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File 139730345086.png - (60.82KB , 500x500 , LoT arc1 title.png )
570196 No. 570196 ID: 78443c

Arc 1: It started in a tavern

Let me tell you a tale, set in the fantastic lands of Tharsia. In this land, there exists six races, the seventh more myth than reality...
Expand all images
No. 570199 ID: 78443c
File 139730400318.png - (115.95KB , 500x500 , racechoice.png )

The six races are as follows:

A magically-attuned race, their wanderers spread far and wide for knowledge.
They would be called Human in other worlds. But here, they are Tharsians, most numerous yet adaptable even with their average bodies.
Shorter than average, but possess cunning and smarts- and a hunter's concentration.
Strong and muscular, they are actually quite gentle in temperance.
Few and secretive, they possess advanced technology- some suspect they aren't of Tharsian nature.
Even though they are the smallest of the six races, they make up for it with bravado and tenacity.

So tell me, who will be our protagonist?

(Name, Sex, Race; will take the popular vote)
No. 570201 ID: cd5fc6

No. 570202 ID: 256d52

Airfen because wheeeee, aliens.
No. 570207 ID: a2f9bc

A tharsian who wants to be an airfen. Sex... yes. Name: Vesmir.
No. 570209 ID: 2f4b71

Airfen. Magitech, ho!
No. 570211 ID: 78443c

Alright, we got a name, Vesmir, and in bad need of a tiebreaker between Airfen and Tharsian. By the name I'm guessing it's a male...
No. 570212 ID: a0267c

Tharsian is too vanilla, Airfen all the way!
No. 570216 ID: 5fd94e

No. 570219 ID: 06b8ea

No. 570222 ID: 78443c
File 139731582258.png - (62.36KB , 500x500 , tavern 001.png )

Airfen it is!

You are Vesmir, an Airfen mercenary. As fate wills it, you find yourself in this small tavern in the city of Port Corazon. Airfen are traditionally bound to their secret homes, but those exiled are bound by no such rule. Most of these exiled Airfen turn into mercenaries, selling their bows to the highest bidder.
But you are different.
You are no mere mercenary.

Speaking of which, where the hell is your contact? You were told to wait in this tavern for his arrival, and instead of him, this little drunk Llyskan lass has been trying to seduce you for the last half-hour.

>What do?
[] More drinks please, bartender.
[] Look lass, I'm not interested in you, please walk away...
[] Continue to wait, look around, and ignore the Llyskan.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 570225 ID: 189a54

Flirt with the Llyksan. You might as well train up your mack game some while you have the time--who knows when you might need it.
No. 570226 ID: 99624f

Keep drinking. Maybe with enough booze in you the little gall will start to look good.
No. 570228 ID: 53ba34

give your contact another 10 minutes, if still no show, may as well take the Llyskan up on their offer.
No. 570229 ID: 37aa84

No. 570230 ID: 75b8af

>You are no mere mercenary.
From this, can we assume you're no exile, either?

Politely humor the Llyskan, with no intention of taking it any further (you're on the job, and it would be weird taking advantage of something half your size,anyways) while you wait for your contact.
No. 570233 ID: 9ddf68

ignore and wait.
No. 570234 ID: 78443c
File 139732062492.png - (73.01KB , 500x500 , tavern 002.png )

You decide that you'll only have ten more minutes waiting for that contact. Something must've happened for him to not app-

"Chome onn handshome! Shhare a drrink wid Falsa!" The Llyskan lass is definitely drunk off her sanity.

"Um, hello there, little Llyskan..."

"Name's Falsa, handshome! Now let's drrrinkk!"

"First, my name is not 'handsome', it's Vesmir. And while you might be quite a... charming Llyskan, I am currently on the job, here..."

"No matter, Vasimirrr! Drrink! Drrrinkk!"
She seems oddly happy... too happy about it.

>What do?
[] "Why are you intent on drinking?"
[] "Okay... just one" drink what she's ordering.
[] Signal the bartender to help you out.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 570235 ID: 53ba34

pretend to drink.

wait... what if this IS the contact and it's all an act?
No. 570239 ID: f93bc2

Have a drink, no way ONE drink could hurt. Right? RIGHT? Go on. Live a little.
No. 570240 ID: 189a54

Ach, it's as I feared. You're terribly square, friend. Loosen up, drink the drink and try harder at chatting it up. If you can't seduce a drunk Llyksan, how do you expect to flirt your way out of a female bandit camp or something?
No. 570259 ID: 9ddf68

Why are you intent on drinking?

Also what do you know about your contact?
No. 570266 ID: 75b8af

How are you supposed to know your contact when they approach you?

Feign drinking, and let the poor little thing finish putting herself into inebriated unconsciousness. (I almost wonder if she drugged our drink or something).
No. 570267 ID: 6adc92

Something makes me expect some sort of con or attempt on your life, perhaps due to some previous mercenary business or to prevent your involvement in this job. How in the world they'd know it was you, though, I dunno. Maybe it's just the rampant paranoia talking, but I'd go with >>570235.
Or, if you are all technomagical and shit, surreptitiously test the alchohol for spells or contaminants. If it's just high proof corn whiskey or something like that, down it goes. Carefully. Don't wanna get wasted without your contact.
No. 570352 ID: 321d85

Yeah, I was wondering that.

Any opposition you should be wary of? People who would want to bump you off, via poison or something? If not, I...guessss...maybe drink? Seems way suspicious, though; this had better be our contact who's giving us a message in our drink or something.
No. 570403 ID: e66997
File 139739780828.png - (121.31KB , 500x500 , tavern 003a.png )

>Have a drink, no way ONE drink could hurt. Right? RIGHT? Go on. Live a little.
>pretend to drink. Wait... what if this IS the contact and it's all an act?

You guess there's no harm in taking up the little lady's offer. You take the cup and smell it, seems like there's no poison here, just fern beer.
She is definitely not your contact, whom you have met in a previous time; He is a Tharsian, by the name Abel. He's a smuggler, but you both are employed by the same agency: the Thirteenth Cave.

Meanwhile, Felsa stirs in her corner. "Barthenderr, anotherr one phleaseee..."
No. 570404 ID: e66997
File 139739816748.png - (90.69KB , 500x500 , tavern 003b.png )

The bartender, a Hozith with a crew cut, stares disapprovingly.
"You know you spent your last coin on that fern beer, Felsa. No more."
"Bhut... but... I nheed, NEED, to drink..."
"Look, I know your story, Felsa, but it's not worth drinking your liver out."

You remember that you still have enough coin to buy another drink, but do you care enough for a drunk Llyskan lass in a small tavern?

>What do
[] Buy her another drink.
[] Ask the bartender about her story.
[] Just wait for your contact. Ten minutes are almost up.
[] Remember your objective from Thirteenth Cave.
[] You still haven't drunk the fern beer, why not now?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 570406 ID: 99624f

Find out her story. Sounds like the little lady is trying to drown her sorrows.
No. 570419 ID: 189a54

Buy the poor woman a drink, have a nice drink together and talk to both the bartender and her about their stories. They
No. 570424 ID: 9ddf68

find out her story, and what is the your goal with the 13th cave?
No. 570433 ID: 75b8af

You could try and find out her story to pass the time. And if you decide it's not a horribly destructive gesture to give her more booze (it might be, at this point), you could always let her finish the one you're not really drinking.
No. 570573 ID: e73b69

buy her a drink
No. 570574 ID: 2c6ff1

[x] Remember your objective from Thirteenth Cave.
No. 570787 ID: 6ddd53
File 139754653799.png - (88.09KB , 500x500 , tavern 004a.png )

Silently, you recall your objective. The Thirteenth Cave, or Manaan-13 as you know it, wants you to infiltrate the Abstergo Kingdom and return with intel of the kingdom and surrounding lands. The way it's supposed to go was that Abel is to smuggle you in with his wares, given that this city of Corazon is a well-known neutral ground.
But now, you have to consider other ways to get in, especially if Abel is late.
No. 570790 ID: 6ddd53
File 139754715415.png - (113.05KB , 500x500 , tavern 004b.png )

...Well, you still have some five minutes to wait, might as well listen to the Llyskan's story.

"Felsa, was it? Have my fern beer instead."
"Thanksh." She doesn't even remember that she gave you that cup earlier.
"Forgive me to ask, but it sounds like you have something troubling you. Mind if I ask why?"

Felsa's drunk joy turned into a sad face, and in full drunkish she told of how she was recently engaged to a Llyskan sailor by the name of Keeran. Well, just so it happens, news came that the ship he's on sank somewhere near Abstergo.

By the end of her story, she's not as joyful as before, and five minutes have passed.

>What do?
[] Screw this joint, Abel's not coming today, back to the inn, plan another way into Abstergo.
[] Inquire further about Felsa's story. Near Abstergo eh?
[] Ask the bartender about Abel, he might have seen him.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 570793 ID: 2c6ff1

[x] Inquire further about Felsa's story. Near Abstergo eh?
Could be something relevant to our mission here, unlikely as it sounds.

[x] Ask the bartender about Abel, he might have seen him.
No. 570799 ID: d2995c

...Abel was a sailor traveling to and from Abstergo, wasn't he?
[x] Inquire further about Felsa's story. Near Abstergo eh?
No. 570800 ID: 189a54

Continue asking of Felsa's story, but don't be a jerk about it. Try to actually be a bit comforting, don't just talk to her to get all she knows about Abstergo and bail.
No. 570849 ID: e9e331

b and c
No. 571029 ID: 47f59c
File 139766614423.png - (109.27KB , 500x500 , tavern 005a.png )

You do feel a bit of pity for the poor Llyskan.
"Sorry to hear that. That must be rough on you. I have a sailor friend that regularly goes to Abstergo, so I might ask him about the ship. Where did you say it was last seen?"
"Oh... it's to the southwest, off Jilliman Island if the news is correct. Please ask him about the Gwyn's Gale. Any news would be good enough for me."
"Don't worry, I'll make sure to ask him."
"You're a good Airfen, Vesmir. Thank you."

On that note...
No. 571030 ID: 47f59c
File 139766636623.png - (115.07KB , 500x500 , tavern 005b.png )

You ask the bartender if he's seen Abel recently. You know, Tharsian with a beard and a scar across his left eye?
"Oh, yeah. He owes me a drink two days ago, and he hasn't paid yet."
"You know where he's staying?"
"Some dingy little inn called the Seagull's Foot. At least that's what he told me."
"Thanks. He's that sailor friend I mentioned."
"He smells like trouble. But that's just my opinion."
No. 571031 ID: 47f59c
File 139766651485.png - (101.30KB , 500x500 , tavern 005c.png )

Suddenly, your talk is interrupted by a loud opening of the tavern door. It seems someone is really desperate to open the door. Everyone in the tavern looks toward the source of noise...
No. 571033 ID: 2f4b71

>"He smells like trouble. But that's just my opinion."
"He just smells in general. Sailor, remember?"
No. 571035 ID: 47f59c
File 139766698656.png - (86.99KB , 500x500 , tavern 005d.png )

After focusing a bit, you see that it is Abel who did the dramatic entrance. He is sweating buckets, yet his face is pale. With a shaking hand he steadied himself on the tavern door.
"Vesmir! Vesmir, you there?" He said, in between labored breaths.

>What do?
[] "Finally! Where have you been? I've been waiting!"
[] "Abel? You don't look so well."
[] "Who wants to know?"
[] Other (fill in)
No. 571038 ID: 5bbbc0

[] "Abel? You don't look so well."

If our contact is harried and scared looking, it might be a sign things are already going pear-shaped!
No. 571039 ID: 189a54

Greet him, ask what's wrong as you move toward him by the door. Ready any weapons you have just in case, from the looks of things he's coming from some sort of danger.
No. 571043 ID: 2c6ff1

[x] "Finally! Where have you been? I've been waiting!"
No. 571046 ID: 824f43

Go with the second option. It looks like we should be showing concern.
No. 571066 ID: a153f7

you ok there buddy?
No. 571202 ID: 76e2df
File 139774446626.png - (108.99KB , 500x500 , tavern 006a.png )

"Abel? Abel, what's wrong?" You move towards the entrance.
"Someone knows. No time, take this... and go to my ship, Monsoon Cutter..."

You noticed he has a small purse on him. As he said, you took it on your hands.
No. 571203 ID: 76e2df
File 139774486026.png - (114.80KB , 500x500 , tavern 006b.png )

He promptly fell over. A dagger sticks out from his back. Abel is dead.

Felsa shrieked in fear, while you can hear a commotion starting to brew in the tavern.


>What do?
[] Inspect the body.
[] Look inside the purse.
[] Calm Felsa down.
[] Inspect the dagger.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 571213 ID: 824f43

Right. Gotta work fast, before the culprits find you, or the local authorities get in the way.

Looking inside the purse can wait for later, when we're safely away.

Calm yourself, Felsa.

Examine the body and the weapon. We want to try and figure out where he might have been, or what he was doing, or who might have killed him. ...does the nature of your mission point towards any obvious suspects?
No. 571231 ID: 9ddf68

calm the woman first, then I'm sure you can inspect the knife as you inspect the body. Then get the hell out of here and get to this guys ship.
No. 571236 ID: a0267c

[x] Inspect the body and the dagger.
Then get out through the back door since someone might have been following Able to you.
No. 571241 ID: 189a54

Multitask, you may not have much time so do as much as you can at once. As you examine both the knife and the body, try to calm Felsa and have the bartender order any bouncers or thugs he has to keep an eye on the surrounding streets. After that, head out the back. You can check the purse when you're in a less risky place.
No. 571247 ID: 5bbbc0

maybe give felsa an encouraging pat on the head, and then tear off to the location he gave you. Time is of the essence!
No. 571504 ID: f17dbe
File 139792635009.png - (121.58KB , 500x500 , tavern 007a.png )

You pat Felsa in a bid to keep her calm. So far it's working, her shriek trickles down into a whimper.
By now your mind is racing, thinking of reasons why Abel died; While Manaan-13 have enemies, none of them would warrant murdering a simple smuggler like Abel. Heck, even your mission to Abstergo is ranked low enough on the threat scale. So who did this?
You sling the bag on your side, and begin to cautiously reach for the mysterious dagger.

"Watch out!"
No. 571505 ID: f17dbe
File 139792649580.png - (125.21KB , 500x500 , tavern 007b.png )

With a swift hand, a Ksselyr swipes your hand off right before Abel's corpse burst into flames. Bloody hell, you've never seen something like this before! Felsa yelped, adding to the confusion.
The blaze was so sudden, all you can think of is 'magic'.
No. 571508 ID: 189a54

Yikes. Is there any way to snatch the dagger from the flames? Either it has magic in it, or there's a hidden mage or something nearby. Also, thank the Ksselyr. Time's still of the essence, but you should probably take a moment to ask him how he knew that would happen.
No. 571509 ID: 53ba34

look towards the fireplace, are there tongs? if so then get them to extract the knife.
No. 571510 ID: f17dbe
File 139792710436.png - (110.02KB , 500x500 , tavern 007c.png )

The miniature conflagration extinguishes itself soon enough. By then, Abel's body is a Tharsian-sized piece of charcoal; the Ksselyr picks you up and dusts himself off.

"That there be magic, illegal magic." He says.
"Uh, thanks for that, I guess."
"If you did touch that dagger, you'd be crisp too, like him. Be thankful I saw that glint of magic that activated it."
"It seems I owe you more thanks."
"Eh, happy to help. Name's Moribe."

Felsa just stares at ex-Abel now. "Vesmir, you said he's the one who knows Keeran's last location, right?"

You just nod.

>What do?
[] Get out of the tavern via back entrance, like right now. Don't forget to pick up your own bag.
[] Ask Moribe about how he detected that kind of magic.
[] Leave the tavern via front end. Whoever killed Abel, you can find out... and vice versa.
[] Ask the bartender if there's another exit besides the front and back.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 571518 ID: 9ddf68

"never said he'd know, just have a better idea"

Anyways thank the guy again and leave out the front. I'm not to sure they know who you are yet and unless they have someone in this room watching you there's nothing saying you weren't just some concerned bystander try to help. If you snuck out the back on the other hand that might set off a few more red flags... plus it's easier to be ambushed in an ally then in a public street.
No. 571523 ID: 189a54

If nothing else goes wrong we'll be rushing to a boat to sail out of here anyway, so maybe we shouldn't worry about public appearance and still head out the back. An ambush may actually be less likely from an alley, if Abel's death is an example of how our enemy hits. There's a lot less angles for a knife in the back to come from in a narrower space than in a crowd full of people.

Also, ask Felsa and Morribe if they'd like to come along. With Abel dead you don't have anyone to watch your back at the moment, and that's no good.
No. 571557 ID: e1609c

favicon ready for approval in the /dis/ thread yo
No. 571640 ID: 718c2e

Nice! Thanks man.
No. 572607 ID: ece950
File 139869266154.png - (140.92KB , 500x500 , tavern 008a.png )

You realize that a crowd had started to form by now. You think of leaving via the front entrance, but you spy through the open door that the town guard is here. The captain looks pissed, and you really don't want any attention from higher authorities right now.
"Bartender, are you kind enough to tell me another way out?"
No. 572608 ID: ece950
File 139869293578.png - (88.11KB , 500x500 , tavern 008b.png )

Bartender: "Eh, you paid your drinks in full, and I want to help Felsa. Once you go the back door, go down to the lower piers. The guards rarely check there."
Vesmir: "Thank you, bartender."
B: "Just promise me one thing. Take Felsa with you! I can't stand her coming here sad-faced."
V: "Well, Felsa?"
Felsa: "Fine by me."
V: "Okay then. Let's go."
No. 572609 ID: ece950
File 139869321434.png - (119.77KB , 500x500 , tavern 008c.png )

Suddenly, Moribe interrupted. "May I come as well? I want to find out who's been making these daggers, their flagrant disregard of the Marnaka Convention bugs me."
"I suppose we could."

After grabbing your belongings, the three of you exit through the back door.

>Character select!
[] Be Felsa.
[] Be Moribe.
[] Stay as Vesmir.
[] How about we go to an inventory screen?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 572610 ID: a95b2e

>Take Felsa with you! I can't stand her coming here sad-faced.
Yes, going with a foreign spy being pursued by pyromaniac murderers is a much better idea.

Check inventory, be Felsa. (Because obviously being the tiny drunk character in the middle of an emergency makes perfect sense).
No. 572612 ID: 189a54

Be Felsa after a quick check of inventory. Tiny, drunken hands will carry this party to safety!
No. 573230 ID: e32c6e
File 139930808784.png - (138.90KB , 500x500 , inventory001.png )

A quick inventory check yields these results (some might be kept hidden to the others):

>1 Airfen 'Bow'. Actually a flechette gun. 70 ammo included.
>1 mysterious satchel that Abel gave you. Don't know what's in it yet.
>1 journal. Actually filled with recon notes, well, will be. Currently empty. (Semi-secret.)
>1 portable comm, to be used only in dire situations. Has other uses besides communicating with HQ. (Secret.)
>3 Airfen nutrirations, each can last for a week.
>100 Thalas coins, which is common maritime trading currency.
>Stored in a backpack, which includes a bedroll.

>1 pair of brazen knuckles, inset with magic-retaining crystals.
>1 prayer scroll, of the Neode religion; this is Moribe's religion.
>1 Orisi cube; some advanced forms of magic needs a focusing object. This obsidian cube is Moribe's focusing object.
>2 rockbread, bread preserved in such a way that they are hard as tacks. Just add a bit of magical essence to make them edible.
>50 Thalas coins.
>Stored in a travel sack. Moribe is such a spartan.

>1 heirloom dagger, previously belonging to Keeran. It's modest but has many uses.
>1 bottle of Fern Beer. Bartender won't notice it's missing anyways.
>5 pieces of sweets. Felsa likes sweet things.
>No money, she did spent all of it for drinks.
>Stored in a simple waist-pouch.
No. 573231 ID: e32c6e
File 139930819171.png - (92.78KB , 500x500 , errydayisgreatFELSA.png )

>Be Felsa.
Every day is great when you're FELSA!
Well, when you're also drunk anyways. Everything looks sweet when you're drunk.
No. 573235 ID: e32c6e
File 139930864303.png - (130.56KB , 500x500 , piers001.png )

But now that you're sober (a dead guy bursting into flames is really something), you suddenly find yourself somehow following this lanky Airfen dude (eh, all Airfen are lanky, and you're not really sure he's even a he, you know how it is with Airfens) and a Ksselyr traveler. You realize that you are currently walking on a pier, possibly the one behind the bar.
You have no idea why. All you remember is that the Airfen's name is Vesmir, and the Ksselyr's name is Moribe. And that somehow Vesmir knows something about Keeran's last location.
"So uh... where are we going, again?" You ask.
"A ship called Monsoon Cutter... I guess." Vesmir answers, lowering his voice, as if cautious.

>Wat do?
[] Wait, you think you saw a Monsoon Cutter at the east docks when you went to the bar this morning.
[] How can you be sure it's a ship?
[] Can we make a stop at my house to pick up some stuff? It's not far...
[] Other (fill in)
No. 573236 ID: e9e331

"I think I see someone behind the corner behind Moribe, are we being followed?"
No. 573237 ID: a95b2e

>and you're not really sure he's even a he
Hey, you were the one coming on to him, before.

Letting the others know this, casually, is probably important. Flaming dead guys with daggers in their bags make more sneaky people pretty suspicious.
No. 573274 ID: 63629f

[x] Can we make a stop at my house to pick up some stuff? It's not far...

You should know your neighborhood well enough that you can lose any tails after you have gotten your ADVENTURE! gear packed.
Also is that a cyclops cat drawing in that doorway?
No. 573599 ID: 165738

man, I wanted to ask Vesmir if the Templars won, what with Abstergo being a kingdom and all.


maybe she's bisexual I hope.

do tell him about the guy following us. and do make a stop at your house.
No. 573602 ID: 33df65
File 139956134601.png - (100.30KB , 500x500 , piers002a.png )

You are no stranger to these parts, and you can tell that someone is definitely shadowing you. You pull on Vesmir's cloak, stopping him.
"Oh, by the way, can we stop by my house to pick up some stuff?" You ask.
Vesmir was just about to say something, but then you gesture for him and Moribe to come closer.
No. 573603 ID: 33df65
File 139956169469.png - (115.16KB , 500x500 , piers002b.png )

As they kneeled to listen, you whisper to them, carefully as to not be overheard. "Someone's been trailing us since we left the tavern! Suspicious, I say... they're right behind that corner..."
Vesmir's face shows cautiousness, while Moribe's... look like that. Can't really read Ksselyr emotions.

>Wat do?
[] Moribe, think you have some magic to do something about it?
[] Maybe Vesmir has ideas on what to do. You're an Airfen mercenary!
[] Let's go on a detour to my house, I know places to lose the tail.
[] Suddenly brandish Fern Beer bottle and charge at the shadower!
[] Other (write in)
No. 573604 ID: a95b2e

We know this area better than the tail does, I think.

Let's use the detour to your house to lose them, or better yet, to double back and allow an ambush. (Like if we get Vesmir behind them and lead the tail into a narrow alley). If they're with whoever did the stabbings and burnings, maybe we'll get some answers.
No. 573605 ID: 165738


exactly what I was thinking. you gotta corner 'em before you spook 'em.
No. 573612 ID: 2baea8

No. 573644 ID: 4d2517

Start the detour to lose them, but be prepared to set up an ambush. See if you can get a better look at whoever is following you first, like use something reflective to see behind you. Maybe your knife or a shop window?
No. 573949 ID: 9f9f74
File 139981280168.png - (107.85KB , 500x500 , piers003a.png )

"Let's go to your house, Felsa." Moribe says, just as he pulls out a small obsidian cube. You know that he's got something up his sleeve, so you walk with him and Vesmir.
No. 573950 ID: 9f9f74
File 139981303165.png - (87.28KB , 500x500 , piers003b.png )

You purposely take a twisting, winding path, and hear your pursuer still shadowing you. Moribe and Vesmir is still by you, while you give an improptu tour of the alleys near your house.

You are now temporarily the snoop.
You've been shadowing them for quite a while now. It seems as if they're almost to their destination- oops, can't let yourself be seen.
No. 573951 ID: 9f9f74
File 139981317348.png - (87.79KB , 500x500 , piers003c.png )

You peek again after concealing yourself behind a corner. Hmm, where'd the Ksselyr guy go?
"I swear he was there when I looked earlier... where'd he go?"

You definitely did not sense the magic winds that just blew near you. In fact, you didn't even feel any kind of wind.
No. 573952 ID: 189a54

Whip around and fall to the ground screaming incoherently! It's your only hope!
No. 573953 ID: 9f9f74
File 139981345437.png - (116.43KB , 500x500 , piers003d.png )

Suddenly, a black hand lands itself on your shoulder, and a voice softly spoke behind you.

Scared the fur off your neck.

You are now back as Felsa! The plan was a success; our tailer turns out to be a Gato. There's that symbol again...
>Wat do?
[]Try and seduce the Gato to tell who sent him.
[]Get Vesmir to interrogate him at bowpoint.
[]Maybe Moribe has mind-reading magics?
[]Brandish your Fern Beer and use that.
[]Other (fill in)
No. 573954 ID: 189a54

All of the above. First, go good-cop, bad-cop on him. After scaring him with Vesmir's bow, have Felsa try seducing him with herself and the beer. While his mental defenses are down due to complete and utter confusion, if Morribe has any mind-reading powers then would be the time.
No. 573955 ID: 256d52

>[x]Brandish your Fern Beer and use that.
That'll show him who's boss.
No. 573979 ID: 257051

>There's that symbol again...
Okay, the symbol on his coat was last seen here, >>573235 , scribbled on the wall. If it's on building and people, possibly some kind of gang sign, indicating territory and membership?

>what do
Reach up and while looking at him slyly, rub the symbol between your thumb and your forefinger. Kind of an a-ha, what's this doing here, thing.

If he thinks you recognize it, and knows what it means he belongs to, it'll be easier to get him to spill the beans. He's already frazzled and afraid by how he was apprehended.

...and if you really need to play scary bad cop, you've got a big blunt bottle of booze, and you're standing at crotch height. It would really only take a casual toying brandish or two in the right direction to suddenly make him very talkative. (Especially if you waste a line or two acting like you're going to be seductive before turning things uncomfortably on his head).
No. 573988 ID: e1609c

Other: "So, since I imagine you can already tell horrible things might befall you if you try any more sneakery, why not tell us why you were tailing us? Come on, quick quick now."
No. 574001 ID: 2baea8

No. 574149 ID: 4d2517

Also make sure to seduce him. He's far more supple than the other companions...
No. 574172 ID: 166ec0

threaten to shave off all his fur.
No. 574693 ID: 5348ee
File 140026120908.png - (114.08KB , 500x500 , piers004a.png )

Moribe stays behind the Gato as Vesmir's bow emerged from his backpack. "You see this, Gato? Do you know what it is? This is a genuine Airfen bow. Want to know what it does? It shoots sharp spikes into things. Sometimes, they go out the other side. If you don't want me to prove it on your head, start talking who sent you to tail us."
The Gato starts to sweat. "I-I don't know what you're talking about! I was just walking this way, yeah, that's it!"
No. 574694 ID: 5348ee
File 140026155788.png - (112.84KB , 500x500 , piers004b.png )

"Oh really?" You step up, Fern Beer in hand. Vesmir still aims his bow at the Gato.
"If you are who you say you are, and I'm betting you aren't since you didn't quite tell us who you are, why don't you come home with me? It's just over here anyways. Oh, I have my way of doing things, not like that Airfen over there."
No. 574695 ID: 5348ee
File 140026177789.png - (93.56KB , 500x500 , takeaganderatthisbeaut.png )

"It'll just take me five minutes with you, and you'll tell me everything you know. Five minutes~ alone~ with me~ sounds better than what the Airfen is offering, yes? Or maybe we'll settle for a quickie, and spill the beans right here~"

The Gato is right within your seduce zone. No way he's going to bail now.
No. 574699 ID: e1609c

[]Press for info about the gang.
No. 574700 ID: 5348ee
File 140026239713.png - (102.67KB , 500x500 , soconfusveryconfus.png )

(sorry about that, fixing posts)

Well, the double attack of threat and seduction has successfully confused the Gato.
"Err, uhhh, I'm sent by the Dock Cats Gang... you three looked like easy mark... uhh, uhh, pleasedon'tkillme, andgetherawayfrommeplease,"

>Wat do?
[] Press for further info on this Dock Cats Gang.
[] Press for further info on the incident at the tavern.
[] Press for further info on Abel's possible enemies.
[] He's useless, let him go.
[] He's useless, brain him and dump him off the piers.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 574701 ID: 2baea8

[] Press for further info on the incident at the tavern.
No. 574704 ID: 9a281a

Press him for a little more info. He's sure that's why he's here? The Dock Cats don't have him following us because someone else took an interest? Say, someone who might not have a liking for a certain Airfen, or who might have had something to do with that nasty business at the bar?

Take full, amused advantage of the fact he's apparently as scared of you as an arrow to the head.

If we can't get any info out of him, let him go with a bruise or bump form your bottle (assuming it's tough enough not to instantly shatter).

...so tempted.
No. 574706 ID: d6e000

Dump him
No. 574709 ID: e1609c

+1-ing this. If he really is just a grunt, tell him off and send him on his way after this, get a job or the next group might not be so kind.
No. 574712 ID: 189a54

No. 574713 ID: dc0200

Kidnap him and force him to go on amazing adventures with you.
No. 574810 ID: 05f838

press for more info about the gang. press long, and press hard.
No. 574900 ID: 4d2517

[] Press for further info on this Dock Cats Gang.
[] Press for further info on the incident at the tavern.
[] Press for further info on Abel's possible enemies.

These. Let's see if the Dock Cats could find out more about what happened at the tavern and who did it. I mean you have a little bit of money to pay and they might be willing to do a bit of legwork if you talk it up and make them feel good about it. Someone just got killed in their territory, gotta retaliate, that kind of stuff. They might even do it for free if you make it out like they'll be the cool underworld guys taking on mysterious villains.
No. 575153 ID: 2000fd

Incident at the tavern. That's the most pressing issue at the moment.
No. 575757 ID: a833a2
File 140103333821.png - (112.99KB , 500x500 , piers005a.png )

"Okay, first things first. What is this Dock Cats Gang?" You ask the confuzzled Gato.
"It's just a gang! You know, us locals gotta stick together, and stuff."
"Yeeeeah, why haven't I heard of them until now? And I lived here since forever."
"Okay, granted we just moved in this neighborhood a week ago, but still... You know 3rd pier? We started there..."
No. 575758 ID: a833a2
File 140103358305.png - (126.67KB , 500x500 , piers005b.png )

Vesmir cuts in with some questions of his own. "How about we cut to the more important chatter, eh? Like if you or the Dock Cats were involved with Abel turning to charred remains? How about that dagger? Abel has any enemies?"
The Gato freaks out in place. "Don'tshootme! Definitely wasn't us! I tailed you guys because Duke wanted to know if YOU're involved!!!"
No. 575761 ID: a833a2
File 140103379284.png - (167.56KB , 500x500 , piers005c.png )

Suddenly, a voice rang through the alleys near the piers. "Okay, that's enough, surround them!"
On cue, dozens of Gato pop out of their hiding place, wielding guns and rifles. The same voice rang again. "Dang it Piedro, you're supposed to get info on them, not giving info to them."
No. 575764 ID: a833a2
File 140103421804.png - (107.58KB , 500x500 , piers005d.png )

A Gato stepped forward, and told some of his men to hold their fire. "I am Duke, leader of the Dock Cats Gang. You ask if Abel have any enemy, it might be me. He owes me money. But if you ask if we're behind his death... No. He's more useful to us alive. Now how about you put that gun away, Airfen?"

>Wat do? You're still Felsa btw.
[] Oi Vesmir, put the gun down please?
[] Take a drink, ask more questions.
[] Put your charm mode on and try to seduce Duke.
[] Tell Moribe to grab Piedro and for all to run!
[] Other (fill in)
No. 575765 ID: 9a281a

>You ask if Abel have any enemy, it might be me. He owes me money. But if you ask if we're behind his death... No. He's more useful to us alive.
Point out to Vesmir that if Abel owed Duke money, then they share a common enemy. Both of you have a reason to oppose whoever killed him.

Which hopefully gets him to lower his weapon and diffuses the situation, somewhat. If they're after the same information as we are, there's really no need to run or fight. ...and we're outnumbered badly enough, and by people with ranged weapons, that fighting or running is probably a Bad Idea.
No. 575796 ID: 2bfcdf

[] Put your charm mode on and try to seduce Duke.
I just want to see what happens, really. I'm sure Vesmir is smart enough to realize he doesn't need to be waving around a gun right now.
No. 575864 ID: 2f4b71

>[] Take a drink, ask more questions.
Vesmir can deal with his gun himself, you have important Fern Beer related business to attend to.
No. 575868 ID: 189a54

Seduce Duke. With your irresistible charms you can get him and his whole gang around your finger for the party's use!
No. 575871 ID: e3aff6

No. 575915 ID: 2baea8

>[] Oi Vesmir, put the gun down please?
>[] Other (fill in:

If Duke helps us find whoever killed Abel, he can use the loot to cover Abel's debt.
No. 576940 ID: 5e95ce
File 140180498294.png - (93.34KB , 500x500 , piers006a.png )

Vesmir, without being instructed, holsters his bow. He knows when to use his bow, it seems.
"Man am I glad that's out of my face." Piedro mumbles slightly. "By the way, boss, these guys are also after whoever's offed Abel."
No. 576941 ID: 5e95ce
File 140180514827.png - (117.88KB , 500x500 , piers006b.png )

You sidle up to Duke. "Well, handsome, Abel was our friend too. So how about we work together? I'll even share you my fern beer~"
No. 576942 ID: 5e95ce
File 140180539373.png - (106.45KB , 500x500 , piers006c.png )

Duke declined. "No. I don't care what you want, Felsa, I know you. Nor I care about what your friends here want. Just get out of my territory. And no, even though you asked nicely, I'm told not to accept any offer from you."
Well snap, someone whose your charms don't work against! This Duke guy is suave.
No. 576943 ID: 5e95ce
File 140180571860.png - (92.77KB , 500x500 , piers006d.png )

Moribe interrupts your conversation.
"Excuse me, I think we found who killed Abel- or rather, they found us."
A rather menacing figure is holding a slain Dock Cats gato, a familiar dagger in its hand.

>Wat do:
[] Vesmir, gun the freak!
[] Moribe, got any magic?
[] Duke, can't your men do something?
[] Fern beer throw!
[] Let's run, this guy means business!
[] Other (fill in)
No. 576947 ID: c7a241

To Duke: ...now will you accept our help, or do you still want us getting the hell out of your territory?

Vesmir should engage at range, although I don't expect that to take this guy down. He looks crazy enough to dodge a few arrows. The purpose of the attack to buy time for Moribe to cast a spell to shut him down.

...and yeah, if it's close enough, even throwing fen beer is a distraction in a bind.
No. 577018 ID: 24dc7a

Yep on all counts except the beer throwing.
On the beer throwing, aren't that desperate yet. (Also he will be able to dodge easily at that range).
No. 577046 ID: 2baea8

Yes to the first three, no to the fourth, no to the fifth (for now), and other: Felsa checks other paths to the back alley in case tall dark and scary has friends.
No. 580634 ID: 874658
File 140359622373.png - (157.92KB , 500x500 , dukeisPISSED.png )

"He got Nyadec." Duke said. A temporary silence emanates from him.
"He. Got. One. Of. Us." You can feel some kind of seething heat with each word.
"Boys. You know what to do." The words monotonously exits his mouth.
No. 580635 ID: 874658
File 140359633844.png - (137.34KB , 500x500 , piers007a.png )

Without further ado, the Dock Cats open fire at the unknown assailant. You can barely see anything in the gunsmoke.
No. 580636 ID: 874658
File 140359648157.png - (138.30KB , 500x500 , piers007b.png )

Another voice, this time rattling about like gravel, comes from the smoke. "My turn."
The assassin hurls a badly-damaged corpse of Nyadec to the gaggle of furious Dock Cats, seemingly unharmed by the volley.
No. 580637 ID: 874658
File 140359656564.png - (118.96KB , 500x500 , piers007c.png )

Another Dock Cats gets hit by the corpse, while Vesmir lines up for a shot. "I think I can hit his head..."
No. 580640 ID: 874658
File 140359673371.png - (122.86KB , 500x500 , piers007d.png )

But just then, the corpse combusts, taking with it the unlucky Dock Cats with the rifle. The sudden conflagration ignited the gunpowder, almost hitting Vesmir.
"Krwa! Bloody hell, I almost forgot about what that dagger does!"
In the meantime, you yourself has been busy...
No. 580641 ID: 874658
File 140359701384.png - (103.04KB , 500x500 , piers007e.png )

You look for possible exits, and it seems that these three ways are the safest. "Guys! We can go through the arch to the market! Or we could go down to the under-piers! There's also that open window!"
>Where go?
[] Arch - we might lose him in the crowded markets
[] Under-pier - just like the Bartender said, it's a good place to lose the town guard, and maybe the assassin too
[] Ladder - You'd have to go through people's houses, but maybe you can lose him among the rooftops
[] Stay and fight... but it seems dagger-man is bulletproof...
[] Other (fill in)
No. 580642 ID: 53ba34

grab knife with cloth, throw back.
No. 580643 ID: 874658

(the knife is still held in the assassin's hand, btw)
No. 580670 ID: 22c1b1

Even if you don't manage to lose the assassin there are bound to be good places for an ambush there. Also it's closest to water.
No. 580693 ID: 50338d

Markets seem a bad idea. This guy doesn't seem afraid of collateral damage, or fighting with fire. The crowds won't stop him- they'll just up the by count.

Same problem with running through homes. Things will burn, people will die.

The sewers should be made of stone, and there should be water, at least. And less chance of bystanders.

>it seems dagger-man is bulletproof
That doesn't mean he's crossbow-in-just-the-right-place-proof, or magic-proof. Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of a lot of room to experiment.
No. 582763 ID: 728276
File 140448697863.png - (120.75KB , 500x500 , piers008a.png )

As you try to pick the lock of the hatch to the under-pier, the assailant jumps down from the roof.
"Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of a Ksselyr. How fortunate, my blade thirsts for magic!"
Meanwhile, Moribe uttered something, maybe in his native tongue? You're not sure...
No. 582767 ID: 728276
File 140448717153.png - (112.25KB , 500x500 , piers008b.png )

Moribe opens his palms, and the assassin seemed to recoil in surprise and confusion. You didn't see anything though? Magic is weird that way. You continue to pick the lock.
No. 582768 ID: 728276
File 140448743038.png - (142.05KB , 500x500 , piers008c.png )

Finally, the hatch opens. "Hey guys! It's open!" you declare.
"My magic will only blind him temporarily, it's best we retreat quickly." Moribe said.
"I can't get a solid bead on him, and it seems like bullets don't work at all against this guy. Yeah, we should retreat." Vesmir replied, a slight tinge of shock in his voice.
Nearby, you see Duke just simmering in hate, and Pietro, who seems to glance at the open hatch.
No. 582769 ID: 728276
File 140448801568.png - (140.73KB , 500x500 , piers008d.png )

The other Dock Cats have scattered after their friend got toasted, or trying to take pot shots while retreating, but Duke and Piedro is still standing on the piers.
"Listen up you Svardoge-damned Pentodjo! I'll have your head on a stick, you hear me? This I swear! I will have my revenge!!" Duke bellowed out.
"C-c'mon, boss, let's scram..." Piedro begged, a hand on Duke's shoulder. "Can you help me get the boss out of here? Just for now, anyways! He never thinks straight when he's raging like this!"

>Wat do?
[] Stall the assassin a bit more so Duke can simmer down and escape on his own.
[] Nope, leave them be, it's not our concern.
[] Just grab Duke and get him the hell out!
[] Fern beer...? You know it calms you down?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 582770 ID: 2baea8

>Use Fern Beer on Duke. By hitting him over the head with it.
>Then drag him away.
No. 582779 ID: 24dc7a

>[] Just grab Duke and get him the hell out!
Vesmir can probably carry him.
No. 582780 ID: 50338d

Let's drag duke out of here, for his own good. It'll take too long to let him cool off, and there's no point in leaving him to be killed.
No. 583918 ID: b28c0b
File 140517493248.png - (121.63KB , 500x500 , piers009a.png )

"That's it, you Gretch, you're getting your intestines ripped straight out of your stomach! I'll rip you a-"
Duke, his vision a tunnel made of rage, did not even acknowledge as you sidle up behind him. You know what to do.
No. 583919 ID: b28c0b
File 140517501891.png - (134.51KB , 500x500 , piers009b.png )

....aaand a swift knock on the back of the head should do it. Now Duke's calmed down!
"He's going to be reeal mad when he wakes up..." Piedro mumbled.
No. 583920 ID: b28c0b
File 140517513544.png - (127.52KB , 500x500 , totheunderpier!.png )

"Vesmir! Grab 'im!" You yell, and as soon as the words leave your mouth he's already leaping down the open hatch, an unconscious Duke in his arm.
No. 583921 ID: b28c0b
File 140517536006.png - (114.13KB , 500x500 , underpier001.png )

You grab Moribe's back and latch on as he and Piedro also jumped down. "Well, here we are in the under-piers! I know where the docks are." You say.
"Maybe we can lose him in the Dock Cats' hideout? Just a suggestion..." Piedro replied.
No. 583923 ID: b28c0b
File 140517576784.png - (121.46KB , 500x500 , underpiermap.png )

"We best decide quickly, my spell should be dispelled by now, and he's probably smart enough to notice the open hatch. Let's move." Wise words from Moribe.
>Where to?
[] Merchant docks - you're looking for Abel's ship, right?
[] Illegal docks - well, it's listed as a fisherman's wharf, but maybe Abel's ship is there instead.
[] Dock Cats hideout - the assassin might not expect us to double back the other way around.
[] City Center - plenty of places to get lost, you know the streets well; but there's also town guards patrolling, for good or for bad.
[] Guardhouse - maybe asking the town guards directly might help us in the long run?
[] City Limits - screw the sea route, let's disappear on foot!
[] Swim Dammit - forget the wooden walkways, the assassin might not even think about searching underwater; plus, fire hate wet.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 583960 ID: 638a22

>He's going to be real mad when he wakes up..
At least this way he lives long enough to wake up.

>where go
Dang, that's a lot of choices. Let's see what we can narrow down...

I'd rule out swimming. We're carrying an unconscious guy, and we're carrying gear that might not work so well in water (it could ruin the paper stuff, maybe force cleaning / drying the crossbow, or disabling the secret communicator). Plus, if we're discovered, that kind of leaves us sitting ducks.

Guards seem a bad idea, unless we're willing to try and get people killed to cover our exit. From what we've seen so far, I doubt they can stop this guy. Also, we're traveling with at least one known criminal, and the rest of us are possibly suspects with what went down in the bar. They likely wouldn't listen quick enough to do any good.

City center, again, just seems a way to rack up collateral damage. This guy won't care who's in his way.

I guess I'd be tempted to try and get away by doubling back, before heading for the ship at the docks.
No. 584013 ID: 24dc7a

I think the illegal docks are our best bet; doubling back is tempting but the assasin probably has some detection magic that would keep us from sneaking past him.
No. 584023 ID: 39ff39

At first i thought City Center because if he does follow us we can point him out to the city guards and hide while they handle him, But now I'm going with Illegal docks because we might find the Abel's ship and we might find other people like the assassin who are willing to fight him.
Because we're still missing a human and an orc.
No. 584844 ID: 15542c
File 140584665945.png - (127.16KB , 500x500 , underpier002a.png )

"Go left!" You yell, which caught the attention of Moribe and Vesmir.
"Wait, isn't that the old fisherman's wharf?" Piedro asks, in mid-stride.
"What, you don't know smugglers use that as their port?"
"...I thought that was just an urban legend! Let's go there!"
No. 584845 ID: 15542c
File 140584682944.png - (144.47KB , 500x500 , underpier002b.png )

Suddenly, all four of you hear a loud thump.
"He's got moderate spell resistance, I see!" Moribe commented.
"Dagger's going to drink magic blood, and it's going to drink it NOW! RUN COWARDS!" The assailant boomed.
Vesmir seems to be eyeing the assailant intensely, while Piedro just ran faster.
No. 584846 ID: 15542c
File 140584704656.png - (178.22KB , 500x500 , underpier002c.png )

As you look back at the assassin, you can see he's flipped his dangerous dagger in his hand, and is about to throw. You only have moments before he throws it!
>what do
[] "Vesmir! Shoot him!"
[] "Moribe! Magic him!"
[] "Piedro! ...do something!"
[] Remember that Fern Beer bottle? Yeah, might come in handy now!
[] Other (fill in)
No. 584847 ID: 22d852

...he's already been shown to be bulletproof and magic-resistant. And he'll be expecting attacks by both of them.

The Fen beer actually is our best chance at deflecting this attack. Pull a Checkov's bottle.

(If any opportunity comes up to stab this guy with his own magic dagger, that's probably our only shot at killing him).
No. 584855 ID: 11f39d

Can we use a combination of gun/magic/alcohol to takeout the dock beneath him? I don't think all that armour will make for easy swimming.
No. 584948 ID: d2bd0f

yo if we duck he'll have easier targets
first say 'HES ABOUT TO THROW' then hit him with the beer.
also, moribe did do a thing. hes not all that magic resistant!
No. 584949 ID: 2fd516

Toss the beer on him, then have Moribe light it on fire! Er, wait, is the beer high enough alcohol level? Can Moribe make fireballs?

Maybe you should just take the floor out from under him.
No. 585122 ID: 7e4b54

No. 586075 ID: 3e51ac
File 140645058394.png - (91.74KB , 500x500 , underpier003a.png )

Thinking this might be your last moment, you wisely chose to at least get a taste for that Fern Beer you've stol- er, generously liberated from the bartender.
"Wait, Felsa, is that Fern Beer you're holding?" Moribe noticed.
"Yepth. And he's about to throw."
"Throw your beer at him!"
No. 586077 ID: 3e51ac
File 140645071322.png - (150.65KB , 500x500 , underpier003b.png )

With all your might, you throw that bottle as hard as you can, while Moribe speaks more of his strange language.
You hope it's worth the wasted beer.
No. 586078 ID: 3e51ac
File 140645079945.png - (109.29KB , 500x500 , underpier003c.png )

It seems that Vesmir has ideas of his own, because he turned around and fired a salvo of his bow. The sound is not like a normal bow though, but you never know with Airfen-made stuff.
No. 586079 ID: 3e51ac
File 140645095794.png - (125.53KB , 500x500 , underpier003d.png )

The bottle flies in an arc over the assassin, but one of Vesmir's shots sent its contents spraying everywhere. You can almost see a shimmer of light shaped like a dome around the assassin.
"HAH! You should have learned by now that I have this shield on me!"
Well, this could get worse.
No. 586080 ID: 3e51ac
File 140645106864.png - (116.57KB , 500x500 , underpier003e.png )

"Enough games! Now burn for me!"
The assassin loosed his knife, but you blinked and did not know where it went.
No. 586081 ID: 3e51ac
File 140645119347.png - (131.28KB , 500x500 , underpier003f.png )

In the next fraction of a second, the pier under the assassin collapsed, sending him to the murky waters below.
"What in the name of Gro-blblblbbb!!!"
His armor weighs him under the waters.
No. 586082 ID: 3e51ac
File 140645138213.png - (123.32KB , 500x500 , underpier003g.png )

You turn your gaze towards to where the knife goes, and surprisingly, there was Piedro!
"Byeloge! Byeloge!" He said, which is either a curse or a prayer, you don't know which.
No. 586083 ID: 3e51ac
File 140645183697.png - (168.43KB , 500x500 , underpier003h.png )

With the assassin problem taken care of, you find the party at the exit of the underpiers.
"Well, that takes care of that. Let's find the Monsoon Cutter and get out of here." Vesmir said.
"Byeloge! What do I do with this knife?!? Will I burn like Nyadec?!?" Piedro panics.
"Relax, I think you only burn if you get stabbed, or touched a body that's been stabbed." Moribe calms him down.
"Wait, I think we should ask one of the locals! They know where the ships are, I guess?" You said.

All the time, the bait and tackle vendor is eyeing your party.
>What do?
[] Ask the vendor about Monsoon Cutter.
[] Go directly to the docks and search manually.
[] Go to the fishing pier to ask other folks, that vendor doesn't look trustworthy.
[] Other (fill in)
No. 586112 ID: e6f437

Congratulate Piedros sweet catch and ask if he is going to hold on to the dagger or chuck it off the pier.

Go search the docks manually.
There might be more people after you and the vendor could sell you out if he knows which ship you are looking for.
No. 586120 ID: 9f3229

Depending on how deep the waters around here I'd see if there's any way to recover the assailants body and figure out if he has anything on him that would let you identify him and whoever he may be associated with
No. 586137 ID: 2fd516

Ask the vendor. He's probably just eyeing you because of what you're talking about, and you just mentioned the Cutter in his presence anyway so what do you have to hide?
No. 586160 ID: 602ef7

The knife's clearly too dangerous to keep.

Buy live bait. jab live bait. let it burn to ash.

Unless Moribe has the knowledge to make the thing safe.
No. 586182 ID: 2f4b71

>Buy live bait. jab live bait. let it burn to ash.
That sounds like a good idea. Carting it around with the hope that we can find out where it came from is one thing, but not worth the risk of getting caught with it by the authorities, or it being tracked by Cast-Iron Tuxedo.
No. 586185 ID: 6d3b18

So... Moribe cast booze to acid and it ate through the floor around him?

Holy fuck, Piedro. That's crazy.

>what do
Ask vendor. If he makes us suspicious, we can knock him out after, or Moribe can cast amnesia dust or something.
No. 586232 ID: e31ca1

Go loot the assasin/make sure he's dead
No. 586262 ID: 761017

Recover the assassin asap, he just fell through a second ago, dont let him die before you can interrogate him!

If he is still concious when you dive down there, hang out for a few moment until he goes unconcious.
No. 586367 ID: ed7e4a

[-] Ask the vendor about Monsoon Cutter.
[x] Go directly to the docks and search manually.
[-] Go to the fishing pier to ask other folks, that vendor doesn't look trustworthy.
[x] Other (fill in)

The less people know anything about this the better, and Felsa's home may yield some benefit to us, so heading back there first may be a good idea.
No. 586389 ID: 17ad20

If the assassin is dead he is deep underwater, and if he isn't we don't want to be anywhere near him. Go search manually for the ship.
No. 587602 ID: ba9652
File 140699468491.png - (110.59KB , 500x500 , illedocks001a.png )

You ponder about looting the assassin. But it seems like being under 20 Kon (~800 cm) of water will make it hard.
"Hey Vesmir, do you think we should check if the scary dude is really dead?"
"NO. No. I don't know what other tricks are up his sleeve, he might be waiting for us to do just that."
Oh okay then.
"Uh, my arms are getting cramped from holding this dagger, shouldn't we do something about it?" Piedro asks.
No. 587603 ID: ba9652
File 140699497374.png - (112.77KB , 500x500 , illedocks001b.png )

"Well, what if we get it a scabbard?" You suggest.
"I- I dunno... will it burn?" Piedro shakenly asks.
You then pull out Keeran's dagger, and pulls out the scabbard. "Will this do, Moribe?"
"Hmm, I guess so. So far, the dagger only burns its kills; the living ones, anyways."
You and Piedro slowly slide the accursed dagger into the sheath; at least it can now be carried safely, although it's kinda of a loose fit.
"Now, let's go find the Monsoon Cutter!" you say, excitedly.
No. 587604 ID: ba9652
File 140699511965.png - (171.15KB , 500x500 , Monsoon Cutter.png )

It was not long before you find what you're looking for: the Monsoon Cutter. And it couldn't be any other ship, because it's currently the only one moored that's big enough to be a smuggler's ship.
"There it is, guys!"
It seems like the crew is preparing to set sail; a plethora of cargo being lifted and people of various races being busy around the pier.
No. 587605 ID: ba9652
File 140699548966.png - (151.33KB , 500x500 , illedocks001c.png )

As you approach the piers proper, you are stopped by a Hozith.
"Whoa,hold up there children. This part of the docks is closed to tourists."
"...don't care about that, Abel's dead- What seems to be the matter, Gnoros?" A Tharsian woman spoke from behind him. It seems she was talking to the big, armored Tharsian behind her just a few moments earlier.
"We got trespassers here, ma'am."

>what do?
[] "Wait, we're not trespassers! We want to be smuggled out!"
[] "Abel's dead, we saw who might have done it!"
[] "This Airfen here knows Abel, ask him questions!"
[] Other (fill in)
No. 587609 ID: f839a9

So... Felsa has an immolation knife, now. *Evil grin*.

Wait, dumb question. Dose Piedro really want to skip town with us and an unconscious Duke in tow? I mean, it made sense he wanted to save Duke from getting killed by fighting when running was better before, but now that things have calmed down a little...

Yo Vesmir, you're up. (Maybe that package is worth showing?).
No. 587614 ID: 24dc7a

[x] "This Airfen here knows Abel, ask him questions!"
No. 587628 ID: dc4b80

As soon as you can get a strap to hold that knife firmly in the scabbard. Is a nasty piece of magic but could come in handy as long as you avoid getting nicked by it.

Vesmir its your time to shine. Let them know what happened.
No. 588918 ID: 0c98ee
File 140766420160.png - (126.09KB , 500x500 , illedocks002a.png )

You are now Vesmir.
"This Airfen here knows what happens to Abel!" Felsa says.
"Ah, you're that guy Abel's supposed to meet, right? Now tell me what's going on." The Tharsian woman waits.
"Well, I was supposed to meet him in a tavern. He was supposed to smuggle me to Abstergo."
"I see, that's why there's some money added to the ledger that says 'Airfen business'. Go on?"
"So he arrived, but with a magic dagger on his back. And he burns to dust."
"Damnit Abel. Now all his debts are going to bite me in the ass."
"Well, afterwards we were chased by the guy who uses the dagger. We managed to sink him and steal his weapon."
"I see... so, you're looking for me because you want safety now, right?"
"That's one reason, I guess." You heft Abel's bag up.
No. 588919 ID: 0c98ee
File 140766433387.png - (92.71KB , 500x500 , illedocks002b.png )

"The other thing is, Abel died giving me this bag. Can you tell me what he's dealing with?"
The Tharsian woman shifts her weight. "Plenty of things. Besides a certain Abstergo dropoff, I can't really tell you the details of his other 'cargo', kid."
"Well, how about we open up the bag and see, then?" You retort.
No. 588920 ID: 0c98ee
File 140766453053.png - (67.04KB , 500x500 , themacguffin.png )

A small scroll and a large amulet is inside.
"That's it? Abel died for this?" The Tharsian woman kinda stares in disbelief.
"Whatever that is, I don't detect any magic from it." Moribe pipes up.
"It's gotta be pretty important, the guy chasing us used forbidden magic in the dagger." said Felsa.
No. 588921 ID: 0c98ee
File 140766497426.png - (46.80KB , 500x500 , Abelsnote.png )

You open up the scroll. A hastily-written note, presumably written by Abel.
"Wait, that's Abel's writing! What does he mean by 'get Caena safe'?" The woman exclaimed.
"Why is that?" you ask.
"You're talking to no other than Caena, spring bean."
"What's that on the bottom?" Felsa curiously asked.
Well, whatever it is, you've got to decide what happens now.
>wat do?
[] There's gotta be more to the amulet, right? Inspect it better! Can't be just some amulet.
[] Try to parlay with Caena, and get off this place and on a boat ASAP. Even if it means telling her about your secret mission.
[] Wait, what's up with the big Tharsian dude with the face-scar? He could help us, right? Talk to him!
[] Other (fill in)
No. 588941 ID: ed7e4a

have the airfen check out the amulet while discussion is made with scar face for letting us tag along as free workers for passage. time to GTFO.
No. 588945 ID: 4b571b

>What does he mean by 'get Caena safe'?
Well, you'd know better than I, but I would guess that means either he cared about you, or that you know something.

>the letter
...that looks suspiciously like it's coded. Especially the words are spaced irregularly on the horizontal, like he wanted them to line up a certain way. Especially with what might be a code key at the bottom. Is this a code you know, Vesmir?

>inspect the amulet?
Maybe give it better than a once over, but we don't have time for a full probing of secrets right now.

>what do
First order of business would be to attempt to parley with Caena. You already have money on your books for this 'Airfen business'. Will you honor that agreement in Abel's place, or do we have to negotiate further for passage?
No. 588966 ID: 2fd516

Bottom-left-left-right-bottom-center? Or b is "back".

I think the amulet has a secret compartment, and bllrbc is the combination to open it.
No. 589758 ID: ed7e4a

OP. All i can say is that I deliberately sat this one out, so this guess is not who you think it may be if you are thinking. I think. yarrgh.
No. 589761 ID: 2fd516

No. 589823 ID: e24e50
File 140828500553.png - (75.66KB , 500x500 , amuletclicks.png )

Hmm, something about this amulet looks kinda off... these nubs could be pushed? You wonder if Abel's note is the key. You push the nubs as per the instruction (bottom-left-left-right-bottom), but the C... center?
You push on the gem, and it beeps. You knew it, it's disguised Airfen technology!
No. 589824 ID: e24e50
File 140828559384.png - (115.24KB , 500x500 , illedocks003a.png )

A ghostly hologram of Abel hovers, along with his recorded voice. "Vesmir, I know you will discover this. I have something to tell you; I am an agent of the Abstergo empire. I've discovered an assassination plot, but I think they're starting to know. Get this amulet to Gaspar Radjiee, he'll know what to do. Caena- stay safe. When you see this, I might be dead already. I don't want my favourite nephew to get caught up."
After a few moments of wordlessness, Caena regained her composure. "Oh wow. I knew that old man has secrets, but not this big."
"You know of this Gaspar?" Moribe asks.
"Yes, but he's the first mate of the Gwyn's Gale. And it's missing."
"So, let's get things straight. Me and my friends here want passage on your ship. My destination is Abstergo." You say.
No. 589826 ID: e24e50
File 140828590801.png - (124.24KB , 500x500 , illedocks003b.png )

"Oh, you're going to Abstergo too?" The big Tharsian spoke. "Me and my mercenaries are going to see what fortune lies there. Ah, pardon me, where are my manners? My name is Samo, people call me Broken-Face Samo, hah. More's the merrier!"
"Yeah well, that's great and all, but there's the matter of payment to be had. Samo, your group have paid in full, but so far this Vesmir guy is the only one who have got his money straight. I don't see the Ksselyr, Llyskan or those two Gatos paying up." Caena interjects.
No. 589828 ID: e24e50
File 140828643025.png - (116.46KB , 500x500 , illedocks003c.png )

"How much is the cost for one passenger?" A voice rang up.
"Boss! You awake?"
"Yeah. Listen up, Piedro, I don't care if you're coming or not, but it seems like fate has me here. I've got to find where the assassin comes from. And I have some unfinished business in Abstergo anyways."
"I-I'll come too, boss! Who else is going to help you when you go berserk?"
"There's me, I think?" Felsa pipes up. "I have to look for Keeran, he was in Gwyn's Gale!"
"Allright you lot, fifty Thalas per head is the price. You got the money?" Caena names the price.
"I have enough for me and Piedro here." Duke says.
"I uh, have no money at all..." Felsa dejectedly replied.
"I have enough for me." Moribe replies.
Now it's up to you.
>wat do?
[] Pay for Felsa's fee
[] Ask for a discount
[] Ask to pay with services
[] Ask about Samo, can we hitch with their merc company?
[] Other (fill in)
No. 589830 ID: 66b87b

aw i wish we got to meet the gato who made a FINGER GUN in >>575761
well. thats a lot of passangers dude, try to barter! ask for a discount!
No. 589832 ID: 4b571b

...I don't suppose half-sized passengers pay half price?

Seriously though, pay her fare. She's been useful enough so far.
No. 590957 ID: 49c9da
File 140889317605.png - (117.66KB , 500x500 , illedocks004a.png )

Caena receives her payments - "Whoah, I guess you guys are itchin' to get away, huh? Didn't think you'd pay that high fee!"
"A pay's a pay." Moribe says.
"And that's for me and Piedro! There should be 100 Thalas!" Duke says.
"That 50 Thalas I just paid you is for Felsa here, since my fee is already paid. She's coming with us." You make things clear.
No. 590958 ID: 49c9da
File 140889331412.png - (126.97KB , 500x500 , illedocks004b.png )

"Uh, ma'am, the ships' ready to sail. We better get these new cargo up."
"Very well, Gnoros. Alright, you heard my quartermaster, get on the ship! We're leaving soon!" Caena makes the last call.
No. 590959 ID: b371eb
File 140889360498.png - (147.75KB , 500x500 , illedocks004c.png )

Everyone climbs up without a fuss. That is, until the Dock Cats show up on the pier, while the Monsoon is setting sail.
"Boss! Izzit true you're going to Abstergo?!?"
"Yeah boys, I'm hunting down who's attacking us! Don't you worry about me - tell Marquess she's in charge until I get back!" Duke yells over the edge, the cityscape of Corazon seems to be saying its farewells to him.
"When will you be back, boss?"
"Bye boss! Get 'im good, boss!"
"Do it for Nyadec!"
The Dock Cats soon look so small in the distance.
No. 590960 ID: b371eb
File 140889374307.png - (133.03KB , 500x500 , illedocks004d.png )

And soon, the city-state of Corazon itself look so small in the distance, as the Monsoon Cutter sails off to Abstergo. Where they hope their myriad questions might be answered...

---Arc 1, Chapter 1, end---
No. 590961 ID: b371eb
File 140889386871.png - (74.41KB , 500x500 , epilogue-a.png )


Some few hours after Monsoon Cutter left, a Llyskan caught something on his fishing rod.
No. 590962 ID: b371eb
File 140889398038.png - (156.07KB , 500x500 , epilogue-b.png )

"GROZAK THRICE CURSE THEM, AND YOU TOO!" came a booming, angry voice, from under the sea.
Suffice to say, that this is definitely NOT what the Llyskan was expecting to catch.
No. 590963 ID: b371eb
File 140889405694.png - (120.87KB , 500x500 , epilogue-c.png )

As the Llyskan runs off babbling something about a sea monster, the assassin hears his name shouted.
No. 590964 ID: b371eb
File 140889420949.png - (72.29KB , 500x500 , epilogue-d.png )

He walks towards the source of annoyance. "Who, and why do you wish to die today?!?"
"Anaximander, don't be a stranger, eh? Come on. It's me, Jesst!"
"...You better have something good to say, or I'll beat you up."
No. 590965 ID: b371eb
File 140889464639.png - (102.77KB , 500x500 , epilogue-e.png )

"Oh, come on, don't be like that to your lifelong friend, even though you lost your beloved knife. I've got good news and bad news." Jesst says as he rips off the borrowed face.
"Spill it, shapeshifter." Anaximander gruffly holds back his hate.
"The good news: I know where they're headed, and which ship they took. Abstergo, Monsoon Cutter. The bad news? The Beastmaster is on their trail. You won't be able to kill them with your own hands."
"Hrrrrnnnggg. The Beastmaster better sink that ship like he did Gwyn's Gale. They got the snitch Abel's belongings."
"He best be, indeed. For us Faceless' sake. Who knows how much info on the coming Abstergo job they know?" Jesst then lets out a mad cackle. "But strangely, this makes me giddy as hell! Very interesting, so exciting!"
"...You're weird, have I told you that before?"

end of epilogue.
No. 590966 ID: 01745f

So the assassin is alive surprising no one, and the bait vendor is not only indeed a spy but is also a face-stealing boogeyman, surprising everyone.
No. 591070 ID: cca187

Oh yeah, forgot to announce this: a short 1 week hiatus will commence for both Tharsia and Ouroboros. In the meantime, how do you like the first chapter of Tharsia? Any critique?
No. 591106 ID: 879a42

I haven't input on ANY of this quest, but I read the whole thing and here is what I think, a good job on a classic DND like setting, although of course its completely your world with your rules with your own races and so on, it seemed to flow nicely. I'll say some characters were more fleshed out than others, but time will allow the characters more devolopment and so on. (personally just morribe for me, seemed to willing to along with it very easy, but just speculation) I thought it was well written and run, and I will be around for it next chapter. I do have to ask, how much was prewritten and how much influence did the suggesters have on the story? How much improvisation was there?
No. 591614 ID: ed7e4a

I really enjoyed it. The puzzle was cool, as is your style of telling stories. I hope that we get a chapter or sub chapter involving intrigue on the highseas, and get to explore this temporary home that is the monsoon cutter.
No. 591643 ID: 79aee7

Woooo, back from vacation!

>How much was prewritten?
Well, to be honest, when I started the quest I only came up with 'it started in a tavern'. Then as the quest goes on, I had the vague feel that 'it should end on a ship'. This wasn't final, of course. I gotta say that there were a lot of improv going on, and you guys' decisions really kinda shaped the characters as it is.

Don't worry about this, the next chapter(s?) will definitely be set in the high seas. The route isn't strictly Corazon -> Abstergo, and even then there is the looming threat of the Beastmaster.

I'll take your advice for fleshing out Moribe in the next chapter, which should be up prrrobably sometime in September. Expect new Ouroboros update next midweek, and the new chapter the weekend after that. Thank you for reading!
No. 593046 ID: c2c017

Chapter 2 Link:


For those who want to read uninterrupted.
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