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File 141007168601.png - (75.85KB , 500x500 , LoT arc1 ch2 title.png )
593020 No. 593020 ID: 41981c

Arc 1, chapter 2: The Ocean, Its Song, and Fish

Last we heard of our heroes, they boarded a ship to Abstergo...
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No. 593021 ID: 41981c
File 141007176270.png - (123.82KB , 500x500 , ahhhsunrise.png )

It's been some hours after they left Corazon, and a new day has greeted our protagonist of the day...
No. 593022 ID: 41981c
File 141007208134.png - (100.42KB , 500x500 , cabins001a.png )

We are now Moribe.
You were actually awake before the sun rises, and had just finished your daily meditation. Ksselyr physiology means you only needs a few hours of sleep. You try to remember things from last night.
No. 593024 ID: 41981c
File 141007355953.png - (127.10KB , 500x500 , MonsoonCutterCrew.png )

As you don your hat, you remember the introductions. Everyone was introduced to the crew and each other. Well, the crew first; There's Caena, of course, the Captain, a roguish Tharsian by her looks. Then there's her quartermaster, Gnoros, a hulking Hozith hailing from the frozen seas. Then there is Ignatz, a self-professed dashing lady-charmer of a Llyskan. You think his confidence is way out of his size. The ship's Sea-Shaman is a Tharsian by the name of Tirotei, who always has this look of tiredness on his face; you're sure it's just how he was born. There's also the serious-looking Navigator Airfen by the name of Marui, who was quite fidgety when out of her post. Aside from these defined posts, there are also some other crewmembers, such as the tricky-looking Gatos, the Khergy brothers Yoza and Yagi. There is also another Hozith, Pacha, but he hails from an island tribe. Last but not least there's the Llyskan triplets, Nae, Dae, and Kae.
No. 593026 ID: 41981c
File 141007411364.png - (100.81KB , 500x500 , GreywolfMercs.png )

Aside from the crew, there are also the other passengers, which is the entirety of the Greywolf Mercenary Company. Led by the Tharsian 'Broken-Face' Samo, they say they've been in a few skirmishes. There is a curiously strong Airfen woman by the name of Karmen Benghazi; curious because Airfen aren't usually that strong. There is also another Tharsian, Nilode. You've heard rumors during your travels about the guy, dubbed the 'knife mage' due to his unusual use of magic. He's been tiptoeing around the Marnaka Convention laws though, so he's 'grey' at best. Last but not least there is 'Deathmark' Vaslij, a Gato who hails from Svantov. They say he's very, very good with any kind of projectile weapon.
Well, it seems like the trip has gained some interesting characters.
No. 593029 ID: c4f9a2

If you were shipwrecked, which three other people aboard this ship would you want with you?
No. 593030 ID: 41981c
File 141007448829.png - (86.41KB , 500x500 , cabins001b.png )

As you nibble on a piece of rockbread, one of the Triplets knocked on your cabin door.
"Hey, Moribe - the Captain wants all magic users to gather at her quarters."
Well, you were looking to relax after yesterday's antics, but you suppose it's important somehow.
>Wat do?
[] Immediately go to the Captain's quarters.
[] Stall a bit then go. Take it easy!
[] Stall a bit until Dae's gone, walk around the cabins to check up on everyone, then go.
[] Make an entrance by Mistjaunting into the quarters.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 593031 ID: c4f9a2

No real reason to dick around is there? Just go see her.
No. 593032 ID: 01745f

No real reason not to go there, though mistjaunting instead of walking might not be a good idea considering the likely twitchy reflexes of the adventurous types around.
No. 593075 ID: 879a42

I actually would make a note to look around the ship and get a bit more familiar with it, just short little stops on the way there, check things out a bit. Can't hurt to know the layout before walking into a possible confrontation right?
No. 593089 ID: 8b533b

No need to waste power on appearances. Other mages won't be impressed by that kind of showing off anyways. Or they shouldn't be, unless they're novices.

Let's just go. I didn't hear the word 'immediately' or 'emergency' so there's no need to rush, but there's no point in stalling either. Mosey on over to the captain's quarters, see what's going on.
No. 593373 ID: ed7e4a

Find out whats up first. admiral ackbar always says.
No. 593407 ID: 5851e1

I have to do a week's hiatus for both Ouroboros and Tharsia, because some events happened. Expect the hiatus to be continued and intermittent, as I'm doing some tests to apply for a job I enjoy.
Sorry for the readers of both quests, I know you're all eagerly anticipating the next update, but I hope you guys understand.
No. 594042 ID: 1f2937
File 141070914933.png - (94.17KB , 500x500 , cabins002a.png )

Sup guys - done with the hiatus! And since it's the weekends, Tharsia gets an update first. Thanks for being patient!
And now, for our regularly scheduled programme.


You exit your room, but in no hurry. Dae didn't say it was urgent or anything, so you can take your time, right? As you turn the corner into the central hallway, you see Duke.
"Morning." He said when he sees you, stoic and calm as always.
"Morning to you too. How was your head?"
"It's fine, thanks to Piedro. That Felsa sure packs some punch." You notice that he does not sway a lot when he walks; meaning he was used to being on a ship.
"Eh, I think it's the hard liquor. By the way, where is Piedro?"
"He's up on the deck. I'll be joining him soon, to make sure nothing bad's happening to him. How about you?"
"Eh, Caena's calling all magic users to her quarters."
"So I've heard." He seems to be keeping his royal aura about him, even though he's far from his gang.
No. 594043 ID: 1f2937
File 141070933577.png - (96.20KB , 500x500 , cabins002b.png )

As Duke turns to go to the deck, you find yourself thinking about the nature of him and Piedro. He seems to be awfully protective of him, and vice versa - you think there could be something deeper...
But hey, here you are, right at the front of the Captain's Quarters. You knock, and Caena yelled from inside.
"Go ahead, it's unlocked."
No. 594045 ID: 1f2937
File 141071052772.png - (156.08KB , 500x500 , CQ001a.png )

You open the door, got on the floor, and was greeted by Vesmir. "Morning, Moribe."
"Morning to you too - I didn't know you were a magic user!"
"No, I'm not, but I'm partly the reason we're all here now."
You are not surprised by Tirotei and Nilode being here, but the presence of Pacha piques your interest. Then you notice Caena, and what's on the table in front of her.
The knife from yesterday.
"Allright, the meeting can start, now that we're all here. Let's talk about the knife." Caena starts.
"Hee, that is a really good knife, that." Nilode comments, his eyes gleaming from excitement.
"Yes, but it's dangerous. This is the same knife that killed Abel." Vesmir adds.
"That is why we're all here. To deal with this. I need all the opinion I need, from capable magic users."
"Interesting... why don't we study it? Find out how the magic works? Better chance to de-enchant the knife..." Nilode voices his opinion.
"A knife that dangerous shouldn't be in this boat, ma'am. Let's toss it overboard and call it a day." Tirotei said.
"No! We can't risk it falling to the wrong hands. Any chance to secure it?" Vesmir asks.
"Da knife bad, ya? But why not seal da bad juju? So's it's less bad? I kno how ta seals bad jujus, but need oder shamans ta do it wid me." Pacha offers.
"Well, what do you think, Moribe?"
>wat do?
[] Nilode's right, we should study it further, might even find out who makes it, or what kind of magic is actually in the knife. Then we could de-enchant it.
[] Titotei's right, it's too dangerous. Put it in an empty crate and load it down with ballast, may it rust in the depths.
[] Wait, let's keep it secure as Vesmir said. If thsi thing broke the Marnaka Convention, why don't we hand it to the Oathsworn when we reach Abstergo?
[] Pacha's idea might work, I'll help him with that. I have knowledge of how to enchant things.
[] Why don't we do all of those? Study it first, then seal it, then throw it overboard?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 594049 ID: 8b533b

Well, throwing it overboard seems premature. Sure, we'd be safe, but we're losing out on this clue in a murder.

Tampering with the knife, in an attempt to understand it, seems very foolish outside of a laboratory or something with the proper safeguards. We're on a ship in the middle of the ocean. If we accidentally activate the knife and cause a fire, that would be very bad indeed. (It should really be kept in a metal or ceramic or stone container of some kind when we're studying it, so any accidental activation doesn't set the hull ablaze around us).

I'd suppose I'd learn towards securing or sealing it in some way, and studying it in a non-invasive manner to see what we can learn about who made it.
No. 594095 ID: 2ac63f

>study it
Know thy enemy. This isn't going to be the last time we have to deal with this type stuff.
No. 594142 ID: 01745f

If we contain it now and give it to the Oathkeepers, will they study it themselves as evidence? If they aren't the sort to destroy it immediately they probably have the facilities and/or expertise to safely get information from such things, and we should contain it until then. (Besides, if we give it to the Oathkeepers than we can get them on our side against the assassin and his friends.)
Does sealing magic mean disenchanting it or just suspending the enchantments? If the latter we should do that before storing it.
No. 594548 ID: ed7e4a

Which is exactly why we have to tamper with it! TAMPER. Examine. Learn its...juicy secrets. Maybe explode something or someone while we are at it. HIGH ADVENTURES ON THE HIGH SEAS!
No. 594629 ID: 2f4b71

Messing with the object that causes enchanted fire while on a wooden ship does not sound like the best of plans.

I'm kind of inclined to throw it overboard encased in something heavy, because anyone who enchants their knives with something that will get the magic police in their asses will have some way to track and retrieve it. If we can add our own tracking spell before dumping it overboard, then hand it's location over to the Oathsworn later, they can deal with it.
No. 594982 ID: ed7e4a

only reasonable way to solve this is like gentlemen. With a duel. 1d20s, high roll? Or have you a different weapon of choice?
No. 595052 ID: 879a42

Why need to safely study it, we know upon killing a victim it incinerates the corpse, and you heard the assassin say that he wanted to recharge his knife with magic blood. Its safe to assume the knife is lowish power, and siphons magic.

If you study it, use low amounts of magic until you can confirm its abilities.
No. 595053 ID: abb867
File 141130363002.png - (105.63KB , 500x500 , CQ002a.png )

"Well! In my experience, it is good to know beforehand. That knife must be researched so that we can begin to contain or seal it." You voice your honest opinion.
"In that case, we can begin research immediately! I can manipulate knives, you know-" Nilode's offer was cut off by Caena.
No. 595055 ID: abb867
File 141130465452.png - (123.41KB , 500x500 , CQ002b.png )

"Hold up there. We're still on my ship, that means the decision's still on me. -sigh- Moribe, is researching it really what you'd think we should do?"
"Yes, that is my honest opinion."
"We'll go with the knife research... but we won't do it on the ship."
"If we don' do it here, den we do it once we're in Abstergo?" Pacha inquires.
"We're not going straight to Abstergo..." Caena rolls out a map.
No. 595056 ID: abb867
File 141130484811.png - (112.39KB , 500x500 , sea route map.png )

"We have two stops to make, both to drop and load goods off before we get to the Red Port. There's the Rozz Island lighthouse, which is a good place for an experiment; But we'll be staying only for three days. Then there's Breakbone Island, but it's more... populated. We'll have get the approval of the leader there. After that we go to Red Port and make landfall in Abstergo proper. Got that?"
"So we can do our research in those two stops. Got it." You memorize the map.
No. 595058 ID: abb867
File 141130501762.png - (86.82KB , 500x500 , CQ002c.png )

"Yeah, only at those two st-"
"Ma'am, the Gatos report hearing things. But only the Gatos." Kae interrupts.
"Meeting concluded. Vesmir, you're in charge of the knife until we make landfall in Rozz Island. All of you are dismissed."
"I'll see what's up..." You say, as your curiosity is piqued once more. You smell magic dealings here.
No. 595059 ID: abb867
File 141130530253.png - (140.04KB , 500x500 , deck001.png )

As you step out the cabins, you see that the Gatos are trying to pinpoint the source of the music they hear.
"I'm telling you, it came from the portside!" Duke argues with Vasilij.
"By Byeloge, I swear I hear it from the front of the ship. It reminds me of the Svantovic Nomads' song."
"No way, it's definitely some sort of Beinika ballad!"
"Boyos, I brought the telescope... Is that some Guernic lullaby I hear?" Yagi Khergy interrupts the argument.
>wat do?
[] Try to listen in using your magic.
[] Ask the Gatos what they hear.
[] Use magic to trace what sort of magic could do this.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 595062 ID: 54d118

[inform the gatos that they're hearing some sort of spell, then trace the magic]
They can't agree on what they hear? And I imagine the songs are different enough that they can't be mistaken for another.
Sounds like they're getting charmed or something, which might be why only the gatos are hearing/affected by it-all the songs are likely the favorite song of that particular gato.
No. 595069 ID: 8b533b

Listening in would be bad, if it's meant to affect them. You could be affected as well.

Ask the gatos what they hear while attempting to trace it with your magic. If they ask, you're trying to figure out where it's coming from!
No. 595080 ID: 2f4b71

Could be magic, a very high-pitched sound, or a combination of the two.
No. 595220 ID: d6e000

[x] Trace it!
No. 596368 ID: 4837e0
File 141196361664.png - (173.46KB , 500x500 , deck002a.png )

"Hmm. This sounds like magic trickery to me. What did you hear?" You ask the Gatos, which murmur in agreement.
"Magic you say? I hope it's not the Vodyanoi, they're bad luck. But Vodyanoi doesn't sing the throat-songs of the Svantovic Nomads, at least as far as I know. And we're far from any rivers." Vaslij offers his view.
"What about you Khergys? What did you hear?" You ask the brothers.
"Throat-singing? No way! What say you, brother?"
"Definitely not Svantovic. I'd say it's Guernic."
"Yeah, that's it, it's a lullaby right?"
"Definitely, brother." The two Khergys agree.
"Strange... what I hear is a ballad performed with a Beinika. But I'm unfamiliar with the tune... or is it?" Duke chimes in.
"Hey, I know this! This is the Fishing Song! Dodemo ikono eri rancicing,
Joro an dorang!
" Piedro adds.
"It seems that I am right. Someone - or something - is singing a magic-laden song. By the information you give me, I can try to trace to where the magic came from."
You utter a mantra, and a point of light starts to bloom in your hand.
No. 596369 ID: 4837e0
File 141196389088.png - (119.76KB , 500x500 , deck002b.png )

The light rises in the air, trailing sparks and glints.
"It'll move to the source of magic soon."
"I hope it works." The Gatos looks on as the light starts to move.
No. 596370 ID: 4837e0
File 141196413452.png - (100.85KB , 500x500 , deck002c.png )

The light soon floats to the portside, and into the distance.
"Wait! What's that?" Yagi quickly looks through the telescope.
"What did you see?"
"Someone's out there... seems like they're riding on a raft or something. Even with the 'scope, it's not clear enough."
>wat do?
[] Tell Caena there's someone on a raft.
[] Use magic to see exactly what it is.
[] Cast an antimagic field around the ship to protect it from the song.
[] Mistjaunt to the raft, then Mistjaunt back with them.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 596386 ID: 8b533b

>Mistjaunt to the raft
No. 596387 ID: 01745f

An unannounced magic tune that reshapes itself based on who you are and does not convey any message sounds like a lure. If only gatos can hear it though, that would mean that either the spell is not in full swing or it is intended to lure something other than your boat.
While it is tempting to just mist-jaunt over there, but if the song is a direct attack teleporting to the middle of it is no good, so lets avoid that if we can. An antimagic field might help, but unless we can undo it easily it might also stop our counterattack if the raft mage attacks through indirect means such as giant waves or sea monsters. (I don't suppose we can project antimagic far enough to reach the raft? That should cause some major problem for their plan whatever it is.)

[]Other (combination): Send one of the gatos to tell Caena there is someone on a raft casting magic at the ship, then have the others prepare to grab you in case a spell makes you try to jump overboard or something as you use magic to get a better look.
No. 596390 ID: 2fd516

[x] Use magic to see exactly what it is.
Get an eye on it before you do anything.
No. 596393 ID: ed7e4a

Check it out, and if its legit do the mistjaunt. The magic might be out of desperation and trying to get our attention. or evil.
No. 596414 ID: 879a42

Feel like mistjaunt would be a bad choice, what if for some reason we can't get back?

Let's just take a magical peek at our suspect in the raft.
No. 597351 ID: a578a6
File 141252125092.png - (75.28KB , 500x500 , deck003a.png )

Although you can just mistjaunt over to that raft, you feel that taking caution is useful.
"Yagi, may I borrow your spyglass?" You ask.
"Spyg- ohh, you mean the 'scope? Sure, don't go breaking it though."
No. 597352 ID: a578a6
File 141252138932.png - (71.37KB , 500x500 , deck003b.png )

You peer through the telescope, and sure enough, the raft's still too far, and too blurry. You breath a bit of magic to enhance the vision of the spyglass. The others might not see it, but an extra lens of magical energy forms in front of the telescope.
No. 597353 ID: a578a6
File 141252160180.png - (173.28KB , 500x500 , she dreams of fishes.png )

As you enhance the spyglass' clarity, you see that the raft's occupant is a Gato woman... wearing some seaweed on her head? There's a fishing rod and a sail, both as makeshift as the raft. By her looks, she's some kind of shipwreck victim, but one that might know magic - through your magically-enhanced telescope you can see a haphazard kind of magic being sung by her. She might be so exhausted that her magic is not strong or controlled, though.
No. 597355 ID: 2ec61a

it is probably supposed to be a call for help, but can't say it right anymore.
No. 597358 ID: a578a6
File 141252208379.png - (115.85KB , 500x500 , deck003c.png )

"Yagi, can you go tell Caena something?"
"Sure thing, what's on the raft?"
"It's a Gato woman, probably shipwr-"
>wat do
[] Assist Yoza with lowering the Skoochi.
[] Get Yagi to help his brother, you go tell Caena.
[] Well, time to mistjaunt and rescue a damsel!
[] Wait and see what the Gatos do upon news of this discovery.
[] Inform the other non-Gato crewmembers about this.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 597360 ID: 879a42

Get someone ELSE to inform the rest of the crew, you need to be here in case something goes down. Otherwise observe the girl and the gatos.
No. 597370 ID: 2fd516

Do the mistjaunt thing! It'll be super cool.
No. 597373 ID: 01745f

I still feel nervous about this whole thing; a beacon for help would probably at least try to convey that. I guess she might be using the song as a fishing lure or something, but I am still feeling cautious since we already met one weird magic assasin so far.
Keep an eye on her while the others fetch the rest of the crew and prepare the Skoochi, then mistjaunt over when they are ready to back you up if necessary.
No. 597381 ID: 8b533b

Yeah, be cautious. This might be a legitimate cry for help, or some kind of trap.
No. 597985 ID: 015bb9
File 141312469192.png - (86.98KB , 500x500 , deck004a.png )

Well, since Yagi immediately left the premises, you ask Nae, who just came up. "Can you tell Caena about the gatos finding a castaway?"
"Sure thing, Ksselyr. I'm supposed to see what's up anyways." With that, he scurries to the lower decks. You, still holding the spyglass, decide to observe over the rescue mission.
No. 597986 ID: 015bb9
File 141312479087.png - (109.11KB , 500x500 , searescue001a.png )

You see that the Khergy brothers have safely launched the Skoochi, and is paddling hurriedly to the raft. They're on time, because you see the magic from the woman starting to falter and grow thinner.
No. 597988 ID: 015bb9
File 141312503086.png - (153.40KB , 500x500 , searescue001b.png )

They arrived just as she passes out, and Yoza immediately grabbed her. Yagi steadies the Skoochi while Yoza puts the marooned woman into the Skoochi- you see that she's wearing some kind of tattered formal wear, and she had wrapped seaweed around her legs. Some kind of decency, perhaps? You're not too knowledgeable on Gato customs. Well, at least now the castaway is safely in the Skoochi, the Khergys rowing the small vessel towards the Monsoon Cutter.
No. 597990 ID: 015bb9
File 141312542373.png - (122.73KB , 500x500 , a very suspicious fin.png )

But, not all is well, it seems. You catch a bit of movement to their side; some kind of big fish is coming towards them. You're not sure, but it seems that its movements are predatorial. The Skoochi crew are too busy rowing to notice...
>Wat do?
[] Use magic to make the fish leave!
[] Use magic to inform the Khergys about the fish!
[] Use magic to make them arrive faster!
[] Mistjaunt to them and Mistjaunt back with all of them!
[] Get Vaslij to shoot the fish!
[] Get the crew to act! They have cannons, right?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 598005 ID: 2fd516

[x] Use magic to make them arrive faster!
Because it's the coolest solution.
No. 598023 ID: 879a42

Make sure you inform the crew, which to say is to loudly point out the shark/serpent thing. Then make the boat go faster, and if the shark/fish can still keep up try to magically stall or deter it. Don't try to attack the shark per say because we don't know if is strong enough to take a chunk out of the boat.

Cautious but smart is how we play this.
No. 598035 ID: 8b533b

Mistjaunting them off is a good emergency option, but it means abandoning the Skoochi. Granted, crew are more valuable, but no need to write off equipment before it's necessary.

I'm not sure warning anyone else will really help. The Skoochi crew aren't in a position to do much, and the fish is too close to really load and aim a canon quickly.

The best options are either to use magic to get the Skoochi to safety, or to get rid of the fish. Make a judgment call- is it easier to hex a fish, or enchant the Skoochi? (Might the boat have preexisting wards or enchantments that would get in the way? Does the fish have good odds of rolling to resist?).
No. 598081 ID: e27592

Use magic to make them arrive faster then inform the crew, our first priority is to protect our "Skoochi" then deal with the fish.
No. 599055 ID: 2a4c43
File 141386369587.png - (138.52KB , 500x500 , searescue002a.png )

While mistjaunting the Gatos to safety is a good idea, you don't want them to abandon their Skoochi to the mercy of the fish. So you think fast, and the spyglass inspires you.
Using the spyglass as focus, you conjure another property of the spyglass to be applied at the Skoochi- and it grows longer in an instant.
The Khergy Brothers are split between being surprised at the sudden elongation of their boat, and the sudden realization of there being a predator of the sea on their tail.
But it seems you're not the only one taking action...
No. 599056 ID: 2a4c43
File 141386386961.png - (116.53KB , 500x500 , vaslij brings the big gun.png )

Seems like Vaslij has gone to retrieve his rifle, and he's returned to the deck with it. It is an ornately-detailed rifle, the likes of which you've never seen before. As he loads a bullet, he asks.
"Where's the target?"
You tell that there's some sort of fish tailing the Skoochi...
No. 599058 ID: 2a4c43
File 141386408148.png - (140.87KB , 500x500 , searescue002b.png )

And at that very moment, you see that the fish has launched itself out of the water, intent on getting the Skoochi into its sharp teeth-filled maw. The Khergys are paddling like no tomorrow- but that alone won't help. You need to act, fast!
>wat do?
[] Mistjaunt them to safety, now's the time!
[] Get Vaslij to gun the fish down!
[] Use some kind of offensive magic to down the fish!
[] Other (fill in)
No. 599060 ID: 2ec61a

No. 599062 ID: 01745f

Small methods of killing it (like shooting) will leave its toothy corpse still barreling towards the Skoochi and large methods (like giant fireballs) would risk hitting the Skoochi as collateral damage, and in any case we know magic will work on them while we do not know for sure it will work on the fish.
No. 599067 ID: 4d85c5

What about defensive magic? Throw up an invisible wall or force-field in front of the shark, smack it back with Bigby's hand, or something. Block it, stop the attack, and give Vaslij the chance to take the shot.
No. 599068 ID: 4f004c

[x] Get Vaslij to gun the fish down!
[x] Use some kind of offensive magic to down the fish!
Enhance Vaslij's bullet to have additional power.
No. 599069 ID: a8a679

I want this.

But I'll have this instead.
No. 599070 ID: d90668

Do you have a spell that can slow or stop the fish? Then Vaslij could take it out.

The focus is less on killing the creature and more on protecting the people in the boat.
No. 599244 ID: ed7e4a

kill the creature, protect the boat, plus cat people and all that fish carcass. yum yum. and maybe loot in its stomach!
[x] Get Vaslij to gun the fish down!
[x] Use some kind of offensive magic to down the fish!
FOCUS FIRE on the mouth! Ever seen jaws?
No. 599245 ID: ed7e4a

No reason we cant mistjaunt as well while we are at it eh?
No. 599519 ID: 943476
File 141442008973.png - (105.43KB , 500x500 , searescue003a.png )

"Vaslij, wait a second!"
You realized that there's not enough time to mistjaunt over there and put up some protective spell, so you enchanted the bullet Vaslij's putting into his rifle with extra power.
"I've got the bullet ready, Vaslij! Shoot!"
No. 599520 ID: 943476
File 141442032552.png - (130.20KB , 500x500 , searescue003b.png )

Vaslij pulls the trigger, and the bullet zips out into the distance. As it meets the skull of the beast, your enchantment kicks in, and causes the fish's entire front section to bloom into an explosion of gore, brain matter, blood, fine bone shrapnel, and teeth. You expected it to just push the beast's carcass away, but this... this is way overkill. But at least the Khergys and the castaway is safe.
No. 599521 ID: 943476
File 141442074521.png - (130.37KB , 500x500 , searescue003c.png )

A few moments later, and the Skoochi has dissipated your magic, and shrunk back to its normal size; the Khergys wrap the survivor in some sort of cradle of sailcloth, while Pacha fishes the Skoochi out of the water. The survivor will be nursed to health in the captain's quarters, you hear the crew talk. You'd say this is a successful rescue, but your mind thinks of the next step...
>wat do?
[] See to the survivor; her 'magic' call intrigues you. And you know some healing magic.
[] Ask the crew if that fish attack was normal. Maybe even fish out that piece of fin?
[] Find out what caused the fish to explode like that; maybe it's a special property of Vaslij's bullets?
[] Head back to your quarters because you're kinda exerted too much magic today. Or maybe hit the mess hall, that'll recharge your magic.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 599525 ID: 35ad98

First lets investigate that fish, somethings off with it and this situation, then examine the survivor.
No. 599528 ID: 2fd516

Fish, then mess hall.
No. 599532 ID: 4d85c5

>See to the survivor; her 'magic' call intrigues you. And you know some healing magic.
Weird dynamic musical magical rescue beacons are more unusual than fish attacks. This is the ocean. Fish try to eat people all the time.
No. 599533 ID: 2149ae

>See the survivor, her magic intrigues you
No. 599569 ID: 330ce5

You should chat with the survivor.
No. 599570 ID: 01745f

Have someone pick up the fin before it floats away so we can examine it later, then investigate the survivor.
No. 600173 ID: b9dc4d
File 141493868242.png - (121.44KB , 500x500 , deck005a.png )

You ask Pacha to retrieve the fin; the fish is anomalous, and thus interesting.
"Huh, yer right, Moribe. Dat Razo'maw be strange." He said, as he lifts up the fin for examination. "Dis not da place for Razo'maws dat big - an' it be too angry, even fo' Razo'maws. Somethin' be weird..."
You agree. The fin shows that some level of magic was infused to it, and that it shows... scars? Stitches, perhaps? Definitely not that fresh. Something fishy is indeed going on.
But then again, you have something more interesting to investigate, and head to the captain's quarters.
No. 600175 ID: b9dc4d
File 141493916901.png - (134.12KB , 500x500 , CQ003a.png )

There, you find that the castaway is already laid on the captain's bed, and that Caena, Ignatz, Duke and Felsa are already taking care of accomodations.
"Nice job on spotting her, Moribe. It's bad luck to leave a castaway marooned, ya know." Ignatz quips.
"How's our castaway?" You ask. "I could help with a bit of restorative magic, you know."
"Oh, she'll be fine." Caena said. "Ignatz and Felsa already gave her some first aid."
"By the looks of her clothing, she might be from Terutio... and has been at sea for somewhere between three to six weeks." Duke suggests. "Any longer, and she could die."
"Is that why you Gatos scramble to her rescue?" you ask.
"Well, it's considered very rude and bad luck to leave a lady in distress. Anyway, once she wakes up, we can find out which ship she's from..."
No. 600177 ID: b9dc4d
File 141493951553.png - (334.69KB , 500x500 , her gaze are fishes.png )

Suddenly, without warning, you sense a powerful, primal aura of magic blooming from her.
She rose, and opened her eyes;
Her gaze stuns everyone in the room from the sheer magical power emanating from her aura alone. As you instinctively resist her magical stun, you suspect that it's not really her aura...
>wat do?
[] Counter-attack with a sleep spell.
[] Wait, maybe she (it?) wants to talk?
[] Try and pierce through the gaze using mind magics to see the source.
[] Pull up some protective spells for the other folks in the room.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 600187 ID: 01745f

Casting sleep would just delay things, and staring right into the hypno-eyes sounds like a bad idea.

Go with
>[] Pull up some protective spells for the other folks in the room.
If she doesn't try to pull anything while you do that, then try >[] Wait, maybe she (it?) wants to talk?
No. 600188 ID: dd8e0b

She's possessed? Or under some kind of influence?

I would go with warding your crewmates and attempting communication before anything else. It might not be hostile, just... overwhelming.
No. 600251 ID: 3c17ca


[-] Counter-attack with a sleep spell.
[-] Wait, maybe she (it?) wants to talk?
[X] Try and pierce through the gaze using mind magics to see the source.
[-] Pull up some protective spells for the other folks in the room.

If we want to hear what it has to say, it will say. Sleep will only delay the inevitable, which is a repeat confrontation. So we have defense, or offense. There are other casters around, so lets leave them doing the guard work. We got investigating to do!
No. 600275 ID: 2fd516

You've been using a lot of magic already. Maybe you should start to conserve it?

[x] Wait, maybe she (it?) wants to talk?
No. 600286 ID: 879a42

Finding the source is your number one priority, but try to also protect the crew. (Can't help a problem if you don't know what's wrong, or how to fix it.)
No. 602424 ID: 6ee363
File 141605494426.png - (404.19KB , 500x500 , and her sight the ocean.png )

Realizing the dangers of such unbound magic to the crew, you quickly cast a protection spell on their minds; thankfully, none of them were severely affected, although they are still slightly dazed. The aura itself is stabilizing, and you think the entity behind this may indeed want to talk.
No. 602425 ID: 6ee363
File 141605522666.png - (87.85KB , 500x500 , he said Neode help me.png )

You feel that you'll need some more luck on your side, so you say a short prayer to Neode. God and protector of the Ksselyr, we are his shadow, shed when he ascended.
Then you brace yourself, and cast true sight on your own eyes.
No. 602427 ID: 6ee363
File 141605610241.png - (447.20KB , 500x500 , but another deity listened and spoke.png )

You see a surge of magical aura, waves washing over your whole being - what is before you is no mere ghost, no mere spirit.

A goddess appears behind the castaway.

The Ocean personified. Her magic is the magic of sea-shamans; her hair the foam of the sea, seaweed and coral; her eyes glisten with the scales of fish; her voice the sound of gentle waves lapping upon the shore of an island. The gato is her avatar.

She is the sea, and she spoke.
"Well hello there. You were the one who saved my chosen, wasn't it?"

>wat say?
[] "Well, I saw her, but I wasn't the one who saved her." (humble)
[] "Yes, after a fashion." (half-truth)
[] "I cannot help but save a damsel in distress." (chivalrous)
[] "Yes - was the Razormaw your test?" (inquisitive)
[] Other (fill in)
No. 602428 ID: 534cc4

"I do my best to aid those in need of help, I just aided the workers here in saving her. If I may ask dear goddess, why was your chosen in such peril?"
No. 602436 ID: 6e79d4

It was a team effort. Was that Razormaw your doing?
No. 602452 ID: a7efea

>what say?
I contributed towards that end, but I was hardly the only one involved.

Be honest, and humble. No bragging or lying to a god. Or even twisting the truth.

Remember, she's the sea. Great, beautiful, capricious, terrible. This is not someone you want to offend or anger.

Also, someone get the sea-shaman in here, fast. This is definitely his area of expertise.
No. 602462 ID: 01745f

No. 602468 ID: 07a835

I agree.
No. 602789 ID: c7e4e5

No. 606955 ID: b5d7bb
File 141736206895.png - (353.59KB , 500x500 , be humble in presence of greatness.png )

You know well to be humble in the presence of deities, your own vision with Neode reminds you.
"I am not the only one. I aided the sailors in her rescue, but to assign the credit to me alone would be false, O Ocean."
"Wise and humble words from a wise and humble Ksselyr. Then shall I thank the ship and its crew and passengers?"
"If it is to be so, then so be it, O Ocean. Forgive me to ask, but why was your chosen in such a peril?"
"I'm glad you asked, wise Ksselyr." She starts streaming ideas into your true vision.
No. 606956 ID: b5d7bb
File 141736317639.png - (323.45KB , 500x500 , and the truth shall be revealed.png )

"My chosen one has gotten my attention since her ship sailed from Corazon. I had planned to give her a taste of the ocean during her voyage, but it seems like the waves of fate decided otherwise." An idea of a ship and the words 'Gwyn's Gale' flashes.
"Something outside of my horizon preyed upon the essence of one of my denizens - and sank my chosen one's ship. Something unnatural, something... magical." The twin images of a normal, healthy Razormaw and a skeletal, dead one flashes by.
"By my graces, I saved her, and put her in my mercy - it was then, in my lap, that she tasted the ocean. She did it of her own accord, and now she is linked to me." Pieces of driftwood and the survivor's raft flash by.
"I had intended to lure my wayward denizen - and hopefully its captor - into my justice, but this ship responded first. But you weren't the only one who caught the bait. The wayward denizen also came, and your friends took care to return it to my depths. For that, I thank you and your friends." The previous battle with the Razormaw was replayed, but from a different angle.
No. 606957 ID: b5d7bb
File 141736344151.png - (327.30KB , 500x500 , the tide comes and goes.png )

"But, there still lingers the problem. Although you took care of my denizen, the one responsible for its agony is still out there, out of reach of my winds. I am now about to ask you a favor. Bring me the head of the responsible one, and I will ensure the Ocean gives her blessings on all of you." She slowly seeps back to the survivor.
"This favor is non-negotiable. Either you find them, and succeed - or you lose to them. I do not care either way. The Ocean gives and takes, the tide comes and goes, and my waves laps all the beaches in this world. Now I bid you farewell... for now. Introduce yourselves to my chosen one, will you?"
No. 606958 ID: b5d7bb
File 141736378307.png - (113.08KB , 500x500 , CQ004a.png )

Within moments, her presence is gone. Her disappearance leaves the stunned crew, and the survivor opened her eyes.
"Ah! My prayers are answered! Thank you!"
>wat do?
[] Un-stun the crew first. Seems the side effect was bigger than you thought.
[] Ask her who she is.
[] Ask about her ship.
[] Ask about her song.
[] Tell her that she was chosen by the Ocean. Yer a sea-shaman, Gato!
[] Introduce her to the crew.
[] Ask if she knew about the Razormaw.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 606960 ID: 6e79d4

Unstun your comrades, hope that they believe your story of what happened. Ask the girl for her side of the story. Does she already know she was chosen by the ocean?
No. 607168 ID: 01745f

Seems like a good plan.
No. 607176 ID: a19cd5

The stun might be the god talking to them in their heads or something, let I vote we tell her about her sea-shamanhood while we wait a bit to be sure.
No. 613728 ID: 5cd061
File 141917294575.png - (94.57KB , 500x500 , CQ005a.png )

"Well... it's quite complicated, lady. Have you heard of sea-shamans before?"
"I -think- I might have heard, but... why are them staring at nothing?" The survivor noted.
Oh, right, we need to dispel our ward, we want our friends to be undazed. With a quick word and a snap of the finger, we did just that.
"I'm sorry, I had to protect them from your... dazzling presence just then."
"By Byeloge, what happened? I haven't felt like that since I drank too much Strancian wine that one time..." Duke stirs.
No. 613729 ID: 5cd061
File 141917333497.png - (118.94KB , 500x500 , CQ005b.png )

The survivor steps out of the captain's bed at the sight of Duke.
"Ah, greetings! I didn't think I'd meet a noble here..."
"Greetings, milady, but I am no such noble." Duke seems a bit reprehensive, but it's a bit sketchy. Duke continues his politeness.
"But it is nice to have me mistaken for one, for once. To whom do I owe the pleasure?"
No. 613731 ID: 5cd061
File 141917413927.png - (170.51KB , 500x500 , the amazing mia resbitt.png )

Her face brightens up at that prospect.
"Ah! Gladly! I am the amazing Mia Resbitt, entertainer extraordinaire! My act is widely known in Guern, Svantov, and Karelo... I can sing, and I definitely can do magic tricks!" She gleams.
"You should have seen our performance last Germinal in Pardav. Karelian nobles and businesscats filled the theatre to the brim! Then again, that was the second act of the world tour with my troupe..." Her sparkle diminished as she mourns her lost crew.

>wat do?
[] Wait, did you say you did magic tricks? What kind of magic?
[] So how did you end up being the chosen of the Ocean?
[] Tell me more about your performing life.
[] Did you remember anything about the Gwyn's Gale?
[] Let Duke talk more with her while you tell Caena what had happened just then.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 613733 ID: 2ec61a

when you found her she was singing, what song was it?
No. 613769 ID: 1ae57f

...she has no idea she's the chosen of the ocean, does she. And you're the only one who witnessed it. I'm not sure we should tell her. Of if she would even believe you if you did.

>what do
Let Duke lead the conversation for a bit. If he doesn't get to it, ask how she ended up in her present situation. Or a about the singing she used to call for help.
No. 613774 ID: ec2e47

> I'm not sure we should tell her. Of if she would even believe you if you did.
We will have to tell her at some point; in ITQ it was said that sea shamans cannot comfortably live for very long away from the sea, so if she doesn't learn about that by the end of the voyage that could cause some trouble eventually. As for how to tell her, maybe the ship's resident sea-shaman would know?
No. 617825 ID: 2b993f
File 142037265655.png - (128.36KB , 500x500 , CQ006a.png )

You're content to let Duke continue his conversation uninterrupted for now.
"By the way, you were singing something while you were shipwrecked - could you tell us about it?" Duke asks a question you'd want to ask yourself.
"Hm? I was too starved and tired to remember... but after my ship sank, I managed to make a raft. One night I had this peculiar dream, a Gato lady appeared to me and gave me a fish. Told me it's for me, and then she taught me something, I don't remember much." She mulls over the memory.
No. 617826 ID: 2b993f
File 142037300538.png - (95.13KB , 500x500 , CQ006b.png )

You interrupt their conversation. "Pardon me, miss Mia, but have you heard of sea-shamans before?"
"Uh, aren't they the ones employed on ships to help with... stuff? I don't quite know them, not really..." Mia tries to explain.
"Well, how to put this... Sea-shamans are people who have been chosen by the ocean, right? Then the sea grants them certain powers, magical powers." You try to explain.
No. 617827 ID: 2b993f
File 142037339143.png - (108.94KB , 500x500 , CQ006c.png )

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. "Come in, it's unlocked." Caena shouted.
Tirotei walks into the room. "I detected a large wave of magical powers, and came as fast as I could. And oh, Ksselyr, there's more to being a sea-shaman than just being chosen by the ocean."
>Wat do?
[] Explain to Tirotei about Mia's condition.
[] Let Tirotei explain about sea-shamanry to Mia.
[] Get Duke to ask more about her past, maybe the name of the ship she's on? Maybe to confirm your suspicion that she's aboard the Gwyn's Gale?
[] Ask about what Caena and Ignatz thinks of this new turn of events.
[] Your task's done here, let's go check on the other crewmembers.
[] Or maybe double-check the knife storage. It's important, you know.
[] Mingle with the other crewmembers.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 617837 ID: c6d84f

Do all the things
No. 617838 ID: 2b993f

Error: existential overflow. Please choose at most 3 options.
No. 617857 ID: 7d7f93

First three options then in light of recent news.
No. 617977 ID: 82c018

>[] Let Tirotei explain about sea-shamanry to Mia.
>[] Explain to Tirotei about Mia's condition.
>[] Get Duke to ask more about her past, maybe the name of the ship she's on?
In that order, then queue checking the knife for when that is done.
No. 618124 ID: 42443a

>[] Let Tirotei explain about sea-shamanry to Mia.
>[] Explain to Tirotei about Mia's condition.
Making sure the sea shaman understands the sea magic nonsense and responds to it appropriately is important.

>[] Get Duke to ask more about her past, maybe the name of the ship she's on?
I think we can skip this- we can trust Duke to ask for more information on his own initiative.

>[] Or maybe double-check the knife storage. It's important, you know.
Do this. The knife is important, and if there's anyone on board we can't trust, that was a great distraction.
No. 618564 ID: 3c17ca


[x] Or maybe double-check the knife storage. It's important, you know.
that knife. Check that fucking knife. it probably reacted to the seagod. Dont walk, mistjaunt to that shit.
No. 618668 ID: dccc95

>[x] Let Tirotei explain about sea-shamanry to Mia.
>[x] Mingle with the other crewmembers.
No. 620798 ID: cf6273
File 142155542009.png - (112.46KB , 500x500 , CQ007a.png )

"Oh! Tirotei, just the one I'm looking for. I could explain to you about the magical energy burst, but first let me introduce you to Mia Resbitt. Tirotei here is our resident sea-shaman, he should be able to explain sea-shamanry more adequately than I could."
"Hello." She curtly greets him.
"Greetings, little Gato." Tirotei replies. "So, I'm guessing she's linked to the magical energy burst?"
"Indeed. I believe that she's been chosen by the Ocean herself."
Tirotei's usual tired face slowly forms a more intrigued emotion. "Really? How'd you come to that conclusion?"
"The Ocean spoke to me, personally. That, and she had this dream while stranded." You say, matter-of-factly.
"By her waves! So she's a fresh one." He shifts his questioning to Mia. "Tell me about this dream you had..."
No. 620803 ID: cf6273
File 142155587717.png - (143.62KB , 500x500 , CQ007b.png )

Mia told Tirotei about her dream. He asked about certain details, that she confirms; At the end, Tirotei seems satisfied. "No doubt about it, you're a sea-shaman now, Mia Resbitt."
"Wow! So I can control the weather now?" She asks excitedly.
"No... we don't know what the Ocean granted you yet. But I could guide you until you gain enough control over it."
You nod, but there's a lingering sense of doubt - you need to check on the knife. "Alright, I'll leave her in your care, Tirotei. Meanwhile, I have to check on the knife. Do you know where Vesmir is?"
Caena chimes in. "Try the cargo hold, I think he went there to look for a suitable box."
"Thank you, Captain." With that, you start mistjaunting. The last thing you heard as the world spins beneath your feet is the astonished Mia. "Can I do that?!"
No. 620811 ID: cf6273
File 142155613339.png - (134.60KB , 500x500 , CQ007c.png )

The world stops spinning under your feet as your Orisi cube fixes the destination. You emerge from the mists of the places inbetween in the cargo hold, where you find Karmen and Samo sitting in a table.
"Oh, it's you, Ksselyr. What's the rush, using your mistjaunt like that?" Samo asks.
>wat do?
[] I'm looking for Vesmir, do you know where he is?
[] I hope I'm not interrupting anything, did I?
[] Uh, no reason. Just looking to chat and mingle, you know?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 620818 ID: 687279

[x] I'm looking for Vesmir, do you know where he is?
No. 620829 ID: 3c17ca


[x] Other (fill in)

No. 620876 ID: 01745f

>[x] I'm looking for Vesmir, do you know where he is?
Also the knife.
No. 621280 ID: dccc95

[x] I'm looking for Vesmir, do you know where he is?
No. 624020 ID: 74f108
File 142340620240.png - (147.44KB , 500x500 , CH001a.png )

"Uh, knife." You blurt out, forgetting that these two didn't get invited into Caena's meeting early in the day.
"Oh, you mean Nilode? He just left to the rear cargo hold, he said he's going to check on his knife collection." Samo replied.
"I see. What about Vesmir? Have you seen him?"
Karmen answers. "I saw him earlier, he got a small box with him. He told me he's going to the rear cargo hold to place an artifact..."
Samo and Karmen seems to be thinking.
"Wait, this artifact Vesmir is carrying, it wouldn't happen to be some kind of knife, was it?" Samo asks.
No. 624021 ID: 74f108
File 142340689837.png - (114.00KB , 500x500 , CH001b.png )

"Uh, yes." You reply.
"Oh snap!" Samo exclaims. "Nilode, that knife enthusiast! Did he do something?" He laughs.
"Would you act like a leader for once?" Karmen scolds him. "That knife maniac could get all of us in trouble, you know!"
No. 624023 ID: 74f108
File 142340834976.png - (99.69KB , 500x500 , CH001c.png )

Karmen rose from her seat. "Moribe, if you would allow it, I would handle this. That is, if you don't mind." Her hand grips with anticipation. "All Nilode needs is a little persuasion. And I can be... persuasive."
Well, you could use a little break from all that magic using... but still, you can't really leave her alone, right?
>wat do?
[] Okay, you handle this, I need to rest.
[] Thank you, but I can handle him myself.
[] I think I do need help on this one, care to join me? (opens up dialogue options)
[] What about Samo there, can he join me? (opens up dialogue options)
[] Mistjaunt quickly! (warning: you are almost low on magical charge)
[] Other (fill in)
No. 624024 ID: 9ddf68

>[X] I think I do need help on this one, care to join me? (opens up dialogue options)
I figure if we let her do most of the actual work and just stand by to make sure things don't go to hell it should be alright. I mean we're already here might as well make see it through.
No. 624030 ID: 3c17ca

[x] I think I do need help on this one, care to join me? (opens up dialogue options)
after this, take her arm, and mistjaunt the two of you, from there she is the muscle.
No. 624047 ID: 82efdc

Choice 3.

Point out that you don't actually know that Nilode (or anyone else) has done anything unwise with the artifact.
No. 624067 ID: d958ad

I feel as though if you keep spamming magic you'll regret it. Calm down already.
No. 624092 ID: 01745f

No. 628173 ID: 937b65
File 142581637367.png - (127.50KB , 500x500 , CH002a.png )

"I think I do need help on this one. I'll follow you, then." You say, remembering that you have used too much magic today.
"Very well. Let's go." Karmen said, as both of you walk amongst the crates and goods.
"I say, it's quite interesting for an Airfen to pick up the way of the sword. And accompanied by someone who uses magic I've never seen before... may I ask how the four of you met?" You try to strike some small talk.
No. 628175 ID: 937b65
File 142581699674.png - (136.20KB , 500x500 , CH002b.png )

"Well," Karmen starts, "I suppose I could tell you my story first. I come from the Airfen colony of Farallan - the location of which I cannot disclose. I liked swordplay even from a young age there. But in Farallan, women aren't supposed to like brutish stuff like that - they're supposed to be nice and polite and... well, you get the point. In short, women are beneath men in Farallan. So came a time when I was old enough to be married there, and my parents set me up with this son of a military bigwig. I thought there would be hope, since he shares my love of swordplay - but then his friend tried to seduce me. I punched him. Turns out he's the son of a bigger military bigwig than my fiancee. My fiancee was furious, and I got exiled to the unforgiving woods out of Farallan along with my broken heart. Suits me well, actually. I found out that Tharsia is bigger than Farallan that way, and it was then when I met Samo in my travels. Ended up making the Greywolf."
No. 628177 ID: 937b65
File 142581815570.png - (140.96KB , 500x500 , CH002c.png )

"Interesting." You say. "Then, what about Nilode?"
"Him? Well, he's something else, he is. It was one of Greywolf's first contracts or something. Me and Samo received a job to get someone out of the Jarn Towers. You know, the magic academy."
"Oh? I've visited there once, I think..."
"Well, we had to infiltrate the place, which isn't that easy because Samo's always in his clanky armor. So what we did is, we got a hold of some anti-magic scroll. Probably ex-Oathsworn or something. So I grabbed hold of one anti-detection scroll, and Samo got like, three. Used all three on himself and went to the front door, asking about something weird with his armor. I on the other hand, got sent to climb that tower and find the guy we're supposed to get out. And then I met that insufferable bastard." She fumes for a split second, then continued. "Nilode. He's the guy we're supposed to extract. So I ask if he got a fast way out, and he just smiled and shows me a pair of daggers. 'This'll do', he said. Then he tries using it - which kinda failed due to me having the anti-magic on me. We ended up tripping the academy alerts, and had to use those two daggers to climb down, stabbing the walls and all. Samo was done being the distraction, thankfully, so we can jump down the last few floors down onto his arms. So yeah, we then ask him about where he should be dropped, and then he revealed he was the one who hired us in the first place! Something about using a magic knife to turn into a body double or something. And of course, he has no money on him. Zip. He's still working for us now, even after he paid off his debt by working for us."
"Hah, he sounds like a character, indeed!"
"One thing's for sure, I do not want to climb the Jarn Towers. Ever. Again."
Very interesting indeed! You feel your curiosity still unsated, though, it nags...
>Wat ask?
[] What about Samo himself? What's his story?
[] What about Vaslij? How did you guys meet him?
[] So what will you guys do in Abstergo, anyways?
[] What do you think of the other crew and passengers?
[] Lost love, huh... Maybe you could try talking to Vesmir about it?
[] Or maybe Felsa?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 628244 ID: 9ddf68

What about Samo himself? What's his story?
No. 628270 ID: bd8b82

So what will you guys do in Abstergo, anyways?
No. 628848 ID: ce1af9

ask about vasilij, dude. and his fancy frickin gun.
No. 628849 ID: 3c17ca


[x] Lost love, huh... Maybe you could try talking to Vesmir about it?

something intrigues me about our magic user offering advice on love. I 'ave yet to see if "his" species has a female or not.
No. 631549 ID: 9c375d
File 142762978707.png - (106.82KB , 500x500 , CH003a.png )

"What about Vasilij and Samo? What's their story?" You inquire further.
"Vasilij... well, after the Jarn Towers shenanigans we went to Svantovic. A local lord or some other wants some bandits dead. In the way, we find him in a cage - apparently he's been left there by the bandits after they stole his belongings. We let him down, he helped us take down the bandits. He wants to repay his 'Turkursar' - apparently some kind of lifelong debt, in exchange for freeing him and returning his gun to him. And he's quite the shot, even for a Gato. So we took him in." Karmen reminisces.
No. 631552 ID: 9c375d
File 142763016320.png - (125.59KB , 500x500 , CH003b.png )

"And as for Samo... he didn't like to tell much about his past. But on the occasion where I've been able to get to him, I think he was a decorated knight from somewhere to the northeast, maybe north of Ascia? Anyways, he was fighting some sort of evil sorceror, and while he managed to kill him, the sorceror marred his face forever with a cursed blade. While he managed to get the curse lifted, his face still bears the marks. At least that's what I gathered. He never shows his scars, not even to us."
"Ah, very interesting. So, what will you do in Abstergo?" You ask.
"Same old, same old, we got an invitation for a job. Some duke or something wants protection, I guess? Samo's the one that keeps the details of contracts like that."
No. 631553 ID: 9c375d
File 142763074183.png - (110.13KB , 500x500 , CH003c.png )

"You said you had some lost love in the past, yes?" Your question elicits a rapid response from her.
"Uh, yes, what are you getting at?"
"Well, he's in the past, now. Have you considered a new love?"
"Well, uh, I don't think that's your business..."
"Nonsense, the word of Neode says that relationships are what supports the world! I've heard that a broken heart can be fixed by finding new love. What do you think of Vesmir?"
Karmen's face turns beet red, behind her scar.
"I, uh! He's cute, but thanks..." She hurriedly picks up the pace.
You almost arrive to the back end of the cargo holds. If there's one other thing you want to talk about, this is the time.
>Wat do?
[] Leave her alone, she seems flustered enough.
[] Say that whatever her decision be, you fully support her.
[] Say that you're just joking, don't take it seriously.
[] Talk about your own love life. You had and still has one.
[] Talk about your adventures so far.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 631558 ID: 9ddf68

>[] Say that whatever her decision be, you fully support her.
then before she can respond
>[] Talk about your adventures so far.
I mean she told us her story, it's only fair we return the favor right?
No. 631603 ID: bd8b82

sounds good.
No. 631668 ID: 5db52c

Seems reasonable. Everyone should have a little love in their life!
No. 631746 ID: 3c17ca

Calmly explain our own love life and lead into adventuring.
No. 631968 ID: dccc95

[x] Say you're joking.
don't pressure her.

[x] talk about your adventures.
No. 634133 ID: 914bcf
File 142893362095.png - (122.81KB , 500x500 , CH004a.png )

"Well, whatever your decision is, know that I support it. Everyone should have a little love in their life." You suggest.
"T-thanks." Karmen's blush tones down to a more manageable level. "So, how about you? What's your story?"
No. 634134 ID: 914bcf
File 142893380209.png - (121.45KB , 500x500 , CH004b.png )

"Ah yes, let me tell you of my own love story. Back in the old country, I am lucky to have married a woman that I love. We supported each other. Then came the day when I have to see the wider world -"
"Wait, so you just left her?" Karmen interrupts.
"Not without her blessing. You see, us Ksselyr, we have this strong wanderlust. We accept it as part of us, what Neode left for us. Now, she might have left on a journey of her own now - but that did not mean I love her less for it."
Karmen muses a bit. "Ksselyr culture is strange to me."
"Likewise. Airfen customs are interesting to me, too."
No. 634135 ID: 914bcf
File 142893415915.png - (100.82KB , 500x500 , CH004c.png )

A noise alerts the both of you. You see Nilode and Vesmir ahead - but they have their weapons drawn, pointing to one end of the cargo hold.
Something's up.
>Wat do?
[] Tell Karmen to ready her sword.
[] Ready your own brazen knuckles.
[] Try to talk to Nilode.
[] Try to talk to Vesmir.
[] Go forward and see what they're up against.
[] Use magic to see what they're up against.
[] Call for backup, Samo's not that far.
[] Get Karmen to call for backup.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 634155 ID: dccc95

[x] Tell Karmen to ready her sword.
Best to be ready bith if you.

[x] Try to talk to Nilode.
Try and assess the situation before rushing in.
Buuuut... let Karmen speak to Vesmir~
No. 634206 ID: 9ddf68

[] Tell Karmen to ready her sword.
[] Ready your own brazen knuckles.
[] Try to talk to Nilode.
[] Try to talk to Vesmir.
really just talk to whoever is willing to tell you what's going on or whoever reacts to your presents first.
No. 634242 ID: 3c17ca


[x] Ready your own brazen knuckles.

[x] Use magic to see what they're up against.
[x] Get Karmen to call for backup.

[x] move fast.
No. 634246 ID: 5db52c

Seems reasonable. Be prepared for action, and ask the people in advance of you what's going on.

Moving forward to investigate yourself, or casting a spell, risk setting off the situation if this is a tense moment.
No. 635020 ID: 2f4b71

>[X] Try to talk to Nilode.
>[X] Try to talk to Vesmir.
I think they're showing off their toys.
No. 639675 ID: 6e32a2
File 143135723647.png - (119.32KB , 500x500 , CH005a.png )

You slowly don your knuckles, and sidle behind Nilode. "What seems to be the problem?"
He scans the apparently empty corner of the cargo hold, his knives following his gaze. "Okay, I admit I was going to see what enchantments that blade of yours have, so I followed Vesmir when he moved the box - but something else was here, I swear! Vesmir saw it first, said it looked like a person facing away. Then I saw it as it turned its head, I'm sure it's not people. It disappeared right before our eyes."
Oh dear, a stowaway?
No. 639678 ID: 6e32a2
File 143135746878.png - (119.15KB , 500x500 , CH005b.png )

"What Nilode said is true. I can vouch that it is nothing like I have seen." Vesmir agrees.
Meanwhile, Karmen had already joined them in drawing her own weapon. "I don't like this. When something disappears, it's either Airfen technology or magic. And Airfens who use them won't hesitate to kill us for just witnessing them disappear." She comments.
Just to be sure, you cast a bit of true sight on yourself, to see where our intruder is -
No. 639680 ID: 6e32a2
File 143135804147.png - (227.11KB , 500x600 , what IS that thing.png )

Or rather, the better question, what.
As in, what in Neode's holy name is that thing behind Vesmir?!?
The thing seems to have tentacles writhing and squirming from its back, gripping the wooden ceiling hard, while it drips disgustingly acrid magical aura. Time seems to blur slower as it hung there, right in front of those flour bags, raising its misshapen arm as if to strike...
"You see anything, Moribe?"
>Wat dafuq do we do?
[] Yell out BEHIND YOU at Vesmir!
[] Shoot out a bolt of magic at the thing! (warning: you are low on magical charge)
[] Yank Vesmir out or down!
[] Transmit the thing's location to Nilode using mindlink!
[] Burst that bag of flour using magic so that everyone can see!
[] Parry the thing's blows using your knuckles!
[] Get Karmen to swing behind Vesmir, and Vesmir to duck!
[] Other (fill in)
No. 639702 ID: bd8b82

yank and burst.
No. 639729 ID: 9ddf68

[] Yank Vesmir out or down!
[] Transmit the thing's location to Nilode using mindlink!
[] Get Karmen to swing behind Vesmir, and Vesmir to duck!
get vesmir out of harms way first and then get have Karmen distract it while you mindlink with Nilode so you have to people who can see the damn thing so we can take it out easier.
No. 639758 ID: 79940c

>[] Yank Vesmir out or down!
>[] Transmit the thing's location to Nilode using mindlink!
I think that's the best we can do. Hopefully the mind-link isn't rejected, and doesn't cost mana we don't have. There's no time before the strike- a warning won't be enough. We have to spend our action preveting him being stabbed. And we won't have the chance to burst the four and make it visible to everyone, so we'll fall back on mindlink.

Maybe if we're lucky Nilode's attack will burst the four as well.
No. 639809 ID: 3c17ca


[x] Other (fill in)
Psychic scream! Shout out its location while mind linking and ordering the swing and exploding that flour, charging like a mad man with that beautiful melee weapon.
No. 639976 ID: 82c018

Yank and burst/send (whichever would use less mana)
No. 643461 ID: 39c8c2
File 143273492889.png - (165.26KB , 500x500 , CH006a.png )

With no time to spare, you grabbed Vesmir's arm, and pulled him toward you. This action might have slightly inconvenienced Karmen, though, but no matter, Vesmir's head is still squarely on his shoulders. As the two Airfens stagger backwards, you throw out a mindlink to Nilode -
No. 643462 ID: 39c8c2
File 143273533592.png - (207.70KB , 500x500 , CH006b.png )

Which is ultimately not needed, as he has already loosed one of his knives towards the general direction of the monstrosity. While the monster dodged the knife, it did not dodge the cloud of flour caused by the impact of the knife. It seems to be confused by the flour, its eyes seemed to be coated with it. Well, besides the fact that it's now visible to all.
Time to strike back.
>But how?
[] Pool whatever mana you can scrounge up into your knuckles, and give a magical beatdown on that thing's torso.
[] Get Nilode to stab it in the torso or head, his way is probably safer.
[] Vesmir might still be able to aim from his position, get him to pepper the area with lead.
[] Get Vesmir off Karmen so she could strike a big damaging blow with her sword. Might be a bit slow though.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 643463 ID: dccc95

[X] Vesmir
No. 643480 ID: 3c17ca

lets keep our distance and shoot. We got it surrounded, no need to rush.

Though...any way to subdue and interrogate?
No. 643494 ID: 9ddf68

>] Get Vesmir off Karmen so she could strike a big damaging blow with her sword. Might be a bit slow though.
we need to get our people up so they're not sitting ducks... that and with us being so low on magic I don't really want to push ourselves unless we have no other choice. Just make sure Nilode is covering your ass while you get the team back up.
No. 647100 ID: a19244
File 143377619091.png - (126.75KB , 500x500 , CH007a.png )

As you help Vesmir up from the Airfen heap, he hands you the box. Wordlessly, he mouths, "Keep it safe". Karmen then props him up.
"Thanks. You alright?" Vesmir asks.
"Yeah, I'm fi-"
No. 647101 ID: a19244
File 143377644863.png - (163.25KB , 500x500 , CH007b.png )

Her sentence is cut short my a sudden movement from the abomination. But thankfully, it's the only thing cut short, as Karmen quickly catches the beast's scythe-like arm on her sword, while at the same time protecting Vesmir. The sound of chitin and steel clashing echoed through the cargo hold.
No. 647103 ID: a19244
File 143377718671.png - (180.69KB , 500x500 , CH007c.png )

The beast seems to be confused, perhaps it is not used to being seen? The same jerky pause happened as when Nilode covered it with flour. As it ceases movement, you now realize that the beast is closer than before, and you can discern some details from it, especially its face, which seem insectoid - but insects don't have shoulder-length blond hair. Or for that matter, stitched flesh and chitin, partially fused with magic. The reek of it is palpable.
What sort of madman would make this abomination?

The question dies as fast as Vesmir pulls the trigger, and a bright flash illuminates the beast's visage for the last time, followed by a loud SPHUT.
It's quite a mess now. At least it's now dormant.
>wat do next?
[] Get the box with the knife somewhere else safe. The thing might have been after it.
[] Get Vesmir or Karmen to tell Samo about the intruder.
[] Or maybe just straight to Caena. Tell her about the dangerous stowaway.
[] Make sure the abomination is well and truly dead, and get Nilode to help too; this mess might be Necromantic.
[] Scan the corpse using magic, see if there's something we can trace. This will only use a small bit of magic. Then again your mana reserves are low.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 647112 ID: c39e56

[] Other (fill in)
Nilode scans the room using magic to check for any more of the things then goes with Vesmir to tell the crew and inspect the rest of the ship. Karmen and Moribe inspect the corpse to make sure it doesn't get up again or do anything magical.
No. 647138 ID: 3c17ca

[-] Get the box with the knife somewhere else safe. The thing might have been after it.
[-] Get Vesmir or Karmen to tell Samo about the intruder.
[-] Or maybe just straight to Caena. Tell her about the dangerous stowaway.
>someone else can handle this
[X] Make sure the abomination is well and truly dead, and get Nilode to help too; this mess might be Necromantic.
>Call over people to guard the thing and get ready to mutilate it.
[X] Scan the corpse using magic, see if there's something we can trace. This will only use a small bit of magic. Then again your mana reserves are low.
>See what we can learn
No. 647146 ID: 9ddf68

Make sure the abomination is well and truly dead, and get Nilode to help too; this mess might be Necromantic.
No. 647598 ID: dccc95

[X] Get the box with the knife somewhere else safe. The thing might have been after it.

[X] Make sure the abomination is well and truly dead, and get Nilode to help too; this mess might be Necromantic.
No. 654251 ID: 7cece1
File 143645627615.png - (118.81KB , 500x500 , CH008a.png )

"Is it dead?" Karmen asks.
"Seems so. But with this level of magical taint... it helps to go the extra length." You reply. Indeed, you need to do a rite of purification, just in case this abomination is a necromantic one; but you feel your mana reserves is low. "Nilode, mind giving a little magical help?"
"Yeah, sure. What do you need?"
"You know how to do an amplification circle?"
"Ah, you want to purify? Gotcha." With that, he sends three of his daggers around the corpse, tracing imaginary lines.
No. 654252 ID: 7cece1
File 143645650074.png - (119.33KB , 500x500 , CH008b.png )

When the three daggers finish tracing and stab themselves onto the wooden floor, you recite the purification mantra; to those who can sense magical auras, a slow spiral of greenish energy rose from the corpse. As it gyrates through the air, it loses the greenish tinge, and reverts to neutral - whatever thins thing's soul has been purified. You sense something's odd about this 'soul', though... but what?
No. 654254 ID: 7cece1
File 143645689888.png - (145.63KB , 500x500 , CH008c.png )

You feel your mana at a nadir now, the ritual sapping nearly every drop of it.
"Allright, can someone tell me what's going on here?" Caena arrives with Samo and Gnoros behind her.
"I called her as soon as I heard a gunshot. I trust you've got the situation under control?" Samo explains.
>Wat do?
[] You've got a very unpleasant hitch-hiker, Caena.
[] Seen anything like this, Samo?
[] Gnoros, I'm afraid we lost a bag of flour.
[] Examine the corpse further, let the others explain.
[] Examine the soul further.
[] Make sure the knife in the box is safe.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 654257 ID: 88960e

>let the others explain.
They have mouths. They'll manage.

>[] Examine the soul further.
Assuming that doesn't take mana we don't have, I assume the soul will only stick around to be examined a short time. We should do that while we can. Examining the body can wait, it's not going anywhere.
No. 654258 ID: eac8be

[] You've got a very unpleasant hitch-hiker, Caena.
[] Examine the soul further.
After briefly saying there was a hitchhiker examine the soul, since it will probably quickly disappear to wherever it is souls go.
No. 654282 ID: e114bc

[x] Gnoros, I'm afraid we lost a bag of flour.
No. 654318 ID: 9ddf68

[] Gnoros, I'm afraid we lost a bag of flour.
[] Examine the corpse further, let the others explain.
[] Examine the soul further.
[] Make sure the knife in the box is safe.
No. 654345 ID: 3c17ca

In priority and opportunity.
[x] Examine the soul further.
>Do this first, maybe ask Samo while we do it if we can.
[x] Examine the corpse further, let the others explain.
>important after soul. corpse might disolve or some other weird magic before we get to it.
[x] Seen anything like this, Samo?
Ask now if not later. depends on time. its an action of opportunity.

[x] Make sure the knife in the box is safe.
>someone else can handle this, delegate the task, we don't have enough juice to mist jaunt anyway so someone with fast feet will be better. If its going somewhere now, its damn near out of our hands.

[x] You've got a very unpleasant hitch-hiker, Caena.
[x] Gnoros, I'm afraid we lost a bag of flour.
>let Samo do the talking, you are busy. need a nap after this, maybe some drink.

[-] Other (fill in)
>dont want to add extra this time.
No. 659829 ID: e42061
File 143852868404.png - (154.65KB , 500x500 , CH009a.png )

You feel as if you should examine the soul further, before it escapes into the Lightless Sky - but you're very low on mana. Luckily, Ksselyr can always see auras, so you try extending yours to examine the soul. As soon as your aura touches it, however, it splits into several souls.

Which can only mean one thing: Multi-part Necromancy, one of the forms of Necromancy forbidden by the Marnaka Code. And then it's used for combat, which is another violation of the Marnaka Code's stance on Necromancy.

Furthermore, as your aura sift through the souls, you glance some bits and pieces of memory. By Neode! Animals and sapient races were amalgamated into the abomination! How on Tharsia could someone have such magical precision?

As you watch the souls dissipate to the Lightless Sky, you tuned back into the world around you. Seems like Nilode's about to finish briefing Caena about what happened. "...and that's how I see it. Necromance'd, stitched-up assassin."
"That doesn't explain why it's targeting my ship specifically... but you might not know that as well. Gnoros, check out with the Ksselyr, see what's up with our... hitchhiker." Caena seems to be unconvinced by Nilode.
No. 659832 ID: e42061
File 143852918953.png - (129.00KB , 500x500 , CH009b.png )

Gnoros kneels down beside you. "Moribe, show me what you got."
"Well, remember that Razorfish from earlier? Pacha thinks it's weird, and he might be right. These same stitches were found on a piece of that Razorfish. And while examining the soul, I found that it was actually an amalgam of several souls - including two Tharsians, a Ksselyr, and a Hozith youth -" You stop once you realized Gnoros was staring on the abomination's arm - well, a piece of it, at least. "Gnoros?"
"No, it can't be..." You hear him mumble.
No. 659833 ID: e42061
File 143852960902.png - (110.70KB , 500x500 , CH009c.png )

"What is it, Gnoros?" You ask.
He drops his head. "That tattoo, the boat with the x." Tears start to well from his eyes. "That is the same one I gave to my nephew on his coming-of-age. Karos was his name."
"...my condolences, Gnoros."
"He's going to be a good sailor, he told me. Gonna go be just like his uncle, he said..."

The tears and silence seems to go indefinitely.

"Moribe, could you promise me one thing?" Gnoros was the one to break it.
"I'll try."
"Promise me you'll find whoever did this to my nephew Karos?"
"If I can. I shall see to it."
"Thank you.

The silence continued for the rest of the day.
No. 659834 ID: e42061

---Arc 1, chapter 2, end---
No. 659835 ID: e42061
File 143853000748.png - (126.14KB , 500x500 , epilogue-a.png )


A candle fizzles out. A figure inspects it.
"Heekekeke. Seems like my pet has been found out. I wonder if it was a fluke or they weren't just another run-of-the-mill smuggler ship like Jesst told me? Jesst, you shape-shifting card."
No. 659836 ID: e42061
File 143853029816.png - (99.52KB , 500x500 , epilogue-b.png )

"Oh well. Heekekeke. I've still got a lot of pets to throw at them. That ship will sink, Heekekeke. I wonder if Anaximander found his knife yet - oh, oh! I thought I felt it on the ship! Heekekeke! These are the same ones that fought him? Very interesting research material!"
A cavernous space, filled with candlelight. Two more abominations flank the figure.
No. 659837 ID: e42061
File 143853071029.png - (99.25KB , 500x500 , epilogue-c.png )

"If they are such bright specimens, fresh specimens, heekekeke, then what am I, Varfija the Beastmaster, doing here monitoring? Get them while they're fresh! Heekekeke! Time to dive, Shadow! Forget about the last ship's remains! Oh, won't Anaximander be happy that I returned his knife? He's always angry! Maybe this'll cheer him up, heekekeke!"
A black behemoth under the surface sinks, its gregarious nature marred by multiple grafts and wards, to deny the very Ocean from entering its innards.

The Beastmaster hunts.

end of epilogue.
No. 659845 ID: e114bc

ohhhh dear.
No. 659847 ID: ab7529

>necromancy franken-whale submarine base
Simply amazing.
No. 659871 ID: 9ddf68

we're going to need a bigger boat.
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