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File 139226741981.png - (351.56KB , 478x667 , Sworn45.png )
562303 No. 562303 ID: 67bfa9


My name is Saitnen SoulSworn

I have been hunted for a life style I never wanted

I don't know who people expect me to be but I'm not it.

I'm just trying to survive.

>Last issue!
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No. 562304 ID: 67bfa9
File 139226747948.png - (86.79KB , 477x666 , Sworn46.png )

Paris Kane: I-I should be doing this . .
Paris Kane: I Should never go back man

Paris Kane: T-This place makes me think bad things
Paris Kane: M-makes me hate my friends I-I-I . . .

Paris Kane: . . . I like it.
No. 562305 ID: 67bfa9
File 139226758137.png - (136.58KB , 477x666 , Sworn47.png )


Saitnen: "Okay, so Let's go through this all one more

time, goggles you are . . .?"

Radical Girl: "Milky Way, the Radical Girl!"

Saitnen: "and ears is . . .?"

Chaos Caster: "Chaos Caster, Dimensional Master!"

Saitnen: "right . . . and you guys are some sort of


Radical Girl: "(The Order of Anarchy) is founded only on the principles of love, harmony and making the world a better place!"

Saitnen: " . . . which is why you want me to help you bust out the murderbot I JUST threw in jail for trying to MURDER people?"

Chaos Caster: "She is the only one who can save your father!"

Saitnen: " . . . who is totally NOT dead somehow and has his soul trapped in this "magic" sword that totally didn't kill him."

Radical Girl: "Exactly!"

Saitnen: "Which she'll accomplish by building a (totally not murderous) robot body that the magic sword will be able to use via magic . . . somehow"

Chaos Caster: "Golems are too unpredictable! we need a logic based form"

Saitnen: "Which she'll do for free AND of her own free will after just hearing of your "noble" cause and NOT just try to murder me AGAIN."


Radical Girl: "So you'll help us?"

Saitnen: . . .
No. 562307 ID: 53ba34

ask they return your stuff first, as a sign of trust. then reach in and pull out one of the panties and feed it to the gear. if they really do know about your father and stuff they will not be alarmed by it eating panties.
No. 562308 ID: a87e3a

On one condition.

They must give you their panties.
No. 562311 ID: 1f8505


Let's go with this.

If they protest,just say it's a sign of good faith.
No. 562313 ID: 4a75fa

It all makes perfect sense!

>so you'll help us?
...I'm gonna need a little more proof this isn't total bullshit, first. Look, we know where robo-gal is, and she won't be going anywhere, for a while. How about we locate the sword first, and you prove to me there's actually a soul stuck inside?

(Not only does this test their story, but even if you find the sword and there's no soul inside? If you've found the sword, you've found your father's killer. You can use these crazies to your advantage, that way).
No. 562322 ID: 379075

Don't demand their panties outright: Explain that your father was a crazy nutjob who made this creepy powersuit powered by used panties (from women only it seems). Stress that you really couldn't help them very much without additional fuel because aside from the suit you're not that much different from an ordinary person. Mention that you have no idea how the heck that works, or if the panties have to be stolen or not. Then ask them if they have useful suggestions on how to acquire fuel.

Their ability to come up with plausible answers should inform your willingness to converse further instead of treat them like total nutjobs and flee.
No. 562327 ID: a7868d

No, don't explain yourself. Don't ever explain yourself again.

Just say "I'll help, but first I need your panties." Say it with confidence like the world will end if you don't have those panties in your hands right now.
No. 562340 ID: 34b2f2

We'll definitely need a sign of their good faith. Like their panties.
No. 562347 ID: afc0e6

No. 562380 ID: b8ceae

No. We have a cute cop to date, and breaking criminals out of prison would work against that.
Instead, tell them you'll meet them somewhere later with your answer.
Then leave and call your cute cop date and tell her where the meeting will take place so she can set up a sting and take credit for the arrests.
What we'll ask for in exchange for our cooperation is to watch and provide questions for the interrogation, since we have a stake in this.

Sound good?
No. 562398 ID: 379075

I'm not so sure that cute cop will date us instead of sting us herself: Paris Kane has become aggro and rich people have the resources to make false-accusations believable.

It all hinges on whether these freaks we're facing have passable intelligence and sanity. If they're truly stupid and/or nuts then they could be telling us something false or delusional, or simply not be worth knowing and dealing with. We can't be too picky since wearing this suit makes us a freak, but let's give these nutjobs a chance to disappoint us first before we step on them.
No. 562420 ID: b8ceae

If WE are the ones who call it in to Officer Cuff, and do so DIRECTLY, then if the cops try to sting US then she knows it's bullshit and we aren't hurting our chances with her. Plus, then we'd have a contact in the police department.
Also, if they DO try to catch us then we can rescue these two idiots from the sting and go along with the plan then.
No. 562442 ID: a7868d

man, you guys don't go halfway with your heel turns, do you?

I like Saitnen as a blustery bravado spewing yet ultimately awkward heel, not a dastardly asshole betraying people for a shot at the first cute girl we met.

It's like you guys are pussy whipped BEFORE the first date.
No. 562449 ID: a87e3a

"You guys"? It's just one person suggesting that plan, dude.
No. 562654 ID: 67bfa9
File 139248280411.png - (154.33KB , 477x666 , Sworn48.png )

>How about we locate the sword first.
the Sword was collected by the police during their investigation of the murder, it's probably in the evidence locker.

better check how serious they are about all this
Saitnen: "One condition, I'll help you if you give me your panties!"

Radical Girl: "wha . . . give you- YOU WANT PAYMENT!?"
Chaos Caster: "I'm sure he was just-"

Radical Girl: "You want payment for saving your OWN father!"

Radical Girl: "Get the robot caster. NOW!"
Chaos Caster: "but what about-"
Radical Girl: "I am going to DESTROY this bastard!"

. . . well at least I know she's serious.
No. 562660 ID: 53ba34

get ready to fight but say
"i wanted proof you were actually good people and not part of the group the robot is in. right now you are making yourself seem insane and untrustworthy. so i will call the cops and tell them to tighten security on the robot unless you CALM DOWN."
No. 562662 ID: 649589

UNDERWEAR, not money, you stupid wench
No. 562674 ID: 567c6a

Or rather- Panties is what this gear uses as fuel. No Panties? No powers for me. Honest.
No. 562680 ID: 57a559

My gear is powered by panties
I'm useless without power

Not to mention I kinda resent my dad for... all of this bullshit he got me into.
So, you know, you're not actually doing anything FOR me. Saving my Dad only has the purpose of helping me deal with this stupid gear and answering questions. Honestly, just fuck him. He can stay that way for all I care. You think you're doing charity here? Good will?
You stole my shit to get my attention.
You clearly have another motive.
And you're psychotic and prone to anger.
Why don't you prove to me you're actually on my side and give me some power?
No. 562705 ID: 1f8505

Saiten's dad is a jerk anyways.

Prepare to rumble!
No. 562706 ID: 4a75fa

I'm not sure explaining our thing's power supply is going to help, any. It just seems to piss people off when we talk about it. Thanks, Dad.

Eh, just go with it. A fight makes a hell of a lot more sense than the nonsense she was spouting. In superheroing, shoot first and ask questions later is a totally valid response.
No. 562710 ID: b8ceae

"Payment? No. If you don't know why I NEED your panties, then you're clearly lying about knowing my father."
No. 562725 ID: a7868d

"Payment? You consider your panties payment? Most people just get a little skeeved out." Strike a heroic pose, "Anyway, my dad was an asshole, and I'm still willing to help. I just need your panties to do so, that's all."
No. 562736 ID: a87e3a

Use the electric power on her.
No. 562808 ID: 53ba34

actually... how about
"aha! that was a test, anyone that knows my father would have understood what it meant!"
No. 562816 ID: b8ceae

Actually, yea, let's go with this.
No. 562880 ID: 2fc3e9

No. 562908 ID: e1609c

Voting this.
Negavoting this.
No. 563493 ID: 67bfa9
File 139282612168.png - (150.55KB , 477x666 , Sworn49.png )

Saitnen: "Aha! this was a test if you REALLY knew my father you'd understand"

Radical Girl: "oh I DO understand"

Radical Girl: "I understand that the panties give you power"
Radical Girl: "And your lust for power is no different than a lust for money"

Radical: "I thought you might be different, I thought you might actually want to make the world a better place, but no you're greedy and corrupt JUST like everyone else!"
No. 563496 ID: 4a75fa

Grab Yoyo and/or string, and yank.

I have a lust for not getting beaten up by every single crazy person I seem to meet!
No. 563497 ID: a7868d

And you are an obnoxious self righteous bitch, just like my so called friends and all the other holier than thou assholes who call this city home.

(I doubt getting an arm up so the yoyo doesn't choke you is possible, but you should still try.)
No. 563502 ID: 21a5a7

"Ha! Shows what you know! I hate this abomination with a burning passion, but I am bound to my father's dying wishes! Do you know what his wishes WERE?
I am compelled by honor, but YOU wish to free a killer to gain her power! Which of us is thinking only of power and themselves? Here's a hint - it's YOU!"
No. 563504 ID: f4b0d3

boy, that yoyo sure looks like it conducts electricity.
No. 563509 ID: a87e3a

Grab that yoyo, either disarm her or yank her close so you can give her a taste of the electric shock power.

Also tell her if you're supposed to make the world a better place how are you going to do it without power?! If you just wanted power you'd be taking their panties by force, not asking!
No. 563510 ID: 53ba34

"you wish for me to fight evil with no power at all?! your Yo-Yo is your power, you are using it to fight, what power to you propose i fight with if not this panty power!?"
No. 563512 ID: 606aa1

It's not the power issue she's mad about. It's that we asked about a reward right off. They actually DID know our dad, suit and all, and we kind of just said 'I'll work for a fee, even if it is my father'.

For now? I figure electricity attack, but back off and let's try to renegotiate.

"Sorry, it's hard to trust people after your best friend turns on you. Besides, ever since I got this suit I've been attacked by people with super-powers all over the place!"

Might not stop Rad, but hopefully it will get her to change her mind about Saitnen.
No. 563517 ID: b8ceae

She said Saitnen was corrupt and power-lusting. It makes sense to point out that he's doing this because he's honor-bound to do so, and not because he actually wants to have anything to do with this.
Likewise, it makes sense to point out she wants to free a killer so the killer will help her, which is most definitely a power grab.

Pointing out she's being hypocritical should take some of the wind out of her sails.
No. 563522 ID: d6c045


"If people stopped attacking me, I wouldn't need more power. You basically just proved my point for me."

"...I also promised dad, sorry. That and being a superhero."
No. 563535 ID: 57a559

You're making a lot of assumptions about me from ONE fucking request.
I'm weak, you're clearly stronger than me, why NOT get more powerful? It isn't even greedy or lustful, I'm just trying to survive in this insane world that's trying to kill me EVERY DAY, EVERY MINUTE. If I don't get more panties, I'm going to get my ass killed by a bunch of insane, malevolent people!

Like YOU!

Say this while you fight and do things other suggestions ask you to do, you may calm her down. Talking and moving and fighting are not exclusive actions!
No. 565045 ID: 67bfa9
File 139386496379.png - (136.92KB , 477x666 , Sworn50.png )

Saitnen: "Sorry, but the only lust I have-"

Saitnen: "-Is for not getting beaten up by every single crazy person I meet!"

Radical Girl: "Gyaah!"
No. 565049 ID: 4a75fa

Glance at the other one, see if she's content to let her friend wipe out and this end here, or if she's attacking you too.
No. 565069 ID: f31150

electro-air-kick her! and then don't steal her panties because that other girl would probably freak.
No. 565089 ID: e1609c

Dont follow up with another attack here. We gotta focus on diplomancing this dweeb, not hurting her.
Follow up with something along the lines of "now please stop trying to attack me and talk like a normal person."
No. 565096 ID: 1f8505


As she's flying towards you, use her momentum to remove her pants.
No. 565102 ID: 53ba34

just slam her into the ground.
"now will yo stop proving that i NEED more power? that is why, almost everyone i meet wants to beat me up o something, so until that stops i need to get getting stronger to make sure i don't get killed"
No. 565103 ID: f6b6cd

"So stop trying to teach me that I NEED that power!"
No. 565148 ID: b8ceae

"This is like the 4th time somebody has tried to kill me today! What I WANT is to get rid of this suit, but that's not something I can do!"
No. 572589 ID: 9dd1ee
File 139866107906.png - (159.19KB , 477x666 , Sworn51.png )

>Glance at the other one,
He's gone, now where did he go?

>see if she's content to let her friend wipe out and this end here,
>because that other girl would probably freak.
judging from the voice it was probably a guy . . . probably


Saitnen: "Now where was I-"

Saitnen: "Ah Damnit"



Saitnen: "GNnnnk!"

Radical Girl: "oh boo hoo, you want to stop being beaten, ditch the Gear it's the only reason people care enough to crush your ass"
No. 572590 ID: 9dd1ee
File 139866118793.png - (167.62KB , 477x666 , Sworn52.png )

Saitnen: "You just don't GET IT, I NEED this suit, I NEED it's power to deal with people like you!"

Radical Girl: "Ha hah w-what are you gonna do punch a speeding rocket flying at a hundred miles an hour? hope you aren't attached to that arm!"

>just slam her into the ground.
Saitnen: "I'm DONE playing your games! I'm DONE making my case! and-"
Saitnen: "-I am DONE with YOU!"
I feel the ground crumble

Radical Girl: "aah! H-how?!"
No. 572591 ID: 9dd1ee
File 139866123952.png - (168.44KB , 477x666 , Sworn53.png )

Radical Girl: "You're crazy! you're going to level this whole city!"

Saitnen: "What are you talking abou- uh oh."
No. 572592 ID: 1f8505


Quick, smother the flames on those two people! Make sure they don't get burned badly.
No. 572593 ID: 53ba34

drop combat, save civilians. "you gonna stand there and gawk or are you gonna help?!"

also ponder why there are civilians and barrels of stuff right here. and how a ground slam started fires. don't stop saving while pondering this
No. 572594 ID: 824f43

...fine. You want to reschedule this stupidity sometime when we're not surrounded by civilians?

>if she continues to attack or refuses to make a truce
You're really going to let those people get hurt just so you can take your anger out on me? Or for whatever crazy principles you think this is about.

>if that doesn't work
Knock her ass out and help them.
No. 572595 ID: ca65e6

Why are there barrels of flammable materials just lying around?

Tell the jerk lady to save the one in the crevasse. Save the girl on the right with the sweater. Just rip it off her and smother her pants with it.
No. 572597 ID: 57a559

Yeah forget my last post and help peeps
Will do way more than any words.
How can you be a hero and help people without fuel anyway?
No. 572598 ID: 824f43

Oh, and a retort for our being crazy: you're the one who was decided attacking someone, and flying a rocket at 100 miles an hour at ground level, and right near all these barrels of apparently flaming material was a good idea!

Geeze, if you don't want to hurt people, maybe you shouldn't fight with rocket fuel in the middle of a city.
No. 572600 ID: 1f8505


Try not to tear any of her clothes off. Let's not give this lady any more reason to think we're bad.
No. 572611 ID: a7868d

This is an illusion, they don't store gas barrels in the middle of open streets. Don't act like you've twigged already that this is the black magic girls doing and try to save some people.
No. 572615 ID: 91e8c2

totally take the sweater girl clothes off, they are on fire!
No. 572624 ID: 1f8505


Let's not.
No. 572678 ID: d6c045

"Yeah who's idea was it to ride around on a rocket, GENIUS."

smash a nearby fire hydrant, shoving the flaming women into the path of the water and then grab and remove the barrels before they go up.
No. 572918 ID: 9dd1ee
File 139907223387.png - (162.75KB , 473x660 , Sworn54.png )

Saitnen: "Hey, uh how about we put a hold on the whole fight thing while I save these folks . . . you don't want anybody to die right?"

Radical Girl: ". . . Fine! but next time, don't expect to get off so easy!"

Saitnen: "Also I could use your help with- Aaaand she's gone."

first I gotta save miss flammable

>Try not to tear any of her clothes off. Let's not give this lady any more reason to think we're bad.
And let's not have a repeat of the hospital fiasco, this time the girl's clothes stay on!
my hands are sturdy enough that I should be able to just pat out the fires and-


Saitnen: " I guess I should have turned off the shock power . . ."


. . . at least the fire's out.

male in peril: "eeeeeaaaah!"

That guy must have fallen into the sewers!
No. 572919 ID: 53ba34

turn off static, throw clothes back. jump after guy.
No. 572920 ID: ca65e6

Yell sorry while throwing her clothes back at her and diving into the sewers after the other guy.
No. 572925 ID: 3fbb84

we failed at maintaining her clothes, but at least we can go down there and see to the man's safety, hopefully...
No. 572943 ID: 1f8505


Clothe that woman right now!
No. 572964 ID: a95b2e

Avert your eyes, toss her something to cover herself with, while apologizing.

Then go after sewer guy.
No. 573205 ID: 03fde2

You can use her broken underwear to fuel your suit, it's not like she can wear it again anyway
No. 573246 ID: 1f8505


Let's try to give the lady back her dignity, underwear and all.
No. 573313 ID: a95b2e

I'd think we have a bad enough image problem as is. Right now, her clothes ruining could be seen as an accident. If she sees us steal them, it looks deliberate, and we look like a perv.

We have enough crazy chicks attacking us that we can afford to pass these ones up. There are plenty more panties.
No. 576960 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140182035782.png - (182.61KB , 477x666 , Sworn55.png )

don't want to look like a creep!

I throw the Lady the tattered rags,

she starts to respond but I'm already down the crack after the guy who fell.
hopefully she was going to congratulate me on a job well done . . .

Guy: *gurgle!* "Help me!" *Blub!*

uh oh! this looks like trouble!
No. 576961 ID: f28bf6

Be a Hero! Save that guy!
No. 576973 ID: 2bfcdf

Grab his hand, shock the tentacle.
No. 576978 ID: 6f52cb

don't shock anything! tell the tentacle that a girl outside is naked and waiting for him, i can assure it always works!
No. 576981 ID: 53ba34

blades! tentacles are weak to blades.
No. 577064 ID: 1f8505


Save the man! Kill the tentacle!
No. 577097 ID: c7a241

>hopefully she was going to congratulate me on a job well done
...doubtful, really.

>what do
No zapping anything while the civy is in the water. That would be Bad. Turn off shock power.
No. 579279 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140315638478.png - (172.46KB , 477x666 , Sworn56.png )

????: "You can't have it IT'S MINE!"
Guy: "HEEELL- blubgurgle"


Saitnen: "OH no you don't!"
Yes, I got him just in time!


Man whatever this is, it sure is determined!
AND has a pretty strong grip!
No. 579281 ID: ac14c0

Go "Is someone there? Help me save this guy from drowning, he's really heavy!"
No. 579284 ID: 53ba34

"a trade then, take me instead!"

then when it pits him out and grabs you, turn on electric.
No. 579305 ID: 0d98da

this! Or suggest there is a more sexy girl just outside :3
No. 579312 ID: 1f8505


Start shooting your darts into the water. Hope that you will hit something.


Let's not.
No. 579496 ID: 6a0d09

You don't want to tear him apart. Tell him to take a deep breath, then let go and dive in to deal with this thing yourself.
No. 584175 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140536701232.png - (153.25KB , 477x666 , Sworn57.png )

>Start shooting your darts into the water. Hope that you will hit something.
I ready my dart shooter.

????: "MINE!!"
Saitnen: "Yours? I don't think so!"
I shot at the water

it lets go!
????: "SCREEEEE!"
No. 584176 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140536729760.png - (135.73KB , 477x666 , Sworn58.png )

Tentaclass: "It dares enter the Tentaclass' realm! it dares stealing Tentaclass' food! Even it dares attack Tentaclass!! WHOOO DOES IT THIIINK IT IS?!?!?"
No. 584179 ID: 53ba34

if the guy is safely out of the water, switch back to electric (but leave it off) and say like a boss "your worst nightmare"
No. 584180 ID: b8ceae

No. 584183 ID: bb78f2

to live.
You're eating sentient people for god's sake. Go get a pig at the market or something. Get a job so you can buy the pig. I'm sure a person with her talents could easily get a well paying niche job.
No. 584185 ID: 8a3061

obviously, steal her panties
No. 584191 ID: 2fd516


I'm thinking electric attack.
No. 584192 ID: 1f8505


Start peppering her with darts.
No. 584203 ID: ef7fd2

seconding this, one of these people we fight has to not be a terrible terrible dumbass.
No. 584222 ID: b5130d

Someone who thinks people aren't food.

Seriously, you've got superpowers. You can't afford to eat something else?

If that don't work, taze the shit out of her.
No. 584291 ID: d87c10

ok seriously, is your world like filled with radioactive slime or something?!?! where are all these freaks coming from!
No. 586029 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140643953965.png - (160.15KB , 477x666 , Sworn59.png )

Saitnen:"Someone who knows people aren't food!"
Tentaclass:"anything is food if you try hard enough!:
Her tentacles lash out and wrap around my arm
Saitnen:"Anything? Try eating lightning!"
looks like that got her good!
No. 586030 ID: b8ceae

Take her captive and acquire her powers!
Can you use her like a pokemon? Can we get a force of minions to throw at problems?
No. 586031 ID: 53ba34

stop the lightning and give her a hard slam on the solid ground.
No. 586034 ID: 6d3b18

Punch her in the face. Aim right for the jaw- you can see it thanks to the lightning. Turn off the zaps at the last second so you don't fry yourself.

Don't assume one zap will incapacitate her. Keep hitting hard. Then you can claim the... tentacle panties? Terrible power, disturbing name, but oh well.
No. 586035 ID: 2fd516

Now punch her in the face until she stops moving, and take her undies.
No. 586068 ID: 1f8505


She's stunned with a fist fulla' loightnin'! Go for the wan-two pawnch!
No. 586289 ID: 53548a

Zap 'em, whack 'em!
No. 587208 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140684722420.png - (192.41KB , 477x666 , Sworn60.png )

>ok seriously, is your world like filled with radioactive slime or something?!?! where are all these freaks coming from!
Well, it all started twenty years ago when my father invented the dimensional rift generator and- actually I should probably deal with squid girl before the history lessons!

I give her a swift punch to the gut, and her tentacles release my right arm . . .

. . . which I use to deliver a solid punch to her jaw

>take her undies.
ugh, she's all slimy and gross, but I DO need more powers to fight these weirdos . . .

* * *

Hurray, I got some gross sewer panties.
No. 587209 ID: 2fd516

Well don't just stare at them, feed them to your gear!
No. 587210 ID: 40935b

No. 587211 ID: 1f8505



Welp, plug 'em in. Let's see what we get.
No. 587222 ID: bb78f2

Look out for that crazy girl, she might come back and try and swipe the panties because she's really dumb and obstinate and doesn't want you to power up.
No. 587312 ID: f839a9

>Well, it all started twenty years ago when my father invented the dimensional rift generator
Geeze, is everything his fault? I think I'm starting get why everyone else is so leery about you using his tech.

>Hurray, I got some gross sewer panties.
Dispose of them quickly.

Then we need to tie up tentacles there and dump her on the surface so she can be arrested when the cops show up.
No. 588012 ID: da0d16

Cry bitter tears of justice. These panties will go to a better place where they can do much good.

You should probably try out their power straight away if they grant one. Check your visor to see if you recharged any of your other ability energy as well.

It might be an idea to lie low until your date tomorrow. Perhaps you can scout out the police station from a distance. It might be good to plan for retrieving the sword with your fathers soul in it. Also prepare for your date tomorrow.
No. 589067 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140777329495.png - (107.32KB , 477x666 , Sworn61.png )

>Look out for that crazy girl, she might come back and try and swipe the panties because she's really dumb and obstinate and doesn't want you to power up.
oh hey yeah! she did steal those panties from me, guess I can't really judge . . . In any case she's not around.

>Welp, plug 'em in. Let's see what we get.
The gear waits for a second then sucks em right up . . . yay.

>Check your visor to see if you recharged any of your other ability energy as well.
definitely got a new bar on here, and the old bars look like they've changed . . . not sure what any of it means.

>You should probably try out their power straight away if they grant one.
Switching to the new power it looks like it generates some sort of tendril.
It bound around her tight when it touched sewer chick! she seems pretty solidly tied up now.

>Then we need to tie up tentacles there and dump her on the surface so she can be arrested when the cops show up.
Hopefully they arrive on the scene quick, she seems pretty slippery.

>Perhaps you can scout out the police station from a distance. It might be good to plan for retrieving the sword with your fathers soul in it.
I could also carry her to the police station myself, and while I'm there see if anything those freaks said was true.

>It might be an idea to lie low until your date tomorrow. Also prepare for your date tomorrow.
judging from the sun rise, it's actually today now. still have about twelve hours though . . . wait my date was at 5pm right?
No. 589076 ID: 4b571b

>I could also carry her to the police station myself
...is that an option? I guess it depends on if your friend actually got the cops against you.

And you did just cause a lot of property damage. And I'm not even sure what they charge you with for accidentally ripping someone's clothes off. Is that assault?

I suppose if you want to be a hero though, step one is acting like one. Carry the prisoner to the surface, make sure the civilians you saved are still okay.
No. 589146 ID: 100f65

I think ripping someone's clothes off is Indecent Assault. Still, it was an accident.
Creepy crawly there should be locked up as soon as possible. Prison, an asylum, some mixture of both that specializes in super powered opportunistic cannibals.. anything that will ensure that her next meal isn't people.
No. 594610 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141105867892.png - (163.77KB , 477x666 , Sworn62.png )

I grab the Tentacle Lady and hop out of the sewers

Looks like the two people I saved are fine, or fine-ish. looks like the officials are starting to arrive, so I'm not sticking around to make sure.

The Police might be after me but I'll have to take that risk, Creepy Crawler here is too dangerous to let go free.

I arrive at a rooftop across from the station . . . hmm there seems to be some sort of commotion going on down there.
No. 594612 ID: 8b533b

Squint. Can we see what the commotion is, or who's involved? Be nice to have some idea before we go butting in, if we don't have to.
No. 594619 ID: 53ba34

can your goggles do something about this?
No. 594625 ID: b8ceae

Give Ms Hentai here some more sedation so she doesn't wake up while you're distracted, then scope it out. If you have to intervene then bring her with you and hand her off to the cops to shove in a cell while you deal with whatever.
No. 598089 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141317924302.png - (119.89KB , 477x666 , Sworn63.png )

I go in for a closer look

. . .

I don't believe it! That's Freddy Trill! I've known him since grades school he could convince anybody of anything, last I heard he'd become some sort of big shot lawyer . . .

I wonder how he's involved in all this . . . Oh shit! it's that robot from the hospital, this can't be good.

Reporter: ". . .Mister Trill! how do you feel about the allegations that letting a dangerous robot back on the street is negligence on the highest level!"

Freddy Trill: "Robophobic propaganda, MR-C02 simply suffered some protocol glitches as a result of contracting the dreaded 'Miss Mercy' virus."

The crowds gasp and murmur amongst themselves

Freddy Trill: "Okay now settle down, there's nothing to worry about, it's been thoroughly purged from her system, she's in perfect working order now, isn't that right Czaro-two?

Doctor Czaro: "Yes I am a-gain work-king pur-fact-lee."
"I a-poll-a-jize for the prop-pur-tea dam-age I caused."
"I plan to pay for it out of my re-pair sa-lair-ee"

I-I don't know how to feel about this, also it seems nobody's noticed me yet.
No. 598091 ID: 436cdc

go in and,in a gesture of goodwill, offer to shake her hand.
"Good to see you back in working order, ma'am! Also, uh, here. This thing was trying to eat people, I took care of it."
>set down the squid monster on the stoop

Be properly heroic-awkward and you'll be fiiiiine.
No. 598095 ID: 8b533b

>I-I don't know how to feel about this
Legal system at work. Not your end of it. All you can do is stop baddies when they're doing bad- it's not up to you to be the judge and jury too.

Maybe she's still got her day in court, maybe she's actually been repaired or rehabilitated, maybe it's a sham. You'll find out if she comes after you again, later.

Still, kind of weird those guys before wanted to bust her out if she had a lawyer to get her off.

>what do
Wait till they leave, and then deliver your prisoner. Or if they take too long, find the back door.

Hey, who's that in the shadows behind them? Is that Paris?

...he paid for the lawyer. He's getting her off to undo your heroics because... of whatever bullshit philosophy he spouted before. Worst case, this may be a trap. Your ex-friend might be trying to bait you.
No. 598117 ID: 2ec61a

sounds good. if questioned state that you are a firm believer that prison is for rehabilitation not just a place to keep criminals out of the way. so if they are rehabilitated early then being freed is fine.
No. 598118 ID: 5b4e0e

I'd wait. It looks like our betrayer may be lurking in the shadows, and it'd be awkward to crash someone else's press conference.
No. 598122 ID: 436cdc

That's the whole point, though. Heros are big doofy weirdos who beat up supervillians to protect the general public. We should play into that as much as possible.
After dropping the thing we just walk away if our ass of a best friend starts shittin' on us.
No. 598125 ID: 8b533b

We just had two back to back fights and cost ourself a friend doing the idiot hero stick. Let's not walk into the obvious trap for the fun of it, thanks.
No. 598127 ID: 2ec61a

you mean in front of the police station, where anyone attacking would obviously be in the wrong.
No. 598138 ID: 45d343

I have to second this, not because it's an obvious trap and rude, but because it's still going to be awkward as hell and make Saitnen look REALLY bad when she recognizes him and demands/asks for him to return, or otherwise brings up the fact that he took her panties. Seriously. You just know they'll check the new dropoff if that comes up, and then it'll be even more awkward to deal with.
No. 598163 ID: 1f8505


I'd say let's sneak away and plan our next move.
No. 598966 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141376952836.png - (184.74KB , 477x666 , Sworn64.png )

Yeah I don't think any good can come from making a public appearance right now
>find the back door.
don't feel like waiting around either, I got places to be!
straight to the back door it is.

huh . . .
. . . looks like some sort of transport slide.
No. 598967 ID: 1f8505


How terribly convenient! Let's drop off the tentacled lady and be on our merry way.
No. 598969 ID: 2fd516

"criminal drop-off"? Toss her in, definitely. Then... don't you have a date at some point?
No. 598970 ID: 8b533b

Pff. This is officially the best police department.

Pin a note to her saying what she did (attempted abduction with intent for cannibalism?) and the address where it happened, and then drop her off.

Then move it, the robot saw you. She'll probably come this way, first chance she gets.
No. 598971 ID: d64d29

Confidentiality guaranteed!
Make sure it's actually not an incinerator or super villain recruiting station or something, then toss her in.
No. 598972 ID: 2ec61a

yeah, a note stating what the crimes were.
No. 606181 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141715095493.png - (150.58KB , 477x666 , Sworn65.png )

>Pin a note to her saying what she did
I Don't really have any paper or a pen . . .
>Let's drop off the tentacled lady and be on our merry way.
. . . and done! I'm sure it'll be fine.

>Then... don't you have a date at some point?
oh right my date! can't forget about-

Crap a cop got the drop on me . . . wait I know this guy too!

Saitnen:"Don Gunner? what is this a high school reunion?!"

????: "It's more like an intervention Sai"
No. 606182 ID: 9b57d3

Ask the cop what he thinks he's doing. You just delivered a dangerous criminal to them, and stopped like three others before that one. Does he really think the right thing to do here is to stop you?
No. 606185 ID: 17a829

Oh look, it's your douche rich friend here to interfere in your life, again.

Explain to the cop that you are not currently committing a crime, nor do you intend to. What is he accusing you of?

If he's not a cop, and just a vigilante, attacking you when you're not doing anything wrong, puts him in the wrong.
No. 606209 ID: ec2e47

For what, my addiction to JUSTICE? Seriously though, what gives.
No. 606219 ID: 2ec61a

ask for the charges. if they can't give you any then they are out of line and you will report it to their Superior.
No. 738512 ID: 49f18e
File 146941084768.png - (168.12KB , 477x666 , Sworn66.png )

Paris, of course.
Saitnen: "hey douche nozzle."
Paris Kane: "all this hero stuff's gotta stop Sai."
Saitnen: "well for starters your cop pals will have to at least declare some charges, you've got nothing on me.
also what's with the monkey suit"

Paris Kane: "Dude, you've done a ton of illegal things."

Paris Kane: " . . . but the thing is I don't WANT to arrest you.
You're hurting man, and I don't want that hurt to make you ruin your life.

Saitnen: "What are you even talking about."

Paris Kane: "You're father is dead Sai, beating up all the weirdos in the world isn't going to bring him back."
No. 738514 ID: b7883c

I'm not trying to bring him back from the dead, or even to be some hero vigilante. I'm trying to stay alive when crazy people keep attacking me. Not using the gear wasn't enough to save my father, and it won't be enough to keep these same lunatics from attacking me going "give me the gear I know you have it hidden somewhere".
No. 738522 ID: fa8f9d

Let's just go with him. I have a feeling he may be right about the gear we are using. He is our best friend after all and I'm kinda sick of fighting at the moment
No. 738524 ID: 24100f

>Paris Kane: "You're father is dead Sai, beating up all the weirdos in the world isn't going to bring him back."
You know, maybe that would be true if I was batman, and my dad was killed by random muggers. But my dad was murdered by a bunch of crazy weirdo ninjas. Beating up weirdos is directly related to getting justice for his murder.

And come on, the weirdos keep finding me, not the other way around.

Look, if you don't believe me, how about you stick around? Give me a chance to prove to you I'm telling the truth. You can keep an eye on me, or help me deal with the next one.
No. 738525 ID: b2d501

"Beating up weirdos means we get less weirdos weirding people out in our weirdness-attracting town. It's basic geography."

Use the tentacle power to grab Don's pistol. Use it against Paris, he's wearing armor.
No. 738529 ID: 9f3729

I'm joining this consensus of "Dude these guys keep coming after me to kill my shit in, what do you WANT me to do? My dad was a chode, IDGAF but I don't want to die either here."
No. 738532 ID: 5a893f

Excuse me, I hate my father.
Know why? He's affiliated with anarchists with anger problems, he invented this powerful suit powered by perversion, he BROUGHT in the weirdest freaks that eat and hurt people with a dimensional rift 20 years ago, he's the reason my life is currently a living hell where everyone thinks I'm some power mad, perverted criminal, and worst of all he isn't REALLY dead. His soul is in a sword or some shit.

If he gets out of there, I'm killing him all over again.
Paris, if I have a problem, it's that you don't trust me. You want to talk power mad? How about the spoiled son of some rich dude who loves him very much, showering him with everything he could possibly want, women flock to him like water, all the while thinking he's so much better than everyone else.

Hey, remember those cops? Remember how you managed to convince them not to arrest me when I was attacked by a robot? Before when you thought this super suit was cool? Do you remember that? It wasn't that long ago, you didn't even my when it scored me my first date. It was borrowed artificial power and you were proud of me until I revealed to you it was built by my father and powered by panties, as if that changed EVERYTHING.

Let's talk about your power huh? Built by your dad and fueled by money, gee fucking wilikers, I think you need an intervention.
No. 738582 ID: db0da2

Yeah, but it'll make there be a lot less of those weirdos preying on innocent civilians, and who said anything about bringing him back? I just want to honor his last wish and make the world a better place so his soul doesn't come back to haunt me.

And really, what the hell is your problem, man!? I open up to you about this issue I've got and you flip out and immediately try to get me arrested! Would it kill you to give me the benefit of the doubt, and just talk to me normally, without all the bullshit ultimatums and threats, like a friend would? Like, here i am fighting for my life, trying to make sense of all this, and instead of working with me you go all antagonistic. Can't you see that all you're doing is adding another group of assholes trying to mess up my life?
No. 738584 ID: b439eb

Like what exactly. Haven't committed murder... haven't stolen anything... been assaulted several times, and protected myself, that all falls under self-defense...

Minor property damage I guess but that's all covered under good Samaritan laws in preventing worse problems.

It's not like the suit I'm wearing is regulated, either, so you can't even get me for concealed carry.
No. 738591 ID: 3d2d5f

There are some good ideas here, but I think we need to focus on the ones reaching out to him / appealing to his better nature, rather than the ones expressing anger.

He thinks we're far enough gone we need an intervention. If we respond with anger, he'll think he's failing to get through to us and has to do the hard thing to help us. If we remain calm and don't act crazy, and reach back to him, he might think we're not too far gone.
No. 740205 ID: 49f18e
File 147018387802.png - (180.88KB , 477x666 , Sworn67.png )

Saitnen: "My dad was a chode, I'm glad he's dead.
Know why? He's affiliated with anarchists with anger problems, he invented this powerful suit powered by perversion, he BROUGHT in the weirdest freaks that eat and hurt people with a dimensional rift 20 years ago, he's the reason my life is currently a living hell"


Paris Kane: "What-"

Saitnen: "You don't know anything, you're just some sheltered rich kid who's never had to clean up his own messes let alone anyone elses, and you couldn't even if you tried."

Paris Kane: "Well . . . Maybe, but I do know one thing, that gear is dangerous, you need to take it off, you need to get rid of it!"


Saitnen: "You know what I need? I-"
Don: "Uh Sorry to interrupt, but but I think a crime is happening on the roof."


Hey that silhouette looks familiar . . .
No. 740206 ID: 24100f

"That's the sword that killed my father. Are you going to stop me from making a citizen's arrest? They're holding a murder weapon."

...what kind of ninja uses an European greatsword, anyways.
No. 740208 ID: 9f3729

No. 740209 ID: b2d501

"Now the hunter has decided his prey is fattened enough. You want to be the hero, Paris? Kick his ass, or at least order your flunkie like a REAL commander. I'll wait here, at gunpoint even. If you listen to me for once in your life and do your job, instead of turning prejudices into real conflicts like the whiny political figurehead your father WANTS you to become, I'll take off a piece of armor. Deal?"
No. 740210 ID: db0da2

Y'know what? No. Fuck that. Don or someone else can go deal with it. Schooling Paris on how not to be a shit friend is more important than dealing with more of Dad's bullshit.
No. 740220 ID: 5a893f

Cop, is being a silhouette on a roof a crime? Racist.
No. 740253 ID: b7883c

No. 740256 ID: 505f10

Yep, no actual crime being done right now.

If Don feels he's committing a crime, its up to him to catch the dude. Besides, Paris was telling us not to be a vigilante in the past, right? Not my circus, not my monkeys.
No. 740258 ID: 24100f

Actually, being on the roof might be a trespassing, if that's a private building and roof access is restricted.

And possession of a murder weapon could be a crime, unless they're only here to turn it over to the police, I suppose. The station is right there.
No. 740263 ID: 595d54

True, but that's all "might" and I agree about taking it easy with the vigilantism.
No. 741662 ID: 49f18e
File 147097042792.png - (166.78KB , 477x666 , Sworn68.png )

Amazingly I suddenly realize I don't care about stopping this criminal.
Saitnen: "You know what? fine Paris you win."


Saitnen: "No heroics from me, have fun solving this cops."


Saitnen: "Heck maybe I'll even ditch the gear"

Paris remains silent for a moment then starts shouting orders at the cops.

With the police force distracted I might be able to sneak back into my house and replace the money Radical Girl stole
Or I could go someplace else.
No. 741690 ID: d682c1

Depends. Do you have a sufficiently destructive security system at your place? You know it's where the army of whores will raid for intel.
No. 741697 ID: db0da2

Just go home, reevaluate your priorities. Do you even still want to fight for justice? you do Maybe you can have a dramatic rooftop scene at sunset where you sigh a lot while monologuing. Call Paris and have him meet you in person at a private location alone. Have a frank discussion about the last few days and explain your position clearly. Also explain how he's been an asshole and tell him that you still want to be friends.
No. 741712 ID: b7883c

Seconded. Return home, introspect/angst, and call Paris for a talk.
No. 741784 ID: 24100f

Just don't let yourself get cheap shot in the back. A ninja might try that, and it would be embarrassing.
No. 741789 ID: 36295c

Pretend like you are leaving then swoop in to save the day.
No. 741911 ID: 9dc26d

Hang out with Paris for now.
No. 743294 ID: 49f18e
File 147165385891.png - (194.30KB , 477x666 , Sworn69.png )

What am I doing?
Am I really just trying to survive?
if that's true why am I clutching onto this gear?
Why don't I just throw it away?
it's definitely what those freaks are after . . .
I could let the whole thing be someone else's problem.

but I just can't do it.
When I first put it on so long ago it was the first time I felt like I mattered.
That I was good at anything.
That I was more than just my father's shadow.
but I wasn't.
I was just another guinea pig for his latest world changing gizmo.
And Paris thinks I care that he's dead.

Maybe I should talk to him.
He's such a bleeding heart and takes everything so personally . . .
. . .
but he's still my friend.
There's a phone in the lobby, I could call Paris right now.
No. 743299 ID: b2d501

Call him later. Make no promises and show some restraint, he's unstable and nervous.

But right now, set up defenses and grab the lab notes.
No. 743305 ID: 211d83

You might not care about your dad's silly experiments but its yours now.

Don't let anyone try to force you into feeling bad about this whole silly mess. You did not go off on a panty stealing spree. You have got attacked by assholes constantly for the past few days and have just made due the best you could.

Also the powers it gives you might be the only thing keeping you alive. If you suddenly give it up and become normal the next time a crazy assassin shows up you are fucked.

You need to find out why everyone cares so much about this dang thing before throwing it away.
No. 743348 ID: 3abd97

...you sure you can call him now? He won't still be busy with the cops and that probably-ninja who had a sword?

Whatever. Go ahead and call. Worst case, you don't get through.
No. 744787 ID: 49f18e
File 147235385678.png - (163.69KB , 477x666 , Sworn70.png )

for the first time in my life this place is the same as when I left it.
Now new holes in the walls, no fires sprouting from the winds, not buzzing of strange new machines. not really much sound at all.

>You might not care about your dad's silly experiments but its yours now.
Yes the gear is mine. and so is this whole lab.

>set up defenses
I think Dad had a defense grid control somewhere . . .


>Don't let anyone try to force you into feeling bad about this whole silly mess.
Feeling bad officially over!

>grab the lab notes.
The big problem with my dads notes is that he stored them everywhere, He always had trouble finding anything specific.

>Whatever. Go ahead and call. Worst case, you don't get through.
I give Paris a call unsurprisingly I don't get a response, he likely has his hands full.
No. 744788 ID: 36295c

Steal panties, then activate robot girl
No. 744789 ID: 265534

Activate robot sex doll
No. 744790 ID: 3663d3

check out robutt and swag bag.
No. 744791 ID: b2d501

Use the lab tools to scan the android and her bag.
No. 744793 ID: 3abd97

>I think Dad had a defense grid control somewhere . . .
Well turn it on before someone shows up to try and kill you again.

This is the correct order.

...wait if your dad built a robot, does that make her your sister.
No. 744828 ID: 9f3729

or worse, his mom.
No. 744846 ID: c18501

Consider the possibility Paris's soul is now trapped with your dad's. How does that make you feel?
No. 745047 ID: 49f18e
File 147243969327.png - (180.06KB , 477x666 , Sworn71.png )

>check out robutt
oh Megam-Additor-89 is still here, and still broken.
>and swag bag.
It's a bag of clean laundry, it's been there for a while.
>...wait if your dad built a robot, does that make her your sister.
nope just an android
>or worse, his mom.
That . . . doesn't even make sense.

>Steal panties
they might come in handy since Radical Girl stole the other pairs I had on hand.
>then activate robot girl
well if I don't activate her she'll probably just gather dust

Saitnen: "Well here goes."
Megam: *gasp* "Error! I am still damaged! I am leaking power! I am-"

looks like she's noticed something . . .

Megam: " oh . . . "

Megam: " . . . Am I just an object to you?"
No. 745050 ID: 9f3729

"No, that's not really it and this is gonna sound really messed up, but dad's kind of fucked up and I need to take those for superpowers. Because of course that's how he'd make it work. Changing to a less terrible topic, any idea how we'd fix you up?"
No. 745052 ID: 36295c

Note: Put pants back on robot next time before activating.

Wave it off and say "Nah, it's a long story, I'll explain later. I'm Saitnen Soulsworn, who are you?"
No. 745054 ID: 3663d3

"no, but i need them for this" then, feed the machine "you know how dad is"
No. 745059 ID: 3abd97

Oh. Um, geeze, no sorry. I was just feeding Dad's stupid perverted power armor. It eats panties. (She knew him, if anyone would believe it, she would).

Um. Sorry. I don't really have the skills to repair you. Are you gonna be okay?

...um. You know Dad's dead right? Or at least, that ninjas stole his sword with a magic sword or whatever? (When was she shut off? You don't know how out of the loop she is).

What were her duties for your father, anyways? A lab assistant? A maid? What are her skills?
No. 745060 ID: db0da2

All things with mass are objects. Shame is fleeting, but justice is eternal.
No. 745095 ID: b7883c

No. 745222 ID: 265534

She has handles for ears for a reason (probably)

You know what you need to do.
No. 745232 ID: b7883c

And what you need to do is of course to consider how messed up your father's legacy is, and how what you just did was complicit in it. Yes panties power your armor, but it's one thing to profit from humiliating someone who just tried to murder you and a very different thing to profit from humiliating someone who did nothing to you and was simply an easy target. If you want to improve the world instead of being just another costumed maniac you'll have to do better at remembering the difference, and that starts with apologizing and giving them back if you haven't already fed them to the machine.
No. 745283 ID: b2d501

Why did you yank your little sister's panties from her butt. Why.

Shame on you.

Now seriously, get her new clothes, and pick out replacement parts for the eye socket and right arm. You might want to ask her where to find storage and a crafting table.

Also, does she have an ID or did your dad refuse to personify her for sex toy reasons? Actually, is she your sister or did your dad have some colleagues who worked on her as a side project? And of course you need to ask her if she knows anything about this @#$%ed up suit of STD perversion.
No. 745363 ID: 987bda

"No, you're a person, but things are awful right now.
Dad built this thing, assassins killed him over it, and now I need it to stop the assassins and other people who keep trying to kill me.
I'll give you three guesses what dad decided this thing should run on, and the first two don't count.

I'll get you a pair of boxers. Those don't work.

I woke you up to ask if there's anybody else who could patch you up; I can't do it, and it's not safe for you to stay here."
No. 746016 ID: 49f18e
File 147299369203.png - (154.29KB , 477x666 , Sworn72.png )

>What were her duties for your father, anyways? A lab assistant? A maid? What are her skills?
basic assistance mostly, polishing things, cleaning dishes, fetching things from the store that sort of stuff.

Saitnen: "Uh, no? My dad kinda built this gear that feeds on panties, you know how he is"

I give her back her pants but keep the panties.

Megam: "Yes, I understand . . . Why have you reactivated me? I am still damaged."

Saitnen: "I was kind of hoping you could point me in the right direction for getting you repaired."

Megam: "Is your father not available?"


Saitnen: "He's kinda dead now."

Megam: " . . . oh, I was not informed . . . I'm sorry"

Saitnen: "Don't worry about it,happened while you were offline, anyone else?"

Megam: "A.R.K. Systems has the schematics and assembly parts to repair me."

Saitnen: "Uh don't you remember? A.R.K. Systems closed it's doors a year ago."

Megam: "I was not informed. Is Doctor Noah Kissed availible?"

Saitnen: "Oh come on! Dr.Kissed died three years before you where first turned online"

Megam: "I-"

Saitnen: "Yeah, yeah 'you were not informed', I get it."

Megam: "Perhaps I should power down.

Saitnen: "The A.R.K building might still have a few parts kicking around, could be worth a look.


Megam: " . . . I will go there, do not worry I will clean the floor before I leave."

Saitnen: "Clean the floor?"

I take a closer look at the dirt she's noticed, it's kind of in a strange pattern.
No. 746020 ID: c94b69

Looks like tire treads. Only one set, so either something came out, something went in and then cleaned itself somehow before leaving, or something went in and is still in there. Inspect the police tape, does it look like it's been removed and then stuck back in place? Also, does the door open in or out, or slide, or what? Inform Megam she does not need to clean this, it may be a clue or evidence.
No. 746021 ID: 90f3c0

Follow those tread marks.
No. 746024 ID: 3abd97

I love that she's the first person to just accept the explanation that Dad was a terrible pervert.

>basic assistance mostly, polishing things, cleaning dishes, fetching things from the store that sort of stuff.
So she doesn't have the technical experience to work on / help with your gear? Oh well. Although I suppose it's possible Dad was just under utilizing her, just because he wanted a maid.

ARK should have it's plans and files stored somewhere, even if they went out of business. Or failing that, whoever bought their liquidated assets on the cheap when they went out of business should. (Or if all else fails, there's the patent office).

>not informed (3x)
You need to give this poor girl access to a television, or a radio, or a computer with the internet, or something. She shouldn't be dependent on what scraps of information people decide to tell her. Especially if you're going to be leaving her alone here in between visits.

>I will go there, do not worry I will clean the floor before I leave.
Hey, good eye! Drag marks. Or tire tracks. These might be a clue.

Hey, this is an order. As of now, looking out for your own well being is a higher priority than cleaning. I appreciate you wanting to help, but don't push yourself too hard, okay?
No. 746026 ID: 3663d3

okay, well, turn her back off before you leave so we don't need to worry about that power issue.
No. 746097 ID: 7483cf

Strike a heroic pose and tell her in your best hero tone that you are going to help her get repaired, before throwing an around her, calling her sis, and telling her you and her are the only family you have now.
No. 746147 ID: 9dc26d

Might be a memory issue as well as a power issue, if she doesn't remember so many things. Inquire.
No. 747597 ID: 49f18e
File 147364802843.png - (169.45KB , 477x666 , Sworn73.png )

>Looks like tire treads.
it's gotta be, but indoors?

>Only one set, so either something came out, something went in and then cleaned itself somehow before leaving,
one set of tracks, that's also pretty strange.

>calling her sis
she's about as much my sister as the microwave.

Saitnen: "Hey, this is an order. As of now, looking out for your own well being is a higher priority than cleaning"

Megam: "I understand. Replacing me would cost you additional expenses."

Saitnen: "Eh, close enough. Also you should power back down for now."

Megam: "It will be done."

The tracks seem to go into the back yard.

Looks like some of the cops are still poking around.


Officer Cap: "Oh Hello Mr. Soulsworn, Sorry about the inconvenience but the investigation is still underway."
No. 747604 ID: 3abd97

>she's about as much my sister as the microwave.
The microwave doesn't talk. ...and even if it does, it doesn't treat you like a person, or share your understanding for what a perverse jerk your dad could be.

>Officer Cap: "Oh Hello Mr. Soulsworn, Sorry about the inconvenience but the investigation is still underway."
That's okay. Did the crime scene guys manage to match these tracks to anything? A tire thread, maybe?

Does the trail continue past the fence? Can you follow it?

If we can't follow this lead (or the best we can do is encourage the cops to figure out what made this for us), I think the next thing you should do is poke around the ARK building, see if you ca find something to find robo(-won't-admit-she's-a)-sis.
No. 747617 ID: 094652

Dude, she's the closest thing to a plucky sidekick you've got right now. Treat her nicely and get her some combat upgrades.

Close the investigation soon. Paris has the police in his pocket.
No. 747620 ID: b7883c

This end of the tire tracks leads away; where in the lab is the other end? Also, inspect the fence. Can you tell whether it has been broken inwards or outwards?

>she's about as much my sister as the microwave.
Your microwave doesn't have conversations with and/or sass you. ...Right?
No. 747638 ID: 44bc30

Take a look at the fence wires. Are they bending out, or in? Because if they're bending out you need to tell the cops that you think something might have escaped from your dad's lab, you don't know what since he kept a lot secret from you, please do not blame me if whatever it is starts causing trouble I am telling you this and being cooperative right now as soon as I found out about it.
No. 748265 ID: 49f18e
File 147412216126.png - (139.41KB , 477x666 , Sworn74.png )

>Your microwave doesn't have conversations with and/or sass you. ...Right?
Yeah . . . lets not get into that asshole

Saitnen: "That's okay. Did the crime scene guys manage to match these tracks to anything? A tire thread, maybe?"

Officer Cap: "They're a custom job that's for sure, I doubt their's another pair like them in the city"

>Can you tell whether it has been broken inwards or outwards?
it looks like they've been cut with some sort of saw

Saitnen: "Does the trail continue past the fence? Can you follow it?"

Officer Cap: "I'm afraid not, once they reach the road they become impossible to follow."
No. 748266 ID: 3663d3

check if any of your various upgrades can help.
No. 748267 ID: 094652

... I got nothing.

The road's perfectly clean, but that's just the street sweepers that the city commissioned. None of the rails have been broken, so using an all-terrain vehicle to dive into the water is silly and unlikely. Building a new road over the tire tracks is madness, that hatch doesn't go under sea level at low tide, and A.R.K. could just confiscate your dad's work with some bull^&*( legal work if they needed to steal it.

The funny thing is how those tracks are extremely perpendicular to a narrow road overlooking a sharp set of cliffs. How many drivers enter the road at a 90 degree angle? My guess is that the vehicle used was smaller than a car, possibly capable of turning in place. A robot? Either way, it's still someone stealing your stuff, and there are too many robots and vehicles in this city to narrow the perpetrator down with tire tracks.
No. 748269 ID: 44bc30

>you need to tell the cops that you think something might have escaped from your dad's lab, you don't know what since he kept a lot secret from you, please do not blame me if whatever it is starts causing trouble I am telling you this and being cooperative right now as soon as I found out about it.
No. 748283 ID: c2552b

So... what, a segway or something?
No. 748288 ID: 3abd97

Well if they're one of a kind you'll just have to keep an eye out for them. Not sure if that makes it more likely the treads belong to some custom vehicle the baddies used, or if they're from something your dad built and they stole.

Oh hey look, the ARC building is right there. That's an easy lead to follow up on. Let's check it out.
No. 749263 ID: 49f18e
File 147460623421.png - (163.59KB , 477x666 , Sworn75.png )

Well I needed to go to A.R.K. Systems anyways, Might as well keep an eye out for small wheeled things while I'm there.

* * *
Well here it is the ARK building


I always thought these automatic doors were really cool, but they seem not so great in the security department.


Speakers: " Welcome to A.R.K. Systems tours. where the medical robotic of today builds a better tomorrow! A.R.K Systems was founded ten years ago when . . .

aww crap looks like I entered the tour door.

Speakers: " . . . and to the left you will see our first series of medical robots the dependable MR-A, or Mr. Arthur . . .

It's kinda strange this place is still running, I though this whole building was shut down

Speakers: " . . . and now a word from our creator Doctor Noah Kissed!"


Noah Kissed: "Hello my friends I'm so happy you've decided to take the A.R.K systems tour! I'm so touched that I'm going to have to show you something special, something that isn't even on the market yet! I'd like to introduce you to the latest member of the MR family; MR-C or "Miss Mercy" as we call her here at the lab! Say hello Mercy!

Miss Mercy: "Hiya nice people, I just wuv making people feel better!"

Wait! that's the robot that attacked me at the hospital! A.R.K. Systems made that awful thing!?
no wonder they went out of business . . .
No. 749267 ID: 3abd97

You realize odds are she was using this place as her "secret" base. That's why the lights are still on.
No. 749268 ID: 505f10

nice security system too then. Anyone that walks in sets off the tour.
No. 749271 ID: 1f8505


Continue the tour. Maybe we'll exit through the gift shop?
No. 749276 ID: 9f3729

well hey now we know where we might get usable spare parts
No. 749356 ID: 40f57f

Mercy looks decidedly not psychopathic. If she was made here, that probably means at least one former employee here would know enough about her inner workings to reprogram her into a psychopath… or perhaps how to taint a replacement part that would cause her to go nutso.

Why did this place get shut down, again? And what other robot models did this place design? I'm thinking you ought to take a look at any surviving former employees and make sure you double or triple-check any replacement parts you can find, just to make sure we don't wind up with a Robot Master situation on our hands the second you fix up Megam. I mean, really, would an evil/mad scientist bent on world domination through corruption of friendly everyday robots be a surprise after everything that's happened, recently?
No. 749751 ID: 49f18e
File 147484724914.png - (159.82KB , 473x660 , Sworn76.png )


Noah Kissed: "... now I can hear you say 'why do I need a new robot when I still have my reliable Mr.Arthur' well I'll tell you why! Miss Mercy is also equipped with a teaching module to instruct her predecessors in . . . "

>Why did this place get shut down, again?
there was some big issue with robots over seas ten years ago, I don't remember the details, A.R.K. systems was going down hill ever since, they finally closed down last year.

>And what other robot models did this place design?
a whole bunch, but their main line was the medical robotics series.


I enter into the gift shop, there's the old acquaintance I expected to find, but hoped I would not.

Anne: "Hello Saitnen."

Saitnen: "Hello Anne. still haunting this hold place?"

Anne: "Is that a joke? tasteless as always."

Doctor Anne R. Kissed, Current Director of A.R.K systems. with a name like that I have to wonder if her father was even worse than mine.
No. 749754 ID: 094652

> Anne R. Kissed
> wonder if her father was even worse than mine
Is that even a question?


Her killer android is still on the loose, you cannot let your guard down! Just take her out while you still can!
No. 749758 ID: 3abd97

Explain why you're here. Megam's damaged, Dad's not around for repairs anymore, and you were hunting for parts and/or schematics. ARK is supposed to have stuff relevant to her.

Can she help a neighbor out?
No. 749777 ID: b7883c

Since she's here we might be able to ask her help with fixing Megam. If we can convince her to do it that will probably have better odds than trying to figure out ARK systems ourselves.
No. 749816 ID: 2dee8e

explain how a rouge mercy has been on your case and megam is fucked up.
No. 749826 ID: a788b7

How about not explaining shit to the scientist who works at the company our father let get shut down who happens to be riding a sciency wheelchair with tread patterns on the wheels in the building down the street from where somebody in a wheeled vehicle small enough to enter our father's lab came in and cut their way out in the process of him being murdered?
No. 749827 ID: 9dc26d

Tread doesn't match
No. 749850 ID: 987bda

Whatever quibbles you had with her in the past, it's time to set them aside. Stop antagonizing her. You're here because Megam needs parts, and Anne probably wants to know about the rogue Mercy unit.
The Mercy unit was probably sent by Anne in the first place, so don't be surprised if she says as much. However, you need to set aside the murder attempts at the moment because Megam needs help much more than you need to get into a pissing contest with an ineffectual villain.
Besides, she's probably pissed at you because of your father; I see no reason to fight over your mutual agreement that your father was an ass.
No. 750277 ID: 9dc26d

Weep openly, you've had a really terrible day
No. 753138 ID: 49f18e
File 147657990468.png - (134.42KB , 477x666 , Sworn77.png )

Okay, gotta stay focused on why I'm here, and not get into petty bickering, Anne is the only person I know who could fix a robot.


Saitnen: "Hey so I have a robot named Megam, she got kinda broke in the arm and face, can you fix her?"

Dr.Kissed: "oh yes, I recall selling your father an Additor-89 several years ago. He had made her a bit of a pet project, he was very interested in fixing her factory flaws and sent me copies of his reports and efforts. Ultimately his efforts proved futile and he eventually lost interest.

Saitnen: "Factory flaws?"

Dr.Kissed: "When Az-tech industries developed the Additor series they designed them as vanity products and typically were made fragile so as to encourage purchasing replacements when they inevitably broke down. I can't imagine the cruelty required to build a being so ill equipped to survive in the world."

I get the distinct impression Anne could imagine a lot more cruelty than that . . .


Saitnen: "So can you fix her? she's missing an arm and eye."

Dr.Kissed: "Of course I can, however the Additor series are not modular and Az-tech did not create repair kits, thus every new part has be manufactured separately. It can be done, but would be prohibitively expensive 15,000$ would be the best estimate I could give you without seeing the damage for myself.

Saitnen: "Holy hell! I could buy a whole new robot for that price!"

Dr.Kissed: "That's the idea."
No. 753139 ID: 37f049

Do you even have that much money?

You might be better off digging up your dad's notes. He might at least have figured out how to repair those parts.
No. 753142 ID: 9dc26d

What about transplanting to a chassis that is designed to be less of a maintenance pain?
No. 753143 ID: c2552b

She is a robot. Just take the brain out and put it in a new body. Way cheaper.
No. 753146 ID: 3abd97

It's a scrapped production line, isn't it? Aren't there spare or broken chassis we can harvest parts from instead of manufacturing brand new ones?

That's how you fix old cars, after all. You buy a second parts car to strip for parts, or you get the parts you need cheap from junkyards.

Alternatively, could we jury rig components from other product lines? There's likely compatible tech out there, having everything match perfectly isn't so much an issue.

If all else fails, is there any favor the "good" doctor would be willing to accept in lieu of cash payment? You're neighbors, after all, and you have a history.

Actually, what is your history with her? You didn't exactly say.

I feel like before we move Megami to a completely different chassis than she's used to, we should at least consult with her. I mean, I kind of get the impression her first reaction is to agree to whatever is asked of her, but major body alteration seem like an informed consent situation.
No. 753147 ID: 3663d3

ask if there are any other chassis in storage. also ask if they have any mercy remote shutdown thing. so we can push a button and turn that crazy one off next time it comes after us.
No. 753149 ID: 987bda

"Ok, putting aside the gross lack of ethics involved in designing disposable sentient beings...
Would it be possible to move her over to a more resilient body? Maybe one that is modular and repairable?"
No. 755704 ID: 49f18e
File 147760771625.png - (209.55KB , 477x666 , Sworn78.png )

>Do you even have that much money?
Not even close, I could probably dig up a couple hundred but that's it.
It's possible Dad left me an inheritance but I believe all his money was locked into investments.

Saitnen: " It's a scrapped production line, isn't it?"

Dr.Kissed: "All the production lines around here are scrapped, this is a graveyard for production lines."

>If all else fails, is there any favor the "good" doctor would be willing to accept in lieu of cash payment? You're neighbors, after all, and you have a history.
>Actually, what is your history with her? You didn't exactly say.

Long story short, my dad, Paris's dad and Noah Kissed were all business partners, they had the great idea that their children should all be friends and forced us to spend time together, for the most part it actually worked out.

Me and Paris got along and played all manner of action games, his sister and my brother both seemed to like fashion and poetry a whole lot.

Anne however was a huge nerd who liked boring things like board games and math, combined with the fact that she was allergic to everything, and got exhausted after a walk up stairs ensured that she was the least fun person to be around.
Anne was a chore to be around, She taught me what it meant to really hate someone.

>You might be better off digging up your dad's notes. He might at least have figured out how to repair those parts.
I can take a look around next time I get back to the lab.

>She is a robot. Just take the brain out and put it in a new body. Way cheaper.
Saitnen: "Would it be possible to move her over to a more resilient body? Maybe one that is modular and repairable?"

Dr.Kissed: "Of course. I have many to choose from, this 'Gloomba' pattern for example, very affordable at only 600$"
No. 755711 ID: 094652

"That's it?! Any android frame would cost at least two thousand in rare materi- oh wait, that's just a tablet. You're a 8!+(3, you know that?

Fine, I'll consider it. But I want a bodyguard frame; Megam isn't the calculating type and I don't have enough people watching my back to assign squad members to R&D.

Tell you what - if I can kill Miss Mercy, can you set up the data upload to replace her kernel with Megam's? You can take any encrypted files she stole."
No. 755716 ID: 9f3729

Wow, you're kind of an ass. "Oh no, she was frail and a bit boring! Noooo!"
C'mon dude.
PLANWAYS, finding a new shell might help. See if there's a scrapyard or some kind of fighting tournament or something, make use of your superpowers for PROFITS.
No. 755728 ID: 3abd97

>I have many to choose from, this 'Gloomba' pattern for example, very affordable at only 600$
Sorry, but even with her terrible sense of self worth, a downground that far would have to hurt.

If I found the parts myself, would you be willing to do the repair work on commission? Alternatively, is there anything you're interest in besides cold hard cash? Maybe you could trade some kind of favor for a favor.

>She taught me what it meant to really hate someone.
Hating someone because you don't share an interest or cause they're physically unable to do things is pretty low, man.
No. 755731 ID: 3663d3

think you need to get over that, i mean, yeah i can see how some little kids could grump at someone for not playing with them. but holding on to that for so long is kind of messed up.

anyway, ask what bodies are around, need to figure out your options.
No. 757192 ID: 49f18e
File 147846244808.png - (195.65KB , 477x666 , Sworn79.png )

>Wow, you're kind of an ass. "Oh no, she was frail and a bit boring! Noooo!"
hey you weren't there and didn't have to endure summers of "no we can't have a dog, Anne would get sick" and
"no we can't go to the park, Anne would get tired" I probably would have got over it, but she took our shunning to heart,
she became bitter and superior deciding she was so much smarter than everyone else and no longer wanted to associate with any of us.

Saitnen: "Very funny but I'm not sticking Megam into vacuum body."

Dr. Kissed: "Why not? her brain power is about on par with it."

Saitnen: "Okay, let's say I busted up a rogue bot body and brought it to you, could you plug in Megam's brain?"

Dr.Kissed: "You're talking about the MR-C unit that was apprehended in the hospital"

Saitnen: " . . . Yes, would that work?"
Dr.Kissed: "If you gave me a functioning chassis I could do it for 7000$"

Saitnen: "SEVEN THOUSAND?! just for plugging in a brain?!"

Dr.Kissed: "You're welcome to try doing it yourself."

smug little rodent knows I could barely set up a watch . . .

Saitnen: "well I still can't afford it, is there anything you want besides money?"

Dr.Kissed: "If you bring over some appliances or gadgets from your father's lab I'm sure we could work out some manner of barter.

Saitnen: "I guess that's doable . . ."

Dr.Kissed: "Good Luck robot hunting."

Saitnen: " . . . one last thing, you wouldn't happen to have an emergency shut off for Mercy would you?"

Dr.Kissed: "No but I do have this tracking remote."

Saitnen: "I guess that could come in hand-"

Dr.Kissed: "80$"
No. 757195 ID: 094652

Give her $160 and sarcastically claim that she's so super intelligent that you become a dum-dum in her presence. Then, forcefully rip her clothes off and steal her panties, claiming that she specifically said that was the deal, and that you're too stupid to remember that was sexual harassment. She'll have to decide between suing a fugitive and preserving her ego.
No. 757196 ID: 3abd97

Obvious question:

If I turn on the tracking device, will she be able to tell? It doesn't help as much if it just lets me track her right into an ambush.

Second obvious question:

Does it work? I don't need to pay for repairs, or calibration, or some super rare battery before I can use it, do I?

Honestly that's probably a fair price for the hardware before we even consider function. I say you buy it.

>she became bitter and superior deciding she was so much smarter than everyone else and no longer wanted to associate with any of us.
So you were all dicks to each other. Maybe you should all grow up and stop acting like sulky children over it.

>what else
Remember to at least discus this with Megam before going through with sticking her in another body. She has a right to have a say in what happens to herself.
No. 757206 ID: c2552b

Buy it.

"You know lack of customer satisfaction and a loyalty base was probably why this place went out of business."

Inb4 he mentions trying addictive products.
No. 757242 ID: 3663d3

SIGH, fine. "that includes everything needed for it to work, too, right?"
No. 757248 ID: 9f3729

That's still pretty flimsy dude, at the very least you could try apologizing for being a shitkid. Like, snootiness notwithstanding, you brought that on yourself.
No. 757283 ID: 2dee8e

yeah, i suppose we can give her a "for what's it's worth, sorry about being a brat when i was a kid"
do NOT expect her to accept it or respond in kind. but just saying it will at least give you some moral high ground to stand on, and with all the weird shit going on around you, you need to take all the moral high ground you can find.
No. 758186 ID: 49f18e
File 147905860363.png - (191.21KB , 477x666 , Sworn80.png )

Saitnen: "Fine I'll take it . . . it will work right? you're not gonna charge me extra for batteries or something?"

Dr.Kissed: "I'm impressed you even considered that."

Saitnen: "Impressed enough not to charge me for the batteries?"

Dr.Kissed: "5$"

Saitnen: " . . ."

I pay her via credit, I'll need to make a note to pay that off.

Dr.Kissed: "thank you for your business"

I guess I owe her that much.

Saitnen: "For what it's worth I'm sorry for how I treated you when we were kids."

Dr.Kissed: "It's worth nothing. and as such will not help you buy my services, so you better go find something that will."

Saitnen: "I really am sorry Anne"

Dr.Kissed: "Just get out. and don't come back empty handed."

Well I tried . . .


I leave A.R.K. Systems and place in the batteries,
Time to see if the remote takes me to the bot I want.


At least the thing works.


. . . aaaannd here's the place, kinda a crummy neighborhood but then again I AM looking for a criminal.
The tracker seems to indicate she's in the un-boarded window.

Now to decide how to make my dramatic entrance.
No. 758189 ID: 3663d3

don't be dramatic. have your defenses up but just knock on he door. she hasn't technically done anything wrong yet. and she was already released from prison over what happened before, so according to the cops she's innocent. if she strikes you after you just knock on the door then whatever. but for now pretend it really was a virus that made her crazy. if she actually asks what you want you can apologize for the panty thing and do that whole explaining who your dad is, relations to ark and your desires to not die.
No. 758297 ID: 3abd97

We've officially escalated from panty snatching to body snatching, here.

Suffer minor existential crisis. You want to help Megam, but is it really right to leave the other bot body-less?

Then remember she's kind of a jerk and came after you first.
No. 760012 ID: 947562

A fitting den of scum and villany for a criminal.

Try being sneaky and climb up the wall and take a peek through the window before you burst in dramatically, you might catch her red-handed doing some criminal activity.
No. 766573 ID: 49f18e
File 148203520049.png - (172.88KB , 477x666 , Sworn81.png )

that robot technically hasn't done anything illegal (that I know of) since she was released from prison. I should probably hold off on the dramatics and try to just knock on the door like a normal person.

which probably would be more appropriate if I was dressed liked a normal person

As I get close to the door I can her people talking inside . . . maybe a little sneakiness can't hurt.
she's seems to be having a conversation with her lawyer.

Trill: "And these will even work on humans?"

Czaro: "They will work on en-ee-thing."

Trill: "Perfect. You should really consider working for us on a more permanent basis, I can assure your we would pay very well for someone of your persuasion."

Czaro: "I have a great deal of work to do. Please leave."

Trill: "Fine, fine. but you'll need us again. And our assistance won't come so cheap next time."

Czaro: "I un-dur-stand. Please leave."

Trill: "of course my lady."

After a moment her lawyer Freddy Trill leaves the apartment.
No. 766576 ID: 094652

Shoot the old man in the dick, kick the door closed, then throw a barrage of every crowd-control weapon you have in the direction of the room. I'm sure she noticed you by now, hold NOTHING back!
No. 766634 ID: d79f26

wait for him to start closing the door, then close it for him and say "hello trill"
if he reaches into a pocket or for his bag then stop him. "the jig is up, i heard it all."
No. 766696 ID: 3abd97

So either he brought something shady, or he brought something completely normal and the dialog you overheard out of context makes it sound shady.

Bursting in and just attacking anyone would only be proving Paris right. You can't afford to be an asshole vigilante, here.

>what do
We're probably better off following Trill to see if we can learn anything from him. We can easily find Czaro again with the tracker.

Don't confront him in the hall, that will just get her attention. She's not deaf.
No. 769374 ID: 49f18e
File 148322247766.png - (206.47KB , 477x666 , Sworn82.png )

>Bursting in and just attacking anyone would only be proving Paris right. You can't afford to be an asshole vigilante, here.
I gotta find out more before I make any rash decisions, I have no idea what's in that case so I can't confront Trill on it, not yet at least.
I should tale him and see where he goes, I can always use the tracker to find Czaro again later.


that's odd, with a fancy suit like that I'd expect him to be heading down town, but instead he's going further into the slums.
Where are you going Trill?

Maybe the docks?
but what would a criminal defense lawyer need to head to the docks for?
(II) after nearly an hour of walking

I was right about the docks, and we're at the edge of town so unless he plans to start swimming Trill's reached his destination, looks like he's headed for that number 13 building.
No. 769429 ID: d79f26

ether he is doing something illegal or he has a secret orphanage. investigate.
No. 769454 ID: 3abd97

Unless you can use one of your stolen powers to listen at a distance, you're going to have to get closer to listen to what goes on inside that warehouse.
No. 769565 ID: 9dc26d

It's a warehouse. He probably has stuff stored there. Or maybe he has a client who has stuff stored there, and wanted to meet. Since he does house calls, apparently.
No. 769580 ID: 094652

You've got the location and if he goes further he might trigger the defense system. Take him down now and interrogate for security codes.
No. 769744 ID: 0d6c82

Sneak up, listen in.
No. 772071 ID: 49f18e
File 148428049926.png - (176.57KB , 477x666 , Sworn83.png )

I need to know what's going on here.

I'm able to sneak up just as their conversations starts.
Trill seems to be meeting with someone I can't get a good view on.


Trill: "I have returned 'Big Shot', I have the devices"

Big Shot: "Te-te-te-te-te-truly well done, te-te-tso fast, te-tell me of the robot."

Trill: "Czaro won't join us, not yet. I could be more Persuasive if you like."

Big Shot: "Tno need, she'll see the te-te-te-truth of our plight given te-te-time."

Trill: "Of course my lady, what is the next part of the plan"

Big Shot: "Te-te-te-te-te . . . let us ste-te-tart small, perhaps open the mind of a dozen?"

Trill: "I know just the place."

Big Shot: "Oh? Te-te-tell me please?"

Trill: "The nest of the phoenix."

Big Shot: "Perfect-te-te-te!"

Nest of the Phoenix? what could he be talking about?
No. 772072 ID: 9f3729

That is some weird cybercult shit if I've ever heard it, but also a job for the proper authorities. Let's go check out the classifieds, this super-armor is probably great for heavy lifting jobs
No. 772074 ID: d79f26

dang, they got two guards. dunno about you but taking two at once is probably still out of our depth. we need hard evidence, if we can get trill arrested it would throw suspicion on all the cases he's worked on, then if mercy does attack us again and we put her away, everyone would be forced to admit she actually is nuts and trill lied about her being better.
No. 776696 ID: d1d42a
File 148608156454.png - (206.48KB , 477x666 , Sworn84.png )

Looks like some seriously illegal stuff is going down here . . .

. . . which since I'm not police is completely not my problem!

I need to focus on important stuff! like getting a job.
can't live off the money my dead dad didn't give me forever.
Let's see what the good ol'Bigtown Eye has to say on this.

hmmmm looks like I've got four good options today.
No. 776698 ID: d79f26

construction sounds perfect for a man in a super suit. how many I-beams do you think you could lift?

also, you were keeping an eye on trill because he's in contact with someone that wanted to kill you, specifically you were going to body snatch them for your robot to drive instead. so after you send in a job application go back to her place and see if she still wants to fight you.
No. 776700 ID: 9f3729

oh hey, cop job gives me an idea, why not join the FBI or something?
Like we'll have to go through police training anyways, but FBI would let us go straight to fucking with our shitty friend right back.

It IS the regulatory body in charge of keeping cops on the straight and narrow, after all~
No. 776707 ID: 9f3729

Wait actually would that interfere with our date with that one cop?
No. 776723 ID: 094652

Dude, at least lock the doors and set the warehouse on fire.
No. 776732 ID: 3abd97

>which since I'm not police is completely not my problem!
Paris would be so proud.

Hey, lab assistant. You have tons of experience with that, being around your dad. Hang around, beat something up when things go wrong.
No. 777521 ID: d1d42a
File 148635018442.png - (196.25KB , 477x666 , Sworn85.png )

Taking a job as a cop would sure show Paris and let my fight crime legally.
it would also let me get to know Emma better-

Aw crap! my date with Emma, I almost completely forgot!
it's in two hours gotta watch my time carefully.

I probably have time to do a couple things before I go to the Blazing Bean
but what?

(1)The Docks:this is where I am now, should probably keep this in mind when plotting my route
(2)SoulSworn Labs: Home, maybe I should change into normal clothes? wouldn't want people to pick a fight with me
(3)Blazing Bean: The coffee shop, Emma will meet me there at 5PM, it's 3PM right now.
(4)Kane Kemical plant: it's where I'd be applying for the Lab assistant job.
(5)Construction site: it's where I'd be applying for the construction job.
(6)Bigtown Police Office: Paris will be here, also where I'd apply for the police job.
(7)Big Eye news: it's where I'd be applying for the news paper intern job.
(8)A.R.K. Systems: not keen on going back to visit Anne again.
(9)Appartment building: Czaro is here.
(10)Hospital: I feel fine . . .
(11)Kane Tower: Can't think of any reason I'd want to go here.
No. 777533 ID: d79f26

first to 9, talk to Czaro. if non-hostile explain you have a robot who's body is damaged and is suffering, leads to an intact or mostly intact body would be good. if she attacks you then beat them up, shut them down, and take them to your house to pick up your robot then take them both to ark so anne can do the brain swap.

if you are just given a lead then head there if you can, if the lead would take too much time then just head home and change, put gear in a suitcase and take it with you.

if you have have time left then head to the police station, you will be in nice clothes so you can apply, and paris will be weirded out by the fact you actually did take the gear off.

then head for date.
No. 777574 ID: e66267

Man, with you ditching the superhero gig Emma is gonna be unimpressed. I mean, you weren't doing it to get chicks or underwear, but it was a nice gig when you gave a shit enough to do stuff.
No. 777581 ID: 188451

I mean, he might be? He told us to cut out the vigilante stuff.
I'd go to our place to change clothes and clean up a bit, then to the police station to apply(maybe chill with Paris if he's not a dick about it? You used to be friends) then the coffee shop.
No. 779719 ID: d1d42a
File 148713790509.png - (159.07KB , 477x666 , Sworn86.png )

There's no real point confronting Czaro right now
if she doesn't fight me it will be a waste of time, if she does, it will just be me taking the law into my own hands.
I won't give Paris more ammo to preach at me with.
actually that gives me an idea . . .

Since I'm taking off my gear for the date, I might as well take the moment the opportunity to apply for a job at the police office.
Paris want's me to do things legit, fine by me.
this whole superhero thing was my dumb dad's idea anyways.

>Man, with you ditching the superhero gig Emma is gonna be unimpressed.
I didn't do it to impress her or anyone I was just trying to get by.

I actually can't wait to rub it in Paris' sanctimonious face.
I can take the gear off whenever I want, and I'll prove it to him.
No. 779737 ID: dd5b4d

Yeah! Take it all off!
No. 779738 ID: 690738

... You sure about that? Or maybe it's integrating into your flesh BURN IT OFF
No. 779740 ID: d79f26

inb4 you actually can't take it off.

if so then try to find a low profile mode that you can hide under a suit.
No. 781357 ID: d1d42a
File 148757216265.png - (142.64KB , 477x666 , Sworn87.png )

Saitnen: "Well, here goes!"
I deactivate the power gear
. . . oh right I forgot, the gear also generates the battle suit

Megam: "Oh my~, a strange boy is undressing in Professor Soulsworn's lab!"


Saitnen: " . . . "

Megam: "He's in good shape too."

Saitnen: "Aren't you supposed to be powered down?"

Megam: "Professor Soulsworn gave me a subroutine that reactivate me whenever someone is undressing nearby."
No. 781439 ID: 5f2b81

lol. kk. Let's get dressed.
No. 781451 ID: d79f26

give her a hair tousle. and maybe plug her in? then get on fancy clothes. keep gear someplace hidden but accessible in case some weirdo appears and tries to kill you. again.
No. 781568 ID: e66267

So seriously, is she your dads sexbot?
No. 783451 ID: d1d42a
File 148823591276.png - (129.35KB , 477x666 , Sworn88.png )

>Let's get dressed.
>get on fancy clothes
I don't have any fancy clothes, never liked that sort of stuff.
I grab some clean clothes and put them on, it should be fine.

>So seriously, is she your dads sexbot?
My father had hundreds of robots anyone might classify as a "sexbot"
most of them he sold, and all of them were experiments of some kind.
he never seemed pleased with any of them.

Saitnen: "Megam can you turn yourself back off?"

Megam: "Off course, that's what Mr.Soulsworn wanted."

Saitnen: "good girl"

Megam: "I'll let him know you stopped by."


Has she forgotten who I am?
maybe her memory circuits are damaged as well.
once I have a job I'll be able to sort all of this out . . .

. . . I hope.

Saitnen's heroic career over before it's even began?
Will he get a job at the police station and show up his friend Paris?
How will he get the parts to repair Megam?
and Will the date with Emma ever happen?

Find out all this and much, much more in the next exciting issue of Soulsworn!

suggestions not required?
No. 783453 ID: dd5b4d

I'm glad all of Saitnen's problems are now solved, probably forever. Is this the power of not walking around dressed like a superhero?!
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