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File 143057150474.png - (2.30MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ765.png )
637478 No. 637478 ID: 55c4cf

Act 3, Chapter 14.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chigui
Quest Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/84526.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chiguigushi
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Bubble_Bucket
IRC: #lilac on irc.rizon.net
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No. 637483 ID: 55c4cf
File 143057183666.png - (1.64MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ766.png )

Your head is riddled with two very similar voices, sometimes in unison, other times individual.
”Asali, if we do not kill Ladon immediately, you could be destroyed. You know what he has in his hand right?”
“You realize what he took from us, he NEVER trusted you, Asali.”
“Ladon is not your friend, we can protect you.”
“Save your life.”

Ladon has been watching you closely after explaining the events you had no recollection of before. You are struggling to control your body and keep thinking straight. The fluid creature speaks.
“Asali, are you still with me? Please stay with us.”
Kill him.
“Asali you have made it this long, are you truly lost?”
Asali, we must live, KILL HIM.

Epsilon is leaning against the wall, shaking.

Kill him, Asali. Kill him right now!
K̡̨̛̬̻̲͕͎̜̺̖̱̰͈̤͚͇̻͓͞I̧̮͈͚̝͔̩̱̗̪͎L̙͖͙̘̹̞͚̼̀͟ͅL̸̢͎̪͇̩̦͙͔̤̫̲̹̠͡ ͍̪̥͉͕̭̰̫̭̗̩̹͔͚̮͡L̴̯͙͍̜͇̘̭̱̱͟͢͟͞Ạ̶̶̷̸̣͙͔͎̫̫̀D̴̥̜͙̦̯͍̘̬̮͓̪̀͘͜͝Ó̵̴̫̰̹̞̖͚̩̳̲̳̣̖̖̣͉͢N̛͏̧͏̟̱͇̜̠̺͖̗̤͎̥͘.̸̶̛͏͔̲̤̝̙̳͘
No. 637484 ID: d80e4e

Tell him what he wants to hear. For now.
No. 637485 ID: 1382e9

Don't kill Ladon, you've killed like, a lot of people already. Like a whole lot.

Answer that yes, you're still with him.
No. 637486 ID: b99797

Fight against them, Asali. If Ladon wanted you dead he would have killed you before trying to talk to you.
No. 637487 ID: 50614c

tell Ladon to show his hands
No. 637503 ID: b6981d

Oh yes, that seems like a good idea, listen to the voice going all eldritch.

NO! Do not kill him! He could have destroyed the thing at any time, he wanted us to know and to test us, beg for forgiveness from Ladon.
No. 637523 ID: e114bc

If you're a lich... then he probably has your phylactery.

Do not attack. Restrain yourself, you are in control. Tell him you are barely hanging on. How can you fix yourself, if he thinks you deserve a second chance?
No. 637527 ID: 809713

>numerous voices in your head screaming "kill him"
If you're having some kind of psychotic break, maybe you should be asking for help instead of considering giving in.

...help me.
No. 637684 ID: f31369

"I'm still with you yeah."
No. 637883 ID: 62d297

Those voices aren't us, so who the hell is talking to Asali?
No. 638002 ID: 100d4e

You've done everything on this island to help people you don't know. Tell him about all the people you helped, hopefully that might give him a reason to not kill you. You've been going around righting wrongs...back up the "kindly aura" by explaining what you've done since waking up.
No. 638095 ID: dcd676

Whatever you do, don't kill him. You've done a lot wrong already, but ever since you lost the memory of it you've been trying to set it right and this is no exception. Say you're with him. Work with people, it's your best chance to keep going.
No. 638239 ID: 85a0d3

Whatever you do, don't.

And definitely don't let THEM.
No. 638241 ID: e114bc

...don't let them control you.
No. 638455 ID: 55c4cf
File 143089421858.png - (2.20MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ767.png )

Epsilon is struggling. He really wants to interfere and protect Asali from Ladon, but there’s so much he could fuck up and he wants to trust her to win. She’d made it very far by herself already. The position he was in against the wall was quickly abandoned when an unwelcome, but familiar face starts to erupt out of the wall right in front of Epsilon.

“What the HELL do you want right now?” Epsilon yells through a whisper.
“Hey there, buddy,” The feline deity cackles in response, pauses and continues with a more serious tone, “Remember how I tasked you with four jobs? You’ve completed three expertly. I’ve got fantastic news, friend. Your final job! It’s right now. You see how your girlfriend is struggling right now? I need you to encourage her to give in. Her two parts need to merge. You could convince her to do so pretty easily. Once you accomplish that you’re off the hook forever! You and Asali can live happily ever after.”

Epsilon is angry and disgusted, so he at least manages to keep from murder at the immediate second.
The cat creature hums a happy little tune, ignoring Epsilon’s temper and boiling rage, “Well? No time to waste, this is your only chance.”
No. 638457 ID: e114bc

I think you need to go over to Asali and tell her she can overpower her other half and merge with it. Cat wants you to tell her to give in and merge? Nuts to that, tell her to EAT her other half.

Then tell her goodbye.
No. 638458 ID: b6981d

Would that even be Asali if she 'merged'? Shit would you even be able to live happily after considering what that other half did, she might just start going murder.

No deal Mr Cat Man
No. 638463 ID: 85a0d3

Tell him you're going to destroy his plans.

Help Asali overtake her other half.
No. 638465 ID: 2edfb3

If she merges she will bear no resemblance to the Asali you currently know. She will be the Black Plague again. One big question though: WHY did Asali slaughter the inhabitants of the island? Ask Destruction- she's probably his even more than you.
No. 638466 ID: 440267

Do it. What's the point of all this if you give up now and abandon the woman you love, after you've already gone so far?
No. 638473 ID: 1382e9

Well, we're fucked either way. Don't do it. If she merges with her other half, she's probably gonna go nuts in a murder way again.

And even if she doesn't, if Ladon realizes what's going on, he's gonna try and kill Asali.

So tell Keycat that no deal, you're not putting herself in danger anymore and you're not gonna let her sink back into her murderous half again.
No. 638497 ID: b99797


He can protect her from them. Epsilon told her that he would.
Don't betray Asali, encourage her to fight.
No. 638499 ID: 62d297

Punch the smug cat in his awful fucking cat face. We've waited long for the opportunity.
No. 638509 ID: f31369

don't get her to give up, get her to take over.
No. 638511 ID: 88960e

No. 638552 ID: dcd676

This. This seems like our best chance.
No. 644048 ID: 55c4cf
File 143296582134.png - (626.55KB , 1280x1280 , BBQ768_Flash_Teaser.png )

[ 'Animated' Flash with Sound ]
Huge Spoiler Warning (if not caught up!)

Music: VNV Nation - Distant (Rubicon II)
Rough Sketches
Lagotrope: 01, 04-05, 11-13
Toxoglossa: 02-03
Burquina: 6-9
BiteQuest: 13-14
Flash Assistance: Lagotrope
No. 644052 ID: b6981d

well you heard the man
well he's more of a puddle now... of my tears
No. 644053 ID: d80e4e

Damn it, Epsilon. Don't let his sacrifice go to waste, Asali. He gave up everything so you could be free.
No. 644058 ID: e114bc

Take a moment to recover. If the fucking masked cat is still around try to smack him with your hammer.
No. 644064 ID: 439e5a

Nuuuuuu ; w;

Tell Ladon that you won't be the murder queen again because your bf just sacrificed himself for you. We need his help.
No. 644069 ID: b6981d


No. 644100 ID: dcd676

Let Ladon know: you can't let Epsilon's sacrifice go to waste. Don't give in.
No. 644151 ID: 90fac7

You heard the puddle, don't let them.

Tell Ladon you're the only one controlling yourself. Fight for your will to survive.

Fight for your friends that have died.
No. 644227 ID: f31369

sit down for a moment
No. 644228 ID: b99797

Scream. Thank Ladon for everything he's done, and that you need the thing to bring justice to whatever forces are at work.
No. 644269 ID: 100d4e

The shock from Epsilon's death hasn't set in yet. Ask Ladon for help taking the figurines to Sani.
No. 644271 ID: 100d4e

Also you'll definitely need his help after seeing what you just saw...
No. 644521 ID: 62d297

in chapter 13 there was a panel where epsilon was wearing a weird mask like Asali just had on. do you think she is in the same kind of boat as epsilon?
No. 644913 ID: 55c4cf
File 143331678503.png - (1.32MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ769.png )

There is a long bout of silence. Neither Ladon or Asali say anything. Neither of them move. Eventually Eden behind Ladon and gazes upward toward the slime-like. Your companion however, is gone, and it might be easier to cope with if you weren’t covered with him. Your only comfort is that the twin voices are gone.

“Ladon, do you know anything about what just happened? Epsilon knew he was about to die.”
“Whatever happened to him was outside of my knowledge, but I know he was cursed. He’s been cursed since you met him. He had a mask similar to the one you just had, I know nothing more.”

“Okay,” you find little comfort in those words, “I’m sorry for the things that were done. It was my body but it wasn’t me. I won’t hurt anyone if I can help it, I hope you believe me.”
“I do. Please take your orb and leave me with my Eden. I will see you again when you break the seal.”
“What sea--”
“I'm sorry but telling you won’t help you. Good luck.”
No. 644916 ID: e114bc

...take the orb. It's probably your phylactery.

Linger for a moment at his corpse/bloodstain and... say a few words for him. You won't let his death be in vain.
No. 644919 ID: f2b9e7

Get the orb. Then go see Mint, you need a bit of comfort, also shower and possibly clothes that are don't have Epsy all over.

Also we should go save Chu while we're at it.
No. 644920 ID: 4d9e39

Take the orb, and say your goodbyes. Epsilon wouldn't want to dwell on what just happened, he'd want you to see this through to the end, whatever that may be.
No. 644925 ID: 12d0f4

Asali, now is the perfect time to sit down, enjoy a brand new Arby's® smokehouse brisket, and think things over. Clam yourself down.
No. 644965 ID: b6981d

Take orb, hug self, save chu.
No. 645109 ID: f31369

take a little time to regroup, possibly at mint's.
No. 645187 ID: b99797

Take the orb, and thank Ladon. Now that you know what you did to Eden, maybe apologize to him some.
No. 645192 ID: dcd676

Take the orb and head out. There'd be nothing worse for Epsilon than not making use of his sacrifice.
No. 645217 ID: 62d297

does asali have a contract with destruction too?
No. 645260 ID: 2edfb3

Try to feel a bit less squid. You are excessively squid-feeling.
No. 645305 ID: 100d4e

Take the orb. Now it's time to save Chu. Epsilon mentioned where she was when he was retelling what happened to him, right? You still got that Joker card?
No. 645447 ID: 55c4cf
File 143345629622.png - (2.42MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ770.png )

For the first time, Asali is whole. The act of taking your orb, your phylactery, fills you with strength and power. An unfortunate reminder that you are corrupt and ruined. Asali is not the woman you were. You will never again be just a hardworking mechanic. You will never share an apartment with your photographer boyfriend. You have both died, even if Asali has a new life without him.

Epsilon and Asali Nyonya Zakiya are gone.
The _____ are both gone too. Those harrowing voices have left you.
You are the new Asali. Something horrible is still happening here, it wasn’t just you. It wasn’t just the things your body did without you. You have a new determination to make it to the end and destroy the gestating ominous plans.

They will rue the day they shattered your life into fragments.


Accomplished: Find Nu, Uncover Ring, Swirly Vial for Eden, Tablets' Author Revealed, Chasm Monster Revealed.
You will need to go to the Graveyard and check on Gamma and Jack soon, and she still has not completed the key to the Marina.
Your goal is to complete as much a possible before taking the [Fuse & Wire] to the entrance to the Volcano.
[ The next action Asali chooses has severe consequences. ]
Will Asali bring the Joker Card to Chu, or Go to Mint’s Place?

No spending progression points until further notice to prevent an unwinnable state.
No. 645448 ID: 698949

Take the card to chu
No. 645449 ID: 91de70

Well fuck, if you put it that way, let's go see Mint first. We havden't checked in a lot, she might be in trouble.
No. 645450 ID: e114bc

Take joker card to Chu. Mint is not trapped, and has survived for quite some time on her own, she should be fine.
No. 645452 ID: e114bc

...oh! To make the decision easier you could use Precognition.
No. 645460 ID: 55c4cf

Using it is such an incredibly good and obvious idea that I won't even make that voted on.
The vote between the two places will continue as normal. The vote will be locked Saturday at noon Pacific.
If she fails her pre-cognition roll she will go where the vote says regardless. If she succeeds she will go to the place with the more severe situation even if it goes against the vote. Thank you.
No. 645462 ID: b99797

I'd go to Mint's place. She's a healer and now your only lover I guess. What has Chu done except steal things?
No. 645465 ID: dcd676

I firmly believe we should head to Mint's place. Even if there's little to be gained, Asali could really use some support.
No. 645478 ID: b9f3b1

If we're voting, I say head out to rescue Chu.

But first, we need to pay respects to our boyfriend.
No. 645492 ID: b6981d

Chu chu chu chu chu chu chu!
No. 645545 ID: f31369

joker card to chu
No. 645585 ID: 62d297

reluctantly save chu and then slap her for stealing your treasures
No. 645588 ID: 90fac7

goto chu!
No. 645589 ID: f31369

remember chu has strongly implied that she's in danger.
No. 645802 ID: 4d9e39

Go help Chu first. That we know of, she is the one in immediate danger.
No. 646878 ID: 55c4cf
File 143367475533.png - (1.65MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ771.png )

Asali chooses to go to the back of IKIT’S Store where Chu is trapped.

Meanwhile at Chu’s location, Mint has sat down nearby.

“Is somebody there?” The skunk asks from below.
“Yes, Chu, it’s Mint Milk Orach.”

There is a pause as green dragon’s tone sinks in.
“You sound very unhappy, dear.”
Mint is in fact, really unhappy.

This is the last time Mint will talk to Chu, what would you like Mint to talk about?
No. 646882 ID: 91de70

Asali: Hurry up, you have to HELP.

Mint: Explain why you're unhappy.
No. 646901 ID: b6981d

W-what are you doing there Mint?

[Put the gas on it Asali!]
No. 646919 ID: b99797

Ask Chu why she was looting the island instead of staying with you?
No. 646966 ID: 91de70

Talk about the good times. Stay positive!

Also ask her if she's got down there to hide from Asali.
No. 647021 ID: b9f3b1

Mint: Ask Chu if she needs anything. Talk about what she found while scouring the island. Ask what she knows about the volcano.

Above all else, tell her that you care about her, and that she is a dear friend. Tell her that you'll help her in any way you can.
No. 647061 ID: 62d297

"why did you make such poor life choices" mint shouted in dismay
No. 647218 ID: f31369

have mint explain what she's planning to do.
No. 647266 ID: daf3b1

Mint: What are you doing?

Chu: What is your plan?
No. 650275 ID: 55c4cf
File 143505460716.png - (1.65MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ772.png )

“I am unhappy. I am unhappy with you, Chu.”
“What do you m--”
“No, shut up. I want you to listen. Our friend was in trouble years ago, you disappeared and stole a bunch of stuff. You’ve been living in the shadows barely spending time with me to avoid arrest but I’ve stayed around with you. This horrible event occurs and you fucking leave me entirely alone.”
“The horror had stopped, Mint. It’s been safe, I wanted to find anything valuable left over.”
“To do that you may have gotten a bunch of people murdered. Something valuable has been waiting for you days. ME.

They were both quiet for a while.

“Mint, I’m sorry, the stuff I hunted down could be worth a lot.”
“I’m a doctor, we were never wanting for money.”
“I know bu--”
“Just stop, we’re done. I’m going to make sure you get out of there but I never want to see you again. You don’t care about anyone else but yourself. You damned everyone behind that door and then abandoned me.”

“Alright,” a weak voice whispers out from IKIT’S BUGLAR TRAP™.
No. 650278 ID: e114bc

So Mint is going to try to convince Ikit to let Chu out, then?
No. 650279 ID: 10ab7c

Mint, you're right for sure but don't burn all the bridges with Chu. I mean yes, what she did is wrong, but you both are two of the very few people that survived the massacre, so hey, she could be dead. Besides you might not be out of the woods yet.

So how 'bout we leave the door open to "kinda friends maybe?" instead of good bye forever?
No. 650285 ID: f31369

ask if those things are worth more than money
No. 650382 ID: b99797

Sigh and move aside to wait for Asali. There's not a whole lot more to say here.

I am curious about who she got murdered, though.
No. 650391 ID: cb33dc

getting people killed and leaving you to probably die too. better without her, damn
No. 650464 ID: e9e354

I mean really Mint, she was a thief long before you met her, she was a thief when you knew her, and you are surprised and angry by her running off to find stuff to steal?

Then you are upset with her for getting trapped in there and being unable to come back to you, a trap which she has nearly died inside.

I think she has suffered enough, stealing is clearly her coping mechanism for something horrific like this, not everyone can sit in a tent, fuck and do drugs to relax. If you ain't liking it then that is your problem.
No. 652837 ID: 55c4cf
File 143595194232.png - (1.53MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ773.png )

“Chu, it’s hard for me to push away from you. Until I know what happened to the people you trapped, I can’t talk to you.”

Chu doesn’t respond.
Mint moves and hugs her own knees.

You arrive. The tension is palpable.
No. 652838 ID: 1a362e

Cut the tension with a knife. Then greet Mint and give her a hug. Proceed to free Chu.
No. 652856 ID: 742b4a

Say hi. Ask why so glum. You've got the key to Chu's cage here.

Although first I think you should chew Chu out for being a dickass thief, didn't she steal something from you?
No. 652859 ID: 38685c

Sit down next to her and hug her.
No. 652860 ID: b6981d

Hand tools to Chu, hug Mint

Does she mean the people trapped in the volcano?
No. 652867 ID: f31369

keys a good bargaining chip.
No. 652916 ID: 62d297

i guess just put the card in the hole so chu can escape and go away
No. 652917 ID: dcd676

I'm with this, but we should be careful about acknowledging the tension. We want to make sure everyone's willing to listen about what we're all going to be doing next.
No. 652977 ID: 4d9e39

Mint looks like she could use a hug. You should give her one, and then explain that you have the means to free Chu.
No. 652993 ID: b99797

Ask Mint if she is alright?
You don't want Chu to be injured so give her the Joker Card immediately.

Don't tell Mint about Epsilon for now, she's already distraught.
No. 656002 ID: 55c4cf
File 143694196367.png - (1.42MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ774.png )

You are here, and you are much different. You restored your body to its former state. You are whole again.

You can tell Mint is not well, but returning Chu's, "Joker Card," is the first thing you do.

"Are you going to be alright in there, Miss Chu?" you whisper.
You rest a hand on Mint to let her know you are there. The first priority is ensuring Chu makes it out alive.
No. 656010 ID: 856762

give chu the thing
No. 656011 ID: b6981d

Question mint and chu on what the dealio is. What exactly did chu du?
No. 656012 ID: 6c5f5e

Let's do that, then. Talk to chu, give her the joker card. Then we can all have a little chit chat.
No. 656020 ID: 4d9e39

First things first. Let's get Chu out of there.
No. 656176 ID: 62d297

just read their minds, we have telepathy
No. 656223 ID: b99797

Asali please be careful, Chu is upset.
No. 656225 ID: 55c4cf
File 143703158939.png - (1.76MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ775.png )

Chu breaks out of the trap as it attempts to crush her to death. The upset skunk barrels toward you crying and screaming.

"If I didn't stop you from going inside, you'd be dead too you ungrateful bitch," Chu howls.
No. 656227 ID: 6d599d

suplex chu
No. 656228 ID: 4d9e39

Put yourself between Mint and Chu. Right now, the last thing we need is for the two of them to be fighting.
No. 656229 ID: e114bc

Wow, no. Keep them separated.
No. 656230 ID: 856762

throw chu into the air and catch her, and keep doing this untill she calms down
No. 656232 ID: b99797

Catch Chu in a hug and just hold her and let her calm down.
No. 656234 ID: 6c5f5e

Wow no. Tackle her and hold her down until she calms the fuck down.
No. 656248 ID: 62d297

dropkick chu in her damn face
No. 656249 ID: dd338c

Keep them separated and try to calm Chu down. But mainly keep em separated.
No. 656397 ID: dcd676

Catch her and keep her down. We don't need this escalating
No. 656883 ID: 55c4cf
File 143728889398.png - (1.41MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ776.png )

Mint sits at her usual seat at the Tavern. The plant-like reporter wanted an interview. Mint was their "connection" to Chu. The detective and officer kept a constant eye on Mint. Mint tires of interrogation. Mint is sick of Chu not being around. Chu was already late.

Mint had been waiting for Chu to show up for weeks. They needed to have a serious talk. From the dragon's experience she would not have aforementioned talk today. The authorities presence meant Chu would vanish the second this arrangement completed.

Mint was miserable.

Who should Mint talk to?
Ellana: The robot police dog.
Fang Tian: Plant-like reporter.
Nisha: Hard boiled ghoul detective.
No. 656884 ID: 408e5c

Ellana. Talking to her would probably give the reporter material for his writing anyway, and could even answer some of his unasked questions.
No. 656887 ID: b6981d

Bark repeatedly at Ellana yes.
No. 656888 ID: 856762

ask the detective if they got any hot leads
No. 656896 ID: 4d9e39

Talk to Ellana.
No. 656898 ID: b99797

Nisha would be the most informative choice.
No. 656899 ID: e17c62

Sure, let's talk with Ellana
No. 656960 ID: 5336c7

fang tian seems like a standup guy
No. 660788 ID: b9f3b1

Talk to Nisha. She probably has a lot of information we could use...but of course, she's a detective, so be careful about giving her too much information in return.
No. 679262 ID: 55c4cf
File 144577584574.png - (1.59MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ777.png )

Mint doesn’t actually want to hear what these three have to say.
For the moment she instead thinks of a girl she keeps seeing around. Mint had not done much besides flirt with her a few times. After this fun talk, perhaps Mint would find her and ask her name. Ask her out for a drink.

Mint chooses to talk to Ellana. Granted the choice was made via Ellana interrupting her thinking about her crush, but made nonetheless.

“Your girlfriend stole so much money from the town. Now businesses are refusing to send ships here. It really would help us if you would cooperate with us. You’ve been a doctor here for quite some time. You work for the Marina. If we don’t resolve this, the whole island might get shut down.”

Mint doesn’t know what to tell any of them, and with the Reporter here, anything she says is likely to be put in the paper. Mint doesn’t even know anything, but they don’t believe her.
No. 679271 ID: 2fe9e8

Tell them that you'd like to help with anything you can, but you don't even know what can you do to help.
No. 679294 ID: 4b8c93

As a doctor you run your own business here as well, and it affects you just as much when people and business stop coming to the island. You have no motive to be hiding any information, and if you knew anything why would you be here instead of on the lamb with her?
No. 679394 ID: 856762

trick the reporter into publicizing your date by hinting Ellana might know something.
No. 679576 ID: 5ad4a7

Become an agent of prophecy. Tell them a plague is coming.
No. 687092 ID: 55c4cf
File 144931602017.png - (1.72MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ778.png )

“I haven’t seen her at all since she stole all that money. I’ve been telling you that the whole time, I don’t know where she is--”
“BUT ARE YOU SURE there isn’t something you could do to help us find her?!” Ellana was too excited to maybe learn something, and interrupted Mint. The dragon, now irritated, finishes what she was saying.”
and the most contact I’ve had was to set up this little ‘date’ which isn’t much of a good girlfriend time. It’s not that I am unwilling to help you. I have no means to help you.”

The door suddenly bursts open. In the doorway shambled the skunk, Chu, who was being discussed. The air in the tavern changed, the mood shifting to danger. The forceful intruder’s breath was rapid and ragged, her eyes were wide. She was frightened. Chu screams, “RUN,” in pure terror before starting to back outside the door.
No. 687093 ID: 5d0785

Hard to argue with a face like that. Get outta there!
No. 687094 ID: 856762

No. 687097 ID: 2d8650

Well, time to get out. Run, head for the exit, go!
No. 687105 ID: 4b8c93

join chu in fleeing thing
No. 687131 ID: 5ad4a7

GTFO. Warn anyone else you can on the way out.
No. 687177 ID: f2515c

Grab Chu's shirt and urge the others to flee.
No. 687304 ID: 8b7f9e

run out the door, ask this bitch where she been
No. 688130 ID: 55c4cf
File 144981685408.png - (1.45MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ779.png )

Mint quickly urges herself and the people at their booth to get up, while she grabs Mint's shirt and runs toward the door.

Very few patrons of the tavern are quite as lucky.

The small party who escape the tavern quickly enough are following the skunk. Chu is crossing the street toward the storefront of Casul the Fortune Teller..

What should Mint ask of Casul, given the opportunity?
No. 688132 ID: 856762

ask casul why he aint runnin'
No. 688136 ID: 5ad4a7

How can you save the most lives?
No. 688143 ID: 0d8838

Ask him how best to weather the oncoming storm.
No. 688150 ID: 2d8650

Ask where can you and your friends hide from this horror.

Also while you run, remember that girl you were flirting with, it'd be a good idea to warn her and all that.
No. 688169 ID: 4b8c93

Oh man a fortune teller? I've always wanted to ask them some things! Was I happy in a previous life? What will I be when I grow up? Is there any pirate gold laying around somewhere on the island? WHERE DO I GO TO GET WEED!?

Wait no those are stupid, we can just grow weed.

Actual suggestion: Where would it be safe for people to go?
No. 688787 ID: 8d7dc7

Be really careful what you wish for.
Asking for a safe place to go is the best idea, ask where your crush is if you have two choices, then you can try and save her if she isn't in the correct path.
No. 688894 ID: f0704f

where is she
No. 689651 ID: 55c4cf
File 145063005765.png - (1.81MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ780.png )

Chu, Ellana, Nisha, and Mint are unfortunately the only people who have escaped the tavern. As the four of them step into Casul’s Fortune Telling, they meet the android standing up and ready to greet them. Casul’s face was strangely cracked and he seemed like he was falling apart. Of the four guests, only Nisha had ever visited.

“Ah, finally. Welcome Chu, Ellana, Mint, and Ellana! I’ve been waiting for you all day. After I answer you, I can finally be free.” The android’s blood analogous fluid dripped down his left hand. His hand was very much ripped apart from scratching the message on the table.

All of them are uncomfortable.
“Please, request your fortunes, none of us have much time.”
“Is there a place we can go that is safe?” Mint Pauses in the question, unsure how to frame the next question, “I was wondering if my friend ____ was safe?”

Chu does not look too pleased, and looks out the door.

“If you want a chance to live, you’ll have to retreat to the volcano. As for your roast beef, you’ll see her again if you keep safe.” Casul’s eyes start giving off some bizarre glow as the corruption of the being possessing him was punishing him for telling the truth.

“Please get out, thank you for putting your trust in Casul. It was nice,” He laughs full of pain and a hint of relief.
No. 689654 ID: a45a5b

Well, that was pleasant. Say thank you and then look for the quickest way for the volcano, tell the others to come with you if they want to live.
No. 689660 ID: 856762

Thank casul, hustle on down to the volcano
No. 689661 ID: 4b8c93

Oh thank the gods Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich will be okay.

Wouldn't want to overstay our welcome with a horrifyingly possessed robot, let us vamoose to the volcano, grabbing whatever survivors we can on the way.
No. 689663 ID: 38685c

run a debugging program???
No. 689665 ID: d58d0b

He seems to be too far gone for us to help. I suggest we thank him and leave to seek shelter.
No. 689915 ID: 46419f

thank him, and wish him well on his inevitable death
No. 691201 ID: 55c4cf
File 145171893926.png - (1.78MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ781.png )

As the group makes their way out of the dual purpose shop, Casul’s body starts cracking and breaking apart more violently.
“Freedom,” Casul screams in a mixture of joy and pain.

Next door, the owner of the town’s store was planting landmines all over the already destroyed Apartment building. His daughter was one of the first people to die tonight. He wanted to do his best to hurt the beast that was wrecking their home. He had no combat abilities, this was the best plan he could think of.

The group rushes out of Casul’s place, barreling north and out of the town toward the volcano. There was not a lot of hope for them, but the fact they had grasped any at all was a relief.
They had a chance.
No. 691203 ID: 37ef66

Nothing to do now but wait until the danger passes. Anyone got a deck of cards?
No. 691206 ID: 5573a1

Do you think there'd be enough time to have a look in the general store for supplies to survive? Or is that pretty much not viable.
No. 691213 ID: 3d08c3

Tell the others that everything will be fine and keep heading to the volcano.
No. 691266 ID: 38685c

Okay so is this some sorta demonic possession thing because I think maybe this is some sorta demonic possession thing and 'freedom' doesn't mean death
No. 691454 ID: 395d47

Chu looks like she's falling behind, don't leave her!
No. 691875 ID: 55c4cf
File 145203715998.png - (1.73MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ782.png )

When the five of them arrived at the volcano, three people were already sitting at the door. Lynn the Janitor, Pudding the Nurse, and ____ the ______. Mint was relieved. Of all the people on the island, it was so pleasing to know that she was safe.

“Lynn! You’re here, I’m so happy to see you,” Mint all but sobbed.
Ellana was all business, preparing to open the door. Fang Tian was very curious. Nisha seemed distant. Chu was mad.

Finally an opportunity to talk to Lynn, Mint’s crush, what should she say to the other?
No. 691880 ID: 8f8d35

That you were so, so worried about her. And ask her if she's ok. Also tell her that if they get separated now, she should look for a safe place to hide until the coast is clear, because things aren't looking good.
No. 691881 ID: 856762

times like these call for a we survived high five.
No. 691894 ID: 5ad4a7

>fate in limbo
I'm guessing that's Sani. We don't know one way or another if she survived. Now, how can we affect her fate...? Obviously we can't do anything via this flashback, at least not anymore, since if she survived she would be sitting there already safe. Or maybe we can... retroactively suggest that Mint or Chu try to save Sani?

I uh, don't think this is a good time to do anything mushy what with Chu standing right there. I guess Mint could ask if she's hurt.
No. 691911 ID: 631a17

And now they kiss
No. 692053 ID: 46419f

ask lynn if she is interested in a hot dragon wife
No. 692055 ID: ab4306

Get everyone to go outside, we know the black plague visits the fire flower queen, she might come here.
No. 692062 ID: 55c4cf
File 145217712678.png - (1.61MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ783.png )

The group opens up the door, and heads inside. Mint however stops Lynn in order to talk to her for a moment.
“Lynn, it’s nice to see that you’re safe. I hope you didn’t get hurt during the attacks from that… thing.”
“N-no. I felt worried and scared, Pudding suggested we come hideout here, and we ended up bringing ____ along as well. I don’t understand why a p-pretty doctor would want to talk to me. I appreciate that you c-care, though. Thank you.” Lynn fidgets nervously. THe laborer had a lot of trouble talking.

Chu glares from outside. Mint thinks that perhaps it was time to talk to the skunk.
No. 692063 ID: 5ad4a7

Tell Chu thanks for the warning, and give her a kiss or something. She's a hero now! Then you can tell her you're also mad at her for running off.
No. 692065 ID: a46a14

Well, this is gonna be awkward. Thank Chu for warning you and tell her to hurry up and come in. Also tell her that we haven't ratted her out.
No. 692071 ID: 856762

tell lynn you can think of a few reasons why you'd wanna talk and wink like five times
No. 692077 ID: ab4306

Might want to tell Chu to back off at this point. I wouldn't flirt as much until you've fixed that.
No. 692078 ID: f2515c

ignore chu, flirt with cow harder
No. 692091 ID: dcd676

Right here. Give her a smooch and some encouragement before you talk to Chu.
No. 692150 ID: 2260e4

No. 692152 ID: 408e5c

Get your mack on
No. 692153 ID: da8ce8

Chu can wait. Give Lynn a kiss and then go see what Chu's deal is.
No. 692154 ID: 5ad4a7

Did everyone forget we're trying to keep Chu from murdering Mint in the present?
No. 692155 ID: 2260e4

well yeah but smooche
No. 692320 ID: 568c83

just smooch da girlie breh
No. 692383 ID: cc08c7

Sha la la la la la don't be scared, just cuz the skunk is mad, you gotta, kiss da girl.
No. 693998 ID: 55c4cf
File 145283941558.png - (1.60MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ784.png )

Mint pulls Lynn in slowly, “I care a lot more than you knew.”
Miss Orach gently takes hold of the cow’s face before giving her a kiss on the lips. The two hold their affectionate ministrations for what feels like a long moment. The shorter lady closes her eyes and melts into the kiss, but it doesn’t last.

The bubble dragon feels herself grabbed and hurled backwards. Lynn is promptly pushed further into the entrance.

Chu, having removed necessary components for the door, has caused the door to slam shut.

Ellana, Fang Tian, Lynn, Nisha, Pudding, and ____.
These six are trapped in that volcano. These people have been damned to an unfortunate fate.

The noise that had still sounded from Chili Town had fainted. There were no more screams. Mint heard silence, and felt an anger she was still trying to fully realize. This was Chu’s unforgivable transgression.
No. 694000 ID: 631a17


Or just berate her for trapping people in a freakin volcano what a jerk.
No. 694002 ID: e50425

Good to know there's more than one heartless monster terrorizing this place.

Find out just what the hell Chu's problem is. With force if necessary.
No. 694004 ID: 856762

demand an explenation, threateningly.
No. 694021 ID: 4473fb

Ask what the fuck even. What's her problem?
No. 694024 ID: 38685c

This is not a kissing moment Chu her out
No. 694026 ID: cc08c7

I think the "why" is pretty obvious at this point, but still, she just kinda probably killed six people. Berate the skunk.
No. 694085 ID: dcd676

No really, a damn good explanation is necessary right now.
No. 694388 ID: 46419f

sounds like it's time to snap suplex a skunk
No. 694389 ID: ab4306

She acting like she want this after being gone all this time. You need to be like, "bitch, why you actin' so cray cray?"
No. 694392 ID: 395d47

ask what the hell is wrong with her
No. 694691 ID: 55c4cf
File 145301748521.png - (1.58MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ785.png )

Mint tries to question Chu’s actions, and tell her that she was upset. To re-open the door.
“I won’t let you die in there, bye,” the thief yells over Mint’s words.

Chu vanishes in a hurry.
No answers are given. Mint is left alone.
There is nothing remaining except silence.

“Please, make it out alive. Especially you, Lynn.” She whispers back toward the sealed entrance.
Mint has nothing left, everyone and everything has been taken from her. What can she even do at this point?
No. 694693 ID: 28bb8d

Time to do the only thing you can, really. Hole up somewhere safe and wait for the danger to pass.
No. 694695 ID: 856762

maybe you could go see what's goin down.
No. 694697 ID: 631a17

Check for survivors? You are still a doc after all.
No. 694702 ID: 4473fb

Lay low, look for a place to hide. Go back to town, see if there are any survivors.
No. 694703 ID: 46419f

it looks like it's time to get high
No. 694954 ID: ab4306

Scavenge what you can from the town, be wary of the mines though.
No. 699327 ID: 55c4cf
File 145471766426.png - (1.92MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ786.png )

It would take some time for Mint to will herself forward to go back to the village. There was nothing to greet her but corpses and silence. It was miserable, and she could find nobody that she could help with all of her medical experience. It was hopeless.
Burying everyone in the town took a considerable amount of time. Mint felt it was the least everyone deserved.
Days passed. She used clothing she found to do a lot of the hard work. Covering her own clothing in gore and dirt seemed like a bad idea. After she had buried everyone she collected supplies, started her own garden, and built a hut to stay in.

Everything was death. She drowned in her drugs more than usual, completely and utterly alone.
No. 699328 ID: 5ad4a7

Maybe you should explore the island a bit. Whatever did this didn't just vanish.
No. 699329 ID: 036cd1

Continuing to explore now might lead into the path of whatever it is that did this. Stay put.
No. 699333 ID: 9ef0f4

Take it easy, think that at least things can't get worse. Keep an eye out of your hut to make sure it's safe.
No. 699338 ID: 856762

No. 699478 ID: 46419f

i hope there was a means to take a bath, imo
No. 700025 ID: ab4306

Mint is fucking pissed.
No. 710074 ID: 55c4cf
File 145829953228.png - (1.61MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ787.png )

Chu's charge stops immediately when Mint's fist slams into her face.

Chu is free from her imprisonment.
Chu is also rendered unconscious.

Control returns to Asali.
No. 710075 ID: 204140

make sure mint don't follow that up w/ more punching and/or kicking
No. 710076 ID: 94c540

Dang. Well, we're gonna have to carry her now. Ask Mint if she's ok, we gotta ask Chu when she wakes up how did she know that the others were going to die in the volcano.
No. 710077 ID: 631a17

Yay Chu is saved! I guess. Maybe we should find a safe place to put her while she's out? I mean Mint could probably do that too but I don't want to see either of them clawing eachother's eyes out when she wakes up.

Oh! We could leave her at your place, she could be like an extra life, if she wakes up with amnesia too.
No. 710152 ID: 395d47

Can we find some a safe place to put her? Plenty of abandoned buildings around, right? Tie her up so she can't escape...Chu's actions shows she can be dangerous. You can interrogate her when she wakes up.

Asali, you should talk to Mint. See how she's doing. After you're done with that, you need to discuss a plan to rescue everyone at the volcano.
No. 710155 ID: e7e018

murder chu
No. 710157 ID: 5ad4a7

I think Mint should decide what to do with Chu. Assuming she doesn't try to beat her up some more. I mean I kindof assume not, and she should probably not do that.

Don't get too pushy. Their relationship is not your business. Only their survival.
No. 710158 ID: b99797

Restraining Chu is a good option if possible. She is an escape artist, so you might be better off killing her if you cannot bind her well enough.
No. 710206 ID: ba0f95

Chu seems fairly helpless without her Joker card. Liberate her of it and tie her up to prevent any more outbursts.
No. 718354 ID: 55c4cf
File 146133717601.png - (1.35MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ788.png )

Mint storms off with little ceremony. The green dragoness does say that she will be waiting at the volcano once Asali is ready.

Asali decides to restrain Chu, and take away her gear. A number of voices in her head wanted to just kill her but that is not what she was about. So far she had not willingly killed anybody as far as she was aware. Once they could get off the island they could bring Chu with, even though it might mean the skunk would be arrested. That’s no longer her real concern.

Asali needs to decide on a place to Store Chu.
You must also choose between going to the Graveyard or visiting Skraig first.
No. 718356 ID: f156e8

We could leave Chu at the Temple, I think it's one of the safest places around.

Then let's hang out at the Graveyard.
No. 718369 ID: 204140

yeh leave chu somewhere safe.
No. 718373 ID: 5ad4a7

I'll agree with this.
No. 718390 ID: d36587

Leave Chu at the temple, then go visit the graveyard.
No. 720535 ID: 55c4cf
File 146223003258.png - (1.22MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ789.png )

Asali decides that the temple was the safest place to store Chu. The skunk was an escape artist, and having two people to watch over her gives a better chance she will stay put. You inform Ladon and Eden a general shakedown of why she is tied up.

Eden decides to be friendly.

You decide to go to the graveyard and put off checking up on Skraig for the time being. The matters with the robots seemed much more urgent. Having any amount of memory gives you the forethought to show caution in your approach of the place.

Gamma pops out all ready for an ambush, but it recognizes you and roars out, “My favorite bloodbag not riddled with bullets, how have you been doing? I was actually about to leave the island, is there something you need, friend?! Asali you got here just in time. I have new friends!”
No. 720540 ID: 204140

meet his new friends
No. 720541 ID: 631a17

Inquire about new friends? Who else could he have met around here?
No. 720543 ID: d62c6b

Cheerfully greet Gamma, cautiously ask who are these new friends. Stay on your toes, just in case.
No. 720624 ID: 502d3d

New friends are good. Say hi.
No. 720877 ID: 395d47

Might want to compose yourself before you meet his friends. Don't want to have them think you're afraid if they can SMELL FEAR.
No. 722296 ID: 55c4cf
File 146283375937.png - (1.52MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ790.png )

The moonlit massive murder machine meanders manically meeting more men making much merry. The ship that was rather ruined before has been repaired. Out from the ship emerge Jack, and good ol' Trusty IKIT.

"So, uh, so the robot you fixed up. I got him running, his name is Jack. My new... friend IKIT came over here and he offered to fix the ship so we can fly off of this island. We were just about to blast off so I'm glad you dropped by. I will miss you strange meat maiden!"

"Oh wow! This is the mechanical genius that put me back together? GOSH, I'm so embarrassed that you had to see me in such a condition. If I ever see you off of this island, be sure to hit me up and I will treat you ALL OVER the town. I have no idea if you're nice but you're alright with me if you got me fixed up."

The green robot seems friendly. That was a nice surprise.


You are less happy to see the rat. Heck this rat. Heck him to hell.
No. 722297 ID: 204140

heck him and heck is stupid store.
No. 722300 ID: 631a17

Thumbs up Gamma, give the green robo lizard a high five, flip off Ikit, walk off like a boss.
No. 722309 ID: a263c7

Woo, Jack!

Weh, Ikit.

Effusively give them your best regards and tell Jack that you'll take him up on his offer when you two meet again. Tell Gamma to be good and then let's head up to see Skraig.
No. 722499 ID: 395d47

Wait, aren't you going to ask where they're going? Jack is offering to hang out with you, Gamma's pretty cool. You gotta know before the blast off?

Also, shoot Ikit an extremely dirty look. >:(
No. 722519 ID: 55c4cf
File 146293780375.png - (1.44MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ791.png )

Asali doesn’t have the willpower to care about Ikit at this juncture.

“Thank you, Jack. I’m glad we got you up and running again. I’ll make sure and hit you up once I find another way off this island.”

The android reptile slides right on next to Asali and starts flexing and posing in front of you as if he was trying to impress you in some way.

“You are MORE THAN welcome, my beautiful guardian angel. While I may not know you, I do know that you are a true hero, and a true hero is someone that I the great JACK can relate to. Once we meet again there is far more than a simple drink or meal that can be done. We can voyage to more adventure, and save the pure and innocent, beautiful women. Ah, do you LIKE women?.. Men.. Robots?” Jack waggles his eyebrows.

Asali, not much moved by his exuberance replies, “OK.”

What kind of goodbye should we give Gamma, and/or Ikit?
No. 722522 ID: 204140

Thank gamma, he's been a genuine help.
No. 722539 ID: a263c7

Give gamma a friendly pat in the back and tell him to take care of himself and thanks for the help.

Flip the bird at IKIT.
No. 722554 ID: 631a17

Thank Gamma, either with face rubs or a handshake.
No. 722566 ID: 55c4cf
File 146299651612.png - (555.46KB , 1280x1280 , BBQ792.png )

You try to rudely dismiss Ikit. You also try to go to Gamma to give him a friendly goodbye chat.

That isn't what you do.

That isn't what you do at all.

The whispers are drowning you.
No. 722568 ID: 2af741

Put him down Asali, he's not worth it. This isn't you.
No. 722569 ID: a263c7

Yeah, this is not good at all. Try to focus, and stop killing IKIT, if that's possible.

If you can't stop crushing his neck, maybe you can try to use the warp to get away from him, try to clear your mind?
No. 722570 ID: 204140

you should definitely not do this.

and explain probably.
No. 722573 ID: 5ad4a7

Well don't let them, then.
No. 722574 ID: 631a17

That is neither face rubs nor handshake and also not Gamma. No. Bad Asali.

Drown the whispers right back and let Ikit go he is just a dork.
No. 722588 ID: cc08c7

Put down the asshole who gave you items essential to your Quest, crushing a rat person won't look good on a resume anyways.
No. 722629 ID: dcd676

Set the asshole down. He is an asshole, but you're crossing a line you don't want or need to.
No. 722894 ID: 55c4cf
File 146311322930.png - (1.38MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ793.png )

You are all Asali. You are schizophrenic, and it can be difficult to deal with these voices. Each voice can only do so much on your own. Right now, you cannot seem to get through to your body. There is another voice fighting you.

Your struggle to stop killing Ikit is successful, but not as much as you had intended.

"Asali, what are you doing?! Do you not want us to escape this place? Please talk to me," Gamma cried out. He sounds confused and conflicted. Gamma considers violence.

The conflict is now considered combat, even if you are not the reason why. Your inventory is no longer accessible.
No. 722895 ID: 5ad4a7

Hmm... use... telepathy... on self?
No. 722896 ID: 204140

Talk to gamma, talk to gamma!
No. 722903 ID: 1d4024

Our enemy is inside us, we should try using telepathy on ourselves.
No. 722908 ID: b99797

this thing has been messing with us all quest, telepathy on self might be the most clever idea someone's had
No. 722912 ID: 3133eb

i don't entirely see how killing Ikit is a bad thing.
No. 722914 ID: a263c7

Well we could try that, telepathy on self. If you can still move, though, try also walking away from there before we do something worse.
No. 722946 ID: 55c4cf
File 146316995901.png - (1.26MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ794.png )

Asali recovers one PSI point.
Asali spends two PSI to invoke Telepathy.

You focus on yourself. You all look inside your own person.

There is a massive broken mask keeping you company.
The mask has a corrupting aura that is impeding on your voices, your thoughts, your decisions, your actions.

Kill Ikit, if the others resist, kill them too. No one should leave this island. Punish Ikit for providing a means to leave. Do not allow this body to leave the island.

The mask’s thoughts are leaking due to its connection to you.


The mask bellows, actively trying to influence you and your body. You have located the presence of the corruption that has been influencing you. Your new question is how do you deal with it?
No. 722948 ID: 5ad4a7

Well I wish I had thought of this earlier. Hmm...

Corrupting aura means we probably shouldn't get close to it. Unless Asali's offensive aura can counteract it?

Or maybe we can use that L:? power here. It's part of Asali's lich powerset, not the mask, so it shouldn't backfire.
No. 722949 ID: a263c7

Tell it to fuck off.

Can we use offensive aura inside our own mind to make it fuck off?
No. 722952 ID: 204140

No. 722953 ID: 502d3d

I vote we use the mystery power.
No. 722964 ID: 8b5979

Punch it with mysterious skeleton hand power. What could go wrong?
No. 722979 ID: b99797


Ask it who or what the fuck it is, what are we even dealing with?
No. 722994 ID: 34e084

i would combine the mystery skill with combat aura and see what happens

but yeah it would be nice to know what the hell this thing is before we try and remove it
No. 723097 ID: 55c4cf
File 146320807656.png - (1.27MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ795.png )

Asali recovers one PSI point.

You prepare to use your offensive abilities upon the entity before you. Your curiosity eats at you enough to get you to break your could-be-stealth attack.

"You've been interfering with me through this entire mess. Who or what the heck are you, get out of here!"

Noises crack through the air as the mask starts to distort, its empty eye holes focusing upon your presence.

"So you finally noticed I was in here. Took you such a long time. You truly are useless without guidance."

"I'm going to destroy you."

"Well, this isn't me. This is my link to you. You already broke my twin sister's link to you, and she can't recover it. She can't for quite some time at least. They didn't seal me proper, though. I'll make you a deal, hahaha."

"I don't want a deal from you, what even are you, you didn't much answer my question."

"If you kill Ikit, I will make sure Lynn doesn't die. I won't even ask you to kill the other two, generous as I am. Well, doesn't die until you and your friends recover her. I can't help what happens after you recover all your friends. What I am? I am Anxiety."

Do you take its deal? Anything else you want to ask it?
No. 723099 ID: 5ad4a7

This deal is only good if Lynn is likely to die. Ask how much danger Lynn is in... and why it wants people to stay on the island.
No. 723100 ID: 204140

Give him a rousing "Fuck you."
No. 723102 ID: 502d3d

We don't even know if it's capable of making good on that deal. Refuse it, but try and get some more answers out of this thing.
No. 723112 ID: a263c7

No deal, we're not gonna make ourselves a murderer (again) just to amuse that thing. And they're not even guaranteeing that Lynn is gonna survive, they might try to kill her later.

Attack it, try to expel it from your mind.
No. 723134 ID: 34e084

definitely do not take this deal
currently every deal made has gone rather poorly so far
No. 723147 ID: 8b5979

Considering its name, it is probably just using the anxiety of Lynn's current Schrodinger state of existence against us.

No deal, what could it do if we apparently are its main actor on the island anyway?
No. 723169 ID: b99797

I don't know, but personally I feel like killing Ikit in exchange for someone who isn't a piece of shit is a really good deal. I say take the deal but I am currently outvoted considerably.
No. 723319 ID: 55c4cf
File 146328403617.png - (1.18MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ796.png )

You decide to refuse Anxiety's deal.

"What purpose does that even serve you to kill Ikit?"
"Nothing really, it just seems amusing to punish him for taking the fun out of our games."
"How do I know for sure that you can even protect Lynn from being murdered?"
"That whole group is in MY domain, I want to kill all six of them so very much. I suppose I don't have to spare any of their lives since you won't accept my terms."

An loud and violent cackle begins to roar out of the mask. Whispers of the word, "murderer," croon throughout the laugh while the mask is breaking apart.

"I better make sure Mint knows you had a chance to save her lover, you uneducated pawn."

You spend 3 PSI points to assert Combat Aura & ???
While the mask begins to laugh as horrid as before, Asali unleashes her power, destroying the mask in an instant. The echoes of its laughter fade.
There is no more corruptive intruder, you now have full control of your body.
No. 723326 ID: 5ad4a7

Time to wake up, then.

Also, rush to the volcano. If you can get there in time and open the door with the wires, maybe you can save them. You... have the wires, right? We can open the door?
No. 723327 ID: 502d3d

We made the right choice. Try to defuse the situation with Gamma, hopefully things happened a lot quicker in Asali's head than out there.
No. 723331 ID: 204140

wake up and prepare to explain yourself
No. 723337 ID: b99797

Honestly, maybe we can still kill Ikit.

Barring killing the Rat, apologize for things and let's say goodbye to these guys so they can escape the hellscape even if we cannot.
No. 723384 ID: a263c7

Apologize to Gamma (and Ikit I guess) and tell them that everything is under control now. We should check on Skraig too
No. 723399 ID: 34e084

apologize to your friends, encourage them to escape and ask Gamma if he would talk to you for a minute. they're likely a little shaken up and spooked by your behavior so don't force it too much
No. 723465 ID: 266175

Why should we go check on Skraig? Get to the volcano. Don't we have the wires to fix the door?
No. 723498 ID: 55c4cf
File 146335940226.png - (1.46MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ797.png )

You snap out of it.

Gamma gears up and ready to fire his weapons at you, but at the least he is hesitating. It does feel like that hesitation will not last much longer.

"If you are going to cause any of my friends harm, or threaten my ship, I will defend my territory with ferocity. I thought WE were friends, Asali. Either explain yourself or leave the premises immediately. I will take any movement toward us as hostility until otherwise stated."

"Sorry, Gamma. There was something horrible inside of me, I had to get rid of it. That's why I zoned out right there, I was aiming my psychic abilities into myself." You look toward the robot, keeping still with his threat looming over your head.

"You were compromised? Is it like a virus, but for a meat shape?" The robot sounds unsure.

"Yeah, pretty much. I thought I had gotten rid of it before I came to visit, but apparently there were two of them," you grumble, pained and frustrated. You try not to think of the Rat over there bleeding. You have no experience in first aid. Despite the mess he'll PROBABLY be fine.

"Replicating worms are the worst," Gamma grunts in consideration.

"Gamma, you three need to get off this island immediately, would you let me say goodbye to you?"

"AFFIRMATIVE... please do not spread your meat virus."

What should our final words to Gamma be?"
No. 723502 ID: 8b5979

Pat his big dumb robot head, "Protect them you nerd."
No. 723511 ID: a075ba

I'm sorry. Keep your friends safe.

I hope someday I'll deserve forgiveness.
No. 723525 ID: 26de85

Fly safe Gamma, and look after your friends.
No. 723559 ID: 204140

Sit, seat yourself and thank him.
No. 723687 ID: a263c7

Tell him that he's the most considerate killer robot you've ever seen and that you're proud of him. Be safe and take care of everyone.
No. 723693 ID: b99797

dude you've been pretty helpful, gamma.
you've ironically been one of the most human people here, thanks for being a weird angry robot
No. 723701 ID: c3110b

No. 723914 ID: 55c4cf
File 146346677671.png - (1.36MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ798.png )

Asali steps over to the fence and stares out over the ocean. The water is as unpleasant to think about as ever, but the stars were beautiful.

“Gamma, there’s a whole lot of awful stuff going on, and a lot of it revolves around me. I really want you to get out of here. Get in that ship, and fly off and go be an angry robot elsewhere. If I never see you again, know I appreciate your friendship.”

“I will never forget you, my disgusting muscle and bone casserole friend. I don’t understand what just happened, but we’ll go. Try to be safe, and I hope you get out of here. Help will probably arrive soon enough.”

“Thank you, Gamma. ...One last thing.”

“What’s that, Asali?”

“I’m sorry.”

The robot bellows a grating mechanical laugh. The injured Ikit is preparing the janky ship to take off.
No. 723915 ID: 5ad4a7

Get to the volcano.
No. 723924 ID: d5cc96

Uhh, don't we have the Marina to go to? Or visiting Skraig before the volcano? I think volcano is the last place we should go and do everything else first.
No. 723945 ID: 55c4cf
File 146350934721.png - (1.35MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ799.png )

You stand there with Gamma in silence for a while. The rat and obsolete robot make final preparations. The massive machina climbs into the tiny little pod, and blast off into the distance.

You watch three more people disappear out of your life, you hope it will not be for good. Gamma, Ikit, and Jack have escaped the island of Wormwood safely. ‘Good for them,’ you think. You try not to think that they are finally safe from you, but you think it anyway.

There is unfinished business on this island. You do not have the [Key] for the Marina. You want to check up on Skraig, you haven’t seen him in a long time. You don’t know if he is safe. You would like to see how River is doing, but you haven’t the slightest idea where she is.
No. 723947 ID: a263c7

Yeah, let's check on Skraig, let's see if he's doing ok. At least we're not gonna accidentally murder him.
No. 723951 ID: 8b5979

Yeah let's give Skraig a high five or something.
No. 724181 ID: 502d3d

Let's see how Skraig's doing.
No. 724558 ID: 55c4cf
File 146371002404.png - (1.53MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ800.png )

You look at your map for the first time in a while.

Skraig is so far away, perhaps he could move on the other side of the island after you see him.

You do not know where River or Destruction are on the island but you know where everyone else alive is located.

What questions should we ask Skraig when we get there?
No. 724641 ID: 137bc4

Ask him about how he's doing, then ask him if he's happen to seen River or Destruction while we were away.

Also ask him if he's gonna try to escape the island and how.
No. 724733 ID: 266175

Ask him if he's up for a barbeque. Seriously I bet he knows how to make some good ribs.

And if he has any advice on RESCUING PEOPLE FROM THE VOLCANO. Look, he's a big, powerful guy. Maybe he could have something useful too.
No. 724782 ID: 55c4cf
File 146380354236.png - (1.26MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ801.png )

It takes some time to get to Skraig's. It feels like it's been years since you've seen him. The place is nice and clean. When you approach the counter and start to say, "Hey, Skraig," the large body bursts out in excitement.

"Most of the island's residents were accounted for. Have you met River Styx, or seen a weird feline in a mask?"

"How are you at grilling some barbecue? It'd be nice if you made some food for the survivors."

"We have a bunch of people trapped inside of the Volcano, do you think you could assist us if we needed your help?"

You do in fact have the jewel, you got it a long time ago. While the moonlit jewel is similar to the phylactery, it is not the same item! Boy, it has been some time since your inventory mattered.
No. 724783 ID: 398fe1

Yup, you have that thing. Ask what's important about it.
No. 724784 ID: 8b5979

Aggressively apply that jewel to Skraig.
No. 724785 ID: 502d3d

Please give Skraig the shiny.
No. 724829 ID: 137bc4

Let's trust River on this one, give him the jewel.
No. 725077 ID: 55c4cf
File 146389161011.png - (1.29MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ802.png )

You hand Skraig what you think is the [Moonlit Jewel]. He looks it over carefully.


"Well, I guess so. Will you set up shop somewhere near the town and Marina f or me at least, giant friend Skraig?"



"SKRAIG VERY LONELY," the beast pouts, playing with the big yellow orb.

You are afraid he is going to be disappointed, but it's easier to protect him when he is closer to everyone else.
No. 725078 ID: 502d3d

That's a lot of points. Time to steal everything that isn't nailed down go treasure hunting?
No. 725086 ID: 8b5979

Huh, where could we get more DOSH? I dunno hrm, maybe all we can do is volcano.

Ask him if she said what sort of amulet? Must be a big one with that size gem.
No. 725106 ID: 7799f2

Ask him if he'd want something else in exchange for a discount, that's a lot of money for that item. Maybe we can help him moving to the new location ?
No. 725188 ID: 204140

we gotta get him off this island.
No. 725286 ID: 55c4cf
File 146396780717.png - (1.35MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ803.png )

You don't like how high the price of the [Moonlit Jewel Crafting] is. You offer other things in trade. Skraig gives off a laugh.


You offer to help him move instead, he is curious why he would need help moving his plate & utensils.

No. 725323 ID: 398fe1

I guess let's go to the marina? I'd really rather go to the volcano and try to save the people in it, but the majority said marina last I saw.
No. 725457 ID: 7799f2

Do we have the way to open the Marina yet? If not, let's check out the volcano.
No. 725539 ID: 55c4cf
File 146404918906.png - (1.40MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ804.png )

You do not have the key yet, so you are going toward the Volcano. You wish Skraig the best on his travels, and warn him that the Marina is locked up.

No. 725544 ID: 2ab55b

Think about pretty necklace, make hella time on going to volcano.
No. 725605 ID: bebaf0

See ya later Skraig, don't die either.

So make your way to the volcano, mind your surroundings.
No. 725755 ID: 55c4cf
File 146414415305.png - (1.06MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ805.png )

Your business with Skraig now complete, you travel back across the island toward the Volcano.

You stop in the Shallow Pools when you encounter someone you do not particularly have a high opinion of.

"Well hello there, friend," purrs out across the water. The water which you are trying to not think about. This was certainly one of the rooms in which you avoid mulling over too long. Somebody stopping you in the middle of your trek puts a damper on that idea. To make matters worse, the somebody responsible is some kind of cat devil.
No. 725758 ID: 398fe1

Hello, what do you want?
No. 725779 ID: 204140

Be cordial.
No. 725784 ID: 55c4cf
File 146415071215.png - (1.16MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ806.png )

When KC turns his head to look at you, you realize something different about him. The way he looked was bizarre compared to every other time you have spoken to him in the past.

"Hello, how may I help you?" You ask the man who told you his name was KC.

"Four years ago I gave much of my energy up so I could keep a fortune teller from stopping my plans. The rest went to bringing your fuck-up of a boyfriend back to life. I've managed to return to the physical world with you."
The cat sounds playful, with a sinister undertone. As he speaks his mask was letting out an awful cracking noise until eventually the eyes on his mask open wider and shatter outward. The cat's eyes glow from beneath, staring straight at you.
"I wanted to thank you for taking part in ruining my plans!"
No. 725787 ID: 398fe1

I think we should just warp straight to the Volcano. I doubt Asali is strong enough to fight a god, weakened though he may be.
Also, this is a really bad place for Asali to fight in.
No. 725788 ID: 8b5979

Thumbs up, "You're welcome fucker."
No. 725789 ID: de9e59

"U mad bro?"
No. 725797 ID: 398fe1

Oh, wait! Can Asali hit him once before teleporting away because that'd be the best.
No. 725809 ID: bebaf0

Well they had to be pretty crappy plans if it took so little to ruin them.

Warp the fuck away from him. Even if he follows us, we're at a disadvantage in this place with the water.
No. 725938 ID: 55c4cf
File 146422497221.png - (1.23MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ807.png )

You are struggling to do anything, it is hard to will yourself to move, or to speak. Accessing your ability to teleport is no different.

The entire area grows dark, underneath your feet the water seems to grow below you and loom. The body of water laying beneath you like the jaws of some monster you wish did not exist.

"Most people suffer under a key trait, you see. You have friends that are a slave to pain, anger, sorrow, and lust, among others. You are crippled by fear. It is what I needed. It's what I can take advantage of to stop you. Unlocking the destructive potential of everyone's vice is what I do for fun. I'm not HAVING fun anymore, so I need you to drown to save me time, please."
No. 725941 ID: 398fe1

Close your eyes. Don't move. There is no water where you are. Calm down, focus on the thought of those still trapped in the volcano. You gotta save them.
No. 725975 ID: 419ba1

He doesn't need you to drown literally, just figuratively.
Focus on the love epsy showed for you. Take a step towards him. You can do this.
No. 726007 ID: bebaf0

Nope. You're strong, you've overcome so much to succumb to fear now. Focus on your feelings and don't let him scare you.
No. 726218 ID: 55c4cf
File 146431478245.png - (0.97MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ808.png )

"The seven gateways to peoples' hearts are my domain. Long ago I raised seven avatars of these negative aspects of humanity. They helped me with my uprising against the other elder gods. When we lost the war, the avatars were sealed away. So now I aim to free them and let them reign. The seals are wearing off, and they're starting to leak out.

It is the perfect time for me to help them wreak havoc. One by one I will free them, and we will take back Eight. This planet will be mine, and a new age will emerge."
No. 726220 ID: 55c4cf
File 146431480424.png - (1.40MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ809.png )

"Fear and Anxiety are the only avatars that are a gestalt. Anxiety was not originally sealed. They shoved her nearby, not wanting to open and risk Fear getting out. You may have broken the link they had on you, but I can unleash your own Fear."

While Asali is trying to control herself in the watery hell surrounding you. Destruction strikes Asali in the guts hard, with a small blunt object in the hand. A mask forms around your face, the fear consuming you whole.
No. 726225 ID: 398fe1

...run away?
No. 726253 ID: 204140

Grab him and shake the shit out of him
No. 726283 ID: bebaf0

Use your offensive aura to counter-attack!
No. 726384 ID: b8d404

The water is frightening, sure, but be angry. This guy fucked up your life and tricked your boyfriend and let him die because he didn't destroy who you are. Break out of his hold NOW!
No. 726389 ID: 348738

You've overcome so, so much. Why would fear overcome you now? Yeah, you have some fear, but you are very brave. Bravery is not the absence of fear, it's pushing on in spite of it. You know you can fight it. Tell KC to go fuck himself. Do you still have that hammer from River? It's enchanted by a necromancer, and at least an aspect of KC might be physical right now since he punched you. Hit him back, harder
No. 726491 ID: 55c4cf
File 146442536641.png - (690.77KB , 1280x1280 , BBQ810.png )

You struggle with your fear. You are angry. You have broken past two different masks like this one, you refuse to be brought down by a third. The mask cracks and rumbles loudly.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck--" The muffled noise of your voice gains volume. The mask that was over your face shatters in a violent display. Your passion reaching through as you follow the enemy's position.

You turn and strike with an aura hammer. You no longer need a physical weapon.
"--YOU!" You finish yelling at KC as the hammer crunches into the feline's torso, catching him off guard.
No. 726492 ID: 398fe1

Let's try popping Offensive Aura and ??? for a second, combination attack.

Don't forget what this guy did to you, did to Epsilon. Make him pay.
No. 726493 ID: bebaf0

Boom! Keep attacking him, don't give him a chance to retaliate!
No. 726497 ID: 8b5979

Keep it up, fuck KC up.

Maybe hold off on the ??? though we aren't sure what it does.
No. 726577 ID: 204140

hit him with the sick ground slam.
No. 727852 ID: 55c4cf
File 146509600027.png - (1.33MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ811.png )

Your previous blow hurtles Destruction straight into the wall. This breaks some of the illusion that there is water everywhere. You still do not know where the ground is.

You expend some of your energy. You bring your hammer crashing down on destruction where he was trying to recover from your previous blow.

He does not seem to be pleased with the current situation anymore.
No. 727855 ID: 8b5979

Hammer that dude into the wall like a nail.
No. 727910 ID: bebaf0

Yeah, another hammer hit for good measure. Asali's had enough of masked assholes messing with her!
No. 728276 ID: 55c4cf
File 146530011337.png - (1.21MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ812.png )

You give Destruction another good whack of the hammer. The terrible form of the deity is by no means in good condition. You might even say the physical form he's taken is in poor shape.

Destruction breaks forward and pushes his open palm up toward the spot on you where he punched you before. He doesn't touch you, but he does speak.

The words that come out are of one of the oldest languages of civilization. There are a couple of languages from the time it originates from, and only one is older. Only one living person knows of that tongue, and her tale sits in another book on another shelf.

You have never learned this language. Gate is a tongue of little use, as it is considered a vile & wretched language to hear both by experiencing it as well as its associations. When Destruction speaks it, you understand it however.


Your body responds by opening.
No. 728277 ID: c1840a

Well that's not good. But we have something we haven't tried yet.

Time to use that unknown fourth power.
No. 728278 ID: 8b5979


try closing back up?
No. 728279 ID: bebaf0

Try repeating what he said but backwards? Maybe that's "Close"
No. 728323 ID: 398fe1

He's trying to get at your phylactery! I think it's time to warp away! Be sure to take your phylactery with you.
No. 728395 ID: 702aba

ruin that motherfucker with your skeleton hand mystery skill please and thank you
No. 728399 ID: 60daa0

No. 728410 ID: 204140

give him the bone hand
No. 731225 ID: 55c4cf
File 146649373434.png - (1.28MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ813.png )

"You may have broken free of your fear, but I don't need to do too much more to kill you Asali. I made the order of your creation. I can destroy you just as--"

You decide to use your skill that you do not quite understand yet. Destruction's speech is interrupted by dark tentacles impaling him through from behind. The sentence completes with a gooey blood filled sputter.

"You think too highly of yourself, you awful creature," Asali states.
No. 731226 ID: 398fe1

See if you can pin him with the tentacles, then get away to recover. I doubt it's possible to kill him.
No. 731230 ID: 8b5979

Yeahhh highfive one of your tentacles

Wait no bad idea. Say something cool and rip him to shreds instead.
No. 731232 ID: bebaf0

How badly hurt are you? How about you tell him to strike a deal? You let him live if he heals you up and leaves us alone forever. The tables have turned.

If he doesn't agree or the wound is not that bad, keep using that ability and tear him to pieces with the tentacles.
No. 731236 ID: c49cea

If you can survive your wounds, tear him to pieces. Bargaining with a god to fix you up when all he knows is to destroy does not seem like a good idea.
No. 731245 ID: 204140

see if you can rip him in half with those tentacles.
No. 731710 ID: 55c4cf
File 146680640480.png - (1.15MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ814.png )

You feel like you are losing a little piece of yourself.

Destruction is torn apart.
No. 731717 ID: 398fe1

Cease using tentacles. If there's still some kind of spooky Destruction ghost left behind, smash it with your spirit hammer.
No. 731726 ID: bebaf0

You did what you had to do. Stop using that power and focus back into your own self, think of your friends, we gotta save them.
No. 731935 ID: 55c4cf
File 146694476596.png - (1.12MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ815.png )

The pieces of Destruction are laying all over the ground and water around you. You lift your hammer up and walk toward the piece with the mask.

The mask rasps up toward you, "You're a failure, Asali. What do you even have to live for that is worth not helping me achieve my goals?"

"All you are good at is destroying, yeah? Why don't you try being destroyed yourself?"

You bring the hammer down.

Only darkness remains after the burst of your violent action.
No. 731937 ID: 398fe1

Uh, you okay there?
No. 731938 ID: bebaf0

You acted in self-defense, you had to do it. Calm down and focus.
No. 731984 ID: 8b5979

👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌VENGEANCE right👌👌there👌👌👌

Take a few deep breaths and return to yourself, we got shit to do.
No. 732034 ID: 55c4cf
File 146698536971.png - (1.04MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ816.png )

The darkness persists for a little while. You hear a familiar muffled voice in the distance. The voice gets closer and more clear over time.

"Get up, Asali. You're strong, you have more friends to save. Take my hand and open your eyes. You're the most gorgeous flower I've ever seen."
No. 732035 ID: 38685c

I do not trust this magical reincarnation.
No. 732037 ID: bebaf0

; _;

Do what ghost Epsy says.
No. 732038 ID: a075ba

Hey. Aren't you supposed to be dead?
No. 732041 ID: 8b5979

We did it for you epsy we kicked his ass!

Take smol Epsy's hand let's go back to normal.
No. 732050 ID: 304093

I sense a trap. Be cautious.
No. 732052 ID: 398fe1

Ah, I see what's going on. You kindof-died due to the big hole in your torso, but you're a lich, so you can just resurrect. Let Epsilon guide you out, give him a big smooch.
No. 732053 ID: c3110b

Open your eyes first, before you take that hand and get up.
No. 732075 ID: dcd676

There's too much of a chance he can help. Take his hand.
No. 732124 ID: 55c4cf
File 146701843219.png - (1.00MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ817.png )

You reach out and firmly take hold of a stone.

The area is dark, wet, and you no longer have a guest.
No. 732125 ID: 398fe1

Crawl out of the water and check yourself for injury. ...is there any trace of Destruction? I wonder if that was just in your head.

Assuming you can, head out and towards your original destination, before we were rudely interrupted.
No. 732126 ID: c1840a

No. 732127 ID: bebaf0

You did it! Get out of the water and calm yourself, then let's head to the Volcano.
No. 732130 ID: e94470

Get out of the water and get ready! You are almost there!
No. 732173 ID: 55c4cf
File 146706296531.png - (1.05MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ818.png )

You stand to your feet. It may take time for you to recover from your injury, but it will probably be fine.

You appear to have some water trapped under your eye. That should be cleared up by the time you make it back to Mint. It is about time to get to that gosh darn volcano.
No. 732174 ID: bebaf0

Ouch. That gotta hurt. Yeah, let's go beat up that volcano.
No. 732175 ID: e94470

What a terrible time for rain...

Try to check if you are really ok physically before making a beeline for the volcano; you dont want to get there and then explode into blood.
No. 732191 ID: 266175

Asali, pull yourself together! There's people to save. This isn't the time to fall apart, you've got to be strong.
No. 732212 ID: 398fe1

Walk it off, you'll be fine.

...I wonder if, after all this is done, you'll have some cred with the gods? I mean, you've prevented Destruction's plan. Maybe one of them will bring Epsilon back?
No. 732318 ID: c49cea

Try not to cry.

Cry a lot.
No. 732322 ID: 55c4cf
File 146710977502.png - (1.44MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ819.png )

You heal up before you arrive at the entrance to the Volcano. Mint lifts her chin to gaze up at you. The two of you both appear forlorn as well as flushed from crying.

Neither you or Mint are in the best of moods. At the very least you are both justified in not feeling too hot.

There is a long period of silence. You eventually speak, "I need to open this door up and see what's happened in there. Would you like to go inside with me?"

"I suppose finding out in company would be better than waiting alone," Mint mumbles back toward you. A long sigh escapes the dragon before she drones on, "I'm happy you still have Epsilon, even if Lynn is dead. I wanted you to know that no matter what happens. You've been great to me, and I have your back."
No. 732326 ID: bebaf0

Oh noooo she doesn't know.

Give her a hug and tell her, in the most delicate way possible that Epsilon is no more. He did it for a good cause, tho :c
No. 732328 ID: 398fe1

I think keeping her as emotionally stable as possible would be best since we're about to go into a dangerous situation. You can tell her Epsilon is dead later.
No. 732329 ID: c1840a

No more avoiding the subject. Tell her, but try your best to explain what happened.
No. 732333 ID: ea8fed

"Yeah. About that"
No. 732348 ID: 8b5979

Tell her.

Make sure to tell her we got some really awesome vengeance too.
No. 732539 ID: 55c4cf
File 146718008050.png - (1.40MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ820.png )

You decide it would be best to tell Mint now rather than later. Asali moves closer to Mint to set a comforting hand on the dragon as she has before.

"Unfortunately, lovely lady, I have bad news on that. Epsilon died protecting me. We won't be seeing our shark shaped friend in the future."

"Oh... gods, Asali I'm so sorry. Why is any of this happening? This is all so cruel." Mint tears up easily and starts to cry again.

"I try not to think about it, because if I mull on it for too long I won't be able to save anybody else," Asali explained with a soft voice.

Mint nods with a solemn expression.
No. 732540 ID: 398fe1

Alright, steel yourselves and get this door open.
No. 732542 ID: 8b5979

Pat her on the head.

Pat pat.

Let's do this.
No. 732543 ID: 2c8cc4

Keep on pressing forward. We lost our lover, but maybe we can save Mint's if we hurry.
No. 732545 ID: bebaf0

Comfort her briefly and go inside. Let's make epsy proud
No. 732547 ID: 86ee0a

Well, maybe it's time to hustle to stop further losses... but give Mint a good hug first, poor girl needs it.
No. 732548 ID: 5645a5

Hug her and say we need to move on.
No. 732550 ID: 12b9b9

Tell her that no matter what happens you are there for her. Let her know that she means a lot to you.
No. 732551 ID: d3a766

remind mint that she is a doctor, and you are going to need her alert and ready if there are any injured or serious condition folk. mint can turn any maybes into survivors
No. 732552 ID: 266175

Tell her you kicked some ass in Epsilon's name. Give her a hug
No. 732703 ID: 55c4cf
File 146726148087.png - (2.42MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ821.png )

You bring yourself closer and embrace Mint tight. The hold lasts a long time, and it is a silent hold for a couple of minutes. Neither of you have a whole lot to say in the moment. The words you have shared have already established the severity of your shared situation.

"Mint, we all need you to do your best and be strong. You are the only doctor on this island that is still breathing to my knowledge. When that door opens, people may need your help immediately. Are you going to be ready for that, lovely?"

There is an extended long pause between the two of you. Mint is shaking in your arms, and most this hug has been her in tears.

"I'll be ready, Asali. Thank you for being there for me. I'm a mess and I might not have made it without you."
No. 732708 ID: 398fe1

Tell her it's the least you can do. (jeez, part of me hopes she never finds out Asali was the source of the Black Plague)

No. 732715 ID: 266175

Before the door actually opens, though, just, hold on to her hand. You don't know what you're going to see. Be there for her. Be there for eachother.
No. 732721 ID: 906c14

Holding her hand before the door opens sounds good.
No. 732768 ID: 55c4cf
File 146727379294.png - (1.36MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ822.png )

You let Mint back down gently, having reassured her proper.

You replace the fuse and wires back into the blast door's internals. The button lights up shortly after everything is in place.

You can now enter the Volcano.
No. 732770 ID: c3110b

Stroll in like you own the place with your most badass leanback walk.
No. 732771 ID: 266175

This is a volcano. They can be full of noxious fumes, in addition to the more obvious hazards. It doesn't seem likely everyone's still alive, but hold on to hope. And hold something up to your mouth to prevent the fumes from getting in.
No. 732772 ID: 398fe1

Push butan
No. 732775 ID: bebaf0

Get in, but be careful and stealth it, don't rush. There might be danger inside, and even if people are still alive, let's be clear, you're the reason they hid inside the volcano. So, sneak in, no need for anyone to panic.
No. 732786 ID: 55c4cf
File 146728500388.png - (1.31MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ823.png )

You activate the blast door and it slides up and open. Waves of anxiety, pain, and the smell of blood carry over your person. You feel nausea, your vision starting to fade out slowly over time.

You feel Mint place her hand on your shoulder. You turn toward her as you start to black out. Mint says something to you, but it is hard for you to interpret. You are losing consciousness.

"I'll be right behind you," is your best guess of what is said by who you think is still Mint.
No. 732787 ID: 398fe1

You know who's in there. Anxiety. Mint could be more resistant to the effects of this place... try using Telepathy to see out of her eyes. Or link up to keep the both of you stable.
No. 732789 ID: bebaf0

That's the mask of Lust, Mint isn't "herself" right now. Are you still conscious? Can you use Telepathy on her?
No. 732797 ID: 55c4cf
File 146729291473.png - (1.21MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ824.png )

Eventually the darkness fades and you regain consciousness.

You are no longer Asali.
No. 732954 ID: 266175

Who...who are we? Where are we? Damn, did you drink too much?
No. 732971 ID: cc08c7

Examine self.
No. 733003 ID: bebaf0

You've clearly been drinking enough, stop shaking or you're gonna spill it.
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