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File 135130791379.png - (202.14KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard130.png )
466569 No. 466569 ID: 67ba4b

I listen to the screams of my kinsmen,those damned monsters must be in medbay now.
My kinsmen, they are recieving deaths well earned I say, liars and heathans all of them
they need me, my powers, I'm Gore's best, the Astranians best.
they think they can invoke a ritual with out me, they should all be executed for heresy.

but they won't have to be, they . . . WE, will all be dead soon enough

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No. 466571 ID: 67ba4b
File 135130809858.png - (186.97KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard131.png )

I am Vesendrian Huro, Space Marine. With my death the Alliance-

MindSlave: "move quickly you idiots the psion is this way."

infected: "Ksshraa!"

they're after me?
No. 466593 ID: e3f578

Get up soldier, we got shit to dooooooooo
You healed up yet to at least do that? You stable?
No. 466594 ID: 711bf4

You're a psychic, isn't that reason enough for them to look for you?

Obviously they either fear your ability to possibly stop them, or desire you to serve some dire purpose in their plan.

I would suggest the former option to the later personally.
No. 466606 ID: 049858

Yes, they're after you! Did you think you'd get off so easily? That you'd be excused into death and have no more responsibility for what's going on around you?
Liars, heathens, heretics, those who have just died were still your fellow astranians. The others on this ship, the females, children...even those in the womb awaiting their birth...do they deserve to die, or worse, become pawns to the abomination? Do you deserve to be brought down to become part of this?
Because you will become part of this. Death is denied you. You are too useful to them to be allowed to die.
Will you allow this to happen?
If not, what will you do about it?
No. 467560 ID: 67ba4b
File 135164463359.png - (178.65KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard132.png )

what ever special fate they want of me they'll not have it! I'll die a common death just like every other worthless soul aboard

Huro disconnects himself from the organ fabricator

the life support in my suit should keep me able.

MindSlave: "he's trying to escape stop him!"

my foes stand before me.
No. 467563 ID: bf54a8

do you have a weapon? if not then use maximum damage with least force with psy powers. pinch an artery shut rather then blow up heads and things.
No. 467639 ID: 9d7671

Can you mess with the enemies senses? Like make them blind or just fill their minds with erratic thoughts rendering them harmless so we can slip away?
No. 467697 ID: 711bf4

Okay, so you were in the middle of being regen-ed, fan fucking tastic.

If you have any powers or weapons I suggest you inform us of them, preferably by demonstration before you are returned to a proteinacious slurry.
No. 467699 ID: 4594e2

Good idea! Stick us in there! :V

Seriously, do a quick mental review of your options. Weapons, tools, and whatever powers of the mind are at your disposal. We need to know how you can fight it to help you.
No. 467844 ID: 67ba4b
File 135178535659.png - (209.64KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard133.png )

>do a quick mental review of your options. Weapons, tools, and whatever powers of the mind are at your disposal

Huro has three powers
Shut Down: for blocking and disabling psychic effects
Spy: for tuning into psychic broadcasts.
Amplify: Empowers electrical devices to perform more effectively, not safe to use if target device is less than a meter away.

Huro also is equipped with a HandLaser which he instinctively draws

No. 467881 ID: 9d7671

Screw safety we are about to die! Use amplify power on your tiny gun and cap that infected mofo.
No. 467936 ID: 049858

Follow this up by using Shut Down. It was talking to someone, and they may be here! Jam their communication network, and you may get a little breathing space.
No. 467940 ID: 711bf4

Amplify sounds good our gun is well within the recommended safety perimeters.

However, I would actually suggest not using Shut Down right afterwards, they'll know something is up already, no reason to tip our hand as to all the powers at our disposal so soon.
No. 467946 ID: bf54a8

if you can trace a psychic signal you may be ale to get near the leader, using shutdown near them should break the entire network rather then disrupting communication with just this one creature.
No. 468258 ID: 67ba4b
File 135192296646.png - (256.04KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard134.png )

Huro: "Die! Vermin!"

Huro invokes amplify on the HandLaser obliterating all visible enemies.

I think I'm on fire . . .
No. 468272 ID: bf54a8

put it out then and scan for more enemies or a better weapon.
No. 468286 ID: 049858

Being on fire is just one more problem to overcome, marine. Put yourself out, and check over your weapon to see if it's still functional. Then get on the ship's communication net. Find out what's going on, so you can get a handle on things. You have a situation to fix, and it's getting worse by the minute.
No. 468300 ID: 12c19f

Did your forearm just skeletonize?
No. 468301 ID: 87d89c

Put the handlaser in it's holster and see if there's something that can make your arm useable again in the medbay, or at least something that won't make it worse.

In the meantime, how do you feel about firing things left-handed?
No. 468456 ID: 67ba4b
File 135200741529.png - (233.68KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard135.png )

Huro doesn't need to put himself out, the fire ends on it's own

ah! I should be feeling a lot of pain right now, maybe the suit is suppressing that too . . .

it's so hard to move now, can barely stand. can't use a MedStation without a doctor, don't have another weapon . . . I feel so weak . . . the suit is really trying hard to not let me die . . . I hear more of the monsters coming.

>get on the ship's communication net.
my suits Com Unit is still working, not sure who I want to talk to or if there is anyone left to talk too.
No. 468466 ID: bf54a8

go down the chain of command, start with whoever would be in charge and work down.

start moving too, if they get close use shut down to confuse them, head for the equipment room.
No. 468471 ID: 14a1d0

You exploded your arm. Good job. You're probably going to die horribly and now you don't even have a weapon. You'd better call someone to save you.
Zane, I guess. She's still alive so far.
No. 468480 ID: 9d7671

Good thing we still got one arm left. While working on the radio you should head for the armory since we need a new gun.

Are your suits shields operational? Also what was the ritual you were talking about earlier?
No. 468497 ID: 12c19f

A morbid idea but you might as well remove the dead arm... It looks like it'll fall off it you just shake your right shoulder, and in the state it's in it may just be an impediment.

You likely cauterized your own stump anyway with that cannon.
No. 468504 ID: 87d89c

Talk to Zane, then see if there's any sort of power-assisted glove/sleeve/arm thing that'll work around your arm and let you move it with your mind.
No. 470576 ID: 67ba4b
File 135260952303.png - (291.27KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard136.png )

I contact Zane, apparently things are just as bad as I suspected, two thirds of our team are missing, dead or injured and monsters are roaming the halls unhindered. Zane tells me to meet up with her at the armoury, I tell her I'll try my best and end the transmission.

!!! shit I've taken too long

Captain: "Hello Huro! sorry about shooting you earlier, you didn't really give me many options . . . hopefully you aren't the sort to make the same mistake twice."
No. 470577 ID: bf54a8

turn around and walk towards them, when you get close enough use shut down to confuse them and strike hard and fast.
No. 470599 ID: d8a222

Strike with what? A burned out weapon? A carbonized arm?
I agree to using Shut Down, then get the hell out of there! That seems to be more of a pet carrier the captain is holding, rather than a device, or I'd say use Amplify on it to help cover your escape.
This unbelievable bitch is the one who is responsible for all the heinous things that have happened on this trip. She is the one who deserves all the terrible things you have imagined being done to others.
It's *almost* worth your life to kill her.
...but not quite. Get your butt out of there.
No. 472630 ID: 67ba4b
File 135322268265.png - (153.56KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard137.png )

Huro can't use "shut down" there are no powers to target. Huro chooses to flee as fast as his broken body can carry him.

Captian: "Flee from me if you must Huro, but you cannot escape from the truth you've seen."

I hear her pets cackle menacingly, but Captian Perl's voice holds no mirth only her ever present coldness.

I don't know why she's letting me go, nor do I even want to think about it. . . I have to get out of here!

No. 472631 ID: 67ba4b
File 135322282293.png - (350.85KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard138.png )

Mean while, with a different marine

I, Lucedian Dosk find my self in a graveyard, everywhere I look all I see is death. among the dead are my RapidLaser and power pack.

I don't see Hoft anywhere, I should probably try to find out what happened to him.

huh, according to my Channel stats, I've missed two call attempts from Zane.

No. 472632 ID: 87d89c

Return call from Zane.

See what she's up to.
No. 472682 ID: c33f8f

While calling Zane back try searching for a new weapon and a power pack or some useful equipment.
No. 472842 ID: 67ba4b
File 135329575656.png - (258.37KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard139.png )

my Side arm is stronger then the weapons my kinsmen were wielding, it'll serve well enough for now. with out a power pack my ammunition will be limited so I should make my shots count

Dosk contacts Zane

Dosk: "Zane, you wanted something?"

Zane: "Dosk? you're alive!"

Zane doesn't look good.

Dosk: "Sorry to disappoint."

Zane: " Dosk, the creatures have made it to medbay, take what troops you have and secure the area!"
No. 472843 ID: bf54a8

"already done"
No. 473000 ID: c33f8f

Ask for a quick sitrep. Are we evacuating? Regrouping? Making a heroic last stand? If Zane doesn't have a plan tell her to either come up with one fast or we might come up with one she might not like. As in Abandoning the ship.
No. 473132 ID: 67ba4b
File 135338844939.png - (258.71KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard140.png )

Dosk: "already done."

Zane: "well apparently you missed a few, Huro's reporting hostiles attacking citizens within the labs."

Dosk: "well shit, so what's the real plan Zane, I need the big picture."

Zane: "the plan is to destroy all hostiles, nothing leaves the ship until every alien is dead."

Dosk: " I like the subtlety"

Zane: "this plan was operating under the assumption you were dead, If you don't want to be a part of it I will go back to that assumption."
No. 473136 ID: 87d89c

"Nah, I'mma fight with ya's to the end. Also I think your sensors are acting up, your display is reading full health but you sure don't look full health to me. You might wanna patch up. I'mma get down to the medbay like ya said."
No. 473187 ID: c33f8f

Advance to the medbay while contacting Huro and asking where the aliens at.
No. 474398 ID: 67ba4b
File 135386728976.png - (167.19KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard141.png )

Dosk: "Naw I'm in."

Zane: "good to have you aboard

Dosk: "Zane you're looking pretty beat up, but my interface isn't reading any damage, what's up?"

Zane: "mine is reading correctly must be a problem on your end."

Dosk hits his sensor box, it refreshes.
Dosk: "Okay that's better."

Zane: "don't you have a medbay to be securing"

Dosk: "right"

Zane ends the communication
No. 474399 ID: 67ba4b
File 135386744402.png - (232.70KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard142.png )

Dosk attempts to contact Huro, he doesn't respond.
Dosk Cautiously approaches medbay.

well let's see if we can find out-

????: "KshraaaH!"

well that didn't take long
No. 474401 ID: 87d89c

Kill 'em all! Step back and use the doorway to funnel them towards you.
No. 474402 ID: 1f8505


Blast them!
No. 474441 ID: dc4a44

Can you spot huro? he may be too injured to respond.
No. 475174 ID: 67ba4b
File 135412465768.png - (198.21KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard143.png )

I see some Glowing Tech in the corner, might be Huro, too many bugs in the way to see.

I guess I should clear my view a little

Dosk steps back and fires

>funnel them

they don't seem in the mood to funnel, after I nail the first one the other three scatter.
No. 475183 ID: 87d89c

Don't let 'em surround you. Check your flank and kill the bastards with righteous indignation.
No. 475184 ID: 87d89c

Also, I'm glad the boss taught you the basics of CQC. You should keep doing that.
No. 475936 ID: 67ba4b
File 135438947257.png - (195.27KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard144.png )

I'll hold my ground and keep on eye on my flanks, there's no way they'll get the best of me.

. . .

sure are taking a while with that ambush.

. . .

Dosk hears the sound of gun fire and screams from further into medbay

. . . or maybe they decided to go after easier prey
No. 475946 ID: bf54a8

dammit, charge!
No. 475952 ID: 87d89c

You were supposed to check your flanks before going in and killing them with righteous indignation, not check your flanks and then stand around like a dolt!

Go kill the bugs!
No. 475961 ID: 6e89cb

Dammit, advance marine check your corners and all that but don't just stand there.
No. 476002 ID: c33f8f

Try to contact whoever is still firing. Does your suit have inbuilt loudspeaker?
No. 476219 ID: 67ba4b
File 135450969898.png - (211.48KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard145.png )

Dosk indeed has a loud speaker built into his suit, but instead tries sending a public broadcaste to anyone in the medbay.

Dosk: "Hey if anyone needs something shot up in medbay let me know."

now too advance with caution.

I check my corners . . . hey! there's a gun in that one.
it's Hoft's SubLaser.

No. 476220 ID: 67ba4b
File 135450978766.png - (196.64KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard146.png )

Dosk recieves a response to his call.

Nisk: "Dosk, I'm pinned down with Huro in section 12, I need back up immediately."
No. 476221 ID: 87d89c

So grab the sublaser and back them up.
No. 479048 ID: 67ba4b
File 135562696346.png - (285.58KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard147.png )

Dosk grabs the SubLaser and rushes to the action

Nizk is engaged in close quarters combat, should I join the brawl or open fire?
No. 479050 ID: 87d89c

Go in with your pistol and knife, remember the boss's training, CQC those bugs like you did the mountain of corpses from earlier.
No. 479052 ID: dc4a44

give em the business
No. 479053 ID: ab6499

Use your gun while preparing to knife them once they get in range. They WILL charge you unless they run away since they are only able to fight in close range.
No. 479137 ID: c33f8f

I don't think we should risk getting in close combat without our shield working. Start blasting with the sublaser and inform Nizk that help has arrived!
No. 479144 ID: 14a1d0

Kind of shoot the ones waiting in line to rush her while leaving her to finish off the one she's already engaged. We don't need any friendly fire incidents. Do you want to add a lot of paperwork to an already terrible day?
No. 479604 ID: 67ba4b
File 135581243420.png - (146.78KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard148.png )

I hold back taking out the remaining infected while Nizk finishes of the one she's fighting.

the creatures are dispatched
No. 479605 ID: 67ba4b
File 135581261207.png - (193.61KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard149.png )

Nizk: "I thought I was dead for sure that time."

Dosk: "your arm . . ."

Nizk: "what? oh . . . it was the only way. I couldn't let these people down."

a cybernetic implant, permanent.

Dosk: " . . . "

Nizk: "Come on Luce, we both knew I wasn't going to live a normal life. this is just one more sacrifice."

Dosk: " . . . "

Nizk: "let's just do our job for now"

Dosk: "right."
No. 479606 ID: bf54a8

yes, the job, once all these bastards are dead, THEN you can bicker. find out where the nearest enemy is and kill it.
No. 479643 ID: c33f8f

Check on Huro, see if he can move or is even alive anymore. Also start looking for a new power pack, we need our shield working asap.
No. 479649 ID: e3f578

Is this a crime Dosk, or social taboo?
A cybernetic implant doesn't sound THAT bad. And better ones will continue to be made, so unless you can't remove an implant once it's been attached, her life won't be that much different. Might even be one day that there's cybernetic implants with artificial muscle that bonds with the real muscles naturally, practically making a real function new hand without the ability to feel.

Are there more of these sonsofbitches to kill?
No. 479659 ID: 92d34d

Any other clear things you have to do here? If not, get on comms with Zane in to inform her of the situation and coordinate your next move.
No. 480106 ID: 67ba4b
File 135607100769.png - (189.89KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard150.png )

Dosk: "are there any more."

Nizk: "I saw a bunch of them heading for the escape halls. Hoft chased after them."

Dosk: "Hoft was here?"

Nizk: "not for very long, he acted strange and wouldn't say much."

Dosk: "hmm, how's Huro?"

Nizk: "bad, really bad. on top of the plasma burns, blood loss and missing arm he's got severe radiation scarring from the organ fabricator, it's not lethal but if I try to plug him into a stitcher it will tear him apart on a cellular level."

Dosk: ". . . "

Nizk: "I've got to patch him up the old fashioned way, ya know medication and stitching."

Dosk: "sounds fun."

Nizk: "that doesn't matter Zane gave me direct orders."

What were Zane's orders for Nizk?

A) Nizk must do everything she can to try and save Huro and remain with him.

B) Huro's beyond help, Nizk is needed back in the field and should assist in clearing medbay

No. 480127 ID: c33f8f

A) As a psion Huro will be useful even if he is missing an arm and probably wont be able to move on his own.
Besides the troops will probably be glad to hear that even if they are badly injured they wont be left to die on the cold steel floor.
No. 480156 ID: 9dad1d

A) He's our only Psionic marine, right?
No. 480193 ID: ab6499

A) We have lost waaaaaay to many people to give up on anyone right now.
No. 481120 ID: 67ba4b
File 135684262629.png - (99.65KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard151.png )

Nizk: "my orders are to protect Huro, A ritualist will be needed when all this is over."

Dosk: "understood, I'll try to find Hoft, and finish securing medbay."

Dosk travels to the escape hall

Hoft definitely went this way, the door's been sliced open by a CutterBlade.
how should I proceed?
No. 481121 ID: 639e01


enter that door, but stay frosty.
No. 481204 ID: c33f8f

Advance cautiously and try contacting Hoft with your radio.
No. 481205 ID: bf54a8

throw something in. like that chunk of door. will make anything react.
No. 482060 ID: 67ba4b
File 135725395828.png - (361.95KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard152.png )

Hoft doesn't respond to his radio
I advance cautiously

. . .

Hoft is here
No. 482075 ID: 57a559

That's red blood on his swords.
Get a quick look at the bodies to see if they're infected or slightly, your man here might be infected or mind controlled.
No. 482082 ID: 5a5030

It's also totally possible he's lost all his marbles, guns and the ready, slowly advance, but not within striking distance. Whisper out to him, just in case any other enemies are around.
No. 482160 ID: c33f8f

Remember what Zane told us on the radio:
"nothing leaves the ship until every alien is dead."

Ask Hoft what happend here and is the rest of the medbay cleared.
No. 482617 ID: dc4a44

Poor Hoft. It must be hard being a lunatic who fights lunatics.
No. 483566 ID: 8af682
File 135766702435.png - (368.38KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard153.png )

I can't tell if the bodies are infected or not.

Dosk: "Hoft"

his voice is quiet, cautious.
Hoft:"hello clansmen"

Dosk: "what happened here? where are the hostiles?"

Hoft: "they're gone, all of them left, I imagine they've made it to the escape pods by now."

Dosk: "I see"

Hoft: "I'm leaving too Dosk . . . are you going to try and stop me?"
No. 483570 ID: 57a559

Show me your face and maybe we won't
Also, motivation for leaving would also be nice
Got a big speech or anything crawling up inside you?
Thought you Hoft's were supposed to be tough, no fear badasses, so if your leaving for cowardice I'd be surprised.
No. 483591 ID: c33f8f

Show us that you are not infected and give us your power pack and well let you go.
Better that you run away now than in the heat of battle when you could get someone killed.
No. 483888 ID: 8af682
File 135777391798.png - (177.04KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard154.png )

Dosk: "Cowardice is not the Vishan way, Hoft."

Hoft: "Cowardice? you think I'm afraid?"

Dosk: "you called us clansmen so act like one, look me in the eye and tell me to my face why you must abandon the battlefield."

Hoft turns helmet raised

Hoft: "Because Dosk, the battle is already over."
No. 483889 ID: 57a559

offer mercy to the hippy-haired, sandwhich loving Hoft and kill the son of a bitch that took his place.

No. 483897 ID: bf54a8

hoft, if any part of you is still in there, turn off your shields and don't move.
No. 483924 ID: 5612af

Come back, Hoft. It's not your time. Resist. Nizk needs you.
No. 483951 ID: 78c6ea

Ha ha Hoft funny joke ha ha the old green jelly trick gets us every time ha you can stop joking now Hoft we've been well and truly jested
No. 483952 ID: 772c81



Give him a GOOD sendoff!
No. 484027 ID: be329f

Omae wa mou shinderu
No. 485727 ID: 8af682
File 135835974467.png - (227.07KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard155.png )

Hoft is dead, and this monster has taken his place.

The infected turns to leave down the escape shoot

ranged fire power will not aid me against those shields.

Dosk throws aside the sublaser, draws his knife and assaults the enemy
No. 485734 ID: e42a0c

Quickly step back right before he swings, you are dead if you don't get him of balance. then get inside his reach as swiftly add you can, and split blade liberally to head and neck until decapitated.
No. 485742 ID: c33f8f

So manly~

You should roll under his swing then sprint past him and somehow launch/disable all remaining escape pods.
Then after finishing your mission you should be free to die in glorious melee if you choose so.
No. 485884 ID: 47d311

Probably too late now, but it would have been nice to let someone know that the infection forms are in the escape pods and are attempting to leave the ship, since that is very likely to cause a planetary or even system-wide outbreak given the speed at which the infestation here has spread.
No. 486357 ID: 67bfa9
File 135864061690.png - (174.23KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard156.png )

gah! he's to fast!

Dosk is stabbed

Hoft: "I used to be weak like you, but the infection has made me strong"
No. 486359 ID: 67bfa9
File 135864076765.png - (331.43KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard157.png )

that didn't work out quite as planned

Hoft: "I wish I had time to share this gift with you Dosk . . . maybe next time."

Hoft turns and leaves through the escape tunnel
No. 486360 ID: 47d311

Now would probably a great time to radio someone that the infection is trying to leave the ship, unless you have a better idea on how to stop it.

In the meantime, you should probably go regrow that kidney you just lost.
No. 486368 ID: 55c4cf

"What're ya gonna do, stab me?" Oregon trail tombstone.
No. 486369 ID: 4d1d8e


seek medical attention!
No. 486388 ID: 78c6ea

Try to stay alive! Then you'll see the next guy come rushing in to stop Hoft in manly one on one hand to hand combat. And the next guy, and the next. How else would all these bodies have accumulated here?
No. 486402 ID: 772c81

Okay, note to self:

Ensure we have larger weapons than a dagger before engaging in manly one on one combat.

Try holding your guts together!
No. 486481 ID: c33f8f

Time radio Zane and tell her that most of the medbay is secured but we have infected trying to leave through the escape hall.
Is there a way to remotely stop the escape pods from leaving? Or does the ship have weapons and crew manning them that can be used to shoot down the escape pods? Or are we getting a lot of backup troops, possibly armed with antimatter weapons?

Or are we on our own and have to play the big damn hero. If your suits life support is keeping you alive grab your Sublaser and tiny knife and go after Hoft. We should be able to kill the other infected and possibly lure Hoft away from the escape pods.
No. 486617 ID: 67bfa9
File 135874885356.png - (283.03KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard158.png )

my suit should keep me alive fore a while, I should contact Zane.

Dosk connects to Zane and Koza
Zane: "Dosk is medbay clear?"

Dosk: "as clear as it's ever going to get, the enemy's pulling out."

Zane: "wait what?"

Dosk: "they're making for the escape pods, they used the halls in Medbay"

Zane: "well that explains the lack of presence from our invaders, Koza is there a way to shut down the pod bay?"

Koza: "I'll see what I can do."

Zane: "wait, the TechLeech is too large to use the escape halls, why would it send off it's troopers unless . . . the shuttle bay!"

Koza: "Zane?"

Zane: "Koza the TechLech is moving on your position! The shuttle bay is it's only route of escape!"
No. 486823 ID: cd630c

Well Koza what troops do you have with you and how well are you armed?
Since i have a feeling it won't be enough you should block the route to all but one shuttle and plant some explosives inside it, then when the tech leech is out of the airlock thinking it got away you press a button and receive victory!
No. 487087 ID: 78c6ea


Some people are going to have to defend the rigged shuttle though, to make a show otherwise the TechLeech will surely wise up to being herded. Make it fight for its freedom, only to lose its life to sudden decompression!
No. 488466 ID: 67bfa9
File 135942261770.png - (259.42KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard159.png )

Koza: " I'll not fail you Zane, Elmundio Koza out."

Koza Disconnects

The situation here in Shuttle Bay is not good.

My soldier have all but abandoned me, they fled in terror from these creatures only to be cut down by others lurking in the shadows, of fifty only two and myself remain.

we are cornered and quickly running out of ammunition, I can't see any of the creatures now, but they are there.

as for Explosives, they are rare and Astranian military protocol advises against them. I only have one such weapon a RayTech EnergyCharge it has the force to blast the entire shuttle bay into cold space.

I was hoping to save that as "plan B".
No. 488469 ID: 87d89c

Can you set it to a timer? Set it, hide it in the shuttle bay and then haul ass to an escape pod? How many escape pods and means of escape are left?
No. 488540 ID: b33427

If you can, dead-man-switch link the EnergyCharge detonator to your suit health sensors, just in case the worst happens. If you can't do that, then just keep the trigger close at hand.

Cautiously advance into the shuttle pit below you, and have one of the soldiers look for someplace good to drop the EnergyCharge while you watch his back. Preferably place it where it's wedged behind something that would seriously harm or kill the TechLeech if it tried to break through it, such as a power conduit or coolant line. Second choice would be to drop it where it falls down below a thick bulkhead and can't be reached without ripping that apart.

What're the prospects of using a shuttle as a weapon against the TechLeech here? Can they be manually piloted while in the Shuttle Bay and slammed against it or to block any shuttle it tries to use from escaping? Do any of you three have enough, or any, piloting skill to do that? Or could one be moved up so its nose is against the bulkhead, and its main engines fired at full throttle to fill the Shuttle Bay with superheated exhaust? That has a good chance to force the fire suppression system to go all the way to venting the atmosphere to space.

However, if neither of those are an option, would it be possible to get into a shuttle, set its auto-pilot to move a safe distance away from the ship where you could watch the shuttle bay doors for activity, launch, then watch for any activity and detonate if anything happens? Or you could just load up, auto-launch, and detonate the EnergyCharge once safe distance was reached, then fly back, if there's too much of a risk of the EnergyCharge being found and defused.

These shuttles do have docking ports that can attach to exterior airlocks elsewhere on the ship, don't they? If they did, that'd be useful to move people around the ship without them having to fight through the interior.
No. 489177 ID: 9dad1d

Where are the other two soldiers? What are their current orders?
No. 490544 ID: 67bfa9
File 136008122687.png - (125.81KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard160.png )

Koza takes note that the two soldiers are behind him their current orders are to stay alert and watch for signs of the enemy

the EnergyCharge can be set to both "dead-man-switch" and "timer" however the explosive device takes a full minute to power up before detonating.

as for methods of escape it will take us at least three minute to safely clear the blast radius on foot, longer if we try to use the shuttle.

I am trained in basic flight protocols with the shuttle, I'm no AcePilot so I couldn't do anything fancy but I can get it to do what it is design to do.

Koza is receiving a civilian communication

huh? who'd be contacting me . . .
No. 490565 ID: 1f8505


Listen in to incoming communication.
No. 490790 ID: b33427

With all the fighting you'd have to do while on foot, it'd take longer than three minutes and likely end in your demise, one way or another. Take the shuttle instead. The known time frame to use it will let you set the EnergyCharge timer with accuracy. Just chuck it out the shuttle hatch right before launch.

Proceed down to the shuttle pit while taking the incoming communication. Expect it to be some kind of TechLeech trick, though.
No. 491020 ID: 9dad1d

Don't forget to check out the shuttle first before we set it up for detonation. We don't want to try and escape in the shuttle only to find it has TechLeeches inside.
No. 493849 ID: 67bfa9
File 136113749019.png - (222.92KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard161.png )

Koza: "come on! we can make for the shuttle it's our best chance"

Koza sets the energy charge's timer at 10:00 minutes
that should be enough time
while on the move Koza answers his com

Koza: "report civilian"

Engineer: "Marine, your comrade with the impact shields has gone mad!"

Koza:" Pike? that's not really surprising."

Engineer: "he's slain your maintenance operative, and invoked some sort of ritual!"
No. 493930 ID: 78c6ea

Squeal like a schoolgirl because the day is saved?
No. 493938 ID: 57a559

Do you know the meaning of the ritual? What he intends? Are the either of them infected? Because honestly, soldiers are shooting their friends by the dozens now. Both of them don't even need to be infected for it to happen, paranoia is spreading just as fast. I can't even call it madness when it becomes the average. If she's in danger, we'll help her, but more than likely the soldier's a lost cause and we have more important matters to worry about.
No. 493943 ID: bf54a8

last we heard the reactor was about to blow. call pike up and ask wtf. if he will surrender without a fight after this battle is over then see no reason to bang on about it.
No. 495976 ID: 87d89c

The reactor's about to blow, there's a bomb in the shuttle bay and the tech-leech is still very much alive. Ask her how the ritual thing could possibly make anything worse, and then to just let him do his thing.
No. 499647 ID: 67bfa9
File 136306236691.png - (235.94KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard162.png )

Koza: "a ritual huh? well that explains the reactor restabalizing"

Engineer: "he's broken Council Law! he must be stopped before he strikes again!"

Koza: "No if anything he saved all our lives, sometimes breaking the rules is inescapable"

Engineer: "b-but he slew your comrade, he-"

Koza: "thank you for the intel civilian but You'll have to excuse me I have an Alien invasion to get back to fighting"
Koza ends the call

soldier: "the enemy I see them, they're closing in!"
No. 499654 ID: eaf2f5

Tell the soldiers to take out any aliens coming from the side or behind you while you take out the ones coming at you in a single file line.

What melee weapon are you carrying?
No. 499750 ID: 87d89c

Use the bridge to funnel them towards you and gun them down.
No. 499856 ID: aa4e1a

Aim for the legs of the first ones, their struggles should slow down the next ones. If you manage to make a nice bigpile then a grenade is the next step.
No. 499911 ID: 78c6ea


No. 500732 ID: e34592

Start shooting and move towards the shuttle. Put yourself at the back and have the lightly armed soldiers handle getting the shuttle open.

This might sound like a wild idea but try and escape the colony ship on the shuttle? Can the shuttle dock anywhere else on the colony ship? We could use the shuttle as a last ditch escape plan for any survivors, should it come to it.
No. 501268 ID: 67bfa9
File 136378869385.png - (239.50KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard163.png )

>What melee weapon are you carrying?
Koza has a standard cutter blade.

Koza: "hurry to the shuttle!"

the RapidLaser excels at gunning choke holds
these stairs should do the trick

soldier: "Sir they're all around us!"
No. 501294 ID: eaf2f5

Tell them to start shooting and get to da shuttle!

Also can your suit keep you alive in the vacuum of space?
No. 501328 ID: e34592

Send one soldier up the ladder. Have the other stand below and shoot anything off the shuttle itself. Meanwhile Koza himself should stand his ground at the bottom. If worst comes to worst his armour can take more of a beating than those two soldiers could.

When the first soldier has the door open everybody try get up and inside.
No. 502160 ID: 87d89c

Koza can just run up the ladder with gravboots, all three should pile into the shuttle and use the shuttle door as another chokepoint
No. 503648 ID: 67bfa9
File 136496285834.png - (158.28KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard164.png )

Koza: "I will hold them off as long as I can, get aboard now!"

soldier: "yes sir!"

>Also can your suit keep you alive in the vacuum of space?
Koza's suit is designed for vacuum combat and actually functions better without oxygen and in zero-G

the enemy is drawing close, should I switch to pistol and CutterBlade and engage in close quarters combat?
No. 503658 ID: a62dfc

No. Get those two inside, then have them seal up and open the bay door. As they're doing this, secure yourself down and defend yourself as necessary. The resulting decompression will suck the enemy out into the depths of space, but not you. Then hit the safety forcefield that hopefully got installed or just close the door and let the atmosphere regenerate. Secure the area while this is going on.
No. 503681 ID: eaf2f5

If your shields are working then feel free to engage the aliens in GLORIOUS MELEE!
No. 504004 ID: e34592

Getting involved in melee might be a bit dangerous if they end up swarming you. It looks like there's more of them than us here. I'd suggest keep firing until the crew get inside and have the soldiers fly themselves out.

Like >>503658 saidm the vacuum should vent a bunch of them outside and you'll be able to survive.

Then maybe, while you're out there, you could attempt to board the shuttle from space?
No. 504066 ID: 13a36d

If we can just vent most of them why do we even need the bomb?
No. 504079 ID: 9e1727

To trash the rest of the shuttles so the TechLeech can't use them to get off the ship. The TechLeech can survive in hard vacuum (I think) so just decompressing the hanger bay won't stop it. Won't stop these xeno scum, but explosive decompression will launch a bunch of them out into space. Just gotta make sure Koza is holding on tight to something so she doesn't join them.

However, if the hangar bay can't be explosively decompressed, then all Koza can do is order the soldiers to launch the shuttle ASAP, and hold onto the ladder to ride on out.
No. 505801 ID: 67bfa9
File 136599352995.png - (250.09KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard165.png )

soldier: "there's too many you can't take them all!"

Koza: GO! Seal yourself in! don't worry about me!"

soldier: "r-right"
the soldier opens the shuttle door

infected: " KRAH!"

soldier: "hurk!"

infected: "wuuuhn whissss ushhhhhh, kshrrk!"
No. 505802 ID: 13a36d

Run up the ladder and kill that thing dead!
No. 505808 ID: 735f4f

Well apparently they already have the shuttle. That's not a good sign.
No. 505831 ID: 9e1727

...Dammit. Shoulda seen this coming. Of course they're already in the shuttles; They want to make sure that nobody else takes them before the TechLeech gets to, and so that nobody else gets off the ship on them. Only question is: How many of them are in there?

Swing 'round and shoot the infected at the top of the ladder before it drops down on you or the other soldier. Then get up that ladder with the soldier behind you holding the other infected off. If you've got anything on that suit of yours that'll get you up and through that shuttle door faster than climbing the ladder, use it. Switch to CutterBlade and pistol, clear the shuttle door of enemies, and if the soldier is somehow still alive and climbing, hold until he's either in or downed. Then close the door and lock or jam it closed, get to any other shuttle entrances and lock or jam them, then clear the shuttle.

How long does it take to launch the shuttle and get to a safe distance from the EnergyCharge blast? 'Cause if at any point it's longer than how much time is left on the detonator, you're screwed.
No. 505841 ID: eaf2f5

Run under the bridge to the other shuttle and hope that it isn't full of infected too.

Or maybe its time to leave the energy charge in the bay and fight to a safe distance by foot while we still have time to clear the blast radius.
No. 506285 ID: 80c721

Oh fuck. Abort! ABORT!

Koza said earlier
>it will take us at least three minute to safely clear the blast radius on foot

Well, you've got double that. Fucking run and gun.
No. 508529 ID: 67bfa9
File 136754718679.png - (192.66KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard166.png )

Koza: "The shuttle is lost we have to fall back!"

soldier2: "Fall back where?"

Koza: "We just need to clear the blast radius of the EnergyCharge."

soldier2: "But-"

the loud sound of twisting, tearing and buckling metal bulkheads can be heard

soldier2: "What's that?!"
No. 508550 ID: 735f4f

The techleech is coming through the wall. It wants those shuttles intact. If it can get the charge and have its minions drag it off somewhere all your work will be wasted.
No. 508579 ID: ab6499

At this point is might come down to sacrificing ourselves for the Alliance, if we can kill the one leading these things it's a victory.
No. 508594 ID: 78c6ea


The shuttle is swarming with infected, and it's the only escape route. And we've just set charges to blow it up. I don't think survival has been an option for a good long while. About the only chance is destroying the TechLeech itself, and the main body seems to be protected by some kind of gigantic hit point meter. I don't think we have the resources or the time at this point to trick it into being within the blast radius of the EnergyCharge, but that might weaken it enough to take down with puny energy rifles.
No. 509107 ID: 80c721

Keep trying to flee. If it the TechLeech itself comes busting in then you might want to reconsider and hold up in the shuttle bay. If the bomb can blow the TechLeech to bits then hold position. Besides, Koza can just leap out into space; somewhere the aliens can't get to.
No. 509318 ID: 67bfa9
File 136805819920.png - (154.89KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard167.png )

Koza: "It's the TechLeech itself . . . we have to move."

* * *

after a short run further the infected stop following us.

soldier2: "I can see the exit! we've made it!"

>It wants those shuttles intact. If it can get the charge and have its minions drag it off somewhere all your work will be wasted.
This creature has brainwashed high ranking Astranians to do it's bidding, It out outmaneuvered Gore and all our search parties and in minutes it destabalised our reactor with out causing an immediate meltdown(something I wasn't even aware was possible).

this creature will find a way around a simple EnergyCharge . . . but maybe not while distracted.

Koza: "They're not following us, soldier you can make the rest of the distance on your own."

soldier2: "what about you?"
No. 509334 ID: 13a36d

"I'll cover you. Just go."
No. 509433 ID: eaf2f5

"I Forgot my keys, gotta go fetch em."
But seriously its time to be a hero, tell that soldier to get to the medbay and see if he can be of help there.
No. 509497 ID: 80c721

I like the "I forgot my keys" line. Say that and head back. If we can keep the thing occupied we might even be able to survive the explosion.
No. 512114 ID: 67bfa9
File 136928693609.png - (115.82KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard168.png )

Koza: "Me? I err dropped my OverRide key on that last walkway."

Soldier2: "sir, not even Zane could fight that monster."

Koza: ". . . I'll cover your escape, just go."

* * *

>its time to be a hero
I never wanted to be a hero, Pike wanted that. He would always quote Melora's prophecy "every Astranian will have one chance to ultimately change the future alliance, and each will know this when their moment is upon them" . . . I always gave Pike a lot of flack for things like that . . .
No. 512115 ID: 67bfa9
File 136928706443.png - (297.41KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard169.png )

warning! EnergyCharge casing has been removed, radiation leaks heavy
what? . . . the Tech-Leech, it's doing something to the bomb!

* * *

there it Is! it's crouched over where I stashed the bomb, I've got to take it down.


The infected swarm at me, no attempts at dodging, just mindlessly charging, the Tech-Leech however hasn't even looked in my direction.

warning! Energy charge undergoing severe tampering
No. 512117 ID: 1f8505


Keep hammering that Tech Leech!
No. 512118 ID: 13a36d

Aim for the eyes!
No. 512119 ID: bf54a8

yes the eyes! if it can't see what it's doing it may mess up
No. 512121 ID: ab6499

Go for the eyes booKoza, go for the eyes yaaargh!
No. 512146 ID: 78c6ea

I can't believe you built a bomb and didn't set it to go off at the slightest amount of tampering. That's like rule #1 of bomb 101!
No. 512149 ID: 1ee1ea

I don't suppose you can remote detonate that bomb? If not, do what you can to keep the tech-leech distracted. Maybe it will goof up the disarming or not finish before detonation. To paraphrase a bit: Don't give your life for your cause, make the bastard you're fighting give his life for his.
No. 512193 ID: 65ddc7

If he is ignoring us, get in range of the bomb, shoot it and detonate it.
No. 512762 ID: 80c721

What was the dead-man-switch Koza mentioned earlier? Is that remote detonation? Or a switch that instantly sets the charge off? Try shooting the Tech-leech enough to get its attention drawn on you, then try and force it away from the bomb.
No. 516364 ID: 67bfa9
File 137101051001.png - (288.74KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard170.png )

Koza: "Let's see you ignore this!"


Infestor Lord: "KSHRRK!"

warning! trigger inoperative, unable to detonate

NO! I'm too late!
>I can't believe you built a bomb and didn't set it to go off at the slightest amount of tampering. That's like rule #1 of bomb 101!
hey I didn't build the damn thing,though I'll be sure to file a formal complaint with RayTech . . .

wait only the trigger is disabled, which means it's still fully charged. all I need to do is breach the power cell and it will blow!

>get in range of the bomb, shoot it and detonate it.
I don't have a clear shot from here . . .
No. 516369 ID: 57a559

You know what you must do
Something stupid and foolhardy.
Get some kind of aim on that bomb at any cost at any risk (but obviously take the one with the best risk:success ratio)
No. 516429 ID: 1cf691

Jump down from the bridge before you get impaled by the techleech. Then take aim at the bomb and tell that sucker not to move or else we will blow us both to smithereens.
Maybe you won't have to die just yet, but be ready to shoot the bomb if that monster makes any weird or sudden moves.
No. 516469 ID: 5869f6

Do your best to maneuver to a clear line of sight on the bomb.
No. 517294 ID: 80c721

The gun is rapidfire, yeah? Jump off the bridge you're on and hose the bomb in laserfire in freefall. Just spray it until it goes off!
No. 520674 ID: 67bfa9
File 137274333218.png - (138.50KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard171.png )

this is my one chance . . . gotta make it count
No. 520675 ID: 67bfa9
File 137274339963.png - (150.18KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard172.png )

. . .
No. 520676 ID: 67bfa9
File 137274343351.png - (157.04KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard173.png )

. . .
No. 520677 ID: 67bfa9
File 137274354602.png - (167.65KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard174.png )

Zane: . . . Gah, where did that blast come from . . . Is everyone alright?"

officer: "yeah I think so- Wait! Koza's com signal's gone dead!"
No. 520699 ID: 57a559

I believe it's hardly a coincidence.
Regardless, move on to the next objective and matter, it's our duty!
No. 520781 ID: 1cf691

Rip Koza ;_;7

That blast might have killed the tech-leech but there are still probably some infected left lurking in the ship. Have everyone you can contact regroup at the medbay, also find out the status of the reactor and Pike.
No. 520795 ID: 5869f6

Koza, get up.
C'mon man, this isn't funny.
No. 520857 ID: 01531c

Look at it this way: if Koza had survived that blast, the Tech Leech would've also survived.
No. 520858 ID: c23ab0


Koza is beer now.
No. 520861 ID: 5869f6

Koza should get a medal for this..
If not I'm personally paying a visit to Command.
No. 526224 ID: 67bfa9
File 137446049637.png - (194.89KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard175.png )

I get back onto my feet and try to contact Koza, but officer Denn is right his com signal is dead.

soldier: "well what do we do now?"

officer: "the boss bug is dead but the ship might still be crawling with infected, we need to clear the rest of the ship."

Robo128: "optics registering movement within main docking bay."

officer: "wait, what?"
No. 526227 ID: bf54a8

it's still alive? how tough is this fucker?
No. 526229 ID: 735f4f

To the docking bay fast!
No. 526269 ID: 5869f6

Aw, fuck I swear by the nine if that fuckin' things not dead...
p.s. award Koza a medal for bravery, posthumously of course.
p.p.s. praise Talos, LL's alive!
No. 526271 ID: 5869f6

p.p.p.s. (fuckimeanLW)
No. 526280 ID: 226049

Are there any security feeds in the rooms around it? Or any exterior cameras? Can we try and see what's going on in there?
No. 531811 ID: 67bfa9
File 137576124525.png - (205.59KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard176.png )

Officer Denn: "It must be some mistake, your optics are faulty!"

Robo128: "Negative"

Zane: "Do we have a security feed in there?"

Robo128: "Negative, all cameras and scanners in the area must have been destroyed in the blast"

Officer Denn: "along with every living thing in the area! nothing could have survived that!"

Zane: "how's my disintegrater?"

soldier: "charged up and ready for combat"

Zane: "good, I'll be needing it"

Officer Denn: "for what? going in there? even if it IS somehow alive, what kind of chance do you have at killing something that couldn't be blasted by an energy charge!"
No. 531814 ID: c23ab0

It's weak. Even if it survived, there is no air in there. Your people, your civilization is not ever going to have a better chance at killing this thing. You know the Disintegrator hurts it. If you don't finish the job now, then Koza's death will mean nothing.
No. 531861 ID: 57a559

You've obviously never been in the middle of an explosion Denn, weird things happen that aid in the survivability of a creature in an explosion. Redundant organs help, armor, etc.

All of that can be disintegrated with direct conflict. Never let an explosion do a gun's job officer Denn.
No. 531882 ID: 5869f6

We have to finish that fuckin' thing of now! If it get's away, all will have been for naught!
No. 531897 ID: 1cf691

Tell officer Denn that his concerns have been noted and dismissed. Now charge forward and lets hope that the boss bug just needs some finishing off.

If Robo128 can survive in vacuum have it come with us to provide support.
No. 532958 ID: c16a16

We know the D-Gun hurts it, but don't get cocky. The walkway will probably have absorbed most of the blast, though it should still have weakened the bugger enough for the BFG to finish 'em off.

Get in there. Finish the bastard.

And make sure it stays dead.
No. 533162 ID: 67bfa9
File 137611818591.png - (90.65KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard177.png )

>If Robo128 can survive in vacuum have it come with us to provide support.
the robot is too damaged to be of assistance

Zane: "Denn your concern is noted, but I this is only path left to us, it must be stopped."

Denn: "But-"

Zane: "Save your energy, If I fail you'll need it"

* * *

I approach the hanger . . . or what's left of it
No. 533164 ID: 735f4f

So the robot noticed movement but without any cameras in here how and what exactly did it notice?

Keep a eye out below you. If its not floating in space it might be crawling around on the outside of the ship.
No. 533165 ID: c23ab0


Is there any blood or ichor that isn't burned? Can you see any trails or grooves in the metal where some Thing may have held on? Every minute you spare is another minute it comes close to oxygen death, but every minute you spare is another minute it comes close to puncturing the hull and getting back in the ship another way. Best get moving!
No. 533166 ID: 57a559

Zane, if you got any tactics for reducing possible surprises in your brain, can you use those? I feel like you can get stabbed from many directions here, you're open from below, behind, and above, not to mention side to side.

Be ware of any vents. Small dudes can be just as much of a threat as the big baddy if they surprise you.
No. 533209 ID: 226049

Try and make your way across the blown up hanger by pushing yourself off the floating debris there. Try and go upwards, you'll get a better view (obviously) and you'll be less vulnerable to attack.
No. 533676 ID: 67bfa9
File 137627564057.png - (108.07KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard178.png )

I need to stay on my guard
the creature could be hiding on any piece of floating-

oh wait there it is.

InfestorLord: "Hello Zane, I was HOPING YOU WOULDN'T LOOK UP!"
No. 533679 ID: e1609c

Zap zap, motherfucker
No. 533681 ID: 57a559

You have jets?
You're gonna need some jets for this space battle. I think your going to get suddenly attacked.
No. 533713 ID: c16a16

Careful now. Could be a trap.

Don't get jumpy... wouldn't want to waste your shots.
No. 533715 ID: 5869f6

At this rate, we're going to have to shove a nuke down it's throat.
Oh well, time to start with the lasers and the shooting and stuff.
Do you have a clear shot, Zane?
No. 533826 ID: bc8d67

Dammit. May or may not be a psychic illusion, but this at least confirms it somehow survived the blast.

Can't risk it not being a trick. Flip your forward suit lamp on, get a good aim on its position and fire. Immediately leap backwards into the corridor and put a bit of distance between you and the remains of the hangar. That creature will think twice before moving down a straight hall against you.

If you can, patch your suit cameras and external sensor feeds through to Robo128 and ask it to tell you if that beast appears on any of them. This'll hopefully counter any illusions it is using.
No. 533852 ID: 2f4b71

Remember; unless it has some sort of concealed rocket propulsion ability (that somehow also managed to survive the explosion), you don't need to kill it. You just need to push it at least 1 longest-appendage-length away from the ship, and let the chitinous bastard float into the void.

How much recoil does that Disintegrator have, by the way?
No. 534061 ID: 226049

"Well I did. And now you're gonna die."

Open fire! If it tries to jump down at you just jump off the platform and drift through space, aiming for the floating debris. If it tries to flee then inform the rest of the team that it's still alive and get them to try and get above the shuttle bay. Give chase and try not to lose visual.
No. 534515 ID: 67bfa9
File 137654782856.png - (152.86KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard179.png )

Zane: "Well I unfortunately for you I did, time to die."

InfestorLord: "Kshhrrk!"

I try to fire but I can't move!

InfestorLord: "congratulations Pelendina Zane IN EARNING YOUR OWN DEATH, you've succeeded in slowing me down BUT THE VEROX ARE ALL ENCOMPASSING. I did not expect you to fix your reactor I MIGHT HAVE ACTUALLY DIED FROM THAT. I was going to escape in a shuttle and let you live BUT NOW THIS SHIP MUST BE MY VESSEL. but first you still have information I need I'M GOING TO TAKE APART YOUR BRAIN NOW"
No. 534535 ID: 5869f6

No. 534537 ID: bf54a8

focus all your rage and hatred into that gun. one last shot into the face and this is over.
No. 534538 ID: c23ab0

This would be a great time for Robo128 to save the day. You know, by his head sort of falling off and clonking the techleech's.

But who needs that. YOU are Pelinda Zane, the greatest warrior Astrania has ever known! There is nothing that can stop you, not even your own brain! Blast that thing out of the sky. You know you have it in you! Fight!
No. 534558 ID: 8b9215

Fuck him and everything he stands for. Pull that trigger.
No. 534565 ID: 41690e

I don't need my brain, thanks. Just a trigger finger, muscle memory, and a big ball of hatred, rage, and duty.

Die, monster.
No. 535723 ID: 1cf691

Can the disintegrator be voice activated? Or any function of your suit?
No. 537263 ID: c16a16

...I don't recall any mention of 'stranner shields not working in vacuum, so either they're fried, someone made a rookie mistake, or the psi-block effect has been compromised somehow.

I'm betting on #2, personally.
No. 537275 ID: bc8d67

Zane's shields were wrecked in the last fight she had with the TechLeech. Which kinda makes me wonder if the suggesters who said to head out here thought she still had them.
No. 537317 ID: c16a16


...of all the things to forget! I guess we've just been taking their presence for granted.

No. 537323 ID: 5869f6

No. 537327 ID: 57a559

Don't you have ANY backup? What happened to Denn? Did he pussy out?
No. 537654 ID: bc8d67

Zane, even through the rage you have to know you're in deep shit. You need backup. Remember, you were only saved the last time the Infester Lord got you by Marine Pike shooting it.

If you still can activate your radio, switch to broadcast on all available channels and call for help. Or activate your suit's distress beacon. Just do something to get anybody else here!

There is one other thing that may save your bacon. The Infester Lord will have to take you back into the ship, to an area that has atmosphere, before it can crack your suit open and pick your brains apart, since you'd die before it could glean what it was looking for if it did so out here. If you're lucky it'll get cocky and leave you holding your big gun while passing through the vacuum shields and they may psi-shield you long enough to fire on it.

Officer Denn doesn't have a space suit. He can't come out here, and even if he could he doesn't have a weapon that could do enough damage to the Infester Lord to matter, and he'd be mind-fucked as soon as he got in range anyway..
No. 537662 ID: 57a559

So, no one else with a space suit? We haven't been keeping track of the others. Zane, if you can't shoot or do anything, try the radio? You can talk and move your mouth, do a few voice commands.

That is if fighting the hold is completely unacceptable or impossible. I mean, try both. If you can't budge your finger even a tiny bit, that backup might be your only hope.
No. 537668 ID: bc8d67

There may be space suits the other armed officers could put on elsewhere, but it'd take time. Very likely more time than Zane has.

And the only space marines left alive other than Zane are Pike, Nisk, Huro, and Dosk... And technically Hoft, even though he has succumbed to the Infester Lord's infection and is under its control now.

Last we knew Pike is still loose after killing Kimb for a ritual to stabilize the reactor core. Dosk was run through by Hoft and is laying incapacitated in the Medbay hall, but he may have recovered enough to move. Nisk was treating Huro who was barely hanging on by a thread.

Though, it's an outside possibility, but if Huro has recovered enough to wake up he might be able to use his psionic power to disrupt the Infester Lord's telekinesis long enough for Zane to fire. But that's only if Nisk can get Huro to it before it eats Zane's brain, which at this point isn't looking likely.
No. 537693 ID: 57a559

... what about the robots?
I'm just trying to come up with a viable alt. to dying trying our best to pull our trigger finger desperately. And the only thing Zane can do is move her mouth. And its only uses are to call for backup or to try and trick the techleech. Unless the radio requires her to use her hands, then literally the only choice to to talk the techleech down.
There could be other functions of the space suit, if it has voice commands. Wonder if we can prime it as a bomb or just jolt a shield field, if the shield can flash for even a microsecond, the connections broken long enough for the trigger finger to move... or give ourselves an electric jolt of energy to have a muscle spasm, maybe there's like a stun shock function built inside the suit in case a traitor obtains it.
No. 537819 ID: bc8d67

The nearest known robot is Robo128. It is damaged but still has one gun. However, unless it can be called and fire upon the Infestor Lord without the beast knowing, it is very vulnerable to the creature's telekinesis. The status of the rest of the ship's robot forces is unknown, but presumed greatly depleted and damaged.

Zane's shield generator was totally destroyed in the last fight, impaled by the Infester Lord's blade-hand, as seen here >>/questarch/418994; She discarded it later, as it was dead weight. Zane also thought to try and detonate an energy charge, sacrificing herself to destroy the Infester Lord, as seen here >>/questarch/419492, but as that shows it requires physically punching in an activation code; No voice activation on it.

Whatever active countermeasures are built into Astranian space marine suits to prevent their study or reuse by enemy forces is unknown. It is known their systems only activate for Astranians, locking out for all others.
No. 538938 ID: 67bfa9
File 137808333082.png - (138.78KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard180.png )

trying . . . to resist . . . mind . . . to strong!

InfesterLord: is that all? can you resist no more? I AM NOT IMPRESSED

can't . . . move

InfesterLord: "PERFECT! your mind . . . it has been played with before? THE VEROX STILL LIVE!"

played . . . with . . . before?

InfestorLord: "ksshrrk! TELL ME WHERE!"

Aaargh . . .


bomb . . . not . . . my trap

InfestorLord: "show me then!"

I didn't . . . think . . . he would . . . do that

InfestorLord: "SHOW ME!"

I . . . don't . . . have . . . to

InfestorLord: "KSHRRK!!"
No. 538940 ID: 67bfa9
File 137808346433.png - (200.59KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard181.png )

Pike: HYAAA!

InfestorLord: "Ksshrrk!"
No. 538941 ID: 67bfa9
File 137808352431.png - (134.72KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard182.png )

Pike: "Zane, forgive my Lateness but I was under assault by our own forces! they are trying to arrest-"


Pike goes hurtling off into deep space

No. 538942 ID: 735f4f

Hit him now while he is distracted. Maybe we can save Pike later maybe not but if you don't fire now his distraction will be for nothing.
No. 538943 ID: b32a14

Shoot it shoot it shoot it shoot it. Before it can immobilize you again.

We can worry about helping Pike after, if he doesn't grab on the debris, or find something to push off of. Or have a firearm he can use to propel himself back.
No. 538944 ID: 865978

Zane, Shoot it while its distracted! Before it can mess with your head more.

Pike, I sure hope you have something to get back. A weapon with recoil, or perhaps venting some of your suit's atmosphere to get back to the ship.
No. 538945 ID: 96c896

We could throw him something with recoil. Just gotta make sure not to miss.
No. 538946 ID: 13a36d

No. 538947 ID: bc8d67

This is it! This is your one chance! Aim at center mass and fire! Fire! FIRE! FIRE until it is good and DEAD!

Do not concern yourself with Pike now, as there is nothing you can do for him. If you succeed and the beast dies, then maybe, but not before.

Actually, it's likely there's emergency equipment on board for "man overboard" situations. Maybe something like a focused gravity beam projector, either portable or in emplacements on the hull.
No. 538956 ID: c23ab0


Or you know, a rope.
No. 538961 ID: 1f8505


No. 539005 ID: 5869f6

Pike! Nooo!
Fucking shoot that asshole dead.
No. 539560 ID: 67bfa9
File 137843809676.png - (181.93KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard184.png )

a laps in focus causes Zane just an inch of movement

. . . and that's all her finger needs

No. 539561 ID: 67bfa9
File 137843838478.png - (166.83KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard183.png )


Zane: "Verox? all . . . I see . . . Is a bug"

No. 539564 ID: 07e3a8

Keep firing. Overkill protocols are in effect. Don't let up till the body has been reduced to a bloody smear, and the bloody smear has been burnt off the hull.

Then we can see about helping Pike.
No. 539570 ID: 96c896

Looks dead to me. Find a rope or something to throw to Pike. Or some kind of gun with recoil. Better act fast before he's too far away to accurately throw something at him.
No. 539573 ID: c23ab0

Keep shooting! Drain that disintegrator dry!
No. 539591 ID: c16a16

What these guys said. Rule of three. Two more shots into the largest remaining chunks of spacebug. Cause as much damage per shot as possible. But remember what single-minded pursuit of this monster has caused;

...yet, given what this thing has lived through it's best not to take any chances here either. Not until the mindfuckery stops at the very least.

Hopefully Pike's got it together enough to realize he should be ditching any expendable items to slow himself down right about now. Or pinging comms for help or something.

That said, calling Denn or 128 or whoever to get them to find a rope or an emergency rescue pack or anything like that might be a good idea. They're closer to any supplies. Can't waste time if you want him saved that badly. Tackle the bigg important things (buglord) personally, delegate smaller though no less important tasks (finding rescue gear) to subordinates. That's what leaders do.
No. 539601 ID: 5869f6

No. 539669 ID: d91e82

Double tap, then double tap again! TAKE NO CHANCES!
No. 539815 ID: 67bfa9
File 137865237534.png - (182.11KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard185.png )

Zane: " A parasite!"


Zane: " a leech on existance!"






Zane: "RAAAARG!"


Zane: "Eh?"

*Click*, *click*
No. 539816 ID: 67bfa9
File 137865253999.png - (134.23KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard186.png )

Zane is out of ammo . . . what's left of the bug looks pretty dead
No. 539817 ID: 5869f6

Fucking finally. You're going to get promoted for this, I swear.
Wait. Where's Pike?
No. 539818 ID: 1cf691

Time to rescue Pike! Lets see, all the shuttles got blown up so those are out.
The reactor is fucked up so i doubt turning the entire ship is feasible.
When the enemy pulled out they probably launched all the remaining escape pods to fuck with us.
Are there some repair ships used to work on the Colony ship if its slightly damaged? Or does the captain have a personal escape ship/pod hidden away somewhere?
If you get desperate you could always try the plan: Really long rope...
No. 539819 ID: 13a36d

Are there ANY shuttles or fighters or anything you can use to save pike?

Because if so you should save pike. Maybe a jetpack or EVA pack if it's closer... or a tractor beam? Are there tractor beams on the ship? Grabber claws? Anything?

Go with whatever's closest and safest.

After all efforts have been made to rescue pike you should scrape off the remains of that bug and then blast it when the main cannons as it drifts off. Just to be sure.
No. 539820 ID: 57a559

Kill it some more
What? No fuck Pike, we are NOT risking this thing living. I don't even know how we can save him from falling far off into space without killing ourselves anyhow.
Just go up there AND KILL THAT THING.
Use anything you got, and bullets, USE YOUR FISTS
Oh wait no that's stupid lets find Pike, get his shield and weapons, than go disscate the corpse to ensure its dead.
No. 539821 ID: d91e82

Shouldn't that heavily equipped armour have something that let's someone return to the ship if "blown overboard"?

Or will Pike need help to get back?
No. 539824 ID: bf54a8

radio pike and ask how much air he has. will let us know how long we have to find something.
No. 540514 ID: 67bfa9
File 137912877307.png - (59.69KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard187.png )

Zane's head aches and her vision blurs

Zane: "Pike . . . report!"

Pike: "don't worry, that creature will yet feel my revenge!"

Zane looks down to see Pike crawling back to the ship . . . looks like he caught hold of a hanging sheet of twisted metal

Zane: "Pike I don't think you will . . . it's over!"

Pike:" What?! over?"

Zane feels faint
No. 540521 ID: 13a36d

Say "Pike, I need you to get me to Med Bay... and then check on the passengers and crew and make sure the distress beacon is running..."
No. 540522 ID: 13a36d

"Oh... and scrape the damn thing off and blast it with the biggest guns the ship has working... Just to be sure..."
No. 540530 ID: 07e3a8

...hopefully. Whatever's left isn't moving, and I'm out of ammo. Someone should probably verify the kill and finish destroying the body to be sure, but I think I'm about to pass out.

Good work, soldier.
No. 540564 ID: c23ab0

Zane your disintegrator is fully charged. Zane, you never fired. Zane what do you think is above you. Zane.
No. 540574 ID: 593f45

Since when were you under the impression you were on a spaceship?
No. 540600 ID: c23ab0


Time to wake up, Zane.
No. 540789 ID: 520645

Lean back in case you pass out. Don't wanna fall over the edge into space if you do faint.

Shouldn't Pike be able to see the charred corpse of the creature from where he is? Did he not once see you fire? Turn around, look up, and ask him what he sees above you and what he saw before. It's possible the beast is creating an illusion of its demise.
No. 542164 ID: 67bfa9
File 138020100655.png - (128.70KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard188.png )

Pike looks up to the smeared remains

Pike: "that's pretty charred . . . but can we be sure it's dead?"

Zane: "I'll let you solve that one yourself, me, I need to go to medbay . . . or what's left of it."
No. 542165 ID: 67bfa9
File 138020113903.png - (14.55KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard189.png )

Zane :". . . I could use the rest"

* * *
No. 542166 ID: 67bfa9
File 138020121595.png - (234.88KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard190.png )

Zane:"It's been a while Koza
I thought I might say goodbye before my long journey home

We destroyed, Pike and Nizk threw every scrap of metal that it's remains were smeared onto in the Reactor incenerator just to be sure it was dead.

after that a lot of stuff happened . . . I'm not sure where to start."
No. 542167 ID: 13a36d

Uh... Start with what happened to you then?
No. 542174 ID: 1cf691

Did Huro, Dosk, Nisk and Robo128 survive? What happened to the infected that left with the escape pods?
No. 542182 ID: 57a559

Did your career go down the toilet?
Pike's in prison isn't he?
No. 542202 ID: c16a16

So that's it? Always feels a little anti-climactic, doesn't it?

Guessing the following weeks were just a case of hunting down the drones, infested, and so on... saving those that weren't too far gone, and putting those that were out of their misery. Taking count of those missing and confirmed dead. Patch up damaged systems and equipment. Not much more you can do.

What a mess. All because of one man's desire for revenge, wasn't it?

'spose that just leaves the matter of how many colonists survived and the results of any investigations into what happened. No doubt those'll take a good while longer, though.

Oh, and whatever happened to those might-have-been-Solar ships, anyway?
No. 542206 ID: 123f50

Whats our tally?
No. 542230 ID: 5869f6

You alright, Zane?
D-Did you get promoted?
A medal?
No. 542262 ID: 555bb0

Tell us all of what happened, Zane. ...and either take off your helmet or open it so that we can see your cute, kissable face.
No. 542269 ID: c23ab0

That's a lot of gravestones. The incident really could have been managed better, couldn't it.
No. 543698 ID: 67bfa9
File 138145934370.png - (158.24KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard191.png )

A lot of what happened for the rest of the voyage was a blur for me.

My physical injuries were deep but ultimately not the gravest concern.

for more than a week I lay in the infirmary my thoughts a twisted mess, I could not tell when I was sleeping or when I was awake nor where I was . . . everything became a haze.

but I remembered the Tech-Leech,
and in my mind it followed a new name, the name "Verox" described it to me.
powerful beings from before the age of the alliance . . . years better left forgotten

Nizk claimed that I would scream out in the night, she said I would speak things I shouldn't know . . . and mumble words in languages she's never heard.
If Pike noticed any of this he never said, he only ever delivered his reports and continued his work
No. 543699 ID: 67bfa9
File 138145950892.png - (217.62KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard192.png )

as the only two combat active members of my team left, Nizk and Pike took on the duty of protecting the ship.

they spent the rest of the journey searching every square inch of the starboard hub for more of the infected.

and though they found a few in desolate dark corners, mostly all they found was the remains of the dead

and of the dead there were hundred, but there was no flesh, nor bones for the infected creatures had consumed nearly all of it, only bloody scraps of clothing strewn about remained of the victims

of the two thousand, one hundred and eighty five Astranians aboard the "Wishing Star", six hundred and and eighteen had been either slain in a single day.
No. 543701 ID: 67bfa9
File 138146060398.png - (245.71KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard193.png )

two hundred and thirty four more would die in the following weeks, a few from the roaming infected, but mostly executed by our own forces

the virus proved too violent and uncontrollable, no treatments seemed to have any effect and those Astranians exposed appeared to be with out cure.

Nizk and Pike felt they had no choice, when signs of mutation developed they acted.

I could hear Nizk sobbing long into the night, I wish I could have left my bed . . . talked to her

Pike had no such reactions, he did his job and delivered his reports.

I will continue these update using unused suggestions, though feel free to provide more or comment as you like
No. 543702 ID: c23ab0

What were your quarantine methods? How did you prevent the virus from infecting all of you?
No. 543705 ID: 2f2cd6

Um. If they were executing the infected, why were you spared when it seems obvious that the tech-leech had affected your mind?
No. 543711 ID: c16a16

28.28% civilian casualties from initial encounter.
Further 10.7% casualty rate from cleanup operations.
Final loss rate of 38.99% assuming no further complications or issues.
2 members of a 10-unit squad combat ready, assuming perhaps 4~5 total survivors. Dosk and Huro unaccounted for, presumably also in critical condition.

That probably could've gone better. But it could've gone a whole lot worse, too.
No. 543730 ID: 761017

>What were your quarantine methods? How did you prevent the virus from infecting all of you?
Astranian Ray-Tech shields! It blocks psychic powers nd plasma bolts, so it should block teeny tiny super viral nanobot infection vectors!

That being said, how did you guys manage to keep the rest of the ship fully functional, much less ableto land safely through an atmosphere with a huge hole in one side?

Were any of the colonists politically important?

Did your superiors get around to providing an update to the mission parameters in light of the events? Did you even ahve long-range comms online?

Did any traces of 'Vorax' infection vectors make it planetside?
No. 546990 ID: 67bfa9
File 138384476799.png - (180.15KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard194.png )

the virus appeared to only be effective when directly injected into the bloodstream, remaining uninfected proved to be the least of our quarantine concerns

for Another fifty four Astranians remain missing . . . the captain and Hoft among them

Escape pods don't have the power to escape from a vessel this size, however when attempting to scan for the pods from ours they were no where to be found . . . the Solar ship signatures you detected earlier were also missing.
No. 546991 ID: 67bfa9
File 138384483721.png - (141.25KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard195.png )

Preparing for our arrival on Kydalska what remain of the robotic crew begin repairs on the wishing star.

though this is mostly customary as the shield will protect the ship from all atmospheric harm.

there was some debate over whether it was safe to allow the ship to land on the world do to the risk of contagion, however high command believed it containable and we were permitted to land.
No. 546992 ID: 67bfa9
File 138384492996.png - (178.83KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard196.png )

when we first arrived we were welcomed as heroes, a ceremony was held to honor those who

had died, and to celebrate a victory over a new alien foe.

And I recovered just enough to partake in this mass funeral where I was given the

official title of "Champion Sergeant", and my squad mates were given other such honors.

It would not last, for when reinforcements from high command arrived on Kydalska they would not view our mission so highly
No. 547002 ID: 53ba34

remember, this happened because your 'commander' decided to keep secret about the fact a monster was there. if you didn't take charge then you all would of been led to your doom by a man blinded by his own petty revenge scheme.
No. 547008 ID: 57a559

Just follow your orders and give your report to them, no muss no fuss. At this point we'd just like to get all the survivors home. Unless they give you some extreme shit, you have no need to defend yourself. Your standard report will have to do most of the work. Then again, consider hiring a lawyer with experience in war tribunals and shit.
No. 547675 ID: 67bfa9
File 138422828124.png - (166.33KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard197.png )

explainations and reports proved useless, for the Commander high command sent had no need for them

Commander Vhannione Ekia, I'd heard of her, at the age of fifty five she's the youngest core-world Commander ever appointed, more importantly she was a ritualist . . . a powerful dangerous one.

that she chose not to interrogate me in person didn't surprise me

nor did it surprise me when she pried apart my mind for answers, after all I'd been mentally compromised . . . the alien had touched my thoughts on three occasions and poisoned it a little more each time . . .

what did surprise me is that even knowing this she chose to not only let me live but to have me continue to fight for the alliance.

in the days to come I'd find out the reason why . . .
No. 547676 ID: 67bfa9
File 138422843590.png - (176.63KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard199.png )

but Commander-Ritualist Ekia's actions only continued to shock me.
dis-respect towards the privacy laws was to be expected from a ritualist.

but her handling of Pike was different, she accused him of being behind everything, sabotaging the systems,letting the alien aboard, murdering "the great hero Magmatharius Gore", murdering Kimb and attacking Huro. oddest of all "Witnesses" stepped forward to corroborate her claims . . .

and though her words were convincing to the point even I had struggles arguing them, there were impossibilities I could not dismiss, realities I had been present for.

I wondered if the witnesses were under some sort of ritualistic stupor, but the sneers and looks of disdain they shot at Pike told another story . . .

The next day Pike was shipped off world, where I don't know.
No. 547677 ID: 67bfa9
File 138422858410.png - (241.76KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard198.png )

Nizk fared little better

I don't don't know what Commander Ekia found in poor Nizk's head to condemn, maybe the core worlds felt the need to make an example of one of their own. but it mattered little, the hammer fell all the same.

Nizk had broken the law of purity, she had installed a cybernetic up-link in her head to manipulate that bionic limb, by law she was now less than Astranian. if Ekia appreciated all the good Nizk had done and tried to do on board the wishing star she did not show it.

Nizk was enlisted to the robot legion, to serve in the front lines until she dies

strangely enough this didn't seem to bother her, she actually seemed happy . . . it was the first and last time I would see her smile after the incident. she was sent on the shuttle out an hour later.
No. 547778 ID: 6fc47c

Damn Pike was made the fall guy, but maybe he was just shipped to some far off world and given a new identity.

And maybe the robot legion isn't such a bad place. I bet there are other cyborgs whom Nizk will go on adventures with and learn what it really means to be Astranian.

E-everyone gets a happy ending right ;_;?
No. 547779 ID: ccf689



There is only grim darkness of the grimdark space.
No. 547804 ID: 5869f6

They better get happy endings, else those fuckwits at command are going to get a very, very strongly worded letter.
(also anthrax)
No. 547872 ID: 5612af

Purity Laws are bullshit.
No. 547880 ID: 7a843b

Well, it appears that preserving Magmatharius Gore's legend as a Hero of the Alliance is more important to Ekia and her superiors than truth or justice. Not surprising, at all.

And Nizk's fate is unfair but unavoidable. Way too many saw she broke the Law of Purity in the days after she put that bionic arm on for it to be covered up. Whether or not Ekia personally wanted better for Nizk she had to abide by the law. Though serving on the front lines in the Robot Legion sounds tantamount to a slightly delayed death sentence perhaps Nizk will beat the odds and fare better than the 'bots. But it's still bullshit she was sent there.

So what happened to Dosk and Huro? Last we knew they were still alive, albeit seriously injured, when you killed the Infester Lord.
No. 548447 ID: 67bfa9
File 138463753857.png - (147.57KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard200.png )

It's been said that traditional medicine is a lost art, if that's true Nizk's devotion to her calling as medic must have given her talents no other Astranians possess.

despite the odds Nizk was able to save Huro's life, or what was left of it.
having lost his right arm and his internal organs charred and broken, an environment suit is the only thing that can keep him alive now.

He will never have a place in Astranian society according to the law of purity, were it not for his status as ritualist perhaps he might have been enlisted to the robot legions as well.

but he is a ritualist so instead his destiny is decreed to serve in my unit until his death.

I never much liked Huro, but I've learned that happens to be something we both have in common.
No. 548448 ID: 67bfa9
File 138463778575.png - (123.20KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard201.png )

Dosk found new friends in the form of Paffelienne wine

He blames himself for what happened to Huro and Nizk, Hoft and all the others who lost their lives when the infected made it into med-bay "If only I had held the line" he just mutters to himself.
I've not really found the words to say to him yet . . .

Nizk and and Hoft were his closest friends I'm not sure he'll ever truly recover . . .
No. 548449 ID: 67bfa9
File 138463830158.png - (198.33KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard202.png )

Though we lost many friends at least one new comrade was gained.

Robo128 fought effectively and nobly, it also saved my life at least once. I chose to purchase it and enough parts to repair its damage.

Huro thinks it's a risk to have a robot in the unit. but it reminds me of an old friend of mine from my recruiting days, Asnia always liked them . . . she was a silly girl.
No. 548450 ID: 57a559

I thought when Huro was first harmed they were going to regrow his organs, it was going to take a couple of weeks, time everyone knew they didn't have at the time of his injury if the situation got as bad as it did, but from that point doctors thought it was possible to regrow his damaged organs.

I understand that Nizk's cybernetic arm implant became permanent considering what she had to do, but was huro's suit put onto him using the same permanent surgical methods as Nizk's was? Or is it simply too late to regrow organs and prep him for reconstructive surgery? Or does the law dictate that when one has become less than pure Astranian, even for a moment, they will never be allowed to be pure Astranian again, meaning his access to regrown organs and the required healthcare is restricted or even disallowed completely?
No. 548464 ID: dbbfc7

A champion, a walking corpse, a drunkard and a robot.
When the unit is brought back to full strenght the rookies are going to have one helluva welcoming committee.
No. 548466 ID: 5869f6

I feel I must restate.
Purity laws are BULLSHIT.

Well, shit. Now what? I hope you get transferred somewhere behind the frontlines. Maybe a guard post.
I'd honestly rather you live Zane, really.
No. 548514 ID: cee89f

Are you planning on upgrading the robot at all?

If you know already, what's your next assignment/post?

Will you be receiving new recruits for your squad in the near future, as far as you know?

>Purity laws = bullshit
No. 548515 ID: 53ba34

so is the ship's reactor sentient now? not sure WHAT that thing that made it not go critical did.
No. 548650 ID: 67bfa9
File 138467379885.png - (93.87KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard203.png )

Zane: "Where do I go now? well that's simple . . . I'm going home."

bystander: "You're leaving us?"

Zane: !!!
No. 548651 ID: 67bfa9
File 138467385343.png - (243.05KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard204.png )

I turn to see one of the Yerrot colonists standing beside me

Zane: ". . . how long have you been standing there?"

bystander: "long enough to know you've been talking to a tombstone for half an hour."

Zane: ". . . war changes us all"

bystander: "are you really leaving?"

Zane: "The creature isn't the only one of it's kind, the alliance needs me back in the fight."

bystander: ". . . I fought too, alongside Koza back on the WishingStar, he saved my life . . . I want to keep fighting! let me come with you!"
No. 548662 ID: 9ddf68

you saw what kind of hell this "job" brings why do you want to go back into it? What can you even do?
No. 548667 ID: 57a559

What's your name?
No. 548685 ID: c311d1

Is that something you really want? To devote your life to fighting? Unsure that the next moment may be your last? You see what happened to everyone here... But if you're still that devoted, then what's your name, and what can you do?
No. 548701 ID: cee89f

"You understand that there's a pretty high chance if you come with us, someone will be talking to YOUR grave before you're old? Have you even been to basic/boot camp [or whatever the Astranian equivalent is]?

Also, name and previous profession."

(Eh, seems eager, why not? We were all newbies once, and we need recruits.)
No. 549076 ID: 67bfa9
File 138486885635.png - (110.77KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard205.png )

Zane:"this life will chew you up and spit you out, there's no walking away, even if you try you'll never be the same . . . if you even get the chance."

bystander: "Somebody has to fight, or we'll all die"

Zane: "What's your name?"

bystander: "Kion, Lamarus Kion"
No. 549077 ID: 67bfa9
File 138486895391.png - (151.03KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard206.png )

Zane:"Well Kion, welcome aboard"

Kion: "what did mean when you said you were going home earlier, I thought you were needed back in the fight!"

Zane:"I meant what I said."

Kion: "more gladiatorial blood sports?"

Zane: "no . . . this time I have something else to fight."
No. 549078 ID: 67bfa9
File 138486947821.png - (5.89KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard207.png )

THE END . . .

Zane's story will be continued in PinkskinQuest Level3
No. 549188 ID: 1f8505


*Standing ovation*
No. 549190 ID: 5869f6

[Wild cheering]

Woo~ It's finally done with!
No. 549433 ID: 67bfa9
File 138510098093.png - (9.75KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard208.png )

meanwhile, far away . . .

Infected: " . . . Dina"
No. 549434 ID: 67bfa9
File 138510102186.png - (177.56KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard209.png )

Infected: " Dina . . . I need you"

Anithia: "You are finally free, does this not make you happy?"

Infected: "what joy is there in freedom, when all your brothers and sisters lie in chains."

Anithia: "you're just among the first"

Infected: "Dina?"
No. 549435 ID: 67bfa9
File 138510106141.png - (202.20KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard210.png )

Anithia: "Don't worry, we'll free them all."

to be continued . . .
No. 549437 ID: 1f8505


No. 549480 ID: 226049

Great show ol' bean. Bravo!

Seriously nice work, man. I really liked the pacing with this one. Shit got DONE.

Infestor/HoftQuest WHEN!?
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