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File 134385696479.png - (151.06KB , 912x547 , CQ2title5.png )
438152 No. 438152 ID: f72f26

Previous threads.


>the Astranian's guide Jones is in trouble of his own, the situation doesn't look good.
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No. 438155 ID: f72f26
File 134385706945.png - (134.21KB , 912x547 , CQ2page126.png )

I had a name once, but no one remembers it, nowadays people tend to call me Mullet Jones.

People have told me I'm prone to doing really stupid things, judging from the three brand new holes I've acquired it's probably true.

Hopefully this won't be the last stupid thing I do.
No. 438156 ID: dc4a44

Not lookin' so hot there Jones. What's the situation?
No. 438157 ID: f72f26
File 134385722666.png - (180.62KB , 912x547 , CQ2page127.png )

I've gotta get out of here,
let's consider the area

1)Droegen's joint, seeing as he's the man who wants me dead, walking by his front door may not be my safest option.

2)The mines, plenty of good places to hide, but also a lot of dead ends.

3)The starport, best way to get off world. also where Droegen and his commandos shot me up. just finished getting the hell out of there.

4)Market square, not sure if it's of any importance.

5)The main gate complete with watch tower and armed guards.

6)The docks, fishermen live aroud here. A boat might be a nice but won't compete with Droegen's skimmers.
No. 438163 ID: 0c2247

Go to the market and hide with some stranner merchants. Tell them a group of stranners hired you as a guide while the did an arms deal with Droegen, but he sold them out to a pirate.
They will make sure you stay alive long enough to question, and when your story checks out they're going to be pissed as all fuck.
No. 438164 ID: dc4a44

No. 438173 ID: e3f578

The mines, the market and the docks are the only real options here, the docks are too dangerous though.
Take the mines, we can chance a dead end for a hiding spot. the market can confuse the guards with the crowd but honestly its not a way out or a place to hide for long.

Is Droegen a reasonable man who wants you dead for reasonable reasons or is he a con and a stupid man himself? IF you end up crossing paths with the Astranians they may grant you asylum from Droegen. When he invited them in his HQ, that obviously means he has proper use for them and will not demand your life in exchange for their cooperation. I think they still owe you a little for getting them here and may need your help in the future. It's just that you would have to stay with one of them for the entire time your here and for when you leave, hoping at that point Droegen still has use for them and wants 'em alive.
No. 438176 ID: 22ff74

Take it to the mines!
No. 438236 ID: f72f26
File 134387002205.png - (148.67KB , 912x547 , CQ2page128.png )

Droegen always seemed a reasonable man to me, but even reasonable men can become violent under the right circumstances.

That skimmer I trashed must have been more valuable than I thought.

* * *

I see the mines, only a little further.

I hear the sounds of heavy pounding and cracking stone coming from behind me
No. 438271 ID: 1f8505


Duck inside the mines and patch yourself up.
No. 438453 ID: 413dba

Move, into the mines, these guys won't have thermal vision or dogs will they?

Also, that shot in you back doesn't look so good, what kind of weapon was it do you think?

It seems cauterized but you will probably need a doc to remove any blasted dead flesh before it can heal, otherwise, expect sepsis.
No. 438505 ID: f72f26
File 134395469633.png - (196.59KB , 912x547 , CQ2page129.png )

>Move, into the mines, these guys won't have thermal vision or dogs will they?

I dunno I never thought of that . . .

>Also, that shot in you back doesn't look so good, what kind of weapon was it do you think?

Some sort of energy blaster, the kind that doesn't kill you outright.

. . . just a little further


Jones: "HNNG!"

Damnit, bastards got me.

my heart freezes, my limbs seize up

. . . I see the ladder break away.
No. 438510 ID: 1f8505


Nice knowing you, Jones.
No. 438512 ID: e3f578

Grab the top rim quick!
Come on man, you have to have adrenaline in your systems now, gather your nerves, get your reaction time quick up and grab that fucker.
Come on man, do it to it.
No. 438550 ID: 413dba

Damn, sorry man, I think you're breathing steam now. Wish I could do... anything about that.
No. 438566 ID: bf54a8

looks to me like you're fucked.
i think we didn't think the mines were up the ladder. considering mines go under the ground
No. 438729 ID: 2a7713

If you are going to fall atleast try falling so you don't bang your head or something. And when you hit the ground start rolling to the left to get under the bridge.
No. 438816 ID: f72f26
File 134400280968.png - (109.94KB , 912x547 , CQ2page130.png )

I just manage to grab onto the ledge.

I can barely move

not gonna make it easy for these bastards.
No. 438821 ID: bf54a8

push it to the limit!
No. 438834 ID: 4a20fa

Walk along the razor's edge!
No. 438842 ID: f647c0

Don't look down. Just keep your head up till you're finished!
No. 438856 ID: 14a1d0

Open up the limit
No. 438859 ID: f72f26
File 134401107955.png - (122.17KB , 912x547 , CQ2page131.png )

I push through the pain, and make my long crawl towards the mine.

I here footsteps.

I glance up,the face is not the one I expect.

Jones: "how the hell did you-"

the response I get is a raised gun.
No. 438951 ID: 6a1ec2


To be fair you are technically raising a gun too.
No. 438952 ID: bf54a8

shoot him.in the leg if you have to.
No. 439124 ID: f72f26
File 134406400206.png - (79.73KB , 912x547 , CQ2page132.png )

I fire my weapon ain't no other choice

No. 439125 ID: f72f26
File 134406428921.png - (166.56KB , 912x547 , CQ2page133.png )

select who will take charge of the Astranians

Dr. Belial Fuze
charismatic intellectual


AcePilot Oken
dynamic combat officer

No. 439137 ID: 0c2247

Oken: Find out why Mint shot your guide.
No. 439152 ID: 6a8f04

No. 439159 ID: 02e816

oken. Jones, nooo!
No. 439161 ID: 14a1d0

Fuze. Find out why Mint shot you with a raygun. Discreetly.
No. 439192 ID: dc4a44

Fuzzy Fuze
No. 439193 ID: 8042f4

No. 439195 ID: 2bafff

yes lets go with Fuze he looks to be a distinguished chap
No. 439196 ID: 5465cf

Ace pilot Tiny Deer is the hero of this story.

(Fuze obviously thinks Mint shot him because he has been compromised by the bugs, just like Hoft was earlier.)
No. 439199 ID: 55c4cf

No. 440020 ID: 3f47eb

Oken: are you still with Drogen? find out why the solars attacked your homeworld when they were just about to sign a cease fire.
No. 441194 ID: f72f26
File 134457794259.png - (203.38KB , 912x547 , CQ2page134.png )

Fuze takes command

the guilders headed towards the market, they seemed to have their own plan on finding mint, Hoft out paced me and we've lost him in the city somewere, leaving Oken and myself with Droegen's soldier.

Finding Mint has proven quite troublesome where ever she's gone none of the locals have seen her. Oken is taking this whole situation with Mint well but I can see it wearing away at her.

should we continue the search for Mint, try to regroup with Hoft or return to Droegen?
No. 441199 ID: 2bafff

Hunt down the traitor Mint such behavior is abhorrent and should not be allowed.
No. 441202 ID: 0c2247

Head towards the mines. Follow the blood and signs of combat.
No. 441205 ID: 6a1ec2

Obviously nobody noticed Mint because she stripped off all her clothing and cavorted around on all fours, as unremarkable as any alley cat. She's probably sitting on the lap of some duchess right now, drinking from a bowl of cream with her tongue. Her tongue.
No. 441338 ID: 2a7713

Hoft is a soldier he can take care of himself. Lets keep looking for Mint.
No. 441366 ID: bf54a8

as long as he doesn't get trigger happy hoft should be good.
No. 441437 ID: f72f26
File 134463350333.png - (190.96KB , 912x547 , CQ2page135.png )

Finding Mint must be the priority!

MilitiaMan Kashton: "Lieutenant Ekkail! that man Jones has been shot, I found his body at the mines . . . he's dead!"

Fuze: *gaspe*!
No. 441438 ID: e3f578

always check the body.
Bring us to the body.
No. 441441 ID: bf54a8

but WHO and with WHAT?
No. 441444 ID: 0c2247

Go check the body. It's time for FORENSIC ANALYSIS!
No. 442005 ID: f72f26
File 134474077347.png - (236.97KB , 912x547 , CQ2page136.png )

the Militiaman takes us to the scene of the crime.

The solars begin discussing protocol and the possibility of eyewitness reports.

how shall I begin my investigation?
No. 442008 ID: bf54a8

you are a doctor, perform a field autopsy. determine the cause of death. he has a a gun, did he fire it at his attacker? can you tell if all the nearby blood is his?
No. 442009 ID: 0c2247

The last shot will have the least blood around it.
Assuming he was on the ground when he was killed, what was the angle of the killing shot?
No. 442010 ID: 6a1ec2

He sure got shot in the back. Like three times. You think he was in the mine when this happened?

You seem upset to see a dead Solar, you two.
No. 442012 ID: bf54a8

if it was some random guy then i think they would be less upset, but they actually know this guy.
No. 442150 ID: 733ae0

They're upset at seeing a dead Jones.
No. 442365 ID: f72f26
File 134482554366.png - (158.37KB , 912x547 , CQ2page137.png )

Jones risked his life for our sake many times, and in then end he gave it, the least I owe him is to show justice to his murderer.

>determine the cause of death

Jones took five shots, one in the chest, three in the back, a final killing blow was delivered to the temple.

>did he fire it at his attacker?

There are three empty cylinders in his revolver, this would imply yes, though it's possible he kept his gun half loaded.

>can you tell if all the nearby blood is his?

with out proper lab equipment or a medical scanner there is no way to tell.

>You think he was in the mine when this happened?

No, the blood spatter would indicate that he died on this spot, just outside the mine.

>what was the angle of the killing shot?

It appears he was shot in the left temple, so the attack must have be standing to his left.
No. 442370 ID: bf54a8

have oken hold his head up so you can get a better read on the angle, if it was mint that did this it would of been a low angle shot due to her being shorter then a solar.
No. 442392 ID: 0c2247

If he was shot in the temple he was probably looking at the attacker when he died, and if he was looking at a person who shot him he would have shot back.

Can you determine the nature of the killing blow?
Was it a bullet, or raytech?

Can you determine the position he was likely in when he died, and from that determine the angle of the attack? Specifically, the vertical angle?
If you can, then you could tell their distance if you knew how tall they were or how tall they were if you knew the distance; assuming that one of the blood splatters is from the attacker, what would be the likely height of the attacker?

Knowing the height of the attacker and what kind of weapon was used will tell us the species of the attacker.

If the attacker was wounded we might be lucky enough to find a blood trail.

Of course, if the attacker wasn't wounded then this is going to be much harder. Naturally, I am saying we should work the easier possibility first.
No. 442503 ID: 1f8505


Start looking around for witnesses. At least SOMEONE has to have heard or seen something.

Just make sure to let the Solars talk to the Solars to prevent any uh... cultural misunderstandings.
No. 442523 ID: 5f295c

If all the wounds have entry and exit points, it may be possible to tell if the assailant was an Astranian based on the angle of penetration. And of course, if the injuries were raytech-induced.

Of course, neither would be guaranteed, as the Guilders had mentioned methods to circumvent raytech security, and the killer could have attacked from a low angle some other way.

But really, if the exit wounds are higher than the entry, they're likely from a shorty like Mint.
No. 442670 ID: f72f26
File 134491436817.png - (149.78KB , 912x547 , CQ2page138.png )

>Start looking around for witnesses.
Fuze:"there had to be witnesses who saw what happened."

Lieutenant: "if there were, I will find them."

The Solar leaves.

>have oken hold his head up so you can get a better read on the angle
Oken doesn't seem to want to touch the body, I suspect she will be of little use in this investigation.

>what would be the likely height of the attacker?
There are too many unknown variables to make an accurate assessment at this time.

>Can you determine the nature of the killing blow? Was it a bullet, or raytech?
How odd, they appear to be energy weapon burns, but the blasts are too small to be from any Astranian weapons produced in the last two hundred years.

>If the attacker was wounded we might be lucky enough to find a blood trail.
Unfortunately there is nothing nearby that resembles a blood trail.
No. 442678 ID: e3f578

There's likely to be blackmarket guilder-modified raytech sold here though, and guilder possibly only could have gotten some really older models so they could have refurbished them? Or maybe rogue astranians repair and sell refurbished junk raytech to other astranians that could use them.

I get it seems unlikely, but unless it's straight up impossible for old ass working raytech to be in circulation somewhere in the universe, we shouldn't leave the possibility out.

The multiple wounds in the back indicate he was in a possible firefight earlier. IF we can get some information out of any of the people here, we should ask them if there's been reports of lasers being shot earlier throughout the city.

By the way, I think there's bloodspatter up ahead, seen here >>442365. A person would have to get up close and shoot him while he was prone up here to fie a shot into his temple, so I don't think that's his. If he's fired his weapon, he could have tried defending himself from this position. Look for signs of blood trails.
No. 442689 ID: 5f295c


This feels weird to suggest but.. Hair/fur? Surely at least some shedding occurs during stressful occasions like murder. Even those humans lose hairs all the time.
No. 443188 ID: f72f26
File 134498857095.png - (127.49KB , 912x547 , CQ2page139.png )

>but unless it's straight up impossible for old ass working raytech to be in circulation somewhere in the universe, we shouldn't leave the possibility out.

Indeed this may be a key element to the investigation; why would the killer use an antique weapon to slay Jones?

>By the way, I think there's bloodspatter up ahead, A person would have to get up close and shoot him while he was prone up here to fie a shot into his temple.

The pooling on this blood would indicate having fallen from a standing individual, judging from Jones' position this blood is likely not from the victim!

. . . but that's odd, Jones' injury would indicate he was shot in the head from his left, but this pool is directly in front of him.

>Look for signs of blood trails.
I again fail to locate any blood trail, whoever was bleeding here stopped bleeding before they moved on.

>Hair/fur? Surely at least some shedding occurs during stressful occasions like murder.
sadly I find no fur or hair of any note.

the remaining Solar speaks to me.

MilitiaMan Kashton: "You're being awful quiet Stanner, care to share your plotting with the rest of the world?"
No. 443190 ID: bf54a8

"the shooter had to have been standing here, jones managed to hit them at least once"
also, perhaps jones was looking to his right? perhaps there were two people? he was looking at one, but was shot by the other.
No. 443238 ID: af7a99

Collect a blood sample, even if just soaked into a cloth handkerchief or something. Both from the 'questionable splatter' and from Jones (for comparison.)

Also, if I remember the other pirates had some access to various beam weapons, could have been them or others with similar tech.
No. 443349 ID: 61e7f9

Point to that puddle.
"This is not Jones' blood. And he was killed with a very weak energy weapon. Not modern raytech."
No. 443441 ID: 0c2247

RayTech only works in the presence of stranner blood, which means it has to have a way to detect stranner blood. Ideally, we would be able to use that to check if the shooter was Astranian or not.
No. 443500 ID: e3f578

So if we were able to dabble on some of that blood on a cloth and wrap it around one of our weapons and ask a human to fire it, we could determine if it's stranner blood or not?

Or is raytech security not THAT easily exploitable?
No. 443555 ID: f72f26
File 134507442339.png - (169.35KB , 912x547 , CQ2page140.png )

>perhaps jones was looking to his right? perhaps there were two people? he was looking at one, but was shot by the other.
Two suspects seems the most likely scenario.

>Collect a blood sample
I collect two blood samples, one from the pool and one from Jones. I put the samples in my Medical kit.

>So if we were able to dabble on some of that blood on a cloth and wrap it around one of our weapons and ask a human to fire it,
>we could determine if it's stranner blood or not?
>Or is raytech security not THAT easily exploitable?

I'm no expert in the field of Raytech, but I would imagine if it were that simple to get Raytech working for Solars, their scientists would have figured it out by now.

MilitiaMan Kashton: "Hey, I'm talking to you, I don't like being ignored!"

Fuze: "you see this blood, it doesn't belong to Jones. Perhaps Jones shot his assailant."

Kashton: "I don't buy it, no way anyone survived a shot from jones' huge ass gun"

Fuze: "I'm only looking at the evidence, it also seems he was killed with a very weak energy weapon. Not modern raytech."

Kashton: "No way man, it's obvious your weapons did this no one else makes energy weapons. maybe your gear just sucks more than you know."

I don't think this Solar likes us very much.
No. 443567 ID: e3f578

"Well if your theory is true than someone out there is using antique raytech. But that's actually bullshit, humans have energy weapons, Oken's stun ray runs on batteries, ergo it's technically an energy weapon and we found that on a desert planet we were stranded on. It isn't far fetched other humans would create lethal energy weapons of their own kind if they can produce non-lethal ones. Not to mention the variety of Guilder tech that could also be responsible, while I am not an expert of Guilder tech, I imagine humans could also use them. I can't just ignore the possibility that an alien weapons engineer can produce their own custom weapons."

If there were two suspects, and Jones actually managed to kill one of them, using this asshole's logic that Jones' fucking huge gun is 100% lethal, than the second suspect removed the other one's body, possibly burning or bandaging the open wounds on the corpse on the spot to prevent blood trails.
No. 443599 ID: bf54a8

"i said not MODERN raytech. if it is raytech it's very old.
No. 443611 ID: 3f47eb

so if there are two beings who killed jones and jones most likely killed one of them (unless it was a guilder) and with two the other carried the body off. now assuming that the assailants arent guilders that means that one of the guys would have to carry the other dead guy and not very far. so the remaining person most likely went into the mines to get lost, hide the body OR heal his comrade (assuming the comrade didnt die instantly), and make an escape before someone notices.

since the silly human Kashton knows so much about energy weapons why dont you ask him what he thinks killed jones. and if he thinks jones gun DID kill an attacker, where the body went.
No. 443627 ID: 0c2247

"Well, we did run into some new solar-built EWs on the last planet we visited, but I was thinking it was more likely somebody had an antique or a rig-job. That would mean the murderer's most likely a guilder or an astranian tech."

Check his other wounds. Are they also EW, or are they bullet holes?

"Modern raytech isn't this subtle; even if it misses it can still take off limbs. I had a friend who survived that; Jones' pistol can't compare.

Besides, there could have been two attackers; one could carry the other.
No. 443658 ID: af7a99

"Note, that the target may well have had some shielding as well as antiquated beam weapons, easily could have reduced a lethal shot to a flesh wound.

That's not even considering non-human or non-astanian technology, the unknown unknowns."
No. 444288 ID: f72f26
File 134524346630.png - (196.03KB , 912x547 , CQ2page141.png )

Fuze "if this WAS done by an Astranian weapon it would have to be an ancient variant or a defective model-"

Kashton: "then we know what to look for, an Astranian murderer. Solars don't make anything like this . . . maybe a pirate."


Kashton: "WHAT?"

Oken: "Solars DO have energy weapons, I've seen them on Jucha!"

The Solar sneers at Oken.
Kashton: "Jucha is a backwater colony there's nothing there."

Oken: "they do have them! . . . the ones I saw were only stun weapons, but still! if they hand out that stuff to police troops they gotta have lethal stuff made too!"

Kashton: "go back to crying over the waste of space, let the men figure this out. Mr Fox you still haven't explained where the Attackers body went."
No. 444298 ID: bf54a8

"why would the attacker leave a body? the shot could of been non-lethal, jones was too injured for a kill shot, or there were two of them and the uninjured one took the other away. and i would like you to not talk down to oken, she is a highly skilled member of my team and if she says she saw something then i believe her."
No. 444311 ID: 0c2247

"Oken's right; they did have stunners.
Apparently there was some sort of secret major military installation there; we got out just as the Astranian fleet started hitting the planet.
Last we checked they were still fighting.
I agree it probably wasn't a solar who pulled the trigger, but I'm not ruling anything out.

The murderer could have been winged and escaped alive, or an accomplice could have removed the body, or they could have had enough armor on to slow the bullet down.

Start looking for anybody with new bullet holes. Solars too; he shot whoever he was facing, but it looks like he was probably hit from the side.
No. 444330 ID: e3f578

"I never said anything about the attacker's body."
No. 445154 ID: f72f26
File 134535712899.png - (162.92KB , 912x547 , CQ2page142.png )

Fuze: "why would there be a body?"

Kashton: "because he was shot down, you said that wasn't Jones' blood. so where's the body."

Fuze: "regardless of calibre no gun always kills, and even if it did the body could have been moved."

Kashton: "moved! By who?!"

Fuze: "by the shooter. The one who killed Jones wasn't standing in front of him. yet Jones shot at the a person who was"

Kashton: "you think there's two murderers running around now? you're crazy too."

Fuze: "let's try to stay civil, also I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk down to my pilot she's a highly skilled member of my team."

Kashton: "As if there's any other way to talk to you freaks."

Fuze: "hey now-"

Lieutenant: "I've returned!"

I nearly jump as the Commando is suddenly behind me.

Fuze: "oh hello . . ."

Lieutenant: "mission accomplished, I've found our witness!"
No. 445157 ID: bf54a8

"what the- prince?! did you see what happened here? who shot jones?"
No. 445217 ID: 0c2247

"Prince? What happened?"
No. 445406 ID: f72f26
File 134542485647.png - (113.89KB , 912x547 , CQ2page143.png )

Oken: "oh it's Prince!"

Fuze: "Prince, did you see what happened here? who shot jones?"

Prince: "The solar known as Mullet Jones was shot and killed by the solar known as Marshal Albert Droegen."

The Commando is visibly shocked by the revelation.
No. 445409 ID: 0c2247

"What weapon did Marshal Albert Droegen use to shoot Jones?
Who did Jones shoot?"

Ask these questions. If prince gives responses that disagree with observable evidence then his memory has been altered. That means Mint was tampering with evidence.
No. 445413 ID: bf54a8

yes trip him up with a contradiction.
No. 445450 ID: 4066b9

When was the estimated time of death for Jones? If the Marshall killed him, he have had to sprint out of the meeting and to the mines, and how did he know that Jones was at the mines anyway?
This piece of evidence raises more questions than it answers.
No. 445560 ID: 14a1d0

Damn that Droegen! Never trust the Solars!
No. 445994 ID: f72f26
File 134557917116.png - (215.31KB , 912x547 , CQ2page144.png )

Lieutenant: "that doesn't make sense, if Droegen wanted someone dead, he would have gotten me to do it!"

Prince: "I am only reporting what I have witnessd"

>When was the estimated time of death for Jones?
one to two hours ago, and hour and a half ago we were meeting with Droegen.

if I had a medical scanner I could be more precise with time of death, prince has one hard wired if need be.

Fuze: "Prince, What weapon did Marshal Droegen use to shoot Jones?"

Prince: "Marshal Albert Droegen was wielding a custom built energy weapon of unique design."

Fuze: "Who was it that Jones shot?"

Prince: " . . . could you repeat the question?"

Fuze: "some of the blood there doesn't belong to Jones, and number of his rounds have been fired. Jones shot someone, who was it Prince?"

Prince: " . . . Mullet Jones fired upon one of Marshal Albert Droegen's soldiers."
No. 445998 ID: e3f578

"Why didn't you say anything about the other soldiers. What was the exact positioning of him and his accomplices? You have no legs, who brought you here to witness it? Have you seen Mint recently?"
No. 445999 ID: 0c2247

"That's something that can be verified with evidence.
Prince, where were you when this shooting happened?
Also, where was Mint? Do you know where Mint is now?"
No. 446022 ID: bf54a8

"so if i go to the barracks right now i WILL find someone with a bullet wound matching the caliber of jones' weapon?" and give him the stinkeye

he's hestitating, he's a robot, if he saw something he would be able to answer instantly. hesitation is he was calculating something or figuring something out.
No. 446055 ID: e3f578

Don't forget to ask about time tables
No. 446081 ID: 6a1ec2

Mint is going to be so disappointed in you Prince. You're a terrible liar.
No. 446165 ID: f72f26
File 134560982786.png - (139.32KB , 912x547 , CQ2page145.png )

Lieutenant: "I'll contact my troops, see if they've sustained any injuries

Fuze: "thank you that will be most helpful."

The Commando leaves and I return my attention to Prince

Fuze: "Why didn't you say anything about the other soldiers?."

Prince: "It seemed irrelevant, Solars slaying solars is not the primary concern of the Astranian Alliance."

Fuze: "when did this happen?"

Prince: "according to my chronoscope exactly Sixty two minutes and thirty five seconds past."

Fuze: "can you give me the position of everyone involved, including yourself."

Prince: "Indeed"

Prince displays a map on his view screen

Fuze "where was Mint during all this?"

Prince: "Mint was not present."
No. 446167 ID: c7dc56

You don't want people to think you're holding a grudge against mint, so divert it by saying "No I meant do you know where Mint is right now or was recently?"
No. 446177 ID: e3f578

Seems consistent, doesn't explain why he was here or how he even got here. And it's possible his memory's been modified to replace the person at Drogen's postion with Drogan's identity. Damn, if we had Mint here and she was actually trustworthy she could tell us if there was tampering.

We should go into town later, see if we can find another Astranian mechanic here. This place seems to be a big hub for all sorts of activity and there's bound to be at least some rogue Astranians here if not normal ones that are friendly with the solars that run this place. But even then, they could be in Drogen's pocket which would make the evidence useless, and we don't have the funds to hire them. We could ask a favor for a favor.

Finally, ask if anyone's fled inside the mines besides just workers.
No. 446335 ID: dc4a44

can a robot be programmed to lie?
No. 446441 ID: f72f26
File 134569059807.png - (177.70KB , 912x547 , CQ2page146.png )

Prince: "Officer Fuze I would suggest you hold more trust for your peers."

Fuze: "you misunderstand I am simply concerned about Mint's well being."

Prince: "you need not be concerned, Engineer Mint is currently securing our force passage off world. She will contact you in good time."

Fuze: "so you know were she is?"

Prince: "I have no knowledge of Engineer Mint's current location, She has informed me she does not wish to be found."

>can a robot be programmed to lie?

no but they don't don't need to be.
Robots will lie from time to time, but rarely without good reason,
I'd like to call him on it now, but first I must find a flaw in his story.

perhaps I could also look for more clues, travel to another location or some other action to further my investigation.
No. 446447 ID: 0c2247

"You aren't mobile.
Who put you where you witnessed the shooting? And why?"
No. 446449 ID: e3f578

Yeah, ask who put you here
and if anyone's fled into the mines
No. 446520 ID: 6a1ec2


It's like you guys have never tried to trip up a liar before.

Ask who Prince was with when he arrived here.
No. 446580 ID: f72f26
File 134574065727.png - (119.17KB , 912x547 , CQ2page147.png )

Fuze: "did anyone flee into the mine?"

Prince: "I saw no one enter into the mines."

Fuze: "Prince who were you with when you arrived here?"

Prince: " . . . could you clarify?"

Fuze: "How did you end up here? you are immobile."

Prince: "Our Gunner Hoft dropped me here."

Fuze: "why did he drop you here?"

Prince: "Hoft seemed to be in a hurry. I was slowing him down."
No. 446581 ID: f2974f

But wasn't Hoft only a little ahead of Oken and Fuze? Either Prince is lying like a mofo or there are doppelgangers around.
No. 446582 ID: e3f578

So we have to find Hoft.
All right, when was the last time he saw Mint?
To relay the message that she doesn't want to be found, she must've come into contact after we lost sign of her.

Ask why he needs so much clarification.
If he was here and saw the whole thing, we didn't really need to clarify the question about asking who Jones shot. And he should have said Hoft immediately when asked who he was with when he got here unless the guy is trying to hide something, why does he need our logical conclusion to ask the question in the first place to answer the question?
I mean, does he not know he's immobile until clarified?
No. 446583 ID: bf54a8

"so hoft ran ahead of us, set you done, jones was shot and then someone found the body and reported it in the span of...?" let him answer the time frame. if he says this all happened before hoft got out of sight or such then we got him.
No. 446584 ID: bf54a8

oh oh. ask who ELSE was he with.
No. 446817 ID: f72f26
File 134578459491.png - (119.04KB , 912x547 , CQ2page148.png )

>But wasn't Hoft only a little ahead of Oken and Fuze? Either Prince is lying like a mofo or there are doppelgangers around.

perhaps I should analyse Prince's proposed timeline.
we arrived in town at about midday
1:(12:15)Oken, Hoft carrying Prince and myself arrive at Droegens
2:(12:45)Hoft rushes out carrying prince, Oken myself not far behind
3:(01:00)Hoft who we've lost by this point abandons prince.
4:(01:25)Jones is shot dead
5:(02:15)we arrive at the murder scene
hmmm at a quick glance it seems to check out.

Fuze: "who ELSE were you with?"

Prince: "I arrived with only the Gunner Hoft"

Fuze: "Why all the need for clarification? it's almost like you need to process when you should have the information ready."

Prince: "Your line of questioning confuses me, perhaps if you could be more exact about what you wish to know."

Fuze: "hmm. Prince when was the last time you saw Mint? To relay the message that she doesn't want to be found, she must've come into contact with you after we lost sight of her. "

Prince: ". . . could you rephrase the question."
No. 446829 ID: e3f578

"Prince, that is as clear and direct as I can make it. When was the last time you communicated with Mint. That's directly what I want to know. It had to have been after Hoft left you here. Otherwise you'd know about as much about Mint's disappearance as we do and not know what she's doing right now or that she doesn't want to be found. And then I want to know how she found you if she didn't run into Hoft at all, or did she. Did she just leave you here too? Irresponsibly, might I add?"
No. 446831 ID: bf54a8

"no, i cannot"
No. 447179 ID: 3f47eb

If you were with hoft last, when did mint let you know that she was going to secure transport for us? when did you last speak, see, hear, or otherwise have a confirmed exact understanding of where she is?
No. 447240 ID: f72f26
File 134586851437.png - (94.17KB , 912x547 , CQ2page149.png )

Fuze:"No more clarification, you heard what I said Prince."

Prince: "your lack of reason is worrying."

Fuze: "Answer the question."

Prince: " . . . "

Fuze: " . . . well?"

Prince: "Your question implies I met Engineer Mint in person, I did not. Engineer Mint contacted me by way of radio."
No. 447241 ID: 0c2247

"Prince, the only way you wouldn't be able to answer that question would be if you had never seen Mint before.
Again, when did you last see Mint?
Further, when did you last have contact with Mint?

Also, wasn't your radio broken last time we saw Mint?"
No. 447242 ID: 6a1ec2


Look Prince, the jig is up. If you have a self destruct timer you better activate it because you can't possibly dig your grave any deeper.

How about we sweeten the deal? If we hook you up with a fantastic new working functional and not jury rigged as an explosive device body, surely it might help you remember something you might not have been telling us?
No. 447664 ID: f72f26
File 134594686291.png - (95.00KB , 912x547 , CQ2page150.png )

>radio broken

Prince's radio was broken . . .
wait no it wasn't.

Fuze: "Prince, you couldn't have been called by Mint!"

Prince: "explain."


Prince: *crick* " . . . All PR-class robots are equipped with radio transmit-"

Fuze: "Yes all Personal Robots are. but as we BOTH know yours was removed when you were equipped with a high explosive bomb."

Prince: " . . . "

Fortunately a bomb that has since been removed as Prince looks just about ready to explode . . .
No. 447704 ID: bf54a8

"so how about you stop lying to the captain, or i may have to think up a punishment for insubordination that works on robots"
No. 448066 ID: f72f26
File 134602584405.png - (94.35KB , 912x547 , CQ2page151.png )

Fuze: "enough of this lying Prince, besides you're not very good at it."

Prince: "The truth would have been counter productive, even withholding information would have given you grounding to discover the truth, your irrational actions gave me no other choice."

Fuze:"Irrational actions? what are you talking about?

Prince: "I lied once earlier. Hoft did not drop me because I was slowing him down. he dropped me because I tried to deride his objective of terminating Engineer Mint."

Fuze:"huh, Odd that Hoft would hold so much anger for Mint"

Prince: "my radio may be lost. but my medical scanner works perfectly, of the four members of the team only Mint is operating at acceptable mental strain levels."

damn he's working under old protocols many like many low grade robots he has weaker loyalty tests.

Prince: "It has become clear to me only deceit will keep this team from destroying itself."
No. 448072 ID: 6a1ec2

Well, Hoft is a rather hot headed fellow. It's possible he saw Mint shoot you and assumed the worst. That would explain his rage. What you need to do is get a tattered white bedsheet, cut out eye/ear holes and drape it over your head. Then the next time you see Hoft say "Woooooo it is I Fuse from beyond the grave and you must not kill Mint or I will haunt you forever!"
No. 448074 ID: bf54a8

"then what are the mental strain lvls of these two solars?"
if he comes up with they are both bad then that means his scanner was fucked with.
No. 448089 ID: e3f578

"You don't make that decision Prince! The person who outranks you does. If we had been following your orders, your suggestions, we would have all committed suicide thanks to some old protocol. Here's the thing about organics, sometimes those under mental stress make the right decisions! Stress is neither a good or bad thing. And you don't have the right to judge what is and what isn't an acceptable mental strain level, that was programmed into youwho knows how long ago. I, however, with a dotorate degree in medicinee and a much more advanced brain than yours, do have that right. You're an old, obsolete model. I don't even know when your last software update was. You DO NOT have any right to withhold information with such inferior judgmental capabilities."
No. 448091 ID: 0c2247

"You realize that lying about that would prevent us from rescuing Mint, correct?
Also, as a medical officer I have to inform you that a lack of mental stress in a high-stress situation is strong evidence of serious mental impairment.

Prince, the lives of Hoft and Mint both depend on me having accurate information. If you lie then you may as well be murdering them yourself.
Now, truthfully, what happened?"
No. 448448 ID: f72f26
File 134610285615.png - (123.85KB , 912x547 , CQ2page152.png )

Fuze: "You can't make that decision Prince! You must follow the chain of command."

Prince: "I am following the chain of command, I am following the orders of the highest ranking officer not poisoned by Solar influence."

something is odd about that statement . . .

Fuze: "Prince, as a doctor I am authorized to inform you that Mental Strain tests are obsolete!"

Prince: "your level of mental strain invalidates your authorization."

hmm pulling rank isn't going to work here, let's consider some more facts.

>It's possible Hoft saw Mint shoot you and assumed the worst.
No Hoft's already seen me healthy since I was shot, something else is driving him, I can't help but wonder what.

Fuze: "Prince what are the mental strain levels of these two solars?"

Prince: Mullet Jones is dead, his mental strain levels read as zero, the guard has low levels of mental strain
No. 448465 ID: 76533d

Well, Prince your deceit has only furthered distrust and mental strain within this unit.

If we can't trust the robot to tell the truth then who can we? And furthermore, we are not poisoned by 'Solar influence,' we are simply trying not to make more enemies now than we already have, and watching people die around us without explanation ISN'T going to keep this unit operating for much longer than it takes them to decide something needs to be subtracted from this deadly equation... namely, US!
No. 448475 ID: b6edd6

Previously he said that Mint was the only group member with acceptable stress levels, and now he says that she is the highest ranking member who is not poisoned by Solar Influence. Which standard is he using, and if it is the latter, on what grounds is he making that assessment?

I am not sure if Fuze would know this, but I remembered something about Prince. He have previously seen him equipped with a notably underpowered head-mounted beam weapon >>/questarch/237588 which, can presumably be focused to increase the power in a smaller area >>/questarch/237555 like all Raytech?
No. 448477 ID: e3f578

"Prince, you're driven to keep yourself alive not at the cost of an Astranian life, correct? How do you think such individuals of high mental strain would react to your lack of loyalty? Would you die to hide the truth, Prince? Because all I'm seeing is a piece of obsolete junk that thinks it's better than I am, that knows something I want. All I see is an object that should follow my beck and call but is so broken it cannot fulfill its duties. I should completely decommission you for what you are doing. And I trust the higher Astranian government would agree with me here. I mean, after all, they had to update your kind to be more loyal, must have been acting against the Astranian governments wishes enough to completely change how AI are made. Now tell me Prince, do you want to be like one of those models our government decommissioned, or do you want to be one of the ones that stay useful? Don't pretend that if you were built recently you could resist my commands through your own logic just as well. You would not. If you could, you would have been tampered with, considered compromised by the government. Unless of course our Alliance was wrong to make that change in the first place, but disagreeing with them is considered blasphemy, so I'm sure you don't actually think that."

I get that that was a mouthful, but there's got to be a good point in there that might affect Prince in someway, a hit at his pride or something. Just say what would hurt his pride the most. Point is, bring the fucker down from his high horse.
No. 448586 ID: 6a1ec2

Wait, you're standing next to some Solars without shooting them dead. Isn't that abnormal behavior for an Astranian? You even developed a strong social bond with one? Maybe they did do something to your head!
No. 448590 ID: 409543

Taking a shot in the dark, but: Is Mint even an officer?
No. 448592 ID: 533c7a

No. 448643 ID: 0c2247

"Who gave you those orders? Mint? Since you have been caught lying, your testimony is invalid.
At the very least? Last I checked you had an old raytech weapon capable of making these kinds of wounds, and where you were found was consistent with the firing angle on Jones.
Occam's razor; you killing Jones requires far fewer assumptions than a solar creating an energy weapon and killing Jones.

That just leaves the motive, and in this situation there are only two reasons you would kill Jones. Orders, or to protect an Astranian.

For this, your story had a telling hole. You may not have been able to tell us the name of the Solar who was shot, but you would have had to have seen them in order to know they were a Solar. You showed us a picture of who you say shot Jones, but not who HE shot!
I'm betting there was no Solar there, and since Hoft is under far more strain than anybody else Mint had to be the one to give you your orders.

Prince, one of the reasons mental strain is no longer used as a metric is because low mental stress in a high stress situation generally indicates highly undesirable traits. Most commonly the usage of illicit drugs or forbidden acts, but occasionally mental illness. While mental stress used to make a soldier unfit for command, any one of those makes a soldier unfit for duty.
Your own observations will confirm that Mint is an abnormally private person with anti-social behavior patterns.
By your own observations of Mint's stress levels, behavior, and actions, can you tell me with absolute certainty that Mint does not show signs of any of those three?"
No. 448675 ID: 6a1ec2

Bloody hell Prince! Mint shot me, turned the team against itself by making me out to be looney, and then after we got all that sorted out she went AWOL outside Droegen's base, apparantly killed our only guide here, with you as a witness. And you think we're the ones destroying the team?

I don't even care at this point who killed Mullet Jones. He shouldn't have even walked in the door here. But if you are going to ignore your direct chain of command, threaten us and even deceive, then that puts us all in danger!
No. 449264 ID: f72f26
File 134627351624.png - (162.35KB , 912x547 , CQ2page153.png )

Fuze: "Prince, you're driven to keep yourself alive as long as it doesn't endanger Astranian life, correct?"

Prince: " . . . if necessary I will sacrafice myself for the betterment of the Alliance. unnessesary sacrifice is simple a waste of valuable

Astranian resources.""

Fuze: "How do you think individuals of high mental strain such as us would react to your lack of loyalty?

Prince: "It is not wise to assume-"

Fuze: "You've already said we'de kill Mint if we found her, it's not a leap to think we'd destroy a defective robot like you."

Prince: "You would destroy me?"

Fuze: "why not? in my eyes with all these lies and general insubordination justifies your destruction. but that's not all you see theres a third explaniation for the burn marks on Jones' body, a powerful raytech device operating under minimal power, your eye

laser fits the bill prince, especially since you no longer have your battery core!"

Prince: "you are proposing that I killed the Solar Mullet Jones."

Fuze: "Did you?"

Prince: "Lies no longer serve a purpose, I confess to slaying the enemy combatant: Mullet Jones."

Hah! walked right into my trap, it's time to end this facade!
No. 449267 ID: 533c7a

"so mint ordered you to kill him."

"you know prince, leadership positions cause high lvls of mental strain, it's something that happens, every leader eventually gets it, it's from taking their job seriously, a leader that never stresses out about it is someone that doesn't take their position seriously. well i do take my position seriously and i am stressing about it."
No. 449271 ID: 6a1ec2

You were only disguised as Fuze! Time to reveal yourself as... Mullet Jones himself!
No. 449294 ID: 0c2247

"That just leaves two unanswered questions: Why, and who did he shoot?
I have a good idea what the truth is, but I would like to hear it from you."
No. 449297 ID: e3f578

Bullshit again.
Where is the other person's body? Did he lug it away? Impossible.
Who put him there to kill Mullet Jones? And what was the purpose? We owed him for saving our lives, and we were evened for saving his, and he's a freelancer, nothing more, but we owe him respect for the things we've done for each other.
Look where his laser should be, see if it's been fired recently. Then ask the commando where she found him. If its consistent, than he may be telling the truth, but I still think bullshit, he's too damn proud about it. Thinking he's taking one for the team.
No. 449303 ID: 533c7a

point yes, what happened to the person jones shot.
No. 449306 ID: e3f578

I also do not think Mint conspired to kill him. He's just a freelancer, hardly anyone of note. And didn't have much negative interaction with Mint. Of course, Mint knocking out Fuze for seemingly no reason was weird as heck, she could have wandered off by herself and did anything she wanted without casting suspicion. Did she need Fuze's body for something, or need to steal something from Fuze? She just plain headed right back and casually denied everything she did that we know she did to Fuze. Like it wasn't even going to be a problem for her.

What in the fuck did she even do? Maybe ask Prince, he should know. It seems wildly irrational on Mint's part and he's probably wise enough and equipped to know that what Fuze really went through.
Ask Prince for a full medical diagnostic on Fuze using his equipment. Then we'll get another from another person. Check for every kind of assault, stun, lethal, sexual, everything from the last few days.
No. 449343 ID: 735f4f

Do you expect us to believe that you somehow got your self over here distracted Jones and gunned him down? Then escaped by yourself?
No. 450071 ID: f72f26
File 134643897060.png - (193.02KB , 912x547 , CQ2page154.png )

Oken: "Prince how could you?! Jones was helping us!"

Fuze: "Good question. I really would like to here his explanation for how he moved the other body, but time is short and this game really must end"

Oken: "wha?"

Fuze: "Prince didn't kill jones."

Oken: "but-"

Fuze: "do you really think prince would just give up so easily after circumventing general programming and lying half a dozen times?
think about it:
why would he lie about receiving instruction via radio?
why would he lie about Hoft's reason for dropping him?
and most importantly
why would he confess to a murder he didn't commit knowing it would mean his own destruction!
motive of the lies is the key to the truth"

Oken's response is more of a whisper to herself
Oken: " you don't mean . . . "

Fuze: "now do you see?"
No. 450101 ID: c7dc56

Is Prince still capable of using his laser? If so you should some how incapacitate him. If you don't know how to deactivate his parts, just place him face down so he can move. Tell Prince "I now have conclusive evidence that engineer Mint has been compromised and has in turn reprogrammed you to server her betrayal. We will bring her before the Astranian court to shed light on the situation and determine who is just. I will ask you one last time Prince: In the name of the Astranian Empire, where is the accused traitor Mint?"

If you don't get any cooperation, just deactivate Prince or throw him off a cliff or something.

Then talk to the solar guard and tell him "We have determined with much certainty that our comrade Mint was in some way conspiring in the murder of Mullet Jones. Yet the reason is unknown. Even if we believe she intends to 'remain loyal' to the Astranian empire, which we personally know is doubtful itself, why plot against Jones our mere guide? Was there more importance to Jones than we know?"
No. 450103 ID: bf54a8

"yes, mint killed him and prince is doing everything in his power to throw us off of her."
No. 450129 ID: 0c2247

I think Hoft shot Jones and Jones shot Mint. That implies Mint had been chasing Jones down, and Hoft shot Jones to protect Mint.
Mint shooting Jones makes more sense, but Mint couldn't move Hoft and I seriously doubt she would try to save Hoft.
No. 450148 ID: 06101b

Mmh... ok... so... what?
It's a little bit complicated... I think I got that Jones is dead. And the rest... well...
No. 450164 ID: 4066b9

When you reach the conclusion, Fuze, remember to take off your glasses, say something pithy that's related to the situation and put them on again.
No. 450176 ID: 6a1ec2

Jones was wounded and crawled into the mine, as evidenced by that huge ass trail he dragged, where he found Hoft and Mint. He subsequently pulled a gun on them, a huge gun still in his hand I might add and attempted to shoot Mint. Hoft killed him but not before he got off a shot. I suggest that because Hoft is the only one hot blooded enough to kill so inconveniently, so he couldn't have been the one disabled (or... killed!) by Jones's huge-ass gun. Mint wouldn't have left a body at all.

Whew I thought this was going to be a problem. Droegen will probably thank you for killing that deadbeat! In self defense, no less! It's almost too convenient.

The only question at this point is what was Mint doing in the mine, was Hoft with her or following her, and how can you find them right away because Mint is probably hurt so bad ohnoohnoohno.
No. 450179 ID: e3f578

It ain't Mint.
I know it ain't Mint.
Mint killing Jones is fucking stupid. Buuuuuut, Hoft gaining enough anger to hunt down Mint and drop Prince where he was dropped might be enough evidence alone that she IS involved somehow, she probably has an ally somewhere on this planet she wants no one seeing. Jones could also be involved with this ally, which is why his death is necessary. The third party could be the individual trying to kill him.
Which might be why she shot Fuze, she needed him either out of the cave or unconscious where they were so she could conduct a meeting with this ally secretly.
I know she isn't working alone. Two people other than Jones were out here, in fact she could actually have been the gunshot victim here.
We don't know enough beyond the fact she's working with SOMEONE, not that she's the murderer. The murderer could be that SOMEONE.
No. 450189 ID: b6edd6

If you want to incapacitate Prince you could probably just tip him over.
No. 450349 ID: 87d89c

the short story is mint is an evil bitch and we need to shoot her.
No. 450531 ID: f72f26
File 134655216784.png - (193.37KB , 912x547 , CQ2page155.png )

Oken: "You think Mint did this?!"

Fuze: "It couldn't have been anyone else"

Prince: "on what grounds"

Fuze: "on the grounds THAT YOU TOLD ME PRINCE!"


Fuze: "if you were guilty of this crime you would never confess in the presence of Solars!"

Prince: "error"

Fuze: " UNLESS it was to save an Astranian life! You thought we would kill Mint."

Prince: "error.error"

Fuze: "which makes sense, since you saw Hoft have that reaction when he witnessed Jones' murder."

Prince: "error.error.error."

Fuze: "he then dropped you to chase after Mint, after killing Hoft Mint returned to give you your orders."

Prince: "you story is invalid HOFT IS NOT DEAD."
No. 450533 ID: e3f578

Yeah Fuze I dunno where you even got where you came to that conclusion that he was dead.
Lets just look around. We have to look around the city. Ask the commando for any sightings of Hoft recently.
If he is alive, no doubt he's on Mint's trail pretty good if he was here.
No. 450535 ID: bf54a8

"oh, then i guess she just lost him"
No. 450537 ID: 6a1ec2

Fuze? No. No Fuze. No. Just, no. You've got an obvious firefight, and an obvious fighter, that fighter being Hoft. Firstly someone was wounded here. Mint isn't going to escape a vengeful Hoft with a Solar slug through her gut, and why would Jones shoot Hoft?

There's no reason Mint would have killed Jones at all. The obvious answer is that Hoft killed him when he fired upon Mint. The less obvious answer is that there is a third party that he fired on, leaving Hoft free to chase after Mint in a completely conicidental encounter. But that Mint just shot him without some sort of explanation leaving him and Prince behind for Solars to subsequently assume her guilt? If she did it, it wouldn't be nearly this sloppy.

Anyway he has multiple burns from energy weapons. Whatever killed him was chasing him for a while along with access to this unknown non-Raytech beam weapon. Jones had a lot of enemies here who would do that, but Mint wasn't one of them.

Mint is clearly an innocent and beautiful kitty.
No. 450538 ID: bf54a8

i think you missed the part where mint is NUTS.
No. 450542 ID: 6a1ec2



Anyway can we stop playing detective here and go find Hoft and Mint? Jones isn't getting any deader.
No. 450572 ID: 0c2247

"Prove it; take us to him."
No. 450726 ID: f72f26
File 134660552334.png - (97.00KB , 912x547 , CQ2page156.png )

Fuze: "Of course! she still has my stun pistol. Mint needs us alive for some reason, that's why she didn't kill me when she had the chance."


Fuze: "You've lost prince! give up the act."


Fuze: *sigh* "ponder this Prince, either you're so incompotent you've been outsmarted by Astranians delusional from strain, or you've been lying to the proper chain of command which I believe is treachery, what say you robot?"

Prince:" error . . . ERROR"

No. 450728 ID: f72f26
File 134660557902.png - (73.27KB , 912x547 , CQ2page157.png )

. . . *sizzle*

Oken: "What happened?!"

Fuze: "don't worry he'll be fine, Prince just blew a motivator chip. . . probably to stop us from getting any further information."

Oken: " . . . can we go find Mint and Hoft now?"
No. 450844 ID: 0c2247

Fuze: "I think we better. One of them is seriously injured, and we need Mint to fix Prince.
Wait, no. Oken, this is moving from my specialty to yours. It's your command."

Oken: "The Lieutenant would know more about finding murderers here. Lets meet up with her and tell her what we've found."
No. 450849 ID: c7dc56

Yes go find Mint and Hoft. Ask the guard for some help/information.
No. 451029 ID: f72f26
File 134664671252.png - (164.86KB , 912x547 , CQ2page158.png )

Fuze: "excellent idea, judging from the area the space port is most likely location they'll be"

Kashton: "to bad you won't live to see it."

Fuze: !!
No. 451032 ID: 87d89c

No. 451033 ID: 1f8505


No. 451037 ID: 0006f5

spin right and back as hard as you can, you want to get inside of his circle
No. 451059 ID: 6a1ec2

No. 451064 ID: bf54a8

commando lady get your commando on!
No. 451172 ID: 3aa036

Oken act fast and either push the gun away from your friends head or punch/kick Kashton in the dick while screaming bloody murder.
No. 451483 ID: f72f26
File 134672333702.png - (206.67KB , 912x547 , CQ2page159.png )

Fuze ducks

Okens leaps into action

No. 451485 ID: 87d89c

No. 451487 ID: e3f578

He has half a torso missing, I think this guy is done for.
Just get his gun away so he isn't an immediate danger to anyone and ask him who ordered him to kill you guys. It's not Drogen, we just proved him innocent.
Where in the hell was the commando in all of this. She seemed pretty chill. If she's going to kill us, we'd already be dead.
No. 451490 ID: bf54a8

the dude's... front, was just annihilated.
No. 451491 ID: bf54a8

the commando would be behind prince and is equipped with a melee weapon. if she is reacting she is off screen.
No. 451547 ID: 6a1ec2



He has a beam weapon!

I thought only RayTech had those?

No. 451624 ID: e3f578

We never doubted that humans had beam weapons.
No. 451764 ID: f72f26
File 134681013697.png - (176.56KB , 912x547 , CQ2page160.png )

>Where in the hell was the commando

I believe she left to find out if any of her soldiers had been injured.

I get up and dust myself off.
I Look to the Solar, with my keen medical knowledge I can safely say he is quite dead.

Oken: "Fuze are you alright?"
No. 451766 ID: bf54a8

do NOT touch his gun, get some forceps or something to carry it. or wait until the commando comes back. and calmly explain it was this dude or an associate that did it, if she would try his gun she will see it is an energy weapon, he became hostile when we figured it out.
No. 452864 ID: f72f26
File 134716517470.png - (162.17KB , 912x547 , CQ2page161.png )

Oken: "so . . ."

Fuze: " the investigation has taken an unexpected turn of events, we should wait for Lieutenant Ceckail to compare notes."

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