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File 140916513980.png - (6.83KB , 394x265 , 1.png )
591387 No. 591387 ID: dff0a8

[squad captain] You have a top secret mission

[Addie] I don't like secret missions, find someone else

[Captain] Only you can do it

[Addie] you're pickin on me because i'm a bunbun, aren't you? That's racist cap and you know it

[Captain] You can try to threaten all you want but you are doing this mission

[Addie] alright, what is it
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No. 591388 ID: dff0a8
File 140916545291.png - (10.00KB , 394x265 , 2.png )

[Captain] You need to go undercover into one of those 'Devil Jaws' churches and bust a baddie.

[Addie] for christ sake, it was about me being a bunbun. This is crap

[Captain] This one right here? Her name is Julia, she's finally hit our top 12 and i'm leaving you in charge of taking her down.

[Addie] Can't just shoot missiles at her or something? Why do i have to play as one of those freaks

[Captain] It is the only way to get close to her, and you being a little bitch of a bun have the stuff to do it
No. 591391 ID: dff0a8
File 140916569822.png - (6.67KB , 394x265 , 3.png )

[Addie] There is no way in hell, not even if you threatened to shank my mother, will I ever be lumped in with those nasty whores. They have made my attempts at having any sort of social life impossible with other intelligent bipeds.
There is nothing you can say to make me do it
No. 591392 ID: dff0a8
File 140916576560.png - (8.45KB , 394x265 , 4.png )

[Addie] Well shit, here I am... "Nothing can make me do it," I said. Welp, time to fumble through this
No. 591393 ID: dff0a8
File 140916592503.png - (7.12KB , 394x265 , 5.png )

[Addie] Hello, can I get in here?

[Doorgirl] Can I help you?

[Addie] This is one of the local 'wives of the devils mouth' or something right?

[Doorgirl] I'm sorry, you don't seem like one of our people

[Addie] Well i'm not... I wan't to be though?

[Doorgirl] .....hmmmmmm.

No. 591396 ID: ccd544

"I want to be like one of your people. Maybe you haven't noticed because of my sunny disposure but I kinda hate life in general, and it's actually pretty shitty to live this way. I figure you guys are pretty cheery, so whatever it is you guys do might make my life a little more meaningful than the usual consumerist 'eat, fuck, breed, and die' crap."
No. 591398 ID: 436cdc

No. 591403 ID: dff0a8
File 140917086683.png - (7.59KB , 394x265 , 6.png )


[Doorgirl] Do you reallllllly feel that way??

[Addie] Hey, what do you want from me, i'm trying pretty hard here.

[Doorgirl] Usually conscripts are more... different, You're gonna have to prove to me you really want in.

No. 591412 ID: 436cdc

"I'm a deeply unhappy person and that's all I really have here. What do you want from me, lady? Is there some sort of initiation rite?"
No. 591416 ID: dff0a8
File 140917207150.png - (5.44KB , 394x265 , 7.png )


[Doorgirl] It'll take a bit more than that to prove yourself, not much of an initiation more like i want you to show me something specific... see we all have little monsters inside of us ready to lash out if the mood permits, what kind of demon are you hiding?
No. 591418 ID: dff0a8
File 140917229205.png - (7.03KB , 394x265 , 8.png )

[Addie] You don't make any sense, what now?

[Doorgirl] Do you have sexual frustration?

[Addie] Hold on a second! Where do you get off asking me that?

[Doorgirl] do you feel inadequate at your everyday job or life in general?

[Addie] Okay, i'm not liking the spew from your mouth

[Doorgirl] Maybe you are jealous of all the other girls who have a bigger chest than you

[Addie] INSULTING MY BOOBS NOW!? Ooooh, I swear... *smacks hand*

[Doorgirl] Or maybe you are lazy, and are forced to work to make ends meet.

No. 591419 ID: 40935b

The demon is called wrath, wanna see?
No. 591427 ID: 88960e

Yes, beat her up.
No. 591429 ID: dff0a8
File 140917473349.png - (7.27KB , 394x265 , 9.png )

[Addie] My demon is called wrath, wanna see it?

[Doorgirl] Yes, I would love that intenselly
No. 591430 ID: dff0a8
File 140917478578.png - (6.34KB , 394x265 , 10.png )

[Doorgirl] aaah

[Addie] You're not worth my time.
No. 591431 ID: dff0a8
File 140917484723.png - (7.84KB , 394x265 , 11.png )

[Addie]Freak, guarding a goddamn curtain is all you're doing.
No. 591432 ID: dff0a8
File 140917496260.png - (9.34KB , 394x265 , 12.png )

[Addie] OW OW OW OW

[Doorgirl] Y'know, we could be friends with the enjoyment of hurting people, but I think I enjoy way too much more to share- Yes, I do enjoy wrath myself.

No. 591443 ID: ccd544

Remember your CQC training!

She's in elbow reach!
She's in foot reach!

Knock the wind out of her sternum, then judo throw!
No. 591444 ID: 40935b

Also, she's got a knife.
No. 591447 ID: 879a42

Well the way she said that there is no talking her down from a fight. Let's try and snap the wrist holding her ear or at least make her release your ear, then fight her traditionally. We aren't in a good position to make a move at our current angle and with her holding a weapon. Also, NEVER TURN YOUR BACK TO A PSYCOPATH...again.
No. 591452 ID: bda994

Punch her in the dick!
No. 591453 ID: dff0a8
File 140918629630.png - (7.80KB , 394x265 , 13.png )

No. 591454 ID: dff0a8
File 140918633531.png - (8.30KB , 394x265 , 14.png )


No. 591455 ID: dff0a8
File 140918637003.png - (8.29KB , 394x265 , 15.png )

[Doorgirl] I'LL KILL YOU, WHORE!
No. 591456 ID: dff0a8
File 140918639452.png - (7.92KB , 394x265 , 16.png )

No. 591457 ID: dff0a8
File 140918644099.png - (9.35KB , 394x265 , 17.png )

[Addie] Lets see how you like being tossed into the air!
No. 591458 ID: dff0a8
File 140918649476.png - (7.50KB , 394x265 , 18.png )

No. 591459 ID: dff0a8
File 140918655007.png - (8.20KB , 394x265 , 19.png )

[Addie] waitaminu-
No. 591460 ID: dff0a8
File 140918668228.png - (17.53KB , 694x477 , 20.png )

[skirtgirl] oh! ...she didn't last long, suppose it's more for communion. Good job new pledge!
No. 591461 ID: dff0a8
File 140918678945.png - (7.31KB , 400x274 , 21.png )


[skirtgirl] now now, hush hush- she will become more important now as communion.

No. 591463 ID: 88960e

Well, that's one less murderous cultist on the street, and you're in. All good.

Besides, it was a fine of duty killing. You'll be fiiiiiine.
No. 591465 ID: ccd544

Ask if it is really alright.

Then ask for a hug, and maybe a therapist, because that was not how shit was supposed to go down.
No. 591467 ID: dff0a8
File 140919318649.png - (8.68KB , 400x274 , 22.png )

[skirtgirl]It's okay, it's completely okay

[Addie] I gotta pull myself together, i'm a real hard bitch!

[skirtgirl] and really strong, I'm the veaconess here at this church so i'm gonna give you a quick tour.

[Addie] I'm addie, the tough and strong bitch

[Akia] I'm akia, and yes you are strong- that's why i'm letting you see a bit of our place.
No. 591469 ID: dff0a8
File 140919326442.png - (7.80KB , 400x274 , 23.png )

[Addie] You aren't gonna abduct me and kill me... are you?

[Akia] Hahahah, not a chance. But I'm gonna try to convince you to join us after the tour, I think you should pupil under me.
No. 591471 ID: dff0a8
File 140919351770.png - (8.95KB , 536x274 , 24.png )

[Akia] So the first room here is the sleeping area, usually for those folks coming in from out of town or those who don't want to stay in their public lives. There's only two girls- oh wait, just one now, she's a nice girl too... i'm getting off topic. These beds would be filled if we had the expected pew count but we only have a small 20 people here, and they seem to enjoy their lives outside of here though they do stay when we have communion or do the hunting prayers. You can stay here if you like.
No. 591472 ID: dff0a8
File 140919368187.png - (8.16KB , 397x274 , 25.png )

[Akia] Here is a sink in the middle of this room

[Addie]...do you want me to wash my hands or something?

[Akia] OHnonono, i wasn't implying anything. This is what we call the 'stripping room.' generally our congregation will take off their clothes and store them in these cubbies on the walls and then clean themselves before putting on ritual attire, the black drapery you saw my door watcher wearing.

[Addie] kayyyy
No. 591475 ID: dff0a8
File 140919382150.png - (7.92KB , 397x274 , 26.png )

[Akia] And this is the most important room, up here is where most of the rituals and servings are and this is a stainless statue of our deity. Being a new person you aren't ready for anything too ... intimate, so I can't really take you into our farthest back room over there, but if you have any questions feel free to ask- now is the best time!

No. 591477 ID: d90668

I am tired of all the racist crap I get for being a Bunbun. So what can your church do for me?
No. 591480 ID: 436cdc

What do rituals entail?
No. 591481 ID: 879a42

What are my new duties to be to the church? What are some things I will learn?
No. 591483 ID: ccd544

"Where's the grub? I didn't see a kitchen."

"Do you care about alcohol or smoking?"
No. 591484 ID: ccd544

"How old are you? If you are my boss, who is your boss?"
No. 591487 ID: 3009b4

When do we eat brains? It's brains right? I mean, how else do you absorb strength? Blood? Blood is last year. Then again, there's certain diseases you only catch from eating brains. Liver then. Livers are good.
No. 591654 ID: dff0a8
File 140932466683.png - (6.05KB , 397x274 , 27.png )


[Akia]Rituals involve a little of this and that, You just have to be open minded.
If you were to accept my offer your duties would start with easy going stuff, we'd wanna walk you through to the more personal tasks we have to perform.
No. 591655 ID: dff0a8
File 140932485006.png - (8.96KB , 397x274 , 28.png )


[Akia]'Grub?' that's super cute! The kitchens are off limits to you but when we get more confident in your involvement than you will do a few chores around the kitchen. I also hope you don't smoke or drink, it'd be so less cute of you if you did.
No. 591657 ID: dff0a8
File 140932511058.png - (8.20KB , 397x274 , 29.png )


[Akia] I'm not too old, but not young... what's your age?

[Addie] ...20

[Akia] you look so much younger, I like that very much.
No. 591658 ID: dff0a8
File 140932536384.png - (7.91KB , 397x274 , 30.png )

[Akia] y'know, I really like young girls... And you are very very cute, there can be some perks for being under me.

[Addie] uh

[Akia] I want you... to join the church that is.

No. 591662 ID: d6f8c9

Great, psycho lesbian bunbun murder-teacher.

Well, your mission is to get in, you sort of have to accept initiation unless you plan on deserting. You're gonna be stuck doing some ugly things to earn their trust, though.

Don't fake an interest in her offer if you're not interested, though. That's going to be an easier lie for her to pick up than the rest, and it'll just expose you.

...and she's keeping you out of the kitchen due to cannibalism.
No. 591668 ID: 53ba34

ask if you can take it slow, that diving right in may startle you.
No. 591710 ID: 879a42

We gotta go headfirst into this. Embrace all the madness. And the psycho lesbian cultist terrorism.
No. 591713 ID: ccd544

"I'm not cute, I'm a super tough bitch! GRRRR!"
No. 591731 ID: d90668

Tell her that she is cute but you have never done anything like that. Unless you have. But either way she probably likes the idea of "corrupting" you.

So how far you willing to go to subvert this cult and find Julia?

Probably will involve a lot of sex a bit of murder and probably some cannibalism here and there. But you already killed one person so are 1 out of 3 already. Besides you have secret mission license to kill and crap.
No. 591922 ID: dff0a8
File 140945439552.png - (7.85KB , 397x274 , 31.png )

[Addie] uhhh, I think I'll take it slow

[Akia] ....
No. 591924 ID: dff0a8
File 140945449914.png - (7.55KB , 397x274 , 32.png )

[Akia] Mkay, no pressure to choose right away
No. 591925 ID: dff0a8
File 140945457903.png - (8.22KB , 397x274 , 33.png )

[Akia] Golly, you can hangout with the newbie to get her more acquainted

No. 591930 ID: d6f8c9

So... didn't realize this group attracted many humans. Krobins?
No. 591933 ID: 879a42

Hi there. (Let her do some of the talking)
No. 591992 ID: dff0a8
File 140950947083.png - (9.33KB , 398x271 , 34.png )

[Addie] Hello

[Golly] hello

[Addie] so... didn't know krobins were a part of this thing

[Golly] I'm not a krobin, though I see why you could say that... I'm a Golliwog.

[Addie] Oh, so golly is like a nickname

[Golly] Yep
No. 591993 ID: dff0a8
File 140950949493.png - (9.22KB , 398x271 , 35.png )


No. 591994 ID: dff0a8
File 140950959625.png - (9.26KB , 398x271 , 36.png )

[Addie] So, what's it like here?

[Golly] Pretty good, some risque things... but ignore that and it's a good place.

[Addie] ah...

No. 591995 ID: dff0a8
File 140950964320.png - (9.30KB , 398x271 , 37.png )

[Addie] ...not much of a talker, You aren't so bad.

No. 592009 ID: 436cdc

so,what brought you to join the sexmurder cultists?
No. 592038 ID: 879a42

Have all this been enjoyable for you? (Golliwog?...ouch.)
No. 592100 ID: dff0a8
File 140958857655.png - (9.59KB , 398x271 , 38.png )


[Golly] I was bought at a slave auction, the veaconness at the time was gonna use me as a sacrifice but than things happened.

[Addie] what kind of things?

[Golly] an attack against the church, I had to fight for my life... they thought I was fightin to protect the church so they made me one of them


[Golly] it's mostly calm in the time between their special events. Mostly normal, but when it gets time to do rituals or a special event happens... It's more you find out
No. 592101 ID: dff0a8
File 140958866203.png - (8.85KB , 398x271 , 39.png )

[Bum] Uh hello, sorry to interrupt but there was this person outside your door... cover thing. I brought her inside, I don't think she's in very good shape, you should call the police and an ambulance
No. 592102 ID: dff0a8
File 140958892064.png - (9.14KB , 398x271 , 40.png )

[Golly] Oh thank you, we'll make sure to call them

[Bum] okay... is this some kind of church?

[Golly] sorta

[Bum] is there a chance I could crash here for a bit? See i'm sortof housing misplace

[Golly] I'm sorrry, no

[Bum] why not, I saw a bunch of cots coming in through here

[Golly] We're more a shelter for battered women, most of the women are out doing errands... it would not do well if they saw a man staying here

[Bum] oh... can I get some grub?

[Golly] ...

No. 592106 ID: 879a42

Shall we eat him? Let's make him the grub to please the sexmurder cultists. Let's lead him to the kitchen >:D
No. 592108 ID: d6f8c9

Probably best to shoo the bum away before something bad happens to him. This is a cannibalistic murder-cult.

>it's mostly calm in the time between their special events
When's the next event, then? Is it gonna be calm for a while or...?
No. 592696 ID: 321d85

This quest made a guest appearance in my dreams. Like, as I walked down the cobblestone road, somebody was explaining to me like "all life is sacred, and you must only kill as a last resort...except cultists are a special case, because you NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY'RE GONNA DO!" as cultists start throwing rocks or unlit molotovs or something at us, and we book it. There was something about, like, one of them was a new recruit, though, and wasn't very enthusiastic or careful with their aim. But yeah, it was totally making references to this quest.
No. 594748 ID: dff0a8
File 141114485374.png - (9.17KB , 401x266 , 41.png )

[Golly] Sorry we have no food, shoo shoo

[Bum] Hey, I was just askin!

[Addie] This way mister bum, out through here.
No. 594749 ID: dff0a8
File 141114508132.png - (8.34KB , 401x266 , 42.png )

[Addie] ... okay, he's gone.

[Golly] Good

[Addie] So, how long til the next event?

[Golly] Dunno, it's up to akia to tell the high veaconness. Then the engagement ceremony will need to be planned and stuff. Lets go do an errand.

[Addie] What kind of errand?

[Golly] It's an easy one that i go do whenever Akia is out. I'm gonna put a guardian at the door

[Addie] ...kay?
No. 594751 ID: dff0a8
File 141114522570.png - (12.28KB , 401x266 , 43.png )

[Golly] Ello wefty, who's my little guardian, can you keep people out of the door til i get back?

[Lefty] Nyaaaaa

[Addie] What the hell is that thing?!

[Golly] It's lefty, our bestest guardian in all the universe

[Lefty] nya nya
No. 594752 ID: dff0a8
File 141114573370.png - (9.71KB , 401x266 , 44.png )

[Addie] That things not gonna kill us is it?

[Golly] well, if you attack him he'll for sure squish you jelly flat

[Addie] damn... okay, so what kinda errand is this?

[Golly] Well, we are gonna go bother akia so she'll not prowl in the park.

[Addie] who and the what now?

[Golly] Well... don't be put off or nuthin but akia doesn't like girls, she may be leadin you on and such... with all the little things she does and says, but she don't like us in that way or any adult...

[Addie] ...ooookay, so what you're saying is.. whut.

[Golly] Akia is a really bad pedophile who targets little boys, it just makes me all sorts of disgusted that them poor boys first time would be with such a uncomfortable person. So the gist is you and me go find akia and just bother her, you think you're up for some bothering?

No. 594754 ID: 8b533b

>you think you're up for some bothering?
Yeah, I think I can do that.

Man, friggen cultists. Make your minds about your perversions.
No. 594755 ID: 9d8b35

Wait, one of the veaconess' likes to leave the cult grounds for extended periods of time to molest little boys? Seems like the kind of place your superiors could easily nab her and even a good excuse for the arrest unrelated to the cult. Seems like just the kind of information they'd be looking for once you have an idea of what parks she's prowling. Time to get your bother on.
No. 594763 ID: 436cdc

That is clearly a right hand though
No. 594868 ID: d8a627

But he's most proficient with his left appendage. Therefore, lefty.
No. 594900 ID: dbe554

Is it really safe to go bother her? But eh, do we like poke her with a stick and say "No, bad deaconess"
No. 594998 ID: ccd544

This veaconess is not the one we want. We gotta climb the ranks or hope the High Priestess comes by to visit so we can kill her. Until then, play it cool, play it all the way. gonna be a nice heft paycheck once this is all done with, combat pay and all that.
No. 601778 ID: dff0a8
File 141581796394.png - (9.53KB , 401x266 , 45.png )

[Addie] Alright, we're at the park. Why didn't we check the one closest to the church?

[Golly] This one is harder to get to and she's been more successful here.

[Addie] So... where do we start looking, there's no playground here.

[Golly] Just you wait, she'll walk by this area- it's on the route here score spot. She doesn't think I know where it is, but it's better to act ignorant and use her sense of security to catch her.
No. 601779 ID: dff0a8
File 141581810290.png - (10.21KB , 401x266 , 46.png )

[Golly] There she is, and there's a peepboy.

[Addie] Well lets jump into action then! ...what do we do?

[Golly] I'll let you come up with something, I want to gauge your creativity.

No. 601788 ID: 534cc4

None of my ideas are good at handling this, so here is a few.

Run up screaming and flailing like an idiot.

Fake an emergency.

Pretend you are important (doctors/coworkers whoever) and use it as an excuse to drag her off.

Say nothing, walk up and litterally carry her away.

DO NOTHING. I have no idea why this is an option except for amusement/disturbing scene and golly to question your lack of action.

Walk up and tell the kid his parent wants to see him. (Saying mom or dad specifically may backfire if they aren't around.) Im gonna vote for this one.
No. 601789 ID: 88960e

Sneak around and break enough twigs and step on enough leaves that she can tell she's being followed. She won't do anything if she thinks someone's watching.
No. 603196 ID: dff0a8
File 141624295060.png - (8.85KB , 375x286 , 47.png )

*crunch, snap crunch*

No. 603197 ID: dff0a8
File 141624299261.png - (9.12KB , 375x286 , 48.png )

[Addie] *whimper* bugaga habuubu
No. 603198 ID: dff0a8
File 141624314956.png - (10.25KB , 375x286 , 49.png )

[Golly] Damned be the skys girl, you alright?

[Addie] 2 plus 4 equals lemons, actions have an equal and opposite glaucoma chance, I think I can do better next time, lemme leemme lemmings try again... what?

[Golly] Uhm... you alright?

[Addie] What is... alright...?

No. 603201 ID: a7efea

>What is... alright...?
Oh, right, it's that thing you're not! Hahaha!

Didn't count on her responding violently so quickly. You need to snap out of it, though, quick. Or else she's gonna get away with that kid.
No. 603219 ID: 534cc4

Call an ambulance for Addie. That will also scare her off possibly.
No. 603224 ID: dbe554


That it would, sudden sirens would do much to scare off her.
No. 603263 ID: dff0a8
File 141626848084.png - (10.73KB , 375x286 , 50.png )

[Golly] I'm gonna call an ambulance, it'll hopefully scare akia away from doing her shenanigans

[Addie] No mommy, I don't wanna stay up for scary stories, I'm going to enjoy the softness of my bed... down here...

[Golly] Yep, ambulance time
No. 603265 ID: dff0a8
File 141626854874.png - (5.88KB , 375x286 , 51.png )

[Golly] welp, she's passed out on me.

*Sirens In the background*
No. 603267 ID: dff0a8
File 141626856734.png - (7.06KB , 375x286 , 52.png )

[Addie] ...

No. 603271 ID: a19cd5

Do a triple backflip! We need more head trauma!
No. 603281 ID: cef479

Are we still standing in the park? Check to see if we've suffered any permanent brain damage.
No. 603290 ID: dbe554

Can you think clearly now? You took a dreadfully large rock to the cranium, started going word salad on us bun bun.
No. 603319 ID: 534cc4

Look how bad addie's vision is now, lines and shapes are not as precise anymore and there is a lack of color or detail.

Well I think she needs brain surgery. Addie! Talk to the nice people with your words so they know to help you.
No. 603721 ID: dff0a8
File 141642776008.png - (5.60KB , 375x286 , 53.png )

[Addie] Hello, I think I might have brain damage.
No. 603723 ID: dff0a8
File 141642780947.png - (6.26KB , 375x286 , 54.png )

No. 603724 ID: dff0a8
File 141642791804.png - (5.47KB , 375x286 , 55.png )

[Otherlittleperson] what are you yelling in the middle of the street for?

[Littleperson] The big person was wondering if they had brain damage.

[Otherlittleperson] really? how could someone just know that, doesn't a doctor diagnose that or something?

[Littleperson] I know, that's what I said.
No. 603726 ID: dff0a8
File 141642803922.png - (6.94KB , 375x286 , 56.png )





No. 603727 ID: 534cc4

Eat them. Do it.
No. 603728 ID: 88960e

I'm talking to myself. That's a sign of brain damage, isn't it?

Sounds like something a brain damaged person would do. Or a cultist! And you're both.
No. 603751 ID: e89427

Yeah I definitely think your cognitive perception has left the building.
No. 603760 ID: cef479

Where are the good beetles and their brain fixing machine when you need them?
No. 603905 ID: 2114fe

So how about we go and find a doctor? Or have someone lead us to a doc?
No. 607512 ID: dff0a8
File 141746415056.png - (7.48KB , 363x280 , 57.png )

[Addie] nyaaaaaaaaa

No. 607513 ID: dff0a8
File 141746421663.png - (5.87KB , 363x280 , 58.png )

[Addie] Is there a doctor around here?

[Littleperson] nope

[Addie] welp time to eat you than
No. 607514 ID: dff0a8
File 141746424912.png - (5.23KB , 363x280 , 59.png )

No. 607515 ID: dff0a8
File 141746433601.png - (6.34KB , 363x280 , 60.png )

[Addie] Oh, myan mu elp e- fink godbwain amage

[Elder] I'll answer your questions if you please take that villager out of your mouth...

No. 607522 ID: bc450e

>put elder in mouth
No. 607524 ID: 3009b4

So... http://youtu.be/pDjJShkYW7g
No. 607541 ID: 534cc4

Eat them all.
No. 607573 ID: 37aa84

Pull him out of your mouth and start licking his head like a lollypop while the elder answers you questions.
No. 607692 ID: 4c5cf2

>I'll answer your questions if you please take that villager out of your mouth...
'ow can 'oo tell im gibbin' im bwain damage chewwin on 'is head. 'oo a doctor or sometin?
No. 610466 ID: dff0a8
File 141822869923.png - (6.69KB , 388x289 , 61.png )

[Addie] ows tis *lick lick*

[Elder]not much better...

No. 610468 ID: 534cc4

No. 610471 ID: 4c5cf2

Stick the villager in your hair, storing it for later and making a classy decoration at the same time.

'Dere. Dat betta?
No. 611855 ID: dff0a8
File 141861680713.png - (6.12KB , 388x289 , 62.png )

[Addie] Does this work?

[Elder] eh, guess it's the best you can do. So what questions you got, giant person?

No. 611865 ID: c9f2af

>So what questions you got, giant person?

[Addie] Hello, I think I might have brain damage.
No. 611969 ID: e4e292

How I know bamage drain?
No. 611971 ID: 534cc4

How do I seek enlightenment?
No. 612388 ID: dff0a8
File 141874732803.png - (11.29KB , 388x289 , 63.png )

[Addie] Do I have brain damage?

[Elder] Yes

[Addie] How do I seek enlightenment

[Elder] You must become one with yourself.
No. 612389 ID: dff0a8
File 141874737864.png - (5.50KB , 388x289 , 64.png )

[Elder] But it's impossible for you, since you have brain damage... and you're dumb.

No. 612396 ID: 534cc4

Become one with yourself....but the only way to do that....

No. 612406 ID: c9f2af

Fine. Eat em.
No. 612409 ID: 74b1ed

Actually the answer is obvious.
Eat yourself.
No. 612713 ID: 6630c0

The answer is ideed obvious.
>Eat yourself
No. 612717 ID: 6630c0

Before commiting to any action request knowledge on how to improve your condition. Both the brain damage and the stupid stuff.
No. 612785 ID: dff0a8
File 141885241912.png - (6.62KB , 388x289 , 65.png )

[Addie] How o great elder do i change these things.

[Elder] You must eat yourself, but if you think it's impossible I made you a little stuffy of yourself to make it easier.
No. 612786 ID: dff0a8
File 141885244988.png - (7.82KB , 388x289 , 66.png )

[Addie] Awwww, do i have to? It's so tiny, and adorable.

No. 612788 ID: d90668

Pretend to eat the doll but only hide it in your cheek while making chewing sounds. Just in case its a trap.
No. 612794 ID: 534cc4

No. 612795 ID: 74b1ed

Eat the doll.
Just fucking eat the doll.
Destroy them if it doesn't work.
No. 612796 ID: 3009b4

Inquire about suppository format.
No. 613965 ID: dff0a8
File 141927559921.png - (5.74KB , 388x289 , 67.png )

No. 613966 ID: dff0a8
File 141927561050.png - (6.04KB , 388x289 , 68.png )

No. 613967 ID: dff0a8
File 141927561918.png - (5.12KB , 388x289 , 69.png )

No. 613968 ID: dff0a8
File 141927565473.png - (7.74KB , 388x289 , 70.png )

[Mark] Oh, you were mumbling about eating something... so i fed you your pillow.
No. 613969 ID: dff0a8
File 141927583305.png - (6.88KB , 388x289 , 71.png )

[Addie] Who are you, where's golly?

[Mark] I'm mark, the ever lovable llama-dog. Golly went back to her covenant to get punished for some minor thing... I dunno- akia was just angry with her.

[Addie] Mkay

[Mark] Well anywho, I heard you were interested in becoming one of our members! But since Akia has doesn't want you anymore that means I have to place you somewhere.
No. 613970 ID: dff0a8
File 141927608460.png - (7.74KB , 388x289 , 72.png )

[Mark] So to better gauge which group of us, and pair you to the best veaconess to better suit you, I have gone ahead and run a background check.

[Addie] Well, so where am I going?

[Mark] I hadn't quite decided yet... Since information on your name is very sparce- so i went looking for your real name.
No. 613974 ID: dff0a8
File 141927635320.png - (6.51KB , 388x289 , 73.png )

[Mark] Now you do have a nice name, Adelaide Sensor, I like it a lot. But since that's not your real name I just looked up Adimaine Lemoncherry.

[Addie] ...

[Mark] Now I can ignore this whole thing with the galaxy police department or heck, i'll even give up julia if you just do one thing for me.

[Addie] okay... what is it.

[Mark] I want you to become a paladin for our church!

[Addie] What if I refuse?
No. 613975 ID: dff0a8
File 141927641992.png - (9.57KB , 388x289 , 74.png )

No. 613976 ID: dff0a8
File 141927650477.png - (6.75KB , 388x289 , 75.png )

[Mark] The choice is yours, but I'd prefer one of our people to be a proud policewoman.

No. 613984 ID: dbe554

Not much of a choice...Join or die, it's almost cliche really.
No. 613986 ID: e6e219

Ask what being a paladin of the church would require of you.

And why exactly he wants someone in the police force to be part of the church anyways. Say that you rather like being a non corrupt cop.

Up to you really. You seemed rather angry with the church for making your species look bad and ruining any sort of social life. Would be nice to tell him to just fuck off.

But on the other hand we know enough about the church to know that he is probably serious about the whole horrible rape murder thing. And probably has the power to back it up.
No. 613992 ID: 2ec61a

you could snap your own neck. killing yourself before someone else kills works wonderfully if the way they propose death is horrible.
No. 613996 ID: 71e67a

Yeah, whatever. Ask what was up with that weird dream.
No. 614031 ID: 2086b6

Nope nope nope. Refuse whatever he offers. Nothing he threatens can be worse than cooperating with that god-monster.
No. 614048 ID: dbe554

Death before dishonor!
No. 614049 ID: dff0a8
File 141928783030.png - (6.60KB , 388x289 , 76.png )

[Mark] Well, have you made up your mind?

[Addie] Yes

[Mark] Than lets talk about why i wan't you to be my pala-

[Addie] I refuse.
No. 614051 ID: dff0a8
File 141928792571.png - (6.73KB , 388x289 , 77.png )

[Mark] Whut

[Addie] You heard me, Fuck Off.

[Mark] But the obelisk raping

[Addie] I don't care, I'll snap my own neck. I damn well like being a not corrupt cop
No. 614052 ID: dff0a8
File 141928797718.png - (6.70KB , 388x289 , 78.png )

[Mark] Mhmmmmm
No. 614054 ID: dff0a8
File 141928818863.png - (6.67KB , 388x289 , 79.png )

[Mark] I am so angry that my shape-shifting capabilities cannot process all of it.

[Addie] Well try to process sucking a dick!

[Mark] ... I've changed my mind, no more rape.

[Addie] Well what'ya got big-man
No. 614055 ID: dff0a8
File 141928821340.png - (10.16KB , 388x289 , 80.png )

No. 614058 ID: dff0a8
File 141928837492.png - (8.86KB , 388x289 , 81.png )

[Mark] Another failure, Why are law enforcers so stubborn... maybe i'm approaching this wrong

>Bunbunfiltration End
No. 614090 ID: 236f5a

>reload from last checkpoint
No. 614091 ID: 52ee23

>Go to the after life, get new body, comeback and feel badass
No. 614108 ID: d90668

You definitely could be a bit more subtle Mark. She would have been the perfect candidate but you had to go threaten her right off.

Even a crooked cop would have told you to fuck off with that delivery. You have to work slowly. Show them the carrot first and only bring in the stick if needed later.

She felt like being a bunbun was a bad thing because of the stigma surrounding your cult. It ruined her social life and made her a loner. Thats a far cry from hating you because you run a horrible murder cult. If you had started making her life much better and made it clear it was all because of the power of the church you could have reeled her in quickly.

A few weeks watching her closely to see what made her tick would have shown you weaknesses you could exploit.

So much potential lost with just murdering her.
No. 614112 ID: 534cc4

A few measly hours and I come back to everyone having gotten Addie killed. Couldn't have just LIED about accepting, pretend to be a double agent and still be loyal.

Goodnight sweet princess. It was fun while it lasted.
No. 614113 ID: 703089

There was no lying. We were fucked the minute the evil physical god appeared. At least this was quick.
No. 614114 ID: 6cb462

>start new game
No. 614119 ID: dbe554


Considering the usual things that happen for this group to those who don't end up falling into the group, she would have been dead anyways.
No. 614155 ID: d90668

Honestly dying quickly and painlessly was probably the good ending when it comes to the devourer cult.
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