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File 133714654331.png - (186.44KB , 800x600 , 806.png )
412524 No. 412524 ID: 97486c

This is the third time this foolish girl has broken in..
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No. 412528 ID: 97486c
File 133714663703.png - (171.22KB , 884x487 , 807.png )

You think you're done being kind to her...
Fluffy's units move up as far as they can.
Your move.
No. 412532 ID: 5029d1

she's a mess. compliment her and she turns into a bubbly fangirl. say "what's a cute girl like you doing back here?" should inflict CONFUSION
and scan the new guy.
No. 412536 ID: b85f8c

Overlord dude, I have some bad news.

Scan the Monk.
No. 412571 ID: b9e291


What about the monk? He's something special?
No. 412573 ID: e3aff6

He's new, which is worth investigating.
No. 412579 ID: b85f8c

Check the wiki.
No. 412595 ID: b0d466

Give her a hug!

"Really? This is the THIRD TIME you've broken into my house. If the demon world had policemen I would be calling them."
Shoot 'er.
No. 412600 ID: cd6e04

this is nuts. knock them out and take her sword.

go for the monk first.
No. 412602 ID: 68ff50

Surprise, Abel found someone expendable to send. Her orders are to retrieve the doctor but she's so much of an idiot he had to know he was sending her to create an incident that will give him an excuse for war.
You know, by making an incident like attacking you without justification and spinning that as you attacking her (which you sort of would do when you counterattack to defend yourself from unwarranted aggression). You need to disable Fluffy in such a way that she can't attack you and stops ordering her allies to do so as well, but which can't be used as an excuse for war.

We need ideas people, how do we get out of the GM setting us up with a bullshit, lose-lose situation like this?
No. 412616 ID: 8346d2

Don't fight her. She's the fastest unit, she will reach you first. Don't defend yourself from her attacks, take the full blow. Keep your attention on the monk, be prepared to flee. Alternatively, surrender.

Do this only if you're really crazy, of course.
No. 412622 ID: 4dc3a0

The monk is dangerous. I wish we had the Yandere girl with us. She could probably take him.
No. 412815 ID: 97486c
File 133721978170.png - (142.42KB , 884x487 , 808.png )

Hmm.. Perhaps it is simply best if you run from this battle. Fluffy is a bit.. Stupid.

You have everyone retreat but find yourself challenged again.

Very well then... Seems she doesn't want to talk. Who will you send out?

Placement Phase.
Unit Limit: 3
No. 412820 ID: 04b86a

Just you, unarmed and informing her that you won't fight her. She won't know how to deal with someone that refuses to play by the rules she's used to.
No. 412826 ID: 6e44d2

Yep. Though she'll probably think it's a trick. Take the risk.
No. 412836 ID: 4dc3a0

Ourself and the Yandere. Just beat her down. She won't listen to anything we say, and she's crazy as hell.
No. 412840 ID: 5029d1

just you. and say "i really don't want to fight a pretty girl" it WILL fuck with her head.
No. 412842 ID: 6e44d2

We definitely do want to get that sword from her... Hm...
No. 412843 ID: 3ce5b2

New plan: try to challenge her to a 1-on-1, because she's still listening to the voices, and we'll convince her to use the sword on you.
No. 412844 ID: 6e44d2

Abel made a pretty big error when he-

Wait. He knew exactly what that sword was. I think he expects us to seize it. Does he know something about it we don't?
No. 412854 ID: b85f8c

We already told her using the sword against Overlord would backfire.
No. 412855 ID: f70e5e

this is not a fight we want to have. we could end up killing one of able's men, that would be bad. my advice is to continue to disengage until we can get the rest of our troops and bring overwhelming numbers to bear, that way we can force them to surrender.
No. 412866 ID: 8346d2

It's Fluffy. It's safe to assume that she will use it anyway.
No. 412904 ID: 97486c
File 133722552346.png - (125.86KB , 884x487 , 809.png )

>Fluffy: "Wait wait wait!"

Forest and Golem are withdrawn.
Unit Limit is now 1

>Fluffy: "You vs me overlord! Let's do this! Let's make it happen!"

??? Has she gone crazy? Will you humor her and fight her yourself?
No. 412906 ID: 5029d1

yes. kick her ass.
No. 412910 ID: b85f8c

Yeah, let's do it. We can get two free hits in, maybe three depending on how easily we can do the pushback. Our armor reduces the damage from her melee enough that we'll win. Also she's likely to miss, while we aren't.
No. 412918 ID: fa9f7e

Also, if she takes our advice, she'll be trying to stay within arm's reach of you instead of attacking. I'm sure you can take advantage of this.
No. 412922 ID: b9e291

Kiss her you fool.
No. 412924 ID: 96e0ea

One on one. Yeah that's the way.
Maybe during the fight you can ask Fluffy to explain what she wanted with the doctor? Maybe Fluffy wanted to stop research into curing the plague. Maybe she wants to spread the plague? I mean, one of her known associates is a Cancer Mage
No. 412946 ID: f70e5e

shes an idiot, but shes not malevolent. we can also take her in a fight. lets humor the girl.
No. 413043 ID: 97486c
File 133724217731.png - (135.58KB , 884x487 , 810.png )

Fluffy moves up and then goes into a defensive stance
Your move
No. 413049 ID: 5029d1

move over and shoot her.
No. 413066 ID: b85f8c

No. 413158 ID: 6d3aaa

That's a bit difficult to do since she doesn't have a mouth
No. 413160 ID: 6d3aaa

Move over to your left by one space and shoot her.
Also, >>412924
No. 413308 ID: 6ed27a

Hey if she actually succeeds in closing the distance, can we use the throwing gloves to toss her back out of range? Because that would be hilarious.
No. 413326 ID: 6a5a08

How far can we throw?
Because if the distance is worth it, yes.
No. 413352 ID: fa9f7e

Also, be prepared to possibly catch a thrown sword.
No. 413513 ID: 600350

Wait, could we make Fluffy "retreat" by using the Throwing Gloves to toss her outside the fighting area?
No. 413579 ID: 6a5a08

I think she'd just challenge us again.
No. 413599 ID: b0d466

Hey, once we defeat her, we can enslave her instead of looting, right~ Since if we loot she diesss
No. 413601 ID: fa9f7e

Fuck no. One, that's the entire idea. Two, enslaving her means we lose her stuff, including the sword containing HALF OF US. If she lives, we die halfway. She can go fuck herself.
No. 413602 ID: 5029d1

wow. did you even look at HTBAH? fluffy popped the ee out of the sword and has is as a necklace. sicne we give no stats it counts as regular clothes, which don't vanish on death.
No. 413603 ID: b0d466

Hm, if you subjugate her you can take her as part of the loot, though...
No. 413610 ID: 04b86a

Hey, are hometown's changeable? Because if they aren't, then she has a "viable" respawn point here in the Demon Realm despite the fact that she can't respawn here.
No. 413648 ID: 6e44d2

We should subjugate her.
No. 413657 ID: 6a5a08

Subjugate: Remove mask and say, "Listen Fluffy, I know you want to be a hero, but Abel has deceived you. I am no villain. I can help you find where a real one is though, if you let me... a sinister Tinker. So sinister that even in my less proud days I was forced to seal her away for everyone's safety."
No. 413725 ID: b0d466

Try this sort of thing without removing the mask.

Seriously we shouldn't rely on it so much--people will catch on.
No. 413728 ID: 6a5a08

Fine, without mask first. But I doubt Fluffy will listen without it.
No. 413731 ID: 5029d1

hell no subjugation. we are not ditching our advantage in hits for a CHANCE to make her listen to us.
we enslave her and then tell her to leave. the eye will then have a stranglehold on her because the enslave magics will make her WANT to become loyal to the overlord.
No. 413734 ID: e359f5


Yes but you are forgetting something really important.

That is THE biggest dick move we have ever done to anyone, and Abel has one of his monks here to observe.

No, it's much simpler to just, toss her off our FLOATING CASTLE.
No. 413737 ID: 6a5a08

If she manages to fuck up with her spawn switching and wishy-washy Hero-Demon status, killing her might destroy the universe by breaking the respawn system and causing Game Over. At the same time we can't enslave because we'd lose our other eye and the God Slayer.

Basically, Subjugate is the only thing that won't possibly fuck us over.
No. 413743 ID: 5029d1

what? the eye is safe. it's not IN the sword. seriously you people don't read anything.
No. 413757 ID: 6a5a08

All loot is lost if we enslave.
No. 413792 ID: 5029d1

the eye is loot?
No. 413798 ID: e359f5


Do you really want to risk finding out?

We kill her, get the choice to enslave or loot, we haven't killed her yet because shes too fucking pathetic to kill.
No. 413802 ID: b9e291


Sure she does. You just have to lean over a bit.
No. 413854 ID: 97486c
File 133742709482.png - (140.13KB , 884x487 , 811.png )

Easy enough..

You move a bit and fire at her dealing 25 dmg.
Throws her sword at you..

It hits and deals 29 dmg but there goes her primary means of attacking.
Fluffy's Atk drops to 20 and her acc drops by 5.

Now is a good a time as any to try and subjugate. However you doubt removing your mask has any effect on someone who can't see.

"Listen Fluffy, I know you want to be a hero, but Abel has deceived you. I am no villain. I can help you find where a real one is though, if you let me... a sinister Tinker. So sinister that even in my less proud days I was forced to seal her away for everyone's safety."

>"Shut up! Just shut up! You... You 'have' to be the evil one! All the things you did.. You can't just erase something like that because you lost your memory! What happens if you do remember!? What happens if you become evil again and I had just given up trying to stop you!? What kind of Hero would I be then!?"
No. 413855 ID: a2fa74

"One who believes even demons can be redeemed."
No. 413856 ID: 85e77f


Oh snap. We are totally saying this.

Fuckin' genius man.
No. 413860 ID: 5029d1

fluffy. stop and look at yourself. you are a demon that became a hero. that's an amazing feat. but think, that's how you are too, a demon that was good for a while, no other heroes will accept you since they will think of you how you just thought of the overlord. and if heroes showed up in your village, they would of tried to murder every one of them, simply because they are demons. fluffy, please, be a real hero, not someone that kills everyone that simply has a CHANCE to be bad. be like killing all puppies because they have a chance to poop on your carpet.
No. 413877 ID: fa9f7e

Hell yes

Wrong thread

Also, I told you dog

I warned you about swords
No. 413887 ID: b0d466

I like this.

If she still presses you, you can say something like:

I can't undo what's been done, I can only try to do better from now on. I doubt mere memories will change the path I've chosen, but, if by chance I do become evil, you're welcome to come after me then. For now... I'd really prefer it if you stopped trying to kill me for trying to do good.
No. 413969 ID: e3f578

"I died Fluffy. I did not just lose my memories, I paid for my sins, I lost everything but my mother's golemized body, a loyal tinker, a hybrid, and this castle. I am, in fact, more closer described as the son of The Overlord than actually him. I just use the same body.

I am a golem made from chaos. I cannot die in a manner similar to other mortals. I lose my identity each time I die and am reborn in a different incarnation. I'd just come back Fluffy, who knows, maybe I'd be even worse than my first incarnation in my third! It's a wild card Fluffy. Don't play it. Because that's the only choice when killing me because I will exist until chaos and order cease to exist as well."
No. 413985 ID: 6a5a08

So much this.
No. 414060 ID: 97486c
File 133746482383.png - (105.85KB , 800x600 , 812.png )

"One who believes even demons can be redeemed."


Fluffy trembles, her blank face makes it near impossible to tell what she's thinking or how she's feeling but you can tell you hit her where it hurts.

"You are a perfect example that even someone who's a demon can become a hero if they try hard enough. That's what I'm doing."

>"You're trying to be a Hero too?"

"In my own way. My older self was far to cruel to truly be heroic but I think I can achieve it. You've seen the good things I've done. Even the doctor I 'kidnapped' was only for good."

>".... Maybe.."

Hmm, that's probably the closest to a yes you've gotten from the girl.

"Why don't you join my team? You can help me do good and maybe even 'keep an eye on me' in case I try to do anything evil."

And I won't lose any possible items.

>".... Okay."
No. 414061 ID: 97486c
File 133746486132.png - (46.90KB , 772x334 , 813.png )

Battle Over: Subjugation

That's one problem dealt with.
No. 414063 ID: fa9f7e

Now for her two friends. The golem probably won't be a problem. The monk, though... hm. Bring Ninja and go up to him. See if he has anything to say.
No. 414064 ID: 5029d1

the golem listens to her, so that may be two.
No. 414066 ID: 5029d1

ninja is on a mission.
No. 414067 ID: fa9f7e

Ah, yes. Abel did abandon her, so she probably won't be much difference in negotiating/whatever with the monk. For all we know, he might have told everyone she was a traitor or dead.
No. 414074 ID: b85f8c

I think we should send another tablet to Abel, asking him why he wants the Doctor back so badly.
No. 414089 ID: 5029d1

print up a newspaper with the headline "abel attempts to stop plague doctor from finding cure plague"
No. 414092 ID: 699da6



No. 414117 ID: cf49fc


Can you say "Press War?"

Next headline should be "Abel: Hero or MENACE?"
No. 414120 ID: 431fa8

The line is "Threat or Menace?"

Come on, you knew that.
No. 414122 ID: b0d466

Just sorta chuck the pamphlets through the portal--maybe with a huge fan on your side blowing them through.
No. 414124 ID: 35ccd6

Right, Golem should be fine to subjugate. Since her buddy is with us. Forest? We need to be careful. He is now Abel's representative. We simply explain ourselves to him, have the Doctor show forest how much progress he made(making sure he does not take him) and again, tell him that once the cure is done, the Doctor can return home with no worries. The cure is to help everyone and Forest seems a lot more reasonable than Abel.
No. 414125 ID: 6e44d2


We need to be clever about our propaganda. Mass manipulation can be an extremely effective form of warfare.
No. 414128 ID: e3f578

I want pictures! Pictures of Abelman.
Fluffy you're fired
Rose: Chief, the planitarium party
No wait, your hired
No. 414150 ID: 256d52

Just explain things to the monk and ask him to tell Abel the situation?
No. 414160 ID: 5e3d1a

Spend some time with Golem. Admire her well-constructed build. Stare at her with your stony poker face and see if she reciprocates. Ask if there is anything she likes.

Keep Shana close by in case Forrest tries any treachery. She's strong enough to deter or damage him and isn't very item dependant.
No. 414161 ID: 97486c
File 133748586256.png - (190.19KB , 800x600 , 814.png )


LATER. You don't even have the right kind of resources to do something like that!!
Maybe become a part of an existing newspaper but to actually create one... The effort and money would be rather large.

As you turn to discuss Abel with the Monk you suddenly find yourself disarms. Your weapons are thrown to the ground along with Rose, Emily, and Fluffy's weapons. You see Forest with the Doctor under his arm.

>"Well Fluffy it's nice to see where your loyalty lies. I'm afraid the Doctor will still be returning to Abel regardless."

You take a step to him but Forest holds up his hand.

>"Don't. I can easily kill you. Just let me go and no one is harmed."

"Why? Why take him? He's close to a cure. What does Abel have to gain?"

>"I don't know. Why he does things makes no sense to anyone but him. He's usually correct though. Now if you'll excuse me."
No. 414162 ID: e3f578

Fluffy, get your golem to retrieve the doctor!
No. 414163 ID: 431fa8

We can re-equip ourselves instantly when entering combat, and we outnumber him significantly even if he's got levels on us. Do not let him escape without even trying- not when his departure may condemn hundreds of innocents to horrific deaths as plaguespreaders with no hope, and we are so close to a cure.
No. 414164 ID: 5029d1

summon the butler. and/or shana.
No. 414165 ID: b0d466

No. 414166 ID: 5029d1

use that anti-portal device if it's fixed. set it to the courtyard trapping him in a loop.
No. 414167 ID: 6a5a08

"You seem like a gentle man. Will you please listen to reason? We're trying to restore peoples' lives here. If we succeed we can create a place where plague victims, Cancer Mages, and other naturally virulent peoples can live in peace without being a danger to others."
No. 414170 ID: fa9f7e

Also, kill us if you may, we'll just respawn, and the portal is disabled. It would be completely futile.

I suppose you might also try your hand at thievery, but I doubt your morals allow that, and you wouldn't be able to leave anyway, so the point is mooted.
No. 414171 ID: b85f8c

Tell him that if we cannot avoid this outcome, then there is another option. The Doctor can continue to research the plague in Abel's lands, we merely need to make sure he has all he needs to do so, and get Abel's word that he won't harm any of the required items. That would probably include Nix... who is part demon. I wonder if that would be safe.
No. 414172 ID: 8db51b


No. 414174 ID: 35ccd6

...back off. I do not like this one bit. He has way too much power to be some mook. Not only that, but he may have gear to improve himself or warp items. We do not know, but either way we are not in a good position. He can simply cut loses and then we lose any chance.

Besides, he sent one level 20 here easily. He could send dozens more for all we know. We back off for now. Once he's gone, we talk to nin and have her inform us about Forest. Someone who's level 20 in Abel's army can't be a unknown.
No. 414176 ID: 5029d1

"can you at least tell me, what he told you about me?"
No. 414178 ID: 6f3646

Hope he doesn't threaten to kill the doctor.
No. 414182 ID: a3b384

"Usually, perhaps. But how can he be right now when he doesn't have the right information? Look at me, he thinks I am either like my old self or some upstart wannabe. Neither is correct. Please, I won't stop you but let me talk to the good doctor for a moment. You will only learn more to report, after all."

Also take off your mask. I mean it's a guy and all, but use whatever you got, right? And send the others away... tell them to go to Shana and Lilith. Maybe you can delay enough for either of them to show up.
No. 414187 ID: 6a5a08

Don't remove the mask. He's probably protected against that.
No. 414189 ID: b0d466

No. 414191 ID: a3b384

Maybe we should stop putting it back on. Being consistently hot is tactically advantageous and good for morale.
No. 414194 ID: 35ccd6

Oh it would be good, but it's a cheap and not very lasting move. We want them to be loyal to us because they think we are someone who deserves it. Using looks is like using fear. Very easy to bite us in the ass.
No. 414196 ID: 6f9630

SHANA! Kill this monk, will you.
No. 414202 ID: 97486c
File 133748945629.png - (242.98KB , 800x600 , 815.png )

Without saying anything you command the portal to be closed and for Shana to come to you.

"You don't seem like an evil person Forest. Surely you can see that him being here is nothing but a benefit? I don't plan on keeping the man, I merely want him to assist us in curing the plague."

Forest shakes his head.

"I do understand but it's really not my choice. Now, if you'll excuse me.."

He pulls out what looks like a smell piece of ceramic with a button on it. Before he can even push it the door opens behind you. You hear Forest gasp as Shana enters the room.

>Shana: "My Lord.. You called..?"

>Forest: "Dear god! That girl is saturated in Dark Mana!"

Forest looks a bit worried.
No. 414203 ID: fa9f7e

Yes, I'm afraid so. Shana is wonderfully loyal and dedicated. She's everything I could ask for in a minion, but unfortunately she tends to takes things just a little too far. She unfortunately doesn't value her life much, and as you can see, she's far too close to exploding for comfort.

I can never truly die. I would have to rebuild my body, but my power source is not of this reality and is indestructible. Gold means little to me.

By the way, I turned off the portal. Would you like to try and see which would work first, the dark mana or that device, which I would assume is a teleportation device, if Abel has any intelligence at all.

Do you feel lucky today?
No. 414205 ID: fa9f7e

Er, change "much" to "not nearly enough".
No. 414207 ID: 8db51b

Bonus points if you arch your fingers on a desk and lean forward on that last line.
No. 414210 ID: b85f8c

First off, ask her why she's like that. Didn't we ask her to not use Dark Mana?
No. 414213 ID: 5029d1

also call styx and have her bring some kind of soul capturing device.
No. 414214 ID: 431fa8

This is good.

We know why she's like that- because she didn't listen to our orders, as she often does not. Don't show weakness in front of the enemy by questioning her now.
No. 414220 ID: 5029d1

indeed do not question her. but seriously styx witha soul jar to catch shana in after the whole dark mana light show. then we can put her in a unstopable golem body that shoots deathrays
No. 414227 ID: c315be

This guy is not useful to us. He is too loyal to Abel, and even if we try to interrogate him, he'd lie. Don't even try to reason with him, it won't work. Just toast his ass with one of Shana's spells and take his stuff.
No. 414228 ID: 6a5a08

"Shana what happened? You look even worse than before." Address the monk, "Forest, I understand Abel has a lot of resources. Do you know of any way to stop Dark Mana corruption? A way to siphon it off, a soul jar to remove the soul from the saturated Mana, anything?" Make sure Shana is under orders not to attack.
No. 414234 ID: fa9f7e

We already know what happened, and there is no way to get rid of dark mana. Don't ask this.
No. 414239 ID: 6f9630

Don't reveal anything about Shana. That info isn't useful in Abel's hands. Just let the monk talk and inadvertently reveal what he knows.
No. 414284 ID: c315be

I'm telling you guys, He's not going to talk. And Abel would probably be smart enough to send someone this time around who gets the job done well and is a cool customer. Worst case scenario, he kills the doctor just so we can't have him. JUST FRY HIS ASS WITH SHANA MAGIC.
No. 414287 ID: 85e77f


If he kills the Doktor in front of Fluffy it would all but secure her loyalty to us.

After all, Lord Abel has already killed her once just for how she looks, if his Monk murders the good Doctor just so WE can't have him and develop a cure it'll be pretty much evident that Lord Abel is more cruel and tyrannical than any villain COULD be.

We also need to introduce her to the Moon child and inform her of how we came into possession of it.
No. 414310 ID: 3734f6

The doctor is about a million times more important then fluffy.
No. 414311 ID: 85e77f


And there is also virtually nothing we can do aside from blasting him with Shana, which might ALSO hurt the Doctor.

I'm just saying that if the Monk DOES indeed execute the Doctor, his death could serve a purpose in cementing Fluffy's loyalty and souring her thoughts of Abel and his ilk.
No. 414315 ID: 132b99

shana's death spell is very target focus. point at someone and they die. no splash damage. now her body igniting into a darkness fueled super inferno. that is area effect. but i highly doubt she can last much longer even if we keep her out of battles.
No. 414354 ID: e3f578

Can we just engage in battle already? I don't think the system allows for hostages and I'm tired of fucking around already.

If he's as a powerful as he says he is, we should be able to bring in more than one unit. I'm basing this completely off nothing beyond that fact we've had a 3v1 battle with Silva, and probably others I'm forgetting.
No. 414357 ID: 699da6

kill him, Machine. kill him dead.
No. 414364 ID: ebb620

Flip the fuck out.
No. 414377 ID: 35ccd6

Ok, no flipping out, no killing the possible boss tier unit. Think of this in a long term sense. Abel is likely looking for a fight. A BIG fight. A reason to purify us and throw our eyes in a ditch in the middle of no where so he can continue doing what he loves.

If Forest does not return, he WILL send more people and consider this a declaration. That is bad. Especially if this one last dark magic attack kills our one hitter. Hell, say he is a boss. Want to bet he has DEATH IMMUNITY? Because I don't. Hell, he's a monk! He can probably dodge it! What he's likely worried about isn't the mage but the shit tons of dark energy. That would likely kill him, and the doctor, and fluffy, and wreck half our fixed castle, and our upgraded body and likely kill a few people on the side. It is not worth it. Especially if Abel brings in more.
No. 414382 ID: 6a5a08

Order Shana to retreat, and request that Forest at least let us keep the research notes for the Plague Cure. Styx may be able to finish it.
No. 414754 ID: 5e3d1a

This isn't worth it.
Command Shana to hold until your command. Let the doctor go as Forests hostage, but state that this is most definitely a crime. The doctor is clearly being abducted against his will.

Try to make it clear that you could have had Forest killed instantly on the spot, but you're not interested in causing loss of life for this.

This will be pursued later. Possibly through legal means. (Or you could come up with a plan to bring the doctor back through covert means.)
No. 414771 ID: 132b99

abel is the law. we can not out legal him since he will just change the law to say "abel is always right, suck it overlord"
No. 415030 ID: c315be

Dude, what, no. We aren't gonna give this guy our DOCTOR. We need him to do stuff, it's like the only short term goal we have.
No. 415039 ID: 35ccd6

I agree. Letting the doc go will stunt our plans a bit. We still have our simple cure with whatever data the doc has so it's not a total wash, but it still stunts our growth.

HOWEVER, the risks are too great. If Shana fights, we lose Doc anyway through the blast along with anyone else. Forest's death means Abel will now think we are at war. For all we know, Forest is Abel's weakest level 20. We use Shana now, we can't use her later.

A cure for the plague is no good if we die before we finish it. If we want to directly go 'No, fucky you Abel!' we need to be a lot stronger and a actual army. Consider that a good goal.

Besides, there was a reason for the poison spitter village remember? This just means more poison spitters until we get the doc back.
No. 415041 ID: 132b99

sigh, i suppose.
No. 415045 ID: 97486c
File 133766705426.png - (119.79KB , 884x487 , 816.png )

Forest doesn't say any more but he does seem eager to leave. To prevent that you challenge him to a battle, at least to keep him in the area. You doubt people can teleport out of battle.

Battles start
Placement Phase
Unit Limit: 3
No. 415047 ID: 132b99

hmmm.... i highly doubt he will be worth enslaving. also if putting him in battle made him drop the doctor telepath alalia to store him.

now... for battle we want peeps that rely less on their weapons or can't be disarmed or are ranged. so lenion, emily and us.

No. 415048 ID: b85f8c

I really do not want to try to kill this guy and I would like to make that clear.

Send in only Overlord. We can Scan him and talk to him, but not fight him.
No. 415050 ID: 886a4d

There is no way we will convince this guy, he seems utterly sure of Abel's infallibility. I say we bring Butler, Nix and Overlord. Nix and Overlord literally cannot die, and Butler is a demon so he would respawn here.
No. 415107 ID: 699da6

Lilith, McButler, Overlord.
No. 415112 ID: 3763ca

this combo
No. 415294 ID: 97486c
File 133775053044.png - (150.00KB , 884x520 , 817.png )

You decide to send in Nix, yourself, and Butler. Butler looks rather perplexed.

>Butler: "I'm sorry sir but I'm really not much of a fighter.. Don't expect much from me."

Your move.
No. 415296 ID: 132b99

we don't want to fight him but now that we have his attention we should capitalize on it.
"tell me, what do you know about me, and about abel for that matter?"
No. 415301 ID: 97486c
File 133775160791.png - (149.88KB , 884x520 , 818.png )

"Tell me, what do you know about me, and about Abel for that matter?"

The monk doesn't reply. His body stays in an intense looking fighting stance.
It seems he doesn't want to talk.
No. 415302 ID: 132b99

"the rules of the universe say nothing happens as long as someone still has an action to do. meaning i can set here talking all day while my allies outside the battle secure the doctor some place you can get him. now, are you going to talk or am i going to just sit here ranting at you until i win by simple denial."
No. 415304 ID: e3f578

Let's just end him and be rid of him. I tire of Abel-brand stubbornness.

Move to shoot 2 spaces diagonal.
No. 415307 ID: 132b99

*you CAN'T get him
No. 415342 ID: b85f8c

Use Scan on him. I predict we cannot win here.
No. 415367 ID: 7493c4

No. 415371 ID: 6e44d2

This and this.
No. 415428 ID: b0d466

Nix> use GUILT TRIP: "Why are you trying to stop me from being cured? ;n;"
No. 415430 ID: fe1962

and this
No. 415434 ID: e3f578

Nix move tetris-L to the right
Butler same
Nix, if within range, use paralyzing spit throw. Coat blade with paralyzing spit.

Butler cannot be disarmed, has no equipment. Suggest using him for our main physical attacker. Overlord, keep ranged tactics. Avoid physical contact when possible. Same for Nix, parablade is mainly for back-up defense. Use toxic spit throw if foe is paralyzed.
No. 415458 ID: 885ee8

>Butler cannot be disarmed, has no equipment.
Butler's pretty much nothing without his equipment.
No. 415468 ID: e3f578

He's a purely physical fighter
First I though he was an unarmed fighter because his stats on the Overlord stats page doesn't detail any equipment, though he has his cane which may or may not be disarmable. I dunno, it may not be considered equipment if it's not listed on the stats page. He has no armor whatsoever to lose, so no, he is not nothing without his equipment.

Nonetheless, he has to engage with the Monk within melee range since he has no ranged attacks at all. People voted to put in a melee fighter with no range abilities, he practically has no other option than to engage him when he can be disarmed. Unless disarm is ranged too than holy fuck we are fucked.
No. 415481 ID: 6a5a08

"Fine, don't talk." Point to Nix, "But I want you to look the innocent you are condemning in the eye before you go."
No. 416282 ID: 97486c
File 133809887050.png - (157.43KB , 884x520 , 819.png )

No point in wasting words. It's three against one, we can win this.
Butler moves.
Nix moves and coats her blade in paralyzin poison.
Overlord shoots dealing 18 dmg! Forest is knocked back.
No. 416283 ID: 97486c
File 133809888443.png - (152.37KB , 884x520 , 820.png )

>"If I didn't think it would be so easy to defeat you I would be a bit worried about that girl exploding before this battle ends. As she is she won't last much longer."

Forest runs.
No. 416285 ID: 886a4d

Give Overlord the wings, have him fly two spaces up and one towards the monk. Have Nix give Butler her paralyzed sword. Butler should move in front of Forest so he is under Overlord and prepare counter. Nix should run to the opposite side of the board.
No. 416286 ID: 132b99

"if you know a way to stop that i would be willing to trade." if he says no or says nothing then styx move in front of you and attacks him. and butler moves in. then shoot him again.
if he actually says what it is then stand still. and stare.
No. 416287 ID: 132b99

oh yeah, butler has counter.
No. 416288 ID: c315be

Nix can paralyze spit right? or is she more accurate with the sword?
No. 416295 ID: b85f8c

Can we please stop trying to fight this guy? Shana needs medical attention, and the doctor doesn't have to be HERE to work on the cure.

Hell, we haven't even SCANNED this guy yet!
No. 416296 ID: e3f578

I suggested coating her blade in paralyzing poison as a back-up defense, she should try and stay away from him. I'm curious if she can attack with para-spit and back off. That is if it's within range.

Butz, move in front of where Nix is now after she spits. As to be close enough to be within easy moving distance to strike a turn later if she's successful.

Careful, discussing trading away the doctor who's working on a cure for Nix right in front of her isn't wise. Even if it serves a practical enough purpose as saving our ass from a Dark Mana Boom, there may or may not be an unforeseen consequence.
No. 416300 ID: 132b99

there is nothing we CAN do. we do not know how to stop a darkmana fire. best thing we could do is Ice 9 her. other then that she WILL burn. unless this guy knows something

nix told us she doesn't mind being what she is. and saving someone's life NOW would be more important then saving some lives later. if you care so much though we can get her opinion when the deal is struck.
No. 416307 ID: e3f578

That's what she told us. But what people say and what people actually feel is completely different. Not to mention that's when we were being very kind and sympathetic to her, she had no idea how to respond to such generosity.

IF we drop the generosity angle, well I doubt she would betray us or abandon us, (well that's why I said unforeseen consequences I just don't know what she would do), it'll be a jarring change of attitude that we've displayed toward her and she could rethink her loyalties for a minor bit. Especially mid-battle, you discuss such a trade in the middle of all this, imagine her battle effectiveness dropped, just like back then with the tinker. We're not 100% sure if how this trade will turn out, or if we want to back out of our part of the deal right after.

Everyone here should respawn if blown up, barring Shana because I don't think you can respawn from Dark Mana explosion... for some reason. Some old detail in one of the dis thread or... whatever. The Doctor's safety could be a concern of course, but he could be safe or conveniently turned into loot form for this battle as some form of weird system thing. I dunno, maybe people CAN be loot too, I mean Forest here had him in his hands and now he doesn't in battle-mode. Where did the doctor go? Where COULD he have gone? In the monk's inventory?
No. 416439 ID: ad0362

I would like to second forgetting this idiot and checking up on Shana. Can we view her dark energy buildup bar? I wouldn't put it past her to have ignored our past orders to avoid filling up the death-meter. She may need help *now*. Nix is stable- we can worry about improving her quality of life later (recover the doc, find a new one, etc).
No. 416458 ID: 132b99

No. 416469 ID: ad0362

Who knows? Options will present themselves. Or we will fail. But it's worth trying, regardless. We stand by our Units.

There wasn't a way to help plaguespreaders when we started either.

Regardless of what we decide to do, I'd like to checking her meter. Then at the very least we know if this guy is bullshitting us, or if there is an imminent problem.
No. 416472 ID: b85f8c

There is a Shadow Mage guild we could consult. All we've heard is like, one person's opinion. We should explore EVERY POSSIBILITY when it comes to saving one of our minions.
No. 416474 ID: 132b99

shadow isn't dark mana.
No. 416490 ID: 97486c
File 133815909447.png - (157.78KB , 884x520 , 821.png )

Before you take any more actions you pause to check Shana's purely abstract Dark Mana Meter. It's dangerously close to filling up. You 'can' retreat right now and try to solve this problem but that would leave Forest free to attempt and retreat.
No. 416493 ID: b85f8c

No. 416495 ID: 886a4d

I suggest we defeat this guy first. If we leave him alive Shana might do something... rash. Remember she is RIGHT there. She might use dark mana if we retreat without winning thinking to avenge us.
No. 416496 ID: 96b359

Retreat, tend to our Dangerously Close to Going Super Nova employee.

Let the fuck have the Doctor and be personally responsible for the agony of hundreds, if not thousands of civilians. Shana is our main priority right now, we must do EVERYTHING to lower that bar.

No. 416499 ID: 132b99

kill forest. leaving may make her think we lost and she will shoot him. dark mana only fills by casting spells, so long as she doesn't use another it will stay the same. so we have plenty of time. and before we retreat we should think of what to do first before leaving and just running around like headless chickens doing nothing but scream.
No. 416500 ID: 117e69

Let's beat the fuck out of forest. We can save Shana with wishhax later.
No. 416504 ID: 96b359

Forest is Level 20 and is a fucking Monk.

The only one we fielded that would be capable of taking him out is the Butler, who, from what we have seen, relies on countering.
No. 416509 ID: 132b99

you mean the monk that fights be hitting things in melee? which can be countered?
No. 416511 ID: 886a4d

We also have two chars on the field that can do long range. Nix can throw poisons and overlord has his gun.
No. 416531 ID: ad0362


Let him go. Emergency critical care of an ally takes priority over our longer term feud with lawful stupid land, or our long term plaguespreader treatment plans. Our secondary priority is protecting ourselves, other allies, resources and base of operations from the coming explosion.

What are our options? Here's what I can think of...

1. Mimic wish. I'm betting it's cheaper to clean her of dark mana than it is to revive her from death. It may be cheaper to simply make the meter a little bigger. Either way, this is only a short term solution. We can't trust her not to fill up the death gauge again, since she's already ignored orders on that front.

Or we go for a BIG mimic wish. Alter physics- make it so shadow magic doesn't have a dark mana cost. Or dark mana doesn't EXIST, period. That's a long term fix, but is probably prohibitively expensive.

2. Shadow mage guild. They're friendly to us, and even if they can't cure her, they may be able to contain or stabilize her long enough to buy us time to explore other options.

3. Alchemy. Can we produce an item that counters dark mana? Short term solution, if it works, but potentially renewable.

4. Class change. Give her a way to continue helping her beloved overlord without killing herself. We'd still have to deal with the immediate problem, and I'm not sure how we go about this (unless we default to wish again), but it has the advantage of a long term solution.

5. Teleport. The explosion does not have to happen here. Additionally, there may be a location somewhere that will 'damp out' or contain her power for a while, buying us time (magic suppression land?).

6. Demonology. Is there any demon species we can look up that can help? Something that feeds on dark mana would be very useful. Or something with natural defenses / immunities to shadow magic could be used to make a kind of anti-venom.

7. Stasis. Put her on ice to buy us time. Can we repair/modify the sealed room with time dilation properties? Can we use (or improve) our timey wimey watch to freeze her?

8. Pilot eject. Pull her mind/soul/brain whatever out of her body, and then ditch it and let it blow. Reinstall her in a new construct body, with a detectable dark mana tank. :p

Okay, I'm tapped out. Anyone got any other ideas, or think any of these are worth trying?
No. 416534 ID: 886a4d

Thats all well and good but what if she decides to nuke forest when she realizes we have not won against him?
No. 416537 ID: 132b99

also SHADOW MAGIC is NOT dark mana. dark mana is spells are a special subset of OP spell that lvl 20s learn. shadow magies manipulate shadows and stuff. like summon shadow beasts.
No. 416541 ID: b85f8c

If we tell Forest that he should teleport out immediately and open the portal again, Shana won't be able to cast at him fast enough to kill herself. It will be retreat-POOF.
No. 416550 ID: 131de9


Sounds like a pretty darn manageable battle to me!
No. 416605 ID: e3f578

I think fighting and killing him will calm her down.
Letting this dick go right in front of her will prompt her to take her own action if she continues the pattern we've seen her do when we let people go.
I get that Shana seems like the biggest concern right now, and okay, I get it, yes holy shit it's really freaking me out right now with that bar in my face. But I think the best thing we can do for Shana is kill this fucker. Because she likes it when we're brutal and it'll keep her calm and docile.

Calm and docile is how we like walking, feeling, living bombs. Don't we?
No. 416639 ID: 97486c
File 133818893148.png - (152.86KB , 884x520 , 822.png )

A small part of you wishes to end this fight and attend to your unit but a larger part knows that to do so may very well end in her death.
You decide to keep fighting.

>Butler: "My Lord.. I must say I really do dislike fighting. I'll only attack if he attacks me first."

"I know."

>"Good. Also please don't call on me to battle with you again unless Lady Lilith is in danger."

"We'll see."

Still need a plan of action.
No. 416640 ID: 132b99

butler downright to be right in front of us and counter stance. nix throws a glob of acid or something at him. we shoot him and go "come at me bro".
No. 416641 ID: b85f8c

Scan the monk.
No. 416642 ID: e3f578

Yo, Nix girl get your spit on with some paralyzing sick moves chica.
Butler, my man, back-up Nix please. Overlord, fire again. Or maybe do that wing trick discussed earlier if you can equip the wings. >>416285
Still fire on that fucker though once you're in the air.
No. 416643 ID: 132b99

back up how? he literally said he will only counter attack.
No. 416648 ID: 97486c
File 133819096565.png - (155.95KB , 884x520 , 823.png )

There's no point in scanning him, you're other half knew of his abilities and so do you.
Nix uses Toss Paralysis Potion and Paralyzes Forest!
You fire at Forest and deal 25 dmg and knock him back one space!
Butler moves.
No. 416649 ID: 97486c
File 133819106086.png - (155.18KB , 884x520 , 824.png )

Forest uses Panacea! All status effects are removed.
Forest moves uses Disarm on Nix!
Nix has lost her Bastard Sword and Half Plate for the duration of the battle.
Your move
No. 416650 ID: e3f578

When I say back-up, I really meant just be in front of Nix for most of the battle, excluding when she spits, then he should probably avoid that yeah.

I mean, that's all he really CAN do here if the Monk doesn't attack him. Unless we can convince him to attack.
Something about how we have to keep Shana from justifying any use of Dark Mana or the entire Castle blows up in a dark mana explosion, which will harm his master Lilith. Whether or not the explosion will be that big is irrelevant, the concern for Lilith may be enough to attack the Monk. If he needs an in depth explanation of how attacking the monk will keep Shana from using Dark Mana, we could say that she is a very fiesty and violent lady, and very stern and loves being in control. If we lose this battle or he escapes, she will be tempted to use Dark Mana powers out of pride for her Overlord.
No. 416651 ID: 132b99

everyone shuffle one space up-left, nix use BARF. just punch yourself in the gut, and let loose some chunks on him.

or just more poison. you can keep inflicting statuses and he will waste his or run out. try a double one or something. then butler counter and overlord shoot him again.
No. 416652 ID: e3f578

Yikes, okay Nix back the fuck off, try toxic spit. There's no way an abilities like full cure of all status effects is free, keep him distracted with status effects and he'll run out of his curing shit be they be item, magic, or spirit based.

Butler, de-equip your cane. Just try and keep Nix safe while we spam status effects for the entire battle.

I can't help but ask how a paralyzed man could cure himself in battle.
No. 416655 ID: b85f8c

Nix, move back a space and spit paralysis again.
Butler, take Nix's place.
Overlord, move over behind Nix to shoot Forest.

Forest cannot move fast enough to reach anyone but Butler assuming Overlord hits, unless he Runs. This could actually work... If Overlord misses then Forest can attack Nix though.
No. 416656 ID: b85f8c

>de-equip your cane
Why would he do that?

Don't do that.
No. 416657 ID: e3f578

When I mean keep her safe, just keep trying to block the fucker from getting up in front of her face and hurting her, just keep getting ruining his path to Nix. You know what, just keep getting in his way in general.
Nix, When I mean back the fuck up, go to three spaces diagonal from where Butler is standing because I realize three spaces directly behind you doesn't exist.
Overlord, de-equip sword and gun and stand next to Nix's pending position. If de-equiping counts as an item phase, and you can switch phases around (because i forget if you can), then attack Forest before moving, then make that movement I suggested.
Styx, pop in for a quick tool-tip, does Overlord's body count as armor and thus can be disarmed? Or does his body defense bonuses just count as armor or what? The question I'm asking is, what stuff besides Overlord's weapons can the Monk disarm?
No. 416658 ID: e3f578

I'm trying to keep his cane safe in case he decides to get serious with the attacking. Keep it as a back-up you know?
No. 416659 ID: b85f8c

Oh yeah, also ask him if there's any way he can think of for us to allow the Doctor to somehow continue his research in Abel's lands.

We're fighting over the chance to find the cure, aren't we?
No. 416675 ID: 96b359

No, we are fighting because Abel is a massive douche and doesn't like the fact that WE are using "HIS" Doctor.

After all, Abel wouldn't even properly fund the Doctor's research. It's likely that if the Doctor gets back in Abel's lands all progress for a cure from him will come to a stop.

After all, the only reason the Doctor wanted to stay was because we had "successfully" operated on Nix and...while not completely curing her, brought her to a state where she won't be an immediate danger to anyone and the Doctor can work without risk of becoming infected Himself.

Abel probably wouldn't give two fucks about finding a cure if it meant bringing an infected into his entire COUNTRY.
No. 416681 ID: b85f8c

Don't allow yourself to be blinded by hate. That is what Abel has fallen prey to.

Think about it. Abel wants to look good to his citizens. This would be an opportunity to develop a cure and take credit for it. Of course, we already spoke to the cleric guild about how we were working on a cure and didn't want to publish our findings until we were further along, but... if we must give up the Doctor and at the same time give him the means to continue the research while he's away, I believe the smartest thing to do would be to tell the cleric guild what we've done. They would be able to stand up for us if Abel tried to take all the credit.

At best, Abel could call it a joint venture, likely through teeth clenched with rage. Or whatever equivalent an Order Golem has.
No. 416786 ID: 886a4d

Abel is blinded by his nature more then anything else. Things changing their definition is incomprehensible to him, hence Fluffy must be an elf instead of a demon-born Hero. A place for everything and everything in its place.
No. 416792 ID: f2cd76

Nix: make out with Forest furiously, that'll show him.
No. 416805 ID: 04b86a

FFFFFF- he doesn't NEED to kill any of us. He can just disarm everyone and then be all "Allow me to leave or die." We need to make one last stab at diplomacy.

I propose we let him take the Doctor, whether the Doctor wishes to leave or not, but only after the following, very reasonable, terms have been agreed to by Able:
1) Able promises to actually fund the cure, and to allow it to be found.
2) Nix (gesture toward her) is to be allowed access to Able's lands to monitor the Doctor's progress and for the Doctor to study her. She is to be protected from harm while in his lands or immediately outside of their gates, and is to be allowed to come and go as she pleases.
3) Upon the discovery of a cure, the Doctor is to allowed to cure her, at which point she shall leave Able's lands and our arrangement shall be concluded.
4) The angels are to be requested to step in should Able break any of his terms, or should he find evidence that Nix has been using her access to his lands to spy on him, to steal items, or to kill someone. I admittedly have no idea if they'll agree to this, but I don't trust Able and doubt that he actually trusts us, so having a (no doubt powerful and influential) third party to assist will be reassuring to both sides.

...Also say that Shana needs to actually cast another Dark Mana spell in order to explode, and that if he agrees to help us pursue this last attempt at diplomacy we'll be able to try to find a solution to her taint while he's away, either by finding a way to convince her to never cast another Dark Mana spell or by killing her should we feel that she isn't adequately convinced.
No. 417161 ID: 97486c
File 133835723428.png - (160.14KB , 884x520 , 825.png )

You can't switch any phase but the Item Phase. Also if he does Disarm you you'll lose your Sword, Force Gun, and the Goldeon Plating. It'll just take away your defense bonus.

Nix moves back and Spits at Forest causing paralysis!
Butler moves and goes on the defensive.
You move back and fire dealing 25 dmg and knocking back Forest!
No. 417162 ID: 97486c
File 133835731697.png - (151.28KB , 884x520 , 826.png )

Forest runs.

>"You know.. If you just let me go I can promise that the Doctor will continue his research. I'm sure Abel will even let you check in to see how he's doing. Let's just end this fight hmm? Your Shadow Mage needs some serious help."

Your move.
No. 417163 ID: 09e5bf

>"You know.. If you just let me go I can promise that the Doctor will continue his research. I'm sure Abel will even let you check in to see how he's doing. Let's just end this fight hmm? Your Shadow Mage needs some serious help."

I am willing to accept this.
No. 417171 ID: b85f8c

Take the deal.
No. 417174 ID: 132b99

"and what can i do? hold her hand while she explodes? unless you have some ideas on how to drain dark-mana out of someone i don't have any way to help her. if i do take the deal and i come by at a later time to check in and i am attacked and/or find out his research has been halted i will hold you responsible."
No. 417178 ID: f70e5e

"your holding the best chance I have of helping her. he may be specialized in dealing with the plague but he is the strongest healer on hand. if you let him help my follower I will let you take him."
No. 417183 ID: 97486c
File 133835914503.png - (166.07KB , 800x600 , 827.png )

"... Very well."

You end the battle.

"I will hold you to your word Forest. If I find you have lied to me.."

>"I promise, everything I've said is true."

You nod.

"Now about Shana, how exactly do I help her? I had heard there is no way to cure Dark Mana corruption."

Forest looks a bit nervous.

>"There is a... Well 'way' so to speak."

"What is it?"

>"There is a bit of a 'glitch' and.. I really shouldn't talk about this."

"Talk about what?"

>"Well.. Abel knows the Laws of the World. He also knows their weak-points and the way to get rid of Dark Mana is one of them."

"Tell me it."

>"... Fine. If she is nearing explosion, like she is now, then if she uses her strongest Dark Mana spell the Corruption Amount rolls over into negatives and resets itself."

"That doesn't make any sense."

He just shrugs.

>"I don't understand how it works any more then you do. Now, may I leave?"

There's no real reason to keep him here at this point.. Unless you have anything more to say to him. The Doctor is still unconscious. You hear Shana give out a low groan of pain.
No. 417184 ID: 8a3744

Tell him to stay for the treatment, if it is a lie he dies with Shana in the explosion.
No. 417186 ID: 8a3744

Cast the corruption spell on Forest, see if it makes him loyal to the Overlord.
No. 417187 ID: 117e69


No. 417190 ID: b85f8c

Ask him to wait to leave until after we do the rollover, as it's hard to trust him.

Ask Shana what her biggest dark mana spell is. If it's Thee-ad, have Rose come in, and Shana can cast Thee-ad on her. It'll hopefully make Shana believe that they are even, so we don't have to worry about them getting in fights anymore.
No. 417194 ID: e3f578


END Forest with your biggest, most powerful Dark Mana spell.
Then enslave him.
When he comes back, let him go back to Abel with the deal. Assure him that this was the most sure way to test if he was lying. You had this planned out perfectly.
(Also it's kinda awesomely diabolical while being practical)
No. 417195 ID: 503921

Yeah don't let him go until after we try the cure. Then inform him that Kassandra (our most Abel-country-friendly unit) will be checking up on the Doctor periodically until the cure is complete.
No. 417196 ID: 132b99

get close to shana and tell her she gets her wish. tell her to blow the biggest wad of dark mana powered mojo at rose. tell rose to get in here if she isn't.
No. 417198 ID: 6ba105

Don't we have a large supply of disposable demi-slimes right now? If something needs to be nuked to save her, may as well be something insignificant
No. 417199 ID: 132b99

first fluffy needs to tell them the secret to not being inflicted with the no-respawn on the gate.
No. 417203 ID: 503921

The secret is that fluffy is insane. she doesn't count, other units can't do that.
No. 417205 ID: e3f578

Abel's probably already developed a counter to her way because I think she admitted it to him.

Hmm, corruption might be better idea then trying to kill him in a single big attack. But that'll end any possibility of diplomatic relations with Abel, probably. What's more likely, that a Dark Mana attack can kill him in one hit or corrupt him to our side in one hit?
No. 417206 ID: 503921

Shana does have Thee AD which is a one hit kill, but she might miss or it might not be powerful enough.
No. 417207 ID: 97486c
File 133836080256.png - (138.41KB , 800x600 , 828.png )

"One moment. I just want to make sure this actually works."

You call in Rose and explain the situation. She looks very nervous but agrees. Shana is all to happy to comply.

>Forest: "I really think I shoul-"

>Shana: "Thee-ad.."
No. 417208 ID: b85f8c

Well, did it work?

Also, collect Rose's stuff and give it back to her.
No. 417209 ID: e3f578

Forest got interrupted. Then Shana used 3 AD after we discussed it.

Who did she blast!?
No. 417211 ID: 97486c
File 133836117263.png - (42.91KB , 800x600 , 829.png )

You hear Rose yelling from downstairs. She respawned safely enough.

"Shana, how do you feel?"

>Shana: "M-my Lord, it didn't work! He lied!"

You see Forest try to run away as darkness surrounds Shana. She gives out a cry.
There is a loud explosion
You feel the castle shaking.
You hear Forest yell in pain.
The force of the explosion rips apart your armor.
You black out.
No. 417212 ID: e3f578

I told you you should have killed Forest.
I told you bro about them liers.
No. 417213 ID: e3f578

I know you blacked out, but try and enslave the Doctor or Forest if you can. We can't guarantee they survived the explosion.
No. 417214 ID: ac6c03

No. 417216 ID: 97486c
File 133836148702.png - (55.21KB , 800x600 , 830.png )


>Emily: "My Lord! My Lord are you awake!?"

>Rose: "Emily, yelling at him isn't going to wake him up."

>Emily: "But he moved! My Lord are you awake! Say something! Say, 'I am the Overlord!' you loved saying that!"


No. 417218 ID: 117e69

No. 417219 ID: b85f8c

Say that we're fine, we still have all our memories from the most recent life.

Ask what happened.
No. 417220 ID: e3f578

Rose, sorry about that. Seriously.
Tell me we didn't just lose all our slaves.
Or did we go back in time?
Or did we go back to being ruthless and evil and amassed an army, someone betrayed us again, then there was ANOTHER violent revolt and we're back to here again, this time with the memories of our kinder, more practical self?
No. 417221 ID: 04b86a

Really? Why didn't we check that ourselves first? We can check the Code, too!

"My memory and thoughts seem to be scattered... Remind me again... Who are you..?"

"... Just kidding!"
No. 417222 ID: 132b99

"think of new material."
No. 417224 ID: a3b384

"Is everyone ok?"
No. 417225 ID: f70e5e

i'm fine, I seem to have kept my mind. tell me, what happened? and did Forrest escape.
No. 417229 ID: e3f578

I should have known it was a lie
I mean, seriously, negative values? What kind of Dark Mana user can use exactly the amount of Dark Mana required to go boom without going over? Regardless of the amount of Dark Mana used, it shouldn't have worked out if we've never heard of it from anybody exact Abel because dark Mana users would have abused that shit to death because someone would have been stupid enough to try it before now.
No. 417231 ID: 97486c
File 133836274707.png - (156.85KB , 800x600 , 831.png )

"I'm the Overlord.. I think. I am right? Is everything okay? What happened?"

>Emily: "My Lord!! Styx, he's awake!"

You feel yourself being lifted up as Styx quickly begins working on repairing your body. As she does Emily babbles on about what happened.
She explains that after the explosion the Doctor was blown straight out of the castle along with herself and she managed to catch him before he hit the ground. You were ripped apart and thrown everywhere and no one knows what happened to Forest. She says he just vanished.

>Styx: "And without you being awake or in a battle there's no way we could have enslaved him or anything. Though if he had died 'something' should have been left behind. We're just not sure what happened."

>"Emily: "And then we found Shana lying on the ground here"

"Shana? She survived?"

Emily nods and tells you that Shana survived the explosion and just woke up an hour ago. She's looking pretty ok but she's been acting weird.

How weird, you say.

>Emily: "Well she said she sorry to Rose for killing her."
No. 417232 ID: 97486c
File 133836279206.png - (157.26KB , 800x600 , 832.png )

".... Wait. She said what?"
No. 417233 ID: 132b99

uhhh... hmmm.. maybe forest WAS telling the truth, but the process is still very violent. probably reaching max triggers "explosion" but being AT max triggers death. so it's complicated. anyway. WAT. we gotta see this.
No. 417234 ID: b85f8c

Sounds like the dark mana saturation was affecting her personality for the worse. Now that it's negative, it's affecting it for the better.

Or maybe worse. I wonder if she will be even HARDER to deal with now? Have her come in so we can talk to her. Right now, why not.
No. 417235 ID: 132b99

yeah just "styx just get me stable. will worry about the details later" and go check it out.
No. 417237 ID: e3f578

The Dark Mana she's accumulated has probably been affecting her mind for most of her life, and if it reset she's probably much more saner now. Forest's trick may have actually worked, though it does come with an explosion which he didn't expect. He very well could have been telling the truth from his perspective, but Abel never told him the entire truth.

All her Dark Mana build-up is probably gone, that or she's lost the ability to use it. It's unlikely something so drastic doesn't have consequences. We need to inspect her, fully. Make sure all her shit's running as usual bar Dark Mana magic.
No. 417253 ID: 97486c
File 133836538465.png - (147.19KB , 800x600 , 833.png )

"Bring her here. I want to talk to her."

Emily goes down and fetches Shana. When she returns Shana looks at you and tears form in her eyes.

>Shana: "My Lord I'm so sorry I never listened to you... I'm the worst servant ever... And now I'm not even strong anymore.. You should just kill me for real.."
No. 417255 ID: b85f8c

No. We'll kill her and Enslave her. Then she WILL obey our orders.
No. 417256 ID: 132b99

"you did your best, and what you thought i wanted. you never disobeyed a direct order, you may have tried to find loopholes in vague ones but i could at least trust you."
No. 417258 ID: ac6c03

Oh come on. It's quite obvious she has learned her lesson now. Despite her actions she was not acting against us, she merely wanted to please us a bit /too/ much.
No. 417262 ID: e3f578

"Shana, what happened wasn't your fault. It was mine and I paid for it. I should have just tried killing Forest, though we do still have the Doctor. You take the faults and mistakes of yourself and others too seriously. If you're going to listen to me, maybe think of stuff other than what you usually think about. Go and learn new ways of thinking, hell go take a moral philosophy class at the Y or Shadow Mage School or something. You can start anew, this is your chance to."
No. 417265 ID: 117e69

"Are you certain the Dark mana corruption is gone?"


"Why would I do that? You followed my orders this time without question - and it seems you've actually grown a bit as a person. Sure, you blew me apart, but all that did was give Styx some extra work."
No. 417267 ID: bdb3f8

Well, there WAS that order about not using dark mana any more...

"I'm not going to kill you. I told you before, I don't work that way any more. As long as you are willing to serve me, I will have a place for you. What happened here was a loss, but it could have been far worse. We are all still here, we will simply have to build you up again. I hope this experience has shown you the danger in doing everything on your own."
No. 417292 ID: f2cd76

I'm glad she's okay.
No. 417304 ID: 97486c
File 133837728413.png - (121.18KB , 800x600 , 834.png )

"The corruption is all gone?"

She nods.


"I'm afraid I'll have to..."

She looks at you, completely fearful of what judgement you'll pass upon her.

"..... It's not your fault Shana. I'm sure the corruption had affected your judgement. And while what happened here was a loss, but it could have been far worse. We are all still here, we will simply have to build you up again. I hope this experience has shown you the danger in doing everything on your own."

>"It has.. I'll do my best from now on to follow your every order my Lord."

Well... She's still 'mostly' the same. Maybe a bit more meek? That might even be why she got into Dark Mana..
Anyway the doctor is still with us and now Shana's no longer in any danger of exploding..
It seems most of your problems have been solved. The only real problem left is Abel and Forest.
No. 417307 ID: f2cd76

order your imps to rebuild the explodinated places.
No. 417309 ID: b85f8c

Send a tablet to Abel, asking if Forest got back alive. State that his lie of omission thankfully did no permanent damage to you, and Shana is no longer corrupted, just as he said, so no harm done. Also state that however, he left the Doctor behind in his haste, and thus we have the same dilemma as before. Ask if Abel can promise you that the research for the cure will continue in his lands, and you will get credit for what work you've done towards the cure, and a share of the profits if there are any. If he agrees, arrange for him to do so in front of witnesses- the cleric guild from before comes to mind.

Emphasize that there is no need for any further violence over this issue. We are both thinking beings, and we can come to an agreement despite our conflicting natures.
No. 417310 ID: b85f8c

Oh yeah and also reassure Shana that although she has lost all her single-target power from before, she has unlocked an astounding potential to turn the enemy's numbers against them. That was something we were sorely lacking, in fact. We had a lot of units that were good in 1v1 fights, but none that truly excelled at multi-target damage.
No. 417316 ID: 2c1e65

Oh for the love of, I go to bed and we resort to cure by suicidal overload, team killing, and integer rollover?

First things first: WE need to apologize to rose too.

Next: Check up on Fluffy. Talk to her, investigate the sword powered by our other eye. Get Styx to look at it.

Longer term:

Our flying castle gets broken into by casual riffraff *way* too often. Invest in repairs and defenses to minimize this.

Also, lvl*1*? Start power-leveling Shana. Since grinding is boring, we don't actually have to do it ourselves- have a high level unit escort her on automated training missions against mid-leveled threats. Lenion might enjoy this. Or maybe Rose is a better choice- good chance for the two of them to bond, work through any remaining issues. Possibly send the aggro-drawing golem along, if keeping the lvl 1 mage at range isn't safe enough.
No. 417318 ID: 886a4d

As far as Abel goes, hold on to the doctor for now Abel can wait the month. Forest well technically did tell the truth left out the rather improtant detail that she still EXPODES!

Abel's attitude also slightly sickens me. He acts like the doctor belongs to him instead of being a citizen in his country so it would serve him right to be disobeyed like this.
No. 417319 ID: 431fa8

Hrm. What equipment did we lose in the explosion? Let's take inventory here.

And we need to go speak with Rose. Thank her for her willingness to go through that on our command. Suicidal dedication to obey counts quite a bit toward making up for certain past indiscretions.
No. 417321 ID: 96b359


Abel, as far as we know, is a Golem of Order, He might not be.

But as a Golem of Chaos, it is in our very nature to oppose what we are, Abel on the other Hand, if he is a Golem of Order, He Is lawful stupid by design.

I have no doubt in my mind that he would, given the option to murder the Doctor or let us keep him to develop a cure, He would murder the Doctor.
No. 417325 ID: f86b04

this two, also awww, Shana is adorable now
No. 417327 ID: 96b359

New Rule

Never trust anything Abel's soldiers tell us without them being chained to the floor and used to test whatever they told us.
No. 417336 ID: 654709

No, that's a bit too much like Abel.
Trust them only once they've proven themselves trustworthy, like the Doctor has.
No. 417357 ID: 96b359


The Doctor isn't one of Abel's soldiers, the Doctor is a neutral party in all of this.

The Doctor wants to help us, Abel just wants the Doctor back so we don't have him.
No. 417358 ID: 6af537

Hug her, dummy.
What's her star count?
How's everyone else?
No. 417371 ID: 2c1e65


Before we respond with the default "I don't hug", etc...

She probably could use a little more comforting / reassurance before we move on. She did just painfully die for us, she's potentially going through something akin to withdrawal, and her self-image / sense of self worth has been badly shaken.
No. 417377 ID: 71d68e

Even if we don't hug, we could at least, I don't know, pat her or something.
No. 417382 ID: e77953

Alright. Forest is gone, Shana is OK, Doctor is here, and Fluffy is on our team. This is good. However, we have a few slight problems.

1: Forest may have returned to Abel. I have a feeling Abel can bend the rules to suit him and if so, he now knows.

2: We have ZERO data about Forest, but I am sure Nin does. She did work for Abel and level 20s aren't common.

3: Shana is now level 1. She lost her dark mana, but also most of her power. We might have to do some leveling for her in the near future.

4: We lost our big cannon against high level foes. We NEED to bolster our defenses and army PRONTO. If forest comes back with 1 or 2 high level enemies, we may very well lose. Now is the perfect time to have other lands ally with us.
No. 417392 ID: 96b359

Engage Extensive Power Leveling / Experience Grinding Montage with Highway To the Danger Zone playing over it.

It is the only way we will ever become strong enough.
No. 417420 ID: f2cd76



Eye of the Tiger is better.
No. 417426 ID: 96b359



Do you wish to engage in fisticuffs over the matter? If so I would be MORE than delighted to take you up on the matter! What say you?
No. 417495 ID: 503921

We just let Shana execute Rose, which was pretty harsh, so it would probably fair to her if we make Styx give Rose her sweet tooth back.
No. 417496 ID: 132b99

we said each person gets one punishment on her. shana wanted death. so she got that, and feels sorry about it now. styx will get to decide if it's the right time.
No. 417497 ID: 7c31d2

... Our charm face is broken now isn't it?
No. 417498 ID: fa9f7e

I certainly hope so.
No. 417501 ID: 132b99

styx can rebuild it. and have the power dial built in. so we can be moderately attractive all the way to GOD OF HOTNESS.
No. 417524 ID: 92c81e

No hugs, no pats, no excuses.

Words of encouragement, possibly apology, are all that are needed, and will be given.
No. 417620 ID: 6e44d2

No. 417622 ID: 97486c
File 133844293663.png - (40.71KB , 384x461 , 835.png )

You don't hug. Really, these random thoughts are bothersome. You do give her a few reassuring words. Her loyalty is as high as it could possibly be. She smiles at you before running off to be examined by the Doctor for any other side effects.
You try to find Rose but she seems to have run off.
You decide to check on Fluffy and ask her about the Orb and Blade.

>"The Orb is actually your other Eye isn't it? I think I know what I wanna do in life so... You can have it if you want."

She holds it out to you.
You feel and odd power emanating from it.
No. 417623 ID: 132b99

"if i start laughing maniacally, snatch it back"

grab eye
No. 417624 ID: 2c1e65


Bring it to Styx first. Investigate- make sure it's safe. We don't want to suffer a sudden change in personality, go crazy, lose control, or accidentally unlock our old grimdark ruthless personality. Caution is advised.
No. 417626 ID: 886a4d

Get Styx in here to observe the effects of you finally being whole again. Then take it.

We really need to find Rose. First of all ask if Styx is willing to take give back her sweet tooth. Then I suggest asking around if anyone has seen her.
No. 417646 ID: 503921

Also thank her for her loyalty and helping cure Shana. Maybe apologize for scaring her.
No. 417648 ID: 132b99

do not pressure styx into undoing her punishment.
No. 417668 ID: f70e5e

we should ask styx if there is any way she can make sure that uniting both eyes won't have some sort of negative effect on our stability.
No. 417680 ID: f2cd76

j-j-j-jam it in
No. 417688 ID: 6a5a08

No. 417691 ID: 2c1e65

Actually, just in case we do lose control it might be wise to take precautions.

When we do decide to test re-combing the eye, we should be stripped down and unequipped. Test should take place in a secure, locked room. Have a squad of units standing by- with orders to put you down *hard* if anything goes wrong etc.

I'm going to default to TNG logic here. We're going into a situation where the captain may be compromised. We *need* a good team of officers willing to take him on if/when that happens.

Who can we trust with this? Styx, sure. We need her to check out the eye, check us out after, and potentially to reverse bad things. Basically, she's medical and has final say over if we're fit to return to duty / be trusted / in sane mind.

Alice can probably be trusted to put us down if we go darkside- should maybe even be in charge of the commando squad (Continuing the analagoy, she's our number one).

As for other commandos- Rose has already put evil-us down once, but it'd be nice to talk/apologize to her about before we let her hold an axe over our head. Nin would have no qualms about stabbing us if we go south. Lilith probably shouldn't be there (too good a chance for her to try and seize power, look out for her own interests). Butler is probably honorable enough to be trusted, and if things go south we could be a threat to his mistress after all. Fluffy, yes- this is pretty much her stated reason for joining us.

Emily might be a good idea, in that she has first hand experience with evil us, and has reigned us in at least once. Of course, we need to make sure she understands what's going on, and that she won't just side with us in battle no matter what.

This is *probably* overkill, but I dun want to take chances here.
No. 417694 ID: 981573

this and this>>417691
No. 417708 ID: b85f8c

No, Styx will decide if Rose gets back her sweets. Rose probably was just a bit unnerved by how we ordered her to "die" like that. Keep focus on our current problems, as they're piling up.

Forest, the eye, the Doctor.

Get Styx in here to observe you acquiring your second eye.
No. 417756 ID: 885ee8

Guys. We were fine without the eye. Can we just...not?
Put the eye in a safe and bury it.
No. 417762 ID: 117e69

Good man! I fully support this man.

We need a name for this team. I propose the Deadhand Squad.

I wonder if anyone will get that nuclear reference
No. 417764 ID: 5ab873


We have NO idea what the Eye will do to us, if it indeed does ANYTHING negative.

We are NOT going to bury our EYE because of paranoia! We'll test it, if it becomes too much of a pain to have on us, THEN we can decide to ditch it or not.

Prepare a lab, get Styx to watch us, then we insert the eye and record any and all changes that may occur.
No. 417767 ID: c4a1fc

Don't forget a quick ejection system operable only by us.
No. 417787 ID: 2c1e65


That defeats the purpose. We want to be contained, and in check, because we might not be able to trust ourselves.

Rather, we want the opposite. An exit we *can't* take. Controlled from outside the room. By someone who won't fall for trickery, coercion, threats, or emotional blackmail.

...Alice gets absolute control over the door.
No. 417790 ID: e3aff6

If we do insert the eye, there is a fairly simple solution to the mind alteration process. What we would do is install the eye in a system that will automatically spit the eye out after a few hours or if the system is tampered with. When the eye is out after this trial period we can safely assess whether we want to implant it more permanently.

On the other hand, I have a better idea for the eye. We can control it, so what if we add a spell to control the swapping then make another body for it?
No. 417792 ID: 132b99

you mean OUR OWN CLONE?!
No. 417795 ID: 6a5a08

Oh shit son, you know what that means.
Two Overlords
No. 417797 ID: c4a1fc

One shall be male, for Shana. The other shall be female, for Styx. We must of course breed them despite its impossibility. Selling baby Overlords will give us infinite gold.
No. 417799 ID: 6a5a08

Actually, do we still have our old floating eyerest? Put it on there and see how that works. Don't equip any weapons to it yet.
No. 417809 ID: a3b384

I say take us out of our current body, and have Styx put the other eye on the end of a long stick and slowly bring it closer to us. That way we can analyze the effects slowly, and not be likely to cause much trouble if something goes weird.
No. 417822 ID: 5ab873

Something in my gut tells me that having TWO Overlords would be a very, very bad idea.
No. 417837 ID: b0d466

I vote TWO OVERLORDS just to see if this gut is correct!
No. 417864 ID: 97486c
File 133853235491.png - (122.57KB , 800x600 , 836.png )

>Emily: "My Lord... Are you sure you wanna do this..?"

You find yourself in a heavily reinforced room. The only openings are small slots that Alice, Meagan, Ruby, and Shana are behind. Outside waits Styx, Rose, Lenion, and Butler in case things go horribly wrong.

"Yes Emily, I'm sure. I need to know what this will do to me."

You calm yourself and move your other half closer to your head.
No. 417865 ID: 97486c
File 133853256777.png - (86.42KB , 800x600 , 837.png )

You place the other eye in.
No. 417867 ID: 97486c
File 133853274701.png - (45.49KB , 800x600 , 838.png )

That's it.
Nothing else happens.
No. 417869 ID: 379fde

Marvel at your wondrous powers of depth perception!
No. 417870 ID: 431fa8

Well, don't let on that all our precautions were for nothing. We'd look silly. Spend a minute or so standing around as though thinking deeply or otherwise mentally engaged before thanking everyone for their assistance, saying everything should be fine, and sending them back to their normal duties.
No. 417872 ID: 503921

Well fuck
No. 417874 ID: 132b99

it's sideways, give it a 90 degree twist.
No. 417875 ID: 13f847

Quick mentality check. What's your standpoint on hugs?
No. 417877 ID: 6e44d2

That's dumb.

"Okay, everyone! It's fine. Nothing went wrong. Now let's do something else."
No. 417879 ID: 97486c
File 133853487582.png - (130.21KB , 800x600 , 839.png )

You wait for a moment then exit.
While nothing may have really changed you do have a new sense of clarity. Like you can finally see more of the world.
As you leave Rose walks up to you. She seems to have gotten over you ordering her to be executed.

>"My Lord. I'm glad everything went well. It would have sucked to have to take you down."

"Oh I'm sure it would've have been too bad for you. After all, you've done it before."

She gives a nervous laugh. It's very annoying.
Then you remember something.
Standing in front of you is the girl who almost single-handedly brought down your entire empire.
No. 417880 ID: 97486c
File 133853491460.png - (95.38KB , 467x499 , 840.png )

You fire a ball of pure chaotic energy through her.
Just so you can feel a bit better.
No. 417881 ID: f70e5e

...yeah i think the second eye is messing with our head. we just hurt one of our people for no reason, that is more or less the opposite of what we have been doing up till this point. eject the second eye.
No. 417882 ID: 117e69

>Then you remember something.



No. 417884 ID: 04b86a

No! Bad Overlord! We're trying to be nice now, remember? What would Emilia think of you if she saw you doing that?

Actually, why don't you just turn around and see what Emily thinks. She's not quite Emilia, but that doesn't make her any less valuable to us.

And don't forget Rose had been charmed at the time. You know full well that she wasn't fully responsible for her actions.
No. 417885 ID: 97486c
File 133853535992.png - (85.57KB , 480x579 , 841.png )

You are perfectly calm and reasonable. No reason to take out your new eye.

Someone grabs you from behind. You turn and see Butler restraining you.

>"Lenion, Meagan! Someone take out that eye!"
No. 417886 ID: 97486c
File 133853557060.png - (171.64KB , 480x579 , 842.png )

You remember an old power of yours and activate it. A shield forms around you and slices off the Butler's arms, freeing you.

A bit excessive but no one should try to restrain Chaos.
No. 417887 ID: 117e69

No. 417888 ID: 04b86a


Just listen to yourself! I thought you already learned that unrestrained Chaos is more likely to cause misery than happiness?
No. 417890 ID: 132b99

No. 417892 ID: 117e69

No. 417893 ID: 04b86a

Eh, what the hell. Maybe this will work, we are part of a Chaos golem after all.

[Restrain Chaos]
No. 417895 ID: e3f578

How in the world did you harm him outside the battle screen? Butler! COUNTER!

This is dull, we should obviously be in a battle screen instead. Chess is more fun than curbstomping your followers. THEN ALL ORDER SHALL END
Wait, I thought you liked order in a weird sort of way. Something's weird. Ask Styx to craft you some genitals, WE ARE PARTYING TONIGHT!
No. 417896 ID: e3f578

Speaking of partying and sex, Lilith, get in here! A succubus always knows how to throw a good harem orgy!

(No, seriously, Lilith get in here and seduce this fucker into submission. Not that you can hear me from here and take orders but whatevs)
No. 417897 ID: 97486c
File 133853702021.png - (162.42KB , 649x592 , 843.png )

You can not restrain Chaos. You can only be a way-point for it. A center of chaos. The channel.

Someone else tries to prove you wrong however.
It's that damn 'hero'.

>Fluffy: "I knew you were evil!! I knew it!"

You feel her moving your body to her core. Parts of you are being ripped away.
You ready another chaos shield.
No. 417898 ID: 97486c
File 133853711543.png - (90.69KB , 800x600 , 844.png )

Your mother is dead.
The only remnant of her is that failed experiment Emily.
As you think this you catch a glimpse of her.
She stares at you with tears in her blank eyes.

She looks so disappointed..
No. 417899 ID: 97486c
File 133853716756.png - (2.72KB , 800x600 , 845.png )

Something hits you in the back of your head hard enough to knock out both eyes.
You black out.
No. 417900 ID: e77953

Overlord Razgriz, calm your shit down. Are you really letting your emotions get the better of you? Seriously man, you keep this up and you are going to hurt EMILY. For all that shit that's happened and all we are trying to prove CALM THY SHIT DOWN.

[Slap self]
No. 417901 ID: 97486c
File 133853722958.png - (45.05KB , 800x600 , 846.png )


This has to stop being a thing that happens.
No. 417903 ID: 117e69



No. 417904 ID: 214bf9

Note to self, never bring the two eyes together again... EVER!
No. 417905 ID: e77953

Yeah.. definitely not ready for two eyes. On the one hand, this can likely be a very important power to use in a worse case scenario.

Right now? Keep that other eye sealed. We don't want people to take it nor do we want to lose it. It is far too much for us right now.
No. 417907 ID: 04b86a

The you waking up on a pillow as nothing more than an eye, or the you going crazy and not listening to us when we tell you so?

"Well, now we know what that will do to me. Alice, you hold on to my other eye. Don't give it to me unless the alternative is worse, and have Emily beg me to take it out once the worse situation has been resolved."

Guys, I have a plan that will allow us to get a stable Overlord with both eyes. Unfortunately, it involves defeating Abel and sticking the construct that comprises him somewhere on the Overlord's body, so it's not very feasible.
No. 417908 ID: 09e5bf

Start off by making sure everyone is okay.
No. 417911 ID: e77953

Hmmm.. that could work Terrec if we ever beat abel, but my main concern is... well, the emotional aspect.

Think of the first things that lead up to us going berserk. Disappointment, and spite(holding a grudge). Negative emotions. In case you haven't noticed, every time Overlord goes berserk, it's due to negative emotions.

Hate, spite, things of that nature. So unless we find a way to control that anger or a way to release those grudges and move on, there is a chance this will continue being a thing.
No. 417912 ID: 132b99

"two eyes results in me basically becoming pure chaos. causes me to do anything at the slightest provocation"
No. 417915 ID: e3f578

"Fluffy isn't one of our units again, is she? Well, it would have been a matter of time before she thought I was evil out of another set of circumstances that weren't my fault."
No. 417928 ID: a3b384

Ok so... old us extra confirmed for asshole.

"Never. Again."

Let's see if we can't clean up this mess. Confirm that everyone is ok and give credit to those who stopped you. Maybe some oblique, roundabout implication that we are something like sorry
No. 417933 ID: 001168

How are we going to make sure the correct eye is put back in?
No. 417934 ID: f2cd76

thank everyone. that was terrible.

give Fluffy the evil eye. pun totally intended.
No. 417940 ID: 71d68e

On the bright side, we might've found a way to turn Abel reasonable. Implementation is another matterly.
No. 417942 ID: 3bad4c

Uh.. does no one else realise that 'other eye' guy basically has not had any of the emotional development since the separation?

He's angry and unstable. Get him his own damn body so he can have a good whine about how unfair everything is without being in control of a chaos monster.
No. 417945 ID: 2c1e65

Oh my goodness, I'm simultaneously ecstatic and horrified by how right I was. (I warned you about *stares*! I told you bro! ...I'm sorry).

That went pear shaped pretty quickly though. Next time the team is getting more detailed instructions on how to run a containment room. You don't open the door just because the subject *says* he seems okay.

Okay, so our priorities:
Short term:

1. Ascertain current status of things and people. Find out if we need to prove we're the sane eye.

2. Check on everyone involved in the debacle. Thank and apologize profusely as necessary. Some possibilities:

To Rose:
"...I don't know how to begin to apologize. I've cut you down twice in quick succession. I feel as if I've betrayed you. If the old me was anything like that, I'm glad you stopped him before."

To fluffy:
"Thank you. You stopped me from becoming a monster, and you save the lives of my friends. You *are* a true hero."

3. Debrief. Try to figure out what the hell happened. Styx, Meagan and Emily are most likely have useful insight. Be sure to try and explain what you saw/felt/thought happen from your preservative.

4. Containment. Lock that second eye the *fuck* up. Give it back to fluffy with orders to keep it from us, lock in the sealed chamber, *something*.

5. Check if you retain access to any of the new abilities unlocked in your rampage.

Long term:

1. Figure out what damage we've done to personal relationships with that stunt. Mend bridges, earn back trust / loyalty, assuage fears.

2. Research. Get Styx studying our sealed eye.
No. 417946 ID: 5ab873


Or, this is the more likely scenario, If the body even WORKS properly, he would attempt to murder us all at every point, or lie it's ass off and THEN make US kill them later.

It's our Eye, we aren't complete without it, it just never had the chance to see the world as we have, from the point of the weak.
No. 417957 ID: 96eb3e

Okay, yeah, pretty much all of this. Especially apologizing to Rose and Butler, and thanking everyone who stopped you.

Also, having to prove we're the correct eye would suck, so let's hope that isn't a thing.
No. 417968 ID: 09e5bf

Hey guys, what if the other eye isn't evil.

What if it's just that having both eyes makes the overlord more chaos-y, so he doesn't hold back on anything anymore, whereas having only one eye limits that aspect of him, letting him actually use a degree of restraint.
No. 417971 ID: 132b99

yeah that is EXACTLY what it is. both eyes are exactly the same when alone. but together they begin to channel pure chaos making him do.. whatever he feels like doing, exaclty when he thinks about it. no holding back.
No. 417973 ID: 96eb3e

Granted, the eye might not be evil. I suppose we should also make time to try to talk to it, if that's the case. I wonder if it has a personality while on its own like we do?

If it doesn't then there's really no reason not to just lock it away for emergencies. If it isn't sentient, then it's effectively nothing more than a power up that makes us sort of crazy.
No. 417978 ID: 132b99

..... you do remember switching control to fluffy right? aka, we were that eye instead.
No. 417982 ID: b0d466

Two bodies, one eye each. The second, possibly crazy eye should be watched
No. 417983 ID: 132b99

AUUUUUUUUUUUGH SHUT UP! it is NOT that the other eye is evil. it IS US! it thinks exactly the same as the first one does. the problem comes from when both are together they channel PURE CHAOS, which IS INSANE! each eye alone is perfectly sane and rational.
No. 417986 ID: 6e44d2

I wonder if we can remember how to use those attacks when we have just one eye. That'd be cool.
No. 417987 ID: 132b99

oh yea, we should get fluffy and thank her for stopping us. something like that is exactly why we wanted her.
No. 417999 ID: f2cd76




No. 418003 ID: 6e44d2

HAH! Yeah. This.
No. 418050 ID: b85f8c

No need, they got healed back.

Anyway, putting in two eyes equals too much chaos. Too much emotion. No self control. A second body for the second eye will probably work a lot better.
No. 418066 ID: 2c1e65

Yes, let us give the unpredictable thing we don't understand, can't control, that can access our memories, and just triggered an uncontrolled overpowered friendly fire power-trip complete autonomy.

I can't think of any way this could go wrong, or any reason this might further distress or upset the allies we probably just alienated.

Seriously though, even if it works flawlessly, there's no advantage. We could what, try and run two battles at a time? Field two identical units? Boring.

We need to figure out went wrong and repair things before another experiment. And even then, I think attempted communication comes before autonomy.

...this is all a moot point anyways. We don't have the materials to power another body, I bet. And fluffy probably went awol with lefty.
No. 418069 ID: 132b99

No. 418095 ID: 8247d0

If The butler's arm's didn't get healed back, I think seeing alalia about replacing them would be better than mechanical prosthetic.
No. 418096 ID: ac6c03

Guys really, stop being idiots. The "evil" eye is how we spoke with Fluffy, it obviously isn't evil or corrupt in any way, having both eyes together brings out Overlord's Chaotic nature.
Keep both in separate bodies
CHAO- wait no.
No. 418097 ID: 5ab873

Obviously our Overlord with both of his Eyes is as Chaotic Stupid as able is Lawful Stupid.

I still think giving the other Eye an ENTIRE body is a horrendously bad idea, after all, we wouldn't stand to have someone claiming THEY were the true Overlord now would we? Even if they were our other half.

How about we do something obvious like...put it back on a Sword?
No. 418119 ID: 886a4d

Anyway apoligize to everyone you harmed and thank Fluffy and whomever knocked you out for seperating yourselves again. As an experiment we can always just give the other eye the hover chassis we started out with and not let him have a gun. We obviously do not want to reunite anytime soon... Our complete version is stupid, emotional and arrogant.
No. 418136 ID: 503921

Well double fuck.

Anyways, inquire as to everyone's condition.
No. 418145 ID: 19a758

>durr hurr evil eye
Never underestimate the stupidity of tgchan.
Speak for yourself.
>Even if they were our other half.
Then they wouldn't be 'claiming' to be overlord would they? They would BE overlord.
It's the same mind in two different bodies, not two different overlords.
>How about we do something obvious like...put it back on a Sword?
A second overlord golem is a hell of a lot more useful than a sword that's just as useful with or without a eye attached to it.
No. 418165 ID: e3aff6

Of course, if we try out the 'second body' thing it should be with a unarmed and low powered body.

Also, I find it amusing that Fluffy was basically eating our arm when she was restraining crazy!us.
No. 418169 ID: 6a5a08

Apologize to Butler and Rose.
Thank Fluffy and presumably Styx with her hammer for stopping you.
Hug Emily.

If we put it in a body, make sure it remains at a secure location in case it can access the Chaos Magic. And for goodness sake don't let it just leave. Also use the eyefloater without any weapons.
No. 418245 ID: b85f8c

Perhaps we should ask Styx why we had the eye in the sword, then.
No. 418251 ID: 132b99

to project the chaos shield from it. aka, being in the sword is close enough that it counted as both eyes together.
No. 418332 ID: 9d8c88
File 133870061890.png - (131.66KB , 800x600 , 847.png )

Styx walks up to you and sighs.

>"Hello my Lord."

"Styx. Is everyone ok?"

>"For the most part. Fluffy has your other eye now. It's back in the sword. It took me quite a while to convince everyone that you were fine and that the source of your freak-out was the other eye and yours being so close together. They trust you again but I still think it would be best to leave Butler and Rose alone for a while.. They have both been fully healed but they might still resent the fact that you damaged them so badly, Rose especially."

"So I shouldn't go apologize to them?"

>"Yes, you should. Just not right at this moment. Also you seem to be calm so.."

Styx places you inside a fully repaired body.
You sense that Nin has returned.

>"My Lord if I may make a suggestion... I could build a device to negate some of the negative effects of the other eye. It will also weaken your Chaos powers but you won't go berserk."

"You can build such a thing? Then do so immediately."

>"That's not possible. I need a certain item known as the Dividing Pyramid. There's only one in existence and it's in Zsen. Or Torral. I can't exactly recall which but one of those two lands has the item I need to build the device. Get me that and I can have it done soon."
No. 418333 ID: 117e69

"I should have known better... Ugh, this has been a terrible day. Week. Thing."
No. 418334 ID: 132b99

let's see fluffy
"thank you for stopping me. preventing things like that is exactly why i wanted you here."
No. 418336 ID: b85f8c

Roger that. We'll get that item.

But FIRST, we have more pressing concerns. Namely, the Doctor. First, check in on him and ask him how he feels about continuing his research in Abel's lands. Then TALK TO ABEL. Say this: >>417309
No. 418338 ID: e3f578

One? Then how have you heard of it? I don't think we should put our faith in legends or rumors Styx. Unless this was once a common item made scarce with a history of use by inventors.

Is there any OTHER use for it that might be beneficial? Our chaos powers are cool, but if we come up with something cooler thanks to the pyramid, well that would be cool.
No. 418339 ID: e77953

That pyramid is a must have item right now. Don't talk to anyone yet. We want to cool down, they need to cool down. Give them a bit of rest.

Next, talk to Nin, mention forest, ask if there are more like Forest. This is important. VERY important. We need to know how many make up his elite and quick.

Also, no talking to Abel at all right now. Worst time for it and he will take it a a threat. We do not have time for that nor do we have the force to do so.
No. 418343 ID: b85f8c

Well okay, I guess talking to Nin would be a good idea right now.
No. 418354 ID: 9d8c88
File 133871103553.png - (202.87KB , 800x600 , 848.png )

"Is there anything else it can be used for?"

>"Well my Lord it's only ever used to separate things. Elements, parts of things, personalities. It could be used for other more mundane things but I think this is a better use."

"I agree. Still why is there only one left?"

>"Let's just say other tinkers have used most of them up. The last one is the last one because the creator of them is long gone. They will probably only part with it for a pretty hefty sum unless you can convince them to give it away willingly."

"I'll get it one way or another."

After making sure your body is working fully Styx lets you go. You call up Nin and have her give a full report.
She says she went up to the Bell Tower to see who or what the hell had rung the bell in that town. She saw the girl Rachael there and she was talking to someone. On closer inspection though the 'person' turned out to be a Flesh Golem. He looked a bit worse for wear she says, like an incomplete Emily.

"A flesh golem? No one should even be able to make one of those.. I'll see if I can check it out later. Oh, do you know someone named Forest?"


"A man from Abel's army and Fluffy had entered the castle and attempted to take the Doctor. He is level 20 and rather powerful."

>"If he's level 20 then.. He's probably a General."


Nin nods.

>"In the Land Abel has 5 people who run pretty much his entire army. Each of them are very powerful and very loyal to him. For someone of your.. Skills, to have even survived him appearing in the castle.. That's impressive to say the least."

"Do you know anything about the other 4?"

>"No. No one really knows much about them at all unless you're really high up in the army."

So Abel has at least 5 level 20s under his direct command. That's problematic.
No. 418355 ID: b85f8c

We should make a serious effort to avoid war. Ask Nin and maybe Fluffy if Abel is likely to go to war with us over the Doctor. Also explain to Nin what exactly occurred between you and Forest and etc etc.

These two know Abel a lot better than us and would be good at helping us keep relations peaceful with Abel without sacrificing too many resources.
No. 418360 ID: 132b99

what happened with shana still releasing a energy burst but living and having her dark mana counter reset was ether a result of forest omitting some details. or abel omitted some details to him.
if abel didn't tell him everything then he would at least be a man of his word.

uhhh, i forget if abel's true form, that of a order golem is known to people or not.
No. 418373 ID: f2cd76

let's go Zsenways.
No. 418374 ID: a2fa74

>Elements, parts of things, personalities

That's a bit too useful to use on something that will reduce our chaos powers.
How about we get it and then wish to know how it was made? If that information can be recovered it could do us a load of good. For example, we could use it on Fluffy to remove the CRAZY.
No. 418375 ID: a2fa74

>Elements, parts of things, personalities

That's a bit too useful to use on something that will reduce our chaos powers.
How about we get it and then wish to know how it was made? If that information can be recovered it could do us a load of good. For example, we could use it on Fluffy to remove the CRAZY.

Have Nin track that flesh golem. We need to know who's ordering it around and why.
No. 418649 ID: 503921

Nin check out the flesh golem and the village. Send most of our guys out to lvl up, we need Shana to not be useless and we are a long way to go until our army is unstoppable.

Only keep a few people behind to do stuff with in the meantime. Silva and Ruby haven't gotten nearly enough love and I want to talk to Emily about what happened. She is safest to talk to cause probably instantly forgave us, but still.
No. 418653 ID: 6e44d2

Except we don't have access to any of those chaos powers when we use just one eye. We need both to get those sweet moves, so we need to use this thing on ourselves.

Let's go hunting! Oh yeah, and apologize.
No. 418656 ID: 299ed3

We do have the overlord beam.
No. 418657 ID: 893844

Whatever leads we decide to follow up on personally, it's time to get Shana retraining started.

Send her out for some power-leveling, escorted by Rose. Give them a chance to bond, and get away from us for a little while- it'll do them good (Shana feels she failed us, Rose feels shaken/betrayed by us).
No. 418662 ID: ba367d

>Learn to make thingy
>Thingy is in high demand
No. 418953 ID: 2eac65

If this thing is one-of-a-kind, I'd feel kind of guilty about using it up. But if we researched the creator, we might get some clue as to how he made it. Then we'd be able to make our own! After all, lost knowledge is no less true.
No. 418970 ID: e4ab33

See if Styx could research how to make more pyramids.
And maybe grind like hell.
No. 419135 ID: 97486c
File 133896704444.png - (322.11KB , 800x600 , 849.png )

It's not possible to find the creator of the item since he has long since pass but if you get the item Styx may be able to replicate it..
You send Nin on a mission to try and find out if anyone is controlling that flesh golem. You also send Shana and Alice out to train for a while.

You go to the city of Zsen.
You find yourself in an snowy hill. Below you is the city of Zsen. The city is covered in a white blanket of snow, save for it's northern tip. There is a deep black scar on the land that goes on for miles.
The city is surrounded by a wooden wall except for the nothern part which is burnt down. There is also an unmanned gate.
You suppose you could just stroll in since the place seems pretty open..
No. 419136 ID: 97486c
File 133896709963.png - (198.25KB , 800x600 , 850.png )

You walk up to the front gate only to notice that there's no obvious way of opening the thing.
This is a bit of a problem. You suppose the back is still wide open.
No. 419137 ID: 132b99

No. 419151 ID: 893844

Yes, knock.
No. 419153 ID: e77953

Knock and also keep an eye out for the person watching us in the shadows. Probably going to try and get you by knife point again.
No. 419165 ID: b85f8c

Glance at the person to your right after knocking. Ask if anyone really uses this entrance.
No. 419168 ID: 97486c
File 133897151529.png - (126.94KB , 579x592 , 851.png )

You decide to knock but then notice the person beside you. He seems to be wearing some kind of cloak that hides most of him from view.
He examines you for a moment.

>"You don't look like you're from Toral."

"I'm not. I'm from somewhere far away. I came here to speak with the ruler of this land."

>"Lord Gram is not seeing anyone at the moment."

"No one? The matter is urgent."

>"Sorry. There is a.. Problem. He needs to be inside at all times."
No. 419170 ID: 132b99

"i'm very good at solving problems"
No. 419171 ID: 97486c
File 133897164780.png - (104.12KB , 800x600 , 852.png )

"What kind of problem exactly?"

>"A war. For years now the lands of Tsen and Toral have been fighting one another, trying to take the other over. Lord Gram and Lady Tikka both have even armies and we have all been at a virtual stand-still. Recently however Lady Tikka has been sending her warriors after Lord Gram directly. She knows that if he falls his kingdom will soon follow. Because of this he has barricaded himself within the castle. None may see him now."

How troublesome..
No. 419173 ID: b85f8c

Um... but the northern side is burnt down. That's not a very effective barricade.
No. 419178 ID: 886a4d

Why have they been fighting? Simple lust for power? Or something greater...
No. 419181 ID: 132b99

"... are they fighting FOR something or just who can kill the most dudes?"
No. 419183 ID: a3b384

I have a some amount of forces myself, perhaps enough to tip the balance in his favor. Is there is a way I can communicate with him indirectly, to establish the terms of our assistance?
No. 419204 ID: b0d466

Don't offer aid yet we don't know what they're fighting about
No. 419205 ID: f2cd76

maybe you should go see Tikka instead. see if she has the gizmo.
No. 419236 ID: bbaa41

Lets play our cards close to the chest for now. Ask what the war is about and how long it has been going on.
No. 419238 ID: e3f578

Why don't they just marry and combine both lands under that old fashioned noble "Get married, get allies" thing? Are they not single? These lands must be close enough to be worth warring over.

This paranoia must not be good for the morale of the troops stationed here.
No. 419239 ID: 893844


This. Do not takes sides in other people's wars until we have more information.

Play the cautious diplomat. One or both sides has what we want. We're likely going to have to assist one in exchange for payment, or side against the mcguffin holder, and loot them.

Worst case scenario- they're at war over the mcguffin.
No. 419311 ID: 6a5a08

Maybe someone used a pyramid to split the lands, causing the massive scar and influencing them to war.

Just a thought.
No. 420705 ID: 97486c
File 133939021882.png - (204.97KB , 800x600 , 853.png )

"How long has this battle been going on for?"

>"It's been 3 years now."

"What started it?"

>"No one is certain. From what I heard it started over an argument they had. Unable to agree the two of them went their separate ways. Everything was divided in half, even the kingdom. Things seemed fine until she attacked.. Ever since that moment it has just been a constant war. However with our troops split down the middle and each side essentially being immortal the battle is never ending. If just one unit from either side were gone... Someone powerful.. If only we had someone who could Enslave or something like that.."
No. 420706 ID: 132b99

stare at him really really hard. then say "i'll be sure to keep a look out for someone like that."

then port out and see what the other place's city is. 100 G bets they have the exact same story with how did what reversed.
No. 420707 ID: 886a4d

State that you know Enslave. And you know of another who knows Seduce. Either will work for their purposes... if he escorts you to their lord you might be convinced to work with them. You can prove this on a prisoner if they like.
No. 420708 ID: b0d466

Haha this is just great. Do eet!

Go to Lady Tikka's domain and see what's up~
No. 420709 ID: 886a4d

Wait a sec, we're after something that divides things in half and the kingdom just happens to divide itself into two? Err I hope using it doesn't consume the damn thing.
No. 420711 ID: 7fa03c

No. 420721 ID: 97486c
File 133939196407.png - (90.15KB , 800x600 , 854.png )

"... If I run into such a person I'll be sure to tell you."

The situation is curious. You need more information before you can decide exactly what you want to do.
You decide to teleport to Toral.

Hmm... At least it's better defended.

You find yourself in front of a high wall surrounded by a bottomless pit. The ground around you is scarred by signs of recent battle. There is a lone warrior guarding the front gate.

>"What do you want!?" she yells at you.

"I've come to see Lady Tikka."

>"Not gonna happen. Lady Tikka has barricaded herself in her chambers. There is a war going on between the Kingdom of Toral and that wretched Zsen.. Recently warriors from Zsen have been trying to harm Lady Tikka and until she feels she is safe she will not leave her room. You may as well just turn back now."

"A war against Zsen? Exactly why are you fighting against them?"

>Hmph.. Around three years ago that fool Gram got into a fight with Lady Tikka. Unable to accept that he was wrong he decided to simply leave her. At first things were fine until the day that bastard Gram decided to attack Toral. Since then we've been in a constant war. Fighting against immortal warriors... This will never end. Unless we had someone who could Subjugate or something.."
No. 420723 ID: b0d466

Interesting! So they both ambushed each other!

...Wait, that's stupid. There's gotta be a third party here.
No. 420724 ID: 132b99

ask what tikka has to be afraid of, isn't she immortal too?
No. 420725 ID: a2fa74

"An obvious plot hook. Lovely.
Tell me, what was the original argument about?"
No. 420726 ID: b85f8c

Hmm, that's interesting. This side suggests a method that doesn't involve killing. Considering that's the only notable difference between their stories we may be better off dealing with this side.

OR someone else could have set up this situation. I wonder how hard it would be to verify who attacked first? Oh wait, we have a time travel watch, don't we.

Let's use it.
No. 420727 ID: 7fa03c

No. 420730 ID: 503921

I forgot about the watch. yeah, that's a good Idea.
No. 420736 ID: 97486c
File 133939463253.png - (116.32KB , 800x600 , 855.png )

Hmm... It seems the Watch isn't 'full' yet. If you had to make a guess the little hand, which has slowly been moving, tells how much it's been charged.

"Does anyone know the argument? "

>"No one but the two of them were there at the time, sorry"

"Odd. Wait, if everyone is immortal then why is Tikka afraid?"

>"Boss Characters take a much longer time to respawn. In that time, without a leader to guide us, we would surely fall."
No. 420739 ID: b85f8c

Oh, not fully charged... It looks half charged now? How long has it been, like, a day? Two days?

Personally I think both sides here are well aware of who you are. Hmm. Come to think of it, if both sides here have been getting attacks directly on their leaders and both are hiding and fortifying... who's attacking the leaders? Ask this guy if they've been sending people out to attack since Tikka's been targeted.
No. 420748 ID: 5d947d

Ask how they identify the attackers as Lord Gram's.
No. 420749 ID: 132b99

yes good points
No. 420798 ID: 886a4d

Three years ago would be from when we were running strong as the old overlord... I wonder if this was one of our plots.
No. 420825 ID: 20996a

Okay, I think we've heard enough. Someone definitely used the dividing pyramid to split this land and trigger the civil war.

We could side with one faction and overpower the other relatively simply. But this does not serve our purpose. We need to find the actor behind the scenes who's orchestrated this. They have what we want.
No. 420846 ID: 6e44d2

Ah, of course! This.
No. 420855 ID: 2eac65

Well, isn't this quite a predicament? It's pretty obvious that these sudden assassination attempts are the acts of a third party who wants to rile up the two nations. But what would they stand to gain?

Perhaps they want to lure the Overlord out. As the guards said, the kingdoms are in an eternal stalemate because they have evenly matched, inexhaustible forces, but someone who has Enslave, like us, can easily break the stalemate. And they might have guessed we'd be after that alchemical thingy. The mastermind instigated the war in hopes that we'd come looking for it, choose a side, and thus reveal ourself to him. Or do something else that benefits him somehow. I don't know the details, but it's rather likely.

Obviously, the solution is to make peace rather than use our overlordly muscles. How could that be done? Maybe we could lure the two lords out of hiding and get them to talk out their differences.
No. 420861 ID: f3283d


That is some GOOD paranoia. I approve. This *does* smell a little like an overlord trap, now that you mention it.

However, I see a problem in your solution. The artifact magically divided these people, is keeping them divided, and is keeping them at stalemate (even with two identically, regenerating initial forces, random chance should *eventually* have allowed one to win. A lucky 20 here, an unreciprocated level up, etc. Then attrition supports whoever got lucky first. But this *hasn't* happened).

This means diplomacy is likely impossible. As long as the dividing pyramid is in play, they stay divided.

Thinking about it in that light, I'm actually unsure now if we even *could* side with one and unite both by force. Would we, as an outside factor, remain unopposed? Would the other side receive mirrored aid from elsewhere? (Yay, trapped in a endless stalemate)! Or worst case- we forcibly unite the divide and this *breaks* the dividing pyramid.

We may want to retreat, research and confer with our advisers. Make sure that forcing a divide shut doesn't break the pyramid (the others were used up somehow!). Make sure this isn't a trap. Figure out who benefits from this civil war, and/or would benefit from trying to trap you with it. *That's* going to be our target. We go after the source, not the symptom.
No. 420878 ID: 431fa8

If what you're saying is the case and the dividing pyramid mirrors aid, then we can make this work. Simply have Overlord "join" one side and start converting opposing units to his control; meanwhile, Lilith "joins" the other side and starts converting opposing units to HER control. Since both Overlord and Lilith work for the same side, we end up ultimately stealing 100% of both sides' forces, but keep the sides of the conflict in balance while we do so.
No. 420887 ID: b85f8c

If we could pull that off it would be beyond awesome.
No. 420892 ID: 6a5a08

You, sir, are a brilliant genius.
No. 420906 ID: 6e44d2

I love you. Let's make babies.
No. 420912 ID: 71d68e

An interesting plan, but what if it turns Lilith and us against each other?
No. 420935 ID: f3283d


I like this solution, but I'm looking at Lilith's stats and I don't see anything that says she *can* permanently enslave units. They all look like temporary in battle charms (unless it's out of date and I missed a lvl up?)


Honestly though, my biggest concern with this plan would be if we could trust Lilith not to turn on us if we gave her that much power (or at least take her new army and leave). Even without the pyramid's influence. She does seem the power hungry opportunistic sort to me. (...says part of the *Overlord*. Kettle, I'd like to introduce to to pot...)

Maybe this is a good time to bring back the running two overlords at a time strategy? (2 eyes, 2 golems). If it's feasible, there's a delicious symmetry to using a divided overlord to earn a united one.
No. 420969 ID: e3aff6

Hehe I like it. And not just because it is based on the two-bodies idea I had.
No. 420972 ID: 6a5a08

Lilith recruits by Seducing units.
No. 420985 ID: e894c0


yes please.
No. 421085 ID: 256d52

>>Maybe this is a good time to bring back the running two overlords at a time strategy? (2 eyes, 2 golems). If it's feasible, there's a delicious symmetry to using a divided overlord to earn a united one.


We still have that, right?
No. 421087 ID: 97486c
File 133948641454.png - (101.14KB , 800x600 , 856.png )

Using Lilith and yourself to gain control of both halves is a great idea..
Lilith can in fact gain control of units in her own way through seduction, she even has Nin and Butler listed as her units.
You could also use your other eye as a separate you.
However there's a problem with these plans..
You don't trust Lilith completely or your other half. While he alone may not be responsible for what happened you are still a bit wary of using it and allowing it to gain power..
As for Lilith she can simply just back-stab you latter on.
If there were some way to keep an eye on her while she worked then you might feel a bit better about giving her so much responsibility.
No. 421088 ID: 516a9d

Send Rose in with Lilith, with orders to watch her carefully for "suspicious activity". Spin it as you making sure that Lilith is perfectly safe.
No. 421089 ID: 04b86a

Hmm... Can Styx remodel our old armor into something wearable by Archers?
No. 421090 ID: 132b99

have lillith wear the other one as a necklace.
No. 421092 ID: a3b384

No easy answer there. Using our Eye to influence and monitor Lilith without letting it or her become too independent would be ideal, if we had a way to do so. Let's run the idea by Styx and see if she has an idea, as we usually do.

Normally I'd be cool with Rose, but we haven't yet patched things up with her. I still trust her it just seems awkward.

You mean use Alice? That's another awkward situation... one we should have dealt with long ago.
No. 421093 ID: b0d466

Have EMILY keep an eye on her~!
No. 421109 ID: 6e44d2

Just give your other eye its own body. As long as they aren't together, the two eyes are perfectly rational.
No. 421112 ID: e894c0

keep McButler as collateral?
No. 421152 ID: 214bf9

Why keep an eye on her while you can just let her keep your eye.
No. 421153 ID: e3f578

Give Lilith the Sword of the Overlord with the eye in it.
No. 421180 ID: f3283d

Hrm. Using any of our units to keep an eye on an alt us is problematic (he may not be *evil* per se, but we're hardly trustworthy ourselves. The overlord is inherently powerhungry- and seeks control). We need people who have a good grip on our psychological profile, who can figure what we're thinking, and are willing and able to manipulate us if necessary. People who are resistant to being smooth talked by us. Emily knows us best, and has kept us in check before, but managing anti-treachery might be a little above her head. Alice isn't inside our head as well, but she's got a vested interest in keeping us not-evil, and a mission like this is more in her intellectual capacity. Fluffy has the most experience with alt-us though, and might be best suited to keep him in balance. ...of course, this requires us to trust *Fluffy* to being reasonable and stable.

We have a similar problem keeping tabs on Lilith. No one tasked with the job of observer *could* stop her if she turned, at least by force or the threat of force. She can personally charm/disable any unit, plus she's got butler protection, and an invisible backstabbing ninja. What we need is someone who can keep Lilith from betraying us just by being there. Someone she trusts, and will listen to. Problem is, I dunno who that would be. Have we seen Lilith get close to anyone? Has she made any friends? Nin don't count, since she's more loyal to her than us. (...unless we can convince Nin it's in her mistress' best interest to stay loyal to us? Riskier than using one of our own though).
No. 421198 ID: 132b99

alice is essentially immune to charm too. she's too tsundere.
No. 421261 ID: 6a5a08

What if we wished for Lilith's loyalty?
No. 421263 ID: 0faf03

Maybe there is an item that can enforce an oath or some ritual of binding you could perform.

Consulting Meagan Nekoh might be a good idea. She's either used to fending off demonic charms or might have a way to render someone immune to seduction.
No. 421348 ID: 97486c
File 133955325833.png - (206.92KB , 800x600 , 857.png )

It's time to return to base and consider all the options..

First thing you do is have Styx retrieve the blade with your other half. Fluffy wouldn't agree to give it to you but handed it to Styx without much questioning. Just as well, you aren't too keen on touching the thing.
Styx explains that while Lilith can certainly charm an entire army of men if she needed to it's risky to trust her with such a task. She 'is' a succubus after all and as a demon she can be a bit greedy. Another option is sending an eye necklace with Alice to keep watch on Lilith but Alice still is 100% ok with you either.

>Styx: "Another person who can keep watch over Lilith is Meagan. I'm fairly certain she'd be able to resist her charms considering she has absolutely no interest in someone like her."

Before you can reply Lilith bursts into the room.

>"Overlord! I couldn't help but overhearing what was going on. Well I just wanted to say you can trust me with any task! I'm totally loyal to you!"

"Are you now?"

She grabs onto you and strokes your arm.

>"Of course~ I am your loyal vassal~ I'll do 'anything' for you~."

She seems eager enough.
Hard to judge her sincerity.
No. 421349 ID: b0d466



You are sending her in with SO MUCH supervision
No. 421350 ID: e3f578

"No disrespect to you, your loyalty or your enthusiasm but did you take something or get hit with anything recently? I haven't seen this behavior out of anyone but Shana before."
No. 421351 ID: a2fa74

Check her stars
"You do realize I'm incapable of sexual desire."
No. 421353 ID: 516a9d

"Prove your sincerity to me. Get naked right now. If you can't, then you are not sufficeintly loyal."
No. 421355 ID: e3aff6

She's a succubus. That would prove nothing.
No. 421356 ID: 04b86a

... Yeah, no. She's definitely not trustworthy.

Can we just stop punishing Alice without waiting for her to do that whole swearing fealty thing? I mean, she's been behaving and it would be a waste to just leave our old armor lying around unused... Besides, her main problem with the fealty bit is that she has issues with being treated like a tool instead of an ally.
No. 421362 ID: 6a5a08

Reply to Lilith, "I am incapable of sexual desire, and can view your loyalty stars at will. I did tell you I would train you in leadership, however. So I will give you a chance. Come with me."

Take her to the edge of the castle's floating island. "This is a trust exercise. Step off the edge of the castle without using your wings to save yourself. Trust that I will catch you."

Do not catch her when she steps off. Have Golem and Alice waiting below to catch her there. If she does not use her wings, she will get her chance.
No. 421364 ID: 431fa8

"I am glad to hear that. To make this plan work a great deal of reliability is required. You would be more than willing to reinforce your loyalty somewhat with magic, I trust? One who is so loyal already has no reason to be reluctant, and at the end of this you will be a vassal in truth, with an army of retainers at your command."

I suspect that Alice is remarkably close to swearing fealty to us anyway. Might as well let that situation sit for a bit longer while we continue to improve our relations with her.
No. 421365 ID: 6a5a08

Also make sure her eyes are closed, and that Alice and Golem know the plan.
No. 421367 ID: 7b2491

Yeaaaaaaaaah no.

We aren't sending her, even WITH Supervision we aren't sending her.
No. 421368 ID: 7b2491


That won't work bro, because she is a demon, she would just respawn here.

We take her to the Mortal world and find a pretty fucking high cliff, THEN we do that.
No. 421370 ID: 66426a

Nope. She's just looking for a way to get more men under her wing.

She is totally not doing this at all.
No. 421373 ID: 13f847

Lets just send fluffy & the sword with her. That way we can get POV on the whole operation.
No. 421376 ID: 6a5a08

Yes, that is true. Assure Butler of the plan, and allow him to come along and remain out of sight. Apologize for the arms while you're at it.
No. 421377 ID: 132b99

No. 421379 ID: 431fa8

To clarify for the benefit of my fellow suggesters, if we can get Lilith to down a few glasses of Silva's Wine then her reliability should become much less of a problem- and we can still stack on other precautions.
No. 421381 ID: 97486c
File 133955718353.png - (113.80KB , 800x600 , 858.png )

A trust test hmm? That sounds like a good idea.

>"You want me to jump off..?"

"Yes. Without using your wings. This is a simple trust exercise. If you can get to the bottom without using your wings then I will be able to trust you."

>"W-without my wings..?"


>".. You'll catch me... Right? Like... I don't wanna die here. This is the human world.."

"I promise."

>"I see a cloud..."

"We're very high up."

>"The cloud is below us.."

"Very very high up."
No. 421382 ID: 97486c
File 133955729947.png - (217.48KB , 800x600 , 859.png )

Lilith takes a step off.


She tries to turn back around but slips and ends up falling off the cliff.
While visibly frightened she does not pull out her wings.

Far below you have Golem waiting with strict orders to catch her the moment she hits the ground.

After a minute of falling Lilith reaches Golem
and falls right into the ground.

Once there Golem picks her up.
No. 421383 ID: 886a4d

Congragulate her on passing your test.... I think Golem needs a bit of tweaking though.
No. 421384 ID: 132b99

have kass heal her. and next time say "moment before she hits the ground"
No. 421385 ID: e3f578

the butler is going to kick your ass for putting her in danger and hurting her like that. And he'll insist even if she stops him.

I gotta feeling.
No. 421387 ID: 431fa8

Well, that was poorly done. Lilith gave us her trust and we effectively betrayed it by failing her- and now we have to justify that as something we meant to do, or we show ourselves an incompetent leader.

For now, assess Lilith's level of health.
No. 421389 ID: e60884

...wait, Alice still has a problem with us? She hasn't raised a complaint in ages. I thought she was reasonably content working with us, so long as we behaved.

When was the last time we talked to her, actually? When we alchemized the bow and wings? Maybe we should say hi.

Actually, there are a *lot* of people we haven't talked to in a while. We should set aside a day for inter-army diplomacy and relationship building when we get a chance. Get in some support conversations.


Yeah, don't trust her. Ask her point blank:

"...forgive me for my doubts, but it was only a short while ago you attempted to overthrow me in my own home. You have not had a chance since then to prove yourself loyal enough that I am not without reservations for putting you in a position of power comparable to my own."

(That's as simultaneously diplomatic and direct as I can manage. My first draft was downright *insulting*).
No. 421393 ID: 6a5a08

Where was Alice?

If she's dead, get Alalia to resurrect her.
No. 421394 ID: e60884


Dangit, disregard. Updates moved faster than I.


Well great. She trusted us, but we just gave her reason *not to* by botching the trust test. Way to go.
No. 421395 ID: 13f847

You know she just proved that we can trust her but we just proved that she can't trust us.
Remedy that situation by giving her the eye. our excuse will be that she has a piece of us to do with as she will.
but in reality it will be so we can literally keep an eye on her.
No. 421397 ID: 6a5a08

No. 421398 ID: 132b99

no the golem botched it. in front of Lilith as the golem why it let hr hit the ground. will say "you told we to grab her when she reached the ground"
No. 421399 ID: 431fa8

It will tell us that it did, because that's what it did. Then we look like an idiot who can't competently give his golem orders.

Thinking that it could catch her was insane anyway; you can't safely move someone from terminal velocity to a stop in the space of a couple feet, no matter how strong and deft you are.
No. 421401 ID: 6a5a08

I intended Golem and Alice to both be in the air below, so one was a backup if the other failed.

Plan B: Revive her with a Wish, tell her Golem misinterpreted orders, and give her the other eye as a sign of goodwill.

Plan C: Reload last autosave.
No. 421406 ID: e60884


...plan C may be necessary if she's actually dead. Mostly because I predict the following;

>Nin: avenge fallen mistress with invisible assassination attempts.
>Butler: avenge fallen little miss with horrific no longer holding back super-butler powers.

...at least the bad end will finally let us see butler in action?
No. 421408 ID: 92c81e

Why you no work!?
No. 421411 ID: 6a5a08

Alternatively if loading save isn't a thing, perhaps Alalia can turn back time with a wish so we can 'reload' to before the trust test and do it right this time.
No. 421460 ID: e894c0

Styyyyyyyxxxxxxxxxx >:U
No. 421515 ID: 3bad4c

>Why you no work!?

>Far below you have Golem waiting with strict orders to catch her the moment she hits the ground.

I give up, Overlord is irredeemably stupid.
No. 421516 ID: 04b86a

>the moment she hits the ground.
Okay, ignoring how stupid saying that to a golem whose creator doesn't know what the "I" in AI stands for is, do you know what inertia is? Because if you do, then you'll know that she should have been caught long before she hit the ground and then slowed to a stop.
No. 421517 ID: 299ed3

Apologize on the behalf of the golem.
No. 421538 ID: f387a1

Oh my! Just like The Coyote, but with unforeseen consequences!
No. 421578 ID: 516a9d

>No one makes any suggestions regarding the wording to the golem
>In fact, someone suggests something entirely different
>Instead, the Overlord does the worst possible thing

I don't really want to suggest anymore...
No. 421579 ID: b0d466

It was hilarious, and thus permissable!
No. 421585 ID: 25d645
File 133961161850.png - (216.02KB , 800x600 , 860.png )

You run down to check on Lilith, grateful that Nin is still on her mission.
You see she is still alive.

>Lilith: "Hehe, as if a little fall like that could killed a high grade Succubus such as myself. You didn't catch me though."

"That was my fault. I'd given the wrong orders to Golem."

>Golem: "Catch her when she reaches the ground."

"Yeah. I could have worded that better."

>Lilith: "Well~~~ It's not that big of a deal." She waves away your concerns. "So, you trust me now, right?"
No. 421587 ID: 431fa8

"Trust is a gray thing, not white or black. But... enough for this, I think, with one or two minor precautions."
No. 421588 ID: e60884


"Actually, I'm kind of more suspicious than ever. You're taking a betrayal of trust far to well. I can't help but feel you're putting up with all of this because it serves your ends. You want something, badly.

Why is it so important to you to control these forces, if not to use them to strike out on your own, or try to claim my castle again on more equal footing? If your motivation isn't something I should be concerned about, I'd love to hear it."
No. 421589 ID: b0d466


And then give her everything she wants.
No. 421590 ID: 4dc3a0

Anti this.
No. 421595 ID: e3f578

Did Styx say it was impossible to fake loyalty stars or just really difficult?

I understand this is average, but I still think this is a little high for her.
No. 421596 ID: b85f8c

She just wants more units. We did say we'd give her a chance to get a bigger army, didn't we?
No. 421597 ID: a3b384

"I trust you as far as I can drop you. But really - I do expect you to be self serving, even as you serve me. If you are honest with me over what you can exploit, then I don't mind cooperating to both our benefit."

Too accusational. I mean, even if we accuse her of self serving intent, we should not be surprised or offended. I think she'd respect that more.
No. 421599 ID: 886a4d

This sounds good.
No. 421600 ID: 04b86a

Why did we do this trust exercise, anyway? The falling exercise is designed to get her to trust us, not the other way around. And it failed at that, too.

I think she'll be fine, though. We're going to be enslaving people on her side, too, so she's never going to be stronger than us.
No. 421607 ID: e60884

Okay, maybe that *is* to confrontational. But would it really hurt to ask why this is so important to her? Because it obviously is.

If we're going forward with this plan, we need to clear up a few more details.

We're splitting into 3 factions-

Overlord subversion team.
Lilith subversion team.
Home base.

We need to do a few things-

Decide who's accompanying each leader on the subversion teams. We don't need an army, but each leader should have people to watch his or her back, and to provide reliable battle support. Lilith shouldn't be sent with just her units.

Decide who's in charge of home base, and what their orders are (probably defense, maintenance, and low risk unit training). If communication is interrupted, or something bad happens, we need a clear chain of command. Someone to keep things stable, and who can act independently if it's required.

A means of spy-proof long range communication between factions would be nice. We don't want to use teleporting messengers- they could be found out. ...I don't suppose we can use demi smiles as a kind of ansible though the smile queen?

Finally, one long term thought. If this works, we're going to getting a *lot* of new units all at once. I'd say we're going to have to promote existing loyal units to squad leaders and break down the new recruits into groups to keep things manageable. (This could also work as a longer term rebellion deterrent- if Lilith isn't the only one with her own forces, and doesn't control half of 'em all).
No. 421609 ID: 6a5a08

"Your eyes are glowing brighter than usual. I take this to mean you are angrier than you appear. I would prefer you to be honest when you are upset about something.

Regardless, the deal was that if you jumped you got your chance. You take one side, I take the other, and we both grow our armies. To note, however: the wording of the guards who suggested this was suspiciously specific. It may be a trap."
No. 421614 ID: a2fa74

"Hmm, if you knew you weren't in serious danger then the test was flawed.
Still, for this task it's good enough."
No. 421651 ID: f387a1

Trust? You don't have this luxury! You have to play with the many possible scenarios, you have to go on expecting her to be an ally and an enemy, and even with the possibility of she being overwhelmed by someone eles! Now, if you really want a real test of trust, you should be tested too! Trust your body and soul to her, she will trust her body and soul to you! There's no alternative!!
No. 421652 ID: 132b99

i think you guys are forgetting we can literally SEE loyalty.
No. 421661 ID: 886a4d

Well thats one way to get someones loyalty, she jumped from no stars to 3. I think we can somewhat trust her to help us here without screwing us over.
No. 421669 ID: f387a1

We do? Oh... Never mind! These things change! One more reason to always be on the edge! That or HAVE STEAMY HOT SEX nurture a good friendship to consolidate mutual trust!
No. 421677 ID: e3f578

Hey Overlord, speaking of loyalty stars, can you look at yourself in the sword and see his loyalty stars, then look yourself in the mirror and see your loyalty stars? And fear stars?
No. 421945 ID: 97486c
File 133965849789.png - (75.78KB , 463x409 , 861.png )

"Enough for this mission. I must ask however.. Why is this so important to you?"

>"Well you did say I needed to learn how to gain an army, I figured this is the best way. I can stand a little pain and betrayal to get this valuable experience."

At least she's mostly honest.
If this is truly the plan we're going for then.. Need to think of who to put where. Right now Alice and Shana are training and Nin is still on her mission. You could call them back to help out in this battle at any moment.
For Lilith's team you need to place people who are loyal enough to you to stop Lilith if she tries to pull anything. For the 'home' team you need strong and reliable units along with Styx. Anyone else can go with you.

So, who goes where?
No. 421948 ID: 132b99

if fluffy agrees to be with lillith that would be good, her No-eyes makes her immune to charm and stuff.
No. 421950 ID: b0d466

Loyal? Send Emily with Lilith.
No. 421954 ID: 431fa8

Hmm. We can wait until Alice and Shana return from training to begin, I think. After that... it's key to separate Lilith from Butler so that if Lilith tries for a coup he won't be able to back her. We'll also want units with Lilith that are immune to charm if possible; I'd suggest Emily but Lilith could probably talk Emily into anything. How about this?

Team Overlord - Silva, Solaris, Shana, Lun, Kassandra, Butler.

Team Lilith - Ruby, Nix, Fluffy, Meagan, Alice.

Team Styx - Rose, Golem, Lenion, Emily, all monster units.
No. 421957 ID: 132b99

yes but she isn't strong enough alone to stop Lilith if she tries anything. she needs backup.. hmm... hmm... would of said rose but we know from how she was born that succubus aren't immune to lust demon powers. what about fluffy's golem? just order it to do what emily says.
No. 421975 ID: e894c0


sounds good, except maybe Shana could be given to Lilith.
No. 421982 ID: e3f578

Butler doesn't serve us technically, so maybe we should put him on our team
I don't want to send the wrong message by separating the two in such a dangerous situation. The Butler may resent us enough, making him fight and tearing off his arms. Even under Lilith's command, I fear what would happen should his own loyalty to us fall low. He could take subversive actions he deems fit to protect his lady or what's best for her.
No. 421984 ID: e3f578

shouldn't put him on our team, not should, fucking typoes
No. 422034 ID: e60884

On teams:

I have to ask- as a non-combat unit, Styx is competent to orchestrate a defense if the base is attacked, right? We don't need to designate her president, and someone else as her general?

Shana's a lvl 1 mage. We're going to do convert action inside a three year war zone, and betray both sides at once. There *aren't* going to be well defined front lines. I don't think keeping her safe is feasible. On the other hand, massive xp opportunities for power-leveling. If she comes, it has to be on our team, so we can micromanage her safety. Give her an angel ring, and train her up quickly in early battles while the lines are still clear.

I don't think butler will *allow* himself to be separated from Lilith. It's a fight we can't win- we'll just lose face (and possibly trust) if we try. He should stay with her. This might even work in our favor- he's a good deal responsible for her joining us in the first place, and may talk her out of rash actions.

On communication:

I really think we should come up with some means of communicating covertly between the three factions. There's just so many ways this can go wrong if we're incommunicado, or if we use communication lines our marks / "allies" can tap.

Personally, I like a demi-slime ansible. Assuming the demi-slimes are drone kinda things the slime queen controls, and not independent children we should be able to pass messages, using the slime queen as a relay (...I really hope they're not independent children, since they keep dying horribly. x_x). This likely hasn't been done before- so no one will know what we're doing or how to tap the lines.

Cheap teleports makes messengers feasible, but they could be observed by our marks / "allies". If we have to resort to messengers, we should use some kind minimally suspicious drop point, like Fabio's shop (He'll be cool with it- if we pay him off first).

Styx could probably rig up some magical means of communication (crystals, orbs, whatever). More secure than messengers, but if they already exist, then means to tap the lines may also exist. Our marks / "allies" will also know we're talking to *someone*.
No. 422037 ID: 6a5a08

For a non-combat unit, Styx is pretty handy with her hammer.
No. 422060 ID: 132b99

we are in the human world, shana is immortal here.
No. 422122 ID: e60884


Ooh, forgot that. That makes it safe to grind her up while we're enslaving the other army via attrition.
No. 422244 ID: 92c81e

A ring would still be useful, because she can stay alive in a fight, even if she gets killed, she can get revived *during the fight*, to get some extra, much needed experience. Besides, she might feel more comfortable with the added security.
No. 422289 ID: 97486c
File 133973435311.png - (54.17KB , 344x407 , 862.png )

You recall Alice and Shana from their level up training. It seems Shana has now become a level 5 Shadow Magus.

Alice has reaches level 10!
Now that she's at level 10 she can either change her class (this does not drop her to level 1) or continue being an archer.
The options are:
Sniper- Gains attack bonus by spending entire round attacking. Stacks with other bonuses gained by further leveling up.
Magic Archer- Stops training with fancy archer shots and instead focuses on adding magic to their shots.
Archer- Continues down this path and further hones their skills.

Alice makes it clear it doesn't matter what class you pick for her, she just wants to not be around you for longer then she has to.
No. 422290 ID: 132b99

HMMMM for a bit just to make her squirm a little.

then i think sniper is good. she can fly out of range then pelt them with power shots.
No. 422292 ID: fa9f7e

Harem Slavegirl is best class
No. 422294 ID: b0d466
File 133973499719.png - (93.56KB , 350x400 , AliceInFrills.png )

No. 422296 ID: 431fa8

Sniper's good.

Alice, I'm surprised you are so eager to leave, particularly when you are so willing to entrust us with choosing a direction for your continued training. And you seemed so pleased with matters the other day... has something happened?
No. 422310 ID: 5b429e

Magic for the win
No. 422315 ID: 886a4d

sniper, her wings make her perfect for this.
No. 422319 ID: 92c81e

I like the classic archer.
No. 422327 ID: 97486c
File 133973757952.png - (168.53KB , 625x600 , 863.png )

You decide on Sniper.
Alice's Stats have been changed!

As she turns to walk away you call out to her.

"Alice are you ok?"


"You sure? You're acting a bit off. Yesterday you seemed to be fine but now you're avoiding me."

>"It... It's nothing okay? It's none of your business.."

"You're one of my units, if something is bothering you I need to know."

>"I.. I can't say."

"Is it that bad? If someone is bothering you then-"

>"It's you!"

".... What?"

>"Can't you tell!? I... I love you... It hurts so much just being around you because.. I know it will never work out between us."

>Shana: "WHAT!?"
No. 422329 ID: c3b5da

Open mouth, raise finger.

Close mouth, drop finger.


"I am incapable of physical relationships. Are you aware?"
No. 422332 ID: b0d466

"You have my condolences." (Overlord does not hug ;n;)
No. 422333 ID: e894c0

I... she... what. no, but... wait, when, how, why, and also, what.
No. 422334 ID: b85f8c

What. Is our mask off or something?

Ask her what changed to cause this. Last we spoke she was still as unfriendly as ever.
No. 422335 ID: 97486c
File 133973818830.png - (158.90KB , 625x600 , 864.png )

She sticks her tongue out at you.

>"Kidding. Honestly after what happened earlier I don't think 'anyone' but crazy over here wants to be near you for very long."

No. 422338 ID: b85f8c

Tell her that's understandable, and you'll try to make up for it if you can.
No. 422339 ID: c3b5da

"Alright, you got me. I'll admit it. If anything, Alice, you keep me on my toes."

The best reaction to Shana is to show levity to Alice's percieved insult of you. "But really, one shouldn't mock love where it happens. I'm a golem of chaos, the most unpredictable force in the world, and I don't get it."
No. 422344 ID: 431fa8

"Quite humorous; my compliments on your acting skills. As for my actions earlier, I did warn you all in advance that something might go very wrong. And in Shana's defense, her mental state is in large part not her own doing. I do hope that you are not holding it against her."
No. 422347 ID: 132b99

"okay you got me." and emote a smile con over your head or something..
No. 422353 ID: a3b384

Hah. I think we need a Deremeter installed or something, so we don't have to wonder about such things. Just laugh a bit at her, don't act bothered. We aren't anyway. Then go on to speak.

"I agree. Putting those parts together turned me back into the monster I was before. If not worse. That is no way for a leader to be, not for a moment, not if I want any true loyalty. So I am going to conquer two countries, to be able to limit my own power and make sure that I never become that again."

"What I don't understand is why you won't actively support me in doing that, instead of making bad jokes. Did you think that time of war and murder was funny?"
No. 422354 ID: a2fa74

"I am honored, but sadly you are correct. You are not the only one to declare their love for me, and I cannot play favorites. Even if you gathered together and worked out a way for nobody's love to go unrequited, I would still not be capable of the affection you need."

Sigh again, then pause

"I don't want to build false hope, but talk to Styx. Search out all the others who feel this way and talk out your wants and needs. If you can all work out an agreement for a 'harem', then I will authorize Styx to make what changes are needed to accommodate it."
No. 422356 ID: a2fa74

Take off your mask and sweep her into your arms.

"Don't say things you don't mean. That just makes people jealous~"

Then set her back down, put your mask back on, and walk away.
No. 422357 ID: c3b5da

No. 422358 ID: 132b99

make that a love meter, it displays hearts. 99.9(repeatng)% chance emily has infinite hearts as well.
No. 422360 ID: 431fa8

Unfortunately Alice is immune to charm effects, of which our face is one.
No. 422361 ID: f387a1

Suspiciously specific denial. We have work to do, could you just go already?
No. 422363 ID: 04b86a

"Heh. Developed a sense of humor, have we? Well, all the same I'd prefer you not avoid me. I actually quite enjoy your company."

Downvoting. Besides, she's probably immune to it anyway.
No. 422390 ID: b8a900

No. 422391 ID: 132b99

No. 422398 ID: b85f8c

Did you forget that Overlord DOES NOT HUG?
No. 422404 ID: ac6c03

did you forget WHAT A HUG IS?
No. 422415 ID: b85f8c

Taking someone into your arms is pretty much a hug!
No. 422454 ID: f387a1

Fools! We're messing with the natural order of things! We're going to break reality itself!
No. 422492 ID: 5d947d

MWHAHAHA- That's what chaos is all about, breaking reality!!!
No. 422683 ID: 503921

Apoligize for the way things went down. Say thats why you tried to take security measures but you didn't anticipate Badass Overlord coming out like that.
No. 422694 ID: e3f578

Wait the thing where we fucked up by trusting Forrest and proving ourselves a fool, getting Shana deleveled, or put our second eye in and went berserk?

Because everyone understood the risks. Figured only the directly hurt would be affected, or people like Fluffy because she's Fluffy. Or would that be naively stupid?
No. 424115 ID: 4811fb

We almost killed Lilith, Too.
No. 424121 ID: 25d645
File 134013955955.png - (167.04KB , 800x600 , 865.png )

No need to sink down to her level. Besides I'd rather not hold her. Even in jest.

"Your acting skills are very impressive Alice. Again, I had tried to minimize any damage that was done during that attempt. I'm sorry things got out of control at the end."

She just shrugs in response.

>"Whatever. Just try not to lose it again. And talk to Rose when you can."

"Did she say anything to you?"

>"Not gonna say."

With that she leaves.

The troops are all gathered. There is just one question now.
Which Overlord goes to which leader? For simplicity sake I'm Overlord 1. Or Prime. Yes, Overlord Prime.
No. 424122 ID: bd3222

Prime goes with Gram. Because Gram is an awesome bro.
No. 424126 ID: d52d47

Wait, prime? I thought we'd decided on using lilith, not lefty (he's the left eye, see? We're right, of course).

We should send people with who they'll match best. Do we have any personality info on these two?

In leu of info, I say overlord + catgirl, lilith + dude.
No. 424127 ID: 132b99

yes, lillith should be paired with gram so her charms can be used most effectively.
No. 424142 ID: 431fa8

Send Lilith to the male leader and Overlord to the female leader. They'll be most effective that way.
No. 424158 ID: 132b99

you can't even hold someone as a joke? there may be something really wrong with you, if you are completely incapable of doing some actions. if you are ABLE to but never WANT to, then you will be able to hug.. emily, simply to prove you can, if you cannot, even when you try, then you need help.
No. 424172 ID: 92c81e

We have to maintain our image. Don't knock it.
No. 424542 ID: 97486c
File 134024803528.png - (83.50KB , 588x544 , 866.png )

You send Lilith and her group to talk to the people of Tzen while you take on Torral.

Also you can hug if you need to, see?
No. 424545 ID: 97486c
File 134024813407.png - (29.78KB , 800x600 , 867.png )

You return to Torral. The same guard is there.

>"Hey! Have you decided to help out Lady Tikka in this war!"

"That I have."

>"Do you swear to do all you can to assist her?"

"I do."

>"Would you be willing to leave something of value to you here in case we find you have betrayed us?"


Are you?

And if so, what?
No. 424550 ID: 431fa8

Wait, we're helping them for free? Shouldn't we demand that they pay us for our invaluable assistance in their conflict? I mean, who would buy the idea that we're helping out someone we've never met from the goodness of our heart when they won't even introduce themselves to us? We're offering them the key to victory in a multi-year war here, that should demand a certain level of respect from them to us- not our giving them valuables to hold hostage while we have the privilege of risking ourself on their behalf. That's just absurd.
No. 424555 ID: b0d466

Overlord you clearly need hugging lessons. That was PATHETIC.

Sure! Leave Fluffy

Will they accept "1 Unknown Fruit of Unknown Powers Which, When Consumed, Can Have Many Effects Which Can Either Be Good or Bad Depending On Several Circumstances None of Which Are Fully Understood" as ransom? It might be valuable!
No. 424557 ID: a2fa74

"Are you suggesting I must give you power over me if I want to help you resolve your problems?
No. That is not how these things work."
No. 424558 ID: a6ab09

whatever you say hoverhands
No. 424562 ID: 92c81e

I don't want my overlord to be corrupted so by your hugs. Just drop it.

The watch is the only thing I can think of, short of handing over the sword (which obviously we don't even have the sword with us)
No. 424564 ID: e3f578

"I suppose my word doesn't count? A man's word is everything. Well, I don't make it a habit to get attached to anything really, being a free golem and all. I don't even have much reason to betray you, since I'm here to establish alliances. I'm a diplomat, I need things here and I chose a side. I'm no mere soldier, I can enslave or subjugate. I am literally one of the only things of this earth that can actually end this stalemate of yours. So will you let me help you or not? I'm no dog begging for a master. I am a master wanting to help another master."
No. 424565 ID: 132b99

that is NOT a hug, emily has no idea what you were doing, and she is a hug master.

anyway, maybe offer lenion and say "according to tamer law she is my wife." that should convince them she is really valuable
No. 424569 ID: a3b384

Let's not be stingy or proud, after all this is integral to our plans.

Offer the fruit or the slime wand, not like we're using them.
No. 424570 ID: b85f8c

Ask how exactly you would betray them. It sounds like they just want something that they can use as leverage to make you do something you don't want to do.
No. 424572 ID: 97486c
File 134025049072.png - (127.21KB , 800x600 , 868.png )

"I'm offering my services and you're demanding things from 'me'?"

>"Please understand we are not being rude. We simply need insurance. You must understand our situation."

"Very well then."

You give her the Unknown Fruit of Unknown Powers Which, When Consumed, Can Have Many Effects Which Can Either Be Good or Bad Depending On Several Circumstances None of Which Are Fully Understood. She seems to accept this and extends the bridge to you. You are led deep into the castle and into another room where you see Tikka sitting on a desk. She looks at you.

>"So you're the one huh? Great. Now this stupid war can end."

"Ending the war is my goal, yes. But before I do anything I need to know how you even know of my skills."

>"Scanners. We have them all around in case one of Gram's men tries to attack us. You abilities popped up and we could see from there that you had what we needed. That good enough? Now I gotta ask how exactly are you going to Subjugate any of Gram's men? You gonna sweet talk them or something?"
No. 424573 ID: a3b384

"No, I will have them crushed and forcibly enslave them. Sweet talking comes later, to make them complain about it less."
No. 424574 ID: 132b99

"hmph, nothing like that, it's simply a position of power. can simply have me spear-head an attack and with the advantage kill them faster then they can re-spawn and take control of them one at a time. as our ranks grow his will dwindle and we can press the attack harder"
No. 424583 ID: 431fa8

"I have found that the appropriate application of force and intimidation is usually effective in inducing compliance with Subjugation."
No. 424614 ID: e3f578

That this war is boring and stagnate and that they should join me. Look at how thier leader cowers behind walls, that whole shebang.
No. 424653 ID: a2fa74

"No, actually. I intend to find out what caused this dispute and resolve it, then negotiate terms of peace. If that doesn't work then I'll crush and enslave him and his forces."

Lets not mention that we'd be be doing that to her as well.
No. 424667 ID: b85f8c

Pointing out that you do have enslave might be a good idea, and ask why she's interested in Subjugate over Enslave.

It's a far better idea to ask her what started this dispute to begin with.
No. 424669 ID: 97486c
File 134026465155.png - (90.66KB , 800x600 , 869.png )

"I have found that the appropriate application of force and intimidation is usually effective in inducing compliance with Subjugation."

>"Good, good.."

"Before I begin though I must ask, why are you doing this anyway? What's the cause of the war? I've heard others say but it could all just be hear-say for all I know."

She glares.

>"That's none of your concern.. I'm going to pay you handsomely for helping me out with this mission. One of the stipulations to this payment is that you not bother me with unimportant things."
No. 424670 ID: 132b99

stare at her a little "very well then."
No. 424676 ID: bd3222


"Alrighty then. Am I to operate alone, or will you assign me a task force? With help, I can be more efficient, but I can understand reticence and lack of trust."
No. 424679 ID: a3b384

I think what would work better is for her to choose troops as needed, and include overlord with the teams for enslave.
No. 424683 ID: 223190

okay so where do we start
No. 424699 ID: a2fa74

"Demoralization and propaganda are critical to subjugation attempts. The more I know about the war and its causes the more success I'll have."
No. 424703 ID: 56e424


So we're being paid to run the war effort our way, unsupervised? Well that couldn't have gone any bet- oh god damn it it's still a trap isn't it.
No. 424728 ID: e3f578

"And one of the remain dividing pyramids and whatever notes you have on them in this country. I am in need of one and have a tinker that could make use of them should she manage to replicate it."
No. 424952 ID: 97486c
File 134035821010.png - (72.23KB , 800x600 , 870.png )

"Demoralization and propaganda are critical to subjugation attempts. The more I know about the war and its causes the more success I'll have."

>"... That's true I suppose. Fine, I'll tell you."
No. 424956 ID: 97486c
File 134035877860.png - (100.80KB , 800x600 , 871.png )

>"She just doesn't want to admit that 'she' lost the Dividing Pyramid!"
No. 424957 ID: b0d466

So what I'm hearing is that because of the dividing pyramid your land has become...divided :3c

Ok, ok. Even if you didn't lose it, why not be the bigger person and take one for the team, blame-wise? Surely a little ITEM can't be worth this much bloodshed.
No. 424959 ID: a2fa74

"... that's it? You two are playing the blame game over something Abel stole?
Wait, sorry, that's just rumor. Forget it.

If I can get Gram to agree, would you be amenable to a truce long enough to have your forces cooperate to find it?"
No. 424974 ID: 3bad4c

Engage smirk mode.
No. 424990 ID: a3b384

Ask for details on what that is and what exactly happened.

That works against our purpose here, we want them fighting in this deathless war so we can conquer the lost of them from both sides. We can make peace between them afterwards.
No. 424996 ID: 132b99

woah, overlord, did you really see it like that? was crazy. but yeah, let's get this battle started.
No. 425006 ID: 24c2a1


"Very well. So is your objective to recover this artifact, complete conquest of your opponent, or to merely beat them into admitting fault?"

After that, ask to be directed to whoever's been in charge of the war effort. Let's see what resources we have to steal use.
No. 425174 ID: 97486c
File 134042725634.png - (127.53KB , 800x600 , 872.png )

"Very well. So is your objective to recover this artifact, complete conquest of your opponent, or to merely beat them into admitting fault?"

>"Actually I just want to drag his ass out of his stupid little castle so I can beat the shit out of him myself, the actual item I could care less about at this point. Destroying his army is just the means to do so. I'm gonna give you two of my best warriors. You think you can do the job with just them?"
No. 425176 ID: b85f8c

Say that you were actually interested in the dividing pyramid- that's why we originally visited this land. Ask if we can have it if we find it.
No. 425178 ID: 132b99

"certainly, i have my own people to use if i run into a group of 4 or so."
No. 425182 ID: a2fa74

She just wants this over so they can get on with their lives.

Have you scanned her?
No. 425276 ID: 223190


No. 426160 ID: 97486c
File 134069052524.png - (59.90KB , 800x521 , 873.png )

"That is more then enough. If not then I have a few of my own men I could use. But now that you mention the Dividing Pyramid I have to admit that using it was the main reason I'd come here. Is it possible that I can have it once the mission is over?"

>"Whatever. I just want this war to end."

She looks very tired.
No. 426169 ID: 132b99

bow and leave. let's start the attacks.
No. 426195 ID: a2fa74

Scan her before leaving. Beating one of them in a fight would mean victory.
Then we could beat the other in a fight and make them rule together under our command.
No. 426197 ID: 132b99

we don't know if she can detect scans, if so it would be incredibly rude.
No. 426248 ID: 223190


no it wouldn't.
No. 426332 ID: 4a328b

Have her over to your castle for tea. We'll bring Gram over too.
No. 426352 ID: 25d645
File 134074653367.png - (133.50KB , 664x451 , 874.png )

Scanning doesn't seem to work here.

Very well then.

You bring up the battle screen.

Hmm.. It seems you can not attack the Boss at the center unless you defeat the surrounding units.
No. 426356 ID: c3c502


Where is Lilith? We want to coordinate our battles so we're not fighting each other directly, and can scoop up the other leaders' troops with enslavement / seduction.
No. 426373 ID: 132b99

she's probably looking at an identical grid on gram's castle, as long as bot of us are on offense it will be fine.
No. 426392 ID: e3f578

This is a grid of Gram's fortress
Tikka's will be similar.
We will not meet in battle if she leaves now, this is directly facing the opponent. However, if she doesn't leave in the next few panels of the opposite quest, then we might see Gram's reaction to our attacks (and might see what it's like looking INTO a battle from the outside of it on this game system)
No. 426406 ID: 886a4d

Let's take out one of the 25s just to see who we have to work with.
No. 426409 ID: c3c502


Yeah, but in the worst case scenario, he'll send her out to prove herself by meeting the new threat we present.
No. 426505 ID: a3b384

All we have to do is make sure we attack at the same time, both at the others battle front. We won't have to deal with each other then.

And if someone brings up the oddity of the other side getting a new enslaver as well, play it off as a rival lord that has been giving you problems.
No. 426702 ID: 223190

go 25ways.
No. 427327 ID: 97486c
File 134096488349.png - (327.88KB , 804x1000 , 875.png )

You decide to take on a Rank 25 just to see what it'll be like.

>"Every get ready! Tikka's forces are getting ready to attack again!"

==Placement Phase.
Limit 3==
No. 427330 ID: 886a4d

What were the teams decided on for the various groups?

Who do we have available from Tikka's forces and what are their stats?
No. 427332 ID: b85f8c

Aw nuts, these guys are Gunners. Alice won't like having one of them around.

...but maybe it would be amusing to see them interact. Let's put her in and ask her what she thinks about Subjugating a Gunner.

Also put in Solaris, since we got her some unique equipment and she should be effective with it no matter what form she decides to take.

Solaris's position depends on what form she takes. Alice should be in the back somewhere. Overlord should be in the front as he does not have infinite range.
No. 427335 ID: 97486c

http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats#Tikka.27s_Units Tikka's units. Forgot to assign units to Overlord and Lilith so just pick whoever. The only one not in Lilith's group right now is Nin for sure.
No. 427341 ID: 886a4d

Supporting this. Solaris will probably be in Healer form so she would be in the back.
No. 427358 ID: 92c81e

I really think we should put Kassandra in, instead of Solaris. For one, it guarantees we have a healer, rather than hoping Solaris fills that role (although it is likely that she would). Kass really needs the experience, and she can throw +def group onto herself and either Overlord, or Alice, as needed. And the Demi Angel summon could potentially be a good way to turn around the situation, if things go poorly.

Oh, also, give her a revive ring. Even with her armor giving her 10 DR, if she gets focused, she will get dropped FAST. If there's a better time to use the rings, I haven't seen one.
No. 427360 ID: 132b99

gunners fire in straight lines, archers can fire any direction. alice basically owns at this angle.
No. 427400 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord, Alice, Solaris.
First course of action: Scan the enemy. They may or not be regular Gunners, but it's nice to know if they have any tricky equipment anyways.
No. 427751 ID: 97486c
File 134112349619.png - (342.94KB , 804x1000 , 876.png )

You Scan
Gram's Gunners

Lv 10
HP: 40
AP: 3

Double Shot: Costs 1 AP. Gunner can attack twice.
Curved Bullet: Continuous ability. Can shoot in any direction. Range is = to Lv.

Lv 8

Double Shot: Costs 1 AP, the Gunner can attack twice.

Lv 7

Double Shot: Costs 1 AP, the Gunner can attack twice.

It is still your move. Overlord has taken his action.
No. 427845 ID: 6a5a08

Heh, if her line of sight isn't blocked Alice can hit from anywhere on the field.

Solaris: + Defense on Alice.
Alice: Use move phase to Aim and fire at the Level 8 Gunner. We can easily take him out in one shot so long as we hit.
No. 427846 ID: 6a5a08

Actually, change that. Solaris use + Defense on herself, she can be taken down in one hit from McCurvey otherwise. Overlord and Alice would both be fine even if two hit them, and only the Level 10 can do so from here.
No. 427851 ID: 886a4d

Sounds good.
No. 427901 ID: 6a5a08

Another addendum, Solaris move two squares into the furthest corner to decrease chance of getting targeted. I can't tell how many spaces there are in that chasm, so I don't know of she's in Curvey's range.
No. 427904 ID: 92c81e

If it's possible to block shots by standing in the way, have Overlord position to protect Solaris first, then Alice if possible. Solaris should move into position in the back to make this possible.

If it is not possible to block shots with Overlord, have him charge the gunners. If they focus him, it's going to hurt, but we can heal some of it back, and hopefully by then we should have taken one of them out, and can take another out next turn.
No. 427919 ID: 1e9d01

Solaris's form wasn't mentioned. Have her equip her new equipment, then please inform us what she is at the moment. Healer form?
No. 427932 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord has already taken his action by scanning. We can have him charge them next turn.
And in any case, all three gunners targeting him with double shot would kill him. We have to eliminate one first so he can get in range without dying.
No. 427971 ID: 92c81e

Yes he spent his action scanning, but he can still move 3.
No. 427986 ID: 97486c

Move Phase is before the Action phase.

Also Line of Sight means that the target must be in one direction from the one trying to hit them. Diaonals or curves do not count unless stated otherwise. It has to be like this +
No. 427992 ID: 92c81e

Oh, ok, thanks for clarifying. I was under the impression that move and action were interchangeable. I feel silly now.
No. 428003 ID: 6a5a08

Oh, alright. In that cast

Solaris: Move two spaces down-left and +Defense on Alice.
Alice: Move one space down-left and two spaces up-left. If we can give her a Revival item, do so.
No. 428010 ID: 97486c

understandable since the Item Phase itself is and Phases were only really mentioned in like chapter 1 and early in the dis thread. You can read up more on battle mechanics here http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats#Battle

Added Phases for clarity
No. 428011 ID: 6a5a08

Forgot Sprint was a thing. Alice move two additional spaces up-left.
No. 428045 ID: 132b99

what? guys, alive MUST be diagonal she can kill them and they can't strike back.
No. 428976 ID: 97486c
File 134142493098.png - (415.05KB , 804x1000 , 877.png )

Alice and Solaris move.
Solaris casts +Def on Alice.

Alice equips the Revival Ring.
No. 428977 ID: 97486c
File 134142500261.png - (418.37KB , 804x1000 , 878.png )

The Gunners move closer.

>Alice: "Gunners..?"

She seems a bit upset.

Your move.
No. 428979 ID: 132b99

so WHY did we move her again?
anyway, alice start shooting them.
No. 428981 ID: c3c502

Reassure Alice that you knew she'd be effective then the gunners, and that in the past she's been happy to fight them. And that we're not here because we want to recruit gunners to our team, but as part of the larger strategy (not sure how much of the plan she knows? Also, we can't be very specific with the enemy listening right there).
No. 428984 ID: 6a5a08

She cannot hit them from here. See Larro's post:

Solaris +Defense Overlord
Overlord move 3 up-left
Alice move 1 up-left
No. 429008 ID: 04b86a

Assuming Alice is still using the Archer formula for her base range, she should have a range of 14, meaning if she moves one space closer she'll be able to attack the gunner on the right, and if she moves three spaces closer she'll be able to attack the gunner in the middle. Which one's the level 10? I think we should try to save him for last so that we can enslave him.

Overlord: Subjugate.
Solaris: Charge and cast +Defense on Alice
Alice: Move forward 3 spaces and attack the middle Gunner. May as well use a Dark Arrow using 15 of the Overlord's HP.

"Listen, I know that none of you know the cause of this war. If you did, then both armies would have stopped fighting a long time ago and just forced Gram and Tikka to make up. You see, three years ago the Dividing Pyramid disappeared, and then Gram and Tikka both blindly assumed the other had lost it and split the kingdom into two equal halves. What they fail to see is that the Dividing Pyramid was clearly stolen and used to force all of you into an endless war. I don't know why, but before I can find out I need to put an end to this.

"Join me, and help me end this war. Since both Gram and Tikka refuse to see reason, likely because of the Pyramid, it's the only way for you to get back to your lives. If you join me willingly, I'll even promise not to force you to attack your former comrades if you object to doing so."
No. 429040 ID: 132b99

Sniper- Gains attack bonus by spending entire round attacking. Stacks with other bonuses gained by further leveling up.

aka, she does best by standing still and using her move action as part of a super attack.
No. 429216 ID: c16267

fly pretty girl fly
No. 429219 ID: 132b99

yes, she flies up and gets a sight advantage over all of them
No. 429498 ID: 97486c
File 134156795942.png - (410.24KB , 804x1000 , 879.png )

You and Alice move.
Solaris charges and casts +Def on Alice.

Alice uses Dark Arrow and fires but completely misses.

You attempt to subjugate.

"Listen, I know that none of you know the cause of this war. If you did, then both armies would have stopped fighting a long time ago and just forced Gram and Tikka to make up. You see, three years ago the Dividing Pyramid disappeared, and then Gram and Tikka both blindly assumed the other had lost it and split the kingdom into two equal halves. What they fail to see is that the Dividing Pyramid was clearly stolen and used to force all of you into an endless war. I don't know why, but before I can find out I need to put an end to this. Join me, and help me end this war. Since both Gram and Tikka refuse to see reason, likely because of the Pyramid, it's the only way for you to get back to your lives. If you join me willingly, I'll even promise not to force you to attack your former comrades if you object to doing so."

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have any effect on them.
No. 429499 ID: 97486c
File 134156829282.png - (393.06KB , 804x1000 , 880.png )

>Gunners: "Let's do this."

The gunners turn invisible!
Alice is shot by one and is dealt 25dmg!
Solaris's spell kicks in and drops the dmg to 17.

Alice is shot again and is dealt 25dmg!
Solaris's spell activates again and drops the dmg to 17.

Alice is down to 38HP.

>Alice: "Nnn... Fucking Gunners.. They're dead.. DEAD!"

Alice is in Berserk Rage. +1 Spd +10 dmg.
No. 429500 ID: 68852c


No. 429518 ID: c3c502

Quick, equip Meagan's sInvs sunglasses!

...that or just use the contrails the bullets seem to leave to pinpoint their location and shoot 'em.
No. 429547 ID: a7bc8b

yhis, or, if the situation became to dangerous, fleeee!
No. 429560 ID: 132b99

overlord move in, alice move back and fly up. start shooting.
No. 429566 ID: 886a4d

Solaris move 3 closer then Heals Alice, Alice Aim then Shoot at the low level Gunner that just shot her. Overlord runs toward McCurvy`s position.
No. 429629 ID: 850c79
File 134160836752.png - (362.77KB , 804x1000 , 881.png )

You completely forgot about the invisi-glasses!
You equip them. The field is revealed to you.

Solaris moves and heals Alice for 23 HP.
You run and get ready to attack the Leader.

Alice Aims and fires at one of the Gunners. She crit-hits and deals 80Dmg to the man killing him instantly.

>Gunner Leader: "... Oh shit."
No. 429631 ID: 850c79
File 134160871739.png - (371.49KB , 804x1000 , 882.png )

One of the Gunners moves and double shoots at Alice dealing 50dmg!
The Leader double shoots at you dealing 50dmg! Your armor absorbs some of the dmg reducing it to 40.
No. 429632 ID: 6a5a08

Solaris: Move and heal Overlord.
Overlord: Walk up and shoot the Gunner Leader point blank with the Force Gun.
Alice: Aim and fire at second Lackey Gunner.
No. 429634 ID: 6a5a08

Also didn't Alice have DR from Solaris' +Defense spells?
No. 429638 ID: 92c81e

it only lasts one turn.
No. 429640 ID: b85f8c

Good grief.

Solaris: group heal.
Alice: Move up and Blitz the asshole that just shot you. If ANY shots connect he's dead.
Overlord: After the leader's the last man standing, maybe he'll change his mind about not joining us. Ask him again. Put a threat in at the end- he can join us willingly or we will use a different approach.
No. 429641 ID: b85f8c

Actually it lasts 2 hits.
No. 429643 ID: 04b86a

Solaris: +Acc on Alice
Alice: Rapid Shot the gunner
Overlord: Walk up and shoot the Leader.
No. 429644 ID: 68852c

Solaris heal Alice
Alice shoot full round
Overlord use sword
No. 429645 ID: 68852c

oh, and retry to subjugate 'em. maybe they've changed their mind, and we'd get two of their soldiers instead of the one we'd enslave.
No. 429653 ID: 132b99

alice, aim and fire again!
overlord, move in and attack.
No. 429655 ID: 04b86a

Let's not use Aim. She's already strong enough to one-hit any of them and Aim does nothing to improve her accuracy. A Blitz or a +Acc Rapid Shot would be best.
No. 429677 ID: 6a5a08

Sword is weaker than our gun right now. No use in it.
No. 431252 ID: 25d645
File 134202878836.png - (353.67KB , 804x1000 , 883.png )

Alice uses Blitz and completely obliterates the right Gunner.

"Last chance to join us willingly. If not... Well, we can find other ways to convince you."

>"I'd rather go down swinging, thanks."

"Very well then."

You shoot him killing the leader.
No. 431253 ID: 25d645
File 134202884692.png - (86.99KB , 800x600 , 884.png )

=The Loot Menu comes up.

Gram's army has been weakened!
Tikka's army seems more likely to win.=
No. 431256 ID: d8f016

>Gram's army has been weakened! Tikka's army seems more likely to win

Assuming the dividing pyramid doesn't cheat, as we expect it will. That's why we went after both armies in the first place.

Anyways, enslave. That's what we came here for. Be prepared to deal with Alice's coming outburst that we just added a gunner to the team. (Hmmm. We've never enslaved a male unit before. Well, except the guy we melted. Our usual shirt-stealing strategy may prove ineffective. We'll have to depants him.)
No. 431260 ID: 132b99

enslave and return to the hub.
No. 431267 ID: 770aa0

I think we should loot. We have plenty of units already, and that loot looks nice.
No. 431268 ID: 886a4d

Won't we get loot from the other 2 units regardless? We definately have to enslave though thats the eniter point of this.
No. 431284 ID: 770aa0

I'm pretty sure it's always been "Get loot" or "Enslave", not both. The only way to get both is subjugation, which of course is much harder and circumstantial.
No. 431294 ID: b85f8c

If we Enslave we only miss out on loot from that one unit.
No. 431296 ID: d8f016

>We go on a mission where the entire objective is enslavement.

>We get distracted by invisible shinies and argue about looting instead.

I'm amused.
No. 431297 ID: 132b99

yes, the rules are you get loot from them all but you can trade in the loot of the last one for enslave.
No. 431298 ID: 886a4d

I know one way to appease Alice's outrage over having gunners in the same army as her... put her in charge of them. She can train them, outfit them and send them on missions however she wants. And we can play good cop to her bad for loyalty stars.
No. 431307 ID: d8f016


I can see no way giving the girl who's not completely loyal to us her own command and contingent of soldiers she hates could possibly backfire.

Seriously though, it could work. Whether or not it will though really depends on Alice, and I can't quite guess her response ahead of time.
No. 431309 ID: e3f578

She could teach them to name and love their weapons, which could ease her perception of them.

Or it turns out they already do have their weapons named and loved and her narrow mind is fucking blown.
No. 431310 ID: bbe27e

No. 431398 ID: d94e2c

Does Alice have clothes yet? Can we give her some?

Also, totally on board with giving her the Gunner.
No. 431401 ID: 68852c

enslave, Lilith's about to enslave another.
No. 432756 ID: 97486c
File 134233788841.png - (148.00KB , 664x451 , 885.png )

You can 'only' enslave or loot when this option comes up. If you subjugate someone only then can you get both a unit and it's weapons. Other then that it's strictly one or the other.
You decide to enslave and return to the selection screen.

Hmm... It seems like you have easily weakened Gram's army. Surely it would only take another victory before he gives up.

Before you can decide Alice approaches you.

>"You recruited a Gunner!?"
No. 432760 ID: 6a5a08

"Yes, increasing our numbers and decreasing Gram's is the intent. Regardless, I cannot exactly discriminate after all my speeches about redemption can I?"
Assign the Gunner under Alice's squad on the command tree.

"And he's under your command now. Maybe you can both learn something from each other."
No. 432761 ID: 4a328b

"We'll give it back after this whole war thing is resolved. Right now this just keeps him from reviving his forces. At his base. Which we are attacking." Allow the logic to sink in.
No. 432765 ID: cd7996

"One, it's my army, and two, I'll make sure to mould him away from what you find so displeasing."
No. 432780 ID: 132b99

"we don't actually really have need for it but the whole point of attacking his place was to take his units."
No. 432781 ID: 886a4d

Put him under Alice, tell her hes hers to do with what she wishes. However she should be working to make them stronger, discliplined and loyal. Otherwise she is to have free reigné
No. 432791 ID: 431fa8

"...Alice, weren't you listening to the plan for this mission? Recruiting as many of the enemy as possible is the entire point of what we're doing here."
No. 432793 ID: 306af1

enslaved. no intention to use him.
No. 432817 ID: b85f8c

Tell her flatly that we have no intention of keeping him. After this whole thing is over we will execute him in a spot where he will respawn, thus dismissing him from our service.
No. 432820 ID: 6a5a08

Who says we have no intention of using him? We need troops against Abel, and Alice needs to get over her shit. Once we get Gram and Tikka, they can serve under Gram again, but they can stay under our master control to ensure the least possible amount of betrayals.
No. 432839 ID: a3b384

Oh hell yes we're keeping him. At least Alice will have a reason to mind going half naked all the time. Even better, let's try to hook the two of them up. It'll be hilarious.
No. 432848 ID: 4a328b

Keep this up, we'll be losing loyalty stars in NO TIME AT ALL D:
No. 432849 ID: fa9f7e

"He's under your command. Have fun. No maiming."
No. 432918 ID: 0c2247

"No. We only have to hold him captive for awhile. Of course, I'm putting him under your command, Alice. You can release him any time after his captivity has served his purpose. Or keep him.
No. 432966 ID: a3b384

No no guys, we don't want the poor guy to be stuck under her being bitchy like that. We have to keep hiss loyalty in mind too! Besides, we can't give subordinates to someone who hasn't even knelt to us. However... the other way around sounds entertaining. After we get him straightened out of course. He kneels, we ask Alice to do the same, then when she refuses again we put her under his command and order them to train together.
No. 432980 ID: 886a4d

We would be playing good cop \ bad cop. Keeping a fairly close eye on her and occasionally popping in to give her Gunner's some reprieve from Drill Sergeant Alice.
No. 433878 ID: f43320

We don't actually have a need for this gunner, it is just for the mission. He is not worth upsetting our archer. Lots of units with no loyalty is how we got rolled last time.
No. 433880 ID: 6a5a08

Keeping him opens the way for:

"So you want me to discard him as soon as he ceases to be useful? Is that not the reason you hated gunners in the first place?"
No. 434137 ID: d94e2c

Duse! This
No. 434139 ID: a3b384

Fucking perfect.
No. 434242 ID: 4bdd79


These are both good ideas.
No. 435437 ID: 16846d

These are great.
No. 436373 ID: 97486c
File 134328096383.png - (132.44KB , 664x451 , 886.png )

"So you want me to discard him as soon as he ceases to be useful? Is that not the reason you hated gunners in the first place?"

>"!!! It... It's..."

"This is all part of the mission Alice and he is vital to our success. If we manage to get this dividing pyramid I can finally gain full use of my skills without going insane."

>"... I understand."

"Also I want you to be the one to train this Gunner."


"You dislike how they work right? Well then teach him a better way."

>"... Fine. I'll see if that's even possible."

Alice and the Gunner, Ken, go off to work on his style.

All right.. One more win and I think Gram will be more motivated to step out himself.
No. 436376 ID: a3b384

Before that we should go talk to Rose. We know she's upset and we wouldn't want her to act unpredictably.
No. 436390 ID: b85f8c

We're a bit busy right now.

Let's go for a level 30 battle this time, to see if we can put in more units. Working with just 3 isn't very advantageous for us.
No. 436418 ID: 886a4d

I agree, a level 30 battle would be good.
No. 436422 ID: 2972f8

ehh, do a 25.
No. 436794 ID: 97486c
File 134336595381.png - (105.92KB , 587x338 , 887.png )

You'll talk to Rose later, this battle is far more important than her.

You decide to take on a 30.

=Battle Start.
Unit Limit: 3
Unique Field Rules: Units standing behind Shield can not be attack by any unit that does not use physical projectiles. Barricades subtract 1 movement when a non-flying/levitation unit crosses it.
Units behind shields can attack units only directly in front, above, or to the side of them.=

No. 436802 ID: 886a4d

Overlord, Rose, Kassandra

Overlord and Rose in the front.
No. 436803 ID: 1c8255

Okay... so we need physical projectiles than. Too bad we just sent Alice off to train, and the gunner can't be trusted yet.

This works, I think. Rose can jump and throw, and Overlord can shoot.
No. 436809 ID: b85f8c

Whoa, let's not put Rose in. Never send a low-morale unit into battle, even if they are loyal.

Overlord, Nix(she's immune to piercing attacks, which guns are!), Golem.

This stage is very small. Thus, short-ranged units shine.
No. 436822 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord, Nix, and Golem. Overlord back left, Golem and Nix on either side of the front.
Overlord scans first thing.
No. 436848 ID: b85f8c

We scanned last battle; I doubt these guys have different abilities. Let's not waste our first turn. First turn should be spent shooting, imo. Second can be subjugate once they realize Nix is completely immune to their attacks and Golem is incredibly tough and protecting Overlord who is shooting them through their shields.
No. 436851 ID: 1c8255

Nix being immune to gunfire is an interesting choice. And we've never really gotten a chance to exploit her immunities effectively, if I remember right. I'll support swapping her for Rose. And golem could be fun to try out. Does she have rocket hands or anything that counts as projectiles?
No. 436855 ID: b85f8c

She has a Graviton Blade, which is a close range weapon I think. She can't get past the barricades though- I'd just use her to effectively give Overlord another 200 hp. Also she can buff our defense!
No. 436911 ID: bdb3f8

Overlord and Silva. Get in their face and explode Silva's expendable minions. Throw them over the wall if necessary. This map is too small for a ranged unit's low HP, even with the protection of the barriers.
No. 436940 ID: 6a5a08

The ones Lilith is fighting are different than the previous battle. Never assume the enemy is the same as before.
No. 437074 ID: d94e2c

This seems like a perfect battle for Emily. Short range melee fighter for a small stage, She can just fly behind the barrier. Those shields won't do jack when she's already behind there
No. 437254 ID: 97486c
File 134354196121.png - (127.62KB , 587x338 , 888.png )

You decide to send in yourself, Nix, and Golem.
Your units are set, your move.
No. 437257 ID: 842d23

...no enemies? Are they invisible again? Hiding behind the barriers? Yet to be placed?

Check with the see-invs glasses, I guess, and then advance.
No. 437260 ID: 6a5a08

They are behind the barriers, I suspect.

Overlord: Equip invis-glasses in case they have the same robes, then Scan. We can decide our other moves after we know what we're dealing with.
No. 437278 ID: b85f8c

Nix can just hop over the barrier and start hacking away at the guy on the left.

Golem can stay there and cast +defense on you.
Overlord should walk over to next to golem and shoot the guy in the middle.
No. 437783 ID: 97486c
File 134374770298.png - (125.81KB , 587x338 , 889.png )

You cast Scan
Gram's Snipers

Lv 10
HP: 60
AP: 3

Double Shot: Costs 1 AP. Gunner can attack twice.
Curved Bullet: Continuous ability. Can shoot in any direction. Range is = to Lv.
Aim: By giving up their Move Phase the Snipers get a better shot. They now crit at 16-20 instead of 20 and deal mini crits at 10-15. Can be used with other abilities.

It seems they are a bit different..

Nix moves up and strikes the nearest Sniper but misses.
Golem casts + Def on you.
No. 437784 ID: 97486c
File 134374781952.png - (124.63KB , 587x338 , 890.png )

The snipers to both sides of Nix fire at her.
The bullets hit her and dissolve.

>Sniper: "Oh shit.."

>Sniper 2: "What the hell!?"
No. 437785 ID: 0c2247

"As you can see, victory is impossible for you.
However, if you surrender now you will not be harmed."
No. 437788 ID: a3b384

Ah, the pitfalls of overspecialization. If these guys don't surrender, just have her tear up the one on the left. Subjugate the remaining two, repeat as necessary.

Also, she should apply poison to her blades during the item phase. Not that she needs it, but it'll help demoralize them.
No. 437789 ID: c1a7db

>completely ineffective attacks
Yes. So worth it.

Hmm. Can they unequip their guns and make ineffective melee attacks, I wonder? We've never tested if this system allows for stupid attacks. (Gunner has no moves left! Gunner used struggle!)

Yes, do this. They have no win conditions here- no shame in surrender.
No. 437792 ID: 6a5a08

This, with the argument that victory is a literal impossibility for them. If they refuse, Nix and Golem both attack the middle sniper.
No. 437795 ID: 5c0329

No. 437878 ID: 431fa8

If they refuse this generous offer:

"In that case, I should warn you that Nix uses poisons whose roots are derived from plaguebearer venom. While I do not expect a full manifestation of the disease from a single wound, there is a certain element of risk involved in every injury and I cannot guarantee that your respawns will be flawless after she kills you. My condolences in advance."