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File 140659584625.png - (817.44KB , 960x540 , 73a.png )
586467 No. 586467 ID: 186341


01010111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110010 01101001 01110011 01101011 00111111
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No. 614085 ID: 89b2a2

Hacking: Beginning Hacking
No. 614094 ID: 742b4a

Hunter. Wield two swords, deflect automatic fire from two directions.
No. 614117 ID: 534cc4

Hunter, then get anotha mutha fuckin sword.
No. 614125 ID: 534cc4

Oh is the offer of sev being able to link to us from a relatively close distance still open if we take hacking?
No. 614126 ID: a69cef

Shinobi. Two swords is rad but we'll pick that up next. 40MPH sprinting is fucking nuts.
No. 614130 ID: cfe8e5

Gonna have to go with two swords. Stab two guys at once, stab one guy twice, stab one guy while shooting another, the possibilities are endless.
No. 614157 ID: 534cc4

Shank two fantomas once, shank one fantoma twice.
Got that two sword style.
No. 614161 ID: 517df6

No. 614184 ID: 0f3813

No. 614259 ID: 337362
File 141932365778.png - (9.23KB , 960x540 , 160.png )

Penelope goes Shinobi. This is fuckin badass. She almost wants to go out and kill people again to try it out.


There's a certain cutie with a booty she's inclined to stay in for.

When she gets back to Keisha there's some kind of celebration or riot going down on the field.

"Ay," Keisha says.
"Ay," Penelope says.
"I think I'm starting to get this futbol bullshit," Keisha says.
No. 614261 ID: a19cd5

Test your new shinobi speed out by carrying Keisha on your shoulders while you jump across buildings
No. 614292 ID: f461c5

Test your new shinobi speed out by twerking for her at seizure-inducing speed.

Then go roof jumping, yeah.
No. 614355 ID: 534cc4

Cool, shinobi. Seriously hope we can find ambidexterity later, because that's gonna be vital for Penelope.

Anyway, sure maybe show off your stuff, just don't jump into the ceiling.
No. 614394 ID: 742b4a

Tell her you can now run faster than anyone she's watching right now.
No. 614577 ID: ecd0ab

And deflect fully automatic gunfire with a FUCKING SWORD. And jump 8 feet straight into the air.
No. 614695 ID: 337362
File 141939306267.png - (10.15KB , 960x560 , 161a.png )

"Futbol esta bien," Penelope says, taking off her trench. "But I have a cooler thing we can do."

"You wanna have sex?" Keisha asks.
"Absolutely I would love to have sex with you again, Keisha Chalthoum," Penelope says. "But there's something else I wanna show you first."

"You getting that look in your eye I don't like, Penelope."
No. 614696 ID: 337362
File 141939306658.png - (95.58KB , 960x560 , 161.png )

"WOOOOOOOOOOO" says Penelope.

"DON'T DROP ME DON'T DROP ME" says Keisha.
No. 614697 ID: 337362
File 141939307632.png - (13.48KB , 960x560 , 162.png )

As soon as 73-6 is back at base they put him on guard duty to watch the corpse of Lockjaw as it makes its Bureau debut. It's gonna take a couple hours and there needs to be someone watching it at all times to make sure nothing goes wrong. They've got some big drone in here right now. They're the mindless automatons you turn into when you die too much.

"i'm taking over for you," 73-6 says.
"ACKNOWLEDGED," goes the drone.
No. 614698 ID: 337362
File 141939308128.png - (11.25KB , 960x560 , 163.png )

Hi, Lockjaw.

Sorry about your crapass future, buddy.

73-6 glances at the analytics, where the technicians program all of the sociopathy and shit in and watch the progress bar go up. It's at 48%.


73-6 realizes he could totally hack that thing now.
No. 614699 ID: 2ec61a

crank the sociopathy from 11 to 10.
No. 614701 ID: 276ab8

Don't mess with Bureau property with DA's hacker powers. That will tip our hand, and we're nowhere near ready to try and 'retire' from this business yet.
No. 614704 ID: 742b4a

Hack that shit. Let's see what you can change. It'll be undetectable and we don't actually have to change anything.
No. 614711 ID: 6e79d4

You'd better be DAMN sure you'll be untraceable. If there are actual flash-and-blood technicians working and watching right now, you're treading on thin ice.
No. 614713 ID: ecd0ab

Be very very careful, and don't change anything unless you're absolutely certain you won't get caught, but take a look?
No. 614714 ID: 337362
File 141939530736.png - (7.12KB , 960x560 , 164.png )

73-6 takes a look around. He's alone. No cameras.
He backs up into the console and rests his palm against it.

Let's see.

With his Master Hacking, 73-6 can:
+Sabotage the process and fry Lockjaw's brain
+Overwrite the loyalty profile, diverting Lockjaw from compulsory obedience to the Bureau to compulsory obedience to anything else he can think of, or delete it entirely
+Halt the memory wipe
+Implant false memories
+Remove the emotional inhibtors
(Huh, 73-6 didn't know he had that)
+Boost Lockjaw with a Shell Upgrade
No. 614716 ID: ecd0ab

Hmmm. I'm not sure if any of this is something we WANT to do. Like, maybe we would want to tweak the loyalty profile, or delete it, but I'm not sure. A lot of that seems like it might be too risky.
No. 614721 ID: 742b4a

Shit, Bureau's gonna notice most of that, unless we're clever.

Clever like so: Change the compulsory loyalty from the Bureau to specifically this part of the Bureau. If we can take over this building he'll be loyal to us.

I'm tempted to implant a false memory of a mysterious unidentifiable person telling him of his unique loyalty program but wouldn't the Bureau be able to just scan his brain and find it?
No. 614722 ID: ecd0ab

Actually, if we have some of this kind of programming on ourselves, we might need to find a way to hack some of this equipment while they are scanning our brain. Would we need to create a physical device as like a backdoor to accomplish that? Would we be able to manage that ourselves, or would it require a visit to the Stalls to make some purchases?
No. 614723 ID: 6e79d4

Can you put in a backdoor or something to activate any of these at a later date? You could turn him into a moldie dead man's trigger, so he could remember everything and loose his loyalties at the snap of a finger.

Or flip of the bird, for old time's sake.
No. 614724 ID: 2a1897

Well, even if our hacking is totally untraceable, we're still one of the only people with access to the console, so if anything goes noticeably wrong, we'll almost certainly be under suspicion.

...and most of the options we have here would be fairly noticeable.

So, hrmn. If we're gonna do something, it's gotta be something subtle. Something that'll look like the process went correctly to anyone that inspects him.

First option would be to alter the loyalty profile a bit so that he's more likely to be friendly/loyal towards 73-6 and friends, but is otherwise still loyal to the bureau.

The second option is a bit more insidious. We make him 100% loyal to 73-6, and then implant memories of 73-6 instructing him to act loyal to the bureau until we order otherwise. That'd hopefully look normal from the outside, but he'd still be ours.

...I kinda like option two.
No. 614725 ID: 742b4a

Yeah I was gonna go for option 2 until I realized the bureau might be able to read the memory and find out something's fucked.
No. 614730 ID: 337362
File 141939717175.png - (11.72KB , 960x560 , 165.png )

73-6 changes the loyalty profile to make Lockjaw loyal to the Bureau, but ONLY to the Bureau members of Outpost Jericho, and while he's at it makes it so that Lockjaw will have a compulsion to befriend them.

He plants a message in Lockjaw's brain instructing him to keep this a secret.

He is about to apply it when the door slides open.

"Hi!" Sara says. "Monica told me I'd find you here."

"what's up, sara?" 73-6 asks, turning his body so she can't see his hand on the computer.

She shrugs. "Nothin'. Keesh and Penelope are out and you're the only other friend I have here."
She considers that statement. "Or kind of only other friend full stop. Um so can I hang out in here?"
No. 614731 ID: 2ec61a

"sure" tap accept "nothing much here but watching lockjaw cook"
No. 614732 ID: 742b4a

Of course.
(apply the hack. Actually I don't agree with the friendship compulsion myself, but...)
No. 614733 ID: 534cc4

I'm pretty cool with hacking the loyalties as suggested above, but the trigger should be sev 3's middle finger flipping him off, putting his finger down, and then putting his middle finger back up. Specific but unnoticable.

Also we can just alter it so anyone who checks things it reads as normal, that's kinda what our hacking implies.
No. 614734 ID: 742b4a

Oh oh oh! Show her your "face". But you know, tell her it's just for the job.
No. 614736 ID: 534cc4

Do this.

Also the trigger is so if we do it to lockjaw he will be subconsciously compelled to do as we ask.
No. 614738 ID: 6e79d4

I dunno, it could be a security thing.

nah just messin' with ya, hey, ever wonder how moldies are made?
No. 614750 ID: 89b2a2

compliment her on the dress
No. 614756 ID: 5f402f

>They've got some big drone in here right now
...that wasn't 88, was it?

>Halt the memory wipe
Wait, the memory whip is optional?! It was presented before as an inherent part of the moldy process. That means the bureau has the tech to actually bring people back from the dead.

...the entire ruling circle of the bureau
is an undead collection of super-zombies, isn't it. Why wouldn't top brass make themselves immortal if death is optional.

>show her your face
...remember how I said I got something I wanted to show you later?
No. 614782 ID: 337362
File 141940501456.png - (9.72KB , 960x560 , 166.png )

If memory wipe really means that, and it's not just clearing up the last lingering junk data of memory, that is a very disturbing implication.
73-6 unwrinkles his brow and surreptitiously applies the hack, then turns to Sara.

"i dunno, do you have clearance?"
"Oh, sorr-"
"just messing with you. get in here."

"OK!" Sara slides the door closed behind her and walks up to the window. "Ooo. Moldie factory."

"how the sausage gets made," 73-6 says. His Master Hacking shell upgrade tells him Sara is extremely hackable now. This makes him feel weird and he tries to ignore it.
"Monica was freaking out after you got that guy," Sara says. "I don't think she heard that little conversation you and 38-3 had after."
"good. that was an uncomfortable conversation to have."
"I know! Gosh!" Sara shudders. "Sometimes I forget how creepy reconstituted assets can be."
"we're pretty spooky."
"No, not you!" Sara says. "I mean you are spooky, but you're spooky like how Batman is kind of spooky. Not like 38-3. I saw him when they were dropping this guy off. Eughhh. What a face."
"hey. speaking of faces, check this out."
He brings up his new disguise.
"Ta-dah," he says.
"Whoa," Sara says. "Is this the stealth thing?"
"Yes it is," 73-6 says.
"Oooh your voice is so nice," Sara says. "For um infiltration. That's so cool!"
"Yeah the other options were like rhino skin and hacking," 73-6 says. "But I missed having a face."

"Well dang!" Sara says. "That's a really nice upgrade!"
"Thanks," 73-6 says. Then before the rest of his brain catches up to him he says, "That's a really nice dress."

"Um," Sara says. She blushes. "Thanks!"
No. 614784 ID: 5f402f

>His Master Hacking shell upgrade tells him Sara is extremely hackable now. This makes him feel weird and he tries to ignore it.
Maybe we could add some security? Or a watchdog that would tell us if anyone else tried to hack her. Just in case.

...although the idea of hacking her, even if it's for her interest, is unsettling, yeah.

>"Um," Sara says. She blushes. "Thanks!"
Give her a winning smile. Because, now, you can.

Bonus points if Sev messes it up due to terrible lack of practice.

>emotional inhibitors
Possibly a part of yourself to examine later. Just to see what they do! Not sure we want to mess with them now. I mean, you still seem to care about certain things now. If you change the part of you that influences your feelings on a fundamental way, would you still be you?

>loyalty profile
Actually, if you had that installed at creation, why are you able to consider subversion and maybe escaping someday, and hacking this stuff at all? Is yours malfunctioning? Did you just evolve around it? That's also something you might want to study, later.
No. 614796 ID: 534cc4

Yeah, maybe the loyalty thing in our case is special.

14-1 said he has a good sense for the little voices inside peoples heads, and ours spoke fire. Maybe there was more to that comment than we thought.

But here is something really wild, what if 14-1 hacked us while we were being rebuilt so we could think for ourselves. If that's the case did he do it for us or him? Just a theory.
No. 614797 ID: 89b2a2

You know how that dress would look great? On the floor

Hey maybe you can hack her some boobs. or give her a boosted patch.

Actually... tell her that her hardware is extremely open with limited firewalls, and offer to fix that for her. In this business having a body that's easy to fuck with isn't a good idea also it'll let you be touchy without being creepy
No. 614805 ID: a2f9bc

Another thing to consider is she rents out her excess processing and bandwidth and junk. I'm sure only to reputable, official, sources, but those are the kinds of sources your big bossman is in the position to have sway with. If he wanted to keep an eye on you, she's an obvious choice.

I'm not saying do or don't do anything except keep things in mind.
No. 614811 ID: 337362
File 141941013708.png - (7.46KB , 960x560 , 167a.png )

73-6 tries for a winning smile.

"...Um what are you doing?" Sara asks.

"I am trying for a winning smile," 73-6 says. She laughs and then he does too.
No. 614812 ID: 337362
File 141941014357.png - (8.37KB , 960x560 , 167.png )

"Um but also Sara. I've been meaning to talk to you about your firewalls? My UI is giving me the heads-up that you're vulnerable to hacking and such. I think it's too open."
"Oh my gosh!"
"Um, but I could fix that. If you, uh, if you're ok with letting me."
"You want to hack me?" Sara asks.
"No. I mean not hack you, but- Sorry."
"It's okay," Sara says.
"It is?"
"It is." She smiles. "Better you than someone else, right?"
"Are you sure?"
"Sure I'm sure. I trust you, Sev-Three."

She glances back toward the door. "Uh, but my interface is on my back. So." She clears her throat. "I need to take this off, right?" She pulls down the strap on her dress.
"Oh, no, I-" starts 73-6.
"It's ok," Sara says. "I've got shorts on and stuff. It's nothing you haven't seen."

She doesn't know about his other new augmentation.
No. 614814 ID: 6aacb0

You undress that lady. You undress her right now.
No. 614815 ID: a2f9bc

Honestly, she might be more comfortable taking off her dress and letting you work on her behind than knowing you can compromise her system with a tap of your finger. Interface-dependent system intrusion means she has at least some ability to respond before it's possible. Knowing there's people who don't even need that much would be kind of creepy, don't you think?

Plus, secrets.
No. 614816 ID: 5f402f

>She doesn't know about his other new augmentation.
Technically, that's a secret. Since you got it from an illegal, unauthorized upgrade. You can't tell her, since you don't want the bureau finding out you can do that.
No. 614821 ID: 534cc4

Yeah just get in her back and do it from there like normal, and leave traces on her on purpose.

When it comes to actually doing the hacking, be gentle and the less invasive you are the better.
No. 614826 ID: 00fd2f

Yes, the special, magic-at-the-tip-of-the-fingers hacking should be reserved for emergencies or situations when we are completely unobserved. Plus, don't make her fear you.

Also, I think the Bureau will find out about our slicing the first time moldie!Lockjaw ventures on a mission with anyone from outside. They're not idiots, they know we can hack. Just put two and two together.

Thus, we need to somehow ensure that our latest addition will not be assigned to another outpost. Without raising any flags.
No. 614843 ID: 4a20fa

Oi, lovebirds. At least one person is supposed to be watching Lockjaw at all times. Focus.
No. 614956 ID: 89b2a2

you SUPPOSE it's okay.

Hack her with the d
No. 614957 ID: 337362
File 141944787933.png - (8.81KB , 960x560 , 168.png )

"Um- Go for it," 73-6 says.
"Yes!" Sara says. "Goin' for it! Woo!" She steps out of her dress. Underneath she's wearing her customary bike shorts.

She plops down on the floor and pushes her hair out of the way. "Ready when you are."
No. 614958 ID: 337362
File 141944788778.png - (9.48KB , 960x560 , 169.png )

"Is it in yet?" Sara asks.
"Don't make this weird," 73-6 says.
"Be gentle, Sev-chan," Sara says. "I-It's my first time."
"Oh my god," 73-6 says.
"My hips are moving on their own," Sara says.
"Trying to focus."
"I'm serious," Sara says. "There's like a tic you just switched."
"Oops," 73-6 says, and switches it off.

With his Master Hacking, 73-6 can:
+Override Sara's holographic display (which he does for a bit for fun)
+Clear a bunch of junky data that doesn't strictly need to be there, making Sara's body and internet connection run a lot better
+Mess with all kinds of hormone levels and brain stimulants to influence Sara's thoughts
+Take off the factory inhibitors on Sara's motor functions, doubling her strength
+Kill Sara instantly
+Give Sara an earthshattering orgasm
+Remove or jam the Bureau tracking software he realizes has been uploaded into her
+Remove or jam this tracking software it appears Dartline Alchemist uploaded into her during their cyberspace escapade
+Download all the data from the Handler console Sara interfaced with to comb through later for stuff to use
+Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice that not even he can get back into it
+Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice that nobody but him can get back into it

No. 614959 ID: 1071f4

do the decent thing and list those options to her, let her choose.
though you might want to not list that "Kill Sara instantly" and "Mess with all kinds of hormone levels" ones though. just leave them alone and don't accidentally do them.
No. 614960 ID: a2f9bc

+Jam the Bureau tracking software he realizes has been uploaded into her in a way that isn't obvious.
+Remove this tracking software it appears Dartline Alchemist uploaded into her during their cyberspace escapade because this wont result in reprisal. Dude has to know it was gonna happen.
+Download all the data from the Handler console Sara interfaced with to comb through later for stuff to use this is a bit exploitative, but probably too good an opportunity to pass up.
+Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice that nobody but him can get back into it it'd suck if there was some unlikely robot emergency we couldn't help her with later.

Don't clear up her junk data without asking, maybe she likes some of that junk? Likewise, don't give her the strength boost without asking. Being strong is cool but it is also probably hell on maintenance and she has enough problems with that already.
No. 614962 ID: 5f402f

Okay. You just hacked your handler. Forgot the implications of that. Yeah, bureau won't be too happy about that.

>Clear a bunch of junky data that doesn't strictly need to be there, making Sara's body and internet connection run a lot better

>Mess with all kinds of hormone levels and brain stimulants to influence Sara's thoughts
>Kill Sara instantly
Hell nope.

>Take off the factory inhibitors on Sara's motor functions, doubling her strength
Is there a good reason those inhibitors are there? Like, the body can be run that hard, but there's a significant risk of damaging components if used?

You'd have to tell her that you did that, so she doesn't accidentally hurt herself, or break anything. Or more logically, give it a toggle so she can turn on super-strength only when she needs it.

>Give Sara an earthshattering orgasm
...maybe later. Nice to know cybersex is an option, though.

>Remove or jam the Bureau tracking software he realizes has been uploaded into her
The bureau is liable to notice if she suddenly disappears. That would be a problem. And if she's ever targeted by the bureau's enemies, we might want to be able to find her in a hurry.

Can we upload an untriggered protocol to deal with the tracking protocol? So we could deactivate it later, if we gave her the right codeword or password to run it.

>Remove or jam this tracking software it appears Dartline Alchemist uploaded into her during their cyberspace escapade
Haha! Didn't expect that. Remember to check yourself to see if he got a tracker on you, later.

Can we piggyback a message on the signal? Thank him for the stuff, before we jam it? And maybe copy the tracker code for our own use- if we ever want DA to contact us, or know where we are, we could run it ourself.

>Download all the data from the Handler console Sara interfaced with to comb through later for stuff to use
That's uh, tempting. Yes. Very tempting.

>Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice...
The important thing here is that the ice doesn't look any better than you could do without your last hacking upgrade, if the bureau thinks to check your work.

I'm mostly comfortable with making her hack proof even to us. That's temptation you don't need, and she could always choose to let us in if we needed to do something (or enact cybersex). Only real drawback would be if we neeeded to hack her in the event she's badly damaged and can't let us in.

Tell her what you're doing. Well, some of it. Explain the junk data cleanup, the optional super-strength, and that you're giving her ice.
No. 614963 ID: 534cc4

Do this, and ask about clearing junk and strength boost.
No. 614965 ID: 3a9b59

Tell her you can:
Clear junky data to make things run faster
Disable the factory limiters to approximately double her strength.
Muck around with her hormone levels and turn her on.
Give her an earth-shattering orgasm.
Remove or jam the Bureau tracking software that has been uploaded into her.
Seal her chassis with enough security ice that nobody will be able to get back into it, with the option to leave yourself a back door, if some of those previous options sound fun later.

Just remove DA's stuff as part of the inevitable "clean up junk data" process.
No. 614967 ID: 3a9b59

>Then go "huh, what's this button do" crank down her volume and cause her to orgasm.
No. 614969 ID: 89b2a2

Clear the junky data "you really need to defrag more often," and set it up to do that automatically while she sleeps. Unless the junky data turns out to be the bandwidth she's selling at which point DON'T JUST UP AND ERASE IT YET.

If you can pull it off, but a backdoor and a spoof inside the Bureau tracking data. Otherwise, leave it alone. I'm actually on the wall about Dartline. He put this in, and his employers might be able to use... but on the other hand he did help us quite a bit. It might be useful to extract it and try to use it as a covert contact/messaging service.

Edit the factory inhibitors to have an on/off switch. Seal her chassis with security ICE. Pros/cons of backdoor.

Then go "huh, what's this button do" crank down her volume and cause her to orgasm.

deleted it because I wanted to add some stuff, sorry. Like "don't mess with her hormone levels."
No. 614970 ID: 8e294c

Alright. This is a bit sensitive, so here's what you should do.

Stop messing with her display, you jerk. Well, okay, just a little more, then stop.

Clear the junk data, but only if you double check that it's really junk data first. Maybe back it up somewhere first.

Put in a toggle to take off the factory inhibitors and jam the Bureau tracking software, with a codephrase or something. Er, two toggles, I mean, no sense in keeping those things connected. If you can, drop a message into her brain about what the codewords are and to keep these a super backup emergency secret for now (or if you can't, just make a note to tell her them later when you can securely).

Actually, if you could hack a secure line into her now just for communication, that'd be good.

Nuke the fuck out of Dartline Alchemist's tracking software.

Download the fuck out of the Handler console data.

Leave the rest of that stuff alone because she's a goddamn person, and seal it up so nobody can touch her brain without permission, not even you.

'Cause you're a gentleman.
No. 614971 ID: 2f4b71

Don't wipe the 'junky data' without asking. Sara rents here spare CPU cycles to pay for her chassis, that 'junk' data is her cash crop.
No. 614972 ID: 5f402f

Actually, wait, she made a living renting out processor space, didn't she?

Would clearing out the junk data be effectively shredding shredding all her work and getting her in trouble? Would the ice block people she'd been selling space to access?

...not that I'm so sure the 'renting out your own processors' plan is the best one, but it would be a bad idea to inadvertently trash how she makes a living.

Can you ID what space is being rented out? (And by who?). We have to be careful how we handle that. (Ideally, she should be able to let people through her ice if she wants, but we have to be careful in how that's implemented).
No. 614974 ID: 5762bc

Honestly just tell her all the options and let her decide. Am sure she will have no problems with optimizing her data and securing those backdoors but just ask first.
No. 614975 ID: 6e79d4

Tell her about the junk data, security ice, factory inhibitors and DA tracking software. Don't mess with that instantly, Dartline may have it booby trapped. Leave everything else for now.
No. 614978 ID: 742b4a

First, do +Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice that nobody but him can get back into it
because that's what you were intending to do.

Then mention all these options to her:

+Clear a bunch of junky data that doesn't strictly need to be there, making Sara's body and internet connection run a lot better
+Take off the factory inhibitors on Sara's motor functions, doubling her strength
+Give Sara an earthshattering orgasm
+Remove or jam this tracking software it appears Dartline Alchemist uploaded into her during their cyberspace escapade

Tell her she's got Bureau tracking software in her just so she knows. That's gonna have to stay.

Also do this without telling her:
+Download all the data from the Handler console Sara interfaced with to comb through later for stuff to use
No. 614990 ID: 337362
File 141945321406.png - (9.54KB , 960x560 , 170.png )

"So here's the things I can do," 73-6 says, while discreetly downloading Sara's handler info. Let's see... take off these Bureau trackers, get rid of your motor inhibitors, give you an orgasm, clear up this junk data--"

"You can what?" interrupts Sara.
"You got a lot of junk data on here," 73-6 says.
"Oh! Umm don't delete that," Sara says. "That's paying to be there. I get money by farming out space to corps."
"Which ones?" 73-6 asks.
"I think there's some stuff from Educate Connekt, some Pharmgro..." Sara says. "They're all federal and on the level."
"I don't want to mess with like the Chinese Bitcoin farms and stuff," Sara says. "But what did--"
"What about the motor stuff?" 73-6 asks. "Do you want to be stronger?"
"Would that mess with maintenance?" Sara says.
"Maybe," 73-6 says. "I don't know your specs for sure."
"Give me the option to, JIC," Sara says. "But you said--"
"There are these trackers on you," 73-6 says. "One's from the Bureau and it's going to probably have to stay around, but there's this other one from Dartline Alchemist I think he put on you in cyberspace. That's definitely gotta--"
"73-6, did you say something about giving me an orgasm?"
No. 614991 ID: 1071f4

a quote earthshattering unquote, one.
No. 614992 ID: a2f9bc

That was kinda a joke but you can also kinda actually do it. So.
No. 614994 ID: 2a1897

Hesitate for a moment and check on Lockjaw, as much as you can from where you are. We are here to make sure nothing goes wrong, after all.

And then say yes.
No. 614995 ID: 5f402f

>I don't know your specs for sure.
Can we look up her hardware specs? Is there a manual in her local memory, or online? That is a publicly avialable chassis, right?

>what else do
I still say try to cram a data burst through dartline's tracker before you kill it. (Hi, and thanks for the stuff!). And save a local (inert) copy in case you ever need to get his attention. A new tracker he didn't place appearing on his network would get attention.

>One's from the Bureau and it's going to probably have to stay around
Upload an inert program capable of disabling the bureau tracking, if you send a codeword or signal. Just in case.

And don't forget this!

>73-6, did you say something about giving me an orgasm?
Uh. Sorry, I was just reading from a list of options without thinking. Um. Hardeware access and all.

...maybe we should turn off the poop hack now. Or change it to 'dicks'. ...oh man we can draw a dick on her face and she isn't even passed out drunk.

Suddenly discover how embarrassed your holo face lets you appear.
No. 614996 ID: 8e294c

For the love of god, sev-three, if you're gonna have this conversation, stop screwing with her display.
No. 614997 ID: 89b2a2

change it to say butts next!

Try to see if you can streamline the programming in the junk data.

"oh yeah there's this button here i could probably crank the gain to let it go for like an hour, but i think something would melt first"
No. 614998 ID: bb78f2

Wait, those last two options, can Sara still use her Chassis options? Like, what are we talking here? What possible negatives would it be to lock it out for everyone? I mean, if you can't, that means Sara can't either, right?
No. 615006 ID: bb78f2

>"73-6, did you say something about giving me an orgasm?"
Anyone with sufficient hacking prowess can give you an orgasm. I don't even understand HOW that's a function your manufacturer thought to put in. I don't know why it's listed. But yeah, literally any hacker worth his salt can hack you into an orgasm. It's right there.

Just be a bit clinical about it. Not too clinical or robotic about it though, as long as you don't sound too perverted about it either.
No. 615009 ID: 5f402f

It's her ice, presumably she's have the option to authorize and allow access when people attempt it, if she wants.

Only drawback to making her unhackable to everyone, including us, is if that blocks legit reasons when an authorized connection would be needed. Like, say, an emergency medical situation. She is a brain on life support, and damage or malfunction to her chassis would be bad.
No. 615011 ID: 742b4a

Ask her if that makes this weird.
No. 615012 ID: 337362
File 141945478457.png - (7.36KB , 960x560 , 171.png )

"Um I was just kidding," 73-6 says. "Well I could. But it was a joke."

He goes about finding ways to streamline all this farmed data.

"Sev?" Sara says, quietly.
"Um. Can you hold on a second? Like stop what you're doing?"
"OK." Sev disconnects and sits back. Sara doesn't turn around. She plays with her hair, nervously.
"Um," she says. "So listen."
"I um." She glances at him. "Sorry."
"It's OK."
"I like you. A lot. I do. I'm sorry."
"I like you."
"No, like, I like like you. Sev."
"Oh." Sev doesn't know what to say. "Cool."
"Sorry," she says again. "I wanted to tell you when you got back that I didn't care what, you know, how you looked, and obviously now you look great, so."
"Thank you."
"I like you so much. You're so good. And funny, and nice, and so cool, but, um. We both heard 38-3."
73-6 swallows. "Yeah?"
"And I'm probably going to be your handler, and Penelope's doing it too, obviously, but he said he was going to watch you, and I'm scared. It's scary. I don't want you to get in trouble." She twirls a bit of her hair around her finger.
"So we shouldn't. Right?"
No. 615016 ID: 742b4a

Yes, we shouldn't. That doesn't mean we won't.
No. 615020 ID: 1071f4

orrr you can control what 38-3 can see.
letting him- letting THEM watch you two is creepy and should be controlled anyhow.
so tell her you can take care of yourself.
and more importantly, tell her you like her too you goof.
No. 615029 ID: 5f402f

>So we shouldn't. Right?
Um. Probably shouldn't. Yeah. They wouldn't like it much, would they.
No. 615031 ID: 8e294c

Well, no. You shouldn't. But also, you shouldn't be a person, and you shouldn't have your own thoughts about things, and you probably shouldn't be hacking your handler to begin with. You shouldn't care about things, or want things, and you definitely shouldn't think that 38-3 is a load of assbutt who will probably be annoying later but can go shove it for all you care.

But you do, so screw it. Unless you're going to go lobotomize yourself, trouble's gonna happen one way or another.

Also, yes, tell her you like her too. Or like-like her, if you're going to be all high school about it.
No. 615032 ID: 67686d

Perfect. Yes, this. Say this.
No. 615037 ID: 54a13a

Be paranoid about surveillance in a room with at least two potential eavesdroppers when you tell her this.

It would be a phenominally bad idea, but 38-3 be damned, you are interested in living, not being a tool. And you will have to be careful about how it looks to the monitors, but you rather like her as well.
No. 615039 ID: 6e79d4

Well definitely not now, we're on company time and I'm supposed to be watching assets reconstitute. But we won't be under this kind of scrutiny forever.

Y'know we really should plan for ways to protect our friends if we're planning on getting out. Will they catch backlash? Will we be able to stay in contact?
No. 615043 ID: 89b2a2

"they shouldn't give me a functioning dong if they didn't want me using it."

"more seriously, you're sweet, you're nice, and it's not as though being attached to my handler is something that will inspire LESS loyalty"
No. 615048 ID: 337362
File 141945793240.png - (9.00KB , 960x560 , 172.png )

"We shouldn't," 73-6 says. "But I like you too. And I shouldn't be doing this either or like a lot of things I'm doing. But maybe, um, when we're under less scrutiny?"
"Will we ever be?" asks Sara.
"I don't know," says 73-6. "But I don't want to just be a tool forever. I want to be a living person. With you."
"I want that too," Sara says. "So much. I was going to tell you when you got back, but then... and I wish so bad it was different and better and you weren't an asset and I wasn't a robot. But, um. I'm sorry. We can't."
"I could take care of myself."
"No," Sara says, forcefully. "I mean, I'm sorry, Sev-Three." she her head. "We can't. It's got to be against regulations. Oh god. I sound like Monica. I'm being dumb. But I'm so scared for you, and for Monica and Keesh and Penelope, and me... we can't. I'm sorry."

"That's ok," 73-6 says.

"So can you do the stuff with the firewall and then I need to get dressed again and find Monica," Sara says. "I should find out what my next assignment is."
No. 615052 ID: 742b4a

No. 615053 ID: 1071f4

tell her you can cut the bureau tracking software, after you pause it ofcourse so they don't know.
No. 615054 ID: 5f402f

...well. You have a good reason now. You don't want her to have to be afraid.

Right. Finish the hack job. Streamline her work data storage, and make sure it can get in and out of the icewall when it's supposed to be. (But make sure it can't be used as a backdoor). Make the optional strength toggle. Ping DA, then copy and purge his tracker. Put in something to covertly take her Bureau tacker offline, if you remotely trigger it via keyword. And ice her up good, but leave a way for you to still get in in emergencies.

Leave a logfile of your legit changes. (Leave out what you copied, or tha you pinged DA, or the killswitch on the bureau tracker, or that you left a backdoor for yourself).

>what say
Okay, you're all good. And um, don't be afraid, okay? I'm not gonna do anything that should make you afraid for me, or you, or anything, okay?

(...because I already did).
No. 615057 ID: 5f402f

It's not the tracker that's a problem, so much. It's that there's the risk they'd find out, and that it would be very much frowned upon.
No. 615059 ID: 67686d

It's nice to know that we live in a world where love can bloom between a reanimated corpse an a human brain sealed inside a robotic shell. It warms the heart (:
No. 615060 ID: bb78f2

Well, to be fair, we should look under regulations to see how they feel about that.

You know about that time Monica showed you her tits at that Christmas party? Or was it a regular party, whatever. Why do they invite moldies to the parties when they're supposed to be objects? Why does Sosa treat you like hard worker movin' on up and showing competence when his second hand moldie does that dumb weapon speech?

The Bureau is a backwards, ass, mixed-messaging son of a bitch corporation. At least with the other's like Tribranch they actually don't send them a mixed message, they are your friend until you get addicted, and then you're a nobody doing jobs for drugs. It's a good manipulation tactic. There's no point to be making things so confusing for your fellow moldies.
No. 615062 ID: 89b2a2

What this guy said. Altering her hormonal levels or something is now... very tempting, but it might be better to insert a covert way for her to communicate with us later. If that's possible.
No. 615069 ID: 8e294c

Don't promise you're not going to do anything to put yourself in danger. Retirement package, remember? You're just getting started.

Actually, is it against regulations? For something as weird as you two, it seems like there might be an Air Bud-style loophole.
No. 615071 ID: 337362
File 141945948538.png - (6.54KB , 960x560 , 173.png )

That was a jericho party.

This place is different from most of the Bureau. 73-6 forgot about that.

73-6 finishes up, pings DA (which goes to a tin can with some circuits in it in Taiwan, but that's not surprising), scrubs his trackers, and makes sure everything on the firewall side is ship shape. He sets up the strength toggle and then disconnects.

"You're good, Sara," he says. "All fixed up."

"Thanks, 73-6." Sara stands up. "Really. Thank you. Um."

They look at each other. Sara bites her lip.
"Bye," she says.

"See ya later," says 73-6.

Sara leaves.
No. 615072 ID: 337362
File 141945951349.png - (6.30KB , 960x560 , 174.png )

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