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File 133679940217.jpg - (225.63KB , 800x480 , TITLE CARD.jpg )
410618 No. 410618 ID: 09e5bf

You are ATHENA TANNIS, and today is your first day as a true Scarlet Knight of the Coal Nation-States. Your country is a bastion of peace in the west, it's protection almost defines where the tamed lands are.

As a Scarlet Knight, it is your job to defend the western frontier from Monsters, Desperadoes, Demons, and Mages. You and your fellow knights are the first and last response to threats all across the untamed frontier.

You are given a few tools for this purpose: Your PURE SILVER RAPIER, which cuts through magic, SCARLET LIGHT ARMOR, which signifies you as a Knight of the Order, and your BASIC TRAIN PASS, which, since you're a new knight, will get you to the towns just past the Purple Peaks, the first step into the Frontier. You'd also never be caught without your DREAMCATCHER, or FAMILY MEMENTO.

You are currently in Pempton Bluff, home to the finest fortress of the Scarlet Knights, and where you have trained for the past 2 years.
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No. 410620 ID: 09e5bf
File 133679945408.jpg - (299.55KB , 800x480 , MAGE HUNTER - 1.jpg )

You are approached by Captain Ulysses Archer, who has your first asignment.

A new mage is rumored to have come to Jordan, a nearby town. It's 2 hours travel by train. He gives you the mage's name, $150 for any supplies you might need, and tells you to check out the Saloon by the train station. The latest wanted posters are kept updated there. You'll be able to check the latest sketch of what thay look like.

Where would you like to go? The General Store has food and basic gear, while the The Train Station would have todays train schedule, the Saloon has entertainment and drinks, and the Knight Depot has special supplies for fighting mages and monsters.
No. 410621 ID: 252e1b

Check out the posters in the Saloon first, that way you'll have an idea of what you'll need. See if anyone in the Saloon knows what Jordan is like. What shops are there, what it does for its economy, who is in charge, basic stuff like that.
No. 410623 ID: 832169

The Saloon seems a good place to start, as the man suggests. Then off to the general store.
No. 410624 ID: 551d90

Glancing at wanted posters isn't a bad idea, but I'd definitely hit the Knight Depot and make sure you have everything you need before you get tempted to blow cash on frivolities. Might want to save some cash to rent a room in Jordan too.
No. 410627 ID: 3734f6

What does the DREAMCATCHER do?
What is your FAMILY MEMENTO?

Is there a distinction between mages who abuse their power and those who don't, or are all mages evil?
No. 410642 ID: 09e5bf
File 133680611540.jpg - (245.62KB , 800x480 , MAGE HUNTER - ERRANDS 1.jpg )

You decide to visit stores on the way to the Saloon, first going with the Knight Depot. Paul is tending the store, as usual.

> "Hey Athenna, looking sharp! Congrats on becoming a knight!"

"Thanks Paul, now how 'bout ya let me take a look at your wares. I wanna make sure I'm good and ready for today"

> "Sure thing"

The Pempton Bluff Knight Depot inventory can be found here:


>What does the DREAMCATCHER do?
Your DREAMCATHER protects you from Boogeymen, terrible monsters that roam the dreamlines. It is ingrained from childhood to always have a DREAMCATCHER at your side, especially when traveling.

>What is your FAMILY MEMENTO?
Your FAMILY MEMENTO is a picture locket of your dear grandparents, who came to the then new Coal Nation. The lock has broken, so you leave it closed, as not to damage it.

>Is there a distinction between mages who abuse their power and those who don't, or are all mages evil?
You have been taught that all mages, no matter how kind hearted they may act, are a tool for demons. That mages are a destructive people whose elemental powers go against the natural order, and they destroy what civilization creates.

Even the tales of mage heroes you've managed to pick up end in disaster. The most noble mage of lore is Thunderfoot. He was a dragonborn lightning mage who united the West when the West was young. He led dozens of young kingdoms to their death when they attacked the demons, and were betrayed by the Trolls and Scarecrows.

The mystics laud him as a tragic hero to be admired, but you see him for what he is, a fool who put his faith in monsters and demonic power, and dragged everyone down with him.
No. 410654 ID: 5029d1

can't see much you need. pure water and a throwing weapon could be useful
No. 410656 ID: 551d90

I'd pick up a Miasma antidote and pure water. Those seem like the sort of things you don't want to be caught without if the need arises. A pure silver throwing knife is probably a good investment too. Covers the same ground as a quicksilver vial (dealing with spells before you get into stabbing range), for half the price, and you can always pick it up and use it again.

Past that... gaze whistfully at that heavier armor and wish new recruits weren't asked to pay for these things out of pocket, head to the tavern to check those wanted posters, and try to save your last $25 for emergencies.
No. 410726 ID: cd6e04

get one of each single-use item.
No. 410729 ID: 09e5bf
File 133684233776.jpg - (269.14KB , 800x480 , MAGE HUNTER - ERRANDS 2.jpg )

MIASMA DRAUGHT, PURE WATER, and THROWING KNIFE have been bought! Athena now has $25.

>gaze whistfully at that heavier armor


> Go to the saloon

Sounds good.

I approach the bartender and ask him some question,

>What's Jordan like?
"Jordan's a nice enough town. It's got good folk and nice weather."

>What shops are there?
"Jordan has a General Store, Jewelry Shop, Saloon, and quite a few clothing shops."

>What does it do for the economy?
"Jordan's got a healthy textiles industry. A lot of the frontier towns use fabrics from there."

>Who is in charge?
"Mayor Walton's still running Jordon last I heard"

Was there anything else you needed to ask?
No. 410758 ID: 252e1b

Is there a doctor there? There's got to be. A newspaper?

Besides those basics, the rest we can learn on the scene.
No. 410772 ID: 09e5bf
File 133685242957.jpg - (650.57KB , 800x960 , MAGE HUNTER - 2.jpg )

>Is there a doctor there?
"Yes, Jordan also has a bank, a couple barbershops, and a diner."

>A newspaper?
"A small one. Most major news makes way to the Pempton Bluff paper. The Jordan News is usually more of a way for people to keep track of upcoming events."

You decide you've been putting it off long enough, so you head over to check out the wanted posters

The bulletin board is full of long standing bounties, including some from before you were born!

There are four new mages to pursue, one of which is the one Captain Archer said was in Jordan. Which one was it again?


Explanations of Magic combinations can be found in the quest discussion, here:
No. 410773 ID: 252e1b

It's the guy in the coat. A Dreamcrafter (Fire/Air). Goes by the name of René.
No. 410782 ID: 551d90


I was about to suggest the exact same thing! Well, not the name, but sure, let's go with that too. Shouldn't be too hard to deal with as a first assignment, just need to remember not to go clothes shopping in his neck of the woods.
No. 410801 ID: b0d466

Air-Spirit, Lyssa

No. 410826 ID: a40801

Oh, I know this!
First Metal Man, then Wood Man, then Air Man, then Bubble Man, then Heat Man, then Crash Man, then Flash Man, then Quick Man.
No. 410933 ID: f2ec53


You caught that this is someone were going off to kill, not us learning spells, right?
No. 410944 ID: b0d466

Right. So they shouldn't be much of a challenge with just healing power, right?
No. 410958 ID: 09e5bf
File 133687113747.jpg - (379.00KB , 800x800 , René.jpg )

You have chosen René, the Dreamcrafter!

Let's check in on this man. What a layabout! How is his coat not setting the grass on fire?

Well, René, what skills do you have?

Pick 1 advanced Skill, 2 Average Skills, and 4 Beginner Skills.

Example Skills can be found here:

René has Beginner Mage, and Beginner Survivability, which can be upgraded to free up a Beginner slot.

René has the FIRE TYPE and AIR-SUBTYPE perks!

No. 410959 ID: 5029d1

oretty sure it's not JUST. they can probably use the pure element as well so they are like benders of that element. but can also do the other thing. air and healing would mean she can fight back off and heal and then keep fighting making her a LOT more durable then first thought.
so fire/air
No. 410961 ID: 09e5bf

Yes, all mages can use their root element. A healer still commands the winds, and a Dreamcrafter can still throw fire at things.
No. 410962 ID: f2ec53

From a pure "just look at the guy" standpoint, I'd have to go with agile.
No. 410963 ID: 5029d1

advanced blacksmith
average mage
average rifleman
beginner swordsman
beginner alchemy
beginner survivability
beginner demolition

No. 410964 ID: b0d466

>Horse Riding

No. 410966 ID: 5029d1

he HAS to have mage and survivability.
No. 410970 ID: 09e5bf

Which you automatically get in addition to the other 6 skills.
No. 410973 ID: 5029d1

beginner hunting and cooking.
No. 411022 ID: 86106a


No. 411036 ID: 5c94e7
File 133688508680.jpg - (35.27KB , 225x350 , donflamingo.jpg )

No. 411100 ID: 72d49b

Advanced Womanizer
Average mage
Average guitarist
beginner duelist
beginner gambler
beginner skulldugger
No. 411104 ID: fb9917

I like this except for the physical edge. Fast instead, maybe?
No. 411108 ID: 09e5bf
File 133689288637.jpg - (299.97KB , 800x480 , CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN - RENE.jpg )


Your skills are as follows:
Advanced: Musical talent
Average: Gunslinger
Average: Blacksmith
Beginner: Mage
Beginner: Survivalist
Beginner: Brawler
Beginner: Climbing
Beginner: Scavenger
Beginner: Cooking
Hobby: Womanizer
Hobby: Gambling

Physical Perk: FAST

Is this information correct?
Please specify any corrections that need to be made.
No. 411111 ID: 5029d1

hells yeah
No. 411112 ID: f2ec53

Does the ability to dreamcraft fancy duds like these come standard with the magical ability, or should one of those skills be swapped out for something related to fashion design?

Otherwise, eh, seems fine to me.
No. 411118 ID: 09e5bf

Starting Dreamcrafters can craft simple clothes and one handed items. As they progress, they can create things from small animals, to vehicles and monsters. A skilled one may even be able to manipulate the dreamlines.

René is wearing a completely mundane duster and jeans. It's a mage's ELEMENTAL AURA which causes their clothes to reflect their nature.
No. 411121 ID: 3734f6

Hell yes!
No. 411486 ID: 09e5bf
File 133696059933.jpg - (283.03KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 1.jpg )

You are RENÉ, a starting dreamcrafter from the town of Pineshadow. You crossed the Purple Peaks, and came to the town of Jordan for a very specific purpose: to buy your sister a NICE DRESS for her birthday.

You have a few items: your father's old TRUSTY SIX SHOOTER with 15 BULLETS, your HARMONICA, DUSTER and JEANS, a TENT, and 1 day of RATIONS.

As a beginner mage, you can suppress you ELEMENTAL AURA for a few hours at a time, but require a 30 minute break inbetween. Casting magic will break the suppression.

As a beginner Dreamcrafter, you can create personal items as long as they relatively simple. You can make a GUITAR thanks to diligent practice. You can also THROW FIRE, or create a localized FLAME AURA around your hands and feet.

You may be able to try other simple magics, but these three spells are the ones you currently have down well enough to do at anytime.

You have $300 saved up. You have suppressed your ELEMENTAL AURA for the past half hour.

You are currently at the border of Jordan. Where would you like to go?
No. 411487 ID: 5029d1

just walk around town. see if anything pops out at you.
No. 411489 ID: b0d466

A clothing shop!
No. 411512 ID: f2ec53

Make your way around town, all nice and charming. Maybe stop by a saloon, flirt with some of the local gals, impress them by whipping up some fancy little rings out of thin air and such. And yeah, see if there's already a high end clothing shop in town, if not, you can looking into setting yourself one up and making an easy living.
No. 411513 ID: abbc45

Where would women be? IN WOMEN'S CLOTHING STORES, obviously.

Flirt + shop.
No. 411520 ID: 05ade7


I can see nothing wrong with this.
No. 411529 ID: 72d49b

Walk down main street. Walk until you see a store with a dress in the window. Feel free to play your harmonica as you walk.

Also how are you carrying the tent?
No. 411615 ID: 5c94e7
File 133697600680.png - (773.23KB , 1090x480 , Untitled.png )

How did I not see this?! Rene was a decoy!
No. 411668 ID: ce4a4d

A general store.
No. 411675 ID: 14a1d0

Athena couldn't beat him anyway. He's got a bounty well over 300,000,000, at least.
No. 411683 ID: 5c94e7

There is also a legitimate King on that bounty board.
As well as a Lightning Knight, which isn't even one of the elements at all.
No. 411698 ID: 5029d1

the king has a 100000000 bounty. simply, it sounds like they want to take him out but god damn he is way too fucking powerful to take out. so he has a quasi-legit kingdom, an area where he is in charge.
No. 411747 ID: a40801

Shoot self in Face with Trusty Six shooter
No. 411812 ID: cda15c

Rene, go buy your sister's gift. Once you get it done you can have some fun

Athena isn't gonna beat rene anyways. He is the real main character.
No. 411872 ID: 09e5bf
File 133705196565.jpg - (308.35KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 2.jpg )

>As well as a Lightning Knight, which isn't even one of the elements at all.
Lightning is the purview of Air/Fire mages.

>Also how are you carrying the tent?
The tent has been placed in René's DRAMA INVENTORY

>Shoot self in Face with Trusty Six shooter
Your TRUSTY SIX SHOOTER isn't an evoker!

René plays his harmonica and looks around town for women's clothing shops as well as other places of interest. He noticed the saloon was quite lively. He could probably find a game or two there.

There's a few barbershops, a jeweler's, general store, diners and multiple clothing stores. He stops by the most popular women's clothing store, and is greeted by a satyr dressmaker.

René says he'd like to buy a dress for his sister, and has her basic measurements. The Satyr says they can make a few types of dresses, with different costs. René could get a SIMPLE DRESS for $75, a NICE DRESS for $200, or he could go for a FANCY DRESS for $300.

They could also improve the fabric quality for a charge. for $50, he could get a prettier fabric which is less sturdy or a sturdier fabric that is less pretty. For $100 he could get a both prettier and sturdier fabric.

The dresses would take a few days to make, and he could pick out the fabric. A rush order would cost $100, but be ready tomorrow morning.

There are a few fine ladies in here. Which should he hit on? The HUMAN WOMAN, the LARUUT WOMAN, or the HARPY WOMAN? There's a SATYR WOMAN as well, but she seems to work here.

If he does hit on them, should he try to impress them with his looks, his words, his skills, or his magic?
No. 411874 ID: abbc45


Considering who you are and where you're from, I'd suggest the SIMPLE DRESS with sturdy and better fabric for 175$. No need to blow ALL your money when there's gambling to be done!
No. 411875 ID: f2ec53

Let's see... since she's our sister, any time she really needs to turn some heads we could just whip something temporary up on the fly, so we might as well get something made to last, so we're dropping at least the extra $50 for something tear resistant. The top of the line is out, but we can get a +Fancy +Sturdy Nice Dress no problem, that should work out great. This, of course, is on the assumption that the $300 we're talking about is our dress-buying budget, and her birthday is far enough off we can afford to wait. Otherwise, we might have to downgrade, unless we can work out a way to get free room and board while we're in town and/or a way home.

So, maxed out Nice if we can actually afford it, otherwise, say we'll be back with a decision and head out to brainstorm some personal finance ideas.

As far as deciding who to hit on though, just going by the body seems downright racist. I say pull out the harmonica, play a quick tune, and strike up a conversation with whoever seems most impressed. Showing off magic tricks later on might seal the deal, but you'd want to get to know her a bit first, make sure she's not going to report you to any crazy anti-magic zealots, and generally be in a more private setting.

Plus you don't need to go rubbing the fact you can summon fancy clothes out of thin air in a dress-maker's face. That'd pretty much be the height of rudeness!
No. 411880 ID: 3760e5

We haven't asked the most important question.
How much is 1$ worth?
How much does food costs per month? housing? weapons?
How much money do you make a month? (do you even have a job?)
No. 411899 ID: 5029d1

hit on the harpy with Music and words. aka, a song.
No. 411903 ID: 09e5bf
File 133705588632.jpg - (143.28KB , 400x480 , Magic West - 2_1 - harpy woman.jpg )

>$300 we're talking about is our dress-buying budget

René only has $300 on hand. The amount which he spends on a gift for his sister is up to him.

>her birthday is far enough off we can afford to wait.

Her birthday is 2 weeks away.

> How much is 1$ worth?
$1 is roughly worth what it is in modern day America.
> How much does food costs per month? housing? weapons?
Food costs about $200 a month. René gets a discount for working at his dad's farm
His housing costs about $200 a month.
A standard pistol costs about $500.
A standard rifle costs about $1000.
A standard shotgun costs about $1500.
> How much money do you make a month? (do you even have a job?)
René helps his father out on the farm, and repairs tools for people around town. He makes about $1,000 a month.


René tells the dressmaker he will think about what dress he wants to get. The Dressmaker says he has 4 hours to make up his mind, or it'll take another day!

>I say pull out the harmonica, play a quick tune, and strike up a conversation with whoever seems most impressed.
>hit on the harpy with Music and words. aka, a song.

It seems the Harpy woman is impressed by your harmonica playing! Her affection has gone up by 2! What do you say to her?

René has now been holding down his elemental aura for 1 hour.
No. 411910 ID: 5029d1

"what's a pretty gal like you looking for around here, a beautiful dress would simply distract people from your natural beauty"
No. 411936 ID: b14128

Hmm, may wish to duck off someplace quiet soon (not immediately, not urgent yet, but soon) just to bleed off the elemental aura and refresh yourself.

Actually, come to think of it, may want to look into renting a room someplace. We're likely to be staying here for a little bit.
No. 411937 ID: 72d49b

Oh, we can find a game at the saloon, if we're real lucky we can get a fancy dress with a pretty and sturdy fabric and have plenty left over.

If we're not so lucky, we can stop before we're down our first hundred and still get her a quite nice dress.

Tell her you were just passing through town, and it's been a long time since you've seen anyone as beautiful as her.
No. 412155 ID: b0d466

How about we try and earn enough for a PRETTY+STURDY FANCY DRESS? 400$, or 500$ if we want it fast~
No. 412168 ID: e3350e

no reason to rush, we have time.
But I agree about aiming for pretty+sturdy+fancy.

too shallow and cliche. Pretty girls get this daily.
How about "I noticed you paying attention to my music.. could you tell me honestly what you think about it? where could I improve". After you break the ice start talking from there, try to get her to talk and you to listen mostly. You learn more about her, people love talking about themselves, and they love a good listener.
No. 412342 ID: 09e5bf
File 133713452852.jpg - (238.34KB , 800x480 , Magic West -3.jpg )

"Hello there. I was just passing through town, and I don't recon I've ever seen a girl as pretty as you. What's a pretty gal like you even looking for around here? A beautiful dress would simply distract people from your natural beauty."

>"Why thank you. You're quite good with that harmonica."

"Well thank you kindly, do you play anything?"

>"I play a little piano, nothing much."

"I'd love to hear that. Maybe you could show me around town, and I'll get a chance to hear more of that pretty voice of yours. The name's René, what's yours?"

>"I'm Florence. I suppose a walk around town wouldn't hurt."
No. 412381 ID: b0d466


Make small talk! About your family or something I dunno
No. 412433 ID: 09e5bf
File 133714103454.jpg - (269.18KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 4.jpg )

The two head around town, and René successfully keeps the topic focused on Florence, and plays a few more tunes on request.

She shows him different stores: The general stores, the clothing stores, some barbershops, a few diners, and the saloons, including the lively one Rene saw earler. She shows him the textile mills, and mentions she works there. He also notices an inn he could stay at for the night, and a bathhouse where he could keep his clothes off while he rests from suppressing his aura.

He talks about how he came over from Pineshadow to get a gift for his sister, she says that's sweet of him. He asks if she has family. It seems she moved here with her Dad, and stayed behind as he took a job further out in the frontier working on the railway.

After 30 minutes, Florence's affection rating has risen by another 3, and she's shown him all there is to see that she can think of, and René has a decision to make:

Do you stop by the Diner and grab a bite to eat with her, go to the saloon and gamble or eat, go shopping some more, or something else?
No. 412438 ID: b0d466

Go shopping with Florence and then get a bite to eat with her at the diner-or reverse the order if it's close to a meal-time. See if she has any recommendations/suggestions for gifts
No. 412450 ID: 72d49b

We're partway through with the womanizing and our vices don't mix well. Swing by the diner.
No. 412453 ID: 5029d1

diner. get a GOOD meal, not great but not bad.
No. 412501 ID: 131de9

Mention you'd go somewhere fancier if you weren't about to buy this dress for your sister. You come off sensitive and like a bigger spender under other conditions.
No. 412504 ID: 5c94e7

We have 3 and 1/2 hours remaining.
No. 412568 ID: 72d49b

3 1/2 hours until we want to be in a private area with our clothes off. No worries, we could do it in less.
No. 412589 ID: 6e44d2

No. 412863 ID: 09e5bf
File 133722256231.jpg - (251.89KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 5.jpg )

It's getting close to noon, so René asks if Florence of she's getting hungry. He say's he'll buy her lunch, and asks if she knows anywhere nice.

The two hop down to a diner and grab lunch.

"Florence, what do you think would be a good gift for my sister?"

>"I'm sure you'd have a better idea than me, what does your sister like? Try starting from there."

"Well, she enjoys horse riding, and likes reading books. I think she recently got into the works of some guy called Day Latorre"

>"Do you mean Ed Delatorre? I really like his book 'The River Strider'!"

"Yeah, that's the guy. She just started his series on..."

The two get caught up discussing some of Delatorre's books, as well as those of similar authors. René unfortunately didn't have much knowledge about the topic, but made sure to listen intently.

René pays for the meal, which costs $30 all together. 1 hour has passed. René is starting to get worn out from suppressing his aura.

Florence had fun, but says she should get back to her shopping before it gets too late. She says she had fun, and hopes to meet up again later.

Should René accompany her on her shopping, go shopping by himself, go gambling, or something else?

If he goes off by himself, is there anything he needs to do before parting ways with Florence?
No. 412867 ID: 5029d1

kiss her hand.. wing.. thing. and see about a book store. getting her a new book she would like is a nice gift.
No. 412869 ID: b85f8c

Yeah, sure.

How long do we have before we need to rest? Another hour or so? We could go to that bathhouse if it's coming up anytime soon, but if we have time to do a little book shopping first we can just do that.
No. 412888 ID: 3734f6

That. Meet her again later.
For now its time to go off on your own.
No. 413089 ID: 883b3e

As much as I hate to say it, you should probably leave to rest. You can always catch up with florence later!
No. 413311 ID: 09e5bf
File 133731014369.jpg - (256.87KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 6.jpg )

René kisses Florence on the hand, and says he'd love to get together again later tonight.

Florence's affection is now at 10!

He recommends that they meet up in front of the dress store where they first met at around 7, and she agrees.

With that, he bids her farewell, and heads to the bookstore, feeling he has enough time to at least check out one more place before resting.
No. 413315 ID: e3aff6

It is probably to rest first to be on the safe side; it would be a bummer to need to skip town now because you got delayed.
No. 413316 ID: 09e5bf
File 133731079994.jpg - (287.17KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 7.jpg )

5 minutes later, he has found a bookstore, and is greeted by the naga storeowner.

>"Howdy there, stranger! What can I help you with?"

"I'm looking for books by Ed Delatorre, do you have any?"

> "That's a pretty popular author nowadays, I should still have some over there, in the fiction section. The name's Claire, just holler if you can't find what you're looking for!"

"Thank you"

René wanders over to see what books this store has, and notices they have a copy of 'The River Strider'. He decides to take a glance.

It seems to be a series about Helen, a satyr mage adventuring through the frontier on a journey of some sort.

15 minutes pass, and he catches himself getting caught in the book, before remembering why he's here.

He recognizes a few of the books that his sister has: Some books from Delatorre's "Meggiora Highlands" series, and what seems to be a new one.

There are also books by the authors Florence recommended, not to mention other sections in the bookstore.

What should René do? The average book costs $25. René notices 'The River Walker' is $30.
No. 413418 ID: 011789

Buy the river book. Find a place to pop your aura ASAP!
No. 413420 ID: 5029d1

get her the new delatorre book and one florence recommended.
No. 413427 ID: b85f8c

Get the new one. Your sister will appreciate getting a book she doesn't have already.
No. 413445 ID: 09e5bf
File 133733338678.jpg - (301.74KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 8.jpg )

René buys the latest book of the 'Meggiora Highlands' series, as well as 'The River Strider'. The two books cost him $55 altogether.

"Hope t' see ya again soon!", says Claire as she waves goodbye to René.

Now to focus on more pressing matters. Where should René duck away to so he can relax?

The Bathhouse is a nice option. Somewhat public, but in a way that he doesn't have to wear clothing, so he won't have anything to display his ELEMENTAL AURA on him. He could either get a bath, or a half hour massage.

There's the inn, which has the added benefit of ensuring him a room for the night. He'd be able to head back and forth as he needs, but it might stand out to the inn keeper that a guy keeps coming to and fro.

He could head out to the wilderness, but it about a half hour walk to get someplace secluded.

Or he could do something else, like duck down an alley, or find an empty building.

Where should René go?
No. 413447 ID: 131de9

Definitely the bathhouse. It's the safest, leaves plenty of time to get other things done today, and hey, always nice to be clean.
No. 413622 ID: 58a693

Bath house seems like the most reasonable choice. Get a bath, not a massage
No. 413623 ID: b0d466

Yeah, good plan
No. 413624 ID: efe63a

No. 413685 ID: 09e5bf
File 133739607292.jpg - (194.12KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 9.jpg )

René pays $5 and takes a nice long bath. It's the middle of the day, on the middle of the week, so most people are out working or doing things, so René gets a moment to himself.

What should René do while he's here? He could use this time to try and cast some spells, read one of the books he bought for his sister, or just do nothing for a half hour.

After the bath, what should René do?
No. 413688 ID: 5029d1

try crafting some roses to give your date.
No. 413694 ID: 57dc3e

Do we want roses on the second date?
No. 413709 ID: b0d466

Don't read the gift it's not classy.

See about money-making ventures after the bath
No. 413844 ID: 09e5bf
File 133742029838.jpg - (238.08KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 10.jpg )

René decides to just spend the time relaxing, and not thinking about anything other than what to being when you see Florence later. He decides to go with flowers.

Once the bath finished, René makes sure that no one is around, and creates a BOUQUET OF ROSES for Florence. René loses 1 Gossamer. Go here for more information on how Gossamer and Dreamcrafting work: >>/questdis/54952

He gathers all of his things and heads out to look for a way to make money.

Where should René start? He might be able to find a job somewhere, but most people get extra workers at the beginning of the day. But who knows what could happen. There could be openings. He could also go gambling at a tavern. If there isn't a game now, there's sure to be one eventually. He could try checking out bounties, and try his luck looking for desperados, but this is pretty far into the Coal Nation-States. Surely no criminals would wander this far in without being sneaky about it.
No. 413845 ID: 72d49b

Gamble, of course. Nobody can beat a dreamcrafter at cards when he doesn't feel like losing.
No. 413892 ID: b0d466

Take a gander at the bounties....Juuuuuuuuuust to make sure you aren't on them...~
No. 413911 ID: 5029d1

yeah, don't want someone going "wait a minute.. you look like" and then you in trouble.
No. 414195 ID: 3c585f

Athena Tannis: stab Rene through the back, drag his bleeding body to the Sheriff's Office to the bounty.
No. 414217 ID: 463791

Sweet Yahoo! I forgot about the bounty board! Uh, I think some people MAY not nessasarrily like you much Rene....
No. 414593 ID: 09e5bf
File 133756792072.jpg - (403.45KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 11.jpg )

René goes around taverns, looking for a bounty board to see if he's on there. He finds one near the train station.

Huh. It seems he is on it. This is mildly confusing, he hasn't even done anything! While it lacks a picture of him, it has a written description. Where did they even get this information?

It seems there's also a trio of desperadoes called the Whittaker brothers, they must be a big deal, since their posters take up most of the board.

There's a catfolk called Peter Branson, as well as a few lesser desperadoes with bounties below S10,000, and another mage: A satyr blood mage.

Well, at least there's not a picture of René, but what should he do about the fact he has a bounty posted?
No. 414594 ID: b0d466

Casually take it down when no one is looking, make a note to use a fake name in the future. Also: Hair dye
No. 414595 ID: 431fa8

Welp, we should probably change our look so as to no longer fit that description. If there's a poster here, there are probably similar posters all over the place.
No. 414596 ID: 131de9

Change your clothes, your hair color, and the side you keep your gun on. Not all at once out in public though, that would be kind of conspicuous.
No. 414610 ID: 72d49b

Huh, not much info that can't be changed. On the other hand, no sense in changing your look just for something like the feds. Keep an eye out for the other people on the bounty board, may as well earn a few grand if you get the chance. As for the poster with your own description, may as well take it with you. It'll make an interesting bit of memorabilia some day.
No. 414620 ID: 132b99

get rid the poster smooth like.
No. 414625 ID: b85f8c

The gun part stays, that's something that would fuck you up if it were changed.
No. 414659 ID: fb9917

What species are the Whittaker brothers? I'm not convinced they are human. But they are worth a whole lot of money...
No. 414669 ID: 5d5452

I say lets go after one of the lower bounties. Lets prove we aren't a bad guy! I mean, what kind of bad guy spends his earnings on a dress for his sister? Don't worry Rene, you're a sweetheart. ^.V.^
No. 414703 ID: 09e5bf
File 133758708926.jpg - (452.89KB , 800x720 , Magic West - 12.jpg )

René sneakily takes his warrant off the wall in the most unsuspicious fashion he knows. His expert display of sleight of hand let him hide away the bulletin and slink out of the saloon completely unnoticed.

He is truly the smoothest of criminals.

So what should he do from here? Getting some new clothes seems like a popular idea, but so is bounty hunting. The posters didn't exactly say who operates locally. Heck, it had him on there, and he's from the other side of the Purple Peaks. So he'd have to either ask around, or roam the streets hoping to bump into one.

>What species are the Whittaker brothers? I'm not convinced they are human. But they are worth a whole lot of money...

They look human enough to René. If they were taller, he'd assume they were giants, but they'd need to be a good 3 feet taller for that. Maybe they're half-giants, or just really tall humans.
No. 414705 ID: 131de9


Actually, thus far, we've completely failed to do that and blown a bit of cash hitting on random floozies.
No. 414706 ID: 132b99

sure. if you are here then the odds of another being here are pretty high!
No. 414720 ID: 3734f6

I say we track down the bloodmage, but not to get the bounty on her... Her crimes are "vandalism" and "drunken" and "mage"... Not exactly something that warrants the death penalty, no?
Lets see if the two of us can find safety in numbers
No. 414723 ID: 72d49b

Yeah, the blood mage is a potential ally. So's the highway robber, for that matter.

For now though... keep your eyes peeled for people like that, but meanwhile just chill. Gamble a bit. Be ready to meet the dame later.
No. 414725 ID: 431fa8

Bounty hunting to collect bounties is not only rather infeasible when we're likely to be recognized by whoever we turn the bounty into, at this point it feels a bit like attacking people on our side. That side being the wrong side of the law. Admittedly teaming up with murderers seems like a poor scheme, but for those of lesser crimes I'm more inclined toward alliance than opposition.
No. 414940 ID: 09e5bf
File 133765193313.jpg - (497.83KB , 800x800 , Magic West - 13.jpg )

René decides to hunt down some desperadoes to try and join forces, or capture them for a bounty. he's not quite sure yet.

He spends about an hour asking around town for rumors about Ellen, Peter Branson and other desperadoes, and gets some solid rumors about the first two.

Ellen seems to be more of a roaming problem that's already hit this town and passed. She tends to show up at towns, get drunk, and has a nasty knack for getting into barfights. It wouldn't be too big a problem, except she tends to wreck her surroundings in the process. On top of that, the people she fights are rarely as strong as she is, so she tends to leave quite a few injuries in her wake too.

Branson tends to operate locally, but has a habit of hopping around to evade capture. He tends to focus on small groups or individuals, avoiding the big caravans. Occasionally he works with others, but generally only for big jobs.

Eventually, René runs into a woman from the Crow Kingdom trying to get his attention. She noticed he was asking around about bounties, and has news on one he can hopefully take care of. She says she's a merchant who was coming to town today, when Branson attacked her and stole her merchandise. She says if he hurries, René might be able to find Branson before he moves on. She was attacked about 10 miles out. It was at this little clearing on the road to Embercliff.

Rene's got about 5 hours before he said he'd meet up with Florence. Easily enough time to make it out there and back.

Well, this is the only lead René has, so unless something else comes to mind, he'll run out to where Branson is and do something.

René has been holding in his aura for 1.5 hours.
No. 414945 ID: 132b99

well, once you find branson you will obviously go full magic man on his ass. so sure. if you are absolutely SURE you can get there and back in time. kick some ass get some extra dosh. then you can buy the BEST dress for your sister.
No. 414948 ID: 72d49b

Only one identity of ours is known to the law. We can easily create a new one to collect money. As for whose side we're on, well, nobody's side but our own at this point.

Seems like a good plan to me.
No. 414950 ID: 09e5bf

>if you are absolutely SURE you can get there and back in time.

René can run a marathon in about two and a half hours. He's pretty sure he could head out a mere 10 miles, fight or recruit Branson, and walk back with time to spare.
No. 414951 ID: 132b99

cool. then branson-ward we go!
No. 414959 ID: b0d466

Let's go BEAT'M UP and get that merchant's wares back
No. 414966 ID: fa2730

If this Branson works locally he would probably know people in town. She might be an accomplice trying to get you into a trap.

Probably for the best you don't worry about the bounty, especially since there's a bounty on you. It's always good to have other people with bounties to distract from yours.

But if you do go for Branson you should check if the story is legit.
No. 414969 ID: ce4a4d

He robbed her but didn't take her jewelry or mask-thing? Did they look at all valuable?

Could be a setup. Probably IS a setup. Are you comfortable walking into a trap if you know it's coming?
No. 414972 ID: 132b99

what jewelry? i see bangles, but those look to be cloth.
No. 414986 ID: b85f8c

Go for it. Also, rest your aura a little once we're out of sight.
No. 415040 ID: db6f00

Hmmm. You've got a point. This may very well be a trap. I say take some extra time to find another route to the bounty just in case there's a gang waiting to ambush you or something.
No. 415160 ID: 09e5bf
File 133772162217.jpg - (305.43KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 14.jpg )

>find another route to the bounty
There aren't exactly a huge variety of forest trails to pick from! René might be able to find one, but usually alternate routes in the woods mean going tens out miles out of your way, finding animal trails or hunting paths, or cutting straight through the forest. Maybe if he had more to go on than 'a clearing along the road' he'd do that.

>her jewelry or mask[...] Did they look at all valuable?
Those are just ribbon bangles and a wood mask with feathers on it. Her dress is probably the most expensive this on her at this point.

René decides to run out to where the merchant was attacked. But not until after asking around quickly about the Crow Nation woman.

Nobody knows her. Well that didn't narrow things down much. Either she really is a merchant and new to the area, or she is part of a trap, and either in disguise or from out of town.

Either way, if René is going to find his man, he needs to head out.

He didn't have much time to specifically rest his aura, but he did let it out some when the road was clear. Eventually he found where the trail to Embercliff broke off the main road. He summoned a backpack to make him a slightly more tempting target than 'gunman carrying a tent'.

>Are you comfortable walking into a trap if you know it's coming?

The current plan is go where the bad guy apparently attacks people and takes their stuff, then hope he comes out. René is not sure what suspecting it to be a trap would add to that. Though all these concerns are starting to get to him.
No. 415161 ID: 09e5bf
File 133772164710.gif - (199.93KB , 800x480 , Magic-West---15.gif )

About 1 hour out, René figures he's about where the merchant was attacked. It doesn't seem like there's anything out here though, so he's trying to decide if he should investigate the area, or head a bit further out.
No. 415162 ID: 132b99

No. 415172 ID: 6e44d2

Drop down, flame on!
No. 415173 ID: 3734f6

Behind you.
No. 415175 ID: 0ef96e

No. 415235 ID: 72d49b

Drop to your hands, kicking a foot out behind you, see if you can't connect with a shin. Then rise and turn.
No. 415239 ID: 5854dc

Stop drop and....uh, fire!
No. 415393 ID: 09e5bf
File 133778595609.jpg - (357.37KB , 800x600 , Magic West - 16.jpg )


Wait, what?


Applying fire!

René knocks Branson back with a flaming punch!
No. 415395 ID: 09e5bf
File 133778613234.jpg - (271.37KB , 800x400 , Magic West - 17.jpg )

"Drop your gun and hand over your things, and I'll let you leave unhurt!" Says Branson, his words having lost a little of their bite from the fresh burn mark on his face.

René knows there must be a good response, but is too pumped up by finally fighting someone! What should he say?
No. 415396 ID: 3f9f01

"... No."
No. 415397 ID: 132b99

"how about you surrender and i wont hurt you, much."
No. 415403 ID: 699da6

I cast FIST
No. 415418 ID: 7acb8e

Draw your gun.
"The gun stays, but I'm giving away free bullets to uncooperative cats."
No. 415420 ID: b0d466

"Right back atcha, buddy!"
No. 415439 ID: 3734f6

Can you surround yourself in a large persistent flame that will not burn yourself?
If so, do it and then "reply" via flaming fist to face (don't over exert, be prepared for him to dodge it and follow through by kneeing him)
No. 415448 ID: 72d49b

Don't try too hard to act badass. Just tell him you're leaving unhurt no matter how this goes down.
No. 415460 ID: ce4a4d

This only if you point your fingers like guns at him while saying it.
No. 415545 ID: 5c94e7

>"Drop your gun and hand over your things, and I'll let you leave unhurt!"
I don't have a good response for this guy. Not only did Rene clearly get the upper hand on him, he talks like the most prudish highwayman I've ever met. Wonder what his background is.
No. 415556 ID: b3ec28

"drop the attitude or I'll drop you."
No. 416045 ID: 09e5bf
File 133800433781.jpg - (391.46KB , 800x640 , Magic West - 18.jpg )

>Can you do something other than the three tricks specifically mentioned?
Maybe. René has three tricks* he can do in battle with certainty. If you want him to do other things it's not a matter of can he do it, but rather, can he try it. René is totally willing to try out new abilities in battle, but they aren't guaranteed things he can do, and won't always have the desired effect.

*Those tricks being:

Throw a ball of fire like a baseball. It has some force behind it along with the fire

Punch or Kick with fire. The fire protects his hands and feet to a degree, letting him hit hard things that would normally hurt his hands or feet. They would not, however, stop spikes from hurting.

Make simple items. Examples being bullets, melee weapons, a backpack

René tries to pop up a fire aura, he now has random flames licking off him.

"Right back atcha, buddy!"

"That doesn't even make sense."

okay, this may be slightly harder than expected. At leeast he burned himself hitting me.
No. 416046 ID: 49e736

try to de-pants him.
No. 416047 ID: 132b99

fight dirty, throw a fireball at his face with one hand and punch with the other. go for the neck.
No. 416048 ID: 132b99

also, if you get any range on him for any reason, don't be afraid to shoot him.
No. 416050 ID: 132b99

oh, and give yourself dream brass knuckles.
No. 416051 ID: e3aff6

When you have a gun and your enemy has a MANLY PHYSIQUE, you don't run towards him.
No. 416053 ID: 131de9

Bare-knuckle brawling is not the way to go here. As is, if you try and back up, he'll follow. What you want to do is give him an incentive to get some distance in there. Best way to manage that is to will up something sharp, lightweight, and hard to drop in your non-gun hand. Something like a cutlass would be ideal. Not sure if you objects made of metal are fair game, but you can manage bullets of a sort, so, I'm assuming either dream-metal is OK, or you can pull off something with similar properties.

Get that in hand, and you should either be able to do some damage, or at least get him to back away so your standard tricks won't get you smacked in the face.
No. 416054 ID: 09e5bf

>Not sure if you objects made of metal are fair game

Metal objects are perfectly legitimate choices for dreamcrafting. René can make gossamer items with the weight and strength of real metal. Real metal will pop them, but otherwise they're about as good as the real thing.
No. 416055 ID: 3c585f

Athena Tannis: let fight play out, stab the winner in the back with your rapier, take both bounties in.
No. 416058 ID: 5c94e7

in the vein of this idea, what about igniting his crotch?
No. 416104 ID: 3734f6

Forget brass, go titanium... or if you can't at least steel:
-Helmet with face covering and padding on inside.
-Crotch protector with padding on inside.

More effective to set them on fire with fireball... But that is just beyond mean (burning a guy's junk) so don't do that unless we are trying to kill him.
No. 416129 ID: 131de9

Don't forget though, we can't make a whole lot in a given day, and we already spent some of our MP on those roses. This is why I say go with a bladed weapon with a nice solid grip. Nice and small and not too complex, so we can actually afford it, and definitely enough to change this from an up close fist fight we're losing to either an easy win, or one we can get enough distance between us to get the pistol out.
No. 416213 ID: 09e5bf
File 133808524561.jpg - (346.62KB , 800x640 , Magic West - 19.jpg )

René is torn between getting brass knuckles and getting a sword, but ultimately decides to summon a sword to try and keep Branson away, while shooting at him with a gun.

Branson tries to keep to René's left, to make him harder to shoot, but isn't fast enough to get behind René.

What now?
No. 416215 ID: 132b99

wow, he got hit in the gut and didn't flinch at all. just sword at him and shoot again.
No. 416218 ID: 3c585f

shoot him in the legs while kiting like a boss.
if you run out of bullets before he runs out of legs, start throwing fireballs.
No. 416222 ID: 09e5bf

Oh, for clarification:

Branson has not reacted to being shot yet because the last frame is happening as he is being shot. He is not some unharmable wall of muscle.

And for the record, René has 4 shots left in the gun.
No. 416230 ID: 131de9

Well, the original idea with the sword was really more of an intimidation sort of thing, but if he's going to lean right in like that, you can use it to do some pretty serious damage to his arm. You could also probably just straight-up run him through, but the plan was to take him alive, wasn't it?
No. 416231 ID: d5ee6f

Wait for bloodloss to happen.
No. 416243 ID: 3c585f

stop wasting real bullets when you can make gossamer ones.
No. 416245 ID: 131de9


Guns are made of metal. They would disappear when you tried to load them.
No. 416246 ID: 132b99

at the moment. get mad skills and we can make ones that only start melting when they touch metal.
No. 416247 ID: 72d49b

Well, not much chance to ally with him now that we shot him. It's gonna have to be the reward. Aim for the head, you should be able to make it at this range no problem. Give him a chance to stand down before pulling the trigger, though.
No. 416320 ID: 3c585f

stop wasting real guns when you can make gossamer ones?
No. 416327 ID: 6e44d2

Who the hell is this guy? Why hasn't he tried to run away yet? Jesus. Anyway, keep doing what you're doing. You should be fine.
No. 416376 ID: 3734f6

Well... this guy's reputation is not undeserved since he is mugging you... and he is probably gonna try to kill you now. Might as well use the sword and finish him off. Then try to turn in his head for the money.
No. 416397 ID: f2cd76

slash him in the forearms.
No. 416464 ID: 176a1d

Ouch! Ok, lets make a shield, charge him with it, then let go of it and open fire when he's staggered! (aim for the legs)
No. 416502 ID: 131de9


You seem to be a post behind on that one, it's pretty much what we just did (although it's a sword, not a shield, same basic principle though).
No. 416518 ID: 09e5bf
File 133816624289.jpg - (219.89KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 20a.jpg )

René lunges at Branson with his sword, but his inexperience and use of his off hand open him up to a counter!
No. 416519 ID: 09e5bf
File 133816626684.jpg - (220.81KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 20b.jpg )

Branson yanks René off balance, beating Rene as he's helplessly pulled along!
No. 416521 ID: 09e5bf
File 133816631502.jpg - (212.33KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 20c.jpg )

No. 416523 ID: 09e5bf
File 133816634192.jpg - (341.77KB , 800x667 , Magic West - 21.jpg )

Branson yells out in pain, throwing René aside into a log.

"Surrender, Branson. Or I'll shot to kill this time."

"Kid, this is the part where you're supposed to accept loss and go to sleep"

"One... "

*sigh* "Goddamn it...

Fine. I surrender. You know my name, so what do you want with me?"

No. 416526 ID: 132b99

"i WAS going to just talk to you, but then you tried to punch me in the back of the head. now i'm just gonna turn you in and get my sister the best birthday gift ever"
No. 416527 ID: b0d466


You want all his stuff, including the stuff he took from the merchant earlier.
No. 416528 ID: f2cd76

your bounty.
No. 416533 ID: 131de9

I'd suggest playing it a bit more cool. Just say, "There's a $17000 price on your head."
No. 416806 ID: 09e5bf
File 133825243156.jpg - (214.60KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 22.jpg )

"I've come to claim the bounty on your head."

"Really? A mage is after my bounty?"

"Yeah, thought I'd get my sister something nice with it. I'll also be returning the stuff you've stolen to their rightful owners."

René has Branson lead him to his camp, it's just a small clearing a small walk away from the road.

Branson's Things:
Foodware (pots and dishes)
Spare clothing
A few days worth of food
Money $130

Crow Woman's Merchandise:
- Dresses
- Coats
- Beaded Jewelry,
- Turquoise necklaces and rings
- Feather Jewelry
Personal Wagon
Money $620

Lizardman's Items:
Animal furs
Money: $45

Branson asks if he can bandage his wounds. René allows him to.

The two walk back to town with Branson staying ahead of René.

Right now they're going straight to the sheriff's office to turn in the bounty. Branson is pulling the personal wagon, which is loaded with all of Bransons things, both stolen and otherwise, while René keeps an eye on him.

It'll be just over a 3 hour walk, so René will be refreshing his aura while they approach the main road.

Is there any changes that should be made to this plan, or things you want to ask Branson?
No. 416808 ID: 431fa8

The moment that we go into town, Branson will peg us as a mage just to screw us for turning him in. The only reasonable way to collect is to bring him in on this with us as a co-conspirator, possibly in a way that involves us turning him in and then turning around to break him loose shortly thereafter and jointly looting things/stealing vast quantities of money.
No. 416809 ID: f2cd76

yeah. why banditry?
No. 416812 ID: 132b99

uhhh, we COULD just gag him so that it will be after we leave he says anything. also, why would they believe him about us being a mage "the guy who captured me is a mage, lock him up too!" yeah sure, GREAT story there buddy.
No. 416876 ID: e3aff6

How would we gag him? That would involve getting close enough for him to snatch the gun.
No. 416908 ID: 132b99

this is a vote for NO CHANGE OF PLANS.
No. 416922 ID: 127df6

Ouch! Well you're one of the best big brothers ever going this far for your little sister! I knew that not all mages are bad guys! Anyway, when we get to town, we should just turn branson in. They can't possibly prosecute you if you've done a good thing......right?
No. 416926 ID: fa9f7e

Yes. Yes, they can and will. A mage is far more dangerous than a bandit. One "good" act won't change anything, and I'm sure they can think of some way to make capturing Branson seem bad and then arrest/execute you on trumped-up charges.

Gossamer gag?
No. 416931 ID: 3734f6

Which is why I said it was necessary to have killed him, we could have magicked up a disguise for ourselves and the dead don't blab.
A mage IS a greater "threat" to them then a bandit.

We could bind and gag him with magic and make a disguise but the thing is, he saw our REAL form and will describe us in detail so they will start posting pictures of us rather then verbal descriptions. He also knows we have a sister now for either personal revenge or for telling the sheriff, good job!

So at the moment turning him in is completely impossible since we fucked up the capture in so many ways, unless we first execute him which I am really loathe to do. So lets talk to him on the way instead and come up with something better. For starters, I wanna know if he limited himself to taking of property and maybe giving people a small beating or actually been murdering/raping etc. If the latter I sure will feel better about cold blooded execution. If not, then we can make a "manly deal" with him to rehabilitate him so to speak.

Also, why did we say we came for his reward? We specifically wanted to recruit allies. With him specifically we ALSO considered getting the goods back to the merchant specifically for HER not for the bounty... which we can still do, in fact we cut a deal with him so that he returns the stolen goods to their owner directly and NOT turn him in... what with both of us facing the noose if we walk into the sheriff office (unless perhaps its a lone pushover one we can intimidate... who will then call for help and add to our charges "robbing sheriff"). We could disguise both of us for that part.
No. 416948 ID: 131de9

Yeah, something went very wrong along the way here. Personally delivering this guy to the authorities is basically suicide... as is just suddenly turning around and letting him go, really.

I think the only safe way out right now is to talk to him as you head back towards town, ask what turned him to the life of crime, and hopefully pull something out of him that'll give us cause for a sudden change of heart and let us work something out.
No. 416949 ID: 132b99

well too bad, we can't join forces we shot him. so turning him in is the only recourse left other then forgetting the whole thing and letting him go.

also, you are STILL thinking the cops will believe ANYTHING the guy says! WHY THE FUCK SHOULD THEY?! bandit says the guy who captured him is worse, sounds like a plan to get out of jail to me. so turn him the fuck in, buy the dress and skip town. jesus fucking christ.
No. 416955 ID: 3734f6

1. We match the description, they could recognize us even without him saying so.
2. He has burn marks.

So what is going to happen is we walk in, we turn him in... assuming they don't recognize us outright he says "this guy is a mage!" and then they look at us and probably recognize us from the wanted poster!. Even if they don't, it now comes down to how convincing we can act.

The only safe way to turn him in is to execute him and then wear a disguise / get an accomplice to turn him in for us.

Or we can team up.
No. 416956 ID: 132b99

you mean the wanted poster with a vague description of us?
No. 417049 ID: 131de9


... the wanted poster that has a pretty darn accurate picture of us actually:

No. 417053 ID: 132b99

the one athena looked at was at NO MAGES central. we are in another town which has a description of us, but not a picture. also, what's the sheriff gonna do? arrest us? him and what army? we can just make a pickaxe and dig through the wall if we get captured
No. 417054 ID: 3d5af7

No. 417245 ID: 09e5bf

René asks Branson why he's a Bandit

"Does it really matter? I can't do much more than fight, and people just aren't paying to go see a boxer in his 30s anymore. I guess I just decided it'd be easier to steal to get by, rather than hunt bounties, or try and carve a name for myself out West."

"How far have you taken it?"

"I'm no murderer if that's what you're implying"

"Well that too, but... have you ever raped anyone?

Branson stops and turns around.

"No. and if you ever try to suggest something like that again, I will break your jaw."

no, Branson is not standing 3 feet away. I'm just drawing it like that to have them both on panel.
No. 417246 ID: 09e5bf
File 133836435953.jpg - (270.06KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 23.jpg )

forgot to include René's injuries
No. 417247 ID: 132b99

so he isn't a asshole but he decided to just take stuff rather then find a real job. got good at it too. still say turn him in.
No. 417254 ID: 3c585f

so he was in a tight spot, and he was basically stealing to survive. given hunting bounties would probably turn roughly as bad as his fight with you went, we can't really blame him.

we also have that problem where if we try to turn him in he'll eventually give a very accurate description of you, especially since the vague description is already here.

since he's still willing to talk to you, maybe you should try teaming up instead. you could try returning the crow lady's stuff for a reward and then work with branson to claim bounties. just find someone whose bounty is high enough to clear his for the first, and then you've got someone who could turn them in without the risk of getting arrested at the same time.
No. 417259 ID: 132b99

sigh, and still, people think the cops will trust everything he says.
No. 417270 ID: 131de9


It continues to not be an issue of trust when the same law enforcement agents have a poster of your face up right next to his. Or at least a very accurate depiction of you and your flaming coat anyway. Which frankly kinda screams mage enough to begin with that you wouldn't want to walk in with it even if there wasn't a bounty on you.
No. 417295 ID: a6ab09

sounds like the best idea currently
No. 417298 ID: 4e8344

Apologize for shooting him. Hug it out. Make a fake replica of his severed head, return it and the stuff for a reward, gef laid, get a pretty dress, become bandit bros.
No. 417372 ID: 132b99

are.. are you even listening to yourself? his coat is on fire because of his aura. which he can turn off. only a few adjustments are needed to make the poster's description worthless. and
what? if turning in branson's bounty is too risky, then why is another bounty better?!?! what the hell are you smoking?

just turn branson in while wearing a mild disguise. use the poster you took for what NOT to wear.
No. 417375 ID: 0006f5

i dont think the bounty for rene is lawful and the authorities have very little reason to doubt or care about arresting him especially when he is turning in a huge bounty. he's basically admitted to crimes and your current impression is so bad right now that there's little you can do to associate yourself enough to make not turning him in worthwhile. just turn him in and try to climb to the top quickly
No. 417383 ID: a65102

Rottel has a point. After being gutshot he probably wants no hugs. Ah well. Turn him into coins.
No. 417411 ID: 3734f6

>i dont think the bounty for rene is lawful
It is WRONG, it is IMMORAL, it is UNJUST... It would be called "unlawful" in a hypothetical deceleration of independence...

It is, however, the rule of the land that all mages are persecuted just for being born with the capacity for magic. You cannot turn yourself in and then appeal the sentence. You can only avoid getting caught and justify to yourself the violence committed against law enforcement agents with that logic.

I like this. But make it clear we let him go regardless so he doesn't agree just to turn on us later.
Point out his mistake in assuming that being a bandit is safer then hunting bounties in that being a bandit means you attract bounty hunters and the hangman noose. Also in revealing his face, he is gonna have a makeover if he wants to avoid further hunters.
Apologize for that last question. We just wouldn't let go / be willing to work with him had his response been different.
No. 417416 ID: 131de9

I totally support the notion of turning in a a fake head in disguise, allowing him to disappear, and the two of you teaming up to fight magical injustice across the country in principle. As far as having a decent motive to do it though, that's a little tricky to rationalize.
No. 417419 ID: 132b99

No. 417444 ID: 3734f6

None of us said he is a mage. stop shouting and stop using strawmen.
We said the government is proven to be unjust by persecuting mages.
We said that his petty crimes which are not mage related, are not sufficient to justify us or the government executing him since they do not merit the death penalty.
No. 417445 ID: 132b99

the de- WAHT? where are you getting death penalty?!?!
No. 417476 ID: 09e5bf
File 133842163191.jpg - (242.07KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 24.jpg )

René decides to turn in Branson, so the two head to the sheriff's office. They leave the personal wagon beside the door.

"I've caught the bandit Branson, and am turning him in."

"Glad to hear it! Let me just put him away and we'll talk about your reward."

The Sheriff leads Branson to a jail cell in the back.

"So, how does this bounty work?"

"Oh, this is your first time? That's a mighty big bounty for a new bounty hunter to catch, good job! Well, it takes 1 day for bounties to be filled. You can either hang around town and wait for the money, or we can have the money sent to a bank of your choice. You brought him in alive, so you get the full bounty, dead bounties generally cut the reward in half. So, how would you like the reward?"

"I'll wait in town for it."

The sheriff writes some things down on a piece of paper and signs it.

"Then take this. It'll allow you to collect the bounty tomorrow at the bank after noon. Just hand them that, and you'll get your reward."

"Thank you, sir."

René heads out, passing the woman from the bathhouse as he leaves. The personal wagon is still there, untouched.

Where should René go now?

René's been holding his aura back for about two and a half hours.

René has 7 Gossamer left for today.
No. 417479 ID: 09e5bf

The current time is 6:15 PM.
No. 417480 ID: d5ee6f

Make a new coat and a snazzy hat.
No. 417482 ID: 132b99

head to the tailor and show im your bank note "think you can start working on an amazing dress. i'm good for it now" also look for a dress outfit for you and have it just resized. and pay with the saved money.
No. 417486 ID: d5ee6f

Oh, and go to the hotel first.
No. 417673 ID: 72d49b

Go ahead and give the crow woman her stuff, maybe she'll give you a bit of extra dosh as thanks but don't

Yeah, do this.

This is a good idea. A shirt and vest at the very least, so you can look a bit formal since you've got a date this evening. The gun hangs low enough not to interfere, since your belt buckle is too high, take the belt off and stash it somewhere (or wrap it around your thigh like a JRPG character) and make a new one from dreams.
No. 417681 ID: f2cd76

don't forget you have a date in 45 minutes! maybe go clean yourself up, you look like you've just been in a fistfight.
No. 417692 ID: 3734f6

That delay until tomorrow is a problem, that gives plenty of time for them to figure out you are the Rene they are after and set up an ambush. So we should be prepared for one when picking up the cash just in case.
No. 417700 ID: 09e5bf
File 133848151868.jpg - (369.41KB , 1000x600 , Magic West - 25.jpg )

René remembers to reload his TRUSTY SIX SHOOTER now that he has the time. It now has 5 bullets loaded.

René remembers the hand in some of the Lizardman's items while he's at the jail, since he doesn't know who they are. The woman from the bathhouse stops talking when she notices René come back in. The Sheriff thanks him for the stuff, and says they'll try to make sure the furs and money make it back to their rightful owner. He also hands them Branson's dream catcher; it just wouldn't be right to take that from someone.

Then René puts the rest of Branson's items in his backpack, and takes the personal wagon back to the Crow Woman.

She is very thankful to have her things returned to her, and gives Rene a piece of jewelry as a reward (choose one of the following: Simple turquoise ring, Good Feather earrings, or Nice Beaded necklace), suggesting that he give it to someone special.
No. 417701 ID: 132b99

hmm... feather would be a bit... out of place, to give to a harpy. and arm-wings wont take rings to well. get necklace. then sit in hotel for half hour clearing aura.
No. 417702 ID: f2cd76


I was just thinking the same thing.
No. 417704 ID: 09e5bf
File 133848344934.jpg - (67.17KB , 427x800 , Paperdoll Rene.jpg )

René decides to go with the Beaded Necklace, and heads on to the inn to rest.

He pays $50 to get a room for the night, and unloads his stuff in the room.

He takes this time to rest and create a nice set of clothing for his date with Florence.

What should he wear?
No. 417706 ID: f2cd76

what, with gossammer? no way, you'll end up naked as soon as you pick up a spoon. go buy something.
No. 417710 ID: 09e5bf

I think you may be exaggerating slightly. The spoon would have to actually touch René's clothing, and would only affect the one piece.
No. 417713 ID: 252e1b

So you're saying one-piece catsuits are out.
No. 417714 ID: 09e5bf

You can draw whatever you want on René, but he has the final say on what he goes with.

Currently the only suggestion is >>417673
No. 417725 ID: 131de9
File 133848982106.png - (26.03KB , 427x800 , westdoll.png )

How about some class?
No. 417735 ID: 067a04
File 133849324489.png - (154.12KB , 427x800 , Dashing.png )

Watch out, ladies.
No. 417736 ID: 3734f6

Then it will not strip him naked but still reveal him as a mage (or someone who recently got a full set of clothes from one).
No. 417748 ID: 72d49b
File 133850209091.jpg - (30.90KB , 427x800 , Rene.jpg )

Look classy.

(shoes are hard to draw)
No. 417786 ID: 6e44d2

This, but with a nice long coat to match.
No. 417836 ID: 86559e
File 133852672224.jpg - (70.01KB , 427x800 , outfitchoice_01.jpg )

Casual class. :D
No. 417860 ID: 252e1b


Just take the gloves off before you eat, yeah. I dig this one.
No. 418034 ID: 3734f6

very nice!
No. 418079 ID: e2e29b

No. 418210 ID: 09e5bf
File 133861763502.jpg - (266.23KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 26.jpg )

René decides to go with a slightly casual look. He spends 4 Gossamer to create an outfit, and rests up his aura before heading to see Florence.

He gets there a little early, in part to try ordering a dress for his sister, but the place is closed for the night. Florence arrives shortly.

"Hey, René. Were you waiting here long?"

"No, I just got here a little early to place an order. I didn't realize they closed so early."

"Yeah, the owner spends his evenings working on orders, so he closes up shop during that time. But look at you! I didn't know you were planning on dressing up! I should have worn something nicer."

"There's no need for that, you look plenty nice as you are. Here," René says as he hands over the bouquet, "I got these for you."

"Why thank you! So what do you want to do?"
No. 418212 ID: d5ee6f

Probably not blowjobs!
No. 418214 ID: f2cd76

I dunno, movie theater?
No. 418220 ID: 132b99

any shows in this town? take her to one of them. then get a dinner that is a notch up in fanciness from lunch.
No. 418240 ID: 379fde

Is there a saloon with a rooftop balcony or something where you can sit outside and sip drinks while watching the sun set? Because that would be good.
No. 418320 ID: 7a2594


Friendzone officially avoided. Go nuts.
No. 418363 ID: 86cd06

Maybe you could take her out dancing! You can dance right?
No. 418385 ID: 86559e
File 133873873457.jpg - (231.83KB , 800x480 , Magic West - The Fall of Isidore Ragot.jpg )

René and Florence decide to go see a play.

A local Saloon has a production of The Fall of Isidore Ragot by Roland Beaumont on the second floor, so they see that, René paying $50 for the play, and $40 for food.

It's the tale of Isidore Ragot, who joined the military as a young man.

In his early days, he was wild and carefree, having a wild romance with a young catwoman while out on tour. They parted ways, promising to see each other again.

As the years go by, he worked his way up the ranks, and gets an order to take over a foreign town, and does so, but finds the catwoman he once knew dead, with a crying baby in her arms. He took the child, naming her Ysabel and brought her to an orphanage, leaving her with a picture of her mother, and sending money to support her and the orphanage.

Isidore advanced in the ranks until he is one of the top generals in the army. As time has gone by, he has done more and more horrible things, but always reasoned it to himself as following orders; that he was still a good man.

Ysabel grew up, as children are apt to do, into a young woman. She hears tales of the terrible Ragot, who conquered the land. She eventually joins the resistance, and a Rebellion starts.

The fighting is fierce, but Ysabel makes it to the home of Isidore Ragot, and they fight. "Ragot! When you are dragged to hell, let them know it was Ysabel who ended your life!", the young woman cries as she is beating the once proud soldier. Ragot, realizing this is the child he saved, the thing he holds on to as evidence of being good, stops fighting. Ysabel does not, and slays the man.

As she investigates his house, she finds letters. Between a young Isidore and his far off love. A picture of a young lady that matches her own. The play ends with the sounds of cheering in the background, the revolution has won, but Ysabel remains behind, sitting beside the dead Ragot.

2 hours and 15 minutes later, the play has ended.
No. 418390 ID: f2cd76

No. 418392 ID: 067a04
File 133874286090.gif - (498.14KB , 460x258 , zp0vE.gif )


Seconding this.
No. 418463 ID: 7a2594


If she has a beak... how the hell does making out work??
Do it to find out, FOR SCIENCE!!
No. 418645 ID: 132b99

ask what part she liked.
No. 418650 ID: abbc45
File 133878807933.jpg - (80.50KB , 1024x768 , statler_waldorf.jpg )


The fact that it ended!
No. 418686 ID: e3d099


Two words: long tongue.
No. 418691 ID: 0d7a83
File 133880250181.gif - (478.40KB , 300x169 , box o feelins.gif )

No. 418735 ID: 09e5bf
File 133883154083.jpg - (260.20KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 27.jpg )

René talks to Florence about the play as he escorts her to her place. She tells him about how she generally doesn't go to see plays, but it was fun to go see that one. She particularly liked the part where Ysabel found the letters between her mother and Isidore.

Florence lives a short walk outside the main town. The two talk about the play, and René asks Florence how her day has been. She tells him it's been nice; she got to do some things she doesn't usually get to do. She notices the remnants fo the bruise Branson gave René, and asks what happened, so he tells the tale of how he valiantly fought a dangerous desperado (leaving out the bit about his magic), and saved a poor merchants livelihood. He segues into how they were so grateful, they gave him a reward, and as he says he'd like her to have it, he hands her the beaded necklace.

Florence thinks the gift is lovely.

At this point, the two have arrived at Florence's house. René could take this chance to continue talking at her doorstep, bid her goodnight and head back to the inn, ask to be let in, or try leaving a pause to see if she would invite him in.

René's aura has been suppressed for 2 hours 50 minutes.

Rene currently has $200
No. 418741 ID: b0d466

Bid her goodnight, go back to the inn. You will probably need to rest your aura soon. Maybe thank her for a lovely evening...?
No. 418742 ID: 6e44d2

Dude, come on, you should be good at this. What's her body language saying? If she's inviting you in with everything but her words, then give her a kiss. Otherwise, thank her for the lovely evening and go get some sleep.
No. 418743 ID: 132b99

leave a pause, girl has to say it or you will seem to eager.
No. 418752 ID: f2cd76

ask her if she feels up to some red hot lovin'.

or, y'know, give her a reluctant goodbye and walk away ever so slowly until she does ask you.
No. 418755 ID: 7a2594


Barry mode ACTIVATE. you know what to do.
No. 418860 ID: 72d49b

Don't actually ask to be let in, get her to ask you in. If nothing else you can continue talking here until she does so, she's clearly in no mood to turn you away.
No. 419241 ID: 09e5bf
File 133900528376.jpg - (179.42KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 28.jpg )

René keeps the conversation with Florence going for a short while outside her home, before taking notice of how late it has gotten.

He mentions how he should hurry back to town for the night, then kisses her goodnight.

As he begins to walk off, Florence says if he needs a place to sleep, that he could stay at her place, which he gratefully accepts.

It's not a very big place. There's a bedroom, kitchen, dining area, and main room. In the main room, he can see she has a console piano, some chairs, end tables, a half full bookcase, and a rug that really brings the room together.

What should René do?

As a side note, unless René plans on spending his whole time here naked, he may need to tell Florence he's a mage, or she'll find out on her own pretty soon.
No. 419248 ID: 0006f5

"by the way, i'm a mage."
No. 419252 ID: 132b99

ask her what she thinks about all those stories about mages.
No. 419254 ID: f2cd76

>spending his whole time here naked

sounds good to me man.
No. 419259 ID: 8a3061

how on earth do you kiss something which doesn't have lips
No. 419267 ID: 6e44d2

You should piss on the rug and tell her you're a nihilist.
No. 419296 ID: 001168

The play could be seen as an analogy for the life of a mage. People seem to think that dabbling in magic eventually leads to corruption, much as the General gradually became a monster to be overthrown, all the while thinking he was still a great man. You can avoid that kind of fate, with friends to watch out for you. People you trust.. and love.

Tell her you're a mage, and that she's one of the only people you trust to keep him an honest man, the view of the law or not.

After all.. how do you think Isidore's life would have turned out if he had kept young Ysabel a part of it?
No. 419300 ID: b0d466

Tell her you're a mage via bursting into flames. If she doesn't take it well act like you've spontaneously combusted and hightail it out of there.
No. 419304 ID: 7a2594

Be an alpha a tell it to her straight.
No. 419353 ID: 72d49b

>unless René plans on spending his whole time here naked
Sounds like a good plan to me.
No. 419481 ID: 09e5bf
File 133905197397.jpg - (231.76KB , 668x480 , Magic West - 29.jpg )

René asks Florence what she thinks about books like 'The River Strider', that have mages in them. She says she finds those stories to be pretty exciting. The mage stories are always these larger than life tales where it seems like anything is possible. She has heard rumors that some of them are actually the true stories of actual people in the frontier.

René says he has to tell her something: that he is a mage.

Florence is surprised by this news, but then starts reasoning it to herself. It seems the town doesn't have a florist. Huh. Well, at least Florence seems to be enthusiastic about the news.

If you want René to do something specific tonight, suggest it and I'll see about getting it in, otherwise I will be gradually updating what happens, with a sort of auto-pilot.)
No. 419487 ID: f2cd76

I'm hoping said happenings involve people putting their pee-pee-places into other people's pee-pee-places.
No. 419490 ID: 132b99

ladies and gents, the bluntest man alive.

anyway. if she asks about it explain how your magic works and take some requests. if you don't know it then have her describe it and do your best. could make some funny things out of half formed interpretations.
No. 419552 ID: 09e5bf
File 133908056929.jpg - (184.19KB , 595x480 , Magic West - 30.jpg )

It's still fairly early in the night, so René invites Florence to play the piano with him. He's the better player, but uses his ability to support her playing, rather than overwhelm it.

Afterwards she asks him about his magic, and what he can do. He explains, but can only give a few demonstrations before running out of Gossamer for the day.

She asks how he got his magic, so René explains that it's always been innate to a degree, but he only got specific tricks down proper through practice. it's like playing piano. You have the tool there, and can make notes by hitting keys, but you need to practice before you're truly able to make music. She wonders if someone could learn how to do it from scratch, but unfortunately René doesn't really know one way or the other.
No. 419561 ID: a7cdd7
File 133908456268.gif - (12.14KB , 215x266 , display_cgi.gif )

Kiss di girl you fool
I'm sorry, it had to be done
No. 419562 ID: 197830

Don't move too fast, though! A cute peck on the beak first. Then gauge her reaction.
No. 419569 ID: 6e44d2

They already kissed, man. She invited him in. Deal's practically sealed. Kisses, touching, maybe a playful spank, if the moment's right. Feel it out.
No. 419576 ID: b85f8c

Is she suggesting she wants to become a mage?

I think that could be very dangerous.
No. 419580 ID: 132b99

well have her try things. just focus her will and see what comes out.
No. 419617 ID: 09e5bf
File 133910377505.jpg - (113.02KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 31.jpg )

>Kiss her
René already did that!

>Try teaching her magic.
It's much too late to start doing such things.

Florence says it's getting late, and they should get to bed.

>Take it slow

Rene thanks her for the place to stay, and ask if she has any blankets he can use.

She says she does, and pulls him into the bedroom.
No. 419618 ID: 09e5bf
File 133910385648.jpg - (144.18KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 32.jpg )

The next morning, René wakes up just before Florence.

He starts the day with 10 gossamer, but spends 4 of it recreating his clothes.

What should he do this morning?

Here is his current to do list of things to do for the day:
Order a dress for René's sister
Collect the bounty from the bank after noon
Collect his things from inn, or rent the room for another night.

Are there any additions or changes that need to be made?
What kind of dress should René get his sister?
No. 419621 ID: 132b99

well since you are rolling in dosh right now it should be really good. with both fabric upgrades. should be easy to move in. but still very good looking. and ether wake her up and make breakfast or or leave a note explaining you got a busy day, and you are still in town.
No. 419623 ID: 886a4d

I suggest being the gentleman and making her breakfast.
No. 419635 ID: 545fbb

Make her breakfast and if she doesn't get up leave a note next to the breakfast explaining that you have things you need to do, but she can meet you at a certain time and location if she wants. at the least, thank her for a lovely date and an excellent night.
No. 419637 ID: 516a9d

Yes, make her breakfast.
If she wakes up after you, you could tease her by not getting dressed until later, or just wearing an apron.
No. 419638 ID: b0d466

FANCY DRESS with PRETTY + STURDY FABRIC, and RUSH ORDER it in case you need to leave town quickly. 500$

Also, go gambling!
No. 419663 ID: 431fa8

>He starts the day with 10 gossamer, but spends 4 of it recreating his clothes.
Wait, are we seriously wearing nothing but gossamer? Won't that make us turn naked the moment someone jabs us with a fork?
No. 419768 ID: 09e5bf
File 133914479456.jpg - (211.86KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 33.jpg )

>Wait, are we seriously wearing nothing but gossamer? Won't that make us turn naked the moment someone jabs us with a fork?

A few things about this: Rene is still wearing normal underwear, they would have to jab him 4 times (for the vest, shirts, pants, and boots), and who goes around jabbing people with forks?

>Cook breakfast.

René makes biscuits and gravy with sausage and hash browns.

Over breakfast he asks if he can stay here while he's in town. Florence tells him that of course he can. She'll be working today, but she says he can keep his stuff here too. She'll be back mid afternoon.

René thanks Florence for the place to stay, and the wonderful date, then heads back to town.
No. 419770 ID: 132b99

okay. place dress order. best quality dress with double cloth upgrades and it should be easy to move in primary, with pretty secondary.
No. 419775 ID: 8a3061

'So, Florence, how do you like your eggs?'

'Unfertilised kthanx'
No. 419782 ID: 72d49b

Cash your check and place an order for the best dress that your considerable money can buy, then go gambling to double your fortune. If the bank isn't ready to pay out when you get there, order the dress on the strength of your voucher. And don't gamble until you get the money, of course. But don't gamble it all away at once, if things go poorly for you don't be afraid to cut your losses. But of course, don't lose in the first place and you'll be better off.

Also if you remake your clothes each day anyways you shouldn't wear the same outfit twice.
No. 419801 ID: f2cd76

yeah, go order that dress.
No. 419840 ID: b85f8c

Don't forget to turn off your aura when you go out.
No. 419843 ID: 09e5bf
File 133918031931.jpg - (165.88KB , 500x493 , Magic West - 34.jpg )

>Also if you remake your clothes each day anyways you shouldn't wear the same outfit twice.

Normally, René doesn't have to. For one, his normal clothes aren't gossamer, and for another, gossamer persists overnight.

Rene figures he should stop by the inn first to grab his things. It seems when René never showed up, his room went to the Crow Merchant. She claimed to know him, and would hold onto Rene's things for him.

She told the inn keep to send René to her stall on the edge of town.

René stops by the clothing store to order a dress. They can't fill an order without actually getting paid, but he will set aside the fabric of René's choice for today. If René wants a particular color or pattern, they can make sure that's available later. (René will be getting a fancy dress with the best fabric, if this needs to be corrected, or if you have a particular color you want to use on the dress, please say what it is)

He then goes to pick his stuff up from the Crow Merchant.

She says it's a good thing it was her who got the room, René might have lost his backpack otherwise. She also has put all the the pots and pans René got from Branson into a separate sack, and says René can keep it.

>Cash your check
It's still morning! René's money shouldn't be ready for another three hours according to what the Sheriff told him.

Rene still has time and $200. He could go gambling with that, or take his stuff back to Florence's place. Or something else, like order a real set of his current outfit or go shopping for more ammo.
No. 419844 ID: 72d49b

>They can't fill an order without actually getting paid
They totally can. The fact that they aren't willing to get started speaks to how legitimate the check appears. If it was just that René seemed less than trustworthy, they could just make it clear that he can't pick it up without paying and get to work already. There's no way he could skip town without paying, so there's no point in asking them to make it if he won't pay. But if the check isn't legit, then they realize they may not have a chance at payment regardless of our willingness to pay, and suspect we don't know that yet. We should have asked why they won't start on it now, even though there's only one reason (barring pure sloth coupled with bad business sense) it would be good to hear what was said about it.

Drop the gear at Florence's house just to not be carrying it. The cooking gear too, that's good stuff.

Getting more ammo is a good plan, it's always wise to have a full barrel at least. And a few hands of cards would be a good way to pass the time and hopefully have a bit more change on top of the bounty.
No. 419845 ID: 132b99

people can't write characters smarter then themselves. ficus could simply not know that is a thing and just decided the company always gets payed in advance.

anyway, go gamble a little with the 200 bucks.
No. 419852 ID: 09e5bf
File 133918334306.jpg - (71.12KB , 500x300 , Magic West - Gambling.jpg )

>They totally can. The fact that they aren't willing to get started speaks to how legitimate the check appears.

They mostly aren't doing it because they don't have much of this fabric, and try to prioritize regular and paying customers. If They started making the dress for René's sister without knowing they'd get paid for it, they could potentially have used some of their limited, good fabric on a dress that no one is buying.

They'll hold it for the day, but if someone says they want to make a dress with it, actually has money or is a regular customer, and Rene doesn't come back today, the fabric goes to the new person.

>Ficus could simply not know that is a thing and just decided the company always gets payed in advance.

Basically this.

> Take stuff back

René takes the gear back to Florence's and returns to town. It's now half past 9.

> Gambling

Rene finds a small game of poker and joins in. Here are the rules:

Suggesters get to roll a number of d10s of their choosing. Each one represents $10 of risk and 5 minutes of gambling. (use "dice 3d10x" in the email field to roll 3d10 for example. The x at the end makes it show them all independently)

Rene is not a professional gambler, so he gets caught up in the moment and has trouble reading the flow of the game. So all results will be compared to a chart.

He has a:
1 in 10 chance of making $20
2 in 10 chance of making $10
1 in 10 chance of making $5
2 in 10 chance of breaking even
1 in 10 chance of losing $5
3 in 10 chance of losing $10
No. 419860 ID: 72d49b

rolled [9] [7] [1] [8] [10] [5] [7] [1] [5] [9]

Odds are in our favor, albeit barely. We have an average gain of a dollar a game on this one.
No. 419862 ID: 132b99

ohh, that's a pretty good roll. not AMAZING. but great.
No. 419871 ID: 09e5bf

Results are based on a random chart, and do not align linearly with dice results.
No. 419893 ID: b0d466

rolled [4] [2] [6] [8] [8]

1 hour and 15 minutes later...
No. 419894 ID: 131de9

You're handling this in a sane fashion and ignoring all rolls no matter the result if we drop down to just-enough-to-cover-the-dress-and-day-to-day-stuff right?
No. 419898 ID: 09e5bf

René only has $200 and is getting $17,000 at noon. René currently only has enough to cover day to day stuff. If you want to establish a minimum, I'll stop on the post that hits that or goes below it, but otherwise I was going to allow him to loose it all.
No. 419962 ID: 6e44d2

Shit. Let's only allow him to lose $100, max.
No. 419984 ID: 252e1b

I agree, break off at $100 of losses.

On the same token, break off at $100 of winnings. That's a decent stopping point for what amounts to a fun diversion.
No. 420000 ID: 72d49b

We've got positive odds and low stakes, there's no point in not gambling the whole time until we can pick our cash up.
No. 420004 ID: b0d466

rolled [5] [6] [3] [5] [1] [6] [8] [1] [6] [5] [5] [9] [5] [5] [9]

This should take us to noon.
No. 420055 ID: e894c0

cheating with gossammer is tempting.
No. 420059 ID: 04b86a

Cheating with gossamer is the kind of thing mages that deserve their bounty do.
No. 420061 ID: 132b99

also we can't use any magic without our aura turning on, aka, catching on fire.
No. 420155 ID: 09e5bf
File 133927299583.jpg - (246.90KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 35.jpg )

After a ridiculously lucky second hour and 15 minutes, René has won $175, almost doubling his money!
No. 420156 ID: 09e5bf
File 133927305412.gif - (23.73KB , 512x512 , Magic-West_-_36.gif )

But René has also lingered a little too long, and has started getting hot under the collar.

So he collects his winnings, and leaves to rest his aura.

Where should he go? Florence's place is a 20 minute walk out of town, but he could cut the time significantly by running it.

There's also the bathhouse, or the inn.
No. 420162 ID: d5ee6f

No. 420166 ID: e894c0

bathhouse, I guess. any place where you can let the aura sizzle is fine by me.
No. 420183 ID: 6e44d2

Bathhouse, then go get your check.
No. 420369 ID: 09e5bf
File 133932443626.jpg - (159.29KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 37.jpg )

René stops by the bathhouse and pays $5.

There are other people there today, so he won't be able to dreamcraft anything.
No. 420370 ID: 09e5bf
File 133932455488.jpg - (163.67KB , 800x480 , Magic West - 38.jpg )

René then heads over to the bank to collect his bounty. He hands over the note from the sheriff, and gets his $17,000 without hassle, apart from a lack of places to keep that much money.

He gets it in $100 bills, and stores it in his pockets; half in his pant pocket, half in his vest.

René goes and pays the dressmaker for a rush order fancy dress with the best fabric. He says it'll be ready tomorrow morning.

Is there anything else René needs to do today?
No. 420371 ID: 72d49b

Nothing important to do. May as well play some more cards for a bit, since the dame we're staying with has work. We could go a bit higher stakes, since we have the dosh for it now. But if it would worsen our odds (which is likely since better players go for higher stakes) then we should stick with the lower stake games.
No. 420373 ID: b85f8c

Shouldn't we open an account to store the dosh?
No. 420374 ID: 9718f3

Go buy more ammo. Don't lose your money. I can't think of much else, really.
No. 420382 ID: e894c0

how about go get some real clothes for yourself? gossammer pockets filled with moolah is a fucking disaster waiting to happen.
No. 420387 ID: c4a1fc

>He gets it in $100 bills

Nah, sounds fine.

What with being a mage and all, that's a bit risky. We'd lose it if we got suddenly discovered and had to flee.
No. 420462 ID: 09e5bf
File 133936009596.jpg - (167.19KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 39.jpg )

> Buy Clothes.
René shops for some clothing similar to his current outfit.

It'll cost him $60 for the vest, $60 for a shirt, $20 for an undershirt and $80 for pants. They'll only require some light modification, and will be ready later in the afternoon.

The boots are a bit trickier. Depending on quality, He could get some nice ones for about $400 to $700 (mostly varying in styles at that point, from simple to extravagant), or some very basic boots for about $200.

If he wants to try recreating the metal accents, he would need to either smith them himself, or have someone else do so, then have a cobbler put them on.

> Buy ammo.

René gets some ammunition at the general store. 20 rounds cost him $10.
No. 420469 ID: 09e5bf
File 133936084715.jpg - (116.18KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 40.jpg )

> Gamble

René has a few options for gambling. He could try getting in on another small poker game, or head to the saloon he saw the play at last night, which has a small casino on the first floor.

Roulette: Call high/low, evens/odds, a group of 5 numbers (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, and 16-20) or a single number, and roll 1d21. 21 is not part of any group. Bid any amount up to $1,000. If you win, you can have all of your winnings go towrds the next bet even if doing so would go over the bet limit. Each roll represents 10 minutes of time as the table waits for bets.

Black Jack: Bet between $20 and $100. Roll 2d10 per game. The first number is René, the second is the dealer. High wins, 10 is bust. 5 minutes per bet.

Small game Poker: Same rules as last time. But will take 20 minutes to find a game.

René has been keeping his aura down for 30 minutes.
No. 420509 ID: e894c0

rolled 5, 1 = 6

let's get a round of blackjack up in this bitch
No. 420510 ID: e894c0

rolled 5, 2 = 7

oshit I forgot to bet I mean that was just practice

bet 50 bucks and go
No. 420544 ID: b0d466

Buy one of each kind of clothing, nice boots, look around for like a REALLY NICE guitar so you don't have to dreamcraft one every time you want to play.
No. 420607 ID: b0d466

rolled 19, 4, 12, 12, 8, 3 = 58

No. 420612 ID: 132b99

uhhh, i don't think you did it right.
No. 420613 ID: 09e5bf

I don't see a problem with it. They rolled d21s, said what they were betting on, how much they were betting, and even specified that they were never having winnings carry over.

The only thing they didn't do was outright say it was for roulette, But it seems pretty clear to me that that was the game of choice.
No. 420796 ID: d5ee6f

Jesus christ we're carrying around 19k in cash. We need that SAFE. Like IN A BANK. Talk to the banker about sending Buttloads Of Cash back to your family. Like, 10k. Even 9k is a LOT of cash, waaaay more than we need.

Spend some money on buying a round for the house, make sure nobody has hard feelings and then slip out a bit later when nobody is watchin.

Then let's see what this town has in purchasables. A horse, a shotgun, some body armor, if possible.
No. 420797 ID: d5ee6f

I'm damn, think about how your family will react. HEY! I WENT TO TOWN TO BUY A BIRTHDAY PRESENT AND GOT 10K
No. 420799 ID: 72d49b

Find out the actual payout of different things. If it's just double what we put in, then Blackjack is no change on average, roulette on evens/odds is a decrease on average (and worse on groups of five).

I think the best bet is just to go back to poker.
No. 420800 ID: 09e5bf

Backjack pays x2 for winning

Roulette pays
x2 for betting high/low or evens/odds
x4 for betting on a quadrant
x20 for betting on a number
No. 420802 ID: d5ee6f

The difference between a good gambler and a bad gambler is knowing when to grab your cash and walk away. Let's be a good gambler.
No. 420815 ID: 132b99

we are not putting money in the bank, where it would vanish if a scarlet knight shows up.
No. 420839 ID: 09e5bf
File 133943454435.jpg - (151.90KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 41.jpg )

After having won $2050, René calls it a day.

>Buy clothing.
Well, René already placed the order on the clothing, so he goes and picks it up, paying the tailor $220

>Buy Nice Boots
René buys some nice boots. They cost him $550.

>Buy a guitar, so you don't have to keep remaking one.
Gossamer items are persistent unless destroyed by metal. A Gossamer guitar would be usable until it either broke, or was destroyed with metal.

None-the-less, if René wants to buy an actual guitar, it would cost $200 for a basic one, $500 for a good one of a quality equal to what he currently makes, and $2000 for a high quality guitar. The latter might be worth getting just to learn how to make them.

>Buy a horse, a shotgun, some body armor
He's not really good at riding them, and doesn't know the particulars on taking care of one, but Rene could get a horse for $5,000.

He's not particularly good with a shotgun, but could get one for $1500. He'd need a proper shotgun ammo belt too, for $120.

Body armor would be a problem with all the dreamcraft items he carries. Rene doesn't bother with looking this up. His duster is a particularly sturdy coat anyway, and serves well as light protection.

>Bank the money, send it home.
Unfortunately, René's town only has a small, privately owned bank. He could still do it, but there would be a $400 non-affiliated bank fee on top of the %7 non-member money transfer charge. Is this acceptable?
No. 420842 ID: b0d466

Yeah, send the money home, but keep 1000 on you.
No. 420848 ID: 6e44d2

Buy a high quality guitar, learn how to make it yourself. Don't send your money back home. When you pick up your sister's dress, you can carry the money back home with you. Use gossamer to hide the money, though. Maybe make a false bicep cap with gossamer and hide your money in there, then put it on your arm? Something like that. Make the gossamer hiding space look like a part of your body and put the money in there. Probably someplace less exposed, though, like your belly.
No. 420849 ID: 131de9


Gah! Heck no! It'd be better to carrying around all this money and risk being robbed than to just let the bank rob you like that! Plus, living out in the sticks, you'd have to come back here to really spend much of that in the first place. Your home town doesn't even have a decent tailor in it.

Honestly though, with that much cash, the thing to do is seriously consider doing something for the public good. Is there anything your home town is lacking that you could try and invest in? A railway station, opening your own storefront to sell gossamer goods, a library, a real nice saloon with some pool tables?
No. 420851 ID: 132b99

no bank
No. 420859 ID: 09e5bf
File 133944769663.jpg - (155.67KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 42.jpg )

>No Bank

René decides to keep a hold of his money, and just bring it home himself.

>Hide money

There are plenty of places René could keep his money without making a gossamer prosthetic: Such as in his vest, his boot, his backpack, the pot bag, his pants pocket, his belt, his rolled up sleeve, his tent or his bedroll.

>Buy Guitar

René does so, along with a hard case, bringing him down to $16100.

>Plus, living out in the sticks, you'd have to come back here to really spend much of that in the first place.

René only came out here to get a nice dress for his sister because it is a major textile town and not too far away. There are still things that need buying at his home town, that can be bought there.
No. 420864 ID: 72d49b

Spend some time trying out your new acquisition.
No. 420865 ID: 132b99

yeah tune that thing to your liking.
No. 420868 ID: c7197a

Best to try out that new guitar to make sure you didn't get scammed.
No. 420869 ID: 379fde

Make sure you get and keep the paperwork for that excellent guitar. You or your family could sell it later if necessary and you should be able to make one out of gossamer at that point anyway.

Time to get musical! Find somewhere you can try out this guitar, see if anyone else with musical skill wants to jam for a while. Maybe write a song of a man who had all the luck on his journey to get his sister a dress. You could play it to Florence later.
No. 420875 ID: d5ee6f

My idea for the shotgun is to saw off the barrel and hang it from a string in your duster, so at short range you can whip it out instantly and destroy half the room.
No. 420889 ID: 09e5bf
Audio Energetic_Refrain.mp3 - (2.95MB , Energetic Refrain.mp3 )

René plays a energetic refrain. The kind of tune that promises adventure.
No. 420893 ID: 09e5bf
File 133945628112.gif - (89.57KB , 500x500 , Magic-West_-_43.gif )

The guitar seems to be working well. He finishes up playing at the store and heads over to Florence's
No. 420894 ID: 09e5bf
File 133945632892.jpg - (125.67KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 44.jpg )

A short while later, Florence gets back from work. They talk about how their day was, and René plays her some music with his new guitar, while he familiarizes himself with it.
No. 420895 ID: d5ee6f

Go shopping! Get her a pretty dress like the one you're getting for your sister, figure out some stuff you wanna buy.
No. 420909 ID: 6e44d2

Make tender tender lovin'. You ain't got any all day.

Also, the point of hiding your money in a prosthetic is that no one would think to look there. Every other place you mentioned would be more likely to be discovered by thieves that beat you in a fight, god forbid.
No. 420936 ID: f387a1

No. 420938 ID: e344f3

Give her a quick kiss on the beak and ask her if she has any plans tonight.
No. 421232 ID: 09e5bf
File 133953287322.jpg - (242.72KB , 768x480 , Magic West - 45.jpg )

René asks Florence if there's anything she'd like to do tonight. She doesn't have anything in particular she wants to do. She suggests they just hang out at her place for the afternoon.

The two play music for a while, and cook supper together, before heading outside to watch the sunset.

Florence asks René what he plans of doing with his life.
No. 421233 ID: 09e5bf
File 133953318550.jpg - (215.00KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 46.jpg )

"I've never really thought about it." René responds. "I mean, right now I'm just kind of coasting by, and helping out my folks. But I've always thought of heading out west and tring to forge a new life for myself, y'know? Try ta really make a mark."

"So why haven't you?"

"Guess I never felt I had thepreparations I needed. Felt like I'd always be ready after the next thing on my list. 'Once I'm done with the farm this season I can head off', 'Once I've helped out the Tompsons with these tools'. and so on. There was always something new on my plate."

"Well, you seem plenty prepared to me, René."

René considers the statement, maybe he is ready to head out west.

The two continue talking until the sun has set, and the stars are out in force. Is there anything René should do, or particular topics that need to be covered in conversation, before the two head to bed?
No. 421266 ID: b0d466

You could invite her to come with you, I guess?

But then you wouldn't be able to womanize all the lay-dees you're sure to meet

Use the money you got from the bounty to set up your folks, and you'll be good to go OUT WESSSSSSSSST!
No. 421271 ID: 132b99

use money to set family up for whatever.
No. 421289 ID: 6e44d2

Nah. Enjoy the time you have with her now.
No. 421466 ID: e894c0

if you do a few more low-end bounty jobs like this, you'll easily save up enough money for your family to fend for itself while you're gone, living the adventurer's life without remorse or anything.
No. 421570 ID: 7a2594

take her with you. I would say that is the best course of actions here, but do not end up making her your pack mule. Train her in the various arts of combat/survival and become a good team.
No. 422105 ID: 09e5bf
File 133970669087.jpg - (140.99KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 47.jpg )

"If you want, you could come with me."

"I couldn't do that. I don't have any useful skills for the frontier. I can't fight and I don't know how to get by in the wilderness."

"I could teach you as we go."

"...I'll think about it."
No. 422106 ID: 09e5bf
File 133970671177.jpg - (107.10KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 48.jpg )

The two head off to bed for the night.
No. 422107 ID: 09e5bf
File 133970676049.jpg - (150.60KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 49.jpg )

The next morning the two cook breakfast together. René puts on his normal clothes, since he'll be going out on the road today.

As he's packing up his things, René tells Florence he'll be leaving around noon. He'll wait for her on the west side of town.

He gives her a hug goodbye, in case she doesn't come.
No. 422108 ID: 09e5bf
File 133970677962.jpg - (182.81KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 50.jpg )

René heads out to pick up the dress. The lady satyr has it ready, and asks if René has any particular way to transport it.

René says he was just going to keep it in his backpack. She says that should be fine since it's a sturdy fabric.
No. 422109 ID: 09e5bf
File 133970680550.jpg - (135.39KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 51.jpg )

René has 3 hours before he told florence he'd be leaving. does he need to do anything, or should he just spend his time gambling?
No. 422119 ID: 131de9

The plan for getting home is to just walk right? No trains or carriage services to book?

Might need to grab some trail rations if it's going to be a long trip, otherwise, nothing really comes to mind besides managing aura suppression. Might want to distribute cash around between various hiding spots after doing some gambling and before heading off though. And possibly by some ammo if need be. Odds of getting jumped on the road seem to go up the richer you are and all.
No. 422144 ID: b85f8c

I dunno about putting a stash anywhere. Personally I think a 7% fee for transferring money home is reasonable. Let's wire half of it through.
No. 422147 ID: 09e5bf

7% and $400. This would mean sending $8000 would cost $960. Is this fine?
No. 422159 ID: b85f8c

Oh right. The $400 flat fee. If it weren't for that it wouldn't be so bad.

Ah, I have an idea. Instead of trying to gossamer a disguised container, let's gossamer something directly around the cash to make it look like something else. Something really mundane and worthless, but not likely to come in contact with silver. A bedroll?
No. 422237 ID: 3c585f

paying 960 to get $8000 home without worry seems to be worth it. this should definately be done.
additionally, if you're thinking about heading out west to make your fortune, investing in a training montage is probably worthwile as well. training is like an investment that nobody can take from you.
No. 422340 ID: e894c0

don't wire it home. you're going there anyways. you're safer than some wagon.

play guitar around town. collect tips to try and determine how enjoyable people think your music is.
No. 422346 ID: 131de9


Price on head. Paper trail. Bad combination.
No. 422436 ID: 72d49b

It would be better if we could leave Florence in charge of it if we couldn't do it ourselves. But we can, so let's do that.
No. 422549 ID: 09e5bf
File 133978534368.jpg - (139.00KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 52.jpg )

It's just under a week's travel back to Pineshadow, so René gets 9 days of trail rations, getting extras in case something happens. It costs $45.

Actually, make that 19 days. He doesn't know if Florence will be coming, but he should be ready just in case. The cost is $95

René decides to not send money home through the bank. If the money on him doesn't make it home, that means he likely isn't making it home, and he's not too keen about placing bets on that.
No. 422552 ID: 09e5bf
File 133978555656.jpg - (170.83KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 53.jpg )

René then heads off to gamble for the next two hours. He plays roulette making the following gambles:

Games 1-6
Bet $400 on odd
Bet $100 on 21
Games 7-12
Bet $400 on 6-10
Bet $100 on 21
no carryover.

Over the course of 11 games, He makes $3700, and is about to play his final game when a woman bursts in from the entrance
No. 422554 ID: 09e5bf
File 133978571799.jpg - (151.30KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 54.jpg )

"René! You're under arrest!"

The room isn't too packed, and she's about 20 feet away. What should Rene do?
No. 422558 ID: b0d466

Look around, as though you are saying "Who is she talking to?"

If she's persistent then shoot her in the leg and skedaddle, not unleashing your mage aura (you do have your winnings, right?)
No. 422560 ID: 6e44d2

Shit man, she's a Scarlet Knight. You're probably gonna have to leave your winnings. Anyway, whip out your pistol and shoot her, then follow that with a fireball. These guys are serious business, and they're incredibly zealous about their jobs.
No. 422564 ID: b85f8c

Run for it. There's a back door, right?
No. 422569 ID: 131de9

You have a lot of good will in this town. It'd be a shame to throw it away by opening fire in a crowded room.

What you should do is try to play it cool. Calmly ask what you're being arrested for (keeping your distance as much as possible), and argue that there's clearly been some kind of mistake. Odds are, it's not going to get you anywhere with her and you're still going to have to run, but if you're acting like a reasonable, civilized person, and she's trying to run across the room and stab you, the other people here are going to take your side, and hopefully slow her down enough for you to escape.
No. 422575 ID: 195fb6

try to be peaceful.
No. 422577 ID: 4dc3a0

No. 422593 ID: e894c0

that's a fuckton of cash. grab it. ask her to take it outside with you, western style.
No. 422594 ID: f387a1

Yes, René has too much to lose here.
No. 422634 ID: 3b654b

No. 422728 ID: 6e44d2

I think you'd be better off inflicting as much damage as possible before she gets in close with that sword. You don't really have anything in this town worth preserving, in terms of public opinion. You're about to leave, after all, so what does it matter to you?

Don't even say anything, just start shooting and flinging fire. Also, is there a back door? Might want to run for that. We should make a habit of checking for exits in the future.
No. 422732 ID: 09e5bf
File 133980968795.jpg - (135.62KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 55.jpg )

René does have his winnings, though it looks like he's going to be down the $500 he just bet.

René looks around, as if trying to figure out who she is talking to, and gets ready to take out his gun.

She makes a beeline for him.

He asks why he's under arrest.

She says for using magic.
No. 422733 ID: 09e5bf
File 133980970615.jpg - (133.87KB , 700x420 , Magic West - 56.jpg )

René tries to keep at least a table between the two of them.

"Why is that enough to go after me?"

"Because it attracts demons. I wouldn't let a live bomb stay in my house, and the Coal Nation-States won't accept a mage just wandering around its cities."

"That's crazy, I've used magic for years and never even heard of a demon coming close."

"Then you should probably be thanking the Scarlet Knights for that."

"If they do such a great job, why do I need to be arrested?"

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
No. 422736 ID: fa9f7e

"Your sword attracts demons. You should destroy it."
No. 422737 ID: 132b99

"well why don't you go and... HOLT SHIT YOU'RE RIGHT, A DEMON!" then point behind her and run away.
No. 422738 ID: e894c0

that's like being subjected to mandatory bloodletting just in case you get iron poisoning. i.e. stupid.
No. 422740 ID: d1e9bf

This is actually p. logical.

Then why don't you destroy your sword, to prevent it from killing someone?
No. 422741 ID: fa9f7e

Tell the Scarlet Knights to do a survey. How often is there something made of Pure Silver nearby whenever a Knight finds a demon?

"Well, 100%, but..."

"AHA! See?!?"
No. 422742 ID: 132b99

No. 422743 ID: b85f8c

Ask what would happen to you if they arrested you.

Besides, can't you just stop using magic if it's really that bad? I mean, we don't do that much with it, and the last fight we got in was won mostly due to your gun.
No. 422745 ID: b0d466

How about you just agree not to use magic and she doesn't arrest you.
No. 422746 ID: fa9f7e

Okay, I can think of 2 plausible-sounding ideas:

Demons are attracted to its purity because they secretly crave redemption/they want to defile it.

Demons are attracted to pure silver because it's useful shit and they plan to cut through the magical boundaries between worlds to summon more demons or some shit.
No. 422768 ID: 746e5c

You do realize that without magic I would be naked right now? Do you want me to be naked?
No. 422769 ID: fa9f7e

If she does, then we have a better chance of getting out of this than I thought.
No. 422771 ID: 409543

Offer to just leave and never come back? The dress for your sister done yet?
No. 422772 ID: 09e5bf

That would be an odd thing to realize, since René is wearing real clothing.
No. 422773 ID: fa9f7e

Lie. It's not hard.
No. 422774 ID: 5db3c3

Well, what happens to you if you are arrested? If she isn't going to try killing you on the spot or anything, it might be safest to go along with her for now and escape later.

I have this crazy plan where if she tries putting silver cuffs on you or something, you can dreamcraft some fake hands that you hold onto with your real hands in your sleeves. Then when your "hands" get destroyed by the cuffs you run away in the moment that she is confused/not holding her sword. But that's totally crazy.
No. 422777 ID: 0b3003

Oh well. I thought when you said 'normal clothes' you meant the clothing he normally wears, the magic ones.
No. 422785 ID: f3ac2a

"Hypothetically Lets say instead of worrying about buying clothes I just use magic.
I'm guessing I shouldn't be doing magic while getting arrested for magic.
So if I was to go with you I should be getting naked?
Considering hypothetically I'm already naked sans magic?"
No. 422787 ID: 09e5bf
File 133981528064.jpg - (141.46KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 57.jpg )

"Your sword could kill people, why don't you destroy that?!"


"Aha! Got you there. Can't beat my logic, can you?"

"No, I. It's a wea-. It's a sword. It doesn't kill people by existing, and sometimes people need to be subdued. I use it to do so."

"If it wasn't for magic, I would be naked right not. Do you want me to be naked?"

"It's like you don't understand basic concepts. If you didn't have magic clothing, you would have gotten normal clothing."

"Maybe Pure Silver is the problem? How many times has Pure Silver been present when a knight has found a demon?"

"No. I refuse to belive you are this stupid. Stop acting stupid."

"What would happen if you arrested me?"

"You'd get a trial, and depending on the judge, You'd either get exiled or jailed. It mostly depends on what you've done. If your only crime is low level magic, most judges would just have you marked to prevent re-entry, and exiled into the frontier past the territory of the Coal Nation-States. Only the most conservative would kill you for doing nothing. Then there's Ulysses Archer. He's the harshest of them all; he'd probably see how good you are and hire you if he approves of you."

[i]"What if I just left and never came back, or stopped using magic?"[i]

[b]"Then we'd have no way to make sure of that."

No. 422792 ID: 132b99

"well what if i- HOLY SHIT A DEMON!" point behind her. when she looks, run. head to the front gate and see if florence is there.
No. 422793 ID: fa9f7e

Why specifically is being hired by him so harsh? Or is his selection process heavily flawed?
No. 422794 ID: fa9f7e

This will be a last resort only.
No. 422798 ID: 72d49b

>"Then we'd have no way to make sure of that."
"Why not come with me? It would be fun! We could have adventures together. You could do your scarlet thing in the west and I'd do my awesome thing."
No. 422806 ID: f387a1

You're already resorting to despair? I'm disappointed, René. You're better than that.

> Only the most conservative would kill you for doing nothing.
Reassuring. She wants to protect everyone, except you. Some sacrifices must be made, you guess. However, these sacrifices don't come from her or from the Coal Nation-States. How many they sacrificed in the name of a "greater good"? How many more until it's enough? Wouldn't you also be a victim? Why they don't search for the true cause of these problems and protect the lives of everyone, including those with magical abilities? Hey... You have a family, a person who loves you. What about them? If she isn't going to help you, you will escape. If she gets in your way, even against your will you will fight. If no one is going to defend your life and your freedom, you will.
No. 422811 ID: a2fa74

"You say stupid, I say logical. There's been silver present every time you've encountered a demon, but how often have there been mages?
In fact, haven't you been tracking me down for awhile? Tell me, how many demons have you found while tracking me? was it any more than normal?
As near as I can tell, the only relationship between mages and demons is that they both have to hide from you.

Now, do you want to hear the funny thing? The thing that'll really mess with your head? This is the first time I've been in a town since I started learning magic, and lo and behold I already had a bounty on my head. How do you figure they knew I was a mage and made a wanted poster with my picture when I've never been seen before?"
Grimace or grin
"You're working for mages, my friend. Ones that want to be the only mages.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go wait for a lovely girl before I head home. You can escort me on my way out of your lands if you like; I have places to be, so if it's all the same to you lets just skip the arrest and call it an exile summary judgement. Seem reasonable?

Or I could just escape. That'd also work."
No. 422816 ID: fa9f7e

Bar unexpected logical issues, this sounds good.
No. 422818 ID: f70e5e

this, also point out that while you would be willing to leave and accept a mark, you do not want to risk being executed because you happened to be judged by an asshole.
No. 422824 ID: 4bdd79

No. 422834 ID: a2fa74

Or forget that.
"Do you have any idea how many mages there are that you haven't discovered? We're everywhere, but we hide because we're hunted. You say we attract demons, but don't have any real data to back that up. My town's never been attacked. You don't even care how many mages fight demons. You're the popular ones that fight demons openly, sure, but don't think for a second your job would be easier without us in the shadows."
No. 422836 ID: b85f8c


Can we not make corny, long-winded speeches using false logic against what is essentially a police officer, not an independent hunter?

Ask her how many demons showed up in the frontier since they started exiling mages there.
No. 422839 ID: f387a1

What, no! The corny remarks, the long-winded speeches, the circular reasoning and other fallacies! That's why we live, that's why we're here!
No. 422872 ID: abbc45

I bet we can make her give up if we give her enough of a headache.

"So, how about the weather?"

And if all else fails, shrug your shoulders, say "I tried," throw the fastest fireball at her face that you can (it doesn't even matter if it actually does damage) and then shoot her in the stomach through the table.
No. 422879 ID: 409543

No, no being an asshole.

Still, might be worth it to ask how they got the bounty notice and information on you, considering you've never even been in the Coal Nation-States before. Do they declare people outside of their borders criminals?
No. 422920 ID: e894c0

fuck this, you've got a birthday present to deliver. bail out on her.
No. 422922 ID: 09e5bf
File 133982579015.jpg - (135.60KB , 700x420 , Magic West - 58.jpg )

>Still, might be worth it to ask how they got the bounty notice and information on you, considering you've never even been in the Coal Nation-States before. Do they declare people outside of their borders criminals?

René is from a Coal Nation-States territory. His town is actually one of the inner-more towns in the frontier, though not along any of the Coal Nation rail lines.

But yes, there are wanted people who have never personally been in the Coal Nation-States.


"What makes being hired by Ulysses so harsh?"

"Well, he decides if you're worth it by fighting you. Then if you pass, he sends you on missions he thinks you will be able to survive. Not ones that you can survive as you are, ones that require you to improve in order to accomplish. He does not let up. If you succeed the first near-suicide mission, he makes the next one harder."

"Could I just be marked and go? I don't want to risk being judged by one of the kill-y judges"

"I could try to get you to a more lenient judge, but it still comes down to what you've done. Even if I wanted to do it myself, I don't have the tools to brand you."

"How many demons have showed up in the frontier since they started exiling mages there?"

"There were always demons in the wild, We send mages out there so that demons don't have more reasons to come here. It's like boogeymen, they were always there; we just do what we can to keep them out, and people safe."

"I think you discredit the usefulness of mages. How many mages do you think there are that you haven't found? Mages that fight demons in secret? I've never seen a demon, and I've been using magic for years. We're everywhere, but we hide because we're hunted."

"Look, I'm not here to supplement your lack of education, or debate the morality of capturing mages. I'm here to arrest you. Are you coming with me, or are you going to resist?"

"well why don't you go and..." René acts surprised and points outside behind Athena, "HOLY SHIT YOU'RE RIGHT, A DEMON!"
No. 422923 ID: 09e5bf
File 133982581279.jpg - (130.69KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 59.jpg )

Then he runs off. The first floor has become mysteriously empty, though a good sized crowd that would be very inconvenient to draw has formed on the second floor balcony.
No. 422924 ID: 09e5bf
File 133982582589.jpg - (242.38KB , 900x460 , Magic West - 60.jpg )

The back door has been locked. He's sure it was open before. It must have heppened while he was talking to Athena. He could probably get through it if he broke down the door. Otherwise he needs to get past Athena and out the front.

What should he do?
No. 422931 ID: 132b99

pull out gun and point "you probably already know what i do, but i can assure you this gun is real, your sword and armor wont help stop a real metal bullet." back to the side a little and quickly tap the gun to the metal doorknob to show it's realness. "now, move to the side and let me leave"
No. 422936 ID: f387a1

Oh, boy! You can't outrun her, can you? Ask for help? Her help?

Hey, yeah! Can you at least deliver it? She may escort you and all that stuff. None of you really want to fight, after all. You will need something to demonstrate your goodwill. I don't think you will choose this option, however.
No. 422937 ID: e75a2f

Heat up her sword so it burns her hand and she drops it.

Heat Metal is the best spell.
No. 422938 ID: a2fa74

"I really don't want to hurt you"
Spend a gossamer to put a burlap sack over her head, then run past while she's distracted.
"But I'm not about to be a victim of your hate and blood-lust."
No. 422939 ID: abbc45

See, this is why you should've listened to my "evil" plan in the first place.


Also heating the sword won't work, it's silver.

Pull out the gun. "Right. Not only do we have some distance between us, now, but this building is also /made of wood/. Are you sure you want to continue?"
No. 422942 ID: 132b99

her sword is magic-proof
out of range. all his creation spells are a range of personal.
No. 422945 ID: e75a2f

...You do know that Silver conducts heat better than almost every other metal, right?

Also a PURE SILVER RAPIER that cuts through magic is not necessarily magic immune. It is also not necessarily heat immune either, especially considering a magic fire produces very real heat.
No. 422948 ID: f387a1

Woah! René wouldn't do that... would he?
No. 422951 ID: abbc45


It's fantasy silver. It's more like steel.


Actually set the building aflame? ehhhhh... not on purpose, but threatening to do it to get outside might do the trick, and then we have more options that won't hurt civilians.
No. 422984 ID: b0d466

Break it down boyo
No. 422987 ID: 9718f3

Break the door. Seriously, not that hard a decision to make. Make a sledgehammer or something and smash it open.
No. 422994 ID: b85f8c

Can't you gossamer the key? Or form something via gossamer in the lock to unlock it without really having the key?

Basically, pick the lock with magic, real fast. Try to hold her off with the gun.
No. 423000 ID: 72d49b

Take the door handle off with an axe kick, then you should be able to open it with a good shove. Assuming it's a normal door handle that should be easy, although the fact that it has a lock in the first place is a bit surprising. In light of circumstances, perhaps drawing on the girl would be merited. She's drawn on you, after all, even if it's a sword. If you do that, hold the gun steady at her face and tell her to drop the sword. Don't shoot unless you've got no choice.

Don't burn down the building or otherwise cause undue property damage. The folks who live here didn't do you no wrong, at least not as far as we know now.

I reckon he'd have to understand the lock well enough to know what the key should look like to open it. I doubt that he does.
No. 423002 ID: 6e44d2

Can't you just melt the locking mechanism on the door?

Also, I don't know why we didn't just shoot her when we had her tied up in conversation.
No. 423003 ID: e894c0


No. 423048 ID: 131de9

OK. On the one hand, little miss knight here seems to be doubting a couple convictions, and inclined to bring you in alive. Both good things, which definitely suggest that this is not the time to pull the gun.

On the other hand, we're pretty committed to making a run for it at this point. That sword (and for that matter, most of her armor) will poof anything you throw at her for a distraction, if it's a single solid object.

Remind me though, can you conjure up something like a big handful of dust? Something that can't really be blocked, and can be thrown in all those eyes she's got? Bonus points if it's irritating, or too bright to really look at.
No. 423077 ID: f387a1

Mainly because she didn't even try to harm him until now. What other reason do you need? Anyway, René don't go around shooting everything just to solve his problems.
No. 423109 ID: 4bdd79

Break the door down. Use bullets and magic if necessary. If you absolutely have to shoot her, avoid killshots. We REALLY don't want to be branded a murderer.
No. 423118 ID: f387a1

You know, surrendering isn't a bad idea. See, you're not a criminal. Okay, you broke some stupid laws, but you're not a bad guy. If you fight her don't wait for another chance to talk in the near future. If you "surrender willingly", however... I wasn't kidding when I said to ask for her help. It's possible, but not certain, that she will be more open to a discussion in other circumstances. You can ask her to tell Florence and your family that you'll be fine? They will be worried if you vanish without a word. Of course, she may ignore your requests saying that your family will receive a notice about you later, but hey! What about the birthday present? Come on, just deliver it! It's your sole condition for surrender! You must earn her trust and compassion before trying to bring her to your side.

> avoid killshots
Thankfully, this is a maneuver possible in their world. Right? Right!?
No. 423663 ID: 09e5bf
File 133998643622.jpg - (134.86KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 61.jpg )

"Sorry 'bout the door!"
No. 423664 ID: 09e5bf
File 133998646790.jpg - (137.69KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 62.jpg )

And as René makes his escape, Athena follows after him.
No. 423665 ID: 09e5bf
File 133998649413.jpg - (164.60KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 63.jpg )

Once outside, René decides he has overstayed his welcome here, and heads west, out of town.
No. 423666 ID: 09e5bf
File 133998652081.jpg - (157.44KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 64.jpg )

Thanks to his speed and endurance, René has outrun Athena, and made it out of town.
No. 423667 ID: 09e5bf
File 133998655870.jpg - (137.62KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 65.jpg )

René is happy to see that Florence is there waiting for him!

Is there anything he should say to her?
No. 423668 ID: 132b99

"gotta go fast, scarlet knights got wind of me and sent someone."
No. 423673 ID: 431fa8

"Full disclosure, there's a Scarlet Knight trying to arrest me right now. She seems nice enough for someone who stubbornly believes I'm a criminal who should be exiled or killed for using magic, but unless you're up for doing a lot of running you might want to nix the plan to come with me. I wouldn't ask that of anyone."
No. 423674 ID: a2fa74

"A Scarlet Knight seems to be interested in me, and refused to talk things out. Why are hate groups so unreasonable?
I'll understand if this changes your mind about coming with me, but I need to get moving now."
No. 423678 ID: b85f8c

Make sure you make it clear that the knight is trying to arrest you just because you're a mage, not because you did anything bad.
No. 423684 ID: f387a1

You're on the run, indefinitely. She's welcome to be dragged into this, apparently.
No. 423755 ID: 6e44d2

... I think she'd slow us down and we don't really need to take her with us. She was sweet, though. Give her a kiss as you tell the truth about being on the run and get out of dodge. Is there anything you've forgotten? Better grab that now. Where's your sister's new dress?
No. 423816 ID: 4bdd79

No. 423839 ID: 771d02

No. 423928 ID: 09e5bf
File 134006935869.jpg - (142.48KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 65 (fix).jpg )

*Quick fix: Florence should have been wearing the necklace René gave her. Sorry for the mistake.
No. 423929 ID: 09e5bf
File 134006974175.jpg - (202.58KB , 500x500 , Magic West - 66.jpg )

"Sorry, but there's a Scarlet Knight trying to arrest me right now. She seems nice enough for someone who wants me dead or gone for using magic, but unless you're up for doing a lot of running you might want to nix the plan to come with me. I wouldn't ask that of anyone."

"That's alright, I don't think I'm suited to the adventuring life anyway. I just came to give you a proper goodbye."
No. 423930 ID: 09e5bf
File 134006983616.jpg - (191.13KB , 600x600 , Magic West - 67.jpg )

"Well, I better get going."

"... yeah." Floence pushes René back. and says in a quiet voice, "You better make me regret this."

"You say something?"

"Get going! You've got a birthday party to get to!"

And with that, the two part ways. Rene headed back across the Purple Peaks to his hometown, Pineshadow.


Girls Romanced: 1/2
Profit Made: $18905
René has obtained 2 PERSONAL GROWTH
He can use this to raise any 2 beginner skills which he has used, such as cooking, brawling, or magic. or 1 that he hasn't.

Picking Magic will automatically give René better spells, and greatly improve his dreamcrafting

Picking brawling can be combined with a fighting style, like Savate, Capoeira, or Boxing for René to focus on.

Other basic skills just make René better at that skill, raising his skill to that of a starting professional.
No. 423931 ID: 131de9

Bringing up mage is a no brainer. I'd suggest putting the other point into survivalist, in case you end up with more Scarlet Knight troubles and need to live off the land a while.
No. 423932 ID: a2fa74

Magic and Capoeira.
No. 423933 ID: 132b99

we haven't done anything survivalist related so it would take both points.

magic and

yeah sure Capoeira
No. 423939 ID: 771d02

magic and gun kata. gun kata gun kata gun kata
No. 423943 ID: 09e5bf

Gun Kata is not an option. That would be a gunslinger specialization, not a brawling specialization.
No. 423944 ID: 7bed5c

Magic and cooking
No. 423961 ID: 771d02


but we shot someone :<

oh well. muay thai, I guess.
No. 423963 ID: 5d8f21

Magic and Swordsmanship.

We could have gotten beat bad when the bounty grabbed our arm because of how sloppy it was.
No. 423964 ID: 09e5bf

Gunslinger is an average skill, not a beginner one.

Also, eastern fighting styles are not an option.
No. 423997 ID: 3c585f

magic and savate. make sure to save an old boot for the occasion.
No. 423999 ID: 771d02

...krav maga?
No. 424020 ID: b85f8c

Magic, Brawling-Savate. Kicks work well with guns.
No. 424027 ID: 9202a9

Magic and Gambling as that is what we seemed to do.
No. 424053 ID: a2fa74

Capoeira is a style designed for use by somebody who is less well equipped than their opponent, bound, or otherwise at a disadvantage.
Out of all the available styles, it gives the greatest advantage to attempts to escape after capture. We have plenty of options for countering an open threat, but we have no defense against a sneak attack or getting jumped in our sleep. Our best option in that sort of situation is to go quietly and then escape.

I'm still voting for Magic and Capoeira.
No. 424062 ID: 9718f3

Magic and Capoeira. The idea of René specializing in a martial art that leads to him flipping all over the place all the time appeals to me.
No. 424068 ID: 131de9

Right. Since I apparently misread something, guess I'll back the Magic-dance-fighting plan.
No. 424069 ID: d5ee6f

Magic and Capoeira. Capoeira can lead to us impressing the ladies with our smooth smooth dance moves.

I know it's effective but it looks so fucking silly
No. 424098 ID: 72d49b

Magic and cooking, the two noblest arts on the list. Capoeira is cool but it doesn't seem like something that really meshes with the character well.
No. 424139 ID: 6879b2

Magic and Cooking. Mmmmagically delicious.
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