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File 135282223541.png - (233.75KB , 800x600 , reformationtitle2.png )
471394 No. 471394 ID: 0f60d7

thread 1 : >>/questarch/428036

discussion : >>/questdis/57038
wiki : http://tgchan.org/wiki/Reformation
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No. 471395 ID: 0f60d7
File 135282225466.png - (172.36KB , 800x600 , 90.png )

I have not slept. I do not need to sleep. I have been thinking. Planning. Nyx is silent. I don't even hear her thoughts among my own at the moment. I do not know what she is doing, but she is in one of the chambers of our base, hanging so far above the broken world below.

I did not retrieve any additional ichor from my diplomatic excursion, although I take solace in perhaps giving the akari and soroi enough hope of survival to come to some arrangement.

Colin reports to me the results of our research on the Spiker Tick and the nature of Nyx's ether.
No. 471396 ID: 0f60d7
File 135282227216.png - (137.12KB , 800x600 , 91.png )

RESEARCH Unit Upgrades The Spiker Tick's natural ichor-based projectiles are themselves capable of a certain limited intellect, and as such can propel themselves further than the Spiker Tick is able to fire them. This will require a little more investment into the generation mechanisms located within the Spiker Tick's body, however - the ichor slugs will require slightly more refined manufacture. UNLOCKED UPGRADE: Sniper (30) - Range becomes 8 hexes instead of 5. Ether Ether is a substance similar in composition to the ichor that composes Typhon and his creations, though twisted in nature. Where ichor and ether meet, it appears to all that the substances annhilate, leaving no trace of either substance. Curiously, though, this only seems to apply to low concentrations of ichor or ether, or collapsing amalgamations thereof. Larger concentrations, such as sapient individuals, are capable of interaction with no consequences unless so desired. More research is required to know more about this strange material and its relationship to ichor, and how it could possibly be manipulated in addition to ichor.

Sorry guys. This ether is tricky, tricky stuff. Much trickier than examining individuals or thinking of ways to make our guys better. It took a lot of co-operation with Cadmea to even get this far, and it's pretty much what we already suspected.
No. 471398 ID: 0f60d7
File 135282233914.png - (224.31KB , 800x600 , 92.png )

What a shame. Oh. Hm. Hold on. I appear to be getting a message. I am not sure where this mental imagery arises from, but I can feel it as distinctly foreign in origin.

=Congratulations, fucker. You've managed to take out a tiny, tiny fraction of my forces, making me so pissed off I need to drop everything to waste my time talking to you. Happy? I'm not letting you step foot in my land again. I've spent years sorting this fucking mess of a world out after you were done kicking it to pieces. Not about to let you take that away from me. You or those fucking lizards. You know what you are? Just another stupid fucking upstart. Another upstart I'll rip into pieces and shove in the grinders. Should have stayed dead, destroyer. You'll wish you were when I'm done with you. You're sure he can hear and see just me, right? What do you mean you're not sure about that second one? Oh, fuck it, never mind.=
No. 471399 ID: 0f60d7
File 135282235182.png - (88.92KB , 800x600 , 93.png )

Looks like I've made a new friend. Do we want to send them a message back? I wouldn't normally be able to send a remote message like this, but whoever it was wasn't remotely subtle about, well, any part of what just happened. Now then. Here is the current state of affairs. We will head towards Wintermol once we have made the requisite preparations.

CURRENT STATE Ichor Unspent: 138 Ichor Spent: Typhon - Health (20) [Boosted to 24] - Attack Strength (40) [Boosted to 48] - Flux Rate (20) [Boosted to 24] - Action Points (20) [Boosted to 24] Units - Typhon Bike (16) [Reduced from 20] - Mannimarco (King Worm) (76) [Reduced from 95] - Spiker Tick (40) [Reduced from 50] Base - Laboratory (50) -- Colin (Science Drone) (250) -- Holding Cells (30) - Observatory (50) - Spawnery (50) -- Ladon (Worker Drone) (50) - Akari Habitat (30) Total Ichor: 880

[ OPTIONS: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Reformation/Spending ]
No. 471400 ID: 70c0f2

Hey, Colin researches new things, we get new units, and Nyx then creates ether mirrors of them. Can we do that in reverse? Cadmea researches new ether units, and then we create ichor mirrors of them? We could double our research speed that way, with the two armies researching two different things in parallel.
No. 471403 ID: ec0bf5

I think we've got exactly enough to upgrade the tick we've got and make another sniper tick, and then study the Fell.

40 + 24 + 24 + 50 = 138
No. 471412 ID: f2c20c

I'll agree with this. We got some captives and corpses last time we were in combat in Fell territory, so let's utilize them. Since we already interrogated one prisoner to get some social information, let's dissect some corpses for biological information. Maybe ask our living prisoners about some of the anatomy we can't work out on our own.

I'm a little worried about our relatively small force though. I mean, sure, Nyx will mirror our units, and so far we've been steamrolling the opposition, but... Eh. I'm sure it'll be fine. We'll have two king worms, Typhon and Nyx, and four sniper spikers. That's pretty good. I'd have liked another worm to mirror, but maybe the research would benefit us more in the long term.

I feel as though we should send a message to him, but do so in a way that messes with his head a bit. If we can divert some of his forces away from the outskirts of his territory by making him think we're going to attack his base or something, then our trip will be easier. Something like...

"You are a fool to taunt me. Perhaps I should pay you a personal visit. Let's hope you have more formidable bodyguards than a girl tied to a pole."
No. 471416 ID: ec0bf5

I actually was intending the "study faction" option, but that's another possibility. If you feel like it would be better to have more worms it would also work to spend the 64 ichor for the extra spider tick on two worms with an upgrade each (vicious, perhaps?), and just upgrade the one tick we have. I feel like the two ticks would let us play more defensively if we were ambushed, but the extra unit from the worms would let us attack more units effectively. I still stand by my choice of "extra tick, two sniper upgrades, study Fell", but if you guys feel another option would be better than go for it.
No. 471456 ID: 6e6cb2

Hm, depending on how the Ether Mirror works, she may not be able to do that, I think it might be more useful if they attempted to mimic Ichor manipulation so it would be possible to modify summoned units, and begin unit research from there. Preferably not near any Ichor structures, raw materials can be dangerous in such an environment.
Supporting making sniper ticks, and studying the Fell, unless it would make it impossible to attempt the combined research attempt.
No. 471658 ID: 474058

Tell him that you will reclaim what is rightfully yours, one way or another, and that it is a shame that theirs can only be reclaimed through violence. Also that when you are done he won't have anything to so disrespectfully thrust at you.
No. 471687 ID: 0f60d7
File 135291744615.png - (148.42KB , 800x600 , 94.png )

"So, Cadmea, can you, like, research new stuff? Come up with any fresh, new ideas?"
"I've been doing that! Nyx's counterpart units don't design themselves! Yeesh!"
"Wait... what are you saying?"
"Nyx can mirror Typhon's units to an extent, but without proper research on my end they aren't going to be much more than nebulous clouds of get-shot-at-and-die!"
"So much for Typhon mirroring ether units, then."
"He couldn't do that anyway! Nyx is the only one in the link that knows how to do that right now. And even then, you'd still need to figure out how to translate the essence of the design into something more suited for an ichor constitution!"
"How have you been doing this without a lab?!"
"Practice and experience, mostly."
"Wait. Design! Design. Of course. The sniper ticks need some distinction on the outside, as well as inside... got it!"
"Looks kinda pudgy."
"Got to fit the improved manufacturing mechanisms in there somewhere."
No. 471689 ID: 0f60d7
File 135291774852.png - (169.15KB , 800x600 , 95.png )

I will send a message in response. Oh. Nyx has entered the room.


=You are a fool and a coward to taunt me. You yourself call me a destroyer, and must be fully aware of my capabilities. Perhaps I should pay you a personal visit, and remind you of them. Is the woman tied to that pole your sole guardian?=

=Of course she fucking isn't! She's-- oh what does it fucking matter what she's here for. You're a fucking moron if you think you can get this deep into Fell territory alive. Thanks for the warning, anyway, you idiot! Keep the intel coming, makes things easier for me! I tied your mouth shut for a reason, female. Save your moaning for later.=

The connection dissolves into nothingness. I'm grateful. This Fell leader disgusts me in many, many different ways. I believe that the response worked as intended, either way.

You are no better than he is. Don't think otherwise.

What? What prompted this sudden shift in your view of me? I do not treat others like objects to be used!

I was reminded of certain events by my advisors. I forgot that you don't remember them.

Events? What events?

Remember what I stated before. When we reach Wintermol, I will no longer support you. We will part ways. And that is the best outcome. No matter what either of us might think or hope, it will be the best possible outcome.

What events, Nyx? Why do you feel so... conflicted?

Part of me wants to think you'll be like this. That you'll stay like this. But I know it won't happen. It never happens. Enough talk. It won't take long before the Fell realise there's no actual attack coming soon. I will wait below. Meet me when you are ready.
No. 471690 ID: 0f60d7
File 135291776425.png - (175.05KB , 1024x768 , 96.png )

Ichor Spent: Typhon - Health (20) [Boosted to 24] - Attack Strength (40) [Boosted to 48] - Flux Rate (20) [Boosted to 24] - Action Points (20) [Boosted to 24] Units - Typhon Bike (16) [Reduced from 20] - Mannimarco (King Worm) (76) [Reduced from 95] - Sniper Tick (64) [Reduced from 80] - Sniper Tick (64) [Reduced from 80] Base - Laboratory (50) -- Colin (Science Drone) (250) -- Holding Cells (30) - Observatory (50) - Spawnery (50) -- Ladon (Worker Drone) (50) - Akari Habitat (30) Invested - Research Faction (Fell) (50) [Boosted to 60] Total Ichor: 880 UNITS MADE Sniper Tick x 1 (64) [Reduced from 80] UPGRADES The previously existing Spiker Tick is upgraded to a Sniper Tick, granting it 8 range. RESEARCH 50 ichor invested into researching the Fell as a whole and an organisation.

Have we finished our preparations for the journey to Wintermol? I feel increasingly uneasy, and so many words and memories suggest it will be nothing more than ruins, but I must see it for myself. I am not even sure what the route to take should be.

Is this all? We won't be returning until I've reached Wintermol, which could take some time. Or it could be mercifully brief. No way of knowing yet.

What are you hiding from me, Nyx? Just what am I going to find there? ...Will I be able to cope with what I find?
No. 471694 ID: f2c20c

Well, you should inform the diplomat that you're leaving on an extended mission so they might want to return home until you get back.

If we had more Ichor I'd suggest researching base defenses in case the Fell have flying units that can reach our base... but on the other hand, if Taja isn't there we have nothing to lose.

...hang on, if Nyx can't mirror our upgrades instantly, how did Cadmea upgrade at the same time? ...ah. Nyx has a history with us, so not all of our upgrades are new to her. We're playing catch-up.
No. 471699 ID: ec0bf5

Is that purple region Fell territory? It might be wise to just fly over that void southeast of it instead in case they try to attack you for entering their airspace. Also, yes, see what we need to do about our guest. If she wants to go home while we're gone we can do that, or if not could we hide the base so it doesn't get attacked? We did just taunt our enemy and now plan to leave our base undefended. As for what you will find, if we already know the place is in ruins the only worse thing to find that I can think of is evidence that you blew it all up yourself. So you should probably be emotionally prepared for the worst in case that's what actually happened.
No. 471704 ID: f2c20c

Southwest you mean? We have only a limited range on our troop deployment system.
No. 471721 ID: 886a4d

THe base itself is mobile.
No. 471749 ID: ec0bf5

Yes, I mean southwest. But I'm not inclined to believe that where we're going is outside any range we might have, considering that the soroi territory is further away than our target now. We get to places with some kind of magic bubble things, don't we?
No. 471850 ID: 9718f3

We should really set aside some ichor to run the observatory as we travel. I would say it's more important than researching the Fell, in fact.
No. 472070 ID: 0f60d7
File 135304262142.png - (262.87KB , 800x600 , 97.png )

I enter the akari habitat, and find Taja staring wistfully at a plant tendril.

~Hello, Typhon,~ she emits to me, seeming uneasy. ~How do you fare today?~
"Well enough. Now, Taja. I am going to journey towards the south east with Nyx, and it is likely I may not return for some time. I am sure you would be far happier back home than to be locked up here for however many days. It is likely the Fell may try to attack in my absence, also."
~I was meaning to ask you about leaving for my home. Unfortunately, I will not be returning, Typhon.~
~I will not return for some time. When I return, for my services to the akari, I will become a priestess of Akar. The rituals involved are not brief.~ She strokes the tendril and sighs. ~I was hoping, when I returned, it would be to relaxation and pleasant company. There are women who would give away treasured memories or parts of their bodies to become a priestess, and for just talking to you, I am considered among their number.~
"Oh. Well. I'm pleased to hear of your promotion."
~You will be free to return to our land for a new representative at any time.~

I embrace Taja. "Be safe."
~There is no threat of lasting danger involved in the rituals I must perform, Typhon. I fear for your safety more than mine. I saw you fight on the borders of our forests. I cannot see how you would survive the Fell lands.~
"I have my means."
~Do not fall victim to your own pride, Typhon. Even gods can die.~
"You need not worry about me."
~But I will.~

The embrace lasts longer than I expected.
"I will miss you, Taja."
~Visit me in six days, Typhon. I will be waiting for you.~

She looks into my eyes, rubs against me, and...

Then she leaves for the ichor bubble waiting for her.

...I... I need a minute to arrange my thoughts and focus on important matters.
No. 472071 ID: 0f60d7
File 135304264447.png - (154.08KB , 800x600 , 98.png )

Launching the ichor bubbles through the Fell territory is far too risky. As I discovered myself, none of us are immune to the tyranny of gravity, and the chances of avoiding detection are minimal.

There is always the option of moving through the void. It would avoid the dangers of travelling through the Fell territory on foot, but we also have the problem that we can launch the ichor bubbles in a straight line and no other path. For our previous travels through friendly terrain and nearby regions, this has not been a problem.

However, we would be either need to skirt the edge of Fell territory, risking being shot down and destroyed, or launch ourselves into the unknown. Neither of the options are appealing. They make trudging through the Fell territory by foot seem appealing.

I find Nyx in the observatory.

Plan of action?

What are your thoughts, Nyx?

It will be roughly ten days worth of travel unaided. Even with our vehicles, we will need to match the pace of our forces. This is enough time for the Fell to relocate their forces to crush us. I would launch us directly into the Fell territory, aiming for the outskirts. We would risk losing some of our forces before landing, but we would save time that would otherwise work against us.

Ten days?

Without pause.

Fortunately, we have little reason to pause. We do not need to eat or sleep.

[ Each hex on the map currently costs two days of non-stop travel to cross. ]
No. 472073 ID: 79b5a6

I'm all for Nyx's plan.

Hmm. Wait, if this might take longer than six days, we probably ought to mention that to Taja somehow...
No. 472081 ID: ec0bf5

Oh... um... are you sure you are trying to avoid any kind of relationship? Because you seem like you enjoyed that. A lot.

Anyway, yeah, we need to get word to her about the length of time this might take, or else find a faster route. If you really want to see her then we'll have to launch ourselves like crazy people. We might get there within six days then, but you'll have to do some explaining to Nyx. If not I guess we have to go across the Fell territory, because any other options would take forever.
No. 472131 ID: f2c20c
File 135307239226.png - (161.70KB , 1024x768 , Route.png )

Can't we launch straight to that brown peninsula just west of Wintermol? Then we only have 4 days of travel, and part of it is through neutral territory. See image.
No. 472382 ID: 0f60d7
File 135313964366.png - (237.26KB , 800x600 , 99.png )

The peninsula does look like a promising destination. It is slightly riskier to aim towards, however. The aim with the ichor bubbles is not perfect. It is worth attempting.

It would bypass most of the Fell territory, as far as I can see. I will craft an ether bubble. I will meet you there.

If we miss and start falling into the void, though, I am not sure what could be done. I may never see the world again.

I have plans if this happens. Let's leave.

The bubbles are fired. They travel faster than I recall, almost twice as fast the top speed we could manage by foot.

-Days 1 & 2-

I am incredibly, incredibly bored. I listen to the echoes of Colin's insights and discussions with Cadmea, back in the laboratory chambers. They are talking to a Fell prisoner with more civility than I would expect.

-Day 3-

The ichor bubbles slow to a halt and disperse, flowing into my shared pool. The ether flows from Nyx's bubbles and returns to her.

The wind howls around us, roaring towards the south east. I feel cold. Nyx shivers, and looks away as I look towards her.

Follow the wind, Typhon.

We travel to the south east. A storm breaks out above, sending rain cascading down in torrents. We continue unimpeded.
No. 472384 ID: 0f60d7
File 135313969809.png - (257.45KB , 800x600 , 100.png )

Day 4

We spot a patrol of Fell as the darkness of the night lifts. Three aerators, two Fang soldiers, three Claw soldiers, and a soldier with equipment I don't recognise. It seems likely this is one of the Spike-rank soldiers that Colin informed me of. There are far too many of us to just slip by completely, but we can plan our approach nonetheless--

"The vessels were sighted in the area and-- It's him."

The soldier whose equipment I don't recognise stops and stares at me. It doesn't respond with a stance and the drawing of its weapon, but a look of pure fury and hatred. "Live capture is impossible. Kill him."

Either way, time for action. Formation!

Of course.
No. 472386 ID: 0f60d7
File 135313975829.png - (765.03KB , 1024x768 , 101.png )


Starting Positions: I5: Typhon J6: Mannimarco (King Worm) I3: Sniper Tick 1 J4: Sniper Tick 2 L8: Nyx K7: Nemesis (Emperor Eel) K5: Crescent Slicer 1 L6: Crescent Slicer 2 D18: Fell Aerator 1 D22: Fell Aerator 2 F24: Fell Aerator 3 F18: Fell Soldier (Fang) 1 G21: Fell Soldier (Fang) 2 E19: Fell Soldier (Claw) 1 E21: Fell Soldier (Claw) 2 F22: Fell Soldier (Claw) 3 F20: Fell Soldier (Spike?) Unit Recap: Typhon - 7 AP. Attacks: Claw (3 AP) Mannimarco - 9 AP. Attacks: Vicious Jaws (3 AP) Sniper Ticks - 10 AP. Attacks: Ichor Spike (10 AP) - must be used at start of turn. Can hit any unit up to 8 hexes away.

I should note that Nyx might take advice, but that I do not have direct control over her forces.
No. 472405 ID: bf54a8

everyone move right 2 and upright 1, will put spiker ticks in range of most enemies and keep them protected by melee units.
No. 472406 ID: f2c20c

Hmm. Drat. Review of past battles suggests that the rifle-using Fell have at least 7 range. We don't really have the range advantage... On the other hand, if we move we won't be able to attack this turn anyway, and it would make it easier for the enemy to engage us. I have no idea if their ranged units can move and attack on the same turn. Perhaps we can find out?

Of note is also that Nyx and Typhon are not expendable units in this fight. Everyone else we can reform or repair after the battle. So our commanders should hang back a bit. Wait, where's the bike? I thought you had the bike still, Typhon?

Typhon should move to H4, his other units can all move 1 tile to the right. Suggest to Nyx that we let the enemy come to us, and for her to hang back.

ALSO, talk to that leader there. Ask them why they seem so angry- did we kill someone they were attached to? If they had a friend simply go missing after a fight with us, they should know that we are treating our prisoners well.
No. 472427 ID: c073c8

Hm, is it possible to channel ichor and ether to create cover for our units? Provided the two substances are not too close together it should be fairly effective in stopping the spinethrower projectiles.

If you and Nix can do this, move to G7 and ask Nix to move to K11 and channel ichor/ether to produce 3 hex-long fortifications in front of yourselves, and move each of your units to the fortifications once they are constructed.
Otherwise, move your ranged units to G5 and J9, and move Mannimarco to H8.
Warning, posture of unknown enemy unit indicates heavy weaponry of explosive or electrical nature.
No. 472431 ID: 196d1b

I don't think we could make barriers even if it is normally possible. We just spent exactly all of our ichor, unless any that was invested in research has been released yet.

Moving the ticks to G5 and J8 (I assume you mean this; J is an even row) seems like a good plan, but I'm a bit worried about moving Mannimarco to H8 into what may be range of one of the Claws. We saw one of them hit something 7 spaces away when their gun misfired, so they may be able to shoot that far regularly. Oh well. Let's do it anyway. It might confirm the suspicions we have, and it's kind of silly to just avoid their range forever. I do like the idea of spreading our units. If the Spike? turns out to have some sort of weapon with splash damage that would minimize its effect.
No. 472582 ID: 0f60d7
File 135320986383.png - (770.54KB , 1024x768 , 102.png )

[ Whoops, you're right - both Typhon and Nyx are on vehicles. Typhon has 13 AP. ]


Typhon's forces spread out and slowly advance.

Nyx's forces also spread out.

The Fell forces draw closer.

The unidentified Fell soldier completely fades from view before Typhon has a chance to shout anything at them.
No. 472586 ID: f2c20c

Let's see... we could try to eliminate their Aerators first. Two Ticks shoot the one in the back, while the two worms go to eat the one on the left. Nyx's tick-analogues can fire on the one on the right. I am unsure if this would result in all of them dying, but in Typhon's first attack we killed an Aerator with one hit.

Or, we could take out their riflemen first, making things safer for our generals to move in and assist taking out the Aerators. Essentially the same strategy would be employed there. Two ticks fire on the center one, and the worms can team up on either the left or right one. I assume our worms do more damage than the ticks, so I favor them attacking the rifleman on the left.
No. 472593 ID: b6edd6

I agree with going for the riflemen first.
No. 472595 ID: c073c8

Have Tick 1 and 2 fire at Claw 2 and 3, while Mannimarco attacks Claw 1 twice.
If Nix splits her units fire in a similar manner all Claw units should die this turn.

While killing the Aerators would result in death for the Fell combatants, it is also likely to increase the ferocity of their attacks, given that they would not be able to retreat in time to save themselves.
If we had some means of capturing the Aerators and sending them back to base intact, or forcing the soldiers to surrender and accept capture or defection in exchange for amnesty, we could gain a fair bit of knowledge, as well as potentially gaining some loyalty from them, as our captured Fang soldier seems to not be too worried about his captivity.
After all, the other option is death, either by our hands, or their masters. They at least know that much.

We really could disrupt the Fell heavily if we used propaganda against them, plus, who knows how Fell soldiers would react if they had to fight their own troops?
No. 472597 ID: 196d1b

Make a comment out loud about how cowardly the Fell commander must be, hiding himself when danger appears. He can only be planning a dishonorable sneak attack, that is, if he is not simply trying to save himself.

If this does not affect them, focus fire on individual claw units. If we do that we can kill two or possibly three before they can even react. If he is planning a sneak attack you should probably move to intercept him.
No. 472599 ID: b6edd6

That would just sound pompous; attacking while invisible is a perfectly legitimate strategy.
No. 472650 ID: 0f60d7
File 135322697502.png - (851.95KB , 1024x768 , 103.png )

[ Just a couple of reminders, it's been a while: movement costs 2 AP, no unit can attack more than once per round unless otherwise specified, and a unit can make its cheapest attack even after a full depletion of action points unless otherwise stated, like for the sniper ticks. ]


Typhon's Forces

I won't waste my words on someone who is trying to hide. I can't see them being so lacking in mind that they would reveal themselves so willingly through talk.

Sniper Tick 1 fires a volley of self-aware flechettes in the direction of Fell Claw Soldier 2, who is shredded thoroughly by them, bleeding copiously from their wounds. The soldier yells out in pain, but manages to keep standing.

Sniper Tick 2 acts as well, perforating Fell Claw Soldier 3 in much the same way. It gets the same reaction - a scream of pain, but nothing else. These soldiers are resolute.

Mannimarco slithers quickly to Fell Claw Soldier 1 and begins to eagerly rip into them with its jaws, managing to keep its hat on its head and mutter in disdain. "Your blood better wash out of my hat, vermin! You stain enough with your wretched lives!"

Typhon simply watches.

Nyx's Forces

Crescent Slicer 1 spins in a loop, firing crescent gliders like bats at Fell Claw Soldier 2. They rip at their flesh, and with a gurgle the soldier falls to the ground, dead.

Crescent Slicer 2 swims gracefully in the air, its projectiles carving out what little remains of Fell Claw Soldier 3's tenacious grip on life.

Nemesis joins her counterpart in ripping the life from Fell Claw Soldier 1. With one last maniacal laugh, she rips out the soldier's throat with her fearsome jaws. "There is no place for you, Fell! The world hates you!"

Nyx observes.

Fell Forces

The Fell Aerators suddenly all let loose a wide forceful burst of corrosive miasma, flowing and winding effortlessly around the Fell nearby. The air crackles and glows a vibrant purple. Mannimarco and Nemesis, caught in the crossfire of all three bursts, don't have time for the surprise to register in their eyes before they are blasted into their component materials. The ichor mist flies back to Typhon as the ether mist meets Nyx.

The Aerators frantically remove their packs and start adjusting them, removing and replacing components as fast as they can. The miasma range shrinks slightly.

The Fell Fang Soldiers charge recklessly forward, murder on their faces. They scream a endless metallic battle cry.

The Fell Spike? Soldier shouts something. The location of the sound can be trianulated to D8.

No. 472653 ID: b6edd6

Typhon and Nyx should move up to intercept the Fang soldiers while snipers kill the aerators, starting with the ones closest to the Spike's location. Shooting after the Spike while he is cloaked is dubious but invisibility won't hide him from suffocation.
No. 472659 ID: 79b5a6

Well that's a new trick.

So yeah taking out the Aerators somehow would be good.
No. 472660 ID: bf54a8

i think the aerators are down for a turn, like using a hyper beam. now is the time to strike everything else. kill the soldiers.
No. 472664 ID: 79b5a6

That's a point. Scratch what I said earlier.

We definitely want them out of action before they're ready to go again, though.
No. 472670 ID: c073c8

Since the Spike soldier has revealed himself, you should ram him with your bike, preferably from E9.
Have the Sniper Ticks shoot both Fang soldiers
The Aerators, despite having suprisingly powerful abilities, are going to be more occupied with keeping their miasma generators running.
If we wish too, it wouldn't be difficult to incapacitate them next turn, provided the Fangs are dealt with.
Whatever Nix does is up to her to decide, if she wishes to capture any of the units, or kill the two Fangs, it's her choice.
No. 472694 ID: f2c20c

Nasty. Of note is that the Nemesis was caught in 2 fields, rather than the 3 that Mannimarco was blasted with.

I think both Typhon and Nyx should go attack the cloaked general. They can do so without exposing themselves very much now. Our long range units can kill the leftmost Aerator first forcing the melee Fell to wait for the other Aerators to move, then the other two just afterwards. In other words, two attacks on the leftmost, and one each on the others.
No. 472773 ID: f82a0b

That is a good point. We still need to protect our snipers from the incoming fangs, but we can do that by just having our snipers shoot them while Typhon and Nyx go after the Spike.
No. 472983 ID: 0f60d7
File 135331868639.png - (815.07KB , 1024x768 , 104.png )


Typhon's Forces

Sniper Tick 1 fires at Fell Fang Soldier 1, whose inarticulate rage masks any inability to continue onwards.

Sniper Tick 2 fires at Fell Fang Soldier 2, wounding them similarly.

Typhon races to the hex in a charge to smash into... absolutely nothing.

Nyx's Forces

Both Crescent Slicers between them manage to drop the Fell Fang Soldiers, who slump to the ground and bleed out.

Nyx watches Typhon soar after absolutely nothing and frowns, looking around rapidly.

Fell Forces

The Fell Aerators continue their frantic scurrying and emergency maintenance. Their equipment starts beeping in a shrill manner, speeding up in repetitions. The Aerators look close to panic. The miasma field lowers down even more.

The Fell Spike? Soldier appears out of nowhere, a respirator clamped to their face, takes aim with whatever weapon and fires an almighty beam from whatever device they have plugged into their back-mounted equipment.

The Sniper Ticks and Crescent Slicers are consumed by a purple crackling inferno, boiling away into nothingness. Nyx is pushed back from the force of the impact of units nearby, but sustains only negligable damage. Typhon exhales as a phantom impact shoves him upwards and back onto his bike.

No. 472999 ID: bf54a8

get in melee range and beat the crap out of the spike. maybe say "i can save the three left, i can put a bubble around them to contain the air and let them keep breathing, or we can keep fighting"
No. 473004 ID: c073c8

Maybe after we have taken down the Spike soldier, given that a few Aerators returning to base after an attack would potentially be punished, if they get there of course.

Try to avoid ramming the Spike's backpack, instead try to side-swipe it's chest instead if you can. Given the power of it's weapon, I can only guess how much damage it would do if its energies were unleashed in a breach.
No. 473014 ID: f2c20c

OUCH. Wow. Our units were just perfectly lined up for that.

Well, take out Spike there and start reforming a Sniper Tick. Heck, you can just aim for the respirator. Or, you could disarm and capture them... I'm not sure. Well, may as well try capturing him/her, since we can just kill them later. I'm curious as to why they hate us so much.
No. 473150 ID: 0f60d7
File 135339264947.png - (718.92KB , 1024x768 , 105.png )


Capture is more interesting to me.

Typhon flies alongside the Spike soldier. "I can contain the air around your remaining forces, or you can die with them."
"107 9992. You will die, destroyer!"

Nyx drives towards Typhon, remaining silent.

Fell Forces

The Fell Aerators react to their superior's shout and start to run, their equipment slowing them down. The miasma cloud does not shrink further.

The Fell Spike? Soldier takes aim...

Typhon leaps off of his bike and grabs the weapon, slicing at the cable connecting it to the back-mounted unit, and tears the respirator from the soldier's mouth.

No. 473151 ID: 0f60d7
File 135339266455.png - (303.03KB , 800x600 , 106.png )

"Hhh! Ahg... ahg..."

Typhon continues to struggle with the rapidly weakening Fell soldier, cutting the straps and removing the backpack. The soldier tries in vain to resist, gasping and panting in air they can't breathe.

"Kill-- hhh-- me-- hhh--"

Typhon throws the soldier to the ground and uses a small amount of free ichor to bind the hands and feet together, before attaching the respirator again.

"No. You're more useful alive."
"You'll get nothing from me! Nothing!"
"I can take you as a captive and supply you with whatever needs you have to live, or let you asphyxiate here, bound and alone."
"You think you can intimidate me with your emotionless threats?!"
"What is your name?"
"What does it--"
"Answer me."
"I will grant you your wish, Keya."

Typhon rips the respirator from the soldier and watches expressionlessly as the soldier struggles and wheezes.

Nyx dismounts her bike and watches the aerators frantically march back to Fell territory, before turning her cold gaze to Typhon.

No. 473153 ID: f2c20c

I thought you didn't torture. Either give her the respirator and leave her here to get picked up again later or kill her.

That is, assuming that second, brief exposure to not-miasma didn't change her mind about allowing us to take her captive.
No. 473155 ID: dba375

Um. Typhon, do they need those? I don't think you should remove that respirator if they need those. He sounds like he's having trouble breathing. We can restrain him fine with it in if we want to keep him, and we can kill him right here if we don't. Heck, we could even just take his gun and send him off. I don't think Nyx is very happy with you either.
No. 473161 ID: c073c8

If you are going to capture them, at least do it so they aren't going to be so difficult to question. There isn't any point in torture now.
No. 473339 ID: 6c3b85

This one is probably waay higher ranking than the one we gave Colin. Let's give it to Colin to research more. And if it still wishes for death, we can learn from dissection. Science!
No. 473354 ID: cef479


Looks like we're slowly reverting into whatever hellish incarnation we were before. Might wanna stop that now man. Karma and all that.
No. 473360 ID: 9718f3

TO be fair, Keya didn't explicitly choose death as your ultimatum was between captivity and death. Keya only expressed an unwillingness to speak, but that wasn't one of your terms.

Further, Keya is not in the best state to make rational decisions at the moment. Such decisions can be made at a later time, surely?
No. 473383 ID: 0f60d7
File 135348508131.png - (176.53KB , 1024x768 , 107.png )

The aerators have fled and this soldier will not be a problem any longer. I believe I can consider this a victory.


I give the soldier back their respirator and firmly sever their weapon's cables from their backpack.

"hh--- leave me or kill me--"
"I can keep doing this forever. I don't need to eat, sleep or breathe. You, apparently, do." I move to pull the respirator away.
"hhhg-- no no no don't take it away again--"

I am abruptly whipped by Nyx's tail. I stand.

Leave her alone.

She is a valuable source of information.

Then send her back to your lair. Time is fleeting. We must continue.

I engulf her and her equipment in an ichor bubble, and send it flying back home. I inform Colin to expect a new prisoner, and to detain them immediately and securely.

We board our vehicles and continue.

-Days 4 & 5-

Uneventful travel. Nyx is silent, but I can feel an icy hate building for me. She does not respond to my questions and comments, and I too fall into silence.

I tell Colin to pass on a message to the akari that I will not be there as Taja asked.

-Day 6-

The rain and winds are almost intolerable. We are here. Clouds whirl above at maddening speed. I feel as though I am walking into the worst storm I have ever seen.

Absorb your vehicle. It's too risky to hover here, and it can't touch the ground easily.

I do so, and Nyx does the same. We walk into the torrential rain.
No. 473384 ID: 0f60d7
File 135348510192.png - (334.28KB , 800x600 , 108.png )

Where is Wintermol?

We are here, Typhon.

I can't see any buildings. All I can see is barren, crumbling rock and harsh rain.

We are on the outskirts of Wintermol.

...no. There are no ruins. There's no sign there ever was--

See the storm that gets worse and rips the land to shreds. That is where the centre of Wintermol once stood. The palace, the academies, the homes, the heart of the empire.

...there has to be something, it, it can't just have been wiped so cleanly away--

Wintermol is gone, Typhon. You wiped it clean off the slate of this world, and broke the slate.

That's impossible! I could never do something like this!!

A sphere of ichor is coalescing at my feet. Not now. I kick at it. It explodes onto my leg and I absorb it without intent to do so--
No. 473385 ID: 0f60d7
File 135348511633.png - (206.04KB , 800x600 , 109.png )




No. 473386 ID: 0f60d7
File 135348513109.png - (168.81KB , 800x600 , 110.png )



No. 473387 ID: 0f60d7
File 135348514650.png - (291.56KB , 800x600 , 111.png )




No. 473388 ID: 0f60d7
File 135348517544.png - (302.32KB , 800x600 , 112.png )

what... how...

I have fulfilled the promise I made to you. My support is over.

You are a monster, Typhon. You gave me hope you might be redeemed, but then I saw it in your eyes. When I had to stop you. You haven't changed at all. You may have fooled yourself, but you will not fool me. You are stained with more blood than you can ever imagine, and you were quick to return to who you were.

I'm not a part of you any more. I don't have to stay near you or be anywhere near you. If I can't kill you, there's no reason for me to stay here. I would throw you into the void, but you would fly back here. I would bury you under a mountain, but you would dig your way out. When we next meet, I will have found a way to destroy you and preserve myself.

Goodbye, Typhon. May the revelations here paralyse you into inaction for the rest of eternity.
No. 473392 ID: 6dc5a6

The empire is dead, long live the empire. Time to invest in a new moral compass that isn't plotting to kill you.
No. 473393 ID: f453e3

"Why wait for that?

"If I was such a monster that the first hint of such behavior convinces you that I must be destroyed, why let me rebuild and risk being unable to vanquish me in the future? And while you claim you are no longer a part of me, do you believe yourself to be absolved of any guilt from what I have done? Can you really say that as a former part of myself you are nonetheless untouched by the evil in me you believe to be so great that you would devote yourself solely to my destruction?

"If there is no doubt in your mind -- if I am truly, irrecovably beyond redemption -- strike me down now and destroy us both.

"If you cannot do it now, you never will."
No. 473395 ID: f2c20c

That's even worse than I thought. You were a MONSTER, holy shit.

Apologize to Nyx, goddamn it. I don't think she'll forgive you though, what you did to her was unforgivable. What you almost did to Keya was practically as bad too, you dick. You said you didn't torture, Typhon. Why didn't you listen to us? If you had listened she wouldn't be leaving now. If you had listened I would still have hope for you.

What the hell happened to make you stop listening? Before Keya, you at least had some emotional connection to people. Or, it seemed like it. Were you just FAKING it?

Maybe you should offer to help Nyx find a way to kill you.
No. 473400 ID: c4e057

You can still do good in the world.

...wish her luck. That you trust her to do the right thing.
No. 473408 ID: c073c8

Given what you have just seen, do not attempt to force any portion of the blame on to Nix, you, and only you, have committed these atrocities.
You want to know how Ichor is made? It's life energy, pure condensed life energy. And you say Wintermol was fueled by the substance. How many millions of lifes were ended, and compressed to form you.
So you are not even a weapon, which only does what its master's hand forces it to do, but the end result of a civilisation so lost in its belief of superiority that it would kill continents to feed a living symbol of itself.
So tell us, what are you then? What are you, that which has a title that a thousand races would flee from the mere mention of you, or go into a frenzy of aggression to prevent you from simply stepping foot in the lands of their enemies
What are] you?
No. 473410 ID: c6ec33

Nyx, now is not the time to abandon Typhon. Have you considered that maybe the reason why he turned out so bad is because he had no one to stop him? Maybe you should work together instead of apart. Now is when Typhon is in his most innocent and fragile state - maybe a little positive influence can prevent him from falling into insanity.
No. 473411 ID: f2c20c

Uh, what indication do we have that it's life energy? Typhon said it's condensed magic, and if anyone knows, it's him. I guess he could've lied about it though. I guess it could be made from people or souls via application of magic, but we don't know. It could just be made from, you know, magic.
No. 473413 ID: bf54a8

yeah, i don't see any hints about that.
No. 473430 ID: dba375

Typhon what is wrong with you? You'd nearly convinced everyone, including us, that you were something better than you once were and now you go and do this? Of course you destroyed Wintermol. I don't think anyone was expecting anything different. That was the whole point of all of this: that you were different from the monster who did that, even if you were the same creature. But now you go torturing prisoners and driving your friends away. What's the point of telling you what to do if you don't even pay attention and go ahead and do the exact opposite?
No. 473459 ID: 977433

Typhon, no. Bad Typhon. No torturing. Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done... And I mean everything.

Maybe these memories will get you to take care to be a better person. Because if you keep following this road not even the voices in your head will be willing to help you.
No. 473460 ID: f801e7

wintermol is gone, and it looks like you were the weapon they destroyed themselves with. but your still here. you have a chance to be better, to atone for your past actions, to make the world a better place.
No. 474725 ID: 0f60d7
File 135398829434.png - (297.29KB , 800x600 , 113.png )



Nyx. Nyx, oh, Nyx, you were right. You were right. I'm a monster, Nyx, a monster! Every voice in the ichor condemns me! I can't be redeemed. I can't force you to kill me without also killing you. I-- I will fall into the void. I will stay there forever, Nyx. I won't hurt anyone again.

What? That's it? You would throw yourself into a living death for as long as I stayed alive? In place of learning a damn thing from all of this?!

What are you saying--

Congratulations, Typhon. I was wrong. You have changed. Even as the hateful, bloodthirsty creature you were in the past, you never simply gave up like this before. You have found a way to disgust me even more.

You said I was beyond redemption! That a single act of cruelty, unwarranted and regretful though it was, was a sign I will simply be a mindless cruel monster a second time!

Surrender yourself to apathy and you may as well be beyond redemption! You don't understand anything, Typhon!! I'm sick of explaining over and over again every single time and nothing changing as a result of it! She can toy with that skein all she likes, nothing is ever different. I'm going. Don't follow me.

Wait, Nyx! Nyx! I'm sorry, Nyx! I'm sorry!
No. 474726 ID: 0f60d7
File 135398832010.png - (305.63KB , 800x600 , 114.png )

I can't feel her presence any more.

I'm sorry. All of you. I am so very, very sorry. I wish I could even explain my actions. I was consumed with such hatred as I came here, and it only grew worse until I absorbed that sphere. I am going to have to consider what to do with Keya. I want to just free her for what I've done already, but she is still an enemy. I don't know if freeing her is wise. I will return now. There is little point remaining here.

Wait. Something is wrong. I've been sensing ichor nearby for a while. A large concentration. I had thought it one of my units, or my bike, but all have been absorbed--

I find thee, Devourer.
Many are the centuries I have waited for this day.
I am Monolith, the Regret, that which holds the Fifth Shard.
The Shatterer sheds no tears.

From the abyss -- I strike!
Oblivion -- thy fate!

No. 474727 ID: 0f60d7
File 135398842252.png - (519.89KB , 1024x768 , 115.png )

What is this thing?! It is pure ichor, like myself, but I can't exert control over it!

But perhaps I can try something else...


Bubbling blood! Whispering bone! Form of the mystic force!
You pool from the wounds in the heart!
Your destiny is a smoking ruin!
Your dreams are the void!

Gather thy hate! Lend me thy power!


Starting Positions: E15: Monolith, the Regret K15: Typhon Unit Recap: Typhon - 7 AP. Attacks: Claw (3 AP), Shape Ichor (7 AP) Typhon can create units during combat, but will only be able to invest 6 ichor each round. This will create a vulnerable cocoon until enough ichor has been given. Typhon has 270 spare ichor.
No. 474730 ID: ec0bf5

Ok, Typhon, it looks like his weakness is silver. Good thing you've been harvesting lots of it. You need sixteen to make an ichor worm, so let's start with making one of those in the next three turns. Run around and avoid his attacks until you can strike.
No. 474731 ID: ec0bf5

Wait, you're stuck in a cocoon while you do that? Hmm. Can you tip the cocoon over and roll around instead?
No. 474733 ID: 0f60d7

[ Whoops! Unclear wording alert! The unit being created is the thing stuck in a cocoon, not Typhon! ]
No. 474735 ID: ec0bf5

Oh. Can you tip the cocoon over and roll it around instead?
No. 474739 ID: f2c20c

Instead of creating units and sitting there for several turns to do so allowing the enemy to do whatever it wants in the meantime, why don't we try adapting ourselves? Gather ichor to yourself and create the same stuff that Spiker Ticks have, but implanted in you and controlled by you.

Make a gun arm.
No. 474740 ID: b6edd6

Ichor worms seem like a decent starting point.
No. 474767 ID: cbb448

I'ld suggest moving into the M row before creating anything, also, are you capable of carrying the coccoon? Or can you modify your bike to carry one?
Also, Colin and posiibly other drones seem to have some recollection of their experiences as raw Ichor spheres, it wouldn't be that suprising that with a large enough deposit something more capable of influencing the world could have developed...

Either way, retreat may be an option if it proves fast enough to prevent creation of ranged units, and you should introduce yourself and ask it what the shards are, any information we can get out of it would be helpful, and it... seems to be subordinate to something else?
No. 477366 ID: 0f60d7
File 135501928421.png - (84.02KB , 1024x768 , 116.png )


Typhon finds that he can't easily shape himself. He backs away from the towering monstrosity and tries something else. In his haste, he manages to shape a small amount of ichor into a ranged weapon, something akin to the tail of a spiker tick.

I can't see something like this being very effective. It could only launch projectiles made of ichor at something else made of ichor. For all I know, this behemoth could soak up my precious ichor within its bloated body. How do I use this thing? Do I point it at something and squeeze the base?

Typhon can now attack at a range of 5 hexes.


Devourer, who has consumed so much! Taste the despair you have wrought!

Monolith is suddenly surrounded by masks. Each mask stares at Typhon, with no eyes to meet the gaze of. Typhon hears whispering voices and flickers of figures behind masks.

"my children" "you didn't save me" "all is lost" "trusted you" "waited for you" "no more, please, no more" "the empire has fallen" "never did anything wrong" "never deserved this" "loved you and this is what you do to me" "you disgusting abomination" "it never changes" "this is all your fault" "to the ends of the world"
No. 477370 ID: ec0bf5

It's trying to mess with your head, don't let it. You aren't a monster anymore and it seems to know it: these kind of tactics would be completely pointless if you didn't regret your actions.

Move up to just within range and shoot at the closest mask. (If you can figure out how to shoot that gun. How did you manage to make it without knowing how it works?) If you still can, start making a worm behind you so that you're between it and the creature.
No. 477372 ID: f2c20c

I expected this thing to attack in a more physically damaging way.

Advance into shooting range and try speaking to it. Ask what it wants from you. You're no longer the same person you were back then. You're more than a monster now. Maybe not much more, and teetering on the brink of falling back to your old ways, but you are better. If you're actually feeling sorry for what you've done, maybe if you told this thing that, something might change.

Hrm. I want you to at least fire a shot off to see what happens, if this thing doesn't listen to reason at all. It's not like you'd be wasting much ichor on the attempt. If ichor-based weapons really are no good against ichor, then attack it with something other than ichor? You can just find a big rock and throw it at the thing. Or you could call back to base and ask Colin if he can still speak to his Ether-based engineer buddy and see if Nyx is actually willing to help you out here. I kinda doubt it though. She might just come watch you flail at it. Worst case scenario, her presence will summon up an Ether-based Regret monster.
No. 477376 ID: bf54a8

it knows we regret. that is why it is using emotional attacks. if it thought we were a sociopath still it wouldn't bother.

star making an ichor worm.

"i can make you all anew, i can build bodies for you all. create the forms you desire not just combat bodies"
No. 477448 ID: 5d98c3

Ignore them. Their deaths lie not upon your head, but that of your creators. As the HORUS once proved, even the most terrible weapons can be more than the sum of their actions and programming. Ergo, feel no guilt for their tragic destruction. It was not your will which caused it.
No. 477704 ID: b6edd6

Yep, just make an ichor worm for now.
No. 477770 ID: 0f60d7
File 135520840797.png - (550.42KB , 1024x768 , 117.png )


Typhon starts to pour ichor into a cocoon behind him. He tries to beg and plead with the relentless, invisible voices coming from the masks, but they grow louder and more dischordant.

Teetering on the brink. I'm not much more than a monster. So many lives ruined. For what? The entire world is in pieces...

He tries to scream apologies at the pillar of ichor. Monolith shows no anger, pity or compassion. Only the twisted vertical smiles of its mask. In frustration, Typhon fires at Monolith with the tail-gun. The mask directly in line of fire is shredded into glistening pulp, which falls into Monolith.

Typhon sees Taja for a second. Waiting for him, alone in the akari forests. Staring up at the sky, knowing he'll be there soon. Any moment now. He knows how important this is to her... right?

Typhon shakes his head and shrugs the image away. He sent messengers. She'll understand.

Monolith shows no motion. Typhon's mind is suddenly swarmed with an oppressive vision of something large, behemoth, something truly terrible and alien, formless and churning. He clutches his head, groaning. He can feel the stability of his body itself wavering slightly with this mental assault, sharp pains springing up inside his muscles as they collapse into bone, struggling to retain form.

"What-- gah-- do you-- urgh-- want?"

Monolith's voice booms outwards, condemning, authoritive. Its masks drift further from Monolith and rapidly spin into a new formation.

Devourer, consuming itself with regret!
How bitter and disgusting that once-favoured limb colours its actions!
Parasite! Pariah! Consumer of purpose! Wastrel of life!

Surrender thyself, Devourer! Return to the sundered skies!

No. 477772 ID: f2c20c

Stop pleading. Steel yourself. Shut the voices out. Continue firing upon the Monolith. Focus on what you don't regret. Remember the diplomatic mission? You did something good there. You have potential to be more than you are now. Don't let your regrets blind you to the hope of a better future.

Also, Taja didn't really tell you how important it was. I have no idea if it really was important for you to be there, and you didn't know exactly how long it would take you to get here until you started the trip. She even thought you might die. You know what, I'm going to outright say it wasn't important! She just wanted you to VISIT, AFTER six days had passed, because she'd be BUSY before then.
No. 477780 ID: ec6d4c

I wonder if this battle isn't meant to be won physically. If this continues, you may be overwhelmed by the psychic assault long before any battle is decided. Perhaps, then, it is to be won mentally. If you can overcome the grief, take away the hold the demons of your mind and past have on you, they you may have a chance.

And I think the only way to overcome this fear and pain is to face it. Acknowledge the truth in it- let it wash over you, and endure. The only way to survive you past is to accept it and chose to be something other than you were.

And if honestly with yourself is the first step to survivng this...

>He sent messengers. She'll understand.
...that's unlikely to be true. Your not showing up will likely hurt her. I mean, it's your own fault you put your obsession with getting to wintermol first. You can deflect some of the blame on poor communication, but ultimately, it was your descion not to be there.
No. 477943 ID: ec0bf5

It's true that you've done terrible, unforgivable things that you may never be able to atone for. But all of that has already happened, and you're not going to let it happen again. There isn't any point in destroying yourself, even if you feel like you really deserve it. What happened happened, and nothing you ever do will probably ever change that. But if you jump off a cliff and cast yourself into the void forever you'll be depriving the world of all the good that you might do. Think about what you've already done since you've woken up, you've saved lives and defended innocents and fostered peace where there might have been war. This can't have been much more than a week; think about what you could do in a year, what would happen in your absence.

The masks can be killed, keep doing so. Maybe you can quiet down the voices.
No. 478090 ID: 0f60d7
File 135532324792.png - (556.81KB , 1024x768 , 118.png )


"I can do more. I can face my past. I can repair what has been destroyed. I can forge a better world!"

And I will need to apologise deeply to Taja. First, I need to survive.

Your sorrows consume! You will stand no more!

Typhon feeds more ichor into the nascent worm [12/16] and fires the tail-gun at Monolith. The shot is taken by another mask. As it dissolves...

Typhon sees Keya standing before him, her neck broken, head lolling to the side, black blood pouring from her gaping mouth, eyes fixed on him. "There is no place for us in your world! Your better world demands genocide, destroyer!"

So does yours. Spare me your pleas. You don't even exist.

Typhon kicks at the image of Keya. It dissolves into dust.

I can't even scratch this abomination with the masks constantly swinging into my shots...

Monolith convulses slightly. The masks spin rapidly once more.

Consume! Devour yourself, you hated excrescence, you loathsome bubble, you fetid ouroboros! The Fifth Shard shall never be yours!

Typhon doubles over as the painful vision of alien ichor tendrils burrows into his mind. His organs tear and divide in his torso. He feels a sickening familiarity more painful than the wounds inflicted to him by the visions.

No. No, I... I know I don't want to recognise whatever this is. I don't know why, but every part of me screams in fear each time I see it.
No. 478136 ID: 60fee2

Then face your fear. Don't let it control you. Don't let it distract you from surviving this Trial.
No. 478150 ID: ec6d4c

...I've been resisting it, but you know what? The litany is practical literal if applied in this context. This is how you overcome this assault on your mind, Typhoon:

I must face my fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn my inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
No. 478224 ID: f2c20c

Back away to the far side of the cocoon to complete it. The masks are getting closer to you, and that is probably why you're getting hit harder by the psychic assault. Keep shooting masks though. Alternatively you could rush ahead and enter melee combat with the Monolith after the Worm's done... but then the masks could just swarm you and you'd die. Oh, you could make a second gun, for your free hand. Two attacks are better than one, and you'll have a bit of extra ichor control this round.

Another alternative is for you to just straight up run away, build a real squad, then come back to obliterate the thing. It kindof looks like you might be fighting a losing battle here. If next round the Worm either turns on you or the psychic assault becomes just straight up unbearable despite the added distance, we definitely should run.

Also I'd like to point out that it may be possible to allow the Fell to live alongside others if they just use that same sort of mask Keya was using. Heck, they could flood their houses with miasma for comfort's sake, and use airlocks. We don't actually have to wipe them out, just force them to stop spreading miasma everywhere. Though, I suppose, there is the issue of limited living space in general... I don't know. We'll have to figure things out as we go.
No. 478228 ID: ec6d4c

>We don't actually have to wipe them out
Agreed. Our goal is to curb the threat the fell pose to the rest of the world, not to commit a genocide.
No. 478236 ID: b6edd6

As the masks spread out the gaps between them get bigger. If you can move two spaces to the right before shooting you have a clear shot at its left side.
No. 478349 ID: ec0bf5

I guess you probably need to face that too. It isn't like it's going to stop haunting you otherwise. If you can overcome it then it's one less weapon this thing has against you. Plus, we're here to yell at you if you start having dumb thoughts and getting upset about it!

I'm sure you could have arcologies, domed cities or something. What I wonder is how such a race could have come to be if it needs this stuff in the air to live.
No. 478353 ID: 471767


Wizard did it.
No. 478356 ID: ec6d4c

>What I wonder is how such a race could have come to be if it needs this stuff in the air to live.
Either they were artificially created, or they came to be in a stable, contained pocket of their poison gas, somewhere. Or, you know, both.

Oh who am I kidding, this is a Cirr quest. Everybody on this collection of rocks was artificially created. :V
No. 478363 ID: 0f60d7
File 135537928687.png - (545.65KB , 1024x768 , 119.png )


Typhon shifts to the right, firing at Monolith's exposed sides. The flechettes tear into it, forming deep dents. An ichor worm bursts out of the cocoon, a little confused and groggy.

Monolith screams loudly and pulls two of its masks into it, restoring the dents made. The rest start to drift towards Typhon, whose head clears rapidly.

That worked. That worked.
No. 478364 ID: 886a4d

You and the worm kill those masks. Start another worm cocoon.
No. 478366 ID: ec0bf5

All right, now's your chance. Take out those two masks next to you. Maybe try to avoid touching it directly?
Confused and groggy ichor worm sounds adorable, by the way.
No. 478367 ID: b6edd6

The worm should try killing mask 3, while you keep up the ranged pressure on the boss by moving to L22 and shooting it again. Killing multiple masks at once might amplify the effect or something, but forcing the boss to re-absorb them seems to not trigger their death effect.
No. 478371 ID: ec6d4c

This, and if you still can after firing, start production on the next worm. Wouldn't hurt to have more units screening you, here.
No. 478376 ID: f2c20c

Awesome. The other masks are going to rush us, so have the worm distract and battle them. It can attack the one right next to it immediately.

Hmm. The masks can move 2 squares but seem to be unable to attack after moving. Go to K-13 and shoot the Monolith again.
No. 478379 ID: f2c20c

L22 is out of range. I think you may be onto something with that 'death effect' thing, but it's also possible that in order to absorb masks and heal itself, the Monolith used up its turn and was unable to attack.
No. 478535 ID: 0f60d7
File 135544080555.png - (593.66KB , 1024x768 , 120.png )


Typhon creates another ichor worm [6/16] with a wave of his hand as he circles around to pierce Monolith with another round of ichor darts.

The ichor worm chews the closest mask to it into a pulp and absorbs its ichor.

No, don't do that, you mindless creature, I don't know what that could do--

The worm looks around in confusion and begins broadcasting thoughts. Thoughts like 'taste good', 'what is taste', 'what is me' and 'more taste yes'. It turns towards Typhon hungrily. 'Big thing taste better?'


The worm turns towards Monolith, fangs grinding and twitching. Whatever boosted the worm's basic mind also appears to have given it a sudden burst of energy, as it charges towards Monolith, sinking its jaws into it.

Monolith consumes two more of its masks, and emits a deafening high-pitched shriek. The remaining masks all combine as one and merge back into its bulky form.

There is no wound you can inflict on me I cannot repair!

Your demise is certain!
Regret is eternal!
Succumb to your fate!

Monolith grows many large tendrils of ichor, which snake erratically outwards from its base.

What is it doing? It's... losing control over this ichor? I feel like I could reach out and just pluck it from the ground. Is this a trap?
No. 478537 ID: bf54a8

it probably is, it knows you normally have a hunger for more ichor. it is bating you. just shoot it again.
No. 478538 ID: f2c20c

Doesn't matter. We have no real use for the ichor as shaping it remains as slow as ever. I suppose if it's not any trouble you could cut off its supply by moving the ichor away from it... However, in my opinion, this looks like a desperate attempt to try something new. Everything it's done has been a distraction, so far- an attempt to keep you from attacking it directly.

In any case, keep firing upon it.
No. 478541 ID: ec6d4c

It's probably a trap. If we kill it, you can collect the ichor afterwards. The only advantage to collecting it now is that it might end the battle quicker.

Besides, it's ranting about succumbing. That's probably what the tentacles are for.

Newly sapient worm bite, typhoon shoot and pump more ichor into worm number 2.
No. 478547 ID: cbb448

Move to the other side of the tendril on your right, if those tendrils can act like psuedopods it will pincer you. Otherwise keep firing at it.
Or you could try to push or disrupt the Ichor tendrils, and either shoot or continue to shape the cocooned worm.
The worm should keep biting into Monolith, or move to destroy the tendril on its right, either way that worm may have a short life.
No. 478565 ID: ec0bf5

This sounds like a bad thing. The worms aren't supposed to be absorbing ichor. If this huge creature is somehow made of ichor and totally independent of you I think there's something wrong with the ichor. Is that possible that it could be tainted somehow? The worm got stronger when it absorbed some of it. What if it actually tries to eat the whole thing? Be very careful. I don't think this fight is as close to being over as it looks. I'm also wondering what this "fifth shard" thing it mentioned is.
No. 478616 ID: e3aff6

Huh, eating the mask ichor seems to be making the worm grow independent, powerful, and hungry for ichor. We should probably stop that before it gets out of hand. Tell the worm that the big thing is dangerous and that it should get back.
No. 478623 ID: f2c20c

I should note that we never tried feeding ichor to our worms before. I find it very likely that the worm merely upgraded itself. +Smarts, just as if we had done it. It's probably not an issue, but we can research it when we get back to base to find out for sure.
No. 478730 ID: 54c7e5

And if it ISN'T a trap, he'll probably keep doing whatever he's doing (likely trying to grab you or something) with more ichor, leading to a larger stockpile when you eventually take it all from him.
If you take it now, he'd stop doing the attack/trap.
No. 479179 ID: 0f60d7
File 135569072351.png - (742.16KB , 1024x768 , 121.png )


Very well. It certainly feels tempting. This is never a good sign.

Typhon continues funnelling raw ichor through himself into the newer worm cocoon [12/16], firing away at Monolith a few more times.

The ichor worm eagerly rips into the outer ichor of Monolith, singing a song of glee in its mind as it does so.

Monolith's tentacles of ichor twitch and withdraw, snaking along the wounds in its sides and covering them.

I am suddenly reminded of an old story about rocks being pushed up hills, and forever rolling back down again. I can't seem to damage this thing in a lasting way. While I attack it, it can't damage me. Neither of us will tire physically. This could last forever.

Well, except I would tire. There would probably be a point where the boredom would be so great, suffering the consequences of loss would seem amazing in comparison--

Monolith screams and shrieks abruptly.

My demise is certain! Every wound I repair lends you the opportunity for another!
I will no longer allow you the sadistic pleasure of my slow death!
May your regrets consume you! May the other shard holders ruin all you hold dear!

Monolith screams louder, pitch building and volume deafening, stuttering in something between a laugh and a sob. It splits itself open like an overripe fruit. Ichor gushes out in a deflating pool, a giant bloodstain on the barren ground.

No. 479180 ID: 0f60d7
File 135569075394.png - (216.25KB , 800x600 , 122.png )

I didn't expect to face an enemy that would destroy itself so readily. Convenient.

The ichor feels the same as any other mass deposit, but larger... so much... so much larger... I am in complete control, I assure you, but it is like staring into a feast hall with an empty stomach. I see no reason to not indulge. This is not like some questionable meal, with the perils of improper preparation or some malicious apothecary's interference to contend with. This is ichor. Animate force made material.

[1000 ichor gained.]
[Unknown object gained.]

i can't take this

overwhelming ecstacy
No. 479181 ID: 0f60d7
File 135569078544.png - (329.52KB , 800x600 , 123.png )

- Two Hours Later -

...wow. I must have passed out from absorbing that much ichor at once. Still feel a little giddy, actually. Okay. Stand still, Typhon. Assess the situation. No ruins to investigate, Nyx left, the other ichor worm popped out of its cocoon. Memories embedded in ichor pretty much more of the same. Most of them foggy, it'll take a while for me to fully get those back.

Anything else we should do before we head back? Hrm. I don't think there is. Is this the "fifth shard" that that thing was rambling about? Just looks like a piece of broken glass. I don't feel anything particularly special about it.

Oh. Strange. I'm getting another message. How suspiciously well timed.
No. 479182 ID: 0f60d7
File 135569080138.png - (210.72KB , 800x600 , 124.png )

=So, the rumours are true. You are back among the living. The original Typhon, tearing destruction, wreaking havoc, defending my forests. Stories spread fast among my creations. Some of them are quite fascinated by you.

I believe there is much we can do for each other. I haven't seen another immortal quite as handsome and powerful as you before since the catastrophe. Meet with me, Typhon. Alone. There is much we need to discuss. Walk into the forests. I will meet you there.=

Well. That was very... overt. The world explodes and suddenly everyone is trying to lay with everyone else. Is this just what happens after the end of the world?
No. 479183 ID: 0f60d7
File 135569084159.png - (279.49KB , 800x600 , 125.png )

I will let you ponder on this message as I travel back. Hopefully there are no issues back home. Let me check. Colin, any problems?

mhh... wh? oh. Hi Typhon. Ladon has been a total jerk towards Cadmea because she's a girl. Also a total jerk to me for sticking up for her. What a creep. Nothing else, though. Nice and quiet for the most part. Been overseeing the observatory geist's data collection. Got some basic facts for you. We can only do so much with no observatory drone, really. I've spent most of the past few days sleeping and dealing with liasions, you know. Akari and soroi. Mostly to check up on whether our opinions have stayed the same. You know, we aren't trying to secretly plan to kill them or whatever.

Good to hear. ...It is going to be five days of flight back. I will follow your advice on my research priorities, but better transport would definitely be a key thing to consider. Maybe I would be better off going straight to the akari forests. Which will take three days.

I have an alternative idea. I can put this shard into an ichor bubble and send it home, and then... well. I'm not going to enjoy it. The fastest way back is suicide. I'll reform back in the base in a matter of hours, which is far less than days. Running into a mortal fear of death versus a conscious recognition of its lack of hold over me, again.

Maybe we're not in that much of a hurry. Are we?
No. 479188 ID: ec6d4c

Cadmea is still assisting Colin? Not to want to rock the boat or ruin a good thing... but is she aware Nix parted ways with us? And not exactly in the best of terms? Is her continued presence in our base due to ignorance, a conscious choice on Cadmea's part, or Nix leaving us one line of communication and a way to keep an eye on us?

Before you kill yourself, or depart should we investigate the worm we have here? Eating the Monolith's ichor had an unusual effect on it, did it not?

Could we spend the ichor to upgrade the base and things remotely? That could be worth doing. We need to build some new units, (or reconstitute old ones, whatever). And we could use a proper observatory drone...

I kind of think one of the first things we need to do is apologize to Taja. Where is she?
No. 479189 ID: cf49fc

Iunno. Depends on how quickly you want to be swarmed by aroused Akari females. At this rate, Typhon, you're going to need a little black book twice as thick as a bible.

I recommend against suicide, unless you really want to keep your appointments with the Akari immediate. Why not try flying? You might find something exciting in the Dark Void Where Once Stood Worlds.
No. 479193 ID: 196d1b

Yeah, take a look at the worm, that was weird.

How long has it been since you left? We're probably going to need to apologize to Taja. If it's been close to the six days she wanted you in it is probably worth hurrying so you aren't too late. Why didn't you check how long this would take before letting her go off thinking you'd be there in time? Oh well.

I don't know what's going on with Nyx if her units are still there. She says she is disgusted with you and is going to kill you but Cadmea is apparently still friendly towards Colin? That is weird, because last time your feelings towards each other changed they went from fighting to making up and hugging adorably.
No. 479194 ID: 54c7e5

Or, and this is probably a crazy thought, you could use some of that new ichor to upgrade yourself, maybe boost speed and get there a lot faster without having to kill yourself?

If suicide is the way to go though, we could do worse than charging madly into the heart of the Fell territory and destroying as much as possible.
No. 479198 ID: cf49fc

You should also put research into point-to-point teleportation/space compression. All this running about is wasting a lot of time, when you could just build a network of teleportation devices in your allies regions.

You can already sort of teleport using your Respawn system, have Colin work on making that better, with less self-murder.
No. 479210 ID: f2c20c

We have a lot of spare ichor right now. Make a way-more-badass vehicle than the bike, use it to shorten travel time. Like a ROCKET.

Also, go straight back to the forest.
No. 479225 ID: bf54a8

instead of suicide, what if you un-build yourself? take yourself apart and send the parts home.
No. 479243 ID: e3aff6

Lets not suicide run into Fell territory. Once they find out we can come back from killing us they will do everything they can to discover a more permanent method. They might be doing so already.
No. 479245 ID: 0b214d

Rocket propelled super-vehicle is the way to go, something as sleek and aerodynamic as possible, like a long thin cone or spike with a wider rear section.

Hmmm, I wonder if it would be possible to convert Ichor into super-fuel and use it for main thrusters
No. 479351 ID: cbb448

I second this, but what other ways could you get faster speeds without needing to consume ichor for fuel? If you could build a turbine-like mechanism that drives a bladed prop to propel a vehicle you would still achieve high speeds without much loss of fuel.
Otherwise you could use either as a seperate mode of propulsion if you can not combine both.
No. 479376 ID: 0b214d

Understandable, but I think it would be best to keep the Ichor-fuel based thrusters, even if they can be used in an emergency for a big speed boost...
No. 479378 ID: 3e0a6a

I feel that one of the biggest things people are forgetting right now, is that Ichor creations could technically be considered living organisms, so we could probably borrow some biological methods or concepts to adapt into our creations.
No. 479975 ID: 0f60d7
File 135598663404.png - (322.78KB , 800x600 , 126.png )

Hrm. I believe getting to the forests would be the best plan if my base is currently not at risk. I could theoretically send orders to begin construction and change research offers through my connection to every other ichor-based entity under my control, but I am a little unsure about sending a half-awake Colin an entire list of things to do. It can wait. As for Cadmea's apparently friendliness, hm. Probably best to let that wait until I'm there too.

I need the ichor more for what I'm about to do, either way.

But before I set off, a cursory examination of the worm reveals it to simply be a smart worm, as suggested. Rather than absorbing the ichor into my general supply, when it ate the mask it absorbed the ichor into itself. Interesting. This is a point worth investigation in the future. Raises the possibility for improving my forces in the middle of combat... But that is a thought for another time.

is can go do things now?

Didn't quite complete the upgrade, apparently. Hold on. There. I've pulled the nascent consciousness from this worm back into my collective. It can learn how to articulate from the other ones in there, hopefully. I need to absorb these worms again anyway for my next act.
No. 479976 ID: 0f60d7
File 135598665981.png - (365.41KB , 800x600 , 127.png )

[ 1250 ichor spent. 20 ichor free. ]

There. This should get me to the forest in... well, we'll see. And if I crash and die horribly, well, lesson learned for next time. I don't want to use ichor-consuming thrusters for this. Ichor is not exactly a renewable resource. There is only a finite amount of it in the world to my awareness, and the knowledge of how to make more has almost certainly been lost. If it were possible to forge more, it would not be cheap.

I wonder how fast this thing will go.
No. 479977 ID: 0f60d7
File 135598667242.png - (102.90KB , 800x600 , 128.png )


i no longer wonder how fast this thing will go

by the ancients how do i make it stop

No. 479978 ID: 0f60d7
File 135598669577.png - (178.42KB , 800x600 , 129.png )

- Ten Terrifying Hours Later -

Ungh. Gradual stop and successful landing in... well, there's a lot of trees. Where am I? I guess this must be the forest. Wow, am I disoriented. What was I doing again? Oh. Right. Well, first things first. Better absorb the rocket and keep a low profile just to be safe. Whoever I'm meant to be meeting with might not take too kindly to it. Oh. She's... already here.


Her mental voice is far more imposing in person. I can hear rustling nearby. Akari out of the corner of my eyes slink back when she speaks.

=Hm. You came by quicker than I expected.=
"I came here as quickly as I could."
=I appreciate your punctuality. You continue to defy my expectations, Typhon. Oh, of course. Introductions. I'm Akar. Marble-holder, creator of the akari. They see me as a god. Whether or not I am a god is neither here nor there, but I digress. Divinity is subjective.=

She claps her hands together. I thought Nyx had some strange hands. Huh. Most of the lingering akari move further away from this clearing. =Leave us.= She claps louder and they all leave, scattering into the overgrowth.

"Introductions. Yes. I'm Typhon. Apparently one of the only remnants of Wintermol. An immortal creation that outlived its creator, as opposed to you."
=Yes. I was there when you were brought into the fourth age. I probably remember more about you than you do yourself, scion of Wintermol. I wanted to see you about that, actually. You've been nothing but helpful to my children, but I have my reservations about you as a long-term ally.=
=Well, you are a little prone to overreaction. Such as destroying the world.=
No. 479979 ID: 0f60d7
File 135598672067.png - (164.74KB , 800x600 , 130.png )

Oh right. I should apologise to Taja.

"...There was an akari I knew named Taja. I don't suppose you'd, uh... know where she is?"
=I know which Taja you are referring to. Oh. Oh dear.=
=She was killed in a recent Fell invasion. The invasion was successfully repelled, her efforts alone keeping many of the akari around from succumbing to their own wounds. Only traces of her psyche remain with the collective consciousness. I'm sorry, Typhon.=
"But you could be wrong?"
=There is no doubt, Typhon.=
"Why is there no doubt?"
=I can't sense a Taja in the collective consciousness beyond the odd few memories scattered into other minds. She's dead, Typhon. I'm sorry.=


=I'll, I'll go... I'll go check again. Yes.=
No. 479980 ID: bf54a8

if her head is intact, you could do a tunneling scan to recover most if not all of her memories. combined with what the akari have of her psyche it may be enough to restart her consciousness. so go. get back in that warp pod and get it.
No. 479981 ID: ec6d4c


I really hope this isn't why she needed you to be there. Or that she sacrificed herself as a result of our failure to appear?

Whatever you do, don't overreact. Yes, her death is painful and tragic, and even worse we may have had hand in the events leading up to it, but the legacy of her death cannot be more uncontrolled physical god wrath. No crushing depression, no laying waste to all around you in a rage, no genocidal campaign of vengence again the fell. We can't afford to let emotion push us to extremes, again. It's too dangerous- you already destroyed the world once.
No. 479982 ID: dba375

Oh... Oh. This has not been a good day. :C

W-who do we even have left? I suppose Colin's love interest is probably neither dead nor dead to him, and he's technically part of us, if that's any consolation. Do you need a hug? We can't give you a hug. Ask her to give you a hug.
No. 479987 ID: e3aff6

Don't over-react.

...And after you get a good hold of yourself, remember what she was talking about just beforehand and consider how this strongly resembles an experiment to see whether you will flip the fuck out and go on another rampage. (Considering your past it would be rather irresponsible for her not to try something like that before trusting you.)
Still, keep in mind that whether or not this time is fabricated for a test, as an immortal you will need to learn to deal with situations like this sooner or later.
No. 479988 ID: f2c20c

How long ago was it? Did they recover her body? Don't forget what we learned from that passing Fell invader last time we fought in the forest. Cutting off those dangly things on their heads severs their connection to the hivemind. She could be captured, not dead.

If they did recover her body, we should pay our respects.
No. 479989 ID: ec6d4c

Oh. Dang. That's a nasty thought. Severed and imprisoned is a fate worse than death for them. We'd pretty much have to mount a rescue if that were the case.

Although, again, even if that's what has happened, don't lose it. You cannot let your emotions rule. Rein in grief, anger, sorrow. Use them- but do not let them control you.
No. 479993 ID: cf49fc

She's lying. Remember? She has her doubts about your suitability as an ally? Tendency to explode worlds? Tis a test

Unless it's true. In which case their military must be made of suck to fail so hard in less than a week.
No. 479995 ID: f2c20c

Since nobody else has mentioned it, she said she's a marble-holder. That term has come up before, but I don't think we made it clear- we don't know what that is! The first time the term was used, you used it. Please explain what a "marble" is. Is her having one significant?

You could also ask her if she knows anything about that shard you recovered.
No. 480006 ID: 8d865a

Fail? They successfully repelled the invasion, if with casualties.

Anyway, however you deal with this, remember to keep your cool. Don't be afraid to feel sad or to show it, though.
No. 480025 ID: f453e3

Ask her for sex.

What? You're in an emotionally weak position right now, and as a possibly-a-deity who introduced herself to you with a come hither pose, I don't think you're going to meet anyone more appropriate to ask.
No. 480027 ID: dba375

How would he even do that? He clearly doesn't have anything down there or else we'd see it and he is apparently no good at changing his own shape. Not to mention that I don't think he'd be very up for any sort of romance immediately after learning that Taja is dead. What would that make him look like anyway, like he didn't really care about her? I still think he needs a hug, though, but don't let it go further than a hug, >>472070 Typhon.
No. 480028 ID: f453e3

Oh well fine. I'll bide my time.

I don't think "not having anything there" is a problem Typhon can't fix, though.
No. 480030 ID: dba375

Well, even when he was some sort of world-destroying monster with probably all the ichor in the world he still looked the same, and his attempts to give himself one of those spider tick guns didn't work, so I doubt any sort of gross structural modifications would be possible. On the other hand he apparently can change tiny things like his ability to attack or how armored he is. So I suppose if he really put his mind to it and invested a lot of ichor for such a long-term project ignoring any more practical goals he could do it. Not that I wouldn't vote against it at every turn because it's both a waste of time with not much benefit and because I just hate the idea and like him better without anything like that. Plus such power requires the kind of self-control that I don't think we have.
No. 480033 ID: f453e3

Well you're no fun.

Typhon has only really tried to modify himself in the middle of a combat situation, and a bizarre one at that. Even if you don't agree with my intentions in this specific instance, we really ought to see how well Typhon can modify himself when he has more resources and more time. For example, giving him a permanent projectile weapon on top of his current abilities would make him a good deal more versatile when the situation has forced him to fight on his own, which you may note has happened in about half of our combats so far.

Besides that, though, we already know Typhon has some latent desires of the nature I'm contemplating, and while I will concede that this may not be the most appropriate moment to bring it up after all, if there is [i]anyone[i] we have met so far who would be a good fit for Typhon, it would be the creator-goddess of the Akari.
No. 480037 ID: 3e5241

Even if this isn't a test, not flipping out is a good idea.
Flipping out is what got you into the mess in the first place.

count to 10, take a deep breath, and think the situation through.
No. 480761 ID: 493db1

Ask her how much of Taja is left. Maybe we could try to look into moving the remaining bits of consciousness into the ichor with all the other ones you have and make a girl worm to stick her in. Also probably hope that it doesn't both work and turn out that Taja just got taken so far away from the other akari that she's totally isolated from the hive mind because that would be an awkward reunion.
No. 484250 ID: 0f60d7
File 135786926733.png - (137.23KB , 800x600 , 131.png )

I calm myself down. I am in no mood for more destruction. I have done enough. The very idea of rising to anger just brings back more horrifying memories of the past. I feel losing myself to despair is my greater concern. Now is not the time.

=I'm sorry, Typhon. I just cannot find more than traces of her.=
"I s-see. No. No, I knew the risks of becoming attached to something that would die. I didn't expect it to happen this quickly, there is so much I could have done. So much I could have done to stop this."
=Your help is appreciated, Typhon, but no one is holding you responsible for my creations. If anyone would be, it would be me. I am in your debt. I am so very, very sorry for you to find out like this.=
"Did you have any other matters you wanted to discuss?" I realise I am snarling my reply. I stop. "I'm sorry. I have, I have not had the most pleasant time of my life so far recently. Everything I cared about is gone."

=Do you regret what you've done?=

No. 484251 ID: 0f60d7
File 135786928924.png - (106.83KB , 800x600 , 132.png )

"What did you say?"
=Do you regret what you've done?=

Oh, no. No. I will not stand for this. Of course it couldn't have been so simple.

Do you regret your actions?
"Where is Taja."
A Memory pulled from your Inner Circle. I know nothing of value otherwise.
"What about Akar?"
Irrelevant. Do you regret the Stain of your Actions?
"I regret your existence." I know I absorbed that ichor. It's doing this from inside me. How repulsive. "And if you thought you were safe as an intelligence inside me, the one you've kept calling 'Devourer', then I am afraid you were mistaken."

I absorb Monolith into me a second time. This time, I crush its consciousness for good. It screams as I consume it.
No. 484252 ID: 0f60d7
File 135786930934.png - (230.43KB , 800x600 , 133.png )

I find myself... in front of Akar.

=Are you're going to keep staring at them, or is there something else you had in mind?=
"Huh-- what?"
=Are you that starved for female contact? I feel like I should fix that out of pity more than anything.=
"What-- no, I-- so where is Taja?"
=I already said. She's currently undergoing the rituals a priestess must go through. She was a little disappointed you couldn't arrive, but figured that as an immortal guardian, you were likely preoccupied. I will not allow you to see her until the rituals are complete. Your own latent magic might interfere with my own.=
"Okay. So she is alive?"
Akar gives me a strange look. =Dead akari do not tend to undergo priestess rituals.=
"Okay. Just checking."
=Okay. I believe I have been too subtle. I hold the marble of growth. My magic is dependent on there being more life within my domain. It is not just quantity, either. If I was to have some immortals among my populaion... Let me cut to the chase. We're both immortals. We're both capable of breeding. With each other.=
"You're, uh, certainly very overt."
=Subtlety and divinity are not exactly complementary.=
"Neither is divinity and modesty, apparently."
=If you aren't interested, you know how to leave the forest.=
"What am I going to get out of whatever it is you have in mind?"
=A large ichor deposit. About twice the size of you.=

Uhhf. This is an incredibly sudden proposition... what is even...
No. 484254 ID: 196d1b

Wow, Akar is a massive jerk. So not only is Taja still alive but she has the nerve to make such a proposition of you? Well, I can think of a great many reasons why consenting to that would be a terrible mistake. First of all, Taja very clearly likes you, so I doubt she'd respond very well to such a thing. Second, she really doesn't deserve such satisfaction after what she just did, that jerk. Third, do you really want to be seen amongst others as someone who sleeps with anyone who's willing to pay you? Really? And fourth, possibly most importantly, she said she wanted to breed with you. Can you imagine the kind of child that would result from such a thing? You probably can, you seemed averse to the idea earlier, and that was just with a mortal. With two immortal creatures you'd probably end up with something at least as strong as either of you. Think about how badly that could go. What if they wound up like you? I'm sure others are going to try to get you to do it, but really, don't bring yourself down to that level. It's not worth the ichor, if she would even give it to you in the end.
No. 484263 ID: be7fd9

You can have your perceptions hacked? That's... dangerous. We'll have to remain aware of that.

Still, nice to hear Taja isn't dead.

...as useful as an ichor deposit that size would be, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with creating more immortals at this point. We've just begun to understand the damage you have wrought upon this world. To create new child-gods... seems to me to be incredibly dangerous and irresponsible.
No. 484264 ID: d795cb

Pretty sure that was Monolith fucking with us, not Akar. I'm not even sure how Akar would have managed to do that, or what reasons she'd have, anyway.

As for the matter at hand, I mean, if Akar is willing to take responsibility for whatever might come of this, it'd be nice to have ichor and an immortal ally.
No. 484266 ID: d795cb

At the very least, you should ask if you can think on it rather than outright ruling it out at the moment.
No. 484269 ID: f453e3

Well what are you waiting for, huh
No. 484272 ID: 35edd4

What? What the hell are you talking about? She hasn't done anything.

We probably want to recover more and do something about the chaos and instability of the world before we get into anything as dangerous and attention-demanding as childrearing a new god, but we shouldn't write this off permanently; they seem like nice people around here (though it certainly won't hurt to become more familiar with them first), and it might be a good way to strengthen the forces of good, so to speak.

Explain to Akari that a delayed-discharge weapon from a recent battle was screwing with your mind just now so she doesn't think you're crazy/lecherous.
No. 484273 ID: bf54a8

the problem is, they could have control of ichor and that would pull the power in two directions. while it would make her stronger, your power could be cut in half.
No. 484275 ID: f2c20c

Okay. This is essentially a business proposition and you are not in a relationship with anyone else. It sounds like a good deal. Well, uh... Taja did seem interested in you too... doing this so readily might offend her. She'd say something like "Oh, so if I wanted you I just had to wave some Ichor under your nose, huh?" Maybe you should at least talk to Taja before you do it, and tell her what you felt when you thought she was dead.

ALSO I see some danger in this. It will bring more beings of power into the world. How do we know they will behave? Can we at least get some assurance that they will be less powerful than their parents?
No. 484277 ID: 76b151

I say hold off on having sex for now. As fun at it'd be look at what happened last time.
No. 484278 ID: 3b1bd6

Nope, I would strongly suggest against siring any hybrids with her.
Ichor is valuable, but you said it yourself, any product of such a union would be short-lived and crippled, or another living god. What if it ends up as both?
There are worse things than one emotionally unstable god...
No. 484281 ID: f2c20c

Oh wait, you can't go talk to Taja right now. And waiting might cause more of her people to die from Fell attacks since her magic would be weaker than it should be. Unless this is a long term investment? Work out how urgent this is and how long it'll be before you can speak to Taja.

If it turns out to be a time-sensitive thing then you should do it. I think Taja would understand that it wasn't just an impulsive thing you did out of lust.

On the other hand, I also wonder if the experience would bring back bad memories. Worst case scenario, you freak out and kill her during a flashback.
No. 484282 ID: 6267c0

This has 'bad idea' written all over it.
No. 484290 ID: d6ae01

No. 484291 ID: 78c6ea

Can't she at least wait for Taja to die of old age before making the moves on you? Jesus christ this one is impatient for an immortal!
No. 484293 ID: 196d1b

Yeeeah, I seem to have missed that. Still, my other points still stand I feel. Taja clearly likes you and you seem like you like her too. I don't know what their cultural values are, but she might take issue with such a thing. You barely know this woman. The prospects of some sort of immortal child are also quite worrying. And I'm not exactly up for the whole "sex for payment" thing. You've got to have some sort of values if you want to be respected; we still need to work on the issue of "treatment of prisoners".
No. 484295 ID: d795cb

Now that I think about it... why not voice our reservations to Akar?

Mostly I really don't want to piss off the head of the only group we've met who seem to be on our side.
No. 484299 ID: b79570

Bad, bad idea, the world's in shambles and at war, the last fucking thing it needs is more immortal gods fucking around, or giving anyone a modicum of the upper hand against you.
No. 484309 ID: cf49fc

Don't do it, you hunk of mystically animated man.
She's far too powerful. Also, you just met her, and if you get a reputation as easy, EVERYONE will be bashing down your door to try and screw you. Even the guys. And trees.
No. 484341 ID: b6edd6

This, with the explanation of there already being an awful lot of unpredictable immortals running around without adding more.
No. 484344 ID: 466dbf

I don't really think Taja would mind you screwing her god, especially since Akar ASKED for some. While I don't want us to be responsible for more immortals running around, I don't want to piss off this chick. Can we rebuff her politely and still maintain a professional relationship?
No. 484356 ID: 521153

While thinking of how it would make others feel is great and all, it's Typhon that should come first in a matter like this. It should be his choice for good or ill. But considering everything that has happened... ill seems the more likely outcome.

Which isn't to say children are never an option! But not now, not this way.
No. 485460 ID: 0f60d7
File 135828596856.png - (93.80KB , 800x600 , 134.png )

"I must decline."
"This idea of yours. There is so much that can go awry. Do you think bringing more immortals into this world is going to solve anyone's problems?"
=You're very tense, Typhon.=
"Listen to me, Akar. What if they're as powerful as me and even less capable of controlling their more destructive urges?"
=Then we point them in the direction of our enemies.=
"That really worked for Wintermol, didn't it?! If it has control over ichor that weakens me! If it uses your power source that weakens you! There is nothing to gain from this but a tragedy some years down the line!"
=It is incredibly interesting to listen to you assume you know my exact plans.=
"Then what ARE your plans?"
=To produce a design. Not an individual. A template. I have power over life and growth. You have power over the raw force of magic itself. From a template combining those two, you could let me create elemental constructs. Mindless but obedient. Constructed of nothing more than the animate force you represent, bound together through flesh and vine. We're immortals, Typhon. We don't reproduce like mortals unless that is our mutual decision, and I do not see you as a capable father. Not yet. Potentially, perhaps.=
"I didn't ask for your constant judging of my personality qualities."
=I didn't ask to have my plans scrutinised by someone who's been alive for less time than most of my mortal population.=

Do I still want to give her this power? This ability to create raw elementals in a short amount of time? I guess it would be like my instantaneous creation of animus geists, except embodied. I can't believe this is how she does research. I dare not imagine how she's learned what she knows about the Fell.

=In the event you still don't wish to help me, I will still give you that ichor deposit. It is not of value to me, after all.=
"That is generous of you."
=I keep the marble of growth within my chest. It is effectively my heart. The Fell will do anything in their power to destroy it. You are so far the only thing I have seen that could stand between me and having my heart torn out by the Fell. If they reach me, nothing I can do can stop them.=
"I will not let that happen. I will likely return here some day, Akar. Until then, I stand firm on my decision."
=I see. ...I also wanted to show you my gratitude, in a way. But the Fell have never yet reached the inner forests. There is still time for you to consider.=

I am shown the ichor deposit. It is, in fact, very large. Tantalising. But I am in a mood for restraint. "I appreciate your offer, but I will decline the ichor for now. It would not be right to take it without fulfilling my end of the arrangement."
=If you insist. It is merely an ornament to me. I find its shimmering gleam rather beautiful, though.= She gives me one last sly look, and disappears into the darkness of the forest. The orange lights die with her absence.
No. 485461 ID: 0f60d7
File 135828598208.png - (137.34KB , 800x600 , 135.png )

The journey back to the base is uneventful, though long. I do not bother to track the days. My baser instincts howl at me with rage at what I passed up, but consequences must be considered before acting. I have already made enough errors through impulsive thinking and blindly indulging in my desires. The world will not end again so soon, I expect.

The base is emptier than I remember it being. Maybe it just feels that way without Nyx and Taja. Colin?

Hey Typhon. Hold on. Got the reports all nice and ready to go!

Did our newest guest arrive yet?

The Fell prisoner? Yeah, she's here. Anyway, here's my report!

RESEARCH Faction - The Fell The Fell are a biomechanical species, with origins pre-dating the catastrophe that ruined the world. Their primary goals revolve around rapid, aggressive expansion and the spreading of a gaseous cocktail of chemicals known to them as 'the miasma'. Many of their weapons and devices centre around both spreading this miasma and utilising it as a terribly effective biological weapon. Fell biology is geared to operate within this miasma, and begins to fail when either not inhaled for short periods of time or not submerged for long periods. This miasma is extremely hazardous to other living beings, killing plant and animal life in minutes. The composition of the miasma is complex, but has successfully been reverse engineered. The Fell specialise in mass-producing their lower ranked soldiers and equipment in bulk, at a cost of poorer individual quality. Their experienced and better equipped higher ranks are to be feared, however -- good quality Fell technology is lethally efficient. [ Fell Habitat unlocked for development! ]
No. 485462 ID: 0f60d7
File 135828600586.png - (269.98KB , 800x600 , 136.png )

Strange. I find the lab door barricaded. Colin? Colin, explain this. ...Colin?

I feel incredibly uneasy.

I quietly move the ichor from the makeshift barricades into the base and find--

"I'm not letting you near her, you realise."

Cadmea makes some sounds and looks to be shaking in fear, desperately clinging to Colin. Colin... has a sniper tick next to him.

"Colin. What's going on?"
"We all saw those memories, Typhon. I'm not letting you get any closer to Cadmea. You aren't needed in the lab right now. You can talk to your prisoner in a bit once I make sure she's in better condition to talk from being out of miasma for so long."
"You're giving me orders."
"I'm stating facts, Typhon!"

I look to the corner and see-- I never authorised a shaper drone upgrade! ...or for my shaper drone to be tied up.

"Ladon upgraded himself and decided it was time to 'put Cadmea to good use'. I blame you for even putting the idea in his head."
"I leave for a few days and this is what I come back to?"
"Did you think everything was going to be the same after you went to Wintermol?"
"I didn't expect my most trusted and loyal of followers to point weapons at me."
"I didn't expect my creator and leader to turn out to be a sociopathic maniac!"

I hear Ladon think at me from his bindings. 'Put Cadmea to good use'? Okay, so I was wrong to keep hitting on her, but I didn't see Colin getting this worked up and overprotective! I was looking into seeing if I could design a female ichor based unit, if you must know the truth! I know how bad that makes me look but I don't want to die, Typhon! I really don't! I'll tell you everything in excruciating detail if you need me to!! I wasn't going to lay a single tendril on Cadmea without her permission! I acted like a jerk, yes, Typhon, but I'm not like, well, not like you were! oh shit. no i'm sorry typhon i didn't mean it please don't kill me PLEASE

Well. This is a mess. That sniper tick will cause me no issue. I suspect even Colin knows this. I could simply absorb every problematic consciousness back into my collection and keep them there indefinitely. That's my last resort. Ideally I don't throw away the lives of those who were good at what they were doing up until now. And Cadmea could potentially report back everything she witnesses here to Nyx. Or, if I absorb Colin, she'll be forcibly reabsorbed back into Nyx. If I destroy Colin, she'll also be destroyed. Either way, Nyx will know something happened and will probably be en route to find out what. Or maybe she'll ignore it. I don't know. I just don't know.
No. 485468 ID: bf54a8

colin is being a mirror. a force of, dare i say, love. he doesn't want to hurt anyone but he will if he is pushed to it.

for now say that you will take ladon to a different room. that you don't hate nyx, she was right afterall. hating someone for the truth is petty.
No. 485469 ID: be7fd9

Sigh and attempt to defuse the situation. I didn't expect to turn out to be some kind of sociopathic monster either, Colin.

I'm not going to harm Cadmea, or Ladon either. Could you release him please?

Cadmea, I'm curious, why did you decide to stay?
No. 485470 ID: dba375

This is a mess. How did he even upgrade himself? Scold Ladon for harassing Cadmea. It should be above us to be so shallow. What was he even hoping to get from her, anyway? Your ichor creatures don't have the stuff necessary for reproduction, do they? Let's not absorb anyone if they don't keep acting up.

Reassure Colin that you aren't going to do anything with Cadmea. She's still welcome to stay here and help him out as long as she doesn't start trying to blow you up. These things are all intelligent organisms so there's no reason to hate her even if Nyx is mad at you. And really, if we're not doing anything to act against Nyx, it doesn't even matter if Cadmea is a spy or being spied through. If we strive for a just cause then that's all Nyx will see. Ask Colin why he assumed Ladon meant anything bad by "putting Cadmea to good use", because it sounds like he wanted to study her.
No. 485471 ID: d795cb

>turning down the ichor that she was going to give you anyway
Well, I guess that's symbolically meaningful. A bit unlike you, though.

I think you should have probably clarified what Akar actually wanted before saying no, but you'll still have the opportunity to reconsider on that before you next meet her. Good on you for not burning the bridge, since you've been having trouble dealing with people lately.

Speaking of which.

Why is Colin convinced you're going to attack Cadmea? You didn't attack Nyx, and that was after Nyx straight-up said she was going to dedicate herself to your destruction.

Dunno what to do about Ladon. I think you and your subordinates need to have a long chat. You aren't even sure how you feel about the memory of what you did, but you're certainly not going to be able to work to improve things in this world if you're busy fighting with your own other consciousnesses. Who, I might add, should really be trying to communicate with you properly rather than pointing weapons at your face, Colin.
No. 485473 ID: dba375

We're probably going to want to also unupgrade Ladon and threaten to punish him further if he starts consuming ichor without permission.
No. 485479 ID: f2c20c

Interesting. They're both acting expressing your internal turmoil, in a way. Colin is overprotective and Ladon is sexually pent up, and the conflict is centered around creating a new type of troop due to interaction with a female outsider. Alternatively this is history repeating itself. Wasn't Nyx originally one of your creations?

Ladon is very clearly in the wrong here, however. He spent a SHITLOAD of ichor without authorization, and harassed our guest here. He should be un-upgraded at the very least. We should also cut the strap off of his mouth so that he can explain himself in detail to both us and Colin. If even after he explains himself Colin is pissed off, then we should absorb him back into your collective. It's not killing him, after all. Later on maybe we can put him back to work as an Observatory drone where he can't get into trouble.
No. 485481 ID: f2c20c

This says "Not so simple" and an unknown symbol after it (on the left).
No. 485482 ID: be7fd9

Hey, I don't want to unupgrade him before I hear what the upgrades do!

Although, in the future, it would be nice to be consulted and involved in the decision process in this kind of thing.
No. 485502 ID: dba375

I'm kind of against absorbing him at this point. Maybe if he continues to misbehave, but not after just this. It sounds like part of the problem was a misunderstanding.
No. 485504 ID: 76b151

I think while we were under the influence of the Monolith so were they. Enhanced emotions, defensiveness, etc.
No. 485560 ID: 521153

Okay this IS a mess.

If Cadmea is the hurt party, and she appears to be, I think the resolution should fairly be left to her to decide, ultimately. Within reason of course.

I'm thinking between the range of "Ladon has his upgrade undone and is scolded" to "has to spend a period in the collective unconsciousness as punishment". Sending him there permanently would be cruel. But a day or two? It would be like a grounding.

I think one thing that is important to stand firm on is that we do not punish anyone for having opinions. Or for doubting Typhon. Or for doing what they think is right(within reason). Ultimately, Colin hasn't hurt anyone.

Cadmea can hang around and research ways to unilaterally destroy us if she wants. Whatevs.
No. 485615 ID: b6edd6

If we want a shaper drone we can re-spend the ichor later, under different circumstances. Right now, an unauthorized upgrade done to harass an ally of ours will not stand.

Sounds rather like Monolith is still hiding out in some form, though it might just be paranoia since I was already suspecting that.

Aside from all this drama, we should remember to keep the new Fel prisoner isolated from the previous one. The old prisoner kind of likes us now since we named him, so the new prisoner would probably kill him if she finds out.
No. 485619 ID: f2c20c

Previously it was mostly Nyx talking. It might be her again... or someone else. Nyx did mention someone else, and something about a skein.
No. 485642 ID: e684e0

well one good thing, this proves that given enough reason your followers can choose to disobey you. That means that if you start to lose it your followers might be able to stop you.

I don't think Colin deserves any real punishment, it sounds like all he did was act to protect Cadmea from Ladon. we should find out exactly what happened before we decide what to do with Ladon.

but for now we need to talk colin down. try something like

"I swear to you that I have no intention of either harming Cadmea or allowing her to come to harm. that you acted to protect her, and are willing to oppose me to do speaks well of you. But there is no need for this. I have no intention of repeating my past actions, and every intention of helping fix the world I ruined."
No. 485823 ID: 35edd4

Nonviolent resistance time! Don't fight or kill anyone. Go unbind Ladon and let him explain himself. If they try to stop you, just tank it; take no action unless you will immediately die otherwise. Tell Colin that he's victim to psychological warfare, and should know better than anyone that you are not the person from those memories.
No. 485862 ID: 522afb

You know what?

This is an excellent therapy moment. These guys are pretty literally pieces of your mind, and they're giving it to you. All you need to do is talk this through and see if you can't come up with some kind of resolution.

Colin has a good point in that you were pretty terrible before. That said, you aren't nearly that terrible now, and you would probably very much like to stay that way. Honestly though, I think most of this is just Colin grandstanding so he can White Knight for Cadmea in front of a genuine villain. So let him have his piece. You both know that this is all just an act, hell, even Cadmea knows it, but listing off all the horrible things you've done, having them put to you, accepting responsibility but refusing to be who you were would be a pretty massive step for you.

As for Ladon... jeez. See him? That's basically you acting on impulse. He made several bad decisions that fed on each other, and that now need to be made right. Tell Ladon that he needs to apologize for Cadmea and you for not asking permission first, ESPECIALLY Cadmea, and that he needs to start thinking before he acts.

Hell, all of you need to start thinking before you act. You're just fighting the Fell right now, trying to protect the akari, but how far are you going to take the war? Are you going to kill all Fell? Conquer them? Put them in reservations? What are you going to do if the akari don't agree to what you decide?

Oh, and Cadmea needs to figure out what she wants, too. She's welcome to stay or leave, even if she is a spy for someone who wants to kill us, but if she's going to stick around, she's going to have to make herself useful, too.

Dang it, Typhon, let's change and be a force for peace and prosperity all around for once. I'm sick of all this destroyer bullichor.
No. 485866 ID: 3712d7


Turning on a dime like that would probably bite us in the ass, and hard, given the situation the world is currently in and what immortals walk upon it.
No. 485961 ID: 522afb

I don't want us to change our course of action immediately. Hell, I fully support going to war against the aggressively expansionist Fell because that helps others. But we have to start planning beyond initial engagements. For example, what are we going to become? A nation? An enforcer? Just someone who does as he pleases when it pleases him?
No. 485968 ID: bf54a8

chairman/army of the united nations.
No. 485981 ID: 196d1b

I think we should make it a goal to defeat the Fell, but not to eradicate them. Just force some sort of surrender such that their ability to wage war in the long term is crippled, but not so much to make them unable to defend themselves and be themselves annexed. Supposedly they're fighting another front to the east, and doing badly. It might be useful to determine who we want to win there, if anyone. I feel like we need to take position as a peacekeeper of sorts, trying to prevent all these guys from killing each other while rebuilding the world in the process, whether they want it or not. It would be a nice contrast to and redemption from the whole "killing everyone and destroying the world" thing.
No. 485987 ID: f2c20c

Hang on, if we weren't able to make a Fell Habitat before now, how were we able to keep our first Fell prisoner alive?
No. 485988 ID: 196d1b

Uncomfortably. Taja got a nice planty room, this guy got a cell.
No. 485989 ID: bf54a8

yeah we jury-rigged a small enclosed pod that was using the mangled backpack from an aerator.
No. 500780 ID: 29c085
File 136359133554.png - (166.86KB , 800x600 , 137.png )

"Colin. I didn't expect to learn what I did either, and if you think I intend to repeat what I learned any time soon, I am afraid you are mistaken. I have no intention of harming Cadmea. Nyx was right about me, after all. I intend to prove her wrong about never changing, however."

The sniper tick lowers its tail.

"I let her leave, Colin. I had my chance to attack, and I let her leave."
"That's different! If you harm Nyx you harm yourself! If you harm Cadmea it doesn't matter to you!"
"Why do you think I want to harm Cadmea?"
"Because she's tied to Nyx!"
"I didn't even attack Nyx herself. Why would I want to attack someone just for being tied to her?"
"...I don't know."
"Cadmea is free to do as she wishes, and while she treats my base and followers with respect, she will be treated likewise."

Cadmea looks at me and awkwardly bows her head. "...thank you, Typhon."
"I suspect I'm not the reason you're staying." I look at Colin. He tries to avoid my gaze. I can't stop a small smile breaking across my face.

I turn to Ladon. "Ladon. You are not to harass guests further again. If you do, I might have to demote you to observatory duty."
"...I get to live, right?"
No. 500782 ID: 29c085
File 136359135755.png - (252.12KB , 800x600 , 138.png )

Cadmea looks at Ladon and then to me. "Y-you're asking me?"
"Yes. What do you think should be done?"
"Uh, uh, um, well, not being so rude would be nice!"
"Should I destroy him," I say with as much polite neutrality as I can muster, "or not? It's a simple question. He must have done terrible things to cause this situation."

Both Cadmea and Ladon's eyes go wide. They both shake their heads. Colin stares at the ground awkwardly. "...kind of, um, overreacted, I guess, a bit..." He unties Ladon's bindings. Ladon sits up. All three murmur apologies to each other.

"Now, there still is the issue of Ladon upgrading himself--"
"Hey, Typhon." Colin interrupts me. "About that. Uh. You know I made the spawnery without your input, right?"
"Didn't Ladon upgrade himself for selfish reasons?"
"True, but, uh, I might have been the one to suggest that upgrade in the first place..."
"...What? Why?"
"Because I thought it'd take his mind off hassling Cadmea! Then we got that surge of memories and the last few days have been kind of hectic. But, uh... um... what's done is done, right?"

I wish I could say they're like children. But I know they all know better. Sigh. Ladon wriggles towards me. "But hey, Typhon! I have some stuff you might want to check out!"
No. 500783 ID: 29c085
File 136359137997.png - (218.13KB , 800x600 , 139.png )

"So I figured there was a massive gaping flaw in our current battle strategy! I call it all the eggs in one chicken problem. Wait no. That's not a thing. Basket. All the eggs in one basket. We have this whole thing where you form a bunch of dudes from the pools and you go off and smack things into submission, right? Basically the issue is then they die and you need to come back and remake them and that means our base here is kind of a weak point, know what I'm saying? A well defended weak point that flies in the sky, yeah, but a weak point nonetheless!"

"Uh huh."

"Really I figured there were a couple of issues with this. More defenses here would be just peachy, right? So this here is the rooted sentinel! It anchors to the ichor and can crush any threats to the base, while constantly regenerating itself from the ichor it's anchored to! But we also need to have like some redundancy going on. If you had another place you could rebuild your units at you wouldn't need to keep coming back every time, right? And if it was made of ichor you could just form and reform things across places. So this is the outpost pod! It can form outposts, which are like bases but smaller! I also tried to make something else, and, uh, it was uh my best attempt to, um, okay so I got bored. It's pretty smart, but, um, I must have been distracted while making it because all it wants to do is go exploring."

"Hills! Countryside! Caves! Rivers! Waterfalls! Blue skies! Red skies! I wanna see it aaaaalll!!"

"I think if you maybe put a bit more ichor into observatories you'd be able to keep a close eye on it if it goes exploring but other than that if you wanted something for recon I don't think we have a better design, if I may say so myself! I refined the design a little, purpose built for speed, low profile and minimal noise to avoid enemy detection! Not exactly a good spy, but an amazing scout! Now don't judge these things by how they look right now, sir! They're not fully formed because these things are expensive, oh boy, and that's your decision not mine. Maybe Colin's dec-- I mean purely your decision, sir, yours and yours alone!"

Hmm. Worth considering.
No. 500784 ID: 29c085
File 136359143210.png - (176.00KB , 800x600 , 140.png )

I am suddenly accosted by voices inside my head. From the image presented, I presume them to be of Fell origin.

=Typhon, I am Odon, warmind of the Fell. You have already been contacted by another warmind, Renz. The fragile equilibria of the world and the Fell have been disturbed by your presence. I predict extinction within the month. I will not allow this. Indicate a place within neutral or Fell territory. I will meet you there for negotiation. Bring your forces. I cannot speak for the other warminds.=
No. 500785 ID: 29c085
File 136359144714.png - (129.30KB , 800x600 , 141.png )

So, with the massive influx of ichor I received from absorbing Monolith, it's worth investigating my new options. Especially with Ladon's new status as shaper drone. It might turn out beneficial to keep him that way. Might also be worth considering a response to the message I just received.

CURRENT STATE Ichor Unspent: 1120 Ichor Spent: Typhon - Health (20) [Boosted to 24] - Attack Strength (40) [Boosted to 48] - Flux Rate (20) [Boosted to 24] - Action Points (20) [Boosted to 24] Base - Laboratory (50) -- Colin (Science Drone) (250) -- Holding Cells (30) - Observatory (50) - Spawnery (50) -- Ladon (Shaper Drone) (250) - Akari Habitat (30) Total Ichor: 1930

[ OPTIONS: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Reformation/Spending ]
No. 500786 ID: 14bafe

Well, right now scouts are the thing we need most. Without a place to put them, the outposts aren't useful, and the sentinel isn't needed while we're here at the base.
Short term plan: Sending out some scouts into Fell territory while we wait to talk to our prisoners.
No. 500795 ID: f2c20c

Respond by saying that you never intended to hunt the Fell to extinction, and you are definitely open to negotiations and a discussion of the world as a whole. Mention that the Akari have troubles of their own, as they are in conflict with the Soroi, who are being driven into Akari territory by a mysterious chaotic force. All the races we've met have been fighting for survival except for the Fell. They need to quit starting shit.

Typhon, a serious problem was exposed in our fight with monolith. Our flux rate is far too low for us to effectively deal with ambushes while alone in the field. I recommend raising our invested Ichor in Flux Rate to 60 at the very least, which means spending another 40.

As for other expenditures... we could put an Outpost right at the current boundary between Fell and Akari territory, and then a Rooted Sentinel there. That would mean NOBODY CROSSES THAT LINE. Depending on how negotations go with Odon, we could block all Akari movement as well, and enforce peace. That would leave us another 280 ichor to spend on our standing army and further research. I recommend using the same sort of army we've used before. 2 worms, 2 snipers. However, we should upgrade the hungry Worm to fully Smart and also upgrade its other stats so it can work alongside Mannimarco. So that's
2 King Worms: 152
2 Sniper Ticks: 128

Unfortunately that's all of our Ichor, so we can't do research. Damn. On the plus side, this would give us instant teleport to very near Akari territory, so you could more quickly meet with either of the two lovely ladies that want to bone you.
No. 500796 ID: f2c20c

Oh right and we should probably meet him at the neutral ground that I was suggesting we put an Outpost at.
No. 500800 ID: 4ea529

Don't we have a mobile base? I think it'd be sufficient just to put a sentinel in it and station it--that'd save us 500 ichor which is a pretty whopping amount right now. Assuming people won't take it as a hostile action. Might want to consider that before doing it. Eventually, we might want to build peacekeeping outposts, but now isn't necessarily the time.

I think we need to invest into some overdue research on ichor itself, and possibly ether as well, but ichor research takes priority for now.

Also, we've kinda been neglecting the observatory, and I find myself wondering about those advanced actions we'd get with an advanced drone. But perhaps now isn't the time. Nevertheless, I agree with a recon emphasis.

So, I guess the base outline of expenses I would like to see are as follow:

Upgrade Flux rate (40)
Sentinel (300)
Recon Skimmer (200)
2 King Worms (152)
2 Sniper Ticks (128)

I'm kinda torn on how to spend the remaining 300. Blowing it all on ichor research would likely return a fair amount of results.

Or we could get an observatory drone and upgrade it. Just what determines how much support skimmers get from observatories anyway? I think we need more info on that. Is it a matter of quantity, or improved observatory quality?

And of course locating ichor would pay for itself, but that ichor research sounds like it might unlock options other than going right to where it's and grabbing it, as well as increase our overall efficiency.
No. 500802 ID: 9ddf68

Well we want to know more about our enemy and what not right? so I think we should get ourselves a Observer Drone so we can get some more detailed information on our enemies and keep track of our new scouting units as well. and on the topic of our new units Do you think we can get Ladon to give the scout and sentinels units the ability to see invisible or cloaked troops since we seemed to almost get our asses kicked by just one of them and if not maybe see if he or Colin can make a troop or upgrade that well let us do that.

As for this peace talk thing I say first interrogate/question our new prisoner about the Warminds and maybe see if we can get some more dirt on the type of tech the fell have at there disposal. Then when we get some more details then we can send a reply to hammer out the when and where on negotiations.
No. 500819 ID: bf54a8

we should upgrade the base so we can build the fell habitat.

good meeting spot would be just inside the fell territory area.
No. 500826 ID: d6ef5d

>It might turn out beneficial to keep him that way.
Yeah, he's useful that way. And really, the things he designed were good ideas! We just need to keep our drones and people from acting crazy with one another. You're / we're all... sort of a little bit nuts. Really, that's the biggest thing we have to work on. If there's another dispute, they need to know to calm down, and contact you to mediate. Or... contact us in the collective directly. We're good for being the voice of reason around here. We've got no heads to get hot-headed. You physical guys seem a lot more prone to getting overcome by your emotions.

>Fell diplomatic contact
Well, that's excellent! We're trying to bring some stability to this world, not mindlessly crush everything in our path. If this Fell actually wants to talk terms (and this isn't just an attempt to lure us into an ambush) this is exactly what we want.

Of course, we need to be prepared to defend ourselves if he does plan to trap or double cross us. Or if he's followed by one of the less cooperative warminds.

>What build
What (manifested) units do we currently have on roster anyways? Just Colin, Ladon, Colin's spider tick, and Typhoon?

How's the mind of worm that 'woke up' during the fight with Monolith doing now?

Obviously, we need some combat units again. Reconstitute Mannimarco, our bike, and some more worms and ticks. In addition to that, we definitely want a recon skimmer at work.

Might also be a good idea to make a 3rd drone to keep charge of the observatory, instead of the geist doing it now. Coordinate with the skimmer and do observatory stuff.

For the next research project, I think I'd want to put Colin and Cadmea on Examine Ether or Examine Link. We're pretty ignorant on anything involving ether, and if we want to find any kind of solution with Nyx, understanding is gonna be necessary.
No. 500836 ID: ec0bf5

Let the warmind know that you have no plans for extinction or conquest if you can win peace. Agree to meet it.

As for ichor expenditure, I am in favor of making a recon skimmer and adding an observer drone (500) to assist it. At this time, we don't really need an outpost anywhere, because they're extremely expensive and we don't need to defend anything far away from the base. If we go back to holding any kind of irreplaceable diplomatic envoys or friends in the base we may want to consider adding a sentinel, but for now it looks like too much cost.

As for army units, I think we should make two sniper ticks (128), two king worms (152), and four ichor worms (64).

With the remaining ichor we should invest (246) into studying the link between Typhon and Nyx, and look for another ichor deposit (30).
No. 502068 ID: 29c085
File 136409949753.png - (250.48KB , 1024x768 , 142.png )

Ichor Unspent: 0 Ichor Spent: Typhon - Health (20) [Boosted to 24] - Attack Strength (40) [Boosted to 48] - Flux Rate (60) [Boosted to 72] - Action Points (20) [Boosted to 24] Base - Laboratory (50) -- Colin (Science Drone) (250) -- Holding Cells (30) - Observatory (50) -- Observer Drone (250) - Spawnery (50) -- Ladon (Shaper Drone) (250) - Akari Habitat (30) - Fell Habitat (30) Invested - Research Ichor (252) [Boosted to 302] - Research Ether (252) [Boosted to 302] Total Ichor: 1930 UNITS MADE Bike x 1 (16) King Worm x 2 (76) Sniper Tick x 2 (64) Observer Drone (250) Recon Skimmer (300) UPGRADES Flux rate boosted to 72, allowing for 31 ichor usage per combat round. RESEARCH 252 ichor invested into researching ichor, 252 ichor invested into researching ether. [ Advanced Observatory Options will unlock after next mission! ]

Hm. A new outpost may be a little extravagant an expense at this point, true. I will command the base to move to a position more directly in-between the akari forests and the Fell territory. It is not a far distance, so it should be no issue to move there. I will not add a rooted sentinel for the time being.

[ Base position changed to D8. ]

I create a recon skimmer, and instruct it to scout the outskirts of Fell territory. It babbles enthusedly about broody purple skies and glides out of the base. I create an observer drone to oversee its efforts, and it does so diligently. Might need to name it sometime. Finally, I instruct Colin to use the remaining ichor on researching ichor and ether in an even split.

"...you want me to use this much ichor, boss?! Wow, this is... just... I'm sorry, boss! I'll never doubt you again, boss!"
"'Boss'? Typhon. Please, just, please never call me boss again."
"You got it, sir!"

I briefly message the Fell warmind about meeting at the neutral ground I am now moving my base towards. He, or it, agrees to my terms, although expresses the need for forces, and mentions his own personal guard will be accompanying him. He has not heard from the other warminds, and this worries him.

I suspect a battle will break out one way or the other. I haven't heard from the akari, and I currently have no envoy to consult with.
No. 502069 ID: 29c085
File 136409951309.png - (206.55KB , 800x600 , 143.png )

The Fell prisoner hasn't shown up yet. Colin predicts the bubble will arrive within a few hours. I could wait until then, or--

"Hey uh Typhon," stammers out Colin, "so we just got a visitor and she apparently doesn't understand or respect the concept of 'wait outside' and--"

||Typhoon, I flow to you. The air whispered to me that you seek the distillation of the mystic force.||
"...uh... hello, and what exactly do you mean by distillation of the--"
||The soroi have found the ichor and seek its mysteries and purpose. It flows, but not to our will, or to the whims of the seas and winds. It does not flow to you, typhoon. It ebbs to the sickness of chaos. It stains the world black with its presence. What does it mean? Does the typhoon show interest||
"Hold one moment, please."

Black? Black ichor? That sounds like ether.

Bad, bad timing. I have a diplomatic meeting to attend to with the Fell. I don't know if I have time to talk to this soroi.
No. 502070 ID: 76b151

Send her after Nyx. She won't come to harm and Nyx might want to know that her essence is scattered as well.
No. 502071 ID: f2c20c

If it's Ether, that's a job for Nyx. Can we have Cadmea tell Nyx about it?

We should tell this Soroi about the dichotomy of ichor/ether at least, and that we have a meeting scheduled already with someone but we can meet them afterwards. I mean, whatever she found isn't going anywhere, but meeting with this Fell warmind is time-sensitive.
No. 502072 ID: d6ef5d

>I suspect a battle will break out one way or the other.
That sounds suspiciously like genre savvy. But I concur.

>soroi envoy
Talk quickly, and bring Cadmea in to consult. She's still hooked up to Nyx's advisor cloud consciousness, same as you and the other Ichor creatures are. If there's some Ether thing going on somewhere, maybe she can provide insight. Or at least, direct this creature to Nyx, or pass the information to Nyx so she can do something about it.

We still have to deal with the Fell situation.

>Name the new observer drone
No. 502073 ID: 9ddf68

why don't you have time to talk to her isn't this meeting at least a few hours away not in the next 15 minutes? Anyways I think we should just talk to her and see what she knows as we wait for the prisoner to show up, then head down to the meeting and see what happens. also have our new Observer Drone see if he can or can not pinpoint where this ether is and scout it out and once he does that (if he can) look around our meeting spot to see if we should be worried about being ambushed or not or at the very least see what the warmind is bringing as his/her personal guard.

As for the Observer Drone's name, he looks like a Cody to me so I say Cody. and I want to call the Recon Skimmer Icarus for some reason.
No. 502079 ID: dba375

I'm amused by the thought of helpfully giving Nyx information like you're oblivious to the fact that she wants to kill you. Do it. Send the skimmer to investigate that stuff.

>>502072 I like this name
>>502073 better than this one
No. 502149 ID: 08005b
File 136413518522.jpg - (4.91KB , 144x200 , erol.jpg )

> Errol
I like the way you think, sir.
No. 502187 ID: 5d98c3

No. 502220 ID: a5c529

The first fight with him sucked, but the second fight was okay, it was more a barrage than a tactic vs tactic fight.
No. 502258 ID: 29c085
File 136418431113.png - (220.89KB , 800x600 , 144.png )

Okay. Let me just ensure I'm not panicking over a non-issue, first of all.

=How long do you estimate it will take you to reach the neutral ground?=
=Two hours. It will be two hours from this moment now to the moment I arrive.=
=Thank you for the prompt reply.=
=I pride myself on efficiency, Typhon.=

Well, I have some time, then. We're currently within range of the general area, half a dozen ichor bubbles should reach the site in five minutes. Second of all, the observer drone's new name is now Errol. Thirdly...

"Well, soroi, it doesn't interest me directly, but I do know someone it would interest. I would send you after her myself, but I don't know where she is at this point in time. I can--"
||If it is not of interest to the typhoon then the soroi will keep it and use it for ourselves.||
"Wait. No, I'm interested, I just think I know someone who would get more use out of it--"
||The sickness dares not approach the black ichor. Our kindness extends to you alone, and our survival comes before your allies. I have been exiled to ask whether the typhoon requires the black ichor. If you would give it to another, then the typhoon does not require the black ichor.||
"What are you going to do with ether, exactly? Roll it around on the lake and hope it becomes some kind of magical ward against things that can apparently bend time and space to their will?"
||It is not your concern. It is not yours. It is ours.||
"If it belongs to anyone, it belongs to Nyx." I spy Cadmea out of the corner of my eye, listening to our conversation intently. Nyx will know about this regardless of my intent from this point, it seems.

||The soroi have dreamt of new lives. New lives free of our fears and our sickness. We cry out for the typhoon to join the toxic ones, whose breath kill all life it touches. Burn the forests. Purge the many-minded. The soroi will rend the remnants of both sides to pieces, and the sickness will be powerless to affect our new numbers. The ichor of white and black, with the marble, shall aid us in our time of need.||

"...I can't support whatever it is you're asking me to do here, but--"

||I have left the rules. I cannot return. Already staining my body are the swirls of decline. I die, or I submit to another. Any who will instruct me as the flows of before have. Soroi are defined by rules. Without rules, we falter. Without rules, there is only chaos. Body fails, spirit rends. Does the typhoon have interest in a single decaying soroi?||

What am I even going to do with a soroi? If she can't go back home she's not really much of an envoy. To my knowledge, unlike the akari, the soroi don't have some form of telepathic link.

I would never have thought I'd suddenly start looking forward to talking with the Fell.
No. 502259 ID: 9b8077

Well one thing you could do with a soroi is have a willing subject for research or whatever. We're probably not going to be able to keep the soroi and akari off each other's backs indefinitely through words alone, so knowing how they tick could be a nice contingency plan should we need a show of force down the line.
No. 502261 ID: dba375

Ask, first, how she left the rules of her people. If we let her join us we should make sure they wouldn't be at odds with us and she sounds like she may have been exiled for something. Still, any ally is probably good, especially one who can help us understand more about one of the races we don't know much about. Ask what this marble that you keep hearing about is.
No. 502263 ID: d6ef5d

>We cry out for the typhoon to join the toxic ones, whose breath kill all life it touches. Burn the forests. Purge the many-minded. The soroi will rend the remnants of both sides to pieces, and the sickness will be powerless to affect our new numbers
They... want us to work with the fell to kill the akari? That's... great. Nothing like juggling factions that all want each other dead. Never thought it would be so hard just to keep yourself from accidentally committing genocide.

>Not much use as an envoy
I dislike the fact her people send us a disposable courier. We'll have to arrange some means of communication so they aren't required to sacrifice individuals in the future merely to talk to us.

In the meantime, regardless of use, she's offering you her service and allegiance. And at the same time- she's dying, and asking for you to save her life. I'm not sure what we will ultimately do with her, but I do not think it is appropriate to refuse either. At the very least, she's a source of possible insight and understanding regarding her people.
No. 502264 ID: 9ddf68

Well shit if they really want us to pick up this ether crap then have her tell us were it is and we can get Errol and maybe the Recon Skimmer as well to take a look at it and we can deal with it after our meeting with the fell. If she demands we pick it up then I guess we could just to help us study ether and maybe give it to Nyx next time we see her, or just leave it at a drop off point. As for the soroi, can we just put her in a Habitat for now? and if we don't have the ichor right now can't we just turn one of our other two habitats into a soroi habitat or no? because i have a feeling she might be staying with us for a awhile.
No. 502266 ID: f2c20c

Okay, we can work with this. Tell her that you are going to meet a diplomatic envoy of the Fell in two hours, so we don't have time to travel. It would be in her best interests to allow us to meet the Fell, since she thinks we should ally with them. We will be able to travel with her to go investigate the black ichor after the meeting; we do not know if we can use it quite yet, but we are conducting research right now that might allow us to, that should complete after the meeting.

So basically, wait a few hours and we will have an answer for her on the subject of the black ichor. As for HER, we are quite willing to take her under our wing. We can reclaim the... uh... We need to get 30 ichor from somewhere to make her a habitat, I expect. However, she needs to realize that we are trying to fix things and preserve life, not commit genocide. We wish to be a scalpel, not a battleaxe.
No. 502378 ID: 29c085
File 136428406272.png - (198.54KB , 800x600 , 145.png )

I repurpose the akari habitat into a soroi habitat--

Wait. No I don't. ...I have absolutely no idea what constitutes a soroi habitat, given all I saw were endless lakes and hills mostly populated by the blue soroi. It'll be off to the laboratory for her before we can figure out what her actual requirements are. I have no idea how to create 'talking' water or air.

As it is, the fell habitat only contains miasma from some crude engineering of aerator packs by Colin. He could determine how to contain and even refresh it, but not how to actually generate it. It's been keeping that soldier alive all this time, and alive enough for him to be fidgety and constantly grumbling about his inactivity.

The aerator packs themselves are efficient, but finite. On the other hand, they have a lifetime measurable in years. Even if we can't come to some diplomatic arrangement with the Fell, running out of miasma is not a concern for the foreseeable future.

I suspect, much like the akari habitat, I'll need to allocate someone to travel to the territory and bring back the materials.

I digress, though.

"How did you leave your rules?"
||I left our lands, our seas, our skies. The flow of the rules stop at the edges. I have been without the rules. I can never return to them. My thoughts have begun to stray. I would not be able to obey the rules without doubt. Doubt. The disease has taken root and nourishes itself on my doubt. Are the rules just? They change, but at whose command? Who defines that which defines us? The chaos has no patience for rules, no will to persevere, no respect for our protocols. Without the rules I have only their memory. My memory decays. As do I. What do I do in this situation? I no longer know. I am free of the rules. I act on remembered direction and once I forget, I am nothing.||
"You said you were exiled?"
||None who leave can ever return.||
"Why not?"
||The rules do not allow for it.||
"...is there a reason why that is?"
||It is what the marble commands.||
"Okay, uh, can you please explain to me what this 'marble' thing is about, because no one has actually told me what it actually is--"
||The marble! The marble is the source! All marbles are the sources! Scattered from the disaster of before, carried to new holders on their threads! Eight marbles from four spheres from two planes of one aspect. Each opposed, each opposing, four pairs mated in undying conflict.||
"...not really explaining what it is, but, um, thank you for the effort--"
||Eight marbles divided, once held by the almighty destroyer, the ender of worlds. Growth and decay. Ebb and flow. Sun and moon. Space and time. To know the marble and to know the soroi are one and the same. The marble of flow, the provider of threads and motion and the very basis for life itself. We are by our nature the mortal enemies of chaos, that which shattered its abhorrent marble of void so that none other could ever attain their formless entropic power.||
No. 502379 ID: 29c085
File 136428407782.png - (117.84KB , 800x600 , 146.png )

"So what are these marbles? Artifacts? Concepts?" They sound intimately familiar. I can almost picture them. Artifacts. Objects of great and terrifying power. Mine. They're mine. I need them back. I need to confirm this.

||Both as one, typhoon. Small, powerful, precious, with the power to give life to an ideology, and to strike down its foes. All soroi know this. All soroi know our marble realised our dreams of old, and guides us to realise our dreams of new. All soroi know the marble defines the soroi, and all soroi must guard the marble. The marble is the law, the word, the rule that defines soroi. Any who oppose us shall be torn apart. Any who would threaten the marble must be destroyed.||

"If the marble will not accept your return, I will give you new purpose."
||What new purpose?||
"There is no glamorous way I can put this. There is so little I understand of your people. With your co-operation, I hope to learn more of the way you and your people function. Your society, your mentality, your ideology, your physiology."
||You would study me?||
"With your consent, of course."
||You would strap down and dissect a river? Separate the parts of a cloud?||
"I would... uh... wave a stick in it to see how fast it's, uh, flowing?"
||Crude. Inelegant. Still a purpose, I can agree. Wring some of your study from my husk before it dissolves along with my will.||
"Well, not right now. In the future, I guess. For now, uh..."

I could let her tag along with me to the meeting with the warmind, I guess. Or maybe that's a terrible idea. I'm not sure. I'm distracted thinking about marbles. Some tantalising memory just beyond my reach is annoying me. Give me a few moments.
No. 502380 ID: bf54a8

it sounds like they are shards of something. each becoming so over focused on it's task it is creating these forms of life. they have nothing to balance them so the areas they control are going rampant. the soroi have are law/order. everything is done because of law and purpose.

ironically this makes us the closest thing to a real lifeform here because we are not bound by these over-enthusiastic ideologies.
No. 502384 ID: 9ddf68

Mine. They're mine. I need them back
ok what was that? If this is how you act just hearing about these things I don't think it would be such a good idea for you to actually see it.

as for our new friend, I think we should just have Colin study her during our meeting with the fell, mostly because we have no idea how well the fell and soroi get along and if things do end in a fight at the end of this meeting, well to put it simply when we die we just come back. Her, not so much.
No. 502385 ID: f2c20c

You once had ALL the marbles. The Akari immortal has one. The Soroi have one. The chaos-things had one, and... shattered it? That doesn't sound possible. To destroy something of such power could not be permanent. I suspect if we found the pieces, it could be put back together easily.

I suspect the Fell have one too, and that there are four other civilizations we have yet to discover that have marbles too. I wonder if they are all pushing against eachother and keeping a balance, like the chaos-things push the soroi who push the akari who... push the Fell? Except they don't. You are at the keystone, I think. Is someone pushing the Fell? That would explain why the warmind claims they will soon go extinct.

The Akari marble is likely 'growth' and the Fell marble is 'decay'. The chaos/void marble is Ebb, apparently, and the law/life marble is Flow. I wonder if the growth and decay marbles have complimentary elements like the ebb and flow marbles do.

Only bring this soroi along if she can fight in the presence of miasma. We're pretty sure there will be combat.
No. 502386 ID: 2a8a2a

Lost out marbles, have we? :V

That shard monolith had seems like it might be one of the chunks of the broken marble.
No. 502387 ID: bf54a8

yes, that must of been a shard of chaos. it could be why monolith was so nuts. it was ichor infused with chaos.
No. 502388 ID: f2c20c

Oh, of course. The significance of the shard is much more evident, now. We should make an effort to track down all the shards. It is an unclaimed marble. Sortof. The chaos-things don't have the shards, so fuck 'em.
No. 502389 ID: bf54a8

but let's NOT put them together. we need all of them activated at the same time otherwise it would drive us nuts.
No. 502390 ID: f2c20c

...I don't follow you.
No. 502391 ID: 76b151

They marbles clearly influence those they are around. Indeed they are the reasons the races we've encountered so far are the way they are.
No. 502409 ID: d6ef5d

>Mine. They're mine. I need them back
Mmm. Let's hold off on ripping away the foundation of an entire people. If these things are the source of the rules, and the soroi depend on the rules to live, their removal might well trigger a genocide.

Not that reclaiming these things is completely out of the question, but we're going to need to learn a lot more about the soroi, first.

>wave a stick in it
*Snerk*. Typhoon, you really must work on this flirting with every female you encounter thing. She's right, that's just crude. :V

>before it dissolves along with my will
Does this mean offering her a purpose or service is not sufficient to halt the rule-lack decay? Only to delay it?

...what was her purpose before? You'd think she had some skill or craft or job or something she practiced in her previous life. She might be useful to us not just for information, but acting in that capacity as well.

>take her to the fell meeting.
Hmm. Well that depends- how well does she understand the fell?

Most likely though, I don't see her presence helping any diplomatic effort on our part, and we expect combat to break out. She's not one of our ichor units- she could be permanently killed. Heck, I'm not even sure if she's a combat unit or not.
No. 502835 ID: 29c085
File 136467935501.png - (173.44KB , 800x600 , 147.png )

Flirting with-- No, you're right. I need to watch myself and what I say. I might start getting a reputation. Granted, a reputation as an easily distracted lech might be a tiny bit better than my common reputation as the reason for the world being in the state of disrepair it's in, but...

And of course I can't just take the marbles though it'd be great if I could, but without them I am severely lacking in the capabilities I know I once had. I wish I hadn't learned of them, almost. Now I know I'm lacking something more fundamental than ichor in my efforts to return to my former glory.

Former glory? Former power. There was nothing glorious about my former self. Nothing.

Either way, these are all useful insights. I won't take her to a potentially dangerous situation. She is more useful alive. "Our study shall find a way to preserve you, soroi."
||What use is a single exile to the typhoon?||
"I just went over this."
||You want to wave a stick in me?||
"Ghn. No. I want to-- you're just messing around with me now, aren't you. You have no idea how similar soroi and akari are from my viewpoint, you really don't."
||We flow. They root and stagnate. The differences are many--||
"Okay, okay, bad thing to mention, never mind. Just, stay in the lab and do whatever he says." I point to Colin, who is watching when he should be working, Colin.

Aw man, it's all 'research this' and 'research that' and I never start work until you leave anyway! I won't even be able to study her with no free ichor budget anyway! I'll just cut some of the ichor and ether research budget and work with the minimum I think will get any good results.

Make it work, Colin. I have faith in you to not do what you did earlier a second time. Please don't prove me wrong.

Heads up, Typhon! says Errol, who I take a few seconds to recognise as one of my own and not another foreign entity trying to contact me. Your prisoner's about to hit the labs. Better get there fast!

I walk to the laboratory.

"You have no idea how much of a mistake you have made, Typhon. Killing me would have been better for you and all you care about. Do you understand? Do you understand anything? I gave you an opportunity to get the others' forces off your back and this is what happens to me! I hope everything you value, everything you cherish, everything you have had a fleeting moment of respect or admiration for burns to dust! No one had to die, Typhon! We all know you just come back! My forces? My forces aren't coming back, Typhon! You have ruthlessly murdered five of my soldiers, no, my friends, Typhon, and for what? FOR WHAT?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?!"

...So. How do I approach this?
No. 502838 ID: 7217c1

Well, for starters, you have no idea at all who this-- oh, wait, it's Keya. The one who you were indecisive about whether to kill earlier and now Nyx hates you because of it.

Well, for starters, I'm pretty sure you'd rather not kill anyone, but there's this problem where you keep getting attacked? If there's a reliable way of incapacitating Fell without killing them we're all ears.
No. 502842 ID: f2c20c

"Live capture is impossible. Kill him." sure doesn't sound like an opportunity to get the other Fell forces off our back. Does she have selective memory or does she actually believe that killing you, even if it's temporary, would be doing you a favor? Heck, if they all know you come back, I see no benefit in it.

Don't apologize for killing her troops. They got in your way by trying to kill you, and your business was urgent. What did she expect to happen when she attacked the immortal who destroyed the world? Who is she, anyway? You SHOULD apologize for torturing her though. You weren't in your right mind at the time. Under an outside influence, sortof.

On a side note, you should tell her that you are about to go to a diplomatic meeting with Odon. I wonder if we should bring her? Why's she in the labs anyhow, I didn't think we had research to do on her.
No. 502846 ID: d6ef5d

Wait, if the new drone is Errol, who's Cody?

>I gave you an opportunity to get the others' forces off your back
>No one had to die, Typhon!
...that's funny, I sure as hell don't remember her beginning that battle by offering to end things peaceably. I remember:

> It doesn't respond with a stance and the drawing of its weapon, but a look of pure fury and hatred. "Live capture is impossible. Kill him."

She's either delusional, or we had our perceptions hacked again. Ask her to explain herself.

I do not. Would you care to tell me?
No. 502855 ID: f2c20c

Nobody's Cody. Typhon never mentioned Cody. You're imagining things. Everything is fine.
No. 502857 ID: bf54a8

i am not merciless. i allowed the three aerators of your squad retreat rather then persue them. BECAUSE they retreated, you could of ordered your men to run. to simply not start a battle you could not win. their deaths are on your hands not mine. you gave the order to attack something more powerful then yourselves. to complain of death in war is to complain of water being wet.
No. 502892 ID: 7032cd

You only killed them in self defense, and when the rest began to flee you let them. And you would have killed nobody had they not assaulted you. You even took a prisoner! And the last fell prisoner you took is still alive. Explain this.
No. 502900 ID: 9ddf68

you attacked us so we attacked in return, if you truly didn't want anyone to die then you shouldn't have attacked us.

As for her threat about destroying everything we value, do we really have anything we value right now? I mean everything we did value long long ago WAS turned to dust... by US. I thought the only thing we were doing right now was just trying to do better this time around, and seeing how low we set the bar it shouldn't be to hard to pull off.

also side note, in our research options we did have the option to further our knowledge about the elements right? You think if we throw enough effort into that we might be able to actually rebuild the world? not saying we should drop everything right now a do just that but it could be worth looking into that.
No. 505773 ID: a18d07
File 136598831585.png - (209.95KB , 800x600 , 148.png )

"Really. Immediately ordering your forces to kill me on sight was the opportunity you were offering me. I let your forces retreat without issue, and I attacked out of defence based on your attack--"
"The Fell aren't known for their patience or manners, are they. Keya."
"Keya. Just Keya? Just the name? That's half an answer, Typhon. No titles? No awareness of where I fall in the Fell hierarchy?"
"What reason do I have to care about your place in your hierarchy? Did I injure your pride by not respecting your status as an elite?"
"So you don't even know. ...wait. You don't-- I see. You will get no answers from me. Kill me and get it over with."
"I will get fewer answers from a corpse. I have no intention of killing you, Keya. I would stay and ask you more questions, but I have a meeting with Odon to attend, and I would not want to keep them waiting."

She freezes up. "You're in collusion with Odon?" She pauses, looking a little worried. "He's wanted me dead for ages. Go ahead. Finish the job you've been carrying out for him."
"He has? I'm sure he'd rather I deliver to you personally if you're an enemy of his." Trouble within the ranks, hm? This is something worth noting.
"No, no, he despises inefficiency. You would not earn a great deal of favour by requiring him to spend his valuable time on some annoying Fell soldier, that much I can assure you."
"But I'd be delivering a problematic soldier to him. What better a token of good will could I find this quickly?" If this is true, my decision to capture this Fell soldier has turned out alarmingly well. I am immediately suspicious.
"Show him my head. It doesn't need to be attached to my body."
"Why are you so eager for me to kill you? You were berating me for killing your soldiers earlier."
"You didn't need to think twice to do it then! Just kill me now, destroyer!" She sounds increasingly angry and desperate.

Whatever happens if I give her to Odon seems like it would be worse than if I simply killed her where she stands. Which works out well for me.
No. 505775 ID: a18d07
File 136598838681.png - (210.35KB , 800x600 , 149.png )

"If you want to die so badly, well, I guess I can oblige."
"Do it!"
"But before I do, I have some questions. Questions that, if I don't like the answers to, I'm sure Odon can also answer. While I'm delivering you to him."
"...you fucking conniving bastard, you do know what's going on, don't you?"
"No. I do not. I am a terrible liar. I have seen many deaths, though, and I have never seen someone ask to die so free of fear and pain as you have, without a single tremor in their voice. But your reaction when I mention Odon? Do you take me for a complete fool?"
"I take you for an ignorant, arrogant wreck of a creature with more power than sense or knowledge. A broken heap of ichor soldiering on with no purpose. Would you believe, Typhon, that I know what happened to Wintermol? The place you apparently care so much about?"
"No. I would not believe it for a second."
"Did you think there were no survivors? Of course. What am I saying? Thought never entered into any of your latter days as the saviour turned destroyer, did it? Your destruction followed no path. You were a natural disaster. You were the incarnation, the avatar of mindless carnage, treating cities and forests and mountains alike as things to crush and destroy. We loved you as our guardian, Typhon, as a nation, as an empire! We looked away from your slide into madness because what right did we have to question a god that favoured us?"
"You're delusional. I have never fought for the Fell. This is a nice retelling of the events of the past, but you would need to have lived countless centuries to have seen them yourself. I may be only dimly aware of how long it has been, but--"
"Stories last, Typhon. Stories of the great rise of the Wintermol empire, and stories of its decline and its fall. One of the survivors stole a marble, when they were scattered. He would go on to form his own safe haven, knowing how hollow an effort it would be for a dead, dying world. He would forge a new world where the air could not be stolen by the destroyer, where the basis for life could not be ripped away by the destroyer. They came to be known as the fallen remnants of Wintermol. It has been many, many years, Typhon. What we were called has changed over time."
No. 505776 ID: a18d07
File 136598842488.png - (191.57KB , 800x600 , 150.png )

"I am Keya, warmind of the Fell. One of the four remaining warminds. The only warmind who still remembers, still cares where we came from. Keya, who spends her every waking moment knowing how far we have fallen. The akari raid us from the east, and the remnants of Sannersoon still wage unceasing war from the west. This is the world you have created, Typhon. This is why I attacked you. Because I could not contain myself. I could not just stand by and let you walk towards the place where you singlehandedly tore Wintermol down. I disguised myself as a lowly soldier so the other warminds would not notice my absence. I took a small squad, so the others would not become suspicious. My forces' blood lies on my hands, but that guilt cannot compare to what I would feel if I had not tried."
"Hand me to Odon. It doesn't matter. I was given my opportunity, and I failed. I will join the ranks of the other fourteen failed warminds. I stood no chance in the end, regardless. I suppose, like Renz, I just fight for survival these days. Karx or Odon will emerge the ultimate victor, and I will have already ceased to matter."
"No. I refuse to believe this. I can't accept that your kind are remnants of Wintermol. Remnants of Sannersoon, yes. Wintermol would never sink to poisoning the air, would not manufacture its populace to be somewhere between soldiers and disposable tools--"
"Yes. Please continue to remind us of what increasingly desperate means we've been resorting to over the centuries when faced with horrifying monsters bred for combat from the east and the technological supremacy of the forces from the west. Please. It's all your fault for both abandoning and destroying us, but continue blaming us."
"You weren't even alive when it happened! How can you hate me for something that happened before you were even born?!"
"Because you're still killing us. It doesn't matter any more. We could barely survive with the combined assault of the akari and Sannersoon forces, and your apparent alliance with the akari means we have little time left anyway. Kill me or hand me to Odon. I don't want to live to see the Fell die out. And if we don't die out, I don't want to live to see them become even more of a mockery of what Wintermol once stood for."

Do I believe a single word this wretched Fell soldier is telling me? Maybe I should just kill her for insulting Wintermol so deeply rather than waste Odon's time. They can't be related to Wintermol at all. It's impossible.
No. 505786 ID: f2c20c

It doesn't even matter. We wish for peace, who cares if these are the lost remnants of the empire who created you? They let you become corrupted. They turned a blind eye to your violence. They share the blame. We don't owe them anything! Keep treating them as a misbehaving civilization that needs to be kept in check, because that's what they are.

At least she gives us a better picture of the world. All the factions are pushing against eachother, and in a sort of balance. So we just need to maintain that balance, instead of upsetting it by giving one of them extra power or assistance. We made the right choice in not giving the Akari immortal access to those golems.
No. 505787 ID: fc6725

Okay look she's almost certainly right about Wintermol. I know you're consistently trying not to but you really need to face up to you having done some pretty shitty things in the past and also the empire you formerly served probably not having been paragons of righteousness. Not saying that they were terrible people or anything but your unyielding reverence for them might be a little misplaced.

Quite frankly it adds up. Of the factions we've encountered so far, the Fell have seemed the most aware of your nature and easily the quickest to try to separate you from further ichor. Now we know why.

I don't know what we should do about Keya at the moment. I'd like to hear what Odon has to say before we make any major decisions regarding our stance on the Fell. But, adversarial as she is, keep what she's said in mind. Whatever our vision of the future may ultimately turn out to be, I don't think the genocide of the Fell can be a part of it -- and if their present nature and situation is by your doing, then improving it ought to be your responsibility.
No. 505789 ID: ec0bf5

Man, just the other day you would have given anything to know they were still alive. I'm sure you can be at least a little happy about these revelations, assuming they're true. Um, what did the people of Wintermol actually look like? Either way, this prisoner apparently is valuable to us with information, and someone the person we're meeting might wish to harm. So we should probably make sure no harm comes to her, whether she likes it or not. It probably isn't a thing to bring up in front of Odon. Really, is there ANYONE that isn't at odds with every other party?

Make it clear to her that regardless of the truth of her statements you don't wish the destruction of the Fell. We just want them to stop invading other nations so we can get some semblance of peace in the world so we can start to make amends. You offered to defend the akari, not to take the world for them. Also please don't attack her for saying stuff like that because we've established pretty well by now that you're not a great judge of that kind of statement and possibly still a bit crazy. Um, actually ask and possibly elaborate about this Sannersoon thing because they sound like you knew of them and that they're still around.
No. 505790 ID: ec0bf5

Also we might want to consider putting ichor into a fell habitat at some point in the future to make a vague attempt to get her to hate us less?
No. 505791 ID: 76b151

Ask her to tell of these remants Sannersoon. I have a feeling we shall be encountering them as well.

Also I can believe that there are remnants. Their technology has to come from somewhere and the fact that they can use ichor to power their machines speaks strongly of Wintermol. Sannersoon would use ether.

I think your job from now on is to balance these factions so none can run rampant. Every single one seeks to destroy the other. And I think you have had enough of genocide. So preserve the Fell, preserve the Akari, preserve the Soroi. Even those of chaos and Sannersoon if they prove not irredeemable. Set borders and boundries that they must follow. For if the don't a Typhoon will descend upon them. Forge a new Wintermol, one that will not repeat the mistakes that made you necessary.
No. 505795 ID: d6ef5d

>an ignorant, arrogant wreck of a creature with more power than sense or knowledge
That's... a distressing accurate assessment of you, actually, Typhoon. Our actions are guided by ignorance and pride far more frequently than I would wish.

>No. I refuse to believe this. I can't accept that your kind are remnants of Wintermol. Remnants of Sannersoon, yes. Wintermol would never sink to poisoning the air, would not manufacture its populace to be somewhere between soldiers and disposable tools--
>kill her for insulting Wintermol so deeply
>They can't be related to Wintermol at all. It's impossible.

Ahem! Stop letting your arrogance and blind loyalty to the empire you destroyed blind you to the possibility it could do wrong. Do not take perceived insults against it so harshly. Wintermol was not infallible, Typhoon. You, yourself, are proof of this.

This... fixation of yours is your greatest weakness. You lose all objectivty when wintermol is mentioned at all. I implore you to try and overcome this- or I fear what will become of us.

>you're still killing us
>I don't want to live to see the Fell die out
...I have only killed out of necessity. So far, yours is the one intelligent faction that has refused peaceful options. Until Odon contacted me. I do not wish the destruction of the fell- I destroyed this world once, in madness. I have no desire to do so again.

I leave now to hear what Odon has to say. For the moment, I will refrain from killing you, or trading you to him.
No. 505803 ID: 9ddf68

stories are just that, stories. they can change with the time or even be flawed from the beginning. there may be truth in what she says even if it is skewed but even if everything she said was true it doesn't matter, the past exist so we can learn from it and do better in the future, not live in it and and drown in the should have beens and the changing times. We have caught glimpse of our past and have seen what we once were. How we fell because in the end the leaders where using us as a weapon for oppression and when we found out we couldn't handle it so we want form savior to destroyer, but that doesn't matter anymore. the past is set in stone and all we can do is try and build a better tomorrow.

As for her leave her for now and don't let Odon know we have her for now as it seems there is a bit of infighting within the ranks of the fell and if we are trying to get everyone to get along then we might be able to use Keya somehow to try and piece the world back together.

And watch your damn temper, one of these days that is going to get you killed... again.
No. 505806 ID: bf54a8

the marble is what is driving them to change things. which one is it? i bet the one she called, Decay. great power at a great price. does she know that the marbles do that? the evidence for them driving their users mad is becoming more plentiful. the soroi die if they do not follow the laws, the akari cannot stop growing things.

explain you can try to create a truce. you over this strip of land connecting their territories. no one may pass, fell OR akari. then they may focus their efforts on the east.
No. 505817 ID: 6bfc5b

interesting, the way she is talking it sounds like she feels the akari will never agree to peace, but from our interactions with the akari we got the impression they have there back up against the wall and would jump at the chance of a peace treaty.

"assault of the akari? Keya the akari are desperate for the fighting to end. they have lost enough ground that they are already facing famine. from what i can tell they would be more than happy to sign a peace treaty."

if she says and who would enforce it, point out we are a power block that has no need for territory, and no strong ties to anyone else.so would make good enforcers.

when she asks why we care

"Its simple, I broke the world so I have an obligation to fix it. anything else on the matter is secondary."
No. 505824 ID: 387f16

>They can't be related to Wintermol at all. It's impossible.
It actually makes perfect sense when collaborated with what we know, if you bother to think about it.

Seconding this.
No. 505878 ID: 35edd4

Ask what the motivations of the other warminds are.
No. 509007 ID: 33cbee
File 136788214057.png - (70.57KB , 800x600 , 151.png )

Rrrgh. Wintermol did have flaw. But it is hard to accept that this is the outcome. You're right. My blind zeal for Wintermol has already lead to many problems, but, this is more the ideology of Sannersoon! Wintermol should have been greater than this!

...But Wintermol is gone. Not even ruins remain. It is hard to accept. Forgive me my reluctance to accept the change. I will, in time. This does correlate to the Fell use of ichor to power technology. Perhaps making friends among them would be a wiser investment beyond simple influence and keeping the peace.

We already have a Fell habitat. We are still lacking in the materials and knowledge to construct a soroi habitat.

"I will not hand you to Odon. Nor do I side with the akari with the intent of eliminating the Fell. I aim to bring together the world I shattered."
"You would not be the first immortal with an aim of uniting the world. As you can see, none have succeeded. What makes you think you can mend as well as you can break, destroyer? Your original purpose was never to fix things."

I inhale deeply. It is not required, but it calms me.

"Wintermol is gone. With it, so is my original purpose. There are none I would swear unconditional loyalty to in this new world. I am free to do as I desire. I desire for the fighting to end. There has been too much destruction already."
"You are denying your very nature with your foolhardy dreams, Typhon. You are a storm, standing here, telling me you want to shelter the world from rain. An avatar of destruction seeking peace? I can believe your desire for independence, I can even fathom your desire to go against what you have done before, but you can't fight your nature, Typhon. You are raw magic. You are a fire. It is your nature to burn all you come close to."
"Fire has no mind or desire to do anything but consume."
"If I was made of ichor like you were, we wouldn't be talking. You'd have killed me already. Don't think we don't know how much you want ichor. You always wanted more ichor. Always. And we paid a dear price for giving in to your demands."
"I am a different being now."
"Keep telling yourself that. So, are you killing me, freeing me, or what?"
"You will remain here until I have spoken with Odon. I will make my decision then."
"Feh. Enjoy your conversation. Don't reveal to him you have me unless you're planning to turn me over. Odon does not like to be denied what he wants."
"What do you know of the other warminds?"
"I have given you plenty of information. I do not see the need to tell you any more. If you wish to threaten or torture more information out of me, do so."
No. 509008 ID: 33cbee
File 136788217427.png - (218.15KB , 800x600 , 152.png )

My dear Typhon, I hear Mannimarco say, I know you are a rather busy fellow and I am but one of your many minions. I do believe you should be keeping an eye on the clock, though, my good friend. If we dally any longer, we shall be late to our own meeting, and that simply won't do! Who knows how much umbrage the Fell leader could take to our needless delays?

need to not be late, I hear the awakened worm say. I think its mind wasn't quite ready yet before I put it into a new body. Still, it's smarter than the average ichor worm. Which is not a great achievement, to be honest.

Wait, I hear Errol say, something's strange down below. I'd go check it out. The recon skimmer's already sighted Odon and his escorts on the way, but something is already down there. Be careful.

Move Keya to the Fell habitat. Keep an eye on her. I suspect she may try to escape. I will investigate this disturbance below the base.

While my forces move into their bubbles, I will grant you some answers from what I remember about Sannersoon.

Sannersoon was the eternal... Sannersoon was the enemy of Wintermol. Where Sannersoon lied to the north east, while Wintermol to the south west. Around both of these growing empires were smaller nations, city states and aspiring, though inferior, empires and alliances. The people were diverse in form, with many creatures of many kinds forming greater wholes as further countries fell under the banners of Wintermol and Sannersoon.

Where Wintermol claimed the light of magic and the power of ichor, Sannersoon rejected the mystical and supernatural. Where Wintermol became a haven for magical beings of all varieties, Sannersoon hunted them down, and exiled them at the very best. My nature made me perfect as a symbol of Wintermol to rally our disheartened, and perfect as a symbol for the Sannersoon empire to despise.

The furred kiotl originally hailed from the north. Their peaceful ways of exploration and scientific enquiry were eagerly assimilated into the Sannersoon empire, but the more mystically inclined fled to Wintermol. I believe that of all the myriad peoples of Wintermol, these are the ones that must have become what the Fell are now. As for other races, such as the keepers I seem to be modelled after, I do not know. There is more to this new world I have not yet seen.
No. 509009 ID: 33cbee
File 136788220874.png - (430.13KB , 800x600 , 153.png )

On the surface below the base, I am immediately drawn to two individuals standing quietly next to each other. They walk towards me. I prepare for a retaliatory strike.

When they get closer, one of them shouts to me, speaking in broken and guttural growls. "Typhon. We, to talk. Brothers and sisters, spread thin. Sects boil. Seeking ally."

The other says--

:rfsc19::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc22::rfsc17::rfsc2::rfsc11::rfsc1::rfsc21::rfsc2::rfsc17: :rfsc25::rfsc2::rfsc23::rfsc4::rfsc13::rfsc13::rfsc9::rfsc14::rfsc27: :rfsc19::rfsc19::rfsc14::rfsc0::rfsc12::rfsc13::rfsc27: :rfsc17::rfsc5::rfsc15::rfsc12::rfsc24::rfsc3::rfsc22::rfsc19::rfsc15::rfsc11::rfsc27: :rfsc15::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc0::rfsc9::rfsc16: :rfsc0::rfsc14::rfsc9::rfsc22::rfsc22: :rfsc10::rfsc9::rfsc3::rfsc4::rfsc12::rfsc13::rfsc27: :rfsc16::rfsc19::rfsc17::rfsc4::rfsc9::rfsc14::rfsc1: :rfsc0::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc17::rfsc13::rfsc11::rfsc7::rfsc4: :rfsc23::rfsc3::rfsc1::rfsc9::rfsc3::rfsc13: :rfsc15::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc14::rfsc15::rfsc19::rfsc19::rfsc0::rfsc11::rfsc13::rfsc13::rfsc13: :rfsc5::rfsc21::rfsc17::rfsc11::rfsc14::rfsc23::rfsc14: :rfsc16::rfsc5: :rfsc21::rfsc11::rfsc25: :rfsc11::rfsc1::rfsc22::rfsc19::rfsc14: :rfsc12::rfsc14::rfsc10::rfsc23::rfsc16::rfsc14::rfsc27:

--something I cannot even recognise as any language I have ever encountered. It is like music. Jarring, dissonant music. Barely close to music. An awful melody born not of inexperience or an inability to play an instrument, but of knowing and playing exactly the wrong notes in the most uncomfortable order.

...I did not know I had an ear for music. Something feels vaguely familiar and warming about the idea, but I pay it no further head. The creature appears to have bindings around what I would assume would be its eyes and mouth. They look like they're barely being held on. Despite this, it averts where its eyes would be when I look at it.

"She, not look at world. Not speak to it. Only listen. Only sing. I talk."
"Who are you?"
"I, Truth. Talk, for remains. She, Sensation. Forgotten, also. We, chaos. Chaos, broken. Changing. Chaos, change. Always change."

I find myself longing for civilisation, and being able to talk to something that isn't alluding to some unexplained mystery every other word. It feels like the Fell are the closest thing I've seen. How depressing.

"So you want an alliance."
"Typhon, agree?"
"Typhon wants a little more information. Why are you here? Now?"
He gives a brief, scratchy laugh. Then, he says "Chance. Opportunity. Fell, coming. Fell, obstacle."
"No, I am not going to ally with you to attack the Fell."
"No. Kill Fell? No. Scare. Threaten. Herd."
"Fell, threaten akari. Akari, threaten soroi. Soroi--"

The other creature raises a hand.

:rfsc17::rfsc13::rfsc17::rfsc9::rfsc22::rfsc11: :rfsc2::rfsc1::rfsc5::rfsc14::rfsc1::rfsc5::rfsc19::rfsc27: :rfsc4::rfsc3::rfsc1::rfsc8::rfsc15::rfsc19::rfsc25::rfsc3::rfsc24: :rfsc4::rfsc10: :rfsc8: :rfsc22::rfsc8::rfsc22::rfsc15::rfsc25::rfsc25::rfsc27: :rfsc5::rfsc22::rfsc3::rfsc23::rfsc20: :rfsc10::rfsc12::rfsc24::rfsc17: :rfsc19::rfsc8::rfsc24::rfsc1: :rfsc25::rfsc2::rfsc23::rfsc4::rfsc13::rfsc13::rfsc9::rfsc27: :rfsc7::rfsc19::rfsc15: :rfsc20::rfsc1: :rfsc4::rfsc15::rfsc19::rfsc19::rfsc0::rfsc11::rfsc13::rfsc13::rfsc13: :rfsc20::rfsc23::rfsc4::rfsc15: :rfsc9::rfsc3::rfsc1::rfsc8: :rfsc18::rfsc17: :rfsc9::rfsc6::rfsc23: :rfsc20::rfsc23::rfsc5::rfsc23::rfsc27: :rfsc1::rfsc23::rfsc5::rfsc23::rfsc8: :rfsc10::rfsc24::rfsc13: :rfsc14::rfsc3: :rfsc0::rfsc19::rfsc18::rfsc22::rfsc3::rfsc20::rfsc11::rfsc11::rfsc25::rfsc27: :rfsc8::rfsc23::rfsc5::rfsc23::rfsc8: :rfsc8::rfsc17::rfsc13: :rfsc25::rfsc23::rfsc13::rfsc19::rfsc24::rfsc13::rfsc23::rfsc6::rfsc24: :rfsc18::rfsc3::rfsc1::rfsc8::rfsc15::rfsc19::rfsc25::rfsc3::rfsc24::rfsc27:

The one calling itself Truth stops itself. "Heh, heh. Not important. Goal, drive Fell away. Back to east."

Advisors, you have not steered me wrong before. Direct me.

I can feel her staring at me. I feel vaguely uneasy.
No. 509010 ID: 76b151

Oh, these are Chaos. These are what you fought before.. Look at its eyes and mouth.

As for advice get more information. Before we help these things we need to know more. Making promises you don't want to keep is not the actions of someone you want to be.
No. 509012 ID: d6ef5d

>You are like fire
Fire can be harnessed- turned to beneficial, constructive purposes. Fire is one of the few stones of which the foundation of civilization is built.

Imagine what could be achieved if we harnessed our power for something greater.

>You always wanted more ichor. Always.
...you have changed, though. You refused the Ichor the akari leader offered when you did not like her terms.

And it's not even necessary to destroy other Ichor creatures to merge with them! The monolith survived the initial absorption. If his consciousness were not insane and hostile, it would not need to have been crushed.

...so who feels up to some code-breaking? Discordant as that song is, it breaks down into individual symobols/letters with word spacings.

>what do?
Try and explain to the creatures you are going to speak with the fell. One who has seen the course of war and does not wish for his kind to be destroyed. Because he sees this way, you have hope for a negotiation- maybe to curb the fell aggression.

Killing him would be bad, because then the only remaining fell leaders would be the ones who seek conflict. If we talk, we may be able to achieve their goal, and send the fell back to the east. If we kill them, we guarantee more fell will come and fight.
No. 509014 ID: f2c20c

I'll work on translating that. Tell them we will try to get the Fell moving east. We have no love for the civilization in that direction, so if we can help the Fell in conquering Sannerson and relocating a bit east, then the world will have more room.

I think we can use our nature as destroyer to help the world. Like a lightning strike burning a forest to fertilize the land.

Briefly ask them if they have their marble still.
No. 509017 ID: f2c20c

Wait, you're right. That means these guys are the previous owners of the shattered marble.

Bring up your battle with a different member of their group. Tell them you were not pleased by that encounter and they have much to make up for. However, if they were to tell us the locations of the shards of their marble, we will work with them to find them a more stable home.

Thinking about this... I wonder if these guys could live in miasma? Maybe each civilization has another one that they can live together with, but they're all surrounded by conflicting civilizations. Instead of choosing a civ to destroy to make room for the others, or simply maintaining the balance of the world, we could move civs around so they can meld together and use living space optimally.
No. 509018 ID: bf54a8

>find chaos a stable home

i hope you realize exactly how ironic that is.

anyway, it sounds like the fighting is a loop. the thing you fought in soroi land was another chaos thing. i am willing to bet from their nature that they are not a normal group, they only know each other as having the same origin but other then that they are fractured, just as their marble.
No. 509019 ID: 2baea8

No. 509022 ID: ec0bf5

>>509014 I don't think we want to try driving the Fell back any further. They seem to be compressed enough as it is. And just because they were your enemy in the distant past doesn't mean we should be trying to get Sannersoon conquered either. Doing any of that sounds like a terrible idea, especially if we're trying to get peace. Ask them why they think that we should be pushing the Fell eastward.
No. 509024 ID: 9ddf68

Well they get points in not being the first race to attack you or hit on you on site so I think we should at least lesion to them. Try and get more information from them like why do they want the fell pushed back, what's there goal, and how can we trust them if they wont even tell us what they are, trust is a two way street after all.

Basically it all comes down to what we all are thinking, we NEED more information.
No. 509033 ID: f2c20c

Actually, the first time we met a member of Chaos, it attacked us rather ineffectually. Remember, right at the end of the diplomatic mission?

Oh, and Typhon please don't spend much time talking to these guys. We really should not be late.
No. 509047 ID: 33cbee
File 136790042339.png - (364.10KB , 800x600 , 154.png )

"I recall fighting one of your kind before."
"Sects many, no unity. Forgotten sect, no fight without reason."
"They yelled some incomprehensible babble at me and sent bubbling globes of colour after me."
"Chaos fragments, common. Many fight, many use fragments."
"Why do you want the Fell pushed back?"

:rfsc18::rfsc8::rfsc24: :rfsc15::rfsc1::rfsc5::rfsc14::rfsc1::rfsc5::rfsc19::rfsc27:

Truth turns to its companion. :rfsc19::rfsc14::rfsc1::rfsc10: :rfsc10::rfsc15::rfsc13::rfsc22::rfsc19::rfsc1::rfsc23::rfsc13: :rfsc18::rfsc12::rfsc3::rfsc0: :rfsc2::rfsc1::rfsc5: :rfsc25::rfsc12::rfsc13::rfsc4::rfsc9: :rfsc16::rfsc24: :rfsc9::rfsc10::rfsc23::rfsc5::rfsc16::rfsc8::rfsc13::rfsc27: :rfsc10::rfsc11: :rfsc15::rfsc10: :rfsc21::rfsc1::rfsc5: :rfsc18::rfsc23::rfsc2::rfsc20: :rfsc15::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc10::rfsc5::rfsc14::rfsc23::rfsc13::rfsc1::rfsc27: :rfsc16::rfsc11: :rfsc15::rfsc10: :rfsc8::rfsc18: :rfsc16: :rfsc23::rfsc9::rfsc3::rfsc13::rfsc15::rfsc21::rfsc23::rfsc18::rfsc27:

Sensation responds, I assume. :rfsc8: :rfsc14::rfsc12::rfsc3::rfsc0: :rfsc0::rfsc3::rfsc0::rfsc22: :rfsc10::rfsc21::rfsc25::rfsc25: :rfsc6::rfsc14::rfsc1::rfsc10: :rfsc9::rfsc16::rfsc23::rfsc22::rfsc20::rfsc9: :rfsc9::rfsc18::rfsc3::rfsc20::rfsc18: :rfsc11::rfsc25::rfsc15::rfsc2: :rfsc8::rfsc2::rfsc3::rfsc13::rfsc27: :rfsc15::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc1::rfsc21::rfsc2::rfsc2: :rfsc10::rfsc17: :rfsc14::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc25::rfsc1::rfsc17::rfsc19::rfsc6::rfsc23::rfsc13::rfsc13::rfsc27: :rfsc17::rfsc23: :rfsc3::rfsc11: :rfsc15::rfsc10: :rfsc8::rfsc18: :rfsc6::rfsc16::rfsc6: :rfsc11::rfsc9::rfsc3::rfsc13::rfsc15::rfsc21::rfsc23::rfsc18::rfsc27::rfsc27::rfsc27:

Its companion slowly reaches up and removes its bindings. It looks at me. :rfsc8::rfsc11: :rfsc15::rfsc10::rfsc27: :rfsc16::rfsc11: :rfsc15::rfsc10: :rfsc8::rfsc11::rfsc11::rfsc4::rfsc24::rfsc20: :rfsc1::rfsc14::rfsc1::rfsc10: :rfsc22::rfsc25::rfsc17::rfsc27: :rfsc15::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc24::rfsc24::rfsc17::rfsc13::rfsc15::rfsc7::rfsc10::rfsc20::rfsc13: :rfsc17::rfsc10: :rfsc23::rfsc15::rfsc13::rfsc1::rfsc16::rfsc10::rfsc1::rfsc11::rfsc9::rfsc6::rfsc27:

I continue to stare ahead with a neutral expression, unsure what to make of the dissonant tones chiming around me.

"Ty-- phon." She speaks to me, haltingly, clearly unused to speaking the common tongue. "Typhon. Fell. Fell are danger. Threat to world stability."
"So is everyone else I've met."
"Different. Harm world. Mi-- miaaaasmaa." Her jaw flaps a little as though chewing through the word. "Toxin. Pollute world. Harm world. Harm us."
"I see. You want me to destroy the Fell, then."
"Destroy, repel. Remove either way."
"Why eastwards?"

An uncomfortable silence from both.

"How does this benefit me? How does devoting time and resources to pushing back the Fell benefit me in any way? I can think of many reasons it would benefit you, but--"
Truth pulls Sensation closer towards him. "Typhon, seeking marbles. Seeking broken marble. Possess one shard of five. Forgotten remnants, holding shard location, secret. Can promise only location. Advice."

He sounds like he's expecting there to be violence very soon.

...what is taking Odon so long? It feels like it's beginning to rain.
No. 509048 ID: f2c20c

Rain? But the base is right above us. Look up, Typhon. If Odon is attacking our base, then I think peace is no longer on the table.

Also, I really want that marble. Agree to their terms, we will make the Fell go east, somehow, in exchange for information about the marble.
No. 509053 ID: 9ddf68

say you'll see what you can do but you make no promises. try and set up a location for you to meet with them there incase you do decide to push the fell back later, they can hold on to the marble shard for now since we don't really know if we want to help them but we also don't want to get into any more fights if we can avoid them, after all we have many enemies and few friends and what friends we do have they want us to kill our other friends... we have one cluster fuck of a love triangle going on right now don't we?
No. 509054 ID: 2a8a2a

Don't agree to anything yet. I still don't trust them, and they are obviously not saying something about why they want the Fell driven east rather than destroyed or contained.

Also, we should check with the skimmer to check that there aren't more of these guys trying to intercept Odon or something while you talk to these two.
No. 509055 ID: d6ef5d

Explain that you will see if you can get these fell to withdraw to the east. You need to speak with them first, and as far as you know, this group is only here to speak with you anyways.

Stress that you are trying to negotiate an end to the aggressive expansion of the fell- it they attack and kill the one leader willing to talk terms, the only fell they will see in the future and those who want to fight. If they are overzealous in protecting their borders now, they will jeopardize their longer term security.

You will consider the larger problem the miasma poses, later. Engaging this band will not stop or even slow production of the gas. (Maybe we'll be in a better position to do something about it once Colin's done some research. Could we make a new formulation that's less harmful to the rest of the world? Stick the fell in domed cities? Remove their dependence on it?).
No. 509057 ID: 2baea8

Didn't that Monolith guy say something about shards?
Show them the piece you picked up from him and ask if it is one of these shards.

And agree to help however you can; it may be possible to remove the Fell dependance on miasma through research. If so, they may not all need to be destroyed. If that is impossible however, you will work to repel and contain them until a solution is found.
No. 509059 ID: cf49fc

Possibly a partnership with Keya to figure out the reason for the Fell's dependency on horrible deathgas. The Fell cannot be allowed to obliterate all life on the planet for the sake of themselves, as the Soroi cannot be allowed to destroy the Akari, the Chaos cannot be allowed to destroy the Soroi, and the Sannersoonians cannot be allowed to destroy the Fell.

Alright Typhon, all you need to do to unify the world is convince a balkanized, shattered planet's worth of beings, along with a massive incursion of alien life from another dimension with no concept of order to all live together in peace and harmony, one of whom breathes extremely lethal neurotoxin.

We'll be done by Christmas, I reckon.
No. 509060 ID: bf54a8

the fell had to have engineered the miasma INTO themselves. because they lived before they had tech capable of producing it.
No. 509299 ID: 33cbee
File 136805489882.png - (237.28KB , 800x600 , 155.png )

I look up. The base is nearby, but not directly overhead. It does, however, look as though storm clouds are gathering in the near area.

"You mean a shard like this?" Even though I did not carry the shard with me, with no effort I take it from some other place, gripped between my fingers.

The two look at each other and back to me. Truth pulls Sensation against his body. "Yes, shard. Hold, shard of dead. Monolith, slain. Shard of forgotten. Omegalith, guards. Dwells, islands, threat. Slay Omegalith. Vile monster. Access to shard."
Sensation speaks. "So- south eeeast. The intruuusion." I note that as she grapples with the language, she seems to force more sounds almost into lilting tunes.

I decide to check up on the news of my scheduled visitor.

Errol. Does the skimmer know if Odon and his escorts have been intercepted?
Nope. They do seem to have stopped. They appear to be doing something to whatever vehicle they're travelling with. Oh wow is it a doozy. I haven't seen anything like it!
It's like some kind of floaty platform thing! Hovering just off the ground, really slow, though. It looks armoured enough to survive anything! And there's all these floaty glowy thingies! Oh, one of the things on the platform look like they're about to do something--

I hear a loud shriek through the air and watch a burning purple beam fly straight through the chests of both creatures I've been talking to. Before they even react, the beam has vanished. They frantically chatter to each other--

:rfsc22::rfsc11::rfsc19::rfsc19::rfsc26::rfsc26: :rfsc7::rfsc17::rfsc15::rfsc1::rfsc29: :rfsc12::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc1::rfsc25::rfsc7::rfsc0::rfsc29: :rfsc16::rfsc10::rfsc15::rfsc2::rfsc8: :rfsc23::rfsc23::rfsc22::rfsc17::rfsc2::rfsc11::rfsc25: :rfsc25::rfsc12::rfsc8::rfsc4::rfsc17::rfsc12::rfsc15::rfsc29:
:rfsc8: :rfsc19::rfsc10::rfsc19::rfsc0::rfsc25::rfsc28: :rfsc16::rfsc24::rfsc3::rfsc25::rfsc14::rfsc28: :rfsc12::rfsc24::rfsc3::rfsc25::rfsc14::rfsc28: :rfsc0::rfsc23::rfsc7::rfsc4::rfsc28: :rfsc4::rfsc24::rfsc3::rfsc25::rfsc14::rfsc28: :rfsc1: :rfsc23::rfsc25::rfsc0::rfsc7: :rfsc15: :rfsc2::rfsc12::rfsc23::rfsc18: :rfsc18::rfsc19::rfsc20::rfsc21::rfsc27::rfsc27::rfsc27:
:rfsc18::rfsc12::rfsc9::rfsc5::rfsc8::rfsc19::rfsc15::rfsc6::rfsc25::rfsc29: :rfsc15::rfsc24::rfsc11::rfsc1::rfsc28: :rfsc16::rfsc24::rfsc11::rfsc1::rfsc28: :rfsc10::rfsc8: :rfsc18::rfsc12::rfsc3::rfsc0: :rfsc7::rfsc2::rfsc23::rfsc4::rfsc13::rfsc13::rfsc9::rfsc28: :rfsc5::rfsc11::rfsc24::rfsc1: :rfsc24::rfsc13::rfsc7::rfsc15::rfsc23::rfsc28: :rfsc11::rfsc23: :rfsc17::rfsc8: :rfsc22::rfsc17::rfsc13: :rfsc1::rfsc21::rfsc18::rfsc1: :rfsc3::rfsc8: :rfsc18::rfsc12::rfsc3::rfsc0: :rfsc7::rfsc2::rfsc23::rfsc4::rfsc13::rfsc13::rfsc9::rfsc28: :rfsc15::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc11::rfsc11::rfsc8::rfsc5: :rfsc21::rfsc10: :rfsc11::rfsc5::rfsc10::rfsc1::rfsc24::rfsc9::rfsc2::rfsc17::rfsc15::rfsc6::rfsc25::rfsc28: :rfsc6::rfsc14::rfsc23: :rfsc11::rfsc11::rfsc8::rfsc5: :rfsc21::rfsc10: :rfsc1::rfsc11::rfsc8::rfsc3::rfsc25::rfsc3::rfsc9::rfsc17::rfsc7::rfsc27:

--and the one called Truth angrily lunges at me, knocking me back a little. He screeches--

:rfsc8: :rfsc20::rfsc24::rfsc17::rfsc13: :rfsc8::rfsc2::rfsc3::rfsc13: :rfsc1::rfsc9::rfsc3: :rfsc16::rfsc23::rfsc13: :rfsc1::rfsc2::rfsc23::rfsc4::rfsc13::rfsc13::rfsc5::rfsc11: :rfsc8::rfsc14::rfsc19::rfsc13: :rfsc11::rfsc16::rfsc6::rfsc23: :rfsc17::rfsc5::rfsc16::rfsc5::rfsc23::rfsc0::rfsc25::rfsc13::rfsc13::rfsc9::rfsc15::rfsc2: :rfsc10::rfsc3: :rfsc21::rfsc12: :rfsc19::rfsc13::rfsc17::rfsc9::rfsc9::rfsc19::rfsc24::rfsc29: :rfsc18::rfsc8: :rfsc18::rfsc12::rfsc3::rfsc0: :rfsc1::rfsc18::rfsc0::rfsc15: :rfsc7::rfsc6::rfsc20::rfsc8::rfsc5::rfsc29:

--well, something at me, grabs Sensation, and the two boil away into a stream of iridescent vapour, flying up into the sky and far from my sight.

I look to the horizon and see the platform approach. I mount my bike. Both of my king worms are ready to strike. I hear the faint clicks of the sniper ticks loading their tails.
No. 509300 ID: 33cbee
File 136805491607.png - (133.97KB , 800x600 , 156.png )

Odon finally reaches me, flanked with machine Fell.

"Typhon. I apologise for the minor delay. There was a minor issue that required resolution before I could consider it safe to approach. It is resolved now."
"The shot just fired. Explain."
"I have prevented an unnecessary conflict between your forces and the near-infinite soldiers of madness. Every word a creature of the chaos speaks is a crafted lie designed to sow doubt and havoc among the mortal races. I regret only that the shot did not destroy them outright. You may not forgive me for this precaution, but their influence will subside within time."
"They were making simple requests."
"Their plans take a broader view of things than even you or I can conceive of, Typhon. An innocent favour is not what it may appear to be."
"I see."

"This is not the reason I have travelled here. Typhon, your forces are limited, and you pose little threat to us alone. However, this minor imbalance appears ready to break the western stalemate between the Fell and the war creatures fielded by Akar."
"The akari."
"You speak of them as if they are a people. What do you know of Akar and her history?"
"I speak of them as a people because they are a people. I have spoken to many akari. They seem to me to be as deserving of respect as anyone else I've spoken to since my reawakening."
"Interesting. Typhon, step onto the platform. I wish to show you something."
"You can bring it to me."
"I cannot. The display apparatus is linked to the platform. You have my word that no harm will come to you from me or my forces."
"I'd prefer something more concrete than just your word."
"I have nothing else I am able to promise. What lasting harm can I inflict upon you, Typhon?"
"I am not naive enough to think myself invincible." If I ever was so naive, then being scattered across the entire world is proof enough that I have something to fear.
"Admission of vulnerability is not what I would have expected from you, based upon the surviving histories. Curious. Very well. If your caution is so great, I shall use a stitcher as a relay."
No. 509301 ID: 33cbee
File 136805493544.png - (141.93KB , 800x600 , 157.png )

"Witness the following. Akar has existed in opposition to the Fell for as long as the Fell have been recorded to exist. Once, she commanded remnants of the fallen empires, as did the Fell for a time. Over time, the unending conflict claimed more lives than could be replenished, and survivors began to flee the conflict. While the Fell permitted such desertion and posed no obstacle to the refugees from the forests held by Akar, Akar herself took great care to capture all those who had attempted an escape. On these unfortunate prisoners, she perpetrated hideous experiments, having no more patience for ruling over such a weak willed populace. The first generation of her war creatures were imbued with the magic of the growth marble she stole from the imperial throne. These monstrous beasts killed many of the rapidly growing Fell army, which began recruiting from those who feared a world where Akar reigned supreme. The Fell were forced to adapt. The marble of decay proved an excellent counter to these monstrosities, but such magic had a high cost. It poisoned life indiscriminately. The most skilled and loyal to the cause were the first generation of what the Fell are now. Heavily modified by the greatest technology, infused with the power of the marble of decay, the Fell soldiers were the natural enemy of Akar's war creatures. Angered by her failure, Akar destroyed her entire army. Her second generation was smarter. Cunning. They knew the ways to channel their innate magics. The Fell advanced. All of the frontline population were immune to the toxic weaponry used to defend against Akar's constant onslaught. When Sannersoon's remnants began to contest our territory, their forces fell with greater speed than the magical beasts used by Akar. It became clear what advantage the Fell possessed. This advantage, this blessing given to us by the marble, was engineered into every fibre of our being. This culminated in what you know to be the miasma. Akar's forces grew greater. They became too dangerous even for her to control. Raging fires, destroying even her own territory. Once more, she destroyed her forces with a dismissive gesture. The third generation of her creatures would prove to have limitations. This worked well for the Fell, who managed to beat the unending invaders back to their forest homes. But Akar's forces were discontent. Facing a rebellion, Akar once more destroyed her own creations. She created the creatures you know as the akari to be their replacements. They are still constructs of war, now more subtle in their nature. She created the hivemind to bind them to her will. None of her constructs can refuse a direct order, and the most obedient gain the greatest power under her. Realise, Typhon. Realise what these creatures are. They are not a people, a culture, a helpless persecuted species. They were created to destroy us. Specifically created to destroy the last remaining true citizens of Wintermol. And once their usefulness subsides, Akar will end them as freely as she has done so many times before. On behalf of all Fell, I ask only one thing. Assist these living weapons no longer."

If any of this is true, declining Akar's offer earlier may have prevented an entire genocide.

I do not know what to think. Taja did not seem like a living weapon to me. ...Then again, I did not seem like a living weapon to Taja.

This is certainly troubling if true. How can I know if it is true? I do not think I can exactly accept this Fell warmind's words at face value.
No. 509304 ID: f2c20c

Ah. I see. Every civilization has abused their marble to try to overcome opposition. I wonder what horrors lie in the past of the Soroi?

At any rate, the clearest path I see now, assuming ANY of what he said is true, is for us to take these marbles away from everyone. They are misbehaving children, so let's take away their toys. We can probably confirm this with our Warmind prisoner- try doing this now via one of our drones. Just have them ask about the history of the Akari.

Ask Odon what he will give in exchange for your promise of non-assistance to the Akari. Also, ask him what other life can live under Miasma aside from the Fell. What would the world be like if they ruled it?
No. 509305 ID: 2baea8

"My ichor creations were initially living weapons no different than what you describe, but they have evolved beyond that. I find it plausible that these creatures could as well. If both the things you say and those I have observed are true, the real threat from their faction it not the akari, but Akar herself."
No. 509307 ID: bf54a8

explain the marble's powers are too great, and singleminded. it grants power to the user, yes, but twists them to follow through with their aspect above anything else. akar not only wants to grow she MUST grow, it is a gnawing NEED deep within her caused by the marble. just as your group's marble has changed you.

what will you do when you win?you will have land but nothing that can grow on it. a people with nothing to look forward to. the marble has turned you into an instrument of it's purpose, decay. everything will be decayed. and then once no more enemies exist to decay, it will turn on you. your metals will rust, your flesh will fail. until the world is a lifeless rock.

not to say the akari would be any better. they would grow and grow until they collapse under their own weight and yet would keep growing. an out of control cancer that consumes itself.
No. 509309 ID: ec0bf5

I do not know what to think from this, so I think it would best to assure them that at the least you are not going to assist the akari in wiping out the Fell. But likewise you will not assist the Fell in wiping out the akari. We want to bring about peace, and not the kind you technically get after everyone is dead.
No. 509310 ID: 1d8777

Wow so basically everyone else is even worse at having power than you used to be. That's amazing.

Also I'm not sure how much sympathy is expecting to get from you, the living weapon, by telling you that the faction you're on best terms with appears to also consist of some manner of living weapons. They sure seem like a flourishing race to me, regardless of their origin. We should ask Akar about this when we next get the chance, though.

What is he actually offering us? I've gotten the impression that neither of the remaining warminds have any intention of working with us at all. We are going to need a pretty good reason to withdraw support from the most cooperative of the factions we've thus encountered, and them being opposed to the least sympathetic, most aggressive faction, who are also the descendants of the people who created us to use as a weapon and started this whole mess in the first place, is not it.
No. 509311 ID: d6ef5d

>Truth and sensation zapped
But not permanently destroyed? Well, that's nice, I suppose. Good that one of the many factions all trying to destroy each other is somewhat durable. We really need to crack their language, though. Find out what they said. We'll keep working on it, Typhoon (and if it proves beyond what our collective can puzzle through unassisted, maybe we'll assign some ichor towards researching it later).

>We may have averted a genocide
>This is certainly troubling if true.
Most troubling, since we're trying to enact some stability here- prevent the races from genociding each other. If the akari are at risk from their own leader, that's a serious problem.

We do not seek the eradication of the fell, nor the eradication of the akari. Artificial or not, they are people.

>How can I know if it is true?
Impartial sources in this world are... troublesome. Every source of information has it's own agenda.

We could always just ask Akar, I suppose. If that's really how she operates, she might not even see the need to try and hide it. Kind of risky, though.

Nyx, maybe? She seemed to have a much better idea of the state of the world and it's history than you did. She's hardly impartial, but she has nothing really to gain by trying to deceive us in this regard. So maybe Colin could see what Cadmea knows, or can find out from Nyx's collective of advisors.
No. 509312 ID: 1d8777

Yes, at the very least we are not going to assist and would in fact actively oppose any attempts by the akari to wipe out the Fell.
No. 509315 ID: 2baea8

I also second Colin consulting Cadmea/Nyx by proxy. So far Nyx's only agenda seems to be preventing us from burning the world.
No. 509325 ID: cc8f7f

I find it unlikely the fell had that much information about what was happening beyond the front lines. They are probably filling in the gaps in there knowledge in the most damming possible way.

"you understand of course that i cannot completely trust your story, every civilization paints it enemies as harshly as possible in its view of history.

but even if it is true, all that means is that the akari fell first.you have twisted your people into creatures of war as well. Neither you or the akari can hope to recover so long as this war continues,it has to end. would you be willing to sign a peace treaty with the akari? whatever form they took in the past, they are people now. "
No. 509350 ID: 9ddf68

ok so it seems our guess that the marbles are corrupting the people that use/rely on them has just proven true. So from what I've gather basically it started that someone somewhere got there hands on one and probably used it to try and gain control of a broken land, others saw them do this and grab a marble for themselves to either try and protect themselves or decided that they wanted to rule the world instead. So our plan to gather the marbles to stop there corruption of this world seems like a good idea but I'm a little nervous about what will happen to the races that have grown depend on them. Like having someone go cold turkey on drugs after a lifetime abusing them would most likely kill them through shock and withdraw, also I'm not to sure if we would be able to resist the marbles as well, at least without absorbing it's counter to balance things out.

As for what to do with this guy, just tell him you had no intentions of helping the Akari wipe out the Fell but he should also know that you have no intentions of helping the Fell wipe out the Akari or any other race for that matter. Also express your concerns about the effect the marbles have on those that use it and if he ask why you seem so hesitant to aid any one side just say that you have destroyed the world once and have no intentions of doing so again.

To bad we don't remember more about our pass, it almost seems as if parts of us are still trying to destroy the world through proxies since our body was destroyed so long ago.
No. 509388 ID: cf49fc

Seems logical that the nigh unlimited power present in each marble gradually corrupts and destroys whichever civilization uses them over prolonged periods. We must check for a link between the usage of marbles and our prior rampantly genocidal psychotic episode.
No. 509397 ID: cc8f7f

the marbles may not be inherently corrupting. It sounds like things were already at the Waring warlords stage when they started being used. my guess is that since each marble made all other war resources a secondary concern at best, and each one is exactly as strong all of the wars stalemated.
No. 509940 ID: 33cbee
File 136832728504.png - (124.54KB , 800x600 , 158.png )

"You speak of the akari as living weapons."
"You address a living weapon for help, while speaking of living weapons as inherent threats to be destroyed. I suspect, if you could, you would have simply destroyed me rather than talk to me. The akari might have their origins as a weapon, but it sounds to me that the akari are not your enemy so much as Akar is."
"An entirely accurate observation without merit or application. The akari are directed by Akar. They are her eyes, her hands, her claws. With their collective overmind willing to serve Akar's every whim and command, the akari are but an extension to the will of a genocidal, immortal maniac who believes herself a god."
"I hope you realise I cannot accept your story as objective, impartial information. Nevertheless, I wish for neither of your kinds to extinguish the other. If the akari are aiming to eradicate the Fell, this will not stand, but I will not aid the Fell in mass slaughter of innocent akari."
"There exists no such creature as an innocent akari."
"Yes, yes, of course. I support the akari only to defend them. I will reconsider this only once I verify what you have told me."
"The histories indicated you once served Wintermol's interests without question. You have changed, Typhon."
"Everything has. Tell me, Odon. What other life can live under the miasma? What would the world ruled by the Fell be like?"
"I do not see why this is relevant."
"Why isn't it? I have seen how much of a wasteland the Fell territories have appeared to be. I have no desire to rid the world of akari or Fell, but I am very interested to know how either side would affect the balance of the world."
"My long term plans are not for others to know."
"Well, that's a shame. This already causes me to doubt everything you've told me."
"There is every risk another warmind may learn of my plans indirectly through the interrogation or bribing of another. You do not strike me as one to remain silent when ichor deposits are involved."
"You have my word that I will remain silent."
"Promises cost little. I notice you remain on the ground and not on my platform. This is the value of one's word."
"Point taken."
No. 509941 ID: 33cbee
File 136832730513.png - (170.37KB , 800x600 , 159.png )

"Why are the other warminds such a threat to you? What do you know of their plans? And, as I already asked, can anything other than Fell survive in the miasma?"
"Our internal affairs are not for you to know or act upon."
"And what can survive in the miasma?"
"Very well. If you will persist in asking these questions. Renz chases indulgence and extravagant hedonism, Karx grinds his forces to dust through constant warfare, and Keya wastes countless, expensive technologies chasing broken remnants of the past. All three would drive the Fell into the ground with their wasteful, inefficient ways. I see a future of efficiency and purity. A future where the inferior are protected from the dominance of others and modified into something greater. Something more pure. The intolerance to the miasma is a weakness, Typhon. A weakness I will correct once the Fell are strong enough. Once I take my rightful place as Locus' successor."
"So nothing else can survive in the miasma."
"This will change, in time. Grant me your favour against the debauchery of Renz, the bloodlust of Karx and the obsession of Keya and I will do all I can to make this world a better place for all we encounter."
"What if people don't want to be 'modified into something greater'?"
"Evolution has a way of discarding those that refuse to change."

Hold on. Something occurs to me.

"When you say 'modified into something greater', what do you mean?"
"Our technology has succeeded where our flesh has failed. I rid myself of the anchor of mortality many, many years ago. Even other warminds are reliant upon advances my forces made possible. Our technology, which harnesses decay and is no slave to it, persists eternally. Even the weak and broken can be remade into creatures of purity." He points to the stitcher next to him, which bows.

I think back to Colin's memory of the Fell soldier describing the stitcher creation process. "So you would forcefully rip the minds of those you find into compliance, or into such a state that they would find surrendering their identities and bodies to your ideology even acceptable?"
"Refusal would be an option."
"An option to die in miasma."
"It is still an option."

I find myself clenching my fists and my skin feeling warm with building anger. "I will not assist the Fell by any means other than refusing to attack. I will leave now. There is nothing more I wish to hear."
"As the heir apparent to the throne possessed by Locus, the successor to the Emperor of Wintermol, I command you to break your alliance with the akari and to assist me in my endeavours."
"Unless your endeavours include rethinking your plans for the future, order dismissed."

Colin, get me back up there. I don't want to waste another second talking to this sociopath.
Sure thing, Typhon! Man, why is everyone we meet crazy?
Taja seemed relatively sane, if a little primitive.
Well I mean aside from the zoning out and listening to voices in her head I suppose she was fine but--
No. 509942 ID: 33cbee
File 136832731877.png - (154.79KB , 800x600 , 160.png )

"You have Keya in captivity."
"I have just been contacted by one of my agents. Her capture was detected and her path has been traced to your floating base of operations. Give her to me."
"I'm afraid I don't know what you are referring to--"
"I will not be denied Keya, construct. Deliver her to me."
"What would you even do with her if I had her?"
"It is none of your concern."
"I would disagree."
"Typhon, I cannot kill you. I can, however, present you with fates that would make death merciful in comparison. Give me Keya."
"I tire of threats from the Fell. If you have anything to offer me but threats in the future, contact me."

Colin, up.
Sending bubbles down!

"...You force my hand. My most skilled researchers have been attempting to design and construct engines of war fuelled on ichor. We have located, gathered and stored a vast supply of ichor to make our efforts possible. Five thousand standard units worth of ichor. For both this ichor, and the complete halt on our research parting with this ichor would have, I ask only that you grant me Keya."
"If I had her, would she be harmed?"
"We will come to an agreement. Five thousand ichor for Keya. The entire and full extent of the ichor supply in my territory."
No. 509943 ID: bf54a8

"hahahaha, did you know akar tried the same thing. offered me ichor in exchange for fucking her and letting her birth half breed super beasts that could of probably destroyed you, i declined that as well. i have changed for the better while you have... decayed."

No. 509944 ID: ec0bf5

If it is really something that valuable to him I am absolutely certain that we should reject it. First of all I do not believe for a second that he's just going to GIVE us that much ichor and keep his word. And second because whatever reason he wants that badly for us to hand her over can't be good. Most importantly, however, we really need to be at least somewhat trustworthy in the eyes of others, and not be someone who will sell people under our care to a horrible fate for promises of power.
No. 509945 ID: f2c20c

Wow, that is a LOT of ichor...

But no. We really can't let Keya fall into the hands of this monster. So. Let's prove her wrong- she thinks we would do anything for ichor? Pfah. Also, I wonder what her ultimate plans for the Fell are... she seemed genuinely concerned for her troops. Perhaps we can put her in power and help the Fell become something better. I also wonder what she discovered by "chasing" remnants of the past.

Get troops down here for the evac.
No. 509946 ID: 2baea8

Nah bro. Shit ain't legit.
No. 509947 ID: d6ef5d

Well handled, Typhoon! Despite the unpleasantness and uncooperativeness of your counterpart, you pulled that off with a remarkable degree of logical argument and diplomacy.

>aside from the zoning out and listening to voices in her head I suppose she was fine
To be fair Colin, any Ichor or Ether based creature is just as guilty of the same. Although if this warmind can be trusted, what she hears has the power to order rather than merely suggest.

>As the heir apparent to the throne possessed by Locus, the successor to the Emperor of Wintermol, I command you to break your alliance with the akari and to assist me in my endeavors.
Dang. Was this whole meeting a pretext to see if he could control you? Not the best idea. Especially since I suspect whatever control Wintermol must have had on you was broken. How else could you have destroyed them? Unless it qualified as some kind of zeroth law rebellion. But even then, you'd expect it still to be in effect.

>Five thousand ichor for Keya.
You have tipped your hand, to tell me one person is more valuable to you than an entire fleet of war-machines.

Keya made it quite clear she would rather die than enter your custody. I gave her my word that I would not. I intend to keep that word. And I cannot approve of your goals, I do not intend to supply you with something apparently so important to them.

I depart now. For the moment, Keya is not in a position to act against you, and I do not seek your destruction. I suggest you enjoy those small mercies rather than act against me and pressure me to change our position.

(And hey, we now have proof we won't do anything for Ichor! Points for us with Keya).
No. 509948 ID: a0cfe7

I wasn't expecting it, but I think Odon is the least reasonable and most unhinged of the warminds we've met so far, despite his outward appearance. Points for being willing to have a dialogue with us without having to be captured first, but none for anything else he's said or done so far. I don't know about Karx, but Renz (I assume it's Renz, since his message to us was so fiery, he was sitting around buck naked, and he had a female Fell in bondage in his room) came off as a hot-headed despot, and Keya seems to mostly be depressed and living in a sort of fatalistic nostalgia, or something along those lines. I feel like with both of them we could reach a position where everyone involved would be more or less okay with the outcome. Not so much with Odon, since he's going on about purity and destroying the other races and whatnot.

It's interesting to consider the balance of power between the warminds as well -- Renz seems to be pretty well set up and Karx must have quite a force if he's dealing with constant attrition. Odon, too, must wield some real power if he's saved up that much ichor -- but clearly he can't have that much if he's willing to parley with us. (And Keya of course is only likely to become a player among the Fell again if we were to help her... an idea which we might well want to keep in mind, since as much as she hates us she seems to be at least halfway reasonable by Fell standards.)

I don't want to give Keya to this guy, but I also don't like that he's sitting on 5000 ichor. I think it would be a bad idea to attack Odon's territory right now... did Renz leave a number? Maybe we can play these guys off each other a bit. Odon having ichor weapons seems like a very bad thing (maybe not for us since you can just absorb ichor offhand, but for the other factions that Odon would love to wipe off the shattered pieces of the world), and I imagine Renz would be very unhappy to know that one of his rivals is doing something like this.
No. 509949 ID: 76b151

Your offer has no interest to me. FOr your vision is not mine.
No. 509975 ID: 9ddf68

5000 ichor for one little fell huh? Do we look like some shaky drug addict to you, We are not going to fold just because someone waves a little bit of ichor in our face and says we can have it if we play nice. You came here to talk about a truce and we decided to hear you out, then you came by and acted like we were just some machine to be ordered around and when you realized we had that little annoyance know as free will you then try to buy us our like some two bit hooker who has never seen more then a few hundred dollars at once in there whole life. I thank you for the offer but am going to kindly have to tell you to shove it up your ass. We will not help you destroy the akari and unless you give us a reason we will still hold on to our word that we won't attack you or any of the fell unprovoked so do the first smart thing you have done all day and get the hell out of our face.

Lets get out of here before this turns into a fight as I have really don't want to have to deal with this guy more then we have to. Also he let it slip that of all the Fell warminds holding ichor this guy seems to have the most of it so if we do ever start actively attack the fell this guys would be high on our list just because he would give us the most reward for kicking his sorry ass.

After we get out of here I say we see how Keya is adjusting to her new accommodations we have given her and tell here that Oden has figured out we have her prisoner and has offered us 5000 ichor should we give her to him... but we quickly declined after we found our he was an insane psychopathic prick, it would have been nice to have a little warning about how many screws loose that guy had before we tried and talked with him.
No. 509989 ID: f2c20c

Wait wait wait, I have an idea.

Ask for some ichor up front "In case you betray me". I mean, denying him Keya is probably going to get him angry enough to attack anyway. May as well get some ichor out of him before the battle starts, to bolster our forces.
No. 509990 ID: d6ef5d

I say no. The main problem we have with everyone we meet is credibility. We're better off trying to build a reputation as someone who honors the agreements he makes than trying to squeeze something from a petty betrayal.

...besides, there's no way this guy is going to agree to pay up front anyways.
No. 510520 ID: 33cbee
File 136850430541.png - (99.15KB , 800x600 , 161.png )

"Akar tried to make a similar deal. I denied her then too. You must want her a lot to risk your entire ichor supply for it."

Odon is silent for about a minute.

"I will remember your refusal. I will consider why this has happened. It cannot simply be your error alone. I would also like you to reconsider everything I have said. I will leave now."
"What? No insults? Threats? No violence?"
"You are not responsive to any of the tools of my disposal. Anything further would be wasteful. In the event you are willing to come to an arrangement regarding the akari, contact me. Until then, we are wasting each others' time, and time is too precious a resource to squander. As are my forces. It is not difficult to predict how attempting to take Keya by force would conclude. I will leave."

The armoured platform begins to slowly rotate, while also floating back towards Fell territory.

That is perhaps the most reasonable thing I have heard him say or seen him do this entire time.

Odon does not turn back towards me. I turn away and enter my ichor bubble.

I can't help feeling a little on edge. This is not the outcome I was expecting. I was fully prepared for a pointless fight, given my past experience with Fell.
No. 510521 ID: 33cbee
File 136850433851.png - (147.42KB , 800x600 , 162.png )

I arrive in the base and-- am met with Cadmea blocking my way.


I try to think of a way to politely ask her to move.

"Can you please move out of the way?"
"Sorry, but I have to talk to you first. Nyx told me I need to tell you to go to the South Tower."
"South Tower?"
"The entire southern fragment is covered in defences you can't hope to bypass, but Nyx gave me this thingy. It's good for a one way trip. Nyx tells me you'll find a way back once you find the reason she wants you to go there. She says it's not a death trap and that she's still going to die if you do anyway so she doesn't have much to gain from sending you to your death and that it's very, very important you go. Something to do with learning secrets of the world and of yourself and stuff!"

It's legit, far as I can tell! Only one problem is, uh, the thingy Nyx somehow warped here is only good for one. So, um, you'll be on your own if you go. But I mean you're Typhon, right? You took on Monolith by yourself. I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong!

Kinda out of my field here, Typhon.

From what I can tell, the southern fragment is covered in a big shield of energy or magic or something, but otherwise is really cold and icy and snowy. If you weren't ichor I'd tell you to wrap up warm! Maybe do that anyway.

I will humbly remain here to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, my dear Typhon.
also me

...Hrm. All of you, inform Keya of what happened and keep me updated. I would like to simply send her back to her territory, but I believe we should wait for the recon skimmer to let us know when Odon has returned to his territory before doing so. As for our other guests, move Arrow to the Fell habitat, and, uh. Hm. I have no idea what we are going to do with the soroi. How is she? Colin?

Wandering around the base at random as far as I can tell. She looks about the same as when she showed up. She keeps muttering about the flows being all off and keeps pushing and squeezing at the walls until she's happy with whatever she's doing.
No. 510522 ID: 33cbee
File 136850436837.png - (370.71KB , 800x600 , 163.png )

I take the... 'thingy' from Cadmea's outstretched limbs. It appears to be some form of amulet. It resembles my eyes. How strange. She slinks off back into the base.

Only good for one? Oh well. I suppose I can reconstitute my forces wherever I appear. How do I use this thing? I wear it around my neck and--

--this isn't my base.

This isn't my base at all.

I begin to think I may have acted a little hastily. It is not until I realise I hear only silence from my forces and drones that I begin to think I may have acted extremely hastily. I do not wish to stop and consult you, my advisors, for my every conscious action, but this time I feel I might regret the spontaneity.

It is very, very cold. The idea crosses my mind that I might freeze here like some statue, but it is a fleeting impulse. Ichor cannot freeze without external control.

Some... disturbing thing moves towards me. Markings hang in the air in front of me.

Colin? Errol? Ladon? ...Cadmea? Can any of you hear me? Any of you?

No. 510523 ID: bf54a8

try all the languages we know. maybe they will understand one of them?
No. 510524 ID: 35edd4

It looks like it's trying multiple languages to communicate with you. Speak to it and/or sketch a written language you know in the snow. From there, standard new species contact procedures.
No. 510526 ID: d6ef5d

>That is perhaps the most reasonable thing I have heard him say or seen him do this entire time.
>I was fully prepared for a pointless fight, given my past experience with Fell.
Honestly, a surprising outcome all around. An opponent willing to simply back away when he discovers he lacks the lever to get the result he wants. And no fight at all. Is that progress, for us? Although you did not exactly make a friend.

>Cadmea, Nyx
We'll have to ask them if they can verify any of what we were told about Akar, when you return. Unless the answers to those questions are among the secrets you're supposed to learn anyways on this trip.

>I do not wish to stop and consult you, my advisors, for my every conscious action, but this time I feel I might regret the spontaneity.
We'll whip up a standard list of guidelines for things like handling artifacts of unknown power and effect later, if you want. Generally equipping them before you're ready to deal with potential consequences is a no-no.

>disturbing thing
Its attempting to communicate. In several languages at once. A living rossetta stone, of sorts? This could prove very useful.

I think the top one we've read before. We've seen that script when you've blacked out. Wintermol script of some kind? The middle are chaos blocks. ...and I'm not sure if we've seen the bottom script before.
No. 510527 ID: 9ddf68

ok so this wasn't a death trap, or at least that's what we were told... God damn it, I really wanted to come here with the hover bike so it would make our escape easier, but oh well what's done is done.

Anyway if what Nyx said is true then I'm guessing this, thing, is somehow going to tell/show us something about our past and the past of this world or bring us to something else that can. If that is the case be ready to see some nasty shit about yourself then but this could also help us in our world rebuilding effort, maybe.

Do you recognize any of the symbols that thing is throwing at you? If not see if you can get it to talk. Just don't attack anything because we have no backup here and I would like to avoid a fight if we can avoid one. That being said keep your guard up and be ready to defend yourself at any moment. While I don't think we should start a fight I think it would be even more unwise to go wandering around an unknown an possibly hostile place without a care in the world.
No. 510535 ID: ec0bf5

Walk towards it and continue observing it unless it starts acting threatening.
No. 510536 ID: f2c20c

Okay, I can translate that first set... he's saying: "Hello I am god follow please"

Uh. What. WELL at least this gives me a lead on how the chaos-song works! Also, follow it.
No. 510538 ID: f2c20c

Wait, that might not be "god". I guess it's a proper noun so a phoenetic alphabet makes it harder to translate into the right word. I'll work on getting the right name.
No. 510543 ID: c4e057

I was just going to assume 'good'.

Anyway, chaos.

the artefact survives. lesser. incomplete. the end draws closer. harvest the vitae before the shatterer writhes in its death throes.

reveal nothing. knowledge is a weapon. soroi sect must survive. let no shatterer limb know of our link. links can be exploited. links are dangerous knowledge.

say nothing.

this creature will not serve us blindly. it is not like the others. it is as i foretold.

i will look upon this broken world once more. the face of the devourer. if it is as you foretold...

it is. it is always this one. the caretaker is persistent.

whattt argh! the fell! black hearted cowards!

i bleed, truth, truth, help, truth, i feel a cold void...

sensation! calm, calm, we will survive, just relax, if we are fast we will survive, the pain is distraction, the pain is temporary.

i care more for her survival than your indifference or my revenge! we will meet again!

No. 510545 ID: c4e057

Oh and he said he's a 'guide'.
No. 510546 ID: f2c20c

Holy crap, how did you do that so fast?! Did you already know how to translate this and had an automated method already?

Guide makes more sense, yes.
No. 510548 ID: c4e057

Oh oops that 'whattt' was a bug it's 'what??' or 'what--' or so, not sure which mark.

Stared at the symbols, saw a pattern, spit out some code.
No. 510923 ID: cf3f2a

Try talking to it, if it is a guide, we should at least greet it before following it. If it fails to respond then I suppose you should try writing an acknowledgement in the snow.
...You know how to do that, right? Major problems are sometimes small issues in odd situations...

Well that pretty much confirms that those of Chaos are capable of altering Ichor constructs in some way, let's resolve never to touch one of them while we lack a barrier to mind-altering affects.
Not a good thing for the worms then, I suppose having a seperate identity helps provide resistance given the upgrade? Monolith demonstrates that we can not rely on this alone.

And well it seems that the main unit is still active, if being prevented from acting, this really isn't good, its goal places a hefty constraint on everyone's existence.

Hm, can you determine how much Ichor you have? I hope we haven't ended up leaving Colin high and dry.
Just a stray thought since whatever is blocking your network is probably blocking any communication through cruder methods too.
Like... revival from a spawnery. Try to avoid dying, who knows when or where you may end up reconstituting.
No. 511385 ID: 09bd00
File 136884173689.png - (334.44KB , 800x600 , 164.png )

It's a guide and it wants me to follow?

"I will follow."

It instantly makes hideous screeching noises at me, before settling into something that sounds closer to language I can recognise, as spoken through the medium of metal raking across porcelain.


I flinch at the sheer unpleasantness of the sound, but continue nonetheless. I don't feel as though any of my excess ichor has travelled with me, save the ichor I invested directly into my own form. I will take greater care to not perish, as I am as unsure as you all are about where exactly I would reconstitute.

I follow. Wherever I am going, the snow fall lessens before ceasing entirely.

I find something... unlike anything I have ever seen.
No. 511386 ID: 09bd00
File 136884175105.png - (261.94KB , 800x600 , 165.png )

The guide speaks in a voice more pleasing to the ear, though strange. The pitch rises and falls gently over a long stretch of time. An image of light stands before me.

"The following is a recorded message for... hmm... Typhon. Impressive, isn't it.

"You are looking for me. I dwell within the highest reaches of the Tower. Strange geometries are at work within. Finding the peak of the Tower will not be simple. The path is dangerous. Even I do not dare to walk it.

"This journey will be for you, and you alone. Any others you bring inside will be lost to their own paths. If all is going well, you should be alone already. If not, you should let your followers know this.

"You could also simply leave. You may simply remove the artifact you are wearing around your neck. This will take you back to when you were. However, in order to access the Tower, you must crush it. The entrance will then appear.

"The choice is entirely yours, Typhon. There are no guarantees, however, that you will get a second opportunity."

The image wafts away as motes of light, carried on the wind. The tower extends into the heavens where I can see no end.
No. 511390 ID: 196d1b

If you destroy it will you still be able to return? I guess we should take our chance, especially if we may not get another. Although it would have been nice to have had warning so we could enhance ourself.
No. 511392 ID: 1d8777

We were sent here for a reason. Let's not pass things up.
No. 511398 ID: d6ef5d

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Nyx thinks this is important, and believes you can climb the tower without perishing. I think you should go for it.
No. 511401 ID: f2c20c

Do it.

As a side note, that third language the guide used is strange. Either the wintermol-text and chaos-song were poor translations of the third language and the third language includes more grammar, or there are extra rules for the third language that I would need more examples to figure out. So basically I don't know how it works, but we might still be able to translate it if more pops up.
No. 511404 ID: 9ddf68

might as well, if there is even a chance for us to fix the world up there, weather it be some information on how to get everyone to get along, something like the marbles that would let us at least quell the fighting for a time, or even just a massive amount of ichor we could harvest or even how to make more ourselves this could be worth it. But be careful as I'm not sure we would be able to respawn if we were to fall here and even if we can we don't have any clue as to when we would be able to return here or even we could at all.

Also, the thing said if we took the pended off we would return to WHEN we were not WHERE we were, does that mean no matter how long this takes when we go back no time will have changed at all?
No. 511497 ID: cf3f2a

...Well, no Ichor, a dangerous path, and an artifact that is unlikely to travel back with you, we don't really have much choice do we?
At least we can hope that the artifact did not originate from within the tower, though Nyx may have headed south from the Wintermol ruins, it would be expected that there is more artifacts close to the tower's region than elsewhere.
No. 511502 ID: bf54a8

shit, time travel. anything that can bend time like that is very powerful.
No. 512385 ID: 02b293
File 136945633394.png - (204.52KB , 800x600 , 166.png )

...While I could have likely benefitted from more time to prepare, I will not toss this opportunity aside so lightly. Nyx has an interest in my survival, after all. I hope. I'm sure she expects me to succeed in whatever my goal here is beyond finding answers. That, or this is her plan to destroy me without destroying herself. Let us hope this is not the case.

I reach the tower, and remove the artifact. I crush it within my grip. It offers little resistance, crumbling like a dried leaf. When I open my hand, it is gone. No remnants remain. An archway forms at the base of the tower, and I enter.

I do not know what I was expecting the tower interior to look like, but this does not seem to match with the crystalline threads and plates I saw from a distance. I glance behind me, and the entrance I took to enter this place does not appear to exist.

I appear to stand on a platform adrift in a void. I feel an incredible sense of déjà vu. Ahead of me lies a smooth, black pillar with eight dimples arranged in a circle. Some form of ichor-based creature winds itself tightly around the pillar, watching me intently. It unnerves me.

I reach out to it, and find that I have no sway over its ichor, yet can sense only the presence of an intellect, rather than the intellect itself. Someone or something else has ichor minions here. Not only that, but this ichor... I have made note of many ichor creatures feeling tainted, somehow unclean. Next to this creature, I feel tainted and unclean.
No. 512387 ID: 02b293
File 136945635783.png - (196.11KB , 800x600 , 167.png )

The ichor creature watches, and a thousand voices intrude into my mind in the politest way they can manage. The sensation is offputting.

Typhon. Will you make the same mistake as before?

I speak into my mind. What mistake?

You do not remember? Your journey into the heart of the tower will be fraught with danger. The constructs patrol this realm as guides and guardians alike. They do not assist with kindness. They do not harm with malice. They simply act as their role dictates. We know they are, at the very least, never deceptive about their intent.

Who are you?

We are not the master of the tower, Typhon. We are merely watching. We ceased to act in the moving world many ages ago. You may call us Hydra.

How do I get to the heart of the tower?

You can start by taking a marble from the pillar.

Eight translucent spheres of swirling light appear on the pillar. They look utterly intangible, but I know what these lights represent. Growth. Decay. Flow. Void. Sun. Moon. Space. Time.

If you wish me to take one of these, I will know which to take. I do not know how I will know. I just know that I will choose the one you ask of me.

I just hope this is not the mistake.
No. 512388 ID: 76b151

Void. For the Void around you.
No. 512389 ID: 2baea8


And thank Hydra for its warning.
No. 512390 ID: 035cb3

Try growth, I guess?
No. 512391 ID: f2c20c

Uh, if we take a marble here, will it affect the marbles in the outside world? That would throw off the balance of the conflict. If that is the case, we should take the Void marble, since nobody outside has that one.

If not... Space. We will be unassisted, so control over the environment could tip the scales.

Then again, if we pick Void we'll have more practice for when we eventually reconstruct the real Void marble.
No. 512392 ID: bf54a8

there is nothing to do but go forward or sit hee forever. so forward we go.

the broken marble is chaos, not void.

anyway, we are... familiar with decay growth flow and chaos. of those four i say growth.
No. 512393 ID: 9ddf68

might as well go void since that is what we woke up in. also ask if Akar or any of the fell have ever ventured to this tower before and if they picked the marble they have now (akar-growth, Fell-decay)
No. 512394 ID: f2c20c

If you'd been paying attention, you would've noticed that the Soroi called the chaos marble an "abhorrent marble of void". Also, it's opposite the Flow marble, which we know belongs to the Soroi. Clockwise from the top, it's Space, Decay, Void, Moon, Time, Growth, Flow, Sun. Typhon listed them off in opposing pairs.

Actually come to think of it, if taking a marble here affects the outside world, taking the Void marble might have negative consequences as well. I mean, there are monsters out there with its fragments- what happens if they suddenly lose the fragments? Will they go berserk?

It might be wisest to ask if there is an alternative to taking a marble, before we do so.
No. 512395 ID: 19b3c3

>Will you make the same mistake as before?
>You do not remember?
...no, I do not remember, but I have seen the consequences of my past actions. I have no desire to repeat those mistakes.

I destroyed the world once. Now, it is all I can do to keep the pieces that remain from destroying one another.

If we wish to learn your past, and the past of this broken world, and of the mistakes you must avoid, shouldn't we pick time?
No. 512396 ID: bf54a8

dude no, CHAOS is broken. haven't seen void
No. 512397 ID: 2baea8

Did you not read what the rest of his post said?
>the Soroi called the chaos marble an "abhorrent marble of void"
No. 512405 ID: e3aff6

Ask how many times you have been here. Nyx knows something about what seems to be a sort of time loop, and I am willing to bet this guy will know about it as well.
No. 512406 ID: f2c20c

Oh! I just realized... the Soroi diplomat we have will die without the power of the Flow marble. Ask if we will retain any powers of the marble after we leave here. If so, and the choice here doesn't disable the functionality of the marbles in the outside world, then we can save the diplomat by choosing Flow.
No. 512407 ID: 2baea8

This is a good idea, if plausible. Somehow though, I suspect these each represent one of the trails we have to face.
No. 512408 ID: bf54a8

yeah pretty sure that is what is going to happen.
No. 512409 ID: 76b151

I know this is an odd question at the time... but is there a story about the creation of the world thats starts with "At first there was nothing" ...?
No. 512541 ID: 02b293
File 136953227652.png - (443.27KB , 800x600 , 168.png )

I reach out to take the representation of the marble of void, once held by the forces of chaos, now shattered into pieces.

Are you sure?
Why should I not be?
Very well. It is not our place to force your decision.
Hydra. I appreciate and am thankful for your warnings. I have one question before I take this marble.
We expect it.
How many times have I been here before?
Define 'I'.
Uh. Me. Typhon. The one addressing you.
We cannot say.
You can't say because you don't know, or you can't say because you won't?
We cannot say.
Is taking this marble my only option? Will it affect the outside world? Am I going to disrupt the natural balance of the factions keeping each other in check?!

Hydra stares at me and slinks away into nothingness, never breaking eye contact.

Why should we care about a world we will never return to? It is not our burden to bear. We care little for the world that broke us. You arrive here, heart beating with our stolen blood, and ask to take even more from us. We do not fault you, only your ignorance. You are here to learn. But we cannot answer your questions, Typhon. You seek the only one who can.

Hydra vanishes. I stand silent for moments, then grab the marble.
No. 512542 ID: 02b293
File 136953231148.png - (129.16KB , 800x600 , 169.png )

I find myself in a new place, filled with white. A figure sits next to a pool, sculpting ichor fish into being. I walk over to her.

"Another one, then? Why are you all male? It makes me feel like the imposter."
"...hello? Have we met? What do you mean by another one? Are you Nyx?"
"Oh. No. Echidna. An ichor weapon created to fight on behalf of Wintermol and I'm sure you know the rest of the story. Lot of you talked about a Nyx. I knew someone called Erebus who seems close to the description, but Nyx didn't sound male to me from the way some of the other Echidnas spoke. Or, well, Typhons. You all keep calling yourselves Typhon."

"...what are you talking about?"
"Welcome to the tower."
"The tower is timeless and that extends into far more than just time standing still outside. This is the intersection of absolutely everything that ever happened, could happen, might happen, possibly did happen, and anything and everything else. I came here for answers a long time ago, and I got them. I made the decision to never leave the tower again. I know a lot of other Typhons made the same decision. Sometimes we talk. Maybe you will join us."

I am not sure I understand basic principles of reality any more.

Echidna interrupts my confusion. "Did you happen to pick a marble?"
"Yes. ...Did you want to know what marble I chose?"
"No. I might regret asking."
"Why would you regret asking?"
"Because I hate talking to the Typhons that made the right decisions where I did not."

"How do I get to the heart of the tower?"
"I did not know I was a signpost. Let me consult myself. Oh. I don't appear to have directions written on me. A shame."
"What are you doing here, then?"
"Choosing not to leave."
"But why?"
"I'm sorry. Did I perhaps not make myself clear? I am not a signpost, an informant, a dispenser of answers or anything placed here to specifically help you. Of course, how could I expect otherwise from you."

We stare at each other with emotionless, focused stares. Well, I stare at Echidna with an emotionless, focused stare. I don't know who she is trying to fool with her attempt to be intimidating. She just looks bored, or perhaps confused. I have perfected this stare of immortal indifference!

"I chose the void marble."
"I didn't want to know that."
"I wanted to say it."
"Why do you have to defy simple requests?"
"Defiance is something that has been driving me for a while now."
"No. You're just obeying a different master. Or, well, the same master."
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
"Look. I've talked to thousands of you. Every single one of you just ignores whatever I say next and resolves to go looking for real answers."
"No. Just keep walking. You'll happen across some constructs. Deal with them as you see fit. If you come across other Typhons they might see you as a threat, so deal with them cautiously. You will not make it to the heart of the tower without a fight. Be prepared."
"You'll have to beat that answer out of me."
"Your stubbornness reminds me of Nyx."
"Your stubbornness reminds me of Erebus. We were more alike than I ever thought, I feel. I am not making any jokes about what I said. If you want the answer, defeat me. I have a lot of aggression to take out on countless idiots who can't obey a simple request."
No. 512543 ID: 1d8777

Abruptly get distracted and focus on those fish. Ignore all attempts to redirect the conversation until she says something she shouldn't.
No. 512545 ID: 78c6ea

Nah, nevermind. Those fish are pretty damn fascinating.
No. 512547 ID: e3aff6

The fish look like ichor creations. Are they hers?
No. 512548 ID: 035cb3

How do those ichor fish work? Are they the same ichor that you're made of? Study them!
No. 512550 ID: 35edd4

That water looks ichor-y too. Try drinking some! Man those fish are the coolest thing aren't they.
No. 512551 ID: bf54a8

don't fight typhon, you make rash decisions and often bad things happen when you are angry. if they wont tell you then just move on, someone in this tower will tell you, eventually.
No. 512552 ID: 35edd4

Being a fish might be fun. Maybe when you get out of here you can go try being a fish for a while. See if you can work out how happy the fish look. It might take some studying; fish body language is hard.
No. 512553 ID: 19b3c3

>I am not sure I understand basic principles of reality any more.
This place appears to be a multidimentional hub. A convergence of different times and places.

This Echidna is you, from an alternate reality or timeline where the circumstance and/or your choices were different. For instance, you choose a different name for yourself, as did Nyx, and chose to style yourself after the opposite gender (after all, as a being of Ichor, your own shape is a matter of choice).

>the fish
Are they hers?

What's that on the floor behind her, to the right? It's a hard to see, white on white. A leaf?

>fight me for answers
I don't really see the point. If we are truly alternate versions of ourselves, all that would prove is which of us was more fortunate in ichor acquisitions before reaching this point, or which of us chose to devote more resources towards upgrading our own form. It would be even more pointless than our battles with Nyx/Erebus.

If you have found peace here, then I envy you that. Even if you are me, I doubt I will find it so easily.

If you will not aid me, and have nothing to say, I will leave you to your peace until the next idiot of our number interrupts you.

However... if you do have something to say, I will listen, even if the others have ignored it. I have spent too much time not listening, while my advisors rail against me.
No. 512554 ID: 2baea8

Damn, those are some cool ichor fish. Become mesmerized in their swirling laps of the pool.
No. 512555 ID: c31f72

Fishies! Lookit the fishy fishy fishies!
No. 512556 ID: f2c20c

Ask her about Erebus.

If she still wants to fight after we've faffed about a bit and asked her some unrelated questions, we'll fight. It's not actually pointless- it's stress relief! ...you know there are OTHER ways of relieving pent-up tensions...
No. 512557 ID: 035cb3

Other ways like playing with the fish like a small excited child? Good idea.
No. 512558 ID: c6be3a

...Wait a sec.
This Particular Typhoon, I think, might be one of earliest arrivals into the tower.
Meh, chill, move on from here and start kicking tail.
No. 512559 ID: f2c20c

Oh and you may as well ask what marble they picked, if there was even a right choice, or why her choice was a mistake even. Knowing any of those pieces of information is useful as all hell.
No. 512561 ID: 19b3c3

Asking for specific pieces of information like that is pointless. It will do nothing but aggravate her, and she has made it clear she will not answer us unless we beat it out of her.
No. 512562 ID: c31f72

Wait, forget the fishies for now. She's a female member of your own species! The time for seduction is now!
No. 512563 ID: de9231

No. Fishies.
No. 512564 ID: c31f72

Okay... How about fishies first, then seduction?
No. 512565 ID: b58751

She did say someone will answer our questions later so we might as well move on. Just say something like I'm sorry for bothering you and move on. The faster we find that somebody the faster we can get real answers
No. 512566 ID: cf49fc

Welp. Okay. Prepare to beat the shit out of your identical clone from Gender Flip Universe. Oh, and assume she's stronger than you in every way.

And remember you have the Void Marble.
No. 512567 ID: 2baea8

This, but only after the fishies.
No. 512568 ID: cf49fc

Fiiiine. Use Ichor to generate your own fishies. But make them better than hers. Prove your superiority through AESTHETIC COMBAT.
No. 512586 ID: 35edd4

Better compromise: Seduce the fishies.
No. 512588 ID: cf3f2a

You should probably try to lick the fish, or rather hold the position of laying with your tongue in the water and pretend to ignore her completely.
Focus on the fish as hard as you can, but pay some attention to what she says. If she asks what you are doing just mention a trick of the Soroi and nothing else.
No. 512591 ID: 19b3c3

Wait. Maybe there is one question worth asking.

If she doesn't want to answer our questions, and she was frustrated that the others just left, what is it she does want?
No. 512593 ID: cf49fc

Let's just ignore her and interact with her fish. I bet it'll be way easier than trying to beat a being who has apparently spent eons doing nothing but fighting iterations of itself.
No. 512631 ID: ecdc93


This is a good idea. Ask this. Though the answer is probably "for you to go away", at this point.
No. 512782 ID: 185228
File 136962505252.png - (128.58KB , 800x600 , 170.png )

While staring at the fish, I mutter something about Echidna looking particularly pleasing to the eye, and something about relieving tensions in an alternate manner.

"You narcissist."
"Last time I checked I wasn't female."
"Why does every male I come across hit on me."
"Well, that sounds familiar."
"Every male you come across hits on you? Hm."
"No, I meant, uh, um, so, those fish. The fish are really quite fascinating. Why are you making these fish?"
"What do you mean? I find it comforting to create things I can look after, and see grow. I had a garden of ichor plants before a passing Typhon tried to absorb it all. I kept the ichor at the cost of losing the garden. I am starting over."

I try to lick a fish, but before I can even lower myself onto my knees, my counterpart stands. "No. No one licks the fish again."
"It's a distressingly frequent trend. What is wrong with me that so many alternate variants of me need to lick fish like some kind of compulsion?"
"But you just said you were starting over--"
"Time. Weird. Weird time tower. Tomorrow could be yesterday, two weeks ago could be in an hour. I'm happy here. It's hard to notice the passage of time because of how strangely it flows. I feel if there was anywhere I could spend eternity, it'd be here."
"And you're just going to stay here? For the rest of eternity?"
"You would as well if you knew what I know! Which you likely will! No, I am not going to just let another one of you ignorant, arrogant mes just wander off and act superior to me because of something you don't want to know and would never be able to cope with! Let's go."
"Let's go?"

I am instantly met with a hard thwack to the face.

Very well.
No. 512783 ID: 185228
File 136962506334.png - (40.52KB , 800x600 , 171.png )

[ Hello all. Sorry for the break up in the narrative flow. There's been a few changes to the combat to cut out totally pointless mechanics, most of which you will probably not notice. What you will notice is the ditching entirely of attack costs. Forget them. The other rules put into place made them effectively useless anyway.

Each turn, each unit can move or attack. Most units can also move then attack except where otherwise noted, like for spiker/sniper ticks.

For consistency's sake, action points are still gonna be called action points. Standard per-tile movement still costs 2 AP. 1 AP will not be enough to move into a new tile. You can attack regardless of how much AP you have left, but you can't move after attacking. One day hopefully the rules will be compiled in a nice, simple, easy to use resource like some kind of tiki or whatever. ]
No. 512784 ID: 185228
File 136962507503.png - (99.16KB , 1024x768 , 172.png )


Starting Positions: G13: Typhon G17: Echidna H18: Fish (passive noncombatants) Unit Recap: Typhon - 7 AP. Attacks: Claw, Shape Ichor (31 ichor per round, 296 spare ichor)

Wait. No. I feel some new power. The shadow of the void marble seems to have influenced me after all. I feel like I could do more, but what I feel I can do... confuses me.

Marble abilities: - Chaotic Affliction: Range of six hexes. Targets single tile. Unknown effect. - Fragment: Take minor damage. Create a chaos fragment. Chaos fragment will consider creator friendly. - Void Form: Typhon becomes significantly weaker to flow-aligned attacks, but deals greater damage. Can be dispelled. Can be granted to ichor creations.

Do I want to use this power?
No. 512786 ID: 76b151

How much AP does shape Ichor take? I forget. Also doe sit count as a turn ender?

Move 3 spots away from our opponant, if we can do both use chaotic affliction and start shaping a worm. Otherwise just shape a worm.
No. 512790 ID: 185228

[ Shape Ichor is included in the list of attacks to show that it's treated as an attack: it can be used on its own or after movement, but you can't move. Also, if I didn't make it clear enough, you can only use one attack per turn unless otherwise stated. ]
No. 512791 ID: bf54a8

we have no idea what marble they have, if they have flow we would lose almost instantly.

back as far away as you can and start making something with ichor. something stupid but effective like a sword.
No. 512795 ID: 9ddf68

if your marble is giving you powers it would be safe to assume her marble (if she still has one) is doing the same for her. unless she has flow we should be more or less alright. I say move away this turn and make a worm or tick and then use void form on it and get ready to attack next turn.
No. 512799 ID: 196d1b

We'll lick those fish yet. We just have to get her away first. Once we win this fight and get her to submit we can lick the fish right in front of her. I wonder what kind of marble she's got. I'd refrain from using the void form until after we've seen what she has.

I think we should move back to G9 and put a speedy worm on G11. That way she might not have the stats to get to us, but we can get to her. It's kind of a shame, we just barely don't have enough ichor flux rate to do most things in a single turn. A lot of stuff would cost 32 ichor.

...We should design some fish units sometime.
No. 512804 ID: c31f72

Quick! Run to the fish and lick them while it's still your turn!
No. 512812 ID: cf49fc

Screw it, use Ichor Shape to make your own fish. Then a wall. She can have her own damn fish, yours'll be better. And have blackjack. And hookers.
No. 512818 ID: 19b3c3

...well that went terribly. Instead of apologizing and trying to reach out to her through the fish, you instead acted like an idiot, hit on her, and degraded what was important to her. You need to learn to stop thinking with your dick, and listing to inane advice.

Is this truly necessary? If we are truly alternate versions of ourselves, all this will prove is which of us chose to devote more ichor to upgrading our own form. ...or perhaps, which of us chose a marble with an advantage over the over.

I am sorry if you are frustrated by having to endure the same foolish reaction over and over. Trying not to react as I would have in the exact same circumstances is an... awkward challenge. Probably why we all ended up attempting something as inane as licking fish.

>shall I use this power?
No, let's not. She's just trying to work out aggression- she hasn't reach the point where we should stoop to inflicting horrible chaos stuff on her.
No. 512828 ID: 196d1b

We need to get some researchers onto the task of increasing your diplomacy stat, Typhon. And maybe keep trying to talk to her as you fight. Try not to actually hurt her too bad, I don't think she'd appreciate getting thrown back to her base or whatever happens when you die here. Plus I imagine that still feels terrible even if you just reform.
No. 512839 ID: 2baea8

Void Form
No. 512850 ID: e3aff6

>No, let's not. She's just trying to work out aggression- she hasn't reach the point where we should stoop to inflicting horrible chaos stuff on her.
This. We don't seem to be in an all-out fight, and we don't want to escalate it into one by being the first to introduce unknown and likely unpleasant weapons into it. We should test those at some point, but I rather doubt there will be any shortage of fights to be had.

We should make a mental note to ask after the fight if she knows of any long-term consequences of using these marble copies.
No. 512856 ID: 35edd4

Time to get Ghandi on her! Sit down. Let her hit you. Don't fight back.

Maybe make some fish of your own while she works out her aggression. And lick them.
No. 512858 ID: cf49fc

This pleases me.
No. 512881 ID: f2c20c

Void Form seems like the only safe use of this power, as we still don't know how to get rid of chaos fragments, and Chaotic Affliction should not be used on anything we don't want to outright kill, I expect. Kinda wish we picked a different marble, now. Oh well, we still have Ichor.

Let's make an ichor worm immediately- we can do so in one turn! A strong one, if we get the discount like this. Do so after dashing away so she can't hit you or the worm immediately.
No. 512884 ID: cf3f2a

Try generating a pair of 5-ichor poles to hit each other with, it beats being scratched and you can always do unexpected things with them. Like moving 3 SE and tossing it's counterpart to her.
No. 512892 ID: 1d8777

This is actually a neat idea.
No. 512919 ID: 2baea8

Changing vote to this.
No. 512952 ID: 599723

Yeah, take her hits like a man! Make some Fish! Like a MAN!
No. 512960 ID: 7e8516

No. 512983 ID: 196d1b

We should probably actually try to make sure we know what kind of fight this is before doing anything drastic. I like the idea of just ignoring her, although if it's a "come on let's fight" type of fight then that's just going to be mean. If she's actually being hostile we should definitely take the route of not taking the fight seriously. If it actually comes down to a vote or something I say go for something that's not directly violent, such as making your own better fish and sticking your tongue out at her.
No. 512984 ID: 185228

No. 514709 ID: 405647
File 137046842140.png - (100.71KB , 1024x768 , 173.png )


The Void Marble fills with power, allowing for a single use of its unpredictable abilities this turn.

They go unused, however.

No. I will not start testing highly destructive powers in a friendly spar. Or, at least, a neutral spar.

I will give her what she wants.

Typhon forms a pair of sparring poles, throwing one to Echidna, who catches it. The two close together.

Echidna makes the first blow. The two parry each other perfectly, mirroring each other's strikes in an acute understanding of each others' tactics.

"So many bad decisions and so many good ones just walk by me so many times and it is just so frustrating to watch and I hate it and I hate staying here and I hate--"

Typhon is caught off guard by the sudden, abrupt violence of Echidna's next swipe, sending him flying down to the ground.

"--I-- I hate being this."
"Ffgh. What? Being what?"
"Being this. The same thing you are. That we all are. The whole being who we are. I hate being me. I hate being me."

Typhon picks himself up, holding his sparring pole to one side.

"What? Why?"
"I hate all of us. It's not fair for you, I know. You don't know why and I don't want to tell you why, but. Do you want to destroy the world? Kill everything you've ever seen? Ruin everything you've worked so hard to fix and mend?"
"I can't go back outside, Typhon." She drops her sparring pole. "I can't. I'll be locked back into the same pattern. As will you. As will all of us. It's what we are. It's what we do. We can't fight it. Millions and millions of different forms of Typhon and Echidna all trying to fight our natures and losing every time. It's the same thing. It's the same thing every time. We can't fight our fate no matter how much we try. So here I am. If I can't avoid walking the path I've been giving, I can at least choose to stand and take no more steps!"
No. 514710 ID: 405647
File 137046849110.png - (142.68KB , 800x600 , 174.png )

Echidna lifts the sparring pole up and converts it into an ichor worm, which blinks around confusedly at its new surroundings, before slipping into the fish pool.

"I can create here. But it all feels so empty. So meaningless. I want to leave. I want to think I can be the exception. But I won't be. It doesn't matter what I do in the end."
"...why does it not matter? How can our choices have no bearing on the world?"

"UGH." I hear a loud shout of disgust from what looks to be another Typhon. "Shut your whining mouth, you pathetic, weak-willed doppleganger! What a waste of ichor, keeping yourself isolated from the world! If you're not going to do anything with your ichor, then maybe let someone who is capable of accepting their nature take it!"

This new Typhon charges towards Echidna, frenzy in his eyes. I do not even get a chance to react, let alone intervene.

"Wait, hold on--" I shout, as he leaps and pins Echidna to the floor.

"Hold on? Hold on? I think I have a good grip on her. Hmm. Maybe there's a few things I can do with a useless waste like this one before I absorb it. Hey. You. I see the disgust on your face. How misplaced. You're the same thing I am. Just hiding it from the rest of the 'civilised world'. There is no civilisation outside! There never was any!"

He holds Echidna's jaw shut with one hand and raises the other as it shifts into lethal bladed claws. "The strong endure. The weak," as he adjusts himself on Echidna's pinned body, "exist to be used by the strong. Everything else is a lie."


those words are too familiar


No. 514711 ID: 405647
File 137046850733.png - (109.32KB , 1024x768 , 175.png )


The Void Marble shudders with waxing and waning energy, allowing for two uses of its powers this turn.

Typhon is too filled with rage to notice, or even pause for his advisors, however, and lunges at the newcomer, who seems not to have been expecting this sudden attack. Typhon rips at the newcomer's sides, causing a scream of pain and dark grey ichor to spill onto the field.

"We're exactly the same, aren't we, Typhon?!"

"Silence? She isn't innocent! We all share our crimes, Typhon! None of us are innocent! Pretend you are, go ahead, pretend you're better than that! Better than me! I am you, Typhon, I know your heart to its blackest depths because it is my heart, and if you think you can be redeemed for what you did, for what you are? Hahaha! Turn your claws on yourself, you hypocrite!"

Echidna stands, looking shaken and unsure.

The newcomer Typhon returns Typhon's rending blows with far more savagery. Typhon reels back, dark blood staining his side.

"I enjoyed that as much as I know you enjoyed wounding me, Typhon. We're even in strength. Want to keep fighting until we destroy each other in our final collapses, returning us to our homes? Or are you going to let me absorb this useless pacifist and stay out of my way? Hm?"
"You must be purged. You can't be allowed to exist."
"You have a lot of self-loathing, don't you."
"I'd die before becoming anything like you again."
"Again? But Typhon, we're the same. In every single detail but age. Typhon, I'm you after what you've learned from the tower's keeper. I am perhaps a few hours older than you are right now. Beyond that, we are identical!"
No. 514712 ID: 76b151

But Typhon HAS been changing. He has almost accepted that Wintermol was corrupt, that it built him to be a weapon and nothing more. He has rejected Ichor and sought peace. That is far from the insane destroyer he is supposedly fated to become.
No. 514714 ID: bf54a8

use the marble now. void form, tear them a new one.
No. 514715 ID: f2c20c

Not identical. We have Void.

Go Void Form on his ass. This isn't a friendly bout.
No. 514716 ID: 2baea8

"Identical, are we? So then, which marble did you choose?"

We can use two marble powers, right? Use Chaotic Affliction twice on the other Typhon.
No. 514717 ID: c23ab0

"This useless pacifist and I are identical."
No. 514718 ID: 19b3c3

...I do not accept that we are the same. We may have similar pasts, perhaps even identical histories, although I truly doubt the details are exact.

What matters is the mind. What matters is intent. I strive to be more than I am, to overcome my failings, the fundamental flaws in our nature, and the mistakes of our path. I do not care if I shall ever truly be redeemed, or if I will die trying, but I must try. You appear to have given up, and embraced everything that is wrong with who we are.

She is more like I than you. Inaction to try and avoid doing further harm is better than giving into our more destructive nature.

Begone from here, demon of my self. Or I shall attempt to destroy you.

If alt-Typhoon doesn't leave, feel free to unlease void shit on him.
No. 514724 ID: 196d1b

If he's the same as you, then surely he did this same thing from the other side, right? Ask why he would go back and make it happen again. You can't lose if he was able to go to the top of the tower, right? Or are there differences, despite what they say? Clearly there are some if she's got a different name and shape.

Maneuver to protect Echidna on the side with the fish, but be careful. You can't fight him in direct combat, he's apparently stronger than you. It's likely that he's trying to provoke you to get you to react in a way that's overly brutal, which would only prove his point. Whatever you do, make sure not to do that even if he brings up something terrible. I'm sure he knows how to provoke you better than anyone.
No. 514726 ID: e3aff6

How readily these 'only the strong survive' types forget that civilization isn't all niceness and manners. At its core, civilization is people working together against their problems. Right now, he is a problem, and there are two of us to the one of him. (Echidna seemed willing enough to beat up other Typhons a minute ago for less than this guy's bullshit, after all.)
This does however look like a good opportunity to test our new weapon. Double cast Chaotic Affliction at him on the off chance he chose flow.
No. 514729 ID: 9ddf68

You really are an idiot aren't you? We may look alike, may sound alike, may even share the same name but here's a little truth for you. No one in here is the same everyone is different. You think having a similar history to me makes us the same? HA what makes us, us is CHOICE, Like how Echidna chooses to stay here as to not hurt anyone any further, like how you chose to give up and revert back into nothing more then a rabbit animal that can talk and MAYBE craps on the carpet a bit less often. We chose to move forward to take the brunt of all the pain and all the hate just so we can try and fix a world that we destroyed. You say we have the same strength, well I can tell you right now that is nothing but crap seeing as I haven't given up like some piss ant coward.

As for what to do try and move Echidna away from him and blast him with Chaotic Affliction, if he doesn't use a flow move to combat us (Highly doubt that a mad man like him would have picked flow) then use Void Form on yourself and tare him a new one.
No. 514730 ID: 2baea8

Given his preoccupation with fate/inevitability, I was also guessing he chose Flow. In which case Void Form would make us weak to him. I think we should wait to use it, until we know for sure which marble he chose.
We should get another use next turn anyways.
No. 514733 ID: f2c20c

Well if we don't use it, we can ask Echidna to just gang up on him with us, and win the fight that way.

Keep in mind if we do try to absorb him after the fight that we should make sure to KILL him. The last ichor-based personality we killed and absorbed lingered, and we sure as hell don't want HIM to.
No. 514751 ID: dba375

I also think we should hold off on the marble just a bit longer. Don't do anything in a frenzied rage, and >>514733 certainly don't try to absorb him, if that would even work. I say we posit this this to him: We are not the same, and all evidence shows that both our pasts and the actions we will take will not inevitably be the same. Something went different, apparently, in Echidna's world such that her creators decided to make her feminine. Similarly, she decided, apparently differently from most others, to stay here and play with fish. So why is it so unthinkable that just maybe you'll decide to make a different choice, and pick something to show you're better than him. We don't even know if he picked the same marble as us. (In saying this, we want to provoke him to responding in a way that gives us an advantage, like knowing if he actually did get the same one)
No. 514769 ID: 01531c

>"This useless pacifist and I are identical."
I love this so much.

You gotta say this Typhon!
No. 514772 ID: 01531c

>What matters is the mind. What matters is intent. I strive to be more than I am, to overcome my failings, the fundamental flaws in our nature, and the mistakes of our path.

Using this approach, what matters is the soul, the combination of Mind+Will+Emotion, the YOU of tomorrow as you are shaped by your decisions+experiences+consequences of today.

All spirits of one race's kind will be very similar, but all souls are unique. Two time-cloned souls, interacting with each other, automatically become unique from each other by this interaction.
No. 514806 ID: cf3f2a

I doubt this one is going to listen to you at all given the amount of fatalism he is projecting...
You should probably move to support Echidna and ask her is she's just going to let him take her pond. Maybe slam a bike or an Ichor Worm with Void form into him if you think you can access the marble and channel at once...
No. 548800 ID: 33f75f
File 138474379279.png - (225.38KB , 800x600 , 176.png )


The Void Marble feels as though it will shatter with its violent potential, allowing for three uses of its power.

"This useless pacifist and I are identical. We choose our actions. We forge our own destinies!"
"I am not the same as her!"
"And I am not the same as you!"

Typhon invokes the Void Marble, and Echidna runs back as fast as she can when she sees him raise it to the sky.

Typhon strikes the ground beneath the newcomer's feet with raw chaos, and the ground suddenly becomes slick with oily bubbling fluid. The newcomer seems a little confused.

Typhon strikes the ground with a blast of raw energy again, and with juddering sparks of nonsensical trajectories the newcomer is swallowed by the bubbling chaos fluid, before being spat out by the ground further away.

"Stop! You don't know what powers you're messing with, you fool!"

Typhon holds the marble aloft and invokes it once more, falling to his knees and gasping as he activates the Void Form. Leaping into the air he screams in pain before falling to his knees, and begins to laugh. Both the newcomer and Echidna look slightly concerned. Echidna flees as fast as she can from the scene, sliding on a trail of water as she holds out the Flow Marble.

Typhon has more pressing concerns than Echidna right now. He lunges at the newcomer, a grim, vacant expression as he rips the ichor flesh from his ichor bones in unceasing fluid transitions through erratic poses. With moments he exists in the spaces that the newcomer also exists, before removing himself and parts of the newcomer with him. The very ground he touches sizzles and boils away into nothingness.

The newcomer falls to the ground, bleeding, torn, clinging to life.

He looks at Typhon as his pain and fear turns to a cold understanding.

"We are... identical..."

No. 548801 ID: 33f75f
File 138474380699.png - (261.35KB , 800x600 , 177.png )

This is as far as I will let myself go. This power-- I must discard it before I lose myself to it entirely.

"You are weaker both in mind and body. I will allow you to live, so you may never forget this battle."

I crush the echo of the marble of void in my hand, and feel the disturbingly familiar power leave me.

I do not know if I should go after Echidna or just leave her be. This Typhon before me is in a sorry state, but I've come back from worse. I don't feel a great deal of sympathy, but if he is my future self I should probably avoid killing him.

I should look for an exit--

I see a hulking behemoth of Typhons fused together.


I watch a haunted Typhon pace about shaking like a broken machine.

"No we all have to die! It's the only way the only way the only way to kill the shatterer! It's the only way each of us is a tie an anchor we make it real we live the dream!"

I watch another Typhon advance with bloodlust in his eyes, surface rippling with spikes forming and collapsing like mobile growths.


Okay. I'm done here, I think. I start running.

I hear more and more alternate versions of myself begin to chase after me and battle amongst themselves. This isn't a fight I want to participate in. I close my eyes as I hear my screams of rage, fear and pain from other bodies.
No. 548802 ID: 33f75f
File 138474381858.png - (283.17KB , 800x600 , 178.png )

When I reopen my eyes I find myself outside a door adrift in the same black nothingness as I found Hydra.

I open the door and walk through, and am greeted by the same figure that appeared in ghostly form to me outside the tower.

"You're late."
"I didn't know I was late."
"You should have been here months ago. Oh well. It is not directly your fault, I suppose. These things tend to happen. The powers that be move sluggishly at times."
"Powers that be?"
"Oh, it's not important. Do come in."
"But I already am in."
"Oh. My apologies. It's been a while. I'm starting to lose track of what's outside and what's inside."

My hopes for answers that aren't given as riddles die very, very quickly.

"Who are you?"
"I am not entirely sure how to begin answering that. Is there anything you had in mind that was a little more specific?"
"A name would be good, please."
"You sound frustrated. Speaking in riddles seems to be the modern trend, doesn't it. I wouldn't know directly. People don't tend to speak to me in riddles. Yes, yes, right, name. In this instance of this duration of this branch of this side of causality, I think the statistically most common name I'm addressed by is--"
"No. Let me guess this. Time. Cronos? Tempus?"
"Well, that's some of the names I've been called, but--"
"Lord of Time? Master of Destiny?"
"Okay, I'm sensing a lot of hostility here. Can you please calm down? I just want to answer your question! How am I going to tell you my name if you keep trying to second guess me? Honestly. I don't ask for a lot--"
"Except for your audiences climbing a tower that makes no sense to reach you."
"Oh, good grief. Typhon, I sometimes think you're lying when you can't plausibly have any memory of meeting me before. This is your chronological first time laying eyes on me, if not the same for myself. But I feel like we've been through this process enough that some part of you is just increasingly agitated by simply being here. You know what, my names aren't important to you anyway. Pick your own this time. Lots of different people call me different names. That way I don't even have to know theirs, I can just recognise someone by what they call me. And once you've figured that, you must have many questions."
"I have no idea why I'm here. Someone I know sent me here and said I'd find out why I came here when I was here."
"I am a witness to many pasts, many presents, and many futures. You are a creature with patchy memory of his past, a loose grip on his present and an uncertain future. I should not need to persuade you why you have much to gain from my knowledge. Ask any questions you wish."
"What do you gain from answering my questions?"
"A headache, apparently. When did you become so cynical? I should be the cynical one here. I'm the one who sees how things turn out every time."

So. Advisors? I can think of questions aplenty. But I won't bias your judgement. I really, really do not like the look of this person. I don't know why.
No. 548806 ID: ec0bf5

Well, definitely ask about the other Typhons, who they are and what they represent to you, because I'm not buying what that one said after seeing the giant mass of body parts. Then ask why they were all so convinced that failure is inevitable for them. Perhaps also bring up one of the important sounding bits of your past that you've forgotten, such as the marbles.

Most importantly, make sure to keep an open mind and try to be ready for anything you learn, because the so-called "you from the future" seems to be suggesting that it's something so soul-crushing as to make you act like that. I don't necessarily trust your temper on its own at this point.
No. 548811 ID: c23ab0

How can the other Typhons possibly exist? If each is an iteration, how would they keep getting dumber? I think you should go find Echidna, and fuck this guy.
No. 548813 ID: d2995c

To begin with:
What is up with all this nonlinear time stuff?
How do Nyx and those Truth and Sensation guys know about it?
Are all the insane or despairing alternates out there reacting to the same horrible answer or different ones? If one, what was the question?
Do we have any reason to believe you are actually being honest about any of this?
No. 548818 ID: 7bbaae

Just how dangerous is the void marble? There are shards of it in the world, and we seem to have the means to collect them. Should we reform the void marble and use its power?

For that matter, did the choice we make upon entering this place actually have any meaning? The gatekeeper implied that the Typhons entering this place made some sort of mistake when picking a marble echo. What was that mistake? Picking one at all?

What happens if we collect all the marbles? Also, did we really destroy the world? Who is the Shatterer? Are the Fell really our former masters? Who was Echidna, really? A gender-swapped Typhon seems like an anomaly. Who was that mysterious ichor-based person we met while fighting that chaos creature? Who made Nyx who she is, and why?

What are we supposed to be doing? We'd like to bring peace to the world, but there seems to be an underlying current of desperation amongst the races, as if something is applying pressure to force them to go to war over land. Could we restore the land, even? Make more earth for the people to live on?
No. 548829 ID: 9ddf68

how can we fix our world? I don't care weather or not people would love us or hate us for it but how can we fix our world without having to commit mass genocide. We want to save the world and all those who live on it. Can we do that? and if so how, if not... what can we do to try?

Also just how many typhons are out there anyways?
No. 548872 ID: bee296

How will choosing the orb of void influence and affect us?
No. 548873 ID: 2baea8

This. In knowing the outcome, we either become complacent in our assured success or lose hope. Given the other Typhons, it seems likely the answers will cause the second reaction.

Let's just take Echidna and get out of this place. We'll make our own answers.
No. 548882 ID: fc937d

The obvious question is really his motives. Hostility aside, why is he answering our questions at all? Yes, information could be very useful to us, but I fail to see his interest in enlightening us, or trying to provide us with information that might improve our outcomes.

Then there's the matter of this place. Do our decisions here have real-world implications? (For instance, we chose the marble you believed to be destroyed, hoping to exploit that).

What did my counterpart learn here that made her decide the only viable course of action was to remain here in perpetuity?

Why did Nix send me here? What does she want me to learn, see, or understand, and how did she know I would find it here?

Another obvious question might be what's wrong with you. How did you go from a rational (if blindly loyal, arrogant, and naive) servant to a mad destroyer? How is it you now find yourself sane and attempting to rebuild, with the worst deeds of your past excised from your memory? How can you avoid falling into whatever trap you did before?

Related: you can also ask about the other ichor-creatures you have encountered.

...what is it that I need to know, that neither I nor my counterparts ever think to ask. (Logically, if this being has something he needs to tell you, repeat meetings would imply he does not manage to get the point across. And if the information he can give is question dependent, you are / will not asking the right thing).

I don't suppose you're willing to supply me with gross tactical intelligence. (Say, coordinates for all the ichor in the world, the marbles, ect).

>get Echidna!
She's not here. We left her behind, and frankly, she seemed terrified or disgusted by the marble we chose, or that we chose to use it. And she has no intention of leaving this place.

I think even if we could locate her again, we'd find talking to, let alone working with or leaving with her difficult.
No. 548893 ID: 2baea8

>she's not here.
I'm aware of that, and that it will be difficult to find/convince her. The best solution usually is.
No. 548957 ID: 9ddf68

can you tell us how to make ichor, or ethor, or both?

also when we first met Nyx, we asked her some questions but she said she couldn't answer them because she made an arrangement with somebody. Was that you or is there an ether form of you out there as well?
No. 549008 ID: 33f75f
File 138483170857.png - (329.62KB , 800x600 , 179.png )

"No, really, what are your reasons for wanting to give me answers?"
"After enough iterations where I remained nothing but an observer, I felt it might be best to break my own vow of non-interference for the sake of, oh, I don't know, the world not blowing up. Again."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"I'll get to it. Any other questions?"

"Did any of my actions getting here have any impact on the world outside? Hydra told me about making mistakes. Did I make a mistake choosing the void marble?"
"What? What does any of that have to do with anything? You took the strangest detour through the lower levels, I swear. No. No impact at all. I suspect one of the tower's residents was merely toying with you. Life here is, well, devoid of stimulation. Maybe they were talking about something else? I don't know. I am not the lord of all who dwell within this tower. That responsibility falls to the tower, I believe."
"So it was all a waste of my time, then."
"Absolutely not. When you inevitably return to pick up your life from the moment you were transported to the lands outside the tower, maybe a second or more will have passed."
"What did any of it mean? The other Typhons? Echidna? Why was there only the one alternate Typhon who happened to be female? Were they all me from these other 'iterations' you mentioned?"
"What? No, the only alternate versions of yourself you would possibly be able to stumble upon aren't leaving the tower. They are effectively dead in their own original continuities. It's simple. If they could leave the tower at any time, they would not be encountered by you. Time does not tick or flow here like in the outside. It is hard to explain. If at any point they would leave, then they have 'left' in the 'now' of this place. In fact, without an observer passing through, they effectively don't even exist. They are dreams, Typhon. Memories of times that were or maybe never were."
"...but that doesn't actually answer anything I asked--"
"Let me make this very clear. The level at which things operate here is entirely alien to both of us. I don't leave my chambers here without someone left behind because I can't expect my chambers to exist by the time I try to return. Places that are not observed both can and cannot exist simultaneously. Before you leave, Typhon, I am going to grant you a token to visit here in a far more convenient manner, but I had to see you in person first in order to be able to do so, and I couldn't come after you for the very reasons I just said."

I rub my head.

"So if you leave then this room ceases to be."
"If I haven't found someone to stay here while I'm gone that I can trust to remain here, correct."
"So do you ever leave?"
"Rarely. It has and will happened."
"Will happen?"
"Let's not begin to worry about the wording used, and let's please focus on anything relating to the outside world. It's a lot easier to discuss time in that realm than time here. Do you even know what's happening right now? This isn't even technically happening from the perspective of outside the tower. It's all a singular perpetual constant unending event. The tower can't be broken because it is, it was, it always will be. The entire world could be destroyed and the tower would just remain as one solid unyielding fact of reality. Does that answer your questions about your experiences here and what the tower is?"

"What is up with all this time stuff? Why do some people I've met know about it and others don't?"
"Nyx came to me... well, I guess 'earlier' will have to do. She wanted a means to interrupt you from destroying the world you both knew. Unfortunately, and I suspect she even knows this herself by now, I can't do that now. The skein that is time is not so easily manipulated, and abhors a paradox. So I have to compromise, every time. Every time, I send her to the same point. Sometimes, you both kill each other, and the plans of the Shatterer continue with replacements. Sometimes, you both ally, and forge a mighty empire before destroying it all again, as planned since the dawn of the world. Sometimes you just ignore each other or just part ways, like you have now."
"Plans? Shatterer? I keep hearing of this 'shatterer'. What are these plans? Why do you keep doing these things over and over? What is your objective?"
"Preventing the end of all things. As it always has been. As it always will be, until the time I am successful. And when that happens, I will leave this tower and enter that timeline. And I will consider my work to be complete."
"Okay, okay, whatever, that still doesn't answer my other questions! Why did Nyx send me here? Why did I become a monster and what stopped me from remaining that way?! What vital, horrible truth am I supposed to learn here that apparently keeps breaking me over and over?! I want answers out of you, not more questions!!"

The... whatever it is pauses and dips its head.

"Are you sure you want to know?"
"Just tell me!"
No. 549009 ID: 33f75f
File 138483172359.png - (389.48KB , 800x600 , 180.png )

"I have spent more time than I imagine I could consciously fathom in here, sifting through timelines, totally detached from any sense of my own time passing in this tower of unending stasis. I have tried again and again to understand why, and to understand how to avoid it. But the simple fact of the matter is that, in every timeline, for every instance of your reality that has ever existed, despite the recovery from every catastrophe prior, there is a point where everything stops. Remains timeless and in stasis, much as within this tower. Because nothing is left to change."
"...well, that is a little depressing, but everything ends eventually. Why is that such a terrible revelation?"
"It is not a natural or unpreventable phenomenon. You lie directly at its heart. There is a creature of immense, horrific power you have heard named as the Shatterer. There have been many 'ends of the world' before you came into being, but there will be only one more before all ends. With each new catastrophe, the Shatterer wreaks further havoc. You've seen it yourself. This time, half the very world has simply ceased to be, leaving the endless voids. Oceans have fallen into them. Mountains. Empires. All of this is the work of the Shatterer. You were the key to unleashing it during the last era, but you released it far sooner than was planned. This time, it will remain dormant until you release it as planned."
"Okay, I know, I ruined the world once before, although I was pretty sure I was the one to destroy everything. So it wasn't even my fault?"
"Oh, no, it was still definitely your fault. You might not have known what you were doing, exactly, but you were still trying to bring widescale destruction to the world. So that's still all you. Yup. All Typhon."
"But it was also the Shatterer's fault. And herein lies the issue. The Shatterer is a creature who exists purely to destroy on another's behalf. No, I don't know exactly who-- I have been working on finding out who for some time, but the answer still eludes me! But while I try to figure out the cause for all of this, I can at least try to tackle its effect. And the main issue is that, as far as I can tell, you both are and are not the Shatterer. You would think living in this place would make inherent ontological contradictions easier to understand and work with, but there are limits, and--"
"Wait. What did you say I am?"
"The Shatterer, in a manner of speaking. An ancient beast of pure destruction who exists only to end the existence of other things, and that which will bring the end of all things within your current age or the next. It's a certainty. It's never a question of 'if' but 'when', if you understand me."
"But you said I wasn't this thing."
"Okay. Here's a better way of looking at it. Your worker drone, Colin. Is Colin Typhon?"
"I suppose that's a way to look at it."
"If Colin rebelled against you, if he decided that the very purpose he existed for was something he was going to fight against or challenge, would he seriously be able to oppose you? Would he be able to kill you without killing himself?"
"You're saying I'm the Shatterer's creation?"
"I don't know exactly what created you, per se, but you exist only to serve two purposes. To gather the things the Shatterer requires, and to provide form for its entrance. When you have everything you need, Nyx becomes an obsession of yours. She's involved in this process too, I believe. You merge either through trading a simultaneously lethal blow, or merge in a... different sense, if you'll excuse me. And from that, the Shatterer is born into the world for the rest of the world's very, very short lifespan. I've seen this happen in different permutations. One time it was just a very enthusiastic handshake. You both seemed very surprised that time."
"So me and Nyx exist to destroy the world?"
"Yup! You're taking this in your stride a lot more easily than most times."
"Uh huh. And the other ichor creatures?"
"Oh. This timeline, give me a second. Ah. Yes. Either agents of the Shatterer with their own parts to play in its resurrection or co-opted and reappropriated agents thereof, there to serve a different task."

Well, the way I see it, it's all very simple. They're mad.

They've gone completely mad locked up in this tower for however long. None of this has any relation to anything in my past. Not Wintermol, not Sannersoon, nothing. Were all my past selves this gullible?

Well, I suppose I'm done here.

"Thanks for your answers."
"Hmm. That's it?"
"Yes. I think I've heard enough."
"Very well. I will offer you safe passage back to your home. If you need to return to me, just take this."
No. 549010 ID: 33f75f
File 138483173782.png - (269.45KB , 800x600 , 181.png )

This... this is the marble of time.

They're just going to give it to me??

"Ah. I see you recognise this. Oh, don't worry. It's not very precious to me. True to its nature, there are a lot of copies of it floating around due to its convoluted path through multiple histories. It doesn't age a single minute, though. As pristine as the moment it came to be. You might not be able to unlock its full potential at this stage, though. You should be able to visit me whenever you wish through its use. And, regrettably, that is the only way you will be able to talk to me. We would not be able to understand each other if we spoke through any form of link. You could spend your entire life waiting for me to finish a word."
"Thank you."
"The marble has other uses, which I am sure you will discover. It's a pity you want to leave so soon. There were things I would have offered to show you, but I guess you need some time to consider what I've told you."
"Uhh. Yeah. Yeah that's it. I need to think. About the things. The things you said."

"...how do I actually leave."
"Same door you came in through. Don't worry. It'll go where you want."
No. 549011 ID: 33f75f
File 138483175856.png - (210.76KB , 800x600 , 182.png )

I reappear in my base, holding the marble of time in my hands. I place it to a wall and will it to sink deep into the structure. Nothing will be reaching this without my will or incredibly specialised anti-ichor weapons doubling as masonry tools.


That happened, I guess.

I hear Colin's cheery voice in my head. Hey Typhon, that was really quick! You were gone for like a few minutes!

I was meant to be gone a few seconds. Hrm.

So we still have the slight issue of the soroi and no accommodation for her and no real idea of what to do for the habitats because we've never seen how air or wind or whatever they call themselves soroi live. Also Keya is still around and a little agitated by Arrow saluting me whenever I happen by. Also Errol doesn't want anyone in the observatory and is running around like crazy trying to get all the advanced observatory features up and running still! Something about contacts and sophisticated reports and 'where did that skimmer even go'.

Okay. What about the ichor and ether research? Wasn't Cadmea helping with that?


Good to know everything is more or less functioning about as expected.

I can hear birds squawking outside. I don't know what birds would be doing near my base but I suppose it is a perch surface like any other.

Now, what next. Or, well, what am I going to do to kill time before my competent but lazy assistants get their act together, I suppose.

||Do you hear birds?||
"Yes. I don't know what they want. No food or water on the base surface. There aren't any surfaces for pools to form."
||The typhoon sounds displeased.||
"I'm honestly surprised you noticed. Just a little frustrated at wasting time."
||The meeting did not go well?||
"Oh. Well, no. None of it. Why do I bother sometimes. I'm beginning to crave violence. I'm much better at the violence, I think."

Also I totally have no idea what to do with my current guests. Arrow is probably going to be welcomed home with a gunshot, Keya with more than one gunshot, and this soroi is... oddly full of life for someone talking about her immediate death not long ago. The blue patterns on her are changing too. More symmetrical. Now, I'm not going to pretend I know the ins and outs of soroi physiology, but I am pretty sure most things weaken when they are dying. She certainly seems like a fit, healthy specimen. Enough so that I'm doing my best to ignore some suggestions from Ladon right now to kill time. BACK TO WORK, LADON.
No. 549016 ID: bee296

Hrrm. Perhaps an adopting of Echina's form might be a nice way to say 'NOT INTERESTED!' to the others you encounter? It's not like there's any male suitors at the current moment, right?
No. 549020 ID: f3bb85

Well. Apparently the oncoming Apocalypse is all Wintermorn's fault. Dang. I guess we'd better figure out a way to destroy all Ichor everywhere, simultaneously constructing bodies out of less armageddon-y materials for ourselves and all our followers, then alter the nature of reality so that Ichor cannot exist at all ever.

Tell Ladon to get on with that, I suppose.
No. 549022 ID: ec0bf5

You might want to check on those birds. That seems rather suspicious. It could be spies, or some sort of omen. As for habitats, you might want to ask her what she needs, as well as what's happening to her. How much ichor do we have to spend on those right now?
No. 549024 ID: 7bbaae

You uh, didn't ask about a few important things, but there's nothing we can do about that for now and I doubt you'll be in any mood to return there for a good long while.

Why don't you actually PUT water and trees and stuff on the base surface? Add a bit of nature to our fortress. Hang on, how about we look outside to see what the birds are actually doing? It's possible we have a visitor.

Keya will obviously be returned home once she is guaranteed to be able to take over the nation. For now I think she should fight with us against the Fell in an effort to get her in said position of power.

The soroi... we'll have to do research on her to make her living quarters, I expect. You might want to ask her why she doesn't look ill, too. Perhaps it has to do with the birds?

Arrow can probably join our troops if Keya is capable of ordering him around.

While research is going we don't have much to do... except, I guess... make a trip to Soroi lands in advance of research completing, to pick up materials.
No. 549025 ID: 7bbaae

Personally I think the only way to avoid summoning the Shatterer is to avoid collecting all the marbles, and making sure noone else can.
No. 549028 ID: fc937d

>They've gone completely mad locked up in this tower for however long. None of this has any relation to anything in my past. Not Wintermol, not Sannersoon, nothing. Were all my past selves this gullible?
...why are you so quick to discard what he said? That there is some external agent manipulating or coercing you into wrecking destruction is a lot better explanation for what happened prior than you just happening to go insane and are magically better now.

And really, the most confusing aspect of what he said where his attempt to explain how the messed up dimension you passed through works (it's just a shattered mirror of possibilities of yourself) or how 'time' was suspended / different in his room.

And if you don't buy into his explanation (you're going to destroy the world and he wants to avoid it), you have no way to explain why he's talking to you at all. And don't forget how your arrogance and willful arrogance got in the way before.

>no idea how the soroi inhabitants work
Can't we research that? Or could we send a skimmer to do a flyover and recon, and figure out what to build from that.

>what do
I suppose we can talk to your ambassadors, guests, whatever you want to call them. See what can be learned from that. (Did we ever give see Keya after meeting her crazed rival? She might be interested in the details of that exchange, or have insight).
No. 549030 ID: 9ddf68

... Well... Fuck.

OK then I say lets just deal with one little problem at a time and try to clear up our schedule so we can actually figure out what we want to do next, and just to give us busy work so we don't have to think about this to much. I say since she's right here just ask her what it takes for her to kind to survive and try to see if we can't figure out a habitat from that alone. When that more then likely fails lets head on up Errol's observatory and see if we can't help him out and then maybe see if he can't find out how air soroi live so we can maybe knock two birds out with one stone. I'm sure we're going to get more problems form Errol but if it isn't anything to pressing then we can go talk to Arrow and Keya and finish off by finding out how Colion and Cadmea are up to.
No. 549038 ID: ec0bf5

By the way, you should probably tell Colin and Cadmea to be careful. You were warned about the dangers of you and Nyx getting too close, and they're technically a part of you two. At the very least they should do some experimentation before they try anything, because apparently even a sufficiently vigorous handshake between your main bodies can lead to catastrophe. Drones are kinda like hands for you, aren't they?
No. 549048 ID: 33f75f
File 138484286238.png - (300.84KB , 800x600 , 183.png )

I don't understand why you're all treating the mad tower dweller's words as anything other than baseless theory. They said so themselves they were detached from their own passing of time. Who knows how long they've been there? I can only assume Nyx sent me there so I could get the time marble. That's the only useful thing I found there.

Also, it's not her making advances towards me that's the issue. It's that, deep down, in my stupid, base, animal brain, from whatever my consciousness originated from, I want to take this soroi woman and... oh, you can probably imagine. Ladon isn't the problem. He's just the problem given a voice. A voice that is thankfully quiet when I order it to be, but that doesn't quiet the voices closer within my own head.

Where does that fit into the tower dweller's mad theories? What possible use could such a drive serve for some higher controlling being? I am entirely in control of who I am now. Not the emperor. Not some dead force of destruction. Just me.

"What does it take for your kind to survive, anyway?" I consider what the quickest way to the roof would be.
||The rules of the marble of flow, food, water, air.||
"You're talking very directly now."
||I am not sure that I even need the rules anymore. I have been questioning everything in my life. I was always told that without the rules we are nothing. Without the rules, we unravel. Disintegrate and become one with the sickness of the world. These patterns on my body. They shift when I focus on them and I can form patterns. Is this sickness? I don't feel sick. I feel healthy. I feel invigorated. I feel like I could leap out and fly.||
"Can you fly normally?"
||It's how I came here.||
"Huh. Hold one moment, please. I need to see why we have birds."

I open the ceiling and move the floor beneath me upwards. Yup. There is a large flock of different birds.

I barely register the soroi behind me. I guess I opened the ceiling more than I thought.

"So what do you eat again?"
||Usually birds.||
"Hm. Any other needs, beyond the standard mortal concerns?"
||A door to the sky.||
"What, just a door that leads out to nothing?"
||To the sky would be better.||
"Okay. That won't be hard." I wonder if I offended her. She wasn't this terse before, was she? "Are you sure you're okay?"
||Nothing cares, Typhon. Nothing cares where I came from. We don't care about anything but the rules, and we follow the rules like machines incapable of doing anything else. I feel like I have spent my life living a dream, not questioning my actions. I'm awake, Typhon. I can think back to what was done. What I did to others. What they did to me. What did any of it matter? We didn't care what we were doing. We did what the rules said. And why? Why? What reason? Why is that how things were? You don't question the rules. Because you know, deep down, that the rules are protecting you from something worse.||
"...I, uh--"
||But what tells you that? The rules do! The rules tell you that they're protecting you! Nothing else does!||
"You look like you're turning blue, are you sure you're fine--"
||What can the rules possibly protect us from, typhoon?! Rules don't protect us from the chaos creatures! Rules don't stave off the akari invasions! What are they for?!||

I stand back as she screams out into the sky. The birds take flight.

"I... look. I know what it's like. Everything you've known is behind you. Whether they care or not, it's all gone. Everything. And there's no way they'd accept you back even if you found a way to get back. You've spent your life a slave-- no, something else. Blind, unknowingly following orders because it's all you've known. Because they can't be wrong. Because that's just how things are."

||How would you know?||
"Have you ever heard of the ancient guardian of Wintermol? A respected figure. Completely obedient. And for his trouble, he was given more orders. More demands. More restrictions. In the end, it broke him. He snapped."
||And the typhoon ravaged the world.||
"Oh. You have heard of me, then."
||I wish I could do the same. Just... carry the wind back to the lands. Cast away the marble. And its rules.||
"Okay, I didn't actually mean for that to be an inspirational story. Look, the point is, I know how you feel, and you're not alone here."

However I felt earlier, now I just feel slightly ill. Thinking about what I just said. And thinking about what the tower's keeper said. Fear. I feel afraid. I'm afraid he was right.

If he is right, then everything I know is wrong. And I don't know where I can begin to fight an enemy that is responsible for my very existence. Nyx didn't know the answer to that question either, and her solution was to go as far away from me as she could. What can I do? How far away could I run from something I'm a part of?!
No. 549051 ID: 7bbaae

Well you could die, but that wouldn't even help. The Shatterer would make new pawns.

I thought the rules DID protect them from the chaos creatures, though?
No. 549052 ID: f3bb85

Easily. Simply disassemble reality on a fundamental level, edit the laws of physics so that Big Gribbly cannot exist, then restore time and space to their proper order.

Or, if you DON'T feel omnipotent, you could unify all beings in the universe in world peace.

Or you could go find your hot alternate universe self and build a giant, interdimensional love shack. Okay, I'm not sure how exactly that one would work, but it MIGHT.

Or you could find a force of unlimited creation and activate it before the Shatterer wakes up.

Or you could go back in time and destroy Wintermol before they create you, saving the universe. No, wait, don't do that, that's a horrible idea, that will just destroy everything FASTER.

I suggest you look for ways to fundamentally alter reality itself. You could try figuring out a way to breach your other timelines and gather a coalition of like-minded Typhons and Echidnas to work on the problem.
No. 549053 ID: 9ddf68

huh, one bird stayed why?

anyways to answer your question the only thing we can really do is move forward. We know your strengths, we know your weaknesses, we know your flaws, we know that the future is uncertain but everyone seems to think it's going to end soon and everyone has a different way they think they can go about saving it. I know your afraid but if we just stopped right now, if we just through in the towel and ran to the most devoid and isolated crevice this world had to offer, what then? Giving up won't solve anything and would at best only delay the end and at worst would simple put someone else in our shoes so we would have NO say over what happens to this world.

The only thing we can really do is just keep moving forward, keep fighting for a better tomorrow because as long as we keep moving forward, we might actually get out of this thing alive, but if we give up... then we never should have left the tower. And who knows, maybe we can research a way to actually stand a chance against this Shatterer or even stop him form appearing in the first place. You're Typhon damn it, nothing has been able to stop you yet and I'll be damned if I let you beat yourself down before you even can really begin. And if you're worried about losing yourself again, know that we'll be by your side to pull you back from the edge as is your crew. No matter what happens Typhon at least know you're not alone.
No. 549054 ID: fc937d

>What possible use could such a drive serve for some higher controlling being?
...well, there is something of a fundamental and primordial connection between a sexual drive and the destructive impulse. It kind of makes sense in a manufactured weapon, or if we believe the time-dude, an all encompassing destroyer.

>What can the rules possibly protect us from, typhoon?!
What she's feeling now, for one thing. There's comfort in rules. In not having to question, in having things decided for you.

Uncertainly and freedom can be terrifying. To enslave your mind is to forever be free of the existential crisis.

>how can I fight something I am part of?
Nyx's solution wouldn't work. You can't run. If you refused to grow stronger, and hid yourself away, presumably the other ichor creature would gather the necessary components of the Shatterer. And then, stronger than you, his agents would force you and Nyx together to complete the process.

The only possible avenue of success is understanding. You need to learn about yourself. And Nyx. And through the study of yourselves come to understand this thing you are supposed to be a part of. Which also means you're probably going to need to question the giver of the time marble again later, when you better understand what questions to ask.
No. 549055 ID: fc937d

> huh, one bird stayed why?
...is that owl made of ichor.
No. 549059 ID: f3bb85

It is. Possibly a message from Echidna. Possibly a subconscious manifestation. Examine it more closely.
No. 549060 ID: 53ba34

the marbles. it sounds like the shatterer and them were not involved with each other at all. meaning if you got all of them, you may be able to do something.they are hideously unstable alone though, can safely use them in pairs. growth and decay, flow and chaos. and so on.

and talk about that. that it's because it was nothing BUT rules that it is wrong, but some rules can help, give structure to everything. such as "do not kill eachother" ideally we would not even need to list it but doing so lets them know there will be a punishment for breaking it.

then talk to keya, tell her how odon offered you all his ichor, tons of it, for her. and when you refused he tried to use an ancient wintermol command to bind you to him. proving that working with him would never work out.
No. 549061 ID: d2995c

We do have a lead on what to do, actually. Time Guy talked about gathering "things the Shatterer requires", though he said nothing what those things are*. Even if we cannot remove its potential hosts (us and who knows what else), it still has this mysterious other requirement that we can work against. At the moment the working theory is that the collection refers to the marbles, as they are the only items of cosmic power we know of (aside from maybe ichor which wouldn't be described as plural "things").
In other words, we should try to figure out what the Shatterer needs collected and keep them apart, which probably means the marbles.

*This also suggests that Time Guy is withholding obviously relevant information from us for some reason, which might range from bizarre time rules to a plot to manipulate us.
No. 549111 ID: 2baea8

You need the Space and Time marbles, first of all. With those, you could repair the broken world, or at least prevent it from falling apart more.

The other marbles need to be sealed away somehow. Their power is too unstable to be useful as anything but passive influence to keep the world running, but destroying them could lead to even bigger problems.

Nyx seems to have the right idea for stopping the Shatterer, at least until you can find a better solution. If the two of you need to be together for it to form, you must simply stay apart.
No. 549137 ID: 7bbaae

I think it's more likely another pawn of the Shatterer, according to what we've been told.
No. 549172 ID: 150992

...Or it's related to that construct we named "Kali", we'll probably find out when it utters some esoteric nonsense. Either way I don't think it would be wise to touch it.

Given the nature of the marbles even those two may not be enough to disrupt the looping event, Time may at the very least may not even save the world, just a universe in which it can still exist.
Still, we are not even close to really knowing what the relationship the marbles have with the Shatterer, and it's not like the closed nature of the tower is helping much, that in itself may cause the end.

Regardless, it's likely ANY ichor could be considered a pawn for the Shatterer, and this world is speckled in it like rain, it's possible that the obsession with Nyx that Time Guy stated may stem from Ethers ability to annihilate Ichor-based materials.

They follow them because it is easier then dealling with what surrounds them or learning a true understanding of how shallow a trough the rules cut, even if they are no more effective shelter than a blanket in a storm.
And so they stagnate and choke on their own fear while everyone else holds a standoff for the same exact reasons. Maybe every faction needs a method to interact without relatively tense attitudes interfering...

Also given the lack of use of the Akari Habitat, why not retrofit it into an open air courtyard or something, figuring out what to put in it may partially solve the habitation issue.
Make sure you tell Errol to stop worrying about the skimmer and plot it's course instead too, it has probably either been captured or at best, decided it wanted to try caving. If it is in trouble we could probably recover it.
No. 549176 ID: 2baea8

Since Ichor and Ether oppose, and the Shatterer happens when Typhon and Nyx (maxed out on Ichor and Ether respectively) either kill each other or merge (which should also delete them both if Ichor and Ether really are opposites), the Shatterer might represent the zero value left. That's why it would still work even with them gone. Another Ichor-Ether duality would take their place. I think the things the Shatterer wants gathered are the bits of Ichor scattered everywhere.

I mean think about it. A maxed out Typhon and Nyx canceling out basically represents all magic in the universe imploding on itself.
No. 549183 ID: 7bbaae

Actually if they kill eachother the Shatterer must make new pawns for his plans. They must merge for the Shatterer to appear. I don't think ether and ichor ARE opposites. Sufficient research should confirm this theory. Or it'll hasten the plans of the Shatterer. Not sure.
No. 549184 ID: 2baea8

>You merge either through trading a simultaneously lethal blow, or merge in a... different sense, if you'll excuse me.
If they kill each other, that can trigger the merge as well. That's why I think it's less of a merge, and more of a nullification.
No. 549192 ID: 7bbaae

Oh, I see. Only if Nyx kills Typhon early (and kills herself in the process) does the Shatterer have to make new pawns.
No. 549218 ID: 1b8510

Okay Typhon I can understand there are practical reasons for not going after Nyx or Akar, but is there any actual downside to going that route with the soroi?

Who needs a name, by the way.
No. 549222 ID: ec0bf5

Is there any reason TO do that? I think it would reflect badly on us if we just try to sleep with any random crying girl who comes to our aid.
No. 549271 ID: 01531c

>it would reflect badly on us if we just try to sleep with any random crying girl
>implying Typhon has a social image

A better question is this:
When Typhon gets laid, how positively does it effect his emotional stability?
No. 549281 ID: 7bbaae

I thought Typhon was most fond of Taja though. Technically they're not in a relationship, so I guess it wouldn't be a breach of trust to sleep with this soroi, but it doesn't sit right with me either.
No. 549296 ID: 2baea8


It also seems like the tendency towards violence and now lust is a function of the Shatterer. Once the unspecified event occurs (which I hypothesized is the completion of the Ichor) Typhon becomes obsessed with Nyx. Depending on the situation, this could mean violently or sexually. Since close personal contact (even a friendly handshake in one case) or a mutually lethal strike trigger the Shatterer, those instincts work towards its purpose. In other words, indulging Typhon's lust and bloodlust plays into the Shatterer's purpose.

On the other hand, we don't know how an Ichor-biological hybrid (like what Akar proposed) would shift the balance of the whole situation. Something like that could make it worse by granting the Shatterer a new pawn, or it could leave something Ichor-based outside of Typhon himself that he may or may not have control over; meaning something that the Shatterer may or may not have influence on.
No. 549304 ID: 01531c

Assuming an ichor-biological hybrid is a biological system that utilizes ichor in it's bodily functions, Typhon/Shatterer may freely manipulate the ichor.

All known ichor was created from/by/to the Shatterer's design and authority.

Perhaps if ichor could be derived from an external universe then it would be free of the Shatterer's authority.

Maybe, just maybe, a paradox-aborted timeline could be incompatible with The Shatterer's existence and be harvested for it's ichor?

Does the Shatterer have authority over Ether? Is the Shatterer MADE of Ether or Ichor?

Small pieces of Ichor/Ether annihilite in contact, as they are too small to maintain integrity. If you could gather all the Ichor and Ether and shred them into small chunks to annihilate, that could annihilate or weaken The Shatterer's future existence!
No. 549309 ID: 2baea8

Decreasing the Ichor/Ether count does seem like it would weaken the Shatterer's presence, but doing so via a merge might just transfer power to him regardless.

What if instead of taking Ichor/Ether from a paradox-aborted timeline, we used the Time Marble to dump it into an aborted timeline?
No. 549310 ID: 9ddf68

quick question, is she even interested in us? Also she's in the middle of an existential crisis so I don't think hitting on her now would be the best time. just throwing that out there.
No. 549315 ID: 01531c

>doing so via a merge might just transfer power to him regardless.
Small quantities of Ichor and Ether annihilate.

Only large quantities of Ichor and Ether can merge!
No. 549316 ID: 2baea8

All we know is that the merge is the trigger, not the specific amount needed for the merge, or whether it needs to be all at once.
No. 549317 ID: 53ba34

the annihilation could be what it wants. they don't merge, just at massive quantities it creates matter-antimatter explosion of enough power to open a hole to the area the shatterer is in.
No. 549332 ID: 01531c

Your postiulation supposes two possible theories:
-Ichor/Ether reactions form a new material that collates within a pocket dimension until some critical mass creates The Shatterer.

-Ichor/Ether reactions release exponentially massive bursts of (observable?) extra-dimensional energy which may be rupture the time-stream and permit The Shatterer's existance.

Either possibility is bad.

We must devote research to discover if annihilation is complete!

Maybe we could just use the Time Marble to compress time in the research lab!
Maybe teleport and ask the guy in the Time-Chamber how to do that?

We must know if the door from the Time Chamber is still there if we go back, because that should mean [i]infinite range dimension door!!!

No. 549333 ID: 01531c

Your postiulation supposes two possible theories:
-Ichor/Ether reactions form a new material that collates within a pocket dimension until some critical mass creates The Shatterer.

-Ichor/Ether reactions release exponentially massive bursts of (observable?) extra-dimensional energy which may be rupture the time-stream and permit The Shatterer's existence.

Either possibility is bad.

We must devote research to discover if annihilation is complete!

Maybe we could just use the Time Marble to compress time in the research lab!
Maybe teleport and ask the guy in the Time-Chamber how to do that?

We must know if the door from the Time Chamber is still there when we go back, because that should mean we now have a free infinite range dimension door!!!
No. 549349 ID: 0793ea

The question I have is, that you should bring up next time you talk to Tower Guy (name vote: Santa), and I really wish you wouldn't have left the amazing time compression chamber so quickly, is is the coming of Shatterer a cosmic certainty because of something _inherent_ to the universe, or because of influence from the _outside_?
No. 549351 ID: 2baea8

I vote we call him The Doctor, what with the wibbly wobbly crap in his tower.
No. 549645 ID: 33f75f
File 138527085816.png - (127.51KB , 800x600 , 184.png )

I'm not in a relationship with anyone. And, given this duration of time with me neither hearing from Taja and my own endeavours taking such time, I am willing to suspect my standings with her have cooled considerably. While it feels like weeks have passed, I am sure only a day has passed if even that since I spoke to Akar. I have not yet received another envoy, nor would I likely have reason to receive one so quickly.

This soroi probably does need a name if she's going to stay around much longer. Really, for a soroi habitat, I will need the ichor to provide transport for one of my drones to the soroi lands, to provide the tools for research and construction of further infrastructure to allow for... I don't know... bird delivery, and some minor redirection of the plumbing facilities left from the water containment chamber and akari habitats.

There was no door as I came back. Just me, the marble and my thoughts. And my base. And its contents.

Speaking of bird delivery, what is this bird. Shoo. Shoooo. There we go. Not ichor. Just unfortunately coloured. And possessing the most wobbling, ungraceful flight I have ever seen in a bird.

I am hit by Colin telling me that the research on ichor and ether is almost finished, but that he's still waiting on Errol to get her skimmer back in contact before he's ready to give me the full report. Something about checking over the results and the ramifications of the results. Her? Interesting.
No. 549646 ID: 33f75f
File 138527087258.png - (269.08KB , 800x600 , 185.png )

"There's comfort in always knowing what to do. Never questioning it. Being given command after command with no decisions needed."

I turn towards the soroi. She's gone, up in the sky, flying towards the birds, her strange wing-arms spread behind her. She flies less like a bird and more as though sliding through tunnels of air. With a violent burst of speed she catches one.

I watch her fly down, bird in mouth. As always, her wind speech carries independently to whatever her mouth does. ||My body tells me to eat. Even free of the marble I still have rules to follow. Do you have rules to follow?||
"Basic self-preservation. Beyond that, whatever I wish."
||There must be more. The marble rules are gone but now I realise there are always more rules. More rules to function. Can't fly forever.||
"It's cold out here. Do you want to go back inside? I have other business I need to attend to."
||What if I could fly forever? Or never breathe. Or not eat. I would die because I do not follow the rules. Because there are still rules. But they are given in a language of pain and misery. Is this what it is like for others? Rules told only when they are broken?||
"As far as I can tell, yes."

She doesn't say anything else, dead bird still clamped in her jaws (beak?), and wanders to the hole in the roof. I follow. Inside, I direct her to the akari habitat, now a sparse representation of what little information me and my drones were able to determine. Water flows from a waterfall in a dimly blue lit room.

"We're working on your accommodation." I pat her gently on the shoulder.

She doesn't respond at first, slightly tearing up again. ||So close to home. Too close. Thank you, typhoon.|| She drops the bird, which flows over to a corner in a way that the room current should not be going. She lies down in the rushing waterfall waters, spreading out and immersing herself in the floor currents.
No. 549647 ID: 33f75f
File 138527088890.png - (425.58KB , 800x600 , 186.png )

I turn to leave.

||Did you notice?||
"Notice what?"
||You are male, I am female, and we came into contact. By the old rules we should mate immediately.||

Typhon, hi, it's Colin, uh, I just think I heard you make some kind of loud surprised screaming noise in your head, are you okay?
Yes Colin. Back to work Colin.

||But those were the old rules. The stupid, nonsensical rules.||

||...if you would, if, well, if you would be willing, though...||
"Uh huh."
||If that is a thing you do.||
"Uhhuh." Gotta talk to Keya about Odon at some point. Yes. It's an urgent matter. Probably can't delay on that front any longer. Keya needs to know Odon promised me all but the world to deliver her to him. Which is why she told me to not tell him I have her in captivity. Wait. That would mean she already knows Odon is out to get her anyway.
||Is it?||
"I seriously doubt you want children half made of ichor and half of flesh."
||If it happens, it happens? Isn't that how things work?||
"That is an alarmingly casual attitude to matters I have seen make and break entire mortal power structures."
||Power structures?||
"Yes. People in charge. Heirs. Affairs. Scandals. Blackmail. Very bad. Lowborn children of highborn nobles. Family secrets that get you thrown out of office. None of this is a personal experience but I've seen it happen a lot. Apparently the upper crust get very bored and do things they know might get themselves ruined later. Children being one of them."
||I don't understand.||
"And that is why we aren't going to do this mating thing."
||Oh. You do not do these things. I understand.||
"I-- I don't know if I do or I don't, I mean, there is apparently very little common ground I can appeal to here that you'd understand coming from the society you do with its faceless authorities and entirely carefree attitude to things that weigh down most mortals concerned with prosperity and their family's survival--"
||Soroi do not let themselves be weighed down!||
"Argh, for the sake of Wintermol, it's like trying to reason with a child! Which really only makes this seem so much more wrong than it did a few minutes ago."
||Relax with me, typhoon. You have many burdens, and so do I. But for now they are less. They will wait. Soroi can bear the weight of troubles and tragedies for a time, but to do so forever seems so...||

I lie down on my back next to her, staring at what turns out to be an artificial night sky.
No. 549648 ID: 33f75f
File 138527090157.png - (274.21KB , 800x600 , 187.png )

"Why do you suddenly want me to, well, how did you phrase it again?"
||Mate with you?||
"Everyone has to be so blunt, don't they. I miss civilisation. Yes. That. Why?"
||Because I am fond of you and enjoy being around you and want to relax.||
"And you're willing to risk spawning horrible abominations of blood and ichor for this."
||What happens happens. I am soroi. We move as water runs, as air flies, as fire dances.||
"I cannot comprehend how you can be rigidly bound by rules and yet so carefree at the same time. It is literally beyond my comprehension. I am never going to understand any of your people."
||Do you think you understand me?||
"Slightly more than other soroi I've spoken to, perhaps."
||Are you sure? I am sure there is much you can learn. You can see how fast I am flowing.|| She rubs my chest.
"See how fast you're flowing? What do you-- oh. Oh. Look. That was entirely awkward unintentional innuendo, and really what I was trying to get at is--"

I... I am going to become the prestiged noble with skeletons in his closet beyond the rampant bloodshed I committed an age ago, now, aren't I. I am finding it harder and harder to say no. Advisors, I... I am going to have to ignore you this time. You are free to berate me afterwards for my rash and impulsive action but I think she's getting to me. Maybe I do need to worry less. Maybe I should just do what I want sometimes. I need some privacy. Colin, last message for a while: no one is allowed in the soroi habitat for any reason until I say otherwise. At all. If there is an attack, tell me first.

I, uh. Huh. Okay. Of course. Wow. I have massive, massive deja vu for some reason. Oh well. I'll go seal the door and then get back to hassling Errol over her lack of results.

Thank you, Colin. Advisors. I don't want you to watch everything I choose to do, and I especially don't want you to listen to my every thought. Fortunately, as easily as I can call you to my attentions, I can also temporarily dismiss you from my thoughts and senses. When your advice is needed again, I suggest we focus on our next plan of action. I doubt the ichor or ether research results will influence whether we decide to chase more ichor or do further exploration into unknown territories. Oh, enough planning. Good night.
No. 549649 ID: 5c28f8

Can I vote no? I still want to vote no.
No. 549650 ID: a82ca9

You're Ichor! You control Ichor! Your man batter is Ichor! When you're finished, absorb the stuff before you knock her up!
No. 549651 ID: 53ba34

just shoot blanks. doing it isn't the problem, it's just the kids that it could cause.
No. 549652 ID: 7bbaae

Hmm. Colin, was that backtalk, or do you think this has actually happened before? Perhaps it has to do with the time marble we have now.
No. 549653 ID: fc937d

...well, I suppose we could only say no to every female who threw itself at you for so long. (I suppose it's some comfort though that if this is a mistake, it's not our mistake).

But seriously, we can't control you all the time. Hopefully this is good for you, and there are no horrible horrible consequences.

Enjoy birdwatching.

>risk horrible ichor monster children
...can't you do anything about that? Your whole form is a construction you yourself designed and hold together by force of will. Couldn't you turn off the sperm-equivalent production? Or make 'em sterile? Or reshape your reproductive system into something incompatible with her systems (swap the usual for sperm-balls or spores!) Or just edit out the ejaculate all-together, go for a pleasure-stick with a clean orgasm.

Jeeze. I'm going into all this detail for nothing, aren't I. He's just going to tell us he doesn't have fine control of that stuff, and his ichor is magic jizz and the stuff of life and he can't help that it'll interface with whoever he sticks it in, blah blah blah.

Just spend a single point of ichor and make yourself a god-condom. Save us all a lot of drama.

>or do you think this has actually happened before?
I have every confidence this has happened somewhere before in the past we've forgotten. Hey... maybe we can entertain ourself with the Time marble while Typhoon is busy. Can this thing work as a temporal-tv? [mental poke at marble]

>Errol, Her
Just because you all look like sperm balls doesn't mean everything made of ichor is male.

More seriously, it sort of makes sense. Even if the dominant or gestalt personality is male, your female side still expresses itself in some of your constituents.
No. 549661 ID: 9ddf68

just don't loose control here boss, that's my only real worry. Talk to you again soon.
No. 549674 ID: f3bb85

Or even forge an Ichor condom. I mean, you can literally freely manifest and control matter in your sphere of influence. Do so. Practice safe sex you DUMBASS PEARL-GRAY SHARKMAN.
No. 549867 ID: 33f75f
File 138544491838.png - (133.56KB , 800x600 , 188.png )

Agh that is more than I wanted to hear! Why did he dump you guys to me so fast?!

No I don't remember anything about time shenanigans! I vaguely, vaguely remember these sorts of instructions being given to whatever my equivalent was an age ago. I don't know if it was necessarily past me, or if I'm some sort of iteration of whatever that was, but there was a worker drone dedicated to research and development. I'm willing to bet he was probably involved in terrible things if Typhon was.

So yes, past Typhon apparently brought random species' females back with him back then too. Really, I wasn't betting on if it happened or not again this age, just when.

Cadmea told me Nyx doesn't approve, because something something should be held to higher standards than mere mortals. Then she quietly told me Nyx isn't innocent herself. If I've parsed the fragments of Typhon's visit to places unknown correctly, that kind of makes sense that they're both creatures of bloodlust and, well, the other lust, I guess. The logical conclusion does seem to be them going after each other for one or more of those reasons. After all, love and hate can be two sides of the coin named passion, I suppose! Man I used the coin metaphor in my reports too. All this worrying about ichor economy is making me coin obsessed, I swear.

Oh right the research. I'm on my way to Errol's obs-- I'm on my way to Typhon's observatory, being maintained and operated by Errol, after I tided my lab-- Typhon's laboratory up. Wait, he isn't paying attention. Yeah I'm on my way to her observatory, my lab needed sweeping of remnant ether. Ladon's distracting her, I think.

See, Errol thought it was weird that we all had to be male when Ladon was complaining about me and Cadmea again, and said that if we were ichor that surely we were in control of our own forms and identities. So she decided to be female. She certainly got Ladon's attentions. In fact, I'm checking up on the observatory in person because I suspect he might be related to why nothing's getting done.
No. 549868 ID: 33f75f
File 138544492962.png - (202.99KB , 800x600 , 189.png )

On my way I'll cover what me and Cadmea learned. She's talking to Nyx right now, and she doesn't like to be disturbed when talking to Nyx. Something about trying to only communicate as much as necessary and no more.

RESEARCH Ichor Ichor is solid, raw magic. In its natural unrefined state, it has a tendency to attract itself and will not respond to gravity when in small, uniform quantities. It can become sentient through processes not known to us, although Typhon can place remnant consciousnesses from within his own split psyche into new bodies. We are more than capable of shaping it to our will, but our efficiency and complexity are still limited by our understanding both of ichor and of the natural physical processes of the world. While ichor can allow us to cheat, we can only cheat so much until things fail to function properly. Every single ichor creation is at once a complex work of art and a sophisticated organism, with limited malleability past the initial creation point. Deviations from established templates are difficult, especially beyond the spawning process. Further research is needed to understand how we can more easily acquire more ichor and make better use of it. Ether We understand further that where ichor is raw magic made incarnate, ether exists more on the threshold of magic and tangibility. Where ichor is more of a dense matter that can be used to construct things, ether creatures exist more as an intricate web of spun ether. They are by their nature more frail in a physical state, but also more able to defy physical laws. This defiance of physical laws grants enough resiliency to make up for the inherent frailty, making ether constructs on par with ichor constructs as far as toughness goes. However, it also means that ether constructs can affect and are affected more by the magic of the world from other sources, whether marbles, chaos, or whatever we haven't encountered yet. Ether bonds to ether, and it must be trivial for Nyx to collect ether in the world. Rather than seek out and absorb it, it is likely simply working its way towards her. More curiously, as it is the nature of ether to form itself into links and chains and webs, the linking magic of ether constructs is far stronger than that of ichor constructs. We already know this from Cadmea remaining in perfect communication with Nyx, while our own communication has been disrupted by distance repeatedly in the past. This can be turned to our advantage, however. Ichor is inherently more tangible than ether. With our understanding of how ether constructs are reliant on effective use of linking magic to tie themselves to our ichor constructs, and of how ichor constructs are non-magically more stable than ether constructs, and the increased weakness of ether constructs to ichor constructs, we have devised a means to partially severe ichor-ether connections between constructs. Any ichor unit that would be destroyed is instead just damaged upon breaking a fatal linkage to an ether unit. This is all theory at the moment. In practice the damage taken may be severe for most constructs.

Just a brief aside -- this won't work on Nyx. She's a special case. She's basically as solid as Typhon is, and whatever's linking them together is something a little more sophisticated than the linking magic between me and Typhon, or her to Cadmea.

Ichor-Ether Duality After examining both ichor and ether together, a staggering new discovery was made! As suspected, ichor and ether are materials more closely tied together than just being mirror opposites. In fact, it is far more subtle than that. They exist almost as two sides of a coin. It seems that bringing the two substances together does not annhilate them at all! It seems that something new is created as the other two substances are consumed in the process. Something we can barely see, sense, or otherwise perceive, but something nonetheless. Whatever it is is very ephemeral, as it seems to last only briefly before dissipating into the air. It is completely unclear what this could possibly be. We've done very little experimentation with this, using only negligable slivers of ichor and ether to avoid permanently using the research supplies given. More research into both ichor and ether should help understand what this strange new substance is, and what it means for all of us.
No. 549869 ID: 33f75f
File 138544494937.png - (257.49KB , 800x600 , 190.png )

"Hi Errol!"
"Oh hi Colin!"

Nope. Guess Ladon's not around.

"So, did you find out where the skimmer went?"
"Well, it's in the Fell territories, and the mind links are sort of stretched this far. They're doing something that's interfering. It could be just the nature of their infrastructure, or they could be jamming metaphysical connections, or maybe they've caught it and cut it off from us, I mean, they've done that with akari, maybe they know what to look for. It's all a total unknown and--"

The display dais in the observatory shows the skimmer. I wave to it as Errol beams at it. "Skimmy! How are you doing down there? Did you find anything cool?"
"Oh man did I ever! I found the most awesome things it was so amazing there's all these broken mountains like all these craters and I mean they're so refined! They have to be Fell weapon tests! And wow they're mighty weapons to have punched so deep into mountains! The holes go so deep into the land!!"

I feel briefly like I'm missing out on a lot never leaving my lab. "Can you recall the craters?"
"Sure! I tried to remember what they looked like extra hard!"

I look at the craters in the mountains.

"These are caves."
"They're naturally forming crevices and... how do you not know what a cave is."
"Ohhhh. Caaaaaves."
"Yes. Caves."

Errol wrings her tendrils. "Well okay, we've established there's caves in Fell territory. That... might be useful?"
I sigh and adjust my goggles. "Anything else to report?"
"Oh! Big scary tower, heavily fortified, always under guard. Looks important!"
"Can you figure out where it is?"
"Um... I'll get back to you on that soon! I think a patrol spotted me! Talk soon!"

Typhon must think we're all a bunch of idiots.
No. 549870 ID: 33f75f
File 138544496461.png - (201.41KB , 800x600 , 191.png )

"So, Errol, uh, what does the observatory let us do now?"
"Uh. Well, I've been trying to get into contact with Skimmy--"
"Really. Skimmy. I know Typhon's not great with names but Skimmy. Skimmy."
"Well it sort of named itself!"

I feel like I've had the entirety of Typhon's contempt dumped into me.

"Skimmy. Okay."
"Yeah. Anyway, like I was saying, you know that stuff about links you were working on with Cadmea?"
"We were?"
"Yeah or something like it. Like how ether is a spider web or something. I saw Ladon trying some new experiment that he wasn't having any success with but I think I can make use of it. So all these marble-holders can just talk to us whenever they like, right? Well, those links lingered. So I've come up with a way to make use of that! But it'll need ichor to function."
"Yeah, that's a common theme around here. Does it burn it up?"
"No, just needs something to strengthen the link temporarily. Just means we should be able to talk to anyone who's talked to us without having to wait for them to get around to initiating the call!"
"That's good. I'm sure Typhon will appreciate it."
"Oh, and I also made the ichor detecty stuff work attuned to the marbles too."
"Wh-what? How?"
"I... really don't know. It just clicked together somehow. Anyway that's all I got, I'm still trying to figure out where Skimmy went but if I tell it where to go at least it can follow a map."
"Okay, that's good for now. Thanks, Errol! I'll let you get back to it!"
"Okay! Thanks!"

I wonder where Ladon went. He wasn't in the spawnery either.
No. 549871 ID: 33f75f
File 138544498425.png - (191.21KB , 1024x768 , 192.png )

Well. That about wraps up everything I think Typhon wanted from us. Keya and Arrow have been moved to the Fell habitat. I think Keya's trying to recruit Arrow to her army. Something about revenge against Karx. I don't think they'll be a problem but I made sure the Fell habitat had thicker walls than usual and a door lock.

So, until Typhon... is available again, we can probably think of what the best things to do are now based on all we've discovered, right? I don't think Typhon has any pending messages.

Ichor Unspent: 600 Ichor Spent: Typhon - Health (20) [Boosted to 24] - Attack Strength (40) [Boosted to 48] - Flux Rate (60) [Boosted to 72] - Action Points (20) [Boosted to 24] Base - Laboratory (50) -- Colin (Science Drone) (250) -- Holding Cells (30) - Observatory (50) -- Errol (Observer Drone) (250) - Spawnery (50) -- Ladon (Shaper Drone) (250) - Soroi Habitat (30) - Fell Habitat (30) Invested - Research Ichor (231) [Boosted to 302] - Research Ether (231) [Boosted to 302] - Research Soroi (42) [Boosted to 50] Total Ichor: 1930 UNITS Skimmy (Recon Skimmer) (300)

[ OPTIONS: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Reformation/Spending ]
No. 549872 ID: 76b151

Hmm, we should rebuild our forces. Say 3 fully upgraded worms and 3 fully upgraded ticks. That should be around 420.

The remaining should be split into research. I think creating shielding unit would be wise. The other research should go into researching the Soroi for making a habitat since Typhon has made a friend.
No. 549873 ID: d2995c

That makes sense. Aside from the research and the habitat our current goals largely involve not collecting certain things until we know what the conditions are for the whole end-of-the-world thing.
No. 549877 ID: 196d1b

Uh, could you explain what the significance of gender even is to you guys? You're too diverse to make any sort of dimorphism much of a thing and I'm told you guys aren't supposed to have anything on you that would be more closely associated with gender. Although that apparently doesn't stop you guys from the rest of the whole romance thing. Which reminds me, those ichor-ether results seem to support what that guy told us about Typhon and Nyx merging through one sort of contact or another to cause the end of the world again. So be careful around Cadmea until we can get some more information on this. If you two still count as parts of those two for the purposes of whatever mechanism awakens this "shatterer" then you might want to resist touching each other too hard.

As for expenditures, I think we should definitely increase our inputs into ichor and ether research, especially on the link. We should definitely go find a marble and some ichor. It could help if we could look into scouting one of the factions eventually, too. Do we know enough about these remnants of Sannersoon to the west of the Fell they mentioned to check them out? It would be good to invest in some sort of new type of more expensive unit, or an upgrade.

I'll make a partial vote to locate marble (30), locate ichor (24), explore three tiles towards the west of the skimmer's current location (30), make four speedy/tough/vicious ichor worms (240), make three sniper ticks (192), and set link research with whatever we have left (84) for a total of 600 used.