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File 137165989970.png - (156.71KB , 800x800 , knifequestbanner.png )
518111 No. 518111 ID: 4740a0

Back with a "IV"engeance

First: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/460203.html
Second: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/461853.html
Third: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/478696.html

Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/64825.html
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No. 518114 ID: 4740a0
File 137166006730.png - (312.30KB , 800x800 , 261.png )

I imagine the dialogue has been a little confusing, so from this point when a character is speaking in first person, they're name will appear in the Name area.

"Oy, my achin' head."
No. 518116 ID: 19b3c3

He's hung over? Oh boy. *Ahem*

No. 518117 ID: 5869f6

No. 518119 ID: 00d261

good morning, you asscake. drink some coconut juice, that'll help with your hangover... a bit. I do know of a better hangover medicine, but I only share it with people I actually like.
No. 518122 ID: 4740a0
File 137166220451.png - (94.84KB , 800x800 , 262.png )


"Hey, fuck you, you fuckin' piece'a s--"

No. 518123 ID: 4740a0
File 137166226575.png - (94.83KB , 800x800 , 263.png )

>"Honey? Who are you talking to?"

"Uhh... nobody! Mind your business! I'll be done in a bit..."
No. 518124 ID: bf54a8

you can just think loudly at us, we are in your head, so we can hear it in there.
No. 518125 ID: 57a559

We're your brain
And your depressed so hard that your having auditory hallucinations that voice them
When was the last time you had coitus? I mean, really man, good coitus that your wife enjoyed. You have no real self worth. Your sister-in-law can kill you at any moment, you're weak. And your possessions do nothing for you, hardly demonstrating anything of your potential. You have no son or daughter to look up to you and respect you.

What do you honestly even have to offer people? You can't even pleasure your wife. I bet it's been weeks since you've even had sex at all. You're a failure at home.

You should fix that.
No. 518140 ID: 19b3c3

Hey, Manchester. You're hearing voices as punishment for being a surly jerk.

Play nice, do as we say, and maybe you'll get to enjoy peace and quiet in your own head later.
No. 518141 ID: 5869f6

No. 518142 ID: 00d261

I'm gonna lay all your dirty secrets before the eyes of the next person I haunt.
No. 518143 ID: 5dd9ff


Er, don't listen to this guy, we can't hear you unless you speak out loud. Nope, not at all. So, uh, think about what you want to say to us before you say anything. We'll... wait.
No. 518144 ID: 6aa18b

Go drink some booze, it'll help your hangover for sure.
Trust me, Im a figment of your subconscious. Or imagination. Or a ghost. Your call.
No. 518147 ID: d1d627

Hoooooo. I think you get the basic jist of it, Manchester. collectively, we aren't fans of you, and that's going to make...Anywhere from today to the next few hours less pleasant for you.
But that said, we DO give advice and ideas, so even though we dislike you, you should listen to us! Even got to kill this mean shouty-voice thing! From the dream, remember?
No. 518166 ID: 34f12d


And if you try to cheat us...



Hey, the best part is, he doesn't know if we're kidding!

So uh, Manchester, what'd you have planned for today? Like, what do you do?

And if you answer with 'your mother' I'm seriously gonna swap every visual memory you have of your wife with that nerd that tried to hit you the other day when you very least expect it. Assuming that's actually a problem, anyway.
No. 518167 ID: 5869f6

(i may be liking this a bit TOO much)
No. 518172 ID: 9ddf68

I have never seen so many of use insistently go for someones throat so quickly before... damn you made on hell of an first impression on us dude.
No. 518173 ID: a6877c

Quit being such a cunt to your wife or we'll tell Mozzy that you beat her.
No. 518175 ID: 5869f6

That he did mah boi, that he did...
No. 518176 ID: 5869f6

And we MAY or MAY NOT exaggerate a little bit,
So i suggest you clean up a bit hun~
No. 518179 ID: c23ab0


Say, why were you dreaming you were Cedric?
No. 518180 ID: 34f12d



But I can take a break. You take the screamwheel for a while.


It's an intervention. Hosted by satan.
No. 518184 ID: 5869f6

No. 518339 ID: ea4b0b

popped a favicon for this in the favicon /questdis thread, hope i got colors right
No. 518340 ID: b7169d

Jesus christ, he isn't Hitler here.
No. 518352 ID: 5869f6

No. 518354 ID: 9f7acd

No. 518356 ID: cf0c0e

We are voices. Most of us don't like you, although you may be able to re-deam yourself. You aren't crazy and before you ask us we don't really know what's going on either. Hopefully we can all get along long enough before someone dies but you might wanna start talkin because somewhat of a mob-mentalitly is developing and it's not to help you
No. 518357 ID: 5869f6

No. 518409 ID: 21d93f

He's surprisingly adorable when he's confused.
Let's keep him that way. Can we keep him?
No. 518410 ID: bd6e9a

Hey, I like you, you're not boring like your wife.
No. 518450 ID: 5869f6

No. 518478 ID: 4740a0
File 137182363013.png - (98.21KB , 800x800 , 264.png )


"I think I get it."

"I'm dreamin'!"
No. 518481 ID: 34f12d


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, my friend.

Pinch yourself. If this is just a dream, then you shouldn't feel a thing.

The look on your face is going to be priceless.
No. 518482 ID: 19b3c3

When was the last time you thought "this is a dream!" in a dream, and didn't immediately wake up?
No. 518483 ID: b7169d

Dang, your eyes can open really wide when your confused... Kinda cuter this way too.
No. 518484 ID: 3cbb02

Of course, you're dreaming! That means you can do everything you ever wanted to do!! GO QUICK BEFORE YOU WAKE UP
No. 518487 ID: 57a559

You're going through your midlife crisis actually. Maybe a little earlier than usual. Okay, maybe quarterlife crisis.
No. 518488 ID: b9d767

Of course you are! Now hurry, your nemesis Princess Butterscotch and her evil Lollipop Syndicate are plotting world domination!
No. 518489 ID: 4740a0
File 137183009262.png - (124.04KB , 800x800 , 265.png )

"I can still hear you guys, so obviously I'm still dreaming!"

"This could be one'a dem real deep dreams."

"I-I ain't cute..."

"Yes! I can finally kill that bi--"
No. 518493 ID: 4740a0
File 137183019993.png - (125.58KB , 800x800 , 266.png )

>"Manchester? Are you okay in there?"
No. 518494 ID: b7169d

Go get breakfast already! Don't wanna disappoint the Misses.
No. 518495 ID: 57a559

Quick! Quick! Get nude and on the bed and pose sexily!
No. 518497 ID: 1b3478

you're not okay.
No. 518499 ID: 5869f6

No. 518501 ID: 9ddf68

... just roll with it. and some breakfast might help with that dream hangover you're currently having.
No. 518533 ID: 34f12d

Now, let's not ruin his day too badly. If he does something because of us that makes Rella or her dear sister upset, we'll all be culpable as well. That includes (but is by no means limited to) anything which may cause either of the occupants of this house to die.

And I know you all can't keep a damned secret and someone will tell her.

Manchester, dear, you might want to try and think with your mouth closed. Or do you always narrate your thoughts like this?
No. 518534 ID: 3cbb02

Tell her you're having a dream and you're trying to decide which of your many fantasies you want to fulfill before you wake up.
No. 518538 ID: c23ab0

You're not dreaming. We're dreaming! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
No. 518545 ID: d1d627

Riight. Get yeself dressed and ready to roll and what not.
And while in your case it's doubly so, because we dislike you, we're bad news when we show up.
No. 518588 ID: f2c20c

Tell her you're talking to the chaotic swarm of dream voices in your head.
No. 518629 ID: 5fd94e

As a warning, you will come to hate the word Bee in short time.
No. 518697 ID: eca3f2

Pinch yourself, buddy.
No. 518982 ID: 4740a0
File 137202303356.png - (104.39KB , 800x800 , 267.png )

"I said mind your business, dreamwife!"



"Pfft, I ain't afraid of nobody, especially not Cheesy. And I could think in my head, but what's the point? I'm dreamin'! None'a this matters."

"Not a bad idea..."

>"Manchester, are you okay? What's this about drea--?"

"Upupupup! Quiet! We're in a dream, babe, anything goes. And by 'anything', I mean anything I say! Now make me breakfast!"

>"Honey, uh, you're not dreaming."

"Of course I am! I hear voices in my brain! That kind of stuff only happens in dreams!"

>"Uh huh... Uh, anyway, your brother is here."

"Brother Vinny? Eugh, this dream just became a nightmare."

>"He says he needs to see you right now. It's very important!"

"Orrrr you and I could just forget about him and make me breakfast! Or better yet... that top you're wearing would look better on the floor, dreamwife~!"

No. 518985 ID: d1d627

Oh great!
Ok, first off, why do you dislike Vinny? The name is unfortunately bringing up a mental image of a large goon who might give you a choice between an unknown (to us.) sum a cash, or your kneecaps.
Secondly, if it's not a matter of owing him money, or assuming you have the cash to pay him (which we don't know about!) I think it should be safe to see him. As for what else it could be...You tell me dude.
No. 518986 ID: 56710e

You're not dreaming. You just told your wife you're hearing voices in your brain and you're acting strangely.

I don't know if men in white suits with vans exist in your world, but if they do, I expect you'll see them in your future prettty soonish.

Let's not mention the voices in your head to anyone again any time soon, kay?
No. 518989 ID: 5869f6

Get yer ass up chester.
an' get decent, fer god's sakes.
Fuckin' embarrisin'
No. 518993 ID: f2c20c

Go on and give your wife a big kiss.
No. 518994 ID: 57a559

Fuck it, fine, looks like this dream might have a point.

Oh well, who cares if we're dressed. Walk out in the buff and go to your Brother Vinny and see what crazy plot this dream wants you to go through.
No. 518998 ID: c23ab0

Tell you what. If you take your top off I'll make you breakfast.
No. 519005 ID: 34f12d


It's not really you that I'm worried about, though your wife seems very sweet. You see, we have a trust relationship to maintain and a mission to complete which depends upon it. You'll understand once you've finished embarrassing yourself.

At least, you might.

Now, now, don't be stubborn. Let's go meet Vinny. A comedy of errors is due to unfold and there's no time to lose, my friend.


What an interesting prospect. I've never commandeered a cripple before.
No. 519032 ID: bd6e9a

If we don't like Vinny then we gotta show him this is YOUR house, do so by walking out in the nude and then grab your wife and bring her to the bedroom expressing your homely dominance or whatever.
No. 519157 ID: b2f12a

you should greet him in the nude.
No. 519181 ID: 4740a0
File 137209208838.png - (166.38KB , 800x800 , 268.png )

"The guy's a rotten bastard. He's lucky I'm a good brother, or I woulda knocked him on his ass years ago."

>"M-Manchester? Are you okay? I-I can take you to a hospital."

"What? No, I'm fine, sweetcheeks!"

"Not a bad idea..."


"Gonna tell that brother-o mine to kiss my ass."

>"H-honey, stop! Wait!"
No. 519182 ID: 4740a0
File 137209214790.png - (158.88KB , 800x800 , 269.png )

>"Where is that ignoramus..."

No. 519184 ID: 4740a0
File 137209224571.png - (175.49KB , 800x800 , 270.png )


>"Manny? What the fuck are you--"

No. 519185 ID: 19b3c3

...well. Machester appears to be doing a better job ruining his life than we ever could. Good work.

And I am pleased that his brother seems to look like a mafia hitman. That'll make things so much better when the other shoe drops.
No. 519186 ID: bd6e9a

As you present your posterior to your dear brother suddenly recall every Insecurity you've ever had.
No. 519189 ID: d1d627

:| I...Ok. I don't think I can think of any way to salvage this, even if you did listen.
Might as well bring up every sore spot your brother's got, while you're at it. Push ALL the buttons!
No. 519195 ID: 7292f0

Bang up job there bro, now try and wake up.
No. 519196 ID: b7169d


He took several of our idea's to begin with, including the Nude Thing.
No. 519197 ID: 57a559

okay what does vinnie need because we have lucid dreaming to get to and maybe dream sex so if he would mind and get to the point.
No. 519198 ID: bd6e9a

Yeah we could probably have done a better job but it's not like we had any inclination to do so.
If he's lucky his brother may be Impressed by his bravado, for all we know Manchester could've been a wimpy mess around his brother If he does happen to be in some kind of Mafia. He could be seeing this as a sort of chance to vent some frustrations being the shorter (almost definitely) more inadequate sibling.
No. 519216 ID: c23ab0

Shake that thang. You've got to intimidate your subconscious manifestation into submission after all. There is no way this could go wrong.
No. 519218 ID: 7ca844

Listen to me.
Pinch yourself.
No. 519258 ID: 066a4d

Ha ha ha, ok that's far enough, sorry bro we were messing with you, you're actually awake after all!
No. 519262 ID: 12c19f


Pinch yourself real hard.
No. 519277 ID: 34f12d

I have a creeping suspicion that our newest companion here is about to inform Manchester of just how mistaken he is about his level of consciousness.

With his fist.

Manchester, you are about to receive a lesson in humility. Pray you live long enough to remember it. We need you in our lives.
No. 519354 ID: f920f8

shove your ass into his face.
No. 519357 ID: 4740a0
File 137216783901.png - (169.25KB , 800x800 , 271.png )

"Haha! Fuck you bro! Fuck you and your shitty cologne that smells like the underside of a fat guy's sweaty cock! Fuck your stupid overcoat, too!"


"Remember that girl who broke up with you back when we were kids? That's because I told her you were one'a dem homosexuals!"


"It was also me who knocked over dad's bookcase and blamed it on you! He made you clean the whole foyer for a month!"


"Man, dreams are awesome! I can say all this, and there's nothing you can do about it--"
No. 519358 ID: 4740a0
File 137216789543.png - (90.64KB , 800x800 , 272.png )

"Oh, t-that felt kinda real--"
No. 519359 ID: 4740a0
File 137216791896.png - (92.68KB , 800x800 , 273.png )

No. 519362 ID: bf54a8

we told you, and you didn't want to listen.
No. 519364 ID: 19b3c3

Machester: enough of a jerk to his wife and brother that I don't even feel bad letting him do this to himself. He deserves the comeuppance.

Welp, nothing to do now but flail helplessly until her either releases you or you black out. And pray to the dark gods of annoying pricks everywhere that he does let go while there's still life in your undeserving body.
No. 519367 ID: b7169d


Jerk to his wife? He takes care of her and pays off her things in a rich manner. If something happens to him and makes her sad Mozzy is going to find a way to kill us.
No. 519368 ID: f920f8

aww, you poor-

wait, I don't feel sorry for you of all people. teehee.
No. 519370 ID: 9bedf5

i think it is in your best interest to try to apologize. preferably before he choke you to death.
No. 519371 ID: 5869f6

Aw, crap.
We should help.
No. 519375 ID: 34f12d

Your brother seems like a decent man. He's so patient! He even allowed you finish before he began strangling you.

Are you taking notes, 'Manny'?

Now, listen carefully. You're going to be headed for a padded cell very soon if we don't think of a good reason for this outburst, and you might be headed for the morgue if you don't apologize. Let's get the latter out of the way first, we can fudge up a story about head trauma or something later.
No. 519380 ID: 4740a0
File 137217418806.png - (153.03KB , 800x800 , 274.png )

I-I guess this ain't a dream...

"Vinny! B-bro! I was just kiddin'! You know, little brother stuff. Just playing a joke! Haha, funny, right...?"

>"As much as I'd like to drag you off to a nuthouse-- because you've clearly lost it --I have more important things to take care of."


>"Like telling you you're done here. Pack your bags, Pops wants you back home."

"Wh-what?? Why, what'd I do wrong?"

>"You've been blowing through Pops' money like no tomorrow. Which he wouldn't mind, if you paid him back. I thought you said you were gonna make a fortune on the poison business?"

"W-well I uh, it's not as easy as you think! Turns out this place doesn't have much in the way of rats..."

>"Figures. The only rodent 'round here is you. Well, don't matter now. Tell your wife this place no longer belongs to you. Speaking of your wife, I pity her, honestly. Hot young broad like herself stuck with a little shit like you? A damn shame."

Dammit! I'm gonna lose everything and have to work for Dad! Brie's probably gonna leave me, too. Y-you guys! You said you help people! Help me!!
No. 519382 ID: b7169d

Well, let's get some dignity back, ask him to let you down, and lets get some pants on.

Also try and see if there's a way you can get an extension.
No. 519383 ID: f2c20c

You're already working off your debt to someone else right now. Can't leave until that's settled.

That someone is a much larger person than your brother.
No. 519385 ID: 9f7acd

How about you know that the poison business wasn't going good, that's why you were thinking of a new line of work that you were just about to start up. That's where some of the money went. Should buy you some time at least.

...Don't have a good idea what this new line of work might be though. Ideas, guys?
No. 519386 ID: b7169d

Whats a good way of saying we work for a guard/bounty hunter. (Since he still owes that debt)
No. 519391 ID: 34f12d


Hmm, it's worth a shot... But first, you have business to attend to here.

Business such as recovering your pants, convincing your wife that you're not a danger to yourself and others (however untrue that may actually be) and learning precisely what sort of business dear old dad wants to wrap you up in. Oh, and assuming she's not in earshot of this conversation, once you get dressed you might want to break the news to her - gently. Just don't expect us to perform any miracles.

I didn't suspect you would have ties to the chemical industry. Just a salesman?
No. 519394 ID: 19b3c3

All right. First thing to do is bluff your ass off. You gotta convince your brother to give you a chance- that you can earn the money back out here without being dragged home.

If we can pull that off, we start looking for ways to make some dough. Maybe there aren't enough rats round here, but there's gotta be some way to make a profit.
No. 519398 ID: bf54a8

yes we can HELP, but you still gotta do all the work.
No. 519400 ID: 57a559

Tell him that you also owe money to another person. This is going to be a little complex for a long time as you work to pay off everyone.

You should obviously just plot to kill your brother and father. You have problems with that?
No. 519401 ID: 735f4f

So what sort of skills do you possess anyway? Would be nice to know what we have to work with.

Also you said poison business. How were you planning on getting that off the ground anyway.

If you are basically a good for nothing layabout don't expect a miracle.
No. 519402 ID: ea4b0b

Looks like its time to start sucking dick in alleyways!
No. 519405 ID: f99dee

Alright, Manchester.

While we're at it, try to remember how much people you owe money to.
And how much of them can crush walls.
No. 519409 ID: c23ab0

First thing you need to do is stop "burning through Pops money like no tomorrow." That means spending less. Good first start is to record some of the "essential purchases" you make. Of course it would have helped to do that last month more than at the moment...

OK what we're going to do is flood the city with rats see? Then poison them for a profit.
No. 519415 ID: f920f8

uh. I don't know how. maybe call for Bonzi?
No. 519416 ID: bd6e9a

Tell him you have a contractor who happens to be an assassin and very shortly you plan on selling this assassin a lot of different poisons, it was the next best thing after you figured there was a dire lack of rats. Then if all goes well this Assassin might let his Assassin friends know how good business with you is.
Yeah tell him that.
No. 519573 ID: 34f12d


He may have been trying to do just that when his 'rat problem' from before manifested suddenly. Locate a few rats, establish breeding pairs, and let them loose in the back alleys when nobody's looking... Pretty clever, actually.

Except for the part where, assuming that this is true, they evidently escaped.

An inventory of pesticides could have numerous potential buyers, however. Manchester, before explaining just what your father does for a living, answer me this: Do you physically own any of this material, say in a warehouse somewhere? How about on paper, do you have any contracts promising a quantity of it to you? If so, let's see if we can't find us a buyer. You don't have much in the way of industry in town so we might have to perform a search. Food packers, warehouses, farmers if it's safe for fields, they all have an interest in vermin control.

I ask because this is the route least likely to end in you being incarcerated, and inhabiting a man stuck in prison would be boring.
No. 519788 ID: 4740a0
File 137235292507.png - (287.47KB , 800x800 , 275.png )

That's not gonna work! I've already asked for a couple. If he sent Vinny here, Pops isn't gonna let me have another chance.

O-oh, that's right! That giant fish lady.

"H-hey, you can't take me back just yet!"

>"Why not?"

"Because I owe money to another person, and I can't leave until I- OW"

>"You little FUCK. What do you mean you owe someone else??"

"Well I uh, owe some money I lost in cards to someone."

>"Who is it?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

>"There's a lot of things I don't believe, Manny. I can't believe that you were stupid enough to wrack up debt not only with Pops, but with some other person. I can't BELIEVE I had to come all the way down from the South side to come wrangle your ass. I can't BELIEVE that YOU'RE FUCKING NAKED RIGHT NOW. Now who the FUCK do you owe money to?"

"S-some girl named Bonzi."

>"A dame? You owe money to a dame?"

"A real big dame."

>"I don't care how fuckin' big she is! Where is she now?"

"She's stayin' with a friend I think. In some hut on the other side of town."

>"All right, get your ass dressed. We're gonna pay her a visit and see if we can't resolve this problem."

My idea was to make the poison myself; my family has a "recipe" of sorts for poison. Sadly, there was no rats.

You can't prove I did that. And I just kept it all in the storage room. I own the whole stock, and had nowhere else to put it, so might as well.
No. 519789 ID: b7169d

Well get your pants on, tell your wife your going somewhere.
No. 519790 ID: 34f12d


That's a very... specific denial, Manchester. At least it shows some ingenuity on your part. I like that.

How does your brother usually resolve these kinds of disputes? Should we be concerned?
No. 519791 ID: b7169d

Also, Cousin Vinny, family "Poison" recipe...

Is your father a Mob Boss Manchester?
No. 519795 ID: 735f4f

So you do have a basement full of poison then.

And what is so special about this "family" recipe?

Also is the poison good for anything else other than killing rats? Does it kill plants or have any other interesting properties?

Anyways make sure to let your wife know whats up while you are getting dressed then you can go meet with Bonzi.
No. 519797 ID: 01531c

Manchester, what're you gonna do if Bonzi isn't home?

For future consideration, I really love the idea of unleashing rats via rat farm and then selling poison.
No. 519804 ID: 19b3c3

...how scary is your brother? If it comes to a fight with Bonzi, what's going to happen?

Also, if you can't convince him you're going to be able to earn back the money, we're low on options. You choices basically boils down to if you'd rather be stuck working off your debt to your family or hugetits first.
No. 519812 ID: 57a559

You could explain to your brother you were planning a good con, breed rats and stuff like that and infest the township with them so they'd buy your poison. There's still a good market here if we can get that plan going, you'd be the only store in town.

Face it, your brother might actually think that would have been a good plan if you were able to pull it off.

Even if you totally wasn't ever going to do that, never ever, like you said. It is a pretty good idea.

Also, again, kill your brother and father and take over the family business.
No. 519849 ID: bb6ae1

you better do as he says. nobody will probably care if he hurts you, but you also have loved ones, and if your father is the kind of person I suspect he is, he just might use them to get to you.
No. 519913 ID: 7e8516

It's so scummy, though. What an abuse of the whole concept of economy.
No. 519980 ID: bac511

Alright, Vinchester looks like he won't take any more shit from you, Manny.

If you don't know the way to Fathips's house, ask Brie.
She probably doesn't know how far in the noose your head is, does she? Well, let's keep it that way, no need to alarm her.

And don't tell Vinny you're supposed to follow Bonzi. If he hears you might go far far away to pay off a debt he didn't know about a minute ago, I'm pretty sure he's going to assume you're booking it.
Just say you don't know what she wants you to do and it's up to Bonzi.

Wait, that sounds needlessly mafia-like too.
Welp, lesser of two evils!
No. 520549 ID: 4740a0
File 137269449059.png - (125.36KB , 800x800 , 276.png )

Smart idea. Those two seem to be in cahoots, so even if the blubber lady went somewhere else Chessy would know where.

As I get dressed, Brie gives me directions on where her sister's house is.

>"Why exactly are you going over there, again?"

"Uh... my bro wants to help me out with my debt problem! So we're gonna go see if we can hash out some new terms with the big orange lady."

>"Oh, okay. As long as there isn't any trouble. Say hello to Mozzy for me!"

"Yeah yeah."

Vinny's tough, but that chick's way tougher. He won't be able to do jack if it came to blows.
No. 520552 ID: 4740a0
File 137269501439.png - (242.50KB , 800x800 , 277.png )

I head back downstairs to meet Vinny, then we head outside.

>"I was gonna ask, what made those big holes in the walls?

Don't mention the other day don't mention the other day

"Oh, uh, remodeling. Just making room for new things."

>"Ah. Wasting even more of Pops' money, I see."


>"Another thing I'm curious about is what you were planning on doing with the poison business, exactly."

"Well I had a plan to breed some rats, right? Then unleash them on the whole town. Then make a profit off it by selling poison."

>"Hm... Wow. That's actually not half bad."


>"Yeah. Don't matter now, though. Plan or not, Pops' is tired of waitin'."

We walk out until we see his motorcycle. One of them newer models, too.

"Whoa! Where'd you nab this ride, Vinny?"

>"Bought it off a loan shark. It was in shit shape when I got it but I managed to get it fixed up good-as-new."

Vinny was always good at fixin' stuff.

>"Alright, hop on and point the way."
No. 520553 ID: 4740a0
File 137269530808.png - (190.89KB , 800x800 , 278.png )

After about 30 minutes of driving through town we find Cheesy's place. It's real quiet.
No. 520554 ID: 34f12d

Open the door.

Get on the floor.

Everybody walk the dinosaur.

Actually you should probably just knock and see if she's home and then tell Vinny to do a sick wheelie for us because I know that sly little bastard can.
No. 520555 ID: c23ab0

It's almost as if the big orange lady is making out with Cedric in a tent outside his house halfway across town.
No. 520556 ID: 57a559

Wow, it took Mozzy half a day to get to your house, AND she had to go by boat. I think. It also could have been a half hour.

Actually, I think when Bonzi's size is revealed, then you tell your brother the truth about the wall.

I hope she kills him. One less problem to deal with.
No. 520557 ID: c23ab0


Wow, yeah that's one impressive motorcycle if it can ride on water.
No. 520558 ID: 34f12d


It's a difference between three miles per hour and thirty. At least this will make our eventual search for the others substantially less time-consuming, that is if Vinny doesn't tire of the runaround.

At least now we can see if our other friend is well. After last night, she may not be.
No. 520560 ID: 19b3c3

Knock knock?

>rat plan
What exactly was the problem, anyways? Couldn't get the rats to breed? Too much trouble catching them in the first place?
No. 520566 ID: 7e7e6e

pray Bonzarella is there.
No. 520569 ID: 96c896

Uh, isn't Bonzi at Cedric's house?
No. 520571 ID: 57a559

we're asking where Cedric lives
plus no one believes we have voices in our heads so we got to come up where Bonzi is logically in the real world.

Manchester, try and get Mozzy alone so you can tell her about us.
No. 520718 ID: bac511

Wow, Manchester. You are tiny.

Walk around the house and peek through a window if you can. Then knock.
No. 520733 ID: ea4b0b

Suddenly, and idea!!

Manny, listen carefully: I have a plan. However, it is going to require a bit of acting. It is very likely that mozzy wont be in at the moment, and if that is the case we might be able to pull off quite the sweet bit of deception!
First off, when and if you realize she isnt there, start acting incredibly aitated,, running hands through hair, punching air, scowling, the works! Be sure to mutter something like "she was supposed to be here!"

Then, when your compadre there asks what is up, wave him off muttering something about "that god damn cheapskate, she promised me recompensation! That was my damn ticket out of this mess..."
do this under your breath though, you want him to hear it but you dont want him to think you intended him to hear it!
Inevitably, he'll then ask about that.
when he does, tell him that mozzy there actually owes you a fair bit of money due to you allowing her to test some fighting moves on your property, and you charged quite a bit of interest for it.
This will explain both the holes in the house, as well as your acted-out agitation.
This is gonna test your skills of acting and deception, but if you pull this off we might have a way out of this mess.
If mozzy does turn out to be there, pull her aside and convince her to play along somehow.
No. 520796 ID: 5869f6

No. 520801 ID: 14cf08

But didnt we already say that we're in debt to her, and that the holes were construction work?
No. 520812 ID: 5869f6

But THEN we could imply we were fibbing.
No. 520814 ID: 34f12d

This might also be a good time to ask if Manchester has medical insurance.
No. 525075 ID: 3b3540


I like this.

Lie your little black heart out, short stuff.
No. 525095 ID: cad45e

If mozzy's in there with lardtub then it's simple, lock the door and steal the ride.

Getting the wife while on the run may or may not depend on how much you love her, and by that i mean ACTUALLY love her, not her great stonking funbag love.
No. 528587 ID: 4740a0
File 137498865489.png - (272.80KB , 800x800 , 279.png )

Sorry for the long wait. Computer problems

We rode 'round town, nitwit. You don't need to take the river to Cheesy's place if you got a ride.

Anyway, I knock on the door. Nobody's answerin'...

What?? The fish dame ain't even here?? Why didn't you tell me this shit sooner?! Vinny's gonna pummel me when he finds out...


Those ain't bad ideas... I turn around and walk away, shakin' my fists all convincin'-like.

"Dammit! That broad skipped out on me!"



"Mozzy! The dame who lives here."

>"Is she the one you owe money to?"

"Nah. In fact, there isn't anyone I owe money to at all! She's the one who owes ME money. Y'see, I let her test some fightin' moves at my place. She ended up wreckin' everything! That's why there was those huge holes in the walls! She did it and promised to pay me back for the damages."

>"Oh, so you lied about before...?"

"W-well, yeah I--"

>"Don't sweat it, Manny. No broad skimps out on our family when it comes to cash. Let's go find the bitch and make her cough up the change."

"Yes! I-I mean, wait, what, NO!"


"Yeah, no! Because, uh..."
No. 528592 ID: beeca1

Because she won't have the money on her. Travelling expenses won't be nearly enough to cover the costs, and if you beat her up she won't be able to get the money.

It's probably in a bank or somewhere else safe, and if she tries to get it back after leaving town and looking like someone beat her up, then people'll suspect the Mafia.
No. 528598 ID: a23afd

Because she'll just wreck his face, why do you think there are holes in the damn walls?
No. 528602 ID: c23ab0

Play it cool, Manchester. The fact that you make one wrong move and your brother might bring you back in a body bag should be furthest from your mind! You can't afford to slip, not even the slightest bit!


ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone boop doopa doopadoop
No. 528603 ID: bf54a8

1- shut up, 2- seriously that isn't funny.
No. 528625 ID: 7dbd6b

... Because she's your wife's sister, and you wouldn't be getting any for like a month if your brother messed her up?
No. 528636 ID: 9bf753

Tell him that she likes to roll with some real crafty types who would only end up making the mess messier if you were to get them involved.
We're gonna play the lying game like pros.
No. 528644 ID: 92a9fd

...Because I have a plan to get that money plus...interest, and it requires tact and stealth.
No. 528653 ID: 57a559

ugh you idiot I can't work with this. You keep digging yourself into a hole Manchester. But yeah the sister-in-law angle is enough.

Bonzi's going to fucking crash through your wall back at your father's home if you don't ending up dealing with your debt somehow. Do you want that shit on you? Now maybe you can blame the debt Mozzy has on architectural damage because Bonzi is her friend, etc. etc.

You first come here to settle debt to you, so you can settle debt to her. She gets into a fight with your brother, probably at the insult, and your brother ends up either killing her or Mozzy ends up killing your brother...
Yeah okay win-win. Except your wife will never speak to you again and leave you if Mozzy dies. SO, like I've been saying, looks like your brother has to die.
No. 528660 ID: c23ab0


What you need is an extremely effective method of killing him that even a weakling like you could pull off. Something ironic that would send a message to daddy that you mean business.

...got any of that rat poison?
No. 528661 ID: 4740a0
File 137499806412.png - (252.24KB , 800x800 , 280.png )

"If you wail on 'er, you won't be able to get any of the money!"

>"I ain't gonna knock her senseless. Least not right away. Just gonna scare her first."

Let's NOT say this. It'd just wanna make 'im fight 'er more.

Vinny doesn't care about that. If anyone disrespects our family name, they're gonna get it. End of story.

>"And what plan is that?"
No. 528680 ID: 57a559

I hear she's an expert assassin. We can hire her as a middle man for a high profile contract and take all the contract money as payment for the debt and interest. She was in the war as part of a famous mercenary group of five or something. Actually, I literally think they were called "The Five".

The stealth and tact required is tricking her into doing it. Idle threats like how we normally work aren't going to cut it with this woman. See, she's retired and stubborn, which is why you haven't gotten her debt back. And you've admittedly aren't that cunning with words, your more of an idea man. But Vinnie! You have the golden tongue! It was what I was waiting for. I mean, the things you got ladies to do? Amazing! Perfectly amazing!
No. 528686 ID: a23afd

You realize you're just digging a deeper and deeper hole with all these lies right?
No. 528696 ID: d55f9e


This plan is terrible.

Let's enact it immediately.


And we are his personal steam shovel.
No. 528788 ID: 92a9fd

Or rather than use Vinnie's golden tongue, why not play along with the whole plan to work for goldfish lady. Aren't they supposed to leave for the Higher Lands the same time that you start working off your debt? Go with them, earn their trust, find ways of manipulating the situation to your advantage.

AKA get Vinnie off your back and MOVE THE PLOT ALONG!

The hardest part will be convincing Vinnie that you've got what it takes to actually profit from this, 'cause we all know that you actually can't. You're utterly tactless and a complete idiot.
No. 528857 ID: b62c10

Tell him Mozzy is your wife's sister, and you dont wanna upset the misses. Real mess we're in when it comes to those damages.
No. 528878 ID: 17675d

He literally just said Vinnie wouldn't care.
No. 529301 ID: 3b3540

I agree with this guy, it seems like a bad idea to have any part of this plan hinge on Vinny, as he seems to be the major problem here.

Just tell your brother that you're very sorry and you absolutely will not beef it this time.

And that his hair looks cool...

...and do it with gusto.
No. 529369 ID: 57a559

Guys, if it isn't obvious, I'm trying to get Vinnie hurt or humbled by Mozzy. That's why I'm "relying" on his golden tongue and flattering him and appealing to his own hubris by telling him he's good with women.
No. 529373 ID: beeca1

Thing is, he's a Mafia enforcer. He can definitely hold his own in a fight, and I strongly suspect he could beat Mozzy.
No. 529500 ID: 3b3540


If we're aiming to get Vinny messed up, wouldn't Bonzi be a safer bet? I mean, shorty even said that he didn't think his bad-ass brother could hold up against lard-tub.
No. 529503 ID: a01b62

We shouldn't go back on our word too obviously too many times. He'll start to get suspicious we're just lying to him until we can get him off our back.
No. 529509 ID: dbe554


And if she does beat him..Well he's an enforcer, not a Singular one, the families likely got entire loads of them!
No. 530325 ID: 4740a0
File 137538242986.png - (323.14KB , 800x800 , 281.png )

Tell me about, you guys are givin' me two different plans 'ere! If I change my story too many times he's gonna suspect I'm givin' him the run around!

If Vinny goes and tries to pick a fight with those two broads, not only will he probably lose but the family will find out. Shit will get out of hand real quick if they get involved.

>Manny? Why you standin' there like you don't got nothin' to say? Tell me what your plan is.
No. 530340 ID: 7dbd6b

Ok. Look: They were planning on some sort of expedition last time we saw them. Odds are, this is a profitable venture.

So, YOU help them along, they get the money, and then YOU get a crap-ton more money than you would if you just charged in and took back the initial investment. And, it would be relatively clean money. Impressive profit, and probably enough to pay back everything You've borrowed from your father.
No. 530368 ID: 57a559

So let it get out of hand?
Just say your trying to get on her good side since she's a powerful mercenary from The Five then, maybe she could be useful. Thing is she's stubbornly retired ANNNNNND your sister-in-law (I know it's technically an unimportant detail, but you should at least let your brother know your relation). But fine, here's how it should go if your afraid.

Basically, tell him since how bad it's been with your rat farm plot, you knew this day would come and hoped to capitalize and get in father's favor by providing him a good earner like your sister-in-law and debtee Rella. At least then you wouldn't have to show up with your tail between your legs emptyhanded. And to convince a stubborn bitch like Mozzarella to start working again would include both getting her in debt to you and subtly keep suggesting she work for you. You even organized a nice trip to an upper city to help her fulfill her and a few of her friends with a task AND see how she works solving problems. You've already tricked her into debt, now you've got to trick her into payin' with her skills.

You figure this would be far more valuable than any small sum of money you could have made with rats anyway. I mean, finders fee for contracts? Fucking goldmine.
No. 530369 ID: d55f9e

Okay, let's walk this back a bit, starting with the bullshit we've already spread:

The story right now is that the wall damage is from a fitness training accident, apparently. Rella said she'd pay up, and she's dragging her feet. Okay, that's dandy.

You're also in debt to Bonzi. No two ways around that. You also blabbed that it's a gambling debt instead of something we could brush under the rug. Idiot. Bonzi can also flatten Vinny with a mean look, so let's try not to get violent here. After all, we've only just started to have fun with him, it would be very unfortunate to lose him so soon.

You're also apparently losing your mind. To what extent this is a lie we're not really certain, and neither are you. If you need a quick way to worm out of that say you had an accident while you were making your last batch of rat poison and that you've been under the weather or something. At least that's believable.

The gang's heading to the Higher Lands for something that absolutely does not involve danger, research into the supernatural, research into us, or a possible business venture. That last part is the part we're going to fib about.

You might mention that you could be planning a sales trip up there to speak with a nondescript potential client or three. You might be planning to accompany the others and that this is somehow part of the deal. You should probably try and talk this obvious lie over with Rella before Vinny does. We may be able to help you convince her to play along. Just don't expect us to get any money out of her. She'll cave your head in.
No. 530392 ID: c23ab0

You could try going to another city to see if they have a rat problem. You could also mortgage off the house instead of up and abandoning the thing. If you can find a buyer, a mortgage will pay for itself eventually. At least it would get you out of hot water. You could also trust that Brie loves you and would never leave you over something as silly as money problems. You could also tell Vinny that you lost a gamble to Bonzi and it's only a problem because she's wrecking your house. You can fix the house yourself, but if that doesn't count as a debt repaid I don't know what does. She owes you for wrecking your shit, you owe her for... playing cards I guess? That's what's going on, and you're sorry for giving him the wrong impression.

Probably the best idea would be to tell Vinny you need to stay here to patch up the house, then mortgage it to someone who does have money to pay your dad back. When the house is sold, you need to take your business to an urban area, ask around to find who has rat problems. You can also make a lot of money under the table supplying rich folks with the means to inherit from each other, if you know what I mean. And don't build a huge house this time, even if you have to look poorer for a while. Brie will support you since you're actually doing something and not just making up excuses, and she cares about you not how big the house you have to live in.
No. 530427 ID: 4740a0
File 137539159970.png - (330.92KB , 800x800 , 282.png )


These... actually ain't too bad, neither. I just gotta make sure Cheesy doesn't dime me out and I can get my ass through this okay! Plus, if it works, I can get Pops off my case, too.

"Alright, here's the plan. The dame I owe money to is own cahoots with the dane who owes ME money. They're makin' a little trip up into the Higher Lands. Not sure what about, exactly, but it's probably some business."

>"Alright. And?"

"The dame who owes me cash, Mozzarella--"

>"She's named after cheese?"

"Yeah, I dunno. Anyway, Mozzarella used to work for this mercenary group. 'The Five' or some shit."

>"Whoa. THE Five? I heard'a them. One of the roughest mercenary groups ever. Tore apart whole armies in a matter of minutes. Why you fuckin' with them, Manny?"

He... actually looked kinda worried there for a sec... Nah, I'm imaginin' things.

"I ain't! Only with Mozzarella. She's retired, and she ain't interested in causin' shit or fighting back. She's been stiffin' me on cash and she knows that if I call the right people she'll pay up."

>"Alright, you want your fuckin' dough. I get the point. I just want this dame to cough up so we don't look like fuckin' pussies, capiche?"

"But this could be an investment, Vinny!"

>"I'm listenin'."

"You saw what she did to my house. And you know what she did in the war. Pops lives up in the Higher Lands, in the capitol. I'm assuming that's where they're goin'. If we can somehow get Mozzarella to come work with Pops, we'd both look good!"

>"Hm... with her skills she'd be a fuckin' monster of a persuader... Alright, Manny. I'm in. When do these chumps leave to the Higher Lands?"

"I can go find out for ya. You just wait b-"

>"Oh no you don't. Pops said to stay on you to make sure you don't do anything dumb. You ain't outta the shithouse yet. Not until this plan'a yours pays off."

Shit. Now I gotta find Cheesy and the fish and make sure they don't ruin everything.

Introducing, The "Bullshit" Meter! Keep your lies in-check or else it'll get too high. And you don't want that happening.
No. 530428 ID: a23afd

Head over to the nerd's house.
No. 530444 ID: 57a559

We can at least spin it to Bonzi easily, because she actually does do work like the stuff we need. She's not that smart, but enough so she understands middle man finder fees. For Rella, well all she needs to do is be in the vicinity of Bonzi to be intimidating, she literally needs to do nothing but be the quiet scary one that just lets her reputation do the talking.

We can spin this to Rella by telling her it'll take care of all traveling expenses, the debt you owe to Bonzi, and the debt you owe to your father, and to help take care of her sister. When talking to Rella, never mention how this helps yourself. Play selfless. If she asks you get get, well, honestly it means you don't piss important connections off. Your the connections guy, this is HOW you work best. The agent, the talker, the bullshitter. You don't need to do shitty manual labor, have they seen your actual body strength? Talking is what you do best, let us do what we do best so that we may help YOU Rella, Bonzi, and Cedric.

I mean, hell, you talked your father into financing a stupid rat business for how long? Hell yeah man your the FACE of this rag tag group. Bonzi's the muscle, Rella's the good all around gal, Cedric's the brain, Manchester's the mouth, and Vinnie's... the eye? Another cog in the machine, your contact that connects you to the bigger web of contacts.
No. 530457 ID: 7dbd6b

And all it takes is a bunch of voices that hate him in his head for him to suddenly become the competent master of manipulation that runs everyone.
No. 530465 ID: 57a559

Well we got this far.
I was trying to inspire confidence! And HE got this far, despite our hate, so we're good on that front.
No. 530540 ID: 01531c

If Vinny wonders where all this genius planning comes from, say something like
>"Vinny, you my brother, when was the last time you ever saw me do any real work without someone lightin a fire under my ass?"

This is assuming, of course, you have a history of being distracted and lazy.
No. 530546 ID: c23ab0

Oh great, more travelling expenses? On his checkbook? I don't know if that's such a good idea, Manny.
No. 530565 ID: 01531c

You need to remember that ALL OF THIS is a huge bluff to get Vinny beaten up so that Manchester has time to figure out what to do about Daddy's Money.
No. 530729 ID: 4740a0
File 137547345309.png - (138.48KB , 800x800 , 283.png )

Vinny was going to take me back to see Pops, who lives in the Higher Lands, anyway. I'm sure he'd be fine with ferryin' the other three mooks. We just gotta convince 'em to tag along.

Also, who the hell is Cedric--

OH RIGHT. The whimpy kid from the other day. Alright, you said fishlady is over there, so let's get movin'.

I tell Vinny to follow as we head into town. We ask around 'til we find the kid's place.

There's a note.

>Gone out for the day.


Well shit.
No. 530737 ID: 9ddf68

guys they went camping in the park remember
No. 530765 ID: a23afd

Just wander a bit until you "accidentally" happen across the park.
No. 530781 ID: d55f9e

You can do a couple things:

First, leave a note telling them to come to you at some point if we don't find them. Since we really only know where they were, not where they are.

Then, assuming they're up and about, they're probably not at the campground anymore. Cedric is probably showing Bonzi around. They wanted to head to the tailor's shop at some point. There's the flower shop, they might be there too. Are those places open yet? Oh, and try not to infer too much from this, Manny dear.

It's important that we keep Cedric around when we go to speak to Rella. We can tell you things that only he and we would know in order to verify that we're visiting you today. Without him you're just going to look like you're full of shit, and we wouldn't dare want for that to happen, would we?
No. 532610 ID: 4740a0
File 137597917394.png - (530.92KB , 800x800 , 284.png )


Let's hurry up and make this quick already! I can tell my bro's gettin' antsy. And you won't like it when he gets antsy...

And what do you mean "we" are gonna tell the orange kid things? Does he know about you guys, too? This is gettin' too complicated... whatever. Both the tailor and flower shops are open this time'a day, and they're right around the corner. We make our way over and bingo, we find 'em.

"Alright, that's the lady I owe cash to."

>"T-that's her? She don't look like any Iro I've ever seen..."

"I dunno. Maybe she's foreign or sumthin'."

Vinny seemed pretty spooked by the fishlady... But anyway, we found 'em. But now what? If Vinny finds out I'm technically fishlady's servant I'm fucked!
No. 532614 ID: bf54a8

what do you mean? just hide behind her and let her punch him.
No. 532615 ID: 57a559

Bullshit you're fucked, just take Vinny to the side that it's convenient to the plan at first. That or if Bonzie mentions the severt part you can immediately tell her you found a good way to pay off your debt. Because you came clean at least about the part where you do owe Bonzie money, the only lie you made was that Mozzarella owed you.

You can get her work contracts, which generally comes with a finders fee that comes out of the main payout for the middle man such as yourself. If you give her the finders fee on a few big contracts because they're something like %5, shit, it's all paid for with the first one probably.

But take the initiative here, enter your businessman mode and introduce Vinnie to Bonzi and Cedric, drop the idea, and never let them speak. Bonzie will never regret the day she made friends with old Winchestor I'll tell you what. Never let them talk just keep talking fast until you ask them where they're headed and where's Mozzy, the contract rate will go even higher if we can get her in on the deal. Than outloud that this should settle all busienss between us if this works out for our little group. Did I mention the contracts make a really good way to pay all traveling expenses?

Oh and Cedric, many little messengers informed me that you learned how to dual wield magic pistols last night that's fantastic! Than wink and point at your head and do the "yap yap yap yap" thing with your hands. Vinnie will think it's weird but he probably won't care.
No. 532635 ID: 9f7acd

Clearly we need to go and talk with them privately without him listening in. Say we gotta go talk to her privately first, talk fast and get them to play along with owing you money.
No. 532647 ID: c23ab0


He already told Vinnie he owes her money. What you've got to do Vinnie is stand up to Bonzi and tell her that she hurt you a lot punching those holes in your walls, and they're going to cost a lot of money to repair. You'll be willing to take the hit yourself, but in exchange she has to consider the debt null and void and stop freaking attacking you.

If you get her in private you can warn her that pursuing this could get her killed, because some of your relatives (point at Vinnie) would just as easily kill someone as pay them back a debt. So your skipping out on the debt is really for her sake.

When all that fails miserably, HUGE PUPPY EYES

You know you have it in you.
No. 532663 ID: d55f9e

They seem pretty distracted right now. I don't think wringing you out is the first thing on their minds. Like, at all.

Anyway, yes, Cedric knows about us, because we were visiting him yesterday, just like how we're visiting you today. We're kind of on a mission, and no, we don't know why it involves you of all people.

Since your brother seems uncomfortable maybe you should tell him you'll handle this. Ask him to hang back a minute, and just go ask them if they've seen Rella around today because you need to talk with her about something important. Try to keep Vinny out of earshot. If Cedric is wondering what the deal is, he'll probably understand this:

Ask him what he knows about bees.

He'll know it's us. Really. You might throw in a dopey wink for good measure, just to be sure.

The business with Rella is private for now. She's your wife's family, they'll understand. If they don't know where Rella is, they might be able to help us look. When Vinny learns that Bonzi is Rella's friend and that this imaginary chain of debt revolves around them, he should mellow out a bit. Hopefully.

Should they play along, try to convince them to follow your lead. They probably won't mind if Vinny kicks your ass, so be cordial.
No. 532687 ID: e1609c

Pull aside manny first, explain things to him. Mention the voices hae jumped over to you and that while we still think your an asshole we need you alive for our own unfathomable and probably quite unsaory purposes.
Also, that dude with you is your brother and is likely to kill everyone here if you cant get him off your back.
No. 532802 ID: e1609c

>>532687cedric. I meant cedric, not manny. Hurr.
No. 534525 ID: a1c207

Say the word bees to cedric.
Trust me on this one.
No. 534551 ID: eaaf3b

Whisper the word bees to Cedric yeah that's a good idea, point at your head to let him know you mean it
No. 534876 ID: 4740a0
File 137667442191.png - (564.63KB , 800x800 , 285.png )

It's clear to me you haven't been payin' attention.

"Hey, you two!"

They stop talkin' about whatever they were talkin' about and look over at me. The orange kid speaks up first.

>"O-oh. Hey, Manchester."

"Yeah, hey. I was just showing my bro 'round town and saw you two. Decided to pop on over and say hello."

Suddenly I get moved over as Vinny walks in front of me. Gotta make sure he doesn't open his fuckin' mouth and blow this whole thing outta the water!

"Vinny! Bro! Hold on, we were gonna discuss business with fishlady--"

>"Bonzi." Now she pipes up.

"--Bonzi, over here."

>"Discuss business? The only business that needs to be discussed is--"

"The business of getting her some work, of course!"

They both look at me kinda confused. The orange kid just kinda stands there nervously. I walk over and prepare to wow 'em with my cunnin' business sense.

"Bonz, babe! I can call you Bonz, right?"


"Yeah great. So anyway, I wanted to go over a business proposal withya. I owe you money. And you're in the business of lookin' for security work, if I remember right."

>"That's right."

"And Vinny, bro! You know Pops is always lookin' for new hired guns! She'd be perfect!"

>"What?" They both go. Oi.

"Bonz over here's a wall of orange pain. She could pulverize anyone who ever dared to mess with Pops' assets! Pops' would pay handsomely for a security detail that break someone's neck with two fingers. It'd make us both look good! No, in fact, I'll even say it was YOUR idea. That'll make you look good fersure."

They both mull it over. It gets dead quiet for a minute. Fishlady speaks up first.

>"Well, this does sound like a good offer. But I'm doing security job up in the Higher Lands in a few days, anyway."

"Is it a permanent position?"

>"Well, no."

"Then there! You could work for my father! Live the good life of bashin' bad guys and gettin' fat checks every week. You'd be livin' up in the Higher Lands, too. Everyday of your life would be heaven!"

>"Basing bad guys... I do like the sound of that."

"Then there ya go!"

I turn back to Vinny and nudge him. He gives me a smile. I'm fuckin' blazin' through this!

>"Alright, Manny. You've made your point. Eh, Bonzi?"


>"Our father could use a helpin' hand. He's a powerful man, but he's also made powerful enemies. He could use someone of your... stature to protect 'im. In return, it'd be like Manny said; you're set for life."

>"It really does sound nice... How's about this? You can come with me to the Higher Lands and we can see your daddy while we're there!"


Everyone looks over at the orange kid. What's his problem?

BS meter is decreasing. Keep it up.
No. 534880 ID: 4740a0
File 137667527956.png - (116.43KB , 800x800 , 286.png )

The orange kid kinda shuffles his feet. He then pipes up.

>"I don't k-know if that's a good idea."

Vinny scowls. Uh-oh.

>"Kid, grown ups are talkin' business. Butt out."

He immediately shuts his mouth. Damn, I know that feelin'...

Oh, right, orange kid knows about you guys. So at least I know I'm not totally goin' crazy... Unless you bastards are trickin' me.

While my bro and fishlady talk it out, I pull orange kid over to the side.

"Word of advice; you don't ever speak to my brother that way. Unless you want those glasses of yours shoved down your throat."

He gulps.

"Anyway, what can you tell me about... bees?"

I point at my head for good measure, like you chumps said. He's lookin' all confused. I knew you fuckin' bastards were playing jokes on m-

>"OH! You have them now! The voices!"

Bonzi and Vinny look over, wonderin' what the hell we're talkin' about. I quickly cover for the kid.

"Yeah! 'The Voices'! Real talented group of singers! Gonna see them in concert next month!"

They shrug and continue talkin'. I look back over at the orange idiot.

"Shh! You want 'em to think we're crazy?"

>"W-well Bonzi already sorta knows what's going on. I imagine you're brother doesn't, though..."

Goddammit! How many other fuckin' people know about you guys??

"Whatever. Listen, these voices said they know you, and I have no idea why I have 'em now, but they're about to lead to be gettin' quite the pretty penny. So shut you're fuckin' mouth about all this. We're goin' with you chumps to the Higher Lands and that's it."

He opens his mouth to say somethin', but looks over at Vinny and closes it. Hopefully he keeps it that way.
No. 534916 ID: e97f9d

Sorry Cedric you'll have to wait to bang the crap out of Bonzi
No. 534929 ID: 0b7fa2

Go easy on him. He's probably just objecting to the rather obvious shadiness of your family business, that's all. He wouldn't want his new friend to get hurt, or get involved in something she might regret. Not that you care.

Now you've gotten your travel arrangements made. We need to find our head-voice expert next. Don't scare Cedric off, we'll be needing him. Ask him where Rella is and tell him to stay close, nicely. I know a large number of annoying and highly repetitive songs and I will gladly use them to keep you in line, young man.
No. 534947 ID: 57a559

Use bullshit to calm him down better.
Say that it's okay, Bonzi... oh wait the flower-book shop riiiiiiight. Tell him that don't worry about that business plan of his, that the voices worked it out. Bonzi gets some good extra funds to help with the downpayment of your business. Bonzi's going to retire sometime, everyone does. She can practice her flower hobby while you handle her flower-bookshop on the business end. You sell the flowers as specials whenever she gets time available until Bonzi actually retires. Then your book shop becomes more of a general store like you planned. So, book store with the occasional flowers that Bonzi designs as a hobby, then full general store when Bonzi retires.

Relax about working for a "family" too, we take care of our own. Blood or employees. So just relax. She's not going to be a hitman or anything like that, just a really good bodygaurd.
No. 535038 ID: c23ab0

Tell Cedric you know how he feels. Tell him you're in a lot of trouble and you need his help to get out of this in one piece.
No. 535054 ID: 3fba6e

I guess it's just you two and Rella who would know about us so far, though I wouldn't be surprised if anyone else involved with her past knew too. And by tomorrow whoever we wind up in the head of next will know too.
No. 535065 ID: 35037c


Don't forget Cedric's roomie, she was totally hanging out with us after she stopped being a jerk.
No. 536611 ID: 4740a0
File 137718992080.png - (485.62KB , 800x800 , 286.png )

Whoa ho. He wants a piece'a that? Kid likes 'em big, I can see. But sure, I can respect him not wantin' his ladyfriend to get hurt. And she's not gonna, as long as he (or you guys) don't do anythin' stupid.

"I think I see what's goin' on here. You like fishface over there."


"Yeah, you want to get some of that ol' blubber butt. Jeez kid, you're pretty freaky."

>"I-I do not! Stop that!"

"Don't worry, , I understand. And trust me, nothin's gonna happen to her. She's just gonna make a little cash workin' for my father. She ain't gonna be a hitman or nothin'. Besides, look at 'er. Do you really think anyone's gonna mess with someone who can squeeze their head like a fuckin' grape?"

>"I-I guess not..."

I motion for him to lean down so I can put a hand around his shoulder.

"The voices tell me you also want to open a shop with the big- er, lil' ol' lady."

>"They told you...?"

He looks kinda pissed for a second, but I quickly say something to calm him down:

"Yeah, they told me. And I'm sure they could tell me anything they wanted to tell me about you, if you don't cooperate."

>"I-I have nothing to hide."

"Really now?"

He gets real quiet. I think I struck a nerve or somethin'. Whatever.

"Now, don't fight this. If it works out you and her could have your happy little shop and not have to worry about anything for the rest of your little lives. Doesn't that sound nice?"

>"I guess..."

"Good." I let go and he stands back up. That was easy~

Right. I guess we do need to talk to Cheesy to make sure she's on board with our plan.

"Say, you wouldn't happen to know where Ch- er, Rella is, do ya?"

He shrugs.

>"I haven't seen her since the other day. Why?"

"No reason..." Dammit.
No. 536613 ID: c23ab0

Cedric's terrible secret is........ ok so yeah I'm not going to tell you unless he actually turns on you.
No. 536614 ID: acb7da

We shouldn't tell him in any case. I like Cedric a lot more, and I feel bad about how he just used our info to exploit him. Bad move, mate.
No. 536640 ID: a3de75

Your absence of tact is only rivaled by your absence of height. That's an accomplishment.

Ask Bonzi if she knows where Rella might be. Try not to embarrass anyone this time, jerkass.
No. 536650 ID: 4740a0
File 137720214976.png - (367.45KB , 800x800 , 287.png )

Hey, you're the ones who said I could do it! Don't get mad at me for following your advice.

It seems she and my brother are done talking, so might as well. I walk on over and ask her where Cheesy went.

>"I haven't seen her since the other day. Was she not at her hut?"

My brother chimes in.

>"That's right, the girl owes Manny here some dosh. Do you know where she jetted off to? She better not be skippin' town...


>"Rella owes you money, Manchester? Since when?"
No. 536658 ID: 7dbd6b

"Oh yeah, you just got into town like two days ago. Since a while ago now, don't worry your pretty little head about it."
No. 536663 ID: 96c896

The story was she owes you money for wrecking your house, right? Just say that, she shouldn't be too perturbed by it.
No. 536674 ID: bf54a8

"for the new holes in my house" and wink hard as you can.
No. 536685 ID: 57a559

The altercation from a few days ago, remember all that collateral damage the fight between Bonzi and Rella caused? Seeing as how Rella's presence was what started the fight and escalated the situation, the debt falls to her. It might not make much sense to you, but that's were the debt goes. Someone has to pay for all of that, we can't because the damage was caused by a third party, and Bonzi can't because Bonzi was at your house for legitimate business purposes. Rella was taking a personal visit instigated by my wife, and you openly accused her of betrayal. The blame falls on her. That's the rules.

And technically, Rella owes my father, not me. That house is owned by him.
No. 536693 ID: c23ab0

No. 536739 ID: a3de75


It's okay, his eyelid will just retreat into the empty space inside his head, producing the desired visual effect.
No. 536763 ID: a3de75


This option eliminates the possibility of Bonzi taking credit for the damage to the house and thus uncovering the lie. I'd suggest we mention what happened the other day as little as possible.

Manchester, if Bonzi offers to forgive your debt in exchange for wiping out Rella's debt I'd also recommend against agreeing to that, unless the sum of money you lost in your little card game actually could have paid for the damages to your house, in which case I'm just going to call you a dumbass for betting that much in the first place.
No. 536846 ID: 4740a0
File 137727985719.png - (561.75KB , 800x800 , 288.png )

"Yeah, she owes me from something a few days ago. But hey, since you're her pal, let's strike out a dea-"

>"You want me to wipe your debt to me in exchange for you wiping Rella's?"

Wh... How did she know?

"Uh, yeah."

She smiles, showing off all those pointy teeth.

>"I'll think about it."

Huh. Well, she didn't say no, at least. But still, this is goin' aces! I just gotta go find Cheesy and make sure she doesn't ruin this.

Do you mooks have any idea where she might be?
No. 536848 ID: a3de75


So. It actually was that much.

No. 536864 ID: 96c896

I don't- wait a minute, where's Brie? Find Brie, that's probably where Rella is.
No. 537084 ID: c23ab0

Tell her you want to work to help pay her back for whatever she's lost because of you, but now you have the mafia on your back and you don't want her to get mixed up with them just on account of your debt, so play it cool for now and just pretend everything's square.
No. 537581 ID: a3de75

Anyhow, Rella might be visiting with Brie. I doubt she'd be visiting many places in town herself but you might go with the usual suspects, general stores and the like, before you head back that way. I seem to recall that she avoids any in-person shopping when she can.
No. 538414 ID: 4740a0
File 137787314131.png - (179.01KB , 800x800 , 289.png )

S-shut up...!

Let's not use the "m" word, at least not right now. As far as she knows my father is a businessman, and that's all she needs to know.

Cheesy ain't really the visitin' type, but what the hell, best chance we got. I tell my bro we gotta split and check back at my place for Cheesy.

>"Fine, but lemme go send a telegram off to Pops; let 'im know the arrangement."

We sady goodbye to fislady and orange kid and head over to the local telegraphin' shop, where Vinny sends off a message. We tell the guy in charge that we'll be back tomorrow. 40 minute ride and we're back home to find Cheesy... lookin' like she just socked my wife??
No. 538416 ID: 57a559

Tell Vinnie to wait in the living room, right now this is your business that has nothing to to do with father and your brother, even with the money you owes your father you don't want anyone stepping in on your wife's drama but yourself.

Get a snack or something Vinnie. This is going to be a private conversation.
Stand up to your brother if he gets a little forceful to be in this situation. I mean it. Don't give into fear, tell him that anything about your wife is going to be only your problem and the family will never, under any circumstances, get involved with your wife unless she's stolen from them.
This is something you can actually handle. And it's something you should do on your own.
No. 538418 ID: bf54a8

okay now that is weird. she may not be buddy buddy but actually hitting her? just rush in there demanding to know wtf is going on.
No. 538419 ID: 96c896

Demand to know what's going on.
No. 538422 ID: 4740a0
File 137788074478.png - (270.16KB , 800x800 , 290.png )

>"What the he--?"

"Vinny! Why don't you go to the sitting room? Wait there while I deal with this?"

Normally he would argue, but for once he just backs off and heads to the sitting room. Damn, even he doesn't wanna deal with this.

Do I gotta?

Okay, okay, fine...

I walk in and Brie looks over at me. She's got a nasty bruise on her cheek.

"What the fuck's the meanin' of hittin' my wife??"

Cheesy turns to face me. She doesn't look too happy to see me at first, but then she suddenly smiles.

>"Oh, hey Manchester. Just visiting my sister, is all. You need anything, runt? Because I was just leaving."

What?? We don't like each other much but even she wouldn't say this kinda shit. The hell is goin' on?

"Who you callin' a runt--?"

>"I'm calling YOU a runt, short stuff. Get out of my way before I step on you."
No. 538424 ID: 57a559

Oh, this isn't cheesy.
I practically guarantee you that this is another one of the five mercs that are good at disguising. Tell her to lose the disguise, we can tell when someone is just using a dumb trick.

And it isn't her big mean voice telling her to do terrible things, this room would be full of blood by now and your wife would be in the fridge.

So, is this Shrap or Gregga? Ask her directly that. I'd say Shrap because she's become an actor and is the most mad at Cheesy, but Gregga is a moody trickster.
No. 538429 ID: 44d1ec

It's not her.
She's way curvier than whoever this gal/guy is.
No. 538434 ID: 0f5b37

A disguise artist seems possible... Or maybe that voice guy came back somehow? Might be we messed him up, and he's 'weaker'?
I've an idea. Say this, and EXACTLY this:
"The nice voices say hi."
A disguise artist would be confused. Shouty will get hostile. But Cheesy would just get guarded, really guarded, I think.
No. 538437 ID: c23ab0

That is a terrible disguise. The orange on the shirt is too yellow, and the blue is too green. We're talking an almost purple blue here.
No. 538438 ID: d2995c

>"The nice voices say hi."
Noooo, don't say that you have the voices. If this is another of the Five, the only voices they are familiar with are the one that made them crazy a while back. If anything you might want to ask if they have been listening to the voice again, though that might not go over well if this is Shrap (the scheming one who was last seen becoming an actor).

For that matter, do we even want to confront them about their trick at all? Disguise probably isn't their only skill as a super mercenary, and Manny here isn't exactly a fighter.
No. 538440 ID: 5abf82

She's a faaaaaaaake!
No. 538446 ID: e1609c

"Your disguise is shit. Now if you don't explain who the fuck you are and why you just smacked up my lovely wife there is going to be HELL to pay."
No. 538450 ID: a3de75

"Hold it. You ain't goin' nowhere till you tell me what this is all about."

Ask Brie what's happening and try to keep Rella from leaving. Our backup is back in town so you're going to have to handle this yourself like a big boy, Manchester. Stall. Either we're dealing with a clever fake or shouty asshole voice is at the wheel, and neither of these are things we can handle right now.

If she tries to blow past you, try grabbing the scarf and see how badly you get your ass kicked. While that's happening, look and see if you find any markings. Also, if you don't die, that'd be swell.
No. 538456 ID: 5869f6

That isn't her, for gods' sakes, she smacked brie! Her own sister! Rella might get frustrated with her, bud she'd never hit her!
No. 538465 ID: 96c896

Punch her in the face.
No. 538466 ID: 7d3e02

Yeah, Id just try not to let her leave.
If it comes down to it, get your brother to help out. This probably aint the real Rella.
No. 538467 ID: 7f2d33

Ah hell nah. Dude you are not gonna let this faker hit your wife. That shit don't fly in your house! Although you also have your bro there for backup just in case.
No. 538474 ID: 5fd94e

She's not Rella, call her out on it. Do not just stand for your wife being hurt, she is probably the only person you ever had any real feelings for.
No. 538500 ID: bc8d67

Manchester, as much as you and us would love to knock Rella around right now you just don't have the stature and strength for it. Fake or not she'd still be quite able to kick your ass. You'll just have to figure out what happened here, then tail after her. Maybe run her down with Vinnie's motorcycle, if it comes to that.

Step to the side then get over to Brie. Gesture for her to crouch down so you can talk quietly and ask her what the hell happened here. You can tell her that you think this Rella is either a fake or something has gone really wrong with her.
No. 538505 ID: a3de75

Guys, Brie's probably not going to believe us if we say Rella's not herself, literally or figuratively. Just a couple hours ago our gracious host woke up and made an ass of himself for no apparent reason at all, and now her sister (we think) has attacked her. A couple days before, Bonzi showed up without warning and she and Rella tore the everloving shit out of her house. From Brie's perspective everyone is losing their fucking mind. She's not going to have the nerve to put up with any more shit.

As soon as we find out what's happening here it would probably be best to ask Brie to leave. Rella or no, this situation is dangerous. We only need Rella (or whoever it is) to stay here long enough to figure out what we're dealing with since we're not equipped to confront her. Once we know what we're up against, we then need to remove ourselves from the situation before someone gets hurt. If Brie asks any questions, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
No. 539618 ID: 4740a0
File 137848818341.png - (170.52KB , 800x800 , 291.png )

All of you are saying Cheesy here is some kinda fake. I don't know what's going on but why the hell would anybody go through all the trouble of pretendin' to be her just to hit my wife?

This is all too fuckin' much. Lemme go see about Brie.

I... Brie's a trooper! She looks fine--

>"Oh, Manny! This is too much! All of you are acting like... like crazies!

"C-calm down, baby. No need to get upset and leave..."

Cheesy speaks up. Her voice sounds... not right.

>"Let her leave. If she can't handle discipline then why keep her around? She always was a little whiny thing. No matter what I did for her; saving her from our father, making sure she got a husband, she'd always complain. Disgusting little Brie..."

>"That's-that's not true!!" Shit, now they're both yellin' at each other. And I'm right in the middle!
No. 539620 ID: 4740a0
File 137848850960.png - (117.79KB , 800x800 , 292.png )

>"Isn't it? You always wanted that soft lifestyle. You were never cut out for what we went through. You were weak. Vile. Unworthy."




They're both in each other's faces. After a moment or two Cheesy backs off and walks out the door. Brie starts cryin'. I hate it when dames cry...

"Hey... you alright?"

>"No... I heard what you and Vinny were talking about earlier."

Shit. Does she know about--?

>"I know about the debt you owe to your daddy."


"Look, sweetie-"

>"I don't want to hear anymore from you, Manny. This has been two much for me. Our house gets a bunch of giant holes in it, my sister shows up and starts to pick a fight, and now... you're lying to me. I think... that I should just leave."

"g-... No! Please, baby, don't go! I'm workin' on a way to fix this! Just wait a little while! Promise!"

She doesn't look she believes me. Dammit, what do I do?
No. 539621 ID: 07e3a8

>why the hell would anybody go through all the trouble of pretendin' to be her just to hit my wife?
Because it's not about your wife. It's about Cheesy. The imposter is doing this to hurt her. That's why she's attacking her sister.

I mean, c'mon, you know cons. You steal someone's identity for one of two reasons: you want something of theirs, or you're trying to discredit or cause trouble for them.

And seriously, you can't see what we see? She's too tall. Her proportions are off (nowhere near hippy or busty enough). The shape of her smile and eyes are different. Pay attention, con man. You're being played.
No. 539622 ID: c23ab0

You could start by apologizing for lying to her. And never doing it again. Because you trust her to stay with you even in hard times.
No. 539623 ID: bf54a8

you need some truth.
No. 539624 ID: e1609c

I agree with the peeps saying to be honest with her.
Be sincere for once, mate.
And as for imposterella, it is very important your wife realizes that wasnt her. We've already explained how she's different, make sure she knows this.
No. 539626 ID: e36926

Well, first of all, make sure she's at least headed somewhere safe. I hate to say this, Manny, but we've got bigger problems. Much, much bigger problems.

You can't fix everything right now, and there's no use in lying to Brie more when she already knows you have. The best you can do is make sure she stays out of harm's way.

I'll fill you in on something. We aren't the only voices around. One in particular is hanging around in Rella's head, and unlike us, it doesn't just attempt to annoy or persuade her. It lashes out, takes control, and it really likes to hurt people. We've encountered it twice already. Last night it woke up, some weird shit happened, and by the look of things that shit never stopped happening.

Listen carefully. As counterintuitive as it might sound right now, Rella needs your help. That thing is acting up again, and if it acts up even worse, let's just say that a trip to the morgue isn't out of the question. For whom, let's not speculate about that right now.

You and Vinnie need to split up: One of you needs to try to track Rella, the other needs to find Bonzi and see if that fancy knife your wife borrowed is still in Rella's hut. It's kind of important.
No. 539628 ID: 57a559

Just say you've made some actually good deals today, thanks to Rella's voices. They've been helping out a lot. They're in my head, and they convinced me to go streak this morning too. But they're also really good at business, thanks to them I've already handled a lot of the situation with Bonzi. Shit, I might actually make my Dad actually proud of me with these guys helping out.

They say I can even make you proud, babe.
No. 539647 ID: 96c896

Ask her where the ruby knife is. Mozzy needs to get cut with it. Trust us on this, the reason why she's acting weird is because she doesn't have the knife, and to fix it she needs to be cut with it. Usually she does it herself, but I think you can do it too.

Brie knows about it. Perhaps she doesn't realize that it's why Mozzy was saying that to her though.
No. 539652 ID: c23ab0


No wait, if it's an impostor, not Mozzy's possessed body, then all the knife will do is inflict ludicrous amounts of pain and suffer-

No. 539654 ID: cef479

Okay, since when has Mozzy ever been so dramatic about everything too? Also notice that her eyes look normal when she's saying this shit too. She's not possessed, this is obviously a fake. Be honest, and tell her that there's no way Mozzy would be this nasty to her.
No. 539655 ID: 5869f6

Comfort her you ass! She's your wife, the woman you joined in holy matrimony fer god's sakes! She's put up with so much that...
She needs some comforting, chester. Please. For her.
No. 539662 ID: 735f4f

Tell her the truth and nothing but the truth.

Yes you owe your father money. Yes you owe Bonzi some money. You are working on fixing the money thing with some help. Heck tell her why you borrowed so much from your dad. Probably to impress her I am guessing.

Tell her that was not her sister. Its someone involved with her old mercenary group that is trying to drive a wedge between all of you.

Do not mention the voices for the moment as it would just worry her more. Say there is some sort of magic "thing" happening and both her sister and Cedric have had contact with it and now its moved on to you.

I know its not a good idea to get in between feuding family members but we can assure you that is a imposter. If you need to prove it somehow we can help you.
No. 539874 ID: 4740a0
File 137867282002.png - (114.10KB , 800x800 , 293.png )

You're right... I guess.

"Babe, I'm sorry I lied to you..."

>"You really hurt my feelings, Manny."

"I know, I know. And I know it all looks rough right now. But cheer up! I can pull us through, babe! I'm making deals that'll make sure we don't lose our house."

>"I don't know..."

"C'mon, baby. It's me, Manny! I wouldn't let you down, would I?"

>"...Hm. Alright then"

"C'mon. Gimme that smile you're famous for." She gives a big ol' grin. That takes care'a dat.

But about that "impostor" business...

"Do you know why Cheesy was actin' that way, babe? I always figured she had a screw loose, but nothin' like this."

>"I... I don't know..."

"Maybe... Maybe that ain't the real Rella?"

>"What do you mean?"

"Maybe it's just someone pretendin' to be her."

>"Why would anyone do that? Besides, she said things... that only she and I would know."

Huh. Guess that rules that out.

Whoa whoa, WHAT?? Are you sayin' there's some kinda evil voice that's makin' that girl act crazy? Why didn't you all tell me this sooner??

Fuck this, that's your problem. I just want to make sure I don't lose my money!
No. 539875 ID: 0a0b4d

We will not be with you forever. We know everything you want to keep secret.

In case you don't get the picture: Help us, now, or the instant we move on to someone else we screw you over as hard as we can. And we're far more competent than you are- remember how you managed to get out of things semi-okay? Us.
No. 539876 ID: 735f4f

What do you mean stuff only you two would know? Your sister did have a lot of crazy powerful friends from back in her mercenary days.

If she is taken over by something we need to jab her with that ruby knife she keeps on her at all times. Will really mess up evil voices.
No. 539884 ID: dbe554

Well Manny, while it may be our problem in the long run, in the short term it'll hurt your wife a bit. You don't really want to see her hurt because her sister somehow got possessed by an evil voice and started beating on her now hm?
No. 539893 ID: a3de75


We didn't tell you sooner because you didn't need to know. A few hours ago I doubt you would have believed us anyway, but as you can see, things are getting complicated and a bit more transparency wouldn't hurt.

Now, think for a moment. If this is the real Rella, there is a real possibility that she will seriously hurt someone. That someone could be you, your wife, herself, or a complete stranger. Brie won't be happy if Rella gets in trouble because she's not in control of her actions.

If it's not Rella, there are still dangerous people that may try to harm you two in order to influence Rella or damage her reputation. You know how these things work. Your brother definitely knows how these things work.

This was your problem a long time ago. You just didn't know it yet. However, if you help us, we'll keep helping you - and you really, really need our help.
No. 539908 ID: 57a559

Oh, oh, I'm sorry Manny. No, sure you've cleared all your debts so far with our help. So how about your debt with us? You wouldn't want to make US angry now will you? We're in your head. We can do so much worse than Vinnie, hell, we can do things worse than your father does to the people he hates when we're in here.

I mean, hell, imagine if Bonzi got up in your brain? Because maybe we got a Bonzi in here, just rarin' to go on some brainwalls.
Or maybe we'll get a lady voice in here and leave some love stains on the back brain seats.
Or maybe we'll sing a song.

There are weird things in this world, that person knowing personal things about Cheesy and her sister hardly means shit. Any imposter can know stuff about that if they dig deep enough. Shit, we know a lot about Cheesy she would only know, we could have been that imposter if we wanted to fuck her over. All we'd need to do is shave you, castrate you, give you some contacts and a sweater, not to mention fattening you around the hips and you'd be about as quality as that imposter that just came in. Maybe even morso.
No. 539909 ID: a3de75


The less we talk about giving Manchester a sex-change operation the better off I think all of us will be.

Besides, I don't think he'd look that great in a skirt. No offense, Manny.
No. 539941 ID: cef479

How do we know the evil voice or whatever didn't give this information to the imposter? If the other members of the five also had the special killer voice thing it could have the ability to share information between whoever it's talking to.
No. 539965 ID: c23ab0

I think it reasonable to assume at this point that, until proven wrong, Mozzy was not an impostor, and is merely under the influence of her assassin training and possibly evil spirits. Thus you need to stab her with the dagger veryfast or she will kill someone. It will wake her up, trust us. We know these things.

...if it doesn't then you just caused pain to an impostor trying to drive a stake through your wife's heart. Sounds like win/win to me.
No. 539998 ID: e1609c

Make sure yer wife is aware of this as well, otherwise cheezy's gonna be a heckuva lot of trouble for you later.
I am betting she knows about the evil voice, having rolled with her for ages before she settled down with your skeezy ass, and if not we'll just have to do our best to make her believe.
No. 540108 ID: 4740a0
File 137882613397.png - (99.28KB , 800x800 , 294.png )


Sigh. Fine. What can I even do, though? If she really has some crazy evil voice in her head making her act like a nutjob, how am I supposed to stop her?

That's what that knife was for? I thought it was just some pretty doohickey she really wanted to keep. Fine, I'll see what the wife knows about it.

"Hey, babe, do you know anything about that knife your sis really wanted?"

>"Oh, the ruby knife? She keeps it for something very important."

"Is it... about that voice in her head?" She shuts her yap immediately. So she knows what's going on, too. That hypocrite!

"Ah! So you know about Che- er, Rella's evil voice! And then you say I'M the liar!!"

>"It's not like that! It's something very complicated. You were never supposed to know about it because we had hoped it would never become a problem..."

"Well, now it has. Where's the knife so we- uh, I can jab her with it?"

>"I-I don't know. You wouldn't really stab her, would you?"

"Babe, she hurt you and now she's gonna go cause even more trouble. She's gonna ruin everything I worke- er, we worked for! I'll try not to hurt her too much."

>"...Okay. Just be careful."

She don't know we haven't even thought that far ahead. Not only do we not know where the hell the knife is, but I ain't even sure I can cut Cheesy with it! If you know all this stuff about her you gotta know she's practically a kung fu master! How the hell am I supposed to not get pulverized by her?
No. 540109 ID: bf54a8

you don't have to worry about killing her with t, the ruby knife hurts but none of the wounds it causes stick around, they seal up almost instantly.
No. 540115 ID: 96c896

If you can catch her unawares it'll be fine- she won't seek revenge for a stabbing, you'll only get hurt if you fail to hit her with it. However, not knowing where it is is a big problem.

Oh! Maybe you could get Bonzi's help. She's really tough and could go toe to toe with Mozzy to get her with the dagger.

But right now we kinda need to make sure that Mozzy doesn't talk to your brother too much, right?
No. 540120 ID: c23ab0

Did you check behind the rat poison?
No. 540125 ID: dbe554

Also you might want to tell her now about us head-voices. She knows about the good voices too..Also that'd it'd explain your earlier nude antics.
No. 540177 ID: 8e1c14


If she learns that we're the reason he woke up and streaked around the house this morning that's going to be anything but comforting for her to know.


Get help and try not to lose track of her. Bonzi's probably your best bet for actually carrying out this little procedure. If the knife is anywhere to be found it will be in the hut. We already know of one place where she hides it, but if the evil voice thought that far ahead it may be hidden elsewhere by now. We'll give you a hand looking for it.

How we corner her depends entirely on where we find her once our help is with us. Bonzi will need a ride that isn't your brother's motorcycle if we're going to take her anywhere quickly, also. It may be more expedient to draw Rella to her somehow once she's aware of what's happening.

Oh, and try not to be too disturbed by... some of us. At least try to stay focused.
No. 540473 ID: 4740a0
File 137909766161.png - (161.70KB , 800x800 , 295.png )


We'll explain later. Let's just go find this dumb ol' knife--


With the way Cheesy's acting it's going to be even harder to get her to go along with the plan. Especially if she ends up talking to Vinny! Gotta keep 'em seperated...

...oh dear.

>"Hey, Manny."

"W-what are you doin' on my bro's lap??"

>"I let her sit here, Manny. Don't worry about a thing.


>"Well, we were discussing business--"

oh no

>"--And she says she's totally fine with working for Pops to pay off what she owes you."


>"That's the deal. This fine dame here will make quite the proper bodyguard."

"B-but... she hit my wife!! She's insane!"

>"The way she's explained it to me seems that she was just keeping tabs on her family. Making sure they don't step out of line. I respect that kinda thing."

I can't believe this is... wait a minute. Yes! This is perfect! She's going along with it! It's a little weird seeing her on Vinny's lap, but fuck it, they can bone for all I care.

Plan saved once again.
No. 540474 ID: dbe554

Uh, well, mission accomplished? I'd think we should get the ruby knife jusssst in case something goes wrong and she tries like..I dunno, fighting your father or something.
No. 540476 ID: 8e1c14


You realize that this is only temporary, right?

Just like us. We're only with you for a period of time.

Again, if this is Rella, she is being controlled, you moron. If it isn't her, she hasn't agreed to anything. But let's say that it is. That voice may choose to release its control of her at a highly inopportune time... or, use its ongoing control to put her in a position where she can be used by the voice more effectively. You're not out of the woods yet. Far from it.

Speaking of discipline, I'm in agreement with the others: Not only can we sabotage your existing plans and reveal every lie that you've told today, and spread word of your antics earlier to whomever we inhabit next, we may also conspire against you if you do not comply. We were in Rella's head first. If we return to it and find that she's gotten herself into a mess because of your inaction, she will be the first to know that you did nothing, lied to her friends, and that you've also very nearly gotten her sister evicted, and she will not be happy with you.

Or how about Bonzi? Do you want to be on her bad side? We can and will put you there if it comes to that. For all we know we'll wind up in Vinnie's head next. Not that we can do much to persuade him to help us, but I'm sure that we can persuade him to hurt you. Badly, I'm sure.

But worst of all, dearie, if you fail us and we wind up in your wife's head next, you will lose her. Count on it.

Find the knife. You're not dealing with saints, my friend.
No. 540477 ID: c23ab0

Plan saved. Your entire family murdered in the night. Blood running in the streets. This is win/win!
No. 540479 ID: 4740a0
File 137910185315.png - (116.32KB , 800x800 , 296.png )

Alright alright, fuck, I'm going! You guys are really bent out of shape about this...

I make up some bullshit about going to go get some drinks for everyone and head out the door. Hopefully those two don't do anything gross, eugh.

Alright, where to first? Straight to Cheesy's hut or go find fishlady?
No. 540480 ID: 57a559

Fishlady, I still think this is an imposter and we need more info about the actor mercenary of the five. Getting the knife would be useless if this is the actor merc. Probably. So, honestly, we need to prioritize accordingly...

Wait no, we can always find fishlady later, if Cheesy's knife is gone it's fucking GONE.

The hut man the hut! Go to the hut!
No. 540483 ID: 8e1c14


You're learning. Good.

The knife can't walk, but the others could be anywhere. They can help us search, but that's only useful to us if it saves us time. Town is midway to the hut, isn't it? We could look quickly while we're passing through, but if it takes too much time to find them, we shouldn't delay much longer.

How do you plan on getting there? That's going to be a long walk.
No. 540507 ID: c23ab0


Pretty sure the knife works on anybody. It just has the happy side effect of keeping Meanie Mcbee-pants at bay. Time to experiment!
No. 540527 ID: 96c896

Hey, you know, getting the knife to use on her in secret benefits you. As it stands now, if she betrays you/your brother and has to be restrained, her agreement to work off your debt will come under question. However, if you break the spell yourself, Mozzy will be in your debt, and can't back out of the deal anyway without revealing that she was taken over by the Voice. She really doesn't like people to know about it. We only told you out of necessity.

It's a win-win! Also, check the hut first- wait no. Psycho-mozzy will become suspicious if you're gone too long and will go looking for you. You'll want some protection in that case, so find Bonzi first.
No. 540531 ID: af85fb

Perhaps many of us are bent out of shape, but you really should understand we really like her. I would advise you to get on her good side, by the way, since she's quite the catalyst; things are going to happen around her. If you're smart and play your cards right, you can benefit from those things.
No. 540876 ID: 4740a0
File 137943789364.png - (489.66KB , 800x800 , 297.png )

Oooo. Then she'd owe me! I like this idea. Anyway, seems like you guys wanna go see fishlady, so we'll head to town and see if we can find 'er. Considerin' how big she is, it shouldn't be too hard.

I ain't walkin'. I'm takin' my horse!
No. 540877 ID: 134f29

Nice ride.
No. 540878 ID: dbe554

...That's a horse? It looks like the bastard offspring of an ostrich and a pissed off wolf.
No. 540879 ID: e0c719

I have bad news for you, Manchester.
No. 540882 ID: 4740a0
File 137944015954.png - (447.82KB , 800x800 , 298.png )

You guys dumb? Haven't you ever seen a horse before?

Anyway, this is Gertie, a horse Pops gave me. She's pretty damn fast. Not motorcycle fast, but she'll get me to town in less than an hour, tops. Lemme untie her and--

"Wait, Gertie, no! WAIT FOR ME TO GET ON"


No. 540883 ID: d647a9
File 137944035283.jpg - (31.87KB , 350x266 , why.jpg )

This is a horse.
No. 540884 ID: 4740a0
File 137944071040.png - (474.31KB , 800x800 , 299.png )

owww... after being dragged for like twenty minutes, I managed to get on Gertie and ride the rest of the way to town.

stupid fuckin' horse

Anyway, I tie Gertie up to a post next to a trough and let her eat. The sun's gettin' ready to go down, so I better find fishlady fast.

Luckily she ain't too far away from the spot I found her at earlier today.
No. 540886 ID: 3d1a76

...Wait, why is she crying exactly? Did she overhear the argument Cheesey was having with Brella?
Something's afoot, but what is going on exactly...
No. 540888 ID: dbe554

She's crying, don't be a rude ass right now.

Likely Mozzie came up beforehand, or something happened.
No. 540889 ID: 8e1c14

Ask her what's wrong. Let her explain before you bring up Rella. Unless it is Rella, which... complicates things.

Do you see the nerd anywhere?
No. 540895 ID: 96c896

If Mozzy came up and said mean things to her that could be why she's crying. In which case you can get straight to the point and ask her to help you find the knife so she can get back to normal.
No. 540919 ID: 2accaa

You sure have good eyes if you can see her wiping away tears facing away from you. She'll probably pretend she wasn't crying. I bet you could lead her on a while thinking you didn't know.
No. 542992 ID: 4740a0
File 138090215166.png - (468.87KB , 800x800 , 300.png )

I don't have time to worry about some dame who's cryin'!

...Dammit. I hate it when dames cry...

Fine, fine. Let's see what's buggin' her so much.

"Hey, uh..."

>"O-oh. Hi... I was just--"


>"N-no... Yeah."

"Uh is... everythin' alright, I guess? Did Rella come around here today?"

>"I don't think so. I haven't seen her today, at least."

Well that rules out Cheesy. Maybe it was the orange doofus?

"Where's the orange kid?"

Right when I finish my sentence she bursts into a cryin' fit. Dammit, stop cryin'!

"Whatsamatta wit' you?"

>"S-sorry I... It's nothin'."

"Come on, sit on ol' Unca Manchester's lap and talk to me about it. Well, don't actually do that. I'd like my lap to stay in tact."

>"It... it's just... There's a guy I like. And I think he might not like me back."

"Is it orange kid?"


Looks you guys were right; they got it bad for each other. Least one of 'em does, anyway. I don't know shit about relationship advice! What do I say?
No. 542993 ID: 820866

Tell her that he likes her too.
No. 542994 ID: 57a559

Well, that might only because of his longstanding crush on Cheesy. He only just met you today.
Aren't you a merc though who always gets what she wants? Why don't you just ask him out on a date? If she thinks about her body weight being an issue, than just train it away than ask him. Girl, get what you want, that's what I always do.

Think Manchester could have scored with Cheesy's sister if he didn't just go and take chances? "That hot babe? With all my personal bullshit? And I still fucking married her. I got a girl ten times my league, and only partly because of the money because I really don't have money! If a little shit like me can get a hot girl with tons of potential suitors, you can get a nerd. Just don't rape him, that would be wrong."
No. 543025 ID: 8e1c14


This guy has a point. If you can get a wife, anyone can.

You might ask her to elaborate a bit, but since we're in the business of avoiding sobbing, weeping, and all other activities which produce warbly sounds and tears, it may instead be best to just get to the point: They only met a couple days ago. These things take time, usually. Tell her that she shouldn't be discouraged if he's not proposing to her after their first day out, and to just have a sunny outlook about it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Speaking of which, once she's calmed down, you might tell her that you and Rella need her help. That should help her switch gears.
No. 543032 ID: c23ab0

Oh man she might want to steer clear of Cedric. He's a "hero".
No. 544579 ID: 4740a0
File 138210724168.png - (512.31KB , 800x800 , 301.png )

...Ignoring all that OTHER stuff, that sounds like good advice.

"Hey, don't worry about it. You guys just met, right?"


"So there ya go! These kinda things take time. Maybe he DOES like you back, and you just don't know it yet."

>"I guess you're right. But I don't know, what if he doesn't ever like me back? I'm not exactly... normal."

"Look, if you're that worried the kid'll reject you cuz yer fa- er, big boned, then to hell wit 'im! You don't gotta change for nothin' or nobody, capiche?"

She gives me a big ol' smile. Alright, I'll admit, the fish dame's kinda adorable.

>"Thanks! I'll try not to get too wrapped up in it."

She leans in for a hug, but I tell her we can save the huggin' for another day.
No. 544594 ID: f20dba

Good call, hugs are nice but unbroken ribs are nicer.

I Don't see any reason to bullshit about the situation so tell her that Cheesy is in trouble and we must find her ruby knife again.

Unless Bonzi has some great insight to where the knife might be start searching at Cheesys hut.
No. 544605 ID: 4740a0
File 138213178668.png - (369.47KB , 800x800 , 302.png )

"Anyway, I came 'round here because I could use some help. It involves yer friend."

>"Rella needs help??"

"Yeah, she's gone nuts! Some kinda evil voice is controllin' her. Know somethin' about that?"

>"Oh dear, The Voice has got hold of her! This isn't good."

"What exactly is this voice thing, anyway? Why is it bein' such a pain in the ass?"

>"It's more than that! It slowly removes your sense of mercy and compassion. It turns you into a killer!"


"Well, from what I've learned, the only way to stop it--"

>"Is with her ruby knife. If I remember right, it should be back at the hut. Where's Rella now?"

"At my place. Sleezing on my brother. Does the Voice turn you into a total skank, too?"

>"I don't know, but whatever it's doing, it isn't good. Come on, let's head to Rella's hut before she goes home."

Before I can say anything, she scoops me up and puts me on her back. I hold on for as she runs off down the road. She's fuckin' fast, for a big lady!

"...Wait, ain't you gonna ask how I know about all the evil voice stuff?"

>"I'm assuming you have some voices of your own, right?"

How... how did she know that?
No. 544612 ID: 8da86b

Manchester, frankly, we've been bouncing hosts all over. The only person who Really seems to know anything, more than what Bozni/Rella told us has skipped town. Oh, we've been bouncing from one host to another, why that is I don't know...
No. 544618 ID: 7bbaae

Cedric told her and Rella when we swapped over to him. Pretty direct explanation there.
No. 544630 ID: 8e1c14

It's possible that Cedric explained things to her, but just to be sure - and I'd really like to be sure - you might ask her what she knows about other voices. We already know that we're not alone. What we don't know is how many other voices there are and whether or not she's familiar with them. She is way too unperturbed by the possibility that we're with you. She knows something.

That, or she can hear us, or is at least aware of us somehow. Maybe we should ask her.
No. 544634 ID: 57a559

Cedric told you that Chester has us, didn't he?
Pass the message that hopefully we'll pass onto her or Cedric again tomorrow, if not Rella to fix the situation. If she doesn't mind. Not that we can control it.
No. 544658 ID: c23ab0

OK Cedric. Enough being Manchester. Time to wake up from your dream now.
No. 544684 ID: c03969


No. 544928 ID: 7dbd6b

The Password is 'Cover Yourself In BEES', for future reference, Bonzi.
No. 544929 ID: dbe554

She probably knows because you aint this nice normally to her.
No. 545170 ID: 4740a0
File 138263175748.png - (439.35KB , 800x800 , 303.png )

"So you know about the voices too?"

>"Yeah, Rella and Cedric explained things to me a few days ago."

"Well, do you have any idea about what's goin' on, then?"

>"No, sorry. I didn't even know there were other voices besides The Voice until these past few days. Things are getting really weird... but the voices that have been helping you all seem to be friendly, so that's good. Oh, we're here."
No. 545171 ID: 4740a0
File 138263188173.png - (35.40KB , 800x800 , 304.png )

We stop in front of Cheesy's hut. Still seems like the place is empty, which is good. Fishlady sets me down and we walk up to the door and slowly open it in.
No. 545172 ID: 4740a0
File 138263193106.png - (61.20KB , 800x800 , 305.png )

Place is kinda creepy... Okay, where should we start lookin'?
No. 545179 ID: c03969

There is a compartment behind the mirror. Open it carefully. If it's not there, the board on the floor moves, too.

If the voice compelled her to ditch the knife somewhere, she may have hucked it into the water nearby. Bonzi can look outside while you look inside.
No. 545180 ID: 53ba34

she has a compartment under her bed.
No. 545183 ID: 4740a0
File 138264104358.png - (52.06KB , 800x800 , 306.png )

I move the bed over while fishlady looks behind the mirror. Hm, nothin'.

>"I found something!"

She hands me over a piece of paper from the mirror compartment with something written on it.

What the hell does this mean?
No. 545186 ID: 7bbaae

She must've hidden the knife in the forest, or something. Ask Bonzi if she knows anywhere in the forest that Brella likes to go.
No. 545214 ID: c03969

Well, it's a clue, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

If Rella already hid the knife in the forest, assuming that's what this means, why would the voice allow her to come back and place a note telling someone where it is? If she was able to regain control just long enough to write the note I could understand that, but it seems strange that the voice wouldn't force her to return, knowing about the note, and then destroy it in order to cover its tracks.

On the other hand, a small object like the knife could be anywhere in a forest. If I wanted to buy myself time by distracting my host's would-be rescuers from finding where the one thing that can unseat me is, I would either leave them no clues at all, or I'd leave them false clues that will take them further away from where the damned thing is actually hidden. Tromping around in the woods at sunset sounds like a brilliant way to waste a few hours and get lost while the voice has its way with her.

Whether you split up or not, before you go anywhere to widen your search, check around the hut for tracks or anything that might tell you where she's been. Also make sure you've checked everything, the even that old bucket she has, or the boat outside by the cliff. And move fast, your light won't be good for much longer.
No. 545260 ID: 4740a0
File 138271309623.png - (46.21KB , 800x800 , 307.png )

It could be a big goosehunt, but it's the best lead we got right now. We give the place one last look-over, and we find somethin' of interest.

"Bingo! Some tracks."
No. 545261 ID: 4740a0
File 138271318972.png - (502.36KB , 800x800 , 308.png )

We follow the tracks outside until we hit a fork. One leads to the lake, other to the forest. Fishlady goes off to look at the lake, while I look in the forest.
No. 545262 ID: 4740a0
File 138271473251.png - (407.70KB , 800x800 , 309.png )

Man, this place is givin' me the creeps...
No. 545271 ID: dbbfc7

The best way to banish your fears is by singing! Also depending on how bad a singer you are it might keep any hungry wild animals away.
No. 545297 ID: c23ab0

Giggle at the Ghostly~\o
No. 545300 ID: 7bbaae

Be careful. This could be a trap.
No. 545324 ID: 5869f6

Keep your wits about you Manchester.
No. 545343 ID: c03969

Keep an eye on the tracks, but don't focus exclusively on them - she may have pitched the knife at any time and continued walking. If the tracks stop, start looking for damaged bark or broken sticks, since she may have taken to the trees for a while.

Having said that I really hope you're good at climbing, since you might need to. We can give you some pointers about that too, but understandably we can only help you so much, so try not to break your neck.
No. 546984 ID: 4740a0
File 138384290266.png - (276.39KB , 800x800 , 310.png )

No. 546985 ID: 4740a0
File 138384300731.png - (420.12KB , 800x800 , 311.png )

I think the tracks stop 'round this tree, and then head right back in another direction. Well, might as well look here, first.
No. 546986 ID: 4740a0
File 138384308293.png - (407.16KB , 800x800 , 312.png )


Fuckin' hate climin'...

Wait, think I found somethin'! It's--!


No. 546987 ID: fc937d

Man, Manchester has some legs.

Oh, right, and brace for impact. Curl up, protect your head, try not to break anything important.
No. 546988 ID: dbe554

Dem legs.

Also you okay Manchester?
No. 546997 ID: 7bbaae

Tuck in so you don't land on your head!
No. 547001 ID: c03969

With any luck he'll land in some underbrush and not wind up with a debilitating injury that leaves him stranded in the elements. For days. Without water. With festering wounds that necessitate the removal of extremities, should he be found. We're not going to do any of that, are we, champ?

Anyway, when you regain consciousness, tell us what it is you found. I doubt you'll need to worry about marking this location if you can't climb back up, since you'll just need to look for the Manchester-shaped imprint in the ground.
No. 547016 ID: abffe3

Have you ever thought about wearing your wife's heel before, you certainly have the legs for it.
Anyways, your head is rather large so I wouldn't worry, we don't want to hurt those dainty legs now do we.
No. 547087 ID: 4740a0
File 138392911450.png - (296.58KB , 800x800 , 313.png )

Eugh, fuck you guys. But yeah, I'll live I guess.
No. 547088 ID: 4740a0
File 138392915920.png - (303.49KB , 800x800 , 314.png )

'Specially since I got this!
No. 547089 ID: 4740a0
File 138392920065.png - (273.86KB , 800x800 , 315.png )

No. 547091 ID: f06271

Well this isn't good.
Not only is Rella a trained fighter, her thing, if I recall correctly, is speed. Which makes the option of a desperate wild stab at her more risky to do. Then again, if we give it to her...Well, she's either going to toss it if shouty is fully in control, or have a protracted battle of wills to use the knife on herself...
I think the thing to do is try and talk it out, instead of trying to roll away or something-a fast move on our part will probably provoke her to do the same, and that won't end well for us unless Rella is already in control, in which case, she's still gonna be pissed since we have her knife...
But yea, talk it out to find out what's up with her, try to keep the knife somewhere where she can't easily take it from you, and from there, see how this unfolds.
No. 547092 ID: 57a559

"Hey giiiiiiiirrrrrllll"
No. 547094 ID: fc937d

...stab her in the foot. If that's really her, no harm done. If it's not, it should reveal her as such.
No. 547097 ID: 735f4f

Jab her in the leg or foot without a second thought.
No. 547098 ID: 4bd8ca

Play dumb and act like you accidentally found this cool knife someone left in the forest, pretty lucky! I bet it could be pawned for a lot of dough if the rubies are real.
No. 547107 ID: 7bbaae

Tell her finder's keepers.
No. 547116 ID: c03969

Keep the knife away from her. You might want to keep yourself away from her, too.

I really hope you're quick. You might want to yell for Bonzi while you've still got a neck. Any loud, annoying, distinctive noise that comes out of your face will do.

Appealing to reason may not do you much good right now. Don't let her bullshit you - assume that she's still being controlled until proven otherwise.
No. 547124 ID: e1609c

GO FOR THE THIGH. AND STAB HER -HARD- or it isnt gonna work right.
Dont worry about the damage, the knife is magic or some shit and heals it back up after or something.
Just make sure you get it nice and deep in there.
No. 547140 ID: c23ab0


She knows Manchester knows it's her knife. He's just not supposed to know about its mysterious arcane properties.
No. 548261 ID: 4740a0
File 138452602280.png - (342.86KB , 800x800 , 316.png )

"...Heeeey! How ya doin'?"
>"I'm quite dandy. Ah, especially now that I see you've found my knife. Thank you, Manchester, I'll be taking that back now.
"Uhhh... how about I hold onto it instead! What do you need a dirty old knife for!"
>"It is a pretty clean knife."
"Nah come on, look at it! It's all old and dingy, you don't want this. Plus, you keep losin' it! I can keep it safe for yo- YIPE"

She's got me!

>"No. I think I'll take my knife back."

"Uh, uh... BONZI HE--"

She covers my mouth with her free hand.

>"Shhh. Yell like that again and I'll cut out your tongue."
>"Now, why were you looking for this knife?"
"N-no reason."
>"Oh, is that right? You weren't... planning on doing anything with this knife, right?"

"O-okay, I admit I was... gonna sell it. Yeah! Gonna sell it. See if that ruby was worth somethin'! That's all!"
>"Hm. Do you want to know what I think."
>"I think you're lying to me. And where I come from, liars get a very special treatment so they can't lie anymore!"
"Wh-what's the treatment...?"

She pulls me close to her face

>"They get their tongues cut out."
No. 548265 ID: c03969

She seems intent on taking your tongue away. Yuck. Who knows where that's been?

Call her bluff. Wounds created by that knife heal almost instantly. Unless she has something else to do the job with, well - it'll probably be the most physically painful thing you've ever experienced, but you won't actually be harmed, is what I'm saying. Hard to believe, I know.

Ask her what she wanted to accomplish by throwing something so valuable up a tree. You might also ask her how she came into possession of such a thing. We already have a good idea of why she wants it, but it wouldn't kill us to buy ourselves some time. She'll probably make up some excuse about keeping anyone from 'borrowing' it again, or something.

Or you could just bite her nose and try to run, your call. I'd like to avoid harming her but we may not have many choices right now. Whatever you do, just don't let go of the knife.
No. 548270 ID: 735f4f

Notice where she grabbed your arm. If she really wanted the knife back don't you think she would have grabbed your hand and taken it back?

She is stronger and faster than you but if this is a imposter or the evil voice talking they probably do not want to touch the knife directly.

If she goes to take the knife from you all you have to do is lightly nick her to have a effect. At least as far as we know.

Tell her she can start by cutting her own tongue out for making her sister cry then.
No. 548277 ID: 4740a0
File 138453367486.png - (344.66KB , 800x800 , 317.png )

What kinda knif- never mind.

"Look, Rella! What are you even doing with this knife, anyway?"
>"I don't have to answer your question, thief."
"Can you at least tell me why you came and bopped my wife? Y'know, your sister??"
>"She was wasting my time with small talk, so I made her to hold her tongue. It was pretty simple."
"You're fuckin' nuts!"
>"And you're wasting my time. Time to--"
No. 548278 ID: 4740a0
File 138453372159.png - (352.04KB , 800x800 , 318.png )


No. 548281 ID: dbe554

stab her! Stab her arm while she's distracted!
No. 548282 ID: fc937d


If she's really Rella, this will fix her. If she's a fake, this will reveal it.
No. 548285 ID: fe4bfc

Stab her quick.
No. 548286 ID: e1609c

No. 548292 ID: beeca1

Stick it in her pooper.
No. 548297 ID: c03969


That doesn't seem like a very... opportune target.

But yes, while she's restrained you might make with the stabby. Try not to make a mess.
No. 548300 ID: 4740a0
File 138454343364.png - (254.60KB , 800x800 , 319.png )


No. 548301 ID: 4740a0
File 138454350013.png - (219.01KB , 800x800 , 320.png )

No. 548303 ID: c03969

Manny, the knife - pick yourself up and go grab it. Don't let it get away from you!
No. 548304 ID: fe4bfc

Hmm so much for that plan. You really need to not hesitate next time. If you do not stop her here it could end up with everyone you know getting killed.

I notice you dropped the knife somewhere. Wait until she is to busy fighting to notice you and crawl over and get it. Then take any opening that presents itself. Even a scratch with the knife should have a effect.
No. 548309 ID: cad45e

Whatever you do don't let that knife get away from you, you gotta get that knife manchester.

You gotta grab the knife, nobody else can have the knife, form an obsession of the knife if you have to but do not loose that knife.
No. 548310 ID: 53ba34

how goods your knife throwing skill? if she gets caught up fighting you may be able to peg her. just a nick will help. then you can get to serious cuttin.
No. 548314 ID: 7bbaae

Tell Bonzi she just has to keep her still for a moment. If possible you could try to get the knife to Bonzi, she's a better fighter than you so she might be able to get an opening and use it where you can't.
No. 548340 ID: c23ab0

Manchester you are a hopeless wimp. You are a goddamn pansy. You can't even fight like a girl. One scratch that's all it takes is one scratch and you're so completely boneheaded that you can't even manage to do that. HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME
No. 548343 ID: beeca1

Now's not the time to berate Manchester, as entertaining as it is.
No. 548348 ID: c03969


He must become the knife. Clearly that is the only option.

Afterward we can just have Bonzi pick him up and then bludgeon the evil voice into submission with his person, thus saving the day.
No. 550829 ID: 4740a0
File 138626579211.png - (298.98KB , 800x800 , 321.png )

Will you dopes SHUT UP??

No. 550830 ID: 4740a0
File 138626581134.png - (205.54KB , 800x800 , 322.png )

No. 550831 ID: 4740a0
File 138626583664.png - (407.19KB , 800x800 , 323.png )

No. 550833 ID: fd6ae9

A hit!
>You're not making deep cuts by choice; the knife's magic only works if you cut deep. Little knicks won't do a thing.

...so any effect? That may not have been enough.
No. 550834 ID: beeca1

Well, hopefully the agonizing pain sets in anyway.
No. 550845 ID: 7bbaae

Good throw! From what we know about the knife, that may have been enough, but Bonzi should still probably restrain her and we can ask her if she's alright, back to normal, etc.
No. 550855 ID: c23ab0

Wow you have good aim Manchester. Or should I say, beemeister?
No. 550893 ID: c03969


No. 550963 ID: fe4dbf


Go, Manchester! Get the knife again while she's stunned!
No. 551262 ID: 4740a0
File 138660815857.png - (252.55KB , 800x800 , 324.png )

I got 'er!

What?? You guys said I just had to make a nic and it would work! Bullshit!

>"Rella! Are you okay?"

"Bonzi! You hold her steady while I go get that knife ovah there."
No. 551263 ID: 4740a0
File 138660828047.png - (265.07KB , 800x800 , 325.png )


No. 551267 ID: a79e6f

That look in her eyes, does that remind anyone else of a crazed animal or is that just me?
No. 551275 ID: 828582

UHhhh...You did see where that knife went right? Because if so I'd recommend you go get it.
If you've no idea where the knife is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
No. 551277 ID: 53ba34

yes, it did work, but it managed to retake control, you gotta keep hitting her until it gets too tired to do it again.
No. 551280 ID: 322908

I hope that's her waking up and not losing control. Either way, grab the knife just in case.

If either of them start talking about things you'd rather they not, just yell at Rella a bit for attacking your wife. That'll shut em up long enough to BS your way out of here.
No. 551291 ID: 7bbaae

Encourage her to fight it! She can fight off control for just a few moments.
No. 551297 ID: c03969

Yes, we will use motivational speaking while brandishing a sharp object at her. Surely this won't create some kind of unsettling dissonance that even the normal Rella might be vaguely creeped out by.

Maybe Bonzi should do the talking.
No. 551387 ID: 4740a0
File 138669496506.png - (337.39KB , 800x800 , 326.png )

I ain't exactly one for motivational speakin', so I'mma just get that knife over there. She isn't movin', at least...

"Bonzi, keep talkin' to her. Make sure she don't go nowhere."

>"Uh... Rella? Just... stay calm! It'll be fine, we're here to help you. Just don't--"


Dammit! She just hopped away like TWENTY fuckin' feet!!
No. 551390 ID: 53ba34

okay, one stab hurt it enough to make to make them struggle for control.
No. 551392 ID: fd6ae9

Yeah, he's there all right. Bad mister shouty.

>Rella jumping all over the place.
...maybe Bonzi could throw you at her, while you made with the stabbing?
No. 551429 ID: db2b05


I endorse this plan wholeheartedly.

Think about it, Manchester. Today, you might be getting chucked at your demonically possessed inlaw. Tomorrow, the space program.
No. 551459 ID: 9ddf68

or we could just have her throw a rock or tree branch or something heavy at her and hope it knocks her out so we can just stab her then.
No. 551471 ID: db2b05


We don't have magical healing rocks, so if we cause any brain damage that way we're kinda stuck with it.
No. 551507 ID: 8a3061

>...maybe Bonzi could throw you at her, while you made with the stabbing?

do this
No. 555864 ID: 4740a0
File 138920655145.png - (283.27KB , 800x800 , 327.png )

I'm not gonna have that big galoot throw me!

>"Oh no, oh no! She's going to get away! What should we do?

"I don't freakin' know! Just calm down!"

>"Wait, what if I...?"

"What if you what?"
No. 555865 ID: 4740a0
File 138920658277.png - (249.79KB , 800x800 , 328.png )

No. 555866 ID: 4740a0
File 138920662869.png - (100.72KB , 800x800 , 329.png )

No. 555867 ID: 7bbaae

Make with the stabbings! Make it a deep wound but not anywhere lethal. Like her leg or arm.
No. 555869 ID: 627d94

Airborne tackle-hug-stab! If you're wrapped around her, she can't rid of you or knock the knife lose.

Stab deep, this time.
No. 555871 ID: 4740a0
File 138920826363.png - (101.84KB , 800x800 , 330.png )


No. 555872 ID: 345a7e

Grab that leg! If you are going down you are dragging her with you!
No. 555873 ID: 87e6c2

FLY LIKE THE EAGL- wait shit.

Try to grab onto her foot.
No. 555878 ID: 8a3061

you just have to stab her again. Simple really.
No. 555880 ID: 7bbaae

Fuck it. Throw the knife again, this time aim for a deeper wound.
No. 555881 ID: cad45e

You guys do know how normal people(?) work right? I would be amazed if he isn't blacking out right now.
No. 555885 ID: 87e6c2

Stupid people have high endurance. He'll be fine.
No. 555904 ID: 40660b


No. 555909 ID: 955dc5


No. 556061 ID: 3b3540



Well if you still have the pointy thing in your possession, make sure she doesn't get it.

Judging by how she just kicked you in the forehead, she's probably going to continue flying away from you in her trajectory. If you aren't paralyzed, I'd get ready to swing/throw the stabby like a madman.

And uh, what's Bonzi doing?
No. 556122 ID: db7998

Wrap arms and legs around her leg, and sink dat knife in.
No. 556157 ID: 4740a0
File 138929577484.png - (92.68KB , 800x800 , 331.png )



F-fuck you, let me sleep...

Being fat... on the ground... augh


[End of Chapter 4]
No. 556165 ID: 7bbaae

Well shit. That wasn't very productive.
No. 556179 ID: 88960e

With your last strength before passing out, throw the knife at her. She won't be expecting you to pull that off. But no broad gets away with cold cocking you.
No. 559166 ID: 102c69

Hey, dude! Don't die on us. we really need you to wake up now....

Okay um I believe a status check is in order. So quickly tell us! Can you move aanything? And please don't be a prick about it.
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