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File 137093882718.png - (0.97MB , 800x600 , 1.png )
516189 No. 516189 ID: 0eef61

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No. 516190 ID: 0eef61
File 137093883831.png - (38.67KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

No. 516192 ID: 0eef61
File 137093889033.png - (38.28KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

No. 516193 ID: 0eef61
File 137093889926.png - (36.79KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

No. 516196 ID: 0eef61
File 137093898638.png - (27.72KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

Operative 73-6 is here to kill everyone in this apartment.

Starting with this guy.

This guy is so dead.
No. 516197 ID: 07e7e3

Turn around and shoot him in the face.
With your gun.
In the face.
No. 516199 ID: bf54a8

what is your weapon? an make it silent, want to keep the rest from finding out.
No. 516200 ID: 9ddf68

we're Operative 73-6 right? If so what's your story and what are you doing here

if we're the other guy BEHIND YOU
No. 516201 ID: f29aa1

It looks like you have an ice pick?

Stab his brain-stem where it connects to the spine.
No. 516203 ID: 0eef61
File 137093935531.png - (8.00KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

It's a spike. The rubber handle keeps 73-6 from cooking.

It didn't do much for the Lone Ranger, here.

Electrified weapons are good for that extra lethal kick, but you gotta clean the blood off after or it'll fizzle when you boost it up next time.
This one was a bleeder, too. Inconsiderate.

Oops! Too late.

73-6 is here because they sent him here, and they sent him here to kill everybody.

Well. One down.
No. 516206 ID: 9ddf68

so any idea on how many are here? either way might as well keep moving they're not going to kill themselves... unless they're some kind of suicide cult or something.
No. 516208 ID: 0eef61
File 137093955922.png - (4.93KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

73-6 gets his bearings before he calls the first kill in to his handler.

Run-down hab-block. Sparsely furnished, at least in here. Not particularly lived in.

This is the place he is looking for. So at least Jethro there wasn't at a fancy costume party or anything. That probably means his SMG works.

Two doors. One has some kind of scan lock. Vent down there, but opening it might make some noise. There's a ceiling vent too, but 73-6 is a little short for a stormtrooper. He can't reach.

HQ says there are a half dozen to one dozen men in here. They all have to die.
No. 516209 ID: dcd676

Are you able to take your clothes off? Maybe being naked will freak the rest of them out in case they catch sight of you so you have a moment with which to stab them.
No. 516212 ID: dcd676

Also, I suggest not taking the vent. Clomping about in there is louder than you'd think. Check the cracks under the doors.
No. 516213 ID: f2c20c

I refuse to allow this to happen again.

Let's go through the door without the scan lock first. Listen at it first, then open it quietly and peek in.
No. 516216 ID: 0eef61
File 137094017016.png - (8.47KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

While removing his clothes would be freeing and refreshing, it won't happen. 73-6's trench is woven duralex, designed to shrug off most things below .45 caliber.

His skin is also so pallid and chalky from his first death that nudity would just make him show up more.
No. 516219 ID: 0eef61
File 137094023143.png - (4.96KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

Instead he checks the lockless door for sound.

Footsteps, receding. The open of a door, far end of a carpeted room.

His ear is chirping at him. Monica wants him to check in.
No. 516222 ID: bf54a8

say wattup to dat gal.
No. 516225 ID: 35edd4

Now's a good time, we should have a minute before anyone notices anything, which we won't if we go anywhere further.
No. 516234 ID: dcd676

Agreed. Call in and report the first guy, his weapon, and the layout. See if you can't get anything that might decide your approach to the rest of the operation.
No. 516241 ID: 19b3c3

>lots of zeros and ones
Translates to "Who do you think you are".

>what do
Take call. Be quiet about it, though.

>first death
What got you? How many times have you died, anyways?
No. 516259 ID: 0eef61
File 137097254846.png - (10.96KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

73-6 hasn't died, but 73 has died plenty of times. Why do you think he's called 73-6?

He's a relatively new agent, but his body is one of the oldest the Bureau has. He thinks maybe it was a car crash that got Zero. Banged up the corpse a good amount, but the Bureau takes what they can get.

"Hi, Sev-Three," says Monica. "How was the climb?"
"not that bad," 73-6 responds. He doesn't talk; he thinks. "rain made it slippery. there was a guy by the window. calling him in."
"RIP. Okay, so HQ says your mission parameters remain the same. Kill every living thing in that apartment. We want to send a message to the Insurgency here. So feel free to get creative."
"is there a dead drop with mouse traps and bug spray anywhere?"
"Har dee har har, Sev-Three. Proceed. Keep on the line and confirm your kills."
No. 516261 ID: f2c20c

Proceeding. Open that door.
No. 516274 ID: 9ddf68

ok then go through the door and shut it quietly behind you and then move up.
No. 516276 ID: 0eef61
File 137097978027.png - (6.24KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

"Your equipment all checked?"
Besides his spike, 73-6 is armed with a snub-nose pistol and a grenade. You pull the pin and click the top in for frag, and pull it out a little for concussion. The concussion kind of sticks so you really have to yank it. The joke in the Bureau is why would you be concussing anyone instead of killing them?

"how's your weekend, Monica?"
"Mostly? Studying for the stupid bar."
"No more rough than yours, so far. Did you know grapefruit is technically speaking illegal?"

73-6 enters the next room, a nondescript hallway with a bathroom on one wall. Slightly ajar.

At the end of the hallway, someone walks into the next room. 73-6 catches his heel as he shuts the door.

Mr. Black Shoes strikes up a conversation with somebody on the other side.
No. 516277 ID: f2c20c

Bathroom first so nobody can come up behind us.
No. 516278 ID: 1cf691

Pay dirt! Time to set up an ambush in that bathroom. Catch your enemy with their pants down if you know what i mean.
No. 516284 ID: 0eef61
File 137098128260.png - (7.36KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

73-6 slips into the bathroom.

Is that a bidet?
Death's too good for them.
No. 516285 ID: 0eef61
File 137098137163.png - (69.69KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

There's a mirror here.

73-6 doesn't like mirrors.

Not a bad place for an ambush, though.
No. 516287 ID: 35edd4

Use bidet. Gotta be squeaky-clean for murder!
No. 516289 ID: bf54a8

how about no,

anyway, this place would work if we knew people would be coming soon, like it's lunchtime or something. but if not we could be here for hours without a contact. so let's move on.
No. 516290 ID: 57a559

You're gonna shove water up their asses. And maybe that mirror too. In their assfaces.
No. 516291 ID: 0eef61
File 137098245213.png - (7.92KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

Uch, God.

When your shit offends the sensibilities of a cybernetic zombie murderer, you need to take a long hard look at your life choices.
No. 516292 ID: 19b3c3

...I'd be tempted to jury-rig the bidet to electrocute the next person to use it. But if we lose the spike, we don't have a quiet weapon anymore.
No. 516293 ID: 0eef61
File 137098253310.png - (11.13KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

Wait a second.

Looks like somebody left more than they meant to here.

A little laminated ID card.
No. 516295 ID: f2c20c

Sweet. Snag that loot.

Also I don't think we should stay here and try to ambush anyone. Someone will likely find the body we left by the window. So we should try to seek out and kill as many of these fucks as we can before they find out we're here.

Onto the next room with the two talking dudes.
No. 516316 ID: 0eef61
File 137098926317.png - (6.76KB , 800x600 , 16.png )


73-6 returns to the far door.

Three men's voices on the other side, talking. One laughs. They're relaxed.

"monica. hallway with bathroom in the middle. i came from a room with a vent. what can i expect?"
"Hold on, I'm pulling the floor plan up. Uhhhhhh, that looks like you're right outside the kitchen. Lots of places to hunker down there, so if you're gonna make an entrance make it a big one. Looks like there's a ceiling vent goes into it?"
"yes ma'am. saw that on my way in. too high to reach."
"Maybe next time we can send along a booster seat."
"oh no, i'm laughing so hard they heard me. look what you did. i am brought down by your amazing wit."
"Stay frosty, Sev-three."
No. 516318 ID: f2c20c

So, if we go in we'll have to abandon stealth.

Why don't we try the scanlocked door first. Also, ask where it would lead.
No. 516341 ID: dcd676

I'm behind this all the way. More info is good info.
No. 516342 ID: 0eef61
File 137100323294.png - (14.02KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

73-6 returns to the entrance room.

The scanlock remains in effect, and the door is locked for now.

"monica, what about this one?"
"Hold. I'm just gonna- hold on."
The sound of a chair scooting back.

"Okay, Sev. So you say this is the other door in the uh, the window room?
"that's right."
"62, can we enhance- okay. Thanks. Looks like that one leads to the bedrooms, Sev-three."
No. 516343 ID: f2c20c

Excellent. Let's kill them in their sleep.

Open door from the side, peek around door, enter door kill everyone in room.
No. 516344 ID: dcd676

Can we listen in on that door as well? If we can determine target numbers and positions for each area, we can devise a plan of attack from there.
No. 516347 ID: 0eef61
File 137100436042.png - (7.00KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

73-6 slides the ID against the scanlock. The door buzzes, chirrups, and unlocks.

The next room is a curved hallway, with three doors on one side and a narrow, slatted closet on the other. There's threadbare, scuzzy carpet underfoot. Homey.

Two of the northern doors are closed. Pounding, muffled music comes from the farthest one. The middle one is ajar. Between the two there's what appears to be a filing cabinet lying on its side in the hallway.
No. 516349 ID: dcd676

Rush in and strangle the person listening to blasting music before they can respond. They are obviously either a teenager or a programmer and therefore must be stopped.

...or check on each door separately before choosing a target. That's good, too.
No. 516363 ID: f2c20c

Enter the room that is ajar.
No. 516365 ID: 19b3c3

What's that in the corner, a wastebasket? Anything good?

Music means the person in their has isolated themselves. You could kill the people next door and he won't know until you come for him.

Peek in the open door.
No. 516374 ID: 0eef61
File 137101323749.png - (9.43KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

There's a scarf in the basket that brings out the orange in 73-6's ruined LED eyesockets, but he keeps humble.

73-6 pads toward the music room.

He passes the open door first, and pokes his head in.
No. 516376 ID: 19b3c3

Nobody to kill in bed? On under those clothes on the floor? Or under the desk?

Oh well. Looks like there's a weapon for grabs atop the ladder.
No. 516380 ID: f2c20c

Nobody home, but... that looks like a mighty fine gun on top of the bunk! Snag it. Hey how come you didn't bring any bigger guns?

Also flip that shirt over and... what's up with that desk?
No. 516387 ID: 0eef61
File 137101498474.png - (13.01KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

Beneath the sleeve of that shirt is a small, unmarked bottle. Something inside it sloshes.
No. 516390 ID: 0eef61
File 137101509910.png - (8.52KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

But that doesn't matter, because check this out.

Semiautomatic shotgun with a suppressor. Hello, little miss Saturday Night Special. It's rickety and obviously a resistance weapon, but 73-6 isn't going to look a gift gun down the barrel.

That's everyone else's job.
No. 516391 ID: dcd676

Pocket the bottle, take that shotgun over to say hello to Mr. or Ms. Music Room, then call it in along with the bottle just in case.
No. 516393 ID: f2c20c

Excellent. Pocket the bottle, why not. Then let's open that door that isn't playing loud music, and gun down whoever's inside with our suppressed shotgun. The music should mask the noise.
No. 516394 ID: eaa372

Get your hands on a lighter and find out if the contents of the bottle are flammable. If so you could leave a good impression by burning at least one of your targets to death.
No. 516397 ID: 0eef61
File 137102247213.png - (7.35KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

"found a bottle of something."
"Think it's relevant?"
"you never know."
"All right, Sherlock. Hold it up to your eye."

73-6 obeys as he slides out of the empty room toward the thumping bass.

"Getting the imaging data. Scanning. Hey! This is a Shell upgrade, bootstrapped into a liquid."
"aren't those normally injections?"
"Yeah, but I guess Hab-block gangbangers don't have that kind of tech. You can swallow it for a field upgrade, Sev, but I'm warning you, it'll probably hurt."
"will it take okay?"
"Sure. If there's any cerebral interference we'll hammer it out when you come back."
"understood. hold on for a second."
No. 516401 ID: 0eef61
File 137102288438.png - (9.26KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

73-6 opens the door.

"Drop it," says the guy on the other sid.

Then he starts going "Bwa-wuh-wuh-wuh-bwow-buggada bwaaaah bwah bwaaah" as 73-6 tries to coax his heart down from his throat.

Ha. That would have been funny, if he'd like dropped the gun or something.
No. 516402 ID: 0eef61
File 137102290045.png - (9.82KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

Anyway, he kills that guy.

"confirm second target dead."
"Received, Sev. You pop that upgrade?"
"That upgrade."
"not yet. sorry, loud music."
No. 516404 ID: f2c20c

No. 516405 ID: dcd676

So what's a Shell upgrade exactly? What's it do, how long does it last, and will it help us out if we decide to chug it now?

Also, potential approach from this point: turn his music up obnoxiously loud and wait behind the door so you can kill whoever comes in to tell him to turn it down.
No. 516408 ID: 0eef61
File 137102381840.png - (8.38KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

Oh Go+++++++d th+++++++at fucking stings

++++73-++++6's head explodes with a violent buzz of s+++++++++++tatic

Shit shit au++++++gh

Choose your upgrade path:

Wetwork: 73-6 can now kill from the shadows with his bear hands. No spike is required.

Stealth: 73-6 can create sound in remote corners of a room, creating handy distractions.

Tech: 73-6 can hack and access rudimentary systems.

No. 516410 ID: d78743

Tech. There's a computer right there.
No. 516412 ID: 57a559

Always choose the bear hands!
No. 516413 ID: dcd676

Wetwork. Bear hands are be(a)st.
No. 516421 ID: f2c20c

I am most interested in stealth, myself.
No. 516423 ID: b14973

No. 516426 ID: 7e8516

We already have the electrified pick, I don't think we'll need wetwork.

No. 516443 ID: 19b3c3

Tech! There's electronics all over the place. That will be useful.
No. 516444 ID: b5ca1e

BEAR HANDS sound undeniably awesome, but I suspect that to be a typo, sadly.
Still gonna vote for it and see what happens!
No. 516445 ID: d0864b

I vote tech. 73-6 seems to be good at wetwork and stealth already and tech would give us more options. Unless, of course, the stealth thing would let us make a distraction in the corner of a room we're not in, like say that kitchen with those three guys. Then stealth would be good.
No. 516450 ID: 82adcc

tech. unless bear hands wasn't a typo. then that. because BEAR HANDS
No. 516459 ID: 78d039

No. 516461 ID: 2bafff

Wetwork, gotta get dem bear hands
No. 516487 ID: 0eef61
File 137107621729.png - (7.67KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

The claws punch through 73-6's gloves and crackle with electrified death.

Yesss. It's time to clean up the tra-
No. 516488 ID: 0eef61
File 137107623172.png - (8.64KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

Oh. That doesn't happen.

Well, he can hack simple systems, now.

That's probably more useful.
No. 516490 ID: f2c20c

Well there's a computer right there, let's hack it.
No. 516491 ID: 19b3c3

Time to hack-a-dack-whack.
No. 516495 ID: 0eef61
File 137107773986.png - (9.81KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

73-6 flicks a shard of skull off of the keyboard and slides the chair out of the way.

Looks like this was, uh, Carl here's PC. Unfortunately it wasn't connected to any sort of security network in the building.

From here he can
+check this mook's email.
+write his updates.
+take 20 minutes to pour over the HD for potentially useful files.

That's boring. He pulls up the command prompt.

Because of his beginner hacking abilities, he can
+crank the volume of this irritating music beyond standard system safety caps, to apartment-shaking levels.
+perform a rapid search in the files of the computer for any keyword he cares to enter.
+perform a system wipe.
+transfer the entire HD into his personal memory bank for future reference. Process requires 5 minutes.

No. 516496 ID: 35edd4

Keywords 'resistance' and 'plan' might turn up interesting stuff. More immediately relevant to us would be to search for mentions of today's date.

After you're done with that, start slowly cranking the volume up, then take people out as they come to yell at Carl, or, if they don't come, enjoy how much easier it'll make stealth and how much harder the enemy will find communicating.
No. 516497 ID: f2c20c

Pumping up the volume would muffle all gunshots so you could go on a shooting spree while retaining stealth, I believe. So we could do that. I'm also interested in that file cabinet outside.

Do a rapid search for "password" or "passcode". Maybe "Shell", to see if there are any other upgrades around. Also ask HQ if there's any info they want out of this thing.
No. 516498 ID: 77ca01

that last one.
No. 516500 ID: 19b3c3

These sound like good search criteria. Too lazy to download everything. Not an information retrieval mission anyways.

And cranking the sound to annoy people sounds like a good way to attract your next victim or two. (Just remember to correct your hearing units to avoid damage, and remember this means you may not hear someone coming in the door behind you).
No. 516501 ID: 57a559

Files labeled "Empty, Unimportant, Don't Look, Margaret Thatcher, or Cool"
No. 516502 ID: 77ca01


you forgot "porn"
No. 516504 ID: d78743

keyword operation might also be good
No. 516511 ID: dcd676

Search for keyword 'porn', then up the volume and get behind the door.
No. 516515 ID: 01531c

Sonic terrorism via weaponised porno flicks?
No. 516561 ID: 0b214d


Once done with the computer and such, search the bodies of those you killed and loot evrything valuable and useful, like the window guy's SMG for example. Never forget the cardinal rule, you loot who you kill.

Alright, now...

Keyword Search: operation, plan, password, resistance, shell, empty, unimportant, important, porn, weapon, leader, readme.

Also, check any files with today's date. Finally, once done, download the HD for later analysis back at base..
No. 516570 ID: 0eef61
File 137110964229.png - (29.37KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

73-6 isn't going to do a full rip yet. Five minutes is a luxury you can't spare with two bodies in the area. He downloads every file tagged from the searches:
"anything else i should grab?"
"Hold on. Yeah, can you search that for 'Bergeron'?"
"Okay, well, thanks for trying. Anything pop out at you?"
"i'll sift through this stuff when there's no time issue, but it looks like a)the password to the circuit breaker's lock is 1303 and b)someone's sent carl here an email saying not to touch the shell upgrade in the fridge."
"That makes sense. They're less painful chilled. You can-- Seven Three-Six, what is that?"
"that, monica, is raven-haired mavens volume 4: the highlights, played on a volume just low enough to keep the speakers from blowing out."
"You're on company time here, Sev."
"don't worry. i have a plan.

"i think."
No. 516571 ID: f2c20c

Get in the bunk, shoot the next guy to walk in that door.
No. 516575 ID: dcd676

In the bunk or behind the door. You might want to set the body up so the head isn't as 'shot to pieces' looking at first sight, in case these guys are trained enough to call for help at the first sign of foul play.
No. 516591 ID: 09ea4c

Screech in the most feminine way you can manage, clearly distraught by the image of these corpses, to which you clearly didn't give existence. Shoot whoever comes to your aid.
No. 516598 ID: 77ca01

No. 516599 ID: 0b214d


Camping is to slooow and may allow people to escape. Take the corpse, use it as a meat shield and systematically murder everyone in the house.
No. 516608 ID: 19b3c3

Now hide either right besides the door to ambush the next person who comes in, or hide up on top where you found the gun, weapon trained on the door.
No. 516659 ID: 35edd4

You forgot to search for today's date!
No. 516682 ID: 0eef61
File 137116188469.png - (8.68KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

73-6 doesn't need to screech in a feminine way.

Tawnee Taylor (not her real name) is taking care of that for him.

"What the fuck, Carl!" yells the man who rounds the corner and walks in. "Is this your idea of a fucking jo- wha-"
No. 516683 ID: 0eef61
File 137116193059.png - (147.50KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

Tango number 3 is no more.

It's cramped in here. 73-6 wonders how they manage.
No. 516684 ID: bf54a8

well that was fun
No. 516685 ID: 19b3c3

Right, hop out, dial the music back to normal (so any other nearby targets thing number three successfully lowered the volume) and head back to the hall.

Call in that kill, too.
No. 516686 ID: f2c20c

Call it in. Then turn the volume back down and back to the music he was playing before. Shove the new corpse into the room, and inspect that filing cabinet.
No. 516722 ID: 0b214d

Right, turn down the music, call in the kill and loot the bodies!
No. 516724 ID: 0eef61
File 137116900597.png - (6.32KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

73-6 switches back to the music and turns it back down to more acceptable levels. He pulls the third body into the room, although there's enough brain and blood on the door and hallway that won't matter too much.

"third dead."
"Making good time, Sev-three. Keep it up."
"By the way, there was like a paper bag with 2 egg rolls in the break room fridge. Did you touch that? Because now there's one."
"Then someone in this Operations Room is a liar, and I'm gonna find out who it is, 62."

The filing cabinet is nearly empty but for a few folders. They seem inconsequential.

There are wheels along the bottom, but it's light enough empty that you wouldn't even need them. Why it's out here is anyone's guess.
No. 516725 ID: 19b3c3

Check the room that wasn't open before. That's probably the room deadie number three came from, and it's probably empty now.
No. 516726 ID: 76b151

Lets go check the other doors... and the wastebasket. If video games have taught me anything ALWAYS check waste receptacles.
No. 516728 ID: f2c20c

Already checked that. It's just got a scarf.

Let's open the closet to make sure nobody's like, sleeping in it. Then it's back to that door with multiple people behind it. We've got a good weapon for that now.
No. 516750 ID: 0b214d


Loot the goddamned bodies! Carl had an weapon, the window guy had one and third one probably has one as well.
No. 516751 ID: f2c20c

The window guy had an SMG which we picked up. Carl had another SMG I think, but it wouldn't hurt to verify I suppose.
No. 516753 ID: 0eef61
File 137118101621.png - (11.53KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

Carl had a boxy automatic, the guard by the window had himself an SMG, and there's the shotgun from the vacant room, but 73-6 doesn't know just where the heck you think he's going to stuff three great big 2-handed firearms.

His spike, his snub-nose, and his grenade are all small and concealable, with built-in room in his trench coat to stow them. They're an assassin's tools.
This stuff ain't.

He can hold one, of course, and he supposes he can stuff the compact SMG from the window into his trench somewhere, but becoming a clanking walking armory carries serious stealth risks.
No. 516754 ID: 0eef61
File 137118105974.png - (7.82KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

Unfortunately there's no one to catch with their pants down in the third room.

The door is ajar, suggesting its former occupant is the guy 73-6 splattered all over the hallway.
No. 516755 ID: 0eef61
File 137118106534.png - (7.20KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

The closet is thin and bare but for a folding stepladder, a mop, and a metal box, built firmly into the wall.
No. 516756 ID: f2c20c


Can you see in the dark? If so, open that shit and sabotage it.
No. 516757 ID: dcd676

How's your night sight? Flip that shit off and wait for someone to come in before you pop them, since it worked so well last time. Preferably with the pick, since we don't have the loud porn to cover the sound anymore.
No. 516758 ID: 0eef61
File 137118138659.png - (7.21KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

73-6 carefully unscrews the panel with his spike.

There's a console underneath, demanding a passcode.
No. 516759 ID: f2c20c

Key in 1303! This is gonna be so cool.
No. 516760 ID: dcd676

Oh, damn. There's that idea. Let's phone this in, see if they know what entering the password will do.
No. 516761 ID: 0eef61
File 137118209760.png - (9.62KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

Password accepted.

73-6 can:

+Turn out the lights in any room, rendering windowless rooms entirely dark. 73-6 has nightvision.
+Turn the lights up to near-blinding highs.

Due to his beginner hacking, 73-6 can:
+Cut power to the entire apartment, lights and all.
+Course enough electricity into the lights to make them explode in a potentially harmful shower of glass and sparks (warning: broken glass on the ground will make stealth harder).

No. 516762 ID: dcd676

Can you shield your eyes, make it blindingly bright, then cut the power entirely? That'd leave them disoriented and keep them in the dark even once they've gotten past being blinded.
No. 516763 ID: f2c20c

Harmful glass and sparks ain't lethal. Shut off all power.

Wait shit no don't do that then we can't get through scanlocked doors, which means we'd be trapped in this area. Unless they automatically open in response to loss of power? Well, try it and see what happens.
No. 516765 ID: 0eef61
File 137118370160.png - (5.00KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

73-6 cuts the power. He slips back out of the closet as the lights flicker and die. The music slows down into a grotesque wailing moan before it stops entirely.

The thrum of the lights fade, leaving a breathless silence in its wake.

If they didn't know he was here before, they do now.

It's not going to save them.
No. 516766 ID: f2c20c

Now, they're gonna come to check the fusebox, so run into the window room and hang out the window. Let them pass, then ambush them from behind.
No. 516767 ID: 0eef61
File 137118521854.png - (56.14KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

73-6 rushes as quicky and quietly as he can to the windowed room and vaults out the window, clinging to the sill.

The wind whips his trenchcoat out behind him as he peers inside.

He feels pretty badass right now.
No. 516768 ID: 0eef61
File 137118537757.png - (3.45KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

The door to the bathroom hallway opens, and a man emerges. 73-6 can hear his fearful breathing from here.

He's about to move toward the circuit breaker when he sees the corpse by the window, illuminated by the dull gloaming orange sky.

"Holy shit," he breathes, and rushes over to his dead comrade. "Stills? Stills?"
No. 516769 ID: dcd676

Drink in that fear. Let him come to his realization before you spike him in the head. Then laugh.
No. 516770 ID: 76b151

perfect. Kill Him.
No. 516771 ID: 53c732

apply spike to head
No. 516774 ID: f2c20c

Do it. Spike him.
No. 516776 ID: 0eef61
File 137118750713.png - (21.96KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

"Stills is dea-"
He starts to scream. Then a black gloved hand pulls his head back and 73-6's spike ensures that his last words trail off into a fizzy gurgle.

The blood hisses and pops off the electrified spike. Target Number 4 goes limp in 73-6's arms.
No. 516777 ID: dcd676

Leave him atop his dead comrade and get to cleaning the spike. You'll need it.
No. 516778 ID: f2c20c

Call it in. So, there's what, two men left?

Get to the bathroom hallway door, get an eye on incoming victims.
No. 516779 ID: 19b3c3

Call it in.

They're going to know you're here now. Any idea how many you're supposed to expect?

Move on, we should try to ambush other people as they come to investigate the fusebox and the scream.
No. 516781 ID: 0eef61
File 137118843547.png - (2.84KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

"four is down."
"Doing good, Sev. Keep them coming."
73-6 lowers the dead man onto Stills and then moves on, back into the bathroom hallway. He wipes off the spike as he goes.

The door to the kitchen is closed.

As far as 73-6 knows, there were 3 in the kitchen. That means 2 are left.
There could, of course, be more that he simply didn't hear. He was told to expect anywhere from a half dozen to a full dozen.
No. 516782 ID: f2c20c

Duck into the bathroom to make sure nobody's trying to ambush you from there. Then use the doorway for cover because I expect a firefight presently.

If they don't come out shooting then go to the kitchen door, flatten yourself against the wall next to it, then slam the thing open to get a look into the room before you dive into cover wherever there may be some. That will also avoid any initial burst of fire.
No. 516783 ID: dcd676

Burst in while shouting 'prepare to die, bitches!' and leap towards the nearest target to spike them in the face.

Alternatively, check the door for sounds again before making your next move.
No. 516784 ID: 19b3c3

Charging right in is dumb. Someone cut the lights, they'll be alert and on guard. Charging will just get us shot.

...could we use that stepladder we found to break into the vent we couldn't reach before? You'd think the kitchen would need good ventilation.
No. 516786 ID: f2c20c

OH. That is an excellent idea. Stepladder might be a bit noisy but if we're careful we can do that no problem.
No. 516787 ID: 0eef61
File 137119020595.png - (6.93KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

73-6 decides to double back and get that stepladder.

Before he does, he checks the bathroom for any insurgents brandishing rifles and squatting on the toilet or something.

There's an insurgent brandishing a rifle and squatting on the toilet.

Their eyes meet.
No. 516788 ID: f2c20c

Duck! Then shoot.
No. 516789 ID: dcd676

Duck, shoot, then crack a hilarious joke involving people dying on the toilet.
No. 516790 ID: 19b3c3

Pray experience and cybernetic necromancy gives you better reaction time and shoot that bitch before he shoots you. Luckily, he is in kind of an awkward position.

Then take cover, since the guys from the kitchen will come running when they hear the shot(s).
No. 516791 ID: 07e7e3

duck, shoot, make pop culture reference about wars being terrible or something.
No. 516792 ID: 0eef61
File 137119118225.png - (39.48KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

73-6 drops into a dive and shoots the man in the chest, one-handed. He dies instantly.

"one more in the can."
"if you were here you'd see why that was funny."
"Would I?"
No. 516793 ID: f2c20c

"Yes because I killed a guy on the toilet."

Let's get that stepladder.
No. 516794 ID: 19b3c3

Is anyone running towards your position? If there were still two in the kitchen and they respond to that gunfire, they'll be behind you in moments.
No. 516805 ID: 933f92

No. 516821 ID: 0b214d


Hmmm, later then. When the mission is done. Personally I think you need two compact SMG's with lots of ammo and a ridiculous fire rate, basically for when you need to go loud and at the same time clear the whole room. Granted these versions are probably just a rickety as your silenced shotgun, but they're could still be useful for spare parts to make weapons yourself, as I assume the agency that uses you would probably balk at using too much cash to outfit their undead cyborg commandos.


Get out into the corridor, you don't want to get trapped in a room. Use the door for cover if necessary.
No. 516823 ID: dcd676

Actually, yeah. Keep the idea of heading out with the weapons in mind when the mission is over. I'm sure our superiors will appreciate it, and who knows? Maybe you'll get special allowances come the next mission.
No. 516852 ID: 82da32

name that dead guy Tywin Lannister.
No. 516858 ID: 01531c

I wonder if you get to own money, mr. dead man.
Stowing those guns into a trashbag after the mission is over would bring a nifty profit.
No. 516902 ID: 0eef61
File 137125763315.png - (5.78KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

73-6 brings the ladder as quietly as possible to the room with the window.

He winces at the low clatter it makes while he opens it.

He grabs the SMG just to be safe, then clambers into the ceiling vent.
No. 516903 ID: 0eef61
File 137125764754.png - (5.47KB , 900x600 , 46.png )

The metal puckers and sighs under him.

He takes a deep breath, distributes his weight, and shimmies down the vent until he reaches the kitchen.

Two orange, blank eyes gaze through the kitchen vent at the trembling men beneath.

They think they're ready for 73-6, or at least they hope.
It looks like he'll have to be the bearer of bad news.
No. 516906 ID: 01531c

73-6, are you PRO enough to have a gun in each hand and shoot them both at once?
No. 516909 ID: f2c20c

Slightly trickier situation.

We could use the grenade here but it seems like a waste. Take careful aim at the guy behind the table to ensure you take him out, then quickly take a snapshot on the guy below you before he realizes what happened and can fire back.
No. 516910 ID: 19b3c3

If you're confident you can get the two shots you need off quick enough, do so. If not, get the grenade between the two of them. You know your reflexes better than we do.
No. 516918 ID: 82da32

shoot the guy not behind cover if the silenced gun won't reveal your location. chances are that other guy will riddle you full of holes while you're stuck in a crawling position. I'm assuming you can't just bypass his cover from up there, of course. you may wanna sky-assassinate him if this is the case.
No. 516972 ID: 35edd4

Any chance you can drop down silently on the near guy? Then you could take him down quietly and shoot through the other guy's cover before he realizes what happened.
No. 517021 ID: 0eef61
File 137128049542.png - (18.05KB , 900x600 , 47.png )

73-6 can't dual wield, but he can fire and throw the grenade at the same time. He pushes the cap in and counts silently to one Mississippi.

The shotgun coughs, destroys one end of the vent, splinters the table, and splatters its target.

73-6 slams his foot through the other end of the vent, which falls to the floor, along with the grenade.

The second guy screams and lets loose a panicky burst toward the ceiling
No. 517022 ID: 0eef61
File 137128050303.png - (37.25KB , 900x600 , 48.png )

but 73-6's cooked grenade liquefies him.
No. 517023 ID: f2c20c

Nice. Call 'em in, drop down, then find the fridge and open 'er up to see if there's an upgrade in there.

Afterwards, well there should be another door out of the kitchen because we still haven't found the front door yet.
No. 517024 ID: dcd676

This, but also be cautious as you drop down. Anyone left is bound to have heard a lot of noise at this point, and they might just be heading for the room to take you down before you can do the same to them.
No. 517027 ID: 0b214d

Yeah, what the other two said. Call in your kills, drop down, check the fridge for shell upgrades, then leave the kitchen out of another door, if there is one. But be prepared for incoming enemies, just in case.
No. 517037 ID: 0eef61
File 137128504267.png - (6.37KB , 900x600 , 49.png )

"five and six are no more."
"Very good. Kitchen's also the front room, so you might just be done here, Sev."
"not quite yet. there's some goodies in the freezer for me."
No. 517038 ID: 0eef61
File 137128505711.png - (11.62KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

There it is. Right next to the vanilla.
No. 517040 ID: 07e7e3

Drink dat shiz.
No. 517042 ID: dcd676

Grab it, duck down into cover and pop that sucker.
No. 517043 ID: f2c20c

Have a scoop of vanilla too.

Hmm. Where did that lower vent go, in the first room? I don't remember seeing another vent anywhere.
No. 517049 ID: 0b214d

1. Check for real if the stuff is a shell upgrade. If it is take it, if it's not still take it. Because champagne and ice cream!

2. Loot everyone.

3. Download the rest of Carl's HD, now that everyone is dead.

4. Leave.
No. 517050 ID: 35edd4

Ice cream. Because a dead man's dessert is the best celebration for a job well done.
No. 517051 ID: f29aa1

Mission complete? Go grab loot into trashbag for selling!
No. 517054 ID: 4b4730

Oh man, ice blocks.
No. 517063 ID: f4d896

Recount and realize that was six and seven.
No. 517064 ID: 19b3c3

Hold the shell upgrade up to your eye, make sure that's what it is before chug a lug lugging.

Then do a sweep- recheck the rooms and make sure there's no one else alive.

Then if the boss-lady cares, we can rip the rest of that hard drive before we leave.
No. 517134 ID: b9d767

>cooked grenade

Yet another situational pun. I get the feeling there will be a lot of these.
No. 517181 ID: 0eef61
File 137135472233.png - (9.63KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

Bottoms up.

Oh so+++++++n of a bit+++++++++ch t++++++++++his is++++++++ terrib+++++++le

Choose your upgrade path:

Wetwork: 73-6 can magnetize himself to hold on to a great deal more weapons. He gains the ability to carry three additional guns on himself besides his pistol and held weapon.

Stealth: 73-6 can create a suppressing field between his thumb and forefinger once every three minutes or so, which can suppress any one gunshot to the volume of a polite cough.

Tech: 73-6's hacking ability continues to improve, and he gains more advanced options with hacked systems.

No. 517182 ID: 27f494


Become a man of magnets.
No. 517184 ID: d60d7f

Thats tough. Hacking is fun, but that stealth upgrade is neat.
No. 517185 ID: 19b3c3

Dude, go wetwork. I bet we can come up with all kinds of cool uses for self magnetism besides just sticking guns to ourself.
No. 517186 ID: b9d767

Can the magnetization work on things OTHER than weapons? Can we magnetise weapons to rip them out of folks hands?

If no, then Stealth.
No. 517189 ID: f2c20c

I don't know of any situation where we'd need a bunch of different guns. It's better to specialize, unless you're running into things like tanks or helicopters where you need an RPG or something.

So. I like the Stealth option. Turning any weapon into a silenced weapon, even only every now and then, is A+.
No. 517191 ID: 19b3c3

Guys. There are so many potential uses for making our skin magnetic.

*electronics frying
*sticking to metal walls and ceilings
*much much harder to lose our grip on a weapon
*collecting lose change- with no rattling!
No. 517195 ID: 0b214d


Wetwork, ahoy! Besides, I think we need it anyway to carry out all the weapons.
No. 517201 ID: 35edd4

We don't need to carry all the weapons out of here, and we can already get regular silenced weapons, so we don't need the ability to do without a silencer.

I vote tech. This is a techy world, let's be a techy assassin.
No. 517211 ID: 0eef61
File 137136456493.png - (5.11KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

73-6 now has his very own localized magnetic field.

A quick test reveals it's strong enough to make him stick to the fridge pretty darn hard, although it's so close range he's not going to be yanking any guns out of any hands.

Okay, stand by. He might be stuck.
No. 517212 ID: 0eef61
File 137136458821.png - (6.54KB , 900x600 , 53.png )

He switches it off on his hand. There we go.

Looks like he can localize it wherever on his body he wants, which is useful.
No. 517217 ID: f2c20c

That is useful. You could put your pistol on the back of your neck behind your collar, so that if someone asks you to put your hands up, you could put them behind your head and be able to grab the pistol for a surprise attack. Or hide guns up your sleeves. Man, this has a lot of applications, come to think of it. Super.

Okay, let's do one final sweep of the apartment before declaring it clear. Bathroom, window room, look in the lower vent, tool closet, then check all three bedrooms in turn.
No. 517218 ID: 07e7e3

Do you have to be constantly thinking about it to keep the effect in place, or it is just think about it once and go?
No. 517229 ID: 0eef61
File 137137153005.png - (5.30KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

73-6 closes the freezer and moves toward the door, and then he is shot, twice.
No. 517230 ID: 0eef61
File 137137154234.png - (8.16KB , 900x600 , 55.png )

He clutches the counter to steady himself and turns round.

The guy from behind the table stands before him, wavering on his feet, glass-eyed, covered in blood and breathing heavily.
No. 517231 ID: f2c20c

Stupid rubble obscuring the body. Note to self- actually confirm kills.

Quickdraw your pistol and cap him in the head.
No. 517232 ID: 0b214d


Just shoot him.
No. 517242 ID: dcd676

Shoot him. Shoot him in his stupid, still-breathing face.
No. 517259 ID: eadfc9

With a demeanor of betrayal, utter the words '...why?'

And then do a really dramatic death scene.

And then shoot him when he is distracted by your acting skills.
No. 517263 ID: 19b3c3

Damnit. We told you to do a sweep. For future reference, that means check the bodies in the room with you first. In fact, from now on, always check the bodies and confirm kills if you can (ie, if you're still under stealth, and not in the middle of a firefight).

Too late now, shoot this fuck again.

Asses injuries. How bad off are you? Can you handle this, or are you going to die, again? Do you need to inform the agency to send a collection crew?
No. 517352 ID: 0eef61
File 137142025325.jpg - (143.84KB , 800x600 , 56.jpg )

73-6 quick-draws his pistol and sinks a bullet into the guy's heart.
No. 517359 ID: f2c20c

Call in the dead man again, and say you're getting out with an injury.

Do whatever you can do to handle the wounds, then let's get the hell out of here.
No. 517365 ID: 2ddb7b

now sweep the entire fucking building.
No. 517366 ID: 0eef61
File 137142154213.jpg - (130.48KB , 900x600 , 57.jpg )

He slumps against the cou+++nter, clutching his che++st.

++"Sev? You just went into the red! What happened?"
"target g+++ot a coup+++le rounds off. i g+++ot him."
"What? There's too much static on the goddamn wire. What did you do?"
"i'm o++k."
"Not according to the readout you aren't. Fffuck. Those holes could probably kill a normal human, but your self-repair is going to kick in as soon as, uh."

73-6's knees bu+++++ckle. He hacks up somethin++++g discouragingly +++sticky.

"As soon as you lose consciousness. Shit. You have to get out of there, 73-6. You go black in there the cops'll find you or these guys' friends will, and either way you're in deep shit."
No. 517367 ID: 19b3c3

Get outside. Use magnetism to stick yourself to the outer wall of the building, or underneath an awning or balcony or something.

Assuming you stay magnetized while unconscious, you should be in a safe place to repair.
No. 517370 ID: 07e7e3

You just need to get far enough away to hide. You don't need to run back home just yet.

No. 517372 ID: 5a5dd4

What was our exit strategy before we got shot?

Do you have like, an exfiltration point where you'll get picked up, or even a car parked somewhere? Or were you just supposed to climb down the side of the building and walk away?

Is there any reason you can't just take an elevator down to the ground floor and have someone pick you up in a car? The police shouldn't be onto you yet, and this doesn't seem like the kind of neighborhood where people would just be milling about in the halls.

Otherwise climb out a window and try to find something to chill on that you won't fall off of when you're unconscious.
No. 517376 ID: f2c20c

Move as fast as you can to the window you came in from. What we need to do is find a dumpster to hide in.
No. 517386 ID: e31ca1

Yes, perfect, find a wall to stick to. Failing that, pass out in the vents.
No. 517448 ID: 0eef61
File 137144240122.jpg - (59.47KB , 800x600 , 58.jpg )

No, nonono, the co+++ps have a thing. A what.+++++ A r++++adar thing. Thu+++gs will know floor layout, and 73-6 i++++s leaving a tr+++ail of blood. Hah. That's n++++ot great.

He's got t++++++o get ou++++++++++++t of the a++++++++++partme++++++nt.

No. 517451 ID: 19b3c3

All right. Best dumb idea:

Throw yourself down the garbage shoot. Either you wake up later in a dump, or you've gotten rid of the evidence. Either way, win-win.
No. 517452 ID: f2c20c

I think your only real option is to go down those stairs. Though I suppose to eliminate the blood trail it'd be a good idea to lawlessly barge into someone else's apartment to get a towel or something to bind yourself in.
No. 517454 ID: dcd676

Down the chute! Down the chute! And if you weren't injured, I'd suggest saying something like 'and now to take out the garbage.'
No. 517467 ID: 0eef61
File 137144459027.jpg - (110.04KB , 800x600 , 59.jpg )

S+++hou++++++lder the do++++++or open. Neighbors. Whe++++++++re's the chute. Com+++++++e on. +++++Whe+++r++++e.

No. 517469 ID: 0eef61
File 137144463096.jpg - (24.86KB , 800x600 , 60.jpg )


He's ++++st++++uc+++k.

Ge++++tti+++ng ha++rd t++++++o m++++ov+++++++++
No. 517472 ID: bf54a8

reverse magnetic polarity so you slide
No. 517492 ID: 35edd4

Push your gun(s) down ahead of you.
No. 517493 ID: 35edd4

Pull your coat off and shove it down ahead of you. That should make up the difference.
No. 517510 ID: 0eef61
File 137145144862.jpg - (15.99KB , 800x600 , 61.jpg )

O++++++k t+++++h++++++er+++++++e g+++++++o++++++ th+++e g++++++un+++s

a++hah++++aha++++++++oops++++++st+++ill++++don++++++++'t++++ f+++++++++++

I+++++t's++++ o++++ka++++++y+++th+++ou+++gh+++++++ 7+3++++++6 i++s+pr++++etty+++++ com+++++f+r+++++++bl+++++++++++++
No. 517511 ID: f2c20c

This is not a good place to pass out.

Better would be the fridge. It looks big enough.
No. 517532 ID: dcd676

If we can't fit in there, we're not gonna fit in a fridge. See if there's a closet or even a bed with enough space underneath to crawl under.
No. 517552 ID: 07e7e3

You need to GET OUT.gif
No. 517558 ID: 2ddb7b

stop passing out and start walking.
No. 517990 ID: 56710e

Dying now would be inconvenient. Attempt to not die yet.
No. 518052 ID: 0eef61
File 137162928680.png - (3.90KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

73-6 is entirely unconscious.
No. 518053 ID: 0eef61
File 137162930111.png - (6.52KB , 800x600 , 62.png )

No. 518054 ID: 0eef61
File 137162933971.png - (7.21KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

Keisha isn't sure if she should wake up her roommate or just go call the cops.
No. 518055 ID: f2c20c

No. 518057 ID: f29aa1

Before you decide on either one, take a picture of the hilarity, then KICK HIS ASS/SMACK DAT ASS.

He's clearly unconscious and it's just sticking way out there! You can't pass up this sort of opportunity!

Maybe it'll be enough force to shove him all the way down the tube entrance, removing him from discovery!
No. 518058 ID: dcd676

Punch him. Punch him in the butt.
No. 518062 ID: 5869f6

Seconding to SMACK DAT ASS
No. 518073 ID: d1d627

take picture of lodged idiot, punt his stupid self down the chute!
At that point, you might wanna call your friends to laugh at this fool, besides, the cops came through here already and they let him be, right?
No. 518089 ID: 19b3c3

>Keisha isn't sure if she should wake up her roommate or just go call the cops.
Wake your roomate, get out of the apartment, and call the cops. There's a crazy mother fucker in your garbage, and blood all over the hall. You're genre savy enough to know you don't stick around in situations like this.

Pretty good chance of not getting her killed, and either the cops pick up sev-three, or the agency intercepts the call, picks him up, and pretends they were the cops. Nice clean exit, without needing to murder witnesses.

Course, sucks for Sev if the cops get him, but that's not Keisha's problem, is it?

No. 518132 ID: 00d261

flip a coin.
No. 518295 ID: 0eef61
File 137170831935.png - (11.20KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

Kicking the ass doesn't do much.

Keisha takes a pic and sends it to her cousin.

"this is what i have to deal with living here #hablife #thecabooseisloose"
No. 518296 ID: 0eef61
File 137170834011.png - (4.69KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

She goes to Sara's door.


She knocks.

"Sara, babychild, you may want to come out and see this."
"Ugh. Muh. Keisha, is it like 3 AM right now?"
"Girl, we got bigger problems."
No. 518297 ID: 0eef61
File 137170835892.png - (6.82KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

"Like wh-" Her roomate opens the door. "What is that?"

"What's it look like, sugar? It's a butt."

"Holy shit. Aww, dang it."
"Sara, sweetie, you best calm yourself down because your vocal inhibitor just switched on and that always means you getting way too worked up."
"There's a stranger in our apartment, Keisha. Stranger. Stranger danger. Do we call the cops?"
"He's asleep or something. I don't know, you look at him. You the doctor."
"Field medic. Retired field medic. And we don't even know who this guy is. Ohhh, I hate this thing."
"Breathe. Don't lose your head, babygirl."

"Very freaking funny, Keisha."
No. 518298 ID: 0eef61
File 137170837249.png - (10.77KB , 800x600 , 67.png )

"Now get in here and come help me look for it."
No. 518300 ID: f2c20c

Oh alright. Guy's not waking up so we've got time to look.

Maybe it's under the bed?
No. 518303 ID: 19b3c3

...sev three just happens to get his injured, unconscious ass stuck in the home of a retired field medic? That's handy.

Anyways, find her head.
No. 518304 ID: 0eef61
File 137170954259.png - (5.20KB , 800x600 , 68.png )

73-6 is awake.

Jeez, what happened last night? He feels like he was on the receiving end of a-
No. 518305 ID: 0eef61
File 137170955045.png - (18.54KB , 800x600 , 69.png )

coupla gunshots.

Oh, right. That's what.

He sits up on the, uh, the couch and feels his stomach where the bullets hit.
It's tender there but surprisingly well-healed. Normally he's got a lot more pain and scarring in there and he needs to dig out a few fragments.

So that's nice.

But where is he?
No. 518307 ID: 19b3c3

You're in a living space, judging from the furniture and stuff on the counters. Look out the window- are you still in the same building?

Do you have an internal chronometer? How long has it been?

Can you contact HQ? Report in, you're awake, situation unknown. Do you have any orders? Can they give you any information?
No. 518308 ID: c23ab0

Forget that. Where are the cops??
No. 518310 ID: 57a559

Maybe you've permanently died and gone to an eternity in an afterlife that is a sitcom.
No. 518313 ID: f2c20c

There's something under the bed. Check that. Also, check to see if you- wait are you naked

Find your coat.
No. 518318 ID: 0eef61
File 137171511443.png - (9.42KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

"is it just me," says 73-6, "or did i have too many shots last night?"

He listens for the laugh track, because that was a goddamn zinger.
So we can rule that one out.

TV remote.

He's got pants on, but he always feels naked without Trenchie. At least they didn't find where he's got his holdout pistol stashed. Which means they weren't too invasive.

Whoever they are.

He goes to the window. The sun is coming up on another smoggy, dirty day in the smoggy, dirty city. 73-6 is in the same smoggy, dirty hab-block he was in last night.

"monica. monica, come in."
"WHOA jesus, 73-6, I'm in the middle of breakfast and your froggy-ass voice butts into my honey-nut cheerios."
"listen, i'm in somebody's apartment, i think. no cops or thugs or anything."
"That's good. Whose apartment?"
"i don't know, but-"
No. 518319 ID: 0eef61
File 137171512364.png - (6.65KB , 800x600 , 71.png )

"-but i think i'm just about to find that out."

They're coming down the hall near the kitchenette. 73-6's spike was in his trenchcoat, but he still has his snubnose.
No. 518321 ID: 07e7e3

Mmmmaybe hold off on shooting whoever comes through the door, because they might be the one who saved your ass last night.
No. 518322 ID: dcd676

Hold off on the shooting for now. Consider: there's normally some bullets in you, but this time--after being found by a stranger--there aren't any. Maybe you could repay the favor with a lack of killing them dead?
No. 518323 ID: f2c20c

Evidence suggests you were tended to. However, we should probably make sure it's not some cops that just showed up.

So, stand to the side of the doorway so you can see them when they come in, but they won't immediately see you.
No. 518331 ID: 57a559

There are laugh-trackless sitcoms.
Like Arrested Development.
Getting your butt caught in a garbage shoot fleeing from the police after getting shot by a half-dead man is just the thing that could possibly happen on a show like that. And on FUTURE COPS.

Don't stand by the window you idiot, there could be fucking snipers out there. Or peepers. And your shirtless! Cover your shame!

Never fire a gun unless you know who you're shooting at. Makes paperwork always very easy. Also, god forbid you shoot friendlies from your workplace that probably is even more paperwork. Plus chance of termination. Do you even have a belt? That gun looks like the only thing holding your pants up.
No. 518334 ID: 99ee53

interrogate them and ask Monica what to do.
No. 518342 ID: 19b3c3

Do you have standing orders in this situation?

If they're hostile, you should kill them, obviously. But if they were hostiles, you would have been restrained and searched better. Which means you're likely dealing with civilians. What are your orders regarding civilians?

Do you need to kill any witnesses who have seen you? Are you supposed to avoid civilian casualties? Are you supposed to keep up the charade?

If you have no standing orders, be ready to kill, but not until you've been given reason.

...also, contemplate how dumb the cops must have been not to follow your blood trail, or search nearby apartments after finding all those dudes you killed.
No. 518375 ID: 0eef61
File 137175835451.png - (8.87KB , 800x600 , 72.png )

Official protocol is to to liquidate any civilian who gets a clear look at a bureau agent on-mission, although that's to be avoided if at all possible. Normally if there are expected civilians present they send him in in some kind of disguise or with strict orders not to be seen.

73-6 is no longer on-mission, however, so it's a lot more fuzzy whether or not these people need to die. The guidelines just say "use your best judgement".

A robot walks in from the kitchenette door.

It is eating yogurt.

"Oh. You're up."
No. 518376 ID: dcd676

"Yeah. Thanks for taking those bullets out, that was a shot of inconvenience you helped me with."
No. 518377 ID: 735f4f

Act nice and if they mention the bullets and such say you got caught in the hallway by a gunman fleeing the scene of the crime.
No. 518378 ID: 35edd4

"Yes. Hello."

Let them lead, with an eye to getting out ASAP.
No. 518381 ID: 19b3c3

Um. Yes. I am. Thank you for patching me up?

Try and see how much she knows. If she's figured out what you did, what you are, or who you work for. Or if she's told anyone else. Then we can make a decision on who needs to die, or not. Or we can let HQ do it for you.

>A robot eating yogurt.
...robots eat? And healthy food at that? Weird.
No. 518386 ID: 4f5b9c

ask monica obviously.

in any case thank the citizen to gain her trust. best case scenario - robo to mostly robo sex.

find out if there's someone else that you should thank. best case scenario - threesome.
No. 518405 ID: 99ee53

uh. hi. what happened?
No. 518416 ID: 0eef61
File 137177565459.png - (22.20KB , 800x600 , 73.png )

"what happened?"
"We found you in the trash with a couple bullets in you."
"you take them out?"
"Yeah. You want a glass of water? Your voice sounds like a bunch of angry bees inside a kick drum."
"preexisting condition. thanks. i was just in the hall last night and some guy ran out of that room on the end of the hall and plugged me a couple times."
"Did it have anything to do with the fact that you're Bureau?"
"what? no, i-"
"Listen, dude." She swallows her yogurt. "You're a crazy technozombie with a black trenchcoat and an electrified shiv."
"shit." I walk up to the couch.
"Don't worry about it. I'm military-industrial too. Orr I was. Marines. Sergeant Sara Dalton, retired."
"where's my stuff?"
"Your spike's in my room. We've got the trenchcoat hanging up in the closet. You know how to wash blood out of that?"
"tumble-dry should be fine."

"monica, found the owner. she knows who i am."
"Well, it's not hard to tell a Bureau agent when they crash on your couch."
"it wasn't my fault."
"Whatever. You're sanctioned to ice her if she's an apparent threat. Use your judgement."
No. 518417 ID: 35edd4

This is about as nonthreatening as it gets. Thank her, peace out, see about recovering your armament from the trash. Maybe see if the Bureau can send her a little compensation to repay her cooperation (and encourage her to keep quiet).
No. 518418 ID: f2c20c

Doesn't sound like it. Just be sure she knows you were never here.
No. 518419 ID: 735f4f

Might be ok to let her live. That and if she is ex military then she might be hard to off easily. Be friendly and find out more about her and what happened after you passed out.
No. 518425 ID: 19b3c3

Considering she patched you up instead of finishing you off, and is returning your weapons after telling you she knows what you are, that pretty much puts her in the non-threat category. At least, tactically.

She might be considered a threat to security, but if she knows what you are, she knows it would be a risk running her mouth. It's probably safe.
No. 518428 ID: 591152

define "threat".

ask her who's "we"
No. 518429 ID: c23ab0

It would be safer to off her later anyway after you parted peacefully, when she least expects it.
No. 518433 ID: 01531c

Non-threat, but possible contact for unspecified purposes?

Go ahead and swap military-industrial stories. She was in the Marines, so she has a healthy respect of the phrase "That's classified."
No. 518435 ID: 19b3c3

Wait, wait. We're overlooking the obvious. We have a full name and rank, and she was enlisted. That means she has a record Monica can pull. Whatever's in there would probably be relevant in Bureau determining if her survival is a security risk.
No. 518446 ID: 0eef61
File 137179590017.png - (24.56KB , 800x600 , 74.png )

"who's we?"
"Me and Keisha. She's my roomate. I think she's still asleep right now."
"marines, huh?"
"Yep!" She pulls a salute.
"how was that?"
"Wasn't bad until an IED turned me into a triple-amputee vegetable," says Sara. "Eventually they just gave up and put my brain in a gynoid. Latest model and everything, all very ritzy, on account of my purple heart."

"I'm pulling up her file," reports Monica, "and her story checks out. Sara Dalton. Highly decorated, honorable discharge."

"what're you doing in a hab-block?"
"The maintenance and shit on this thing is crazy expensive, and it's not easy to find a job when you're not exactly human. You'd know all about that, though, right?"
"not exactly."
"Oh, right. The BDD uses generated intelligences, don't they?"
"more or less."
"We always had a lot of respect for BDD agents in the corps. I mean sure they used moldies, uh, sorry."
"no problem."
"Sure they used Reconstituted Assets, but they're the most noble of the private contractor internals. No foreclosure raids or protest busting or anything. Just, uh, a lot of killing DTs."
"it's a living. sort of. can you find me my trench? i have to get out of here."
No. 518448 ID: 0eef61
File 137179594671.png - (9.96KB , 800x600 , 75.png )

"Are you sure you don't want to get all the, uh, the blood out, first?" says Sara. "I can-"

There is a knock at the door. Sara lets out an involuntary squeak and then with a staccato click her voice suddenly drops into a smooth, robotic monotone.

"Oh frick. Aw, my fricking vocal inhibitor. I turned it on because when I get really stressed I start to freak out and yell and I don't like to yell and now it goes whenever I'm too excited and I forgot how to turn it off and this guy is totally going to think something's up ok no breathe, Sara. Hooof."

She looks at the zombie in her living room with no small amount of panic.
No. 518449 ID: f2c20c

Quietly ask if that's Monica. If not, pull your gun and get out of sight.

What's the stance on cops? Avoid killing them?
No. 518460 ID: 591152

you can't leave without trenchie. get her to ask who it is and delay while you hide. is there a window around? maybe you can sneak out and come in through a different entrance, maybe even later. no not later, they'll find trenchie. still, you can't be found by cops right now.
No. 518465 ID: 19b3c3

We can't just have her stall while we run. If she's found harboring you, the cops will take her in, and everyone can be made to talk eventually. That's a trail of evidence we don't want.

We want to hide while she convinces whoever's out there that everything is normal.

...maybe we could help her with our hacking powers? If she's acting up under stress, or her voice modulator is going crazy, could we help compensate? Make her more natural and confident, temporarily?
No. 518473 ID: 1b3478

can't she get that fixed? uh, whatever, just hide.
No. 518580 ID: 0eef61
File 137184877040.png - (7.42KB , 800x600 , 76.png )

"where can i-"
"Closet. Quick."
"closet. closetclosetcloset. okay."

73-6 sprints into the closet as Sara tries to calm herself down.

Hey. There's his trenchcoat.
He hears voices from the door.

"Who is- uhmmm Who is it?"
"Sara? Is that you?"
"Yeah, who is this?"
"It's Barduk, can I come in?"
"Barduk? What are you doing here?"
"Is Keesh here?"
"What? Uh, no, she's at work."
"Can I come in?"
"Ohhh-kay. Yes. Come on in."

"Barduk. Barduk?" Monica clicks her tongue. "Well, what do you know?"
"what do you know?"
"What I know by looking at his file and matching his voice to our registry is that Casely Barduk is an officer in Fantoma Vengadores."
"sounds like a smoothie."
"Those guys you killed were Fantoma, Sev. This is a problem."
No. 518581 ID: dcd676

Not much we can do right now except get the trenchcoat on and see if our spike is in it. We may need to take action quick if something goes down, and a weapon would be really useful.
No. 518582 ID: 76b151

spike is in the bedroom. However we do have the gun still.
No. 518584 ID: f2c20c

Pull your gun out. If he comes too close to the closet we shoot him.
No. 518585 ID: 19b3c3

Damn. An associate of those we killed is poking around, asking the neighbors questions?

If we're lucky, she'll talk her way out of this and he'll leave. If not... we'll have to deal with him.

Have the gun ready, I guess, and bemoan the fact we don't have our spike, bare hands killing, or the silencer ability.

...is there anything to hack?
No. 518586 ID: 591152

put trenchie on.
see if you can magnet yourself to the top of the closet so that you're not seen when the door opens. you'll have to take quick action if you're seen. if you are you need to take him out before he realizes that he's seeing you. but don't shank the girl if she's the one opening the door. if she's opening the door and you're seen grab her hostage, use her as cover and shoot Barduk.
No. 518592 ID: 0eef61
File 137185094510.png - (11.92KB , 800x600 , 77.png )

73-6 hears the door open and brisk footsteps stride into the apartment.

"Won't you take a seat?"
"No, thanks. I'm fine."
"Oh. Okay."
"I came in to see if you two were all right."
"Uhh, yeah. We're fine. Wanna sit down?"
"I can stand. There was some bad business across the hall the other night, and we didn't take care of the guy who was involved."
"Oh. Jeez."
"Yeah, he slaughtered a half dozen people. Very dangerous. So Keesh is at work?"
"You two didn't see anything... out of the ordinary last night, did you? Anything suspicious?"
"No, why?"
"Because we've got guys checked the cameras from the exits, and we're pretty sure the guy's still in the building."
No. 518593 ID: 76b151

She is acting too nervous. He is going to get suspicious. Get ready to kill him if he comes near you.
No. 518594 ID: dcd676

Try and sound out his location. If he gets close enough to the closet, take him out. We owe this woman a solid, and this guy is part of the group we were meant to tackle.
No. 518596 ID: 19b3c3

>"this is what i have to deal with living here #hablife #thecabooseisloose"
...Keisha posted that on a social network. If he's been paying attention, he already knows Sev-three is here. (Although I'm not sure how to use that information, since neither Sev nor Sara know about it).

Well thanks for the concern, but I don't think your murder is in here. And I'm able to take care of myself, and half dead anyways.

>do her a solid
>kill him
...that is actually the opposite of helping her. If the bad guys put 2 and 2 together and realize their man was killed in her apartment because she aided us, that makes her a target. Ideally, we want to conceal our involvement and get the hell out when we can.
No. 518599 ID: f2c20c

Maybe Sara realizes that they didn't have cameras on the windows?
No. 518600 ID: 0eef61
File 137185194314.png - (6.38KB , 800x600 , 78.png )

"Well, that's scary! Hah. Uh. Good thing you guys are here to protect us."
"Yep. Your remote's under the couch."
"Why are you looking under the couch?"
"No reason."
"Won't you. Um. Won't you have a seat?"

73-6 slowly pulls his trenchcoat on as the footsteps grow closer to the closet.
"Thanks, Sara, but I won't be in your hair for too long. We're just checking everything for people on this floor."
"Well, it's probably nothing, but you never know if the guy's hiding somewhere. The vents were open and everything. You don't want to be alone in here with him, that's for sure. What's this door?"
"That's, uh, my room. No, it's the closet."
"Do you mind if I-"
"Um. I. That is. Uh. Well, um-"
No. 518602 ID: 0eef61
File 137185199698.png - (6.38KB , 800x600 , 79.png )

A door opens.

"Oh hail no."
"Oh, shit," says Barduk.
"I just wake up and I got jackboots up in my space? What the fuck is your crew-cut ass, Country-listening-ass, unibombin-ass punkass doing in my apartment, Casely?"
"Keisha! Hi! Uh, hey! Sara told me you were at work!"
"What business is it of yours where I am, Barduk? Get out of my house."
"Keisha, I'm here on Fantomas business."
"Fant o my black ass, Barduk. You flappin your gangbanger dick up in my living room and scaring my roomate to death. Out."
"Keesh, come on."
"OUT, Barduk."
"Shut your gotdamn mouth. Don't you call me that. You looking for a spooky assassin in my apartment? I just vacuumed this shit. Get out."
"Okay. Okay, jeez. I'm going."
"Good. And you tell your little book club next time they come up here they best have a warrant or a tank."

The front door opens and is slammed close.

"That, sugar," says Keisha, with a glow of pride in her voice, "is called taking out the trash."
No. 518603 ID: 76b151

Well, go introduce yourself, retrieve the spike. Then we gotta get yourself outta this building.
No. 518605 ID: 5869f6

No. 518606 ID: 1b3478

say thank you from within the closet where you are safe from this menacing witch.
No. 518609 ID: 19b3c3

Well then. Time to retrieve your remaining gear and get gone. You probably shouldn't be here the next time those punks check the place.

Thank the ladies for their assistance, and apologize for making a nuisance of yourself.

Then we gotta find a way to sneak out of the building. You got schematics, Monica? What do the exit points look like? ...or would the agency prefer you iced some more of these guys while they're searching for you?
No. 518652 ID: dcd676

Get comfortable, wait a bit longer for them to make sure the coast is clear. Then pop out and thank the both of them.
No. 518686 ID: 0eef61
File 137186706532.png - (11.18KB , 800x600 , 80.png )

73-6 slides out of the closet.
"thanks, you two."
"So that's where you hid the moldy," says Keisha. "No problem, moldy."
"Aww, Keesh," says Sara. "Be nice."
"Didn't you just see me saving his ass?" says Kiesha.
"I hope Barduk doesn't actually come back with a tank." Sara looks nervously at the door.
"Don't worry your head back off, babychild. He's a coward."
"But he's a big-shot officer."
"Girl, please. I dated him. He's a coward. Why you think his crew just go around blowin up fuckin Chuck E. Cheeses instead of police stations?"
"well, i suppose i should jet," says 73-6. "if i could just grab my shiv?"

"Whoa, whoa, 73-6." Monica is suddenly buzzing in his ear again. "Hold on that extraction."
"Give me a second."

"Yeah, aight," says Keisha. "Don't let the door hit you."
"Keeesh," says Sara."
"Girl, he dangerous. No offense."

Monica comes back on. "Sev-three, HQ says you're staying in there, for now. You're going to execute Barduk before you go. This is a golden opportunity."
"i'm not even going back out to debrief?"
"No need. You got your gear, your signs are reading green across the board. Sgt. Dalton knows how to fix people up. Just think of it as swinging by and grabbing some half-and-half for the Bureau after you get off work. Only the half-and-half is a dead guy."
No. 518687 ID: f2c20c

Sounds like fun. Also sounds like we gotta take him out inside the building.

So let's head to the door, listen at it momentarily, then step out. Optimally we want to catch him right as he leaves the next apartment he checks, and shiv him. Silent kill, head to extraction, and we're golden.
No. 518688 ID: 76b151

Ask the ladies if they know how he would make his rounds, we gotta know which direction he would go in first.
No. 518690 ID: 735f4f

Politely introduce yourself to Keisha here. She might have some good info on your target and might not mind sharing it.

Also they were both nice enough to hide and protect you so just running out is sort of impolite.

Maybe say you will return there kindness by dealing with a mutual problem?
No. 518691 ID: 0eef61
File 137187096505.png - (10.65KB , 800x600 , 81.png )

"thanks again for helping me, miss. i'm 73-6."

"I'm 34-25-37, why we comparin?" Keisha boosts up onto the counter. "Wasn't no problem, zombie boy. Name's Keisha Chalthoum."

"you know anything about barduk?"
She snorts. "Unfortunately. Why?"
"i have business with him."
"You gonna kill him?"
"Girrrl, it's what he's for, ain't it? I ain't give zero fucks. Everyone needs to improve the world somehow and Salvation Army don't take big black bulletproof flasher coats."
"do you know where he is?"
"Well if you can't catch him in the stairwell he lives four floors down in 263. There's a bunch of them Fantoma bitches in there with him. You go to his place keep an eye out cause there's a couple albums and a pair of neon fishnets down there I could use back."
No. 518692 ID: f2c20c

Tell her no promises about bringing them back without blood on them.

Then let's get the shiv and go. See if we can catch him on the stairs- that seems optimal. Oooor we could go down the side of the building to their window. It's daylight out though so people would see us. Maybe that's not a good idea.
No. 518693 ID: 76b151

Lets head to the stairwell then.
No. 518694 ID: 19b3c3

We'll see what we can do, miss. Thanks for the intel.

Grab your goods, say for goodbyes, and get sneaking.
No. 518713 ID: 0eef61
File 137187451104.png - (8.28KB , 800x600 , 82.png )

Sara retrieves 73-6's shiv from her room. He thanks the ladies and heads for the stairwell to see if he can catch Barduk with his pants down.

No such luck. He doesn't hear anyone going up or down, either.
No. 518715 ID: f2c20c

Let's head for his apartment, then. Right now I think he knows you're coming, because the ladies kindof made it obvious that they were hiding you.

So, expect an ambush. Check all your angles on the way.
No. 518717 ID: 735f4f

Watch out for cameras near the landings as you go down and when you enter hallways. If he is not in his apartment you should be able to sneak in and hide out until he returns.

Also keep a eye out for hackable stuff.
No. 518755 ID: 3a3fd8

go apartmentways. sneakily-
No. 518794 ID: dcd676

Find a camera and put that flasher coat to use.

...alternatively, make your way four floors down. Sneaky-like.
No. 519734 ID: 0eef61
File 137231926119.png - (8.65KB , 800x600 , 83.png )

76-3 heads down to floor 26, as quietly as possible.

There's the target room, 263. He hears faint voices from inside.
No. 519735 ID: f2c20c

Sidle up next to the door and listen in. We should get an indication of what's going on inside.
No. 519742 ID: bb6ae1

make sure nobody else is around before eavesdropping.
No. 519764 ID: 19b3c3

Hmm. We need a point of entry that's not just bursting in the front door. Be a shame to get filled full of lead, again.
No. 519765 ID: 76b151

agreed, think you can hack the next door over? We could try to go in through either the vents or the window instead by going in through the neighbors.
No. 519878 ID: 0eef61
File 137237346532.png - (10.78KB , 800x600 , 84.png )

73-6 listens at the door.

"You find him?"
"Did you check Keisha's apartment?"
"Why wouldn't I have?"
A third voice. "You do have some history, Barduk."
"Shut up about my history."

"there any other entrances?"
"One second."
73-6 hears a lengthy slurping noise.
"Mmm. There's this Pho place just opened up a block down. Have you ever had egg soda?"
"Egg soda! I don't know. This modern life. Okay, you need an in? Looks like there's a vent that leads to 263 from 261's bathroom, but remember that you're on mission. You go in there and the owners see you, hostile or civilian you gotta terminate them."
No. 519879 ID: bb6ae1

listen to 261's door.
No. 519880 ID: dcd676

This, and ready the pick. Plus, keep an eye on the door you're already listening at, in case someone decides to duck out.
No. 519903 ID: 0eef61
File 137237990298.png - (8.47KB , 800x600 , 85.png )

73-6 goes to the neighbor's door.

The sound of plinking piano music comes through.
No. 519907 ID: f2c20c

So. It's occupied. Maybe we can still get in unnoticed though. After all, if someone's playing on the piano they're distracted.

Hack the door open and quietly open it a crack to take a peek in.

Actually maybe we should do that to the target's door first. To see if we even need to circle around.
No. 519909 ID: 35edd4

Good ideas both.
No. 519915 ID: 735f4f

Rather not have to murder some random person so we can slide through there squeaky vents. So make sure not to get noticed.
No. 519933 ID: dcd676

I vote hacking the door we're at then popping it open as quietly as we can to avoid having to kill people if we don't have to. If that fails, neutralize them quickly and find that passageway.
No. 519936 ID: 19b3c3

Aren't they in the middle of searching for you? That means either the person(s) Barduk is talking to, or Barduk will have to leave that room.

An ambush while they're on the move would be a lot easier than busting in.

Although, as long as we're in the hall, we're also at risk of other searchers returning to base coming up behind us.
No. 519956 ID: 7b57ba

also of other civilians, which we'll need to kill. this is a bad spot. can we get in from the outside somehow?
i vote against taking the risk of killing the neighbor. you should invest in a way to knock people out from behind without killing them.

yeah, for now check the target's place to see how easy it might be to gank their shit.
No. 519978 ID: 35af73

wait. first, hack the target's door shut so he can't escape.
No. 521501 ID: 0eef61
File 137299731475.png - (7.58KB , 800x600 , 86.png )

73-6 holds off on hacking the target's door locked, for now. Seems like if anyone tries to get out it would be an immediate alarm that something is fishy.

He crosses a few wires on the civilian neighbor's door and cracks it open. When he sees no one is immediately inside he slides into the front room.

There's a door on the wall that faces Barduk's apartment, and a hall on the far wall with one of those bead curtain things on it. A sound station hooked up to a subwoofer is playing the music. 73-6 hears someone messily echoing it on their own piano on the other side of the curtain. They're singing.

73-6 can't throw stones with a voice like his but they shouldn't quit their day job.
No. 521517 ID: 19b3c3

Get down low, so even the occupant gets up or moves, you're below the level of the table.

If this door the bathroom you want?
No. 521534 ID: f6b68e

knock that fucker unconscious.
No. 521543 ID: 8530f1

you can't cross the curtain without alerting the guy. silently check the door first, maybe you wont even need to interact with him. unless you meant that the door leads into the target's apartment, which would be dumb but what do i know, in which case where is that vent?
No. 521556 ID: 0eef61
File 137301160094.png - (5.09KB , 800x600 , 87.png )

The door next to the light is a bathroom.

And there's that vent. Opening it might make some noise.
No. 521558 ID: dcd676

Not enough to be heard over a radio, a piano and someone singing. I think we're safe popping that open right now, but we could be cautious and find something to slip under the door to keep it from getting opened.
No. 521563 ID: 32868f

maybe turn up the sound from that sound station to mask the noise you'll be making. slowly so they won't notice it's being turned up.
No. 521568 ID: ea4b0b

This gives me an idea, actually. if you have any explosives left, try hooking one up to the vent then bang it as loud as you can, maybe smears some subtle hints pointing to the vent.
Then as fast as you can get to the front door, hide, and wait for the fireworks and pick of the survivors
No. 521571 ID: 97da7f

If we can seal it behind us so it doesn't, on quick inspection at least, look like it's been tampered with we should be safe
No. 521587 ID: 19b3c3

Just lock the bathroom door behind you. It'll be an inconvenience to the piano player who lives here, but it'll stop him from coming in and you needing to kill him. And if you put the vent back in place behind you, they will just assume they locked themself out, accidentally.
No. 521613 ID: f6b68e


this is a good idea. however, while we don't need to knock him out if he doesn't hear us, if he does hear us regardless, we will probably have to kill him. so I still say knock that fucker out.
No. 521619 ID: 9b57d3

This is probably the most practical idea. We could wedge something under the doorknob, too, assuming the door opens in.
No. 521898 ID: 0eef61
File 137308993544.png - (7.10KB , 800x600 , 88.png )

There's no lock on the bathroom.

Instead 73-6 slowly, carefully turns the music up before he tackles the vent.
No. 521902 ID: 0eef61
File 137309012956.png - (4.20KB , 800x600 , 89.png )

Last time his ass and a narrow space interacted like this it didn't go swimmingly for him.

Fortunately, he has better luck and significantly more blood in him.

"it's almost like they intentionally designed these vents with an eye for crawling cyborg commandos."
"I've noticed." Another slurp. "Don't look a gift shortcut in the mouth."

What's that beeping noise up ahead?
No. 521905 ID: 19b3c3

Security device. Looks like a laser sensor. Not sure if it's just detection, or if it's tied to a weapon or explosive or some kind.

Can you hack it?
No. 521906 ID: 76b151

Either a turret or a sensor. Given that its beeping I'm guessing turret. Think you can hack it?
No. 521910 ID: 0eef61
File 137309092578.png - (5.24KB , 800x600 , 90.png )

73-6 crawls closer and waits a couple seconds for his HUD to give him a readout.

That's a portable little shotgun proximity turret. They call them Popstoppers in the Black Stalls. This one's got 7 shells racked in and is wired to turn anything in front of it into chunky salsa then sound an alarm if the motion laser is breached.

73-6's hacking skills do not allow him access to the friend/foe software or anything like that.
But they do let him deactivate the thing while keeping it in working order, and a reboot resets the target profiles.
No. 521912 ID: 19b3c3

So what you're saying is we can turn it off, take it, and later set it as a death trap someone.

Sounds good. It won't trigger their alarm when this thing goes offline?
No. 521913 ID: 76b151

reset the allies\enemies thing, deactivate it and take it along. We can use it.
No. 521921 ID: 0eef61
File 137309441929.png - (4.18KB , 800x600 , 92.png )


This should ruin someone's day.

"turret in their vents. commandeering it."
"Affirmative, Sev-three. I'm logging it. Keep an eye out, there could be more where that came from."
"Allllso. Make sure that thing doesn't blow up in your face. Those wirejobs in the Stalls basically shove all the flechette they can in those shells. They're pretty darn unreliable."
"you underestimate their craftsmanship."
"You underestimate their apathy. Although I think they did make your semilunar valve on the cheap."
"i would have been comfortable not knowing that."
No. 521922 ID: bf54a8

continue. get gun ready.
No. 521924 ID: 0eef61
File 137309506553.png - (6.27KB , 800x600 , 93.png )

73-6 slowly pulls his angular little snubnose from its holster and thumbs the safety off.

He pulls himself up the rise in the vent and peers into Barduk's bathroom.


It's not exactly the decor 73-6 would have chosen.
No. 521925 ID: 35edd4

What's that sitting on the toilet?
No. 521930 ID: 76b151

Hell, whats that on the sink.
No. 521931 ID: 0eef61
File 137309613397.png - (13.56KB , 800x600 , 94.png )

An issue of Pulse, with the famous glitchglam singer Carnelle Merla on the cover. She's lounging on a skydisc.

By all reports a very talented young lady. 73-6 is sure there are some fascinating articles in there.
No. 521933 ID: 76b151

Um, ew. There is only one reason that would be in the can... put it down.
No. 521934 ID: 0eef61
File 137309637933.png - (5.10KB , 800x600 , 95.png )

Gingerly replaced.

The thing on the sink looks to be a--


ID cards is one thing. But who would be stupid enough to leave a detonator on a bathroom couter?
No. 521935 ID: bf54a8

put it down, once everyone in the room is dead we can pick it back up.

also how long can you wait? long enough for someone to come in for a piss?
No. 521936 ID: bf54a8

can you scan it for like, active bombs connected to it?
No. 521938 ID: 83e3b1

deactivate it before approaching.
No. 521941 ID: 0eef61
File 137309775594.png - (8.04KB , 800x600 , 96.png )

The trigger is unlit, which means it's turned off.

With his beginner's hacking skills, 73-6 carefully slots out the radio chip inside the stippled handle. The little light is on and blinking regularly. That means this thing is tethered to ordinance, and more worryingly that ordinance is close enough for it to read.

The removal of this chip renders the detonator useless. 73-6 can slip it back in to rearm.
No. 521942 ID: dcd676

Listen against the bathroom door and, if there are no close-seeming sounds, crack it open while crouched down and with your snub-nose at the ready.
No. 521944 ID: bf54a8

unfortunately we have no idea where these bombs could be, could be wired to blow this whole building apart. so keep it inert.
No. 521945 ID: 0006f5

can you do a series of timing for any measurable transmission delay to narrow down where the ordinance can be ? peek outside for options
No. 521948 ID: 83e3b1

if there's nothing else interesting in the room, listen through the door.
No. 521980 ID: 9b57d3

Report it to your superiors, ask if they want you to locate the bomb.
No. 522025 ID: 0eef61
File 137312963813.png - (9.94KB , 800x600 , 97.png )

He can, but that would require turning this thing on.
Usually there's a visual indicator on the bomb when the detonator's running hot, a light or something, so if anyone's watching it this will carry risk of discovery.

"found a detonator in the bathroom. should i find the bomb it's attached to?"
"In the bathroom?"
"Dang. Yeah, why not, keep an eye out for that ordinance. If you find it keep them from having it, whatever that means."
"affirmative. what's beyond this room?" 73-6 plasters himself to the door and listens to the other side.
"Wait one." The sound of Monica standing up from a rolly chair. "What?"
"Not you. Hold on a sec, Sev-three. What? Yeah. Check screen 3. Screen 3. Over there. Sorry, Sev. Friggin' interns," she mutters. "Gotta hold their hand all day. Okay, beyond the bathroom should be a... looks like the front room? This might be a mirror of that civilian apartment, I think.
No. 522032 ID: 83e3b1

that intern is either spying on us or on Monica's buttocks. just sayin'.

No. 522044 ID: 19b3c3

She's not wearing pants. And we're reading DNA on the cover? Double ew.

Listen carefully at the bathroom door.
No. 522051 ID: 0eef61
File 137313514554.png - (8.35KB , 800x600 , 98.png )

73-6 listens at the bathroom door. When he hears nothing he carefully steps into the next room.

There's a door here ajar that must lead to the living room. 73-6 hears two people talking in there.
"I'm thinking he's Branch."
"You kidding? Branch don't do explosions. I say it's a Moldy from the Bureau. Darnell said he blew one of those things open and it didn't even scream. It just stared at him."
"Yeah. They can't feel anything or think, barely even. All they can do is kill. Did you hear he got one guy on the shitter?"

Neither sounds like Barduk.

"Now the door to your right is the entrance back into the hall," says Monica. "Far wall looks like bedroom hallway, and to your left is the living room."
No. 522070 ID: 9b57d3

We heard Barduk in the front room so let's head that direction.
No. 522073 ID: 19b3c3

Hmm. Part of me would like to kill these guys, but we don't have a way to kill two people quietly. I guess we go looking for Barduk. The risk of leaving them though is if anything happens, we risk enemies coming from behind.

We could set the sensor-gun up in front of the door, but if there's anyone else in here they might find it, and it would be very bad if it were to be set off too early.

>They can't feel anything or think, barely even.
No. 522087 ID: 83e3b1

go check out the empty room, quietly and carefully while looking out for traps. you might find stuff there. there is a bomb threat going on, after all.
No. 522099 ID: 0eef61
File 137313934901.png - (6.37KB , 800x600 , 99.png )

73-6 mantles past the ajar door and into the vacant hallway that leads to the bedrooms.

Inside is uhhhhhhhhhh

that guy was like that when he came in, honest.
No. 522103 ID: 19b3c3

Wait, is blood supposed to be that color?

If you can, make your way past the open door, and check the trash can, so you can see the head stuffed in it. If that's Barduk, your job just got easier.
No. 522104 ID: dcd676

Check him for equipment, possibly even the ordnance. Both... parts of him.
No. 522110 ID: 83e3b1

scan DNA. inform HQ.
No. 522120 ID: 0eef61
File 137314232336.png - (9.37KB , 800x600 , 100.png )

No weapons on the body. Most of it.

Just a wallet and a music player.
His name was Adam Harris, and he liked listening to The Toxoglossoids. He is very dead.

"background check an adam harris for me?"
"because he's in here dead. and i didn't do it."
"Adam Harris. Hold on. Yep. Fantomas, with Barduk as a known associate. 2 counts of Homicide, B&E, et cetera. Dead?"
"as a doornail."
"And not by your hand?"
"unless i opened the door hard enough to knock his head off and into the trash, no."

"Then it sounds," says Monica, tapping a pen against her teeth like she does when she is nervous, "like you're not the only hitman in this apartment."
No. 522123 ID: 19b3c3

Do we know who else would want these guys dead? Is there a conflict of interest?

What's the plan- do we continue and deal with the other assassin when and if they become a problem, or hang back and let someone else do the dirty work? And only step in if they bite it early, or to kill the last man standing?
No. 522128 ID: bf54a8

check out the open door.
No. 522129 ID: 9b57d3

Alriiiight... peek into the open door. ...I bet that detonator belongs to the other hitman.
No. 522149 ID: 83e3b1

get back in there and lock the door shut behind you. those guys can tell us stuff. before we kill them.
No. 522151 ID: 0eef61
File 137314475768.png - (12.77KB , 800x600 , 101.png )

Officially, the Bureau is more than willing to work alongside any agency and private contractor whose best interests are the preservation of the Union and the safety of its people.

Off paper? Agents from competing agencies are very, very careful with one another. It is not at all uncommon for operatives from different corps to kill each other in the field in order to to eliminate competition and try and get claim on a target. In hostile conditions, who can say who shot who, after all?
And the corporate world has a very loose definition of "hostile conditions" at the best of times.

73-6 peers into the room.

Standing on the carpet in two black combat heels and a sleeveless trenchcoat is a Tribranch Solutions assassin.
73-6 can tell by the slick white helmet, and by the katana in their hand, rhythmically dripping blood onto the floor.
No. 522158 ID: 0006f5

ok dont hide the body haha ! good thing i didnt suggest that. its scram time
No. 522159 ID: bf54a8

can you set up the doors to open after a delay? back off to the intersection door and exit it, set it to close in a bit. then open the door that the other guys are behind and scram, they will come out, and see the door closing, they will investigate and run into this assassin.
No. 522162 ID: 9b57d3

It looks like she's cutting through the floor. You two aren't competing. Should be okay to introduce yourself. Just say "Sup. My target's in this apartment. Wanna help, then I'll help with your mission?"
No. 522164 ID: dcd676

Scramble your ass on out of there to search for the target, but keep either the snubnose or your spike on hand and an eye on that room.
No. 522170 ID: 19b3c3

>Tribranch Solutions
What do we know about them? Who do they tend to work for, and do their goals generally align with ours?

Because our options are either back off and wait to she if she kills everyone for us (and then mop up as necessary), or just to pop her from behind now.

No, no talking to the assassin.
No. 522174 ID: d0a0a2

talk to theeeeeeeeem
Or if you can do this, great!
No. 522181 ID: 0eef61
File 137314728475.png - (10.50KB , 800x600 , 102.png )

It's not a bad plan, but it's a level of hacking too high for 73-6's knowhow.

Tribranch are another Agency. Think of Agencies as Domestic Intelligence PMCs, if you want to think charitably of them.
Not many do.
Tribranch use stims. A lot of stims. About half their agents are addicted.
Tribranch and the Bureau are the two most unorthodox agencies as far as actual operatives are concerned. They don't really look down on one another like the more conventional killsquads do.
That won't stop her from killing him, if she needs to.

This one is shaking. Looks like she popped a quick boost to kill that guy out there and now she's waiting for the comedown.

"Neurodes," she whispers. "The branches of a great ash-colored oceanwood and it's rolling out through your head and the lights are sparking and playing off the twigs and it's thought. Like the little brown fastbeating things in the books. We're deforesting. We've run out of trees and we're going into our heads, now. We've run out of trees." She clutches the side of her helmet and tries to hold her vibrating head steady.

73-6 cautiously takes a step away from the door. She doesn't seem to notice.
No. 522186 ID: 9b57d3

Wait until she's come down from the stim, so she's less dangerous, and ask her who her target is. While keeping a gun trained on her. We need to know if she's competition, or if she's after one of Barduk's associates.
No. 522189 ID: 735f4f

Yeah maybe we should wait to surprise the assassin coming off a speed binge. Let Monica know whats up while you wait.
No. 522193 ID: 19b3c3

She's in the crazy place. Time to back off.

I'm reluctant to talk to her. If we blow stealth, and her objectives are opposed or at odds to our own, she looks far more dangerous than us in close quarters. She could stim her way through a bullet hole, but we'd can't do anything about being cut in half.

I think the best plan of action is to hang back, and see how much damage she does. Let her do the dirty work, and step in to clean up what's left afterwards, if necessary.
No. 522194 ID: bf54a8

crawl back into the vent. and put the shotgun thing back down but facing the opposite direction. wait until they are done, then kill the rest.
No. 522197 ID: 0eef61
File 137315029378.png - (8.59KB , 800x600 , 103.png )

"found her. tribranch."
"Be careful, Sev. Some Branchers aren't, uh, they aren't entirely there after a while."

73-6 stands outside and trains his snub-nose at the Brancher, watching as her shivering slows. She rolls her shoulders, stretches, then turns around right into the barrel of 73-6's handgun.

"Who are you?"
"an agent."
"Put the gun down."
"why are you here?"
"Put the gun down, hombre."
"Okay. Uh. Okay. Listen."
"i'm bureau. who's your target?"
"I know what you are and you know what I am, so put the gun down."
"drop the sword."

She doesn't move.
"I'm here for Casely Barduk. Guns make a lousy conversation piece, man."
No. 522200 ID: 57a559

Explain to her that we aren't putting the gun down because of the drugs she's coming off of, mainly, and that because someone that can come at any moment, you wouldn't love to leave yourself open to attack.

Honestly, we'd love to set her loose on the next room, because that's clearly a two man job right there. And she's 1.5 five when drugged, so we're ahead already! Want to kill some extra dudes with us? Or does she want to escape because she ran out of needlejuice?
No. 522202 ID: 19b3c3

*nod* Good. My guys want Barduk dead, too. I don't particularly care who gets him. So long as you don't feel very differently, I don't think we have a problem with each other. Do we?

If she gives the right answer, lower the gun from pointing her to just a ready stance. Either way he ends up dead, and what do you care if she gets to do some of the work?
No. 522205 ID: 0006f5

drugs, man
No. 522210 ID: dcd676

I support trying this ruse, but gun trained at all times. We may very well need to pop her at any moment.
No. 522212 ID: 9b57d3

Do we even care who kills Barduk? It's not a contract, so can we let her get the kill and not give any fucks? Check with mission control. If they give the go-ahead, tell her she's welcome to the kill and we'll back her up. Or if she wants she can take them on alone and we'll move in if she fails.
No. 522230 ID: 0eef61
File 137315462859.png - (12.06KB , 800x600 , 104.png )

"okay. well we both want to see him dead, and i don't really care who-"
"What? Hey! Yes you do." Monica's in his ear.
"-who ends up killing him. so i don't see a problem, here. do you?"
"i see a solution, don't you?"
"So how we tackling this, amigo?" The Brancher takes a step forward. 73-6 takes a couple steps back and reflexively raises his pistol. "Whoa, whoa! Easy, vato. Easy."
"What's up your ass?"
"i'm sorry, did i slam-dunk that guy's head into that trashcan or did you?"
"Oh. Right." She giggles. "Pretty funny, though, right?"
"you come down yet?"
"Think so." She sniffs. "I went overboard on that last dose. Don't judge. I'm new at this shit."
"oh yeah?"
"Yeah. This is my third job. You can call in the other targets, but I want Barduk. We gotta do this quick."
No. 522232 ID: 19b3c3

>We gotta do this quick
Right. Bathroom's clear, that hall is clear, two not-Barduks in a room off of that.

>"What? Hey! Yes you do."
I wasn't aware we were in this shadow ops thing for the credit.

You want me to insist I get the kill? I'm pretty sure if I did, I'd have to kill her, and even though I have a gun on her, I don't like my odds at this range. Even if I hit her first, stims might keep her going long enough to cut me in half.

If you want, I could always put an extra hole in him, I guess. Or shoot her in the back at the last minute. But personally, so long as everyone who is supposed to end up dead ends up dead, I don't see how it matters.
No. 522240 ID: 3afb37

there are 4 doors, two beds each. two people are in the kitchen, one guy is dead, one guy is the target. where are the other 4? searching for you or hiding?

ask her if the bomb is hers. and how the fuck does she move easily in heels, there is no such thing as combat heels.

i say the plan is we set her loose on the kitchen guys and kill the target while she's busy, or kill her while she's coming down from the stims.
No. 522245 ID: bf54a8

we can also shoot barduk before she gets into melee range with him. just kill steal then run away.
No. 522246 ID: 57a559

No promises if ducky makes a move on us. They're on edge from what happened upstairs, so in the end it'll come down to whoever that fucker see first. We won't die for her opportunity, if she understands. You personally don't even care if she ends up killing a target of yours, seeing as how basketball here was one anyway[lie].
No. 522253 ID: 0006f5

this is starting to seem like a bad idea
No. 522319 ID: dcd676

While we've got someone going for the main target, it might be a good idea to search for Keisha's stuff. She did save our ass, and it'd only be fair to return them to her like she asked.
No. 522323 ID: 0eef61
File 137318140006.png - (15.46KB , 800x600 , 105.png )

73-6 is an agent of the Bureau, and number 2 on the list of Bureau concerns, right after the fate of the free world, is money.
If they want the Union to keep them on the bankroll they have a quota to fill.

Combat heels are shoes with .45 slugs built into the heel. Once they fire off you stomp quick to get rid of the heel's remnants and they function like normal shoes again.
"do you have a bomb in this place?" asks 73-6.
"Who said anything about a bomb?"
"just asking."

He cracks the door leading to the room with the 2 talkers.

They're lounging on couches, playing some kart racer. Looks like there's one door unaccounted for, and from here 73-6 can see it's an alarmingly solid steel slab with a clunky electronic lock across it.
No. 522324 ID: dcd676

Communicate as quietly as possible to her to rush in and slice the closest target, going for the one closer to the middle of the room yourself with the spike.
No. 522354 ID: bf54a8

yes, she jumps over the counter for the guy while you take the other.
No. 522357 ID: 19b3c3

>If they want the Union to keep them on the bankroll they have a quota to fill.
Oh. Then... we just need his death to be ambiguous enough that our guys can still claim we did it. No biggie if two corps ge paid for the same thing. So long as we don't have the same client, at least.

>two guys
Sneaking time. One gets a sword, the other a spike. (Starting to wish we had a silencer).

Hey uh, if she attacks us with her sword, could we turn on magnetism to full to get it stuck?
No. 522390 ID: 0eef61
File 137322430895.png - (16.12KB , 800x600 , 106.png )

73-6 darts from the open door, and before either Fantoma processes what is happening his black hand is clapped around the first one's mouth, and he is stabbing him a half dozen times in the chest. The spike buzzes and crackles.

The Brancher vaults across the table, but it took too long for both of them to get out the door.
Her target rises and pulls a boxy pistol, firing desperately at his attacker.

Two bullets miss. One sinks ineffectually into her body armor. The fourth punches straight through her leg and out the other side.
No. 522392 ID: 0eef61
File 137322431949.png - (10.50KB , 800x600 , 107.png )

"ME CAGO EN DIOS" she screeches.

She bisects him from the top of his head to his waist.

"MIERDA." She stumbles to one knee, then sits heavily on the couch next to the grotesque corpse she's just made. "Fucking fucking fuck. He shot me."
No. 522394 ID: bf54a8

damn, had good reflexes if he could drop the control and pull a gun.

"walk it off, took two bullets just the other day."
No. 522397 ID: 19b3c3

Dang. I don't know why I thought we were behind them. We might as well have just popped out and shot both of them. Same noise level, less chance of one of us getting hurt.

If it went through and through, that's for the best. Probably means it missed bone. She should be good so long as she doesn't bleed out before evac. And we've got plenty of dead guy clothes to improvise a bandage, or to tourniquet, if it hit something major.

Hmm. If that's going to slow her down too much, that may mean she doesn't get to be the one to sword Barduk. She any good with a gun? Dead guys left some. Or she could try to stim past the pain and injury, but that would likely make the damage worse.

Make sure to listen for approaching reinforcements. Someone may have heard that gunshot.
No. 522412 ID: 0eef61
File 137322898964.png - (13.12KB , 800x600 , 108.png )

"i took two bullets the other day." 73-6 stalks over to the electronic lock. "you can walk it off."

"Fuck you," says the Brancher. "I don't think walking's on the menu."
"you any good with a gun?"
"Yeah." She checks the damage and grimaces. 73-6 looks over. An inch difference and the bullet would have hit the femoral artery. She'd be bleeding out on the floor. "Yeah, I can shoot. Gimme a piece."

73-6 checks the lock. It's engaged, and the thick steel door is sealed.
No. 522416 ID: 76b151

Find the bomb, use it to breach the room, either via door or via the wall.
No. 522417 ID: bdb3f8

Your friend there had one, did he not? that he just shot you with? which is why you are getting a gun? to shoot people with?
No. 522421 ID: 19b3c3

Hand her one of the dead guy's weapons, and if she points it in your direction, remind her what she said about them making poor conversation pieces.

We should go looking for the key, or the explosive to get through that door. With our luck, Barduk's back there.
No. 522429 ID: 0eef61
File 137323172667.png - (9.91KB , 800x600 , 109.png )

"grab it yourself"
"I can't get up." She slides off the couch onto the floor. "Pass it."

73-6 hands her the gun. She takes it, checks the magazine, and locks it back into place. "You must be some kind of crazy-ass idiot, giving a rival agent a loaded weapon."
"careful. i hear they make lousy conversation pieces."
"Don't worry, my moldy friend. I must be one too, because I'm not just shooting your ass. Name's Penelope."
"Oh, right. They don't give moldies names."
"at least they give them guns. you some kind of junkie samurai?"
She laughs again. "I'm a junkie, you a moldy, and neither of us are like the gouged-out gringos here because we worked together. So we gonna get Barduk?"
"as soon as we find a way through that door. you sure you don't have any explosives on you?"
"Pretty sure."
"then we need to find another way."
Penelope is dismally poking her wound. "Where do we look?"
No. 522434 ID: bf54a8

what's the big black thing in the corner with the wires on it?
No. 522435 ID: 35edd4

Might as well do the distance testing thing on the detonator.
No. 522436 ID: 57a559

Does she have a way of tracking where a bomb is located from its detonator? An idiot left it in the bathroom. We can move it to the door!

Hey, Penelope, what do you think will happen if neither of our agencies can detect who performed the killing blow on ducky and we both take credit for it? Just shoot him in the brain at the exact same time? Sounds like a fun social experiment between agency relationships.
No. 522440 ID: 19b3c3

Man, from this angle, her helmet makes it look like she's crying a river.

Well, we found a detonator on site, and there are still unexplored room. I'd expect there to explosives somewhere around here we could use, or that one of the remaining corpses to be has a key.

>crazy-ass idiot
Hey so long as everyone who's supposed to end up dead ends up dead, and everyone who's supposed to get paid gets paid... (Only problem is going to be if both corps have the same client, and they expected they'd only have to pay one of us).
No. 522445 ID: 0eef61
File 137323436069.png - (11.31KB , 800x600 , 110.png )

"what happens if he dies in such a way that no one knows who did it or we can both claim credit?" asks 73-6.
"Then it's my problem," grumbles Monica.
"Then it's some fuckin' paper pusher's problem somewhere, I don't know," says Penelope.

73-6 examines the big black thing.
It appears to be a sound system, but his beginner hacking reveals there's something more to it. It is also a two-way intercom, and he's pretty sure he has a hunch where it leads.

With this, 73-6 can
+play and control the volume of music in this room
+activate the intercom to communicate

Due to his beginner hacking abilities, he can
+push the volume on the sound system to ear- or system-damaging levels
+remotely activate the intercom on the other side, to hear whatever people are saying on the other side without their knowledge

No. 522446 ID: 19b3c3

>remotely activate intercom for attempted spying
Do this, obviously. Let's see who's in there and what they're saying.
No. 522450 ID: 735f4f

Lets get our spying on.
No. 522463 ID: d0a0a2

Time for spy!
No. 522477 ID: 0eef61
File 137323773027.png - (10.71KB , 800x600 , 111.png )

73-6 pops the sleek lid off the lower control box and exposes its sparking orange innards.

It's a cheap Taiwan knockoff model with some ugly Black Stall circuitry shoved in. This won't be too hard.

"Now you get Donovan on the phone. You get him and you tell him, we are sitting on 500 grams of Semtex and we need martyrs, all right? If he has to fuck with someone, tell him to fuck with someone!"

"Casely, come on. We can-"

"Anyone can shove something in a fucking purse and bring a building down or something. If I just wanted a body count I could throw the goddamn thing. We need to show we mean business. The Fantomas Vengadores need to show they'd die for the fucking cause, and if he can't find someone who will die for the fucking cause in his fucking compound just tell him to put some fucking tweaked-out brainfry in a VF trench and a kerchief and give him a, a fake delivery box or something. People are afraid of getting blown up, but everyone is afraid of getting fucking blown up. We're not sending the message. They need to be afraid of us. Get me Donovan."
No. 522478 ID: d0a0a2

...A-are they literally sitting on 500 grams of Semtex?

Like, is it in that room? If so, we could just blow it right now.
No. 522480 ID: 735f4f

Find out how big a explosion that would make before trying anything like that. But that would be hilarious if they do have it in there.

Which is a strong possibility because where else would you store it other than the reinforced room. But then who the fuck leaves the detonater in the bathroom?
No. 522482 ID: dcd676

Can we get this deactivated safely? This guy might not be the only one capable of using it, and I don't think the Bureau would be happy with letting people have access to powerful explosives.

Also, once we've finished with that, we should check the rest of the room. Might find those fishnets.
No. 522485 ID: d0a0a2

I made a dumb, its explosion radius would be multiple hablocks.

Maybe you could threaten them by telling them you have the detonator?
No. 522487 ID: 19b3c3

Well, good news is they aren't screaming about the assassins in their midst. Bad news is the suicide bomber plotting.

No. We don't know our detonator is actually rigged to that, and blowing stealth works to their advantage, not ours.
No. 522491 ID: dcd676

Also! We should see about Penelope's wound. Even without hitting the femoral artery, that still should be treated since she doesn't look to be getting medical attention anytime soon.
No. 522497 ID: bf54a8

i doubt our detonator goes to that stuff he has.

just knock on the door, really hard. he opens it "yes what is it?" and STAB.
No. 522516 ID: f5680f

Isn't the door locked electronically? Can't we just hack the DOOR?
No. 522533 ID: 0eef61
File 137324297354.png - (9.48KB , 800x600 , 112.png )

A door hack should be possible. Depending on how good the security setup is, it might be detected and raise some sort of alarm, however. This isn't just a simple codelock like on floor 30. This is heavy grade.

A blast of that magnitude in a hab-block will probably gut the apartment, at least. There's a good chance it'll take out a few more to boot, and potentially even do serious structural damage to the building.

The survival of 73-6 and Penelope would be unexpected.

Removing the booster charges from the semtex will render it harmless. If this detonator is in fact the detonator it uses, pulling the chip out will do the job.

Penelope pushes her grisly kill off the couch and props her leg up. 73-6 kneels down to examine it.
"ugh, jesus."
"That bad?"
"what? no, i'm just sitting right next to this guy's burst intestines."
"Oh. Right. Lo siento."

The wound isn't lifethreatening yet, but if she doesn't receive medical assistance, and very soon, she's going to have a permanent limp if she has the use of her leg at all.

"We find a way through the door?"
"working on it."
"We could always just knock. When was the last time a trained killer knocked?"
"let me work on it."
No. 522538 ID: f5680f

He doesn't seem to know his chums are dead. Maybe knocking would in fact work.

Not sure what to do about the leg wound. We don't have medical supplies, and this is really not the time to start looking for some. Besides, her not moving means we can kill Barduk solo and get the credit. Or I guess if we're going for the shared kill we could get him to open the door then both of you could shoot him. Just make sure, if we do that, that you stay out of her line of fire so she doesn't "accidentally" shoot you.
No. 522547 ID: 7dbd6b

Yeah, knocking sounds like a good plan.
No. 522550 ID: d0a0a2

Let's knock.
No. 522552 ID: dcd676

Remove the chip for now, and if there's anything we can do quickly with the materials at hand, get it done for her. After that... it's a bit risky, but perhaps knocking will work, since he doesn't likely know his buddies are down.
No. 522553 ID: 19b3c3

Problem with that is the people working here wouldn't knock. They'd use the intercom. And you have a freaky dead-man voice, and no skill in imitation.

Which puts us back on plan explore and kill everyone else, I think.

>immediate medical attention
How immediate? Minutes, or can we kill everyone first?

Well, there is a medic in the building, if you weren't both on a job right now.

And I'm not sure what tribranch's policy on leaving behind civy witnesses is.
No. 522589 ID: 0eef61
File 137325505209.png - (11.15KB , 800x600 , 113.png )

They can probably finish their business here, but depending on how Penelope plans to be extracted, she may not have enough time.

Penelope drags herself behind cover.
73-6 knocks twice on the door, loud.

Barduk's voice clicks on.
"Guys, just use the intercom. I'm in the middle of something."
No. 522592 ID: dcd676

Knock again, more urgently this time.
No. 522598 ID: 57a559

you know what, fuck it.
Annoy the shit out of him with knocks.
No. 522599 ID: 735f4f

Make a bunch of static noise in the intercom to make it look like its broke then knock again.
No. 522603 ID: bf54a8

click it on and make weird noises, make it seem like it's busted. try to get a "junk" and "shit" in there. but all garbled.
No. 522607 ID: f0357f

Use your hacking skill to fuck up the intercom signal while sending, so you have legit static!
No. 522619 ID: 0eef61
File 137325770477.png - (14.71KB , 800x600 , 114.png )

73-6 sinks a bullet into the intercom.

"w+++e'++++++someth++++++ju+++++++++++tic++++++", he tells Barduk.

"Wha+++++++r+++++++th++++++hold++++++++swer+++++++++th+++++++++" says Barduk.

The lock disengages and the bar lifts.
The steel door opens and a Fantoma comes out.
"What happened to-"
No. 522620 ID: bf54a8

rush past him! shove him out the way so you can get in the door before it closes again.
No. 522625 ID: f5680f

Time to start opening fire, I suppose. Try not to let him close that door again.
No. 522626 ID: 19b3c3

Pop him. You're in a better position to fire on him without being seen that she in. Then she's free to pop up and shoot over the couch at the guy behind him.

Make sure the body lands so as to prevent the door from closing.
No. 522637 ID: 888df6

Human shield?
No. 522643 ID: 0eef61
File 137326112295.png - (20.86KB , 800x600 , 115.png )

73-6 steps from around the corner and plugs the Fantoma twice in the chest, catching him in one arm and turning him into a dying human shield before he hits the ground.
He has 4 rounds left in his snubnose.

The rest of the room is stunned. Barduk's jaw drops.
No. 522644 ID: 57a559

Orange helmet, scarf, and black in that order.
No. 522645 ID: bf54a8

sounds good.
No. 522646 ID: 19b3c3

...we've completely blocked our would be ally from being able to take a shot, while giving her the chance to shoot us in the back.

That's bad. We need to to the side of the door so she can provide support, and not treachery.

Most important guy to shoot first is the one with the shotgun. He's the most dangerous. So shifting to your right while shooting is a good idea.

If Barduk gets killed by Penelope at this point, that actually works out well. Either of you could claim to have used his goon's gun.
No. 522647 ID: 35edd4

I see two options here:

1. Cold-blooded option: Empty the gun into Barduk and run, letting the brancher slow down the survivors and give you time to get away. You're only here for him, after all.
2. Action hero option: If you're strong enough, throw the corpse at the guy on your right, shoot the guy on your left, then grab the gun from the guy on the right and use it to finish the job. Otherwise just shoot the guy on the right, grab his gun, and take it from there.
No. 522648 ID: d0a0a2

I think Black is Barduk, might not be smart to kill the kill we promised the other room while our back is turned.

Kill helmet and scarf, but just keep your gun trained on Barduk after that.
No. 522649 ID: d0a0a2

Or hey, I like number one there too.
No. 522651 ID: 19b3c3

Barduk is the scarf guy. See >>518592.
No. 522653 ID: eaa372

Unload into Barduk in the scarf and the closest mook then go backwards from the doorway. No heroics here.
No. 522654 ID: 57a559

I do at least agree we should step to the left or right, but shoot barduck at least once, maybe in the shoulder or leg, don't take chances.

Then you and Penny can go double duck execution. If you really want that Barduck kill for yourself, make sure Barduck can try and get a shot of you at least once. In which case, go Helmet, Black, leave a minor opening for Scarf-Duck then fire. Give that as an excuse for Penny. Then tell her to shoot his body a couple of times or stab him, whatever she please. Won't matter much since the kill would be definitely yours, but she's a dumb junkie, unless she's wired to HQ like you are, she'd likely believe she has a chance to get the credit for it. You can also say your sorry about kill stealing, and that you'll take her to a medic you just recently met as payback. She'll be able to keep her career as a killer junkie if she can save her leg from permanent damage of any kind.
No. 522671 ID: f0357f

>you'll take her to a medic you just recently
Fuck that noise. YOU got along nice because you were both military-industrial. The new girl is just a junkie!
No. 522673 ID: 888df6

Shoot guy on the right 2-3 times. Drop the corpse and head for the gun on the table, use remaining rounds as covering fire against the big guy in the back.

Be prepared to dodge possible thrown knife.
No. 522678 ID: 0eef61
File 137326647868.png - (81.29KB , 800x600 , 116.png )

73-6 throws the dying man at the guy next to the shotgun then fires 3 bullets at him. No time to check for kill confirmation. He unloads the last on Barduk, who quick-draws a sawed-off and blasts at 73-6 with an ear-popping bang.

73-6 dives back behind the doorframe as Barduk fires off the other barrel. Some buckshot caught him in the chest, but his trenchcoat caught it before it could hit him. He flicks the chamber open on his pistol and starts feeding in rounds with drum-rhythmic precision. He's pretty sure he got shotgun there on the right with at least one, but Barduk he thinks he may have missed.

What could conservatively be called his ears are ringing.

Penelope pops up from cover and slots the furthest guy in the face. He drops like a sack of bricks. Not even a scream.
No. 522679 ID: bf54a8

back up grab another corpse and throw it into the room. dive for the table after it.
No. 522680 ID: dcd676

This, then pop two or three rounds at Barduk if you've got a good angle.
No. 522684 ID: d0a0a2

throw the bisected guy in, that'll freak them right out.
No. 522710 ID: d58926

use a corpse as a distraction then shoot the target.
No. 522784 ID: 19b3c3

>corpse throw
The corpses are on the other side of the room, by the couches. I don't exactly want to leave cover and waltz over to get them.

Maybe... hack-crank the volume on the comm now? A deafening static screech would probably get at least a flinch, and might throw Barduk off long enough for one of us to pop him. That, or if the speaker in there explodes, he might react incorrectly, thinking he's being attacked from another direction.
No. 522816 ID: f5680f

I think that's a better idea. We can make a dive into the room and maybe slide under the table to start shooting from there. The table looks high enough to shoot at somewhat lethal areas from under it.
No. 522827 ID: 0eef61
File 137331450026.png - (24.79KB , 800x600 , 117.png )

73-6 overloads the music system. A giant, violent honk of feedback plays on both ends and then the speakers burst and crackle.

Barduk is caught unawares. He pulls back behind cover as 73-6 dives into the room, sliding to the table.

He fires off a couple of shots at Barduk as he goes. He ducks to get under the table where he'll be relatively safe from that sawed-off.

The first guy 73-6 shot has crawled over to the fridge and is propped up against it, messily dying.
The shotgun is off the table and in the hands of helmet, who is fumbling to load it and keep his blood in at the same time.

The man in back is stone dead.
No. 522831 ID: ccb4bf

you have a moment while shotgun's loading, kill Barduk and then turn to deal with him.
No. 522832 ID: bf54a8

anything useful under the table?
No. 522838 ID: 19b3c3

The shotgun is the most dangerous thing in the room to you. Use the table for cover, and count on Penelope to lay down suppressing fire or to nail Barduk if he sticks his head out while you finish helmet.
No. 522840 ID: dcd676

I'm gonna second this one.
No. 522846 ID: f5680f

Try to disable Barduk for now since we have a decent shot on him. I'd like to find out where those explosives are and if there are other detonators. Also, managing to get a cooperative kill on him (by letting the girl limp in here and we can copy a scene from Pulp Fiction where we shoot him a whole lot together) will net us a possible contact for future endeavors.

Then cap helmet.
No. 522856 ID: 0eef61
File 137331648027.png - (9.65KB , 800x600 , 118.png )

73-6 shreds Barduk's kneecap, then when he starts to fall over pops one of his lungs.
He tries to raise his shotgun, but he can't. He'll be dead in a few minutes. For now he can sit tight.
No. 522857 ID: dcd676

If you've got any shots left, get up and pop Mr. Shotgun. Preferably a lung or neckshot, something debilitating before he gets that shotgun loaded.
No. 522860 ID: bf54a8

if you are sure you can make it in time drop the gun and stab them in the head.
No. 522861 ID: 0eef61
File 137331780155.png - (21.55KB , 800x600 , 119.png )

73-6 flips over and shoots Helmet in the chest. He fumbles the gun, his hands slick with blood, and then Penelope rolls over the couch and shoots him in the head. He is killed instantly.
His friend by the fridge has gone glassy-eyed. Barduk's the only one still living.
No. 522862 ID: bf54a8

nab helmet's shotgun.
No. 522863 ID: dcd676

Lay the rest of your available shots into Barduk. Gotta end this entirely before we think about looting.
No. 522866 ID: 19b3c3

Call out to Penelope. All right, that's it. Everyone's dead, and Barduk's bleeding out. Get over here if you want to put your own bullet in him. (We might have to help her?).

As far I'm concerned, I'm fine with both corporations getting paid for killing him. If we have different clients, they'll both be paying for what they wanted. If we have the same client, and they double booked, expecting to only have to pay one of us? Fuck them. They can pay twice. That's what they get trying to play assassination syndicates.

Then there's the problem of our own Evac, and Penelope's. If they're not showing up soon, or if she was expected to walk out, she might need robo-medic.

...oh, and weren't we supposed to pick up some stuff for Keisha?
No. 522870 ID: 735f4f

Depends if its like a video game where you can get the boss from 100% health to 1% health and then some asshole comes and last hits it and gets all the loot.

That's our loot dammit. Of course pissing off the other operative and having to fight them to would suck.
No. 522872 ID: f5680f

Is Barduk's reaching for something? If it's a detonator we're toast unless we take him out NOW.
No. 522882 ID: 0eef61
File 137332179312.png - (14.82KB , 800x600 , 120.png )

No, he's just sort of sitting there making an annoying sound and bleeding.

Under the desk there's a pile of clothes. 73-6 goes through it and finds a pair of neon-orange fishnets with some holes torn in them, so either he's found Keisha's lost stuff or Barduk has some even weirder kinks.

They smell pretty strongly of jasmine.

Not that he was trying to smell them. Or anything.
No. 522883 ID: 0eef61
File 137332179966.png - (21.60KB , 800x600 , 121.png )

"Those yours?"
Penelope tries her best to crawl into the room nonchalantly.

"i'm grabbing them for someone." 73-6 retrieves the shotgun from Helmet and trains it at Barduk.

"Cute." She pulls herself shakily up to the table. "Now what about him?" She points her gun at Barduk, who's sitting in the corner, shaking, and saying "o god o god o god".

The way he had it explained to him the Union basically gives each corp a lump sum and lets them do most of the work for target selection and such, culminating in a review at the end of every quarter where they decide how much the Bureau's work was worth to them. They don't take hits or hire for specific threats. That's why you get a great deal of conflicts of interest between the corporations.
No. 522884 ID: f5680f

Tell him if he lets you know where all the explosives and detonators are, you'll kill him cleanly. Oh, also Shell upgrades! Has he got any?

When it comes time for his death, both of you should fire at once. Then we go find a medkit to treat her leg, and grab those albums.
No. 522885 ID: 35edd4

Both of you shoot him at the same time, then let the penpushers work it out while you get Penelope some medical aid.
No. 522886 ID: bf54a8

find and pocket the semtex. would be handy if you ever need a big hole.
No. 522887 ID: 35edd4

Oh, and raid the fridge too. Fridge raids will be our signature.
No. 522891 ID: 0eef61
File 137332354462.png - (7.71KB , 800x600 , 122.png )

73-6 points the shotgun directly at Barduk's head. "where's the semtex?"
"Fuck you." A bright spray of blood stains Barduk's chin. "Fant. Fantomas Vengadores."

"I think that's this orange thing on the table," says Penelope.
"is that all of it?" asks 73-6. Barduk is silent. He glares up at 73-6 with rapidly blinking, shiny, dark eyes.
"what about shell upgrades? you got any shell upgrades? maybe the fridge?"
"You're wasting. Ahg. Wasting your breath, you moldy fuck." Barduk coughs. More blood bubbles past his lips. "You want to kill me? Go ahead. Kill me."
No. 522893 ID: bf54a8

k *bang*
No. 522894 ID: f5680f

He said he had 500 grams. Is that 500 grams there? Looks like it might be big enough.

Alright, let's shoot him. With the rookie, I guess, if we're really going for that.
No. 522900 ID: 7dbd6b

No no, we're saving him for HER, remember?

"I'm not going to kill you."
*Glimmer of Hope*
"She is."
No. 522903 ID: 735f4f

I see no reason to just give her the kill.
No. 522905 ID: 23b97a

All right. Keep our word. She can kill him, or we can do a 3 2 1 thing.

If the Bureau has a problem with us cooperating with her, or losing them money or whatever, they should have given us clearer orders. If they had said to kill her, we would have.

...prolly apologize to Monica for the paperwork.

Once he's dead, secure the explosives, and if possible, double check that's what's wired to our detonator.

Then we have to worry about evacs. Blade runner there have a fast way out of here, or do we need to introduce her to the nice robo-medic?
No. 522906 ID: 7dbd6b

You mean other than the fact that the psychotic assassin we promised the kill to is right behind us with a loaded weapon?
No. 522907 ID: 765a70

I think a joint operation where we ran into a rival agent and worked with her, putting the mission first will look better come year end review that screwing her over. give her the kill, and both your corps use it as an example of why they are more trustworthy than there mutual competition. maybe run that idea past your handler and see if they could make it work.
No. 522909 ID: d78743

She gets the kill, we get the semtex. Don't want her trying to kill us for screwing her over.
No. 522910 ID: dcd676

...this is a good point. She is armed, so I suppose it's only safe if we plan to let her live. Take him by the head and dump him where she can see him.
No. 522912 ID: 735f4f

Fine then we can be all nice and shoot him at the same time. But when our quarterly bonus is non existent and we cant afford that shiny sniper rifle we will know why.
No. 522913 ID: e3aff6

Also, in terms of credit we did land a lethal hit on him. It is just taking him a bit to finish dying is all.
No. 522918 ID: eaa372

We lost our opportunity to bag Barduk and get out of here quickly. Drag him out for the unhinged assassin druggie. Shoot the other guy in the head for good measure, no need to get sloppy and leave potential survivors.
No. 522919 ID: 23b97a

...that's a good point. Confirm our kills. We don't want to be sloppy and get jumped again, like last night.
No. 522920 ID: f5680f

We don't need a gun to confirm kills. We can just take their guns away and check to see if they're breathing.
No. 522996 ID: 0eef61
File 137334971710.png - (10.09KB , 800x600 , 123.png )

"yeah, okay," says 73-6. He looks over at Penelope. "okay?"
"Okay," says Penelope.
"on 3?"
"one, two..."

"Wait-" says Barduk.
No. 522997 ID: 0eef61
File 137334973162.png - (12.08KB , 800x600 , 124.png )

No. 522998 ID: 0eef61
File 137334981158.png - (12.08KB , 800x600 , 125.png )

"how were you going to extract, anyway?"
"Figured I'd just... well, walk out of here." Penelope shifts her weight. "Hah. Que sera sera."
No. 523000 ID: ccb4bf

so.. to our medic friend? we need to drop off the cloths anyhow.

don't forget to apologize to monica.
No. 523001 ID: 35edd4

Goddamn newbies.

Can you give her first aid? If not, ask HQ if they can swing medevac for her in the name of getting tribranch to owe them one. If and only if that fails see about getting robomedic help and be prepared to compensate her for her services this time.
No. 523002 ID: dcd676

We're taking those fishnets back either way. Bring her with us, we might have a tentative ally or--if nothing else--a good word should we ever get involved with her company again.
No. 523003 ID: ccb4bf

oh! don't forget to loot the room. check the fridge, take the explosives, etc.
No. 523006 ID: 0eef61
File 137335349423.png - (8.88KB , 800x600 , 126.png )

"sorry for that, monica."
"Oh, it's whatever." Monica doesn't sound thrilled. "This ended... okay. It would have been nicer if you'd gotten the kill on your own, obviously, but we can spin this into some sort of cooperation thing."
"good to hear."
"You've given me more work, but I've just been mostly sitting on my ass down here anyway. Just watch out for when she stims, alright?"
"don't worry about it."
"You have this way of reassuring that is entirely unreassuring, 73-6."

In the fridge, 73-6 finds a Shell upgrade. It's the injection kind, however, the more legitimate method, and he's not trained to install it on himself.

He also collects several guns, including Barduk's sawed-off, Helmet's shotgun, a boxy little semiauto, and a great big assault rifle from the locker. This thing is hardly legal for civvies, but neither is the block of semtex he scrounges. A check of the detonator proves that the one is tethered to the other. The papers on the table are all in boxy, illegible code, but he takes them anyway. Can't hurt to give the eggheads something to do.

In a drawer under the desk, he finds the albums that Keisha lost. Few people use physical media, anymore. You gotta respect that. There's Purple Rain by Prince, Confess by Twin Shadow, and Aberration by the Oblites.
A glossy picture falls out of one of the cases. 73-6 picks it up and glances at it and whoa he quickly flips that over and puts it back in the sleeve. Looks like Keisha gave Barduk a little more than just the album art.


"Everything okay over there?" asks Penelope. "Because I miiight need some help getting out of this apartment."
No. 523007 ID: dcd676

Again, take Penelope with us for some potential medical aid and to return those fishnets before worrying about our own extraction.
No. 523009 ID: d0a0a2

Just make sure you're not overloading yourself with that stuff, and get out of there, drag Penelope along and get her leg looked at while you return Keisha's stuff.
No. 523014 ID: 57a559

Okay, but if you just radioed your HQ and they told you to exterminate us, remind them we're a moldy! Kinda useless. Plus, seriously, basically just a messenger (of death). No one important and the jobs done, so very pointless and rude.

Our HQ just sighed that it has some paperwork to do about the double duck hunt, if Penny's curious. So, she doesn't have to worry about a contract either, because, again, she's also a messenger of death and not that important, uh, big picture wise. She's obviously important to any relationships shes got.

This was fun. We should do shots sometime. Alcholic shots not drug shots, if they're at all compatible. We can't drink a coke if she can't have alcohol, so... you buy us a shot of whiskey we buy her a shot of coke? Maybe do some gunshots too, like, more badguys? Might have started a domino effect here, cooperation among agencies and such, you know, those works.
No. 523018 ID: 735f4f

Yeah my handler is loving the extra paperwork but we are good.

Need to drop some stuff off before I leave if you want to tag along I know someone that might be able to look at that leg for you.
No. 523019 ID: 0eef61
File 137335804669.png - (9.64KB , 800x600 , 127.png )

"Why." says Penelope. "Is there no. Elevator. In this goddamn. Building."
"you aren't. uhf. you aren't the one being carried."
"I gotta bullet in my fuckin' leg, man."
"remind me why i didn't just shoot you downstairs?"
"Because I'm a spicy chicana and tu quieres la mochachina?"
"you got till floor 30 to come up with a better answer, sugartits."
She laughs, then winces as they take the next step. "Drop some of those fuckin' guns."
"don't push your luck.
"Who is this we seeing?"
"nice robot medic person. hopefully she answers the door."
"Who else would?"
"well, she has this roomie."
No. 523020 ID: 0eef61
File 137335805475.png - (7.60KB , 800x600 , 128.png )

The door opens, then slams closed.
"keisha? it's sev."
It creaks slowly open.

"You better have a good-ass convincing reason for dragging that up here. It-followed-me-home-can-I-keep-it ain't cuttin it, boy," she says.
"Keeesh. Come on. Let them in."
"And I'm talking a reason to convince me. Because if the Loch Ness Monster come by here with a toothache my girl Sara would be scrambling for the painkillers. What's wrong with her?"
"bullet in the leg."
"Well la-dee-da, hot stuff. All the world got troubles. How many bullets we gotta take out of your goonsquad, anyway?"
"Babygirl I'm hearing him out, ain't I?"
No. 523021 ID: d0a0a2

Just this one. We brought her stuff, didn't we?
No. 523022 ID: dcd676

This. Also, if we do get in, see if Sara would get that Shield upgrade injected for us.
No. 523025 ID: 57a559

We have Keesha's stuff, and this goonsquad of mine helped us with getting rid of a jerk in the world, also saved this building from getting blown up pretty bad by self-sacrificing idiots thinking that would send a message.

So, hey, we're at least even right now. Let me owe you another favor. Might go drinking later?
No. 523048 ID: 23b97a

Well, I brought you back your stuff. Also there's the fact we just finished improving the general quality of your neighborhood.
No. 523050 ID: f5680f

One bullet. If it isn't taken out she'll have trouble walking for the rest of her life.
No. 523207 ID: 01531c

>"And I'm talking a reason to convince me."
Forget talking, just drop the girl, and pull out Purple Rain.

That's reason enough.
No. 523209 ID: f5680f

Oh. If she keeps giving you any trouble, say that you could make it two bullets that need extracting...
No. 523222 ID: 0eef61
File 137341536183.png - (13.56KB , 800x600 , 129.png )

"if this lady doesn't get her leg looked at she might never walk again."
"What?" says Penelope.
"and i found purple rain." 73-6 pulls out the album.

Keisha crosses her arms. "Don't know why we bein so stupid, but get your ass in here." she says, stepping from the doorway. "Ain't nothing good gonna come out of all this charity. Never does."

Penelope pulls her helmet off as the two operatives enter the apartment. She leans against the counter and her leg is immediately set upon by a concerned Sara.
"73-6 was right," she says. "We gotta deal with this quick."
"Ow," says Penelope. "Hola."
"Uh, hi. Sorry. Can you roll up your pants?"
"It's a unitard," says Penelope.
"Are you all right with it getting cut up, then?" asks Sara.

"we're really grateful." 73-6 hands the albums over. "this is another favor i owe you."
"I ain't the one been patching you people up." Keisha purses her lips and leans against the fridge.
For some reason 73-6 briefly considers offering to buy her a drink, before he remembers that he is a stitched Frankenstinian killer.
"This is gonna take a while, guys," says Sara. "Someone help me clear the couch off."
"are you trained to install shell upgrades?" asks 73-6.
"Oh, yeah. I could do that for you. Stick it in the fridge for now. We gotta get to that leg first."
No. 523224 ID: dcd676

Just cooperate for now. Clean off their couch, be ready to provide anything else she might need to help with that leg. Also, did we bring the fishnets? We should hand those over as well. Can't forget dem fishnets.
No. 523226 ID: 23b97a

Here's hoping our bosses don't decide to order us to murder them, now. That would suck.

I guess stick the upgrade in the fridge and play assistant to the medic, for now.

What are we doing about our own evac? We could probably walk right out of here after the first aid is done. Well, provided stitched Frankenstinian monsters can walk the street without raising eyebrows around here. Do we need to schedule a pickup or something?
No. 523227 ID: f5680f

Yep. Stick that in the fridge.

...did we not call in all our kills yet?
No. 523341 ID: 0eef61
File 137344220742.png - (16.46KB , 800x600 , 130.png )

73-6 sticks the Shell upgrade in the fridge and then goes to clean the couch off.

Sara's brushing sawdust off the table. She hands him a cardboard box to go put in the kitchen somewhere.
"is that a drill?"
"Oh, don't look in there," says Sara. "That is probably the worst birdhouse I've ever made."
"you do woodwork?"
"Well, you gotta do something to keep your hands steady when you're not doing, uh," she gestures to Penelope's bloody leg. "You'd think I'd be better at it but I keep drilling the holes in the wrong place. Ha! Uh, don't worry, miss, uh,"
"Penelope," says Penelope. "I ain't worried. You're not using a drill on me or anything."
"Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that! Hah! Uh, that was a joke. Sorry. Don't worry. I'm good at this. I promise."

"The fact that he kept these motherfuckers is a mixed blessing," says Keisha, looking at the fishnets. "We been broke up for months, now."
"i found them in a pile of clothes."
"That is not okay." Keisha makes as much of a face as her permanently chilly expression allows. "I bet he was smellin this shit or whatever. Ugh."
"yeah. that's fucked up."

"is it all right that i didn't call in any of those kills?"
"It's fine," says Monica. "There was only one that we were really after and you got him. Mostly."
"and i don't need to kill these people or anything?"
"Not unless you feel like you have to."
"of course i don't."
"Don't get attached to them or anything, Sev."
"you gonna get jealous?"
"In your dreams, Patch Adams."
"i got a confirmed kill on two guys and a disable on two more. that brancher liked pulling headshots."
"I'll put it down," says Monica. "You can go ahead and extract whenever, Sev. That was some excellent fieldwork you did this couple days. Especially that computer last night. That was a friggin' windfall. We've actually just now gotten into the communications for the neighborhood from it, did you know that?"
No. 523342 ID: 0eef61
File 137344222978.png - (11.52KB , 800x600 , 131.png )

"Yeah. It- Oh, speaking of. Hold on. Gimme a second. What's going on, 62?"
A muffled response.
Monica's voice is suddenly very tense.
"Show me.

Oh, shit. Sev. I'm sorry. Shit. Shit shit. We kept you there too long."
No. 523343 ID: 0eef61
File 137344229655.png - (7.18KB , 800x600 , 132.png )


"I need you to stay very calm, and I need you to stay inside, and tell everyone to get away from any windows. Right now."

"monica, what's going on?"

"I'm looking at a situation outside, Sev-three. There might be some people out there looking for you.

We might have kicked the hornet's nest on this one, Sev."
No. 523345 ID: 35edd4


Close the blinds/curtains without showing yourself in them. Get more details and warn the others. Be careful not to surprise Sara into screwing up.
No. 523346 ID: e213ca


Point out you still have a pile of semtex and a detonator for it.

The brancher can boost up for a very good throw, and deal significant damage-albeit with collateral.

What sort of problem are we looking at?

Inform everyone nearby to move away from the windows.
No. 523350 ID: 57a559

So, more Famitasawhatits, a rival agency, or the cops? I figure the cops would stay out of this.
No. 523358 ID: d0a0a2

it might be whats-his-face that barduk was chatting to, come to exact revenge for the threats.
No. 523359 ID: 23b97a

Pass the warning on (guys, not to be alarmist, but I need you to stay away from the windows), while trying to get a look at what's going on.

Ask Monica exactly what we're looking at here. A sniper? A kill team? An army?

Have they made your position? They know what floor and room we're on?
No. 523364 ID: 0eef61
File 137346261922.png - (16.53KB , 800x600 , 133.png )

73-6 carefully puts the box of stuff down.
"i don't want to freak anyone out, but i need everyone to get away from the windows. right now."

He flattens himself against the wall near the window. "is there a shutter on this?"
Sara drops and crawls next to him. She reaches up and brings the blinds down.
"What's happening?" she asks. Her voice is deadbolt monotone.
"hold on."

"monica, we're all wondering what's going on up here."
"I'm not sure," says Monica. "But they're monitoring the building, and they've got snipers. At least three."
"do they know where i am?"
"Not yet. Jesus. I'm sorry, Sev. I'm really sorry."
"don't worry. focus. they fantomas?"
"Fantomas, LDC, shit. It's a gangster paradise out there right now. Catching an agent napping barely ever happens. They're out for you. You gotta hide, Sev. Just-stay where you are. Get them to keep you in there. Make them, if you have to. We need to organize an extraction."
"how long will that take?"
"An hour. A day. A week. I don't know. I'm getting central. Don't die."

All the buildings around are civilian, mostly hab-blocks. Any explosions will cause considerable collateral damage.
No. 523365 ID: 76b151

Right, at least we have lots of weapons to hand out. I suggest setting up the turret somewhere and sealing the exits off with furniture.
No. 523367 ID: ea4b0b

ok, I am voting we head to the roof, or at least close TO the roof. Going straight out there before extraction arrives might be a bad idea, due to the whole sniper thing.
I say we head up to a place where we can wait by the doors, and rocket out there when the helicopter or whatever arrives to lift us outta that hole.
No. 523368 ID: 23b97a

...all right.

Biggest immediate problem is we're surrounded by civies. A war breaks out here and a lot of people are getting hurt. That also limits our ability to lock down or trap the building- we run the risk of a civilian triggering any trap before the enemy breaches. We're putting the entire building at risk by being here. More specifically, you put the people in this room at risk by being here.

Is there like a lock-down procedure? Get people to hide in their homes? Although that might make us stand out more, and make it easier for the enemy to move in.

Is there a feed to an external cameras? Be nice to see what was going on out there.

Two immediate things we can do is have the medic keep patching up sword girl (sorry, looks like we're both on overtime) and get that upgrade installed before you go to kill or things.

Would it be possible to cut the semtex into smaller charges, like you can with C4? Do we have the detonators for that, or just the one? Small, strategically placed charges (say in the front entrance, in the stairwells, and the elevators) could be used to deny the enemy points of entry / collapse stuff on them without risking the structural integrity of the building. If we know what we're doing, at least.

>to the others
I'm sorry. Apparently a whole gaggle of gangs just showed up to kill me.
No. 523376 ID: f5680f

Hey, the medic needs to finish her work.
No. 523381 ID: 108756

get sara to finish working on the leg, we'll need the support. tell them there are at least 3 gang member snipers outside the building and that you're hoping they're not gonna gun down the whole building.

make it sound like they should keep you and penelope around for protection.
No. 523383 ID: 735f4f

Our biggest concern right now is making sure they do not find out where we are. Am sure eventually they will try to sweep the building and be much nastier about it then the last attempt.

Keep the explosives handy they might come in useful as a distraction later.

Tell everyone whats up and ask if they know any hiding places or sneaky ways of getting out of the building.
No. 523384 ID: 0eef61
File 137347015767.png - (14.41KB , 800x600 , 134.png )

"all right. everyone take a weapon. we're locking the apartment down. penelope where did your clothes go."
"I didn't want to rip the unitard, ese."

"What the fuck is going on, moldy?" asks Keisha.
"there are people outside with guns," says 73-6. "three snipers, at least. you need us here to protect you." He's borrowed the drill and is using it to bolt the shotgun turret to the kitchen counter while Sara boards up the door.
"I knew it. Dammit I knew being a good person would bite us in the ass, Sara."
"Keisha would you PLEASE just grab a gun and do as he says," buzzes Sara. "You can give him shit about it when we're all safe."
"All right, all right." Keisha grabs the assault rifle. "But I call the biggest gun."
"just keep your head down and you'll be fine."
"Shit, boy, what do you think I been doing all my life?"

"Keesh, make sure her leg stays clean bandaged. 73-6, get over here and I'll put in that shell upgrade. Let's just all, let's just- hoof. Try not to lose our heads in here."

Cutting the semtex is possible, but they only have the one booster charge, so they could only use one wad. 73-6 could trim it down to make the explosion more manageable, though that would render much of the explosive useless. If there are camera feeds 73-6 can't get to them from here.
No. 523386 ID: f5680f

Having some useful explosives is better than not being able to use any explosives safely at all.

Let's get that shell upgrade going.
No. 523388 ID: 0eef61
File 137347138651.png - (11.60KB , 800x600 , 135.png )

"You're gonna feel a sting."
"nothing i'm not used t-ow."

Choose your upgrade path:

Wetwork: 73-6 can go into a focused killer trance once per mission. This is a five second window of heightened reflexes, immediate tactical thinking, and immunity to pain.

Stealth: 73-6 can create a suppressing field between his thumb and forefinger once every three minutes or so, which can suppress any one gunshot to the volume of a polite cough.

Tech: 73-6's hacking ability continues to improve, and he gains more advanced options with hacked systems.

No. 523389 ID: ea4b0b

gonna vote HACKING.
No. 523390 ID: 933f92

Stealth is good. Very good. Especially if it also works on the immediate sonic bang of the bullet and the workings of the gun.
No. 523391 ID: ea4b0b

also, as an aside: dang, pen's pretty bumpin'
No. 523392 ID: 23b97a

...okay. I want better hacking. I want the silencer. But right now? We're surrounded by enemies and going to war.

The kill-trance is the most directly applicable skill to that.
No. 523393 ID: f5680f

I think the kill-trance is our best bet here. It's super good for room-clearing and we could use some extra oomph for getting out of here alive.
No. 523394 ID: ccb4bf

No. 523395 ID: 5d4146

Stealth. We're the assassin. Not the berzerker, for those wanting to go Wetwork.
At best, I see that as a one-time eagle-eye view of things with damage negation for a turn. Not that useful.
No. 523399 ID: 7dbd6b

Hacking. We're gonna be setting up ambushes and such, keeping everyone alive for an extended amount of time. Setting up traps is conducive to that goal.

And also we already have guns with silencers.
No. 523404 ID: 888df6

Hacking does seem super useful actually, so voting for it.

The stealth doesn't sound like it would work for two-handed weapons anyway.
No. 523413 ID: d78743

Hacking. We still got that turret I believe.
No. 523448 ID: 35edd4

No. 523450 ID: 35edd4

Also, point out that the snipers would be here whether or not you'd came up to get help with the bullet. Except if you hadn't, they'd be on their own for surviving this.
No. 523452 ID: 23b97a

No, let's not try to weasel out of responsibility for the death squad here to kill us. The sassy black chick will sass our shit for that.

They'd be safer if we left them. Hell, they'd be safest if we went and let ourself get killed!

We got 'em into this by coming here, and by not getting out clean.
No. 523458 ID: eaa372

We don't know much about collapsing parts of a building so go ahead and cut the semtex down to size, something big enough for breaching a door or to be used as a distraction.
No. 523459 ID: 0eef61
File 137348947680.png - (11.20KB , 800x600 , 136.png )

With a click, 73-6's brain floods with data, knowledge, and noise.

He can now hack more advanced systems, and when he hacks them he gains even more options.

"How's that feel?" asks Sara, swabbing his neck.
"feels great," says 73-6, as data windows and loading bars flower across his vision. "shit. i'm in the matrix."

"Well what's the plan now that we're all holed up and updated, Neo?"
No. 523461 ID: f5680f

Hey, do they have a connection to the apartment systems here? At all? Let's survey our hacking options in regards to hacking the complex. Also, if they have an internet connection maybe we can do some hacking of the systems near the complex, to get some eyes outside more than there already are from our earlier hacking.
No. 523464 ID: ea4b0b

as I said before, we should go for the level just below the roof so we can get out there when the chopper arrives to life us out but also keep us from being easily sniped by people on adjacent buildings.
No. 523465 ID: 23b97a

...can we hack Sara? Not you know, to do anything bad, but to fix that voice mod problem.

Alternatively, getting into the building systems if we can is a good first move idea. Eyes and information are needed.

The best plan would probably be to sneak out and find some way to slow or waylay our attackers. If we hole up in the apartment and wait for them to break in for a shoot out, it's just a matter of time. You want to stall as long as possible.
No. 523491 ID: 0eef61
File 137349409162.png - (12.42KB , 800x600 , 137.png )

"i need a computer."
"The computer's in my room," says Keisha. "We only got the one."
"Which is b.s." says Sara.
"Baby you are a computer."

73-6 rushes to the computer and pulls the chair out.
"Do you need my password?" asks Sara.
"no need."
"What? Oh. Well, look at that. Huh."
"you got wifi?"
"Of course. Why?"
No. 523492 ID: 0eef61
File 137349409923.png - (16.66KB , 800x600 , 138.png )

In minutes 73-6 is pulling surveillance feed from all over the building. Only the hallways have cameras he can get into, as well as the elevators (which only run up to floor 25 then stop for the cheaper rooms).

There they are. Two patrols of two. One coming up in an elevator from the lower building and one combing the 38th floor.

73-6 feels his mouth pull into a wicked grin. It's hunting season.
No. 523493 ID: 35edd4

If we can get to the elevator exit in time, we can ambush those two pretty easily since we know where they'll be coming out. First, though, patch the surveillance access you've got here back into HQ so they can put manpower on watching all the cameras and keeping you advised over comms while you're away from the computer.
No. 523494 ID: 76b151

can you hack the elevator to give those two in there an express trip to the basement?
No. 523496 ID: 7dbd6b

Should probably get on a different floor before murdering everyone. I recommend setting up the turret on the 38th (37th? 39th? Depends on which way they're going, and how fast you can take the stairs) floor, and going after the elevator crew.

Hacking Sara's voice problem before we go could be cool though.
No. 523498 ID: f5680f

Spend 5 hours playing Civ X and only stop when the mooks finally get past the others' fortifications and shoot you. Wait no, don't do that.

Instead, find out what floor the elevator's gonna arrive at, and if we can get there before it arrives, plant the explosive at their stop to take 'em out as they get off. Ooor we could just drop the explosive onto the elevator to both disable the elevator and kill the occupants. Disabling the elevator would help us in the long run by reducing the entry points to the building. After we take care of that, wait on the 39th or 40th floor for the other patrol and ambush them on the stairwell.
No. 523500 ID: 23b97a

Can you remotely tie yourself into these systems? Or give the feeds to HQ, or have one of the girls watch the cameras and keep in touch by radio with us?

Ambushing the elevator seems easy. Or hacking the elevator to drop them to their death.

Sword girl isn't mobile, I guess she's sitting here with the civies.

We already set the turret up to watch the apartment, which is a good use for it.
No. 523511 ID: 0eef61
File 137349645901.png - (7.32KB , 800x600 , 139.png )

73-6 can't hack the elevator into freefall.

He can hack it into a grinding halt, which he does.
It's now stuck between floor 15 and floor 16. He disables the doors too. Just in case.

The guys inside start flailing around like chickens with no heads. It's gold.
No. 523512 ID: 35edd4

Okay, great, now patch the cameras in to HQ and go hunting! Maybe focus on the ones who are still free first.
No. 523513 ID: 76b151

they'll probably eventually go out through the top but thats good enough.

Lets go ambush ourselves some gangbangers. Make sure to stay away from windows!
No. 523514 ID: 23b97a

All right. Let's go kill some guys. If possible, stay in radio contact with the girls while one of them watches the cameras. Or hook yourself up to a remote feed, or something.

Everyone else, hang tight, and stay away from the windows.
No. 523515 ID: f5680f

Alright let's leave them there for now and catch those guys on floor 38. How long until they finish combing the floor and get to the next one? Maybe we should go ambush them on 39?

We can probably stay connected to the girls by having the agency keep a line of communication open through the computer.
No. 523532 ID: 0eef61
File 137349829192.png - (8.27KB , 800x600 , 140.png )

73-6 wires up a quick call to his own uplink.
"testing," says the computer.
"okay, good. i'll keep in contact with you guys from here."
"Where are you gooAAAH 73-6 what are you doing back there wait. WAIT. AAAAAaaaaah. Waaaah. I can yell again!"
"you scratch my back. there a vent or something around here?"
"Um. UM! UMMMMMMMM." Sara is still experimenting with her newfound volume.

"Bathroom," says Keisha. "Maan, shit was so tranquil around here. Why you gotta give Sara her voice back."
"Keeeesh," says Sara.
"What, Sara."

"Shit stopped getting tranquil when you let an assassin crash on your couch, chica." Penelope is kicking back in her underwear. "Where you going, 73-6?"
No. 523534 ID: 76b151

Got some gangsters to kill.
No. 523536 ID: f5680f

Say you're gonna go murder some poor unknowing fantomas. Specifically floor 39, gonna ambush one of those patrols when they start climbing the stairs. Why, she think she can walk? She can stay off her leg, it's just two guys out in the open, then two guys in a box.
No. 523553 ID: 23b97a

Going to murder some gangster scouts searching the building for us. Or me, at least. I dunno if they know you're here or not.
No. 523567 ID: 7dbd6b

Where are you going?

You're going to work.
No. 523574 ID: f0357f

I second this motion.

"Do you guys want me to grab you anything while I'm out?"
No. 523603 ID: dcd676

This. Both of these.
No. 523613 ID: 0eef61
File 137351629465.png - (6.27KB , 800x600 , 141.png )

"i'm going to go do my job," says 73-6, opening the door to the bathroom. "and i am going to kill a lot of people."

He pulls the vent off the wall. "want me to bring anything back?"
"Yo ass without a bullet in it would be a nice change of pace," says Keisha.

"Good hunting, 73-6," says Penelope.
He pulls a quick salute and slides into the vent.
No. 523614 ID: 0eef61
File 137351632183.png - (11.87KB , 800x600 , 142.png )

"He's cool," says Sara.

"He's a pro," says Penelope.

"He a crazy psycho," says Keisha.

"You guys get cable up here?" asks Penelope.
No. 523617 ID: 0eef61
File 137351638252.png - (13.09KB , 800x600 , 143.png )

"i'm going on the offensive, monica."
"You're not going outside, are you?"
"no. but there's teams inside looking for me, and i intend to find them first. those cams showing up on your feed yet?"
"What- oh, hey. Damn, Sev, this assignment's been a learning experience for you, hasn't it?"
"there should be a patrol around floor 38."
"37, now, actually. Looks like they're going down."

73-6 opens the door to floor 37 very slowly. Floors 35 and up are the brutalist concrete economy apartments, two-tiered, low-ceiling little dorms where the people who can barely even afford a hab-block apartment live.
"they here?"
"Yeah. Two. Looks like a standard shakedown doorknock kind of deal. A face and an enforcer. They're about to hit the last room on the corner. You've got two minutes max."
"Be careful, Sev. That guy has a bigass gun."
No. 523619 ID: f0357f

Utilize your magnetic power to Spider-Man an ambush from the balcony above.
No. 523623 ID: 78d039

Remember, bullets in bad men.
No. 523624 ID: f5680f

I thought we couldn't climb with the magnetic upgrade.

It's gonna be our big gun soon. Creep over to the corner, then just have Monica tell you when his back is turned. Then we can pop around the corner and shiv him. Or shoot him with something armor-piercing pointblank if he's all armored. It kinda looks like he might be. We should immediately kill the face afterwards, he's not likely to be well armed.
No. 523628 ID: f5680f

...hey, you remembered to clean the blood off the spike, right?
No. 523638 ID: 0eef61
File 137352163792.png - (5.31KB , 800x600 , 144.png )

While 73-6's field doesn't give him any climbing powers, and concrete isn't renowned for its magnetic properties, pulling himself up onto the balcony isn't difficult.

The spike is clean and ready.

By the time he rounds the corner the two men are already inside the next apartment. The door is ajar.

"My name is Errol, and this is my friend Eddy. We'd like to ask you a few questions."
"I sorry. No English. I sorry."
"Don't lie, please."
"No English. I sorry."
There is a loud crash from inside the apartment.
"You speak English, Mr. Chatreet, and we'd like to ask you some questions, and if you lie to me again Eddy is going to hurt you."
"I'm sorry. Jesus Christ. I'm sorry."
No. 523640 ID: f5680f

We can't be seen. No heroics.

...well, maybe we can hurry things up. Can you reach down and knock on the door? With a gun or something? Or wait, where does that door behind you lead?
No. 523642 ID: 23b97a

>Girls reactions.
Yes. Penelope's respect and progress with cyber-Sara. Neato.

Hmm. They seem occupied. Two things I can think of are either sneaking down and shooting them from behind now, on waiting until they exit the room and shooting them in the heads from above.

The trade offs are whether we want to risk putting the civilian at risk firing into his apartment, or by letting the goons have their way with him.

...hey, what are the rules of engagement? This isn't a normal job, right? Do we still have to kill the civy down there if he sees us? I'd kind of think not.
No. 523646 ID: dcd676

On track to best end :3c

Anyway, I think our best approach right now would be to wait and drop onto 'Eddy'. Sev's a relatively heavy guy and that's quite a fall, so it should at least keep him down long enough to spike his partner before dealing with him.
No. 523652 ID: 7dbd6b

The purpose of this assignment was to send a message. I think that maybe, just maybe... Witnesses might be alright for this one.
No. 523655 ID: 35edd4

Is publicity a thing HQ cares about in the slightest? Rescuing a dude might help improve the popular perception of you.
No. 523659 ID: 9ddf68

I say wait for the guys to come out then jump down on top of the big one with the gun and shiv him well you pop the other guy in the head with your gun in your free hand.
No. 523664 ID: 0eef61
File 137352845811.png - (14.50KB , 800x600 , 145.png )

73-6 is not on-mission. No civilians need to be killed.
He can even save a few, and maybe freak the shit out of them in the process.

"If you see him, you call us immediately, you understand?" Errol kicks a book on the floor, for emphasis. "We're here for your protection, Mr. Chatreet, but you have to trust us. My associate and I will now be leaving. Eddy?"
No. 523665 ID: 0eef61
File 137352846801.png - (13.15KB , 800x600 , 146.png )

No. 523668 ID: 0eef61
File 137352856573.png - (12.44KB , 800x600 , 147.png )

No. 523669 ID: 0eef61
File 137352857418.png - (10.02KB , 800x600 , 148.png )

No. 523670 ID: dcd676

Wave to the guy and then spike the one you're sitting on. Dunno what we should do about the corpses.
No. 523672 ID: 9ddf68

take the body of guy you just shot out of the dude's apartment and search both of them for any useful tools then move on to your next pray.
No. 523673 ID: bf54a8

guy he is sitting on already been spiked. advise him to lock the door and don't let anyone in for say... 6 hours.
No. 523674 ID: 57a559

You saw me! Better call them boys!
No. 523675 ID: 35edd4

And to stay away from the windows.

Don't forget to loot the big gun and any spare ammo for it.
No. 523676 ID: 35edd4

Time to get the elevator dudes. Get Monica to give you an update.
No. 523680 ID: d0a0a2

Loot the gun, say >>523674 and then high tail it out of there, gotta find a good spot for killing!
No. 523707 ID: 23b97a

Yes wave.

Sorry about the goon squad and the mess, you probably want to lock you door.
No. 523724 ID: e213ca


"you know, i don't think these guys are really your friends."
No. 523749 ID: 7dbd6b

The guys in the elevator could take a while to get out; they were between the 15th and 16th floor, so to get to you they'd need to go up. Just put the turret in the stairwell (probably on a floor above or below the one everyone else is on) and go back to the computer room.
No. 523750 ID: 0eef61
File 137357497620.png - (8.70KB , 800x600 , 149.png )

73-6 picks up the enforcer's rifle. It's a chunky 60-round LMG. There's 60 more rounds on the body, which is still twitching and kicking as the spike's electricity erratically pings off dying nerve endings.

"go back inside, lock your door, and don't let anyone in."
"and dont forget to call these guys. there's a dangerous killer on the loose."
"Uhh okay."
No. 523751 ID: 0eef61
File 137357498546.png - (11.25KB , 800x600 , 150.png )

"how are those elevator guys doing?"
"Looks like they've figured out how to get out," she reports. "They're on top of the elevator inside the shaft, trying to figure out what to do now."
"they can't just open the door on the next floor?"
"Looks like they're trying to get it open now. Still around floor 16, though."

"anything else?"
"Yeah, activity on... Looks like floor 60. I can see movement through the skylight. There's no cameras on the roof, I don't know what's going on up there.
No. 523752 ID: f5680f

Let's just go shoot those guys on the elevator. Can we get those doors on the 16th floor opened remotely? Perhaps guide one of the ladies through it? Wait, no, we can save a bit of time and open some doors higher up, like on the 20th floor.
No. 523753 ID: bf54a8

go to floor 17, open the door and shoot down at them.
No. 523754 ID: 9ddf68

ok with the elevator guys, could we just turn the elevator back on and have it go up to the highest floor it can go and crush the guys one top? if not lets just rise/lower it to our floor open the doors and use our new LMG to blow them away and by this point the guys on the roof should come into camera view so we'll know what to expect by then.
No. 523756 ID: 23b97a

We could start the elevator up again. Bring it to a higher floor. And then without warning bring it to a stop again, and use the LMG to kill them to death right before the door. (either we line up the top or inside of the elevator with the door, depending on where they are).

Saves us from having to walk down ~20 floors to get to them.
No. 523757 ID: 76b151

I like it.
No. 523759 ID: d78743

They'll just go back inside the elevator if we turn it back on
No. 523760 ID: 23b97a

Yes, but our eye in the sky will know that. They won't know what floor they're going to, though.

We the elevator reaches our floor, we stop it (lining up the top or bottom of the elevator with the door as appropriate) and mow them down with the large machine gun without even opening the door. Unless they have heavy weapons, they won't even be able to return fire. Shooting soldiers in a box.
No. 523777 ID: 2f4b71

37 - 16 = 21. Say, 3m per floor at a conservative guess, so a 63m drop. 35ms^-1 at the bottom, or about 80mph.

What could we push down an elevator shaft that would ruin the day of two goons sitting on top of an elevator car?
No. 523778 ID: 0eef61
File 137358286729.png - (6.64KB , 800x600 , 151.png )

Without access to a computer and a couple minutes to hack, 73-6 can't make the elevator do anything.

Remember: the elevator only goes up to floor 25, then stops for the cheaper floors. If 73-6 wants to reach them he's in for a little walk.

As for something to drop on them, he doesn't have much besides his gun, his spike, and oh, this little semtex grenade he carved out of the block earlier.
No. 523779 ID: bf54a8

oh boy that sounds awesome. give them a present.
No. 523782 ID: f5680f

Maybe we should ignore them for now until they figure out how to get out and start climbing the stairs. I'd like to save the grenade for a bigger threat than just two dudes.

Let's start moving up towards the roof. Stop on floor 55 or so if we don't hear about a change in the skylight before then.
No. 523785 ID: 35edd4

This sounds like a better plan. Let's deal with threats in order of threat, not in order of convenience.
No. 523788 ID: 57a559

You know, you should have made a small user interface for Sara, Keesh or Penny could have used to control the elevators at your command. Unless that's above your skill level or it would take too long. Something to think about next time, maybe you can send an app to them through wifi for the next computer you get your hands on if you can do it quickly.

Ask Monica for some more ideas on what to do now.
No. 523800 ID: 0eef61
File 137358703870.png - (23.82KB , 800x600 , 152.png )

73-6 ascends to the upper floors.

These are the Coffin rows, where the people who can't even afford rooms go. You don't live here. Here you just exist.
You get a bed and a low crawlspace to use it. The courtyard is open up to the air, so they can just use the sun and not have to waste money on electric lights. The Coffin rows go five floors down, and get darker and darker as you go.
Gangs like the Fantomas get a lot of recruits from Coffin rows.

To be fair, so do the agencies.

There are Fantomas soldiers rappelling in. These guys aren't the patrols from the lower floors, who are probably residents of the Hab-Block who put on the uniform when they're needed. These are the closest the Fantomas Vengadores have to an army.
They're going around the coffins, rapping on the doors.
No. 523805 ID: 9ddf68

any way to sneak around them like vents or something? If not I suggest just waiting till they're in the open then blast them while they are sitting ducks since there seems to be little to no cover in there and since you're around a corner you'd be the only one with actual cover.
No. 523806 ID: 23b97a

Hmm. This ain't so good. Too many in one place, and more coming in. If you engage now, we run the risk of being overwhelmed. You need to pick them off in smaller groups. ...or get them all at once with your grenade.

Are they interrogating the coffin inhabitants, or are they summoning members to join their ranks?
No. 523807 ID: f5680f

Okay this might be a bit too much for us. They're spread out, have better cover than us, and are well trained. I think we need to wait for a better tactical situation, or make one. We need them to group up at a chokepoint or something, where we can get at least two of them with the grenade and use the unpleasant surprise to take out the other two.
No. 523815 ID: d78743

Can we change the friend/foe designations on the Popstopper we picked up now that we upgraded our hacking? I'm thinking that could be helpful for setting up an ambush.
No. 523818 ID: bf54a8

just set it to kill anything. then place it on the door w came in from, on the other side, around chest high up. then turn it on. duck under it. and come back to this corner, line up and take a few shots, maybe kill one or two then run, dive under the detector for the thing and go around the corner, they will chase after you and BAM, one of them just had a really bad day. you are around the next corner, when one ducks under the beam to get through you shoot them.
No. 523821 ID: 23b97a

We bolted the turret to the counter in the girl's apartment, and left it pointed at the door. We don't have it with us anymore.
No. 523825 ID: 0eef61
File 137359485730.png - (23.83KB , 800x600 , 153.png )

73-6 waits behind the wall as the soldiers finish rappelling in and start to comb the coffins.
About two minutes in he hears a woman screaming up on the higher decks.

There's a loud crack that echoes through the courtyard and cuts her off.
"Jesus," mutters one of the guys on the ground floor.
"Gordon?" The other calls to the catwalks. "What the fuck was that?"
"Just hurry up and get back down here, man. We gotta double-time this."
"That's fucking Gordon for you," says his partner.
No. 523826 ID: 23b97a

They're killing civies? Fuckers.

>Just hurry up and get back down here
They're all going to be clumped together in a minute. Then we can go for the grenade.

...provided we don't fuck up and lob it down the hole in the floor. Or they don't kick it down. Hope you're good at precise, timed throws, Sev.
No. 523827 ID: bf54a8

is the glass that guy standing on bulletproof? if not then shoot it to give him a fun time. then shoot his friend.
No. 523830 ID: bf54a8

if they are gonna cluster, then yeah cool. also that is a glass sunroof thing.
No. 523840 ID: f5680f

We don't need a timed throw. We have a detonator. Which I hope we fixed by putting the chip or whatever back in?
No. 523917 ID: 0eef61
File 137360754553.png - (15.21KB , 800x600 , 154.png )

73-6 waits for the men to group up, but before all four of them are together they start to head for his hiding place behind the pillar.

He lets fly with the semtex a little early.

"What's-" says Gordon, and then 73-6 pulls the detonator's trigger.
Two of them are killed immediately. The man who was on the plate glass falls screaming through.
No. 523919 ID: 23b97a

Two dead, one falling to his death. That leaves one.

He's still looking at the explosion. Quick, before he reacts appropriately, and starts looking for you or dives for cover- mow him down.
No. 523920 ID: f5680f

Quickly shoot the guy on the ledge. If you can, try to avoid shooting into a coffin because you might kill a civvie. But don't worry too much about it- priority one is neutralizing the threat.

After he's dead, check on the guy that fell. Shoot him too if he's still moving.
No. 523929 ID: 0eef61
File 137360849994.png - (68.53KB , 800x600 , 155.png )

The LMG makes a short, furious chattering noise and slings a brutal curtain of lead at the final Fantoma.

He takes one in the shoulder before he can pull the trigger, and then a second through the chest drops him.

73-6 is pretty sure he saw a bullet punch through that coffin behind him, but you can't worry about every slummer in the Hab-Block.
No. 523931 ID: 23b97a

Take a look.

You okay in there, buddy?
No. 523932 ID: bf54a8

could of been lucky and it was empty at the moment of you missed the person inside, anyway where are some others?
No. 523933 ID: f5680f

Get an eyeball on the guy on the floor below us, to see if he's moving. If not, let's go down there and just pop him one without wasting a bunch of ammo.
No. 523934 ID: 9ddf68

great now that this is dealt with just make sure the guy who fell is really dead and also no one else is coming down the sky light. then loot any ammo you can find and then check with command to see what else we have to deal with.
No. 523951 ID: ccb4bf

check on the civilian and confirm your kills.
No. 524139 ID: 0eef61
File 137369565708.png - (7.16KB , 800x600 , 156.png )

The men are all dead.
73-6 fires a couple rounds into the twitching smear the floor below, just to be sure.
No more movement from the roof. 73-6 doesn't want to go up there when there are snipers crawling around.

He opens the coffin he accidentally shot into.
"hey, is anyone in here? are you okay?

oh. oops."
Well, at least he's not mad. Probably.
There's not a lot of face left to tell.
No. 524143 ID: f5680f

Oh well. Still, considering Gordon's actions, we probably saved at least one other coffin-dweller by taking care of those soldiers. We're still karmically in the black. Cover him with his sheet and let's go kill those last two guys.

Ironic how he died in a coffin, EH? EHHHHHH?
No. 524148 ID: ccb4bf

can you find the coffin from which came the scream?
No. 524149 ID: f0357f

get his wallet!
No. 524150 ID: 9ddf68

um, ashes to ashes dust to dust...

well we gave him a moment of silence so lets see what else we still have to do. And if anyone ask the Fantomas did it. don't forget to grab some spare ammo from these guys either before you go.
No. 524153 ID: 35edd4

Getting off-mission there. No sense putting the other residents at risk by not prioritizing dealing with the remaining Fantomas.
No. 524158 ID: 0eef61
File 137369779245.png - (8.11KB , 800x600 , 157.png )

The coffin stiff had 30 dollars to his name, and a folded library card identifying him as Shaun Podilac. 73-6 takes both.
He also takes 50 more rounds for the machinegun he's packing, collected from the remains of his enemies.

Time to deal with the last patrol.

"i am getting. agh. really. tired. agh. of these goddamn. stairs."
"Cardio, Sev! Cardio!"
"what am i dealing. gah. what am i dealing with down there?"
"They're starting to force the doors open as we speak. Fifty-fifty they'll be out by the time you get to floor 16."
No. 524160 ID: f5680f

We've got cameras everywhere they can go. How about you rest up a bit and let them do a bit of climbing up the stairs?
No. 524172 ID: 8e94a8

Have to at least get a few floors below Keisha's apartment before any standoffs. They're doing room to room searches and there's no way they'd get by without a shootout at this point.
It really is better to engage them as soon as possible to minimize the number of potentially lethal interrogations they perform.
No. 524188 ID: 6b40ea


Not much we could have done, really. The Fantomas were already hurting and/or killing residents. They were at risk by us doing nothing as much as engaging. And if we'd attacked earlier instead of waiting to use the grenade, it would have just been a bigger firefight, with more bullet spray and likely more casualties.

The only way to completely minimize civilian casualties would have been to immediately surrender. ...but we don't know they wouldn't have tried to teach the residents a lesson anyways.

At least we got a name. Does the agency have a policy about compensating relatives of wrongful or accidental corpses?
No. 524228 ID: 8e94a8

Since there's some breathing room, important question: Are there any special means the enemy could use against you if they find out they're up against a not-dead supersoldier like yourself? Infowar attacks against your technological parts, for instance? Or EMP?
No. 524254 ID: 0eef61
File 137374820468.png - (7.17KB , 800x600 , 158.png )

A direct blast from an EMP would disable a good amount of the machinery keeping 73-6 ticking. He wouldn't die, and his systems have failsafes that would bring him back online eventually, but for a good five minutes he would be in a shit ton of pain and operating at greatly reduced capacity.

73-6 takes a breather on floor 26.

"okay. let's let, hooftah. let them come to us for a change. what's the situation?"

"Looks like they've gotten out of the shaft on floor 16. They're crossing to the stairs. Doesn't look like they're checking any rooms this low in the building."

"oh, and i accidentally greased a civilian in the coffins. we don't have any sort of familial reimbursement thing or anything, do we?"
"We kiiind of do, but he was just a coffindweller, Sev. I wouldn't worry about it; they're not exactly... you know. Important to anyone. I could check for relatives for you, but the payout has a flat lower rate and it's probably more than this guy made in his lifetime. If he even has any relatives we can find. Usually the Bureau, uh, prioritizes their reimbursement programs a little differently."
No. 524260 ID: f5680f

He had 30 bux in his wallet, though. That seems a bit much for a coffin dweller... or is 30 bux like, nothing? Plus he was visiting the library regularly enough to have a card. Let's look him up at least.
No. 524265 ID: 6b40ea

>Usually the Bureau, uh, prioritizes their reimbursement programs a little differently.
She's saying they make moldies out of them, isn't she.

Eh, might as well look the name up. Poor bastard was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught in the crossfire.
No. 524297 ID: 0eef61
File 137375800046.png - (12.20KB , 800x600 , 159.png )

"i don't know. look him up. he had a library card and thirty bucks on him, he's got to have been someone."

"Well okay. But 30 bucks isn't exactly going to recoup the cash we'll have to spend on him if we find the family. A little ready to throw the Bureau's cash around, aren't we? This isn't gonna thrill them."
"i killed a guy."
"You kill a lot of guys."
"a civilian, though."
"I know, I know. Ok, I'm looking him up now, happy? We find anyone attached to him they'll get their money. Where'd this Samaritan streak come from, anyway? First the Brancher, now this guy."
"it seems right."
She sighs. "Well, it's a good thing we're not CEOs or anything. Heads up, those goons are on floor 20 by now. They're hustling."
No. 524299 ID: 6b40ea

Meh, maybe the Bureau will be happier when I kill this whole death squad coming for me.

(I'd suggest docking your pay, but zombie assassins probably don't get paid in the first place. You're an asset, not an employee).

>hustling up stairs.
Well, seems like we should set an ambush, then. We can take them either as they exit the stairwell, or as they run past a floor we're hiding on.

...or we could set up an ambush on the stairs. Set up with the gun around a blind corner so they run right into us.
No. 524302 ID: 8e94a8

If they're hustling, they probably aren't checking for traps~

If you can anticipate their route you can place the shotgun mine in their way and possibly end them both in a fashion that will ensure the custodian's job security for years to come.
No. 524303 ID: 6b40ea

>use the shotgun mine
We dun have it anymore.

>He's borrowed the drill and is using it to bolt the shotgun turret to the kitchen counter while Sara boards up the door.
No. 524329 ID: 5869f6

No. 524330 ID: cf49fc

"Consider it payback for getting me caught in a siege and making me accidentally shoot civilians."
No. 524331 ID: 0eef61
File 137376439524.png - (9.61KB , 800x600 , 160.png )

73-6 waits in the stairwell, armed and ready.

"-means there's something seriously wrong, is all I'm saying. And if there's an agent around then it's pretty obvious he's the wrong thing."

"You heard what they said. Don't worry about the agent. Just get the plans back."

"They can't even decode the plans. Why are they sending us into the goddamn line of fire?"

"Will you calm down? We're not-"
No. 524333 ID: 0eef61
File 137376441536.png - (10.42KB , 800x600 , 161.png )

73-6 never gets to find out what they aren't, because he twists round the corner and mows them both down with one extended burst of fire.
No. 524335 ID: 76b151

... message Keisha ask if she could look through the stuff you retrieved for anything that doesn't belong. Looks like you accidentally stole something valuable.
No. 524336 ID: 35edd4

Mention what you overheard to Monica while you loot the corpses.
No. 524339 ID: cf49fc

Ask for an ETA on backup, and information on exactly how many enemy units are present, and whether or not we can call in a huey for an extraction.
No. 524343 ID: 57a559

Start rapping "Everyday I'm Hustlin" to torment Monica's words and these poor fools' corpses.

Whip it real hard. Oh and check your corners.
No. 524344 ID: 6b40ea

Call it in, ask Monica if she sees any more baddies in the building.

Apparently they're trying to recover some plans. They find anything good in that hard drive we copied? Because I'm not sure where else the plans could be.
No. 524348 ID: 78d039

That's two of how many left?
No. 524352 ID: 8e94a8

If they're so concerned about the information you collected, maybe you should collect more~
No. 524383 ID: cdd85f

aww i wanted to know what weren't they.
tell monica about the plans. is this something we already picked up?
No. 524391 ID: 9ddf68

I think we got all immediate goons in the building but it never hurts to double check with HQ, also ask when you are likely to get a pick up cause at this rate you mate as well just start fighting street by street until you're back at HQ.
No. 524395 ID: 0eef61
File 137378759636.png - (10.61KB , 800x600 , 162.png )

"What do you mean stuff that don't belong?" asks Keisha. "I don't think any of these guns belong."
"yeah, but something different. something more valuable."
Keisha tuts. "I don't know. This cloak and dagger shit. I ain't got the eye."

"Pass the fffucking ball," yells Penelope in the background. "Madre de Dios!"

"What about the paper?" asks Sara.
"The what?" says Keisha.
"Me and the moldy found a bigass map or something in Barduk's safe room are these cabrones blind," says Penelope. "For fuck's sake!"
"You, uh, I'm done with the leg for the most part," says Sara. "You can put clothes back on."

"Oh," says Keisha. "Would you look at that." 73-6 hears the rustling of paper. "I'd say this fits the criteria you were lookin for, 73."

"any more baddies in the building?"
"Not that I can tell. Looks like they're pulling the primaries back. They've got some prisoners. That'll keep them occupied. Maybe they think one of them is you."
"snipers still out there? can i get an eta on that exit?"
"Ohh, yeah. There's at least a dozen shooters surrounding you, Sev-three. We've got to put together something serious to get you out, and I've got to convince management it's worth spending the resources on one reconstituted operative." Monica sighs. Her voice sounds haggard. "I hate to say it, but you might need to spend another night in enemy territory."
No. 524396 ID: f5680f

Tell dispatch they're after some plans you recovered from Barduk's place. So if the Bureau wants to find out what's so important, they're gonna want to extract you. That said, we do have some rather pleasant living arrangements, so they can take their time for now.
No. 524397 ID: bf54a8

can we get some digital pics of the stuff sent over? and then throw it out to them since we have copies? be all "hey fantomas, this what you looking for?"
No. 524398 ID: 9ddf68

eh we can look through some of the shit we took from these guys to see if we can't find anything interesting. Also one good thing about these dumb asses is they tend to carry lots of ammo so I'm not low on fire power so there's that at least.
No. 524399 ID: cf49fc

Inform command of all the data we've recovered. Also, inform them that dying really really hurts and you'd greatly appreciate not doing that again.

That said, command is a bunch of slimy pricks. Can we phone out for a subcontractor? Call in another Agency to extract our asses? We don't need much, just a dozen guys in trenchcoats with SMGs would do it. Any cheaper merc organizations we know of?
No. 524405 ID: d0a0a2

If by throw it out you mean set it on fire and throw it out the window, then that sounds great.
Otherwise, we shouldn't be giving the enemy what they want.
No. 524412 ID: c95833

All right. Tell Monica about the information you just overheard- they're not even looking for you. They're trying to recover some plans or something.

Time to double back to the apartment and upload copies of those plans to HQ. Maybe they can make out what it's worth?

>have to convince command it's worth rescuing one moldy operative.
Yeah, I figured. Takes a lot of manpower to break a siege, and we risk losing more than one person in the process. No hard feelings. We'll keep doing what we do.

I suppose if this goes on long enough, at least we'll have Penelope back on her feet. Then we got two assassins versus an army, at least.
No. 524413 ID: 76b151

Tell Monica to get some rest. An operator who is half-dead from exhaustion isn't going to do us any good when they make their next move.

73 can watch the cameras.
No. 524462 ID: 0eef61
File 137382637477.png - (7.13KB , 800x600 , 163.png )

"tell them i understand the situation. they can take their time. and you gotta rest, monica. i need my handler in good condition. i'll watch the cameras."
"You sure?"
"sure i'm sure. i'll be okay up here."
"Provided they let you stay there overnight again."
"i already managed to dump a junkie ninja on their couch. i think i've got the knack." 73-6 gathers the ammo from the dead enforcer. 20 rounds, and 40 dollars cash from their wallets. "they're looking for some kind of plans, here. i think it's something i stole. i'll bring it back to hq."

"Okay, Sev. I'm gonna make some calls and try to figure your extraction out. The channel's open if you need me. Stay safe, okay?"

73-6 climbs back up to floor 30. His ears are still ringing from all the close-quarters shooting he's done today.
No. 524464 ID: f5680f

Everything looks normal. Just remember not to go in through the front door, and warn the ladies through the computer that you're coming in through the vent.
No. 524468 ID: 9ddf68

yeah we did set up that shotgun turret and never really did figure out how to change it's IFF tags so I really don't think we should go through the front door.
No. 524469 ID: c95833

Alright. Hall looks identical to the last time we saw it, minus the open door and passing out jpg artifacts. No ambush.

Head back in the way you left. Apologize to the ladies- you dealt with the baddies in the building, but they still have the place surrounded and on lockdown. Can't really go anywhere yet.
No. 524473 ID: 0c4b60

Assess the risks and potential rewards of using hacking abilities on yourself.
Those shell upgrades strongly imply that you have hardware present that only needs a little nudge to activate.
No. 524487 ID: 76b151

We probably COULD mess with the IFF now... we did upgrade our hacking.

Huh probably shoulda thought of that before we blocked the only entrance.
No. 524542 ID: 0eef61
File 137385174840.png - (3.50KB , 800x600 , 164.png )

73-6's hardware is at least two generations behind the curve. It does not react well to tinkering, if he was even allowed to perform it on himself.

The Bureau is a bit iffy about voiding warranties on their undead supersoldiers.

73-6 crawls back the way he left.

"Hola," says Penelope.
No. 524543 ID: 0eef61
File 137385176539.png - (8.63KB , 800x600 , 165.png )

"sorrysorrysorry." 73-6 as he stumbles into the apartment.

"Hey, hazards of the profession," says Penelope, closing the door again.
No. 524544 ID: 76b151

Well explain to your hosts the situation. Try and hack that turret to recognize you as friendlies then lets go prep for a long night watching the cameras.

Do you need to eat?
No. 524545 ID: bf54a8

okay, let's get that chilled injector upgrade in us.
No. 524548 ID: c95833

Right, apologize to the other girls. You killed the dudes in the building, but the place is still surrounded. So you're stuck, unfortunately.

Make sure to check your security hack for anything new, and to check out this map.

And if we can, updating the friendlies list on the turret so someone doesn't accidentally walk in front of it and get pulped would be nice.

Already done.
No. 524550 ID: 0eef61
File 137385311580.png - (6.99KB , 800x600 , 167.png )

That was awkward. 73-6 says hello to everyone and sheepishly goes to deal with security.

The cams remain clear. 73-6 opens up the turret and tinkers around with it.

With his intermediate hacking skills, 73-6 can:
+Update the IFF to ignore him and the ladies (which he does)
+Overcharge the turret so it fires all 7 of its shells in a split second, making it a one-use but astonishingly devastating attack
+Deactivate the turret and turn it into an improvised, ramshackle shotgun usable as a mobile weapon

73-6 realizes he's actually really hungry.
He wonders how exactly to go about asking for dinner and a room.
No. 524552 ID: f5680f

We could just barge into the next door neighbor's room and steal their food if they don't wanna feed you.

Or you could like, give them some of the money you looted to pay for your food. Either option works!
No. 524553 ID: 76b151

Pay for takeout?
No. 524555 ID: c95833

Hmm. The later two options are interesting, but for the moment, it's fine serving as a sentry watching the door with multiple shots.

>pay for takeout
How's the delivery man going to get past the gangster blockade?
No. 524557 ID: 76b151

Worth a shot?

Just gotta remember to not let the deliveryman catch sight of 73.
No. 524559 ID: 35edd4

Pay them for food. Good thing you looted those corpses. Hopefully they have some stores, 'cuz takeout probably isn't going to work. I don't suppose you can cook?

Also be sure the door's locked. Wouldn't want innocent visitors getting pasted.
No. 524560 ID: c95833

I'm pretty sure any delivery guy would be intercepted. At best, we're ordering the gangsters food. At worst, we're getting another civy shot.
No. 524561 ID: 35edd4

Oh, and leave the turret as it is now that you've fixed up the IFF.
No. 524563 ID: e213ca

"Here's 30 bucks. I'm hungry."

"Okay but we're not letting you sta-"

"You can keep the guns."

No. 524565 ID: 0eef61
File 137385550331.png - (10.94KB , 800x600 , 166.png )

"okay, guys, here's the thing." 73-6 straightens his trenchcoat, nervously. "i might need to spend the night again. aand i could use a place to sleep again."
"You want a mint on your pillow while we at it?" asks Keisha.
"i'm really sorry for the inconvenience, but there's a blockade around the building."
"Aight," says Keisha, evenly.
"so... that's a yes?"
"We was gonna have to take care of that other one while her leg fixes anyway," says Keisha. "and I guess if there's a bigass army of thugs around, you could stand to have a badass moldy killer around. You kept them from us so far."
"well, uh, thanks," says 73-6, inordinately proud that the untested noncombatant called him badass.

"Ooh, and I can cook!" says Sara. "You like Mediterranean? Tzatziki sauce?"
"You're gonna love it. I have a cucumber I was saving for a special occasion like this."
"i can pay my way."
"No need," says Sara. "You've already supplied such a lovely centerpiece." She pats the shotgun turret. "Besides, how much do they pay you?"
"they don't. i get a stipend."

"Ok, but where he gonna sleep?" asks Keisha. "We got a different spook on the couch."
"I can take the floor," says Penelope, limping out of the bathroom. "Need room to stretch my leg out."
"Oh, no, he can have my bed," says Sara. "I don't need much comfort anyway. I'm a robot thing."

There is a moment of silence. They turn to Keisha.
"Well, what?" she says. "You two offered already."