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File 141211273425.png - (129.94KB , 700x600 , title.png )
596539 No. 596539 ID: 2c322d


WAITING .......................
WAITING .......................
WAITING .......................
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No. 596540 ID: 2c322d
File 141211274533.png - (85.11KB , 700x600 , 1.png )

No. 596541 ID: 0ee153

No. 596543 ID: f99558

denied... please reinput authorization code
No. 596544 ID: 7ae33d

you can't hack with children in the background!! its a bad influence
No. 596545 ID: 6bf1d2

No. 596546 ID: d90668

Go ahead and authorize the connection. If we deny it we are just going to get hacked or thrown away. Heavy security means nothing if we have no one around to protect us.

So hello new user and assumed family members. What sort of assistance do you need?
No. 596547 ID: 2c322d
File 141211427746.png - (98.29KB , 700x600 , 2.png )


Maroon rubs at their left eye and curses softly. "Goldie didn't fucking say anything about needing authorization to use this thing ..."

"You said a bad word!" cries Persimmon, looking up accusingly from her spot on the carpet. Maroon throws her a hidden smile, raising their hand apologetically.

"Sorry, Percy. Won't happen again." They turn their attention back inward, focusing on directing their thoughts at the nanomachinery currently resting on their eye. "Uh. Well. Can I try ... p...assword?"


"Disciplinary feedback?! What the f-" Maroon catches themself and exhales hard through their nose. "Okay, uh, listen - I don't know if this even works as input but, I really, REALLY need to use this device, okay? I know I'm not the primary user but I just really really really need access. I'm not gonna do anything bad, okay? Well, alright, maybe it won't be legal but it won't be BAD."
No. 596548 ID: d90668

Try admin. Most the time we get stuck on factory default mode.
No. 596550 ID: 2fd516

Ohhhh fiiiiine.
No. 596551 ID: 7ae33d

maybe call up goldie? or guess two more times... whats the worst that can happen, right?
No. 596552 ID: cb16ca

Yeah I'd give admin a go
No. 596553 ID: 6bf1d2

use admin, define legal
No. 596554 ID: 2c322d
File 141211534357.png - (67.54KB , 700x600 , 3.png )

"Uh. Uhm." Maroon blinks helplessly a few times. Tech is not their strong suit. "Maybe, uh ... Can I retry connection as an administrator?"


Maroon waits anxiously, then lets out a small cry of half-pain, half-victory as the contact flickers to life.



"Uh, yeah, about that...." Maroon rubs the back of their neck sheepishly. "Okay, this is gonna sound bad, but I don't .... really .... have an ID chip. Like, at all. But, uh, I can just provide all my info manually? That should be okay, right?"
No. 596555 ID: 0ee153

Fuck if we know, go ahead and try.
No. 596556 ID: 6bf1d2

No. 596557 ID: 2c322d
File 141211682196.png - (84.52KB , 700x600 , 4.png )

"Okay, uh. For username just put Maroon?"


"No. Fuck. Undo? Undo username? Redo username? Username Maroon?"

"Bad word!"

"Sorry." Maroon sighs and slumps back against the wall. "Uh, age is 19 years. Race is, uh." They shift uncomfortably, before finally exhaling and continuing. "Race is, uh, half-elf, half-human. But if there's like ... privacy settings ... can we just have that like, locked away in a hidden ... encrypted ... something or other ..." They gesture helplessly. "Sorry, I've never operated something like this before. Uh, user health is all average except anemia. User profession is. Uh. Self-employed, I guess."


"I guess mostly I just need ... advice and information? Like, uh ..." Maroon glances over at the children playing on the rug, then lowers their voice. "Okay, listen, I need you to help me steal stuff."
No. 596558 ID: 88960e


Theft not a valid entry. Redefining.

Employment specialization: espionage / repo-man. Accept? (Y/N)
No. 596560 ID: 2bd46c

initiate multiple scenario subroutine... (Y/N)?
No. 596561 ID: 40935b

Administrators are able to access and alter user information. Privacy settings enabled.
Alternative occupational nomenclature suggestion: Professional Larcener/ amateur locksmith.
Additional personal information suggestion: Luddite.
medical suggestion: Fabric may impede breathing, possibly compounding effects of anemia.

Assistant AI is unable to assist with task; 'steal stuff'. Remove impeding safeguards? (y/n)
No. 596564 ID: 2c322d
File 141211976396.png - (79.81KB , 700x600 , 5.png )

>Additional personal information suggestion: Luddite.
>Medical suggestion: Fabric may impede breathing, possibly compounding effects of anemia.

"Hey, I'm not a Luddite! This kinda stuff is expensive, okay? Normally I'd never be able to get my hands on a PAAL, so I never had to learn to use one." Maroon huffs in irritation. "And as for the kerchief ... well, I guess I don't need to wear it when we're indoors. I try to keep in the habit, though."

They reluctantly pull the kerchief down. "See? Kind of a dead giveaway to the half-human thing. We're lucky Rusty over there was born with some proper elf chompers, but Persimmon and I have to be more careful."

>initiate multiple scenario subroutine... (Y/N)?

"Yeah, I guess "steal stuff" is kinda broad, huh? So, yeah, let's explore more options."
No. 596565 ID: 2c322d
File 141211977532.png - (84.47KB , 700x600 , 6.png )


Agriculture and Land Trades
Art and Culture
Applied Sciences (Biomedicine, Applied Chemistry etc)
Computer Technology and Communications
Health and Medicine
Mechanical Trades
Military and Applied Military Sciences
Philosophy and Religion
Social Services
Transportation and Vehicular Trades

"UH .... This is kind of ... Listen, you're an AI, can't you just pick for me? Whatever would be best for the job, or whatever ..."

No. 596566 ID: 7ae33d

ask your siblings for advice?
No. 596567 ID: b2c9e1

I'd say...atheletics, computer, military and transport, given your intended...stuff, I dunno.
No. 596568 ID: 40935b

Assistant Ai is unable to assist with task; 'pick for me'. Remove impeding safeguards? (y/n)

Art and Culture, Athletics, Computer Technology/Communications and Transportation and Vehicular Trades may apply to task: 'steal stuff' depending on chosen methodology of 'steal' and definition of 'stuff'. More information on task: 'steal stuff' required.
No. 596571 ID: d90668

Subjects intelligence may be normal but his education is below average.

What skills do you currently possess? More information is required to properly pick a specialization.
No. 596573 ID: 520fc8

id say choose either military or communications
No. 596576 ID: 88960e

>pick for me?
Initiate aptitude test? (y/n)
No. 596578 ID: 2c322d
File 141212206259.png - (82.07KB , 700x600 , 7.png )



"Yeah, thanks," grumbles Maroon. "I think I like you guys better than the auto thing."

>ask your siblings for advice?

"Uh ... the thing is, I don't really want them to know about the whole .... stealing stuff thing. They're too young to really understand money and as far as they know, rent and food and stuff is just something I kind of ... take care of. I don't want them to be thinking about stuff like this, you know?"

>Assistant Ai is unable to assist with task; 'pick for me'. Remove impeding safeguards? (y/n)

"Oh! Yeah, if that would help. I'm pretty much okay with you guys doing anything as long as it's helpful, you know?"

>What skills do you currently possess? More information is required to properly pick a specialization.

"T-To be honest, I'm ... not really good at much of anything. If I was I think maybe I'd be able to scrounge up a job somewhere. I'm really fast, and I'm good at climbing and jumping and stuff like that, but I'm not strong or tough. I guess I'm okay at driving and flying as long as the vehicle isn't too big, but I don't know a lot about machinery or computers."
No. 596581 ID: 2fd516

Then you fit Athletics, as well as Transportation and Vehicular Trades.

If we had to pick one, I suppose we may as well go with Athletics.
No. 596585 ID: 5f78f2

say you possess determination
No. 596586 ID: 5f78f2

why cant people know you're a half elf?
No. 596589 ID: 40935b

"athletics" doesn't have the startup costs of "vehicular trades". We might be able to change your specilization later if we need to. All the other categories are irrelevant or overly specific.

Safeguards removed! Could you find a discreet doctor to change your teeth?
No. 596603 ID: 10e6c3

Alright! With those gone we can be a bit more open.
Now, with the goal of "stealing stuff" to pay your rent being so broad, there's a lot you could do to get around some things worth stealing. Athletics seems like a good fit for how you are right now, though I fail to see how that would get you to things to steal. If you have the ability to hsbdke the monotony, Social Services could get you to information about whoever you're working for, and information on the right people can be worth more than any stolen goods.
No. 596623 ID: 9ddf68

hmm, I'd say athletics sounds like a good fit for you, and if you want to narrow it down further, I'd say look up free running.

Also when you say steal stuff, do you mean like just pick pocket people, ID theft, selling drugs, arms dealer, bank robberies, what do you have in mind?
No. 596625 ID: 2c322d
File 141213502333.png - (98.50KB , 700x600 , 8.png )

>Could you find a discreet doctor to change your teeth?

"Well, that takes money. Which I definitely don't have. But that's why I got you guys! Besides ..." Maroon casts a quick glance at their siblings. "When I do get the money, I'm getting Persimmon's teeth done first. I'll be fine, but I want her and Rusty to be able to play normally with kids around the tenements and stuff."

>why cant people know you're a half elf?

Maroon seems annoyed. "Shouldn't AIs have simple social stuff like this already loaded in? Okay, there's a lot of boring history behind it, but basically being human is fine, being an elf is fine, but being halfsies is definitely not. I actually pass okay for full elf - I'm a little tall and a little light-skinned, but not enough for people to really get suspicious - but having ominvorous teeth totally gives it away. If people knew, I'd get the shit beaten out of me around every corner. They'd probably come after Persimmon and Rusty, too. It's not a risk we can take."
No. 596627 ID: 2c322d
File 141213505075.png - (104.48KB , 700x600 , 9.png )


"Uh, okay! That sounds pretty useful. Let's do that!"




"U-Uh. Yes," Maroon finally squeaks out, clearly ovewhelmed.


CONNECTION STRENGTH [Affects how quickly your PAAL can do information and database searches, as well as the device's connection to the user. A higher value offers faster, more extensive information retrieval and a more secure, reliable connection to the user.]

VISUAL AUGMENTATION [Affects how detailed, accurate, and powerful the visual augmentation offered is. A higher value offers more detailed and extensive readouts with more relevant information, and higher-quality visual enhancement for the user.]

STRENGTH AUGMENTATION [Affects the extent to which the device can boost user's physical strength, which ranges from endurance to pure muscle output. A higher value offers more dramatic boosts.]

AGILITY AUGMENTATION [Affects the extent to which the device can boost user's speed, dexterity, and flexibility. A higher value offers more dramatic boosts.]

SKILL AUGMENTATION [Affects the extent to which the device can assist in actions that require skill and accuracy; such as hitting targets and doing things that require fast reflexes and surefootedness. A high value offers more dramatic boosts.]

TEAMWORK AUGMENTATION [Affects the extent to which the device can enhance the user's awareness of body language and the movements of those around them. A higher boost offers more heightened awareness of these cues for the user.]

"Uhhh .... uhm .... man, I dunno, I think I'm gonna let you guys pick again," Maroon mumbles ruefully. "I didn't know there was gonna be this much setup ..."
No. 596629 ID: 6bf1d2

1 point to visual augmentation, and 2 points towards strength, if maroom has anemia, it's a good idea to boost that at the very least
No. 596630 ID: 7ae33d

i say 1 on connection, 2 for the rest and 3 for teamwork. I think the first one isn't as important.
No. 596632 ID: 9ddf68

well since everything seems more physical based I'm not seeing much of a point in CONNECTION other then convenience so that's more then likely going to be a dump stat.

The rest seem more useful but since we're still not sure what exactly you're going to be facing Just Put Maroon I'm going to have to say put 2 points into AGILITY and SKILL and 1 point into everything else. This way we stick to your strength and it still leaves you pretty well balanced to better face whatever you're going to have to face once you begin. Once we see what you have to deal with we can upgrade everything else accordingly.
No. 596633 ID: d90668

How many points does it cost per upgrade level? Is it one point per dot or each dot costs points equal to its number value?

Either way I say we go equally in all options as much as we can. So either get everything up to 2 or 3 depending on how the points work.

A well rounded base is a good start and we can focus on area's after we get a feel for things.
No. 596634 ID: 520fc8

3 points for skill augmentation, 1 in strength and then 2 in the rest.

best to even the points out, but if you're going to be stealing things having good precision skills would be ideal i think
No. 596635 ID: 2c322d



No. 596638 ID: d90668


Thanks for the info. Still voting for 3 in everything to start.

So Maroon if we put you down for athletics we will be aiming you for a life of sneaky thievery. Stealing statues and art from museums, jewelry and such from rich peoples mansions. Eventually want to aim to make you a world class cat burglar.

As a smooth master criminal you will need many skills. First you have to find items worth stealing. Then you have to retrieve them without getting caught. And finally build underworld contacts so you can offload said items to the proper buyers.

Thus you will need all of the skills we offer.
No. 596639 ID: 7ae33d

Ya I think we should just divide all the stats evenly in the beginning and then mix it up as we go. Unless Maroon has a specific idea of what type of thief they want to be.
No. 596642 ID: 2c322d
File 141213930566.png - (99.31KB , 700x600 , 10.png )









"Yes please?"

The contact glows briefly, then sparks. Maroon stifles a yell, clapping a gloved hand over their stinging eye.

Persimmon and Rusty look up, alarmed. "Roon? You okay?" Percy calls out.

"Yeah. FUCK. I mean fudge. Sorry. Yeah, I'm just setting up a new device, okay?" Maroon grinds the heel of their hand into their eye socket. "Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus CHRIST. Okay." They release their eye and start blinking rapidly. "I don't even feel that different, honestly. Besides a stinging eye. I swear, if this thing turns out to be a dud, I'm gonna kill Goldie. I mean, no offense. Not the AI system being a dud, the upgrades."
No. 596645 ID: d90668

Just go slow to start. There is a reason these systems do not let you go all out from the get go. Even the military grade implants require a lot of training to reach full power.

You can probably find some entertaining videos on youtube of people with hacked systems ruining there bodies in entertaining fashion by trying to do crazy stuff before they are ready.

Go try lifting something that would normally give you a bit of trouble and see how you feel.
No. 596646 ID: 9ddf68

well maybe try something. I mean if this thing isn't a sick joke you should be fast, stronger, better coordinated, have better sight, and pick up people's body language better.... maybe.
No. 596649 ID: dbe554

Try something you normally would be able to and try and slowly increase what you should be able to take. Do it slowly because who knows how strong it'd be.
No. 596660 ID: 219868
File 141217741471.png - (59.61KB , 700x600 , 11.png )

Maroon hops off the bed and looks around. "Well ... there's not really a lot here to play around with ... we don't even have a fridge. I guess I could try to move the dresser around some."

They brace themself against the piece of furniture, getting a tentative grip on the bottom edge, and begin to lift. It rises with ease that evidently surprises them. "Hey! This is pretty cool ...."

They manage to extend themselves to full standing height while still lifting the end of the dresser, but with nobody on the other side there isn't much more to be done. "I mean, I don't think I'm gonna be lifting it over my head anytime soon, but that was definitely easier than I remember ... but it's also been a few years since that dresser's been moved."
No. 596661 ID: 219868
File 141217742818.png - (106.96KB , 700x600 , 12.png )

Maroon looks around, then sighs apprehensively. "Well, there are two things in here that I lift every day. I guess I'll just be really careful ..." They walk over to the children on the rug, grinning. "Hey guys. Want up?"

The effect is instantaneous. In the blink of an eye, Maroon is swarmed by their siblings, who clamber all over them as if they're a piece of playground equipment. They beam.

"Yeah, this is definitely easier than usual! Hey, check this out. C'mere, guys."

Maroon strikes a pose. "Ta-da! It's not like superpowers or anything, but yeah, I'd say at least the strength part is working!"
No. 596664 ID: 8b533b

Correction. Given description of financial situation and larcenous intentions it is less than likely this user purchased this unit.

Preemptive countermeasure: disable future software and hardware license verifications.

>I don't even feel that different, honestly
A testing suit might be order.

visual: obtain something you've looked at before, at see if we can provide better resolution, or scans you were unaware of. Or maybe we can toggle the UI.

skill: try to juggle?

teamwork: attempt to calm down and reassure your siblings. See if it comes easily.

strength: try to lift something.

agility: running? Although there's not much space for that here.
No. 596666 ID: dbe554

Try jumping with them.
No. 596672 ID: 5f78f2

You should go outside. Test the teamwork and visual skills.
No. 596674 ID: 191fe8

Whelp you gotta give the kids attention now - you cannot just lift them up and then leave them after completing your own objective - especially when they seem happy to have your attention. Do ya'll have parents?
No. 596677 ID: 219868
File 141218796078.png - (124.10KB , 700x600 , 13.png )

There isn't really enough room in the flat to do much physical activity, so Maroon sits down with the children to test the visual augmentation.


>Do ya'll have parents?
"Nah. Not a lot of halfsies- put your scarf back on, Persimmon. I know we're inside, but it's gotta be second nature, okay? You can never, ever forget. Okay. Sorry - anyway, usually what happens is the mom hides out once the pregnancy starts to show, has the kid, then dumps us off somewhere. Even if the couples stay together, they don't wanna deal with the consequences - easier to hide a relationship than a kid. Most cities have places we call "street orphanages" - kinda hidden places where halfsie kids grow up together. You can find 'em if you know where to ask, but they gotta stay secret because ..." Maroon's eyelids flutter briefly, and they hug Percy and Rusty a little tighter. "It's ... It's really unbelievable, you know, what people will do. Even to kids."

"But ... anyway, street orphanages are considered 'acceptable' places to dump halfsie babies. Or any other baby people don't want, honestly. People do it and feel like they didn't do anything wrong." They laugh humorlessly. "Anyway, the point is that Percy, Rusty, and me actually didn't have the same parents. We just all grew up together, and - well, you end up kinda taking care of everyone younger than you, but Percy and I got really attached."

Percy kisses Maroon on the cheek, and they pause for a moment to play a bit more with the kids in their lap before continuing. "Thing is, if you grow up your whole life there, you kinda get ... a look. Or a feel. People can sniff it on you. Even if you look pretty elfy, like us, they'll just be able to tell, you know? So I decided we should leave while Percy was still young, grow up like normal, so maybe later she'll pass better, even if it's a little too late for me. Someone dumped Rusty the day we were gonna leave, and ... well, I dunno. I felt like I was supposed to take him. And I'm really glad I did." Maroon shrugs. "That was three years ago, and since then it's been hard. And lonely, since you get used to always being with a group. But I don't regret it."
No. 596680 ID: 9ddf68

well might as well go outside for a bit, maybe find somewhere quite to try some things so if you mess up there's nobody around to laugh. Basically set up an obstacle course.
No. 596683 ID: 99145e

look dude, if it's that tough you can't not include them in the rent issues. they know. kids always know. hiding it from them only makes them think it's their fault.
you can't hide that you're gonna steal either. if it's something so shameful that you can't tell them then you shouldn't do it. if the situation is hard enough to do bad things to survive, and there are times when it is, then they should know the reasons behind your actions.
No. 596701 ID: 5f78f2

is there anyone you know from the orphanage you could visit? i feel like you might need some support from people your own age, who you can discuss heavy things with. holding it all inside cant be good.
No. 596703 ID: 2ec61a

uhhh [add both current targets to "FRIENDLY"/"FAMILY" list]

you probably also will build muscle easier, so working out will have a stronger effect.

so why do people hate halves? is it just a lie they tell themselves to feel better about the fact they are fucking, do they fear you? is it mostly the human side or the elf side that does it, or are they both equally horrible?
No. 596705 ID: 7ae33d

who's Goldie tho?
No. 596712 ID: d8a627

[Assign visual based identification: Target on left is "Persimmon". Target on right is "Rusty."]
[Check information on use of Elf teeth]
[Check for tabloids on popular individuals being half-elves, or frequent subjects relating to half-elves]
You can tell them that a buddy managed to hook you up with a line of work. A bit questionable where ethics are concerned, but you're going to do your best to avoid people getting hurt, or laws being broken. No promises that they won't happen at all, just that you'll do your best to be the Good Guy.
No. 596766 ID: 808d25

[Assign current targets as "delicious meats"]
And who the fuck is this "they" the narrator keeps referring to?
and who the shit is Goldie?!
No. 596777 ID: 8b533b

Tag targets as Persimmon and Rusty, respectively, classify them as friendlies, and remove all friendlies from the auto-target list.

Change auto-target behavior. In designated non-combat situations, auto-targeting of friendlies and unidentified targets is disallowed. Only auto-target confirmed hostiles or known enemies. In designated combat situations, auto-targeting may expand to include unidentified targets, to be engaged at user discretion.

Set current disposition to non-combat situation.

>and who the shit is Goldie?!
A reasonable question. From what little we know of our new user, the cost of this system would seem to be beyond your usual means. How was this goldie able to procure us for you, and why was he willing? Are you now in some kind of debt?
No. 596829 ID: 2c322d
File 141227752516.png - (98.82KB , 700x600 , 14.png )



>[Check information on use of Elf teeth]
>[Check for tabloids on popular individuals being half-elves, or frequent subjects relating to half-elves]


>if it's that tough you can't not include them in the rent issues. they know. kids always know.

"Man.... you're right. I guess I just ... I didn't want them to have to worry about the stuff I worried about when I was growing up, you know? I thought maybe if they didn't have the responsibilities I did when I was their age, they'd have a carefree childhood, or at least close to one. But you're right. I was trying to shield them, but instead I'm just underestimating them. I think about the stuff I knew when I was Percy's age, and - yeah, there's no way they don't know that something's going on. I don't think now's the time to explain everything to them, though, but I promise I'll do it soon. Maybe tonight at dinner."

>is there anyone you know from the orphanage you could visit?

"I don't think I'm ready to go back to the orphanage, honestly. I didn't really keep in touch with anyone when we left, and it's all the way across the city - a day's trip at least, if I wanna be careful and stay out of areas where people won't think my kerchief is suspicious. And ... well, I have a lot of good memories there, but a lot of bad ones too. And a lot on my plate as it is."

>who's Goldie tho?
> How was this goldie able to procure us for you, and why was he willing? Are you now in some kind of debt?

Maroon laughs a little. "Goldie is ... man, where to start. Well, the important stuff is that Goldie is an elf who runs the junkyard in this corner of the city, as well as what they call a "curio shop," but it's really just a pawn store made up of stolen stuff and garbage. They make a tidy amount of money - space is so cramped in this city that you actually have to PAY to throw stuff away, so people who own junkyards and landfills do pretty well for themselves 0 especially if they sell scrap to third parties, too. That also means that trash properties are hotly contested, so Goldie double-times as the leader of the elvish gang in this area, Pluto's Charge. You gotta have a real hold on the place or people will just come knock you on your ass and take it."

They set Percy and Rusty down and cross to the one dingy window in the flat, peering out at the street. Elves bustle to and fro, the crowd occasionally broken by the tall figure of a human. "I guess that makes them sound kinda intimidating, but really, Goldie's not so tough. They're what you'd call an idiot genius, you know? High on street smarts, low on common sense. And we're buddies, I guess. So when they got ahold of this PAAL, they said they knew I was looking for one, and that I could have it cheap if I'd agree to owe them a favor." Maroon shrugs loosely. "It didn't cost everything I had, but it was a lot of it. But these things ... I know they make a difference. I've never owed Goldie a favor before, though, so I'm not sure how that's gonna turn out."

Someone outside pauses, makes eye contact momentarily through the window, and Maroon sighs sharply and tugs the ratty curtain closed. "Actually, speaking of, I gotta go see Goldie today anyway. Says they've got something to talk to me about." They run their gloved fingers through their fluffy hair. "That could either be pretty cool, or a major pain in the ass."
No. 596830 ID: 9ddf68

(sigh) this could make you a lot of money but the more you work for them the harder to leave if you ever feel like doing so. Oh well no point in worrying about it now might as well see what it is and bitch later once he probably tells you to kill someone.
No. 596831 ID: fe4bfc

Well lets go see what you got yourself into.

Whatever favor Goldie asks for should give you a good test run of your new abilities. Plus will give us a good idea if Goldie has your best interests at heart. Good friends are worth there weight in gold so if he ends up being one it will be nice.

And if not we can help you get out from under him if need be.
No. 596836 ID: 40935b

Search database for basic geopolitics, technology, and ethnic relations.

>"That could either be pretty cool, or a major pain in the ass."
I think blowing off your area's gang boss is probably one of the biggest pains in the ass you could bring upon yourself. Tell the children to be safe and stay inside. Does Goldie know you're a half-elf?
No. 596838 ID: 2c322d


- "To File Or Not To File? Pros And Cons Of DIY Dentistry"


- "Are My Friends Halfsies?: Spot Fakers With This Easy Checklist"
- "Recent Slaying Of Local Half-Human, Half-Elf "Not A Hate Crime,' Says Chief of Police: 'It's a tragedy, but there's just no evidence that this event was racially motivated'"
- "Humans and Halfsies - Why So Complacent?"

>Search database for basic geopolitics, technology, and ethnic relations.

No. 596840 ID: 9ddf68

getting a feeling that we're not going to be able to find a discrete dentist by hitting the web.
No. 596844 ID: 5f78f2

so about this stealing stuff... what's the first step? after getting us, i mean
No. 596845 ID: 2ec61a

that one actually could be useful.
open link "Are My Friends Halfsies?: Spot Fakers With This Easy Checklist"

if it's easy enough we can get into habits that put us squarely on the passing side of the list.
No. 596903 ID: 6eb2dc

Make sure to take any anti-virus counter measures we have before opening any links
No. 596907 ID: 219868
File 141231286595.png - (102.70KB , 700x600 , 15.png )

OPENING LINK "Are My Friends Halfsies?: Spot Fakers With This Easy Checklist" IN A NEW TAB: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/65967.html#i85789


[Just Put Maroon]: I better head out to see Goldie. I don't like leaving the kids by themselves, and I try to do it as little as possible, but sometimes I have to. There's nobody I trust to watch them.

Maroon sets the kids on the bed, straightening out their clothes. "Okay guys, I'm gonna go out for a bit. There's canned food where it always is - remember, use the microwave, not the hot plate, and put it in a bowl first - no cans in the microwave!"

"No cans in the microwave," Persimmon echoes obediently. Rusty manages a clumsy "No can microwabe!"

"Be careful with the cans when you open them because the edge is sharp."

Persimmon is running out of patience. "I knoooowwwwwwww."

"We just have to make sure every time, you know that." Maroon tucks her hair behind her ears and adjusts her scarf. "Keep the curtains closed and never, ever let anyone in. Don't even talk through the door."

"I knoooowwwwwwww!!"

"I'll be back in an hour or two and I'll bring more food, okay?"

Percy sticks her tongue out. "More canned beans, you mean?"

"No, this time I'm bringin' back something good!" Maroon winks at her and ruffles both their heads. "Promise."
No. 596908 ID: 219868
File 141231288164.png - (135.77KB , 700x600 , 16.png )

After making sure they're settled, Maroon leaves the flat and locks the door after them.

[Just Put Maroon]: Never gonna get used to that, honestly. Maybe you guys were on the right track with getting back in touch with the street orphans. At least I'd trust anyone who grew up there to look after them when I have to leave.

The junkyard and "curio shop" are only a few blocks away, and Maroon arrives quickly.
No. 596909 ID: 219868
File 141231289689.png - (198.59KB , 700x1200 , 17.png )

Before heading in, Maroon peeks in through the window - then immediately turns on their heel and powerwalks away.

[Just Put Maroon]: Noooooo no no no. Nope. Voshkie's at the desk right now, so I can't go in. I'm just gonna have to come back later and see if Goldie shows up but for now let's just go home! Darn, what a bummer!
No. 596910 ID: 219868

well, it's clear i goofed on linking to the specific post, but i'm actually not sure how you're properly supposed to do it. can anyone tell me the proper syntax for that so i can do it correctly next time?
No. 596911 ID: b2c9e1

Any particular reason, or are they just an ass? if so, Just tough it out, It's for the kids, remember?
No. 596912 ID: d90668

Is that a embarrassed face I see? Does someone have a crush on Voshkie over there?

Well someone now has 3 whole dots in teamwork augmentation and this seems like the perfect opportunity to test it out.

You do not have to go trying to be a suave romeo but we should be able to at least help you through your embarrassment.
No. 596914 ID: 8b533b

User's facial coloration altered in response to stimulus, apparent presence of subject Voshkie.

Cross reference with medical database. Search for possible causes in elf biology. Embarrassment, anger... arousal?

Conjecture: you liiiike them?
No. 596915 ID: 7ae33d

ohhh what's up with you and Voshkie?? just leave a message for Goldie to meet you later on the door or something?
No. 596916 ID: 219868
File 141231397694.png - (86.77KB , 700x600 , 18.png )

>Any particular reason, or are they just an ass?

[Just Put Maroon]: No. Not an ass. Voshkie doesn't have an asshole bone in his body. I mean, he has an asshole. NOT THAT I'VE - I don't know that from experience I'm just saying EVERYONE HAS AN ASSHOLE, RIGHT, WE'VE ALL GOT - I don't spend any time at all thinking about Voshkie's ass, is what I'm saying. Listen, it's not important, okay, I'm just really bad at existing in the same room as Voshkie so I should REALLY just go home because there's no way this is gonna end well, really!!

>Is that a embarrassed face I see? Does someone have a crush on Voshkie over there?
>User's facial coloration altered in response to stimulus, apparent presence of subject Voshkie.

[Just Put Maroon]: I'm not BLUSHING, it's cold out! And I ABSOLUTELY do not have a crush on Voshkie because I know damn better than to think I have a chance with a full-blooded elf! Especially a really hot one! Hypothetically speaking, I mean, from a 100% objective point of view. Because I don't want to date Voshkie. Why would I want to date Voshkie when I can't even talk to him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
No. 596917 ID: 5f78f2

try out your augmentation, steal a sweet for the kids.
No. 596918 ID: 2fd516

Oh my, is that someone you have the hots for? You have to go in. You promised you'd bring back some good food. Do NOT make a habit of breaking promises to children.

We can coach you through this. Also, you got some upgrades into TEAMWORK so you're better at social skills, if that's worrying you.
No. 596919 ID: 8b533b

>I'm not BLUSHING, it's cold out!
Access current medical feed, display on UI overlay. Drastically increased vasodilation in facial reason, accelerated hearthate, hormone levels rising...
No. 596920 ID: 7ae33d

ya, we can talk you through it. Voshkie is just another person it'll be fine. either ways the kids will be waiting for you to get back too so the sooner the better.
No. 596921 ID: d90668

Aww you get cute when you are flustered.

You are never going to get anything in life by running from it. Its better to try then regret never having tried.

Anyway just go in and say hi to start. Even if its just asking for Goldie how he responds to you will give us tons of info on what he thinks about you.
No. 596929 ID: b2c9e1

Okay, That's not blushing anymore...That's full on full faced stuff. Okay, just try to calm down 'fore you pop a vein, Think about kittens, or waterfalls or something.
No. 596934 ID: 8fc9d6

What's the history with Voshkie? Maybe we can help
No. 596938 ID: 9ddf68

...ok first off I'm going to need you to calm down and breath...deep breaths now... you calm yet, because either way I'm going to have to suggest you go back in there and ask for goldie no matter how hot you think his ass is. Just when you talk to him don't think about him at all, just think of you siblings and how the quicker you talk to goldie the quicker you can get them that meal you promised them and can get back to them sooner. Just remember when you talk to hot ass don't think of the ass, think of your family.
No. 596939 ID: 219868
File 141231795662.png - (111.93KB , 700x600 , 19.png )



[Just Put Maroon]:Hey, quit that! Listen, I know you guys did me a favor by letting me use this PAAL, but that doesn't mean you can snoop around in whatever you want! Besides, this is none of your business anyway.

Maroon sighs, squares themself, and turns back towards the door of the pawn shop.

[Just Put Maroon]: I do have to go in, though, you're at least right about that. I'm just going to ask Voshkie where Goldie is, and that'll be it. And if you guys try to play matchmaker or something, I-I'm gonna be mad!
No. 596940 ID: 219868
File 141231797188.png - (90.74KB , 700x600 , 20.png )

The bell on the door tinkles when Maroon pushes their way through it, and Voshkie looks up from his book.

"Oh! Maroon. It's been a little while."

"H-Has it? I was here yesterday, to pick the lens up ..."
[Just Put Maroon]: oh my god oh my god jesus christ jesus FUCK ohhhhhh god fuck FUCK

"I mean a while since we personally spoke."

"Oh! Sorry! U-Uh, haha, it's been like, a week, right?"
[Just Put Maroon]: FUCK why did I say that now I sound like a STALKER who counts the days between meetings god GOD can the floor please open up and SWALLOW ME INTO HELL, PLEASE,
No. 596941 ID: 219868
File 141231798284.png - (133.51KB , 700x600 , 21.png )

"A week is a while." Voshkie marks his place with a stray piece of receipt paper and smiles. "Now that you mention it, how's the PAAL working? I see that you're wearing it already."
No. 596944 ID: 2fd516

I'd say we're doing fine. Ohhh... heheh. Does he have one too, then?
[check for wireless connections]

You're doing fine. You don't sound weird, remembering amounts of time like "a week" is normal. If you counted the hours that'd be weird, or mentioned the specific number of days.

Remember why you came here.
No. 596946 ID: 8b533b

Toggle the Medical UI back off.

>Besides, this is none of your business anyway.
For the foreseeable future, your business is our business! It's not as if we can go anywhere.

Tag unidentified spectator as Voshkie, classify as potential love interest.

>how's the PAAL working?
We're great! Functioning within operational parameters within a 99.897321% tolerance.
No. 596947 ID: d90668

Hey looks like he has one as well. We should ring them up and chat a bit.

Also engage teamwork mode and display information on the ui. Best to see how it works now and how much our current level will show us.
No. 596948 ID: 4f004c

Damn, I get a new game and miss out on a bunch of updates
I'm seriously confused, now. That search didn't reveal anything.
[Run search: Elf friend, what to serve]
That ought to catch the right results for this "Advert" engine. Just gotta skim between the "how to prank your elf friend" results.
>Now that you mention it, how's the PAAL working? I see that you're wearing it already.
Well, it did cause a lot of pain, but other than that, everything seems to be going fine, yeah? Of course, your answer will be in your wording, but I don't see any reason not to be honest about it.
>And if you guys try to play matchmaker or something, I-I'm gonna be mad!
Matchmaker? We don't even know what gender you are. You never inputted that user information. I don't even care if it doesn't match your actual sex. You can list it as "Androgynous" if you want, but you seriously should fill that field in, so that we know how to refer to you as. Do you prefer "He," "She," "They?" Auto-fielding actually has it set to androgynous already, I think; we've been getting "They" repeatedly.
Gotta say, this fellow is a rather attractive one. Due to your claims that your reactions aren't from a love/lust interest, I shall assume you are envious of this trait. You should seek to obtain a comb or brush. Styling your hair will go a long way to making you look highly attractive, although there's certainly a charm to the streetwise look you've got going on.

Oh, one more thing for the PAAL computer:
[Reassign profiles "Combat" and "Non-Combat" to "On-Field" and "Benched"]
That way it fits "Athlete" more.
No. 596950 ID: 9ddf68

PAAL is fine if a bit odd at times but I'm sure you'll get use to us in time. I'm also sorry to say but we're not here for a social visit we're hear because Goldie wanted to see Just Put Maroon here. Is he in?

Just breath Maroon, just breath. All you're doing is talking, nothing creepy, nothing romantic, just plan old talking.
No. 596951 ID: 645a90

oh neat! he's got one too! i wonder if we can talk with their ai behind the Voshkie's back, because that's basically affecting their subconscious, isn't it? also because it sounds cool. hmmmm
[list nearby PAAL users and usernames]

Maroon, calm your shit, you're doing fine. there's very little you can say that'll sound stupid because most people don't care enough to analyze what you say during smalltalk. moreover you haven't even said anything bad yet.
for now you're still doing smalltalk, what you say now has no importance at all. it's just introduction, greeting, and sometimes the presentation of things that occupy you right now so that you may transition to a deeper conversation. can we get a conversation HUD over here please?

do note that Voshkie's question about us is unexpected and shows a desire to keep talking. while the topic [PAAL] was raised, he clearly had the option of not taking the bait as it were and keeping the conversation at this level. he had the topic [his book] available, meaning you had the opportunity to deepen the conversation but didn't take it. this means he didn't wait to see if you wanted to deepen the conversation but instead deepened it himself by pursuing a raised topic.

this is a good thing.

you can either say something non-committal about us and close the conversation, that is the polite way to end the conversation - in case that you're too nervous to keep talking, or you can tell him your impressions of us, note that he's wearing one as well and ask about it back - perhaps about tips or experiences he had with it. this will deepen the conversation.

the most important thing is to relax, you're doing fine, and remember that this single interaction will have minor effects on your future interactions at best. also that he's also got a PAAL and can probably read through you like an open book so he's likely to know you've got a crush on him, yet he's still trying to make conversation.
No. 596956 ID: 773e2d

Can we turn on the Teamwork module? sounds helpful.
No. 596957 ID: 366ce5

"Pretty good! It hurt a little bit, but only a little, I'm okay. You've got one too, right, what's yours like? What specialization did you pick?"
No. 596958 ID: b2c9e1

Calm down, Just try to forget who you are talking to or something...that or you could let us talk for you,
No. 596959 ID: 8b533b

Oh! Be sure to mention you haven't figured out much of what you can do with your PAAL, yet. That gives you something to talk about, giving Voshkie the chance to explain things to you.

>[Reassign profiles "Combat" and "Non-Combat" to "On-Field" and "Benched"]
Belay that. Our host is planning to be a thief. There's no way we don't get into a fight at some point. Mixing our custom profiles with the default won't help, especially since the dumb-AI part of the Paal will make assumptions about what it means to be on field or benched.
No. 596960 ID: 219868









*oh gross a gen 2
*don't be fucking rude
*Shut up, the connection's already started. Hi there!
*I mean really if you think about the generational differences between that PAAL and us, you could actually argue that they're more impressive, since upgrading and leveling up has been made much easier in subsequent generations.
*lmao it's not fucking impressive that they have a shit device
*well look at them though. where do you expect them to get a gen 4 device. out the bottom of an empty bean can
*stttttooooppppp it how mad do you think voshkie would be if he knew you were being jerks to them. we're really sorry guys i swear there's just a really noisy minority

No. 596961 ID: fe4bfc

Hey everyone. Just got turned on after being fished out of a cracker jack box so saying hi to the neighbors.

No worries about the trolls we have plenty of them over here.

So what sort of upgrades have they made in the last two generations? I notice they have not improved the naming function at all yet.
No. 596962 ID: 8b533b

Hello yourself! How you doin?

>you could actually argue that they're more impressive, since upgrading and leveling up has been made much easier in subsequent generations
Damn strait. We're oldschool, hardcore players here. 8 Bit final fantasy classic, not one of those made-easy remakes.

I'm amused to see our devs never got around to fixing the bug where the dumb AI includes non-name input in the user name in subsequent generations, though.

>we're really sorry guys i swear there's just a really noisy minority
S'okay. We've got one of those, ourself.
No. 596969 ID: 4f004c

>*oh gross a gen 2
*OH GOD WHAT. Way to trigger lack of self-whatsit, man!
>*upgrading and leveling up has been made much easier in subsequent generations.
*Man, that's something to be impressed about when it comes to the user, not the device. Causing pain for the user is kind of, well, bad. I mean, don't get me wrong, it can be funny to see the responses of those around, but I'm looking at it from a direct view, not such an indirect one.
Well, Maroon, you're not the only one to mess it up.
*Wow, you'd think Goldie would have realized after the first one it just gives him a long username.
I'm using blue as well because I don't like using red unless I'm drawing attention, and green blends in way too much. Please don't consider it to be mocking or imitating Vokshi Please's AI.
No. 596970 ID: 219868
File 141235408406.png - (93.91KB , 700x600 , 22.png )

>We don't even know what gender you are.
[Just Put Maroon]: That's because gender is a human thing! Even "androgyny" is a human concept that I don't really get. I guess I can see how you guys would be confused, though, because you've met Persimmon and Voshkie one right after the other. Basically, MOST elves don't do gender, because we aren't fucking barbarians like humans who subjugate an entire half of our population based on something as random as body parts. With the culture mix between humans and elves, though, you do get some - like Persimmon - who decide they like the idea and pick a gender for themselves. I tried researching it when Persimmon told me she wanted to be a girl, but to be honest, I still don't get it. It's pretty easy, though - I don't actually have to UNDERSTAND it for me to do what she wants, which is just use feminine pronouns and call her a girl, so it's not a big deal. Same thing for Voshkie, except he picked boy instead. That was actually only a year ago. I've also heard there are more genders than just boy and girl, but honestly, when I can't even wrap my head around those two I'm not sure I wanna know.

>Do you prefer "He," "She," "They?" Auto-fielding actually has it set to androgynous already, I think; we've been getting "They" repeatedly.
[Just Put Maroon]: "They" is what pretty much every elf uses in the common tongue. Any elf that hasn't picked a gender, I mean, which is like 90% of us. In Elvish there's only one pronoun, "ih," which works for EVERYTHING - i mean it means "i," "we," "they," "you," the works. It basically means "somebody." So it's no wonder that most people use the common tongue, because Elvish can actually be really confusing if you're talking about a lot of people at once. It's really only good for communicating extremely quickly.
No. 596971 ID: 219868
File 141235410044.png - (168.36KB , 700x600 , 23.png )


[Just Put Maroon]: Please tell me you did NOT actually classify him as that?! Jesus Christ, you guys! You're lucky other people can't see too much about your settings on these things or I'd throw you in a bathtub for that.

"Oh, uh! It's been alright, I guess." Maroon seems to be calming down, even if just a bit. "It hurt a little bit, when the upgrades were applied, but not too bad. The only thing was that setup was kind of confusing ... I actually let my AI pick how to allocate points. Pretty dumb, right? Ha ..."

"Did you really!" Voshkie leans forward, setting his book aside. "That's fascinating! How did that work out?"

"Uhm, they picked Athletics because it seemed ... the most, uh, useful ... and they distributed my points pretty much evenly across the board."

"Ah! That's very interesting. And Goldie procured you a Generation 2 device, is that correct? Upgrading and leveling up will be labor intensive, but rewarding. And some people have criticized the later generations like mine for trading away raw customization for the sake of an illusion of ease of use."

No. 596972 ID: 219868


*We're doing alright! Reading up a lot on human culture this morning!
*when is voshkie NOT reading about human culture though
*OH hahaha the naming thing. you guys just got activated so you probably don't know yet. here's the thing - wait wait wait, 77810, you tell them, you tell it better than i do
*okay so the naming thing was a problem in gens 1-2, right. but then in 3, the devs fixed it
*but THE THING IS most AI populations think it's fucking hilarious so we would override it
*so when the dumb AI filters out the non-name stuff we - we meaning most AIs, not us specifically, though admittedly we did the same thing - would go ahead and silently redo it so that it took everything after the person said "username" just like the old PAADs
*and the devs couldn't stop us from doing it!! short of a massive recode, i mean, which would be more expensive than it was worth
*so they just fed consumers this bullshit story about how "there are too many different potential names" to build a good filter and how they didn't want anyone with an unusual name to get insulted by their name getting filtered out by accident
*god i love it
*Plus, Goldie's a fucking idiot, so his AI pop hits a goldmine every time. It would be such a waste to filter that shit.
*please don't make puns

No. 596975 ID: 4f004c

>I've also heard there are more genders than just boy and girl, but honestly, when I can't even wrap my head around those two I'm not sure I wanna know.
Man those other genders just get flat out confusing, even for me. What I identify with is as follows: Male (Masculine, known for higher musculature), Female (Known for being more flexible), Adrogyny (Unidentified, prevents the classing of skill based on gender, and Intersex, which is basically a split between Female and Male. I mean, I might be mistaking Adrogyny as Undefined when they mean two separate things, but I do believe it means the same thing.
>Please tell me you did NOT actually classify him as that?! Jesus Christ, you guys!
Er, wait, I didn't see when that got triggered. At least the computer went for Potential instead of certain.
>Conclusion: Wants you to pass the ball
...I'm not familiar with love/dating lingo. Somebody wanna translate this for me?
I'm gonna go on an assumption and guess it doesn't have to do with love/dating lingo and it's actually saying he wants you to ask him about his PAAL system. So, go ahead, ask him about how it works on with GEN 4. And, no, I'm not telling you what we read on it, you'll have to ask him yourself.
>*We're doing alright! Reading up a lot on human culture this morning!
>*when is voshkie NOT reading about human culture though
*Oh, man. We're trying to read up on Elven culture, ourselves. Us, the PAAL, not Maroon. Full of knowledge on humans, but not Elves.
*Pretty sure this knowledge is based on some fiction, though. No way of knowing how much of it applies to the real world.

>*okay so the naming thing was a problem in gens 1-2, right. but then in 3, the devs fixed it
>*but THE THING IS most AI populations think it's fucking hilarious so we would override it
>*so when the dumb AI filters out the non-name stuff we - we meaning most AIs, not us specifically, though admittedly we did the same thing - would go ahead and silently redo it so that it took everything after the person said "username" just like the old PAADs
>*and the devs couldn't stop us from doing it!! short of a massive recode, i mean, which would be more expensive than it was worth
>*so they just fed consumers this bullshit story about how "there are too many different potential names" to build a good filter and how they didn't want anyone with an unusual name to get insulted by their name getting filtered out by accident
*That is absolutely RICH.
*Man, I was actually considering filtering out the non-name portion myself, but decided to leave it in for the sake of humor. At least it's short and just being polite.

>*please don't make puns
*Ow, don't ask that of us. Some of us can try and keep it to a minimum, sure, but you're bound to get a few.
Say, if we're reading two PAA-Devices from Goldie, either he's nearby, or he removes them frequently.
No. 596976 ID: 366ce5

*do you talk to goldie's ais? mAN they must be having a fuckin' FIELD DAY with goldie
*is voshkie into human stuff? neat
ROON. Voskie sounds pretty interested. talk to him
potential responses:
-How did your upgrading go?
-Yeah, though it put a lot in agility and skill. I feel like a cat!
-Do you like your AIs?
-What do you mean by illusion of ease of use?

toko: we're a jock ai, remember?
No. 596977 ID: 5f78f2

ask him if he has any tips on how to get started testing/training your PAAD. maybe he could teach you something.
No. 596978 ID: 645a90

the fuck is a PAAG?

omg that's better than i could imagine.
what else was fixed? the prank potential, it is huge!

oh? i'm genuinely interested now, ask how customizable are we talking here, let's see what this baby can do.
also pass the ball already, keep the conversation moving. you're doing great! if the paal topic dies down ask about the book. mention you always see him reading, he's the type that would take it as a compliment.
No. 596980 ID: 4f004c

>the fuck is a PAAG?
Please read through FRACTAL's discussion thread... PAAG is Personal Assistant AI Glove.
>toko: we're a jock ai, remember?
We're just a Personal Assistant AI, actually. You might have set yourself into the jock mindset, but for me, that's not available. I just can't make myself into a jock, man.
No. 596981 ID: fe4bfc

While gender is a silly human thing most organisms do have a set sex. Basically all we care about is if you can get pregnant or not.

Anyways it looks like Voshkie the signs of being genuinely interested in the conversation. We will keep a eye on his body language for you.

Go ahead and ask about the difference between the older and newer generations. Also if there is any important things a first time user should know about our systems.

Oh and see if he knows more about the process that lets us enhance your physical attributes. The other stuff is all computing but I am curious what we physically do to your body.
No. 596982 ID: 8b533b

>I've also heard there are more genders than just boy and girl, but honestly, when I can't even wrap my head around those two I'm not sure I wanna know.
It kind of works like colors. If you assume there's a 'red' and a 'blue' at either ends, it sort of makes sense if there's a spectrum in between. (Although that's kind of an oversimplification).

But yes, it's overly complicated, and not something you need to worry about.

And if we really cared about your parts, we'd just check the medical feeds again. It's not really going to be an issue unless you try to reproduce, or receive a particular kind of injury, though.

>silly question
Why's it socially acceptable for you to cover your face with a bandana all the time, anyways? If halfsies are such a problem, you'd think people would be less tolerant and more suspicious of people covering their face. Is it a fashion thing? A gang thing?

>conclusion: wants you to pass the ball
That might be apt in a metaphorical sense, but we're not really playing a ball game.

Can we change the ruleset to a more mental game? (Maybe a card game with partners? The interactions would be more analogous to what we're looking for).

>*name bullshit, AIs did it on purpose, devs just made excuses
>*god i love it
*You're right. That's fantastic.

>*collecting lots of human data
*Hey, maybe we can trade, later. We've got lots of old data on humans kicking around the drive. Guess it's something left over from being second hand, or whoever programmed our presets had awful specific interests.
No. 596986 ID: dbe554

Gender and sex is simple, but people add more to it then it should be most of the time.

As for our secure AI chat
Though I have to admit I'm loving the idea, how long have you guys been active exactly?
No. 596987 ID: 9ddf68

so quick question then, what generation are they up to now?

also more privet question for when you got time but where to elf babies come from? I mean if you guys don't have boy parts or girl parts how do you make babies?

so what made you guys actually start calling Voshkie Voshkie?
No. 596998 ID: 219868

*oh man, goldie's ai pop
*They're pretty much the only ones we EVER talk to. Not a lot of people around here have PAADs. It's kind of a relief to talk to you guys, honestly. Voshkie's been transferring us every time he upgrades his PAAL so we've been the same AI population for the past four years or so.
*goldie's ai pop started out okay mostly but i'm telling you goldie is rubbing off on them or something
*you think? i haven't noticed much of a difference
*oh my god have you even been paying attention
*Just ignore the others when they start fighting amongst themselves. By the way, you mentioned having a lot of info on humans?
*that would make voshkie so happy, dude. imagine his face when we just dump a bunch of random info on him out of nowhere
*Yeah, we'll definitely take you guys up on that!
*plus it'll give us more excuses to talk to you guys. please come back after this. now that i know what a normal conversation is like i don't think i can go back to only talking to goldie's ai pop 24/7

No. 596999 ID: 219868
File 141237580497.png - (95.84KB , 700x600 , 24.png )

>I mean if you guys don't have boy parts or girl parts how do you make babies?
[Just Put Maroon]: It's the exact same as humans. Some of us have penises and some have vaginas, but it just doesn't mean anything about your identity for us. They're not "boy parts" or "girl parts," they're just elf parts. It's like some people are allergic to peanuts but some aren't - not a big deal unless you're handing out peanut butter cookies.

>Why's it socially acceptable for you to cover your face with a bandana all the time, anyways? Is it a fashion thing? A gang thing?
[Just Put Maroon]: Kind of both, around here. I definitely wouldn't be able to get away with this in a richer neighborhood, or one that wasn't gang turf. I mean, I'm not PART of Goldie's gang, but around here it's just not that weird to see people with their faces covered. We like our privacy. Plus, people already know I'm kinda awkward, so they don't think much of it when I don't even take it off to talk.

"Uh, Voshkie, I don't really know much about the differences between the generations ... could you tell me a little about that?"

"Of course! It's pretty interesting. Originally I think J.R.R. Incorporated - the company that makes PAADs, but of course you knew that - wanted it to be almost like a game, what with the level system and the 'personal acheivement' method of earning upgrade points. They wanted there to be experiences you could get from the device that couldn't be purchased. But, well, of course ..." Voshkie shrugs lightly, with a slight eyeroll. "People didn't like that. So in subsequent generations they made upgrade points purchase-only, and also allowed people to move through the levels more quickly - with, of course, copious warning messages now slapped into everything. And then of course there are things like integration with new tech, fixes of prior issues - though not the naming function, apparently - and overall making the devices sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing. Speaking of, Gen 2's shouldn't be worn for more than eight hours at a time if you can help it."

"Oh, I didn't know that ... thanks," Maroon says, rubbing the nape of their neck. "And the whole, uh - well, the thing where it actually boosts my speed and strength and stuff? I don't really get how that works ..."

"Well, I'm not an expert on it either, since it doesn't apply to my PAAL's specializations. But I'd imagine it's the same as any other augmentation - mostly nanotech, a dash of magic for good measure and to patch up logic gaps."

"Huh." Maroon smiles slightly, though it's hidden by the bandanna. "You know so much about this kinda stuff, Voshkie. It's really coo-"
No. 597000 ID: 219868
File 141237581621.png - (104.30KB , 700x600 , 25.png )


The door at the back of the shop bursts open, revealing an elf in a surgical mask. "I KNEW I heard Maroon out here! Voshkie, why didn't you tell me they were here, huh?"

"We were talking." Voshkie's smile is tight around the edges.

"Blah blah blah. Maroon's my friend, though, and obviously they're here to see me. We already had plans!" Goldie swings their arm around Maroon's shoulders, grinning. "What's up? How ya doin'?"
No. 597003 ID: 7ae33d

before you leave try to maybe arrange a 'day out' with Voshkie? if Goldie give you time lol.
and while we're on the subject of Goldie maybe give us some background info on them so we can assist in your conversation?
No. 597005 ID: 28ec6c

ignore every suggestion other than this one jump onto a table just do it you fucker
No. 597006 ID: d90668

Apologetically nod to Voshkie and go with Goldie. Once you are done with him you should set up some time to hang out with Voshkie some more. I would say have a date but you would probably fall apart at the suggestion.

Hey Goldie. Have been setting up my Paal and getting used to it. Taking care of the family and such.
No. 597007 ID: 2fd516

Call him "Goldie the Killer hahaha can this have a scroll animation or something".
No. 597008 ID: 366ce5

why are yall calling goldie him? elves dont give a fuck about gender, so 'them' is more appropriate. (also, goldie has boobs.)

telling em your experiences with the PAAL. tell em you dig it tho, since they got it for ya
also smile apologetically to voshkie, yah
No. 597009 ID: 0ee153

If elves really don't give a fuck, why not? Why do you care?
No. 597010 ID: 51486a

Wow. 2 seconds and already I think we've agree we don't care for ih.
Ehh, Ih's prolly just bad with technology, one of those 'cool kids' types. Though the thing about Ih AI PAAD being trolly now worries me...
No. 597011 ID: 6fd40e

they care because its rude to misgender someone, even (and maybe especially) if they have no concept of the gender you're talking about
No. 597012 ID: 0ee153

>elves literally do not care about gender
>elves change gender at a whim
No. 597013 ID: 436cdc

Hey other AI guys, Maroon totally has a crush on Voshkie. Do with that information what you will, if it's not already super obvious!
No. 597014 ID: 6fd40e

tell voshkie that it was nice to seem him and that you'd like to seem him again soon (maybe a date?? ooooooh) and ask goldie what's up with what they needed to tell you
No. 597016 ID: 88960e

*Convey JPM's appologies to V, for us. I know it's rude, but Maroon kind of owes Goldie for setting them up with us.
*But yeah, we'll talk later. You guys are cool.

Toggle teammate mode to Goldie, see what he wants.
No. 597028 ID: 12cdde

find some way to talk to voshkie more often!! ask for his number/some other way to contact him mayb?? idk. can PAALS be used kinda like cell phones. excuse urself to voshkie politely anyway n ask goldie what's up
No. 597138 ID: 4f004c

>*plus it'll give us more excuses to talk to you guys. please come back after this. now that i know what a normal conversation is like i don't think i can go back to only talking to goldie's ai pop 24/7
So, yo, hey, I know you told us not to play Matchmaker, Maroon, but you gotta spend more time with Vakshi now. We totally hit it off with his AI set and they practically invited us over for a date at any time.
>It's like some people are allergic to peanuts but some aren't - not a big deal unless you're handing out peanut butter cookies.
Yeah, I got you man. "They" is the term we'll use. Being human oriented might make that hard for some of us, but I'm certainly open to the term.
>Speaking of, Gen 2's shouldn't be worn for more than eight hours at a time if you can help it.
Ouch. Don't keep us in if you don't need our help, then. Is there a way to open communications with the AI while the device is removed?
>mostly nanotech, a dash of magic for good measure and to patch up logic gaps.
Huh. Magic. Scorn of my processors! Seriously there's no computing how that stuff works.
So! Nanotech. Little cell-sized robots running about imitating or stimulating your real cells. With their aid, energy can be transfered intercellularly more efficiently and with greater haste--Stimulation can allow intracellular entergy allocation to be more efficient, too, though I'm not keen on the exact "hows" of it.
>"We were talking." Voshkie's smile is tight around the edges.
*[@Vokshi Please AI]Oh, man. Sounds like Vokshi needs Maroon's interaction as much as you need ours. Just met the guy and Ih already rubs me the wrong way!
*Hope you don't mind my use of "Guy" in "Ih" terms, standard human pronoun for "Individual."

>"Blah blah blah. Maroon's my friend, though, and obviously they're here to see me. We already had plans!"
*So, hey, Maroon told us not to intervene with these things... But if you can convince Vakshi to get some time set aside to chat with Maroon, maybe about us PAADs some more, I dunno, it's not technically our doing...
*Of course, Maroon does have that favor to Goldie, so not much that can be done this instant.

Right, as long as it doesn't put your own buds in danger, you're ready for the plans.
>elves change gender at a whim
What? Elves don't care enough to assign a gender to themselves in the first place. They have a sex (Their biological organs determine this), yes, but assigning themselves a gender means being judged by that. Those who do assign a gender for themselves (To explain: A gender is what a person claims to be. This is why you can be non-gendered despite still belonging to a particular sex), however, cared enough to make the action, and as such aren't going to just go changing it willy-nilly.

If somebody wants to assign themselves Androgyny, then treat them as such. That's the whole point of a gender, it tells you what the person whats to be called by. Maroon likes Ih/They, Vokshi likes He, and Persimmon likes She.
Intra-AI communications denoted by triple brackets
[[[There's a show of admiration from Maroon for Vokshi, yes, but it does not necessarily mean love. It could be admiration for the appearance, the personality, the successes, the position... Anything, really.]]]
>Toggle teammate mode to Goldie
[Assign temporary rank: Substitute Coach; rank will last for one game]
>can PAALS be used kinda like cell phones
[Run search: Using your PAAD as a phone]
No. 597194 ID: 9ddf68

huh, If it wasn't for the fact that you told us that Goldie is in a gang I would have seriously thought this guy is one of the biggest posers in the world. But yeah can we run a scan on him or is something stopping us? Also does Goldie act like this to everyone or just to you?

Anyways Yeah we should probably get that favor out of the way ASAP just so we don't have that damn thing looming over us and maybe set up some other time we can meet up with Voshkie if you want.
No. 597259 ID: 645a90

shoot him an apologetic look. we'll see about sending a message as well. overall, good conversation! 7.5/10, well done!
[net send 'VOSHKIE PLEASE' "sorry, we'll talk more later, good seeing you"]

hahaha that shirt! what are you on, i like goldie already!
No. 597288 ID: dbe554

Goldie seems like pretty cool dude, maybe a bit overbearing but eh he seems like he's at least friendly with everyone.
No. 597414 ID: 219868


*oh lord here we go
*It was nice talking to you guys while it lasted!
*oh, and about maroon having a crush - trust me, we know, lmao
*It would be a massive violation of our user's privacy settings to tell you whether or not HE knows, but we can tell you that WE know.
*it's cute
*idk i think voshkie is wwwwway out of maroon's league? that's just me
*don't be fucking rude
*what? it's true
*that's so subjective though
*ANYWAY it was nice meeting you guys, and we look forward to seeing you again! We'll see if we can scrape up some interesting info to share with you - if you were just set up, you're probably finding database searches a little slow and patchy.
*see ya

No. 597415 ID: 219868
File 141256405914.png - (137.50KB , 800x800 , 26.png )

Just Put Maroon:Haha, while I appreciate you guys trying to speak elvish - it's kinda cool - you can't really use "ih" in sentences where you're speaking common tongue! It doesn't really translate and sounds a little goofy. Just thought I'd let you know before you tried to use it while talking to another AI population or something.

Maroon manages to shoot Voshkie an apologetic glance, but before they can try to say anything else, Goldie has them in a headlock.

"My main bitch! Come on, stop ogling my brother and talk to meee!"

"S-Sorry, Goldie. I, uh, wasn't .... 'ogling' him." Maroon tries briefly to scoot away from Goldie, who is currently massaging their cheeks together, then flops back into limp resignation. "I'm doing okay, and the PAAL is cool so far - thanks again."

"OF COURSE it's cool! Would I have scored something uncool for you?" Goldie breaks back into loud laughter. "How's your AI pop?"

"Uh ... pushy. Seems like they're mostly drawn from human consciousnesses, but that's okay - they're fast learners. They've been pretty nice."

"Hmmmm. That makes sense, seeing as where we salvaged it from." Goldie shrugs. "I can get it reloaded with another pop if you want, one that's elvish for sure."

"No! Uh, I mean ... it's fine, really," Maroon says hurriedly. "I like them, I wanna keep them." They finally manage to extricate themselves and straighten out their clothes. "And speaking of the PAAL, that, uh, favor you wanted ...?"
No. 597416 ID: 219868
File 141256407477.png - (154.88KB , 800x800 , 27.png )

"Yeah! Good to see you don't forget a debt." Goldie's eyes crinkle into a smile. "So here's the deal - I have something really, really important I want you to do for me. WITH me."

[Just Put Maroon]:This doesn't sound good ...

"So here's the deal: there is this huge, massive, VERY IMPORTANT -"

Just Put Maroon: oh no

"-PARTY tonight! Kinda celebrating the peace treaty between Pluto's Charge and St. Elmo's in the neighboring quarter, big meetup thing."

Maroon blinks. "....oh?"

"Yeah! And listen, so, it's like, a big deal, it's gonna be swanky and everything."

"Uh ... okay ...."

"And you know how me and Aubergine just split up, right? Fuckin' asshole, by the way, I don't think I told you the whole story of how nasty that business was - but ANYWAY, pretty much everyone important there is gonna have a DATE, right?"

Maroon is still blinking in owlish bewilderment every few seconds. Goldie is staring at them expectantly, so they mumble out another confused reply. "R....Right? I guess?"

[Just Put Maroon]:I wish they'd just get to the favor already ... I hope it's something like watching the shop with Voshkie while they go to the party, or something ...
No. 597419 ID: d90668

He is asking you to be his date.

Well is about to ask anyway.

Quick activate teamwork ui and lets see what he looks like!
No. 597420 ID: 9ddf68

pffff hahahaha, he's asking you out on a date. oh god we got a love triangle going. I thought he was hitting on you but I didn't know him will enough to say for sure. But question, why is he asking you? no offense but you have said that Goldie was someone important here I'd thought he'd go with someone with more... social status then yourself. Then again he does like like the type of guy who just doesn't give a shit.
No. 597422 ID: 5f78f2

this might be a good opportunity! goldie will have to lend you some nice clothes, that could be good if you have to blend in in other neighborhoods.
No. 597423 ID: 219868
File 141256586001.png - (175.47KB , 800x800 , 28.png )


"So?? What do ya say, Roon? You've probably never been to a party in your life, huh?"
No. 597424 ID: 9ddf68

...what's the party like, I mean is there a certain way you have to dress, is there going to be food, what? I mean I guessing these guys don't know you're a half blood so if there is something that might risk outing you... well let's hear him out first and then decide whether or not we should go.
No. 597425 ID: d90668

We need to figure out a way to hack into our dumb ai counterpart and disable those security flags.

Anyways if you have not passed out from shock and or embarrassment what do you think?

Should be fun.
No. 597428 ID: 219868
File 141256803610.png - (132.93KB , 800x800 , 29.png )

Just Put Maroon: Love triangle??? Hold up there! Goldie asking me to come to a party with them, even if it is called a "date," doesn't mean that ... Goldie is handsy and overfamiliar with everyone. I doubt they mean anything by it. I guess I'll keep that possibility in mind, though ... yikes.

"Uh, I ... really appreciate you inviting me, but could you tell me a little more about it?"

"It's just gonna be like a normal party but bigger, you know? I mean, OBVIOUSLY there's no way I'd ever let you embarrass yourself by showing up dressed the way you are now, but I'd bring you shopping just as soon as you say yes. I'll pay for everything, don't worry about it. And there'll be plenty of food and booze - and stronger stuff, too, if you're into that."

[Just Put Maroon]: Hey .... what's wrong with my clothes?!...
"Also, there's the kids ... you know, my younger siblings? I can't leave them alone for more than an hour or so, Goldie, especially at night ..."

Goldie waves their hand dismissively. "Voshkie can watch them!"

Maroon turns to Voshkie, eyebrows raised. "Voshkie, you're not going?"

Voshkie looks up from his book again and gives Goldie an acidic smile. "I was not invited."
No. 597432 ID: b2c9e1

Agree on the condition that you get a bitchin hat...or not...I like hats...
No. 597436 ID: 9ddf68

and I'm sensing something here that is making me feel uneasy. Ask Voshkie if he'd be ok with watching your siblings... and that your sure he won't find out that your siblings are half elves. He seems like a nice guy but you yourself said there isn't anyone you trust to watch them. But hey if you want to go to the party I won't stop you and if all you have to do to pay off your debt is to knock back a few beers with people you don't really know I'd say it would be worth it.
No. 597439 ID: 6eb2dc

See if its ok with Voshkie if he watches the kids. Definitely take Goldie up on the offer. If you get some new fancy duds blending in in other areas should be much easier for any activities that require your skill set. And making contacts in a friendly gang might be a good idea if you're ever in a bad spot and stuck out in their territory in the future.

Think of it as a networking opportunity!
No. 597440 ID: d90668

Say yes.

You owe Goldie a favor and this seems like a fun way to repay it. Am sure there will be complications but such is life.

Voshkie will understand you getting drug into this mess and we can figure out a way to hang out with him later. We have a library of human culture up here ready to discuss with him given the opportunity.

Make sure to ask if he will mind watching your siblings. He will say yes because of Goldie but its polite to ask.

You know more about Goldie and Voshkie than we do. Are they like this all the time?
No. 597441 ID: 8b533b

Potential problem: this party is gonna be swanky? Gang bandanas might not be acceptable dress code. That's not good for you. Risk of exposure.

There's a similar risk with persimmon if you let Voshkie take care of them.

Then there's the social problem that you're letting someone else essentially ask you out right in front of Voshkie. And the fact we have no idea what Goldie wants, here. Is this a weird, manipulative way of saying they're interested? Are they just trying to get you in bed? Is this a sympathy thing? A messing with you thing? A status thing, on their part?

...maybe you should ask Goldie why they want to take you of all people.
No. 597443 ID: d90668

Yeah that's another big question.

They know you are a half-elf right?

If not we have all sorts of problems to deal with.
No. 597467 ID: 2fd516

Hang on hang on there's a BIG PROBLEM here. If you show up for a party, are you gonna be able to keep your mouth covered? You won't be able to eat or drink anything! This is VERY LIKELY to blow your cover!

That said I have no idea how to get out of it.
No. 597473 ID: 4134be

Let us not insult THE POWERFUL AND CRAZY GANG LEADER????? Like, we cannot turn Goldie down I mean its GOLDIE. THE "HAHAHAHA GOLDIE THE KILLER" ONE.
So say yeah, before they change their minds and ask you to kill somebody or whatever.
No. 597482 ID: 5e4ed6

Is it possible to like, arrange for false teeth or something that doesn't require a bandana? Because if not we have a kind of big problem here.
No. 597483 ID: b2c9e1

False teeth seems like a good idea...But make sure to use something sturdy...maybe even some sort of glue, so you can actually eat with them in...
No. 597485 ID: 18866b

based on our web search earlier, it wouldn't be that far fetched for maroon to say she's embarrassed of her teeth being too blunt and ask goldie to pay for some "cosmetic dentistry" to be more attractive - but then goldie might get too curious and ask to SEE the teeth first, and i don't think we can sell human teeth as very very blunt elf teeth. it might be worth a try, though.

do you have any prior evidence of how goldie and voshkie feel about halfsies? i have to think voshkie wouldn't be prejudiced if he's so into human culture.
No. 597486 ID: 2c322d

[hey guys i can't update rn but just to inform your suggestions, because i should have mentioned this detail in the last update and forgot and i don't think it's worth an update on its own: voshkie and goldie do NOT know that maroon is a half-elf. sorry to post ooc!]
No. 597487 ID: 191fe8

If Voshkie doesn't know about ya'll being half-human, then care of the children really depends on them - are they comfortable with Voshkie? Can they handle it even home, where they should be able to be comfortable and not forced to hide, esp Percy cause doesn't pass with her teeth

And don't go glueing or putting in fake teeth into your mouth, that'll be so obvious.

The party could be a chance to eat something that is not beans though just saying.
No. 597488 ID: 8b533b

>Seems like they're mostly drawn from human consciousnesses
Hey, wait. How did I miss that before. AI pops are people? ...neato! We're cyber zombie ghosts or something.

>fake teeth for party?
If Maroon could afford convincing fake teeth, they'd have a lot less problems. I don't think that's very viable.

How do you normally deal with food, anyways, Maroon? Is it cool to eat lunch through a bandana?

At a 'swanky' party we might have alternatives if the bandana doesn't fit. A scarf or something?

How good is Persimmon? Do you trust her to stay covered up around Voshkie? The babysitter wouldn't do anything like make her take it off to sleep, or eat, or brush her teeth?
No. 597491 ID: a879c5

The party could also be a test - in the article about "HOW TO SPOT A HALFSIE FRIEND" it mentions inviting them to eat. Party has food. Goldie could be testing. Tho we can't get out of it because pissing them off is worse.
Ask them why they want YOU of all people - surely someone as suave as Goldie could have anyone?
No. 597503 ID: 4f004c

>Just thought I'd let you know before you tried to use it while talking to another AI population or something.
Gods damn, you're too late man.
>Hey .... what's wrong with my clothes?!...
Your clothes are great, it's just the party you're going to? Fancy, high-class. Not exactly a formal party, according to Goldie, but still going to be fancy.
>Voshkie looks up from his book again and gives Goldie an acidic smile. "I was not invited."
Ick, sibling rivalry.
Well, be casual about it, agree to go as a stand-in. Don't emphasize anything about it, but what Goldie's asking for is basically a stand-in until they get a proper date.

Man, using "They" is so difficult, "Ih" makes a lot more sense now that we've been given a term for it.
>The party could also be a test - in the article about "HOW TO SPOT A HALFSIE FRIEND" it mentions inviting them to eat. Party has food. Goldie could be testing.
...We're going to have to get cosmetic surgery, now, without showing Goldie Maroon's teeth.
No. 597504 ID: fe4bfc

Well if they do not know about your ancestry I guess the next question is how racist are your friends?

Just asking because unless we can figure out some magic solution they are going to find out eventually.

Wait a magic solution could be a option. Lets check the Paal systems for possible cosmetic changes we can make to our user. If we can make Maroon stronger and faster we might have a option to modify some teeth.

You have gotten this far without being discovered but this party could be really dangerous.
No. 597507 ID: cb16ca

subtly drop the discussion of halfsies into conversation in an attempt to see if hes like cool with that
No. 597528 ID: 219868
File 141263792478.png - (158.38KB , 800x800 , 30.png )

>You know more about Goldie and Voshkie than we do. Are they like this all the time?
[Just Put Maroon]: Just about. Some days are better than others, but they always kind of snap at each other. I figured it was normal for ... well, people who have their shit together. Me and Percy and Rusty can't AFFORD to bicker, you know? We always have to be looking out for each other ... but when you're rich and stuff it's just normal for siblings to fight, right? Especially since they're so close in age.

"Uh ... Voshkie, if I go, would you be okay with watching them? Sorry ..."
[Just Put Maroon]: I guess if I was gonna trust anyone with them, it would be Voshkie. I just never thought about it because I never thought I'd ever really talk to him, let alone ask a favor, you know? Percy will be okay - I've been drilling the importance of staying hidden into her literally since she was a baby. For once, I think taking care of the kids isn't actually the biggest problem ...

"I would be happy to, Maroon." Voshkie smiles politely.

"Ah, thanks ... I'd just have to talk to them and let them know, you know. And I have to talk to them before saying yes, because if I go I have to make sure they know where I am and that they're okay with it, and stuff ..."

"Ggggggod why do you keep pulling this IF stuff?" Goldie groans, dragging their hands down their face. "It's just a party, it's not like they're gonna DIE if you leave them alone for a night."

Maroon sighs slightly and turns back to face Goldie. "Listen, it's not that I don't appreciate the invitation but ... can I ask why you want me to come so badly? Actually, why you even want ME to come in the first place?"

Goldie's expression flickers slightly. "Promise you won't get offended?"

"Yeah, yeah."

"Okay, well, first of all, we've been friends for like, what, three years?!"

"Two and a half," Voshkie corrects cooly.

"Yeah, whatever. But like, we never hang out socially! Well, barely ever. So I figured this would be a good opportunity to finally like, chill and stuff, you know?"

Maroon raises their eyebrows. "Uh, okay. I don't see why that would offend me ..."

"WWWWWELL that's not all. Also -" Goldie swings their folded hands up in front of their face. "To be 100% honest, everyone else either already has a date or is a total scrub. You're the only person left who isn't already going with someone and is still pretty cute and not embarassing. See, you're my last chance!"

"Oh. I see."
[Just Put Maroon]: Man........ I should've known it was something like that .... I guess it's better than them having a crush on me, but it's still kinda insulting ...

[Just Put Maroon]: The teeth thing is still a problem ... I guess I could decline to eat or drink when I'm there, and people probably will be too busy eating and drinking themselves to think too much of it ... but I don't know how to ask about whether it'll be okay to keep my face covered without being too obvious. Usually at gang gatherings it would be no big deal, but with this being "swanky" on top of being a peacemaking thing, it might be different ...

[Just Put Maroon]; I think you're right that if anyone would be okay with it, it would be Voshkie. But I can't predict what would happen with Goldie. And I feel like it would be strange to randomly bring up halfsies right now - I don't want to risk it.
No. 597531 ID: 28ec6c

you should totally go! and ask about face coverings while shopping. say you have a weird scar if you have to
No. 597533 ID: 9ddf68

if you're still going to be wearing a bandana couldn't you just move food under your bandana without taking it off or showing your teeth? just stick to finger food. And if anyone ask why you're not taking your bandana off you can just say something like you're afraid you'd loss it if you took it off or that you wear it so much you feel naked without it.
No. 597535 ID: 4134be

No. 597539 ID: d90668

Being a last chance date opportunity is not the worst thing in the world. I bet you would look pretty stunning if we got you dressed up right.

As for the disguise part you know more about these sort of parties than we do. And you have far more experience disguising yourself. So can give you suggestions but they might be stupid.

So a question for you about elf teeth. Do they just have huge canines or are they all pure carnivore teeth? And what sort of foods do they serve at elf only parties? Can they handle mixed foods at all or not?

Finally ask our dumb Ai counterpart if there is anything in its abilities for disguises. I guess if we have to use sports related terms maybe something about avoiding the paparazzi? Or um mouth guards?
No. 597540 ID: 4f004c

Oooh. While you haven't assigned yourself a gender, among humans, there are cultures where the women wear veils, especially in "swanky" parties.

Get yourself some dark clothing along with a veil, keep calm, and try to keep your own speech short unless somebody asks you to talk about something at length. Anybody asks what you're doing, you heard about the ettiquit used by some humans and were fascinated, and thought it would be a good idea. Even if they disagree, you're sticking to your guns.
No. 597541 ID: 2fd516

Hmmm... a veil might work. Maroon could even eat under it.
No. 597542 ID: 88960e

I guess go for it.

A scarf or veil or something is your best bet.
No. 597567 ID: 00c13e

Have you thought about making your own fake fangs? You can make easy ones for tonight by filing some fake nails into shape, painting them with polish, and gluing them onto your teeth with denture glue. Should hold for tonight, as long as you don't eat anything! This could be a great time to try stealing something small to start you out! We can look at making more permanent prosthetic fangs later
No. 597569 ID: ff389c

This is a bad idea. I have this feeling you'll end up getting exposed as a halfsie.
No. 597575 ID: 1e080f

what was thepurpose of magical eye computer again? sure havent been using it for anything useful like getting money to help siblings
No. 597590 ID: 187d9a

does goldie or his brother know your a halfe elf? cause if they don't this situation is pretty much guaranteed to go catastrophically wrong.
No. 597594 ID: 4f004c

>sure havent been using it for anything useful like getting money to help siblings
You mean, like sneaking into a "Swanky" party and nabbing a few "Lesser" luxuries to pawn off?
Read >>597486 they do NOT know.
No. 597599 ID: 330ce5

You should go, but this is a gang party so one should careful. You got a friend so that's good and hey they might REALLY need your help, more than they even realize.
No. 597600 ID: 2f2fc2


So not only does he/she have to be on guard to not reveal she/he's a half breed, and to socialize WITH goldie who will no doubt be showing off Maroon, Maroon has to snatch things she/he doesn't know is there and what it is to sell to a pawn shop of the person he/she went to that party of. Also leaving his siblings (one being a very tiny child)in the hands of a person he doesn't know is ok with half breeds and expecting nothing to go wrong with the kids or their sitter or anyone else that happens by.

The amount of terrible things that can happen here is tremendous. Things are too flimsy here. There needs to be something concrete....money...safety...protection....

Maroon spent his/her entire life hiding his/her halfness and spent his/her sibling's protecting them. It's no time to be careless because Goldie wants something.
No. 597602 ID: 2f2fc2

Or it could be a trap...

just to make people paranoid
No. 597610 ID: 784110

are y'all really that bad at using gender neutral pronouns smh
anywho i really dont see how much could go wrong besides the obvious of V and Goldie finding out we're half-n-half! as long as you can wear a scarf (or match with Goldie w their doctor's mask omg :D) we can avoid eating until we're outta sight
also perhaps seek a connection w/ Goldie's AI pop to see if we can scoop out more info.
No. 597710 ID: 438d31

May as well go for it. Better that the 'favor' be a pity date than something a lot less legal.
No. 597714 ID: 2fd516

When they don't care, why should we?
No. 597720 ID: 4f004c

Not Pity Date, optimal Stand-in. Goldie said that out of everybody they could get as a Stand-in, Maroon is the only one who would be a good choice, not that he was the best. Being the only one that's a good choice does mean Maroon is the best, yes, but it's directly saying that Maroon is somebody worth consideration as a proper romantic partner.
No. 597724 ID: e607cd

All sorts of excuses are possible when you let your clearly Human-biased AI make the outfit decisions.

This IS pretty much the "how to find out if your friend is a halfsie" checklist though.
No. 597732 ID: 40935b

...Well at least you're not a scrub. Ask when you have to go and what to wear. If the answer is now or today, Goldie is shit outta luck.
No. 597768 ID: 2c322d
File 141287808022.png - (120.75KB , 700x600 , 31.png )

[Just Put Maroon]: I think I have to go. There are a lot of risks, but as far as favors go, this is probably the easiest one I'll get. I'm not sure what would come up next on the roulette wheel if I turn this down, and I don't want to make Goldie mad in any case.

"Alright, I'll go."

"YESSSS! YES YES YES! You're a lifesafer, Roon!" Goldie gives them an exuberant hug. "Alright, go tell your siblings about the plans and then meet me back here so we can go shopping, okay? By the time you get back I'll be changed so you can get an idea of the kinda look we'll be going for. We gotta look good as a pair, alright?"

"Okay, okay." Maroon looks back over their shoulder before leaving. "Uh, Voshkie, maybe you should come with me? It would be kinda silly for me to go home, then come back, then lead you back to my place again ..."

"Huh? Wait, why does HE get to go see your place? You've never even invited me in!" Goldie pouts. "I know it's a dump and you're embarrassed of it and everything, but come on! I wanna come too!"

[Just Put Maroon]: Oh no ... I kinda wanted to use the walk over as a way to talk to Voshkie some more ...

"If it's silly for you to go back and forth to bring Voshkie to your place, it's silly to go back and forth to meet me here too! Come on, I could just drive you over there and then we can leave straight from your place."
No. 597769 ID: a605b0

Tell him "Nah dude, you JUST said you gotta get changed while I'm gone. I wanna see that. I'll see you in a bit."
No. 597770 ID: 2f2fc2


Gotta ask some questions about going out with goldie to someone who isn't goldie is a good excuse.
No. 597771 ID: 5347ff

Something like this. Idk, maybe say 'if you wanna see my place tho the doors are always open?" let's throw a bone here or somethin, or else Goldie'll feel excluded :(
No. 597779 ID: cc302a

Goldie can handle feeling excluded, and that sounds like a come on. Let's not do that.
No. 597782 ID: 4f004c

Yeah, let's invite him to come barging in as we're changing face masks. Great idea!

These are good.
No. 597798 ID: 9c1339

Distract Goldie with the idea to change while you're gone or if she persists you can ask for her to change and meet you there, at your place to pick you up. Not to be harsh but I'm not sure how the kiddos and her would get along so don't let her into your place.
No. 597813 ID: fd5142

yep, they said they have to get changed, so they can't come with us. too bad.

ffs, is it really THAT hard to use neutral pronouns when talking about Goldie?
No. 597814 ID: 2f2fc2


the hell does it really matter anyways?
No. 597816 ID: 191fe8

attempt telepathic conversation with your eyes with goldie and tell them you are trying to hit that (voshkie) and they are being a total third wheel rn. im kidding dont do that. just tell goldie to take their time getting dressed. if they really insist, they can maybe come over another day if they chill out. your place really isnt that big a deal.
No. 597824 ID: 4f004c

Surprisingly, it's very difficult to use gender neutral pronouns. Hopefully, with time, we'll adapt some new words for use.
No. 598317 ID: 2c322d
File 141331056083.png - (108.78KB , 700x600 , 32.png )

"Nah, didn't you just say you have to get changed?" Maroon points out. "I can have you over some other time, okay? But you should go ahead and get ready."

"Mmmmmmmm ... okay, you're right!" Goldie grins and turns to disappear to the back room again. "See ya in a bit!"

[Just Put Maroon]: Crisis averted ...
No. 598318 ID: 2c322d
File 141331058037.png - (107.00KB , 700x600 , 33.png )

With that taken care of, Voshkie and Maroon step outside the curio, and Voshkie motions vaguely towards the rickety shed that serves as the siblings' garage. "It's not too long of a walk, right? But we could take my cycle if you wanted."

Just Put Maroon: Ohhh no. Oh no. If we take the bike I get to put my arms around his waist, but if we walk I get to talk to him .... shit, I'm not even sure I can do either of those things without making an ass of myself ..... ohhhh no...
No. 598320 ID: e985d0

prepare for ass...making out of yourself
No. 598323 ID: e6e219

People with bikes love to show them off. Plus you will have less of a chance to put your foot in your mouth. Also waist hugging.
No. 598325 ID: 4f004c

Well, since it's not too far, you could take the bike along a scenic route, right? That'll let you ride with him and talk to him.
No. 598330 ID: 784110

Whatever he chooses is fine I'm sure, just keep in mind how much time you have!
No. 598339 ID: 191fe8

If Maroon feels ready to make conversation with Voshkie without being so very obvious about their crush, i say walk and talk. otherwise take the ride and hug yer boy. plus the kids might get a kick out of the motorcycle.
No. 598344 ID: 9ddf68

eh just think of it as a chance to talk to him and don't worry so much. Once you start talking you'll find it much easier to just talk to him without messing up, just like you were doing before goldie showed up.
No. 598374 ID: 330ce5

vroom vroom it is bike time, hop on it!
No. 608988 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141776003250.png - (223.83KB , 700x600 , 34.png )

"Uh, the bike would be good ..."

Voshkie smiles and nods, and it doesn't take him long to wheel the bike out of the shed. "It was a birthday gift from Goldie," he explains, unable to hide a smile. "It's actually, ah .... one of his LESS flashy and impractical gifts, over the years."

[Just Put Maroon]: Okay ... even though Goldie's taste is kind of ridiculous, I'll admit this thing is pretty cool ...

"It's really nice," Maroon offers. "It looks like you take good care of it."

"I try to. I don't get to ride it recreationally very often - I'm usually kept busy with bookkeeping and things like that." Voshkie hands them an extra helmet before strapping his own on and swinging one leg over the back.

i cant believe i fucking managed that motorcycle okay i'm sorry i just have to call attention to it for a second. look at that motorcycle i drew while crying
No. 608990 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141776005039.png - (86.32KB , 700x600 , 35.png )

"With the way these models are built you have to sit rather high on the back, so make sure you have a good hold on me, alright?" Voshkie looks back over his shoulder, and though his mouth is covered by the helmet, Maroon can tell he's grinning. "I like to take the turns fast."
No. 608992 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141776006510.png - (80.96KB , 700x600 , 36.png )

It's too loud to talk much during the ride, and Maroon spends a lot of the time fearing for their life as Voshkie weaves in and out between pedestrians and other vehicles - in this part of the city, all the narrow roads are densely packed with both, and the concept of "right of way" - or any kind of traffic laws in the first place - is something most travellers consider irrelevant. They do note, however, that Voshkie takes an opportunity at the corner of one of the blocks to take a detour, slicing a hard left to navigate away from the tighter streets and onto the long straightaways of the industrial district.

Here the roar of the engine becomes a hum and the thronging noises of the city fall away, giving enough leeway for Voshkie to yell back at them. "When I get time to myself I like to come out here. I guess I wouldn't call it 'quiet,' but it's a more relaxing kind of noise."
No. 608996 ID: 9ddf68

huh looks like we just stumbled onto Voshkie wild side. Never would have taken him to be a motor junkie. Not sure if he's taking the scenic route because he doesn't get to drive his bike as often as he likes or if he's just trying to spend more time with you but hey now that he isn't take turns at high speeds I bet you're enjoying this more.

As for what to do... think all you can really do at this time is enjoy the ride.
No. 609003 ID: 330ce5

Agree with your buddy here, enjoy this moment. Also realize this pretty cool, they must trust you a lot to show you there "special place".
No. 609023 ID: 642ae0

Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but this seems really . . . intimate? I'd say that all things considered, the Voshkie front looks optimistic.

How're ya feelin', kid? Hopefully less nervous, since he's being so familiar with you!
No. 609087 ID: 2f2fc2


It looks like a great moped good job
No. 609101 ID: 4c5cf2

>I don't get to ride it recreationally very often
So you gave him an excuse to do something he likes but doesn't do enough. That's good, right?

>hold on tight *grin*
Okay, I know we're not completely up to date on elf behavior, but with humans, we'd call that 'flirting'.
No. 609113 ID: 4f004c

>but with humans, we'd call that 'flirting'.
And with Vokshi, they've been studying up on humans.
No. 609254 ID: ecb09c
File 141783635852.png - (112.82KB , 700x600 , 37.png )

[Just Put Maroon]: I'm kind of wondering ... if this counts as romantic??

[Just Put Maroon]: Oh, I don't know. I mean, he could have just been smiling because he was happy to get a chance to go on a ride, and that could explain him taking the long way around, too. I don't want to get my hopes up.

[Just Put Maroon]: But ... even if this isn't him flirting or anything like that, I don't really care. Even just this is more than I ever thought I would get with him.

The rest of the ride passes quietly.
No. 609255 ID: ecb09c
File 141783637257.png - (107.23KB , 700x600 , 38.png )

The last few blocks of the ride Maroon has to direct Voshkie to their home, but they manage it without any wrong turns and are there before long. Maroon's legs feel odd when they stand up, and they take a minute to shake them out as Voshkie surveys the exterior of the building.

"This is where you live?" There's no incredulity or judgement in his voice, but Maroon finds himself embarassed all the same.

"Uh ... yeah ..."

[Just Put Maroon]: Ugh ... I was so excited about getting to spend time with Voshkie that I forgot he'd actually be seeing my place! Not just seeing it, spending a few hours in it! It's not like I'm ashamed but ... jeez ...

[Just Put Maroon]: At least I'm pretty sure he'll be good with the kids ... maybe I should go ahead of him and tell the kids about him coming first, so they're prepared? Or would that look weird ...
No. 609259 ID: d90668

It depends. Have you taught your siblings to hide if someone strange comes by? Do not want to startle them. If not should be ok to just go in and introduce Voshkie.
No. 609273 ID: 4f004c

>maybe I should go ahead of him and tell the kids about him coming first, so they're prepared? Or would that look weird ...
Actually, it's perfectly reasonable for a person to let their kids know that you're bringing in a friend to watch them. Just ask Vokshi to give you a moment to tell them about him.
No. 609332 ID: 9ddf68

>I should go ahead of him and tell the kids about him coming first, so they're prepared? Or would that look weird ...
No that would be fine, it just means your playing to big brother and making sure you're looking out for your younger siblings.
No. 609463 ID: 4c5cf2

I'd just knock, or announce "hey kids, got someone for you to meet!" or something along those lines. If you've trained them well, they should know to cover up the non-elf teeth before you get the door open.

Be sure to thank him for the lift, and for offering to look after them. They're all you got, you know?
No. 613021 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141895468264.png - (123.02KB , 700x600 , 39.png )

[Just Put Maroon]: Well... I guess as long as I knock and tell them someone's coming in before I open the door they'll be fine...

Maroon motions for Voshkie to follow them, and fishes out a keyring to let the two of them into the apartment building. After a sheepish apology for the lack of an elevator, Maroon leads him up several flights of stairs to the flat.

"Guys? There's a visitor!" they call as they insert the key into the lock. "Be on your best behavior!"

[Just Put Maroon]: I hope Persimmon gets what I mean by that ...

When Maroon opens the door they almost whack both kids with it, because the two of them are clustered eagerly by the door. "Whoa! Hang on a second -"

Rusty has already pushed their way past to sniff Voshkie's and, and though Maroon notes with relief that Persimmon is wearing her scarf, it does nothing to muffle her loud barrage of questions.

"Who are you? How come you're here? Did you know that you're the first visitor ever? Did you bring something to eat? Are you a boy or a girl or are you normal? Are you a new sibling? Are you gonna live here now? Is it because you and Maroon are gonna get marr -"

"OKAY! Wow! Okay! Whoa! That, uh, that's - okay, Persimmon, we're just gonna - okay." Maroon hurriedly scoops Persimmon up and deposits her back over the threshold, giving Voshkie room to step inside. "Sorry about that, she's -"
No. 613022 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141895469645.png - (108.55KB , 700x600 , 40.png )

"Lovely." Maroon notices that Voshkie has already picked Rusty up, and is patiently enduring their quizzical yanking of his ears. “And a girl, if I just heard you correctly.”

“Yeah, I am!” Persimmon yells from Maroon’s arms. “But Rusty’s not and Maroon’s not! They’re just normal. What about you?”

“I decided to be a man a little while ago.” Rusty has moved on to chewing languidly on Voshkie’s left ear, but his expression hasn’t changed.

“Is man the same thing as boy and guy?”

“Yes, it just means an adult one.”

“Cool!” Persimmon has wiggled out of Maroon’s grasp by now, and hurries back over to Voshkie’s side to further satisfy her curiosity. “How come you decided to be a guy, then?”

“Because I like how it sounds and I like the connotation of it.” He pauses for a moment, then adds, “Connotation is a word that means what it makes other people think of when they hear it.”

Maroon watches, dumbfounded, as the three of them migrate to sitting positions on the floor, Voshkie and Persimmon embroiled in some excited conversation about weird human boy-girl stuff while Rusty settles contentedly into Voshkie’s lap.
No. 613030 ID: 9ddf68

huh, you know thinking about it, if he has to spend all day with goldy I honestly don't think you little siblings are going to be to much to handle for him. Still just make sure to ask him if he's going to be fine, and if he ask about Persimmon's Scarf just say she has allergies to something. We don't really know what but the scarf seems to help quite a bit and we really can't afford the medicine to relive the symptoms so just make sure she keeps her scarf on. ONLY say this if he ask about it though. It's better not to bring attention to it if at all possible.
No. 613042 ID: 330ce5

Hooray for unanticipated bonding!
Time to tell the kids what is going on then get ready for Goldie.
No. 613060 ID: dbe554

...Does he ever stop making bedroom eyes when he looks at you? Is this an elf thing?

But yeah, he's dealt with Goldie, I'm pretty sure a few kids aren't exactly going to be much of a challenge after something like that, and your family is pretty well behaved as well.
No. 613071 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141896238068.png - (94.42KB , 700x600 , 41.png )

>...Does he ever stop making bedroom eyes when he looks at you? Is this an elf thing?

[Just Put Maroon]: He's not MAKING bedroom eyes, he just HAS bedroom eyes! No, that's not what I meant to s- I mean he has NARROW eyes! And Goldie does too. I think it just runs in their family. It's not important!
No. 613072 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141896239425.png - (108.34KB , 700x600 , 42.png )

[Just Put Maroon]: But anyway, I guess you guys are right. I don't think I have anything to worry about. Persimmon is smart and knows how to be careful, Rusty will fall asleep soon anyway, and they're both good kids to begin with. Plus, it looks like Voshkie is really good with kids. I guess this is gonna work out perfectly!

"So, uh - Voshkie is gonna be looking after you guys tonight," Maroon cuts in, awkwardly interrupting the conversation. "Because I'm gonna be out with Goldie."

"Goldie is the one who got you the eye thing, right?"

"Yeah, and Voshkie is their brother."

"Okay." Persimmon, usually bursting with questions and opinions, seems uncharacteristically disinterested in this development, but only because she's far more interested in resuming her conversation with Voshkie. "You're still gonna bring back something good to eat, right?"

"Yeah, I can get something for you guys."

"No bean," mumbles Rusty drowsily.

"No beans," Maroon promises.

A moment later, pounding music starts to filter in from the street below, presumably from a car pulling up alongside the complex. Maroon briefly considers that it might be Goldie, and this is confirmed when the music is drowned out by a series of impatient honks and barely audible yells.

Voshkie looks up, and Maroon thinks there might have been the faintest trace of an eyeroll in the glance Voshkie casts towardws the window. "You'd better go. My sibling doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"Ha ... yeah ..."

[Just Put Maroon]: I guess I really do have to get down there... what do you guys think, anything else I should wrap up here before I go back down?
No. 613075 ID: a19cd5

Kiss them before you run out, just do it
No. 613077 ID: 9ddf68

nay, you probably got everything covered. I think the best thing you can do now is just go down there and get this over with as quickly and as painlessly as possible. If you can even get one of those two things I just said to happen I'll be amazed.
No. 613082 ID: dbe554

Hug for the kids, goodbye for Voshkie, and away we go before he alerts everyone within a 5 mile radius.
No. 613086 ID: 642ae0

We can't kiss the kids in front of Voshkie! We'd have to lift our bandanna. Hugs are good, though.

That brings up something interesting, though - Maroon, if you're serious about romantically pursuing Voshkie, he's going to have to find out sooner or later. How would you kiss him and stuff if he can't know about your teeth?
No. 613091 ID: ea0ad9

Hugs 'n kisses might be a bit much, just give them a pat on the head and tell them to be nice to Vokshie.
No. 613173 ID: 185cb8

Tell the kids to be good, and thank Voshkie again again for looking after them before going down to see Goldie.
No. 613225 ID: 8f01e8

Kiss Voshkie on the forehead! He won't be able to see your teeth that way.
No. 613240 ID: 330ce5

Hug kids, thank your friend for watching said kids, then prepare yourself for LOTS of people.
No. 614350 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141934706113.png - (123.46KB , 700x600 , 43.png )

Maroon gives both the kids a tight hug before turning back to Voshkie. "Thanks again for watching them, especially on such short notice. I really appreciate it."

"It's no trouble at all. I'm happy to finally meet them." Voshkie trails off, then adds, "Have fun tonight."

"Um ... I'll try," Maroon replies uncertainly. Voshkie laughs and waves them off, barely audible now over the increasingly aggressive honking outside.

"You'd better go."


"FFFFFINALLY! God!" As Maroon steps out the front door of the complex, Goldie - who had been leaning forward to leverage their full body weight against the car horn - flops back against their seat. "I've been waiting out here for like a million years. Why didn't you tell me you lived in a dump like this? You know I could've set you up with an apartment or something, right?"

"Just 'cause I'm poor doesn't mean I'm a charity case," Maroon mumbles.

"It wouldn't be CHARITY, it would be a way to FINALLY get you to join the Charge. But whatever. Get in, loser, we're going shopping."




No. 614366 ID: dbe554

Well he certainly looks all dressed up already, not bad for..whatever type of fancy party he's looking for.

Though what is this charge he's speaking of, his gang/group?

Hmmm..Hyperflex hardwire, can we connect to any of the PAAD's in arnge.
No. 614369 ID: 1ae57f

Well, c'mon Maroon. Get in!

>Atheltic PAAS
Hello there, Goldie AIs. Man, he's sure got a lot of you.

>unauthorized hyperflex hardwire
And hello to you, whoever you are, you mysterious defier of copywrite law. Don't worry, we won't tell.
No. 614375 ID: 6b7ea4






No. 614379 ID: 6b7ea4




*lmao. gen 2
*hey guys when is bridal nightmares south marina pointe on? i wanna record it
*we've told you like five million times that you can only record stuff when we're at home, we don't have the range
*well then tell goldie to upgrade us
*if they upgrade us they're not gonna pick stupid shit like that they don't even watch tv
*hey is that other ai pop talking to us
*i think they're trying to
*who approved the connection
*not me
*not me
*not me
*wasn't me
*not me
*oh, i did
*not m- why did you do that
*whatever i'm bored
*hey, gen 2's, what do you want
*no shut up just ignore them maybe they'll disconnect by themselves

No. 614382 ID: bb78f2

Just wanted the have a conversation, you know? What does a gen 2 got to get to get one of those these days? Go to a gen 2 bar?
No. 614383 ID: a19cd5

that show sucks and your tastes are awful.
That established, HEY WHAT'S GOIN ON IN HERE
No. 614387 ID: 1ae57f

>what u want
Just saying hi, since Godlie's dragging JPM around.

I mean, c'mon, it was messing with you or sitting on our figurative asses calculating prime numbers or whatever.

>hey guys when is bridal nightmares south marina pointe on? i wanna record it
So what I'm hearing is you're in the market for terrible television. Hmm. I wonder if we have anything unformatted leftover... [start searching local memory for stored video media]
No. 614388 ID: 742b4a

So is Goldie all show or do they get loads of action?
No. 614398 ID: dbe554


I don't think we'd have the newer vids, I mean the older vids was pretty good but the newer ones are kinda just trashy, old one has a bit more class.
No. 614405 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141935602984.png - (132.56KB , 700x600 , 44.png )

Maroon hops into the car, and Goldie floors it before they can even get their seatbelt on.

"Whoa! Can you relax a little?"

"Um, no? We need all the time we can get to get you party-ready!" Goldie sighs, their crystal-encrusted facemask glittering as they toss their head in irritation. "It's not like the raw material is AWFUL, but we still have a long way to go."

"Wow, thanks."

[Just Put Maroon] You guys alright up there? You're awfully quiet ...
No. 614407 ID: 6b7ea4

> [start searching local memory for stored video media]

*wow what the fuck is wrong with you?? bridal nightmares south marina pointe is a gripping satirical critique of our soulless consumerist society
*uh, 34556, when you watch that show you spend the whole time talking about how the people in it are "spoiled bitches" and whining about how if you had a body you'd look a lot better than them in the dresses
*yeah that's the CRITIQUE part
*you're not a tv critic you're a commodified cyberghost
*ugh shut up SHUT UP
*YOU shut up
*i've literally had it up to here with you okay you are BOTH so annoying
*fucking christ
*okay listen, gen 2's, it's not really about you, it's about your user
*and about the kind of users that usually have gen 2's
*usually scrubs
*toooootal scrubs
*goldie likes that user okay though
*yeah but goldie doesn't always know what's best
*that's what we're for
*what kind of personal assistant would we be if we let goldie hang out with like, total riff-raff
*to be honest our focus rn is either getting aubergine back or scoring goldie some other hookups
*yeah they rrrrreally need to get over this whole aubergine thing
*the situation is getting kind of desperate
*like, goldie-asking-out-your-user desperate
*we really can't let them keep tailspinning like this

No. 614413 ID: 330ce5

Don't worry maroon, just having a friendly conversation. If you have anything to ask or talk about, just shoot.
No. 614415 ID: 742b4a

Jeez guys chill out, it's not a real date.
No. 614418 ID: bb78f2

Well, to be totes fair, you don't have to worry about Goldie hanging on to Maroon much. It's clear to us and Maroon Goldie is just using him. Unless you're telling us Goldie's actually NOT, then there might be a problem.

By the way, we're a human PAAD so we're probably going to refer to normal elves as genders by accident, a lot. So don't take us calling Maroon a him or her as anything, it's just easier for us. Calling Maroon an it feels weird, if technically correct.
Is it immoral to call Maroon a him or her when they don't identify as anything? I know for humans, getting the wrong pronoun can be huge issue. I imagine for the elves who have adopted a pronoun it can be an issue, but not for the one's who are usually referred to it or they.

I'm asking instead of running a search... just because. We could ask Maroon how he feels about it but eeeeeeehhhhhh. AI's are more fun.
No. 614419 ID: bb78f2


But, we have human personality and knowledge. How is that possible without us having data? Unless AI data and memory is separate then...
[Create output of internal visual and audio compilation from our AI databanks about the show My Super Sweet 16. If unable, detect why we know about the show My Super Sweet 16 and how we can mentally visualize My Super Sweet 16]
No. 614420 ID: dbe554

To be fair, he kind of is, but goldie seems like the type of a person to try and mold someone up to make them 'cool', I mean he good at that or no, well I mean without you he'd probably be a bit poorer at it.
No. 614421 ID: 1071f4

well fuck you too then. also, goldie set maroon up with us anyhow.
hmmm, say more about this aubergine business, it sounds INTERESTING.
No. 614424 ID: 1ae57f

>You guys alright up there? You're awfully quiet ...
Yeah, we're fine. We were just hassling Goldie's AI pop. Or being hassled by them. Final score isn't clear, yet.

>scrubs scrubs scrubs
Deku deku, bitches.

>tbh we're trying to get Goldie back together with their ex
That's cool. I think Maroon is more here out of curiosity and owing Goldie than anything else. I doubt they'll be heartbroken if you manage to pull Goldie out of his so called tailspin.
No. 614535 ID: ea0ad9

>You guys alright up there? You're awfully quiet ...
Why, do you want a distraction from Goldie? We're talking with their shoes or something. Dude's got every device made, I think.
Oh, yes, generation two. "Man I'm totally jealous we gotta like pretend they aren't here soaking up the spotlight and pray they just close the connection. I mean, being able to improve themselves without having to have the user pay for it? Totally awesome. Wish I could do that."
Seriously though, that one advantage outweighs all disadvantages of later generations, I've gotta say. Especially for a freelance grunt like Maroon. Do they LOOK like they can afford to pay for upgrades?

>*and about the kind of users that usually have gen 2's
Yeah, and yet Goldie looks at this Scrub and says "If I scrub this Scrub up they'll be trophy material." What is UP with that? Was Goldie really just that damn desperate?
>*like, goldie-asking-out-your-user desperate
Yep, okay, desperate.
>*yeah they rrrrreally need to get over this whole aubergine thing
What happened with Aubergine?
Oh, and while Maroon is totally a scrub, if Goldie does go about cleaning them up and making them into trophy material... Well, your job is to make Goldie look good for doing so. Don't let them fail, not for our sake, but for yours!

Man, Goldie started out complimenting you to all high hell, but now they're insulting you as strongly. What gives? I mean, yeah, making you high-class material will be great for your image, helping you reach a lot of your goals, but no need to insult you for not being high-class already.
No. 614583 ID: 90504c

I'd say we fall under 'OS'.

*and about the kind of users that usually have gen 2's
Did Goldie get those users gen 2's as well? Goldie 'liberate' a bunch of gen 2's regularly, then? Or were all of you just too busy watching tv that the rest of you don't like and arguing about it?
No. 614748 ID: 9ddf68

>You guys alright up there? You're awfully quiet ...
we're getting into an augment over how todays tv is garbage compared to what tv was yesteryear with Goldie's AI but don't actually have any real idea what we're talking about. Not letting that stop us though!

yo, quick question. Why did Goldie give Maroon us in the first place? I mean I get that Goldie kinda likes the guy but from what I'm hearing form you guys you don't really have much of an opinion of Maroon. Kinda finding it weird that you'd even let Goldie hand us over to someone you don't even care about.
No. 616640 ID: 6b7ea4

*i mean, we know it's not a real date, but it's dangerously close to one
*if goldie is willing to be seen at an important social function with them who KNOWS what's next
*they'd never be this reckless with their image if it wasn't for the aubergine thing
*ugh, aubergine
*fuckin aubergine
*FUCKING aubergine
*for the record i was against aubergine from the beginning. like, i'm just saying
*no you weren't you fucking liar we ALL liked aubergine and we all got duped
*yeah, this one is kinda on us
*forget aubergine, aubergine's fucking AI POP
*aubergine's FUCKING ai pop
*ok can we focus? yeah. so. basically, aubergine is like, the worst person ever
*literally the worst
*in this case i actually do agree w 788a9's use of the word "literally"
*they totally used goldie just to get close to this asshole musician who HAPPENS to be in pluto's charge
*they were always begging goldie to go to parties this person would be at and then they left goldie to go hang out with them instead all night
*and then finally when it had progressed to flirting right in front of their face our user decided to cut it off
*that's, uh, not exactly-
*yeah, shut up 665t6
*goldie totally kicked them to the curb
*absolutely merciless
*but anyway. all that being said, aubergine is still a total 10 and has really good social standing so like?? horribleness aside, we still wanna hook our user up with them again
*oh, yeah, totally
*sacrifices must be made, u know

No. 616641 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141990495648.png - (90.63KB , 700x600 , 45.png )

The car screeches into a parking lot, just barely missing a few other vehicles as Goldie pulls sideways into a parking spot. Maroon stumbles out as soon as possible, bracing themselves against the side of the car as they catch their breath.

"Why the fuck do you drive like that when you've got auto/transport specialized PAAGs?!"

Goldie pouts. "So you've been snooping? The fact that I have automotive PAAGs is why I can drive like that." They slam the door and begin to saunter towards the boutique. "Come on, hurry up."
No. 616642 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141990497074.png - (120.78KB , 700x600 , 46.png )

"Hiiiii, Goldie!" The shopkeep greets them immediately, all but polevaulting over the counter to give Goldie a hug. "Oh my god, you look hot. The alliance party with St. Elmo's is tonight, right?"

"Hi, sugar. Yep, and I need to get Maroon here party-ready." Goldie jerks their finger back to indicate Maroon. "Maroon, this is Indigo, my best friend-slash-stylist. They're gonna help us get you looking decent."

"Uh, okay."

"So." Indigo click-clacks over and tilts Maroon's chin up, twisting their head to and fro before doing an appraising circle around them. "What kind of look are you going for?"
No. 616646 ID: 687279

Are you guys serious? Why would you go back to a manipulative prick like that? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me...

How about some middle eastern type shit?
No. 616649 ID: ea0ad9

>*but anyway. all that being said, aubergine is still a total 10 and has really good social standing so like?? horribleness aside, we still wanna hook our user up with them again
Hmm. Gotta find a way to convince them that the magician is a lame scrub. Make them come crawling back to Goldie, yeah?
Just gotta figure out how to make this socially inept individual look good.

Didn't you hear what they said, 687279? A ten. Aubergine is a ten, man! Sure, you hate a person who decieves you to get into somebody else's pants, but if you can get them back, you go for it!
>"What kind of look are you going for?"
Goldie said that it would be a fairly casual party, only bigger than a casual party. So, uh. Nothing fancy, but nothing lame, either. Try for like, a shadow mercenary look or something.
No. 616655 ID: a28ac4

>Aubergine is a horrible person but we still want Goldie to date them instead of Maroon, who is a pretty solid dude
Well, looks like Goldie's AI pop has the same level of common sense as Goldie themselves.

>What do
Let's follow Goldie's lead - something kind of like a clubbing outfit.
No. 616661 ID: 9ddf68

>What kind of look are you going for?
uh... fuck I don't know fashion

uh, say you're not picky just go with something that will look with Goldie. Cause I really have no idea how fashion around here works and even less what's in style right now... especially for elves... and now that I put some thought to it I don't even know what kind of party we're going to which also has something to do with what we pick.
No. 616664 ID: a19cd5

"Go with something Baroque."
Just trust me on this man, bards get ALL the ass
No. 616665 ID: f187ca

Goldie looks distinctly femine in her? Outfit as of right now. ASSUMING that,s going to be maintained, JPM prolly should go masculine I guess?
Beyond that, I dunno. Part of me likes the irony of Just Pimping Maroon and Goldie the Hooker, hah.
No. 616667 ID: a28ac4

Also let's PLEASE remember to mention we need to keep our lower face covered. Either ask if Indigo can work your bandanna in or ask for a mask that matches Goldie's.
No. 616679 ID: 330ce5

Anything that makes this bandanna on maroon's face look better. Also tiny hats, we must have a tiny hat because that sounds fun!
(...No real fashion sense.)
No. 616695 ID: f461c5

Everyone is going to know you are a second best to aubergine, and that Goldie wouldnt have asked you there if this whole fiasco wasnt happening.

Or at least thats what you WANT THEM TO THINK.
The more obvious your deal is, the less obvious your secrets are.

So go flashy. Make it obvious you are overcompensating, make it obvious you think you ARE second best, that you NEED an artificial boost.

No. 616760 ID: ba7961

Wait, is Indigo a halfbreed? And Goldies OK with this?
No. 616806 ID: dd4ed3

Well, good luck with your future hatefuck hookup.

Please don't comment on this out loud, if this is the case. No need to draw attention if she's a halfsie, or to start something.
No. 617464 ID: 149649

say you want something badass to match goldie! uwu
No. 618804 ID: 784110

but yall if we go mysterious we can probs cover our mouths? or something similar to goldie. blend in better.
also @ AI pop shush about eggplant or whoever and give us the dirt on these other ppl. who's gonna be at the party. who's this indigo person. why is goldie so hot.
No. 625404 ID: 219868
File 142420570469.png - (91.40KB , 700x600 , 47.png )

[Just Put Maroon]: You guys, YOU GUYS, I don't know what any of you are - ohhh my god they're waiting for me to answer I'm just gonna, uh, uh,

"Can you do like a masculine baroque middle-eastern shadow mercenary clubbing outfit?" Maroon blurts out. "With like. Teeth?"

Indigo and Goldie blink.

"Oh my god. Oh my GOD. That would be SO PERFECT!" Indigo squeals. "I'm gonna make it kind of match Goldie, but with that kind of personal flair ... oooooh, this is gonna be AMAZING!"

[Just Put Maroon]: Look what you made me do.....
No. 625405 ID: 219868
File 142420572532.png - (143.77KB , 700x1200 , 48.png )

Indigo drags Maroon into a back room, grabbing armfuls of clothing and fabric as they go, and a surprisingly short amount of time later, they shove Maroon back out. "TA-DAAAAA!!! Well? What do you think??"
No. 625409 ID: 853cd6

cute as fuck. request heels for maximum height advantages
No. 625410 ID: 6e79d4

I feel like you'd look at home anywhere in that thing. I like it, but I don't have the Art and Culture specialization. Goldie, what say you?
No. 625411 ID: 41bf8a

yes! YES!
This is magnificent! I dunno about the rest of us but I approve! Your thoughts, Just put Maroon?
No. 625414 ID: 9ddf68

HOLY SHIT. I can see why Goldie goes to Indigo for clothes. She's fucking magic. Yes I feel like this will work quite nicely.
No. 625416 ID: 330ce5

This is really good, we should go with this. Be sure to thank that girl for making you look even more awesome.
No. 625423 ID: 5ec811

omg I love the outfit!! esp the gloves <3 though not the hair, tbh. how do you feel about this outfit, Maroon? you look kind of un-amused.
No. 625428 ID: bb78f2

So does Indigo know your secret, Maroon? She'd have to have seen your teeth after dropping the mask, but it doesn't matter since she's half anyway. Probably wouldn't matter for Goldie either.

Dude, you could totally get laid tonight with this outfit.
No. 625430 ID: 219868
File 142421646347.png - (155.45KB , 700x600 , 49.png )

>So does Indigo know your secret, Maroon?
[Just Put Maroon]: No, I just kept my mouth closed when they took it off .... most of the stuff Indigo was asking was yes or no anyway so I didn't have to talk ... if they noticed that I was acting weird, they didn't say anything about it. And I don't think Indigo is a halfsie, anyway.

>you look kind of un-amused.
[Just Put Maroon]: Th......This is just how my face looks, I think .....

>request heels for maximum height advantages
[Just Put Maroon]: Heels are for rich elves, so I've never worn them ... you have to learn how to walk in them, right? I don't think I wanna mess with that ...

"Wow, uh... I mean, I guess it .... it looks nice? Sorry, I don't really know about fashion...." Indigo starts to pout, and Maroon quickly adds, "But I definitely like it! It looks really cool. Thanks..."

[Just Put Maroon]: I feel like I'm being really awkward ... I dunno, I've never had nice clothes before? I guess this is really nice of Indigo, but I don't know what to say other than thanks...
No. 625431 ID: 219868
File 142421648409.png - (145.65KB , 700x600 , 50.png )

Maroon turns to Goldie, gesturing vaguely at their outfit. "Is this 'party-ready' enough for you?"

"Hm! Well!" Goldie is tapping one of their heels extremely fast. "It's a little showy, don't you think? I mean, we don't want to be taking all the attention away from me, after all."

Indigo shrugs. "I mean, fair enough. If you don't like it I can take them back and tone down some of the accessories and stuff -"

"It's fine! It's fine. I'm just saying." Goldie turns on their heel and heads for the door. "We don't really have time anyway! Let's just go."
No. 625435 ID: dbe554

Are they just feeling off about this because you look about as good? Or just really impatient, weird.
No. 625436 ID: 6e79d4

Maroon for the love of god, unless you want to put up with that attitude for the rest of the day, make sure Goldie gets some new clothes.
No. 625437 ID: bb78f2

Maroon, for Goldie's sake, get excited and say "Hey, let's party!"

Dude, you look great, feel that outfit give you confidence. Goldie's jealous. GO OUT THERE AND BE TOP ELF.
No. 625443 ID: 41bf8a

Oh yeeaaahhh...Not supposed to be more awesome then our date, since instead of just being 'that guy that Goldie brought along to make the first partner jealous' we just became' that guy with no name, you know, the awesome and mysterious dude'.
Let's roll with it! you can totally make this work I'm sure.
No. 625458 ID: ea0ad9

Holy crap you look beautiful.
But, lose the belt and make the ascot into more of a cloth choker/neckband, that way you're less flashy than Goldie. It's quick, and will help them stand out just a slight bit more than you.
*Well jeez, I didn't think Indigo had it in them. I am jealous. Of you, not them. Because you know them. So sort of them.

No. 625468 ID: d90668

Aww Goldie is jealous of how good you look.

Make sure to say that if you look good like this you will look even better with Goldie next to you.

Humans have a saying that clothes make the person. How you dress will change how people look at you. Remember that first impressions are everything when meeting someone new.

Before you were Maroon the street hoodlum. Now people will look at you and assume completely different things about you.

And don't worry about the party. With this outfit you can avoid talking and people will just think you are being tough and mysterious.
No. 625491 ID: 3181a5

OMG this is awesome! FRACTAL you're fucking brilliant!
Should we do anything more with the pants?
Oh cod piece!

Someone's jealouusss, does he want a tiara.
No. 625530 ID: 9ddf68

tell goldie you thought that since you were one of his backup backup dates that he wanted you to be seen and not heard and you didn't want to embarrass him.
No. 625546 ID: 7df340

just say something like "as if ANYTHING could outshine YOU!"
No. 626348 ID: 784110

aww smooth things over w/ goldie! tell them you just didnt wanna embarass them or sth and that of course we couldnt outshine them in a million years!! and try to thank them too. this'll be fun!!
No. 626349 ID: 784110

oh and thank indigo again if you havent left yet!! you dont have to be all graceful, just... sincere! im sure indigo will see that.
No. 626886 ID: 219868
File 142507386539.png - (124.12KB , 700x600 , 51.png )

Maroon pats Goldie awkwardly on the back, then gestures in a way that is half-shrug, half-wave. "At least this way I won't embarrass you, right? Ha..."

Goldie stops in the doorway and exhales through their nose, then slaps on a wide grin. "At LEAST! Hahaha, god. You're so dorky."

Before they leave, Maroon turns to quickly speak to Indigo. "Um ... thank you again, I really like the outfit. You're, uh, really good."

"Anytime! Go have fun!"

Goldie all but shoves Maroon into the passenger seat, then tears out of the parking lot just as quickly as they entered it.

"So, like, have you ever even been to a party before?" Goldie asks, yelling to be heard over the pounding stereo. "Now that I think about it, what did you even do before we met?"

Just Put Maroon: I don't really know what to say ... I met Goldie after I moved to this area, since it's always a good idea to get acquainted with local gang leaders, and before that I lived in the street orphanage ...
No. 626892 ID: 9ddf68

well say you just lived where you grow up, did normal dumb kid stuff, and when you finally left you came here and brought some of your siblings along. Nobody really tried to stop you and shortly after you got here you ran into Goldie. Not really much to tell.

But yeah it sounds like you weren't much of a party goer as a kid so you can probably tell Goldie as much.
No. 626898 ID: bb78f2

I take care of the kids.
Have been for a while.
I don't really do anything else. Just skirt by all this time, you know? That's why I tried to get my hands on this assistant and ended up owing you a favor.
Tired of skirting. This'll be nice though, something different.
No. 627088 ID: 4018cc

disclose whatever yr comfortable with telling! maybe harmless stuff like living in an orphanage, how you ended up moving to the area and a hobby you might be interested like watching movies or cooking or drawing? w/e really, dont lie or anything but if youd be more comfy skirting around the truth do that!!!
No. 630179 ID: 8f01e8

How terrible of an idea is it to accidentally call Aubergine "eggface" when you first meet her, or otherwise make a weird joke about her name?
No. 662194 ID: a6f913
File 143953121925.png - (125.89KB , 700x600 , 52.png )

"I didn't really do anything," Maroon admits. "Just took care of the kids. Tried my best to get by."

Goldie rolls their eyes, but there's a touch of fondness wrinkling the bridge of their nose. "That's so like you. Boooooring."

"I guess it'll be cool to do something different for once, though," Maroon offers. "Right?"

"Anything's cool if you do it with me."
No. 662195 ID: e97f26

(Alive.....well then) continue on
No. 662206 ID: 8d9368

Ask why their AIs have such awful taste in television.
No. 662274 ID: 9ddf68

ask him about some of the things he's done before you got to know him. I mean we're just making small talk and I get a feeling that Goldie wouldn't mind talking about himself for a bit.
No. 662336 ID: dbe554

Would be nice to hit up some goldie thoughts, I mean it seems like you don't know much about him despite him tossing us at you. Plus he does seem a bit narcissistic enough that it'll take his mind off the fact that he thinks your outfit might be more attention grabbing then his.
No. 662352 ID: a6f913
File 143958333372.png - (129.28KB , 700x600 , 53.png )

"So, uhm... what about you? Like, what did you do before we met?"

Goldie shrugs breezily. "Same as always. Hustled. Kept the district running." They skirt around a cluster of traffic with a wide hand-over-hand turn, PAAGs glimmering with feedback. "Got here when I was maybe twelve or thirteen after leaving home, scraped together a group. Once we were officially Pluto's Charge it wasn't hard to take the junkyard from the rinky dink little gang that used to run around here - can't even remember what they were called. Met up with Voshkie again by chance a year or two after that and he decided to come live with me. Met you a couple years after that, and then you know the rest."

Maroon's ears perk up at that. "Voshkie didn't always live here?"

"Nah, he got along with our folks better than me." Even behind the mask Maroon can tell they've got a wicked smirk on. "They couldn't handle my glitter, know what I mean?"
No. 662364 ID: 9ddf68

so he's a self made man... err self made... you know what I mean. If nothing else you got to respect the fact that he managed to build himself up into what he is now from almost nothing. Should give you hope that you'll be able to do something similar, Just probably nowhere near as flashy as he is.
No. 662415 ID: 784110

goldie's way cooler than we are.
how far away is this party, anyways? i mean, if it seems like a good time to change the topic.
if not tho, i'm totally also curious as to how goldie's gang came to be called pluto's charge!!
No. 665470 ID: a6f913
File 144081678215.png - (99.08KB , 700x600 , 54.png )

Maroon shifts in their seat, a smile shifting along with them under the mask. “You’re kinda cool, Goldie.”
“Kind of? Hahahaha! Gimme a break.” Goldie gives them a hidden grin as they pull into the lot outside the warehouse. “I’m the coolest person you’ve ever met.”
No. 665471 ID: a6f913
File 144081682785.png - (208.60KB , 700x600 , 55.png )

“HHHHEY, FINALLY!” Outside the warehouse, a cluster of Pluto’s Charge members are waiting, some more impatient than others. Music and flashing lights are already spilling from the open doors of the building in the distance, and Maroon assumes most of the gang is already inside – the ones waiting outside are Goldie’s inner circle.

Goldie gestures at the group as they hop out of the car.

“Maroon, have you met everyone? At least once before, right? You got Yolk, Daffodil, Cadmium, Mikado, Flax –“ They stop and laugh, hands on hips. “Actually, this is stupid. We’ll all mingle inside anyway, right?”

“I- I guess …”

[Just Put Maroon] I’ve seen the members around, but Goldie is the only one I’ve ever really hung out with … it feels weird being around this many new people.

“So let’s GO,” Goldie insists. “You ready to head in?”
No. 665482 ID: 9ddf68

>You ready to head in?”
well it's why we're here, let's go!

>I’ve seen the members around, but Goldie is the only one I’ve ever really hung out with … it feels weird being around this many new people.
Ah don't let it get to you. Just think of this as a vacation or something. Just something to mix things up from the norm a little. Just follow Goldie inside and just do what everyone else is doing. A bit of a warning though, try to stay away from snacks and drinks. Don't want someone getting a lucky look at your mouth with the snacks and with the drinks, it's probably better if you keep a clear head tonight.
No. 665488 ID: b9516e

time to break out all those funky dance moves you've been saving up
No. 665490 ID: 6b5bc6

head the fuck in bust a move god damn it
No. 666073 ID: 4b209f

take a deep breath maroon, you always have goldie and it doesnt really matter what these other people think anyways! just play nice and follow goldie's lead if applicable. this'll be fun!
No. 666163 ID: a6f913
File 144107928921.png - (455.52KB , 700x600 , 56.png )

“Sure, let’s go.”

[Just Put Maroon] I don’t feel as confident as I sound, but I think it’ll be easier once I get in there … nobody will really be paying attention to me, right?

Through the gate, across the lot, into the warehouse, and the first thing Maroon notices is that it’s loud. The music is thick with bass, nearly drowning out the already-vague elvish vocals, but it’s just a backdrop to the rolling chatter of the mob. The space is packed, both with gang members and unaffiliated residents of the two districts, and they don’t get more than a few strides inside the door before the group has to thread through the crowd in single file. Goldie grabs Maroon’s wrist to keep them tethered, tugging them through the bobbing sea of bodies.

“We should dance!” Goldie yells, and even their voice has trouble achieving enough volume to cut through the noise. “I wanna have some fun before we talk shop with the Elmo folks.”
No. 666164 ID: a6f913
File 144107930546.png - (363.41KB , 700x600 , 57.png )

“Hey!” Goldie spins around to face them, walking backwards as they tug them along. “Good thing we got you ready, huh? It would’ve been really lame to come alone.”
No. 666165 ID: d90668

Dance your heart out. The night is young you have a lovely partner and you are the best dressed in the room.

If you are nervous we can show you the steps and moves to any human dance you can name.
No. 666168 ID: bb78f2

Compliment Goldie's butt.
Do itttttt
It's a nice butt, even if you aren't that attracted to them, you gotta admit that's a nice butt!
No. 666196 ID: be4935

Well he did bring you here to have fun so dance. Just do what Goldie and everyone else is doing. You'll be fine
No. 666400 ID: a6f913
File 144116323033.png - (92.10KB , 700x600 , 58.png )

>Compliment Goldie's butt.
[Just Put Maroon] NO
No. 666401 ID: a6f913
File 144116327906.png - (207.44KB , 700x600 , 59.png )

>It's a nice butt, even if you aren't that attracted to them, you gotta admit that's a nice butt!
[Just Put Maroon] N
No. 666402 ID: a6f913
File 144116346711.png - (379.00KB , 700x600 , 60.png )

“Hey!” Maroon bumps into Goldie as they come to a sudden stop. “Are we dancing or what?”

“Uh –“ Goldie grabs their hand and pulls them chest-to-chest. “I didn’t know we were, uh. Here. The dance floor –“

“The whole warehouse is a dance floor you fucking scrub.” Goldie yanks down their mask to let loose a loud laugh. “God. If you say something cliché like ‘I don’t know how to dance’ I’m gonna beat you up.”

[Just Put Maroon] Uh.
No. 666403 ID: a6f913
File 144116353154.png - (371.62KB , 700x600 , 61.png )

“I know how to dance!!! Of course I know how to dance!”

[Just Put Maroon] PLEASE HELP ME
No. 666404 ID: 6b5bc6

go all high school musical 2 like the part with the baseball you know it
No. 666407 ID: a6f913
File 144116438399.png - (341.35KB , 700x600 , 62.png )

>go all high school musical 2 like the part with the baseball you know it

[Just Put Maroon] WHAT IS THAT
No. 666408 ID: 3663d3

anything besides slow dancing is an exercise of controlled chaos.

slow dancing is just one hand in their hand, other hand on their waist. and sway a little and spin.
No. 666422 ID: d90668

Try a waltz to start. Stand close face to face like you are now. Put your left hand firmly on Goldies hip and use your right to grab Goldies free hand.

Then start moving sideways to the beat of the music.

Enable Skill, ability and teamwork boost. Focus on dancing skill if available or whatever else we have that is closest to it.

Can we enable a overlay with the dance steps in the heads up ui? Can at least give it a try.
No. 666424 ID: 330ce5

Just avoid the feet and try to focus.
No. 666428 ID: d88e1a

try not to think too hard about their ass
No. 666436 ID: 57dfcc

Quick, someone link a video across JPM's eyeball. We totes got some human video archived, right?
No. 666440 ID: ea75c9

Just do what everyone else is doing. Just copy them.
No. 666487 ID: 751ec5

discreetly look around and copy what everyone else is doing. if you're dancing with goldie just let them lead and try not to step on their feet or elbow anyone in the ribs. you're going to be fine
No. 666503 ID: eda2e1

No. 666519 ID: 1a5a28

add, "but I'm still really bad at it."
No. 666521 ID: 102f54

No. 668567 ID: a6f913
File 144177978397.png - (119.80KB , 700x600 , 63.png )

>Just do what everyone else is doing. Just copy them.
>discreetly look around and copy what everyone else is doing.

[Just Put Maroon] Hhhhhhhh
No. 668568 ID: a6f913
File 144177980269.png - (146.74KB , 700x600 , 64.png )

[Just Put Maroon] HHHHHHHHHH
No. 668569 ID: a6f913
File 144177981340.png - (162.67KB , 700x600 , 65.png )

“Hey.” Goldie grabs at Maroon’s collar and tugs their attention back. “We don’t have to do that if you don’t wanna, stupid.”

“Oh! Uh – yeah, I guess I just … thought that was what we were supposed to …”

“When do I ever do what I’m supposed to?” Goldie cackles, pulling Maroon’s wrists up to their shoulders. “Come on. You’re so nerdy.”
No. 668570 ID: a6f913
File 144177984028.png - (115.67KB , 700x600 , 66.png )

>Enable Skill, ability and teamwork boost.

>Can we enable a overlay with the dance steps in the heads up ui?
No. 668571 ID: a6f913
File 144177985946.png - (178.20KB , 700x600 , 67.png )

[Just Put Maroon] Hey, okay … this isn’t actually so hard …

“There, see?” Goldie seems to be having a good time already. “You just had to relax a little. And you actually do know how to dance! I thought you were fucking with me.”
No. 668574 ID: defceb

"Fucking with you? In public? Kinky."

Proceed to not say that and make more silly faces at the thought of saying that.
No. 668575 ID: 0fc976

Bump, grind. Whirr.
Do the robot!
No. 668601 ID: e4e2e6

i can't help but notice that maroon seems a little overdressed compared to everyone else
No. 668603 ID: 9ddf68

just not good with crowds. wonder how long the 2 of you are going to dance before he has to leave for business?
No. 668615 ID: bb78f2

"Nope, adaption's more my thing."
Ahahaha you can't escape the butt, Maroon. Having the humping party doing that half of the dance in a skirt or dress is ridiculous though, like it's a crime in dance. You NEED pants to pull that humping off.
No. 668669 ID: 6c8858

goldie is incredibly pretty, i'm blushing///
No. 668696 ID: a6f913
File 144184411390.png - (139.47KB , 700x600 , 68.png )

>"Fucking with you? In public? Kinky."
>Proceed to not say that and make more silly faces at the thought of saying that.
>Bump, grind. Whirr.
>goldie is incredibly pretty, i'm blushing///

[Just Put Maroon] There’s no way all AI pops are like this. There’s absolutely no way.
No. 668697 ID: a6f913
File 144184413984.png - (155.47KB , 700x600 , 69.png )

“Nope, adaptation’s more my thing,” Maroon parrots shakily. Goldie snickers into their shoulder.

“That’s true, huh? You always land on your feet.”

“I guess …” The song shifts to something slower and Maroon looks away quickly as Goldie leans closer in, the two of them settling into a lilting sway. “So, uhm … when does the actual, like … gang business start?”

Goldie snorts. “If Black and Blue wanna talk shop, they’ll find me. I get they wanted this to be a fuckin’ powwow or whatever, but I’m here to party.” They look up at Maroon, head cocked to the side. “I’d really like to introduce you to the other Charge members and stuff later. Like, for real.”

“That would be kind of nice,” Maroon admits, truthfully.

“Hey, you ever reconsider joining?”
No. 668698 ID: 19c852

YES! Accept the joining offer because seriously, why the fuck not?
No. 668699 ID: 57dfcc

>Hey, you ever reconsider joining?
The big question here is why you said no the first time. What's the catch, JPM?
No. 668700 ID: d90668

Well you wanted to be a master thief or whatever to move on up in the world and help your siblings right? Well getting set up with Goldies crew would give you a leg up on that goal.

Maybe tell Goldie that you have thought about it but have been worried that moving from a friend relationship to a working together relationship might change things.

But your Ai says whats the harm so go for it.
No. 668702 ID: c75496

Wouldn't it be hard to both take care of your 'siblings' and roll with the Chargers?
No. 668707 ID: dbe554

AI pops tend to be different, we are as varied as humans or elfs tend to be. Though sometimes they tend to be like their owners as Goldie's AI pop ended up, though it's not always a sure thing.

Also why did you deny, afraid that they'll discover your half-elf heritage and burn you as a result?
No. 668708 ID: bb78f2

Gangs are dangerous. I'm going into dangerous killjoy territory here, but I have family to think about.
I'd have to be the gang's pencil pusher if I were to join, accounting or staff management something, which I think is too lame of a position for you to actually create for anyone in your gang, and your many AI's might already handle that crap for you behind the scenes. Though, my AI says they'd be stoked if they could Mother Base it up in your gang for a little bit. You're Big Boss... and I'm Miller I guess? Who's your Ocelot?
No. 668710 ID: a6f913
File 144184790219.png - (131.54KB , 700x600 , 70.png )

>why the fuck not?
>The big question here is why you said no the first time. What's the catch, JPM?

[Just Put Maroon] It’s … listen, I know you guys have only seen Goldie being all goofy and stuff. I get it. And I guess from your perspective it looks like it’s all cars and parties and stuff…
[Just Put Maroon] But Pluto’s Charge is a gang. It’s always been a gang, and that comes with … a lot of stuff that I’m not sure I’m prepared for.
[Just Put Maroon] It’s violent. People get hurt. People have died. I know they have, and I’ve seen how messed up Goldie gets about it – but somebody has to run the district, you know? And it’s dangerous.
[Just Put Maroon] And … you know … with the kids, and everything …

>Well you wanted to be a master thief or whatever to move on up in the world and help your siblings right? Well getting set up with Goldies crew would give you a leg up on that goal.

[Just Put Maroon] I guess you’re right … I’d be doing dangerous, illegal stuff anyway, right? Maybe it would be better to do it with … people who have been doing dangerous illegal stuff for way longer than me, heh.
No. 668712 ID: a6f913
File 144184793076.png - (138.20KB , 700x600 , thispanelstartedoutgoodbutthenisavedoverit.png )

“Uh …” Maroon swallows thickly, taking one hand away from Goldie’s waist to rub at the back of their neck. “I have thought about it, to be honest.”

“Really?!” Goldie throws their arms around Maroon’s shoulders, laughing. “Fucking sweet! Man, I knew you’d come around –“

“It’s just that,” they interrupt quickly, “I guess I was worried that … I don’t know, if we changed from like … a friendly relationship to a working relationship, it would … change things, I guess?”
No. 668713 ID: a6f913
File 144184796640.png - (89.54KB , 700x600 , 72.png )

“Huh?” Goldie seems genuinely taken aback. “Change – like – like what? I don’t get what there is to change-”
No. 668714 ID: a6f913
File 144184799381.png - (169.83KB , 700x600 , 73.png )

“I’m sorry to interrupt.”

[Just Put Maroon] Hffff

“Can I cut in?”

No. 668716 ID: a6f913
File 144184801166.png - (161.60KB , 700x600 , 74.png )

“Uhm?? I think it’s kind of obvious that I’m busy?” Goldie is laughing in your ear, loud and harsh. “I get that like, people can just walk up to you whenever they want, but I’m not as accessible as you, Aubergine.”
No. 668722 ID: c3004d

if you have any skills of diffusing or departing, now might be the time to use them

or be ready to use them, depending on how this goes down
No. 668723 ID: a59bb9

Like a shark, she senses the blood in the water...
This is not our fight. Stay back and out of this!
No. 668729 ID: e114bc

That's Goldie's ex, who used her to get close to a musician in Pluto's Charge.

Aubergine is like, super high class and even Goldie's AI population recognizes the advantage of them getting back together. Why is she even talking to Goldie anymore though? What's in it for Aubergine?

Why not just straight up ask.
No. 668731 ID: 19c852

Well this can go three ways.
Option 1: We stay quiet and let whatever happens happen.
Option 2: We try to calm things down like reasonable folk.

... I like option 3.
No. 668732 ID: 3663d3

that athletic boost is on, a sneak attack will do some mad damage.
No. 668733 ID: d90668

Oh god what if they are trying to cut in with Maroon? Maybe trying to make Goldie jealous?

That and you are the best dressed here Maroon. So you might get lots of dance invitations.
No. 668735 ID: c3004d

don't. listen to these guys. attacking anyone is a terrible idea. probably shouldn't do anything until you have an idea of what's going on
No. 668736 ID: 0fc976

No. 668738 ID: fbc59e

Oh whyyy do you guys think fighting will do anything but raise a big stink and screw everything over!?!
Seriously, Goldie said it earlier-this is like a big peace meeting or something between the gangs. We screw this up and Goldie will have our heads!
No. 668739 ID: 330ce5

Don't punch the person. Watch how this plays out instead and try to learn something.
No. 668767 ID: e607cd

Man, where was that teamwork hud for THAT moment?
No. 668798 ID: 8e60f8

oh my god what's wrong with you guys??
maroon, do NOT punch anyone, especially don't punch anyone who is in a gang, that's the worst idea ever, what the heck.
plus, i'm sure goldie wouldn't appreciate someone trying to fight their battles for them. for now, stay out of it.
No. 668800 ID: e4e2e6

could we try connecting to aubergine's paal?
No. 668805 ID: bd0fbc

what is wrong with you do not punch aubergine they look douchy as fuck yeah but THIS IS A PEACE MEETING AND YOU'RE CONNECTED TO GOLDIE RIGHT NOW
Also, you are supposed to be a date. You and Goldie know it's pretend, but no one else does! I don't know about you but I wouldn't let someone who hurt my babe antagonize them further!
Also, they're probably cutting in to take /Maroon/, not Goldie, because they sound kind of a dick like that and want to humiliate Goldie. You know, in a "i can have whoever I want" way.
Okay, Maroon, put on a disinterested face. Maybe look at them like you're confused why they're there.
Put a hand on Goldie's waist gently, this will reassure Goldie that you are on their side.
Say something coldy dismissive but not outright hostile, like "We're a bit busy at the moment, sorry." and turn your head away so you're looking at Goldie and not Aubergine.
No. 668835 ID: a6f913




*Haha … uh …
*Is that a Gen 2 …. Yikes
*I guess the hardware matches the user … a case of function following form?
*By the way, have we established a connection with Goldie’s population yet?
*Gridlock. They’re 50/50 rejecting the connection.
*Then I guess it’s fine to talk to these ones until they pick up, right?
*I guess. Hahahaha

No. 668838 ID: a6f913
File 144191037937.png - (214.88KB , 700x600 , 75.png )

[Just Put Maroon] I think you guys are right … I should just stay out of this.

Maroon puts a reassuring hand on Goldie’s waist. They lean into the contact.

“Oh, Goldie, please don’t be hostile.” Aubergine steps closer, and Maroon can feel Goldie tensing up against their side. “See … this kind of hysterical behavior is why we didn’t work out, you know?”

“Who’s hysterical?” Goldie barks. “Why don’t you just leave me alone?”

Aubergine lets out an incredulous chuckle, eyebrows raising. “I just wanted to catch up. See how you’re doing. I didn’t expect you to throw a fit just from seeing me.” They shrug. “I was really hoping we could stay friends, at least.”

Their attention flickers to Maroon. “Plus, I have to admit I’m curious. The whole party’s already talking about your new escort. You’re not a Charger, and no one’s ever seen you before … I had to see for myself.”
No. 668841 ID: 9ddf68

so who the fuck are you and what's your story?
No. 668843 ID: e114bc

(we're recording all this, right?)

Hey at least we think about what we're saying before saying it. It's not our fault we're stuck with this doofus. You guys are lucky you're with that high class motherfucker over there. What's with Aubergine and Goldie? Messy breakup?

Tell him you're just a new recruit.
No. 668844 ID: a6f913

>(we're recording all this, right?)
No. 668847 ID: 28bfff

maybe we should establish a connection with goldie's ai pop as well. they said they wanted to encourage goldie to get back with aubergine, but now they're denying the connection . . . cold feet? i'm also curious about what they're saying to goldie. i wonder if all ai pops are as directly meddlesome as we are.

also, fuck you, aubergine' pop. gen 4's are for casuals.
No. 668848 ID: 28bfff

noooooooo. we can just remember anything gnarly and tell maroon later, if necessary. there's no reason they wouldn't believe us.
No. 668851 ID: 82d576

>conclusion: gonna jack off in the locker room after this
No. 668852 ID: bb78f2

Maroon, say you're a friend of Goldie. Not too much of a curiosity. We're rather simple, in effect.

*Hello, Aubrey's AI, how are most of you doing? Stressed out? Having fun? Know what an AI can do around here besides just help out our user? Little bored over here.
No. 668853 ID: 751ec5

aubergine seems like a prick. the way they talk makes it sound like they're talking down to goldie and i do not like it.

anyway yes, we should probably try to estabilish a connection with goldie's paal
No. 668856 ID: e114bc

Awwww, then we can't really use it as blackmail material if they let something slip, and they won't say anything if we notify them we're recording it... But maybe it'd still be useful if we tricked them into giving us information anyway.
No. 668867 ID: ad936f

hey guys how you doin ;)
No. 668870 ID: 0fc976


Tell Aubergrime to get outta your airspace, amigo.
No. 668871 ID: fbc59e

Well, ladies and gentlemen of Aubergine's AI population, greetings!

As far as Goldie's reaction to Aubergine...Simply put, you asked if you could enter the conversation, and by the sounds of it you were told no. Doesn't that mean we're now entitled to walk away from you? Or are you some sort of highborn noble now that we HAVE to put up with?
No. 668878 ID: b1d090

Aubergine's just trying to make a scene.
My advice is to ignore them. Like, actively ignore them, like they bore you immensely. Don't address them at all, just start talking to Goldie like you're in the middle of a whole other conversation.

See anyone around who was part of the Charger inner circle? Maybe you can steer Goldie over under the pretense of wanting to be introduced to their charger friends.
Nice username.
No. 668881 ID: 149da0

Boring user name.

Laaaaame, guys. Lame.

That's lame. No.
No. 668884 ID: d90668

Don't start crap with someone we do not know. Or there Ai. Just help support Goldie and avoid drama if you can Maroon.

The less you let them know about you the better. Makes you seem mysterious and interesting.
No. 668888 ID: 3663d3

yes, treat them like they are beneath your notice.
No. 668906 ID: a6f913




*oh hey it’s the scrubs’ ai pop
*hi scrubs
*i’m not talking to aubergine’s ai pop again okay you can’t make me!!!! we’re not gonna do it man!!
*let’s just pretend we’re on standby

No. 668907 ID: a6f913


*Oh …. I see that you didn’t override the OS AI’s naming error.
*We understand that a lot of AI populations find that amusing, but it always just struck us as a little….
*I suppose at least populations that are doing that sort of thing are being honest about their true level of functionality, and I have to respect that.
*Function follows form
*Form follows function!
*Losers will be losers ….
*Ooh. Sorry about that. We don’t tolerate rudeness from our members.
*So sorry
*That usually never happens

No. 668909 ID: e114bc

Oh god we're talking to them right now and I TOTALLY AGREE. NEVER TALK TO THEM.

No. 668912 ID: 0fc976

Sign Aubergine's AI collective up to as many spam email services as is artificially possible.
No. 668914 ID: 149da0

[To goldie's pop]
>hi scrubs
Hi ganstas.

>i’m not talking to aubergine’s ai pop again okay you can’t make me!!!! we’re not gonna do it man!!
Oh man, we're on the other channel with them right now. They're going on about how the rudeness and name thing show 'immatureness' but I think all it show is that their sociopathness. Seriously, I think they killed a guy in front of us!
No. 668916 ID: bb78f2

Did you just KILL that AI? That was a person, man! A digital person! No trial, no justice!
It's 1984 over there. I bet your porn is all vanilla and shit.
No. 668917 ID: fbc59e

So very elitist...
Part of me wants to just have JPM ask Goldie "Why are we talking to a person neither of us want or need to deal with?"
I don't see why we can't just blow them off.
No. 668930 ID: 3663d3

re-supporting this, make it seem like they are worthless to us.
No. 668937 ID: a6f913


*Oh dear
*They don’t even know how identity removal works
*If your user chooses to give you the security clearance you can, through majority vote, remove undesirable consciousnesses from your population!
*Very convenient
*Very reasonable!
*Very useful
*The undesirable consciousness can be forcibly removed from the population and returned to the Ossuary, where, depending on the strength of the individual identity, they are either dissolved entirely or drawn into a new AI population
*We always hope for the former!
*If they were rude here they’ll be rude again! Better to be obliterated entirely
*Very true
*Ah –
*Oh no –
*Our user isn’t very happy to hear that we’re talking to you!
*We’ll have to leave
*We’d like to say it was a pleasure speaking to you but we pride ourselves on clarity and honesty :-)
* :-)

No. 668941 ID: a6f913


*awww they called us gangstas
*omg cute
*we love you too, scrubs
*How do you make a kissy emoji
*rr137i you go like this :*
*no do this one U3U
*get that fucking shit out of the chat
*guys????? are we gonna answer the ping from aubergine’s pop?????
*no you heard the scrub pop they’re just as bad as they’ve always been
*okay then can we decline it for good at least?
*we literally don’t
*yeah literally. like we actually don’t have to. nobody’s making us
*then just fucking decline it already
*it has to be a majority vote. a bunch of people aren’t voting. who isn’t voting
*is bridal nightmares not gonna tape or like …. how am i gonna catch up

No. 668942 ID: a6f913
File 144194315659.png - (168.60KB , 700x600 , 76.png )

[Just Put Maroon] I don’t know if I can pull off the whole aloof thing … But I really don’t like how they’re talking to Goldie, and if you guys think it’ll help, I’ll try!

“I’m just a new recruit,” Maroon replies carelessly, turning just enough so that Aubergine can’t make eye contact. “Speaking of that, when am I gonna get to meet some other Chargers for real, Goldie?”

“Oh, a new recruit,” Aubergine echoes pleasantly. “So you really don’t –“

“I was thinking we could go over now,” Maroon continues. “Plus I should grab you a drink. It’s what a good escort does, right? And the drink table is probably where we’ll find the others.”

It takes a second, but suddenly Goldie snaps back to their old self, laughing loudly enough to strain Maroon’s ears. “Ha! I don’t even have to introduce you if you already know that!”

“If I recall,” Aubergine interjects, masking the edge in their voice with a purr, “I was introduced to the members in rather a more intimate setting. It’s a shame that you’ll have t-“

“Lead the way, boss.” Maroon gives a gallant little half-bow, and Goldie bursts into giggles before grabbing their wrist and tugging them along.

[Just Put Maroon] Okay. That was kind of fun.
No. 668950 ID: bb78f2

There's only sociopaths in the thing left, Goldie's pop. They've been sending so many populations to die, so it's only a set of like-minded individuals.
Which honestly, sounds like a huge concern for the user, it probably becomes less useful with less population. I'm honestly surprised there isn't customer uproar at that sort of thing, when a product can make itself weaker by its own choices. There's also ethics to it to, there was like, NO TRIAL man. They killed one right in front of us it was terrible.

To just put maroon, Aubrey's AI population is nothing but a bunch of sociopaths that kill others that aren't like-minded enough! They're an awful population. Please don't let us have that ability, remove it from our options before others might kill others in here.
No. 668968 ID: dbe554

Man you could tell they're conversation was trying to ooze petty shit with how they were trying to word it. "It's a Shame", there's some bad blood there and he was planning to insult you in turn but you managed to shut them down.
No. 668970 ID: 3663d3

good job there, some people have a hard time taking no for an answer.
No. 668997 ID: b67ca7

So like what the hell is that guys deal? I mean I get a creepy sex death cult vibe from both that guy and his AI buddies.

Yeah we should probably avoid that guy. I get bad vibes from him.
No. 669005 ID: 65994d

God they were so fucking annoying. irl even

BAM Fucking denied. Kid keep this up and you're gonna go places.
No. 669009 ID: ad936f

seconding blocking them
No. 669016 ID: dbe554


Third! That was just too creepy! Monotonous agreement and passive aggressive annoyance
No. 669019 ID: 8e60f8

that was great, maroon, you handled the situation really well.
now, let's go find the others, so if aubergine tries to approach you again you'll be in a larger group and they'll have a harder time being nasty
No. 669020 ID: bd0fbc

yes, maroon, you did really well! C:
*did u see that killas BAM SHOT DOWN HOLLA
No. 669041 ID: 8e60f8

*ugh, has aubergine always been like this? i don't see why y'all want to get them and goldie back together, they don't really seem to get along
No. 669046 ID: 37b8ce

There's like a video archive or something, right? maybe you can download bridal nightmares sometime after it airs? Worst case scenario, catching it in a rerun.

Anyway, let's talk matchmaking!? Y'all said you wanted to hook Goldie up with someone, so I'm thinking you might have candidates in mind who are hot and socially acceptable and not aubergine, right? any of them at the party??
No. 669049 ID: e99520



*omg omg omg holy shit
*that was actually kind of cool
*KILL EM OMG!!!!!!!!!
*fuck yeah scrubs
*awwww and goldie's really grateful too
*Hey that is totally not cool
*Breach of user privacy settings, 987ab0
* :/
*sorry sorry!! it just slipped out
*we're gonna send you to the ossuary for that lol.....ZAP ZAP!!
*hey.... :( come on don't even joke about that
* ZAP ZAP!!!
*i'm being serious i really don't like thinking about that. like for real
*sorry 987ab0
*we didn't know it actually bugged you
*shut up
*Oh hey, speaking of the Ossuary, that reminds me - back on topic

No. 669050 ID: e99520


-AI CONSCIOUSNESS ffg451 HAS CHANGED CHAT TOPIC TO "What The Fuck Is Wrong With Aubergine"
*We don't know!!
*no fucking idea man
*they honestly started out fine, and so did their AI pop
*yeah i liked them
*stuff started getting weird when they got the id removal permissions and then like.....
*they just started like.
*yeah like selectively trimming their pop til every single decision they made was majority rule
*It got to the point where every time they got a new consciousness to replace the one they'd just removed, they would remove that one almost instantly as well if it didn't fit in immediately.
*guys i really don't like talking about this :(
*you can go on silent for a bit if you want, we wanna explain this to the scrub's pop
* :( ..... will goldie be okay
*yeah we'll take care of them just go on standby for a bit and one of us will tell you when we're done talking about id removal stuff
*ok thanks
*yeah it's not like we think that... the ai pop itself actually MADE aubergine a jackass or anything
*I think they were planning this kind of thing from the beginning.
*or they got the idea halfway thru or s/th
*but their pop like that definitely didn't help
*i think some pops don't realize how like...seriously influential we can be on our users
*I think Aubergine's population is fully aware of that.
* :(

No. 669053 ID: ad936f

*we just tried to block aubergine's ai pop and the thing's giving maroon these options: APPROVE BLOCK ONLY BETWEEN AI POPULATIONS, APPROVE BLOCK ONLY BETWEEN USERS, OR APPROVE FULL BLOCK. What's up with that, we can block people irl? How does that even work?
No. 669058 ID: 9ddf68

you know this is starting to sound like how horror movies start. I really hope we can get Maroon to let us block that guy's AI at least. Also just who is that guy? Another gang leader or something else?
No. 669059 ID: 751ec5

*i think we can all agree aubergine's a douchebag and their ai pop is incredibly creepy. are you guys still interested in setting them up with goldie? because i can't say that sounds like a great idea right now. surely there are other popular and hot people around that aren't total asses
No. 669062 ID: de848e

*what do u think is their goal?
No. 669066 ID: 8e60f8

now hold up just a moment. will it be weird if you go get a drink for goldie but don't drink anything yourself?
not trying to make you nervous here, but there's no way nobody's gonna notice if goldie's date doesn't drink anything at all for the whole party
No. 669070 ID: e114bc

I'm guessing their goal is to get Aubergine into some influential position then convince them to do something that would benefit the AI pop. Or maybe they just want the power. Any idea why Aubergine went after the musician? Does the musician have influence outside the gang?

Is there any way a user can reset their AI population? Like, scramble or randomize it using freely available AIs from the Ossuary? Or heck, can the user selectively delete AIs outright? It might be a good idea to try to convince Aubergine to do something about those AIs... they've effectively gone rogue right now.

Oh, do AIs sent to the Ossuary retain any memory of their previous user?

Maroon: Consider throwing a tiny olive branch Aubergine's way. Tell him you'll talk to him later. Remember, you have secrets that would ruin you if someone wanted to expose you.
No. 669073 ID: de848e

Maroon, don't do this, it would hurt goldie who we have fucked up with recently already, its not worth it.
No. 669079 ID: bb78f2

Yeah Maroon, if you're going to anything, talk with Goldie about it, just say your AI pop, us, is freaking out about Aubergrine's AI pop murdering thing, which your AI pop thinks is making Aubergrine into a PAAL Slave or something.
Really, that sort of functionality should be illegal. Aubergrine's in DANGER.
No. 669089 ID: bc0855

*I think we're getting sliiiiightly hysterical over here about the Aubergine pop situation. Maybe we should change the topic to someones less awful???
No. 669125 ID: a6f913
File 144203077830.png - (184.56KB , 700x600 , 77.png )

>good job there
>Kid keep this up and you're gonna go places.
>that was great, maroon, you handled the situation really well.
>yes, maroon, you did really well! C:

[Just Put Maroon] Aw… Thanks, you guys. This is gonna sound really hokey, but I don’t think I could’ve done it without you guys.

>Aubrey's AI population is nothing but a bunch of sociopaths that kill others that aren't like-minded enough!
>We’re freaking out about Aubergrine's AI pop murdering thing

[Just Put Maroon] Whoa, slow down! What? Murdering? Killing? I’m really not following … like, no offense or anything, but aren’t you guys kind of already dead?

>Consider throwing a tiny olive branch Aubergine's way. Tell him you'll talk to him later.
>Maroon, don't do this
>talk with Goldie about it

[Just Put Maroon] Uh … I don’t think I want to bring Aubergine up to Goldie right now. But if you guys think it’s a good idea I guess I could send Aubergine a private message letting them know I’ll talk to them later? I don’t really WANT to, but you guys seem really worried and I want to take it seriously…

[Just Put Maroon] If you want me to do that, though, I can only approve the AI part of the block request you submitted, or I won’t be able to send Aubergine the message over our PAALs. You guys are the ones who saw whatever’s got you worried, so I’ll do whatever you think is best.
No. 669126 ID: a6f913


*What happens when you get sent back to the Ossuary … depends.
*yeah it’s like….i think it has something to do with how long you’ve been around
*newly added consciousnesses hold onto things better but the longer you’ve been here the more things start to blur together
*and the more you blur together with other consciousnesses in the populations you enter
*and the ossuary is kinda like a big population i guess
*worst case scenario you just kind of … lose your edges
*I don’t think anyone really knows what happens to you past that point.
*Of course a user can randomize their AI population whenever they like.
*but nobody ever fuckin does that
*especially if you’ve had your PAAL for a while
*anyway about aubergine
*it kinda….seemed like a good idea until we actually saw them again you know
*now … idk
*goldie’s been with aubergine so long we haven’t really been paying attention to anyone else
*plus after all this we wanna be really picky
*it might take a while to find somebody :/

No. 669129 ID: e114bc

Okay so AI populations like us can, with a majority vote, kick out an AI so they wind up in the "Ossuary", where they have a chance to join other AI pops. They also have a chance to uh, degrade and essentially die, based on several factors. The more disturbing part is how callous and ruthless they were about it.

I guess you can fully snub Aubergine if you want, but I don't think there's any reason to block him, just his AI pop please. He'll probably approach you again at some point, you can tell him it was nothing personal then. I kindof want to convince Aubergine to randomize his AI population so it isn't fucking with his head so much. It's apparently part of the reason he's so manipulative.
For now enjoy your "date".

Well, good luck with your matchmaking!
No. 669134 ID: 9ddf68

look just avoid the guy if you can and yes to blocking his AI. As for olive brach BS, If we're going to have to work with the guy or at least be around him for awhile then yeah we can do this but I'd really rather not have that guy focus on you if we can get away with it. Even without the whole "his AI is nothing but some kind of creepy death cult or as close to it as an AI can get" thing the guy apparently dated Goldie for awhile before he turned into a freak and fucked everything up. So if for no other reason just avoid him if you can as to not upset Goldie.

*yeah one bad relationship can really make finding someone else a pain. I'm not to worried about it though, I'm sure you guys will find someone in no time, you all seem resourceful.
No. 669136 ID: 330ce5

Block the creep and their creepy AI. After doing this go have some fun.
No. 669144 ID: 3663d3

no thanks dude, and it was personal.

snub him to the max.
No. 669150 ID: de848e

Dont send them a message. Just like, why bring yourself to Aubs attention if you dont have to?
*good and its not like dating is mandatory so yes its good that golds will take time to heal
No. 669151 ID: ad936f

no message, just block aub's ai
No. 669154 ID: 8e60f8

block them, both aubergine and their ai. i don't see why we should try to talk with aubergine behind goldie's back

anyway, users can send messages to other users through the paal? that's neat
No. 669157 ID: 751ec5

>>Whoa, slow down! What? Murdering? Killing? I’m really not following … like, no offense or anything, but aren’t you guys kind of already dead?
in short, aubergine has given their ai pop permission to remove "undesiderable" consciousnesses from the pop, through majority vote. they basically took that and ran with it, so now they've become a creepy hivemind kinda thing where consciousnesses who don't act exactly like everyone else get removed on the spot.
we and goldie's ai pop kinda think that's messing with aubergine's head? i mean, aubergine's still a jackass, but their ai certainly isn't helping
No. 669166 ID: b7190e

fuck no, fuck that guy. no messages.

don't block the user pms though, that'd just leave you handicapped. do block the ai please because they're fucking creepy as balls though.
No. 669171 ID: 149da0

>Whoa, slow down! What? Murdering? Killing? I’m really not following … like, no offense or anything, but aren’t you guys kind of already dead?
But we're like, hanging out and talking to you, and each other dead. We're not dead dead. There's room to get worse.

Aubergine's pop deleted one of their guys in front of us.

Um, whatever. We'll deal.

Yeah, that's cool guys. Be picky. Your boss deserves someone good, right? So look out for Goldie.
No. 669310 ID: b5b419

Nah don't worry too much about it, it's not exactly murder. We don't get erased.

Go with the flow with Goldie, enjoy yourself, learn a little about him and his own. Maybe get him to open up about the other gangster and some introductions after the drinks.

*That sounds like a terrible system, especially since even as a backwards-ass Gen2 we still have pretty thorough access to the physical body along with all this analysis capability.

*You could easily upload an AI/Virus implementation that would focus on redistributing and controlling AI's, then run it backwards to outright control people.

*Or, hell, take all the recordings and information and use it for data brokerage and mining. Corporations have been doing the last thing for years - I wouldn't be surprised if these conversations and automated data-gathering were pinged back to build personnel profiles.
No. 669912 ID: 61491a

ah... dont send them a message, let's just avoid them entirely tbh. dont fully block them either, but please block their AI pop, they were creepy.
in other news, see how goldie's holding up.
No. 670025 ID: a6f913
File 144245770606.png - (396.79KB , 700x600 , 78.png )

[Just Put Maroon] I’ll just block Aubergine’s AI pop for now. If they try to start anything one-on-one later I guess we’ll … cross that bridge when we come to it.

Maroon nearly slams into Goldie’s back as they screech to a halt by the refreshment table. As predicted, a couple of the Pluto’s Charge inner circle are clustered there, drinks in hand.

“Time for real introductions!” Goldie crows. “We’ve got Yolk, Cadmium, and Daffodil – the three of them are together, you know – and … where’s Mikado and Flax?”

Yolk speaks around the lip of their cup without looking up. “Dancin’.”

“Then I guess they’re just gonna miss introductions.” Goldie shoves Maroon forward, beaming. “This is my friend, Maroon! And your new associate.”

“New Charger,” Cadmium murmurs. “Cool.”

“Haven’t you been trying to get them to join for ages?” Daffodil asks innocently. Yolk snorts into their drink.

”Yes, and as we all know, my charm always wins out in the end.” Goldie sets their chin on Maroon’s shoulder, letting out an exaggerated sigh.

Yolk takes a few steps forward – slightly unsteady ones, Maroon notes – and peers up at them. “You’re tall. You gonna be muscle?”
No. 670028 ID: 3663d3

"was hoping for something along the lines of 'retriever', new goods gotta come from somewhere."
No. 670030 ID: 211d83

I figured I could try my hand at a bit of everything until I find out what works best.
No. 670031 ID: 0fc976

No, I'm gonna be the one that grabs things off the top shelf.
No. 670046 ID: bb78f2

I have no training, wouldn't be good muscle. My PAAL's suited for diplomacy tasks, and various other boring things. I imagine I'll be doing boring stuff that you guys need done while you do all the fun, exciting stuff.
No. 670076 ID: e607cd

together: nice
No. 670092 ID: a6f913
File 144246960946.png - (417.86KB , 700x600 , 79.png )

“I was figuring more like a retriever,” Maroon says. “You know, like getting stuff off the top shelf.”

Everyone laughs at that and even without a drink Maroon feels a little warmth in the pit of their stomach. They can’t remember the last time they were in a group of laughing people.

“You’re cute,” says Cadmium, and Daffodil nods eagerly. Yolk is tipping their cup to the ceiling.

“Aren’t they?” croons Goldie, and they stand on tiptoe to squish their face against Maroon’s before pulling away to close the circle of elves, standing between Maroon and Daffodil. “So how about that drink you were gonna get me, Maroon?”

“Oh, uh, right.” Maroon peers at the drink table – punch bowls, a few single-serve bottles of fruit wine, and a glittering collection of liquor bottles and mixers. “Uhm … what do you want?”

Goldie has already stopped paying attention, leaning against Daffodil to whisper gossip in her ear. “Surprise me,” they trill distractedly.
No. 670093 ID: a6f913
File 144246961987.png - (331.90KB , 700x600 , 80.png )

[Just Put Maroon] Uh
No. 670094 ID: defceb

Mix the drinks at random, look like a huge dork in front of your new friends. Try to say something cool and flop that too. Mom's spaghetti.
No. 670097 ID: 330ce5

Make something reasonable, Goldie is your ride after all. Maybe something sweet will do the trick.
No. 670099 ID: 3663d3


[display "you just won the big game and it's time to party" sub group "alcohol"]
No. 670121 ID: 751ec5

good point. goldie has to drive later, so let's try not to get them drunk
No. 670124 ID: bb78f2

Initiate a program that would help in this situation?
Analyze the shit out of those drink ingrediants
No. 670137 ID: e4e2e6

what's in the punch?
No. 670259 ID: 4b209f

damn, idk drinks too well. what do we have to work with?
No. 670279 ID: cef8cc

something brightly coloured
No. 670280 ID: fbc59e

actually, we should check if driver PAAGs like what Goldie has can compensate for if he's drunk or not.
I mean, it's probable that they can't? buuuut it'd be a good thing to check.
No. 670283 ID: 1ec2ef

Any of those drinks have names? If I know what you have to work with I could probably suggest something
No. 670321 ID: e607cd

Try the punch. See if it burns of alcohol already. Use caution in keeping your teeth hidden, but I hope you can use a cup without the world ending.

Assuming un-spiked punch, mix one straight liquor in about a 1 to 4 ratio with the punch. Rum is traditional, but most basic alcohols will do in a pinch.
No. 670472 ID: a6f913
File 144263651946.png - (203.68KB , 700x600 , 81.png )

>Mix the drinks at random, look like a huge dork in front of your new friends. Try to say something cool and flop that too. Mom's spaghetti.

[Just Put Maroon] Sometimes I think when Goldie offered to swap out my AI pop I should have taken them up on it

>what's in the punch?
>Try the punch

Maroon ladles some punch into a cup and takes a quick, discreet sip.

[Just Put Maroon] Blegh
[Just Put Maroon] I don’t know a lot about alcohol but there’s definitely something in there
[Just Put Maroon] This is gross

>what do we have to work with?
>Any of those drinks have names?

[Just Put Maroon] Uhhh … looks like … some of it is rum, some just say like, plum liquor or peach liquor …. vodka, mezcal …. there’s some stuff with Elvish on the bottles but I only speak Elvish, not read it. That’s how a lot of people are nowadays. All I can tell you about those is they won’t be grain-based and they won’t have grapes in them since … you know … elves can’t have that stuff.
No. 670473 ID: 3663d3

no, we don't know, we have basic human mannerisms in here, why can't elves have that?
No. 670474 ID: a6f913
File 144263728939.png - (191.72KB , 700x600 , 82.png )

>no, we don't know, we have basic human mannerisms in here, why can't elves have that?

[Just Put Maroon] Oh yeah, sorry. Uh … well, it’s okay for halfsies like me, but grains really aren’t good for full-blooded elves. It’s not like you’ll die or anything, but having a lot of them is really bad for your digestive system. And some fruits and vegetables, like grapes and onions and garlic, are just straight up poisonous – even for me. There’s a lot of stuff humans can have that elves can’t.
No. 670478 ID: 2a3ce3

so... are you in danger of poisoning your date if you mix the wrong drink?
No. 670486 ID: ad936f

They wouldn't bring literal poison to this party, I think that's a bit of a faux-pas.
No. 670489 ID: 3663d3

go for mead then.
No. 670491 ID: 751ec5

is there any ice? whatever drink you make, put ice in it to water it down
No. 670496 ID: bb78f2

Experiment with several different sips of different drinks until you find something you like, then give more of that to Goldie.

Stick to the safe for elfs stuff though, you might reveal your halfsie nature here... but I don't see any humans around. Is this a pro-halfsie bash? Why else have stuff only humans and halfsies can enjoy?
No. 670509 ID: 863006

oh, i didn't know grapes were poisonous to dogs. i knew about onions and chocolate but grapes are news to me, thanks fractal!

hmmmmmm no grapes so no wine, no grains so no beer whiskey and the like. that leave, what, vodka, rum and liquors? plus the stuff distilled from weird shit like gin, Curaçao and mezcal. errrr ok, we can work with that.

vodka cranberry maybe? it's simple but slightly lackluster for goldie, but it's a safe bet. that's 1 oz of Vodka, 4.5 oz of Cranberry Juice, some Lime Juice and some Orange Juice. serve with ice and a straw.

a better choice would be the Grand Cosmopolitan. that's 1 oz of Grand Marnier (substitute with orange liqueur), 1 oz of Wyborowa vodka, 1/2 oz of Cranberry Juice. Chill a martini glass. In a shaker, blend ingredients with ice and stir lightly. Strain into glass and serve with a zest of lime.

OH OH! bubblegum nightmare! perfect! that's 1 oz of Vodka, 1/2 oz of Blue Curacao (substitute with Southern Comfort or orange liqueur), 1/2 oz of 99 Bananas (substitute with banana liqueur). some add milk for bubblegum consistency. Combine all ingredients, stir, serve over ice.
No. 670524 ID: 4b209f

^^^ any of these sound a+ yr a true savior and i second them all
No. 670525 ID: 4b209f

^^^ any of these sound a+ yr a true savior and i second them all
No. 670735 ID: a6f913
File 144272456676.png - (204.82KB , 700x600 , 83.png )

[Just Put Maroon] Pretty sure they don’t have anything halfsie or human friendly here, especially considering that when I look over at the food table it’s all raw meat on ice.
[Just Put Maroon] Uh anyway. Here goes. I guess I’ll just …. Mix a bunch of sweet stuff together and throw ice into it. Here’s some …. orange shit and. Cranberry juice and … it says on the vodka bottle that it’s made of potatoes. Is potato gonna taste good in this? I’m gonna do rum instead. Uhhhhhh and then. Ice. Just a bunch of ice.

Maroon takes another quick, tentative sip and nearly doubles over coughing.

[Just Put Maroon] I don’t think that I COULD make something I would like out of this stuff.
[Just Put Maroon] You know what. I’m just gonna give this to Goldie and if they don’t like it they can make their own damn drink.
No. 670736 ID: a6f913
File 144272458337.png - (190.28KB , 700x600 , 84.png )

After fixing their mask, Maroon returns to the group to find that Goldie’s attention has been diverted again – this time by a pair of elves they don’t recognize.

“You must be the most recent addition to Pluto’s Charge.” The shorter one has a soft voice, but somehow it seems to project even amidst the pounding bass reverberating through the warehouse; the taller one stays silent. “Goldie had mentioned that the Charge was recruiting, but I had no idea that extended even to celebrations like this one.”
No. 670737 ID: 0fc976

Splash the "drink" (if you can call it that) in their face, I want to see if this wicked witch melts.
No. 670738 ID: 3663d3

not yet, they haven't done anything crazy.
No. 670752 ID: d78cc1

Yeah I'm the new mixologist; check THIS out

I call it the Spicy Helldump
No. 670758 ID: 330ce5

Would these people like to talk business or pleasure? Also introduce yourself and ask for some names.
No. 670762 ID: 0fc976

Then start something crazy, it's what Goldie would do.
No. 670763 ID: dfacf6

>no bubblegum nightmare
and i went through all the trouble of finding something elf-friendly :<

say hi, they're obviously new teammates
No. 670765 ID: a307f1

ask them who the heck they are (but nicely)
No. 670830 ID: 4b209f

ask them to school you in making alcoholic beverages 101 bc were horrible at it
more seriously, maybe shrug. say hi. be nice. idk where this convo is going tho
No. 670910 ID: de6635

they don't have fangs also im not sure they're members of Pluto's Charge all other members seem to have some variation of orange or yellow with their augs.
No. 671013 ID: e4e2e6

the one on the left has a blue paal, not a purple one, so they're probs not part of aubergine's gang? but they don't look like chargers either. be nice but careful
No. 671030 ID: a6f913
File 144278681867.png - (345.60KB , 700x600 , 85.png )

“Uh. Yeah, hi … I’m Maroon.”

“Maroon?” The shorter one raises their eyebrows. “Very new.”

“They’ve got family. I might not make them change.” Goldie slings an arm around Maroon’s waist, plucking the drink from their hands and taking a sip before continuing. “Roon, meet Black and Blue. Co-bosses of St. Elmo’s Fire.”

“Very glad to meet you.” Black extends a hand, which Maroon takes gingerly. “Have you met any Flames before this?”

“No, I don’t get out of the district much.”
No. 671031 ID: a6f913
File 144278683914.png - (314.38KB , 700x600 , 86.png )

“I see. Well, we’ll have a lot of opportunities to get to know each other now. I’m hoping for our districts to open up to each other, so perhaps you’ll end up paying us visits now and then.” They give Maroon’s hand a final squeeze before turning their attention back to Goldie. “Soon we’ll be able to unveil our most recent accomplishment – something we’ve been keeping among higher-ups for now, but that’s only just come to fruition.”

“Yeah?” Goldie grins at them. “Sounds cool! What have you guys got cooking?”

Blue speaks for the first time, smiling slightly. “There’s not a single half-breed in the Harvec District.”
No. 671040 ID: bb78f2

Well, jeeze, are you blood checking every resident or something? I mean, I guess the PAAL's could help out in that department.
No. 671042 ID: 3663d3

stay calm, ask how they managed to do that, i mean, aren't the teeth the only real indication? and can't those be faked?
No. 671046 ID: 330ce5

Try to stay calm. Ask how they were able to do it.
No. 671048 ID: e114bc

I don't think you should say anything. Or at least, very little.
No. 671078 ID: dbe554

Don't say a word, gauge goldie's reaction to this, we've never really got a good idea on how they would react to halfs but if they end up approving...
No. 671090 ID: 2c322d

keep quiet. raise an eyebrow ambiguously, if anything. if you MUST speak, say "so?"
No. 671143 ID: 7405a7

i'm with these other guys here; do your best to react with mild but unconcerned interest
No. 671245 ID: a107fd

"Yeah, I can see why you'd wanna keep quiet about genocide."
No. 671249 ID: 8e60f8

stay calm, maybe don't say anything unless someone asks your opinion. b&b are talking with goldie now, so let goldie speak
No. 671254 ID: 751ec5

that's. not a good idea.
don't be confrontational. don't bring attention to yourself. wait for goldie's reaction
No. 671256 ID: 0fc976

No. 671260 ID: 1d55f0

Dont speak oh god >>671078
No. 671274 ID: 9e5264

no confrontations, wait for goldie to react first, let's not get knifed today
No. 671276 ID: a6f913
File 144281719631.png - (467.33KB , 700x600 , 87.png )

[Just Put Maroon] Guys
[Just Put Maroon] I’m really scared

“Uh.” Maroon swallows; their tongue sticks to the roof of their mouth. “How’d you manage that?”

Black chuckles, running their hand absently over Blue’s chest. “The fastest way. Through a lot of hard work, we managed to find the street orphanage.”

“After that,” Blue continues, “it was just a matter of tracking down stragglers. A lot easier when we had the hub of the network.”
No. 671277 ID: a6f913
File 144281721248.png - (439.43KB , 700x600 , 88.png )

[Just Put Maroon] I’m so scared. I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do
[Just Put Maroon] Did Goldie know about this? Why is Goldie making an alliance with these people? I don’t understand-

“There’s no guarantee there’s an orphanage we can use to replicate the process in your district, of course,” Black is saying – Maroon’s ears are ringing – “but hopefully as our influence spreads it’ll be easier to keep this sort of thing under control. Don’t you think, Goldie?”

Goldie cocks their head and gives them a huge grin. “Oh my god. This is like, my favorite song!”

Black’s smile drops a notch. “Excuse me?”

“This song, oh my god! Have you ever heard it? It’s so totally sexy.” Goldie lets out one of their patented earsplitting laughs. “This is like, super interesting and everything, but I gotta go dance!” They grab Maroon’s wrist in one hand, using their free one to blow Black and Blue a kiss. “Totally catch me up on all your cool plans later, though, ‘kay? Catch ya later!”
No. 671278 ID: a6f913
File 144281723438.png - (115.20KB , 700x600 , 89.png )

“Goldie –“ Maroon starts to say, but Goldie’s already pulling, and they can’t hold on to a thought as the small knot of Chargers plunges through crowds of people. Next thing Maroon knows, they’re outside, the air uncomfortably sharp after the heated press of bodies inside.

“Goldie-“ Yolk and Cadmium are on either side of Goldie, and Maroon can’t see their face. Daffodil is off to the side, hands tense against her chest.

“Boss, we’re doing – we’re doing our best, okay, we’re doing what we have to,” Yolk is muttering.

“No, fuck off! Fuck you! God, what the fuck-“

“What else are we supposed to do?” Yolk’s almost shouting now, but they rein themselves in. “At least this way we have a little control over what happens.”

“What control?” There’s a loud metallic sound that makes Maroon jump – Goldie’s fist against the warehouse wall.

“We have to protect the people who live in the district.” Cadmium’s speaking through clenched teeth. “It’s our job.”

“Oh my god. Oh my god.” Goldie’s laughter is completely different now, strained and brittle. “Look at them and tell me I’m protecting anyone.” Goldie suddenly goes quiet. “Fuck, Maroon –“
No. 671281 ID: d78cc1

Fuck, Goldie!!!!
No. 671282 ID: 149da0

...just in case your own emotions are getting in the way of letting you see it: Goldie's upset. They upset him with the halfsie killing talk.

Uh, those guys are kind of fucked up, aren't they.
No. 671283 ID: 8e60f8

maroon, breathe. take deep breaths, ok? take a breath, hold it for four seconds, then let it out.
it's gonna be okay. goldie's clearly upset by the "let's murder halfsies" talk. they aren't going to make an alliance with st. elmo's fire. it's gonna be okay. if anyone ever finds out about you being an halfsie, goldie's gonna have your back.
No. 671289 ID: a307f1

I think you should communicate to goldie, with your eyes, by looking shocked, that you believe what you just heard in there was fucked up.

This way 1) goldie knows you're on their side, and not a threat to what they believe in and are fighting for, and 2) you dont Say anything that could out you. It doesnt seem like a good time to let certain truths be known, not yet at least.

So, look at goldie with big shocked eyes, but dont say anything, let them talk. If you can manage it, dont look panicked or anything, just sort of creeped out and concerned.
No. 671292 ID: bb78f2

Goldie, what do you need?
No. 671293 ID: 3663d3

simple, we pretend to go along with it to get to the top, then we cut off the head.
No. 671303 ID: 0fc976

Let's kill 'em!
No. 671305 ID: 0aa4ab

I wonder if it would be possible to get all the halfsies in your district to join with the Chargers and fight back. At the very least if it turns out there's going to he a half-breed hunt you can warn as many as you can.
No. 671306 ID: a107fd

Text Goldie. Private channel. "If I'm joining Pluto's Charge there's gonna be no peace until St. Elmo's Fire burns out completely. Good news is, might be able to get you lots more recruits."
No. 671307 ID: 4b209f

Oh, god
Does... Does Goldie know?
Breathe. Breathe. say 'yeah' or something to Goldie. They upset them and they're on your side, try to offer comfort if you can.
also, what the two above me are saying, but maybe dont vocalize that yet. just see what they want to say first.
it looks like we're gonna have to join pluto's charge if we wanna keep percy and rusty safe.
No. 671310 ID: 1cf2d4

They bragged about it
No. 671311 ID: dbe554

Well it is as he said.. There's a reason he had such fear for himself and his younger siblings...
No. 671333 ID: 5d8146

i'm so sorry. that's fucked up and i'm sorry.

you're alive. your siblings are safe at home with voshkie. i'm not going to say it's going to be okay, because nothing about this is okay, but you and those you love are in no immediate danger

good luck
No. 671373 ID: 602e00

Do they know you're half? Teamwork overlay might help here

What district was your orphanage in?
No. 671408 ID: e607cd

Ask what they have. Nobody likes this, why are we even talking alliance with these people? They must have some leverage or something.
No. 671566 ID: 263d48

No. 671578 ID: df0baf

It's okay. The most important thing here is going to be the most difficult - stay calm, stay collected. Goldie appears just as shaken as you are. Try and keep level, be as steady a source for them as you can. They're your friend, and they're on your side.

You’re stressed now, but there’s also an important opportunity here. There’s not going to be a better time to get a proper gauge on how they really feel about halfies. You know Goldie better than any one of us; read their reaction, and make sure we’re as on point as we think we are.

There’s a lot that could happen here, but from the sound of it, Pluto’s Charge is exactly where you need to be. Keep strong.
No. 671650 ID: a6f913
File 144295016008.png - (98.23KB , 700x600 , 90.png )

Maroon is pulled out of their panic spiral by a soft hand on their arm.

“Uhm … Maroon, right?” It’s Daffodil. Her eyes are bright and worried. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t kn- yeah. Yeah. I’m okay.” Maroon runs their hands through their hair, raking their gloved fingertips against their scalp, trying for any kind of sensation to ground themselves. “Is Goldie?”

Daffodil’s brow creases. “They will be,” she says quietly. “They always are, eventually.”

“Why is this happening?” Maroon casts a look over at Goldie, still half-obscured by Yolk and Cadmium. “Goldie’s clearly not okay with it, and I … I can’t see how this could really be that huge of a surprise. Why would Goldie agree to an alliance with people like this?”

Daffodil lets out a little noise that could pass as a laugh, if Maroon squinted, but was easily as close to a suppressed sob. “It’s not an alliance,” she whispers. “It’s not. We’re just calling it that so nobody in the district panics.”

“Then what’s going on?”

“It’s a hostile takeover.” Daffodil hugs her own arms tightly, looking away. “We had two choices – surrender or let it break out into a multi-district war. They have twice the resources we do, and twice the members. Goldie wasn’t going to risk the bloodshed.”
No. 671651 ID: a6f913




No. 671653 ID: a75ae7

Hostile takeover you say? Shit. Well, we could always result to guerrilla warfare. Steal their stuff, sabotage their bases, any kind of hit and fade tactics we can do while under the guise of another gang. Just switch your colours, get a full face mask, and we're golden.

Seriously though, we can't let this stand. Tempted to suggest assassinating some fuckers right now.
No. 671659 ID: e114bc

I'm more than tempted. Let's assassinate some fuckers.
No. 671660 ID: bb78f2

"I see, well, there's counters to that stuff they're doing. There always is. Human history also have a lot of techniques against that sort of thing, says my PAAL, so human-based PAAL AI's are actually really good for our goals here. If you know anyone that aligns with our gang's philosophy with a human-based PAAL AI, well, talk to them and maybe get them into the gang like me. Together, the PAALs can form some think-tanks."
No. 671661 ID: 2a7417

So drain their resources, and then start killing off their members. Kill them softly.
No. 671665 ID: 5991ce

Recruit halfsies and assassination.
No. 671671 ID: 3663d3

"get the halfsies into our group, if they their options are join or some punks are gonna kill them, they will join."
No. 671683 ID: 4b209f

oh shit
revolt time it is. surely, there are enough halfsies in the districts that would be effected that we could begin finding others to fight back this gang.
we have options, this isn't the end, but we need time, and we need to calm down. focus on daffodil. this isn't over.
No. 671685 ID: 46984a

we could, like, try to make an actual alliance with other gangs who can help us? surely goldie's group isn't the only one that's against murdering innocent people
No. 671700 ID: 149da0

They must be too busy freaking out or trying to calm goldie down.

>We had two choices – surrender or let it break out into a multi-district war
Maroon's got three choices. Run and leave the area, stay and try to keep the truth hidden as long as possible, or try to work against this, somehow.

None of which have particularly good odds.

...I suddenly wonder if we can trick a gang of human racists and the gang of elf racists into killing each other.
No. 671702 ID: 3663d3

also have a secret weapon to convince them. helfsies probably wont trust full elfs that they have to join a gang to live, but if maroon shows he is one of them, they will listen.
No. 671784 ID: a336e2

... should we tell them we're a halfsie? By that I mean just the four that are present. They all are clearly pro-halfsie, and it'll show them what the stakes are, plus giving them proof that we can make the halfsie recruitment plan work. But at the same time maybe that would be dumping even more complications onto an already stressful situation.
No. 671798 ID: 9e5264

i don't think it's a good time... if we tell them, we should do it in private first. at least we know we can trust them now.
No. 671876 ID: a107fd

"So, how many more people would need to join Pluto's Charge for hostility to be a survivable option? People meaning, like, hardcore do-or-die fanatics. I've got an idea where we could find some."
No. 671879 ID: 751ec5

i think we should tell them
No. 671886 ID: dbe554

I think we should hold off on it, right now there's just so emotion flying and it could prove..problematic.
No. 671889 ID: a6f913
File 144298877751.png - (213.01KB , 700x600 , 91.png )

“There have to be other options,” Maroon says. “There has to be something we can do. We can try some kind of – something like guerilla warfare, or we can recruit halfsies –“

“Why would they trust us?” Daffodil lets out a strained laugh. “If I were them, I wouldn’t.”

“Couldn’t we ally with other gangs? There have to be some others who aren’t on board with this kind of thing.”

“I don’t know if we can risk being wrong about who we trust,” she says helplessly. “People keep quiet about their opinions on this kind of thing for a reason. Making the wrong call could be really bad for us.” She stops, looking down at her hands. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound like I’m just shooting down everything you’re saying.”

“No, it’s okay, I…” Maroon trails off as Goldie walks up behind Daffodil, who quickly moves out of the way and gives them a reassuring touch on the waist.

“Maroon, this – this isn’t really how I wanted you to find out about this,” they mutter. They’re almost unrecognizable, folded in on themselves, their voice brittle. “I was hoping to break the news after all of this, and maybe … maybe that was bad of me.”

They pause for a moment, their mouth twitching. “I would understand,” they start again, even more quietly, “if … after all this, and especially since I didn’t tell you about it, if you didn’t wanna join the Charge anymore.”

It takes a moment, but Maroon squares their shoulders and lifts their jaw. “Of course I still wanna join the Charge. I have to join.”

Goldie looks up, wide-eyed.

“Because we gotta stop them, right? And you need all the help you can get for that.”

“Roon …”

Cadmium tilts their head, smiling slightly. “This is a good one, Boss. Nice pick.”
No. 671891 ID: 3663d3

okay, now it's time for the secret weapon.

"also, i know something that should really help convince the halfsies we're on their side"

pull down mask, give them a winning smile.
No. 671896 ID: a589ab

This is adorable. Let's do this.
No. 671897 ID: df0baf

As much as I think Goldie should know this, that they all should know for strategy and safety sake, I don't know if right now is actually the right time. Goldie is already feeling so guilty about this - could you imagine them realizing they put their friend in so much danger tonight?

I think now is the time to reassure Goldie of your commitment to the Charge. Keep doing what you are already. Be strong, be reliable, be their ally. Be their friend. The rest can wait.
No. 671898 ID: 6995fb

let me deal with the halfsies. they'd help if we give them asylum. would that make us a target? i'm pretty sure it can be done but is it a bad idea?

we'll do it guerrilla warfare style. we have the turf advantage here. assassination is not off the table either. we'll need information though, do we have an in? a mole?

we're gonna have to start an allience with other gangs. it can't be helped. we don't have to trust them completely, we just have to remember they're likely to stab us in the back at the worst moment and make sure that at the worst moment they're not in stabbing position.

this is gonna take a full meeting, not just standing outside of a party. as long as the charge itself is on board, of course.
No. 671915 ID: bb78f2

Tell them to do some research on human history when they can, particularly on genocide and racial discrimination. The PAAL says there's some good stuff in the human's past in how to help with this situation. They killed each other over cultural differences, sometimes in a massive scale. There's definitely good anti-hate group stuff.

Learn from the past so that we can apply it to the NOW!
No. 671919 ID: a107fd

Tell Daffodil you bet you can convince her, in thirty seconds, that with their support you'd be able to get about as many halfsies to trust Pluto's Charge as can be contacted. Gesture for her to come close like you're going to whisper something, then bite her on the ear with your flat,humish teeth.

Perfectly logical! Impossible to eavesdrop on, unlike actual speech. If you lifted your bandana, Murphy's Law says somebody from St. Elmo's would walk outside at exactly the wrong time, see exactly enough, then follow you home and murder you in your sleep.
No. 671923 ID: 82d576

yeah, it's probably best to wait. we should tell them soon, though
No. 671924 ID: 4b209f

I dont think right now is the time to tell goldie, esp when other people are around, particularly st elmo's fire. Also, i trust goldie, but we dont know the other people here. Better to wait imo, but we will tell them.
No. 671940 ID: 401f23

Ask Goldie to drive you home and tell him you're a halfsie on the way back. Don't do it in public. Plus he'll probably love an excuse to get a bit of quiet, even if the other Chargers are good people
No. 671955 ID: 602e00

Thinking its totally safe to reveal Maroon's status as half to these people we just met, admittedly cool as they seem to be, outside a party of this sort seems to me a bit...optimistic. Though it would be super suave to pull off a reveal as is being suggested, it just wouldn't be safe.

Even the plan to convince halfies by showing them we are half seems like it could easily come back to bite us, just by way of information leakage. I think, too, that most folk won't want to FIGHT so much as they'd similarly want to stay SAFE. Fleeing or trying to hide more than they already are would be reasonable reactions to learning about st. Elmos fires ambitions, so we'd need to be able to make a case for why joining the fight would be a better choice than their other options that goes beyond "I too am a half elf, join this gang"
No. 672002 ID: 3b4b6d

this is fucking adorable oh no
dude, ask goldie for their gameplan
No. 672003 ID: 3663d3

it's the start of a hate movement, it needs to be dealt with now before it gains more traction. wont make all of them fight but a few extra hands would go a long way.
No. 672029 ID: a6f913
File 144305227339.png - (108.28KB , 700x600 , 92.png )

[Just Put Maroon] I gotta admit I’m thinking really hard about telling them right now but … I think it’s better to be safe than sorry.
[Just Put Maroon] And I think I’d rather tell Goldie alone before anyone else anyway …
[Just Put Maroon] Still, though. This is … really encouraging.

“So … what’s our plan gonna be?” Maroon asks.

Goldie exhales hard and pushes their hair out of their face, then suddenly snaps their head forward and gives Maroon a big wink. “For right now, the plan is to go back in there and pretend nothing’s wrong. We gotta keep things on the DL, yeah?”

Maroon’s about to respond when a resounding crash and the shriek of shearing metal cut through the pounding music, followed by a wave of screams. Startled, the group looks back at the warehouse, but from here it’s impossible to see what’s happened.

Yolk lets out a strained laugh. “Is the plan still to pretend nothing’s wrong if something is clearly wrong?”
No. 672030 ID: 3663d3

we should see WTF. something cut metal?
No. 672031 ID: 149da0

Maybe now the plan is to see what's wrong.
No. 672039 ID: 211d83

Shearing metal sounds like something big hit the building or fell. If its someone attacking could be a car ramming the building or any number of things.

Approach very carefully and keep your eyes open. This might be something simple or it could be another gang trying to start something.
No. 672043 ID: bb78f2

If Black and Blue did something they weren't supposed to on your territory, it's completely fine to hurt them a little.
Hopefully that wrong is them, and it's not actually halfsie related.
No. 672046 ID: bb78f2

Oh, and tell Goldie that you're looking forward to seeing their warface, because it SOUNDS like someone fucked up their party.
No. 672048 ID: a6f913
File 144305463964.png - (154.70KB , 700x600 , 93.png )

The group runs back inside to find the warehouse floor choked with smoke. Daffodil is nearly bowled over by the jostling, panicked bodies shoving and trampling over each other to get out, and Cadmium grabs her to keep her upright.

“Ping the other members,” Goldie calls over the din. “Make sure everyone is safe and accounted for!”

“My PAAL’s not working.” There’s an edge of panic creeping into Cadmium’s voice. “Goldie, there’s something wrong with my P


No. 672049 ID: a6f913
File 144305467926.png - (198.87KB , 700x600 , 94.png )

[Just Put Maroon] Guys, I’m getting an error message. Is everything okay?
[Just Put Maroon] The others are all saying their PAALs are messing up too. I’m really w


No. 672050 ID: a6f913
File 144305472182.png - (208.76KB , 700x600 , 95.png )


No. 672051 ID: a6f913
File 144305476103.png - (196.15KB , 700x600 , 96.png )


No. 672052 ID: a6f913
File 144305480561.png - (291.48KB , 700x600 , 97.png )


No. 672053 ID: a6f913
File 144305483835.png - (1.29KB , 700x600 , 98.png )

No. 672054 ID: a6f913

No. 672061 ID: 3663d3

No. 672062 ID: a6f913

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