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File 12525823463.gif - (698.01KB , 567x567 , 1.gif )
41101 No. 41101 ID: 58f84b

I can't do this anymore.
I can't. It's too much.

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No. 41103 ID: 58f84b
File 12525828603.gif - (237.16KB , 283x567 , 2.gif )

They're everywhere. There is no escape.

I can't keep living this lie.

No. 41105 ID: 58f84b
File 125258321696.gif - (71.29KB , 567x283 , title.gif )

They're coming.
No. 41106 ID: 58f84b
File 125258390090.png - (29.66KB , 283x567 , 3.png )

>"Check upstairs. One of them is hiding in the building."

Oh no. They're here. They're really here.
What do I do? They're coming for me!
No. 41107 ID: c80cec

You knew this day would come eventually. It is the destiny of your kind to be tread upon. There is only one way out, furkin. The only remaining question is, do you have the courage to do it?
No. 41108 ID: 58f84b
File 125258453459.png - (29.34KB , 283x567 , 4.png )

I suppose I've always known.
I could end it now. Just put the barrel in my mouth and squeeze the trigger.
But is there truly no hope left for my kind?
No. 41109 ID: d49bf6

Can you maybe betray some of your vile kin to save your own flea ridden hide?
It's probably your best chance and concepts like "honor" and "conscience" are most likely foreign to you anyways.
Alternatively, get to da roof.
No. 41115 ID: 58f84b
File 125258943991.gif - (841.09KB , 283x567 , 5.gif )

I would never betray the underground. Oh Sophie. I hope you're all right.
The roof. How fitting.
>"Control, we've got one on the roof. Recall chopper two."
They'll be here in a few minutes.

No. 41116 ID: 4ec45d

Well, I don't see you getting out of this one, pal.
No. 41118 ID: 273321


No. 41119 ID: d49bf6

Try to suffer, I mean survive as long as possible. You owe it to your filthy, disgusting ancestors.
No. 41120 ID: 58f84b
File 125259231024.gif - (290.11KB , 283x567 , 6.gif )

Too late.
They're here.
No. 41121 ID: d49bf6

If you can't get away, just surrender.
I'm sure you'll take the vivisection, I mean interrogation just fine.
Maybe everything will turn out fine if you just believe in Jesus.
No. 41122 ID: 4ec45d

Well uhm ... I don't think you can do anything other than slumping to the ground and peeing yourself. Or you could go out with some style and tackle him.
No. 41123 ID: 273321


Go down fighting!
No. 41125 ID: 58f84b
File 125259410377.gif - (202.97KB , 283x567 , 7.gif )

He's wearing power armor! I wouldn't stand a chance!
I've got to surrender.
"Ok, you got me. I surrender."
>"Thou shalt not suffer the furry to live-"
No. 41127 ID: 4ec45d

Still alive and not burning? If so, then uhm ... jump? I mean, you are a vile animal - man hybrid, you abominations ought to be able to jump rather well.
No. 41128 ID: 2cbe3e


Or die, if you're a man/beast hybrid.

You can do that pretty well right?
No. 41130 ID: d49bf6

Sorry to say it that blunt.
But your only chance now is making sexual advances to the AnonTrooper. He seems to be alone and everyone knows they secretly want it.
Maybe you'll have a chance to attack him while he rapes you.
Just think about Jesus.
No. 41132 ID: 58f84b
File 125259599014.gif - (507.61KB , 283x567 , 8.gif )


No. 41133 ID: 2cbe3e


Burn you sorry abomination.
No. 41134 ID: 4ec45d

Oh ... uhm ... Good end?
No. 41135 ID: 64f8ae

WEll done!
No. 41136 ID: 64f8ae

WEll done!
No. 41138 ID: 1689ab

um. Stop drop and roll?
err... stop and roll?
No. 41139 ID: d49bf6

Can we switch to the good guy now or is this the end?
No. 41151 ID: b94893

Anontrooper: Turn the flamethrower on yourself for being a /b/tard.
No. 41152 ID: 58f84b
File 125259990360.gif - (789.60KB , 283x567 , 9.gif )

"What's that control? You're breaking up. Oh fuck, my cam's glitching again."
>"Roger that Jay one, sit this one out. Squad two, continue the sweep."

At least I got that one so it's not a total loss. My average ain't what it's supposed to be.
No. 41153 ID: 2cbe3e


What's your name? What's this group you're a part of?

How many more fucking furries are left?
No. 41156 ID: d49bf6

Are you saying we can't do the good work anymore?
Use the time to brief us on the background of this cleansing operation.
No. 41167 ID: 58f84b
File 12526023642.png - (36.25KB , 567x283 , 10.png )

Joanna Baxter, Illinois Fire Brigade, 81st precinct.
These things usually run in packs but I dunno. I hear we got the call for just this one.
They've been gettin harder to find in the past coupla years.

What, whole shebang? Long story.
But yeah, someone tipped us off about one of these damn fuzballs living near here so we got the code sixteen. That's, ah, "Kill It With Fire".

But yeah looks like I'll be sitting the rest of this op out. Damn helmet's broken again. The chief's been trying to get me to upgrade to the new model, but I like this one.
'sides. The new model has those creepy red/green eyes. They freak me out even after eleven years.

Sounds like the buildings being cleared. It'll only be a few minutes until the all-clear.
No. 41169 ID: 5eea01

We've been a bit absent recently. Where did they come from and what is the nature of the danger they pose?
No. 41170 ID: 97d3d3


You are a woman? That is cool. We can work with that. Any family? Sisters preferably?
Oh and get that helm back on your noggin!
No. 41177 ID: 58f84b
File 125260370890.png - (33.84KB , 567x283 , 11.png )

Danger? Wouldn't know about that. I think they're just mildly annoying.
But hey, the SSK ordered their extermination so here we are.
It's not a bad job.

Well my old man lives up in Maine but Susanne moved to London a few years back when she dropped out of school. Dad and her ain't talkin these days, but I can call her up on the Wire when I get home. That all right?

And fine, fine, quit your naggin. I know it's regs to keep the gear on until the all-clear but I can barely see through that thing.
No. 41181 ID: d49bf6

So it's just waiting until the mission is finished and going home?
No more nests to root out?
No. 41182 ID: 97d3d3


Barely seeing is better than not seeing at all, because your skull was caved in, is it not?
No. 41184 ID: 58f84b
File 125260500915.png - (32.42KB , 567x283 , 12.png )

Well, yeah. That's about it.
Even if the party went on I'm not invited. Orders an all that.
>"All-clear, I repeat, all-clear."
Well shit. Ain't that dandy.
Back to the station I guess.
No. 41193 ID: d49bf6

Do you ever feel pity for those creatures?
They might have family and friends you know.
No. 41203 ID: efa41b

You know, most people don't tend to feel pity for things they don't humanize. That's part of why fire is good for killing with.
No. 41204 ID: 58f84b
File 125260744365.png - (31.53KB , 283x567 , 13.png )

Hehe, you crack me up man.
Family? Friends? Those things?
Hehehe oh man I gotta tell that one to Johnny.

Oshi the others are down already. Gotta hurry.
No. 41207 ID: 8d9691

Good, good. Just making sure, sometimes people get weak and suddenly assume those things might have "rights" or something.
Carry on soldier.
No. 41219 ID: 58f84b
File 125260884553.png - (37.50KB , 567x283 , 14.png )

>"Late again, are we Baxter?"
"Uh, sorry sir. I was at-"
>"I will have none of your damn excuses. Get on the van."
"Yes sir."
>"Not in the compartment. That's for people who can get here on _time_. You'll be riding on top."
Fuck. "Yes sir."

I blame you for this.
No. 41222 ID: 97d3d3

Why? Surfing a van sounds fun. Do it!
No. 41234 ID: 58f84b
File 125261024395.gif - (24.31KB , 567x283 , 15b.gif )

Stupid stupid stupid...

It's also dangerous as hell, but hey, the view is nice.
No. 41236 ID: efa41b

Don't be a pussy.
No. 41237 ID: 6194e1

Hold on tight. So how often are raids, and why are you late so much? Do they usually go as smoothly as this?
No. 41253 ID: 58f84b
File 12526117334.gif - (264.44KB , 283x567 , 16.gif )

Ey fuck you. You come out here and do this.

Magtethers. I oughta stay attached to the ship, but that's not the issue.
To answer your questions, theres about ten-fifteen raids per night citywide, and we get maybe one or two a night.
And I'm not late that often, the cap just has it in for me for whatever reason. He's just a dick.

And our crew does things pretty smoothly, thankyouverymuch. I hear the boys in the 16th keep fucking raids up every now and then, but the 47th precinct is on the top spot in citywide scoreboards, has been for the past two years. I hear they're number five on the continental league.

But I gotta shut up now, we're taking off.

Here we go.
No. 41262 ID: 97d3d3

No. 41270 ID: 4e49f2

'Am enjoying the absurdity of it all.

So far I feel absolutely nothing for any of the characters in this quest and I am loving every second of it.
No. 41294 ID: 58f84b
File 125261577340.gif - (872.61KB , 567x567 , 17.gif )

No. 41308 ID: efa41b

From the look on your face, you appear to be experiencing violent rape. Just lay back and enjoy it.
No. 41322 ID: 58f84b
File 125261873621.gif - (392.14KB , 283x567 , 18.gif )

Pfffffff. Hey I didn't fall off.
And I'm not liquefied! Score!

Think it's smart talkin rape-shit to a woman in power armor? Cuz I know a guy who can rig me up a strapon for this thing.
No. 41325 ID: ed8d8a

play dead.
No. 41330 ID: 58f84b
File 12526193912.gif - (28.57KB , 283x567 , 19.gif )

That... doesn't sound half bad actually.

Well, the operator can see my life signs from the console, but with any luck he left for the coffee room when we left the LZ.

Shutting down suit power now.
No. 41342 ID: 1be83d

Really? Maybe you should get us in touch with him... we um. We may have a friend who might be interested...
No. 41347 ID: efa41b

That should be standard issue.
No. 41352 ID: 58f84b
File 125262151878.png - (51.54KB , 283x567 , 20.png )

I... see.

Well I know they ain't standard issue cuz the SSK (or S3K if you wanna be official) has parental controls by default. So all SSK gear is worksafe without a little tinkering.
(I know there are official blueprints for that stuff, it's just not manufactured)

>"Hey Bax, get yo skinny ass down ere, girl."
Uhh. Should I keep playin dead? It seems a bit childish.
No. 41383 ID: a65c2c

You haven't really played dead, so yeah, get down instead of that. Gotta be something more fun to do than laying on the van.
No. 41392 ID: 1be83d

Agreed. There should definatly be something more fun. Tell us more of what can be done once the worksafeties are off.
No. 41866 ID: 58f84b
File 125266468328.png - (73.08KB , 567x283 , 21.png )

Pfffff. Twenty minutes left of my shift. God I hate it when we get a call just before shift change. We get diddly-squat overtime pay and it sucks ass.

For fun?
I guess I could either go talk to Johnny, play some cards with the guys or hook up to the Wire for a few minutes.

And the worksafes... Well, they're illegal to remove in public. I've only ever seen the wire without em once. Goddamn. Law 34 on fucking everything.
No. 41868 ID: f0c5bc


Who is that on the ground?
No. 42141 ID: 58f84b
File 12527056865.png - (73.38KB , 567x283 , 22.png )

That's me, you dolt.

Oh fuckit. Imma pop out for a smoke.
No. 42152 ID: 58f84b
File 125270672299.gif - (170.15KB , 283x567 , 23.gif )

Ahh much better.
And hey, a nice view of the S3K tower too. One of the perks of workin for the Man.

You guys've been askin some pretty odd questions. Where have you been for the past eleven years?
No. 42157 ID: f0c5bc


Asleep, probably.
No. 42178 ID: 58f84b
File 125270818797.png - (36.17KB , 283x567 , 24.png )

Oh fuck you guys don't know anything? S3K? The Wire? Hivemind?

Well I'll explain while I'm smoking.
Eleven years ago there was this big MIT project going on. They wanted to create the ultimate human/computer interface. Dunno the specifics, but it's supposed to read your mind and do whatever it is you want it to do.
Sounds great doesn't it? For a while it was. Pretty soon there was a Wire terminal on every city block.
Things changed after the S3K corporation bought the system. They did something to it, wired em up to each other direct or something, and it got outta hand. Started spreading out to other systems, banks, traffic control, military networks, everywhere.
That pretty much paralyzed every government on the planet, but the thing is everything kept on working. There was no big collapse or anything, things just never stopped rolling. I don't really understand it, but there was a documentary about it a few years back. Apparently, whenever there's a big decision to be made the Wire terminals read the general consensus on a random poll directly from the users and act on it. A hive mind is what they call it. In a way, it's the ultimate form of democracy.

Anyways, I'm out of a cigarette. Anything else you need before I get back in?
Oh yeah, that tower you see there, that's the local Wire control node. S3K property.
No. 42180 ID: f0c5bc


So humanity is controlled by a big network that reached sentience? Sounds like a transhumanists wet dream.
Does it work?
No. 42199 ID: 58f84b
File 125270956488.png - (53.84KB , 283x567 , 25.png )

Well I don't know about sentient, but it does work. After a fashion.

Let's just say that you'll want to avoid any pools.
No. 42351 ID: acdc9b

Because the Pool's Closed.

So how did all these memes become embodied? Was 4chan imprinted on the masses? Where did furries come from?
No. 42658 ID: fdc826

>Where did furries come from?

I think that much is fairly obvious; this interface physically changes your body based on what your mind wants. Furries wanted to look like furries, so there you go.

...I wonder how many former-fa/tg/uy dorfs are running around?

And, oh god, what about /d/?
No. 43064 ID: 58f84b
File 12527782042.png - (128.21KB , 283x567 , 26.png )

Now you're gettin it.
That guy we fried was only a three I guess. He coulda taken the suit off. And those are a real bitch to find. Barely register on the VK test.

Pretty much all dorfs have migrated to the offworld colonies. Something about not finding magma and HFS close together or something like that. I think there was something about carp too. Crazy bastards.

And /d/. Hah. That's what the worksafes are for. All public areas are restricted, ever since after the San Francisco Incident.

"Signing out Mack, see ya tomorrow."
>"Hey Joanne, got mail for you. From corporate."
"Oh? Gimme. I'll read it when I get home."
No. 43085 ID: 58f84b
File 125278060231.gif - (242.10KB , 283x567 , 27.gif )

I hate the subway.
No. 43102 ID: 43d730

No promotion for you?
Or no more career for you?
No. 43105 ID: 58f84b
File 125278405985.gif - (114.59KB , 567x283 , 28.gif )


Damn damn damn.

[Note: Reuploaded, >>43102 was after this post]
No. 43133 ID: 58f84b
File 125278706784.gif - (4.38KB , 567x283 , 29.gif )

That's exactly what it means.
It means I'm still stuck in this dead-end job living in this miserable apartment with no fucking life.
"Not Jäger candidate material."
Fuck you and your capital Ys.

The career prospects of a fireman aren't that great. Nobody is ever promoted to officer from the ranks. Sure the pay scales up a little bit but it's still the same shit. Night shifts, trudging through sewers in power armor, the endless competing for a good average.

Jägers are the investigative division of the Fire Brigade. That last op came from a public call but it's usually the Jägers who tell us where to find the rats. Now that IS a sweet gig. Anyone with a Jäger training and a few years of experience on the job has the option of going up the corporate ladder. Way up. The pay is about three times my salary. If I got in I'd be able to move out of this goddamn condemned hole.
But who am I kidding?
That was my third rejection.
I should just give up.
No. 43146 ID: 276781

...How are you talking to us, anyway? Have we taken the form of a blue glass orb and voices in your head, just the voices, or something entirely different?

I ask out of pure curiosity, but it honestly doesn't matter. We have led many to greatness, and even if we do lapse into the occasional millennial slumber, we're very good at what we do. You will be no different. You will become a Jäger, if that's truly what you want.

It is not a question of 'if' or 'how', but 'when'.
No. 43161 ID: 58f84b
File 125278906681.gif - (155.89KB , 283x567 , 30.gif )

Yes! I am Joanna motherfucking Baxter, and I WILL become a Jäger if it's the last thing I do!


As for your question, it's the S3K direct feedback chip I had installed when I was first applying for Jäger training. It's a little old and flaky now, but apparently it still works. You are from the Wire, right?
No. 43162 ID: a9a44e

How does one become a Jager? (fuck umlauts)
No. 43167 ID: f8abd6

Ah, that's a more direct connection than we often get.
What do they normally look for in candidates?
No. 43170 ID: e3f578

Can you explain how in the hell we were inside that furfaggots mind for a little bit as well? Psychic feedback? Christ, how in the hell do you even know what is real anymore with all this psychic stuff manipulating the world. The shit you spew might not even be real fire.

Aww hell, who gives a fuck if the fires real or not, the shit is fun to spew around. BATTLE CRY YOUR AMBITIONS TO THE WORLD! UNREALITY CANNOT STOP YOU! JAGER! JAGER! JAGER!
No. 43193 ID: 58f84b
File 125279207818.png - (10.00KB , 283x567 , 31.png )

By getting into the training program, duh.
You can apply or get drafted into the program if you have some particularily high merit.

The hell should I know. The requirements aren't made public.
I guess smarts, good condition, good people skills, the ability to stand on your head and hold your breath for ten minutes.
It's probably my grades in school. I wasn't exactly a top student.

Well it's not really reality bending. It's just a network, after all. But my flamer uses propane-propelled napalm with - wait, did you say you were in the target's head? He's chipped? What the fuck? These things aren't exactly easy to come by, especially if you're a civvie. Huh.
No. 43197 ID: e3f578

I see... maybe achievements will get us into the Jäger regime! I bet there is some mystery involved with that whiny bitch's chip acquirement. Perhaps we'll foil some higher-up sympathizer's plans. If only they acknowledged that it's just some fetish like BDSM instead of a culture with rights and push their sick turn-ons in public, maybe those bastards wouldn't get burned up in the first place.
No. 43230 ID: 58f84b
File 125279499217.gif - (8.70KB , 283x567 , 32.gif )

That's more like it.
But how the hell am I going to get my hands on the evidence? It's 6:20 AM and the cleanup crew is already at the site.
No. 43239 ID: e041d1

Where do they put the body? If they incinerate it, the chip should still be there.
No. 43262 ID: 276781

Might still be there. Might.
Come to think of it, maybe it's just the paranoia talking, but... Joanna, your captain.
You say he has it in for you.

Does he ever act suspiciously? Like someone who doesn't belong, or have you perhaps done something inadvertently that pissed him off?

Again, perhaps just the paranoia, but paranoia has saved more than one person on more than one occasion. If there is something sinister and wrong about him... if he's a sympathizer, that might be your ticket into the Jägers.
No. 43308 ID: e3f578

And if it doesn't get you into the Jagers, there's always blackmail.
No. 43778 ID: 6c80cf


You have any friends there? Or maybe... would the body have been picked over for valuables before the crew got there?
No. 43789 ID: 1689ab

Out of curiousity... you got any family?
No. 43802 ID: 58f84b
File 125284388176.png - (3.22KB , 567x283 , 33.png )

Hmm. The bodies are shipped off to S3K facilities somewhere. Dissect and incinerate, I guess. But... before they're taken to S3K they're kept in the county coroner's office.

I guess it's possible they haven't taken the corpse yet.

And the captain... well, I can never really tell what he's thinkin what with that stupid mask the officers have to wear. I wouldn't take 'im for a sympathizer though, he's ruthlessly efficient at what his does.
I have no idea what I coulda done to tick 'im off.

Something sinister and wrong about him? Definitely.

For that I'd need to dig up some dirt on one of em higher-ups, but I don't even really know who they are.

Somehow I don't think a chip inside someone's skull qualifies as a valuable.
No friends as such but I sorta know Enrique from Wing Chun practice.

Well, like I said, my dad's living in Maine and Susanne, my sis, is living in London.

So yeah. Where should I go, and what should I take with me?
No. 43807 ID: 58f84b
File 125285335954.png - (176.17KB , 567x567 , 34.png )

Did I lose connection? I can't hear you.
Fuckin cheap-ass Taiwanese piece-o-junk.

Fuck this. I'm taking these and heading out. If you can reach me before I make it to the subway we'll talk. Otherwise I'm headin out to the previous op site.
No. 43814 ID: 4bfef5

-omething's wro- ... -sing connection, we- ... -urgent mes- ... -the blue one! I repe- ...
No. 43832 ID: 58f84b
File 125286118915.png - (38.40KB , 567x283 , 35.png )

Hopefully there'll be less interference outside.
I should really get you fixed, but do you have any idea how much wetware costs these days?
The blue one? What's that about?

Anyhow, in case you're not getting a good video feed I'm bringing my gun, my telescopic bo, my wallet, my zippo and my cigarettes. Anything else you think I need?

I'll grab some breakfast at the station. There's a new suche stand I've been meaning to try out.
No. 43840 ID: e3f578

Don't worry about that guy, he was trolling you. Good fun for all. Say hello to your neighbors. It's nice.
No. 43850 ID: eeba7d

lol trolled.

But seriously, it's like 6:30 in the morning. Even the folks on the Wire get kinda sparse around this time.

Ignore your neighbors, but make sure to bring a dog. Or curtains or something. Oh, and do you have any steroids?
No. 43889 ID: 58f84b
File 125286751170.png - (75.58KB , 283x567 , 36.png )

Har har.
Now can it with the trollin.

'sides, my neighbor creeps me the fuck out. No way in hell am I saying anything to that weirdo.

So, now that we've "re-established contact" (dicks), should I try the morgue or the op site?
My FB badge looks nice and official, even if it wouldn't stand up for closer scrutiny.
No. 43899 ID: eeba7d

I'd be surprised if the body was still at the op site. The whole thing seemed far too efficient to allow that kind of oversight. Check the morgue first.
No. 43950 ID: 58f84b
File 125287385748.png - (81.06KB , 283x567 , 37.png )

Ok, county coroner it is.

Hopefully the Jägers will take their sweet time retrieving the stiff.

I don't say this often, but thanks for the pick-me-up earlier. 'preciate it.
No. 43960 ID: 58f84b
File 12528750123.gif - (146.23KB , 283x567 , 38.gif )

No. 44592 ID: 18212a
File 125296502878.png - (138.76KB , 567x283 , 39.png )

Hey, you there? Sorry, forgot to turn the chip back on.
We're here, coroner's office.

So how do I do this? I could either break in or try an talk my way past the security. Any other ideas?
No. 44616 ID: e6520b

Are you good with words?
No. 44619 ID: 09315a

I don't think you'll be able to talk your way past security. To put it delicately, you're about as charismatic as the average gaiafag. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh. But the point is you seriously need to work on your people skills before any schmoozing goes on.

Any self-respecting coroner's office that sees as much business as one in your area should is going to have an area to offload trucks carrying corpses. They aren't going to take them in through the front door. How about scouting around the building to check for any rear entrances?
No. 44635 ID: 18212a
File 125296862625.png - (140.31KB , 567x283 , 40.png )

Hey, fuck you.
But point taken. I'm goin around the back.
No. 44637 ID: 09315a

>fuck you
I think we should just be friends. Friends without benefits, I mean...

But seriously though, look for any kind of back hole you can enter through. You want something that will help you come in. I don't know what the level of maintenance is, but it might be kind of dirty. You're just going to have to persevere, staying firm in the face of adversity.
No. 44704 ID: 18212a
File 125297274462.png - (32.56KB , 283x567 , 41.png )

Imma go ahead and ignore your raging innuendo.

Hmm. The gate is locked. No keyhole, must be a remote.
No. 44715 ID: 0e1212

Does that gutter look climbable? Do you think the cover for that door could support your weight? Can you get up on top of it? You might be able to kick that security camera hard enough to damage it, then hide on top of the door covering to jump down on top of anyone who comes out to investigate, Sam Fisher style.

Also, what's that box right below the security camera? Is that some kind of keypad for the door? If so, you might be able to do some lame MacGuyver thing with your cigarette to blow ash on the buttons so they stick to the ones that are used for the code. As long as they're using movie security systems, all you have to do is move from top left to bottom right, hitting all the buttons once and voila, you're in!
No. 45160 ID: 18212a
File 125307014382.gif - (29.76KB , 283x567 , 43.gif )

Lessee. I could totally climb that drain, and I guess I could manage that.

I could shatter that plastic camera easy. Or I could, you know, pull a wire loose.
No. 45181 ID: 18212a
File 125307137539.gif - (35.08KB , 283x567 , 44.gif )

There's someone on the upper floor.
No. 45188 ID: 18212a
File 125307227095.gif - (30.64KB , 283x567 , 45.gif )

well, shit.
No. 45201 ID: 18212a
File 125307344823.png - (105.57KB , 283x567 , pause.png )

>Ride doctor like a mechanical bull.
No. 45203 ID: 9891a9

You are awesome.
No. 45292 ID: 18212a
File 125308032332.gif - (754.95KB , 567x567 , 46.gif )

[Combat music]
No. 45382 ID: 721be5

Do you need us for any of this?
No. 45390 ID: 64d98f

Ride mechanical bull like a doctor.
No. 45430 ID: 18212a

I did those last few updates in the middle of the night. Was dead tired and seemed like a good idea; wasn't my intention to fall into railroading again. Will attempt to stop, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow as I've been up 30h straight.

The idea was that you get to choose the action from the list at the end of that crappy animation. I'll try my best tomorrow to get us off this railroad track.

No. 45447 ID: f882f8

Wait, what?

Oh, there is animation there! When I clicked it the first time it just sat at the first frame and never moved, so I thought it was just a static image. Which really didn't make sense.

I'm sorry Nahkh, I wasn't trying to be rude. I was just confused. That's not a bad idea at all.

Choose Special: Feint. Act relieved to see him, saying 'thank god you're here I really need your help!' Approach him as you say it until you're close enough to punch him in the gut when he's off guard. Then clobber him on the head hard enough to knock him out.
No. 45771 ID: 18212a
File 125318337641.gif - (622.48KB , 567x567 , 47.gif )

[Yeah gotta remember to mention whenever there is animation. Sometimes those gifs don't work right.]

"Thank god you're here I really need your help!"
>"You locked out here or something?"
"Uhh, yeah."
A little closer...
>"But it's brass monkeys out here. How long have you been here?"
"... A while?"
Just a bit more...
>"You must be freezing. I just put the kettle on, want a cup?"
Wait, what? I'm close enough to deck him, what should I do?
No. 45780 ID: b85a0e

Special: Accept offer. Tea is never a bad thing. Plus it gets you inside the building where you can find a convenient closet or what-have-you for hiding an unconcious body/corpse, if such becomes necessary.
No. 45786 ID: 18212a
File 125319767795.png - (40.34KB , 283x567 , 48.png )

"Yeah, thanks."
>"Well come on in then. I'm Ashcroft, what's your name?"
"It's, uhh..."
No. 45795 ID: 9d41ab

Francheska Delahour
No. 45810 ID: 18212a
File 125320344076.png - (58.35KB , 567x283 , 49.png )

>"Nice to meet you, Francheska. The break room is right through here."

Ugh, the whole place reeks of disinfectant. I suppose it's better than the alternative.

>"It's nice to get visitors. There's nobody to have a proper chat with here during the night shift. Well, there's the night watchman but he's a bit of a nutter to be frank. So what were you doing out there when you got stuck?"
No. 45811 ID: 66a5e1

This is what I was worried about. The guy's going to ask questions, and eventually we've got to get down to the morgue and away from him.

But for now just tell him you were on a smoke break. That'd make sense, right? People still go outside to smoke?

You might be able to get away with something like, 'Oh hold on, I forgot something. I'll meet you at the break room in a minute.' but then of course you've got a time limit before he gets suspicious and inevitably alerts security. You could try talking with him until you can leave more naturally, but that risks the body being shipped out to the S3K facility if it's here, not to mention the longer you interact the greater the chances your ruse is discovered.
No. 45821 ID: 18212a
File 125320539527.gif - (47.23KB , 567x283 , 50.gif )

"I was out having a smoke and I wandered in the open gate. It slammed shut behind me."
>"Sounds like it was malfunctioning. Must've been the damp from last nights rain."
"Yeah must've been. Thanks for letting me in."
>"You're welcome. We've all run into a spot of bad luck a few times. You were lucky though, the building is mostly empty and it could've been hours until I noticed you. Darjeeling okay for you?"
No. 45826 ID: 7eda8b

Become aware of mysterious figure... running... outside.

...That could really be anything, if those doors lead outside. If they don't, you should probably worry about it.
No. 45828 ID: 5a815d


Abort! You've got company, intentions unknown.

Incapacitate the doctor and get down to the morgue ASAP. Find the corpse, locate the chip, evacuate the premises.
No. 45840 ID: 18212a
File 125320865517.gif - (33.76KB , 567x567 , 51.gif )

Righto. Taking him out-
No. 45850 ID: 35a8b0


Yeah. Figures. Go investigate! Take meatsh... uh I mean doc with you.
No. 45866 ID: 18212a
File 125321279741.png - (34.91KB , 567x567 , 52.png )

"What was that?"
>"I don't know. Sounded like the window upstairs.
"I'm going to have a look, and you're coming with me."
>"Oh bugger that. The security guard is up there, he'll take care-"
>{A short scream and a drawn out growl echo from upstairs.}
>"Oh bugger me. What the hell was that?"
No. 45869 ID: 18212a
File 125321364631.png - (43.23KB , 567x283 , 53.png )

That sounded like a six to me. I've never seen em live.

"Hey, which way to upstairs?"
>"Don't be daft. You can't go up there."
>"Left, next to the main entrance."

Ok, so which way do we go?
No. 45883 ID: 35a8b0


You do have your weapon with you, right? Good, because it is time to investigate!
No. 45886 ID: 18212a
File 125321736167.png - (44.28KB , 567x283 , 54.png )

>"What was that, Francheska?"
"Sounded like a furry. Core six I guess. I've got a gun, but I don't think that'll do much good."
>"A gun? Just who are you?"
"Just a trashman."

Yeah I've got my pistol, butt which way to investigate? Upstairs or the morgue?
No. 45887 ID: 43d730

Can you take a level six?
The morgue would be very secure if you aren't up to fighting the thing.
No. 45892 ID: 18212a
File 125321894530.gif - (25.54KB , 567x283 , 55.gif )


Depends on the specimen I guess. The core level just means how animal-like it is, not how dangerous it is. This one sounds big though. Like three- four hundred kilos big. I doubt my forty cal can take that down.
No. 45896 ID: 78f329

I'm not seeing any animation, and I waited about 20 seconds.

Head for the morgue. It's probably here to recover it's fellow abomination. Get the chip first, then get out. Who knows what vital intel might be on there?
No. 45897 ID: 43d730

Get the chip, see if the morgue is defensible, and CALL THIS IN
It can wait until you leave with the chip, though, if you leave.
No. 45903 ID: 7eda8b

I had to take the gif apart in gimp before I could spot the animation. Extremely small discolorations on the ceiling. I guess representing footsteps.

So it's upstairs. So go upstairs.
No. 45905 ID: 18212a
File 125322106895.png - (48.50KB , 567x283 , 56.png )

Morgue, right.
"What's the morgue door like?"
>"Metal, small glass window."

No U.

It's coming down the stairs.
No. 45906 ID: 18212a

[Yeah sorry about the animation, looked bigger in 400% magnification :D)
No. 45907 ID: 43d730

To the morgue!
Drag whatsisface, too!
No. 45908 ID: 78f329

Then it's time for you to go downstairs. The sign for the morgue was back on the hallway you came through. Head down there, convince the doc it's the best way to stay safe.
No. 45922 ID: 18212a
File 125322319467.gif - (35.90KB , 567x283 , 57.gif )

No. 45945 ID: bffa2a


Tell blondie to run on ahead and hold open any doors. Shoot a couple times to slow it down and follow.
No. 45959 ID: 18212a
File 125322590130.gif - (1.95MB , 567x283 , 58.gif )


No. 45974 ID: 9d41ab

COntinue to run!
No. 45978 ID: c1d4e9

And lock the damn doors behind you!
No. 45982 ID: e3f578

Are we programmed into cameras? We just got smashed! Maybe we can hack things and we just didn't know it.
No. 46002 ID: c7c258

Ooh, good point. We are from the Wire after all.

Search for new vantage points and/or available nodes!
No. 46412 ID: 18212a
File 125326981054.gif - (624.97KB , 567x283 , connecting.gif )

Node lost, resetting connection.

Direct feed restored.
No. 46413 ID: 18212a
File 125326994071.gif - (180.67KB , 283x567 , 59.gif )

No. 46414 ID: f4f969

The node got destroyed. We had to find a new one first.

Seems the door is not going to last long. Any other exits?
As an aside: how heavy is that furry you bagged on your last mission? Could you carry it without getting slowed down?
No. 46419 ID: 18212a
File 125327537675.png - (39.02KB , 425x850 , 60.png )

Well hurry up already!
The target was a full grown man, way too heavy to easily carry.

"Any exits out of here?"
>"No. That's the only exit."
"Shit, this isn't gonna last long."

>"LiTl PiG litl pig LET me CoM IN."
No. 46420 ID: 43d730

Phone in help.
Nab that chip, or tell the one guy to do it while you guard the door.
Are there any of the following in the area: Fire extinguisher, large uncovered wires, crowbars (though melee should be a last resort), or sashimi?
No. 46421 ID: bffa2a


I don't think the little window is bulletproof. Shoot it in the eye.

"Not by the hair of my ass chin chin" *bang*

Scout around for jagged protursions for it to imp- Oh, right.. morgue. Umm, got anything flammable in there? I'm sure it's bad form to build a fire in front of the only exit but so is dying because of furries.
No. 46424 ID: 18212a
File 125327973845.gif - (542.61KB , 425x850 , 61.gif )

I don't have a goddamn cell!
"Do you have a phone?"
>"Y-yes but it's upstairs."
"Well FUCK."

"Ok listen up, that thing is after that body the fire brigade brought in. Know where it is?"
"There's a chip in the back of his head. I need you to get that for me. Can you do that?"
>"... Sure."
"But before you do, get me everything flammable. You have flammable chemicals here right?"
>"I think so."
"Now move!"

I don't see any exposed wires or fire extinguishers, and I have my telescopic bo for melee.

"Not by the hair of my ass-chin-chin."
No. 46425 ID: bffa2a


... Oh... I would start smoking now if only to calm my nerves. Try not to swallow the cig when it inevitably bursts in. See what flammable liquids you can find and throw sheets in front of door. You'll probably want to time this right.
No. 46434 ID: 9d41ab

Continue to shoot through the door? We can't really retreat without doctor scientist not being able to find us when he gets back.
No. 46435 ID: 43d730

I would have left the window in, but that also works.
DON'T, I repeat DON'T get anywhere near that hole.
Wait for it to put something through and shoot the shit out of that.
No. 48722 ID: 18212a
File 125354394551.gif - (586.08KB , 567x1134 , 62.gif )

No. 48744 ID: bd6ea1

How do they get so mutated?... Just stay out of reach and keep its focus off bashing the door. How much ammo do you have on you?
No. 48747 ID: 18212a
File 125354998012.png - (238.65KB , 567x850 , 63.png )

I don't know! I've never heard of one this bad.
I have two shots left. And that's it.

>"I found this, will this help?"
Oh I love that man.
No. 48752 ID: e36292

No. 48759 ID: bffa2a


You need to hit it with the jar. Don't you dare to fuckin miss. Start smoking several cigarettes if you haven't already. Remember, fire kills slowly and it seems horrible enough to chase you around on fire. I'm not sure if that's better.
No. 48772 ID: 18212a
File 125355395946.gif - (214.91KB , 567x1134 , 64.gif )

No. 48778 ID: bffa2a


Hmmmm, anybody got a little quip to put in before we run away from angry fireball?

"Huff and puff this" "smoking kills"
No. 48780 ID: bd6ea1

No. 48785 ID: b10848

No. 48789 ID: 18212a
File 125355677944.gif - (196.36KB , 567x850 , 65.gif )

"Wanna go for a ride in my BMW?"
No. 48797 ID: 7eda8b

Monster: Actually attack. Don't just stand there while she does things to you.
No. 48802 ID: 18212a
File 125355839636.png - (76.17KB , 425x850 , 66.png )

>"Did you kill it?"
"Don't think so. Just scared it off. C'mon, we don' have that much time."
No. 48810 ID: 931ee5

Find the dead furry, get the chip, and get the fuck out of there.
No. 48813 ID: 43d730

But not through that door.
Have you called in a team yet?
No. 48815 ID: bffa2a


I take good doctor has the chip already? Then let's get out through the only exit available before it returns to block the way. Take the back exit again since that's closest. Mayby retrieve goldies cell along the way.
No. 48829 ID: 18212a
File 125356116037.png - (141.57KB , 1134x425 , 67.png )

Look I told ya already, we don't got no fuckin phone.
"Cmon, hurry up."
>"Look, do you want me to break it by mistake? Then hush. How's the hand?"
"Huh? Oh. Fine."
>"It doesn't look fine. Let me take a look at it."
"Get the damn chip."
>"Would you care to tell me who you really are, "Francheska"?"
No. 48831 ID: 43d730

An overachiever.
Can we go somewhere that isn't in imminent danger of death by ripntear to discuss this?
No. 48838 ID: 18212a
File 125356275291.png - (260.33KB , 567x567 , 68.png )

"Can we go somewhere that isn't in imminent danger of death by ripntear to discuss this?"
>"Would you at least tell me your real name? Ah, there we go. Slippery little bugger aren't you? Hand me that sample dish would you?"
No. 48839 ID: b198ee

You might as well tell him. It'll put him at ease. Hand him the dish and say, "Joanna".

Also don't let him keep the dish. As soon as he's done sealing it or whatever, get it from him. This is your discovery, your ticket into the BlutJägers, not his!
No. 48845 ID: 18212a
File 125356421328.png - (176.98KB , 567x567 , 69.png )

>"Nice to meet you, Joanna. Here, this is yours. Now, how do we get out?"
No. 48970 ID: bffa2a


We sneak through the back and pick your phone on the way. Stay behind me and be ready to run.
No. 49243 ID: 18212a
File 125364037446.png - (78.62KB , 425x850 , 70.png )

"We sneak out the back. Do you have the remote for the door?"
"Good. Is your cell in the break room?"
"We'll get that along the way. Stay behind me and be ready to run. I've only got two shots left but this piece of shit did fuck'all to it, even point blank. I might as well be holding a piece of cardboard."
>"I noticed such, yes."
I need a bigger gun.
No. 49244 ID: dd77ac

That's not the Traveller! :O

Ask him if there's a shotgun in the guard station. They usually keep them there in video games.
No. 49259 ID: bffa2a


Hey, doctor. Can you carry an airtank? Just in case the thing gets you in it's jaws. It will be totally cool. For us we mean.
No. 49270 ID: 18212a
File 125364344960.png - (72.49KB , 567x283 , 71.png )

>That's not the Traveller! :O
>So sure are we, my little magpie? The Traveller needs guidance, little one. Lost are we.
"Is there a shotgun in the guard room?"
>"I don't know, I'm just the pathologist! There is a weapons locker, but the night guard has the key."
"Well can you carry an airtank?"
>"An airtank? Sure, what's that, around five kilos? But we don't have one, it's not like the dead need a respirator."
Muffled voices from upstairs: "Oh, you poor darling, did the mean woman hurt you?" "It BurRns us. Hurt." "Aww, mommy will make it all better. Did you get your little brother?" "No, moTher. SorRry mother. MeaN womn stoPS me." "Oh dear. We can't have that can we?"
No. 49276 ID: dd77ac

I'm nobody's magpie. Get back to your thread!

Shit, they've got reinforcements. You've gotta get out of there. Just run for it, out the back door. Then find a phone or call it in somehow.

Unless... we are connected to the Wire...
>Attempting to access local emergency response grid
No. 49278 ID: 304aee


Do you have a spare magazine? If you do you should rush them!
No. 49279 ID: bffa2a


I take it that you don't want to go out with a bang.

Grab phone and run. You can call for help while you run. You need power armor from the sound of things.
No. 49292 ID: 18212a
File 125364794946.gif - (189.13KB , 567x283 , 72.gif )

>Attempting to access local emergency response grid
"Nine one one, what is your emergency?"
No. 49299 ID: dd77ac

We need a Code 16 at the county coroner's office. Staff are reporting one confirmed Core 6 furry in the building with at least one other present as well. Requesting that forces be dispatched to the vicinity immediately.
No. 49309 ID: 18212a
File 125364945336.png - (320.81KB , 567x283 , 73.png )

"Roger the code sixteen. I've alerted the fire brigade. Are you at 2121 W. Harrison?"
No. 49317 ID: f31556

One moment please, finding out.

>Searching for GPS application in the S3K direct feedback chip and cross referencing results to Google maps or the contemporary equivalent.

If that doesn't work, "Hey Joanne, are you at 2121 W. Harrison? Ask the good doctor if you don't know."
No. 49326 ID: 18212a
File 125365138860.png - (319.50KB , 567x283 , 74.png )

>"Hold on one sec, finding out."
>ls /dev/gps/*
No files found.
>audiocastd hold
>"Hey Joanne, are we in 2121 W Harrison?"
"Huh? Yeah."
>audiocastd resume
"Hello? Are you there sir?"
>"Yeah, we're at 2121."
"Fire brigade eta three minutes. What's your situation?"
No. 49328 ID: bffa2a


Dead in one! Joanne get a fuckin move on!
No. 49332 ID: f31556

Situation's grim enough to warrant a joke about the convenience of our location.

>Search for any other available nodes in the building, including fire alarm/sprinkler systems, automated cleaning, light controls, and automated handicap door controls.

If possible, turn on all lights outside and open up the front doors behind the monster. Activate the fire alarm too, maybe it won't be able to handle the noise.
No. 49341 ID: 18212a
File 125365451028.png - (334.43KB , 567x283 , 75.png )

>"Dead in one."
>audiocastd exit
>"Joanne get a fucking move on!"
"I found it!"
>wirescanner -tlocal -no_warning
Scan results:
wlan/Wire Public Access
slocalmachine/Pathological database (0A:65:FD:10:00:00:19)
wlan/Wire Emergency Services
slocalmachine/mah_toaster (0A:65:D0:15:27:00:02)
slocalmachine/env_control (0A:65:FD:10:00:00:25)
>sshcrack.bin -FxAR 04:65:FD:10:00:00:25
.---. .-. .--. .-.
: . : .' `. : .; : : :
: :: : .--. `. .'.--. : :,-.,-. .--. .--. : : .--.
: :; :' .; ; : :' .; ; : :: :: ,. :' .; :' '_.': :_ `._-.'
:___.'`.__,_;:_;`.__,_;:_;:_;:_;:_;`._. ;`.__.'`.__;`.__.'
.-. :



System accessed, bon apetit!
~envcon -l +extern
External lights on
~envcon -d open front1, front2
Opening front door
~envcon -E fire_global start
Activating all fire alarms
No. 49345 ID: f31556

(Check the discussion thread.)

"Joanne, you've got a fire brigade on the way. It'll get there in three minutes. Try to keep the thing distracted and in the building so it can be dealt with. And for moot's sake, don't get killed!"
No. 49348 ID: 18212a
File 125365586636.png - (327.91KB , 567x283 , 76.png )

[first off, here's a clearer version for the ascii splash, the rest looks fine right?

________ __ _____ .__ \______ \ _____ _/ |______ / _ \ ____ ____ ____ | | ______ | | \\__ \\ __\__ \ / /_\ \ / \ / ___\_/ __ \| | / ___/ | ` \/ __ \| | / __ \_/ | \ | \/ /_/ > ___/| |__\___ \ /_______ (____ /__| (____ /\____|__ /___| /\___ / \___ >____/____ > \/ \/ \/ \/ \//_____/ \/ \/

Hah! The alarm is distracting it big time.
"Hey blondie, we're leggin it!"
No. 49353 ID: f31556

Oh fine, I guess you might as well get out of there. It's after the corpse in the basement, so that'll probably delay it long enough for the fire brigade to get there.

And besides, you need to get that chip to the brass.
No. 49449 ID: 6c80cf


No. 52483 ID: 18212a
File 12540825723.png - (67.64KB , 850x850 , 77.png )


No. 52490 ID: 931ee5

How illegal is what you just did?

If not very, wait for the fire brigade to show up.
No. 52515 ID: 18212a
File 125408520295.png - (98.70KB , 850x850 , 78.png )

No. 52519 ID: 931ee5

Bullets -> eyes.

No. 52543 ID: e8e979

Yell out, "You can have your little brother! He's downstairs behind you."

Then pull the doctor out of its reach and run.
No. 52544 ID: 18212a
File 125408615722.png - (96.69KB , 850x850 , 79.png )

I can't get a shot in. It's taking everything we have to keep this door closed. If you have any ideas I'd fuckin love to hear em.
No. 52550 ID: bffa2a


Two bullets, two people, you do the math. Go on your own terms.
No. 52555 ID: 931ee5
File 125408655876.jpg - (51.93KB , 475x331 , jurassic-park-1-laura-dern-sam-neill-ariana-richar.jpg )

Frantically tell the doctor to boot up the door locks.

Nah, but seriously,

~envcon -d close all
~envcon -d lock all
No. 52559 ID: 43d730

Make forward motions at the doctor, then on the count of three dive forwards, roll, and try to de-eye the critter.
Then leg it.
No. 52565 ID: e3f578

What room are you in? What fucking room are you in? Look around, there has to be something. We might just have to let the beast in to escape.

If it plays by tropes, it will slow down and just circle you before deciding to eat and mash you. It's in the predator handbook.
No. 52606 ID: 931ee5

Oh, also, I meant that the envcom stuff was for US to do, not for you to get the doctor to do. We did, after all, open the front door, so I figure that it would not be beyond our abilities.
No. 52629 ID: 18212a
File 125408887186.png - (109.45KB , 850x850 , 80.png )

No. 52691 ID: 18212a
File 125409139645.png - (276.10KB , 850x850 , 81.png )

"I *WHEEZE* I think we lost him."
"The *huff* fire brigade will be there just about now."
"You all righ'?"
>"Am I all right? Ha. He he hee hehe"
>"Ha ha ha *cough* *wheeze* Am I all right? HA HA HA"
No. 52692 ID: 18212a
File 125409149484.png - (322.29KB , 850x850 , 82.png )

No. 52694 ID: e8e979

Ahahahaha, score!
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