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File 136074249540.png - (54.90KB , 700x700 , 1.png )
492423 No. 492423 ID: c4e5c2

Belenosian Homeworld, 9,341 galactic years before the invention of the warp drive.

Local Time: 3199 Civilization Date, Day 398 of 421, 08:45

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No. 492424 ID: c4e5c2
File 136074252085.gif - (22.61KB , 763x363 , 2.gif )

Sight returns, and Alison is in a room with many of her allies, but only a small fraction of her total force. She can sense the others, and so they are not out of contact. In fact, she knows that she can summon them as needed should she want advice from someone in particular, although the room is already cramped as is.

>"What n..." the Duelist starts to say. "Oh, hello, I can speak."
"Feels weird, huh? I don't know why you can, though."
>"We shouldn't get used to it." says the Recluse. "It might go away once this is over. Now, there are directions on this screen."
No. 492429 ID: c4e5c2
File 136074341010.png - (15.63KB , 700x700 , 3.png )

Alison moves over to the Recluse to see. It does not seem to even have any input buttons, so this may be the screen's only purpose.

Primary objective: Kill the one known as the Sapphire Emperor.
It is not necessary to directly kill him, however, the cause of death must be directly correlated with something the contestant intentionally performed with the motive of indirect killing, such as sending assassins successfully. The first CAI side to do this will win.

There are two ways to tie this. If the Sapphire Emperor is slain by a contestant's accidental butterfly effect, it will not count. Secondly, if the Sapphire is killed by both players relatively evenly, such as teaming up to fight him and bringing him down as a joint effort. As an addendum to this, if contestant A should bring him from sound body to an inch of his health, and contestant B manages to shoot him one more time, the victor will be A.

Secondary objective: Survive longer than the other contestant.
Should a tie be attained from the primary objective, this will act as the tie breaker. There is no tie for this, even if the same event mortally wounds both contestant A and B, then the one who dies even one picosecond later will be the victor.

Some of the above will be up to judgement calls, however, this is all having to do with extreme edge cases and this is unlikely to have subjective rulings. Lastly, should the Sapphire Emperor be killed because of the intentional actions of contestant A, yet A is killed before the Sapphire Emperor is slain by A's actions, then A will still win via priority.

>"Kill and survive. The same as it always was." the Duelist notes.
No. 492430 ID: c4e5c2
File 136074343140.gif - (21.96KB , 763x363 , 4.gif )

>"You work your stuff out yet, Loviro?" Alison hears a feminine voice say from the door that lights up with green.
>"I'm getting it! I'll get that spark before the new year's dropoff starts! Come on, come on..."
No. 492433 ID: 78c6ea

Zounds! How long have you had idle standing animations?
No. 492434 ID: 735f4f

Ok securing our landing site and gathering info are the first orders of business. So get a few people searching the room while we check the door.
No. 492435 ID: f2c20c

Wow this is way more high tech than I'd expect for over 9000 years before warp drive.

Assassination... let's make this a multi-pronged approach if we can. We should consider poison, a gunfight, collapsing the building on him, sniper shot, setting where he is on fire, dropping whatever's being dropped onto him...

Did we get any supplies for this mission? Are we restricted to certain types of weaponry? I see that Duelist and Guardsman have their swords. Can we still use prehensile hair or other fantastical weapon types like that? It looks like our forms were not changed to blend in with the mission... I hope people don't notice how much we stand out. It depends on how much of an abstraction is going on here.

First thing's first, we're in the information gathering stage. We need to find out where he is and how he's being guarded, as well as what the surroundings are. Let's step outside and see what's up. If they react badly to our appearance we may need to restrain whoever it is. We can try diplomacy but we can't waste time talking so we should make our interactions short and to the point.
No. 492439 ID: 76b151

My guess is those people outside the door are either a plot hook or your first enemy encounter. Prepare for both.
No. 492440 ID: 04b86a

So, first order of business should be... infiltration? We should have all of our Tier 2's disguise themselves as Belenosians and start doing recon work.
No. 492445 ID: 57a559

Ha! I already thought of a way to make the system make an incredibly hard judgement call.

Get two nukes, strap the emperor precisely in the middle of them. set them to a synchronized countdown from each of us. Drug him to sleep. So he's not to struggle and screw up the measurements.

But I digress, we're not compromising with them. The adwinisitrator is too much of a bitch to side with. It just would have been cool to SAVE everybody again. Maybe we can really fuck the system at the end though, I imagine the old CAI is getting really tired of this bullshit, so cooperation might be a fun alternative.
No. 492451 ID: 76b151

Even with cooperation there can only be one winner.
No. 492454 ID: 9ee360

...wait, why/how is Arbiter here? I thought Corruptor pulled him out so he could raid one of the nearly empty system zones while we fought the faux-CAI castle battle.

Uh-oh. I think some sheep are coming! Assuming we've been inserted in a simulation of the history, we'll probably look our of place.

Pity we left Succubus with Chief. A shapeshifter would have been useful for an infiltration mission! (I don't suppose we have any other shapeshifters on call?).

>first one to assassinate the emperor wins.
So... I'm guessing Sevener's plan will involve an all out frontal attack. And/or trying to kill us before we can do anything.

Can you tell what rules apply here? This place is basically freeroam, right?

No, the rules said explicitly that their are two cases that result in a tie (mutual failure or a coordinated joint effort). Granted, I don't expect Sevener to cooperate, and I think we'd rather like to win...
No. 492460 ID: f922dd

Actually, there's a tiebreaker (offing the other team after the death of the emperor). That's what >>492451 meant. But let's try for the first win condition.

In the meantime, if this is someone else's building, we need a story. Actually, let's test out the natives' response to our appearances, that'll be important info.
No. 492462 ID: 8fca75

Wait for these people to enter, upon their arrival ask them who the Sapphire Emperor is, and where he is.
No. 492466 ID: 9ee360

Actually, can we still contact our outside allies via ghost talk and/or Corruptor cheating? Historian might have found some history or records that might be relevant to this simulation.
No. 492485 ID: 001618

ok first deal with the people outside the door and depending on if there hostile or not don't attack unless provoked cause the last thing we need is to be wanted fugitives before we try and kill the Sapphire Emperor. It will also let us see if the people here will see us as one of them or will see us for what we really are (this is a simulation after all so it could work like that). As for long term goals get as much information as you can and also scout out some safe houses incase we have to go down to the tie breaker. never hurts to be prepared
No. 492496 ID: c4e5c2
File 136078849783.gif - (166.04KB , 763x363 , 5.gif )

Arbiter had left, yes, him being around is an art error.

This area is free roam. In fact, everything seems more tactile than usual.

"I'm going to go through the door. Let's not all show up at once, to try not to startle them. Oh, wait, Historian!" Alison can't summon ghosts as she can in normal areas, but Historian can be summoned in a more plain fashion, and so he shows up. Nonetheless, Alison won't be able to summon Arbiter, Corruptor or so forth. "Do you have any records or anything regarding this area?"
>"I'm sorry. I know I am known as the historian, but there are hardly sufficient enough documents to merit my name. There is only brief mention that they have quite the tech, which I believe can be answered on its own by now. I will, however, pay attention to the length of a day and year and compare it to a galactic form, as no doubt a year here is different from normal lengths of time."
"It's okay. I'm going to head out now."

There does not seem to be much else of note inside the room. Once Alison simply touches the door, she teleports and feels her body dissipate without warning.
No. 492497 ID: c4e5c2
File 136078860710.gif - (17.07KB , 800x600 , 6.gif )

And that feeling is replaced by becoming a short robot, just about rendering many of her questions about her form moot. The robot she is in seems far more high tech than she would have imagined.

"There! There it is! Vinyl, get in here, I told you they wouldn't disable my creations! Just needed to warm up after all that dust collecting."
>"Yeah yeah, congrats."

Alison notes that she can return to the first room if she wishes. It seems to act as a lobby in a subdimension for all of her forces, but touching the door she did will bring her out into the belenosian realm.

"Anyways! Welcome to the world. You are my pride and joy, but you could not know that yet. Now, the questions. First, what are you? You are a Jetal, which is mere shorthand reference to Jetal Core AI that powers Jetalium, a particularly malleable metal capable of quite some power. Think of the Core as your brain, and the Jetalium as your body. That body powered by the best Jetal Core I've ever made means you should be quite strong."
"You created me just now, then?"
"Not even close. I made you just around 30 years ago, but Jetal Core development hardly has any improvements let alone breakthroughs. I am not worried about your quality. Make no mistake, I am not supposed to have you, so you are highly illegal. "
"I probably will ask more, but do you know anything about a Sapphire Emperor?"
"... how do you know... an anomaly, you should not know that. Because you should be a blank slate, not because you're not allowed to. Contrary to tradition and perceived definitions, we have 3 emperors. Ruby, Emerald and goddamned Sapphire. They're all insane bastards anyway, fancying themselves leaders of stable nations after leading rebel armies to take down the previous regimes."
No. 492499 ID: 76b151

Ask why you were made. And why did she activate you now.
No. 492502 ID: 9ee360

Ask if there are more of you, or more chaises, etc. (Changes the nature of the mission if the whole team can only interact through one robot. Or... any computer systems we manage to plug into. We are basically a CAI).

We might want to ask why we're illegal, and if anyone will recognize us as such (ie, the core tech or the AI might be illegal, but little robots aren't- so we can blend in).

How do we want to play this? Do we play along with the scenario, or do we want to risk telling these people the truth? (Playing the game is probably safest- coming off as crazy probably just gets the scientists to mindwipe their robot and start over again for an instant game over).
No. 492504 ID: f2c20c

Ask them to wait a moment and report back that you've been placed in a robot body for the simulation. I wonder what's beyond the east door in that entry room? You might also ask someone to try touching the door after you leave again to see if there's more than one robot body or if you wind up sharing it.

Malleable... does that mean we can shapeshift? Ask them about that and what your purpose will be with them now. Also, where are you? Is anything happening nearby?
No. 492514 ID: c4e5c2
File 136079176607.gif - (19.44KB , 800x600 , 7.gif )

"Why was I made?"
"No reason other than the pursuit of knowledge and better technology. You were to be quite the new model of Jetal Cores, but the Sapphire emperor killed - almost killed? - removed us. I had crucial notes in my head, so that Jetal breakthrough, the last one as far as I know, has been lost. There should be no more than 10 of your kind, barring destruction. Some rivals of mine have one now, in fact. Bastards, all of 'em."
"Then why recover me now?"
"I said you are my pride and joy. I should not be separated from my best work. But for a purpose? What are we, Vinyl? Would it be too clunky to say we are an underground resistance who wants to, quote, 'upset the establishment'?"
>"Close enough. Was hoping you's have something more concrete, since we aren't some two bit conspiracy theorist circle jerk."
"Why am I illegal?"
"You were to be stored for ssss... hm. Where was I. Vinyl stole you fro...."
>"The implants, Loviro."
"Yes. Vinyl recovered you from whereever you were stored. We, at least, hopefully it was us, installed implants in ourselves to prevent certain bad thoughts. I trust myself, of course, so I do not fight it, but we often have our train of logic removed when it would breach a certain topic. Anyways, you were a high grade Jetal core under property of the government, I never legally 'owned' you. Needless to say, all remotely dangerous robots, cyborgs and jetal cores have a whole nexus devoted to closely watching them, with internal and external legal permits and checkups. You do not have any, so while you can't be seen as illegal at a glance, you will be discovered if any police ask to see your core for scanning, or attempt to enter governmential buildings which have security for detecting illegal types."
"So... what if I killed the sapphire emperor?"
>"Hahaha! That would sure leave a big gap for improvement and make me proud, too. Impossible with a frontal attack, of course. He is in the palace of the capital city, right where we are, but they are also bunkered down behind a great deal of military forces. Especially Sapphire, he is the most paranoid of them all."

"I've been placed in a robot, apparently. Alison mentally states.
>"We can hear everything!" Iso reports back.
"Try touching the door, would you?"

Alison feels Iso's presence come into the robot. She still has control over it, but Iso can also control it for her if she wishes for him, or someone else, to take over.

Someone else enters the room.

"The implants! I still want them removed! I've got to know! We were supposed to die 30 years ago, and suddenly we wake up and noth-"
>"Fuck's sake, Yallows, shut it."
"And, young Jetal, this would be Yallows, the third and last in our group. If there is going to be anyone to kill us with curiosity, it is him. Speaking of which, Jetal, what would you like to be called? And, for that matter, despite thatyour Jetalium mass is... subpar, you are able to change your form if you wish to control differently."

So much for not being able to use her snake form, if she wishes for it, that is.
No. 492515 ID: f1b3ee

"Call me Babar."
No. 492517 ID: 76b151

Legion. For we are many.
No. 492519 ID: f2c20c

Do some quick movement tests to see how this body handles. Then compare it with snake form. Use whichever seems best. We should also try experimenting with a completely amorphous form for its inherent maneuverability advantages. Basically I'm thinking of a central mass with our sensors on it being moved about by multiple limbs grabbing onto the floor or ceiling or walls or whatever. Think of it as a body made out of prehensile hair.

While we are in charge of the body, it seems to be most likely because we simply entered it first. I think we should name ourselves something that would apply to our entire team... Jettison?

Where can we get more Jetalium? Do we have any other resources at our disposal? Other robot bodies perhaps? Funds? Underground contacts? I'd like a map of the surroundings, please, including the Emperor on it and our rivals.
No. 492522 ID: eaf2f5

Try transforming your body to that Yallows guy.
Then say they you are now Yallows, the old Yallows is needed no more.
See if he freaks out.
No. 492523 ID: 57a559

This is actually a simulation. You are all fake. Our name is Alison, and we have another AI in here called Iso, and soon will have many others in here and we are all AI in a game to create a CAI, in quite amount of time, after you are all dead, a race known as humans will invent warp drives and eventually find your planet. You two races will find other races, and technology will improve immensely. In fact, so much so that galactic civilization will produce compilation AI's created with not so ethical means. AI's will kill each other in horrific massacre until three are left. Ours is a special case, for we are creating a CAI in a CAI or something, and in an experiment where we are caught in loops forever blah blah blah.

Explain everything.
No. 492524 ID: 9ee360

>Rival has one
Well, that's Sevener.

>Anyone can take control of the body, shapeshifting
Hmm. Not sure how the multiminds thing might best be applied. If we needed to shift into combat, or exploit any of our competencies (music, sports, etc) we could swap the pilot to someone who was skilled at what we wanted and adjust to their shape.

Or maybe if we needed to multitask? (Different people controlling different parts of the body to do multiple things at once).

Most the time the peanut gallery is gonna for advice, and thinking, though. Or if we can pull a CAI, and plug into any virtual networks and let them run loose... that might be worth exploring.

Hmm. We never thought of a team name, did we?

We don't actually want to call ourself Alison or Snake Queen, though. Makes it easier for Sevener to find us if she hears it in use. We need a pseudonym.

Unity. Sounds like a name, and nicely symbolic of the group as a whole.

>more questions
...what's immediate situation here? Are we secure, or did you just break me out of a lab or something?

And what's with him wanting the implants out? Can we help with that, or hack them or something? Do we have hacking / network access capability?
No. 492526 ID: 001618

just call yourself Jet for short
anyway ask what kind of weapons they have what weapons you may have built in to your new body things that might get the local police attention so we know how to avoid them in the future and if there is anyway we could maybe make a false core scan, like a fake ID for us, so we could possibly get into government buildings unnoticed
No. 492527 ID: f2c20c

Oooh, Unity. I like it.

Dude. No. That will do vast amounts of harm to their psyches and our chances at completing the challenge. It's not like we can take them with us when we leave. I find myself wondering if they are individual AIs, one AI, or the CAI itself controlling the simulation's various NPCs.
No. 492529 ID: b53faa

I an actually against breaking the system for once, as this might have some rather adverse repurcussions for us.
That, or they will think you are going rouge and mad with power, etc. etc.
Avoid explaining the nature of the simulation at this point, bad bad BAD idea.
No. 492530 ID: 78c6ea

Memory preventing implants? Unlimited morphing metal? ...

Assume you are still in the simulation. These may be facsimilies of your creators, or just characters, created for you to sympathize with by the ones behind the scenes, for the purposes of the contest.

Play it safe until you manage to get this body out of sight or detection range of any other outside AI. Then... if only you could access Glitcher...
No. 492533 ID: 04b86a

Hmm, questions...

If we were to find an inactive Jetal, what would we have to do to activate it?

Can we absorb any Jetalium we come across to make ourself bigger?

What exactly can we do? Can we interface with electronics or do we have to rely on our physical abilities?

And most importantly... why is only one of the three lights on that pod blinking?
No. 492534 ID: 9ee360

Yeah... and we already know they have implant brain clamps preventing them from thinking certain things. The scenario probably won't let them know that this isn't real.

That or they'll think we're crazy (we can't prove anything, after all) and we'll lose what are supposed to be our scenario provided allies.

If they are actual, sentient AIs we can free them along with everyone else if and when we ever break out and get access to the backups where all trillion contestants, all the system people, and everything/everything else are stored.
No. 492537 ID: 78c6ea


Considering the tech level, there could actually be brain chips preventing actual brains from thinking certain thoughts. This could actually be the real world, with no simulation to escape from or glitches to manufacture. We can't tell yet though, until we've successfully experimented/glitched everything to hell. Just assume it's a simulation for now. Do not conclude it's a simulation.
No. 492551 ID: 04b86a

I think we should analyze this simulation.

First of all, we need to keep in mind that this was probably designed with a standard dual CAI result of 8 unique System personnel (3 Hunters, a Judge Lord, a Shopkeeper Baron, a Supervisor, a Watcher, and an Administrator) against 3 Contestants. There are 10 Jetals available, which would normally give the System an advantage in numbers if the others weren't destroyed or hidden to act as backups by the Contestants, but this is not a normal CAI fight, so whoever finds the most will have the widest influence.

The System and Contestants, however, have differences in training. The System is trained to carry out their tasks despite being given minimal resources, both physical and informational, although they end up getting a lot more in later stages. I'm not exactly sure how that'll manifest here yet, but it's something to keep in mind. They are also initially handed a lot more resources than Contestants, though, so since Loviro said they only have one the logical conclusion is that theirs might be legal and have more Jetalium.

The Contestants, on the other hand, are given even fewer resources and then basically thrown to the wolves, effectively being trained to form alliances and find and gather resources to keep themselves on top. CU is notably primarily earned by killing people, and since Jetalium is often used in robots, we're probably expected to at least kill some robots. The System definitely will, once they realize it'll make them stronger, although if they're legal they'll at least have to be very secretive about it and if they're already stronger than us it may not occur to them for a while yet. On the other hand, allies Contestants acquire are normally stronger than what the Contestants start off at, which means the inactive Jetal bodies are likely already stronger than this one.

So, yeah, that's my take on this. Does anyone see any problems or things I missed?
No. 492564 ID: 9ee360

I don't know why you'd assume it's meant to be 3 contestants vs 10 system people. The number and distribution of system members per bracket change dramatically each stage (and we don't know the pattern yet), and the CAI battles in our logs all seemed to be between the 3 surviving contestants and the CAI, not the system. And the CAI is made up of an unknown, but presumably large number of individuals.

Also, I don't think numerical advantage matters. Glitcher mentioned last thread that numbers somehow weren't supposed to be an issue in the CAI battle- if each side is confined to working through one body, that makes sense.

I'd agree with your analysis on the strengths / weaknesses / experiences of the contestants vs the system members.
No. 492567 ID: f2c20c


I thought of a winning strategy. We focus on killing Sevener's bot first, steal their Jetalium and use it to improve our body to give us better chances. On the other hand that might piss off the rival NPC team so we'd need a plan for killing them safely afterwards.

We should be wary of Sevener attempting the same thing.
No. 492571 ID: 04b86a

There's normally only 8 System people, actually, although I'll note that the bracket we just raided was missing a Hunter so it can obviously be less. It's the unique ones that matter, basically, not the collectives or the ghostless Enforcers.

As for why I think numbers matter at least a little? The mention of there being 10 Jetals at least looks like a clear set up for there to be 8 more for either side to claim. Don't forget, Corruptor didn't say numbers don't matter but rather that quality matters more, so in the time it would take one side to hunt down all 8 Jetals the other side might have enough time to complete the objective with their one. Having more bodies also means a single one dying won't take you out of the game.

Thanks for the criticism, by the way, that helped me find the time problem.

Hmm... if we capture an enemy Jetal's core instead of destroying it we might be able to have it wiped so that we can use it for ourselves.

Killing the Administration is definitely a priority, but keep in mind that if any of my speculation is true it won't be simple unless we power up a lot and/or find some of the other Jetals.
No. 492576 ID: c4e5c2
File 136080383475.gif - (17.07KB , 800x450 , 8.gif )

Alison starts moving around to get a feel for it. It isn't terrible, although she is still used to her naga form. She starts changing. It is not quick at all, it might take her an hour to turn into anything meaningful.

"Yes, that's it! Don't push it too much, reawoken cores shouldn't push themselves too much. Plus, your morphability is rated quite low at the moment, so it may take a fair bit of energy. Just hop back in that chamber there to regenerate energy, but you should last a couple weeks without strenuous activity."
"How do I get more jetalium?"
"It isn't easy. Either you have to steal jetalium mass stores, which are heavily guarded and not available on any corner market store, or kill another jetalium and absorb it. Of course, you don't have to kill it, you can always leave the core intact and a bit of jetalium for it to crawl back to its home if you feel generous."
"What about other resources? Other robots? Funds? Underground contacts? I would like a map, too, with the palace and rivals pointed out."
"Haha, we have nothing. It is all I could do to get you, plus a modest sum of money I left in a hideaway. Any contacts I have, I have not spoken to for three decades. A map, however, is doable. Let's see..."
No. 492577 ID: c4e5c2
File 136080385365.png - (9.91KB , 700x700 , 9.png )

"We're on a peninsula, the murky red is the ocean. We are the in the red sector, with the highway cutting through the capital. The rivals... I do not know where they are. Otherwise, the town has everything a capital has, both the good and the bad. We're all criminals, so the police force might already be after us. If you want to know, you might have to ask them and hope they have loose tongues." Loviro says the last part with a tone of joking.

"Oh, are we secure right now?"
"Whereever we are is as secure as it gets. I don't actually know where we are, due to the implants, but you are free to leave and explore when you want."
"And what about Yallows? Can we help take out the implants?"
"No, and you shouldn't! We put them in there for a damn good reason, I'm sure of it. We're all frustrated there's something we keep concluding that we're prevented doing, but it must be important."
"Well, do we have hacking or network capabilities?"
"Yes, you do, but don't think it's easy. If you are found out at all, you can be immediately taken over and have your memory, motives, everything erased and replaced. It is possible to hack, but not viable. Best rely on physical capability unless you have a surefire crack."
No. 492578 ID: c4e5c2
File 136080390481.gif - (15.80KB , 800x450 , 10.gif )

Yallows has left, so Alison simply transforms into her naga shape to test instead of mimicking others. She ends up small, but shapeshifting can include clothes. Loviro waits silently while she does so, and it does take at least half an hour in the end. The form is comfortable, although she is sure she could get used to any other forms given enough time in one. An amorphous blob, she feels. would be exceedingly hard to work and move, but she may just transform into Yallows to prevent her current form from tipping off the aggressive Sevener.

"I'll call myself Unity."
"Strange, but very well. That form... ahem, well, the lack of legs could be terribly inconvenient, but at the same time, jetalium is quite heavy. You will do better if you're able to distribute your weight like you are there, especially if you increase your size. You can always simply make yourself more dense as well, to hold more mass over less volume. Always pros and cons."
"I think I'll change it anyway. You think Yallow would mind if I looked like him?"
"Hah. Yes. I wouldn't mind it just to see the look on his face, but he's a wanted criminal. You shouldn't go parading that around."
"What about weapons?"
"None. If nothing else, the new government has done an amazing job of removing guns. All conventional guns require DNA or the robotic equivalent of DNA to fire at all. Pre-empire guns that can be fired by anyone do exist, but are exceedingly rare and worth a fortune. Now, that is one reason why jetals are so dangerous. They can make their own weapons. Of course, you can't just morph jetalium and hope you have yourself a real doomsday cannon, although a sword or other mundane object is certainly possible. You need to gain the jetal data for weapons! To do that, you have to go through government paperwork and trials to download such a thing. Or, once again, you absorb a Jetal who has a weapon. We seem to be going back to that, if you haven't noticed."
"Next! What is that blinking light on the energy restorer there?"
>"Ah, it simply means it is recharging itself. You were just charged to max, after all."

Alison notes that she can sense how well charged she is. It has not gone down at all so far.

"What do you all think about killing Sevener first?" Alison asks the ones still in the lobby.
>"Quick way to win, cause if we do that, the primary objective will either be a tie or in our favor." Atlas says. "Either way, we'd win. Hell, if we just go after the emperor we'd still have a good chance to kill Sevener first, since it would be just like her to chase us and ignore the simulation."
>"Let's fight her!" Guardsman says.
No. 492588 ID: 9ee360

Hmm. The drawback to the naga form is we're recognizable. If Sevener, or any of her NPC allies see us, or we're caught on video feeds somewhere (there's gotta be cameras around in a high tech society) that gives us away. That potentially sets us up for a surprise attack!

Best form would be something that we're comfortable with that allows us to pass for a robot or organic that fits in with the natives. We want to blend. (Unless weird looking shapeshifting robots are the norm?).

Hmm. Well, if there are 10 jetals, and we and Sevener each have one, that leaves 8 more either inactive or controlled by NPCs, either to be killed for jetalium or to install allies in.

>killing Sevener first?
Well, sure, if we get the opportunity. Problem is we don't know where she is, and presumably we both start off in similar situations and without the ability to morph weapons. So unless we get an edge (surprise, a weapon, more jetalium...) it would be an even fight. I don't like leaving things at 50/50.

I agree with Atlas' analysis that there's a good chance Sevener will try to win by taking us out first.
No. 492593 ID: 04b86a

Okay, more mechanics speculation.

Whenever we try to hack something, the second door in the lobby will become available and anyone that wants to will be able to go through it. I'm not sure what that means for normal hacking, but in hacking Jetal Cores (of our model?) we'll end up in a room similar to our lobby, and if the Jetal is occupied we'd have to fight the occupants for control using freeroam rules. An occupied core being wiped, of course, means death for all occupants for the remainder of the simulation.

And I just noticed that Twirl is in here. Hrm. That means killing Administration forces in the last fight didn't make a difference. (Unless Lago forgot she's dead?) I have two more questions about the lobby, then. Do the people there have access to their skill lines, and are people that haven't been summoned yet aware of what's already happened? We should summon King, too. He's an ally, not a subject, and he also has a slightly better idea of how the Administrators will act in terms of strategy than we do.

"You mentioned there are eight other cores like mine that are possibly unclaimed. I assume that you can't tell me where they are, but are they all in the same place?"

Hm. Can he tell us the names of anyone in the rival group? Just so we know if we find a lead on them so they can be dealt with.
No. 492594 ID: 9ee360

We seemed to have gained a new bar in the upper right of our HUD. Battery life or something?

What's the difference between the yellow and blue on the map?
No. 492595 ID: 04b86a

Yeah, I think that bar's how much power we have left. The yellow area must be the palace, since we asked him to mark it for us.
No. 492605 ID: c4e5c2
File 136081074653.png - (14.98KB , 700x700 , 11.png )

>Bar in upper right
That is Alison's battery life. Alison tries to use her hair as prehensile, but all she manages to do is wiggle it weakly while making scrunched up funny faces. She stops when she senses she is wasting battery power.

"Is the yellow-orange on the map the palace?"
>Ah, yes. It is as much as a military base and fortess as much as anything, which is why it takes up such a particularly huge section of town.
"Thank you. Does this form even pass as something everyone would accept?"
"Hm? Oh, yes. Everyone knows a Jetal at a glance. Even if you were to shapeshift into Yallow, we'd be able to tell the difference. It's all in the movement, you see! Us biological types, heavy cybernetics aside, tend to have little jitters and rather tense jerks of the muscle to move us around. You all move... better. More fluidly. Artificially so. As for the form, as a jetal, you are just as apt to fit in as a strange beast as you are as a pretend belenosian."
"Do you know where the other 8 cores could be?"
"No. It was astronomically unlikely that I found as many as two in such a short period after my own reawakening. I imagine they are already in use, or destroyed."
"Okay, I think that's enough. I have to absorb another Jetal, right?"
"That is recommended."
"Where would I find one that I can beat without weapons?"
"No matter what you do, you're going to have to go into town. Dangerous. I'd love to go out and supervise you, but I'm no streetwise crook. Plus, my face will make it more dangerous. Face reconstructions are damn harder to get these days. I bet if you go to a dive bar, some crook's gonna notice you and offer some up. Might sound bad, but the crooks are about as crooked as the authorities. Illegal Jetal bounties can be taken in and delivered anonymously, but vice versa, the authorities are as crooked as the crooks. They might backstab you on the turn in of the core they'd want. Lastly... I don't know. I'm a scientist, not an investigator, but if you ask around with well phrased questions to the right people."
"I'll think about that. Oh, one more thing! Do you have the names of your rivals?"
"Alys, Lopopo, Zyronn. God knows how we managed to enter and exit the same building without murdering each other, heh."

"Okay. Iso, please take over for a second." Alison says before moving back into the lobby.
No. 492606 ID: c4e5c2
File 136081075547.gif - (20.71KB , 763x363 , 12.gif )

"If we just go after Sevener as is, we'll be looking at a 50/50 chance. I don't want to go with those odds. Like Atlas says, we'll probably get a chance anyways. It could work to just wait for Sevener to waste her time trying to find us while we go out and get as strong as possible as fast as possible, so that we'll have a great chance when she does find us. If Unity goes out in my image, that could happen quick, but it could happen too quick."
>"Yeahhh." Iso says back. "But if you don't, then Sevener might just give up on finding you and try to go straight to kill the emperor herself."
>"While she is over aggressive..." the Duelist thinks aloud, "I don't believe her to be entirely stupid either. She may not like 50/50 chances either, and may just start swiping Jetals into back alleys and beat them up unless she thinks she can find you without wasting time."

Alison does note Twirl is alive and well. It looks like the false CAI battle from before did not make any difference, although given that they have been put onto one robot, it may have not made any difference anyways.

Stage and Safe Zone mechanics do not appear to apply here. She cannot summon or talk to anyone who did not enter the CAI contest with her.
No. 492609 ID: 9ee360

I'd love to blitz Sevener, but I don't see how we can pull it off with a reasonable success rate. Walking around in Alison-form to try and attract her is just too risky. Unless we have a plan or means in order to turn it into a trap?

Balancing gathering our strength, keeping Sevener from going for the Emperor and/or gather strength, and going for the Emperor ourself, is going to be tricky.

Whatever plan we end up following, our first move needs to be to head into town. We need to gather resources we can use.
No. 492610 ID: 9ddf68

I say we just get a form that dosn't scream "HEY SEVENER AM RIGHT HERE' for now and can still use everday tools (aka something with hands)so we can still use tools and such if the need arises. As for goals I say we head out into the city find any jetalium if we can (even if we are just marking were jetalium stores are) and gather as much information as possable about
1) Any thing on the three empires mostly sapphire
2) were our rivals might be hiding
3) anywere we can get jetalium
also if we do go out make sure to watch your back because we are now a illegal AI fueled by something that sounds it weighs more then it's worth in gold.
No. 492611 ID: 08005b

I suggest we begin exploring, taking note of our surroundings and looking for patterns that may lead to our different goals, with the this being a simulation of actual reality, it will be sporadic, so we should get a feel, and directly go for everything else a bit later.
No. 492613 ID: f922dd

One option is engineering up a trap (if we have Engineer or someone else with similar skills in here) so we can off Sevener quickly. That's a little risky, but it's an option.

Otherwise, seeking to get stronger is good.
No. 492614 ID: 5aa752

Right now, we take an unassuming form. I'd say our best bet is just to play it straight; gather power, then hit the target ASAP.
No. 492615 ID: c4e5c2
File 136081306539.gif - (16.68KB , 700x700 , 13.gif )

>Or maybe if we needed to multitask?
After a brief task, this does prove to be possible. A little tricky, but possible.

Alison won't use her own form and try to play it safer until she gets better reasons to try to lead Sevener into a trap.

However, so far, the two other forms proposed have had issues. Yallows is a convicted criminal with a known face, Alison is a red flag to Sevener, and the Jetal is going to require a bit more form than a blob, as for reasons beyond her, she requires things like leverage and more rigid, bone-mimicking masses in places.

She can always just be the default form that was given to her, plus a proper hand or something. Or perhaps a regular belenosian would work. Perhaps she can act like Arbiter is around after all. Minus the 'I'm on Alison's team' horn decorations.
No. 492617 ID: 5aa752

I say we go full-on utilitarian here; six legs for stability and speed, two hands with nimble fingers for delicate work, and a spiked scorpion's tail for stabbing. How's that sound?
No. 492618 ID: 9ee360

...I am amazingly tempted to just walk around as a de-ornamented arbiter. He's Belthosian looking enough, and his coat is perfect for the Cyberpunk and intrigue setting we're apparently running around in. :V

Science dude said we're made of heavy stuff. I don't think multiple insect legs would work. And natural weapons (like stingers) are probably disallowed without the weapon patterns we have to find, same as guns and swords and prehensile hair.
No. 492621 ID: f2c20c

Sevener will probably assume anything with a tail is you. The advantage to going as a belenosian is that you can blend in with a crowd. So long as nobody really looks at you they won't notice that you move wrong.

So, to stay undercover, a belenosian is the way to go. Hrm. Also, considering this is freeroam and you won't have your most comfortable form available, we might want to have Duelist control the body for combat. He has a LOT of freeroam combat experience. Well, him or someone else that had to fight all those dudes in the Corrupted Sanctuary.

It might be a good idea to manipulate the body to have denser material in key places, but that will also screw up its center of gravity so it would have to be done carefully. Hey, how does one kill a Jetal anyway?
No. 492624 ID: 78c6ea

We may want to destroy other robots to assume their mass, and similarly they to our robot. We need to find the most effective way to manipulate Jetalium, so that we can develop an offensive and defensive strategy. Does it melt? Conduct electricity? Can it be dissolved by anything and subsequently reconstituted? How much pressure would be needed to deform it, assuming the lack of a core with energy to provide counterbalance.
No. 492635 ID: 57a559

Make tiny hairs that can help you stick to surfaces! Four arms! Be a biped!
No. 492640 ID: 4a328b

Ornament-less Arbiter, go!
No. 492652 ID: c4e5c2
File 136081962184.gif - (17.27KB , 800x450 , 14.gif )

>Make tiny hairs that can help you stick to surfaces! Four arms! Be a biped!
>I say we go full-on utilitarian here; six legs for stability and speed...
Alison will consider looking freakish when she feels like she has to do such things. Also, she can hardly move tiny hairs enough to tap on things, let alone crawl on surfaces with them. Alison returns to take control from Iso and starts morphing into Ornamentless-Arbiter.

"Going for that, hm?" Loviro says.
>"Cute." states Vinyl.
"How does one kill a jetal, anyways?"
"Kill? Simply do damage to the core. It is relatively fragile. Once you are able to either absorb or destroy the jetalium protecting it, they are vulnerable."

>Does it melt? Conduct electricity? Can it be dissolved by anything and subsequently reconstituted? How much pressure would be needed to deform it, assuming the lack of a core with energy to provide counterbalance.
Alison asks these questions, but Loviro shakes his head. He explains that while it can conduct electricity, most Jetals have built in reflexes to discharge the electricity. Melting temperature is too high to realistically employ in a wieldable weapon. While there is a concoction that is capable of dissolving jetalium, it is not instant death by any means and can be shaken off. Hence, squirt guns with the anti jetalium liquid are not useless, but it is easier to just try and hit their core with a high powered laser.
"And, what about deforming non-powered Jetalium?"
>"Jetalium needs to be powered either by a core or a mundane power supply that resembles a core. It has biological properties, you see, and will die off. Dead jetalium is nothing but a weak metal, like brittle bone or rubber depending on how it was last formed from a core. It takes awhile, though, so if you run into more jetalium than you can absorb, you can simply leave some to be absorbed up to a week or so later."
"Alright. I'm going to head out."
"Good! I hope for the best, as you are carrying a great deal of my life's work in there, so be careful."
"I know."
"And remember, if you do find out where we are, don't bother telling us. We won't listen if we know what's good for us. There's some guards out on the street, but they won't bug you. They've got one track minds."
"Lastly, you will be able to change your morphability, density and a couple other things at will, but having reawoken, you are a tad unstable for that! Have a good walk around and loosen yourself up, and I will tell you what you can do when you get back after seeing some sights. Only get in a fight if you know you can win!"
No. 492653 ID: c4e5c2
File 136081963224.gif - (19.13KB , 800x600 , 15.gif )

Unity/Arbiter is pointed to the exit once Lovira finally lets her, and Alison takes him up the stairway. Outside, Alison can sense it is very cold, even if it does not bug her. The city appears to be subject to a thick, red mist freely floating through it.

Even the homeless belenos has a respirator.
No. 492654 ID: f2c20c

Circle the block for a quick check to see what's nearby.
No. 492655 ID: 735f4f

Better scoot back into the door and make our own respirator so we don't stand out.
No. 492660 ID: 9ee360

So our friends are under a kind of house arrest?

Hmm. Well, that's one way to tell the organics from the mechanicals. Robots don't need to breathe. Depending on how toxic the air is, damaging or removing the respirator might be a good idea if we get into a fight with someone living.

Hmm. Regrettably, I doubt we can kill the Emperor just my damaging the palace's environmental systems, or punching a hole in the wall.

Anyways... not much here. Time to explore.

We're gonna stand out anyways. Science dude said sheep can recognize robits at a glance. The way we move gives us away.
No. 492662 ID: 47d311

Well, that explains why all the equipment and the counter-top height in that room appeared to be made for someone about half-again as tall as you and your 'creators'
No. 492663 ID: 76b151

Homeless people are often unnoticed or glanced over. Try to copy his outfit while still being mostly concealed. THink you can mimic dirt n grime?
No. 492664 ID: 78c6ea


I'm fairly sure the body is obviously metallic i.e. reflective. Making it rough might be possible, but coloring or complex texture not. We certainly don't want it flaking off! It's easy enough to make yourself dirty and grimy, should a disguise be needed. Mimicking organic movement would be necessary for that though.
No. 492669 ID: f2c20c

I think our outfit is fine. We'll be recognized as a Jetal no matter what, so the only person we have to remain unrecognizable to is Sevener.
No. 492671 ID: b33427

While your body movements would give you away, they won't at a glance. May as well mimic as best you can so you don't give yourself away as a robot right away.

Slip back inside and either grab a respirator or form a respirator on, as well as form some homeless garb over yourself. In fact, pile on the ratty clothing, since that's what a homeless person would do when it's so cold, and if there's a lot of it it'll hide our unnatural movement somewhat. Put on a hood or other head covering as well, to match the homeless outfit, and maybe add goggles to the respirator as well.

While checking out the area around here, use a slow shuffling gait, since that's what a tired homeless person in the cold would use, and it also will hide your odd movement better. Watch how others move out of the corner of your eye to get an idea of how you should move. Also, pay attention to how they breath as well. Even with a respirator on, you should act like you're breathing through it, especially if you have to talk to someone. Get some breathing and talking practice in by mumbling to yourself as you go, since that's what's expected of a crazy homeless person.
No. 492672 ID: 57a559

Hmm, your still fairly recognizable as Arbiter to Sevener, even without the fair decor. Chip off part of a horn, add circles to the design.
No. 492675 ID: 9ee360

>Homeless disguise
...I thought we wanted to be taken seriously for plot hooks, taking quests and bounties, talking to people and stuff? Plus, it really restricts the areas we can walk around in. I don't see this as a good idea at all.

Sevener's never met Arbiter, though. The only people who would recognize him are either our allies, from corruption, or outside in the system zone he just attacked.
No. 492679 ID: b33427

We're just putting on the disguise to check out the nearby area and get a feel for moving in this body. We'll put on something more appropriate when the time is right for it.
No. 492875 ID: c4e5c2
File 136087215772.gif - (27.43KB , 800x600 , 16.gif )

>Think you can mimic dirt and grime?
Alison thinks there is no dirt or grime to mimic or actually put on herself. She wouldn't even think of him as homeless if not for his establishment on the sidewalk. He is surprisingly clean, clothes and all.

A respirator, at least, won't hurt anything, so she gets one of those from Vinyl so that she'll fit in at least at a distance.

She moves away from the big guards to around the block. There is an electronic shop, food plus liquor store and a laundromat that Alison can see on her side of the building. She could probably find just about any generic commercial store if she walked around, but the buildings rise higher than the smog allows her to see what's above. She moves in front of the electronic shop where people appear to have respirators that allow for cigarette smoking and contributing to the smoke levels. It looks like the news is playing on the television sets.
No. 492877 ID: 76b151

Observe the news for a few moments and then start moving towards a place that might have jetal cores. A military district might be good.

How fine a wire can you make? Might be useful for a discrete takedown.
No. 492878 ID: 9ee360

Smoking and gasmasks. That's all kinds of amusing.

Those guys past the smokers look like security or police. You don't want to do anything to get their attention, or to go talk to them. Can't risk being found out as an illegal unlicensed terminator.

Anything interesting playing on the news?
No. 492880 ID: 57a559

Start breakdancing for money
No. 492887 ID: c4e5c2
File 136087464189.png - (21.82KB , 700x700 , 17.png )

>How fine of a wire can you make?
This seemed to be successful. She's sure it won't slice through flesh like a knife through hot butter, but if she needs to do something drastic to a living person, this may do the trick with a bit of effort. She can't be sure if it would work on other jetalium.

>Start breakdancing
Alison feels like this might compromise her ideals of fitting in. She will refrain from breakdancing until finding evidence that spontaneously bringing out the sick moves is a thing that is both common and acceptable in ancient, high tech belenosian society.

>Watch the news
>"And that's the end of the two happy newlyweds. Next up, our leading story... Toya babies! The mother was stricken months ago with a terrible case of jonj, but not just has she recovered fully, her offspring are well and healthy as can be."

This goes on for some time. Each story is short, and it's always one feel-good story after the next. If the news isn't biased toward happy things, then murders and thefts apparently don't happen.
No. 492888 ID: c4e5c2
File 136087466659.png - (90.85KB , 700x700 , 18.png )

>"Hey pretty boy! Looks like you're tryin' to fool around in our style on our block. Got anythin' to say about that?" one of the gang members goes up to Alison. He moves strangely, not like living biological belenosians, and not like herself. She believes he may be robotic.
No. 492889 ID: 76b151

Raise your hands and say you don't want no trouble.
No. 492890 ID: f1b3ee

"I don't want no trabble!"
No. 492891 ID: 9ee360

>saccharin news
Jebus, that's adorable. Why isn't our news like that? Still, I suppose it tells us something about the culture and/or power structure we're currently dealing with.

Being involved in any kind of fight right in front of those police and/or security officers is a bad idea. They'll almost certainly scan IDs and stuff, which will get us in mondo trouble.
No. 492893 ID: 4a328b

"Why are you smoking when you're wearing a gas mask. You look ridiculous."
No. 492894 ID: 91c1b3

Oh god, that thing is so fluffy and adorable. I really wish I could pet it.

Say you want no trouble.
No. 492897 ID: 6fb1f5

Say that you're not from around here, and point out that if you WERE trying to copy them, you'd probably try a little harder. You're not even wearing the same trenchcoat OR smoking, you've only got 2 horns, and you don't look at all intimidating.
No. 492898 ID: c4e5c2
File 136087753148.gif - (27.16KB , 800x600 , 17.gif )

"I don't want no trouble."
>"Haha, that's pretty cute. But we don't much like people acting like they're part of our gang, so the way we see it, you were lookin' for trouble the moment you put on that trenchcoat. And I don't think we take in wimpy lookin' dudes."
"Why are you smoking through your gas mask? That looks ridiculous."
>"Real cool. 'Don't want no trouble' he says, then says we look ridiculous. What do we say about that behavior, buddies?"
>"Real shitty."

The gang members start walking towards Unity. The police or security are not intervening, although they look like they're prepared to.

>"Your muncher better start sounding off one good reason why I don't serve you up a cold helping of concrete."
"I'm not from around here If I were trying to copy you, I'd try harder. I don't have the same trenchcoat, I'm not smoking, only have two horns and I'm not looking intimidating."
>"Yeah? Well it ain't us you gotta convince of that, it's everyone else. Don't want every citizen around here thinkin' we're lettin' just anyone in. Let's make a bet. You do us a favor and go into this electronic store after these cops get bored and leave. Any minute now, their shift should be up. Tell 'em your part of the Dead Battery gang and you're here to pick up some minerals. The clerk'll know what you mean. If he lets you get the packages, you just walk back out and hand 'em off to us and we'll forgive you. If he doesn't know what you're talkin' about, then I guess that would make us wrong, and just let you go on your way."
No. 492905 ID: 76b151

Might as well. We probably can get some information from them afterwords. Maybe ask the storekeeper where we could get some jetalium \ form upgrades as well.
No. 492906 ID: 35037c

:I there is actually a music group named dead battery ha. I don't really think we should be doing little odd crap like this, we need to keep exploring, however going in there would give us an idea of some of the tech they use, I guess we could do this? Yeah, it shouldn't cause that much harm.
No. 492907 ID: 9ee360

...this sounds like a bad idea. They want us to prove we're not a member of their gang... by pretending to be a member of their gang?

Besides, if the storekeep sees the gang send us in, he'll probably assume we're with them.

Are they all robots? Or are some of them sheep?
No. 492908 ID: f2c20c

Jetalum isn't available in the shop. We might be able to get some by using these guys as a criminal contact, though. After all, Vinyl suggested we get some bounties for other Jetals via criminal contacts.

Let's do the favor.
No. 492912 ID: 6dc5a6

Go in and get the packages, make a point of checking what's inside the packages. We might get some electronics to integrate into our body. Mind you we'll need a rear exit before Sunglasses catches on that we're not in the store.
No. 492914 ID: b53faa

no no NO no NO NO NO no NO.
We are not going to be suckered into a drug deal are you all fucking RETARDED?
if we do that they will just blackmail us into doing more and more favors until we are in so deep it HURTS.
No sir that is not how we win this game, slither as fast as you can away from these losers before they even realize you are able to MOVE that fast
my GOD no
No. 492929 ID: f2c20c

Well, we could hand them off to the police instead. Granted, we have no idea what's in them.

Also like I said we have no connections. What do you plan to do in the long term? Where are we going to get jetalium and contacts to do obviously illegal things?

We're going to ASSASSINATE someone goddamn it.
No. 492930 ID: 735f4f

We can change our appearance at will. No one is blackmailing us unless we want them to. Getting caught up in some minor gangs stuff might help us get some contacts.
No. 492934 ID: 5aa752

No way. This is obviously a set up.

"Nah. I'm outtie."

Then walk away.
No. 492937 ID: 78c6ea

Well shit. These aren't just robots. These are robots with dying batteries. They'll die if they don't get any! Or, the rough equivalent of death. They must be collecting electrolytes with which to make batteries (aka 'minerals'), but since they have no money all they can do is steal them!

This isn't a gang stealing recreational drugs. This is a gang stealing life support. Seems there's a crucial difference there.

On an unrelated note it seems your Jetal robot is more morphable than I thought, as you clearly managed to fashion a passable trench coat. At least enough to fool robots!
No. 492946 ID: c4e5c2
File 136089008853.png - (19.57KB , 700x700 , 19.png )

>Fashioned a passable trench coat
She did do so, but it does feel a little funny compared to most clothes, and many sections of it are directly attached to her. Only the outer folds are loose. In other words, if anyone touches or pulls on it, it will behave differently than an actual trenchcoat.

Alison is pretty split, but decides to go for the favor. She gets Duelist to help control Unity in case things go bad, as he does have the most practice in freeroam combat and being bipedal. She lets the gang know she wants to shop anyway, but she'll do the favor after a moment. The gang says that's cool, but they'll be watching her carefully.

Once inside, the clerk also watches Unity intently, like she might try to steal something. Overall the tech is expected and most things are recognizeable. Computers, cell phones that are basically small computers, tvs that are basically computer monitors, that kind of stuff. What is different are basic robots and cybernetic implants for sale.

They seem to each have their own rating between class D, C and B, but Alison doesn't see any A ranked bots or cybernetics. In each case, class C and up robots, and class B cybernetics are held behind locked glass that are quite obviously alarmed, and may require licenses or some paperwork to attain. Otherwise, it looks like cybernetics that modestly improve performance, and cybernetics that help repair eyesight and organs or artificial organ replacements are sold freely. Likewise, cleaning droids or camera bots also appear to be sold without need for documentation or licenses.

Alison moves de-horned Arbiterbody near the front, where the clerk speaks up.

>"Needing anything?" Alison has no money on her, so she gets straight to the favor.
"Yes. I'm part of the dead Batteries. I'm here to pick up the minerals."
>"....... you've got some balls, kid. Inform your business associates outside that I don't owe shit to them anymore, or we're going to have a... shit, you a jetal?"
No. 492948 ID: 76b151

Nod, tell him you were recently wiped and then given permission to explore. You got the impression they were eccentric. You're not expected back till late so you are indulging the bots outta curiousity more then anything.

Ask what minerals are.
No. 492949 ID: 35037c

No. *smile meekly, but on the inside.*
No. 492950 ID: 35037c

"No, I thought they were illegal."
No. 492958 ID: 9ee360

...wait. I'm confused by the lingo now. Are jetals the robots that are apparently common and everywhere, or the small subset of said robots that are illegal?

>shit, you a jetal?
...would that change your answer?
No. 492960 ID: 735f4f

A Jetal? "I thought those were horribly dangerous illegal death machines". Then just stare at him.
No. 492961 ID: f2c20c

Jetals aren't illegal in of themselves. Unlicensed ones are! So just say yes. I mean, it should be obvious, really. Ask him why that matters. Also, what exactly his business with the Dead Batteries is, and how big a gang they are.
No. 492964 ID: c4e5c2
File 136089394344.gif - (22.09KB , 177x196 , 20.gif )

"Can anyone refresh me on whether Jetals are illegal?"
>"Yes." the Engineer answers. "Normal robots are different, I suppose, but Jetals are robots except powered by a jetal core instead of mundane mechanics and AI chips. Jetals are rare, but not necessarily illegal. All Jetals need licenses to be legal, while it appears lower class normal robots do not."
No. 492966 ID: c4e5c2
File 136089401278.png - (36.76KB , 700x700 , 21.png )

"I am. Why does it matter?"
>"... don't know how they got a jetal to play for their team. Fine."
"What exactly is your business with the Dead Batteries?"
>"Not a goddamn thing! I cleared my business with them long enough ago."
"What ARE the minerals?"
>"Keep your voice down! Bullets. No weapons. Just the ammo. Keep them under your coat, don't let any cops see you with them." Alison did wait for the cops to leave, which as the gang said, didn't take long.
"I'm new with them. How big are the dead batteries?"
>"The fuck are you asking me for? Big enough to muscle in on bad business kind of big."
No. 492967 ID: 76b151

Hmm, I wonder if Engi could make a gun outta jetal. I mean if all we need is the schematics thats supposedly built into military grade cores maybe engy can make one out of memory.
No. 492968 ID: f2c20c

Big, but a single Jetal makes enough of a difference to convince this guy to pay up after deciding to break ties? Sounds like they might be small enough to topple with the right application of force. I don't think we have enough force yet, though. Very, very quietly mention that you are merely under minor threat, but are looking for underground contacts. We would be willing to let him keep the bullets if it means we get on his side of things.

Keep in mind guys, we can just go back out and say he didn't believe us when we said we were with the Dead Batteries.
No. 492969 ID: 57a559

Cool, thank him for his time. Compliment his large, curvy horns.
No. 492971 ID: 35037c

Thank him and leave. Try to befriend the dead batteries.
No. 492973 ID: 78c6ea


You've got to be shitting me. Not anything electronic? Not batteries? All this for weaponry? I say you make the leader outside accept the bullets with his FACE
No. 492974 ID: de262c

Check the package on the way out to see what sort of ammo it is. If it's just metallic cartridges, it'd be extremely easy to make a firearm that can use them.
No. 492975 ID: 9ee360

Alright. Thank hi, take stuff outside. Apologize to the gang. Apparently you do seem to be able to pass for them. There are two ways we can fix that. Either we can walk away and change our appearance... or we can work with them.

(Obviously, the later option is what we want. Working with a connected crime syndicate is a good way to get the resources we need).

Science dude explicitly said we can't just form weapons. We gotta have the patterns to make them.
No. 492976 ID: f2c20c

The package is sealed. I don't think we should open it.
No. 492977 ID: 6dc5a6

Walk out the back door wearing a different shape, the street punks don't strike me as trustworthy especially given that we're a baseline jetal. Think you can mimic the beggar we saw earlier?
No. 492994 ID: c4e5c2
File 136089912503.png - (13.42KB , 700x700 , 22.png )

"Do you think you could make a weapon for us, engineer?"
>"I might be able to if I had access to tools and material that would allow that level of fine tuning metal. Not from jetalium, though. Such a metal may have existed in the past, but there is nothing like that in the current real world. Therefore, the simulation must be abstracting it to some degree since it would be lost technology, so I would be working with what is effectively magic."

Unity leans in a bit to talk quieter.
"Aren't bullets a little underwhelming?"
>"Whoa, you got a short circuit in there? Do you know bullets mean? Anyone who wants bullets wants bullets for their gun, and do you know how guns are? Any non-police or military officer without a gun is killed on sight, questions later."
"How good would this be on another jetal?"
>"That ammo? Like trying to break a brick with a fork. Doesn't matter what gun is used." With that, Alison will head out to the gang, since it doesn't seem like they would pose much of a threat to her without police intervention.
"Alright, thank you for the info. You have nicely curved, large horns, by the way."

The clerk gives Unity a weird, unpleasant look when that is said, but Alison goes to move out.

The box is opened after Alison decides to go back, making sure to keep it discreet and quick. The bullets look mundane and metallic, though Engineer did not give the impression that it would be 'extremely easy' to make a firearm.
No. 492995 ID: c4e5c2
File 136089913587.gif - (23.28KB , 800x600 , 23.gif )

"It looks like you were right." Unity says.
>"Good stuff. You're not so bad, you made it smooth. What's your name?"
"Unity." It gets some chuckles, not nice ones, from the gang.
>"You're not from around here, alright. But whaaatever, you did well, newbie!"
"Uh, newbie?"
>"Well yeah. Ya did a job for us, and the only one who does jobs for us, is us. That gonna be a problem? You gotta hand us the box either way."
No. 492998 ID: f2c20c

Hmm. So, apparently Jetalium is mostly bulletproof? And these guys have guns that wouldn't work on us.

Tell them that you'll take jobs from them if the pay is right. Speaking of which, they owe you a fee for this first job, and it's not cheap to hire a Jetal.
No. 493007 ID: 9ee360

Hand them a box, and reply that no, that's not a problem at all.

Illegal allies, get. Hopefully now we can set about scoring some of the resources we need.

>bullets don't work
I'm not sure how we are supposed to kill other jetals. Conventional weapons won't do much to the liquid metal. The cores are fragile, but you gotta get to them first, and we won't know where the core is. (Actually, where in the body are we hiding our core?).
No. 493010 ID: 35037c

That seemed excessively easy, let's do another job and start working out a way to get our other business done.
No. 493012 ID: 9ddf68

say your in as long as there is some kind of reward for doing future missions (like cash, info, weapons, or hell maybe even a favor you can call in at a later time) and give them the bullets, there useless to us for the most part because they can't do crap against another Jetalium, we don't even have a gun, even if we found a gun the bullets could be the wrong caliber, and if we don't give them the bullets we just turned some potential allies into enemies and it will only help to hurt us in our goals
No. 493019 ID: c4e5c2
File 136090350562.png - (143.82KB , 700x700 , 24.png )

>Where in the body are we hiding our core?
Until alison has a better idea, in the center of her mass, a bit below where her heart would be.

"If I'm going to be in your gang, then I imagine that I'm owed a fee for this job. It's not cheap to hire a Jetal." They pause.
"A jetal?!" the leader touches one of Unity's horns. "For real! Haha, goddamn, it's a good thing we were gonna turn in these bullets to the proper authorities, isn't that right, you guys?"
>"Yeah, good thing!"
>"Right to the cops like good citizens!"
"Give the guy some dough for his trouble, Jab!"
No. 493022 ID: c4e5c2
File 136090357354.gif - (23.41KB , 800x600 , 25.gif )

One of them gives Alison 10 paper bills, each at 1,000 empire dollars. She has no idea if 10,000 empire dollars makes her filthy rich, or if she is only in competition with the bum's mug. Either way, they keep their distance now.

"Uhm... I'm willing to take additional jobs from you guys. If the pay is right." They pause again, but unfreeze when Alison hands them the bullets.
"Yeah? A tune that sounds too good to be anything but a fantasy, there. You're spelling out undercover all over our faces, cause if you were doing jobs for the likes of us, you'd be an illegal jetal. And that's too good."
"If you know of any legal jetals that are bugging you guys, I might be able to take care of them if I'm shown how. Would that prove I'm not undercover?"
>"I don't think this one's undercover, boss."
"Hmmmmm. Then what's with the respirator, huh?"
>"You got one too, boss."
"... Point. Well, ain't gonna let you see the bossman till I know you're not under EIN."
"That's the spirit. Wait, you might not actually know. Keeps you robots in check, cept illegals like... unlike me. Think of it like the great robot god in the sky who does like to intervene. Now, there's no small number of jetal in the force, so the bossman might have somethin' for you there. Let me call him up."
"I have no weapons for it, though." the leader just waves that sentence off as he makes the call, and Alison waits for it to finish. He turns back to Alison.
"Yeah, we got a hookup. We'll get you a weapon download. Got 2 jetal problems. One weaker bodyguard to some investigator who likes to hang out in bars all day, and one stronger jetal acting as a security guard to someplace. Either one'll get you in good with the bossman, the stronger one moreso if you couldn't guess. Either way, we'll get you set up so you're alone with the jetal, don't need to worry about anyone else. Otherwise, no bio cop killing. We don't need that shit. Robots are fine to take down, biologicals aren't."

>"Jetals don't sound as uncommon as Loviro has implied." says the Duelist.
No. 493023 ID: f2c20c


Don't tell these guys why. Why? Well, we're still working the kinks out and also that 'someplace' that they're working at could be relevant for our overall mission.

...I'm wondering if we could contact that investigator at some point and buy their help for something. Might be a good idea to ask for more info about them.

Also, I bet they didn't recognize you as a Jetal because they're robots and don't have an inherent feel for what organic movement is. This means we can probably reliably pass as Belenosian in front of robots.
No. 493026 ID: 9ee360

Alright. So we gotta prove we're not an undercover legal jetal by taking out some other legal jetal. Seems legit. Gets us a weapon to work with, and more jetalium. Plus, we're getting cred with an organization we may be able to use in our assassination plans.

It kind of sucks that we're being forced into the old killing people for power model we've been fighting against. But none of the lives these people are leading are real anyways. And this whole simulation is going to end as soon we or Sevener wins.

>Jetals don't sound as uncommon as Loviro has implied
Hmm. Well, his data is mostly 30 years out of date, and subject to having holes poked in it without warning.
No. 493028 ID: 78c6ea

New objective: take out EIN.
No. 493042 ID: c4e5c2
File 136090689903.png - (52.38KB , 700x700 , 26.png )

"The weaker one, please."
"Yeah, not a bad move for a jetal who sounds like they were just made. Alright. Let's roll."

Everyone gets into a nearby car. A whirring noise pops up as the smog in the car starts to dissipate, and the leader retracts his horns. Alison hopes her shapeshifting can improve to the point where she can do that without making it look like grass grow in reverse. She could actually treat them as joints, and have them bend and wave around, but now she is losing focus.

"Alright. We're gonna make a pickup, first. Get you a weapon." the leader says, texting on his phone. "What kind do you want? We don't have the regular ammo you'd need to kill a jetal, so don't bother with a kinetic. We got laser weapons and laser melee. Melee drains your battery power damn quick, but can be kept on and available. Laser weapons don't drain battery power so much, but needs a buncha energy per shot, so its got cooldown. Think about it like this, you can only spend so much battery power at one point, or you'll blow yourself out. With lasers, you can put out a certain amount of battery power into a single shot, but if you keep firing at max, you'll blow yourself up if you don't cool yourself off. Damn powerful, but long reload. Melee laser beam, you only need to spend a surge to fire it up, then you're good to keep it going. So long as the fight doesn't last forever and drain your whole battery."
"How long would I have to wait between shots, if I fired a laser at max energy?"
"Dunno. Depends on the weapon and jetal. You're gonna get a low grade one, but one jetal might have to wait 10 seconds before firing again, another Jetal could do it every 2 seconds with the same weapon."
"Also, do we know anything about the investigator?"
"Not much. He keeps on the clock all day. Half that clocktime is spent in the bar messin around and getting drunk by himself. Taxpayer dollars at hard work, there. But that doesn't match up, cause the other half of his on-duty involves him being the epitome of Officer Hardass. Real tough on crime. Out of nowhere, one of the cops that gives a shit. That sort."
No. 493043 ID: f2c20c

Do we have anyone with experience with guns, or at least a gun weapon type so they're skilled with them? Might want to go with the beam sword otherwise. Duelist would likely be rather frightening with it.
No. 493044 ID: 78c6ea

Maybe he's fueled by alcohol?
No. 493053 ID: c4e5c2
File 136090994598.gif - (8.99KB , 304x203 , 27-a.gif )

"Do you know how to use a gun, Duelist?"
>"I do not."
>"I can teach you the basic jist of it, if I just use a rod and a couple pieces of cardboard for a scope." the engineer says. "It is not as easy as point and shoot, but I think you can become competent enough to make that weapon at least viable till you can get more practice in."

Duelist will go into the lobby for the lesson, as a gun may be needed or optimal later on even if a melee weapon is chosen now.
No. 493056 ID: b33427

Well, if you had your druthers, you'd take both, but since you only get one, go with the laser-sword for now since it's what you've got experience in. Let the boss know your choice, your near inexperience with guns, and that when you complete this mission you'd like to get in some training with them; Both the integrated Jetal one and freehand ones.

Ask... Uh, you don't know boss' name, so ask what you should call him. Just "Boss?" Anyway, ask about the possibility of field recharging yourself. Are there power cells that are Jetal compatible, and if so, how common are they? It'd be useful to either strap some cells to yourself if you ever need a top-off. Perhaps even keep them in an internal cavity, if you could make one.

Also, is there armor you could wear that'd absorb some or all of the punch from a Jetal-damaging shot? Ablative armor to soak laser hits, and stuff like that. Either over yourself, or maybe even as plates absorbed under the skin. You'd kinda like to have something more protecting your core than just your metal, no matter how tough it is.

It'd be a good idea to get regular clothes at some point as well, so you're not spending what precious Jetalium you have on them. Plus, they could be pulled off without giving you away, or ripped off without losing metal.
No. 493057 ID: cd963f

You know, we are a computer simulation too. Murdering simulants is the same as murdering your compatriots. We won again and again by being diplomatic, that's what we should be doing with other jetal now.
No. 493062 ID: f2c20c

Yes, but this time they have absolutely no reason to cooperate with us. Any Jetal in the police force is not going to go "Kill the Emperor? Well okay!". At best we can get them to take out other criminals, but also keep in mind if they find out we're unlicensed they will try to kill us and not listen to a damn thing we say.

This is a drastically different situation.

Get the sword for now, then.
No. 493064 ID: 9ddf68

well since it seems duelist is gonna be our disignated fighter and is used to using a sword I think the beam sword would be best for right now. also ask how long it takes to 'unsheath' (power up) the blade because if the sword just comes out instantly it could make for an easy kill, just walk up to the target ask for something like "were can if find such and such" then when you get into range SLICE.
No. 493067 ID: 78c6ea


You know, if we are in a computer simulation, the other Jetals are simulated. So are the other non-Jetalium robots. So are the organics. Murdering other Jetals is more along the lines of murdering administrative staff in the game. Not ideal, and we'd like to win their hearts, but ultimately reticence on their part results in either our death or theirs.

If we can murder EIN, then all those Jetals won't have any administrative duties. Then they can actually choose to help.

Is it possible to access Dreamspace from this lobby?
No. 493068 ID: 32e092

If we could prove this was a simulation, we might be able to recruit people across faction lines on the basis of "clearly someone copied you into this simulation without your consent, let's fuck it up for them" or similar.
No. 493076 ID: f2c20c

Um, considering they compare EIN to God, I don't think we have any chance of killing it. Also, you're both still missing the point. Nobody here is faced with death if they fail an arbitrary task, unlike the System members and Contestants. In actuality, the simulation here would be prolonged the most if both Alison and Sevener were captured. The Emperor doesn't die, and neither competitors die, so it's a stalemate that lasts as long as the CAI lets it. That would be the optimal scenario for this simulated city, and one of the worst situations we could get stuck in. We'd have to rely on Glitcher to somehow pull us out, assuming he realized something was wrong.

Also the legal Jetals we know of aren't directly serving EIN. One was a bodyguard, the other a security officer. Not administrative duties. Those that ARE directly serving under EIN would likely have some loyalty to it and would be more likely to be hostile than cooperative.

If we can somehow prove that this city is a simulation then maaaaaaybe we could get someone to help us, but we'd have to spin it as the Sapphire Emperor being behind it somehow and killing him would set the AIs free. That's the only way I see that strategy working.
No. 493086 ID: 2f4b71

>drunk with a heart of gold
Hooooo boy.
No. 493087 ID: 76b151

No. 493092 ID: 9ee360

...I'd say go with the blade, for now. It's more what we're used too, and the energy margins are more generous.

Although, with our illegal and and special core, we are probably pretty tough. I bet we have a better fire rate than a lot of jetals.

>but if you keep firing at max, you'll blow yourself up if you don't cool yourself off.
So if we wanted to do continuous firing, we'd need to morph some kind of cooling structures?

...Arbiter's ornamentation doesn't sound quite so frivolous anymore!

>Gun training
Hmm. We got thousands of people in here, right? None of the chose to make a gun? ...although I suppose the experience isn't very useful if they haven't practiced it in freeroam.

> the epitome of Officer Hardass. Real tough on crime. Out of nowhere, one of the cops that gives a shit.
...that's a possible suspect for Sevener! Taking a position of power in the existing power system is kind of a logical role for her. And being tough on crime gives her a good excuse to hunt down other jetals for the resources she'll need to complete the mission! If she just assumed the role too, it would explain the shift in behavior.

Only odd thing is that an unlicensed jetal would be able to work for the cops. Unless she found a way to fake the credentials she needs, or the simulation started her in a slightly different situation from us.

The big difference is everyone here is living a lie. Even if they're all real beings, they're living fake lives in a fake world with fake memories.

A fake world that is going to disappear as soon as we or Sevener wins. Everyone here is basically already dead.

We have no way to stop that. Even if we convinced everyone in here or the truth, we have no way to help them escape this simulation into the larger one we know.

The only real hope for these people is that if and when we reach the system's hidden backups where every contestant and system member is stored in our efforts to save everybody, that they're there too.
No. 493172 ID: c4e5c2
File 136096437412.png - (79.93KB , 700x700 , 28.png )

"Maybe he's fuelied by alcohol." That gets a laugh. "So, boss, what do I call you?"
"Boss's fine till we get to my superiors. Then, the name's Polatt."
"Alright. Also, do you know anything about field battery charges?"
"Eh, not really. Jetalium works. I hear you can just kill off a chunk of your mass for a quick pick-me-up if you gotta. Or someone else's mass."
"Also, uh, I'd like to get some clothes."
"Your trench doin' you no good?"
"My current one is jetalium."
"You're naked? Whatever. Yeah. We'll get you some."
"Any armor I could wear that would absorb some damage from a jetal damaging punch?"
"Huh? Some yeah, if you can get armor. That one's gonna be harder to get. Already pushing my brownie points for materials on this sudden mission we have going, so don't even bother yet."
"Alright. I'll choose the melee weapon then."
"Also, you compared EIN to god. But it does have a physical form, right?"
"Yeah. Somewhere out there, that great pie in the sky EIN is just a mainframe in a warehouse. Probably guarded by half the world military, miles underground."

>Internal cavity for power cells (or regular items)
She can absorb objects into her mass, although it feels a bit weird and uncomfortable, so she'll try to make an actual internal cavity for small objects in case it comes up.

>Won by being diplomatic, ethics on killing
Diplomacy has worked well in her own world, but she was always in a better negotiating spot with confused, desperate people. Or, after awhile, with superpowered stats and a large following already. While she would like to continue the trend, she is in a worse off position for it here, and trying to be a diplomat in a risky situation would be placing nearly her entire following at risk.

>Is it possible to access Dreamspace from this lobby?
It isn't.

The rest of the drive is more or less in silence, before one of the others sticks his hand out of the car. One of the pedestrians tosses a suitcase up as the car passes, which is promptly snagged and pulled into the car. They seem well practiced at this.

"And there we are. Let's go to the bar before it starts getting too crowded."

Weapon Downloaded: Plasma Beam D
Clothes equipped: Dead Battery Trenchcoat

Duelist can tell right away that it is possible instantly charge up and flare the beam out, therefore it can effectively be used as a surprise attack or the equivalent of holding a knife to ones throat without draining battery power until necessary. Soon, Polatt drives through a building entrance and parks, where everyone gets out to walk the rest of the way.
No. 493173 ID: c4e5c2
File 136096439353.gif - (28.17KB , 600x600 , 29.gif )

"Alright, newbie, here we are. We're still inside dead battery territory. We know the staff well. We also know the police well, and we have understandings. We don't kill the investigator. Just rough him up a bit. Make it clear we don't appreciate his snooping around. Course, all that is after you successfully take out the jetal and show that we have the muscle to back up that unappreciation."

The bar is only partially populated, and the female staff seems flirty for reasons beyond Alison. The guards also look the exact same as the ones above Loviro's hideaway. The only customers around are drunk, and trading small items that are eaten. Alison might guess that food is are nothing more than innocent, wholesome candybars. The ones that make people put on funny faces and wiggle around after being eaten. She wonders if this is really what the stages and safe zones were supposed to lead up to, because they didn't prepare her for weird stuff like this at all.

>"Welcome, boys!" one of the staff says. "Go ahead and help yourselves to a table, we'll be with you right away. Most of us are setting up for the lunch rush. Oh, and we'll keep your respirators safe till you have to leave."
No. 493174 ID: c4e5c2
File 136096440690.gif - (45.75KB , 1000x600 , 30.gif )

Polatt leads everyone down and gets a table, giving the waitress their orders.

"That's our man, in the corner of the bar counter. Been tolerating him for awhile now, but the last couple of days he's been on fire through our territory. We'll give you one guess which of those guys is the jetal. Anyway, like I say, we know the staff. They'll look the other way if we pick a fight. They aren't stupid. Same with the customers. Basic plan is you go up and whack the jetal. We'll get up afterward, don't wanna tip 'em off if we all get up at once. But we got your back to make sure the investigator doesn't get in your way." Polatt texts into his phone, and Alison hears one of the girl's phone beep. "So, newbie, any questions or comments on how we're gonna handle this? We're counting on you after that electric clerk business, so take your time, we got a bit to enjoy ourselves."
No. 493176 ID: b53faa

how well do you think this particular jetal is able to fight? Any ideas what we should be looking out for?
No. 493177 ID: 9ee360

Oh gods, the dancers' standing animation is butt flexes. XD

>one guess which of those guys is the jetal.
The spiky lizardish dude, of course.

I don't suppose they've seen him in action before? If they know what kinds of weapon(s) he may have?

Obviously we should be going with some kind of ambush plan, here. I don't suppose we could slip away and morph to look like one of the serving girls to get close? Sure, we won't pass for organic if he pays attention, but if they come here often, he won't see the staff as a threat. And if he's distracted or looking the other way at a more apparently threatening gangster as we approach, he won't be looking closely.
No. 493178 ID: 57a559

I spent a long ass time thinking the lizard was too obvious and looking at all the samey sprites for weird movement animations (since jetals move weird and thought that was a real visual gameplay factor for determining jetals), then realized this world wouldn't have lizard people on them.

Then I'm like ffffffuck the most obvious answer is the right one.
>Turn into a dancer
I'm having a tough time figuring out the logic of this. The dancers normally would simply be able to tell something's up due to an unreconized face, but then I realized they all have the same sprites. So they're just copy-paste unimportant NPC's I think. Or not, and this is a simple abstraction of the simulation and the dancers will immediately out us. This is thinking beyond the unique jetal movement issue, because no one could tell we weren't normal very quickly until we pointed it out.

I suggest becoming a guard/bouncer. Faceless, uniform, very little flesh is shown. The only way to become unreconized is if everyone is keeping tabs on who's on the clock and how many should be on the clock. Keep an eye on nametags of the bouncers as you leave for the bathroom.
No. 493179 ID: 9ddf68

ask what weapons the other jetal has and weather or not we could take them for ourselves after we get rid of the jetal also how tough the jetal is.
As for a way to take the other jetal down I say walk up to it casually as if your just going to sit down on one of the bar stools next to him and when you get in range use the beam sword to stab him in the gut then immediately swing the blade up practically spliting it in two. even if the jetal lives after that it will still be badly hurt
No. 493180 ID: 78c6ea

Only problem with the ambush plan is we don't know where he keeps his core. Could possibly hinder him enough by lopping off a limb that we could just sort of dig around and find it. Seems too risky.

I wonder what would happen if we just grabbed him and absorbed him into us, core and all?
No. 493186 ID: 9ee360

>then realized this world wouldn't have lizard people on them.
Well, barring elaborate and expensive reconstructive surgery. (Which our scientist bud said was becoming harder to get). It should be within the available level of tech here though. Although I don't see many people wanting that- especially as it would lead to getting mistaken for a jetal (which apparently have less legal protections and rights than organics). We can probably pretty safely assume anything that doesn't look belonosian is a robot.

>becoming guard/bouncer
The problem with shifting to look like muscle is, well, we look like muscle. Any half decent bodyguard pays attention to muscle in the vicinity, or getting close to them. The idea behind turning into one of the dancers/wait staff isn't just about blending in / anonymity, it's about not appearing to be a threat until it's too late.

...I think the way jetal combat works is you hurt and/or disable them, and then you keep doing that until you separate the core from the body and/or destroy it. Possibly cutting off limbs and things and absorbing them as we go? I mean, we're basically fighting a mobile pile of play-doh with a hot knife.
No. 493187 ID: c4e5c2
File 136096774254.png - (12.20KB , 700x700 , 31.png )

>How well do you think this particular jetal is able to fight?
At a glance, Alison has no idea.

>Change into bouncer
Alison could get their image down and normally that could be best, but she doesn't think she can fit their size. She would be conspicuously smaller.

>I wonder what would happen if we just grabbed him and absorbed him into us, core and all?
Alison doesn't think Loviro implied it was possible to absorb another core, but she does wonder if it is possible to try and absorb another Jetal's jetalium while they're still attached to it.

Before making a move, Alison will get more info.

"Do you know how well this jetal fights, or what weapons he has?"
"Nah, we're kinda in the dark. Supposedly his core is a pretty ancient model though, it's no good."
"And do you mind if I take the jetal for myself, that is, after I subdue it?"
"Yeah, knock yourself out, you get to absorb him completely. Do what you want with the core itself, we don't care."
"I might be able to slip away and then shapeshift into one of the girls in 20 minutes or so maybe to get close to him without him suspecting anything, but the girls would probably notice that I'm not one of the staff." The girls do look samey from a distance, but up close they have some differences.
"Eh? That's perfect. And yeah they'd know, I'd tell them that's what you're doing so they know not to ask funny questions and to just play along. Hell, I'm tellin' them to keep a finger over the door lock so the investigator can't scram when you do your thing. Hell, with the sword you might be able to oneshot him if you know where the core was. A shame we have no jetal x-rays, but one good swipe or lucky stab would do."
No. 493195 ID: 9ee360

Alright, girl ambush plan is a go. (It should take us less time to shift into this shape, since we're doing a smaller transformation. We're changing into a similar bodyshape, not doing drastic reconstructions like lizard-bot to naga to mock-Arbiter).

A lucky stab to the core might do it. It not that, we stab or slash to keep him down and prevent counterattacks until we remove or break the core, while possibly using our off hand to try and hack jetolium off of him (if his core is older than ours, he probably won't be able to compete with our theft attacks. Especially if core to core processor warfar is carried out by the 3 or 4 thousand strong AI army we're carrying).

If we can get ahold of it, it might be interesting to see if we can board other cores. Will their be a little room with the controlling AI in it?
No. 493199 ID: 9ddf68

you think if we just decapitate the other jetal it would stay down because if so I say we go for a decapitation
No. 493200 ID: 6dc5a6

Melt the jetal's face off first then remove each limb starting with the arms. Hopefully destroying his sensors will give you the split seconds needed to kill him.
No. 493202 ID: 9ee360

...well, that would at least deprive him of sensory organs, giving us a brief window where he's blind / deaf before growing eyes and ears elsewhere.
No. 493205 ID: f2c20c

You know, we never found out how we can absorb a Jetal without killing them. That might be a good question to ask. I think if we can avoid that we might be able to get some useful info from the core, or maybe persuade them into cooperating with us in exchange for their life.

Maybe we can just... sortof... envelop them after cutting them down to size?

Definitely start the fight by cutting a large portion of their body away.
No. 493207 ID: b33427

Sounds like the disguise and ambush plan is alright, but it could use something more. Could the boss arrange for a ruckus in or near the entryway to go off on cue while you're approaching for the hit? Something just enough to get the bodyguard Jetal to look away for a moment?

Oh, and could the waitresses put up the "closed" sign to keep out the lunch rush as well? You know this is the Dead Batteries' turf, but having more bystanders around just adds to the chance of things going sideways.

Watch the way the waitress that's doing table rounds moves and acts for a few minutes so you can try to mimic it later; It won't fool a biological, but the Jetal probably won't catch on. Do so out of the corner of your eye so you don't look like a complete perv by staring.

Take the form of the waitress that's doing rounds, that way the boss can send her to the back and you can take her place to bring a tray back to the table and the bodyguard won't get suspicious. In fact, could the waitress behind the bar act like she's out of whatever the cop drinks up front, and she'll send the other waitress around to get another bottle? That way you can walk up to him without obviously bee-lining towards him.

When it comes time to slice up the bodyguard Jetal, start by chopping off the head and grabbing it to absorb. Follow by slicing off the arms, letting them fall, then a horizontal slice below the midsection. You're aiming to whittle down the Jetal until only a small piece remains around its core. That way you can capture it for interrogation or experimentation.

Just how ancient is an "ancient" Jetal core in this case? 'Cause you are in what sounded like a prototype core that's at least thirty years old. That just might substantially predate this bodyguard's "ancient" core.
No. 493212 ID: 772c81

disguise and ambush.

Since we don't know where the core is, lop off the legs and steal them, as a battle opener. Or the entire lower body, if you can cut a torso.
No. 493224 ID: 735f4f

It might take awhile to absorb new material. I would not count on being able to instantly absorb new jetal until we have learned to use this body more.
No. 493231 ID: b33427

Well, in that case we'll just toss it away as we carve it off so the bodyguard can't use it either.
No. 493288 ID: 78c6ea

I certainly hope this beam saber is as capable of cleaving through Jetalium as everyone is assuming.
No. 493320 ID: c4e5c2
File 136098821293.gif - (31.07KB , 700x600 , 32.gif )

"Is it possible for the staff to put up the closed sign?"
"Yeah, just don't ruin business for 'em by taking forever."
"Okay. When I come back out and approach the jetal, please make a distraction away from me."
"How ancient is 'ancient'?"
"And... how does a jetal absorb another jetal without killing them?"
"Dunno. Hell, I don't even know how jetals absorb one another. Instinct or something."
"Okay. Just make a distraction for me when I come how to get him to look away."

With that new lack of insight, Alison moves off to the back when she can do so subtly, and the staff ignores her while she morphs. The bouncer behind the counter moves into the back as well. Nothing else changes as she strides out, but Polatt brings one of the other gang members to the side forcibly like they were in an argument. Duelist takes over to get the hang of the body, which no one is used to, and starts walking toward the entry like that was his destination while he hopes for a better distraction. It comes in the form of Polatt exploding at his fellow gangmember in a convincingly furious act. Duelist jumps back so he is behind the jetal, who snaps his attention to the scene. It would only last a second before he realizes it's just someone elses quarrel, but that is enough for the Duelist.

Some of the girls back away and prepare to duck behind the counter.
No. 493321 ID: c4e5c2
File 136098822028.png - (22.20KB , 700x700 , 33.png )

Duelist has a clear first strike. The blade handle which fires the plasma was stored in Unity's wrist. In one motion, he brings it out, grabs it, swings his harm to decapitate the jetal, and powers it on right in time to hit his neck without giving the jetal any warning. The head rolls right off.

>"In case anyone else was thinking of fighting in high heels, I don't recommend it." Duelist shares.
No. 493323 ID: c4e5c2
File 136098825643.png - (27.62KB , 700x700 , 34.png )

A backup eye camera pops out from the jetal's right hand. His other turns into a plasma gun in one blink as he swings around, and gets a blinding shot off in two blins. Either he was disoriented too badly or he just had bad aim, as the duelist is able to dodge the shot while bringing the sword back around. With a swipe, he takes off both legs and the arm armed with the plasma shot. One of the drug addled belenosians just barely starts noticing.

"Alright, investigator! You're ours for the next 2 minutes! Newbie, absorb that guy quick, I'd bet money he alerted EIN, so we gotta get the hell out the backdoor when we're done."

That is something Alison would have liked to know before.
No. 493325 ID: 76b151

start absorbing.
No. 493327 ID: f2c20c

Running in high heels is difficult. Better bend/shorten the heels out of the way while you absorb the guy.

As for how to absorb, I dunno. Just grab his disconnected weapon arm and try enveloping it or forcing your own Jetalium into it. Do so with successively larger pieces until we find the core.
No. 493336 ID: 9ee360

>no one is used to the body
>I don't recommend fighting in high heels
...dang, we really could have used Succubus. :V

>absorb him quick
Right, get down to it. Careful, one of those hunks we chopped him into still a core in it, and might be able to fight back and/or form limbs / weapons.

If possible, let's try to capture the core instead of destroying it. I'd be interested in poking around in it (can we hack it? Access the AI inside?).

If possible, we want to steal his weapon pattern along with his body mass. (Although we might need to hack the core for that).
No. 493339 ID: 78c6ea

Sorry Alison. We thought it was obvious. You should still be in the clear if you can get away before anything recognizes you.

The Dead Batteries may not have anticipated that you can't really do further work for them though, as everyone now knows they are harboring an unmonitored Jetal. Whereas your secret might be preserved, theirs is quite obviously compromised. They're going to have to go deep into hiding if they want to survive unscrapped.

Now that you have begun the attack on the monitored Jetals they will be more on alert for unmonitored ones, but there are four of you last I checked, so perhaps another will end up taking the fall. Anyway like with any extremely illegal activity, you should find somewhere to hide, and stay there until the heat has blown over. You'll have to balance caution with the chance someone could take a hit on the Sapphire Emperor while you wait, but he'll likely be even harder to kill while the heat is on so hiding is a safe bet.

Two Jetals worth of Jetalium should get you up to the size of most of these Belenosians (big guys excepted). More and you might have to worry about being identified purely from size alone. In fact a way to preserve Jetalium without incorporating it into your superstructure might be important...

I'd tell you to take the other core with you for analysis, but it's probably got some sort of position tracker in it too thanks to EIN. Best to just let it get away I suppose. Don't kill it on the spot, as that would keep other Jetals unmotivated to support our efforts.

tl;dr get that Jetalium and go hide with the robots and see how this blows over. Slap them if they get cocky.
No. 493346 ID: 78c6ea


Oh, if it has an obvious communication antenna you could break that and keep the core. Otherwise you'll have to assume for now that communication with EIN is merely a game abstraction, not anything physical you can disable. Wouldn't it be great if we could free the other Jetals from being monitored though?
No. 493347 ID: 76b151

We have no idea how such things work. Until we do I'm gonna say capture the core. If we can hack it we get all sorts of benefits. The rewards outweigh the risks.
No. 493352 ID: b33427

Before turning the sword off, slice off the remaining arm on the bodyguard's torso. Then gather up all the loose bits and feel around on them to see if you can interface with them to absorb, before moving on to attempting to engulf them.

Leave the torso for last, since it most likely has the core in it. Absorb it until you reach the core, then try to interface with it. Have everyone in the mind-lobby ready to "repel boarders" if it tries to invade your core.

Whatever you do, do not take the core with you out of here. It likely has a hardware level tracker that cannot be disabled without destroying the core. Strip all the Jetalium off of it you can and then ditch it.

In addition to changing your footwear to flats, start morphing street clothes over your body as well, since you're not going to have time to do a complete change before fleeing. Otherwise it'll look odd for a gal to be in that waitress getup on the street.
No. 493356 ID: 9ee360

The clothes change isn't a bad idea.

Might be a idea to actually multitask for that- have one person focused on making sure our target stays subdued and harvesting jetal, while the other makes the cosmetic adjustments we need to run and not stick out on the street (we can shift back into full Arbiter-form later).

I think you might be overreacting a bit. We'll see how bad the police response is, but I doubt the crackdown will prevent our illegal allies from operating.
No. 493366 ID: c4e5c2
File 136099192365.png - (16.18KB , 700x700 , 35.png )

>Better bend/shorten the heels out of the way
Duelist may have done that, but he simply used the staff uniform that was handed to him for the same reasons as getting a new trenchcoat. His feet are jetalium, however, so he could just drop the high heels and run barefoot.

>Start absorbing
It does not appear to be self explanatory.

>Break antenna for EIN
Alison doesn't know if it is a game abstraction, but if there was a means to disconnect the jetal from EIN, it was more subtle than antenna wire.

"Uh... Duelist? Slice the remaining arm off, then... do we touch it or something?"
>"It's trying to morph into something else, so we'd better try."

He cuts off the arm, and puts Unity's hands on a chunk of small jetal.

>"Yeah. Yeah, I think that's about it, I guess it is instinctive after all. It almost like it..."
No. 493369 ID: c4e5c2
File 136099207918.png - (16.97KB , 700x700 , 36.png )

Alison and Duelist lose control of Unity for a second, as Unity falls straight down on top of the biggest chunk of the jetal instead and starts absorbing. It seems like surface area contact helps a lot, but more alarmingly, Alison didn't realize that Unity was starving. Enough to lose that control for that second. And jetalium is delicious, as it turns out. It's an odd feature, Alison thinks, and seems like the sort of thing that would encourage jetals to absorb each other. Either that or it's just like eating regular food, and other jetals happen to be food too.

It is also maybe not something that should be done in public if it can be helped, as it looks inappropriate. It feels inappropriate. After about a minute of unwittingly shutting off the outside world, Alison finds the other Jetal core. It's trying to absorb Unity back as the enemy core hits Unity's jetalium, but Alison is thinking that losing a lot of jetalium at once might weaken the jetal on the whole. He's not able to overpower Unity, and Alison now has access to the unharmed core. She could take it, but will probably just leave it. Once she stops eating, anyway. It does not seem like the other core is hackable in the regular sense, but it feels like the core bleeds into Alison. It would have been alarming, until she figures out that's just her absorbing the abilities as well.

Weapon gained! Plasma Shot F
Auxiliary Function found. Explosive shedding. Unity is able to shed off a certain amount of mass normally. This ability optionally allows that jetalium mass to become highly unstable, and explode between 20 seconds and 3 minutes after being completely detached.

Alison's absorption efficiency is currently at 43%. Out of 100% of the jetalium available, it will take 15% of it to recover her battery from 92% to 100%, or she can simply take all of the available jetalium and recover herself back at Loviro's hideaway.
No. 493376 ID: 9ee360

Oh. My. That was kind of unexpected.

Right, kick off heels, equipped trenchcoat, and move out. We can adjust shape later.

Leave the core, I guess. We got what we needed from it. Nice that we now have a ranged weapon (although lower rank than our blade) and the ability to make timed bombs / grenades at the cost of some jetalium mass.

>how absorb?
I'd take all the jetalium, for now. We don't need to waste the 15% of the loot to recharge the 8% of the battery we're down.
No. 493377 ID: f2c20c

Absorption efficiency? How on earth does that work? Does the extra metal just sortof vanish? Hell, I don't understand how we're consuming metal to recover battery power. Unless I guess some of the metal just becomes inert?

I think we shouldn't spend metal if we can't recover it by merely recharging. Also, note to self: Activating the laser sword drains less than 8% battery. Probably more like 5%.

It's almost time to go. Get your trenchcoat back on and see if you can morph back into your previous form, or at least what parts are visible while wearing the trenchcoat. Ask for your fee, and if they have another job set up for later. We need to report back to home base first.

I'm tempted to go back to home base in Snake Queen form, after they drop us off near the electronics shop where we met them. See if we can attract Sevener's eye and take her out. Speaking of forms, we should act on this guy's example and put backup ears/eyes here and there on our body and limbs.
No. 493379 ID: 9ddf68

recover back at Loviro's hideaway for now, we are still well above half of our battery life so I think we shouldn't use the jetalium like that unless we really need to. also ask if there is a way to 'hack' a core or if it can be traced if it's untraceable take it, we can hack it later maybe and might be able to get some info on the sapphire empire and if not we might be able to sale it or maybe Loviro might have a use for it. if it can be trace just leave it.
No. 493388 ID: 6dc5a6


Lets avoid Sevener's attention for now. On the bright side with that new ability we can create our own distraction for when we take on the stronger jetal. If you can't figure out if that core can be traced or not just drop it and go.
No. 493392 ID: 9ee360

Seconding not wanting to try and draw Sevener out, just yet. We had our first somewhat lucky battle- don't get overconfident.

That, and the cops are gonna be looking for an illegal jetal. That means they'll be checking identifications and credentials on any obvious jetals they encounter. So we want to keep posing as belosian, and not using exotic forms in public.
No. 493393 ID: b33427

Being clothed is probably not helping with the absorption process, so shed them if you can, but it's probably too late to do so by now.

Absorb the whole thing, since you're nowhere near the power level that would justify burning jetalium to charge. If you ever get to that point, you can burn it then.

Strip the core of all its jetalium, then hold it up to Polatt before leaving and simply ask if he knows if it has an irremovable tracer. If he says it does, or he doesn't know, ditch it. If he says it doesn't, take it with you. If he says it can be disabled or removed, ditch it if you're not taking a car out of here; Otherwise keep it with you to work on for a few minutes, before chucking it out the car window.

Check with Dualist how long he had the blade on and compare it to your charge level to get an estimate of how much juice it took to light it up and run it.

Considering the amount of heat that's about to descend on this area, you might not be able to go back to Loviro's hideout for awhile. Just go along with Polatt and the Dead Batteries' escape plan for now, since they know much more about getting away and hiding than you do.
No. 493399 ID: 9ee360

>Loviro's hideout
Be nice to recharge later, but we were driven here, and we don't necessarily know the way back! (Unless our map automatically tracks where we've been, and where we are?).

I also kind of think in the immediate moment we're kind of dependent on our adopted gang for a getaway plan. And they're probably going to bring us to meet their boss next, now that we've passed our initiation and proved we aren't an undercover cop.
No. 493401 ID: f2c20c

True. We should probably meet their boss next. Our home base will be quite fine; my understanding is that the people there don't really go out much if at all and while we'd be making them worry by staying out for longer than they expect, our progress with the Dead Batteries is more important.

So yeah, let's just leave our battery as it is now, and see if we can make any more progress with these guys.
No. 493404 ID: c4e5c2
File 136099647280.png - (23.26KB , 700x700 , 37.png )

>Being clothed is probably not helping with the absorption process, so shed them if you can
Alison feels that this has been awkward enough as is. It's about finished anyway.

It would seem that everyone felt that event in the lobby, and the silence is quite uncomfortable before Atlas breaks it.

>"Just think of how that would have gone if we were fighting Sevener instead."

Alison will not. She can think of better ways the silence could have been broken.

>Absorption efficiency?
It seems that the raw jetalium is gained and incorporated into Alison's mass, and the rest of the jetalium turns inert and... leaves some kind of sticky, disgusting metal in its place. Loviro did say that it had some kind of biological properties, so it makes sense it would have energy stored in it even if it needs a core to be kept alive.

>How long did duelist have the blade on?
Barely a couple of seconds, nearly all of the energy used was just turning it on.

Alison goes ahead and takes the rest of the mass. She feels like she can get bigger, but she can also simply increase density instead and keep her volume. She will do that for now before she becomes a huge arbiter.

Back in the real world, the investigator seems to be taking his punches in stride. Others are staring at her while she kicks off the heels and puts the trenchcoat on, and Unity begins to morph back to Arbiter.

"Can the core be traced?"
"Yeah, if we don't destroy it, we leave it. Alright, let's get out of here!" Polatt says.
No. 493405 ID: c4e5c2
File 136099650075.png - (43.77KB , 700x700 , 38.png )

Everyone piles into the car frantically, and pulls out of the parking lot as casual as perfectly legal occupants with no legal messes would. Alison sinks alarmingly far into her cushion.

>"Good show, guy! Or, girl, or.." the driver says.

Alison is still morphing and right now is a very effiminate Arbiter.

"Yeah, damn good job! Officer Hardass can back up his words, though. Didn't look like he gave a shit, but we still took out a jetal. You couldn't have used up much battery, so you're gold, right? How about you come back to our place and we'll have a celebratory initiation? Hell, we'll show you a place you can stay, too."
No. 493410 ID: f2c20c

Did we seriously just leave a pile of Jetal poop behind? This just gets more and more awkward for us.

A secondary homebase would be nice, sure. Also, can we eat regular food? I forget. Maybe we should do that too to supplement the Jetalium we just consumed. However, we need to spend our time wisely. Ask how long the initiation would take, and if it would result in us getting knocked out or something for a long period of time.

Also, tell the Dead Batteries that you are very interested in any information about any other new Jetals that show up out of the blue. There is one specific one that you wish to kill.
No. 493411 ID: 9ee360

Man, that inspector almost looks like he's pleasantly enjoying his beating.

>Just think of how that would have gone if we were fighting Sevener instead.
...well, her core would have put up more of a fight. It wouldn't have been as one sided. Still, if we'd caught her by surprise like that...

We have to at least assume Sevener's found a weapon by this point, though. And she's going to be hunting (for resources, us, and eventually her target) not waiting around like that guy was.

>guy! Or, girl, or
...whoops. We just accidentally made rule36 Arbiter canon. XD I see no problem with using effeminate Arbiter for a bit though. It's not like gender really matters to a shapeshifting robot. (Although if we're trying to blend in with the gang in public, male is probably better. And I suppose Sevener might suspect stand-out females as being us).

>back to their place?
A formal initiation couldn't hurt, and having more than one place to crash or hide out could be useful. I wouldn't waste much time with celebrations, though. We are on a clock (more than one, even).
No. 493415 ID: 772c81

Yeah, ladyarbiter works. Why not.

And do we have a reason to not go along to this initiation? I mean, our goal IS to join/use this gang, right? Do as much as is required of you, then get going at your earliest convenience to recharge and plot.
No. 493416 ID: 9ddf68

It can never hurt to have more then one fall back point so i say we should go with it, maybe see if we can't get some information about the world around us at the party and maybe some more missions for more jetalium, weapons, cash, or just plain info.
Also at some point we should try and use our new gun to get use to it so we would at least have an idea on how to use it in a fight (maybe when we know we can easily make it back to Loviro's hideaway so we can recharge), and that we talk to everyone inside the 'lobby' as our little feeding time seem to kind of scare them a little. so it could help to try and bring there moral up a bit
No. 493432 ID: 57a559

this is the point where I'm getting paranoid and don't want to go to their home base and celebrate.
We'd be too well surrounded and too valuable. Even with how useful we are, how long before the popo going to crack down their place for that jetal? Word's going to get out, no matter how much the batteries told you they had control of situation, and they know that. They're going to salvage what they can take. This wasn't a test for you, this was a trust building exercise that you build on them and so they can collect information on you and how you fight, to assess the risk on taking you in and somehow profiting from you.

Face it, their winning option with the least risk whether you were illegal or legal would be to try and make a quick buck. Win-win either way. Win-lose from their perspective if they take you in, pretending to be an illegal jetal when you a legal jetal and that's a big fat loss on their part. Look at what you saw, what you done. Big loss.
No. 493433 ID: 78c6ea

The Dead Batteries seem to be loose cannons if that shopkeep was right, but they've escaped/divorced themselves from EIN which certainly puts them in the same danger we started out in. I say roll with them, but do not under any circumstances let them know where your charging station is. We'll need an inconspicuous shape for returning there too, which we use nowhere else. How about that homeless one we saw at the start?

Nice swordsmanship Duelist, by the way. Sorry about the high heels.
No. 493435 ID: 9ee360

I think jetals are uncommon and useful enough that having one working for/with them is worth more to the Dead Batteries than the heat they might pick up being associated with us.

And I'm not sure how bad the heat will even be. After learning how desperate jetals are to feed, and how pleasurable it is, as well as discovering they aren't quite as rare as we were initially told... jetal on jetal crime has to be somewhat common. You got illegal jetals hunting others, and legal jetals taking bounties to hunt them. Sure, the feds/cops would like to take us down, but I don't think we've sounded the kind of supermutant hyperevil copkiller alarm.
No. 493495 ID: c4e5c2
File 136103809447.png - (13.92KB , 700x700 , 39.png )

>Can we eat regular food?
Alison... doesn't actually know.

"Sure." Alison can't think of sufficient reason to hurry back to Loviro.
"Already texted the boss. He'll be seeing you right away."

Alison is also sure to get a backup eye camera in a couple spots around internally so that she can also see after being beheaded should it happen, and hopefully fare better than the other jetal.

>Our little feeding time seem to kind of scare them a little
She didn't get the impression it scared them, as much as it was just a terribly sudden point of awkwardness that caught everyone by surprise. In any case, she doesn't believe Unity is starving anymore, and she knows what absorbing is like, so she doubts it may be such an issue in the future.

They drive for around 10 minutes or so before entering another building and parking. Polatt tells Alison they won't need to worry about appearances and respirators here.

"Just remember to keep your mouth clean around the boss, give him respect and all that. I'd tell you more, but you've already got candy words."
No. 493496 ID: c4e5c2
File 136103814081.gif - (127.00KB , 800x600 , 40.gif )

Alison ends up taking an elevator upwards. Somewhere on around the 130th floor, the elevator finally dings.

She moves forward through a couple of rooms until she approaches what must be the main boss. Once again, she can't help notice those guards or bouncers are around.

"Welcome to the dead battery, Unity." His voice is artificial. "I expect it has been a turbulent day for you. Waking up and suddenly here. But no worries, exactly because you're here. In good hands. Do us well, we do you well. Gaus, give our new jetal recruit an opening gift, since it was so kind as to do the same for us twice over today." The one known as Gaus, the wiry belenosian, gives her a stack of cash. For all she knows she just got pennies, but of course doesn't act that way.
"That's quite a lot, thank you very much, uh, boss?"
"Yeah. Welcome. Now, make yourself at home. Things might get messy soon. We don't eliminate jetals too often. Not often enough. Police will come. Pester us. But that gives us more excuse to pester them, back. Might cool down, might not. We might not want things to cool off. We play it by ear. Now, Unity, as our honored recruit, is there anything that we can help you with?"

Alison will possibly ask about that body armor.

>Ask the dead battery to keep a lookout for sevener/a special new jetal wandering around
Alison might be afraid that may give rise to some questions about why she wants to kill or seek out a particular jetal, but the benefits may outweigh awkward questions.
No. 493500 ID: 76b151

Well since we're here lets ask if they have any contacts inside the Emerald Emperor's Palace. Someone to smuggle us inside would be great. Even if it takes more favors to do so
No. 493504 ID: eaf2f5

Ask whats up with that smog
No. 493505 ID: 9ee360

Hmm. I ...wouldn't think we're ready for that, just yet. We just joined this group, and they're considering pushing the police force harder. I'm not sure we can play the rebellion or regicide cards yet. Maybe when they trust us more. That, and even if they went along with it, I don't think we're prepared for the assassination mission just yet.

>Ask about Sevener
...I think the potential gains from asking them to keep an eye out for another new jetal out there making waves is worth it.

As for the why... she's from the same place we were. Where-ever it was you were made. You knew her before you really woke up the first time. And you know she wants to kill you. So you'd sorta like to find her first.

Unfortunately you don't know what name or shape she'll be wearing. Just that she would have started out sometime today, like you.
No. 493506 ID: 76b151

We can phrase it like all the best Jetal will be there. It doesn't necessarily have to be 'oh we want to kill one of your head honchos. Lead us to 'em!'
No. 493508 ID: 9ddf68

just be vague with your questions. don't ask about just the sapphire empire but ask about all three (we might be able to use that somehow) and if your ask why you want to know about them just say you heard they run things but it wasn't explaned futher and you're curious.
Ask about other Jetal in the area/city and if they're any we should make it a point to avoid or any new up and coming Jetal besides us
Ask Were we could get some better weapons now that we have cash and maybe somewhere to practice our new gun
Last one, ask were our new home is
No. 493513 ID: c4e5c2
File 136104150438.gif - (123.90KB , 800x600 , 41.gif )

"I would like to have body armor over my jetalium, is that possible?"
"Armor is difficult. Not gun difficult, but difficult. We we can do is direct you to someone who can get you armor. You saw the receptionist on your way in. Ask her for the Undertool. That's our third party man, our black dealer, so forth."
"Thank you. Also, a short question. What is with the smog?"
"No intriguing story behind it. Belenosians need power. We get power from power plants. Best, most efficient power happens to have a smokey biproduct. Boom. Town's painted in red soot, but we can power our air fresheners to get rid of it and cool our food to boot."
"Ah. Okay, then the last thing, there's a jetal that made along with me. She wants to kill me, and I'd like to know where she is and possibly find her first. Is it possible to keep an eye out for any jetals that awoke today? I don't know what she will look like or what name she'll go by, but she probably will make a scene."
"It isn't much to go on. Jetals come and go. We won't like to make a promise to you that we will find her, but we will make a promise that if we can find her, then we will. And you will know all we know. Now. Why would this jetal want to kill you?"
"She's terribly aggressive and just doesn't like me. That's.. not a very good reason, but that's it." That may be somewhat of a lie by omission in the current situation, but on the whole, that seems to have been exactly what sparked sevener trying to beat Alison. Boss doesn't ask more, so she continues. "Thank you very much. I got a new gun module from the jetal I did absorb, is there anywhere I could practice it?"
"Absolutely. Polatt can show you around while he shows you to your new quarters."
"Thanks! Another question, since I don't know much... is there anything I should know about the three emperors?"
"Not offhand. They're about as secure on their throne as it has ever been. We used to have 20 or so emperors, but all but the three were killed, assassinated, backstabbed and so forth within their first decade as emperors. These three have been around for over 25 years. But no one wants to kill 'em. Can't say for sure, but I bet each emperor would take out the other 2 in a heartbeat if they knew what to expect."
"What do you mean?"
"Reason why they haven't been killed yet is cause they all have deadman triggers. Old Diamond Emperor said he had his back in '69. Said everyone'd better leave him alone. Some emperor thought he was bluffing, killed him anyway. Next thing everyone knows, top brass Diamond authorities try and assassinate every single other emperor. Course, only 4 succeeded, but that left a hole. A big one. Created a huge mess. The current three have something like that. No one knows what. But, no one thinks they're bluffing."
No. 493519 ID: 76b151

Oh dear. We kill this guy and the entire civlization goes down in chaos. We aren't going to get much support on this.
No. 493524 ID: 78c6ea


Or, we kill this guy and the simulation ends, pronouncing us winners of the whatever it is, leaving nothing to fall into chaos. Convincing other people of that might not be easy though. I still say we should try hacking the system, somewhere covert.
No. 493530 ID: 47d311

The criminal underworld would love the ensuing chaos as it is a chance to seize power.

It'd be an even better deal since if we co-ordinate with them now, they're going to know exactly what to expect and have a plan for it whereas nobody else in this town will.
No. 493531 ID: 9ee360

Hmm. Deadman switches make it complicated. I suggest we wait until the dead batteries have riled things up with the cops- that they've decided they like taking advantage of chaos.

Although, if the simulation ends when the emperor dies, the deadman switch is moot.
No. 493532 ID: 76b151

Of course the deadman switches could work in our favor. Kill one of the less well gaurded emperor's... and reap the rewards via whatever revenge he had.
No. 493533 ID: 9ddf68

unless of course we have to go to the tie breaking 'survive' but hey at least we now know what to expect if it comes to that
Oh and if we have to leave to get to the fireing range/ our new hideout/home don't forget to ask about undertool and maybe see if we can get weapons from him as well
No. 493535 ID: 6dc5a6

Deadman switches actually give us more options since we could actually go after one of the emperors with weaker security and use the chaos resulting from that to cover our own attempt to kill the target. There are two main flaws with this. Sevener might exploit that chaos the same way we would and beat us to the kill. The target might also end up under even higher security to deal with the chaos, forcing us to hunt down Sevener if we can't break the higher security.
No. 493543 ID: c4e5c2
File 136104745746.png - (11.41KB , 700x700 , 42.png )

"I think that will be all that I need, thank you once again for your assistance." Alison will have to think about how to breach the topic of actual assassination at a later time. For winning against sevener, Alison supposes it might not matter too much if she causes the downfall of society as a result, although that will not be a good way to convince people to help her.
"Welcome. Polatt, show Unity around. Ask for me through the receptionist if you need anything else."

So Polatt does. The firing range turns out to be an arcade with a focus on shooters, in which virtual guns are used with virtual ammo, due to the fact that even if one had a gun, using bullets would be prohibitively expensive to just use to train. While arcades are not illegal, the training simulations are. Nonetheless, the simulation inside the simulation is convincing, and the duelist gets some good practice in. It even has worldly simulations of real gunfights. Duelist does shoot the real plasma shot once to know how it feels and to pick the right settings in the arcade. It takes about 5% off the battery power per shot at max power, and has about 70 to 80% of the punching power compared to just stabbing once with the plasma sword.

Polatt convinces Alison to spend some leisure time on the gamey parts of the arcade, which she amuses for a little while.

Otherwise, the building is largely office and residential with some commercial, seeming to be nearly all belonging under the direct ownership of the dead battery.
No. 493544 ID: c4e5c2
File 136104755014.png - (15.78KB , 700x700 , 43.png )

The next stop is the receptionist for the body armor.

"I would like to see the Undertool, please."
>"Very well. Let me see... his next available appointment is on the 401st at 70 o' clock." That was, in fact, 'seventy' o' clock. "Shall I make the appointment? Unfortunately he is a third party and does charge, so it will cost 15,000 empire dollars." Alison thinks she has almost a hundred thousand crammed in her coat.
No. 493546 ID: 9ee360

...how far in the future is the appointment she's offering? It doesn't help us much if that's too far away.

But otherwise, yeah, go for it. Don't go and flash all your cash at once, though. Just pay what's necessary.
No. 493552 ID: 78c6ea

Man, why these backwards moocows not use kilotime like the rest of space future?
No. 493555 ID: 9ee360

It's not their fault. They won't make first contact with the human species and the metric system for nine thousand years. :V
No. 493561 ID: 04b86a

It was 08:45 when the simulation started. Was that a one time thing, or do we happen to come with a clock?
No. 493562 ID: 76b151

I miss shopkeep. So convenient.
No. 493563 ID: 9ddf68

sure why not, just ask what time it is right now and see how much time you have to kill. If you have a lot of time, like a day or two go back to Loviro's hideout to recharge (after we find out were our new home is)
If we have a few hours before we have to go, check out our new hideout the dead batteries gave us and get a feel for the place.
If we don't have much time at all, well then just head for undertool's place
No. 493565 ID: f2c20c

Tell her you don't know how the calendar or clocks work yet, and would like an explanation before we make any appointments. Also, what's the current date and time?
No. 493573 ID: eaf2f5

Are you currently morphed as regular or lady arbiter?
Or actually i doesn't matter, you should try wooing or charming the receptionist.
I bet she will be willing to move some people to get us a better appointment if we get her to like us.
No. 493574 ID: 76b151

That.. is probably a good idea. Since Alison DOES seem to have Charisma since she can attract followers and friends pretty easily (its the biggest reason she is a major player compared to the bigshots who have all sorts of other advantages)
No. 493575 ID: 9ee360

...I don't think any of our thousand odd AIs have any experience with that kind of thing!

Besides, it's not like we need to fastrack this meeting. We can work on other things if it's going to take a bit.
No. 493586 ID: c4e5c2
File 136105245184.png - (11.89KB , 700x700 , 44.png )

>Are you currently morphed as regular or lady arbiter?
Alison may have kept a slightly feminine face, but the body is male. It is still ambiguous arbiter.

>Charm the receptionist
She has no idea how to do something like that! Despite that she isn't sure that would help, she is still surprised at how much so far would have been up the succubus's alley.

Alison instead resorts to asking potentially stupid questions.

"What is the date and time right now?"
>"It is currently 18:74, day 398. Of year 99."
"... How many hours are in a day?"
>"... one hundred, miss..ter."
"And minutes in an hour?"
".... what time does the sun usually rise?"
>"These days, around 5. Sets around 60.
"... days in a year?"

She pays for the appointment, which is in three days.

>"Uh..." mathematician starts. "Okay, I've been keeping time since here, and, uh... hold on... it's been about 3 hours 30 minutes galactic time, and around... 10 hours 29 minutes belenos. So just shy of 3 belenos hours is 1 regular, or galactic time hour. Which means one belenos day is around 33 and a third regular hours. Which means.. geez... about 1.4 belenosian days is 1 galactic day, or 1 belenos day is about .72 regular days. Then... 3 belenos hours, one regular... 300 belenos minutes, 60 regular, which means, if I'm not mistaken here, one minute we think passes will be 5 belenosian minutes? And finally, 421 belenos days is about 589 regular days, or about 1.61 years compared to 1 galactic year.

What Alison is gleaning from this is that time sucks. She wants a watch. Also, maybe a future-map. In fact, there were shops in this building, Alison might just want to go shopping for stuff, with her giant wad of cash.
No. 493587 ID: 76b151

Yes, lets go get a map and a watch. We might also get a snack \ drink to test out eating.
No. 493588 ID: 735f4f

While our crew might seem like they know there stuff we have no real world experience at all. Alisons reaction to the bar was so innocent and confused. All our old simulations with were other Ai's. Now we are dealing with stuff that's simulating real people. So sex drugs and all the odd bullshit real people have running through there heads all day. Should be interesting to see just how accurate this simulation is.
No. 493594 ID: 9ee360

To make the time situation even more confusing: time inside this simulation is almost certainly passing much faster for us than it is for the allies we left outside (if things haven't slowed to a stop all together). And even then, we know time for all of inside whatever we're in passes quicker than it does in the real world (each loop is only 3 days long- even non counting Corruption cheating time, we've been going longer than that).

...a watch isn't a bad idea at all, especially if we're going to need to coordinate with people. We're limited in how much in the way of mundane tools we can carry though, if we want to maintain the ability to shapeshift as needed (unless we resort to carrying things inside ourself).

>she is still surprised at how much so far would have been up the succubus's alley.
Surprise MVP character of the year. She even had practice with shapeshifting!
No. 493598 ID: f2c20c

Let's get a map, a watch, a utility knife, and a pocket flashlight.
No. 493609 ID: 35037c

Get the watch first and then the map.
No. 493618 ID: c4e5c2
File 136106074261.png - (17.73KB , 700x700 , 45.png )

Alison purchases a watch, a map which simply comes in the form of a handheld minicomputer with other applications that happen to include a map, a utility knife and a flashlight. While walking, she thinks she is using more battery power to lug around more weight, but she could be wrong. It's hard to tell, because it's still an extremely low amount. Still, soon enough she thinks she might be able to get concrete numbers like she did while absorbing, that way math can crunch numbers that matter to her.

Next on the to-do list, is to try to get something to eat. She doesn't think it'll hurt. Some kind of steak thing is purchased, and she goes to sit down with Polatt.

"It... doesn't taste like much of anything."
>"You need tastebuds, Alison." Engineer says.
Oh, right... oh, this jetalium can make them? Yes. That's convenient, and apparently instinctive too.

Alison can also feel the jetalium digest the food as she makes a stomach cavity inside her, thankfully this time making digestion an internal process. Soon, her tastebuds inform her that the steak is also delicious, although weakly, so she keeps on creating tastebuds.
No. 493620 ID: c4e5c2
File 136106081975.png - (13.16KB , 700x700 , 46.png )

Alison soon discovers the reason why a stomach does not have taste buds.

Also, the chair makes a menacing crack under her weight.

None of this simulation has been very kind to her dignity so far.
No. 493623 ID: 78c6ea

Tastebuds at the mouth entrance alone, Alison! Sweet in the front, bitter in the back, salty/savory on the sides.

This weight thing is getting very silly. It appears absorbing Jetalium has its own problems that may hinder our efforts to get to EIN or the Sapphire Emperor. We really need to enlist the aid of other Jetals, further complicated because we're so delicious, if we want to carry around a lot of Jetalium. That or figure how to create more cores and populate them with our team members.


This body doesn't have an instinctive reproductive function, does it?
No. 493624 ID: 9ee360

>tastebuds in stomach
Um.... yeah. Not such a good idea. Poor Alibiter. Try to avoid breaking from biological designs unless you can think of a good reason to do so.

So... did that experiment do anything? What kind of energy returns are we getting on breaking down organic food?

Actually, what are our energy reserves at now?

Where do we think we stand with planning for our mission, now? We have allies, and basic weaponry. We have some excess jetalium, but we don't know how much we'll need. We don't have a way to get at our target yet. We will eventually have armor.

So... what do we do next? Do we need more jetalium? More weapons? Start looking for an angle to get at the emperor?
No. 493625 ID: f2c20c

Density seems to be a big problem. Try shifting some weight around to our legs/feet or returning to the naga form for a weight distribution that doesn't focus so much weight on the chair. We could also 'eat' some of our metal to recharge and also reduce our weight, but then what would we do with the waste? We can't just leave a sticky pile of disgusting metal on the floor.

Also yeah we should keep tastebuds isolated to the mouth where we do our chewing. Also, I would like to raise a second concern. You're gonna have to go to the bathroom later after digesting all this.

Ask Polatt what sort of trouble the Dead Batteries get up to, anyway. Mainly weapons dealing?
No. 493627 ID: f2c20c

Well, considering the dead man's switch, we can contemplate taking out one of the other emperors if they're easy to get to, and using the resulting wave of assassins for our own benefit.
No. 493629 ID: b53faa

ok, time to spread our weight a little. Try to focus our density into the legs for now, that way we don't put any uneeded strain on the furniture, yo.
We should also try and see about finding a way to change faster, as I can see GREAT VALUE in being able to easily and quickly shift our bodies. Nothing ridiculous, I am just thinking perhaps making it so that we can put more weight into our fists mid-fight, or maybe put more density into our arms for blocking at a moment's notice.

We need to be well prepared for the big boss battle, so let's try and get our abilities as refined as we possibly can.

Also, we need more jetalium. If we focus on spreading the weight around effectively, the weight issues shouldn't be much of an issue for us.
No. 493640 ID: 9ee360

Adjusting our density distribution so there's more mass in our legs when sitting is reasonable. For moving around / fighting we may want it more evenly distributed (otherwise we have less material to work with in other areas for adaptive shapeshifting, toolmaking, weapons forming, and we take a disproportionate loss if we lose a leg).
No. 493660 ID: c4e5c2
File 136106639694.png - (18.45KB , 700x700 , 47.png )

>Results of food experiment
Aside from being able to eat food and enjoy it, the jetalium is able to recharge its battery. Alison thinks that she might have eliminated the battery loss or so, as right now it does not seem like battery usage is going up or down at all, so she may have struck equilibrium. There doesn't seem to be much, if any, downside. If there is, it is so minute that she doesn't think it would be a problem.

>This body doesn't have an instinctive reproductive function,
Alison thinks that she has had enough awkward moments to avoid testing this out in front of a virtual audience of thousands.

>We could also 'eat' some of our metal to recharge and also reduce our weight, but then what would we do with the waste?
She can probably dispose of it better next time. The first time was, well, the first time.

>You're gonna have to go to the bathroom later after digesting all this.
The hindsight in this is powerful, and she is going to have to do that in front of an audience as well. Maybe she can delegate that.

>Actually, what are our energy reserves at now?
87%, after shooting the plasma gun once.

For now, she makes Arbiter's feet bigger and leaves some weight off the chair. She might just be able to grow in volume in general, in fact. It won't make her lighter, but it will make her less of a bowling ball.

"So... what do the dead batteries do for business anyway? Arms, weapon dealings?"
>"Nah, like you saw, a lot of that is 3rd party involvement. Think of us as a sort of mini-government. We get protection money from certain establishments, and they get a bit of insurangce. Take for instance the damages caused in the bar, from our enemy's plasma shot. We'll pay for repairs, and they'll continue their cooperation. Other times, we take bounties from the police themselves to fight other crime syndicates. The way the police see it, is that if they just have to spend a little cash to get the crime to fight itself, then why not? Everyone wins. That's just a couple ways. Now, I didn't know you jetals could eat after all, so let me take you around the food courts. My treat."
No. 493662 ID: c4e5c2
File 136106660854.gif - (21.57KB , 763x363 , 48.gif )

Alison will enjoy the food from the lobby and let Iso or whoever wants to take over, as she wishes to ask for other input.

"So what should we do, now? We could always use more alliances, jetalium, or even just basic weaponry. We might have enough jetalium, actually, we're pretty heavy up there, but getting abilities from stronger jetals could be good."
>"There is that stronger, security jetal that was originally mentioned."
>"We could use some statistics." engineer thinks. "We've got almost no data on our performances other than having an easy time taking out a weak jetal, but not much we can use. Loviro told us almost nothing, and I think we should pay him a visit."
"Yes, we'll be heading back there anyway, but perhaps we could do it faster. Also, being able to shapeshift faster would help."
>"I do believe that, actually, may be instinctive as well." Duelist says. "We may be able to simply increase our morphability, as for some reason I got the impression it was far slower than it needs to be. At the same time, if we were set to low morphability, then I wonder if there are shortcomings of having a high morphability.
No. 493663 ID: 35037c

You should totally start pimping yourself out for cash...
No. 493664 ID: 9ee360

>high/low morphability
Hmm. If there's a toggle we can throw for that, we might want to experiment with how the body functions differently at the high setting.

If I had to guess at the drawbacks, there's probably less structure and looser forms. In exchange for fast swapping, we may lose some of the integrity of whatever form we're actually occupying, putting us in a slight disadvantage in combat, and when disguised.

Setting aside time to chat with Loviro again (and recharge at the same time) is probably good, as is looking into going after the stronger jetal who was giving the dead batteries trouble.

Idea for future trouble: if we're in a situation where we need to be dodging deathtraps / incoming fire? We might want to turn to Gambler. His success rate in that area has been uncanny.
No. 493666 ID: f2c20c

At least we can decide to emit waste in whatever manner we wish. Doesn't have to be a conventional digestive tract and opening.

The morphability question seems to be something to ask Loviro. If it's possible to just switch to high morphability while we need to shapeshift, then switch back to low to reduce any side effects, that would be optimal.

Also, let's uh... make our form a little bigger in general. Make the body's shape a bit more similar to the big guards we've been seeing. Keep the distinctive horn style though so we're still recognizable to our allies.

Is there really nothing out of that other door in the Lobby? To the right, there? Is anything at all visible out the window? I wonder if Sevener is like, right next door to us behind one of these walls. That would be interesting. It would introduce the possibility of a direct assault, but because of the limited space here and free summoning that would be a huge clusterfuck. A better thing to do would be to spy on her, and listen in on what she's doing, while ensuring we aren't spied on ourselves.
No. 493683 ID: b33427

Hey, just out of curiosity, ask Polatt what's up with all the same looking giant guards. Are they all made in the same place or what?

Better get a read on how much Unity weighs pretty soon. We don't want to put any elevators and such over-limit just 'cause we didn't know that. Ask Polatt where there'd be a large scale you could use, since a normal bathroom scale would be crushed (and that'd be embarrassing.) Once we've got a number, we can ask how that compares to various belenosians, either bio, borg, or bot, and choose a body based on that.

We'll hold off on testing high-morphability until we're back at Loviro's hideout, and choosing a new body shape. On the way there, morph into a belenosian form you haven't used yet, but isn't anyone you've seen so far. A plain looking female with a non-distinctive random set of horns will do.

Before leaving the Dead Batteries' tower, ask Polatt about the possibility of getting a jetalium charging station at a separate safe house for yourself. Either by them buying or stealing the whole thing, or the parts to build one.

The density of jetalium also brings up an additional way we could be detected: Seismic and weight sensors embedded in floors. Those, coupled with cameras to read our general volume, would raise a red flag. So we should expect that in in at least the highest security locations.

Also, start collecting what documents on culture, history, science, engineering, biology and so on you can get here. Then during down-time Historian, Engineer, and Mathematician can take turns driving Unity and reading up on this setting; Heck, you could create a form with a whole mess of eyes so everyone in here can read a different thing each. You'll want them to soak that knowledge up so it'll be available when you need it. The culture, history, and biology part'll help avoiding social screw-ups, at least.
No. 493689 ID: c4e5c2
File 136107258719.png - (8.09KB , 700x700 , 48.png )

>Also, start collecting what documents on culture, history, science, engineering, biology and so on you can get here
A stop at a bookstore will be made.

Alison moves back to Unity, but asks questions about the lobby.

"So what's outside the normal door in there?"
>"Uh... sorta close copy to your house, funny enough." Strongarm says. "Plus outer fields. Sorta like the dreamland, cept not. Most of everyone's in the fields, since the house is still only so big."

"Hey, Polatt, what's with those big guys I keep seeing around?"
"Oh, them? B class security robots. Just about anyone can purchase them, cause they're all under EIN. Or, you know, supposed to be. They're simple brute bots, and one of the easier ones to crack."
"Also... is there a large scale somewhere?"
"Huh. I'm sure we can find one, let's take a look."
"While we do, is there any way we could get a jetalium charge station?"
"Uh... maybe in the far future, but we never really had much for jetals, you know. So we'll just have to keep you fed and hunting, and try to keep your battery use at minimum. Till then, we'll put that on the shopping list. Definitely not something easy to come by."

Soon enough Alison gets into a shop that has a larger weight scale. It looks like it's a novelty sort of thing, but it's said to be accurate. 415 kilos. Most elevators support that, due to having things like those security bots move around, but she will have to pay mind still. Polatt weighs about 120, and he is mostly robotic by this point. The average belenos weighs 65 kilos, and the B class security bots weigh around 380.
No. 493693 ID: c4e5c2
File 136107321362.png - (20.84KB , 700x700 , 49.png )

While Alison and the others join in to what turns into a modest party with the gang members, Unity starts increasing morphability. Not much, but she does need to get a feel for it sometime. It's somewhat of a slow process getting it up there, but as it goes it is easier to mold as expected. She is not at max, but she can make a few estimations about what it would be at max. For one thing, shifting from low morph to high morph would take around 2 or 3 hours normal time, 6 to 9 hours belenos hours. But, she thinks that at its max, she could completely change forms in around 5 minutes, and from, say, arbiter to the dancer within a couple.

The downsides start showing up, though not in ways that harm her now. For one thing, her surge value appears weaker, and at maximum morphability she doesn't even know if she'd be able to use the beam sword, or if so, then it would be cutting it close. Also, her battery usage starts going up substantially, perhaps upwards of quadruple battery power just to exist. Numbers are still proving too hard to catch, but she's getting there. She moves back down to her original state, and will cease further experiments until she's back around Loviro.

But first, with the morphability, she increases her size to a bit bigger than the average belenos. Some people notice, but as it is no secret here that she is a jetal, no one's jaw is slackening.

She's distracted by a stranger coming up to her between all the eating and drinking.

>"Hey, have a joining up present! It'll keep your face hidden from upper building security globes, actually fits your horns, and it's still in style in some areas. Welcome to the family!" the stranger says.
No. 493694 ID: c4e5c2
File 136107322592.png - (12.54KB , 700x700 , 50.png )

Although Alison was obviously aware of everything up to this point, it just now truly dawned on her that she just joined the mafia.
No. 493695 ID: 9ee360

Oh. My. Gods.

We made rule36 Arbiter and Mafia Alison canon.

Alison: swap control off to someone else and hold a small internal freakout with Iso.

Hmmm. I'm not sure we could handle much more jetalium, then. It would make us stand out, a lot (...although for all we know Sevener is gonna go full on super battle tank with all the mass she can).

>morphability modes
Yeah... for now I think low is better. We need to be effective in the forms we're in more than we need to be able to quickly swap forms. We may find circumstances where things are otherwise, but we haven't, yet.

>house and fields
Do the people out there get to watch what's going on with unity too? I know we can't have everybody in the main room, but if the people out there have a good idea, they should be able to pass it along.
No. 493696 ID: 35037c

This is awesome, we should be honored to be in the family, enjoy the part, we did great today. :3
No. 493697 ID: 6dc5a6

Mafia Quest is go. It might be a good idea to look into ways we could get more battery power out of food. Switching to high morph for combat will likely become a necessity when we take on smarter jetals. In addition we may want to investigate if it's possible to switch the sword over to an external power source so we can use it in tandem with the high morph mode.
No. 493699 ID: 735f4f

High morph mode seems mostly just for quick disguises and such. Maybe sneaking through tight spaces as well. Valuable when we need it but probably not the best for combat. Will have to test things out more later.
No. 493700 ID: f2c20c

Rule 63 is gender-swap.

Let's spend a token amount of time at the party, then say we really should get back home to talk to our scientist buddies. They must be getting worried by now.
No. 493701 ID: 78c6ea

Great. They're calling it a family. Crooks only do that so they can squeeze more out of you than if you were just a worker or a friend. Free labor for the family and all. I suggest you make yourself scarce right now. Get back to your charging station and wait there a day or so. If these guys aren't a smoking ruin by then because everyone targets them trying to get to you, then maybe we can rely on them. As-is we should probably scoot before the police stop ignoring this "hidden" base and start EMPing it.
No. 493702 ID: 9ee360

...whoops. If it exists, someone will accidentally get it backwards. Twice. >_<

Checking back with the scientists as a next step seems reasonable. Although I still think over-worrying about the police response is silly for now.
No. 493713 ID: b33427

Well, you sorta felt it'd happen at some point. May as well be now, when there's a whole mafia organization to help you out.

Thank the delivery man for the hat, and keep wearing it while you're in the Dead Batteries' tower. However, stash it when you're outside their territory. It'll likely mark you as a member of some crime organization, and hiding your face from security monitoring is only really helpful to those who can't just change their face.

Shift back to as low a morphability as you can for now to conserve energy. You won't need high morphability unless you're in a situation where changing forms to disguise yourself is needed.

Pass on the eating for now, and move on to exclusively drinking; Specifically really high proof cheap booze. See if burning ethanol will give you the same energy as food, without the waste issues. Grab a few bottles for testing later, when there isn't a mix of food and drink in you.

Is that 380 kilos for the brute bots with or without all the gear they wear? 'Cause if it's about 415 kilos with, you could completely pass as one by morphing into one with the gear. Even if it's with the gear, you can morph into one with a particularly heavy piece of gear, such as some heavy armor or a heavy riot shield. Ask Polatt if they carry that kind of stuff without it being illegal.

For now, morphing into the form of a big, beefy male belenos would be a decent compromise; Something on the high end of the bio-belenos scale. Or perhaps a beefy female belenos, just to change things up. Also, get some regular clothes to match whatever form you get.

This seems like being overly paranoid, but you don't know. The Dead Batteries may be overconfident in the authorities either not knowing they have an unbound jetal, or them not caring if they do. Better ask Polatt if he's honestly REALLY sure that the police or government or something won't come down on here like ton of bricks. That there's no moles or hidden surveillance or any shit like that in here. 'Cause you'd rather not your downfall be from overconfidence.

Even if they are sure in their security, you'd rather be at a separate safe house that's completely separate from any known Dead Batteries organization. You just happen to have one, in the form of the Loviro's hideout, you just need them to discreetly get you near there. You can get the rest of the way on your own.
No. 493720 ID: 9ddf68

A thought just hit me
Right now we are basicly playing GTA 'in SPAAAACE'
anyway see if you can find out where your new hideout is and maybe stop by if it's on the way back to Loviro's Hideout if not we can swing by before or after the meating with undertool depending on how much time we have
No. 493721 ID: c4e5c2
File 136107965818.png - (12.71KB , 700x700 , 51.png )

>Is that 380 kilos for the brute bots with or without all the gear they wear?
Alison believes it included the gear, since the gear was standard.

"Thank you for the hat. And Polatt, do the security bots carry that gear around legally?"
"Yea. The guns only work to their specific model name, and if EIN detects they've been destroyed or are under attack or something, they'll send other bots to try and pick up the remains."
"And... are you sure the police won't come down on here hard?"
"We can't be sure, but it's gonna take a little more than that event to get them to do something like declare war. Watch your back, though, if they want to take care of illegal jetals, they'll probably be trying to come directly for you first."
"Then, if they come for me, and find me in your hideout, they'd have an excuse to mess with you guys. I do have another hideaway from just before I met all of you, so you can just show the police I'm not around here."
"Wasn't planning on kicking you out on the street. We set you up a room and everything."
"And that is very nice, and I would like to be able to use that room, but I do think it's best if I keep some distance. What if a mole or security bot comes by and sees me?"
"They probly already know you're here... so if you're suddenly not, that could work. Alright, why not. You bought a pad, so we'll keep in touch. Till then, I'll drop you off. Where's it at?"
"Nearby the electronic shop, actually."

Alison keeps them company for a bit longer, before purchasing some bigger clothes in case she shapeshifts to something larger. With that, Polatt drives Alison back.
No. 493723 ID: c4e5c2
File 136107974677.gif - (3.23KB , 137x149 , 52.gif )

During this time, Alison gives Iso some hugs. Duelist morphs into the homeless guy to come back, but turns back into Arbiter quickly enough.
No. 493726 ID: c4e5c2
File 136108013839.gif - (16.93KB , 800x600 , 53.gif )

Loviro is about as excited as he gets when Alison returns. It is currently only around 30:00. Her sense of time is going to take awhile to get used to this.

"Excellent! You did not get yourself killed, so I expect this was successful. Not to mention you have grown."
"It was sort of sink or swim out there."
"Yes, but I've set your model out to sea like this before. They float, they always float, and it seems the times haven't changed much! A good thing, too, as I have no time to waste."
"Where are Vinyl and Yallows?"
"Yallows did something with his implant. I don't know what. But he ran off, and Vinyl went to chase him. Nevermind. You've been busy shopping. Tell me everything that happened. Spare no detail."
So Alison does, and there are quite a few details to share.
"Haha! You go out into a foreign world and manage to get yourself into trouble by midday. We can use this, I believe. And already getting a jetal. It does sound as though they have become more common. It is a shame I don't know what that model was that you defeated."
"Speaking of which, are there numbers we can get? It would be nice to know."
"Yes. You have a couple of weapons now, and have had time to stretch, so to speak, so our numbers will be fine. We can worry about Yallows later."

Alison does various rote exercises that take a few hours of data collection, along with recharging. Between her info and that, she gets a far more concrete idea of what her specs are.

Vinyls and Yallows are still missing.

Available stats will be at:
No. 493730 ID: c4e5c2
File 136108079758.png - (2.53KB , 200x177 , whoops.png )

It sure is a good thing Alison waited till entering the hideaway before changing back, because she sure did accidentally bring his decorations back too.
No. 493733 ID: 9ee360

Oh hey. We went full on Arbiter, ornaments and everything. Those work at all as cooling structures for faster shooting? :V (Otherwise they aren't very useful- they make us stand out and it's easily severed jetalium).

Hmm. I think we have to investigate the missing NPCs, for now. They're a liability- if Sevener gets ahold of them and discovers the location of our charging station, we're boned.
No. 493735 ID: f2c20c

I think we'd better go looking for them. Maybe use our Dead Batteries contacts to get extra eyes out for them.

She said she has no time to waste- what are her plans, exactly?
No. 493736 ID: 47d311

Ask him if he could make use of that jetal core off the one we killed, or any future cores of jetals we kill.
No. 493737 ID: 9ddf68

ok so how much time do we have untill we have to meet undertool, because if we have some time we should ask Loviro if it might be a good idea to look for Vinyls and Yallows. If we do go look for them I say we go with some kind of generic looking Belenosian so we don't draw to much attion to ourselves
No. 493747 ID: 6dc5a6


Those missing folk's are quite a liability. Find out if you can quickly disconnect that recharger unit for relocation if you suspect this safehouse is compromised.
No. 493771 ID: 78c6ea


How about not let some robot goons know about our beneficient creators and saviors or simulacrum thereof.

Ask about Jetal cores. Can they be disconnected from EIN, if nothing else voluntarily? The Dead Batteries sure managed it though they're not Jetal. For all you know there could be a bunch of unmonitored Jetal running around.
No. 493779 ID: b33427

Sad to say, but you're going to have to act as if this hideout has been compromised. The danger is not in their capture, since they probably won't give up the hideout location right away; It's in if they're followed. Even if Vinyl and Yallows come back alright, you have no idea if they've been tailed by the police or Sevener, and the first any of you will know is when an assault squad or Sevener comes busting in. Knowing this, you should err on the side of caution and bug out ASAP.

Tell Loviro this, and that he ought to start disconnecting the jetal charging pod and making it ready for transport, along with anything else he needs to bring. You can probably get the Dead Batteries to send a truck to discreetly load everything onto, including Loviro, along with a new safe house to hide in. Head on up and find Polatt or another Dead Batteries member to speak with about that, before coming back to help pack things up, and ask questions.

There's quite a number of things to ask and do before leaving, since you may not get a chance to talk to Loviro again:

Ask in what way does Unity's morphability level effect its power consumption, surge levels, anything else of note, and what the numbers on those are.

Is there any way to increase Unity's battery capacity, surge level, or base surge recharge rate?

What materials can Unity consume and digest that have better energy density and uptake then ordinary food and drink? Maybe various commonly available solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels? What about really strong booze?

Are there devices other than a jetal recharging pod that could be used to restore our battery charge, albeit at a reduced rate? Perhaps ones we could make ourselves using common components? Can we use regular batteries to recharge ourself?

How much kinetic abuse can jetalium take before taking damage or breaking apart? What about jetal cores? Could we safely use our body as a kinetic weapon by falling on the target from a great height, so long as we take precautions to cushion our core?

Ask where can we get, or how can we make, a power supply that mimics a jetal core so that we can store excess jetalium from ourselves without it degrading. What kind of storage containers can we use? How do we remove jetalium from ourself with minimal loss? We need to know this for later on to offload the extra jetalium mass we absorb along the way, otherwise we'll end up breaking vehicle suspensions or putting our feet through building floors. (Cracking the food court chair was embarrassing enough. No need to repeat it on a grand scale.)

Is there any point to capturing jetal cores from defeated jetals? Can info be extracted from them? Is it possible to remove their EIN-link? Could a core be wiped and used as the basis for a new, unbound jetal derived from us? Is there any way to block the EIN-link signal, perhaps by placing the core in a shielded, lead-lined box?

Get a physical description of Loviro's rivals (Alys, Lopopo, Zyronn) from him so you can ID them if they ever cross your path. For this call up whoever available has the best art skills to helm Unity and play the part of police sketch artist with Loviro.

Once all the questions are asked and answered, and stuff done, then you can take off to try and find Vinyl and Yallows.
No. 493806 ID: c4e5c2
File 136112639453.gif - (16.07KB , 800x600 , 54.gif )

>Do the ornaments work at all as cooling structures?
True to classic Arbiter, in his own words, they are purely ornamental. Alison will get rid of them over the next several minutes.

>What materials can Unity consume and digest that have better energy density and uptake then ordinary food and drink? Maybe various commonly available solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels? What about really strong booze?
"Most things work, but the more dense things are, the less efficient jetalium becomes at digesting it, and the harder it becomes. I suggest sticking to food. Booze is also acceptable. Things like gasoline should only be done if you are on the verge of losing all battery power."
"Is it possible to gain battery power?"
"Yes, but I do not have the core design boost anymore. It would be gained similarly to weapons."
"Are there any other devices that can help recharge me?"
"You can plug yourself into any outlet, but it's quite slow and uncomfortable. It would take several days to recharge, too."
"Regular batteries?"
"Only powerful ones would do anything. Again, this is all like food would be. Try to charge yourself using non-jetal chargers and it becomes inefficient."
"You said there were things other than cores that could keep jetalium alive, too. Where could we get one?"
"They are under lock and key inside of the palace itself."
"How do I remove jetalium from myself with minimal loss?"
"Instinctive. You simply take off an arm or something. It will die off, yes, but that is slow, and you can regain your own native jetalium at almost 100% efficiency."
"Is there anyway to remove a jetal from EIN?"
"By killing it. Cores are hackable in theory, but the government fears them. If it senses it is being hacked, there are kill switches that will be employed. Don't expect jetal help unless you know it is already illegal. Robots are far easier to remove from EIN, but that is still difficult and requires a great deal of internal surgery."
"Is there any point in capturing jetal cores from defeated jetals?"
"I would say no. The only point in even leaving them alive would be out of mercy."
"Is there any way to block an EIN signal?"
"Yes, there are EIN jammers that are short range, but I do not know where you could find one, and I am sure it would make guns look like a minor infraction. Although I must say, the police have seemed even more casual and lazy than I remember."
"How much kinetic abuse can jetalium take before taking damage or breaking apart?"
"Lots, but when people fight jetals, that is how much they bring. Take those large security bots. They show their small pistol, but they have a large machine gun in a panel in their back. A few shots of that would only do so much, but if you stand in front of him while he holds the trigger, you will definitely be in trouble!"
"Can I jump off of a building and be okay as long as I cushion my core?"
"Yes, but that largely depends on your air resistance and density. If you simply fall like a brick and are hard as diamond, it will hurt. I said your core is fragile, but only because it is easily chipped. It would have to be near shattered to honestly break. In other words, it has low resistance to damage, but can still take quite a bit."
No. 493809 ID: c4e5c2
File 136112656583.png - (10.46KB , 700x700 , 55.png )

>How much time until undertool's appointment?"
That is still in more than two days, or more like 3 days with alison's sense of time. Which was already sparse since night/day cycles weren't much of a thing in safe zones.

>Ask in what way does Unity's morphability level effect its power consumption, surge levels, anything else of note, and what the numbers on those are.
Morph section added
"Also, I should say! Although it may be used as a weapon, we call that explosive shedding an auxiliary core boost. You may have as many downloaded as you can get, but only so many active. That is farther down the line, however."
"You said you have little time to spare? What are you planning?"
"Planning? I am hardly a schemer, that is Yallows thing, if only he wasn't so... pathetic. That 'no time' note is merely some more pre-implant material of mine. I have no idea. Perhaps I am waiting for something."
"Lastly... I noticed that computer says straw/gel method?"
"Oh, yes. What you performed was the gel method of absorption, simply molding over with surface area. Far less efficient, but by far the fastest way. The straw method requires an auxiliary boost and a morph rating of 40 but right now I estimate it has an efficiency rate of 76% for foreign jetalium. Right now, it's only gel for you."
"I think we should get out of here. It's possibly Yallows and Vinyl could be followed. Please tell me the physical description of those rivals of yours. Can we move this jetal charger?"
"Impossible. It is built into the wall itself. God knows why it is even here. God knows what kind of beasts this room was even made for. If you want to search for Vinyl, then by all means, I can give her a call and you may go after her. But I am not keen on moving, no matter the risk."
No. 493811 ID: 9ee360

Hmm. So the scientist doesn't want to move, and the charger can't be moved. I guess our charging station is sort of a fixed base we have to protect / keep secret.

>refueling off alcohol
...is it safe to assume that won't effect us the same way it does organics?

Otherwise, yeah, I think the next thing we need to do before heading back to the dead batteries is checking in on the missing Yallows situation. If Severner or her allies come across them, that could lead them back to our charger (if this is supposed to be an equal simulation, it's possible one of Sevener's sheep is loose, too. In which case she may be out looking as well, and we may discover her people or charger). It might also be interesting to see what he has to say without implants.
No. 493812 ID: b59bfb

Ask if we can take out their implants, because their choice in having them is odd, we would get more information if they didn't have implants I say we do some surgery.
No. 493813 ID: 9ee360

We already asked about that at the first meeting, and he didn't seem down with the idea. And I'm not think forcibly attempting surgery is a good idea.
No. 493815 ID: 57a559

If two jetal's love each other very much, can they make a baby jetal?
How does uh, sex work with Jetals anyway? With organics and with jetals.
I am being perfectly professional here. Lord knows how many hitwomen have killed through such means. Hitmen too. Hmm, not sure which number would be less, if men belosians are the more submissive gender in relations, the hitman number might be higher.

Shit, at that bar it could have been a Men's Night for all we know. Whisker's being Whiskers might not be all that rare either. I have no idea on the culture of these things, men and women could have been treated completely equally for all time unlike humans. They might not even have word for empress, and refer to female emperors as emperors.
No. 493816 ID: 78c6ea


Alison stated earlier she was not comfortable with exploring those options with all her friends watching in the lobby.
No. 493819 ID: 57a559

Who said she has to do it? Someone else here could be comfortable with it.
Besides, this is just a question. It might be an important last ditch effort.
No. 493821 ID: 9ddf68

might as well see if we can find Vinyl and by extension Yallows. Not like we have much else to do untill the meeting anyways
No. 493822 ID: b59bfb

I am also curious as to how this works.
No. 493825 ID: b33427

Yeah, he can make the call. Vinyl could probably use a hand in searching for Yallows, and you don't have much else to do right now anyway. Better choose a form you haven't used before, such as a big, beefy guy so you can use those new clothes you've got. Change up the ears and horns as well. Maybe add some piercings and horn carvings.

You probably can come up with a way to get the both of them back to the safe house with almost zero chance of them being followed. Perhaps morphing into the form of one of those class B guard bots and smuggling them in one at a time within yourself? There ought to be enough room in the torso to fit one of them in, if they curl up. Wouldn't be comfy, but it would be safe.

Before leaving, ask what Unity's limits are when it comes to body volume and density, and how either one effect power usage and suchlike. You'd like to know if morphing into something that can fly, or at least glide, is feasible.

Oh, and since Loviro won't leave, could he at least take steps to escape when the hammer inevitably drops? Stuff like putting up traps and barricades to slow the enemy, and making a collapsible escape tunnel to a nearby garage with a getaway vehicle. You'd rather not lose Unity's creator and single greatest source of knowledge on its operation and capabilities, if possible.
No. 493830 ID: 9ee360

Considering most of the contestants haven't figured out how sex works for them yet, I don't think they're quite up to figuring out how the jetal does. And that's probably another something Alison isn't comfortable discussing with an audience.
No. 493866 ID: c4e5c2
File 136113992884.gif - (18.27KB , 800x600 , 56.gif )

Alison takes a breath for asking the next question. It might be embarrasing, but simply asking is a far cry from the original idea of actual experimentation.
"How does sex work with jetals and organics?"
"If you mean can you reproduce, no. If you mean can you copulate, yes, as longa as you are gentle. I have let jetals loose like I did you, only to come back three days later with bills still stuck in their jetalium fishnets. It does not do my heart good to see the embodiment of my life's pride end up like that, so I was relieved when you came back with your dignity intact, nevermind your first absorption incident."
"Uh... yeah. One more question before I head out. What are my limits for mass, density and volume?"
"There is not a hard limit to mass, but... once you extend past a certain mass, then making quick movements, say, in combat, will begin using surge. It will be similar to keeping a plasma sword powered, except just to fight at all. Volume does not have a hard limit either, but having to maneuver jetalium far away from the core will begin weighing heavily on the battery itself, and will quickly skyrocket general costs. In short, there is not a particular limit where you 'can't' hold anymore, but there is a point where it stops becoming worth it. And in case you wonder, two seperate cores cannot control the same jetalium mass at once. That is the business of supercores, but I am inundating you with more information than I must. Unfortunately I do not have numbers to maximum mass and all, as I assume I had to input the override key to reboot your databanks of weapons, boosts and all in order to release you from the EIN which sacrificed much info in the process. Yes, I did just say there was no practical way to release a jetal from EIN, and that is true, because in all but the prototype models, there is no override reboot key. The cell is locked up with EIN inside, and the key thrown away."

Loviro gives a call to Vinyl.

"She's at... here, I will input the address into your tab. Just a few blocks away, she believes Yallows holed himself up in a building."
No. 493867 ID: c4e5c2
File 136113994945.gif - (20.44KB , 800x600 , 57.gif )

She takes just a bit more time to morph into a hobo to leave inconspicuously. She bought clothes for the larger arbiter, bumsheets, and clothes to fit a guard-sized form. She also still has the dancer's outfit minus high heels, along with the respirator.

A cleaning robot is on top of the hobo's box, cleaning the top of it. Alison now understands why the hobo was so clean. The robot just sees him as a piece of the sidewalk to clean.
No. 493869 ID: c4e5c2
File 136113996163.png - (47.06KB , 700x700 , 58.png )

While walking, a car pulls up alongside Unity.

>"Hey, Jetal. Get inside, I've got a few questions."
No. 493871 ID: 57a559

It's a slightly free country. Unless we're under arrest, then no. He can ask his questions from the comfort of the car, and we can answer them from the comfort of of the sidewalk.
No. 493872 ID: 9ee360

Hmm. He made that we were a jetal. That's not so good- that we're mechanical should be apparent to an observant onlooker, but not that we're a jetal.

Ask him who he is and what he wants with us, without getting into the car.

Be ready for a fight or flight situation, here (we could always plasma the car to avoid pursuit, and then swamp forms after getting away).
No. 493874 ID: 76b151

He tracked us very, very quickly. That's slightly worrying as this IS our base. However I am interested in what he has to say. Invite him to a nearby cafe instead and we'll talk there.
No. 493875 ID: b6edd6

The car has what looks like tinted windows and a police-car style wall between the front seat and back seat. Furthermore, I think this guy is the inspector who's jetal sidekick we ate. In other words, getting in the car looks amazingly risky.

Ask what kind of questions can't be asked out here.
No. 493877 ID: 57a559

Secondary idea, shake his hand and leave a trace of unstable gel, blow him up. Or throw it when push come to shove. A kg will total the car and fry him if 20 is a C fucking 4. Gotta be at least a grenade.
No. 493878 ID: f2c20c

My first instinct is to shoot out the tires and run. However, from the initial description of how illegal we are, apparently they won't know we're unlicensed unless they scan us or take us into a government facility.

So, let's cooperate. Do not show any signs of being uncomfortable about the situation. Worst case scenario we can just cut our way out of the car... unless she has a turret or something on the inside of it.

We should try just staying out of the car at first though, and asking what this is about.
No. 493883 ID: 772c81

guys, the SHOPOWNER could tell we were a jetal. It must not be that hard.
No. 493888 ID: 78c6ea


It's not just that. He could tell we were the very same Jetal who destroyed and absorbed his bodyguard. He managed to track us despite our changing of shapes. And now he knows about the location of the only charger we've got, as well as the location of some relatively important expatriots whom we are trying to protect.
No. 493892 ID: c4e5c2
File 136114411827.png - (94.77KB , 700x700 , 59.png )

Alison isn't sure he knows about the hideout, at least not accurately. She did walk a couple of blocks or so before being approached.

>Leave a trace by shaking his hand, blow him up
A trace could possibly injure his hand, but not do much more. A kg, however, would do significant damages.

"I think you can ask questions from the comfort of your car, and I can answer them from the comfort of the sidewalk."
>"First question. I have here a mapping device that is currently displaying all jetals under EIN, that is, all legal jetals in the vicinity of these few blocks. The X is where I am at. There is no jetal on display at X, even though there is one mere feet from me. Why do you think that is?"

Alison notices one of those buildings has dozens of jetals inside. If his map is pointed upward in the same direction his car is facing, then that is the building that Loviro's hideout is underneath.

"... I may be more willing to answer questions somewhere else. Would you like to go to a cafe?"
>"Fine. Sheryl. Coffee."
No. 493894 ID: c4e5c2
File 136114415794.png - (95.62KB , 700x700 , 60.png )


>"Here's the cafe, and here's your seat. Sit down."
No. 493895 ID: f2c20c

Oh fine. Us being in the front steat means he at least has no worries about us attacking him.

Also I suspect Loviro is not being straight with us, at ALL. Could we ask what the different colors mean on his radar?
No. 493896 ID: b59bfb

holy shit that was jaw dropping, ask why he is hunting for non-legal jetals
No. 493897 ID: 6dc5a6

Looks like the investigator, good thing we didn't destroy that jetal core huh? Get in the passenger seat if anything goes wrong he's in a confined space within reach of your sword. Take a moment to check if the backseat is occupied, the barrier won't mean much if there's another jetal jammed in the back.
No. 493899 ID: 76b151

Ask if why he hasn't sent in the attack dogs if hes so sure we're illegal?

IE: What does he want with an illegal jetal.
No. 493900 ID: f2c20c

Naw, it's not the investigator. The investigator had downward-turning lower horns.
No. 493904 ID: 76b151

Hmm I like him, get in the car.
No. 493906 ID: 9ee360

Sit down in the car, accept coffee.

Ask him what he's doing with something that can track jetals. Because if he were the law you'd think he'd be doing a little more than asking questions. And cops can't typical afford cars with built in cafes.
No. 493910 ID: c4e5c2
File 136114860857.png - (21.31KB , 700x700 , 61.png )

It certainly looks to be the investigator.

"... alright. But I'd like to know what the different colored jetals on the radar mean."
>"Elevation. Blue is lower, pink and red are higher up. The bigger the dot, the more powerful it is."

Alison gets in. There doesn't seem to be anyone in the back seat.

"I would have thought that if you were the law, you would do more than ask some questions."
>"That would be normal, but this is not normal. My interest is less with you, and more with what you know."
"Are you not worried about me attacking you?"
>"No. I don't believe it's a coincidence that earlier today, an illegal jetal attacked my bodyguard, but did not destroy the core. That illegal jetal was not a mindless killer. That illegal jetal was also not weak. My bodyguard was not weak either. He wasn't strong, but to be taken out with a low grade plasma sword like he was made of flesh? There are not many jetals who can do that, then eat like it was their first time. Furthermore, not long ago, decades old 'criminals'," he says the word criminal incredulously, "cropped up. One of them is a legendary jetal crafter. All of the others have still had intricate dealings with jetal crafting. I don't believe that was a coincidence, either. First question. Do you know where Vinyl is?"
No. 493911 ID: 772c81

well, he has a coffee machine in his car. He's already won.
No. 493913 ID: 9ee360

>Do you know where Vinyl is?
...yes, I do. (Don't tell him where, for now).

Do you know where any of the other criminals are? (use the names of Sevener's allies, if we know them from Loviro). I believe the jetal they're working with is... rather less merciful than I am.
No. 493914 ID: 4a328b

No. 493915 ID: 78c6ea

Who's Vinyl?
No. 493916 ID: 772c81

he was... uhhh...

You know, I may have legitimately forgotten. I have to go re-check the logs.
No. 493917 ID: 76b151

Before I answer that I have to know why you are looking for them.
No. 493918 ID: 47d311

Ask him to describe each of these illegal jetal crafters. You've seen quite a few people but aren't aware of their names; you'll need more information if he wants an accurate answer.
No. 493919 ID: f2c20c

Tell him that he is very astute, but we expected there to be more than one illegal jetal making waves today, and more than one group of jetal crafters. Two rival groups.

Maybe Sevener is on the law's side, piloting a LEGAL jetal? That would make it easy for her to target us, and harder for her to target the Emperor.

Ask what that building is that's chock full of jetals. Also say that, hypothetically, if we were a Jetal made by Vinyl, what makes him think we would tell him where they are? Does he expect us to have no sense of loyalty?
No. 493922 ID: 78c6ea

Oh right Vinyl was that other guy...girl when we started this level. And we legitimately don't know where Vinyl is.

Ask him how he feels about EIN.
No. 493923 ID: b59bfb

No. 493931 ID: 9ee360

Since our homeless cover is blown, we might as well open our eyes while we're talking to this guy.

>And we legitimately don't know where Vinyl is.
Actually we do know where she is. (Loviro just gave us her map coordinates. We were going to see her to check on Yallows, who's holed up somewhere after messing with his implants). The decision is whether we admit we know where she in, and whether we actually tell him.
No. 493935 ID: 656f39

You will have to tell me why you want to know before I tell you what, if anything, I know.
No. 493936 ID: 57a559

What's in it for us if we tell him?
If he wants to get, he has to give. We've already offered him the courtesy of a few questions. There's no reason to answer more.
No. 493945 ID: c4e5c2
File 136115332212.gif - (15.59KB , 700x700 , 62.gif )

>And we legitimately don't know where Vinyl is.
Until Loviro updated her last known location to her map, anyway.

Alison did almost forget, but she does have visuals for the three rivals before she left, while morphing into the bum. She recalls their lookss, Lopopo, Alys and Zyronn respectively.

She is also going to increase her morphability up just a bit, so that her battery use is still low but it won't take forever to morph to something else.

"Before I answer, I will say there is probably one other illegal jetal making waves, probably today."
>"That's not unbelieveable, but it's a real big city. Plenty of other miles to make waves in, not on these few blocks."
"Do you know where Alys, Lopopo and Zyronn are?"
>"Question for a question."
"If I was a jetal made by Vinyl, I wouldn't have much reason to tell you where she is."
>"You aren't made by Vinyl. I am not even going to ask where Loviro is, yet, even if he is not with Vinyl."
"Please describe these illegal jetal crafters."

He does so, and they match up.

"Okay. And how do you feel about EIN?"
>"You are dodging the question."
"What's in it for me?"
>"What's in it for you? Listen to me. You might be part of a gang, but that doesn't mean you never can play on the cop's team. And let me let you in on a little secret. I'm the only thing keeping the rest of the force from running you over without question. Telling you why would break many laws along with my oath. I'm after her for the same reason I'm after you. Information."
No. 493946 ID: 772c81

seems on the up and up. I say help him find'er, I guess. He seems like one of them trying-to-uncover-a-conspiracy cops, and thus, will be assassinated soon enough anyway.
No. 493947 ID: f2c20c

Okay. Tell him Vinyl is with a runaway, and we were going to go investigate. If we drive there we can get there faster. Say that you are actually perfectly willing to cooperate with the cops, and you had just sortof assumed it wasn't an option.
No. 493948 ID: 76b151

Well I was just on my way to her. You can drive us there. Hopefully she hasn't gotten into too much trouble.
No. 493949 ID: 6dc5a6

Tell Investigator you'll help him out if you get to tag along. Then ask him what his long term goal is in this. If he asks you what you're planning look out the window say that your objective goes beyond this city.
No. 493950 ID: 772c81

you know, we already called ahead to tell her we were coming, but maybe it's impolite to bring guests like this. Does anyone give a shit about stuff like that? Should we call ahead again?
No. 493951 ID: 735f4f

Telling you about our mission will most likely directly put your life in danger. To a extent you probably don't think is possible. How much do you really want to know?
No. 493952 ID: 9ee360

If he's willing to keep the rest of the force of of us for now, we're willing to trade information. After all, we're more into talking than fighting. His read on us wasn't wrong. We're just doing what we have to to survive.

...yes, I know where Vinyl is. She's currently looking for one of her comrades. (We'll consider telling him her actual location based on how the conversation goes).

See what you can get about Alys, Lopopo and Zyronn in return for that answer.

Then see what his next question is.
No. 493953 ID: 735f4f

Actually we could just tell him that you and a unknown number of jetals has been given a mission to kill the Sapphire emperor. Whoever does it first gets to live. And there is no way out of it that we know.
No. 493954 ID: 772c81

additionally, we can tell him that, you know, if you were to stop all the OTHER jetals, then you could leave the emperor alone as long as you wanted.
No. 493955 ID: 772c81

only do this, however, if he wants to know deadly true secrets.
No. 493956 ID: 04b86a

Yeah, I know where she is. You'd probably have an easier time questioning Yallows, though, as long as it's not something only she would know.

Let's not talk about our long term goals. In fact, let's especially keep the whole Sapphire Emperor thing secret.
No. 493957 ID: 9ee360

> let's especially keep the whole Sapphire Emperor thing secret.

Another question we might ask him is what he intends to do with Vinyl should he find her.
No. 493959 ID: 57a559

Fine, but if he fucks with us on this and tries to take her in or kill her, he's already dead.
No. 493960 ID: 772c81

please, he has no bodyguards or force. Whether we kill him or not, guards will be coming if things go badly, so we might as well not kill him and just dump him in a 5th story building or hung in a tree or something.
No. 493962 ID: 78c6ea

Damn it Alison, a question for a question. You sound like a 5 year old with all those questions. You're what, 9? Sheesh!

Tell him you don't know where Vinyl is. She's currently looking for one of her comrades.
No. 493963 ID: 78c6ea

...and ask how he feels about EIN.
No. 493979 ID: f2c20c

I've got another angle.

Let's claim that our rival wants to kill the Sapphire Emperor, and we want to stop them. That'll get the cops on our side with trying to kill Sevener.
No. 493982 ID: 9ee360

Well, unless the cop who's not exactly following standard procedure is also of the opinion that the Emperor is a deranged madman the world would be better off without. Then we're turning him against us.

The assassination card can fail badly whether we play it on ourself or against Sevener. For now we shouldn't play it at all.

What we should be doing, is trying to figure out the right answers and questions to get the most we can out of this question for a question game while giving up as little as possible.
No. 493983 ID: c4e5c2
File 136116237074.gif - (18.87KB , 800x600 , 63.gif )

"You know that dealing with me too much may put your life in danger?"
>"I disagree, but even if it did, I still wouldn't back down."
"I was just heading to her. I'll show you, but I get to tag along, and tell me what your goal in this is."
>"... just doing my job. Alright. Let's go."
"At least tell me about Alys and the rest."
>"Not much to say other than enemies who were forced to work under the same banner. Odd that they would all show up at the same time. I have a tough time believing those guys would ever start getting along."

Alison will wait on dropping any Sapphire Emperor issues with him for now. Unity gets out of the car where she sees Vinyl.

"Who are... a jetal. Tell me your name."
"Right. Yallows is inside somewhere. Could be on any damn floor, and suddenly these bots won't let me through. Who drove you?"

The investigator appears to pause before getting out.
No. 493985 ID: c4e5c2
File 136116251262.gif - (20.02KB , 800x600 , 64.gif )

>"Nice to see you again. You've been hiding."
"The fu... are you a cop?!"
>"A lot happens in 30 years."
"You two know each other?"
>"You could say that." the investigator, Felix, says.
"What the hell? 'You could say that?' You were my goddamn fiance!"
>"A long time ago. I have some questions, Vinyl."
"Don't give me that shit. Three decades, and all you have to say is 'nice to see you, I have some questions?!'"
>"And was it not you who disappeared?"
"And I don't know a damn thing about how that happened."
>"And I'm not holding any grudges, but I wonder how that would be. I've been searching around the clock for you since you showed yourself amongst the living, Vinyl. Don't be too unflattered."

Alison isn't sure whether she should interject or not.
No. 493987 ID: 9ddf68

ask if the two of them will be ok
No. 493988 ID: f2c20c

Say that you're going in to find Yallow. Quietly ask the investigator if you'll get in much trouble for blowing holes in the bots out front.

OH, actually, before we do anything, check the Jetal radar to see if there's a licensed Jetal in the building. We should be prepared for a big fight if there is one.
No. 493991 ID: 57a559

You two kiss and make up we got shit to do
No. 493992 ID: 9ee360

...how did Vinyl and the others drop off the map for 30 years anyways? They were never too clear on that.

And inform Felix that she really may not know what happened. As you understand it, they've got implants keeping them from remembering certain things, for whatever reason.

After that, going in after yarrow seems like a good idea. After all, if he disabled his implants, maybe he has answers about what's actually going on.

Checking the jetal radar won't help if Sevener's around, though. Since she's probably just as illegal as us.
No. 493993 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and I'm against speaking out about the implants. I think that's up to Vinyl to say.
No. 494007 ID: 78c6ea

Alison should probably interject. Since she seems bound and determined not to try to break physics and all, so there's no point in maintaining the farce. Not that I would know how to break physics. (Check edge conditions, always check edge conditions)

Vinyl and the others dropped off the map 30 years ago because the last 30 years never happened. This is a computer simulation of a world in the past and it was convenient for everyone to be set 30 years ahead of Vinyl so that she and the others could create a Jetal at precisely the moment where the Sapphire Emperor is most well guarded. Everyone here was given artificial memories and forced to unknowingly take part in the simulation, by some twisted adjudicator we intend to annihilatehug into submission.

Now. That having been said, how do you feel about EIN?
No. 494008 ID: 9ee360

No. We're not destroying what credibility we have by playing the world does not exist card. It doesn't even help us if they do believe us (since by our account, their world ends as soon as we complete our mission). And if they don't, it just makes us look crazy or delusional.

And we already asked him about EIN.
No. 494009 ID: 78c6ea


He didn't answer. It's a very important question. And I think they deserve to know the truth. No other way to explain the 30 years absence; it's just not their fault.
No. 494014 ID: 9ee360

>No other way to explain the 30 years absence
Of course there is. There are plenty of plausible in universe explanations, considering the level of tech. Pick a sci-fi cliche. She had her memory hacked. Or they were cryo-frozen. Or she's actually dead, and that's not an augmented sheep at all- she's a robotic replacement with false memories. Etc, etc.

There's obviously something going on, we just don't know what, yet. Yallow pulled his 'plants, he's the best way to find out.

>I think they deserve to know the truth
Letting the people in the doomed dream world know they're in a doomed dream world is not worth putting the success of this mission- and the survival of thousands of people depending on us (or the trillion plus in total we're trying to save from endless death-loops) at risk.

>It's a very important question.
Not really.
No. 494030 ID: c4e5c2
File 136116903725.png - (9.65KB , 700x700 , 65.png )

She'll give them a moment to discuss things and give Vinyl a chance to mention the implants.

>"Tell me where you woke up."
>"Tell me when you stopped twiddling your thumbs and decided to go back."
"The old Damascus Jetalium factory. That's where Loviro and Lopopo realized... something, and did something about that something."

Alison pokes Unity's head into the radar. The building she's at is mostly devoid, except for one specific spot. 3 jetals, modestly high up. One of them is big. Real big.

>"Something. Was anyone else there?"
"I... yeah. Yeah, some kids walked in on us for some reason. Felix, Loviro installed implants into us so we wouldn't think about this stuff."

Felix takes a moment to absorb that, before bursting out laughing.
No. 494032 ID: c4e5c2
File 136116918064.gif - (19.61KB , 800x600 , 66.gif )

>Ask Felix about his feelings on EIN
Alison feels this is inappropriate at the moment.

>"Loviro, the quick thinking bastard! That explains how you're all still alive. And kids. Alright. Did you get their names?."
"... gonna continue pretending like I understand you. No. Get this, they wanted to interview us. Said they had some project and they figured out we'd be there. Smart buggers, we didn't even know why we were there. Shoo'd them out and got to business. And now, yallows probably took out the implants."
>"Yeah. Let him be."
"What? Are you kidding? I answered your shit, Felix, so start explaining."
>"I'd like nothing more, but trust me on this one. Only one reason he'd go in this building unless he was forced, and the law I've put myself under won't allow me to say. And you know what, honey, even if I was still toting guns and being a rebel like back in the old days, I still wouldn't tell you."
No. 494034 ID: f2c20c

Reassure Vinyl that even if we wanted to bust Yallows out, he's being guarded by a huge Jetal. We would not survive the attempt. In fact from the looks of it, it might be three Jetals cooperating to make a weapons platform. One controls the body and deals with the Surge requirements of such a huge body, and two control the weapons, supplying their Surge to that purpose. A formidable opponent indeed...

I'm curious though... what did the kids look like? Did they not look like Belenosians? Did they have odd outfits? We're not asking for a description, really, just if they were weird-looking. (I'm wondering if this whole tiny conspiracy is a setup to make our role in the history simulation make sense, and the kids were the CAI)
No. 494035 ID: 9ee360

All right, going after Yarrow isn't really an option. If he's being held against his will, we can't rescue him 3 on 1 vs other jetals. Hell, we couldn't handle that one really powerful one, I think.

Even if Felix isn't willing to tell Vinyl what's going on, maybe we could ask him? We did sorta wake up in the middle of it without any idea what's happening, and he seems to have figured it out. We won't tell Vinyl and the others if he doesn't want us to, but if it affects why we're here, or our survival, we'd appreciate knowing.
No. 494041 ID: 9ddf68

see if Felix will tell 'US' what is going on or at least should we start worrying about some heavy hitters comeing after us. Or at the very least if he has any idea who that powerful jetal is and how likely it would be if that jetal or one just as powerful might come after us
No. 494045 ID: 6dc5a6

Ask Felix if there is such thing as EMP without using a nuke, if not tell him we can't take on the 3 jetal inside the building.
No. 494048 ID: 57a559

If we get our hands on a sniper rifle (which hopefully has good wall penetration), hold up on an upper floor along with heat/electric signatures that hopefully can point out a core, we MIGHT be able to kill the jetals.

Actually, you know what, heat/electric vision and a good shooting weapon might be enough if we go in guns blazing.

I have a theory that the big jetal in there might actually be Sevener. Yallows might be an important NPC that people might be talking about for some reason, and she's going after him to find you. Especially if Loviro has them as known associates. Yallows doesn't seem like the subtle kind of guy and would be easily found too, and he's removed whatever important information blocking program the sim put in him, he's valuable. Sevener might also seem the type to go out and get Jetallium really fast too. She might have run this simulation before in a few cycles and remembered them, so she knows the basics even if this belosian city and objective is randomized, I figure being a jetal is a serious part of it.
No. 494057 ID: c4e5c2
File 136117239902.gif - (20.41KB , 800x600 , 67.gif )

"Vinyl, there's a huge Jetal in there anyway. Massive."
>"Huge as in... yeah the radar. Real strong one there. Bet that's a supercore, there. It's effectively three seperate jetal cores that are able to transfer power to one another through a relatively small distance of empty space. Downside is that only one can get all the power at once, so they can only fight effectively one at a time. Power split is nasty bad if they all fight at the same time. Security jetals who don't move around much often take alternating shifts, so the on-duty jetal is a real supersoldier while the others relax."
"I don't think I can beat one up unless there's some kind of EMP or something."
>"Nothing that'll take out that jetal. Don't blame you."
"Vinyl, what did the kids look like? Were they weird?"
"No, they just had school uniforms on, which doesn't tell me anything."
"But they were belenosian?"
"Uh, yeah, robots don't go to school. Don't remember what they looked like though, my memory's fuzzy."
"Felix, talk to me over here for a second."

Vinyl isn't happy about being excluded, but Felix walks over.

"If you aren't willing to tell Vinyl, that's fine, but I woke up in the middle of all of this, and it seems like you figured it out."
>"Nah, I didn't figure anything out. I just know more than your average cop is all."
"If it affects my survival, I'd appreciate knowing."
>"Hard to say if it would help or hurt. Never can tell, but in your case, it's the law stopping me. Now, since Vinyl doesn't know what those kids looked like, I've got a whole lot of research to do to track down those kids. I'd say thanks for your cooperation, but you did yourself a favor. So thank yourself."
"Is there any chance of heavy hitters coming after me?"
>"Fraid so. I have the authority to hold back the police from you, but there is a bounty for you, and there's not much I can do about that. So you're gonna get some flak. Think of it this way, if one does come for you and you beat it, you'll get stronger so you'll have an easier time with future assailants. Now, if you'll excuse me, school season just started for me."
No. 494059 ID: f2c20c

Alright. Well, one last question. Ask what his opinion on the Sapphire Emperor is. Like if he's really necessary for the stability of the city. If it's favorable, say that our rival is trying to kill him, and we'd like help stopping her. If it's not favorable, then... say that you were kindof interested in shaking things up a bit for Sapphy.
No. 494062 ID: 9ee360

All right. Thank Felix anyways, and if he wants to try trading information again in the future, well, he knows how to find us. Sorry about getting you beat up and all.

And one last thing ...if he gets a lead on the other three criminals, or their jetal? He shouldn't get the cops to hold back. He was right about us. She's a lot less merciful, though.

Then take Vinyl back to Loviro's, and head back to the dead batteries.

I still say ix-nay on the Emperorway illingkay.
No. 494063 ID: 9ddf68

don't just ask about the sapphire empire ask about all three, it makes it harder for them to figure out what we have in mind, also we might get some info on them that we can use to take down the sapphire empire if we learn about the other two

As for Felix ask him if Yallows is going anywhere anytime sone. That way if he's going to sit tight we can power ourselfs up before coming to save his sorry ass, if not ... well we might be able to spring him when they try and move him. OH also ask were we could get a jetal detecter it looks useful
No. 494066 ID: f2c20c

A Jetal detector wouldn't help us a whole lot. Better would be asking how he found us, because we're trying to find the other illegal Jetal that we KNOW exists, and any tips he can give us for that would be handy.
No. 494079 ID: 9ddf68

I'm not say we use it to find Sevener, I'm say we use it to find us meals if we need to get some jetlium fast, also if we have bounty hunters on our ass now I think it would be safe to assume some would be jetals so it could give us some warning if they come for us.
Also it might actualy help find Sevener. All we would need to do is find her feeding grounds and wait till we see some jetal dot vanish, it would just take a LOT of digging AND time so I wouldn't recommend useing the Jetal tracker like that unless we're getting desperate
No. 494085 ID: c4e5c2
File 136117733335.png - (107.88KB , 700x700 , 68.png )

"What's your opinion on the emperors?"
>"As a lawman, I only have praise. That's all I'll say on that."
"If you get a lead on the other three rivals or their jetal, you shouldn't hold the police back. You were right about me, but I think the other one is aggressive."
>"It's probably in a whole different sector, it wouldn't be my place to hold them back."
"How did you find me? I understand how you identified me once you spotted me on the sidewalk, but how did you know where to look?"
>"I haven't been entirely honest. I already had a good idea where Loviro hid. Darkest under the candle, as they say."
"Do you think Yallows is going anywhere anytime soon?"
>"He could get killed any minute now if he isn't already dead. But it's already a conundrum as to how he was able to enter the building at all in the first place, so I just don't know. If you want to rescue him, you'd better find a few jetals to absorb quick."
"That's an odd thing for a policeman to say.
>"Doesn't matter."
"Any way I could get a jetal detector?"
>"Nope, unless you want to be able to be tracked at all times."
"That's alright. You know how to contact me if you want to swap info again. Sorry for getting you beat up."
>"Don't sweat it. Be seeing you."

"Wait a second! What is wrong with you? Don't just remind me of the past like this then leave like you don't care. Goddamn, Felix, you don't look like you've aged a year."
"Neither do you, Vinyl. Coming to you was informative, but I don't know if it was a good idea. Enjoy your time while you have it, get out of the smog. Goodbye, Vinyl."
No. 494088 ID: c4e5c2
File 136117739562.gif - (17.71KB , 800x600 , 69.gif )

Felix floors the gas pedal, judging by the way the car squeals out of there.
No. 494089 ID: f2c20c

Give her your respirator. We don't need it. Ask her if she wants you to start taking jetalium from Jetals so we can bust Yallows out. I'm honestly not sure if it's a good idea to go on a rampage like that, but we can do it if it's important.

Hmm. If Sevener really far away from us, walking around in Alison form wouldn't be unwise if we wind up with a vast quantity of Jetalium. Only real issue is if Duelist would be handicapped in combat like that.

...that 30 years with no visible aging thing is odd, isn't it? Is she sure 30 years passed?
No. 494092 ID: 9ee360

>get out of the smog
Oh, dang. Pass her your gas mask, if she doesn't have hers with her.

>As a lawman, I only have praise. That's all I'll say on that.
Which is the same as saying he doesn't think well of them at all.

>I already had a good idea where Loviro hid. Darkest under the candle, as they say.
That explains all the jetals the scanner saw over the hideout. Loviro hid his illegal jetal under a whole slew of legal ones.

>If you want to rescue him, you'd better find a few jetals to absorb quick.
The scanner. See >>494030. There are several weaker jetals around to absorb, 4 in the building across the street. We go in, beat them up, steal their jetalium and any weapons, and then do a big damn hero thing to save Yallows.
No. 494095 ID: 9ddf68

"He could get killed any minute now if he isn't already dead"

Shit, one more 'aginst the clock' thing we have to deal with. Ask Vinyl what she thinks we should do about Yallows and if she suggest we go after him ask her if she has any way to give us an edge because we are going to need one
No. 494115 ID: 78c6ea

Well the points are adding up that this is a simulation.

1) characters placed at convenient times, no explanation for their absence in between
2) fuzzy memories. I bet nobody's really sure what they did last week.
3) pre-warp technology. This is the clincher here, because we have records that the warp has already been discovered. Given the choice between actual time travel and a simulation, the latter is far, far more likely.
4) We fuckin picked this simulation via a multiple choice questionnaire. How many real world examples do you get to choose which reality you emerge in?
5) Jetalium itself doesn't make any sense, is isolated in effect, lacks a mechanism that it could happen, and is way too high-tech to say the least for Belenosians in the equivalent of 2030's USA. It's obviously a game mechanic, albeit a complex one, not an actual physical phenomenon.

Now here's why I think we should focus on EIN. Every contest in the past has been carefully administrated, micromanaged even. To the point that not only did we discover the administrators, but ignoring them quickly became impossible. Whoever's running this thing isn't going to be able to resist putting in some sort of administrative monitoring system, just in case, a system I might add that seems to operate inexplicably (more evidence to simulation). Our task to kill the Sapphire Emperor is a red herring, maybe Glitcher influenced this, but getting the bastard is functionally impossible. The reason it's impossible is because the people we need to take over are already there right in front of us. EIN are the administrators of this level, and the best (perhaps only) way for anyone to escape this relatively hopeless lose/lose scenario is to take over the administration again.

I don't know that it's coincidence if nobody wants to talk about EIN, but it could quite possibly be the admins trying to cover up their actions behind the scenes. Break into EIN and I'll bet you'll gain access to the admin room. You don't even have to do it physically. This is a simulation. If you can find a way to get into there over a phone line it'll work as good as a simulated EMP bomb.
No. 494118 ID: f2c20c

Dude. What? Yes, this is a simulation, but it's not the same kind of simulation as the Contestants vs System multi-CAI evolution process.

They don't have detailed records of this point in history. Jetalium is a lost tech, and is therefore being heavily abstracted. You should note that there are not that many characters with speaking roles- most of them are NPCs. This is a relatively simple simulation that doesn't need to be micromanaged because it's mostly automated and freeform. There aren't little rules that need to be checked up on, it's basically just a physics sim.

Also do you have any reason whatsoever to believe that EIN is a more accessible target than the Sapphire Emperor? We don't even know where EIN IS, and when we asked, we were told that it was off somewhere far from here in a military bunker. EIN is probably not even a physical object in this scenario because we have no chance of encountering it.
No. 494127 ID: 9ee360

>the points are adding up that this is a simulation
Yes. Of course it's a sim. This was never in any doubt. So what?

None of the characters existed last week- but they have fake memories of last week. The fact that this is all a game we fired up doesn't explain the missing time inside the game (and there is a logical, apparently amusing, explanation. Felix just wouldn't share). Technology is pre-warp because this is a historical simulation of a date and time before warp. Jetalium is magic because the real stuff doesn't exist anymore (nor does any society where AIs are allowed to walk free and mingle with people) and because it serves the purpose of the contest to give us something to work with that doesn't follow the laws of physics (prevents anyone like engineer from sequence breaking and making their own weapons. It's the same idea as when your DM won't let you make gunpowder in a medieval setting, no matter how much chemistry you know).

And none of that means we should go after EIN. EIN is the big brother that watches out over AIs in the universe of the simulation. Not the thing making the simulation. Taking out an in-game opponent doesn't magically give you control of the simulation and code (it certainly hasn't in the larger contest verus the system!).

These are also good points. EIN may not even physically exist within the scope of this sim (which only encompasses this one city). And even if it did, it'll be a very tough target.
No. 494148 ID: c4e5c2
File 136121352341.gif - (82.44KB , 800x600 , 70.gif )

"Are you certain 30 years has passed after all, Vinyl?"
>"The last known records of us, Loviro found, were just that long ago."
"Well... what do you think we should do about yallows? Do you have anything that could give an edge?"
>"I can make an entrance, get you as close to those jetal as possible if you think that's where Yallows would be."
"I need to get stronger if I'm going in, though."
>"Loviro probably wants you to eat more anyway. There's lots of jetals. Can't you call up the dead batteries and just ask to be taken around on a jetal buffet?"
"Maybe. There's also other jetals in some buildings."
>"And like Loviro said, there's always bounties."

>Fight EIN
Even if she did decide to and knew where to go, if she is deterred by a single supercore in a normal building, then she should probably not focus on trying to take out military bunkers right now.

So Alison can choose between just running around murdering Jetals in wanton feeding frenzies, bounty hunting, or try to use her dead battery contacts to locate more jetals, or another approach altogether and all assuming she does wish to hunt more jetals and not do something else entirely.
No. 494150 ID: 9ee360

Alright. What are our priorities here?

Yallows should be helped for a few reasons. It's not really right to leave him to be killed. His being captured could cost us our charging station, which would be a major blow. And if he removed his implants, he has information we might need / be able to use.

How we chose to power up for this is problematic.

If his life is in immediate danger, the most expedient route is to attack the civilian jetals in the area (using the locations we saw on the scanner), harvest their jetalium and any weapons, and then go in for yallows. This comes at a cost though- it'll make us apparently a much bigger threat, drawing more police attention. And the dead batteries probably won't appreciate us going off on a feeding spree like that (we're drawing more heat onto them, when we said we were going to lie low). It makes us more of a liability to everyone.

If we have the time, doing more jetal takedown work for the dead batteries is probably the best option. We'll have backup, we'll be able to spread the damage around more to attract less police attention, and we'll be getting closer to our allies instead of alienating them.

>side idea
Let's donate some cash to the homeless guy the next time we walk by Loviro's hideout. We can pay him off to keep watch for us. See who else comes by, or if anyone else hangs around watching the place. (Maybe preventing us from getting jumped by someone more dangerous than Felix).

>questions for Vinyl
Does she know why Loviro wants us to get stronger?

And does she know what the large collection of legal jetals above the hideout was about?
No. 494151 ID: 9ddf68

bounty hunting might be good at getting some more jetalium and keeping the police off our ass but that could take time and if we do go for that I think it would be best if we avoid any dead batteries contracts. (contracts that go after the dead batteries)

We could also go with the dead batteries missions but that will also take time and call down the police (maybe) but hell they have proven useful so far.

I highly sugest we DO NOT go on a jetal killing spree because I see no way in hell that doing that will help us in the long run. It might give us some quick jetalium but all the legal jetal around are fairly week and probably have worse weapons then we do if any at all and It would probably piss off the dead batteriers and the police, so in short I don't think it would be worth it.

If all else fails maybe see if Vinyl can give you an opening into the building and we could do a smash and grab and HOPEFULLY avoid the supercore jetal all togather and get Yallows
No. 494154 ID: 9ee360

Another advantage of hunting through the dead batteries- they can help us find targets we can handle. We have no idea how tough the ones we see on the map are. (We could probably handle the little blips. And the super core is too big. But how tough are the in-betweens? After all, we don't know how big our own dot would be!).

Oh, and obviously, when we go back to see the Dead Batteries, we should be putting on our Mafia hat and Alibiter face. :V
No. 494158 ID: c4e5c2
File 136121765616.gif - (24.60KB , 800x600 , 71.gif )

"Do you know why Loviro wants me to get stronger?"
"Don't ever tell him I told you this, but he's called you hit little baby. He wants you to grow up. That's it. Just creepy parentage."
"And, do you know what the large collection of jetals about the hideout is about?"
"What? I wasn't aware. The implants, Unity. The building something to do with that. Either way, I gotta get back to Loviro to let him know what's up. Even if you want a way in, I need to get my gear."

It's a short walk, so they briskly go to the hideaway. Unity goes up to the bum while Vinyl keeps her face hidden and goes downstairs. Alison continues thinking about what to do about Yallows and the jetal issue while speaking.

"You stay on this sidewalk, right?"
>"Butt's practically melded in the concrete."
"I'd like to pay you to keep an eye out for me."
>"What am I lookin' out for, and what kinda money am I lookin' at?"
"A few thousand dollars, and to see if anyone is hanging around besides bots and... cops."
>"Gonna need a bit more than that. Plus, am I supposed to call you on your phone or somethin'? I need a number."
No. 494173 ID: 47d311

>Few thousand dollars
>"Gonna need a bit more than that"

Someone else is paying this homeless man or he is not actually a homeless man at all.
No. 494178 ID: 9ee360

I think he means he needs more information on what he's looking out for.

Give him the description of Sevener's three, and tell him too keep an eye out for them, or any new jetals. Or anyone who looks like they're casing out this building. Or if anyone he hasn't seen go into this building before shows up.

Regrettably, we don't have a number to give him. (Unless jetals have build in core-phones? Or there was a phone in the room the dead batteries gave to us?). So we'll just have to check in with him when we come by. Oh, and we're called Unity by the way (so another jetal can't just ask for all the info).

Anyways, settle up with the bum, and then head back to the dead batteries for more jetal hunting missions. This will get us that combat data we wanted, and get us stronger to save Yallows, and for our eventual assassination mission. (We may have to explain we found a charger if they're reluctant to start burning through our power before they secured one).

Assume Alibiter form, equip mafia coat and hat. We're going to do some business.
(We might need to gnab a new gasmask somewhere too).
No. 494182 ID: f2c20c

I think we should do both bounty hunting and Dead Battery jetal-whacking.

Going on a random rampage is likely to get us hunted by cops, despite what Felix wants.
No. 494184 ID: c4e5c2
File 136122356876.png - (174.51KB , 700x700 , 72.png )

>Regrettably, we don't have a number to give him
Actually, Alison didn't purchase a map so much as a pad that does double as a phone. Actually, she'll probably pass it to Loviro to make sure it doesn't have any tracking devices, though it's a bit late for that.

"When you say you need a bit more, you mean info on what I'm looking out for?
>"That, and money."
"Are you even homeless?"
>"Lotta work for a bum who stays in one spot these days."
"What kind of work?"
>"I'm gonna need either some hefty cash or favors from you, if you wanna hear details that didn't come from me."
>"I stick in one spot. Kinda hard for me to go shopping, don't you know. Food, drugs, booze, batteries, you know. The necessities."
"I'll... think about it."
>"You know where to find me."
No. 494185 ID: c4e5c2
File 136122361956.gif - (25.31KB , 800x600 , 73.gif )

Alison steps to the side and calls Polatt.

"Yo, Polatt here."
"Hey. Uh, I'm kind of in the market to go jetal hunting."
"Well you called up the right place, friend. There's always that security jetal we know about. Turns out it guards a jewelry shop, owned by someone who doesn't play nice with dead batteries. We'd love to hit that place, and could use the loot. Also was a jetal looking around for you. We could arrange for you to get a surprise drop on 'em. Also, one of our buddies knew you were interested in that sorta thing, and found a bounty on a robot who may be pretty easy for us to find. Robots might not be your thing, but the kicker is that the reason this bot has a bounty is that he's got a jetal core with, to quote, 'high class equipment.' Something you may like absorbing. No jetalium, but probably a real nice weapon or something."
No. 494186 ID: f2c20c

Jetal looking for us? Let's do the high-class equipment robot first, then ambush the suspicious Jetal with that high-class equipment.
No. 494188 ID: 9ee360

I think we should take the deal to pay the bum to lookout for us (we can afford to lose some money). And ask us what kind of favor he would want to tell us about the other stuff, and we'll see about maybe getting that for him.

>Who hunt?
So... our choices are jetal + money, jetal + remove threat hunting us, and robot with spiffy weapons downloads.

They all sound potentially useful, for different reasons. Priority I think goes to the guy hunting us, or we could get jumped at a bad time. After that, the robot with the cool weapons core sounds the most interesting. The jewellery shop seems the most mundane, but more monetary resources and goodwill for our mob buddies is a pleasant bonus.

Hmm. I think we should do the robot first. We might need the cool weapon to deal with the bounty hunter (who will likely have more combat experience and better equipment than us), and if the robot has a bounty on his head, he may not be around for us to get later if we wait.

Be nice if someone kept a distant eye on the bounty hunter so we don't get surprised while robot hunting. Then we can go after 'em. (And then, if we still can, we can hit the jewellery store for the last jetal and get a financial windfall for the DBs).
No. 494189 ID: 57a559

Collect more info on that jetal. If anything, we'd like to put a hit on that jetal if it's the jetal we think it is. We don't want to risk even eating it.

How much to hire a sniper that can kill jetal cores? There must be a few specialized hunters out there with equipment made to easily find and target jetal cores. The jetal your looking for is likely as high profile as you are or even moreso, an illegal, etc. This Jetal is likely an assassin and out to kill more than just us, a specific person, probably gathering contacts and information, and jetal devouring like crazy. Be careful, do not reveal to this jetal who we are or what we want under any circumstance. This is less for our own good and more about the batteries. They will likely try to distablize all connections we have before cornering us where it wants us.

Or we don't have to kill it, we need to put it into EIN and make it easily trackable. The police should do the rest because it will be performing high profile acts they can't ignore very soon. Get that thing into the system, and we're pretty safe.
No. 494192 ID: 9ee360

...you're assuming the bounty hunter after us is a suped up Sevener. At this point in the game, since neither of us know where the other started (in a pretty big city), or what identity they're wearing, isn't it more likely to be a regular bounty hunter after us for the assault and jetalium theft we committed in the bar?

Actually, we can just ask if it's a legal jetal. Sevener almost certainly won't be, since she should have been activated by the 3 rival criminals.
No. 494193 ID: b59bfb

Sure let's see Loviro real quick for the phone and take the job.
No. 494195 ID: b33427

Before you go any further, ask Polatt if this phone-minicomputer thing you picked up in the DB tower is secure. You don't want to be inadvertently carrying around a potential combo tracking beacon and audio bug for the government.

Go for the 'bot with the core first; You'll need whatever that jetal core has to take on the other two. Ask if the 'bot can be brought in completely destroyed or if its AI core has to be intact for an ID, and where you need to bring it. Are you taking it to another DB member for them to cash in, or some kind of bounty office?

Also ask if the jetal bounty hunter asking about you is a known legit jetal, and known to be a bounty hunter. If it's known legit, that'll rule out Sevener.

Ask if he could get some info for you on that building Yallows is in. You'd like to know what the heck it is before you go busting in. Maybe he can get some intel on what kind of forces are inside as well, but that's a long shot; You know there's a super-core jetal in there, but there could be dozens of class A+ combat-bots backing it up, for all you know.

Oh, and ask if he could get you some background info on the Old Damascus Jetalium factory as well. Has anything major happened there recently, and what's been going on with it for the last thirty years.

Before hanging up, step over to the bum and get his shopping list; The drugs and any other less-than-legal things you can ask Polatt to get for you. Then pay him to keep an eye out for anyone casing the joint, any group assembling that look like they're going for this place, or just anything that looks like trouble incoming for you.
No. 494196 ID: 76b151

Ya go after the bot first, then the bounty hunter then the jewelry store.

After that I think its time to get back on track and help out Yallows. Hopefully by then we'll have enough to not die horrible to the jetal gestalt.
No. 494201 ID: b33427

Also, see if Polatt can get you a car, either to borrow or keep. You'll be a heck of a lot less likely to be spotted as a jetal if you aren't walking everywhere, since walking seems to be an action that easily tips people off to jetals. You'll have to arrange for a garage space on the block, so you only have to walk a small distance, hopefully only through alleys.

Uh... You do know how to drive, right? You might need a driver, or a car that drives itself until you can get in some driving lessons.
No. 494203 ID: 9ee360

We might also want to ask how "perfectly legal" people like us are supposed to collect bounties. Do we have intermediaries to go through or something?

A car might not be too viable if we get much heavier.
No. 494205 ID: b33427

Figure we'd be doing this for a DB bounty hunter and they'd be the one to hand over the 'bot and core and collect the bounty, and we'd take a cut from that. Though, there might be an issue if we leave "fingerprints" on the core when we take the modules. If true, that could jack the heat up on us.

We'll just have to get a vehicle with extra robust suspension and tires, and a more powerful engine. Probably a truck. One with a reinforced driver's seat.

It also might make sense to get a heavy truck with an enclosed bed and store our extra jetalium back there when we don't need it. That way we can keep it near at hand and mobile without us weighing a freakin' ton.
No. 494206 ID: 772c81

How do jetals do with rotating parts I wonder?

We could get up to a significant speed with some heavier model rollerskates and minimum transformation, but more would require body alteration into a good speed body.
No. 494207 ID: 9ddf68

Just tell the dead batteries to keep an eye on the Jetal for now it's a little earily to think we found sevener just yet

If we are going to go jetal hunting I say we start with that secerity jetal first then move on to the bot with the jetal core to get some decent weapons

also how much time untill we have to see undertool because if we can get something off him before we try and get Yallows
No. 494242 ID: c4e5c2
File 136124044472.gif - (29.20KB , 800x600 , 74.gif )

>Attain car. Do you know how to drive?
Alison has no idea. Something about gas pedals and brakes. She'll visit the arcade simulations again before going to get a car just to crash it.

>How much time until undertool?
It's still in over 2 days.

>How do jetals do with rotating parts I wonder?
Alison can say that this may be viable as long as she does not weigh too much, and she may need a higher morphability for it to work well as well.

"Was it a legal jetal?"
"Think so, but we dunno for sure."
"How hard would it be to hire a sniper, Polatt?"
"We got a couple snipers, but they aren't cheap. We pay them well to carry around shit like that, and well is thousands of bucks per hour."
"Also, my phone device thing I got in the tower... is it secure?"
"Yeah. Clerks in our building know to break their bugs before selling them to us, so you're good."
"Okay. I think I'm going to go for the robot with the core. Do we need it intact?"
"Nah, says dead or alive, just to bring in some kind of proof. The core would be proof. We'll come pick you up by the electronic store, sit tight."

Alison does get a shopping list from the bum that she may delegate around. It's like the bum said, plus some weird sounding things that she thinks are drugs.

While waiting to be picked up, Alison turns back into Arbiter and puts on the right clothes, while getting her respirator back. The news says it's going to rain tomorrow, along with heavy winds, so the smog will likely be swept away, at least to a degree.
No. 494243 ID: c4e5c2
File 136124046196.png - (47.83KB , 700x700 , 75.png )

Once picked up with Polatt and two others, Alison continues asking.

"I have this shopping list. Is it possible I could get someone to purchase it for me?"
"Yeah. Pretty normal stuff here, but we can send an errand boy to the local grocers."
"... even the drugs?"
"Yeah, this is heavy stuff, but it's all over the counter. The government knows how to make good mind trips. We'll take it out of your share of the bounty reward.
"Is someone else turning it in?"
"Yeah, same one who's tipping us off. If you do the heavy hitting then you and him will get the biggest slices, but we're getting a piece too for driving you over and all that. He's in the suburbs about an hour away, a good 200 kilometers or something."
"... that's a long ways away. One hour?" 20 normal minutes as Alison knows it.
"You've never been on the highway, eh? Easy enough, we drive in an entry tunnel, and every car has a mechanism under it that lets it get picked up and placed on a magnetic rail. It brings us into the highway, we tell it where our exit is, and we sit and wait."
"Also, I'd like information on..." Alison shows the address of the building Yallows is in. "This place. Also, an old damascus jetalium factory. Anything is good."
"Sure. Again, we'll take it out of your share. Easy stuff, so it'll be easy on your wallet." Polatt says while texting away those orders.

The highway turns out to be an internal tunnel. She is pretty sure there is an optical illusion, as she was pretty sure the highway tunnel was not this tall.

>"It does not sound like there is any wind." The engineer says. "I think this tunnel is a vacuum. The car mechanism he mentioned must keep an airflow going, so our platform probably has an air tank inside that's pumped into our sealed car."
"Fancy. By the way, Duelist, if I ever do change into my own form due to weight issues, would that hinder you?"
>"Perhaps." replies Duelist. "I would think you would prefer to do it. Rather, I recommend it. Beyond the simulation, we may be facing more freeroam locations, so perhaps this would be an ideal location for you to practice anyways."

The car starts beeping, and Loviro takes control of it again as their platform detaches from the rail and starts slowing down on a seperate exit tunnel.
No. 494244 ID: c4e5c2
File 136124051713.gif - (42.63KB , 800x600 , 76.gif )

They exit into a town where Alison hypothesizes that the smog from the capital billows down to and solidifies onto the walls in the form of graffiti. They drive for several more minutes before parking. There are more people on the streets this time.

"Our source is telling us that our robot friend has some buddies in this town, and those buddies run an operation in this building. I'd bet our stakes that this is where he's dug his hidey hole. Might need to rough some people up and encourage them inform us to his precise location. You wanna do the talking or hang back and wait till we point you to him?"
No. 494252 ID: f2c20c

Why don't we hang back and cover a possible back entrance? Once interrogation starts he'll probably try to run.
No. 494255 ID: 9ee360

Did we ask anyone to keep an eye on the bounty hunter?

>Alison hypothesizes that the smog from the capital billows down to and solidifies onto the walls in the form of graffiti.

It also might be that this place is less densely populated and away from power plants, so there's less log. Away from central city infrastructure also probably means less of those cleaning bots. That explains the graffiti.

>take point, or let them do it?
I think by this point, diplomacy with force behind it should be something we're nearly an expert at. Alison should be able to get what she wants out of these people.

If they're reluctant to give the bot up- he's got a bounty on his head, and valuable data for the taking. Someone is going to find him sooner or later. If they want to make sure his core survives that, they're better off giving him up to someone like us.
No. 494261 ID: b59bfb

Let's fight, but go easy, we could probably punch someones head off at full blast.
No. 494268 ID: b33427

You may as well take the respirator off, since you're out of smog-ville. The others gonna do the same? And take that silly hat off already; You don't need to be ID'd as DB out here.

Think you could get some info out of the prostitutes? Say, pay for a (belenosian) hour or two, get out of sight, and just ask some questions about the place, the comings and goings, and about your target for that time. She might just be grateful not to have to work for a bit and share the info, or you might have to pay extra. 'Course, she also might be part of the outfit here, and call you out, but you may as well try. It'll save the trouble of roughing up the joint and possibly alerting your target if it works.

Huddle up and run this idea by Polatt, and ask if he thinks it'd work if you do it, he does it, one of other two does, or perhaps it'd be the least suspicious if all or most of you did it. If it comes down to you, just act as awkward and embarrassed as you actually feel. It'll fit right into it lookin' like your buddies are takin' you to your first time.
No. 494274 ID: 9ee360

>And take that silly hat off already; You don't need to be ID'd as DB out here.
I see nothing wrong with being perceived as a mobster while trying to shake people down. Or with having a distracting visual clue be what people remember. I say the hat stays.
No. 494282 ID: c4e5c2
File 136124713829.gif - (42.98KB , 800x600 , 77.gif )

"Uh... actually, I think I might ask one of the girls over there if they know anything."
"It's your cash."
"How much should I pay?"
"These ones? For delicate info, 5 grand will get them talking."
"Okay. One of you go to the other side and watch the back, please."

The watch was two thousand and the pad was nearly 10 thousand, so Alison does not think that a single empire dollar is worth much. She waves down one of the girls and talks to her at a bit of a distance while taking off her respirator.

>"Yo. Interested?"
"Actually... I'd like to pay you for time and information."
>"Not my usual. No promises."
"I'm looking for a robot. I have reason to believe he's hiding in this building. The info is worth 5000."
>"No idea what you're talking about. All I know is that if we were holding a fugitive down, we'd want half the bounty share. Plus the five thousand for me."

Alison recalls Polatt saying during the ride that the bounty on this person was 300,000.
No. 494286 ID: f2c20c

Seems like in order to compare these to Earth dollars, you'd want to divide by 10.

I don't think we're gonna get the info by throwing reasonable amounts of money at these ladies. I still think we should leave the interrogation to the Dead Batteries, and learn by watching what they do.

I guess we could use threats right now. I mean, we're obviously a Jetal, and strong enough so that their security bot there wouldn't be able to stop us if we wanted to rough them up some.
No. 494291 ID: 9ee360

I don't think burning half our bounty on a location is smart.
No. 494304 ID: 735f4f

We have to learn to be not so nice. Throwing money at random people for info we probably don't need is sort of a waste. On the other hand we don't have to start slapping her around either. Do we have anyone in our head that's good with intimidation?
No. 494309 ID: c4e5c2
File 136124908031.gif - (42.66KB , 800x600 , 78.gif )

"That's a lot to just drop on one piece of information."
>"You want business with me or not?"

>Do we have anyone in our head that's good with intimidation?

"I think I might need to be not so nice after all with this hat. But then again, I think among the thousands of us, one of us might be better at intimidating with Unity."
>"Me." a voice in the lobby says that she forgot about.
No. 494312 ID: c4e5c2
File 136124914343.gif - (21.63KB , 763x363 , 79.gif )

>I can do it. I can get the information. Just let me drive.

Guardsman. Alison can feel his excitement from the lobby.
No. 494320 ID: f2c20c

This will be the first time we put him into a position of power since his death. Ask Scanner what she thinks, as she knows him better than we do at this point.

I mean, first off, does he know that the body is extremely dense and if he starts punching it might be more lethal than he expects? We are really really not supposed to kill any organics.

Also we can ask what he plans to do.
No. 494324 ID: 4a328b

Do it. Let guardsman drive.
No. 494325 ID: 9ee360

...you're just going to be scary and intimidating, right?

Because I'm not sure how much we should be willing to hurt her. That, and we're in a super-strong robot body made from rather heavy stuff. Resorting to any kind of physical violence may be rather more violent or lethal than initially intended. And we can't afford to be hurting or killing organics- it'll cost us the goodwill we have with Felix (who's protecting us from the other cops) and bring a lot of heat down on us.
No. 494337 ID: 735f4f

Give him a chance. This is all new and best to learn now rather than later.
No. 494341 ID: 772c81



No. 494342 ID: 772c81

by this I mean yeah okay, put guardsman in control. In case that wasn't obvious.
No. 494343 ID: b33427

...Okay, Guardsman can take the helm, BUT ONLY if he doesn't get physical; Body language and verbal intimidation only, otherwise that guard-bot is going to go off, and that'll bring everything down. We're only looking to fight the bounty, not this bunch.

Open by telling her to turn around. Grin, loom over her, lock eyes, and tell her that she can take your deal of five thousand for her to tell her boss to get that 'bot bounty out into the neighboring empty lot where we can take it down with no collateral damage, or she can take no money and you and your buddies will perform some high explosive instant "urban renewal" on this dump. You'll make sure she'll get a real close front-row seat to that.

Throughout all that, gradually morph into a bit of a Rubyquest-Red-like grin, complete with too many sharp, sharp teeth. That'll tell her we're jetal, and mean business. If you can't do the whole thing, just a toothy grin throughout and morphing the teeth might do.
No. 494348 ID: c4e5c2
File 136125409163.png - (19.93KB , 700x700 , 80.png )

"Don't kill anyone, guardsman. Remember, you're in a death robot! Don't even rough up people in front of that bot or anything."
>"Okay okay."

Alison lets him, and Unity starts talking.

"Alright, girl. How much are your wages? Let's walk over here."
>"... 2 thousand per hour."
"Okay. You're expensive or the bot is weak, because that's only only a day and a half of.. whatever you do. Okay. Be quiet for a minute. That's still okay. I drove all the way out here, so I'm going to kill him even if it was free."

Guardsman puts Unity's arm over the shoulders of the girl.

"Do you feel that? Jetalium. Do you know what that means?"
>"... get to the point."
"I will. Let me ask you something. Have you ever had cheese get stuck in your fur? From a pizza or anything? Hard to get out, isn't it? Even if you tried tearing out your fur, there'd still be strands. Ever imagined what it would be like to have jetalium in your fur? Because that just happened. Right now. Jetalium. In your fur. Maybe even skin. Keep quiet, because the next part's important. Have you ever heard of jetals that can blow themselves up? Because we can. I'm sure jetals have suicided before. We can. It's easy. Once we detach our jetalium, it arms itself. It explodes in seconds. Just long enough for me to get away, not long enough for you to scrape your skin off. The only way that it's not going to arm when I pull my arm off, is if that pricey robot is in my sight when I let you go. I would like you to lead me, now."
>"..... f-follow me."

Alison can see what he's doing, though. He's using Unity's morph to make it feel like the jetalium is crawling and seeping into her fur, but he's just rubbing the back of her neck. It's all just a threat. It's still mean.

>"Let me fight the robot too!" guardsman requests.
No. 494351 ID: 9ee360

...I love that Unity adjusted to Guardsman eyes.

>It's all just a threat. It's still mean.
Unfortunately, sometimes we need to be mean. We tried playing nice, and she tried to extort us. So we had to step it up. And we kind of don't have a choice but to be mean to people if we want to win this simulation. I mean, what do you think the robot hunting we're doing is?

I have to hand it to Guardsman, though. That's more subtlety and cleverness than I expected from him!

>"Let me fight the robot too!"
We should have Duelist ready to pilot or help in case the robot proves difficult, but otherwise, I don't see it being a bad thing letting Guardsman get a little experience in.

Remember, we need the core intact so we can download the data we want. Best approach is to probably open by taking out sensor / head (possibly with a gun blast, we might want Duelist to do that much as Guardsman has no practice with a gun) and then using the plasma to take out limbs and weapons until the bot is disabled.

Then we recover the core, download the data, and pass it off to our DB buds to collect the bounty.
No. 494352 ID: 735f4f

Very nice. We had best remember this in the future. Making use of all the different personalities we have will be vital to the mission.
No. 494353 ID: f2c20c

Mean is what we're going for. Guardsman IS good at this. Nice.

Fighting the robot? Ehhhhhhh. Maybe. It shouldn't be as difficult as fighting a Jetal, but Guardsman has no freeroam experience. His base weapon IS a sword though so it might work out? Yeah. Sure.
No. 494355 ID: 772c81

He's earned himself a fight!

Though, no going nutso with the body. If you fail here, it's the training boots for you.
No. 494360 ID: c4e5c2
File 136125592135.png - (16.27KB , 700x700 , 81.png )

"Just if we use a sword! We should open up with a shot, I think, so let duelist take care of that and any range. And remember, we need the jetal core intact."
>"That's cool, yeah."
"Oh, and good job, guardsman. That was... sufficiently mean."

They're lead through, where the girl regains her cool and walks in the back with unity like it was normal business.

>"Just in here." the girl whispers. ".... could I get that five thousand anyway? You already screwed me, I'm in hell when they realize I led you to the guy, you know. I'll give you a tip. He's got a real hell of a blaster arm, but can only fire a few shots with it before resorting to a peashooter of a plasma weapon. Also, he's part of EIN, so... you'll have to do it fast."

The door looks flimsy enough to just punch through.
No. 494361 ID: f2c20c

Hand her the cash, yeah. Maybe mention she might want to find a job somewhere else. She could even approach our buddies out front for that, though we can make no guarantees.

Ram through the door and snipe his big blaster arm. Take that out and the peashooter is no issue. We can close to melee and give Guardsman some experience.
No. 494362 ID: f2c20c

I mean, have Duelist snipe the blaster.

Try using 50, 100, then 150 surge in a 3-shot burst, to give us an idea of how strong the gun is.
No. 494365 ID: 9ee360

Thank her, pay her, and then let her get out of way. Things are about to get blasty.

Busting through the door and blasting his optical sensors / targeting system is probably the best way to go. If we can dodge his first few powerful shots or get them to go wild, we'll be able to close and do the swording.
No. 494369 ID: 9ddf68

grab the money then hold it out to her when she reaches for it pull it back and say "only if you get out of her right now' then hold it out for her again and let her take it. after she turns the corner have duelist knock the door down and put a plasma shot into the bot, then swich back to guardsmen and let him have a feild day with the plasma sword. Just have him go for the head and limbs and we should be abal to avoid hitting the core
No. 494370 ID: c4e5c2
File 136125702071.png - (17.76KB , 700x700 , 82.png )

"Yeah." Alison says, while passsing her five thousand. "You can approach our buddies out the front if you don't want to work here anymore. But no promises."
>"... thanks." she says.

She starts running away, and guardsman prepares the beamsword while Duelist bursts through the door. It looks like Unity can use multiple weapons at once, but only so long as she has the energy for it.

Guardsman lets Duelist point his weapon forward first, prepared to shoot.


>"The fuck?! Knock?!"

This is not the simulation Alison thought she was entering. This is not what the plan was.
No. 494371 ID: f2c20c

Don't hesitate! Yell at the prostitute to get clear, first. Start moving towards him, shoot whatever arm he points at you first, and demand to know where the core is.
No. 494375 ID: 9ddf68

put a plasma round in the bots head, knock the girl off, put the plasma sword into the bot, repeat untill bot is 'dead', grab and absorb the core, then just leave the building and get back into the car
No. 494376 ID: 9ee360

...do we know what the robot we're looking for looks like? Is that him? Is that guy even mechanical? Can we tell that from here?

If that's not our guy, or if that's an organic, we've been played (and we can't afford to shoot an organic). In which case I kind of expect we're about to be jumped from the other direction.
No. 494377 ID: 35edd4

Don't assume it's not the girl. Next time we really gotta get a picture of our target.
No. 494380 ID: 57a559

Move, take off his head with the sword. Don't even give the prostitute a few seconds to get off of him. He's pinned. She'll shove off by reflex, don't even worry about her. Or kick her the fuck off if he tries to use her as a human shield.
No. 494381 ID: 9ee360

Guys. We can't kill anyone till we're sure either of them is mechanical. The heat we'd bring down on us for an actual murder is way worse than if we just screw up this mission.
No. 494383 ID: f2c20c

Dude, he's got a robot arm and a robot face.
No. 494384 ID: c6ec33

Call out something along the lines of "Sorry to interrupt, but the Dead Batteries are gathering outside in force and it looks like they're after a bounty. One guess who they're looking for."
No. 494386 ID: 9ee360

If that's apparent to Alison, she can by all means use force to subdue him. (Going for the head or blaster arm). But from where I'm sitting, I'm having a hard time telling. :/
No. 494390 ID: c4e5c2
File 136125890977.png - (16.88KB , 700x700 , 83.png )

>"whoa what are they doing" Guardsman asks, but now is not the time.

"Sit upright and both of you put your hands up!" Duelist yells. Both obey. He's simply made it so his palm opens up as the plasma shot's barrel.

>"I can't assume it is not the girl!" says Duelist internally."
"Just shoot him! The girl said the guy was in here!"
>"I will not pointlessly kill a bystander, simulation or not!"

Alison moves one of the extra eye cameras she made awhile ago in the back of Arbiter's tail to the surface so she can see out of it. The tail is poked out into the hall, showing that here's no one coming up from behind her.

"Which one of you is full robot?!" Alison asks.

The guy bites down hard on his lip. He starts bleeding.

"The stupid girl said it was a 'he!' She set us up! She set us up!" guardsman yells.
No. 494391 ID: 57a559

The full robot. Where is he. NOW! Or we blow this fucking place to kingdom come with Jetal based C4!
No. 494392 ID: 772c81

hey hey hey.


which means ALIVE IS OKAY.

and he has his hands up.
No. 494393 ID: 9ee360

It's not the guy. Told you he didn't really look robotic.

We still need to make sure it's not the girl in the bed. If it's not, we withdraw from this room and fall back.

The girl who lied to us is either our target, going to warn our target, and/or is trying to get away. We should warn our DB buddies we've been played and she's probably running off.

That's hella smart.

>She set us up! She set us up!
Yes. That's the problem with being mean. Sometimes that doesn't work, either.
No. 494394 ID: f2c20c

Goddamn it.

I think it's safe to assume neither of these are the target... but um, step forwards and give the lady a prick with the knife on a finger to see if she bleeds.

If she bleeds, then while we run out, grab the phone and call our dudes out front to tell them that the girl lied to us.
No. 494399 ID: c4e5c2
File 136126153969.png - (15.87KB , 700x700 , 84.png )

"Where is the full robot?!" Alison yells, apparently having a temper after all. "You, miss, knick yourself! Show me that you can blee--"

That gets a reaction out of the girlbot, who's arm flicks up halfway between her wrist and elbow.

Duelist narrowly dodges, still getting scraped along his plasma gun, disabling it for just a couple of seconds. Body damage is minimal, only 2 kgs are burned off. The coat, however, is going to have a scrapped sleeve.
No. 494400 ID: c4e5c2
File 136126154906.png - (21.85KB , 700x700 , 85.png )

Guardsman doesn't wait those seconds, and slices cleanly through the robot's arm.

Alison's phone starts buzzing.
No. 494401 ID: 735f4f

Can we answer in our head? Maybe speakerphone? As long as it does not slow down our fighters might be best to find out if its important.
No. 494402 ID: 9ee360

Finish disabling the bot- make her a quadriplegic if you have to. Then we can grab her, and our hat, and run. We'll open her up for a core scan before we have her delivered alive for the bounty.

>Alison's phone starts buzzing.
Almost certainly warning us we need to get clear. We should answer that once the bot is down. Unless we multitask for that? (Someone use a small morph to press the on button, and form a small speaker / mike near it). Then we could talk and cut at the same time.
No. 494403 ID: 47d311

Guardsman is pretty hardcore. We have a perfect good cop (Duelist) bad cop (Guardsman) duo at our disposal.
No. 494404 ID: f2c20c

Looks like he sliced cleanly through part of the robot's face too.

...hang on, if this robot's part of EIN, how come they have a bounty? Does EIN support robots even when they're breaking the law? Whatever. Find the core. Find out where it is from this robot, at least. Probably in their discarded clothing?

Also, answer the phone- we can multitask. Leave the plasma sword running and pointed at the robot to keep it from going anywhere.
No. 494406 ID: 47d311

Also if the core doesn't appear to be there, tell her that the price on her head is the same dead or alive; if she tells you where the core is, you'll do her a favor and turn her in living, unless she's got a better proposal than 300,000.
No. 494408 ID: 9ee360

>hang on, if this robot's part of EIN, how come they have a bounty?
The bounties aren't necessarily all put out by the state.
No. 494417 ID: b33427

Slice off her other arm and both lower legs while setting your phone to speaker and answering it. Turn off the sword, shove her back onto the bed, and pin her down with one arm while quickly telling her that you only need the jetal core as proof for the bounty; If the gives up the core, she lives.
No. 494422 ID: 91c1b3

It's probably worth it to tell the guy that there is a bounty on her head. So he doesn't try to come to her aid or something.
No. 494426 ID: c4e5c2
File 136126562882.png - (15.92KB , 700x700 , 86.png )

>Hang on, if this robot's part of EIN, how come they have a bounty? Does EIN support robots even when they're breaking the law?
This would have been a stumper if Alison thought of this right as the girl said it, but Alison just doesn't think that the girl was being entirely honest. Then again, it was an odd thing to say.

Guardsman takes off the other arm and her legs.

"Tell me where the core is, I'm bringing you in dead or alive! And she's got a bounty, mister, in case you're wondering."
>"In the bookshelf!" the robot is still able to say despite a partially lopped off head.

The core is gained, and Unity shoves it in herself to start absorbing while picking up the phone.

"They sicced their bot on us! I took care of that one, but we're going to have company soon. You have 5 minutes to get up here!"
"I'll be up in one- er, no. Yeah, five is fine!" Time sucks.

>Bounties aren't necessarily all put up by the state
"Do we know if the government put up the bounty, or if it was personal?"
"No idea, but the government manages personally-funded bounties even if the person hasn't broken any laws! Either way, EIN's been triggered, so haul ass!"

Well that explains that.

Weapon gained: Plasma Sword C, Kinetic Autogun C
Boost gained: Cooling systems. +50% surge regeneration, +100% normal battery usage (does not affect surge requirements, but powering up a sword using 600 surge will take away 1200 battery energy). This will be inactive until Alison chooses to activate it.
Boost gained: Jetalium bullets. May expend mass to form bullets for kinetic guns, either jetalium autoguns or regular guns. This can be combined with explosive shedding to make exploding ammunition. Bullets, if not exploded, are also recoverable after firing.

No. 494429 ID: 9ddf68

allright grab your bounty and haul ass we need to go.
No. 494430 ID: 9ee360

Sweet. A better sword, and optional exploding bullets! Something to spend jetalium on, if we ever get too much, I guess.

>1 5 minutes
Tuck your prisoner-torso under one arm, hold onto your hat, and start running. Shout a sorry to the unfortunate john as you go.
No. 494431 ID: 78c6ea

Mental note; only let Guardsman lead when we want bad things to happen to us.
No. 494432 ID: f2c20c

Grab her and jet. Wrap her in the bedsheet though, for dignity's sake.
No. 494435 ID: 9ee360

Hey, that's not really fair. He did pretty well, considering. He intimidated the mark into taking us to the right place, even if she still tried to get us killed. And really, we took that risk as soon as we decided we were okay going with intimidation instead of buying her off (at exhorbinate cost). Or heck, as soon as we tried to get someone to flip on a friend. You can never be sure you've actually flipped someone in a case like that.

And the dual pilot system worked well. He let Duelist hold them back when we were uncertain, and he went to no nonsense violence when we were.

Really, it's just a matter of understanding people's limits.
No. 494437 ID: b33427

Are you on or near an exterior wall? Is the ceiling in here the roof? Maybe you can cut a hole out using the old plasma sword if your surge and battery are up to it. Flip on your new cooling system while doing it to regenerate surge faster, just in case the wall or roof are too tough, so you can take a another go at it using your new plasma sword.

Don't need her; The core's enough proof for the bounty. Though better make it damn clear to her before you leave that she better vanish off the face of the fuckin' planet once she's got her parts back on.

...But before hanging up on Polett, ask if he's absolutely sure only the core is needed for this.
No. 494440 ID: c4e5c2
File 136126726811.png - (16.81KB , 700x700 , 87.png )

"You sure only the core is necessary, Polatt?!"
"At the very least, but the more the better!"

Compared to herself, the severed robot is quite light. Alison yanks the bedsheet to cover the robot.

"Sorry about this!" she yells back to the man as she runs out of there. She doesn't know the layout of the building that well, so she doesn't risk wasting time and battery trying to cut her way out with the sword.
No. 494441 ID: c4e5c2
File 136126728510.png - (20.14KB , 700x700 , 88.png )

The security bot outside is sufficiently busted and the prostitutes have all scrammed, and nothing stops Alison from running to Polatt's car with the robot in tow. It's a clean getaway, and Alison doesn't get the impression that other robots sent by EIN to back up the security bot care a whole lot about pursuing perpetrators. The gang member in the passenger seat shuts the robot down once he finds the killswitch.

"Was not expecting that kind of robot."
"Shutting the robot off prevents it from reaching EIN, right?"
"Yeah, but it wouldn't matter. She's got a bounty. Oh, she could call for help since she was still part of EIN, but the government won't protect robots with a bounty on their head."
"Even if they're legal?"
"Yeah. We're second class citizens, Unity, the government sells us out easy. The guy who paid for the bounty probably paid more like 400 grand, and we only see 300 of it while the government takes a big bite. Anyways, may as well just pull out the AI chip to turn in, and salvage the robot body ourselves. Good job. Little rough exit, but we got the job done and all survived, and that's as smooth as we can ask for."
"And are you alright?"
"Just superficial damage. You wouldn't know by the look of me, but I'm pretty top notch. We gotta stop by our headquarters and finish up the loose ends anyway, so I'll touch up. After that, are you still wanting to make the most of the day?"
No. 494442 ID: 78c6ea

There's a second lesson about IDs. The only time you actually need a government tracking system to help you is exactly when it doesn't give a shit. Anyway good job, or, job at least.
No. 494443 ID: f2c20c

What about the jetal core we just got? If it's a legal core, they can track us while we carry it. We'd want to turn it in quick.
No. 494444 ID: f2c20c

Oh and yes, we still want to do stuff today. Next let's take out the jetal hunting us.

I'm curious about it, actually. What description was it using to ask about us?
No. 494445 ID: 9ee360

Yeah, we're still up for making the most of the day. We've got a bounty hunter to take care of before we end up getting taken in, and then a jewellery shop to hit.

You know, after that incident, I'm slightly paranoid about mistaken identity. I don't know why we didn't think of this before, considering we are a shapeshifter without any identification protocols.

We should establish a trust password with Polatt, just so no other jetal can try to impersonate us. We should do the same with Loviro's group (using a different password) later. We're been using our name (Unity) as an identifier, but that isn't good enough, since eventually our name will get around.
No. 494451 ID: b33427

Yeah, you're up for it. Still got that jetal bounty hunter to take down, and the jewelry store guard later. Check your battery level, just to know where you stand for the rest of the day.

Pull the captured jetal core out of yourself and hand it over to the guy in front to put with the AI chip. Ask if there's any risk of EIN picking it up, even though it's out of juice. ...Kinda wondering if it's an EIN-less core, but the odds on that are absurdly small.

With what happened with the phone back there, coming up with a hand's free method of using it would be prudent. Maybe a cavity not much bigger than it, near your core, with a mouth, ear, and all the eyes and manipulators needed to operate it. That'll do unless you can just directly plug into its ports and use it that way. May as well give that a try while asking Polatt about doing that to computers and other electronics. Probably should ask Loviro as well about that, later on.

Once back at DB HQ, pick up a replacement coat, and swing by the bookstore to load up your smartphone with documents for Historian, Engineer, and anybody else back in the lobby and environs who's interested. They can read it while you're traveling and not much is happening.

Also, since you won't be near a jetal charger for awhile, stop by the grocer and liquor store at DB HQ and pick up a variety of food and booze to try en route. Digesting those will at least offset baseline running costs. Try creating multiple parallel digestive tracts to speed things up as well.

Conversely, Sevener or another jetal might try to impersonate one of your allies to get to you. So establishing a small list of matching sets of passwords to use would be a good idea. Choosing random sentences out of random books would work well enough.
No. 494467 ID: 440525

Yeah, lets absorb the body of the girl and get a move one.
No. 494472 ID: 9ddf68

Are we going to do anything about Yallows yet or are we putting that on the back burner for now. because I do feel Yallows is on a time limit and I would like to get him sooner reather then later.
Jest turn in the bounty, do any other little thing the dead batteries need you to do before they send you on your way and then go back to Lorvio's hideout get Vinyl because she did say she had a way to get us in that building. Oh also ask if th dead batteries got that info you requested yet that could be useful and make sure they still have tabs on the one jetal that is after us
No. 494475 ID: 9ee360

I would think we'd at least want to field test our new weapons before we risk confronting the supercore nasty holding Yallows. Yes, we're on a time limit, but getting killed going for him doesn't help. And I'd really like to get the bounty hunter off of our tail- find him before he finds us. Otherwise we're likely to get jumped at the worst time. So two birds, one stone high energy plasma blade.

We can't, regrettably. She's made of conventional robotics, not jetalium.
No. 494488 ID: c4e5c2
File 136130404215.png - (11.61KB , 700x700 , 89.png )

"And what about the jetal core calling EIN?"
"If it's able to tell what's going on, then it knows that we rescued it. That would be all sorts of rude of it to call the cops on us. And hey, we didn't do anything illegal, just honest bounty hunting. Only got EIN on us because of that 2 bit establishment was using their security bot recklessly." Polatt thinks.
"Alright. Yes, I'd like to use the rest of the day. Next I would like to go for the bounty hunter. What was the description it was asking for?"
"Didn't bother with current descriptions, just said he was there on behalf of the jetal you took out as the showgirl. Probably didn't think you kept that form." He starts texting to make the setups.
"Can jetals plug themselves directly into computer ports?"
"Only with the appropriate jetal function, I'm afraid."

During the ride back, Alison increases her morphability just a touch so she can put the smartphone in herself and operate it easily enough to do things like text, along with a speaker herself so she can talk into it. She begins downloading various public databanks on her phone, mostly about history and society. Engineer says he doesn't trust engineering books here, as the simulation might fudge the books together and won't be accurate. Even historian says he has to take everything with a grain of salt, as it's not like the simulation will say what is accurately known and what is just being filled in.

>"Ah." Historian says, while looking up society and mannerisms. "It says here that complimenting horns can be quite flattering, but only if done right. Although horn size varies wildly, they do grow with age, soq saying they have large horns can be taken as saying that they are very old."

Alison now understands the response she got for complimenting the size of the electric shop's clerk's horn size.

"Oh, Polatt, we need safety passwords, because some jetal might impersonate me to get to you guys, or one of you guys to get to me."
"Ah, dang. Can't believe I didn't think about that happening myself."

Alison grabs a quote from a random book she found.

"Shock them, impress them, and melt..."
"Heh, good as any."
No. 494490 ID: c4e5c2
File 136130407550.png - (36.87KB , 700x700 , 90.png )

Once back at the dead battery hideaway, everyone splits up to do their seperate business. Alison goes to a clothing shop and gets a robot to quickly and efficiently replace the sleeve of her coat. It's seemless.

She does get some food as well, but does not want to become a digestive machine based on what Loviro said about becoming slow and sluggish if too much is digested at once, especially when she's going to fight soon.

To test out the internal phone operations, Alison sends Polatt a text asking about the information she requested. He is still wrapping up the misson. She gets one back soon enough.

>Yeah, some. Can't find anything special about the building nearby the electric shop you asked about. Looks like it's an office building for a road and highway construction company. We'll keep looking in case there's something funny about it. The damascus facility doesn't look special either, least not recently. It was shut down around 29 years ago since the head honchos up and vanished. Is that where you were made? Because that's been a long time you were asleep for if so. We'll look some more into that one too, and your groceries were left in your room. We're ready to tip that Jetal off and pretend to sell you out. We just need to know where you're going to 'happen' to be, rather, what kind of location you'd like to fight him at. Streets are gonna get pretty crowded soon for a bit, rush hour's coming up on us.
No. 494492 ID: 9ddf68

I say we fight the jetal in an alley, nothing to new or orginal but if the fight goes south for us we could just run out into the rush hour crowd and do a quick morph to hide, but then again so could the other jetal.
Just in case he does get away make it look like your actualy surprise he found you or something. Maybe even change your form to something that looks like the show girl but different enough that one would really have to look to see it. (hides your normal form and if we went full show girl to get the jetal to find us he might think it would be to easy and just leave.)
No. 494493 ID: 6dc5a6

Find an intersection that will be crowded by rush hour. Ideally you want to draw in this jetal without too much intervention from law enforcement, lots of traffic should slow down any response vehicles and prevent bigger robots from getting deployed. Get a driver waiting for you several blocks away for your escape.

If your main escape route gets blocked you may want to get the schematics on the city's sewer lines.
No. 494494 ID: 9ee360

Hmm. You know, with no identification credentials, and no set faces, I wonder how bounty hunters pursuing illegal jetals ever know they got the right one. I suppose if they have the right weapon data that helps? And getting people to betray the jetal you're hunting has to be the best way to locate it.

Cool, we can pay off the hobo next time we go by the hideout.

>so saying they have large horns can be taken as saying that they are very old
...which makes Itcher a babyface I guess. XD

>what kind of location you'd like to fight him at
Somewhere not crowded. We don't want bystanders getting caught in the crossfire, especially if we decide to test our new exploding bullets, or if our new plasma sword turns out to be pretty big or something.

It should be someplace isolated or unpopular enough we don't have to worry about anyone else getting in the way, that makes sense as a hideout for an illegal jetal, and provides enough cover for us to ambush in.

A closed down factory or industrial park, maybe?

Also, assuming you're going to let the bounty hunter live (sparing the core) you shouldn't wear your default Albiter look, or he'll report it and the next one will have an easier time finding you.
No. 494504 ID: f2c20c

>The damascus facility doesn't look special either, least not recently. It was shut down around 29 years ago since the head honchos up and vanished.

Uh, but... it's full of Jetals. Are they... INACTIVE jetals? Also, there are security bots stationed in front. Bizarre. Oh jeez, wouldn't it be amazing if Jetals actually took over the facility?

Let's use Sevener's form for the fight. Frame her.
No. 494505 ID: 76b151

Some small problems with that.
1) we've never seen her.
2) shes in a shapeshifting magic robot too.
3) No one else is going to know about her as she just camo online as well.
No. 494506 ID: 57a559

Turn into Felix, pretend to be a dead body in the middle of a factory to lure him in by surrounding yourself with blood. Make him realize it's a trap by leaving a note asking "Is this a friend of yours?" on your fake body self.

When he turns his back on the body. Cut him in half.
No. 494508 ID: 9ee360

That seems overly elaborate, and risky. If the hunter is genre savvy enough to make sure a body is dead, we're giving him a free attack. Plus, is blood even a thing we can fake?

Doing the ambush in felix-face is good though. We don't want to show the bounty hunters familiar with our default Albiter one, and Felix is a good dose of transparent messing with them.
No. 494511 ID: 57a559

I never said fake the blood
No. 494513 ID: 2accaa

Well it could be that said "head honchos" are just leaving a ton of Jetal inactive to send out one after another if you get axed. They don't think it's a simulation, so they're planning on continuing to quietly rock the boat and destabilize the EIN.
No. 494536 ID: c4e5c2
File 136132779649.png - (25.08KB , 700x700 , 91.png )

>Damascus facility is full of jetals

Where is the damascus factory anyway? Alison texts. It tickles Alison now every time she gets a text or call, with all the buzzing and vibrating.
>Half an hour out of town, in an abandoned testing outpost.

Polatt includes the address and directions to the place. So it doesn't appear that Loviro's hideout is underneath the factory. The actual building Loviro is under, and why it has so many jetals, is still unknown.

Alison can't mimic Sevener's image as of yet, assuming it would even work since sevener may not be using that image. Alison has only seen sevener's face from the false cai sequence, and not very clearly at that.

While she may not be sure about pretending to be a dead Felix to catch him off guard, she will use Felix's image.

Are there any factories that are abandoned but not far from a lot of foot traffic? I don't want to be interrupted or to drag bystanders into it, but I would like to be able to slink back into the crowd after beating him. It's a pause before Polatt answers.
>Yeah. In town would be the quickest, could get you there in, let's say 80 minutes including time to set up the jetal to meet you. Unused factory for sale, floors 104 to 107 in a building. Most people in that building will be getting off in 45 minutes, and you can meld in with one of the elevators bringing down commuters, or rather evacuators depending on if you're found out to be fighting. Walls are nice about keeping sound inside, so you probably won't be found out at all. Otherwise, there's a section of suburbs we can get you to that's got a lot of abandoned warehouses on floor level, but still will have some foot traffic around. That'll be more like 135 minutes, plus however long you gotta wait for the jetal to show up.
No. 494537 ID: 9ee360

...okay, the apparent face-texting is making me giggle.

>factory floor or suburbs warehouse
I guess the factor seems like the better choice? It's closer, secure enough, and easy enough to disappear from when we're done.

Oh, I was thinking that jetalium probably doesn't do convincing blood (or fluid, at all). I suppose we could use the real stuff, but getting ahold of it would take longer, and I don't see how it gives us more of a tactical advantage than a plain old ambush.
No. 494540 ID: 9ddf68

factory sounds good and if we want we could look like an empoly if we want to try and surpise this guy. Just say we had some work we had to catch up on and as we walk by BAM. Down side to the factory however is we are a 100+ stories in the air so a quick escape would be a little harder to pull off.
No. 494551 ID: b6edd6

I don't think a disguise will help much unless the guy is really distracted. Someone hunting for jetal bounties would presumably know how to recognize jetals.
No. 494555 ID: 9ee360

Passing ourselves off as a non-jetal probably wouldn't work, yeah. But there's no need to let him see the face we normally wear. That would make it easier for the next bounty hunter to find us. A disguise serves to maintain our anonymity, not to get us our ambush.

In order to get the jump on him, we use preparedness and the terrain/geography instead.
No. 494558 ID: d79664

Let's take the former mention, and get this over with.
No. 494563 ID: b33427

Take the factory site for the fight. Ask Polatt if he could send you all the info on the site he has available. We'll check the place out when we get there, but knowing some ahead of time would be good. Just the floor plan would be okay, but some more info on the tower it's in would be good. Like how many more floors are above the site. It's probably an industrial block, so if there are a load of floors above, there's going to be a mess of vertical utility, maintenance, and other piping areas that could be used to get out if things go bad, or for the hunter to get in.

We also shouldn't use Felix's face for this. Impersonating a police officer here might raise our heat a little. It's probably minor, but let's choose a form that we haven't used at all yet. Could we slap together a non-distinctive female from images of various historical and modern figures?
No. 494565 ID: 9ee360

I kind of thought using his face sent a message. The bounty hunter is pursuing us because took out Felix's jetal. Attacking him as Felix says that we knew he was after us- and why. That info might make anyone else wary of taking the bounty for a while.

...and it's only impersonating a police officer if we made the badge and uniform to go with it. And tried to, yanno, do anything with it. If anything, I expect the cheek to amuse Felix when he hears about it. :V
No. 494568 ID: b33427

Okay, that makes sense. We'll use Felix's form for this.

Just to try it, could we extend the hairs on our head up and through the fabric of our hat where it touches our head, then merge the hair ends in pairs? That way we don't lose our hat as easily, and the weak bond won't lose any of our hair if it's pulled off.

Oh, and we should remember to keep our horn lengths not too long from now on. Long horns without the old face to go with them would be rather suspicious. We may have to trim our Arbiter form horns down a bit to match our face as well.
No. 494583 ID: c4e5c2
File 136134940195.png - (83.16KB , 900x900 , 92.png )

We'll do the factory in town. Tell me what you know about it. Alison texts. She is on a time limit after all, and that would work better for another clean getaway. She just hopes Felix doesn't mind his image being used, and she won't apply any badges.
>"Alright. We'll give you backup in case he's got backup. Otherwise, if you can't beat him, we're not gonna be much help. The factory is 20,000 square feet, with some leftover brewery equipment. It's in a 187 story building. Balcony and all." Nothing about that is a deal breaker, so Alison is driven to the location.

Unsold Factory

She's just above where the smog levels off. The price is almost 90 million dollars per month. She doesn't know if space in this town is expensive, or if that's the reason it's unsold.

She doesn't have much time to look out the window, though. Her phone vibrates her cheek.

>We think our buddy bought the bait. It's going in the building now. Same entrance as you. Just one problem, it's got a partner, and we can't do much about that. A jetal partner, it's a two on one. They're both disguised as building security guards.

She has about 10 to 15 belenosian minutes, she thinks, before they come through the door, assuming they don't stop for coffee on the way in. Elevators here move alarmingly fast.

There are two main entrances. If they went in at the same entrance, then the westmost entry will be the most direct route, and the eastmost main entrance the second most obvious entry. This is almost a 200 story building, and there is plenty of room above if the jetal tries to go through the roof or floor. With balcony exits north, maintenance rooms south, Alison won't be able to tell where they are coming from if they try to be unpredictable.

The floor only slightly creaks below Alison, so she doesn't think her weight will be an issue so long as she doesn't absorb a whole huge jetal and turn into a pogo stick. Like Polatt said, there's some leftover brewing equipment, so there will be some cover from plasma shots, but the whole layout is not melee friendly.
No. 494585 ID: a11810

Go to the western door (the most direct entrance), and look around at what other entrances are in direct line of sight to that entrance.

I would guess that with 2 of them coming in, they'll probably be confident enough to just come straight in, but we can't count on them being so overconfident as to not use tactics. So, logically, they will try to flank you and come at you from both sides - the most ideal way to do that would be to determine the door that it is most likely you would cover (the western entrance), and enter by two other entrances both with LOS to that door and to each other, so they can coordinate ranged attacks against you.
No. 494588 ID: f2c20c

I think we'd better test the autogun we just got, before they get here. We can recover the bullets after a test-firing, so it should be free. Also maybe activate the plasma sword once to see what the surge requirement is. We've got near-max battery right now, don't we? Should be fine.

Personally I want to see if we can hide somewhere out of view and use our tail-cam to spot where they enter, to get the first shot.
No. 494596 ID: b33427

Better test out your new weapons while you can. Test the surge and power drain on the plasma sword C first. See if activating the cooling system right after it surged speeds cooldown, or if you have to have it active during the surge for it to work. Then form up the kinetic autogun to see how much surge it takes, and it's ongoing cost. Load a single jetalium round and fire it into your foot to get the power cost, and how much damage it'll do.

The bounty hunters are pros, so don't expect them to come in the most direct route together. They won't totally trust the DB's intel, so they're going to come in separate, and from where they can cover each other. Either from the main doors, or a main door and a maintenance door, or even from a maintenance or main door and the balcony or window. All together, you don't know where they're going to come from to get in here. But what you do know for sure, is that they're going to come in here. Which is why you shouldn't be in here, but near here.

Move out into the public hallway on the west side, past the elevator bank, and into the fire escape stairwell. Keep the door open just enough that you can hold your tail cam where it can view the elevators. Wait roughly the maximum time it would take for them to come up the elevators to see if either of them comes out here. Keep your ears cocked for anybody coming up the stairwell. Once 15 b-minutes have passed, move to the west brewery entrance as silent as you can and peek in with your tail cam to see if they're there.

Remember, they're disguised as building security, so no shooting until you're sure they're not actually building security. We can probably open up with explosive rounds once we've confirmed they're jetal. It'll take them down faster, and we can recover what jetalium is used from their bodies.
No. 494597 ID: 735f4f

Up close we have a huge advantage due to our experience with close range weapons. We don't want to get into a gun battle until we have more practice under our belt. Can we ambush them in the elevator? Maybe force open the doors and drop down on there car then attack as they get out.
No. 494605 ID: b33427

No way to know which elevator shaft to open, and even if we did there's a risk of biologicals being in the car with them. Can't just crash through the roof to slice-n-dice. We'd probably end up crashing through the cab floor too, if we tried it.

Pretty much the only way we can be pretty sure that a security guard here is one of them, is if they move like a jetal, and come into the former brewery with weapons ready.

We also can't assume we can get the drop on them by just approaching from behind. They probably have discreetly placed eyes so they can see behind themselves, to the sides, up, and possibly down. Only way to surprise them with a plasma sword is either from right around a corner, or through a wall, floor, or ceiling.

Thinking about that, it would make sense to poke a hole in the stairwell fire door using the plasma sword, when nobody is around. Even better would be from inside a maintenance closet, so nobody might come up behind us. Use it as a peep hole to watch the elevators.
No. 494618 ID: 9ee360

Huh. The sheep got some interesting looking aircraft, out there.

>her weight will be an issue so long as she doesn't absorb a whole huge jetal and turn into a pogo stick
Or... unless we absorb two jetal?

If this room isn't particularly melee friendly, I think the best thing to do is find a good hiding spot, let them get out into the open, and then blast them up with our new exploding bullets. That should turn them into puddles of jetalium for us to close and absorb, and if they resist, we can test the new sword.
No. 494622 ID: b33427

Those are probably just odd looking clouds, not aircraft.

We'll have to hold off on absorbing either of them until both of them are down. In addition to it taking time to absorb, we need to keep our weight down to remain as fast as we can during the fight. Shame we don't have the time to lop off some of our extra mass and stash it so we're even quicker. Maybe we could have made a decoy body out of it.

What we should do is run around and pull the latch levers on all the hatches on the sides of the tanks. Do it just enough that there's a small gap open on each one, so they think we might be looking out. That way they'll have waste time by going around to every tank and clearing it to make sure we're not inside.

Of course, we won't be in any of the tanks. We'll be in the entry hall, listening to the entry door, waiting to open it when they clear a tank, so as to cover the sound of it opening. Then we slip our tail-cam in to watch for our chance to push in when they're behind a tank, close the distance, and surprise them from around it.
No. 494628 ID: 57a559

I like the idea of ambushing them with jetal bombs. It's not very inconspicuous AFTER the fact, but highly damaging.

Shiiet, 10 kg near the entrance aught to kill 'em good real fast if we can get above the entrance and go "drip drop boopity bop!" when they walk in and then we go eat the remains.
No. 494630 ID: 9ee360

The only problem with that is we don't have remote triggering capability. We have to use timers. ...and we don't know exactly when the bounty hunters will be where we want them. So there's a lot of room for a screw up- setting the clock to go off too soon or too late.

I still think finding a nice place to hide higher up in the room, and then shooting them up with explosive bullets when they're out in the middle of the room looking for us is the most expedient solution.
No. 494640 ID: b33427

Tell Polatt to get himself and the boys up to the floor above this one, on the east entrance end. You want 'em to head down the stairs from there and wait in the stairwell for your signal that the targets are in the room. Then they'll move to just outside the east entrance and wait. You may need them to bust the doors open and spray gunfire in as a distraction, or to slow the escape of one of the jetals. You'll tell 'em if you need 'em.

Thing is, one of the first places they're going to check is up high, starting above the door they come in. Then they'll check the tops of the tanks before going any further into the room. We gotta figure they know enough that we won't get the drop on them that easily.

However, let's prepare to take advantage of that explosive shedding ability. Lets start forming a ball in each of our pockets that we can quickly detach and throw; A mix of 10 and 20 kilogram ones. Pull one out, start throwing it, and right before it detaches time it to explode when it is on the target. We got anybody in lobby-space that has good throwing skill?
No. 494655 ID: 001618

I say hide behind one of the tanks and wait till the two jetal enter the room then pull a piece of ourselves off and use it as a makeshift grenade. hopeful it explodes sooner rather then later and even if it doesn't take them out we can just unload on them with our new C rated plasma gun while we bum rush them with the C rated beam sword. (we are better with the sword)
No. 494657 ID: 9ee360

...I really don't know why we want to fool around with trying to improvise throwing inaccurately timed jetalium-C4 grenades when we can just use exploding bullets. :V

I mean, if Polo's taught us anything, it's that exploding bullets are awesome.
No. 494659 ID: 001618

I was just afraid they jetals might just absorb the bullets or something
No. 494663 ID: b33427

Unstable jetalium can't be un-unstabled. If it penetrates the jetals, it's going to go off no matter what. The problem might be in if it doesn't penetrate, fragments all over the place, and instead of being one big bang it's spread out and ends up ineffective against them.

The "exploding fastball," if used, would be for an initial surprise attack where hitting the target dead on is almost sure. It also should be from as far away as possible, 'cause the punch from 20 kg of unstable jetalium is going to seriously fuck things up around it. We do not want to be near that.
No. 494671 ID: c4e5c2
File 136139161973.png - (5.71KB , 654x600 , 93.png )

Those were ships outside, so it looks like at least history believes that they figured out antigravity.

Alison slightly pulls the hatch covers open on a few tanks to make it look like she may be in one of them. This goes quick enough before she runs out to the west hallway.

>Explosive jetalium
Alison can only arm it for 20 seconds to 3 minutes after shedding the mass she wants to. This makes it difficult to weaponize given the timing required mixed with unknown variables of when exactly the bounty hunters would walk through. She will be able to form a ball or detach a finger or something at a moment's notice if she does want to throw some.

>Ask Polatt to get up to the floor above
"You guys don't want to mess with Jetals, and that's fine, but would you mind getting to the floor above me to make a distraction if needed?"
>"No, they already got a lead over us, and we're gonna tip them off that it's a trap if they see us tailing them. Sorry, but we'd just get ourselves killed up there, you know."

She can leave the main factory and spy by leaving a door open just a crack open with an end of her tail camera poking out. She would be able to see one come in from the elevator if this is where they come in fromt, but the Fire Escape door is alarmed, and she doesn't see much of a spot where she could see them without them also being able to see her, even if she would just be a speck poking out of the door.
No. 494672 ID: 001618

I think it is best to just spy on the elevators for now just keep a weapon ready and also make sure to watch more then just the elevators you did say they could come up though the balcony or something so while that is unlike it is better to be ready just in case
No. 494674 ID: 9ee360

>fastball grenade
I guess more mass does equal bigger boom. And it would put those sports skills we bought to some use. Really not sure if it's any better than a hail of explosive bullets or not (bullets should be faster / harder to doge, and have a higher repeat rate).

>where wait?
I'm not sure I want to hide by the door and watch the elevator. If they come in through the other elevator and cut though the southern rooms, we could be surprised from behind.

Could we hide out behind the two grey pillars in the middle of the map? That way, no matter which door opens, we can press ourselves against one tube and move out of sight. We should be using the extra eye so we're watching in more than one direction.

We should also be aware they may split up and come in separate doors. (Although, luckily, we can multi-wield weapons, and have a different person handling independent targeting for each).

(Gah, it's Polo and the shield generators all over again. Big room with tubes. At least this time we can shoot).
No. 494687 ID: b33427

Is that big wall of glass the same mirrored glass that all the other towers around here use? 'Cause if it is, that just kicked the odds of them coming in via the balcony way down, since you'd be able to see them and they can't see you.

Let's keep the high explosive use to within the factory area. We don't know if there are any organics in the neighboring areas, and they can't take shockwaves nearly as well as jetals. We'd rather not accidentally seriously harm or kill one by misjudging how much punch our unstable jetalium has.

Head to the hallway corner where the west elevator is. Stand right at the corner with your back to the wall, facing the elevator, with your tail-cam out at floor level and just far enough to see the other elevator. That way you can see if they're in the west elevator or the east elevator. If they're in the west elevator, you're close enough to rush 'em with your plasma sword and shot. If they're in the east, just hold your tail still so the movement doesn't catch their eye and wait to see which way they go. If they don't show up for 15 Belenosian minutes, then they most likely found another way into the factory, and you should head back there.

If either of them are in the west elevator alone, feel free to use the kinetic autogun with explosive rounds. If there are others in there with them, activate plasma sword C and fire only one carefully aimed 200 charge plasma shot F, both using cooling, then charge in. Be extra careful not to hit any civilians, even if you have to take a minor hit to do so.
No. 494693 ID: c4e5c2
File 136140220975.png - (5.76KB , 654x600 , 94.png )

The middle pillars on the map are the brewing tanks. The opened ones have the gaps on the map.

"We may want to test our weapons before this." says Alison to the Duelist and Guardsman.
>"I have a feeling the plasma sword is as expected, and I think I can test its energy requirements without actually turning it on. But I would like to test the gun."

The autogun is fired a quick couple of times. It's powerful, and the heavier bullets are able to puncture through at least thin steel walls.

Clarence enters the door to control Unity.
>"I'm going to ask something."
"Can our phones view streaming from a remote camera?" she texts.
>"As in set up a security camera and be able to watch it on your phone? Yeah, that's doable."
>"That doesn't help us now, but if we get in this sort of situation again, that could help."

Alison heads out to look at the elevators. She can see both, and they have numbers stating which floor the elevator is currently on.

The one she is by is at 78. The other is 50. Both are rising. 83, 40. 88, 45. 93, 50. 97, 55. Hers slows down, 100... 101... 102, 103. The up arrow disappears. The elevator stops.
No. 494694 ID: c4e5c2
File 136140222055.png - (7.82KB , 700x700 , 95.png )

And it starts going up again. It will reach or cross her floor in seconds. The other one is at 80 and still rising.

She still can't sense if there are any biological people in there, so she can't afford to just try and cut the cable so long as she continues being careful about bystanders, but judging by the sound of the her elevator's hum, she doesn't think it's going to pass her floor.
No. 494697 ID: 735f4f

Attacking the elevator without line of sight to the person you are attacking never goes well. They are always hiding on top or something. We can just wait until the doors open and take advantage of the delay in there reactions our disguise will cause. Or hide and wait.
No. 494698 ID: 9ee360

Okay, it stopped on floor 103?

I see a few possibilities. They may have split up- one person per elevator. It's possible one elevator is a decoy, and empty. It's possible one or more of them got off at floor 103, and is now coming up the stairs, our climbing up outside to ambush via the balcony. A decoy elevator may have a bomb or something on it.

There's too many unknowns to risk jumping the elevators. Fall back to the door to the factor, and watch the near elevator with your tailcam.
No. 494700 ID: c4e5c2
File 136140439557.png - (4.29KB , 700x700 , 96.png )

Alison runs back to the east door of the factory, and inside the factory minus the tail sticking out to view the hallway. The elevator dings right about as Alison clears the door.

They had a similar idea as Clarence. A droid with a remote camera rolls out.
No. 494702 ID: 9ee360

Dang. He brought backup, and is scouting the area with drones? This ambush isn't going to go so smoothly.

We could disable it with a single shot, but that gives away that we know they're coming. Just close the door and conceal yourself in the factory. The drone can't open doors, they'll be forced to do it themselves.
No. 494706 ID: b33427

Okay, if the drone spotted the door moving at all, you'll have to assume you've been made. You'll have to make them think you've made a run for it, while staying hidden, if you're going to ambush them.

Get that entrance door closed, then run down to the maintenance doors and start opening them. Brute force or plasma sword the lock if any of them are locked. You're looking for a drain or sewer trunk pipe. If there is one, and with as many floors above this one as there are, it's going to be big. Take a slice out of it with your plasma sword to make a hole big enough to climb through, while standing far enough back that nothing from it gets on you.

Then run back and climb on top of the tank in the south-east corner, lay in the middle, and flatten out as much as you can. That way their floor level cam-drone can't see you. If you can't get on top of the tank, you'll just have to climb into the open tank next to it and yank the hatch shut after you.
No. 494707 ID: f2c20c

They got out at 103 and pushed the button for this floor. Destroy the droid, then catch the elevator and push button 103, leaving behind an explosive charge timed to blow up as it reaches that floor.

Unless you're worried about there being bystanders at that floor? That does pose some risk. An alternative is to just cut the cables of the elevator since it's empty now, forcing them to enter via the other elevator or over the balcony.

Closing all doors that the drone can get to would force them to enter this floor, but we'd also be unable to spot where they come in, and they would be able to continue using the drone to scout ahead after opening doors. Maybe that's not bad, though. We could shoot them through the doors/nearby walls?
No. 494713 ID: 9ee360

...I thought the whole point of tipping the bounty hunters off was for an ambush. Letting them think they're surprising us, when we're actually surprising them. If we tip our hand and let them know we know they're here, how is this any different from just being attacked by them? It seems a waste to show our hand.
No. 494715 ID: b33427

...Uh. Wait... Yeah, you're right. At most they saw the entry door close or move. That's only enough to know someone is here. Maybe they didn't see the door close at all. Okay, I'll just delete my aggressive suggestion. We'll go back to hiding to get into position to pounce. Perhaps with some misdirection to make them think we fled, if we're sure they saw the entry door move.
No. 494724 ID: b33427

Just realized something: What if they have a flying camera drone as well? A little heli-drone wouldn't be out of the question. Better text Polatt to ask if that's a thing that's not much harder to get than a rolling camera drone. We may end up having to forgo hiding on top of the tanks and have to hide inside one instead. I'm not too keen on that, since they may decide to play it safe and pelt them with gunfire, just so they don't have to go near 'em.

Also, we better ask Polatt how well a flying drone would handle the air currents next to the tower. 'Cause if that window glass isn't mirrored, they may just do a flyby with the drone to look in. We better keep an eye out the window for that.
No. 494740 ID: 9ddf68

we could just walk out in front of the thing look surpised blast it with the crappy plasma gun we have and make a break for the fire exit and bust through it but instead of us running we duck into a room, hallway or closet or even just stand ourside the fire exit and push ourselves against the wall or stand behind the door and when the two jetal come to try and catch a "fleeing" suspect we blow them in two with the stronger plasma gun and finsh them off with the sword. Not sure if we could actualy pull this off so I say we keep this as a plan B incase we can't come up with anything else
No. 494748 ID: 76b151

this sounds best
No. 494760 ID: f2c20c

Hrm. I will settle on letting the drone live and just preventing it from entering the room we're in.
No. 494783 ID: c4e5c2
File 136144406215.png - (5.89KB , 654x600 , 97.png )

>Glass window tinted/mirrored
It is, so looking through normally is not practical.

>Ask about flying drone cameras
>Yeah, flying drones do exist, so watch out. One more thing. Polatt texts as Alison keeps reading. We found out something about these jetals. They both used to be cops, but turned to bounty hunting once they realized they were good at it, and even better at it without having to worry about how the police report would look on record. But they made buddies with that bodyguard jetal you took out, so it's not just for the bounty, it's personal. It might be the bounty too. You're not too cheap, coming in at 10 million.

Alison quickly shuts the main entry, blocking any way she can see from a drone entering on its own. She thinks she did so without making it look ridiculously obvious she saw the drone in the first place.

For cover, she moves between two of the brewing stations.

A couple of minutes go by before it becomes apparent that the two jetals are heavy. They can't do much against creaking the floors. Both of them are moving through the hallway.

>"Bet you they've sent multiple drones keeping an eye on all the halls and everything. They're pincering us." Clarence says.
>"It's not all good for them." Scanner, who shows up as well, says. "Unity has a pretty good sense of where they're at in the hall right now, and at the moment, they are separated with one just a bit before the west doorway."
No. 494784 ID: f2c20c

Open fire on the western one (the closer one) through the wall with our cannon. Wait, is that wall thin enough to shoot through? Crap, it might not be.

We should endeavor not to get caught in this pincer attack. If we exit south while firing, we can get more walls between us and the eastern one.

If the wall's not thin enough to shoot through... Toss 10kg of Jetalium on the wall next to the door, with a short fuse. Then be ready to fire through the resulting hole as you make your way south. Use 100g bullets and minimum fuse time on said bullets.
No. 494789 ID: 9ee360

Heh. Love that Scanner is stepping in to process the sense data. Go team!

Alright, we know where they both are, and we know how thick that wall is (since we passed through that door).

We should fire off a volley of jetalium bullets heavy enough to punch through the western wall, timed so they won't explode till after they make it through the wall (preferably right after hitting their target). Picking the correct mass and timing is something Math and/or Engineer is gonna have to do for us on the fly. I'm missing too many numbers to make an estimate myself (wall thickness/material, dimensions of the room, kinetic output of our gun, etc).

Then we need to cut out through the west door, finish disabling with our plasma sword (we just need to get our target's core away from his jetal), and absorb as much jetalium as we can. Meanwhile, the partner on the east will be running towards us through the factory or along the hall. Either way, he has to come around a corner, so we can jump him with a plasma blade (we'll probably have to stop before the other is completely absorbed to do this).

Note, that if anything goes wrong in plasma blade combat, we have two of them, and alternate minds to step in and slash with a second blade / different limb while the current driver is busy recoiling in pain for a split second. We also have the ability to shed grenades, if need be.
No. 494798 ID: 9ddf68

we're closer to the west jetal so if we know were that jetal is exectaly, hit him with your biggest gun and then rush through the wall as quickly as we can and see if you can't drag the other jetal into the room across the hallway to buy you some more time to absorb it. then focus on jetal #2. if the second jetal gets to you before you can absorb jetal #1 toss an exploding something at it
No. 494799 ID: b33427

If you can hear them, then they're certainly listening for you. Better get down on all fours to spread your weight out when you move. Keep doing that until you're sure they know you're here.

Gotta figure they're not going to be concerned for property damage, so expect them to start throwing around large caliber rounds and explosives once they know you're here. They may even do so before then, so don't be surprised if they place breach charges to bust in here. They'll probably send in a cam 'bot first, though, since they're not sure their intel is legit since it came from the DBs. Unless they don't know it came from the DBs. Better ask Polatt about that.

For now, figure that the guy to the west is approaching the entry door to slip a recon drone in. Quick crawl to the south side of the door while shifting 40 kg of mass into one or a few of your horns. Pull 'em off, group 'em together, and shove 'em into the wall just hard enough the points stick in. If there's a surface mount light switch with conduit there, stick it behind that instead. Time 'em to explode right after you've crawled back to behind the tank and braced yourself.

While you're doing that, be forming a palm-sized 20 kg soft sphere to use for an "explosive fastball" later.

On the way there and back, keep an eye out the window for any flying camera drones. Once the explosives go off, the glass is going to be blown out of those windows, and any flying drones out there will be able to come in here and get on your tail. If they aren't blown away by the shockwave, that is.

Once the blast has passed enough you can get on your feet again, get out from behind the tanks and ready the explosive fastball. Step out to the north and pitch that sucker as hard as you can right at the bottom of the east entry door, timing it to go off when you estimate the jetal to the east has reached the door. Spin back around an start unloading max size explosive rounds from your kinetic autogun at the west jetal through the hole in the wall. If there is only a crater in the wall, still fire, but time the explosions to go off after the round is buried in the wall. That'll blow chunks out on both sides until there is a hole.
No. 494805 ID: bdb3f8

If they are moving at predictable rates, we should have an idea of when they will reach the doors, right? Unless these are blast doors of some sort, we could get at least one, maybe both caught in explosions during the relatively wide window between reaching the door and entering the room, especially if they are in communication and planning a simultaneous breach.
No. 494810 ID: b33427

That'll work if they're planning to breach the room together; They'll be waiting until they're both in position. The problem comes if the one on the west pushes the door open enough to slip a recon drone in first. We'd have to set the charge on the door and get back into cover before the drone spots us. Of course, this wouldn't be a problem if Alison set the lock on the door after closing it. That'd be the obvious thing to do when she came in.

Another problem is that they might choose to use breaching charges on the doors before busting in themselves. They know that they're heavy, and that any jetal that might be in here most likely can hear them moving in the halls, or has surveillance hidden around. So they'll blow the doors so they know we're not hiding on the other side with a plasma sword, or to clear any traps on them.

We'll just have to pay close attention to the way they're moving. If the west one approaches the door, then moves back, it was probably to place a breach charge. If it stops and waits, it's going to breach with it's comrade. If it opens the door before the other one gets in position, it's placing a surveillance drone.
No. 494842 ID: c4e5c2
File 136148325046.png - (9.35KB , 1000x522 , 98.png )

The timing for kinetic rate of fire, explosive ammo and explosive shedding were accidentally using real seconds, which could cause confusion since it was said to be using belenos. Wiki is fixed to reflect this, so stats no longer imply Unity could have shot 216 times per second.

>Shoot through the walls
The walls weren't particularly thick, so even though they are strong, Alison has duelist arm himself with the kinetic shot with 100g shots. They go through the walls, and hopefully aren't going through the walls of the other wall as well. Even better, hopefully hitting the jetal.

It will make the other jetal's movements erratic, so Alison will opt to not try to throw a big chunk of herself at the other door in the hopes she'll get lucky. She stays as close as she can to the maintenance door while still being behind cover.

She will be able to throw one at a moments notice, and will easily be able to pull off 20 kg chunks or so immediately. It is proving difficult to weaponize that addon.
No. 494843 ID: c4e5c2
File 136148326357.png - (21.06KB , 700x700 , 99.png )

The jetal Unity was shooting at runs forward as the bullets start exploding on the other end, enough to cause the whole section of the building to rattle. The jetal bursts through like a battering ram, and it looks like he was shot a multitude of times, but not showing a lack of mobility for it. He's huge, as expected, and he didn't need to actually bend the door like he did to open it. Through it all, the other jetal starts running forward and will likely crash through the door in seconds.

>"That isn't what I expected security guards to look like! If they molded back to their preferred form, then they must have a high level of morphability to do it that fast."

Energy surge detected!

>"He's charging something big!" Engineer yells.
No. 494848 ID: 9ee360

>high level of morphability
...which impairs weapon function and makes them more vulnerable to damage, right? Good for us, I think.

>"He's charging something big!"
Position yourself between him and his partner, continue firing (not sure if plasma or exploding bullets are better? I suppose the bullets cost less battery, and if we win this, we'll be more than replacing any jetalium lost) to drawn his ire and to keep him from realizing what you're doing. Then dodge, and let him blast his partner as he enters the room.

Then while he's staring in shock, close and take him out with the plasma sword.
No. 494850 ID: 4a328b

Cut his arm off!
No. 494854 ID: 9ee360

I doubt we could get close enough in time. We're meters away. And if he did get a shot off as we're charging, that would be a lot harder to dodge.
No. 494855 ID: 35edd4

See if you can hit whatever location the charge is accumulating in and screw up the process.
No. 494859 ID: 9ddf68

do you think you have the aim to shoot a plasma shot off at the jetal's charging weapon and cause it to explode killing or at least crippling that jetal and leaving us to focus on jetal #2
If not duck and weave toward jetal #1 while taking pot shots at him then cleave him in two with your stronger beam sword, Because we do not want to be stuck between two pissed of jetals. If we do take down jetal #1 this way drag him to the room across the hall and absorb him if we have time. if not then at least cause some damge to him so he will at least be less of a threat and then focus on get yourself to better cover
No. 494864 ID: b33427

Immediately set two 10 kg lumps of jetalium to 60 b-second timers and leave them "cooking" just in case you need them later. Just make sure to keep track of the timer and stay where you can safely chuck them away if they're not used.

Aim one explosive round into wherever you think that charge is gathering, then backpedal as fast as you can while continuing to fire. Move north, next to the north row of tanks and try to move in roughly a line from him to his buddy. As soon as he fires, dodge behind the tanks. If you're lucky, the shot will hit his comrade, and if you're not that lucky, it'll just hit the tank or wall.

Once he's fired, run up and around the north side of the tanks, and charge his position while continuing to fire explosive rounds. Close to his position and start slicing with the plasma sword C. Attempt to carve out the middle of his torso and yank it away while you run back through the doorway to get cover from his buddy. You might get his core out that way.

Since his morphability is turned up, his surge level is down, as well as his surge recharge. He probably has a cooling module like you do, to offset the loss in surge recharge, but he still won't be shooting anything that big right away. He might still fire lower powered shots, though, if you're closing on him. But the important thing is that he almost certainly won't have the surge to fire up a plasma sword. He'll be a sitting duck at close range.
No. 494865 ID: cee0ad

Holy shit, cut it off!
No. 494866 ID: 47d311

If they want to just run straight at you, cut them down with explosive rounds. Shooting through a solid wall is one thing; taking the rounds directly is going to carry with it considerably more stopping power.
No. 494867 ID: 78c6ea

Fire an explosive blob at his gun barrel, then take cover! He might be bigger than Unity but he's got high powered weapons and high morphability. He's counting on taking us out quickly, so if we can wear him down we might have a chance.
No. 494869 ID: f2c20c

It looks like he's charging at his mouth. The cannon arm is likely a distraction, so shoot his mouth with a high-surge plasma shot and dodge anyway.

Also let's activate our Cooling Systems so we can shoot the plasma shot more often.
No. 494871 ID: b33427

We can't fire a big blob; Just the 100 gram explosive rounds from kinetic autogun. We still should aim at wherever the charge is gathering, to see if we can cause a misfire.

Maybe we can set a few of the explosive rounds to airburst in front of him and try to blind him to our movement. We'd do it right in front of his face, but he almost certainly has eyes elsewhere.
No. 494872 ID: eaf2f5

Run behind the the second tank and hit the floor. Staying in one piece is more important than hitting that guy.
No. 494886 ID: b33427

Actually, now that I think about it, you shouldn't run out and try to dodge his shot. He's almost certain to be a real good aim, and that looks like a shot that only has to hit once; It's just too risky. Instead, take one aimed shot at where you think his cannon is, duck back behind the tank, hit the deck, and quickly crawl away while staying out of his line of sight. He probably can't hold the shot back now that it's charged, so he'll have to fire, even if he doesn't know exactly where you are. So keep crawling and rolling side to side.

Since they knew that jetal you absorbed modules from from back when they were cops, they know you have explosive shedding. You can use that to your advantage here even if you don't actually throw bombs around. You just have to throw chunks of yourself. They won't know if you've been "cooking" them or that moment or not. Try it by pulling off and throwing a horn around the south side of the tank to the west, to try and keep the west jetal from going that way for a bit.
No. 494899 ID: c4e5c2
File 136149751957.png - (51.98KB , 700x700 , 100.png )

Alison prepares 2 10 kg masses of explosives to be detonated in 60 b-seconds and 100 b-seconds to be thrown just before they explode. Unity runs up to the middle row of tanks, setting herself between the powering up jetal and the jetal trying to catch up.

Unity fires at the visible jetal's gun and around his mouth, the former which starts firing back onto Unity. His bullets are not explosive, but the kinetic force is overwhelming. Unity's kinetic autogun is disabled and will recover in around 10 b-seconds. 15 kg of mass has been chipped off of of Alison, but is not destroyed, and simply fly off of her. She does stagger from losing jetalium, but 15 kg does not affect her much. The shots that Unity fired start exploding, however, and disables the other jetal's gun as well. Not just that, but he staggers back more than Alison did. The bullets deform him more, and that must be a disadvantage from the morphability. But, the holes that were caused from her first volley are quickly patched up, so his recovery can make up for that.

Alison also launches a 200 surge plasma charge at his face, but while it does its damage on contact, it did not pierce all the way through him like she has come to expect. It will recover quickly, as she activates her cooling mechanic.

The jetal can't seem to stop the charge. He realizes that his ally is right behind Unity.
No. 494902 ID: c4e5c2
File 136149763044.png - (19.10KB , 900x500 , 101.png )

The charging was not interrupted, but the Jetal's face is almost not quite realigned right. A plasma beam is barfed out, and it misses Alison. She can tell because she's alive. She can't tell if that's because he was trying to avoid his ally or if it was because he could not recover in time. Either way, that must have taken an immense amount of surge, possibly more than Alison could fire with.
No. 494903 ID: c4e5c2
File 136149773763.png - (44.49KB , 700x700 , 102.png )

Despite it not going through any windows, it makes a hole through the entire building.
No. 494904 ID: c4e5c2
File 136149777244.png - (5.96KB , 654x600 , 103.png )

Unity starts chasing him to close the distance to use her sword and get away from the incoming jetal who will burst through the door almost immediately. She flings out another maximum plasma shot to wittle him down more, but it's hard to tell how much the plasma shot is even doing.

Clearly enough to make him retreat to recover his surge, at the least. He starts running away toward the fire escape, starting to fire semiblindly back to Alison through the wall. Alison does have her autogun recovered now as well.

10 kg is going to explode in 29 b-seconds, and another 10kg in 79 b-seconds.

The fastest will be in about 3 and a half seconds not-belenos time, so this may be a good time to throw the first one at the incoming east jetal.
No. 494906 ID: 76b151

We need to catch that injured guy now. Leave behind a present for the chaser and go after him.
No. 494907 ID: 9ddf68

I say throw the first bomb at the west jetal to disorient him because he is most likely just trying to bottle neck us. If you don't think that will do anything then ya just throw it at the east jetal
No. 494908 ID: 9ee360

Oh geeze. I can see why they quit the force, if they had to explain away things like that. Lots of excessive force and property damage citations and write-ups, I'm sure.

That's not good, though. That will be seen, and called in. Actual cops are going to respond. We only have so much time to wrap this up.

>chewed up by kinetic jetalium miniguns
I hope we're absorbing the bullets he put in us?

>The fastest [explosive] will be in about 3 and a half seconds not-belenos time, so this may be a good time to throw the first one at the incoming east jetal.
Yes, please do that.

>what else do?
Continue pursuing the injured and fleeing jetal. We're lighter and should be faster. Pepper him with boom-bullets as we run (split up the tasks if we have to) and attack with the newer, better plasma sword. Cut right through the wall if you have to.

Take him out, start absorbing. Keep the second guy at bay with bullets and explosives if the first one doesn't take him out.
No. 494909 ID: f2c20c

Yes. Toss the explosive at the incoming one, and continue chasing the retreating one.

Start firing the autocannon again.
No. 494913 ID: 6dc5a6

Chase down the one running to the fire escape after throwing your 10 kg at the other jetal. You want to find a way to cram the other explosives inside his torso, try activating the sword after pressing it point blank against him to make a hole.
No. 494919 ID: 9ee360

...actually, since they're at a low morphability, the other jetals are a lot more fluid then Unity. If we wanted to place a bomb inside of them, we could probably do so with a punch, especially if the charge or our first was pointed. Exploding innards super fist attack!
No. 494934 ID: c4e5c2
File 136150252428.png - (20.69KB , 700x700 , 104.png )

>Absorb the bullets put in Alison
She is able to do so at an inefficient rate, but manages to get some of her mass back.

She runs out to chase the west jetal, while throwing her bomb at the eastmost entry and continuing to fire her autogun. The timing is lucky, and the other jetal just starts opening the door right as her mass explodes by it. Viewing the damage isn't feasible though without stopping, and she enters the hall. She is thinking that the police have probably been alerted.

She gets there too late to see where he went, the door is in the middle of closing, and he could be to the left or right. Or theoretically above or below depending on unknown factors.

10 kg mass bomb: 35 b-seconds/4.2 real seconds till detonation.
No. 494935 ID: 76b151

Put the explosives through the hole in that door and duck outside the fire exit to look around and avoid the explosion. If hes not outside go see if hes there instead.
No. 494937 ID: 78c6ea


He went out the door with the fire escape, not the inner one. Don't dump explosives where they'll just do property damage.

What about that shattered area in the ceiling? You didn't do that, and they certainly would have made noise if they were taking pot shots at the ceiling.
No. 494938 ID: 76b151

Could be a decoy. If I was him I'd do everything I could to buy precious seconds to recover and making it seem I went one way while going the other is a good way to do so.
No. 494940 ID: f2c20c

Use your tail camera to get a peek at the eastern jetal.

Toss the explosive 10kg out the fire exit, prepare another two 10kg explosives timed like the last two, and duck into the room on the left.

Then listen to get an indication of where the jetal you were chasing went.
No. 494941 ID: 9ee360

Damn! He could be any direction from the door (above, below, left or right) or that closing door could be a decoy, and he really went through the closed door to the left.

I suggest rushing it. Fire some shots through the door to the left, in case he's hiding there. Then rush through the door, using both plasma blades at once, sweep left and right. Readjust assault depending on where he actually is (possibly restricting yourself to just the plasma sword C).

If we need to, take advantage of his low morphability to punch the explosive charge inside his squishy body. If we don't use it for that, chuck it behind you to deal with possible pursuit by the second guy.
No. 494942 ID: f2c20c

...it kinda looks like he might be up there. I thought he would be too big to fit through a hole that small though...

Take a look- if he is up there, shove your explosive in his face and then open fire. After the explosion happens you can get in closer and do some sword work.
No. 494944 ID: 9ddf68

look up and make sure that he didn't just go up into the ceiling if so throw the bomb up there if not throw the bomb out toward the fire escape and get your sword ready, he could jump you at any time. also use your tail eye to make sure the eastern jetal doesn't jump you. and if you have time or just get someone else in the lobby to ask Polatt how long do we have till we can expect the police to join the party
No. 494953 ID: b33427

Bank shot that explosive off the closing fire escape door so it lands behind the closed door. Run up the left side of the hall until you're level with the left door while firing a line of heavy high explosive rounds through the left wall, timed to explode right after they pass through. Keep moving your tail-cam around to look through the larger holes in the wall. Charge through the left door, activating your plasma sword C just before reaching it so you can do a low horizontal slice through the door and the neighboring wall.

Once you're through the door, keep moving forward to get out of the blast radius while checking for the jetal. Move your tail-cam up to your shoulder as you enter so it can look above you while you look left and right with your head.

If there's no sign of the jetal, then it's gone down the fire escape. The explosive going off out there will blow the windows in there in, so you'll be able to get out that way easily.
No. 494956 ID: b33427

Actually, change this up so you bank shot the explosive right before you enter the left door. That way if the jetal is hiding behind the closed fire door, it'll have less time to react.
No. 494957 ID: 735f4f

Ask scanner what she heard while you were chasing him. Sounds of glass breaking means he jumped up.
No. 494960 ID: b33427

Dangit! It think I figured out what he did! He went out on the fire escape and jumped to the balcony! That way he could meet back up with his comrade.

Forget the other plan; Charge up to the closed fire door while firing explosive rounds into the room to the left to make it sound like you're attacking there. Stick your tail-cam around to look towards the balcony. If he's there, then get out there and toss the explosive at him. If he's not, then twist your tail-cam around to look the other direction, onto the fire escape. The door will have nearly closed, so you can do that. You'll also have to chuck the explosive into the left room to get rid of it.

Yeah, do this while advancing, as well as checking what everyone else saw, heard, felt, smelt, or any other senses you have. You need to know if any clues have given him away.
No. 494962 ID: 735f4f

Yeah we need to upgrade our senses after this. Infrared cameras, sonar ability and the works. Have scanner watching everything. Need to take advantage of our multiprocessing abilities more.
No. 494963 ID: 9ee360

That might be hard to do, since we were shooting him at the time. I suppose if she selectively filtered out the explosions and gunshots she might have heard which way he went...
No. 494965 ID: c4e5c2
File 136150731909.png - (17.11KB , 800x600 , 105.png )

>What about that shattered area in the ceiling? You didn't do that
It's possible one of her bullets richoted upwards into it while firing, so she might very well have. In fact, most of the damage in the hallway is from her. Either way, she is certain that if the jetal went into the ceiling, there would be a bigger hole.

>Punch the explosive into him
While his body might be relatively squishy, she isn't sure if that means she can just punch through him. Also, it has the added dilemma of ending up next to someone who is about to explode.

>Check allies for giveaway location clues
No others of Alison's friends seem to have any conclusive evidence or clues for the jetals current location.

Her tail cam does not see the east Jetal come through east door, which is now busted. The floor also might have a gap in it now, but she can't see much else in the factory. She does hear the east jetal trampling a bit quieter, but it's hard to tell where the jetal's location is between the quieter noise and unity's current position. She only had a split second to look anyways, as she starts running forward to the side door to check if the west jetal is there along with tossing the bomb out.

>West jetal probably leapt onto the balcony
This thought makes her hesitate. In this case, hesitation was a good thing, because otherwise she would have thrown the bomb right before she hears a loud clang on the balcony, immediately updating a confirmed, probable idea that jumping to the balcony is exactly what the west jetal did. Instead, now, she chucks her bomb particularly hard at the angled door to ricochet it straight to the right and onto the balcony. Or hopefully that is the plan, as it is not an easy shot, but she thinks she can do it.

Simultaneously, Alison starts making two more 10 kg bombs that will be armed in 5 b-seconds, and so detonate in a 55 and 105 b-seconds from now.

While the bomb is still sailing hopefully to its destination, Unity turns around to see something that Alison's tailcam saw, the drone that was still in the hallway.

Energy surge detected!
No. 494967 ID: 76b151

Kill the eyebot while moving into the other room. Dive into a prone position. Start charging a max surge energy blast and aim along the path of where it shot from.
No. 494968 ID: 9ee360

Shoot the drone, Mr. Zappy is using it to target you. Then get the fuck out of the way.

Damnit, this is taking too long. I'm starting to wonder if we'll be able to take these two out before we're forced to bail.
No. 494971 ID: 9ddf68

Take down the drone, then do you think you could get into the ceiling and maybe drop in the factory room and try and get the jetal on the belcany. If not, I also beleave that the other jetal is comeing around through the south hallway so we could try and meat him half way instead if you want, but that is just guess work on my part he could just be going through the factor and meeting up with his partner. If he is doing that however we could try and going around and come in through the east side of the factory and try and catch them by surprise.
No. 494972 ID: 9ddf68

Energy surge detected!
No. 494979 ID: b33427

Dammit! You've got, at most, 21 b-seconds to get the fuck out of the way of that plasma puke beam! You gotta get up high, 'cause he's probably going to do a horizontal cut with it this time.

Feint like you're going to charge down the hall towards the cam-drone while destroying it with a low power plasma shot. Then turn, slam through the doors in front of you, keep running towards the far wall, while looking for anyway to get up higher.

If it's a low ceiling, your best bet is to jump up and plasma slice an angled gouge in the ceiling to make a space to jam your hands in and haul your body up as flush with it as possible. If it's another tall space like the factory, get up on anything in there that'll get you above floor level. If there isn't anything, you'll have to jump up and slice a hand hold into the wall.

You want to get away from them before jumping, since they'll hear it when you jump and know roughly where you are.

While you're doing all this, text Polatt "Cop ETA?" That'll confirm you're still alive, and he'll tell you how long you have to mess around with these two shortly.
No. 494993 ID: b33427

Slight change of plan. Right after slamming through the doors, haul yourself up on them instead of jumping, so you don't make nearly as much noise. Just don't rest on the doors, since they're likely to be vaporized; Get up higher any way you can. Also don't do this if you don't think the doors can handle the force of you hauling yourself up.
No. 494997 ID: c4e5c2
File 136151159861.png - (76.83KB , 700x700 , 106.png )

>Text Polatt, asking for the cop ETA
>You're high up, they're going to send in helicopters above the smog level. You can count on them any time between now and soon! he answers.

Alison can intuitively tell at this point that if she has a vantage point other than her own eyes, she would be able to aim and look at things through the remote sight as though it were natural.

As such, she is figuring that while the sentry is on her, the charging jetal can effectively see through the walls and aim right at her.

Duelist takes a shot to disable the drone. During this, scanner is starting to conclude that the eastmost jetal is coming back around the corridor to approach Unity from behind, possibly becoming the new west jetal.

Alison starts running away. She might be making too much noise, even with her lessened mass she is still making noise on the floor, but if it's enough for the west jetal to hear, she couldn't know. Whether she goes up or down, he fires such a massive blast that Alison feels her survival now is going to be a luck of the draw.

She sticks her tailcam out around the factory entrance as she passes to look at the balcony.

He is on it after all. He's looking at fire escape, not at where she even was.
No. 494998 ID: c4e5c2
File 136151161359.png - (18.08KB , 700x700 , 107.png )

It might not be as reliant on luck this time around after all. Her explosive ricocheted off the door to him just in time for him to open his mouth to expel the blast.
No. 495000 ID: c4e5c2
File 136151165183.png - (17.89KB , 700x700 , 108.png )

No, nevermind that again, Alison thinks. She can't in good conscience call that all skill. That was somewhat improbable, so she just got a different kind of luck.