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File 138984650146.png - (44.14KB , 250x188 , FrillsbyAndGallsby OP1.png )
557742 No. 557742 ID: cf16c8

Frillsby and Gallsby are the best damn cops on the force.
They are also the only damn cops on the force.
Dorb is a town of heavy magic use, but one can only manage to be competent in one very specific variety of magic. In the case of Frillsby and Gallsby, they have the rare talent of anti-magic, leading them to be able to capture and restrain the citizens of Dorb when need be. Gallsby's claws are also a bit of a help when someone resists arrest.

Currently they're talking about Kwanzaa.
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No. 557743 ID: cf16c8
File 138984652547.png - (188.59KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 001.png )

"-Okay look the thing about Kwanzaa is the person who made it is fucking nuts. So, he thought some woman put crystals in his drink to poison him. So he just goes and tortures her and another lady. He sticks a soldering iron in one their mouths, jams a running hose in the other, puts one's foot in a vice, and hits them both over the head with a dang toaster. Dude was drugged out of his mind. Ranting about how he was better at torture than the Vietnamese."

>"Damn man, we should celebrate that shit. Ain't no other holiday gives us an occasion for toaster violence."

"Gallsby you're not hitting anyone with a toaster. You got a claw stuck in the toaster just trying to make a bagel."

>"Geez it was only the one time."

"So that motherfucker went to prison. Where he wrote on feminism."

>"Beating women with toasters is just new age feminism, man. Get with the times. We haven't had a nutjob like that here in a while, been pretty quiet."

You can choose a character to directly influence. Frillsby and Gallsby have no urgent matters to attend to unless they get a call.
No. 557747 ID: 9cd8ad

To both characters: Continue teaching each other about the 100% true history and meaning of Kwanzaa
No. 557749 ID: 6e85c8

One one hand, Gallsby has big monster hands, and is clearly the superior character.

On the other hand, Gallsby has big monster hands, and is clearly the superior romantic interest.


No. 557751 ID: 89c484

This is a tough one but I'm gonna have to go with Frillsby
No. 557753 ID: d9d1e5

gallsby. also, make out
No. 557754 ID: a29693

Fuckin' Gallsby, ay.
No. 557755 ID: 76e97b

Choose character Gallsby

Lick the smartphone to claim ownership.
No. 557757 ID: f44ca3

So Frillsby do you have to help Gallsby get dressed every morning? Cause with those claws I am surprised he has any clothes left at this point.

Hey Gallsby what sort of awesome things can you do with that awesome tongue of yours?

Also how does your towns police department work with just the two of you.
No. 557760 ID: 20aa8e

Frillsby - put a shirt, or something on
Gallsby - stop touching yourself in very suggestive manner
No. 557761 ID: 9ddf68

are we stuck with that one we pick for good or will it change from time to time?

Gallsby, just to see all the trouble he gets in when try to use every day items with those damn claws of his
No. 557764 ID: 945c6d

Frillsby: take more clothes off
Gallsby: Touch yourself in an even more suggestive manner
No. 557766 ID: 9f7651

This is a question for Frillsby. Why do you have two belts? Did some horrible event happen where one belt just wasn't enough? Go into great detail of this event.
No. 557783 ID: 67bfa9

control Gallsby

criticise Frillsby's distinct lack of frills
No. 557785 ID: d2995c

>criticise Frillsby's distinct lack of frills
I know, right? That was like the first thing I noticed.
No. 557786 ID: 4a75fa

Frillsby, check your phone out of boredom. Obviously it's yours and not your partners's, since he'd just scratch the touch screen to shit trying to use one of those.
No. 557788 ID: eba9b6

Control Gallsby and masturbate furiously with them big monster hands.
No. 557792 ID: b2d7ab

Frillsby, you look silly wearing two belts. You should take at least one of those off.
No. 557850 ID: c6ec0b

Frillsby is the cool leader and Gallsby is the half crazy one that gets the job done.

Both celebrating. . . Beer ... well probably more beer is in order

Gallsby should try to get his partner drunk
No. 557978 ID: cf16c8
File 138992759748.png - (258.70KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 002.png )

>>Continue teaching each other about the 100% true history and meaning of Kwanzaa
Haha well we don't know much about the actual holiday, Frillsby just found it started in the 60's and had looked up the dude who made it, and that was way more interesting. Japanese Christmas is the true winter holiday. We are probably gonna celebrate it so we can just go get fried chicken and tell each other "Meri Kurisumasu."

>>So Frillsby do you have to help Gallsby get dressed every morning? Cause with those claws I am surprised he has any clothes left at this point.
I used to have to be super careful and slow to get pants on and usually got rips in them anyway. Frillsby is super nice and helps me get them on now. Frillsby is basically the best.

>>Also how does your towns police department work with just the two of you.
When shit goes down we'll get called and try to go take care of it without escalating the situation too much. Fighting magic with magic can get pretty messy. Once we have someone subdued they get sent down to Jackson for them to deal with since they're the closest ones with a jail. Dorb's a pretty small town, only got a couple hundred people here.

>>criticise Frillsby's distinct lack of frills
He has little frilly frill things on his head it's fine.

>>masturbate furiously with them big monster hands.
Geez Frillsby is right there I'm not doing that.

>>Frillsby - put a shirt, or something on
>>This is a question for Frillsby. Why do you have two belts?
>>Frillsby, you look silly wearing two belts. You should take at least one of those off.
Okay look the thing is I convinced Frillsby that this would be a good outfit for him. I really didn't think he would actually do it. His belts aren't even holding anything up it's great. I should maybe get him to put on something more reasonable.

>>Gallsby should try to get his partner drunk
We totally can't get drunk. Booze is like straight up magic, it doesn't effect us. We keep this on the down low though in case we want to bullshit our way through a drinking contest or something.

>>make out
>>Lick the smartphone to claim ownership.
>>Hey Gallsby what sort of awesome things can you do with that awesome tongue of yours?
I can do awesome things with my tongue like lick this phone.

>"Gallsby what the fuck."

"uhhh I'm checking.. fashion... news??"

>"Use those little nibs you got that go on the end of your claw for a stylus don't use your tongue that's ridiculous you're being ridiculous Gallsby."

Oh no he is right I am being ridiculous!! These things are actually super cool I can basically just use my claw as a stylus for touch screens. No calls or messages or anything. I could try to keep this web of fashion lies going and get him in something new or just like tell him to change for jeans and a shirt or something. We dress pretty casual since we don't have a reason not to. Everyone knows we're the law and as long as we get results that's what matters. Also it's hard to get a shirt on without ruining it even with Frillsby's help.
No. 557981 ID: c4a562

I can't think of anything more reasonable than Frillsby's outfit.

Go get something to eat, you'll probably run into PLOT and/or TROUBLE on the way. Also it's totally not a date unless you take each other's shirts off and neither of you are wearing shirts so it works out perfectly.
No. 558013 ID: 9ddf68

just say you're bored and are just looking for something to kill time until something comes up. Ask if he has any better ideas.
No. 558017 ID: 6c5326

go grab something to eat, unless you have something more rediculous you could get frillsby to wear
No. 558028 ID: 76e97b

If it's a small town, do you know most of the people? Say hi to anyone you see on the way to KFC. Don't forget to ask them what they think of Frillsby's outfit.
No. 558045 ID: b2d7ab

Frillsby can't put on a shirt, that would mean you'd be the only one without a shirt on and it would just be weird! I guess he can put on some jeans, though.
Unless you think you can trick him into an even sillier pants situation. Maybe a skirt "kilt" or something along with the belts.
No. 558047 ID: d9d1e5

admit its because youre hungry, but be all suggestive and sus about it by not being specific what for; this totally wont fail and disappoint you with going for actual food
No. 558144 ID: cf16c8
File 139001842242.png - (168.44KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 003.png )

>>Also it's totally not a date unless you take each other's shirts off and neither of you are wearing shirts so it works out perfectly.
Whoa now whoa we've never been on a date okay. I don't even know if Frillsby swings that way okay.

>>If it's a small town, do you know most of the people? Say hi to anyone you see on the way to KFC. Don't forget to ask them what they think of Frillsby's outfit.
>>Unless you think you can trick him into an even sillier pants situation. Maybe a skirt "kilt" or something along with the belts.
Yeah we know a lot of the people here, we'll say hey if we see anyone. I gotta see what other people think of his outfit. I don't think he would go along with wearing a skirt/kilt though.

>>admit its because youre hungry, but be all suggestive and sus about it by not being specific what for; this totally wont fail and disappoint you with going for actual food
Oh man this'll totally work!
"I could go for some meat right about now if you know what I'm sayin' Frillsby."
>"Yeah let's head down to Randy's Diner and grab something. Randy said he was experimenting with his fried chicken, maybe he's got something good out of that now"
"Oh man I am totally into experimenting with meat yeah let's do that thing."
>"All right I got the phone, let's get that tongue of yours on some meat."

Shit I think that means he's straight all he wants to do is get some food. Like so straight he goes into strip clubs and yells "PUSSAYYYYYYYYY" that is like probably what he does. Randy makes great food and I am actually hungry though.

We meet up with Yams on the way. Yams is chill as fuck, he wouldn't ever hurt anyone. Which is good, because with his one big beefy arm he could knock us the fuck out easily. Pretty much any heavy lifting around here just gets done by him, I swear he could lift a house if he had to.
Yams is pretty fuckin' stoked to see us. Well actually judging by where he's looking he's stoked to see Frillsby's outfit.
"F-Frillsby that's quite an ensemble you have on there!"
Okay he's just straight up staring at Frillsby's crotch now. Frillsby usually just wears jeans and a dress shirt, I don't think Yams can deal with this.
>"Yeah, Gallsby convinced me to wear it."
"Gallsby you are a gentleman and a scholar, but I'm afraid I must depart, I need to head down to the grocery store to help with the shipment."
"See you later, Yams"
>"Gallsby he was straight up st-"
"It's fine."
>"I'm switching outfits when we get back home."
No. 558145 ID: cf16c8
File 139001845761.png - (101.78KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 004.png )

Frillsby pulls the cell phone out of his pocket and answers it.
>"Yo it's Frillsby what's up. Not me. Gallsby and I are right outside, we'll take care of it."
"What's the deal? Unruly customer?"
>"Frillsby customer. Some shapeshifter bullshit or something, he's asking for protection money. Randy thought no way I would do that so he went in the back and called. He acted like he was cooperating and going to get money but the imposter will probably get suspicious quick."
Shapeshifters are rough. There's some weird ways you can accomplish it, so we won't be sure what exactly this guy can do besides that. We had to deal with this guy who did it with wax, that was the worsssst. I managed to pin him down while Frillsby conjured up some handcuffs. He got it all up in my fur and Frillsby had to shave a lot of it off afterwards.
What should we do? We don't have a ton of time, but there's at least no front windows so we could surprise him.
No. 558149 ID: a87e3a

Gallsby can go in and engage him in conversation as if the shapeshifter really is Frillsby and extortion is actually a thing you two do. Keep him distracted so Frillsby can come in and the Gallsby can go "Oh shit Frillsby it's your twin brother!"

Then you two can lay the smackdown on his ass.
No. 558150 ID: d9d1e5

play it up. only gallsby goes in and makes incredibly sexual advances
No. 558157 ID: c4a562

Look, spaghetti is straight too until it's boiled for a while or something, don't give up hope.

Anyways, let Frillsby go in first, he seems to be the perceptive one, and you can hang out by the door if the shapeshifter tries to make a run for it.
No. 558159 ID: b2d7ab

You go in first and act like you're fooled by the shapeshifter so that Frillsby can sneak up and catch him by surprise. You might not want to immediately act like you are down with the extortion thing, that might give you away.
Also make sure to have some code word to recognize each other, so you don't have to waste time in one of those "Which one is the real you" standoffs.
No. 558181 ID: 9ddf68

Is there a back door? If so I say you go in the front and just act like you ran into Frillsby on your way out to get a bite to eat while the real Frillsby goes in the back and the two of you surround the guy and take him down before he can even react.
No. 558493 ID: 4a75fa

>I don't even know if Frillsby swings that way okay.
What about you, do you swing that way?

>I could go for some meat right about now if you know what I'm sayin'
>I am totally into experimenting with meat
Nevermind, you totally do.

Eh, just go strait in, worry about thinking it out later. Best counter to subterfuge and trickery is just to cut right through it.
No. 558494 ID: f44ca3

Wander in there and start hitting on the shape shifter like crazy. Sexually harass him so much he gives himself up just to make you stop.
No. 558495 ID: 72f86e


This is the perfect strategy. Make sure you make a lot of meat-based comments though.
No. 558511 ID: f461c5

stuff as many double entendres as possible into your conversation.
No. 558606 ID: e1609c

My vote goes to this
No. 558775 ID: c4a562

If the safety phrase was worked out before Frillsby's trip, try to go for that. Just start talkin' about Kwanzaa, see how he reacts.

If that doesn't work, just keep going at him with the charm until measurements happen.
No. 558781 ID: cf16c8
File 139029650379.png - (197.02KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 005.png )

>>Also make sure to have some code word to recognize each other, so you don't have to waste time in one of those "Which one is the real you" standoffs.
We agree on the code word "Jolly Kwanzaa" for this before I head in.

>>Is there a back door?
There's no back door, if he's gonna run for it it's gotta be out the front.

>>What about you, do you swing that way?
I swing that way pretty hard, I would be all up ons Frillsby. Like ALL up ons. Every on would be up. One time we measured our dicks together that was cool.

>>Distract the shapeshifter by making incredibly sexual advances so Frillsby can sneak in.
Okay I am gonna go in alone and try to get him all distracted by my sexual wiles, and Frillsby will sneak in after a few minutes to take him down. I waltz in the door and turn on the sex. The imposter is just sitting at a table looking around confused.
"You're the cutest thing that I ever did see~"
"I really love your peaches, want to shake your tree~"
>"Okay look Gallsby-"
"You here for meat? 'Cause I've got some tender loins right here."
>"There's a shapeshifter impersonating me. A Frillsby copy came up and knocked me out when I was walking up to our apartment. He must have dumped me here, I only just woke up. Have you seen another Frillsby?"
wait what
Okay so earlier today Frillsby took a trip to Jackson, so this Frillsby could be telling the truth. He hadn't been back for long when we started talking about Kwanzaa. I couldn't hear the other side of the phone call Frillsby supposedly had with Randy, so he could have been lying about the whole protection money thing.
I don't have a ton of flexibility with my anti-magic, but I could jam my claws into a shapeshifter to disable him for a while. If I did that to the real Frillsby it would really mess him up for a while though because we can't use any magical healers or anything.
I could try to determine if he's a shapeshifter or not, or like just go through with the plan and hope the first Frillsby was the real one, or some other plan? If this Frillsby is the shapeshifter he must be pretty confident in knowing things about Frillsby to accuse the real one of being the imposter, I'd need something pretty hidden to prove that he's an imposter.
Randy does have complimentary rulers... He always likes to bring one out to prove that his footlong sub is really a foot long, I could get one and see if the Frillsby sub is the correct length.

What should I say/do??
No. 558782 ID: d9d1e5

taste his face thoroughly. i have the feeling a ruler wont help here if he actually was knocked out. shapeshifter coulda gotten a good look at his footlong, but we are going to try it anyway after you check the story with randy if it was made up.
No. 558783 ID: 16bdc9

wait no

Hm... As cliche as it is you'll have to ask him something only the real Frillsby would know like how big yo no wait
Oh! Even better idea! Go ask Randy if he really did call, and also ask what he said to Frillsby. If this Frillsby is telling the truth and the other one was lying about the call then that would make it really obvious.
No. 558786 ID: 1863d1

Talking to Randy with both frillsbys in view would probably be the best situation, but try not to let them see each other. Ask for details and such. After that, go back to shirt frillsby and chat about whatever you were talking about before he went on the trip where he might have gotten the ol switcheroo.
No. 558797 ID: d61497

go get randy to verify the legitimacy of the phone conversation, if this frillsby's been enough of an asshole for randy to make the call he's probably not the real one

failing that just compare dicks yeah
No. 558819 ID: 728984

I assume the shapeshifter couldn't accurately copy his dick without having seen it? because that's the obvious solution. unless Frillsby has the kind of shlong who gets seen by a lot of people.
No. 558829 ID: 945c6d


I mean yes pressing that ruler to his sub is probably a good way to test whether he's the real frillsby

I mean it's not like he could just shove it in your mouth before you could cry out for the real frillsby could he
No. 558832 ID: 5ee354

Maul both Frillsbys and you'll DEFINITELY know which one is a shapeshifter.
No. 558834 ID: 5ee354

An actual suggestion though: get some kind of benign spell cast on both Frillsbys and you'll know which one is the shapeshifter and which one is the real (unaffected) one.
No. 558835 ID: a87e3a

Oh hey I have a REALLY fast way of finding out if this is the real one. Ask him how big your dick is. Also, his dick. Because you measured them and he should know.
No. 558837 ID: 4a75fa

>I assume the shapeshifter couldn't accurately copy his dick without having seen it?
Assuming the shapeshifter goes off what he sees, and doesn't copy DNA by touch, or something.

...as stupid as that is, that'll probably work. Asking him something only he should know is a safe bet, unless the shapeshifter is the kind that can copy memories (which shouldn't work too well, because you guys are magic-proof, right?).
No. 558848 ID: abffe3

If we're still working on the awkward sexual advances would it work if you just got real close and gave him a nick with your claw? Or does it have to be a full-on gut wrenching stab?
Failing that >>558835 really is the fastest and most reliable way.
No. 558860 ID: a87e3a

...you know, if the first Fillsby is a shapeshifter and dumped the real Frillsby here that means they intended on bringing you to this restaurant all along for the reveal, and the phone call was either faked or there's another shapeshifter impersonating Randy. If the phone call was faked his plan is just complete trash and it wouldn't make a lot of sense for someone who had gone through the effort of studying Frillsby enough to take his place. I think the latter is more likely, so I predict Randy would confirm the phone call was "real".

You're probably dealing with multiple shapeshifters. EVERYONE'S A SHAPESHIFTER. What if YOU'RE a shapeshifter?!

Or it could just be that this Frillsby is the shapeshifter, saw you guys coming/heard Randy calling, and panicked.

Wait a minute do I spy a dick outline? Morning wood makes sense if he just woke up... and it does seem weird that you were able to convince the other Frillsby to wear such a ridiculous getup.
No. 559085 ID: cf16c8
File 139043362361.png - (201.48KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 006.png )

>>Wait a minute do I spy a dick outline? Morning wood makes sense if he just woke up...
Yeah he's got mad wood right now, but I ain't trustin' it, shapeshifter could have done it to further his disguise.

>>taste his face thoroughly.
>>Ask how big his dick is
As he gets up I taste his face thoroughly. He tastes like onions??
Whoa I am gonna be super duper subtle about this and only ask him about his dick instead of just breaking out the ruler and pulling down his pants. If this is the shapeshifter he might just see it as more sexual advances and not think I'm testing him.
"How big is your dick?"
I am practically a ninja this is so subtle. I am gonna be a hero and I didn't even have to remove anyone's pants to do it.
>"Seriously Gallsby we need to-"
"Aw come on~"
>"If I tell you will you stop hitting on me long enough for us to catch the shapeshifter?"
Whoa that's pretty sus but maybe he's just still out of it and not remembering that we measured each other before.
>"Okay fine, it's eight and a half inches. C'mon, we need to go find that imposter."
Ohhhhhhh man never mind the real Frillsby is only a bit under seven inches, this guy is the shapeshifter. This guy must have panicked once he saw me come in and decided his best plan was to try and have me help him take down Frillsby, and then he would take me down when I wasn't expecting it, and then he could just go nuts on the town.
I could jab him with my claws right now without him really being able to react, which would really fuck this guy up but basically be a guaranteed stop to his nonsense. Randy is pretty decent with healing so he wouldn't die from it, but it wouldn't be pretty. I could also rely on Frillsby being able to sneak up on this guy and disable him like we planned.
No. 559086 ID: 99ef3c

Let's stick with the plan, no reason to mess this guy up more than necessary, as tempting as it might be.
..Our Frillsby still has the double-belt outfit on right?
No. 559089 ID: a87e3a

Pfhaha, this guy is so weaksauce.

Stick to the plan. Don't do everything yourself, that's not fair to Frillsby.
No. 559090 ID: 7f0da5

Stabby stab this mofo, he seems like he's gettin' pretty mad.
No. 559092 ID: b54b37

dont take him alone unless you have to. be patient and wait for the jumpz
No. 559099 ID: 17ac98

make an adjustment on his form to make it more accurate.

...I just made myself wince.
No. 559104 ID: 72f86e

Oh god. That's horrible. Do it.
No. 559106 ID: f44ca3

Keep on hitting on him. Tell him he knows how randy you get before you both go out and beat up some criminals.

Also begin the wild fondling. Should be entertaining to see how long he will keep his disguise up.
No. 559108 ID: abffe3

"haha! no it's not" *grotesque dick-stabbing/slicing sound effects*
I'm however voting for carrying out the original plan, make the most of this teasing or whatever, ya might never get another chance, OR if the real Frillsby sees he might actually get a clue.
No. 559116 ID: 945c6d

Do this, but be careful, and keep your big monster hands at the ready
No. 559138 ID: 5e8193

No! Don't kill him! Don't you see this may be your only chance to act out all your dirty fantasies involving Frillsby?! (Assuming he really is a holy grail). He looks like Frillsby at least mostly except maybe his dick who knows but you could find out? And not only that but you can probably get him to go along if you just pretend it's something Frillsby and you always do... abruptly... in the middle of diners. Besides! Bending him over while mumbling something about getting in your morning session is a sure way to subdue him without giving away that you know he's a shapeshifter. Which is what you'll tell the real Frillsby when he walks in to himself getting Kwanzaaed like crazy by you. Right before the inevitable kinda - twin threeway.

This is so gonna be awesome.
No. 559346 ID: cf16c8
File 139063091881.png - (173.92KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 007.png )

>>Let's stick with the plan, no reason to mess this guy up more than necessary, as tempting as it might be. ..Our Frillsby still has the double-belt outfit on right?
Yeah Frillsby still has his outfit on he didn't decide to strip off all his clothes or anything. I feel pretty confident about Frillsby being able to nail this guy, I just need to stall for a little bit more time.

"Whoa damn Frillsby you got mad wood goin' on I could take care of that." I make sure to brandish my claws so he knows I am talking about a handjob with my big monster claws.
>"What. No. Gallsby that is an awful idea even if we had time for it don't put those near my crotch. No clawjobs. Zero clawjobs."
"It'll be fine though."
>"It will not be fine."
"But if you think about it it'll be fine"
>"... No."
I catch a glimpse of the real Frillsby crawling up behind him.
"What if I use my tongue, then~"
>"Oh my god fuck this."
Oh man he must just be giving up- oh shit his everything is just peeling back now.
He starts yelling while reeling back his arm that is growing in size as he layers more muscle onto it.
No. 559347 ID: cf16c8
File 139063095056.png - (172.68KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 008.png )

No. 559348 ID: cf16c8
File 139063097892.png - (105.57KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 009.png )

He collapses to the floor in a heap. Frillsby is standing behind him.
>"Got him. He'll be fine, he's just completely exhausted. All his energy got burnt out because I hit him with a magic breaker as he was trying to layer up. Good job with the distraction, wouldn't have pulled that off if he could have reacted to it."
No. 559352 ID: a87e3a

Oh jeez those hotpants don't hide anything. That's probably from watching you hit on his clone. He's totally not straight, Gallsby. Uh, but, he can't just walk around with a not-hidden-at-all boner like that. Maybe if he sat at the table for a while until it goes away?

Tell your buddy good job. What did he do to knock the guy out, anyway? Inform Randy that the situation's taken care of. Then we'll have to work on dragging this sack of shift out to the paddywagon.
No. 559355 ID: d315b1

No. 559363 ID: 4a75fa

Resist urge to make any comments that might lead to Frillsby changing clothes.

So... now we let the cops haul this guy away and we get some free food, right? That's what restaurants give you when you remove dangerous criminals from their premises without so much as scuffing the floor?
No. 559364 ID: 87e6c2

Jesus fucking Christ how horrifying. I'd suggest you take a shower, With steel wool and maybe bleach. Man, I don't even know if you can sarcastically hit on Frillsby right after seeing his doppelgangers face peel off.

Might as well try. "where was I- oh right you totally have wood"
No. 559366 ID: b2d7ab

Based on Frillsby's "reaction" to the distraction, that tongue of yours might be eligible for having all kinds of meat on it. But for now, you and your tongue will have to settle for Randy's fried chicken until after you can deal with getting the shapeshifter shipped off to Jackson.
No. 559371 ID: c4a562

Give him some celebratory gropes and/or hugs, then take this loser shapeshifter in. Then you can finally food.
No. 559378 ID: bfbe79

I think some of you skipped over the text and were just ogling bulges. ;P. They're the cops and Frillsby hit him with something that disrupted his power up thingy and knocked him out as a result. 

Agree that keeping Frillsby in hot pants is #1 concern. Keep up the flirting if you're into it. If not do whatever you do with criminal scum then find something to fill your mouth hole.
No. 559383 ID: f7d778

no problem. clawjob?

j/k go drag the ogre to the brig or wherever you bring criminals to.
No. 559921 ID: cf16c8
File 139095139001.png - (81.86KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 010.png )

>>He's totally not straight, Gallsby.
Look sometimes you get a little erect when doing magic shit that's just normal okay. Frillsby said it was normal anyway, it never happens to me when I do it.

>>Oh jeez those hotpants don't hide anything... he can't just walk around with a not-hidden-at-all boner like that.
>>Might as well try. "where was I- oh right you totally have wood"
"Where was I- oh right you totally have wood"
>"Gat dang it Gallsby."
"Look Frillsby look this is where the belts come in I told you the belts had a purpose I told you."
Frillsby hastily lowers his belts to cover himself.

>>So... now we let the cops haul this guy away and we get some free food, right?
Yeah basically. Frillsby had already called someone down as backup just in case so we just hand off this doofus and get back to fried chicken business.
No. 559922 ID: cf16c8
File 139095142539.png - (67.79KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 011.png )

"Hellu my dear friends, I must give a strong thank you to you both. The meal you desire will be forfeit of cost, but I assure you not forfeit of taste."
"Yeeaaaaahhhhhh! Both of us will be having the special cock."
>"Man just say chicken."
"Please arrange yourselves into seating, I will commence the frying. A fancy time awaits you."

Rad, we have some time to just chill now. We could talk about whatever or just like stare blankly at eachother the whole time or who knows the oyster's the limit.
No. 559927 ID: bfbe79

Clearly it is now time to find out whether Frillsby & Gallsby becomes a bromance or a romance. In the name of science, we must experiment with all options, so

All of the above.

After you settle in stare blankly at one another for an inappropriate amount of time then ask Frills how he liked watching himself getting molesterized by you. Then proceed to strike up a conversation about how great the special cock is. Throw out as many innuendos as you can to blow his mind. Then playfully nudge his oysters with your foot. That's probably a good place to stop.

This plan is fullproof.

Randy's freaky scarring and pidgin english makes him hilariously awesome/awesomely hilarious as, apparently, everyone in this town is
No. 559928 ID: a87e3a

Tell him it's amusing that you figured out the guy was a shapeshifter because of that one time you measured eachother's dicks.

Also talk about movies.
No. 559937 ID: f44ca3

Ok we need to figure out if Frillsby would be receptive to your advances. But do not want to get to obvious because maybe he is not into that sort of thing and it would make things weird.

So start by asking him what he thought of your foolproof plan to unmask the shape shifter.

I mean he is wearing the shortest boy shorts imaginable with only a few belts to help cover up. Now did he do so because he likes the look or because you suggested it? Also he got aroused while watching you seduce someone that looks like him.
No. 559938 ID: eb10ea

Is there a reason you two are the only people in this town that aren't mutated or scarred, as far as we've seen?

Don't hit on him too hard.
No. 559968 ID: 4a75fa

>Look sometimes you get a little erect when doing magic shit that's just normal okay. Frillsby said it was normal anyway, it never happens to me when I do it.
Well maybe it's normal if magic shit turns you on.

>lowers his belts
...does that mean they're not holding up his shorts anymore?

>what do
Kickback and relax. Free food, and all you had to do was confuse an idiot shapeshifter by flirting at it. (Gloat about this).
No. 559971 ID: abffe3

They were never holding up the shorts anyway remember? purely aesthetic.

Anyway you totally need to tone down the flirt game, this is totally new to him and you just gave him a boner in public.

Meat puns are fine though, make sure you eat your food as suggestively as you can with your gigantic claw hands.
No. 560226 ID: c6ec0b

Keep him in denial for a little while at least.
Frillsby can't turn straight to gay.
Lets have some life endangering plot before that.

Frillsby talk about the case you are working on in your spare time. Who knows some one could overhear and assassination attempts could fallow.
No. 560316 ID: cf16c8
File 139121868492.png - (204.24KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 012.png )

>>Is there a reason you two are the only people in this town that aren't mutated or scarred, as far as we've seen?
Wow rude. Randy doesn't like to talk about it much, but he was a combat medic.

>>Anyway you totally need to tone down the flirt game, this is totally new to him and you just gave him a boner in public.
>>I mean he is wearing the shortest boy shorts imaginable with only a few belts to help cover up. Now did he do so because he likes the look or because you suggested it? Also he got aroused while watching you seduce someone that looks like him.
oh geez. I think the evidence is now pointing to Frillsby being gay as heck. Like so gay he goes into strip clubs and yells "COOOOCKSSS" that is like probably what he does.

>>So start by asking him what he thought of your foolproof plan to unmask the shape shifter.
"Hey Frillsby what did you think of my completely foolproof plan to unmask the shape shifter?"
>"You could have been seriously hurt, we could have been rushing to the hospital right now. Ogres are serious business."
"Yeah but it was fine."
>"But it could have not been f-"
"But it was fine though I used cunning wiles and privileged information to identify his lies and thoroughly distract him."
>"You hit on him and asked him how big his dick was."
"Yeah exactly! And as a bonus it made you hard as a rock!"
Frillsby blushes more and adds the scarf to his crotch to block his boner along with the belts.

>>talk about movies.
>>Ok we need to figure out if Frillsby would be receptive to your advances. But do not want to get to obvious because maybe he is not into that sort of thing and it would make things weird.
"Frillsby what do you think about Beyond: Re-Animator?"
>"Is this an elaborate and obtuse scheme to ask me if I'm gay?"
>"... Gallsby I am gay as heck I don't know how this hasn't come to your attention yet I thought it was pretty obvious."
"Wow dang is this a date then are we having a fried chicken date? Because I'm gay for fried chicken and also you."
>"Yeah sure why not."
We talk about how Beyond: Re-Animator unironically owns and also ironically owns and Randy brings some rad garlic fried chicken and garlic fried fries and garlic fried bread. Randy has decided garlic is the correct flavour for everything and I don't think I can disagree. Frillsby plays Move Your Dead Bones on his phone while we eat.

After we finish eating we could go home and play strip Smash Brothers or get Frillsby a new outfit or even something else!!
No. 560323 ID: 4bdbe2

first new outfits, then strip Smash Bros because with what you guys are wearing the game would be over in like a minute.
No. 560327 ID: f44ca3

Man that was way to easy. Now we miss out on all the crazy hijinks that could have been had in your quest to figure things out.

You should take him shopping. If you got him into those awesome shorts just think the other suggestive outfits you could convince him to wear.
No. 560335 ID: abffe3

Yup, first order of business is to make Frillsby your personal doll.
Just find some good tight and revealing shit and you're good to go, unless we're gonna be having a big gay shopping montage. Which is totally okay.
See if you can stab some more freaks later by the way. we need some actual violence your claws are going to waste, unless there's more creative things you can use them for; right now eat chicken.
No. 560346 ID: bfbe79

B + C

Strip Smash Brothers, which might lead to something else if you you know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge.

Also take a moment to bask in the cuteness of the situation. Cuz you two is just the cootest pair of monstery-type lizard dragon guys I ever did see.
No. 560347 ID: a87e3a

Hey if you get to dress him up you know he's gonna want to dress you up too, fair's fair right?

Also go bowling!
No. 560352 ID: 978680

Strip Smash Bros is basically the best idea. No need to get more clothes, once you run out of clothes it just moves on to favours, it's fine.
No. 560365 ID: e31ca1

Is it paper doll time? because i think it's well past paper doll time
No. 560401 ID: 4a75fa

>I am gay as heck I don't know how this hasn't come to your attention yet
Wait. How has it not come to your attention, yet.

You sure everything is all right here? There's not a cunning double shapeshifter plan?
No. 560411 ID: 929da7

Pretty sure Gallsby is a just a very gullible guy - at least when Frillsby tells him something. Since Frillsby always made excuses for his random boners and what not, he never put it together.
No. 560415 ID: 2fc3e9

Ask him how big your dick is.
No. 560437 ID: bfbe79

LOL. This is close to becoming part of standard police procedure.

But yeah, why not? Doesn't hurt to be careful I guess; plus you can see if he was interested enough to file away that tidbit.
No. 560947 ID: cf16c8
File 139160346450.png - (148.11KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 013.png )

>>Ask him how big your dick is.
"Frillsby how big is my dick?"
>"Shapeshifters are rare as fuck Gallsby you don't need to test everyone all the time."
"Yeah but how big is my dick tho"
>"It's 8 inches."
This Frillsby checks out. We finish eating, thank Randy and head on back home.

>>new outfits AND Smash Bros
Whoa I have a foolproof plan to combine these things, a fool would have no chance at messing up this plan.
"Hey Frillsby wanna Smash?"
>"Heck yeah."
"Check this though, what if we make it interesting with a bet."
>"I am highly suspicious of this bet."
"Each game lost means you lose a piece of clothing, and once all clothing is off the winner gets to choose the loser's outfit."
>"Okay you're on. Take my scarf, I'll take off these shoes and it'll be best of 5."
We always play the Brawl mod Project M, with some rebound controls I can play with my feet pretty well. We're pretty evenly matched, he mainly plays Captain Falcon, and I mainly play Jigglypuff and Kirby. I did start practicing Yoshi when playing with Yams a bit ago, I could try using him or even just any other character to try and trip Frillsby up. I should decide what kind of strategy I want to use, and if I want to try to talk to him about anything to distract him or something.
No. 560948 ID: abffe3

shut up and play nerd
No. 560952 ID: d0f0fc

Casually mention something you find hot about him when he's trying to recover.
No. 560953 ID: 4e683b

Jigglypuff is awesome!
No. 560961 ID: 4a5db0


no one knows how to play against Yoshi; save that for when you wanna catch him off guard, like when he's down to his last piece of clothing and he's already super nervous :3
No. 560988 ID: 4a75fa

Jiggylypuff is the best puff. Them tiny little puff limbs hurt when they pound. And killing people by falling asleep on them is hilarious.

Yoshi is great for being annoying. His every noise is obnoxious, especially if you're spamming one attack. Everyone expects being trapped in an egg, but what they don't expect is your raining down a hail of thrown eggs at them, accurately, or headbutting them strait down off a cliff.
No. 561013 ID: cdc393

My brain says jigglypuff but my heart says yoshi. Wait, project M mod. Nevermind I have no idea who does what so GO YOSHI WOOO DEM FLUTTERKICKS
No. 561226 ID: bfbe79

Never played Brawl, only Melee, buuuut

Gotta go with Yoshi if you two play together a lot. He's great against a lot of other characters and you're probably better off trying to throw him off with a new opponent. Unless you win most of the time with Kirby/Jigglypuff. If that's the case then just stick with them.

You might also consider letting Frillsby win in the end. Keep it going as long as you can to get him all hot, bothered and nekkid; but you've already gotten him to dress in hot pants today, it only seems fair that he gets a chance to play dressup with you.
No. 561229 ID: 57a559

Sing finn's "puncha your buns" from adventure time while you kick his ass as jigglypuff
No. 561232 ID: fd7b51

kirby, also have you guys done drugs or handled drugs as police?
No. 561242 ID: 3a2425

Make sure to apply copious amounts of Bair
No. 561243 ID: 4a5db0


Yoshi: face away -> shorthop -> Bair -> double-jump-cancel -> Uair -> land -> repeat -> repeat -> upsmash ftw
No. 561312 ID: b9d767

Definetly Jigglypuff or Yoshi. But I think that's enough teasing him for now, don't want to come on too heavy.

Stage? Final Destination. That or pokemon arena with only pokeballs, that tends to be crazy.
No. 561500 ID: 4a5db0


dude, both yoshi and jiggly are way better on battlefield, dreamland, fountain of dreams, and yoshi's story -- with the predictable platforms for landing and restoring jumps during air combos. battlefield and pokemon stadium are both just ok for them.
No. 561819 ID: cf16c8
File 139202663793.png - (70.27KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 014.png )

>>have you guys done drugs or handled drugs as police?
Haven't had to deal with any drugs yet as police. As far as personal use the only puffin' I need to do is with Jiggly know what I'm sayin'.

I start off with Jigglypuff and apply copious amounts of back airs to Captain Falcon and take the first match, but he starts getting the best of me and wins the next two. I break out the secret weapon of Yossy and go nuts with all them advanced techniques, hitting him with little jump bears and nooches, R-cancelling my baby bounces, and slip'n'slide mindgames.
I totally beat him in the next match and I only lost like 3 lives to self destructs, he can't handle these moves. Last match gets down to the last life for both of us, but then he misses a tech roll, and I get him with the ol' get-up-punch into get-down-tail combo.

"RIP in peace."
>"Godddddddamnit I was so close if I had gotten that tech I would've gotten you."
"You sound pretty salty."
>"I am an entity of salt Gallsby I am a goddamn sodium chloride elemental."
He shakes his head thinking about his loss, and then slips off the shorts and heads to his closet.
>"What's it gonna be this time?"

The sky's the limit here! He has an extensive wardrobe and I could pick something up from a store if it was weirder or if he ran out of belts or something.
You can describe an outfit here or post an image of one in the discussion thread >>/questdis/79118
No. 561841 ID: 8ecc1c

Are we talking walking around clothes or sexy time gear? If the second the only way we're outdoing hot pants is leather gear or dressing him up in women's lace. Just how much do you want to make him blush... and what do you want to see him in? Any secret fantasies you've always had?

Walking around clothes, I'd say some long but very tight pants with a decent leather jacket. Something functional but stylish. Alternatively continue the belt theme and just do a belt suit/ beltkini, lol. Or maybe that chode from FFVIII.
No. 562315 ID: cf16c8
File 139227128375.png - (150.29KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 015.png )

Man I am lifting the heck out of these boxes, I am already almost done. Helping with the grocery shipment is some easy cash since I can do it so much faster than anyone else they could hire. I am basically the master of lifting things, I do a bunch of odd jobs around town of lifting things for some cash.
Maybe I should head over to Frillsby and Gallsby's place and see what they're up to. After seeing Frillsby on the cutting edge of fashion I had to go with the double belts myself, there was just no way I couldn't. Who knows what those goofs could be up to since then? But maybe I should go find more things to lift. Lifting things is pretty hype.
No. 562320 ID: 5eea01

Aren't you busy lifting things, Yams? But yeah, maybe after work you can go talk to them, maybe they'll let you play smash.
No. 562321 ID: a87e3a

Maybe see if anyone needs help moving.
No. 562334 ID: 4a5db0

i like where this thread is going

also Yams has the voices
No. 562338 ID: cdc393

You should find something to lift, and lift it allll the way to Frillsby and Gallsby's house.
No. 562342 ID: bfbe79

Before we go any further, there's a vital question that has to be answered: which hand do you use to masturbate?

After that's cleared up you should head over to F&G's place to see what's going down.
No. 562345 ID: afc0e6

maybe they need lifting.
No. 562390 ID: 4a5db0

>to see what's going down

i really like where this thread is going

meaning, i don't have a suggestion XD i just wanna see the story. is so gooood!
No. 563461 ID: cf16c8
File 139280221272.png - (131.49KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 016.png )

>>which hand do you use to masturbate?
Well I don't use hands to do that.

>>Help someone move
People don't move around here much, but I take a look around to see if anyone is outside in dire need of something lifted! Unfortunately I'm not seeing anyone. I guess I'll just head over to Frillsby and Gallsby and chill with them, maybe lift something for them, or lift them.
Whoa hold the phone I haven't seen this gal before. She's just strollin' near Randy's humming a song.
"Heyyyyyyyyyy! How you doin'? I'm Yams! I can lift anything! Do you need any lifting done?"
No. 563462 ID: cf16c8
File 139280224599.png - (125.55KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 017.png )

>"Khivat. Anything, you say?
"Yep! I'm a lifting specialist. Lifting is my past-time and my future-time, do you have something that needs lifting so it can be my present-time?"
No. 563463 ID: cf16c8
File 139280240934.png - (110.75KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 018.png )

Uhhhhhhhh she is grabbing me by my belts this is rather forward. She's also really hot. Like high temperature hot not like I want to do her hot.
>"How about you lift some dirt here then? You know, give'im a nice fuckin' grave for when I'm done. He's not getting away this time."
>"The menu at this restaurant has everything you'd ever want, but nothing that quite fancies me."
>"I'd rather eat Randy."
She's letting me go now what do I do what do I do aaaaaaaa
No. 563464 ID: a87e3a

How good are you at punching with that arm? Could you sock her good, keep her from eating Randy?

Or y'know call the police and have them handle it.
No. 563467 ID: f4b0d3

try lifting her up.
No. 563476 ID: 90f62c

First get some distance from the man eater then phone up Frillsby and Gallsby and inform them what is happening, they will know what to do.
No. 563480 ID: 9d6b36

Well I think we know where Randy got his scars from.
I don't believe we know even remotely enough about the history between these two to consider defusing the situation ourselves, so yeah, I'd advise contacting the authorities if you can wihtout her noticing. Otherwise, distract her, run interference for poor Randy, and try to help him get away.
(Unless he wants a bloody rematch as well.)
No. 563487 ID: 4a75fa

>Hot to the touch
I guess that explains why crazy-girl isn't wearing any clothes.

>what do
Sort of awkwardly, stumblingly agree and then gtf away from her. Gotta warn Randy, or maybe let F&G know there's another crazy person around making death threats.
No. 563495 ID: f44a20

We have to consider that she may really be heading in there to kill/eat Randy. Like now. Call F&G if you have a way of doing so immediately so you have backup; but if you don't then you may have to... take things into your own hand(s). At least warn Randy miss crazy pants is on the way, maybe even restrain her and call out for help to hopefully get his attention.

No hands huh? This demands further explanation/demonstration at a time when Randy's life isn't in your hands.
No. 563498 ID: d9d1e5

insist she spend a moment to consider meat is murder. she should try a salad instead
No. 563503 ID: 067034

are you sure she's a lady

what if she's actually bees
No. 563513 ID: cdc393

This sounds pretty serious. You'd better call the cops.
No. 564668 ID: cf16c8
File 139358079836.png - (150.46KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 019.png )

>>Could you sock her good
N-no I can't do that I don't do that anymore. I'm a lifter not a puncher! Just lifting!
>>try lifting her up.
I could do this but I don't know if that's a good idea she would probably get really mad at me I should get some backup first before I do anything rash.

>>awkwardly, stumblingly agree, get away, call F&G
"O-okay I'll do it."
>"Wow, seriously? You're even more of a doof than I thought you were you little snaggletoothed fucker." She gets really close again and stares at me.
"Y-you should consider that meat is murder; you should try a salad instead."
>"...Get the fuck out of here you doofy bastard, I'm only after Randy, but if you stay here things might change."
Because I am a fantastic actor I can tear up on demand that is completely what is happening here I am fooling her I am a master ruse-man nothing else is going on here. She goes back to humming and starts walking up to Randy's.

I'm going to call Frillsby and Gallsby now. I slink away a little bit and stay quiet.
>"What. Shit. At Randy's?"
>"On it."
They're coming now but I don't know what I should do if anything before they get here.
No. 564669 ID: 36f358

lift Randy and run.
No. 564673 ID: fd5c20

Find a big Garbage can, dumpster or some empty box that you can lift, flip over and use to trap the maneater.
No. 564689 ID: dbe554

Don't cry man! It's okay, scary things are scary.

Just use something to trap her, lift a nice large dumpster which since your close to a food shop and lay it over her.
No. 564704 ID: 13b599

Yeah, see if your lifting powers can be used to pin or otherwise trap this miscreant with an object! At least look around for something suitable.
No. 564705 ID: 4a75fa

...actually, come to think of it, if she wants to eat him, what would the grave even be needed for?

>what do
I don't suppose there's anyway you could stall the meat is murder bit from happening until backup arrives?
No. 564706 ID: 7895ad

lift her to the moon
No. 564720 ID: a87e3a

Don't try to fight her, just call Randy and tell him to run for it.
No. 564745 ID: 4a5db0

maybe her beef with Randy dates back to an old grudge. you oughta see if you can lift that weight off her shoulders.
No. 564906 ID: 6e7636



No. 565012 ID: 031c72

Shit Yams, pick her up and put her down like you're the Ultimate Warrior doing a Gorilla Press on Hulk Hogan or something jeez.
No. 565149 ID: 6e85c8

Yams no don't do anything reckless just call randy and give him a heads up
No. 565397 ID: 55c4cf

Traps are always the answer.

Put a Question Mark on your shirt.
No. 565398 ID: 1f1f36

Calling Randy is a good idea, but also slow and he might not have his phone on him. It's a matter of time, now, so we need to give Randy as much as we can.
Also, something I don't think has been asked, but, how badass is Randy? He's a vet/retired combat medic, so presumably he has some ass-kicking skills. Especially if he survived his first encounter with Ms. I'm-out-of-cannibal-puns over there.
No. 565585 ID: cf16c8
File 139425713061.png - (80.96KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 020.png )

>>how badass is Randy?
He seems pretty badass to me, but he doesn't really like talking about how badass he is.

>>Don't cry man! It's okay, scary things are scary.
I'm just tearing up because my eyes were in my eyes okay.

>>Find a big Garbage can, dumpster or some empty box that you can lift, flip over and use to trap the maneater.
Yeah! There's a dumpster right nearby, I'll just grab it and slam it down over her to trap her! Then I can yell out "DUMPSTERED" and be a big cool guy and everyone will be like "It was time to be cool like a boy! Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong!"
She's getting close to Randy's now but she must be a champion of lolligagging because I'll have time to run up to her with the dumpster before she gets to the door still. I flip the dumpster upside down and get it ready to slamjam down on her, and I'll be able to hold down on the wheels to keep her down without touching the metal if she makes it hot.

Okay here goes nothing, time to slam this puppy. I get right up to her without her noticing, but as soon as I start slamming that puppy down she notices and tries to scramble out of the way before she's trapped.
She uh.
She didn't get completely out of the way.
No. 565586 ID: cf16c8
File 139425714942.png - (97.06KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 021.png )


I fricked up.
No. 565587 ID: e1609c

is she dead or just dismembered? Because if the blood sprayed you like that either you splattered her wholesale or she's gushing blood like a MOTHERFUCK. In either case, it might be a good time to see if you can call in some medics.
On the plus side, she was clearly premeditating some murder, so even if this isnt exactly the BEST way of solving the problem of making-her-not-kill-people, it still achieved that general goal
No. 565588 ID: 4ef19e

Y-Yams! It'll be okay!

Calling the medics would be a good idea. And if you know first aid then you still may be able to show her that nonviolence is more powerful than dumpsters.

Provided, um... you didn't frick up too hard.
No. 565589 ID: f44ca3

Listen man there was almost no chance of the guys getting here to stop her before she ate poor Randy. How badly is she squished? Honestly either way its probably best to just leave things as they are and let the professionals deal with it when they get here.

Call up the guys and have them bring the medics just in case. Unless you decapitated her and then you should just go inside and try not to look at it.
No. 565590 ID: 9b57d3

This is why you call the cops instead of being a vigilante.
No. 565591 ID: 955dc5

...How does the law deal with situations like assessing conflicts involving supernaturally skilled individuals?

"I dropped the dumpster on her in self defense, officer."

I mean this place has shapeshifters and people with claws for limps and all sorts of stuff.

Do you need an alibi?
No. 565594 ID: 4a75fa

Oh geeze. What happened.

I sure hope we didn't vastly overestimate someone who was just talking shit and brutally murder them.
No. 565605 ID: c22069

If shes not totally dead yet after being partially crushed and you want to get a medic, Randy was a combat medic and is readily available being that you're right next to his place.
Then you can hysterically tell Randy what happened and find out if he knows anything about her.
No. 565617 ID: d56b09

Then we find out they were meeting up for their weekly gaming session and they're good friends with strange inside jokes and she's just a little weird and likes to mess with people and everything was completely out of context and oh god we made Yams a dumpster killer and oh shit whatarewegonnaDO?!
No. 565620 ID: dbe554

Time to hide!
No. 565658 ID: ae7db7

"oops" is also a pretty cool punchline.
No. 565749 ID: d674bc

Oh man you just totally dumpstered someone in half Frillsby and Gallsby are gonna be so mad and they're already on their way.
No. 566952 ID: fe4bfc

Oh man Yams what did you do? That was probably Randy's crazy yet lovable cousin or something.

You have to hide the evidence and get out of here. I can see the headlines now " Unassuming lifter turns out to be horrible Dumpster murderer". Do you know what they do to people like you in horrible magic prison? I don't even know its so horrible. They will tie up your lifting arm so you can't Dumpster any inmates and then where will you be?
No. 567007 ID: 6e85c8



Randy is definitely the closest person who may be able to help her, and it's probably important to get somebody here as fast as possible.

Hurry and get Randy!
No. 567053 ID: 6e85c8


unless she is really definitely dead or something then just call Frillsby and Gallsby and try to let them know what's up
No. 567063 ID: cf16c8
File 139530428985.png - (157.39KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 022.png )

>>is she dead or just dismembered?
>>Calling the medics [...] Provided, um... you didn't frick up too hard.
I open the door and yell for Randy just in case but I think I fricked up too hard this looks bad there is not supposed to be a dumpster separating your top half from your bottom half.
Okay so uh plus side her wounds cauterized pretty quickly but also her heat melted part of the dumpster so now she is a mess of metal and flesh and she's going cold now and she's really really dead she's not moving or breathing or anything.

>>Time to hide!
Frillsby already knows I was here!

>> It'll be okay!
It won't be okay it'll never be okay again.

>>This is why you call the cops instead of being a vigilante.
I-I just wanted to be a cool guy who saved the day and protected everyone.

Randy comes out and sees the scene and just shakes his head. He checks her body to be sure but just shakes his head again afterwards.
"Oh dear, Yams. She was danger but she did not deserve this. Have you arranged for the policemen?"
"Frillsby and Gallsby are on their way."
"Let us talk when they arrive."

It's not long before Frillsby and Gallsby come running up, Frillsby in a Yoshi suit, probably because of another lost bet.
"Yams what's up you look covered in jam and Randy's just chillin' out here, did the situation get resolved with sandwiches?"
I point to the dumpster.
"Ah shit Yams, what the fuck?
>"Ah fuck. I'm gonna call for a transport, Gallsby can you go cut the dumpster off her so she can be moved? Yams, Randy, we're going inside so you can fill me in on what the fuck happened."

Frillsby makes the call, and we head inside. Randy explains who the lady was.
"Khivat and I were both medics on the front line. We got trapped behind enemy lines and were able to fortify a position but food supplies ran out. Khivat had a brother that was with us that was beyond our help, and had died. I did what had to be done, and claimed the meat was from an animal that had wandered by, so the others wouldn't be burdened by how we survived."
"We managed to escape finally, but Khivat found out about what I had done, and she became furious. She attacked me, and our force was split up in the chaos that followed. Luckily she ended up in a different refugee town after we started losing the war and started scrambling to hide and survive, and I thought that was the end of it. I didn't see what happened outside to her, I just heard a loud clang and Yams yelled for me to come out, and I saw what you saw."
>"What happened out there, Yams?"
W-what should I tell him?
No. 567064 ID: 955dc5

Can we get a lawyer? Okay so...

Well she threatened your life and talked about wanting to kill Randy... This is true.

So in self defense you chucked a dumpster at her?
No. 567067 ID: 0b54f4

Aww, man, I think you need a hug, Yams. :( Can I give you a hug?

But yeah, explain that she was making threats and acting crazy, and you thought you'd pin her with a dumpster...and...it didn't work that way.... :_<
No. 567068 ID: dbe554

She said she was going to kill and eat randy, you panicked and didn't want her to hurt him so you did what you thought you could to subdue her before something horrible happened.
No. 567069 ID: 57a559

i thought i could slow her down by flipping the dumpster over her with the opening part opened and she'd be all covered in trash

like a cup with a spider or mouse that you pick up by putting a piece of paper underneath and take outside.

i also betted that she would do a melty thing with the dumpster, at least offering a distraction by making her choose to go after me for covering her in trash or still go after Randy which might have been enough time for you guys to get here.

turns out one-handed precision is really hard
No. 567070 ID: dbe554

Oh and don't mention that you did it at the behest of voices in your head. Makes you look crazy and all and might get you more in trouble.
No. 567073 ID: f44ca3

Just tell them the truth. She came by humming to herself you waved and asked if she needed anything and she said she was here to kill and possibly eat Randy. Then she threatened to kill you if you got in the way. So you backed off and called them.

Then some asshole voices in your head thought it would be a good idea to try trapping her in a dumpster because it would take awhile for you guys to get here. She noticed and tried to dodge and you fricked up bad.

Not sure if you want to mention you got the idea from a bunch of voices in your head. On one hand might make you look crazy. But on the other hand we might be some sort of magical malady that everyone knows about. Then they will be all like "Man Yams the voices told you to do stuff its not your fault. You were lucky to get out of there with all your limbs intact!"
No. 567075 ID: 937723

She said that she was here to kill and eat Randy! And that she would kill me to if I got in her way. I called you guys but she was going to go inside so I figured I could trap her with a dumpster to buy some time. But she noticed and tried to dodge.
No. 567121 ID: 5aa1fc

she was gonna eat Randy before the cops arrived, so Yams tried to trap her in a dumpster until then. unfortunately, the dumpster apparently had enough weight and sharpness in its edges to bisect a person.
No. 567132 ID: ec85d3

Be all like "Yo I got spooked so I dumpstered that chick!"
No. 567161 ID: e1609c

This. Include that the plan wasnt to kill her, just trap her under the dumpster until frill and galls arrived
No. 567175 ID: d315b1

Just tell him she was threatening to kill and eat Randy, and threatened to kill you as well if you intervened. You tried to stop her, but in your panic you struck too hard and killed her.

This is pretty much a textbook example of justifiable homicide, so you should be fine.
No. 567451 ID: c2292c

Whelp, hope you like jail for at least the next year or several. Bye Yams!
No. 567454 ID: a97618

Break down crying and tell them the truth. She was really mean and scary and talking about killing Randy and you thought you should try to trap or stall her under a dumpster cause lifting stuff is all you can do and then and then... aaaawwwaaah-boo-hoo-hoo. I didn't mean to hurt her and now she's dead and I'm a horrible murdering monster.
No. 568168 ID: cf16c8
File 139625191331.png - (281.77KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 023.png )

"What happened out there, Yams?"
I pull off the head of the Yoshi costume so I can look marginally less ridiculous.
>"C-can I get a lawyer?"
"Yams, we don't have lawyers anymore. We barely have police."
>"Well. Well. Like I said on the phone she said she was gonna eat Randy it was super scary like hella scary. She just came along and I tried to be nice but she was so mean and I tried to stall her but she started threatening me too! I-I was just tr-trying to trap her under the dumpster I didn't mean to.... to.."
Yams just kind of breaks down at that point. I don't know what got into him thinking he could pull that off without a hitch, but she was clearly hella dangerous as well as scary. Randy's scarring has to be from his run-in with her.

To be honest I don't know how well my anti-magic bullshit would deal with indirect problems from her heat bullshit, she could have done lethal damage to Gallsby and me in addition to Randy and possibly Yams. Not the greatest outcome, but there's no way I'm gonna argue with Gallsby to try and get Yams locked up. The law is a bit loose around here, we just try to keep the peace.

Yams is a soggy mess of fluff now oh my god how can anyone have this many tears. I go over to sit with him and put my arm around him.
"Look, Yams. I know you didn't mean to do this, and I know you're not going to try something risky like that again. Things could have turned out better, but they also could have turned out way worse, she was definitely very dangerous. It'll be okay."
He doesn't say anything but he flops his soggy head off the table and nestles it against my chest. Maybe I should talk to Gallsby about letting Yams chill at our place for a while, he probably shouldn't be left alone like this...

wait what the fuck
No. 568169 ID: cf16c8
File 139625212912.png - (94.55KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 024.png )

>"Come on you fuckers, finish it! I know you fucking can! I know you have anti-magic! COME ON."
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh she's not making attempts to attack anyone at the moment, and Gallsby is just kind of shrugging behind her, so it looks like he doesn't think she's an immediate threat?? Everyone else is just looking around not sure how to react.

Suggestions can be made to Frillsby, Gallsby, or Yams.
No. 568171 ID: 2c6ff1

1. How are you not dead
2. Why do you want to die? Let's talk about this.
3. Randy what the fuck, you didn't mention she could regenerate.
No. 568173 ID: f2c8fe

throw her a steve shirt ! but really, just talk it over. yams should probably lift randy to safety now
No. 568175 ID: 3656f9

I guess if Gallsby is close enough and not getting affected by the heat effect then maybe it is relatively safe for Randy... though best to guard him in case something stupid happens.
No. 568184 ID: ffa549

(Ecstatic). She's not dead! I'm not a murderer! Everything's okay! She's o-ka...

Ohnothescaryladyisokaydumpstersdon'tkillhershe'sgonnakilluall. (And then break down sobbing again).

>Come on you fuckers, finish it! I know you fucking can! I know you have anti-magic! COME ON
Lady, I don't know what your deal is, but getting a dumpster dropped on you isn't a corporal offense around here.

And I really don't think you want us messing with whatever regeneration thing you got going on.
No. 568197 ID: 937723

Maybe she is trying some sort of suicide by cop here. If she has crazy regen powers then only a antimagic person could kill her.

Get Randy over here if he is willing and maybe he can talk her down.
No. 568220 ID: 4a5db0

that's plausible; maybe her life took an unrecoverable turn for the worse after they ate her brother. or maybe she's just insane now. either way, it sounds like she needs help more than putting down... and, now that she's not a threat anymore (maybe)...

@Gallsby: assuming she's no longer a threat, that you can touch her without getting hurt, and that you have handcuffs and rope (which might be things cops would have): trip her or otherwise knock her to the ground, handcuff her wrists behind her back, and tie her up in the following way: while she's on her front side, bend her legs up towards her back, tie her ankles together with her tail, and tie the whole thing to a loop around her middle. then interrogate her.

@Frillsby: get Yams and Randy to safety. that's the responsible thing to do since we don't know how much of a threat she still is.
No. 568233 ID: 719c62

Well Frilsby you should probably try talking to her. Yams should sob harder and beg for forgiveness. Gallsby should show up.
No. 568234 ID: 9ddf68

Congratulations Yams you're no longer a killer but she miiiight be pissed at you soooo... Keep your distance kid.

but yeah for the zombie lady, how the hell are you walking let alone alive?
No. 568820 ID: d24ac9

...trap her under a dumpster.
No. 568970 ID: e14559

No. 569955 ID: d470e9
File 139709786349.png - (188.14KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 025.png )

I am going to play it safe just in case, and bring Randy and Yam to the back.

"Randy, do you think you can talk her down?"
"If you wish me to do so then I will perform at my best. However, I must warn you that my levels of success for doing so in the past has left room for desire."
"You know what, don't worry about it, I'll try to do the talking down here."
>"I, uh... F-Frillsby, I could lift you to safety, or, uh, I could try to do a better job and dumpster her again..."
"... Yams, buddy, you got lucky and it turns out you aren't a murderer after all, so let's see you do a good job of trying to keep it that way."
No. 569956 ID: d470e9
File 139709787696.png - (196.53KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 026.png )

I go back and Gallsby what the fuck.

"Gallsby what the fuck."
>"I'm restraining her! It's a completely legitimate police protocol. Except she's kind of fighting and the protocol made me think that everyone let police tie them up and stuff."
No. 569957 ID: e1609c

you're supposed to have cuffs for that, its less letting you and more you overpowering them, pushing them facefirst into the dirt and snapping hard steel around their wrists in a short span of time.
It takes practice.
No. 569962 ID: 76e97b

Of course you can't just tie people up. You haven't even read her rights yet.
No. 569964 ID: 876044

Get Yams inside and out of the way first. Tell him after this you will work on some self defense training with him so he can learn to control that strength of his.

Then go help Gallsby keep her under control while Randy tries to talk some sense into her.

She seems to have some decent Regen going on so do not be afraid to use a bit of force if she tried to murder anyone.
No. 569965 ID: 0d658b

you could hit her on the back of the head to knock her unconscious. I hear concussion is just a fairy tale.
No. 569968 ID: 2c6ff1

That seems dangerous with huge clawed hands.

"Look lady, I don't know what your problem is, why don't you tell us?"
No. 569969 ID: 57a559

Hey if we don't have lawyers anymore how exactly is Justice for a crime like what Randy did supposed to be done? That sounds like a civil crime, in the least, about the secret cannibalism. I know Randy had to have commited some sort of crime and the lady has some legit issues with the man.

I mean, how IS the public supposed to deal with grievances caused by others? Is everyone just supposed to turn the other cheek when the police really can't DO anything for them because that also sounds like out of their jurisdiction. And surely her eating Randy is also illegal too, I get that, but man, the fuck man it sounds like your new legal system is causing some serious problems here. I mean, shit, this sounds like some sort of Randian Justice System or some shit.

Lady, ma'am, please can you just being so homicidal and calm down for christs sake we do not want to fight you because obvious is a pretty huge situation where no one is innocent can we all just please fucking talk. I will be glad to do almost anything reasonable for me to do so that we can ALL talk this through like adults. No one needs to die.
No. 569973 ID: ffa549

Well, go sucker punch her while Gallsby is restraining her. (Yoshi suit should stop you from burning your hands, at least). Then you can see about getting her in proper restraints.
No. 570008 ID: b54b37

oh right what gallsby isnt ON FIRE because of anti-magic something something ?? wow uh, this shouldnt be hard. pretty sure you can overpower her but then what, and what can she be restrained to / in that wont melt or burn down
No. 570073 ID: cf16c8
File 139719494581.png - (86.36KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 027.png )

>>the fuck man it sounds like your new legal system is causing some serious problems here.
Our "new legal system" is because most people are fucking dead. The war Randy talked about became a slaughter. We're lucky we managed to secure any area as safe, but we're basically fine enough at this point to survive. Randy hasn't caused any problems here, as far as I am concerned he is an upstanding citizen.

>>oh right what gallsby isnt ON FIRE because of anti-magic something something ??
Yeah I guess everything's fine I thought it wouldn't be fine but it was fine.

>>Get Yams inside and out of the way first. Tell him after this you will work on some self defense training with him so he can learn to control that strength of his.
Yeah I think Yams has done quite enough, I get him and Randy to hang back while Gallsby and I try to deal with this lady. I conjure up some anti-magic handcuffs, but they're pretty weak since I had to take out that ogre not long ago. They won't hold her if she actively tries to break them for a while, but it should be fine. She offers up a token resistance but it's becoming clear she's not actually trying to hurt anyone, and I slap the cuffs on her.

"Look lady what is your name and what is up, why are you doing this?"
>"My name is fucking Khivat and fuck you is what the fuck is up, fuck.

This is going well so far.

>"Why are you wearing a Yoshi suit? He's low tier as hell."
"Yeah in Melee, but we play Project M."
>"Oh big fuckin' whoop he can jump out of shield. His parry doesn't even work right in PM, he's fuckin' garbage."
"What wait no you need to tell us why you're doing all this not tell us why Yoshi is bad."
>"Yoshi owns, man."
"Not helping, Gallsby."
>"Fine. I was fuckin' done as hell with life, way too much bullshit and dead bodies, and everyone I knew is either dead or estranged. And I can't get past my regen enough to die, so I tried to suicide by police since I heard you guys had anti-magic. Then I got fucking dumpstered."

Man I don't know how to deal with this.
No. 570074 ID: 2c6ff1

Get to know some new people then. Make a fresh start. Or y'know, try to reconcile with Randy. Or both. Shit sucks, we know, but it's not the end.

Maybe you can ask her to play Project M with you if she knows so much about it.
No. 570076 ID: 57a559

So... you know us now, technically, and we're not either dead or estranged.

Want to play Project M? We can show how boss Yoshi is.
Y gonna give it to ya
first we gonna rock
then we gonna roll
No. 570077 ID: ffa549

Offer her a job as cannon fodder. The suicide by police didn't work, maybe she can suicide by things trying to kill the police. Or hell, maybe she'll find a reason to off herself, or make new friends. Either way works.

>Man I don't know how to deal with this
There no mental health professionals in magic town? Barring the problem of her crazy angry fire powers, that's normally where you bring violent people and attempted suicides.
No. 570079 ID: a5c85a

Would it be possible to subdue her regneration in some way, long enough for her to commit suicide? It's pretty grim but who are we to tell her what to do with her life?
No. 570080 ID: 3941a3

That's it? "Let's see how we can kill her"? No trying to find some reason for her to live? That's the conclusion we're coming to? Wow. This board changed over the years from how I remember it.

I second inviting her to try out Project M and prove/disprove Yoshi's junk status. Fuck it, why not.
No. 570088 ID: 2c6ff1

...that's one suggestion, dude. That is not "we".
No. 570092 ID: 719c62

Frillsby: Don the yoshi hood and use your anti magic to ground pound her to death. Who's low tier now bitch.
No. 570104 ID: 4a5db0

get her stoned and/or drunk and invite her to play project M with you until she breaks down crying and tells you her life story, comfort her, make friends, gain new party member =3 bet she can use the controller with her tail while she's still handcuffed, even =p

Gallsby, you are so cute! <3
No. 570105 ID: 6adc92

The cutting-edge in police and judiciary technology, eliminating the need for such outdated techniques as criminal psychology, due process, and interrogation.
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Speaking of which, what do you think of the new roster that just went up, Frillsby?
No. 570713 ID: 7f0da5

Just have a talk or two. Seems like they just need a friend. And fewer dumpsters to be around.
No. 571767 ID: 55c4cf

Beat Lady in game.

Then hit Lady with an egg.
No. 571836 ID: fd0a62

"Nearly everyone left is a victim of war. Has lost friends, family, their old lives. They're starting over, and you can too."
No. 572412 ID: cf16c8
File 139847804340.png - (221.40KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 028.png )

The solution to many problems is playing more Smash Bros, and this is surely one of those problems. It'll be fine.
"Nearly everyone left is a victim of war. They lost friends, family, their old lives. They're starting over, and you can too. Plus there's no way you're gonna get away with trash talkin' Yoshi without Smashing Gallsby."
>"Don't really have any other options left at this point with you guys bein' all responsible and shit and goin' around not killing people. Haven't had people to Smash with in ages, I'll be pretty rusty but it'll be enough to take out any Yoshi."
I think we're pretty much in the clear here. She didn't even try to actually harm anyone, I think it'll be fine to just take the cuffs off once we get home.
Yams is gonna chill out and eat chicken at Randy's for now, he can't deal with any more excitement today. A little awkward chat with Randy and Khivat apologizing to eachother and then we bail and have an uneventful walk home.

>>throw her a steve shirt !
Mission complete! Khivat is now wearing a Steve shirt. I take the cuffs off and we get set up for Gallsby to 1v1 Khivat. Khivat goes Fox and Gallsby goes with Yoshi.

It's not even close, Gallsby gets demolished. There's shines everywhere. Waveshines, shinegrabs, multishines, shinespikes, shine upsmash, shine back air, it's nuts. Gallsby falls back on Kirby and Jigglypuff and it doesn't go much better, even rusty Khivat is just totally outclassing him. I don't fare much better, and it's only when we start doing 2v1s that she starts ever losing stocks.

>>Beat Lady in game. Then hit Lady with an egg.
We are gonna need a sick training montage before we're able to do this.

Chapter 1 End.
No. 572413 ID: ca65e6


No. 572481 ID: 63598e

antimagic couch doesn't get burned, and neither would Gallsby's crotch supporting her fine ass while they played smash together, heheh.
No. 572493 ID: 57a559

Que the Sound of Silence and realize you've made a terrible mistake by allowing her to smash bros with you
It was clearly the more superior option to smash her in real life and that dumpstering her would have removed a demoness with incredible powers from this universe, granting you all a mercy

You've allowed the continued existence of a monster. The stocks the world will lose are all on your hands as much as hers.
You've doomed us all. You've doomed Yoshi.
You doomed Yoshi, you bastards.
No. 572497 ID: c24a28

no one belongs on gallsby's lap but frillsby you heretic
No. 576215 ID: 0bd34b
File 140118192014.png - (244.76KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 029.png )

It is really hot. Like hella hot.
And our air conditioning is hella broken.

"Frillsby I'm hot."
>"Really Gallsby. Really. I am in shock. Absolutely stunned. Never would have guessed."
"When's the guy gonna come to fix it?"
>"Tomorrow. Maybe. He's busy."

Mannnnnn that's not cool. Being hot is not cool at all, it is practically the opposite of cool.
No. 576217 ID: 2bfcdf

Do you know any ice mages? No?

POOL PARTY. Or go to the beach. Or like, find an excuse to spend time inside a building that has working air conditioning.

Is Khivat still hanging around?
No. 576220 ID: 12e4c2

Start off by using this opportunity to call him hot as in sexy. Then suggest removing then rest of your clothes to keep cool. Then put some pants on and go to the store to buy hella ice. Unless you already have hella ice in the freezer in which case pants can stay off and you can get ye ice.

I also hear putting watermelon in your mouth is a good way to cool down.
No. 576221 ID: aa2e6a

If you're in or near a tall building chilling on the roof of it would probably be better than staying inside, even with a fan.

Also watermelon in mouth.
No. 576225 ID: dbe554

Use some towels and make sure to clean yourselves off regularly, is it just hot or humid? Might wanna find a way to drain it and make it a nice dry heat.
No. 576229 ID: 4ef19e

Find the source of the heat and destroy it once and for all. Especially if it's the sun.

Really though, getting out of the house and going to a pool or something might be good. If Khivat's in the house and contributing to the heat, you can maybe tell her to try to chill out or something.

Or take a road trip to Canada.
No. 576234 ID: 6e85c8

Wow sweet gallsby! Frillsby totally thinks you're hot.
No. 576235 ID: 222441

Khivat moved in radiates too much heat?
or is it just.. summer?
No. 576242 ID: 363ecd

Are their any ice villains you've fought before? Maybe you can goad them into attacking you.
No. 576257 ID: f2c8fe

who needs the sun anyway just get rid of it for a while
No. 576261 ID: 68bbc5

Do you have a shower? Take a nice cool shower together.
No. 576304 ID: 0444c2

Throw ice on gallsby and tell him it's 'ice to meet him'
No. 576369 ID: 0bd34b
File 140134666610.png - (229.03KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 030.png )

>>Is Khivat still hanging around?
Yeah she's living with Yams right now and they play Smash all the time. She works with Randy on finding new ways to put garlic into things and then heat them, and she does odd jobs like welding and stuff that require her heat power. She seems like she's doing pretty well now.

"Hey Frillsby you're hot like hot as in sexy not hot as in temperature but also you're hot as in temperature but right now I am talking about hot as in sexy because you are."
My wooing of Frillsby is ineffectual in this heat and for no other reason! I must enact plan: "Cool it or Yule it." I hope the cool it part works, because I have no idea where our Kurisumasu stuff is.

>>I also hear putting watermelon in your mouth is a good way to cool down.
Whoa this is a great idea. I should inform Frillsby of this idea.

"Yo Frillsby I heard putting watermelon in your mouth is a good way to cool down!"
>"We don't have any watermelon, Gallsby."
"What! Sure we do! I'll show you."
I jam my claw through it to get a good grip and start licking all over it.
No. 576370 ID: 0bd34b
File 140134670285.png - (172.19KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 031.png )

"See we totally had some watermelon popsicles in the freezer!"
>"Oh shit son, toss me one!"
I toss him one and then move on to steps 2-11 of my ultimate plan.

"Get some towels, a bag of ice, a pool, and meet me on the roof. Come on, Watermelon!"
>"What. How am I supposed to- Gallsby where are you going.
No. 576371 ID: 0bd34b
File 140134691416.png - (143.06KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 032.png )

So we end up on the roof. I managed to get a couple buckets of water up here, and Frillsby got all his items of interest, and I convinced him it was a good idea to be nude since he had no bathing suit. Problem is he only found a blow-up kiddie pool. We compromise by taking turns pouring ice water on each other in the pool. It's Frillsby's turn to chill right now, but there's some good wind up here to help out too.

"And now it's time to enact step 12!"
>"Wait what are you talking about step 12 of what."
"Destruction of the sun!"
>"Gallsby no y-"
>"I think the heat has gotten to you."
"Yes, which is why we need to destroy the sun!"
>"Okay fine Gallsby, how are we going to destroy the sun, then?"

No. 576372 ID: 2bfcdf

You get a huge ice cube, right? And you launch it into space, right at the sun. It'll poof right out.

Let's go find/make the biggest ice cube.
No. 576384 ID: 222441

Do something so lewd the sun flees in embarassment
No. 576386 ID: dbe554

Ancient dance to summon the rain gods, who will do battle with sun beast and allow for the greatest of sun blockage with clouds.

And then you'll have maize for years to come.
No. 576388 ID: 363ecd

We moon the sun! The sun can't come out at night! (Cue sunburned butts).

...or, the sun's magic right? We just need to get close enough to anti-magic it! We need to rocket to the sun! Clearly, that's the best plan to cool off!
No. 576404 ID: 55c4cf

Gallsby & Frillsby: Offer to share your popsicle.

Frillsby & Gallsby: "Yes."
No. 576454 ID: 091f1f

blood sacrifices
No. 583732 ID: 0bd34b
File 140504577054.png - (177.26KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 033.png )

"Okay check it, we get this huge ice cube, right?"
"Okay so we'll do something so lewd that the sun flees in embarrassment! We can share eachother's popsicles."
>"Sun sees people bangin' all the time, Gallsby."
"... Ancient rain dance?"
>"The fuck is that?"
>>"I started gettin' real hype and then I hear SOMEBODY DOESN'T LOVE IT. You actin' a foo' if you think you can stop the sun and stop my tan. WE TANNIN' FOREVER, WE IN THERE. ALL SUN ALL THE TIME."
No. 583733 ID: 0bd34b
File 140504585808.png - (154.94KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 034.png )

He seems supremely preoccupied by himself and his muscles so Frillsby starts whispering to me.
>"Gallsby who the fuck is this?!
>"Any idea how to take care of him?"
No. 583734 ID: 74641b

Stab 'im in the dick. Or go inside, he's probably powered by the sun.
No. 583735 ID: ef7fd2

tell him you are willing to compromise: He stands guard as our shade and gets to soak up all the sunrays that would otherwise be wasted on us sun-haters!
No. 583736 ID: 2fd516

The only way to deal with him is to go super-saiyan as well and start punching.
No. 583738 ID: dc4b80

Just tell him that he has shown you the error of your sun hating ways. Ask to learn his secrets to getting a awesome tan while not getting heat stroke.

Then if he remains annoying shove him off the edge of the building while he is flexing.
No. 583745 ID: 26941a


"Geez man, we were kidding. We got like, fluff all over us, its like being stuck under a blanket all day."
No. 583759 ID: f0a5e4

Good point. It's hard to get a tan without bare skin.
Best not to say that lest he decides to skin us so we can better praise the sun.
But yeah sunbro we chill. Well actually, not chill, not at all, but seriously, you need to chill. It's "fun" in the sun, not double homicide in the sun.
No. 583761 ID: 557bac

Gallsby should sneak up and touch his butt. Then, while hes distracted, Frills can sucker punch him. Once he's down for the count you can go get Yams to throw him into the sun.
No. 583767 ID: 6e85c8

Dude needs to chill a bit. Offer him some mushrooms and listen to some trance music.
No. 583773 ID: 638a22

Just wait for the inevitable skin cancer to finish him off for you.
No. 583789 ID: 9fabea

we can't get turnt up if we're dead.
No. 583790 ID: dbe554

Simply praise the sun, he will understand.
No. 583909 ID: dc9b7e

you two are actual police men you can totally take on this guy
No. 584103 ID: 68bbc5

This is a good plan. Try to talk him down and find some common ground. Diplomacy beats violence any day.

Also, I wouldn't try to take him in a direct fight. His power level is probably off the charts and you're weakened by the heat.
No. 587325 ID: 0bd34b
File 140688927258.png - (235.85KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 035.png )

I do the praise the sun gesture but he doesn't react at all! I don't think there will be any jolly cooperation here.
>"Hey man how about having some mushrooms and listening to trance music?"
>>"You a cop?"
"Yeah we're actual police men!"
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. We've seen the error of our sun hating ways."
Then while he's considering this Frillsby starts goin' super saiyan and so do I and we're cool tough guys now.
No. 587326 ID: 0bd34b
File 140688928574.png - (189.75KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 036.png )

>>"Go ahead and try, my sun powers render me INVINCIBLghafguh-"
No. 587327 ID: 0bd34b
File 140688929825.png - (137.64KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 037.png )

Also Yams is here for some reason I dunno. It's kind of weird that he's here maybe we need to figure that out later.
Yams totally throws that dude into the sun and all our problems should be totally solved now. But they're not.
"Frillsby it's still hot! Has all of this been for nothing?!"
>"It'll take about 8 minutes Gallsby geez. It would be ridiculous if it just instantly got cooler."
It's at this point that Frillsby realizes that he's still naked and Yams is here, so he scrambles for his boxers and puts them on.
With all our problems totally solved we're free to do pretty much anything! I'm not sure how we should celebrate though! Maybe I should ask Frillsby or Yams if I can't think of anything.
No. 587328 ID: 9fabea

shrooms and trance

the rooftop is our ibiza except without middle aged people eveyrhwere
No. 587346 ID: f839a9

...are you sure you guys didn't get sunstroke or something. I'm kind of wouldn't be surprised if you're passed out and fever-dreaming right now.
No. 587360 ID: 2fd516

Go bowling!
No. 587375 ID: bb78f2

Lets go to a nightclub and twerk all night long to the beat.
No. 587421 ID: 7fed2a

any cool dive bars in this town? or, alternately, any cool sales on crappy convenience store flavored vodka?
No. 589719 ID: 55c4cf

Suplex Sengen.
No. 598087 ID: 0bd34b
File 141317882831.png - (130.75KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 038.png )

So Gallsby passed the fuck out when we were trying different things to stay cool. It was close enough to night that I've just let him sleep through to the next day. He had also been up for like 60 hours because I had mentioned in passing that it was a bad idea, and he was like "I BET I CAN DO IT AND IT WOULD BE FINE." No amount of "gallsby no" would dissuade him. He's been saying some weird shit in his sleep but it's probably fine. Our air conditioner is fixed now, so we can just chill in all senses of the word now.
Gallsby's still out like a light, and I'm not sure what shenanigans I should get up to with him asleep and no trouble happening.
No. 598090 ID: e34da4

Act like the president. Grab his crotch and ask him if he knows who the Patriots are. Delicately.
No. 598092 ID: 2fd516

Do not molest the sleeping Gallsby. Do not. I'd say draw on him a little but it's not like you can draw on fur.

You could cook something. Or go bowling.
No. 598094 ID: d90668

Set up a recorder next to him so you can embarrass him with his dream ramblings later.

Also you could dress him up and take embarrassing photos in whatever silly outfits you could fit on him without waking him up.
No. 598139 ID: 8b533b

Record dream ramblings and set them to his ringtone. And on the answering machine.

Maybe put a silly hat on him. Drawing on him is a classic, put fur makes that harder. As do your terrifying claw-hands.
No. 598182 ID: 53f127

Smell him a little. Not so much as to be creepy just... you know... get a nose full of that musk.
Nothing creepy just bro shenanigans smell him.
No. 598185 ID: 219868

pile as much food on top of him as you can
No. 598937 ID: 99f815

Steal his underpants and when he wakes up tell him a wizard did it.
No. 599010 ID: 9b9ee7

Stack dog treats on him until he wakes up and shakes them off.
No. 612992 ID: 55c4cf

Can you lift your feet up over your head.
No. 618988 ID: 32e321
File 142077845143.png - (64.33KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 039.png )

>>Molest/do not molest/strip the sleeping Gallsby
I've uh, never actually even seen Gallsby naked. I always end up losing when our dumb bets involve stripping. I look away when helping him get dressed, and we didn't actually look at each other when measuring ourselves. Taking off his underwear now would be like cheating, and I would never hear the end of it. I must acquire his crotch with feats of skill.

>>Stack dog treats/food on him
I can totally play stackems all up on this fool though. I grab a box of treats and start piling them on him.

Some of the treats on his crotch start rising up so I quickly start putting more on and try to not think about the cause of it. Nope. Just gonna keep putting treats on his crotch.

"AAAFHWUHGggggggoddamnit Gallsby."
>"Why aren't you super saiyan anymore? Why are you putting all these treats on me? Is this a way to get cool? Am I cool?"

Current objective: Explain yourself
Ultimate objective: Acquire the crotch
No. 618999 ID: a19cd5

>Grab Gallsby boner
"Explain THIS first."
Route him HARD, just like his erect penis.
No. 619002 ID: a19cd5

"Yes gallsby, but now you are TOO cool. We must warm up."
Proceed to grab boner.
No. 619005 ID: bb78f2

Dude, Frillsby, you already know you're both into each other. Like it isn't obvious. Why haven't you taken the next step yet? I mean, you knew he was gay for a long ass time but he didn't know you were gay. Right? Or do you not know he's gay and you just assumed all those weird flirts were coming from a straight guy so assured of his straightness that he could flirt all he wants with dudes and not give a shit what people think?

I mean, if you KNEW he was gay, but he didn't you, why did you ever ask him yourself? Who's supposed to take the first step?

Why shoot around the bush so damn much, because you're afraid of changing your friendship despite your constant clear arousal for each other that you both have gay boners ALL the time? I mean, is it EVER going to progress or are you both going to be stuck in the friendzone forever because you've both think you're IN the friendzone?
No. 619006 ID: 311774

You gotta grab that boner. Tell him to explain that boner.
And then confiscate his clothes.
No. 619015 ID: 687279

Tell him you were trying to find out how many of these things you could stack on him but I guess now you'll never know.

Then I GUESS you should go out on a date or something. Go to the beach, maybe!
No. 619022 ID: 55c4cf

Tell him that you were just prepping wake-up snackems for when he woke up.

Explain that you never galo'd the sengen.
No. 619027 ID: e34da4

Explain to him you were setting the scene for the next great American novel. You needed the proper inspiration, and sometimes inspiration is hot cool dudes covered in delicious snacks which you then eat.
No. 619035 ID: d90668

Slowly reach out and grab one of the treats on the top of the pile and then slowly lick one side of it. Then stick the treat to his forehead.
No. 619046 ID: 32e321
File 142081941844.png - (59.94KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 040.png )

[Character switch to Gallsby]

>"I was never a saiyan, Gallsby. That was a dream you had."
"wow dang."
>"Our AC is fixed now, and cool dudes covered in treats in the new hot thing. I'm gonna write a novel and this is what all the best novel writers do to get inspiration it's a reasonable course of actions okay."
"dang wow."
"You can do that then, Frillsby. Definitely okay with that happening. Zero protest.
>"But I gotta earn it it's gonna like a sick cheevo Gallsby okay."
"Gotta up your gay murr score."
>"Gallsby no."
"Anyway that's silly, Frillsby. You're silly."
>"F-feats of skill tho."

Dang. He's a goof sometimes and will start thinking he doesn't deserve things unless he earns them in some arbitrary way.
What should I say to get Frillsby to accept the dillsby?
A. "Fight me. First to three gets the D."
B. "You literally saved my life like saving a princess in a vidjeo game. That means you get to grab the princess's dick, like in all the vidjeo games."
C. "You've earned it through winning over my heart and soul. And probably my liver and a maybe a lung."
D. "bruh"
E. Other
No. 619049 ID: 69ab8d


Give him a sporting chance, though. He gets to chose the kind of 'combat' (so he can pick something in his favor). And heck, all three can be different!
No. 619053 ID: d674bc

Option D.
Uhh, y'know, the fourth one.

Or, if that doesn't work, something that would make him earn it, like option A.
No. 619055 ID: bb78f2

Wrestling is the best foreplay. And it's win-win. If you win, you get HIS D. If you lose, well handjob or something else, I don't know!
No. 619063 ID: 0ee153

No. 619064 ID: e6e219

Best out of 3 in naked twister.
No. 619069 ID: bfa142

D. Its so crazy it just might work.
No. 619096 ID: e34da4

Give him the D and some A iykwim
No. 619100 ID: 311774

Nothing's more fair than a fight for the D.
No. 619114 ID: 55c4cf

B and D. For real.
No. 619125 ID: f88fdf

A. I recommend a cock fight.
No. 619347 ID: 32e321
File 142093863203.png - (242.84KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 041.png )

"Okay then fight me. First to three gets the D."
>"Wait what would you get if you win."
"The same thing, I get to grab your D."
>"Gallsby you have giant claws."
"Yeah so just win then."
"Gotta make the stakes high, Frillsby!"
>"...What are we fighting in?"

A. "Loser of the last game picks the next game. Since you always lose you pick first."
B. "Hexagon Heat"
C. "Smash"
D. Other
No. 619349 ID: 311774

Never Smash.
Because Smash is for babies.
No. 619350 ID: 69ab8d

A. Give him a chance before you beat him down with your awesome.
No. 619351 ID: d90668

Naked Twister.
No. 619355 ID: bb78f2

No. 619405 ID: 768e0f

The whole apartment:
rules: The floor is lava. No breakin' stuff.
No. 619529 ID: 55c4cf

Smash, because everything else is for babies.
No. 619553 ID: 20a973

Settle it in Smash.
No. 619589 ID: 687279

No. 619623 ID: fc3f9f

Challenge him to The Oldest Game, just because it sure has been a while since we've seen anyone here play it.
No. 619843 ID: 9b9ee7

A. It's the most reasonable thing.
No. 619855 ID: d9999b


man, I missed that game. go for this.
No. 619858 ID: c6fae3
File 142106245093.png - (40.92KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 042.png )

I challenge him to The Oldest Game, also known as Super Smash Bros 64. I decide to not try and sandbag, he might be able to tell anyway. As the N64 controller is the most perfect controller ever constructed, it'll be fine for me to play with my feet.

"Super Smash Bros. 64!"
>"The NA one, right? Those meat sounds in the Japanese version are fucked up I don't want none of that."
"Yeah son. But you're donezo, Yoshi is real as fuck in this game."
>"I will multi-shine your underwear off."
"Haha what. But you can't jump out of shine in this. Anyway: Best of 5, all Dreamland, you're gonna get rekt."

It turns out Frillsby is good at this video game. I think he might play 64 with Yams or something. I dunno how the hecko he was doing it but he was shining so much. SO much.
>"Land-canceled shines, baby." Oh okay.
The 6 blue lines end up being too strong. I manage to take one game but he ends up winning 3-1.
>"Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! Fox, baby."
"All right, you win the bet."
>"R-right. The bet."
No. 619859 ID: c6fae3
File 142106248067.png - (101.97KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 043.png )

Frillsby's blushing like crazy before I even do anything.
>"...Pretty hot in here huh?"
"Frillsby can you even handle this? Are you going to catch on fire if I pull these down?"
>"No going back on a bet! Gonna grab that dick!"
His face is basically on fire after he says that. I finally pull down my underwear, and he just stares for a while.
No. 619860 ID: c6fae3
File 142106252519.png - (150.02KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyAndGallsby Update 044.png )

Chapter 2 End.
No. 619861 ID: 69d482

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