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File 125502858421.jpg - (51.65KB , 820x500 , dur1.jpg )
60457 No. 60457 ID: 9ac2a8

You are merrily on your way to Fursecon 2009.
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No. 60458 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125502864469.jpg - (45.09KB , 820x500 , dur2.jpg )

When suddenly...

No. 60459 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125502868215.jpg - (43.43KB , 820x500 , dur3.jpg )

And you are no more...
No. 60461 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12550287223.jpg - (16.70KB , 520x500 , dur4.jpg )

You wake up.
What's all this then?
No. 60471 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125502905468.jpg - (21.33KB , 520x500 , dur5.jpg )

What the hell is wrong with your hand?
No. 60472 ID: ed8d8a

fire eh? well then, there is only one course of action: Yiff
No. 60474 ID: f4963f


No. 60476 ID: 2adb83

Try to figure out in what kind of abomination you turned, and where you are of course.
No. 60477 ID: 950eaa

must investigate further.
No. 60478 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125502942160.jpg - (30.12KB , 520x500 , dur6.jpg )

Why, what an excellent plan! But wait - your penis is gone! This truly is hell!
No. 60479 ID: fb5d8e

oh murrr ;3
No. 60481 ID: 950eaa

I have no penis but I must yaff
No. 60484 ID: f4963f

Forget the penis, man. Your figure's looking hella better. Just pose in front of a mirror all day.
No. 60485 ID: d2ec7d

Make a deal with Satan. Get your dick back, get sent to Earth, you spread lust and depravity through the planet.
No. 60486 ID: 31e12a

Do we still have an ass? Look around. Where are we?
No. 60487 ID: 7eda8b

No. 60488 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125502967154.jpg - (22.20KB , 520x600 , dur7.jpg )

Otherwise you look a lot like your dursona...
No. 60490 ID: 2adb83

Look for someone or something to pose in front of.
No. 60491 ID: bffa2a


This is important--
No. 60492 ID: f4963f

This. It'll totally be worth it.
No. 60493 ID: 31e12a

Did we not have a dick as a furry?
No. 60497 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125502988339.jpg - (28.53KB , 520x600 , dur8.jpg )

Your butthole seems to be gone as well - and no dicktail either!
No. 60500 ID: bffa2a

But I poop from there
No. 60501 ID: 2adb83

You're a furry now, you're not limited to normal or even normal abnormal sexual activities.
Get creative.
No. 60504 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503004935.jpg - (16.35KB , 520x600 , dur9.jpg )

Something's approaching!
No. 60505 ID: 950eaa

what is going on here
No. 60507 ID: 2adb83

No. 60513 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503065180.jpg - (47.36KB , 520x600 , anubis1.jpg )

"Hello. I am Anubis, Keeper of the Chasm of Fur. You must be Oliver Green, also known as 'Twinklemon72'?"
No. 60514 ID: f4963f

Why yes. Yes I am. <3
No. 60516 ID: 7eda8b

Say "No, I'm TwinkleMOON72. With two Os."
No. 60517 ID: bffa2a


Howl the MOON part.
No. 60521 ID: 2adb83

"Have you seen all the pictures I've drawn with you?"
No. 60533 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12550312513.jpg - (25.80KB , 520x600 , anubis2.jpg )

"Oh. I assume there has been a typographical error. I shall send word to scold the data imps."
No. 60536 ID: 7eda8b

Say "So, do you weigh my heart against a feather now, or has the protocol changed?"
No. 60537 ID: 7d87d9

A data wut?

They're Cyber Elfs dumbass!
No. 60543 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503175634.jpg - (29.76KB , 520x600 , anubis3.jpg )

"Why yes. My employer makes it sure I get all the... ah, 'fan-art'. Your knowledge of canine anatomy is rather... in-depth."
"No, no. I did that with the first 'furry' customer and the scale, how to put it, catapulted the feather away. It was a very good feather, too, mind you."
No. 60548 ID: bffa2a

"So, what happens now? Did you know you're my hero? Who's your employer? May I blow you?"
No. 60552 ID: 2adb83

"And the commissions I payed this artist to draw my dursona getting "intimate" with you? He always called them creepy even by his standards, but I'm sure you appreciated them."
No. 60562 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503259648.jpg - (34.88KB , 520x600 , anubis4.jpg )

"We are going to the Chasm of Fur, of course."
"A large horned fellow. I am sure you get the picture."
"I'm afraid I had to... ah, undergo an operation. After the little... ah, incident with Bastet. I hear they still haven't found a home for the pups."
"And now, if you'd follow me, please."
No. 60564 ID: f4963f

Okay. :3

Stare at his figure as he goes along. Mm, Anubis.
No. 60565 ID: 950eaa

I'm not sure what's going on here but I can't look away.
No. 60566 ID: 2adb83

Follow the big muscular anthropomorphic Jackal.
No. 60567 ID: bffa2a


"I'm in hell? Whyyyyyyyy? I never hurt anybody, I never even met anybody and I treated my dog like my loved one. Why am I in hell?"
No. 60569 ID: b94893

"So is it really too hot to yiff here?"
No. 60570 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503334297.jpg - (32.87KB , 520x600 , anubis5.jpg )

No. 60572 ID: 2adb83

"accidentally" bump into him when he stops.
No. 60573 ID: bffa2a

Damn he's huge
No. 60585 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503419724.jpg - (26.71KB , 520x600 , anubis6.jpg )

Ouch! Apparently his hindquarters are obsidian or something!
No. 60593 ID: bffa2a

I've got buns of steel.
No. 60595 ID: 2adb83

I see. "bumping into" is of course easily confused with "running into at maximum speed". My fault obvious.
Fall down crying and roll up in a ball of pain.
No. 60598 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503465440.jpg - (25.29KB , 520x600 , anubis7.jpg )

"Do mind your step."
"Anyhow, we're now at the treshold of the Chasm. There's someone here I'd like you to meet."
No. 60600 ID: bffa2a

Satan's barbed cock? :3
No. 60609 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503522941.jpg - (37.47KB , 520x600 , moreau.jpg )

There seems to be some sort of house ahead of you.
No. 60617 ID: 950eaa

Oh murr! A house of adventures I bet! Let's see what we have here
No. 60628 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503594364.jpg - (23.09KB , 520x600 , imp1.jpg )

Suddenly an imp appears.
"Sir Anubis, sir! Code Seven, sir! 'Tis urgent!"

"I see. I need to leave. Visit the house, but do not leave its vicinity, you hear me?"

Anubis strides away with the imp.
No. 60629 ID: 4ac1cf

Slap him on the ass as he leaves.
No. 60635 ID: 8e18cd


Yell "WTF is code 7?"
No. 60640 ID: 632862

Immediately wander off.
No. 60653 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503668264.jpg - (26.89KB , 520x600 , slap.jpg )

Better luck next time. Anubis doesn't seem to hear you.
No. 60661 ID: 9d41ab

Go in da murr house!
No. 60679 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503725541.jpg - (30.74KB , 520x600 , hell1.jpg )

The road seems to split here. The path up leads to the house, whereas the stairs down lead to... you don't know where they lead to! The sign has no text on it.
No. 60683 ID: bffa2a


Get in da house you murr.
No. 60686 ID: 2adb83

Down you go.
Conforming to conformity is for mundanes.
No. 60688 ID: 836eb8

Go into the house. As if anubis could be taking you anywhere other than some kind of super orgy. He read your fanfics. He knows what you're all about.
No. 60690 ID: 8e18cd


To da house
No. 60698 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503772866.jpg - (20.21KB , 520x600 , murdur.jpg )

You seem to be feeling indecisive. You decide to follow the next thought that crosses your mind.
No. 60704 ID: 2adb83

No. 60711 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503793543.jpg - (20.56KB , 520x600 , down.jpg )

Down it is! You always knew you had impulse control issues.
No. 60723 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125503829713.jpg - (44.46KB , 520x600 , cont.jpg )

Oliver's Inferno will be continued next week!
No. 60766 ID: 1689ab

3 house vs 1 down is indecisive?
No. 63390 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125536274099.jpg - (45.19KB , 720x700 , oliver.jpg )

You descend the long stairway. Down below echo the sounds of pitiful screams and the low buzzing of several voices.
No. 63391 ID: 7d87d9

Those stairs look kinda rickety... It'd be easy to fall...
No. 63393 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125536341985.jpg - (44.65KB , 720x700 , oliver2.jpg )

Don't worry! It's not like bad things ever happen to y-
No. 63396 ID: 43d730

No. 63398 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125536379973.jpg - (45.46KB , 720x700 , oliver3.jpg )

No. 63400 ID: 9b4b34

Be in horrible pain for some time, then stand up and look around.
No. 63401 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125536447685.jpg - (34.01KB , 720x700 , oliver4.jpg )

You seem to bleed more than a Quentin Tarantino movie these days.
No. 63402 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125536464150.jpg - (41.08KB , 720x700 , things.jpg )

The surrounding area is filled with these... things. They chant:
"Not to yiff; that is the Law. Are we not Men?
Not to watch Lion King; that is the law. Are we not Men?
Not to masturbate while playing Starfox; that is the Law. Are we not Men?"
No. 63403 ID: 9b4b34

Ask them which D&D edition's the best.
No. 63410 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12553653338.jpg - (25.50KB , 720x700 , things2.jpg )

You ask the creatures about Dungeons and Dragons.
The fat one approaches you and groans: "You are not a Man! Have you not visited the House of Pain?"
No. 63411 ID: 9b4b34

Pretend to be indeed man, maybe they'll fall for it.
But anyways, the House of Pain is probably not that bad. http://i.imagehost.org/download/0564/House_of_Pain
No. 63416 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125536656474.jpg - (38.45KB , 720x700 , oliverman.jpg )

After a quick make-over, you utter: "I'm a Man! See, opposable thumbs!"
No. 63417 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125536705685.jpg - (42.14KB , 720x700 , things3.jpg )

"Indeed, he is a Man!"

The 'Men' return to chanting the Law.
No. 63420 ID: 43d730

Any way out of this mess?
You might want to mumble and dance around a bit if you have to move through the crowd like in that one zombie movie.
No. 63422 ID: d0ef8d

lets um. sneak through the crowd as nonchallantly as possible
No. 63424 ID: 9b4b34

Ask them about their intriguing little community. Try to find out as much as possible.
No. 63427 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125536796789.jpg - (32.74KB , 720x700 , quest1.jpg )

You try to inquire the closest Man about the community here.

The Man replies:
"His is the House of Pain.
His is the Hand that Makes.
His is the Hand that wounds.
His is the Hand that heals."
No. 63433 ID: f4963f

Rrright. Let's avoid that place for now then.

Um. Let's be on our merry way! To not-freak land.

Yes. That's the furry saying this.
No. 63439 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12553689301.jpg - (37.75KB , 720x700 , quest2.jpg )

There seems to be no other way out of the chasm than the flight of stairs. Would you like to go up and explore the area there or spend more time with the Men?
No. 63441 ID: 43d730

Well, I'm guessing the house up there is the house they keep talking about...

Well, two choices here.
Hope you can get through the house without ending up like these guys, or hide down here and try to start a revolution.
No. 63444 ID: f4963f

Are there no other areas of Hell we can visit? Certainly we can visit another area of Hell. Preferrably before buns-of-steel returns. Look around!
No. 63445 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125536953342.jpg - (23.48KB , 720x700 , thing1.jpg )

"Psst! I know you're not one of us. He hasn't gotten to you yet. I was once like you, a furry. He made me like this... He made all of us like this... This is our eternal punishment."
No. 63449 ID: f4963f

Who is 'he'? Ol' Scratch? El Diablos? Lucifer?
No. 63450 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125537022336.jpg - (31.35KB , 720x700 , thing2.jpg )

"No, his name is Moreau. He was a vivisectionist back on Earth. They say he cut up animals to look like humans or something."

"Oh shit, here comes Montgomery... find the ones who hide behind the rocks - and don't let Montgomery catch you!"
No. 63453 ID: f4963f

I suggest you do so, boy.
No. 63455 ID: 9b4b34

Yeah, rock on.
Also verify species of fursona.
No. 63458 ID: 7eda8b

Find staircase. Ascend immediately.
No. 63461 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125537097590.jpg - (56.84KB , 720x700 , montgomery.jpg )

The crowd of Men begins to part as a man with a whip and a pith helmet makes his way through the chasm, roaring: "Alright then, where's that fugitive you are hiding?"

The Man who spoke to you motions you to climb back up before Montgomery spots you.
"Remember me as a badgertaur!" he/she shouts after you.
No. 63462 ID: 7eda8b

Depart for where Anubis left you at once.
No. 63468 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125537146631.jpg - (51.84KB , 720x700 , climb.jpg )

You sure wish you could just fall back up.
No. 63470 ID: 7eda8b

Faster, you fucker.

Just think of how much easier this is now that you're not fat.
No. 63472 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125537214069.jpg - (32.36KB , 720x700 , oliver5.jpg )

No. 63473 ID: 7eda8b

Get back to the spot you were at before, before Anubis spots you.
No. 63474 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125537247172.jpg - (18.08KB , 720x700 , rock.jpg )

On your way back, you hear giggling from behind a rock.
No. 63475 ID: f4963f

No. 63479 ID: 7eda8b

Say "Come out right now or I shall make bad puns at you."
No. 63482 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125537328961.jpg - (65.53KB , 720x700 , rock2.jpg )

Behind the rock, you discover Dante and Faust playing poker, drinking whiskey and smoking weed.
Oliver's adventures will be updated again tomorrow!
No. 63917 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125544564412.jpg - (57.91KB , 720x700 , dantefaust.jpg )

"Shhh, we're hiding!"
No. 63918 ID: 1be958

From what?
No. 63919 ID: 8e18cd

Hiding from what?
No. 63921 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125544621425.jpg - (42.11KB , 720x700 , faust.jpg )

"Our wivesh, man. After a few centuriesh they're all nag and zero fun! We came down here where they can't find ush!"
No. 63924 ID: 1be958

Mind if I hide with you?
No. 63925 ID: 9d41ab

Say you need to hide with them so you don't lose your murrfect fur. Ask them if there's a way to get away from the crazy taxidermist.
No. 63927 ID: 8e18cd

Ummm... yeah, mind if I join you for a bit?

Say, do you know any good joints around here?
No. 63929 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12554468998.jpg - (53.46KB , 720x700 , anubis8.jpg )

"Shure thing, man. Take a sheat-"
No. 63930 ID: 1be958

hehe. He's so cute when he's angry. Lets hide a little while longer.

While we're here ask the other guys where you are, what this place is all about, you know?
No. 63931 ID: 8e18cd

UH OH. Hide. Hide and don't say a thing.
No. 63935 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125544768788.jpg - (22.06KB , 720x700 , dante.jpg )

"Wow. What a party-pooper."
"Say, can you drive?"
No. 63940 ID: 1be958

No, but I've played enough starfox. Its practically the same thing, right?
No. 63941 ID: 9d41ab

We can probably do that, right? Say yes even if you can't.
No. 63942 ID: 8e18cd

I bet driving is just like playing GTA.

So yeah sure, we can drive.
No. 63944 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125544822929.jpg - (38.84KB , 720x700 , car.jpg )

"Perfect, let's go then!"
No. 63945 ID: f4963f

Oh hell yes, Hearse!

Let's drive like a wolfbunny outa hell!
No. 63948 ID: 8e18cd


We ain't driving it unless it has a ZZ-Top logo on the side.
No. 63950 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125544880254.jpg - (41.37KB , 720x700 , car1.jpg )

"Jusht keep going on the highway until you come to the intershection. Pick a deshtination you fancy. Take ush shomewhere fun, bunny-dog... man."
No. 63952 ID: 9d41ab

See what's on the radio, (if there is one).
No. 63954 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125544924964.jpg - (23.18KB , 720x700 , radio.jpg )

Since you are on a HIGHWAY and in HELL, there's really only one song that could possibly be playing.
No. 63956 ID: 8e18cd


I thought hell radio stations would be playing a lot of bad music.
No. 63957 ID: 9d41ab

Well, we should rock the fuck out until we get to the crossroads.
No. 63963 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125544962788.jpg - (29.93KB , 720x700 , rickroll.jpg )

...Which is of course Rick Astley's We're No Strangers to Love - your very favourite!
No. 63969 ID: 9d41ab

Nice. Lets get to those crossroads.
No. 63970 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125545015772.jpg - (56.01KB , 720x700 , intersection.jpg )

You reach the intersection.
No. 63971 ID: 9d41ab

New Babel Club sounds like a happenin' joint.
No. 63972 ID: 6ed7b0

go to gay bar, you're not invited to the party
No. 63974 ID: 8e18cd

Gay bar. Only option
No. 63975 ID: d2ec7d

But he has no dick. It's rather pointless.
No. 63977 ID: 8e18cd


He's a furFAG
No. 63978 ID: c3ff5b

Oh man, that pan is a total fox. We have to go there.
No. 63980 ID: c3ff5b

he has no ass either.
No. 63985 ID: af3e6d

Gay Commies. No contest.
No. 63987 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12554513387.jpg - (38.38KB , 720x700 , offtodabar.jpg )

And so you are on your way to the Leninist-Marxist Gay Bar!

To be continued.
No. 63992 ID: 7d87d9

We're a superstar! AT THE GAY BAR!
No. 64722 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125554884765.jpg - (36.24KB , 720x600 , new1.jpg )

Suddenly the car jerks violently. It's like something landed on the roof.
No. 64723 ID: e16ca8

Is there a low hanging protrusion we can drive under to knock it off?
No. 64724 ID: 43d730

Scream something about bat country.
No. 64725 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125554950445.jpg - (30.68KB , 720x600 , ohello.jpg )

"Hello there."
No. 64728 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125554974634.jpg - (35.30KB , 720x600 , sphinxd.jpg )

"None may pass without facing the Sphinx first."
No. 64729 ID: f4963f

Stare at the sphynx dumbfoundedly.

Complement his/her good looks.
No. 64733 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555099925.jpg - (46.40KB , 720x600 , sphinxd2.jpg )

"Why, of course I am beautiful. I combine the best of three creatures... unlike you."
No. 64734 ID: 8e18cd

But you have boobs... ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
No. 64736 ID: c7553f

Some boobs occasionally ain't bad.
Tell her the answer is Man
No. 64738 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555188511.jpg - (54.01KB , 720x600 , boob.jpg )

"Who said I had breasts? Oh, and I don't do riddles anymore. That prick Oidipus solved my only riddle like three thousand years ago."
No. 64740 ID: 7d87d9

Well this won't end well... Those two are NEVER going to let you down.

Although hopefully Anubis won't find us with her
No. 64741 ID: 43d730

So, uh, what do you do now, then?
No. 64742 ID: c7553f

Be frozen with fear or enjoy it. Depending on your preferences.
No. 64743 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555289637.jpg - (32.18KB , 720x600 , gravity.jpg )

"Did someone just reverse the gravity?"
"Shuddup and help me, my whishkey'sh runnin' away!"
No. 64744 ID: f4963f

I'd say hurry up and get to the gay bar, but this is, um, kind of what we came here for anyway, right?

Have fun?
No. 64745 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555329858.jpg - (25.25KB , 720x600 , sphinx3.jpg )

"So anyways, since that motherfucking Oedipus - pun intended - solved my only riddle, I've developed a new way to test the wits of my victims. The game is the game of kings...
It's called..."
No. 64746 ID: c7553f

Watch the disgusting activities of those two filthy animals and make philosophical comments about it.
No. 64747 ID: 7d87d9

No. 64750 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555357759.jpg - (24.36KB , 720x600 , sphinxcloseup.jpg )

"Tic... tac... TOE!"
No. 64751 ID: 7d87d9


But the only winning move is NOT to play.
No. 64752 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555380181.jpg - (8.05KB , 720x600 , tictactoe.jpg )

[This is how it works: copy his image to an application of your choice. Add your mark. Fastest poster wins the round. Sphinx adds her mark. New round begins.]
No. 64753 ID: c7553f

"Sure, your toes are nice"
No. 64755 ID: 7d87d9
File 125555391812.png - (35.14KB , 720x600 , 1a.png )

No. 64756 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555414126.jpg - (14.88KB , 720x600 , toe1.jpg )

"Ah, the famous Centre of the Grid move. Beginner's tactic, hah."
No. 64758 ID: 7d87d9
File 125555423336.png - (53.99KB , 720x600 , 1a.png )

No. 64761 ID: 45396a

Beginner or not you're still boned.
No. 64762 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555453428.jpg - (18.58KB , 720x600 , toe2.jpg )

"You're not much of a gambler, are you?"
No. 64763 ID: 7d87d9
File 125555457318.png - (63.23KB , 720x600 , 1a.png )

No. 64765 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555472169.jpg - (21.98KB , 720x600 , toe3.jpg )

"Like I'm falling for that one!"
No. 64766 ID: 7d87d9
File 125555476442.png - (70.60KB , 720x600 , 1a.png )

I win!
No. 64767 ID: 7d87d9

Perform Dance
No. 64771 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555495065.jpg - (26.84KB , 720x600 , thegame.jpg )

"What! But how?"
No. 64773 ID: f4963f

No. 64777 ID: 7d87d9

So do you wanta come clubbing with us?
No. 64778 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555550551.jpg - (46.69KB , 720x600 , dance.jpg )

You celebrate your victory by the means of interpretive dance! You also declare the Sphinx as your pet.
No. 64779 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555572657.jpg - (40.43KB , 720x600 , smash.jpg )

"Pet? PET? I'll show you who's whose pet around here!"
No. 64782 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555601165.jpg - (30.74KB , 720x600 , insidecar.jpg )

"Dude! Not in the car!"
"What? It washn't me, you oaf!"
No. 64783 ID: 7d87d9

By Pet I mean... I wanted to PET you because you are VERY pretty...
No. 64785 ID: e16ca8

Ask her to let you wriggle between her murrfect toes.
No. 64786 ID: c7553f

Good job fucking it up guys.
Can we still get our price for winning at Tic Tac Toe?
No. 64787 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125555639130.jpg - (26.96KB , 720x600 , sphinxleaves.jpg )

"Yeah, yeah, save it! I bet you diddled your mum as well. I'm off. Enjoy walking, hah!"

The Sphinx spreads her wings and flies off.

Oliver's Inferno is to be continued.
No. 65115 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125563420568.jpg - (53.18KB , 720x700 , oliverquest.jpg )

"So, I died, went to Hell and the Sphinx smashed my ride. What the hell am I supposed to do now?"
No. 65116 ID: 8e18cd

Yaff... oh wait... you CAN'T! HAHAHAHAHA
No. 65117 ID: 4e49f2


Hush you, DM is railroading.
No. 65118 ID: 43d730

Masturbate furious... Nevermind.
Find your sister and... Nevermind.
HUG TOM RE... Nevermind.

What are your surroundings like?
Are those two goits still in the wreckage of the car?
Might as well keep going to the gay bar.
No. 65119 ID: 9dec02

check if those guys are still there and look around if you see something interesting.
No. 65120 ID: d6c24b

Locate and inspect nipples. We were not informed of their status and condition.
No. 65121 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125563525052.jpg - (20.84KB , 720x700 , highway.jpg )

There's the motorway, some black rocks and erupting volcanoes on the horizon. It smells of sulphur and brimstone.
No. 65122 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125563534521.jpg - (33.47KB , 720x700 , trappedinthecar.jpg )

"Wake up, you idiot! You are drooling on my besht cap!"
No. 65123 ID: 9dec02

Try to get em out of the car and see if there's something to salvage. Start walking along the highway the direction you were driving before and look out for any vehicles. I'm sure you can trust people you meet here about hitchhiking.
No. 65124 ID: 43d730

Right the car (If you can), then get those two out and either walking or stop for the day and hitchhike.
No. 65125 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125563596394.jpg - (38.21KB , 720x700 , nip.jpg )

And no nipples.
No. 65126 ID: 9dec02

Yeah, but I'm sure he still got his tongue. He already talked, so...
No. 65127 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125563643744.jpg - (43.05KB , 720x700 , car2.jpg )

You peer inside the car.

"Hey look, it'sh your dog!"
"No, I'm pretty sure he's your dog."
No. 65128 ID: d6c24b

Pull out the alchemist, leave the poet.
No. 65129 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125563727911.jpg - (26.07KB , 720x700 , car3.jpg )

You attempt to fish out Faust.
"That'sh it Lasshie, pull me outta thish well!"

However, he's trapped under Dante.
No. 65130 ID: 43d730

Oh, for...
Just pull them both out and drag them along.
No. 65131 ID: 9dec02

Take both with you for now, you can always leave em behind if they get annoying.
No. 65132 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125563788952.jpg - (43.36KB , 720x700 , rescuerangers.jpg )

One succesful rescue operation complete!
No. 65133 ID: d6c24b

Group hug. The council demands it.
No. 65134 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125563832418.jpg - (38.57KB , 720x700 , duofatale.jpg )

"He'sh totally my dog."
"Nu-uh, I bet you don't even know his name!"
"Uh, shure do, it'sh... Poochie. Right, Poochie?"
No. 65135 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125563862147.jpg - (36.78KB , 720x700 , surprise.jpg )

Good thing you are a specialist in surprise group hugs.
No. 65136 ID: 9dec02

You two should should stand each about 30 feet away from ´him and try to attract him. This way you'll know who he belongs to.
No. 65138 ID: d6c24b

No. 65139 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125564001741.jpg - (29.64KB , 720x700 , thumb.jpg )

You decide to try the hitchhike plan. There's gotta be at least some traffic in Hell, right?
No. 65141 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125564042410.jpg - (39.21KB , 720x700 , roadan.jpg )

You pick up Faust, who in turn insists on picking up Dante. You begin walking on the road, while attempting to catch a ride.
No. 65142 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125564077662.jpg - (48.73KB , 720x700 , chickenlegs.jpg )

Something seems to be approaching.
No. 65143 ID: 43d730

"Little hut, little hut, stand with your back to the wasteland and your front to me."
But only if it doesn't stop first.
And it probably only works in russian.
No. 65144 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12556412235.jpg - (37.18KB , 720x700 , cabin.jpg )

The cabin stops right in front of you.
No. 65146 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125564154628.jpg - (41.94KB , 720x700 , tbc.jpg )

And since it's a little slow today, Oliver's Inferno is to be continued.
No. 65195 ID: db1ae6


Ah, gotta love fucked up slavic fairy tales. She's pretty grimdark until she was made laughable in the recent years.
No. 65237 ID: e16ca8

Oh god run before she starts chasing you in her iron mortar and pestle.
No. 65271 ID: 01c610

Bite the giant chicken legs, you lurve chicken hmmm.
No. 65284 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571397813.jpg - (50.89KB , 620x600 , baba.jpg )

An elderly lady peers out of the chimney.
"Who the hell did that? Hold on a minute, are you trying to eat my house?"
No. 65285 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571400189.jpg - (32.29KB , 620x600 , nom.jpg )

No. 65286 ID: 43d730

Attempt to look innocent.
No. 65287 ID: f4963f

Smile up to her innocently.
No. 65288 ID: 88e6b4

"No. I'm just looking for guidance grandmother."
Keep gnawing on the toe.
No. 65289 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571428076.jpg - (24.21KB , 620x600 , innocent.jpg )

No. 65290 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571472799.jpg - (42.07KB , 620x600 , baba1.jpg )

"Guidance? Wotcha mean? Cantya see I'm busy? My damned toyboy ran off again!"
No. 65291 ID: 88e6b4

>My damned toyboy ran off again!
Do I smell a fetch quest?
Oliver is partial some kind of messed up dog thing, shouldn't be any problem.
No. 65292 ID: f4963f

What Toyboy?

Is that anything like a Boytoy?
No. 65294 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571551988.jpg - (58.67KB , 620x600 , baba2.jpg )

"That blasted Grigori! Bet he's gawn to that durned Gay Bar o' his again!"
No. 65295 ID: 43d730

Funny, that's where we're headed!
No. 65296 ID: f4963f

Ey, we'll look for 'im if you take us there. :3
No. 65297 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571614242.jpg - (57.33KB , 620x600 , baba3.jpg )

"Oh? And ya think I should give ya a ride, eh? What's in it for me, I ask?"
No. 65298 ID: 01c610

For the price of one boy toy you get two! ;3
No. 65299 ID: f4963f

... are you acquainted with anyone named Shadran, by chance?

Anyway, we can totally look for your boytoy if you take us to the gay bar~
No. 65300 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571651254.jpg - (34.56KB , 620x600 , baba4.jpg )

"Well, since it -is- male only, ya might be o' use after all. Get in you lot!"
No. 65301 ID: 43d730

For the love of chocolate, don't touch anything that might be cooking.
Don't promise her anything you can't repay.
And don't lie on the stove, she usually does that.
No. 65302 ID: 5d5878

Join Baba Yaga! TO THE GAY BAR, AWAY!
No. 65303 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571737080.jpg - (55.12KB , 620x600 , babayagacabin.jpg )

You, accompanied by Faust and Dante, enter Baba Yaga's cabin.
The walls are lined with bottles of vodka and left-over Soviet firearms and explosives.
"Don't touch anything!"
No. 65306 ID: 43d730

That sounds like a remarkably good idea.
Keep the other two from poking anything either.
If you get bored then try using whatever abilities your dursona supposedly had, to see if they carried over.
No. 65311 ID: f4963f

You heard her. Don't touch anything.

Not a thing! Got that, furball?
No. 65314 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571824127.jpg - (47.19KB , 620x600 , insidecabin.jpg )

Let's see... no magic sword, no wings, no fire breath, no cyber tech limbs... Wow, all your cool and original abilities seem to be gone.
No. 65317 ID: f4963f

Mourn loss of taildick.

Also, keep an eye on... is that Dante or Faust who looks all giddy? Either way, keep an eye on him. Don't let him fubar the situation by touching anything.
No. 65319 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571936531.jpg - (47.84KB , 620x600 , babacabin.jpg )

You keep an eye on Faust.
No. 65320 ID: 88e6b4

Make sad puppy eyes at Baba Yaga for some vodka.
No. 65321 ID: f4963f

Grab hold of him by the goatee and tell him 'NO. BAD BOY. NO TOUCHIE.'
No. 65322 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125571996711.jpg - (26.96KB , 620x600 , puppies.jpg )

You opt for the puppy eyes.
No. 65323 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125572045176.jpg - (41.73KB , 620x600 , guessthatmeansno.jpg )

No. 65324 ID: f4963f

Cry. :<
No. 65325 ID: 7eda8b

Say "Can't we have some in exchange for helping you?"
No. 65327 ID: 88e6b4

"But we need some Vodka to get in the prober Gay Bar mood. Don't you see that?"
No. 65328 ID: 43d730

Smack him on the back of the head.
No. 65329 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12557214368.jpg - (63.61KB , 620x600 , baba5.jpg )

"How about ya get a free 'not-gettin' eaten' coupon for yer troubles?"
No. 65330 ID: 88e6b4

Not getting eaten huh?
What's Olivers stance to vore?
No. 65333 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125572358139.jpg - (37.66KB , 620x600 , disciprine.jpg )

Vore is cool as long as you are not the one getting eaten. Well, at least not by an old human hag.

Also, time for disciplinary action.
No. 65334 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125572380886.jpg - (21.10KB , 620x600 , danteh.jpg )

"Told you he was my dog."
No. 65336 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125572396293.gif - (52.29KB , 384x455 , leninanim.gif )

Suddenly you see a huge neon light Lenin through the open door of Baba Yaga's Cabin.

Oliver's Inferno is to be continued.
No. 65379 ID: 15f6d6

Roll up in there like we own the place.
No. 65437 ID: 7d87d9

Make sure there isn't some scary dog thing around here. I think she hates communists she might think you're one of them and maul you.
No. 66159 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125587723563.jpg - (28.13KB , 620x500 , sovietbar.jpg )

Close up the Gay Bar looks thoroughly Soviet.
No. 66160 ID: f4963f

A-A fellow furry? One that's not been reduced to a quivering blob reciting the Law?!
No. 66161 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125587785928.jpg - (34.52KB , 620x600 , offwego.jpg )

You attempt to leap off, but Baba Yaga stops you.
No. 66162 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125587803482.jpg - (31.49KB , 620x600 , baba6.jpg )

"Don't forget Grigori. He's tall, dark and handsome."
No. 66163 ID: f4963f

Okay, okay! Grigori, got it! Lady, we've got some murry scritch-cuddling to do!
No. 66164 ID: a93c77

No, no. It's an actual bear, see.

Get in ye bar.
No. 66165 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125587836145.jpg - (21.75KB , 620x600 , dandf.jpg )

Also, Dante and Faust insist on coming along.
No. 66166 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125587865920.jpg - (34.69KB , 620x600 , mishka1.jpg )

"Stop! Tis bar for Communist Gay only!"
No. 66167 ID: 5d5878

This is a personal challenge. You must prove you're a gay communist.
No. 66168 ID: f4963f


If he asks what you're doing, tell him that you're redistributing love from the rich to the poor. Because you want to spread the love around. <3
No. 66169 ID: a63968

Distribute your homosexuality freely to prove you're indeed a gay communist.
No. 66170 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125587933052.jpg - (33.38KB , 620x600 , hugbear.jpg )

You hug the bear.
No. 66171 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125587939055.jpg - (31.62KB , 620x600 , yelp.jpg )

"Vho tell you it okay to hug Mishka?"
No. 66172 ID: a93c77

Casually point at Dante.
No. 66173 ID: a63968

"I though we're all gay communists here :("
No. 66174 ID: f4963f

Are you withholding love from us? Are you selfishly hoarding in your love like a greedy capitalist pig? :<
No. 66175 ID: 33bb8b

oh yes this!
No. 66176 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588077492.jpg - (27.76KB , 620x600 , mishka2.jpg )

"You try hit on Mishka?"
No. 66177 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588154812.jpg - (31.18KB , 620x600 , mishka3.jpg )

"Nobody find Mishka adorable after Summer Olympic 1980..."
No. 66178 ID: 15f6d6

Compliment the bear's masculine physique. Also, talk about how the means of production must remain in the hands of the people.
No. 66179 ID: a63968

"I think you're adorable and I'm sure Victor sees it the same way."
No. 66180 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588266993.jpg - (43.21KB , 620x600 , mishka4.jpg )

"Dog Man very kind to Mishka!"
No. 66181 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588304058.jpg - (25.85KB , 620x600 , mishka5.jpg )

"Can now go to Gay Bar. Mishka need time alone."
No. 66182 ID: 15f6d6

Let's get up in that gay bar!
No. 66183 ID: a63968

/quest/ - literal gay bears

also enter da gay bar.
No. 66185 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12558835206.jpg - (105.43KB , 920x500 , BAP.jpg )

The Gay Bar is filled with smoke and flashing lights. A techno mix of the soviet national anthem is playing. I's hard to tell what's what.

However, you can see a dance floor, a bar counter, some kind of a variety show and then some tables cluttered near the walls.
No. 66186 ID: 15f6d6

Let's check out the show.
No. 66189 ID: a63968

Let's take in the ambiance before doing anything rash. walk a little bit around and see what's going on. What kinda creatures populate the bar. Humans? Demons? More furfags?
No. 66193 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588432328.jpg - (40.25KB , 620x600 , lenin3.jpg )

The variety show does seem appealing.
You find Vladimir Lenin posing with what appears to be a large Fabergé egg.

Unfortunately you can't understand what he's saying.
No. 66194 ID: a63968

I've got absolutely no idea what to say about this.
Proceed to explore the attractions of the gay bar.
No. 66195 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588477812.jpg - (23.49KB , 620x600 , variety.jpg )

You sure haven't seen reverse oviposition like that since HurrCon '04.
No. 66197 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588503456.jpg - (22.13KB , 620x600 , dantefaustleave.jpg )

Dante and Faust suddenly need to visit the little boys' room. You are left alone.
No. 66198 ID: a93c77

Become entranced by the magnificent visage.
No. 66199 ID: 15f6d6

let's go check out the bar area of the bar. We probably need something to drink after seeing an act like that.
No. 66200 ID: a63968

Yeah, some Vodka. Does Oliver have any money at all or are drinks free in hell?
No. 66201 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588544953.jpg - (20.40KB , 620x600 , entranced.jpg )

Slowly regaining your wits, you realise you in fact have no money at all. You decide to check out the bar anyway.
No. 66203 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588598337.jpg - (55.37KB , 620x600 , marx.jpg )

You reach the bar.
"Oh yes, all drinks are free. You can get virtually anything, excluding vodka. Such is the nature of Russian Hell. What shall it be?"
No. 66204 ID: cf407a

Ask for a "bloody mary"
No. 66205 ID: a93c77

White wine, our usual! Strike a conversation with good ol' Karl about the hardships of being a furry in Hell.
No. 66206 ID: a63968

Just start with some Dom Pérignon, the evening is still young.
and survey the area already, I want to know what kinda people are around.
No. 66209 ID: 61b521

>everything except vodka

give me


I must fix that which is wrong.
No. 66211 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588733361.jpg - (27.95KB , 620x600 , bar.jpg )

You decide to get plenty of different drinks, since everything's free anyhow. Taking a look around the bar, you see most people seem to be dressed up in old Red Army uniforms.
No. 66212 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588743739.jpg - (34.47KB , 620x600 , drinkan.jpg )

Karl listens to your troubles as you drink the night away. You wonder where Dante and Faust are. And you feel like there was something you were supposed to do...
No. 66215 ID: 43d730

That's right!
The thing with the egg was quite distracting.
Search out a 'Grigori' complaining about his woman.
No. 66224 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588813155.jpg - (32.58KB , 620x600 , bar2.jpg )

There seems to no complaining about women here. In fact, no talking of any kind at all!
No. 66228 ID: 15f6d6

Loudly announce that you are looking for Grigori.
No. 66232 ID: 43d730

It's a fairly common name...
Shout that and look for people trying to sneak out the back.
No. 66234 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12558888368.jpg - (31.86KB , 620x600 , bar3.jpg )

Suddenly, all eyes are on you.
No. 66236 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125588918260.jpg - (24.68KB , 620x600 , drink.jpg )

Hey, even your drink has its eyes on you!
No. 66238 ID: a93c77

Poke ye drink in the eye. Then go look for the darkest and handsome-est stranger.
No. 66239 ID: 43d730

Ask drink how you're supposed to tell him apart from the others.
No. 66247 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125589023176.jpg - (26.70KB , 620x600 , darkstranger.jpg )

After poking your drink in the eye, you wonder around the bar. In the darkest corner of the bar, you notice a tall, dark fellow.
No. 66253 ID: f98e0b

No. 66259 ID: 15f6d6

walk up and rub his back all sexy-like.
No. 66263 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125589197794.jpg - (44.38KB , 620x600 , ra-ra.jpg )

No. 66272 ID: bd8b08

That depends, hansome. Would you like to be on top or on bottom? ;3
No. 66279 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125589292838.jpg - (53.85KB , 620x600 , tbc2.jpg )

Oliver's Inferno is to be continued!
No. 66376 ID: 5d5878

No. 66850 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125597401032.jpg - (40.14KB , 620x600 , rasputin.jpg )

"Vhat do yhu vant from the Great Rasputin?"
No. 66851 ID: 825e24

Curl up in a fetal position and cry like the big sissy you are.
No. 66854 ID: cee448

"A hug would be nice."
No. 66855 ID: f4963f

Cower before the mad monk's manly physique.
No. 66856 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125597472760.jpg - (39.20KB , 620x600 , bawww.jpg )

No. 66857 ID: 704c80

prostrate yourself before him and beg for forgiveness
No. 66859 ID: 7d87d9

Run into mens room. Hide in stall.
No. 66861 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125597527023.jpg - (37.83KB , 620x600 , rasputin1.jpg )

No. 66863 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125597606060.jpg - (48.18KB , 620x600 , ohai.jpg )

"Hey Grigori, you shoulda seen these two guys in the men's room! They were bleaching each other's eyeballs!"
No. 66864 ID: 632862

What were we supposed to do after finding Grigori anyway?
No. 66866 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125597656986.jpg - (41.79KB , 620x600 , babaeyes.jpg )

You think Baba Yaga wants you to bring the runaway Grigori back to her.
No. 66867 ID: 903c42

Bring him back to Baba Yaga, good luck with that if he's not willing.

"are you maybe willing to come out with me and meet your sweetheart Baba Yaga? She's misses you."
No. 66868 ID: 43d730

Take him back out to Baba Yaga.
Presumably so she can either eat him or make him mow the lawn or something.
No. 66869 ID: f4963f

Ask Rasputin what he's doing at a gay bar. And if he's familiar with the Baba Yaga.
No. 66870 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12559773836.jpg - (53.52KB , 620x600 , koschei.jpg )

"Yhu can tell zhe witch I do not laf her. I am wizh Koschei now."
No. 66871 ID: f4963f

Hey, I'm happy for you two and all, but you should probably tell her yourself. She's waiting right outside, and damn if she's going to listen to us.
No. 66874 ID: 903c42

Yeah, this.

If he refuses, check on your two buddies, they should be rather clever and might be able to give you advice.
No. 66875 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125597788138.jpg - (53.47KB , 620x600 , koschei1.jpg )

"Yhu vant us to tell Baba Yaga I am dumpink her? In person? And zhey called me zhe crazy monk!"
No. 66876 ID: 903c42

"You guys are both pretty much unkillable and still afraid of a frail old woman? I'll call both of you giant chicken houses."
Cackle and dance around like crazy. You're drunk so it's reasonable.
No. 66877 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125597840784.jpg - (24.77KB , 620x600 , mensroom.jpg )

You find Dante and Faust in the men's room.
No. 66878 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125597849230.jpg - (32.06KB , 620x600 , eyebleach.jpg )

"The bleach does nothing!"
No. 66880 ID: f4963f

Tell em if they don't want to see the Baba Yaga's ugly mug again, they'd better find a way to get Rasputin out the front doors.
No. 66881 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125597932885.jpg - (44.17KB , 620x600 , dantefaustagain.jpg )

"I've been drunk for sheven monthsh shtraight now - and I jusht bleached my eyesh! And thought it wash a good idea!"
"Yeah, Pooch, it's pretty much your mess."
No. 66882 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12559808115.jpg - (45.44KB , 620x600 , oliver6.jpg )

Wow, you sure are in pretty deep shit, aren't you?
No. 66883 ID: bd8b08

Nonsense. don't forget what we are, we're a wolfoxbit. a noble and powerful creature. We can easilly over power these weakling non-furs. Try forcing him out the door.

Alternativly, get some help from the bouncer.
No. 66885 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125598224024.jpg - (49.43KB , 620x600 , leg.jpg )

Yeah! Let's do this!

"Vhat do yhu zhink yhu are doink?"
No. 66887 ID: f4963f

Dragging you off for a fun time, my dear~
No. 66888 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125598265495.jpg - (41.27KB , 620x600 , boom1.jpg )

"None vill destroy our byootifol laf!"
No. 66889 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125598268499.jpg - (26.05KB , 620x600 , boom2.jpg )

No. 66890 ID: f4963f

Be sure to tell Rasputin that one of your dursonas superpowars is immunity to heat forever. Because he's 1/50th Demon and all.
No. 66891 ID: f4963f

Ooor alternatively, try to regrow your ear. :(
No. 66892 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12559832507.jpg - (46.36KB , 620x600 , laika.jpg )

"Hey there, cutie."
No. 66893 ID: 903c42

awesome, now you can get cybernetic replacements. Assuming you don't go to double-hell for dying in hell.
No. 66894 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125598327997.jpg - (27.30KB , 620x600 , laika2.jpg )

"I think you dropped your brain."
No. 66895 ID: 903c42

Now I'm confuse.
Isn't Oliver in a Gay Bar?
No. 66897 ID: f4963f

Ask her what she's doing here. You thought all the other furfags were in the pit?

Also thank her for returning your brain.
No. 66900 ID: 7eda8b

Reattach your bits.

"Hey. What'd I miss?"
No. 66901 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125598431544.jpg - (42.24KB , 620x600 , laika3.jpg )

"I'm Laika. Don't ask me how I ended up here. One minute I was in space and then I woke up like... this."
"Anyways... I know a way out through the back and I'd appreciate it if you... escorted me back home."
No. 66904 ID: 3d8e92

Did the SPACE RADIATION make you into a herm or was that after you got to hell?

Either way, ask if she knows if the Alberts are here too.
No. 66906 ID: f4963f

You got to hell from space? AWESOME!

Clearly we need to find her space ship. I wonder what alien furries use for ships...

Anyway, offer to get her a coffee, in the largest cup you can find.

And while we're at it, ask her if she can help you drag Rasputin outside. We don't need the Baba Yaga on our case.
No. 66908 ID: f4963f

That only makes it hotter.
No. 66910 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12559853701.jpg - (53.94KB , 620x600 , laika4.jpg )

"You worry too much, cute face. Besides, I've got a car outside. It's the fastest ride in town."
No. 66911 ID: f253a7

Furry Laika is offering us a ride. In hell.

Say you're gayer than two men fucking each other - you'll have to pass.
No. 66913 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125598610257.jpg - (40.03KB , 620x600 , laika5.jpg )

"Well, let me at least offer you a ride. Your situation's looking kinda hopeless here, cute face."
No. 66915 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125598695732.jpg - (38.33KB , 620x600 , babayagacomin.jpg )

Suddenly, Mishka the bear bouncer flies through the wall.

"I'm tireda waitin'! Where's my Grigori!"
No. 66917 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125598733442.jpg - (65.55KB , 620x600 , teleport.jpg )

"Come, laf, I vill take us vhere none can find us!"

Rasputin and Koschei disappear with a bright flash.
No. 66918 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12559875628.jpg - (38.55KB , 620x600 , babaangry.jpg )

"I'm comin' for you, Dog!"

Oliver's Inferno is to be continued.
No. 66926 ID: 5d5878

Take the spacedog up on the offer to flee!
No. 67013 ID: 7eda8b

This is no time to be picky about genders! Get out of there!
No. 67043 ID: 43d730

I'm kinda suspicious at how everything is russian...
You suppose Grigori and Koschei the Deathless are in the capsule?
No. 67057 ID: f4963f

>Suspicious how everything is Russian
In a Soviet gay bar?
No. 67060 ID: 5d5878

In Soviet Hell, Gay Bar is Russian!
No. 67235 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125605665125.jpg - (69.74KB , 1020x1100 , laikahd.jpg )

"Changed your mind, eh? Let's go then."
No. 67236 ID: 5a9e00

You know, you really should sniff her ass. Its only polite.

But I guess there will be time for that later. Onwards!
No. 67240 ID: f4963f

Onwards, you murrfect Furry you. Onwards with your hermaphrodite russian space dog! <3
No. 67242 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125605744880.jpg - (52.82KB , 620x600 , gogo.jpg )

You leave the now collapsing building.
No. 67243 ID: f4963f

Wrap your arms around her neck for a hug-from-behind / piggy-back-ride. She's apparently strong enough to pull you around anyway.
No. 67244 ID: 5a9e00

Wrap your other hand around her you know what :3
No. 67246 ID: 6ddbfa

Wait, why is the building collapsing? Was Rasputin a BBEG?
No. 67247 ID: 7d87d9

No. 67248 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125605833551.jpg - (40.40KB , 620x600 , sandinmyeye.jpg )

You attempt to grab her, put the falling rubble and dust are disorienting. Good thing she's got a hold on you. Even if it happens to be by your tongue.

The building is collapsing, because Baba Yaga is demolishing the facade.
No. 67249 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125605842091.jpg - (38.84KB , 620x600 , renault.jpg )

"Here it is! It might not be a space rocket, but it's fast, I give you that."
No. 67250 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125605848925.jpg - (43.33KB , 620x600 , readytogo.jpg )

You cough out dust while Laika prepares the vehicle.
No. 67251 ID: 5a9e00

Ask if we get any super cute goggles

Or... you know... something to hold onto ;3
No. 67252 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125605880447.jpg - (36.87KB , 620x600 , itsdangeroustogoalone.jpg )

"Here, you better mount this..."

Laika reaches down...
No. 67253 ID: f4963f

/r/ Oliver in aviator goggles. <3
No. 67256 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125605931244.jpg - (34.27KB , 620x600 , tommy.jpg )

"Ta-da! Oh, and I should have an extra pair of goggles somewhere..."
No. 67257 ID: cf407a

>tommy gun not PPSh-41

I are saddest.
No. 67258 ID: f4963f

... a tommy is acceptable.

Get goggles and tommy. Drive from the gay bar like a bat outta hell.
No. 67259 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125605983481.jpg - (34.37KB , 620x600 , tommy2.jpg )

It seemed so much easier in movies...
No. 67260 ID: 3d8e92

Pose with Laika as a team 'cause shit just got real.
No. 67262 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125606089659.jpg - (54.58KB , 620x600 , pose.jpg )

No. 67264 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125606098193.jpg - (38.04KB , 620x600 , babamortar.jpg )

No. 67265 ID: f4963f


No. 67266 ID: b0922e

Grigori was right there when she broke through the wall, is that not enough!
No. 67267 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125606174824.jpg - (41.24KB , 620x600 , wroom.jpg )

The scenery blurs as you speed away. However, a persistant flying object seems to be trailing you.
No. 67271 ID: 752428

Well what are you waiting for? Shoot it!

And let out an awesome battle cry while you do so. That'll show 'em not to mess with Twinklemoon72.
No. 67274 ID: 43d730

Apparently we were supposed to beat an invincible manly-machine and present him to her hog-tied.
No one said she had to be fair.
No. 67280 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125606450767.jpg - (47.93KB , 620x600 , wroom2.jpg )

You try shooting at her, but you find it difficult to control the gun.

You begin to wonder if it was such a good idea to strike bargain with baby-eating witch from Hell.
No. 67283 ID: f4963f

What is that thing under the car? Why do I feel it's going to be bad news?
No. 67289 ID: c4ac42

Don't fret on it, she seemed nice enough.
say hello to Goofy.
No. 67290 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125606525692.jpg - (45.89KB , 620x600 , wroom2a.jpg )

What thing? Your mind is playing tricks, comrade. THERE NEVER WAS A THING.
No. 67297 ID: 9ac2a8
File 12560667099.jpg - (41.03KB , 620x600 , blinded.jpg )


"Can you see yet?"
"Ayaah, Mishka zhink zhis very bad day."
No. 67302 ID: 9ac2a8
File 125606704189.jpg - (22.87KB , 620x600 , missmissmiss.jpg )

Who would have thought it would be this difficult to hit an old lady on a flying mortar with a submachine gun?

Maybe you should try thinking outside the box here.
No. 67306 ID: 7eda8b

Hit the brakes. She'll fly right by.
No. 67310 ID: fcce4f

In the words of the great general who leads furry armies everywhere:

"Do a barrel roll!"
No. 67312 ID: f4963f

Veer sharply to the side!
No. 67318 ID: 47e984

Combine these.
No. 67326 ID: fcce4f

Yes! Hit the brakes while veering sharply to the side so the car rolls over. This plan is made of win.
No. 67753 ID: 43d730

While firing wildly, of course.
No. 68878 ID: e5289f
File 125630934717.jpg - (106.42KB , 1020x1300 , oliverhd2.jpg )


Just dropping in to let you know I'm on a hiatus of undefined length.
No. 68880 ID: bee8f0

No. 68887 ID: 055e59

I'm sad.
No. 68889 ID: 81e7dd

Bummer, man. Hope you get whatever's up sorted before too long. Good luck!
No. 68962 ID: f4963f

Erf. Good luck with whatever is going on in your life. Hope to see more of you in the future.

Take care. =\
No. 69127 ID: cbbcbc

Just when I finally decide to read your quest(by the way, it's really funny with all the references), you put on hiatus.
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