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File 134025186103.png - (137.29KB , 800x600 , L868.png )
424581 No. 424581 ID: 97486c

All right.. Kinda screwed up on the getting in bit.
But, got the key to the gate anyway so that's a plus.

Just gotta think about what to do with the guard.. I'd seduce him but I'm afraid he's a bit too drained from.. Me getting the key.

I can't just leave him here though or he'll tell Gram that I broke in.
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No. 424582 ID: 132b99

stuff him in the first closet you find. after you get gram on your side we can tell him about it and have no problems.
No. 424585 ID: a3b384

Eh, pass it off as proving your qualifications. After all this is what you do. No seducing yet, maybe leave him a note to convince him to hold off on raising alarm.

Dress yourself back up, get on in and walk up to Gram like you own the place.
No. 424589 ID: bd3222

>Dress yourself back up

By this we mean put a belt on that thing and adjust it so your whole boob isn't showing, nothing more.

And yeah, consider it as earning your way in - when someone of importance confronts you, simply say you'd like to join, and point to your entrance as proof of skill. If loyalty is asked of you, ask them to test it.
No. 424615 ID: e3f578

Didn't he just get laid and/or humiliated?
Why would he report this?
No. 424657 ID: 0faf03

Just bring him with you to Gram, introduce yourself and go "Oh hey here is the guard that let me in." Honesty can be very disarming.

Also - looking good! :3
No. 424672 ID: 97486c
File 134026575395.png - (135.75KB , 800x600 , L869.png )

That's true, I suppose he won't really talk about how he was so easily taken down.. I do leave a note though that strongly advises him not to reveal anything.

Ah thank you~ I can change my looks to best suit my target. Not my favorite thing to do but it's good enough until I actually do look like this form.

Lilith takes his belt and fixes her clothing. She enters the castle and makes her way to the central room. She finds Gram at his desk. Lilith changes form almost instantly and walks up to his desk. She leans forward.

"Hey there~ I was sent me here to help you."

>"... I don't recall ordering a prostitute."

@#$^%&$^*&!?!?! CAN I KILL HIM!?!?
No. 424673 ID: bd3222


Deflect his insult with jocularity.
"Please. I am a seducer of men, not a harlot. There's an important distinction. While you are immune from my charms, your opponent - and her men - are not. I can help you."
No. 424674 ID: 132b99

no, it will probably trigger a battle and you will need to fight a bunch of elite guards or some shit. just say "oh no, i'm the answer to your problem with tikka. your armies are the same size are they not? i can steal her troops away thus giving you the edge you need to win"
No. 424678 ID: a3b384

Nope. What you can do is back up, serious up, and offer your services. Your actual ones. To help win this war by taking control of the enemy troops.

If you do want to seduce this guy, you have a much better shot being as not an airhead as possible. And don't say who sent you or if you do make up a plausible story that doesn't complicate things.
No. 424685 ID: 223190

too bad. it seems like he could really use a prostitute.
No. 424698 ID: a2fa74

"Obviously. Your troops seem to think this war started because you can't fly your flag past half-mast, if you get my meaning.
If you don't, it means your impotent dick can't get any harder than butter.

Now that we're done with pleasantries, I'm here to find a way to end the war. Tell me how it really started and we can go from there."
No. 424704 ID: 56e424


You're going to do worse than kill him. You're going to earn his trust and then betray him. You're going to get his entire army enslaved. You're going to emasculate, humiliate, and wreck him. And best of all? Play your cards right, and at the end of that, with nowhere to go, and smitten by your charms, he'll be *begging* to serve under you.

Do what you do best, girl. Revenge is a dish best served helpless, sobbing, and begging besotted at your feet. ;)
No. 424727 ID: e3f578

Woman, you are a succubus, this shit comes with the territory. If you can't handle them without getting hotheaded, you can't be a leader. And this is honest advice made in respect for you and your growth as a leader.
Killing is so boring anyway.
Make your revenge slow and creative, physical pain is not the only way to cause revenge. And at least wait for when the man's usefulness has ended. Always wait for that before taking your revenge on anybody, that's succubi overlord rules 101, seriously.

Didn't he ask for someone that could enslave or subjugate units? If you can change your form, you should be able to turn androgynous for the ladies to attract them. It's not killing an enslaving them, but anything that can change the war up is good for him.
No. 424902 ID: 97486c
File 134034399452.png - (123.94KB , 800x600 , L870.png )

"Ahahaha no no not that kind of help. I'm here to help you solve your problem with Tikka."

>"Oh? You can enslave?"

"In a sense, yes."

>"Then I guess you are of use. Who sent you?"

"No one really. Your guard basically invited me in."

>"Did he now?"

"Sorta.. I seduced him to get in."

>"You fucked him?"

"Guh.. You uh.. Don't have to put it so bluntly."

>"That is what you did. I'm afraid if that's your 'seducing' methods you're of no use to me."

"That... Is only a small portion of my powers. I am a succubus and with my powers I can seduce anyone to do my bidding."

>"If that's what you were trying do on me earlier then I gotta say you're pretty damn lame at it. Won't work on Tikka's girls.. Again, don't think I need you."
No. 424903 ID: 886a4d

Bring out Nin, say she was once Abel's and now she is yours. It is proof that you methods work on women and it is effective.If he knows anything aobut Abel I bet his ninja will be recognizable.
No. 424904 ID: 132b99

okay. he's a tough nut to crack. "so this explains it, you are given someone who MAY win you the war and you refuse cause you don't like the method? my powers do work on females, in fact, they are so strong they work on other succubi. but if you want to tell your troops someone showed up that could of stopped the war but you sent them away, then fine by me."
No. 424905 ID: b0d466

Kiss him?
No. 424907 ID: a2fa74

"If I were trying to seduce you you would know it.
No, I represent a consortium which has an interest in seeing this war end, and we would like to see somebody cooperative come out on top.
If you'd like to be cooperative, then right now we need more information about the war. What exactly lead to this war?"
No. 424908 ID: 132b99

you really want to push someone who doesn't like us to tell us something they don't want to talk about?
No. 424918 ID: e8be8d

Your appearance is adapting already. You've got fluffy ears and less well-kept hair. He doesn't like the refined overly sexy look either I guess. Think succubus here. Address him by name when you try to explain that gender isn't all that important when it comes to love and attraction.

Experiment with your behavior to see if he's into aggressive or submissive girls.
No. 424920 ID: a3b384

Shoulda went the other way... oh well let's do with it what we can.

Tell him that he is wrong, your methods are partially magical and effect women nearly as well. If nothing else ask him for a chance to prove yourself. I mean, what could it hurt him?

Also, can you take the form of a handsome man? That would make things so much simpler.

But if we want to go the complicated route, you could inform him that your demonic golem enemy is known to have gone to his opponents side and will be able to capture your men. This is a last resort though, let's not show off too much suspiciously convenient info if we can help it.

Oh and if get pressed on the "who sent you bit" make a story about your dad sending you off to prove yourself.
No. 424922 ID: e3f578

Go androgenous
Become flat as a board
give yourself some abs
A slightly than masculine face
There you fucking go, can seduce women now.
No. 424929 ID: 132b99

wait a sec... i think you are starting to look like tikka. that means he still loves her. is why you can't seduce him. but that means this war is probably over something INCREDIBLY stupid.
No. 424933 ID: 97486c
File 134035246864.png - (124.07KB , 800x600 , L871.png )

"Gram, trust me when I say I am 'very' skilled and things like gender don't matter when it comes to true seduction."

>"Yeah, whatever."

"I'm not going to sit here and be ignored!"

This seems to get his attention. He looks at Lilith with wide eyes

>"You... How did you..?"

"It's my skill you idiot!"

>"I see... I'm sorry I doubted you, that is rather impressive.. Maybe I can use you."

"That's more I like it. Now I'd heard the armies were just about even so just taking a few of her troops would allow you to win. Is that correct?"


"Before I do that I wanna know, what is this war about anyway?"

>"That is uh... Not needed information."
No. 424934 ID: b85f8c

Ask him if it's a lover's quarrel.
No. 424935 ID: 132b99

figures. welp. let's ask him to start a battle. we will strike one of this castle's defense groups and you do the same so we don't end up fighting each other.
No. 424938 ID: 132b99

if he questions it, explain you can tell you look like a specific person, not simply an ideal.
No. 424939 ID: a2fa74

Seduce that information out of him!
No. 424950 ID: 97486c
File 134035810363.png - (105.66KB , 800x600 , L872.png )

"It's a problem with Tikka herself isn't it? A little lover's quarrel so to speak?"


"Look at me. I look just like her don't I? Usually I just change general things like my bust or my hair. To turn into someone specific... Well that just shows how much you love them. You still love the lady and I'm guessing the problem come's from there."

>"... Fine, I'll tell you."
No. 424951 ID: 223190

meh, whatevs. discuss your reward. ask about the pyramid.
No. 424955 ID: 97486c
File 134035877541.png - (100.87KB , 800x600 , L873.png )

>"That idiot won't admit he's the one who lost the Dividing Pyramid!"
No. 424958 ID: b0d466

So what I'm hearing is that because of the dividing pyramid your land has become...divided :3c

Ok, ok. Even if you didn't lose it, why not be the bigger person and take one for the team, blame-wise? Surely a little ITEM can't be worth this much bloodshed.
No. 424960 ID: a2fa74

"... that's it? You two are playing the blame game with armies?

Look, if I can get Tikka to agree, would you be amenable to a truce long enough to have your forces cooperate to find it?"
No. 424973 ID: 3bad4c

>Dividing Pyramid!
Laugh, 'cause someone obviously used it here.
No. 424989 ID: a3b384

Ask for details on what that is and what exactly happened.

That works against our purpose here, we want them fighting in this deathless war so we can conquer the lost of them from both sides. We can make peace between them afterwards.
No. 424997 ID: 132b99

let's get the battles started.
No. 425007 ID: 24c2a1


"So... is an admission of fault enough? Or is this all about getting your triangle bauble back? ...or do you want her army routed, her country crushed, and her enslaved at your feet? ;) ~<3"

Once you've got your orders, it's time to get to work. You've got an army to seduce, a new boss to betray and humiliate, and an artifact to find.
No. 426358 ID: 25d645
File 134074714547.png - (108.82KB , 800x699 , L874.png )

"Don't you think it's a bit ironic that the cause of you guys being divided is the Dividing Pyramid?"

>"The irony isn't lost on me.."

"So what is it you want exactly? You want her to admit she's wrong?"

>"Essentially. She's too damn stubborn and I 'know' she lost it. She just won't admit it. Hell if you can get her to just do that I'd call off the whole thing. Until then we're going to fight until the she admits her guilt. Your job is to go out and seduce even one of her people so that the tide is turned in our favor. I don't care how you do this, just get it done."
No. 426365 ID: c3c502

Alright, time to get to work.

So... how exactly does your seduction work? Having to engage in er, carnal diplomacy, with an entire enemy force one by one sounds somewhat inefficient and time consuming. Can you bring the susceptible and/or weak willed under your sway with just your force of will, personality, and/or assets?

To put it as crassly as lovestruck blind boy there- flirting your way to victory would be a lot easier than fucking.
No. 426366 ID: 4a328b

Bring him to the castle for apologies and tea!
No. 426371 ID: 132b99

she needs to touch them, with her hand. that's all the contact NEEDED. everything else is icing.
No. 426375 ID: a3b384

Delicious, sexy icing.
No. 426390 ID: e3f578

"How do you know that a third party didn't just use it on you to divide yourselves on this? I mean, maybe the irony isn't exactly a coincidence. Maybe neither of you lost it, some douche just used it and split the both of you forever on the basis of this argument. I mean, if she's waiting for you to admit it yourself when she would know she lost it, then it's ludicrous for her to make everyone wait this long. This is bad for like, the economy and shit. And for both parties' sanity."
No. 426393 ID: 132b99

uhhh, yeah we know that, but we don't care if THEY know that, the plan is to sweep their armies out from under them.
No. 426395 ID: e3f578

I'm too interested in Gram's reaction
I want to see if he's actually considered that possibility already.
Besides, once Overlord begins the attacks on his stronghold though, peace won't exactly be an option and Gram will ask the succubus to act quickly to seduce the other side to balance it once again. He'll begin freaking out until then. Then so will Tikka eventually.
Gram's the most aggressive of the sort, we need to sow his own fall first before Tikka and convince him to be peaceful first of the two.
No. 426399 ID: 132b99

uhhh, the plan is capture both of their armies forcing them to fight it out one on one. and then show them that the reason all this happened was their own pride and pettiness.
No. 426403 ID: e3f578

Just want to set that sentiment in motion just before everything blows up in their face.
Get Gram to even slightly desire peace now, but he won't have it until everything falls apart. As a male, even with his army completely wiped out he possibly may have his pride intact if he never thought about it in the first place, and it may all be for nothing anyway because maybe he's done his research on the problem and is smarter than he behaves. Before the plan is in full motion, we might need to prod him a little bit about that notion first before this shit is in full swing.
More like "Oh my god Lilith you were right this entire time how can I been such a prideful fool! Here you were, telling me at the beginning but I didn't listen! I DIDN'T LISTEN!"
And if we just swing it on him at the end without even a little prod, he might convince Tikka that WE'RE the third party behind this. That we set this up to take their entire army and embarrass them. He'll be the first to jump to that conclusion, he seems much more paranoid than Tikka. Then we have a dual boss fight on our hands. Therefore, hinting at it now may lead to more efficient results later and we've avoided a potential boss fight.
No. 426404 ID: 431fa8

Make sure he offers something of worth in return. After all, we're providing an essential service for him here- he's been stuck in a stalemate for three years since he lacks it. Finally moving his plans forward after that long must be worth quite a bit to him, no?

Never work for free. Even when you're planning on cheating your employer blind.
No. 426408 ID: a3b384

War, THEN peace. Under our rule.
No. 427322 ID: 97486c
File 134096382264.png - (135.00KB , 664x451 , L875.png )

I just need to touch my victim. Skin to skin contact. Fucking them is just touching their whole body, gives off a bigger effect. Me changing my looks is just a means to get that initial contact.

"So... What if she just surrenders? Or if she really just wants to end this battle? Would you agree to that?"

He thinks for a moment.

>"I would. This war is becoming a bit pointless. Not so much that I'll say 'I' was wrong but still if she were willing to just accept the facts then we could end this with no more fighting."

"I'll keep that in mind while I'm getting into her people's minds~ Oh, before I forget is there some kind of reward for doing all this? I'm not keen on working for free."



>"G20,000, not a penny more."

"Gram. You can do better then that."

She glares at him.

>".... G25,000"

"That's better~" I can see he likes it when the girl takes charge~

All right let's see what kinda force we're looking at...

ouch.. Those are some high numbers. And it seems Tikka is protected until I get past the first ones.
No. 427324 ID: 886a4d

Go for a 25, see who you have to work with.
No. 427325 ID: a2fa74

"Well, this isn't so bad. We'll have this fixed in no time."
Lean in and cup his cheek
"Because you're going to surrender pending an independent investigation."
No. 427336 ID: b85f8c

NAHHHHHH let's Seduce somebody before we drop the negotiation bomb on their asses.

Go for a 25.
No. 427353 ID: 069fcd

No. 428967 ID: 97486c
File 134142101096.png - (327.39KB , 804x1000 , L876.png )

I check out the 25..

Placement Phase.
Unit Limit 3.

Hmm.. They're all fighters it seems
No. 428968 ID: 886a4d

Butler, Lillith and Kassandra. Butler because these guys are all melee and thats where counter-attackers shine. Kassandra to keep health up and Lilith to seduce.
No. 428975 ID: c3c502

Wait, are they all catgirls? We took the lesbian catgirl seduction route? ...this is so awesome.

Actually, identical grunts has one clear advantage. They should all be susceptible to the same seduction tactics, yes? You can work on them all at once, instead of appealing to them one at a time.

Did you get any of that in advance? Because we are so not getting paid when we betray him, just saying. Oh well, if we're successful, we can just empty the whole treasury~.
No. 428980 ID: 132b99

yes good point, butler would murdalize anything that got near him.
No. 429050 ID: d94e2c

Send in Ruby, fire has some range on it.
No. 429075 ID: 6a5a08

Lilith, Butler, Ruby.
No. 429079 ID: c3c502

I have to say I prefer Lilith Butler Kas.

Lilith goes for the disable with status effects, and once disabled, Lilith closes and starts seducing. Butler blocks, counters, and protects. Kas keeps our damage sink and seducer alive- we don't know how long this will take, and we might well need healing to maintain our forces while we faff around trying to keep them alive for seducing.

...of course, if we can *kill them*, then seduce, that's a lot simpler.
No. 429217 ID: c16267

No. 429489 ID: 97486c
File 134156611178.png - (403.44KB , 804x1000 , L877.png )

I send in my units.. Hehehe this is awesome. I have control over them..

All right, my move.
No. 429490 ID: 68852c

move forward and use charm on one of 'em
No. 429491 ID: 132b99

i think they need to be closer if we want any chance of it sticking. butler out front, his jib is to be a huge target.
No. 429647 ID: 850c79
File 134161045750.png - (408.26KB , 804x1000 , L878.png )

We all move up.
I cast Charm on one of the Nekomata's and it hits!

>Nekomata M: "Woah.. She's.. So adorable!"
>Nekomata L: "You ok...?"
>Nekomata M: "That girl.. She's so cute.."

I now control the middle Nekomata.
This is my real power! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!
No. 429648 ID: 850c79
File 134161050017.png - (408.00KB , 804x1000 , L879.png )

The Left and Right Nekomata run up.
The middle one is still Charmed.

My move.
No. 429659 ID: 886a4d

Butler runs in between the two Neko, the Neko runs to behind one of the Neko L. Everyone else advance 3. If Ruby has range on them use fire otherwise wait.
No. 429662 ID: 132b99

butler moves in three and readies a counter. the one under your control moves in behind the others now. and then when the time is right will back attack.
No. 429689 ID: 68852c

McButler: move forward, get ready to shove your cane up some arses. charmed dude: kick the left dude right behind the knee. Ruby and Lilith: make the left dude burn. after he dies, which he probably will, demand the fools surrender. they know they want to.
No. 429698 ID: 01f6f1

Charm everything. Everything.
No. 431258 ID: 25d645
File 134202933993.png - (401.93KB , 804x1000 , L880.png )

The Charmed Nekomata runs behind her former teammate.
Butler runs up to the Nekomatas.

Ruby and I move up 3 spaces.
I cast Charm but sadly it doesn't stick..
No. 431259 ID: 25d645
File 134202963788.png - (424.12KB , 804x1000 , L881.png )

Both non-charmed nekomatas go up to Butler and use Purrfect Strike!
They both hit dealing 45dmg each!

Butler insta-strikes back against them dealing 90 dmg to each of them dropping their HP below 50%.
Their effect, Nyever give up!, activates healing them by 10 HP and increasing their speed by 1.

>Nekomata L: "Woah... I... I think we should not hit this guy anymore.."
No. 431261 ID: d8f016

Okay. We're not really sure how long it takes to do a battlefield seduction. So I'd say the safest plan is to finish the wounded ones off, and then start seducing the charmed one. She's not going to really resist.

Lilith, go for more status effects. Ruby, burn. Charmed cat, agrees. Reposition to try and keep our girls out of sword range, and put Butler in the way again.
No. 431262 ID: 132b99

focus fire on one until it's down then hit the other. don't spread the damage.
No. 431263 ID: a2fa74

Butler: Grapple Nekomata R.
Lilith: Charm Nekomata L.
No. 431266 ID: 04b86a

The Overlord only managed to get one of Gram's so you should probably do likewise. Getting two should probably be fine, though. We definitely need to get rid of the one on the right for practical reasons.

Ruby: Double cast fire on the nekomata on the right.
Lilith: Walk up to the one on the left and use Joyful Ending on her.
No. 431269 ID: 886a4d

Sounds good.
No. 431400 ID: 68852c


sounds real good.
No. 431406 ID: b85f8c

To ensure a kill on the one on the right, the charmed Neko would need to attack it too.
No. 431485 ID: e3f578

How is the party not suffering additional catpun damage?
Charm lefty. Use catpuns. Or you know, try and convince them to join us (Have we tried convincing them at all to quit?).
"Girls, come now, we don't need to fight. Look at your friend there, that's proof of how great a leader I am. Just a look and she's friendly. You don't need to work for Tikka, there's so many benefits to siding with me. One, you don't need to fight with that big strong man right next to you, or deal with the horrific smell of burning fur my friend here can give you. Come with me and I can give you great happiness, only a woman knows what another woman truly wants." Something to that effect.
No. 432815 ID: 4a328b

Give kisses. Charm the last one too~
No. 432821 ID: 97486c
File 134234346940.png - (410.33KB , 804x1000 , L882.png )

I charm the Left Nekomata successfully. Hahaha oh man this is too easy..

I order Ruby to doublecast fire on the Right Nekomata. She deals a whopping 34dmg BURNING HER INTO A CRISP.
I mean, defeating her.
The other two are charmed so..
No. 432822 ID: 97486c
File 134234351752.png - (100.10KB , 800x600 , L883.png )

No. 432823 ID: b85f8c

Awesome. Now... wait, you can Enslave? Do that, I guess, if you can't just Seduce one of the survivors.
No. 432824 ID: 4a328b

No. 432829 ID: e3f578

what shitty loot
Hell yeah enslave
Delish lvl 9
No. 432831 ID: 306af1

you gotta seduce her. or both.
No. 432833 ID: 6a5a08

Note the (L)~ at the end, designating it as Lilith's recruitment.
No. 432834 ID: 7c31d2

On the plus side, Catgirls know all the right places to lick
No. 433236 ID: a3b384

Hopefully they don't have those scratchy cat tongues.
No. 436372 ID: 97486c
File 134328091365.png - (177.08KB , 659x715 , L884.png )

I enslave the delectable kitty~

=Tikka's army has been weakened!
Gram's army seems more likely to win.=

Hmm... We're at a stalemate still..
If we can both win one more fight we'll weaken the army just enough to get to the Boss Fight.

>"W-what happened..? Where's my stuff?"

"Gone to the ether my little kitty~ I've enslaved you so now you work for me~"

Oh it's really not too bad, just a bit rough.

Now, where shall I fight next? Perhaps another 25? Also if a enemy unit is seduced I have an easier time Subjugating them in battle.
No. 436382 ID: 24f833

>My stuff!
Don't worry, kitty. You've got a loving new mistress to take care of you, and who will buy you new toys later. Heck, after we're done beating up and looting these guys, maybe you'll end up with your original toys after all.
No. 436421 ID: 2972f8

yeah, do another 25.
No. 436430 ID: 886a4d

Do a 30.
No. 436507 ID: 4a328b

'nother 25
No. 436554 ID: 214bf9

30, let's crash the gate
No. 436805 ID: 97486c
File 134336710171.png - (190.26KB , 587x700 , L885.png )

Hehehe I haven't had a feline in quite some time. I'm gonna have fun back in the castle.
I'm not giving this one up.

All right, let's try a 30!


=Battle Start.
Unit Limit: 3
Unique Field Rules:Barricades subtract 1 movement when a non-flying/levitation unit crosses it.=


My oh my... Let's try and get all 3 this time hmm~?
No. 436808 ID: 886a4d

Lilith in the back. Butler and Golem in the front.
No. 436810 ID: 1c8255

Poor thing looks a little frazzled. You'll have to work on making her more comfortable~ later.

More cats? But sword flavored, instead of fist fighters.

You can charm at a distance right? So the barriers work to our advantage.
No. 436819 ID: bd5edb

Charm everything that moves. Everything.
No. 436833 ID: 6a5a08

This, but Fluffy instead of Golem.
No. 436844 ID: b85f8c

I agree. These are relatively low-offense enemies, so we don't need Golem's huge tanking ability. Plus, I want Golem in our other fight.
No. 436852 ID: d94e2c

Fluffy is a sword fighter, and with votes the way they are, looks like Overlord is going to want Golem. I think we should use Ruby again. She can hit from behind the barrier and she's really close to leveling up Besides.
No. 436853 ID: b85f8c

No, she can't. Spells are blocked by the barrier, unless it's something controllable like Magic Missile which can curve around it.

Besides, at this range Ruby would get her ass wrecked.
No. 436941 ID: 6a5a08

You are confusing barricade with shield. There are no shields here, these just slow your movement. Think of them like the Ledge in fire emblem.
No. 437251 ID: 97486c
File 134354151675.png - (134.23KB , 587x338 , L886.png )

Units all set.
My move.
No. 437252 ID: 4a328b

No. 437253 ID: 6a5a08

Butler: Move to the space in front of Fluffy and prepare a Counter.
Lilith: Charm the one on the left.
Fluffy: Wait there for now.
No. 437256 ID: 842d23

Pull Fluffy back next to Lilith, and put Butler in front so he's a more tempting target / trap.

Let them come to you, Fluffy attacks whoever's most damaged by Butler's counter. Lilith Charm one of 'em.
No. 437258 ID: bf54a8

make it look like you are being super strategic. move left. butler moves forward and left so he's in the middle of them and then the last one moves to the left and back.
No. 437259 ID: bf54a8

*last moves RIGHT and back
No. 437280 ID: b85f8c

Wink at one of them and show off your body. Say that all this constant fighting must get so boring, and you can help them rest and relax... one of their friends has already been captivated by your charms and you're sure that they'd be very happy coming along with her.
No. 438030 ID: 97486c
File 134380762632.png - (180.93KB , 800x338 , L887.png )

I wink at the beautiful kitties and shift form.

"All this fighting must be really stressful~ You know one of your teammates already joined my side, why don't you guys join her~ We can all just take some time away from all this and relax a bit."

Sadly the charm fails.. Hmm I normally don't mess up this bad.

Fluffy moves beside Lilith while Butler moves up front.

>Fluffy: "Working for a demon.. I'm only doing this cause I heard it'd seal away the evil within the Overlord."

"Whatever you say Fluffy~"

>"Don't try it, not gonna work on me seductress."
No. 438031 ID: 97486c
File 134380796369.png - (135.72KB , 583x338 , L888.png )

The Nekomana trio moves up.
The M. Nekomata slashes at Butler while casting Claws and Effect. Butler takes 28dmg and is dazed!

Butler counters dealing 56dmg!

>M. Neko: "Nnn! I... I heard of these people.. Guys stay on alert and don't attack the one in black!"
No. 438034 ID: af25e0

Move to the one on the right and paralyze her using Joyful Ending.

Fluffy should move up and engage the one on the left.
No. 438040 ID: b85f8c

Fluffy, use Divine Slash.
No. 438073 ID: 6a5a08

Do this if it doesn't hit our dudes.
No. 438082 ID: e3f578

Tell them they'll have to attack him eventually to end the battle.
May as well be now ~nyaaa
Or may as well give up because they'll have to attack him ~nyanya
No. 438083 ID: c1a7db

You know... I wonder. Bulter has always been pretty clear he would only fight to defend himself, or Lilith. Does this mean if Lilith gets attacked that he still counters? Or it opens for an even worse retribution attack?

If divine slash does friendly fire, that's a bad idea. Especially if it sets Butler's counter off. Great idea if it doesn't, though.
No. 438170 ID: a3b384

Lilith, I think you came out too strongly too fast.

Cast Charm on the leftmost catgirl.

Divine slash doesn't specify enemies, so let's have Fluffy hit the middle catgirl to take it out.

Then we should try to subjugate the remaining two instead of defeating them. After all, the other team managed to subjugate all three opponents. If one catgirl goes down and the other is charmed, maybe use Joyful Ending and take some time to seduce and then subjugate the both of them.
No. 439128 ID: 97486c
File 134406661940.png - (134.84KB , 583x338 , L889.png )

It seems Fluffy's attack is a bit misunderstood.. Surely the Guide has been updated to clear things up a bit.
We all shuffle around a bit so that Fluffy has a clear shot against the Middle Kitten.
With one slash she deals a good 30dmg.

A few winks and smiles at the Left Nekomata charms her. She'll be easier to subjugate now and will obey me completely.
No. 439129 ID: 97486c
File 134406668839.png - (135.06KB , 583x338 , L890.png )

The 2 not-charmed Kittens move up and attack Fluffy.
One completely misses and Dazes herself.
The other one manages to hit and deals 30dmg leaving poor Fluffy with 74Hp
No. 439134 ID: 0c2247

Charm the one that just hit fluffy.
No. 439142 ID: d94e2c

Charmed kitty kill fluffy hurting kitty.
No. 439144 ID: 997ce7

If charming her doesn't work, then this.
No. 439162 ID: ebf71f

Shuffle places with Fluffy so that Fluffy is out of reach from the stunned Nekomata.

Attack the one that hit Fluffy with Fluffys sword, the charmed Nekomatas Purrfect Strike and Liliths Charm. You need to thin the numbers here. It is possible that this Nekomata doesn't like submissive partners. Try taking a more aggressive charm route perhaps? "Come over to my house, I've got some fun toys we could play with~ I'll pet you all you want..."
No. 439174 ID: e3f578

"Come now ladies, how long has it been since you had some fun, cooped up in this castle, fighting some dumb ol' war that stays the same. I offer plenty of fun."
No. 439296 ID: 97486c
File 134411252465.png - (131.17KB , 583x338 , L891.png )

"Come now ladies, how long has it been since you had some fun, cooped up in this castle, fighting some dumb old war that stays the same. I offer plenty of fun~"

My Charm works and Charms the Nekomata that had attacked Fluffy.
She can't attack this turn but the other one sure can.
Now... If I kill that last one I'll end the battle with only one unit.
If I spend the next few turns subjugating the other units then I could get all three.

It's still my move.
No. 439297 ID: 0c2247

Subjugate! Take all three!
No. 439298 ID: 4a328b

Subjugation route!
No. 439300 ID: d6c330

You can afford to spend turns Subjugating while Fluffy takes a hit or two. She's got the hp for it, You're in the demon realm anyways, so she'll respawn if the worst happens.

Fluffy shouldn't just stand there though. That last cat is at full health- she should give a whack or two in return so you can end the battle if you have to.
No. 439302 ID: b85f8c


Fluffy: Use a potion.
No. 439303 ID: 997ce7

Goin' with the zeitgeist.

A few whacks would be good if we're SURE we won't kill her with an unfortunate crit.
No. 439308 ID: 6a5a08

We're in the human realm, not the demon realm.
No. 439309 ID: 97486c
File 134411489790.png - (135.17KB , 583x338 , L892.png )

Fluffy takes a potion and heals herself a bit.
However the uncharmed kitten manages to slash Fluffy dealing just over the amount of damage that she healed.

>Neko: "Guys! Why aren't you attacking!?"

My move~
If I charm this last little kitten the battle will end here too..
No. 439311 ID: f793db

Keep the third one alive and uncharmed while subjugating the other two. End the fight if you're about to lose, but if getting all three can be done without losing anyone on your side, do so.
No. 439312 ID: b85f8c

Fluffy is technically a hero so she'll respawn if she dies here, it's fine.

Don't charm, try subjugating again. Walk up to the two charmed nekos and have them cooperate with you in making a sexy pose to help subjugate the third one.
No. 439315 ID: e3f578

"The real question here is why are you fighting? Name a vice, I'll deliver~. Tikka can't possibly pay you enough to fight alone."
No. 439351 ID: d6c330

>demon realm human realm
Why can I never keep the dang realms right. e_e

We need a flag in the corner, or different color schemes, or something. It's too easy to mix that up.


Walk up between the two charmed cats (cutsceen- ignoring move phase, or that you'd be standing on the line instead of a tile), drape your arms over their shoulders and pull them in close. Whisper cute sweet nothings about what cute kitties they are, how hard they've had it fighting this endless war, how long it's been since they had a proper break or any release. As you're saying this, bring your hands up, and begin furiously scratching their chins as you coo about what good kitties they are. Continue until they purr and melt like sweet butter in your hands. Who's a good kitty? You are! Aww, my good girls.
No. 439547 ID: 67ad2c

Buy yourself some time to do this thoroughly. Move Fluffy back behind the charmed Nekomatas and use them as a wall. Lilith use Joyful Ending on the remaining Nekomata. If she is paralyzed then she's pretty much yours to charm or subjugate.
No. 439643 ID: 0c2247

Use subjugate on the charmed two, but not the uncharmed one.
Once you have those two, have them move over to the last one and start hugging her. Have them tell her how much they want her to go with them.
Then point out that if she doesn't come willingly you'll just kill and enslave her, meaning all her stuff will be gone forever and she'll have less freedom than her friends here.

If she refuses to bend, then block her in with butler, her friends, and yourself. Point out that Butler will counter if she hits either him or yourself, and her friends will be their normal selves once the charm wears off. She can't win, she can't escape, she can't even inflict losses, and suicide would only make her capture worse for her.
Then attempt to subjugate her until she gives in or she starts trying to kill people, at which point you simply enslave her.
No. 441806 ID: 97486c
File 134470778931.png - (231.62KB , 800x600 , L893.png )

"The real question here is why even bother? Tikka can't possibly pay you enough to keep fighting this pointless war. Come join my side and I'll get you anything you need~"

It's a simple matter to subjugate the other two kittens. They come to my side and purr as I scratch under their chins.
The last free nekomata considers this for a moment but eventually sees to reason and gives up.

Now I have all three under my control~


I need a man in my harem.
No. 441807 ID: fa9f7e

I'm sure there's a way to make a gender-switch potion.
No. 441808 ID: 97486c
File 134470784592.png - (132.73KB , 664x451 , L894.png )

With them taken out I can finally attack Tikka herself. The are is proving difficult to scan so I don't really have much of a clue as to how strong she is..
No. 441810 ID: fa9f7e

Let's enslave all her troops to try and break her morale.
No. 441812 ID: b85f8c

Burst in and inform them that she's lost, and she should surrender to us so we can bring her to Gram and end this pointless war. Relay to her what he said about her.
No. 441815 ID: ce47da

don't take on the boss until she's stopped having enough mooks under her control to kick your ass.
No. 441818 ID: 886a4d

We should enslave the entirety of both armies both taking down the rulers.
No. 441821 ID: 0c2247

Rush to Gram's 'aid', since Overlord is about to bust in. Overlord delays his attack.
Then Seduce Gram and make him join your forces; tell him you promise he'll be reunited with Tikka.

Overlord 'discovers' that Gram isn't in his base and returns to Tikka, stating that he's obviously en-route to attack. Overlord replaces her personal guard with his own units, pointing out that his units are effective against Gram's forces while Tikka's own are INeffective against whoever Gram is fielding.
No. 441832 ID: d6c330

Yes, go for Gram. Betrayal. Break him, and pay him back for being rude to you earlier.
No. 441853 ID: f793db

Do the bosses last
No. 444041 ID: 97486c
File 134517308191.png - (103.71KB , 800x600 , L895.png )

All right it seems there's some conflicts with orders here..
Let's meet up and try to solve all of this.

Blah blah blah they just keep on talking...

"Hey, I have an idea."


"Since you wanna go and kill off Gram and Tikka and not have to worry about the armies why don't we like split up the work? I'll pretend to betray Gram, which I guess I have been doing the whole time anyway, and start attacking his units from the inside. This is after I take all of Tikka's unit, another thing I know I can do."

>"Are you sure you'll be able to beat all of them?"

"Completely. Their fighting styles are all similar so I'm sure similar tactics will work on them."

If he accepts then we can just skip all the boring fighting and get right down to the boss battles.
No. 444047 ID: a3b384

>start attacking his units from the inside
Is that even necessary? I mean, with your method of subjugation couldn't you just convert the lot of them with a trip to the barracks?
No. 444076 ID: 97486c
File 134518019191.png - (94.44KB , 481x590 , L896.png )

Exactly~ It'll be soooo easy. Now let's get you back to the Overlord, I got it from here.
No. 444111 ID: d6c330

No. 444119 ID: bf54a8

stars fade by turning into sections, it's just partially hidden to make it hard to see. one star means she wont actively try to betray us but if given a deal by someone she will. also we can kick all the units she just got ass. she got a lot of mooks while we have an elite fighting force.
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