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File 135302666117.png - (137.22KB , 800x600 , 62.png )
471989 No. 471989 ID: 14a1d0

"Besides, he probably died when I pushed the giant spider over on top of him anyway, so it really wasn't my fault... and that's how I got this magical crystally thing that nobody can identify."

"And that's why someone sent trackers after you to get it back and we spent all day explaining to the authorities why we were fighting in the streets?"

"See? Now you got it, and it was only about an hour, it just feels like forever."

Phew... Whenever this happens I always get a big lecture about bringing trouble home with me and yadda yadda yadda. When I bring home gold no one ever complains.
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No. 471993 ID: fb9917

If someone sent trackers after it, it must be worth SOMETHING. You just need to find someone who actually knows what it is!
No. 471994 ID: f2c20c

Yeah ask your dad where you can find a really good wizard or something to identify it.
No. 472007 ID: b33427

Of course nobody complains about you bringing gold back. Nobody complains about getting gold. You only complain about gold when it falls on your foot or something.

How long until the town guard let those walking carpets out of jail? 'Cause once they're out, they're going to run back to their employer and tattle on where and, more importantly, what you are. Then whoever comes along next is going to be ready for you. You've got until then to identify that glowy gem, sell it, and make it another person's problem.

Go round up that minotaur you dragged back with you so you can fill him in on what happened, then figure out where you're going next.
No. 472083 ID: 8b9215

They still have no idea she's part dragon.
No. 472096 ID: 3fcc04

It's pretty obvious she's part really-not-kobold, which is all the gnolls particularly need to say. If the next people to come after her are adequately prepared to stealthily dose her with lots of poisons/drugs it doesn't matter if she's part dragon, part human, or part kudzu really.

Since you already seem to have figured out where you're going you should get ye supplies and move ye arse, in the feeble hope that speed and distance may help you avoid whoever is sending folks after you. They probably have people that travel a lot faster than you do or agents already waiting to make trouble for you where you're going though so this is a feeble hope certain to be smashed into smithereens shortly. Because this hope is feeble you must make sure you are reasonably armed and protected, and prepared for keeping watch. It's probably too much to ask that you bring along a guide or a good enough map so that you can avoid the probable ambush/trap locations: I mean I really don't think I'm working with skilled guerrillas here.
No. 472411 ID: 65c3dd

As long as she doesn't announce to everyone where she is going that will no doubt put the slip on any would be thieves for the time being. No doubt they only have as much information as that wizard had so skipping town is probably the best bet.
No. 472462 ID: 14a1d0
File 135318106110.png - (168.36KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

>ask your dad where you can find a really good wizard or something to identify it.

I go back and ask my dad about wizards, which he doesn't really know about. I guess I should have known that, but it never hurts to ask.

I guess we can just go to Styrewood like I planned originally.

"Rynh, be careful if you're going into elf territory. They don't care much for kobolds around there," says dad.
"I know, they're a bunch of dicks to everyone. I'll watch my back, you know... more."

>They still have no idea she's part dragon.
If they figured out I'm part kobold, then the other half can only be so many things. Kobolds can't really breed with anything other than weird magic creatures. I can still try to surprise anyone that comes after us with firebreath. It's hard to pass on what to expect when you're on fire.

>As long as she doesn't announce to everyone where she is going that will no doubt put the slip on any would be thieves for the time being.
We'll just keep where we're going to ourselves and watch for anyone creeping up behind us. Simple.

As for the gnolls, I don't know if they'll be back because I may have threatened them with horrible violence. They don't know who they're working for either. The job was placed by a third party and they never met the employer in person.
We can wander off any time, I guess. After dinner, of course.
No. 472467 ID: 65c3dd

I think I'd be more concerned with them surprising you with something like an arrow in the back. They probably won't announce themselves next time and might just figure it's easier to shank you and just loot you guys after the fact. I would imagine whoever hired the gnolls might just hire someone else. Hopefully your companions have armor I suppose.
No. 472479 ID: b33427

Go poke Jehral in the nose for making that face at this touching display of fatherly concern and familial affection. Man, doesn't he get that this is adorable?

Since you're heading into elf country, add tools to extract arrows and arrowheads from wounds to your medic kit, along with extra healing potions. Yanno, in the highly unlikely case you manage to piss them off and your party is shot at.

Consider that you're on the clock from now on. Eat dinner with dad and the rest of the party, then get on the road to Styrewood. Stick Jehral on Thodren's shoulder facing backwards so the both of them together can act as a "watchtower." Jehral's something like thirty pounds soaking wet, so Thodren'll have no problem carrying him.
No. 472692 ID: da71e8

Poor bastard. Jehral's eyes are almost exactly at crotch-level on Thodren.
No. 472700 ID: f2c20c

So who's the brown kobold? Your dad's wife?
No. 472702 ID: 62496e

that's Jehral
No. 472705 ID: f2c20c

Oh. He was only in color once before, so I thought he was grey.
No. 472763 ID: 65c3dd

Well he doesn't have the puffy head of hair anymore so he looks completely different.

I don't think anyone in the group knows how to use a medical kit so I dunno if that will really help that much. Might be best to just try to avoid getting shot at by arrows for the time being.
No. 473263 ID: 14a1d0
File 135344223162.png - (205.28KB , 957x671 , 64.png )

Dinner time.

It would be a good idea to stock up on arrow removal supplies, just in case. I mean, elves are just dicks to everyone, as a whole. They're all bitter that their ancient empires of perfection are crumbling and all the "imperfect" races are showing them they're not so perfect by outpacing them at pretty much everything.

>"You know, Rynh," says Dad, "If you want to know about that thing, why don't you go after the person that told you about it in the first place?"
"I don't know, Dad. The reason he sold me the info in the first place was to get some cash to skip town. It would probably be a huge waste of time."

>"Yes, but some people don't like to leave familiar surroundings, it makes them feel safer than some place foreign. He may try to hide locally until the pressure is off of him, especially if word gets around that there are people searching for you because they know you have what they want. He may feel it's safe to resurface in the same area."

"Wow. You're really good at this kind of stuff. Where'd you learn all this?"

>"When you get to be an old man like me, you pick things up along the way."

"Dad, you're thirty-four..."
No. 473265 ID: 7ea3a9

Wow, he is an old geezer.

Ok, follow his advice and take a look around town. You will probably end up in more street fights. Yay.
No. 473266 ID: f2c20c

But he's got DEPTH of experience. Whose tail is that off to the left? Also it looks like there's a third plate on the table, belonging to someone who eats quite a lot...

He's right, anyway. What was the guy like?
No. 473280 ID: 4630f2


that's a horn.
If you need another clue, all you'll have from me is pity and disgust.
No. 473281 ID: beeca1

Oh, it's Jehral? He must be hornier than I thought.
No. 473294 ID: f2c20c

Oh, I figured Thodren would be buying his own meals or something, but having a friend over for dinner makes sense too.
No. 473355 ID: 4630f2

No. 473356 ID: b33427

Yeah, he's thirty-four. He also has a half-dragon daughter, a bunch of scars that he likely didn't get from being really bad at sharpening farm implements, and a Solid Snake headband. Dude's probably had to lay low more than a few times, so listen to the old coot. It'll at least confirm whether that guy skipped town or not.

May as well take advantage of your dad's vast experience and ask him if he was the guy you were looking for, where would he hide in this two-bit town. That'll be your second stop, after first asking around in the tavern you met the guy in.
No. 473359 ID: beeca1

Yes, I know it's Thodren. I just did it for the sake of that incredibly bad pun, which is probably enough of an offense in itself.
No. 473586 ID: 14a1d0
File 135355461566.png - (79.97KB , 640x480 , 65 Best Friends 4ever.png )

>ask him if he was the guy you were looking for, where would he hide in this two-bit town.

Oh, I didn't meet that guy here. I was wandering around in Belja. It's the capital, so all the interesting stuff kind of gathers around there.
It's also pretty big, so it might be a bit of an adventure just finding someone in a big city like that.

Jehral and Thodren seem to be getting along.
No. 473589 ID: b33427

Well then. It looks like the place to go is Belja. Then if hunting the guy who gave you the info doesn't pan out, there'll almost certainly be someone there that could tell you something about that crystal. For a price, that is.

Still ask your dad where he'd hide out in Belja, if he had to. While watching how Jehral handles Thodren.
No. 473598 ID: 87d89c

Let's go see if the gnolls want to join us in going to Belja. That gem might be worth a lot once we find out more about it, and we could use the extra protection just in case there's more trackers after us.
No. 473747 ID: 997ce7

Oh neat a crossover
No. 473748 ID: f962e8

Alright, Im laughing a bit too hard at how abrupt that was
No. 473754 ID: bf54a8

good thing you already have that pump installed, turn it back on.
No. 473755 ID: 16e3f2

Rynh open a door so the water can flow out
No. 473773 ID: 62496e

This is far more amusing than it should be.
No. 473932 ID: 14a1d0
File 135369088333.png - (206.13KB , 806x707 , 66.png )

So I guess we have our plan worked out and we won't even have to deal with elves. I mean, there are elves in Belja, just not in big concentrations that shoot at you, I hope.

>watch how Jehral handles Thodren.
Now, if Thodren doesn't catch him immediately, he's probably going to be too bulky to do anything and he's gonna get bit up something awful.

They'd better not break anything...
No. 474032 ID: b33427

Idly mention that's what you get for trying to take a kobold's food, while pulling the table away from their fighting so it and your meal don't get wrecked.

You might want to break up their fight soon, 'cause I suspect your father won't appreciate minotaur inflicted holes and dents in the walls.
No. 474410 ID: 67ba4b

while they're busy fighting steal and eat their food
No. 474411 ID: 1f8505

'round them all up and talk about stuff.
No. 474444 ID: 14a1d0
File 135388527387.png - (207.52KB , 1024x768 , 67.png )

>steal and eat their food

It's not stealing, they left the table. Obviously they don't want any of it.

So, I guess we'll be wandering off to Belja soon. I wonder if I should do anything to prepare or whatever.
No. 474445 ID: 4630f2

This was the best of all possible solutions.
Nothing left to fight about, AND they learned that there are consequences for being dorks and not paying attention to what's important: you.
No. 474455 ID: 67ba4b

be sure to bring a 10 foot pole some rope and plenty of trail rations
No. 475130 ID: 14a1d0
File 135409250804.png - (70.10KB , 600x400 , 68.png )

Jehral heads home after dinner, something about telling his parents he's leaving town to track down potentially dangerous individuals in bad parts of a major city. I'm sure they'll be fine with it.
Thodren ducks outside as well. It's almost like he doesn't like being inside, just because he can't stand up straight or his horns go through the ceiling.

On a more important note, my sword is all busted up. I guess I am a little rough on it. I don't know if I should try to fix it or just melt it down into something else. The design is a little crappy, seeing as how it's just a slab of melted scrap on a stick.
No. 475131 ID: c74c7d


Melt it down into a steel dildo that menaces with studs of steel or alternatively just have it fixed. Crappy or not it can still chop.
No. 475132 ID: bf54a8

well it's weakness is apparently rocks, so i think it was working okay.
No. 475133 ID: 0268b3

Aye. Big cleaver-like swords are cool and all, but you're in the staying-alive and kicking-ass business. Either get it made into a full-blown warmachine halberd, or make it into a nice concealable cutlass and dagger set.
No. 475134 ID: 34e09c

Unless you have the money to buy a fancy sword that doesn't suck, you might as well fix what you have. As long as it can hack into things, it'll do.
No. 475135 ID: 629257

Do whatever is easier. If it takes too long to fix it or your are shitty at forging, just go buy a new one. Either way don't worry about quality past being sharp and not fragile, since I'm sure you'll be picking up something better off of a corpse in the near future.
No. 475143 ID: f2c20c

Get a heavier weapon. You're super strong so you should be swinging around a weapon that uses that strength.
No. 475146 ID: b33427

With the all the abuse you've heaped on that overblown butter knife, at this point fixing it would require melting it down to reforge the blade, so you may as well change it while you're at it.

Get it remade into another single-edge heavy blade, but with a wide blunt side. Then you'll have a choice between a slash-y side for soft targets, and a bash-y side for harder targets. That way you won't be dulling your edge all the time smacking around armored opponents.
No. 475151 ID: 8b9215

Get a longsword and a dagger. Good general combat stuff.
No. 475182 ID: 14a1d0
File 135412756742.png - (99.64KB , 640x480 , 69.png )

I haul my sword out to Dad's workshop and get ready to work with some liquid hot steel.

>Reforge it into a giant halberd or a tiny dagger or something in between

Okay, I can do that. I mean, it probably wasn't necessary to melt it by breathing on it, but then I wouldn't be able to say I have a weapon forged in dragonfire, which probably doesn't do anything special, but it just sounds really cool. Oh god, why is everything spinning so much? Those colors are pretty though. I should really be standing for this part. Give me a minute here...
No. 475187 ID: 1f8505


Try and hallucinate your way to the outside where there's fresh air.
No. 475190 ID: bf54a8

i am sure there is some weird monster out there that can only be harmed by metal forged in dragon flame. and it will be totally surprised when you stab it.
No. 475195 ID: 62496e

Go outside, take a deep breath. Don't close the door behind you.
No. 475196 ID: d90199

Work your weapon as soon as you can sit up again. Let the pretty lights guide your hand in making a weapon the world has never seen before.
No. 475208 ID: e3f578

Oh man you are so high right now, we should take advantage of it.
Let's see the four characteristics of being high are being Hungry, Happy, Horny and Sleepy. Quickly, Rynh! You've already eaten so unless you get some quick munchies and can satisfy your heightened taste attribute, the best way to enjoy this moment is to stimulate touch!
No. 475211 ID: a5d914

Hell yeah. Make a spear, or a sword, or a swear, or a spord. Get your pa to put some mechanisms in it, like springs and stuff. You should try to buy some kind of animal to bring along as an emergency ration/pack mule kind of deal...

Also make sure you sleep in the same room as Thodren for the night. You know so he doesn't get lonely being away from his family. You can make small talk long into the night.
No. 475214 ID: 65c3dd

I can see no fault with this reasoning.

I'm thinking spear is probably a good way to go. That way you can fold the metal from the sword back into itself to make it stronger and not as breakable.
No. 475290 ID: 14a1d0
File 135415026047.png - (113.49KB , 640x480 , 70.png )


A bit of melting, pounding, more melting, swearing and grinding and I have something like a weapon. It's almost like a halberd or spear, but I slapped a big bracing chunk thing on the back for bashing too. If I could figure out a way for the handle to come off, I could use it as a sword, too...

I wonder if it's pointy enough for stabbing?
No. 475292 ID: 8b9215

Nice clothing. Holes are in the totally wrong place though.

If you get any armor/clothing, go with hard leather armor. It's light, Sort of flexible, sort of fire resistant, sort of protection. And it's cheap.
No. 475294 ID: d90199

Just one way to find out. Stab something.
in the tailbutt.
No. 475295 ID: 65c3dd

Getting some quick practice might be good if you aren't used to fighting with a polearm. Gotta remember that you target zone has a minimum range or else you will just be bonking people on the head with an off balanced wooden stick. Once you have a feel for the target zone you should be good to go as you can get a lot more force and power behind a polearm then a simple sword. Not to mention the ability to brace your polearm to the ground to stop anyone trying to charge you either on foot or on a horse.

I'm assuming ratty work clothes isn't a long term plan for traveling armor.
No. 475296 ID: b33427

Find out if it's stabby enough by swinging by the butcher shop and sticking it into the side of a recently killed pig or cow or something. With the butcher's permission, of course.

Make a mental note that the next time you work with hot metal, do so naked, since you're fireproof and your clothes aren't. Oh, and get at least fireproof underwear so you won't end up completely naked if you get caught on fire later on.

What're your options for armor right now? Go without? Cheap hard leather set you replace when it inevitably gets burned up or broken? Too bad if you want armor as fireproof as you, you have to go the magic route, which is expensive. Unless you can get armor made out of layered asbestos fibers, but that sounds nearly as expensive as magic.

You got enough metal left to make Thodren something simple? Like a set of minotaur-size spiked knuckles?
No. 475308 ID: e3f578

Yes, we never got him back for that asspatting. We need to spank him.
No. 475770 ID: 14a1d0
File 135432247950.png - (83.33KB , 640x480 , 71.png )

I go over to Jehral's place to see what he's up to, I'm probably not going to stab him in the butt with anything though.
His dad answers the door, "Krr'strki yakrrk Leirynhja vprssk yitkrntyrrista" <Greeting Rynh welcome for big honor>

Aw, man... My Yyp'yik is so rusty. Jehral's parents are the only people I know that actually speak it all the time, but they're a lot more traditionalist than my dad. Which sometimes makes things weird because of the whole dragon thing.
<"Hello, Mr. Gretus. Is Jehral around?>

<"Oh, yes. He is here. Would you like to come in?>

<"I guess I could. I've been all over the place today and I just got back in town. If it's just for a bit, sure.">

<"You do too much. You should settle down. You know, having children is a good way to settle down. You like Jehral? You could have children with Jehral. You are both at the age to start having children.">

See what I mean?

<"Haha... Well, you know... I haven't really thought about that and I like keeping busy, so uh... Maybe later or something?">

Easy for them to say. They have six kids that still live at home and a bunch more that spread out all over the place. I guess it's normal for kobolds to have lots of baby kobolds and they probably think it would be really prestigious to get me in the family, but I'm just an amateur adventurer that digs around for shiny objects and my dad is a mechanic. It's not like we're some rich, powerful dragon nobility or something. It's no big deal, just kind of awkward.
No. 475773 ID: 8b9215

Go inside and cuddle with Jehral.
No. 475776 ID: bf54a8

well if you lay eggs it wouldn't really be that big a deal, you could probably even get them to take care of the little blighters.

anyway, get jehral, see how prepared he is for adventure.
No. 475808 ID: d90199

Figures such frail, tiny, shor-lived creatures would take the 'shotgun' approach to passing their genes on.

Still, be thankful for those traditions: some races find cross-ethnicity breeding, within their own species, abhorrent.

Much better than living next to people that would throw you down a well for being halfsies.
No. 475810 ID: ec06d0

>you could probably even get them to take care of the little blighters.
I don't think Rynh wants to turn into her mom.
No. 475812 ID: e3f578

Pfft. Children.
Could you even nurse? They'd die of starvation within the first few days.
Children aren't even fun. Do they serve a purpose? Nope, just hungry little shits.
No. 475832 ID: 450660


Agreed. Snuggle the fuck out of him, until he's gasping for air and needs help walking.

... Because of lack of oxygen. Gosh, what did you think? But no, that'd be okay, too. Fufufufufu~
No. 475840 ID: fb9917

Snuggle levels are dangerously low.
No. 475845 ID: e3f578

I forgot to suggest something. Make this situation awkward by saying that he really shouldn't be pimping out his son as a stud and encouraging you to bone. I mean, is he visualizing only the children, like by merely marrying they just start showing up? Because, hello, to get from A to B there's a journey you know, and that's sex. Please, stop implying you want to have Rynh have sex with Jehral, Jehral's Dad. Because that's what you're doing.

Unless he knows of a way to just make a random baby with no action (or the horrific gestation) whatsoever between the two people, then sure. But he's taking care of the children since he wants them so much.
No. 476005 ID: 14a1d0
File 135440711977.png - (89.09KB , 640x480 , 72.png )

I'm just going visit for a bit, check on Jehral and not worry about any arranged breeding.
We should probably decide when we're going to leave too. I can't think of anything else to be doing right now.

>Figures such frail, tiny, short-lived creatures would take the 'shotgun' approach to passing their genes on.
Kobolds can live a long time, but usually don't, out in the wild anyway. One yapping, biting thing can't do much, but ten thousand could wipe out the countryside. So, it's better to have lots.

Why would someone with a bunch of kids know anything about how they're made? That's just silly.

>Snuggle levels are dangerously low.
Kobold pile, engage. Falling asleep around here results in me being used as a heater. Sika and Kreeyu are already crawling on. I'll wake up completely buried, probably.
No. 476021 ID: 0a99e7


No. 476033 ID: f2c20c

No. 476047 ID: 1f8505


Adorable. :)
No. 476048 ID: ad199c

For all the crudeness Rynh still ends up being damned cute a lot of the time.
No. 476178 ID: 3fcc04

Is there anything else we should do today, like packing details, fetching maps, making sure Thodren is looked after, or anything else like that? Because if not I think sleeping in a kobold pile might be good for the stress level before heading out on another adventure dealing with Elves that probably won't like you and probably more assassins or mercenaries or something from this other guy that's after you.
No. 476234 ID: 14a1d0
File 135452127094.png - (146.78KB , 640x480 , 73.png )

>Get on with it

Ngh... Everything'll work out. Tired... Sleep now.


YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRRRGH! Ugh... Morning already? I guess I should throw some stuff in a bag or something, then gather up everyone who's going. Jehral's around here somewhere, right? Sika, Jisati, Kuhra, Jehral. There he is.

Buh. I can't think of anything important I need to do, so I'm probably just being lazy. We'll have to get moving, in a bit. I need a few more minutes, then breakfast.
No. 476235 ID: f2c20c

Go find that guy who knows stuff about the thing.
No. 476237 ID: 7409f7

Grab some food for the road before you leave, some water, whatever weapons, and you're basically set.
No. 476252 ID: 8b9215

Nom on Jehral's head while you wake up. Take him with you on your magical journey.
No. 476299 ID: d9b9dc

Trade armload of kobold kids for breakfast.
No. 476334 ID: 67e8b2

Get breakfast. Be awkwardly huge around everyone.

Wait, your real name is Leirynhja?
No. 476360 ID: b33427

Gather ye armload of 'bolds and bring 'em all in for breakfast. After all, you need someone to cook it for ya.

Ask Jehral's parents and family if they have anything they'd like you to deliver to Belja, or bring anything back from there. Check in with your dad and ask him the same too.

Get all your gear and travelin' companions; Weapons, food, water, ammo, campin' stuff, first-aid, healin' items, etc. Double-check you've still got the glowy gem too. Then it's time to head out.
No. 476461 ID: 14a1d0
File 135462144253.png - (155.16KB , 640x480 , 74.png )

We won't have to carry much with us. It's just a simple trip down a major highway, about a day away, depending on our pace. We'll just have breakfast here, carry enough to tide us over. Hunger is a great motivator to keep moving, until you start starving and pass out, but for this kind of trip, we can just force through and gorge ourselves on the other end.

Oh yeah, I got the gem too. That might be important.

Sika flies out of nowhere and sends Jehral flying with a kick. This is clearly hilarious and she got an impressive amount of force into that for such a little thing.
>"You're going off and taking my stupid little brother with you and leaving me here? I want to see the sights too. I bet you're only taking him 'cause he's your boyfriend."

"Jehral's not my boyfriend! He asked to come along so he's coming along. It's only because we might need someone small to sneak around or something."

>"Well, I just kicked his butt and you thought he was good enough to take, so that means I'm even better and I can go, right?"

"That's a convincing argument, but I don't know..."
No. 476463 ID: 65c3dd

It's a good question though I mean why do you want to bang Jehral until a blue moon? He doesn't seem to have any skills beyond being tiny and all he does is complain.

If you can barely find a reason to bring him along why do you need a second one?
No. 476464 ID: 8b9215

Bullshit, he's totally your boyfriend.
No. 476465 ID: 9718f3

Might as well take her along, seeing as how you're obviously too much woman for Thodren and he needs somebody.
No. 476477 ID: e3f578

"Ask your parents"
And warn her that her pants might be schmoozed right off by big ol' meaty here. He looks like he likes tiny types.
No. 476480 ID: d9b9dc

Let yourself be compelled by her argument.

Her ability and willingness to beat the crap out of Jehral is invaluable all on its own.
No. 476497 ID: e451b0

let her join the party, the more the merrier
No. 476502 ID: 8d1cdb

If you're okay with her coming along, and you don't think she'll be trouble, sure.

If you want to leave her behind, point out that you're bringing Jehral for stealth. The ability to loudly beat people up and argue is not exactly what you're looking for.
No. 476504 ID: b6edd6

She snuck up on Jerhal in order to kick him though.
No. 476577 ID: 1a82d6

The correct answer is, "I don't really care."
After that, she will join the party, because any objections from Jehral will be outvoted by yours and Thodren's inability to give a fuck.
Because that's how voting works.
No. 476579 ID: f2c20c

I don't see any reason why we can't have both of them along.
No. 476602 ID: 450660


Take her, or suffer the indignity of our awful singing for all eternity.
No. 476626 ID: c12a37

Make out with Jehral to deter her from wanting to go. If she thinks you're legit, and still wants to go, let her go with, as she has the willpower your group needs.
No. 476701 ID: a5d914

Yeah go for it. Bring Sika with you. Two flat-chested girls are better than one.

You should probably discuss fighting strategies and stuff while you walk. Thodren was pretty fire proof when you first fought him. See how he feels about you breathing fire around him if you get into fights or trouble. If he ends up in a difficult wrestling match with a treeant would he be ok with you catching both of them in a flame blast? Maybe get the kobolds trained to hide behind you stronger guys without getting in the way and have them stab things in the legs only if it is really appropriate.
No. 477434 ID: 14a1d0
File 135503502653.png - (179.58KB , 640x480 , 75.png )

Alright. Two kobolds are probably better than one. I mean, if I didn't have dragon powers, I'd totally want two or three or fifteen more kobolds to back me up.
We grab whatever we're taking and take most of the day to reach Belja. It's so much more built up than Gedan, to the point that it makes the castle look out of place with all the newer houses and industrial buildings. So here we are. The biggest city in the country; modern, sprawling, kind of rough in spots and pretty impressive when you come from a bland little town.

Thodren is the most out of place. He's probably not going to fit through any doors properly or anything. I'm sure he'll work it out eventually. You can only bang your head off things a few times before you start watching for low hanging objects.

We're getting into the town a bit late. We could get somewhere to stay or get right into strongarming people about magic sparkly rocks.
No. 477441 ID: 629257

Well lets put it this way, if someone sees you headed to the inn and knows the guy you're looking for, word might get to him and he could go into hiding. Sure it's a long shot, but why risk it? Night is a better time for this kind of job anyway. Get investigating.
No. 477443 ID: 9f7b7f


find a hotel and sleep for the night. go bar hopping tomorrow afternoon for information.
No. 477450 ID: f2c20c

Better get investigating now before he gets wise. I'm sure SOMEONE in contact with him will notice the 5-person managerie that just walked in, and getting to him before they do is probably a good idea.
No. 477462 ID: d9b9dc

Head right across the plaza to that corner building with the large windows and apparent crowd outside.

Clearly there's a party, and they forgot to invite you.
No. 477522 ID: 2f4b71

First order of business: Dinner. That looks like some sort of cafe over at the corner of the square.
That is a nice cityscape!
No. 477532 ID: 0b7fa2

Find the apothecary shops, they might hold the information you seek.
No. 477585 ID: 14a1d0
File 135512961806.png - (122.20KB , 640x480 , 76.png )

We'll get straight to searching. This is were I got the information about the stone in the first place. Now we can hope that the guy spent all the money on his bar tab instead of skipping town like he said he was going to.

"Okay, so this dive is a good place to start looking. We'll just go in and try to be inconspicuous until I see someone who might know something."
"How are we going to be inconspicuous?" says Jehral. "We're three kobolds and a minotaur, and one of the kobolds is twice the size as normal. That's really super conspicuous!"
"Just act like you should be there and nobody will even notice... right? I don't know, but we can only stand around out here for so long before we really start being conspicuous."
No. 477586 ID: f2c20c

You could at least have the other three stand outside to wait for you. Then you'll be a bit less conspicuous in the bar.
No. 477600 ID: 322e1b

It depends on what kind of bar this is.
Is it a regular bar? You're fucked, you'll stick out like a sore thumb.
Is it an adventurer's bar? You'll be the least interesting thing in the room.
No. 477607 ID: 65c3dd

Just run into the bar and yell "What year is this!? My god I'm too late!" Then everyone will just think you're drunk and won't pay much attention to you.
No. 477624 ID: e3f578

maybe there's prostitutes in there. If Jehral and Thodren go for those immediately, you'll immediately blend in.
No. 477703 ID: d9b9dc

if this is pub's the first one in view of the entrance of town, its sure to get a mixed bag of travelers.
I'm sure as long as you come across as mopey,tired, and thirsty nobody will give you a second look.
No. 477793 ID: c74c7d


Make Thodren do a stripping act. He would get all the cash from the girls.
No. 477795 ID: 12c19f

This is a big city. I'm sure you won't be the only peculiar crossbreed/rare creature.

Assuming this is an adventurer's bar.

You may see ninja squid men and ancient robot golems from lost civilizations preparing to go on adventurers to the furthest reaches of R'lyeh.

Seriously you'll only make it a problem if you think it's a problem.
No. 477814 ID: a5d914

So a minotaur, two kobolds and a cute girl walk into a bar...
No. 477891 ID: 65c3dd

You forgot a kobold. And where are they gonna get a cute girl? I don't think this works at all!
No. 478651 ID: 14a1d0
File 135548184070.png - (165.09KB , 640x480 , 77.png )

>Make Thodren do a stripping act.
That's really stupid. But, nobody has ever seen him here before and he's huge. He would distract everyone forever.
I give him some coins and have him go in first and demand booze in a boisterous manner. The rest of us wait until he's well into it, then slip in and sit down. I bet nobody even noticed or cared we came in.
No. 478654 ID: f2c20c

Great! Now look around and see if you can see the guy. If not, we'll have to ask around. Maybe ask the bartender, even.
No. 478664 ID: 629257

Look for and talk to, in this order:
>The guy in question
>Anyone you already know
>Someone who you have reason to believe knows where to find him
>The bartender
No. 478796 ID: b33427

Tell Jehral and Sika what the guy looks like, as best you can. They can at least keep an eye out for whoever generally looks like him, and bring them to your attention for a closer look.

This guy you're after have any distinguishing features or odd clothing or jewelry that anyone else would note? That'd make asking around a heck of a lot easier.

This seems like a good order of actions. If they're all a bust, call it a night and get a room at a minotaur sized inn.
No. 480048 ID: 14a1d0
File 135603869349.png - (108.16KB , 640x480 , 78.png )

>Look for the guy in question

He's not here when we arrive, but after a while he just strolls right in, all casual like. How does someone this predictable survive to even get involved in things like this?

Doesn't matter, I guess. Now it's just a matter of how to approach the situation.
No. 480053 ID: f2c20c

Wait 'til he sits at the bar then sit right next to him and clap your hand around his shoulders and say "Heyyyy buddy, long time no see!" Then ask him about the thing while keeping him in your grip. Unless he like, doesn't try to escape and is actually helpful, then we can probably ease off a bit.

Or if it's just standing space you can do that while standing.
No. 480066 ID: 629257

This, but don't be real loud about it. You'll be plenty close enough to speak softly and still command his attention. And make sure you're on his right side, so it's at the end of the bar and further from anyone elses hearing range.
No. 480071 ID: 2f4b71

> Now it's just a matter of how to approach the situation.
At high speed, pointy end first, yelling like a banshee?
No. 480101 ID: 8b9215

No. 480107 ID: d9b9dc

Approach in a friendly manner, cheerfully hug him from behind.

then suplex him into the liquor-soaked floorboards.
No. 480145 ID: 14a1d0
File 135611564738.png - (61.44KB , 640x480 , 79.png )

"Heeey, Kino. I never thought to ask what this magical rock thing actually does, so I come back here thinking that there's no way you'll be here because you're fleeing for your life from shadowy figures trying brutally murder you, but you're still here. That's great. Did you think that after I got my hands on it, they'd come after me, leaving you alone to turn your liver into a cocktail onion with my money?"

"Y-yeah. That's pretty much what I thought."

"And how's that working out for you?"

"Pretty good until 'bout fifteen, twenty seconds ago."

No. 480147 ID: 629257

Extract all information from him on the basis that you might be ok with letting him live.
No. 480172 ID: 65c3dd

Promise to kill him last then go I LIED! and kill him.
No. 480173 ID: 629257

But its so much more fun to let him fear for his life, forever.
No. 480176 ID: f2c20c

Well, ask him what it does.
No. 480178 ID: e3f578

So tell us how to get rid of it then. Who'd pay for it.
No. 480184 ID: 6dc5a6

Ask where he got the info on the stone. Was it from a creepy person wearing a black hood in the shadows or was it through an intermediary?
No. 480186 ID: 8b9215

"Let's rent a room and have a nice talk."
No. 480412 ID: 14a1d0
File 135623812186.png - (95.19KB , 640x480 , 80.png )

I keep a tight grip on the back of his neck so he doesn't wiggle away. "So how did you find out about this thing anyway? You seem kind of lame."

"Yeah, well... Fuck you too. The ones after your little twinkly are your standard religious cult assholes called the 'Order of Perpetual Light and Harmony'. It's all bullshit, spiritual enlightenment and happiness as long as you do what we say and give us all your money types. So I pretended to join up, stole their shit and fucked off. I was gonna grab that thing myself, but they were putting too much heat on me, so I sold the info to you and they forget all about me chasing you. It was going fine until you show up here, lookin' to fuck it all up."

"So what's the rock do? It can't be worth all this trouble just for a nice paperweight."

"I don't know, man... It's magic. Maybe it lets you shoot lightning bolts out your ass or something. "

Alright! Now I know stuff. Stuff that doesn't really help much. Hmm... Kino stole this from a creepy cult who's gathering magical artifacts, probably in some kind of crazy world domination plan. It's always world domination. Gotta be.
I don't know what I can do about it. I guess I can sell it off or keep it safe from the forces of evil. That might be a pain in the ass. Ugh!
No. 480413 ID: bf54a8

think it depends on what it actually does. if it really makes lightning come out your ass then sell it :V , but for most cool magic things it could do keeping it could be awesome.
No. 480414 ID: e3f578

sell it.
Who cares about world domination, it'll fail anyway
you can't control the world
No. 480415 ID: 95e16a

Sell it, unless you want to keep on bashing goons...

Actually, keep it. That way you get to beat goons, steal their shit and grow rich from defending yourself.
No. 480416 ID: 8b9215

"Give me a lead on something that won't have shadowy figures trying to kill me and we'll call it even."

Ditch the rock. Fuck it's not worth our life. And we can work on killing those fucks when we are being paid for it. There is always a big hiring of mercs right before the end of the world. Seriously just drop it in a back alley or some shit.
No. 480418 ID: 997ce7

How about we find out if it can do any awesome magical things before we ditch it? If it lets us fly or teleport or shapeshift, then that's worth keeping.

Hell, we can make a big show of pretending to sell it and keep it if we have to.
No. 480419 ID: 629257

Hey, that keeping shit from forces of evil can be a profitable venture, too. And selling it might bite you in the ass anyway. Especially if that world domination stuff is even a little true. Besides, anyone who wants to buy it is going to more than you do, and will probably be all evil-stupid and try to kill you anyway.

Now then, is there somewhere in town that'd have info on these clowns? Maybe the local church?
No. 480423 ID: 629257

>pretending to sell it
Better idea: let's get a fake made. I'm sure we can get a jeweler to knock out some cheap crystal that looks close enough and get some simple glowy effect on it. Then if we do get cornered at some point we throw the fake and abscond.

Or the selling the fake too, but only if they're one of the more insistent sorts.
No. 480439 ID: 521153

We should at least find out what it does. Then maybe turn it into some Good Guys for a cash reward? I don't know.
No. 480462 ID: 997ce7

We make three fakes.

One we make a big show of selling.

The second we throw if someone still insists.

The third we enchant to be mildly glowy, and we throw *that* if they figure out the second is a decoy.
No. 480475 ID: d9b9dc

This guy's an eel. If you let him go he'll push the order your way the moment the approach him again.

Hell, you didn't have to try that hard to get answers out of him.

Knock his ass out so he won't be able to track down where you're staying for a bit. Or better yet, push him into Thodren and let him react naturaly.
No. 480477 ID: 997ce7

Yeah, pretty much. Any reasons not to kill him (not right now, of course)?
No. 480481 ID: 629257

Starting a fight is risky, there is a fair chance we make more trouble than intended and he still slinks away. Better to convince him to leave with us peacefully. All we need to do is make sure he can't rat us out until after we leave town, so he doesn't know where we are going. Leaving him bound and gagged somewhere he'll maybe be found should do the trick.
No. 480482 ID: 2f4b71

Wait, hang on; he stole their stuff, then went and hid it in a shrine-thing guarded by a fire-breathing-rock-spider, then sold you the info on where it was? That doesn't make a lick of sense!
No. 480483 ID: d9b9dc

he stole their stuff: part of what he stole was the location of that gem. he probably never left town.

Ever. In his life. That's townie scum right there.
No. 480596 ID: 14a1d0
File 135637321780.png - (79.31KB , 640x480 , 81.png )

>make sure he doesn't run off and rat on you

"Are you completely fucking retarded?! Who the fuck am I going to tell? I'm sure the unstable cult fucks are going to pay me a fuckton of money to turn you in, to partially fix their problem I caused. I'm sure they'd go for it immediately, as long as we don't have a break down in communication where I say 'I wanna sell you information.' and they hear, 'Please fuck my face with a knife and torture me to death.', but I'm pretty sure that would never happen, you stupid fucking stunned fuck!"

Geez... Anger issues much? I'm not even really worried about him. I'm more concerned about what to do next. I have no idea who would know about something like this. More importantly, who would know about this that wouldn't fuck me over for it if it's something important. I don't even know any magical nerd types.
No. 480600 ID: 629257

Of course it's a retarded thing to expect someone to do. Why, it's almost as retarded as joining and stealing from insane death cults. Fucking twit.

We need people information? Get what brains are left to this genius here while his head is still attached to him.
No. 480607 ID: 8b9215

Ask for a lead on something else to call it even then throw the crystal into a back alley.
No. 480638 ID: d9b9dc

Hedge your bets. Another buncha bounty hunters might grab this guy if they're trying to tail you.

tie him up and leave him on somebody's roof.
No. 480642 ID: 1c256b

This, pretty much.

why, it'd be almost as retarded as leaving the only one who can rat you out to the murdercult alive.
No. 480645 ID: b59bfb

I agree with this person.
No. 480658 ID: 6dc5a6

It's not too late to become a cold blooded killer, do you know any good places to hide a body?
No. 480666 ID: 2f4b71

Create fake crystal, shove into his mouth, deposit him on doorstep of aforementioned cult. They're his problem then.
No. 481889 ID: 14a1d0
File 135717257171.png - (123.82KB , 749x590 , 82.png )

As wonderful as murdering people for no reason is, I don't think killing him is really going to accomplish anything. I just need to think about what to do with this crap. Normal treasure just kind of sits there and is worth money. This one has a bunch of weird fuckers after it, because magic, I guess. I'm kind of drawing a blank as to what I should do.

>Create fake crystal, shove into his mouth, deposit him on doorstep of aforementioned cult. They're his problem then.
This is a terrible idea that makes no sense and isn't even plausible in any kind of reasonable timeframe. What do I do? Hire a jeweler to make a perfect copy, wait a week, come back, get him to tell me where they are, then do the whole mouth-shoving tie up thing? Stupid...

"So, what's the plan?"

"I have no idea. Ugh... It's just... bleh."

I can't think of a single decisive thing to do that isn't totally insane or stupid.
No. 481891 ID: 8b9215

Throw crystal into a back alley. Find something to kill.
No. 481893 ID: bf54a8

find wizard that can tell you how to use it's crystal power.
No. 481897 ID: b33427

Yanno, why are you doing this yourself? Aren't there, like, orders and organizations out there dedicated to hunting down and stopping cults like this one, or capturing and either destroying or locking up items like that crystal? You know, paladins and shit like that? At least in the past there were. And in modern times there would at least be agents of the crown, dedicated to protecting the realm from this kind of crap. Couldn't you seek out one of them and drop this in their lap?
No. 481909 ID: 57a559

Sell it to a pawn broker or other ignorant idiot, probably a wizard.
Like he did, only he didn't actually have the crystal in hand, only the info. I mean, face it, it's not like his method of getting people off his tail was stupid or insane. Without having the crystal, killing you wouldn't accomplish much more than killing him would besides at most "sending a message", as ridiculous as that concept always has been.

And if you sell it to a squishy wizard, he's probably going to get himself killed by the cult to get back at and kill you for selling it to him. Or you could sell it to a scholarly institution like a museum or university of magic, then as a professional business, wouldn't track you down in retaliation for sending a cult after them. Because everyone wants all their super priceless magical shit so they deal with it all the time.

Any profit is a nice profit at this point, as long as the damn jewel is gone. Fuck whatever plan the cult has drudged up, no doubt there's some prophetically predicted heroes to prevent an apocalyptic event should said jewel plan lead to an apocalypse. Gods willing it isn't your shapely ass or Thodren's muscley one or Jehrel's... I dunno plain ass?
No. 481960 ID: ad199c

You can keep it. Get it made into a necklace.

And you've got a team of people and are in a bigger city. You should get some easy mercenary work.
No. 481965 ID: 370c40

You're a dragon. Eat the crystal. That's what dragons do with treasure right? Eat it?
No. 482015 ID: 65c3dd

Why don't you just go kill the cult? If they want this big ass magic crystal they probably have more loot as well. Then you are not only getting more money and loot but doing a valuable community service in eliminating a dangerous cult.
No. 482065 ID: 6dc5a6

Go to a defensible inn and put together some escape routes. It's a big risk but you could just sit and wait for the cultists to show up, kill them with hit and run tactics, then take their loot. We don't know what kind of resources the cult has so it would be informative to provoke a response.
No. 482069 ID: 735f4f

First figure out what the dang thing is. Then we can sell it or whatever. Find a trusted mage that deals in identifying stuff.
No. 482097 ID: 2f4b71

>I can't think of a single decisive thing to do that isn't totally insane or stupid.
Decisive, not insane or not stupid: pick two.
Assuming 'give the shiny thing back to the cult' isn't an option, that leaves 'burn down their shit' or 'just ignore them till they run out of assassins'.
No. 482172 ID: 14a1d0
File 135730763437.png - (154.38KB , 640x480 , 83.png )

"Alright, so we have a few options here. We can sell the thing to the university or we can go off and uncover the evil plans of a weird cult, do battle with their forces, who we know nothing about and then... I haven't thought that far."

"That first one isn't very adventurous.", says Sika.

"Yeah, I know. It's pretty lame, but it pays out without much risk."

We huddle in closer, "If they are a cult, they would certainly demand offerings from the followers. They probably have lots of valuables.", says Jehral.

"That is a good point. We could probably come out a lot richer screwing over this cult, but last I checked, we were three fuzzy earthtone lizards and a cowman from the mountains. I don't think we have the resources to do anything head on. We also don't have much information about them. I mean, I could ask Kino, but he'd want me to pay and he's almost certainly a greedy prick. It would suck if we can't make back the initial costs."

"Adventuring is hard."

"I usually just do the 'smash the monster, receive treasure' stuff. This political crap is way harder to figure out."

"Yeah, so what do you think we should do?"
No. 482174 ID: 8b9215

Pawn it off as a random shiny for however much. Go find monsters to smash.
No. 482176 ID: f2c20c

How about we attempt to get the information for free, or very little? Maybe we could do a service for him instead of paying out gold, even.
No. 482183 ID: c33f8f

We should hire an adventurer or two to help us in our quest of defeating an evil cult!
Maybe some low level young wizard or a cleric or whatnot since our party already has brawn but... not so much brain.
No. 482191 ID: 5fd757

Recruit additional party members (preferably a wizard or cleric) and go get the damn thing identified. Bonus point if the recruit is capable of identifying it for us.
No. 482255 ID: 6dc5a6

Recruit a brawny cleric with bulging biceps, we have no room for lanky wizards in this party. You will then force the cleric and Throden to compete for your affection over the course of this adventure.
No. 482265 ID: 65c3dd

A wizard or some kind of mage would probably have a better idea on what a cult in the area would be doing and stuff. I'm still in favor of dismantling this cult piece by piece. Hell maybe you guys could join the cult and kill them all when they least expect it.
No. 482294 ID: 5fd757

Yes, go for the cult in some way. Not so sure about joining it though, since it'd most likely only lead to the magic thing eventually being discovered and promptly confiscated.
No. 483118 ID: 14a1d0
File 135750585996.png - (99.16KB , 640x480 , 84.png )

"Hey Kino, do you know any wizards?"

"Are you still here? Oh yeah, I am well known in fucking intellectual circles. The most magic anyone I know uses is something to blow off locks."

"What about clerics?"

"Now you're just fucking with me, right? No, but I'll ask around for you when I'm at church with my granny. Fuck off."

"Fine, geez. So what about this stupid cult? Where are they based out of, if I was interested with busting them up?"

"Well, since that would take the heat off me... They don't have much presence here, but I wouldn't go flashing the rock around, unless you're lookin' for trouble. Word is they have a lot of higher ups in Arkram'sul, but a lot of them roam around lookin' for artifacts, magic weapons, anything that you could use to start some shit, so watch your ass."

That was slightly informative.

>Get a young wizard or a cleric
I guess if we happen across some. If the enemy has magic users, we'd be at a disadvantage. Unless we punch them first. This is a big city, so there's probably a bunch of wizards around somewhere.

>party already has brawn but... not so much brain.
Screw you. We all went to school, except Thodren. We can all read and everything, except Thodren, maybe? Unless you mean that we don't have anyone who's a huge nerd. Maybe we need a nerd.
No. 483129 ID: c33f8f

We need more information about this cult, and the easiest way to do that is to capture us a cultist.

If you are feeling dangerous we could do what Kino told us not to do and go flashing our glowing rock around. Hoping that some cultists ambush us and try to take it from us.
Then we just gotta beat em up and possibly torture some answers out of them.

We should probably visit a mercenary guild or something like it if this city has one for more party members (nerds). How much money do you have? Are we going to have to mug Kino here for some cash?
No. 483167 ID: 772c81

>smarter than you
>automatically a nerd
No. 483179 ID: f2c20c

Let's go to Arkram'sul.
No. 483183 ID: 370c40

They were definitely saying you need a nerd.
No. 483213 ID: 65c3dd

Honestly she should mug Kino anyway for being a dick about all of this.
No. 483263 ID: 2f4b71

But none of us even have a hat!
No. 483316 ID: 450660

Rynh, the hell are you thinking? You shoved one of these guys off a cliff and then killed a giant stone spider. AND you too the shiny rock they were after. So rather than go after you directly with all the magic and loot he supposedly must have, he sent 3 dipshit gnoll mercs.

I dunno about you, but it sounds like this cult is crap in a fight. If you can keep their numbers low, they won't pose a threat.

That's why I propose beating them at their own game. Start hunting for magic loot. Get it before they can. Draw them out, rough em up, get the info and whatever they carry. Sure we would basically be neutral-good bandits, but it does mean becoming fabulously wealthy and powerful.

Oh yeah. You might need a wizard (and one more interested in being your friend than your gold), unless you know how to use and identify magic swag.
No. 483432 ID: 14a1d0
File 135761692012.png - (175.12KB , 640x480 , 85.png )

I hold off on showing off my shiny magic rock and we rest for the night so I can go ask somebody a little more knowledgeable about it in the morning. Wizards are good at knowing about magic and there's apparently a magic college in the city. I'll just head over there and get it checked out. Maybe I can pick up some weedy magician for all our sparkly, zapping needs.
It's all pretty fancy looking and almost everyone here is going to be some kind of weird mage. Maybe I could come back later...
No. 483441 ID: 6dc5a6

Go look at the chapels and see if you can find a cleric. Your best ally against an insane religous group is to get help from an insane religous group that outnumbers and persecutes the cult.
No. 483466 ID: 572be1

Might as well go to the mage folks during the day.

If things don't go too well you'll have the whole evening to be a jerk.
No. 483470 ID: f2c20c

Fuck no. Wizards love dragons. Walk right in there and demand to have your shiny crystal examined.
No. 483480 ID: b33427

Better leave Thodren outside. He'll stand out like a sore thumb in there, and I bet they'll get pissy if his hooves mar the floors or he accidentally gouges the door frame with his horns.

Step inside, find the administrative office and ask for a faculty directory. Look in there for the lowest ranking person in either the history department or the whatever-they-call-identifying-magical-crap department. It'll almost certainly be some poor TA working out of a broom closet that might be receptive to doing outside work for coin.

If that fails, go trawl the pubs around the college and ask if there are student mages around that do odd magic jobs for booze money.

Good idea, but that'll be for later. She can go to whatever major temples are in the city later in the day.
No. 483485 ID: 65c3dd

Fuck yeah man up and act like you own the place.
No. 483571 ID: 14a1d0
File 135766815264.png - (77.84KB , 640x480 , 86.png )

I just walk in, even though I have no idea where I'm going. There are people in funny clothes going everywhere, so I'm not sure who I can ask about glowing stones.

"You there," says an old man in a funny robe. "What are you doing roaming around unattended? I'm certain you're not a student here. In fact, I don't even recognize what you are at all. Have those boys in the Transmutation lab been horsing around again? I warned them twice already!"

"No, I'm a kobold."

"I find that a little hard to believe."

"I am. I'm a half-dragon kobold."
No. 483572 ID: 14a1d0
File 135766818652.png - (79.71KB , 640x480 , 87.png )

I can tell by his silence that he's impressed with how awesome I am... and suddenly I'm surrounded by people in goofy looking headgear murmuring things I can make out.
No, wait... I'm pretty sure I heard something about taking my blood. Maybe this was a mistake.
No. 483573 ID: cf49fc

Great, you told evil wizards you're full of valuable spell components. Nice one.

I recommend firebreath and a tactical withdrawal.
No. 483575 ID: 57a559

gang-banged by wizards
what a way to go

"Hey, you poke a prod me without my consent I dragon-breathe on all your asses!"
No. 483577 ID: 0b214d


"Invasion of personal space will result in violence. Sweet, sweet violence." Grin. "Anyway, I'm here to get an item examined. I' am willing to provide minor blood and hair samples as payment."
No. 483581 ID: 572be1

Do not talk about anything in front of the students. push by the student wizards and talk to oldbeard there in private.

They're probably just nerding it up since most of them will never, ever see a dragon up close.

I wouldn't count on fire breath doing anything but solidifying your claim as being a dragon though. With this many apprentices the whole place, down to their clothing, is probably fireproof.
No. 483584 ID: f2c20c

They just want a little blood. They'll probably pay you for it.

But now is not the time. Warn them that you CAN breathe fire and will kick their asses if they don't back off, and say you're here cuz you want something identified.
No. 483585 ID: be7fd9

They're squishy wizards. If it comes to violence, brute force is probably a better option than fire. They're used to magic- getting their asses kicked not so much.

Before it comes to that, try and take control of the situation. If they want dragon samples, it's gonna cost them.
No. 483604 ID: bf54a8

yes anyone here other then old-beard is probably not magical enough to do any damage. but saying you will pay in a blood sample may get them running to find magical doodads to try and trade with you.
No. 483607 ID: 6dc5a6

For god's sake don't volunteer any damn components, you don't even know what kinda trouble people can get up to with blood.
No. 483611 ID: 450660


Reiterate the "dragon" and the "keep your distance" part with a light if flashy application of flame breath.

We should get down to business: you're looking for someone with reasonable competency in magical things to take on an adventure (while dropping a "subtle" hint that you'll take anyone capable of slinging a few spells around)
No. 483641 ID: 65c3dd

Man all you guys need to settle down and stop being wieners. Nobody needs to yell I NEED AN ADULT, you just gotta put your foot down and let them know what you want.

Wizards are nerds and nerds are always awful at standing up to authority and powerful figures. Once you demand respect and let them know you mean business you've got this. Not only can you show them who's boss but you are also a girl and nerds are also terrible at talking to girls. So you could also just bat your eyelashes and make suggestive comments and they will all turn into shy mewling babies who can't stammer out two words.
No. 483871 ID: b33427

Don't freak out. These are either student mages, or academic wizards, and either of those generally don't have much social experience. They probably don't get that they're invading your personal space and creeping you out by acting like you're a spell component. ...And they also don't get that crowding a half-dragon is a good way to end up dead, either.

Bristle your fur, put on a snarl and growl out that anybody who tries to take your blood is going to pay with all of their's; Up front and in full. So they better start talking to you like you're a person and not a fuckin' pile of spell bits. Then you might be willing to make a deal with them.
No. 484134 ID: 14a1d0
File 135785426743.png - (94.57KB , 640x480 , 88.png )

I just shove past the crowd and talk to the old guy, since he seems to be more in charge.
He waves his hand at the others, "All of you, return to your business." he says harshly, causing the crowd to disperse.
"I came to see if anyone here would know what this is." I tell him, producing the gemstone.
He holds it up and examines it, "High energy, dense concentration, interesting. I can not be sure of anything with just a glance like this. Where did you find this?"
"Up north, in the mountains around Senegha. There was a giant stone spider in the cave with it, if that means anything."
"Perhaps. By the way, would you happen to know the name of your dragon parent?"

"Uh... Leimahtaa." Damn it. Even the geezer is on about the dragon thing now.

"Oh ho! Leimahtaa. Now that you mention it, the resemblance is uncanny when you scowl like that."

"You know my mother?"

"Not personally, but I've heard tales, read about incidents... Anyway, your bauble may be worth some further evaluation. Would you be willing to leave it here for examination?"
No. 484138 ID: 8b9215

"Dragons have natural magic talent, right? I've never been able to do anything more than breathe fire. Is there any trick to using magic or something?"

Stick around a bit, you might learn something.
No. 484140 ID: bf54a8

"should warn you, crazy cult also wants it, is why i'm sure it is something special."
No. 484144 ID: 772c81

GOOD THING: he will certainly examine your gem

BAD THING: I have no idea if you will get it back, or under what conditions you will get it back.

Be prepared for gem ransom.
No. 484145 ID: f2c20c

No. How long would it take? We can hang around.
No. 484147 ID: be7fd9

So long as I get it back, sure.
No. 484150 ID: 772c81

Oh, also, all this talk about your blood is opening up possibilities, I think.

If a dragon removes some of her own blood and uses it in a spell, is it stronger than if the dragon just uses the spell normally? What if the dragon removes the blood, stores it while they recover, and THEN uses the blood while they themselves are full of blood? Moderate power boost?
No. 484153 ID: b33427

Not right now. You've got other places to go today, and you're not going to let that gem out of your sight at any point. You'll come back in the afternoon or evening and then he can make a more in-depth examination. You'll still not going to let it out of your sight then either.
No. 484172 ID: 6dc5a6

You may want to stick around while the wizard has a look at the gem. You might be able to get more info on dragons and crazy cults have a habit of attacking places where you leave a macguffin crystal.
No. 484181 ID: 572be1

She might not have to worry about gem ransom.
If the mage knows of Rynh's mother, and knows about dragons, then he knows that stealing from dragons is the worst thing ever.
I mean, he's got this huge school and its right there in public. Rynh could probably, very quickly, negate any profit from stealing the rock.

So, let him look at the shiny for now, and go strain the school's hospitality in the meantime.
No. 484261 ID: 14a1d0
File 135786963181.png - (31.64KB , 640x480 , 89.png )

The place seems legit enough to leave it a while. It's not like they can make off with it without me knowing where they are.
Besides, the old man, Galaf makes sure to make out a fancy claim form that states they have my thing, with a seal on it and everything. Very fancy.

I guess I could do something else now.
No. 484265 ID: 8b9215

Learn magic. Or at least how to start using it. Being able to put out raw magical energy would be a start.
No. 484276 ID: 639e01


rub the scroll all o ver your body.
No. 484285 ID: f2c20c

Sell some blood.
No. 484287 ID: 6267c0

Magic sounds like it would be useful.
No. 484289 ID: a19d72

learning some magic will be nice, you can't chop up EVERYTHING with sword!
No. 484292 ID: 572be1

pose for a biology student. Make him draw you like his French girls.
No. 484312 ID: b33427

Time to go hunt down a group that hates this cult that's after you to ally with. Start by going around to the major temples and such and asking the priests and suchlike there their opinion on the cult. Keep going around until you find one that doesn't like them, then ask who else around here really doesn't like them. Then keep going around until you find a group opposed to the cult that woult know more about the cult's inner workings and might hire you to cause trouble for the cult.

Knowledge of using magic would be useful, but Rynh is on a bit of a timetable here and doesn't have a spare couple of months to get the basics in. Perhaps Galaf can suggest a wizard in Ryhn's price range to hire, or one that's just looking to get out and do stuff.

Maybe when Rynh is really hard up for money, but not a second before.
No. 485725 ID: 14a1d0
File 135835808014.png - (88.64KB , 640x480 , 90.png )

>learn magic
I ask about learning some magic, but the school year doesn't start until spring and it's late summer now. It's really not schedule friendly right now.

>Find out about the cult
Nobody at the mage school seems to know much about them. There's always a few crazy religious-types drifting around, but nothing notable.
Maybe they're not really a religion so much as an organization of whackjobs. Kind of the same thing, but whatever. It looks like they have more ties to organized crime then anything. Maybe they wander around stealing things, then pretend to be a crazed cultist to throw off the trail... or maybe they are crazed cultists pretending to be criminals pretending to be cultists?

I'm sure I'll find out eventually, what with them trying to track me down and all.
For now, I guess I just wait until they figure out that my valuable nick-knack is. Maybe not here. Waiting here is boring.
No. 485726 ID: d70b51

They're probably whackjobs who are willing to do criminal things because of some poorly devised belief system.
Like, "We'll cleanse the earth of bad people by killing everyone!", or, "We're gonna take over the world and no one will possibly rise up to stop us!"

Go look around the school for discontent teenagers who want to join your motley crew of vagabonds. Be on the lookout for people complaining about how the school isn't good enough for them / lacks vision / cliche motivation #46.
No. 485740 ID: 81723b

This is a school of mages.

There is probably more to read there than anyplace in a hundred miles.

You could find out what they know about dragons, half or otherwise.
No. 485741 ID: 67e8b2

If you're actually serious about joining later, you have an excuse to wander around the place looking at things and talking to people. Maybe you'll get a lead or meet someone interesting.
No. 485743 ID: c33f8f

Start wondering around and accidentally stumble into the boys dormitory.
No Hijinks ensue since they will think you are dude.

Why aren't your kobold friends stealing expensive wizard stuff? Stealing should be right up their alley.
No. 485747 ID: 450660


Could always find somewhere to let off some steam.

Whatever that might equate to~
No. 485775 ID: 65c3dd

Bow chika bow wow!
No. 485859 ID: 2f4b71

Bored? You were so busy roughing up Kino you never actually had dinner. Feast time!
I'm assuming they're just going to turn up later with sacks of magical junk.
No. 485880 ID: 180fe4

Kill some time with Thodren. In a bed.

If you catch my drift.
No. 485921 ID: c74c7d


Yeah... we need to see if the book was right about those minotaur dongs
No. 485993 ID: 14a1d0
File 135848135451.png - (126.14KB , 640x480 , 91.png )

Alright! Big city, fancy restaurants. Kobolds can eat pretty much anything, but meat is best. Gotta throw fuel on the fire, possibly literally. I'm not sure how that works.

"You've eaten enough for ten people. Where do you even put it all?"

"Mmph... Places."

Now other than stuffing our faces, which I am the best at, there's not really much to do for now until my shiny gets stared at by old guys.


The only hole I'm interested in shoving anything into is my mouth... Just meat.
Cooked meat. Shut up.
No. 485997 ID: 57a559

all right, scratch that joke I just made
Go to a random potion shops and drink hallucinogenic potions for fun by playing a drinking game with your fellow adventurers. Or play poker. Money betting or strip, who cares?
No. 485998 ID: f2c20c

We could check out the shops around here. Maybe get some potions. How much spending money do we have, again?
No. 486004 ID: 1c68f7

go try on some pretty dresses, preferably when jehral isn't around.

maybe some frilly undergarments too? :3c
No. 486014 ID: beeca1


That's a suspiciously specific misspelling of "is". Anything you're trying to say?
No. 486016 ID: 1c68f7


you want jehral to see rynh in frilly undergamrents??
No. 486094 ID: c15bbc

I believe there are, indeed, a number of people that have clearly established that to be their goal in life.
No. 486099 ID: c74c7d


Maybe we want to see Jerhal in frilly undergarments.


You'll get a hunger for some beef at some point, I'm sure.
No. 486101 ID: c6319f

You know, one of the great advantages to the whole adventuring gig is being able to romance people on a temporary basis. And everyone's cool with it, because you are an adventurer and you're going to leave so they don't make a big fuss about relationships and stuff, you just get to have fun.

Have to watch out for angry parents though.
No. 486145 ID: 81723b

Do some sparring with Skia. There probably aren't many people stronger than you in this town, but there's probably more than a few that are faster.
No. 486297 ID: 65c3dd

Bow chika bow wow!

But yes you probably should think about some training or something to not get rusty.
No. 486334 ID: 14a1d0
File 135863203536.png - (144.37KB , 640x480 , 92.png )

>go try on some pretty dresses, frilly undergarments
This is as sexy as I'm going to go, which is pretty sexy. I can only blame myself for that, though. It's not the outfit's fault I'm so hot.
"So what do you think?"

"I think you're copying my look."

"I think that looking good isn't going to make up for your personality."

"Hehe... Oh man, Jehral. That is probably the most naive thing I've ever heard."

No. 486336 ID: 14a1d0
File 135863207004.png - (132.49KB , 640x480 , 93.png )

Oh no. It's Yerga or whatever her name is again, with some guy this time. I thought they'd keep her locked up a little longer then that. Damn the justice system.

"That one! The big one. It might not look like much, but it's freakishly strong."

It? What a bitch.

"And you couldn't handle this? What are you being paid for?"

"We tracked 'em for you, so you can pay for that. I can't deal with this."

The man focuses on me, "You there. You have something that doesn't belong to you. However, if you turn it over now, I would be willing to compensate you for finding it."

Oh boy. Creeps from secretive organizations are making demands of me. I need to think of something cool to say.
No. 486337 ID: c31f72

Sorry, we're fresh out. Check back Tuesday.
No. 486338 ID: bf54a8

"and what's stopping me from just kicking your ass like i kicked your little bitch's?"
No. 486339 ID: 8b9215

"Good luck getting into the damn wizard academy. I ditched that thing as soon as learned you assholes would keep bothering me about it."

"Now, Miss Gnoll, it's time for another beatdown."

Kick the shit out of her and take her money.
No. 486340 ID: c74c7d


"Hey Gnoll chick, are you a masochist? Because you sure love when I beat you senseless."
No. 486341 ID: 695191

Do NOT say anything about us not having it. Instead imply that we ate it.
No. 486342 ID: 57a559

It's getting appraised right now. Leave a contact point in a few days, in public space surrounded by people, and everything will be easy. Do anything other than that, and it becomes hard.
No. 486343 ID: 65c3dd

Fuck that shit. You go "Sure ok don't hurt us!" walk upto the guy in the hood and just light him up. Never see it coming and problem solved. Also you should probably just kill that Gnoll if she isn't gonna give up.
No. 486345 ID: 6dc5a6


Go with this plan if your clothes are fireproof. If not come up with a takedown that will show your great legs.
No. 486346 ID: 81723b

"I dont make deals with jailbait"
No. 486347 ID: 450660


Oh shit, girl! You are ROCKING that look~!

No. 486348 ID: 450660


Assuming you haven't gone back to the Pointy Hat Society (mages), it would NOT be a lie to simply say "I don't know who you are, and the only stuff I have is what you see here."

Because let's be very honest: we don't have it, so it's no longer our problem (until we go to get it back).

On top of that, it's the gnoll's word against yours at this point, and she's clearly in an inferior position not only for failing to apprehend you, but also for being a huge wimp. Mr. Freaky Cultist might just buy it.
No. 486354 ID: 78c6ea

"Oh my god you're right! This fist, I must have accidentally stolen it from your face. Let me return it right away."

Casters love it when you skip straight to the melee and don't give them any cooldown time.
No. 486356 ID: a5478c

I like this one
No. 486367 ID: 2f4b71

"Nah, sold it to some guy in a bar. Weedy looking, had a yellow bandanna on. Can't miss him".
No. 486384 ID: 370c40

Breathe fire on him.
No. 486441 ID: 14a1d0
File 135866403867.png - (83.62KB , 640x480 , 94.png )

"Oh yeah, you're right. I think I stole my fist from your face. How about I return it right away?"

Hehe... That's pretty good. I'm not going to back down from some punk that thinks he's so great.
Besides, we're in the middle of town. What's he gonna do?
No. 486442 ID: 14a1d0
File 135866406760.png - (88.88KB , 640x480 , 95.png )

No. 486443 ID: 7b0ada

Magic bullshit, that's what!

Kill him with extreme prejudice, now.
No. 486444 ID: 695191

Grab him, bring his face to yours and light him up point blank. Make it count.
No. 486446 ID: 65c3dd

No. 486451 ID: 78c6ea

It wasn't him! The light is coming from the crack between the buildings behind you. What's going on?
No. 486452 ID: b33427

That would be him belonging to a cult that's been collecting items of magical power for years, and most likely has enough of said items of magical power under his cloak to turn this city block into a crater, with you as the epicenter. Bet you wish you didn't stop to make a stupid quip and just punched him, now don't you?

Lunge towards him while taking in a deep breath. Grab him by his hair, yank his face to yours, lock your mouth over his, and hold his head tight to you as you breath dragonfire into him. Let's see if he has magical protection against his lungs getting incinerated. But if you can't get a good enough grip for that, just hold his head still long enough to roast it.
No. 486469 ID: 78c6ea


And it'll be your first kiss too!
No. 486470 ID: f2c20c

Well, ask him.
No. 486483 ID: c33f8f

Pretend to surrender and wait for an opening to exploit.
If he is too careful just lie that we left the stone with Kino for safe keeping. So if they want the stone they should go bother him.
No. 486484 ID: b33427

Please do get some clarification on what the fuck was that that just blew a shallow trench in the street. It'll delay things just a little bit that might give you an opening.

Kino? C'mon, really? She should just say she sold it to the wizard's college... Yanno. In the highly unlikely case she loses her nerve and doesn't attack this guy. Having a new chunk of money would fit with her faffing about eating and buying clothes. Now she just has to have conveniently left the fancy claim slip in the clothes she just changed out of, so this guy doesn't find it.
No. 486486 ID: 2f4b71

Fight fire with fire?
No. 486516 ID: 6dc5a6

One up this magic bastard. Shout "Mine's bigger!" then light him up.
No. 486519 ID: 81723b

It was a warning shot. He's clearly worried about getting into a fight for ~some~ reason or he would have hit you dead on. He probably thinks you have the gem on you, and doesn't want to risk destroying it, or go through the trouble of cleaning Rynh-bits off of it later.

No more threats. it adventure time. Punch the bastard's brains out. ~maybe~ let the others help.
No. 486604 ID: 1f8505

Time for a tactical retreat.
No. 486619 ID: c74c7d

Utter "Omae wa mou shinderu" and run away.
No. 486622 ID: 65c3dd

You have to actually hit someone first for that to work.
No. 486730 ID: 14a1d0
File 135880837039.png - (329.59KB , 1280x960 , 96.png )

I figure he did it with that sword, but it's probably some fancy magic sword or he knows magic, that he uses with the sword. Either way, he has a sword and magic and I have nothing, because it's generally frowned upon to walk around armed in the middle of a city.

Hmm... If I tell him I gave it to someone else, he might just blast me and go after them.

>Time for a tactical retreat.

You think I'm just going to run from a fight against some scrawny boy and a stupid gnoll? I can take them.
No. 486731 ID: 14a1d0
File 135880842766.png - (122.20KB , 640x480 , 97.png )

And I totally will. Later.

No. 486732 ID: 66a0db
Audio ~.mp3 - (1.05MB )

No. 486737 ID: b33427

Good call, Rynh. After all, "he who... somethingsomething... runs away, lives to fight another day."

Figure that Mr. Magic is going to have a contingency plan for in case you did a runner, and hope it isn't slicing that sword in a horizontal sweep at you. 'Cause that would be bad, to say the least. So expect ranged attacks, and move erratically.

Haul Jehral and Sika up to they're looking backwards over your shoulders, and can speak into your ears; They're your kobold rear-view mirrors for this getaway. They'll tell you what the guy back there is doing, so you can dodge it. Keep your eyes forward and making sure that nothing jumps out in front of your feet to trip you up, as tends to happen in these situations if you look back.

Make your way through the nearest spot with a crowd, or someplace where Mr. Magic would get his proverbial or literal shit kicked in for pulling a weapon or magic in public; A city watch/police/guard station or the wizard's college would be good. Try to pass or go through as many of those as you lead him on a wild goose chase across the city and lose him.

...And where the heck is Thodren? Don't tell me you let your big beef-shield get shit-faced drunk last night and he's still at the inn sleeping off a giant hangover. See, you should never go anywhere without your meat-shield to hide behind... Though in this case he would have ended up bisected if he tried anything. Well, they're still good to have around to keep the local criminal riffraff from bugging you.
No. 486738 ID: 6dc5a6

When are city guards that walk all over the city EVER helpful when magic cultists are around? Go to the wizards or Throden's well toned ass.
No. 486752 ID: 3f4ab2

Conan would be proud.
The only way he could be prouder is if you come back later and strangle the pretty bastard.
No. 487219 ID: 14a1d0
File 135899626581.png - (151.11KB , 640x480 , 98.png )

I run for my weapon and pass by the restaurant for Thodren. If he's going to cost so much for upkeep, maybe he can work it off on some guy's face. I hope they didn't get lost chasing me or something. That would be disappointing.
I'm sure I can make a big enough scene that they find me again if I need to.
No. 487225 ID: f2c20c

Go for overkill. Get some guards on your side too.
No. 487226 ID: b33427

Okay, here's a plan: Thodren walks just past the magic guy, sucker punches him in the back of the head, then pins him to the ground. It probably will work since they don't know you're traveling with Thodren; The most they'd know is a minotaur was with you on the trip back from the mountains. So you, Jehral, and Sika go on ahead to find Mr. Magic, and Thodren'll lag behind so when you do find the target one of you can slip back and tell him where to go.

Oh, and don't hold that halberd thing too prominently. With your luck the city watch'll be looking to fill their quotas for the month and zero in on you. You'd likely just get just a fine, but it'll still be a waste of time and money for you.
No. 487532 ID: 14a1d0
File 135913526426.png - (109.88KB , 640x480 , 99.png )

The others stay back for potential sneak attacks and I go on ahead, but they've disappeared. Dang... How can I slap them around if they run off the moment I leave to get reinforcements and weapons?
It's like my whole day is ruined. Even the sky is getting dark, like it knows how disappointed I am.
No. 487536 ID: f4f33e

Oh they ran away, maybe the magician ran out of spells or something. Might as well gather your party and head to the magic school and see if they are done identifying our dumb rock.

Also check those clouds to see if it will rain, no one likes the smell of a wet kobold.
No. 487537 ID: a72433

Is it only dark around you?
If yes MOVE.
No. 487539 ID: 08005b

Yeah I agree, you're probably about to get jumped or electrocuted, so move.
No. 487540 ID: 78c6ea

Eat the lightning.
No. 487546 ID: f2c20c

Throw a gout of dragonfire into the sky, maybe that'll get their attention.
No. 487559 ID: 14a1d0
File 135915439096.png - (92.72KB , 640x480 , 100.png )

>You're about to get jumped

Whoa crap! He's putting some force into this. Almost like he's trying to hurt me or something.

I might have to deal with this guy before he does some damage. If he keeps this up, I might even need to use both hands.
No. 487566 ID: aa25b2

He's going to land behind you. Turn to face him while giving a nice strong strike. Put your rotational force into it. Try to get enough distance to hit with the blade.
No. 487570 ID: c6319f

He's still in the air and barring ridiculously implausible ninja-like acrobatics, shouldn't be able to control his descent appreciably. Turn to face him while giving a nice strong strike. To his dick. Put your rotational force into it. "It" is his dick.

What I'm saying is punch him in the dick. Because he is a dick. It is funny and also an action full of wit.
No. 487586 ID: f2c20c

Use both hands then. Also, perform gouts of flame every now and then to distract him from your attacks.
No. 487587 ID: 908c2d

Flame breath. He's in the air, and his current path should be ballistic. The only way he can dodge is by pushing off against your weapon, which you can adjust for.
No. 487607 ID: a72433

Hold back on using fire just yet. Save it for a surprise.
Also you're surrounded by buildings which might burn and get you in trouble.
there's self-defense, and there's arson. you can't have both.

Dice him to bits, luring/chasing him towards Thodren in the process.

If you need to hide the body he can probably eat it. I heard Minotaurs eat people. Its like, their thing.
No. 488115 ID: 14a1d0
File 135932534405.png - (92.67KB , 640x480 , 101.png )

It just takes a good swing to send him flying down the street, but it doesn't keep him off balance for long and I can't do anything drastic yet, because we're in the middle of a city.

I am not dealing with any fire investigations or lynch mobs today.

He's going to be a hassle to push into an ambush. I might just have to smash him myself.
No. 488120 ID: f2c20c

Be aggressive. B E aggressive.
No. 488127 ID: 695191

Don't go for killing blows. Try for disarming, disrobing and general maiming. And whatever parts of a spellcaster you need to break to stop spellcasting, go ahead and break them. Make him less able to attack or defend himself and he'll be much easier to manipulate.
No. 488134 ID: 908c2d

Well, if we're eschewing fire out of respect for the general safety of the town then... (boring).

Your main advantages are you are almost certainly stronger than your opponent, and your weapon has greater reach. Your disadvantage is that he has some kind of magical ranged attack, and that his weapon is quicker and more agile.

In str vs dex fights, you need to press hard. Don't give him the opportunity to put his agility to good use- force him to block or dodge until you can land a good hit. Don't be afraid to fight dirty- slam him with a punch, kick, or tail whip if you get the chance.
No. 488246 ID: 62496e

Extend your weapon and stab his ass when he tries to close.
No. 492676 ID: 14a1d0
File 136082253088.png - (97.72KB , 640x480 , 102.png )

I'm gonna take this stupid bastard out, but I can't lash out too much. I don't want to have to deal with another mishap like that chicken incident.
I barely miss splitting him in half. He jumps back as I smash a hole in the street. "Enough!" he says, "I've already distracted you long enough. My minions will already have the crystal by now."
No. 492677 ID: 695191

...Balls. This guy has official pissed me off. Torch him and run to the crystal.
No. 492678 ID: 735f4f

That or he has no idea where the crystal is and is waiting for you to run right to it.
No. 492681 ID: 9ee360

>"I've already distracted you long enough. My minions will already have the crystal by now."
...I fail to see how that has any bearing on whether I've beaten you up enough. In fact, if it's even true, it's just all the more reason for me to whale on you.
No. 492682 ID: f2c20c

That's gotta be a bluff. He can't possibly expect to steal from a wizard college. Don't say anything about the wizards or anything. Just keep trying to kill the shit out of him.
No. 492683 ID: bf54a8

set everything n front of you on fire.
No. 492684 ID: 8b9215

Keep attacking. Recommend a forward thrust.

"At least I get to kill you. Fair trade, don't you say?"
No. 492685 ID: b33427

Well, you'll just have take him in exchange for that, now won't you?

Haul your weapon up like you're readying to hit him, then light 'em up with dragon-fire. Charge up to smack him to the ground while either his vision is obstructed by the flame, or he's busy being lightly roasted. Pin him down and disarm him.
No. 492686 ID: 450660


That's a bluff. He's hoping to follow us.

Besides, a bunch of mages sounds like pretty damn good protection. Especially the archmage.
No. 492732 ID: 57a559

If he could have already taken it stealthily, then this distraction was hardly necessary. We would hardly know that it's being stolen at the moment anyway. Or really care.
As long as it ain't the weak way out.
The only reason a distraction would be necessary would be if the stealing team is very loud and would draw every would-be adventerer to the noise, and if THAT's true, then that team just got swamped with city-slicking adventurers.

This guy is dumber than a minotuar! Or his superiors are! Whoever cooked up the plan! Is all his brain in his dick too?
No. 492745 ID: 14a1d0
File 136082852932.png - (94.96KB , 640x480 , 103.png )

I'm not going to stop just because he says I should. I'm going to try to run him through for being an ass...
Unless he catches the blade. It's not the sharp part, but that's still kind of impressive, I guess.
"I said enough. I have more important matters to deal with than fighting with some shaggy misfit in the streets."
And then he's gone in an instant, along with the end of my halberd.
Bastard. I just fixed that.
No. 492746 ID: 695191

Dammit, that's why I said use fire.

Well fine, enjoy your new staff. And GET A MOVE ON to the damn wizards and get your crystal back.
No. 492747 ID: f2c20c

Well crap.

Look around to make sure you aren't gonna get attacked again. Then... well, we need a new weapon, then we can go back to the mages to see if they're done identifying the thing.
No. 492748 ID: 8b9215

Go to a local bar and drown your sorrows. Mage dudes will come looking for you if they need you. And word of any attack in the city should spread quickly. Still won't lead him anywhere if he is watching trying to tell where you go.
No. 492749 ID: 57a559

No going to the wizards just yet.
Let's just get more food or something. Go to a few places, or see if there's commotion in the streets. Just not the wizards.
No. 492751 ID: 8b9215

Also ask for a refund or fix for your weapon. It shouldn't fall apart like that.
No. 492752 ID: 57a559

also, where in the hell was your back-up for this entire fight?
No. 492753 ID: 9ee360

Goddangit, I hate it when choosing to fight just ends in "no, I'm way stronger than you, bitch". That shit gets old, fast.

I guess now we need to decide if that was a bluff or not. If he was telling the truth, we need to read some mages the riot act for letting our shit get stolen. If he was bluffing, we obviously don't want to lead him right to where we left the dang thing!
No. 492754 ID: 76b151

Hes probably gonna use that sword end as a focus for scrying you. It has a pertty strong connection to you since you did repair it with your own flame.
No. 492793 ID: b33427

Okay, so you don't know if what he was saying was a ploy to get you to lead them to where the crystal is or not. Better play it safe and not head directly there. Gather up your group and go buy a bog-standard halberd to replace the lost one; You can customize it later. Pick up a dagger as well, so you have something for close in fighting, or lose your halberd again.

Once your errand is done with, find a square or marketplace or somewhere with a lot of foot traffic that'd hide a kobold. Then tell Jehral and Sika to go to the wizard college by as sneaky a route as they can, ask if the crystal you left there was stolen. If it wasn't, tell the wizards to beef up security around it 'cause there's a teleporting asshole looking to steal it. Then they return to the inn to report what happened to you.
No. 492842 ID: 440525

We are going to kill that dick.
No. 492847 ID: b6edd6

Seconding. This fight was a clear sign we aren't carrying enough weapons with us.
No. 492855 ID: 14a1d0
File 136086692574.png - (129.19KB , 800x600 , 104.png )

Oh dammit, what a prick! It's probably a trap to get me to lead him to the thing, but he might be making me think it's a trap so that I stay away while he steals it, or he might be making me think he's trying to make me think it's a trap to stay away, but I know it's not, so I lead him to it... Whatever he's trying to do, he's succeeded in pissing me off.

"Rynh, are you okay? You look upset."
"Oh no. I'm peachy. Everything is fine."
"I don't know... I know that look."

Hmm... If I send Jehral or Sika, they might get through undetectedm but there's still a chance of someone following.

"Hey Jehral, could you or Sika make it to the academy without being followed, just to warn them someone might being coming?"
"Mm... Not sure. It depends on who's following and how good they are at it and how hard they're looking."
"Let's assume reasonably good and that they're gonna try pretty hard."
"Maybe fifty-fifty? It's really hard to say."

> ask for a refund or fix for your weapon.
Since I made it myself, I might have problems collecting on that.

>I hate it when choosing to fight just ends in "no, I'm way stronger than you, bitch". That shit gets old, fast.
How do you think I feel? He's just using his flashy crap to piss me off so I mess up. I coulda taken him...

>where in the hell was your back-up for this entire fight?
We WERE going to do some kind of ambush thing, but the whole fight was over in a few seconds, so it didn't really pan out.

I don't know if we should just sit tight, send warning or just rush over there. They probably think I'm just gonna do whatever they want. Well, I'm gonna do the opposite! Whatever that is.
No. 492863 ID: 695191

I think this is a case of "heads I win, tails you lose." They think they've got that rock even if you try to get it, and they'd have an easier time of it if you ignored them or went somewhere else.

You best bet is to split up. Head to the wizards yourself and have Jehral and Seki each approach from another route. Best result is you'll be intercepted, Seki will make it there and guard the place or make a ruckus if they're there, and Jehral will either warn the wizards or snatch that damn rock. Depends all on who gets where when.

>I coulda taken him...
Bullshit. You were outclassed and he was just playing with you. Fair fights don't involve one person casually dismantling the others weapon mid swing. Deal with it.
No. 492868 ID: a7824f

What they want is for you to become confused and indecisive.
Get Thodren, go to the Mage Academy. If you can't recover the crystal you should at least be able to find out more about the abilities of your foes.
Maybe in the proccess you'll rescue some wizard with low self esteem you can bully into serving you.
No. 492870 ID: 57a559

oh my god
He's the male medieval Boss

Actually, you know what send Thodren to go warn the wizards, they'd never actually expect that, have Thodren go and ask for advice on enchanted shit in a back room somewhere (/then warn them). Have the two kobolds go to other places and you go up to your room and defend it.

Trick Thodren though that he's actually going to get advice for enchanted shit. Make an encrypted message along with a cypher, have Thodren give them both to a wizard. They'll decode it. BAM, we have the warning sent.
No. 492884 ID: b33427

There's a risk that if you send Jehral and Sika away, one or both of them will be kidnapped and either tortured for the location of the crystal or held ransom to try and get you to trade the crystal for them; Possible both. You best keep them with you.

Gather up your group and make a bee-line for the wizard's academy, since the only situation where going there would be bad is if the cult is following you to find the crystal, and they can punch through or slip past a bunch of experienced wizards that have short notice they're coming. If that was the case, then the cult has enough resources at its disposal to get the location from you or your friends through other, nastier, ways. Of course, this is only the worst case; The other ones are varyingly better or neutral if you show up ASAP, so best get a move on.
No. 492895 ID: 695191

And if either one of them doesn't get there, nothing is understood? Nope. We have to stop an attack and/or theft from succeeding, not perform a spy mission.
No. 492909 ID: f2c20c

If the fight only lasted a few seconds then they didn't distract you at all.

Don't approach the mages. Just go find a blacksmith and make a new weapon or buy one.
No. 492911 ID: 8b9215

We want to kill him, not his minions. He's gone. Let's go get drunk till mages call us back.
No. 493074 ID: 2f4b71

Just stay well away from the magic college. If cult dudes know the crystal is there, then they'll still have to fight a bunch of angry wizards to get it. And if they don't Asshole will have to come find you again anyway when his plan fails. May as well hole up with your friends and find/make a new pointy stick.
No. 493589 ID: 14a1d0
File 136105312784.png - (99.92KB , 640x480 , 105.png )

I gather the gang and head straight for the mage academy. Better to be there to defend when they follow us, than to stay away and let them attack if they already know where they're going.
I rush to find old man Galaf and tell him I need to know where the crystal is, because somebody might be coming for it.

"Your stone is perfectly safe. It's in laboratory two, just down the hall," he says. "But I can't imagine anyone bothering to go to much effort stealing it. The initial report is that besides a few wards, it's just a simple mana battery, an item for storing magical energy."

If that's true, then why all the issues? Something bigger has to be going on.
No. 493590 ID: 76b151

How much energy can it hold... and how much is it holding?
No. 493591 ID: 14a1d0
File 136105318253.png - (128.17KB , 640x480 , 106.png )

Suddenly the entire building shakes, enough to knock plaster loose from the ceiling and a loud roar out in the hall seems to be coming this way.
"What in the bloody blue blazes is that!?"
Galaf seems as surprised as I am, so I'm guessing this isn't a normal occurrence, but still, I would like to think this isn't my fault.
No. 493593 ID: f2c20c

Get to laboratory two, then.
No. 493596 ID: bf54a8

shit, it's exact purpose is so amaze not even wizards know what it does. to lab 2!
No. 493597 ID: 9ee360

Looks like some people disagree with your analysis, doc.

To the labs!
No. 493601 ID: 695191

Run towards the lab, drag this old guy along for directions and to ask why a mana battery would need wards and have crazy people willing to kill for it.
No. 493605 ID: 8b9215

Nice job, klutz.
No. 493612 ID: 14a1d0
File 136105934862.png - (111.04KB , 640x480 , 107.png )

I hurry out into the hall while Jehral and Sika are just about to burst in from the other direction.
"Everything is going crazy out here. Things are just exploding for no reason all over!" says Jehral.
"We're not sure if that's normal or not, so we came back to check, because it's really putting me on edge." adds Sika.
Galuf just shakes his head, "I can assure you it is most certainly not."

The source of the crashing quickly becomes apparent when a fat mage come around the corner, waving his hands, making the ground shake and causing spikes of stone to burst through the floor. He's really going to town...

"Tenenbo! What do you think you're doing!? Stop this immediately!" Galaf demands, but the fat guy keeps wrecking the place like he doesn't even notice. He seems more than a little crazed and completely focused on busting things.
No. 493613 ID: 76b151

Great. A distraction.
No. 493614 ID: f2c20c

Ask the old mage guy if a sleep spell would work. He looks mind controlled.

Also we should get to lab 2.
No. 493616 ID: 695191

A most obvious distraction. Have ol big and beefy hold him off best he can, get your ass to the crystal. Bring Jehral along.
No. 493617 ID: 8b9215

Protect yourself. Don't worry about them. They can handle themselves. And the crystal isn't your problem anymore.

Ask him if he'd like to hire some mercenaries on short notice. If you guys can take him. If you can't, don't even bother with the offer.
No. 493621 ID: 78c6ea


I dunno, we'd basically be giving the crystal away to the mages for free if we just gave up now. In fact it's possible this is a setup to scare us off from reclaiming it.

Anyway, on to lab 2! If this is an attack we want to keep our property safe. If this is a fake attack, we want to find out just what they're doing with it.
No. 493823 ID: 14a1d0
File 136113096065.png - (118.83KB , 640x480 , 108.png )

We need to get the gem back, because it's mine and I'm not letting anyone steal from me just because it would be easier to let them take it.
A good kick to the head tips over fat boy and we're on our way to the lab.
"Are you gonna be okay on your own, old guy?"
"I am fully capable of looking after myself."
"Okay, good."

Nothing can stop us now.
No. 493824 ID: 14a1d0
File 136113097880.png - (51.35KB , 640x480 , 109.png )

Almost nothing, and this is more of a delay type situation anyway, so it probably doesn't count; but a whole group of guys are trashing their way down the hall. I'm pretty sure they're all mages from the school, but I kind of doubt they're wrecking all their own stuff to get me to leave them the jewel, when they could just lie about the value and try to buy it off me for much less expense.

One figure in the back is still. It's obviously not all crazy like everyone else.
"How are you enjoying the performance?" says a female voice from behind the mob. "Your little magic friends are having a wonderful time and now that you're here, the dance can really begin."
No. 493832 ID: 9ddf68

They're mages meaning no real endurance or speed so just take your pole (it is a pole now right?) and play whack a bitch, and don't feel bad about using one mage's body as a sheild against another mage's spell. If you can just hit the ones that get in your way and go straight for the jewel after we know it safely in our hands than focus on kicking ass namely that one bitch that seems to be behind this hole thing
No. 493834 ID: 6dc5a6

Rush past all of them, the puppet person might be using another wizard as a mouth piece anyways. Hold back on the fire unless we absolutely postively have to set everything on fire and run away.
No. 493835 ID: 76b151

More distractions. By how quickly the fat one reacted to us I bet she has to give orders directly to adjust to changes. However we need to get to that lab.
No. 493841 ID: b33427

See that tall guy on the right? He's gonna be your drawbridge over this mosh pit. Charge forward, leap right against his chest, and keep climbing up him as he tips over. Use the momentum of his fall to launch into a run towards lab #2. Move in an evasive pattern to keep from being hit, and use your pole to vault anything that gets in your way. Give the bitch in the back a smack to the head with it as you pass.
No. 493857 ID: f2c20c

Priority one is to kill/knock the fuck out of that female in the back.
No. 493886 ID: 772c81

you know, one of these days we need to learn a strength boost spell, or a flight spell, or to boost ourself into the air with our fire breath.

Because jumping over these guys would be handy.
No. 493898 ID: 14a1d0
File 136114562121.png - (117.39KB , 640x480 , 110.png )

The problem with mind controlling mages is that they need their minds for magicking things, so while they're being all crazy and shooting off fire and crap everywhere, I can just crack them in the heads and maybe not do any permanent damage?
I'm sure they'll be fine.

"You really want your gem back? But I think I want your gem, so we have a bit of a problem here."
"Yeah, well I found it first, so you can just fuck right off!" I retort, wittily.
No. 493901 ID: 76b151

Your in Range. FIRE!

That is breath fire on her.
No. 493903 ID: bf54a8

knock the guy on the right over and then make the entire hallway be on fire.
No. 493924 ID: 78c6ea

Yeah, fuck these mages. It's their fault for being mind controlled. Open fire!
No. 493925 ID: 76b151

What? No don't toast the mages. Only the girl!
No. 493933 ID: f2c20c

Breathe fire on the mind-controlling bitch.
No. 493989 ID: 9ddf68

if your still stonger then all of the mages around you even without your weapon, javalin throw your pole at the bitch and bum rush her, if that fails then just go dragon on her ass and burn everthing around you. and if the old guy comes around and ask what the hell happened just say it was the mind controlled mages that did it
No. 493997 ID: 14a1d0
File 136116465598.png - (91.75KB , 640x480 , 111.png )

I shove anybody who might get burned who might not entirely deserve it behind me and light that bitch up. The place is partially on fire anyway, it probably won't be my fault if it burns down.
No. 493998 ID: 14a1d0
File 136116469019.png - (98.09KB , 640x480 , 112.png )

"You think a little light show is going to stop m- eeeeEEEARRGH!"
No. 493999 ID: 14a1d0
File 136116470172.png - (96.13KB , 640x480 , 113.png )

No. 494000 ID: 14a1d0
File 136116476678.png - (86.54KB , 640x480 , 114.png )

"Alright. You want to dance with me? I'm going to pick up the tempo. Try to keep up."
No. 494002 ID: 8b9215

Fire volley number two.
No. 494003 ID: f2c20c

Knock that flute out of her hands quick.
No. 494004 ID: 57a559

"Nice Tits"
No. 494005 ID: bf54a8

swnging, keep her from playing, seems like it's some pied piper shit.
No. 494006 ID: 9ee360

Issat Sheras?
No. 494010 ID: 1f8505


Spew another fireball, then close the gap and whack her with your pole.
No. 494011 ID: a7824f

throw stick at cocky bitch (the one that isn't Rynh)
No. 494020 ID: 9ddf68

try and knock that flute out of her hands and if she trys to move her hand out of the way then just smash your pole across her face and try to break her jaw. she talks to much as it is
No. 494123 ID: 76b151

The flute thats how shes controlling them. Your next objective should be using your giant stick to knock out of her hand. Feint at her body with it then on the followup swing hit her wrist. If possible then snap the flute in two.
No. 494220 ID: b33427

Do another fire-breath, but this time not as strong. Use it to blind her to the fact that you're actually bringing your pole up over your head and hurling it at her like an ax thrower's ax. At this range, you can't help but hit. Even if it doesn't knock her out, or the flute out of her hand, it'll distract her long enough to close the distance and punch her lights out.
No. 494224 ID: 14a1d0
File 136123704246.png - (122.73KB , 640x480 , 115.png )

And I teach the floor a lesson about pissing me off, but I miss the flute... and her. Dammit, why am I getting all these fluttery types today?

"That's not very nice. I haven't even done anything to deserve it. Everyone else is wrecking the place, not me." she says, but that grin isn't helping her convince anyone.
No. 494225 ID: 14a1d0
File 136123707258.png - (82.26KB , 640x480 , 116.png )

She flips down the hall and puts her flute to her lips. "These magic wimps don't have much of a killer instinct, do they? Lucky for you, I've found you the perfect partner for my Wild Dance!"
No. 494226 ID: 14a1d0
File 136123722682.png - (49.22KB , 640x480 , 117.png )

She starts to play before I can do anything about it and the whole building starts to shake again.


I was wondering where he wandered off to.
No. 494228 ID: f2c20c

Get the kobolds to harass/stab this lady while you distract Thodren.
No. 494229 ID: 8b9215

Scram. Head to the crystal. Ignore these fools for now.
No. 494238 ID: 57a559

He only came here because she was squeezing her tits really hard and got some major cleavage
Thodren can't appreciate good music.

The music likely isn't true mind control where the controller can give him specific actions, and simply drives him into an unorginizard unthinking rage. You can trick him into running into walls, off cliffs, or into the kitty cat. Unless this song is "Smash Friends" of course. But it probably is "Smash Crescendo".
No. 494239 ID: bf54a8

"you think you can make him want to hurt me? i mean we already" an make a circle with one hand stick your finger through it. she will get the meaning and may be taken aback. then smack her.
No. 494257 ID: b33427

Screw this. You're going to lab #2 and getting your crystal. And if it isn't there, you're chasing this cat-bitch and her fuckin' cult 'till you get it.

Grab Jehral and Sika under both arms, and charge forward. Keep pressing on her so she can't stop long enough to use the flute. Dodge Thodren. When you get to near lab #2, tell Jehral and Sika to get the crystal, drop them at the door, and keep chasing the cat-bitch.
No. 494379 ID: a7824f

Bull boy's still only the minor issue. you're a fucking acrobat compared to him.

Don't forget: once these jumpy-types leave the ground, their destination is more or less set in stone. If you can't reach her landing spot, set that spot on fire.
No. 494425 ID: 9ddf68

try and get flute girl between you and your big pissed off friend, because it would be fucking hilarious to see her get taken out by her own spell
No. 494477 ID: a7824f

Damnit. There's a blowjob joke in here somewhere. If you can find it and word it correctly I doubt the cat will be able to concentrate on her flute playing. She's a talker after all. She couldn't just let being the victim of a horrible joke slide.
No. 494519 ID: 14a1d0
File 136131686664.png - (113.21KB , 640x480 , 118.png )

Yeah, fighting Thodren while he's in a crazy berserk rage would probably suck. I like my limbs attached and undigested.
So, I grab Jehral and Sika, whether they like it or not and make a break for that lab, where ever it is.

"Hey! Get back here! I'm trying to show off my special attack!"
"Fuck your special attack! I'm going to go get my magic thing you can't have, then I might be back to slap you upside the head.
Maybe you could try playing the minotaur flesh flute while I'm gone. It might make you less of a horrid bitch!"
"GRAWR! I'm gonna gut you like a fish for that!"
"Well, if you aren't going to fuck him, you can go FUCK YOURSELF!"

Haha! Running away now.
No. 494520 ID: 8b9215

go go go go
No. 494522 ID: 9ddf68

has anyone told you that you're awesome because you are and I feel it is not said enough.
so anyways guess the plan is to get to lab 2 grab the damn cyrstal then find out how to get Thodren back, maybe, it could just wear off after a while and he'll go back to his old self I don't know
No. 494527 ID: d79664

I'm sorry if this has already been said, but I swear to god this is exactly like one episode of Naruto where the genius kid is fighting a puppet master.
No. 494530 ID: a7824f

Rynh you are the best dragon.
They can't make you do shit, they can't stop you.

Hell, they should have tried to recruit you into their loony faith and avoided all this. Of course you probably would have said 'no' and kicked their asses.

... actually, anyone find it odd that they haven't tried to recruit her?
No. 494584 ID: b33427

Ryhn, you are the most infuriating combination of dragon and kobold traits, and you're bloody brilliant for it! Now get a move on before your ego gets too big for the hall.

Book it to lab #2, but don't be surprised if your crystal has already been taken. Miss Cat-Bitch's actions smack of a delaying tactic, likely to give the actual thief more time to getaway.
No. 494689 ID: 788e41

On one hand, your comment makes me imagine DMC3/4Dante-Rynh.
On the other hand, it makes me imagine Doctor Who-Rynh.
No. 494721 ID: 450660


Odds are favorable that we will return to a vary salacious event between those two...
No. 494726 ID: 14a1d0
File 136141898382.png - (120.33KB , 640x401 , 119.png )

So, we make a break for the lab and slam the door on the first room with a 2 behind us. There's a goofy looking human and a goofy looking goblin already inside.

"You got my thing?"
>"Yes, it's ri-"
"Okay, what's it do?"
>"It's a simple mana containment vessel."
"Nothing super special magical about it? Because some some skinny guy that can cut buildings in half and a beast chick with a magic flute think it does. We should probably wrap this up, because she's berserked a minotaur out in the hall and he's probably going to bust in here any second now."
>"Perhaps if we did more intensive... You're joking right."
"Yeah... Nah. So, if we could just go out the backdoor or window or something."
They both look at each other, then back to me.

>"But this room is on the interior of the building."

Aww... Fudgey cakes.
No. 494728 ID: f2c20c

Ask them if they know any combat-helpful magic at all because you could probably use some help.
No. 494729 ID: 76b151

Ask them how to use it.
No. 494731 ID: 57a559

Ask them to MAKE a window with blasty powers then. Lives are at stake here. Your not responsible for this mess by the way, the responsibility lies on the cult after this. That's how the justice system works. I suppose we should have cleared this up with paper work.

For whatever reason, the piper can't control you, she should have tried. She must have race specific songs she has to play or your dragon half has resistence. If these mages know what's good for them, they definently should blow up the walls to make an escape, because then they'll be hostages you'd have to fight, and if the cult actually lets the mages go they might have broken bones or something as you try incapacitate them or worse because of acts you can't control, like an explosion from other cult members or the cult executes everyone here while they're under the bard's control. So yeah, we should all run.

And ask them if they understand anything about bard magic and fighting it, and not by destroying the instrument. The bard is a cat woman and far too flexible and agile to get a hit on, so if they magic resistence spells, armor, etc. they really need to get them the fuck on now. Hell, a magic destabilizing field that could free everybody and make them temporarily immune would be great. If they have nothing, everybody cover their ears.
No. 494733 ID: 6dc5a6

Check to see if these wizards have any bottles of water you can use to defend yourself from the cat lady. Then make a hole out.
No. 494736 ID: 695191

First, ask them if anything in this room is potentially dangerous or at least distracting. Then ask them that if the crystal isn't special, could some magic thing inside be special? That old guy did say it was warded for some reason.
No. 494737 ID: 9ee360

>simple mana containment vessel
...how much mana?
No. 494738 ID: b33427

Okay. First possible option: Escape. Can you break a hole through the wall? Is there a old, bricked up doorway you could bust through? Rip up the floorboards? All you need is something long and metal to use as a pry bar. Maybe punch through the ceiling? These wizard-y types know any magic to help with that?

Second option: Fight back. Do these two know any spells that could possibly be helpful here? What about the lab materials? Could they make something that's super slick to splash on the floor under Thodren and Catty? How about a slick oil splash potion on her. Something to keep her from bouncing all over the damn place.

Third option: Ransom. Ask them how to discharge the crystal, either a directed full release, or opening it's "valve" slightly so its charge leaks away. You want to know how, so you can threaten Catty out there with dumping whatever super special magical thing she thinks is in this crystal out all over the ground. That'll give you time to escape or fight back.
No. 494739 ID: 9ddf68

your in a wizard's lab. there has got to be some kind of potion or something that you can use or make (you do have two wizard , maybe?, with you right now) that could pobably do something useful, like explode, put target to sleep, silence, something completly random yet funny.
No. 494792 ID: 8b9215

If there is any wall you can bust down to get out, that would be fantastic.

When you get in a fight with him, keep moving. Dodging is all you've got against him. And the goal is to make it out. You don't need to beat anyone in a fight.
No. 494827 ID: 3d4b0d

Ryhn, if there's nothing special about the CONTAINER, then could there be something special about the MANA?
No. 494837 ID: b33427

That's a thought. Maybe it's some kind of spell wound up inside the crystal and the detectable mana is just he charge it needs to run.
No. 495823 ID: 14a1d0
File 136176430794.png - (96.10KB , 640x480 , 120.png )

I'm getting out of here. I'm not letting little things like walls stop be from avoiding a whole lot of pain.
"Alright boys and girls, let's get the hell out of here!
>"Ack! Please! Be more careful. This building is a historical site."
"If you don't move it, it'll be a grave site, or maybe you'd like to stay behind and explain the significance of the architecture to an eight foot, berserk minotaur?"
>"We're going!"

I could probably use the energy in the crystal in some kind of magic beam thing... if I had any idea how to magic things. I guess fire breath is technically magic, but that's something I just do. I don't know how it works.

For now, it's either run away or fight past Thodren and try to knock out kitty bitch.
No. 495824 ID: bf54a8

put it to your lips when you breathe out fire. maybe it will magnify it?
No. 495825 ID: f2c20c

If you run off, she won't have any reason to stay here and wreck the place. Two birds, one stone!

You could hasten that by yelling that you have the crystal.
No. 495829 ID: ea6124

Well you said it best yourself either you run like hell or fight a berserk minatour so in the interest of self survival I say run
No. 495831 ID: 8b9215

Make like a tree and get the fuck out of there.
No. 495836 ID: a31717

Fighting is only smart if you can get out in the open. You need a place where you could easily get past Thodren to knock out cat-bitch. Fighting him in this building is crazy.

...maybe we could destruct her and him long enough for your sneaky little kobold buds to shank the cat-bitch?
No. 496811 ID: 14a1d0
File 136207335271.png - (328.88KB , 822x1130 , 121.png )

No. 496812 ID: 14a1d0
File 136207337273.png - (355.97KB , 822x1140 , 122.png )

No. 496813 ID: 76b151

Sure shank her. But first DESTROY THAT FLUTE!
No. 496814 ID: bf54a8

break her musical supplies.
No. 496818 ID: d6ef5d

Rynh- continue to dodge as if your life depended on it. Because it does.

Sneaky 'bolds- break dat flute, shank dat bitch.
No. 496827 ID: 5da860

>Break the flute
Take the flute, then break it only if trying to use it yourself doesn't mess up the spell.
No. 496837 ID: b33427

Dangit! Take the flute! Don't break it! Break it and it could do something nasty like knock out everyone around that can't resist its effect, or break the minds of those effected. Just get it away from her. If that's not enough to break its spell, try blowing a sour note through it and see if that works.

Remember, she has some kind of sword or dagger, so she's not defenseless. She also probably has one or two more magic items on her. Guess you'll just have to make sure she can't use her hands to get at either of those things.

The both of you charge up, bite her on her arm anywhere you can, latch on, and start wrenching them any which way you can. Tap into those ancient kobold instincts to never let go once you got your teeth in something. She'll can't help but drop that flute. Then keep going until she passes out from pain and blood loss.
No. 496885 ID: b6178d

What's that? A prone enemy? A-one, a-two, a-pounce you. Jethral can distract her by threatening repeat shankings. Sika is good at running kicks. Apply to bitch-wonder's face and we're all good.

And... we kind of want her alive, don't we? If only so we have someone to squeeze answers out of.
No. 496895 ID: 9ddf68

Bolds - get that flute away from her now before she does something with it, like mind control someone else
Rynh - Don't die, that would suck
No. 496897 ID: 4224e5

Loot everything! Take her top! Take her pants! Take the flute!
No. 496931 ID: 67bfa9

Jerhal! tie her up and get in some boob grabs . . . she might be hiding something in there

also this
No. 496987 ID: 5bf651

Definitely both of these. Make sure she has nowhere she could be hiding a knife or anything, not down her pants or in her boots or in anything else she has on. Plus we've got to make her feel bad about this.
No. 496988 ID: a68e3e

Leave her with nothing. That's what she gets for attacking.
No. 497113 ID: 8b9215

Shank the fuck out of that bitch.

If you can tie her up that'd be better. Don't try that unless you are sure you can do it.
No. 497187 ID: 44cc74

grill her for information, like who hired her and for how much. if she refuses, start slowly cutting her top off.~
No. 497258 ID: ef7773

Don't gloat, she's still armed.

Also avoid actually killing her. You're in a city and there's probably laws. We haven't seen her kill anyone yet, though people certainly got hurt by now.
No. 497271 ID: 57a559

Threaten to have Thodren use her as a toy if she doesn't talk.
No. 497326 ID: b373ed

Isn't he still under her control at the moment
No. 497362 ID: 2f4b71

Steal All The Things is rarely the wrong course of action.
No. 497364 ID: 593f45
File 136226877030.png - (142.73KB , 640x480 , 123.png )

Alright. Now that that's dealt with, I don't need to get punched anymore right? I'd like to not get that anymore.
Jehral and Sika have dealt with cat-tits and she's naked now for some reason. I guess there's some reason for that. At least now we can get some answers, maybe.

>"Rynh, are you alright?"
"Oh yeah, I'm perfect."

Sika seems to have everything secured over there, so it's probably safe to start questioning her. I ask about the cult and what they want with my apparently valuable shiny rock.
"Cult my ass. They just want to pile up artifacts to increase their power base for taking things over and I'm gonna get my cut, so give me my clothes back now!"

>Isn't Thodren still under her control at the moment
He should be calmed down after a bit of brutal punching. I know I don't feel much like fighting anymore.
No. 497367 ID: faae35

I think we should see what additional info we can get on these guys, like notable members, where they gather, etc. If she refuses we could suggest that we could leave her to Thodren.
No. 497372 ID: 8b9215

Give her and Thodren some "alone time". Only condition is that he doesn't kill her or let her go. Anything else is fair game.

Go talk to head wizard dude. Learn magic.
No. 497375 ID: d6ef5d

>give me my clothes back now!
...didn't the 'bolds cut her out of them? I don't think they'd do her any good anymore.

Besides, why would we let her go? We've got an annoyed minotaur and a horde of angry wizards to hand her over to. Unless she has a very good reason for us not to.
No. 497376 ID: f2c20c

Give her her underwear back at least, for that tidbit of info.

Also confirm with her- the crystal is just a regular ol' mana battery?
No. 497379 ID: ef7773

welp.. make sure nothing's broken.
Do what you can to recover as quickly as possible.
Threaten/Cajole the mages into getting you a healing potion or something.
The guy that can teleport might still be around.
No. 497389 ID: b33427

Well, you're not going to feel like moving at all for a bit, so send Jehral inside to bring Galaf out here. Oh, and also loot whatever healing and medical supplies he can from wherever in there.

Ask Cat-Tits if she has a name, or if she prefers you to keep calling her Cat-Tits.

Tell Cat-Tits that these egghead wizards tested your little magic crystal and it turned out to be a simple mana battery; Nothing unique. So unless she's absolutely sure this is what the not-cult is seeking, she might actually be better off for not having stolen it. Tell her to imagine if she'd handed over a fake of whatever they wanted; A fake that had been swapped out long before you took it from that cave.
No. 497393 ID: 6dc5a6


Begin filching wizard crap as soon as you can walk, failing that make the smaller kobolds do the filching.
No. 497399 ID: 57a559

has Sika always been that scary? I know we joke about minotaur-style torture but I don't think Sika wouldn't actually mind doing it herself.
No. 497423 ID: 9ddf68

so... which one of the kobolts bit her, you can see bit marks on cat-tits leg.
No. 497444 ID: 10165a

I thought those were her elbows at first, but I realized those are her enormous breasts.
No. 497445 ID: 76b151

They are quite big. Rynh should feel one up.... for science.
No. 497497 ID: ef7773

screw that. if Rynh were interested in tits she probably would have grown her own.
No. 497576 ID: b6178d

Wait, she thinks it's not a cult? How does she know she's not being hoodwinked by some clever religious-y blokes, using her greed?

You know, the ones that inevitably betray you once your usefulness to them has ended?
No. 498569 ID: 593f45
File 136269410323.png - (92.04KB , 640x480 , 124.png )

I'm just going to chill on the floor here and let everyone else deal with the clean up. All the crazies sound like they've calmed down now that there's no music, so we're probably okay now.

Galaf enters through the hole where the door used to be to survey the damage. He's taking it well, so far.

"Oh Mr. Wizard man, these mean little kobolds are crazy and want to kidnap me to do gods know what."


Galaf seems unphased. "The authorities will be here soon to pick up our unwanted guest, but did you really need to take her clothes?"

ANYWAY, now that that's over we can focus on what to do next, because as much as I love laying here sampling the delicate flavors of the tile work, I have more important things to do. Like not being killed by the next weirdo with superpowers that comes along.
No. 498570 ID: bf54a8

well, point towards something you don't care about blowing up. then hold gem to mouth. shoot magic dragon fire at gem
No. 498571 ID: 76b151

Expalin that the organization she belongs to likes using magical artifacts. You had to strip her ot make sure she had access to nothing.

Though in all likelihood it was only the flute.
No. 498573 ID: 12c19f

>but did you really need to take her clothes?

Lemme think about this quest's genitalia quota...

No. 498574 ID: d6ef5d

...I don't suppose I get some kind of reward for saving you guys from magic crazy person music you didn't think to ward your school against?
No. 498580 ID: fcd183

Well after you make sure you've got everything I say find someplace to hold up for the night and just sleep on it for now. After all its kinda hard to think when you feel like someone just dropped a building on you so save the "what next" stuff for the morning
No. 498591 ID: 8b9215

Yes. We don't take chances with people that tried to kill us.

Thodren still hasn't gotten a chance to get revenge. What is he saying on the situation? He'd be angry if we gave Catbitch away without asking him.
No. 498600 ID: b33427

Considering she works for an organization that collects large numbers of magical artifacts, it seemed prudent to take everything off of her in case any of it was a magic item. Cutting her clothes off was just the quickest way, and the choice to do so was in no way influenced by the crap she put us all through.

Peel yourself off the floor and hand the crystal over to Galaf, asking him if it looks like anything that'd be worth going through all this effort to get. And if it does, could he confirm if it actually is special and not a mere mana battery. 'Cause you'd rather not have the shit beaten out of you over something from a wizard's junk drawer.
No. 498641 ID: 67bfa9

clothes stealing was essential, who knows what she was hiding in there.

escort this kitty to prison yourself, you were too careless with the gnoll bitch and look what happened
No. 498687 ID: 593f45
File 136273511199.png - (115.42KB , 640x480 , 125.png )

Apparently the magic thing is pretty magical, but given the circumstances they don't want me leaving it there anymore. They'll go off what they have and let me know if anything comes up. I'm just going to gather up my stuff and fall into bed. Good thing Thodren was the only strong guy around to be berserked. Now that I think about it, the mage's school is pretty much the worst place to use an ability that makes everyone fly into a rage and thrash everything . They can't use magic properly because their brains are all scrambled and they can't do much damage otherwise because they're weedy little wizards.
Works out fine for me, I guess. We caught her without a huge amount of problems. Cat-ti... I mena, Shera Inekin, is wanted all over the place for all kinds of illegal crap. Even had a pretty big bounty, but that all disappeared to fix the academy. If I could have only thought of a way to keep it without looking like a huge creep, I could buy some shiny new weapon to replace my scrap iron chunk of crap without having to dip into my own pockets... It doesn't really change the fact I need something better for whooping on more powerful crazies.

>escort this kitty to prison yourself, you were too careless with the gnoll bitch and look what happened
But the gnoll was only jailed for being a nuisance and kitty has all kinds of assault and property damage charges. She'll actually be kept for more than a day.

>hold gem to mouth. shoot magic dragon fire at gem
What is that even trying to accomplish? Besides burning the thing up, destabilizing it and exploding my own head or something nasty like that.

>genitalia quota
So hopeless.
No. 498689 ID: bf54a8

it's MAGIC. add magic fire to magic and crazy shit should happen.
No. 498697 ID: ad199c

well, your fire breath is magic, and it's magic. Maybe you could eat and use it as a power source for super uber fire breath.
No. 498698 ID: 12c19f

Why not just have fluffy here see about turn it into a necklace or choker then with the gem in it then to test that out?
No. 498700 ID: f2c20c

I think you're right about not doing crazy experiments with the crystal.

Hey, why don't you just grind down the edge of that thing and make a blade out of the end of the shaft? It would be shorter than it used to be, but you'd still have a weapon.
No. 498712 ID: d6ef5d

>If I could have only thought of a way to keep it without looking like a huge creep
What, the magic school didn't have insurance to cover the damages? They train power mad idiots to make things explode with their minds, and they hoard powerful artifacts they are usually really old and of unknown stability. You'd think they'd be covered for attempts at magical theft, hostile magics, basic property damage, heroic collateral damage, etc.

The lack of a pointy bit is disappointing, but with your strength, a big metal stick is still plenty to whoop-ass with.

What you really need is some items that give you warding or protection from magic bullshit so you can safely beat the crap out of the next cheating shit to come after you.
No. 498733 ID: 9ddf68

Well you could melt the tip of your staff a bit and turn it into a spear if you want a weapon with a little more punch to it but won't cost you to much.
And speaking about Thodren hows he doing? the last we saw of him was when you got into a fist fight with the lug.
No. 498793 ID: 501f91

considering what happened to the last one, maybe a nice, ordinary, double-edged sword is a good idea.

More cutting area = Less likely to be grabbed by douchebag fighter/mages.
No. 498794 ID: 62f448

Rynh, your chest is showing~
No. 498804 ID: fb528f

So much for being forged outta dragon breath. How do you feel about redundancy? You could make a bunch of metal stakes for close combat, granted you'll have to get closer to strike but at least you won't be unarmed when some douchebag wizard casts bullshit on your weapon.
No. 498905 ID: b59bfb

[She's flat... It;s not that big of a deal lol.]
No. 498914 ID: c74c7d


Did you manage to snag that magical flute from her?
No. 498916 ID: 78c6ea


[Quiet. She has a lovely chest.]
No. 498957 ID: 593f45
File 136280582938.png - (285.56KB , 640x480 , 126.png )

I think instead of filing down a pointed metal stick, I'll go to a real smith and get something there. Just deciding the race of the smith in the first place could make a big difference.

Dwarves are big on heavy, sturdy and artistic pieces. I don't know if they actually like large weapons or if it just gives them more room to engrave things on.

Humans make everything at the "normal" size and shape. Everything is pretty utilitarian and they occasionally throw out a magical piece every once in a while.

Kobolds don't really have a lot of smithing technique. There's a focus on just pounding out as many things as possible as quickly as possible, but the actual metal quality is always good.

Elves focus on magic. Probably to keep their curvy butter knives from shattering on impact. Everything is very light, very fancy and very expensive.

Gnomes are just aren't any good. Kobolds and gnomes don't like each other. Our gods don't like each other. It's an amazing achievement that we don't kill each other in the streets anymore. Look, I just don't think gnomish weapons would fit my personal style of... Gnomes are jerks, okay?
No. 498958 ID: f2c20c

Why are you even listing gnomes as an option then?

Go for a dwarven weapon. It should make good use of your strength.
No. 498960 ID: 12c19f

Get a big well-balanced dwarven glaive. Like a sword onna stick.
No. 498961 ID: d6ef5d

Practical, utilitarian human gear sounds like the best bet. Unless you really want to exploit your dragon heritage and go for a big-ass heavy dwarf weapon.

Might be worth stopping by the kobold shop too for smaller backup stuff.

Elves and gnomes don't see worth the bother.
No. 498963 ID: a19d72

dorf dammit
No. 498967 ID: 9ddf68

depends on how much money you want to spend. If you don't want to spend much go with the human or Kobolt blacksmith for a main weapon and maybe see if you can get some kind of backup weapon encase some dick weed brakes your weapon again or if you don't mind braking the bank a little go for the dwarven weapons but still get some kind of side arm just encase something happens to you main weapon.
Eleven weapons seem more like finesse style fighting and you seem more of a straight up fighter so I don't think it's worth it to buy a really expensive weapon only to find out it doesn't work well with your fighting style. And if you hate gnomes so much way did you even bring them up. what are there weapons like anyway.
No. 498970 ID: 772c81

wait a minute....


No. 498971 ID: 501f91

There seems to be a negative trend for 'normal' weapons when put in your hands. Clearly you need something more durable. Go Dwarf.

.. But get a Kobold shiv for emergencies. There are very very few situations where having an extra knife is a disadvantage.

.. oh god what if this cult is being run by Gnomes and that's why they didn't try and recruit you?
No. 498972 ID: 76b151

Right, I say >>498971 sounds best.
No. 498973 ID: 53688c

They're magic tits. She can make them appear or disappear at will.
We've gone over this.
No. 498975 ID: 772c81

Is this compatable with the magic gem we have that stores energy? Tit energy?
No. 498979 ID: 450660


Dorf. Obviously dorf.

Dorf is best weapon. Also best ale. Besides, if it's big, solid, and big, well... it's perfect for you.
No. 498981 ID: e3aff6

This, and make it two shivs if you have the budget for it.

Make sure your dorf weapon menaces with ☼spikes☼.
No. 499002 ID: 8b9215

Human. You don't need fancy crap.
No. 499009 ID: 256d52

Go for a masterpiece of dorfen smithery! Sounds perfect for you.
No. 499012 ID: 78c6ea

The magic tits were before the reboot guys. Stop being so meta!
No. 499059 ID: 6b96b8

I'd recommend the dorf weaponsmith. "normal" weapons apparently can't take your strength. The elven stuff looks nice but all that magic can be detected easily by security that knows WTF it's doing.
No. 499104 ID: fe8be5

Screw not being meta, lets be MORE meta!

That gem is a mana battery, and since there's a cult after it's some kind of uber god power mana battery. You don't know it but your magic heritage offers you uber innate magic powers! Figure out how to use the gem and you can be an uber-demiurge unstoppable by anyone!
No. 499183 ID: 4224e5

Find a dwarf and an elf and shove them in a room together and get magic dworfaxe
No. 499184 ID: 91c1b3

I'm pretty sure you would just end up with a stabbed dwarf and a dead elf.
No. 499186 ID: d6ef5d

...and two empty weapon shops / forges to loot.
No. 499211 ID: 99d5e3

Nah, what you'd get would be an argument that exceeds a normal person's lifespan.

Elf and Dwarf conflicts don't always require violence, but they usually involve bitching.
No. 499299 ID: 450660


Actually, that's another adventure. It's about a ring.
No. 499397 ID: 593f45
File 136296914932.png - (99.23KB , 640x480 , 127.png )

I'll go with a dwarven smith. I tend to go for the heavy crap, so they might keep up with that the best.

It's not too hard to find one, since the city is huge, there was bound to be dwarves selling somewhere.

"Welcome, customers. I ain't even gonna mind that you're 'bolds. Just remember I know were everything was when ye came in. Now what can I do for you?"
No. 499398 ID: f2c20c

No. 499399 ID: 76b151

we've been facing lots of agile fighters lately. Got anything for that?
No. 499400 ID: 8b9215

Longsword is always a solid choice
No. 499401 ID: 99d5e3

if you can only get one thing, get what you're best with.
.. which i would assume to be big straight swords for hacking shit up, from your initial weapon.

Be sure to tell the smith that it has to be able to stand up to hacking into monsters made out of stone.

But most of all: make sure the other two don't steal anything, even if you have to shop with them in mirrored headlocks.
No. 499406 ID: 12c19f
File 136297272750.jpg - (55.37KB , 429x760 , fullblade.jpg )

Whatever you can freakin' wield and afford!
No. 499408 ID: f2c20c

Multiple weapons? This man has the right idea.
No. 499410 ID: 12c19f

Why settle for a single blade when you can have a situational repertoire?
No. 499414 ID: d6ef5d

No no, getting extra concealable smaller backup or holdout weapons is what the kobold shop is for. The dorf is for getting something big and smashy. And singular.

I think you'd do better with something that has a cutting edge. Maybe a bastard sword? (The optional handedness seems kind of fitting for your haphazard fighting style). Or if you wanted to stick to polearms, we could get a nice bardiche.

Make sure whatever you get is flame resistant, and see if the runes and shit they put on things can protect your gear from being cut in half by cheating teleporters who don't stick around to fight fair.
No. 499435 ID: faae35

We should totally get the Mana Battery inset whatever we buy to fuck with the guys after it.
No. 499436 ID: 450660


One big crazy cleaving thing, especially one that can take a hell of a beating.
No. 499455 ID: b025c6

Are polearms your thing?
Get a meaty halberd.
No. 499545 ID: 2f4b71

"I had a huge sword on a stick, but some magical bastard cut through the stick. I need a sword on a stick where the stick is also a sword".
No. 499547 ID: 001618

If you want to stick to polearms get a glaive

if you want a sword get a bastard sword

if you want something else get yourself a fucking warhammer.

Also are you going to get a sidearm or backup weapon here as well or are you just going to wait until you find a human or kobolt smith for your second weapon?
No. 499575 ID: 5fd94e

Glaive or halberd
No. 499588 ID: 458227

Honestly Rynh you're kind of a blunt weapon to begin with, so any weapon you use should be tough, heavy, and ultimately disposable. Any sword you use doesn't need much of an edge, because you'll just ruin it anyway, so my vote is for some kind of buster sword-like huge cleaver. If chopping up rocks will ruin it, then you don't want it.
No. 499589 ID: 68bbc5

Why get a glaive when you could get a glaive-glaive-glaive-guisarme-glaive?
No. 499617 ID: 593f45
File 136305134906.png - (97.10KB , 640x480 , 128.png )

Giant swords take some time, since they're kind of a special order item. In the meanwhile, I head to a kobold smith for a sidearm.

"This one isn't even that bad."
>"What do you mean not bad?"
"It's just not 'traditional' style."
>"That's a perfectly traditional two-handed sword. It just has a bit more polish on it. You think kobolds can't work metal? That's the best steel you'll find anywhere."
"No, it's good. I'll take it."

This will be pretty good for a knife. If any other crazy bastards mess with me today, I'm just going to stab them with it. Seriously.
No. 499618 ID: 4224e5

Make sure it's edged for stabbing.
No. 499619 ID: 76b151

Huh looks like a machete, could just be the angle. Good for close in work which will suit you well as a backup when a giant swords won't do.
No. 499620 ID: d6ef5d

All right, you are now once again armed and dangerous. What's next?
No. 499630 ID: 8b9215

Get a dagger too.
No. 499635 ID: de32da


Don't you mean long-sword?
No. 499636 ID: a5c529

Well we don't want to go around stabbing EVERYBODY with it, we might stain the polish. just cut deeply.
No. 499638 ID: 9ddf68

not bad, not bad at all. so we now have a backup knife/short sword with our other weapon on the way, so what do we do till that one is done
No. 500925 ID: 593f45
File 136365031325.png - (112.86KB , 640x480 , 129.png )

Now we can do... Something. Since magic lessons aren't in the schedule, I pick up a copy of 'Low Level Magic for Simpletons' instead.
Now I'm not sure what to do. Weirdos will probably keep trying for the rock. Hopefully not to frequently, that could get annoying.

>"C'mon. Haven't you learned magic yet. Let me try now. Quit hogging."

Transitional pattern divergence via mental transfiguration. Haha... what?
No. 500926 ID: c74c7d


Explain that's not how magic works in the koboldest way possible
No. 500929 ID: f2c20c

Fuck it. Just try to throw fireballs from will alone.
No. 500933 ID: 8b9215

I'll translate it for you.
"Your brain ripping apart a pattern."

Although it may translate to
"Your brain ripping apart a pattern while moving from one point to another."
I consider this one much less likely.
No. 500945 ID: 759d37

Give Sika a magic lesson. "Magically" bap her on the head with the book until she knows every word.
No. 500957 ID: 9ddf68

what's Jehral problem he looks bored
No. 501038 ID: 593f45
File 136368219438.png - (318.42KB , 640x480 , 130.png )

So, apparently this works by drawing in energy, mushing into shape with your brain, then shooting it out to make things happen. Incantations work by making you think the words which makes everything move down the right channels for that particular spell, yadda yadda...
It sounds so simple, but I have no idea how to actually do it.

This probably isn't all that important. I have more important things to worry about...
No. 501039 ID: 593f45
File 136368221482.png - (135.93KB , 640x480 , 131.png )

Like lunch.

After a light meal, we're good to go do whatever it is we're doing. I can't really decide what to do, cuz' no matter what I do, I'm probably gonna have those dicks chasing me. It's kind of a big hassle. I can't really sell the damn thing and I don't know what it's good for.

I guess I'll worry about it after I'm done eating.

"What do you think you're doing?"
>"Eating this ham."
"No, no, no... See, this is my ham and I'm gonna eat it."
>"Well I'm still hungry."
"I need to recover my strength after taking down a big cow that let himself be mind controlled into a berserk rage."
>"It's too big for you anyway!"
"Wanna bet!?"
>"No, because then you'd have to eat it and I'm going to eat it."
"I really hate to bring up who's paying for this... Oh, that's right. ME!"
>"If you're going to drag me along, you should at least feed me!"
"Who even asked you to follow me in the first place!?"
>"You did!"
"Shut up!"
No. 501043 ID: 8b9215

Fight for it while Jehral takes it and eats it.
No. 501045 ID: fb528f

Assert dominance, grab hold of this horns and headbutt him into submission.
No. 501053 ID: eaf2f5

Sharing is caring! Test your new sidearm on the ham and cut it in half.

Well Kino said: "the cult have a lot of higher ups in Arkram'sul." So maybe we should head for that place?
Or we could go have a chat with the town guard/sheriff/police guys about the cults presence in this town, or try to interrogate that kitty.
No. 501061 ID: 57a559

You two faggots settle down and just slit it in half
Look at you, you two are making all sorts of sexual innuendos! Do you want to encourage us to encourage you eat his meat? Then stop it!
No. 501067 ID: d6ef5d

Might be relevant, later. The crystal is just a battery full of magic energy, right?

What do you think happens if you just dump a bunch of that energy into someone instead of drawing it out of nowhere, slowly and carefully?
No. 501088 ID: 9ddf68

here's a plan in case he does get the ham, just leave and let him pay the bill.
No. 501104 ID: 759d37

well, now that you more or less know how it works, do you think you know how you can mess it up? Its usually easier to break something than make it after all
No. 501134 ID: 0b214d

Just fucking split it, enough of this bullshit. Also, paranoia time! Two black birds at the window, startle them off...
No. 501161 ID: 12c19f

No. 501163 ID: 458227

of course, that's why the pointy hat is so important, to properly focus and direct energy.
No. 501207 ID: 65c3dd

Man you guys know nothing about claiming food.

Just lick it.
No. 501215 ID: 759d37

dig your fingers in and tear that meat from the bone. looks like thodren's only holding onto the bone so you should get most of it.

If he wanted the ham so bad he should have gone for it first.
No. 501248 ID: 593f45
File 136376847350.png - (231.91KB , 768x918 , 132.png )

>Look at you, you two are making all sorts of sexual innuendos!
That is ridiculous! I never say anything that could be mistaken for anything sexual. You're just being stupid. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to deal with this...
No. 501252 ID: 9ddf68

god damn it, he better not be one of those cult guys. I mean it has gone from an every other day sort of thing with them to now being every other couple of hours it seems. I mean fuck we just kick cat-tit's ass and now we have to deal with this jackass.
No. 501265 ID: d6ef5d

What's that stupid name he called you? That's not your name. Unless he's introducing himself- but anyone who just walks up and says their name without any kind of context or sentence to support it is a total tool.
No. 501267 ID: beeca1

LeiRYNHa Ganjeel. I suspect that's her full name and he's trying to intimidate her by dropping dox.

Call him a newfag and breathe fire at him.
No. 501292 ID: 4594e2

I've got a funny feeling about the way he's introducing himself. Without pausing in the scuffle for that big meat of Thodren's, demand of this new person, "Does that mean you're on my side or theirs?!" Later take a moment to find out how in the name of various and sundry gods he knows your full name.
No. 501323 ID: 2a8a2a

"If you're here for a fight you'll have to wait in line."
No. 501324 ID: 78c6ea

Kobolds have last names?
No. 501353 ID: 8b9215

Tell some bystander to call the fire brigade. Things are going to get a bit heated.
No. 501419 ID: 2f4b71

"Eating! Fuck off!"
No. 501447 ID: de262c

Her full name was revealed way back in >>475770. I'm guessing he's never dealt with kobolds before so he doesn't know to use her shortened name.
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