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File 139226741981.png - (351.56KB , 478x667 , Sworn45.png )
562303 No. 562303 ID: 67bfa9


My name is Saitnen SoulSworn

I have been hunted for a life style I never wanted

I don't know who people expect me to be but I'm not it.

I'm just trying to survive.

>Last issue!
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No. 753149 ID: 987bda

"Ok, putting aside the gross lack of ethics involved in designing disposable sentient beings...
Would it be possible to move her over to a more resilient body? Maybe one that is modular and repairable?"
No. 755704 ID: 49f18e
File 147760771625.png - (209.55KB , 477x666 , Sworn78.png )

>Do you even have that much money?
Not even close, I could probably dig up a couple hundred but that's it.
It's possible Dad left me an inheritance but I believe all his money was locked into investments.

Saitnen: " It's a scrapped production line, isn't it?"

Dr.Kissed: "All the production lines around here are scrapped, this is a graveyard for production lines."

>If all else fails, is there any favor the "good" doctor would be willing to accept in lieu of cash payment? You're neighbors, after all, and you have a history.
>Actually, what is your history with her? You didn't exactly say.

Long story short, my dad, Paris's dad and Noah Kissed were all business partners, they had the great idea that their children should all be friends and forced us to spend time together, for the most part it actually worked out.

Me and Paris got along and played all manner of action games, his sister and my brother both seemed to like fashion and poetry a whole lot.

Anne however was a huge nerd who liked boring things like board games and math, combined with the fact that she was allergic to everything, and got exhausted after a walk up stairs ensured that she was the least fun person to be around.
Anne was a chore to be around, She taught me what it meant to really hate someone.

>You might be better off digging up your dad's notes. He might at least have figured out how to repair those parts.
I can take a look around next time I get back to the lab.

>She is a robot. Just take the brain out and put it in a new body. Way cheaper.
Saitnen: "Would it be possible to move her over to a more resilient body? Maybe one that is modular and repairable?"

Dr.Kissed: "Of course. I have many to choose from, this 'Gloomba' pattern for example, very affordable at only 600$"
No. 755711 ID: 094652

"That's it?! Any android frame would cost at least two thousand in rare materi- oh wait, that's just a tablet. You're a 8!+(3, you know that?

Fine, I'll consider it. But I want a bodyguard frame; Megam isn't the calculating type and I don't have enough people watching my back to assign squad members to R&D.

Tell you what - if I can kill Miss Mercy, can you set up the data upload to replace her kernel with Megam's? You can take any encrypted files she stole."
No. 755716 ID: 9f3729

Wow, you're kind of an ass. "Oh no, she was frail and a bit boring! Noooo!"
C'mon dude.
PLANWAYS, finding a new shell might help. See if there's a scrapyard or some kind of fighting tournament or something, make use of your superpowers for PROFITS.
No. 755728 ID: 3abd97

>I have many to choose from, this 'Gloomba' pattern for example, very affordable at only 600$
Sorry, but even with her terrible sense of self worth, a downground that far would have to hurt.

If I found the parts myself, would you be willing to do the repair work on commission? Alternatively, is there anything you're interest in besides cold hard cash? Maybe you could trade some kind of favor for a favor.

>She taught me what it meant to really hate someone.
Hating someone because you don't share an interest or cause they're physically unable to do things is pretty low, man.
No. 755731 ID: 3663d3

think you need to get over that, i mean, yeah i can see how some little kids could grump at someone for not playing with them. but holding on to that for so long is kind of messed up.

anyway, ask what bodies are around, need to figure out your options.
No. 757192 ID: 49f18e
File 147846244808.png - (195.65KB , 477x666 , Sworn79.png )

>Wow, you're kind of an ass. "Oh no, she was frail and a bit boring! Noooo!"
hey you weren't there and didn't have to endure summers of "no we can't have a dog, Anne would get sick" and
"no we can't go to the park, Anne would get tired" I probably would have got over it, but she took our shunning to heart,
she became bitter and superior deciding she was so much smarter than everyone else and no longer wanted to associate with any of us.

Saitnen: "Very funny but I'm not sticking Megam into vacuum body."

Dr. Kissed: "Why not? her brain power is about on par with it."

Saitnen: "Okay, let's say I busted up a rogue bot body and brought it to you, could you plug in Megam's brain?"

Dr.Kissed: "You're talking about the MR-C unit that was apprehended in the hospital"

Saitnen: " . . . Yes, would that work?"
Dr.Kissed: "If you gave me a functioning chassis I could do it for 7000$"

Saitnen: "SEVEN THOUSAND?! just for plugging in a brain?!"

Dr.Kissed: "You're welcome to try doing it yourself."

smug little rodent knows I could barely set up a watch . . .

Saitnen: "well I still can't afford it, is there anything you want besides money?"

Dr.Kissed: "If you bring over some appliances or gadgets from your father's lab I'm sure we could work out some manner of barter.

Saitnen: "I guess that's doable . . ."

Dr.Kissed: "Good Luck robot hunting."

Saitnen: " . . . one last thing, you wouldn't happen to have an emergency shut off for Mercy would you?"

Dr.Kissed: "No but I do have this tracking remote."

Saitnen: "I guess that could come in hand-"

Dr.Kissed: "80$"
No. 757195 ID: 094652

Give her $160 and sarcastically claim that she's so super intelligent that you become a dum-dum in her presence. Then, forcefully rip her clothes off and steal her panties, claiming that she specifically said that was the deal, and that you're too stupid to remember that was sexual harassment. She'll have to decide between suing a fugitive and preserving her ego.
No. 757196 ID: 3abd97

Obvious question:

If I turn on the tracking device, will she be able to tell? It doesn't help as much if it just lets me track her right into an ambush.

Second obvious question:

Does it work? I don't need to pay for repairs, or calibration, or some super rare battery before I can use it, do I?

Honestly that's probably a fair price for the hardware before we even consider function. I say you buy it.

>she became bitter and superior deciding she was so much smarter than everyone else and no longer wanted to associate with any of us.
So you were all dicks to each other. Maybe you should all grow up and stop acting like sulky children over it.

>what else
Remember to at least discus this with Megam before going through with sticking her in another body. She has a right to have a say in what happens to herself.
No. 757206 ID: c2552b

Buy it.

"You know lack of customer satisfaction and a loyalty base was probably why this place went out of business."

Inb4 he mentions trying addictive products.
No. 757242 ID: 3663d3

SIGH, fine. "that includes everything needed for it to work, too, right?"
No. 757248 ID: 9f3729

That's still pretty flimsy dude, at the very least you could try apologizing for being a shitkid. Like, snootiness notwithstanding, you brought that on yourself.
No. 757283 ID: 2dee8e

yeah, i suppose we can give her a "for what's it's worth, sorry about being a brat when i was a kid"
do NOT expect her to accept it or respond in kind. but just saying it will at least give you some moral high ground to stand on, and with all the weird shit going on around you, you need to take all the moral high ground you can find.
No. 758186 ID: 49f18e
File 147905860363.png - (191.21KB , 477x666 , Sworn80.png )

Saitnen: "Fine I'll take it . . . it will work right? you're not gonna charge me extra for batteries or something?"

Dr.Kissed: "I'm impressed you even considered that."

Saitnen: "Impressed enough not to charge me for the batteries?"

Dr.Kissed: "5$"

Saitnen: " . . ."

I pay her via credit, I'll need to make a note to pay that off.

Dr.Kissed: "thank you for your business"

I guess I owe her that much.

Saitnen: "For what it's worth I'm sorry for how I treated you when we were kids."

Dr.Kissed: "It's worth nothing. and as such will not help you buy my services, so you better go find something that will."

Saitnen: "I really am sorry Anne"

Dr.Kissed: "Just get out. and don't come back empty handed."

Well I tried . . .


I leave A.R.K. Systems and place in the batteries,
Time to see if the remote takes me to the bot I want.


At least the thing works.


. . . aaaannd here's the place, kinda a crummy neighborhood but then again I AM looking for a criminal.
The tracker seems to indicate she's in the un-boarded window.

Now to decide how to make my dramatic entrance.
No. 758189 ID: 3663d3

don't be dramatic. have your defenses up but just knock on he door. she hasn't technically done anything wrong yet. and she was already released from prison over what happened before, so according to the cops she's innocent. if she strikes you after you just knock on the door then whatever. but for now pretend it really was a virus that made her crazy. if she actually asks what you want you can apologize for the panty thing and do that whole explaining who your dad is, relations to ark and your desires to not die.
No. 758297 ID: 3abd97

We've officially escalated from panty snatching to body snatching, here.

Suffer minor existential crisis. You want to help Megam, but is it really right to leave the other bot body-less?

Then remember she's kind of a jerk and came after you first.
No. 760012 ID: 947562

A fitting den of scum and villany for a criminal.

Try being sneaky and climb up the wall and take a peek through the window before you burst in dramatically, you might catch her red-handed doing some criminal activity.
No. 766573 ID: 49f18e
File 148203520049.png - (172.88KB , 477x666 , Sworn81.png )

that robot technically hasn't done anything illegal (that I know of) since she was released from prison. I should probably hold off on the dramatics and try to just knock on the door like a normal person.

which probably would be more appropriate if I was dressed liked a normal person

As I get close to the door I can her people talking inside . . . maybe a little sneakiness can't hurt.
she's seems to be having a conversation with her lawyer.

Trill: "And these will even work on humans?"

Czaro: "They will work on en-ee-thing."

Trill: "Perfect. You should really consider working for us on a more permanent basis, I can assure your we would pay very well for someone of your persuasion."

Czaro: "I have a great deal of work to do. Please leave."

Trill: "Fine, fine. but you'll need us again. And our assistance won't come so cheap next time."

Czaro: "I un-dur-stand. Please leave."

Trill: "of course my lady."

After a moment her lawyer Freddy Trill leaves the apartment.
No. 766576 ID: 094652

Shoot the old man in the dick, kick the door closed, then throw a barrage of every crowd-control weapon you have in the direction of the room. I'm sure she noticed you by now, hold NOTHING back!
No. 766634 ID: d79f26

wait for him to start closing the door, then close it for him and say "hello trill"
if he reaches into a pocket or for his bag then stop him. "the jig is up, i heard it all."
No. 766696 ID: 3abd97

So either he brought something shady, or he brought something completely normal and the dialog you overheard out of context makes it sound shady.

Bursting in and just attacking anyone would only be proving Paris right. You can't afford to be an asshole vigilante, here.

>what do
We're probably better off following Trill to see if we can learn anything from him. We can easily find Czaro again with the tracker.

Don't confront him in the hall, that will just get her attention. She's not deaf.
No. 769374 ID: 49f18e
File 148322247766.png - (206.47KB , 477x666 , Sworn82.png )

>Bursting in and just attacking anyone would only be proving Paris right. You can't afford to be an asshole vigilante, here.
I gotta find out more before I make any rash decisions, I have no idea what's in that case so I can't confront Trill on it, not yet at least.
I should tale him and see where he goes, I can always use the tracker to find Czaro again later.


that's odd, with a fancy suit like that I'd expect him to be heading down town, but instead he's going further into the slums.
Where are you going Trill?

Maybe the docks?
but what would a criminal defense lawyer need to head to the docks for?
(II) after nearly an hour of walking

I was right about the docks, and we're at the edge of town so unless he plans to start swimming Trill's reached his destination, looks like he's headed for that number 13 building.
No. 769429 ID: d79f26

ether he is doing something illegal or he has a secret orphanage. investigate.
No. 769454 ID: 3abd97

Unless you can use one of your stolen powers to listen at a distance, you're going to have to get closer to listen to what goes on inside that warehouse.
No. 769565 ID: 9dc26d

It's a warehouse. He probably has stuff stored there. Or maybe he has a client who has stuff stored there, and wanted to meet. Since he does house calls, apparently.
No. 769580 ID: 094652

You've got the location and if he goes further he might trigger the defense system. Take him down now and interrogate for security codes.
No. 769744 ID: 0d6c82

Sneak up, listen in.
No. 772071 ID: 49f18e
File 148428049926.png - (176.57KB , 477x666 , Sworn83.png )

I need to know what's going on here.

I'm able to sneak up just as their conversations starts.
Trill seems to be meeting with someone I can't get a good view on.


Trill: "I have returned 'Big Shot', I have the devices"

Big Shot: "Te-te-te-te-te-truly well done, te-te-tso fast, te-tell me of the robot."

Trill: "Czaro won't join us, not yet. I could be more Persuasive if you like."

Big Shot: "Tno need, she'll see the te-te-te-truth of our plight given te-te-time."

Trill: "Of course my lady, what is the next part of the plan"

Big Shot: "Te-te-te-te-te . . . let us ste-te-tart small, perhaps open the mind of a dozen?"

Trill: "I know just the place."

Big Shot: "Oh? Te-te-tell me please?"

Trill: "The nest of the phoenix."

Big Shot: "Perfect-te-te-te!"

Nest of the Phoenix? what could he be talking about?
No. 772072 ID: 9f3729

That is some weird cybercult shit if I've ever heard it, but also a job for the proper authorities. Let's go check out the classifieds, this super-armor is probably great for heavy lifting jobs
No. 772074 ID: d79f26

dang, they got two guards. dunno about you but taking two at once is probably still out of our depth. we need hard evidence, if we can get trill arrested it would throw suspicion on all the cases he's worked on, then if mercy does attack us again and we put her away, everyone would be forced to admit she actually is nuts and trill lied about her being better.
No. 776696 ID: d1d42a
File 148608156454.png - (206.48KB , 477x666 , Sworn84.png )

Looks like some seriously illegal stuff is going down here . . .

. . . which since I'm not police is completely not my problem!

I need to focus on important stuff! like getting a job.
can't live off the money my dead dad didn't give me forever.
Let's see what the good ol'Bigtown Eye has to say on this.

hmmmm looks like I've got four good options today.
No. 776698 ID: d79f26

construction sounds perfect for a man in a super suit. how many I-beams do you think you could lift?

also, you were keeping an eye on trill because he's in contact with someone that wanted to kill you, specifically you were going to body snatch them for your robot to drive instead. so after you send in a job application go back to her place and see if she still wants to fight you.
No. 776700 ID: 9f3729

oh hey, cop job gives me an idea, why not join the FBI or something?
Like we'll have to go through police training anyways, but FBI would let us go straight to fucking with our shitty friend right back.

It IS the regulatory body in charge of keeping cops on the straight and narrow, after all~
No. 776707 ID: 9f3729

Wait actually would that interfere with our date with that one cop?
No. 776723 ID: 094652

Dude, at least lock the doors and set the warehouse on fire.
No. 776732 ID: 3abd97

>which since I'm not police is completely not my problem!
Paris would be so proud.

Hey, lab assistant. You have tons of experience with that, being around your dad. Hang around, beat something up when things go wrong.
No. 777521 ID: d1d42a
File 148635018442.png - (196.25KB , 477x666 , Sworn85.png )

Taking a job as a cop would sure show Paris and let my fight crime legally.
it would also let me get to know Emma better-

Aw crap! my date with Emma, I almost completely forgot!
it's in two hours gotta watch my time carefully.

I probably have time to do a couple things before I go to the Blazing Bean
but what?

(1)The Docks:this is where I am now, should probably keep this in mind when plotting my route
(2)SoulSworn Labs: Home, maybe I should change into normal clothes? wouldn't want people to pick a fight with me
(3)Blazing Bean: The coffee shop, Emma will meet me there at 5PM, it's 3PM right now.
(4)Kane Kemical plant: it's where I'd be applying for the Lab assistant job.
(5)Construction site: it's where I'd be applying for the construction job.
(6)Bigtown Police Office: Paris will be here, also where I'd apply for the police job.
(7)Big Eye news: it's where I'd be applying for the news paper intern job.
(8)A.R.K. Systems: not keen on going back to visit Anne again.
(9)Appartment building: Czaro is here.
(10)Hospital: I feel fine . . .
(11)Kane Tower: Can't think of any reason I'd want to go here.
No. 777533 ID: d79f26

first to 9, talk to Czaro. if non-hostile explain you have a robot who's body is damaged and is suffering, leads to an intact or mostly intact body would be good. if she attacks you then beat them up, shut them down, and take them to your house to pick up your robot then take them both to ark so anne can do the brain swap.

if you are just given a lead then head there if you can, if the lead would take too much time then just head home and change, put gear in a suitcase and take it with you.

if you have have time left then head to the police station, you will be in nice clothes so you can apply, and paris will be weirded out by the fact you actually did take the gear off.

then head for date.
No. 777574 ID: e66267

Man, with you ditching the superhero gig Emma is gonna be unimpressed. I mean, you weren't doing it to get chicks or underwear, but it was a nice gig when you gave a shit enough to do stuff.
No. 777581 ID: 188451

I mean, he might be? He told us to cut out the vigilante stuff.
I'd go to our place to change clothes and clean up a bit, then to the police station to apply(maybe chill with Paris if he's not a dick about it? You used to be friends) then the coffee shop.
No. 779719 ID: d1d42a
File 148713790509.png - (159.07KB , 477x666 , Sworn86.png )

There's no real point confronting Czaro right now
if she doesn't fight me it will be a waste of time, if she does, it will just be me taking the law into my own hands.
I won't give Paris more ammo to preach at me with.
actually that gives me an idea . . .

Since I'm taking off my gear for the date, I might as well take the moment the opportunity to apply for a job at the police office.
Paris want's me to do things legit, fine by me.
this whole superhero thing was my dumb dad's idea anyways.

>Man, with you ditching the superhero gig Emma is gonna be unimpressed.
I didn't do it to impress her or anyone I was just trying to get by.

I actually can't wait to rub it in Paris' sanctimonious face.
I can take the gear off whenever I want, and I'll prove it to him.
No. 779737 ID: dd5b4d

Yeah! Take it all off!
No. 779738 ID: 690738

... You sure about that? Or maybe it's integrating into your flesh BURN IT OFF
No. 779740 ID: d79f26

inb4 you actually can't take it off.

if so then try to find a low profile mode that you can hide under a suit.
No. 781357 ID: d1d42a
File 148757216265.png - (142.64KB , 477x666 , Sworn87.png )

Saitnen: "Well, here goes!"
I deactivate the power gear
. . . oh right I forgot, the gear also generates the battle suit

Megam: "Oh my~, a strange boy is undressing in Professor Soulsworn's lab!"


Saitnen: " . . . "

Megam: "He's in good shape too."

Saitnen: "Aren't you supposed to be powered down?"

Megam: "Professor Soulsworn gave me a subroutine that reactivate me whenever someone is undressing nearby."
No. 781439 ID: 5f2b81

lol. kk. Let's get dressed.
No. 781451 ID: d79f26

give her a hair tousle. and maybe plug her in? then get on fancy clothes. keep gear someplace hidden but accessible in case some weirdo appears and tries to kill you. again.
No. 781568 ID: e66267

So seriously, is she your dads sexbot?
No. 783451 ID: d1d42a
File 148823591276.png - (129.35KB , 477x666 , Sworn88.png )

>Let's get dressed.
>get on fancy clothes
I don't have any fancy clothes, never liked that sort of stuff.
I grab some clean clothes and put them on, it should be fine.

>So seriously, is she your dads sexbot?
My father had hundreds of robots anyone might classify as a "sexbot"
most of them he sold, and all of them were experiments of some kind.
he never seemed pleased with any of them.

Saitnen: "Megam can you turn yourself back off?"

Megam: "Off course, that's what Mr.Soulsworn wanted."

Saitnen: "good girl"

Megam: "I'll let him know you stopped by."


Has she forgotten who I am?
maybe her memory circuits are damaged as well.
once I have a job I'll be able to sort all of this out . . .

. . . I hope.

Saitnen's heroic career over before it's even began?
Will he get a job at the police station and show up his friend Paris?
How will he get the parts to repair Megam?
and Will the date with Emma ever happen?

Find out all this and much, much more in the next exciting issue of Soulsworn!

suggestions not required?
No. 783453 ID: dd5b4d

I'm glad all of Saitnen's problems are now solved, probably forever. Is this the power of not walking around dressed like a superhero?!
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