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File 140552353571.png - (47.92KB , 500x500 , Title Screen Cycle 01.png )
584329 No. 584329 ID: 4d30e8

What is time? It is a serpent which eats its tail.
~Kurt Vonnegut
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No. 584330 ID: 4d30e8
File 140552367429.png - (111.40KB , 500x500 , morgue001a.png )

In a morgue basement, a coroner is starting to inspect the latest arrival.
"Let's see what we have here..." Dr. Wu solemnly said, as if it was his rite for every autopsy.
No. 584331 ID: 4d30e8
File 140552386015.png - (81.90KB , 500x500 , morgue001b.png )

"A male horse, taken before his time, I see. Hmm, no wounds on the outside. So far no indication for the cause of death."
Dr. Wu prepares his scalpel, handling it carefully, respectfully.
"Maybe if we open you up, we'll find out what killed you..."
No. 584332 ID: 4d30e8
File 140552400493.png - (106.44KB , 500x500 , morgue001c.png )

All of a sudden, the victim rose to life, screaming as if his life is dependent on it.
"UOOOH! Woh ah ah! You almost gave me a stroke!"
No. 584333 ID: 4d30e8
File 140552420928.png - (117.37KB , 500x500 , morgue001d.png )

A short while later, the victim has calmed down, clutching his head.
"That was a surprising, a rare case of coming back from the dead!"
"...Where am I?"
"Well, you're at the morgue, son. Ah - what is your name?"

>Insert name?
No. 584335 ID: 530de5

Billy Pilgrim
No. 584336 ID: b519f1

or maybe Roland Weary?
No. 584337 ID: e94a06

James Baxter
No. 584338 ID: 3db33b

>James Baxter
No. 584339 ID: 74f028

Just fuckin yes!
No. 584340 ID: 22d852

The Nameless One, obviously. :V
No. 584353 ID: b32463

No. 584358 ID: 5b596d


Neighel Canterbury
No. 584363 ID: 879a42

Can't help but agree James Baxter sounds so boss. YES.
No. 584364 ID: ccd544

No. 584378 ID: 93ac6c

Mr. Ed
No. 584457 ID: e4bf9c
File 140560057112.png - (188.86KB , 500x500 , morgue002a.png )

"My name is... my name is...??"
You try recalling your own name, but the name escapes you. It was on the tip of your tongue; but a grey blankness existed there instead. The more you try to remember, the more a kind of noise buzzed in your head. You try to remember anything else about your past, but the same greyness and noise greets you in your mind.
"I can't remember! I can't remember anything!"
No. 584458 ID: e4bf9c
File 140560071473.png - (120.67KB , 500x500 , morgue002b.png )

"Amnesia? Maybe you've been dead for too long - not enough oxygen getting in your brain, before you resuscitate?" Dr. Wu asks, rhetorically.
"Maybe some of your belongings might jog your memory? Be glad the cops picked it up."
He pulls out a box out of a storage bin, and hands the contents to you.
No. 584459 ID: e4bf9c
File 140560088175.png - (94.90KB , 500x500 , morgue002c.png )

Aside from what was supposed to be your clothing, there is also a library book, titled Rubaiyyat, and a wallet. There is nothing inside the wallet besides an ID that could be yours - well, it's got your face on it, anyways - and a scrap of paper with something written on it. It's not a language you remember.

Somehow, holding the ID card, you feel a bit calmed down, the noise in your head abating.
No. 584460 ID: e4bf9c
File 140560125758.png - (117.40KB , 500x500 , morgue002d.png )

A few moment later, after you get dressed, Dr. Wu calls someone.
"Yes, this is Wu, is McDowd there? Ah. Yes. The victim turns out to be alive, albeit with a memory loss - yes, that's why I called. Can you get him somewhere to stay for a bit? No, he's fine otherwise. Oh, and also - send someone to escort him, he will undoubtedly not remember the way. Yes. Thank you."

Somehow, you feel as if you need to get out of here.
>Wat do?
[] Wait for the escort, you don't remember anything anyways.
[] Lie to Wu that you remember someplace you can go, and leave.
[] Just bail outta there man, he's busy with the phone and won't notice you sneak out.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 584462 ID: 22d852

Stick around. You haven't been given reason to run, and he doc appears to be trying to help, right now.

Hey, uh, Doc? Are you sure I was dead? Wouldn't it make more sense if I was just badly hurt and there was a mistake rather than coming back from the dead?
No. 584464 ID: 74f028

WHY IS THIS GUY SO CASUAL ABOUT THE DEAD COMING BACK TO LIFE? Does he know something we don't or is this just a common fucking occurrence.
No. 584467 ID: 2fd516

Were you actually dead? Ask if you had no pulse and weren't breathing.
No. 584492 ID: 53548a

It would appear that you are 28 years old, assuming all other variables constant.

Ask for some details regarding the exaggerated rumors of your death. How were you found? Were you treated or DOA? He said victim, does that mean you were murdered? And wait for the escort.
No. 584499 ID: 879a42

Stick around, but do not trust him. Be somewhat wary about what he tells you since he seems so composed. Maybe he was expecting you to wake up and pretended to be suprised. Ask him if this has ever happened before.(ressurection)
No. 584500 ID: 101c79

"Soooooooooo...does this happen a lot?"
No. 584503 ID: 6b3813

شروع seems to translate as "begin"

Stick around and use that time to rifle through your book. Check if you left any sort of notes in it. Check the page the bookmark is on.
No. 584528 ID: ccd544

He is clearly an expy of Dr. Ducky from NCIS.
Besides, morticians deal with the dead enough to have internalized any misgivings they have about the occult, and do tend to talk at the corpses they operate on because the dead are great listeners.
No. 584536 ID: 707a11

I don't trust this. Tell him you have some place you can go and get moving.
No. 584583 ID: 99cabd

Pocket the scalpel when the doc isn't looking. If we were presumed dead, someone could have been trying to kill us. Having a makeshift weapon might be helpful.
No. 584585 ID: 74f028

Yea, I think this is a good idea. Somethings not sitting right with me here.
No. 584615 ID: eb1d1d

for some reason, I don't think this bloke is James Baxter at all...yo, how strong are you? How much horsepower you got?...yyeah nab that scalpel. This doctor is just...'OH YEAH, THE DEAD GUY IS ALIVE NO BIG DEAL WHATEVS' and that'sjust odd.
No. 585315 ID: 39022a
File 140604284533.png - (98.94KB , 500x500 , morgue003a.png )

As you wait for Dr. Wu to finish phoning, you idly thumb through the Rubaiyyat. The bookmark rests on a page with this poem as its content:

XLVIII A Moment's Halt--a momentary taste Of Being from the Well amid the Waste-- And Lo!--the phantom Caravan has reach'd The Nothing it set out from--Oh, make haste!

...huh. Turns out it's some sort of poem collection by a middle-eastern poet. The bookmark, however, catches your eye; it seems to come from a place called the Seven Sisters Cafe.
Just then, Dr. Wu hangs up.
No. 585319 ID: 39022a
File 140604333680.png - (132.24KB , 500x500 , morgue003b.png )

Still, something about him is off to you; he seems to be too calm for someone who saw a dead man come back to life.
"So uh, Dr. Wu? You don't seem that surprised, have you handled other cases of the waking dead?" You idly chat, trying to get his attention away from his medical tools.
"Ah, yes, it does seem a bit strange isn't it? To be honest, you're the first case of reanimation that I've handled, but medical science has documented some other instances." He seem to be proud, somehow. He turns away from the tools, and you nabbed a scalpel while he's not looking. Quickly, you stuff it in the book.
"But! I do admit that I have seen stranger things during my coronary career, mind you. There was this one time when a victim was found with a live gecko..."
No. 585323 ID: 39022a
File 140604384437.png - (105.36KB , 500x500 , morgue003c.png )

Suddenly, a couple of sharp knocks ended Dr. Wu's tirade prematurely.
"So, this is the one who cheated death, eh?" A policeman in uniform enters the morgue.
"Ah, glad you can escort him, McDowd! James, this is McDowd, he'll help you get a place to stay. You can also ask him anything, he knows New Bataven inside out."

>What do?
[] Go with the policeman, he seems nice and helpful.
[] Ask a question about your ID. (write in for more precise question)
[] Ask a question about the library book. (write in for more precise question)
[] Ask a question about the Seven Sisters Cafe. (write in for more precise question)
[] Ask a question about New Bataven. (write in for more precise question)
[] Give em both the slip and run outside!
[] Other (write in)
No. 585325 ID: 6d3b18

>Give em both the slip and run outside!
You know what, let's avoid the obvious run away trust no one lost all our memories setup. Play this out. See if they're actually legit, or at least wait until we're given better evidence they're not.

>Ask a question about your ID
...can we use this to figure out or look up anything about who I am? I've kind of got a hole in my memory, here. Not sure if there's a life or home I'm supposed to be getting back to.
No. 585334 ID: 53548a

>You know what, let's avoid the obvious run away trust no one lost all our memories setup.

Yeah. Here's some questions:
"How did I 'die'?"
"How was I found?"
"Did I go to the hospital or was I pronounced dead on arrival?"
"You said 'victim,' was I murdered?"

Also, find some way to work "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated" in there.
No. 586365 ID: ed7e4a

[x] Ask a question about your ID. (write in for more precise question)
[x] Ask a question about the library book. (write in for more precise question)
[x] Ask a question about the Seven Sisters Cafe. (write in for more precise question)
[x] Ask a question about New Bataven. (write in for more precise question)

Hide the knife, but find out where we live, how to get there. How to get to the cafe and what it is like. How to get to library.

We can ask about the book at the library, get some supplies from home, and then visit the cafe when we are ready.
No. 586378 ID: 879a42

Ask him to search your ID in the criminal database. Don't cops have a device in their cars for such a thing? If you are a criminal play it off that you had no idea and are a decent person. Also ask what your offences were.
No. 586595 ID: dd751c
File 140664145757.png - (117.08KB , 500x500 , morgue004a.png )

"Uh, I kinda got a big hole where my memory's used to be... can you check this ID for me? It's part of a few things found with me." You say, holding your ID for McDowd to inspect.
"Huh? This is either a bad forgery, or someone at the civil offices done a bad typo."
"Your birthdate! It says you're born in 1986, right?"
"If the ID is right, you're minus two years old! This is 1984!"
No. 586596 ID: dd751c
File 140664182711.png - (123.97KB , 500x500 , morgue004b.png )

"EH?! Whaaat? So I may not even be James Baxter?!?" A wave of shock hits you like a freight train. The ground now seem shaky, like your supposed identity.
"We can check if that's true or not, but I'll have to use my cruiser's radio outside. Come with me."
No. 586598 ID: dd751c
File 140664261209.png - (122.30KB , 500x500 , morgue004c.png )

The street outside the morgue looks a bit empty, mainly because it's right in front of the morgue. McDowd reaches in and gets his radio in one smooth move.
"Dispatch, this is McDowd, requesting info on a James Baxter. ID says he lives in Merlon Street, but that might be a fake."
"Roger that, we'll call you back when we get it." the radio bleeps, and goes silent.
You silently transfer the scalpel into your pants pocket, and brings up the book.
"So... this is another thing that is supposed to be mine."
McDowd looks at the library card, and the bookmark. "Okay, the book's from the Beckett library, near downtown. But the Seven Sisters Cafe is kinda parked in a seedy part of the city. I'd stay away from it if I were you."
"Could you drive me to each of those locations? I- maybe I could remember something..."
"Eh, sure, why not. Your info's going to take some time to dig from the paperworks. Where do we go first?"
>Where go?
[] Beckett Library. That book must be lent to someone in the first place, right?
[] Merlon Street. You're supposed to live there, maybe some clues to who you are could be there?
[] Seven Sisters Cafe. Kinda a long shot, but someone might know you there.
[] I dunno, you give me a tour of the city, McDowd.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 586602 ID: 87bf88

go to the cafe, see if anyone knows you.....going to where your fake id has you from might be weird and awkward....
No. 586615 ID: f839a9

>fake ID
That or time travel.

>where go
No. 586620 ID: 515a0f

To the Library!
No. 586637 ID: 2fd516

I say library.
No. 586914 ID: ed7e4a

[x] Beckett Library. That book must be lent to someone in the first place, right?
[] Merlon Street. You're supposed to live there, maybe some clues to who you are could be there?
[] Seven Sisters Cafe. Kinda a long shot, but someone might know you there.
[] I dunno, you give me a tour of the city, McDowd.
[] Other (fill in)

Library, should be a quick, plus we can find out who the book is checked out by. From there with an officer at our side if need be, find out the address of the person who checked out our book. Maybe learn something there too.
No. 586982 ID: 879a42

Library. If he asks why say to calm your head. If we are a time traveling Bourne identity kind of spy, we don't need to give out the secret info. For now let's play this close to the vest and be careful what everyone else knows. This is all too suspicous for me.
No. 587002 ID: 53548a

Man, if you're not going to ask perfectly sensible questions when provided to you, why bother?

Head to the address on Merlon Street.
No. 588212 ID: 982e2d
File 140724915792.png - (127.26KB , 500x500 , cruiser001.png )

"Let's go to the library. I feel like I should return the book for some reason."
"Beckett Public Library it is. Downtown we go, then." McDowd starts his cruiser, and soon the both of you are on the road.
"Say, McDowd, Dr. Wu said I was a 'victim'? Where was I found?"
"Ah, that Wu and his dramatic tendencies. You're still alive, right? Anyways, you were found in an alley near the East bridge..."
No. 588213 ID: 982e2d
File 140724963720.png - (118.77KB , 500x500 , bodycrimesceneflashback.png )

"Yesterday, a hobo came to the station, saying that he found a body near the East Bridge. I was sent to verify. When I arrived, I saw you slumped between two dumpsters, just as the hobo said. I felt for a pulse, and there's none. You were pale and cold, so I called for forensics."
"So Dr. Wu came there?"
"Nah, it's his assistant, Carter or whatever. Anyways, he checked you up, declared you dead, and hauled you away to the morgue. That's what I remember."
Okay, that was quite weird.
No. 588214 ID: 982e2d
File 140724998587.png - (130.78KB , 500x500 , library001a.png )

The rest of the ride is silent, and soon enough you arrive at the library.
McDowd's radio blares some garbled stuff that you can't quite pick up. "Oops, dang, got to go. There's a break-in downtown, I'm the closest. You can stay at the library by yourself, right?"
"Yeah, I guess?"
"I'll pick you up in about an hour. I still have to get you to a shelter! If I'm not back in an hour, try to get to the downtown police station at 6 Graham Street. Hope you find out more clues about yourself!"
With that, he's off, siren blaring. Man, you wish he used the siren a while back.
No. 588215 ID: 982e2d
File 140725040479.png - (112.23KB , 500x500 , library001b.png )

Well, no use dawdling about, you guess. The book needs returning. As you enter, a librarian takes notice.
"Welcome to the Beckett Public Library, sir. How may I help you?"
...she's kinda pretty.
>wat say?
[] (lie) Uh, yeah, I've gotten ahold of this book on the train, I'd like to return it and know who dropped it.
[] (direct) I got amnesia, and the only thing that might make me remember is this book. Can you tell me everything about it?
[] (put yo mack on) I guess so, can you read my mind? It says you're pretty.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 588216 ID: 0abfa5

fuck it, be direct. she's more likely to help you if you say YOU returned the book, if you say someone else did it she'd be like 'k' and wouldnt need to tell you who took it out.
No. 588218 ID: f839a9

Uh, this is kind of an odd question, but would you be able to look up who checked this book out, for me?
No. 588219 ID: 9dd1ee

put yo mack on
No. 588224 ID: 2fd516

Direct. Also flirt.
No. 588282 ID: 761017

"Uh, Hi there. I think someone left this library book at my place over the weekend, but I don't remember who brought it and, uh, I was hoping you could tell me who checked it out so I can give it back."
No. 588601 ID: ed7e4a

"im here to return this book...but is there anything you would like to...check out?" Proceed to flex.
No. 588673 ID: 879a42

Agreeing with flexing. Maximum douche! But then just ask after flexing casually.
No. 588842 ID: 40935b

Don't schmooze when you can't remember your own phone number, Casanova. Go the direct route.
No. 588907 ID: b60d1b

We don't have any sunglasses do we? SHIT! If we cant go maximum over-douche there's really not much point, so just go direct to her bed. yeah but no seriously go the direct route.
No. 589264 ID: 9ba09c
File 140792481251.png - (136.69KB , 500x500 , library002a.png )

"Uh, yeah. I'm trying to find out who checked out this book? It's your library's copy of the Rubaiyyat." You suddenly feel confident, all of a sudden.
"Sure, I'll look in the records." The lady picks up some sort of ledger from behind the table.
No. 589266 ID: 9ba09c
File 140792547392.png - (82.00KB , 500x500 , library002b.png )

"Well, the records say that this book was borrowed by a James Baxter, of Aspen Road. Is this what you need?"
Huh, strange, another James Baxter?
No. 589267 ID: 9ba09c
File 140792561721.png - (111.56KB , 500x500 , library002c.png )

"Yes, thanks, I think it's what I need. Listen, I asked because I've lost my memory, so you're a very great help."
"O-oh, I see..."
You hold her hand, flexing a bit as you do. "Don't worry, I won't forget a pretty face like yours easily."
No. 589268 ID: 9ba09c
File 140792576893.png - (87.39KB , 500x500 , library002d.png )

"W-well, if you say so! Here, this might be of some help with your memory loss." She hands you a namecard. "He's an acquaintance of mine."
"Thank you, miss...?"
"Jenna! Jenna Foxglove."
No. 589269 ID: 9ba09c
File 140792610075.png - (105.85KB , 500x500 , library002e.png )

Well, that went kinda smoothly. You surprised yourself with your natural flirtation, and wonder if you were some sort of Casanova before you lost your memory.
The namecard says DeLaney, P.I. His office is at 8 Graham Street, just 2 blocks away from the station.
Well, looking at the time, not much time has passed. What do we do next?
>wat do?
[] Look up some books in the library, you might need some remembering about current events. (which section?)
[] Wait for McDowd outside.
[] Walk to the police station at 6 Graham Street.
[] Look up for the James Baxter at Aspen Road. There's gotta be some sort of citizen register here.
[] Go to DeLaney's office, you might need a PI.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 589274 ID: 4ab0f4

Dang dude, smooth.
We should probably try to acquire some funding before the PI though, I doubt he will work for free.
No. 589277 ID: 9dd1ee

make a mental note to ask jenna on a date later
No. 589278 ID: 9dd1ee

actually ask when she gets off work
No. 589280 ID: 4b571b

>Huh, strange, another James Baxter?
Or that really is your name, fake ID notwithstanding. Or you checked out the book while using that alias.

We can check him out later I suppose, once we've done following our own leads. Problem is we currently don't have anything to pay a PI with. No identity means no bank account.

That, and it would be rude to ditch McDowd, if he's coming back.

>what do
Looking up stuff can't hurt. You can look up the layout of the city, find where Aspen road is, see if there's a James Baxter in a registry or anything.
No. 589298 ID: 879a42

Wow I think we might have either gotten lucky or perhaps we really were a Casanova. Lets try it out on another female next chance we get, although with TG's luck we will hit go a lesbian and won't know it.
No. 589300 ID: 879a42

Yes let's find out where aspen road is, if its close by we might take a quick walk there since its been only 5 minutes or so. If not let's just wait, he's been nice I don't want to desert him.
No. 589342 ID: 204003

Anybody else notice the title of the book on her desk?
No. 589345 ID: 2fd516

[x] Look up some books in the library, you might need some remembering about current events. (which section?)
No. 589346 ID: ccd544

>"Sensual Saddle"
No. 589375 ID: fa3d04

OK, somewhere along the line we need to get four pairs of sunglasses so we may properly wield our inner douche bag.
No. 589412 ID: 2f2fc2

someone likes horses
No. 589417 ID: 879a42

We may have just gotten lucky, if she has a thing for horses. Either way it works for us I suppose. Maybe at some point we could date her, although I doubt we will have the opportunity, it would be a fun thing to do on the side.
No. 589418 ID: 879a42

Also, inventory check.
No. 589759 ID: ed7e4a

Inventory? Two guns and an Anaconda. *sunglasses* if you know what I am saying.

Dear fuck, let us roll to see if we find sunglasses in our jacket pocket.
No. 589814 ID: 879a42

That would be amazing. We need classic slightly dark black sunglasses for maximum effect. Clear or colored won't do. Roll d20 for shades!
No. 590267 ID: 11e567
File 140853799518.png - (130.81KB , 500x500 , library003a.png )

With no more distractions in the way, you head for the maps section, looking to find a map of New Bataven. After some time searching, you found one.
No. 590268 ID: 11e567
File 140853836531.png - (102.95KB , 500x500 , NewBatavenDistricts.png )

It seems like New Bataven is divided into five districts - City District (where we are now), Three Kings, Barrows, Deeracre, and Portside. Then you look for the street maps of the City District.
No. 590269 ID: 11e567
File 140853845473.png - (142.99KB , 500x500 , CityDistrictMap.png )

After pulling up the relevant map, you look for the places you've been, and the ones you know. Surprisingly you can remember the map quite well, having nothing else in your head does really help.
No. 590270 ID: 11e567
File 140853866815.png - (117.85KB , 500x500 , library003b.png )

Seems like Aspen Road and Merlon Street are somewhere in the Barrows, but you didn't look up the maps yet. You wonder about this other James Baxter guy. Maybe you'll find something if you go to the public records- ah hell nope. That'll take too much time! You'll be there for a week!
No. 590271 ID: 11e567
File 140853915172.png - (124.91KB , 500x500 , library003c.png )

Instead, you seek out the news corner, and pick up what's going on lately. Seems like the Rus People's Republic (RPR) has launched the first woman into space recently. Yelena Laikanovic was reported 'fine' after reentry. In sports news, New Bataven Gnolls won the baseball championships thanks to their ace pitcher Gene Barksley. "It was a tough game" he said. Moving on, economy seems to be improving, and it seems that a serial killer is on the loose. Three victims have been found with their throats slit; They're all in New Bataven, near the neighborhood of De Jongs in the Barrows. Now that's a grisly news.
No. 590272 ID: 11e567
File 140853957373.png - (72.14KB , 500x500 , library003d.png )

"Hey mister, whatcha readin'? Are you looking for a pair of sunglasses?"
Your reading was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of this little mice.
>wat do?
[] Just some news, beat it kid.
[] Eh, reading up on current news, why you ask?
[] Wait, how do you know I wanted a pair of sunglasses?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 590275 ID: 73ba85

>New Bataven
I almost read that as New Batman.

Central park is nowhere near the center.

Let me guess, Aspen Road and Merlon Street are in the neighborhood of De Jongs.

Fucking mind reader! yes we are indeed looking for face mounted ocular solar protection.
No. 590279 ID: 487455

Huh. Welcome to alternate universe NYC.

>Wait, how do you know I wanted a pair of sunglasses?
Either that's one good guesser, or we've got peddlers pushing wares in libraries and we just happened to be accosted by the right one.
No. 590281 ID: b651f5

Uh, do we actually have any money on us?
No. 590313 ID: 57b77e

[x] Eh, reading up on current news, why you ask?
[x] Wait, how do you know I wanted a pair of sunglasses?
No. 590423 ID: 761017

"Are they my sunglasses?"
No. 590442 ID: 879a42

Check for moolah. ''Yes I was wanting some sunglasses, how did you know?''
No. 592105 ID: ed7e4a

What gave away my need for glasses?
-we need to see if we can get a free map to get around easy.
No. 592325 ID: db52c3
File 140974337262.png - (104.29KB , 500x500 , library004a.png )

You're quite astonished at this little mouse's good guess. You were just thinking of getting a pair of shades.
"Well, I'm reading up on current news- how'd you guess I wanted a pair of sunglasses?" You quiz.
"Some people think I'm a mind reader. Guess what, I am! I can read minds!" She's excited.
"Wait, doesn't that mean you're reading my mind right now?"
"Nooo, it doesn't work that way! I can only read some stuff, not all. This is why I like going to the library! Not so much people talking, so I can practice."
Wow, for a mind reader she's the one spilling her secrets.
No. 592326 ID: db52c3
File 140974377879.png - (117.46KB , 500x500 , library004b.png )

"Huh? What do you mean by spill-" Her question is interrupted by a sing-songy voice, looking for her.
"Millie? There you are! You always sneak off here!"
"...Ah, it's Trish. She's my sister! sortof..."
"Come on now, Millie, it's almost time. Didn't the Overseer say, 'Stranger Danger'?" Trish scolds her lightly.
"Well, he's not a stranger... Anyways, see you, horse guy!"
"Sorry, mister. She always runs from the orphanage we're from, and always to the library."
"Oh, uh, I don't mind..." You reply to Trish.
No. 592327 ID: db52c3
File 140974388635.png - (101.51KB , 500x500 , library004c.png )

As they walk away you feel that there was something strange... something familiar. Millie? The name is feeling familiar. As you try to guess deeper, a sort of memory bubbles to the surface.
No. 592328 ID: db52c3
File 140974430668.png - (233.33KB , 500x500 , library004d.png )

And what a remembering it was, heralded by a severe migraine and accentuated by some sort of buzzing noise. Things fly by your vision, even though your eyes are closed shut from the pain; Among things you remember are some sort of schematic for two things: something called a Flux Coil and another called a Tachyon Engine. You have no idea what these two things actually do, but you know how the Flux Coil is made, and how it's part of the Tachyon Engine. Interspersed with the schematics is the face of someone you know, someone you hold close - and then a memory of you standing in front of a marker. It was raining. Sadness suddenly filled every corner of your heart.
No. 592329 ID: db52c3
File 140974453048.png - (100.56KB , 500x500 , library004e.png )

As the pain subsides, you find yourself back on the library, McDowd beside you.
"You okay?"
You feel like you've been hit by an emotional truck full of baggages.
>Wat do?
[] "I'm fine. Just a sudden migraine." (brush off)
[] "I've remembered something, McDowd." (tell him)
[] "Nothing- do you know someone named Millie?"
[] Other (fill in)
No. 592330 ID: 954b68

Soooo let me guess time machine, something went wrong, killed girlfriend, in a fit of madness you got the machine working to go back and save her, but you went to far and lost your memory.
Or at least something like that, on the plus side Millie is still alive but you may have to wait until she's older. Or not, if your into that kind of thing.
No. 592334 ID: 879a42

Looks like you worked for the military or the government in that flashback. Man, you might be a time traveler or something. But this only raises why, if that's the case. I'm not sure if it stopping something from happening, or assasination, or both at once, hell maybe its some third thing. I feel like we gotta pass this off as a real bad migraine, we really can't divulge info like this. And how did he get back so fast?
No. 592338 ID: ebbdd7

Looks like a grown up Millie. If you're not just crazy, maybe you actually did travel back in time?

One way to be sure would be to build the tech and see if it works, but you'd need resources you don't have to do that. Plus, trying to build a time machine in the middle of the cold war? That could go very wrong, pretty fast.

>what do
Mix the first two. You might have remembered something, but it came with a hell of a migraine. Electrical diagrams? A woman. A gravesite.
No. 593371 ID: ed7e4a

Ask him about the vision, but in a "know anything about this" as opposed to a "I had a vision"
No. 593406 ID: 5851e1

Allright guys, I know I said I'd update Ouroboros this midweek, but some events happened that made me have to do a week's hiatus for both Ouroboros and Tharsia. Expect the hiatus to be continued and intermittent, as I'm doing some tests to apply for a job I enjoy.
Sorry for the readers of both quests, I know you're all eagerly anticipating the next update, but I hope you guys understand.
No. 593415 ID: 879a42

(We do man, good luck.)
No. 594464 ID: 7f006c
File 141094193869.png - (99.63KB , 500x500 , library005a.png )

"I might have remembered something... but it came with a powerful migraine."
"Slow down, now. What did you remember, exactly?" McDowd asks as he gets me to my feet.
"Something electronic, a diagram perhaps? And the face of someone, a woman... I don't know what the diagram meant."
"Well, in any case, let's go. Get a place to rest, you know?" McDowd said as your migraine slowly dissipates.
No. 594466 ID: 7f006c
File 141094236461.png - (102.22KB , 500x500 , library005b.png )

As you two walk to the cruiser, you ask McDowd another question.
"By the way, how'd did you get here so quickly?"
"I didn't? It's just half an hour since I dropped you off?"
"Oh, nevermind that, then. How about someone named Millie?"
"Something else you remembered, eh? Rings a bell, but I don't quite remember... Anyhow, I gotta make a stop at the station after this, you good with that migraine?"
"Yeah, it's gone now. I can take a breather, I guess." You say as you reach McDowd's cruiser.
No. 594467 ID: 972352
File 141094292702.png - (126.75KB , 500x500 , cruiser002.png )

As you slide into the front passenger seat, you suddenly notice a big lizard glaring at you and McDowd from the back seat.
"Uh, McDowd, who's this?" You nervously ask.
"The perp of that break-in case, of course! Say hello to a delinquent!" McDowd cheerily answers.
"Hrrsss... wot you looking at, mate? You a copper too? Or maybe you a snitch?" The lizard hisses threateningly.
>wat do?
[] "I don't know if I am, I got amnesia." (truthful)
[] "What if I am, scaleface?" (confrontative)
[] "Should I answer him, McDowd?" (ignore)
[] "What about you tell me your side of the story?" (misdirect)
[] Other (fill in)
No. 594468 ID: 829dea

"No I'm a zombie, or a time traveler, one of the two."
No. 594473 ID: b2c9e1

Or we could just shrug and say "murder victim" see how he reacts.
No. 594485 ID: 8b533b

>You a copper too? Or maybe you a snitch?
Neither. I'm just a bumbling civvy, along for the ride. (Mostly true, to our knowledge, misdirect)

If I were a cop, I'd have a uniform, and if I were a snitch, well, it would be pretty dumb to be seen riding with a cop, wouldn't it?
No. 594489 ID: 2fd516

I like this.
No. 594533 ID: ccd544

former murder victim sounds good
No. 594547 ID: ed7e4a

"None of the above, but what is your story?" Kill some time and possibly milk some info, but lets not rub scruff mcgruff the crime dog the wrong way here.
No. 595700 ID: 3daf64
File 141161450609.png - (88.30KB , 500x500 , cruiser003.png )

"Neither of them. I'm a murder victim." You reply normally.
"Hmph. Heh. Yer a damn crazy wanka. I like that. But it won't save you from gettin' a sock to yer gabber if you gab too much in Devon Boys territory, ya hear?" The lizard smugly said.
"Well if you want me to shut up, why don't you tell me how you got in this situation?" You counter.
"I ain't tellin."
"He's broken into a grocery store." McDowd tells you, while he turns the corner.
"Like hell I did! Damn the system for trying to keep me down. I, Danny Roxton, ain't some stupid lowlife that does petty stuff like that. It's me that's bringing the system down, one day!"
No. 595703 ID: 3daf64
File 141161485237.png - (97.01KB , 500x500 , policestationdowntown001a.png )

"Yeah yeah, save it for the judge. We're here!"
The 37th precinct police station looms in between skyscrapers, its modern facade barely distinguishes it from its older neighbors. McDowd gets Danny out of the cruiser, while you help yourself out.
No. 595705 ID: 3daf64
File 141161517559.png - (120.88KB , 500x500 , policestationdowntown001b.png )

As the three of you walk in the front door, an officer greets McDowd. "Hey McDowd. That was quick."
"Yeah, mister big and ugly here isn't subtle at all at what he did."
Danny just rumbles silently.
"Ah hey, who's this horse?" The desk officer asks.
"That's the James Baxter from East Bridge. Turns out he's not as dead as we think, Jones. And he's got amnesia."
"Well, sorry for your loss then. Sign this visitor's book, if you please." Jones puts a book out from under the desk, which you quickly sign without much afterthought. You then follow McDowd into the holding cells.
No. 595708 ID: 3daf64
File 141161550296.png - (107.20KB , 500x500 , policestationdowntown001c.png )

"I'll get out of here soon enough, copper." Danny threatens as he's put into the holding cells.
"Yeah, and into the prison, if you're found guilty. Now think of what you did, and what to say to the judge." McDowd locks the cell and takes his rope off Danny.
With Danny now safe behind bars, McDowd turns his attention to you. "Oh yeah, you were talking about Millie back then, yeah? Let's go to my office."
You think it's a good idea, but you think you have some questions of your own...
>Wat do?
[] "Alright, let's go."
[] "I'm kinda hungry actually... grab a bite first?"
[] "Actually I'm kinda tired. We can look up Millie tomorrow. Let's go to wherever it is you were taking me to."
[] "Do you think the librarian is cute?"
[] Other (fill in)
No. 595709 ID: 879a42

''Huh, the murder victim is alive and has amnesia, whatever then sorry about that.'' Who is so calm about something like that? Its not common so you would think people would be a bit more alarmed, makes me paranoid.

We need to check out Merlon street when we can and see if we really do live there.
No. 595734 ID: d859ba

> I, Danny Roxton,
My how nice of him to give us his name in an over the top manner thus making himself an important character.

Everyone in this quest is too calm about us coming back from the dead!

>[]grab a bite
and while you're doing that talk about librarian. and time travel.
No. 595777 ID: 8b533b

>Who is so calm about something like that?
>Everyone in this quest is too calm about us coming back from the dead!
Eh, I think the other cop assumes we were never really dead. That someone confused unconsciousness for death. I mean, it can't be unheard of for someone to report a murder and then they arrive to find someone injured but not dead, right?

...actually, what's really odd is no one thinks that after being mistaken for dead and suffering headaches and memory loss, that we might need some kind of medical evaluation. You know, more than the consistory "you're not dead! (anymore)" we got at the morgue.

>[] "Alright, let's go."
I see no reason not to talk with him now.

>talk about time travel
Let's keep that under our hat, for now. It'll make us sound crazy. (Or worse, someone with an agenda might believe it).
No. 596392 ID: ed7e4a

Need to eat. Make small talk about Millie while eating, talk about librarian too. Then get some rest.
No. 596803 ID: a7d350
File 141226458583.png - (100.19KB , 500x500 , policestationdowntown002a.png )

"Alright, let's go." You say to McDowd, before a loud rumble emanates from your own stomach.
"Er, my bad."
"Heh, you sound like you need some food. Let's head to the cafetaria to grab a bite." McDowd smirks, while leading the way.
"Yeah, come to think of it I haven't ate anything since I woke up at the morgue."
No. 596805 ID: a7d350
File 141226494235.png - (111.62KB , 500x500 , policestationdowntown002b.png )

As you get to the cafetaria, McDowd grabs a mug and fills it with thick coffee. He then hands you a croissant from the vending machine.
"Thanks. Strange isn't it? I didn't feel hungry until you mentioned it." You make small talk.
"Ah, I know that feeling. No wonder you got that migraine back then! Maybe you met someone at the library that made you forget you were hungry?"
"Actually I did - the librarian was charming." You say, before you bite into your croissant.
"Ah yes, Jenna Foxglove wasn't it? She's a nice girl, she really is." McDowd sips his coffee before his expression changed.
"What's the matter, McDowd?"
No. 596807 ID: a7d350
File 141226586468.png - (128.80KB , 500x500 , policestationdowntown002c.png )

"You said you were looking for a Millie, yeah? I just remembered a case from three years ago."
"Yeah, I met a girl named Millie at the library."
"How is she?" McDowd's seriousness shows.
"Eh, she's cheerful as a kid her age is. Why?"
McDowd exhales. "Well, good to see her doing great, i guess. You see, three years ago there was a double homicide in Wychelm neighborhood in Three Kings. The victim was a small family of three - the parents were shot to death during the dead of night. When we responded the next morning, we found her below the bed where her mother's killed."
"Bloody hell."
"She was so traumatized she didn't speak for three days. When she did speak, she kept blaming herself for what happened. At least now she's happier than before..."
>Wat do?
[] "Wait, what happened to her afterwards?" (Millie)
[] "Can you tell me more about the murders?" (case)
[] "Y-yeah, I'm suddenly not that hungry anymore. Let's head to Merlon Street." (Merlon)
[] "You know, during my migraine I saw an older version of her..." (time travel)
[] Other (fill in)
No. 596808 ID: 8b533b

>Wait, what happened to her afterwards?
And "you guys caught the bastard, right?".

>"You know, during my migraine I saw an older version of her..." (time travel)
Nope. You had a daydream. You imagined what she might look like. Or she reminded you of a forgotten memory of someone who looks like her. That's not good evidence, and not many people would believe it. Worst case, it makes you look crazy.
No. 596811 ID: b2c9e1

that or maybe we could say maybe we new her parents some time before the whole shooting? Just...Don't sound crazy.
No. 596835 ID: 59708e

(case) I want to know what happened afterwards and why.
No. 596849 ID: 436cdc

"I think I had a flashback to her mom or something when I had my migraine. I'm not sure if I actually knew her, but the person I saw looked like an older version of the kid."
No. 596881 ID: b2c9e1

Seems like a good idea...We obviously have something to do with either her, or her mother...or our mind may be trying to create memories to fill in the gaps...Whatever.
No. 597677 ID: 523010
File 141277838908.png - (90.11KB , 500x500 , policestationdowntown003a.png )

"What about the case?" You ask. During the next second you think you saw a glimpse of another person, a flash of grimness from McDowd.
"The case is cold. All I can tell you is that someone tampered with the evidence - we can't determine a suspect anymore. We could have captured the perp!" McDowd's voice rises slightly.
No. 597678 ID: 523010
File 141277871827.png - (86.29KB , 500x500 , policestationdowntown003b.png )

"Uh, McDowd, you okay?" You're slightly concerned.
He massaged his eyebrows with a thumb. "Yeah, I'm okay. I just got a bit too emotional."
"So, what happened to Millie after that?"
McDowd exhales. "She's taken by the government, sent to an orphanage downtown. I guess she's fine now... Sorry about that. The unsolved case hit us hard, I guess."
"I meant my old mentor and me. He quit the force after that debacle, started his own detective business. Anyways, don't we have somewhere to take you to?"
"Yeah, Merlon Street. I want to check the James Baxter there."
No. 597680 ID: 523010
File 141277908721.png - (123.10KB , 500x500 , cruiser004.png )

You and McDowd file into the police cruiser, headed for the Barrows District. McDowd rode in silence as you think about his outburst earlier.
You feel as if you should break the silence, it's starting to get awkward.
>wat do?
[] "So, tell me about your mentor."
[] "What can you tell me of New Bataven's districts?"
[] "What can you tell me of the Seven Sisters?"
[] "What do you think of time travel?"
[] "So, ever come across other folks with amnesia?"
[] "About that Danny guy, what's up with him?"
[] Other (fill in)
No. 597684 ID: 879a42

I think it may be Important to the story to learn more about his mentor, so ask about him, maybe where his new detective agency is also.
No. 597692 ID: 8b533b

>my old mentor quit the force after that debacle, started his own detective business
Who wants to bet that's the DeLaney, PI, we were recommended earlier?

>"So, ever come across other folks with amnesia?"
Is this kind of thing common? I'm a little surprised how everyone just seems to take it in stride.
No. 597704 ID: 2fd516

[x] "What can you tell me of the Seven Sisters?"
No. 598436 ID: 3745aa
File 141339072276.png - (139.81KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts001a.png )

"So, tell me about your old mentor." You finally ask after what seems to be an hour.
"Well, he's a good detective by the name of DeLaney. Honest good cop too. You should meet him sometime, he might help you with your problem."
That name is really familiar now. Oh yeah, Jenna the librarian mentioned that name.
"Sounds like a swell guy. Maybe I'll look him up tomorrow or something. And oh, another question - I want to ask you about the Seven Sisters."
The cruiser stops.
"That would have to wait another time, we're here. 37 Merlon Street, right?"
You look at your ID. "Yep."
No. 598437 ID: 3745aa
File 141339092869.png - (92.53KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts001b.png )

McDowd walks up the stairs, looking calmer than before. It seems that your little talk has put his mind to the task at hand.
He pushes the intercom/doorbell.
"Hello, anybody home? This is the police, we'd like to talk..."
Silence greets McDowd from the other end of the intercom.
"Huh, guess nobody's home?" You sheepishly ask.
No. 598438 ID: 3745aa
File 141339122031.png - (79.41KB , 500x500 , thosearedefinitelynotredinkorketchup.png )

Then you look down.

Something's not right.

"Hey McDowd, is that blood?"
"Might be..."

You lightly push the door and it opens slightly with an ominous creak...

>Wat do?
[] Rush in, the homeowner might be in trouble!
[] Wait for McDowd to enter, then follow.
[] Wait out here while McDowd does his job. We're civilian, remember?
[] Go by the cruiser and wait there while McDowd does his job.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 598443 ID: fe4bfc

Follow after him carefully unless he tells you otherwise.

But even if he tells you to stay here you should watch his back for him.
No. 598444 ID: 8b533b

>Wait for McDowd to enter, then follow.
We're with a cop so...

Blood seeping under the door is reasonable cause, right? Someone's hurt.
No. 598445 ID: 2fd516

[x] Wait for McDowd to enter, then follow.
Much as I don't want to contaminate the crime scene or accidentally incriminate ourselves, we need to see what's in there.
No. 598480 ID: 879a42

Shouldn't we rush in? We might get a clue before mcdowd marks off the crime scene...
No. 598481 ID: d64d29

You open the door, McDowd keeps his gun at the ready.
No. 598511 ID: b2c9e1

Sounds good.
No. 599193 ID: b586b4
File 141406022859.png - (116.10KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts002a.png )

McDowd readies his baton, and enters the apartment. "Baxter, if you want to come, don't touch anything."
You follow behind him, carefully avoiding the blood that pooled below the door. "Sure thing."
"And if things get hairy, run. Run outta here. You hear?"
"Yeah, no worries." You remember the scalpel you stole from the morgue.
No. 599194 ID: b586b4
File 141406040088.png - (123.74KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts002b.png )

The apartment itself look like normal, except for the ample amount of blood being spilled. Not even the picture hanging on the wall next to the door is spared. McDowd advances through the small hallway, and stopped cold in his tracks.
He's suddenly stuck speechless. Most likely a gruesome sight, like the body laying about, right?
No. 599195 ID: b586b4
File 141406082955.png - (154.94KB , 500x500 , omae wa mou shindeiru.png )

But then again you think. McDowd's no stranger to seeing bodies, but what could shock an experienced cop? Your curiosity made you peek along.

There's a body alright, missing its eyes and sporting fashionable stab wounds to the stomach and neck. Some sort of table has been pulled in front of it, a schematic and some cards on top.
But the cruelty of the kill is not what shocks you.
The body is you.
>wat do?
[] freak out.
[] freak out.
[] freak out.

Okay wait, that's not the proper one.
>wat do?
[] Get McDowd into responsiveness by asking an obvious question.
[] Check if the body is really you. Could be another horse, right?
[] Screw this shit, I'm outta here, zoinks let's skidoo McDowd.
[] Check the schematics and the card.
[] Check the ominous-looking graffiti made in your- er, the victim's blood.
[] Check the apartment, maybe the killer's still here.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 599196 ID: 1dcbcf

>Check the apartment, maybe the killer's still here.
That would be a sensable thing to do. then...
>Check everything...
No. 599199 ID: 35dc3f

ask if youre allowed to search your own body for id
No. 599206 ID: e26cbe

...Did you get killed twice in one day?!

Check to make sure the killer isn't here, then investigate those schematics while McDowd calls for reinforcements.
No. 599207 ID: 8caebf

[X] SCREAM!!!!!
No. 599208 ID: 4d85c5

>what do
Don't get any closer. You're not wearing gloves, or anything, and you'll contaminate the crime scene before the photographers and lab weenies show up. If that really is you over there, you don't want to further confuse the issue.

>Get McDowd into responsiveness by asking an obvious question.
...am I racist, or is shock making me see things, or is that me over there?

And then McDowd needs to call this in. We need like, an army of cops and crime scene techs crawling over this place.
No. 599212 ID: 1bf976

I think now, seeing this, is the exact and perfect moment to FLIP YOUR SHIT, but go do it outside to avoid contaminating the scene. then with that out of the way take a look around.
No. 599224 ID: 879a42

Have mcdowd check the body, investigate the graffiti yourself, and realize and warn mcdowd that if that's you.... it might not really be dead. Prepare for regeneration and memory loss.
No. 599266 ID: ccd544

have mcdowd call this in.
go investigate but TOUCH NOTHING DIRECTLY
No. 599990 ID: 5ba771
File 141476919855.png - (106.93KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts003a.png )

After a few minutes (or what seems like it), you ask the obvious question to break the shock.
"T... that's me, right?"
McDowd looks at you, then at the body, then back again.
"I dunno. Maybe?"
"That's totally me."
"Yep, it's a horse sitting there, but you're still here... right?"
You snap to your common sense.
"Anyways, this is no time to be standing here, we should check the place out."
No. 599991 ID: 5ba771
File 141476978203.png - (132.89KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts003b.png )

McDowd snaps to his senses, too. "You're right, maybe the murderer's still here!"
"Oh shit. What should I do?"
"Stay here, I'll sweep the rest of the rooms - yell if something happens to you." He goes to check the neighboring room, which is the kitchen.
As McDowd goes to clear room by room alone, you realize you have some time unobserved - and thus you can examine things more closely in this room. Seems like your dead doppelganger here lives a very spartan lifestyle; only a sleeping mat and a pillow sprawled on the floor for comfort, and a folding table and chair. There are cardboard boxes piled on one corner of the room, has he just moved here? The table has a few pieces of paper on it, one of them looking like a blueprint. There's also a board on the wall, with things tacked on - are those string? There's also a safe... what? Lying sideways? and some books by the 'bedside'.
You seem to have enough time to examine one of these choices in detail:
>wat examine?
[] Corpse.
[] Table.
[] Board.
[] 'Bed'.
[] Wall graffiti.
[] Safe & books.
[] Pile of boxes.
[] TV & drawer.
[] Blood trail.
[] Screw this, McDowd might need help, go after him.
[] Sneak out. Be free.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 599992 ID: 4d85c5

Wait, I thought we were going to have McDowd call it in. You call it in first, not after. That way, if you do find a killer, you have backup on the way. And everyone else knows even if you get killed.

>wat examine?
No touching! Don't get fingerprints on anything. Don't move the crime scene around before the detectives get here, and the crime scene weenies get to take pictures, either.

Look at the stuff on the table without touching it.
No. 600017 ID: 2fd516

[] Safe & books.
[] Table.
[] Blood trail.
[] Board.

In that order.
No. 600054 ID: 879a42

Check either the table or the board, we might get an autopsy report later. Then go help mcdowd.
No. 600250 ID: 3c17ca


So far McDowd has been shooting straight with us, so lets back him up, but if we can grab something as we go, maybe check out the bed, as there seems to be something, lets do that. If McDowd is the first line of investigation and all is clear, lets check out the corpse and graffitti. There has to be a way into that safe though, and possibly some closure.
No. 600292 ID: f73c29

Check the Board, the Table, and whatever is on the bed.
Maybe keep an eye on the body?
No. 600878 ID: 677643
File 141552778834.png - (140.77KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts004a.png )

Taking the opportunity to snoop around, your first point of interest is the table. Three sheets of paper with what you think are blueprints lay in front of you; well, at least the dead you, that is. You take a moment to stomach the creepy feeling of being near a corpse, and examine the sheets further. Looks like only two of the sheets are blueprints; the third looks more like magical thingamajiggers. You also noticed there being three cards with pictures on it.

(in-depth pic of the evidence here http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/83626.html#86681)
No. 600879 ID: 677643
File 141552796999.png - (86.49KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts004b.png )

You shift your attention to the board on the wall; seems like the you that lived here has the conspiracy theorist vibe going on with him. Some pictures were tacked on, and some of them were connected via... string? translucent string? And the pictures... make no sense for you.

(in-depth picture of evidence here http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/83626.html#86682)
No. 600881 ID: 677643
File 141552844494.png - (114.54KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts004c.png )

Wait a minute, you think as you look to the graffiti the killer left behind. You feel as if the three symbols above are familiar. Some sort of alphabet. U, L... F? Ulf? Something scratches your mind. Well, more like something made noise behind you, but you're currently remembering something...
>wat do?
[] Maybe the noise is McDowd? He might need some help. Go look for him.
[] Maybe the noise is the dead you moving about. Remembering that you woke up in a morgue, this might be a possibility. Stay still, zombies don't quite notice you when you stay still.
[] Yes, that's it! Ulf! The graffiti spells Ulf! Sounds like Wolf! You feel the need to exclaim this discovery as loud as you can!
[] Swiftly turn around, find out where that noise comes from.
[] Yawn, all this thinking makes you sleepy. Stretch your arms back a bit.
No. 600887 ID: 2f2fc2


big ol flailin yawn =D
No. 600888 ID: 572297

Yawn of comedy!
No. 600938 ID: 8794eb


Yawn and turn around. With your eyes closed.
No. 600958 ID: dd8e0b

>Ulf? Something scratches your mind.
Ultra low frequency.

>you hear something
Turn around, slowly.
No. 600981 ID: 07a835

[x] Swiftly turn around, find out where that noise comes from.

Better safe than stabbed.
No. 600985 ID: a19cd5

Comedy ALWAYS wins! Throw back them arms for a good stretch!
No. 601145 ID: f73c29

Suddenly remember that whoever killed this "you" might still be in the building.

Drop to the floor and kick your legs out behind you! Or dive to the side.
No. 601536 ID: 3c17ca
File 141573043974.jpg - (11.57KB , 225x303 , McGruff.jpg )

Do it.
No. 602877 ID: 3c17ca

hmm...lots of symbolism.
-horse. wild. Vagabond, upside down, you. end of the road. upside down,bad luck.
-dog. loyal. holding the sword of Damocles. A leader, trustworthy. The symbology of the scales weighs even.
-Mouse. skittish. Eternal. Unavoidable. Oroborus eating its own tail, forever, conflict, deception. She drives it? Is she feeding it or trying to stop it? Unclear.
-ULF. wolf? dog..?
-Runes, many paths, spheres, all lead to one point. Unavoidable?
-Tachyon, time travel.
-foreign language, diagram of a facility. A location. Coordinates?

-connections between a secret society, the occult, leading to this politician. two points assumed connected or important but not tied in yet.

-What is behind? *yawn*
No. 604320 ID: 28adbf
File 141667112337.png - (135.74KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts005a.png )

All this thinking made you tired, somehow. You yawn loudly and stretch, hitting something behind you. Oh, maybe it's McDowd?
That voice is definitely NOT McDowd.
You turn around just in time to see your murderer raises a knife, hellbent on killing you.
No. 604321 ID: 28adbf
File 141667145795.png - (112.85KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts005b.png )

The next half-second was a blur, as McDowd pushes you away while simultaneously parrying the murderer's downward swipe.
"You! You're still elive! Zis is impossible!"
Well, it seems that it's not just McDowd that's flabbergasted.
"Baxter! Get out of here!" McDowd barks, while the two of them start trading blows.
No. 604322 ID: 3ef2c6
File 141667174430.png - (98.42KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts005c.png )

Shit shit shit. What do I do now? What do I do now?? They're fighting, and McDowd's in a disadvantage.
>wat do?
[] Get ye scalpel and join McDowd in the melee!
[] Do as McDowd says, and get the hell outta here!
[] Wait, I could call for backup, right?
[] No time for thinking, barrel through with your might, we may knock the killer out the window!
[] Look for improvised weapons, you could lend yourself a hand!
[] Other (fill in)
No. 604324 ID: 534cc4

Alright I think we need to smash this goon unconscious with an improvised weapon. Then we can call for backup artery he is subdued.
No. 604329 ID: 5d2f8c

improvised weapon
The worst thing you can do against someone with a knife is to go up against him with another knife. You both end up terrible injured until you cant fight anymore and then the both of you likely die.

Get something with a bit of range on it(a chair, a standing lamp, a curtain rod) and try to distract/trip up the guy. Your best bet now is being a nuisance while McDowd takes him down. (knocking him off-balance with a strong poke, make him do a wide sweeping attack in your direction while he'll have a hard time hitting you, just generally keeping yourself from being slashed while keeping his attention split)
No. 604330 ID: 6e79d4

Brain him with the TV.
No. 604334 ID: 2f2fc2


we need to talk with crazy killer guy...

cripple him
No. 604349 ID: eda819

>Wait, I could call for backup, right?
For the record, this is why McDowd should have called this in before you guys even passed the door. We told you to, and you didn't listen, and now you're facing a murder without backup.

Cops carry radios for a reason.

>improvised weapon
>Brain him with the TV.
Basically, yeah. You're a strong as a horse, your best bet is to pick something up and break it over him. Looking at >>599991 , there don't seem to be any unused chairs to grab, so you're going to have to use the television or one of the boxes.

(Also, it's starting to look like you have a track record of coming back from the dead. McDowd doesn't. Can't let someone else take a knife for you).
No. 604376 ID: b2c9e1

Just try to get behind him and kick one of his legs out. The cop should be able to handle the rest.
No. 604386 ID: 534cc4

I fully support this.
No. 604420 ID: 3c17ca

Throw scalpal, then throw TV, then throw chair, attack from a range! Try not to outright kill the guy. He has info!
No. 609704 ID: e81246
File 141795734112.png - (108.03KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts006a.png )

You know you can't use the scalpel, that'd raise too many questions, and leave some unanswered ones your killer could provide.
Thinking quick, you notice the static of the television - that's it! You could knock him out with this!
No. 609705 ID: e81246
File 141795748331.png - (165.26KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts006b.png )

You yank the cable out of the outlet, and pick up the TV. Then you wait for an opening... NOW! You rush in, aiming to smash the TV onto the killer rabbit's head, as he dodges one of McDowd's swings.
No. 609706 ID: e81246
File 141795781335.png - (124.47KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts006c.png )

"I zaw that, Marked One!" The killer shouts, as he purposely slams his body onto the TV before you can swing it onto his head, hitting you squarely in your junk. Time seems to reel slower as you...
>wat do?
[] Drop the TV and clutch your crotch.
[] Use the momentum to jump backwards a bit.
[] Make a grab for the killer's knife.
[] Bite his ear.
[] Smack his head with your left hook.
[] Thrust your crotch with all your might, at the cost of more pain in the dick.
No. 609718 ID: 534cc4

Nom that ear!

(Be one with mike Tyson.)
No. 609722 ID: 66354b

TV crotch punch GO!
No. 609732 ID: 373c1b

get back! This guy is dangerous and we've just lost the advantage of surprise.
No. 609736 ID: 09bb9b

>>609718 I Second this action
No. 609741 ID: 4c5cf2

>Bite his ear.
>Thrust your crotch with all your might, at the cost of more pain in the dick.
This will both hurt him, and bend him over backwards as his ear is pulled back and his torso is pushed forward. He'll be wide open to attack from McDowd.

Sure, it'll hurt, but you're a friggen horse, and you already died twice today, apparently. You can do it.
No. 609761 ID: 3c17ca

FIRE FOR EFFECT! Our body is a finely honed weapon, with moves we will now demonstrate!
[-] Drop the TV and clutch your crotch.
-No. this is for cowards. Our balls are of steel.
[-] Use the momentum to jump backwards a bit.
-In life one must move forward.
[x] Make a grab for the killer's knife.
With our right hand we shall grab the knife.
[x] Bite his ear.
With our head we shall bite an ear.
[x] Smack his head with your left hook.
With our left a hook shall be delivered the likes of what has never been seen before, aided by the distraction of the grabbing and biting.
[x] Thrust your crotch with all your might, at the cost of more pain in the dick.
Our crotch is a weapon! THRUST, BITE, STRIKE, AND GRAB AS ONE!~
No. 609762 ID: 3c17ca

the dots in the TV show the constellation pattern, repeating all paths ending at one destination. Then there is 48 in the next moment. Double rainbow, what do you even mean?
No. 609782 ID: 84c772

Or we could just strangle him with the tvs power cord.
No. 616200 ID: 2fa6f4
File 141976358737.png - (118.17KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts007a.png )

Every movement is crystal-clear at that split second, as the adrenaline surged, spurred by the pain. The killer's knife arm is dangerously close - but then again, so is one of his ears.
You bite.
"Hurensohn!" He yelped, and his knife arm instinctively rose up, pointing outwards - your cue to grab him at the wrist!
No. 616201 ID: 2fa6f4
File 141976383431.png - (113.09KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts007b.png )

Immediately, you sock him with your left hook, aiming to shock him into dropping his knife. The rabbit, in the middle of another curse word, still held on tight to his knife. There's no time for another fist to be thrown... you ready yourself to deliver your piece de resistance.
No. 616202 ID: 2fa6f4
File 141976400280.png - (118.53KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts007c.png )

With the adrenaline still coursing through your veins, numbing your crotch area of pain, you muster every pound of thrust your pelvis could.
The TV must have been a real pain in the rabbit's back, because he finally drops the knife. With a loud "GAH" he drops to the floor.
No. 616206 ID: 2fa6f4
File 141976449478.png - (115.15KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts007d.png )

McDowd stared with disbelief as you come off your adrenaline high, let the small TV drop, and reach for your crotch just as the pain surges back. You spend the next few moments groaning, feeling like mourning the loss of several million potential children and/or trusted nut.
"Huh, uh. Some move you got there, Baxter." McDowd can't contain his smirk any longer.
"I'll get him tied up."
You bleat sheepishly in response.
>wat do? (after getting him tied up and getting the pain to subside, that is)
[] Ask him who is he.
[] Ask him why is he killing all these people.
[] Wait a minute, didn't I see you by the library earlier today?
[] Ask him who he killed.
[] Ask him about the sigil written in blood.
[] What's about this Marked One business, eh?
[] Do you know anything about the clues scattered about the room?
[] What is ULF?
[] Kick him in the nuts once. Retaliation best medicine.
[] Toss him in the cruiser, let the police interrogate him.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 616211 ID: 5d2f8c

>Wait a minute, didn't I see you by the library earlier today?
What? Oh hey.
He was there.

>Ask him who he killed.
Seems the most relevant to you and the cop would probably let interrogating him about the dead guy who looks just like you slide.
Also ask about the blueprints if you can.
No. 616230 ID: 82c018

First, who did he kill and why.
No. 616236 ID: dd4ed3

Let the police handle the questioning, they're the professionals. Quietly morn your balls.

And yeah, let them know you saw this guy at the library earlier tonight.

Let McDowd know you're going to be very interested the results of the autopsy. Does that guy just look like you, or did you have a clone, or is a twin, or what the heck.
No. 617223 ID: 31ed5c

Make sure he doesn't have a cyanide tooth or poison or anything like that we want answers damn it
No. 617289 ID: 534cc4

I dont see him handcuffed, so make sure you do regardless of the course of action. And yeah kick him in the nuts. When he wakes up.
No. 618565 ID: 3c17ca

[x] Other (fill in)
Handcuff him right now, and tie up his legs. Also take off his glasses, because we don't want to hit a guy with glasses.

[x] Ask him who is he.
[x] Ask him why is he killing all these people.
[x] Wait a minute, didn't I see you by the library earlier today?
[x] Ask him who he killed.
[x] Ask him about the sigil written in blood.
[x] What's about this Marked One business, eh?
[x] Do you know anything about the clues scattered about the room?
[x] What is ULF?
after he is handcuffed we ask these questions.all the questions

[XXXX] Kick him in the nuts once. Retaliation best medicine.
Nut kick for refusal to answer questions, then a big one at the end even if he plays along, because really, sometimes the opportunity presents itself and you have to run with it. I suggest a dragon kick.

[x] Toss him in the cruiser, let the police interrogate him.
Very last thing to do.
No. 619482 ID: a5fe72
File 142099051214.png - (72.31KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts008a.png )

McDowd quickly ties him up. "There, now he can't run for the time being. I'll undo his leg binds when I help him to the cruiser."
By now, you're fully recovered from your crotch pain. "Thanks, McDowd. I have some questions I want to ask this guy."
"So do I. So does the police. Can't we wait at the station?"
"I have a feeling he'll just say nothing there. Here, however..."
"I'll give you that."
The killer stirs. "Heh... you won't get anyzing from me, Marked One."
No. 619483 ID: a5fe72
File 142099163923.png - (71.97KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts008b.png )

In preparation of what's coming, you take off his eyeglasses.
"What do you zink you're doing? You know it won't do anyzing to me."
"Then talk. Who are you?"
"I am ze Instrument of your doom, and ze will of ULF. Das Werkzeug der ULF Willen." You don't find anything familiar in those words.
"If that is so, were you behind the recent string of murders?"
"Ach, so you, of all people, knows nicht of zis? Zis is all your faulten."
"Then who is that, dead on the chair?"
"It is you, Marked One. I did my Arbeiten - to think I would have to do it twice..."
"Did you stalk me at the library earlier today?"
"So you noticed. Bravo. My skill has been schlipping."
"What's with the sigil? What is ULF?"
He just smiles before he speaks again. "The only think you need to know about ULF - nothink. I don't question ULF."
"What's about this Marked One business?"
"You truly have lost your Speicher, haven't you? Time, die Zeit wird zeigen."
No. 619485 ID: a5fe72
File 142099216794.png - (127.68KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts008c.png )

"What about these diagrams? And the board above you?? Speak, dammit!" Somehow a spark of anger ignites in your heart. He just sits there, smirking, and you have a desperate need to wipe it off his face.
A kick to the nuts would do. "That's for killing me, you sick fuck."
"Baxter! I'll let that one slip, but stop. I am the police, after all."
"You're right, you're right. I just... I felt that need." You are also confused by this sudden spark of anger. Were you a violent man before?
"Let it go, then. Are you done?"
>Wat do?
[] Not yet, but he's not answering my questions. How about you give it a try? (let McDowd interrogate the killer)
[] Yeah, let's get him to the station. (skidoo outta here with the killer)
[] I think I need some time. There might be something I'm missing in the room, you go ahead and put him in the cruiser. (so you can nab something before the forensics team bags the area, maybe?)
[] I don't understand what he said. It's all too confusing, and none of what he said jogs my memory! (freak out a bit emotionally, let it go)
[] Other (fill in)
No. 619520 ID: 69ab8d

>Let it go, then. Are you done?
Yeah... I'm sorry. Don't know what came over me.

Let's go, let the crime scene geeks do their thing.
No. 619561 ID: 3c17ca


Lets head out. We are only two men, probably have seen a majority of what there is, and the place may be trapped. Plus the rabbit is sneeky, mcdowd is not safe even with him tied up.
No. 623102 ID: f56301
File 142279973206.png - (104.35KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts009a.png )

You grab your face. "Yeah... I'm sorry. Dunno what came over me. Let's just go."
"I know this rabbit is an asshole for killing that other you, but let justice handle it." McDowd makes the rabbit stand up.
"McDowd, do you think I was a violent man before all this?" You quip as the three of you walk to the cruiser.
No. 623103 ID: f56301
File 142279985507.png - (113.75KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts009b.png )

"I dunno... I don't think so though." McDowd shifts his grip on the rabbit's arm.
"Wait, what's that?" You point out the dark red... inscriptions? on the rabbit's arm.
"What's wha- oh snap, I didn't see that!"
No. 623104 ID: f56301
File 142280021785.png - (115.06KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts009c.png )

McDowd quickly rolls the rabbit's sleeve up.
"Son of a... scars!" You exclaim.
"Man, I do not like where this is heading."
"Why is that?" You ask.
"Usually only psychos or cultists do this to themselves. Shit's not natural."
"Well, should we get him somewhere to check it out, then?"
>Where go?
[] Police station. This killer suddenly needs to get locked up, fast.
[] You know anyone who might recognize these cultist markings, McDowd?
[] Maybe it's not cultist stuff - looks like ancient writing to me. Got anyone who knows old writings, McDowd?
[] We need to get his arm examined. Dr. Wu, maybe?
[] Maybe we could find an empty harborside where we can dump him in the ocean?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 623106 ID: 2d90b5

The hell? Is that Dwarvish?
No. 623115 ID: 640534

pso egwbyo iy (nd-n)(maybe gw)(jnj-z) gwlho?
Whatever that is it doesnt seem to be angerthas by J.R.R Tolkien.
No. 623122 ID: 7d265e

Those symbols come from the Norse alphabet. Conveniently, the tattoo seems to be transliterated English. I think it's:

"The worse is mark one"

("Worst" would make more sense, but the "ᛖ" is definitely "e").

Of course, since we can read it ourselves, we don't need an expert.

Let's get him to the police station, and try to ignore the weird stares you'll get for apparently remembering a runic alphabet in a dead language but not your name.
No. 623127 ID: 01745f

Check his other arm.
No. 623137 ID: 5d2f8c

Wait a sec.
>"Did you stalk me at the library earlier today?"
"So you noticed. Bravo. My skill has been schlipping."
>"You! You're still elive! Zis is impossible!" >>599195
You look to have been dead a long time here

He's either lying, bluffing, or that corpse looks crazy old for someone that died earlier today.
No. 623204 ID: d958ad

Horse. The horse is mark one. So he has multiple targets.
No. 623320 ID: b2c9e1

Or it means we are "the marked one" rather than A mark.
No. 623419 ID: 3c17ca

[x] Maybe it's not cultist stuff - looks like ancient writing to me. Got anyone who knows old writings, McDowd?
"I was at the library, this looks like some sort of ancient writing."

[x] You know anyone who might recognize these cultist markings, McDowd?
Think you know of anyone who can read this? Lets get a picture for posterity.

[x] We need to get his arm examined. Dr. Wu, maybe?

[x] Police station. This killer suddenly needs to get locked up, fast.

[-] Maybe we could find an empty harborside where we can dump him in the ocean?
doubt mcdowd would like that

[x] Other (fill in)
as you put him into the car, apply a kick from behind, between the legs, with enough force to lift an individual off the ground and into the air. Follow this up with a totally sweet roundhouse kick to the ass to send him flying into the car and slamming into the door on the other side. or don't. I mean, he only killed you, then tried to do it again to your one up. I mean, some fist of the north star shit to the testes is totally a righteous thing to do. ah ta ta ta ta ta!!!
No. 623495 ID: b2c9e1

Yeah...No, Let's not beat this guy up anymore, We need to stay on the cop's good side and not be arrested for assult,
No. 623531 ID: d958ad

...hang on, is it possible this guy is a time traveler too, and this version of him is not the same version as at the library?
No. 623537 ID: 3c17ca

...dude. Its possible. We need to go back...back to the future. That was our past, back before we went to the library. So...we needa' get to tha library.
No. 625498 ID: 491ef3
File 142427313659.png - (117.71KB , 500x500 , merlonstreetapts010a.png )

"Wait, let's see what he has up his other sleeve." You say. McDowd quickly shifts to the other arm, and sure enough, more runes and a number. "Dang, you're right. Wonder what it says though."
"I think the left arm says 'The horse is mark one'." You note. Quickly you added. "Don't ask me how I know, I just... know."
"Uhh... yeah. Let's just bring him to the station, then."
No. 625499 ID: 491ef3
File 142427350722.png - (121.17KB , 500x500 , cruiser005.png )

As you settle to McDowd's now-familiar passenger seat, you feel tired and sleepy. Even as McDowd radios in the incident, asks for the crime scene boys to the house, and the killer rabbit sitting calmly right behind you, you feel the world (and eyelids) getting heavier. A yawn escapes from your mouth.
No. 625500 ID: 491ef3
File 142427373757.png - (143.66KB , 500x500 , incoming dream.png )

A familiar sense of weightlessness is the last waking thing you remember.

>Onwards to the land of Nod.
[] Dream about the past
[] Dream about the present
[] Dream about the future
[] Dream about another parallel reality
[] Dream about another thing entirely (fill in)
No. 625517 ID: 3c17ca

[x] Dream about another thing entirely
-Dat fox ass, but with the head of the rabbit, and dowd driving a unicycle with a flashing light for a hat, and maybe just a hint of something useful in there...and now... zooming into another reality
[x] Dream about another parallel reality
-this other place, if only for a moment into the past..
[x] Dream about the past
-of who we were, were we kind and just, but in front of us is now
[x] Dream about the present
-who is the mouse child
[x] Dream about the future
-A confusing glimpse of something useful
No. 625539 ID: df6309

Find chosen one 1233?

Dream of cheese.
No. 625686 ID: 752fce

Derp, choose only one please.
No. 625687 ID: d958ad

[x] Dream about another parallel reality
This should answer a lot of questions.
No. 625708 ID: 82efdc

Have a sexy dream.
No. 629215 ID: dbc99c
File 142642276986.png - (137.67KB , 500x500 , aumerlonstreetapts001a.png )


Now you recognize that familiar feeling. Gravity returns as if approaching from a fog, and the surroundings come into focus. That is the feeling of being shunted out of the Morpheotron.
"Wakey wakey, sleepyhead!"
In an instant, all the memory you've ever had streamed into your brain, reuploaded from the backup drives. And you recognize that voice.
No. 629216 ID: dbc99c
File 142642372231.png - (112.96KB , 500x500 , aumerlonstreetapts001b.png )

"McDowd, what's going on? You know this is my me time!" You say, expressions still lagging behind for another second.
"You still having trouble dreaming or what? That dream machine's slowly eating you, man." He casually flicks the jack to the floor. "Besides, you know that you told me to interrupt your 'me time' only in some cases?"
Ah yes, you almost forgot.
"If my life is in danger, if the taxman comes, and if there's a job, right?" You correctly remember.
"Damn right. Now listen carefully, I've landed us a job. An extraction job." He smiles.
Well, this is an opportune moment, anyways. You need the money.
"Alright. Let me get my gear." You say, as you rise from the Morpheotron chair and off to your stash.
>Wat grab?
[] Bulletproof jacket, compact SMG and its ammo
[] Milspec shell and store your civilian shell
[] Codex and assorted illegal software bundles in your drive
[] Stealth suit, silenced pistol and daggers
[] Mutagen vials and combat pet
[] Armored exoframe and heavy multigun
[] Sniper rifle and portable sensor array
[] Detpacks and grenades, with remote detonators
[] Other (fill in)
No. 629217 ID: eed55f

No. 629218 ID: dbc99c

Ehh nope. Max 2 choices, please!
No. 629219 ID: 534cc4


(like there is any better combo.)
No. 629223 ID: eed55f

Combat pet and illegal software! (DNA: HACKED)
No. 629225 ID: 3c17ca

[x] Mutagen vials and combat pet
[x] Armored exoframe and heavy multigun

Armor up, hulk out, we are going in loud.
No. 629354 ID: f73c29

[x] Mutagen vials and combat pet
[x] Armored exoframe and heavy multigun

Sure why not
No. 629361 ID: 01745f

Stealth Suit / Explosives
No. 629364 ID: 5e00ee

GODDAMIT GUY AND AUTHOR, we can't make a good decision untill we know more about the mission details!

But just in case we don't get those details:
[] Stealth suit, silenced pistol and daggers
[] Mutagen vials and combat pet
For him

[] Armored exoframe and heavy multigun
[] Codex and assorted illegal software bundles in your drive
For her you.
No. 629366 ID: fbb2db

It's because our stash doesn't really have all those options, just the ones that get the most votes. So it's kinda like a stealth class choosing decision point instead of listing all the stuff we have in our stash.
And McDowd already got his own equipment sorted out, so no worries.
No. 629367 ID: ecd0ab

[X] Codex and assorted illegal software bundles in your drive
No. 631881 ID: 1c2a8d

Current tally:
stealth 2
demoman 2
DNA warfare 3
hacking 3
exoheavy 3

So yeah, I'll need at least 1 more vote to tiebreak.
No. 631882 ID: 5db52c

DNA / hacking!
No. 631964 ID: 3c17ca

exo/ dna
No. 633137 ID: a5c650
File 142833203068.png - (145.15KB , 500x500 , aumerlonstreetapts002a.png )

"By the way, tell me more about the job." You say, while you turn to the vintage TV.
"Right, basically it's an extraction job from the gist of it. Employer is looking to... liberate a certain Dr. Twelvetree and bring him to their own organization." McDowd elaborates.
"OK, so where do we 'liberate' this particular Dr. Twelvetree from?" You say, while fiddling with the channel knob. 4, 8, 9, 1.
"A certain TITOR Labs. Thankfully they gave us directions, this time around. Pack some warm clothes, we're heading to the Republic of Acadia."
TITOR, now that's a name you remember from your forays to cyberspace. An acronym for Tachyon-Induced Temporal Observation Research, it's generated quite the tech buzz a while ago when they discovered how Tachyons tunnel through time and space, and are now researching ways to view the past with it. Buncha scientific jargons, you think.
No. 633138 ID: a5c650
File 142833286506.gif - (180.69KB , 500x500 , Baxter's stash.gif )

"By the way, that's a cute girl there on your Morpheotron playbacks. Who is she? Daughter? Sister? Or maybe... significant other?" McDowd comments.
"Hey, I don't prod into your personal life, or question your taste in companionship, either. So get off my case." You scoff his inquiries, as your stash opens up from under your futon.
Inside, your most prized possessions aside from the Morpheotron sits triumphant: a type-37 exoframe which you customized by yourself, sporting bulletproof carbon-weave wafer armor, capable of lifting a car easily. Which is convenient considering what it lugs around: a Maxim multigun, also customized, which can put a satisfying amount of lead and a few grenades into your enemies. And it's got a wired camera as well, which you use in conjunction with the next item you use: an Asphodel-brand Codex, which you house in a bulletproof casing in a backpack harness, equipped with a wi-fi antenna to remotely hack things on the fly. You can't quite dive deep into cyberspace with it, but it also have an extendable cord in cases where you can't crack the wi-fi, and it's got enough power to bypass normal security measures.
And lastly... what is that on top of your multigun ammo?
No. 633139 ID: a5c650
File 142833354109.png - (110.84KB , 500x500 , aumerlonstreetapts002b.png )

"McDowd, did you stash this on my stash?" You say, taking the kinda-heavy box off its shelf and read the text on it. "DNA injections? Combat pet?" Something hums inside.
"Ah yeah, my old stash got raided, so I forwarded your stash as the delivery 'address'."
"What do you even use this for?"
"Hey, I'm a Face. Sometimes I need to disguise my dog face, you know?"
"Is that even safe... you know what, not gonna ask. You probably use it for kinky stuff."
"Says the guy with a questionable girl in their Morpheotron."
>Wat do?
[] Talk with McDowd about your last Morpheotron dream, which is kinda weird - you didn't program that particular plot in.
[] Talk with McDowd about the job - what's the plan?
[] Clarify with McDowd about that girl on the Morpheotron, how you feel about her etc.
[] Wait a minute - what about payment?
[] Talk about TITOR labs, what does McDowd think of it.
[] Talk to McDowd about the Employer. Can we trust them?
[] Why is this Dr. Twelvetrees targeted? See if we can find dirt on him via cyberspace.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 633143 ID: 3c17ca


Pleasure before business. Morphetron conversations are fun.

[x] Talk with McDowd about your last Morpheotron dream, which is kinda
weird - you didn't program that particular plot in.
>Any glitches lately with your equipment?
[x] Clarify with McDowd about that girl on the Morpheotron, how you feel about her etc.
>Keep it short and sweet. A man has needs. cyber needs.

Business is crucial, gotta pay the rent.

[x] Wait a minute - what about payment?
>this isint charity is it? horse dont do charity son. charity dont buy sweet gear, and a horse without sweet gear, well hes just a chump. Like you Dowd. ^_- (shit talking is a favorite past time of everyone. ever.)
[x] Talk with McDowd about the job - what's the plan?
> Roid out, Gear up, shoot stuff. Can we get some strength/ endurance from these shots? Where is this pet?

Opinion section.

[x] Talk about TITOR labs, what does McDowd think of it.
>Whats the scoop?
[x] Talk to McDowd about the Employer. Can we trust them?
>doesnt matter too much. gotta get paid, and hes here so it cant be too bad.
[x] Why is this Dr. Twelvetrees targeted? See if we can find dirt on him via cyberspace.
>can dowd pull this while we move?
No. 633163 ID: 296917

[x] Talk with McDowd about your last Morpheotron dream, which is kinda weird - you didn't program that particular plot in.
[x] Wait a minute - what about payment?

Gotta get the cash.
No. 633170 ID: 5db52c

>[X] Talk with McDowd about the job - what's the plan?
>[X] Wait a minute - what about payment?
We're on a job, here (assuming we're being paid). Which means we have a job to plan. Dream gossiping can wait.
No. 633387 ID: 3c17ca

[x] other: Flex like a boss after a dramatic suit up sequence and then get shit done. OH YEAH.
No. 633871 ID: 311774

I just caught up and I'm just gonna second what this guy's saying.
No. 634240 ID: 3c17ca

[x] other:
> "Dowd, this isint something weird like those advertisements for a bigger wang is it, I mean I can understand if you feel inadequate next to me, but this is the way you were created. no reason to change it."
No. 635627 ID: f44019
File 142962643155.png - (116.95KB , 500x500 , aumerlonstreetapts003a.png )

"Dowd, this isn't like one of them 'expand dong' ads, isn't it? You don't have to be jealous, just remember that it's natural." You trade banter with him.
"As if I'm content with just a longer schlong! With this, I can be whoever I want! New face, new muscles - even new genitals. Maybe you're the one who's jealous?"
"Heh, no thanks, I'm already secure with my own identity, you perverted thespian. All I need are my dreams, and even that gets a bit weird lately."
McDowd looks like he's about to say something, but paused. "Whatever floats your boat, I guess."
"Speaking of which... did you negotiate for payment yet?"
No. 635628 ID: f44019
File 142962704189.png - (118.33KB , 500x500 , aumerlonstreetapts003b.png )

"I arranged a meeting for that. But you should have looked at the liaison!" McDowd whistles. "She's a slick corporate vixen, she is. That foxy dame offered 5 mil in Corp Credits for starters. Man, her voice is so smooth! So, when I told her that I'd have to discuss this with my partner, she perked up. She said she's eager to meet you in person. Know her?"
"I... don't think so. Carry on."
"So, she's scheduled us for a meeting at the usual place, later this evening."
Ah yes, the Seven Sisters club. Although, you have some doubts.
"Did you check her background?"
"Well, apart from the usual classified stuff, she seems clean. My fixer network confirmed that she's been around before, no dirty deals on her side. And by the way, she sent us this as goodwill, and I assume a keep-quiet gift."
No. 635630 ID: f44019
File 142962778345.png - (138.06KB , 500x500 , aumerlonstreetapts003c.png )

McDowd turned his handcom on, and sent you an image file via your secure bandwave. A facility's blueprints came up, complete with what seems like guard rotation schedules.
"Son of a... is that thing in Cyrillic?"
"Yeah, this is the lab we're about to hit. It being written in Cyrillic would mean that it probably came from KGV's databases."
KGV, Kruglov-Gurevitch Ventures. One of the major megacorps.
"And you said she's clean?"
"As far as my network is concerned. Hell, she might even be KGV herself." He tucks his handcom back into his pants. "Now, we still have some time before our rendezvous - what do you want to do?"
>Wat do?
[] Dig deeper on this foxy vixen, cyberspace might uncover something more.
[] Dig deeper on Dr. Twelvetrees, while you're still at the comfort of your hideout.
[] The job seems too big for just two operators. Ask McDowd if we're bringing extra manpower.
[] Get properly dressed, you need to impress your employer after all. By that I mean suit up and arrive at Seven Sisters early.
[] Chat about the Morpheotron dreams with McDowd. There are some frighteningly accurate parallels in your dream with real life.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 635632 ID: d3be40

Focus on Twelvetrees.
No. 635832 ID: 3c17ca

[x] Dig deeper on this foxy vixen, cyberspace might uncover something more.
>"Dowd can you research on the go? I want to pull anything we can get on her, mostly dirty pictures."

[x] Dig deeper on Dr. Twelvetrees, while you're still at the comfort of your hideout.
>Whats up with herr doc? How does he and foxbomb tie together man?

[x] The job seems too big for just two operators. Ask McDowd if we're bringing extra manpower.
>Know anyone dude?

[x] Get properly dressed, you need to impress your employer after all. By that I mean suit up and arrive at Seven Sisters early.
>Seven sisters, seven sisters...dowd and I Were supposed to go there in my dream. we should go. but not yet, we can wait.

[x] Chat about the Morpheotron dreams with McDowd. There are some frighteningly accurate parallels in your dream with real life.
while we do a little research.
>Dont know man, I am freaking out with the morphotron, maybe there is some truth there, or am I just scrambling my brain with it?
No. 636032 ID: 3c17ca

>"Dowd, can we get a translation of the map, and the meaning of those numbers on the side? I got a feeling in my gut that says it is important."
No. 636035 ID: 88960e

See these posts for the translation. The numbers are military time, presumably the watch rotation.

No. 641477 ID: e6f4b4
File 143204958109.png - (375.44KB , 500x500 , data minan dr twelvetrees.png )

"We still got some time, right? I'll see what I can dig up on this Dr. Twelvetrees." You say as you start your Codex and plug into the cyberspace.
As information ebbs and flows onto the shore of your mind, you sift through them - like looking for cowrie shells in the coastal sand. Um, seems like you inadvertently picked up some sort of ambient data - you quickly dismiss it as irrelevant - as you gather up information on Dr. Twelvetrees. It seems like he's currently working as a neurosurgeon at TITOR Labs. Interesting, he used to work at Mnemosyne R&D, an AI research lab; Tribranch, which is a big pharmacorp; and Apex Communications, which used to work in the satellite business, but now closed. You know that he is married, but the details of his residence and family members is in some heavily-defended corporate database, one you wouldn't want to risk triggering before your job. Then you wonder about that liaison McDowd met.
No. 641480 ID: e6f4b4
File 143205002953.png - (346.57KB , 500x500 , data minan jenna foxglove.png )

Diving deeper into the more encrypted parts of the cyberspace, you try to find information on McDowd's so-called liaison. Just getting her name takes some detective work, which is a sign of a pro liaison - and you could find little more than the fact that she's a freelance liaison. Crap, she is a pro. Freelance liaisons like her can be meticulously thorough in keeping their secrets and information safe - and thus earning the trust of the megacorps. Any sliver of data you find is... inconsequential, at least.
You plug out. "Okay, I searched for both Dr. Twelvetrees and our liaison, seems like a routine 'employment switch' kind of mission." You say to McDowd. "But just the two of us isn't enough for something like TITOR Labs, right?"
No. 641482 ID: e6f4b4
File 143205095041.png - (121.97KB , 600x500 , mcdowd's roster.png )

"Yeah, I wanted to ask for your opinion first. I've already got some people on hand - just the question of choosing who to help us."
He then sends you three dossiers over the secure bandwave.
"Now, from these three, we can afford two at max - so choose carefully." He opens the first dossier.
"First we have Hendricks. An ex-mil boar of a guy, he's indebted to me. He has a ride your combat suit can fit in, and suitably armed and armored to boot. Kinda gung-ho, but hey, he's available. Next up -" He opens another dossier.
"You know we worked with this guy once before. Remember the Rhineland job? Yeah, Soichiro's up for another go. He's real good at infiltrating and close combat. Just remember he's kinda strict on honor." McDowd opens the last dossier.
"Last but not least, Torres, AKA 'Pink Shock', she's good at hacking stuff. No offense, but we could use someone with more hardware - she dives the cyberspace 7/11. I think she might have a thing for me? I dunno."
Well, that's about it for introductions - your call, which of these three are going to go with us to Acadia?
>who choose? (max 2)
[] Hendricks. We may need more gun than my suit.
[] Soichiro. We do it sneeky breeky like.
[] Torres. We need more subtle means of approach.
No. 641484 ID: 3c17ca


[x] Torres. We need more subtle means of approach.
>speak softly.
[x] Hendricks. We may need more gun than my suit.
>and carry a big stick.
No. 641499 ID: b03ddc

Soichiro the heron
No. 641598 ID: 78a595

Soichiro, Torres.
No. 641614 ID: 2ae7d5

Ghost ninja bird and punkupine please.
No. 644723 ID: 2a7417

Hacker and heron. The heavy hitter hardly homogenizes , hunfortunately.
No. 644978 ID: b86ecb
File 143334755074.png - (117.91KB , 500x500 , pink shock and idaten has joined the party.png )

You deliberate a while. "Soichiro... honestly, I don't remember that guy much - which means he's very good at his job. And another hacker? Really?"
"Come on Baxter, you think you can hack 'deep' while making swiss cheese with your multigun?"
"...point taken. But she better have better gear than me."
McDowd beams. "Alright, then that settles it! Soichiro and Torres will join us in Acadia. I'll phone them now."
McDowd then puts his handcom and skills to use. "Moshi moshi? Is Master Soichiro available?"
A gentle voice from Zipang answers. "Hai, Dowd-san! Long time no see. You did remember to use the secure bandwave link after all."
"Yeah, and you remember what that means, right? We need some help, ah, 'transferring' a sarariman."
"I understand, and I am available. Where?"
"Job's in Acadia's Port Royal, but we'll rendezvous at the usual safehouse first. New Bataven, remember?"
"Then I shall be there tomorrow. Idaten out."
Idaten, now you remember. Soichiro's ops name. McDowd links up another bandwave. "Hi, how's it going there?"
A cheery and accented voice came up from the Texas Republic. "McDowd, pumpkin! I'm ready. You got a job for little old me?"
"If you're old, then I'm ancient, Torres!" McDowd exchanges banter and laughs.
"So, about the job-" "I know, I heard it the first time. You should have updated your bandwave protection, honeybuns! And I'm ready to go tomorrow as well. Give me a kiss when we're together, mkay? Tata!"
Damn, McDowd wasn't kidding when he said she's good.
No. 644979 ID: b86ecb
File 143334823021.png - (124.00KB , 500x500 , weird dream man.png )

"Damn, that Torres is really something, huh?"
"I'm glad we're just friends." McDowd grins.
"Friends with benefits you mean?" You smirk. "Oh yeah, by the way, she could take a look at my Morpheotron when she's here."
"Oh, back to talking about dreams? Or was it your little angel?"
"Seriously, McDowd... there's way too much coincidence here. I mean, it was a weird dream, but then some. You were there, too."
"And what did you do in that dream?"
"It was so vivid - anyways, get this, I woke up in a morgue, and it's bloody 1984. I had an ID of the Aquila Union and it says I'm born in two more years. There's also this book I have to return to the library - where I went with you. Funny thing is, you're cop in that dream."
"Meh, standard-fare dream stuff."
"Kay then, it gets weirder. The librarian was none other than our liaison, Jenna Foxglove. Then I started getting flashbacks about some time machine, and then we checked out an address she gave me. At that apartment - which looks strangely like this one - I met my dead self. I mean mutilated, gory stuff. Then it turns out the killer's still in the room, but we got him."
McDowd's face is concerned. "Man, you sure got weird dreams. Look, if you're bothered, get checked. Both the Morpheotron and your head, you hear?"
No. 644980 ID: b86ecb
File 143334852729.png - (94.22KB , 500x500 , weirder reality man.png )

"I hope you're right, and it's just some glitch - would it be funny or scary if it turns out to be real? Like, maybe I got something in my pocket I carried from my dream-"
And then you reflexively pat your back pant pocket. Something is there. You pull it out.
"Is that - no, no way."
"Holy shit."
It's that surgeon's blade you stole.
>wat do?
[] Surely this is something I took from the dream!
[] Are you trying to freak me out with your prank, McDowd?
[] There must be a rational explanation for this, right?
[] Wait, there's a name, wonder if we can trace it?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 644985 ID: 88960e

>There must be a rational explanation for this, right?
Rational explanation 1: This is the dream, that was real. Otherwise you dreamed Jenna before meeting here, and you're actualizing a dream object.

Rational explanation 2: This is real, and you're being pranked. Someone hacked your system and planted the scaple.

What do: investigate possibly 2. See if you can prove it.
No. 645000 ID: 2a7417

Scan it for, I don't know, science stuff. Time shenanigans, etc. Then, sell it as an antique!
No. 645017 ID: 2c029d

you have so kind of connection with an alternate dimension version of your self?
No. 645129 ID: a2b630

Well, you're an officer! If it has a name, scan it, then! Trace it, if you can! If not... well, you know someone is shitting on you, right?
No. 651076 ID: ab0535
File 143540937119.png - (323.23KB , 500x500 , data minan dr wu.png )

Immediately you reconnect to the Codex, and ran a quick analysis. The blade is German-made, and - what's this? It belonged to a Dr. Henry Wu. After some data mining, you determine that this particular Dr. Wu was once the head of New Bataven's City District Morgue. Long dead by now. You're not even sure the morgue is still there - no, wait, newly mined data says it's still in operation. 7b, Jacard Lane - downtown.
You still struggle connecting these information to what your dream indicated, when McDowd's voice is heard.
No. 651077 ID: ab0535
File 143541001078.png - (145.72KB , 500x500 , aumerlonstreetapts004a.png )

"Baxter, you done with that? We're half an hour away from the meeting, and you haven't gotten dressed yet." Ah crap, it's been that long?
"Uh, sure. Let me get dressed..."
"Just a reminder, we're meeting at the Seven Sisters, which means you need something a bit fancy. Second, we're meeting a liaison, so first impressions are a must. And no, you can't go in your friggin' battlesuit! We're meeting in a semi-civilian place, so you gotta be discreet. And if you don't have them fancy stuff, borrow from mine. Got that?" McDowd reminds you of your wardrobe options.
No. 651078 ID: ab0535
File 143541036225.png - (65.00KB , 500x500 , like one of THOSE dreams.png )

While you try to pick the right kind of clothes that scream 'business', you think back on what McDowd said: first impressions do matter. You think of what you should do...

>draw Baxter's outfit!

>wat do later?
[] Impress the liaison by acting military-professional. You are ex-mil, after all.
[] Maybe knowledge and connections, show her how knowledgeable you are of the corporate battleground.
[] Just act like a stereotypical hired gun, that's what you are anyways.
[] Maybe put on your best charismatic face. You're not some super-casanova like McDowd, but hey, you can try, right?
[] Or just be yourself. This is easier said than done.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 651317 ID: 3c17ca
File 143546071494.png - (52.10KB , 500x500 , 143541036225.png )

Sure its about two years out of fashion, but damn if doesn't fit you like a glove. A little business, a little mercenary. Maybe we can take it to the tailors.
No. 651374 ID: a19cd5
File 143547156094.png - (66.15KB , 700x600 , hornsy.png )

Seduction is CLEARLY the key to our success here. (nsfwish)
No. 657937 ID: 27bef9
File 143781371374.png - (92.86KB , 500x500 , classy as fuark.png )

"Now that's more like it!" says McDowd as you finish changing clothes.
Indeed, it seems leagues better than your usual getup. "Reminds me of the Edo job."
You put away the scalpel in a cabinet, and prepare to have a good business dinner.
"By the way, we're going on a new ride, managed to buy a new one after the last one got busted." McDowd says. Ah yeah, the Texarkana job, how could you forget? ...then again, you are a bit fuzzy on what actually happened. You file the disrepancy and the scalpel oddity in the back of your mind as you head out the door.
No. 657938 ID: 27bef9
File 143781423156.png - (158.03KB , 500x500 , aumerlonstreetapts005.png )

Just as you step out the door, the familiar night breeze of New Bataven greets you. The fluorescent hum of the billboard above your apartment, and the cracked concrete sidewalk is all too familiar with you... and then there's that other familiar thing on the sidewalk. "No way." You say.
"Finally found a vintage cruiser from the '80s. Guy who owned it modded it, well until he got in trouble with the corplaw. Fits me well, don'tcha think?" McDowd gloats.
"Yeah yeah, let's just get going." You interject. You've seen this ride before. But when?
No. 657939 ID: e114bc

It's the same car he drove as a cop in your dream.

How did he get a car from the 1980's? Isn't this the year 2150 or something? How can he even maintain such a relic? Also, why? This doesn't make a lot of sense. Maybe this is the dream, and the dream you remember is the real world.
No. 657940 ID: 27bef9
File 143781495312.png - (486.45KB , 500x500 , aucruiser001.png )

You try to make some sense of this issue of fuzzy memories, dreams, and that scalpel, but were rudely interrupted by a buzzing noise - crap, an I/O feedback noise! Something that happens when you jacked in while under the Morpheotron - happened only once before, you made sure not to dream jacked on - but this was different. One, you're not on the Morpheotron, nor are you currently jacked in, and second, the ambient data you picked up before just reappeared on the edges of your vision, like a spirit in the bushes. You don't even know where you picked up these metaphors! You can only grimace as you settle down on McDowd's passenger seat.
"Hey man, you okay? I didn't check the upholstery, you find something?"
>Wat do?
[] "I'm fine."
[] "Definitely not the upholstery, ouch."
[] Follow the ambient data, see where it leads.
[] Try to piece together your memories during the drive.
[] Divert your mind to the meeting ahead, focus on the job.
[] find her.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 657942 ID: e114bc

[x] Follow the ambient data, see where it leads.
[x] find her.
The girl from the library.
No. 657943 ID: 2f4b71

[x] Car's got pickup
No. 657944 ID: 1cebc8

[X] Follow the ambient data, see where it leads.
[X] Choose a new set of items to put in your pocket for the next phase.
No. 657945 ID: 5e4150

what no Steve shirt i am disappoint.
No. 657959 ID: 3c17ca

>follow data
>other: how fast does this thing go man, and is it vintage or new make?
No. 657961 ID: ab7529

No. 657962 ID: 0fc976

[X]Not the upholstery
[X]Follow the data
No. 661469 ID: a76ba4
File 143922070970.png - (172.59KB , 500x500 , aucruiser002a.png )

"Not the upholstery, McDowd. Unless they have some kind of bandwave-based scrambler system embedded in them." You say, in the midst of an I/O feedback caused migraine.
"No way, I swept this thing for bugs!" McDowd objected.
"I know, this might be something else entirely..." You say, surrendering your body to the floating sensation. Easier to go with the flow rather than to fight it, you think, as symbols form and dissolve in front of your eyes as McDowd's car cruises along the streets of New Bataven. Ambient data manifests itself like that. You try to make out one of them, and to your surprise, you do manage to catch one - just as a pocket of clarity opens up.
"What the -" You half-mumble in incredulity as the symbol you 'caught' turns out to be plastered on a sandwich sign. One that's worn by an old hobo with a straw hat and a cane? Something's not right. Then you saw the message.
No. 661470 ID: a76ba4
File 143922103037.png - (135.50KB , 500x500 , aucruiser002b.png )

"Hey, wait!" You say, turning to get a better look at the hobo. Maybe you wanted to ask him about the sign, who paid him to wear it; Maybe about who is he supposed to find, which girl; but McDowd didn't slow down. All you see was the backside of the sandwich board. Hey, you know how to read it, you think, but that thought was soon under assault by the returning interference. The world blurs once more, and the words behind the hobo turns out to be written in another language.
No. 661472 ID: a76ba4
File 143922161928.png - (94.25KB , 500x500 , ausevsis001.png )

For the remainder of the ride, you sank in your seat, deep in thought (and some mild migraine). Find the girl? Maybe the ones from your dream? You remember at least three girls in the library. Well, you're about to meet someone who looks like one of them, was that her? Or was it the other two?
"You okay, man? You don't look so good." McDowd says as you arrive at your destination.
"Man, you need to check the wiring on this car or something, I'm getting some sort of phantom interference. I got a freakin' I/O feedback over there, or at least something like it."
"O...kay. Well, can you keep yourself together for now?"
"I think so. Give me a minute."
"By the way, you decided how you'll make your first impression?" Asks McDowd, as he combs his hair with his hand.
"Good question."
>How should we appear?
[] Walk in as if you own the place.
[] Show how sophisticated you are.
[] Make like a brick and throw yourself in there.
[] Show that you're just as professional as her.
[] Just be yourself, which is going to be hard after that migraine.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 661474 ID: 2a7417

Make like a brick and put PETAL TO THE METAL
No. 661497 ID: e114bc

[x] Show that you're just as professional as her.
No. 661527 ID: 3c17ca

[x] Other (fill in)
>"Dowd, got anything for headaches? I need to be clear when we go in."
Move in like liquid silk, smooth operator, don't be noticed until you are already sitting at the table.
No. 661591 ID: 1cebc8


[X] Make like a brick and throw yourself in there.
No. 661603 ID: ab7529

Professional to the max. We're on a job, here.
No. 667720 ID: 41bd4b
File 144153494741.png - (107.74KB , 500x500 , ausevsis002a.png )

"Gimme an aspirin or something, and I'll try to come off as a professional." You say, the dizziness dissipating slowly as the both of you park the car and make way to the entrance.
"That's the spirit, too bad about the aspirin though." McDowd opens the door, and heads straight for the door greeter - or was that the receptionist? Do restaurants even have those?
"Welcome to the Seven Sisters, sirs - do you have a reservation?" The swan at the table asks.
"We're here for a meeting with miss Jenna Foxglove, I'm sure she's told you about this?"
"I see. Please wait as we confirm with miss Foxglove." The swan taps her communicator.
You let your eyes wander as you wait. Casing the joint for potential shifty hostiles, actually. Among the usual corporate diners, you spot a ram that's discreetly trying to do what you're doing: casing the joint. Whether he's employed by the restaurant security or not remains to be seen.
There seems to also be a lonesome fox lady sitting near the window. Some kind of sandwich lies in front of her, uneaten. Seems like she got stood up for a date or something.
No. 667721 ID: 41bd4b
File 144153527510.png - (109.03KB , 500x500 , ausevsis002b.png )

Soon enough, the swan returned. "Please come this way, sirs." She cuts through the dining room to the back, where the VIP chambers are. "Miss Foxglove has been waiting for you. Have a pleasant evening, sirs." She promptly leaves the premises.
"So, ready to bring out your charms? I know I am." McDowd jovially inquires.
You straighten out your spine, and put your arms behind you. "Of course, Mr. McDowd. I am currently radiating professionalism."
"Well, since you're ready, shall we go in, then?"
"After you, Mr. McDowd."
No. 667724 ID: 41bd4b
File 144153632561.png - (115.84KB , 500x500 , ausevsis002c.png )

As McDowd opens the door, something caught your eye. You've seen her from your forays in cyberspace earlier, but she's even more lovely in that designer dress. Her shades seem to be the self-adjusting type - you can see her captivating eyes through the lighter shade.
"Miss Foxglove! How splendid! May I acquaintance you to my partner?" McDowd tries his hand at an introduction.
When she spoke, it's like someone dumped honey down your ears. "Thank you, Thespian - but why don't we hear it from his own mouth? He seems more handsome than your descriptions."

>What's your ops name?
[] Hi-Caliber
[] Sledgehammer
[] Braincase
[] Other (fill in)

>What say?
[] "Ah, it's nothing. I'm (ops name)."
[] "Very pleased to meet you in the flesh, miss Foxglove. I'm known as (ops name)."
[] "So you're our liaison for this mission? Call me (ops name)."
[] "You know how to make me blush, miss Foxglove. Name's (ops name)."
[] Other (fill in)
No. 667739 ID: bd0fbc

Very pleased to meet you, Ms Foxglove. I'm Sledgehammer.
No. 667757 ID: 0fc976

"You know how to make me blush, miss Foxglove. Name's Long Face."
No. 667776 ID: 57dfcc

[X] "Very pleased to meet you in the flesh, miss Foxglove. I'm known as Hippogriff."

Sort of ties to McDowd's (since thespian comes from Greek roots).
No. 667835 ID: df6309

Codename: Backswitch, Baby. No actualy go with Headcase it fits better
No. 668191 ID: 27026a

Pleasure to meet in the flesh, *flex* im pretty girthy. But my code name is hammer. Same reason for both really...
No. 669843 ID: 798c91
File 144237330265.png - (118.42KB , 500x500 , ausevsis003a.png )

"Very pleased to meet you. Call me Sledgehammer, Miss Foxglove." You introduce yourself, extending your hand. When she shakes it, you feel a soft yet firm hand.
"I'll remember that. You boys want something to eat, or drink? It's on me."
"I don't drink while on the job, Miss Foxglove. When can we talk business?"
"Ah yes. Hold on for a moment."
No. 669846 ID: 798c91
File 144237392580.png - (200.80KB , 500x500 , ausevsis003b.png )

From her purse, she takes out a small device, and pushes a button. As soon as it's turned on, you hear a slight hum, and your extremities tingle - she's really a professional, bringing a handheld Encryptor. It creates a sphere of tailored white noise, effectively making whatever sound you make inside the sphere to be heard only as unclear mumbles outside of the sphere. It also has the added bonus of jamming any hidden or unhidden surveillance devices.
The tingling sensation and pins and needles, though - that's new.
"I hope your implants are okay, Sledgehammer. Speaking of business, I'm sure Thespian has informed you of the rough details of the operation, right?"
"Yes. We are to extract a Dr. Twelvetrees from the TITOR laboratory in Acadia."
"And I imagine you have some questions you'd like to ask?"
No. 669849 ID: 1cebc8

"Aside from the obvious 'Would you like to do lunch', I'll keep this professional and ask for all the intel you've acquired for this mission. We'll call you if there is anything suspicious that we need clarification on. Good day Miss Foxglove."
No. 669851 ID: 798c91
File 144237468825.png - (233.86KB , 500x500 , ausevsis003c.png )

There is some questions you'd like to ask, but McDowd asks the first one. "Uh, in fact, yes. Five mil C-creds, just for an extraction?"
"Let's just say that Dr. Twelvetrees is a very important researcher. So much so, that my client wants him for their own uses. And considering the security there, I think five million is a high enough number to start with. We could always negotiate."
A momentary lull in conversation as McDowd internalizes the answer gives you the opportunity to ask your own questions.

>Wat ask?
[] What sort of security makes you think that much money is good enough?
[] Does our client mention anything else about Dr. Twelvetrees?
[] It seems that the client is expecting us to do more than just grabbing Dr. Twelvetrees, isn't it?
[] How about casualties? How loud can we go on this ops?
[] What about Dr. Twelvetrees' research at TITOR? Acquire, destroy, or leave it alone?
[] Actually I'm starving. Can we order some appetizers?
[] Have you had an interesting dream, lately? Maybe of being a librarian in the 1980s?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 669875 ID: 0fc976

Anything else mentioned about Twelvetrees, what about his research how loud can we go, and shall we order some appetizers?
No. 669907 ID: 810cb6

How much damage are we allowed to cause?
No. 670532 ID: a107fd

Better question might be "does damage to the TITOR lab get subtracted from our pay, or added?"
No. 670545 ID: 3c17ca

lets grab something small while we talk, it is a bit suspicious sitting here not eating. <<plus we are hungry...perhaps as hungry as a horse...nyohohoho ^_^ >>

-How do you want this handled, loud, quiet, do you want him to "vanish" and make it look like he died, or are we making a statement?

-Also...just really odd, but...do I seem familiar to you? I feel like we have met before.
No. 671047 ID: 149da0

Why are we the only person at the table the static seems to be getting to? It crosses past our outline, but not the other twos.

>[x] What sort of security makes you think that much money is good enough?
Getting information about what security we can expect to face seems prudent.

>[x] What about Dr. Twelvetrees' research at TITOR? Acquire, destroy, or leave it alone?
And would be nice to know if we're interested in just the person or his accessories.
No. 679045 ID: 04e3ed
File 144569376221.png - (179.84KB , 500x500 , ausevsis004a.png )

"If I may ask some specifics of the operation... how should we do this extraction? Should we go in loud, or should we sneak Dr. Twelvetrees out without anyone noticing? Do we need to fake his death, just make him vanish, or do we want to make a statement to TITOR? And while we're at it, what about the damages done to TITOR? Added or subtracted from our pay?"
You're really getting professional here, you think to yourself.
Miss Foxglove looks impressed. "Wise questions, Sledgehammer. Our client does want Dr. Twelvetrees alive, but doesn't care how we do it. Neither do they care about the state of TITOR by the end of our operation. Any research you can grab, especially his, would be a plus on my book - and your bank accounts. So, to summarize, your priority is getting Dr. Twelvetrees out alive, then any research you can grab. Data, prototypes, samples - anything TITOR is working on."
She seems satisfied with your question.
No. 679046 ID: 04e3ed
File 144569411658.png - (232.61KB , 500x500 , ausevsis004b.png )

You straighten your posture, and asked again. "Then what about the defenses at the lab? Should we be expecting a rival merc team that they hired, guard drones, hidden turrets - or just standard corporate security guard force?"
"Oh! An excellent question. I'm still digging that info myself. I'll re-contact you when you arrive in Acadia with the latest info of their defense, but do expect corpsec forces - they do have an armory."
You can't be sure because of the subtle buzzing of the white noise, but is she blushing?
No. 679050 ID: 04e3ed
File 144569521929.png - (113.40KB , 500x500 , ausevsis004c.png )

"Well, I think that's just about all the questions I could think of." You say, while relaxing your posture.
"But wise questions to ask, especially in our kind of ops. I take it this concludes our business?"
"I think so, Miss Foxglove." You reply. "Now that business is over, let's talk about casual things. Maybe order a dish as well. Wouldn't want the waiters thinking there's something weird."
"Ah, I take it you haven't been to Seven Sisters? Don't worry about the staff, they know how to keep secrets. It's their main selling point. But yes, let's have a talk. You do intrigue me." She shuts off the white-noise generator and puts it in her purse. "What, specifically, do you want to talk about?"
You clear your throat. "This might sound like a sappy pickup line, but I dreamt of you."
"Oh really? Do tell. By the way, feel free to order something."

>Wat say?
[] "You were a librarian, and we met in the library. I asked for information, which you kindly supplied." (factual)
[] "We met at the library, and it seems like you have the hots for me." (emotional)
[] "I have a Morpheotron, and one of the simulation looked just like you by coincidence." (morpheotron)
[] "Well where do I start? It was 1984 in my dreams, and I awoke in an alley..." (dream recap)
[] Other (fill in)

>Wat order?
[] Baklava and Borscht
[] Chip and Fries
[] Doner Kebab
[] Shrimp Spring Roll
[] Pimento Cheese Sandwich
[] Glass of Water
[] Other (fill in)
No. 679054 ID: 2ccbb3


Do they have falafel?
No. 679288 ID: 3c17ca

[] "Well where do I start? It was 1984 in my dreams, and I awoke in an alley..." (dream recap)

[] Doner Kebab
No. 679293 ID: 12b273

morpheotron, Pimento Cheese Sandwich
No. 679367 ID: 0fc976


No. 679392 ID: 85249f

Recap and order kebab.
No. 686466 ID: aca648
File 144898187563.png - (112.35KB , 500x500 , ausevsis005a.png )

"In that case, do they have some Doner Kebab here? I might be a little bit hungry." It's true, your stomach feels fuzzy after that interview. Although you're not sure if it's really hunger.
"They do, actually. It's quite delicious. But tonight, I think a Pimento Cheese Sandwich would suit me better." You're not sure, but it seems a bit fitting for Miss Foxglove.
"Well then, I'll have some Falafel. If they got Doner then they got Falafel too, right?" McDowd chimes in.
Shortly after the three of you order your meals, Miss Foxglove inquires again. "Please do continue your dream story, Sledgehammer, while we wait for the food."
"Well where do I start? It was 1984 in my dreams, and I awoke in an alley - actually, it's a morgue. They found me in an alley. I met the coroner that was about to do autopsy on me, and well, you were there too, McDowd."
"Am I dead or something?"
"No, you were a cop, actually."
McDowd snorts. "Heh, ain't that the truth. Anyway, what's next?"
"So yeah, McDowd here drove me to the library, since I had a copy of Rubaiyyat belonging to that library on me - and then I met you. You were on the front desk, Miss Foxglove."
"Hmm. Fascinating."
"Well, aside from you, I also met this kid, Millie, with her sister, Trish. They're both orphans..."
No. 686467 ID: aca648
File 144898220411.png - (102.04KB , 500x500 , ausevsis005b.png )

"...right behind me. The murderer hid in the cardboard box! And then by accident I -"
"Your orders, sir. Have a pleasant evening." You were interrupted by the food arriving.
"Excellent, I'm starving!" McDowd almost dives for his food when you sensed something from your Kebab. A whitish, fuzzy feeling.
"Wait a second, Thespian." You carefully pick out the object out of the Kebab.
No. 686469 ID: aca648
File 144898273555.png - (106.21KB , 500x500 , ausevsis005c.png )

It's a... memory stick of some sort? Looks like an old, nondescript type of data storage device, with a single familiar symbol on it.
"What is that?" McDowd pipes. "Is this some kind of complimentary thing you get with your meal in Seven Sisters?"
"No, not at all, Thespian. This is new." Foxglove cranes her neck in order to get a better look. "I'm curious as to what might be inside it."
"Or maybe we could not just jack in anything we find. Not without expert help or sufficient... support." counters McDowd.
>Wat do?
[] You think you've got an adapter for it handy, let's plug it in your head.
[] Can we borrow your Encryptor for a bit, Foxglove? Then we can jack in this thing.
[] Hold on to it, you're not gonna jack in right here and now. Maybe later with Pink Shock.
[] Ditch the memory stick, it's too suspicious.
[] Ask Foxglove if the symbol is familiar to her.
[] Ask McDowd if the symbol is familiar to him.
[] Call the waitress about this... 'complimentary gift'.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 686470 ID: 2a7417

Later, with Pink Shock around.
No. 686482 ID: 2ccbb3

Find a disposable computer to play this thing. You don't know how many viruses it could have.

Also, make sure the food isn't poisoned.
No. 686511 ID: 86cfc3

Don't plug suspicious memory devices into your head. You open them up on a partitioned device, without network accesses. Preferably inside a virtual machine.
No. 686514 ID: 58caf6

Got a gut feeling this is for us, a one shot item, wherever we put it is the last chance we get with it. Its the symbol from the schematics, from the dream maybe, from the lab?

Jack in, fortune favors the bold.
No. 686522 ID: 015f28

No. 686526 ID: 58caf6

jack on then jack off. ^_-
No. 686578 ID: 458c4a

No. 693795 ID: af64c8
File 145278606520.png - (105.97KB , 500x500 , ausevsis006a.png )

"You know, I bet that thing is like some sort of burner stick. Use it once, then it self-erases. Kinda makes you think who would send such a thing to us." McDowd drifts into thought as you fish out the adapter and switch its head to receive USB input. "Something 'bout that symbol is kinda familiar, though. Like I've seen it before..."
No. 693796 ID: af64c8
File 145278651569.png - (122.81KB , 500x500 , ausevsis006b.png )

"What is he doing?" Foxglove's sudden query jolts McDowd out of his reverie.
"Hey, didn't you hear me, Sledgehammer?!? We gotta get more technical support for this! It's one-use only!"
"If it is as you say, Thespian, then this stick might have other failsafes, like a timed access point or similar. Judging by the way it's delivered to me... this is a message for me, to be read now. If anything should go wrong, you know our protocols, Thespian. Fortune favors the brave."
"The brave, or the foolish!" Foxglove's addition was the last thing you heard.
No. 693798 ID: 7ddcc4
File 145278698374.png - (82.75KB , 500x500 , orbitalvirtualspaceencounter001.png )

Time seems to dilate into a million years, the instant you plug the jack in. A familiar feeling of weightlessness envelops you, and you find yourself orbiting the earth, the cold darkness of space above you.
This is some fancy USB stick, to be able to project a virtual data-space.
Under the starlight, above the glow of atmosphere, you can make the shape of something else in orbit.
Something that felt ancient.
>Wat do?
[] Go to the orbiting object, it's obviously the content of the stick.
[] Avoid the orbiting object, it's probably a trap.
[] The stars doesn't look quite right? Check with stored constellation data?
[] Try to hack deeper. This is but the surface visuals. You want cold, hard data.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 693808 ID: 2ccbb3

[X] Try to hack deeper. This is but the surface visuals. You want cold, hard data.
No. 693817 ID: 3d2d5f

>[X] The stars doesn't look quite right? Check with stored constellation data?
You're probably in the wrong time period. Knowing when this sim is set is probably important, with the time travel hints you had in the morphetron.
No. 693932 ID: c45b7e

hack deeper. if this was for us, they know what we are going to be doing. We dont want some of this data, we want it all.
No. 694050 ID: 2a7417

Hack the planet!
No. 694167 ID: 2f4b71

Change your internal clock to the date of your dream?
No. 701705 ID: 429e47
File 145542675256.png - (139.10KB , 500x500 , orbitalvirtualspaceencounter002.png )

Alright, enough with the illusions. The fact that you can feel the ancient-ness of that orbital thing mean a program is manipulating your brain subtly.
Well, not subtle enough, you think, as you pull out a hidden program you always have in your (modified) adapter. You'll show the program how subtle you can be, and why trying to mess with your brain is something it shouldn't do.
No. 701707 ID: 429e47
File 145542699809.png - (154.68KB , 500x500 , breaking through the brane of reality.png )

The hammer-head swings up, and with a mighty heave you sent it crashing into the 'planet' below. A sound akin to broken glass mixed with radio static and ancient modem connecting was heard, as the virtual-space cracked apart. The stars, the planet, and the orbital thing dissipates from your mind-interface.
No. 701712 ID: 429e47
File 145542790654.png - (111.67KB , 500x500 , blankvirtualspaceencounter001.png )

In their place, you can see the real contents of the USB drive: a few directories. No doubt containing plenty of information.
But it's better this way, you think. Just straightforward data, instead of misleading illusions! Now, which one to peek into first?
>Wat do?
[] Look into the Ophiuchus directory.
[] Look into the Pleiades directory.
[] Look into the Moonrose directory.
[] Look into the "Black Knight" directory.
[] Attempt to copy the contents of one directory into your head (choose which).
[] Attempt to copy all of them into your head.
[] Modify the system date and time into current time.
[] Modify the system date and time to the date of your dream.
[] Swing the sledgehammer once more.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 701713 ID: 1cebc8

Attempt to ZIP all files and copy into head.
No. 701715 ID: f6442a

Swing the sledgehammer around a few times for fun. Then copy all directories to head.
No. 701726 ID: 02422f

>[] Attempt to copy all of them into your head.
Uh, check the size of the directories before even thinking about attempting that.
No. 701729 ID: 7a2f2c

It would be a better idea to do it individually just in case their is some sort of virus or trap stowed away in there.
No. 701730 ID: 5ad4a7

[] Look into the Ophiuchus directory.
No. 702078 ID: c45b7e


[x] Modify the system date and time to the date of your dream.

worst case scenario, it gives us more time to hack, best case scenario, we are gonna unlock another tidbit.
No. 711139 ID: b1963c
File 145879630230.png - (148.53KB , 500x500 , blankvirtualspaceencounter002a.png )

You decide upon the Ophiuchus directory. As you scan it before copying it, an impossibility is made known: the directory's size is magnitudes more than the USB stick could theoretically hold.
What's worse, there's a two-minute timer attached to it. You can't copy it during that time, let alone the rest of the directories!
No. 711140 ID: b1963c
File 145879657111.png - (97.87KB , 500x500 , blankvirtualspaceencounter002b.png )

Thinking fast, you pull up the date/time settings for your datajack interface. The only way to delay this timer is by going back in time.
But you do not know why you set it to that one date. That particular date in your dream.
The clock ticks, tocks, then stops.
And time rewinds in the virtual space.
No. 711141 ID: b1963c
File 145879708336.png - (165.00KB , 500x500 , ophiuchuschoices.png )

Suddenly, a sharp pain. Your datajack is processing an unholy amount of data. The Ophiuchus directory is copied, and opened in an instant. Words and concepts and records are flying by at a phenomenal speed, organizing themselves in distinct clusters.
A cluster feel old, weathered with emotions. Teutonic experiments and a twin.
Another seem more familiar, a newspaper clipping and a dead couple's last moments lay bare.
The last one is a doctor with a dream, and many enemies, and Titor.
As the directory lay open in front of your mind, blood slowly trickles down your face.
>Choose one to witness first (we'll be witnessing all of them)
[] Ad-Dhib
[] Cassandra
[] Damballah-Wedo
[] No, I'm outta here, out of this virtual world
No. 711143 ID: f6442a

[] No, I'm outta here, out of this virtual world, you can't make me stay here where it's crazy
Just to see what happens.
No. 711144 ID: 02422f

>[X] Damballah-Wedo
No. 711179 ID: c45b7e

>[x] Damballah-Wedo
nightmare fuel later.

Besides. We still have more suffering in other directories.
No. 711616 ID: a107fd

I don't think turning the clock back to the 1980s is going to be enough. Squeezing 375 zettabytes through a really good modern fiber-optic connection would take approximately twelve thousand years. Short of getting some kind of exotic matter involved, the storage media for that much data should weigh two tons and fill a small cargo truck.
No. 711619 ID: d152f2

dis the nondescript cyberfuture man, it'd take a day or two tops
No. 711726 ID: 2067a4

Ad-Dhib, I think. Cassandra makes for a good story, but I think it's a mystery that may carry more weight when solved a bit later on. Let's save that one for later. Also, how long will this take in real time? Terminator references aside, we can't afford to spend too much time here, especially with the fact that someone just gave us that much relevant information. If we hurry, maybe we can learn who it was?
No. 711735 ID: 1cebc8

[X] Cassandra
No. 731766 ID: fdcf4f
File 146685178010.png - (467.95KB , 500x1000 , Damballa-Wedo 01.png )

You grit your teeth as the memory-archive deluges into your mind, steering yourself, however ineffectually, into the directory named Damballah-Wedo.

"One of the important Loa in Voudun, Damballah-Wedo rules over the mind, intellect, and cosmic equilibrium. His counterpart is Ayida-Wedo, Loa of fertility, rainbows, wind, water, fire, and serpents. Together, they are the Rainbow Serpent that held up the heavens."
"James Twelvetrees met his wife and soulmate, Aida, when both of them worked at Apex Communications. James, despite his background in neuroscience, turned out to be an apt programmer, while Aida is an excellent engineer and a spiritual one. But only a month and a week after marriage, an event that neither thought would ever happened, happened."
"It all began when one of Apex's quantum satellites in the void went haywire. James and Aida was called into the facility along with other Apex employees to figure out what's wrong. James had just figured out the satellite's erroneous behavior, and Aida was busy getting the necessary schematics to the satellite when the backup satellite in storage at their on-site hangar disappeared."
"Then, everything changed."
"Ten hours later, James woke up in the forest near the facility. He wasn't the only employee missing, some others were also reporting that they woke up in the forest with missing time. But some of them didn't return."
"Aida was one of them."
"James only found her clothes on the forest floor, next to him."
"Her clothes, and James' memory of her, were the only traces of her left behind. Despite both James and Aida had worked 8 years in Apex, only James was registered there, and nobody has ever heard of her at all."
"It was if she had never existed at all."
"This drove James into leaving Apex, and he did something in his despair."

Here, you see the path split into three. All three are obfuscated and blurry, but you somehow knew that once you picked a path, that will become clear. All the while, your gums bleed and your ears ring.

>What did James do?
[] Fell into depression, and one day decided to end his life.
[] Fell into denial, and kept searching for her.
[] Fell into madness, and decided he'd do something with his knowledge about it.
No. 731772 ID: 398fe1

"find her in the space between the void and time i love her so much"

[x] Fell into madness, and decided he'd do something with his knowledge about it.
I think this is the only true choice.
No. 731788 ID: 358228

Fell into madness, convinced there was a conspiracy of vespids behind it all.
No. 731795 ID: a075ba

No. 731804 ID: b2d501

Madness: This is the part where we learn how James developed a neural augment that allows psychics to phase shift between dimensions, right?
No. 731820 ID: 0bf568

Clearly they were behind everything
No. 731913 ID: 5428f3

>James Twelvetrees, Aida
The Luteces

>"It all began when one of Apex's quantum satellites in the void went haywire. James and Aida was called into the facility along with other Apex employees to figure out what's wrong. James had just figured out the satellite's erroneous behavior, and Aida was busy getting the necessary schematics to the satellite when the backup satellite in storage at their on-site hangar disappeared."
God dammit the file just contained a link to that stupid tg website

[x] fell into maddness, went back in time and changed his name to doug
No. 750540 ID: 728ffd
File 147532411923.png - (354.62KB , 500x500 , Madness 01.png )

"James Twelvetrees struggled in vain to comprehend just what happened to his wife."
Mistake not the map for the territory
"He scoured the vast knowledge-base of science, seeking to find the truth behind the event - and even more important, how to get her back."
Quae est in Terra Incognita
"Maybe science don't have the answer he seeks, but his rational brain refuses to acknowledge that limitation."
Look in the exoteric and the esoteric
"Again and again he chased the serpent's tail, hoping to find closure; when closure cannot be found, understanding; when understanding cannot be found, the truth; and when truth cannot be found in the science he knew, he turned into the knowledge he discarded."
No. 750541 ID: 728ffd
File 147532506430.png - (226.62KB , 500x500 , Madness 02.png )

"He finally turned into the fringes of rationality, to the theories once thought to be obsolete."
But he's still in cyberspace!
"In the tulpa meditation of Kundun monks, in the hidden records of the Vril Society, in the obscure annals of Alchemy - James Twelvetrees had finally begun to understand the nature of the event."
Yeah, it's taking too long
"But to continue, he needed more. He knew he could combine the hidden knowledge with the current knowledge to get Aida back, but a piece of the puzzle is still missing."
Sledgehammer, c'mon, we need you back here
"And that is why he applied to Tribranch Biomedicals, if not to gain knowledge he can use, to gain funds to find such missing knowledge."
Mistake not the map for the territory
Again, the path frays into three possibilities. If you weren't gritting your teeth from the biofeedback, you'd curse this recursive kind of programming.

>What did James Twelvetrees do in Tribranch?
() Wake up, Baxter, your friends need you
[] Oversees the development of a new drug (alchemy)
[] Researched the side-effects of Tribranch's drugs (tulpa)
[] Found hidden documents in Tribranch's archives (vril)
No. 750543 ID: 71d443

[b] thought himself up a Jackie Chan tulpa
No. 750546 ID: 094652

[X] Went insane and raped a dozen travelling Kundun pilgrims, siring multiple children in hopes of turning them into homunculi for his wife to inhabit. Because she was invisible.

Luckily, his head exploded before he could get to the third. Because magic.

Oddly enough, they were all female, AND a different species from the parents. Something the doctor did?
No. 750554 ID: 595d54

(X) Wake up, Baxter, your friends need you
No. 750559 ID: 3abd97

[x] Found hidden documents in Tribranch's archives (vril)
No. 750581 ID: 398fe1

"i tried to bring her back i called again and again hoping to find the truth crla"
...did I screw up the last bit? I wish there was an easier way of picking out the letters than eyeballing it.
The serpent is saying "every thing has a price"

[x] Found hidden documents in Tribranch's archives (vril)
I'm not familiar with Vril occultism, so this should be neat.
No. 750592 ID: 398fe1

...on the other hand, if there is a "correct" choice, signs are pointing towards tulpa. Baxter here might be a tulpa that has been projected into alternate timelines, or the tulpa is the serpent.
No. 750714 ID: 2ea9b9

Vril sounds silly and vague.

Can we have Tulpa and Alchemy? Like he researched the side-effects and then used alchemy and modern chemistry to make a new drug that had the desired effects
if not the Tulpa please.
No. 760396 ID: 398fe1

OH. There was no t available, but the last bit is hinting at "ctrl+A"

Switching my vote to (X) Wake up, Baxter, your friends need you
No. 779422 ID: ab2b43
File 148704890292.png - (293.15KB , 500x500 , Method 01 copy.png )

Initially he sought for any evidence of Vril technology, but it lead to a dead end.
But he just didn't look in the right places
Quietly he went on with his job to gather funds for his next search.
Sometimes you find something you're not looking for
But one of his test subjects offered something, in return for freedom.
No. 779427 ID: ab2b43
File 148705002742.png - (155.17KB , 500x500 , Method 02 copy.png )

She t0ld him of the nightmares the t3st subjects had. How 1t is consistent with each and every su8ject. 4t first Tw3lvetrees 4lm0st d1sm1s53d 1t, 8ut wh3n h3 5t4rt3d t0 s33 th3 v3ry th1n6 h1m53lf, h3 th0u6h7 07h3rw153.
7h15 l3d h1m 1n70 4n 1n516h7 0n h0w 7ulp45 4r3 cr3473d, 4nd h3 m4d3 600d 0n h1s 3nd 0f 7h3 d34l, 8y 63771n6 4n 0p3r4710n 734m t0 3x7r4c7 h1m 4nd l3771n6 7h3 7357 5u8j3c75 70 fr33d0m..././////
No. 779428 ID: ab2b43
File 148705021852.png - (158.28KB , 500x500 , Fatal System Error.png )



beyond the pain, beyond the distant screams of a scrambled brain, the familiar sense of weightlessness arrive.
No. 779432 ID: ab2b43
File 148705054291.png - (112.24KB , 500x500 , cruiser006.png )

You awoke in the cruiser, with McDowd sitting right beside you.

And of a hand that grabs your neck from behind, gripping with all might.

"Künstlichemann! Verfälscht! Why don't you just- Sterben!!" the rabbit screams. Somehow, he has one hand loose.
No. 779435 ID: ab2b43
File 148705085937.png - (150.74KB , 500x500 , cruiser007.png )

It seems like slow motion when McDowd turns towards you, his face in surprise - the rabbit shaking and cursing out in Teutonic - and you, gasping for air, eyes fixed forward towards the suddenly-swerving 18-wheeler. The rabbit is too focused on choking you, McDowd is momentarily focused on the rabbit and you, and you, you alone witness the truck with the horned ornament plow onto the cruiser's hood, its metal crumpling beautifully as the windshield shatters into fractal shards of glass, and squishing the cruiser's occupants in an instant.

And all you can feel is the familiar sense of weightlessness.
No. 779436 ID: 094652

> Initially he sought for any evidence of Vril technology, but it lead to a dead end. But he just didn't look in the right places. Quietly he went on with his job to gather funds for his next search. Sometimes you find something you're not looking for. But one of his test subjects offered something, in return for freedom.
Creepy. Hey, which color id did you use for futaba setting?

>James Baxter is being strangled
No. 779439 ID: ab2b43
File 148705149410.png - (74.10KB , 500x500 , TheBar001.png )

And in a sea of static, you find yourself back at this place again. A place you do not remember yet feels familiar.
"Back so soon, Mr. Baxter? Would you like another drink?"
Unsure of everything but the sense of familiarity, you nod at the cat behind the bar.
The cat eyes you for a bit before sighing.
"You forgot, didn't you? Well, doesn't matter now. What have you got for the drink?"
You empty your pockets, and some familiar items emerge. The rabbit's glasses. The coroner's scalpel. Your wallet, with the ID that has you minus two years. The portable mindjack. And the three tarot cards.

>Choose two ingredients.
[] An alternate viewpoint.
[] A factual razor.
[] An implausible identity.
[] A bridge between worlds.
[] A glimpse of the future.
[] Do something else (fill in).
[] "I'm supposed to find her."
No. 779441 ID: 3abd97

[X] A factual razor.
[X] An implausible identity.
No. 779442 ID: 398fe1

Garbled text says "Aida still lives in your mind". In the background there's 5195 3748.

Also the hidden letters spell out "danger goodbye baxter"

The assassin is calling Baxter an "artificial man", and "false". Which makes sense considering what we've found out. Maybe Baxter is a Tulpa?

[x] An alternate viewpoint.
[x] A bridge between worlds.
No. 779456 ID: 8d4593

[X] "I'm supposed to find her."
[X] A bridge between worlds.
No. 779528 ID: 398fe1

Aw derp I missed another hidden command. Yeah, let's do this.
No. 799663 ID: 96e80d
File 149390955092.png - (98.63KB , 500x500 , TheBar002.png )

You think the rabbit's glasses and the portable mindjack would be sufficient. "These are all that I got. So what is this place? Am I dead?" Gingerly, you hand the mindjack first.
The bartender just sighs. "It doesn't matter anyway. You keep dying, Mr. Baxter, and you kept forgetting, and then you always return here. Well, let's just say that you are but one of my patrons, Mr. Baxter." He says, dejectedly, while he reaches for the mindjack.
No. 799664 ID: 96e80d
File 149390978124.png - (131.99KB , 500x500 , TheBar003.png )

As soon as the mindjack leaves your hand, it turns into a vodka bottle in his hand. The fact that this does not surprise you lends credit to what he said - that you might have been here before. You try to think back on what happened before you died, only to find vague memories. But one thought kept bubbling up, a phrase.
"I'm supposed to find her, aren't I?" You say as the bartender prepares a cocktail mix from the ingredients you supplied. He seemed a bit surprised.
No. 799665 ID: 96e80d
File 149390998707.png - (150.93KB , 500x500 , TheBar004.png )

Slowly, he smiles a crooked grin. "Interesting. Interesting! It seems that you do remember something, Mr. Baxter. Try to keep it up, will you, Mr. Baxter?" He hands you a drink. A Bloody Mary. "And here's something that would help you remember." The static noise behind him seemed to throb with an ever-loudening ticking of a clock.
No. 799666 ID: 96e80d
File 149391042499.png - (126.12KB , 500x500 , TheBar005.png )

As you down the cocktail, you feel the drink working its way down your very being. The haze surrounding your memories clears, and you remember. The year, 1984. The year, 2153. New Bataven. McDowd. Dr. Wu. The Library. Foxglove. The Seven Sisters. Dr. Twelvetrees. The dead double. Orville. The risky gamble. Millie. MILLIE! The familiar sense of weightlessness that you're currently feeling.

The familiar sense of weightlessness that you're currently feeling.

The familiar sense of weightlessness that you're currently feeling.
No. 799671 ID: 96e80d

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