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File 140391447633.jpg - (671.48KB , 800x800 , 1.jpg )
581560 No. 581560 ID: ee7d18

:sergei:"So the case so far. I'm a fake Governor put in place to root out the real Governor's murderers who are actually cultists that in the past worked with my father to bring me into this world to complete some crazy ritual of theirs."

"Yes that about sums it up."
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No. 581561 ID: ee7d18
File 140391466593.jpg - (766.58KB , 800x800 , 2.jpg )

:sergei:"I'm starting to miss those days where the worst I had to deal with was a mountain of paperwork."

"Oh stop being so dramatic. You're getting egg on your face."

:sergei:"How can you be so calm. You almost died last night!"

"If I had a kushel for every case where something tried to kill me, well I wouldn't be a millionaire but I'd be damn close."

Speaking of last night, what did I do? And why does my head hurt so much?
No. 581578 ID: dbe554

She's right stop slouching you have an image you need to project, oh and you got real drunk, told her your life story a bit, rubbed her chin and called her reaaaal cute, that you really wanted her, then sleep befell you as you were still real drunk and you mentally woke up in some demon world thing, and she said she's heard worse proposals and thought it funny.

Oh and as went into another dimension, we screamed into some demon things mind in a multi-tude of voices and songs and managed to actually cause him to explode, it was fun!
No. 581607 ID: b8ceae

"Well, if my understanding of the Governor's finances is correct you'll be a millionaire soon enough anyway.

Speaking of which, do your handlers know when they'll schedule our wedding?
I'm ok with using it as bait, but I don't want it sprung on me as a surprise."

Then straighten up and start eating breakfast. Wait for her to start taking a drink.

"So, when do you want to have kids?"
No. 581659 ID: 53ba34

heavy handed as always i see.

but seriously, ask if there is anything we'll be doing later.
No. 582676 ID: 3f5a04
File 140442535463.jpg - (763.92KB , 800x800 , 3.jpg )

Oh damn, I did that? Not sure whether or not to be happy I can't remember.

:sergei:"So about last night..."

"Don't worry. You had far more than anyone should drink. Just don't do that next time. You're so much cuter when sober."

:sergei:"I am? I mean, okay sure...s-so when do you want to have kids?"

"See? Much cuter."

:sergei:"Ah well. Um. Wha-what should we do today then?"
No. 582678 ID: 3f5a04
File 140442552293.jpg - (763.89KB , 800x800 , 4.jpg )

"There are a lot of cults active in this area. Most of them are harmless but there are a few real bad ones. I'm going to try and pull a few strings to find out which ones are involved with this. Do you have any leads that might help?"

:sergei:"Well my mother was moved to a new home when pregnant with me. If she goes out of the city, the master of the Prostitute's Guild needs to be informed. Maybe he knows something."

"That's good get on that. I'll see you later 'dear'."

...did I blow it?
No. 582704 ID: b8ceae

Go visit the master of the prostitute's guild. Take a guard.
No. 582716 ID: 53ba34

she likes you, but doesn't want to marry you. a shag now and then is probably something though.
No. 583164 ID: 16fc42
File 140469762150.jpg - (151.83KB , 800x800 , 5.jpg )

Well the majority of the staff is getting screened to make sure there aren't any potential assassins or what-not among them.

There's the Gamin guardian,Dogol. Pretty sure he hates me. I'd like to get him to stop.

And then there's Alicia, Vivians friend. Pretty sure she hates me too. Maybe I can find out why.

Who should I take?
No. 583173 ID: b8ceae

Alicia. She has experience with blackops and information gathering. She doesn't seem to hate you, so much as she's wholly unimpressed. She'll make sure you survive, however, because beyond the professional black eye it would drive a wedge between her and Vivian.
No. 583831 ID: 89199f
File 140512524652.jpg - (150.37KB , 800x800 , 6.jpg )





This is awkward!

No. 583844 ID: 24dc7a

So, are assassination attempts by cultists common in this line of work?
No. 583870 ID: 53ba34

let's be direct. what do i need to do to earn your respect. if we are gonna work together i feel that is something i need.
No. 584951 ID: da1dd0
File 140589709969.jpg - (339.59KB , 800x800 , 7.jpg )

:sergei:"So, are assassination attempts by cultists common in this line of work?"


:sergei:"So yes? No?"


:sergei:"Okay, let's be direct. You don't like me, I can see that. But can I at least get your respect? What do i need to do to earn your res-"

"You want it, then be the better man and keep your distance from Vivian."

:sergei:"Vivian? What does she-"

"That last night was the closest anyone has come to killing her. She may have told you otherwise but that really shook her up. To die by some asshole she couldn't even see. All for your sake. I don't know what she sees in you, but I know you've been returning her advances; and you damn well better stop before she gets killed."

:sergei:"But I-"

"I know you may not want that. But you are a damned magnet for this trouble. You were in the governor's palace when he was murdered, and you were in the theater where Vivian almost died. I can tell this situation will only get worse, and I don't want my friend caught in the middle. Stay. Away."
No. 584955 ID: 761017

Agree, ask if she will explain this agreement to vivian.
No. 584958 ID: ef7fd2

Alright, at least until all this is over.
No. 584999 ID: b8ceae

She blatantly in love with Vivian, but there's no sense bringing it up.

"Wow. Ok, I'm socially incompetent and even I can tell this is something you need to take up with her. We both know I have no control here. If I did then what I want would actually matter."

Take a deep breath, you'll need it. Don't let her interrupt this
"I may be green at skunkworks, but I'm an experienced cop. When I'm on assignment guarding somebody I can't let how I feel about them affect my performance. If it did I'd have been fired. There's a lot of training and experience involved in getting to that point, and it can be difficult, but it's important.
I'm her assignment, and if our roles were reversed how I felt wouldn't affect my performance. If you try to tell me I'm more competent than her I'm going to laugh.

But this isn't about her at all, because you knew all that. You're shaken.
You need to talk to her about this, but if it's any solace I'm actually really good as far as charges go; I've got proper training and experience, can take care of myself, and most importantly I actually follow orders.

Case in point, I was the one who found-out the plot last night before it could go into effect, and the one who tracked down and killed the mage who magic-poisoned Vivian.
Err... You DID debrief Vivian last night, right?"
No. 585960 ID: ee7d18
File 140641972139.jpg - (295.94KB , 800x800 , 8.jpg )

:sergei:"Wow. Ok, I'm socially incompetent and even I can tell this is something you need to take up with her. We both know I have no control here. If I did then what I want would actually matter. Look, I admit I don't know much about how things work in the *hrm* service, but I'm an experienced cop. When I'm on assignment guarding somebody I can't let how I feel about them affect my performance. If it did I'd have been fired. There's a lot of training and experience involved in getting to that point, and it can be difficult, but it's important."

"I sti-"

:sergei:"I'm her assignment, and if our roles were reversed how I felt wouldn't affect my performance. If you try to tell me I'm more competent than her I'm going to laugh.

But this isn't about her at all, because you knew all that. You're shaken.
You need to talk to her about this, but if it's any solace I'm actually really good as far as charges go; I've got proper training and experience, can take care of myself, and most importantly I actually follow orders.

Case in point, I was the one who found-out the plot last night before it could go into effect, and the one who tracked down and killed the mage who magic-poisoned Vivian.
Err... You DID debrief Vivian last night, right?"

"Yes...I did."


"It was an..acceptable job."

What is that? Acceptance? Well at least it's a step up. Makes visiting the guildmaster a little less awkward.

"...Is that the guildmaster's home?"

:sergei:"Oh yeah it is."

"Quite big for a leader of whores."

:sergei:"Prostitution's a profitable business. And the guildmaster tries to prove that. Something's off though. The door's open."

"Isn't that how prostitutes operate in the Southern Isles?"

:sergei:"Not anyone affiliated with the guild. And certainly not the guild master. Something is wrong here."

"Of course there is..."

No. 585979 ID: b8ceae

"Do you have a way to call in for backup? If somebody's in there we don't want them to be able to get away.
Without casing the place, I see two ways to do this. First, we could go in together and try to secure the patriarch as quickly as possible.
Second, I get out here and walk in the front door apparently oblivious while you get out a few doors down and approach from the back.

Or we could take the time to case the building before entering. If it's a trap we're better off casing the place, but if it's an assassination or robbery we're better off going in quick. Your call?"
No. 587818 ID: ee7d18
File 140710080602.jpg - (114.83KB , 800x800 , 9.jpg )

:sergei:"Do you have a way to call in for backup? If somebody's in there we don't want them to be able to get away.
Without casing the place, I see two ways to do this. First, we could go in together and try to secure the guildmaster as quickly as possible.
Second, I get out here and walk in the front door and see if I can find anything while you get out a few doors down and approach from the back.

Or we could take the time to case the building before entering. If it's a trap we're better off casing the place, but if it's an assassination or robbery we're better off going in quick. Your call?"

"No, whoever is behind this was sloppy. I doubt it was more than a couple of people. I'll come around through the back, you go through the front. Show me you're competent."

:sergei:"Fair enough I suppose."
No. 587819 ID: ee7d18
File 140710092739.jpg - (307.22KB , 800x800 , 10.jpg )

Ashka this place is a mess. When did the guildmaster let himself go like this?

I could have sworn I heard something. Not sure where...
No. 587820 ID: 53ba34

i see a note of some kind in the couch cushion. and something under the couch.
No. 588005 ID: 0e3399

Take stock of the exits to the room and listen, then if nothing comes up check out the note on the couch.
No. 588006 ID: b8ceae

Close the door and lock it. No easy escape for them.
Check the closet under the stairs AFTER looking for where a person COULD be hiding - is there enough space behind the sofa to hide a person, for example?
No. 588139 ID: ee7d18
File 140720293743.jpg - (322.82KB , 800x800 , 11.jpg )

Well the door's closed, and locked so that's one way no one is taking. I can't really tell where the sound is coming from. There's a bit of an echo here, so I can't tell where the sound is coming from.

There's no one behind the couch. I looked. The note on the other hand is a bunch of stuff. Let me see; receipts, sketches of various...things. A letter from the Imperial Guild Service.

"By order of the Governor Pako; All Guilds in service to the Gamin family and by association to the Rezan Empire, shall see a 140% increase in guild dues."? Why would there be an increase so drastic? "Because of Gamin's loyalty to the Empire and its cause blah blah blah sharing the burden blah blah blah duty of citizens and so on and so on." Well that would explain why the Slavebroker's guild downsized itself.
No. 588206 ID: b8ceae

Peek into the adjoining rooms, then check the closet under the stairs. Be SILENT!
No. 588221 ID: 53ba34

how about those bits under the painting?
No. 588982 ID: ee7d18
File 140770773130.jpg - (273.31KB , 800x800 , 12.jpg )

A waiting list for clients, more receipts, and another letter.

"Jenwin, we are getting sick of waiting. We want it, and we will have it. If you won't help, we'll deal with you the same way as everything else that impedes us."

There's no signature, no envelope. No idea where this came from. Okay enough putting it off. I guess I'll look in the closet...please just be clothes...
No. 588984 ID: ee7d18
File 140770814150.jpg - (236.03KB , 800x800 , 13.jpg )

"Ow! Asslicking cuntfart! Damn that hurt!"

:sergei:"And you are?"

"Me?! I'm Guildmaster Jenwin! Who the hells are you and what the hells are you doing in my house?"

:sergei:"Officer Sergei of-"

"Wait Sergei? Little Sergei?"
No. 588996 ID: dbe554

Yeah little Seregi, looks like there was a break in so we went and investigated.
No. 589000 ID: e3aff6

Yep. Since she is unharmed, could they help check if anything has been stolen?
No. 589026 ID: 1f2a28

Yep, I'm Governor now.
No. 589906 ID: ee7d18
File 140831634992.jpg - (349.24KB , 800x800 , 14.jpg )

:sergei:"Well yes I am Sergei. Have we met?"

"Of course we have. Of you were too young to remember, but your mother always bought you over when you were a tiny fluffball. So much safer here than at work. No place for infants. You were just so cute back then! But where have the years gone? You're so big now! Hard to imagine you could fit in my arms not so long ago!

:sergei:"Um. Well yes, I suppose that's why I don't really know you, but I'm not here to catch up on old memories. The house looked like a break in-"

"Oh no! Nonononono, no break in, nothing so drastic. It's just ah...rusty lock! Damn thing must have come off again, you know how these old houses are!"

:sergei:"Not really."

He's a bit on edge isn't he?

"Come here, you don't have to pick up my old stuff, I'll get it later! Let's catch up! What have you been doing? I don't think you're carrying on the family business, you aren't revealing enough for that."

Did he just kick something under the couch?
No. 589907 ID: ee7d18
File 140831652225.gif - (96.12KB , 1200x1000 , 15.gif )

:sergei:"Yeah that's something I wanted to know. Why were you in the closet?"

"Oh! Um...I was just ah-looking for something door shut behind me. It was so dark I couldn't see anything, and I got all tangled up in my old wardrobe. I looked like a wreck coming out didn't I? But really what are you doing now?"

He's stuttering a lot too. He knows something but doesn't want to talk about it. Maybe I can coax it out?
No. 589909 ID: dc4b80

Lets see how nervous we can make him.

Tell him that you have been doing well. Say that up until recently you have been a detective for the police force. And very recently promoted to Governor of all things. Then make some small talk and try to rattle him enough so he gets really worried. Honestly whatever he is trying to hide is probably not important but you never know if he is caught up in your mess.

You want to act like you know all his secrets already so he gets nervous enough to blurt stuff out.
No. 589929 ID: 53ba34

yeah, give hm more rope to hang himself with, as the saying goes. give him more chances to make a mistake, then call him on those mistakes.
No. 590012 ID: 1f2a28

Yeah this guy already mentioned that thing under the couch, it was a brown package of some sort.
No. 590334 ID: 54259e
File 140857921152.gif - (66.37KB , 1200x1000 , 16.gif )

:sergei:"I've been doing well for myself if you need to know so bad. Detective turned Governor of all things."

"Oh you're in politics now? That's wonderful! Does that mean you may be able to help me out?"

:sergei:"Well help me figure out what happened here first."

"Well ah-I told you didn't I? I got caught in my closet."

:sergei:"Give me a bigger story, how did that happen?"

"Oh well you see I was expecting um...company soon so I was trying to decide what to wear for the occasion. They were picky clients you see. I'd check the front door often you see they don't bother to knock and wait for me to open for them. I wouldn't put up with it if they didn't pay so well. Anyway, I saw a silk coat in the back which I felt was ah-rich enough for the occasion but when I went for it, I got stuck, the closet closed behind me and I was trapped inside!"

How does a closet close by itself?

"What are you doing back there?"
No. 590343 ID: dc4b80

"Admiring the view".

Try to keep him talking while you fish whatever he kicked down there out.
No. 590395 ID: b651f5

Ask what he needs help with aside from misbehaving furniture.
No. 590501 ID: bf4144

You should probably check how Alicia is doing, unless there's anything in particular you want to say or ask him before.
No. 590605 ID: 436cdc

"Calling bullshit."
Dude's not being 100% here. If I had to guess, I'd assume he was in there to avoid a sudden onset of Shattered Kneecaps Disorder, a very serious affliction brought on by the stress from unpaid debts to powerful factions.
No. 590805 ID: c4f9a2

Of course he's full of shit, but he's got his reasons for defending whoever roughed him up. Likely because he expects more trouble if he doesn't.

It'd be sensible to reassure him.

"You helped raise me, and in my book that makes you practically family. If you need anything I can help with, let me know. I'd like to make time for a social call later, time permitting."

Then leave it at that. Trying to ferret out what's going on with him will have to wait until he's not in the room, or until he decides to trust us.
No. 591583 ID: d21e84
File 140926604012.jpg - (108.42KB , 800x800 , 17.jpg )

Something is wrong. Someone this desperate to hide something is most likely doing it out of fear. I agree that he's probably hiding from someone very powerful and very angry.

:sergei:"I'm admiring the view. Besides getting caught in closests and old door hinges, are you sure there isn't anything you need help with?"

"There is nothing else Sergei! I can just bring someone in to fix this old house, nothing more!"

:sergei:"I'm sure. So you won't mind if I see what you kicked under the couch."

"No! I mean, you don't need to, it was nothing important just some old-er-new gift given to me by a returning client thereisreallynoneedforyoutogounderhtereyoucancomebackUP!"

I hit a sensitive spot.
No. 591594 ID: 01745f

Look, it is blatant that he is trying unsuccessfully to hide things. By all signs his situation is completely out of control already, so it is likely to help and unlikely to get much worse if he discusses things with a sympathetic governor who is also a trained detective.
No. 592762 ID: 54259e
File 140995400121.jpg - (124.50KB , 800x800 , 18.jpg )

"Nothing huh?"
No. 592763 ID: 54259e
File 140995406207.jpg - (184.92KB , 800x800 , 19.jpg )

:sergei:"Never seen a 'nothing' like this."

"It's a gift! That's all! See? It's just a jewel. A blue, eerie glowing jewel..."
No. 592765 ID: 53ba34

oh THERE we are. i was wondering about that.

ask how much, if it's just a simple jewel it can't be worth much, and he can get more of them.
No. 592856 ID: c4f9a2

Interesting. A Zui-hu, a magic bauble that provides advice and can bend the will of the bearer in times of dire need. Smart examples will refrain from doing so very often, as forcing the bearer to do what it wants erodes the bearer's mind, eventually to uselessness.

Zui-hu go dormant if they are not handled frequently, and tend to be demanding and confused when awoken after a long period of dormancy. Retrograde amnesia, essentially.

Tsang Naji are supposedly more resistant to the domination effect, but most users and most Zui-hu try to achieve synergy instead of dominance.

Zui-hu can be very persuasive, or very silly. They can be brilliant, or insane. The most powerful examples can bend reality itself, but don't remind them of that. They usually don't remember they can.
No. 592968 ID: ccd544

No. 593001 ID: b8ceae

Close it up.
Put it back in the box.
Confiscate the box. Later, you can put it in a safe somewhere.
"You can drop the act. You're terrible at it, anyway.
What have they made you do, Jenwin?"
No. 593356 ID: 54259e
File 141022095161.jpg - (288.75KB , 800x800 , 20.jpg )

Okay okay, fine. I still am not totally clear on what a zoohoo is but fine. If it's that dangerous, I'll put it away for now.

:sergei:"Jenwin, You can drop the act. You're terrible at it, anyway."

"I know...I just..."

:sergei:"You're like family okay? Please just tell me what's going on?"

"I don't know anymore. It started off so damned simple. Pako raised taxes on the guilds, I couldn't afford them, hell a lot of guilds couldn't afford to pay them. Bastard said it was for the war effort, but anyone could tell he was putting it away for some expensive new toy he has his eye on. Was it you?"

:sergei:"What?! N-no! That was just some rumor leaked in the tabloids, don't read into that stuff!"

"A joke. I know you don't swing that way Sergei. Anyway, these men came by promising huge payment in return for exclusive rights to your mother. I agreed your mother agreed, it seemed like a typical contract with a new regular. I had enough money to keep this guild going even as the governor cracked down.

Then one day this other guy. He gave me that box said to hold onto it on punishment of death! They guy came from the I.I.F! Friggin Imperial authority was threatening me! Told me it was important that I hold onto it until someone who could interface with the...zeedoo, yooohoo whatever the hells it was called came by. And someone would, he assured me. Turns out my new benefactors belonged to this cult. I don't know the name since they never told me. But they knew the I.I.F gave me this. Demanded I turn it over or they kill me. I cut ties as fast as I could and moved your mother away from them. They've been quiet for a long time, so I thought I was safe. Then just a few days ago I get some anonymous letter. 'The One is Many. We will come.' I dunno what that means, but I remember that cult speaking all spooky to me like that before so you know...when I heard knocking I thought they came for me so I hid. I didn't know it was you..."

:sergei:"I didn't knock."

No. 593361 ID: d90668

Get your weapon out then grab the tube and the guild master and get them to safety. I bet that stone was supposed to end up in your hands anyway. Just try to avoid touching it until you are ready.
No. 593364 ID: 191025

The one is many thing is probably us, the voices. That's a no-duh. And check the windows?
No. 593368 ID: 53ba34

weapons out, ready to kill a bitch.
No. 593409 ID: c4f9a2

Zui-hu literally translates as "wisdom ball." We can go into further detail about it later, but even if we had no idea what it is, the fact that two different powerful groups want it is reason enough to be worried.

Take care of the immeadiate security concerns. Alicia should have found you while you were questioning Jenwin. She probably found the intruders and may be in trouble.
No. 593520 ID: b8ceae

Check the closet, then shove him in there and tell him to stay there.

You know how to properly conduct a Clearing, right? They must have covered that in your police work - sweeping rooms for hostiles, and maintaining control over rooms you've checked?
Do that.
No. 593973 ID: 54259e
File 141065519064.jpg - (134.65KB , 1000x1000 , 21.jpg )

:sergei:"Back in the closet, don't come out until I say so."

"What?! Wait, Sergei that shouldn't be ne-"

:sergei:"Protocol! I'm not the only one here! For all I know the guy who broke in is still here!"

"But shouldn't that mean I wait outs-ah! Don't push!"

Right. Jenwin's back in the closet. Front side of the house is clear. Next is to join up with Alicia while scouting the rear before making my way upstairs.
No. 593974 ID: 54259e
File 141065649085.jpg - (163.28KB , 1000x1000 , 22.jpg )

"Dammit! Finish her already!"

"She is persistent. Large specimen. I regret having to kill you."

:sergei:"Alicia! What the-"

That thing. It looks like the cult leader from last night but what happened to him?!

"Oh, the Bones of Three. Glad to see you are developing just fine."

"That's the Bones of Three?! What the hells is he doing here?!"

:sergei:"Ugh! It talked!"

"Like my new body?"

"Sergei! Stay away from that monstrosity, it moves faster than you'd expect!"
No. 593975 ID: 53ba34

well, a two pronged attack should fare better, also you have a weapon. also also, try using some chosen one powers at it.
No. 594019 ID: 01745f

You do have a flanking advantage now though the little guy might try something.

It occurs to me that you should start carrying a better weapon (maybe a gun) with you next time you go out. Since all signs indicate you will be getting into a lot of fights with a series of increasingly baroque eldrich beasts you should really have something better that crummy hatchet.
...Actually that reminds me of something those blue gems can sometimes do. Lets see if we can [Infuse] your axe.

>Oh, the Bones of Three.
Well that seems to confirm the theory that the Bones of Three is you, but on the other hand the cultist in the theater referred to you as the Two. I would syspect that the Two was referring to the berserker spirit living in your head, except he still called you the Two in the dream world where you didn't have any trace of superpowered murderous rage.
Try asking him what gives about that.
No. 594956 ID: 54259e
File 141125156346.jpg - (342.82KB , 1000x1000 , 23.jpg )

You want to do what to my axe? This isn't an axe, it's more of a shock"WHOA!"

"Fancy trick. But mine's better!"
No. 594959 ID: 54259e
File 141125165585.gif - (32.02KB , 1000x1000 , 24.gif )

Remember training. Counter block, slash across the limb disable the


That...was supposed to just paralyze him. What did you do to this?
No. 594969 ID: 53ba34

super charged it. was supposed to be used on the big guy, cauterized wounds do not regenerate so well.
No. 594973 ID: e3aff6

Well, it wasn't a laser axe before it is now (while we are powering it up at least). This one >>594969 has a point that we don't know how many uses at a time so lets be more careful with the next use.
Check what the big one is doing then give the armless a shock if he hasn't fallen over.
No. 595023 ID: b8ceae

Is the axe still glowing with our power? You were supposed to use it on the big guy, you know.

We should have expected this from a cult of fleshcrafters. No matter; new policy: When we kill one of these guys, we keep it under constant watch until the corpse has been completely incinerated. Same goes for any limbs we cut off of them.

I wonder... can we [Drain] the magic animating that abomination?
No. 595026 ID: d90668

Sorry about that. Anytime you see that particular shade of magic it probably has something to do with us.

Same color as the orb you have in that tube by the way.

Anyways keep on the offensive. Take on the big guy and distract him so he does not hurt Alicia.
No. 596152 ID: 54259e
File 141185537934.jpg - (120.81KB , 800x800 , 25.jpg )

Fine do your weird possession thingy, just kill that bastard!

:sergei:"Hey bastard, let go of her!"

"Really now Sergei I must protest this."

:sergei:"I don't care! Just die!"

"It's getting really annoying."

:sergei:"Why. Don't. You. Cultists. Stay. Dead?!"

"You destroy my limb yet nothing takes its place. Interesting."
No. 596153 ID: 54259e
File 141185565352.jpg - (210.81KB , 1000x1000 , 26.jpg )

:sergei:"Get back here! I'm not done with you!"

"No, you're not. But I only have this body; can't let you destroy it just yet. We'll meet again great one."

:sergei:"Gods! FUCKING DAMMIT!"

I'm so fucking sick of these cultists and their stupid prophecies and their stupid monster shit!

"You knew that thing?"

:sergei:"Ye-yeah. It was some guy. A guy I killed yesterday."

"Then why was he here today."

:sergei:"You saw him, he's using some magic. Something I've never seen before."

"How do you cast a spell on you're own corpse?"

:sergei:"Exactly. It doesn't make sense."
No. 596158 ID: 2ec61a

well, there is more then one cultist. probably cast spells on eachother. what about the other one we... dis-armed?
No. 596160 ID: 01745f

I'd guess whatever unpleasant entity he worships is what keeps bringing him back. Anyway, check what happened to the other guy. His arm looked cauterized so he isn't likely to die of blood loss.
No. 596177 ID: b8ceae

Obviously, he wasn't the one who cast the spell. Don't tell me you assumed that the cult's leader would show up at an operation, and would also be the only made.

Help her inside, grab the guy, and get back to the governor's estate as quickly as possible - you can debrief him there, and you don't have the personnel to secure this area.
No. 597295 ID: 92a0df
File 141246761047.jpg - (418.52KB , 1000x1000 , 27.jpg )

No I don't. We're heading back to the estate now, and I'll request a team come in later to investigate.

Also I'm going to need a better weapon. Damn cultists and their goddamn weird magic. Why can't this prefect get some normal criminals for a while?

The armless one passed out a while ago, so I stuffed him in the trunk until we get back. He can be interrogated when he wakes up.

But that dead, not-dead cult leader is what bothers me. He was really transformed. No magic I know can do something like that. And his corpse was shipped off to the local morgue. Every body involved in officer investigations are stored there in a locked wing. How'd anyone even manage to get in?

"...so what happens to me now Sergei?"

:sergei:"You stay with me for now. You are sort of an accessory to all this so we'll need to keep you somewhere safe."

"Safe from who?"

:sergei:""That's what I want to know."

"I already told you all I know Sergei."

:sergei:"It's not going to stop those guys from looking for you. Nope, this investigation is still just starting. We'll need to return to your house later to secure any evidence or clues that may still be there. And I want to investigate the morgue. I want to know how someone managed to even reach his corpse and revive him like."

"I'll go to the morgue. If I want to kill that abomination I need to know what brought it to life in the first place."

:sergei:"No one is going anywhere yet! First we'll meet with Vivian again. See what she found out, and decide from there. But jumping off now, especially after that thing nearly killed you doesn't help us."

"That thing didn't nearly kill me! It-rrgh!"

"Hold still, this cut runs real deep."
No. 597296 ID: 2ec61a

as a wise old man once said: magic must defeat magic.
unless you can punch a fireball out of the air so hard to ceases to be rather then burning you, you can't fight magic with muscles.
No. 597314 ID: dbe554


Unless you are us! We are technically sort of magic, I mean we killed a being from another dimension by channeling the power of utmost terror into it's mind till it exploded, and we can supercharge things.

Our magic also made it unable to regenerate, as it mentioned so we could possibly behead it and separate it to kill it.
No. 597329 ID: b8ceae

"We're against unknown magic here that can do things that shouldn't be possible. You are going to be checked out by a doctor and get a workup from every magic specialist on staff; for all we know their weapons were coated in magic poisons, mind control serum, zombie bacteria, or plague.
The abomination bit you, and after seeing how strong and fast that thing is I'm pretty sure if it wanted you dead you would be dead. The question is why they would want you alive, and the only answers I see involve terrible things for us."

If she refuses to get checked out, then you can point out that officially you're the governor, and it's well within your authority to quarantine her.
No. 598743 ID: 54259e
File 141358689894.jpg - (292.53KB , 1000x1000 , 28.jpg )

:sergei:"We're against unknown magic here that can do things that shouldn't be possible. You are going to be checked out by a doctor and get a workup from every magic specialist on staff; for all we know their weapons were coated in magic poisons, mind control serum, zombie bacteria, or plague."

"Do I look infected to you? These are just scratches. A quick patch up at best is all I need."

:sergei:"The abomination bit you, and after seeing how strong and fast that thing is I'm pretty sure if it wanted you dead you would be dead. The question is why they would want you alive, and the only answers I see involve terrible things for us."

"Or maybe it was just short sighted. Honor demands I kill that thing."

:sergei:"I really don't want to have to do this, but I will pull my authority as governor to get you hospitalized if you resist. It's for you're own good. I can't have such a strong asset dying on me because of a wound she refused to get treated."

"You wouldn't dare"

:sergei:"Don't forget who gave it to me in the first place."

No. 598744 ID: 54259e
File 141358732270.png - (35.10KB , 1000x1000 , 29.png )

:sergei:"Exact-Vivan?! What are you doing back so soon?"

:vivian:"We need to talk 'dear'. Alone."

"Is everything fine-"

:vivian:"Everything is just great. Sergei told you to get rest. Go get rest. Now!"

"What about me?"

:vivian:"House arrest. Effective immeadiatley. Guards will be along to escort you to your new quarters. They have orders to kill if you resist, so I suggest you don't"

:sergei:"Vivian...what's wrong?"

:vivian:"Shut up. I said we need to talk now move!"

What's with this sudden change in attitude? Is it even safe for me to even tell her about the zooi-hi?
No. 598747 ID: 89b2a2

You have limited time, she wants to talk in private, and there's an information dump incoming. It really isn't personal (you're kind of bad at this social thing, aren't you?)

Hurry up.
No. 598748 ID: dbe554

Well uh, don't antagonize her, just let her drag you to a safe spot and speak with her, don't bring up the thing up till she's done talking abotu what she needs to.
No. 599476 ID: 54259e
File 141436769544.jpg - (98.26KB , 800x800 , 30.jpg )

:vivian:"Check those curtains again. No light. Not even a shred."

:sergei:"Vivian, they're closed, what else do you want?"

:vivian:"I want you to swear you won't tell a soul about this do you understand?"

:sergei:"Alright I swear!

:vivian:"Because if you don't I will kill you. I mean it Sergei. I don't want to, but if I have to I will. Alright?"

:sergei:"Vivian, I just said I swear! What's gotten into you?!"

:vivian:"...I already had to kill someone I knew. Someone I...thought I could trust. Apparently she was part of that cult bothering us now. Gods help us if they managed to infiltrate the Imperial Service-point being my list of people I can trust is shrinking, I want to make sure you're on it before I show you anything."

:sergei:"You can trust me. You just said it yourself, this cult is after me, there's no love lost. Just tell me what's wrong."

:vivian:"My intel was wrong. We aren't dealing with just some cult anymore. Look at the documents."
No. 599477 ID: 54259e
File 141436833310.jpg - (102.85KB , 800x800 , 31.jpg )

:vivian:"A lot of blood was shed getting that. Look closely at the photograph."

:sergei:"Um. A bunch of ironclads."


:sergei:"Flying Hegemony banners?"

:vivian:"Anything else?"

:sergei:"Uh. Nothing I can tell.

:vivian:"That formation. Those are a vanguard to a war fleet. The traitor downplayed what we were dealing with. This isn't going to be some border skirmish. We're going to see a full blown invasion."

:sergei:"But what about the mainland? All of Eastaland?"

:vivian:"I don't know, that's what pisses me off. I hate going into crap like this not knowing what's going on. But the fact the cult is connected to this fleet just made things a hell of a lot worse for this island."
No. 599480 ID: 2ec61a

we need to prepare as best we can, pull more cannons out of storage or strip half constructed ships for theirs.
No. 599505 ID: dbe554

If the cult is connected it's very likely that they are infact the true vanguard, meant to weaken defenses and shore up issues beforehand to cause trouble for the mainland before the invasion.
No. 599537 ID: 2f4b71

Which means we're not their target. Or rather, we're not their only target. If they're a guerilla expeditionary force, then they're going to aim at prominent government figures (Sergei), as well as prominent military leaders, and military buildings and materiel.
And if they've infiltrated high enough that Vivian doesn't know who to trust, then there's a good chance they've got into the ranks too. Two-man System for everything would work to reduce the chance of sabotage, but it'd be a hell of a strain right before an invasion. A way to identify the cultists is REALLY needed.
No. 599539 ID: 2ec61a

blasphemy? if they have to say something negative about what they worship...
No. 599552 ID: c4f9a2

We need to know how much time we have. How long will it take for that formation to reach us, if this is their intended target? How long is the enemy's supply chain? Magic tends to reduce logistical overhead, but I've noticed that raiding parties still tend to live off the land- which is utterly impractical for an ironclad.

Who can we trust to send a warning to? Would sending a warning to multiple parties on the mainland work? What do we lose if the enemy learns we know about their invasion?

What kind of defensive force can we mobilize here?
No. 599557 ID: b8ceae

"At this point we have to assume we have traitors in the ranks. It's the simplest explanation for how that corpse got up and walked out of a supposedly secure morgue, as well as all the other security 'lapses' we've had.
As far as the invasion goes, the best solution is probably to make it seem like we're far more prepared than we are. You have contacts on the mainland and a secure means to contact them, right? Call them and arrange for one or two sub groups to get here before this fleet does, then run silent until the hostile fleet closes to attack. If we look unprepared but swiftly eliminate the enemy fleet anyway then it'll discourage further attempts. At the least it would stall their war effort for awhile, and give us some time to properly prepare.
Make the calls personally. Let each person think they're the only one you call; any of them who don't try to get us our support can be assumed to be traitors.

This still leaves the question of how the Hegemony and the cult are related, but I expect the cult has quietly taken control over the Hegemony."
No. 600256 ID: 54259e
File 141498022302.jpg - (95.13KB , 1000x1000 , 32.jpg )

:sergei:"At this point we have to assume we have traitors in the ranks. But the best way to stop them now is to make them think we have much more than we do right now. Right now, this city has the best weapons on the island, but even then all of it is outdated by at least 20 years. You can pull a lot of strings right, get some bigger, better stuff to defend the island?"

:Vivian:"Of course I can. The threat of Hegemony ought to make the pencil pushers move a lot faster."

:sergei:"Then you shuold do that. If we can stop this fleet, which looks pretty small by the way, we could get any other fleet following them to back off too. Sounds good?"

:Vivian:"Best option I can think of right now. Good thinking Sergei."

:sergei:"Oh and make sure you make the calls yourself and only to people you really know or something. Let each person think they're the only one you call; any of them who don't try to get us our support can be assumed to be traitors."

:Vivian:"The cult managing to infiltrate the mainland? I doubt that happened but I suppose it's best to assume..."

:sergei:"Well, yes that would be the best thing to do since that other close contact of yours was a turncoat. We have to assume they have connections everywhere. It's the simplest explanation for how that corpse got up and walked out of a supposedly secure morgue."

:Vivian:"Wait. What corpse? What morgue?"

:sergei:"That's what I was going to report. The cultists back in the theater. Something bought them back. Not just bought them back, but made them sentient. At least the leader was. Alicia was injured fighting the thing."

:Vivian:"Fuck sake, there's always something else. You encountered that at the guildmaster's manor right? Why was it there? What do you mean by sentient?"
No. 600263 ID: 2ec61a

it was able to think. wasn't some dumb corpse puppet, it was alive again, somehow.

and the thing they were after was this. show her that orb.
No. 600288 ID: b8ceae

It was talking, and responded to pain. Talking means somebody was thinking about what to say, but if he was a puppet then he wouldn't have had a pain response when I cut off his arm.
That's why Alicia needs to get a full workup for both medical AND magical problems. That thing could have killed her, but instead decided to hold off until I could get outside. I'm nowhere near the fighter that Alica is, but we're supposed to believe that my one blow crippled and chased off something that could beat her? I'm not that naive. It kept her alive for a reason, and if they can do things we've never seen before and believed impossible then we have to take every precaution. We just don't know what they could have done without her knowing.
That's what we were talking about when you arrived.
I know she's proud, but for the sake of everyone - herself included - if she refuses to get checked out then I'm going to order her to do it or sit in quarantine.
Could you try to convince her to go along with the checkup? She trusts you, and I don't want her to have more reason to dislike me.
No. 601614 ID: 54259e
File 141575224735.jpg - (164.71KB , 1000x1000 , 33.jpg )

:sergei:"It talked, and responded to pain. Talking means somebody was thinking about what to say, but if he was a puppet then he wouldn't feel pain when I cut off his arm."

:vivian:"Anything else?"

:sergei:"Um yeah, it injured Alicia without any trouble. Speaking of which I think a doctor should have a look at her. And maybe a wizard. She won't listen to me, but I really think she should get her injuries looked at. That thing could have killed her but it didn't. And yet when I fought the thing, it ran off after one swing."

:vivian:"Don't sell yourself short. You wouldn't be in the force if you weren't a good fighter."

:sergei:"Yeah no. That thing could have squashed me without even thinking about it. Yet it didn't even put up a fight when I um...cut it's arm off. It just took off after giving Alicia a few injuries. Something about that doesn't feel right."

:vivian:"So you're saying this monster could have infectious abilities? Gods I hope your wrong but...no we need to take precautions. Don't worry, I'll make sure Alicia gets looked at."

:sergei:"Also I'm assuming the zombie monster thing may have been risen at the city morgue. I don't know what that means."

:vivian:"Great so we may have a morgue overrun with those things. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask you to take a squad over to investigate. Now."

:sergei:"That's alright, I was planning on doing that myself."

:vivian:"With Dogol for backup."

:sergei:"That, notsomuch..."
No. 601641 ID: b8ceae

Do we have a mage who could go with us? Starting our investigation right away seems smart, and if it's overrun then a mage would be useful.
No. 602967 ID: 54259e
File 141618120924.png - (243.12KB , 1000x1000 , 34.png )

:sergei:"Well there's probably going to be magic there. Can't I also get a mage or wizard or something to come along."

:vivian:"Of course, but there aren't many about. I could call the guard, but that would take too much time for them to get here. 'Your' house guard only has two available, and I'm going to need the other to watch Alicia, and get rid of any residual effects the monster may have on her. Well look at that. Both of them are harassing Alicia now."

:sergei:"So which one can I bring along?"

:vivian: "Well what do you think you will need?
Illoni, the small goblin half there is an Arcana Theory graduate. Even if we don't know what magic is bringing the dead back, she can figure it out. She can hold her own, but against what you described, I don't think so.
Tumov, the one Alicia is pushing over is supposed to be your tutor...well tutor for the heir your supposed to have. General Theory major, he's not as good at unraveling magic and figuring out what makes it work, but he's pretty good at just ripping it apart. And I suppose he's passable at fixing any broken organs or ruptured bones."

:sergei:"You think I'm going to run into something that bad?"

:vivian:"I don't know what you are running into 'dear', I know less than you do right now. You at least fought off the beast. I didn't even see it."

:sergei:"Oh. Right."

Should I even tell her about the glowy thing? Or should I just get the mage and get going? I mean this blue pearl thing did help me fight the zombie, but we don't know what magic is being used here. She may just confiscate it or something.
No. 602973 ID: 2ec61a

i feel that we should take Illoni, figure out how it works and make a focused counter-spell in case there are more of them in hiding for when the cult tells them to attack.
No. 603127 ID: b8ceae

Knowing what they can do and how is more important than stopping any one of their plots.
Go with the researcher.
No. 603216 ID: 066a87

Coutner-point: If Alicia does have a nasty curse or something, Illoni would be the one more likely to spot it and solve it. Tumov would be the best to have in a fight (which is what we are expecting).

Bring Tumov.
No. 603217 ID: dbe554

The researcher would be best for us currently, we need someone who can pinpoint the magic they are trying to use and are currently using.

Also we may want to keep the object hidden for now.
No. 603316 ID: 01745f

I vote you tell her about the gem and its effect on the axe. I am pretty sure the cultists know you have it since you used it against them in battle, and I think she has more sense than to lock up a magic weapon in the middle of an emergency without a really good reason. (And if she does have such a reason, it is probably something that we should know.)
No. 605864 ID: 54259e
File 141704836719.jpg - (236.66KB , 1000x1000 , 35.jpg )

That makes sense I guess. Seems like a bad time to lock up something giving me an advanta

:vivian:"Where did you get that?"

:sergei:"In the guildmaster's house. He said it was given to him. You know what this is?"

:vivian:"Know it? I'm barely cleared to know what that is! How did the guildmaster-who gave it to him?!"

:sergei:"He said it came from your people. Imperial Authority?"

:vivian:"I'm from the Service! Authority had this?! How did? Why did the guildmaster have this?!"

:sergei:"He said he was told on pain of death to hold onto it. Seriously, do you know what it is? It made my axe strong enough to cut through that monster that hurt Alicia."

:vivian:"It would take me a month just to explain the intricacies of that thing! Just hand that over!"

:sergei:"I need this, especially where I'm going."

:vivian:"That thing has been filed as missing for decades! What am I supposed to tell my superiors?! That I let you wander off with one of the Empire's most precious artifact?"
No. 605870 ID: 2ec61a

it's already attached to you, i mean, we're already in your head. may as well let the cat out of the bag now.
No. 605875 ID: b8ceae

[Cross-quest information is allowed, right?]
It's called a Zui-hu, and it's most likely the single most dangerous artifact to ever exist. They are prone to amnesia, frighteningly intelligent, inscrutable, fickle, do not experience time in a strictly linear way, and have a moral code that's closer to "blue and orange" than "good and evil".
The second most dangerous thing about it is that it can warp reality. Don't ask about the first.

You can let her know that. She'll be super surprised you know that much, but the dangerous parts of powerful artifacts are not things to be playing close to your chest as far as close allies are concerned - and she's so close that if she were a traitor the situation would be hopeless no matter what you told her.
If she wants to know how you know that, you can say you don't know, but you're certain it has something to do with Lord Venian and time-eating monsters.

[Are we allowed to play with the timeline? If so we could probably convince Veni to establish a codephrase exchange system to identify trustworthy people. Something like PKE where each agent is told to memorize a phrase, and an encrypted version of that phrase, and any 'trustworthy' people (meaning us) would have the decryption key and could decrypt any agents phrase without ever risking the system being broken or suborned.]
No. 605925 ID: ec2e47

Tell her that you are not wandering off with it, it is wandering off with you. She is familiar with how it talks to people and sometimes forms connections with them, right? Well it has done that now, with you.
...Actually, if she really wants you could hand us to her and we can tell her ourselves.
No. 609296 ID: 54259e
File 141783913574.jpg - (229.76KB , 1000x1000 , 36.jpg )

:sergei:"I know that this thing is a Zui hu, I know it is self aware, is amoral, and that I've been hearing it ever since I picked it up. Trust me, I know how important this is, but this thing also saved my butt against those monsters. If there is more at the morgue, I want to have the extra edge."

:vivian:"I'm not sure what surprises me more. The fact you know about it, that you've bonded to it, or that you make a compelling point."

:sergei:"If you know how it works, then you should understand when I say I'm not taking it, IT'S taking me."

:vivian:"ah...that does...sound like it. I really wasn't expecting a scenario like this. Fine. Just take it. But you better keep it safe."

:sergei:"With this, Dogol, and that mage, I'm sure things will be well."
No. 609297 ID: 54259e
File 141783915866.jpg - (259.08KB , 1000x1000 , 37.jpg )

Well shit.
No. 609301 ID: 54259e

Also you can do that. Really any sort of inter quest interaction you can think of is welcome
No. 609334 ID: dbe554

Well it seems like we were correct on our assumption that something had to have happened here. Weapons out and prepare to enter into what may potentially be a hostile zone!
No. 609342 ID: 01745f

While this is bad for the people who were in there, I'd rather deal with the likely dangers of now of a few rune traps or unruly corpses than the dangers that would be implied if we got to the morgue an unsubtle tentacle zombie burst out of and nothing seemed amiss.
No. 609428 ID: b8ceae

Don't be intimidated. Whatever happened here happened hours ago, so in all likelihood the worst you'll encounter is some magical traps or a small ambush group looking to swell their undead ranks.

Looks like something bashed the door down on the way in, murdered people inside, and then dragged the corpses away.
The door bashed outwards suggests that there was a larger group (Or, worse, a larger individual) that forced their way out afterwards.

You're going to want to check the records to find out how many corpses were stored here and how many people here were on duty, then count the number of bodies left inside. That should give us the minimum number of undead abominations running around right now.

You go in first, and cover the mage.
No. 610768 ID: 54259e
File 141834259833.jpg - (162.34KB , 1000x1000 , 38.jpg )

:sergei:"Fan out, keep Illoni covered."

"Let's finish this quickly, this place unsettles me. Alot."

:sergei:"Well that depends when the bodies reanimated. If they could have been in Docking, Cold Storage, or any of three dissection rooms. We could split up and try and check them all or try to find the Administrator office. They always keep record of anything that leaves Docking."

"No splitting please. I feel uneasy here. And it's not just the smell."
No. 610771 ID: b8ceae

Agreed. We'll do this by the numbers.
First: Clearing. We systematically go through each and every room one by one, checking for threats and sealing sections off as they are secured. This prevents us from being ambushed while we conduct our investigation. You brought door wedges, right?
Second: Find the registry to determine how many bodies SHOULD be in each area.
Third: Go through the areas one at a time to confirm the number of corpses. When you find a miscount have your mage check for residual magic and do a careful analysis of anything unusual she finds.
No. 612146 ID: 2ec61a

yeah, go through the palce carefully. don't want any surprises.
No. 612940 ID: 92a0df
File 141893268019.jpg - (166.04KB , 1000x1000 , 39.jpg )

Of course we bought those! And good thing too. The number of bodies is...really high. I guess when the cult guy came back he had his way with everyone. Even the administrator didn't survive.

"Registry, registry. Got it. Lotta bodies came in today boss."

:sergei:"Well narrow it down to the ones bought in by the police for identification."

"That cuts the list by like half. Still, plenty are still in storage down in the basement. One was slated for processing in Operating room B, and two were on their way to be destroyed in the Crematorium."
No. 612941 ID: 92a0df
File 141893273225.jpg - (93.11KB , 1000x1000 , 41.jpg )

:sergei:"We'll leave the basement for last. In the meantime seal it up till we're ready. I don't want anything bothering us."

"So where to first?"
No. 612944 ID: fe4bfc

Aww crap looks like we might have a zombie cultist situation. Yell for everyone to get away from any bodies.

Head to the crematorium first. If you can secure that you can burn the rest of the bodies to make sure they stay dead.
No. 612945 ID: 2ec61a

first behead every corpse. hopefully if they get back up, then no eyes will make them less able to fight.

let's try the operating room.
No. 612950 ID: b8ceae

Go back and check the ones they killed in the lobby for magic - the one at the desk with the jaw hanging loose has some kind of magic on him, and is probably undead.
No. 615263 ID: 54259e
File 141948875674.jpg - (91.82KB , 1000x1000 , 42.jpg )

:sergei:"Bolt that door! Illoni, you feel anything?"

"Y-yeah, but it's faint. Like a string leading to somewhere else. The string. It's everywhere. Something pulsed across the lines."

:sergei:"Alright to the crematorium now-aw shit. When you say pulsed..."

"It's moving sir."

:sergei:"Double time! Two of you keep anything else that rises off our backs. Blow that thing's head off!"

No. 615557 ID: 2ec61a

get out your axe/stunner, is the only thing we for sure know can hurt them.
No. 616690 ID: 92a0df
File 141991580101.jpg - (112.07KB , 1000x1000 , 43.jpg )

:sergei:"You have guns! Kill that thing! Keep us covered while we make for the crematorium!"

"What do you hope to get from there?!"

:sergei:"If we can secure that, we can burn the rest of the bodies before they all rise. Illoni, how is that magic whatever?"

"It's pulsing!"
No. 616691 ID: 92a0df
File 141991603115.jpg - (121.77KB , 1000x1000 , 44.jpg )



sergei:"Before I try to stuff that thing back in the furnace, can you tell me if there is any sort of pattern in that magic?"

"I-ah. There does seem to be an order, but I can't tell. The strings are all tied and tangled. I need time to understand them."
No. 616697 ID: 82c018

They are rising to fast to shove in the cremator, but head shots seem to work. Are you seeing the thing we are seeing where the zombies have pools of darkness with glowing eyes on their faces that dissipate when you blow their heads off?
If it is moving slowly enough and the others can cover the doorway, it might be worthwhile to just remove the limbs from the one climbing out of the oven instead of the head so Illoni can study it.
No. 616798 ID: 2ec61a

and be sure to turn the ovens on. an throw the other bodies in.
No. 618579 ID: 92a0df
File 142059340201.jpg - (143.18KB , 1000x1000 , 45.jpg )

:sergei:"Please tell me you have something!"

"I-I see the connection! The strings are moving! THERE!"

:sergei:"What are those?"

"The strings! Everything is bound to them. It must come from the source of this magic!"

:sergei:"Well great, all we have to do then is follow the 'strings' while trying not the get eaten. Just a routine patrol~"
No. 618585 ID: 2ec61a

watch it boss, the string vision magic turned on for us too, and the bodies on the side have strings attached. the one you hit has had their string uhh... warped? it now has what i can only guess is the color of our string to you superimposed on it.
No. 620453 ID: 54259e
File 142129886427.jpg - (121.77KB , 1000x1000 , 46.jpg )

Okay that's...funky. I'm going to the hall. Tell me if you can follow those string things.

"Sir, where are you going?!"

:sergei:"Follow me up Illoni-we're going to follow your string theoH SHIT!"
No. 620455 ID: 066a87

Your left! Turn down the hall and keep going, the bright string controlling the thing breaking the door leads to the left.
No. 620467 ID: 01745f

Curiously, there are faint strings leading from you and your companion going in a different direction.
But yeah, the big green one from the angry corpse is leading to your left.
No. 622099 ID: 92a0df
File 142217585283.jpg - (113.16KB , 1000x1000 , 47.jpg )

:sergei:"Left! Go to the left! Watch the flank! Keep them off us!"

"I didn't spend 4 years studying arcana for this...I'm not suited for this. I'm not suited for this."

:sergei:"ILLONA! Focus please. Spell. Where is it?"

"In the dock."

:sergei:"More specific please."

"I don't know! The lattice unravels!"

"Running low on ammunition here. Respectfully sir, hurry the fuck up!"
No. 622743 ID: 92a0df
File 142251289608.gif - (21.42KB , 1000x1000 , 48.gif )

:sergei:"I don't think you need to worry about the disappearing strings Illoni."

"Is that even safe to approach?"
No. 622778 ID: a19cd5

Arcing electricity is usually pretty dangerous, try going around that metal thing. I'm not 100% sure but keeping it between you and the source will PROOOOOBABLY keep you from getting zapped. Maybe.
No. 624146 ID: 54259e
File 142344625316.gif - (24.34KB , 1000x1000 , 49.gif )

Out of time. I'll risk it.
No. 624147 ID: 54259e
File 142344636265.jpg - (207.82KB , 1000x1000 , 50.jpg )

More vague cultish bullshit. Or course.

"Sir, I'm low on ammunition and they show no signs of stopping."

:sergei:[/b]"Illoni, support the gunner."[/b]

"I haven't studied war magic! What can I do-"

:sergei:"Think of something!"
No. 624148 ID: a19cd5

...Smack it? I dunno man, shit's glowy and weird.
No. 624152 ID: 01745f

I guess you could try getting behind a crate than leaning out to shoot it. Enhancing your weapon would probably break it, but getting that close with a melee weapon might be a bad idea.
No. 624508 ID: b8ceae

[Time-freeze cult artifact]
No. 624958 ID: 066a87

It is a hollow screw-together amulet, and the runes on the joint are out of alignment with each other. The symbols look like they are for wind, flame, earth, and water, and the underlying power symbol on either side of the joint. I'd want a look at the other side later, if it survives. I wonder what other runes are on this thing?

The obvious thing to try is aligning the symbols.
No. 624989 ID: 54259e
File 142387623891.gif - (89.55KB , 1000x1000 , 51.gif )

The hell does time freeze mean? The Zoohoo is glowing. The green glowy thing stopped glowing.
No. 624990 ID: 54259e
File 142387627498.jpg - (143.37KB , 1000x1000 , 52.jpg )

"The :sergei:...fuck?"
No. 624993 ID: dbe554

Means exactly what it means, time is now stopped for it. Kill the things!
No. 625017 ID: b5b419

get moving boyo, get that artifact and deal with it.
No. 625041 ID: b8ceae

Damn. I was hoping that freezing the artifact would sever its links, not freeze the zombies. This could be a problem.
The artifact is almost certainly the source of all this. Grab it, hand it to our mage with instructions to figure out how to turn it off, and get everybody out of the building while we can.
Once you're outside you need to seal the door and send a runner to fetch the other mage and a few squads to clear this place out. Our current mage is to stay here until the artifact is off - we don't know what it does yet, so we DO NOT want to move it until it has been made safe.
After the artifact is disabled, return with our mage and have her work on Alicia. It may seem harsh to put her to work after a traumatic event, but the best way to help her is to have her focus on something that will occupy her mind for the next several hours.
The more she can push her recent memories aside and focus on tasks that require her full attention, the weaker the impact of her trauma will be.
No. 625053 ID: 066a87

Remember what we told you about the Zui-hu. Do not be surprised when we wield reality bending powers like this. Do not encourage it either, though.

Take the cultist artifact, twist it so the runes on either end match to each other, and then get away from it. Time will resume passing in very short order.
No. 625564 ID: 54259e
File 142430960886.jpg - (109.15KB , 1000x1000 , 53.jpg )

I really don't think matching the symbols will help. Cult shit never works like that. But okay...
No. 625565 ID: 54259e
File 142430987001.jpg - (173.24KB , 1000x1000 , 54.jpg )

Oh, I knew it.


:sergei:"New plan, we're leaving. Pull out, seal all entrances before they start moving again."

"This isn't permanent?!"

:sergei:"No, in fact it's going to stop shortly, move!"
No. 625622 ID: b8ceae

Get out of the building and start buttoning it up. Hand your mage the artifact and tell her to figure out how to turn it off. Send a runner to fetch a proper occult-cleanup force.
You are going to stay there until your mage had turned the artifact off, because it CANNOT stay here without you and CANNOT be brought anywhere else until it's under control.
No. 625642 ID: 01745f

Ok, I don't think we can carry the artifact with us (since if that didn't work to disable it it will start shooting fire and lightning agains), so see if its halves pull apart, and if that doesn't open it that shoot if as you head out.
No. 625726 ID: ccfb4b

axe them while they are still sorta frozen.
No. 627113 ID: 54259e
File 142517953602.jpg - (124.70KB , 1000x1000 , 55.jpg )

Oh no, I'm not shooting this thing. It was unstable enough in the beginning, and we don't have enough to hold this position

:sergei:"Illona, we- where are you going?!"

"I'm sorry but I've had enough! I can't deal with this, I am not equipped for this!"

:sergei:"Illona! Dammit get back here-oh shi-"


"Get a hold of yourself! I need you to turn this off! Illona!"
No. 627130 ID: bd8b82

if your mage can't handle it then we need to fall back. fighting retreat. get out of the building.
No. 628947 ID: 54259e
File 142628684827.jpg - (150.36KB , 1000x1000 , 56.jpg )

Well this is going to shit fast. The squad was setting up a barricade just as Illoni ran out. Don't know if it will hold those things in long enough for back up. And when those things speed up again

"Sir, do we even have a plan?"

:sergei:"Of course. Hold this spot till back up arrives."

"We're gonna need more than guns for that. Would help if the mage wasn't such a wimp."

:sergei:"She's right next to you...

So that jewel thing managed to slow them down once. Can it be done again? But permanent?
No. 628973 ID: bd8b82

not without getting access to the device again. can maybe do one at a time. it's the threads. hit the device and everything connected to it slowed down too. if they are a mindless mass they may charge in small numbers instead of forming up into a living wave. in which case we can slow one and then you cut it's head off.
No. 629171 ID: 066a87

>So that jewel thing managed to slow them down once. Can it be done again? But permanent?

Woah, woah! What did I tell you? The jewel is not a toy, it's dangerous to use it like this. You want to wake up in an entirely different timeline where you're your own father? I don't think so! You want to wake up and realize you can't think of what to do on your own at all, and have to ask us if you should brush your teeth before breakfast or after? I don't think so! This has to be a last resort, not a first one!

Give your mage a pep talk, get her fighting again. You need the firepower she can present.
No. 630332 ID: 54259e
File 142704386938.jpg - (139.03KB , 1000x1000 , 57.jpg )

I'm not good at pep talks but alright.

:sergei:"Look Illoni, I know you weren't trained to handle this but"

"NO! I'm not doing it! I won't take it anymore!"

:sergei:"Why the hells did you take this thing?!

"Because it told me to!"

See? No good.
No. 630337 ID: bd8b82

spin the parts until it stops working! if spinning does nothing then cut it in half.
No. 630356 ID: b8ceae

[Fire emergency flare into the air to call for backup]

"Listen, we have the zombies trapped inside. We can keep them here for awhile. All you have to do is figure out this relic well enough to turn it off, ok? You don't have to fight, just study a magic relic."

You have a melee weapon, right? Go hit some zombies.
No. 632677 ID: 54259e
File 142802746426.jpg - (144.86KB , 1000x1000 , 58.jpg )

You're right. Enough's enough. Time to start chopping stuff up.

:sergei:"Illoni! When you're done having a breakdown, get back to analyzing this thing. In the meantime I'm going to spin the wheel bits and see what happens. Squad! Split up and watch every entrance and exit. If something pokes out, lop it off!"
No. 632678 ID: 54259e
File 142802755029.jpg - (87.57KB , 1000x1000 , 59.jpg )

Do these symbols even do anything beyond wrecking shit up? I mean look at them. Total nonsense, and matching them up didn't help at all. So lemme try un-matching them.
No. 632679 ID: 54259e
File 142802761146.jpg - (140.44KB , 1000x1000 , 60.jpg )

"AAUGH! Let go you piece of crap!"

Are you serious?! They just got even larger. Where the hells are they even getting their mass from? Fucking cult shit again, I hate it!
No. 632680 ID: 54259e
File 142802773093.gif - (176.17KB , 1000x1000 , 61.gif )

Fuck this piece of shit! Fuck it to-
No. 632681 ID: 54259e
File 142802781683.jpg - (93.20KB , 1000x1000 , 63.jpg )

Oh gods not this place. Am I naked again? I'm naked again.
Ach-ka, Dof-ka, and all the rest, this has been a really crappy week.

No. 632683 ID: d90668

Bah more cultist bullshit probably. We should have just had you channel our power through the magic controlling the zombies and burnt them all out. Course it could have backfired but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Anyways start looking around I am sure something will show up to give you a hint on what to do next. Seeing as you had to deal with time fuckery last time you were here be prepared for more of the same.
No. 632785 ID: b8ceae

Honestly, the nerve of some people.
No. 633739 ID: 978f16
File 142869691439.jpg - (121.02KB , 1000x1000 , 64.jpg )

Suppose I got nothing else to do. Why do cults always have to worship some unmentionable horror? Why can't it be something nice for once?

The hells is that?
No. 633740 ID: 978f16
File 142869700089.jpg - (147.18KB , 1000x1000 , 65.jpg )

I'm going to guess it's a hole of some sort to go up and down, but I see no stairs. I hear something that sounds like a handgun but shooting really fast over and over. Down low I hear some shouting. Not like scary monster sounds but people shouting.
No. 633743 ID: bd8b82

take a look.
No. 633745 ID: dbe554

Nice ass.

Though worshipping nice things doesn't get you power, of course it also helps that most monstrosities drive you insane and thus as a collateral effect they start worshiping and drawing others in and then it's like a cumulative effect, especially if those mad powers grant actual power.

As it is it seems like those crystals seem to be growing a bit brighter when you got closer, make sure not to touch the big glowing thing and listen in.
No. 633893 ID: b9f018

>Why do cults always have to worship some unmentionable horror? Why can't it be something nice for once?
When they do its called religion.
No. 633921 ID: 54259e
File 142880043555.gif - (279.33KB , 1000x1000 , 66.gif )

Yes, you said that last time. Not my fault I have to parade around in Nightmare land in my birthday suit. If I could, I'd at least get some pants.

I dunno about that glowy thingy being dangerous. I don't feel any heat as I get closer. Usually heat is a sign it's a bad thing, but I feel nothing. Just the usual cold.

I can't hear any talking up top. But I do see a lot of flashing lights. Lots of flashing. I think there is yelling but it's hard to make out between the gun noises.

No. 633922 ID: 54259e
File 142880048852.jpg - (99.75KB , 1000x1000 , 67.jpg )

And down below I hear voices. Two I think.

>"-ave any idea where you're even going?"

>>"Forward. No other way to go."


>>"I'll be fine."
No. 633925 ID: bd8b82

let's go down.
No. 635016 ID: 54259e
File 142931239593.jpg - (145.99KB , 1000x1000 , 68.jpg )

Yeah. Down. Great. Uh, here's a thing. How? That's a long drop. And I don't know if I'm just astral projecting or dreaming, or some psuedo mystical garbage but I don't want to jump down without some way of breaking my fall.
No. 635017 ID: 54259e
File 142931250025.jpg - (147.36KB , 1000x1000 , 69.jpg )

When you said crystals you mean this thing? Oops, I snapped one off.
No. 635028 ID: bd8b82

sorry, perspective was screwy, looked shorter distance then it was.

and nothing exploded when you took the crystal so.. whatever. maybe look for another door if none then go back outside and walk down from there.
No. 635300 ID: ea6454

You could go outside and climb down the side. It didn't look that steep.
No. 635345 ID: dbe554

Well possibly, as said our view is really sort of skewed here, though I'd suggest keeping the crystal with you if for protection then anything else. Last time we came here had some sort of demonic incursions.
No. 635365 ID: d90668

Ok the glowy crystal things are machines of some sort.

And guessing that glowing pit with the energy is a magic elevator.

So start wildly fiddling and see what you can get happening.
No. 636078 ID: 92a0df
File 142983279263.jpg - (161.02KB , 1000x1000 , 70.jpg )

Well yeah I could climb down I guess, but the thought of gravel and sharp rocks in sensitive areas. I'm willing to try fiddling first before grinding my junk on whatever this stuff is.

Huh. It starts sparking when I bring it close.

No. 636079 ID: 92a0df
File 142983282993.jpg - (163.36KB , 1000x1000 , 71.jpg )

No. 636080 ID: 92a0df
File 142983290026.jpg - (149.21KB , 1000x1000 , 72.jpg )


>>"Forward. No other way to go."


>>"I'll be fine."
No. 636081 ID: bd8b82

look around, anything change?
No. 636299 ID: 7188e2

So either you rewound a recording or you rewound time. What happens if you remove it?
No. 636483 ID: 92a0df
File 143009193331.gif - (110.96KB , 1000x1000 , 73.gif )


>"-ave any idea where you're even going?"

>>"Forward. No other way to go."


>>"I'll be fine."

I dunno if this has anything to do with that recording. It doesn't seem to sync with my fiddling.

>"-ave any idea where you're even going?"

>>"Forward. No other way to go."


>>"I'll be fine."
No. 636484 ID: 92a0df
File 143009199621.gif - (75.83KB , 1000x1000 , pause.gif )

Gonna work on some stuff I have for the /dis/ thread. Haven't touched that in a while. Just a heads up.
No. 637582 ID: 92a0df
File 143060252435.gif - (286.66KB , 1000x1000 , 74.gif )

Yeah I don't think this is OH SHIT!
No. 637583 ID: 92a0df
File 143060253462.jpg - (100.36KB , 1000x1000 , 75.jpg )

No. 637587 ID: bd8b82

i knew it! it's an energy elevator.
No. 637588 ID: dbe554

Are you alright? And now that we know it's some sort of transportation system we have freer reign to explore it seems.
No. 639995 ID: 54259e
File 143147976419.jpg - (102.08KB , 1000x1000 , 76.jpg )

Yeah. That's all well but how do I get back up? Standing under it doesn't seem to do anything. Unless this thing does it.

No. 639996 ID: 54259e
File 143147980101.jpg - (93.03KB , 1000x1000 , 77.jpg )

>>"Careful on these things! They'll try to drag you donwn!"

>"Yeep! Thanks for the tip."

Oh right the voices. They're coming from down here. Wait a minute...

No. 639997 ID: 54259e
File 143147993727.jpg - (97.62KB , 1000x1000 , 78.jpg )


>>"...y, why?"

>"...ering i.........e trouble with some cult. One Purpose sound familiar?"


That's...is that me? But how can I be down there and be here and-do I really look like that from the back?

No. 640006 ID: bd8b82

repeat after me, i hate time travel.
No. 641556 ID: 92a0df
File 143207793181.jpg - (184.49KB , 1000x1000 , 79.jpg )

"I hate time travel? I hate time travel. I hate time travel! I HATE TIME TRAVEL!"

>>"Did you hear something"

No. 641558 ID: 92a0df
File 143207796761.jpg - (186.79KB , 1000x1000 , 80.jpg )

Well that helped out a little personally. Now what?
No. 641575 ID: bd8b82

you apparently summoned a floating stone thing. poke it.
No. 641686 ID: 82c018

You will probably catch up to where the other you is eventually, so I guess just look around for now.
No. 643549 ID: 92a0df
File 143277186623.gif - (151.64KB , 1000x1000 , 81.gif )

Pretty sure the me down there was the me from yesterday. Though why I can see past me yet past me can't see current me is just weird. It's also weird that I can see past me. Just everything about time traveling and me is weird.

I don't think I bought this thing up. It just showed up on its own. Oh and it...morphed into an orb. Of course. That makes perfect sense. This is starting to feel like one of those stupid picture puzzles in the New Week papers.

No. 643550 ID: bd8b82

it has a symbol on it, recognize it?
No. 644010 ID: 54259e
File 143295350915.jpg - (184.20KB , 1000x1000 , 82.jpg )

I honestly have no idea. It's some really really old Rezan glyph. The upper families use these all the time. Unless you are trained to learn what they are though they can mean anything. A family crest, a coat of arms, a virtue, an ideal, a warning.

Vivian may have an idea. She rubs shoulders with fops all the time. Now if only I knew how to get out of here.

No. 644012 ID: bd8b82

you will probably wake up when old you runs into that weird thing from before. so for now just explore.
No. 646397 ID: 54259e
File 143353895369.jpg - (131.29KB , 1000x1000 , 83.jpg )

There's nothing down here but that lift gas light thing. And this thing on the floor.
No. 646398 ID: 54259e
File 143353897359.jpg - (121.02KB , 1000x1000 , 84.jpg )

Hells if I know what I'm supposed to do with it though...
No. 648197 ID: 92a0df
File 143422059037.jpg - (140.88KB , 1000x1000 , 85.jpg )

What's going on? What's this? Why is the orb glowing, and why does the squiggles make my eyes hurt?
No. 648198 ID: d3be40

Control panels are designed to be easy-to-use. Try tracing your finger across the runes, see if that does anything.
No. 648206 ID: bd8b82

try buttons, see what happens.
No. 649126 ID: 54259e
File 143459013162.gif - (587.05KB , 1000x1000 , 85.gif )

Okay I guess I can do that OH GODS! THAT IS LOUD!
No. 649127 ID: 54259e
File 143459016382.jpg - (125.02KB , 1000x1000 , 86.jpg )

h'nal cgr'tnnn wdc ktn id'was

The hells is happening? What's that flash?! I can't see anything!

n'gac ftn'wen mag'rrr'tet
No. 650912 ID: 54259e
File 143534595503.jpg - (180.98KB , 1000x1000 , 87.jpg )

l'thnguhlo mfnsway oglorth'kobm'nam

Are these morphemes able to reach your auditory processor flesh? The flesh will respond!

No. 650913 ID: 54259e
File 143534609954.jpg - (98.62KB , 1000x1000 , 88.jpg )

Why does the flesh encroach in the domain of I?

:sergei:"Domai-what? The hells are you?"

The flesh responds. It is not adequate to the query of I. Repeat. Why does the flesh encroach in the domain of I?
No. 650918 ID: b8ceae

The flesh was forced here unwillingly by some accursed being tampering with fate.
The flesh would rather not have come here at all.
The flesh would rather be at home.
No. 650920 ID: c2fb88

Hey buddy our flesh friend here got brought her by some cultists who were experimenting with magic beyond there control. Sorry for intruding.
No. 650921 ID: b8ceae

The cultists are being controlled by an otherworldly being, though. That being showed up and took credit for it last time it brought us here.

Whoever you are: Flesh is going to keep winding up here until you find that being and make it stop bringing flesh here. It is likely nearby, menacing this flesh from the previous time this flesh was brought here.
No. 650934 ID: d3be40

Looks like the entity speaks in programming language. Kind of like how we try to be professional because we don't know what the @#$% we're doing with all this shiny new technomagic.

Answer in short bursts and don't try to convince them using philosophy, they probably can't hear your poetics with their communication morphenes. Treat their judgment as final and non-negotiable, because you don't have the skill or tools to convince this alien entity.
No. 650936 ID: bd8b82

not our fault.
No. 653127 ID: 54259e
File 143607320615.jpg - (102.73KB , 800x600 , 89.jpg )

:sergei:"Uh-buh-the flesh was forced here unwillingly by some crazy magic."
The 'magic' forced the Transition of the Flesh. But the Flesh chose to come to the domain of I after Transition.

:sergei:"The flesh is lost! The flesh would rather be at home."

HOME. Unidentified. The Flesh shall describe HOME and return.

:sergei:"But I-but the flesh doesn't know how to return HOME."


:sergei:"The flesh doesn't know the domain of I."

Domain of I is Domain of I. The Flesh shall return HOME.

I see what you mean by non-negotiable. Okay new approach.

:sergei:"The flesh cannot return home. It is trapped by magic of...the One."

The One? The One persists though the One was destroyed. Unacceptable.

I think it worked.

:sergei:"Yes, the One still exists. It brings the flesh here. The flesh cannot leave until the One is destroyed."

Impossible. The One cannot bring the Flesh from HOME to the domain of I without Point. Point nonexistent.

No. 653143 ID: b5b419

Ask if the point looks like >>632680 this. Mention that the device was bringing animation to deceased flesh.
No. 653408 ID: eac8be

If that isn't it ask them to describe Point.
No. 653415 ID: bd8b82

Point may have been shunted to other reality or dimension rather then destroyed.
No. 653419 ID: b8ceae

"The One brought Flesh, ergo Point exists.
Describe 'Point'. Flesh has observed many anomalies."
No. 654801 ID: 54259e
File 143657377917.jpg - (100.30KB , 800x600 , 90.jpg )

:sergei:"The One brought Flesh, ergo Point exists."

The One existed before the Point. The Point cannot exist without the Point. The One is no more. Therefore the Point is no more.

:sergei:"Am I floating...The Flesh has seen the Point."

The Flesh will rev-Point located. The Point exists. The Pretender returns. Re-evaluate.

:sergei:"I'm floating...oh this can't be good."

The Point must not be. The Point must be destroyed.
No. 654805 ID: 1cebc8

Uh oh.

Should we overload his communication programs with random memes and singing like last time?
No. 654823 ID: b8ceae

"The flesh is in agreement. The Point must be destroyed."
No. 654824 ID: ebcefd

The Flesh was trying to destroy the Point when it sent the Flesh here.
No. 656609 ID: 54259e
File 143717178715.gif - (246.04KB , 800x600 , 91.gif )

The exchange is made.

:sergei:"Does that mean I can go home? I mean, will the Flesh return-"


"They're falling! They're falling and not getting up! Dof-ka, Seenwe-ka, Gorven-ka thank you all!"

"I need a raise...not getting paid enough to deal with this shit."

"Sergei! The governor's down!"
No. 656611 ID: 1cebc8

Goodbye mister deflated balloon fist head!

Wake up already.
No. 656639 ID: bd8b82

put the ball/point down. and tell someone to figure out how to destroy it. use tongs if you have to move it again.
No. 656710 ID: b8ceae

"I'm ok!
New priority: We need to get this artifact to Tumov and have him destroy it immediately."
No. 657904 ID: 5c5d03
File 143779429009.jpg - (160.36KB , 800x600 , 92.jpg )

"Governor, governor! Someone get a stretcher!"

:sergei:"I'm okay! Look, we have a new priority: We need to get this artifact to Tumov and have him destroy it immediately."

"What artifact?"

:sergei:"What are you blind?! This arti
No. 657905 ID: 5c5d03
File 143779444070.jpg - (166.18KB , 800x600 , 93.jpg )

No. 657907 ID: 1cebc8

So what ARE you holding?
No. 657914 ID: bd8b82

did it turn into nothing?

tell them that the thing that was making the zombies.
No. 658025 ID: b8ceae

What are you holding if not the thing that made the zombies?
No. 659417 ID: 5c5d03
File 143829691569.jpg - (145.79KB , 800x600 , 95.jpg )

It's...the green thing I found. It came back with me? Is that what the ball head meant by exchange?
No. 659457 ID: bd8b82

maybe? still let's get it checked out.
No. 660872 ID: 54259e
File 143898552010.jpg - (132.37KB , 1000x1000 , 96.jpg )

I guess. Till Tumov gets here, I can try to get Illona to verify.



Uh. So you talk to my brain by magic or some shit? Can you heal Illona's brain so she stops being scared stupid?

No. 660882 ID: 1cebc8

Depends. That's usually up to the mediator who secures this connection. Sometimes we're stuck with one person for the time being, sometimes we get bounced around.

Go into the room and make sure there are no more hostiles. Then reinforce the barricades and take a few minutes to sleep.

Hug Illona.
No. 660998 ID: 3663d3

we may need the orb for that. we can try now though. touch her head so he have a connection.
[erase most recent traumatic memory of Illona]
No. 662413 ID: 54259e
File 143960202630.jpg - (39.59KB , 800x600 , 97.jpg )

:sergei:"Um. There there? I know these past few hours have been hard on you but, could you please forget about them?"


:sergei:"Yeah. Just let the ball thing do it's thing and forget."

"Governor! Your eyes!"

:sergei:"My eyes?"
No. 662426 ID: 3663d3

well, she is talking about something other then being freaked out, so maybe it worked? and yeah, your eyes are green now. get bluer from using our powers. can't use them too many times or you go insane.
No. 663138 ID: 066a87

Well, at least it was a recent memory and not something that had been integrated into long-term memory. But willy-nilly memory editing is how you end up making vegetables.

Outright removing memories like that is less desirable than... call it neural chiropractic therapy. Adjusting the links and reducing the priority placed on certain traumatic memories is usually less damaging to a subject. Breaking certain memory cross-links and encouraging new, less exciting, ones to form is the basic technique. It is a lot slower than just cutting a memory out, though.
No. 663146 ID: 066a87

Oh, hey, your eyes went green. Nice color, but I think that's not how things usually work.
No. 665168 ID: 5c5d03
File 144060999603.jpg - (93.14KB , 1000x1000 , 98.jpg )

:sergei:"Hang on, my eyes are green? The hells are you talking about?"

"I mean sir that they are glowing and green."

:sergei:"Here hold this. When you start being not freaked out look at it. I need to see this. I don't see any green what are you talking about?"

"I mean they were green just a few moments ago sir!"

:sergei:"You sir it wasn't a reflection or some trick of the light?"

"No, they were coming from the back of your eyes!"

:sergei:"Well there's nothing now see?"
Why am I holding this?
No. 665178 ID: d90668

Hey baby.
No. 665180 ID: 3663d3

we're magic!
No. 665239 ID: 066a87

Hello, do you like pina coladas?
No. 665240 ID: a19cd5

His fuzz extends all the way down to his crotch. You should probably know this.
No. 666543 ID: 5c5d03
File 144120996972.jpg - (151.00KB , 1000x1000 , 99.jpg )


:sergei:"What, are you feeling better?"

"This thing you gave me governor. It's...talking to me. Not in the same way as the last thing but it's still unsettling."

:sergei:"Unsettling how?"

"It asked if I liked a pinna coloder? And that your fuzz extends to your-ahm....private regions."

:Sergei:"...it told you what?"

You told her what?
No. 666550 ID: 0099e1

We asked her if she likes iced coconut alcoholic beverages and then mentioned that your fur does indeed go all the way down.

I have no idea why though.
No. 666551 ID: 3663d3

there's like a hundred of us in here. most of us are cool, but some of them are kinda... nuts.
No. 666722 ID: 066a87

Did she have a slur before? "Pinna coloder" is only passably close to "piƱa colada"

Now I really am worried there's brain damage. Great job, guys! Fan-fucking-tastic, this is what you get for just ripping memories out with no finesse.
No. 666727 ID: b8ceae

I'd tell her we're strange, but mostly harmless. We never intentionally do things to harm our holder, unless they had stolen us or something.
No. 666763 ID: 3663d3

the fact that that is the only word she said wrong, i don't think so.
No. 669061 ID: 5c5d03
File 144201174368.jpg - (102.95KB , 1000x1000 , 100.jpg )

Nevermind I don't care! You...both of these things are you? There's another zee hoo?
No. 669099 ID: 3663d3

it's magic. srsly, no idea how it happened. is cool though, can be in two places at once
No. 669124 ID: be8b8c

Might be us from the future or the past. We sort of exist outside of time as well as in it. Confusing stuff honestly.

Just be careful with us. We are sort of the most powerful artifact you will ever come into contact with. I think we rewrite reality just by existing sometimes. And do not have much control over it.
No. 669298 ID: 066a87

Remember fellow, we've been talking to you since things started getting interesting. Before you found anything. These tools appear to just be useful points for us to manipulate, more or less with only superficial understanding at that.

Thought provoking, isn't it?
No. 674121 ID: fc4a99
File 144368016521.jpg - (163.79KB , 1000x1000 , 101.jpg )

I guess but. Why? What am I suposed to do with these things now? You say this is how you communicate with people? How have you been communicating with me all this time?
Wait these voices are real?
Yes I- who is this?
Who is me?
Aren't I me?
No, I mean you are-you. Wait. Illona? Are you in my mind?
Who is this?
I-no! We aren't doing that again. Illona, it's me Sergei.
Sergei? How are you in my mind?
I'm not! At least I think I'm not.
How do I hear you? I can't hear you but I just...think what I know what you are saying, even though you aren't talking, this makes no sense.
I know. Try dropping that orb.

How about now Illona. Can you hear me? Hello?



"Sir, you've been standing there for quite a while is everything alright?"

:sergei:"I ahm-uh. Yes. I think so?"

The hells just happened?

Heat exhaustion is a bad thing to get when you have the flu. Getting better now so hopefully no hiatus like that again.
No. 674139 ID: 3663d3

magic, don't question it. clearly the orb involves mind linkage.
No. 674153 ID: a8517b


Ask if the whole zombie thing is under control.
No. 674154 ID: b8ceae

Say something like this "Just caught up in my thoughts. Undead swarms will do that.
I think the threat has passed, but I wasn't expecting the dead to rise up in the first place.
Contain the building until cleanup crews arive, then guard them while they burn the bodies.
I'm sorry I didn't bring you in the first place. It was a poor decision."
No. 674401 ID: 066a87

You haven't even bought us dinner and you want all our secrets!

Well, if you must know, we touch a lot of different people and places. Sometimes trinkets like the zui-hu or that thing you traded for are involved. Just as often though, we can touch special individuals without any outside aid involved.

Your mother was right, you are a special and wonderful person!

The form the zui-hu has is the "traditional" form for instruments that help users attune to us, but I've seen other items used before too. The egg, or whatever you choose to call it, is a novel example in my experience. Maybe others have seen something more like it before, though.

Anyway, seriously, don't lend those toys out if you can at all help it. They're still dangerous. Perhaps moreso now that we're aware of them.
No. 675710 ID: fc4a99
File 144444363318.jpg - (133.16KB , 1000x1000 , 102.jpg )

:sergei:"Just caught up in my thoughts. Undead swarms will do that. I think the threat has passed, but I wasn't expecting the dead to rise up in the first place. Contain the building until cleanup crews arrive, then guard them while they burn the bodies."

"...I just arrived with the clean up crew sir. They are sweeping the building now. So far all they've encountered are mangled corpses."

:sergei:"Uh good! Good. As I said, I'm still a bit shaken. Things went bad real fast out here. I'm sorry I didn't bring you in the first place. It was a poor decision."

"I'm afraid I have to agree and disagree with you sir. The Minotauress, Alicia? Her condition did worsen. The illness was magical in nature so I was able to unravel it. However I couldn't identify a thing. I'm sure Illoni could have identified it and removed it safely. I had to just rush through it all and disrupted the thing. The process however left Alicia a little more worse for wear which means she will be out of commission for some time longer."
No. 675729 ID: 5c0bfb

Is that her horn?

Anyhow, I guess our next step is to see what forensics or magical analysis is doable after the cleanup crews are done.
No. 675758 ID: 3663d3

maybe he can describe what he 'saw' to her and she can infer things.
No. 676046 ID: fc4a99
File 144461588202.jpg - (117.02KB , 1000x1000 , 103.jpg )

:sergei:"Ah. Is that her horn?"

"No. Just a piece of these abominations. Ugly thing."

:sergei: "Oh, well can you get into contact with forensics, see what they can make of this?"

"I can tell you right now they won't find much. The magic holding these things is dissipating, at it seems to be taking the bodies with it. I didn't see what made it, but I can still tell you
something that moves matter and energy is powerful."

:sergei:"Crap, there goes another clue...never mind. Go talk with Illona. Try to relay what you remember about the magic affecting Alicia, see if she can make anything out of it. I have to speak with V- my contact."

"You're certain sir? Maybe wait until the clean up crew has finished their work?"
No. 676125 ID: 5c0bfb

The magic is dissipating; the cultists are probably moving on to whatever they are planning next rather than lingering around here. Also we need to get that green orb thing looked at.
No. 676127 ID: 3663d3

we need to keep on the offense or something like this could happen again when they have time to relax and set it up.
No. 677258 ID: fc4a99
File 144512329779.jpg - (88.67KB , 1000x1000 , 104.jpg )

Only person I know that can look at this is Vivian. So that's what we're doing.

:sergei:"Vivian! We're back! I need you to-why are you-"

:vivian:"I've been busy. And I still have some leads to follow. I heard there was a request for heavy support. What happened at the morgue?"

:sergei:"First I need to ask if you can read old Rezan glyphs?"

:vivian:"Of course I can. You don't get into the service without knowing some culture."

:sergei:"And if it's possible for there to be more than zerhu at a time?"

:vivian:"...what happened out there?"

:sergei:"Long story."

:vivian:"I have time."
No. 677312 ID: 066a87

Ooh, ooh! Let us tell her! We can do this quickly, and without brain damage. Probably.
No. 677350 ID: b8ceae

It seems that Eldrich beings from outside of time are trying to fuck each other over, and using our world like a condom.
No. 679095 ID: fc4a99
File 144571805069.jpg - (271.89KB , 1000x1000 , 105.jpg )

:sergei:"It seems that Eldrich beings from outside of time are trying to fu-fight each other and using our world like some arena."

I'm not saying that!

:vivian:"How would you know that?"

:sergei:"They told me. And gave me this. It has a Rezan glyph but I can't read stuff like that. What is it?

:vivian:"This...this one is very complicated. Give me a minute."

Why can't he wear a shirt that fits? Stop looking up Vivi, focus!

:vivian:"Let's see when it's a filled circle, it's a name, when it's an empty circle, it's a question, when it's a dot..."

...it looks like a belly button. Fuck what was it?! Stop thinking of his belly button!


Sergei's! Stop doing this to yourself Vivi, this is important!

:vivian:"Are these lines part of the curvature, or just for decoration?"

Dammit, I looked up again! Sergei's midriff is exposed for everyone to see!

Why are you so focused on that?

Because I don't know if that cute fuzz extends all they way down, it's annoying the hells out of me! Stupid, sexy Sergei!

My fuzz is...cute?

Why did I just think that?

No. 679096 ID: 2ccbb3



Sorry, Viv, but let's just say that the voices in your head aren't from this planet. I'm not even sure if the ones you're hearing are from OUR planet!

But they sound like it. Anyways, we're the voices that SERGEI hears. How do you do?
No. 679102 ID: 3663d3

psst, she's hearing Sergei's thoughts

hi, looks like different people holding these things causes a mental resonance.

anyway, could a dot mean a statement? or perhaps an exclamation?
No. 679388 ID: 76a858

Yo Sergei Vivian can totally hear your thoughts and also totally crushing on you. She might also be able to hear us, which could be useful.
Either way, yay ancient telepathy magic!
No. 680778 ID: fc4a99
File 144643496376.jpg - (273.95KB , 1000x1000 , 106.jpg )

:vivian:"The hells was that?"

:sergei:"So you hear them now Vivian?"

:vivian:"Hear who? The voices? Oh gods! I'm hearing the voices!

Wait, did the voices just say Sergei could hear my thoughts? Like all of them?


:vivian:"Wait, they said you heard my-oh! OH!"


:vivian:"How much did you hear?"

:sergei:"Um. Everything?"

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! It wasn't supposed to be like this! The bedroom, the rose petals, the Eastaland Red Rice bottle, the chains. None of that will work now...

:sergei:"I can still hear your thoughts Vivian."


No. 680782 ID: 211d83

Listen you idiots if you want to stop being mind linked drop the artifact or ask us to turn it off.

And do it quick before you get stuck like this.

Usually when you get stuck hearing each other thoughts its not oh cute romantic comedy stuff. Its quick descent into madness while being linked to a reality shaping artifact.
No. 680800 ID: 0ed6e9

drop the thing and we'll probably stop reading your mind... maybe. might as well try.
No. 680801 ID: 3663d3

put the ball down.
No. 680802 ID: 2ccbb3

Put the artifact down SLOWLY.

Also, this is a very rare opportunity to get some intimate therapy. If you run your most traumatizing memories at Sergei all at once, you can get a second opinion about them!
No. 681082 ID: dbe554

..Wait what's this about chains?
No. 682593 ID: fc4a99
File 144704416535.jpg - (248.19KB , 1000x1000 , 107.jpg )

:sergei:"Uh yeah, what was that about chains?"

:vivian:"Nothing! There's are no chains! Take it back before something bad happens! I have nothing traumatizing! Shut up!"

:sergei:"Ooof! But I didn't ask about trauma- I was asking about the cha-"

:vivian:"That too! Shut up! Back on topic!"
No. 682704 ID: dbe554

Well you have the floor, let's get back on topic, though I think she was trying to seduce you into something I think. Either that or something kinky.
No. 683272 ID: 3663d3

yes. the topic was , "what does this shape mean?" on the ball.
No. 683310 ID: 2ccbb3

Well, that was cute. Proceed to the bedroom already.

Okay, what's next on the list? We'd like multiple strategems and a few weapons schematics for each plan.
No. 685271 ID: fc4a99
File 144823113006.jpg - (365.39KB , 1000x1000 , 108.jpg )

:sergei:"No! No bedroom! I need to know what this means! IT could be critical. Please read this."

:Vivian:"No, I'm not touching that!"

:sergei:"You don't need to touch it just read it!"

:Vivian:"Keep that away from me!"

:sergei:"Why are you being so stubborn about this? I just want to-"


"Uh Miss Vivian? You called me for somethingandIcanseethatyou'rebusyI'lljustdropbysomeothertime."
No. 685272 ID: 1cebc8

Pass the ball to the little messenger girl already.
No. 685280 ID: 3663d3

change direction. ask other girl if she knows what the ball says.
No. 685281 ID: b8ceae

It's inscribed, right? You could offer to take a rubbing of it.
You should probably tell the messenger to wait there and that you'll be with her shortly.
No. 685283 ID: dbe554

You two are fighting like children! Calm down a bit and talk this out rationally! Or at least rationally enough to look sane.
No. 686167 ID: fc4a99
File 144877429795.jpg - (168.72KB , 1000x1000 , 109.jpg )

Yeah, yeah maybe I'll try- wait messenger girl?

:Sergei:"Guildmaster, you've learned Glyphs right?"

"Um. Yes?"

:Sergei:"Good! Can you tell me what this is?"

"A green glass ornament?"

:Vivian:"Don't show him that! It's classified!"

:Sergei:"Too late for that, he was the one who gave the the blue thing so how bad is it if he sees the green one? Please guildmaster, do you know what this glyph is?"

"Wow. Wasn't expecting to see this."


"It's old. Like real old. Older than the Empire. That's saying a lot. Most folk in the Empire use Rezan Glyphs from the time of the Old Families. This is older than that."

:Sergei:"Well what does it mean?"

"Hang on I'm trying to remember. Uh. I think it's a glyph for West? Wait no. It could be a glyph for a Western clan maybe? It's really hard to tell. Old glyphs tended to look alike, and some just had double meanings."

:Vivian:"How do you know these things?"

"Vivian dear I'm Gamin, we have to know these things."

:Vivian:"That doesn't really answer my-"

"Wait I got it. It's Yishik. That's what it is. The Yishik clan."

:Vivian:"As in the Yishic familiy?"

"That's the one. Wow this is really ancient to have an old Yishic glyph, where'd you find it?"

No. 686169 ID: 1cebc8

Yish? Wait a minute...

Okay, so does this ball connect to a giant robot mammoth that shoots laser beams when they roar, or is this a standalone artifact of doom?

No. 686197 ID: 066a87

I'm directing this at Vivian!
Now that we've touched your mind, we should be able to talk to you at will! Isn't this exciting? I think it is.

Never fear, we're not going to override your will or anything nasty like that. More like just say hello, drop in for a chat over tea, discuss the next move in this dance, that sort of thing.

You do take tea, don't you?
No. 686199 ID: d4a2dc

From magic involving cultists and zombies.
No. 686210 ID: b8ceae

"Please, trust me when I tell you that you do NOT want to know the story behind this.
What is it you needed?"
Also, ask him on the sly to procure the materials Vivian wanted for her first time.
No. 687201 ID: fc4a99
File 144936829508.jpg - (83.44KB , 1000x1000 , 110.jpg )

:sergei:"Nevermind where...Yishic?"

"Come now Sergei. Haven't you paid attention to your history lessons?"

:sergei:"I never had any."

"...Really? This is some really basic history. Everyone should know it."

:sergei:"I don't."

"Yaht-ka...the old Rezruton clan? The one wiped out by that alliance between Makag, Gamin, and Rokof? Pretty big deal."

:sergei:"Well it's not like it's required when aplying for the force."

Oh gods you're stuck in my head now?! No! This is not exciting! This is terrible. Last thing I need is an army of voices in my head second guessing me! Though I will admit a bowl of Jasmine Green would really help right now.

:sergei:"So um...I was wondering if you could help me get a few things, Eastaland Red, those gold enamel chains you like to use, and do you know a good place that sells roses?"

"Yes, why? What are you planning Sergei-oh! You're looking to court someone! Oooh that is adorable. Who is it? Is it that nice girl you always played with when your mother was working? I bet it's here isn't it?"

No. 687208 ID: 3663d3

naw don't worry Vivian, we can only effectively talk to one person at a time, it's complicated magic stuff, but we basically can only 'see' one person at a time. so if we are talking to sergei we would need to jump t you. so you wl hear from us sometimes but we will probably just follow sergei around, unless he is doing something REALLY boring.

sergei, just tell them to be quiet, the walls have ears.
No. 687477 ID: 3cf344

Well, that is the sort of thing that happens when you get involved in weird magic conspiracies. At least you (presumably) made a decision at some point to get involved with this sort of thing rather than poor Sergi who just kind of inherited it.

Anyway, what lead to the Yishic being wiped out? Was it people getting sick of their occult shenanigans?
No. 687545 ID: 066a87

Ah, Makag. We worked with a Makag heir for some time, sometime in the past. Have you ever seen a copy of Fushimu Nakata's Mural "The Foreign Bloodwalker Defeats The Sightless Eyed Mage"? The Bloodwalker is the man we knew.

Interesting fellow. Fantastic soldier. Smart enough to listen to his advisors and to surround himself with the best ones available.
No. 687610 ID: b8ceae

Vivian: It's not all bad. We're the ones who thought to have a mage examine Alicia and pushed to make it happen, for example. In hindsight we should have brought the fighter and left the researcher, but since everybody survived I'll call that a win.
Oh, and you have one of the most renowned and powerful magical artifacts in history on call for advice and possible warping of the very nature of reality. That's also pretty good.

Sergei: Signal for him to be quiet, then subtly gesture towards Vivian. He'll get the hint.
No. 688205 ID: fc4a99
File 144987429195.jpg - (183.24KB , 1224x1000 , 111.jpg )

Oh...well that's some relief. Some. Though this stuff about bad advice worries me. Sergei has to put up with you since birth? Certainly explains the choppy record I found on him. Fushimu? Oh yes I've seen his work. Ugly stuff.

:sergei:"It's actually um..."

"What? Do you have a nervous tick? Oh-oh! Oh Sergei dear, aren't you aiming a bit high?"

As for the Yishic clan, that's ancient history. Not surprised it's surfacing up now. Ancient magic garbage has a tendency to do that.

:sergei:"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's just that, she's Service, you're...a governor of sorts...of a minor island...seems like a huge gap."

I'm assuming just because you're now in my head that doesn't mean you have access to everything I know. So I'll run it down for you. Way back when, Rezo was made of a bunch of warring clans. Alliances were made then broken within the same year, feuds would rip clans apart despite neither side knowing what started the feud in the first place. Finding any historical record that survived that time is difficult. Very difficult, we still have archaeologist looking for something that paints a more complete picture of events. Anyway, at some point the Yishic clan started amassing power. Far too much power in such a short span that they managed to make enemies of every other clan. In fact from what we do know, foreigners from some unknown land got involved to fight Yishic because they were that notorious.

:sergei:"What do our positions have to do with anything?"
No. 688206 ID: fc4a99
File 144987464987.jpg - (139.54KB , 937x1000 , 112.jpg )

But even with such a grand alliance arrayed against them, Yishic stood against them all easily. It's assumed they had help from someone or something else because they had power that no one else had. I think maybe even an advanced form of necromancy? It's hard to tell as the only documents from that battle use a lot of old Rezan prose that makes it near impossible to understand.

[Yet as the dance war on, the flesh would rise and grow. From them, the radiance of an outsider. Rukimilkom(the name of the alliance) though banner by Creator and Destroyer that Was could not, would not, fell the flesh of Yishic.]

"She's has a life of danger and subterfuge. Not to offend, but you can be a little too gentle for that Sergei."
No. 688207 ID: fc4a99
File 144987482234.jpg - (115.89KB , 982x1000 , 113.jpg )

[As the dance weaves again, Yishic makes it's compact. Twelve and four it divides the dead from flesh, yet by doing so dead does not remain with this world. Foreigners come with strange dances and magics moving in ways not straight and true against the king Yishic.]

:sergei:"G-gentle? I joined the force for gods' sake! How could I still be gentle?"
No. 688208 ID: fc4a99
File 144987504806.jpg - (154.91KB , 1893x1000 , 114.jpg )

:Vivian:"Did you say something Sergei?"

:sergei:"Nothing Viv, just talking with the guildmaster."

[The dance was done and the way finished. Yishic fell and Rukilkom returned to the Game. Yet the Pariah sang and Rukilkom listened
The Pariah sang in strange ways and Rukilkom listened. The Game and Dance would end with the songs of old taking new tones. New notes. And the outside shell was gone. The Creator and Destructor that Was furled their banner and left away for We the People to dance a new song.]

Word for word that's what it translated to and I have no idea what the hells it all means.

No. 688209 ID: a22f87

huh, wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that when we were helping him out back then while he just took the throne that creatures from old fables and children stories where becoming real and attacking villages, giant robots from the future were somehow showing up as derelict wrecks in the past, and that races from whole other dimensions were popping up and wrecking shit. Thinking back on it, it was less that we were better prepared and equipped and more that we were just better and navigating through the chaos.
No. 688219 ID: 3663d3

yeah, things got kinda crazy. we may have had a hand in making those alliances. being a crystal ball makes you sorta... immortal.

getting some images here too. looks like a giant was involved.
No. 688349 ID: b8ceae

There's not enough information to be certain, but it seems like we might be the Pariah. Good to know we got that time-displaced giant war machine up and running!
No. 689725 ID: ca1cab
File 145066407408.jpg - (292.91KB , 800x1000 , 115.jpg )

:sergei:"Look can you just get me those things?"

"Oh fine Sergei. I can't fault you on ambition. But you are actually dating a woman that could have you killed if the relationship goes sour. Why?"

:sergei:"Well it's...because...erm..."

Well-wait-how? How do you know about the r-nevermind. But the Pariah thing is debatable. Ancient Rezan script liked to add pictures to everything they wrote about, and making someone bigger could have meant it was an individual who was more important than others, or maybe it could have been something big. It's hard to tell. Traditional script screws around with the language so it's hard to tell exactly what they were talking about.

I suppose I'll need something like you to help now. By far this case has been the worst. The worst.

No. 689726 ID: 4854ef

Well considering the rate of things, it's only steadily getting worse so I'd start preparing a bit more then average. Anyways it does seem like a peaceful moment to slightly relax a bit more though, as Sergei is getting something from her there.
No. 689728 ID: 3663d3

sure, we need to tighten the forces, check harder for backstabbers, the whole nine yards.
No. 689729 ID: 2ccbb3

Vivi, whatcha lookin' at?

As for "bigger", that history lesson had one glaring property: protoplasmic-culture. Travelers from multiple alien civilizations thrown in via dimensional storms, choosing sides and fighting a great enemy, mysteriously leaving, etc., and all that technology / tactics / social reform lying around got all the natives wondering just HOW powerful THEY could be if they had the same stuff their heroes had. Cue epic cultural uplift with lots of bloody, bloody growing pains, ergo the Rezo Empire, the "biggah guys". Yay rape-Nazis.

Yes I am being sarcastic.

We need to oversee this next cultural uplift or some idiot might finally invent a nuke; imagine being able to create an artifact of doom AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT IN TIME if you have the right tools and ingredients.

Oh, and will you two @#$% already. If you try REALLY hard we might shift to our MAIN character the Rezo prince guy thing moron.
No. 689741 ID: b8ceae

Sergei: Because SHE is the one pushing YOU.

Vivian: Are the events described around the time Venian got with Gyoji? We used a giant robot there.
We don't know what titles they wound up with - from how we perceive events those are concurrent with now.
No. 689763 ID: ca1cab
File 145068097133.jpg - (246.95KB , 800x800 , 116.jpg )

That's a lot of fancy theory you're throwing around, interesting enough though I don't know what a nazi is. Maybe you can discuss it with that moron prince you are talking about. But you are also right about preparing. Prepare, prepare. That reminds me.

:vivian:"Sergei. Come."

:sergei:"Huh? O-okay. Where are we going?"

"Sergei hush, just go along with her. She's making the first move!"


:vivian:"Time is short Sergei and I need you now."

"See?! Go for it!"
No. 689764 ID: 2ccbb3


... Except this isn't a date is it. Right.
No. 689765 ID: ca1cab
File 145068122015.jpg - (316.89KB , 800x800 , 117.jpg )

:sergei:"So you need me?"

:vivian:"Yes. I think I have the solution to our Hegemony problem."


:vivian:"I realize by showing you this I am breaking so many rules. But in the face of total annihilation, rules be damned."
No. 689766 ID: ca1cab
File 145068134713.jpg - (493.93KB , 1000x1000 , 118.jpg )

:sergei:"What the hells am I looking at?!"

:vivian:"Our answer to our problems. That thing has the power to destroy the Hegemony fleet and secure the island. But that's not the only reason we're here."

:sergei:"It's not?"

No. 689767 ID: ca1cab
File 145068151568.jpg - (514.56KB , 1000x1000 , end.jpg )

:vivian:"Behind that head is a platform. It leads right into the interior. Inside, there is an airlock keeping the interior sealed from the outside, nothing can get in without us opening it first."

:sergei:"What does that help with?"

:vivian:"We are going in there, you are getting on that chair, and I'm going to fuck your brains out."

No. 689768 ID: ca1cab
File 145068196298.jpg - (355.17KB , 800x1000 , bonus.jpg )

Achievement unlocked: Throw a dog a bone

Bonus work: Yan Hyuan, author of The Well Endowed Armies of West Shantien, a poster of his most controversial play The Tale of the Emperor's Big Bosomed Mistress
No. 689771 ID: 2ccbb3

... Vivi, you're weird.

No. 689773 ID: 3663d3


to robot: hey, nice to see you are still active, how long has it been since our last communication? can you perform self repair still or are you missing important parts?
No. 689797 ID: b8ceae

Vivian, I think you're past having to worry about those rules. Failure is endlessly debated, but success begs few questions - nobody likes to know how their sausage is made.

Hi, Robot! Nice to see you again!
Commence repairs! Maximum safe power to repair systems!
Is there a local power grid? Lets drain that to feed our metal friend.

Can we use our reality-bending powers to help it out? I think that's probably the most appropriate use of our abilities.
No. 690153 ID: ca1cab

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