d

if you chicken out of this kiss i will be so disappointed in you.
No. 669917 ID: 03c5ae

No. 669918 ID: efea05

You know, since her eyes are in her chest, would it feel more kiss-like for her if you kissed her there? I mean, from her perspective, a kiss on her face is just "well there's something bumping against my head and now I can just stare at this torso here".
No. 669934 ID: 281aec

"Yeah. Can we do that?"
No. 669936 ID: 3ab69d

You two are going to get married and have cute undead robot babies and it's going to be so cute.
No. 669956 ID: 2a7417

So, you want us to start working our way down her chest with kisses?

She does have a working mouth, so kissing her head is probably fine for her.
No. 670063 ID: b19c9a

No. 670297 ID: d78cc1
File 144255348368.png - (9.84KB , 960x560 , 388.png )

"more than anything," 73-6 says.

There is a pause.

"i mean i don't know if the stitch things will get in the way or--"
No. 670298 ID: d78cc1
File 144255349535.png - (7.54KB , 960x560 , 389.png )

No. 670302 ID: b19c9a

New question...should we grope the booty?
No. 670306 ID: 0fc976

Woah, things are heating up so fast in here I think you're gonna melt the servers!
No. 670308 ID: e114bc

I feel like we should.
No. 670313 ID: b19c9a

All in favor of groping the booty say "I"!
No. 670322 ID: d78cc1
File 144255847648.png - (10.05KB , 960x560 , 390.png )

73-6 puts a hand on Sara's butt.

Sara takes this as her cue to push him backward onto the terminal and straddle him.

She's warm.
She's so soft it's insane that she could exist in the same world he's been living in. She's the softest thing he's ever held. He can't believe this is happening.
His heart is hammering in his throat. She makes a little noise and he loves her so much it hurts.

She eases up and her black hair cascades around his face.
"Is this too fast?" she asks. "Am I being too fast?"
"i don't know," 73-6 says. "i've never done this before."
"Maybe it's fast." Her eyes are incandescent digital scintilla, radiating across his brain. "But when will we get another chance?" An atom of fear slips into her voice. "Will we get another chance?"
No. 670323 ID: e114bc

We will if I have anything to say about it.
No. 670324 ID: a19cd5

I will punch fate in the dick directly with my fist just to be sure
No. 670326 ID: bb78f2

There is NO chance I'm going to let Sosa win and take that second chance away from me.
I will fight tooth to the BONE for that second chance.
No. 670327 ID: 0fc976

That's what he's fightin for. Also for top position. That is a battle which he is losing, though.
No. 670331 ID: b9cef6

I'm sure there will be lots of chances in Cameroon.
No. 670345 ID: 863006

fuck top position, this is just dandy.
No. 670355 ID: a6f913

No. 670522 ID: a107fd

"Will we have another chance? Well, that depends. Am I the second most badass rebel cyborg murderspy the Bureau of Domestic Defense ever produced, and are you a super robot Blastlands champion whose combat medic skills constitute power over life and death? Do we have a bunch of other awesome people backing us up? I think we are, and we do. I think we have a chance and we should take it. Opportunities multiply when they are seized."
No. 670615 ID: d78cc1
File 144269757014.png - (12.09KB , 960x560 , 391.png )

"we'll have a lot of chances in cameroon," 73-6 says. "i will personally punch sosa or fate or whoever in the dick if i have to."
"Is that where we're going?" Sara asks.
"we're going wherever we want to," 73-6 says. "are you ok with it being 'we'?"
"I am super OK with that." Sara kisses his neck.
She sits up. "Soooo does that mean you wanna wait?"
No. 670616 ID: a6f913

No. 670621 ID: ad936f

what's that magenta thing?
No. 670627 ID: 7a6915

Huh, that is strange. What is that magenta thing?

As far as waiting goes, we could use some stress relief, but it'd be nice to be sure what's better in the short term and long term. It's also worth thinking about how much 'better in the short term' helps there to be a long term.
No. 670628 ID: 0fc976

Haha nope

It is a reminder that we are in a server room and not a featureless grey expanse.
No. 670629 ID: 149da0

>"Soooo does that mean you wanna wait?"
Sara are you trying to kill me. I know I've been dead a lot but that's just cruel!

Computer stuff. All DA's computer stuff is like that.
No. 670635 ID: 1d55f0

No. 670639 ID: b5b419

turn on your hologram
No. 670645 ID: d78cc1
File 144270450117.png - (10.54KB , 960x560 , 392.png )

"nope," 73-6 says. "this is great"
Sara giggles. "We haven't even gotten to the good part." She starts to unzip his trenchcoat. "You've never, um--"
"i don't know if this body has but i haven't."
"This body hasn't but I have," Sara says. "Dude together we're one virgin!"
"dude," 73-6 says. "i hadn't thought of it that way. do you, uh, should i be doing anything?"

"Nuh-uh." She peels the top of his trenchcoat off and feasts her eyes. "I think I still know how everything works down there."
"do you want me to turn on my hologram thing?"
Sara shakes her head. "It's cute, don't get me wrong." She kisses his chest. "But I didn't fall in love with your hologram, Seventy Three-Six. Just lie back."
73-6 feels her hips gyrate as she wiggles out of her shorts. "You've taken care of me through so much.

I wanna take care of you."
No. 670646 ID: d78cc1
File 144270451663.png - (4.56KB , 960x560 , 393.png )

No. 670647 ID: d78cc1
File 144270452269.png - (3.80KB , 960x560 , 394.png )

"something's buzzing."
"did da leave his phone in here?"
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