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File 134120019759.png - (102.63KB , 800x600 , reformationtitle.png )
428036 No. 428036 ID: 9e3c3d

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No. 428038 ID: 9e3c3d
File 134120022120.png - (335.25KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

It has been a long time. Far too long.

They thought they could destroy me. They used all the power they could muster. Around me I feel the void where once there was land, sea, sky.

But it didn't work, did it?

I always come back.
No. 428039 ID: 9e3c3d
File 134120023747.png - (324.95KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Reconstituting myself from my essence, my ichor, I survey my surroundings. Nothing remains. Nothing but lifeless, airless void. Credit where it is due, I suppose. They were thorough.

Aha. I should explain. I am the greatest weapon ever created in the known universe. The product of the greatest minds of Wintermol. I am pure living force given thought and form. You exist as a series of aides, advisors perhaps, to my magnificence. Unfortunately, while I exist, in defiance to the desires of whoever tried to do this, I am far from complete. I was scattered across the known universe. I could only pull a fraction of my ichor together to recreate what you now see before you.

Oh. You must be confused. I know I have lost almost all memory myself, but I only just pulled you from my essence mere seconds ago. Anything you want me to explain first? There are things I shall teach you soon, but you doubtless have some questions. Also, rather troublingly, I can't remember my name. Any guesses there?

Oh. One more thing. I have enough spare ichor to create a vehicle, which I can move wherever I please. This is important, because otherwise I'm going to be stuck adrift forever. About the only thing I can do now without more ichor is make it look good. Any suggestions for how it should look?
No. 428042 ID: c891d3

Your name is Typhon.

Your vehicle should totally be some kind of kickin' bike.

And, uh, what exactly are we planning on doing now?
No. 428048 ID: 196d1b

Is the world gone, or are you just gone from it? Also, if you're pure living force why do you look relatively personlike?

I don't know about a name, but you should ride around in something spidery with lots of legs. Legs are cool.
No. 428049 ID: 12c19f

It has to be an unorthodox futuristic bike. Akin to a light cycle from Tron or the one from Akira. Probably devoid of conventional wheels. A hoverbike.
No. 428051 ID: 196d1b

No. 428052 ID: a407a5

Because otherwise it would be no fun at all? Look a random blob of... life? I think? What is that?

See, doesn't work to well.

Anyway, I second the motion for awesome Tron/Akira hover-bike thingy. There's absolutely nothing that could possibly go wrong with that.
No. 428064 ID: e3aff6

A space helicopter. Your enemies will be so confused they will barely notice you blowing them up.
No. 428332 ID: 9e3c3d
File 134127630898.png - (252.47KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

Typhon, hmm? I like it. Typhon is what I will call myself. As for the vehicle, yes, this design feels practical. Lightweight. A little more organic than intended. Don't get too attached to it, though. When I am back to my full potential, transports can only slow me down.

The world is not gone, but it is severely damaged. Some of the specks of my being still convey information to me, albeit limited in complexity. The nature of whatever shattered me has shattered the world as well. Shards adrift in the void. That is the world now.

I did not choose my appearance, but I can't say I am unhappy with it. Supposedly my appearance is inspired by myths I can't remember right now of an ancient, long dead species of powerful natural mages. The slight sheen to my visage is a property of the ichor that forms my being.

I need to gather more ichor before I can do anything more, but I need to recover some items precious to me and report to the Emperor's inner circle. I expect they will appreciate their finest creation's survival when even the world has been wounded.
No. 428333 ID: 9e3c3d
File 134127632378.png - (276.36KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

I can sense ichor nearby. It is densely concentrated. Ah, land. Air. I breathe in the cool, crisp air. I don't need to breathe, but it is much more pleasant to do so, I find.

Aha! Advisors, behold these ichor worms. As I draw near, they instantly fall in line and await my command. I am impressed at how intact these three are. They will fight to their deaths for me, and once they die their ichor will return to me.

I could collapse them with a single thought now, but they are far more useful to me as they are.

Especially as I notice we are not alone.
No. 428339 ID: 9e3c3d
File 134127649003.png - (242.16KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

What are these things? The air tinges purple, and it smells like burning... something. It smells like all the wrong things have been thrown on the largest fire available.

"5554! 245! sStupid Destdestroy 9992! Hekhek-hekhek-hek! Kill. 245. KILL. Err: Target not nullcorrectingerroryes"

Safe to assume these things are not friendly. There are three of them. I am not at full power, but this should be simple enough. I back away from the noxious cloud.
No. 428343 ID: 9e3c3d
File 134127661651.png - (299.82KB , 1024x768 , 6.png )


Starting Positions: L6: Typhon K5: Ichor Worm 1 K7: Ichor Worm 2 L8: Ichor Worm 3 H20: Unknown Enemy Type A 1 I25: Unknown Enemy Type A 2 G21: Unknown Enemy Type B

Before we get started, some explanation is needed.


All units in combat have an amount of action points. To move a single hex costs one action point.

Typhon, currently riding his bike, can move a total of 12 hexes in a turn, and the Ichor Worms can each move 6 hexes in a turn. Typhon can move on blue hexes while he remains riding the vehicle.

Both Typhon and the Worms must be adjacent to an enemy to attack. When they are adjacent, it will cost one action point to attack. Only one attack can be made in a single turn, but movement can happen after an attack.

Friendly units can move through friendly units, but cannot move through enemy units and cannot occupy the same space as any other unit. Hexes that are not at least half covered in movable terrain cannot be entered.

The purple aura does not affect Typhon or his units.

No. 428348 ID: 196d1b

Move Worm 1 to J6, do nothing else. We don't know how far they can move or what the field does, so let them come to us. We almost certainly won't get attacked on the first move.
No. 428350 ID: 953355

sounds good
No. 428354 ID: cf49fc

I would suggest an aggressive posture, and using Typhon to engage the entity at G 21, while having the Ichor Worms move to the edge of the field.

But then again, I'm completely insane, so feel free to not.
No. 428360 ID: 5eea01

How droll. It does make us curious, however, as to what would happen if G21, at the center of the aura, were to be...disabled. You should direct some thought into testing this.
No. 428361 ID: 132b99

the purple stuff seems like a power source. take down the one with the back pack and the weapons should fall down. lure the weapon holders away to the south with a worm each then you and the third worm rush in and strike the backpacker.
No. 428424 ID: d94e2c

Only move bout a third of the way to them. Next turn we want to run up, hit them, and run away. We don't know how fast they are or how hard they hit yet, so play it defensively. It's not so much cowardice as it is the Cunning Strategy of the Mighty Mongols!
No. 428618 ID: c891d3

No. 428621 ID: 120d63
File 134134413921.png - (267.00KB , 1024x768 , 7.png )


I can take these upstarts. Full aggression it shall be.

Typhon moves to and attacks Unknown Enemy Type B with his claws, ripping black shreds out of it and provoking a howl of pain. It stumbles around and sways.

The Ichor Worms try their hardest to keep up, but cannot match Typhon's pace. Two of them break away to lure the weapon wielders further south.

Coughing up black fluid, the Unknown Enemy Type B falls back as best as it can, its gait unsteady. It whimpers and crackles as it sinks to the ground.

Unknown Enemy Type A 1 lunges at Typhon, the implement it carries spewing forth a beam of intense purple energy. The bike takes the brunt of the damage, purple sparks and silvery ichor boiling away into nothing.

The Unknown Enemy Type A 2 positions itself between the Ichor Worms and its wounded compatriot, and gestures towards them with a snarling, cackling laugh.

No. 428632 ID: 953355

Attack the type B again then back off to D28. Have the worms attack whatever's closest.
No. 428642 ID: 196d1b

Typhon to G27, attack. If enemy B is alive, Worm 3 to H26 and attack, otherwise go to I23 and attack. Worm 2 to J22 and attack. Worm 1 should go to J20 and attack. Avoid walking past enemies, I'm not sure if that does something.
No. 428665 ID: 120d63
File 134134888072.png - (186.94KB , 1024x768 , 8.png )


Typhon drives past Unknown Enemy Type B, driving the spikes of the bike into it and puncturing the device strapped to its back. The device collapses into purple energy, and the enemy falls over backwards in a pool of its own dark blood, coughing its last. Typhon drives on, swerving around to watch his minions get to work.

The Ichor Worms swarm one of the energy blade wielders, tearing viciously into it with their protean jaws. It is torn to shreds almost completely as its screeches fade into broken radio noise.

As the Unknown Enemy Type B dies, the air becomes much clearer. Unknown Enemy Type A 1's eyes widen and it begins gasping and panting. It looks around wildly, and starts screaming a series of insults and numbers into the air.

It holds aloft a glowing purple sphere and casts it towards the Ichor Worms. The blast damage sprays ichor across the battlefield in clouds as the worms reel from impact. The remnants of its fallen comrade dissipate in the explosion.

Hm. An intact body. Macabre as it might sound, I can put it to good use once this battle is over. I'll explain later.
No. 428671 ID: 299ed3

Have everyone attack the A1.
No. 428674 ID: 196d1b

I guess you should all swarm the thing. It looks like it's calling for help, so we should make sure to silence it to see if we can keep it from alerting any friends. Try to see if you can keep this body intact too, but I think killing it fast is the priority.
No. 428773 ID: 120d63
File 134136391427.png - (172.34KB , 1024x768 , 9.png )


Just as everyone reaches the last remaining enemy, it begins to laugh, and turns to Typhon as he approaches.

"254. 119 reqrequire - 119 we knew you would return 254! Thisthis is notisnot overr-r! Others sh-shall hear-r-r-r! Action code: 107. Hekhek-hekhek-hekhek-hekhek!!"

Unknown Enemy Type A 1 snaps its weapon into two and blasts the area with thick purple smog. By the time it clears, the enemy has vanished completely.

No. 428774 ID: 120d63
File 134136393375.png - (157.26KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

Well. That was rather more disappointing a fight than I imagined. I didn't take as much as a single scratch. The worms have taken quite a lot of damage and my bike is pretty scratched, but all will return to former strength very shortly. Much as I can pull ichor from the air, so too can my creations, but not in the timespan of battles.

This is a pretty empty and barren rock. However, I see the reason these ichor worms made their way here.

Floating before me is a sphere of pure ichor. I can forgive these simple-minded worms for mistaking it for me. I am weak enough that simply absorbing this sphere will more than triple my power.
No. 428775 ID: 120d63
File 134136395298.png - (217.74KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

I do so right away.

Yes. Yesss. Nothing can compare to this sensation. Nothing. I feel more alert. More aware. More capable. I need more of this. I feel as though I have had a glimpse into just how powerless I have become and I need more ichor desperately.

But to get more, I need more than a vehicle. I need somewhere secure. It must be mobile, and it will serve as a place to improve my forces and learn more about my foes.

I need a base.
No. 428776 ID: 120d63
File 134136397131.png - (91.66KB , 800x600 , 12.png )


Typhon requires time to create and refine new units from ichor and cannot do so during battle. Constructing and upgrading a forward mobile base will allow Typhon to better manage his active forces. The extent of this is entirely reliant on the facilities shaped into the base.

Typhon must spend ichor to build, upgrade and change base features and units, along with unit upgrades. However, ichor can also be freed from these to spend on other things at zero cost. Ichor is less of a currency and more of a cap on what is currently possible at Typhon's level of abilities.

Ichor Unspent: 200 Ichor Spent: Bike (20) Ichor Worm (20) Ichor Worm (20) Ichor Worm (20) Create Base (50) - Creates a base capable of holding two base features. The base can move around but cannot be brought into combat. Appearance can be suggested. Comes with a free Worker Drone, which cannot be absorbed. Base Feature - Laboratory (20) - Allows for design of new units, unit upgrades or unit traits. Also allows for examination of enemy weaknesses, providing an intact or living specimen is available. Base Feature - Spawnery (20) - Allows for the creation of new units and the application of unit upgrades. Base Feature - Observatory (20) - Allows for detailed information to be gathered about the world and the factions that live on its shards. Worker Drone (20) - Halves all ichor costs of whatever base feature the drone is assigned to work in. Base features can only have one worker drone at a time working in them. More choices will open once base features (and a base to house them) have been constructed.
No. 428779 ID: c891d3

Well obviously we need a base and we may as well get drones for whichever pair of base structures we go for.

Pretty sure spawnery is not really optional, as well.
No. 428781 ID: 120d63
File 134136471589.png - (71.63KB , 800x600 , 12 clarification.png )

[ Whoops! Slight clarification. The available ichor is the ichor just now gained. It's unspent ichor, not the total ichor.

Also, if you want to go for 3 features, you can spend another 50 ichor on top of the create base 50 ichor just to make it happen. Features can be swapped out but will lose upgrades and stuff at the end of a mission, so not just yet!

Also try not to spend all the ichor just on this bit! There's still stuff like unit upgrades and new units to purchase once I know what people want in the base. ]
No. 428786 ID: 4bdd79

Base, Lab, Spawnery, and two Drones.
No. 428788 ID: 431fa8

Hmm. I'm inclined to create two Bases, two Laboratories, one Spawnery, and one Observatory. That will consume 180 of our available 200 ichor, but as we open up more options for ichor use we can make a habit of dissolving unneeded or less important constructs to free up ichor for new things.
No. 428795 ID: 953355

Right now let's make a base with a lab and spawn. We can worry about detailed recon later. Definitely don't get the size upgrade until we're sure it's worth it, especially compared to the cost of making a second base structure.

And we don't want to waste all our ichor on the base, we have minions to manage.
No. 428797 ID: 196d1b

We have plenty of units right now, I think, and no new designs or upgrades made, so we don't need a spawnery right now. We definitely need a laboratory to process the body we've got, and we should use an observatory to figure out what's happened to the world in our absence. Get an extra worker so we have one for each. That's 110 to use to make new stuff.
No. 428800 ID: 120d63
File 134136589066.png - (80.37KB , 800x600 , 12 clarification more.png )

[ Whoops again! Need to change a couple of things STILL. And clarify more.

The 50 for base is basically 50 for the first two slots, then 50 for another slot.

Also, after realising I've made a terrible mistake giving half price on everything for the low low price of 20 ichor, worker drones are now 50 ichor and give a 80% discounted price (so 20% off), which can never apply to unit creation costs.

Feature swapping can't be done yet. At the end of a mission, which we'll get to eventually (it was a mistake to try and cram this much stuff into one update, sorry guys D: ) there will be the opportunity to sell as many features off as you want and reshape the base as much you see fit. There isn't a base to reshape yet, though, and so therefore this can't be done right now.

Sorry for screwing up some of your calculations with this obvious patch to not break the entire system, but, well, I don't want the entire system broken quite this early. ]
No. 428801 ID: 431fa8

Is there any reason at all that it's sensible to pay 100 for a three-slot base instead of 100 for two two-slot bases, which conveniently will also produce a second (otherwise very expensive) Worker? In fact, it's now cheaper to build Workers by spamming bases than it is to build them normally.
No. 428803 ID: 196d1b

I stand by my suggestion. We have eighty left, though. Making a spawnery will be fine to do later.
No. 428804 ID: 120d63

[ There can only be one base. ]
No. 428808 ID: 431fa8

Ichor is not so flexible as all that after all, it seems. Ah, well.

Base with a laboratory and observatory, then.
No. 428809 ID: 886a4d

With the initial base costing 50 I say we need a laboratory (20) and an observatory (20). Get an extra drone (50) as well since decreasing costs is going to be fairly important. That will be 140, leaving 60 ichor
No. 428818 ID: 132b99

it's probably connection. a base uses all buildings attached to it. but until we get more advanced things bases cannot join eachother.
No. 428819 ID: f7ae22

Base, Lab, and Spawnery for 90, and put the free drone on the Lab since it will apparently do nothing for the Spawnery.
No. 428822 ID: 299ed3

This sounds good.
No. 428849 ID: 120d63
File 134137131296.png - (115.19KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

[ Due to the confusing downright terrible setup in the previous update, the previous worm has been sacked, the costs are all 50 across the board, and the cost of parts for the selected base components are as follows:

Base - Free
Worker Drone - Free
Laboratory - 50 Ichor
Observatory - 50 Ichor

Thus leaving 100 unspent ichor. An extra module will cost 50 ichor, so if people really really want that spawnery, they can pay for it, although it'll require another update to list what the spawnery can do. This can still be shuffled about if people really don't like the following options. The worker drone has yet to be assigned and will reduce fixed costs by 20%. Variable amounts will be treated as if they were 1.2 times higher. ]

Ichor Unspent: 100 Ichor Spent: Units - Bike (20) - Ichor Worm (20) - Ichor Worm (20) - Ichor Worm (20) Base - Laboratory (50) - Observatory (50) - Worker Drone (0) LABORATORY Ichor that goes into research is held onto until the research is finished. Once the research is complete, the ichor is returned. Research - Improve Typhon I (30) Gives Typhon slightly more health and action points. Research - Design New Unit (??) Design a new unit with a specified purpose. More ichor will result in a better but more expensive unit, and vice versa. It will take time for the design to crystallise and become simple enough for Typhon to form depending on how complex the design is. Units are created at the spawnery. Research - Improve Existing Unit (??) Unlock a new upgrade for a specified unit type immediately. Better upgrades come with more ichor investment. Upgrades are applied at the spawnery. Research - Investigate Unknown Enemy (??) Study captured enemy specimens to learn more of their precious, precious secrets. The more ichor spent, the more useful the result will be. Requires enemy specimens, of which there are 1. Dead specimens are consumed, and live specimens can only be used for research once. Living subjects provide twice as much information. Upgrade - Holding Cells (30) Allows for storage of up to 3 live specimens. Upgrade - Science Drone (250) Consumes a Worker Drone. Allows for further laboratory actions. Does not discount prices. OBSERVATORY Intel - Locate Ichor Deposit (30) Locates an area of the shattered world high in ichor. Ichor is returned after intel is retrieved. Intel - Study Faction (50) Finds the location and area of influence of a specific faction, if the faction is known of. Ichor is returned after intel is retrieved. Upgrade - Observer Drone (250) Consumes a Worker Drone. Allows for further observatory actions. Does not discount prices.
No. 428850 ID: 953355

Dedicate 30 ichor to searching for a deposit. Then put the worker in the lab and use the rest to research the corpse.
No. 428854 ID: 886a4d

Buy a second drone, that will leave us with 50 points. Assing 1 drone to each of the facilities.

Buy Intel - Locate Ichor (15)
Buy Research - Investigate Unknown Enemy (35)
No. 428857 ID: 196d1b

I like this.

I kind of want to use a single point of ichor to just design some kind of blob that is terrible and super cheap and that just gets in people's way, though.
No. 428859 ID: 132b99

upgrade holding cells.
No. 428863 ID: 431fa8

This sounds good to me.
No. 428864 ID: 886a4d

Drones do reduce costs by 20%, even if it isn't as good as 50% it still is worthwhile for maximizing our ichor use.
No. 428959 ID: 953355

We can always make a cell later when we catch something.

Uhhh what? If the drone doesn't save us more than 50 then it's a waste of ichor to make a drone.

Ex. If we make a drone and then spend 100 we get about 120-125 use out of it. When we could have just spent 150. Don't buy a drone unless we're spending a huge amount like 300.
No. 429044 ID: 120d63
File 134143796874.png - (289.90KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

With great fortune, the worker drone has identified this entity from its time spent floating within the ichor sphere. It has heard this entity referred to as a "Aerator", and it carries equipment that blasts a constant cloud of noxious purple vapour around it. As Typhon and his units don't require air, they are unaffected within this cloud. The other creatures like this Aerator, however, are loathe to leave this cloud for any reason.

The Aerator is capable of adjusting their equipment to create a large and concentrated blast of corrosive vapour, damaging all it touches. However, as the equipment is designed for a slow release of this toxic gas over time, it can only do this a maximum of three times within the timespan of a few hours.

There is still a great deal of research that can be done on these creatures, but this one is too damaged to be of much further use. The worker drone politely requests that Typhon does not run his bike into the next specimen as well.

More details about the unusual cybernetic physiology and potential weaknesses of the Aerator and creatures like it will be unlocked with further research.

No. 429045 ID: 120d63
File 134143798909.png - (219.90KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

I stand in my new home and bask in its... adequate size, I suppose.

Oh well. Time will grant me ichor, and ichor will grant me space.

The animus geist of the observatory greets me. Animus geists are nothing more than a living shard of my will, much as you are, my phantom advisors. They have so weak a physical presence that no ichor is needed to maintain them while I live. The main differences are that these entities are visible and dedicated to a single task, and will cease to exist if they leave the base. Where I do not have worker drones, the animus geists are there to act in their stead.
No. 429046 ID: 120d63
File 134143804678.png - (287.88KB , 1024x768 , 16.png )

It has delivered to me information on where the nearest and largest deposit of ichor is, and also more importantly states that it has made a notable discovery.

The creatures we fought earlier are more plentiful nearby. Purple haze covers their territory, and they currently block all land approaches we can use to move further towards any kind of meaningful civilisation. Upon this map, I have marked the direction where Wintermol is most likely to be, as well as our current location. This isn't a complete map. The observatory animus geist can do only so much.

There are two locations of note we can travel to from here. We can go after the ichor deposit, which is further away from the red creatures, or we can attempt to carve a path through the red creatures. If you deem it fit, we can also explore elsewhere.

Perhaps we will find an alternate path if we aim for the ichor deposit, but the dangers surrounding that ichor concentration are a total unknown.
No. 429048 ID: c891d3

Dude we, like, always need more ichor.
No. 429049 ID: 180ec2

Let's go to the ichor deposit, that's why we checked for it. We need to get a bunch of ichor early so we can start off faster.
No. 429051 ID: 886a4d

Lets head to the ichor and decide to do from their. The 15 ichor freed up should go right back to the observatory to finding more ichor.
No. 429061 ID: 431fa8

With the ichor freed up from our previous two actions, our base should proceed with Improve Typon I and a new Locate Ichor Deposit action.
No. 429080 ID: cfbe35

I'ld also suggest we spend that ichor on improving Typhon, unless it's production is dependent on the amount of availible ichor...
Otherwise, scout the Ichor deposit, it helps to know what might be around that area and if there isn't much resistance it's not like we'll need much to harvest it.
No. 429106 ID: 120d63
File 134145682581.png - (211.77KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

The ichor used for research and intelligence purposes will take some time to become available again.

Yes. More ichor is never an unwise decision. The base travels close to our destination, and I travel down to the surface of the world shard on my convenient transport. The ichor worms fall as fluid and reform on impact. They are not particularly graceful.

I notice strange creatures lurking around alien vegetation. They notice me. Unlike the last batch of strange creatures, these ones are silent. They exchange glances between each other, and stare in unison towards me.

~Leave this place. It belongs to us.~
"Who are you to keep my essence from me?"
~We are the akari. We obey none outside our unity. Our males shall rip your flesh. Our females shall rend your mind. All enemies of the akari shall be destroyed.~
No. 429108 ID: 120d63
File 134145684827.png - (248.25KB , 1024x768 , 18.png )


Starting Positions: J23: Typhon J25: Ichor Worm 1 K22: Ichor Worm 2 K24: Ichor Worm 3 E5: Ichor Sphere E15: Akari A 1 F14: Akari A 2 G13: Akari A 3 H12: Akari A 4 E13: Akari B 1 G11: Akari B 2 D4: Claw Plant 1 D6: Claw Plant 2 E3: Claw Plant 3 E7: Claw Plant 4 F4: Claw Plant 5 F6: Claw Plant 6

Hm. I feel an ill wind blowing from the east.

[ Something will happen on Round 3! ]
No. 429110 ID: 299ed3

Can we run from battles? These odds don't seem good.
No. 429115 ID: 431fa8

Move worms to I13, I15, J14. Worm in I13 attacks Akari A4. Typhon sweeps around behind to G9 and attacks Akari B2.
No. 429117 ID: 180ec2

This is what I was thinking, except I think we can go to G5. Maybe also attack the sixth barrier instead of attacking them.
No. 429121 ID: 953355

Changed slightly.
Let's personally go right for the ichor sphere. Attack the bottommost enemy and then move to L8. Then we can strike the plant barrier from the back next round.

Then move the ichor worms to L14/M15/L16.

I'd rather have us attack the barrier from the back so we're as far from them as possible. If we run right up and attack the near side on turn one they would probably hurt us.
No. 429124 ID: 180ec2

I was referencing those ichor worm moves, by the way. I think we should try to take the stuff as soon as possible, and possibly run. The females in the back sound like they're weaker, so if we go around behind them it will be easier to take them out if we need to. Although I kind of like the new stuff you put too.
No. 429125 ID: 431fa8

If we go for the ichor and have our worms putz around not engaging, then they'll definitely swarm us. If we're heading for the objective, we need our worms to get up in their faces as a distraction.
No. 429127 ID: 953355

With the first round we'll be getting the worms into attack range and harassing with typhon. This should lure them downward and give us more time. Even more time than getting the worms right in their face would.
No. 429144 ID: cfbe35

I agree with these moves, also if we move towards the Ichor and have the worms move north they may split the ir formation to face the threat. If they instead try to block Typhon from approaching the Ichor, then the Worms may be able to flank them.
No. 429147 ID: 120d63
File 134146210576.png - (249.98KB , 1024x768 , 19.png )


Typhon roars past the Akari A 4, the bike spikes ripping at it as he passes. It screeches out loudly as it falls to the ground, fleshy chunks carved out of it. The damage done, he swerves above the rippling lake waters, standing with his arms folded.

Reach me now.

The Ichor Worms keep together and shuffle towards the edge of the lake.

Akari A 3 charges at Ichor Worm 3 and starts tearing into it with its claws. While the worm reels, Akari A 2 lunges at it, tearing it into shreds. The worm collapses into a puddle of ichor and dissolves away.


Akari A 1 charges towards Ichor Worm 1 and takes a nasty slice out of it. The damage is notable, but not severe.

Akari A 4 lies on the ground, squirming in pain. Akari B 2 leans down next to it, gently pushing one of its back tubes into A 4's torso and closing its eyes.

Akari B 1 runs with the rest of the group chasing the worms.

No. 429150 ID: 120d63

[ For the record, when a unit dies, their ichor automatically returns to Typhon. ]
No. 429151 ID: 953355

Okay focus on the objective. Move to C3, attack plant, back off a tile to B2.

Keep the worms leading them away. Worm 1 attack Akari A1 and back off to M25. Worm 3 attack Akari B1 and back off to M23.
No. 429153 ID: cfbe35

Okay then, move Typhon to J12 and attack Male 3, then move to B10, avoiding the pair at G11/H12, have one of the worms attack Male 3, while the other attacks Female 1.
No. 429155 ID: c891d3

Yeah... yeah.
No. 429157 ID: 180ec2

Do this, but both worms attack the female and run.
No. 429159 ID: e3aff6

I am in favor of rushing the ichor, but if we are going to fight, shouldn't we go for the healers/casters before the fighters?
No. 429173 ID: 120d63
File 134146544008.png - (248.26KB , 1024x768 , 20.png )


Typhon moves up to Claw Plant 1 and rams into it with his bike. It doesn't even scratch the extremely tough plant, and the bike suffers deep renting cuts for its troubles.

This is unbelievable! How weak have I become? How strong are my new foes?!

Ichor Worm 1 bites Akari A 1 viciously and squirms for its life as far as it can go. Ichor Worm 2 follows this example, chomping on Akari B 1 and wiggling away. Both akari are covered in blood from their wounds, but simply look more determined than pained. Akari B 1 looks to have suffered a little more than its companion.

Both Akari A 1 and Akari B 1 raise their claws in defiance as they take two steps eastward each.

Akari A 3 charges at Ichor Worm 1 and violently rakes chunks of ichor out of it, screeching in rage. The ichor worm sways unsteadily and falls to the ground, twitching. It may not be dead yet, but it is extremely close. Crippled! Action points are now at 3 for Ichor Worm 1.

Akari A 2 tears after Ichor Worm 2, ripping it to bits. It fares a little better than its adjacent cohort, but not by a great deal.

Akari B 2 and Akari A 4 remain in their joint state. Akari B 2 gently rubs Akari A 4's head.

If all fails, and all is lost, I can recreate myself in my base. With a spawnery, I can replace everything I have lost. If I can get the ichor sphere, then my destruction will be entirely meaningless. I can rebuild myself, and I will still possess the ichor they seek to defend.

But these plants. I cannot even harm them. There must be another way.
No. 429176 ID: 180ec2

Strike Enemy B 2 and go back to B4. Worm 1 run to the corner and Worm 2 back up to defend it.
No. 429177 ID: 431fa8

Doesn't the bike fly? Can't Typhon fly over the Claw Plants, drop down to grab the ichor sphere, and then fly off before the claw plants can maul him?
No. 429182 ID: 953355

True. Even if the bike isn't maneuverable enough to get in that small gap by itself, we should be able to manage a suicide drop and then reform ourselves back home.

If that somehow won't work then we should still be able to manage this battle despite loss of worms. Have both worms attack Akari B1. Attack Akari B2 yourself before backing up to A15.
No. 429185 ID: 132b99

indeed, your bike is a flier, you can also climb the plants and take the pain and jump over if you have to.
No. 429194 ID: 486be3

Hang on, 6 enemies, 6 claw plants. I think they are connected. Try killing the wounded healer with your worms, then check the plants. If I am right, one may weaken or even die. Allowing us to get to the prize and escape.
No. 429319 ID: 886a4d

Communicate with the fleeing Akari, if you help them defeat the Fell will they be willing to at least consider working together in the future?
No. 429328 ID: 180ec2

The gas is toxic. It might kill the plants. Attack the akari attacking us and flee towards the corner if he's dead so the enemies can kill each other. If he's not dead, just have the injured worm 1 flee so worm 2 will be attacked if he attacks.
No. 429334 ID: 120d63
File 134153371758.png - (376.24KB , 1024x768 , 21.png )

[ Reposted, misconstrued suggestions yet again :X ]


Yes. I can just... why did that not occur to me earlier? These things stretch far into the sky, but they have their limits.

Typhon flies his bike over the clawed plants. He misjudges their height, however, and manages to crash into one of the plants on the descent. Spiralling out of control, the bike squeals and screeches as it drives itself into more and more claws, eventually tearing itself to shreds as the claw plants bounce it between each other. Typhon himself lands unharmed on top of the ichor sphere.

oof! Ow. Ahem. For the record, I'd prefer it if we pretend what just happened didn't, advisors.

Typhon grabs the ichor sphere and pushes it into his chest, the ichor within bursting and surging into his body. The Ichor Worms straighten, eyes wide, as their wounds heal instantaneously.

Oh yes. I don't think I could ever tire of this. ...And now I am stuck among a series of clawed trees that I can't harm in any meaningful way. Well, at least I got what I came for.

The Ichor Worms, fully restored, both flee to a corner.

Suddenly, every akari shrieks and begins to run towards the west.

Well, that was simple enough. Wait. Is the air turning purple or is it just--

Without warning, a brilliant purple flash obscures much of the battleground as, out of nowhere, a swarm of creatures pour out of a hovering energy vortex. "Yes, run, pathetic insects! We shall take back what was stolen from us! You shall die for defying the Fell!" screams their leader, much more coherently than most of its kind so far encountered.

None of them seem to have noticed Typhon or the significance of the nearby ichor worms. They look focused on the fleeing akari.

Additional enemy forces! D22: Fell Aerator 1 E25: Fell Aerator 2 E21: Fell A 1 F24: Fell A 2 C21: Fell B 1 E27: Fell B 2 D24: Fell C
No. 429336 ID: 431fa8

How quickly could we build ourselves another bike? If we can do so fairly quickly, we might as well have Typhon start work on a bike concealed behind the claw plants while the ichor worms lay low. Hopefully the Fell will be distracted by the Akari long enough for us to get the hell out of here without being swarmed.
No. 429338 ID: c891d3

Okay um that dude in the middle with all the purple glowy looks like a problem. I have the distinct feeling that he is not something we are presently equipped to deal with.

(Basically he looks like a boss and hell no are we fighting a boss on level 2.) STAY THE HELL AWAY
No. 429339 ID: 365adf

Ask the Akari if they would like assistance.

Can we directly unform? If nobody wants us here let's just leave. Otherwise try to make a bike or something.

In the meantime send the worms up two tiles to prepare to attack.
No. 429341 ID: 132b99

can you commune with the base from here and have another slot grow and have a Spawnery in it? need that done.

and i am sure the akari breathe, so they will be no help against the purple dudes.
No. 429343 ID: cfbe35

It could be possible for us to take out the Aerators, given their dependency on them for life support, though I'ld rather wait until the aura engulfs the plants before doing so, either way, attempt to rebuild the bike, and get the worms to hold position.
We could tell the Akkari our plan, but we could probably wait another turn before doing so...
No. 429344 ID: 180ec2

The gas is toxic. It might kill the plants. Then we can escape, or maybe fight... Wait, if we do get out, how are we supposed to get back to base without a bike? Move the worms a couple tiles towards the center so we can attack if anything splits off. Perhaps we could negotiate a ceasefire with the akari so we both could have a ghost of a chance against these guys.
No. 429352 ID: 886a4d

Do we have to be present at the base to use its facilities? Could we perhaps upgrade ourself right now?
No. 429377 ID: 120d63
File 134154349952.png - (227.08KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

I can access my base remotely, yes. I am able to expend [2] ichor [every round] at my current level of capability. This makes things somewhat impractical.

I cannot unform myself. It is my nature to try and maintain form at all times. The only way I could do this would be if I truly wished to dissipate forever, and I enjoy existing too much to wish for that.

This is not a fight I can win. Not alone.

"Akari!" I shout through the claw plants. They are apparently docile when not being touched. Interesting to note. "I will aid you against these pests if you so desire, and leave once they are dealt with!"

The running akari look in my direction, through the claw plants, and exchange several glances among each other. I hear some faint hisses and other strange vocalisations among them. Once more, they stare at me. Or through me. It's difficult to tell from this distance.

~You have intruded on our lands. You have injured us. You have consumed the flesh of the ancient destroyer, proving your true nature. You bring ruin to all you touch. We have more of our number to fight these cruel abominations. Why do we need your help? Do you seek to wait until we are vulnerable and slay us when our backs are turned?~

The fell squad appears to be... watching the akari. Their leader folds its arms. From this distance, with my supernatural senses, I hear it laugh raspily to itself as it mutters numbers to the others among it.

"I know you can hear me, entity. You are not a subtle beast. The item these insects stole is no longer relevant. You ate it. Aid us in exterminating these vermin. I'll make it worth your time."
No. 429379 ID: b85f8c

Worth our time? That is interesting. What could they offer us? If they have Ichor, we will help them kill these things in exchange for it, definitely.
No. 429385 ID: 886a4d

I have intruded to take what is mine, I have harmed only those directly barring my path. Once I achieved my goal I had my Worms retreat. Is that the action of an indiscrimnate Destroyer?

I aim to destroy only those who would destroy as well, like those who shattered this world. And these Fell certainly seem to qualify... the way they poison the land and the air.
No. 429386 ID: 180ec2

I know we're lusting for power and everything, but even we need to have standards. These guys haven't done anything to us except defend themselves, but the fell just want to exterminate them because they're there, ichor or not. They seem like the type to exterminate anything they can get away with, for that matter. Those guys earlier just saw us and attacked unprovoked. They seem to really want our ichor, and I don't trust them to not try to cross us at the first chance they get. Turn them down.
No. 429387 ID: 953355

Oh, you've decided you don't want to kill us anymore, Fell? I doubt it.

Point out to the Akari that we avoided doing any serious damage and have no interest in invasion. We will be leaving once this is wrapped up. Do you wish to fight the Fell alone with them at full strength? Numbers are not a reason to be careless.
No. 429390 ID: 132b99

could you take on a wisp form and float between the plants? or perhaps infect one with icor, alter it to suit you.
No. 429410 ID: 120d63
File 134154854823.png - (341.63KB , 1024x768 , 23.png )


Wisp form? I have lost a great deal of knowledge about my own potential. This is something I will need to study in the laboratory I have created. And the idea of ichor infecting something seems wildly implausible. It appears I'm the only one capable of forming it into something other than conveniently compact spheres.

"Decided you don't want to kill me any more, Fell? How arbitrary that you should suddenly propose an alliance."
"Alliance? Hek-hek-hek. Alliances are the last refuge of the weak. This is a trade, wandering guardian. Their lives for your gain."
"I have my standards."
"Hek-hek-hek-hek-hek. Very well. Wrap yourself in your delusions. Go. I have no desire to waste my efforts on you right now."

I shout back to the akari. "I came here to take back what was mine. I harmed those attempting to stop me. My worms retreated once I had what I came for. If I desired to destroy you, and you consider me a great destroyer, at least credit me the cunning to do so more efficiently."
~We heard your speech to the fell battlelord. We are too weak to stand against the polluting miasma they bring with them. We intend to flee. There are more strategic defences further into our forests.~

The claw plants shrink back into the ground. I step over them, and the Fell squad watches my every move, weapons primed.

One of the females approaches me, the injured one from before.

~We have agreed to send an envoy to your...~
~Base, for mutual understanding. I surrender my wellbeing into your care. All will know my voice's silence if you should end me.~

The worker drone of the laboratory tells me emphatically and repeatedly that it is perfectly fine with figuring some sort of accommodation module out for a new guest. Should we take this one with us?

But now the only question is how to get out of here. My base can retrieve us from the ground if we can get to uncontested ground.

The tension in the air is high, and my worms still idle happily far where they are of no use to me at all!
No. 429413 ID: 120d63

[ Clarification: uncontested ground is off the right edge of the map. The akari have been retreating off the left edge of the map.

Additionally, without his bike, Typhon's action points are now 6. ]
No. 429414 ID: c891d3

Well, if the Fell guy doesn't give two shits about us right now, I think we should take the opportunity to slip away.
No. 429416 ID: 886a4d

To the water. We don't need to breathe and I bet its not so deep we can't hold the diplomat we just acquired above it. Have it hold its breath as much as possible since I bet the Fell will try to intercept. The worms probably can get to it as well before being blocked.
No. 429421 ID: 953355

Move the worms to K17 and K19. Move yourself down to K and right, your guest down to L and right.
No. 429425 ID: 180ec2

They're splitting off. The worms should attack the guy with the... gun(?) nearby from the tiles below him. If it's a gun definitely attack. Are you still ok to take on the other guy with the gun yourself? Trick question do it anyway.
No. 429426 ID: b85f8c

Okay, have the worms move to and attack the Fell nearest them. You can advance and kill the Fell nearest you- if it does indeed die continue moving to H14. Our new companion should move towards our worms and keep mostly out of combat.
No. 429427 ID: 953355


Why do you want to attack when they might just let us leave? We have a rather fragile guest and we're well outnumbered.
No. 429429 ID: c891d3

Seconding. Would really rather not fight anything right now.
No. 429433 ID: b85f8c

Well, he did say to just go... So as long as they do not in fact attack us on the way out we should be fine I guess.

Switching my vote to just leaving, but have our worms meet up with us halfway there.
No. 429528 ID: 120d63
File 134157799461.png - (367.96KB , 1024x768 , 24.png )


Typhon simply runs, taking the Akari female with him. The Ichor Worms try to meet them as the two run towards them.

The Fell march westward, the gun holders darting around the edge of their cloud.

"Taking a prisoner, hm? 119 102 204 254 9954. Before you leave, let me give you some advice. That particular variety has tendrils in its back that are very sensistive to being torn or pulled out. And when cutting away their receptors dangling from their horns, do it slowly. Make them feel their connection to their kind die away. It breaks them in such amusing ways."

I don't respond. I am a construct built for war. I have killed, but I kill with efficiency. I do not prolong suffering if I can avoid it. I do NOT torture!

"Oh, and before you go? Thank you, Typhon. Thank you for making all of this possible."


"Destroying the entire world was far above our capabilities at the time. With the way things are now, expansion is much simpler when there is no one left to contest our efforts. Once we crush these bugs, uncontested rule of the remaining world will be ours. So once again, thanks. We might even make a statue of you after we kill you!"
No. 429533 ID: cf49fc

They sure are full of themselves aren't they?
"HAH! You fool, blowing up the entire world has given us an advantage, now we'll kill the being who can EXPLODE WORLDS."

Continue fleeing. We need to withdraw to build weapons capable of kicking their arse.
No. 429534 ID: 431fa8

I don't really think that merits a reply.

Let's get going. We're done here.
No. 429537 ID: 886a4d

They really have no idea who they are dealing with. Don`t say anything those fools do not merit a response.
No. 429550 ID: 180ec2

Keep running, and use the worms to shield you and especially your new friend from enemies. Possibly attack the gun guys if you can still get into a blocking position after that. Or if you can flee the field this turn without them doing anything, just do that.
No. 429556 ID: 953355

We can attack tomorrow, let's just leave.
No. 429681 ID: 120d63
File 134161720802.png - (224.31KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

I will not talk with these creatures. It would be more than they deserve.

Typhon, the Ichor Worms and the Akari female sprint past the marching Fell, who break out into a horrible symphony of broken laughter and grating babble.

The group enters a bubble of ichor, which drifts upwards through the open sky to the base.


Casualties: Bike, Ichor Worm 200 Ichor gained Akari envoy obtained
No. 429683 ID: 120d63
File 134161723275.png - (183.20KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

-Typhon's Base-

The worker drone greets Typhon and the envoy of the akari. It takes special interest in the envoy and asks if it can examine her. She agrees, though a little confused. The worker drone requests ichor to figure out as much as it can about the akari through this one specimen.

It also says it added a spawnery because it felt appropriate. It adds, for the advisors' benefits, that ichor spent on research isn't freed until Typhon returns to the base, for a number of extremely complex and boring reasons.

Well, I brought the akari envoy with me. She is wounded, but her wounds are mostly covered in dried blood now. These creatures can heal quickly. All the envoy is communicating right now is a strong sense of unease, and I doubt it's a conscious choice.

Advisors. I'm a soldier, a tactician, and not much of a diplomat. Any advice or questions?
No. 429686 ID: 132b99

so long as the examination causes no harm to the envoy it will be fine.
tell her to ask you any questions she has. or if she has any needs, you and your units don't eat so waht food it can eat is unknown to you.

if we can give the drone 100 icor for research.
No. 429687 ID: 886a4d

Lets see how much Ichor we have available to spend now.

In the meantime ask the Akari what their people are like. Also ask about the Fell, numbers and tactics primarily.

Finally ask if they have more ichor in possession and do they know where the Fell keeps ichor. In exchange for ichor and information you are willing to aid them in defending their homes and eventually driving the Fell back.
No. 429690 ID: c891d3

You could ask about Wintermol. Make sure it still exists and such.
No. 429696 ID: 180ec2

First of all, apologize for attacking unprovoked. You're kind of desperate to regain the parts of your body that you have lost. Say that since the Fell have been so eager to attack us both, it would probably be in both of our interests to have a peaceable relationship so you can focus on the Fell as a much more sinister threat. I think we'd be willing to stay out of their lands if uninvited in exchange for having one group that doesn't hate us. Also, ask if they know about the empire you spoke of.
No. 429740 ID: cf49fc

Get her some medical attention. Chicks love medical attention. Seriously, she's covered in blood.
No. 429753 ID: b85f8c

First thing's first. Ask the envoy for a name, and give yours. Ask her if she has any requests or special needs for her living quarters. Spend some ichor to accommodate her, it probably won't take much. Inform her we wish to examine her painlessly, and that can happen whenever she is ready. Give ichor to the worker for that task when she agrees.

Then on to specifics. Ask more about her race and what would be a good point for you to help fortify their position. We may consider just moving our base out there.

Also spend some more ichor to find another deposit, and create another worm to bolster our forces.
No. 429757 ID: 132b99

we probably need to move up from worms.
No. 429762 ID: b85f8c

I disagree about apologizing. They took something that belonged to us, that's provoking our wrath. Heck, ask if they have any other ichor of ours- the more ichor we have the better we'll be able to defend them.
No. 429767 ID: c3c502

An apology doesn't have to be an admission of fault. We can express regret for her injury (and those of her companions), without conceding the necessity our our acquiring the Ichor. It's absolutely necessary for your survival, and you have a right to what's yours.

You should make it clear that you goal is to restore yourself, rather than conquest. You have the capacity for destruction, but it is not your goal. Force is a means to an end- not an end in and of itself. You do not have a fundamental quarrel with these creatures, their borders, or their right to exist.

You should really ask why the Ichor is valuable to them though. They defended it for a reason, and the purple dudes wanted for a reason.
No. 429806 ID: 120d63
File 134163505012.png - (178.24KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

I regretfully have no medical facilities. Were I to possess one of my old marbles, I could simply heal this akari with a mere thought. I can, however, change the properties of ichor to some extent. Insulative, spongy, stretchy, there. Bandage material. It can only be sustained within these walls, however.

~It stings! <pain>! Stop!~
"I apologise. My intent is not to harm. I would prefer it if my guests did not bleed to death in my personal sanctum."
~<pain>! Hurry up and finish bandaging me, then!~
"I deeply apologise for your injuries. I only sought to take back the parts of my scattered body. This is as vital to me as the defence of your lands is to you. My goal is not destruction. Only restoration."
~We attacked each other because of a misunderstanding? This is unfortunately common when we deal with others outside our shared collective. I can forgive these injuries completely, <name?>, if you can find something more useful than bandages to heal them.~
"Understood. You want to know my name? Typhon. Yours?"
~Taja. I see you can understand us better than some.~
"What are your people like, Taja? I was under the impression you were part of a hivemind."
No. 429807 ID: 120d63
File 134163507479.png - (292.78KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

~We are individuals and a collective. Even now I am in contact with a select few of my kind. An akari cannot hope to live without their connection to the rest. Those who are severed from the collective... it is best not to think such things.

~Our lives are spent among the nature we maintain and allow to thrive. Many of us enter the service of Akar, creator of our race, and learn to harness the forces of life.

~We are thought primitive for living in harmony with our environment by many outsiders, blind to our influence over all that live among us. You yourself witnessed the barrier plants we use to defend strategic points.

~I cannot summarise the entire culture and way of life of my people, but I can perhaps describe my own situation to allow for some insight. The tendrils on my back were granted to me through my own studies and training of life manipulation, and through them I can heal the sick, dying and injured. Unfortunately, this power comes from my own body, which means I cannot heal myself as readily.

~I volunteered to defend the borders of our forests. Mostly, I was tired of study and wanted to put my skills to use before my drives would leave me unable to do so for some time. And here I am now.~

No. 429808 ID: 120d63
File 134163509815.png - (271.40KB , 800x600 , 29.png )


Taja looks at me, tilts her head, and ponders. She slowly approaches me, and places a hand on my chest. ~How strange to see something so old and yet as <lack of specific knowledge> as a waist-high child. It's not important. Just something that would leave me less suited to combat for a while. Something worthwhile.~

She doesn't need to be this patronising about my apparent inability to understand mortal reproduction. I only wanted clarification. Nonetheless, I shall remain diplomatic. "I see." She licks me.

Licking. Physical contact. No. I strongly disagree with where this could be going. I am not going to be a surrogate for entirely misplaced desires. I vaguely recall something similar to this happening before my recent resurrection and it did not end pleasantly for anyone involved.

"Also, remove your hand from me and keep a respectable distance."
"Were you not terrified of me earlier?!"
~Are you not terrified of me now? <whimsy>~
No. 429809 ID: 120d63
File 134163511658.png - (167.51KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

Moving on. "Perhaps. Why did you protect the ichor sphere?"

~We knew of the legends of the ancient destroyer of gleaming white. We thought it was a weapon. We didn't want anyone else using it against us. Especially not the Fell. Then you arrived, and we feared you using the sphere against us. Which brings me to a question I want to ask you. What is ichor? And what are you?~

"Ichor. Ichor is animate magic and force bound into a physical form. It is extremely rare as it is one of the most expensive materials to forge. Some of its original components were rare themselves. Only the most skilled mages could do anything with it other than watch it coalesce into a smooth, hovering ball.

"The rich elite would use it as a form of currency that could not be counterfeited with any ease. Powerful mages sought it as the base of the most dangerous magic known to civilisation. My very creation marked Wintermol both as a powerful empire and a wealthy empire.

"I am a powerful soul, and ichor is my flesh and blood. It bends entirely to my will. My reason for being was twofold. To defend the Wintermol Empire from those who would try to destroy it, and to vanquish its foes. Which reminds me, also. What do you know of Wintermol?"

~I've never heard of Wintermol. Wait, please. ...No other akari has.~
No. 429811 ID: 120d63
File 134163513275.png - (197.13KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

Never heard of-- I must be further from civilisation than I thought. Still, while I am gaining power, I may be stuck here for a while.

"It was worth asking. I need to find more ichor. Do the akari have any more ichor in possession?"
~We will need to consider some things before we give you all the ichor we know of. We also know the Fell have been hunting it.~
"The Fell. They appear to be a significant threat to your kind. I would gladly help you defend your homes and in driving back the Fell if you can help me acquire more ichor."
~This is not a trivial thing to ask of me, or us, Typhon. Our shared thought stream will not come to consensus so quickly. This is perhaps asking too much, but am I able to stay here a while longer? Even if just to rest and allow my wounds to heal.~

I will let you decide this, advisors. It is time to invest the ichor collected today.
No. 429812 ID: 120d63
File 134163514234.png - (98.96KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

Ichor Unspent: 290 Ichor Spent: Units - Ichor Worm (20) - Ichor Worm (20) Base - Laboratory (50) - Observatory (50) - Spawnery (50) - Worker Drone (0) CORE Base Feature - Habitat (Akari) (30) Allows for the safe housing and support of friendly akari. Also allows akari to return to full health between missions. Create Worker Drone (50) Reduces ichor costs to 80% within assigned base feature. Base features can only have one worker drone at a time working in them. SPAWNERY Upgrades can be applied to units for the same cost as during creation. Units can be named if so desired. Create Ichor Worm (20) Create an Ichor Worm, a fairly simple melee unit. Available Upgrades: - Speedy (15) - More action points. - Tough (20) - Resilience to damage. - Vicious (20) - Improved jaw strength. - Smart (20) - Resistance to mind control. Create Typhon Bike (20) - Create a spiderbike vehicle for Typhon. Grants increased action points and the ability to fly over impassable terrain and enemy units. Only one of these can exist at a time. Upgrade - Shaper Drone (250) Consumes a Worker Drone. Allows for further spawnery actions. Does not discount prices. LABORATORY Ichor invested will be returned after mission completion. Research - Improve Typhon (??) Invest variable amount of ichor into Typhon to improve capabilities. Available Upgrades: - Health - Attack Strength - Ichor Flux Rate - Action Points Research - Design New Unit (??) Design a new unit with a specified purpose. More ichor will result in a better but more expensive unit, and vice versa. Research - Improve Existing Unit (??) Unlock a new upgrade for a specified unit type immediately. Better upgrades come with more ichor investment. Research - Investigate Enemy (??) Study captured enemy specimens to learn more of their precious, precious secrets. The more ichor spent, the more useful the result will be. Requires enemy specimens. Dead specimens are consumed, and live specimens can only be used for research once. Living subjects provide twice as much information. Upgrade - Holding Cells (30) Allows for storage of up to 3 live specimens. Upgrade - Science Drone (250) Consumes a Worker Drone. Allows for further laboratory actions. Does not discount prices. OBSERVATORY Ichor invested will be returned after mission completion. Intel - Locate Ichor Deposit (30) Locates an area of the shattered world high in ichor. Ichor is returned after intel is retrieved. Intel - Study Faction (50) Finds the location and area of influence of a specific faction, if the faction is known of. Ichor is returned after intel is retrieved. Upgrade - Observer Drone (250) Consumes a Worker Drone. Allows for further observatory actions. Does not discount prices.
No. 429814 ID: c891d3

Okay, Typhon, uh. Do you actually know long you were out for?

What are you going to do if Wintermol itself is now just a legend, like you are?

I see no reason not to let Taja hang around here. If she were to run into Fell she would likely face problems even if she were at full strength.

Whatever else we buy, we need another bike. Those things are really useful.
No. 429815 ID: 886a4d

We need:
Base Feature - Habitat (Akari) (30)
Intel - Locate Ichor Deposit (30)
Another Bike (20)

I also think we should invest in one more worker drone for our Spawnery since we will be using it alot. (50)

Typhon upgrades (40 ichor to health and attack) (80)

Upgrade our two worms, both with Vicious Jaws and Speedy. (70)
No. 429816 ID: 431fa8

30: Habitat (Akari)
20: Typhon Bike
100: Investigate Enemy (Akari)
30: Locate Ichor Deposit
50: Study Faction (Fell)
60: Design New Unit

New unit design: Spiderfly. Basically, I want a spiderbike that kills things instead of carrying Typhon around, so we can have a high-speed flying squadron as our primary force instead of mucking about with worms.
No. 429817 ID: ca5333

Build the habitat and make a drone for it, then we make ourselves a new bike.

After that, I'm torn between upgrading the ever-loving hell out of ourselves, our Ichor worms, or making some sort of giant Mantis-like War construct for pure, unfiltered devastation, 50-70 Ichor sound good to you guys for such a monstrosity?
No. 429818 ID: 180ec2

Habitat, locate ichor, make three worms, fix your bike, invest 50 ichor into your damage, and invest 100 in designing some kind of long-ranged unit. That's 30 + 30 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 50 + 100 = 290. If we don't design a unit, we could instead make two of the worms Tough, study the Fell, and put 10 points into Typhon's movement.
No. 429820 ID: 107c3d

we should remake our bike, its very useful. for now we should avoid scanning for ichor, too much of a chance that it would be in akari territory. we should gather Intel on the fell, if we are going to be going to war with them we need to know more about them, after we have more info on them we can make units designed to deal with them. we should also look into researching some sort of self destruct ability, it would be an excellent way to take advantage of how very disposable our units are.
No. 429821 ID: 180ec2

Unless we're spending 250 or more on a place there's not really much reason to get a drone. If we end up investing that much in units we can just absorb them, build the drone for the spawnery, and remake them.
No. 429822 ID: 132b99

totes 100 in akari examine
No. 429823 ID: 180ec2

We need a bunch of worms, because we are running low. Make four. And a bike. Build a habitat for your new girlfriend. Study the Fell. Spend 20 points to increase your damage. Spend 50 designing a unit that can attack in a circle if it gets surrounded. Spend 50 more to study your new friend, if that is allowed. If not, put the rest into the unit to make it stronger. That is 290.
No. 429824 ID: b85f8c

I agree with this, although we should only use Investigate Enemy on our envoy if she is informed of the procedure and consents.

Also of note is that we can put the worker in the lab to reduce most of those costs by 20%. So we'd actually use 248. That leaves 42, and we should use that to make one of the new units we just researched.
No. 429833 ID: c3c502

>am I able to stay here a while longer? Even if just to rest and allow my wounds to heal.

Courteously invite her to stay as long as she would like. You have much to discuss and learn from one another in the future, and you would be loathe to terminate diplomatic relations with her people so soon, or leave a being entrusted to your care wounded and alone.

I have to ask point blank- what happens if your originators are extinct? Individuals die. Civilizations fall. Species die out, or become something unrecognizable. You may be immortal, but from all accounts you've given, your masters were mortal men. This is a contingency you must consider. How do your goals change, if you find no one left to serve?
No. 429872 ID: d94e2c

What does upgrading Typhon's Ichor flux rate do?
No. 429875 ID: b85f8c

Typhon, I can understand not wishing to become attached to mortals, especially when it comes to things you were not created to engage in, such as reproduction. The fact that you react with such distress, however, makes me think we should discuss this issue, and perhaps help you work past it. How did it not end pleasantly for you? And for the other?
No. 429889 ID: 120d63

[ Whee, clarifications; the terribly named "Ichor flux rate" is the amount of ichor Typhon can spend on whatever during a combat round, which is currently 2 and therefore useless during combat. ]
No. 430008 ID: 953355

Study Taja next time. Right now we need to focus on our forces.
No. 430009 ID: 886a4d

I agree
No. 430151 ID: 120d63
File 134172581748.png - (151.59KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

I don't know how long I've spent broken across the void. And I don't remember specifics of the last time I was attached to someone else. I just remember something terrible happening.

There are so many reasons I want to refrain from becoming attached to Taja. She's a mortal, and will die sooner than I expect. Mixing diplomatic and personal relations is a dangerous risk. We are the products of different cultures. My creators would likely frown upon this. I'm a fighter, not a lover. The offspring would live either very short and painful lives or be immortals with power beyond comprehension. I know so little about her, and can't risk vulnerability when there is every chance she will be commanded to attack me when I show weakness.

You might not recall why I'm even capable of feeling emotions like this. Put simply, my creation process was complex, and during it I became imbued with ideas, concepts, desires, all shared among those mortals present. As a result, I know I experience things less suited for an immortal weapon and more suited for a creature of finite life falling back on instinct.

I hunger for ichor, and have never felt like I have been starved for so long as I do now. I cannot eat the food of mortals, which just simply stays inside me until I spit it back out. I do not tire, but I find it relaxing to rest for a time. I do not need to breathe, as I have already said, yet I find it enhances my focus.

And among these drives, that irritating mortal drive to reproduce managed to find its way into my subconscious too. It is the weakest of all drives I possess, but it is still present. It has enough presence for me to have felt that embarassment when Taja approached me. I cannot remember why I did not ask my creators to remove it from me. How is such a trait useful for something with my purpose?

Enough reflection. It won't matter when I return to Wintermol. I will aim to be a good host. I will create a home for Taja here, and for any future akari guests. As has been said, there are many benefits to befriending one of the local cultures, and the Fell are not particularly friendly.

And Wintermol will exist in some form. What form, though, I intend to find out. If the unthinkable is true, if Wintermol lies in ruins, then... then I will consider this when it becomes relevant.
No. 430152 ID: 120d63
File 134172584339.png - (451.11KB , 1024x768 , 34.png )

The worker drone spreads plants all across the akari habitat. When questioned by both Typhon and Taja how the worker drone managed to collect so many plants from the akari forests without being spotted, it simply shrugs. Taja is silent for a moment, and then removes her bandages, rubbing some of the plants on her body. She explains that some of these plants are "fronds-of-life", plants infused with the energy of life, and speed the recovery of injuries. Sure enough, with Taja's knowledge of lifeforce manipulation, her injuries are completely cured within moments. Typhon watches Taja gently rubbing herself down with plants, and sternly reminds himself of the numerous reasons he should leave the room and attend to other business.

Akari can now be healed between missions.

No. 430154 ID: 120d63
File 134172591633.png - (188.32KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

Ichor Spent: Typhon - Attack Strength (40) Units - Bike (20) - Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm (55) - Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm (55) - Ichor Worm (20) - Ichor Worm (20) Base - Laboratory (50) - Observatory (50) - Spawnery (50) - Akari Habitat (30) - Worker Drone (0) Invested - Unit Design (60) - Locate Ichor Deposit (30) UNITS MADE Bike x 1 (20) Ichor Worm x 2 (40) UPGRADES Typhon has improved his claws and general strength with 40 ichor, making him more deadly on the battlefield. Both original Ichor Worms have been upgraded with Vicious and Speedy for a total cost of 70 ichor. These two Ichor Worms now have 9 action points. DESIGN There are four proposed areas of focus, with 60 ichor invested. Please suggest from the following list: - Flight and fast movement - Heavy damage output - Long-range attack - Close-range area burst attack INTEL A nearby ichor deposit has been located in Fell fringe territory. While the miasma does not affect Typhon and his units, akari will die slowly within it. It is advised to leave akari units behind.

[ RULE CHANGE! This is pretty arbitrary and coming out of nowhere, I realise, but after going over how the last two combats went there were a few problems I didn't anticipate. So from this point on, it takes 3 action points for Typhon and Ichor Worms to attack mid-movement, but an attack can be made each turn regardless. So with 6 action points, you can move 2 spaces, attack, then 1 more space, OR you can move 3 to 6 spaces and then attack.

Given this new information, if certain upgrades seem kind of worthless you are free to undo them and spend the ichor on something else. ]
No. 430156 ID: 132b99

she's a diplomat anyway, sending a diplomat into a battle is a bad idea. this next deposit seems good. let's go.
No. 430163 ID: 180ec2

>immortals with power beyond comprehension.
How likely is that to actually happen? Because if the odds are good enough... Er, never mind.

Ahh, that looks good. The investments I mean. I vote for the burst attack. We keep getting our units surrounded. I think it would be good if it were tough enough to withstand at least a little bit of time if it gets surrounded, too. Let's go to the ichor deposit.
No. 430164 ID: 431fa8

>- Flight and fast movement
This one. We're going into the territories of more powerful groups than we are- let's play this like raiders, quick in and quick out.
No. 430165 ID: 953355

Right now I want to get a long-range unit, especially with it harder to hit and run.

And so we can afford making one let's go after that new ichor deposit.
No. 430168 ID: c3c502

>It is advised to leave akari units behind.

This should be our default behavior for the moment, not contingent merely to avoiding fell gas.

I know we have natural tendencies to do things like recruit party members, have a healer, and level units. And the interface and healing booth seem to think she's a combat unit to be deployed too. But Taja's pretty definitely a diplomatic envoy we're trying to sway, not a recruit or mercenary. And you don't use foreign diplomats to fight your battles. Sheesh!

Not that is can't change in the future. An alliance may move forward, or she may express a desire to aid our efforts. But till then, she's not ours to call upon.
No. 430170 ID: b85f8c

No. 430176 ID: 107c3d

this, if we grab an ichor sphere and then die we still come out ahead, so being able to reach it is more important than being able to win the fight. though researching some form of self destruct in case an enemy tries to capture us might be a good idea.
No. 430178 ID: 886a4d

Long-range attack
No. 430239 ID: b18143

Look at the long range upgrade and as 2nd priority the area burst attack. We need that kind of flexibility.

Would it be feasible to at some point upgrade the bike to an armored transport? That way Typhon can crash into enemy lines while commando worms leap out to engage the remaining defenders.
No. 430251 ID: 120d63
File 134177353284.png - (120.49KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

NEW UNIT DESIGNED! Spiker Tick The Spiker Tick is a unit fesigned for long range tactics, capable of firing ichor spikes at distressingly high speeds and unerring accuracy. These spikes negligable amounts of ichor and can be formed by the Spiker Tick itself, leading to a practically unlimited amount of ammunition. It is a small, light creature, leading it to move a great deal faster than its larger worm cousins. The main tradeoff, however, is that the Spiker Tick risks flinging itself backwards from its own recoil. As a result, it must anchor itself to the ground when attacking. This process is easily reversible and not too time costly, but the Spiker Tick cannot move and fire within seconds of either action. Cost: 50 Ichor Action Points: 10 Attacks: Ichor Spike Range: One target 3 hexes away Cost: 10 Action Points Uses: Unlimited Must be used at start of turn.

Hm. Useful. This is what a compartment of my mind thought was good? Why is it so small? It doesn't look particularly threatening, does it? Oh well. I assume the worker drone knows what it's doing in that room.

I'm not going to bother entertaining the notion of trying to produce immortals through reckless debauchery with every mortal woman I come across. It is disrespectful, dangerous, and would not even be something I could exploit. I wouldn't be able to control them as tightly as I do my current forces. I'm also not good at romance. At all.

Hm. It is strange. My creations are all linked to me, and I am to them, yet as the worker drone shows there is still independent thought. Perhaps we have a great deal in common more with the akari than just despising the Fell.

Also, while I am musing and responding to you, armored transport does sound incredibly useful. And the scenario described sounds exhilarating. We will have to reconsider this when I collect the ichor sphere down below.

Any further absorption and creation desired before we go?
No. 430253 ID: 431fa8

Urgh. Inability to both shoot and move combined with extremely short range make that a mediocre ranged unit at best.

That said, if we have the 90 ichor from research now freed up to use for units we might as well build one of these and a couple more ichor worms before we head off into hostile territory.
No. 430254 ID: 6e44d2

We need a sniper unit. That's really useful.

Also, jeez, that range is so short!
No. 430255 ID: 132b99

we'll need to just test it on the battle-field to decide if it's good at all.
No. 430256 ID: 120d63

[ Clarification! In my ever continuing parade of errors caused by failing to proof read some of this properly, that range should be 5 hexes. I had adjusted the range in my notes and forgotten to carry it over into the update text. Once more, apologies for the cock-ups. ]
No. 430258 ID: 132b99

okay NOW it sounds pretty useful.
No. 430259 ID: 6e44d2

Let's invest 100 ichor in researching a sniper unit.
No. 430260 ID: b85f8c

That's kindof short range... Well, let's hope the power of its shots makes up for it. Oh, I bet we can upgrade their range. THAT would make them useful.

Anyway let's just keep the units we've got right now, and attack that Fell target.
No. 430263 ID: ca5333

I agree that's sorta of a mediocre unit...BY ITSELF.

BUT! With our durable Worms, we slot these guys in behind the worms and have our a basic combat formation, when we get more ichor we need a sniper unit, but this? For the time being it's rather good when used along-side more durable front-liners such as the Worms.
No. 430264 ID: 180ec2

I thought that was what this was. Long ranged attack thingy.

Also, didn't we use up all our ichor? Let's attack the Fell.
No. 430271 ID: cf49fc

It's not the size that matters, Typhon, it's how you use it.

Don't worry, we just need to obliterate the Fell and you'll be throwing Megaliths and Assault Colossi every which way.
No. 430275 ID: 120d63

[ Another clarification: that should be within 5 hexes. You can target things that are closer. ]
No. 430283 ID: b18143

What happens if you mount a Spiker Tick on a worm or on your bike? Mobile weapons platform?

Either way get one for testing and spend any remaining ichor on worms before we go to claim more resources. Maybe get a 'tough' worm if possible.
No. 430287 ID: b85f8c

OH! Okay 5 hexes is definitely useful, even unupgraded.
No. 430301 ID: c3c502

> This is what a compartment of my mind thought was good? Why is it so small? It doesn't look particularly threatening, does it?

Just wait till we get around to designing our speedy cheap ichor spam zergling type unit. We'll make them small and adorable just for the fun of it.

>My creations [...] independent thought.

This raises some interesting metaphysical lines of questioning. Are your creations sentient beings in their own right? Are they simple extensions of your self- or are they the mortal minions of an immortal creator? When your creations are unmade, does their consciousness die, or does it return to wait in the ichor until you call them forth once more?

Perhaps this is our purpose. Maybe we are more than your advisers- maybe we are the voices of the pool of minds, the reservoir of souls you have to draw upon.
No. 430701 ID: 120d63
File 134188441361.png - (284.58KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

Mounting a Spiker Tick on a worm is not possible without researching an upgrade to do such a thing.

Hm. It appears we don't have any more ichor to spend. To the Fell we go, then. There will be time for further introspection and philosophy after I get more ichor.

My squadron of worms travels along with me in an ichor bubble fired at the target. This quickly seems to be a bad idea, as the Fell are far from being defenseless. Quick beams of crackling energy sing past the bubble, but my focus keeps it agile.

We land in a well-defended section of Fell territory, the purple miasma thick and plentiful here. Fortunately, it does not obscure my forces' vision particularly well. I see no Aerators here, however.

I do see something of the Fell I have not encountered before, moving around on strange spindly mechanical legs. Its red eyes glow malevolently.

"254." Grind. "204. 23 204 119." Click, whirr. "104. 254."

I expect some day I might learn what the number-babble of these creatures means, but I don't expect I will gain any great insight.

Scrape. "Remain." Click click, rattle. "Where you. Are." crape, rattle. "We will. Collect." Grind, scrape, buzz. "You for. Study." Scrape, screech, grind, whirr. "Make no. Attempt to." Screeeech. "Resist."

I think not. I cannot find the ichor sphere, however. This unencountered Fell appears to be working on a machine and- oh. I can sense it within the machine. Troublesome.
No. 430702 ID: 120d63
File 134188444993.png - (399.91KB , 1024x768 , 38.png )


Starting Positions: K9: Typhon K7: Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm 1 L10: Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm 2 K5: Ichor Worm 1 M11: Ichor Worm 2 H12: Fell A 1 I15: Fell A 2 E7: Fell B 1 K25: Fell B 2 F26: Fell B 3 D16: Fell C E15: Fell Machine Head E17: Fell Machine Segment 1 E19: Fell Machine Segment 2 D2: Fell Structure 1 G7: Fell Structure 2 (elevated) I11: Fell Structure 3 J14: Fell Structure 4 K17: Fell Structure 5 (elevated) Units and structures on elevated ground cannot be targeted by the Ichor Worms. The energy wall can be flown over. Unit Recap: Typhon - 12 AP with bike, Attacks: Claw (3 AP) Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm - 9 AP, Attacks: Jaws (3 AP) Ichor Worm - 6 AP, Attacks: Jaws (3 AP)
No. 430703 ID: 132b99

Typhon attacks fell b2
speedy vicious worm 1 attacks fell A1
all other worms move and attack fell structure 3 if it falls before all worms attack the ones with attacks left move in and attack fell a1 or a2.
No. 430704 ID: c3c502

Hey, we have a choke point to work with! Nice. You can put three units in a half circle in front of the gate in the energy wall, and force the fell to fight 3 v 1 battles one at a time.

...assuming of course they can't redirect the energy flow, they can't cross it safely, and they don't have ranged weapons (those look like claws and wrenches, not guns. And there's no aerators to weaponize the gas).

At least we now know why the fell value ichor. They can harness it as an energy source.
No. 430706 ID: 132b99

look closer, fell type B are very very obviously holding crystal guns.
No. 430707 ID: 953355

Okay, let's ignore the barrier except for going through the gap, and let's focus on the new type of Fell.

One vicious worm should attack the leftmost fell, and the other should attack the top one.

Both normal worms should go through the gap and as far up as possible, before attacking Fell A1 together.

Typhon should attack from C15, but just to be on the safe side take a path that doesn't go within a tile of the machine.
No. 430708 ID: b85f8c

Have our two unmodified worms move up to H14 and I13 and engage the enemy there. Our upgraded worms can engage them too, let's say on squares G13 and H16. Each enemy should have one worm of each type attacking it- that will likely result in both dying, if our previous engagement is any indication.

Typhon should zoom up to the Fell working on the machine and attack him.
No. 430709 ID: 196d1b

Improved worms go to G13 and H16 and attack. Other two worms go to the two spaces between the two guards and attack them each. If either is alive, typhon attack them, and go to I7.

Typhon, have you ever seen ichor used to power something? Aside from the obvious, of course.
No. 430711 ID: 431fa8

I don't like the look of those energy beams. Fortunately, since this is a turn-based system we can literally run everyone through the tiny gap where there's no wall without the enemies having a chance to block us. Then we should be able to give Fell A1, A2, and B1 all a solid mauling before they have a chance to strike back.
No. 430712 ID: b85f8c

Oh, and Typhon should attack the mechanic from behind so that he can't run away, and our worms can reach his front.
No. 430713 ID: 196d1b

Oh, if they DO both die, then go attack the one by the machine.
No. 430718 ID: 886a4d

Since our goal really is the Ichor lets go for the machine right away. Typhon to E14, Speedy Vicious Ichor 1 Worm to F16, Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm, Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm 2 F14. All 3 should attack the head.

Worm 1 should head to H14 and Worm 2 should head to I13 and both attack the right Fell.
No. 430763 ID: e3aff6

The machine looks like it will take time to pry open. I think Typhon should attack B1, as going for the leader would let him and all their gunners focus fire on us.
No. 430829 ID: 132b99

CAN WE? how do you know we can go through gaps between two enemies? perhaps they block traffic?
No. 430831 ID: c3c502


There's been no mention of a Zone of Control around or between enemy units restricting movement (although I totally keep thinking it. Dangit, Wesnoth). Unless there's a posted rules change, or unless we come across a specialized unit that generates that effect, I wouldn't worry about it.
No. 430894 ID: 04fa21

If we move Typhon to attack B3 from either E25 or E26 then hopefully the 2nd gunner-type may not fire for fear of hitting that unit.
While the two V.S. Worms can reach and attack B1, and hopefully neutralise it.
Standard worms should attack A1 from G13 and H14, they can hold out for a turn or two, I hope.
No. 430940 ID: 120d63
File 134194166626.png - (445.18KB , 1024x768 , 39.png )

[ Modification to hex grid for visibility's sakes! ]


The mages of Wintermol can draw great power from a sliver of ichor. This is deeply concerning.

Typhon flies over the energy barrier, completely invalidating its purpose. It crackles and zaps as he does so, as if angry. Swerving over the rocks, he flies by the Fell C with his arm held out, claws lengthening and sharpening as he takes a swipe. He gouges out limbs and severs tubes before retreating back to the rocks. The Fell makes no sound or response, merely examining its ruined limbs in curious interest.

The Speedy Vicious Ichor Worms squirm past the Fell guards. The guards seem completely taken aback by how something so big and clumsy looking can move so quickly. The Fell B 1 is especially confused, as it raises its weapon to fire. It does not get the chance, as the worms leap at it and plunge their oversized spiky teeth into the unsuspecting victim. So eager is their assault that the Fell is reduced to bloody chunks and broken mechanisms and wires.

The regular Ichor Worms wiggle and surround Fell A 1, taking turns to rip at it with their not quite as mighty jaws. While one of them happily tears into the Fell, the other manages to miss as it recoils in pain, irately shouting numbers the worms have no capacity to understand.

Both Fell A guards spin around, chattering rapidly and taking out glowing purple spheres. They launch them both nearby, and one curses loudly to the skies as one of the spheres bounces just a little bit too far. The first explodes, catching the Ichor Worms in their blast, knocking them to the ground. The second explodes, utterly destroying a segment of the machine and glancing off of the machines' head.

There is a silence for a few fleeting seconds. Fell B 2 starts barking at Fell A 2, raises its weapon and fires a beam of energy at it, catching the guard by surprise.

Fell B 3 watches the commotion, kicks the wall behind it in frustration and aims at Fell B 2, missing entirely and managing to strike a glancing blow on Fell Structure 5.

Fell C surveys the scene, and wordlessly starts repairing its broken limbs. It works alarmingly rapidly, seemingly completely recovered from Typhon's earlier attack. The Machine pulls its furthest segment closer to it.

This is going to be a lot easier than I thought, isn't it.
No. 430943 ID: 132b99

looks like they think A2 turned traitor. meaning it's options are to actually BE a traitor or die.

super worms split up, 1 attacks B3 the other attacks A1. regular worms move to attack B2.

typhon attacks the machine segment 2.
No. 430946 ID: 7472ad

B3 sided with A2, let's not attack him yet.
No. 430947 ID: 196d1b

One of the regular worms should attack A1 and move towards the vehicle. The other should move to I13. If A1 is still alive, attack it. Otherwise attack A2. One special worm should go attack the C, and typhon should too if it survives. Otherwise attack the vehicle. The other worm should attack the Fell A2, unless it dies, then attack the vehicle as well.
No. 430948 ID: c3c502

Why the heck are they firing on their own? Are there multiple factions here? Are those healing guns? Maybe the type As explode on death, and they're trying to trigger that while the worms are in range?

Or are they really trying to kill it for it's incompetent grenade attempt?

Trying to turn A2 before he can be executed seems interesting. If we add a fell living section on to our base, we'll have the purple smoke to keep him alive, and a living specimen to study. Even better, even normal quarters would act as a cell, since the fell can't operate outside their own atmosphere.

Taja will be understandably less than happy to see it, but we can probably explain the value in having one of our enemy to study.

Targets- finish off A1, diplomacy on A2, gang up on C.
No. 430949 ID: 132b99

oh yes, read it wrong. B3 seems to thing B2 is a jerk.
No. 430950 ID: 886a4d

Typhon should continue to attack from where he is, SV 1 should move to D18 and attack Fell C. SV2 should move to D14 and attack the Fell C. Worm 2 should continue to attack A1 while Worm 1 goes to attack the Machine Section 2.

Typhon should tell A2 that if it wants to live it should retreat behind the barriers and he will promise shelter and protection.
No. 430955 ID: 107c3d

it looks like the Fell C can fix itself as fast as typhon can maul it, unless it exhibits offensive ability's we should ignore it. typhon should start attacking the machine segment, we don't know what it does but lets not give it a chance to show us.
No. 430970 ID: 886a4d

Are you forgetting hes riding a machine that uses ICHOR? You know that stuff that is made of magic? Leave him alone and he might deside to fire it. I doubt that thing is for show. Better to kill the pilot so we won't have to deal with a blast from it.
No. 430974 ID: b18143

Typhon go full attack on Fell C and move on to attack the remaining machine segment if that guy drops quickly. Worms move as per other suggestions to split attacks between the Fell guards and the machine.

Shout at the Fell B guards and Fell A2. Say that if they surrender and join your army they will be spared from both death at your hands or the dire punishment for their treasonous actions at the hands of their masters.

See if the Fell structures can be salvaged. They'd look nice outside your base.
No. 430975 ID: b85f8c

One upgraded worm should assault the mechanic alongside Typhon, the other should go attack Fell B 2 alongside one of the unupgraded worms. The other unupgraded worm should finish off Fell A 1 then standby.
No. 430993 ID: 120d63
File 134195620680.png - (407.00KB , 1024x768 , 40.png )


Typhon digs into the second segment of the machine, slicing off the blades and prying it open. He thrusts a hand into the core of the segment and tears the ichor flowing through inner machinery, returning to his bike as it explodes. He feels the presence of the ichor much more strongly in the head of the machine now. It feels vulnerable.

The two Speedy Vicious Ichor Worms race towards Fell C, ripping it to shreds almost effortlessly. The second of the pair severs the tubes with such force the Fell does not have time to react before it falls to the ground, a pile of dead metal.

Both of the Ichor Worms attempt to take out Fell A. While the first worm misses and spends a moment picking itself up off of the ground, the second worm manages to tear open a painful wound.

I point to the Fell being shot at by its own comrades. "Get behind that barrier and I'll get you out of this alive!"

It stares back at me blankly as its remaining teammates start growling and slowly face it. "What else are you hiding, traitor?!" "KILL THE TRAITOR!"

It instantly starts running. It's not a threat to me any more, that's for certain.

Fell A 1 slices at Ichor Worm 1 as Fell B 2 fires a clean direct beam of energy at it. The worm writhes on the ground for a bit before exploding into a cloud of ichor.

Fell B 3 takes a shot at Typhon, landing a lucky shot on a structural weakness of the bike. The bike still holds, but a sickening lurch and spasm shows the damage was far from trivial.

The Machine begins powering up.

No. 430994 ID: b85f8c

Typhon can take out the head by himself, I think. Being able to control Ichor must make him super effective against it.

Send the two vicious worms against the two gunners. Our last normal worm should finish off Fell A 1.
No. 430995 ID: c3c502

All units: close and finish off the machine. Claim ichor for heals. If the machine goes down and you still have unused attacks, begin mopping up remaining fell.
No. 430998 ID: 196d1b

The normal worm should move to the side of the Fell it's attacking away from the shooters and attack again. Typhon should attack the head, and the augmented worms should also attack it until it is destroyed. If it does get destroyed the worms should attack the top Fell gunman.
No. 431001 ID: 886a4d

I agree, the head must be destroyed before it can fire. The only one not attacking it should be the normal worm who'll finish off that gaurd.
No. 431009 ID: b18143

Nooo! Wormbro!

Do this, but consider dismounting/reabsorbing the bike if it's becoming unreliable.
No. 431018 ID: 132b99

ram the bike into the head segment and jump off it, letting the bike destroy itself on the head.

worms attack B3
No. 431022 ID: 120d63
File 134196370827.png - (390.81KB , 1024x768 , 41.png )


Typhon and Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm 1, with their efforts combined, manage to completely wreck the machine before it has a chance to do anything. Untouched among the carnage, rippling gently above the ground, is the shining brilliance of the pure ichor sphere.

Hmm. That's strange. I wasn't aware I was able to salivate. All that hunger discussion earlier must have triggered something. I have the strangest predatory urge to tear into it with my jaws, but I need only touch it to bring it into me.

Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm 2 flies at Fell B 3, managing to severely wound but not kill it with a flurry of vicious sharp pointy bits.

Ichor Worm 2 manages to end Fell A 1's wretched life once and for all. Typhon feels an impulse of satisfaction from the worm's limited mind.

Fell A 2 runs so far into the distance that the purple smog absorbs him.

Fell B 2 sees its opportunity and takes a shot at Ichor Worm 2. This too does not manage to kill it, but the worm begins bleeding ichor at an alarming rate, crumpling to the ground. Crippled! Action points are now at 3 for Ichor Worm 2.

Fell B 3 returns Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm 1's sentiments through the medium of burning energy, boiling away precious ichor back to Typhon's base.

I can hear some voices around me. Some of the chatter isn't streams of numbers.

"What is Karx going to think?! What is he going to do to us?! He'll have us recycled in nanoseconds!"
"Don't be concerned. They will need to transport the sphere back to their base. We will chase them then. They use weak transports, helpless against any aerial attack. They will be vulnerable."

I was under the impression the Fell knew I could hear them from moderately large distances. It seems I was mistaken.
No. 431024 ID: 132b99

hmmph, they seem to think we just carry the spheres. indulge and eat it. if they still want to fight then fight.
No. 431026 ID: b85f8c

Of course, they're wrong. We don't need to transfer the sphere. We can just keep fighting their forces until Typhon falls, and then MISSION COMPLETE because we respawn back at base with all our ichor intact.

Typhon should grab the sphere (with his mouth, why not) then he and the idle Vicious worm should go and kill the unwounded gunner. The worm in combat should continue combat.
No. 431027 ID: 953355

You could always ride your bike to avoid attacks, but that's not going to get the corpses delivered for analysis very well...

Maybe the plan should be that you take off first after the combat to draw the Fell's focus, and fly around distractingly while everything else is lifted up.

Make sure the bike's fully repaired first, of course.
No. 431029 ID: d8f016


Dang, A2 left the battlefield completely? I wanted to offer him refuge so we could study him. Maybe use him to tap their communication network.

We don't have to carry to ichor, but we do want to take bodies back with us for study. Especially C's corpse. Or bits of the machine if we can- it would be nice to know how and what they're doing to our ichor!

>Strange urges towards the ichor
WAIT. This is unusual behavior. Could the ichor have been contaminated or affected in any way by that machine? Consider your impulses carefully, and study the ichor for any abnormalities before absorbing. This could be a trap. That could be why this encounter looked imposing, but the fell fell before you like leaves.

If the ichor is contaminated, someone or something will have to carry it back so you can purify it for later absorption. (Can your minions carry ichor? Or will we have to improve a container to handle it without absorption?)
No. 431030 ID: 431fa8

Hrm. Absorb the sphere and mop up, but see if we can incapacitate B2 and take them alive for study.
No. 431031 ID: 04fa21

You think the Worm near the gunner can restrain or otherwise grapple him?
Either way, adsorb the Ichor sphere, move the other worm to attack the other gunner and tell them to drop their weapons or face oblivion.
Given Ichor isn't hard to shape it would be fairly easy to make restraints for them.
No. 431032 ID: 196d1b

Ok, then. Eat the ichor sphere in a showy way to show them how well you can keep it safe. Then attack everyone that's left. The worm on the right should attack the nearby guy, then the other sv worm should attack it, or the other if it dies, then you should attack the bottom one. Wounded one can't attack, so go hide at F8 so it doesn't get killed. Because while we can just remake it it is a bit dumb or even cruel to throw them away.
No. 431033 ID: c891d3

Mental note: we need to name the poor worker drone something or other.
No. 431035 ID: 132b99

A2 may have left but he can't fly. we can track him on the ground.
No. 431039 ID: e3aff6

We wouldn't stay dead, but keeping them from knowing that is potentially very useful (and amusing).
No. 431042 ID: 132b99

indeed. make them use a SECET WEAPON but since they don't know about our re-spawn powers never develop a anti-respawn shell or something. thus we make them use their best weapon without negating our real power.
No. 431164 ID: b18143

Have the wounded ichor worm fall back. Everyone else pile in on the Fell B guards.

Would you be able to use the newfound ichor to create a high-speed combat aircraft? Maybe one that could take off slowly and then double back quickly to destroy or capture any followers?

Could there be any advantages to temporarily constructing a base, making some advances or units and then disassembling it?
No. 431678 ID: 120d63
File 134214435872.png - (241.27KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

This isn't contaminated ichor. The very concept is implausible. Free-standing ichor such as this would eject all impurities. To consider this a trap is to credit the Fell with a greater deal of competence than what they have displayed so far.

...This is delicious. I didn't know I could taste. This is the best sensation I have ever felt since the world shattered. I want to savour this forever. But no, this is not the time. Maybe in the future I will have a chance.

I devour the sphere ravenously and feel more strength and sense return to me. With this sphere, mopping up the remaining Fell forces will be trivial.

Or would be, if they hadn't started running while I ate the sphere. The wounded one does not run quickly enough, and one of my improved worms quickly grabs it. Each worm is now responsible for a body or prisoner. The base sends down three ichor spheres, one for each worm and its passenger.

No. 431679 ID: 120d63
File 134214438399.png - (162.32KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

We could track the Fell that ran, but I suspect it would have either been killed by now for betrayal or desertion or whatever reason. It is not worth charging into the unknown for.

I fly upwards into the skies, and quickly enough find out that the Fell once again attempt to shoot me down with their ground defenses. My antics prove suitably distracting. They must assume I'm transporting the ichor sphere personally. Inside my body, somehow. It's not too far from the truth, really.

The bubbles fly far faster than I can, and so I duck and weave among the mauve beams flying around me.
No. 431680 ID: 120d63
File 134214440956.png - (334.31KB , 800x600 , 44.png )


I got too confident! My bike has been hit, is rapidly disintegrating from underneath me. If I hadn't leant backwards that would have destroyed me too--
No. 431681 ID: 120d63
File 134214442657.png - (312.39KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

Although perhaps it didn't need to!

I know I've probably died before. I came back from being scattered across the entire world. I don't remember what it's like, though.

I don't know what it will be like. I don't know if I will come back for definite.

And right now, with the ground hurtling towards me, another one of those mortal desires flares up strongly. The urge to survive. I don't want to die. I can feel it. It's rapidly becoming all I can feel other than the air racing past me.

I don't want to--
No. 431682 ID: 120d63
File 134214446260.png - (72.28KB , 800x600 , 46.png )

No. 431683 ID: 120d63
File 134214448430.png - (254.61KB , 800x600 , 47.png )



Well, that was a roundabout way of returning home. An extremely painful way, too. I have bones! Bones that can break and shatter and splinter in more ways than I thought possible. And that was an insight into the existential fear possessed by mortals that I would rather not be returning to any time soon.

Here I am now, standing in a pool in the spawnery. Ichor flows into me from my surroundings in thick, lazy strands. The worker drone is here, manipulating the ichor to speed my recovery.

"Hi Typhon! You fell and died! Good to see you're back and next time try to be less of a show-off. You landed somewhere in the middle of nowhere so I don't think anyone saw you go splat but try to avoid doing that again!"

I still feel aches and incredible disorientation. "How is Taja?"
"She's asleep at the moment. Why?"
"Oh. Good. I think she would object to our newest guest."
"The Fell prisoner? We'll need holding cells to keep them alive for long enough to be useful, so I went ahead and sculpted them in for you."

It is time to shape my newly acquired ichor into forms more useful to me, I believe.

"Oh, and, um, Typhon?"
"Everyone around here has a name but me. So, um. Could you, uh. Name me? Pleeease?"

I guess I can name this expendable extension of myself if it desires it so much.

Hmm. That's strange. I feel an odd sense of impeding doom. ...It's probably nothing. It would have been useful some time ago. Not now.
No. 431684 ID: 120d63
File 134214450840.png - (84.72KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

Ichor Unspent: 280 Ichor Spent: Typhon - Attack Strength (40) [Boosted to 48] Units - Bike (20) - Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm (55) - Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm (55) - Ichor Worm (20) Base - Laboratory (50) -- Holding Cells (30) - Observatory (50) - Spawnery (50) - Akari Habitat (30) - Worker Drone (0) Total Ichor: 680 CORE Create Worker Drone (50) Reduces ichor costs to 80% within assigned base feature. Base features can only have one worker drone at a time working in them. SPAWNERY Upgrades can be applied to units for the same cost as during creation. Units can be named if so desired. Create Ichor Worm (20) Create an Ichor Worm, a fairly simple melee unit. Available Upgrades: - Speedy (15) - More action points. - Tough (20) - Resilience to damage. - Vicious (20) - Improved jaw strength. - Smart (20) - Resistance to mind control. Create Spiker Tick (50) Create a Spiker Tick, a ranged unit that cannot move and attack on the same turn. Create Typhon Bike (20) Create a spiderbike vehicle for Typhon. Grants increased action points and the ability to fly over impassable terrain and enemy units. Only one of these can exist at a time. Upgrade - Shaper Drone (250) Consumes a Worker Drone. Allows for further spawnery actions. Does not discount prices. LABORATORY Research - Improve Typhon (??) Invest variable amount of ichor into Typhon to improve capabilities. Available Upgrades: - Health - Attack Strength - Ichor Flux Rate - Action Points Research - Design New Unit (??) Design a new unit with a specified purpose. More ichor will result in a better but more expensive unit, and vice versa. Research - Improve Existing Unit (??) Unlock a new upgrade for a specified unit type immediately. Better upgrades come with more ichor investment. Research - Investigate Enemy (??) Study captured enemy specimens to learn more of their precious, precious secrets. The more ichor spent, the more useful the result will be. Requires enemy specimens. Dead specimens are consumed, and live specimens can only be used for research once. Living subjects provide twice as much information. Upgrade - Science Drone (250) Consumes a Worker Drone. Allows for further laboratory actions. Does not discount prices. OBSERVATORY Intel - Locate Ichor Deposit (30) Locates an area of the shattered world high in ichor. Ichor is returned after intel is retrieved. Intel - Study Faction (50) Finds the location and area of influence of a specific faction, if the faction is known of. Ichor is returned after intel is retrieved. Upgrade - Observer Drone (250) Consumes a Worker Drone. Allows for further observatory actions. Does not discount prices.
No. 431685 ID: ad164c

TODO: Bike armor.
No. 431687 ID: 299ed3

Name him Scrambles.
No. 431690 ID: 886a4d

We should get two spiker ticks for 100, upgrade our normal worm with speed(15), vicious jaws(20) and toughness(20) and our two already upgraded worms with toughness(40). And the rest should be poured into our prisoner.

We should ask Taja if there are any battles ongoing that we can assist in. To prove that we can destroy the Fell and get access to ichor.

As for the drone... Zarah?
No. 431691 ID: d8f016

I'd like to see some science before we assign our resources. What have we learned from the corpses that made it back? Or the prisoner? Or the debris from the machine?

Ask Colin there to take you to his lab.
No. 431692 ID: ad164c

Yes. Colin.
No. 431693 ID: 886a4d

Good point lets put 100 into tick research, 180 into Fell equipment. I hope we grabbed the barrier pylons as well. Once thats done we can put all 280 into our prisoner.
No. 431694 ID: f453e3

It occurred to me...

>The offspring would live either very short and painful lives or be immortals with power beyond comprehension.
I can understand why you might have a latent drive to reproduce by accident and as sort of a relic of your creation, but... why do you have the capability to reproduce?

Are you really just a weapon?
No. 431695 ID: b85f8c
File 134214606379.png - (70.75KB , 800x600 , transalateThis.png )

Typhon, we saw something while you were dead. Please tell me if you recognize this script. It looks like it may be a cipher so I will work on translating it myself, but any aid you can render will speed that process.

It looks like it may be read from right to left...
No. 431709 ID: 28f2a3

Study Fell, four ticks, one worm, locate ichor, 100 to study the prisoner, make a spawnery drone (it should be effectively free because we will have over 250 ichor in undiscounted units and that should get discounted by more than fifty), promote our current drone to science drone and put another fifty in attack strength. That should be 680 net ichor cost. To celebrate its promotion name the drone... <s>"Ka</s> "Taka"???
No. 431715 ID: 28f2a3

Make two ticks, and one worm. This will bring our spawnery cost to 250, so because we get 20% off from drones, making one will free up 50 ichor used to make it, so it is free. Locate ichor, study the Fell with what you have left. That should be 280. To distinguish between are cute little drones, let's name the original one... Taka. The new one can be Nete.
No. 431807 ID: b85f8c

Okay, the symbols relate to consonants only, and are pronunciation-based. This is a very difficult thing to translate, even when I know what the symbols all mean.
No. 431881 ID: 688854

Keep with the theme and name him Ladon.
No. 431887 ID: b85f8c

I agree with keeping the theme.
No. 431913 ID: 69c0ae

I'd go with a name like Colin... or Dave. Perhaps Steve.

Another bike is not the way to go. Far too fragile. Maybe an armour clad hover bus with a ramming plow up front. Perfect for storming defenses and good for transporting allies or prisoners alike.

Also I recommend that the ichor worm that captured the prisoner gets a promotion! Upgrade him with the 'smart' and 'tough' upgrades as well and make him the king of worms. You could name him Mannimarco.

Otherwise get a few more troops and research the prisoner. Hopefully that guy will reveal more ichor sources.
No. 431941 ID: 953355

Once there was a shining empire.
It weaved magic into substance.
It was given the name.

Once there was a shining empire.
It feared magic.
It sought to replace it with the works of mortals.

Once there were shining empires.

There are no shining empires any more.
No. 431942 ID: 886a4d

Oh dear. That's noot a good sign for Wintermol
No. 431943 ID: d8f016

Typhoon, it appears some part of your subconscious or substructure may have access to information your conscious mind does not. I'm not sure if this information comes from your inaccessible memories, or if it's draw remotely from scattered ichor fragments.

Unless you dream. Could this be a manifestation of your fear for Wintermol, rather than a true message?

The interesting question is whether you perceived the message at all, or if it was visible only to us advisers.
No. 432028 ID: 120d63
File 134221882722.png - (88.85KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

> Are you really just a weapon?
What else could I be?

> Do you recognise this script?
I see nothing but darkness. If there's a script there I can't make it out.

> That's not a good sign for Wintermol.
I won't entertain these conspiracy theories, advisors. Do not speak of Wintermol in such a fashion again, please. I'm powerless to stop you, but I would greatly prefer it if you did.

> Can you dream?
Why would a weapon dream? I do not sleep. Dreaming requires sleep.

Enough of these inane questions. Time to focus.
No. 432029 ID: 120d63
File 134221884566.png - (118.50KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

Ichor Spent: Typhon - Attack Strength (40) [Boosted to 48] Units - Mannimarco (King Worm) (76) [Reduced from 95] - Elite Worm (60) [Reduced from 75] - Elite Worm (60) [Reduced from 75] - Spiker Tick (40) [Reduced from 50] - Spiker Tick (40) [Reduced from 50] Base - Laboratory (50) -- Colin (Worker Drone) (0) -- Holding Cells (30) - Observatory (50) - Spawnery (50) -- Ladon (Worker Drone) (50) - Akari Habitat (30) Invested - Locate Ichor Deposit (30) - Interrogate Prisoner (74) [Boosted to 178] Total Ichor: 680 UNITS MADE Spiker Tick x 2 (80) [Reduced from 100] Bike reabsorbed for 20 ichor. UPGRADES The Speedy Vicious Ichor Worm responsible for capturing the Fell prisoner has been upgraded with Tough and Smart. The new King Worm decides to celebrate its newfound sentience with a hat. The other two are upgraded each to Elite Worms, possessing Speedy, Vicious and Tough upgrades. DESIGN Unable to provide information at this time. RESEARCH 74 ichor invested into interrogating the Fell prisoner. Unable to provide information at this time. INTEL 30 ichor invested into locating a new ichor deposit. Unable to provide information at this time.

"Typhon! Typhon, something's wrong! The base systems aren't acting properly and--"

Agh! What is that sound?! It sounds like angry winged insects are flying inside my head! Is that possible? AGH! It just gets louder and louder! I can't see! There's nothing but--
No. 432030 ID: 120d63
File 134221888276.png - (104.02KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

I can see again and--


Who the-- how did they-- when did-- "There had better be a good reason for you to be in my--"


I... what? The intruder just stands there, staring at me with great intensity.

"Say it. Name me. First thing that comes to mind."
"Name. Nothing else."
No. 432031 ID: b85f8c


You created her, Typhon. This is the terrible thing that happened when you got attached to someone- she became separate from you and corrupted by your enemies. She will kill you. Run away.
No. 432032 ID: 886a4d

No. 432033 ID: 132b99

No. 432034 ID: 7c31d2

No. 432035 ID: 28f2a3

Nohpyt wait no that's dumb. We need some kind of analogous name.
No. 432036 ID: 132b99

No. 432040 ID: 28f2a3

Mythology where we got your name says Echidna. Sounds good.
No. 432044 ID: b85f8c

This image here >>430151 translates to
"I'm not a part of you any more
I will kill you
I am so so sorry"
No. 432050 ID: b85f8c

The text here symbolizes:
(k)(n) (th)*(r)(b)*
(w)*(th)(ng) (m)*(r)
(t)* (m)*

I'm having issues with translating this.
No. 432051 ID: 953355

Okay lemme get this for you.
"Can there be nothing more to me?"
No. 432054 ID: cf49fc

According to the others, her name is Echidna, and you must KILL HER NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.

She does seem to be a threat, and so you must destroy her. She looks like you, and therefore may be on your level of power. Therefore, she may be responsible for your destruction. Kill her.
No. 432055 ID: b85f8c

Oh, that was an n. Thanks.
No. 432057 ID: 132b99

both of those happened when he talked about how he is just a weapon. perhaps this other entity is those emotions given form due to his denial of them?
No. 432059 ID: 953355

What no plz don't kill.
No. 432061 ID: 886a4d

Pretty sure she is the product of that last dalliance with a mortal.
No. 432070 ID: b85f8c

Well, if she is his daughter then Echidna would be an inappropriate name. I'll change my vote to Nyx to be safe, I suppose.
No. 432086 ID: d8f016

Funny thing Typhoon, it seems like there was something corrupting that ichor after all. That or she was waiting in your system this whole time, until you got strong enough for her to emerge.
No. 432090 ID: ad164c

Definitely Nyx.
No. 432109 ID: 0eed4d

I say we call her nyx and we hear her out, but keep your guard up
No. 432130 ID: 7b858c

Nyx. I want to learn more about her, so killing shouldn't be our first resort.
No. 432154 ID: 3ae52c

Nyx and no killing.
No. 432174 ID: 120d63
File 134223792973.png - (131.25KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

Daughter? No. I know this creature. Vague images and muffled sounds. Who are you? How did you come to be?

I don't need to ask why she is here.

"You remember."

I don't have time to say a single word before she starts tearing black constructs out of the darkness behind her.

She looks out of a window and suddenly freezes, eyes widening. "...No. No. Too late. Again, too late." She looks at me and growls. "Die." Without another word, she lunges forth.

I have had time to gather my forces. I am ready.

I do not intend to die again so soon.
No. 432175 ID: 120d63
File 134223797135.png - (183.31KB , 1024x768 , 53.png )

Memories resurface. All unit names identified.


Starting Positions: H15: Typhon I19: Mannimarco (King Worm) J16: Elite Worm 1 G19: Elite Worm 2 J20: Spiker Tick 1 I21: Spiker Tick 2 K21: Colin (Worker Drone 1) I23: Ladon (Worker Drone 2) F10: Nyx E7: Emperor Eel G7: Elite Eel 1 D10: Elite Eel 2 E5: Crescent Cutter 1 D6: Crescent Cutter 2 E3: Labor Crawler 1 C5: Labor Crawler 2 EXITS A15: Spawnery I29: Akari Habitat M1: Laboratory M17: Observatory Unit Recap: Typhon - 6 AP. Attacks: Claw (3 AP) All Worms - 9 AP. Attacks: Vicious Jaws (3 AP) Spiker Ticks - 10 AP. Attacks: Ichor Spike (10 AP) - must be used at start of turn. Can hit any unit up to 5 hexes away. Worker Drones - 6 AP. Attacks: Headbutt (6 AP) - not recommended. Abilities: Shape (3 AP) - Restore health to ichor-forged unit.

[ NOTE: From this moment, on, all movement costs 2 AP unless otherwise stated. If less than 2 AP remain, movement cannot be continued. ]
No. 432182 ID: 953355
File 134223883503.png - (96.62KB , 512x384 , firstmove.png )

My suggestion. Frontline of melee surrounding one tick, the other tick hangs back just in range, workers move up behind it.
No. 432184 ID: ad164c

This is eerily symmetrical.

If our units were a little more defense-oriented I'd wonder what would happen if we just failed to attack...
No. 432185 ID: b85f8c

Too late AGAIN? What is she talking about? What do you remember of her, Typhon? We can talk while we fight- try to find out what she meant by that. Can you tell if she is made out of ichor?

I would like to point out that it is extremely unlikely that it's a coincidence that her units match yours so exactly.

Alright, time for some TACTICS. Defensive positions- Typhon move right one hex, Manni move left one hex, other worms stay put, spikers move left one hex each.

Hmm, I think we should alert our Akari guest to the invasion. Can we send a quick message via the base that she should come out and join the group so we can protect her? If we can get her out we can move to the spawnery and operate it to replace fallen units.
No. 432186 ID: b85f8c

If we can't use the base to send the message, have the rightmost worker drone go dash into her room and inform her.
No. 432188 ID: 132b99

no, reverse that.
we need to back up so they all come to us, then we counter attack HARD as she would put her units all in range of our ticks.

basically, everyone moves down and right a couple. and change formation so the ticks are protected from the front and her elites can't reach them.
No. 432192 ID: 132b99

also we have healers, so we can let them give us a shitty first hit.
No. 432193 ID: 886a4d

Ya I agree, we want for them to chase us as right now whoever advances first is going to get hit by all the units.
No. 432209 ID: 107c3d

this is a good idea, whoever advances first is going to put there forces into a vulnerable position, so lets have her come to us. to make this appear less like we are trying to draw her in we can make it look like we wish to attempt diplomacy. say something like,

"I do not know why you feel I must die, would some sort compromise be possible? you seem to think I have put something terrible in motion, if we work together we may be able to stop it."

if she refuses and doesn't tell use what is going on say

"at the very least tell me what you think i will cause, you lose nothing if you slay me and if i slay you I will be prepared to try and avoid causing whatever calamity you think i'm going to cause"
No. 432216 ID: d8f016

Well well, Typhoon, it appears you have an antithesis. She seems to have resurrected herself through you, possibly even subverting our base facilities. Are these things comprised of ichor, or something else?
No. 432351 ID: b18143
File 134227676212.png - (215.76KB , 1024x768 , Suggest.png )

This isn't just an illusion or mind control attempt is it? Consider that trickery may be afoot.

How about forming a defensive wall? Suggest placing Typhon on a side with Mannimarco as I assume his death will be the enemy objective. He could potentially run NE to draw the enemies away.
No. 432360 ID: 5546d0

Yeah, let them have the first move.

You said something used all the power they had to destroy you. As a living weapon yourself, might this have been the power they used? An identical and opposing force to put you against your equal? She does look just like you. Only black and with... you know. If she didn't seem to exist to fight you you'd think she was made to seduce you. You've clearly met. Remember anything?
No. 432366 ID: 120d63
File 134228709373.png - (183.11KB , 1024x768 , 54.png )

Ichor? No. All around me I sense ichor, sitting or flowing around the living base I have constructed for myself. My creations themselves are like shining lights of ichor.

I do not sense ichor in these creatures. I do not sense an absence. I sense something wrong. Something consuming.

I instruct an animus geist to warn Taja. I do not feel she is at risk here, but caution is warranted.

"Why do you need to kill me? What do you think I am going to cause?"

No response. Not a sound or motion. My words go entirely ignored.


Typhon's forces pull back into a defensive position.

Nyx's forces advance as a wall, the Labor Crawlers struggling to keep pace.

The base is filled with tense silence.

No. 432378 ID: 132b99

elite worms zoom around and aeach attack a Crescent Cutter. if they survive a spiker tick will shoot it, if it STILL lives then shoot it again with the other. then typhon and Mannimarco will attack the south elite eel with typhon on the inside edge. the workers take up defense positions behind the ticks.
No. 432381 ID: 8f8ce2

Both spikers attack the emperor eel. Melee wall then move left and upleft and attack. Workers move to be upleft of spikers.
No. 432415 ID: 886a4d

I agree, Kill off the long range units first, Typhon and the Emperor should focus fire on on the King Eel.. I doubt we'll be able to kill Nyx but destroying her forces should cause her to flee.
No. 432417 ID: b85f8c

Of note is that workers can only move one hex on the same turn as healing a unit. Units that need healing would need to retreat TO workers to be healed.
No. 432418 ID: 120d63
File 134229857709.png - (157.77KB , 1024x768 , 55.png )


The Spiker Ticks raise their tails and deftly fire between Typhon's forces. Riddled with spikes, the Emperor Eel gargles and bubbles before ripping itself apart with vicious motions. Its remains drift in the air.

Typhon lunges at Nyx, tearing his claws across her chest. For her stoic silence, this new injury elicits a short moan of pain.

She stands back. Typhon looks at his own chest. It feels cold and numbed, and he watches wounds he never saw inflicted bleed profusely.

It will take more than tricks like these to take me down, you self-righteous demon!

The Elite Worms plunge their jaws into the Elite Eels. Both parties screech in pain. The Elite Worms attempt to regrow the jaws that they have lost inside the anti-ichor flesh of the Elite Eels, which in turn try to recover from their impalements.

What-- what is going on? What is happening?!

The cloudy remains of the dead Emperor Eel drift over Mannimarco, smothering him completely. Within the blink of an eye, there isn't a trace of either. 76 ichor lost.


The Elite Eels clamp their own horrifying maws around the Elite Worms. Locked in death embraces, they too dissolve into one another as they die. Nothing remains. 120 ichor lost.

The Crescent Cutters launch crescent blades from their own backs directly at the Spiker Ticks. They embed themselves into the unsuspecting Spiker Ticks, who cry out as their flesh sizzles into nothingness. The Crescent Cutters themselves curl into balls as inky blackness disappears from their own bodies. Crippled! Action points are now at 3 for both Spiker Ticks. Attacks can still be made.

Nyx wipes a hand in the fluid bleeding rapidly out of her torso, and looks to Typhon. Wordlessly, she stabs him through his chest with her own claws while keeping her other hand on her chest. Both cry out in pain, brought to their knees.

They stare at each other in total silence.

No. 432425 ID: 886a4d

Welp. That just ruined... everything. Still nothing to do but finish this. Drones should advance to Typhon and heal. Spider Ticks should target their counter parts and attack them. Typhon should retreat to the workers and get healed.
No. 432427 ID: b85f8c

Holy shit. This is super bad. Um.

Run away. Use the spider ticks to cover your retreat, by blocking Nyx's path. Sentients and Akari first! In fact let's run to Taja and see if she has any plants which can be used to help our escape.

Can you seal off part of the base while you run? Optimally we want to contain Nyx, as killing her will kill you.
No. 432428 ID: d8f016

Oh gods. They're made of anti-ichor. You annihilate each other. We're never getting Mannimarco back. He's dead.

Colin! Get the heck out of here! We can't let you be perma-killed! U_U
No. 432440 ID: d6e1d2

take control of the base have you and both workers help open the floor from under them and drop them.
No. 432443 ID: e3aff6

Re-absorb your worker drones, or if you can't, have your spider-ticks kill them. With the situation, they are safer normal-dead than alive to be made permanent-dead.
No. 432450 ID: 953355

Okay, take this slow.

Spiker ticks didn't get hurt when attacking the eel. Cutters DID get hurt when attacking ticks. Let's get more asymmetrical.

1. Typhon back up one tile to workers.
2. Workers heal typhon and ticks.
3. Typhon move two spaces left and attack cutter.
No. 432456 ID: d8f016


Actually, I like this. We killer her minions, they auto-killed ours. If we reabsorb all our troops, hers should disappear too.

Then it's just 1 on 1, and we have to run/avoid her annihilating us both.
No. 432459 ID: 953355

4. Ticks move one tile right.
No. 432460 ID: b85f8c

Hmm. Thinking about it... asymmetrical attacks might work. Have the spikers kill nyx and this might end.
No. 432461 ID: 886a4d

When the King Eel died his anti-ichor floated over to the Mannimarco and killed him anyway.

If we don't kill the spikers the spikers will kill us. It'd be a shame but we have no choice.

New plan get a team of akari too live on base with us.

Good point. Absorb everything and run. Shout for Tala. Shes the only thing that can kill her.
No. 432462 ID: b85f8c

We should of course keep Typhon away from Nyx's anti-ichor in that case, which would mean blocking her movement with our units. The only possible way to do that is with our drones.
No. 432463 ID: b85f8c

Kill her with Tala? Good idea!

Use the ticks to block her path in that case.
No. 432464 ID: e3aff6

We don't want to risk killing Nyx in case she does the mist thing at us, but if we can get to Tala her healing would let us injure Nyx enough to disable her without doing the same to ourself.
No. 432467 ID: d8f016

Once we've protected our troops, our priority is to get away from this monstrosity. As has been pointed out, we can't kill her without risk of reciprocal death.

So we get her off the base. It's made of ichor, right? Manipulate it. Open the floor out from under her. Reabsorb the entire base if you have to, in order to get her to drop (...try and catch Tala in a floating ichor bubble or something though). Then we fly away, and reform the base and troops with the ichor that survived.
No. 432475 ID: 120d63
File 134230333740.png - (178.85KB , 1024x768 , 56.png )


Typhon, the fear of death coursing through whatever passes for his veins, absorbs all of his forces in one motion of his hand. Nyx does the same. It is not clear if she is forced to do this by whatever binds the two, or if she simply feels the need for her forces to be less relevant.

Typhon runs. He has never run harder. He shouts for Taja, the fear starting to show in his voice. Nyx gives chase, attempting a swipe and just barely missing.

Taja runs out of the akari habitat.
~Akar herself demanded intervention, what is happening?!~

Taja - 7 AP. Not directly controllable.

Typhon attempts to rip the floor of his base open. A large hole appears in the floor, showing nothing but the lifeless void below.

He has absolutely no idea what would happen if he were to push Nyx into it. He could also simply try tearing the hole larger.

[ Pushing an enemy costs all remaining action points and requires being adjacent. The effects of attempting a push are not necessarily predictable. ]
No. 432476 ID: 5546d0

You could always threaten to kill yourself. If you do that you'll just come back. She might not be so lucky.
No. 432486 ID: b85f8c

Note that Nyx did not alter the base in a similar manner. Close the hole but try to grapple Nyx and keep her from attacking you. Urgently request Naja get some plant-based restraints.
No. 432493 ID: 953355

Nah don't do that.

Push her and rip the hole wider.

Get a transport bubble ready to catch you if something goes wrong.
No. 432498 ID: d8f016

Appraise Taja of the situation.

"We have been invaded by what appears to be my mirror opposite. She mimics my actions and creations, and whatever it is she is made of destroys itself and ichor on contact, like fire and ice.

She is hostile, and has not responded to my attempts at reason.

I must find a way to disable her or remove her from this base before I am destroyed."
No. 432500 ID: b85f8c

Oh, here's an idea. Form a cage around her. If she mirrors that, form another cage around YOURSELF to see if she mirrors that as well- if she does, dispel the first cage then get Taja to get some restraints. Then we can tie her up in something she can't mirror.
No. 432505 ID: 132b99

push and rip.
No. 432610 ID: 120d63
File 134231766066.png - (70.90KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

This has gone on for too long. I do not know what fate will befall this thing if I push her down into the void, but I will take no further--



Nyx connects with one last attack before Typhon has the chance to act.

It is a finishing blow to both of them.

~...Typhon? Typhon...~



No. 432611 ID: 120d63
File 134231768285.png - (9.84KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

No. 432612 ID: 120d63
File 134231770122.png - (121.61KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

"Welcome back, Typhon!"

I'm not dead. How am I not dead?

"So yeah, uh, Nyx totally wrecked everything and you tore a hole and that fortunately didn't need too much fixing and Taja convinced the other akari to give us some of their ichor reserves which brings us back to what he had and then some and also the animus geists were so single-minded they finished working on their research while you were out!"

I blink a few times. Colin continues.

"So really the only real casualty we've had in this is Mannimarco. Poor guy. He had the best hat. Oh. Wait, no, I'm wrong. Apparently he's been sitting in our shared head-space thing arguing for hours and hours and hours about... absolutely everything, apparently. How the fight should have gone. The value of life. Why Nyx needs to die a painful painful death over and over again."

"That sounds good," I mutter. I'm laying down. Why am I laying down?

"Oh, and, um, Typhon. Before we go into the research results and location of the ichor deposits, there's, um, well, we were kind of concerned about losing more ichor so we made a special contaiment sphere and um basically you should come see this right away."
No. 432613 ID: 120d63
File 134231771487.png - (136.47KB , 800x600 , 60.png )

"We're keeping Nyx suspended in water. She can't breathe in it but she kept trying to, so we made a tube of ichor to supply her with air. The restraints are also made of ichor, but she hasn't broken them yet."

Typhon. Free me. Any volunteers for a crawler? I will spare you this once.

What. No. I am not going to tolerate mental invasion like this, Nyx.

You are in no position to speak of tolerance, destroyer. Are you blind to what happened? Can you not see I could easily restrain you the way you have me? No, I think this is worth the risk. If he believes it, it could be beneficial.

Do it, then.

I can't. Do you know what it is like to be truly powerless, Typhon?

Of course I do. Thank you for being so honest about your own capabilities. Advisors, what action do we take? I am not one to torture prisoners, but part of me says there are exceptions to every rule.

Always going back to your advisors, aren't you? Quiet, all of you. Always trying to pin the responsibility for your own actions on someone else. If not your advisors, Wintermol. You're a monster, Typhon. A monster that has to be stopped.
No. 432617 ID: 886a4d

She has her own advisors too... interesting. I wish Typhon knew more about her. Tell her about the state of the world Typhon, how it is broken into pieces thanks to your previous destruction. tell her about the Fell, and how they seek to poison everything but themselves. How they too use ichor.

Tell her of the loss of your memories, and above all else tell her your own advisors insist Wintermol is dead.
No. 432619 ID: b85f8c

Ask her what we did. We have no memory, so perhaps things can be different this time around? Show her the Akari as an example. We're not going to destroy them.

Also don't torture her, sheesh. She didn't used to be like she is now- she used to be a part of you. I am certain of it.

Also I think she has advisors just like you do. It's rather strange... ask her how she was created. She probably won't tell you but eh, may as well.
No. 432623 ID: d8f016

>Mannimarco isn't dead
=D !!!

We owe Taja and her people a profound thanks as soon as possible. We are in their debt.

Okay, we obviously need to interrogate her. She seems to know things you/we have fogotten. I wouldn't stoop to torture though. Try honestly- plead your ignorance, explain your goal as a simple desire to repair and be whole. What is her quarrel with you? What does she know of yourself you do not?

And there's no way storing her in the middle of your base can be a long term solution. That is way too risky. We need her somewhere where escape isn't immediately catastrophic for us.
No. 432630 ID: cf49fc

From this discussion, and other evidence, I think we can understand that some form of cataclysmic battle occurred between Wintermol and a foreign power, which developed Nyx, an entity on par with yourself. In the ensuing battle, both empires were most likely significantly lessened. If Nyx, most likely the foreign empire's guardian, is here arguing with you, it is most likely that her empire was totally destroyed.

Ask her if anything of Wintermol survived.
No. 432632 ID: 132b99

you did everything wintermol told you to do, so yes you may have been a destroyer, but what is left to destroy? the shards of the world? why would you? and you have already made allies, why would a destroyer make allies?
No. 432643 ID: 132b99

also torture would prove everything she thinks about your right.
No. 432646 ID: d8f016

Oh yeah, there's also the practical consideration that any torture you inflict on her might reflect to you as well. In addition to the moral grounds and all.
No. 432648 ID: 299ed3

Question her, then kill her and take her ichor.
No. 432652 ID: ad164c

Okay, we can't free her until she gives us, like, even one reason to trust her.

Maybe she remembers things we don't, though.
No. 432673 ID: 132b99

what ichor?
No. 432682 ID: 299ed3

My bad, I forgot they didn't have any, kill her anyway though.
No. 432685 ID: 886a4d

If she dies Typhon goes with her, if Typhon revives she is to. She`s literally a part of him he cannot control.
No. 432689 ID: e3aff6

>You're a monster, Typhon. A monster that has to be stopped.
...Stopped from doing what?
No. 432700 ID: f453e3

If we're taking the position that you are, in fact, a monster... what exactly would she stop you from doing? The world is already a shattered mass of nonsense.
No. 432710 ID: 107c3d

this sounds like the most likely scenario. it is also possible that you and her fighting is what shattered the world, so lets try and not do that again. the case best case scenario for continued conflict at mutually assured destruction.

also, hey! nyx's advisers, can you hear me? if so, considering our bosses annihilate each other on contact, can we agree to try and keep them away from each other?
No. 432745 ID: b2112e

In fact, so far we've acted to reduce the nonsense, by helping out the not-warlike-and-destructive people.
No. 432890 ID: 5546d0

Tell her you made a friend, and not literally this time. You're not going to harm your friends. You really don't seem inclined to destroy anyone right now, except perhaps some of the Fell, because they're apparently genocidal jerks. Jerks with lots of ichor, as a bonus.
No. 433135 ID: 120d63
File 134239700360.png - (173.16KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

> Kill her
There are easier methods of suicide.

So. Nyx. Stopped from doing what?

You've destroyed this world once already! How can you feign ignorance like this?! Do you remember nothing of what horrific destruction you've brought to the world?!!

Actually, I can't remember much of anything prior to me reassembling myself from free-floating ichor.


I don't even really know who you are. I'm surprised I remembered your name.

...You... you don't remember me? It isn't important. Is it? Whatever. It's not important that you know who I am. You know my name. That's sufficient.

You sound concerned that I don't remember who you are. Saddened, perhaps.

It. It's nothing. Forget it. You're good at forgetting things, so I can't imagine this will be difficult for you.
No. 433136 ID: 120d63
File 134239705793.png - (187.68KB , 800x600 , 62.png )

So you claim me to be a monster and a destroyer. Do you know why I still stand before you? I have allies. I have not yet pledged to defend them, but realising the horrors of this broken world has strongly lead me to consider. "Taja, can you come over here?"

Look at this one. Her name, if you had not figured, is Taja. She is one of the akari, a species that lives in harmony and co-operation with the plants that thrive in their territory. She convinced her people to grant me, someone they feared, part of the ichor they had collected.

Don't talk for her. Let her speak to me.

"Taja, Nyx wishes you to talk to her."

Taja looks at Nyx. I am not able to know what they say to each other. After a long silence, she slowly turns towards me. ~She does not believe that I am here of my own free will. If I cannot convince her, I doubt anything else can. I'm sorry, Typhon.~
"No need to apologise. You tried, and I greatly appreciate that."

What about your other prisoner? You don't seem so quick to parade it around in front of me.

That's because that one is an actual prisoner. Taja is not a prisoner, or a slave, or anything beyond a diplomatic guest.

Do you drown all of your prisoners?

...I will remove the water.

"Hold on. How'd you get in here?"
"Uh oh."
No. 433137 ID: 120d63
File 134239710932.png - (238.21KB , 1000x600 , 63.png )

"Lemme go!"
"Stop trying to sneak around!"
"At least support all of me or hold me under the legs, this is really super uncomfortable!!"

I do claim you to be a destroyer. You see how the world is shattered? You did this. Wintermol and Sannersoon? Only ruins remain. They're gone, Typhon. All of the world you knew. All of the world I knew. Wiped out. The only traces that remain are young races picking up the relics of the past and trying to emulate their glory. And you would destroy even this new world if I don't stop you as soon as I can!

Wintermol is eternal. It must still exist in some form.

No. It doesn't. You destroyed it, Typhon.

This is pathetic, Nyx. I will not stand here for you to spew your vile lies and your speeches about Typhon, scourge of all that lives, destroyer of the world, and whatever else you want to call me.

I can't let you go freely and I can't kill you either.

Okay. I will be willing to compromise. Imprison yourself. Locked yourself in a mountain or bind yourself on an ocean floor. Never grow in strength, never destroy anything more, never die. You can stay alive. I can stay alive. Imprison me elsewhere if you'd like. We can spend eternity in isolated individual captivity. Maybe you can spend your life locked in a mauseoleum where Wintermol used to be!

I have you trapped here. I can do whatever I want to you, Nyx. I will make you regret ever coming here. I will make you beg me to free you.

Wintermol is dead, Typhon! It's no more! Gone! A wreck! Shattered like the rest of the world! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, TYPHON! YOU KILLED YOUR OWN EMPIRE!

No. 433154 ID: 5546d0

Your drones seem to be getting friendly~

Anyway, don't do anything dumb, Typhon. It is really undermining your "Not a destroyer of worlds" angle. Also she was talking to herself about trying to get you to believe something to her own benefit. I don't think she's very good at the talking to voices in her head thing. Even if your nation was destroyed and what she is saying is true, she is trying really hard to spin it to make you do exactly what you're doing. And if it really did happen, who's to say why you did it. Maybe you had a good reason. You don't even remember anything. Can you really say you're the same person who did it? If whoever you once were was the kind of person to destroy the world then it's obvious it isn't you anymore. Don't just go doing exactly what she's desperately trying to make you do.
No. 433165 ID: 886a4d

Nothing is eternal Typhon. Even you can die. But do not despair a fallen Empire can revive. You are all that remain so rebuild Wintermol. Gather its fragments as you gather ichor. Teach those you find the ideals of your Empire, recruit them and convince them to follow you and band together.

Wintermol is dead, love live Wintermol.
No. 433167 ID: ad164c

Both of you are kind of unstable. I mean, what kind of crazy shortsighted is it to take an action you know will result in your own death because she's saying something you dislike?

She's probably not lying about Wintermol, though. I hope you realize that.

Anyway, I dunno. Maybe you should add "putting the world back together at least sort of" as a goal?
No. 433168 ID: f453e3

Jesus, just fuck already.
No. 433180 ID: 5546d0

Who, those two or the drones?
No. 433182 ID: 886a4d

No. 433190 ID: b85f8c

Stop it, you fool. She's manipulating you. It would make her glad if you killed her and killed yourself in the process. Let her rot here while you verify if her accusations are true or not.

Also, you have something more important to handle. She managed to spawn a crawler. This means she can still mirror your units, at least when they are near her. Get it under real restraints. Hey, that gives me an idea. She trusts her own units, right? Let's carry her crawler around while we deal with diplomatic issues and interrogate the Fell prisoner. We can't bring it into battle, of course.

It will be our character witness.
No. 433191 ID: 132b99

there was probably a battle, perhaps when you were destroyed the energy unleashed destroyed everything. and it seems she can summon any unit that comes near her. you have a drone in here, so her drone appeared. she is an anti-weapon. her entire purpose to exist is to destroy you.
No. 433197 ID: cf49fc

Calm down, Typhon. It is not going to help anything if you kill yourself. She's obviously suicidal, and a counter to yourself. Therefore, you are only validating her existence by committing hostilities against her. You must calm down. If we are to rebuild civilization, we must have a leader.
No. 433211 ID: b85f8c

Wait, she said she was too late AGAIN when she looked outside. Ask her why that is- she must not have even known the world was destroyed so how can she accuse you of destroying it?
No. 433226 ID: d8f016

Typhoon, she's obviously trying to goad you into committing suicide. She values your death more than her own life.

You cannot give into anger at her words. If Wintermol yet lives? The words do it no harm. If it has been destroyed? Then it is too late for words to matter.

I strongly suspect this irrational anger is a pre-programed response. It does not serve you well. You must overcome it, or lose all that you have.

If Wintermol yet exists, you will find it. If it has died, you will be their legacy. Rebuild this world in their image. Create a new world in the ruins of the old.
No. 433327 ID: 107c3d

I think she's hiding something, or at least in denial about it. you were probably involved in whatever sundered the world, but i'm willing to bet she was as well. it would explain why she seems so desperate to blame you, she does not want to deal with the guilt of being involved in the death of everyone she knew.

ask her for details, as you are now you would not willingly or knowingly act against wintermol, so unless you had been driven mad the destruction of the world was likely unintentional, and something you would very much like to not do again.
No. 433451 ID: 9718f3

Stop to think for a moment. You lost most of your memories. She seems to be a similar being to yourself. It seems likely that she also has memory troubles, she at least is definitely showing signs of mental instability. I think you are both coming to conclusions based on what you can remember, neither version totally reliable.

The reasonable course of action is to investigate her claims, rather than simply denying them. It sounds like she remembers some things that could help lead you to Wintermol, at least.

"I don't believe you. I can't believe you. Not without some sort of proof, not without seeing it with my own eyes. You are free to be my guest until I find Wintermol, to keep an eye on me if you wish, but I will find it! If... if what you claim is true... we'll talk. Death might be acceptable."

The goal is to keep an eye on her so she can't plot against you easily and hopefully make her discard some of her hatred for you by seeing your actions first-hand, and how they aren't horrible. And if she really does create units simply by copying yours she could be an asset, effectively doubling your strength.

Oh, and Nox's reaction to you not remembering her is indicative of a fair deal of familiarity, unlikely to have been negative in nature. I suspect that she may be the last one you were "attached" to. You two have obviously had something of a falling out at some point, and your previous lover is the only being you can remember having anything like that happen with. Could be simple coincidence though. Nox would likely be able to clarify.
No. 433453 ID: b2112e

No point making any more suggestions, guys, this advisor's got it.

Except for one thing: Ask her what it would take to demonstrate your good intentions, particularly with regard to having friendly allies and so on; it should be easy to prove their reality by putting her in contact with Taja's people--perhaps through her worker drone, while she remains safely restrained!
No. 433522 ID: 120d63
File 134247075511.png - (154.74KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

> Wintermol is dead

> She isn't lying about Wintermol
She is.

I am no liar, Typhon, and I know you aren't either! It has been hundreds of years since the destruction of this world, and nothing you could recognise as Wintermol exists! Wintermol is dead, Typhon, and everyone you ever knew and loved, everyone I ever knew and loved, all of them died with it!

Enough. There is no reason for me to trust a single belief you hold. I will not kill you, Nyx. I would not act against Wintermol.

Of course. You couldn't act against Wintermol.


Oh, Typhon. You served Wintermol for as long as you could remember. It's like I'm talking to that Typhon now instead of... well. So hostile to the idea of Wintermol's collapse. Did you ever once refuse an order that was given to you? Did you ever question or doubt what you were told to do? Did you even notice how some of your targets were within the city walls?

...I don't understand what you mean.

Of course you don't. This empire you love, Wintermol. Do you know what you were to it? You probably thought you were a guardian. Some willing servant. Or you never even considered anything. But I knew what I was, Typhon, and I knew what you were. Slaves.

Thinking individuals, as capable of reason and emotion as any mortal, being treated as tools. As property. Let us not forget how many political dissidents and rioters you crushed in the name of Wintermol's vaunted supremacy! But you knew that once. And it broke you. And when you broke, you didn't stop at Wintermol. You didn't stop at Sannersoon. You didn't stop.

I won't allow this to happen again, Typhon. I will die with you if that is what it takes.

No. All lies. All of it. There would be no reason. Even if what you said was true there'd be no reason to harm the innocent. I wasn't made to-- I am only a weap-- I-- I am only a weapon for Wintermol. That's all I am to them. All I was to them. Not a guardian. Not a protector.

If this is true. If any of this is true. What am I now? I can't rebuild the world. It is not my nature to create. I must see what has become of Wintermol with my own eyes. If it has truly been destroyed, I will... I will consider your compromise. If I don't ask for you to kill me first.

"Promise not to do anything suspicious?"
"Okay. ...So, what were you trying to do in here?"
"In hindsight, um, I don't think there's anything I really could do in here."
"Wow, you're not good at this, are you."
"Hey! My strengths are in knowledge, not sneaky spy stuff!"
"...knowledge, you say?"
No. 433523 ID: 120d63
File 134247079839.png - (166.58KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

I don't understand! How can you be this rational, this caring, how can you be who you are right now after-- you're not even the same person you used to be any more. Who are you, Typhon? Who are you going to be?

I no longer know. I don't know who I am any more. I don't know who I will be.

I... I defined myself on stopping you. On ending you. You weren't supposed to... Typhon. I can't trust you. You have rarely used trickery to such an extent, but you are beyond my predictions now. You can't trust me either. I will say this, however. I have been proven wrong on some of the beliefs I have held just now. I no longer want to end my life just to end yours. Our lives are entwined, Typhon. Our strength is tied to one another. I have been told our destinies are as well. Release me. I will show you Wintermol.

The path is blocked by the Fell.

I will lend my support to pushing through their formations and defenses. My support will end upon reaching Wintermol. If you agree to this, we should go as soon as you have prepared your forces. If you do not, I request that you take Cadmea. She is the labor crawler your worker drone is busy distracting.

Once more, advisors, I turn to you.

Can we trust her word?

I will consult with my own advisors. I am not sure if I can trust your word, either.

"...and make sure to stay far away from any sort of shimmery colourful things. I don't know what they think or if they think but it's hard to predict what they're going to do. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the Fell when they showed up!"
"Huh! Well I was just interrogating a Fell prisoner, you know, as you do, and it turns out sternly worded requests don't work half as effectively as appealing to their superiority complexes! Also they're like sort of alive and also not and mostly machine."
"That sounds weird. I think we came across some old Sannersoon manuscripts documenting the work of a mad genius working to fuse flesh and machine together. But the records must have been two or three hundred years old! Maybe they're related? It's a shame we lost those records. They crumbled to dust when we tried to take them outside the tower we found them in."
"Huh. That's a nifty and annoying way of keeping your information mostly safe, I guess."
No. 433527 ID: 19d0de

Oh wow we get a cute thing if we work with her! Accept her offer! Erm, practically, she can't exactly do anything to you without harming herself. You can just rebuild your stuff if it gets broken, and she probably won't be able to convince all of us to do something dumb. She seems surprisingly harmless for being, essentially, the same as you.
No. 433534 ID: 886a4d

Yes, we must confirm she is correct. We must see Wintermol. However you are severely lacking in strength and even with Nyx doubling your strength I doubt you will be able to carve your way through the bulk of the Fell without gaining more ichor. So first we build some more strength. Then we go through them.

One way to do that would be to assist the Akari in defeating the Fell. We do owe them a favor for the ichor already given and I am sure if you help them prevent the Fell from poisoning the land further and maybe even pushing them back they will give you more ichor.

Theres an added benefit to interfering with their war. The more the Fell concentrate on the Akari the fewer troops and weapons they will have gaurding the path to Wintermol.
No. 433536 ID: d8f016

Typhoon, your stated goal has always been to return to Wintermol. She offers you this. You have little choice but accept her offer.

On a more personal note, her claims have merit. Consider your own behavior. You exhibit a blind devotion and loyalty to Wintermol, even to the idea of Wintermol. You could not bring yourself to even consider the possibility of it's destruction in a world rent asunder, left alone so long that new species walk upon the earth. You are calculating and intelligent on all fronts- except in regards to Wintermol. It is your blind spot. I strongly suspect your behavior and emotions in this respect are programmed or conditioned to be so. It makes far greater sense to do this to a tool, to a slave, than to a protector, a guardian, a peer.

For whatever reason, we, your creations, are not subject to the same blinders as you. Although this matters little- we can only argue and offer consul. You alone have final say, and so long as you are so bound, we are all powerless.

Do not speak of your purposeless or worthlessness should Wintemol be gone. You are hardly the first sentient to discover your gods to be empty shells. All that lives must searches for their own purpose- to make their own meaning. To turn your back on the good you could do the world for self pity, or an existential crisis? That is deplorable.
No. 433540 ID: 7c31d2

Give your sister a hug.
No. 433575 ID: 19d0de

I have my own guesses about her, but in this situation a hug seems appropriate regardless of who she was to you.
No. 433585 ID: b85f8c

Typhon, it may not be in your nature to create, but you can still be a guardian or a protector. That is what you not-so-secretly desire to be, is it not?

We still don't know where Nyx came from, though. I think you should ask her about herself.
No. 433603 ID: cf49fc

After all you have created, you could easily create more. One can change one's nature, with time.

You can probably trust Nyx. If she truly desired your destruction at this point, she could have just suicided herself killing you. She's the only thing that could, and has ceased her attempts at such.
No. 433795 ID: 9718f3

She seems pretty sincere, I think betrayal to be unlikely. I trust her.
No. 434199 ID: 04fa21

I see no reason to not accept her offer, though currently the both of you are likely to be too weak to attempt a breakthrough of that scale...

And if the world is in pieces it will need powerful people to carefully stitch it back together, it is much easier to repair and transform things than create them, though you have shown that is capable.

So I guess we should start looking for more Ichor and whatever that black stuff is. Since you've encountered it now it couldn't be too hard for each of you to combine resource location efforts.

Though, considering you are both here... I think it may be a good idea to consider a couple of things about your constituting substances:

Most Ichor we find is likely to be parts of your former self, I may be a bit paranoid but it may be wise to see if there is some way of determining if such a deposit contained fragments of your personality, it would be... disappointing if a hasty adsorption caused you to gain a possibly omnicidal persuasion.

If you both are formed from accretions of these substances then it may be possible that a sufficiently large enough amount of it may end up as another version of you if your presence doesn't extend far enough to reach those pieces. Ichor does call to itself...

Don't forget to release her cuffs, kinda pointless if they can't return it!
No. 434356 ID: b85f8c

Erh, okay, there's a lot of optimism going around in here so I would like to throw in a word of caution.

We don't know what her capabilities are. We should try to find out what she can do and what she can't, while phrasing it in a manner that implies we just want to know so that we can work better alongside her in combat and not lose ichor all over the place.

For instance, is it automatic that when one of her units falls to non-matching damage, its corpse floats over to annihilate its matching unit? What happens when one of ours falls to non-matching damage? Will her matching unit be dispersed?
No. 435334 ID: 120d63
File 134301197226.png - (121.08KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

Maybe I can change my nature. Maybe. I remove the restraints around Nyx. Nyx. We trust you for now.

It is the same for us.

Nyx, before I can go to Wintermol, I require additional ichor--

More ichor. More ichor. Always more ichor. Not so different after all, it seems. Do you know what I had to overcome to even get here? Do I look powerless to you? I had been wearing these restraints to humour you, Typhon. If our battle had happened on grounds more favourable to me, you would be restrained, and I would be the one making demands.

I expected as much. I had figured you had a slightly better reason than "humouring me" behind your compliance. How flattering that you'd put on such a performance for my sake.

What?! No! I was planning my escape! I could have escaped at any time! I'm as deadly and powerful as you are, Typhon! I just don't use force as my first answer to every problem!

Of course. Now, would you mind answering some questions? Such as who exactly you are? Where did you come from? And what did you mean by "too late again"? Nice catch, advisors. I was a little too distracted to notice such a subtle thing. And what are you? You aren't a construct of ichor like myself.

Nyx. Wintermol, same as you. I can't tell you anything else. I... made an arrangement, is how I would describe things right now. An arrangement with someone a lot more powerful than the two of us put together. I can't go into any more detail or the arrangement is, well, undone.

Arrangement? With whom? Undone?

It happened a couple of times before. I think. I'm not sure. And as for what I am, well, all you need to know is our flesh exists in opposition. By either of our wills it can come into being as a reflection of one another, or absorb itself and become nothing. I've heard the black substance you see before you referred to as "the ether", so I will use that name for.

Thank you for your answers. My advisors asked this of me. I feel inclined to act upon their instruction, for some reason.

No. 435335 ID: 120d63
File 134301198917.png - (145.45KB , 800x600 , 67.png )

Okay. Hands off. Now that your interrogation is over and done with, allow me to explain what I can offer in terms of assistance. I will create my own army to complement whatever forces you choose to gather. If you feel any need to advise me on what you think will be best, I will take your advice into account and likely ignore it. I have fought my way to this place and time, Typhon.

It is worth noting, however, that I am not and never have been restricted to giant structures of flesh as you appear to be. Compensating for your powerlessness, are we? My advisors have informed me that you need this place to create your minions. I weave mine into existence with a thought. It takes concentration and time, however.

I have an alternate means of creating units quickly, which allows me to spawn them during combatative situations. You saw me do this during our brief introduction. You and I share the same power over the link tying us together, but you have forgotten its nature. As a result, I have more power over the link, and can use this to mirror any of your units. I can pull their equivalent out of my ether almost instantly, with a significant drawback. The mirrored unit is coterminous with the unit mirrored. If either die, both will. They will not obliterate each other, but will both fall back into our vaguely defined... mind... cloud... thing.

Vaguely defined mind cloud thing.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. We're individuals and we're collectives. I wish I knew why that was, but I don't. Ugh. One hug and suddenly I'm all touchy feely. How irritating. It is going to be a long, long time until there's anyone talented enough to rip emotional feedback out of the link.

I don't know what you're trying to accomplish, Nyx. You didn't want me touching you a moment ago. Regardless, I believe I should focus on other things now. Immediately.
No. 435336 ID: 120d63
File 134301203914.png - (247.25KB , 800x600 , 68.png )


Colin recalls his memories of interrogating the Fell prisoner. The other Fell bodies were swallowed by storage pods for another time.

"Hey. You. I'm gonna ask you things."
"Go die."
"Hm. Blunt. I'm not good at this whole interrogation thing, so--"
"Jump on a spike."
"No, see, I'm the one who has to insult and threaten you into telling me things. That's how this is supposed to work. I think."
"5554. You're still talking. Why are you still talking."
"What is your name?"
"I don't-"
"Names are for the higher-ups. That's my name to you, worm."
"What kind of a name is that? My name's Colin, by the way."
"Colin? Colin? How does a worm like you gets a name?"
"I can give you a name if you want! Um. How about, uh, um, I dunno, your head looks pointy, I'm gonna call you Arrow."
"Arrow is a stupid name! It's the wor- does this mean you just promoted me."
"What? Uh, I guess?"
"And that makes you my direct superior."
"...Yes. I am your direct superior. I need answers right away, er, uh, worm?"
"Confirmed. Ask, Battlelord! I shall give you the information you require!"

Colin paused to wonder if he was incredibly lucky, incredibly convincing, or if the prisoner he was dealing with was just very stupid.

"Yyyes. I've been noticing you guys don't seem to be very fleshy. Like, your blood is all black and stuff and there's wires where nerves would probably be. I think. What gives?"
"I will indulge with pride your desire to know more about our superior physiology. We are not pure flesh creatures, bound in rotting bodies from the moment of construction. We begin as flesh, weak and helpless, but we bind our unrivalled mechanisms to our bodies early into our military careers. Our machinery is the fusion of perfect technology and old magic. It is what provides our weak, fragile bodies with the power to not merely survive, but thrive in the miasma, our greatest weapon of all. We will cover the world in the miasma and all shall be replaced with the Fell. There is no room for imperfection in our utopia."
"Oh. The purple gas stuff. Yeah. Miasma is what it's called? Sounds kind of bad."
"It is terrible only to those who are weak and undeserving of continued existence on this broken world!"

"Okay then. Akari. Why the hate?"
"The akari embody the flesh we despise. They also control the old magic, but it is a sickening, vile mirror of our own. Their magic heals the rot of flesh! I have heard it can destroy the miasma! We struggle to push past their border def- I have said too much. Next question."

"Can you tell me more about your peers, or subordinates?"
"I was a soldier of rank Claw. I am superior to those of rank Fang, supplied with a pathetic ion blade and a single-use grenade. I am supplied with an ion rifle. With my recent promotion, I am now a soldier of rank Spike. I will await my improved long-range rifle and cloaking equipment with the greatest anticipation, my lord!"
"What is with the the aerators? And the... robot thing?"
"There are defective Fell produced in the assemblers. Roughly 5% of all Fell produced will show defects. Defects are repaired. Some defects cannot be repaired, and these Fell enter service as Aerators. These Fell are sent out of our territory and are a primary strategic target. If the Aerators survive and show sufficient skill, they are heavily augmented and directly promoted. "The Stitchers are proof that our technology will always prevail where flesh fails. Those too defective for service and those too cowardly or incompetent to serve are sent to the assemblers once more. They are torn to pieces and their brains scratched and ripped into a conforming pattern, with the defective parts replaced by circuitry. This is then implanted into the Stitcher exoskeleton! Even failures can be made useful!"

"Okay. Insightful. And horrifying. Who is Karx?"
"Karx?! I-is he here?"
"Karx is a warmind! Battlelords answer to him! Fear his name. Fear his name for your life."

"Okay, that's, uh, I think that's all I can get out of you for now.
If I had known this was going to be so easy I wouldn't have needed that much ichor for questioning tactics! Dismissed! Return to your holding cell at once, Claw Arrow."
"Understood, Battlelord Colin!"
No. 435337 ID: 120d63
File 134301208216.png - (158.67KB , 1024x768 , 69.png )

INTEL As requested by Nyx, there is the option to carve through Fell fringe territory to Wintermol. It is not clear what will be found there. The observatory as it stands is not able to see far enough. The closest ichor deposit large enough to be sensed lies within Fell core territory. It will be risky to attempt to collect it, if it can even be reached. The air defenses in place mean a ground approach will be required through what could be the highest security the Fell possess. Taja notes that the akari are requesting mediation regarding a situation on their south borders. Diplomatic negotiations over land with the soroi are proceeding nowhere quickly, and grow tense. The akari believe Typhon is an outsider to both the akari and soroi, and that this status makes him an eligable mediator. Taja personally apologises for her people making such demands of an ancient immortal demigod. Nyx rolls her eyes and mutters something about diplomacy not being one of Typhon's strong points anyway.
No. 435339 ID: 120d63
File 134301209357.png - (61.69KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

[ From this point on, in the interests of making it more clear when ichor is or isn't available, research, intel and design results will be received after a mission as opposed to immediately prior. ]

Ichor Unspent: 580 Ichor Spent: Typhon - Attack Strength (40) [Boosted to 48] Base - Laboratory (50) -- Colin (Worker Drone) (0) -- Holding Cells (30) - Observatory (50) - Spawnery (50) -- Ladon (Worker Drone) (50) - Akari Habitat (30) Total Ichor: 880

[ OPTIONS: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Reformation/Spending ]
No. 435345 ID: 180ec2

Let's start by remaking all the units we just lost and your bike. Also I think it's probably worth upgrading Colin to see what else we can science. Also I'm wondering if we can get an inventory of what if any corpses we have. Also, what do we do with people in holding cells if we have already interrogated them? Release them? Kill them and then study the body?
No. 435347 ID: 120d63

[ Whee, clarification time so soon: advanced drones still provide discounts to basic stuff already available, but no discounts or boosts to advanced stuff made possible through advanced drones. ]
No. 435348 ID: 180ec2

Also, I think we should do the mediation. That sounds a lot more urgent than the other options.
No. 435349 ID: 299ed3

The ichor is out of our reach for the time being, so lets go mediate the border dispute and then try to go around fell territory to wintermole.
No. 435350 ID: bf54a8

we owe the akari, they saved our ass. let's mediate this shit.

let's turn colin into a Science Drone and make a new worker drone n the lab for him. perhaps give him a more intimidating visage for better interrogations.
No. 435351 ID: bf54a8

oh derp. okay no science underling
No. 435352 ID: 953355

Remake Mannimarco and the spiker ticks. That should be plenty of guard for the diplomatic mission. Then promote Colin to science drone and let's use the rest of the ichor on research after checking his capabilities.
No. 435353 ID: 886a4d

A King Worm (76)
2 Elite Worms (120)
2 Spiker (100)
1 Bike (20)


100 into Spiker Upgrades
100 into Typhon Upgrade
64 into Bike Upgrades

Lets do the Diplo mission, ask more details on the soroi and the exact nature of the situation.
No. 435362 ID: 6a1ec2

OK while you may have captured the instigator of it, a method for you to lose ichor does exist, so be wary of close combat with opposite color shadow things.

Consider that perhaps you might enjoy ichor a bit too much. It's awesome stuff and all, and your only meat and bread, but your desire of it left unchecked might cloud your judgement at a crucial time. Consider for instance a situation in which you might have to not consume a small amount of ichor, in order to get a large amount of ichor in the future. Could you make that decision?
No. 435363 ID: b85f8c

The diplomatic mission is the only time-sensitive task we have on our plate. We should do that.

Reform Mannimarco, Ladon, and another spiderbike. Improve Existing Unit on spiker ticks- push 100 ichor into that. Improve Typhon- dump 40 ichor each into the other three unimproved categories.

Also ask Colin how he reformed himself. Weren't you unconscious?
No. 435370 ID: c7f8fb

I vote the diplomatic mission. In addition to being time critical, you owe the Akari a personal debt for their recent aid. You should repay that. In the long run, organic allies without the specif weakness of ichor or either could prove useful.

Additionally, this mission offers contact with a third species. A greater understanding of the inhabitants of this world will be useful.

If I may suggest a topic of research? A unit specifically designed to disable, subdue, and apprehend targets in a non-fatal manner. An abductor, for the purpose of obtaining live specimens. This could prove useful in the next mission- if we end up fighting the Soroi, we can learn from them. And if we take prisoners instead of killing, we may have an avenue for future bargaining or relationships.
No. 435371 ID: ad164c

No. 435397 ID: b85f8c

>abductor unit
Good idea! I vote we put 100 towards that new unit, in addition to my other votes here >>435363
No. 435400 ID: 886a4d

Couldn't we research toxins for our spikers and simply have one of those be tranqs?
No. 435401 ID: 9718f3

Diplomacy ho! Also, we should invite Nyx along so that there is a counter-force to any interests we may have ourselves. That way the process is extra impartial. Wouldn't want to leave ourselves open to accusations of bias.
No. 435602 ID: d94e2c

Get worms back then Diplomacies Promptly and properly. Bring Nyx if she wants to come, maybe ask where she gets the ether from.
No. 435836 ID: 120d63
File 134316589583.png - (289.17KB , 800x600 , 71.png )

UPGRADE Colin is upgraded to a Science Drone.


More options have been made available for research. There remains 330 ichor for unit creation, as well as research and intel purposes.

That is a good question. Colin, how did you reform yourself while I was unconscious?
"Not really sure. I just kind of... uh... something and then there I was. The animus geists captured Nyx and Ladon was floating around the spawnery yelling his manifesto of profileration or whatever he was rambling about and I came to pull you someplace safe so you could recover."

As far as our captive goes, I leave to you to decide. The only way we're getting more information is through the prisoner's dissection.

"You want me to kill the guy I just earned the trust of and study his corpse? That feels wrong like nothing else I've ever heard from you, Typhon."

I have no opinion on the matter one way or the other.

And I am not some primitive animal. I can ignore ichor if I wish. There has been no need for me to do so at this time.

We will set out for the akari southern border once consensus has been achieved. Nyx is welcome to join us.

Why would I ignore a chance to see you play the diplomat? This is going to be an entertaining failure to witness.

[ OPTIONS UPDATED: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Reformation/Spending ]
No. 435840 ID: e7e90d

Am I correct to assume Cadmea was upgraded in tandem with Colin?

Don't murder the prisoner. We maybe be able to subvert him, or find a use for him the future. Corpses are easy to acquire, if we need one later. There might be merit in studying his system of communication- if we observe his speech long enough, we might be able to discern a pattern or meaning behind the numbers they use to communicate. That's a longer term study though.

I still like researching an abductor, and we should reconstitute enough of our forces so that we can fight should the diplomacy fail miserably.

>you play the diplomat? This is going to be an entertaining failure to witness.
Remind nix your attempts with diplomacy with one race has been successful enough to restore you from death. And that your own encounter has concluded in a surprisingly non-fatal manner, for the moment.
No. 435843 ID: b85f8c

I suspect Colin was able to reform himself because he is our 0-ichor drone. The base itself likely can spawn him at will if he is despawned.

Voting again:
Reform Ladon and Mannimarco. (126)
Improve Typhon- dump 40 ichor each into the other three unimproved categories. (120)
Improve Existing Unit on spiker ticks- push the rest of our ichor into that. (84)
No. 435844 ID: 196d1b

Remake units and bike for 292 points I think. The other 38 can go into studying ether. You've got an intuitive understanding of ichor at least, but the latter is pretty alien to us. Though it seems this may not have always been the case.

I'm imagining that link research involves accelerating small bits of ether and ichor at each other in a massive tube until they smash together and recording what comes out.
No. 435846 ID: 196d1b

The drones are fine. They're both on our inventory list already.
No. 435849 ID: b85f8c

Oh whoops.

Reform Mannimarco and the spiderbike. (92)
Improve Typhon- dump 40 ichor each into the other three unimproved categories. (120)
Improve Existing Unit on spiker ticks- push the rest of our ichor into that. (118)
No. 435850 ID: 953355

Okay, let's get as much science out of this as we can. Reform mannimarco of course and then dump the rest into investigating ether.
No. 435851 ID: 886a4d

We`ll get more dead Fell I`m sure. Leave the guy alive. As for our CU usage we do need to get some basic combat units. 2 Elite Worms. 1 King Worm and a Spiker. The rest should be spent on resarching upgrades for our spikers.
No. 436734 ID: b2112e

Also, that her own attempts at diplomacy were entirely nonexistent, at least regarding yourself.
No. 440700 ID: e890e7
File 134447128073.png - (160.16KB , 800x600 , 72.png )

Ichor Spent: Typhon - Health (20) [Boosted to 24] - Attack Strength (40) [Boosted to 48] - Flux Rate (20) [Boosted to 24] - Action Points (20) [Boosted to 24] Units - Typhon Bike (16) [Reduced from 20] - Mannimarco (King Worm) (76) [Reduced from 95] - Spiker Tick (40) [Reduced from 50] Base - Laboratory (50) -- Colin (Science Drone) (250) -- Holding Cells (30) - Observatory (50) - Spawnery (50) -- Ladon (Worker Drone) (50) - Akari Habitat (30) Invested - Spiker Tick Upgrade Research (80) [Boosted to 96] - Examine Ether (58) [Boosted to 70] Total Ichor: 880 UNITS MADE Mannimarco rejoins the group, as does a single Spiker Tick. "Good to be back, Sir Typhon. Let's show our foes what's what, shall we?" Typhon boards his vehicle as Nyx boards her own mirrored copy.

I could insult Nyx's attempts at diplomacy regarding our introductions, but I would feel it much better simply to show Nyx why she is incorrect to judge me so quickly.

I can hear you thinking that.

Am I doomed to never have even the privacy of my own thoughts any more?

Have you ever really had any privacy?
No. 440701 ID: e890e7
File 134447135421.png - (269.67KB , 800x600 , 73.png )

It takes most of a day to reach the source of the dispute. We fly over the akari forests. In the night, gentle glowing lights of green and orange flow through their lands. I note that in the distance they seem to converge into a lake of light, shimmering. The mass pulsates like a heart forged of glowing colour. I expect at some point I will need to investigate this curious phenomenon in more depth.

As morning breaks, the glow fades away into the light of day. More forest is covered. Trees as far as I can see. Mannimarco and the Spiker Tick are in a bubble behind me. Nyx elected to travel without any of her own forces. I am informed she has her own plans for combat if it should arise. The way she informed me suggests that she doesn't expect to actually carry out said plans. For her dismissive remarks, she acts as though confident in my success. I am not sure how to feel about this.

I am not sure how to feel about Nyx altogether. Parts of me say she needs to be locked away for my own safety. Parts of me say I need to know her far better than I do. I am unable to distinguish between the suggestions of the minds within my aggregate consciousness and vague, fleeting images and memories that bubble to my subconscious yet elude the grasp of my focused mind.

I cannot shake the feeling she feels this conflicted about me as well.
No. 440702 ID: e890e7
File 134447137589.png - (309.54KB , 800x600 , 74.png )

We arrive in soroi territory. There are lakes and rivers as far as I can see. In places I note the passage of water is not entirely restricted to channels within the ground. I crash straight through an arch of water, instinctually gasping and choking as though drowning were a concern for me. These mortal reflexes do not suit my form. There are so many questions I do not know the answers to about this world, about those that dwell on it, and even my own nature. I find it maddening to know so little.

I am shaken from my musing by Nyx tugging at the whisker-like protrusions on the side of my head. "Hey. Typhon. Less philosophy, more negotiation. Come on."

A creature starts to approach me, and only me, in silence. There is a strange quality in how they move. They come closer with great speed, yet do not seem to run as much as skate across the water surfaces, and fly through the air in long floating jumps. They stop in front of me, and stare into my eyes. ))Who are you? This is not your stream. Is it yours? Where are you flowing?((

The others in my group continue wandering, oblivious to me pausing, apparently. The creature in front of me remains, a little close for comfort. ))Why are you here? Who are you? You are in my way. What is your way?((
"I am here to assist in diplomatic negotiations between the akari and the soroi."
No. 440703 ID: e890e7
File 134447139065.png - (237.69KB , 800x600 , 75.png )

))You are not akari or soroi. You can assist by removing the akari. I tire of you. Move aside.((
"Move aside?"

I will attempt to remain as polite and cordial as I can be, even though being told so brashly to 'move aside' causes me to dig my claws into my hands. "I will gladly move to wherever these negotations are being held."
))Don't know. Do not care. We are water. Water flows and does not care. You do not flow. It is bothering me.((

I sigh and step to the side. The soroi does not move and continues to stare. ))You do not obey the rules?((
"What rules? What are these rules?"

No response. Nothing but silence and constant staring. I am wasting my time here. "Can you please stop staring at me?"
))I don't understand what you are. You stopped me. Do the rules apply? I am not sure.((
"My name is Typhon, and what are these rules you keep mentioning?"
))I don't know what a typhon is. Are you a typhoon? It is not warm enough for a typhoon. Are you a storm?((
"I'm-- I guess you could say I'm a storm. What are you? You're a soroi, correct? Do you have a name?"
"Okay. What's your own name?"
"Sigh... I'm a storm, apparently, called a typhoon. You're a soroi, called what?"
))Not what. I am soroi.((

This was a terrible mistake.
No. 440704 ID: 886a4d

Are tehy like the Akari, but more? that is one mind with many bodies.
No. 440705 ID: b85f8c

Okay, they don't use names. They don't seem to be a hivemind, but perhaps it is more like a hive, where everyone has a duty and everything is ordered.

Ask them what they think of the Asari. And where the asari are at the moment.
No. 440710 ID: d6c330

Not such a mistake. They just have an alien mindset. We need to speak on their own terms, find a way to get through to them.

And for someone who only started naming his underlings a day ago, you're awful hung up on this guy having trouble with individual identity.

"No, I do not flow. I am the storm- my purpose is to change flows, to reshape channels and currents by my own strength and will. I see the flow of the akari and soroi crashing together, as a tumultuous conflict. I seek to divert these flows- to avoid the tumult, to instead craft a gentle mingling of the waters."
No. 440711 ID: 180ec2

...Huh. Ask if there are any more of them around. Maybe we can figure out what about its understanding of the world is confusing it. Ask what their problem with the akari is, too. Is it that they are in the way in some matter that they can't pass? Water tends to go around things blocking it, usually.

It seems like quite a few of the races in this world has an interesting sense of self. The akari have all of their minds loosely linked, these people seem to lack understanding of individuals, and even you have countless subordinate personalities and some kind of mental connection to someone else with the same.
No. 440778 ID: 100061

lets try and find the akari, them at least we can talk to.
No. 440812 ID: d94e2c

Don't be so bothered by the staring. It is entirely possible that these beings do not possess conventional eyes or eyelids. Or maybe they have see through eyelids, as is common for amphibious creatures like frogs.
No. 440831 ID: e890e7
File 134448788003.png - (356.21KB , 800x600 , 76.png )

I may have only started naming my minions and associates recently, but I saw them less as individuals and more as parts of myself. I am more accustomed to interacting with individuals with names and their own goals and drives. Or, I was.

Yes, I see what you mean. I regret not naming Colin earlier. He in particular is rapidly becoming less a part of myself and more an individual in his own right. I do not know how to feel about this, but I recall exactly what it was like to be an unknowing slave to a master I was incapable of disobeying. The parallels are making me a little uncomfortable.

"I do not flow. I am the storm. I am here to change flows--"
))The storm is changed by the flows.((
"Are there any more of you around?"
"Can I talk to any of them?"


"Can you tell me where they are?"
"Where are they?"
"Are you being deliberately evasive for a reason?"
))You bore me. This amuses me.((

I start walking away. The soroi effortlessly glides across the water in front of me. ))Do not help the akari. They have no purpose but that given to them by their creator. We have our own purpose. We have our rules piped into the waters. We fought for our freedom from the madness and we earned flesh. The marble realised our dream.((
))You will know what I mean if you do not already. It spreads like a sickness.((
"The Fell?"
))A marble realised their dream. They are not the disease.((
"You know a lot more than you're letting on to me, don't you? Are all soroi this knowledgeable?"
))Only a curious soroi would seek out the events that have passed. Only a curious soroi would defy her rules to address something that does not conform to the streams and the flows with anything other than correction.((
"You're a curious soroi, then."
))You are a strange typhoon.((

Progress. Maybe I can start asking her more things.
No. 440832 ID: bf54a8

being created does not mean you are un-deserving. you must fight against the world all the same, and the akari will fight against you. but they may lose, not for a lack of trying but because they will face a war on two fronts. then when they are gone, the fell will attack you and not change the flow, but destroy it.
No. 440833 ID: d6c330

Ask about the marbles. A logical guess might be that they mean Ichor orbs.

Ask what the problem with the akari is. Why do they flow against them? Yes, it is a good thing to have found your purpose, but why does a found purpose necessitate conflict with a god given one? Flow is flow, the age and origin should not matter.
No. 440834 ID: 180ec2

Are these marbles the ichor? (if you can, free up a tiny bit to show) And is this related to whatever happened to destroy the world?

Also, ask why both of their peoples seem to dislike each other. Is it just opposing societal values? Or did someone do something? Note that you aren't currently doing anything for the akari except offering to help protect them from attack if they need it.
No. 440846 ID: d3f166

When you speak of this flow, which you must conform to or be corrected, it sounds like it represents the rules of your society, and is treated like a part of you. Your race seems to revolve around its customs and follow them very strictly. I don't know how the Akari feel, but I know some would find this disturbing. And many in such a society would likely find life without their customs barbaric. How would you respond, for example, if someone grabbed you and started licking you to provoke a reaction?
No. 440850 ID: b85f8c

Ask more about this... marble.

Also I think you should ask her if there is a way to contact her in the future. She knows so much and we might have new questions later.

But back on topic- we are not here to help the Akari or the Soroi in exclusion of the other. Our aim is to prevent war and reach an agreement between the two sides. The dispute is over land rights, right?
No. 441457 ID: e890e7
File 134463834687.png - (392.18KB , 1024x768 , 77.png )

"The nature of the akari's purpose shouldn't affect how you view the akari. I myself was created some time ago. Far before the world was how it is now."
))Do you follow your own purpose or that which your creator made you for?((
))What is more important to you?((
"...My own purpose, but that is not dismissive of the akari. I am here because the akari have helped me, and the soroi have not wronged me, and I do not want to see either fight. The akari already face a threat to the northeast. One which would destroy your kind with the same aggression."
))We face many threats. The rules of the waterways keep us capable of responding to them.((
"Why do you hate the akari?"
))The akari do not flow. Their rules are solid. They spread like vermin across their lands and it is not enough for them. More, they cry. More land. More plants. More akari. They outnumber us. Our rules have flowed new places to compensate. Our goals are now defense and procreation, as we can go nowhere else. The world is too broken. We cannot survive in the emptiness. Art and knowledge have lost their place. Survival is all we know.((
"Okay. Do you know why the akari hate you?"
))They see us as horrors. The akari attach to each other readily. They form strong couplings, hiearchies of descendants and ancestors. We do not attach to each other so strongly. Water flows. Ice remains. We are not ice. Ice shatters. Water ripples. We block their expansion. This also causes the strife.((

I'll have to confirm this with the akari when I meet them. It does sound that the akari object almost violently to the soroi way of life.

"Okay. Another couple of questions, while I think of them. What is this marble? Is it made out of, well, this?" I form a small ball of ichor in my hand. The soroi looks at it.
))Connections. There are connections, but they are not the same. The marble is old. It was forged by the ancients. The sickness claimed all but the marble. With our flowing rules, and the marble, we are safe from the sickness.((
"I see. One last question. You seem bound to follow a large variety of rules for behaviour. I wonder, how would you respond to me grabbing and licking you? What reaction would that provoke? I do not mean to offend, I am just genuinely curious."
))Condition, collision between a healthy male and a healthy female, not currently pregnant, mutually capable of reproduction. Response, attempt reproduction.(( She tilts her head and I find myself very quickly making notes to never ask anyone about physical contact ever again. ))What would it be like to bear a storm?((

Well, this is painfully awkward, and I have no one to blame but myself for getting into this situation. Is this going to happen with every new species I meet? "Well, that sure is a reaction. Are there any situations you don't have rules for handling? How would you respond to those?"
))Bored of questions now. Are you going to lick me still? I want to carry a storm.((
"No. I wasn't going to lick you in the first place. It was a hypothetical situation. Are you sure you don't know where these negotiations are taking place?"
))Still bored of questions. It will affect nothing. The soroi have no leader but themselves. If you wish to convince any of us, you must convince all of us. You must convince the water you stand in.((
"If I can prove to you I can convince water, will you show me where the negotiations are happening?"
))If you can prove to me you can convince water, I will show you where the words that affect nothing are being spoken. Be a storm, typhoon. Be a storm.((
No. 441463 ID: b85f8c

Let's see. Colin made that water pillar before to contain Nyx, so I must assume you have a similar capability. Or you could just shove ichor into the water? Well you're made out of magic, use it. DO MAGIC TO IT.
No. 441478 ID: 0aca61

Well, at least you haven't had any of the Fell hitting on you ...yet. Can you do anything with ichor to move around water? Put a bunch of tiny bits in the water and move the bits around?
No. 441487 ID: d6c330

>Is this going to happen with every new species I meet?
If you make a point of hitting on them, yes. I would remind you you do not need heed every piece of advice given to you by every adviser.

This seems logical. If Ichor is the purest of magics, surely its power can be turned to something as simple as manipulation of the elements. Failing that, we can craft things (creatures or machines) that manipulate the flow of water mechanically.

In any event, in sounds as if the akari are the aggressors in this conflict. They cling to an old doctrine, to spread at any cost. If we are to convince the soroi to cease hostilities, we must first address the akari expansion and treatment of the soroi.
No. 441500 ID: 196d1b

Well, nobody DID suggest that. He just went with it. He keeps complaining about how he doesn't want to let any kinds of physical urges affect him, but he sure went out of the way to phrase that question in the flirtiest way possible.

Can you directly manipulate anything that isn't full of ichor? If not, I suppose you could try >>441478 or making some kind of pump or propeller or something out of ichor. Or if your bike flies in a way that's reactionary, it might be able to move around the water.
No. 441504 ID: bf54a8

wafer thin sheet of ichor as a scoop.
No. 441531 ID: e3aff6

This one right here did.
No. 443634 ID: e890e7
File 134508246730.png - (196.10KB , 800x600 , 78.png )

Make a point of hitting on-- Look! Is it my fault apparently so many females of all the species I've encountered find me completely irresista-- This is the wrong way to phrase the point I'm trying to make. It was a mistake, regardless. Do I need to convince you further? I wouldn't mind a single day without the crowd of voices lingering in my head judging my every action.

Anyway. Present business. Maybe I can influence water. As you have said, Colin was able to construct a pillar of water to keep Nyx contained. I reach out to the water and... I'm not entirely sure what I should be doing here. Controlling ichor is like flexing a limb to me. A limb of shape and muscles I have to sometimes learn and fumble with slightly, but it is otherwise as natural to me as moving my own body. I can't seem to just will the water below me to act.

I lower my hand and close my eyes, focusing on the water. A sudden splash to my face causes me to open my eyes again. The soroi looks at me still, as always.

))You have proved you can anger the water. Convincing is the next step.((

Eyes open, I reach out and focus on pulling a thread from the water like I might pull a tendril out of ichor. It is a lot more difficult than working with ichor, but a string of water lazily snakes its way up to meet my arm. I gently guide it into a ring shape, wobbling just above my hand. A sphere would be neater, but I struggle enough to keep the water in its severed tendril state. "Is this enough for you?"
))You do not know how the water flows but you can change its course. I do not know what to think.((
"Can you take me to the negotiations now?"
))Yes. You could perhaps change things.((
No. 443637 ID: e890e7
File 134508277369.png - (579.44KB , 1024x768 , 79.png )

The soroi leads me to-- oh. This certainly is an impressive sight. The site of the negotiations appears to be a ceremonial dais, with a sphere hovering far above. I imagine enclosed buildings fly against the free movement the soroi value so much. The dais is constructed from flowing water, and glowing liquid flowing a lot more sluggishly. Even the very skies change their colours as I approach. ...Are these other creatures here also soroi?

~Typhon! These creatures do not understand compassion! They do not understand love! They deny us the lands we need to sustain our people as we fight for our very survival against the constant onslaught of the Fell! We are pushed further and further back by their unending armies, and these creatures try to drown us with their refusal--~

>>That is enough, akari Soja,<< hisses the fire-coloured creature. It speaks in a whispering voice, crackling like lit firewood. >>We have nowhere we may flow. To obey you is to need to cull ourselves. We are bound by our rules, and our rules are bound by us. They do not permit such abhorrent slaughter of our own. Would you kill your own kind in volume if we demanded it? I do not think you would.<<

~We do not need to worry about killing our own people,~ snarls the wavering mental voice of the akari. ~The Fell are becoming very efficient at it.~

>>The troubles of your people are great. We will not harm ourselves for your benefit. We face our own nightmares. Ours is an enemy that cannot be seen, and is the deadlier for it.<<

The fire-coloured creature turns towards me.

>>You are not welcome here for much longer, typhoon. I apologise. Your blood draws them nearer. Speak your words, and leave. There is much we regret about this necessity.<<
||It is true,|| speaks the green creature in a soft, chiming voice. ||We are sorry.||
No. 443639 ID: b85f8c

Our blood, huh? Perhaps we could use that. An ichor beacon to distract their enemy?

Personally I haven't seen any evidence that they cannot take up the same space. They seem to make water passageways at will; can't they just live up above while the Akari live below?

If that's not feasible, it sounds like they both need help. Why not cooperate? Or switch places? The Fell might not find the Soroi to be as easy an opponent, and the Akari might fare better against whatever the unseen foe is.
No. 443645 ID: 180ec2

So, the Fell are pushing back the akari territory. This is making them try to expand into soroi territory to sustain themselves after losing much needed land. The soroi however need to expand themselves, possibly in part because of another unseen foe, and possibly just because of their rate of population growth requiring more lands themselves. This foe that the soroi mentioned, who are they? Are they taking land belonging to the soroi as well? If the border tensions are because of pressure on both of the groups by attacking armies, you could potentially assist in holding off assault on both. You are literally a one-man army, and are already ready to help the akari. However, if the soroi are only exerting pressure due to population growth, this is more difficult to solve. It does look like their society's rules are geared towards maximal population growth. I mean, that one right there is even pregnant. What is on their other borders? Is there any unclaimed land in the world?
No. 443665 ID: b6edd6

Just to be clear, are they talking about a literal attacker that is invisible, or some kind of curse or mental effect?
No. 443671 ID: d6c330

>I wouldn't mind a single day without the crowd of voices lingering in my head judging my every action.
That's understandable. We'll try to offer more advice, and less judgement. Although, when you ask a silly question, you're bringing it on yourself.

Gaaah, too many speech symbols.

If our time here is brief, I will be blunt. It does not appear either side wishes to be enemies- you have been driven to conflict by outside forces. Removing these outside forces seems the obvious solution.

The fell have already made themselves my enemy. I have fought them, and I have won. I would gladly aid the akari repel their aggression. I would gladly aid the soroi against their foe as well to prevent this needless war. Especially if it seeks out my blood, and makes itself my enemy.
No. 443695 ID: bf54a8

yes ask if perhaps they could try and fight eachother's enemies, then they could expand away from eachother instead of towards.
No. 443712 ID: 6e44d2

If we offered to take the fight to the fell, we could take the pressure off the akari, and thus they'd no longer need help from the soroi. Keep this option in mind as you negotiate, Typhon.
No. 443767 ID: 100061

the root cause seems to be that both the Akari and the Soroi have either barely enough or not quite enough land to sustain there populations due to incursions by hostile powers. a point worth mentioning is that if they go to war all it will really accomplish would be opening another front for both the Sorori and the Akari, leeching vitally important resources from there current struggles.

a better strategy may be an agreement of mutual assistance. if the Sorori and the Akari combine there tech bases its possible they could both gain an advantage against there foes. failing that we could offer to help hold the line for the Akari as they divert resources to help the Soroi, who would then help the Akari in turn once there foe had been contained or neutralized.
No. 443844 ID: fb372e

This. If you fight each other, you will both lose. If you assist each other, you will gain new strategic options to surprise your respective enemies with, which could turn the tide of your wars.
No. 446641 ID: 0f60d7
File 134576249615.png - (245.94KB , 800x600 , 80.png )

"Why can't you coexist? I've seen waterways in the sky, and surely you can have trees and forests and lakes and rivers all in the same place. Why is this separation so desired?"

There is a tense silence as both the soroi and the akari look anywhere except each other, then to me, then back to each other.

~There is are fundamental differences in our world views. We are incompatible.~
>>There is reason for our differences. We cannot coexist.<<
~Akar would not allow it.~
>>We could never permit it.<<


>>Akari cannot flow as soroi. They anchor themselves to each other so a single death brings untold devastation to so many of them. We keep ourselves free of attachments.<<
~The soroi, among other things, throw their own children to the mercy of the environment and care nothing about their safety. It is disgustingly callous behaviour. None of us can condone it.~

"Would you even need to interact?"

>>Our rivers cannot stay in the sky forever. They drift from the lakes to the clouds as the rules maintain.<<
~We would not allow the soroi waters to cover our forests in such amount. Their water is not just water, Typhon. There would be changes we would not be willing to accept.~

"If you could co-operate, you would be able to surprise your foes. The Fell do not expect any form of attack by the soroi. I do not even know if the Fell know the soroi exist. And as for the enemy of the soroi, well, actually, is it a physical enemy we're talking about?"

>>It is an enemy that reveals itself when its intent is to do harm. It is not soroi. Please do not ask further questions. Wanting to know more of them is invitation.<<
~We know only the nature of the soroi's enemy, Typhon,~ says Soja, concerned. ~We have been too afraid to ask further.~ She looks at the water she stands in. ~The soroi suffer more than we do.~

"I have fought the akari's enemy and emerged victorious. I see no reason why I could not do the same for the soroi's enemy. If I assist both of your kinds, would it ease the tensions between your peoples? Is there nothing you value more than the destruction of the other? To become the very things you struggle against? To fight and claim territory from others, killing masses of the innocent in the process? Can there be nothing more to the relationship between the soroi and akari but a tragedy of violence? You are both sapient species. There has to be another way."

By the Ancients, you're a melodramatic one sometimes. Still, I can't believe you're doing this well, Typhon. You're certainly defying my expectations. Oh. Right. Yes, I'm Nyx. Don't start swinging your head looking around for me, I'm with your underlings watching the whole affair from the skies, doing my best to keep us a little hidden. I didn't want to interrupt things unless you screwed it up, and you can't believe how much I thought you were going to screw things up. Congratulations.

...couldn't you wait until after I'd finished mediating? It's extremely jarring to have you cut into my head like this out of nowhere.

The akari and soroi look helplessly at me, fidgeting and generally looking uncomfortable.

~I know you are people, soroi. There are things that you do that horrify me. I'm not speaking for all akari any more. I find your emotionless adherence to your rules above all else terrifying. I can't see the heart in it. But you don't act heartless. I don't understand it.~ Soja tilts her head down. ~I wish I could understand it. War is not going to help us understand each other.~

The green soroi walks up to Soja, rubbing at her eyes. ||There is more to us than our rules suggest, akari. There is so much more. I see your kind and I see what we want to be but what we never can be. You share your thoughts among each other freely, in harmony, in unity, but we can never have that. Our past before the marble stains us all. We need the rules to keep together, to act together, to defend ourselves.|| She holds her stomach. ||We don't throw our young away. We release them into the care of all of us. Our rules say we must care for all soroi that need care, but our hearts say we will. Young, old, sick and injured, we are there for each other.||

The fire soroi and Soja look to each other. >>Can one really defend all?<<
~I do not doubt that Typhon can help, but his forces are not vast enough to defend either of our kin. Apologies, Typhon. I will return to our forests. There is much that needs to be discussed.~
>>The flows will spread the words spoken here to other soroi. They shall know we seek to help and be helped by akari greater than to kill or be killed.<<

I... did I help this happen? Did I actually change something for the better in this broken world? I feel a great sense of relief and warmth. The akari begin to leave as a small cluster of soroi follows them with curious expressions. The two diplomat soroi accompany them.
No. 446643 ID: 0f60d7
File 134576254397.png - (360.46KB , 800x600 , 81.png )

I can't help but wonder on what the nature of the soroi's enemy is. Or what sort of enemy they have that the akari were also advising me not to ask. Maybe it is an illness. The akari come across to me as sensitive to a fault. It would make sense to me that they would consider asking such questions further to be impolite at best and terrible at worst.

=Oh it's not so bad! It's not really a disease, Typhon, it's more like a cure! A cure for a disease they love so much!=

Typhon? What's going on? Do you feel cold too--...

Nyx? Mannimarco?



The world slows to a stop. What is going on--

=Cheating! Cheating! You broke the rules! No outside contact allowed in the pool! How do you not even know the rules?! The pool is filled with them! All dumb rules! Ehehehehe! Want to words at me? I bet you want to words at me. Do you want to words at me now or after the fight? You know we're gonna fight. Just you and me. One on one. No tags, no funny stuff. Wait. No. All of the funny stuff. More of it. Where's it gonna be? Here? No I don't like it the water's too wet. It needs to be less wet. You look funny. Where did you get that fin? That's new. Are you a shark this time? That's great! Maybe I'll be a shark too this time!=

"Okay, I don't know who or what you are, or what you're doing here, or what level of threat you present, but could you just--"

=SHUT UP! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! Aw. That's what I wanted to hear! What happened to freakout Typhon? You cut me into little pieces and ate them and then I had to burst out of you but I'm back and he's mad as hell and he's not going to take it any more! Want to dance? I dance with knives! Claws all flying around the place like bits of a broken god marble! Let's dance, Typhon! Let's dance until the night that never ends!=
No. 446645 ID: 0f60d7
File 134576260789.png - (255.54KB , 1024x768 , 82.png )

The air is thick and cold. Time holds no meaning. All outside contact prevented.


Starting Positions: I15: Typhon G15: Unknown Entity Unit Recap Typhon - 7 AP. Attacks: Claw (3 AP).
No. 446656 ID: d6c330

So... pointless annoying thing wants to fight us. Let's not give it the satisfaction and just dance away, and insist on talking to it rationally until it gets bored and goes away.
No. 446660 ID: b85f8c

Good thing we spent some Ichor to upgrade you, eh?

Go on, attack it. See what happens.
No. 446662 ID: c31f72

Taste the rainbow. I bet it tastes awesome.
No. 446665 ID: ec0bf5

I take it this guy doesn't realize that, while whatever happened didn't kill you, it didn't exactly leave you in one piece. Although it seems he really wants to fight, and I mean, what do you have to lose? This guy acts like more of an old sparring partner than an adversary. Make it clear that you're pretty confused about this, but I see no reason that you shouldn't oblige. Go out and get him!
No. 446667 ID: 886a4d

I wonder, no time means no delay for forming things away from your base. Defy him... form Mannimarco despite his communication block.

Also from his natterings he might be an enemy you destroyed for Wintermol. The breaking of the world remade him somehow... and he might be made of Ichor as well. It would explain his fluid form.
No. 446671 ID: 6a1ec2

Oh I have a better idea. Rip him to shreds, then arrange the shreds by color. You can make a bunch of little hims then that are all perfectly rational!
No. 446737 ID: b6edd6

Summons wouldn't actually be against his terms anyway, as they are part of us to begin with.

The reference to "freakout Typhon" sounds like Discord here was someone we killed during our world breaking demigod tantrum.
No. 446743 ID: d94e2c

I have the worst feeling that Mr. Skittles is going to kick our ass.
No. 446950 ID: b490e1

Yeah, that sounds right about him. And you know what? I think we should apologize to him. Maybe that'll throw him in a loop.
No. 446956 ID: bf54a8

creatures without knowledge would not be contacting outside, but pulling creations from within. they are you ans you are they.
No. 449285 ID: 0f60d7
File 134627631249.png - (284.75KB , 1024x768 , 83.png )


Time feels as though it has slowed to a crawl. I attempt to form ichor, but the timelessness of my surroundings separates me from all other aspects of my being. I can't even feel the links between myself and the ichor I know I control. Only my own body, with its emulation of mortal sensations and rhythms. I can feel my heartbeat. I can feel it quicken as I realise how alone I am right now.

"Who are you?!"
=Nothing and nobody! Isn't it grand?=
"Whatever I have done to you in the past, I apologise! I have done a great many things I cannot remember, but I want to work to repair the damage I have done to this world and to so many others!"
=Bored now. Fight!=

Typhon lunges at the gibbering chaotic form before him. He carves strange, rubbery tendrils of iridescence out of something that feels questionably real. It is as though he is fighting a dream or a memory.

The figure returns the sentiment, hacking and laughing in a wheezing, diseased breath. Tendrils whip out of its unreal body and slice through Typhon's limbs and face. They pass through with no resistance. The bitter coldness takes Typhon's strength with it.

=Boring! Back and forth blows are no fun.=

The entity is consumed by the air around it. It is regurgitated elsewhere in the frozen landscape.

=Have fun!=

The world around Typhon disgorges six vaguely shaped things, all rippling and pulsating in sickening ways.

Something formed of ichor fades into vision. Typhon senses it, but it feels unusual. Foreign. Alien. It does not respond to his subconscious efforts to pull it towards him.

No. 449286 ID: ec0bf5

Huh, that's interesting. Head down and to the left to get out of the ring, and then attack the nearby blob 5. There's a lot of them, so they probably can be taken out more easily to not distract you in combat.
No. 449287 ID: d6c330


Try talking to the new Ichor thing. See if it responds. It's not time stopped, right?
No. 449289 ID: 953355

Eh, walk toward the thing. Stab the closest blob after doing so.
No. 449300 ID: 533c7a

move towards it, strike 4 at the end of the move.
No. 449678 ID: 0f60d7
File 134636001894.png - (283.03KB , 1024x768 , 84.png )


Typhon slashes at ??? 4 as he walks towards the new arrival. It boils away into nothing.

The ichor figure continues to hold one arm behind its back, and keeps raised a single finger in front of its face. The only eye visible on it remains closed.
"Is victory so certain?"

I see no mouth on this creature, and its words are clear and cold like ice. I try to respond but I find my mind blank. What is it rambling about? Why can nothing in this blasted, ruined world make sense for more than a minute?!

The dancing figure laughs and cartwheels in a sickeningly broken fashion. It falls flat onto the ground in front of it, before rising onto its feet as if on strings.

??? 1 moves towards Typhon, hovering and bobbing up and down in front of him.

??? 2 moves towards the other ichor entity on the field, rippling and swaying.

??? 3 moves towards Typhon, threatening to tear itself apart with its wild violent motions.

??? 5 lets out a shriek like metal scraping against metal and flees from Typhon.

??? 6 floats aimlessly in a straight line towards the north east.

No. 449679 ID: 886a4d

Nothing is certain but such as he cannot end me. May I ask your name?
No. 449680 ID: ec0bf5

Go kill 2. I'm not sure why it's going towards that corrupted ichor creature but we're probably better safe than sorry.
No. 449684 ID: 533c7a

get between the figure and 2, attack 2. then see if you can interact with the figure
No. 449687 ID: 752a1b

For the hell of it, try to collect ichor from one, and shape it.
No. 450132 ID: 0f60d7
File 134644987717.png - (273.99KB , 1024x768 , 85.png )


"Nothing is certain, but this one cannot end me. May I ask your name?"
"If you must address me, find your own name for me. I have no name I can give you."

One straight answer. That's all I want. One straight answer from someone. I miss Taja and Colin. They weren't as cryptic as everyone else I've encountered so far.

I try to collect ichor from one of the weird shapes, and to my surprise the thing responds as though I have pulled at part of it. It feels incredibly... slippery, I suppose. I can't keep hold of it for long without it collapsing back in on itself.

I would not want to collect it, anyway. I feel trying to absorb something as shapeless as these entities is as dangerous as trying to absorb anything made of the ether Nyx is made of. Ether may be harmful, but it is not contagious. I don't know the same about whatever these things are made of.

Typhon races towards ??? 2 and ends its existence with a casual poke.

The nameless figure holds its pose, not even flinching as Typhon runs in its direction. Its head turns towards Typhon.

The dancing figure runs in a circle.

??? 1 flies off to the east, gently bouncing off of Typhon and coming to a stop.

??? 3 moves as fast as it can away from Typhon.

??? 5 escapes the battlefield. It bursts into colours and dissolves into nothingness as it leaves the presence of the creature that summoned it.

??? 6 flees Typhon while making odd bubbling noises.

These things are starting to feel pathetic.
No. 450134 ID: ec0bf5

I'm a little worried about how easy this is. It seems like a trap. These enemies aren't putting up a fight. Kill the one next to you, I guess, but keep your guard up.
No. 450135 ID: 886a4d

I name you Kali then.

What do you know of this being that has trapped me here?
No. 450136 ID: bf54a8

don't try to hold it, shape it into a sear and launch it at the main creature. very quickly
No. 450149 ID: d6c330

Why not ask it the obvious question?

If you are made of ichor, why do I not know you? Why can I not feel you you?
No. 450178 ID: d94e2c

Stop attacking the little things and go hit that big thing.
No. 450198 ID: 752a1b

Hm, they aren't attacking you...
Try to shape the portions you can influence so they support and/or make the creature more stable, maybe even give it a something better to talk with.
Otherwise, ask "Kali" if this usually happens and advance towards Discord.
No. 450614 ID: b251f1

I feel like this is one of those "I am messing with your mind and now you are attacking your friends" thing. Can you try and match the things up to people that were around you when this started?
No. 451542 ID: ce59b6

name the nameless feature "Discord" and the dancing figure "Disharmony"
No. 451558 ID: ce59b6

address Kali/Discord: "Might you be the fragment of me that i do not want to remember? I am missing much of myself, are you part of me that i have forgotten?"
No. 451563 ID: 6a1ec2

They die when they leave the battlefield too? Stop them from leaving! Try to keep ahold of one long enough so that you can calm it down enough to pet it.
No. 451686 ID: b6edd6

That is a good point, especially when you consider the ones making noises. Fortunately there are more blobs around than there were people at the meeting, so if he is doing that trick some of them are still normal illusions (like the one that vanished when we poked it).
No. 456392 ID: 0f60d7
File 134820259863.png - (583.80KB , 800x600 , 86.png )


"I name you Kali."
"It matters little to me. It is for your own convenience."

I can't shape these entities. It is like trying to build with dry sand. They fall out of my grasp and act as though nothing happened. Then, as one, they boil away into nothing. The dancer shrieks, laughs, and falls forward, crumbling into dust.


The timeless air around me shimmers and bleeds into flowing water. The soroi previously around me have kept their distance, eyes and heads darting around in alarm. I look to my feet. Whatever tricks may have been played on my mind, I see no bodies before me.

||They flee! The demons flee from the typhoon!||
>>Do not feel so safe! They withdraw for now. They may return greater in number!<<


Did you just go to a strange place with no time and swirling multicoloured blobs that moved in a circle around you too?

I... I assume so. I didn't see you there. The shapes I saw tried to run away from me or approach me, though.

That doesn't sound right. They moved in circles for me. And started speaking nonsense words. And one of them said something about reunion. I felt like they were a diseased part of me, Typhon. One I couldn't quite--

--grab. One that felt like it should and shouldn't be the same thing as you, correct? I felt that too.
No. 456393 ID: 0f60d7
File 134820262553.png - (168.25KB , 800x600 , 87.png )

Typhon... why are there two of you?

Two of me? Wait. The figure made of ichor is still here. The soroi pay it no attention. Why aren't they paying it any attention?

"Who are you?"
"Did you not name me Kali?"
"You didn't answer my question. Let me rephrase. What are you?"

Kali raises its hand and extends a single finger upwards.

"...Again, what are you? Are you a part of me? Why are you made of ichor?"

I am met with a brief silence. "Do you know what I am?"
"No. I'm... I just asked you that. Why would I ask you that if I knew?!"
"So it is clear that you do not know who I am, nor what I am."
"Yes, Kali, this is exactly the situation. I wouldn't be asking you questions I knew the answers to. I have more important matters to attend to than idle, pointless conversation."

Kali lowers its hand and places it behind its back. "When you know who I am, and what I am, you will know who I am, and what I am. If you do not know who I am, or what I am, then you shall not know who I am, or what I am, until you do. This is how the fifth age unfolds."

"Fifth age? What is--
No. 456395 ID: 0f60d7
File 134820270308.png - (401.06KB , 800x600 , 88.png )

There are no shining empires anymore. Too late. Again, too late. So strange to see the same thing twice. It has been a long time. Far too long. Nothing remains. Not a part of you any more. To the ends of the world.
No. 456396 ID: 0f60d7
File 134820272154.png - (127.14KB , 800x600 , 89.png )

--this 'fifth age' you're talking about and... what..."

Kali is gone.

I just... for a fleeting moment I saw, I felt, I knew something so very large and overwhelming. Images. Sounds. Moments flashed before my eyes. The holes in my memories are gone, but the memories are still so vague and out of focus.


I fall to my knees, shaking. No. I feel like I learned something terrible. Something so terrible I can't ever recall it. Something that would destroy me if I ever knew it. Worse than knowing I spent my life a sycophantic slave, a slave to an empire I knew saw me as a weapon and nothing more. Somehow, even worse than knowing that.


I have to see Wintermol.

Nothing else matters.
No. 456413 ID: 6e44d2

Wintermol's gone, bro.
No. 456415 ID: 6a1ec2

Yeah Kali was saying find out for yourself. Go to the site where Wintermol used to be.
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