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File 139450352558.jpg - (414.27KB , 1200x800 , chapter 6.jpg )
565909 No. 565909 ID: 609cf1

yet another twist of the blade.
Wracked by deceit, as his friends turn their backs to him. Destiny, holy swords, end of times...
But first the demon castle, Arimasho~!

Tune in for another episode of what I am almost certain is the sixth chapter of...
[b/]Eadoo quest[/b]
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No. 565910 ID: 609cf1
File 139450514041.jpg - (162.91KB , 800x533 , man walking.jpg )

>Man walks... slowly through the barren fields along the great black forest. Muttering under his breath

Gaigo - what a horrible night for a curse... Hopefully your presence can ward off any danger.

▒▒t▒▒▒▒ - M▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒, ▒e▒s ▒▒▒ ▒▒an▒▒ any▒▒▒▒▒.

Gaigo - Soon we'll be home, safe... We'll have plenty of time to rest... recover our strength... Prepare for our vengeance...

G▒▒▒▒▒▒ - ▒▒▒'▒ ▒▒▒▒ sister.▒. ▒▒▒▒t ▒▒▒ ▒e▒▒ any▒▒▒▒▒?

Gaigo - It doesn't matter... I cannot over look what happened... I will not falter.

▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ - ▒▒t Gai▒▒..▒ ▒▒▒ ▒oves ▒▒▒▒.▒ C▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒ ▒in▒ ▒▒ ▒▒ ▒o▒▒ h▒▒▒▒ ▒▒ ▒org▒▒▒ ▒▒r▒

Gaigo - you're Testing me, half blood!! I will never forgive, I will never forget! You... You did not live what I did... You could never understand...

▒▒▒▒▒n▒ - ▒▒t'▒ ▒▒av▒ ▒▒ ▒▒▒ ▒▒w▒ ▒e'▒▒ ▒o▒ ▒u▒▒▒s▒▒.
No. 565912 ID: 609cf1
File 139450524211.jpg - (235.84KB , 800x533 , creepy spider.jpg )

Gaigo - Show yourself monster! I do not wish to stain my blade this night!

Monster - Mmnnn... keeheehhee~ weary travelers, I could not help but overhear your strange debacle...

Gaigo - It is none of your busyness monster, crawl back into what ever dark crevice you call home and stay there till death finds you.

▒▒t▒▒▒▒ - S▒▒i▒▒▒▒▒, ▒▒n'▒ ▒▒ss ▒▒t▒ ▒▒▒, ▒▒'▒ ▒▒▒ger▒▒▒.▒.

Monster - ooh? but i only wish to help you~Keeheehee Allow me to present myself... I am Bogoda. Come closer now... let's "be friends"...

>You remembered [Soul eater]<
No. 565913 ID: 609cf1
File 139450525298.jpg - (128.82KB , 800x533 , shadow dream.jpg )

>Your strange dream burns into another, one filled with darkness and the sent of blood...

Ferret - Another dream Kaleb?

Kaleb - yes mistress... *pant-pant* ju-just like before...

Ferret - About your mother again?

Kaleb - yes...

Ferret - tell me...

Kaleb - mother became friends with with a big Gnoll... named Shenzi.

Ferret - Shenzi?

Kaleb - you know her?

Ferret - little more than "know her" yes... keehee~ the plot thickens... anything else?

Kaleb - mother is becoming king soon... of a town called... Kadage.

Ferret - hmmn... our "friends" are in Kadage... that's east of here... let's travel far away from them, okay?

Kaleb - yes mistress...

Ferret - And don't tell mister porpoise, okay?

Kaleb - yes mistress...

Ferret - Go back to sleep now...
No. 565916 ID: 609cf1
File 139450570572.jpg - (233.67KB , 800x533 , group in bed.jpg )

>You wake to the permeated send of dried pleasure and pungent sweat. The sun is only just begingin to rise as eadoo's small eyes open gently...

Eadoo - mmn...nn... oh my.. nn... wh... why does my head... nnnn... ow...

please Ignore how huge Eadoo is in this pic.
No. 565919 ID: b8ceae

Where are you going, Kaleb?
No. 565925 ID: dbe554

*Softly* Good morning Eadoo, your hungover, drink plenty of water and greasy food.

Who did we pickup, a spade tail? A dwarf? Jeeze someone partied hard.
No. 565926 ID: 2e236a

Time to play the worst morning-after party game:

Guess The Names!
Fortune smiles upon you and you get a freebie with Shenzi there.
No. 565927 ID: 9ddf68

and there's that ash touched I told you about. Also I think we're starting to remember things about our pass.
No. 565939 ID: a7868d

you fucked a tiefling and a gnome last night. You certainly have a kingly libido.
No. 566038 ID: 6355a9

Rise and shine. Get some fluids in you and maybe try to sweet talk a hangover cure from the alchemist. Lots and lots to do. I suppose you have time to look around you and see if any of your bed friends are awake. And take a moment to bask in the knowledge that you're a king of drunken orgies at least.

can you imagine what post drunk-sex peeing would be like with that third leg of Eadoo's? She may be blasted back into the wall as she sprays urine everywhere like some sort of perverse loony toon
No. 566117 ID: 609cf1
File 139467752326.jpg - (218.59KB , 800x533 , nissenakedoobed.jpg )

Eadoo - oh.. good morning Gatling... *yawn* what a night... Mnn...

Eadoo - well here's Creep next to me... Not sure how i feel about sleeping with her... Hope it was mutually consensual... I really don't want to pressure her into this kinda stuff... *groan* nnn... too much thinking...

Eadoo - hehee~

Eadoo - good Idea.

>The gnomish creature seems to be awake slightly.

Eadoo - hey... alchemist... Could I bum one of those after party potions?

Nisse - yeah... I'll get-a few~ Keehee some partey last night eh?

Eadoo - oh, you may want to cover up, my spirit friends can see you.

Nisse - Ah can hear em too, and Ah don't rightly care much if dey see me, never undarstood the kerfuffle aboot nudity. Can't say I've evear seen a naked parsan either. Hanestly, it seems folks care mar about what they ware than thar hygene.

Eadoo - is smelling good that important? It seems like looking good is better.

Nisse - Nah! if yah smell bad yah get sick way way easiar.

Eadoo - oh my!

Nisse - oh my what a hoser of me, I nevar intraduced me self, I'm nisse, nice ta meet yah Gatling, Please tell me a pit about yarself~ If yah don't mind me asking?
No. 566120 ID: 9ddf68

we're a magically embedded knife that has both an angelic and demonic nature, suffer's from horrible nightmares that we have reason to believe are closer to home then we'd like, and can't remember a thing about ourselves since before we joined up with Eadoo. Also people keep telling us that at some point we're going to get into a fight that will decide the fate of many people and there's a good chance we're going to die during said fight.
No. 566277 ID: cb8623

That about sums it up. Tell us about yourself, cutie.
No. 566279 ID: dbe554

We are also incredible perverts.
No. 566280 ID: ad40ec

SOME of us are perverts, the rest just don't care.
No. 566310 ID: 96953d

No. 566313 ID: b50d46

Don't forget to mention that things near us tend to have extra genitals or genitalia that normally belong to the opposite sex
No. 566314 ID: 96953d

Nessi looks and sounds like a fun girl, who are you?
No. 566382 ID: 60fee2

Which is weird, because I don't think that is us causing that.
No. 566708 ID: 609cf1
File 139503280825.jpg - (213.96KB , 800x533 , nisse getting dressed.jpg )

Nisse - Wow! Ya're incredable! Hahaa, it's cool that you're so fated~ Ah'm glad Ah met yah.

Nisse - Nahthing wrong with that~ Can't say ah Ain't me self. But don't let it get da best oh yah, ok?

Nisse - Ah don't mind, specially not if they're as cute an genarous as Eadoo

>Eadoo blushes brightly.

Eadoo - Ehh... heh... I... I've got a little memory loss from last night... Did I promise you anything?

Nisse - Hahaa~ ya say'd ya'll soon be king and I could be yar royal alchemist~ Keehee but ah figured t'was but big talk~ Yah don't owe me nathing.

Nisse - It's true, Ah love to have fun~ Love ta drink, love ta eat, love ta bang, love ta eat, love to work hard and eat and Ah love haven fun~
Oh... You... you wanna know aboot me? N-no one's eva cared to know aboot me befar... Well... Ah was born about twentey-eleven years ago in saltanly, me mother was a troll and me father was a gnome. Nevar knew me parents... tossed out when I was just a lil lass. Folks always said: things like me, shouldn't be ta begin with... tis kinda true... Blind as a bat an sterile as a mule... Still! Ah try ta make the best of it all~ So Ah've been wandering evar since. self taught alchemisht, and am not making slim pickings either *slaps belly* Ah ain't starven~! hahaa

>She blushes as she smiles akwardly.

Nisse - thanks friends... it's nice.. to talk to yah... yar good listeners... M-maybe we'll meet again some time?
No. 566714 ID: 9ddf68

why, you're leaving? I think you should stay a bit longer in this town truth be told, we're going to do something stupid today but if it works out then some of that big talk Eadoo was saying last night might have a bit more truth to it then you'd believe. If you don't know what I'm talking about just stay in town for an extra day or two and you'll find out soon enough, even if nothing comes of it will you really lose anything if you stuck around town for a few more days?
No. 566726 ID: c9b053

infact, you should help us! we could use an alchemist to help take the castle. Maybe eadoo exagerated your rewards to get in your pants, but we would gladly make you our royal chemist. You'll be payed in food, riches, food and friends.
No. 566825 ID: 131513

Yes... you seem to be to be an accomplished alchemist. We plan to take the nearby infested castle, and a bag full of alchemical creations might do our party well. We are seeking to become a power, and you would definitely be given influence and a home. Hmm, what do you think of this?
No. 566830 ID: d41370

Eadoo this is important. GO GET THAT FUCKING FORK.
No. 566891 ID: 609cf1
File 139519080933.jpg - (270.62KB , 800x593 , nisse is tempted.jpg )


Nisse - Hhmmn... well presuming what Eadoo praposed is true, a kingdom oh outcasts would be nice Eh, not ta mention having a swell place in er... You're all good company and dis town could use-a little wash ba'hind tha ears. Food, wealth, a stable home, a stable jab... It's pretty tempting~Eh. But thar's one big prablem, Ah don't think it's gonna happen... Still, you've got me hopping... Tell yah what, I'll follow along and try my darnedest ta make it all workout, and when it fails Ah'll back out like a wet rat and send yah tha bill. But far the time being, I smell pancakes and my belly wants em~

>Nisse marches happily down to the source of the sent.


Eadoo - fork, got it... wait... what fork?

>Eadoo gently wakes Creep, and helps her get dressed.

>_ _ _
No. 566892 ID: dbe554

Hmmm, sounds fair enough for that sort of deal, it means she's at least giving it a chance and even then she will be compensated for her services if it doesn't work out. I like her.
No. 566941 ID: 131513

Yes... And with proper preparations, things WILL "work out". Which reminds me,

what will we be facing in the fallen castle?

First, however, let us see about this tiefling that Princess Shenzi is toying with.
No. 566944 ID: c9b053

hello princess. How's last nights drinking treating you?
No. 567025 ID: 609cf1
File 139528693076.jpg - (251.32KB , 800x533 , enter ean.jpg )

Ean - will you let me go, you crazy animal. *sigh* it's too early for these shenanigans... I need a drink... And for the record, ominous cacophonie of loud voices, I'm not a tiefling. I'm an ashtouched and I still have almost all my humanity...

Shen - It was fun, really really fun! and this feeling... MMmnnn~what is it?

Ean - it's called being hung over...

Shen - It's so good all over~ my everything's spinning and you're all so loud...

Ean - most people hate it more than anything...

Shen - Aahh~ I'm gonna stay in bed for a while longer... come and snuggle~

Ean - no.

Shen - come on~ I wont bite hard...

Ean - I'm not a morning person. *sigh* I need to pound some liquor into me... at this rate I'll be completely sober...

shen - you're really grumpy.

Ean - *sigh* ...

>Ean leaves to get a morning drink.

>who do you follow<
Ean at the bar
shenzi in bed
eadoo, creep & nisse downstairs.
other gnolls in another room
No. 567032 ID: 9ddf68

might as well see how the other gnolls are fairing.
No. 567074 ID: c9b053

No let's go see whats up with creep down stairs. Love to see eadoo feeding her.
No. 567084 ID: 939c7f

let's follow the new guy, get to know him and maybe apologies for calling him a tiefling
No. 567133 ID: dbe554

Lets follow Ean
No. 567165 ID: 96953d

Let Shenzi nap and tail the ash-touched.
No. 567177 ID: 14bb2d

Let's check in with the gnolls briefly before heading down to the common room to get to know our new alcoholic friend.
No. 567195 ID: 609cf1
File 139541755593.gif - (192.77KB , 800x630 , ean-drikking.gif )

>Ean walks down to the bar. The entire inn is empty, save for a single lazy susan table, adorn with pancake, sausage, eggs, drink and folders full of documents. Eadoo, creep and Nisse have already begun digging in.

>apologies for calling him a tiefling

Ean - Don't worry about it... It's easy to confuse the two I guess... Besides, most folks spend their whole life without seeing either one...

>Ean grabs a bottle of water, as his fingers touch the glass, the water inside swirls into a brown liquid, reeking of liquor.

Ean - sorry about my mood. I can be a rather mean sober... *sigh* Glub-glub-glub-glub... ~ahhh Mmmmuch better~ I'm just not me sometimes. I suppose you want to know about me, since we'll be palls right? Well I've been called a freedom fighter... to put things bluntly, There's a lot of shit going on, injustice and abuse of power, I just don't stand for it. kings and nobles stepping on people like ants and blatant inequality! Folks like me get the shit end of the stick just for having horns! *sigh* Makes me sick... Guess you could say I'm the kind of guy who gets in trouble for the right reasons... I've helped a bunch when and where ever I can... But... it's just not enough... Maybe little Eadoo is the key? I don't know... I hope~ she dreams big and it looks like some of the cards are falling into place... At the very least I'm exited to see how it all unfolds.
No. 567196 ID: dbe554

Out of curiosity why can you and the sugar touched hear us directly? It's rather unnerving to know that on some level someone can hear our thoughts instead of the other way.
No. 567199 ID: fee031

we have telepathy. It's a perk we took a few chapters back. And i don't think we have a sugar touched in our team.
No. 567205 ID: 9ddf68

I thought Ash touched were always in a drunken/high state. Didn't know you guys could get sober.

But yeah, the goal here is to create a kingdom for those that aren't aloud to go anywhere else because of what they are. Basically a home for the abandoned. Not to sure myself how well it will do but everything has to have a beginning and if we're going to have to be the ones to make the first steps then so be it.
No. 567208 ID: dbe554


Whoops thought Nisee was one for a moment, and that she heard us without us trying to emote to them.
No. 567269 ID: 3a1f17

Some people spend there whole lives trying to learn that trick. You must be a hit at party's.
No. 567297 ID: a881b5

wait there's folders of documents on the table and everybody was cleared out? wake up the gnolls and keep them on stand by. Ean go sit with eadoo, I've got a bad feeling about this.
No. 567371 ID: 96953d

Those documents seem most interesting

Ean, who have you fought against? I'd very much like to know...
No. 567591 ID: c9b053

I have to ask, Ean what is that onsie you're wearing?
No. 567833 ID: 609cf1
File 139597497622.jpg - (189.11KB , 800x533 , ean taunting.jpg )

Ean - well it's an easy way to but it I guess, always drunk? We drink alcohol like humans drink water, if we don't get enough, we get dehydrated and die. So yeah we're almost always drunk. But being drunk for us isn't the same as for humans, since we're drunk from the day we're born. It's just our normal, really. When we're sober, that's when we change... Kinda like the opposite of humans.

Ean - what, Turning water into ale? sure it's a fancy trick, but it makes the worst stuff ever, tastes like rancid rat piss and it's so concentrated, mortals can barely touch it without burning... Still, at least I can drink it, and it doesn't take much to last me a long time.

>Ean sits with Eadoo, Creep and Nisse at the table. The gnolls wake up quickly at your command, they're well trained to do so, though Shenzi is still fast asleep.

>There are four documents, some bigger than others, they are tightly bound and full of loose pages.

Ean - I've fought some nasty nobles and drunks, I've protected the weak from abuse, both elders and children. I've set an entire camp of slavers ablaze after freeing their game. I've fought for the talons rebellion before finding their true values, then I fought my way out of it. I've fought humans, monsters and deamons alike. I'm still alive to tell the tale, but I must admit, I've been beheaded more times than I can count... With that in mind, I think you'll find me rather useful.

Ean - I'm not sure... I've had it for the longest time. Found it a while back near the Blackgash, it's stronger than any fabric I've ever seen. There were some dumb looking shoulder pads on it, but I dumped them... dopey things barely even protected.
No. 567837 ID: 609cf1
File 139597579559.jpg - (264.53KB , 800x533 , feeding crepe.jpg )

>Eadoo feeds the poor armless woman mouthful after mouthful of sweet rolled breakfast.

Eadoo - do you like this? is it good?

Creep - Mmnn... Master eadoo, I've never had anything so good!

Eadoo - Hahaa neither have I~ It's much better than rock nuts and brown mushrooms. Even better than jakalope, pheasant or even elk!

Creep - It's so sweet, and fluffy, and great! what is it?

Nisse - it's called ah crepe, ar vary thin pancakes far tha less caltured. and this syrup is ah maple trees, a delicacy here up narth.

Eadoo - crepe... small, sweet, fluffy and great... and they don't have any arms...

Nisse - what are yah rambling on aboot?

Eadoo - oh euh... nothing.. just... I want to change something, I'm king but... how do I do that?

Nisse - yah stand up and say: Ah here bah decree, what evar yah want ta do, then yah get yar coort ta agree with yah.

Eadoo - okay!

>Eadoo stands up on his chair and points the fork skywards.

Eadoo - I, king Eadoo, here by decree: that from this day forth our beloved creep shall be known as crepe instead, as it better suits her! All in favor say Aye!
No. 567838 ID: 939c7f

No. 567864 ID: f372cd

Aye, unless she has another name she'd prefer.
No. 567867 ID: 6ce768

Aya am not so sure about that name.
Also Fork of Longinus obtained! good work eadoo
No. 567964 ID: 81c00b

No. 568137 ID: 609cf1
File 139623607523.jpg - (200.35KB , 800x533 , eadoo fucked up.jpg )

Eadoo - ehh... you're right, it's a dumb name. I regret it... What name should she have? she deserves a good one.

>name creep<
No. 568161 ID: 96953d

Does the lady like the name Crepe?
No. 568163 ID: 33bb2a

venus de milo
No. 568182 ID: c9b053

Does she like the name Alanna? I means beloved and beautiful.
No. 568227 ID: 939c7f

this one
No. 568517 ID: 904a6c

No. 568878 ID: 206dc4

maybe now is not a good time to name her. What's in those documents exactly
No. 568914 ID: a7868d

actually, venus seems just fine.
No. 568918 ID: ee91bc
File 139649036304.jpg - (854.62KB , 2400x1600 , allana likes it.jpg )

Eadoo - Heh... three people agreeing isn't really enough to decide a name on...

Creep - non sense, I love it. Thank you so much Gatling, it makes me really happy~

Eadoo - Keehee it's so nice to see you smile.

Alanna - I like it, but it's not really a name, maybe I could keep it as a middle name? Alanna crepe... whats your last name lord Eadoo?

Eadoo - oh! you... *blush* you want to take on my last name... I... I don't really have one... but when I do... I guess I can share it with you~

Alanna - Teehee, thank you master~

>Alanna has been blessed by fate, what class shall she take on?<

No. 568927 ID: 876044

Sorcerer seems like a good option for the whole no arms thing.

That or Berserker so we can watch her tear out throats with her teeth when the blood lust hits.

Yea probably better a Sorcerer.
No. 568935 ID: dbe554

Sorcerer, having a close caster would be quite useful.
No. 568943 ID: 359d39

Mmmmn...yes, a sorcerer might do well. Or perhaps she would do well to become a psion?
No. 568971 ID: e14559

Sorcerer. Then she can have magic hands
No. 568978 ID: 4d7c8f

Hundreds of magic hands^^

Also sorcerer...
Thief would be troublesome, I guess...
No. 569159 ID: ee91bc
File 139662526010.gif - (256.74KB , 800x533 , alanna-sneezing.gif )

Eadoo - here, have some more Crepe.

Alanna - thank you, It's really good. I'm so glad I meet you all~

Eadoo - open wide~

Alanna - Aaahh~ Ehh... Ah... AAahh! Ah ah AaaahChu!!!

>Alanna sneezes out a small cloud of dancing pink wisps. Shocked, Eadoo and Ean stare in confusion.

Alanna - Eeh... *sniff* ... AAaaaahhHHH!!! What the fuck?! Wha, what!?

Ean - Calm down.

Nisse - What happened?

Alanna - what?! Wh-why were there glowing pink things in my nose?! what's going on!
No. 569160 ID: a7868d

I didn't realize we could twist fate in that manner. That's pretty sweet.

Names have power Alanna, and now you have a little too. Be careful, magic is chaotic at that best of times. Give it time and the right effort and it can make you powerful. This is a gift, and you need to be sure not to squander it.

That doesn't mean you can't be a little excited about it. Can't say I know the kind of magic you are channeling but if you can manage basic telekinesis then it could easily help you regain your independence.
No. 569173 ID: dbe554

We apparently made her a sorcerer...Congrats! Feel the power of Gatling flow through you.
No. 569217 ID: dcd6cf


Now, I wonder what this lady is capable of. What fun it will be to find out~
No. 569243 ID: ca0da5

Alanna Crepe Kingsly (Yes that's a temporary name): you sneezed out magic energy. It's raw and untamed, either it will react chaotically or not at all. It likely originates from your throat, it would be silly to come from your nose or mouth. Maybe your lips or tongue, though.

Try reaching into it, and hum (or "auh") it out.
No. 569247 ID: 60fee2

Your a Sorceress, Alanna.
No. 569264 ID: 16903a
File 139670779671.jpg - (10.50KB , 480x360 , yourea.jpg )

No. 569877 ID: 0a58ee

One of Alanna's first spells should definately be something like Mage Hand, the ability to lift light things a short distance away with an invisible hand of force. It would be quite... handy.
No. 570030 ID: ee91bc
File 139717074893.jpg - (189.25KB , 800x533 , looking at magic.jpg )

Alanna - Aeh... I can feel something *sniff* but it aah.. Nnn... I don't think it's supposed to be up my na...na-ahhh chu!

>Another puff of magic blows out, Ean carefully snatches the cloud.

Eadoo - Ech, It's the worst, sneezing up things that's aren't supposed to be sneezed. Here let me help you blow your nose.

Alanna - th-thank you master...

Alanna - I... I guess I could try...

Ean - hold it Alanna, magic is a powerful tool, but don't play with it if you don't understand it. The diner table is not a place to experiment errand spells. You could bellow out a torrent of flames or liquid lightning.

Alanna - oh, okay.

Ean - I know a bit about magic, if you like I could explain what I now, but telling everything might take a while.

>Concu stands, glaring angrily at the demon.

Concu - hey ashtouched, I've told you before, no magic in here.

Ean - oh! euh, n-nono you don't understand.

Concu - Quit channeling that, I ain't gonna tell you again.

Ean - wow be careful, it's rampant!
No. 570034 ID: ee91bc
File 139717144656.jpg - (0.96MB , 2400x1600 , concu getting hexed.jpg )

rolled 91 = 91

Concu - oih! I said quit it!

ean - watch it! Hey!

>the elf angrily pulls at Ean's arm Causing the demon to drop the spell on her.

Concu - Ahh! Damn it! see wha... wha... nn...

Concu makes a spell resist check - Concu's will [35] - Alanna's will bonus+spell level [4+1] - caught off guard [10]

below 05 crit success
Below 20 success
above 21 failure
above 60 great failure
above 90 crit fail
No. 570037 ID: 0f1433


What fun, what fun!!
No. 570038 ID: 939c7f

hmmm~ wonder what will come out of this
No. 570041 ID: ca0da5

Wait, did the hex fail, or did the resist fail? Either way, as a critical failure... Something's bound to happen.
No. 570042 ID: 0ee153

Spell resist check, so I assume she failed to resist it.

Does the pause mean we can suggest results? Because it should totally be third and fourth eyes.
No. 570043 ID: ca0da5

I dunno. The butterflies in the dust make me think she should sprout attenae and soft, easily torn can't-support-her-weight butterfly wings.
No. 570044 ID: ee91bc

sorry just took me longer than expected to draw
No. 570045 ID: ee91bc
File 139717783650.jpg - (211.42KB , 800x533 , concu completely charmed.jpg )

>Spell resist, critical failure

Ean - damn it! see what you did. You got the spell all over yourself!

Concu - oh..? eh... what spell?

Ean - Damn it Concu are you even paying attention?

concu - oh my... Creep, I never notice how cute your eyes are~

Alanna - ehm... I... My name is Alanna now... I'm sorry for my magic, I didn't mean to...

Concu - Alanna~ It's such a beautiful name...

Alanna - Th-thank you... it's... G-ga-gatling who chose it.

Concu - It's so fitting for such a beautiful person~

Alanna - eh... ahaha... y-yeah...

>Alanna laughs nervously...
No. 570047 ID: 939c7f

quickly use your influence with her to get stuff before it run out

but dont be too greedy about said stuff
No. 570048 ID: 0ee153

Let's not. Explain what happened, shouldn't get in too much trouble under the circumstances.
No. 570049 ID: ca0da5

Just ask her to not be angry about Ean holding your magic snot. Ask her to promise to not be angry about it. It was a critical failure, yeah, and will probably last a long long time, but don't go abusing it in such a way that will just make her angry once she does get out of it.
Maybe ask if the Ashtouched (Ean) can be permitted to teach you to control your magic to avoid accidents like that.
Speaking of Ean, is it normal for Ashtouched to have a giant gaping hole in their chest, or did nobody happen to notice that? I can't find any links to the old chapters so I can't really figure anything out
No. 570051 ID: 939c7f

yes it is, they talk about it in the discussion thread
No. 570114 ID: ebc77d

Alanna, please inform our innkeeper to take a long cold bath as you may have just sneezed some 'boogers' onto her, and you'd like it if she was clean
No. 570560 ID: ee91bc
File 139744200335.jpg - (268.84KB , 800x533 , concu loving on alann.jpg )

Alanna - Listen, I'm sorry for casting that spell at you...

Concu - what spell~?

>the innkeeper rests her head on Alanna's lap, looking up at her, entranced. whilst the king can barely keep in his laughter.

Alanna - the pink spell, it just happened by accident. I didn't mean to.

Concu - eu~hun... you have beautiful eyes...

Alanna - just promise you wont be angry for this okay?

Concu - I promise~

Ean - yeah, she's been charmed. pretty badly at that. Well she should of listened... it might last a while by the looks of it, depending on how well she resisted, in the worst of cases it might even be permanent, but those are critical rare occasions.

Alanna - eum... M-may I study magic under mister ean? So that accidents like this don't happen again. We'll try not to make a mess, I promise.

Concu - of course you can, anything you like~

Alanna - Y-you should take a long cold bath, maybe it'll wash the magic off of you?

Concu - a bath~ oh yes! lets go take one Alanna, just the two of us in a nice cold bath~

Alanna- euh... Nn... I'd ra...ther... n...

Eadoo - keehee~ Concu. miss concu... please.. hehee... please, tell us about these documents. *giggle* they seem important.

Concu - they're info I've gathered on the castle, it's old master, potential allies to attack it with and odd jobs you could do to advance your influence on the town or gather much needed benefits.

eadoo - wow~! thank you. can we look at them?

Concu - Mmuurr~ after our bath...

Alanna - H-how bout now instead?

Ean - or would you rather know about magic right now? I could teach you some basics!

Concu - or we could have a nice long bath~

No. 570562 ID: 0ee153

>Ean - yeah, she's been charmed. pretty badly at that. Well she should of listened... it might last a while by the looks of it, depending on how well she resisted, in the worst of cases it might even be permanent, but those are critical rare occasions.

Welp, looks like it's forever now. How to reverse it? Wooing Concu is all well and good, but let's do it consensually, aye?
No. 570565 ID: ca0da5

Um... I'd say have Ean teach Alanna some control over her magic first. If this is permanent by normal means then learning a magical means of reversing it should be a priority. ...Unless of course Alanna is interested in getting herself cleaned up, just have Concu promise to keep it to "just a bath".

Eadoo: Whatever Alanna chooses, I'm sure you could look through the documents along with Banzai and William. If she chooses to take a bath, then Ean can help, otherwise, Concu could be convinced to work with you on it.
No. 570569 ID: 9ddf68

uh Ean, what happens if it was a crit fail? Cause I believe she crit failed that charm.
No. 570571 ID: e1a92d

Ean, please teach Alanna some control over her wonderful new gifts. Concu, perhaps Alanna might allow you to share a bath with her if you give Eadoo and company a briefing on your documents and information. (Hopefully Alanna can dispel the charm after Concu finishes the briefing.)
No. 570572 ID: e1a92d

oh yes, and Alanna. Please try not to spurn Concu. Be careful with how you say what you want, she thinks the world of you now.
No. 570618 ID: c9b053

First let ean give us a brief rundown on how magic works, then you'll open the documents and then a bath.
No. 570629 ID: 34e6b7

Speaking to Concu's mother about the miscast spell should also be a priority. Even if she can't help dispel it it's important to be honest with someone as important as the local wise woman rather than have her find out from someone else later on. Send one of the gnolls as a runner. One who can be diplomatic about it. Maybe leave that for after we get briefed on the documents though, as we may have a whole grocery list of tasks for our companions before long and can double up tasks on one trip.

Bath only if we want to see titties. I'm more interested seeing us start building up for our castle campaign personally.
No. 570732 ID: 9094f1

start with the documents. You'll explain everything about magic during the bath
No. 570781 ID: 60fee2

Ean, theoretically, on a scale of 1-100, with the threshold of 90 and above being a critical failure at resisting a Charm spell, How bad would a 91 be?
No. 570837 ID: 2f4b71

Don't forget Concu has a husband:
No. 571045 ID: 0820aa

How much mana does Alanna have and how much does aspell cost?
No. 571053 ID: 5bbbc0

I think it's more like she can gather up to 40 points of energy to help her do stuff? Not sure, tbh.
No. 571268 ID: 4249cc
File 139777617950.jpg - (169.50KB , 800x533 , ean hissing ink.jpg )

Ean - Well ultimately it would depend on her will... I guess if it's the worst case possible for resisting a spell it would permanent. But it's not to say it can't be reversed.

Ean - No clue how to undo spells, All I know how to do is set things on fire. Well I do know a few other spells, but it's minimal. I know it is possible though!

Alanna - I.. I'm sorry... I don't want to be rude... I'm just a little uncomfortable from it all. I'll be nicer about it... Concu, we'll take your bath after Eans magic class and you open the documents okay?

Concu - Okay~!

Ean - Okay, I'll try to make this quick and simple, though I don't know that much about magic it's self, I can explain about mana.
There are many different ways to produce magic, but the most common ways for humans are wizardry and sorcery. Wizards are brilliant folks who study the foundations of magic. And Sorcerers are folks who naturally have magic in their blood. All things considered it's rather obvious Alanna is a sorceress.
Wizards gather and develop spells though study, where Sorcerers kinda just train and gain them naturally. kinda like a level up in sorts.
How ever, if you have the level for it a sorcerer like myself could teach you some spells, but it will require training.
Another thing to note is that a Wizard will most likely have a lot of spells but his spells will be precise things, where a sorcerer's spells can be pushed to produce more effects and are limited only to the length of her will.

>Ean blows on this fingers who soak up with ink.

Ean - cantrips, like this one, are special spells. They're super simple and don't require much mana. Spells are otherwise, tipicaly ranked by mana cost. Concu can I borrow these papers?

concu - Sure, if it's to help Alanna~
No. 571275 ID: 0ee153

In case undoing it turns out to be impractical or unfeasible, we might as well check on Concu's husband and try to break the news gently/ask if he knows a disenchanter/see if he's into threesomes.
No. 571282 ID: 99624f

Yeah lets let her husband know and hope he is not the crazy stabby type.
No. 571283 ID: 4249cc
File 139777860068.jpg - (145.91KB , 800x533 , mana explained.jpg )

Ean - now, first thing to know is that the body, any body and every body produces mana. This neutral mana is rejuvenated by deep sleep. the mana fills a portion of your soul, and you can train your soul to harbor more mana. your soul can hold about a tenth of your will in units of mana. So if, lets say, you have 40 will you have 4 units of mana. But there are ways to grow past these limitations.
Now, like I said this mana is neutral, virgin and pure. but it can be contaminated by outside sources. these are known as mana pools.

>Ean draws with his fingernails on the rough paper.

Ean - the two primary pools are light and darkness.
the secondary pools are death, life and creation. and Love, greed and wrath... based on the nature and effect, I'm gonna guess Alanna's spell was love or creation aliened...
The third wheel is the true element wheel. In it is Fire, earth, water, wind and energy.
A thing to note is each element has equal opposites, but the true elements have compliments. for example love is opposed to wrath and greed and water is opposed to fire and energy but is complimented by earth and wind, complimented elements can be merged to create new energies such as ice and filth. which can cause problems for your mana if left unchecked.

Alanna - wh-wait... mana gets contaminated? I don't get it...

Ean - it's simple, if you're in proximity to fire and you let the fire into your soul your mana will slowly become fire mana and with it you can cast fire attuned spells. similarly if you let in love or hate or lust you can gather love or wrath or creation mana.
But there's a few more things to understand... Every soul has a natural tune. I'm attuned to fire, so it's harder for me to gather elements other than fire and impossible for me to gather wind or water. But you can train to surpass these limitations with time.

Alanna - okay... So how do I know how much mana and of what kind do I have?

Ean - that you'll have to figure out on your own, it will come with time I assure you.
one more thing, remember when I told you complimenting mana can be an issue? if you have complimenting mana in your soul and you loose focus or forget about them they can merge into new elements. you can also willingly make new elements in this way but be careful, getting rid of unwanted mana is less than pleasant... well, I guess you'll find out on your own.

>Ean washes off his fingers.

Ean - any more questions?
No. 571294 ID: ca0da5

Okay, Alanna has been surrounded by love, and it has flown into her. It may have been mixed with light or darkness, due to our unique nature of being both at once, and due to Roland's sword being Light. Creation and Life have also sprung up through Shenzi. Ean is naturally fire, Banzai is Greed--No, wait, greed's an opposing element, that couldn't have been absorbed. Nisse is possibly Darkness, due to being blind, hard to make a call on that one. She could also be creation. Wrath was brought out in Martin, and possibly, to a lesser extent, Roland, too. Though a person's natural mana is likely to be neutral, the presence of a person can form a pool, right?

Wait, yeah, that's an important question. Ean, does the personality of a person form a mana pool around them? Or perhaps, their deeds where the deeds were done?
No. 571357 ID: 9ddf68

mana pools, what are they? I mean are they just left overs from day to day life that are left in the air or is it more like finding a magical stone that's charged with a certain kind of mana that you simply absorb? Cause I'm just trying to figure out if mana is something we could gather by walking around town or if it's a little more complicated then that.
No. 571392 ID: 400a81

what exactly is creation magic? And is light and dark, good and evil? Or just light and the absence there of light?
No. 571680 ID: 1628c0

Is there chaos magic or magic that has to do with gods?
No. 571808 ID: a382da

I would say yes at least to chaos magic since we ran into the chaos witch. Course maybe that's not so much the type of magic she uses as much as a description of how she uses her magic.

No. 571876 ID: 4249cc
File 139813158612.jpg - (174.81KB , 800x533 , ean smoking.jpg )

>Ean, does the personality of a person form a mana pool around them? Or perhaps, their deeds where the deeds were done?

Ean - Mostly no. there are exceptions, but no. Humans do not form pools of mana. I've heard of a death cult that eat peoples mana, but that's beyond the point. The manas of emotions, Wrath, love and greed, they can be gathered from outer sources such a people, but only when they exert it. And yes deeds in the case of darkness and light can influence your mana to either side.

>mana pools, what are they?

Ean - kinda... both... but neither... okay... literal fire will literally taint your mana with fire element, but it takes a while. forming elemental mana is a slow process, it can take hours. Meditation makes it much faster but it takes practice. Odds are you wont gather much elemental mana by just walking around town even though there are loads of elements you could gather mana from... But yes, sit in a pond long enough and you'll have water in your soul.

>what exactly is creation magic?

Ean - Creation magic is the studies of mythical arts politically correct term for sex magic. In case you are wondering, it is quite powerful, though rather hard to fully grasp, I don't fully understand it myself. But to put it simply, it is the magic of the flesh, with it you could seal wounds or bring about towers of living tendrils as much as manipulate the mind and dreams... On that subject the poorly named magic of life, should rather be called time magic... but it's not... which is dumb...

>And is light and dark, good and evil? Or just light and the absence there of light?

Ean - Both, you can gather light mana by meditating in the sun or giving to charity.

>Is there chaos magic or magic that has to do with gods?

Ean - The magic known as divine and miracle does exist, but it's debated to this day if it is truly of a divine source or simply the work of light and darkness on the soul of unaware sorcerers. Like I said, most sorcerers don't know anything about magic and are often confused about their powers... As for chaos magic... Well I know it exists, but I don't understand it... I've never had the opportunity to know anything more than the name.

Concu - I can explain that, I've meet the witch of chaos personally.

Eadoo - Really?!

Concu - Yes. In fact she's really quite nice when her curse is lifted.

Eadoo - wait... what curse?

Concu - she was cursed by the sun, as such she becomes a monster during the day and her sanity is only as strong as the moon is full. note that the moon is out during the day sometimes.

Ean - And she explained her magic to you?

Concu - It wasn't easy, but I managed to loose her tongue a little. She is the origin of her art, before her it did not exist, and only her kin can cast it, but nowhere near as well as her. It doesn't burn mana like regular magic, but when you cast chaos magic, you can only speculate what effects it will have. if you curse someone, there is no telling what will happen, but there will be a curse. How ever she does seem to have a control over it... I believe that she does not truly control it, but rather she can predict what it will do.
No. 571877 ID: 4249cc
File 139813222758.jpg - (252.41KB , 800x533 , documents copy.jpg )

Concu - enough dilly dallying.

Ean - we have all day Concu, but I guess I'll explain everything else during our training.

>The elf shows off the four piles of pages

Concu - Okay. This is the extent of my power... In only one night this is all the information I have gathered. I got my fastest runners to pick up all this. It wasn't easy for them so please appreciate it.

Eadoo - I'm sure we will.

Concu - in this file we have all the information available on sir Jaaks P Arimasho, the previous owner of the castle we are planning on storming. What he did, why he died and who he was.
In this file we have some details about the castle it's self, namely the layout of the rooms, though it's not a complete schematic, some of the pages were lost.
In this one we have a small list of potential mercenaries and helpers who could join your cause, more hands would definitely, help but in exchange expect to have to pay and manage em.
And this folder has a list of errands and missions that you could embark on to help this little village in exchange for potential gear and services as well as earning your reputationt hat you will surly needs.
we should look over them all but where to start?

No. 571880 ID: 939c7f

lets look at the quest
No. 571889 ID: ca0da5

Let's read up on some quests. If anything happens to take us in the direction of the castle town, that may actually be a good one to take, rather than risky. We do want to explain things to the current King, if only through a messenger. Whether you can convince him to secede the area, or to let you be a duke, it will be a major advance; the local populous would be content to have a more local higher aide, and you wouldn't have to be at war because of it.
No. 571891 ID: ca0da5

Ahem, the local populous would be more content to have Eadoo as the more local ruler than not, even if he isn't a full out king.
Might need to convince Baba about that, of course. We also need to still tell her about Concu's condition.
We can always work out a way to gain full on kingship later, possibly a secession after the people have recovered from their lack of the kingdom's defenses.
No. 571907 ID: 87911a

Lets look over the quests and consider them, but right after let's look at the old owner. See what kind off dumb choices he made to screw over the town so that we don't repeat them.
No. 571919 ID: b8ceae

Lord, then Castle.
We need to know how things went down here, and why the king was unwilling to send aid to help. Getting a feel for the larger political scope of things is critical, and the sooner we know the details the more details we'll be able to spot and investigate.
We also need to know as much as we can about the castle and its current residents, as we need to know what we don't know in order to start filling in the gaps - if the kitchen layouts are missing then we could find a blackguard to fill in the details and potentially gain a route for surreptitious entry, while if the lord's bedroom is missing we will likely need to find a maid or butler, or possess a bird to investigate through a window.
No. 571932 ID: c9b053

Is that a ball point pen? Also this.
No. 571941 ID: fd0a62

I would place priority at
cleansing the castle will be a big help to the city of course, but keeping it will probably be harder than taking it without support and knowledge.
No. 571978 ID: 4249cc
File 139821339439.jpg - (206.45KB , 800x533 , mission 1.jpg )

Concu - Why yes it is. It was given to me by the dinge-walkers from the Blackgash. They have the strangest things...

>concu hops off of Alanna and sits on the opposite end of the table, opening the folder and exposing a pile of pages.

Concu - I used to have a board where I would expose locals desires and needs, folks could make a quick throne helping out around town, but with time, travelers stopped coming around. Now I just keep em in a box, but I always accept new requests. Here a a few I think might be worth your time.

>1/14 Gnomish taxes<

Concu - Ahem... Requesting someone smart... I can not gather mushrooms during the winter on account of gnomes taxing me as they refuse my coin. Please speak with them or simply kill them... This is from Joe Ashson... Helping him would bring in more mushrooms to our village, and he would surely pay you.

Feel free to post and reply, I will post another mission every half an hour until all are shown. You can of course always accept missions at later dates and new missions will become available as you complete them.
No. 571982 ID: 4249cc
File 139821516501.jpg - (222.46KB , 800x533 , mission 2.jpg )

>2/14 Rampant owlbear<

Concu - Next is from Hugron... Local prey has been rare of late due to an errand owlbear. I will fashion a suit of armor from the beasts hide to who ever brings me its head... A simple job. your pay would be armor, pretty good to, Hugron is a master tanner.
No. 571987 ID: 4249cc
File 139821635896.jpg - (223.96KB , 800x533 , misson 3.jpg )

>3/14 Taken by trolls<

Concu - okay... To anybody. My daughter was taken by trolls. She always played with them and now she's gone... Who is this? Evereth... yeah, her daughter played under the bridge a lot... Please save my baby. Well that's a simple request.

30 minutes is too long, 15 will do
No. 571989 ID: 4249cc
File 139821730352.jpg - (278.61KB , 800x533 , mission 4.jpg )

>4/14 Monster in the dark<

Concu - This one is from me... Our last reliable caravan has stopped returning. there's a Horrible creature lurking in the woods along the eastern path. It's very dangerous and screams of madness... I would pay handsomely to see it dead and our village needs that caravan... Furthermore, there's a small idol in the last wagon I would like to have. I payed for it but it never made it here. I'll also pay for it if it's intact.
No. 571991 ID: 4249cc
File 139821834530.jpg - (240.78KB , 800x533 , mission 5.jpg )

>5/14 funding for lizards<

Concu - moving on... Seeking wealthy entrepreneur... Dear... money man? I need money to expan-d my lizard farm?! who is this! ... since when does Kurt have a lizard farm? ... He wants to expand it apparently... and he'll pay back later... or probably not...
No. 571997 ID: 4249cc
File 139821926363.jpg - (243.57KB , 800x533 , mission 6.jpg )

>6/14 Iron Root Wall<

Concu - politician. Iron root has not spoken to us in five years and we need their trade, please patch our broken bridges. Jakob. Okay this is a real issue, in fact I'll pay for this as well, Iron root is a pagan village that resides in an ancient quarry, they're rich in iron and other metals and we used to trade with them constantaly but they shut out trades with us for a while now. Every time we try to talk to them they simply say: we know what we did and they wont trade until we fix it. but they wont even tell us what we did! Maybe you can patch it up for us. More metal is much needed, as it stands we can't even equip all of our guards.
No. 571999 ID: b8ceae

Increasing the food supply would drive down prices a bit and generally improve the well-being of the citizens. The pay isn't a driving factor here, since we're going to be assuming control of the tax stream once we take over.

Wildlife is normally self-regulating; If the town had had a problem with Owlbears for awhile and needed the population thinned I wouldn't think much of it, but sudden problems don't usually just crop up. While we need to remove any abnormally destructive apex predators, we'll have to figure out why it became a problem.

How old is this? The odds of survival are poor, but you can't ignore it when a person goes missing.
If she was friendly with the trolls before, then the trolls are unlikely to be the problem. We should go have a chat with them to see what they know.

Sounds like a smuggling job on a dark artifact went wrong. If that's what happened then I'm inclined to not let the artifact reach town, but we do need to secure the shipping routes.
... AFTER we've insured that the castle isn't going to benefit more than ourselves from the return of trade. No sense making our own job harder.

If he's looking to expand the farm then what he really needs is mostly infrastructure, with the money is just a means to an end. We can provide labor and simple materials to help there, which would both be cheaper and ensure that our investment didn't wind up in bar tabs.

They might expect YOU to know what you did, but they can't expect the same of US. We can tell them - with perfect honesty - that we're planning on taking over, and that you're 'unable or unwilling' to tell us what happened. We can play it up so it sounds like we think you're embarrassed to talk about it.
No. 572002 ID: 4249cc
File 139822018354.jpg - (248.14KB , 800x533 , mission 7.jpg )

>7/14 Strange soldiers<

Concu - up next from Anny... I've noticed strange men wearing masks in the planes near my farm. They have spears and swords and are about a hundred... what..? I'm not paying, I'm just saying... This may be trouble. We should look into this quickly.
No. 572004 ID: 4249cc
File 139822109563.jpg - (243.00KB , 800x533 , mission 8.jpg )

>8/14 find mah chickens<

Concu - needing a competent fighter. My chickens have been stolen by orks this week and I am without a single bird... So that's why he's out of eggs... I you bring back by hens I will ofter... eum... if you bring back my hens I will offer you my prized possession. Dunkhan. Well he's our biggest source of eggs. surely his prized possession is more than a shiny rock, but if it is, be sure to demand actual payment.
No. 572005 ID: 4249cc
File 139822169792.jpg - (204.54KB , 800x533 , mission 9.jpg )

>9/14 Fey moods<

*knock knock*

Smith - hello, is master Eadoo here?

Eadoo - yes, what can I do for you?

Smith - our dwarven blacksmith has entered a fey mood making your gnolls sword and refuses to let anyone in the forge...

Eadoo - oh my!

Concu - what does he need?

Smith - copper cables, bones and star metal.

Concu - I can get the first two easily but star metal...

Smith - I know. I fear he may die if he does not get it.

Eadoo - star metal... Where have I seen star metal... I know I have but where...

Concu - consider it a mission!

gonna go down to 10 minutes now
No. 572006 ID: 4249cc
File 139822212826.jpg - (244.82KB , 800x533 , mission 10.jpg )

>10/14 spooky scary<

Concu - Looking for exorcists. I've spotted a few walking corpses in the grave yard. I lock the gate at night but I'm afraid for the worst. Please destroy them post haste. From Bishop... If there's undead in our town they need to die. I hope you'll attend to this quickly, if you don't I'll find men for it.
No. 572007 ID: 4249cc
File 139822260438.jpg - (257.81KB , 800x533 , mission 11.jpg )

>11/14 Love for a goblin<

Concu - Speaker, I confess. a mare goblin caught my heart? and I miss her so... this is ridiculous, let's move on.

Eadoo - please, finish it.

concu - no it's foolishness.

Alanna - please~

Concu - okay. A golbin mare has caught my heart and I miss her so. Allas our village has been on bad terms with her village for a year now. please speak to their leader for all our sakes.

Eadoo - what happened?

Concu - The dumb tribe leader miss interpreted a simple joke and blew it out of proportions. We didn't need their goods anyways, nothing but pelts and stolen wares.

Eadoo - hmmn...
No. 572009 ID: 939c7f

priority number 1
No. 572010 ID: 4249cc
File 139822307188.jpg - (210.52KB , 800x533 , mission 12.jpg )

>12/14 dire situation<

Concu - hunter. Dire boars in forest. Miasma from bog. Please cleanse threat... Bill. Yeah the dire boars have been causing a ruckus, they need some culling, and I agree that if someone stopped the source of the blight it would be a better long term solution.
No. 572011 ID: 4249cc
File 139822352638.jpg - (225.08KB , 800x533 , mission 13.jpg )

>13/14 Gone mining<

Concu - Runner, I've sent my son to go become a man in the mines but I've made a mistake, I want my son back. please go get him, I will pay extra for a fast return. Monom... Oh his son made the best loafs! I'd love to see his big nose around again.
No. 572012 ID: 4249cc
File 139822379633.jpg - (217.11KB , 800x533 , mission 14.jpg )

>14/14 Out for blood!<

Concu - looking for a... killer? ... My father died in the haunted castle and I need vengence. Help me find it if you care for honor. I will pay with a magic spear. Pipo... *sigh* little pipo still wants blood after his father died, trying the same stunt as you... poor thing. I'm sure he'll be happy if you succeed. plus his golden spear is quite the beauty.
Well that's all for now. Do you know which ones you're going to embark on? If any.
No. 572013 ID: 99624f

Lets get on the Fey mood quest to start. If he does not get the stuff within a few days he will go crazy and we lose a blacksmith and a awesome sword. Plus whatever god or spirit that put him in the Fey mood might be angry if we ignore its "gift".

As for the rest we focus on the quests where someones life is in danger first. The Troll kidnapping and the dark monster lurking in the woods sounds important and after that looking into the soldiers lurking by that guys farm. The rest seem simple enough.
No. 572017 ID: ca0da5

Owlbear sounds good. We can get ourselves a temporary body out of it, too.
Trolls are also good bodies to snatch, but I'm thinking Owlbear would make it easier to attack them.
This was a bit confusing, I thought it meant literal bridges, but it's spiritual/social. We (Eadoo's group, not Gatling) may have a better chance at getting them to talk than any locals.
What even... This is odd. Might be something important. Can we maybe send one of our blades to check on this in stealth with whoever among us can be stealthy? (That would be Eadoo, wouldn't it.)
More bodies for the knife god! Wait, is that what we are now, a knife god?
Yeah okay utmost importance because it involves us.
Well, dang, she's saying this is of the utmost importance. Can we steal undead bodies? Is that a possibility? We haven't tried that yet. I say we go and try it.
Goblin allies may not be necessary but they would be useful. If we're going to build up a kingdom, we need them.
Dire boars? When will the suggestions for new bodies end! ...Can we keep a kennel for all of our new bodies? :D
Wait, WAIT.
Alanna: Is this guy the same one who always gave you food while you were out on the streets? If so, this quest just became incredibly important. If not... I think we can spare a runner for the task anyways.

Right, so important quests: Fey Mood, Spooky Scary, and Taken By Trolls.
Maybe important: Gone Mining (Alanna's the judge on this one), Rampant Owlbear (Temporary body and permanent armor afterwards)
Good quests: Iron Root Wall, Love For a Goblin

Get right on those important ones for sure, and if Alanna says go for the mining one, we want to do it. Let's NOT send her to help him out though... I'm sorry, but she's just not ready for that kind of trip. She's barely had a chance to recover from her days as a beggar. Owlbear and the "Good" quests can wait.
No. 572037 ID: 95170a

Did anyone else read this as "Pardon me, my friend, but I am Nigirean Roylty, and I need you to send me money. Please ignore the fact that I can’t spell “Nigerian.” Or “Royalty.”".
No. 572038 ID: 541029

Seems legit.

2,3,4,5,9 and 10 seem most important. We can divide our group to get as much time sensitive stuff done.
No. 572124 ID: 939c7f

wait a minute... WE ARE MADE OF STAR METAL!!!!
No. 572146 ID: 0ee153

The allcaps and excessive punctuation doesn't help your point, and even though we are, I still don't love the idea of being part of a fey mood.

...Eh, copper cables, bones, and us... sounds like some sort of construct we can ride around. Could be something entirely different, but let's go for it.
No. 572149 ID: ca0da5

Wait a minute... You think he's giving us a body? Would be pretty cool to be made into a robot instead of a new blade but kinda against the point of being able to steal bodies at will, though I guess that's what our main body is for.
No. 572151 ID: 99624f

No its going to be a sword made out of probably star metal bristling with menacing spikes of bone and some crazy inlay with copper cables of somebody eating cheese or someone doing something raunchy.

So should be awesome. Also a fey mood means the blacksmith should gain a assload of experience and be a legendary blacksmith once he finishes.
No. 572165 ID: 0ee153

I hope not. If that's the case, we'll be useless to Eadoo as a weapon. Eadoo is a knife fighter, not a swordfighter. Also, you can't throw a sword accurately despite what mangos tell you.
No. 572183 ID: fe4bfc

Well he said the sword for your gnoll. So honestly who knows whats going on over there.
No. 572186 ID: ca0da5

Oh, right, Onion's sword. Yurra must be involved in this fey mood, then. I don't want to be made into Onion's sword, but if we can't find star metal elsewhere it may be necessary.
No. 572577 ID: c6d510

Doesn't our multi-posession make us currently be two knives? And can't we just sacrifice one of them for the sake of the fey mood?
No. 572582 ID: ca0da5

Yes, and I'm saying I'd rather do so than prevent Onion from getting his Sun Warrior sword.
No. 572583 ID: 99624f

We might be able to find some star metal somewhere else and should have at least a day or two to find it.
No. 572586 ID: 4249cc
File 139865779723.jpg - (263.09KB , 800x533 , jaask.jpg )

Eadoo - Hhmmmnn... indeed, that is an option, fortunately we do have some time to ponder on it.

>note that you do not need to be a complete group to complete a mission and that you can send out to complete several at the same time, especially knowing that exp is not shared, but divided. Although, you only have 2 bodies at the moment so sending out a third questing party would involve trusting them to act alone.<

Concu - on to the lord now.

>She opens up a second folder over the last one.

Concu - This is Lord Baron Jaask P Arimasho. I'm going to be honest, I learned a lot about the baron. There's a few things in here That I was unaware of and would of liked knowing. For example for the last 40 we have not been paying our taxes properly.

Ean - really?

Concu - No we haven't. Jaask had an illicite deal with lord knight Sigveir. Sigveir kept our taxes and used them to finance the knights of red rose. In exchange we got the same protection as normal, but vanish from the kings sights, and that includes the inquisition.

Ean - that's pretty convenient.

Concu - except that when he died Sigveir kinda lost interest in our village and stopped supporting us militarily. To make matters worst, when Jaask died he brought a dark blight on our lands. You see Jaask was fanatical about the dark arts of daemon and devils. his castle home was enchanted with demonic technologies and he hired a hand full of monsters as servants and concubines. And the most foul of all was his daughter...
No. 572587 ID: 4249cc
File 139865980474.jpg - (285.95KB , 800x533 , Kareen.jpg )

Concu - This is Karren T. Arimasho. Apparently, she was born of a barbarian tribe based on region and marking scars. But she was found, raised by wolves at the age of 8 by the lord Baron during one of his hunts. He adopted the young girl and opted to bring her back into society, and after a few long years she was mostly reformed. Jaask adopted seven daughters but never married or procreated. The young Karren contracted black scrawl at the age of 15.

Eadoo - Oh... her too...

Concu - legend has it though that to spare her fate an angel cursed her in hopes of claiming her soul after her difficult life.

Ean - legends?

Concu - apparently there were eye witnesses.

Ean - And under what authority did an angel try to pull a girl into heaven?

Concu - That I do not know the details of. but when she fell to the curse something unexpected happened. she became... a stirge.

Nisse - *Gasp!!* ... what's ah stirge?

Concu - it's a monster of immense power that can potentially match that of a great devil or pit fiend. it's said that they can only be born by hazard, if their birth is of anyone's intent, even fate, they will simply die... Mmmnnn... You're so gorgeous Alanna~

Alanna - th-thank you...

Concu - I wonder if my husband want's a threesome?

Alanna - P-please focus!

Concu - Ehm... To become a stirge one must first, be the seventh child of the same sex in an inbreed family and be born of red hair. one must live a life of sin without regrets. And must die unmarried and without virginity by cause of a divine blessing from a devil or a demons curse from an angel.

Eadoo - that's complicated.

Concu - Her father, submitted himself to her completely and became a vampire in her service. and within seven years the inquisition was called to deliver peace. But in their attempts they damaged a demon tool. The damage cause it to erupt in vile magical waves, killing everyone who resided in the castle and turning them into monsters and spirits. As well as corrupting our forests and skies.

Ean - what was the device, do you know?

Concu - according to reports, it was most likely in the kitchen. perhaps it could be fixed? or at least caused to stop emminating dark auras.

Eadoo - anything else?

Concu - sadly... which now? the castle details or potential allies?

No. 572588 ID: 99624f

Lets find out more about the castle first.
No. 572606 ID: c9b053

1) I beleive it's pronounced strigoi
2) Can Concu hear us? If not, Alanna ask Concu to join our party.
3)detail about the castle then allies.
No. 572670 ID: ebc77d

Yeah let's find out about the castle. And also Concu's place is here. I don't feel right using someone in a charmed haze to follow us.
No. 572681 ID: ca0da5

Yeah, I agree. Unless her mind can be oppened like Nisse's, we'll just have to use a medium to speak with her. (If you'll remember, Nisse heard us before joining the party, possibly her blindness lead to an open mind)
No. 572960 ID: 4a76e2

Well, well,well, aren't these most interesting?

As I see the situation currently, we should simply review the notes for the Lord and Castle for anything that can help us with the populace and formulating long-term projects. Once we have enough influence, fame, and power in the little city to claim legitimacy, we can formulate plans to take the castle.

The situations with the mercenaries and the quests are intertwined, and we can only have two parties, with regards to the people that we have won't be able to make many more effective groups than 2, at least currently. I propose that we split into two groups, one leaning toward martial prowess and the other diplomatic.
Hopefully they can be effective for most of these quests, though we can switch up the groups as we see fit.
No. 573315 ID: 4249cc
File 139935297221.jpg - (330.71KB , 800x773 , map of arimasho ground level.jpg )

>Concu does not seem aware of your presence.

Concu -okay in here we have some of the castles maps, though they've been through a bit of hardship. I'm told they almost bit the dust... I want to brush your hair all night~

Alanna - please focus.

Concu - oh! yes... they're a little burned. but they can be used, and surely you'll have some insight with them... Here is the ground floor.

Ean - what does Gr stand for?

Concu - guest room, I suppose.
No. 573316 ID: 4249cc
File 139935303807.jpg - (331.26KB , 800x773 , map of arimasho second floor.jpg )

Concu - this is the second floor, accessible from the main stairway...
No. 573317 ID: 4249cc
File 139935310225.jpg - (322.39KB , 800x773 , map of arimasho third floor.jpg )

Concu - and the third floor. This is where the family lived... If you could check out the spire for me, I've always wondered what was in there...
No. 573318 ID: 4249cc
File 139935316294.jpg - (356.55KB , 800x773 , map of arimasho first basement.jpg )

Concu - finally there's the basement. the treasury should be somewhere in here. Any questions?
No. 573414 ID: d6410a

The map does not have any windows marked.
That information is very important too, as windows are potential entrances or escape routes on top of being places we could be seen from.
No. 573420 ID: ca0da5

Well, we can compare the map to visible windows once we head to the castle. Might be good to try and copy these "blueprints" onto a fresh sheet of paper. Any rooms that have their titles burned out, just put a line and a small question mark in--the question mark to say "I don't know what this room is" and the line for writing in the name once you figure it out.
No. 573421 ID: 4249cc
File 139941369423.jpg - (309.93KB , 800x532 , mercs 1.jpg )

Concu - And finally some much needed assistance. I've left Emily to gather these guys and she decided to draw them so here they are.

>Concu opens the folder and displays the first character.

Concu - so... his name is Aiden Valdore, he's a drowand apparently a bio alchemist... I've never heard of those...

Nisse - kinda like what I do, but instead of making potions he makes monsters.

Concu - sounds unethical... He'll work so long as he is payed and not questioned.
No. 573422 ID: 4249cc
File 139941416211.jpg - (311.34KB , 800x532 , mercs 2.jpg )

Concu - Next is Thanes Bloodclod. and Ex gladiator who kills for money and only obeys one client at a time.
No. 573425 ID: 4249cc
File 139941465719.jpg - (291.19KB , 800x532 , mercs 3.jpg )

Concu - Pipo the Half orc. *sigh* He really wants to avenge his father... I worry for that boy, if I was him I'd let go, but I guess his orcish blood wont let him... His father tried to clear the castle of it's haunt and died in the process, and his son has been angry ever since... If you wont let him help, at least ask for his requests.
No. 573427 ID: 4249cc
File 139941543846.jpg - (299.96KB , 800x532 , mercs 4.jpg )

Concu - next is... Emily Goodwill... typical Emily, I ask her to find work hands and she proposes herself... Let's see what she has to say about herself... She can read and write, she has a good memory, she's polite and she runs fast. All very true... She'll do jobs to raise money to help her sick grand mother~Aawww... that's a filthy lie Emily~ Her grand mother died two years ago
She's a good girl, but she lies compulsively and she's extremely greedy. But if you keep her payed she'll never betray you.
No. 573429 ID: 4249cc
File 139941580366.jpg - (271.17KB , 800x532 , mercs 5.jpg )

Concu - okay next up is... King...slayer... Heeh...

Eadoo - okay...

Concu - he apparently refused to answer any question save for his name...

Ean - I like him~

concu - definitely should look into him... or evade him completely...
No. 573431 ID: 4249cc
File 139941683412.jpg - (302.94KB , 800x532 , mercs 6.jpg )

Concu - and the last one here... *sigh* ... Emily, why do you do this to me... The... the last one is Aedola... she's a sugartouched. She's strong and helpful, and she's a nice person. she'll be eternally loyal to any one who frees her...

Ean - a sugartouched... they're nothing but trouble, let's avoid her.

Eadoo - concu, do you know her?

Concu - Yes... She used to work for me, but now she's rotting in prison.

Eadoo - what for?

Concu - Cannibalism... one of my girls died falling off out a window... And Aedola ate her legs... apparently they talked about it when she was alive, but the local forces insist that sugartouched are mad and once they taste blood they can't be kept. so now she's in a dungeon...

Ean - It's true, they're dangerous.

Concu - *sigh* she's a good girl...

Alanna - eum... concu... would you like to take a bath?

Concu - oh... y-yes I would~

Alanna - okay, but no funny busyness, you're married remember?

Concu - of course~! I would never betray my husbands love!

>the two leave to bathe.

Eadoo - Hmmn... Gatling, what do you think of them. see any takers?

Ean - and what are our plans for today?

>_ _ _
No. 573433 ID: d6410a

would, at most, consult regarding William's arm. Perhaps he knows a way to mend him that would not be objectionable.
Looks like a solid hire for some of the more physical stuff, though his service may simply be "will kill X for $" Would not bring to castle before knowing how he copes with magic.
If those sketches are to the same scale, he is the littlest half-orc. He might hinder any peaceful solutions regarding the castle if revenge is his main goal.. but he also might know how to fight the forces controlling the castle.
Sounds useful, as long as money keeps her honest
He is wearing at least three crowns on his belt. I suggest not wearing yours if you meet him directly. I also suggest never, ever meeting him directly. Even without a crown, army, or lands, you have the heart of a King. Knowing why he slays kings is kind of important, I think.
No. 573434 ID: d6410a

Might be helpful. Durable, cute, and a bit intimidating? Might be worth learning what her freedom costs soon: prison can't be good for her.
No. 573437 ID: ca0da5

Hahah Pipo you crazed fool. Might be good to look into his quest and alliance if he's gonna pop up everywhere like this.
If you ask me, it ain't cannibalism if you're a different species (though that doesn't in itself clear her of ethical wrongdoing in eating a sentient person). At least she's never eaten anybody who's still alive, nor has she murdered anybody, right? As long as it's just a person who's died of unrelated causes anyways, I really don't see the problem. Sorry, Ean, but she is definitely somebody we do want to look into. Besides, just look at the image! Her crown is growing! Since when do Sugartouched let their crowns grow? ...We might, however, want to speak with Roland about it once he wakes. ('course if he's already awake we've been so distracted with all the paperwork that we haven't actually noticed)
King Slayer is an odd one. Why would he refuse to answer questions if he says he's willing to help? Is it a type of king he slays, or just kings in general? Unless he's suddenly willing to answer questions, I don't think he should be sought.
Finally, about Emily. She may be very useful to hire in the future, but for now we should keep an eye on our funds. Perhaps after we've finished some quests and gotten more money, but for now, we cannot.
No. 573439 ID: 53ba34

kinda hard to trim the crown if she's tied up.
i agree, we need to find out why kingslayer apparently managed to kill three kings, does he hate authority or does he seek justice and kill those unworthy of their titles?
No. 573480 ID: 4a76e2

A very delightful bunch we have here. Very eccentric, might enjoy all of their company.

However, pragmatism first. The gladiator and Pipo seem to be the most reliable, the sugartouched, monster-maker, and kingslayer must all be probed first, and Goodwill... Well, what harm can a messenger do? A lot. Save dear Emiy for when we have a stockpile of gold and a greater need for networking. Her involvement could allow us to extend our influence to situations beyond those under our gaze, allowing us to have more groups.
No. 573514 ID: c9b053

if she does not deserve to be incaserated we must help. If the guards dont want to let her go on our word we can tell them Eadoo has a mgical knife that will make her obey, and if she prooves too evil, We can eat her soul and claim the immortal body.
No. 573594 ID: ca0da5

Oog, grim. And I thought Sugartouched were supposed to be those blessed by the angels... But, then again, we've got a righteous Ashtouched, demon cursed, in our party so I guess the rumors aren't entirely true.
No. 573626 ID: e607cd

Okay, no prejudice about monsters and all that, but I don't think we can promise not to ask questions about his techniques. "Not what you are, but what you do" is kiiiiind of the whole point of this dream Eadoo is chasing.
No. 573727 ID: 4249cc
File 139965555678.jpg - (3.83MB , 3296x2548 , map of empirium.jpg )

>If you ask me, it ain't cannibalism if you're a different species (though that doesn't in itself clear her of ethical wrongdoing in eating a sentient person). At least she's never eaten anybody who's still alive, nor has she murdered anybody, right?
>Eadoo looks somber and whispers to you...

Eadoo - I... I've eaten a human once... last winter, we were starving and we found him dead... let's... let's not tell anybody about that though...

>"Not what you are, but what you do"

Eadoo - very true, we can't let an ally commit atrocities under our shadows. But it's worth looking into if it's really morally wrong or just strange and unusual.

Ean - okay so what exactly is our order of busyness?

Eadoo - well Gatling and I don't really have a big grasp on the world as of yet.

Ean - hmmnn... There's a map under all these papers, I don't suppose Concu would mind us borrowing it?

Eadoo - probably not, so where are we on this?

Ean - Right here at Kojiro... heh... she must of wrote it in herself, kojiro isn't normally on this map? Right! the old lord took this town off the maps in exchange for Sigveirs protection.

Eadoo - Oh... so we wont get attacked by folks with maps right?

Ean - guess not... But back to busyness... what needs attention?

>talk to party<
>Start quests<
>seek new allies<
No. 573748 ID: c9b053

Allies then quest.
Start with the sugar touched.
No. 573812 ID: ca0da5

>Eadoo - I... I've eaten a human once... last winter, we were starving and we found him dead...
Eadoo: Ah, well, if you're starving then you don't have much choice. Worry not, for your secret is safe with me, and I would certainly consider "Starving" to be an appropriate excuse.
Ean: I believe we should look into potential allies for now. Forgive me for saying this, but we should check on Aedola. I would like it if you could come along; though ashtouched and sugartouched are opposites, sometimes an opposite is what you need to find a true and proper balance; but if you feel you wouldn't be able to keep your manners with you, then I would understand if you decided to head elsewhere.
All: We should focus on three actions right now. One, we need a group to go about talking to the allies. First up is Aedola, the Sugartouched. I know she commited a grim and unethical crime, but she certainly did not harm a soul. Two, we need to get some quests done. We have mentioned some vital quests, and should determine who to send on those ones. Three, we need to focus our, by which I mean "Gatling's," attention between two major groups using our shards. First group will be whoever looks into Aedola's situation. The second group will be a group headed for Iron Root. Why Iron Root? Because they may have some star metal, and we will be doing a service to the entirety of the town.
No. 573885 ID: 4249cc
File 139976073332.jpg - (334.33KB , 1000x760 , the team.jpg )

Ean - I understand her place in Eadoo's kingdom, and I'll have to put my grief aside... Though I will have warned you if she turns, and I will be there to protect you... I am just as cursed as she... Though I should not be sent to collect her, my opinion may be biased, and I would rather not approach the warden.

Eadoo - so now to separate into two teams, one to seek new allies and one to travel afar. I'll let you deal with that Gatling.

>Divide the team<
No. 573892 ID: ca0da5

Very well, seeing as Ean has asked to not be sent to recruit Aedola, he'll be in our Travelling team.

Travellers: Ean, Roland, Onion, Shenzi, Alanna, Liver, and Ed.
Recruiters: Eadoo, Nisse, Banzai, William, and Bacon.

Shenzi: Little one, would you be alright in a different team than your mother? We will be there with you, and can tell you what she says, but if the idea is too scary, you can go with her instead.
Roland: You're an intelligent man, and powerful to boot. I would prefer you to be with the questing team, and to be the acting leader--ourselves just taking the seat as Advisor to "General" Roland. Do not misunderstand, the title is honorary and temporary, but you currently seem to be the best suited to the position.
Liver & Onion (heheh): From our magical origin viewpoint, it seems that, while Liver is more combat oriented in mind, in skill you are both nearly equal. I hope you two can work together well, here, or else there will have to be some punishment in store. We are part demon, after all, so don't taunt our request.
No. 573905 ID: 0e5a5e

Agreed with most of >>573892

However, I would propose one change. I feel like we need to have Roland in the recruiting group (it gives us someone a bit more 'normal' in the group, and diplomatic or not, a pile of gnolls may not make the correct first impression), and we can send Nisse in the traveling group to act as healer in exchange.
No. 574857 ID: 939c7f
File 140038316292.jpg - (419.70KB , 800x600 , the root.jpg )

>Shenzi: Little one, would you be alright in a different team than your mother?

Shen - I'll be okay, I'm a big girl, and I'm gonna make momma proud~!

>A cold shiver can be felt deep in your proverbial spine, the source is subtle and difficult to trace.

Roland - I agree with this decision, a human face will most likely be needed and Alanna needs to stay with the demon for her training.

>Alanna bathes with Concu, during some events which you sense to be mildly inappropriate, Alanna suggests to Concu that she furnish the away team with much needed supplies for the journey, which the hexed woman gladly obliges. in exchange how ever, Concu asks to "dress her up" ... which ends up far more sober than Alanna first expected.

Ean, Nisse, Onion, Shenzi, Alanna, Liver, and Ed later prepare for their journey, expecting two days travel a night stay and two days back.
No. 574861 ID: 939c7f
File 140038638703.jpg - (154.16KB , 800x533 , at the prison.jpg )

>once the team is awake and ready to go, Eadoo, Roland, Banzai, William, and Bacon travel across town to the deputy's office. It is a well kept building of the dullest grey. Aside from it is the public display, there are two stocks and a butcher's block. It is old and looks like it hasn't seen much use.

Eadoo - We're here to help the sugar touched out of custody, provided she checks out.

Banzai - I doubt the warden will simply let us, a band of "monsters" set free a dangerous cannibal. Well not without persuasion. And definitely not without some tact.

Eadoo - too true. Gatling, you're in charge. what do we do?

>_ _ _
No. 574865 ID: ca0da5

I'm very curious as to what this lady stole, but that's not important. Uhh, let's see, what would be a good way of learning how to set free the Sugartouched? Well, I can't really think of any great ideas, but something "good" would be to simply ask if you can see her, or hear anything specific about what she had done. It sounded like Concu said the sugartouched had "permission" from the victim before she died, which, if that's the case, is a point worth arguing. Another idea might be to go into the cell and speak with her, see if she's violent or mild mannered. If she's violent at your approach, then it's likely worth giving up the attempt, but if not, there's another piece of leeway
No. 574871 ID: 131513

Talk to the thief. See if they have any information that might be useful to us.
No. 575010 ID: 939c7f
File 140052179333.jpg - (202.52KB , 800x533 , thief.jpg )

>You approach the thief, who looks to be no older than 14 and difficult to discern his/her sex. The theif's arms are chained to the stocks as they look in disrepair and clearly too big for the thief. He/She looks at the group in fear as the gnolls and kobold approach.

Thief - Eh... H-hello? n... p-please don't hurt me... mister monsters. I'm not bad, I promise.

>The theifs voice does little to give away it's gender.

>I'm very curious as to what this lady stole

Eadoo - Do not worry, we're very friendly. We were just curious, about your crimes. What exactly did you steal? assuming the little sign tells true.

Thief - eum... oh... I... I stole from old man Leclaire.

Eadoo - I see. What exactly did you steal? And what is your punishment?

Thief - I stole two gold coins...

Roland - That is a lot. I hope you are properly punished.

Thief - No... I'm only here for five days.

Roland - They are letting you off easily, must be because you're young.

Thief - no... I turned myself in, that's why... What I did was wrong... But I just... I couldn't stop myself.

Eadoo - At least you know what you did was wrong.

Thief - But I never learn... I always steal, I can't stop... I'll be living in a cell for the rest my my life.

>See if they have any information that might be useful to us.

Eadoo - Maybe you can help us? But first may I have your name?

Thief - I'm... I'm Angel...

Eadoo - How lovely~ I am lord Eadoo... My friends an I want to help a friend out of prison, We believe she was falsely accused of her crimes. Could you lend any advice?

Angel - Well... The Marshal doesn't take kindly to anyone but humans, his punishments are always more severe towards dwarfs and elves, or even worst if you're a monster.

Eadoo - I see. Might need a fairer marshal when I'm in power...

Angel - worst still are his guardsmen and deputy. They commit more crimes then they solve. *pout* rancid pigs... think they have all the rights.

Eadoo - I see...

Angel - what do you mean "when you're in power"?

Eadoo - hehee~ Expect change young one! Soon I will be king of these lands, And with my rule... A new age of prosperity and equality! for all!!

Angel - well... I'll believe that when I see it.
No. 575013 ID: ca0da5

A lass(?) with the class of Thief, and the traits of Kleptomania (or something similar) and honest ethical views... That is quite unusual. It might turn out to be useful to keep that in mind, but for now you don't have any particular use for her.

Roland: I first thought that everybody in this town shared the belief that the humans weren't so high and mighty if the King was unable to send troop after the Duke sold himself to the demons, but it seems you were right in choosing to stick with this group. You hereby have the lead.
All: It may not be the easiest of tasks, but you will have to pretend to be minions to sir Roland here. This means you cannot give him advice directly, though I will be willing to transcieve anything you wish to tell him, if it is important, and not simply some view such as "This guy deserves to be punished." While I would be keen to agree with such views, now is not the time to speak such words.
Roland: Whether or not you have actually studied as one, your service to the Holy Sword means you can pass as a Paladin. Stick true to virtues, and don't let the actions of a few immoral souls guide your words (That would be more of a Templar or Zealot). You keep these "beasts" (Do not emphasise this yourself, say this casually) in line, and in turn they serve you unquestioningly. You have pondered the thought of a Sugartouched in your armada, though you will need to learn her opinion on the matters directly before reaching a conclusion.
No. 575096 ID: 131513

Indeed, let Roland be the face to Eadoo's influence to these men. Though I crave "justice" against the guardsman and deputy, we should be wary of them and perhaps try to put them under Eadoo's heel. As for the kleptomaniac, how about we deliver a warm meal and some spare coin during or after their sentence is up. Maybe look into getting come care for their disorder. Perhaps we should keep a book of our promises and debts? One small favor to Angel the Kleptomaniac.
No. 575114 ID: b8ceae

It looks like somebody bit a chunk out of her ear at some point.

We already knew the local authorities were incompetent and/or corrupt. If they weren't then bandits wouldn't have taken Alanna's arm in the middle of town. How they behave now determines the fate we set for them in the future - assuming they don't decide to pick a fight our of blind hatred and thus get killed.
No. 575228 ID: 3a1f17

Lets have a talk with the marshal and see if we can get this young thief put under our care for the rest of their sentence. You can't stop an obsession like this but you can direct it, tell our charge they can go home as soon as they steal us. With any luck the urge to steal random items will be focused entirely on us. Even if that fails it will be good practice. If we teach our friend to be a better thief then maybe they will use there skills more responsibly in the future.

We are a magic teleporting knife if we let an untrained kleptomaniac steal us we should feel embarrassed. Lets have some fun with this.
No. 575244 ID: 939c7f
File 140070948284.jpg - (114.26KB , 800x600 , marshal through the door.jpg )

rolled 30 = 30

>Roland moves to the door, it's large and made of lightly rusted iron. He bangs a few times on the metal frame and within a minute the slith opens with a grinding creak revelaing the eyes of an older man.

Roland - I'd like to speak to Marshal Gorister.

Gorsiter - that's me, and who is this?

Roland - Sir Roland Dechambleau, at your service.

Gorister - Dechambleau... Nephew to the king and apprentice to the red breasted knight?

Roland - The very same.

>He looks skeptic.

Gorsiter - And how may I help such a noble man?

Roland - I've heard speak that you keep a demon in your cells. You see, I've been keeping a company of beasts at my side, as you can see. They serve and accept our faith and in exchange they are permitted to live. some have even accepted the human tongue.

Gorister - so it's slavery?

Roland - it is not unlike it no.

Gorister - I see...

Roland - I've heard you are trying to starve your sugartouched, could I perhaps see it, and maybe take it of your hands?

Gorister - HMmnn...

>Diplomacy check. 47 (Rolands cha) + 15 (subject likes the lie) - 10 (skeptic subject)

Above 95 crit success
above 52 Success
Below 51 failure (subject see's through lie)
Below 15 failure (subject denies Roland identity)
Below 05 crit failure
No. 575248 ID: 939c7f
File 140071001195.jpg - (116.82KB , 800x600 , masrshal angry.jpg )

>the marshals brow furrows as his tone becomes angered.

Gorister - Look, the sugar touched is a dangerous creature, and you seeing her would only undo the work we've put into it.

Roland - But I...

Gorister - She's under our jurisdiction, and we're going to take care of it on our own. Thank you good day!

>The slit slams closed and locks loudly.

Roland - *well shit... sorry about that... Eum... what now?*
No. 575249 ID: ca0da5

Well, sounds like he doesn't believe the king's nephew and apprentice to the Martin would hold slaves. I must say, that was a creative twist on our words, Roland.
No. 575250 ID: ca0da5

Ooh, I've just had an idea. Maybe now would be a good time to recruit Angel! Let's ask her(?) if she would be willing to help us out, in exchange for us helping her control her condition to only use it for noble purposes.
No. 575429 ID: 11bb15

Ask that Emily goodwill girl how she got in. Or better yet, have her go in and recruit the sugartouched
No. 575533 ID: 131513

Yes, Angel could be useful now. William might be able to help them out with their compulsions.
No. 575851 ID: 8dc0a5

I agree with having more allies, but how could angel help us free the sugartouched?
No. 575861 ID: ca0da5

She's a kleptomaniac, with a talent for theft. She might have the ability to steal the keys to the jail so we can get Aedola out ourselves.
No. 576128 ID: 939c7f
File 140116113716.jpg - (148.29KB , 647x431 , thief 2.jpg )

rolled 42 = 42

Thanks, you save me the trouble of drawing Roland asking the same thing

>Let's ask her(?) if she would be willing to help us out, in exchange for us helping her control her condition to only use it for noble purposes.

Eadoo - Hey angel, would you like to help us?

Angel - I don't know... I'm not sure if I should...

Eadoo - come now... We can help you. my friends an I, we can shelter you and keep you comfortable, all whilst helping you with your compulsions.

Angel - Wha-what are Y-you offering?

Eadoo - You have a talent, we can help you to not only better your ability to steal, but choose when to steal and what to steal. to control yourself Angel, we can help you... And by helping us free Aedola you'll free helping an innocent person.

Angel - I... I don't know... It all sounds pretty B-bad... but.... B-but... also... kinda fun... *giggle* W-we really shouldn't... but... M-m-maybe?

>Angel looks wildly intrigued, though is clearly morally struggling.

Diplomacy check. 54 (eadoo's charisma) + 10 (Magnetic Personality) + 15 (kleptomania) - 2 (angels will bonus) = 77

Above 97 crit failure
Above 78 failure
Below 77 success
Below 07 crit success
No. 576211 ID: 939c7f
File 140117770249.jpg - (219.95KB , 800x516 , thief 3.jpg )

>The thief succumbs, looking devilish.

Angel - Okay~ you're offer is R-rather nice... You'll help me control myself and let me steal?

Eadoo - And shelter you. so you will have little need to steal, it would be purely recreational. And of course, if and when stealth is helpful.

Angel - that is indeed, a V-very good offer. I accept! Now... could you H-help M-m-me escape?

Eadoo - We can definitely try.

Angel - Can any of you P-pick a lock?

Eadoo - eum... not to my knowledge...

Angel - no matter, I can get M-m-myself out. Do any of you have L-lo-lock picks?

Eadoo - eum... No...

Angel - ah... well mine are... well... I-in my S-st-stomach...

Eadoo - oh... okay then... eum... can you get them yourself... or do you need help?

Angel - no I can't... N-not without my hands... could you... or maybe... you could find something else...

>_ _ _
No. 576212 ID: 222441

a sufficiently thin piece of metal would probably help. a thin nail, or maybe the pin from a piece of jewelry? Is Eadoo's cloak held shut with one, perhaps?
No. 576253 ID: ca0da5

William: I understand if this goes against your standard morals, but, frankly, we need this. Consider it an order: Teach this young lady to control her habits, even if it takes time to do so, but don't stop her from commiting the act. Just teach her when it's more noble to use her talent than not. This is a standing order, and unless otherwise told to go a separate way than her or told that your training of her is finished, you are to stick to her presence. An obivious exception is if she's having sex or using the bathroom or something, you're certainly welcome and expected to keep a bit of distance from her then. Oh, and for that matter, Angel is not allowed to give your orders. She is to be your subordinant. That's not to say you'll be entitled to verbally abuse her, though I doubt you'd want to anyways, but rather that you are to ensure she follows any orders you're forced to follow unless your own superiors (us and Eadoo primarily) say otherwise.

Something thin may also be flimsy. We need to make sure it's thin and sturdy to do the trick. I'm actually surprised we never got Eadoo a set of lockpicks.
No. 576262 ID: 0ee153

Locks are not that simple to pick unless they're really shitty locks.

It might be a really shitty lock, so it's worth trying.
No. 576268 ID: b8ceae

Given the state of metalworking here, all locks are simple locks. You could probably pick one with a hair pin, if the metalworking were advanced enough to make hair pins.
No. 576324 ID: 29daa3

simple locks means simple tools, a dagger might work; or a fork. ask Bacon if he has anything slim, long and metal.
No. 576343 ID: 16903a

WAIT! Do we still have the fork!
No. 576852 ID: 939c7f
File 140173238284.jpg - (169.23KB , 800x516 , lock picking.jpg )

will - So I am to make sure she only commits crimes, for the greater good? I suppose I could. But know that I cannot leave Master Eadoos side, as per my soul's contract.

Eadoo - Ah yes this!!

>Eadoo shows Angel the long silvery tool. Angels eyes glace over it curiously transfixed by curving blades...

Angel - Y-yeah that could do...

>Bacon offers up the ling pin he uses to keep his scarf fixed, and is sorely disappointed as Angel bends the tip into a crude tool.

>The thief wriggle up and begins picking the lock... after numerous attempts, the metal contraption snaps open. Angel then easily pries the simple metal bands off his wrists. slipping the twisting metal tool into his palms.

Angel - Well thank you. I'll be around if you need me.

Eadoo - can you help us with our guest? *pointing at the jailhouse*

Angel - oh! yes yes, I'm certain I could get her out. My hideout has a complex of tunnels that spans all across town. But don't tell anyone, I don't think anyone knows~

>the thief whispered to Eadoo

Angel - I could sneak in at night and bring her out for sure, but... well if I escape it's mundane, if that sugartouched gets out, well they'll actually go looking for her. and the inn is the first place they'll look. I wont attempt it until you can find a good place to hide her.

Eadoo - Understood. Thank you angel.

Angel - I'll go to my hideout now, pick up some stuff and come find you guys. Okay?

Eadoo - sure.

>Follow Angel or next target<
No. 576859 ID: 937723

Lets follow Angel. I am curious if this will end up being a good idea or a horrible train wreck. Either way should be fun.
No. 576884 ID: ca0da5

Well, Angel said she would find us once she gets her supplies, I'd say we go on our merry way for now.

Thank you for understanding, William. Any person with Kleptomania will have trouble suppressing their habit entirely, but controlling it is certainly a possibility.

For now, all I can recommend for this group is to send a note or letter to Aiden Valdore, informing him that while you won't question the morals of his abilities, you would want to know a bit more about how it works if you're to hire him, and that if he's alright with that he can meet you at the inn. Since that is the last of the advice I have for this team, I would like to check up on our other group.
No. 576893 ID: 506a81

We could hide her with the away team. We'll be storming the castle by the time they get back. But that means they leave at night. Have the away team do a side quest near or in town.

What quests are in town or could be done before night fall?
No. 577283 ID: 0cb2e5

I agree with this and lets look into the monster in the forest quest
No. 577284 ID: 29daa3

better move to the next target, make the most of our time. we should talk to Pipo, it would seam that he will join us at no cost as long as he gets his revenge. another set of fighting hands is always welcome.
No. 577644 ID: 939c7f
File 140218895631.jpg - (204.15KB , 800x533 , pipos mom.jpg )

>Thank you for understanding, William.

Will - I will do my best.

>send a note or letter to Aiden Valdore

>You return to the inn and request to have a note sent to Aiden, Concu scribes up a note for you and has Emily send it over on foot. The young girl returns shortly with a note from the elf reading: "Dear lord to be, I would gladly demonstrate my gifts to you. I am sure they could be a great use to you. I have an appointment with the wardens daughter today a notch after high noon, if you would like to witness my work please send a single set of eyes, but I'll ask that the person attached to them be discreet and not faint of heart. I would rather avoid distractions as I work my magic. Sincerely yours, Aiden Valdor."

Concu - his appointment is in two hours, you have plenty of time, pick a single person to go see whats up.

>We could hide her with the away team

Eadoo - that could work, we'll have the Away team leave tonight with the sugar touched, if she causes too much trouble just stab her.

>monster in the forest quest

Eadoo - sounds about right. Concu, how far away is that quest?

Concu - no more than three or four hours away.

Eadoo - oh we'll have plenty of time for that. Gatling, make a team to send, there will probably be a fight. Remember the more people you send the safer it will be, but the less experience we will receive.

>we should talk to Pipo

>you travel to pipo's home. the door is answered by a half orc woman who stands staring down at Eadoo.

Orc woman - Heh... normally Ah let the vermin in, but for you Ah think Ah'll make an exception.

Eadoo - Excuse me?

Orc woman - Is there a human Ah can talk to?

>Roland reluctantly steps up.

Roland - forgive her my lord... what is your name?

Orc woman - Yulfa. and yours?

Roland - I am Roland, we've come to inquire about your son's vengeance. May we have a word with him?

Yulfa - If you want to avenge my husbands death, by all means. But if you want to drag mah precious son's life into it you've gotta show me two things, first you've gotta be strong, Ah don't want you getting him killed. Second you've gotta be trust worthy. Ah wont let my son go with some creeps who'll do worst things than get him killed. understood?

Roland - eum... Yes? But please tell me again to make sure I understod.

Yulfa - Prove to me that you are trust worthy and strong, then you will gain my confidence.

>1 - who will witness Aidens work?
>2 - who will go fight the monster?
>3 - how will you prove yourself to yulfa?
No. 577704 ID: ca0da5

>1 - who will witness Aidens work?
Well, since we have not yet sent our questing crew out, I was thinking Ean might be a good choice, but since it's for the Warden, it also might not be. We can't send Nisse, Alanna, or Shenzi, for that matter, either. Ed would become a distraction, and William cannot be seperated from Eadoo, which boots them from the choice, too. Banzai or Bacon are the two I think could handle it. Bacon's less diplomatic, but quicker. The real question is if he can blend in with that speed.
Bacon: You work meats all the time, so my question is thus: Would you feel comfortable watching "abominations" be created, possibly modified, maybe even turned inside out? If it helps, you could think of it as another chef putting on a show. A very sloppy one, but a show from a chef nonetheless.
>2 - who will go fight the monster?
We need Alanna and Shenzi to get some experience. Sending them along with Ean and either Onion or Liver should be a good enough team.
>3 - how will you prove yourself to yulfa?
Trustworthy: My plans were to let him know we weren't planning on storming the castle immediately, and ask if he'd be willing to help secure the townspeople's trust. Help out the townsfolk, garner their trust, and secure their assistance in whatever forms they supply them in. Might need to tweak this around to sound better, though.
Strong: Er, actually, until we prove ourselves with a few quests, I don't know how to go about doing this.
No. 577708 ID: 29daa3

sending Bacon is a good idea, but only sending three to deal with the mosnter might not be such a great idea. yes both Alanna and Shenzi need experience and should go, but because of there lack of experience they will need to be careful, as they could end up hurt. so eanraig or nisse should go with them, along with Liver.

>3 - how will you prove yourself to yulfa?
test of strength, if we beat the monster will that do?

we also need to decide were the two shards go, I think it would be best if one went with the away team, and if Eadoo is not doing anything, give the other to Bacon.
No. 577903 ID: 75dba1

Have Alanna ask Concu what the monster in question is exactly and if she can spare any resources.
No. 578220 ID: 939c7f
File 140253081397.jpg - (218.95KB , 800x533 , concu and allana.jpg )

rolled 77 = 77

>Have Alanna ask Concu what the monster

Concu - This shawl will look extra good on you, it'll cover your shoulders and look really natural~

Alanna - Th-thank you, but you really don't need to give me all this.

Concu - Nonsense. someone as beautiful as you deserves to have these kind of things~

Alanna - If... if you insist... but must you be naked?

Concu - keehee, you deserve to be dressed first, since you're so lovely~

Alanna - Concu, I said no funny busyness.

Concu - it's not~ You're a woman, I'm a woman, there's no shame between us~

Alanna - we'll it's making me really uncomfortable... C-could you please dress?

concu - Okay... As soon as I'm done dressing you.

Alanna - *Sigh* Gatling wants to know what you know about the monster in the forest.

Concu - oh the monster? it's big and white, has many mouth and breathes fire. It regenerates pretty fast but does bleed, or so I'm told, I've never seen it.

Alanna - Do you have anything that could help us fight it?

Concu - I think my husband has a basilisk hide shield, I'll ask him for it after this, and while I'm at it, I'll see if he's interested in a threesome!

Alanna - A-are you even listening to me?

>Bacon: You work meats all the time, so my question is thus: Would you feel comfortable watching "abominations" be created, possibly modified, maybe even turned inside out?

Bacon - I... I'd rather not... but I guess I don't have a choice...

>Trustworthy: My plans were to let him know we weren't planning on storming the castle immediately, and ask if he'd be willing to help secure the townspeople's trust. Help out the townsfolk, garner their trust, and secure their assistance in whatever forms they supply them in. Might need to tweak this around to sound better, though.

Roland Explains to the half orc your plans in hopes she'll understand.

Diplomacy check. 47 (Rolands's charisma) + 10 (shared desires) = 57

Above 95 crit failure
Above 58 failure
Below 57 success
Below 29 great success
Below 05 crit success
No. 578239 ID: 939c7f
File 140253408296.jpg - (184.88KB , 800x533 , Roland.jpg )

>Roland's speech is less than satisfactory to push the mother into offering her son or more.

Roland - Yulfa, we are not criminals or crooks, we want to help your son get vengeance and what not. We're helping around town too, Lord Eadoo wants the town to prosper and to do that we are going to kill the evil monster in the forest, we're good guys~

Yulfa - I guess... Defeating the monster would prove your strength, and the village does need help... We'll see about all that when and if it happens.

Roland - yup! Now, off to go do that~!

>The orc slams the door shut...

Eadoo - smooth~

Roland - quiet!

Eadoo - what happened? got distracted?

Roland - N-no! I'm a pure man!

Eadoo - Hehee~ We'll she does have a nice frame~

Roland - Lord Eadoo! she is a mother!

Eadoo - Hahaa, That she is~

Roland - What ever... I need to go talk with Durendina...

Eadoo - What about?

Roland - None of your busyness.

Eadoo - Have fun~!

Roland - Shut up!!

>Next ally or monster mission<
No. 578262 ID: ca0da5

>Roland - What ever... I need to go talk with Durendina...
Well, he's off limits for now. Aside from pissing him off with an interruption, I'd rather not risk eating Durendina again.

I want to watch the show through Bacon when it comes (Technically, we don't have eyes) but the monster in the forest is probably more important.
No. 578311 ID: 29daa3

as silly as it is, I kind of want to found out what what mister Kingslayers angle is, or how much Thanes Bloodclod cost to hire.

but we should press on and see to that monster in the woods!
No. 578353 ID: ca0da5

Well, we might be able to afford sending Onion off to meet with one of them, but yeah, focus on the monster still has my priority.
No. 578623 ID: 939c7f
File 140278888983.jpg - (91.79KB , 800x533 , walking in the forest copy.jpg )

>Shenzy, Ean, Alanna and Liver set onwards into the forest in search of a monster. As soon as they set foot into the shade of the tall trees, a sense of dread looms over the team, you feel watched from all angles and cant help but hear the cracking of branches and the heavy breath of beasts waiting just beyond your senses... But more shocking than that... as you journey in deeper and deeper all these looming threats fade away slowly, until there is nothing to sense... You do not feel any presence at all aside form yourself... Ean raddles his arms causing massive bronze chains to manifest, wrapped around his arms and begins walking with a cautious beat.

Alanna - Is everything okay mister Eanraig?

Ean - Don't you feel like it's too quiet?

Liver - Isn't that good?

Ean - What's waiting for us... if nothing dared follow us this far in.

Alanna - *gulp*

Shenzy - Dun dun Dun!
No. 578624 ID: 939c7f
File 140278889515.jpg - (133.92KB , 800x533 , in the forest copy.jpg )

>They travel even deeper in... As you progress with caution at your back, the snow and cold slowly creeps away, almost as if winter it's self wanted no part of it. The tree's grow dead, leafless and burnt asunder, blackened by what ever called this place home, and the ground is charred, upturned by countless bladed claws.

Alanna - this doesn't look safe, I... I don't want to be here...

Ean - Ssh... Stay behind me, I'll keep you safe...

Liver - Hey! come look at this.

>Liver spots a broken tree, it's still somewhat green and mostly unscathed, but where the bark had fallen off is engraved and burned, almost as if written with a burning brand.

Ean - Hmmn... Strange.

Alanna - I wonder who wrote this?

Shenzy - Maybe a survivor, or the monster?

Ean - she recalls, she lost her soul... what do you think this means Gatling?

>A bellowing wail is heard in the distance... Screaming almost human, but coarse, beastial and broken... Again it yells only louder and closer.

Ean - It's coming... Any advice?
No. 578625 ID: dc4b80

Signs like this are meant to frighten people into staying away. If a monster wants people to fall into its clutches it does not make its presence so widely known if it can help it.

I could be wrong but this seems like its going to a big effort to appear nastier than it really is. So watch each others backs and don't let its antics get to you.
No. 578628 ID: ca0da5

That... Is strange. It makes me think of the Chaos Witch, oddly enough, maybe she had created the monster but some sanity left in her decided to leave a warning to any people passing by, in her own little twisted way?
No. 578681 ID: b8ceae

Right. Now we understand the mission.
Steel yourselves; we have a monster to rescue.
No. 578686 ID: 29daa3

looks like its time to stand back-to-back and get ready for whatever is coming.
No. 578789 ID: 939c7f
File 140289082839.jpg - (266.09KB , 800x533 , Albino monster.jpg )

Ean - that's quite possible. I've heard stranger stories of her.

>watch each others backs and don't let its antics get to you.

>The team huddles up and prepares for an attack from any side, ever vigilant you spot the beast, it's voice echoing through the dead trees. It's shape is pale and white, twisted and contorted as it lumbers towards you with thrashing claws. mouths forming on it's surface if only to scream and sink within the fold of it's wriggling flesh.

Monster - MMAaassteerrr!! Master betrayed us!! Master aBBbaanndoned us!! *snarl* Traitor! *Grrawl* AAaaaahhhh!! Filthy traitor! Abandoned us master!! AAAAAAaaahhh!! Death! Madness!! AAaahhhhHHH!!!

>As the beast yells and wails flames pour out of every word, scorching the air in bellows of black burning smoke. as it claws it's way to you.

Monster - Where!? Where are MMaaster! Traitor!! Abandoned us!! AAAAaaaaaahhhh!! Never... Nevaaarrr!! MMmaassterrr!!! AAAAAaaaahhhhHHHHhhh!! Where Aarree youu!!!!

Alanna - H-he-help... I... *gulp* So scared...

Ean - Steel yourself Alanna, you're only here to watch.

Shen - That thing is terrifying.

Ean - Gatling. strategy. Guide us.
No. 578791 ID: 0ee153

The legs look spindly enough to break easily, but it's clearly magical, so I wouldn't trust that overmuch. Even if it's crippled, I suspect it could breathe fire for short to medium ranges. Unless it can see out of some of the floating fire, it's blind, so that might help.

Plink it then try to retreat back into cover to stay hidden, maybe?
No. 578792 ID: ca0da5

First: The master betrayed it.
Second: "Us."
>we have a monster to rescue.
While this would certainly be a great outcome, there's... Not much that can be done for the poor thing but to free it from its misery.

Alanna: Stay strong. Ean's right, you really shouldn't be a part of the combat. Stay back, strengthen your will, and keep a good distance from it. If, and only if you feel you are capable of summoning a good strong clump of your magic, you can try "binding" the creature, or at least bog it down with the effects of your magic. Don't put yourself too far into risk, though; if it feels like you'd have to get close to do anything, then don't.

Shenzi: Yeah, I agree. That thing is rather freaky. At least it's not as gru--Oh snap. Er, nevermind! I've seen worse, I'll just say that. This thing looks pretty benign compared to those things!

I hope to the gods this thing wasn't left over by Valdore, but the note did say she, so I'm thinking it wasn't.

Ean, Liver: The legs do look thinner than the rest, but they also appear to be made of sturdier material. Liver's maul/hammer might be able to crush them, but I agree with >>578791 's strategy to keep away or hidden from its attacks. Ean, you said your magic is primarily creating fire, but what about manipulating it? Can you push that fire right back down inside of it, or use it to engulf the creature itself? Maybe even pull the whole of it out of the monster.
No. 578798 ID: ebc77d

I wonder can we use the trees for cover? Liver swings his hammer as the monster passes by, allowing Shenzi or Ean to get in a hit from the sides or the back. Keep dodging from behind trees, get in free shots, and make the monster waste his energy trying to play Whack a mole with you guys.
No. 578815 ID: 29daa3

be careful with the fire attacks, this thing is more then likely resistant to fire; but using its fire against it is worth a try.

if we can immobilise it by taking out the legs it will be easy to run around and stop it going after the softer party members.
No. 578872 ID: a7868d

Ok, weird monster with abilities unknown.

Firstly it looks like it's moving slowly, so you should be able to surround it without too much difficulty. That won't offer any real tactical benefit on it's own, that fires spitting out at weird angles. From the looks of it you don't want to get too close.

It's tall and top heavy. Unless there's some magic keeping it upright, it should be easy to knock over. Give it a hammer swing to knock it over, then hopefully another shot to finish the thing.

Honestly it'd be nice to have some water on hand, in case someone is set on fire, which seems likely. Since we don't have any, be ready to put out anyone who catches fire by smothering it with a cloak.

Allana, if you can manage something specific, try calming the creature with magic. If it weren't agitated it most likely wouldn't be a threat in the first place. If you can calm it we should forego violence at all and try to reason with the poor beast. It was obviously the subject of a failed magic experiment and is a walking tragedy.
No. 578902 ID: b8ceae

Throw us at it. We're very effective against insane things, and if we can't persuade it then we can tell you what it's going to do.

We'll either talk it down, hijack it, telegraph its attacks, or miss. If we miss then we get picked up later. Not a huge loss.
No. 578903 ID: ca0da5

Oh, right, I totally forgot that we're a physical thing. There's technically the chance that we'll eat it right up and gain a negative trait because of it though, so we should really have a self-consensus on if we want to take that risk. I mean, unlike what happened with a certain ally, I wouldn't at all mind if we ended up consuming this thing's soul, but I would mind if it gave us a negative trait.
No. 578942 ID: a7868d

Don't be so flippant about soul eating.

*attacks self with self loathing*
No. 579073 ID: 939c7f
File 140306280708.jpg - (186.25KB , 800x533 , ean running.jpg )

rolled 3 = 3

>your magic is primarily creating fire, but what about manipulating it?

Ean - I can but it's much harder, especially if it's being manipulated by another. But I'm am a proud ash touched, we don't fear fire, we're born of it!!

Shen - a good strategy, Ean will lead the charge and try to knock it down, then I'll come in for a stab.

>Shenzy plucks you out of the air using your recal ability.

Shen - if either you or I fail, we'll beat it to a pulp using the trees as cover~

Liver - I'll... I'll stand back until I'm needed, I... I don't have any means of defending against fire.

Shen - Hahahaa~! Yup! Big sis has gotta protect her lil pups~

>Shenzy hoists up the shield given by concu and they charge!!

Ean tackles the beast hard using all his power!!

Weapon skill check: 60 (flaming capoeira) + 10 (advanced fire dancing) + 10 (advanced manipulations) + 5 (lumbering target) = 85

Above = 98 crit fail
Above = 86 failure
Below = 85 success
below = 45 great success
below = 08 crit success
No. 579083 ID: 939c7f
File 140306832794.jpg - (263.36KB , 800x533 , super kick copy.jpg )

>Ean dashes forwards, braving a furious torrent of flames, charging through them as if they were nothing! using his flaming dance fighting, he spins and kicks fast, molten fire gushing from his heel as he brings his foot down hard on the beast, slamming a solid roundhouse kick clear into one of the monsters faces!! The beast is thrown off it's claws and slammed into a near tree, ripping the bark from it's surface and breaking the tree in two!! the creature slums to the ground, immobile, extinguished and apparently unconscious, though still breathing faintly. How ever it's open bleeding gashes appear to be healing at an brisk pace.

Ean - ... AAAAaaahhhhh!!!

>The fire dancer hollers his victory and strikes a victory pose.

Shen - Wow... Little brother, You're amazing~!

Ean - Well I don't like to brag~

Shen - Eum... Mister Gatling, Should I still stab you in it?

Ean - I could finish it off right now if you don't want to risk it.

>_ _ _
No. 579084 ID: ca0da5

Damn, you deserve to be proud when it lets you be that successful!

With it already this incapacitated, I'd suggest just eliminating it. Even if we manage to somehow avoid acquiring permanent negative traits, it will likely have it's own, personal negatives.
No. 579085 ID: dc9edc

No its a poor soul. Give it a hug!
No. 579087 ID: f461c5

Diplomacy, in whatever form, is always better than violence. This thing has a story, and we should see what it is. Not only could it's knowledge help us, and its strengths aid us, but we may be able to redeem it as well.
No. 579091 ID: ca0da5

Alright, you, sir, have convinced me. Let's see what it's like on the inside.

I swear, if this thing was made by Valdore, I'm gonna have it give him a piece of my mind. Not openly, mind you, I still want his assistance for the group, but I do want him to understand he needs to be more open about mistakes. At the very least, we'll be able to snuff them, and best case we can "redeem" them as you suggested.
No. 579093 ID: ebc77d

Finish him.
No. 579095 ID: 0ee153

Yeah, let's find out what we can. No soul-eating for the moment.
No. 579097 ID: b8ceae

What? Why would we gain any negative traits? We have no interest in chewing on its soul, and that's the only way for us to acquire traits from things.

Stab it with us so we can TALK to it. If it can tell us who did this to it then we can add that person to the hit list.
No. 579100 ID: 29daa3

put us in Shenzy!
No. 579242 ID: 939c7f
File 140314715238.jpg - (207.31KB , 800x533 , penetration.jpg )

>Shenzy kneels down and points the blade to a soft spot that doesn't seem to lethal. you pierce the skin and for only just an instant you notice this creatures blood run red...
No. 579245 ID: 939c7f
File 140314728086.jpg - (597.09KB , 1000x667 , gatling dumbfounded.jpg )

As soon as you make the smallest penetration, you feel a torrent pull you in. The vacuum cause by the sheer massiveness of the soul inside grabs you by the roots and pulls you into it's deep confines.. Your entire consciousness is dragged into this soul, trapped under the pressure of its vacuum. You feel you've lost contact with the others and cannot freely leave at this moment.

>You find in your hand a ring of keys, they rattle as you observe them. You don't recognize these keys, yet you feel you've always had them, almost as if without realizing it. they are labeled on the back of the handles: Hate, love, greed, fear...

You peer around you, the walls are clad in lustrous wall paper, and the floor is laid with velvet carpet. Decorations of marble and gold line the walls and ceiling, along with paintings of figures and places you've never seen, or at least don't recall. There are marks of a battle, a creature most furious passed through here... behind you lies darkness, you hear a low pulsation and a cold wind from it. Before you, the corridors branch off into doors and halls.

>A strange feeling washes over you, this soul is like none other you've seen. it's design and complexity trumps what you though possible for a soul, and it's size is beyond understand. Other souls press you, their size much smaller than the visual space, almost as if wearing clothes two sizes to small. But this soul is vast, you feel diminutive in comparison, but free at the same time.

>_ _ _
No. 579247 ID: b8ceae

"Hello? You seemed to be in a spot of bother, and we thought you could do with some help."
No. 579257 ID: dc4b80

Well not going to learn anything standing around here. Lets head down the corridor and check some doors.

There appears to be a bunch of souls stuck in this body. Some of them are still separate but the big one we are in might be the result of many souls combining. Or it could be a soul of some sort of powerful magical creature maybe?

From what we saw outside it was ranting about a master and betrayal. Hard to know what to do until we see more but if we go around trying to fix things it might help. If we can get the souls to calm down and relax we might be able to find a way to help them.
No. 579268 ID: ca0da5

That's... Us. Gatling. Or, whoever we just became. We are the Caretaker of the Soul now. That's what I'm calling it.
I believe this is the normal strength of the soul of a person, and that Shenzi was just... Well, there was too much strife among her soul to properly allow it to have grown. Other than Shenzi, we've only been embeded into insects and dead animals. (Yes, the Boogeyman was literally just a bag of insects)

Let's avoid the darkness for now. I do not trust it. Check the first door there, let's give it a knock first to be safe. Does the door feel familiar in the way the keys did? If it does not, and nobody answers, open it and see what is inside.
No. 579733 ID: 939c7f
File 140332363622.jpg - (155.35KB , 800x533 , first door of importance.jpg )

>You look around, but despite your best efforts, you cannot find anyone in this soul, save of course for yourself.

>I believe this is the normal strength of the soul of a person, and that Shenzi was just... Other than Shenzi, we've only been embeded into insects and dead animals.

You recall being in Durandinas soul, and all the souls you've visited in dream. Of all those souls, this one is larger and more powerful by far.

>Check the first door there, let's give it a knock first to be safe. Does the door feel familiar in the way the keys did? If it does not, and nobody answers, open it and see what is inside.

You walk to the nearest door and give it a solid and loud knock, though no one replies. You find it to be locked, attempting to unlock it, you hear a unpleasant creak of metal and pull out the key to find it slightly bent. The keys appear to be fragile, and will most likely break if not used in the proper lock. Above the lock you see a small emblem, it feels familiar to you, you even feel as though you placed it there, though you cannot remember clearly.

>_ _ _
No. 579764 ID: 16903a

Its the yellow lantern symbol. Fear!
No. 579765 ID: 16903a

No wait my bad its orange. greed!
No. 579785 ID: ca0da5

Yeaaah, there are slight differences in it, and even if it was the same, I wouldn't trust Lust to cover Greed. There may be more keys hidden behind the doors.
No. 580799 ID: 939c7f
File 140365257663.jpg - (321.93KB , 800x533 , princess room.jpg )


You use the key labeled GREED and the door unlocks effortlessly. The room beyond is vibrant and calming. It is littered with fluffy pillows and fine furniture, a nearby exposed closet is fitted with small dresses, fit for a child, each more frilly and silky than the last. The entire room seems pleasant, inviting and innocent, save for the bed... despite being clean and tidy it smells foul, though you can't quite pinpoint what.

>_ _ _
No. 580800 ID: d8a627

Is there... something under the bed?
No. 580815 ID: 29daa3

that blood red candle seem a bit off, also it is lit. the creature used fire so im seeing a link between the candle and it.
No. 580866 ID: 939c7f
File 140366104318.jpg - (198.55KB , 800x533 , diary.jpg )


You search under the bed and find the source of the smell. which you can now clearly recognize. The thick book is pungent with the sent of fear, doubt and guilt, the nauseating cocktail of which has tainted the cover and burns your hands slightly. The pages are welded at the grain, melted together by rivers of salty tears. You manage to pry some chunks of pages apart without ruining the ink too much.

- I found some friends! really good friends. They're all so nice to me. they're really happy to be my friends. I wont be alone anymore~

- She never really talks about anything with me. she mostly just listens. She's a good listener, but I'm afraid I've run out of things to say... Yesterday we just sat and stared at the clouds... It's sad... I think she was happier...

- They didn't say goodbye again, I wonder if they really care... They smile, but only when I look at them. I hope I'm wrong... I love my friends so truly. I can't stand the thought of loosing them.

- he pushed me away today. I just wanted a hug... but he pushed me away. He told me to ask before hugging him. I don't understand why? I just don't understand.

- I think I'm going to stop seeing them... Maybe I've been to clingy? I'll give them space, if they want to be with me, they'll come see me surely!
No. 580869 ID: 939c7f
File 140366130970.jpg - (222.19KB , 800x533 , candle.jpg )


You approach the candle. It's warmth is calming and pleasant. though you feel a deep, almost frightening presence from the wax, it's flame lights your spirit, you feel safer near the flame and the soul around you feels less oppressive in the candles light. You stare, dazed at the flame as it dances on it's wick. feeling better and better about yourself.

>Gatling acquired: inner contempt [Gatling can make a will save to ignore the effects of self loathing]

>_ _ _
No. 580874 ID: dc4b80

Well looks like this soul or at least the one that was in this room had some self respect issues. We have to be careful because anything we mess with will most likely permanently change there soul.

So say if we burned the book or ate the book it would destroy those memories and either strengthen or weaken the flame or us depending.

I would check the other rooms before we start meddling with things. We do not know enough about the soul we are in or the mysterious flames. The flames probably represent some of the magic used to create or stabilize this thing. So lets not go messing around until we know more.

So head to the next room. We might want to take the book with us for the moment if it does not appear to affect things.
No. 580875 ID: d8a627

I think we're done in this room, at least for the time being. Let's check the next one.
No. 580925 ID: 939c7f
File 140367152849.jpg - (116.19KB , 800x533 , next door.jpg )

Taking the book with you, you leave the room of greed and wander the corridors avoiding the darkness beyond. You try to open every passing door, but try as you may you cannot enter the rooms. The doors do not posses locks, the handles turn, but as hard as you push they do not budge. As you walk along, you feel the cold wind from the darkness and hear the low pulsation... though you cannot see it, you know that the darkness is just beyond every corner...
You come across a door, who's handle will not turn. Looking down you see another symbol. You gather the keys from your inner pocket.

>_ _ _
No. 580927 ID: d8a627

Hey, it's fear. Maybe the book we found belongs in here?
No. 580943 ID: dc4b80

Fear it is then.
No. 581021 ID: ebc77d

Open the door with the fear key if you please
No. 581079 ID: 939c7f
File 140373344711.jpg - (56.39KB , 800x533 , into the fear.jpg )

you unlock the door using the key labeled FEAR and open it with a swing. The door opens widely without slamming or tapping a wall or frame on the other side. Beyond the door frame is blank, white, endless void. Stepping in to see around inside, you feel a terrible sense of dread! Darting around immediately to make sure the door is still behind you! You are relieved to see it's still there.
Inside this room you feel unpleasantly free, the pressure of the soul is gone and you feel terribly alone. the endless open atmosphere is unsettling, but at least there is a floor beneath your feet. it is smooth and hard like glass, but perfectly white.
No. 581086 ID: dc4b80

Check the candle and the stuff around it and then head on to the next door if there is nothing else interesting here.
No. 581087 ID: dc4b80

Oh yeah see if the book we found in the other room likes it here. Might be good to have all the vices in there proper place?
No. 581094 ID: d8a627

Let's place the book near enough to the candle that if shade played a realistic role, one could read, but far enough that it won't be in danger of catching fire from the flame. I'm hoping doing so can cause some good, but even if it doesn't, I don't feel comfortable carrying around such a book.
No. 581101 ID: 29daa3

i was just about to say my greatest fear was being left in a room with only my own thoughts to keep me company.

leave the book here and expect the candle.
No. 581172 ID: 939c7f
File 140375910068.jpg - (104.19KB , 800x533 , red candle.jpg )

You place the book down near the candle but to no affair, you don't feel it had any significance. How ever you do feel better for not holding it any longer than needed.

The candle is surrounded by profanities engraved into the ground. they tell mostly of someone worthless and alone. They are rather vulgar and rude.

You gaze into the flame and feel alone, distant and free... so singular in the warmth of the candle. You feel as though you're perfectly alone in the whole world and no one could possibly find you. though you snap back from this sense of blissful loneliness and suddenly the vulgar engravings make a bit more sense...

>Gatling acquired: spiritually distant [any attempt to locate, spy upon or commune with Gatling via divination (scrying, tarot etcetera) is increased in difficulty by two tiers. Gatling cannot yet prevent or control this]

>_ _ _
No. 581174 ID: d8a627

Wait, looking about... I think there was fog in this room. Is there a wall beside the doorway? If so, I think we can follow it and attempt to find a window to clear it out.
No. 581197 ID: dc4b80

Hmm we might want to try scratching out the words here and seeing what that does. Give the room a once over to see if anything is hidden by the whiteness and lets move on to the next one.

We are starting to get a feel for this place but I do not want to start messing with things just yet. We barely made it through our last soul affair with Shenzy intact.
No. 581214 ID: 939c7f
File 140376415837.jpg - (235.87KB , 800x533 , pink door.jpg )

you try to scratch at the ground but find it to be far too hard for your simple hands, the ground is glass like in texture and very cold...

You look around but can't find a wall anywhere. the door frame seems to just be there surrounded by nothing. the flip side of the door frame is a mere rectangle of wallpaper.

You wander about the corridors again, this time looking for the next door with an emblem and find it much faster than the last.

>_ _ _
No. 581216 ID: d8a627

WHoops, the color isn't what matches, just the symbol
Pink, for Love, yeah? Let's open her up--gently, now!
No. 581328 ID: 939c7f
File 140382138425.jpg - (215.71KB , 800x533 , deep dark.jpg )

You use the key of LOVE to unlock the door and open it wide, looking inside. You see a set of stairs leading down deep under ground. a wave of old air rushes over you, deep within the darkness you smell a strange cocktail of agony, humiliation and lust. the longer you peer into the dark the darker it gets...

>_ _ _
No. 581339 ID: 29daa3

there is something down there, looks like we need to walk down there.
No. 581387 ID: dc4b80

Lets be careful with this one. Head on down but be ready to leave if it gets weird.
No. 581423 ID: 939c7f
File 140383771522.jpg - (208.99KB , 800x533 , love and blood.jpg )

You enter slowly and cautiously down the stairs into the room labeled LOVE, each step cracking and creaking under your light and nimble feet. The smell of pain, lust and humiliation growing more and more pungent until it becomes hard for you to breathe. slowly as you enter the darkness, your eyes adjust and you see more and more as you cough and wheeze, but by the time you can clearly see, you're in the belly of the beast, you step on something slimy, unpleasant and moving. Stepping off, it wriggles back into it's hole. Around you in this dark stone room are many objects and devices, clearly designed for torture of sorts. though almost frighteningly, they are all made small, and crafted of finely painted wood and plated in gold and silver. save for the tools, who all fit neatly into your hands. You begin to question among yourselves about how you feel of all this...

>_ _ _
No. 581425 ID: e1609c

Favicon up, go approve or disapprove it in the questdis thread
No. 581426 ID: dc4b80

This sort of stuff could be great fun if you are in to it. But I have a feeling its been used to hurt and control someone. Sex is a powerful thing and its definitely been misused here.

So yeah to whoever's soul we are in this a bad place. Starting to look like whoever the master they where babbling about is bad news.

Check to see if there are any sources of corruption like the book in the other room and see what the candle does here.
No. 581432 ID: dbe554

It seems it all fits for us as well, I wonder if it became like that by us entering or if it's been that way the whole time.. Pick up some objects and study them.
No. 581433 ID: 40935b

Examine the candle, and the thing in the trapdoor.
No. 581448 ID: d8a627

I think that t hing on the trapdoor is what we stepped on. I'm... kind of frightened as to what might be down there. We can maybe grab the paddle to open it from a little bit of a range, but let's inspect the message on the wall and the candle here first. Actually, grab the riding crop as a means of self defense. Given the room it's in, it may have been used for deviant purposes, but I'm getting a little paranoid here.

1. Grab the riding crop, ignore thoughts of what it was used for before.
2. Inspect the message
3. Examine the candle.
No. 581459 ID: 29daa3

inspect the candle and the message on the wall, then leave. I would advise against touching anything or removing anything in the room.
No. 581516 ID: 4f8a00

What are the hook and ring for?
Also am I the only one who thinks they look like a pendent?
No. 581555 ID: 29daa3

> What are the hook and ring for?

you don't want to know.
the hooks to insert into some ones back or front side and leave them on there tip toes, the ring can only be left to the imagination.
No. 581570 ID: 939c7f
File 140391590021.jpg - (173.35KB , 800x533 , tools and note.jpg )


You approach the tools, picking up the crop you find it to fit almost too well in your palm, it's weight and balance is perfect for your arm strength, down to the subtle indents of your fingers wrapped around the leather handle... Everything in this room is built in two sizes, one very small and one very tall, the later of which fits your hand flawlessly.

You notice a small note under the tool rack. It's written in blood and drawn by finger tip. The width of the letters are much smaller than your fingers. You failed to notice its smell up till now, masked under the pungent thick scent of grueling humiliation and crushing agony, the note smells of love... Each letter tripping with pure, deep and honest enamoure. The scent alone is enough to make you blush.
No. 581571 ID: 939c7f
File 140391634540.jpg - (192.46KB , 800x533 , the wall.jpg )


You investigate the back wall... upon it you see a sort of prayer, at first glance it looks as though it's written in blood! But upon closer inspection you see it to merely be red paint.

>thing in the trapdoor.

You look down carefully into the trap door, the holes in the trap suggest that one would be caught in it like stocks with only the head and arms exposed... the hole below is shallow, kneeling your head would stick out from the hole. below there seems to be something moving, wriggling... like vines or tentacles... you speak out to it, but it doesn't respond. you quickly determine that what ever it is, it is alive, of animal intelligence or non sentient and probably far more afraid of you than you are of it.
No. 581576 ID: 939c7f
File 140391690868.jpg - (114.26KB , 800x534 , candle.jpg )


You squat down to inspect the candle, it's flame comforts you like a gentle embrace. You feel the dancing motion of the flame and the heat against your skin, entranced by the candle stare in a daze, the agony in the air growing more and more gentle, until soon it becomes nearly pleasant to you, deeper and deeper you gaze into the light, until the floating stench of agony in the air fills your lungs with pure delight and blissful pleasure. each breathe growing in intensity... until you notice something has become hard and another became wet... fortunately, no one is here to notice.

>Gatling acquired: pleasure form pain [Gatling and those possessed by Gatling, are immune to pain and pain effects.]

>_ _ _
No. 581577 ID: dc4b80

Well onward to the next room. Still not sure what if anything we should be doing in these rooms yet.
No. 581600 ID: dbaade

leave the room and go to the last door, it should be the HATE key to open it. i wounder what this soul hates?
No. 581601 ID: 40935b

Perhaps we should let the tentacle thing go? unless it would rather stay for some reason, I guess.
No. 581603 ID: b8ceae

Erase that oath on the back wall.
Whatever twisted love this poor soul felt for its master, its master clearly had no love for it.
Hopefully, erasing the oath will help free it from its compulsions.
No. 581606 ID: b9d767

Yeah, what exactly we're meant to be doing in here is somewhat of a mystery. Maybe the traits we're gaining here are based upon what we do in the room? While this is definetly creepy, I don't see anything readily apparent that we can change for the better (or worse). Maybe whatever is going on will become clear once we explore a bit more.
No. 581608 ID: d8a627

How about we rewrite it, instead? The "Thank you" was written in pure love, so there's something sincere to this.

~Oh Master~
I am yours completely
Your lover and slave
Never will I question you
So long as love runs true
Nor will I deny you
My life and soul is yours anew

If it wishes to stay here, it may, but let's open up the trapdoor for it. Even if it is vine-like, its core might be too large to get out.
No. 581624 ID: dbaade

were in some ones mind, the tentical creature is a figment of there imagination so released or not it makes no difference. it has no will other then what is make for it by the imagination.

also the person seem to love the "Master" regardless of what they have done to them, and i suspect its the same "Master" that abandoned it.
No. 581693 ID: ffdffd

The thing with the wheel reminds me of a pizza cutter. or cowboy boots.

I'm all for trying to rewrite the prayer and then poking the tentacles with the crop.
No. 581761 ID: 939c7f
File 140399465550.jpg - (293.74KB , 800x533 , flamming hatred.jpg )

You open the door for the beast but what little light in the room causes it to scare away into it's den, deep down in the pit. Seeing how easy it was for you to open the trap you figure it could probably escape if it really wanted to...

You rewrite the oath upon the wall, though not without difficulty, the soul is very well grounded, everything feels so very real and clear, it's hard for you to will something to change and even harder to create new realities, but you manage a simple thing as letters. though you feel you've changed more than letters on a wall... the air shifts as you rewrite the words, the scent of the air churns, humiliation melts down leaving more and more room for pain and lust, through the dripping agony you feel the pulsating scent from the subtle "thank you" clear across the room as though you were staring right at it. It's sent almost revoltingly strong, pulsating rhythmically, just like the darkness behind your back but when you turn it's gone... though, somethings changed, you've changed something in the darkness, no longer repulsive, it beckons you in enticingly... ever pulsating...

you find the next room. The handle is warm to the touch and as you open the door with a heavy swing, a bellowing ball of flames leaps out at you! Barely managing to evade the torrentuous fire, you peer into the room from the ground. it's insides charred black, burnt to a fine crisp as though set a blaze for years without ever stopping. Bursted pipes in the room scream like bloody murder, spewing black smoky clouds that smells of pure, unadulterated wrath. Through the flames you spot a small melted red candle, who's flame is lost in the endless storm of wrath, the sheer heat of which, brings your skin to a dripping sweat, brazen, scorching and endless...

>_ _ _
No. 581776 ID: dc4b80

I don't think we will be able to look at this room unless we clean out the other ones more. Are there any other rooms we have yet to look at?

So far am thinking we can destroy or rewrite the book we found. And scratch out the words in the fear room with maybe one of the metal tools in the love room.

We do have a party member that's good with fire though. Maybe he could help if we do not find another way.
No. 581777 ID: d8a627

>through the dripping agony you feel the pulsating scent from the subtle "thank you" clear across the room as though you were staring right at it.
Well, I hope that means we helped the soul somewhat...
Eek! That's some very strong hatred! But... We cannot feel pain. That's right. We've become masochistic. Being immune to the sensation of pain does not mean we are immortal though, so we still need to take care.
No. 581781 ID: d8a627

>we can destroy or rewrite the book we found. And scratch out the words in the fear room with maybe one of the metal tools in the love room.
Perhaps, this might actually be a good idea, although I'd recommend against trying to change the book so thoroughly just yet. It's a lot longer than a poem is, after all. The circle of words is also longer, but it's definitely shorter than the book.
Before we do go back into the love room, though, let's see if changing Love's poem changed Greed's book, which is still stored in Fear's expanse. We did get a heartfelt thankyou thrust upon us when we changed the poem, after all, so I'm really hoping they aren't as lonely as before.
>We do have a party member that's good with fire though. Maybe he could help if we do not find another way.
Unfortunately, in addition to being masochistic, we are also spiritually hidden. We have no way of contacting them unless we leave... And had no way from the get-go, anyways, since this spirit is deep enough to mask our presence without our new found power.
No. 581792 ID: 29daa3

we could just try walking though the fire to get to the candle.
No. 583142 ID: 939c7f
File 140469189043.jpg - (144.87KB , 800x533 , light in the fire.jpg )

You approach the flames... The searing heat is pleasant to you, however, you stop to contemplate your enjoyment of another persons anger. Ever ready to back away if the flames harm you, you walk into the ragging brazier, but the flames dance off you, not clinging and not burning you to a crisp where you stand, almost as if they raged for another and cared not for the likes of you.

You kneel down to the candle, it's wax melted by the roaring anger, it's flame lost in the heat. It stare into it as the searing rage around you boils your lust inside, feeling so much enjoyment from it all, despite your better judgement, you let the rage inside you, you feel the wrath burn so deep. One such fragment withing relishes in the fiery wrath much... much more, amplifying it's heat until your entire being is simply livid and white hot with luscious wrath!!

>Gatling acquired: Blazing blade [Gatling can engulf its self in flames at will, this effect does not harm the wielder]
No. 583145 ID: 939c7f
File 140469230038.jpg - (171.71KB , 800x533 , candle and book.jpg )

You return to the FEAR room and find the book unchanged, it's scent still revolting and hard to bare. You attempt to erase the foul words on the ground and with a valiant effort and patience you manage to do so. shortly after, the book's odor shifts, the smell of fear and guilt fade, leaving only doubt and a new scent... melancholy... how ever strange, the books its self doesn't seem to be the source, but rather the air touching the book... You're not sure if this was a good choice. But Upon looking out the door you feel something's changed.
No. 583148 ID: 939c7f
File 140469267471.jpg - (420.57KB , 800x545 , big bleeding door.jpg )

You find that the darkness is lifted, and a massive door is revealed. As you approach you do not feel safe, the structure and shape of the door doesn't entirely make sense, the pulsating sound beats over and over growing louder and louder as you approach and blood pours from the door... A sense of worry rushes over you as you're about to touch the door, you've run out of keys and opened the way... But you wonder... Are you ready?

>_ _ _
No. 583160 ID: dc4b80

Well if there are no more doors I think we did something everywhere but the Wrath room. Was there anything there we could affect at all?

If there is nothing left to find we should be ready to open the last door and see whatever horrors await.

Also got the oddest idea to try and tame the tentacle beast and ride it around. Probably a bad idea honestly.
No. 583347 ID: 29daa3

we were born ready! onward and forward!
No. 583381 ID: a7868d

We left one thing undone here. We've tried to change the negative emotions to positive ones (with largely mixed results) everywhere but wrath. Go back to wrath and extinguish the candle of hate.
No. 583408 ID: d8a627

But the hatred was controlled, and seperate from the candle. I don't think there's much we can do, nor do I think it would be safe to modify something more. Whoever has gained hatred from this monster is the only one it hates, but so long as love runs true, I will still have my love for you. As long as that person genuinely tries to apologize, love shall run anew.
No. 583469 ID: b8ceae

Hating something is allowing it power over you.
The best solution is the worst insult - make the target of the wrath disregarded. Instead of being hated, make them unworthy of being remembered.
No. 583580 ID: 761017

Delay going into the door.

This is big soul!

Explore it!

After exploring to a reasonable distance, go back to the Greed room, and see if it still smells awful with the book gone.

Furthermore, tear off some scraps of wallpaper where the "beast" clawed the walls, and try to singe the scraps with the greed, love, and fear candles only.

I propose we scavenge a candelabra (or make one from scrap cloth and bits of metal), and light each candle with a different Soul Flame, and use it as a torch before we enter into the big door.
No. 583584 ID: 761017

Also, grab the following items, and stockpile them near the big door:

Greed Room: 2 pillows and 1 bedsheet
Love Room: 2 lengths of chain and 1 whip
Hallway: 1 decoration of marble, 1 decoration gold, 1 supporting pillar, 2 vases (w/lids preferred)

When we open the door, none of the items should be on our body, but we should open the door wide to see what we should bring inside before entering.

Do the following actions:
Greed Room:
>Check what is underneath the massive pile of pillows
>Check what is in the nightstand's drawer
>Tear off a scrap of the shag rug
Love Room:
>use scrap of rug from Greed room on still liquid paint/blood
Fear Room:
>Use rug scrap to write "You Are Remembered" on floor.
Hate Room:
>Use vase with lid to capture a vaseful of ambient fire for the stockpile.
No. 583585 ID: 761017

I think that the flame from the Hate Room is directly connected to the source of the random flames the monster spews!
No. 583808 ID: 939c7f
File 140511166576.jpg - (395.14KB , 800x533 , jar of hatered.jpg )

>use scrap of rug from Greed room on still liquid paint/blood
You gather some of the dried blood with the piece of rug.
>Use rug scrap to write "You Are Remembered" on floor.
Despite your best efforts, the blood cannot stick to the ground and falls into the infinite below, this worries you, are also find the ground to be too hard to engrave and wonder how the etchings got there to begin with.

>You attempt to control and change the fire, but the torrent is too great, it's wrath is beyond chains and refuses to be altered.

>Use vase with lid to capture a vaseful of ambient fire for the stockpile.
You acquire a jar of unbridled hatred!!
No. 583809 ID: 939c7f
File 140511167546.jpg - (271.08KB , 800x533 , page in the cabinet.jpg )

>You gather materials from the various rooms, stockpiling: 2 pillows and 1 bedsheet,2 lengths of chain and 1 whip, 1 decoration of marble, 1 decoration gold, 1 supporting pillar, 2 vases.

>You wander about more but cannot find any other rooms that will open for you. You find that the candles flames will not burn any item placed in them. Upon returning to the GREED room you find the smell to be gone.

>Check what is underneath the massive pile of pillows
There is nothing beneath the pillows.

>Check what is in the nightstand's drawer
You open the drawer and find mounds of torn appart drawings, depicting a small white figure in a pink dress with various colored characters, there is writing on the back of the pages, But they are all torn apart into small pieces... The pieces are too small and too numerous for you to piece together or make sense of the writing. Though, on top of the pile is a single whole page. The illustration worries you, through it smells of joy, innocence and desires... On the back you find writing:

"I finally made a friend, a real friend! His name is Mister, but he says it weird. He found me in the forest when I ran away. He's very very kind, and just like me! He say's we're special and that makes us perfect! We played Run and catch all day, he's very fast, Mister is always right behind me and he always wins, he hugs me very tight! We hugged all night and watched the moon, it was very pretty, I love Mister... He told me to go home, that father missed me. One day I'll see Mister again, when I do I will marry him!!"

>_ _ _
No. 583813 ID: d8a627

Oh dear... We need to talk to Eadoo about this. That figure... he reminds me of me, or us. And the little figure reminds me of Eadoo. We've encountered a full Angel, and ourselves are half-angel, half-demon, I suspect this one one might be a full demon, but if that is the case, it implies that as a half-demon, we can cause trouble anyways, like we did to Durendina and Shenzi.

Alright, is there anything else we need to do? I want to bring the picture with us, but trying to do so might cause Miss to harbor hatred towards us... I'll stick to being indifferent unless somebody can give me a good reason to pick a side.
No. 583825 ID: a7868d

I can't see our love for Eadoo being a bad thing. Why do you think us demons are helping her? We are aware of the limitations of Demon/Humanoid relationships, it doesn't need to turn into some weird gushy scene.

Though I must admit... I didn't realize that this our own mind, and it leaves many questions about our past.
No. 583853 ID: ccd544

I theorize that the page depicted something different, but changed after we altered things.
No. 583869 ID: d8a627

>I didn't realize that this our own mind,
Wait, so "Mister" is Eadoo? ...That's a VERY interesting take on the picture! But it might be that you're over-reading it, and that all of the candles in this soul belong to the monster, and we just happen to empathize or sympathize or something.

...If we have that feeling of lust for Eadoo, and feel like we're only used by her, I'd frankly be very frightened by our subconscious. Let's definitely talk to him about it.
No. 583915 ID: 29daa3

the mister that the person is talking about seems to be the figure on the right. the person on the left is a bit to white to be Eadoo, also Eadoo has black eyes.
No. 584119 ID: 939c7f
File 140530224088.jpg - (320.18KB , 800x533 , opening the bleeding door.jpg )

>You place the picture in your inner pocket.

>You stand before the door, your supplies ready for what ever may wait on the other side. You press your hands against the wooden door, feeling the intense pulsation, beating hard on the other side... You press against the beating bleeding door, and slowly it opens before you. Blood! Blood is whats on the other side! Blood pours out endlessly as you open the door slowly... Blood, blood, so much blood... It washes past you, soaking everything in it's vile stench... but beyond the blood lies a sight far... Far more horrid!!
No. 584124 ID: 939c7f
File 140530332934.jpg - (280.71KB , 800x533 , creature of madness.jpg )

In the Room beyond lies a creature... It's flesh is flayed and rancid like that of a burn victim, it's exposed bones are rife and picked clean. Blood pours from its grizzling flesh as its hand, pressed deeply into it's own chest, forces it's very own hard to beat, to weak to pulsate on it's own... With each jerking motion of its wrist the room shakes with it's grotesque heartbeat... The beast is bound the ceiling by lengths of barbed wire, horrifically pulled through it's flesh like mad suturing. And above it burns a swirling pool of flaming madness! The blue hot torrent pipes it's way into the beast via wired tubes... It's bloodied red eye peers at you, crying its scarlet tears...

Creature: M... M...m... Master!! Kgnnn... M-Master Re-re... Returns?! Vi-v-Vile Master... Tr-tr... T... Traitor!! Aahkk! Why? Wh-w-wh-why Return?! To mock me!! We... Kkrrg! We have W-wa... Waited!! B-b-but You L...Lied... You Lied Master!!! Liar... Traitoris Filth!! We... Have.... No... Aargg... No... L... Lo... No lo... Vvvv.... Aaaaahhhh!! NNnggg... M-master Torments us still!! What Do you Want from ME!!! AAAAaahhhhh!!!

>_ _ _
No. 584125 ID: 29daa3

so were the Master, but who is this tortured soul that hangs before us?
No. 584126 ID: d8a627

"I am sorry for what has happened... Did-Did I really cause this harm? This, please, tell me this is reversable! What can I do to ease your pain?"

If she is effected by the madness, then show her the picture, "Of all you have that you can be angry over, still you cherished the day we met. I have seen the rest, and how you felt about things. Many of your worries and fears, I share!"

If she tries to suggest again that there is no more love, "Lust is a dangerous thing, but it does not mean that love is gone. Please, I just want to see you well again. I do not care if you hate me, what I do care for is to see you recover. As long as you are whole again, I will be happy."

I'm wondering if we aren't actually "Gatling" right now, but rather, Gatling inhabiting "Mister's" body. Remember, Mister was said funnily, and if you mispronounce it just slightly, Mister becomes Master. Maybe the evil Mister will show up here somewhere, since we've done as we can to make the soul a better place.
No. 584141 ID: b8ceae

Why are people assuming we're its master? So far it has addressed LITERALLY EVERYBODY IT HAS SEEN as master.

"I am not your master. Unlike them, I am here to aid you."

The flaming madness is fed by pipes, right? Shut them down so it starts gradually fading, then see if we can do something to cut the barbed wire.
No. 584157 ID: 55c4cf

"Nice Deadly Premonition cosplay."
No. 584171 ID: a4235c


The Sinner's sandwich goes great with...whatever that thing is meat I'm sure.

Try to see if the strange critter is willing to listen to reason.
No. 584201 ID: a7868d

Just... roll with the lie.

Tell it you are here to save it from it's torment. Tell it you are sorry you left it alone. Tell it you are her to salve it's pain. Tell it you will cut it's wires and bring it it's well deserved relief. Tell it you are sorry you left it to it's torment.

And give this pathetic creature the relief it deserves. remove it from it's barbed mounts and hold the hand it uses to keep itself alive in yours until it's heart beat no more. Give it a bit of human comfort while it's tortured existence ends.
No. 584286 ID: e715bb

It looks like a kobold, she must join the team.
No. 584592 ID: 939c7f
File 140571750573.jpg - (192.11KB , 800x533 , showing compasion.jpg )

Gatling - I am sorry for what has happened... Did-Did I really cause this harm? This, please, tell me this is reversable! What can I do to ease your pain?

Creature - You... You C-caused Th-this pain... Wh-when you L-l-lied... You... Abandoned... us... *gasp* eerk... We thought... Hoped... the madness... W-wou...would crush us... kill us... But... Eernn... We were wrong... To... To powerful... we failed... to die... Consumed... by Madness... Be-beca-Becaause of you!!

Gatling - Of all you have that you can be angry over, still you cherished the day we met. I have seen the rest, and how you felt about things. Many of your worries and fears, I share!

>You show her the picture, it reaches its claw out of its chest and grasps the drawing. Bloody tears running down its gruesome cheek as it stares at it...

Creature - We... We *Arrk!* We loved... you... Master... NNnnnn... We loved... so truly... You Pr-P-promised... You L-lied... B-but we still l-loved you... So l-long Ago... long... ago...
No. 584594 ID: 939c7f
File 140571790989.jpg - (277.08KB , 800x533 , burning heart.jpg )

Gatling - Lust is a dangerous thing, but it does not mean that love is gone. Please, I just want to see you well again. I do not care if you hate me, what I do care for is to see you recover. As long as you are whole again, I will be happy.

>It grits it teeth crying red streams

Creature - Stop it! Stop... I don't want to! I don't want to Hurt again! I... I don't want to love you anymore!!

>The creatures eye widens as it feels the cold grasp of death encroach. pressing its palm into its cavity is returns to its lifeless heart. The page, still stuck to its bloody palm finds its way to the monsters heart. The bloodied organ glows with the smell of compassion. The rusted bared wire pulls away replaced by vines of roses, and the madness retreats further up and away...
No. 584600 ID: 939c7f
File 140571838841.jpg - (156.05KB , 800x533 , hand and door.jpg )

>Slowly, still crying, the beast pulls its hand away and lets it drop. Its heart still pulsating in it's chest.

Creature - ... It beats... it beats again, on its own... We... Re-R-remember... How it feels... M-master... *Sniff* P-pl-please... For-forgive us... P-please... Let us rest... We need to rest... master...

>The door opposite to you opens slightly with a click... The creature stares skyward, resting in its nest of roses, its heart humming gently in its bloodied chest, a slight smile on its lips.

>_ _ _
No. 584605 ID: dc4b80

Well lets hope we did the right thing. We at least gave it some peace and stopped if from being tormented by its memories. It will still probably be attached to its "master" but there is only so much we can change at once.

I am worried about the wire changing to roses. While the imagery is nicer its still trapped in a net of thorns. Probably not a good idea to mess with the roses though. Might be the only thing holding it together right now.

So give it a pat on the hand and lets head out and see whats happening outside.
No. 584619 ID: 131513

Apologize for our shit, see if there's anything it would like or if we could help in some way and wish goodwill upon our apparent victim.

Also that picture looked like slender an are we slender an cause if we are oh shit
No. 584638 ID: d8a627

>So give it a pat on the hand and lets head out and see whats happening outside.
And by a pat, do you mean a gentle caress? Because I'm totally fine with that. A "pat" might not convey our... Joy? over her slight recovery.
"I shall watch over as best I can, but, understand... Once you wake again, my body may not be as it seems now."
Give her a hint that we're not as we appear here.
I can't understand you with the use of "an" where I'm guessing it should be another word (can't be all ands), but I think we should just keep it short and head on out. She wished for a bit of time alone, let's give her it.
No. 584924 ID: 939c7f
File 140588944149.jpg - (73.85KB , 800x533 , creature in the dark.jpg )

>You offer to help but it simply smiles.

>You gently caress its large hand, its finger fitting in your palm.

Gatling - I shall watch over as best I can, but, understand... Once you wake again, my body may not be as it seems now.

Creature - You always were a fickle thing, master... There was a time when you were but a voice... But My love never faltered... I am sorry for being so weak...

>You leave through the door way, but to your dismay, you are not yet free from the soul, though it's weight is light in this room... You stand in darkness, the only light is that of the previous room. In the distance you spot a white shape, it is immobile.
No. 584929 ID: 939c7f
File 140588980059.jpg - (95.42KB , 800x533 , bound in ropes of sorrow.jpg )

>Walking cautiously in the dark, you're reminded of anther soul, moving slowly towards the shape... You find a small white kobold with curled horns atop her head. She is bound in ropes of sorrow and grief. Oddly enough she smells just like the creature in the previous room.

>_ _ _
No. 584936 ID: d8a627

Thaaat's gotta be painful, being held up by a nosering. Uh, there are two things I can think of: Breaking a vase we brought with to cut the suspension, or use Blazing Blade to do so. Blazing Blade would likely be dangerous here, so uh, let's try a porcelain shard?
No. 584942 ID: dc4b80

Looks like we can just pull on the bow to remove the ropes. So lets cut that line holding her up to avoid hurting her while we take off the ropes.

Then introduce yourself.
No. 584945 ID: ca1983

mmh... cutting the ropes seem natural in a physical place, but it may be more important what feelings they represend (like the wire in the previous room)...

Any idea what could counter sorrow or grief?
I would say love... any love-items with us to work against bound-fetishes?^^
Hatred would probably also work, but I doubt that's something we want here...
No. 584946 ID: d8a627

>any love-items
The riding crop. The Chains.
No. 584947 ID: d674bc

Whatever you do, remain cautious.

People tend to be traumatized by these things and that giant thing you saw might've just been her subconcious; she might recognize you and attack you with what she's got.
... In other words, don't hurt her.
No. 584954 ID: a7868d

Unbind her with the words:

"No one should be so bound by their love for another. You should be free, free to love as you see fit, and to be who and how you desire, not forced into this uncomfortable position for our amusement."
No. 584961 ID: 939c7f
File 140590370878.jpg - (199.09KB , 800x533 , in your arms.jpg )

>Holding her, you cut the thin wire attached to her nose. Her light little body relaxes in your arms, breathing much relief she nuzzles against you as you set her down on your lap.

>You gently pull on the knot unbinding her as you speak.

Gatling - No one should be so bound by their love for another. You should be free, free to love as you see fit, and to be who and how you desire, not forced into this uncomfortable position for our amusement.

>Her binds easily fall off, blindfold, gag, ring and all. She looks up at you sweetly, crying and smiling... She rests in your arms, weakly placing her little hand on your cheek.

Kobold - Even so... I would never ask... for another... Not in a thousand years~

>her eyes strike you... you feel like you know this kobold, like you've meet her. Perhaps you've forgotten?

Kobold - I remember long ago... When the Moon was shining and the stars were bright, all through the night... and the sound of our laughter, as you held me tight... So long ago...

>The weak kobold nestles in your arms, you can easily stand and walk with her.

Kobold - Master... Please take me away from here... I can't stand the sight of this room... and I'm too weak to walk... My souls pressure should decompress... and regulate soon... and we can return to the land... of the living... Take me somewhere to wait... want to swim or take a bath? ... maybe we could play... in our secret club house... or our love dungeon? The keys are yours... again, my love... just take me away... I don't want to hear my... infernal heartbeat... I'll answer your questions... I know you love to ask questions... But please... somewhere else...

>_ _ _
No. 584968 ID: dc4b80

Hmmm maybe whatever we were before all of this was her master. Still do not know anything about what we might have been before we met Eadoo.

Well lets take her over to the frilly room and tuck her into bed. All the nastyness should be gone now so should be ok.

Then have her tell us the story of how we met.
No. 584980 ID: d8a627

"I cannot lie to you. Though I care for you, and wish everything to see you better, I too have suffered my own conditions. Tell me, who were we? No, let's not dwell on the past... But names? Surely I was not always "Master." If I was, then know this: I am now known as Gatling."
Walk with her as we talk.
>Well lets take her over to the frilly room and tuck her into bed.
Is that the only way we can take her? I suppose, until she wakes, it is. Let's hold her head close as we pass through the Pulsing room, though, she does not like the pulse of her soul.
Ask about our old friends, and who she has met since our own emotions bound us as well. We can tell her about our new set of friends. I feel there is more connection to her, for whatever reason, than there is to even Eadoo, but we do owe Eadoo for helping us wake once more. I hope they can be friends, because otherwise I will tearfully say sorry to little Miss here and fulfill our promise to Eadoo.
No. 585003 ID: 40935b

She really looks like she needs rest, to the bedroom.
No. 585052 ID: a7868d

I don't think we should take her into any emotionally charged rooms. Just hold her and talk. Ask her how we met and who we were before. Ask her how she came to be bound so. Ask her what we were like before.
No. 585103 ID: d8a627

Well, we at least need to take her to the hallway. She doesn't like the Dark Room or the Pulsing Room, and she suggested going back the way of the Emotion Rooms.
As far as the actual rooms go, Fear is all alone, nothing to help. Love is a dungeon. Hatred is on fire. Greed is the calmest room in there, and possibly the easiest to control, unless we get new keys and the doors sprout new keyholes.
No. 586734 ID: 939c7f
File 140668050004.jpg - (256.83KB , 800x533 , trixy in bed copy.jpg )

>You bring her past the room with the large abomination.

Kobold - Heh... roses... How cute...

>past that room you walk into the hallways. Her little head resting on your shoulder. You feel odd, unsettling... this person resonates so much intimacy towards you, and you feel it back at her, yet she is a stranger, you feel as though you know this person, like you've meet her... but she is a stranger none the less...

Gatling - I cannot lie to you. Though I care for you, and wish everything to see you better, I too have suffered my own conditions. Tell me, who were we? No, let's not dwell on the past... But names? Surely I was not always "Master." If I was, then know this: I am now known as Gatling.

Kobold - Oh Master... You always did have a poor recollection... It seems as though every time we meet... you've forgotten who you are... and who I am as well... Know that I will always forgive you... "Gatling" ... My name... I am Trixy, The great and powerful... Master of magic and mistress of shapes...

>You suggest resting in the room of GREED.

Trixy - Oh... I could certainly use some rest... But I'd rather now stay in that old room... It's a corner of my heart... I'm not too fond of... I'll show you to my... Sleeping chamber...

>You notice as she points you around that the doors, all of them now have locks. she has you wander for a minute or so before asking you to open an ivory double door. Behind is a long room of opalescent marble clad with fine carpets and tapestries, it is wide and open, the walls posses a number of ornate dressers and closets, small tables fitted with jewelry cases and bottles of perfume. Mirrors are omnipresent, it's hard to look around without seeing yourself. At the end of the room, there lies a large bed, framed in massive gold, on each side is a massive golden statue of the kobold. The bed is large enough to fit eight men and long enough to house a lion at its foot as though a massive hound, You wonder why such a small creature would want such a huge bed... She snuggles into the covers.

>You ask her how she came to be in her current state.

Trixy - Well... long ago, before we meet... an accident set my home ablaze... I burned because of my own foolishness... What you saw in the room before... is all that's left of me... Father committed a terrible sin... a ritual that bound my heart to a spell... a spell known as change self... being changed I was able to save myself... and I now can change at will... But my heart is bound to the eather, a plane of madness... When you left... my heart faltered... broke... and then the madness flooded in... crushed by madness... bound by my broken heart... I must of dreamed a thousand dreams... been haunted by a million screams... I could see the fire still alight... burning into the night... as my insane body ravaged the land...

>Your heart sinks in your chest as you fear her tale, yet she happily nuzzles your hand, seeming happy that it's all over...

>Then have her tell us the story of how we met.

Trixy - well... long long ago... I ran away from home... What I thought were friends... were nothing more than hired faces... I met you in the forest... you had blood on your hands... I... I asked you to... To kill me... But you said no. You said I was special, just like you. and that we... that we were perfect... gods even... we played games, I ran, you chased me... We hugged, held hands... kissed... and watched the stars roll by... the air was nice... And the moon was bright... But after the sun rose. you told me to go home, that father missed me, and that you could not stay any longer...

>The kobold snuggles against you tightly

Trixy - I devoted my studies to finding you... three years later I managed just a glimpse of you through the void... You had forgotten me... but I was devoted... I found out that you follow important people... guide them... help them, without ever really knowing why... I decided that surely you would come to me, if I was important enough... We meet again a few years later... you were at the heel of that Moth of Flames... so I became her ally to be with you... When the pressure of importance became too much for the little bold... She simply dropped her vocation... And you stayed with me...

>She kisses your hand gently

Trixy - You said you'd stay for ever... That you loved me... I gave you the keys to my heart... and one day... you just left... without saying a word...

>She hugs your arm very tightly

Trixy - Master... if ever... you feel you're going to leave... if ever you feel yourself fading...

>She looks at you deeply with endless conviction.

Trixy - Please devour me... eat my soul before fading again... I want to be one with you master, rather than live another life of madness...

>She lets go slightly... easing up...

Trixy - But... let's live... as long as we can...

>She moves the blankets aside and invites you under the covers next to her.

Trixy - let's rest Master Gatling... Soon my soul will decompress from all the madness and we will be free to go about our lives... unless you have more questions.

>Rest or ask<
No. 586739 ID: c02e1e

Thank her for the information and tell her that we will do our best to take care of her. While we it seems that we did not directly cause her suffering her obsession with us might let us fix it eventually.

Ask her how much of this she will remember when she wakes up. And if there is anything she wants us to do before we rest. Ask what form we took the last time we met and let her know what we are this time.

Finding out this information is a huge bonus. If we are bound to wander around helping people chosen by fate and then falling asleep afterwards we should find out why. Are we damaged or cursed? Or are we a part of a greater whole and each part is off doing its own thing.

Whatever it is being able to control more of our own fate will help us guide others.

The look of the room and how she talks about herself shows that she really thinks a lot of herself. Will have to be nice but firm with her so she does not get drunk on her own self importance.
No. 586746 ID: d8a627

>Trixy - But... let's live... as long as we can...
Then we must help Eadoo stay in his dream as long as we can. As long as he seeks to be king, or is a king for us to act as adviser to, we will not have to leave.
We don't need to waste the time letting her know for now, though, we can tell her once she awakens.
I'm wanting to have a chance to speak with Durandina even more, now. Everything keeps on pushing that conversation upwards on the list of important things. My reasoning now is to figure out if she has a way to lift our curse--she, too, is a sentient piece of metal (although a few classes higher than us).
No. 586832 ID: 7459d5

Rest may help. Is there any way to contact the others though? We have no idea how much time has passed.
No. 586835 ID: d8a627

Nope. We became entirely hidden from them when we encountered the FEAR candle.
No. 587007 ID: 72eaa4

Undress to underwear and slip in next to her. If we're soaked in blood, undress completely.
No. 587596 ID: 939c7f
File 140699330814.jpg - (326.60KB , 1000x667 , undressing.jpg )

>Ask her how much of this she will remember when she wakes up. And if there is anything she wants us to do before we rest. Ask what form we took the last time we met and let her know what we are this time.

Trixy - I remember all of my ventures within... I only want you to be happy... Last time we meet you were but a voice... but when I brought you here... you were as you are... without the horn and halo though... and you had a black suit...

>We have no idea how much time has passed.

Trixy - Less time than you might think... Time within is twenty times faster than time without... Hours here are but minutes in the real world... That's why I'm the greatest... I can study in seconds what would take other wizards weeks, and I never need a grimoire... it's all right here... *she points to her head*

>You remove your clothes to your underwear. seeing as the blood soaked through to them, you take them off as well. Trixy giggles lightly and makes extra room for you next to her.
No. 587601 ID: 939c7f
File 140699374840.jpg - (231.12KB , 1000x690 , spooning.jpg )

>the lights dim as you climb under the covers. The kobolds silky smooth fur presses against you as she snuggles to you, pulling your arms around her. her body is very soft and pleasantly warm. Part of you is mildly aroused by the naked kobolds body, pressed against yours. But before you know it, she's already asleep... Her heart beats gently and rhythmically, her breath leads into a tiny snore and her tiny tail waggles a little every now and again...

>_ _ _
No. 587613 ID: d8a627

May as well relax and wait for the soul decompression or depressurization or whatever it was to happen. We should wake up then.
No. 587627 ID: dc4b80

If we can come here anytime later on that is good to know. Looks like her soul is so big and complex partly because of the mental strength needed for being a mage and the whole soul half stuck in the ether bit.

So you can ravish that furry little butt all you want later but for now she just got over some dangerous soul surgery so cuddle a bit and sleep.
No. 587661 ID: 61499f

She thinks that after what we did for her she can giggle at our penis and then just go to sleep, just like that!? Show her who's in charge. make her scream
No. 587662 ID: 2fc3e9

No. Name's not funny either.
No. 587686 ID: 945fb0

How bout no.
No. 587688 ID: e6f4c6


Kill it! Kill it dead! She doesn't get to be one of us. We don't want her in here with us.
No. 587740 ID: b8ceae

No. 587741 ID: dbe554


No. 588355 ID: 939c7f
File 140734604807.jpg - (46.43KB , 800x533 , sleeping.jpg )

You listen to your better half and go to sleep. holding your pillow sized partner against you...
No. 588356 ID: 939c7f
File 140734708788.jpg - (595.51KB , 1000x667 , dream of fields.jpg )

>eyes stare up at the moon amongst the sterling stars... The night sky, equally symbolic for one another, but in ways worlds apart...

Trixy - It's just so hard sometimes... All the time...

Tokoshoran - Just keep working on it, you'll get it one day.

Trixy - but no matter how much I try... everyone just ends up hating me...

Tokoshoran - people can be tough. Sometimes you just gotta give em space, sometimes you gotta act to please and sometimes you just gotta be yourself. it's not an exact science... trust me, you'll get it sooner or later~

Trixy - I hope you're right... *sigh* I can bend the laws of the universe to my will but I can't keep people from hating me...

Tokoshoran - Keep trying and-

Trixy - I'll get it soon enough... yes, I know... I know... I try.

Tokoshoran - That's the spirit.

Trixy - you're gonna leave aren't you?

Tokoshoran - unfortunately... I'd love to stare at the stars with you some more, but I've got places to go, people need me.

Trixy - Don't let me stop you...

Tokoshoran - I hope you find that friend of yours~

Trixy - thanks, I hope we meet again someday.

Tokoshoran - I'd like that.

>You remembered [flash Back](Gatling can visualize peoples stories based on surface thoughts)<
No. 588357 ID: 939c7f
File 140734709259.jpg - (131.78KB , 800x533 , melting girl.jpg )

>You wake up feeling terrible. Trixy's hand shuffles along the tree's bark, grasping with melting claws for a hold. She struggles to gather herself, trying to maintain form, still her body is sloppy and messy. blood pours from every orifice.

Trixy - Eehh... rrrnn... God...

>The team springs to live!

Alanna - It's moving!

Ean - Gatling! Is that you? Are you controlling it?!

>_ _ _
No. 588365 ID: b8ceae

[Help her get herself back into shape]
"It's ok; she's an old friend, and was in dire need of help. Still is, in fact, but we made a lot of progress.

Does anybody know of any arcane universities? We need to find a master magic researcher; not knowing much about magic is causing too many major problems for us."
No. 588379 ID: 438d31

Assist where we can, but don't force her too much. She'll need to do this without our influence before long.

As for our friends, "Long story short, we calmed her down and brought her back to her senses. She's got a unique ability that went haywire due to a lot of bad circumstances. She's fine now, but give her some time and some room to recover."
No. 588395 ID: 40935b

It's good. You can remove us from her kidneys now.
No. 588398 ID: dc4b80

Leave us in her for the moment we do not want to lose our connection to her until she fully stabilizes.
No. 588400 ID: d8a627

A "spiritual" hand offered sounds good. Like when a kid is learning to rollerblade, and a parent places a hand gently on their shoulder. It'll stop them from falling down, but it otherwise does not push or hold them up. I hope that's possible in spirit.

To Ean: Can you hear us now? We are still here. This lady is a friend. Do not harm her further, please. Her mind was lost to madness, but we have healed it. Now, only her body is wounded. She is strong, Ean, and would put up a fight if we tried to take control, but so long as you are friendly to her, she should be friendly in return. She does not bear ill intentions, though her powers have scared off anybody she wished to be friends with in the past. Look past the powers and see her for who she really is: A kind Kobold who wants the attention of friends.

To Trixie: These friends fought only because your madness drove your body to become a monster, both in form and action. With a message to them that you are friendly now, they should in turn be friendly as well. They may even attempt to give you a hand, but if you feel that you only need our presence, then let them know that you are already getting a hand from us. Whether or not you wish to apologize is up to you--it may help ease into becoming friends, but only if it is genuine, a false apology will only raise tensions.
No. 589141 ID: 939c7f
File 140782076989.jpg - (171.08KB , 800x533 , ean not sure.jpg )

>Does anybody know of any arcane universities?

Trixy - *There's a large temple of mages and scholars in Gulliesburg, on the southern fringe of the continent. It's the worlds capital of magic and arcane studies. I was proposed to become a teacher last time I was there, but refused seeing as looking for you was my one and only desire~*

>You help her get her barings but without forcing her, only guiding.

Trixy - *thank you master... I'm a little weak, my entire body feels like it's been just, yelling for days...*


Gatling - These friends fought only because your madness drove your body to become a monster, both in form and action...

Trixy - *I was a monster, I don't blame them for their actions. Still I don't feel ready to apologize, surely there will be a time and a place, but for now my pride wont allow it.*

Gatling - Can you hear us now? We are still here. This lady is a friend. Do not harm her further, please. Her mind was lost to madness, but we have healed it...

Ean - I understand, If she is a friend of yours, she is a friend of mine. But with all due respect, there is something eerie about your friend, I don't feel safe around her. Perhaps it's the horrid shape she had not five minutes ago? ... I hope you don't mind friend, but could you keep Gatling in you for a while longer? Just in case you know.

Trixy - *giggles* I don't mind at all~ In fact I would love to keep my beloved Gatling, deep inside me~

>She pulls you from her belly and the wound heals up quickly.

Trixy - I'd need to make a good place for you so I don't hurt myself though, where would you like to be? near to my heart, or somewhere a little more private~?

Allana - Eum... the quest Concu gave us spoke of caravans full of goods and an idol? Do you know where they might be?

Trixy - ah yes, I may of stashed them in a cave... over ... there... I think... you're welcome to what ever my maddened form has stolen, AH! I've failed to introduce myself, I am Trixy the great and powerful~!

>She flurishes her hand about but only produces sparks...

Trixy - eh... little rusty, hold on... Stop staring!

>She tries a few more times, making sparks with her fingers, before a small flame ignites.

Trixy - Ahem... Trixy! the great and powerful!!

>With a twist of her paw a great flaming bird sprouts forth and bursts into harmless cinders amiss the leaves.

Ean - ah... I'm Eanreig, this is Allana and that's Shenzy... Can you lead the way to the cave?

>Ean seems wholly unimpressed.
No. 589225 ID: d8a627

Oh, uh, right. Ean kinda landed a miraculous display of pyromancy which defeated you in one solid blow. At least the others should still find your display impressive!

You doing alright there, Alanna? You look a little, uh, befuddled. Something on your mind, or were you that impressed and surprised at Trixy's display?

And how about you two, Shenzi and Liver? Apparently if I don't focus on you guys I won't see you...
No. 589601 ID: 939c7f
File 140815521379.jpg - (106.96KB , 800x533 , open cave.jpg )

>At least the others should still find your display impressive!

Ean - *It's not that I can do better it's just... why? Why not: Hello I'm Trixy? Why, Trixy the great and powerful, fireballs, look at how awesome I am? Who is she trying to impress?*

>You doing alright there, Alanna? You look a little, uh, befuddled.
Alanna - Just trying to remember the specifics of the quest.

>And how about you two, Shenzi and Liver?

Shen - she looks really cool! and she reminds me of Moma.

Liver - As long as she doesn't turn back into a monster, I have no opinion one way or another.

>Apparently if I don't focus on you guys I won't see you...

You have absolutely no peripherals. Because I'm lazy...

>You follow Trixy to the cave where her maddened self stashed all her goods. within the shallow cave you find several carts, most broken or burned. they contain various goods, though almost all is past value. Cloth and papers are ripped and chared, food and goods are spoiled or crushed. There are a dozen corpses littering the place, their bodies are molded and burned, mangled beyond recognition and hacked to pieces. Trixy looks disappointed as she mulls over the location.

The team scavenges the cave and finds all the salvageable goods.

- 85 copper coins
- 30 silver coins
- 8 gold coins
- 3, 30 pound rolls of green cotton fabric
- 2 longswords
- 1 longbow
- 1 halberd
- 5 bottles of red vine (sealed)
- 2 kegs of powder (unknown)
- 320 pounds of iron (bars)
- 200 pounds of copper (rods)
- 1 goats skull (intact and polished)
- 1 strange idol

Trixy detects magic and identifies 4 objects...
No. 589602 ID: 939c7f
File 140815589332.jpg - (121.57KB , 800x533 , spear of the covetus snake.jpg )

you find a spear, its haft is of blackroot and it is tipped with a golden blade, wrapped with a snakes figure. it is clearly not meant for combat and is merely ornamental.

>Spear of the covetous snake: team finds +10% more currency.
No. 589603 ID: 939c7f
File 140815589626.jpg - (140.45KB , 800x533 , crown of bee control.jpg )

you find a golden tiara, inlaid with a single ruby and laced in stripped yellow fluff. It could be worn as a tiara to a human or a crown to a kobold.

Crown of bee control: user gains control over bees (unless summoned by magic). Later generations may obey without use of the crown.
No. 589604 ID: 939c7f
File 140815589955.jpg - (100.80KB , 800x533 , crop of charm.jpg )

You find a long white ridding crop. Tipped with pink leather, it's handle is made of godswood. A ribbon forms a hilt, your fingers tickle when it is touched.

Crop of charming: attacked subject becomes charmed (will save negates). Enchantments duration increases with cumulative whips.
No. 589605 ID: 939c7f
File 140815590254.jpg - (141.56KB , 800x533 , ring of bloodied pleasure.jpg )

You find a ring, it is formed of three rings interlaced, they are form a solid ring. One is made of polished coral, the other of gold and the last of rusted iron... Ean informs you that most magical rings are made by Gnomes as they posses the secrets to their creation. thus a small person could wear it as a common ring, but a human could wear one on his toes.

Ring of bloodied pleasure: The wearer becomes immune to pain and bleeds less profusely. Furthermore, the sight of blood excites and contact to blood fills the subject with euphoria.
No. 589613 ID: d8a627

>It's not that I can do better it's just... why?
Interestingly, the name "Trixy" reminds me of a stage magician. Fancy showmanship and all that. She definitely has a much stronger soul than anybody else, but perhaps destiny made her dwell in showmanship over only using power when it's needed?
...That, and making sure she's got a handle on her power again is probably a good thing. You saw how it failed to manifest at first. What if she had been in an actual battle? She could have gotten hurt by her powers refusing to work!
But, yeah, I suppose you're right, using that as an excuse to show off is a bit stage magician-y. For now, all we can do is let her be. If she enjoys it, she enjoys it, so why not~
>Spear of the covetous snake: team finds +10% more currency.
Blatantly ignoring constant universal mass, ahoy! Oh well, it's magic. Don't gotta follow the rules of science
"Finds," at least the laws of the universe were smart enough to not leave it abusable. Purposefully lost money wouldn't work.
>It could be worn as a tiara to a human or a crown to a kobold.
Now we can have a proper princess :D
>it's handle is made of godswood.
I don't know what the actual importance of that is, but it sounds amazing. >Crop of charming Now that will be useful, but the question becomes, for who?
>Ring of bloodied pleasure
I have no idea whether this should be considered useful or not.
No. 589615 ID: f3e300

>Blood Ring
Sounds like innate berserking ability, simply put-carrying on as if unharmed, or at least something close, goes nuts (excited/euphoric) with sight/touch of blood...
Dangerous if you ask me. MAYBE on one of the Gnolls, not sure if I like that thing.
Spear of money-getting I figure should go to Merchant Gnoll, Banzi I think his name was? That sounds like decent distribution ideas to me, at least.
No. 589644 ID: bb027f

Does this mean...

No. 589760 ID: 29daa3

the iron and copper will make a easy sell to the blacksmith if we get him out of his funk and find him some star-metal. coin is always welcome and better weapons will help the party members fight. Also the tiara of bees will make for funny combat distractions. I'm concerned about the Ring of bloodied pleasure, we should not let anyone wear it unless they are severely hurt, as if you cant feel pain then you might not find a wound and it can get infected. along with the fact that it seems like a item a torturer might use.
No. 591200 ID: 939c7f
File 140902550294.jpg - (181.86KB , 800x533 , ean reading the artifact.jpg )

Ean - not a bad idea, I'll make sure Banzai gets this as soon as possible and I'll keep the ring away from unneeding hands... or feet I guess.

>making sure she's got a handle on her power again is probably a good thing.

Ean - *I suppose, but still... if your personality is an act, you're little more than a pile of lies.*

>I don't know what the actual importance of that is, but it sounds amazing.

Ean - Gods wood is a very rare material, it's pretty good quality too.

Alanna - I've heard of the god ores, but I don't know anything else then their names...

Ean - I can tell you all about Them, I've meet ends with every type of ore, out in the wastes. The three gods ores are: god's wood, god's iron and god's steel. God's wood is not actually wood, but apparently it's make from tree's, hence the name. it is black and has a stretchy squishy texture, whilst still being very durable, it's much harder and resilient than common leather that's for sure... God's Iron is a white metal, it's texture is strange and like nothing else... I guess it's a bit like wood, only harder than iron and bronze, yet melable and light... God's steel is the true god's metal, in it's native form, god's steel is invisible. It's harder than anything, even mythreal chips and breaks against it... It cannot be forged, only the great old ones knew how to make it, we can only melt it down to make god's iron from it, which is a terrible waste in truth...

Liver - I've heard tales of a golem, made of it. it wanders in the blight looking for it's master~

Ttrixy - *no one's paying attention to me...*

Alanna - I found the statue!

Ean - good job Alanna! let's take a look at this... hhmnn... aahh good example! it's made of god's iron... Let's see... Made in Sengoku, 1277. Wow this thing must be at least 900 years old.

Shenzy - what god is that?

Ean - It's a dead god, been dead for thousands of years probably.

>Ean hides the idol in the bottom of the goods.

Ean - this thing is really hot, if the ecclesiarcy catches any of us with this, well all be burned at the stake... I wonder why Concu needs it so badly?

Alanna - Yeah? she seems really nice. Why would she want anything like that?

Ean - Oh well, it's not my place to judge. Any thing before we go?

>_ _ _
No. 591202 ID: d8a627

>*no one's paying attention to me...*
Trixie: Sorry... A lot's already happened to the group, and I suppose their sense of astonishment is a bit lacking right now. Ean's not a fan of things that are fancy, by the way, so impressing him is more a matter of efficiency and getting things done.

Ean: Interesting, all that about the God's Ores.
> I wonder why Concu needs it so badly?
She may just desire the God's Iron off of it. However... The form is oddly familiar. Isn't it supposed to have four arms, though?
No. 591203 ID: 9a74ab

@Trixy-you haven't met EVERYONE in the band, and quite the band it is! Also...While it's probably ah, below your talents, maybe you could help Alaranna out a bit with her magic? We made her a sorceress...And she kinda permanently-charmed Concu. Oops. So yeah, newly minted noob. Arm-less too, she seems to basically breath her magic instead...
No. 591245 ID: a58ba6

All those resources are heavy. Are any of the carts still working? If not can trixi use her magic to fix them or maybe teleport
No. 591248 ID: d8a627

The carts look to be in working order, they just don't have anything to pull them.
Shenzi, would you mind seeing how hard it is to pull a cart full of the stuff? I believe you're the strongest person in our group, so if it's only hard for you to pull, then we can handle it by splitting the supplies up and having several people pulling, but if it seems outright impossible, we might just have to leave something behind.
No. 591358 ID: f2c867

To answer your question abit late, you can keep us in what ever personal and private place you like sweety pie.
No. 592316 ID: 939c7f
File 140972699962.jpg - (222.93KB , 800x533 , magicing shenzi.jpg )

>impressing him is more a matter of efficiency

Trixy - good to know, I'll spare my frazzle dazzle and just show off the juicy stuff when I want to see him react.

>The form is oddly familiar. Isn't it supposed to have four arms, though?

Ean - is it? I don't know much of the dead gods. All I know is that they predate current history and that they don't have any influence anymore. But hey if it looks familiar to you, maybe you predate history as well?

>maybe you could help Alaranna out a bit with her magic?

Trixy - Sorry master, I can't help her. I'm a Mage and she's a Sorceress, we're from two entirely different worlds. My magic is rational chanting and marking of sigils, her magic is random and incoherent with fluent spellcasting. My magic comes from years of study and understanding the realities of ethereal and sub ethereal elements, her's comes from descendants who came in contact with the Hamadraya, demons, angels, fey or elemental beings. To put it into perspective... Imagine a lunatic and a genius speaking to each other, they may sound the same, but they are nothing alike.
>Trixy's tone seems rather sharp as she talks about sorcery.

>keep us in what ever personal and private place you like sweety pie.

Trixy - Teehee my pleasure~

>She keeps you in a warm and tender place, you're nestled in a wrapping of flesh too stretchy for you to cut or puncture, you can still be ported away at will.

Trixy - you can control me when ever you like master~ I wont mind a bit. I'll gladly share my body with you.

>Shenzy pulls at the cart full of goods but only manages to drag it a few feet.

Shen - ehh.. It's really heavy and the wheels are old and rusted or maybe the oils are just burned away?

Trixy - Don't worry, I've got enough juice in me to whip up a useful spell.

>Trixy chants a few verses and scribes a red marking on shenzy's forehead, filling her with otherworldly might!!

>Spell - intermediate strength rune [+50 str]<
No. 592317 ID: 939c7f
File 140972700313.jpg - (142.03KB , 533x800 , shenzi lifthing.jpg )

>Her strength doubled, Shenzy is more than capable of dragging but even lifting the cart triumphantly!!

Shen - Wow!! I feel amazing, Trixy your magic is great!

Trixy - well you know, I do what I can~

>she says with a smug tone.

Ean - *okay, the bold is useful, I'll try to befriend her, maybe she's just misunderstood* ... Hey trix, couldn't help but notice that's an intimidate spell, are you a rune master by chance?

Trixy - nope.

Ean - ahh... well you shape shifted a lot, maybe you're a transmuter?

Trixy - not specifically...

Ean - an evoker?

Trixy - I'm an arch-mage~

>Ean pauses and smirks slightly before laughing hysterically.

Ean - ohh-boy! Aahha you actualy got me going there for a second!! ahh an arch-mage? haha good one.

Trixy - I don't see what's so funny?

Ean - arch-mages aren't real, they're just made up hub-bub to get mages to study harder. fairy tales~

Trixy - yeah I get that a lot. you'll see what I'm capable of when I'm full of juice.

Ean - heeh... heh? *Okay, Gatling you can't say I didn't try, first she's attention craved and now a liar. I don't see what you see in her. but if she must join us... what ever she's your problem.*

>!!Quest complete!!<

Quest difficulty - challenging

- Participants -

Alanna level 1 - Observed - [level u-[level up]
Shenzy level 1 - Observed - [level u-[level up]
Liver level 4 - Observed - [level up]
Ean level 7 - Participated [level up]
Gatling level 8 - Participated actively [level u-[level up]

I'll end the chapter after the level ups and fast travel to town at the begging of next chapter
No. 592320 ID: 939c7f
File 140972898259.jpg - (152.00KB , 533x800 , basis of magic.jpg )

Let's get Alanna's levels out of the way first, since level one mages are rather complex... First you'll need to chose a domain for her to major in. This Will determine her influence on the magic arts.

-prime domain-

Light or sometimes known as good. a light sorceress can not only produce light in the darkest nights but also bring fear to the injust and burn doubt and deamons alike. a Angels gathers mana by bathing in daylight and assisting good deeds.

Darkness, also known as Evil. Quite the opposite, darkness covers the light, bathing in somber and vile. Capable of turning a persons soul to chaos and hiding in midday shadows. demons feeds on darkness and cruelty to fuel her mana


Life is not specifically the opposite of death. life is also known as time, it's the reality from which one passes from beginnings to ends. Cappable of slowing down a process to better enjoy it or expediate it to get to better things, a eternals feeds on the duration of things, A strange concept that few can capture.

Death is not only the end of life but things, realities and even concepts. a destroyer can see an end to anything and fuels of such destruction. Assisting the fall of great walls and great empires to meet their ends.

Creation is the beginning of things, Birth, foundation and even the last stroke of a quill. a creationist can mend wounds and construct monuments as she sees fit and nourishes her mana from these acts of actualisations.


Hate, is a bloody type of mana, capable of spurning not only yourself but others to anger and death. Strength and vigor, but also madness comes from the berserkers spells. and they are fueled by the wrath they sow.

Love is well known, capable of causing other to throw them-self to strangers as though soul mates and stop a raging monster in it's tracks for but a rub of the belly. Lovers gather mana from such acts, be it tender embraces or acts of luscious passion~

Greed is what spurs us all towards our goals, a hoarder can attain what ever she desires, even is she does not know what that is. capable of wrenching something from anothers hands and holding on without par. Hoarders are unique in that their mana regenerates within their own soul, fueled by their own selfish desires.


Fire magic is the consuming heat, a piromancer engulfs all in it's warm embrace. bellowing flames and destruction as needed or desired, seeing as piromancers generate mana from fire, it is not uncommon to see some more... scared than others... That is the price to pay for Power unparalleled.

Earth magic, consists of rapid and rugged shaping of earth and metals. capable of bending plains into crevices and shaping mountains into monuments, the Terraformer gains power from the earth.

water magic is simple and elegant, claiming domain over all the forms of water, the aquamancer is as lethal as its fiery counterpart, and without the nasty side effects.

Wind magic is not to be scoffed at. although perhaps a less impressive than the visible magics, with wind, it's all a matter of amounts. just be sure you have enough mana. A Gustomancer wont be lacking in moving air anytime soon, but be sure to have a big soul.

Energy is a more complex element. Contestably more powerful than fire and water combined, energy is rarely harness and although theoretically possible, it's considered unwise to major in such an element.

>Choose and element for Alanna to major in, this will determine her prime element and her basic spells as well as her opposed elements and the spells she will have difficulty mastering...
No. 592321 ID: 954b68

Which ones will give her magic hands?
No. 592341 ID: d8a627

>first she's attention craved and now a liar.
Ean: Attention crazed? Yes. A liar? We'll see. An archmage is somebody who is capable of many forms of magic, by my understanding. She is capable of fire, runes, and shape-shifting, so it is certainly plausible. Is the definition you know different than that?
Understand, even if a person speaks a falsity, it does not mean they know it to be one. She believes it to be true, so does it really count as a lie? For the time being, just assume she uses a different definition of it than you.
No. 592355 ID: f66e94

Ean's got the fire covered, though if we were to send Alanna in that direction, she'd definately have plenty of power for that. Then again, there's also us, now, which could turn into a bit of overspecialization.
Light, we have...Ronald, the Holy Diver, but beyond that...No specific things.
Trixy I think we should consider to do everything and anything until further notice.
As much as I like the thought of going Wind, I figure if anything it's a poor choice-with the loss of the 'soul in the arms' I suspect she'll be somewhat shortchanged in the soul department. I think.
Her first spell was Love, and it'd be kind of convienent for her to pick that and build off the charmed Concu...Or use it to remove the charm so that she's restored to normal.
So musings can be summerized as thus:
Fire:Lots of help, but also redundant.
Light:Less redundant, but still somewhat so.
Wind: Bad idea due to loss of arms.
Love: Interacts with Concu, should probably take. (Note: Don't pick opposing element.)
No. 592356 ID: 782e89

Ean, she's spent longer than most people could bear trapped in a form not of her choice physically, and trapped in her own mind. She's been free of these two problems for less than half a day, and she's already using intermediate magic.

She might not measure up to the arch-mage myth, but the potency and versatility of her magic will become apparent.
No. 592376 ID: c6d510


Ean: She's pretty good at magic. Have you heard of an adventuring party without a mage to back them up? Alanna doesn't count yet, she really can't cast anything useful.
Also, from what we, let's say, observed while stuck in her she seems like she has what it takes to be a powerful mage.
No. 592407 ID: d8a627

Furthering talk to Ean... She might not actually be an official archmage, but even so, she's a powerful multi-class mage. Probably studying to become an archmage or something. She was actually our master at one point, did you know? She met us before and called us master, then we were reborn and she was our wielder, and then she met us yet again while we were in service to another man. Or maybe we just ate that man's soul, I don't know. We didn't see ourselves during that memory, just the man and her.
She can be a bit obsessed, but her heart is in the right place, and she wants to be able to help others, since that is the way to be with others. Yes, she loves attention, but wouldn't you, if you were alone for decades? Don't let us force you into showing compassion where you feel it us unwarrented, but at least show enough willingness to talk to her. If you feel she is going overboard, speak up. Let her know. If she went this long without learning how to be proper, she's not going to learn without being told. I should know, I'm the same way.
No. 592415 ID: efbbe9

Alanna is a cute cuddle buket with a whole band of allies all ready to pump love into her. If she's a love mage shell basically have a mana i.v. drip
No. 592424 ID: 438d31

Why not creation magic for her? Healing, mending, crafting, all these sort of things would be handy if we are building a kingdom. Not only that, but we could possibly create limbs. Not honest to good ones or ones that are similiar, but hopefully ones that can help her do the things she wants.

Besides, too much of one thing can always be dangerous and I don't think we really have a dedicated healer.
No. 592474 ID: 31a49b

Seeing as i got no answer Love or Creation and I don't think we need everybody trying to explain shit to Ean.
No. 592870 ID: 939c7f
File 140998733103.jpg - (172.65KB , 800x533 , alanna level 1.jpg )

Alanna begins her mastery in the arts of love.
Loves opposed elements are: Greed, Hate and Death. Casting these spells will be hard.
Loves sister elements are: life and creation. Alanna will easily gain spells for those elements.
Lover's Advanced elements are: Love and life making family... Love and creation making lust... and other secret elements... Advanced domains are rare and require advanced classes to wield.

Lovers have a passive 5% increase to charisma and fellowship. They are unusually radiant and charming.

Alanna gains two minor love spells...

>Minor charm [gaze effect - Subject becomes enamored by the caster and will not attack her, a successful charisma check can push the subject to her will. - Mana cost (1 love) (1 converted)]

>Mother's kiss [touch effect - The caster kisses an open wound to make it better, subject is no longer bleeding and the wound is no longer painful. Subject is however, not immune to pain. - Mana cost (1 love)]

converted mana means that any non opposed element can be used.

Alanna is now level 2
Choose two stats to give her +5 and one of the following traits.

>developing soul [caster's mana pool increases by 2] (without training the caster's mana pool is one tenth her will)

>Basic spells [caster knows a few more spells for her mastery]

>_ _ _
No. 592877 ID: d90668

Lets go Will and Cha for the stats.

And then Basic spells for the trait. Those two spells will be useful but I think more spells early would be better than more mana right now.
No. 592882 ID: d8a627

Agreed. More spells available is the better course of action.
No. 592934 ID: e6f4c6

All on fellowship and developing soul
No. 592981 ID: 193487

More spells and more fellowship
No. 593157 ID: efbbe9

Charisma and fellowship.
No. 593432 ID: 939c7f
File 141028239933.jpg - (179.47KB , 800x533 , alanna level 2.jpg )

Alanna ups her fellowship and charisma.

Basic spells, give her two new known spells

>Love's arrow [Ranged touch effect - fire two magical arrows, those struck are enamored with each other, foes are paralyzed by each others gaze in combat. - mana cost (2 love)]

>Soporific musk [AoE (5 feet + 5X feet) - Release a barely perceivable scent, all those caught inside (friend or foe) become drowsy, docious and mildly aroused. (Allies can become resistant to the effect after a day of training) - Mana cost (1 love)(1 wind)(X converted)]

Alanna is now level 3
Choose two stats to give her +5 and one of the following traits.

>developing soul [caster's mana pool increases by 2] (without training the caster's mana pool is one tenth her will)

>Basic spell control [save Dc to resist the caster's spells are increased by 15]

>Diverse Spell casting [Caster learns a few spells from other trees. (creation and life in this case)]

>_ _ _
No. 593434 ID: d8a627

Willpower and Intelligence. Developing Soul. As it is, casting that arrow spell will drain half her reserve.
No. 593435 ID: fe4bfc

If we put both into willpower and get developing soul we can get her mana pool up to 7.
No. 593436 ID: 939c7f

you must choose two different stats
No. 593438 ID: fe4bfc

Will and Int then.
No. 593445 ID: e6f4c6

developing soul and charisma and fellowship again.

She is gonna be the heart of the team, the downtrodden and weak that Eadoo elevated to a position of respect. Everyone is gonna love her.
No. 593458 ID: efbbe9

Will and charisma, and more mana. If we can get the X of her musk spell big enough we could throw enemies into orgies instead of fights.
No. 593514 ID: 939c7f
File 141032185650.jpg - (176.75KB , 800x533 , Shenzi level 2.jpg )

Alanna Ups her Will and Intelligence.

Developed soul brings her mana pool up to 6 unites


Shenzi is now level 2
Choose two stats to give her +5 and one of the following traits.

>Diplomatic kindness [+10 charisma for good manners]

>Familiar [The princess possess a small familiar to guide her. The familiar has only a few skills but with time, it can grow]

>Peachy keen [Passive +20 to Cha and fellowship]

>_ _ _
No. 593517 ID: 212dec

Strength and Charisma; Peachy Keen
No. 593518 ID: d8a627

Weapon Skill and Charisma, Familiar.
No. 593519 ID: b8ceae

Intelligence and Charisma; Familiar
No. 593523 ID: cdea65

Strength and Intelligence
Peachy keen
No. 593536 ID: e6f4c6

Intelligence and Strength, and Peachy Keen.
No. 593540 ID: 6d45c7

Intelligence and Ballistic Skill.We need to get these up just this one time, knowing how things go we might need to rely on her for these at some point.
Peachy keen
No. 593542 ID: 6d45c7

Ah Fuck, I just realized that if the stats chosen are Intelligence
and Charisma and we get Peachy keen we will raise Cha by 25 points giving
her 69 Cha and i don't think Shini needs that much Cha Cha.
No. 593658 ID: 939c7f
File 141040721068.jpg - (193.44KB , 800x533 , Shenzi level 2 copy.jpg )

Shenzi Ups her Charisma and Intelligence.

Peachy keen greatly increases her charisma

Shenzi is now level 3
Choose two stats to give her +5 and one of the following traits.

>Diplomatic kindness [+10 charisma for good manners]

>Familiar [The princess possess a small familiar to guide her. The familiar has only a few skills but with time, it can grow]

>Song Bird [+10 to singing]
>Spontaneous musical [The princess can begin a musical number that compels other to join in (resist Dc is charisma based)]
>Musical motivation [The princess can spur others to greatness with her song (adds degrees of success to the opposed Dc)]

>Advanced Musical natured [Summon near by animals to the princess by song.]

>_ _ _
No. 593669 ID: d8a627

Intelligence and Strength. Familiar.
C'mon guys the Princess needs a pet!
No. 593671 ID: 212dec

Shouldn't fellowship have also gone up from peachy keen?

Regardless, Charisma and Constitution, Spontaneous musical
No. 593672 ID: cdea65

Intelligence and weapon skill
Musical motivation
Let's get down to business
No. 593674 ID: c840fd

Intelligence, Ballistic Skill and Familiar.

I think she has more than enough Charisma for now.
No. 593675 ID: 939c7f

Warning To The Lazy: The familiar will be designed by you guys in the discussion thread
No. 593694 ID: e6f4c6

Intelligence, Charisma, and spontaneous musical (not cause it's useful, because I wanna see us resolve a situation by having everyone break out into a musical number.)
No. 593746 ID: c6d510

I add a vote for spontaneous musical because it's funny, whimsical, and can make some interesting moments.
No. 594002 ID: 939c7f
File 141067436028.jpg - (159.41KB , 800x533 , Liver level 4.jpg )

Shenzi Ups her charisma and Intelligence.

shenzi gains spontaneous musical


liver. The cynical bastard

Level 4 Gnoll Fighter


Basic weapon training [no malus when using martial weapons]

Advanced weapon training [+10 when using a martial weapon]

Basic armor training [no malus when wearing light armor]

Advanced armor training [no malus when wearing medium armor]


Liver is now level 5
Choose two stats to give him +5 and one of the following traits.

>Specialized weapon training [Gain 15 str and Ws when attacking with a specific weapon type]

>Improvised weapon training [suffer no malus when attacking with an improvised weapon]

>Exotic weapon training [suffer no malus when using a specific exotic weapon. Furthermore, gains one of said weapon withing the next few chapters]

>Shield use [suffer no malus when using a shield (does not apply to tower shields)]

>Specialized armor use [Armor value is increased by 15 when using a specific type of armor]

>Greater armor use [no malus when using heavy armor]

>advanced cynicism [Livers cynicism deepens further]

>_ _ _
No. 594003 ID: 212dec

Specialized weapon training: Whatever it is Liver currently uses.
No. 594012 ID: d8a627

Agility and Dexterity. Specialized weapon training, hammer.
No. 594030 ID: 98034d

Agility up, and Strength up.
...Advanced cynicalism, and later on (Exotic Weapon Training: Scythe) I bet leads to something fun but...
Let's get Improvised Weapon training instead-I perfer the idea of being able to use whatever instead of having to use specific weapons and specializing in that.
No. 594046 ID: 9ffae6

+5 WS and Con
Specialized Weapon Training: Hammer.
No. 594071 ID: d8a627

Actually, WS is probably a good idea.

WS and agility, then. I want him swinging his hammer like a pro.
No. 594349 ID: 939c7f
File 141089218062.jpg - (126.31KB , 800x533 , ean level 7.jpg )

Liver Ups his weapon skill and agility.

liver gains: Specialized Weapon Training: Hammer


Ean is now level 8
Choose two stats to give him +5 and one of the following traits.

>Advanced chauva [ean heals faster when using chauva]

>flaming acupuncture [ean can heal latent trauma with warm needles]

>Phoenix talons [eans phoenix fist is concentrated into a flaming kick]

>Flaming rebirth [enemies critically wounded by eans phoenix rampage, explode violently]

>advanced flaming capoeira [ean gains an additional +10 when using flaming capoeira]

>Flaming dance [ean can use his flaming capoeira instead of Cha for dancing]

>greater manipulations [ean can manipulate even larger amounts of fire]

>Developing soul [caster's mana pool increases by 2] (without training the caster's mana pool is one tenth her will)

>Of water to... better ale! [Eans alcohol tastes less chalky and bitter, it's taste improves, though still not great]

>Hooks of hell [Eans chains are bound by jagged hooks bathed in hellfire] (Req: Lv 10)

>_ _ _
No. 594357 ID: d8a627

>Flaming rebirth [enemies critically wounded by eans phoenix rampage, explode violently]
...If he had that then we wouldn't have rescued Trixy o_o
>Of water to... better ale! [Eans alcohol tastes less chalky and bitter, it's taste improves, though still not great]
Oh heck yes improving his ale is a go!
Willpower and Strength. Will be good to get him going as a strong balanced fightermage.
No. 594479 ID: e2dec8

More constitution will make him even more unkillable
No. 594482 ID: cbbe9c

Will+ since he's so dependant on it,
And I guess Constitution+ since he's so strong there as well.
But I feel like water into better ale isn't necessarily that useful, and I'd personally like to do Flaming Dance instead. Take that already powerful art he's got, and make it even more versatile.
No. 594528 ID: 9ffae6

Will, Dex, and Flaming Acupuncture

The ability to heal is almost universally appreciated.
No. 594545 ID: 29daa3

i second this, seeing as we will not have the alchemist forever we need some heal for after the battle. it would also help when spiting groups to have a some form of healing on two teams.
No. 594578 ID: d8a627

Ean already has healing. This trait will just allow him to heal trauma.
>Chauva [Ean harnesses the healing flames to his command]
Note the first upgrade available
>Advanced Chauva [Ean heals faster when using Chauva]
No. 594587 ID: 945fb0

Will, Con
>flaming acupuncture [ean can heal latent trauma with warm needles]
No. 594712 ID: 939c7f
File 141110881083.jpg - (225.32KB , 800x533 , gatling level 9.jpg )

Ean Ups his will and constitution.

ean gains: Flaming acupuncture


>Gatling is now level 9

choose one of the following perks...

>greater telepathy [you can read the surface thoughts of those not in your party]

>Tongues [You vaguely understand any language]

>Advanced Multy-possession* [dominate an additional person] (can be taken multiple times)

>Throwing [+15 Bs when used as a throwing weapon]

>Woundless [Gatling can elect to not cause injuries when inserted]

>Greater hatred [plus 30% critical hit chance, when rolling to wound yourself.]

>Spiritual empathy [Gatling can control his spiritual distance]

>Glutton Gatling [+20 to checks made to devour souls]

>Self control [+20 to resist devouring souls]

>Greater flames [Gatlings fire is hotter, dealing more damage]

>Lust from pain [Gatling and those possessed gain temporary stat bonuses instead of feeling pain (+15 Ws, Bs, Con & Fell)]

>I... I think I love her? [You feel mutual love for the white bold, love for which she Burned]

>_ _ _
No. 594714 ID: b8ceae

Could we spend this perk to start researching how to non-destructively append Trixie to Gatling, such that it becomes impossible for Gatling to ever abandon Trixie even if it loses its memory and winds up missing?

There wouldn't be any mechanical advantage (yet), but it would make sense from a thematic and storytelling perspective; it looks like a major theme is going to be Gatling trying to atone for things it has done and fix people and things it ruined in past lives.

I guess eventually this perk line could develop so Trixie's body also counts as Gatling's body, which would allow for nifty combo abilities. (ie: Trixie shapeshifts to have prehensile thorn-vines and grabs people, her thorns pierce their skin, which since she counts as Gatling's body means they have Gatling piercing them and we can assume control.)

If that's not a valid choice, then greater telepathy.
No. 594715 ID: 945fb0


>I... I think I love her? [You feel mutual love for the white bold, love for which she Burned]
No. 594716 ID: 29daa3

Woundless or greater telepathy, greater telepathy is good for having a peek at what peoples intentions are on a shallow level. while woundless means the knife will not start killing the person/ creature its stabbed into, which would come in handy if we get lodged into something we want to keep (like a griffin)
No. 594717 ID: 945fb0

>I... I think I love her? [You feel mutual love for the white bold, love for which she Burned]
Voting for this

My guess is that this is the first step for the direction you want to go.
No. 594729 ID: dbe554


Going with Woundless.
No. 594735 ID: e6f4c6

I think we should avoid the love perk (trixy annoys me, really). Woundless seems obvious, since we are trying not to kill people, even enemies whom we dominate.
No. 594736 ID: 86bed8

Hate hate hate! Greater hatred!
No. 594738 ID: 5ce9d7

Woundless sounds good, that or the I love her thing given Trixy.
No. 594741 ID: d8a627

I say go for Self Control. I want to be able to speak with Durendina without eating her.
No. 594764 ID: b3b00a

Power of love! I'm curious to see what it gives
No. 594767 ID: e6f4c6

avoid love (Love isn't a power, if we love trixy we should do it by interacting with trixy, not taking a perk), take woundless. Do we get retrograde stats once we have stats?
No. 594780 ID: b2c9e1

I vote woundless or self control, with emphasis on the latter, as well...We should try our best not to eat our friends,
No. 594787 ID: 939c7f
File 141117831009.jpg - (190.97KB , 800x533 , gatling level 10.jpg )

Gatling gains: Woundless


>Gatling is now level 10

choose one of the following perks...

>greater telepathy [you can read the surface thoughts of those not in your party]

>Tongues [You vaguely understand any language]

>Advanced Multy-possession* [dominate an additional person] (can be taken multiple times)

>Throwing [+15 Bs when used as a throwing weapon]

>Greater hatred [plus 30% critical hit chance, when rolling to wound yourself.]

>Spiritual empathy [Gatling can control his spiritual distance]

>Glutton Gatling [+20 to checks made to devour souls]

>Self control [+20 to resist devouring souls]

>Greater flames [Gatlings fire is hotter, dealing more damage]

>Lust from pain [Gatling and those possessed gain temporary stat bonuses instead of feeling pain (+15 Ws, Bs, Con & Fell)]

>I... I think I love her? [You feel mutual love for the white bold, love for which she Burned]

>Hyper sensory [Gatling can induce heightened senses to those possessed. the intensity can be controlled with a will save, a slight brush might translate into horrible pain or uncontrollable pleasure. though lesser intensities are possible...]

>Advanced bodily controls [Gatling has a greater control over possessed bodies. Gatling can command the body to sleep or wake up at will, induce compulsive actions such as spasms, orgasms, regurgitation or paralysis, and other normally difficult/impossible to actively control actions]

>_ _ _
No. 594804 ID: b2c9e1

I'm voting self control again, As I've mentioned, i feel it's important. the stats I'll leave up to others,
No. 594807 ID: 9ffae6

Self Control, definitely
No. 594846 ID: 6ef960

Hey listen! If we take annother multy possession, we'll have another blade and we could give one of three to the dwarf for his fey mood. I vote for that
No. 594855 ID: d8a627

Self control. I'm really wanting to talk to Durendina.
No. 594898 ID: 29daa3

I'm going to have to agree with self control, to prevent further accidental soul eatings.
No. 595202 ID: 939c7f
File 141136325447.jpg - (118.97KB , 800x533 , end 6.jpg )

-End of chapter 6-

Gatlings stats will be decided in the discussion thread, soon (perhaps tomorrow?).
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