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File 140391447633.jpg - (671.48KB , 800x800 , 1.jpg )
581560 No. 581560 ID: ee7d18

:sergei:"So the case so far. I'm a fake Governor put in place to root out the real Governor's murderers who are actually cultists that in the past worked with my father to bring me into this world to complete some crazy ritual of theirs."

"Yes that about sums it up."
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No. 679096 ID: 2ccbb3



Sorry, Viv, but let's just say that the voices in your head aren't from this planet. I'm not even sure if the ones you're hearing are from OUR planet!

But they sound like it. Anyways, we're the voices that SERGEI hears. How do you do?
No. 679102 ID: 3663d3

psst, she's hearing Sergei's thoughts

hi, looks like different people holding these things causes a mental resonance.

anyway, could a dot mean a statement? or perhaps an exclamation?
No. 679388 ID: 76a858

Yo Sergei Vivian can totally hear your thoughts and also totally crushing on you. She might also be able to hear us, which could be useful.
Either way, yay ancient telepathy magic!
No. 680778 ID: fc4a99
File 144643496376.jpg - (273.95KB , 1000x1000 , 106.jpg )

:vivian:"The hells was that?"

:sergei:"So you hear them now Vivian?"

:vivian:"Hear who? The voices? Oh gods! I'm hearing the voices!

Wait, did the voices just say Sergei could hear my thoughts? Like all of them?


:vivian:"Wait, they said you heard my-oh! OH!"


:vivian:"How much did you hear?"

:sergei:"Um. Everything?"

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! It wasn't supposed to be like this! The bedroom, the rose petals, the Eastaland Red Rice bottle, the chains. None of that will work now...

:sergei:"I can still hear your thoughts Vivian."


No. 680782 ID: 211d83

Listen you idiots if you want to stop being mind linked drop the artifact or ask us to turn it off.

And do it quick before you get stuck like this.

Usually when you get stuck hearing each other thoughts its not oh cute romantic comedy stuff. Its quick descent into madness while being linked to a reality shaping artifact.
No. 680800 ID: 0ed6e9

drop the thing and we'll probably stop reading your mind... maybe. might as well try.
No. 680801 ID: 3663d3

put the ball down.
No. 680802 ID: 2ccbb3

Put the artifact down SLOWLY.

Also, this is a very rare opportunity to get some intimate therapy. If you run your most traumatizing memories at Sergei all at once, you can get a second opinion about them!
No. 681082 ID: dbe554

..Wait what's this about chains?
No. 682593 ID: fc4a99
File 144704416535.jpg - (248.19KB , 1000x1000 , 107.jpg )

:sergei:"Uh yeah, what was that about chains?"

:vivian:"Nothing! There's are no chains! Take it back before something bad happens! I have nothing traumatizing! Shut up!"

:sergei:"Ooof! But I didn't ask about trauma- I was asking about the cha-"

:vivian:"That too! Shut up! Back on topic!"
No. 682704 ID: dbe554

Well you have the floor, let's get back on topic, though I think she was trying to seduce you into something I think. Either that or something kinky.
No. 683272 ID: 3663d3

yes. the topic was , "what does this shape mean?" on the ball.
No. 683310 ID: 2ccbb3

Well, that was cute. Proceed to the bedroom already.

Okay, what's next on the list? We'd like multiple strategems and a few weapons schematics for each plan.
No. 685271 ID: fc4a99
File 144823113006.jpg - (365.39KB , 1000x1000 , 108.jpg )

:sergei:"No! No bedroom! I need to know what this means! IT could be critical. Please read this."

:Vivian:"No, I'm not touching that!"

:sergei:"You don't need to touch it just read it!"

:Vivian:"Keep that away from me!"

:sergei:"Why are you being so stubborn about this? I just want to-"


"Uh Miss Vivian? You called me for somethingandIcanseethatyou'rebusyI'lljustdropbysomeothertime."
No. 685272 ID: 1cebc8

Pass the ball to the little messenger girl already.
No. 685280 ID: 3663d3

change direction. ask other girl if she knows what the ball says.
No. 685281 ID: b8ceae

It's inscribed, right? You could offer to take a rubbing of it.
You should probably tell the messenger to wait there and that you'll be with her shortly.
No. 685283 ID: dbe554

You two are fighting like children! Calm down a bit and talk this out rationally! Or at least rationally enough to look sane.
No. 686167 ID: fc4a99
File 144877429795.jpg - (168.72KB , 1000x1000 , 109.jpg )

Yeah, yeah maybe I'll try- wait messenger girl?

:Sergei:"Guildmaster, you've learned Glyphs right?"

"Um. Yes?"

:Sergei:"Good! Can you tell me what this is?"

"A green glass ornament?"

:Vivian:"Don't show him that! It's classified!"

:Sergei:"Too late for that, he was the one who gave the the blue thing so how bad is it if he sees the green one? Please guildmaster, do you know what this glyph is?"

"Wow. Wasn't expecting to see this."


"It's old. Like real old. Older than the Empire. That's saying a lot. Most folk in the Empire use Rezan Glyphs from the time of the Old Families. This is older than that."

:Sergei:"Well what does it mean?"

"Hang on I'm trying to remember. Uh. I think it's a glyph for West? Wait no. It could be a glyph for a Western clan maybe? It's really hard to tell. Old glyphs tended to look alike, and some just had double meanings."

:Vivian:"How do you know these things?"

"Vivian dear I'm Gamin, we have to know these things."

:Vivian:"That doesn't really answer my-"

"Wait I got it. It's Yishik. That's what it is. The Yishik clan."

:Vivian:"As in the Yishic familiy?"

"That's the one. Wow this is really ancient to have an old Yishic glyph, where'd you find it?"

No. 686169 ID: 1cebc8

Yish? Wait a minute...

Okay, so does this ball connect to a giant robot mammoth that shoots laser beams when they roar, or is this a standalone artifact of doom?

No. 686197 ID: 066a87

I'm directing this at Vivian!
Now that we've touched your mind, we should be able to talk to you at will! Isn't this exciting? I think it is.

Never fear, we're not going to override your will or anything nasty like that. More like just say hello, drop in for a chat over tea, discuss the next move in this dance, that sort of thing.

You do take tea, don't you?
No. 686199 ID: d4a2dc

From magic involving cultists and zombies.
No. 686210 ID: b8ceae

"Please, trust me when I tell you that you do NOT want to know the story behind this.
What is it you needed?"
Also, ask him on the sly to procure the materials Vivian wanted for her first time.
No. 687201 ID: fc4a99
File 144936829508.jpg - (83.44KB , 1000x1000 , 110.jpg )

:sergei:"Nevermind where...Yishic?"

"Come now Sergei. Haven't you paid attention to your history lessons?"

:sergei:"I never had any."

"...Really? This is some really basic history. Everyone should know it."

:sergei:"I don't."

"Yaht-ka...the old Rezruton clan? The one wiped out by that alliance between Makag, Gamin, and Rokof? Pretty big deal."

:sergei:"Well it's not like it's required when aplying for the force."

Oh gods you're stuck in my head now?! No! This is not exciting! This is terrible. Last thing I need is an army of voices in my head second guessing me! Though I will admit a bowl of Jasmine Green would really help right now.

:sergei:"So um...I was wondering if you could help me get a few things, Eastaland Red, those gold enamel chains you like to use, and do you know a good place that sells roses?"

"Yes, why? What are you planning Sergei-oh! You're looking to court someone! Oooh that is adorable. Who is it? Is it that nice girl you always played with when your mother was working? I bet it's here isn't it?"

No. 687208 ID: 3663d3

naw don't worry Vivian, we can only effectively talk to one person at a time, it's complicated magic stuff, but we basically can only 'see' one person at a time. so if we are talking to sergei we would need to jump t you. so you wl hear from us sometimes but we will probably just follow sergei around, unless he is doing something REALLY boring.

sergei, just tell them to be quiet, the walls have ears.
No. 687477 ID: 3cf344

Well, that is the sort of thing that happens when you get involved in weird magic conspiracies. At least you (presumably) made a decision at some point to get involved with this sort of thing rather than poor Sergi who just kind of inherited it.

Anyway, what lead to the Yishic being wiped out? Was it people getting sick of their occult shenanigans?
No. 687545 ID: 066a87

Ah, Makag. We worked with a Makag heir for some time, sometime in the past. Have you ever seen a copy of Fushimu Nakata's Mural "The Foreign Bloodwalker Defeats The Sightless Eyed Mage"? The Bloodwalker is the man we knew.

Interesting fellow. Fantastic soldier. Smart enough to listen to his advisors and to surround himself with the best ones available.
No. 687610 ID: b8ceae

Vivian: It's not all bad. We're the ones who thought to have a mage examine Alicia and pushed to make it happen, for example. In hindsight we should have brought the fighter and left the researcher, but since everybody survived I'll call that a win.
Oh, and you have one of the most renowned and powerful magical artifacts in history on call for advice and possible warping of the very nature of reality. That's also pretty good.

Sergei: Signal for him to be quiet, then subtly gesture towards Vivian. He'll get the hint.
No. 688205 ID: fc4a99
File 144987429195.jpg - (183.24KB , 1224x1000 , 111.jpg )

Oh...well that's some relief. Some. Though this stuff about bad advice worries me. Sergei has to put up with you since birth? Certainly explains the choppy record I found on him. Fushimu? Oh yes I've seen his work. Ugly stuff.

:sergei:"It's actually um..."

"What? Do you have a nervous tick? Oh-oh! Oh Sergei dear, aren't you aiming a bit high?"

As for the Yishic clan, that's ancient history. Not surprised it's surfacing up now. Ancient magic garbage has a tendency to do that.

:sergei:"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's just that, she's Service, you're...a governor of sorts...of a minor island...seems like a huge gap."

I'm assuming just because you're now in my head that doesn't mean you have access to everything I know. So I'll run it down for you. Way back when, Rezo was made of a bunch of warring clans. Alliances were made then broken within the same year, feuds would rip clans apart despite neither side knowing what started the feud in the first place. Finding any historical record that survived that time is difficult. Very difficult, we still have archaeologist looking for something that paints a more complete picture of events. Anyway, at some point the Yishic clan started amassing power. Far too much power in such a short span that they managed to make enemies of every other clan. In fact from what we do know, foreigners from some unknown land got involved to fight Yishic because they were that notorious.

:sergei:"What do our positions have to do with anything?"
No. 688206 ID: fc4a99
File 144987464987.jpg - (139.54KB , 937x1000 , 112.jpg )

But even with such a grand alliance arrayed against them, Yishic stood against them all easily. It's assumed they had help from someone or something else because they had power that no one else had. I think maybe even an advanced form of necromancy? It's hard to tell as the only documents from that battle use a lot of old Rezan prose that makes it near impossible to understand.

[Yet as the dance war on, the flesh would rise and grow. From them, the radiance of an outsider. Rukimilkom(the name of the alliance) though banner by Creator and Destroyer that Was could not, would not, fell the flesh of Yishic.]

"She's has a life of danger and subterfuge. Not to offend, but you can be a little too gentle for that Sergei."
No. 688207 ID: fc4a99
File 144987482234.jpg - (115.89KB , 982x1000 , 113.jpg )

[As the dance weaves again, Yishic makes it's compact. Twelve and four it divides the dead from flesh, yet by doing so dead does not remain with this world. Foreigners come with strange dances and magics moving in ways not straight and true against the king Yishic.]

:sergei:"G-gentle? I joined the force for gods' sake! How could I still be gentle?"
No. 688208 ID: fc4a99
File 144987504806.jpg - (154.91KB , 1893x1000 , 114.jpg )

:Vivian:"Did you say something Sergei?"

:sergei:"Nothing Viv, just talking with the guildmaster."

[The dance was done and the way finished. Yishic fell and Rukilkom returned to the Game. Yet the Pariah sang and Rukilkom listened
The Pariah sang in strange ways and Rukilkom listened. The Game and Dance would end with the songs of old taking new tones. New notes. And the outside shell was gone. The Creator and Destructor that Was furled their banner and left away for We the People to dance a new song.]

Word for word that's what it translated to and I have no idea what the hells it all means.

No. 688209 ID: a22f87

huh, wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that when we were helping him out back then while he just took the throne that creatures from old fables and children stories where becoming real and attacking villages, giant robots from the future were somehow showing up as derelict wrecks in the past, and that races from whole other dimensions were popping up and wrecking shit. Thinking back on it, it was less that we were better prepared and equipped and more that we were just better and navigating through the chaos.
No. 688219 ID: 3663d3

yeah, things got kinda crazy. we may have had a hand in making those alliances. being a crystal ball makes you sorta... immortal.

getting some images here too. looks like a giant was involved.
No. 688349 ID: b8ceae

There's not enough information to be certain, but it seems like we might be the Pariah. Good to know we got that time-displaced giant war machine up and running!
No. 689725 ID: ca1cab
File 145066407408.jpg - (292.91KB , 800x1000 , 115.jpg )

:sergei:"Look can you just get me those things?"

"Oh fine Sergei. I can't fault you on ambition. But you are actually dating a woman that could have you killed if the relationship goes sour. Why?"

:sergei:"Well it's...because...erm..."

Well-wait-how? How do you know about the r-nevermind. But the Pariah thing is debatable. Ancient Rezan script liked to add pictures to everything they wrote about, and making someone bigger could have meant it was an individual who was more important than others, or maybe it could have been something big. It's hard to tell. Traditional script screws around with the language so it's hard to tell exactly what they were talking about.

I suppose I'll need something like you to help now. By far this case has been the worst. The worst.

No. 689726 ID: 4854ef

Well considering the rate of things, it's only steadily getting worse so I'd start preparing a bit more then average. Anyways it does seem like a peaceful moment to slightly relax a bit more though, as Sergei is getting something from her there.
No. 689728 ID: 3663d3

sure, we need to tighten the forces, check harder for backstabbers, the whole nine yards.
No. 689729 ID: 2ccbb3

Vivi, whatcha lookin' at?

As for "bigger", that history lesson had one glaring property: protoplasmic-culture. Travelers from multiple alien civilizations thrown in via dimensional storms, choosing sides and fighting a great enemy, mysteriously leaving, etc., and all that technology / tactics / social reform lying around got all the natives wondering just HOW powerful THEY could be if they had the same stuff their heroes had. Cue epic cultural uplift with lots of bloody, bloody growing pains, ergo the Rezo Empire, the "biggah guys". Yay rape-Nazis.

Yes I am being sarcastic.

We need to oversee this next cultural uplift or some idiot might finally invent a nuke; imagine being able to create an artifact of doom AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT IN TIME if you have the right tools and ingredients.

Oh, and will you two @#$% already. If you try REALLY hard we might shift to our MAIN character the Rezo prince guy thing moron.
No. 689741 ID: b8ceae

Sergei: Because SHE is the one pushing YOU.

Vivian: Are the events described around the time Venian got with Gyoji? We used a giant robot there.
We don't know what titles they wound up with - from how we perceive events those are concurrent with now.
No. 689763 ID: ca1cab
File 145068097133.jpg - (246.95KB , 800x800 , 116.jpg )

That's a lot of fancy theory you're throwing around, interesting enough though I don't know what a nazi is. Maybe you can discuss it with that moron prince you are talking about. But you are also right about preparing. Prepare, prepare. That reminds me.

:vivian:"Sergei. Come."

:sergei:"Huh? O-okay. Where are we going?"

"Sergei hush, just go along with her. She's making the first move!"


:vivian:"Time is short Sergei and I need you now."

"See?! Go for it!"
No. 689764 ID: 2ccbb3


... Except this isn't a date is it. Right.
No. 689765 ID: ca1cab
File 145068122015.jpg - (316.89KB , 800x800 , 117.jpg )

:sergei:"So you need me?"

:vivian:"Yes. I think I have the solution to our Hegemony problem."


:vivian:"I realize by showing you this I am breaking so many rules. But in the face of total annihilation, rules be damned."
No. 689766 ID: ca1cab
File 145068134713.jpg - (493.93KB , 1000x1000 , 118.jpg )

:sergei:"What the hells am I looking at?!"

:vivian:"Our answer to our problems. That thing has the power to destroy the Hegemony fleet and secure the island. But that's not the only reason we're here."

:sergei:"It's not?"

No. 689767 ID: ca1cab
File 145068151568.jpg - (514.56KB , 1000x1000 , end.jpg )

:vivian:"Behind that head is a platform. It leads right into the interior. Inside, there is an airlock keeping the interior sealed from the outside, nothing can get in without us opening it first."

:sergei:"What does that help with?"

:vivian:"We are going in there, you are getting on that chair, and I'm going to fuck your brains out."

No. 689768 ID: ca1cab
File 145068196298.jpg - (355.17KB , 800x1000 , bonus.jpg )

Achievement unlocked: Throw a dog a bone

Bonus work: Yan Hyuan, author of The Well Endowed Armies of West Shantien, a poster of his most controversial play The Tale of the Emperor's Big Bosomed Mistress
No. 689771 ID: 2ccbb3

... Vivi, you're weird.

No. 689773 ID: 3663d3


to robot: hey, nice to see you are still active, how long has it been since our last communication? can you perform self repair still or are you missing important parts?
No. 689797 ID: b8ceae

Vivian, I think you're past having to worry about those rules. Failure is endlessly debated, but success begs few questions - nobody likes to know how their sausage is made.

Hi, Robot! Nice to see you again!
Commence repairs! Maximum safe power to repair systems!
Is there a local power grid? Lets drain that to feed our metal friend.

Can we use our reality-bending powers to help it out? I think that's probably the most appropriate use of our abilities.
No. 690153 ID: ca1cab

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