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File 136405549289.png - (40.46KB , 900x600 , pixel adventure.png )
501911 No. 501911 ID: b3ca75

Wiki and previous threads: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Pixel_Adventure_2
Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/56976.html
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No. 501912 ID: b3ca75
File 136405553023.png - (24.89KB , 900x600 , 1.png )

Current Status:
Melee - Cl’k scythes
Magic – Energy Drain (Touch), Raise dead (Touch), Drain life (Touch), Analyze magical Creature (line of sight).
Passive – Detection Protection

Skill: Enchanting (Adapt)
Runes: Tire 1: Fire, Ice, Earth, Life, Steel, Strengthen, Protect, Infusion, Opposite.
Tire 2: invisibility, anti, shield, physical, combat, magic, ranged, learn.
Maximum rune count: 4 Minimum: 1

Level 3
HP: 50
Magic item slots: 3
Necromantic Power: Extremely Low! (Warning!)
Humanity: Very Low! (Warning!)
Cheese: Still none

Current relationships:
Thanra: Friend.
Thanros: Friend.
Waran: Mate.
Renault: Mate.
Dylon: Interested.
Folken: The word Hate is not enough to describe what he feels for you. Hate! HATE!
Arya: Pupil.
Dean: Dead.
Blackadder: Neutral
Soon and Will: Will soon die.
BoreWorm Queen: Love~

You are all alone…
No. 501913 ID: b3ca75
File 136405557284.png - (29.42KB , 900x600 , 2.png )

You are no one…

:ClairePIX: W-where I’m I?

You are nowhere…

:ClairePIX: Who are you!?

…who are you?

:ClairePIX: I’m… I’m… I don’t know anymore…

You are my toy~

:clairePIX: …toy?
:BoreQueenPIX: You are mine forever! hehehahahAHAHA!!!!!

Insert what’s so funny?_
No. 501914 ID: a19d72

D: wake up!
No. 501915 ID: 9f0022

Wake the hell up and ew your abdomen!
No. 501918 ID: d6ef5d

Oh hey, lookie. The moon has a face.

You are Clkrlgb Clíodhna, or Claire to your non-mandible-ed friends. Mighty warrior, mage, enchanter, and noble mantis lich fighting to maintain your humanity (mantisity. Humantisity? Whatever).

And that thing is whatever's left of disgusting undead worm that tried to use and abuse you. And that you've already killed once.

This is your mind. Your realm. You are stronger here than you will be anywhere else, and you have our power at your back. Destroy this thing- purge yourself of it's influences.
No. 501920 ID: b3ca75
File 136405851959.png - (29.66KB , 900x600 , 3.png )

>Wake up!
There is nothing to wake up from…
>This is your mind. Your realm. You are stronger here than you will be anywhere else, and you have our power at your back.
You are weak…
>You are Clkrlgb Clíodhna.
You are nothing more than a toy…
>And that thing is whatever's left of disgusting undead worm that tried to use and abuse you.
That is your queen…

:BoreQueenPIX: Let’s have some fun~
:ClairePIX: AAH!

Queen Rips off Claire’s right arm for 37 damage!

:BoreQueenPIX: Oh, stop complaining… you don’t need those anyway…

Queen “penetrates” Claire for 12 damage(Censored)!
Warning! User’s death imminent! Seek medical attention!

:ClairePIX: AAH!! Please! STOP!
:BoreQueenPIX: Don’t worry… I won’t let you die… Not before I’ve had my fun at least… hehehehaha…

Insert [Censored]_
No. 501921 ID: d6ef5d

Fuck you, Queen Bitch.

[Use magic glowy rune thing as a conduit to attack. Dump the full, raw, unadulterated power of the vessel of all magic and all souls into this thing. Sear it out of her brain]
No. 501922 ID: ccb2c1


Yeah, do this.
No. 501923 ID: b3ca75
File 136405983381.png - (30.04KB , 900x600 , 4.png )

> Use magic glowy rune thing as a conduit to attack.
[Unable to use Dean’s Phylactery at this time.]
> Fuck you, Queen Bitch.
No, Claire, FUCK YOU!

:BoreQueenPIX: You are weak…

Queen “makes a new hole” on Claire for 32 damage(abdomen)!
Claire is at negative HP! Queen is keeping her alive!

:BoreQueenPIX: You not even fit to be a toy…

Queen “penetrates” Claire for 12 damage(Censored)!
Claire is at negative HP! Queen is keeping her alive!

:ClairePIX: AA- GRjrgh!
:BoreQueenPIX: You are disgusting…

Queen Rips off Claire’s left front leg for 37 damage!
Claire is at negative HP! Queen is keeping her alive!

:ClairePIX: Mfffgtrt…
:BoreQueenPIX: You exist only to be consumed…

Queen “penetrates” Claire for 12 damage(Censored)!
Claire is at negative HP! Queen is keeping her alive!

:BoreQueenPIX: You are mine…
No. 501924 ID: b3ca75
File 136405985330.png - (27.79KB , 900x600 , 5.png )

[You have lost control over Claire. You now have control over Waran!]

Mmmm… best night ever…

:RenaultPIX: ZzZzZz…
:ClairePIX: *Sob*

…wait, what was that?

Insert Freddy Krueger_
No. 501925 ID: 76b151

Actually you know Claire is Renault's and Warren's. They are her mates after all and she belongs to them as much as they belong to her. Your just a parasite. All we need is some deworming pills.

[manifest deworming pill]
No. 501926 ID: 76b151

Hey Renault if Claire was infested with a Bore Queens eggs do you think you could detect it over her lichness?
No. 501931 ID: d6ef5d

...I am so sick of being a completely impotent force of all magic. We can't do anything. Even in dreams we can't tap into our own power source and we're getting overwhelmed by a friggen dead parasite. What is this shit?

>Dean’s Phylactery
He hid it in Claire's head? Huh. I can't quite decide if that's brilliant or insane.

>…wait, what was that?
Claire's having horrible Queen Worm torture nightmares. Waking her up might be nice. Or, an exorcism or something.
No. 501936 ID: 9ddf68

Hey Renault clear is being possessed or is having a hell of a bad dream were the boreworm queen is ripping her to pieces but she can't die, sooooooooo if you could wake her up or get that book she always has on her to see how to wake her up that would be lovely.
No. 501938 ID: b3ca75
File 136406429532.png - (28.32KB , 900x600 , 6.png )

>Claire's having horrible Queen Worm torture nightmares. Waking her up might be nice.
:WaranPIX: Claire? Wake up? CLAIRE!?
:RenaultPIX: Zz- huh? What’s with all the yelling…?
:WaranPIX: Claire isn’t waking up!
:ClairePIX: *Sob*
:RenaultPIX: W-what!?

>Or, an exorcism or something.
:WaranPIX: Her voices says she have the queen worm in there. Can you do something about it!?
:RenaultPIX: Um… maybe? Let me just get dressed.
:WaranPIX: There’s no ti- wait, how did you do that? I just saw your armor laying on the floor!?
:RenaultPIX: I equipped them through the inventory menu? Now, let’s see what I can do…

Renault cast Turn on Claire! Claire is immune(Bolster)!
Queen is feared!

:BoreQueenPIX: AEEEH!!!
:ClairePIX: AAAAH!!!
:ClairePIX: *gasp* I- *Gasp* … *Sob*…
:WaranPIX: Claire?

>Hey Renault if Claire was infested with a Bore Queens eggs do you think you could detect it over her lichness?
:RenaultPIX: I can’t detect anything…

Insert turn away your nightmares_
No. 501939 ID: 76b151

Tell Claire to life drain AND energy drain the queen. It should still be weak against it and if its inside her she has all the contact she needs.
No. 501940 ID: 37aa84

We may not be able to wake her, try anyway but if you can't then go find Thanros quickly. He has what we believe to be the actual vessel which we've been led to believe is the only thing that can help her get rid of the Bore Queen.
No. 501941 ID: 9ddf68

First- damn Claire you alright?

Then- Waran you're a healer does she look hurt

Finally- we have jack shit of an idea on what's going on right now so start asking Claire's book what the hell is up

oh and one more thing, well two really, Folken got into the school last night and killed the Dean and Thoros might have the vessel and needs to see Claire when she's feeling up to it.
No. 501946 ID: b3ca75
File 136406644626.png - (27.72KB , 900x600 , 7.png )

[You now have control over Claire!]

>life drain AND energy drain the queen.
It’s already gone…
>Folken got into the school last night and killed the Dean.
What!? Dean is dead!?
>damn Claire you alright?
:ClairePIX: I’m… f-fine…
:RenaultPIX: No, you aren’t…
>Waran you're a healer does she look hurt.
:WaranPIX: Only mentally…

>start asking Claire's book what the hell is up.
:AntonidasPIX: Hmm… I’ve never seen this happen before. Whoever found Car’Zum’s notes must have improved on the initial design...
>Thanros might have the vessel and needs to see Claire when she's feeling up to it.
:ClairePIX: I… I just need to catch my breath…
No. 501947 ID: b3ca75
File 136406646882.png - (41.68KB , 900x600 , 8.png )

:ThanrosPIX: He left you this book called “How to read Necronica, the language of the Dead. For dummies.” and a note with some weird scribbles on them. Do you know how to read them?
:ClairePIX: N-no, but I think I recognize t-them… It’s the same ones the book I took from that old mage study we found has. I’m guessing it’s Necronica, like the books says.
:ThanrosPIX: He also said something about a fake vessel and someone that hungers.
:AntonidasPIX: Oh, The fake vessel is the red gem in the library. As for someone that hungers… hmm… the only one I can think of is Sinesrand, one of Car’Zum’s old apprentices. He went mad with hunger… but he died over a thousand years ago…
:WaranPIX: Do you know where the real vessel is?
:AntonidasPIX: Regrettably, no. Only the Dean and the ageless one knew that.

Insert Not Feeling well_
No. 501948 ID: f2c20c

Translate the book. Also, ask Antonidas if there's any kind of memory-wiping magic, and ask the others if there's any memory-wiping tech.

Also, status report please. We got some worrying readings on your Necro-power and Humanity, but they were probably fake.
No. 501949 ID: d6ef5d

What's that yellow brown thing on the rug, there? Please tell me that's some kind of stain, and not a boreworm creeping along, about to jump screaming at one of your heads.

>the ageless one
Do we have any leads on how we could find her?

...or how about a way of tracking down a specific soul? Kevros should have been reincarnated by now, and if we find him (or her? Never know where a soul will end up, after all) we could use him to find her, or attract her attention or something.
No. 501952 ID: 9ddf68

are we still in Waran's head or back with Claire?
anyways I think we should stick with a buddy system for now as it seems even our enemies can attack us in our dreams also ask the book if he knows of anyways that we could fend off any further dream attacks, might be helpful.
No. 501954 ID: b3ca75
File 136407040309.png - (46.56KB , 900x600 , 9.png )

>What's that yellow brown thing on the rug, there?
It’s a hole in the rug. I threw acid on the mimic there, remember?
>status report please.
[Necromantic Power: Extremely Low! (Warning!) Humanity: Low!]

> ask the book if he knows of anyways that we could fend off any further dream attacks.
:AntonidasPIX: Well, Claire, I can teach you some tricks that can help. Though, if you want to end it completely you’ll have to find someone stronger with dream magic then me.

[Claire learned Dream defense!]

>ask Antonidas if there's any kind of memory-wiping magic.
:AntonidasPIX: Well, yes. There is some really powerful memory alteration magic, though few can use it. Why do you ask?
>Do we have any leads on how we could find the ageless one?
:AntonidasPIX: I’m sorry, no. Only Car’zum knew that.
>Translate the book.
Because translating a whole book in a foreign language is something you do on one day… I think I can make out the title tough… Dairy – Mar’zum… pupil… Car’zum? I can’t really make out all the words…

The note on the other hand seems to be written in a way that can be translated with just the word codex of this thing. Let’s see…

True… Container… Book… Box… under… shiny… stone.
No… age… person… map… book… beside… shiny stone.
…acceptable… blessing? I think it’s supposed to be good luck…

Insert professor Layton_
No. 501956 ID: d6ef5d

The real vessel is the bookshelf under the gem? Or in the bookshelf? Under it? Not sure, but looks like we're heading to the library!

And there's a map to find the ageless one in a book next to where the gem was.

>power low!
I think you need some breakfast ASAP, before you resort to head eating.
No. 501961 ID: 37aa84

The first sentence seems to indicate that one of the books under where the fake vessel was should be hollowed out and contain the real vessel, the second sentence would be about a map to the ageless one in a book next to where the fake vessel was kept.
No. 501963 ID: f2c20c

Why the hell is humanity low?! We were doing really well on that! Did the Queen Worm drain it? Or is the Dean's resurrection draining you since his phylactery is in your dreamspace? Necromantic Power being really low also worries me. You're gonna lose control very soon if you don't get something to eat. Keep the Happy Stone at the ready, and ask for someone to bring you sushi immediately.

Also I was asking about memory alteration so that we could get rid of the memory of that horrible horrible nightmare. I mean holy crap. If it just fades on its own that'd be okay though... hang on. To boost your Humanity right now you could talk to someone about exactly what happened in the dream. Both negative and positive emotions boost humanity, and talking about it could produce both types of emotions, from reliving the experience and being reassured.
No. 501964 ID: 76b151

Live chickens would be better at this point.
No. 501965 ID: b33427

>Necromantic Power: Extremely Low! (Warning!)
Dangit! Somebody get Clair a live chicken or two, STAT! Maybe a platter of sushi too. Then she can deal with what this day is going to throw at her.

We really have to figure out something else for her to eat at some point, 'cause just chicken and sushi is going to get boring.

>Dean's note
Hmmm... It sounds like the Vessel is in a hollowed out book under where the fake Vessel was, and a map to The Ageless one in a book next to that. Go check that out once you're not running on fumes here.

Yeah, sharing what happened in the dream would be a good start. It'll be hard, but your friends are here to back you up. Just wait until after you've eaten, okay.
No. 501967 ID: b3ca75
File 136407366418.png - (46.32KB , 900x600 , 10.png )

>you could talk to someone about exactly what happened in the dream.
I’ll do it as soon as I get time, okay?
>there's a map to find the ageless one in a book next to where the gem was.
[Weird map found!]
>The real vessel is the bookshelf under the gem?
:AntonidasPIX: I can feel a tremendous power from the shelf the gem was on. I think the gem was blocking the power from being detected.
:ClairePIX: So… They hid the vessel as a shelf in a bookcase in a library… let’s just head back to the boy’s dorm…
[Vessel(?) found!]

>I was asking about memory alteration so that we could get rid of the memory of that horrible horrible nightmare.
:AntonidasPIX: That would be a bad idea. Memory alteration is quite brutal and is designed to be used on enemies, not on yourself. It would probably leave your mind more broken then it already is.

>Keep the Happy Stone at the ready, and ask for someone to bring you sushi immediately.
:ClairePIX: I need to feed, Ren, can you bring me something to eat? Like sushi?
:RenaultPIX: I can bring you a live chicken if you wa- I mean, um… sushi? No problem.
:ThanraPIX: You were going to eat a live chicken? What the hell?
:WaranPIX: Um… we were going to cook it?
:ThanraPIX: …right… Be honest now, I know you are hiding something from me. What is it? It’s something about Claire, isn’t it… hmm…
:ClairePIX: Um… well…
:RenaultPIX: Psst, She’s have a phobia for the undead, so be careful…

Insert coming out of the transparent grave_
No. 501970 ID: c31f72

Damn it Renault, the sexual roleplay is supposed to just be for sex! Don't try keeping it up after.
No. 501971 ID: 76b151

... they do deserve the truth Claire.
No. 501974 ID: f2c20c

Tell her she has enough information to deduce what's going on already, but tell her that she needs to understand that you're not going to hurt her. Also, like, only her and Thanros don't know about it right now, amongst the people in this room, and they're all at least okay with it. She should trust her friends.
No. 501975 ID: 78c6ea

You are a... freak genetic throwback to your primitive mantis ancestors and need live beasts to satiate your craving for the hunt!

No wait, you have hyposexomania so you need to bite the head off of something, and if nobody's volunteering, bring on the cute woodland critters!
No. 501976 ID: 8bb554

Ask her " ask only if you really want to know " if she does, brake it to her slowly like by saying " you know that story about the paladin and the lich that which has the really good sex scene in it? Well you know how Ranalut is a paladin, and that we are kind of together? Well if we were basing this off of that story that would make me a ..." Then if she doesn't get it after some guesses just tell her
No. 501979 ID: b3ca75
File 136407678770.png - (46.48KB , 900x600 , 11.png )

:WaranPIX: Dammit, Ren, leave the “Confession of a paladin” Roleplay in the bedroom!
:ClairePIX: …It’s okay, she deserve to now.
:ThanraPIX: Know what!?
:ClairePIX: I know you already suspect what I am. Just remember that I’m not going to hurt you. Everyone else already knows and have accepted me for who I am.
:ThanrosPIX: I don’t know.
:ClairePIX: Everyone except Thanros.
:ThanraPIX: …You’re kidding, right? You don’t joke about that kind of stuff! I… I… no… The crypt… the sushi… you’re…
:ClairePIX: Trust your friends.
No. 501980 ID: b3ca75
File 136407680211.png - (44.81KB , 900x600 , 12.png )

:ClairePIX: Whoa!

Thanra goes Berserk!
Thanra fail to charge Claire!
Renault, Waran, Dylon successfully grapples Thanra!
Dylon successfully disarms Thanra!

:RenaultPIX: Take it easy!
:ThanraPIX: What are you doing!? She’s mind controlling you! Resist, dammit, resist!
:ThanrosPIX: …I still have no idea what’s going on…

Insert Resist the temptation_
No. 501981 ID: d6ef5d

...you know, there's something a little wrong when a friend tries to kill us and my reaction is "oh cool, she's a berserker".

Come on, killing someone just for being dead? That's a little racist, isn't it? Or... deadest? I dunno.

Whatever! Dead things solidarity! We're souls, right? ...although I forget if we were ever supposed to be alive or anything.

Anyways, Thanra, she's not controlling anyone. Heck, she'd be double dead if not for their help, as is.
No. 501982 ID: 76b151

I'm a new lich Thanra. I died of Rust Rot when I was young and the Ageless One, for some reason took pity on me. I didn't even know what my phylactifry was until recently. I don't even have the ability to mind control anyone. I have never eaten anyone and I plan on never doing so.
No. 501993 ID: 42f90a

Maybe you should also tell the dean is a lich as well and before she goes on about how your nothing but pure evil or some other bs tell her it was your choice to become a lich. You got sick with rust lung, died, then to everyone's great surprise woke up the next morning.
No. 501994 ID: f2c20c

Liches can't just mind control people. That's what those stupid worms were for. She can look at everyone here and tell that they're not infested with worms!

Besides, what would be the point of you mind controlling your friends? What goal would you have to accomplish here? You killed the worm queen, and almost died in the process. Not all liches are evil!
No. 501999 ID: b3ca75
File 136408174783.png - (45.35KB , 900x600 , 13.png )

:ClairePIX: Thanra, please calm down. I’m a new lich, I’m not powerful enough to control anyone!
:ThanrosPIX: You’re a lich!?
:ThanraPIX: Thanros! Kill her before she takes us to!
:ThanrosPIX: Err… but… um…
:ClairePIX: I didn’t choose to become a lich! I’m not Evil! I’ve never eaten anyone nor do I plan to do so!
:ThanraPIX: Oh gods! Please just kill me! I DON’T WANT TO BECOME AN UNDEAD!!!
:WaranPIX: Err… I think she just wet herself…
:ClairePIX: Dammit, Thanra! Liches aren’t always Evil! The Dean was a lich and he wasn’t evil, right!?
:ThanraPIX: Rrgh!

Thanra suffers a hearth attack(Fear)!

:ClairePIX: Err…

Insert I hearth you_
No. 502004 ID: f2c20c

Holy shit, you're actually killing her. I think you should leave the room while they keep Thanra from dying.
No. 502008 ID: 7dbd6b

Quick! Activate the Joy Stone! Last time, it had an effect on everyone around you, maybe it'll stop the heart attacks from fear.
No. 502009 ID: f2c20c

I think that was because Renault was touching it at the time.

We might try letting her borrow it?
No. 502010 ID: d6ef5d

...um, healers, could you tend to her, please?

And Thanros, could you please relax your arm? You've got your bow fully drawn, and putting an arrow through anyone isn't exactly going to help this situation.
No. 502013 ID: b33427

She's deathly afraid of having her mind screwed by Clair, and you're suggesting she use a mind altering item on her? Is that wise? Wouldn't that make her freak out even more once it wears off, and hate Clair for using it on her? Clair, best not to use the stone on her unless she's about to die from fear and there's nothing else you can do about it.

Tell Ren to lay on hands, if that'll help, and for everyone to get Thanra up and to the school infirmary.

It'd be best if you got away from Thanra right now, Clair; You can speak to her later when she isn't freaking out so badly. Watch Thanros just in case you have to dodge his shot as you leave.
No. 502026 ID: b3ca75
File 136408647810.png - (40.22KB , 900x600 , 14.png )

>Thanros, could you please relax your arm?
:ClairePIX: Thanros, Please lower your bow.
:ThanrosPIX: But- you- sis- lich!?
:ClairePIX: Trust me.
:ThanrosPIX: …lowered…

>Get Thanra up and to the school infirmary.
:WaranPIX: Thanra, listen to me. We’re going to get you to the infirmary so they can treat your heart. Please calm down.
:LtBlackadderPIX: I’ll help you carry her.
:ThanrosPIX: Wait for me!

:ClairePIX: Well…
:DylonPIX: I don’t think you’ll be able to visit that one for a while…
:RenaultPIX: Um… let’s think about something else? Like the map! …what kind of map is this?
:DylonPIX: It’s just a bunch of pictures?
:ClairePIX: …let’s see… someone talking in someone’s else ear, a tree and someone digging? What that supposed to mean?
:DylonPIX: Mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, sun? What?
:RenaultPIX: Well, at least we aren’t thinking about Thandra…

Insert misspellings! I suck proofread_
No. 502027 ID: 78c6ea

Secrets lead to early graves, via multiple nuclear strikes. Not sure about what the sun represents.
No. 502028 ID: f2c20c

I hope we didn't just lose her as a friend forever. I didn't think the phobia would be THAT bad, holy shit.

Anyway... The second thing is directions for that magic maze cave again.

The first thing... whispering forest hole? That must just be telling us specifically that it's the Whispering Forest cave.
No. 502041 ID: 1ef2eb

I think you might have to go back to that one cave and follow the 'map'. Also I know we said we should stop talking about Thanra but I think we might want to switch rooms with Thoros once she gets out of the infirmary. At least until she won't freak out after seeing you
No. 502053 ID: f2c20c

Well, I partially agree. We should probably bunk in separate rooms now, since her phobia is this strong. It'd be horrible to keep her up at night just from sleeping in the same room. However, switching beds with Thanros would mean we're sleeping with the boys, which while... convenient, would likely be against Academy policy. So we should just request a different dorm, at least until she gets a handle on her phobia.
No. 502077 ID: 9ddf68

Well that's only if we tell them and I don't think we want to request a room change as that might bring up questions. The reason I picked those two to switch is because I do believe Claire does have some self control and if we have to worry about that boreworm dream crap from now on it might be nice to have a paladin close by, and as for Thanra I thought it would do her some good to have family nearby then a stranger or friend even. But hey if you can't just switch rooms then yeah request a transfer for now. but that might be one more person we have to hide/tell about our lichdom.
No. 502098 ID: 2a8a2a

We should remember that we still need to get something to eat.
No. 502163 ID: b3ca75
File 136414307806.png - (40.14KB , 900x600 , 15.png )

:ClairePIX: It seems like we have to go to whispering forest cave again…
:DylonPIX: Whispering forest? The forest east of here? The undead that survived the battle here fled to that forest. The paladins are preparing to go in and root them out in a few day, but if you don’t want to wait…
:RenaultPIX: Why can’t these things ever be easy…

:ClairePIX: I’ll see what I’ll do… but as for Thanra… I’ve been thinking…
:DylonPIX: A dangerous pass time that…
:ClairePIX: Shut it. Anyway, maybe I should switch room with Thanros. For Thanras sake.
:DylonPIX: I’m sure it’s only for Thanra’s sake… Though, shouldn’t it be against regulations for women and men to sleep in the same room?
:RenaultPIX: We’re over eighteen, the school doesn’t really give a rat ass where we sleep. As long as we sleep in a bed somewhere in the school and don’t knock someone up they don’t really care.
:ClairePIX: Well, that convenient.

:DylonPIX: Now, I suggest we wait for the paladins to clean the forest. After all, we aren’t really on a time limit.
:ClairePIX: Except that I will continue to dream about being ripped apart and… other things you do with tentacles every night until we go there…
:DylonPIX: …that… I didn’t know that… um…
:ClairePIX: You know, I should probably feed before we plan what we should do. I don’t want to go feral because we were busy talking about caves.
:RenaultPIX: I go see what I can get that lives… See you in a minute.
:DylonPIX: …I’ve been thinking… what’s stopping Thanra from telling everyone you are a lich?
:ClairePIX: …oh, son of a-

Insert Thinking is hard_
No. 502164 ID: 9ddf68

well if you are trying to stop her from telling everyone you could send us head voice to see if we can't talk her down. failing that give us to Thoros so we can try and get him to talk her down. not sure on how successful we will be so you might want to eat something quick and hang around town for a bit, if the shit hits the fan then I guess we will just head back to you and tell you that the cat is out of the bag and we can just go strait to the cave now to get away from the possible angry mob and then just go through with this 'find the vessel' quest the dean wanted us to do.
No. 502165 ID: ab6499

We are, let us hop on over and fix this shit before it's too late.
No. 502168 ID: d6ef5d

...there's nothing stopping her. Because we're not an evil lich, and you couldn't forcibly stop her from talking without evil means.

That's the message we leave for her. If you were really evil? You could have killed her while she was down to ensure her silence. Or if you were mind controlling the others, you could have done it to her.

That we left her the freedom to hurt us is the only gesture we can make to show we're trustworthy.

>Son of a-
Silly mantis, liches don't have sons. They're dead!
No. 502173 ID: b3ca75
File 136414912397.png - (33.60KB , 900x600 , 16.png )

>Silly mantis, liches don't have sons. They're dead!
Well… that’s a depressing thought…
>...there's nothing stopping her, because we're not an evil lich.
You’re right. That’s probably the best thing we can do right now… not stopping her at all.
>let us hop over to Thanros and fix this shit.
Yeah, just in case. I’ll send you to Thanros… just remember to not try forcing her to be quiet; I don’t want her to believe I’m evil, okay?

:LtBlackadderPIX: Is she going to be okay?
:HealerPIX: She’ll just need some rest for now. We are brewing up an elixir to strengthen her heart at this very moment and when she got that into her she will be as good as new. If you have any other questions please come see me in the alchemy lab, as I need to help with the elixir right now. Take care…
:ThanraPIX: …is he gone?
:ThanrosPIX: um… yes?
:ThanraPIX: …why? Why is she…? Why did she drag me here? Why didn’t she let me died and raised me? WHY?

Insert WRYYYYY!?!?!_
No. 502178 ID: 76b151

Hello Thanros, we're here to help your sister come to terms with the fact that Claire isn't actually evil. Figured it'd be better to do it through you then bombarding your sister while she is that stressed. Having a heart attack isn't a good thing.
No. 502179 ID: 9ddf68

Tell her she helped her because she doesn't want to rise an undead army or undead anything really, I mean if she really wanted an undead army then why did she risk herself to go solo and steal a rune meant to turn this entire town and the school into zombies and stop it instead of trying to make all the zombies work for her or some BS like that?

Also I know this isn't the best time but who is the other poor sap that is in here and what happened to him/her.
No. 502180 ID: 78c6ea

Wait, you wanted to be died and raised?
No. 502181 ID: d6ef5d

Who's the injured lizard with the balloon?

>Why didn’t she let me died and raised me? WHY?
...because that would be a dick move? Friends don't murder friends and reanimate their corpses just because it's convenient. (Or stand by and watch friends die either. Whatever).

If Claire was an evil monster who wanted you dead, you would be.

I mean, it's not like she got a choice in any if this.
No. 502183 ID: f2c20c

Because she's a good person. Also could you try to convince her not to tell everyone Claire's a Lich? That's kindof important.
No. 502185 ID: b33427

Hi, Thanros. Clair sent us Voices over to you to so we could try to mediate this mess with Thanra. Better tell her that right away, so that she doesn't think you've been mind-screwed when you start trying to talk her around.

Clair didn't do the evil bitch lich thing 'cause she isn't evil or anywhere near that big of a bitch. She didn't seek out lichdom, she basically had it foisted on her by Lizbeth the Ageless One; She was offered it in a fever dream while she was dying of Rust Rot, and didn't know that the heck she was agreeing to until it was too late.

All in all, Clair just wants to live something in the vicinity of a normal life, help her friends, and be a decent person. She definitely doesn't want to go all lich-crazy and turn into someone who'd let a good friend die just to raise her corpse. As far as Clair's concerned, that'd be a fate worse than death.

Ask Thanra to think back to Clair's actions before she told her she was a lich, and seriously ask herself if those are the actions of some evil lich.
No. 502191 ID: b3ca75
File 136415994090.png - (33.25KB , 900x600 , 17.png )

>Hello Thanros.
Hello yourself, voices. :D
>Who's the injured lizard with the balloon?
I have no idea. She’s asleep at the moment so we can talk freely.

:ThanrosPIX: Um… I just got those voices Claire always has… They wanted to check up on you, Thanra.
:ThanraPIX: L-let me guess. They are trying to tell you Claire is a good person, right? Don’t believe their lies, Thanros! They want to mind control you!
:LtBlackadderPIX: Um… why would they lie if they should mind control him?
:ThanraPIX: Shut up, lich thrall!
:LtBlackadderPIX: You do realize that if she should mind control people she would control you right now?
:ThanraPIX: …fine, she can’t control minds. She’s lying to you all then, got a cloth of wool before your eyes. She’ll show you her true colors sooner or later, you’ll see.
:ThanrosPIX: But think back on the time you spent together. Can you seriously say she acted like an evil lich then?
:ThanraPIX: … … … … … …no…
:ThanrosPIX: She didn’t choose to become a lich. She had a fevered dream when she was dying of Rust Rot, a dream where the ageless one came and offered her something she didn’t understand before it was too late.
:ThanrosPIX: Clair just wants to live something in the vicinity of a normal life, help her friends, and be a decent person. She definitely doesn't want to go all lich-crazy and turn into someone who'd let a good friend die just to raise her corpse. As far as she’s concerned, that'd be a fate worse than death. Can’t you see she’s a good person?
:ThanraPIX: …I… I still don’t trust her... what if she loses it?

No. 502192 ID: d6ef5d


>what if she loses it?
Honestly? That's a risk any sufficiently powerful adventurer suffers from, especially with all the mind controlling badguys and secret plot reveals.

The answer is the same- no matter who or what they are- you try and get them back, and if you can't, you put them down.
No. 502194 ID: f2c20c

Well, she is trying her best to prevent that from happening, but if the worst thing happens and she loses herself... THEN WE'RE ALL DOOMED! No seriously if she actually fully loses control then we're fucked. She does have a special item that can be used in emergencies to prevent losing control, though. A Happy Stone.

All else fails then we'd have to either take her down, or restore her humanity. Apparently it is possible to restore the humanity of a lich that has lost control. Of note is that if she dies, she will resurrect so long as her phylactery is intact. It takes a while though... but if you can kill her after she loses control, we'll have some time to prepare and set a trap for her when she resurrects so that we can force her to regain her humanity. We might want to ask Antonidas about how to do that.

Oh, and uh, if you don't mind, Thanros, would you switch beds with Claire? So that Thanra doesn't have to sleep in the same room as someone who triggers her phobia?

P.S. if she does lose control and we can't recover it on our own, we will tell you guys so you can do something about it.
No. 502195 ID: a00410

Claire is your friend. And if she is going to stay a not dangerous monster then she needs friends. She really likes you and isn't going to hurt you, especially not make you undead. She would probably drink the magic your not undead anymore elixir if their was such a thing.
No. 502200 ID: 8c4b01

That's why she had you guys and us. To make sure she doesn't lose it. Also why are you so afraid of the undead? I mean I can understand being afraid of flesh eating monsters of any kind but to be so terrified that your heart stops, I have to say that's a first. And when a voice that is said to be as old magic itself that is saying something
No. 502202 ID: 78c6ea


So, you would or you would not wish to be an undead zombie abomination? Because we're totally OK with that, if you are trying to cover it up to avoid offending anyone. An undead fetish is a completely normal and acceptable thing and don't let anyone tell you differently.
No. 502204 ID: b3ca75
File 136416641838.png - (42.19KB , 900x600 , 18.png )

>So, you would or you would not wish to be an undead zombie abomination?
I’m going to have to say a very big NO here…
>Also why are you so afraid of the undead?
Well… When we were nine a mage was visiting the town our orphanage was in and was somehow killed. We don’t how, maybe he got stabbed by some thief or it was some freak accident, either way he died in some ally without anyone knowledge. When someone notice he was gone a few days later his body had already mutated into a screamer thanks to all the magic he had in his body and… well… he somehow found his way to our orphanage. I think you can guess the rest yourself.
>Thanros, would you switch beds with Claire? So that Thanra doesn't have to sleep in the same room as someone who triggers her phobia?
Of course I’ll do that!

:ThanrosPIX: If she loses it then we’ll either get her back or end her.
:ThanrosPIX: But we rather see to it that she doesn’t lose herself, and for that she needs you. She needs your friendship. Your love.
:ThanraPIX: …I don’t know…
:LtBlackadderPIX: She is your friend. Friends don’t let friends go mad.
:ThanrosPIX: The voices also tells me that she has some measures to prevent herself from losing it.
:ThanraPIX: But she can’t stay sane forever…
:LtBlackadderPIX: Then we’ll just have to hope she’s contented with the life she’s lived and decides to end herself before that day dawns.
:ThanraPIX: I… fine, I will trust her… for now… but I won’t like it, you hear!
:ThanrosPIX: Good enough for me!


[You now have control over Claire! Necromantic Power: Average! Humanity: Average!]

:ClairePIX: -A-after that it r-ripped a new hole in my a-abdomen so it s-should f-fit them all. Then R-Ren saved me with a t-turn u-undead and here we are…
:DylonPIX: …wow… that’s some nightmare… I… you probably need some happy thoughts after that…
:RenaultPIX: Well, we can take some time off to do something relaxing… but we still need to plan when and how we are supposed to get to the cave.

Insert Conversation Connection_
No. 502206 ID: f2c20c

Err. Yes, I think spending a little time having a massage or something might be good.

As for how to approach the cave, I say we bring a few guards with us, and tell someone what we're doing this time. Don't actually tell them that we're carrying the Vessel or that we're visiting the Ageless One, but we can at least say that we're going to revisit the cave and it's important.
No. 502209 ID: b93170

Well we have some good news for you then. We managed to get Thanra not to out you as a lich but she still doesn't trust you and Thanos agreed to switch rooms. Oh and if you want to know why she is so afraid of undead it's because she was attacked by a screamer when she was little
No. 502212 ID: b7169d

Get him to lick your feet, deep massage and all that.
No. 502251 ID: 78c6ea


Without any adventurers or adults nearby. Surrounded by other screaming children. Who died.
No. 502420 ID: b3ca75
File 136431338799.png - (41.36KB , 900x600 , 19.png )

>I say we bring a few guards with us, and tell someone what we're doing this time.
:DylonPIX: A few guards? Lady, you got a whole army dedicated to defend the vessel under my command that can come. We can even take one of the ships there.
:WaranPIX: Um… weren’t you guys supposed to steal the vessel?
:DylonPIX: Collect the vessel, not steal it. But yes, that is our main goal. We still need to deal with the undead horde first and any information we can get about the vessel from the ageless one is a plus.
:ClairePIX: …so, after I’ve defended the vessel from a powerful lich I have to defend it from you guys too? Figures…
:DylonPIX: Defend? We are on the same side. There won’t be any defending here.
:WaranPIX: Shouldn’t we be focusing the things at hand instead of cursing your sudden but inevitable betrayal that will happen in the future?
:DylonPIX: You wound me.
:WaranPIX: Claire? How about a massage?
:RenaultPIX: OH! Dibs on the feet… err… claws! I mean the lower claws!
:WaranPIX: …well, then we now what Ren fetish is…
:ClairePIX: I’m… I’m not really in the mood, okay?
:RenaultPIX: Oh, sorry… then what are you in the mood for?
:ClairePIX: …you know, I rather be alone for a while… see you guys later…
:DylonPIX: Well, that was sudden…

[You have lost control over Claire! Choose your next victim!]

Insert Choose your destiny! Johnny Cage!_
No. 502424 ID: 37aa84

Let's follow Warren, we've given him very little attention for one of Claire's lovers up til now.
No. 502427 ID: 9ddf68

Lets chat to Dylon as it has been some time since we've talked to him.
No. 502431 ID: 7dbd6b

Voting Dylon.
We should have so much fun with his brain.
No. 502446 ID: a19d72

No. 502458 ID: ab6499

Dylon, I want to make sure he can be trusted...
No. 502665 ID: f2c20c

In the interest of making the vote clearer, I say we talk to Dylon a bit.

We might also try switching to Kevros. Who might be Blackadder, come to think of it.
No. 502913 ID: b3ca75
File 136472911581.png - (50.29KB , 900x600 , 20.png )

[You now have control over Dylon!]
…oh, it’s you guys again… swell…
>We might also try switching to Kevros.
…Um… what did you do?
:WaranPIX: Um… Dylon? Are you okay?
[Illegal action used! Unable to render “Kevros.exe”! ERROR!]
{PixelAdventure.exe have crashed! Running Repair.exe!}
[Warning! Unable to load “Dylon:{Location}! Loading closes available variable!]
No. 502914 ID: b3ca75
File 136472913987.png - (43.42KB , 900x600 , 21.png )

:DeathKnightPIX: Why are we protecting this cave again?
:DeathKnightPIX: So no one gets into it, of course.
:DeathKnightPIX: But we already have the forest full of our guys, do we really need to stand right in front of it to?

…The hell?

Insert ERROR!_
No. 502915 ID: ab6499

Time to enter the cave before they even know you are here Dylon.
No. 502916 ID: 37aa84

So are we Folken now? I mean the real Folken not Dylon, whom we like to annoy slightly by calling him Folken because his mother can't get his name right.
No. 502917 ID: f2c20c

Oh jeez, sorry. We uh, sortof... broke reality a little. I'm not sure WHY that broke reality, but... get in the cave before they see you!
No. 502918 ID: d6ef5d

Whoops. Sorry, Dylon. That's never happened before. Well, the suddenly changing someone's location thing, at least. The horrible glitch outs? Unfortunately, yes. Although for different reasons, last time.

Quick, duck in the cave before those undead see you.

What do you have on your person?
No. 502919 ID: b3ca75
File 136473794377.png - (33.01KB , 900x600 , 22.png )

>So are we Folken now?
I’m still Dylon… at least I think I’m still Dylon.
>What do you have on your person?
Armor, my sword, the two holy hand grenades that was left after Claire’s fight with the queen…

>Time to enter the cave before they even know you are here Dylon.
Just so you know, I’m not retreating, I’m charging in a different direction!

:DeathKnightPIX: There you are, milord! We have bad news, Lord Folken, oh your greatness exceed us all!
:DylonPIX: Um… wait... I mean, Let’s hear it, Minion.
:DeathKnightPIX: The archmage was able to change to combination to get into the school. The old combination of Mushroom, sun, mushroom, sun doesn’t work anymore. Don’t worry, sir, we have put our best people on trying to find the way back.
:DylonPIX: …Good…?
:DeathKnightPIX: …It will probably be a few hours, milord, so you can drop the disgusting Dylon illusion.

So… I think these guys are just confused with my identity and it’s not that I’m in Folken’s body right now… at least I hope so.

Insert These guys are really bad at detecting intruders_
No. 502920 ID: 37aa84

So this cave has a secret way into the school. Tell them you're going to try to guess a combination, that way you can say you're not dropping the disguise on the long shot that you happen to guess right and do the four mushroom then sun route.
No. 502921 ID: d6ef5d

>you can drop the disgusting Dylon illusion
Don't give me orders, worm.

>I think these guys are just confused with my identity and it’s not that I’m in Folken’s body right now… at least I hope so.
This is going to sound racist, but I don't think we'd be able to tell if you two had swapped bodies. Sorry.

That said, since your inventory and equipment carried over, it's likely you're still you.

>Mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, sun?
Should get you where you need to go. You just need to make sure these idiots aren't watching you.
No. 502923 ID: b3ca75
File 136474394455.png - (25.75KB , 900x600 , 23.png )

:DylonPIX: Don’t give me orders, Worm.
:DeathKnightPIX: I-I’m sorry, exalted one! It won’t happen again!
:DylonPIX: You better pray that you don’t test my patience further, insect. Now, get out of my sight, I got things to do here.
:DeathKnightPIX: Of course my lord!

Well… that takes care of that…

>Mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, sun.
I was only able to go mushroom four times before I stumbled out into the library… and I’m pretty sure this door wasn’t here before…

Jump where?
Everyone fears you….
…um… what? Are you guys okay? I mean, are you guys crazier than usual?

Insert voices in my head_
No. 502924 ID: d6ef5d

> are you guys crazier than usual?
Um. That wasn't us. Something else is whispering to you now.

And I thought that sequence was supposed to lead to the sleeper, not to the school?

...wait. We're dealing with Liz, here. Disbelieve the illusion.
No. 502926 ID: 37aa84

That's not one of us someone else may be in your head now. Anyway get back to Claire, maybe she's the only one who can take the correct route to find the ageless one.
No. 502927 ID: b7169d

Hey! We are the only ones allowed to be creepy head-voices! This is our brain territory, now shoo!
No. 502930 ID: b3ca75
File 136474819068.png - (29.00KB , 900x600 , 24.png )

>Disbelieve the illusion.
[There is no illusion to disbelieve!]
>Hey! We are the only ones allowed to be creepy head-voices! This is our brain territory, now shoo!
You have no future
I don’t think it’s listening to you…
You have no reason to live, Claire

>get back to Claire.
I have no idea where she is… maybe the other guys knows…
:WaranPIX: Um… I have no idea, actually… She walked off on her own, remember… wait, didn’t you leave with Ren just a minute ago? To go and find some book in the library or something?

Insert it’s pointless_
No. 502931 ID: 76b151

ah that sucks, two emergencies. Folken is wandering around and theres a headvoice urging claire to Jump off somewhere high. Tell Warren should go after as Claire she is being influenced by something. You go after your brother and Ren.
No. 502932 ID: 9ddf68

Ok ask Warran to give you the short version of what happened after Claire said she wanted to be alone and that you found out how Folken and troops are getting into the school then have Waran go find Claire, we'll try and find Renault and then join Waran in trying to find Claire. It would be nice to go one day without everyone trying to kill us.
No. 502936 ID: 78c6ea

short people got
no reason
short people got
no reason
short people got
no reason to liiiIIiive~
No. 502946 ID: 37aa84

Sounds like Folken got in. Either that or when the world glitched and teleported you away it also created a duplicate of you, either way to the library.
No. 502949 ID: b3ca75
File 136475495642.png - (30.96KB , 900x600 , 25.png )

:DylonPIX: What happen after Claire left?
:WaranPIX: You left with Ren to borrow some book in the library? Are you alright?
:DylonPIX: …yeah, I’m fine… um… Can you do me a favor? Claire’s voices are telling me someone is trying to convince her to jump from somewhere high, can you find her and help her with that? I’ve got to deal with my doppelgänger real quick.
:WaranPIX: …wait, what? Um… sure? I guess? I’ll find her?
:DylonPIX: Good.

To the library! …again!


:RenaultPIX: Oh, there you are. Why did you run off?
:DylonPIX: I did?
:RenaultPIX: Yeah, you saw the empty shelf and just went nuts. Then you ran off to the right and… well, now you’re here.

Insert Ett gäng av doppelgängers_
No. 502952 ID: 9ddf68

ask how long ago that was because we just got done talking to Waran, also say we think Claire might be in trouble again so if he knows where we can find her that would be nice, also did we ever set up a password system in the case of doppelgangers because I really think we should start using that now as things are getting really complicated really fast.
No. 502959 ID: d6ef5d

...I'm not sure that was me, just then.

Wait. Paranoia check. Renny, do detect undead.
No. 502963 ID: 37aa84

So you're saying we ran off and then came back an entirely different way?
No. 502968 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, Folken's here. Ask Renault to follow you over there, maybe we can kill him.

Also, give Renault the password.
No. 502972 ID: b3ca75
File 136476609965.png - (27.12KB , 900x600 , 26.png )

:DylonPIX: So you're saying I ran off and then came back an entirely different way?
:RenaultPIX: When you say it like that... yeah, that’s kind of weird… even weirder is that I can see the other you down the aisle… wait…
:DylonPIX: Either doppelgänger or Folken. Detect undead on me if you don’t trust me… and Learn, adapt…
:RenaultPIX: Um… evolve, accent was it?
:DylonPIX: Ascend.
:RenaultPIX: Right, and you aren’t a undead and the other is… let’s kick some ass?


:DylonPIX: Where is it!? Where did those worms hide it!!?

Insert When are Folken going to get his own portrait?_
No. 502973 ID: 76b151

You are the only worm here Folken
No. 502974 ID: 9ddf68

hey Dylon, you said your bother here is a coward right, as in he runs from any battle unless he has backup? If so I think you should engage him by yourself and see if he runs or fights, if it's one on one he might just fight you and when he comes rushing at you have Renault cast repel undead on him to give you an opening and the both of you can try and either A)finish him off right here and now or B) try and capture him.
If you think he will just run however then just try and sneak up on him and run him though with you sword, and if it does turn into a fight then have Renault cast repel undead and go with the earlier plan from there.
No. 502975 ID: 37aa84

So he is registering as undead. Does he have a bore worm scar on him or is he some other type of undead?
No. 502976 ID: f2c20c

He'll just run if he gets confronted without minions.

Sneak up on him. Make this count.
No. 502986 ID: 2a8a2a

If he will run from a confrontation, don't sneak up on him. Have the holy hand grenade sneak up on him.

Wait a moment first though to see if he says anything useful while ranting.
No. 502989 ID: f2c20c

Oh you're RIGHT. We have those!
No. 503138 ID: b3ca75
File 136483515196.png - (9.29KB , 900x600 , 27.png )

[You now have control over Lizbeth!]
Dylon and Renault have ceased to exist!

:Lizbeth: And I’m back!
:Kevros: Um… are you sure deleting those guys was really s-such a good idea?
:Lizbeth: Meh, no one will miss them…
:Pride2: Wait… wasn’t I a mantis a moment ago?
:lizbeth: Silly Folken, you can’t have sex with bugs!
:Kevros: I still think this is wrong…

Go home, Insert, you’re drunk!_
No. 503139 ID: 78c6ea

No. 503142 ID: c31f72

Lizbeth! Hi! Can you leave until after the bug harem orgy happens? I've been looking forwards to it and you just deleted a couple of the people who were gonna be in it.
No. 503143 ID: d6ef5d

Liz! We missed you!

...kind of annoyed you just killed two of the people we were hanging with, though.

Pride is Folken? Explains so much.
No. 503151 ID: bf54a8

hot hot lizard sex
No. 503152 ID: b3ca75
File 136483972793.png - (27.70KB , 900x600 , 28.png )

Why would I read a book when I can get the real thing?
>Can you leave until after the bug harem orgy happens?
Bug harem orgy? Who would want to see… you know what… BAM!

Lizbeth teleports several mantises!

:ClairePIX: AH! …where…um?
:WaranPIX: Why am I naked?
:DylonPIX: …well… I did not see this coming…
:ImperialPIX: …didn’t I get squashed by a big rock? What am I doing here?
:Lizbeth: Now kiss… and then have sex… do iiiiiiiiiit!

>hot hot lizard sex

Insert forced orgy_
No. 503165 ID: bf54a8

spray pheromones everywhere. that should get the party started.
No. 503166 ID: d6ef5d

Um. Liz. God power enforced rape is not cool. Stoppit. Bad omnipotent Lizard Wizard Blizzard.
No. 503171 ID: c31f72

They're illusions, so this is more like drawing porn than rape.
On that note, let the orgy commence~!
No. 503192 ID: 001618

good to see you haven't change liz
No. 503209 ID: 37aa84

No, the bug harem orgy isn't as great if you just snap your fingers and make it happen. The journey is as important as the destination and all that jazz.
No. 503213 ID: b3ca75
File 136484469043.png - (9.84KB , 900x600 , 29.png )

>They're illusions.
They aren’t illusions. What fun would it be if they were?
>spray pheromones everywhere. that should get the party started.
Of course! Now… let’s se-

>Um. Liz. God power enforced rape is not cool. Stoppit. Bad omnipotent Lizard Wizard Blizzard.
:Kevros: I have to agree with the head voices. This is very wrong, Liz.
:Lizbeth: But… bug sex!
:kevros: Liz… what did we say about forcing other people to do that kind of stuff?
:lizbeth: …fine… wait… what about if I only take the ones that are willing? Commence ORG- son of a bitch, there only straight guys here… hmm, maybe-
:Kevros: No, Liz. We’ve talked about changing people’s gender and sexuality already without their permission, remember?
:Lizbeth: …fine. I’ll have a big lizard orgy instead.
:Kevros: No changing species either!
:Lizbeth: I know, I know… let’s see… oh, we got a nice wincest pair right in this building! BAM!

Lizbeth teleports Thanra and Blackadder!

:ThanraPIX: What in the-
:Lizbeth: Now, commence wincest. I know you want too.
:ThanraPIX: Er… I think you got the wrong guy… Thanros is my brother, not Loren.
:Lizbeth: Your twin is playing for the wrong team, so I had to settle on your older brother/sister instead… and I know you like him/her like that already so start fornicating!
:LtBlackadderPIX: …wait, what!?
:Kevros: I’m still saying this is all kinds of wrong…
:Lizbeth: Wincest~

Insert That’s it, I’m out of here!_
No. 503214 ID: 001618

hey tharas hey blackladder this is liz aka the ageless one.
No. 503216 ID: d6ef5d

Wait, they're related?

Liz, what happened to your attention span? You were never great, but this is serious kitten on crack cocaine territory.

And what's with trying to force stuff on other people?

And what was with sending us away for hundreds or maybe thousands of years! I mean, Claire's nice, but we felt kind of hurt by that.
No. 503217 ID: 37aa84

And Thanra/Blackadder just keeps getting more awkward. Also Liz have you grown more crazy over the aeons I feel like you may be a little more unhinged than before.
No. 503236 ID: f2c20c

Why haven't we fireballed Folken yet?
No. 503242 ID: b3ca75
File 136484998749.png - (9.91KB , 900x600 , 30.png )

>Liz have you grown more crazy over the aeons I feel like you may be a little more unhinged than before.
:Lizbeth: I’m not crazy! You’re the one that’s crazy!
:Kevros: Um… to be fair, you did kind of lose it a few centuries ago.
:Lizbeth: I’m just as sane as when I was that banana a few thousand years ago.
:Kevros: I rest my case…

>Wait, they're related?
:lizbeth: Of course they are!
:ThanraPIX: W-we are?
:lizbeth: Can’t you see the resemblance? You’re just a recolor of each other! ...wait, maybe I got you mixed up with that Balros guy… hmm…

>what's with trying to force stuff on other people?
:Lizbeth: I’m a god! I can do whatever I want!
:Kevros: Actually…
:Lizbeth: Well, as long as Kev says it’s okay. His kind of my morality pet, you know.
:Kevros: And that doesn’t always work either… I still have nightmares about the time you went back in time and open up a portal to the pizza dimension right in front of Graven…
:Lizbeth: Did I do that?
:Kevros: You are going too after you’re done here.
:LtBlackadderPIX: …I hate time travel… and gods…
:Lizbeth: Don’t make me smite you… whatever, the authors bored with this stuff now so he’ll just end the whole quest here. See you guys later!
:ThanraPIX: Wha-
No. 503243 ID: b3ca75
File 136484999652.png - (3.97KB , 900x600 , 31.png )

Quest Completed!
No. 503252 ID: 2a8a2a

But... but we haven't summoned the biggest fish yet!
No. 503254 ID: d6ef5d


...wake up?
No. 503292 ID: 37aa84

hurry, run April_Fool.wak
No. 503296 ID: b3ca75
File 136485663665.png - (338.77KB , 547x522 , 32.png )

>But... but we haven't summoned the biggest fish meep yet!

Warning, Meep’s meepingness exceeds that of normal values! ERROR! The Universe has committed an illegal action and will meep down! All your unsaved meep will be lost! Have a meep day.

:CockPIX: Meep meep meep!
No. 503297 ID: b3ca75
File 136485666921.png - (26.48KB , 900x600 , 33.png )

Meanwhile, in reality…

:WaranPIX: Claire? Are you up here?
:WaranPIX: Ah, there you are… Dylon was worried about you. Said something about someone telling you to jump?
:WaranPIX: …um… maybe you shouldn’t be standing on the edge? It’s quite easy to fall from there…
:ClairePIX: I know…

Insert Wak wak wak wak wak_
No. 503300 ID: 37aa84

Claire have you been speaking to other head voices behind our back. Look we got suddenly ejected after you said you needed some time alone and we really miss you. Whatever's wrong we can work through it because we like being your head voices and we hope you like having us as your head voices. Can you please just come back from the edge there and talk to us?
No. 503305 ID: d6ef5d

Hey there Waran. Pretty sure Claire's being subjected to some kind of manipulation, suggestion, and/or mind control. Besides us! And it don't seem to mean well for her.

Gotta get through to her and talk her down.
No. 503311 ID: f2c20c

Tell her not to listen to the Queen. The real voices are with you.

Also the only person afraid of her is Thanra. Warran, you were afraid she WASN'T a lich. Renault is afraid of not being able to save her. Dylon... I think Dylon just likes that she's powerful. He asked for a duel right away, does that sound like he's afraid?
No. 503323 ID: 9ddf68

ask her why she wants to jump and point out the fact that she is a lich (if no one is around) and if she does jump she will simple resurrect back in the dorm room.
No. 503503 ID: b3ca75
File 136491372090.png - (26.23KB , 900x600 , 34.png )

:WaranPIX: Why would you like to fall?
Everyone hates you… fears you…
:WaranPIX: The only person afraid of you is Thanra. Ren wants to save you and Dylon like the power you have. I’m not afraid of you either!
:ClairePIX: …I…
Ren is a naive fool and Dylon only sees you as an object to be conquered… and Waran? You are afraid of her, aren’t you? You know what will happen if she lose herself…
:WaranPIX: Wha- I… Stop listening to the Queen, Claire!
:ClairePIX: Queen? The queen have been quiet all day… what are you talking about?
He still thinks I’m controlled by the Queen? …doesn’t he have any faith in me…?
:WaranPIX: Even if you jump you’ll just come back thanks to your phylactery!
:ClairePIX: …maybe I won’t? …m-maybe I can decide if I want t-to come back or not!
If not, I can always destroy it and try again…
:WaranPIX: Why!? Why are you trying to do this!? Don’t you care for the future? Our future!?
:ClairePIX: F-future!? Last year I barley felt the pull of lichdom. T-today I can b-barely keep m-myself sane on a day to d-day basis! What do you think will happen in a y-year? I barely have what it takes to last a w-week, let alone a year! The only f-future I have is being put down like s-some r-r-rabid animal…
Do you know how it feels to slowly lose yourself? To lose the love you have for people? I do…

Insert Do a flip!_
No. 503507 ID: 9ddf68

Claire did you have friends a year ago? Or a guide? Well guess what you do now and we do not give a damn what you are or what you have or haven't done, we are here for you now and will continue being here for you for a long long time. Now tell us what the hell is your deal damnit, yesterday after you saved the school you were fine and having a great time then today all the sudden your suicidal, WTF. Why are you focusing on just the damn bad, there is more then fucking bad in your life you just have to open your god damn eyes and fucking see what is starring you straight in the fucking face, and stop listening to that voice that says you're useless because that thing has as much merit as a drunken madman saying how green grass is purple.
No. 503509 ID: d6ef5d

Don't despair about suddenly losing the good fight, Claire. The Dean held on for centuries.

...and don't complain that was only after he had a stint going dark side! You're already past that.
No. 503511 ID: 37aa84

Claire you don't have to keep your sanity on your own there are people who care about you and don't want you to lose yourself.
No. 503515 ID: c31f72

Aww C'mon Claire! You're not a monster! You've done what? Eaten a few corpses?
We're more monstrous than you!
The very first time we did anything in your world, we allied with a unstoppable murderer, helped cause the destruction of the old paladin order, likely directly cause the mad god Lizbeth to be what she is and accidentally or purposefully destroyed the world more times than I can count! Not to mention all the fucking around with time and space, forcing an omniscient being to do our bidding and screwing with the social dynamics of Lizbeth's group to try and get everyone to sex up everyone else!
We only managed to save the world back then was because of rules lawyering, Lizbeth's near infinite magic and time fuckery.
Hell, I'm pretty sure the reason we're not omnipotent anymore is because an insane god thought we couldn't be trusted to safely use our own power!

Anyways, don't kill yourself. We need to to stick around to keep us from destroying the world again. I'm pretty sure we can't undo it this time.
No. 503526 ID: b3ca75
File 136492352095.png - (26.41KB , 900x600 , 35.png )

:WaranPIX: What happen!? You weren’t like this yesterday.
:ClairePIX: I-I’ve been like this s-since this whole thing s-started! I’ve just been able to k-keep it under control, dammit!
:WaranPIX: Um… but look on the bright side of things. You’re not alone anymore! You got friends and… special friends that will support and help you.
:ClairePIX: A year ago I had a family, a lot of friends and several teachers. Then this s-shit happen and took it all away! I was a noblewoman, had dreams and a future but then it was all ruined! I wanted to be a fucking dancer, not some monster waiting to happen!
:WaranPIX: But you aren’t a monster. Not yet! And I now you can fight it, the dean did it after all.
:ClairePIX: But the Dean was super powerful. I’m not!
:WaranPIX: Yes, you are! You are better than you think you are! And you got us! We will not let something pitiful like your lichdom take you away from us!
:ClairePIX: B-but… but… I don’t think… I… I’m too weak… I’ll just hurt you…

Insert but butlers butt butter… ew…_
No. 503527 ID: d6ef5d

Last time you didn't know what was going on, or how to fight it. Now you do.

And magical strongness isn't what you need, anyways. It's strength of will, which you have, if you'd stop wallowing and remember it.

Hugs time, Waran.

...does this mean we can unlock the blade dancer prestige class?
No. 503534 ID: 9ddf68

Claire, we know of the dangers since you told us about what you are and we still chose to stand by your side. We're friends and nothing is going to change that and we will stand by you though thick and thin. I know there will be bad times ahead there are always bad times head for everyone but the just make the good so much better. Don't focus on bad, learn from them but don't focus just on them, remember the good as well and live you life just like everybody else, one day at a time.
No. 503584 ID: f2c20c

(I think the voice is the Dean, speaking to her from inside her dreamspace, because he's got no body and can't take the pills that were letting him keep his humanity despite being so old. We need to ask the book how long it'll be before the Dean gets his body back.)

Tell her if she's worried about the rest of you, we can come up with contingency plans. Like, people could carry items enchanted with protection vs negative energy. As she is now, you and the others could overpower her so long as she can't use life drain effectively.
No. 504971 ID: b3ca75
File 136559859610.png - (24.88KB , 900x600 , 36.png )

:WaranPIX: You aren’t weak. I, if anyone, can attest to that.
:ClairePIX: B-but-
:WaranPIX: And if you really are afraid to hurt us we’ll just wear some protection against negative energy… without your magic we should be able to overpower you.
:WaranPIX: Besides, this is part of life. Bad things will happen, but we shouldn’t wallow in sorrow because of it.
:ClairePIX: Isn’t t-this a bit bigger than… um… bad?
:WaranPIX: Well, some things are worse than others, but that doesn’t mean we should focus on them. Learn from them and move on instead. Then use what you have learned to make the good stuff in life that much better, okay?
:WaranPIX: Let’s just go back to our room, okay? I think you might need a bit of rest after this…
:ClairePIX: O-okay…
No. 504972 ID: b3ca75
File 136559861903.png - (32.45KB , 900x600 , 37.png )

:RenaultPIX: Oh, hi guys! Good news, we caught Folken alive. We were able to imprison him down in the basement with the help of the paladins.
:WaranPIX: You did? How did you get him?
:DylonPIX: I defeated him in honorable one on one combat!
:RenaultPIX: Actually, I just threw the holy hand grenades we had on him while he was laughing his abdomen of about Dylon’s suggestion of a honorable duel.
:DylonPIX: Quiet, you! You’re ruining a good story!
:RenaultPIX: Bite me.
:WaranPIX: So, we got an insane psychopath down in the basement, eh? That’s… good news, I guess…

Insert he also got a hockey mask and chainsaw down there_
No. 504977 ID: d6ef5d

>holy hand grenades we had on him
So... what. That means if he had a bore worm in him he's now back to normal? Or is he not wormed but instead some kind of undead strong enough to survive the blast?

Also? Grenade to face? Totally an acceptable part of one on one combat.
No. 504982 ID: 001618

so are back with claire yet or are we still with Waran?
anyways now that we got Folken what do we do now, interrogate him or let the school handle that?
No. 505016 ID: b3ca75
File 136562151113.png - (31.69KB , 900x600 , 38.png )

>so are back with Claire yet or are we still with Waran?
Still with me, Waran… but I can send you back to Claire, if you want.
[You now have control over Claire!]

>So... what. That means he’s some kind of undead strong enough to survive the blast?
:RenaultPIX: He’s some kind of undead, yes. I’m going to guess he’s a very strong death knight or something.

>now that we got Folken what do we do now, interrogate him or let the school handle that?
:DylonPIX: Well, it can’t hurt to try questioning him a bit first before the school start prodding him…


:RenaultPIX: Answer the questions or you’ll feel my awesome paladin powers!
:RenaultPIX: You don’t want to speak, huh? Well, I can change that…
:DylonPIX: You haven’t asked any question yet.
:RenaultPIX: Oh, right…
:WaranPIX: Um… isn’t torture something that’s against the paladin code?
:DylonPIX: And why does Folken still have the same portrait as me? It’s confusing!
:DylonPIX: Even when I’m jailed you can’t escape my wrath, brother! Feel the confusion consume your mind! MOHAHAHA!

Insert Rise from your grave_
No. 505021 ID: 001618

so did Folken really even have a plain of any type or was his only plain was sneak into a school full of people who would like nothing more then to see him dead by disguising himself as his bother how is only a freaking general of an army and hopes no one will notice that Dylon was in two places at once?

... If so Folken is big on the whole think ahead thing is he?

As for things to ask, well you could ask him if killing off the whole empire's army was a goal that he been planing to make for years or was it a more recent sort of thing?
No. 505061 ID: 2a8a2a

Would he mind talking about this master of his? I hear the fellow is supposed to be rather impressive.
No. 505115 ID: f2c20c

Maybe if he wasn't wearing his helmet all the time, the portrait would change. Or maybe Dylon's portrait should change to a helmetless version.

Ask him if his mother is in league with the undead.

Anyway, uh. Claire. Are you still carrying the Vessel? You should keep back just in case he manages to get loose. Also I'm pretty sure we are capable of getting to Liz right now, but you might want to do that on your own. Liz would likely be able to help you with your dream combat, along with other things.

P.S. is the Dean talking to you?
No. 505210 ID: b3ca75
File 136566825855.png - (31.96KB , 900x600 , 39.png )

>Anyway, uh. Claire. Are you still carrying the Vessel? You should keep back just in case he manages to get loose.
Still got it and I’ll keep my distance.
>P.S. is the Dean talking to you?
What? No? No one have been talking to me.

:ClairePIX: So… your plan was to sneak into a place full of people that wants to kill you and hope for the best?
:FolkenPIX: Well, I did suddenly change place with Dylon for some reason so I just winged it. Besides, my plan isn’t done yet! You’ll soon see my real magnificence! You’ll see!
:ClairePIX: …right. So, is the empress in on this to or what?
:DylonPIX: That would be highly unlikely. If she was she could have been able to just order us to kill you all instead of doing this whole runabout thing with the undeads.
:FolkenPIX: Of course I’m not in liege with that bitch! I’m trying to create a world where your disgusting female supremacy is nonexistent! Down with the female gender! I demand equality!
:DylonPIX: So you motivation is being born a man… have you been planning this for years now or what?
:FolkenPIX: No… I found my master about a year ago. He showed me the light! He showed me how the world should be!
:DylonPIX: A year? Hmm, wasn’t that when you were running around trying to find that girl that ran away from your arranged marriage?
:FolkenPIX: It’s all her fault this happen, brother, can’t you see it?
:RenaultPIX: Can you tell us about your master instead? I want to know what we are dealing with here.
:FolkenPIX: My master have transcended beyond your mortal understanding, fools! Your feeble minds wouldn’t be able to comprehend his true form! You would go mad! MAD! LIKE ME! MOHAHAHA! …hah…he… Moving on, I got a question for you Claire…
:ClairePIX: um… ask away?
No. 505211 ID: b3ca75
File 136566827332.png - (25.06KB , 900x600 , 40.png )

:FolkenPIX: Do you really think a simple rune of anti-undead would keep me under control? Do you really think your friends would be able to protect you?
:ClairePIX: …wait, where did…?

Insert Twenty questions_
No. 505213 ID: 76b151

Im not buying it. Disbelieve the Illusion!
No. 505214 ID: 9ddf68

do you really think we want to lesson to some cry baby that seems to be having some kind of temper tantrum like some fat kid who just got his candy bar stolen form him, do we Folken? So start your damn mono-log, just try and trim it down to about 20 words or less as we like to get to something called THE POINT.

Yeah Claire you might want to get some kind of attack ready and be ready to dodge whatever this guy is about to do, I'm also guessing he is doing some kind of mind thing on you (like he most likely was doing earlier when you where threatening to jump off the ledge) so just treat everything he says as total bull crap.
No. 505215 ID: 76b151

Note: He hasn't actually left the runic circle.
No. 505217 ID: f2c20c

Don't get any closer to him. Maybe even back away a bit, so that if he does come at you, you won't accidentally mess up the rune circle.
No. 505225 ID: b3ca75
File 136568280327.png - (25.35KB , 900x600 , 41.png )

>Disbelieve the Illusion!
[Unable to find any Illusion to disbelieve!]

:ClairePIX: So, what? Are you going to monolog me to death now?
:FolkenPIX: Actually, I was just going to rip you apart, piece by piece.
:ClairePIX: How? You can’t leave the circle without getting disintegrated.
:FolkenPIX: Who said anything about leaving the circle? You’ll come to me, after all.
:ClairePIX: …Why can’t I move?
:FolkenPIX: I know something called control undead. Now, come here…

Claire takes 3 damage from anti-undead rune!

:ClairePIX: AH! Son of a- IT BURNS!
:FolkenPIX: Interesting… your body is still alive enough to not be completely affected by the rune. Let’s see what happens when your mind passes the boundary. Don’t worry; I won’t kill you… yet. I want you to still wiggle when I have my way with you later, after all.
:ClairePIX: Let me go, you creep!

Insert Circle of fun!_
No. 505241 ID: d6ef5d

Hey, you! With the shield coming around the corner there! That you Thanra? Claire could use a little help here.

I know you're upset about her (un)lifestyle choices that she didn't actually have a choice in at all, but we've got an actually evil undead trying to do mean things to someone you considered friend here. A little help, please?
No. 505253 ID: 9ddf68

hey Claire can you move enough to take a swing at this guy or use any of your lich powers to try and break his control?
No. 505315 ID: 76b151

you know he wouldn't expect you to push him into the side of the runewall so do so.
No. 505316 ID: b3ca75
File 136571898226.png - (26.75KB , 900x600 , 42.png )

>use any of your lich powers to try and break his control?
I can try…
Folken is immune against Life Drain (Necro immunity ring)!
:FolkenPIX: Do you really think I would be that stupid? Of course I got protection against you!

>you know he wouldn't expect you to push him into the side of the runewall so do so.
I can’t move at all right now. I need to distract him somehow so he loses control over me.
:ThanraPIX: Hey, Jerkass! Let the bitch go so I can try out my new sword on you!
:FolkenPIX: Huh? Who ar-

Claire shoves Folken into anti-undead rune for 37(x4) damage!
:FolkenPIX: AAAAH!!
Success! …wait, oh cra-
Folken pulls Claire into anti-undead rune for 9 damage!
:ClairePIX: AAAH!!!

Insert Please mind the line_
No. 505318 ID: d6ef5d

>Do you really think I would be that stupid? Of course I got protection against you!
Protection is never absolute. After all, ours isn't working against you, for some reason.

Well, keep up the shove battle? He's losing HP faster than you.

Or Thanra could just go around to the other side to stab.
No. 505322 ID: 9e1727

He may not be losing more HP as a percentage of total HP. He's a high level death knight, and that means he's a big sack of HP. Gotta get Claire back out of the rune ASAP.

Thanra, could you get around Claire's right side, and use your sword to break Folken's grip on her, while knocking her away with your shield. Then proceed to apply SHIELD BASH directly to his forehead until he staggers back into the rune.
No. 505327 ID: 17675d

Hey Claire do you have your fire enchantment on you right now? Because if I remember right death knights are crap against fire, if not then just start head butting him and bit ring his arms to get out of his grip
No. 505328 ID: f2c20c

Ask desperately for help. Also, just try to hold your ground and not move. Perhaps hold Folken still, even, so that Thanra can slice him up better.
No. 505352 ID: 2a8a2a

Warn her to avoid touching either of you because of the draining magic. He will probably try to Command you to attack her if he gets the chance.

Also, it occurs to me that we never did Analyze Magical Creature on him.
No. 505357 ID: b3ca75
File 136575386239.png - (26.87KB , 900x600 , 43.png )

>Analyze Magical Creature
Death Lord – Sentient Undead Commander
Strong – Ice, Negative Energy.
Weak – Fire, Positive Energy.
Uses – Ice, Negative Energy.
Special – Resurrection.
>do you have your fire enchantment on you right now?
I wish I had, but no.

:ClairePIX: Thanra, Help! Get me out of-
:ThanraPIX: Shut up and eat anti-undead sword!
:FolkenPIX: Oh? Having trouble with your fre- AAAH!
:ClairePIX: AAAH!
Thanra cuts off Folken’s arm for 23(Weak) damage!
Thanra cuts off Claire’s arm for 23(Weak) damage!
Thanra shield bash Claire for 3 damage!

:FolkenPIX: You haven’t seen the last of me! I’ll be back! AND THEN YOU WILL BURN! EVERYONE WILL BU-

Thanra attacks Folken for 55(Weak) damage(head)!
Folken takes 58(Weak) Damage from magic rune!
Folken have been disintegrated!

:ThanraPIX: Eat shit and die.
:ClairePIX: Y-you cut off my arm…
:ThanraPIX: I know. You too… um… can also eat… shit? Man, I really need to work on my one liners…

Insert I’m here to chew bubble gum and write an insert… and I still got plenty of gum_
No. 505358 ID: 76b151

damn, folken can resurrect. Hes not a lich so either it will be where he died, or somewhere near whomever created.

Also Thanra.... cutting her arm was a bit much. Though with Waren around I guess its not too much to reattach it.
No. 505364 ID: f2c20c


Well I hope your enhanced regeneration also applies to missing limbs. Or maybe you can reattach it? Worth a shot. Ask for your arm back and for some medical attention, please.
No. 505380 ID: d6ef5d

>Eat shit and die.
I already, did, thanks. Nothing quiet like a slow, debilitating disease.

So... Thanra. This really how it's going to go? You're going to murder someone who was your friend because of what she is, ignoring who she is?

And wasn't the fact that the bad guy was trying to kill her horribly (again) proof enough that she's not one of them?
No. 505381 ID: b3ca75
File 136577569395.png - (25.64KB , 900x600 , 44.png )

:ClairePIX: So… This really how it's going to go? You’re just going to murder me?
:ThanraPIX: First off, you are abomination. You can’t murder an abomination, you can only slaughter one. Second off, I wish I could, but the others trust you so I will let you live… for now. If I so much see an evil thought from you I will cut off your head and mount it on a wall, understand!?
:ClairePIX: …yes… Can I have my arm back, please? …and maybe some medical attention.
:ThanraPIX: Here’s your filthy arm and if you want medical attention go find Waran or something. Oh, what do we have here?
[Thanra equipped Necro immunity ring!]
:ThanraPIX: This will come in handy… and this…
[Thanra equipped Control undead(Powerful) ring!]
:ClairePIX: …so what? You’re just going to judge me for what I am, not who I am?
:ThanraPIX: Who you are is a bitch in sheep clothing waiting to strike.
:ClairePIX: Do you honestly believe that?
:ThanraPIX: …ye- no… I mean yes… I mean… Stop trying to confuse me! I… I-I don’t know, okay!?

Claire takes 2 damage from bleeding!

Insert Ring of Control Bone… er…_
No. 505383 ID: c6319f

Stop being a wuss, stand up, pick up your arm, thank the nice lady for saving you life, and go find some healing.
No. 505384 ID: 76b151

Honestly we were going to make necro resist rings for everyone. However unless Thanra is looking to become a necromancer herself perhaps she wouldn't want to use that control undead ring.

Oh hey! We could study the runes on either of those and I bet we could fashion one for everyone! The immunity rings i mean.

Ask for some help, your body is still mostly alive thanks to something. Which means you can bleed to death. I kinda wanna hold onto that.
No. 505390 ID: b3ca75
File 136578203538.png - (29.38KB , 900x600 , 45.png )

:ClairePIX: Can I get a bit of help? I’m kind of bleeding to death here…
:ThanraPIX: I hope you do… but if you are lucky I’ll direct Waran to you if I meet him. You can go jump of the roof for all I care.
:ClairePIX: W-wait! Can I have that ring? The one with immunity? I want to enchant a bunch of other ones with that and give them to everyone…
:ThanraPIX: …I’ll let you see it when you are ready to enchant it… and I want to be with you when you do… so I can gut you if you try anything.
:RenaultPIX: *Huff*huff* G-gut what? *Gasp* Claire, a-are you o-okay? *huff*
:DylonPIX: Does running down a few stairs really make you lose your breath? You really need to get into a better shape.
:RenaultPIX: *Huff* Shut it… b-but who’s gutting w-what?

Claire takes 2 damage from bleeding!

Insert Running man_
No. 505391 ID: d6ef5d

Uh, hey guys. Medic?
No. 505392 ID: 537c6a

After we stop bleeding out, ask how they got up there.

Also we should consult the book on the mechanics of re-attaching or regrowing limbs, Death Lord resurrection, and our own resurrection.
No. 505399 ID: 001618

long story short Folken pull a dick move and then tried to kill Claire but then Thanra showed up and then cut off Folken's arm, and Claire's as well but only because Folken was trying to drag her though the anti-undead rune. Then Thanra started saying something along the lines of if you some much has show a hint of evil I'll kill you and blah blah blah Just basically saying she won't kill us but doesn't trust us. then you guys showed up. So as you can see Claire is kinda bleeding out here so a medic would be wonderful if you could spare one.
No. 505403 ID: b3ca75
File 136579503452.png - (28.22KB , 900x600 , 46.png )

>consult the book on the mechanics of re-attaching or regrowing limbs.
:AntonidasPIX: Unless you want to have a rotting and/or skeletal limbs I would suggest going to a real medicos. Liches deals in necromancy, not healing, you know.
>Death Lord resurrection, and our own resurrection.
:AntonidasPIX: A Death lord will resurrect themselves in a previously prepared mort protoplasm structure when their old one expires. Though, it will take a few days for the subject to regain control over all their functions again after the initial anima transfer. As for a lich, it really depends on the power the lich has. You, for example, would take several days to regrow your body to full functionality, though you would probably have grown a head capably of interacting with the outside world within a few hours.

:ClairePIX: Um… medic?
:RenaultPIX: I… I just need to catch my breath… there…
Renault cast lay on hands on Claire for 10 healing! Claire stopped bleeding!
Renault take 3 damage backlash!

:DylonPIX: We are sorry that we were late, but it seems that Folken had some fun with us by teleporting everyone to one of his old runes on the top floor. The paladins probably only enchanted the anti-undead rune to block personal teleportation and not the one you can cast on others. A grave oversight, to be sure. What happen here while we ran down the stairs?
:ClairePIX: Well, Folken tried to kill me, Thanra saved my life by cutting of my hand, Folken was disintegrated and Thanra told we she would gut me if I ever turned evil… you know, like usual. Now, where is Waran? I got a limb that needs re-attaching.
:RenaultPIX: Um… I think we ran away from him when we got to the stairs… he’s probably still on his way down. …About this whole gutting business, don’t you think it’s a bit over the top?
:ThanraPIX: We need to put her down.
:DylonPIX: I rather find a way to get her back instead, but you do have a point. We need to prepare for the consequences if she loses it.
:ThanraPIX: Not if, when!
:ClairePIX: Um… guys? I’m still here…

Insert maybe they can drive her to a farm down south we’re she can run free_
No. 505418 ID: f2c20c

Look. Tell them that the enchantment on that ring makes people immune to necomantic powers. Any other planning should wait until you're not around to hear it and know what their plans are so that if you go crazy you won't know what they're planning.

Also it's rude. Jeez guys.

On a separate note you should tell them that you are, apparently, vulnerable to Control Undead at your current power level.

Lastly, we should PRIVATELY- I don't want everyone knowing the Dean is a lich- ask the book how quickly the Dean would have resurrected, and what his mental state would be after a resurrect or midway through it. Also, where would he resurrect?
No. 505440 ID: 9ddf68

well do you think you can walk now Claire? if so I think you should try and meet Waran half way as to reattach your limb quicker, and as for Thanra just take what she has to say in stride as the last time you saw her her freakin heart stopped when she saw you so misguided anger well a little annoying is still an improvement.
No. 505459 ID: d6ef5d

...you know, it's one thing to go all batman and have secret plans to defeat all your friends with whatever their weaknesses are in case they go insane or evil or get mind controlled, but it's another to do it right in front of their face. Getting a little personal, here.

...and for the last time, I don't want to be an evil monster. If I become one, I'd want you to stop me. Now can we move on and stop hating on the me that's still sane and not evil?
No. 505522 ID: c6319f

You know, she's right. It isn't if, it is when. Claire is living on borrowed time. Sort of like, you know, humans. Non-undead. 'Normal' people. Just because her condition is such that she will be a threat when she 'dies' is not a reason to treat her like dirt. We should act like responsible adults and put appropriate measures in place to destroy her before she does any damage when she does eventually lose her mind, which will be a long long time from now.

Liches are just like everyone else, except that when they go senile they turn into cruel monsters. A lot of old people get away with that without the excuse of being the living dead.
No. 505525 ID: 76b151

Honestly I disagree. It is entirely possible for Clair to live a full and wholesome existence as a lich. There is nothing inherently evil with her beyond the craving for fresh meat and that can be ascribed to most predators as well and THEY aren't evil in the slightest.
No. 505527 ID: b3ca75
File 136586109714.png - (43.65KB , 900x600 , 47.png )

>ask the book how quickly the Dean would have resurrected, and what his mental state would be after a resurrect or midway through it. Also, where would he resurrect?
:AntonidasPIX: Both his mental state and speed depends on how fast he resurrect himself. The faster he comes back the worse his mental state will be, so it can take anything from a few hours to a few days. I’m going to guess days, myself. As for where… well, I do not really know.
>as for Thanra just take what she has to say in stride.
It’s understandable that she’s a bit angry, but that’s not really an excuse to be rude…

:ClairePIX: Jeez guys, can you please refer to me as a person instead of an accident waiting to happen? It’s kind of rude, you know.
:RenaultPIX: Sorry.
:ClairePIX: As for what we should do, we got a ring with necro immunity we can duplicate. As for the rest, please talk about it privately. Both so I don’t know your plans and as a sign of respect to me.
:DylonPIX: Of course, my lady. We are sorry that we disrespected you… um… I kinda got caught in the moment…
:ClairePIX: And Thanra… please understand that I don’t want to be some evil monster. If I ever lose myself you have my blessing to end me.

>try and meet Waran half way as to reattach your limb quicker.
:WaranPIX: There you go. Now, I’ll need to go and get some of the stronger stuff but if you are lucky after a few days rest it will be as good… as… is it already repairing the muscle tissue? Um… well… then maybe it won’t be a few days… is it just me or have your regeneration become stronger?
:RenaultPIX: Um… should Liches even have that kind of regeneration? I mean, they usually are skeletons and stuff, not living beings.
:DylonPIX: Don’t we have more important things to think about? Like how to get to the ageless one? Or the enchanting? Or what we are supposed to do about my brother and his master?

Insert it’s alive!_
No. 505528 ID: 37aa84

Well Dylon can probably handle the enchanting after he shows us the secret entrance between the school library and the whispering woods cave so we can find the ageless one. Folken and his master can wait until the boreworm is fully taken care of and the necro protection will help considering we have reason to believe the master is a Lich as well.
No. 505533 ID: 9ddf68

I say focus on the enchanting first as it would probably be the most helpful and then focus on finding the ageless one as I'm sure the Folken and his master are trying to do something similar if it means they can find the vessel and if we can screw up there plans then I'm all for it. Also we should tell the school about the library entrance into the school from the cave as to stop more undead from getting into the school.
No. 505582 ID: f2c20c

It's possible Liz turned you into a different sort of Lich than the norm. Maybe your regeneration is tied to the Vessel, and being as close to it as you are not makes it faster? Speaking of which, we need to go see her before tonight. That's very important. We could probably do it while you recover, even. Dylon can't come, unless he swears to not try to steal the vessel or something. It's up to Liz whether he gets to use its power.

All we have to do is go back through the 'secret cave entrance' door in the library, and enter the Sun path, I'm betting.

As for Folken and his master, they can't get into the academy now. It'll be fine for now. As for the enchanting, we could probably do it. Or someone else. That is worth spending some time on before we go see Liz. Should only take a little while.
No. 505589 ID: c6319f

Man, that's what I just said. The insanity issue just means that she does in fact have a mortal lifespan to look forward to. All it really means is that she has to take precautions in light of her condition.

For the moment, I'd say enchant those rings. We don't know precisely what's being planned by the enemy but the rings should provide a defense against a wide array of things they might try.
No. 505592 ID: b3ca75
File 136589778756.png - (35.37KB , 900x600 , 48.png )

>Well Dylon can probably handle the enchanting.
Yeah, he probably can. Meanwhile I’ll take a nap while my arm heals. Hopefully I’ll be able to actually move it soon.
[You lost Necro resist ring! You gained Necro immunity ring!]

>find the ageless one.
:WaranPIX: So, it’s from here they keep coming from?
:DylonPIX: Probably, yes. Though they can’t use it at the moment.
:ThanrosPIX: Well, what are we waiting for? Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.
:RenaultPIX: Um… aren’t you the guy who generally chicken out about this kind of stuff?
:BalrosPIX: We got plans tonight and don’t want any weirdness destroy it. So, we’ll take our dose of weirdness now instead of then!
:ThanraPIX: …that doesn’t really make sense…
:ClairePIX: Before we go… Dylon? Can you promise me that you won’t steal the vessel?
:DylonPIX: You have my word!
:RenaultPIX: And your word is worth what?
:LtBlackadderPIX: Lord Dylon have never broken his word as far as I know. He’s way to much of a honor addict for that.
:DylonPIX: …I’m still your commanding officer, Blackadder…
:LtBlackadderPIX: I mean honor addict, sir!
No. 505593 ID: b3ca75
File 136589780811.png - (38.19KB , 900x600 , 49.png )

>All we have to do is go back through the 'secret cave entrance' door in the library, and enter the Sun path, I'm betting.
:ClairePIX: …um… why is the cave connected to the corridor outside my old room?
:WaranPIX: Interesting… it seems to be connected to everywhere…

Insert going around and around…_
No. 505595 ID: 30a140

Should we check on your room or just leave it for now?
No. 505600 ID: f2c20c

Heads up, the painting has the symbol of a sun on it now. Examine the painting first to see if maybe touching it does something or if there's something written on it maybe. If not, let's check in your old room.
No. 505649 ID: 2a8a2a

Well that is worrying that it has multiple exits. The dean apparently was able to change passwords for it; Anitonidus probably at least knows what this system is if not how to control it. (Those two were apparently very busy mages, with all the magical creations they have left lying around everywhere.)

That's the painting of the dean. It has been like that since he died.
No. 505652 ID: f2c20c

Oh, you're right, it was a sun earlier. However, it was blank immediately after his death. I'm guessing that the painting will display his progress.

Also of note is that we didn't see the sun painting today until after Dylon took the 4xmushroom path. So it's possible that taking that path resulted in the painting being activated.
No. 505676 ID: b3ca75
File 136594935679.png - (33.83KB , 900x600 , 50.png )

>let's check in your old room.
:ThanraPIX: Nothing out of the ordinary in here…
:RenaultPIX: What’s that sticking out from under your be-
:ThanraPIX: Nothing out of the ordinary in here!

>Examine the painting.
There’s another painting behind it?

:ThanrosPIX: Is it just me or did it suddenly get very cold in... um… why are we outside?
:WaranPIX: …snow?
:BalrosPIX: An endless field of it…

Insert Make a snow devil!_
No. 505680 ID: d6ef5d

Sun was the end of the instructions, wasn't it? Not sure where to go now.

Do you see anything here, across the snow? Or does the door go someplace different now?
No. 505681 ID: dc4a44

Find the secret hot springs. Get Alexander.
No. 505682 ID: 76b151

Set the clock to midnight.
No. 505684 ID: d6ef5d

Wait. We're trying to get to Liz, right? And you've been provided with snow.

Make a Lizard Wizard Blizzard.
No. 505686 ID: b3ca75
File 136595601320.png - (34.52KB , 900x600 , 51.png )

>Get Alexander.
Your buster sword isn’t big enough to get Alexander.
>Do you see anything here, across the snow?
:DylonPIX: It’s like an endless sea of snow…
>does the door go someplace different now?
:ThanrosPIX: It goes to the other side of the wall…
>Set the clock to midnight.
:ThanrosPIX: Well… that did absolutely nothing…
>Make a Lizard Wizard Blizzard.
Where are we supposed to find a dairy queen here? Or do you mean a snowlizard? I can do that.

:ClairePIX: Pretty good, if I have to say it myself.
:ThanraPIX: Pff, it’s a work of art, this snowlizard! Just look at the his little smile that I made.
:ClairePIX: …so… um… still no ageless one?
:BalrosPIX: Nope.

Insert New quest! Find a top hat for the SnowLizard! Reward: Swag!_
No. 505687 ID: 76b151

picture of the moon is loose.
No. 505688 ID: d6ef5d

Okay, unless we find a hat for the snowlizard and it magically wakes up and becomes Liz when you put it on, I'm not sure what to do.

...maybe the vase the flowers are in is really an upturned magic hat?
No. 505689 ID: 76b151

well, is it now that we have an illusion to disbelieve?
No. 505691 ID: b3ca75
File 136595777132.png - (25.24KB , 900x600 , 52.png )

>maybe the vase the flowers are in is really an upturned magic hat?
Now that’s just silly.
>picture of the moon is loose.
:ThanrosPIX: Um… guys… the painting fell down…
:ThanraPIX: Well, put it back.

:RenaultPIX: What happen to the snow?
:ThanraPIX: Nooo! My snowlizard!
:ThanrosPIX: Wops, I think I put it in the wrong way…

Insert magic painting_
No. 505692 ID: d6ef5d

Oh. So what's in the picture frame controls the enviroment? First you were on the moon (or a giant snowball, I guess) now you're in a dark void.

Hmm. What could we put in the frame to get us to Liz...

You still got the vessel on you?
No. 505695 ID: 2a8a2a

Maybe take the stopped clock, and put it in the picture frame?
No. 505697 ID: 9ddf68

can any of you draw? because if all else fails we could just draw a picture of the school and hope that works, would only recommend doing that as a last resort though. Hey were was the Ageless one suppose to be at again?
No. 505705 ID: b3ca75
File 136596881966.png - (35.00KB , 900x600 , 53.png )

>Maybe take the stopped clock, and put it in the picture frame?
>You still got the vessel on you?
Nothing happens… maybe it have to be a picture?

>can any of you draw?
:WaranPIX: Here, let me try something…

:ThanraPIX: A beach?
:WaranPIX: Well, I don’t really know what else to draw…
:RenaultPIX: Wow, this thing can really take us anywhere, huh? I wonder if it works with more… um… explicit stuff…
:ClairePIX: We are not using the magical painting to watch porn… at least not right now.
:DylonPIX: I wonder if we can put any painting we find in it?

>were was the Ageless one supposed to be at again?
No idea…
>draw a picture of the school
Um… I think we can just turn the painting around to the sun side again to get back.

Insert The painting is for porn!_
No. 505706 ID: 37aa84

Maybe we should just start pulling out all the paintings, it looked like there was another one behind the moon, to see what our options are.
No. 505711 ID: d6ef5d

...what about sticking the map that was supposed to guide us to the ancient one in the frame? Logically, if that's meant to guide us to Liz, shouldn't that take us to Liz?
No. 505714 ID: f2c20c

You could try drawing a picture of a lizard lady in a purple robe. That would be Liz. She was made to be the epitome of lizard beauty, and is a powerful mage.
No. 505719 ID: 9ddf68

think if you could find a picture of Liz or the Ageless one it would take you to here? If so then go back to the school library and see if you can find any references.
No. 505722 ID: b3ca75
File 136597569861.png - (53.86KB , 900x600 , 54.png )

>we should just start pulling out all the paintings, it looked like there was another one behind the moon.
There’s nothing behind the moon one. Just an empty canvas.
> ...what about sticking the map that was supposed to guide us to the ancient one in the frame?
…the world becomes paper… nothing else.

>You could try drawing a picture of a lizard lady in a purple robe.
:WaranPIX: Done.
:ZealotPIX: AAAAH!
:ZealotPIX: Invaders! Sound the alarm!
:ZealotPIX: They are coming for her! Protect her at all cost!
:ZealotPIX: Kill them all! Kill the heretics! FOR THE SLEEPING ONE!
:ZealotPIX: RAAAH!
:ClairePIX: Well… I didn’t expect this…

Insert I want to cast magic missile…_
No. 505723 ID: 37aa84

Ah ask these fine lizards if they serve the ageless one, we kind of need her wisdom.
No. 505724 ID: f2c20c

Before we engage in melee with the cultists, tell them you're an ally, and have the One of Many and the Vessel!

If they do attack, defend yourself. Match their level of lethality. They look unarmed, but if they're all mages we're gonna need to treat them as deadly opponents. Considering this is such a private area you might even be able to practice Raise Dead... but Balros doesn't know yet, does he? Okay, nevermind. Avoid using necromantic power in front of Balros.
No. 505725 ID: 9ddf68

try and see if you can calm them down first and if that fail just start creaking skulls. After I'm a firm believer in the motto "when words fall there are always fist". just knock them out don't kill them if you can avoid it.
No. 505728 ID: d6ef5d

You're not here to hurt the ageless ones, you're here to ask about the warranty on a defect set of head voices and destiny she sold you. And to possibly inquire about the return policy around here.

Customer support, not an invasion.
No. 505731 ID: b3ca75
File 136597857752.png - (53.84KB , 900x600 , 55.png )

:ClairePIX: Wait! We don’t want to fight! Do you fine lizards serve the ageless one? We kind of need her wisdom…
:ZealotPIX: They seek to exploit the sleeping one! KEEL THEM!
:ClairePIX: No! I’m an ally! I got the voices of the many with me!
:ZealotPIX: She have stolen the voices from the champion! BURN HER!
:ClairePIX: I got the vessel!
:ZealotPIX: She wish to abuse the power of the vessel! EXTERMINATE HER!
:ClairePIX: I’m here to ask about the warranty on a defect set of head voices and destiny the ageless one sold to me.
:ZealotPIX: She’s here for a warranty! ERADICATE HER!
:ClairePIX: um… return policy?
:ClairePIX: Costumer support?
:ZealotPIX: EMANCIPATE H- oh, why didn’t you say so! False alarm everyone! She’s just here for the customer support!
:ThanraPIX: Well, that was weird…
:ZealotPIX: Now, I’m sorry, but you cannot bring your friends with you to the great golden halls of costumer support (oooh!) and endless lines (even more oooh!)! The good news is that we have some really nice waiting rooms right behind you. So… are you ready to come with me to look at this whole destiny problem, or do you wish to talk with your friends first?
:DylonPIX: …this smells of a trap…
:ZealotPIX: My first case~ yay!

Insert elevator music_
No. 505735 ID: 9ddf68

don't know, uh have your friends stay here I guess as I'm sure a whole group of adventurers stands a very good chance of surviving and just see if you can't find Liz, I mean if you need backup you could always rise a zombie if things get really bad. Maybe ask book if he has any idea on what to do or expect.
No. 505742 ID: d6ef5d

I guess you'll go and test the trap?

If everything goes wrong, your friends can pull the image out the painting and you can all escape back to the empty place.
No. 505750 ID: f2c20c

Hang on. Ask them who the champion is. Antonidas perhaps? Or the Dean, whatever his name is?

I am worried about proceeding alone, but I mean, they were about to attack us anyway... Ask them how long they expect you to wait. Who are in the endless lines?

...yeah this is probably a trap. Maybe we should try to overpower and interrogate them instead.
No. 505848 ID: b3ca75
File 136601860980.png - (38.59KB , 900x600 , 56.png )

>ask book if he has any idea on what to do or expect.
:AntonidasPIX: Ah, The sleeping cult… they are all a bit loony, so it’s hard to say how they will act. Generally they are more interesting in more… carnal pleasures… so… um… don’t open any doors that you hear moaning behind.

:ClairePIX: Before we go, can I ask a few questions? How long do you expect me to wait in these endless lines and who is this champion you speak of?
:ZealotPIX: The endless lines are just a name. There’s no one there. As for the champion, he’s the sleeping ones prince. He comes here every five hundred years when the sleeping ones wakes to… um… continue the family tree. You know, the whole bow chi-
:ClairePIX: Let’s just go.


:ClairePIX: Are you sure you can find your way in here? I mean, we’ve been walking for twenty minutes and I’m pretty sure we walked in a circle for a while.
:ZealotPIX: Oh, we are just about to arrive. Don’t worry, this place is built like a labyrinth to confuse any enemies of the sleeping one, that’s why it feels like yo-
:ZealotPIX: Death to the ageless one! Long live the ascended one!!
:ZealotPIX: …this isn’t part of the trap…

Insert it’s a trap!_
No. 505850 ID: 76b151

I think they are infected. Also are their eyes bleeding? Prepare to fight!

Do a scan on these things too.
No. 505851 ID: f2c20c

Scythes out! Quickly kill the nearest one with its back to you, and ask our sortof-ally if this is the right way to the ageless one or if we should run the other direction.

If we need to clear this room, let's go almost full hog. Kill all opposition. Drain Life/Energy, maybe Raise Dead if you wanna and think you can control the results, but don't eat anyone.

If this isn't the right way, then run for it. We gotta get to Liz and protect her.
No. 505855 ID: 37aa84

Oh god this entire cult is made up of Kevros and Liz's children isn't it? Oh wait the cultists also have sex so I bet some of it is just their incestuous descendants, ok that may just make it worse. Anyway just start killing the red eyes, maybe make a bad joke about clear eyes in a monotone.
No. 505856 ID: b3ca75
File 136602686453.png - (43.94KB , 900x600 , 57.png )

>Do a scan on these things.
Raised – Semi-Sentient Undead.
Strong – Negative Energy.
Weak – Drain.
>are their eyes bleeding?
Yes, yes they are. Or was. The blood has dried up.

>Quickly kill the nearest one with its back to you.
Claire decapitates Raised 1 for 44 (Critical!)(Surprise!) damage!
Raised 1 has been slain!

>make a bad joke about clear eyes in a monotone.
:ClairePIX: Um… She had something in her eye… and… I helped her get it out?

>ask our sortof-ally if this is the rig-
:ZealotPIX: Death to the interlo- argh!
Raised 2 attacks Zealot for 14 damage!
Zealot has been slain!

…something tells me these guys don’t really know how to fight…

Insert Leeerooooy_
No. 505858 ID: d6ef5d

Welp. Time to slaughter some zombies. Blade dance time! And hit them with a drain if you need the hp since they're weak to it and all.

...can we re-animate the corpses to fight on our side, or is zombie-ism something that only works once?
No. 505882 ID: 001618

I say drain and slash tell they are all gone, and also destroy that glyph on the ground because I'm sure it won't help you in any way.
No. 505884 ID: 37aa84

Take out the three by the doorway first in case you need to make a tactical retreat. We should probably go make contact with one of the others and bring them up to speed on the situation as well as get them here.
No. 505888 ID: b3ca75
File 136605329333.png - (43.44KB , 900x600 , 58.png )

>...can we re-animate the corpses to fight on our side, or is zombie-ism something that only works once?
The undead generally disintegrate on death so it’s kind of hard to raise them again. There are some non-undead corpses here for me to use instead, though.
Claire Casts Raise dead! Claire creates Raised!
Claire’s Raised attacks Raised 2 for 14 damage!
Raised 2 has been slain!

>hit them with a drain. Take out the three by the doorway first.
Well… they seem to be unarmed… hug time!
Claire Energy drains Raised 3, 4, 5 for 22 (Weak) damage!
Raised 3, 4, 5 has been slain!

No. 505890 ID: b3ca75
File 136605338578.png - (42.45KB , 900x600 , 59.png )

>Blade dance time!
I don’t think my dancing skills can be used like that at all… instead let’s just hit them over the head when they come close.
Raised 6 attacks Claire for 0 damage! Unable to pierce Cloth (+Steel)!
Raised 6 attacks Claire for 14 damage(Arm)!
Claire attacks Raised 6 for 11 damage!
Claire’s Raised attacks Raised 7 for 14 damage!
Raised 6, 7 has been slain!


>We should probably go make contact with one of the others and bring them up to speed on the situation as well as get them here.
Except I have no idea how to get back to them… or how to send you guys. This place is a labyrinth, remember? …which beg the question, where do I go now?

:ClairePIX: Use your indoor voice, minion.
:ZealotPIX: Yes, my queen, oh the great consumer!

Insert feast_
No. 505891 ID: ab6499

Bad Claire, no using the m word. Treat your undead servants like people, even if they do lack free will.
No. 505893 ID: 001618

don't know, think you can ask your undead for some directions or maybe feel out for a stronger power source, since I'm guessing that Liz should be pretty powerful. If not then I'm going to half to say just use eeny meeny miny moe and hope for the best.
No. 505894 ID: 37aa84

We should probably dismiss your minion now. We probably don't want to give the still living zealots the impression that we're here to slaughter and consume them and if we do find our way back to the others we don't need another reason for Thanra to mistrust us. Why exactly is this raised talking like this anyway? Claire, you aren't having cravings are you, check your Necromantic Power level.

As for where to go move the bed and check whatever that purple sigil is with a scan. If that doesn't lead to anything useful just start checking doors and be prepared to see something unsavory.
No. 505896 ID: d6ef5d

...I don't suppose either of the guys you animated remembers how to get around in here? (Also- not to self, remember to turn off our unintelligent undead when we're done with them).

If that doesn't work... try opening all those doors up there?
No. 505897 ID: f2c20c

Do not consume sentients. Raise more undead though, we'll need the help. Hey, can you Drain Life one of your minions to regain health? Personally I think it's fine if you treat zombies like minions, because they aren't really... hang on. Do zombies retain any of their old memories? Maybe you can ask one where to go next. Also, if they do retain memories maybe we should treat them with a bit more respect, but I still think using them as meatshields and HP batteries is fine. It's not like we're going to bring them with us when we leave, and I doubt the living zealots will appreciate having undead walking around.
No. 505898 ID: b3ca75
File 136605682309.png - (52.50KB , 900x600 , 60.png )

> Hey, can you Drain Life one of your minions to regain health?
Yes, yes I can.
>Bad Claire, no using the m word.
Fine, I’ll start calling them living impaired then…
>ask your undead for direction.
:ZealotPIX: Consume!
>Claire, you aren't having cravings are you, check your Necromantic Power level.
Well, I’m feeling a bit peckish…
[Necromantic power: Average! Humanity: Average!]
>We should probably dismiss your minion now.
:ZealotPIX: WHY!?!?! I’M SORRY, MY QU-
[Minion dismissed.]

>Pick a door. prepared to see something unsavory.
Let’s go with the one farthest to the left…

…and I should really have expected to walk in on someone having sex… but I didn’t…
:ZealotPIX: Ah, an outsider. Are you here to join our celebration, child? It will begin as soon as the first pair in front of us is done. Or maybe you simply want to watch? We do not judge your preferences here, not among the children of the sleepless one…

Insert …I don’t even know anymore…_
No. 505899 ID: f2c20c

Tell them they're under attack, and we would like to help them defend the Ageless One.
No. 505905 ID: 001618

say your here to see the sleeping one actually but your guide cut out on you when someone else came up to him and asked if he wanted a shag then just left you there after saying "I'm sure you'll find it". so if you could give us some directions or something that would be very nice and if he ask why you want to see the sleeping one just say you heard it was the 500 year celebration thing coming up and, uh you wanted to go? might need to work on the why part but yeah pretty much what I said.
No. 505916 ID: 37aa84

Someone calling themselves the Ascended One has mind-controlled some of their members in order to kill the ageless one, quick do they have any way to call the Champion we may need his weaponized Cod-piece.
No. 505918 ID: d6ef5d

Look, I was just trying to get to the customer service department when I was attacked by zombies and my guide killed. You guys have some problems, here.
No. 505926 ID: b3ca75
File 136606167217.png - (52.93KB , 900x600 , 61.png )

:ClairePIX: I’m here to see the sleeping one, but my guide was eaten by zombies. You should probably do something about that.
:ZealotPIX: Oh, don’t worry, they will be resurrected soon enough. Our mistress power is strong in here. We are practically immortal… which is a good thing considering some of our fetishes…
:ClairePIX: …right… um… how do I get to your mistress?
:ZealotPIX: Why would you like to meet her?
:ClairePIX: For the five hundred celebration thing?
:ZealotPIX: You mean the awakening? I’m sorry, but you are a bit early. We still need to wait for the champion to arrive… but don’t fret, he should be here any year now…
:ClairePIX: Um… I need customer service?
:ZealotPIX: …you need what? We don’t sell anything. We can’t give you service for something we don’t have. Besides, the ageless one is asleep. She won’t wake up before the champion comes.
:ZealotPIX: mmm… right there…
:ZealotPIX: Well, seems like we have little time before our little celebration here starts. Are you sure you don’t want to join?
:ClairePIX: …yes, I’m sure.
:ZealotPIX: If you wish… but customer service? For what? Who’ve tricked you to come here?

Insert Live porno_
No. 505928 ID: 37aa84

We kind of need help getting to our friends now, they were in a room almost exactly like this one except it had a couch and table and only had three doors. Your sure we can't talk to the Ageless One now, it is kind of an emergency, we were told she was the only one who could clear up our little Borequeen infection. We also had some questions about why she made us a Lich and gave us the Voice of Many.
No. 506002 ID: 9ddf68

these guys seem a little more, well, sane so I say let them know the voice of the many would like to speak to Liz as we kinda seem to have some piss ant necromancer and an undead army after us and they seems to be trying to kill Liz as well to make sure we never get to talk to her... you know your average Tuesday.
No. 506003 ID: f2c20c

Oh, just explain everything. I'm tired of this.
No. 506005 ID: f2c20c

Specifically point out that you need to speak to someone proficient in dream combat so you can drive out the Queen Boreworm haunting your dreamspace and doing unspeakable things to you.

These guys should understand the urgency of getting that problem solved today.
No. 506033 ID: b3ca75
File 136609968325.png - (54.00KB , 900x600 , 62.png )

:ClairePIX: Are you sure we can’t talk to the ageless one? I really need to know why she made me a lich.
:ZealotPIX: A lich? That doesn’t sound like something she would do at all. Are you sure it was her?
:ClairePIX: Pretty sure. She even gave me the one of many.
:ZealotPIX: What!? You have the voices? That’s…. that’s not possible!
:ClairePIX: At least direct me to someone who can teach me Dreamscape combat. That’s why I’m here.
:ZealotPIX: I… you know, I think it’s best that you speak with the first Zealot about this. He would know what to do about all this. Just go through those double doors while thinking about the taste of peaches.
:ClairePIX: Sounds easy enough…
:ZealotPIX: Then go through the door on the left while thinking about your one true love. It’s very important that you only think about one person.
:ClairePIX: …but… but I’m in a relationship with more than one person…
:ZealotPIX: Well, too bad. Choose one of them… and why are you with multiple people? I thought you guys on the outside settle with only one.
:ClairePIX: I’m a Mantis. We’re practice Polygamy.
:ZealotPIX: Really? Man, we really need to invite more mantises here… we should really do with some exotic people in these gatherings. Anyway, when you enter the second door, the one thinking about love, go straight forward through the double doors and think about the thing the ageless one loves most.
:ClairePIX: Which is…?
:ZealotPIX: You figure it out.
:ClairePIX: …so… taste of peaches, the one I love most and the thing Liz loves most…
:ZealotPIX: Correct. Now excuse me, I got an orgy to attend to.
…so… what I’m I supposed to think about?

Insert Then you have to think about the smell of purple.
No. 506035 ID: c31f72

I dunno. Think about your plushie?
No. 506038 ID: f2c20c

1) Taste of peaches.

2) Renault because you've spent the most time with him, so you probably love him most. It's not like you're choosing to love only him or anything.

3) Kevros. Sex with kevros, maybe. Or maybe just sex, if 'thing' excludes people. Might want to clear that up- ask if the last one isn't a person. It would be somewhat unfair if you had to think of a person you never met.

Also oh god that is sick. They just killed the couple that were fucking. Probably as part of the sex act. We're in a goddamned pit of Slaanesh! I hope they don't do that to people they invite to the orgy, too. Or do visitors resurrect too? This place is fucking weird.
No. 506039 ID: b7169d

Actually everyone here probably resurrects. It reminds me more of a Rakdos Pit then a Slaanesh pit though...
No. 506051 ID: 37aa84

Yeah I guess go with Ren for door two, number three is probably Kevros in a maid uniform.
No. 506057 ID: d6ef5d

Oh man, the hedonism took a turn for the scary all of a sudden. Bad lizards! That is not how you orgy!

...could we cheat for door two? Imagine the ideal of the person you're in love with, not an actual person? Seems kind of a betrayal to chose. And you'd think there'd be a way for, you know, people who aren't actually in love to get through. Most people aren't, after all.
No. 506061 ID: b3ca75
File 136611913174.png - (55.67KB , 900x600 , 63.png )

>ask if the last one isn't a person.
:ClairePIX: Is the la-
>oh god that is sick. They just killed the couple that was fucking.
:ClairePIX: And I’m leaving.

>Taste of peaches, Renault because you've spent the most time with him and Kevros in a maid uniform.
>It's not like you're choosing to love only him or anything.
…I guess… and I’ll try to imagine a Lizard named Kevros in a maid uniform…

Did it work? …snow?
:Lizbeth: Coffee…
:ZealotPIX: Mistress!? Why are you awake!? The champion hasn’t arrived yet!
:Lizbeth: …no, he hasn’t… something’s… wrong?
:ZealotPIX: We was attacked by some undead, Sleeping one, but we was able to repel their attack… and we got some guests too.
:Lizbeth: no… it’s not that… hmm… there are too many of you. Too many Braveswords. There are… three… no wait, two too many… yes, I can feel them… in one of the waiting rooms…
:ZealotPIX: Oh, that’s just the guests... we’ll kick them out as soon as they are done here.
:Lizbeth: Bah, stupid outsiders, making me think Kevros got here… wake me up later, I’m going back to sleep.
:ZealotPIX: Of course, sleeping one.
:Lizbeth: …wait, who is this?

Insert bah, humbug_
No. 506063 ID: c31f72

Ask her to show us what Kevros looks like in his maids outfit now. Everything looked different back when we were with her back then and I wanna know if he still has that adorable tail bow.
No. 506064 ID: d6ef5d

'Sup, Liz.

This is what happens when you're careless with god powers and don't watch where you leave your headvoices. Also, she's got an evil rape worm hiding in her head you were supposed to be able to do something about.
No. 506065 ID: b7169d

Man liz looks ancient now.
No. 506069 ID: b3ca75
File 136612480783.png - (56.47KB , 900x600 , 64.png )

>'Sup, Liz.
:Lizbeth: WHAT!? How!? You guys are supposed to be with Kevros!? Did something happen!? I mean, you were still with him when he visited last time… Did Kevros give you away or were you forced to leave or… or what!?
>Man liz looks ancient now.
:Lizbeth: I don’t look a year older than one thousand, thank you very much.
>Ask her to show us what Kevros looks like in his maids outfit now.
:Lizbeth: Let’s save that feeling for when the real deal comes here, okay?

>Also, she's got an evil rape worm hiding in her head.
:Lizbeth: Rape what? I can’t sense any worm thingy in your head… the only thing I can see in there is some severe mental trauma from when someone tried to control you… do you mean that?
:ClairePIX: Maybe… I still need something to control the nightmares I get from it…
:Lizbeth: Well, it is dangerous to dream alone. Take this! *Snap*!

[Claire learned dream walk!]

:Lizbeth: That should make you lucid in your dreams… and… why are you staring like that?
:ClairePIX: …it’s just… you look nothing like the you I meet in my dream…
:Lizbeth: Dream? What dream?

Insert illusion and dreams_
No. 506072 ID: d6ef5d

>Did Kevros give you away or were you forced to leave or… or what!?
Dunno. Last thing we remember is you getting bored and blowing up the universe. Then we were with her. ...and sometime in between we went and bugged ghost-graven when he was in the middle of getting it on in the beyond. Heh. Don't remember hanging with Kev. Maybe it hasn't happened for us yet? Stupid non-linear perspective.

Hey, uh, what's up with Liz's hand? Is that bone? Metal?
No. 506080 ID: b7169d

Oh we've had a few strange dreams involving you, back in the old shape.
No. 506081 ID: 9ddf68

yeah according to Claire here well she was dying with rust lung you came to her in a dream and made her an offer to save her life... by turning her into a lich. You even gave her us apparently.
No. 506082 ID: 37aa84

We somehow ended up in her head a long while ago when we were apparently out of it, we've only been aware for about a week. Antonidas and Car’zun have been helping us keep our sanity and encouraged us to find the vessel. Also one of Car’zun's old apprentices wants to kill us to take the vessel and voices.
No. 506097 ID: b3ca75
File 136614626876.png - (56.37KB , 900x600 , 65.png )

>Hey, uh, what's up with Liz's hand? Is that bone? Metal?
:Lizbeth: Oh, sorry, I’ve kind of just woken up and haven’t had the time to probably create a body yet. Don’t worry about it.
>Antonidas and Car’zun.
:Lizbeth: Who? Car’zun? I have no idea, who he is. As for Antonidas… do you mean the archmage? He’s been dead for the last thousand years. I can still feel his soul getting repurposed in the afterlife. There is no way you can have spoken to that guy.

>yeah according to Claire here well she was dying with rust lung you came to her in a dream and made her an offer to save her life... by turning her into a lich. You even gave her us apparently.
:Lizbeth: I did? I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I’ve kind of been dead for the last five hundred years, so no, that wasn’t me. And why would I turn someone into a lich and give them you? I’m not that impulsi- oh shiny! …no wait, it’s just a snowflake…
:ClairePIX: …so, that wasn’t you?
:Lizbeth: I’m pretty sure. Here, let me read your dreams… may I?

Insert fateful decision_
No. 506100 ID: d6ef5d

...Liz shouldn't need to form a body. She's a construct. He body survived / will survive, intact, until the end of time.

I think this is an imposter. We're looking at our undead opponent.
No. 506104 ID: 76b151

yup, this.
No. 506109 ID: ab6499

In that case we should ask her something only Liz would know... any suggestions?
No. 506110 ID: c31f72

How about asking how they killed the final boss of our last adventure? Or what she bought in that sex shop?
No. 506112 ID: b3ca75
File 136615299575.png - (57.09KB , 900x600 , 66.png )

>In that case we should ask her something only Liz would know... any suggestions?
:lizbeth: I’m Lizbeth Bravesword, formally known as Suss. I was created by Jacob as a sex toy but was later repurposed to carry one of the crystal focuses of Virtue. I made Kevros lose his virginity when he was dressed in a maid outfit and I was in the room next to the one where Graven lost his “other” virginity to Maggy. I helped destroy the machine called Virtue / Oracle / Wrath with the help of Kev, Graven, Maggy, Hans, Helga, Sonya and Olof, but in the end it was Kevros codpiece that finished the job. …and…

Lizbeth casts Time stop (universe)! The universe has been stopped!
Lizbeth cast Perfect Illusion! Kevros illusion have been created!
Lizbeth stops sustaining time stop! The universe is moving again!

:Kevros: …um… w-what just h-happened?
:Lizbeth: Happy now?

>what she bought in that sex shop?
:lizbeth: Fuzzy handcuffs, reinforced codpiece(because Kev fired the last one into orbit… I don’t even know if that thing have landed yet…) , Skill book (erotic tails positions), Skill book (magical sex encounters), Skill book (Bondage), nun outfit and two maid outfist… for both me and Kev.

>...Liz shouldn't need to form a body. She's a construct. He body survived / will survive, intact, until the end of time.
:lizbeth: My body is still biological. It will rot away if I don’t keep it supplied with power, which is exactly what it does when I kill myself. I don’t really have the patience to wait five hundred years for Kev to come back, now do I? But, if you don’t trust me, fine, you can leave whenever you want. You have gotten what you came for, didn’t you? But, if you want to know what’s really going on you’ll have to take my hand. Your choice. Either way, I’m going back to bed when you’re done, so hurry it up.

Insert Shake that poor sinners hand_
No. 506114 ID: 228d4c

That's PRETTY FUCKIN' LIZ right there. While I believe and trust her, I still get the feeling that we shouldn't offer our-

You know what, fuck it. Yes. Read our dreams, Liz.
No. 506115 ID: c31f72

Well, all thats right. Its your decision claire, do you want her to read your dreams?
No. 506116 ID: 37aa84

So two of our companions are actually Liz's direct descendants? I wonder why she temporarily mistakened a third though. I guess we may as well take her hand in case she's right and we've been deceived, though keep your wits about you in case she's the deceiver.
No. 506119 ID: d6ef5d

Well, that's either Liz, or the imposter is omniscient and too powerful to oppose anyways.

Forgive us the paranoia and mistrust, Liz. We went through one too many layers of illusions to trust a lot of things on first glance.

Give her your hand, Clair.
No. 506120 ID: f2c20c

That is a fucking lot of proof.

Let her in. Just be sure she's safe, too. I mean, this could be a trap- there is after all a phylactery in your dreamspace, and apparently Antonidas is NOT in the book. This means everything the book told us could be a lie. The Dean could actually be evil. Maybe we should have her take a look at the book first, just to be sure.
No. 506121 ID: f2c20c

Oh right also we're preeeeetty sure that Kevros is in fact Waran, Renault, AND Dylon. All three of them have elements of Kevros' personality. Well, I'm not so sure about Waran actually- maybe instead of Waran, the third piece is Blackadder? Liz should go out and verify who the triple-soul is. Unless she wants to just forget about the reunion this cycle and let you have Kevros for now.
No. 506122 ID: b3ca75
File 136615528380.png - (56.43KB , 900x600 , 67.png )

Lizbeth dispels perfect illusion! Kevros cease to exist!

>You know what, fuck it. Yes. Read our dreams, Liz.
:Lizbeth: Give me your hand then… Claire, was it?
:ClairePIX: Yes…
:Lizbeth: Hmm… that’s… odd? Your data is all twisted? It’s corrupted? What’s going on here?
:ClairePIX: Corrupted? As in bad influence?
:Lizbeth: No, I mean your programming have been corrupted by someone… wait… It’s… why would he- Wait, what’s thi-
No. 506123 ID: b3ca75
File 136615530055.png - (59.16KB , 900x600 , 68.png )

:Lizbeth: AAAAH!!!!
:ClairePIX: AAAH?
:ZealotPIX: AAAH!?!

Clf#¤”!!!11001!#/! Dispels Lizbeths true/false error!
No. 506124 ID: b3ca75
File 136615531696.png - (56.01KB , 900x600 , 69.png )

Lizbeth, The sleeping god, has been slain!
~500 Zealots have been slain!

:ClairePIX: …what just happen? …did she… just turn into dust?

Insert what did I just smoke?_
No. 506125 ID: 76b151

thats... not good. that isn't good at all. I'm pretty sure that is in fact very, very, very bad.
No. 506135 ID: f2c20c

Goddamn it. It WAS a trap. We were set up. By who, though?

Uhhhhhhh... fuck. R...rewind?

Demand answers from the book. Tell it you know it's not Antonidas.
No. 506136 ID: d6ef5d

OH SHITFUCK. Claire, you were a Trojan. Something inside you just hacked Liz to death.

...and it gets worse. If we don't get her back? You just caused a time paradox. The universe is gonna die, and it ain't gotta wait for heat death this time.
No. 506142 ID: 30a140

This a probably a really got time to shit yourself
No. 506143 ID: c6319f

Soooo... level up?
No. 506213 ID: 2a8a2a

...I don't suppose you can reanimate that dust? If not, find something to store some in in case we run into someone who can.
No. 506214 ID: 12c19f

I think the worm queen just used you, and got what it wanted...
No. 506217 ID: 2a8a2a

Pretty sure it takes more than just a worm queen to hack reality.
No. 506248 ID: b3ca75
File 136618484313.png - (62.12KB , 900x600 , 70.png )

>Demand answers from the book. Tell it you know it's not Antonidas.
:ClairePIX: What the hell just happen, book!? I know that you aren’t Antonidas, so who are you!? …Book!? …Antonidas!?!! …hello…?

…It’s just blank…
>...I don't suppose you can reanimate that dust?
I kind of need a body for that. Besides, I don’t think making a zombie out of her will help.

>find something to store some in in case we run into someone who can.
[Claire gained dust of the mad god!]
…so… what now? I have to get back to the others… but h-
:ZealotPIX: RaaaahGH1011!!¤%#!ERROR!

…Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Insert Pac Man_
No. 506250 ID: f2c20c

Yes. We're either stuck in a True Illusion and need proof to break out like last time we saw this sort of thing, or someone has actually managed to break reality.

Run. Out those double doors. Maybe try to Analyze the glitch-zealot while we're at it. If this is a True Illusion we need as much information as we can to break it.
No. 506253 ID: 78c6ea

It can't be a True Illusion because it isn't nearly convincing enough. Plus Lizbeth would have dispelled it like she did Kevros. Something just fucked up her, and if it can fuck up a god of everything, then it can probably fuck up everything too!

We probably are not seeing what you're seeing. Colorful columns of monospace letters covering the right side of the courtyard? Some rainbowlicious thing made out of lizard parts, but not chopped off actually ceasing to exist at sharp boundaries? Lizard parts which I might add were formerly smoking bones not lizard parts.
No. 506261 ID: 9e1727

Well, if you're seeing a third of the room get overrun with rainbow monospaced alphabet soup and a pile of dead lizard bones replaced with a technicolored reality-corrupted zealot, then I'd say we're seeing the same thing. And if you aren't it doesn't really change much, 'cause we'd best be getting' out of here ASAP either way.

Use Analyze on the warped zealot while running through the door you came in through. Try thinking all the thoughts possible of getting the fuck out of here you can and maybe the portal magic will pick up on that and activate the emergency exit.

I have a hunch that without Liz's power, all the reality warping magics in this place are going to rapidly unravel, including those that make it even exist. It's going to quickly become a non-place, along with everything in it.

And, Claire, just so you know, we've seen this kind of reality breakdown before. Not just long, long ago; Recently. When we tried switching focus to Kevros from Dylon reality glitched out and somehow Dylon and Folken's locations swapped. ...And that coupled with what's happening here and Liz's surprise at who corrupted your data is giving me a bad feeling that Kevros is involved in this.
No. 506275 ID: b3ca75
File 136620525297.png - (46.58KB , 900x600 , 71.png )

>Colorful columns of monospace letters covering the right side of the courtyard? Some rainbowlicious thing made out of lizard parts?
That’s exactly what I see!
>Analyze the glitch-zealot.
Corrupted – Error!
Weak )# ColdColdColdColdColdCold
SEEREALTHRUTH – Malfunction!

:CorruptedPIX: HoSdog StahwGnineppahOtEm TiStruh Pleh EsaelpPlehEm!

>we'd best be getting' out of here ASAP. Try thinking all the thoughts possible of getting the fuck out of here.
Run away!

:RenaultPIX: I’m telling you, he didn’t turn into a corpse because of that bad joke I said.
:ThanraPIX: Maybe he died because you stole his magical artifact? I know you took something from that box!
:RenaultPIX: I was just looking! And besides, it said that you we’re free to use them whenever you wanted.
:WaranPIX: I don’t know… those toys shouldn’t really be… sanitary to keep in a waiting room.
:DylonPIX: I’m still bitter that we missed that show they we’re going to do.
:WaranPIX: You’re lucky they turned into bone before they started that… “play” and not under it.

Insert Got a bone for you_
No. 506277 ID: 76b151

guys we have a problem. the guy who sent us here was a fake. A thing made to be a trap for Liz! It killed her and all her zealots. Which is a pretty big deal as Liz was\is the god of your universe.

Also her zealots might be turning into abominations pretty soon so destroy that pile of bones and get ready to swap the picture with the sun because we are OUT of here once Claire gets back.

So anyone have a clue on who would want to reveal this world as a construct? I mean its not a big deal, theres lots of theories running around that the realm we are from could be one as well.
No. 506279 ID: d6ef5d

Guys, we got a problem! Found the sleeping one, she tried to check something in my head, and then she melted to dust, all the zealots died, and reality itself started unraveling!

...this was all a trick. Someone wanted the god dead. And we gotta get the heck out of here.
No. 506301 ID: 37aa84

>HoSdog StahwGnineppahOtEm TiStruh Pleh EsaelpPlehEm!

If we take each capitol letter to be the last letter in a word and reverse the order of the letters in each word

>oH godS whatS happeninG tO mE iT hurtS helP pleasE helP mE!

Well that is certainly bad how are we going to help these poor people.
No. 506306 ID: b3ca75
File 136622397310.png - (48.79KB , 900x600 , 72.png )

>So anyone have a clue on who would want to reveal this world as a construct?
…wait, the world is a construct? What?

:ClairePIX: We got a problem!
:BalrosPIX: “Oh no” problem or “Oh shit” problem?
:ClairePIX: “Oh gods, we are all going to die” problem! Apparently someone used me to kill the sleeping one along with all her zealots and now reality itself is starting to collapse!
:ThanraPIX: Wait, the sleeping one is real? …and you killed a god!? What the hell?
:RenaultPIX: Um… guys? Is there supposed to be numbers floating around in the air like that?
:ClairePIX: Turn the goddamned painting around already so we can get out of here!
:ThanrosPIX: But I did this really nice picture of a snake I wanted to try out…
:ClairePIX: Wait, no! What are you do-
No. 506307 ID: b3ca75
File 136622399495.png - (30.47KB , 235x91 , BeepBeep.png )

-Codec call-
No. 506309 ID: b3ca75
File 136622407023.png - (125.36KB , 638x449 , Shortsshorts.png )

:SnakePIX: This is snake. Colonel, can you hear me?
:SandersPIX: Loud and clear! What’s the situation, snake?
:SnakePIX: …You were the one who called me.
:SandersPIX: Oh, right. Anyway, Snake, Liquid have-
:SnakePIX: Liquid!? Didn’t he die at shadow moses? …and when I killed his possessed/not possessed arm… and when I killed his clone in the sixth game that was actually an alien from the future… that was actually a clone from another alien?
:SandersPIX: Actually, they changed it so it actually was Raiden that was the time traveling alien in the seventh game... but that’s not important right now. What’s important is that Liquid is building another Metal Gear!
:SnakePIX: Metal Gear!?
:SandersPIX: Metal Gear! So you need to blow that shit up! It’s in Zanzibar! Go sneak that shit!
:SnakePIX: Okay!
:OtaconPIX: But snake… what about our honeymoon!?
:SnakePIX: Otacon? Where did you come from? No matter, Metal Gear!?
:OtaconPIX: Snake, you don’t love like you used to anymore!
:SnakePIX: Metal Gear?

[You are now Erect Snake! What do you do!?]

Insert Hotness, I wanna bang you!_
No. 506310 ID: d6ef5d

>wait, the world is a construct? What?
Well, a construction. A simulation would be a better word for it. Long story short: nothing you know is real or actually, well, exists. Liz kind of became a god in the process of finding a way to keep all the non-existing stuff, well, existing. So taking her out is a big deal.

>What do you do!
Liz is dead! We created a time paradox.

No. 506311 ID: 9dba7d

remember the basics of CQC and also remember to bring antidote for the DEADLY ZANZIBAR HAMSTERS
No. 506312 ID: 76b151

meh, they think and feel, real enough in my mind.
No. 506315 ID: 37aa84

No, Hal you stop this instant. Rosemary was a horrible support character and we are not repeating that nonsense again.
No. 506326 ID: f2c20c

Otacon can come along for our honeymoon. It'll be just like old times.
No. 506362 ID: 9dba7d

DEADLY POISONOUS ZANZIBAR HAMSTERS, I mean. damn the lack of edit features!
No. 506363 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, I agree. Unfortunately, it's the collapsing programing architecture whose opinion matters.
No. 506486 ID: b3ca75
File 136628880769.png - (52.25KB , 272x186 , CQC.png )

>remember the basics of CQC
[Erect snake gains Knifegun!]

>Otacon can come along for our honeymoon. It'll be just like old times.
:SnakePIX: You can come along too, Otacon. It’ll be just like the old days…
:OtaconPIX: Like the one time I got so scared I pissed myself!?
:SnakePIX: That’s Revolver Ocelot fetish, not mine.
:OtaconPIX: I meant it in a negative way. Dammit Snake, what’s happen to you lately!?
:SnakePIX: Come on, Otacon, one last mission. It’ll be fun! …for me?
:OtaconPIX: …fine. One more…
:SnakePIX: Yay!
No. 506487 ID: b3ca75
File 136628882443.png - (930.08KB , 970x653 , WhereIsMinsc.png )

:LiquidPIX: Brrrrrrother!
:SnakePIX: Liquid!?
:LiquidPIX: Yet again you come to foil my plans! Don’t worry, this time I’m prepared!
:SnakePIX: Metal Gear!?
:LiquidPIX: No… something far worse… DEADLY POISONOUS ZANZIBAR HAMSTERS.
:SnakePIX: Hah! I got protection against their poison. They are useless against me.
:LiquidPIX: The normal hamster yes… but not the MINIATURE GIANT POISONOUS SPACE ZANZIBAR HAMSTERS! I like to call it, METAL GEAR HAMSTER!
:SnakePIX: METAL GEAR!?!!?
:LiquidPIX: Prepare for a crab bat- I mean hamster battle!
:SnakePIX: Otacon! How do I defeat this giant hamster!?
:OtaconPIX: *Static*
:SnakePIX: OTACON!? …damn! Colonel, can you read me!?
:SandersPIX: I need scissors… 61!
:SnakePIX: COLONEL!? How do I defeat something like this!?

Insert Fisson Mailed_
No. 506489 ID: d6ef5d

Taunt liquid. Inform him he will never defeat you because you got all the superior dominant genes while he's stuck with the lousy inferior recessive ones.
No. 506491 ID: ab6499

No. 506501 ID: 37aa84

We shouldn't drink liquid yet. Unlike a real Metal Gear the Hamster will simply continue to rampage if Liquid is killed so we have to disable it before defeating Liquid. This is Zanzibar so we should just throw grenades at it's legs then drink Liquid.
No. 506504 ID: f2c20c

Go for the eyes!
No. 506509 ID: 78c6ea

No. 506517 ID: b3ca75
File 136631997696.png - (217.63KB , 480x360 , SnakeDrinkingLiquid.png )

>Taunt liquid.
:SnakePIX: You can never win, Liquid! All my gens are the superior dominant ones while you’re stuck with the lousy inferior recessive ones!
:LiqiudPIX: GAH! I will fight you with my bare hands and a bare chest on top of Metal Gear for that!
:SnakePIX: …perfect.
:LiqiudPIX: Wait… what are you doing!? Noooo! My only weakness! …that, and below zero temperatures!
:SnakePIX: *Glug Glug*

Snake consumes Liquid! Liquid have been slain!

>Consult animal companion.
:SnakePIX: Minsc, how do I defeat a miniature giant space hamster!?
:MinscDick: Go for the eyes, Boo, go for the eyes! YAA! …with grenades! YAA!
:SnakePIX: But it’s a Zanzibar hamster...
:MinscDick: Oh, well… um… Run, Boo, RUN!
:OtaconPIX: Snake, there’s only one way to defeat a giant Zanzibar hamster! You need to use Metal Gear!
:SnakePIX: Metal Gear!? But it’s not big enough to defeat this… thing!
:OtaconPIX: Then there’s only one thing we can do…

>Create the biggest Metal gear!
:SnakePIX: Yeeesss…..
No. 506518 ID: b3ca75
File 136631999822.png - (401.14KB , 547x522 , OneMoreTime.png )

Warning, Metal Gears Gearsness exceeds that of normal Metal values! ERROR! The Metal Gear has committed a Gear action and will shut Metal! All your unsaved Metal Gear will be lost! Have a nice Metal Gear.

:SnakePIX: Metal Gea-

No. 506519 ID: b3ca75
File 136632001606.jpg - (31.67KB , 500x346 , HarderBetterFasterStronger.jpg )

Game over.

:BaldPIX: A Metal gear solid parody and not even a mention of the box? What is this shit!?
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