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File 137093647488.png - (126.68KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
516181 No. 516181 ID: 5a5dd4

Fifteen years ago, you forsook everything you had ever known for a new life. Granted, you were four at the time. You didn't leave much behind.

Five years ago, everything changed, but you were too invested in what you had become to do much about it.

A minute ago, a half-frozen harpy and a winged beast flew past you, high above the clouds.
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No. 516182 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137093652679.png - (1.28MB , 1800x900 , 2.png )

But you wouldn't know about that. You have much more pressing concerns down here, on the ground.

What is your race?
Distinctive physical trait?

Are you content with your life?
Do you regret what you've done?

Race and gender chosen by vote, the rest will be whatever response I like best.

The quest is still going to be mostly monochrome though, so choosing a wacky hair colour or whatever as a trait probably isn’t a great idea.

Also, bigass image.

No. 516187 ID: 9ddf68

your race is that of a Mer

your Gender is male

your glow is brighter then normal which was really helpful seeing as you tried to travel at night as much as possible but it does tend to make hiding a bitch

Your were content with your life until the outside took it from you, you lived in a coastal town where you were just a few years away from graduating from school, had lots of friends, a great family, and was about to work up the balls to finally talk to this chick you liked before the outside came and took it all away

Your greatest regret is that you didn't try and save anybody when the outside came you just ran. You hold on to the hope that others made it out but have to convince yourself half the time since unlike you they weren't out of town on an errand for there father, but still a fools hope is better then no hope at all right? ...yeah.
No. 516211 ID: c23ab0

All dorf all the way.

Gender doesn't matter.

Distinctive physical trait: Notch out of ear. Result of a poorly planned earring experiment. You say you got it fighting a wild vandabeast.

Are you content with your life? Hard to answer. You would say yes except that your life itself is in such peril at the moment. You could call your situation unsatisfying.

Do you regret what you've done? Yes in fact you have trouble looking at yourself in the mirror every morning.
No. 516217 ID: 35edd4

Male dorf. Extra fuzzy. You had no regrets whatsoever until things went to shit, and are now furious and desperate to find a way to take control of your life back and restore things to some semblance of your former contentment.
No. 516218 ID: f29aa1

>All dorf all the way.
>you have trouble looking at yourself in the mirror every morning.

No. 516220 ID: f2c20c

Holy shit that bold.

Huge ti- wait no. Longer ears than normal.

I got nothin'.
No. 516228 ID: b14973

i vote male dorf.
No. 516229 ID: 12c19f


Blind vestige eyes. You were born with a remnant of a trait all races once had in common. Your eyes are pale and sightless, changing little but your appearance.
No. 516230 ID: fd7000

Manly fuzzydorf

Your ears are unusually expressive.

Content: Well your alive and that's something.

Regret: Ya you could say you regret ripping your friends ear off in a pointless fight a year ago. Have to watch that temper of yours.
No. 516242 ID: 65979f

elf. male. one blind eye covered by hair.
No. 516243 ID: 3e4b6e

Fuzz dorf.
Gender irrelevant.
You are the fluffiest.
No. 516246 ID: b5ca1e

Hrrrm, Dorf sure, male? Alright.
But our distinctive trait?
We're abnormally skinny, despite our fluffiness, so we can fit into places that you wouldn't expect a Dorf to fit!
No. 516247 ID: fe2ea3

Male, technically

1000% Trap to his own species. With all the fluff most other races can't tell.
No. 516251 ID: 7003a8

Agreed. Male Dorf that's completely effeminate (To Dorfs).
No. 516252 ID: 710329

No. 516253 ID: 19b3c3

...I can't stop laughing.
No. 516256 ID: eaa372

Male Dorf
He has distinctively curly, effeminate hair unlike most Dorf men.

He was running a hairstyling/beard-forging business up until his customers all died in this blasted apocalypse. Now he isn't normally a violent Dorf by nature but let's just say that if one of the gods sat down in the ruins of his business they'd be a couple beard hairs short of a head.
No. 516279 ID: 82adcc

can he be an eunuch?
No. 516300 ID: eaf4f9

Dorf. Male.

1000% trap, Abnormally skinny, AND the fluffiest.

These ideas could mesh SO well.
No. 516362 ID: cf3299

>What is your race?
>Distinctive physical trait?
>Are you content with your life?
Could be better, but you ain't complaining.
>Do you regret what you've done?
No sense crying over spilled milk, also not that many sausages were involved.
No. 516519 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137109447092.png - (119.85KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

For all of the problems in the world, the only thing that matters to you right now is your soup.
No. 516520 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137109451065.png - (196.87KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

It's getting cold.

This normally isn't a problem, but then, it normally doesn't snow in the summer. You only had enough firewood around for maybe a week of cooking, and you don't know how long it's going to be cold for; so you're just rationing the wood and wearing a pile of blankets to keep warm until the storm clears up.

You aren't too worried about it. Weirder things have happened.

You'll just have to dig out your winter clothes and go chop some wood at some point.

Keep your hats on, I can count votes. You'll have your effeminate fluffboy soon enough.
No. 516521 ID: bf54a8

No. 516522 ID: 19b3c3

Yay, soup! What kind of soup?

And dang, but do you have some cool looking eyes. Seriously, your pupils are like a Mandelbrot set. Can you see anything cool with those?

>dig out winter clothes, chop wood
Eh, laaater. Soup now.
No. 516524 ID: 3e4b6e

Soup is a gentlemen's art and the spoon is their brush.
No. 516525 ID: 77ca01

dig out your winter clothes and go chop some wood.
No. 516526 ID: bf54a8

chug and while still warmed up from it go chop wood.
No. 516530 ID: 9ddf68

well the wood will still be there later but your soup will only be warm for so long so you might as well start with the soup and then move on to the wood.
No. 516535 ID: bc3b41

UMM, er, uh, er, have you, uh, considered looking outside? Just...in case?
No. 516545 ID: f29aa1

>Seriously, your pupils are like a Mandelbrot set.
cuteBold eyes have some sort of cave-vision, a fractal pupil design is to match a similar optical nerve pattern on the inside of the eye, to be able to see in real pitch darkness.
No. 516552 ID: c23ab0


You should troll us by drawing all the dwarf's panels as totally black.
No. 516556 ID: c23ab0

No. 516558 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137110631607.png - (177.03KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

The soup is the result of one of your personal recipes, and as much as you'd love to chug it, you'd risk getting soup on literally every blanket you own. In this weather, that'd be far too high a price to pay for momentary soup-ey bliss.

Also, you weren't raised in a barn.

You'll eat your soup with a spoon, like a normal person.

It's not your finest work, but it's pretty good considering it was made from within a cocoon of blankets.
No. 516559 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137110635006.png - (200.63KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

Having finished your soup, you prepare to venture out into the storm.

It takes you a minute to dig to the bottom of your trunk, but your winter clothes are exactly where you left them.

Normally, you wouldn't hesitate to put them on, but.


You aren't exactly sure how you're going to go about this. The air is cold, the clothes are cold, and you'd prefer to avoid freezing your ass off.
No. 516560 ID: bf54a8

you are going to get more wood, use some wood to heat them up.
No. 516562 ID: 9ddf68

just bring the cloths under the blanket with you and let your body heat warm them up then once they're good and toasty then put them on and we can finally get to that wood.
No. 516564 ID: f2c20c

Pull them into your blanket cocoon and wiggle into them awkwardly. Also those are your winter clothes? Are you kidding? You need multiple layers, miss.
No. 516572 ID: 2f4b71

If you can block it from locking, that chest looks large enough; pile clothes back in, and snuggle inside till they all warm up.
No. 516585 ID: c23ab0

Obvious. Wear the blanket UNDER THE CLOTHES
No. 516592 ID: 77ca01

man the fuck up.
No. 516605 ID: 4a96ef

That's how I do it in winter. Works well as long as you have the time to wait for them warming up.
No. 516620 ID: 19b3c3

Yup, the approach of slow to get dressed children everywhere. Do so under the blankets.
No. 516627 ID: 3e4b6e

Lay on top of the clothes for a while
No. 516657 ID: ffe9cf

Man the fuck up.
Remove the blanket cocoon.
Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
Congratulations you have sucessfully acustomed yourself to the cold for a limited amount of time.
Repeat as many a times as necesary while getting dressed.
Do NOT heat the clothes in the cocoon and get dressed inside, the cold will feel even worse that way once you're out.
No. 516665 ID: f2c20c

That ignores the actual core temperature of the body. Less exposure is always better for maintaining that.
No. 516716 ID: 01531c

Okay, to get the clothes (and yourself) under the blanket, squaddle over to them and glomp them with the blankets to consume them, like some sort of flying starfish attacking a sea urchin.
No. 516720 ID: c23ab0

I'm going to second the man the fuck up argument. You'll be warmer if you freeze your ass off before putting on insulation. Unless you're cold blooded I guess, in which case what good does a blanket do?
No. 516795 ID: d0864b

Okay, this is basically the "do you rip it off quickly or peel it off slowly" argument, except with cold instead of band-aids, so it's very much a matter of opinion. I prefer peeling slowly/dressing under the blankets myself. If you dress warmly enough, (that means more layers than is lying in front of you dearie,) I find there's practically no loss of heat. But if you're more of a just rip it off kind of person, just do it. No sense in waiting around. You can allways don the blankets again later if it's really cold.
No. 516883 ID: 5869f6

Going along with the "Man-the-fuck-up" Argument.
No. 516885 ID: 802b5b

Survival requires maintaining core temperature. We can't afford to waste any energy. Thermal included.
No. 516904 ID: 01531c

Are Bolds Cold-Blooded!?
No. 517031 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137128365458.png - (134.76KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

What you have laid before is merely the first of many layers. You're not cold-blooded, but you're a bit of a wuss.

You envelop the clothes in your blankety warmth for a while, then attempt to put them on under the blanket.

You barely get your pants on without falling on your face before you decide to just man up and ditch the blankets.
No. 517033 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137128373812.png - (182.40KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

You manage to get a shirt halfway on before you are interrupted by a knocking at your door.

Your house is pretty far off the beaten path; you don't think you've had visitors for like.

Several years?

Huh, you haven’t really thought about that.
No. 517034 ID: f29aa1

Only now do I realize the bold is a female.

She must be based off of that earlier suggestion:
>Huge ti- wait no. Longer ears than normal.
No. 517035 ID: f2c20c

Finish getting your shirt on then go see who it is, don't let them stand out in the cold.
No. 517039 ID: 591152

cloths first, on the cloths the blankets, then the door.

don't just open it, ask who it is first. also if you've got a weapon, now would be a good time to fetch it. you never know, after all.
No. 517045 ID: c23ab0

You probably don't need a weapon. Trouble never knocks. But it's a good idea just in case.
No. 517052 ID: f29aa1

>Trouble never knocks.
Financial/Legal trouble does.
No. 517053 ID: 35edd4

"Hi, we're here to tell you your home is being repossessed. BY THE APOCALYPSE."
No. 517057 ID: 82da32

keep 'em waiting while you finish getting dressed.
No. 517066 ID: 19b3c3

Yell for whoever that is to hold on. Then finish getting your shirt on and grabbing the blanket before going to the door.
No. 517078 ID: 9ddf68

ask how's there and maybe see if you can't get a good look at them through a window or something. maybe try doing that before you call out to them.
No. 517142 ID: 96d3a8

There is only one explaination to who it may be outside
No. 517233 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137137198017.png - (111.62KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

You finish putting your shirt on and yell that you'll be there in a moment.

You consider grabbing a knife or your axe or something, but you are pretty sure that anyone who wanted to cause trouble probably wouldn't knock first.

You go to get the door.
No. 517234 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137137207567.gif - (713.69KB , 800x600 , 10.gif )


Please suggest an action for one of the characters. The character with the most suggestions will be chosen as the viewpoint character for the rest of the chapter.

For either character, introducing yourself (like, with a name) might be a good idea.

No. 517236 ID: 35edd4

Fuzzdorf: Advise bold that world is ending. Give name. Offer aid escaping.
No. 517238 ID: 591152

fuzzball: apologize, calm the nice kobold lady and ask to come inside. you might want to leave the axe outside unless you think you'll need it soon or that it'll be left OUTSIDE.
No. 517239 ID: 5a5dd4

To clarify, I mean for you guys to suggest/vote for names.
No. 517243 ID: 9ddf68

Bold (Raine)

... ask if uhhhhh she(?) is ok and why does she(?) have a bloody ax. be ready to run if things take a turn for the worst

And what is that crap in the background, it looks like tendrils or something are coming out from the sky.
No. 517244 ID: 3e1e83

dorf: be Torren. explain the blood and try to calm the boldling's tits.
No. 517245 ID: 591152

aww why names? harpy doesn't have a name.

also: fluffy: why are you holding a bloody axe?
No. 517247 ID: 35edd4

Seconding Torren. Torren is nice and dorfy.
No. 517250 ID: 058fbe

Fuzz (Fushei): "I am here to fix your pipes" "Pizza for Mrs. Knockersdale" [electric guitar with wah-wah pedal]

Bold (Arcenice) + Fuzz (Fushei): Debate treating of injuries and terrible cold vs. getting away from the all-consuming void.
No. 517257 ID: d1d627

Bold (Arcenice)
Start closing the door, but ask the Dorf what she's here for.
No. 517264 ID: 19b3c3

Bold: warily ask that fuzzgirl that she's not some kind of scary axe murder right? Because she kind of looks like a scary axe murderer.

Then, awkwardly realize she's injured.

(Yes, I'm getting the gender pronouns wrong on purpose!).
No. 517266 ID: 3e4b6e

He needs a dorky effeminate rival name Like ciel lightcaster or some jazz.

Drop axe.
No. 517278 ID: 7003a8

Bold: Lets go with Raine for a name.
Bold: Invite dorf inside. Ask what happened to her.
No. 517289 ID: e3aff6

Dorf: (With a heavy accent) "Come with me if you want to exist."
No. 517328 ID: c23ab0

Fluffy: collapse on the spot.
No. 517478 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137144629663.gif - (0.98MB , 800x600 , 11.gif )

You are now the dwarf.

You were attacked by a beast that crawled out the cracks. It was pretty much the most messed up thing you’ve ever had to fight. It moved like its bones weren’t solid, it hit like a mob of dwarves, and once, your axe went right through it without hitting anything. You managed to fight it off, but you didn't come out of the exchange unscathed.

Your nose is bleeding but not broken. Everything smells and tastes like blood, but it’s really more of an inconvenience than a real injury. You don't think any of your ribs are broken, but your torso is more or less guaranteed to be one giant bruise for the foreseeable future. It hurts to breathe, but you've survived worse. The blood on your face and arm was just you being stupid and trying to wipe the blood away from your nose. Sometimes, you hate your fluff.

Regardless, you are in no danger of collapsing anytime soon.
No. 517480 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137144638840.png - (89.41KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

Between the loud storm and your bloody nose, your perception is limited. As such, you can't discern all that much about the cabin's resident. They're short, so they're either a kobold or a child, and you assume a child wouldn't be living alone below the land of the gods, so it’s probably a bold.

You introduce yourself as Torren, apologize for your appearance, and explain that you were attacked by a monster.

After a moment of stunned silence, the bold closes the door a bit against the storm and asks if you're alright. You haven't spoken to enough bolds to be certain, but it sounds female, you think.

You say it's not as bad as it looks. You ask if you can come inside. The monster is probably still around somewhere, it's cold out, and it's going to take more than a minute to explain everything that's going on.

The bold stares at you for a moment, then asks if you're some kind of scary axe murderer.

You let out a mirthless laugh. You say it's not the nicest description you’ve ever heard, but it's accurate enough. You explain that you were a soldier in the Great War.

You were good at your job.

After a long, awkward silence, the bold opens the door to let you inside.

You’re not quite sure how to proceed.

You have to get up to the lands, but that’s still quite a ways away, especially if you try to avoid the ruins on the way there. The end of the world is at your back, and you don’t have any reason to believe it’s going to stop before it overtakes the bold’s house. The thing that attacked you is still out there somewhere, and you don’t have much confidence in your ability to survive another fight with it. You were trained to fight men, not monsters.

And then there’s this bold. You have no idea what her deal is.

You’re going to have to explain what little you know about the apocalypse to her, and then you don’t really know what you’re going to do. You weren’t expecting to run into anyone out here.
No. 517485 ID: 01531c

Get yourself inside!
Ask her how long ago the storming and snowing started, segue that into your 'end of the world' explanation.
Then ask for introductions and her life story.
No. 517486 ID: bf54a8

think we should explain stuff, but wait until the gaping abyss is far behind us before trading life stories.
No. 517487 ID: f2c20c

Tell her she should prepare for travel, because as she can see outside, the world's being eaten and we have to stay ahead of it. Also ask her why she's out here all alone.

This might be a good time to clean your axe and clear out your nose. Ask if she's got any cloth she won't mind getting blood on, and whatever that monster leaked. Is that even blood?
No. 517489 ID: 19b3c3

Oh look, it's a fluffy fuck!
No. 517509 ID: c23ab0

Honk her boobs.
No. 517527 ID: 9ddf68

well since you told her you're name you might as well ask for her's. You should also probably tell her why you're up here in the first place and about how the world is ending, maybe see what she has to say on the subject.
No. 517535 ID: bc8d67

You've got no time to waste here. The Abyss is nipping at your heels, and the land under this 'bold's house could break loose and start sinking into it at any moment, and you don't like the idea of being close to whatever spawned that monster. So any exchange of information will have to be done while on the move.

Step into her house and tell the kobold she needs to prepare to leave for the Land of the Gods right away. Apologize for being so blunt, but you don't know how long it will be until this place breaks loose and starts sliding into the Abyss. Say that you'll fill her in on what you know as you two pack.

First thing, ask her for a rag or something to stuff up your nostril to stop the bleeding. You don't want to get blood all over the place, and it'd be a good idea not to spread the smell of it around, lest that monster or some other nasty catch the scent.

Tell her to throw on all the winter clothing she can wear without seriously encumbering herself. Ask if she has a pack or bag and where it is so you can put as much of the larder into it as you can fit while she dresses. Also ask where her waterskin/canteen is and where the well/cistern/water hand pump is so you can fill them. And if she has a weapon, wilderness tools (hatchet, knife, etc.,) a bedroll, or even a tent, those would be good to pack as well; You could probably carry them easier than her, since they'd be 'bold-sized.

While doing all that, ask what her name is, then start telling her what you know about the End of the World. It'd probably be good to ask her what she knows about the terrain in the direction of the Land of the Gods, since she likely knows it better than you would.

The monster probably got your scent during the battle, so taking actions to reduce and mask it now would be a good idea. Washing your blood off your fur and face, and cleaning your axe off would be good steps. Then wrapping yourself in the 'bold's blankets and bedsheets and pinning them like a cloak will cover your scent with hers. Between that and the wind of the snow storm spreading your scent out and blowing away any tracks in the snow, following you will be very tough.
No. 517554 ID: 9501d5

The urgency of the situation's clear, but now might be the best chance for restful rest for a fair while. Cleaning up and seeing to your wounds at the very least. Depends, how tired do you feel? Do explain the situation and stress the need to begin packing, though.
No. 517559 ID: 2ddb7b

what do you carry with you? maybe you can share something in exchange for her kindness.
No. 517568 ID: 19b3c3

Which is significant, because it supports the idea that the outside is creating fucks that mirror the things it encounters.

...which means we can probably expect a fractal fuck for the bold girl, a fishy fuck if we ever find a mer, and a fae fuck if we find an elf.

(Oh goodness me, the alliteration-fuck naming convention works for all the races!)

Boldgirl: try to accommodate your big, slightly intimidating guest! Is there any soup left? Can you offer a handkerchief or facecloth for his bleeding nose?

What's he doing out here, anyways? You don't often get visitors!

Also at some point suddenly realize you never introduced yourself and do so in the middle of the conversation.

Dorfdude: try to catch your breath and enjoy the relative warmth of the cabin. This will likely be your last reprieve or chance to rest.
No. 517642 ID: 427e9c

Boldgirl: Touch fluffy tail.
Welcome and embrace the warmth your fluffy guest offers.
Torren: Be grossly incandescent.
No. 517645 ID: 01531c

>Boldgirl: Touch fluffy tail.
>Welcome and embrace the warmth your fluffy guest offers.
>Torren: Be grossly incandescent.
I genuinely support all of these suggestions.
No. 518017 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137162475586.png - (131.82KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

You enter the bold's house and leave your axe by the door.

It's not much warmer in here than it was outside, and despite being out of the storm you're still having trouble perceiving a lot of things. That blow to the head must've rattled you more than you thought.

So, you say. About a month ago, the world began to end. That hasn't stopped happening. The only place that has any chance of surviving this mess is the Land of the Gods.

You don't know if her house is close enough to the Lands to be spared from the apocalypse, but you think it'd be best to operate under the assumption that it isn't.

You tell the bold that she should probably pack her things. Clothes, food, and a weapon, if she has one. And anything sentimental, you guess. You should be able to make it to the pilgrim lodgings at the Grand Cathedral before nightfall, so you shouldn't need much.

She looks like she's freaking out a bit, but she says she's been to the grand cathedral before and starts packing all the same.
No. 518018 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137162478791.png - (112.18KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

You ask if she has anything you can use to clean the blood off of yourself.

Uh, she says. Here.

She throws an old shirt at you. You miss the catch.

You sit at the table and begin to clean the blood off of yourself. You nose is still bleeding, but the flow has slowed enough that you shouldn't be dripping blood everywhere. You'd have to take your armour off to properly inspect your torso, and you don't really have time for that right now.

You ask if she has a name.

Yeah, she says. Raine. She apologizes for not introducing herself earlier. The end of the world showing up on her doorstep caught her a little off-guard.

You ask her what she knows about the Great War.

Not much, she says. Her father mentioned it a few times, she thinks. What about it?

It's over, you say. We won.

We killed everyone who dared to oppose us.

The Gods weren't too fond of the methods we used to accomplish that, though. Some say They sought to punish us for our folly. Others say They feared that mankind had become strong enough to challenge them.

Either way, They left this world, and in Their absence, it has been falling apart.

The Land of the Gods, the old seat of their rule, holds the power to endure this calamity, and perhaps even the power to resolve it.

She doesn't have much to say about that.

You consider asking if she has any food you could eat, but one of the first things you ever learned about kobolds was that you should never accept food from them. They're immune to the poisons they spice their foods with, but the rest of mankind isn't so lucky. Even if they mean well, a bit of whatever on a knife or a few ingredients sitting too close together in the pantry and you're dead.

You can survive the trek up to the Lands without snacks.

Raine says she's rounded up everything she needs.
No. 518019 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137162484194.gif - (134.73KB , 800x600 , 15.gif )

She has gathered:

The clothes she's wearing, now including a heavy winter coat, a scarf, hat, and boots.
Two changes of clothes.
Two books.
A simple magic focus.
A hunting knife.
3 jars of tepid soup.
A spoon.
A jar of nuts and dried berries.
An empty waterskin.
And a bag to stuff it all into.

And she says she'll also grab her woodcutting axe from outside.

You currently possess:

A bloody axe, sitting by the door.
A set of standard issue dwarven guard armour, sans helmet.
A lucky ribbon.
A hair clip.
A bloody, kobold-sized shirt.

You had a bag with food, a waterskin, and a few other supplies, but you lost that in the snow when you were attacked. It's probably in the abyss by now.

You mention that you could carry some stuff for her, but she says she has everything she should need.

Is this assortment of items acceptable? If there's anything else you think you should take on your journey, you can ask Raine if she has it.

Otherwise, you'll grab the axes from outside (and clean the blood off of yours) and head out. You intend to ascend to the Grand Cathedral, and you can either take the shortest route through the ruins, try to circle around them entirely, or circle around to the main road. The ruins are rumoured to contain monsters of some sort, but circling around them will leave you exposed on empty, snowy fields.
No. 518029 ID: 9ddf68

I don't want to take the long route because I have a feeling that the thing that attacked you earlier would try and meet you somewhere along the way on that path. and if the outside is closing in then you are really going to have to hall ass to make it in time. plus no cover incase something goes wrong.

I also don't want to take the main road because
1) you will be walking right along side the outside for the first half of the trip and
2) if there are monsters in the ruins then it is very likely that they would ambush you on that path

and the shortest route also has it's problems
1) if the monsters live in the ruins then you have a good chance of running into a dean or two of them along the way and
2) if you get lost then this short route becomes a long pain in the ass
But this is also the only path that doesn't have you skimming the outside's boarder at any point

I say go for the Main road and if the outside advances enough that it becomes a problem then head into the ruins and see if you can find your way to the main road from within or just try and make some sort of bastard version of the short path plan and the main road plan.
No. 518037 ID: 4f3868

I'm thinking the blue path would be the best because there are trees and old ruins that would provide some protection from the elements as well as wood for fire. The other 2 options seem like they lead into relatively flat snow plains, perfect for anyone, whether it be animals, FLYING FUCKS, or other races to see you in plain sight and do threatening things to you 2.

And we might find something interesting in the ruins.
No. 518038 ID: f2c20c

If there are monsters in the ruins then the main road isn't safe either- it cuts through the ruins! Only the leftmost route is safe. We can hug the wall or skirt through the very edge of the ruins, maybe.

The more I think about it, the more likely that we'll be safest by going through the ruins at least a little. Torren's senses, providing they return to him, will be enough to keep us from being ambushed in the ruins.

In the end I'd say I prefer the middle route. Left would probably result in getting attacked by the Outside monster, and right basically guarantees we'll get attacked on the road, if not attacked before we reach the road by the Outside monster.
No. 518045 ID: da4ec6

Option 4: Follow the stream. It's exposed enough that you can avoid any ambushes, while still providing a little cover if another Outside monster appears.
No. 518060 ID: f29aa1

Stream sounds like the best plan.
>can't get lost
>protected on one flank
>chance of encountering docks with tools
>chance of meeting with Mer-venturer
>no chance of meeting Elf-venturer
No. 518072 ID: be05c1

i have to agree.

things to bring: rope, a crowbar, fire kit, a tarp or other waterproof cloth (a blanket will have to do if that's unavailable)
No. 518086 ID: 19b3c3

>which way?
I'm leaning through the ruins.

Ask your new traveling companion, though. She's walked this road before, and may have insight into the area. Even if things are a little more snow covered or monster infested than usual.

That might be useful if the things we were worried about were proper monsters, of flesh and blood. Not so sure it would work on the fluffy fuck you fought before.

>A simple magic focus.
Oh, what does that do? (If you know, you don't need to ask her, you can just think the answer to yourself).

>anything else to bring
Does Raine have any rope? There might be climbing involved.

...how deep is the snow, by the way? You're tall enough to just plow through feet of it, but she would have trouble.
No. 518106 ID: 7003a8

The fluffy fuck is the biggest threat, and time is the second.
Follow the stream to the ruins, then cut east to the main road. You can move much faster on a road than you can through any other terrain, and the adjacent ruins provide cover in the event of fluffy fuck attack.
No. 518130 ID: 00d261

the stream. you'll be extremely close to the Outside, so hurry up. a lot.

at least you might gain some insight as to how it works by being dangerously close to it.
No. 518222 ID: 5dd9ff

Say, Torren, do you know the facts RE: poisonousness of kobold bodily fluids? Her blood may end up being a factor in this adventure. Or tears, for that matter.
No. 518232 ID: c23ab0

Yeah you think your nosebleed is bad. When she gets one it leaves smoking holes in the ground instead of blood.

With the gods absconding and the world crumbling to chaos and horror at your very doorstep, do you give any consideration to the notion that perhaps it would have been better if you had lost the war?
No. 518269 ID: 35edd4

Voting plan stream.
No. 518315 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137171374936.gif - (143.82KB , 800x600 , 16.gif )

You aren't exactly an excellent source of information on magic, but as you understand it, focuses make it easier to cast spells. Like, the more a person casts a spell through a specific focus, the less they have to think about the specifics of the spell when casting it with that focus. You've never actually used one before, but they're fairly common.

They're generally wands, staves, jewelry, or something similar. Raine's is a simple bronze and glass amulet.

You ask Raine what path she took to the Cathedral.

She says she just walks around the ruins, but then, there aren't normally apocalypse-beasts, snow, and the end of the world to worry about.

Content with what you’ve gathered, you grab the axes, head out towards the stream, and follow it up to the ruins.

The snow is pretty deep, but Raine's not having too much trouble walking in your footsteps.
No. 518316 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137171382188.png - (164.54KB , 800x600 , 17.png )



You guess you're not getting through there.

You can double back to the last break in the wall and head through the ruins, head forwards to the next break and do the same, or continue on to the main road. Or take some other path entirely.

The main road would be traveled far more frequently than the rest of the ruins, but it would also be significantly more open. That said, you don't know what sort of monsters are supposed to be in the ruins, and being out in the open might not be a terrible thing.

Yeah, there’s no way that Torren or Raine would actually know the layout of the ruins, but you guys can assume that the map is mostly accurate. You can’t walk through walls, guys.
No. 518317 ID: f2c20c

At this point we may as well head towards the main road.
No. 518320 ID: 9ddf68

Well shit
lets just head to the main road because if this is the luck we're having before we even get into the ruins then I don't even want to think how turned around we would get just trying to find a path through the them. and if worse comes to worse we can always just duck into the ruins from the main road.
No. 518324 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and ask Raine how good she is with that magic stuff.
No. 518325 ID: eaa372

While it would be nice to use the ruins as cover from the fluffy fuck we also have to contend with the end of the world gnawing at our heels. Hit the main road.
No. 518329 ID: c23ab0
File 137171814448.png - (158.56KB , 800x600 , fixed ur map.png )

Jesus Christ man. Can't you smell that ink?
No. 518333 ID: bf54a8

I thought it was a sort of covered bridge, since there is another one further upstream from it that they walk over on the blue path. basically while the map may be accurate, we weren't entirely sure what we were looking at on it, no map key. :P
No. 518336 ID: 99ee53

No. 518344 ID: 19b3c3

Is that stream frozen over? I can't tell. If it's water, it's not exactly a good idea freezing yourself to swim over. And if it's ice, you need to test the depth with your axe, so you know if it will carry your weight.

If the ice is safe to cross, proceed east towards the next break in the walls. If the ice is unsafe, or water, head west for the previous break. We'll cross the stream on the bridge halfway through the ruins.
No. 518347 ID: 3e4b6e

Through the ruins. Skirt the wall maybe. Either way, adventure!
No. 518349 ID: ce6191

Follow the wall east to the break, then slip inside the ruins and continue north-easterly towards the main road.
No. 518390 ID: da4ec6
File 137176400078.png - (146.59KB , 800x600 , 137171814448.png )

Suggested route from here. We still have to cut through the ruins, but only for a short distance.
No. 518403 ID: 99ee53

my previous suggestion was a bit confused- I meant to say to go for the main road.
No. 518407 ID: c23ab0


Well the first stream crossing is clearly a defensive wall, so it wouldn't have been a bridge by a long shot. The second one is probably a bridge though, and quite crossable if possibly perilous.

I think Raine should take pity on the poor bloody nosed dwarf and lead the way from here. At least she can read the map, plus she's more familiar with the local terrain. How is she doing for warmth anyway?
No. 518412 ID: 93ed4d

any path that goes along the stream is going to be at least partially exposed. And there's the chance of monsters that can hide in the water, and other creatures still that may simply require drinking water.

And then there's sound. I get the impression that loud noises keep dwarves from 'seeing' clearly. Walking by the river could leave Torren at a disadvantage.

Especially since anything predatory is going to go for him first, if not exclusively, since Kobolds are gloriously, obviously poisonous.
No. 518442 ID: 01531c

Those are some HUGE gratings.

Effeminate Dorf and Tiny Kobold can fit easy-peasy.
No. 518443 ID: bf54a8

it's rather VERY obvious that the stream is completely frozen over.
No. 518456 ID: 35edd4

Take a right, left at the first gap, then go straight for the mountain pass, getting on the main road only when it crosses your path.
No. 518930 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137197647563.png - (160.42KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

You probably could fit through the grate if you really tried, but you’d have to walk on the frozen stream, and you don’t particularly trust the ice to hold your weight.

After a bit of deliberation, you decide to follow the wall towards the main road and enter the first break.

Crossing the frozen stream is as simple as a skip and a hop across the snow-covered rocks.

You ask Raine if she knows any magic.

Yeah, she says.

She needs her focus to do anything noteworthy, but with it, she can conjure a candle-sized flame, throw a bolt that can stun small animals, make a variety of noises at a distance, and telekinetically move small, light objects with a reasonable degree of precision.
No. 518931 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137197650931.gif - (181.40KB , 800x600 , 19.gif )

You arrive at the breach in the wall.

The wind whistles through the shattered buildings and empty streets of the deserted township.

You can just barely hear heavy, muffled, footsteps over the storm. They sound like they're coming from somewhere on the other side of the stream.
No. 518932 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137197657145.png - (161.80KB , 800x600 , map.png )

And a higher contrast, non-animated map for those who were having problems with the other one. Sorry about that.

Also, sorry for the lazier-than-usual images this update. I came down with something and have had this killer headache for a few days now; it's been hard to focus on anything long enough to actually be productive.

No. 518934 ID: f2c20c
File 137197851459.png - (104.35KB , 502x483 , directions.png )

Looks like it was a good idea we didn't go through the initial ruins entrance then.

Head straight through the park and peek around the corner of the building right about where this X is, to see if you can get an eyeful of whatever's making that noise.
No. 518935 ID: f2c20c

Or earful, whatever.
No. 518940 ID: 2645fa

this is you being lazy? wow. just... wow.


this guy has the right idea.
No. 518953 ID: 19b3c3

Seems like a good plan, with the slight detail that it's going to be Raine doing the peeking. No way your eyes can see that far.

Only real drawback is if her bright colors stand out against the snow- makes snooping hard to do. Unless she's obscured by her clothes or your fluff or something.

(...and I can't believe I just now remembered I should be scanning these images for invisible fucks).
No. 518959 ID: c23ab0


Don't worry about it. Take care of yourself!
No. 518967 ID: 9ddf68

I say after you take a peek unless something would stop you I say take the path just a little right of the x that is a straight path to the end of the steam on the other side and just use that to exit the ruins unless something would cut you off in which case you could just go further into the ruins and exit via the main road.
No. 521266 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137292695364.png - (177.36KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

You enter the ruins and advance to the corner.

In a hushed voice you tell Raine about the footsteps across the stream, and ask her to take a stealthy look up the main road.

She stares at you, apparently incredulous that you’re asking the brightly-coloured kobold with zero combat experience to scout for you.

You gesture at your lack of eyes.

It takes her a moment to get it, but she eventually shrugs and trudges off to be your eyes.

The footsteps cease.

Raine peers around the corner.
No. 521267 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137292700014.gif - (678.44KB , 800x600 , 21.gif )

Across the stream, a bloodied, six-legged, apocalyptic beast stands high atop the base of a fallen statue, scanning the ruins.
No. 521273 ID: bf54a8

can you magic the sound of dwarf walking through snow on the opposite side of the beastie? if it takes the bait then back off and tell your friend the coast is clear now.
No. 521277 ID: 5869f6

Damn, we need to either wait till it leaves, or distract it somehow.
Or sneak past, that too.
No. 521285 ID: 9b57d3

Oh dear. Duck back behind cover, then move east through the woods towards the main road so that you can get some more buildings between you and it. Make a break north once you're behind that ruined building. Or maybe we should just go straight to the main road and use it to go north. Not sure.
No. 521287 ID: f5e470


good plan.
No. 521298 ID: bc8d67

Oh, that's bad, but it hasn't seen you yet so that's good. Aim to keep it that way by using the magic focus to create the sound of footfalls crunching snow as far away as you can on the far side of that beast. When it looks away, that's when you pull your head back. But if your focus isn't within easy reach just pull your head back slowly so it doesn't spot a sharp movement and look your way. Then creep back to Torren and tell him what you saw.

Best to put as many ruins as you can between you two and that beast, without going up the main road. Head to the east through that bunch of trees, around that reversed, inverted "L" wall, north up that north-south street until you hit the north wall. Then around it next to the stream and onward to the Cathedral pass.
No. 521299 ID: d1d627

I wonder if this is a FREAKY, and corresponds to the kobolds, or if it's more a matter of these things having various forms they take in this world...
No. 521314 ID: 19b3c3

It's the fluffy fuck! Raine, back behind cover quick, before it sees you!

Other than that, the distraction sounds and heading east sound look a good plan.
No. 521331 ID: 9ddf68

if you can't magic up a distraction you could always grab a bit of snow and hurl the thing as hard as you can in a direction that is away from you and where you're going, well either snow or a rock if you can find one.
No. 521407 ID: 2f4b71

I'm thinking we don't have to worry about it seeing us. I think we have to worry about it hearing us.
No. 521531 ID: f0357f

First thing, the Kobold Protagonist has yet to come in contact with The Outside.
Second thing, the Fluffy Fuck is already wounded in the ways that the Dwarf Protagonist described inflicting.
No. 523332 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137343904380.png - (316.02KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

You are now the Kobold, you guess.

You duck back behind the building and fish the focus out of your pocket. The glass is cold against your fingers.

You tell Torren that you saw what you assume to be the apocalypse beast. You say you're going to try to distract it with a noise spell.
No. 523333 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137343907612.png - (121.77KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

Now, magic is a delicate process. It is not to be rushed or performed in half-measures.

Every mortal has a sort of spark within themselves. More of an ember, really. A half-dead flame.

Magic is not so much about taking and exploiting pieces of that flame as it is letting the flame grow - letting it consume - for the briefest of moments. And so, you reach within yourself, to that feeble ember, and summon forth its strength.

You've probably done this at least a thousand times before, and yet, with a bloodthirsty monster down the street and the end of the world at your heels, you find yourself losing concentration.

Thankfully, your focus remembers the paths and the lines and the shape and colour of your magic and it fills in the gaps where you have failed.

You successfully ready the spell.
No. 523334 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137343910147.png - (238.95KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

You hear a piercing, unearthly howl from across the stream.

You have not yet cast your spell.

Torren has stepped out onto the road, and is gesturing for you to follow.

You've heard that howl before.

It means that they're awake.

This is bad.

This is very bad.
No. 523336 ID: 23b97a

Oh cool, your outfit looks noticeably snazier when not seen through the dorf blindness and fuzz filter, bold girl.

...what's awake? What's bad about it? Dangit, we need information to make decisions here!

Also, you have a half cast spell readied. Don't let your sudden distraction and fear mess that up. Last thing you need is a noise spell blowing up in your face with two dangerous things about. You need to either let the spell go, or finish casting it.
No. 523337 ID: bf54a8

maybe the beast and THEY will fight it out?
No. 523349 ID: 9ddf68

quickly finish casting the spell and try and tell your friend that the scream wasn't you.
No. 523372 ID: f5680f

Can we keep the spell readied and just cast it later? It'd be a waste to use it now.

Also fukkin run!
No. 523418 ID: 8e94a8

You might be able to turn this problem to your advantage.

Can your spell recreate the howl near the strange beast? It should draw the others' interest and might distract both parties.
No. 524010 ID: 94e610

> Consume
What's being consumed? Is using too much magic bad?
No. 524917 ID: 849089

if it won't take you more than a few seconds from this point, cast it regardless. then follow.
No. 525688 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137429814617.png - (63.22KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

They shouldn't be awake.

You turn your attention back to your focus and attempt to complete the spell.

A second howl echoes from somewhere across the main road.

Your hands are shaking. The spell fizzles uselessly.

The Twins hunt at night.

You try to tell Torren that you didn't make the noise.

They kill anything that dares to set foot within the ruins.

You choke on the words and sputter out nonsense.

The screams of their victims have kept you up at night more than once.

Far more than once.

Oh Gods, you’re going to die here, aren't you?
No. 525691 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137429816735.png - (146.01KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

No. 525692 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137429819850.png - (164.78KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

Your kobold companion has lost her nerve, the rumoured monsters of the ruins seem to be more real than rumor, and you are almost entirely certain the beast has seen you.

You heft Raine over your shoulder and sprint for the main road.
No. 525694 ID: a23afd

I think what we want is for the monsters of the ruins to attract the attention of the monster of the Outside. Endeavor to force their paths to cross!
No. 525695 ID: 9ddf68

well keep your hearing up for any other monsters then just the outside one and see if you can't find a way for both parties to meet each other so they fight themselves and not you and your little friend.
No. 525697 ID: c23ab0

No. 525698 ID: bf54a8

move move move, they will hear and both try to fight you, but then fight eachother.
No. 525703 ID: c95833

Keep moving, and pick your path such that the fluffy fuck and the twins will cross trails in their pursuit. We can only hope the monsters don't take kindly to one another- you were in no shape to handle one, let alone three.
No. 525706 ID: f0357f

What we REALLY need is a map update showing where the Twins are located.
No. 528633 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137499486885.png - (259.92KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

You listen intently to locate the monsters of the ruins.

Oh, there's one.
No. 528634 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137499489102.png - (165.09KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

And there's two.

This is far too many giant, man-eating monsters to keep track of without some way to refer to them.

You name the first newcomer One-eye, for the gaping hole where its left eye should be. The second shall be Swordface, for the sword stuck in its face.
No. 528635 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137499491760.gif - (174.50KB , 800x600 , 30.gif )

Your good friend in white will be Fuzzy, for lack of a better name.

You don't hear anything besides the immediately obvious within the ruins, so you guess that's all of them.
No. 528638 ID: bf54a8

they have collars, that means they used to be owned by someone.
No. 528640 ID: a23afd

Good, you only have to fight one of them. Drop the girl and prepare to dodge a pounce. Counter with a hit on any of its limbs. Slowing it down is pretty important.

Are you any good with a sword? That one stuck in swordface looks pretty big, you could try yanking it out and using it, if you can get ahold of the thing. Then again, it might be quite stuck. Probably too risky, unless you lose your axe.
No. 528642 ID: c95833

(Fuzzy the Fluffy Fuck, to use his full title).

...well. We're kind of boned. Swordface has seen you, is blocking your path, and you don't exactly look like you can outrun him.

Unless there's some mystic way to request safe passage or pay tribute or get the beast otherwise stand aside, or attack Fuzzy instead, you're gonna have to fight it.
No. 528643 ID: 9ddf68

well one eye is keeping Fuzzy company so there's that at least.

I say back up a bit and head down south following that wall you're next to and as soon as you come across a corner that will let you turn back to the main road take it. the idea here is to just zigzag through the ruins to try and keep as much distance between you and all three of the monsters and just make it to the temple. Or if you can out run these things just hit the main road and run like hell. whatever one works best.
No. 530128 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137533510117.png - (160.09KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

You drop the Kobold and ready your weapon.

Swordface rushes forwards.

A moment later, your axe is firmly lodged in the beast's arm, you are winded by a headbutt to the stomach, and you are wrestling Swordface by the sword.

Oddly enough, for how big it is, Swordface doesn't seem to be all that strong. Or all that heavy, by the feel of it.
No. 530129 ID: d3356a

An illusion!
Also, that sword is probably pretty legendary.
No. 530130 ID: a23afd

Twist that neck around. Flip the fucker on his back, and either yank the sword out or retrieve your axe. Then grab the kobold and start running again because you can bet your ass that Fuzzy is going to fare rather well against his opponent too!
No. 530131 ID: b5df96

Not heavy or strong? And it's got this big lever attached to it's face.

Solution is kind of obvious, I think. Throw / flip / slam Swordface with his own sword. Preferably in the direction of the other monsters.
No. 530202 ID: bf54a8

yes twist that sword! ether throw it or snap it's neck.
No. 530215 ID: da4ec6

It's probably an escaped pet of the gods, judging by the collar.

Just yank the sword out.
No. 530220 ID: a23afd

Ah, I don't think they're illusions. I think the beasts are starving. They're light and weak, it makes sense. They're also up at an odd hour (desperate for food) and they can't be handling this weird weather especially well either.

They probably have next to no stamina. We could easily kill this one and use the extra reach on the sword to fight Fuzzy, taking advantage of One-Eye acting as a distraction. After the fight, One-Eye will likely be completely exhausted and an easy kill as well.
No. 530260 ID: 9ddf68

how good are you with swords. because I believe this kind beast just gave you one. Twist it and rip it.
No. 530280 ID: 01531c

Use the sword to flip yourself onto it's back.
Ride Swordface like a raging bull into the Fluffiest-Fuck.

That should get it attacked by the outsider beast, causing it to gain Swordface's aggro and allow the Twins to deal with the Fluffiest Fuck long enough for you to gtfo!
No. 530312 ID: 2f4b71

They're feathered, so they might have hollow bones like birds.
No. 531299 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137560116475.png - (278.39KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

From what little you know about illusions, it seems far more likely that Swordface's weight is a result of starvation or general birdiness. Or maybe both.

It takes a bit of effort, but you flip the beast, plant a foot on its head, and rip the sword out.

The sword appears to be a simple, unadorned zweihander. Aside from the blood, it seems to be in decent enough shape.

Despite the freshly re-opened headwound, Swordface is still alive. It's barely moving and blood is gushing from the wound, but it is still breathing.
No. 531300 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137560119826.png - (404.68KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

With Swordface at least temporarily incapacitated, you turn your attention back to the other beasts.


You don’t think One-Eye's going to offer much help against Fuzzy.
No. 531301 ID: c23ab0

It bleeds!!
No. 531306 ID: bf54a8

get your bold and keep running.
No. 531307 ID: 9ddf68

leave swordface for fuzzy and get out of there, Also how is Rayne doing throughout all of this?
No. 531310 ID: a23afd

I think it could be time to start running again. Fuzzy is big, and thus there are alleys it won't fit into we could escape down.

Or do you think you could beat Fuzzy with the added reach of the zweihander? You have fought it before.
No. 531311 ID: a23afd

Err, if we start running again, take a moment to retrieve your axe and slip it into your belt or wherever you keep it.
No. 531342 ID: 4c8520

Yes. It might well be literally the last axe in the world.
No. 531357 ID: b5df96

...well, looks like fluffy is coming for you, next. At least you've got a bigger weapon with more reach.

Where's the bold? Put yourself between her and the monster, or else she'll be snack. If she snaps out of it, at least you'd have a caster behind you. That could help, if she knows any spells useful in combat.

Not sure you can outrun the fluffy fuck, either. How did you manage to escape the first time? Unless fluffy stops to eat the monsters, then you've got a chance to grab your bold and run.
No. 531588 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137568280717.png - (201.66KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

Raine is being a useless lump in the snow where you dropped her.

You trudge around to the other side of Swordface and try to rip the axe out. It's stuck deep, but without Swordface struggling against you, you manage to dislodge it.

It looks like One-Eye got a few hits in before getting mauled, and with the added reach and heft of the sword, you think you could probably kill Fuzzy. On the other hand, Fuzzy's still an angry mess of fur, claws, and teeth, and you aren't sure that you'd be able to fight it without taking a few hits yourself.

Alternatively, you could just grab Raine and run. Fuzzy looks content to keep munching on one-eye, but that might change if it sees you trying to run away. It also might not change, in which case you'd be feeding the fluffy abomination two giant feathery treats in exchange for a clean getaway.

So, do you fight, or do you run?

If you run, do you head straight for the main road, or do you weave through the buildings?
No. 531589 ID: a23afd

Fight. It is choosing to eat rather than fight you, so eating might be making it stronger! Kill it before it can do that!

Try to use terrain to your advantage. There are trees nearby you can use to limit its movement.
No. 531592 ID: bf54a8

get your bold and run.
No. 531596 ID: 9ddf68

grab the bolt and slowly back up and turn a corner. that way if it decides to attack you you can just throw the bolt again and deal with fuzzy, and if not you can get the hell out of here.
No. 531605 ID: c23ab0

I can't help but think that these two aren't quite down yet. The screams of their victims kept you up at night? These guys were way too easy. I vote a tactical retreat, before something weird starts happening.
No. 531622 ID: acb7da

Run with the bold, weave through narrow passageways.
No. 531628 ID: 1cf691

Grab your kobold and BOOK IT!
No. 531644 ID: 60ad76

fight it. this might be your best and only chance. it will come after you if you don't. get raine to get a grip and help you from afar.
try to get the element of surprise, perhaps jump down on it from a nearby wall?
No. 531657 ID: 60bf07

I second that, considering how those guys were walking around with normally fatal wounds like a sword straight through the head. It is possible they ran low on power when the gods left, but it is also possible it just takes a bit of time for them to get back up. (And doesn't it sound just like dickish gods to 'test' pilgrims with monsters that can 'die' in a fight then get up again in time for the next mortal to come along?)
No. 531906 ID: a23afd

Oh, I have an idea. If Fuzzy has to eat, then it probably has some sort of similar biology to normal creatures.

Perhaps we can poison it. If there's any poisonous spices in the soup, we could maybe coat a blade in it, or poison this here corpse with it for when Fuzzy eats it.
No. 532572 ID: f0357f

Or just leave the bowl on the corpse, Fuzzy is stupid from being new to reality.

alternately, we could have the soup in one hand, get close, yell a challenge, and when Fuzzy open's it's mouth, pretend it is a dodongo and throw the poison soup in.
No. 532866 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137603584987.png - (193.40KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

It's certainly odd that the rumoured monsters of the ruins went down so easily, but you aren't going to get another chance like this.

You are going to kill Fuzzy.

You heft your weapons and charge.
No. 532867 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137603587825.png - (215.23KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

You do not appreciate being dumped in the snow.
No. 532868 ID: bf54a8

you could be getting ate. anything weird about the twins happen? because right now they were pushovers.
No. 532869 ID: 9ddf68

by the way your fuzzy friend is attacking the white one now so if you want of help with magic now is a good time to do just that.
No. 532870 ID: a23afd

Well you froze up. At that point you're spare baggage. If you wanna be treated better during combat you gotta prove you can do something.

Is that soup you have poisonous?
No. 532879 ID: 75e3c5

you're in the middle of a fight, lady! get up and look around. are the twins dead? try to help the dwarf against the white monster if they are.
No. 532903 ID: 41690e

>You do not appreciate being dumped in the snow.
Better than being eaten, which is what would have happened if he hadn't grabbed you before.

Look around. What's happening?
No. 532947 ID: c23ab0


Of course it's poisonous. That's what gives it body and flavor! Why do you ask?
No. 532962 ID: 6cefee

Shoot a bolt at that fuzzy, or if you can find anything sharp-looking, telekinetically launch it at him- I'm guessing you couldn't lift anything heavier than what you could lift normally- so go for velocity and aim for the eyes, if the dwarf isn't in front of Fuzzy there...
No. 534007 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137637308710.png - (236.01KB , 800x600 , 37.png )




Torren's fighting the white fluffy thing.

One of the twins is half-eaten and very dead. The other is in a pool of blood, weakly flailing its legs. You think it’s trying to get up.

You don’t know how poisonous the soup is; it’s not something you’ve ever really had to worry about before.

Of the few spells you know, the only one you could use offensively is the stun bolt, and that’s useless against anything larger than a housecat.

Your telekinesis is really only good for the levitation and manipulation of small objects. You’d be better off throwing something normally than trying to sling it with telekinesis. Even then, the only sharp thing you have on you is your knife, and you aren't sure you’d want to throw that.
No. 534009 ID: 96c896

It sounds like any direct combat actions you could take are all totally useless against the Outsider.

I think it would be better to distract it at a critical moment, or try to get it to swallow a jar of soup. Wanna try testing a little soup on the almost-dead beast? You could dip the dagger in the soup and stab the beast in the back, to see how it reacts. It'd be safer than trying to get close to its existing wounds.
No. 534010 ID: 41690e

Um. Make snowball. Pour some hopefully poison soup into it. Attempt to land poisoned snowball directly in Fluffy's mouth or eye. ...does Fluffy have eyes?
No. 534011 ID: bf54a8

no, it modeled itself as like, anti-torren.

anyway, stun bolt actually can work. not to hurt, but distract, if fuzzy focuses on you for a second then it isn't paying attention to the more dangerous thing. letting torren get a free shot.
No. 534012 ID: c23ab0

Your implication that her soup is implicitly poisonous is both unfair and racist! I bet she hasn't had the spices for soup in weeks with this unnatural winter! Unless your spices keep well? Where do you get them anyway?

No, you're going to want to drip your own blood into the soup, or better yet onto a snowball that you then strategically lob into the creature's mouth.

OK realistically you could try the soup, see if the other twin can't tolerate spicy food. Finishing him off would be a mercy at this point. If that doesn't work though, then only the liquid in your veins has the power to make things keel over.
No. 534040 ID: 9ddf68

even if the stun bolt doesn't stun the fluffy thing could it still get it's attention, as in if the thing is trying to block one of the dwarf's attacks or even attack the dwarf could you shoot a bolt at it and throw it's aim off?
No. 534487 ID: f3734a

Hmm. But, what is magic? Is it like the power of the gods? If the power of the gods can repel the void that's consuming the world, and this creature is "made of" that void, then maybe magic will affect it more strongly than it normally would?
No. 535342 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137681691922.png - (258.18KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

Between the soup and your blood, your blood is almost assuredly more poisonous.


You kind of like your blood where it is.

And there's really only one way to get it out.

You think you'll try the soup first.

You have two more jars, and it's not like you're going to need the soup if you get eaten by a monster, so you decide not to fuck around with snowballs.

You keep the knife in hand, heft the jar, and approach the wounded beast.

It's managed to roll itself over despite the grievous wounds and the pool of blood it's now lying in.
No. 535343 ID: 5a5dd4
File 39.swf - (188.67KB , 550x400 )

It screams.
No. 535346 ID: 96c896

Toss the jar right in its mouth.
No. 535347 ID: bf54a8

throw jar, run.
No. 535364 ID: d72836

Why do you want to risk going near the downed monster again? And losing one of your three glasses of soup in the process? That seems like a low risk, medium cost, no reward operation and I'm quite firmly against those.

>Look how you friend is doing. You might have to hurry away at a moments notice depending on how that fight goes. The still living and moving creatures is a for more important foe to keep aware of than the one lying in a pool of its own blood as well.
No. 535374 ID: 41690e

...wait, why are we going after swordface, again? I thought we were going to throw the soup at fluffy. Swordface is already down and out. Er, unless you just pissed it off enough to get up by approaching it.
No. 535390 ID: 9ddf68

throw soup towards it's jaws or the wound in it's face. Also why are we going after this one again? Is it to test out just how deadly the soup is or something?
No. 535458 ID: 96c896

It's not downed anymore, guys.
No. 535590 ID: c23ab0

Save the soup! Hide!
No. 536270 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137707504565.png - (246.53KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

You're doing this because you thought it'd be a good idea to test out the poison and to stay out of Torren's way and to finish off the twin in case it was going to do something exactly like this and this is really not how you imagined this going.

You throw the soup.
No. 536271 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137707509081.png - (229.39KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

It snaps the jar out of the air. The glass shatters in its mouth.

It begins to lumber towards you.
No. 536277 ID: 96c896

Alright, keep it occupied, draw it away from Torren's fight. Head towards an alleyway or something.
No. 536314 ID: 41690e

Right, uh, keep the hell away from that thing, and hope the poison kicks in, soon.

Maybe throw a stun-blot in it's face as you go. It's too big for it to ordinarily work, but maybe it's been weakened enough? Or it'll distract it a little as you retreat? (Not sure how vulnerable casting makes you. If you have to stand still and focus for a bit instead of running, probably not a good idea).

If you get a chance, glance how things and going between Toren and Fluffy.
No. 536342 ID: 9ddf68

and now we play the wait and try not to die game, so since your small and that thing isn't try find small tight space that you can easily fit though but not so much with that guy to try and stay out of it's way before the (hopefully) poison soup can kick in.
No. 536490 ID: c23ab0

No. 536502 ID: bc8d67

Plan Soup Toss is go! Run, run, run! Get into the ruins and lead it away from Torren. That is, unless you can lead it around so it'll come at the Fluffy Fuck from the side opposite Torren.

You better hope that whatever you put into that soup is extra poisonous to non-kobolds, 'cause that jar is looking mighty small compared to the body mass of that beast. Hopefully the glass opened up a wound in its mouth that let the soup directly into the bloodstream.
No. 537279 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137740600433.png - (157.24KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

You turn tail and sprint quickly trudge through the snow.

Ahead of you, Torren and the white beast are locked in combat. Both of them are covered in blood, but you don't think either of them has been significantly wounded.

As you approach a corner to flee deeper into the ruins, you glance back at the twin.

Its steps are slow and heavy, its breath is ragged and wet, and blood drips and flows from its mouth and wounds, but it continues to lumber down the street, ignoring you, and heading towards Torren, the white beast, and the dead twin.
No. 537288 ID: 9ddf68

could you use your magic throw voice to warn Torren that one of the twins is still alive and coming at him? If so do that, if not throw some stun bolts at the surviving twin to try and get it's attention on you since it seems you can just out run the thing.
No. 537289 ID: 96c896

Don't distract Torren. Distract the near-dead thing with stun bolts.
No. 537292 ID: 41690e

>turn tail
...do you have a tail?

Yeah, worth a try. It might be weak enough to work, or at least draw it's attention. Aim for the face, or eye if you can.
No. 538778 ID: 5a5dd4
File 137802794020.png - (152.28KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

You dig through your bag for your focus, ready a stun bolt, and sling it at the twin.

On impact, the beast visibly shudders and coughs up more blood.

After a moment, it keeps walking.
No. 538786 ID: 1cf691

Yell at Torren that the last twin is coming from behind him and he should try to maneuver so that the fuzzy beast is between him and the twin!
No. 538808 ID: b32a14

...hit it again? I mean, it's close to death. It can only stop, shudder, and cough up blood so many times before it falls.
No. 538825 ID: 96c896

Well, it stopped for a moment. That's what we need, you know. To slow it down. Hit it with more stun bolts.
No. 538833 ID: c23ab0


What part about "stun" bolts don't you understand?

Do that again, to the big fluffy thing! That might give Torren the edge he needs to significantly wound it! The living twin is both their enemy, and yours, so just stay away from it!
No. 538837 ID: 9ddf68

keep hitting it. it's close to death, a few more bolts and it should drop.
No. 539002 ID: 0b54f4

Is there a particular limit on the number of times you can cast that? Do you get really tired or something?
No. 543458 ID: 078f92
File 138128794535.png - (249.78KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

You think you can do this.

Your copy of "an Introduction to Magic" had all sorts of warnings about overexertion, but.

It doesn't look like you really have much of a choice here.

You can do this.

You can do this you can do this you can do this you can do this YOU CAN DO THIS
No. 543460 ID: 078f92
File 138128800037.png - (173.46KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

No. 543461 ID: 078f92
File 45.swf - (363.12KB , 550x400 )

No. 543462 ID: 7bbaae

Oops. That's not good. Let's hope Torren is in good enough shape to carry you to safety.
No. 543468 ID: 2f2cd6

Whoo! You badass, girl.

...pity about collapsing and losing your lunch, though. At least you have spare soup.

How do you feel? Can you move at all?
No. 543473 ID: 9ddf68

well good job but I really hope fuzzy is doing better.
No. 543474 ID: d2995c

>Let's hope Torren is in good enough shape to carry you to safety.
On the plus side that probably won't be very hard with kobold tinyness.
No. 543623 ID: b3c2e5

I hope that was just soup..
No. 543737 ID: 761017

Was that blood or vomit?
No. 543823 ID: b2c9e1

Probably vomit, Blood's darker...but still, ew.
No. 543888 ID: 2ecbc0
File 138156584528.png - (206.42KB , 800x600 , 46.png )

In the days following the end of the war, you spoke with a madman.

He claimed the end was coming.

He said the Gods would leave.

He said everything would be lost.
No. 543889 ID: 2ecbc0
File 138156587650.png - (220.41KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

But he told you that he could fix this.

That he could fix everything.

He told you that he could make the world whole again.
No. 543890 ID: 2ecbc0
File 138156590505.png - (328.78KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

And most importantly, he told you exactly how he'd do it.

He told you how to harness the power contained here.

How to harness the power contained everywhere.
No. 543891 ID: 2ecbc0
File 138156593946.png - (300.32KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

He said he would use that power to bring back the gods.

He would turn back the sands of time and undo the atrocities of man.

He would save the world.

He may have even succeeded in his goals, if the church hadn't executed him for spouting heresy.
No. 543892 ID: 2ecbc0
File 138156596851.png - (148.69KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

You have to admit, there would be a certain poetry in taking up his torch, in seeing the madman's prophesies to fruition.

Perhaps you'd even get to speak with him again, once it was all over.

But you can't.

You won't.

You aren't going to save the world.
No. 543893 ID: 2ecbc0
File 138156599577.png - (163.94KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

You are going to make things right.

Forsaken Chapter 2 END.
No. 543902 ID: 2ecbc0
File 138157270616.png - (77.58KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

No. 543934 ID: 761017

So there WAS a mer hiding somewhere there?
No. 543937 ID: 53ba34

the ?/3 is probably hiding the fact that despite not finding them they are still alive. we have all the active threats neutralized so they are safe.
No. 543986 ID: c23ab0

Did you just EAT the fuzzy's soul?
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