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File 134137979189.png - (36.63KB , 590x600 , 114.png )
428898 No. 428898 ID: 97486c

Throughout the night Ombra the Shadow Dragon tries to break free from her cold prison.
She's too weak to do so now but she knows her time will come.

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No. 428899 ID: 97486c
File 134137999521.png - (95.19KB , 800x600 , 115.png )

"Guys we can't... Not all of us... It won't..."
No. 428900 ID: 97486c
File 134138005646.png - (115.33KB , 800x600 , 116.png )

Saisai wakes up hot and flustered.

I haven't had a dream like that in a while...
Good morning Guardians.

She shakes her head a bit to clear her thoughts.
No. 428902 ID: d7e757

It won't what~
No. 428905 ID: 4a328b

Love the painting, Sai Sai
No. 428907 ID: 132b99

i'm guessing that was your brain finally filling in the blanks.

did yuyu move?
No. 428914 ID: a3b384

Good morning. Nothing like waking up with good dreams. Healthy for your mood, certainly.

Get dressed and rouse your mimic, I want to check how much room he has in there for stuff.
No. 428915 ID: 431fa8

Is that a note on the floor?
No. 428916 ID: 132b99

oh hey, it is.
No. 428919 ID: fa9f7e

Disregard it, it's probably an advertisement for Viagra, Cialis, or penis enlargement.
No. 428946 ID: 9718f3

Good morning. It's important to start the day off right, best get that tension worked out now. Wont do to be distracted all day.

Oh, and there's a note. It might have something important on it. Can't really make plans without knowing if it'll impact anything.
No. 428953 ID: e7baef

The 'normal' way one works those kinds of tensions off is with exercise.
No. 428954 ID: c5e1e1

Depends on what kind of tensions we are talking about.
No. 428956 ID: fa9f7e

We just had a wet dream.
No. 428962 ID: 97486c
File 134142046809.png - (113.05KB , 800x600 , 117.png )

I guess some tension relief would be nice.. It's not like you guys even care about things like th-

Oh... The mimic is here. Never mind then. I'd rather not have him hear anything...
Anyway he seems to have been able to hold my spear well enough so I'm guessing he's got a fair amount of room in there.

It's not really mine... My mom just keeps buying me cat themed things. If it weren't for me insisting that I'm too old my skirts and shirt would have cat prints.
Underwear still does.

Oh, there is one.

Saisai grabs the note and reads it.

Hmm.. Maybe I shouldn't have spent all that gold... I'm kinda flat broke now..
No. 428964 ID: fa9f7e

Have sex with Yuyu.
No. 428970 ID: 431fa8

Point of concern: That note was on your floor. That means your captain came into your room while you were sleeping, and your physical characteristics were exposed.

Of course, she's a telepath so maybe she knew all that anyway. Still... it's a sign that we need to be more careful.

Let's not. The last thing Saisai needs in her life is a demonic pregnancy.
No. 428972 ID: a3b384

Well, rouse him anyway. You don't use much of our power, it grows constantly but only by so much so we should give him some of our spare energy. It'll be handy later.

As for what to do, you can see Art about those books or visit Morgan like you said you were going to do. I think you'll have time for both, I say check what Artemis is up to today first, then hang with Morgan.

Oh hush.
No. 428973 ID: c3c502

Ignore that. It's not our place to tell you who to sex up. Besides, it's not a particularly good idea when you have a meeting to get to, anyways.

The captain general? Okay, I know you don't like future stuff, but just be careful around him. We know he's not above manipulating people to get what he wants- and he's good at it. We know he's not above resorting to violence- and he's very good at that too. Worse than that, he can go from one to the other without warning- his expression never changes. Just that same, unnerving smile. He's... not nice, captain general or no.

Bottom line, he's a very dangerous person to have as a foe- and a worrying one as an ally. Just be cautious.
No. 428974 ID: 92c81e

From what we've seen about her/telepaths in general, is that the more you want to keep something a secret, the harder it is for them to read it from your mind.

Besides, I'm pretty sure the captain slipped the note under the door. Saisai's fine.

Saisai, I'm sure you can find things to do that don't require money. Maybe you can just go exploring the city more. You certainly could spend all day just walking around. Maybe take Morgan with you if she wants to. Or at the very least stop by and say hi, if she's working/busy.

There's always one of you, isn't there?
No. 428982 ID: a2fa74

Look to see if there are any quick missions on the board you could do to get lunch money.
No. 429024 ID: a3b384

How about we take Art with us to explore the town with Morgan, and guilt him into paying the lunch tab?
No. 429036 ID: 132b99

No. 429039 ID: e7baef

Get to know your teammates better. At the very least they both have some magical talent, and could offer some advice about getting into it.
No. 429071 ID: a2fa74

Inviting somebody out to eat and then bringing a friend is rude, and bringing more people would be counterproductive to coaxing her out of her shell.
No. 429072 ID: fa9f7e

No. 429229 ID: 9718f3

Hmm. Well, if the mimic's presence makes it problematic for you, an alternative method of relieving tension could be a relaxing bath. We'll have to address that issue at some point, there is absolutely no good reason that a young woman shouldn't be comfortable in her own room.
No. 429506 ID: 97486c
File 134157021467.png - (162.65KB , 800x600 , 118.png )

It's not 'that' big of a deal.. Now.
I don't see any way I can solve that problem.

Hmm.. I guess I should just take Morgan along. I'm really broke though..

Oh! Right I forgot about that!

Saisai puts on her casual clothes and heads out to the mission board.

Hmm.. Some of these would make me quite a bit of money but they seem like they'd take some time..

Test Subject looks like it's paying the most.
No. 429508 ID: 9718f3

What does that smaller card with all the writing have on it?
No. 429516 ID: c3c502

Yest subject is the best paying for a reason. It's even been marked up. Because no one wants to do it. This likely means there's good reason no one wants to do it. I wouldn't risk it unless you're desperate for cash.

Go help test the robot. Maybe it's A1, after 'repairs'? Even if it's not, perhaps insight into a real robot would help you understand what's going on with her. Or there's a chance the roboticist is familiar with her. I mean, come on. This is a chance to explore something we're genuinely curious about. Go for it.
No. 429517 ID: 09e5bf

Go with Test Subject. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
No. 429531 ID: a3b384

That it does. Check the details on that one. And what does that smaller note card say on it?
No. 429536 ID: a06b41

Check small note card. Vague 'test subject' as a job usually has the annoyance of being dangerous in an unknown manner. Robot one sounds better, since you have an idea of what might happen, also, finding out about robots in general sounds pretty useful. If nothing else you can better tease A1 later about them.
No. 429561 ID: 132b99

robot test? is A1 the robot or is their another one?
No. 429685 ID: 850c79
File 134161751906.png - (144.54KB , 800x600 , 119.png )


Anyway the small card is just some girl asking if anyone's seen a man named Father Ion. I guess the robot testing one is the best.
It says I need to go to the Experimental Weapons wing in the castle. A lot of people from the Academy are there.

Saisai makes her way down to the room mentioned in the flyer. Along the way she almost bumps into several people absorbed in their books. She finally reaches the room of the one who needed help.
She opens the door and peeks inside.


It's empty.
Or at least devoid of people. A bit cluttered too.
No. 429688 ID: 132b99

i wouldn't touch anything, wouldn't want to turn it on and set it to kill mode.
No. 429692 ID: 886a4d

Agreed, most likely the robot itself is stored in that tube. Look around the office but don't touch any levers, buttons or switches since you have no idea of the setup
No. 429693 ID: 7c31d2

What makes you so sure she isn't a robot? We've seen robots as human looking as she is and pretending to be a girl badly pretending to be a robot is one of the oldest tricks in the book.
No. 429702 ID: a3b384

No touching things, but don't be quiet. These sorts can be real distracted by whatever they are reading or doing.

That's... almost plausible. Hmm...
No. 429710 ID: 9718f3

Oh my god that is the best hat ever you are so cute.

Yeah, what the others are saying is sensible. Don't touch anything, don't walk in front of anything that is moving, or looks like it might move without warning. Keep a fair distance from anything that looks easily damaged if you bump in to it or anything. Keep an eye on the ground so you don't trip over anything left lying around and crash into the activation control for the killer robot.

You know, common sense stuff.
No. 429711 ID: a2fa74

Wait, Father Ion is actually MISSING? Crap! Normally she can find him easily enough and he just gives her the slip, but if she's posting on the board then something serious must have happened.

Lean against the doorframe and wait. That usually annoys mad scientists enough to talk to you.
No. 429756 ID: c3c502

Use your catlike grace and years of agile training to avoid bumping into anything.

If you do bump into something, I'll find a way to punish you as clumsy cats have been for ages- with a spritz of water.
No. 429804 ID: 92c81e

That hat... is genius.

That aside, they called you here to help test stuff, so you should just poke around and see what happens. That's what science is all about after all!
No. 429838 ID: 97486c
File 134164255636.png - (147.77KB , 800x600 , 120.png )

I hate this hat. I hate almost ALL my clothes. They all have some stupid kitty print on them and I just detest it. My mom always insisted on getting me these kind of clothes. The hat 'is' useful for going outside though.

I hate you.

Anyway the floor is cluttered like hell.. Still I am rather graceful an-GAH!

Saisai trips and crashes into the floor sending up a pile of junk.

No. 429839 ID: 97486c
File 134164286261.png - (118.15KB , 800x600 , 121.png )

A man stands up and fixes his clothes. He blinks at Saisai for a few moments.

>".... Can I help you?"

Saisai gets herself off the floor. It takes her a moment but she regains her composure.

"My name is Saisai. I came here to help test a robot. Are you the one who put the post up?"

>"Oh! Yep, that was me. My name's Cid. I was wondering if anyone would take that request. Yeah, not sure if you noticed but I'm working on my newest model right now. It's called B5 and I think this one is it. Just need to give it a test run you know? I got 2 tests I wanted to do right now. I wanted to see if it can hold a conversation with someone and I also wanted to see how well it could fight. If you help me with either one of these I'll pay you in full."

Hmm.. I don't have my armor on me but it's not too far to get it. But talking to it seems like it'd be faster.
No. 429841 ID: b85f8c

B5? Ask if he's familiar with someone who goes by A1.

You could try the talky-test but to me it seems like fighting it would be more appropriate for your skillset. I mean you aren't really that good at talking to people. No offense.
No. 429842 ID: c3c502

>I hate you.
...is it wrong that on some level, I'm proud of this response?

You can have your mimic pass your gear though your magic bag, can't you? That's no time at all. If it's in your room, and not the mimic, you can pass him a note through the bag to grab stuff for your access.

B5? You have to ask about A1. The naming conventions are even the same.
No. 429843 ID: 132b99

do both tests, get double money.
No. 429853 ID: 09e5bf

Offer to talk, then fight, then if both work, and if he would like to test it, try talking while fighting.
No. 429888 ID: 92c81e

Yea, ask how many models have he made? Was A1 the first robot he made?
No. 430517 ID: 97486c
File 134184261062.png - (94.44KB , 665x532 , 122.png )

Fine, I'll ask.

"Do you know someone named A1?"

>"Hahaha oh do I. You met her too?"

"We're talking about the same person right? Kinda pale looking girl wearing way too much cardboard?""

>"Yeah yeah.. She comes by rather often. I think she might have a crush on me." He laughs "No but really she's a unique person. She comes here all the time just to watch me work and insist that she's one of my earlier creations."

"Earlier creations?"

>"Yeah I actually did have a really simple machine I called A1. All it could really do was move around."

See, she's just fucking crazy.

"Ok, I just was wondering if you knew about her. I don't know, A1 and B5 was a rather odd coincidence. I figured it was nothing. Anyway, I want to do the fighting test first and then the talking one."

>"Eh... I'd really rather do just one for now. I can get it set up for fighting right now."

"I'm gonna get my gear. I have a uh.., Bag of Holding."

>"Ok, I'll be setting up in the other room."

Cid walks off as Saisai gets ready for the fight. When she's ready she follows Cid.

>"Aaaaand... Done. You ready?"


>"All right B5..."

Saisai hears a rumble coming from the tube behind her. In front of her the wall opens
No. 430518 ID: 97486c
File 134184280280.png - (20.76KB , 800x600 , 123.png )

No. 430519 ID: 97486c
File 134184283777.png - (37.25KB , 800x600 , 124.png )

creak creak creak creak creak creak creak
No. 430522 ID: 643515

It doesn't have any visible means of steering...
Step sideways and walk around beside it to prod it with your spear.
No. 430524 ID: 7c31d2

C'mon, there are lots of stories about inanimate objects getting a mind of their own. If the thing that gets the mind is able to move on its own, that just makes the quest for a human body that much easier! It is entirely possible that A1 is the same A1 he made, just in a human body. Or a more advanced robot body that looks human.
No. 430525 ID: 132b99

it has a chest socket, most likely the weapon comes out of there.
No. 430527 ID: a3b384

It doesn't look like much, but be wary in case it shoots something out from the front. Dash forward, feint to the side and stab it.
No. 430531 ID: c3c502

It's basically a unicycle with a head. This means it's greatest weakness (aside from what looks to be shoddy construction) is that is should be easy knock over. And once down, it doesn't look like it has a way to right itself (unless there's an arm hidden in the chest panel or something).
No. 430535 ID: 9718f3

It doesn't look like it can pivot in place very well. You should be able to get beside it and knock it over. I could be wrong though. The "torso" may be able to rotate independent of the base, so don't let down your guard while attacking its flank.

Oh, and your robot is WAY better.
No. 430538 ID: 770aa0

Take it seriously. Even if it turns out that it isn't very powerful, this is a test of it's capabilities. If he wanted you to go easy on it, he would have told you to.

That said, even if you can, don't end the fight immediately, Cid would really appreciate a longer fight because it would give him more data.
No. 430572 ID: a06b41

Given how its standing... that might be a central ball and gimble means of movement. They're insanely hard to keep up, but with the right means, usually gyros controlled by a central unit that is getting an insane amount of data, its insanely maneuverable. Basically, don't take its looks as an indication of anything.
No. 430588 ID: 132b99

wait.. IS this b5? it came out when he said the thing, but isn't b5 in the glass case in the other room?
No. 430590 ID: c3c502


Maybe it's a decoy? B5 could have drones. It could have deployed this one forward to test SaiSai's abilities, or to catch her off guard, before revealing itself.
No. 430591 ID: 7c31d2

Maybe its a robot made to open the tube the other robot is in?
No. 430618 ID: e7baef

As far as we know, this thing is a mechanical spellcaster. It doesn't need external limbs if it can affect its environment magically.
Don't underestimate it. It has a creepy look in its eye.
No. 430639 ID: 97486c
File 134187332737.png - (155.77KB , 800x600 , 125.png )

"This is B5?"

>"Yep. Now I know she doesn't look like much but I gotta insist you don't take it easy on her. Give it all you got."

"All right.."

Saisai rushes in, feints to the side and prepares to stab. However after looking at B5 more she finds herself unable to strike.

That thing is so... Pathetically cute.. I can't hit it.
No. 430642 ID: c3c502

Do it.

If you lose your nerve, we'll change your form and spam it with shadow balls. Those will probably hurt it far worse than you knocking it around, and some of us won't hold back just because it's cute.
No. 430643 ID: 132b99

it's a test. also a robot is primarily metal. you can ding it up but unless you strike it incredibly hard it wont break. also it may have great reflexes.
No. 430668 ID: d94e2c


No. 430672 ID: 770aa0

Well, spears are pretty good at piercing armor, so even if its case is armored, you shouldn't have too much trouble.

I know its cute Saisai, but Cid will build another if you break it, and just imagine: The next one might be even cuter!
No. 430678 ID: b85f8c

Give it a smack with your spear. It may look cute but it could actually be dangerous. Treat it like an opponent with unknown capabilities.
No. 430688 ID: 107c3d

try hitting it with a horizontal swipe with your spear, you won't have to hit it hard and it should knock it over.
No. 430735 ID: 97486c
File 134189337301.png - (108.57KB , 565x600 , 126.png )

No I mean... I just can't attack it...

Cid pulls out a notepad and clicks a small watch.

>"Ok you're done. 7 seconds.. Hmm.. You must be a bit more susceptible to mind altering effects."


>"B5 is my newest little model. She gives off a sort of field that makes it nearly impossible to attack her. Worst damage she's taken was a bop to the head. I was tinkering around with it and I wanted to see if it can work faster. Anyway thanks for the help."

He gives Saisai G200

>"Thanks again for the help."

"Yeah.. Sure.."
No. 430736 ID: 97486c
File 134189359555.png - (92.70KB , 800x600 , 127.png )

Still in a bit of a daze Saisai pockets the gold and leaves. When she steps out she bumps into A1



>"You were seeing Cid? Boop."

"Uh, yeah. I was doing a quick mission for him."

>"I see.. Did he tell you anything?"

"... What do you mean?"

>"You know. About me. Being a robot. Boop."


This girl
This damn girl is going to



>"Because I am his first creation."

Should I even bother snapping this girl our of her delusion? Will she benefit? Will I? I think I would..
No. 430738 ID: fa9f7e

She is almost certainly an actual robot with a mind-altering field that makes you think she's human.
No. 430739 ID: 886a4d

Simply say he said he doesn't believe you are the A1 robot he made. Don't try to convince her beyond that.
No. 430744 ID: 7c31d2

Why are you so opposed to the idea that shes a robot?
No. 430745 ID: b85f8c

No. In fact, she might actually be his first creation, and he doesn't even realize it. He just demonstrated he can create mind-altering effects. Perhaps this girl's mind was overridden by one of his experiments, and he didn't know.

...yeah probably not. She's probably just messing around and knows full well she's not really a robot. She's just got a crush on Cid and this is her way of getting closer to him. I mean, she just basically said "Did he say anything about me?" as if she was wondering if he spoke favorably of her. Tell her that Cid said she was unique.

And ask her more about her robot-ness. Like, did she always have that body? What's her earliest memory?
No. 430748 ID: 132b99

i know, ask how she changed from her first chassis to her current one. that will force her to explain how she could of been a little robot but look human now. and a really complicated lie is a lot harder to keep up then a simple one.
No. 430750 ID: c3c502

You should challenge B5 again! We're immune to that kind of stuff, even if you're not. We'll totally blast it with shadow balls for you while you're paralyzed.

A1- she's either a delusional human, a robot that somehow appears human, or robot mind in a human body. Supporting her claim, she has displayed remarkable scanning capabilities.

You could simply ask her why she appears so human for a robot. You find it confusing.
No. 430774 ID: 97486c
File 134189571383.png - (149.29KB , 800x600 , 128.png )

"Well... He said you're unique."

>"Unique? I see.."

Is that a smile?

"Hey I wanted to ask how did you uh... Get to look so human?"

The small smile vanishes from her face.

>"I don't look human. Good bye Saisai."

She walks past Saisai and into the room

That poor girl. Crazy and in love. Or maybe being in love makes you crazy?

Well I can't do the test again and I have quite a bit of gold now.. Should I just go straight to Morgan or maybe take another mission?
No. 430777 ID: 886a4d

If you have plenty of time, say three hours or so I see no reason not to do another simple mission.
No. 430796 ID: a3b384

Nah we're done working today. Save some energy for studying later. Change out of your armor and go visit Morgan.
No. 430858 ID: a4b8fa

do another short mission
No. 430918 ID: 1444d5

You seem to have acquired some sort of ludicrous hat. That, or the mind-altering field had some unintended side-effects.
No. 430921 ID: 3ae3fd

Hmmm, you might actually want to determine if she's genuinely crazy, or just highly insistent about something she knows she's not... or if its a different type of thing where becoming a robot is a goal. There are non-crazy equivalents of the last. If it is the last... might be best to just go along with her saying she is one; though she totally already is, the cardboard is just a master distraction from her being one.
No. 430923 ID: c3c502

Wait, wait, I got it. She's been born into the wrong body. She identifies as a robot, despite her humanity. She's the organic/robotic equivalent of a transsexual. She's a transrobotic! (ie, she's got sentient life type identity issues instead of gender identity ones).

Obviously, you should stop trying to tell her she's human, as it's an incredibly insensitive thing to to, and painful for her. If anything, we should be looking for a way to help her complete her human to robot transition, since she's obviously still pre-op. Pre-cyborg. Whatever.
No. 430927 ID: a2fa74

Love doesn't cause that kind of crazy.

Although I'm a bit concerned... He's been mucking about with mind control, and that could certainly cause somebody to become delusional.
We should ask her about her history later. It could be illuminating.

Time to go to pick up Morgan!
No. 430938 ID: 3ae3fd

Said it way better than I was trying to before. Only thing is... well, you need to find out if its like that, or if its a delusion. I.E. does she think she's PHYSICALLY one AT THE MOMENT, or is it trans-whatever? If trans... thingie word, then help get to it. If just delusional... well, different kind of help.
No. 430991 ID: b85f8c

Guys I'm pretty sure that she wants to be seen as a robot because she knows Cid likes robots and wants to be liked by him.
No. 431005 ID: 3ae3fd

You're no fun. Besides, that would only work if she wanted a relationship with hints of incest given the whole creation of thing.
No. 432786 ID: 97486c
File 134233982188.png - (54.89KB , 800x600 , 129.png )

Forget this girl, I'm done.

Saisai changes back into her street clothes and goes to Morgan's shop. She's sitting where she usually is and smiles at Saisai

>"Welcome back.."

"Hey. I got a free day so I was wondering if you wanted to go around the city."

>"Oh you uh.. You remembered that.. Sure I... I'd love to go outside here... Into the city.. I just didn't think you'd be back so soon.."
No. 432789 ID: 431fa8

Huh. Is that a problem? Might ask if today isn't a good day, or something.
No. 432790 ID: b85f8c

Ask her if she's scared.
No. 432792 ID: 132b99

is getting back for this so fast leaving her schedule frazzled?
No. 432797 ID: 97486c
File 134234134557.png - (35.87KB , 430x537 , 130.png )

"Is today a bad day for you?"

>"Bad? N-no... Course not.."

"Then what's wrong? You look kinda.. Scared."

>"Ahahaha, scared? W-why would I be s-scared? It's... That's be a weird thing to b-be scared of..."
No. 432807 ID: 886a4d

It's alright to be nervous about going out. And if really bothers you that badly we can avoid the more busy sections of the city.
No. 432809 ID: 4a328b

Maybe she's agoraphobic? Hm, can you think of any places in the city that might not be terribly crowded? It might be best to start there.
No. 432810 ID: a3b384

"Not really, it happens all the time. Hard to get over it too... unless they have help."

Then offer her your hand.

This is more serious anxiety then I expected, I suggest asking her to take you to the library. It's quiet and peaceful, she'll have an easier time dealing with it. Probably one of the few places she's already been. Not exactly a tour of the town but it should work out well enough. Talk on the way, if she can't manage to say much in public then talk about yourself for a while.
No. 432813 ID: b85f8c

Eh, everyone has their fears. Bravery is being afraid but moving forward anyway.
No. 433664 ID: 0c2247

Hoist her up onto your back and set off to ADVENTURE!
And by that I mean lunch. Ask if she knows any good places to eat.
No. 434175 ID: 97486c
File 134259868225.png - (138.76KB , 800x600 , 131.png )

"It's fine to be a bit nervous. I mean, I've never really been outside myself. Probably just as little as you."


"Do you go to the library here?"

She nods

"Let's go there. I've never been there myself and I'd love to see it."

>"Ok. Uhm.. Let me get ready first."

She goes into a back room. After a few minutes she comes back with her hair brushed down. She smiles at Saisai nervously.

>"O-ok.. Ready."

Dear god that hair... Should I say something..?

I'll just not... I don't want her to feel bad.
But what if someone else says anything?
She'll be even more hurt then if I said it..
But I'm pretty much a stranger to her too.


"!? Sorry. Just thinking about something. Let's go."

Morgan nods again and follows Saisai outside. As they walk Saisai tries to move behind Morgan so she can lead but Morgan maneuvers herself behind Saisai each time. She talks to give out directions but other then that doesn't speak much.

This girl is so shy it's annoying.
I'm not even that bad.
And her hair is starting to curl back up.
No. 434176 ID: 97486c
File 134259876289.png - (31.04KB , 800x600 , 132.png )

After a while more of nearly silent travel they arrive at the Library. It's close.

>"Oh... I... Forgot it's closed this time of the week..."

"It's fine. Everyone forgets."

Ok, any ideas on where else we can go?
No. 434177 ID: 4a328b

Is there a park or something? You can get some bread and go feed ducks.
No. 434180 ID: 0c2247

Pat her hair down. If it won't stay down then use saliva to make it stick together.

Ask if there's a theatre around here. If so, go there. If not, go to lunch.
No. 434181 ID: a3b384

Bah. A quiet place to grab lunch perhaps? Or a park or anything is fine as long as there aren't a lot of people.

About the hair, I'm sure she knows how it acts and wouldn't be surprised. She just wanted to look better for a while... don't point it out right now just to avoid her being any more self conscious about it. Later you should say something positive about her natural curliness.
No. 434183 ID: b85f8c

Ewwww, let's not spit in her hair.

What's nearby? Anyway, wasn't this initially about her showing you around the city? Ask her if there's any clothing stores or something.
No. 434195 ID: 1b9919

>let's not spit in her hair.
Don't be silly, that's not how cats tamp down errant hair.

She'd be licking her hair. Completely different.
No. 434221 ID: 8dc0c1

Well, you got the park, a bookstore instead of a library, some nearby scenic trail if it exists, or the almost guaranteed to exist scenic vista.
No. 434402 ID: 431fa8

You could go out to get your hair done.

...if you can avoid the whole ears thing being a problem, anyway...
No. 434526 ID: a3b384

While I do kind of like that idea, I can't see it not ending up awkward because of that.
No. 436334 ID: 97486c
File 134327789425.png - (82.02KB , 800x600 , 133.png )


"Wanna go to the park? We can just eat lunch there. Do any of these stores sell packed lunch?"


Saisai buys the two of them lunches for G4 and sits at a table at the park. Morgan sits across from her and munches at a sandwich.
Her hair is curling up more now.


"You know Morgan..."


"I think your hair looks really nice curly. Not many people have hair like that."

>"Thank you.."

She smiles a bit and fiddles with her hair making small curls at the ends.

"Hey Morgan."


"Do you know a lot about magic?"

>"A bit yeah... I'm a pretty good wizard.. Why do you ask?"

"Well I've been trying to learn magic but I just can't seem to channel mana. I can't.. Feel it."

>"Oh it's easy.. It's just... Relaxing and feeling that energy moving through your veins.."

"I tried that and it just doesn't work.."

>"Maybe you just don't have a lot...?"


>"I can... Check.."

"Really? How?"

>"It's easy.. I just... Here, come closer."
No. 436336 ID: 97486c
File 134327802213.png - (93.20KB , 700x473 , 134.png )

Saisai leans across the table and Morgan does the same. She presses her forehead against Saisai's and concentrates.


She has some really big boobs...



>"None.. You don't have -any- mana at all... I've never seen a human who has no mana.. It's not possible."

Does it have to do with me not being completely human?

How the hell do I explain this away!?
No. 436342 ID: b85f8c

She said it's not possible. Ask how sure she is that it's not possible. Maybe you shouldn't try explaining it, but rather let her come up with an explanation.
No. 436343 ID: 4a328b

[25 GP to Morgan]

*crosses fingers*
No. 436345 ID: a7a256

> How the hell do I explain this away!?
You don't. Or just say that you're not able to concentrate because you're distracted with lustful thoughts.
No. 436348 ID: 24f833

Wow, that's twice now, and I wasn't even trying that time. Weird pride again.

Well, let's try to sidetrack her with logic.

If she's observing it, and she's not being deceived somehow, that means it's not impossible. So there has to be a cause. What could completely drain or block a person's access to mana? You've got a mystery on your hands.

It's a line of thought worth pursuing. It might not be related to your mixed race heritage, and is therefore something you might want to find out. If someone or something has an effect on you, you should want to understand it. Because otherwise you're at a disadvantage.
No. 436365 ID: a3b384

Seems like it's your blood, yeah. Well.. maybe it's time to trust somebody with that. Ask if she can keep a secret.

On the upside, while you may not have mana I'm pretty sure you have a soul so that kind of magic is still an option.
No. 436424 ID: 0c2247

Be disappointed and confused, but let her come up with her own explanation.

Instead, say "So... I'll never be able to use magic?"
No. 436442 ID: 9a34be

Pretty much this. It actually is kind of depressing that you won't be able to use magic, ever.
No. 436443 ID: 0c2247

Except Soul Magic, of course. She would excel at that; throwing impossibly sharp blades around like nothing and lighting people on fire with her fury and such.
No. 436444 ID: bf54a8

nope, soul magic still uses mana, just a tiny bit.
No. 436448 ID: a3b384

I don't remember that being a thing. I guess we'll find out, in any case.
No. 436449 ID: 9718f3

Well... what could have no mana? You don't know that your heritage has anything to do with it. For all you know, it could be equally impossible for other races to have no mana and she just said "human" because it is her default, being a human and all. It could be a phenomenon completely unique to you.

We just don't know. So no reason to panic.
No. 436758 ID: 97486c
File 134336368870.png - (130.00KB , 800x600 , 135.png )

"So... I'll never be able to use magic..?"

>"No. Not on your own at least. You can still use wands and potions and stuff. But.. It's just very odd.."

"What is?"

>"Well out of all the major races on the world almost all of them have even a tiny bit of mana in them. We humans naturally have the most. Dark Elves, Light Elves, Merfolk, Catfolk.. All of them have mana within them for their own brand of spells.."
No. 436760 ID: 97486c
File 134336375052.png - (87.59KB , 800x600 , 136.png )

>"All of them except Tigerfolk."


>"You're... Not entirely human... Are you?"

No. 436762 ID: 4a328b

No. 436763 ID: 96a1b7

Ask to talk privately.

Reveal secret.
No. 436771 ID: bd5edb

Yes, reveal what you dreamed this morning.
No. 436772 ID: 700387

ask to move to a more private location... then well... "pleasepleasedon'ttellonmeilldoanythingyouaskjustdonttellplease!"
No. 436776 ID: b85f8c

[25 GP to Ombra]

Yeah, you've been found out. Make sure nobody's listening before you tell her you're quarter tigerfolk.
No. 436777 ID: 1c8255

Well that's not fair. Why don't tiger folk get any access to magic? Was your dragon Trog the magic hater or what?

Your best bet might be to play it off like it's no big deal. Sigh and admit it. ...that's not a problem, is it Morgan? Explain that yeah, you've got some tigerfolk back somewhere in your family tree, you hardly expected that to come up through. Explain you weren't trying to hide it from her, you just don't like to tell anyone because the knights technically have a 100% humans rule, and you'd like to keep it a secret so you can keep your dream job.

You have learned an important lesson though. Don't ever let any mages in the knights get physically close enough to you to check your mana the way she did.
No. 436784 ID: 431fa8

"...since if I wasn't entirely human I wouldn't be able to have this job, I must be entirely human. I do hope you understand that this must be some sort of freak coincidence and please not mention it because I cannot afford any suspicion."
No. 436788 ID: 04b86a

Tigerfolk don't have mana in this timeline? That's a pretty severe change, actually. That makes me wonder what else could be different.

...Do humans and dark elves have incest taboos for half siblings?

This seems like the best response. Since tigerfolk apparently don't have magic, though, what can they do?
No. 436814 ID: a06b41

It could be us fucking with her, or just her mixed heritage, not all tiger folk. But yes... more investigation is required.
No. 436825 ID: 97486c
File 134336997344.png - (116.41KB , 800x600 , 137.png )

"Can we discuss this somewhere not so in the open?"

>"We can go back to the shop.."

The two of them pack up their half eaten lunches and go back to the Potion Shop. As they walk there Saisai asks a few questions.

"So why don't tigerfolk have any mana?"

>"Just because.. They were made that way I suppose. Instead of magic though they're great fighters.. Some were even able to split mountains.. So the legends say."

Oh joy. No magic but I can hurt someone with my fists in a pinch. I think? Maybe I should learn more about tigerfolk.

As they enter the shop Morgan goes to each of the windows and closes the blinds. She changes the Open sign to Closed.


"Ok. I'm not 100% human. A ways down my family tree there's a bit of tigerfolk blood and I guess it's part of me now too. But this has to be a secret. If the knights ever found out about this I wouldn't be allowed to be a part of them anymore."

>"... Do you have a tail? Or ears?"

"I don't have a tail anymore but.. Look."

Saisai pulls down her hood and twitches her ears.

And here's the part where people usually freak out.
Tigerfolk and humans never really got along very well so.

"Morgan I know we don't really know each other but I really really really need you to keep this a secret.. Please?"


Dammit.. There goes my-

>"That is so cute..."

No. 436829 ID: 1c8255

Cue squeeing and her playing with your ears.
No. 436831 ID: 97486c
File 134337021981.png - (89.18KB , 630x531 , 138.png )

>"Can I... Touch them..?"

Saisai backs away, confused at her sudden joy and the request.

"I'd.. Rather you not. They're sensitive.."

>"I think that is the most adorable thing ever.. You must be so luck, I'm sure everyone thinks it's really cute."


Morgan nods.

>"What I would give to have a feature like that.. Or anything non-human. You're so lucky.."

"... Uh, yeah. So.. You'll keep this a secret right?"

>"I swear it."

"Good.. Good.."

>"So that's why you always wear those hats? I was wondering about that... I wish I could give you something to hide them easier.. It's a shame that they carry such a negative connection. -Sigh-.. They're such a pretty shade of orange too.."

Huh, I've never had anyone compliment my ears that much.
It's... Kind of flattering.

Still at least my secret is safe. But I really can't let too many people know about this. The more who know the more likely it is that one will spill..

She's still staring.
No. 436835 ID: bd5edb

An unique and genuine article, she is. The feeling is reciprocal. Tell her about your dream.

> It's... Kind of flattering.
Let her touch them. Just a little.
No. 436836 ID: a3b384

Let her know about the item you got to disguise yourself, and the problem using it because of the lack of mana. If she knows a better way around that issue that'd be great.

And ask what she knows about soul magic, and if you are capable of it.
No. 436837 ID: 700387

"...f-fine, you can touch them. Just this once though!a-and only alittle bit!"
No. 436838 ID: 96a1b7

Awww, let her touch them. Payment for the... whatever.
No. 436845 ID: 1c8255

Maybe explain that while you're glad she's taking it so well, you're a little uncomfortable out having her so interested in something you have to hide every day of your life. Your deepest, most dangerous secret... cute? Adorable? That's kind of. Um. Different.
No. 436868 ID: 0c2247

"Ok, you can touch them, but... please, be gentle?"
No. 436869 ID: f793db

Allow ear touching.
No. 436874 ID: 97486c
File 134338193738.png - (106.93KB , 800x600 , 139.png )

"... I'm sorry this is kinda weird."

>"Oh I'm sorry.. Was I being rude..?"

"No no it's... I don't know.. I've had to like keep these ears hidden for so long.. My family basically treated it like a disease. It's weird that someone actually really likes them."

>"I think they're adorable."

"... You can touch them if you want."

>"Really? You sure?"

"Yeah just.. Don't yank on it."

Saisai leans over and Morgan takes one of her ears and rubs it.

>"Wow... That's so soft. I've never seen a tigerfolk before so this is my first time seeing their ears so close.."

This is kinda turning me on..



Saisai pulls away.

"It's nice that you appreciate it but it's been such a hassle trying to hide them. Like I said if I get found out I will be kicked out of the knights and I will might even get banished from the kingdom. I bought a illusion charm to help me hide it but without mana it's kinda useless."

>"I can.. Add some of my mana.. If you want."


>"Yeah but if it's just a little charm it has 1 charge at the most before it runs out of mana again. Do you have it?"

Saisai reaches into Yuyu's bag and hands her the charm. Morgan takes it in her hand. It glows a bit and she hands it back.

>"That should be good in case of emergency. I don't have any polymorph potions. The ingredients for it are very very rare."

"I could get it."

>"I... Doubt it."

"Why, what is it?"

>"The one that I really need is Frozen Fire. It's a magical gem that is found in the Hurrikane Mountain Range."

"... Well if I ever come across that.."

Saisai puts her hat back on

"Well... That was a nice lunch huh?"

Morgan lets out a small laugh

>"I.. Had a nice time. And now you don't have to hide your ears from me.."

"Yeah, that's kinda nice."

>"Oh, uhm..."


>"There is someone at the School who has very little mana and she says she made a way to cast spells without mana... If you want you can go check that out."

"Who's the person?"

>"I'm uh.. Not really sure, sorry."

"It's fine. I'll check it out later. Thanks for the mana charge. I'll see you around."

>"See you around.."

Saisai leaves the shop and walks into the street.

That's two people who know now.. At least I got an emergency charge on this thing.
I still got a good chunk of the day left to do whatever with.
No. 436878 ID: 71655f

try not to fantasize about more ear rubbings...
No. 436891 ID: b85f8c

Okay, let's go see if we can find that lady who knows how to do magic without mana.
No. 436917 ID: f864c8

Fuck it. Let's train to keep that libido of yours in check. Horny in the morning, dating in the afternoon, admiring Morgan's boobies, and getting turned on from an ear rub, com'on girlfriend! You gotta exercise it all away!
No. 436921 ID: 842d23

Well, we know there are alternate magic-like systems that run on things different from mana. For instance, we use guardian points to do things that could be considered magical. Time mages use time points. Soul mages us their souls. Sage magic draws directly from life force. There's possibly even more than that, but that's all the magic / pseudo-magic power sources we remember encountering.

Tiger folk do have something magic like- a rare ability called the Claws of Thasti, which manifest themselves as giant sword sized glowing red energy claws. No idea what powers them though, or if you'd be able to access them though. Probably not a good idea, as using a tigerfolk exclusive ability would pretty effectively blow your cover.

I figure it's likely that this person at that school is using one of these alternate power sources. Be careful about searching them out though, you can't expose your lack of mana to a mage you don't trust.

...and don't let the other guardians hassle you about the ears rubbing.
No. 436949 ID: 61e7f9

Fantasize about more ear rubbings.
No. 436950 ID: 5a5118


Don't worry so much Saisai. Unlike with some people, its clear Morgan's stroking was pure curiousity, and her intentions are friendly. She doesn't seem like the kind that will pressure you, if what she does is really making you uncomfortable. You can trust her touch.

Meanwhile.. Is there anyone around with knowledge of how Guardian magic works? Maybe Morgan's dad has books on it.. if SaiSai, and we, ourselves, learn more about it, perhaps we could make better use of our energy reserves to keep her safe.

After all, we didn't know we could move until that interesting event at the springs. Who knows if we could use something similar to her benefit, instead of our amusement.

And there's also that odd, familliar feeling we got from the Mimic. We never really investigated it.. If it has guardian magic, or has a guardian magic item hidden inside of him, we would only benefit from finding out.
No. 436952 ID: a06b41

Wait, did you say earlier no tail ANYMORE? Did you have one?
No. 436963 ID: 997ce7

Yeah, she had surgery to have it removed. Part of her backstory. It's in Thread 1, iirc.
No. 436965 ID: 97486c
File 134342743508.png - (102.05KB , 800x600 , 140.png )

I'm a healthy 17 year old girl, I have urges. Still I'm in control of them, not the other way around.

I did, yeah. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but my tail was cut off a long time ago by my father. It was a lot harder to hide that then it was my ears. Took a while to get used to walking without it.

If Tigerfolk do have their own unique way of fighting then it's probably best I don't go too much into it.. It'd make me look even more suspicious.
I would like to see how this person uses magic without using mana so I guess we're off to the School.

I'm not worried about Morgan..
As for you guys I've never seen or heard about you in any book. I'm not well versed in magical artifacts but I'm sure my parents are and even they don't know what you really are.

Saisai walks down the Kingdom's crowded streets until she arrives at the School. She walks inside what she assumes is the main entrance and is greeted by a receptionist

>"Hello, welcome to the School of Magic and Science."

"Hey. I'm uh.. Looking for someone here who's working using magic without using mana."

>"Oh, Prof. Dominic. He's just down this hallway, second door to the right. His name is one the door."

"Thank you."

Saisai follows the directions and reaches a small office. She knocks


Saisai goes into the room and sees a man with messy black hair and large glasses.


"Hi. I'm Saisai and I had heard you had made a way for someone with little mana to still be able to cast spells?"

His eyes seem to light up behind his glasses. He puts down the book he's reading and grabs something from a case beside him

>"Not many people are interested in my work.. This is such a pleasant surprise ehehehe.. Behold!"
No. 436966 ID: 97486c
File 134342773680.png - (134.29KB , 800x600 , 141.png )

>"The Techno-staff!"

He shows her a normal looking blue staff with glowing blue lines going across it.

>"With this beauty here people like us don't even need mana! I based it off of the old Sage magic along with-"

Saisai can't follow as he goes on and on with technobabble.

>"Now watch.. Techno Fire!"

He hits the staff into the floor. The top part opens up like some kind of mechanical flower. After a few seconds a flame appears in the center.

>"Hehehehe... Awesome isn't it? Not as fast as normal magic but with the push of a button I can fire this baby and burn something from yards away. Not only that but it never runs out of fuel. You're only limited by the spells programmed into it and how fast your opponent is. This model right here only has T. Fire and T. Lightning."

He slams it again. The staff folds back up to it's original for then twists and turns until it makes some kind of two pronged stick. A lightning ball appears in between the two prongs after a moment.

"That's amazing.. It takes no mana?"


"Are you selling it?"

>"Hmm... I can sell you this here model for G100. Any other spells can be programmed in by myself for another G50."
No. 436969 ID: 92c81e

If you want it, go ahead, (or save up for it, I don't know how much money you have off the top of my head), but personally I don't think that magic is really your style.
No. 436970 ID: 431fa8

Hrm. Explain that you're a knight and are dependent upon your primary weapon for most fighting, and carrying around a second big weapon would get pretty cumbersome. Can he either design a robust version of the staff that could double as a melee weapon suited to your style of fighting, or build something small enough to be used as a secondary weapon using the same design principles?
No. 436976 ID: 842d23

Any chance you could build something smaller? I'm kind of interested in something stealthier. Specifically, I've got a magic item that does illusion magic, and it would be downright awesome if I could hook it up to a tech-battery thing so it never ran out of charge.

>Based off sage magic
Sage magic is powered by the caster's life force. Does that mean using this item will tire the user out?
No. 436984 ID: 97486c
File 134343583261.png - (13.88KB , 221x421 , 142.png )

"Hmm... See, I'm mainly a spear user and I'm in the Royal Knights so I kinda need something.. Smaller. That I can use in a pinch if I have to."

>"I have just the thing then!"

He digs around the massive pile of junk on the shelf and pulls out a small wand like object.

>"Just about the same thing except it only comes with one spell. It's a lot faster but it can only be used once before it needs to recharge after a while. It's only G50."

"Hmm.. You said it was based off of sage magic right? What exactly does that mean?"

>"Well Sage Magic used one's lifeforce to power it. These don't use the casters but an internal, self replenishing, supply of energy. The idea is the same but it's carried out differently. Also I can only put one spell it in so if you have any you want you can tell me it and I'll try to program it in."

"Is there a limit?"

>"Not really... Just nothing 'too' powerful or it might just explode trying to cast it."

I want this thing. Any idea what spell it should have?
No. 436985 ID: 97486c

http://tgchan.org/wiki/Spells_in_Shoujen Most of the spells under Elemental are available besides Thee-ad, Zeroon, Baraast, Debaraast
No. 436987 ID: 431fa8

Attack spells would probably be a bad choice here given the charge time involved for the spells. We're better off going with something that can use magic to enhance Saisai's combat abilities or provide protection or healing.

I am seriously tempted by Miracle. Delicious luck. Wind Shield or Wind Walk would also be good, as buffs go, or Major Heal or Mereet.

I should note that I'm going with the highest-level spells in the case of tiered options on the assumption that they will be safe and reliable to use; we can drop down if that is not the case.

If we go with something that isn't healing, it might be worthwhile to get a second one with a healing spell of some kind in it, since wands are pretty small so it wouldn't be an inconvenience to carry two. Healing is important.
No. 436988 ID: bf54a8

i think you guys all forgot what we wanted saisai to get magic for in the first place.
No. 436990 ID: a3b384

I say something for flight is the most urgent issue. We can still shoot balls of shadow for offense, after all.

I don't think we can be waving a wand every time we need to disguise ourselves. The item we got for that is subtle enough, we just need to deal with the charging issue. Maybe we can request an automatically charging version of that for later, though.
No. 436992 ID: bf54a8

no, before that.
No. 437013 ID: 0c2247

Ask about Sage magic. Any way you could learn that?
No. 437017 ID: 4bdd79

Get Gravity. Cast it on yourself in the middle of a jump to dodge an attack or do extra damage.
No. 437262 ID: 4a328b

[Change Form]
No. 437265 ID: 4a328b

No. 437266 ID: a3b384

What? No. Stop that.
No. 437267 ID: 96a1b7

No. 437274 ID: 97486c
File 134354681606.png - (118.43KB , 800x600 , 143.png )

The gravity one I think is the best.

Wasn't the point so I could hide my ears? We solved that bit already.

Saisai pays G50 for the wand and installs the Gravity spell in it.
With her new purchase she thanks the man and heads off back to her room.
Once inside she sits on her bed and gives the wand a little twirl.

Might not be my own mana but I can cast a few spells now. I think that's pretty neat.

Hmm.. I still have a good chunk of the day free.
Anything else on the agenda or should I just call it a night?
No. 437277 ID: bf54a8

the learning magic was so she could use soul magic and deal with the big problem.
No. 437279 ID: 4a328b

You can store the wand in your sexy mimic. [50 GP to ombra]

Go to bed!
No. 437282 ID: a3b384

Talk to your boxboy for a bit.

Nah, maybe later. Let's see what happens when we level our mimic.
[100 GP to Yuyu]
No. 437285 ID: 97486c
File 134354815913.png - (82.53KB , 800x600 , 144.png )

Big problem?

Yuyu pops out of the chest.

>"Nice~ I thought you'd ignore me. Woulda been hella boring sharing the room with someone who's ignoring you ya know? Also I can store bigger things now so thanks for that baby."

"Don't call me baby. Ever."

>"Sure thing kitten."

I hate this mimic.
No. 437286 ID: 4a328b

Give him the wand to store, then bed times
No. 437287 ID: 96a1b7

Ask him if his interior is gaurded from scrying, then go to bed.
No. 437288 ID: 0c2247

"Let me be perfectly clear. If you don't show me respect, I will teach you respect by breaking that box into firewood and using it to burn your twitching corpse.
You will address me either by my name, or by Ma'am, and you will do so in a respectful tone.
Do you understand?"

[If Saisai goes to sleep, have her dream of having sex with Yuyu. Trololololo~]
No. 437289 ID: a3b384

Heh, he's just messing with you. Probably wouldn't bother if you didn't react that much. Hey does he look any different? Demons should look more mature as the gain power. Or at least less ambiguous in his case.

Also, you can always order this guy around to do whatever. Like a neck or foot rub. One of the few things we can't really help you with.
No. 437295 ID: 97486c
File 134355238668.png - (12.89KB , 800x600 , 145.png )

Bah, forget the stupid mimic.

She throws her wand at him and closes the chest.
She gets ready for bed and places the Guardian beside her on a bedpost.

Night guys..
No. 437296 ID: 97486c
File 134355284124.png - (33.45KB , 800x600 , 146.png )

No. 437297 ID: 97486c
File 134355286496.png - (32.98KB , 800x600 , 147.png )

No. 437299 ID: 97486c
File 134355298153.png - (44.75KB , 800x600 , 148.png )




That didn't work as intended.
No. 437300 ID: 96a1b7

Tiny Ombra is tiny! Welcome to realspace, Ombra.
No. 437301 ID: 0c2247

It didn't work last time, either.
In fact, it failed to work in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

Would you like a list of abilities you have in this form, or would you rather continue to disregard our advice in favor of being a stubborn?
No. 437302 ID: 4a328b


Are you gonna get your murder on, Ombra?
No. 437303 ID: 97486c
File 134355395675.png - (38.51KB , 800x600 , 149.png )

>Would you like a list of abilities you have in this form, or would you rather continue to disregard our advice in favor of being a stubborn?




I 'tried' to get my murder on already. Didn't work.

No. 437304 ID: 96a1b7

Respect and adoration are not mutually exclusive. We respect the threat you serve to our lady Saisai, and we find you adorable because oh god you're so tiny!
No. 437305 ID: 0c2247

You were wondering why we were being so nice when you've been so caustic and talking about how you plan to kill Saisai?

This is why. You actually can't kill Saisai, and there's really only one way you can return to normal.
So, want to be friends now?
No. 437308 ID: b85f8c

Yeah, I figured this would happen as soon as you got enough GP. Shall we go nose around in other peoples' business? I say we spy on the king.
No. 437310 ID: 9a34be

Maybe I missed the memo or something, but why do you want to Kill Saisai, again?
No. 437316 ID: 842d23

Congratulations. You accumulated enough power to attempt to kill and control your host. Instead, you manifested in fairy form.

That's okay, we won't hold it against you- we knew you were going to try this, and it's only natural to look out for your own interests. You don't have sufficient reason to trust us, or value SaiSai's life, yet.

I hope you can see the value in cooperation now. We understand your unfortunate predicament, and we'd like to help you actually escape it. In a way that doesn't require killing SaiSai, or reducing you to a humiliating fairy form.

Anyways, unless you're stronger / weaker than we remember, or unless your powers have manifested differently, here's a summation of your abilities in this form.

Ombra Points:1,000
Abilities: Vanish OP 100, Flight 100, Mind Control (Minor) 200, Open/Close 100, Shadow Shield 10, Shadow Ball 100.

Have fun with 'em. Mind controlling people into silly and embarrassing things is pretty awesome.

When your Ombra points run out, you return to the amulet. As do we. As long as you're out though, we get to ride with you. And unlike our other hosts, you don't even have the option of taking us off and setting us aside- we're in your head.
No. 437325 ID: a06b41

Why don't you try to make her have a heart attack from the cute. Why you could even get in a stubborn off of trying to get her to admit you're cute! It would kill her to admit it! But seriously, there's no way you're going to kill her or anyone. Best case is you don't waste any of your abilities and just hang around in your current form indefinitely. I can guarantee you'll piss Saisai off at least.
No. 437326 ID: 997ce7

Dance for our amusement!
No. 437327 ID: 5a5118

Hand out with El Mimic. Maybe explore the insides of his box?
No. 437341 ID: b85f8c

I'd like to note that these numbers are likely completely wrong. As we can see, she has 99 OP, not 1000.
No. 437347 ID: a3b384

You'll get respect by working with us, not being stubborn and trying to kill our friend. Anyways tiny versions of things are always adorable that's the rule. Now come on, whatever the form you're finally out so let's go stretch your wings. You could talk to Saisai, maybe do some sneaking and spying about the castle. Or just waste your time relaxing. Your call.

Might all be at 1/10 scale. Regardless we should do a scan and be sure.
No. 437369 ID: ec68f4

Well, if you can't kill her, maybe you can scare her at least. Write about how you're going to put a puppy in her bed. She's a cat, so she's obviously afraid of puppies.
No. 437373 ID: 842d23

A rescaling is possible. It's also might be because she broke out way earlier in this timeline. Worst case, she doesn't have enough juice to use any of her fairy form powers.
No. 437379 ID: ec68f4

Why would you want her to rescale?
No. 437409 ID: 97486c
File 134360253310.png - (77.45KB , 800x600 , 150.png )

One would be foolish to try and go into a mimic's box.

To take her body and be reborn. To clarify, I don't 'want' her to just die normal. I would to replace her soul with mine. It'll kill her personality and all that but her body will be alive. That's something, right?

And no we can not be friends.. It sickens me that you are not stuck in my head, almost indistinguishable from my own thoughts. If not for the sheer outrageousness of these... Suggestions then I would not believe them to come from elsewhere.

Second my powers in this form are....

Possession: 10
Invisibility: 10
Shadow Ball: 10
Mind Reading (Surface thoughts only): 10
Open/Close: 10

Spreading my wings 'does' sound like a good idea.. Anywhere in particular we should go? It's early enough in the night that some people might still be awake.
No. 437414 ID: 0c2247

Well, you could go spy on the person who had you assassinated.

Wait, no, I'm sorry. We only share information with friends, and since you don't want to be friends we can't tell you that.

We do know quite a bit more about your situation than you think. Eventually, you concluded that the only way you could get your body back is for your host to learn Soul Magic.

Hmm... We're going to have to visit that blasted mountain range for Morgan; while we're there we should probably make contact with the last of the Ori and start preparations for resurrecting Oraes.
No. 437415 ID: 1d084b

> Anywhere in particular we should go?
Saisai's cleavage.
No. 437419 ID: 97486c

don't inform characters of alternate timelines for the bajillionth time.
No. 437420 ID: 842d23

Sorry, I thought it was just SaiSai who had forbidden us to talk about that. Thought the ancient magic dragon might be more receptive. I'll delete and reword.

I suggest you snoop around, attempt to do some eavesdropping, or mind reading if people aren't talking. You're not the position to take much useful action, but you could require information. Useful information.

The most interesting people to spy on, from your perspective? The king and the captain general. If the humans organized your assassination as we suspect, they'd be the ones most likely to know. After all, they do have the sword.

It's in your interest to investigate your death. We'd like to know what's really going on too. So let's investigate.
No. 437421 ID: bf54a8

make a guard think he's gone crazy. the higher up the better. keep doing it to his replacements for that post. make everyone think the job is cursed.
No. 437422 ID: 653ab8

...would you mind closing saisai's mouth? she appears to be drooling.

>a most... unbecoming state for the current host body of a glorious shadow dragon, no?
No. 437423 ID: a3b384

But Ombra, wouldn't you much rather be reborn as your true self? Or do you not believe that it is possible?
No. 437466 ID: ec68f4

Eh, she's better like this. I mean, lookit her tiny little wings!
Anyway, Ombra, you should totally rub SaiSai's ears.
No. 437479 ID: a06b41

You totally want to rub her ears. Totally.
No. 437481 ID: 653ab8

a shadow dragon doesn't "rub ears"

she physically examines the hearing apparatus through a tactile means.
No. 437492 ID: 92c81e

Do what anyone would do in your situation (and being unable to kill Saisai at the moment), go troll the populace.
No. 437497 ID: 0c2247

Rub her ears until she's really worked up, then possess the mimic, wake her up, and seduce her.

Because why not?
No. 437498 ID: b85f8c

How long does the invisibility last? I think we should go snoop on that jerk, the Captain General.
No. 437512 ID: 5a5118

Go spy on A-1. With her unusual personality, if you happened to posess her, folks would likely only see improvements.
No. 437935 ID: ec68f4

This is best option. It will instill true terror.
No. 437975 ID: 97486c
File 134379326160.png - (81.15KB , 800x600 , 151.png )

Because I think that's like borderline rape. I'm evil but I'm not 'that' evil.

She is a unique person but I'd much rather meet the man who wields the Dragon Slayer.

But first..

Ombra closes Saisai's mouth and wipes the drool away.

Hmph, I will not allow my future host to be seen in such an.. Unbecoming state.

Now, let's find the Dragon Slayer wielder.
No. 437981 ID: 97486c
File 134379391798.png - (135.96KB , 800x600 , 152.png )

Ombra activates her Invisibility and flies to the King's chamber. The door is open a tiny bit but is guarded by two Knights.
Inside she hears bits of a conversation.

>???: "-not even needed. We'll waste more resources then we'll gain by forcing their hand."

>King: "It's not a matter of gain it's simply a matter of showing that we humans are not ones to be bullied around. The Tigerfolk feel that because we are what we are that they can take advantage of what they perceive as a racial weakness. If we don't do this now they will continue to push and push until they practically taken over our trade."

>???: "Starting a war with them now though will put the catfolk on edge. Not only that but they have strong ties with the dark elves.."

>King: "Every race has strong ties with the dark elves. They're the only race we 'don't' have to worry about. The catfolk will be a problem but they are not nearly as savage as their cousins and I'm certain they can see to reason."

>Regulus: "Your majesty.. As Captain General I must advise that we don't go to war."

>King: "Regulus.."

>Regulus: "Please, just listen for a moment. Instead of war, which would possibly cost us dearly, we can instead perform more.. Subtle acts of aggression. I suggest we go after what they care for the most."

>King: "Which is?"

>Regulus: "Thasti, the fire dragon."


The others in the room seem just as shocked by the suggestion.

>Maggie: "That is far from subtle. You're basically attacking their god."

>Regulus: "Seventeen years ago we had to do the same with Ombra the Shadow dragon after the previous King of the Dark Elves made similar demands on us. Both him and the ruler of the Tigerfolk have one thing in common... They are both getting powers directly from their patron dragon. They know this and the Dark Elf King tried to abuse that fact. While killing Ombra may not have proved popular at first many of the Dark Elves agree that with their old king gone their lands are far more pleasant to live in. If we do the same to the Tigerfolk not only may we improve relationships with them in the long run but we can even avoid killing one of them."

>???: "And forever weakening them as a race!"

>Regulus: "It is just a suggestion Gallatin.. We may not even go through with it."

>King: "Right now we don't need suggestions, we need a course of action. While killing a dragon is a horrible thing indeed in the long run it may in fact be a better plan then all out war.."

They're seriously considering killing Thasti!? It's bad enough that I'm "dead" but to kill a second dragon!? That'd throw everything out of order!!
No. 437985 ID: ec68f4

I think that now is a good time to beat your feet in a hasty retreat. Before one of the ungodly powerful people in that room sees you.
No. 437987 ID: 96a1b7

What would happen if all the dragons kicked it at once?
No. 437990 ID: c1a7db

>I'm not really going to kill her
Let's not beat around the bush. Braindead is still dead. The fact that you have plans for her living corpse doesn't change the fact that you're planning to kill her. You insult our intelligence with this defense. And your own, if you honestly believe this justification.

>I'm evil
You're willing to kill for your survival. That's not evil in of in it's self. We can understand and respect the sentiment, even if we wish to protect your target.

>Dragon killing conspirators
It would appear our information was correct, was it not? Does this earn us any small measure of your trust?

We wish to avoid the imbalance of additional draconic deaths. We wish to restore you- to preserve the balance, and your would be host. If you do not yet trust us in your attempt for freedom, would you be willing to cooperate to protect or warn the remaining dragons?
No. 437999 ID: a3b384

Well it seems they don't care so much about the order. Or think that whatever comes of it is advantageous.

Look, if we're going to do anything to stop this we need to do it right now. And that means either possessing someone and giving a better idea, or announcing your presence in person and airing your grievances and advice directly. But it's risky, so lets try possession first. Go with the Gallatin person who is most against the idea, that'll be less suspicious.

Points to cover: Killing a dragon will upset the balance, and make the other dragons more powerful and more likely to cause problems. Secondly, the tigerfolk are not like the dark elves and may instead be provoked to war by actions against their god. Third, suggest finding a way to get the tigerfolk to change leaders after all the real problem is who has the power, not how much they have.
No. 438000 ID: 04b86a

Well, it seems the official reason for killing you is a bit different than we remember, but Regulus's first and only solution to whatever problem they're having being to kill a dragon is close enough that I still want him dead. And aside from the fact that Thasti isn't really responsible for anything, this is setting a dangerous precedent: who's supposed to kill Myli when the humans get out of line?

Maybe you should reveal yourself to them. It's not like they can trace you back to Saisai, and if we can convince everyone except the king and Regulus that this is a bad idea then those two will have to find another solution.
No. 438002 ID: c1a7db

I would advise not to reveal yourself. You're still weak, and essentially a manifestation of your spirit. You survived when the sword attacked your body. But in this state...? I fear you could be destroyed outright.
No. 439325 ID: 97486c
File 134411741788.png - (182.01KB , 800x506 , 153.png )

Ombra quickly possesses the man who had spoken up against killing the Dragons.
The man barely seems to notice that his thoughts and actions are not his own.

>Gallatin: "If we kill that dragon we may very well start the thing we're trying to avoid. These people are not as timid as the Dark Elves. If we do anything to provoke them they will strike as hard and as fast as possible. The anger over losing their Dragon will be far greater then any other wound we could inflict on them or any insult we may utter."

>Regulus: "You're awfully talkative today Gallatin.. If you are so against killing dragons then why did you not speak up about this when we sent Captain General Sable out to kill the Shadow Dragon?"

Ombra shifts through Gallatin's memories to determine exactly why. It isn't difficult as his guilt is more easily found then any other memory.

>Gallatin: "Because I didn't know what would happen.. I didn't think they would feel so terrible. Sure we won and they agreed to no longer bother us but the grieving.. These are immortal creatures and I feel that we made a grave mistake in attacking something so dear to them."

>King: "It was for the best."

>Gallatin: "Honestly your majesty I don't believe that anymore. I think my fellow captains agree that there must be a better solution."

>King: "Maggie? Arthur?"

>Maggie: "For once I agree with Gallatin sir. Don't need to be a psychic to see that this won't end well."

>Arthur: "We have the Dragon Slayer. It does not mean we should use it."

>King: "Then what do you suggest we do?"

>Regulus: "Yes Gallatin. What is your plan?"

>Gallatin: "Perhaps we can simply find a way to get the king replaced."

>King: "Impossible. They determine who is the king by strength and I highly doubt even Regulus here could best him in a one on one battle. There is no one in the entire tigerfolk kingdom that has enough power to beat him."

>Regulus: "It may not be the best plan of action but if we don't act soon the Tigerfolk king will continue to make demands upon us. We can not appease each demand."

I need a suggestion to convince them that there's a way better plan of action then just killing Thasti..
No. 439328 ID: ec9ba1

Simple - raw power can be beaten with skill. They solve things with power? Turn it against them with skill. So long as they do combat as I expect, this should be doable - send someone who is skilled at evasion and precise strikes, arm them with magic to the teeth, and take the fuck over.




Too bad we don't have any tigerfolk we can rely on who fulfill these exact requirements to add legitimacy.
No. 439332 ID: bf54a8

enchantments. base power may not mach them but if they are amplified with magic they can win a fight that would not normally be possible. now they will probably not accept a human king even if they win, do we have anyone that has trace amounts of tigerfolk blood in them? would make them more legitimate.
No. 439339 ID: e3aff6

If we can't find one person to defeat him, we could always send several people to kill him. It wouldn't be optimal, but it would cause less problems than killing their dragon.
No. 439344 ID: ec68f4

I agree completely.
No. 439349 ID: 100061

"I know how to dethrone the current king. we cheat, we weaken him though any means necessary. poison, maiming, curses even plague if we can make it work. we keep piling on disadvantages until he no longer has the strength to rule. "
No. 439350 ID: b85f8c

No no, we can't kill the king directly outside of a duel. That would be a declaration of war. Regulus can use magic, obviously, so adding magic to a warrior would not result in a stronger fighter than he is. There's simply no way to beat the king in a duel.

If trade is the problem, why don't we aim at that? Sabotage their economy until they feel they have more pressing concerns than bullying us.
No. 439409 ID: 4bdd79

I see what you did there.

This should work.
No. 440585 ID: 97486c
File 134445392995.png - (117.38KB , 800x600 , 154.png )

Doing anything to the king outside of a one on one battle could be terrible if we're caught..

"We could just simply stop trading with them. I'm sure they rely on our exports more then we need theirs. Any direct action we take against them may result in war but maybe if we simply stop trading relations with them then they'll stop bothering us with unreasonable demands."

>King: "It wouldn't be easy to just stop trading with an entire kingdom."

>Arthur: "Better then war."

>King: "Might still result in war anyway."

>Maggie: "At least we wouldn't be seen as the ones who started it. At least not the attacking part."

>Regulus: "This is stupid.. We have the solution right here. We don't have to do anything like stopping trade or finding a tigerfolk that can beat him 'and' wants to work with the human empire."

>Maggie: "Better idea then yours Mr. Trigger happy."

>Regulus: "I'm trying to avoid war too!"

>Arthur: "Vote."

"Yes. Who here thinks we should try and stop trading with them until the tigerfolk act more reasonable?"

Maggie, Arthur, and Ombra/Gallatin raise their hands. Regulus looks a bit upset but backs down.

>King: "We'll try it then. Captain Maggie, I want you and your group to send a message to the Tigerfolk regarding this decision."

>Maggie: "We're up for it your majesty."

>King: "Good. This meeting is over then."

Oh man, that totally worked..
Also it seems that Regulus man isn't the one who killed me even though he has the Slayer now.

If we all died... I don't know to be honest. Never thought more then one of us would ever be killed.

Still possessing this poor Gallatin captain. Should I stay in this body or am I done here? This just burns through my energy..
No. 440588 ID: 886a4d

Thank him and leave.
No. 440594 ID: b85f8c

Leave his body quietly. If you are not discovered, then we just successfully prevented another dragon death without issue.

I think you should stick around for a little while and eavesdrop on the king though. He probably has some things to discuss with Regulus.
No. 440615 ID: 0c2247

"More than one"? What about Oraes?
It's only been, what, 200 years since you last had her hard, sweet horn in your mouth?
No. 440619 ID: d6c330

Don't leave him if he'll notice the sudden regaining of control, or that he acted oddly. Might be better to get him out to the corridor first, and leave him to thoughts of "wow, I can't believe I stood up to them like that, what got into me?" in privacy.
No. 440640 ID: bf54a8

No. 440728 ID: 4a328b

Good plan. Second'd
No. 440817 ID: 97486c
File 134448684782.png - (103.58KB , 800x600 , 155.png )

Ombra releases Gallatin from her grasp with happy thoughts of how brave he was.
She turns invisible and remains in the room.

>King: "Regulus."

>Regulus: "..."

>King: "You are too... Quick to decide the fate of a dragon."

>Regulus: "... It was mostly an empty threat your Majesty."

>King: "Oh? Are you saying you couldn't take down Thasti?"

>Regulus: "Honestly? No. The Dragon Slayer does not respond to me well. It is a burden to just hold the thing. It wasn't passed down to me or given freely. I simply found it. The Blade knows this and won't obey me."

>King: "Hmm.. While it may not be an issue now we 'will' need that blade at some point. Did Sable willingly pass it to anyone?"

>Regulus: "I highly doubt it. He died using it. No, it can only be used by someone of Sable's blood.."

>King: "Do we know of anyone?"

>Regulus: "None, for now. I already have people looking. We know he stayed at a Dark Elf city before he went to take down Ombra so there's always a chance.."

>King: "Knowing Sable it is a pretty high chance."

Regulus doesn't laugh. Instead he just frowns and appears to be deep in thought.

>Regulus: "Gallatin was awfully chatty this meeting."

>King: "Good, maybe he is finally living up to the title his powers earned him."

>Regulus: "... I'm going out for a while."

Regulus bows and steps out of the room leaving Ombra alone with the King.

So Sable killed me and Saisai is the only one who can wield the Dragon Slayer huh?

I'm alone with the King.
I should totally possess him and make him do crazy things.
No. 440821 ID: 4a328b

Wait, why would you think SAI SAI would be able to wield the dragon slayer?

I mean, we have someone else we think might be able to, but it was an alternate reality so it probably isn't the same here.

Yes. Yes you should possess the king--but wait until he's about to do something.
No. 440824 ID: bf54a8

i HIGHLY doubt you will be able to. you don't become king because of your weak willpower.
No. 440826 ID: b85f8c

Why don't we follow Regulus instead and make sure he doesn't kill off that dude we possessed?

First though do some Mind Reading on the king, just to see what he's thinking.
No. 440827 ID: d6c330

Actually, they just said they strongly suspect Sable left a half-dark elf bastard behind. Wouldn't you rather the sword ended up in the hands of one of your own? Maybe you should try to influence SaiSai to visit their lands... find this candidate.

Wait. The king is an intensely powerful mage. He may be warded, or detect your presence if you attempt to enter him. I suggest you study him as he returns to his own chambers and changes for the night- look for runes, wards, marks upon his person.
No. 440828 ID: e3aff6

You don't try to posses a guy who can disintegrate someone just by glaring at them.
No. 440830 ID: 0c2247

Possess the king, then make him strip naked and dance around with his crown held to his crotch.
When you leave him, leave him with thoughts of how attractive he found Regulus's butt and wondering what orders Regulus won't follow.

It will be hilarious.
No. 440858 ID: 97486c
File 134449232165.png - (100.86KB , 800x600 , 156.png )

Because the name Sable sounds very familiar and I hopped into this necklace after I died. Couldn't do that unless the necklace was near me when I died. It's just likely.

Hilarious but it's hard to make someone do something they really wouldn't do normally. I was thinking more like accidentally sending people off to wrong missions. Also I think the others are right and I'd die trying to take over him or something.

I'll follow that Regulus person.

Ombra follows Regulus down a hallway and up stairs. Regulus stays up ahead of her and enters a door on the top of a spiral staircase.
As soon as she's through the doorway Regulus spins around and stares directly at her.

>"Hello Ombra."
No. 440861 ID: c7dc56

"Whas up Mofo"
No. 440862 ID: bf54a8

some good magic
inform him this is just a shell and your soul is safe elsewhere. then ask how he could see you.
No. 440863 ID: d6c330

Bluff your ass off. Act totally confident, as if you expected he would see you, and you came here for a confrontation. Grin, and greet the asshole cockily.

"Hello yourself. Didn't quite get what you wanted in there, did you?~"
No. 440877 ID: 97486c
File 134449379616.png - (98.54KB , 800x600 , 157.png )

"Hello yourself. Guess things didn't go exactly as you wanted did it?"

>"Not quite, no. You're a bit smaller in person. I must say I'm not impressed."

"This is just my spirit form. My true body is hiding elsewhere. I decided to come check on you humans to see if I could find who killed me. Shame he's already dead."

>"He died from wounds you gave him."

"Yeah, vice versa happened to me. I got better at least. So tell me, how can you even see me like this?"

>"That I won't tell you. I will however make a guess that 'you' are the one who altered Gallatin's thoughts."

"Not gonna tell you that."

>"Fair enough. Listen, you may have saved Thasti for now but before the month has ended he 'will' be killed."

"So confident yet you can't even wield the dragon Slayer~."

>"I will find someone who can."

"Why are you trying to kill us anyway? You know it's like impossible even with the Slayer."

>"Oh it's possible. As for why.. I don't think I'll do that either. I will however tell you one thing."


>"There is a way to truly kill a dragon. If, after they are slain, their soul takes up residence in some object or being you can destroy their new vessel. If you do that... The Dragon's soul vanishes. Forever."


>"So wherever you are.. Keep it safe. Because if I find it I 'will' destroy it and you will die."

With that he goes back inside leaving Ombra alone.
No. 440882 ID: 886a4d

Well I think we are going to have to keep your vessal very, very quiet. Lets head back to Sai Sai for now. Make sure your not followed however.
No. 440885 ID: d6c330

Well done! Stood your ground, and got some useful info.

Are you willing to consider cooperating with us now? We'd rather like to avoid him murdering you and SaiSai (or destroying us? I'm not sure if the guardian or the girl is more the vessel your spirit currently resides in at this point). And we'd like to prevent him murdering Thasti. Dragons dying is bad for the world, and we're not cool with that.

Actually, it's safest not to return, at all. When you run out of power, we should all just instantly poof back. Not even cheating people seeing through invisibility can follow that.

I think the next person to spy on would be the king.
No. 440892 ID: 9a34be

I think the first order of business is getting some protection for Saisai (and her belongings, and us, by extension) in such a way that it can't be traced back to the knowledge we've gained here today easily.

I mean, let's say Saisai happens to get interested in her genealogy, and tries to trace back her bloodline, and discovers a certain dragonslayer-weilder down the line, making her the only known person to be able to actually wield the sword? And wouldn't you know it, she's also part Tigerfolk, making her a good candidate for replacing their ruler? Why, she'd be invaluable.
No. 440962 ID: b85f8c

He sure knows a lot about dragons. You think maybe he's the Earth Dragon? Would you be able to tell, or is there a way to find out?
No. 441019 ID: ef4faa

Hell.. seems we're all lined up for the same headsman now. Ombra, will you help us keep SaiSai safe, and help her grow more powerful? We can act as an intermediary so she'll never know about you, if you prefer to keep her in the dark.

We understand you want her as a host, and you know that we want her to stay safe, but we also have some sympathy for you.. after all, you're kinda stuck with us.

Either way, there's no need to end the night early. In fact, heading straight back to SaiSai might be a dangerous giveaway. Let's go visit someone else, unwind with a little harmless fun.
No. 441061 ID: 97486c
File 134455464093.png - (53.19KB , 800x600 , 158.png )

God that was... Stressful..

There is a way to find out if he's just a dragon in human form. All dragons have their mark somewhere in their front upper body. It can be on their chest, face, front shoulders. Mine is right under my eye. His chest is pretty open so it could be on his shoulders.. Would explain why he could see me.

Anyway I... I think we should uh work together for now. How's that sound? Yeah? Ok... We uh... Need to keep Saisai alive until I can find a way to revive myself.

Damn that was scary..

Ok.. I think I need to go do something and have some fun. Let's check on that A1 girl.

Ombra turns invisible and flies downstairs and into the girl's dorms. She goes into where she remembers A1's room is and sees her laying her head on her desk crying to herself.

This isn't funny at all.
This is just sad.
No. 441065 ID: 4a328b

Possess her?
No. 441070 ID: 886a4d

Maybe we should simply try to talk to her. She might be wiling to talk to a spirit.
No. 441072 ID: e95a6b

No. 441073 ID: bf54a8

why is she crying? read her. is it about robots?
No. 441076 ID: d6c330

Read the papers, then read her mind. We've got to find out what she's thinking.
No. 441079 ID: 97486c
File 134455774485.png - (217.75KB , 800x600 , 159.png )

Ombra attempts to read A1's mind but finds herself blocked out by some form of magic.
Instead she remains invisible and reads some of the notes.

Hmm... A rejection note from the Academy with most of it redacted..
A few news articles.

Also I notice she's not wearing her arm things.
No. 441080 ID: bf54a8

odd, is she trying to actually become robotic? isn't technology oraes' domain?
No. 441082 ID: d6c330

I think I was right after all. She's got organic-robotic identity issues, born into the wrong body. She's a pre-op cyborg, in a setting where there's insufficient technology to give her the body she needs.

...it's so sad. I want to help her. There has to be the magic to turn organics into living metal somewhere. Any of the dragons got powers like that?
No. 441095 ID: e95a6b

Stay invisible for now. Could Oraes do that for her? What sort of situation is there between you and Oraes?
No. 441097 ID: b85f8c

Hey, you're almost out of energy! Will anything bad happen if you run out before getting back to Saisai?
No. 441109 ID: ec9ba1

"Depends on the wish."
No. 441110 ID: 97486c
File 134456544157.png - (63.64KB , 800x600 , 160.png )

How the hell do you guys know about Oraes..? She died centuries ago.
And no she's not the Dragon of technology. Her domain was... Sugar and spice? I don't know.

Nothing bad 'should' happen. I should just sorta poof back into Saisai or the Amulet. Whichever is closer.
I can't really see my power though so tell me if it gets too low or else-

Ombra's power begins to wear out. She can no longer maintain her invisibility and appears next to A1. A1 sits up and looks at her.

>"... A fairy? Are you the king that grant wishes..? If not please leave me alone, I'm very depressed."
No. 441111 ID: bf54a8

"well i would be, but magic can't make technology, is just how these things work, what else you got?"
No. 441112 ID: c7dc56

No. 441113 ID: b85f8c

Tell her you might be able to help, but she's gotta tell you why she thinks she needs to be a robot to catch Cid's eye.
No. 441119 ID: 0c2247

"You can't know if I'm that sort until you try. What bothers you, my dysphoria friend?"
No. 441169 ID: d6c330

>How the hell do you guys know about Oraes..?
We were told. We did have a life before we met you, you know. And we tended to get around and talk with everyone we could. Being what we are, we're actually in a very good position to accumulate knowledge and learn all kinds of things.

>tell me if my power gets low
Sorry, didn't realize you couldn't sense that. You're down to 9 points now, which is insufficient to cast any of your abilities, and will probably only sustain your current form for several minutes, at most.

"...I can't grant you the wish you want, but maybe I can offer understanding. I know what it can be like to be trapped in a form or life other than what you want or are. I'm no fairy, or at least, I'm not supposed to be. I'm a dragon."
No. 441172 ID: 92c81e

Don't lie to her and say you can grant wishes, but that you would try the very best you can. If you won't do something about it, we'll convince Saisai to help, but A1 is a tough nut to crack. If it takes fairy mode Oombra to get her to open up, then so be it.
No. 441786 ID: 97486c
File 134470359294.png - (46.21KB , 800x600 , 161.png )

Hehehehe oh that is just messed up.

"...I can't grant you the wish you want, but I understand what you're going through. I know what it can be like to be trapped in a form or life other than what you want or are."

>"You do?"

"Yeah. I'm uh.. Not really a wish fairy. This is just the body I'm stuck in right now."

She nods.

>"That is how I feel. This body is just... Wrong. I don't like it."

Ombra flies over to the papers on her desk.

"Cid? I know that guy. He works on robots and stuff right?"

A1 smiles.

>"Yes.. He's an amazing scientist. He can't help me with what I want though."

"Well... I'm not gonna lie and say I can instantly change you but I am quite powerful and I know a few powerful people so I can try and help. I just need to know.. You're not doing this to try and like impress Cid or anything are you? You might end up making a decision for the wrong reasons if you're doing that."

She looks almost insulted now.

>"Cid is a nice man but I don't want to change to be with him. I was hoping getting to know him more would help me change. You have the order wrong. Beep."

Ah damn I said the wrong thing.. She's kinda withdrawn a bit now.

"So uh... When did you start to feel like this?"

>"...... As soon as I could think I suppose. I always felt that everything around me was off. I was off. I can't describe it but I saw one of Cid's earlier inventions, it was a machine that used very very little energy but could do so much. It made sense to me. Even with Mana helping me there was only so much I could do but this thing.. With so little it could do so much. It wasn't weak, never needed to rest, and it looked so... Perfect. I knew that 'that' is how I wanted to be." she gives a sad smile "I had thought about literally cutting off my own limbs to force them to replace it with better parts but the ones that I saw available were no good. Took more energy to even get them to work somewhat properly. And magic can't give me what I want either. No, my only hope lies in this man and his work.. I've bought all his books. Sadly I am unable to even create the simplest of mechanisms. No, I've been trained in magic far too much it seems.." She points to her box head. "It is a work in progress... I hope to make the eyes light up."

A1 turns to Ombra.

>"Can I ask you something tiny person?"


>"Am I crazy? People.. Some have said I am."

No. 441789 ID: b85f8c

Everyone is, at least a little. There's nothing wrong with wanting to change yourself.

Suggest she go to a tailor to get a form-fitting outfit that's made to look like metal. Robots don't have to be boxy.
No. 441791 ID: 886a4d

Is it normal? No. Crazy? No. People sometimes simply aren't born into the body their souls match.
No. 441793 ID: ec9ba1

Insanity is only when it is detrimental to...

Okay, uh, to put it in terms you might understand: You've got a bug. It doesn't stop you from working, it's harmless. It's just part of what makes you... you. Take it away, and you're not really A1 anymore, are you? People will call you crazy for your little bug, but you aren't. You're not hurting yourself, you're not hurting others, and you're functioning. So shine on, you crazy diamond.
No. 441795 ID: aa93be

No, she isn't. Not crazy, at least.
No. 441798 ID: d6c330

There's nothing crazy about trying to be who you're meant to be. Even if who that is is different than what people would expect. Don't give up.
No. 443137 ID: a3b384

Not crazy, she is rational and all that. It's just an unusual condition she has.

Tell her to try some different ways to go about it. Maybe combine science methods with magic power sources. And to not give up on the flesh she already has, it has its own strengths and she might fulfill her dream better is she simply improves on it.
No. 443164 ID: bf54a8

the problem is focus. the machines right now can go forever, at their one task. they are made for a purpose so they can do their purpose perfectly. a person has a much much broader skill-set. so they require more energy because they have no perfect purpose.
No. 443258 ID: c7dc56

I don't know about the rest of you, but I for one think she's waaay crazy. If you think a cardboard box is going to fool anyone (including yourself) you have to be nuts.

Tell her that she's super crazy and why she's super crazy, and if she doesn't kill herself she'll walk away a stronger person.
No. 444432 ID: aa93be

Anything except this ever, because this guy's a douchebag.
No. 444506 ID: 97486c
File 134527894546.png - (40.26KB , 555x542 , 162.png )

"Well A1 there's not a single person out there who isn't just a little crazy."


"Basically... Everyone has something that makes them different from others. When people don't understand that unique trait they simply label it as crazy and try not to think about it too much. Feeling that you're born in the wrong body is a fairly normal thing, it's just what you feel you should be that throws people off. Is it normal? Nah. But you're not crazy. I personally think you're pretty damn awesome."

A1 smiles

>"Thank you little fairy."

"Ombra. My name is Ombra."

>"... Zerlina. That is my true name. But please continue calling me A1."

"Will do."

>"You've made me feel a lot better Ombra.. Thank you."

"Not a problem. Sorry there isn't more I can do at the moment. Oh and if you don't mind please don't tell anyone else about me."

>"I won't."

Well.. I think I'm done in this plane. Time to return to my cold prison.
It was interesting.
No. 444508 ID: 97486c
File 134527901608.png - (112.45KB , 684x600 , 163.png )

Saisai's alarm goes off waking her up.

I feel like I haven't slept at all...
No. 444514 ID: bf54a8

well we were busy last night.
No. 444613 ID: d6c330

Hey, we did some magic snooping last night.

Apparently there's some conflict looming with the Tigerfolk. The captain general was advocating killing their dragon, but thankfully the king let himself get talked out of it.

We also confirmed A1 isn't a robot, at least physically. But she identifies as one- feels she was born into the wrong body. It's a personal and upsetting thing for her. I'm not asking you to necessarily understand, but please stop calling her out on it. It's needlessly hurtful.
No. 444674 ID: a3b384

Hmm I guess that is an unintended side effect of what we were doing. Not that we had a choice about it anyway.

What this voice said. You may have limited options, but you have a potential ace in the hole when it comes to preventing conflict with tigerfolk. Risky of course, but better than war.
No. 444735 ID: b85f8c

So guys, do you think we should tell her? About her father, or the necklace? Or both?
No. 444800 ID: a3b384

No need to say anything, as we still don't know about either for certain. Hell our own rules of ownership may not be the same as we remember...
No. 445139 ID: 97486c
File 134535557037.png - (136.54KB , 800x600 , 164.png )

[Guardian Ability gained: Summon Ombra- OP:100]

Tell me what about my father and necklace..?

What is it you don't know for certain!?

What's wrong with killing a dragon?
Also.. I guess I'll lay off of A1 for now. I still think she's nuts though.

Saisai stretches and gets ready for the day. A note is slid under her door.

A message from the Captain

Today we have been given a very important mission! We are....
To deliver a letter to the King of the Tigerfolk! We have been specifically chosen for reasons unknown to even myself (and I'm a psychic so that's like a big deal!) but we will carry it out as if we were people actually qualified for the job! The reward for this mission? G500! G200! And I guess while we're there I get you all something neat. Anyway we're going to leave at 10 in the morning so eat up and get ready! It'll be a long teleport.

Hmm.. It's 8 now... I could just sleep.

Testing, testing! Can you hear me!?

I'm still tired.. Hungry too.
Hey, do you know what the mission is about? You said there was a problem right? Are we going to war or something?
No. 445140 ID: b85f8c

Dragons are eternal. The core of their race. Killing one is like ripping out an entire race's soul. Also they aren't meant to die. It is an unnatural act.

Well. Saisai, would you rather know something that would put you in danger, or something that would put the world in danger?
No. 445141 ID: 886a4d

We can of course, but it seems blacked out for her.

Well killing dragons is a fairly big deal, for one it weakens the race the dragon watches over. Which genreally means a pissed off race of people. The second is each dragon balances the others. A dead dragon means that balance is thrown off. If it happens enough, well lets just say its not good.

As for war, I hope not but relations between us have been souring lately.
No. 445143 ID: bf54a8

the dragons both represent and ARE their element. without them the balance starts tilting. it starts as all the other dragons get more powerful. but if ALL of them die then the whole system falls apart.
and the tigerfolk have been making demands, more of them every time they talk. or so the king says. and get some food.
No. 445160 ID: d6c330

>What's wrong with killing a dragon?
Dragon deaths mess up the cycle of rebirth and souls and all that. They're immortal. It's like dropping a diamond into a piece of clockwork. The gears grind themselves to pieces against it. That would be... bad, to say the least.

>What's the problem?
From what we overheard, the Tigerfolk basically feel like they're in a position of strength, and are bullying in on the human kingdom's trade in a significant way. Sounds trite, but that's the kind of thing that can lead to wars, draconic assassinations, and secret missions.

Here's hoping the mission is a better alternative than the other two. Be warned that the king may have chose you for this because of your heritage. You may end up in an awkward position.
No. 445168 ID: a3b384

>What's wrong with killing a dragon?
There are only a few, one for each race more or less. Each grants power to their people. When one dies, the others and their races take their power. What do you think happens when some races become stronger than others? War. War happens.

And guess what happens when the dragons, of which there are fewer, stronger being killed off by all these weaker races? Mass destruction.

So basically, dragons live = balance and peace. Dragons die = the world you know is torn asunder.

So... let's make extra sure this little trip works out, eh? Even if we can't do it the way they want it to... Otherwise they kill their dragon in a misguided and futile attempt to prevent war.
No. 445368 ID: 97486c
File 134542010833.png - (141.16KB , 800x600 , 165.png )

Oh.. That's lame. Well at least it's warmer here..

.... May as well tell me both if you're gonna tell me one.

Saisai gets dressed and goes to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

I see... So I guess killing a dragon is pretty damn bad then? Is the King aware of that? Why would he even listen to a suggestion that involved such a thing?

As she eats she senses someone sit beside her. She turns to see Artemis smiling at her.

>"Hey Saisai."


>"So uhm... Did you get the note for today's mission?"


>"Pretty crazy huh? I wonder what's going on with the Tigerfolk that we have to send them a letter."

"Probably some stupid diplomatic thing. Governments are always like that."

>"Yeah, right?"


An awkward silence grows between them.

God, she's so boring..
No. 445373 ID: a3b384

Heh, seems like he's the only one around here as socially awkward as yourself. Not nearly so bad as Morgan of course... hmm. I wonder if we could hook them up? Might do them both some good.

You could ask him about the soul magic book if you want to. I doubt he knows much but at least he could read the thing. Ask him how much mana it needs, the difference between a little and none is important here.

She's not used to being social, its boring for now but it'll lead to shenanigans soon enough. Anyways, we can help you to manifest again soon. You can speak to her directly then, and probably help save Thasti somehow. Do you think he would listen to you, and help keep the peace? Or at least avoid being killed?
No. 445377 ID: bf54a8

well she has basically only interacted with her family

okay, your real dad was the owner of the dragon slayer and since he never passed it on only you can wield it properly.
No. 445393 ID: d6c330

You think she's dull? Just imagine if he'd been your host.

>So I guess killing a dragon is pretty damn bad then? Is the King aware of that? Why would he even listen to a suggestion that involved such a thing?
I'm pretty sure he's in a position to know all about it, but maybe not. Our sources were kind of esoteric. But he'd risk it because he thinks he can work it to his advantage.

>your real dad was the owner of the dragon slayer and since he never passed it on only you can wield it properly
Of course, it's not like she's inconveniently spent her life training to fight with a completely different kind of weapon or anything.
No. 445398 ID: b85f8c

Welp, cat's out of the bag. If Regulus finds out you can wield the dragon slayer he'll want to use you to kill the other dragons.

Alongside that, Ombra is inside you via the necklace. The King probably doesn't know about the damage to the world itself that is caused by killing dragons. He's probably only aware of the suffering it causes, but feels his duty to his country is more important. The King doesn't even know Ombra is still around, probably.

Regulus wants Ombra dead, without even any orders to do so. In order to do that he'll try to kill you if he finds out you're her host. He's probably the Earth dragon in human form, by the way. Just fyi.

I suggest seeking asylum as soon as we get to the Tigerfolk city, and to send a message to the Dark Elves asking what the best way to get Ombra out of you is.
No. 445461 ID: a3b384

Ok now that makes some assumptions. Assuming that we can only be used by his direct bloodline, and that the dragon slayer also can only be used by his direct bloodline, and that Mr Dispo was both. These things seem like they should be true, but it also might not be! So basically we need to know more about us, you, your father and the person who killed the last dragon.
No. 446230 ID: 97486c
File 134562033228.png - (84.35KB , 620x520 , 166.png )


>Real dad was the owner of the Dragon Slayer.
>You will be forced to kill dragons if you are found out.
>Can't even wield the sword.
>Regulus will try to kill you

Awesome, you broke my host.
No. 446235 ID: 9a34be

...April Fools? Yeah, we sure got you good, eheheh...

...Also don't let anyone know you know any of this because they'd think you're crazy. Not because Regulus would zero in on you the second he finds out you know any of this, no sir.
No. 446243 ID: a3b384

We might be kinda skipping a few steps in the logic here. Let's test one part of it. Can anyone hold us but you? See if your mage friend here can hold us. What we remember is being only usable by those of a direct bloodline so we should fly out of his hands, if not then either you two are siblings or we no longer are restricted that way. Which is then testable by handing us off to someone else.
No. 446244 ID: 97486c
File 134562166032.png - (66.40KB , 620x520 , 167.png )

>If you tell anyone this Regulus will hunt you down.
>And kill you.

No. 446247 ID: 97486c
File 134562181463.png - (112.09KB , 620x520 , 168.png )

>".... You ok?"
No. 446248 ID: b85f8c

Let's rephrase that. If you tell anyone you don't trust, he'll find out.

Tell him you think you ate something bad.
No. 446249 ID: c7dc56

They already suspect! It is a mere matter of time before they put the pieces together, you must act now! Silence the loose ends! Destroy the trail! SILENCE THE WITNESSES.
No. 446251 ID: 0c2247

Hug Artemis. It will make you feel better.
No. 446253 ID: 9a34be

Erm, yeah. What They said. I worded that badly. Sorry?

Look, it's not all bad. If the King knows you're the only person that can wield the Dragonslayer, then you'll be important to the Kingdom. Important enough, hopefully, that Regulus won't be able to touch you without someone stepping in to stop him.

Regulus will only try to kill you if you suddenly learn the information we just told you without a source aside form us. If you do some research on your genealogy, you should be able to provide proof that you can wield the Dragonslayer without alerting Regulus. Alternately, you can just forget what we've told you for now, since Regulus probably doesn't even know you're the one he's after yet.
No. 446257 ID: 97486c
File 134562325297.png - (75.75KB , 502x431 , 169.png )

No. 446258 ID: 97486c
File 134562334894.png - (87.49KB , 800x600 , 170.png )


"Y-yeah... I'm fine.. I just ate something bad.. Can you uh... Just.. Leave me alone for a bit.."

>"Sure.. I'll see you later, ok?"


Artemis leaves.

Ok... This isn't so bad... Just can't tell anyone this horrible secret or I die. OR the King could protect me but I might be forced to use the Slayer. Awesome.

Why did you tell me this right before a mission?
No. 446259 ID: c7dc56

For fun.
No. 446260 ID: b85f8c

Well, the mission takes you right to someone you can tell about it. Better for you to panic before the mission than right in the middle of it.
No. 446262 ID: 9a34be

Frankly, we're absolutely terrible at keeping secrets. But it's also useful information. IF something happens, it's better you know now and get the freaking out part of it over then have it all hit you during an emergency.

Relax, breathe. Right here, right now, you're perfectly safe and surrounded by allies.
No. 446264 ID: e8769c

to help relieve stress.

nothing gets rid of pre-mission jitters like a life threatening secret!
No. 446266 ID: bf54a8

you asked.
No. 446285 ID: 9718f3

We're jerks. Also stupid.

Anyway, it is possible that the truth isn't quite as we've claimed, but it is almost certainly close to it. We need a bit more information before we can be completely certain, unfortunately.
No. 446308 ID: d6c330

...well, it might be relevant, actually.

This mission is going to possibly concern either the tigerfolk or their dragon, and if you didn't know what was up, you could have put yourself in danger out of ignorance.

I'd rather you were nervous because of the truth, than blindly walking into danger you didn't know was there.
No. 446404 ID: a3b384

Last night is when things started being discovered and pieced together. It also lead to this mission happening, and it is important that you know what is going on before this mission. As crazy as it may seem.

Also, in case you forgot it amidst the freaking out, Ombra the shadow dragon is hanging out in some corner of your mind. You can't hear her like us, but we can detect what she says. Go on and say hi, we'll introduce you two more properly later.

Pull yourself together, we have a war to prevent, a dragon to save and a balance to preserve.
No. 446452 ID: e8769c

i don't think we should mention there's a shadow dragon hiding out in her skull, she's close enough to the breaking point as is...
No. 446480 ID: d94e2c

Good fucking job on that one. Slick.
No. 446526 ID: 97486c
File 134570703874.png - (64.78KB , 538x486 , 171.png )

Yeah, ok.. I guess this kind of thing is pretty important to know before this kind of mission. Especially since it relates directly to it.
I feel a little bet-


>"Saisai? Are you ok? Beep?"
No. 446528 ID: 0c2247

Tell you what. You break up with your jerk fiancee and start dating Artemis. Everything will work out that way.
No. 446529 ID: 90c494

Or Morgan. Morgan works too.
No. 446530 ID: bf54a8

say hi to A1, no use stressing over this. you knowing does not change what everyone else knows.
No. 446535 ID: b85f8c

Of note is that A1's mind cannot be read, and she's met Ombra already, who helped her feel better about her robot issues last night. You can tell her about Ombra at least, so long as you're sure nobody else is listening in.
No. 446537 ID: 9718f3

It's fiiine, jeez. Ombra is totally bros with us now.

What you should say is, "Nope. Everything is wrong and complicated and I think there is an evil fairy named Ombra living in me."

She isn't actually evil. Mostly. But it makes more sense for you to be upset if you think that she is.
No. 446569 ID: d6c330

Okay look, after the Shadow Dragon was killed, she had to put her soul somewhere for safekeeping, and she ended up with us, in the guardian. Just one more voice in an amulet. Only she's got Ombra powers instead of guardian powers, and she can't talk to you the way we can.

So no big deal. If you build up 100GP again, we can manifest her externally in a fairy avatar and you can talk with her yourself. That's how we went spying last night, actually.

Now calm down, even the robot girl's thinks you're acting weird. Yes, you now have a few additional secrets to keep. But you've been living with a secret that would ruin your life as you know it if it got out for years now. You can handle this.
No. 446949 ID: aa93be

Give A1 a hug. You could both use it, methinks.
Definitely Morgan. Artemis is more of a guyfriend.
No. 447708 ID: 97486c
File 134595445894.png - (192.87KB , 600x900 , 172.png )

Totally. I'd love to go out with an idiot I just met like 3 days ago.
Ugh... Ok.
It's not like I haven't been hiding other big secrets... Right? A few more can't hurt.

NOT TELLING ANYONE. Even if they may no. I'm not even going to say it out loud.

"I'm fine A1.. Just want to be left alone right now."

>"Affirmative. Our mission begins soon."




>"Nothing. Beep."

A1 leaves her alone. Saisai calms herself down and finishes her meal. When she's done she goes to meet her captain and teammates.

>Maggie: "Great! Everyone's here! All right guys the mission is simple.. We gotta deliver this note. Now.. You may be asking why this requires a full squad? Well.. I don't know. You all ready to go?"

The group confirms that they are ready and head off. The Dragon Shrine lies just outside the city's walls. Once they touch it they are teleported to the jungles of Ran Tersof. Maggie leads them deep into the woods. If not for her guidence the group would have completely missed the city hidden within. It's walls are crudely made but seem strong enough to hold back armies.
After knocking on the gate it takes Maggie several minutes before she can fully explain that she is in fact not there to fight the king but instead wants to give him a message from the King of Central.
They are led inside and into a fighting arena.

No. 447717 ID: 97486c
File 134595477104.png - (231.25KB , 800x600 , 173.png )

Before the captain can explain her situation again she is told the man currently in the Arena is the King of Ran Tersof.
The group watches in awe as the Tigerfolk in the arena wrestles down a beast far larger then himself. Other then a few scratches the man seems completely unharmed.
From the side of the arena he is told of the group's presence and their mission. The man waves at them with a smile

>King: "Sorry! Bit busy right now! Why don't you guys check out the sights and come back in about half an hour?"

He winks at them.


Some part of me wants to have all of this man's babies...

>Maggie: "Hmm.. Well cant' exactly stop the fight." she hands every G20 "Go do whatever you want."


She'd better be careful around here. Tigerfolk are prone to fighting others to test strength. The chance to fight a Knight may be too good of an opportunity to pass up.
No. 447722 ID: fa9f7e

So you'd love to go out with an idiot you just met like 3 seconds ago, at the very least.

Have your spear ready to almost, I suppose impale any idiot tigerfolk that tries to fight you.

If you're attacked, say "I have a job to do, I'm too busy for your idiocy. Go prove your strength somewhere else before I prove you to be a dead idiot."

If you're taken attacked from behind, say, "Oh, an ambush? This is how you prove your strength and bravery? Go away, I'll not deal with your ilk, coward. Leave before I cull you."
No. 447726 ID: b85f8c

Try not to think about what's under that loincloth.

Wait, what's that around his hand? Is he using magic? Isn't that impossible? ...wait no he must be blessed by the fire dragon. I guess it doesn't matter if you have no mana, if you're using dragon powers.

Anyway uh... you can either stay here and ogle the king until he's done, or walk around town and ogle all the other manly tigerfolk. You might get challenged to a fight, though. You'll probably be safer ogling the king.
No. 447727 ID: bf54a8

dude is probably exuding pheromones. it isn't her fault she is sensitive to them.
No. 447728 ID: 886a4d

Thats most likely caused by the same thing that almost had you bite your fiancee. Tiger instincts due to smell. Ignore it as best you can.
No. 447729 ID: fa9f7e

Aren't some tigerfolk capable of manifesting magic claws of some kind, or did I get them confused with catfolk or something?

Because that'd be a pretty good way to claim kingship in a puissocracy.

I have no idea what "rule by strength" would properly be, but I like the word "puissance"
No. 447771 ID: d6c330

>NOT TELLING ANYONE. Even if they may know.
That's a perfectly reasonable. Still, A1's cool with Ombra, she was nice to her. You could possibly name drop in the future if you ever need something from A1.

Careful! Tigerfolk got hormones and pheromones and stuff! You've spent your whole life among humans, you don't have any practice resisting those kinds of influences. At the very least, it could throw you off your game, and at the worst... well, let's not think about that.

>Tigerfolk are prone to fighting others to test strength. The chance to fight a Knight may be too good of an opportunity to pass up
Don't make yourself a target, SaiSai. Don't act particularly weak, or strong. They'll be tempted to humiliate a weakling on principal (human knights suck!) and a tough knight will be seen as a challenge not to be passed up. You need to walk the line in the middle- just an uninteresting professional trying to do her job.
Thanks for the warning, milady. We'll try to avoid that.
No. 447773 ID: 90c494

Be on your toes. Warrior culture.
No. 447855 ID: 48435f


>Some part of me wants to have all of this man's babies...

well, he is really hot, and there nothing in the knightly handbook the says you can't look...
try not to make it too obvious that you covet his everything.

also, no drooling with desire....


i said no drooling!
No. 447912 ID: 92c81e

Exactly. Unlike the stuff from before, this is the real deal. It's likely that most tigerfolk men are going to be like that. This probably isn't as big of an issue for their society, since they get used to it, so it probably has less of an effect on tigerfolk women.

The issue is that since Saisai hasn't been exposed to it much, it's having a stronger effect. That's my guess.

Saisai, you just have to keep your head focused. You trained to be a knight, and it takes more to be a knight than just fighting strength. You trained to be mentally strong as well. Now is the time to prove you can stay focused in a distracting situation.

So what is it? Are you a knight? Or are you weak?
No. 448122 ID: 97486c
File 134603733659.png - (144.10KB , 729x544 , 174.png )

Don't worry I can control myself. Not gonna throw myself into his big strong arms and let him ravish me any time soon..


I think I'll just stay here and watch the battle.

Hey girl, I'm in this body too so watch yourself.

Saisai sits and watches the fight. The King seems to struggle against the lizard beast for a moment but with a quick snap of it's neck he kills the beast. The king dusts off his hands and kicks aside the beast.

>"Chop that up and feed the people. Tonight we feast on Crocadon." He seems to notice Saisai watching and moves over to her. "Seem the battle ended a bit sooner then I thought huh?"


>"You know we don't get visits from knights every day. I heard the knights are quite powerful. Whaddya say? Wanna spar against the King of the Tigerfolk? Nothing serious, just a friendly match."

What? He'd rip me to pieces!
Do I refuse?
Is it even possible to refuse a match against the King?
What if I win!?
What if I lose?
No. 448126 ID: 886a4d

Reply that your sorry to disapoint him but you are a new recruit of the Knights... your inexperinace will make it a poor battle at best. You are also under orders not to fight while here. Human diplomats frown on that sort of thing.
No. 448128 ID: 085efe

Explain that, being a new recruit, you would likely be a poor choice for a fight, but say if he still wants to fight, you can.

It'll make for a great excuse for not fighting other people.
No. 448129 ID: d94e2c

Ombra would like us to remind you that she is inhabiting your body and is conscious of all your actions.

I say go for it, It's been a long time since we had any ACTION. The last fight we had was that pathetic deal with that little robot thing, for god's sake.
No. 448132 ID: b85f8c

He said it's sparring. Telling him ahead of time that you're just a new recruit and kinda wimpy might help though. You should stress that he should make sure not to like, kill you accidentally.

More importantly, I think you'll want to try to ask him for a conversation in private. We need to talk to him about Ombra, to get advice about restoring her to her proper body.

FYI Ombra says that you should watch yourself- she's in your body too, remember?
No. 448151 ID: d6c330

...so if she ever does anything that translates to proxy rape for you. Or at least compulsory voyeurism. Disturbing, to say the least.

Or, maybe not. In our experience, whenever our past wielders got particularly amorous, we would black out and wake up after the action. So perhaps you'll be spared.

Oh gods, that went south quickly.

Okay, possibly, if you refuse, you lose face, and offend the tigerfolk king, relations with the human kingdom deteriorate. Or possibly there's no consequence.

If you accept, and win there are several possible outcomes. You could impress the tigerfolk with human strength and relations improve. You could humiliate the tigerfolk and make things worse. Or you could win and your own tigerfolk heritage get revealed, putting you in a very awkward position (does that make you Queen?).

If you win and lose, it might have no political effect, since you're just one lowly recruit. Although you might get in trouble for doing something so stupid when you get home. You could also worsen diplomatic relations, confirming that even human knights are weak. And again, you heritage could come out (...what if a female tiger challenging a male and losing leads to ritual, um, submission?).

He's very powerful, and seems to be a chosen of the fire dragon. To fight back, we'd almost certainly have to use the shadow powers we got from Ombra. He may recognize another dragon's power, which could expose that secret.

There's also the fact that he is having an effect on you. Not a great idea to fight in those conditions.

The other question is what the human king hopes to accomplish here. Was the delivery set up just to get you here? Does he expect you to fight? Does he expect you to win? We're really not sure what the maneuver is here!

I dunno, I just see so many ways a fight could go wrong. I think evading might be a better option.

"I am a knight on a diplomatic mission, your highness. I'm not sure my King would appreciate my meeting a foreign Sovereign in battle under those circumstances."

Or we could always take the classic military cop out. Pass the buck up the chain of command. Turn to Maggie, ask "sir?".
No. 448154 ID: bf54a8

uhh, yes it was rather nicely explained. if you beat the king you become king.
No. 448188 ID: 97486c
File 134604512107.png - (115.14KB , 800x600 , 175.png )

If it comes to it I think I will just slumber during those moments. Even so if push comes to shove and I must take this body I would prefer it to be.. Unspoiled.

I can't fight.. Even if I lose face there's just too much that could go wrong.

"I am a knight on a diplomatic mission, your highness. I'm not sure my King would appreciate my meeting a foreign Sovereign in battle under those circumstances."

>"Hmm... Yeah I guess. Next time though feel free to come by and we'll fight. Alright?"

"I will see."

>"Speaking of diplomacy.. What's going on? Why's the King of the Humans sending some knights into my land? Not everyday we get this kind of visit."

He doesn't know? Or is he feigning ignorance?
No. 448190 ID: bf54a8

"well last i heard you sent some... requests. and we were sent in response."
No. 448193 ID: d94e2c

Saisai didn't hear that, Ombra did. Defer to your superior officer, there is no other acceptable course of action. This is high up politics people, way over the heads of some new recruits.
No. 448195 ID: b85f8c

Err? Wait shit, they didn't tell you either did they? It's supposed to be about the issues with trade. Why wouldn't they tell us, and why wouldn't the king be aware that the tigerfolk were being pushy?

Could it be that Regulus has been lying to the king about the tigerfolks' trade practices?

Something fishy is going on. We're not supposed to know that this is about trade, but... Hmm. I want to tell him everything, but first we can at least tell him that we think it's a letter addressing the issues regarding trade between their two kingdoms.
No. 448199 ID: d94e2c


I'm surprised nobody has suggested flirting with King Manly yet, though.
No. 448202 ID: d6c330

Some sort of courier deal, sir. My captain has a note we're supposed to deliver to you. I don't know much more than that.
No. 448220 ID: 54c7e5

+1 for not revealing OOC information.
No. 448223 ID: d6c330

(Heck, it's not even technically a lie! She does know more, just not much :p).
No. 448229 ID: b85f8c

She shouldn't know a lot of things. Who's gonna kill saisai anyway? Regulus isn't here. You think the tigerfolk king's gonna kill us for knowing something we shouldn't?
No. 448230 ID: b85f8c

This isn't OOC information. Ombra found out, so we found out, and we can tell saisai, so she can tell the king.

If we tell him nothing, how are we supposed to ask for his help? Saisai can't just hide under the king's eye forever. Eventually we WILL be found out. Before that happens, we need allies. We need somewhere we know she'll be safe.

Completely defecting to the tigerfolk is looking to be a very good idea, to me. She could get more rigorous training amongst those who are nearer her strength level, get in contact with the dark elves easily, have a hard counter against Regulus (he said he can't beat the king)...
No. 448237 ID: 0c2247

"I wasn't told, Sir, but I doubt it's friendly if he's using knights as couriers. He probably has some quarrel with you and thought a show of abs would get you to back down.
FORCE! I said force!"
No. 448270 ID: 54c7e5

HER character as an ordinary knight that doesn't get horrifically murdered by the King and Regulus. You never know, word might get back somehow. For instance, the TigerKing thanking the captain for the sanctions, the captain asking how he knew what was in it, and the King telling him where he heard it from.

Defecting is probably the best option, but I doubt Saisai would spring for it, since she seems really invested in this knighthood thing.
No. 448359 ID: d94e2c

THERE it is. That's one thing you can always count on Seven for. I second embarrassing yourself by accidently and flusteringly hitting on the king while politely directing him toward the captain.
No. 448660 ID: 97486c
File 134614162141.png - (106.18KB , 579x577 , 176.png )

Woah, hold on.
Why the hell would I want to quit the knights? I mean.. I think I can trust you guys but I'm not going to abandon the Knights because some might want to force me to do things. I mean I know killing dragons is bad and I will do my best to avoid it coming to that but I signed up for the Knights not only because I wanted to leave my home but because I want to help out my people.
Humans are totally my people, not tigerfolk.

"I'm sorry sire but it's not in the right position for you ro--- I mean I'm not in any position to-- It's not my place to say! I'm just a new recruit for the Knights and such information isn't available to me."

God dammit those freaking..
Stop staring at me like that.
I wish the captain would return already...

As if summoned by her plea Captain Maggie appears.

>"King Hoyes, I'm glad to see you are done with your fight."

>"That I am. Just talking to your teammate here. Now, I get the feeling something bad's going on between my people and yours. Care to explain?"

>"This note details everything."

She hands him the letter.

>"I try to avoid any of these legal paper type of things. Just tell me what's going on."

>"Very well. Your people have recently been asking far more then what we could reasonably supply for certain goods that are being exported from your land. The demands have been escalating and it's come to the point that we can not simply sit back and comply any longer."

The king looks puzzled for a moment. He thinks.

>"I don't handle any trade stuff like that... That's my advisers. Look if they're giving you some problems I'll have them knock it off and just put things back to the way they were. No problem. We Tigerfolk have more then we need."

>"That is very kind of you. I do advise that every once in a while you check on your advisers. As wise as they may be a King as strong as yourself should try and keep them where you can see them."

>"Hmph, I'll keep that in mind."

>"Now I know you dislike paperwork but if it were possible I do need these details in signed writing. Just to my King at ease."

>"Not a problem miss Knight. The people stepped out for a quick hunt but they should be back by midday. If you're willing to stick around til then I'll have everything looking nice and legal for you."

>"We will do just that."

>"In the meantime would you like to spar?"

>"Hahahah no no. I'm a psychic. I wouldn't stand a chance against someone as powerful as you."

The king smiles

>"Maybe, maybe not. I'm curious to see how strong the human's Knights are."

>"Hopefully you never have to find out. Saisai, Artemis and A1 are still going around the town. You can join them if you wish. I'm going to shop some. Thank you again for your time King of the Tigerfolk."

>"My pleasure miss Knight."

Maggie gives a quick bow and then leaves.
No. 448678 ID: 9718f3

No Saisai, you can't just stay here, go explore with your teammates. Yes you absolutely have to go. Saisai, go. Now.
No. 448703 ID: 533c7a

you are moments away from turning into a puddle of lusting ooze. go.
No. 448712 ID: d6c330

Make a similar bow and follow Maggie right out of there! This is your chance out of this awkward situation- don't let it pass you by!
No. 448715 ID: aa93be

Yes, leaving is good before you leave a puddle on the ground in front of the king.
No. 448806 ID: b85f8c

Ask the king out on a date!
No. 448953 ID: 7459d5

Beyond authentic tiger pheremones in the air, this guy's very different from the others you've met, yes? He has a regal bearing, yet there's a simplicity to him. He isn't a manipulator. He's strong enough that he's willing to take what he sees at face value. The kind of guy that wouldn't pull dirty tricks like blackmail, or drugged perfume, or arranged marriages..
No. 448954 ID: 90c494

I hate to admit it, but he's right. Admit that your attraction is natural and blow it off. Talk to Artemis, hey, that'll be a nice cold shower.
No. 448960 ID: 033a05

heh, she seems to be quite the turn off
No. 448963 ID: d6c330

>He isn't a manipulator
That or he's a really good manipulator. The ignorant but friendly strongman thing could be a total act to get people to underestimate him and say things they wouldn't otherwise.

He's pro-forma one of the most capable members of his race, and a chosen of a dragon to boot. Do not underestimate him. We've made that mistake before (we guardians I mean. Before you, SaiSai).
No. 449931 ID: 97486c
File 134640315514.png - (207.16KB , 800x600 , 177.png )

He 'is' attractive I'll admit and I need to get far far away.

Saisai stands up and follows her captain outside. She decides to wander around the city and eventually bumps into Artemis. He's standing in front of a meat stand.

>"Hey Saisai."

"Hey. Oh, the Captain met with the king and now we're just waiting on some legal people to come by and then we're out."

>"Ah ok. That's good. This place sure is exotic huh?"



Like a cold shower.

So boring
No. 449933 ID: 0c2247

Seduce Art.
He doesn't have pheromones that would take your ability to choose away, and unlike the king you would be the most important thing in his life.
No. 449951 ID: 3bad4c

..says the voice who is basically an amoral psychopath that wants you to suffer for fun.
No. 449952 ID: 533c7a

seriously dude, stop pushing.

now a non-romantic thing you ca do is ask him why he wanted to be a knight.
No. 449963 ID: d6c330

>Like a cold shower
Well, he's good for something then! You've got yourself a good boring tigerfolk pheromone shield.

>Seduce Art
Yeaaaah nope.

Tigerfolk approaching on your left. Kinda looks like he's going to bump right into you if you're not careful. Probably a dumb way to get drawn into another fight you should avoid.
No. 449977 ID: 9718f3

Could also be a pickpocket.

Anyway, you should buy some meat to put in your mouth. It's important to keep up your strength after all. Plus a way to sample foreign food.

You should, ah, probably make sure it doesn't ahve any strange "spices" or anything first though. Play it off all casual like, like you're just teh curious tourist, and not like you are part tigerfolk and could actually be effected by stuff like that.
No. 450180 ID: d94e2c

Pick a fight with her if she looks weak enough you think you should beat her. I mean, challenge to a spar.
No. 450559 ID: 97486c
File 134655872484.png - (164.97KB , 653x600 , 178.png )


Anyway I'm not really all that hungry so I'm not gonna buy anything either.

Saisai moves out of the way from an incoming tigerfolk

"So.. Artemis."


"Why did you want to be a knight?"

>"Oh I think I mentioned it before but my father is actually a captain in the Knights. His name is Alfred and he's really quite powerful. My older brother isn't a knight but he learned from my dad and taught me magic. Now that I actually made it in the knights I want to become a captain some day and learn all the spells that I can."

"Hmm. That... Is a nice goal."

Hey, tiger chick. If you make friends with this dude the guardian can drain a bit of his powers. Won't hurt him but it'll help you.

>"So how long did you practice with your weapon?"

"My whole life. I taught myself and every once in a while watched my siblings during their lessons."

>"Ever consider learning magic? It could really help since you're already kinda long range-mid range."

"Magic is... Difficult for me. I can't bring up mana too easily."

>"Mmhmm.. There are people like that. Maybe you could learn Soul Magic? That takes like 0 mana. Or use a Mana Gem. That can substitute mana."

You guys had mentioned Soul Magic before...

"How do I learn Soul Magic?"

>"Well.. I don't know it myself but I'm sure you can find a teacher in any Dark Elf land. Maybe go there on your free time."
No. 450565 ID: bf54a8

hmm, now that you are getting to know him more we are picking up something. becoming his friend MAY get around your mana blockage.
No. 450566 ID: d6c330

Haha, tigerfolk is miffed. Stupid jerk trying to start something by elbowing you in the face.

Ah, thank you for reminding us. We'll bug her about that.

Hey, SaiSai, rules update!

We guardians have the cool power that we can kind of suck or copy powers from other people, if and when we find people with latent Guardian abilities. And Art there is setting off our radar! Apparently he's got a "Mana +" ability. Maybe if we copied that, you'd finally have a mana pool to work with, tigerfolk genetics notwithstanding.

The catch is our powers are tied to emotional bonds or something. You'd actually have to befriend him before he could unwittingly lend you power.
No. 450577 ID: a2ddd5

but, he's sooo boring.....
No. 450581 ID: 886a4d

Boring might mean dependable. Lets continue to chat him up.
No. 450585 ID: 92c81e

I kinda wanted to keep that information away from Saisai. As much as it is our duty to help our current owner, I don't want something like this to pressure or influence who she makes friends with. Saisai's relationships are hers to make.

That said. Yes, Saisai, we have the ability to draw upon the power of your relationships, usually friendships. But I must stress that it only works with people you actually make a connection with. Don't try forcing yourself to like someone you don't get along with. Let it come naturally or not at all. If you ignore this advice, our power will never work.

Most of us care about you, and I'll remind you of one thing. You are the master of us, not the other way around!
No. 450593 ID: 97486c
File 134656882043.png - (156.23KB , 800x600 , 179.png )

I can get mana by being friends with him?

Guys I..

It's not that I don't want friends.

I just don't know how to make friends.
There, I said it.

No. 450594 ID: 886a4d


Just talk to him. You are already cordial with one another, and share the interest \ job of being in the Knights... just go from there. A big hurdle is already over with as he apparently wants to be friends with you as well. Otherwise he wouldn't keep on talking to you after that first snub in the arena.
No. 450602 ID: c525ad

Well, neither does Art! Haha!

No, really, he's latching onto you because you're accepting of him and he's socially inept at talking to anyone else. Just keep chatting with him! Ask him questions. Is there a bakery back home he likes?
No. 450608 ID: 902bfb

Well you don't go with just the idea of being friends, you interact and get along and understand each other. Basic stuff, even if you aren't used to it.

Besides getting to know him, let's see if you can't help him be less boring. Take him outside of his comfort zone somehow, tease him a bit or help push him into situations his meek self wouldn't do alone. Just don't be mean about it.

Also, GP check. We want to make sure we're ready to go when it's time.
No. 450639 ID: d6c330

Sorry, didn't think of that. But we do kind of suck at hiding anything from our wielders.

>I just don't know how to make friends.
Luckily Art there is probably the easiest doof in the world to make friends with. Ever notice how he won't shut up, and keeps seeking you out? He was trying to be friendly even when he first met you in the arena. All you have to do is be nice, humor him a little, and not be so defensive. Talk with him, and give yourself the chance to see him as more than annoying. Things should grow from there.
No. 450690 ID: 7459d5

Come to think of it. We've been this close to Cecil before, repeatedly, without getting that bit of awareness.

Could the source be that Tiger that tried to elbow Saisai?
No. 451144 ID: bf54a8

tell him about why you wanted to join. can leave out the tigerfolk bit, just talk about the marriage an the escaping it parts.
No. 451147 ID: dd0a75

i recommend, for your first act of friendship, to smack Artemis across the face. give him a good whollop, as he seems to be enjoying your discomfort waaay too much.

>god i hate that smirk on his face...
No. 451273 ID: f2c20c

You make friends by talking to them, asking them about themselves and telling them about yourself in exchange, while not being a jerk about it.

It's pretty simple! Oh, and to get a real connection going, finding common interests helps. So does treating them nicely.

Show him the gravity wand you got.
No. 453560 ID: 97486c
File 134735423013.png - (152.40KB , 800x600 , 180.png )

"I uh... I got this wand to help me learn magic.. It's Gravity."

Saisai shows Artemis her wand.

>"Oh wow a magic wand. Did you get that from the School?"

"Yeah. Just until I learned how to cast magic myself. It seems pretty useful."

>"Oh they are! Especially Gravity based magic! You can do so many things with it. You can make your opponent heavier, or even yourself if you don't want to be moved easily. You can make yourself lighter if you want to perform some crazy acrobatic stunts."


I'm so horrible at this.

"So uh..."


"Do you uh... Like sweets?"

>"Oh I love sweets! Especially cakes and such. My mom taught me to bake. Maybe someday I can make you something. I'm pretty good at it."


"I... I would like that."

>"Hey, was it you that I saw carrying that giant bundle of cakes from the bakery back in Central?"


>"I waved but you didn't even seem to notice me. You really like those things huh? You picked a good bakery too. My uncle runs it."


>"Yeah. We should go there for one of these days. I'm sure we can sneak some free samples out."

He laughs.

Maybe a friendship with him... Wouldn't be so bad after all.
No. 453561 ID: bf54a8

mutual interests are a goo thing to get a friendship going on. also look behind you, seems some SERIOUS type tigerfolk have shown up and may issue a formal challenge or something.
No. 453562 ID: b98441

Not so bad, and plenty tasty. You need to be... 4 times more friendly before getting that boon. Shouldn't be too hard.

And a heads up, two mysterious clocked figures are approaching. Be on guard.
No. 453565 ID: 4a328b

You can do it, Saisai! Make that friend! Oh, also there's some dudes with interesting looking outfits behind you. Wonder what they're up to.

[20 GP to Ombra]
No. 453568 ID: fd835e

Incoming suspicious dudes!

And yeah! He's not a bad person, he's just... awkward.
No. 453584 ID: 1987d1

Hey, yeah, you're doing it! We got a tick on the friendship meter here. And yeah, friends who can get you backdoor access to cool stuff are cool.

Serious looking robed types coming up behind you. They're organized- they're all wearing matching emblems on their chests. That's not the fire dragon's mark... if I had to guess? They're Claws of Thasti users.
No. 453593 ID: 1994be

being his friend is not so bad... it WORSE! he'll show up with those delicious cakes until you are morbidly obese and you'll be kicked out of the knights for being unfit for duty! fear him! he is your downfall! also, there appears to be two tigerfolk prostitutes wearing cloaks behind you, you should beat them to the punch and propositions them for a good time before for they do to you.
No. 453711 ID: 9c8e90

Can we wait to send GP to Ombra until we are free and clear of any surprise battles and don't need it?

Also, why don't we try getting into more fights? Saisai needs to develop a Limit break if she's gonna stand a chance against anybody worth fighting.
No. 455856 ID: 97486c
File 134794692175.png - (70.05KB , 800x600 , 181.png )

I do have a limit break. I have 2 actually. Jump and Last Stand. That's one more then just about any person in the world.

Who the h-

Saisai is struck in the back of the head and knocked out. She hears Artemis cry out before losing consciousness.

She wakes up on a cold stone floor.

>"Hello Saisai."

Saisai groans and sits up. The back of her head seems like it had been split open but healed.

>"We've been captured."

"By who?"

>"I don't know. Beep."

"Where's Artemis..? He was with me."

>"Cell across the room."

Saisai hears him call out.

>"Saisai! You're awake!"

"Yeah.. What the hell happened?"

>"We got knocked out and kidnapped. We've been here for at least 20 minutes."

Why can't we just have a normal mission?
No. 455857 ID: f2c20c

Okay, so either the Tigerfolk King doesn't actually want to back down trade-wise, or there's a splinter group making moves against us.

Can you contact the Captain? Mentally?
No. 455858 ID: bf54a8

sounds like there is a secret group that WANTS a war. tell artimis to magic the place open, if he can't do that then look around for anything. cracks even.
No. 455860 ID: 1987d1

>I do have a limit break. I have 2 actually. Jump and Last Stand.
Oh, interesting! Congratulations on developing those without our assistance! None of our past users achieved that alone.

Would you mind providing us details of what they do?

>locked up
Well, at least they left your your armor, and your head covering. They took your spear though. Did you still have your mimic bag? Might be able to pull something useful out of there your captors weren't counting on.

Ask Art if he can still cast. Bars don't hold mages very well, unless you've got them shut down somehow. Possibly a second ace in the hole.

A1 and her sensors or whatever she used in the forest may help too. Can she tell where we are, or where other people or your missing gear is?
No. 455870 ID: f2c20c

Jump does a lot of damage, and we've seen Last Stand before, remember? She can take a big attack without dying, and has time for one last act before collapsing.
No. 455873 ID: 97486c
File 134794886733.png - (41.25KB , 747x509 , 182.png )

How do I talk to someone telepathically? Do I just think loudly? I can't even tell if she can hear me.

"Hey Artemis!"


"Can you like use magic to get us out of here?"

>"My staff is gone so any spells I 'could' have done are really weak now."

That about sums it up.
Also my stuff is gone. My mimic bag and spear are gone and I guess Artemis's staff too.

"A1 do you have any idea where our stuff could be?"


She hands Saisai a well made map.

>"This is the most I could fill out."
No. 455875 ID: 886a4d

Thank you A1, your pretty amazing for doing this.

Art your staff is most likely to your left, behind that wall. Think you can magic a brick or something loose then summon it to your hand?
No. 455877 ID: bf54a8

and yeah, thinking loudly is about it.
No. 455878 ID: 1987d1

Okay... options.

Even really weak spells can be useful, if used intelligently. A low level gravity spell could be used to pull a key or tool or something over to you.

Alternatively, we still have gaurdian abilities. We could try busting out with shadow balls or something.

Or! We have enough points to summon Ombra in her fairy form. We could send her through the bars to go find some keys, or mind control someone into letting you go.

Get up, look around. Let's see what you have to work with outside your cell before we decide which route to go.
No. 455881 ID: f2c20c

Sounds like it's time for Ombra to help us out. She should be able to invisibly find a key then carry it over so we can escape. Then again if you do that, A1 would know that you and her are linked. Also, Artemis would probably suspect something weird was going on, even if he doesn't see Ombra.

Tell A1 you're glad robots have better spacial memory than humans.
No. 455884 ID: 97486c
File 134795017907.png - (67.66KB , 800x600 , 183.png )

Saisai peeks out of her cell.

Hey, my feather is there!
Other then that there's nothing interesting outside.

"Artemis can you do anything with your magic over there?"

>"I'm trying but there's not much I can really budge with gravity here."

I'd rather not summon Ombra out if I can avoid it...


"Artemis, can you lift that feather on the floor?"

>"I can't. I can just make it a bit lighter and heavier."
No. 455885 ID: f2c20c

Well make it a bit lighter and blow it over.
No. 455886 ID: bf54a8

"pretty sure lighter then a feather is negative amounts of weight"
No. 455888 ID: 1987d1

Should work. Question is how can the feather get us out of a cell? I remember it can be used as a desperation weapon, but I doubt it can cut metal bars. And you don't have any experience at lock picking.

Oh well. Being armed is better than not.

>I'd rather not summon Ombra out if I can avoid it...
Agreed. We'll keep it as a backup plan if you can't find annother way out.
No. 455906 ID: fd835e


On the flip side, these dungeons are likely built by Tigerfolk.

Who don't use magic.

Thus, the place is built with the assumption that magic is not within the prisoners. Tell this to Artemis, see if he has any resultant ideas.
No. 455913 ID: 21a619

Well then make the feather lighter then the air, or the air heavier then the feather
No. 455919 ID: 2f4b71

>air heavier then the feather
Make a patch of air opposite the feather heavier (denser). It will fall to the ground, pushing air ahead of it, causing a breeze that will blow the feather towards you.
No. 456107 ID: 97486c
File 134807695937.png - (165.71KB , 800x600 , 184.png )

"Hey Artemis do you think you can change the gravity of that feather to make it float?"

>"Even with my staff I don't think I have the power to do that.."

"This place was built by tigerfolk so magic would work better. If only you had your staff..."

>A1: "Saisai."


>A1: "I can try a spell. I can only do it once per day though."

"You can do it without a staff?"


"Go ahead, if it can get us out."

>"Ok. Stand back. Artemis, move away from your door."

A1 puts her hands together and chants.

>"Airoloria Poli Eilolaraer. Lalylol si Vostasia Vearal. Cyliia!"

A blast of yellow energy erupts from her hands and rips the door off it's hinge. It smashes into Artemis's door and breaks that one off too.
It's very very loud

No. 456108 ID: 1987d1

Wow! Good work A1!

Alright, quick, you guys need to find your equipment, or find something else you can use as weapons. There's no way your guards didn't hear that. Company's coming!
No. 456110 ID: 886a4d

She just did a energy blast. A1 is the best robot.
No. 456113 ID: bdb3f8

well, you have somewhere between 0 and 10 seconds to grab your stuff and get ready for guards. Don't just stand there being impressed by robot lasers.
No. 456116 ID: 26a7c1

The guards are now alerted. Arm yourself.
No. 456123 ID: bf54a8

get your shit and kick some ass.
No. 456355 ID: 25d645
File 134819121051.png - (181.93KB , 800x600 , 185.png )

Saisai runs and opens the door to the armory and gets back her staff and mimic bag. She also gets Artemis's staff and hands it to him.
Every gets ready as they hear someone entering the jail from the stairs.

No. 456356 ID: 25d645
File 134819125447.png - (91.38KB , 800x600 , 186.png )

Someone wearing the cloak with the symbol on it enters the room. He stares at them shocked.
No. 456357 ID: 4a328b

Smack him upside the head.
No. 456358 ID: bf54a8

battle mode.
No. 456359 ID: 1987d1

Take him out hard and fast. Art, hit him with a gravity, SaiSai, spear shaft to his head.
No. 456384 ID: 3bad4c

Alternatively it's one of your people in disguise, coming to rescue you.

Beat him up for not coming sooner?
No. 456432 ID: 9718f3

Wave a hello and say "'Sup?" Then keep walking like nothing's wrong. It is the warrior's way.
No. 456681 ID: 97486c
File 134829563189.png - (202.39KB , 800x600 , 187.png )

What? Why the hell would I..
Screw it I'm just going to attack.

Saisai rushes in and jabs at the cloaked enemy with the back of her spear.
The man easily sidesteps the attack and grabs Saisai's head.
She gets a good look at the man's face as he pulls her in closer

No. 456685 ID: 97486c
File 134829592874.png - (223.75KB , 800x600 , 188.png )

The man lets go and punches Saisai in the chest.
She hears her armor crack and the straps holding it in place snap. The metal presses into her chest knocking the wind out of her.
Saisai crumples to the floor as her chest plate falls away.

W-what the hell..?
My limit break activated?

How could someone do that much damage to me in one hit..?

>Artemis: "Saisai!"

Artemis casts a barrier spell in front of Saisai. Another guard joins the first and easily shatters the spell.

>???: "I suggest the three of you return to your cells. We don't need you dead yet."

I got one more thing I can do before I'm done.

No. 456687 ID: 9c8e90

No. 456689 ID: bf54a8

you are the tough one in this group, if any of the others were hit like that they would be splats.
[summon ombra] THIS BETTER WORK!
No. 456692 ID: 886a4d

They just said they were planning on killing you later. Surrender is not an option [Summon Ombra]
No. 456693 ID: 629257

[Summon Ombra]
Sorry Saisai, you're going to need to trust your allies with this secret.
No. 456697 ID: 1987d1

Well, he's not the king, or the elbower we dodged in the street. Doesn't help us now, although maybe we can ID him later.

...can we summon Ombra? SaiSai just limit broke. I thought that used up 100 GP? Eh, oh well. Can't hurt to try.

Alright, time to let lose a dragon on these stuck up cats. Get 'em good, Ombra.

...I don't suppose you know who they are? Do you recognize that symbol?

No. 456698 ID: 2f4b71

Hmm... Let's try:
No. 456700 ID: 886a4d

maybe this would be better, so to allow Saisai and Ombra to combine their strengths.
[Limit Break: Avatar of Ombra]
No. 456718 ID: 629257

No, that's if we force a limit break with our power. Saisai did that herself.
No. 456722 ID: 97486c
File 134830022887.png - (73.15KB , 800x600 , 189.png )

What!? NO! I can't let anyone else know!

A dark shadow swirls around Saisai. She feels something being pulled away from her body.


Hey! What the hell are you doing you idiot!?

We can't let anyone find out about her!
No. 456724 ID: 97486c
File 134830034109.png - (193.57KB , 800x600 , 190.png )

=Limit Break: Avatar of Ombra. Binds the spirit form of Ombra to an object and restores the user to full health. Shadow ball is free to use while this Limit Break is active.=

What the hell..?

You ruined it you idiot!

The two guards take a step back. Artemis seems to have protected himself and A1 from Ombra's summon
No. 456725 ID: bf54a8

you have been super charged, you can use the shadow ball power as much as you like and your spear is super powered.
to fire just point your palm at something and think 'FIRE!

[fire shadow balls whenever saisai thinks FIRE and has her palm pointing at something]

no kick their asses
No. 456730 ID: 4a328b

Spam shadow ball do it do it
No. 456735 ID: 629257

Huh. Nice form, but I'm not sure attacking with it is wise. Let's *try* to avoid that for now. Tell them no one going to be dying, because that would be an excuse to start a war between your countries. And you don't want that.

Well we'll just have to work with this for now. Maybe we can earn enough power to still have you talk with the fire dragon soon. Or... is he here already?
No. 456736 ID: f2c20c

Activate Darkness. Then spam shadow balls like nobody's business.
No. 456737 ID: d5a166

What's that? Shadow Ball is free?

No. 456778 ID: 26a7c1

[Shadow Ball]
[More Shadow Balls]
[I want the hallway in front of us to look like a god damn Touhou bossfight]
No. 457151 ID: 92c81e

Wow, that was... convenient. It might still give us away though. Still, no complaints here. Go kick their ass, but remember your priority is getting out of here with A1 and Artemis, not beating everyone in your path.
No. 457224 ID: 97486c
File 134839754269.png - (240.71KB , 800x600 , 191.png )

Saisai fires as many Shadow Balls as possible at the nearest Tigerfolk.
With the element of surprise on her side all the blasts hit and send the man hurtling back against a stone wall. The other tigerfolk retreats upstairs.
Avatar of Ombra wears off.

Good. Now you'll die and I'll die. Freaking awesome. God dammit Saisai.

Shit... 2 Limit Breaks in one day? Right after one another? I... I can't go any further..

Artemis starts healing Saisai's wounds but his healing doesn't relieve her fatigue.

>"Are you ok Saisai?"

"... Yeah."

Without a Captain I'm the one in charge right now..
What the hell do I do?
No. 457225 ID: bf54a8

tell them to restrain the bozo in the cloak.metal cable would be preferred over ropes.if it must be rope then criss-cross binding along forearms.
No. 457226 ID: f2c20c

Unmask the defeated tigerfolk so we can identify him later. Then we need to get out into the open and escape.
No. 457229 ID: d5a166

Capture Tigerfolk.

Take Tigerfolk to King.

Demand explanation.






No. 457244 ID: 1987d1

So... that limit break was basically the same as change form, except with initial healing and a time limit? Not that great. We'd have been better off if we initially changed form and spammed shadow balls that way!
No. 457246 ID: bf54a8

well the problem could be because we double limit breaked. so the effects were much weaker.
No. 457345 ID: 2f4b71

You just burnt through TWO limit breaks knocking out one low-level flunkie. Retreat now, involve yourself in political intrigue later.
No. 457387 ID: bf54a8

low-level? that dude was at least mid-level.
No. 457403 ID: 1987d1

These guys cold cocked the entire party with no effort, and would have 1HKO-ed SaiSai by punching her in the armor. They aren't weaklings.

We need options. Do we have any escape items?
No. 458101 ID: 97486c
File 134864292975.png - (134.80KB , 800x600 , 192.png )

None.. I can't think of any way to

Actually that gives me an idea.

Saisai discusses a plan with Artemis. After a few spell she walks up the stairs.
She enters a small circular room with a single ladder leading further up. There is one guard in the room.
Saisai glares at him with one of the Guards being held effortlessly by one arm. The tigerfolk makes a face, steps back, then scrambles up the ladder at break-neck speeds. He opens a small door up top and enters a well lit room above. Saisai can hear some yelling.

She drops the body and has Artemis lift the Gravity spell he had placed on the unconscious guard.

That worked.

There's plenty more above me I think. It seems they thought only one guard could take us on. Sad part is he 'could' have.
I doubt that ruse will work on a group of them too..

Dammit woman if you die I swear I will find your soul and torture it for all of eternity. There will be no reincarnation for you! ONLY ENDLESS TORTURE AT THE HANDS OF OMBRA THE SHADOW DRAGON!
No. 458103 ID: bf54a8

good job, hopefully we can stage a prison break and get a ton of dudes together.
No. 458107 ID: 4a328b

Spam fireball at them
No. 458109 ID: bf54a8

she has no energy left, can't spam shit.
No. 458115 ID: 4a328b

She can't cast fireball, either

Artemis can, though
No. 458118 ID: f2c20c

It's too bad there isn't a way for someone to sneak out by wearing the guard's outfit. They already know no guards are awake down here.

Oh wait that's right. Can't we just use Darkness to get out? NOBODY can see through the darkness, apparently... Nobody but you. You could escape and get word to the king that someone's kidnapped you and your friends...

Artemis could use Gravity again on you ahead of time to help you ascend the ladder quickly so the guards can't just react to you coming out of a choke-point.

[use Darkness when/if necessary]
No. 458136 ID: 26a7c1

Artemis: Send a fireball up the ladder.
No. 458145 ID: e67c16

Definitely look at the guards face so you can ID him later. beyond that, idk.
No. 458346 ID: 97486c
File 134873344165.png - (67.91KB , 800x600 , 193.png )

Saisai has Artemis make Saisai really light allowing her to climb up the ladder faster then the other man. However, when she reaches the top she sees three more robbed people in the chamber above her.
The center one speaks up

>"Return to your cells now or we will kill you. Obey and you may live."
No. 458352 ID: bf54a8

No. 458353 ID: 0c2247

"You're trying to start a war and get Thasti killed. If you think I'll sit down and let either happen then you're a fool."
Fighting stance!
"Like I'd trust some cultists mercy anyway."
No. 458354 ID: e0b19d

Oh hey they're actually talking. This means you can actually ask WHY THE FUCK THEY KNOCKED YOU OUT. I mean geeze, seriously.

But yeah, talk to them, try to get answers. Considering one of the guards earlier nearly killed you, I doubt going against a group would work any better. If they won't answer you, THEN we make out escape under cover of darkness.
No. 458355 ID: bf54a8

DON'T TALK TO CULTISTS! they are zealots, asking a question will just get us hit again. they can move faster then we can track.
No. 458362 ID: 62bab4

I don't think we can cast darkness, unless it became free at some point. We blew all our GP on that second limit break.
No. 458363 ID: 0c2247

Not for Ombra:
These are obviously Thasti's followers, since that's his symbol they're wearing.
BUT Saisai doesn't realize that, so she'll believe what she's saying when accusing them of trying to get Thasti killed. Her earnestness will make her defense of Thasti more convincing.

No. 458365 ID: 62bab4

I don't think you're correct. That's not Thasti's mark. His looks like a curved flame, not an angular cat's paw. See:

No. 458367 ID: 9718f3

Even if you are correct, your suggested dialogue amounts to informing them that the humans have designs on Thasti's life, which would be disastrous diplomatically. It would be handing them potential justification for their clearly illegal actions.

Retrieve and drink your Greater Speed potion. You should still be under the effects of the gravity spell, so jump up off the ladder and back into a wall, push off the wall and stab with your spear. Taking out more than one of them likely isn't feasible, but it should get the remaining two to follow you as you flee instead of crushing Artemis and A1. I know you're very tired, but you've got to push through this. If you absolutely don't think you can pull off the plan, just use the cover of Darkness and drink the potion, don't try to attack them.
No. 459179 ID: 97486c
File 134906772623.png - (191.17KB , 800x600 , 194.png )

The Guardian uses Darkness. Saisai, still being able to see well enough, drinks her Speed Potion.

I won't be able to kill them both and escape.. One, maybe. And only if I..

Saisai dashes forward and strikes the nearest Tigerfolk. He lets out a grunt of pain and falls to the floor. His accomplice tries to swipe at her in the darkness but misses.
Saisai uses her last Limit Break, Jump, and leaps out of the chamber and into the room above.

No. 459181 ID: 97486c
File 134906777361.png - (49.61KB , 800x600 , 195.png )

She is able to land on her feet in the next room. She sees two more people and draws her spear.

Dammit I...
I can't.. I just can't fight anymore..
No. 459182 ID: 97486c
File 134906790758.png - (151.48KB , 736x600 , 196.png )

The Darkness fades revealing Captain Maggie and King Hoyes.

>Maggie: "Saisai. Are the others ok?"

"Downstairs... They're... They're downstairs..."

>"Good. Well your Highness, shall we kill them?"

"I already have several detained. Let's save your men."
No. 459185 ID: 97486c
File 134906800660.png - (222.12KB , 800x600 , 197.png )

>"You did a great job Saisai. If you hadn't called out to me when you did things may not have gone as well. You can rest now."


Saisai falls to the ground and passes out.
No. 459190 ID: 97486c
File 134906843166.png - (103.61KB , 800x600 , 198.png )

Si jhli os ei cestal lir.
Ei theroli oli shi-nir.
Eilier tholaear shor a es.
Salaea byraes oli shor eidaes syl.
Byr thys kyr.
Sher byr thys si tyr.

Oh hey, you're up.

Saisai jumps out of bed.
The first thing she notices is that it's rather drafty.
The second thing she notices is someone snoring next to her.

No. 459193 ID: 886a4d

Welp. someone or several someones knows that your part tigerfolk now. Whomever undressed you and most likely Art. Just in case though look around for your clothes.
No. 459194 ID: bf54a8

unless art undressed her.

what was that you were saying?
No. 459197 ID: f2c20c

Dammit not again. Are people going to see your ears EVERY time you pass out? Cover your head and glare accusingly.

What was all that about? I wish we could understand that language... people keep speaking it.
No. 459198 ID: 886a4d

I doubt it was Art who undressed her but her head must have been above the blanket and her ears clearly visible.
No. 459199 ID: 86c3a7

Yup. The tigerfolk king is a chosen of the fire dragon. Those are the Claws of Thasti, for sure.

>Oh hey, you're up.
Hello again, Ombra. Lovely singing. Did we miss anything interesting while SaiSai was unconscious? We faded out with her, but from the sound of it, you had time to kill?

Hey, Saisai. You're safe, but your head is uncovered. We don't know who knows, but stay calm. If you freak out, you might wake Art over there, and there's a chance he hasn't seen yet. Quietly and calmly get up and look for something to cover your ears with.
No. 459200 ID: 4a328b

No. 459202 ID: 0c2247

Art watched over you. He deserves a hug.
No. 459203 ID: a72982




No. 459208 ID: 92c81e

Cover head, don't confront anyone unless you know for certain they know. Art may not know yet, since he CERTAINLY did not undress you. He's too nice/naive to do that. He would certainly have had someone else do it, given the choice.

Best thing we can do, is find Maggie and get as detailed a description of what happened after you passed out as possible, and make our next move from that. Jumping to conclusions now, will only cause trouble.
No. 459219 ID: eb6589

Saisai can wear the pillowcase as a turban!
No. 459224 ID: 629257

Well that was rather more dramatic than expected. At least it seems to have ended well enough... try not to freak out until we know the details, eh?

Besides, what did you think was going to happen the first time out got knocked out on a mission? Treat your head wound without taking your hat off? At least you aren't in the kingdom, any possible witnesses are tigerfolk and your closest allies.

So what's the damage? I assume you were paying attention while she was out. Who knows how much?
No. 459536 ID: 97486c
File 134917465770.png - (88.33KB , 800x600 , 199.png )

Other then her being stripped by a tigerlady nothing interesting happened around Saisai. I 'can' confirm that Artemis there saw her ears.
Also the song is about a human and a dark elf who fall in love but after a few years the human loses interest in the lady and leaves her. The dark elf was so upset that for the first time in the common era a dark elf murdered a human in cold blood. It's supposed to be romantic. I think.

Saisai calms herself down and pulls the pillowcase off of the pillow and wears it as a makeshift hood.
Artemis opens her eyes.


"!? Artemis.."

>"You're finally awake!"

"Finally..? How long have I been asleep?"

>"A whole day. We were all worried sick."

"A whole day.. What happened?"

>"Well when you passed out the Captain killed the two tigerfolk who were ahead of us. After that she told us to stay here. We're at a healer's hut, A1 is in the other room. She says when you're feeling better we'll head off. How are you feeling?"

"I'm... Ok. Where's my stuff?"

>"Oh, the captain has it. Your armor was sent back to the Kingdom to be repaired so it should be back in your room by now. Also... I saw your ears. Captain did to. We swear not to tell anyone."

Saisai takes off her head cover and throws it to the floor.

God dammit..
How many people know now?
Too many.
If any of them tell...

Silly girl with your silly problems. Did you forget that there's a dragon living in you and a man who will slaughter you if he finds out?

I think I can trust them though..

Hey, those people she fought were way stronger then normal tigerfolk. And they looked like they were light red. I don't know what the deal with that was.

"Don't. I would lose everything if anyone did."

>"I swear I won't."

Saisai stands up and paces around the room.

"Can't believe I almost got myself killed. All of us killed. I should have heard them sneak up on me."

>".... Huh? Oh! They were Tigerfolk, Saisai. They're used to sneaking up on other Tigerfolk."

"What was their deal? Who were they?"

>"The Captain said they're from a group known as the Red Claw. An extremist cult that wanted to start a war between us and the Tigerfolk. Captain had broken into one of their minds and found out they worshiped the fire dragon Thasti. He's always been known as a rather blood thirsty dragon so I guess it makes sense. Still.."

So they 'were' trying to start a war...
No. 459537 ID: f3d0aa


Congratulations, Saisai. By breaking out, you stopped a war.

Stop and consider the god damn enormity of that.
No. 459539 ID: 97486c
File 134917512382.png - (60.00KB , 444x600 , 200.png )

Yeah.... This seems like something a bit beyond my rank...

>"Hey, Saisai?"


>"I.... I thought you were really cool back there.. If it weren't for you me and A1 would have died.. You were pretty freaking awesome."


>"So uhm.. Thanks."

"..... You're welcome."

We're done here, right? In this land? I want to go home.
No. 459541 ID: 886a4d

Oh great, there is the excuse they need to kill the dragon. You can bet it will be in our captain's report and a certain someone is going to use that to pressure the king.
No. 459542 ID: f3d0aa

Express as much, get dressed - hey, wait. You're in your underwear. And Arty isn't flipping the fuck out. Huh. Maybe he's gone all the way through akward and out the other end.


No. 459543 ID: bf54a8

wait, there is no proof the dragon approved of their activities. cults have to stick to the shadows cause they lack approval. they probably stumbled into power and took it as a sign of thasti's favor, the king can use thasti's power as well and used it on the cultists. simply put, there is something odd going on.

would you being in here stop thasti from trying to vaporize her as soon as she walks in? if so then we should meet with him.
No. 459545 ID: f2c20c

Oh man, halfway there.

Once you get your clothes back, find that Tigerfolk lady who undressed you and ask her not to let it spread around too much that you're part Tigerfolk. I dunno if anyone here really cares, but talk of the "quarter tigerfolk Knight" could reach to the wrong people eventually.

You should also ask her about the basics about being someone like you. Things to avoid, advantages to exploit, that sort of thing.
No. 459553 ID: 86c3a7

You know what? Maybe this day didn't turn out so bad, after all. Earning the respect of your friends, discovering people you can trust... a lot more satisfying than keeping a secret by your lonesome.

>We're done here, right? In this land? I want to go home.
I think so? The mission was (explicitly) just to make a delivery, and you did that. Unless the king wanted to talk to you before you left, or you guys have to wait for a return message in light of recent events, you should be good to go.

Thanks for the info. Those guys were something new to us as well.

I'm pretty sure she hasn't forgotten about the dragon in her head, but a girl can only worry about the exposure of so many secrets at once. And she's had this one a lot longer.

No. 459563 ID: 0c2247

Give Art a hug, and thank him for watching over you. Say you're not used to having friends you can count on.

No, seriously. Do it. It'll help a lot.
No. 459686 ID: 4a328b

Ask if Artemis can go get your clothes for you, please

You'd go yourself but you are lacking in clothes.
No. 460452 ID: 97486c
File 134942723762.png - (124.04KB , 800x600 , 201.png )

".... Artemis, can you get me my clothes?"

>"!!! Oh uhm... Yes! Sure!"

Once fully dressed Saisai goes to meet with Maggie.
The captain assures Saisai that she personally will not tell anyone and from what she could glean from other's minds they would keep it a secret too.

>Maggie: "Speaking of secrets I have a request to make of each of you today."


>"What happened today is upsetting I'm sure. You all did a great job keeping yourselves and one another alive. The group, the Red Claw, was not supported by the Tigerfolk King in any way, shape, or form. If some people in the army found out about the attack though they may take it the wrong way. In fact that's exactly what the Red Claw was counting on. So.. I need you all to keep what happened here under wraps. Don't tell a soul. That's an order."

She stares at the group. It takes a moment but eventually everyone agrees it's for the best.

I like her~
No. 460454 ID: 97486c
File 134942756276.png - (90.39KB , 800x600 , 202.png )

The group then leaves the city with the King profusely apologizing over what occurred. He hands you G400 not only as an apology but for managing to actually take out 2 of the members.
Once everyone arrives back in the city the Captain awards everyone G200 and dismisses them for the day.
Saisai goes to pick up her armor and once she leaves the store Morgan rushes up to her

>"Saisai! I got that potion you'd ordered!"



She hands Saisai a purple potion.

>"As a... You know, that.. Your sense of smell must be really strong. This should help in case something overwhelms you. So uh... Sorry it took so long."


>"Uhm.. Is there uh... Any other potions you want? I uh... Have quite a few new ingredients today and I could brew you something cheap if you needed it.."

Do I? That speed potion was damn useful before.
No. 460457 ID: 629257

It was good. Start off by telling her how useful that was and say you would like to have another. If she can help you with more than that you're open to suggestions. She could probably come up with a few neat things on her own.
No. 460458 ID: f2c20c

Speed, yes. Also, some sort of energy potion. If you have to repeatedly use Limit Breaks like that again, something you can use to keep going would be a lifesaver.
No. 460459 ID: 97486c
File 134943026930.png - (52.40KB , 800x600 , 203.png )

"I'd love another speed potion and maybe something for stamina. Any maybe anything else you could advise."

Morgan smiles and invites her inside. She hands her a speed potion and another for stamina. She then offers another potion for invisibility. It only lasts for 30 seconds but it's pretty useful in a pinch.
Saisai accepts them all and pays G80 for the lot. Morgan smiles and invites her to come by again whenever she needs a potion.

No. 460460 ID: 97486c
File 134943032236.png - (82.45KB , 800x600 , 204.png )

Saisai returns to her castle and goes into her room. There's another note on the ground.

I'm starting to hate notes..

She picks up the note and reads it.
Dead Saisai,
It's me, Chevre. I'm afraid that our last meeting didn't end so well. I'm afraid that your father had given me a cologne that may have offended you.
I do hope you'll forgive me and I would love to see you again before your birthday. Perhaps we can meet for dinner tonight?
Anyway if not I do look forward to seeing you for your birthday, everyone will be there.

Your Love,

Oh shit...
I forgot...
My birthday is tomorrow.

And my wedding is supposed to be shortly after..
No. 460463 ID: 0c2247

>your father
Tell Chevre you had a bad reaction to it and became violently ill. Say your father knew perfectly well that would happen, and so he must have intended to give you yet more reason to avoid Chevre.

The fallout from that would be hilarious.

[Cause Saisai to have more sexy dreams about Art and Yuyu. Every time she sleeps!]
No. 460468 ID: bf54a8

"dear chevre, the cologne you had was specially designed to make tigerfolk react, due to my condition i became partially insane an if i didn't run i would of literally torn you to pieces, and possibly eat them. whoever gave it to you must of simply said 'it drives tigerfolk wild',
from saisai"
No. 460471 ID: 86c3a7

Thank you Morgan! Powerful potions at an affordable price.~

Oh. Um, happy birthday! (Poor timing, I suppose).

So... how you still feeling about this wedding thing? We're kind of not too fond of arranged marriages in general, or people being pushed into relationships they don't necessarily want. We'd gladly help you find a way out of this, if that's what you want. Now that you've been knighted and have your own resources, you've got some leverage.
No. 460491 ID: 92c81e

[Stop that!]
No. 460507 ID: e487f5

Note first that
>please forgive me
At the very least he is paying lip service to gibing you an apology. That's an improvement. He didn't know about the cologne. This means that he's not trying to use strange chemicals to rape you, which is good. He wants to earn you on his own merits.

Thus, we give him a chance. Ask HIM to arrange your birthday party. No help from family allowed. Let's see how well he knows you, hm?
No. 460509 ID: 86c3a7

You're assuming he's being honest. Normally, I have no problem giving people the benefit of the doubt but we have our own secret we're not supposed to talk about reasons for not trusting him. Although, to be fair, not everyone here exactly matches what our information would lead us to expect. Our suspicions could be misplaced.
No. 460521 ID: e487f5

I am almost certain of it. Considering his reactions, his actions, and her father's more active role this time, I'm almost sure he's a much better man than before.
No. 460529 ID: 012207

[Sexy dreams about Morgan]
No. 460539 ID: f2c20c

If we keep giving her dreams like that she's gonna get SO sexually frustrated it'll distract her.

I'd like to note that you didn't mention the cologne to him. If your father sabotaged him on purpose then ol' dad certainly wouldn't have mentioned it to him, so he shouldn't know! The only way he should know that the cologne was why you ran away was if he knew what it was supposed to do!

No more chances. If you go to dinner, he'll drug you again, I'm sure of it.
No. 460557 ID: 86c3a7

[Prompt for happy idyllic childhood dream]
No. 460558 ID: c31f72

[Seconding the sexy dreams of morgan]
No. 460568 ID: 61df23

[Compromise: Idyllic childhood dream, with Morgan as a childhood friend.]
No. 460571 ID: 085efe

[Sexy dreams about Ombra and Morgan]
No. 460572 ID: bf54a8

[yuyu using his large 'key' to 'unlock' saisai]
No. 460616 ID: 26a7c1

[Completely unremarkable dreams]

Todo: Make tomorrow's dreams even worse than last time
No. 460621 ID: e487f5

Wait, shit, what?

We didn't?

Maybe he talked to dad about it, and he said it must have offended you? Fuck, I don't want to beliueve he's a terrible person! D:
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