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File 138309283346.png - (50.61KB , 532x365 , Adventure 1.png )
545842 No. 545842 ID: e7fdbd

You awake, you have no idea how long it's been. Apparently you are in a hospital, is this going to be like 28 days later, are there going to be zombies everywhere?

If so you're probably screwed.

You look about the room, it's strangely enough not falling apart despite the apparent lack of life. There is a large locker beside you. And you have no idea where your stuff is. What do you do?
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No. 545843 ID: d9bed9

Look around, examine your surroundings. Check to see if there's anything you can use as a weapon. Assuming there ARE zombies of some description. Also, is the hospital staffed? Are there signs someone other than you has been here?
No. 545844 ID: d2b9fe

Geeze, you wake up in a hospital and assume the place is empty, and the world is going to end? You have some issues with pessimism, my friend.

I mean, at the very least, somewhat got you here.

First step, look around. Hello, anyone here? There a call button to push? If the hospital is staffed, you can find out what happened to you.

Also, check yourself out. How are you, besides that IV, uh, cuffed to your arm? Kind of odd.
No. 545846 ID: 9ddf68

take out wires and loot locker
No. 545847 ID: e7fdbd
File 138309566659.png - (52.50KB , 532x365 , Adventure 2.png )

You are indeed very pessimistic, mostly because you have seen this many times before and should probably stop watching so many movies.

You inspect your body and slip the IV out, wincing at the sight of it, seems you grew some hair and a bit of stubble since your sleep. Nothing too bad.

The phone is dead, sadly, so clearly you need to explore the hospital itself. You turn to the locker, if anything of playing video games tells you, is that you are a nerd and this locker is filled with weapons and loot.

How the hell do you get it open?
No. 545850 ID: 7bbaae

Well you could see if you developed super strength while you were out, but aside from that I doubt you'll be able to.

Is there a door out of the room? Or anything else lying around?
No. 545852 ID: d2b9fe

Jiggle the lock? Maybe it's not actually locked.

Failing that, you could see if there are any tools in the room to cut or break the lock off with, or if the lock is shoddy enough that you can cram something besides a key in there to open it.
No. 545853 ID: 5fd94e

Ya, lets make sure something bad is up before you resort to vandalism. Or if you would rather focus on the dead phone as a good warning you can find something hard and thin to pry the hinge pins out to get a look inside if it's a cheap locker.
No. 545860 ID: e7fdbd
File 138310220880.png - (68.58KB , 516x435 , Adventure 3.png )

You search about on the ground since you clearly don't have super strength, nerd, and you find the typical items. A empty can of soda, a few old magazines, a key and a pile of ashes with some glasses sticking out of it.

Wait what?

You suddenly realize that something is out of place. The Magazines are from 1993 and it is 2013, who would use those now and days?

You then realize something else, but what is it?
No. 545861 ID: d2b9fe

That key is huge. It's the size of that soda can. Too big for the lock, I suppose?

...what kind of soda is it?
No. 545865 ID: e7fdbd
File 138310316013.png - (18.69KB , 295x194 , Adventure 4.png )

Apparently it is a generic name brand cola. Nothing special. You are now feeling thirsty, you should totally visit the cafeteria, but first the locker holding loot.

You have materials at your disposal, how do you open it?
No. 545867 ID: d2b9fe

Try to pick or jimmy the lock with the arms of the glasses.

...or you could try the key, if it fits.
No. 545870 ID: 4a27cd

That's a key, which doesn't look like a car key so maybe it's the key to the locker.

Also, there seems to be a scorch mark on the wall behind the ashes, which suggests spontaneous combustion, suicide by self-immolation with rocket fuel, that the glasses were previously stuck on a cardboard standee that was set on fire (instead of a person), or a surprisingly tidy thermal energy weapon (a plasma projector perhaps).
No. 545872 ID: b8ceae

20-year-old magazines? Suspicious.
A pile of ashes with somebody's glasses in them? REALLY suspicious.

What technology is in the room? What year does THAT seem to be from?
No. 545952 ID: aabe6e
File 138313968618.png - (73.76KB , 593x592 , Adventure 5.png )

You jam the key into the lock, it fits and you can open the locker now.

You open the locker and find what else? Clothes. You put the clothing on and it feels quite nice. You feel as if you could stride along in pride wearing this ensemble! It's comfortable so that's good.

You dig about some more and find nothing. What do you do now?
No. 545956 ID: d2b9fe

Geeze. You want to run around in a creepy mask? You want people to think you're crazy?

Is that circuity by the eyes? Does the mask do anything? Like augmented vision or...?
No. 545959 ID: 3bc411

before you try and leave the room listen for any noise on the other side before you open it.
No. 545975 ID: 89d726

Oh my god, did someone spontaneously combust? Is that a pile of human ashes?
No. 545988 ID: d9bed9

Gentlemen, this looks like someone caught a small case of MURDER.
No. 545992 ID: 4a27cd

If I had to guess, probably no because anything hot enough to turn a person into a small pile of ashes like that would probably burn up, or at least damage the glasses too. It's worth a closer look.
No. 546018 ID: 95d843
File 138317983554.png - (64.21KB , 347x659 , Adventure 6.png )

You press your head to the door. You hear nothing. Kind of creepy.


Oh. It's just your empty stomach. What do you do next?
No. 546024 ID: d9bed9

Do you have food? If not, find food. This is your primary mission.
No. 546048 ID: 7bbaae

Open the door and step outside.
No. 546099 ID: aabe6e
File 138322261877.png - (36.61KB , 594x564 , Adventure 7.png )

You step outside because you have no food and you must hunt. It's a Hospital so the Cafeteria shouldn't be too far away.

You come across four pathways. A door, A set stairs leading up, some stairs leading down, and some... curving path thing.

Where the hell do you go?
No. 546104 ID: d2b9fe

No long white corridors? Staircases going in opposite directions on other sides of the hall (instead of adjacent), and not behind closed doors?

Doesn't look like any hospital I've ever seen.

Try the door.
No. 546106 ID: a5188f

wiggly jiggly path is a go!
No. 546119 ID: 7bbaae

Check the door first.
No. 546121 ID: 001618

you're in a hospital, aren't there any signs for you to follow?
No. 546141 ID: 95d843
File 138325757107.png - (87.18KB , 729x659 , Adventure 8.png )

Since there are no signs, you take the strange curved pathway, because you have no idea where you are going. Is this a Tutorial level? Stop thinking like that nerd!

You come across two more doors. One that says it's not safe, and the other claiming it's not a trap. Either one is not helpful. Which one do you go for?
No. 546142 ID: 7bbaae

Go left. Let's not trust the red writing.
No. 546143 ID: 9ddf68

left door is closer go there.
No. 546168 ID: 95d843
File 138327151014.png - (86.13KB , 895x555 , Adventure 9.png )

You enter the left door since either one will probably lead you to a trap, only to find-!

The cafeteria... huh. Really? Alright then, you are still hungry, the Cafeteria is empty, there aren't even tables, a tumbleweed roles through. You think you saw a sign advertising the specials.

"Pizza, Perogies, steak sandwhiches, hot beef and mushroom stew,"

You also think you see something on the counter. Your hunger can probably wait, what do you do?
No. 546175 ID: a5188f

Maybe it can wait, but why not deal with it now?
Let's look behind the counters for food.
No. 546176 ID: 7bbaae

Look at that thing on the counter.
No. 546186 ID: 9ddf68

well if no one is here to hell with the cafeteria go raid the kitchen.
No. 546187 ID: d2b9fe

Check counter.
No. 546211 ID: aabe6e
File 138331041209.png - (123.16KB , 746x566 , Adventure 10.png )

You check out the counter and find the specials of the day, AWESOME! It's all stuff you like! You should totally find something to carry this stuff since you will need food rations.

You will raid the fridge after.

You also find two strangely engraved M1911s. Guns. Well then you found your weapons! You take them and grab a few perogies and munch down.

What next to do?
No. 546214 ID: 5869f6

Check your ammunition. That is, how much you have.
No. 546220 ID: 9ddf68

do you even know how to shoot a gun? anyways you're next to the kitchen right? they have got to have something in there that would help you carry crap, like a dolly or something.
No. 546262 ID: 9675cf
File 138334551118.png - (75.74KB , 852x422 , Adventure 11.png )

There are 7 rounds in each magazine of the guns, so you only got 14 shots in total. Wonderful. You stash them away in your coat.

You step into the kitchen and find a bag on the counter, it seems like a typical fabric lunch bag, you flip it open, and are treated to a strange grid like interface. What the hell?

What do you do?
No. 546264 ID: eaa372

Disregard the grid, nothing to see here, just a useful bag. Does it have a shoulder strap?
No. 546265 ID: 7bbaae

Try putting some pizza in it.
No. 546268 ID: ff22de

Place a food item (perferably something that will work well in the bag, instead of something messy.) Next, put a different food item and see what happens.
It's like a game-items in the bag go onto that grid.
Also, should really eat now if you're hungry- something tells me you'll not want to keep coming back here every time you want to snag a bite to eat!
No. 546278 ID: 9675cf
File 138335189234.png - (32.80KB , 363x226 , Adventure 12.png )

You pick up the bag and bring it near the pizza. Nothing, you attempt to grab the pizza and it vanishes. You look back into the lunch bag, in one of the grid sections the Pizza now occupies it, all 14 slices. AMAZING!

It has a small strap so you start to pack food away into the bag as best you can. With thermoses and plastic tubs you fill up the food bag. Sadly your artist is too lazy to draw this out at the moment.

You should probably get out of the hospital. But how? Backtrack to the hallway? Go to that other door with the big warning sign? climb out a window? You never did find out what floor you were on.

How do you leave the hospital?
No. 546280 ID: 9675cf
File 138335214891.png - (38.40KB , 363x226 , Adventure Food Bag Inventory 2.png )

(As a added bonus! Here is the bag with the stuff!)
No. 546285 ID: 7bbaae

Back to the hallway. Let's not go to the trapped room yet.
No. 546287 ID: c1f19a

If this is a genuine building there should be multiple stairwells that serve for emergency evacuation. The fact that somehow you're carrying food in an 'interface' instead of playing real-world-tetris with it suggests that you may not be in a genuine, physical reality however.
Look on the walls for direction signs and floorplan maps, if this is a hospital those should be EVERYWHERE so that all the visitors don't get lost. Also, we could use a good crowbar or aluminum bat if you find one, so check all the various offices you find for likely candidates (plus any other interesting loot).
No. 546291 ID: 9675cf
File 138335424295.png - (50.22KB , 713x418 , Adventure 13.png )

There is a point there, this clearly isn't a regular hospital anymore. Something is up with the world and you want to know. You scan the kitchen and find two doors labelled exit.

One is a refrigerator with the words "Loot and Exit" painted on it. The other is a plain old exit.

Where do you go?
No. 546293 ID: 7bbaae

Pull open the fridge from the side so you aren't in front of it when it opens. I'd like to get an indication of if we can trust green text.
No. 546343 ID: 9675cf
File 138340822131.png - (43.05KB , 448x309 , Adventure 14.png )


You sit there for a few minutes until it dies down? Do you look back in?
No. 546359 ID: 7bbaae

Yeah, take a look.
No. 546360 ID: f828df

yes ofc
No. 546363 ID: 9675cf
File 138341853132.png - (43.92KB , 392x464 , Adventure 15.png )

You look back inside, there is another door that says "Freedom" and a sapphire blue sword. SWEET! You take the sword, do you still trust the sword?
No. 546364 ID: 9675cf

D'OH! I mean the Door.
No. 546369 ID: d9bed9

No. 546378 ID: 9675cf
File 138342292668.png - (123.27KB , 826x611 , Adventure 16.png )

That is true, you can't stop now! You hold onto the sword and step outside, to be treated to a empty area, with only a strange sign, and a backpack. You grab the bag and feel something.

Your mask is glowing now, a HUD appears in the eyes, depicting your health and stamina. This confuses you, you open the bag and try putting the lunch bag and the sword in, with a loud "shwoop!" they are gone. Huh. You'll check out the bag later.

You look about and you see a sign with a newspaper clipping of a few months ago, Aliens have visited. Well then! Slept through a alien invasion, is that why things are weird? Must be.

What is your next course of action?
No. 546381 ID: 9ddf68

well there's a gun behind the sign so you could grab that
No. 546384 ID: 5869f6

Look! There's a rifle behind that sign, pick it up and see if it has any ammo left.
No. 546428 ID: 9675cf
File 138344385471.png - (67.72KB , 605x536 , Adventure 17.png )

You pick up the rifle and some magazines and begin walking. It's a Remmington 700! Cool! A bolt action rifle should last you a long time, you look at the HUD now that your mask stopped glowing, you got like, 6 rounds for it, plus 3 extra magazines.

You continue walking but realize you have no idea where you are going. You think you saw a sign that said there was a city off forwards, a old town off to your left, a mining town off to your right, a campground with a bunker to your far left, and a test sight for something to your far right.

So many choices with so many outcomes.
No. 546433 ID: 097017

nab the signpost and the clipping while your at it. You never know when you might need a 10-foot pole.
No. 546435 ID: 53ba34

yeah, just everything into the bag. it's already containing things that should be impossible for it's size.
No. 546507 ID: 097017

Locks are useful. Go back to the hospital and clear house. Take everything.
No. 546514 ID: 9675cf
File 138351097121.png - (42.74KB , 434x395 , Adventure 18.png )

You grab the clipping and the sign, not sure why though.

You decide you should probably get moving, or maybe hunt for a vehicle nearby, or check out your new backpack and see if anything came with it.

You have a lot to do and a lot to find out. And the newspaper clipping doesn't say any more about the invasion.
No. 546600 ID: c1f19a

Does the clipping say anything about what date it's from? Can we make an educated guess how long civil society has broken down by looking around us? If this world has any reality to it that could be useful information.

Besides this, we want to look for a vehicle, a good place to check for one would be a car dealership or mechanic, possibly. If society has been broken down for long enough however, there may be no cars in working condition besides the ones still used regularly. Either way, looking for a vehicle and setting up a few places to stay with caches of weapons and supplies is how I always go about trying to survive post-disaster scenarios.
No. 546616 ID: aabe6e
File 138357468614.png - (22.47KB , 447x410 , Adventure 19.png )

You look at the clipping, June 3rd 2013? It looks like there is snow on the ground, so December at least. Has it been 6 months? Shit you've been out for awhile!

There are no vehicles immediately around you. You start walking, you cross out the bunker and the test site off your list. Those won't have any vehicles around them most likely. And if they do, the Bunker's in some woods, and covered in snow, no point there, and the test site will probably just have experimental stuff you don't even know how to drive.

That leaves the City, the Town, and the mining village. Where to go?
No. 546673 ID: d9bed9

Go to the city. Civilization means stores, which means lots of looting to do. Plus, it's likely someone else has survived.
No. 546692 ID: c1f19a

I'd say avoid the city because cities depend more strongly on modern transport networks to exist than towns or villages, and those survivors would've burnt through most of their supplies pretty quick unless there were many more casualties than places stocked with canned goods and long-shelf-life stuff.
Plus, if the aliens are hostile and keeping a watch anywhere it's probably the cities.

I suggest going to the town, because it's more likely to have independent food-supply than the mining village or city.
No. 546693 ID: 7bbaae

I'll agree with town.
No. 546755 ID: 010371
File 138369424774.png - (86.08KB , 656x686 , Adventure 20.png )

You enter the town after about a hour of walking, it's still dark outside and there are a few buildings, all of them still intact. Huh, well then. There are a few houses, a police station, a convenience store, there should be a dealership farther in. Also you see something, it looks like someone.
No. 546769 ID: 7bbaae

Walk around the side of the building to get a look at the figure but keep like 10 feet of space between you and it. If it's human, say hello.
No. 546787 ID: 010371
File 138371288326.png - (77.57KB , 575x525 , Adventure 21.png )

You step around the side of the building, keeping a close eye on the figure. It isn't human.

In your head you here, "Greetings human... Welcome to this quaint little town,"

Crap it's one of the aliens, seems kinda weird, like a grey, but he's rather friendly... strange, and his eyes are glowing.

"Might I ask what you are doing here?"

You tell him that you are looking for survival supplies and a vehicle.

"I can understand that. There is a impound lot not that far off, sadly it's guarded by a psychic shield. You could charge through it, may scramble your brain a bit. You could try shooting the emitters, it' be a waste of ammo but they'd break... eventually,"

This doesn't sound so good? Is there a third option?

"Yes Human. Yes there is. My kind is known for breaking the mental and physical barriers, I can easily shield you to get in there. Sadly I am hungry, and some of my personal belongings I need are in the police station,"

This seems archetypal in a adventure. What should you do? Opt to shoot the barrier? Charge through like a maniac? Help the alien? Or look for other options?
No. 546797 ID: c6db79

maybe we should ask him what the hell is going on. explain we woke up at a hospital a little while ago. offer to help him get his stuff in exchange for explaining the basis of what is going on, and helping us though the barrier.
No. 546798 ID: 7bbaae

Yeah we should probably find out what exactly the situation is before we take any drastic measures. Obviously, not all aliens are hostile, but it sounds like there are others that have taken over things. How about a history lesson?
No. 546832 ID: aabe6e
File 138374909058.png - (82.74KB , 767x554 , Adventure 22.png )

You pour some of your stew broth from one of the thermoses into the cup and hand it to the Alien. You ask him about what happened while you were out in a coma and why you were in a coma.

"I can not tell you of why you were in a coma. Perhaps you were one of the many that couldn't at first comprehend the psychic field we emitted when we first came to this planet,"

Does this mean you have superpowers?

"No you do not have superpowers. Your mind may have just needed to adjust to our field. It's how I can talk to you now without you becoming brain-dead."

What about the occupation, what date is it?



"...OH! You were wondering for this planet, ah, January 1st, 2014. Happy new year,"

Oh... phew. Okay so how about the occupation?

"We came in with many ships of... varying factions, there was fighting at first, a lot of bloody deaths, But other than that, once the fighting was over, we negotiated and helped elevate humanity a bit and helped you colonize your solar system, there is a colony on the moon now, we've also introduced you to Galactic trade. Various species now inhabit this planet, but it's rather... unruly,"

Oh. Well thank you for the infodump. Achievement unlocked "History Class" NERD!

So then, You'll help the alien get his stuff back and he'll help you get through the barrier at the impound lot. Time to go to the police sta-

"Wait. There are 4 bandits in there. It's why I haven't gone myself, I would have been shot and killed, but you are clearly armed. I can see two pistols in your coat,"

Are they really that obvious? You give him a nod and walk off to the police station? What are you going to do about the bandits? Walk in and shoot? Sneak? Slash em with your sword? Offer them your food? What else can you do?
No. 546834 ID: 097017

knock them out from behind and drag them into locker OH WAIT YOU DON'T HAVE A LOCK.

I suggest using the Grey's psyching abilities as a scope and spotter as you snipe them. If you can get used to it, it'd would be very useful to see out of two pairs of eyes. Maybe if you're a crackshot you can aim to disable rather than kill?
No. 546920 ID: c1f19a

Who are these bandits and what is psychic dude here missing? If I were a psychopathic asshole seeing an obvious patsy wandering around I'd slap together a hard-luck story quick. If all goes according to plan the fool would piss off the people previously after me for long enough that they forget about me, and if it doesn't work it's no big loss.

Let's go scouting, I'm tempted to just walk right up and knock on the door.
No. 547038 ID: 010371
File 138387778501.png - (90.60KB , 500x534 , Adventure 23.png )

There is a point there, the alien might be playing you, so you look through the window of the police station, you notice a gun cabinet. Sweet! Ammo! and you notice the four "Bandits"

3 of them are generic winter bandits while one is a large hulking brute, with a robot right arm, that seems to have some sort of weapon... huh. Well you can't judge based on appearances or glowing red eyes.

You decide to try and listen to the conversation.

"Get it right ya' gits! Dat map's the only way we're getting around dis 'ere rock!"

"Sorry boss!" "Maybe we should go back and ask that grey what the map does,"

"Of course! An' maybe' we should give'em back his spaceship keys!"

Okay that's... that's less good.

"We gotta lotsa places to bring under our boot! and 4 isn't strong enough. Get ourselves' a spaceship, then we walk the walk."

Okay that tears it, these guys are evil. It's typical, this must be the tutorial level.
No. 547042 ID: 7bbaae

If you can snipe the big one through the window, the fight will go easier. Try to stay hidden if you can, and circle around after the snipe to flank the others.
No. 547043 ID: 5869f6

The rifle should have enough power to put down the big one. Aim for the head, keep your hands steady.
And remember, don't pull the trigger, squeeze.
No. 547063 ID: 53ba34

if these are what they sound like then yes, killing the big one would make it way easier.
No. 547134 ID: 010371
File 138396192722.png - (120.74KB , 768x616 , Adventure 24.png )

You find a mound, take aim, and fire. the bullet hits him square in the head, you are certain that must have killed him.

It doesn't. In fact that only enrages him into shooting a wall and jumping out, his robot arm spewing lasers.

Shit shit shit! You chamber another round and take aim. FIRE! It only pisses him off more! You duck back behind your mound of snow. Should you shoot him again? Where should you shoot if headshots do nothing?
No. 547139 ID: f06271

Screw bullets! This guy needs BLUE SWORD ACTION!
No. 547141 ID: 8eb1e2

Shoot him in the groin! Hopefully it will hit a major artery. If nothing else, it ought to make him walk slower so you can get away if you need to.
No. 547142 ID: 7bbaae

He must not have anything in his head. Try aiming for his energy pack, make it explode.
No. 547150 ID: 53ba34

how tough is it's skull if a bullet bounces off?
No. 547157 ID: 010371
File 138396787315.png - (44.51KB , 393x379 , Adventure 25.png )

You have a sudden urge in you. You put away the Remington and pull out one of your pistols, you run at the alien and try swiping at his energy pack! VICTORY YOU HAVE SEPERATED HIM FROM HIS WEAPON'S POWER SOURCE!

He seems rather disoriented so you jab the sword in his pack and wrap your arm around his neck, or what you assume is his neck, and bring the sword up and stab him in it! DIE ALREADY!

His minions start to come to his aid, you finally use that gun you have, firing off shot after shot, you get at least 1, and you think you've wounded the other, but the pistol is out of ammo. DAMNIT!


With a resounding thud the alien finally dies, you stand up and pull the sword, the 2 remaining bandits still stand there, with guns still pointed at you. Okay... you could reach for the other pistol, try to frighten them off, slash at them, or something, what do you do?
No. 547158 ID: 53ba34

try and scare them
"i kill your boss without getting hurt, what makes you think i can't kill you too?"
No. 547168 ID: 7bbaae

They're not shooting yet. That means they are either intimidated or thankful. You coouuuld try to tell them you're their new boss?
No. 547175 ID: c1f19a

"What were you two doing following a total dumbass like that guy, really? You seem to have the brains not to pick a fight at this stage, so I'm guessing you're smarter than he was."
No. 547299 ID: 010371
File 138405655552.png - (148.60KB , 1020x686 , Adventure 26.png )

You turn to talk to the bandits about one of many things, only to see them run off, you shrug, it's what bandits do.

You pick up a strange metal object with a strange floating orb. This must be the map they were talking about, maybe it belongs to the grey.

Anyway with that done you should head back there? Anything left here? Loot for weapons? Ammo? Maps or stuff? Or should you just head back?
No. 547301 ID: 53ba34

can you fit the leader's arm in your pack? a big blaster gun should have loads of scrap you can use.
No. 547307 ID: c1f19a

We should acquire 1) alien ally, and 2) their ride. What we should loot depends an awful lot on where we're going and how much room we have for it.
No. 547735 ID: aabe6e
File 138426588083.png - (80.20KB , 560x438 , Adventure 27.png )

You decide to look through your bag for once before seeing a interface. Different from the lunch bag, it has everything listed, Ooooh! Maybe it's like the Pokemon bags!

You check engineering and find 36 of... scrap. Huh. Just a bunch of scrap metal, and... you think a lightbulb.

Very well then. So you have an idea of what the bag does, you hack off the arm and "shwooop" it into the bag.

Now for the locker, you open it up and find 11 M1911 magazines, just what you need, and another magazine for your Remington. What else do you find?
No. 547762 ID: 86c259

Assuming we end up dealing with more things that have *hands* some handcuffs could be useful, and we still don't have any durable rations so some trail mix and canned goods would be useful. Holsters and belts may be worthwhile?
I'm also interested in what this place might have in either the crowd-control or SWAT storage. Bulletproof vests have to be specifically sized so it's probably not even worth looking at those.
No. 547888 ID: aabe6e
File 138435048267.png - (38.25KB , 657x419 , Adventure 28.png )

You walk up to the SWAT Storage. Shit it's locked. So, look for a key? Force it open with the sword? Shoot it with the Remington?
No. 547956 ID: 86c259

Worthwhile question: Are the lights on here? If so there's probably an alarm. I'm tempted to suggest slashing a hole in the wall next to the door instead of attempting to open or break the door, but I haven't got any idea if that would work or not.
No. 547984 ID: 53ba34

so what if the alarm is on? who's gonna care?

cut a semi-circle around the knob and lock. o the door or wall, doesn't matter.
No. 548040 ID: 45951f

Sorry everyone. School stuff. Gotta put this on hiatus for awhile.))
No. 548773 ID: 45951f
File 138473630699.png - (111.89KB , 832x461 , Adventure 29.png )

((I have returned!))

You grab your pistols and load the other one, 10 magazines left, 5 for each. You point both at the lock and fire at the same time, you here a crack and you look down, somehow shrapnel isn't in your face. You try opening the door, still locked.

You let out a frustrated grunt before you stab the sword at the lock, another crack and you try opening it again. Success!

You open the door to the storage room, there are shelves and what appear to be mounts to hold guns, most are empty, while the shelves seem to have various loot on them?

Rifle through them 1 by 1 and see what's worthwhile? Or clear house and see what you get?
No. 548774 ID: 5869f6

Take whatever you can carry, perhaps you can trade or sell a few arms for other things. And scavange every last nook and cranny for ammo.
No. 548775 ID: d315b1

Take that Gameboy.
No. 548778 ID: 7bbaae

I am most interested in that huge-barreled gun. Let's take that for our primary weapon now.
No. 548784 ID: 53ba34

silencer seems like it would be useful.

but yeah, anything you don't use could be useful in trade.
No. 548814 ID: 362ad5
File 138474714115.png - (158.36KB , 789x496 , Adventure 30.png )

It is a happy day! It is a loot day! You search about and find plenty of ammo, nothing that can fit into your existing guns, but good stuff! SMG magazines, a few pistol mags, 24 shotgun shells, sadly no shotgun, and a speedloader for a revolver.

As for the physical loot, this makes you happy as now you have entertainment, a 3DS, a Gameboy and a Gameboy advanced with a bag filled with games and a bag of batteries, you won't even question why this was in the SWAT storage, this is good!

You find nothing else other than a MP5SD, a silenced SMG, a H&K MK23 with a silencer and flashlight/laser sight attachment, and a snub nose Python. Fate has been good to you today!

You should probably go back to the Grey and advance the first quest, or see if there is any dry and canned foods in here? Or maybe try something else.
No. 548819 ID: 7bbaae

Some canned goods would be good for the long term food situation. Speaking of which, I wonder if the food can go bad while it's in our high-tech storage solution?

Might be a good idea to figure out how the mask works too. Try and activate those hp meters.
No. 548912 ID: 362ad5
File 138481313168.png - (131.67KB , 604x444 , Adventure 31.png )

You walk down to the hallway eating a Steak sandwich, tastes good, the pantry isn't too far off and should be unlocked.

You also realize you haven't notice much about your mask, so you decide to try using it, is it a mind reader?

[Activate Mask] You think.

Bleep! A HUD appears in front of you, your mask isn't glowing, thankfully.

"MaskTec Welcomes you!" A soft voice rang in your ears, huh, the Mask and Cowl comes with earbuds... cool.

"Welcome to your Customizable Heads up Display, would you like a tutorial? Or would you like to skip?"


"Very well, you may customize your mask in any way, just click on the Info tab" A small little blue tab appeared in the top of the display, "For more about the Display itself, click customize" another tab "To change your options,"

Alright then. [Display Health bar]

Bleep. A little blue bar appeared in the bottom left, oh that's nice. Hm? More info? [Select More info]

Huh. Seems you got slightly bruised a bit, you wondered what that tingling feeling was. Impressive.

Oh! Seems your here at the Pantry. Clear house again and head back to the Grey? Or check if anything has expired.
No. 548925 ID: b64cdd

This Just In: Don Quixote Discovers the Big Rock Candy Mountains, Fights Aleins and Doesnt Afread of Anything

I guess the world just falls into our lap, eh? I mean GUNS and FOOD everywhere and the bosses go down in two turns max, guaranteed! So forget the cans, and come let us discover increasingly improbable ways of indulging our pre-adolescent fantasies!

Sully Forth, Grey Pancho!
No. 548927 ID: 53ba34

what? no dude, that was the tutorial boss, bosses probably can kill us if you are careless.

stuff it all in the sack and let's finish this mission.
No. 548944 ID: 362ad5
File 138482327205.png - (158.71KB , 720x686 , Adventure 32.png )

You stuff everything in your bag, it's a strange world. But that first boss did feel rather easy. Maybe he wasn't a actual boss?

You quickly check what counts for medical and discover it's been raided. Of course, no medical supplies.

So you turn about and head to go back outside, time to complete this tutorial.


AAAOWWW! You drop to the ground, clutching your shoulder while trying to clutch your leg as well. What hit you? You look up... oh...

"Ssssstaaay doooown..." the thing responds in a grave voice.

Shit this must be one of the enemies.

"Yooouu are naaaaive... yoooouuu wiiiilll liiive looonger iif yoou staaay ooon this plaaanet, iin this tooown..."

Rather weird speech pattern... and rather threatening.

"Thiiis is a leeeeveeeel oooonee shotguuun... iiiit fiiires smaaaal stoooping rooounds. Peeeerfeeect for leeeaaarners..."

Wait... WHAT?! That thing just crippled you, and dropped you down tooo.... 49%?! Still dropping as well.

"Staaaaaay heeeeere iiiin thiiiis toooown..." He drops you some medical supplies and walks away. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!

You take the supplies, some bandages and a splint... funny. with your good arm you wrap up your wounds as best as you can. You can't stop now! Shit you don't know how to properly bandage yourself... When you get back to the grey, you're gonna have some choice words. Better think up some good responses on the way there...
No. 548945 ID: 097017

have your deus ex maskina walk you through the process of healing yourself via augmented reality.
No. 548969 ID: 362ad5
File 138482731722.png - (81.32KB , 756x455 , Adventure 33.png )

That seems like a pretty good idea as you limp along. [Display help]

"What do you need?" [Healing self?] "To heal yourself, take first aid, or visit a hospital," [How do I use first aid?] "Take lessons on first aid," [Can I get them from you?] "Question not recognized" [Can I learn first aid from my mask] "Negative" [Well you are useful... Just... can I make it back to the Grey without passing out?]

KABLAM! Ow! Okay... apparently that... THING is still here. Are you bleeding? You check. No. What about your mask, what's the status.

You see cracks in the mask, the HUD is gone. Shit. Guess that guy was serious, Well now you can't tell how hurt you are, that's going to make things a lot more difficult.

You step up to the impound lot, a large opaque shield is surrounding it.

"Greetings friend," You hear. It's the Grey.

"Do you have my map?" You hold up the device. "Most excellent, interstellar travel is deadly without a 4D map. Oh, seems you are injured."

Can the Grey heal you?

"I cannot heal you, I can only affect the mind, not the body,"

Then the shield? "It is a psychic shield, it harms the mind, that I can protect you from. Seems also your MaskTec is broken,"

I noticed... Look can we get this done?

"Of course," He stashes the map away and waves his hands over you. You don't feel any different.

"Best move now, I can only sustain your protection for so long, please deactivate the shield when you step in,"

You nod and limp in as fast as you can. Time to get to the end of this!
No. 548970 ID: 362ad5
File 138482732117.png - (52.80KB , 470x638 , Adventure 34.png )

You enter the shield, still rather opaque, a grey looking building sits inside. No cars out front, not even any sign of what causes the shield in the first place.

Okay... You decide to set your options for yourself, your set goal is to get a car or a truck or at least something that moves.

Hunt for Fuel around the lot, hunt for working vehicles out back, hunt for the transmitters of the shield.
No. 549034 ID: 36c336

I don't even know.
Without understanding what the heck was going on with hissy-dude and the shotgun I can't begin to set long-term goals appropriately besides, "Stock up on consumables, make friends, keep watch, practice skills and vigilance."
That is a worthwhile starter list though, and if we're getting a damn headache from that emitter here then if it's close enough to find our priority is to take it out.
No. 549050 ID: 53ba34

near as i can tell it sensed you asking too many questions.

open the medkit and see what's in it.
No. 549552 ID: f3cffb

I apologize to everyone still reading for the Lack of updates. Some stuff is still going on in my personal life so I will try to update at least by tomorrow.))
No. 549610 ID: 36c336

Shit happens, if a delay is gonna be less than two weeks don't sweat it too much, although some people may give up if you don't put in the effort.

No. 549718 ID: a56de7
File 138534305780.png - (65.73KB , 650x402 , Adventure 35.png )

You step into the building of the dealership, a lot brighter inside, huh, time to go lo-


You turn and see a man standing behind a desk, with a shotgun pointed at you.

"Now don't you move!" He shouts, "Or else you're gonna get a face full of buckshot!"

Whoa calm down! I just came here to turn off the emitter and get a car.

"Car's cost money! Do you have Cred?"

Cred... wow you are out of the loop.

"It's the current human currency, simple and used by everyone. Cred. Don't got cred? Get trading!"

Okay then... Oooh! Maybe some of the stuff you grabbed could work. You don't feel like parting with the pistols though, but you decide to ask some questions first. Can the man answer questions?

"Yeah I can talk. But I can only answer 2... those are your free deals. Start trading stuff for more."

Hmm... only 2 answers, okay gotta be smart.

Ask about the state of affairs
Ask about history
Ask about emitter location
Ask about how to survive

What other options do you have and what do you pick? You just want a car but this can really be helpful.
No. 549726 ID: d7b500

Hrrm...History can give us a nice grasp on teh situation, assuming we get a nice amount of it.
Emitter location/how 2 survive seems like decent second questions, but which one...I'm guessing the Emitter shouldn't be TOO hard to find soo I figure how 2 survive is the question we want to ask.
No. 549780 ID: 53ba34

history and how to survive.
No. 549786 ID: 36c336

Uh, considering that we aren't whizzing away into outer space with that alien right now not having our head EXPLODE seems like it might be more important than just about anything.
Just a little bit, eh?
No. 549976 ID: a56de7
File 138551889358.png - (37.99KB , 242x224 , Adventure 36.png )

You figure it'd be best to ask about the Emitter and how to survive. You also place 3 of the 24 shotgun shells you found for some history.

"Alright then, Emitter is on the top of the building," The lot-owner answers. Excellent!

"As for surviving, you have guns right?"

Yeah and a sword.

"Good, that'll help ya against bandits and other freaks, Food is a different story, you can find it almost anywhere, So that's the good news, if you look hard enough. I suggest mostly canned and dried stuff," Okay this is sounding a bit like Fallout New Vegas Hardcore mode. "That's merely for just making it, to survive, maybe even eventually thrive. You need a vehicle, something to transport you about with the ability to take plenty of damage!" Oooh! Borderlands!

"Now why did you hand me 3 shotgun shells?" You respond by letting him know you want a history lesson, you know that aliens invaded, what next?

The Lot-owner pulls out a few newspapers and sets them down.

"If you've heard properly aliens did invade, and that there was a bloody war. Who started it exactly isn't know, we just know that even though it ended with humanity reaching the stars, it didn't mean good things for earth..."


"What? No! Earth is a protected planet now. Can't mine it or strip it of resources, Galactic Community almost threw a shit fit when they found out we were still doing that."

...Oh... now you feel silly.

"Anyway one of the advancements during the war that came out was MaskTec. It was originally developed for military use within gas masks, but eventually came out to the public, the ability to see your state of being was something the public loved." Dead Space.

"Will you stop listing names of things? Look. This stuff is now useful, hyperbags for storage, MaskTec for health, it's how any human on this planet survives now. Everyone gets one," You ask him where is his, "It got broken... like yours I see. Dealt with an enforcer?"

A what?

"A Enforcer. They were once regularly living things, until they crossed the wrong people and got everything not necessary removed, a heart and a brain, that's all that's left, a heart and a brain in a metal suit programmed only to hate and kill anyone who gets out of line, it can happen to anyone. Even you,"

...Well shit... Thank you for the infodump... You feel like you should get moving. what are your options?
No. 549977 ID: 53ba34

ask how his brain hasn't blown up becuase of the emitter. if he wants payment for it then forget it. and just head upstairs.
No. 549985 ID: 36c336

Does anybody have a list of what the enforcers are trained to enforce against? The one we ran into told us to stay in town but this really doesn't seem like the friendliest place to stay.
No. 550096 ID: a56de7
File 138559488247.png - (57.16KB , 429x461 , Adventure 37.png )

You ask the Lot-owner about the emitter and how he has remained unaffected.

"The emitter only projects a barrier of psychic to form a shield. You only risk death by brain overload by touching said shield surrounding the area, from inside or outside, I tend to stay farther away, as in, in here."

Oh. Well then.

"Look do you need anything else like Cred or something to trade for a car or are you just gonna go get the emitter already?"
No. 550100 ID: 36c336

If this guy knows where it is and he hasn't done that already there's probably a reason. Either he's using it to keep riffraff out or we'll be getting a killborg chasing us for taking it down.

That bites.
No. 550101 ID: 53ba34

well we did pick up various nicknacks. show him all the guns you don't want to use and the robot arm.
No. 550204 ID: a56de7
File 138569617820.png - (53.41KB , 543x308 , Adventure 38.png )

You pull out the MP5 and it's magazines out of your bag.

"The gun itself will get you 125 Cred," Oh my! "You can get 35 extra cred for each magazine, and there are 4. 265 cred for all of them together. Got anything else?"

You dig through your bag and pull out the arm, it's heavy so you have a bit of difficulty before heaving it onto the table.

His expression changes, the Lot-owner seems impressed. "Okay then, This is some expensive tech, 2845 Cred," WOW THAT MUCH!

"Laser weapons are a bit expensive because of energy and make, standard traditional bullet shooting weapons are more easily found. It'd be 1545 for the laser gatling alone. But the rocket launcher adds another 1300 Cred to the mix,"

Wow! How can he tell all of this?

"My mask is broken, so I tweaked what remained, the visor is only one half. I'm missing the respirator part,"

Oh... So?

"It's hooked up the Internet and Extra-net for full information on weapons for trade. Look, how about a deal? I'll give ya one of the cars out back, a smaller one, for the laser gun, and you can get 845 cred out of the rocket launcher," Seems like a fair deal! You take it!

He hands you a strange ipod like device. "There's your new account. 1110 by the way isn't much, good luck though," Thanks!

You decide to head off upstairs to find the emitter. Though you ponder, should you tell him about the weird alien that the arm used to belong too? Or ignore it because it's not your problem anymore.
No. 550207 ID: 7bbaae

Yeah sure tell him you got it off a bandit leader.

Also spend some of that money to get your mask repaired a bit. Or upgraded somehow.
No. 550232 ID: 36c336

I doubt we have a good power source for the laser, or a decent supply of rockets for the rocket launcher. That's why I always try to keep a couple .22LR firearms around: Even though the stopping power, armour penetration and range sucks it's still a reasonably accurate round that's dirt cheap and easy to find in the US.
No. 550528 ID: abd4f8
File 138594776469.png - (108.30KB , 712x428 , Adventure 39.png )

You contemplate the options of ammunition, before finally making it upstairs, you open the door, a gun in hand, because if you have learned anything from what the Lot-owner told you. Clearly shit is up and you need to be ready.

You open the door and the outside is rather dull, but you see a strange device with a keypad, clearly the emitter. Okay? Crack it? Shoot it? Break it? What do you do?
No. 550530 ID: 592261

You should watch out for that floating guy in the emitter field, and scan for any other targets before you go out to it. I smell trouble from him.
No. 550556 ID: 36c336

Yeah, try talking to the floating guy. Seems like it might be a useful avenue of trying to figure out what to do here.
I still want an answer from the shopkeep why he hasn't either busted this thing up or turned it off before trying to do either.
No. 550781 ID: 42102e
File 138621149987.png - (58.55KB , 490x354 , Adventure 40.png )

You look up, straight up at the shield where the figure is floating. "Floop" your hood falls off, huh, oh well you can pull it back on afterwards.

It seems he's just sorta... lying there. You call out to him... nothing. You shout louder. Huh. Still nothing.

You figure it best to write off that maybe he's not there, maybe it's a shadow that will pass, maybe that's what it is. Because the Lot-owner did say that if anything touched the shield their mind would fry.

You turn to the emitter, having no idea what the key code is you begin inspecting it all about, seems cobbled together out of existing pieces of technology and scrap. Huh. Apparently people have to build things to survive.

Do you opt to try the classic Hollywood idea of shooting out the keycode? Or maybe you find something on the machine?
No. 550796 ID: 36c336

Well, if you absolutely insist on not asking the shopkeep why he didn't turn this thing off you could at least ask him what the code is. Other simple methods of turning it off would include unplugging its power supply. If you try that idea be careful and electrically insulate yourself first; you do not want to become part of a high-voltage circuit.
Also, dude floating up above might be a killbot set to turn on if someone is stupid enough to break or turn off the machine, which is why I really want to ask the shopkeeper why he didn't turn it off.
No. 550856 ID: efcd5c

Uuuuggggh... Again sorry. Internet is out so I am on my mobile. I may be back within a few days. Hopefully less time. Until then thank you all for reading and helping me update.))
No. 550969 ID: a9194e
File 138637055335.png - (115.32KB , 870x554 , Adventure 41.png )

It was less time!))

That is a very good point. You step back downstairs to the Lot-Owner. Your first question, What is your name? "Otto, glad you finally asked, Do you have any names or anything?" Yes you have a name, you'd rather just use a Alias, you ask for him to just call you E for the time being.

"Okay E... Odd Alias, what do you need?" You have several questions, what is the code of the Emitter, why is it still on, and will a killborg Enforcer come to get you?

"Oh... I don't know the code," Well that ex- WHAT?! "Yeah I don't know the code. It just sorta popped down on the top of my building one day. I checked it over and found no plug. Don't know what it's powered by. And I only watched the effect by seeing someone get zapped,"

So why haven't you taken it down? "simple, it keeps out some of the bandit rif raf, and I'm afraid of what will happen when I tamper with it. In fact I'm only letting you deal with it because I'm starting to run low on food stocks. The shotgun earlier was a precaution, you know, again bandits."

Oh... About the killborg? "It seems to be for smaller areas like this one is all that is needed, so it's unlikely it'll visit you twice so soon. But still, I suggest having a high power weapon out when you are ready," you ask him to join you up the stairs.

"Sorry, I gotta keep watch on the door, if you got in, someone less friendly is likely too as well," you admit that's fair and head back up stairs. So, Otto doesn't want to mess with the device, you consider your luck and decide maybe you'll be okay. You figure you should probably shoot it, or are the other better ideas?
No. 550970 ID: 53ba34

knock it over.
No. 550972 ID: a9194e

Slight Art shift just for the sake of fun.))

You walk over to the emitter and try to stay away from the beam, you pull out your rifle in case something comes to get you. And with a push with all of your strength. the device topples over.

And then it shuts off, the shield vanishes. Huh... Rather anti-climatic. You think you should wait in case something happens? Or are you just wasting time?
No. 550973 ID: a9194e
File 138637293395.png - (60.46KB , 670x489 , Adventure 42.png )

No. 550974 ID: 53ba34

look for the body. and get away from it.
No. 550992 ID: 36c336

Sticking around at the scene of a crime is a bad move. Get lost, and check in with our alien friend if they're still around.
No. 551228 ID: a9194e
File 138656415938.png - (62.72KB , 653x429 , Adventure 43.png )

You figure it's a good idea, you hear a thump and turn around, there standing in front of you is a large creature, like that weird alien you killed earlier. You know you just realized that you killed a man earlier, and you haven't thrown up yet or been in shock, either your rushing from adrenaline or your just a psychopath. Where were you? Oh yes the alien!

"Listen up ya grot! w'ere's da lad oo killed mah broter?"

...Ooooooooooh... this isn't going to be pleasant... You decide to ask him where he came from.

"I ain't got all day! I waz up on da shield!"

But... that shield would have fried your brain. It is a psychic emitter!

"Very funny! But it seemed like a regular shield to me!"

Well crap. This guy is impervious to psychic attacks, and if he's the brother, and stabbing him probably won't do much, nor will bullets. Sooo, you're faced with a giant alien that will probably tear your still injured ass limb from limb.
No. 551239 ID: 36c336

"I killed someone that looks a little like you do earlier today, but unless you show me a picture or something I wouldn't know if it was your brother or not. Tell me, is this a vengeance call, or something else?"

Be wary, and get ready to unsling weapons and start filling dude with lead (brass?) as you run the fuck away.
No. 551241 ID: 7bbaae

Maybe you can just say no. It doesn't look like this guy is carrying anything worth looting anyway.
No. 551242 ID: 53ba34

ask why he thinks you would know, if he couldn't get though the shield, how could someone else? you broke it cause you wanted to get out.
No. 551307 ID: a9194e
File 138664978665.png - (150.32KB , 1366x686 , Adventure 44.png )

You decide to say that you were trying to get out of the shield, not together untrue as you got in and then you wanted to get out.

"Youz lying,"

No you are not!

"I can tellz a liar from a mile away. Mah broter used ta lie a lot. I can smell lying. Now. did you meet him?"

You decided to dodge the question by stating that you were in fact trying to shut the shield down to get out, you just want a car and to get out of there. You also state that you have no idea if you met his brother or not.

Out of the corner of your eye you see Otto, hiding behind the door, shotgun at the ready, oh shit. This won't end well.

"Youz hiding something,"

Shit... What to do what to do? You really want to avoid a fight at the moment! What are your options?
No. 551308 ID: 7bbaae

Maybe he doesn't like his brother. He said he lied a lot...

So admit to it, and pull guns out asking what he's gonna do about it.
No. 551761 ID: a9194e
File 138690095368.png - (85.79KB , 607x686 , Adventure 45.png )

You slowly back away from the alien. You pick up your rifle and keep your finger on the ready. You grit your teeth tell him that you have in fact seen a alien that looked like him and that you killed him.

"Did 'e 'av any interesting features?" the alien asks.

You answer plainly, still sweating under your mask, that he had a cybernetic right arm, with a laser gun and rocket launcher on it.

You make a small motion for Otto to head back downstairs. The alien ignores it.

"Sounds like my brother... tell me. Did 'is eyes glow and did 'e 'av a possy?"

You gulp. Yes. He did.

"That's him," he squints, "Do you 'av his arm? I want to reclaim what's mine,"

You shake your head, but still not wanting a big scene you tell him you can lead him to it loudly.

"Good... There is something I wan' back,"

((Well looks like Otto's fate is up to you guys! Oh and I plan on doing a discussion/FAQ thread when this is all done. Give some more info on the world and universe in general.))
No. 551762 ID: c6460b

Smile, and say "Wait right here, I think I could get you that arm."
Head down, and ask Otto about giving us back the arm to give to the alien, and to compensate, we'll hand over the credits and car he just gave us.
We give arm to alien, and if he decides to shoot us with it, well, we can do him just like his brother.
No. 551769 ID: 53ba34

put rifle into your bag while walking past him to get to the stairs and then grab the sword in it. spin around when you pass him and pull the sword out an slash at the same time.
No. 552343 ID: 968237
File 138724518420.png - (86.82KB , 721x478 , Adventure 46.png )

You head downstairs and tell Otto, offering back the car, Otto points out that he will die as well if you don't help, but he thanks you for the offer.

You grab the arm and walk back up the stairs to the roof, the Alien waiting there.

"Give it 'ere ya git,"

You hand it over, he inspects the arm and opens it up, pulling out a small crystal, dropping the arm. You sit there in shock, He was only after that?

"Good. Ya did ya part, and fer bein' so 'elpful. Ya get one favor from Snaplot... I keep my word,"

You try to act all humble and decline it, figuring that any favor of his isn't bad. He glares at you before bounding away. Guess you got a favor from a killer alien now...

You step back downstairs, you just want your car now.
No. 552361 ID: 36c336

Bring the arm back to Otto, tell him what the alien took. Then let's boogie, keeping watch for the coming ambush when the next one of those enforcer-droids comes after us.

I already said what I think we should do after that:
> Sticking around at the scene of a crime is a bad move. Get lost, and check in with our alien friend if they're still around.
No. 552405 ID: 7bbaae

He seemed legit. Let's roll.
No. 552819 ID: 6ba8eb
File 138750676531.png - (104.52KB , 938x434 , Adventure 47.png )

You sigh and pick up the arm and head down to Otto. You hand him back the arm and inform him of what "Snaplot" took. He sighs as well.

"Must have been a focusing crystal, typically only in family cybernetics with laser arrays,"

Sounds expensive, "It is... Come on I owe you a car,"

You step out to the back, "Here are the remaining small cars, pick what you like, they only got ramming tools so I'd suggest trying to avoid any gunfights,"

You look over the cars.

1. Seems to a Muscle Car of some sort, on the back are two fuel tanks and one medium storage compartment, there are two spare windshields, in their packaging, labelled "PLEXI"

2. It appears to be a firebird car, you think, it has a large storage trunk on the back and the windows appear to be metal slates with holes cut into them. In the back there appears to be a double barrel. Hm. Might want to look into that

3. Is a V-8 Interceptor, you have no idea how Otto got it, but you decide not to ask, it has a large fuel tank, larger than the two on the muscle car combined, and inside is what appears to be grenades.

Each has a merit of some sort so you can't really decide. Better make up your mind
No. 552832 ID: 36c336

Check what that double barrel is but I'm seriously leaning towards the Road Warrior.
No. 552837 ID: 36c336

Gah, forgive my fanboy impulse, we do not want a car with a non-functional turbo sticking out of the hood. Definitely not #3. How much fuel tank capacity does #2 have? We might have to stick with #1 if it's too small.
No. 552889 ID: 5869f6

I would go with #2, as the metal coverings give good protection, the storage trunk is large enough to hold a lot of loot, and you get a free shotgun! As I doubt your throwing arm, no offence.
No. 553858 ID: 14e83c
File 138818419599.png - (130.48KB , 880x590 , Adventure 48.png )

You step over to car number 1, 2 has standard gas storage so it runs shorter than the others, and 3 has two large tanks but virtually no storage.

1 has spare windshields so if the main one ever breaks, you can replace it easier, it has two gas tanks, not as much as 3 but it will at least run longer, and a medium storage compartment so that means more loot, not as much as 2.

Plus if a enforcer shows up and breaks your windshield you can again at least replace it.

"Alright then, going for the muscle car," Otto notes. You nod to him, before asking about the shotgun in number 2.

"Most people ask for grenades, the concept of explosions is alluring to them," You admit that the thought of grenades had crossed your mind.

"Okay so you want the Winchester Model 21. What are you willing to trade for it?"

You think to offer up 9 shotgun shells, you have 21 now, that would take you down to 12, so it would balance it out.

But what else can you offer if anything else?
No. 553953 ID: 379075

The python seems like something we could profitably give up: Short pistol with no backup, and a less-common ammo type. If we can get something extra back for the snub-nose python and whatever ammo we got for it from the SWAT locker that seems like it could be worth trading in.
No. 554685 ID: 4f909d
File 138863335045.png - (78.86KB , 648x426 , Adventure 49 part 1.png )

You step in the car and hand over another 3 shotgun shells, before the .357 ammo and the Python.

"This, for the Winchester 21," you say. Otto smiles and walks back over and hands over the shotgun.

You decide to ask for any last advice. "Yeah. You will want to get your mask fixed, the city may have a few... "strict" lawmakers from what I hear, but it's relatively free reign and there are plenty of shops and opportunities to get more cred. Take em, and keep on the look out for shops with a Beta symbol. If you see em, say you're a pal of mine and you could get a discount on ammo and other supplies"

You thank Otto one last time, "Least I could do for risking your neck twice in knocking out the shield and dealing with the Ogren," smiling under your mask, you wish him luck in surviving, "Yeah I am thinking of getting out of here as well."
No. 554686 ID: 4f909d
File 138863335437.png - (44.40KB , 594x397 , Adventure 49 part 2.png )

A bright light covers your vehicle, you duck out the rolled down window and look up. It's one of those stereotypical ufos, it's high up and bright so you can't make out more details.

"THANK YOU MY FRIEND" You hear out of speakers, you've heard that sound before. It's the Grey!

"I cannot repay you enough! I wish I could transport you but you and I have many different paths, I have a family to return to, but I will still try as best as I can, you're mental ID is with me! Good luck!"

And with a blinding green light, the ship vanishes.
No. 554687 ID: 4f909d
File 138863335715.png - (13.43KB , 327x328 , Adventure 49 part 3.png )

You smile one last time as you drive off. You got a city to get to.

Alright folks! Sorry some of the art wasn't as good, but I was under a bit of a rush as of the time of writing this, I got things with the family. But thanks for sticking with me so far, and now you decide what happens to E next, What is he going to look for in the city, what's his first stop, and on a encounter along the way, what he does. Thanks so much for sticking with me once again.))
No. 554690 ID: 379075

We seem to be an enterprising, trouble-shooting in the literal sense, person with significant physical aptitudes here. We should try to find some employers and friends to help us catch up on all the history we've missed and cover our weaknesses. In particular we could use someone who has an affinity for prone-firing and heavy weapons to back us up, and someone with the gearhead talent to keep things running.
No. 555364 ID: 4f909d
File 138896522422.png - (85.59KB , 714x378 , Adventure 50.png )

You consider the options while on your drive to the city, getting healed up is definitely something you want to do.

*CRASH* You look up, there is a Enforcer, right there, on the hood of your car. It's the same one! Otto was right when he said there are typically only one per small town.

"Ssssstoooooo-" It cuts itself off, the glow vanishing, "Citizen halt your vehicle. You have 30 seconds to comply," It responds in a new deep voice.
No. 555365 ID: 7bbaae

Spin the steering wheel and slam on the brakes to throw it off. Then get a gun out and shoot it while it's recovering.
No. 555374 ID: 53ba34

No. 555469 ID: 379075

This is gonna suck. Stop; stomp on the break and launch it.
No. 555945 ID: 4f909d
File 138923161258.png - (55.44KB , 613x320 , Adventure 51.png )

You grind to a halt and turn, the Enforcer is tossed off. Time to act while it's down!

You grab the shotgun and scramble out the door, your head clunking off the window, your mask feels loose. No time to focus on that now!
No. 555946 ID: 4f909d
File 138923161553.png - (45.06KB , 241x384 , Adventure 52.png )

You run out and turn to the Enforcer, it is down. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! You pull the triggers, and fire off both barrels. Kinda a dumb idea as the recoil is immense and you are pretty sure the pellets didn't hit all of it.

Your mask falls off, you can feel the cold on your face.
No. 555947 ID: 4f909d
File 138923161944.png - (62.40KB , 519x435 , Adventure 53.png )

The enforcer gets up, twitching slightly. It's damaged, it can be damaged that's a good sign. You begin to reload the Winchester when it turns it's face to you.

It doesn't seem too happy.
No. 555951 ID: 4f909d

((There we go. A update, with a look at the face of our protagonist E. It's not my best, but I think it suits him. Now whether or not he keeps the mask off until it gets fixed is up to you.

Oh and I hope you enjoy!))
No. 556003 ID: 53ba34

if you have one shell in then close and fire again. if not then drop it and pull out a different weapon and attack!
No. 556020 ID: 7bbaae

Having multiple weapons means you don't always have to reload. So swap for something else. Doesn't matter what, really.
No. 556112 ID: 379075

Pulling out a gun, adjusting grip, turning off safety and aiming it takes TIME.
Draw the glowy-sword and hack it to bits, OBV.
No. 557465 ID: 3f9061
File 138975112464.png - (90.00KB , 822x514 , Adventure 54.png )

That is right! You have a sword! It's down! You draw it as the cowl and the hood flap off.

*WHAM* That's... not the noise you expect a sword cutting things to hear.

"R-r-r-resiting the law i-i-i-is a punishable offense!" The enforcer shouts.

No. 557468 ID: 53ba34

you still have more weapons! shove sword forward and pull out rifle.
No. 557475 ID: a87e3a

It's doing damage! See if you can dodge his green palm blast thing then hit him in his busted head with your sword.
No. 557550 ID: 379075

Heh, heh... you should dis-ARM him!
No. 557647 ID: 379075

Wait, on second thought, if you're really having trouble getting through his defenses maybe you should stab him in the parts where you shot, and see if decapitation helps?
No. 559409 ID: 3f9061
File 139067135724.png - (89.77KB , 648x498 , Adventure 55.png )

The Enforcer starts to get up, you grab your rifle and raise it, 4 shots left! With as much force as you can you raise it up to it's face and pull the trigger! "DIE ALREADY!" you shout.
No. 559412 ID: 3f9061
File 139067170624.png - (63.03KB , 715x477 , Adventure 56.png )

*thud, fwoof*

Oh... uh... it died... Okay then, better make a note, Eye's are a weak point. You are starting to think that your luck is better than you first suspected.
No. 559414 ID: 53ba34

reload all weapons. break apart the enforcer for bits.
No. 559418 ID: 379075

The enforcer probably has a tracker and an emergency alarm transmitter. If it's possible we're safest obliterating it first to limit what the reinforcements can learn about us.
If not we should just run because we've identified ourself as a THREAT to people powerful and crazy enough to change people that piss them off into what we just killed.
No. 559878 ID: 008180
File 139094165804.png - (63.23KB , 506x316 , Adventure 57.png )

We pick up our sword and hack at the Enforcer, the arms and legs come off, we... or I, I don't know at this point. Stash them in the car and I begin to search the big metal pack on the Enforcer. It holds 1 magazine of 7 shotgun shells. Must be for it's shotgun, 3 strange syringes, and it's shotgun.

We toss that in the back and drive off, after driving over it's head. We have to be sure!

So... anyone have any guesses as to what these Syringes do? I don't wanna inject myself with drugs and I don't wanna sell drugs!
No. 559924 ID: 379075

First guess would be food/medicine for that cyborg. Second guess would be something to use on prisoners.
No. 560877 ID: 008180
File 139154913448.png - (48.42KB , 734x380 , Adventure 58.png )

Food huh. Medicine... I should ask in the city while I'm selling these body parts. It takes about a half hour of driving forward when we pull up to the city gates. Sweet! We are here!

...Uh... Guys... I don't think they are happy to see me.

Health: 49%
>Current Inventory:
>1 Blue sword
>2 1911 Pistols/Current Rounds: 14/10 spare magazines
> Remmington/Current Rounds: 3/7 spare Magazines
> Winchester 21/Current Rounds: 2/10 spare shells
>MK.23/Current Rounds: 12/0 spare magazines
>1 Enforcer Shotgun/Current Rounds/
>36 Scrap
>1 Sign post
>Food: 14 Pizza slices, 4 Sandwiches, 4 Perogi tubs, 2 Stew Thermoses
>3 Syringes

>Cred: 1110

((Thank you for sitting through my Experimental Quest. I will return with a part 2 for this someday. But until then I move onto others. Once again thank you for this!))
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