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File 137580780654.png - (15.60KB , 610x397 , 1.png )
531953 No. 531953 ID: 34cbef

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No. 531960 ID: 34cbef
File 137580885369.png - (4.11KB , 610x397 , 2.png )

[Guard] I'm not sure what you are or where you came from but you're here because you were aiding rebel scum, that's a pretty intolerable act there
No. 531962 ID: 34cbef
File 137580903150.png - (6.07KB , 610x397 , 3.png )

[Steel] I keep telling you, I just happened to pop up in that base. I'm sort of a traveler... it's hard to explain- see this tattoo has some sort of crazy power where it just spontaneously throws me to different places.
No. 531969 ID: 34cbef
File 137580933870.png - (8.16KB , 610x397 , 4.png )

[Steel] The red diamonds here indicate how much time i have left in a certain place before i get tossed again, right now it's saying that I'm here for about five or more days.

[Guard] I don't understand any of what you're saying, Most likely rebel nonsense. This is not a slavers jail so don't expect any special attention- you are not getting any food or recreation until Madam Judge gets here

[Steel] Damnit, just let me out- what do i need to do for me to prove i'm not a rebel?

[Guard] you're gonna have to convince me, right now you aren't giving me that friendly vibe- though maybe... maybe if i send you to the labs to get checked I might be lucky to purchase you as my personal property.

No. 531970 ID: c23ab0

You are going to wreck that ass.
No. 531974 ID: a01b62

Hell yeah you are.
No. 531975 ID: bf54a8

just sit back, relax and wait it out, unless you go places that things done.

try "get checked for what? diseases?"
No. 531977 ID: 41690e

Reality traveler mistaken for someone else? You must be used to that by now. Everyone is going to see you in their own terms.

...labs sound like a bad idea. You're better off putting up with a 5 day stay in jail making as little trouble as you can before poofing out.

Unless this is a Quantum Leap kind of thing and there's something you're supposed to accomplish here?
No. 531988 ID: 34cbef
File 137581176167.png - (9.51KB , 610x397 , 5.png )

[Steel] Get checked for what, diseases?
No. 531989 ID: 34cbef
File 137581199170.png - (7.55KB , 610x397 , 6.png )

[Guard] Not only that; gotta gauge your pain tolerance, check the length of your penis (probably see if you have multiple), and then they have to break your will so as to be better suited to society. Men are just the inferior race, no matter what species they are.
No. 531991 ID: 34cbef
File 137581227427.png - (13.04KB , 610x397 , 7.png )

[Steel] well if you want me as a healthy 'pet' i'd think you would feed me, I might be here longer then five days and us humans can't really survive that long without food

[Guard] hmmm, I'll think about it

[Steel] ... maybe i should approach this differently

No. 531995 ID: bf54a8

well, just so we know, what is your pain tolerance? don't think we need to know the rest of those stats.
No. 532001 ID: 0b214d

Uh... you have to get the hell out of here. It's no wonder their people are rebelling, if their gender politics and government are so fucked up that they have gender inequality, slavery and god knows what else.

Question, does your tattoo have any powers besides dimensional travel? Now would be a very good time to be able to do a short range teleport or spontaneously generate an energy sword.

How long have you traveled by now, anyway?
No. 532007 ID: c23ab0

I think you should approach it from behind. Bent over and being wrecked. Can you spontaneously generate an energy paddle
No. 532014 ID: 60e498

wave your wingwong around.
No. 532016 ID: d9bed9

Fight everything forever
No. 532021 ID: a01b62

Point out that she could just come in and test you herself.
No. 532084 ID: 34cbef
File 137582565146.png - (11.42KB , 610x397 , 8.png )

[Steel] I have never found a use for it other then a subject to grow angry at... well as far as i know it doesn't do anything other then shunt me to other worlds... it doesn't have a set amount of time, sometimes it's been five days; other times it's been a month; and i remember once it was less then a day
No. 532085 ID: 34cbef
File 137582591883.png - (6.65KB , 610x397 , 9.png )

[Steel] *sigh* guess I have no other choice, Oh miss guard? Can I have your attention for a second?
No. 532086 ID: 34cbef
File 137582595618.png - (7.20KB , 610x397 , 10.png )

[Guard] What is it
No. 532087 ID: 34cbef
File 137582597718.png - (6.68KB , 610x397 , 11.png )

No. 532089 ID: 34cbef
File 137582607749.png - (9.30KB , 610x397 , 12.png )

[Steel] You know... you could test out the merchandise now, couldn't you? All you have to do is step on over here, I won't try anything... well that is, if you don't want it.
No. 532091 ID: 34cbef
File 137582638947.png - (7.05KB , 610x397 , 13.png )

[Guard] Oh... oh my... I... no... but maybe... nahhh, You don't need your pants though. I I I ... I think i'm gonna stay out here...it's not that i can't coerce you or anything but the madam judge would be angry if she had a thing for you and caught me riding you like a pack animal...

[Steel] Are you sure?

[Guard] ha hah ha, no... no i'm not sure, but i'm serious about the keeping your pants off... I'm sure the labs would like my, uh, observations interesting

No. 532097 ID: 2fc3e9

Offer to show her how it functions and start playing with yourself. Possibly brag about how men aren't inferior because you don't need a woman to get off or something.
No. 532098 ID: bf54a8

No. 532099 ID: 1b8510

Tell her to come on over and get some observations.
No. 532101 ID: e1609c

>give her a demo
This is already promising, full speed ahead
No. 532104 ID: 533ab8

"Whats did you say?
Put my pants back on?
As you wish, my lady."

Then sarcasticly put your pants back on.
No. 532109 ID: a01b62

Combine these two.
No. 532114 ID: 34cbef
File 137582968387.png - (14.99KB , 610x397 , 14.png )

[Steel] Well you can come on over and observe more closely

[Guard] no... no no no

[Steel] well what if I do this?

[Guard] oh... yeah... i like that

[Steel] really, what if I do this?

[Guard] Yes, Do that- More of that

[Steel] You sure you don't wanna come over?

[Guard] I'm observing just fine over here, now continue please, i'm really liking this
No. 532115 ID: 34cbef
File 137582980057.png - (10.15KB , 610x397 , 15.png )

[Steel] What was that, put my pants back on? Alrighty then!

[Guard] WHAT, NO- NO NO NO NO, CONTINUE oh my god you can't leave me like this!!!

No. 532118 ID: 7f2d33

Tell her that's only the demo, she has to pay for the premium account to see the rest.
No. 532119 ID: e1609c

Hm. Someone seems a little bit eager. Tell ya what, you seem like a decent enough sort. If I keep going, will you promise to do what you can to make sure I dont wind up getting pawned off to some randsom weirdo?
No. 532121 ID: bf54a8

yes, free demos always end when it gets to the good part.
No. 532123 ID: 2fc3e9

Mention that you're flattered she called you her god.
No. 532124 ID: 2fc3e9

Alternatively, offer to give her a demo of your tongue and hope that manages to get her to come closer.
No. 532125 ID: 41690e

Yup. You've got something she wants now. Push the advantage.
No. 532128 ID: a01b62

To hell with that, we're getting her in here with us so we can have sex with her and knock her out and escape.
No. 532131 ID: 2fc3e9

She's tiny, I bet we could carry her along.
No. 532132 ID: bf54a8

what? probably near same size. what make you think she is small?
No. 532133 ID: 2fc3e9

Hm. Well, we could probably manage it anyway.
No. 532317 ID: 34cbef
File 137589780658.png - (10.51KB , 610x397 , 16.png )

[Steel] That's only the demo, If you want more you have to purchase the product
No. 532318 ID: 34cbef
File 137589796442.png - (12.94KB , 610x397 , 17.png )

[Guard] The demo, huh? What if I tell you i'm interested in taking the whole thing?

[Steel] then you would have to come over here, I can also demo my tongue
No. 532320 ID: 34cbef
File 137589816328.png - (7.78KB , 610x397 , 18.png )

[Guard] fuuu~ You don't act like a rebel. Alright big guy, here I come- you'll behave right?

[Steel] Of course I will

[Guard] Mkay, so show me more of what you are selling- Does it require my paws to help out? Please say yes~

No. 532322 ID: e1609c

Guard lady actually seems nice once you have her disarmed, and since we are gonna just be here for five days at most either way I say we have a little fun for once instead of just going straight for the jailbreak.
No. 532324 ID: a01b62

Inform her that you don't act like a rebel because you are not a rebel. And if she really wants, she could use more than her hands, tilde.

How long do you usually go between travels?
No. 532327 ID: 5869f6

I agree, why not have some fun before we leave?
Time to tap dat.
No. 532329 ID: bf54a8

"well, we can ether try between the bars or you can come in here with me. if you don't trust me then between the bars would have to be it, and we might bruise something on them. but if you want to come in here i'll stand all the way back so you know i wont try to sneak out.
No. 532347 ID: 34cbef
File 137590397106.png - (10.81KB , 610x397 , 19.png )

[Steel] I don't act like a rebel because i'm not a rebel

[Guard] hmm

[Steel] And you can use more then your hands~
No. 532348 ID: 34cbef
File 137590412675.png - (8.16KB , 610x397 , 20.png )

[Guard] Oh my~ I'm coming in then

[Steel] I'll just be right here

[Guard] So what should I do first? You did promise me a tongue demo- but i'm not in the mood for a kiss. hmmmm

No. 532353 ID: 8ffedb

Murder most foul.
No. 532355 ID: 57a559

Well, tongues are used for more than just kissing. Where do you like being licked?

We shouldn't attack her now because she's probably on her guard. Once she's in a form of ecstasy is when she'll be at her weakest.
No. 532360 ID: a01b62

Welp, take your pants off. I doubt she's really on her guard (ha ha) but you could be in a better position (ha ha ha) to escape.
No. 532361 ID: a01b62

...wait, was that door even locked?
No. 532363 ID: bf54a8

is time to use a most ancient tech, donkey punch, if you can knock her out mid act then it will be perfect.
No. 532372 ID: 34cbef
File 137590865290.png - (14.99KB , 610x397 , 21.png )

[Steel] You know tongues are for more then just kissing, where do you want to be licked?

[Guard] I'll whisper to you where i want your tongue
No. 532374 ID: 34cbef
File 137590873729.png - (13.63KB , 610x397 , 22.png )

[Steel] Yeah?~

[Guard] I'd be happy if you choked on it, your tongue I mean

No. 532375 ID: 34cbef
File 137590881423.png - (9.67KB , 473x318 , 23.png )

No. 532378 ID: beeca1

This is great. I really do mean that, I am currently almost laughing. For reference, my usual standard of funny is smiling slightly.

Oh well, might as well start choking for the guard.
No. 532379 ID: 34cbef
File 137590901895.png - (8.64KB , 576x402 , 24.png )

[Guard] It's pretty obvious you aren't a rebel, most rebels wouldn't be so incompetent to believe they could seduce their jailer

[Steel] *koff* you punch like a fucking dump truck

[Guard] Soft, ignorant and weak- I will enjoy breaking you, my pet~

No. 532382 ID: 60e498

Give her some head in the stomach.
And by that I mean stick your dick in dash towards her and headbutt her gut.
No. 532383 ID: bf54a8

then wrap hands around her legs right behind the knees and squeeze while moving forwards. this can knock just about anyone on their back and if they don't brace right, they could slam their skull.
No. 532384 ID: beeca1

Also, stay on her left side, she can't see out of it. Try to disable her other eye with a thumb.
No. 532386 ID: 41690e

Yes ignorant. Maybe now you believe me when I say I'm not from around here?
No. 532387 ID: 735f4f

"Its either try to seduce you or sit around being bored waiting for the judge. So if you don't want to fool around I can just lay here groaning."

So other than the tattoo do you have any special powers to help you out? She seems a bit stronger than you are so fighting our way out might not be the best idea. If we did escape maybe we could hang out with the rebels?

If you don't mind groveling a bit you can act pathetic and do your best slave act but she seems a bit vicious so might not work so well.
No. 532395 ID: 34cbef
File 137591196003.png - (13.74KB , 576x402 , 25.png )

[Steel] Grrrrrrrrrrrr
No. 532396 ID: 34cbef
File 137591198110.png - (9.23KB , 576x402 , 26.png )

[Guard] Ooof
No. 532397 ID: 34cbef
File 137591204889.png - (8.79KB , 576x402 , 27.png )

[Steel] HAHAH- AH!?


No. 532398 ID: 41690e

...kick her in the face. Specifically, her one good eye.
No. 532399 ID: 735f4f

Kick her in the head and wriggle your leg out of her grip when it loosens.

Then get out of the cell and slam the door shut. If it auto locks you should have time to search her desk and find some supplies. Also you can taunt her with what she missed out on by being a bitch.

If it does not lock itself you might have to just run unless you can find a weapon or jam the door shut.
No. 532400 ID: c23ab0

No. 532403 ID: beeca1

Seriously, go for the eye and stay on her left.

I bet Madam Judge is making an appearance soon.
No. 532405 ID: 57a559

"You don't own me you bitch! You can't own people! What would your mother think!"

Stomp her in the throat, crush her esophagus.
No. 532417 ID: 5869f6

Your thumb.
Her eye.
Commence gouging.
No. 532418 ID: 34cbef
File 137591655228.png - (8.65KB , 576x402 , 28.png )

[Steel] Take this you bitch

No. 532419 ID: 34cbef
File 137591662664.png - (6.43KB , 576x402 , 29.png )

[Steel] Dum de dum de dum- Later rabbit chika
No. 532421 ID: 34cbef
File 137591673905.png - (11.09KB , 749x426 , 30.png )

[Madam Judge] Oh hello there, You know how hard it is to have decent guards these days? Especially when there's all sorts of vigilantes and rebellious slaves all over the place

[Steel] ...hot damn you're tall...

No. 532426 ID: 57a559

I was uhh... getting sexually harrassed. You did see that my pants were down right? I mean, you really got to get out of there when a perverted guard with a domination fetish goes after you, you know?
No. 532429 ID: e1609c

Yeah, sorry about that. Original plan wasnt to escape, yanno. Not much point, Honestly, considering I got nowhere to go.
(dont let on about the tattoo thing until its time, yo.)
So, what now? She seemed pretty incompetent, actually getting within fighting distance of a prisoner and all. Doubt you are half that dumb, and considering the size difference there wont be much of a fight if I try something will there?
No. 532430 ID: 5869f6

At leasr she's civil.
Stay alert, she'll try something to, no doubt.
But stay civil as well. No need to be rude after all.
No. 532431 ID: bf54a8

just be ready to dodge if she throws a punch
No. 532433 ID: 735f4f

She was tempted by my dick and then instead of just enjoying herself like a normal person she went all crazy on me. What was I supposed to do?

Also am not a rebel or slave just a lost traveler.
No. 532436 ID: 34cbef
File 137592135337.png - (12.85KB , 749x426 , 31.png )

[Steel] I was, uh, being sexually harassed- ERK

[Madam Judge] I find that funny coming from a man

[Steel] Erg, s-see i'm ... *gasp* a traveler

[Madam Judge] Hmmm, so that means your some kind of alien... that means I've just made first contact with... what's the name of your species?

[Steel] uh, human

[Madam Judge] So i've made first contact with humans
No. 532438 ID: 34cbef
File 137592210361.png - (12.40KB , 749x426 , 32.png )

[Madam Judge] Alright human, I'll explain to you about our people and society- I am a curebun, we are lopepramus superious if you want the science name. We are superior to everything, specifically men. Sadly, though, men are a necessity of our people in the matters of recreation and consummation. For that reason there are many of us who are forced to capture and pacify all males for our needs. Coincidentally you are male, so my job (me being the designated legal slaver) am forced to capture and break you in order for you to assimilate perfectly into petkind or servitude.

[Steel] air, I need air

[Madam Judge] So continuing, you are now my property and it's my job to sell you because you are property. Property isn't supposed to attack their caretakers, because that really makes their owners really really angry- I hope you are understanding me well enough, right?

No. 532439 ID: 60e498

Ask her how long she thinks it will take.
Maybe it will be far longer than you will be there.
No. 532443 ID: beeca1

Why does she *have* to sell property? Surely some property is for keeping.
No. 532444 ID: dbe554

Try and play dead. It might be worth making yourself seem fragile as a peach to throw her off.
No. 532448 ID: bf54a8

"i'm still traveling, unless where i am going has a quantum entangling system i will leave when my time is up. just POOF, gone. and the person you sold me to will be incredibly upset you sold her vanishing merchandise."
No. 532451 ID: 57a559

Umm, this isn't... well since this is first contact this is kinda important diplomatically. Why are you enslaving the first human you've met? If any human actually finds out, there's probably going to be war because of the insult.

And, hubris is a bad thing to have. It brings bad luck.
Also funny but awful human fact, for quite a few humans it's the opposite with the superiority genders. A quite a few humans also find that belief very offensive too, and not just the ladies. We also have issues with race and sexual orientation. Do you have that problem too? Oh, we shouldn't forget our prejudices against the transgender too. Ugh, prejudices make me sick.

And how did you know we were a male? What if this body was called female by humans? Huh, what if you didn't think of that?
No. 532452 ID: 41690e

>I hope you are understanding me well enough, right?
Yes, you're a gaint, femdom bunny bitch. I get the concept.

...why do all the worlds I visit have to be such obvious fetishes.
No. 532459 ID: 735f4f

Claim you have a human woman owner back home and she would not like someone absconding with her property.

Then spin a tail about how human women are 12 feet tall and have spines all over and huge teeth. Or whatever comes to mind.

Finish with how you really would love to do whatever she wants like a good slave but if you did your owner might get angry.
No. 532469 ID: a01b62

You're on level with her tits. Groping needs to be had.
No. 532502 ID: 6a9fdc

You need to make this race stop existing. Or serve you, for the irony.
No. 532508 ID: e1609c

The tatoo will lend credence, its a type of special brand that will return me to her if I vanish for more than five days. Its also untamperable, you have had plenty of chances to test that by her leave as what you assume was some sort of spirit breaking excercise.
No. 532550 ID: 2f4b71

"Ah, no, simple species mistake. I am in fact female".
No. 532551 ID: c23ab0

They are technically superior to you in strength. Sad their strength of compassion couldn't follow suit. Oh well, play dirty! Tell her that the guard already claimed you. Escape in the scuffle.
No. 532559 ID: e1609c

That wont really work, its pretty safe to assume that judgey girl here was there from about the time she entered our cage there.
No. 532662 ID: 37aa84

Yank her by her ear ring until she drops you, then run.
No. 532666 ID: 5869f6

If you can reach, then like I said before:
Your thumb.
Her eye(s)
Start gouging.
No. 532688 ID: 34cbef
File 137600054380.png - (18.15KB , 734x415 , 33.png )

[Steel] I'm sorry, actually i'm the female in my species

[Madam Judge] really? Then you should have a vagina, but this definitelly looks like a penis to me

[Steel] Alright, I lied- please stop... no i mean it, gimme my pants back
No. 532689 ID: 34cbef
File 137600065834.png - (12.08KB , 734x415 , 34.png )

[Madam Judge] You don't really need pants around here, it's more a female privilege to have clothes

[Steel] ugh... blugh... man handled by...a ... pervert... suffocating... xcx

[Madam Judge] ...
No. 532690 ID: 34cbef
File 137600097431.png - (13.28KB , 734x415 , 35.png )

[Madam Judge] fainted, welp now is the perfect time to squeeze his testicles off. Pinch pinch

[Steel] YOU COLD HEARTED BITCH, how could you just crush a mans jewels like that!?

[Madam Judge] Back from the dead I see, and so quickly. I guess you can keep your balls

[Steel] I'd like to have you know that i'm already taken

[Madam Judge] Oh really

[Steel] Yessirree, the tattoo on my wrist is proof of purchase. See if i don't make it back to my owner within five days it will telly me back to my owner

[Madam Judge] Well that is a mighty big shame, guess you'll have to lose your arm. Can't let such a rare specimen fall into someone elses hands

No. 532691 ID: e1609c

"...There's no getting out of this, is there?
God dammit."
best way to save ourselves appears for the moment to just be going along with things, sucky as it is gonna be
No. 532692 ID: 735f4f

Wow you are really bad at making up any sort of believable story.

Saying you are a female when she can obviously prove otherwise? Threatening her with a teleporting tattoo when she is more than willing to maim you?

We could give you a convincing story to tell her but you would just fuck that up.

So just say your last owner was into kinky role playing games and so you cant help but spout random nonsense whenever a sexy lady is around.

If she asks about your last owner tell her she was killed by the rebels.
No. 532693 ID: bc5290

You could tell her it contains vital organs or something.
No. 532698 ID: c31f72

If getting away from your old owner was possible by just removing the arm you'd have done it already. The thin has a bomb or some bullshit in it that'll kill me if its removed.
No. 532703 ID: 57a559

Tell her that arm is just a notification device, it doesn't actually do anything but count the days so that we can see it. That's also your good arm (I hope that isn't a lie), so then you'd have to take the time to retain you to be just as effective, and even then it's poor effectiveness compared to what you can do with two arms.

Besides, to maim and destroy another's property that would be illegal in a court of law, and you're a judge. You're supposed to uphold the law. And stealing is also against the law.

For the time being, before the curse actually takes control, I guess we can do that tedious manual labor or paperwork you wanted me to do in the first place, or the stripping and prostitution if my experience so far with this planet is accurate, but again, stealing a slave here. You got to ask my owner first, seriously. So why don't you contact earth. You're probably just going to try enslaving it anyway, right? So let's fly there, sort this out, and enslave all the human "males" and make the human "females" second class citizens while claiming that you're uplifitng them like any other generically evil, enslaving, dystopian empire.
No. 532716 ID: bf54a8

"proof of purchase on the outside, you think they would use something that could be just taken off? besides, you really want to try an sell a one armed guy? no one would buy that, just advertise it as something exotic and let the customer deal with it."
No. 532969 ID: 34cbef
File 137608119816.png - (11.02KB , 646x408 , 36.png )

[Steel] It'd be in bad taste to sell blemished merchandise, plus i have important organs in that arm

[Madam Judge] Really now?

[Steel] Yes and It is very important that you... what are you doing, cut that out

[Madam Judge] You know you like it
No. 532970 ID: 34cbef
File 137608130263.png - (7.89KB , 646x408 , 37.png )

[Steel] I mean it, stop touching it, very private property

[Madam Judge] he he, i love the way you try to fight me- OOOOFFFF
No. 532971 ID: 34cbef
File 137608140068.png - (10.96KB , 646x408 , 38.png )

[Steel] WOAHOHO, what's going on here, who the heck are you?

No. 532972 ID: 34cbef
File 137608176934.png - (11.65KB , 646x408 , 39.png )


[Steel] the what now?


No. 532973 ID: dbe554



You were saved. Thank her.
No. 532974 ID: a01b62

Agreed. Throw in a "my hero!" for good measure. Then ask how the heck we get out of here.
No. 532975 ID: 41690e

...you have a terrible name. But if that means you're here to prevent me from being raped rather than raping me, I'm all for it.
No. 532979 ID: 735f4f

Wait so do you rape rapists or just go around clubbing them with that giant dildo?

Also thanks for saving me?
No. 532986 ID: c23ab0

Well I have no need to be corrected sexually, but this here green lady is in some serious need of release. So I'll trust her to your capable hands and in the meantime I gotta go bye *run*
No. 532988 ID: 91c1b3

Don't forget your clothes.
No. 533005 ID: 5869f6

Thank her for saving you and be off.
And find some damn clothes too.
Ooh! Maybe there's an armory somewhere!
With batons, and tasers andanandan-
Er, sorry. Got excited there.
Still, might be worth finding something of the sort.
No. 533089 ID: 34cbef
File 137610443883.png - (9.39KB , 646x408 , 40.png )

[Steel] Well my hero, thanks for saving me... just gonna put these back on

[RC] No problem male friend
No. 533090 ID: 34cbef
File 137610487146.png - (15.21KB , 646x408 , 41.png )

[Steel] so I don't need an sexual correction, but the green lady does need some of that T'n'A

[RC] That is correct, she will be thoroughly disciplined

[Madam Judge] Gah!

[Steel] So, uh, do you rape rapists or just beat them with your ... weapon

[RC] I pretty much screw folks that are wanting til they faint, if they are evil like this illegal slaver then I have to be more then just a little rough with penetration

[Steel] There's a one eyed one in the cage over there, she roughed me up a bit- can ya... you know... make it really rough on her?

[RC] Duly noted

[Steel] Welp then i'll just find my way out then

[RC] I would not suggest you going out there unattended, if you wait a bit i'll escort you to a safe place

No. 533092 ID: a01b62

She seems legit, let's go stand in a corner and face the wall and cover our ears until she's done.
No. 533094 ID: 91c1b3

Look around for useful shit while she's doing her thing.
No. 533096 ID: bf54a8

find the jail keys. and uh, any sort of weapons.
No. 533097 ID: 41690e

...right, I'll wait outside then.

See if this universe has magazines or television while you wait.
No. 533101 ID: 12c19f

This IS good TV right in front of us.
No. 533108 ID: 735f4f

Yeah keep a eye on her while you are looting the place. Don't want to miss out on sweet justice.
No. 533116 ID: dbe554

If this is the norm (The slave chicks) It might be best to wait on this...super hero anyways
No. 533155 ID: 5869f6

Ah, she's a criminal. Well, she seems legit. Guess it wouldn'thurt to go with her.
Find some weapons and/or armor.
Actually, just take everything that seems remotely useful/isn't nailed down.
No. 533188 ID: 9d8047

Errrr LOOT it all!!! By that i mean EVERY thing that is not nailed down(and if you wont to do it overkill stile loot the slavers as well)
No. 533247 ID: 7f732e

Our duty is clear. We must become this daring hero's sidekick!
No. 533282 ID: 34cbef
File 137616416284.png - (9.60KB , 646x398 , 42.png )

[Steel] Mkay, so i'm gonna go exploring for a bit- but i'm coming back

[RC] Don't stray too far, kay?

[Steel] no problem
No. 533284 ID: 34cbef
File 137616423283.png - (5.79KB , 583x398 , 43.png )

[Steel] She seems like she can handle herself for now, let us see what we have for souvenirs. This seems pretty straightforward
No. 533286 ID: 34cbef
File 137616432682.png - (8.22KB , 583x398 , 44.png )

[Steel] hm... bed, dresser, bag of groceries, small chair, crappy rug and a fridge. Wonder what the other room has, i'll come back to this
No. 533289 ID: 34cbef
File 137616445119.png - (9.12KB , 583x398 , 45.png )

[Steel] Bathroom... this is very unimpressive for a villains hideout, seems to have that destitute vibe going here- welp Time to pick a spot to start at first

No. 533292 ID: bf54a8

open the dresser first. i don't trust the fridge.
No. 533293 ID: 735f4f

Lets look for some clothes first.
No. 533299 ID: 41690e

Grab some clothes. You could use a shirt, and shoes.

Then raid the fridge. Who knows when you'll next have a chance to eat. Or when you last ate anyways.
No. 533321 ID: 5869f6

Find some clothes and get some food.
And make a mess of everything. Just to be petty about it.
Prolly a weapon in ne of them cabnets.
No. 533338 ID: 34cbef
File 137617131862.png - (10.82KB , 583x398 , 46.png )

[Steel] Hmmmmm, what do we have here... just a bunch of kinky lingerie, except for this... yep, this is a t-shirt (oooh, and it smells like strawberries, i like strawberries). The bed doesn't look that extravagant, probably could fit two people if they snuggled up to each other...
No. 533340 ID: 34cbef
File 137617163489.png - (6.23KB , 583x398 , 47.png )

[Steel] M-mm, time for some vitals... what's all this then, there's nothing here. Little drible of whisky, bread, and a single slice of cake. Looking through the bag doesn't show much either; a head of lettuce, a pack of hotdogs, and some more kinky lingerie... huh, looks like the lingerie is cheaper then the food- that's if i'm reading the receipt right. Definitely not receiving that horrible evil lair vibe from this place, sorta feels like these bunny girls are poor in a way.

No. 533343 ID: 57a559

Oh, explains why they're criminals then. Glad this isn't a full representative of bunny society. Other than that they're clearly all sex fiends.
No. 533345 ID: 735f4f

Aww the single slice of cake with a half burned candle in it. Did you land in a bondage themed college sorority?

Grab the shirt and one of those bras. Then wear the bra and stuff it with some other clothes. Bamn instant fake woman disguise.
No. 533376 ID: bf54a8

an ugly woman maybe, but uh, rape crusader said she would be our 'owner' when we leave.
No. 533378 ID: 91c1b3

Do this and take some bread with you. Leave the rest of their stuff alone. I'd feel bad for them if they hadn't tried to rape you and threatened to cut off your arm.
No. 533410 ID: 34cbef
File 137618629956.png - (11.59KB , 583x398 , 48.png )

[Steel] I had the sudden idea that maybe if i disguised myself as a woman that i could pass through the streets unacousted... anyhow i'm in womens clothing already, might aswell enjoy it. Wonder what I should do next

No. 533417 ID: 735f4f

Not bad. If it helps at all will be worth the effort.

If you have checked everything in here go see how crazy rape lady is doing and loot there office/sex prison. They might have some handcuffs and or weapons there you can use.
No. 533428 ID: 57a559

But you're the first human on his planet. They're gonna be all like"What's up with that?"
No. 533434 ID: 91c1b3

Take nap?
No. 533939 ID: 34cbef
File 137635804952.png - (7.92KB , 681x427 , 49.png )

[Steel] Hmmm, maybe this wasn't a good idea...
No. 533940 ID: 34cbef
File 137635808147.png - (10.04KB , 681x427 , 50.png )

[Steel] Time for a nap
No. 533941 ID: 34cbef
File 137635813054.png - (10.46KB , 681x427 , 51.png )

[Steel] *snore snore snore snore*
No. 533942 ID: 34cbef
File 137635826639.png - (10.59KB , 681x427 , 52.png )

[Steel] grumble grumble... what the

[RC] Howdy, you ready to head out?

No. 533943 ID: 735f4f

This is the best disguise you could hope for.

Just go with it.
No. 533944 ID: 12c19f

...I'm going to assume this is a disguise or this entire culture just likes stealing slaves from each other like rat bastards.
No. 533945 ID: bf54a8

i think this is for appearances. like, if you have a dog, even if it's a good dog and stays with it's owner no matter what, the law says all dogs must be on a leash in this area.

so yeah, you need to be leashed and with an 'owner' otherwise you will have cops all up in your biz.
No. 533946 ID: dbe554

Ask her about it first, because it's better to panic now then to find out she's gonna rape ya too.
No. 533951 ID: 41690e

...so this is a disguise, right?
No. 534410 ID: 34cbef
File 137651241747.png - (18.53KB , 681x405 , 53.png )

[Steel] This is a very classy collar, but it is kinda tight- any way i can get you to loosen it for me?

[RC] Well men have to have tight collars or I may get fined... don't want that to happen
No. 534411 ID: 34cbef
File 137651257742.png - (6.59KB , 681x405 , 54.png )

[Steel] well i can do some smooth talking if necessary, but like i said this disguise is a little... constricting

[RC] Well it has to be constricting, that's what collars are for

[Steel] ...this is a disguise... right?
No. 534413 ID: 34cbef
File 137651279952.png - (7.56KB , 681x405 , 55.png )

[RC] If I sold you to one of the lord mistresses I could get enough cash to fund all my vigilante missions

[Steel] ...uh

[RC] Or I could just whore you out for cash, there's high demand for exotic lovers nowadays and you are just one of a kind

No. 534416 ID: 5869f6

Uh-oh, she's fallen victim to greed, thinking you'd go for a high price for being unique.
Maybe if you have enough slack on the rope you could strangle her.
Or just put your thumb to her eye and push. Hard.
No. 534419 ID: 735f4f

Just get used to the idea you are going to be a sex slave for someone or another for the next 5 days.

Also stop mentioning the tattoo thing its just going to get you hurt.

Tell her it would be irresponsible of her to make a decision like that without sampling the goods first. Then fuck her so hard she lets her guard down and you can escape.
No. 534423 ID: 41690e

No on physically attacking her. She kicked those other girl's asses, and you weren't much of a match for them. And things will go from uncomfortable to unpleasant if we do.

>sell you / whore you out
...not that I've got anything against capitalism, but both those ideas seem pretty against your idea of sexual justice.
No. 534432 ID: c23ab0

Remind her that if she sold you to the lord mistress, her first act of vigilantism would have to be to free you from the lord mistress. Seems sort of self defeating to me.
No. 534448 ID: 57a559

You have yet to legally purchase me, and I'm owned to someone else. Not to mention I was illegally acquired by criminals you just raped, so you've just illegally stolen me from illegitimate slavers.
You're sending mixed messages, vigilante.
My existence and acquirement is probably wrapped in so much red tape that slaving me would be unwise. Not to mention I'm the first human on this planet, do you know how much attention that would bring either you or the lord mistress you'd sell me too?
Wait, if you sold me to a lord mistress, you'd then would probably just rape them on the basis that they are illegally acquiring a new slave. Is that the plan? Take their money and vigilante rape them? Then steal me back to sell to and vigilante rape more lord mistresses?
No. 534457 ID: 6a694e

Point out that she'd lose a lot of rep for being a vigilante if the men she's saving hear about her selling you.

And also, it makes her no better than the women she's attacking.
No. 534484 ID: 01531c

Ask if humans exist.
You don't count, since your existence will only last for another 116 hours.
No. 534490 ID: 41690e

...you know what, how about we don't tell her about the going to disappear thing, so she doesn't get arm-choppy ideas like the last one.
No. 534601 ID: 78a386

Don't tell her about the disappearing act.

How about she keeps you around as an accomplice to help her with her noble vigilante activities. Also you could i dunno... massage her legs when she gets tired from running around and kicking so much ass?
No. 534620 ID: 34cbef
File 137659679657.png - (20.70KB , 639x384 , 56.png )

[Steel] Well, wouldn't be against sexual justice to sell me to someone else? You'd be just like these girls

[RC] Well, uh, no... all men are considered property, that's not an evil thing. I just make sure that the men are treated right, fed and kept warm and stuff. I'm not an extremist like the rebels are

[Steel] ...oh... okay... so why did you beat these girls up?

[RC] Well they would have tried to harm you, and they have a track record of selling merchandise to the worst of owners- you would not have been taken care of very well

[Steel] so... are there any other kinds of humans around?

[RC] Nope, if that's what you are then you're the only one

[Steel] well, what if you sell me to a lord mistress and she turns out to be a bad owner... wouldn't you have to come rescue me?

[RC] well yeah- OH MY GOD, that's a brilliant idea! I'll sell you for a high price to bad lord mistresses or villainous merchants, then i'll come back as the rape crusader and exact justice. Not only will I get you back but i can confiscate the other men that they horde!

No. 534639 ID: 91c1b3

Couldn't she go and confiscate them anyways if she already knows they are bad? If they are bad and able to pay a high price, what's stopping them from sending a hit man after her after she takes the slaves away?

Or you could go with the ludicrous plan, tell the new mistress about the vigilante that will try to come after her and live out the rest of 5 days in a hopefully semi-decent spot as a foreign trophy.
No. 534642 ID: 735f4f

Sounds like the rebels are the folks we want to end up with.
No. 534649 ID: 41690e

...I don't think we're going to do better with the crazy vigilante than the crazy vigilante plan.
No. 534652 ID: bf54a8

this is perfect. then when all the dudes and us are at her place we can take her. 20 vs 1 is way better odds for them then 20 vs 20 with weapons.
or something.
No. 534669 ID: 5869f6

Exactly. Then after that, we can try to contact the rebels. Or just gather enough 'man'power (heh) to start an uprising. A violent uprising.
Viva la revolution.
No. 534687 ID: 735f4f

I bet if we end up with the rebels it will be somehow worse than this. Like they are all bunch of burly gay guys. Just warning you.
No. 534692 ID: bf54a8

if it's big enough we would win even if we lose. force them to kill every male that was in the uprising their stock of them would PLUMMIT, changing men from a commodity into a rare resource with demand FAR in excess of supply. meaning that all the women will fight OVER them. and a great bloody civil war left in our wake would be awesome.
No. 534695 ID: 34cbef
File 137660894792.png - (9.51KB , 639x384 , 57.png )

[Steel] ...alright?

No. 534697 ID: 34cbef
File 137660908521.png - (16.29KB , 639x384 , 58.png )

No. 534698 ID: 34cbef
File 137660912264.png - (11.69KB , 639x384 , 59.png )

No. 534699 ID: 34cbef
File 137660925698.png - (14.53KB , 639x384 , 60.png )

[RC] I suddenly realized it'd be less conspicuous to catch a bus then to run all the way home...

[Steel] Oooofff
No. 534700 ID: 34cbef
File 137660933340.png - (13.31KB , 639x384 , 61.png )

[RC] Alright, be a good human and sit here with me
No. 534702 ID: 34cbef
File 137660981755.png - (14.13KB , 639x384 , 62.png )

[Nerdbun] uuuuuh, excuse me

[RC] What's up?

[Nerdbun] I sorta left my man at home today, and I still have a few more errands to go... can I.. use yours for a bit? He looks very exotic

[RC] Well my pet is pretty important so I'll leave it up to him

No. 534703 ID: 91c1b3

No. 534704 ID: bf54a8

"as long as we don't go out of sight of my mistress"
No. 534709 ID: 5869f6

This, don't want to end up back at square on-
Wait. Did I just see-?
Oh my, how salacious! Didn't know it was 'that' bad!
'S like some sort of porno, what with the value of males and the slavery and etc.
No. 534721 ID: 735f4f

Eh why not.
No. 534737 ID: c23ab0

Let's see, get sold to an evil lady tyrant with the notion of being rescued from the horrible torturous fate some unspecified time in the future, or carry some nerd's books. DECISIONS DECISIONS
No. 534746 ID: e1609c

We arent getting sold to this chick, just getting loaned out.
Honestly, if we are gonna get sex slavery'd anyhow might as well have some fun with it up till we get punted out of this reality into wherever the hell else we are gonna be headed.
No. 534751 ID: 57a559

I am the first human on this planet, and am married back at home and we take marriage very seriously. I don't want to cheat on my wife.
No. 534755 ID: 5fd94e

This may end up being the least of all evils, specially if it just ends up being carrying supplies.
No. 534857 ID: cad45e

She's probably a really terrible person, got some masochistic fetish or something.

I say nay, no matter how cute she looks.
No. 534915 ID: e97f9d

They have already demonstrated how little they care about this sort of stuff

I say go for it.
No. 535185 ID: 34cbef
File 137677404843.png - (17.62KB , 700x400 , 63.png )

[Steel] ...sure, why not?

[Nerdbun] Yes yes yes, i'm gonna have a sexy exotic man to escort me around town!

[RC] whut

[Steel] sexy?

[Nerdbun] We are gonna have the best time, i'll take you around town and show you to my friends and we will go shopping and you can carry my stuff
No. 535187 ID: 34cbef
File 137677435138.png - (8.82KB , 700x400 , 64.png )

[RC] Wait, hold on. I thought you were asking to have sex with him here at the bus stop

[Nerdbun] I'm much too shy to do it at the bus stop, but maybe at the mall

[RC] This here slave is very rare, I can't just hand him over to you- I've got huge plans that involve him, lots of them involving fucking buns brains out
No. 535192 ID: 34cbef
File 137677464880.png - (13.62KB , 700x400 , 65.png )

[Nerdbun] But I want him, please? I'll take really good care of him- And though i don't have much on me I can try to buy him from you.

[RC] I can't just... I dunno

[Nerdbun] What do you think you big cutie, do you wanna come with me? I'm not perfect but i will take real good care of you- I only have one other man so you won't have to fight for my attention much, oh and I can buy you all sorts of gourmet stuff and i'd let you wear clothes

No. 535193 ID: 41690e

...this a total trap. She's probably super-crazy. At least with the rape-hero we know what we're getting into.
No. 535194 ID: 57a559

Sorry to disappoint but, well, we won't be able to stay very long. And you do have an agreement with RC so, like, it would be rude to break a deal we had. She saved my life you see.
Plus, I have a condition where I can't stay in one place for a long time. (Don't say you teleport, just that it's like some diesease) I'm quite a high maintenance slave. I need my medicine, food I can actually eat, I'm sorry but you'd just lose the money because I'd die in a matter of days. RC's deal allows her to afford to keep me for that interval. It's why I'm so rare, my race has a very short lifespan.
No. 535196 ID: af8414

OK go for it, why not.
No. 535199 ID: bf54a8

ehh, what' the worst that could happen? why not.
No. 535207 ID: 5869f6

This, so in short:
No. 535238 ID: 7f83d3

hell yeah
No. 535240 ID: bf54a8

but what if she is legit?
No. 535249 ID: 01531c

Everyone on this planet is fucking tsundere.

Let her down as gently as you would a crazy goth chick.
No. 535250 ID: bf54a8

also let's not get started on a big ass lie. would just complicate things.
No. 535252 ID: dcd676

Yessssssss do iiiit
No. 535256 ID: 5869f6

It's always the shy one comrades, when what I think will happen happens, i'l just be over here, screaming,'i' told you so' repeatedly.
No. 535258 ID: 57a559

I'm only saying lie to the nerdbun, tell RC that's just a bunch of bullshit to let her down softly. When she's quite a ways away of course.
No. 535267 ID: eaaf3b

You should totes just go for it, she seems nice enough and maybe you could ride on her tall ass shoulders I mean that'd be p cool man
No. 535340 ID: e97f9d

I dunno I think RC is offering us a better deal here.
No. 535363 ID: cad45e

No, i'm still with the "don't stick your dick in the crazy" plan.

Stay with the less crazy whorething, sure she'll sell you to someone who may be terrible, but then again, we'll become some kind of hero trough that.
No. 536177 ID: 34cbef
File 137705203144.png - (11.22KB , 667x409 , 66.png )

[Steel] Well... I guess not...

[Nerdbun] You sure?

[Steel] not really...

[Nerdbun] aww, okay
No. 536178 ID: 34cbef
File 137705207851.png - (9.87KB , 667x409 , 67.png )

[RC] Look it's the bus, lets hurry
No. 536180 ID: 34cbef
File 137705212897.png - (6.80KB , 667x409 , 68.png )

[omitting scenes from inside of bus, trust me they are dirty]
No. 536181 ID: 34cbef
File 137705215375.png - (12.38KB , 653x406 , 69.png )

No. 536182 ID: 34cbef
File 137705220597.png - (11.67KB , 653x406 , 70.png )

[RC] Home at last, you'll be very well taken care of here
No. 536183 ID: 34cbef
File 137705238406.png - (12.14KB , 653x406 , 71.png )

[group] Welcome home master

[RC] Aren't they adorable
No. 536186 ID: 34cbef
File 137705265817.png - (12.91KB , 653x406 , 72.png )

[RC] Number 37, can you fix up a room for my new pet? He's very special and needs himself private accommodations while he's here.

[37] Alright

[RC] I need to make dinner, Number 12 I'm kinda thirsty so get yourself worked up and meet me in the kitchen.

[Steel] what is she talking about?

[37] they drink semen

[Steel] w-what

[37] Where would you like to lodge, bottom floor or top

[Steel] u-uh...

No. 536187 ID: bf54a8

well, that explains the empty fridge...

uhh...... top?
No. 536191 ID: dbe554

Top floor! That way if we need to we can jump out the window if something bad happens.
No. 536200 ID: 41690e

Is there any difference between top and bottom, besides which way the stairs go?
No. 536214 ID: 5869f6

WELL THEN, let's just not question it. It 'may' save our sanity in the long run.
Top, I guess.
(Semen? Really?)
No. 536261 ID: e97f9d

Bottom. It's symbolic or something. Also closer to the exits.
No. 536273 ID: 34cbef
File 137707550342.png - (15.98KB , 653x406 , 73.png )

[Steel] I guess top for now

[37] okay follow me


[37] Alright, you can take this room. You won't be alone in here though because of... reasons.

[Steel] reasons?

[37] you'll find out
No. 536274 ID: 34cbef
File 137707567817.png - (5.99KB , 653x406 , 74.png )

[Steel] It's dark in here- wha's that

[littlebun] moh...?

No. 536289 ID: e97f9d

We're gonna have a problem here.
No. 536297 ID: bf54a8

just say "hey"
No. 536301 ID: 57a559

oh my god they enslaved a child?
This is disgusting. Just, ugh, fuck this place. Do mother's enslave their own sons?
No. 536309 ID: 41690e

Uh, hello?
No. 536316 ID: 5869f6

I am suddenly enraged at this revelation.
Very violent thoughts are running through my head.
Those rebels, they're fighting for a good cause.
This is... disgusting.
Well then. Introduce yourself, and be calm and gentle.
No. 536318 ID: 5869f6

I-Is that a scar over his eye!?
No. 536320 ID: bf54a8

wow, REALLY creepy there.

seriously, do you not know where child slaves come from? the are born into it. they didn't go on a raid and capture a village. he was born a man, therefor he was a slave. society does crazy shit. relax and stop getting all "omg we need to make it all betters"
No. 536327 ID: 5869f6

I knew that, but that doesn't make it any less sickening.
Do you think they-? If there arn't any older...
No, they wouldn't. Would they?
No. 536399 ID: 34cbef
File 137711581040.png - (13.22KB , 653x406 , 75.png )

[Steel] Hello little guy

[Littlebun] 37?

[Steel] Nah, i'm the new guy- nice to meet you... over here, come over to my voice
No. 536401 ID: 34cbef
File 137711595920.png - (10.66KB , 653x406 , 76.png )

[Steel] There ya go, what's up tiny

[Littlebun] hiya, i'm number 25

[Steel] heh.... I'm not from the planet, explain to me what exactly the story is here
No. 536404 ID: c23ab0




...you do have a power armor, don't you?
No. 536405 ID: 34cbef
File 137711733208.png - (5.62KB , 653x406 , 77.png )

[37] Where do I start

[Steel] how about with whatever comes first

[37] alright, do the best I can. So the kid is registered male of the lowest tier in third house. Our society is run by houses, consisting of a dominant female leader. We call them Lady mistresses; they have their household of themselves, close relations, and all their male property of all them. That composition also comes into different tiers of a house aswell, each leader role being a lesser mistress and such. For example a house has a lady mistress with four sisters and an innumerable amount of males, that is one tier and depending on the amount of male property determines the power of that houses tier.

[Steel] So the most powerful women have alot of sisters and slaves

[37] that's correct

[Steel] How did you become a slave, how did he become a slave?

[37] All men are born into it, we are considered property at the very beginning. Me i'm the son of master sanyo's sister, which is the yellow woman downstairs, when I was born sanyo's sister sold me to her mother where I lived for quite some time- then she died and the property was distributed amongst the children again and I ended up in sanyo house.

[Steel] ... mkay, and the little guy?

[37] He is lady sanyo's second son, she had sold him to the lady huin who mistreated him severely. He no longer has any value due to the injuries and it wasn't until lady sanyo began her vigilante hobby before 25 came back under her care... well miscare. When settled into the house his disability made it impossible for him to assimilate into normal pet routine, so predictably lady sanyo stored him up here and forgot about him. The rest of us have been looking after him until he's old enough to head to the milking farm.

[Steel] milking farm?

[37] A milking farm is where the males go to have their 'sex juice' collected for bottling and distribution.

[Steel] The semen thing?

[37] yes, the idea was happened upon a long long time ago by an ancient lady mistress. These days they use it for cooking or consumption, as if it were water or milk. There are a lot of brands of the same thing like man milk or white juice.

There's a lot more that I could say, but it mostly deals with house powers and whatnot...

No. 536410 ID: 57a559

>Kid is (RC)'s son
>Abused by horrible master
>Sudden conclusion that RC became a vigilante because of the love for her son and the horror of his mistreatment, about do go "Aww she really is a good person" reads more and stops that
>Conclusion turns out to be a false hypothesis and the bitch doesn't even take care of her disabled son
>Dares to say that she fights so slaves aren't abused

She's worse than the monsters she hunts.
No. 536419 ID: 41690e

Well, this is just a cheery planet, ain't it.
No. 536431 ID: bf54a8

and you all were scared of nerd bun "NOOO, RC would be better"

anyway, ask what methods of control they have. because a big enough rebellion would collapse society. as all the dirty jobs that run it would stop having workers.
No. 536436 ID: 5869f6

I think we all agree that we should murder RC in her sleep then?
Or we could make it look like an accident.
(For god's sake, a DISABLED CHILD. I'm going to be metaphorically sick.)
No. 536437 ID: 41690e

That's a terrible plan. What happens to the slaves if we murder her?
No. 536440 ID: 5869f6

What what else can we do?
We need some kind of plan.
We need to get this child away somehow. He doesn't deserve such a fate. He's just a child. He's disabled for god's sake!
No. 536441 ID: bf54a8

i agree. he's ALIVE, which is probably better then what anyone else would do for a disabled slave.
No. 536448 ID: 34cbef
File 137713029204.png - (13.22KB , 653x406 , 78.png )

[Steel] So where is this lady's position in all that hierarchy

[37] She's a lower lady, single leader of the house because her sisters don't like her.

[Steel] So what do the women all control

[37] everything, from garbage disposal to politics
No. 536449 ID: e1609c

A thought occurs. RC is a vigilante, and probably wanted by more than a few dangerous folk.
Ergo, law enforcement might be a bit lax if we decide to organize a little mini-rebellion.
Which is what I think we should do, in light of recent developments.
So, in short:

Plus, rebellion against the tyrannical reign of a bunch of asshole rabbits sounds a lot more fun than just getting banged raw over and over for the rest of the five days we have here.
Also if possible, we gotta take kid scarface with us.
No. 536450 ID: 34cbef
File 137713076127.png - (11.01KB , 653x406 , 79.png )

[Steel] aren't you people tired of being treated so terribly?

[37] Not all of the females treat us terribly, once a long time ago there was this one woman... this was before sanyo did all the heroism...

[Steel] go on

[37] She was a really short bun, she was named tiger claws on account of her... well tiger claws. None of us knew who she really was but she fought all the women and sliced the tethers to alot of our collars, one of the real heroes i've seen.

[Steel] but you're still here

[37] some of us have our loyalty, she vanished though after the rebellion began
No. 536451 ID: 34cbef
File 137713089041.png - (5.64KB , 653x406 , 80.png )

[37] now that i dwell on it it's more depressing. It's almost dinner time and lady sanyo is cooking, lets head to the table for food
No. 536452 ID: 34cbef
File 137713097812.png - (12.20KB , 653x406 , 81.png )

[Steel] Tell that woman that I am stuffed full of B.S. and i'm not hungry, If they dish me up a portion bring it to the kid here.
No. 536453 ID: c31f72

Please tell me the food won't have That in it. I mean, the women only drink it right? They won't serve their male slaves stuff that came out of some unfamiliar male, right?
No. 536454 ID: 34cbef
File 137713103789.png - (5.40KB , 653x406 , 82.png )

[37] *sigh* this kid...
No. 536455 ID: 34cbef
File 137713176423.png - (5.37KB , 653x406 , 83.png )

[37] ... he's not gonna feel this comfort forever, if we are feeding you and him sanyo might raise an eyebrow when she has to pinch pennies to get food

[Steel] So?

[37] he's still growing, and he eats a lot.

[Steel] I don't need that much, he can take my portion

[37] ...it will be much harder on you later...

[Steel] bah, i'm only here five days

[37] .............. he's very young, fragile. He doesn't have as much muscle as when he becomes older, just the slightest bit of mishandling and he may get hurt... or worse.

[Steel] what are you saying

[37] his life... it has no value. It's much harder for any of us to do it, but you are new- you don't have any emotional attachment...

No. 536458 ID: e1609c

If you are implying I kill the kid man, you best be getting out of here. Humans are a bit tetchy about taking lives, especially kids' lives.
No. 536463 ID: 84d182

Who Knows, The Kid Might Become a Very Great man, of course if you let him Die We Wont find out will we?
No. 536464 ID: d57e6f

No. 536466 ID: e1609c

Dont say this, I am pretty sure ambition is frowned upon in this society.
No. 536467 ID: e1609c

for guys, I mean. You know, being slaves and all.
No. 536472 ID: ed7fe0

Tell him that maybe his life will be okay. Who knows, Tiger Claw could always return or something and take him under her wing.
No. 536473 ID: 5869f6

We are not killing this child.
That is final.
There is another way. Always is. We just need to find it.
No. 536475 ID: f0430d

the only acceptable outcome to this situation is that we take blind kid as our student and in 5 days turn him into a rough and tough blind ninja like Daredevil and he goes on to be the leader of the rebellion

or you know, we could murder kids and get raped, i dunno
No. 536478 ID: e31ca1

Is it possible to take him with you when you teleport again?
No. 536486 ID: c23ab0

I'm all for the blind ninja plan.
No. 536524 ID: 57a559

Why do you care what I do with my portions? You could say the same thing about yourself to me, why give me advice to keep my food?
No. 536531 ID: e1609c

Lets not get too hostile, man. Dude obviously has some experience in this shit, and just wants to be a bro (admittedly, in a fucking terrible way) by convincing us to eat up.
We gotta explain the fucked-up-ness of what he just suggested.

Actually, fuck hugboxing this shit. Dude needs to get schooled on this.
No. 536573 ID: 761017

Simple question for 37: Do you mean euthanize the kid, or do you mean weaponize the kid?
No. 536574 ID: bf54a8

he obviously means snap his neck and throw him down the stairs. he;s blind, him falling down stairs is really plausible.
No. 536580 ID: 12c19f


Do you know if your tattoo can take passengers?
No. 536681 ID: 34cbef
File 137720838141.png - (17.31KB , 694x427 , 84.png )

[Steel] What are you suggesting, eh?
No. 536682 ID: 34cbef
File 137720841055.png - (6.25KB , 694x427 , 85.png )

[37] er... n-nothing
No. 536683 ID: 34cbef
File 137720843955.png - (2.78KB , 694x427 , 86.png )

[37] later!
No. 536684 ID: 34cbef
File 137720853854.png - (14.20KB , 694x427 , 87.png )

[Steel] tch, punk. No spine at all... if only I could take you with me little guy. But I don't think it's as simple as drawing my tattoo on your hand... I need a plan to get us both outta here.

No. 536687 ID: bf54a8

did you teleport with everything you were wearing? if so maybe you could put him in a backpack and carry him.
No. 536688 ID: 57a559

Make sure the collar on your neck isn't a shock collar.
Get this little guy some clothes first.
No. 536698 ID: 5869f6

Feasable. Otherwise he would have been nude. And his captors wouldn't have given him clothes. Considering.
No. 536701 ID: 41690e

Maybe we can get him to the rebels or something?
No. 536703 ID: c23ab0

Get him to the rebels. They'd love a poster child like that. Not to say they wouldn't take care of him anyway, but they'll be more inclined to with how he was injured and threatened with death by the establishment.
No. 536709 ID: 84d182

Ask The Little Bun About himself
No. 536714 ID: e1609c

Step one: Initiate distraction ruse. This is achievable numerable ways, most immediately coming to mind however is starting a riot among miss vigilante here's slaves.
After that, we go into hiding until shit cools down.
We might even be able to pass as a nonsentient species due to the whole "we are an entirely new species" thing, though I wouldnt hinge a bet on on it.
After we get us and boy scarface to safety, we work on digging up intel on the whereabouts of any rebel recruiters.
From there, the path should sort of lay itself in the open: We fuck shit up as much as possible till we are yoinked out of there by our magical tramp stamp.
No. 536717 ID: 830f37

But we dont know when we're gonna teleport.
Question, does it usually happen when you're asleep or something? We could have him sleep in a bag and we wear it while we sleep, in the hopes he comes with.

Then again, we never know where we might end up. Could be dangerous. Better than sex slavery, but dangerous.
No. 536737 ID: 01531c

>But I don't think it's as simple as drawing my tattoo on your hand...

A.) It's worth a shot; the mistress will never see it.

B.) It probably is That Simple.

C.) You might get stuck while the kid goes world hopping.
No. 536738 ID: 01531c

>starting a riot among miss vigilante here's slaves.
That's a one-way ticket to the gulag.
>We might even be able to pass as a nonsentient species
This is a modern(+?) tech pre-contact society, that plan would fall on it's face five steps out the door.

>But we dont know when we're gonna teleport.
The markers on his hand each represents a full day, with a maximum display of 5 days, though he can be stuck for longer.

Days are 24 hour periods, with respect to local planetary spin.

The moment of his arrival marked the resetting of the timer.

BTW, he appeared inside of a rebel base!
>you're here because you were aiding rebel scum
>I keep telling you, I just happened to pop up in that base. I'm sort of a traveler...
No. 536744 ID: 830f37

>5 days
>though he can be stuck for longer
>for longer

You just proved my point regardless. We dont know, for absolute sure, exactly when we're gonna be gone.

And the fact that we spawned in a rebel base means nothing. it's just where we happened to end up. Next teleport, we could very well end up in the middle of a battlefield or the center of an orgy.
No. 536916 ID: 34cbef
File 137730659721.png - (14.47KB , 647x427 , 88.png )

[Steel] so, tell me about yourself little guy

[littlebun] like what?

[Steel] You know, about things you like- things you don't like. what you like to play?

[littlebun] well... I like walls... they help me stand up and stuff.
No. 536917 ID: 34cbef
File 137730666826.png - (11.01KB , 647x427 , 89.png )

[littlebun] I also like bugs, cus when they crawl on you they have little legs that tickle you all over
No. 536919 ID: 34cbef
File 137730673386.png - (10.26KB , 647x427 , 90.png )

[littlebun] But what i like the most is Hugs... like this... i don't get hugs anymore, but that's what i really like
No. 536921 ID: 34cbef
File 137730687064.png - (9.17KB , 647x427 , 91.png )

[Steel] no hugs!? Alright, i've decided we're leaving.

[littlebun] really?

[Steel] Yes, crawl on up there now.... mkay, lets go.
No. 536922 ID: 34cbef
File 137730694825.png - (8.14KB , 647x427 , 92.png )

[littlebun] ...where are we going?

[Steel] I'm finding you a better home
No. 536923 ID: 34cbef
File 137730701342.png - (11.57KB , 647x427 , 93.png )

[sweepingbun] ...hello?

[Steel] Give me your broom. Now.
No. 536924 ID: 34cbef
File 137730713817.png - (8.50KB , 647x427 , 94.png )

[RC] *crunch crunch crunch* ... that shadow in the doorway finally got hungry enough to grab a plate? Hurry up and get in here.

[Steel] ...not hungry

[RC] no? Then what is it my little commodity?
No. 536925 ID: 34cbef
File 137730722164.png - (14.82KB , 647x427 , 95.png )

[Steel] I wanted to show you something

Landlord Martial arts, Broomstyle
Tier 2
No. 536926 ID: 34cbef
File 137730726855.png - (14.37KB , 647x427 , 96.png )

No. 536928 ID: 34cbef
File 137730733533.png - (8.95KB , 647x427 , 97.png )

No. 536929 ID: 34cbef
File 137730744139.png - (9.22KB , 647x427 , 98.png )

[RC] *KOFF KOFF* g-givin you... two seconds *hurk* before i go get my leotard *koff* and beat your ears off

No. 536932 ID: 735f4f

So two seconds to disable you before you start trying to escape? Sounds good.

You were at least somewhat heroic before we found out about the slavery and the child abuse.

Use more fancy broom martial arts on her. She is pretty strong and we don't want her getting a hold of you.
No. 536933 ID: 84d182

Run Steel Run!, Run like A Bitch
No. 536934 ID: bf54a8

don't stop till she's done.
No. 536937 ID: 57a559

Give her a speech about child neglect and being a horrible mother.
You think humans take this child neglect shit on earth? Fuck no. You've been here for only pretty much a day and realized who the superior species is. The fucking moral one. Fuck your strength and fuck your awful society and fuck you, you terrible fucking mother. You monster.
Just get into a rage of spouting fucks and insults.
Crush her fucking larynx.
No. 536945 ID: 9e3919

No. 536946 ID: bf54a8

dude, the kid can still hear, we do this quietly.
No. 536965 ID: 9d8047

Less fucks more wacky wacky steel oh and tell RC this "heros do not take slaves they free them and say 'F the guv' but all i see is some one that si as bad as the ones they fight"
No. 537017 ID: 5869f6

I agree with both of you. She needs a talking and the child doesn't need to ve getting upset.
No. 537019 ID: 5869f6

(Also, littlebun is adorable. We must give him a name.)
No. 537026 ID: 8b9215

No speeches. I'm pretty sure she's going to kill you now. Kill her first.

Attacking her was a bad idea. I don't see any way out of it at this point.
No. 537028 ID: 5869f6

Why not scold her while we beat the fuck out of her?
No. 537029 ID: 5869f6

Why not scold her while we beat the fuck out of her?
No. 537070 ID: 34cbef
File 137736136922.png - (8.72KB , 647x427 , landlordma.png )

Long ago, before the tattoo, Steel had owned property and rented it out to tenants- Until his properties gained a bad reputation and the tenants became belligerent delinquents. In his world the common man had the potential to form their spirit into great power. Because the tenants were strong tough guys or delinquent martial artists Steel had to found the School of Landlord M.A. With constant training and much durress he had perfected three styles in this school; The Broom- many punks would attempt to fight one on one, occasionally with weapons; The Bucket- The delinquents would occasionally attack as a group or their gang would attack steel all at once; and The Palm- Steel found that after the conflict all the tenants would be unconscious, this style was founded to revive one to pay the late fees or be given the eviction notice

With Landlord M.A. Steel is able to rent out and defend his property from all manner of delinquent, whether they be school punk or god man.
No. 537074 ID: 34cbef
File 137736202624.png - (14.14KB , 647x427 , 99.png )

Steel is confronted with a series of conflicting ideas. Does he force the girl to change her ways, does he knock her out and flee, or does he end her right here and now. He has many options before him, with his broom style he is able to preform 8 seperate tiers of attack- each tier given its own name and severity. If he were to continue fighting he may use the less powerful tier 1, 2 or 3. If he were to be merciless tier 4 can be painless or tier 7 can make her suffer. Tier 7 is perfect if he were fleeing. If he were to dally for too long, though, he would be forced to defend himself with tier 5, it could be potentially deadly. And then there is the limited tier 8.

It is up to you to decide which tier shall finish this day
>tier ?
No. 537076 ID: 57a559

Okay, now that I've calmed down, knock her out, use the knock her out tier, which I'm going to guess would be... 3?
I'm only suggesting non-lethal means because she takes care of the other slaves fairly well, even if their just all selfish, dumb, cowards that should maybe starve to death as they accept their fate... no that would be too harsh.

The tier for knocking her unconscious and possibly horrifically disabling her for life. That tier.
Maybe we should leave a note explaining our actions then. Oh, and we should forget the keys to our neckbraces... maybe cross dress the little guy and pretend that your taking care of the poor little girl. SO, remove his brace, find him some tiny girl clothes. Claim that your her slave assistant for walking her anywhere, and play dumb to most questions.
No. 537078 ID: 8fee8e

beating someone up isn't going to make them "change their ways," it's just going to make them fear you, or respect you in some way, but they aren't going to really agree with you unless you can repeatedly and undeniably prove them wrong. you're going to disappear sooner or later, so you won't have any such agency in the matter anyway.

if you need to take her out to make your escape then do so, but don't kid yourself about what's going to happen after this one fight.
No. 537079 ID: c23ab0

For once, I agree with Dirtbag. She's got her heart in the right place, but she doesn't have enough responsability to be a lord. Consider her tenantized. Then go find gay girly clothing for mister misses princess pants. You're now her seeing eye male.
No. 537080 ID: 8fee8e

>I'm only suggesting non-lethal means because she takes care of the other slaves fairly well, even if their just all selfish, dumb, cowards that should maybe starve to death as they accept their fate... no that would be too harsh.
not everybody has the mettle to stand up to "the system", especially when they're treated as property most if not all of their lives, are weaker than their masters, surrounded by people who feel they need to be put back in place if they should speak up, and valued primarily for how much they "put out" at the end of the day.
while it's hardly just to sacrifice a child so you can scrape by better, spiting 37 and his brethren for being cowards is laying it on a bit thick.

use tier 4. anything lower puts you in danger and anything higher is just going to give the dominant culture even more of an excuse to hurt more people you barely even know.
No. 537082 ID: d2ad4a

1-2-3=prolonged fight.
4=painless (knockout?)
5=potentially deadly
7=Suffering pain, perfect for fleeing
8=limited use-is she worth using this on her?

Honestly...I'm not sure. I DO think, however, that she's definately on the side of mistreatment of man, but by being a 'hero' on the surface but in actuality as bad as the villians she chases, she makes things seem 'better' than they actually are, and less likely that the slaves she 'frees' will join up with the rebels.
I'm kinda curious bout 6, but 7 might be best.
No. 537087 ID: 5869f6

I agree witg knocking her out. Maybe disabling her, but not permenently. If only to get a head start on our runni- I mean,our tactical withdrawl.
No. 537095 ID: 34cbef

i actually made a mistake in writing it, the tier 6 is useful for escapes, the tier 7 is not...

also to clarify, tier 4 and 7 are kill moves
No. 537096 ID: 761017

Ask if her leotard gives her any special powerups or some shit.

In anycase, WHY are we kicking her ass again?
To prove a point?
To demand a change?
To steal her credit card info?
No. 537101 ID: 8b9215

Smite her straight to hell.

She's going to hunt us down and kill us. Attacking her was a bad idea. We are screwed at this point. Finish her.
No. 537109 ID: 9e3919

knock her pout and flee with the kid
No. 537270 ID: e1609c

I vote we kick her ass five ways to sunday, then once she's down for the count (but not unconcious, hopefully) we explain our stance on this, as well as that in no uncertain terms ,you can whup her shit because A: you are the Big Scary Alien, and B: you are already po'd about the inequality going on here as it is.
Let's dunk this motherfucker.
No. 537272 ID: e1609c

For reference, I am not sure what exactly all this tier stuff means. Just whichever one is best for beating people unconscious without actually killing them.
No. 537277 ID: bf54a8

knock her out then palm her back awake, and explain you can do it again. you want her to understand the difference between a spoiled brat that is just looking for an excuse to fight, and a true hero.
i think she's a victim of the system too. you are all getting so caught up on the negative you are not looking at the positive. her son is ALIVE. which is way more then any other mistress would of done for a blind slave. she is less evil then the majority, but because of society she has had no one to see as a true force of good. we can make her a better hero.
No. 537280 ID: e1609c

Thats kinda what beating her stupid was gonna lead into, yo. We get her nice and intimidated, then start her on the road to recovery. I do think she's a horrible monster right now, but no more so (in fact, slightly less of one) than most other monsters about here, initial outrage notwithstanding. And if there's one thing us humans love, its redeeming assholes into good people. Rabbits. whatever.
No. 537311 ID: 761017

Guys, seriously, why are we attacking her directly?!

It seems really spontaneous.

You should begin with Tier 5 then switch over to Tier 7 after she's made her move.

I'd love to knock her out an see how she reacts after waking up, BUT she's an alien, and IIRC that Buns are surprisingly durable.

If buns can be knocked out, immediately go for her head, don't bother with any tiers, unless Tier 4 may be adapted to a knockout type assault.
No. 537314 ID: 761017

Disregard what I said earlier.

No. 538277 ID: cd9547

Try to Convince her to change her ways.. For the kid
No. 539324 ID: 34cbef
File 137825506582.png - (12.02KB , 674x409 , 100.png )

[Steel] My conscience is yelling at me because of my sudden outburst, but my ethics tells me that I cannot let this fly. Though I'd like to teach you the morals from my world i don't have the time- how ya doin little buddy?
No. 539325 ID: 34cbef
File 137825510574.png - (6.12KB , 674x409 , 101.png )

[littlebun] ...scared, i fell off and i dont know where i am.
No. 539326 ID: 34cbef
File 137825514879.png - (15.02KB , 712x428 , 102.png )

[Steel] oh, uh sorry little guy... lemme help you back up.
No. 539327 ID: 34cbef
File 137825519246.png - (10.59KB , 712x428 , 103.png )

[RC] It's time for DISCIPLINE!!!
No. 539328 ID: 34cbef
File 137825525503.png - (12.12KB , 712x428 , 104.png )

[Steel] Landlord Martial arts, Palm Style

Tier 7
No. 539329 ID: 34cbef
File 137825532668.png - (10.88KB , 712x428 , 105.png )

[Steel] Sleep

[RC] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsnorezzzzzzzzzz
No. 539330 ID: 34cbef
File 137825544580.png - (11.36KB , 712x428 , 106.png )

[slave] What did you do to mistress sanyo?

[Steel] She's just sawing logs, I need to get the little one a disguise- does she have clothes that small?

[slave] Of course, follow me
No. 539331 ID: 34cbef
File 137825551776.png - (26.21KB , 1162x710 , 107.png )

[slave] well here's her room, there are plenty of small clothes... that's generally all she wears

>choose a disguise
No. 539332 ID: 4d99b6

I like 3 the best. simple and probably the most comfortable for the little one.
No. 539333 ID: ec2e21

Number 3 looks ok
No. 539334 ID: 5869f6

The third seems the best.
No. 539338 ID: 57a559

Don't forget the keys to your neckbraces!
No. 539353 ID: e1609c

Dont forget we kinda want to keep peeps from knowing little boy is indeed a little boy, least for a while.
Might help with our day-to-day transactions to pretend the kid is a chick for a bit, if only to keep from stirring up trouble in our day to day affairs.
No. 539487 ID: 34cbef
File 137835155329.png - (18.25KB , 795x419 , 108.png )

[Steel] Alright, so you need to wear this for me. It's a disguise to help us walk around the streets

[littlebun] eek, oooh- it feels so wierd

[Steel] don't move around so much

[littlebun] but your paws are so-

[Steel] they're called hands

[littlebun] I like your hands... I also like your voice

[Steel] that's nice, now stop moving around. This'll be a little awkward so brace yourself
No. 539488 ID: 34cbef
File 137835167822.png - (14.08KB , 795x419 , 109.png )

[Steel] Pulling Up-

[littlebun] *smooch* I like you

[Steel] you're gonna grow up faggy aren't you, alright turn around
No. 539489 ID: 34cbef
File 137835180814.png - (13.44KB , 795x419 , 110.png )

[littlebun] hee hee hee

[Steel] Some folks would look for a key- but in my long lifetime of being a landlord i've learned to open things without keys, hold still

[littlebun] okie dokey
No. 539490 ID: 34cbef
File 137835195448.png - (11.20KB , 795x419 , 111.png )

[Steel] Palm style Tier4- Discipline
No. 539492 ID: 34cbef
File 137835208866.png - (13.52KB , 795x419 , 112.png )

[Steel] There ya go

[litlebun] I... I can breath, it's so cold- my neck is so cold

[Steel] Gimme your arms
No. 539494 ID: 34cbef
File 137835218329.png - (10.63KB , 795x419 , 113.png )

[Steel] alright, hold still- we're almost done

[littlebun] you are warm, i like that too
No. 539495 ID: 34cbef
File 137835235024.png - (14.47KB , 795x419 , 114.png )

[Steel] There, done- now you look like a pretty little princess, not too uncomfortable is it?

[littlebun] hehehehe, no no- I like this, i'll be the best little princess just for you

[Steel] Alright, hop on up here
No. 539496 ID: 34cbef
File 137835242325.png - (10.95KB , 795x419 , 115.png )

[littlebun] mmmmmmm, so warm

[Steel] So, educated guess leads me to believe your world is similar to mine... but where would i start searching to find some rebels? I wouldn't know how to start...

No. 539497 ID: b73bab

Ask around the house. The men she keeps still lived on this world for their whole lives, and had to have heard whisperings or at least seen/read the news to get ideas.

Maybe go about freeing a few of them for an expedition to the rebels? A group might be better to travel in if they can all disguise themselves well enough. You ought to do that much.

Everybody's gotta be a pretty lady.
No. 539502 ID: 761017

Also, ask about internet!
No. 539505 ID: 37aa84

I would say look for some kind of slum neighborhood. That's probably where a rebellion would find most of its new recruits.
No. 539510 ID: 0a3b00

internet is a must ask the slave if there's any computers around
No. 539512 ID: cd9547

Make sure your ready to sneak out
No. 539535 ID: e1609c

Just a reminder, we'll need a minimum ratio of one undisguised slave to each disguised one in order to avoid too much suspicion. Might be a tad harder to get them disguised too, being as matured as they are.
Anyhow, when we find internet we should look up news articles for rebel activity and search things out around the activity areas.
Also, tie up the misstress. Dont want her waking up and running amok.
No. 539551 ID: 34cbef
File 137843261201.png - (10.34KB , 650x419 , 116.png )

[Steel] Alright, time for me to free you guys

[slave] ...well... we don't want to go with you, see we like it here...

[Steel] mkay, I'll ask the others then

[Slave] No no no, they actually don't wanna talk to you... asside from 25 the rest of us are treated rather well here and we don't want to go out there where it'd be easy to fall into someone else's ownership

[Steel] You people are crazy
No. 539552 ID: 34cbef
File 137843301828.png - (10.29KB , 650x419 , 117.png )

[Slave] Please just take him and go, you're only making more trouble for us

[Steel] Okay then, where do I find the rebels- you might have heard something or read it somewhere

[slave] We don't know, and slaves aren't supposed to read... go try some derelict area

[Steel] It wouldn't sit right with my conscience if i just let you guys stay here-

[slave] please, for the sake of mistress sanyo just take him and go

[Steel] Wait, does she have a computer or something?
No. 539553 ID: 34cbef
File 137843314236.png - (7.16KB , 650x419 , 118.png )

[Slave] Here, take this

[Steel] What is it

[slave] it's sanyos- take it and go

No. 539555 ID: 34cbef
File 137843356096.png - (10.40KB , 650x419 , peepbot.png )

[Steel] uh... what is it?

No. 539556 ID: c23ab0

It's a spy device, by which you put the headset over your eye and the black sphere zips around to wherever you need to see. And stop bothering the slaves. You need to make 25 scarce, pronto!
No. 539557 ID: 7f732e

It's name shall be Cheepers and it is our new mechanical buddy!
No. 539559 ID: e31ca1

A spy device, plus an implanted personality!
No. 539563 ID: 87cfd7

Shouldnt we disguise ourselves before we leave?
I mean, we do stick out like a sore thumb and we dont have sweet titties.
No. 539656 ID: 0a3b00

cheeps for short and ask the slave how to work it or find a manual somewhere
No. 539711 ID: 0a3b00

get some lady clothes before you go
No. 540171 ID: 34cbef
File 137886062534.png - (11.70KB , 655x416 , 119.png )

[Cheepers] console activating

[Steel] mkay, what are you

[Cheepers] I am the computational hyper entertainment and experience producing elemental recreation system, also known as Cheepers.

[Steel] o.... kay

[Cheepers] I preform many tasks such as surveillance, recording (both audio and video), access to the cosmonet and have the capability to process information at superfluous speeds.

[Steel] Alright... guess that works, come on then i need to grab a disguise myself.
No. 540172 ID: 34cbef
File 137886066669.png - (6.95KB , 655x416 , 120.png )

[Steel] alright, sit on the bed for a second i need to rummage through the drawers quickly to find something
No. 540173 ID: 34cbef
File 137886073052.png - (8.02KB , 655x416 , 121.png )

[Steel] alright... lessee, AHA- this'll be great. Just slip this over my head and voila, i look just like one of them. What do you think peepers?

No. 540178 ID: e97f9d

Flawless. No jury would convict you.
No. 540180 ID: 9ddf68

you kinda look like a homeless bag lady.
No. 540191 ID: 888df6

You'll have to lose the collar.
No. 540217 ID: 5869f6

I all honesty, it's fucking horrible, albiet in a ilariouhilarious way.
But it might work, so long as you wear a hood to cover yourself, and not get to close to anyone, or your cover will be blown.
No. 540218 ID: 5869f6

(*hilarious. Fucking tablet.)
No. 540272 ID: baa786

looks ok buut
I agree w the hat idea, if anybun asks,youre just flatchested
No. 540391 ID: 34cbef
File 137901420834.png - (20.44KB , 655x416 , 122.png )

[Cheepers] It would need some work

[Steel] guess you're right, i don't have those chubby cheeks like they do... okay, how about i grab this scarf and wrap it around my head. Oh and i'll take these long gloves on account that my hands aren't as big as theirs, put on this vest to keep the gloves in place- and why not, throw on some black pants for flavor. Now whaddya think?

[Cheepers] Much better
No. 540392 ID: 34cbef
File 137901447214.png - (10.57KB , 655x416 , 123.png )

[Steel] There we go, now hopefully they won't confront an oddly dressed brown 'girl' and the little blind 'girl' sidekick.

[littlebun] hehehehe

[Steel] So I need to find the rebellion, robo-bird search up how to find the rebels.
No. 540396 ID: 34cbef
File 137901510590.png - (8.27KB , 655x416 , 124.png )

[Cheepers] processing query...

*Today at 8pm Venerable Lord Mistress Jubilee, founder of the Man Farms industry, will be holding a public event to garner favor for her and dissuade the populace that she is not connected to the rebellion. Mistress Jubilee is accused with many accounts of assisting the rebellion

*Constable Jasmine is on the lookout for families who have been hiding escaped slaves and aiding in the rebellion with supplies, Some houses have been uncovered as a small pattern has turned up. This form of rebellion has been named the Underground Railroad due to the way the fugitives have been transported out

*There are recent rumours going around that Tiger Claws, the icon of the rebellion, has become more active. Some ladies saying that she can be spotted near Glade Manor, a rundown mansion once owned by the deceased Lord mistress Glade.

[Cheepers] These are the most recent items relating to this search

[Steel] Wonder where to start first...

No. 540397 ID: e1609c

lets see, delicate political situation, interfereing with police, or an abandoned goast-infested manshion where the poster child for the rebellion is said to be staying
clearly we should head for the mansion :/
No. 540409 ID: 5869f6

She's obviously using the rumors of 'ghosts' to scare anyone away from her hideout. Brilliant.
Mansion it is.
No. 540651 ID: f45e95

No. 540700 ID: 9448ea

No. 541065 ID: 34cbef
File 137956328093.png - (10.29KB , 746x425 , 125.png )

[Steel] cheepers, set a destination to that mansion. Anything saying there are ghosts in it or any crazy history?
No. 541066 ID: 34cbef
File 137956345852.png - (8.01KB , 746x425 , 126.png )

[Cheepers] 37 subjects have been found related to the topic suggested. 84% speculation that there is a ghost dwelling in the mansion, 16% stating there is a possibility there are aliens.

[Steel] Alright, show me a map of how to get there then- you can do that I assume?

[Cheepers] Pulling up area map now.
No. 541068 ID: 34cbef
File 137956353386.png - (9.83KB , 746x425 , 127.png )

[Cheepers] Showing efficient route to mansion based on select parameters.

[Steel] Alrighty, lets get over there then.

======fast forward to the mansion======
No. 541069 ID: 34cbef
File 137956381275.png - (5.77KB , 746x425 , 128.png )

[Cheepers] We have reached our destination.

[Steel] hmmm, it looks fine to me... too bad we have to go in at night

[Cheepers] How do you wish to proceed

No. 541081 ID: 4f1dac

1) We don't want to go in a public entrance because we don't hold up well under scrutiny.
2) We do not want to piss off rebels we want to join by trying to break in, folks like that are understandably jumpy and might kill us for our trouble.
3) We have not confirmed that this is a rebel stronghold, it is only our best current lead (with limited information) to try and find them. The haunting story and rumours of rebel involvement is what I would spread if I were a totalitarian despot trying to get dissidents and runaway slaves to walk into a secret police sting.

FUCK, those all contradict each other. Uh, can we case the joint without looking suspicious?
No. 541092 ID: dbe554

Open a backk window, climb in.

If no open windows, bash one in.
No. 541101 ID: 84d182

Time for a Bit of Ghost Bustin!
No. 541120 ID: ce493e

find a backdoor
No. 541153 ID: 07e3a8

Step one would seem to me to be to check up on the person in the helmet who's been tailing you.
No. 541247 ID: ce493e

>find a ghost
No. 541490 ID: 34cbef
File 137982256207.png - (22.81KB , 730x429 , 129.png )

[Steel] hmmmm, so maybe i could go around back and find an opening... don't wanna make too much noise , it might draw attention to myself

[Mysteryman] all that pink will draw attention to yourself

[Steel] maybe i should have found something mor-
No. 541491 ID: 34cbef
File 137982265450.png - (17.23KB , 730x429 , 130.png )


[Mysteryman] you found a ghost, what do you do next, stranger?

No. 541492 ID: bf54a8

"i'd find out what the ghost wanted so it could move on"
No. 541493 ID: 7868b4

You need to do as the Romans do, and, more importantly, establish dominance. Sadly, this means sexual aggression.

See any usable orifices or protrusions?
No. 541497 ID: 8497c7

No. 541500 ID: 07e3a8

...you aren't no mansion ghost, you followed me here.

What do you want?
No. 541524 ID: 6ff457

You ask the ghost what it wants, of course, and make sure it has no intentions on possession.
No. 541535 ID: 2bb9aa

"If i was back home id say 'hope you like the arfter life' but as you are real are you by any chance a rebel? If not im just going to go thata way think you very much"
No. 541536 ID: 5869f6

Tha' ain't no ghost son.
No. 541604 ID: f72d1f

No. 541865 ID: 34cbef
File 138002435155.png - (19.92KB , 730x429 , 131.png )

[Steel] Well, what's the ghost want so it can get its peace?

[Steel] Damn dawg, you is silly. You are alright, my name's steel what's yours?

[Steel] Bullshit your name's steel!!
No. 541866 ID: 34cbef
File 138002456739.png - (21.60KB , 730x429 , 132.png )

[Steel] nigga what'd you say?

[Steel] My name is steel, Nigga!

[Steel] Oh no, nigga you gone crazy on me, My name is steel.

[Steel] Oh ho ho ho, you ain't going there, don't you tell me your ass is steel cus me- I am steel!!
No. 541867 ID: 34cbef
File 138002479627.png - (10.60KB , 730x429 , 133.png )

[Steel] Bullshit, see this tattoo!? It's got these magical powers-

[Steel] mine throws me to different places

[Steel] Like a sudden shunt to crazy worlds

[Steel] With alien people

[Steel] See these blue shapes here? They indicate how much time I have left in a certain place
No. 541869 ID: 34cbef
File 138002509241.png - (11.07KB , 730x429 , 134.png )

[Steel] I got this tattoo from a crazy voodoo man when I joined corprasec, a pmc hired by big businesses to be their personal military. I've trained in ways to kill people and was living a good life til this thing was forced on me.

[Steel] man, that story would be surprising if i didn't have almost the same problem

[Steel] You got any questions, you fool?

No. 541873 ID: d6eebb

Ask him if having sex with an alternate version of yourself is incest or masturbation!
No. 541875 ID: a49d42

Do this after the sex.
No. 541876 ID: 012b36

Soooo What's going with this whole rebel force thing? Do you know?

Also: Apparently there are in fact Steels from different dimensions hopping around. An unexpected side to things, to be sure. I take it this is both steel's first time running into another Steel, but with the easily infinite dimensions out there, and the rarity of dimensional travel, it's not exactly a common occurance.
No. 541877 ID: 2bb9aa

Ok codenames plaese guys steel one your mr.black steel two your mr.blue(black an blue mates!)
No. 541878 ID: 2bb9aa

Or steel one can be mr.red?
No. 541880 ID: 07e3a8

Uh, find out how long blue-steel has been in this world. You didn't necessarily show up at the same time.

Then compare notes, and try to figure out what's different between the two of you, aside from the tattoo colors.

How did he know to follow you, anyways?
No. 541898 ID: e1609c
File 138003925698.png - (18.76KB , 834x450 , diagram.png )

Looks like we are getting all tangled up with the weirdness that is dimension hopping.
See the diagram for a quick explanation of what the fuckaroo is goin on here, maybe draw it out for our friend here in the dirt.
No. 541957 ID: bf54a8

tell blue steel about our plight. you's looking fr the resistance.
No. 547044 ID: 34cbef
File 138387953866.png - (18.48KB , 565x356 , 135.png )

[Redsteel] Well fine dawg, you are steel... but i'm also steel

[Bluesteel] Well damn, that's pretty freaky- x files stuff right there

[Redsteel] it's all been like that with the planeshifting and shit

[Bluesteel] So what do we got here? I see all sorts of crazy bitches doing crazy stuff on the streets

[Redsteel] well this is the deal, all the hos here want men as pets... like kinky pets. And they all be fuckin in the streets and whatnot, supposedly not having any common decency. Also they are some evil bitches, willing to slash a nigga if he steps outta line

[Bluesteel] mhmm...
No. 547045 ID: 34cbef
File 138387973855.png - (5.48KB , 565x356 , 136.png )

[Bluesteel] Well I don't have anything for a plan right now, but I guess we could just hole up somewhere til our tattoos zip us off somewhere.

[Redsteel] That's kinda what I was doing- though i dunno how long i'd be here so just scoutin out potential places for safety... currently 'rebels'

[Bluesteel] I don't have no more then a few days before i shuttle off, but i guess i can help you out. What kinda help do you need?

No. 547050 ID: 735f4f

Someone to watch our back and help us keep this little guy safe until we can find a good home for him.

Whats your combat specialty blue steel?
No. 547055 ID: 5869f6

Two things, first we find the Resistance, then we get Littlebun somewhere safe. They were going to send him to a 'milking farm' man! That's fucked up!
Also, what particular branch do you specialize in the school of "Wrecking people's shit"?
No. 547056 ID: c23ab0

Immediately cease contemplating the possibility of a "Rainbow Steel"
No. 549980 ID: 34cbef
File 138551985809.png - (11.42KB , 1046x601 , greymagescreen.png )

We are sorry, but it seems your connection to the Grey Mage servers has been disconnected. Your session to this instance has been terminated.
No. 549987 ID: 5869f6

No. 550034 ID: c23ab0

Without us bothering him Steele will surely do well.
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