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File 139001994390.png - (41.02KB , 250x188 , FrillsbyAndGallsby OP0.png )
79118 No. 79118 ID: cf16c8

You can discuss my quest Frillsby & Gallsby here in this thread that I have made for discussion about my quest Frillsby & Gallsby.
I'll be trying to update at least once each day Tuesday-Friday. I can be super slow though so I might miss some days, especially if I'm doing fanart or something.
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No. 79119 ID: d9d1e5

dissin all up in dis disthread
No. 79125 ID: e1609c

Can't wait to see how this quest pans out yo, the art in it is FANTASTIC.
No. 79198 ID: bfbe79

Awkward yet cute gay monster cop partner sex is go. Also fight crime maybe whatever.
No. 79199 ID: bfbe79

Also, do you have a page on any of the art sites or is it all just spread around tg?
No. 79202 ID: a87e3a

I hope all the sexual harassment suggestions die off.
No. 79207 ID: 643aa1

Oh please it's not like it's not being baited / responded to favorably by the character. It was clear it was going to be a quest with a sense of humor from the get-go. And sex is funny with the right context - which this has. You're entitled to dislike it and suggest what you like of course, but there's nothing wrong with making comical sex suggestions in a quest like this. Clearly others agree since that's been half the responses. Ld would be silly to not play off the audience so long as it's within his/her comfort zone.
No. 79209 ID: cf16c8


http://www.furaffinity.net/user/vimes/ has pretty much everything from the past 2 years.
https://www.weasyl.com/~lawyerdog has that and also a few older things.

Cuttin' off the tips of dicks is a bit extreme! The quest is probably not gonna go past nudity, if it even gets there!
No. 79211 ID: d2f04f

comical sex jokes are great, but it's pretty clear that some of the suggesters are fairly obsessed with gay furry sex.

I mean I'm not judging but seriously if that's what you want go participate in a FlynnMerk quest.
No. 79213 ID: dbe554


So..Being hypocritical and telling others to go elsewhere despite having the option to change things a bit or leave?
No. 79214 ID: bfbe79

Okay yeah, the dick snipping thing I assumed was just a 100% joke suggest. I hope. O.O Mine was about... 80% joke ;P. Either way, you da boss. It's been enjoyable thus far in any case. I'm a sucker for weird yet lovable characters.
No. 79218 ID: 7201cc

I dunno, sounds like you're the one in the wrong place.
No. 79227 ID: bfbe79

What he said. Haven't you seen any of LawyerDog's fanart? He may not want much smut in this quest but I think it's fair to say he's comfortable with "teh turrible ghay furrsex (honoes)".

As an aside, I do follow a Flynn quest; and personally I think it's going pretty well lately, so~
No. 79228 ID: a2cfb1

yeah, I'm not gonna continue down this road because it clearly leads to the big dumb arguments thread.
No. 79229 ID: bfbe79

Okay, wasn't trying to argue, sorry if I came off that way. You're entitled to your opinion, didn't mean to come down on ya.
No. 79240 ID: d9d1e5

come for the gay furry sex, stay for the dick snipping is what ma used to say
No. 79251 ID: bfbe79
File 139070229272.png - (699.33KB , 1920x1080 , Frillsby and Gallsby Measure Up text all.png )

So yeah. This happened.
No. 79253 ID: bfbe79
File 139070285788.png - (470.92KB , 1920x1080 , Frillsby and Gallsby Measure no text.png )

And without text. Gave Frillsby some kind of ribbed for her(his?) pleasure dragon guy dick and Gallsby a monstrous uncut porn dick because that's what you get for letting me beat you to it Lawyerdog.
No. 79262 ID: cf16c8

Woe is me, for I am undone!
For real though thanks for the fanart!
No. 79596 ID: 07d373

Are these the canon cannons now
No. 79600 ID: 8ecc1c

Heh, LawyerDog just put up a nude paper doll of Frillsby, and we have the measurements of just under 7 and 8 (Gallsby) if I recall correctly. There is also a good bit of pre quest art of Frillsby in his galleries which I only found after making mine. More than that I think is up to fan speculation I think. Why, are you thinking of adding some fan art? The more the merrier!

Also that's probably the most seriously I've ever discussed dicks on the internet. Clearly this quest brings out the best in us all. (SRS)
No. 79603 ID: 4a5db0

outfit suggestion:
sissified frillsby is best frillsby. also frills are thematically appropriate :3

dress: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-e-kIFYC92YY/TgWHET-2DgI/AAAAAAAAAgM/4ddxpeERpDw/s1600/frilly%2Bdress.jpg

panties: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/91MZkoL5UWL._SL1500_.jpg

and a red bow around his dick reminding us he's a gift that we don't deserve <3

let's further embarrass the cute lil sodium-chloride elemental =3
No. 79606 ID: 7f0da5

Give Frillsby the good ol' Sonic Boom and keep his original outfit but add bandages everywhere. Especially over his slippers. Just all over.
No. 79608 ID: 6e85c8
File 139207585843.png - (104.59KB , 900x600 , FrillsbyPunch.png )

Ain't one o' you nerds doin' this right
No. 79609 ID: 4a5db0

you and your fancy drawing abilities
No. 79614 ID: 6e85c8


you don't need fancy abilities to paper doll just go for it
No. 79622 ID: 07d373
File 139209965616.png - (65.85KB , 900x600 , dol.png )

Done. Everyone else can go home.
No. 79625 ID: a87e3a
File 139210516234.png - (98.02KB , 900x600 , Frillsbydandy.png )

Frillsby gotta be dressed up all dandy.
No. 79639 ID: cef479


Spacu Frirrsby. Baby.
No. 79650 ID: d470e9
File 139217907068.png - (92.45KB , 900x700 , FrillsbyYossi.png )

Complete with soulless stare.
No. 79651 ID: 4a5db0

changed my mind. hella do this. then ride him around XD
No. 79655 ID: cdc393

I second the yoshi rides. Gotta make him do the sound effects too.
No. 79660 ID: 4e75e1

what if

what if Gallsby dressed up as Birdo and

you know
No. 79662 ID: 4d42b5

Dragon guy thing inside a dragon girl thing suit inside a dragon guy thing inside a dragon guy thing suit.

This is some inception shit right hurr.
No. 79677 ID: d9d1e5
File 139226877357.png - (79.99KB , 900x600 , savedincaseofcoldfeet.png )

No. 79683 ID: a87e3a

I don't understand.
No. 79685 ID: cf16c8

All of these are great.
p.s. Voting for outfits is gonna be open until Frillsby is seen again.
No. 79689 ID: bfbe79

Second worst papoose ever. West being the rapper.
No. 79691 ID: bfbe79

Worst, even. Damn autocorrect.
No. 79790 ID: e31ca1

Voting for this one, in every universe.
No. 80188 ID: cf16c8
File 139468867638.png - (112.57KB , 1120x960 , FrillsbyList001FIN.png )

Instead of updating I made dumb lewd images of Frillsby and Gallsby.
No. 80189 ID: cf16c8
File 139468872025.png - (448.89KB , 1280x900 , FrillsbyList002FIN.png )

How Frillsby met Gallsby.
No. 80257 ID: d674bc

Why's he darker in the first one and is the second one canon?
No. 80259 ID: 06a279

The color schemes aren't really canon they're just what I feel like using at the time, Frillsby is probably actually green. The second is a mystery level of canon.

Also oops the first post is a big lie now. I have a full time job now and am not sure where the quest is going so updates are slow.
No. 80261 ID: f44ca3

Noooo you cant leave us on a cliffhanger like this! We need to know whats going to happen to poor Yams.

Loving the quest so far. Good luck with your new job.
No. 80266 ID: b13dec

Lol we are being so mean to Yams. I almost feel bad, but it's just too amusing.
No. 80289 ID: 5aa1fc

not our fault he seems to have been born with a "kick me" note on his back.
No. 81060 ID: cf16c8
File 139809869631.png - (115.31KB , 900x600 , 2014Request001.png )

shhhhhh it's a secret
No. 81061 ID: cf16c8
File 139809872754.png - (173.62KB , 1200x980 , YamsBottomless.png )

No. 81062 ID: cf16c8
File 139809937217.png - (396.12KB , 1000x900 , 1395183337_starit_help.png )

Commission from Starit.
No. 81064 ID: cf16c8
File 139809940234.png - (1.02MB , 1700x1870 , vimes_sketchpage.png )

Commission from Cisqur.
No. 81065 ID: cf16c8
File 139809948056.jpg - (94.75KB , 400x700 , 1395870362_radial_pwyw4.jpg )

Commission from Radial.
No. 81066 ID: cf16c8
File 139809950590.png - (689.62KB , 950x900 , 1396012057_ourhero_f_and_g_1.png )

Commission from Slinkoboy.
No. 81067 ID: cf16c8
File 139809953653.png - (451.82KB , 824x700 , 1396593947_ourhero_f_and_g_2.png )

Commission from Slinkoboy.
No. 81068 ID: cf16c8
File 139809958432.png - (12.56KB , 531x696 , tumblr_n2vn80p9Ll1skb699o1_1280.png )

Fanart from cuoqet.
No. 81071 ID: cf16c8
File 139809960201.png - (18.09KB , 698x741 , tumblr_n3fykkRNA81skb699o1_1280.png )

Fanart from cuoqet.
No. 86531 ID: d674bc

Wait a sec. Frillsby and Gallsby. FaG. You this planned all along.
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