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File 133586097229.png - (127.72KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
406439 No. 406439 ID: 97486c


>"Uh-huh sure. And I'm the god of sarcasm."


This sucks.
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No. 406440 ID: 6f4add

whatchu do this time.
No. 406441 ID: ed57e8

what happened? what we miss? why are you almost naked?
No. 406442 ID: aa8dbe

Annnd we seem to be in a pendant now. Will wonders ever cease? Alright Fluffy, mind filling us in? Because right now you seem to be stuck in a dungeon.

...You went into Abel's land, didn't you? Please don't tell me you didn't go into Abel's land by trying to sneak in or some such thing.
No. 406447 ID: 256d52

Why aren't we attached to the sword any more?
No. 406449 ID: 97486c
File 133586181461.png - (87.16KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Hey!! You're back! Awesome, I could really use some help!

Well, I figured that sword might get stolen or lost in battle so I popped out you and made ya into a necklace. Cool huh?

Well now that you're on speaking terms with me again a bunch of things happened. Okay, broke out of Overlord's Castle after being infected by the Plague and then cured. Got separated from Tracey one night, girl just up and left. My Golem is somewhere in the Land... Anyway I

No! Why would I sneak in here!? I walked in through the front like any hero would. In disguise of course.
Buncha ninja people came up behind me an Golem and next thing we knew we were separated and almost all my things were taken. I'm lucky I got to keep this much. They keep saying I'm a Demon but I'm a Hero now! Seriously, that's my class. Hero. Or maybe they're saying I'm a demon and not a Demon? It's hard to tell when it's not in text.. Either way I'm still a good guy!! Girl.
No. 406457 ID: f70e5e

ok let me clarify something. abel would deny life saving treatment to someone who was half demon for just being half demon. He really hates anything with demon blood in it, in fact he has a special park in his city to crucify demons were the ground is set up to produce flowers when watered with blood. apparently it was quite the picnic spot when it was in heavy use. so odds are about 80/20 that he's just going to execute you out of hand for your species. he might find you interesting enough to examine first, in which case he will probably try and get some use out of you before throwing you away when it becomes convenient.
No. 406458 ID: 9a34be

Even if you're a Hero, not a Demon, you're still a demon, which is the kind of [D/d]emon not particularly liked in Abel's part of the world. Goodness doesn't really have a say in it.

So, uh, yeah. that wasn't the smartest move. Regardless! Time to get you out of this situation.

How old is the dungeon, and how well-attached do your wrist irons look to the wall? Maybe you can just bust out, though I don't see Abel as the kind of guy to shirk dungeon maintenance. Any magic available to you that might be helpful?
No. 406460 ID: 6f4add


Abel doesn't really care about capitalization when it comes to demons.
No. 406462 ID: aa8dbe

Whoo boy. Don't think Abel cares that much about one or the other considering your current form. From what we know he is very set in stone. Doesn't like to compromise and doesn't like things that upset his play pen.

At best you are stuck until they look at your Class. At worst the situation is grim. Try to think positively until then and hope we get out of here one way or another.
No. 406464 ID: 7d7f79

I suggest you develop a magical power: Gain clue.

Abel's reign is known for having developed many torturous ways to disable demons, or even destroy demons, to prevent them from returning home. People that have become such bitter enemies of demons won't care much about the subtle distinctions between different demons except as far as they matter for how to kill and destroy them.
Welcome to prejudicial bigotry, it is a fact of life pretty much everywhere. The only question is if you die here or live elsewhere where you may be recognized as a hero instead of a threat.
No. 406466 ID: 97486c
File 133586409332.png - (124.39KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

.... I made a big mistake, huh?

Maybe... Abel is a villain! That would explain why he wouldn't let a hero into this land! Such a clever ruse too.. Posing as a Hero this whole time..

I must break out!! But how...? This place is not well guarded.. At least this cell isn't. But these restraints are tough. If I could get one to my stomach though I could eat right through it...


Nope, won't reach. Tether connecting them to the wall doesn't seem... Material. I'd need to destroy the cuff itself.
No. 406470 ID: 256d52

You're right! He must be a villain!

Remember you're a hero. A prison like this won't hold you. Just keep your eyes open... oh, sorry... and your chance will come.

Start by checking out your cell.
No. 406473 ID: 9a34be

Well, if you stand up and extend one of your arms fully, you should be able to move enough to one side to move your wrist to you stomach. As long as you can control it enough that you don't, like, eat your entire hand, that should do the trick, right?

As for matters of morality and capitalization, in the same way that you're a demon but not a Demon, Abel may be a Hero, but not a hero, being a villain instead. (I wonder if there are Villains as well as villains, as well.)
No. 406487 ID: a2fa74

"Villain" is debatable. "Racist" and "Total Jerkwad" are not.

Your feet aren't bound. If you can't move your wrist to your stomach, then try moving your stomach to your wrist.
No. 406488 ID: 7c31d2

Can you pick locks with that tail of yours?
No. 406491 ID: e3f578

Ask if there's a single way to actually prove your a Hero. You always wanted to be different, I mean, hows a demon in this world supposed to become a not-Demon with a capital D if no one lets them have a chance to become a Hero?

I mean, come on, isn't there some Abel program that he has cooked up for the domestication of Demons into useful creatures of society? That you're telling me the great mighty Abel hasn't made such an awesome idea yet? It would bring far more order to the realms! Imagine it, Hero-humans and Hero-demons living together, mass harmony instead of mass hysteria!

Seriously, come on, you got to let a demon-girl have a chance to prove she's a good person instead of a bad person. Start to weep a little, lower your voice, and say "That's all I really ever wanted. Just someone to believe my dreams. Heroes have happy lives, happy families, none of that demon drama bullshit. I don't want to die in a dungeon because of where I was born. I-I-I just wanted to be a Hero and loved for once." D.:
No. 406501 ID: ed57e8

move one hand away and the other closer.
No. 406502 ID: b6edd6

Have you even seen Abel's lands? The closest he comes to domesticating demons is using their blood for fertilizer.
No. 406503 ID: e3f578

Easy dude I'm trying to appeal to any kind of sympathy this hick might have.
She's a woman. She's crying. She thinks she's done nothing wrong beyond merely existing and wants to do right.
You can't fight Abel's minions with logic. Because we know they have NONE.
You gotta do it with heart. Because Ninja Lady got hurt when she was abandoned by Abel from his letter, meaning they actually do have feelings.
No. 406525 ID: f70e5e

and they see demons as less than garbag, they wont have sympathy for a demon. how agile are you? if you can flip yourself upside down you might be abel to get your stomach to the cuffs.
No. 406526 ID: 6f4add

maybe you should, like, stand upside down.
No. 406637 ID: 7d7f79

Feelings that are contrary to what will let a person survive and make intelligent decisions must be tamed. There is having noble passion and then there is brainlessly charging into stupid decisions because you "feel" that it would be a good idea. Fluffy has repeatedly charged into stupid decisions because she "felt" they were good ideas so she needs to temper her passion with wisdom.

The desire to do right is a wonderful thing, the failure to examine and understand the true state of the world you are in before leads to... unintended harm... like being kidnapped and tortured to death by people you want to help. It also leads to causing harm by trying to help. It also leads to wasting your time because you don't know what the underlying problems are or how to solve them.

Fluffy, your concepts of hero and demon are flawed, deeply flawed to the point they should be abandoned. Abel thinks he is a hero and as far as he knows he is right. He thinks it is right, true and just to destroy every demon. He is wrong about this, but uninterested in changing his mind. I cannot imagine anything you could do that would change his mind.
At least most and possibly all people have mental limitations like this. I am certain that you do. In this particular case your mental limitation is more of a case of you pretending not to know things that you actually do know. You knew that walking into Abel's kingdom was a questionable idea by the way you needed to disguise yourself while doing it. If you need to disguise yourself to accomplish something this is a red-flag sign that what you are doing is morally questionable, and possibly unsafe. Unfortunately you likely must engage in such morally questionable actions in order to escape the predicament you charged into blindly.

Now, the first step is escaping your bondage. You have clawed feet, do you have the flexibility to use them to either affect the cuffs or what they are mounted to?
No. 406668 ID: e3f578

It's just one plan to escape, trying it wouldn't hurt. The sound of a woman crying is hard to ignore, which can either inspire annoyance/anger for the worst of men, uncomfortableness for those of standard morality but good sense of duty, and a form of sympathy for the rest of men. And my saying of "You can't fight Abel's minions with logic. Because we know they have NONE. You gotta do it with heart." meant using the Abel's forces of emotion against them, not using ours against them. I am intending for Fluffy to fake sadness to get out, which is actually a guile strategy and that is far from her regular stupid, real emotion-based strategies.

Demon, Hero, no matter what you are, the sound of tears being shed is the same. These Ninja's emotions would have to be trained to a professional level to resist or have deep hatred and evil. Abel's Ninjas, at least from previous example, are by no means professional, but neither do they have the hearts of truly wicked men of hatred, despite their racism which actually seems to be formed from ignorance rather than personal experience. (Recall Chel from the original Shoujen, I suggested she act like a distressed woman crying because she was caught in a corner and had no idea what to do in order to get out of a marriage with a persistent, racist light elf son-of-a-bitch abusing a time loop until she would say yes. It worked because he was a man and woman's tears are powerful, despite the man's own selfish desires and prejudice.)

The success of this strategy actually depends on a few factors. The guard's previous experience with prisoners and emotional manipulation, the strength his willpower to resist a lamenting woman, and whether his prejudice is formed from hatred or ignorance. I've noticed some patterns, cornered rats either fight back hard or can gain a sympathy card. She's cornered, but bound. Getting out of these chains are going to be hard through physical if these fuckers know how to restrain her species right. Which means guile and manipulation is the easiest path.
No. 406823 ID: 97486c
File 133594118926.png - (116.05KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

No not really..

Anyway I can't change the way I think about thing so easily.. Without my dream what else do I have to....

Bah, we'll think about such things later! First let's get out of here!
Maybe if I put my leg over
No that's not..
Hold on..

No. 406825 ID: 97486c
File 133594131080.png - (47.49KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

The cell itself is pretty bare save for a bowl with what was some food in it. I'm assuming it was meant to torture the prisoner since there's now way someone without hands on their feet could reach it.

Outside there is a guard I think. He's ignored my pleads and my requests.
Also I can't cry, no eyes. I can't even make a sort of crying sound.

Outside my cell I also remember there were stairs.
No. 406829 ID: f70e5e

how strong are you foot claws? you should be able to reach the cuffs with them, or failing that try scratching at where the immaterial tether for the cuffs is anchored to the wall.
No. 406830 ID: 5029d1

okay, stand up straight, move over to the left let your arms go where they want just move your body.
No. 406831 ID: 7d7f79

I didn't say give up your dreams, I do mean do your research first so that you aren't accidentally helping the guilty and harming victims. One man's bandit is often another man's village guard, and such: Morality does not usually reduce to saying that anybody is strictly good or evil. Not even Abel or The Overlord qualifies as unquestionably good or evil, only relatively so for their allies and enemies.
Yes, I did say that both Abel and The Overlord are good to some people. Real life is complicated like that.

Can you pull off an arm and then put it back on or any other nifty anatomical tricks like that? Failing that can you affect your restraints and cage in any other ways, like using resonant sounds to shatter them or something?
No. 406837 ID: 97486c
File 133594312691.png - (140.01KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

??? There is good and there's evil. I mean you can do little bad things to achieve the greater good but ultimately all things fall under those two.

Okay this time I

Yes! Freedom!

Hmm... But there might be a guard outside. And I have no weapon. The door is unlocked too.
No. 406838 ID: 2fe09b

>I have no weapons

No. 406839 ID: f70e5e

you really do have a 100% white and black view of the world don't you? pure white and pure black do exist, but so does gray. no one sets out to be evil, everyone is the good guy in there own head, hell Abel isn't pretending to be a hero, he honestly believes he is one. if you keep viewing good or evil as binary you are going to end up killing someone who doesn't deserve it.

was the door quiet when they threw you in this cell? if it is i'd try and peak through the window to see if the guard is watching the door.
No. 406840 ID: 49d4d7

You know something? I think Abel wants you to escape. If you escape and he catches you in the act, he can kill you and it will be lawful. So be careful, Fluffster. With ninjas in the shadows and guards all around, you need to sneak smart and not just march out of here.
No. 406844 ID: 97486c
File 133594455586.png - (96.66KB , 800x600 , 7.png )


Fluffy bursts through the door and sees..
No one.

Hmm... That may be. This has been a bit too easy so far..

Should I keep going?
No. 406853 ID: aa8dbe

Remain cautious Fluffy. We may be free of the cell, but we are not free from danger. Play it quiet, play it safe. Like you said, you have no armor or weapons other than your natural ones. Not only that, but we do not know how many there are.

Advance up the stairs ever so silently. Keep your ears open for the sound of company.
No. 406856 ID: 5029d1

yes, but still be cautious. don't kill anyone just knock them out. will prevent him from getting the moral highground of "you killed my people so you are evil" he probably can tell you have Hero as a class despite being a demon. also, h left us on you, despite his people knowing what are shape means.
No. 406865 ID: 97486c
File 133594596096.png - (26.46KB , 800x600 , 8.png )


Fluffy slowly ascends up the stairs
No. 406866 ID: 6f4add


ninjas are invisible, but Fluffy doesn't use eyes to sense- she can pull a tozzle on 'em.

No. 406867 ID: 97486c
File 133594600920.png - (159.76KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

And is shot through the chest the moment she opens the door.
No. 406868 ID: 5029d1

waht? i thought the rules of combat was you needed to be helpless to be instakilled?
No. 406870 ID: 97486c
File 133594616449.png - (129.91KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

>"Heroes don't try to break out of prison, Demon."

"Gh... I... I'm a hero... not a... de.."

Fluffy dies.
No. 406871 ID: 5029d1

No. 406872 ID: 97486c
File 133594634291.png - (42.20KB , 394x489 , 11.png )

>"And this... The Demon's possessions shall be taken to help this land prosper."
No. 406874 ID: 5029d1

No. 406876 ID: 886a4d

Fluffy, respawn!
No. 406877 ID: 2fe09b

sup abel

we're chaos

how's it going
No. 406878 ID: b9e291




No. 406879 ID: aa8dbe

Oh you bloody son of a bitch! She may have been a demon but she's not some cheap bugger who can't even perform a fair fight!

Oi! Fluffy! Get up ya useless lug! I SAID GET THE BLOODY UP!*attempt to revive Fluffy*
No. 406881 ID: 6f4add

[Overlord beam Abel in the face]
No. 406883 ID: 886a4d

No. 406884 ID: 97486c
File 133594753650.png - (115.15KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

Fluffy's body vanishes

"The Overlord. A portion. So chaotic. I hate you. You stand for everything I don't. You are chaos incarnate. You are a pestilence on this land. Every place you touch there is death. Perhaps I should bury you deep underground? That seems like a thing I should do."
No. 406891 ID: 886a4d

You aren't so different. You are death as well, the death of everything abnormal or disruptive. The death of growth and change. Isn't that right o golem of order?

Oh and I believe you were wrong... I do believe our dear friend just respawned meaning she truly is a hero. Take that oh infallible Abel.
No. 406894 ID: 6e44d2

Maybe you should keep us with you, to taunt us with your success and prosperity.
No. 406895 ID: aa8dbe

Oh speak for yourself ya conceited bastard! What ever we are we at least are TRUTHFUL about it! You on the other hand preach of heroism and law and yet this place feels more demonic than the demon world itself! Hell, you are the damn hero of law and order and YOU JUST KILLED AN UNARMED FOE OUTSIDE OF RIGHTFUL COMBAT. Polish that shiny gold plated armor all you want, but you are far dirtier than we ever were.

So Abel, hero of Order, avatar of Law, KING of a sterile kingdom, SLAUGHTERER of innocence, and USHER to GENOCIDE; what is your plan now? It better be good because we've seen your true face.
No. 406897 ID: b9e291

You... you killed Fluffy... she never did anything to you...
No. 406906 ID: f70e5e

we are not the overlord, we are do function as part of his mind but we are our own entity. our purpose is to help, to make the world a better place. sometimes that means changing things, sometimes that means protecting the status quo. you could seal us away, or you could try and sell us on why preserving your order would be a good thing. it costs you nothing to try and if you succeed you eliminate any possible threat that could come from someone trying to rebuild the overlord.
No. 406929 ID: cc554e

Hey, so you're the Bell dude! You're just we imagined.
Or did we actually build a body like his once... Eh.
Anyway, that's a rreeeeeaalllyy nice beam weapon you've got there, what with the delayed disintegration trick and stuff. So which of the "agony beam" models did you base it off? I remember the first one had some issues with efficiency but boy did that thing erase heroes from existence!
Well anyway, how ya doin'? How's the city going? Didn't have any trouble finding people to willingly come there or anything? Oh- and could you give us a bit of a rub with some cloth? The grease your using is a pretty damn fine choice, almost invisible, long-lived and of pleasant odour but gods damned does it SMEAR.
No. 406934 ID: e3f578

Heroes escape from prisons all the time.
I mean seriously, do you have any idea how many corrupt officials like imprisoning heroes? Like all the fucking time. It happens so much they figure all prisons are corrupt, and will naturally try to escape from them.

Are we The Overlord? Nope, maybe, but not really. A piece, yes. But though while our material is made out of chaos, all that translates to is that we just seek out pleasure and fun. We'll make order or chaos for pleasure, we don't really care. In fact, I speculate this thing is truly not actually made out of chaos, but hedonism and Emily the golem maker didn't fully describe how she made the Overlord in her diary. I suppose I shouldn't have told you who made the Overlord and us, but who cares.

Ultimately, we're a pleasure golem. How do you do?
No. 406937 ID: 256d52

Do your worst, creature. We have seen only a little portion of your depravity. Show us how lowly you really are.

You can't understand, can you? You reject everything that goes outside what your little mind has decided.
No. 406951 ID: a2fa74

A couple of things there, champ.
First: You just called your own people demons. Your ninja tried to break out of prison when the new Overlord grabbed her, so by your words she clearly was not a hero at all. Since when do you employ demons? Oh, and fluffy's class was "Hero".

Second: You've been doing a lot more killing and spreading of pestilence and death since the new overlord showed up. How's that research into curing plaguespreaders going? You know, the sort of research you're actively trying to prevent?

Third: Order is not Good, Chaos is not Evil. A brutal tyrant such as yourself is far from good. You're sadistic, cruel, and have loyalty to nobody but yourself. You use people as currency and abandon your most loyal followers because you're too lazy to help them.
What did you tell your other ninjas about Nin, Abel? Did you tell them she wasn't worth rescuing, or did you lie and say she was dead?

Fourth: Some of your mother's notes survived when you murdered her. You and your brother share a design flaw that causes insanity and counterprodutive behavior over time. While the Overlord eventually started to create a sort of ordered environment, you yourself have started to create a chaotic one. Of course, you're incapable of seeing this due to your mind degrading over time.

Of course, there are many things we know that you don't.
[Abel Beam right in his own face]
No. 406958 ID: 6ab550

... You´re just jealous Mom liked us more.
No. 406980 ID: b6edd6

Your calling us chaotic when you are over here breaking the rules of combat for kicks?
No. 406985 ID: 2fe09b



No. 406986 ID: e3f578

Wait, hold on, Emily built this tyrant too? I don't recall anything of Order being built in the notes, let alone a "brother"

I merely hypothesized (and it was correct) that Abel was a order golem due to the common narrative requirement of the most challenging opposition being fundamental absolute opposites.

I should educate yourself in the nature of golems while we are at it, Abel. A reputable source on chaos has said "Golems, by their nature, control things that they're made from. A Stone Golem would be able to move rocks, a Wooden Golem would be able to control wood. Chaos... Well see it'd want to control chaos. Bring order to it. But that goes against it's very nature. It would bring order, or control, to chaos." (I'll just omit a few things)

The Overlord, in theory, is creating order within chaos by being made of chaos. He is helping making the world be more orderly Abel!
No. 406988 ID: e3f578

Um Abel I should warn you bro
I think your holding onto The Overlords balls right now.
You know, his coconuts. Apples. Bangers. Baubles. Beecham's pills. Berries. Bird's eggs. Booboos. Bullets. Bum balls. Buttons. Cannon balls. Charlies. Chestnuts. Clangers. Clappers. Clock weights. Coffee stalls. Cojones. Crystals. Cubes. Danglers. Diamonds. Dodads. Dohickeys. The Family jewels. Frick and frack. Gooseberries. Jingleberries. Knockers. Love apples. Male mules. Marbles. Marshmallows. Mountain Oysters. Niagra Falls. Nicknacks. Nutmegs. Nuts. Orchestra stalls. Oysters. Pebbles. And his Plums.
No. 407003 ID: 97486c
File 133598001753.png - (86.47KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

She was a demon and she broke out of jail.

She tried to break out of a demon prison. Her actions are justified. If 'Fluffy' had just stayed in prison she would have received a fair trial.

There is little to no illnesses that result in death in my land. Outside of it.. That is not my concern.

I told them that I gave her to you to help out the relationship between our nations. That's what happened. They accepted it.

My mother..? She's in the Land. How would you even know her?

I'm only cruel to demons. If you want I can show you the rest of the town. Maybe I'll plant you in the Garden. You would make a brilliant centerpiece.

A Chaos Golem will, by it's very nature, be chaotic. He may be doing one thing now but he can change. I can't trust him. You.
No. 407004 ID: 5029d1

we don't bleed.and are in fact completely unbreakable.if you do break us somehow you would probably open a rift of pure chaos.
No. 407006 ID: 6f4add


wherever you put us, we will know. as will our other half. you cannot hide us. oh, he's alive and kicking, by the way, more powerful than ever.

here's something for you to think about: we are in your land. what do you think will our other half do to your morbid little Land of law when we tell him where we are?

this time, it will be you war comes to. your minions who suffer for your sins. it is your turn to despair.
No. 407007 ID: 6a5a08

There is no such thing a chaos. To adhere to it's own nature it would surrender to the natural order. Defying it's nature and rebelling would mean bringing order to the chaos. It is a paradox in and of itself.
And if you kill the Overlord, who has become hero-like, that very paradox will destroy everything by freezing the respawn system. In fact, were Fluffy a true Hero and demon at the same time, her respawn could do likewise. Best tread carefully Abel dear.
No. 407010 ID: 5029d1

a golem seeks to control it's element, so we want to control chaos. how droll isn't it.
No. 407012 ID: 2ae4fd

I suppose I can understand the distrust of a chaos golem. Why the cruelty to demons, though? I'm assuming you don't do it without reason, because of your nature, but it doesn't seem very logical from where we're standing.

As for what you should do with us, it makes more sense for you to keep us. By your own admittance, we are capable of creating order despite, or perhaps due to, our nature as a being of chaos. However, we can only act through a third party. Burying us runs the risk of a chaotic third party making their way into your lands (as you know this has happened before, and will likely happen again) and stealing us, allowing us to create chaos through them. However, if you hold on to us, you may follow our suggestions of order and ignore our more chaotic suggestions. In such a way, you have funneled the actions of a being of chaos in such a way to make them effectively one of order.
No. 407013 ID: a2fa74

Your ninja was arrested for assault and attempted murder, then attempted to break from jail. Please, tell your other ninjas that escaping what she believed to be unjust imprisonment warranted death.
It is, of course, immaterial. The trial would have been a sham simply because you would have convicted her of being born to parents of a species you dislike and used that as an excuse to have her executed.
Because she would have been killed for no fault of her own no matter what she did it is obvious that there is no justice involved. Escaping an unjust imprisonment is completely acceptable behavior.

You prevent illness inside your land, but actively seek to stop those who would treat it outside your land. Your actions, thus, are very chaotic. Indeed, simply creating an imbalance in availability of treatment is itself a chaotic act. Compare that to the new overlord who, in spite of being 'chaotic', is seeking cures for diseases at a global scale.
You are making contradictory claims.

Fun fact: Chaos golems control chaos. Order golems control order. The nature of a golem is not to create chaos, but to manipulate it. Controlling chaos inherently results in order. The old Overlord was a terrible and brutal person, but areas under his control were well ordered and efficient. Much like yourself.

The current overlord is neither terrible nor brutal; time will tell how much order he creates.

I'm curious as to why you're so strongly racist, given that there are plenty of innocent demons who are quite clearly good people.
Fluffy, for example, who just respawned because, species aside, is very much a Hero.

Would you kindly give us back to her now? She, unlike you, judges us by our own actions instead of by the actions of the new Overlord's 'father'.
No. 407020 ID: 6a5a08

Everyone saying Fluffy respawned forgets that Abel's Land prevents that. Recall the demon in the park.
No. 407021 ID: 5029d1

what? no, Demons cannot respawn because this is the normal world.
No. 407023 ID: 6a5a08

>"It's been dead for quite some time. See the barrier that you passed through scans any being for traces of evil or demonic origin. It also has the added effect of making those who pass through it unable to spawn once killed. That body will kept whole for as long as it is within the city walls. Dead but never rotting. Anyway let's continue the tour!"
Quoting the Tour Guide.
No. 407035 ID: 97486c
File 133598413276.png - (112.44KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

Correct. Any demon who has passed through my gates and dies here will simply stay here for eternity. It is quite possible for someone with demon blood to revive in the human world though. Class is determined by the person not the universe. If someone believes strongly enough that they are not a demon or a Demon then their Class will change to reflect that. Still there is no precedent for such a-

>"Abel! I've returned to stop your evil villainy!!!"

Abel turns and sees Fluffy moving and very not dead.

"You again.. But how? You passed through the gate."

>"Take that! I didn't pass through the gate! I dug under it!"

"But... Why would.. That's.."

>"Now give me back my pendant!"

This demon...
If I kill her again she'll just come back. Did she set her respawn point here?
No. 407041 ID: 6f4add

ahh! don't give us back to her! she's insane!
No. 407043 ID: 2fe09b

You could try to humiliate her. Force her to leave. She might not march through your streets naked.

Test her willingness to continue.
No. 407045 ID: 7c31d2

She is a "hero" and so very very annoying, yeah, she turned your city into her respawn point
No. 407047 ID: b6edd6

Aren't Demons supposed to stay dead if killed in the human world even without magical gates involved?
No. 407050 ID: 5029d1

yeah, we have had problems with her persistence too. she brought a cancer mage to us, is why we needed your doctor. but since that was done out of naivety not malice it wasn't a evil act.
No. 407053 ID: 6a5a08

Haha, that's hilarious. We need to give Fluffy more credit, cause she's a genius. An idiot, but a genius.
No. 407059 ID: a1d7ad

She is a Hero. Maybe not a very good one, but undeniably a Hero.

If you want to get rid of her then I would suggest you convince her you are not evil and point her in the direction of someone who is, we can handle the rest.
No. 407060 ID: a2fa74

What was that about "No precedent"?
She's a Hero, and she's convinced you're a villain because of all the flat-out horrifically evil things you've done.

She is not at all wrong, you know. Only the worst sort of villain would torture people to death and call it beautiful.
No. 407062 ID: 04b86a

Not only is she a Hero, but she's completely convinced that she's the epitome of all that is Good and Sane and that everyone who differs from her in those things is wrong. She's a lot like you in that regard, way too Orderly.

Speaking of the whole demon thing, her people used to be elves. What exactly makes someone a demon?
No. 407069 ID: 7d7f79

Look, Abel, get this: You're operating under mental limitations imposed by your pursuit of order above all else. It leaves you unresponsive to changes you need to pay attention to, in this case a demon who seeks to be a hero and by some measures already is.
We analyzed your actions of imprisoning her without her having committed any crimes like murder, theft or anything like that and determined that to be at the very least suspicious. We then combined that with the knowledge that you have demonstrated prejudice against demons and chaos, and apparently right this moment still are. We also have a justified lack of faith in your objectivity which is supported by your anti-diplomatic actions regarding this new Overlord, and other... details like that. These things put together combine into a perspective which informed us that the right thing to do would be not to wait for "justice" which would probably be an unfair trial in which she would be found guilty of being a demon, or just executed without trial. So now she is open to the possibility your position of being heroic is just that... a position and not a fact.

The short of all that is you have just established yourself as a villain to this demon-hero, and a total jackass to the new Overlord. Perhaps you should change that? I foresee that only diplomacy or unquestionably villainous actions will serve you well in either case. Both options have their costs but the prime cause of unnecessary violence and destruction in either case would be your unwillingness to coexist peacefully.
No. 407074 ID: e3f578

IF a true Hero from the demon world respawns in the demon world the universe blows up correct? Something about how the universe works not allowing that? Something like that.
I speculate that this woman may have been hypnotized, corrupted, or manipulated by some evil, great destructive force to force her to become a true Hero. Also that her mind and intelligence has been reduced greatly to make her naive enough to make this possible.

Careful with her Abel, she's the greatest threat to the universe it's ever faced because of her ambitions.

If you lose us, you won't be able to display the Overlord's testicles in the garden, true, but that's the price of us keeping track of this clearly insane woman that defeats all logic and stopping her from destroying all you've ever known by mistake. This girl WILL find a way out, I assure you. But it will either be with us or without us. we can distract her with possible love interests, other devices, or just plainly trick her into doing evil deeds like with did with the plague spreader.
No. 407077 ID: aa8dbe

Fluffy you crazy ass faceless wonder. If I had arms I'd give you a pat on the back and some cake. Let me tell you about Fluffy Abel, she's persistant. She had the same goal of becoming a hero since we woke up to see her. She waltzed into Overlord's castle without a care. She then left, came back, tried to attack him, got the plague, got healed, tried to attacked him AGAIN and THEN left to apparently DIG under the gate to get into your great city because they snubbed her at the door.

Yeah... you not only shot her in the chest using a cheap trick, just or not, but took her favorite pendant.

She's also a Hero now in case you noticed so she will just keep popping up over and over and OVER until she gets us back and probably takes you down. She's persistent like that.
No. 407101 ID: 166adc

Just give us back to her. She's more than likely going to keep us, and definately keep us away from our other self, as well as you.
Attempting to destroy this form could have unpredictable results. Keeping us here is little better.

If Fluffy were to be a hero, Outside of your kingdom, would she become more tolerable? Its obvious that other, less stable kingdoms than yours require more Heroes, and likely have lower standards for recruiting them.
No. 407108 ID: 7d7f79

Oh fudgebuckets. Consider: We are dealing with a golem of order, trying to end all chaos. He probably tried to make Fluffy into a hero that respawns in the demon world in order to destroy everything. His plan just failed so his new plan is to try and make her back into a demon and have that demon respawn where heroes would in order to try and achieve the same thing.
If that's right we shouldn't tell Abel anything because he's beyond all reason and persuasion.
No. 407113 ID: e3f578

He'll die too
This is the universe we're talking about
We're talking about some kind of logic feedback loop here, that effects the entire system on which all the worlds work.
No. 407116 ID: 7d7f79

Well yes, and that would matter to him if he had reasonable aims and goals. I'm proposing we seriously consider that he is aware of what's going on and has apocalyptic-level unreasonable goals and aims.
No. 407122 ID: 04b86a

Nah, having the universe destroyed doesn't seem like his style. He's more likely to try to stop time to keep everything the same forever.
No. 407134 ID: bdb3f8

That is.. um.. really really far fetched.

I think it more likely he just has a stick up his ass about labels, and everything being in its place. Demons are bad. This one was clearly born a demon, so she must be a demon, because that is how the world works, and so that is why he followed through with his standard procedures. If she had remained in her cell, she would have been found guilty at her fair trial, and then killed as per standard procedure. Order guy is inflexible like it's his job.

All he has demonstrated so far is that he wants to kill the agents of chaos in a manner where they stay dead, and he fully expected it to work in this case.
No. 407534 ID: 256d52

Please don't shoot her again.

That would be wrong.
No. 407792 ID: 68ff50

Well there's two possibilities for it. Fluffy thinks that Abel should have known she was now a hero type. Either he did know that and he just tried to destroy everything by making her respawn in the demon world when he arranged this escape attempt and crossbow ambush... or instead he couldn't be bothered to do that minimal amount of research about her because he's so much of a dumbshit he'd rather risk destruction of the universe than take reasonable precautions.
You tell me which seems more likely, but either way we're dealing with someone that's going to be impossible to reason with no matter how much he's tripping over problems caused by intellectual shortcomings.
No. 407794 ID: 68ff50

Wait, I messed up. It's possible he's got some kind of universe-bending mojo to make sure that demons who die in this place don't respawn in the demon realm, but that's beyond my knowledge and something that sounds pretty dangerous by itself.
No. 409179 ID: 97486c
File 133636663795.png - (183.36KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

Nnn... The voices. so many. How can he live like this..?

If she is able to respawn here then she is a Hero Human. Or Hero Elf. Point is she is not longer a demon or a Demon. Therefore there is no longer any reason for me to kill her. I may as well make use of the girl now.

"Fluffy? I apologize. I had wrongly assumed you were a demon. You are clearly the Hero you had claimed to be. Again, I apologize."

She relaxes a bit.

>Fluffy: "Uhm... Well you're still evil!"

"I like to think I'm not. You are a Hero correct? So am I. We are meant to destroy demons. I thought you were one. If I knew before hand I would not have reacted so harshly. And I only killed you because I believed you were escaping. Is that so wrong?"

>"... I suppose not."

He nods

"It isn't. Now, I heard you managed to break into the Overlord's castle?"

>"Twice. What about it?"

"Do you think you can do it again?"

>"I think so... Why?"

"Well.. Fluffy, I would like to give you your first mission as a full fledged hero."

Her tail twitches and her back straightens


"Yes. However if you still believe I am not a Hero then..."

>"No no I believe you're a hero! What's the mission!?"

"Break into the Overlord's castle and get a man known as the Plague Doctor. The Overlord had him taken from my Land without my permission and I want him back."

>"That's it?"

"Yes. Try not to kill anyone either. We don't want a war on our hands. Even if it is one I would surely win.."

>"I can totally do that!"


He tosses back the Eye

>"I will be sending one of my men with you on the mission. Also, your golem escaped my capture. It would be wise to bring the thing along with you."


Oh man my first mission as a Hero!!
Also welcome back guys! I missed the head voices. Are you as excited as I am!?
No. 409181 ID: 2fe09b

Well, I suppose so long as you make sure the Doctor can do what he needs to do, he can do it wherever he needs to.

So! In order to get in, you just need to apologize, avoid killing anyone, and proclaim that you want to see the Doctor.
No. 409182 ID: 09e5bf

Heck, go there and announce you have been sent to escort the Doctor back.
No. 409184 ID: 5029d1

uhh, wow, so for everyone but the overlord you forgive them at the drop of a hat? wow. just so we are clear, define 'hero' oh and get a guide to show you the garden.
No. 409185 ID: a2fa74

You should probably make sure the Plague Doctor is actually there against his will.
I mean, it would be terribly unheroic if he was helping people and then you came up and kidnapped him. Doubly so since there isn't even anybody here who has the plague.
No. 409187 ID: 09e5bf

Even so, understand that the Doctor works for Abel, so he might be there of his own volition, but not have permission from Abel.
No. 409190 ID: b85f8c

This should be pretty cool.

Oh, is he giving you the sword back?
No. 409191 ID: aa8dbe

The mission seems simple enough, though I have to wonder who will accompany us.

Either way, we should check up on the doctor and such. Just... be careful Fluffy. Simple never means easy. Last time we thought that, the end result was you getting shot in the chest. Also, if you are a hero HERE, then that means you will die for good there. Do your best.
No. 409196 ID: e3f578

No, I want that evil man dead.
Goddamn woman, you don't know a manipulator when you see one.
You see, even Heroes can be villains.
Tell me, have you ever heard of a villain protagonist? That might be an advanced enough term for somebody who studies literature for this world though, so nonetheless, you should visit a place where scholars are, at least ones that study how stories are made and written.
This may be no story, but Abel's an idiot forced around by his own nature and hubris regardless, which means he abuses his power. Be smart though, subterfuge is the only way you'll defeat this villain.
No. 409218 ID: f70e5e

wait hold on, your cool with his kill demons on sight thing, so long as he considers you a hero? what the hell fluffy? think about your old village, they are all demons. do you think they deserve death?
No. 409223 ID: b6edd6

This Abel fellow seems rather quick to jump to conclusions. He thinks that because you became a hero, you must have turned into some kind of elf.
Still, this quest sounds worth looking into.
No. 409225 ID: 09e5bf

That seems pretty reasonable to me. At least for him.

To him, demons and Demons are the same thing. They can not be heroes.

D/demons respawn in the underworld
People respawn in this world.

So he could either redefine his views of how the world works, or accept that since Fluffy respawned here, Fluffy is no longer a demon. FLuffy has pointy ears, so she must be an elf.

It is him being prejudice, sure, but it's also him having accepted the change in a way that he can.
No. 409230 ID: 166adc

Glad to be back. It's probably for the best that we hook back up with your golem once we've been introduced to your new teammate.

Abel seems to have a limited mindset. He has justified treating you like a hero of some sort of non-demon race. You might as well go along with the mission he's offered.
No. 409232 ID: b6edd6

There are explanations he could have thought of that don't involve flat out rejecting verifiable facts right in front of him by ignoring things like her tails and not-face.

Besides, he also said it was unheroic to escape from prison. Anyone who seriously thinks that is at least a little out of touch with how heroes work.
No. 409234 ID: 04b86a

Her people were originally elves, actually, but you just made me realize that demon may actually be a man-made category instead of something defined by the universe. In other words, he's just a racist who doesn't even understand how his own wards work, and they just keep the bodies of Demons from disappearing upon death, and he's just doing whatever he can to cling to his worldview a la your explanation.
No. 409235 ID: 97486c
File 133637127446.png - (171.12KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

"I'll go get her and I'll be right back!"

Fluffy runs out the castle.

Guys guys, you're totally overreacting. Abel is way cooler then the Overlord. He actually praised me and everything! And he's a Hero!

Fluffy runs back in and sees Abel is already holding her sword out to her. She takes it and runs back outside.

See!? He's so awesome!!

Well... No. But they're different kinds of heroes. I'm the kind that doesn't kill -all- the demons. Just most of them.
Now... Where did that girl run off to?

You think she's at the Garden? Okay.

Fluffy goes off to find the Guide. She's waiting at the gate in her usual post and greets Fluffy. Fluffy asks if she can be taken to the Garden. After examining her for a moment the Guide says that the Garden is closed for repair, sorry.

Hmm.. So she's not there. Where else could she be then?
No. 409236 ID: 7c31d2

Aww, the guide won't let you see the long dead demon and the flowers that only bloom when demon blood is spilled on them.
No. 409237 ID: b85f8c

Try the market.
No. 409241 ID: e3f578

Fuck Abel he's a piece of fucking shit
Smug piece of shit
He fucking killed you and a compliment pretty much undoes that?
That man could have mutilated you, then compliment you and you'd probably sleep with the fucker.
God, woman, have some non-hypocritical standards and be self-aware for once.
Do you just hear what you want to hear all the time?
No. 409242 ID: 5029d1

repair? it's a garden. flowers and stuff. just go past her, she's lying.
No. 409243 ID: b6edd6

Drat, I knew we shouldn't have come during slack season. That place is amazing.
No. 409250 ID: 6a5a08

You know, as long as you let people use you like that you'll always just be a run-of-the-mill NPC Hero.

You can only become a Protagonist by saying "Fuck Fate". As a Chaos Golem, we can help you do that and become free.
No. 409251 ID: b6edd6

As a what? We are clearly a magic necklace.
What kind of golem doesn't do anything but talk?
No. 409252 ID: a2fa74

He can't be cooler than Overlord because he's such a hothead.
Remember, Overlord never killed you. He never even tried. Heck, the plague was an accident, and he brought the plague doctor there to cure you.
Then he offered to pay the plague doctor back by helping him research ways to cure people who are suffering from even the latest stages of the- Wait! You have to be careful when you go to get the doctor! He's in the middle of researching the plague, and the consequences of disrupting that could be catastrophic!
Make sure you ASK the doctor if you can rescue him! Only a horrible hero would kidnap a doctor from their patients and research and unleash a horrible plague on innocent people!
No. 409268 ID: 96e0ea

Wait, wait. You sure you're feeling okay. Maybe you need to see a cleric with a bunch of sisters from a healing order. They can check you out if there's any internal injuries. Also they can help Kass, ehem, pass the message around that you're looking for your friend and that you're on a mission to kidnap, <coughs> I mean rescue the doctor guy.
No. 409307 ID: f70e5e

you agree that the members of your village don't deserve to die, but you don't think less of abel for the fact he he would kill each and every one of them? you can't be willing to slaughter the Innocent and still be a true hero. ask about why the walls of his city are called the walls of tears, ask about what he had done to the troops the old overlord had forced into his service. Abel does not see demons as people, and that means he thinks nothing of committing atrocities against them.

also the mission he is sending you on? its to forcefully return the plague doctor the overlord hired to cure you, after you accidentally caused an outbreak of the plague in his castle.
No. 409348 ID: 214bf9

She didn't say it was under repair until after she looked you over, clearly she doesn't know you are a Hero and believes she is keeping a demon out. Inform her otherwise and march on, Abel himself acknowledged you as a Hero and he owns this place so any people here should trust his judgement.
No. 410430 ID: 97486c
File 133671670532.png - (227.41KB , 800x600 , 17.png )


Well whatever. I'll find her myself.. Maybe she's in the Market.

As Fluffy runs to the Market she bumps into Golem herself. Fluffy hugs the Golem tightly

"Found you! Hey guess what!? I'm officially a Hero now! And we even got our own heroic mission to go on and everything! It's gonna be awesome!!"


"Let's go back to the castle to meet up with our companion."

It is a short walk back to the castle. Standing outside they see a man dressed in rather simple clothing with two thick gloves on. He smiles at them

>??? "Fluffy, right? My name is Forrest. I'll be accompanying you to the Overlord's castle today."

"Awesome! All right, let's go then!"

>"We'll teleport there from the castle. We can't go directly inside but we should be close enough t-"

"Yeah yeah whatever! Let's go!"

He laughs and teleports the three of them to the Demon Realm. They find themselves near the center of the Chaos Spiral, the Overlord's Castle floats high above them.

"Golem, fly!"

The Golem nods and takes Fluffy up to the castle garden. Once they reach the flat plains a Imp stares at them for a moment then rips off a chunk of land, clearly getting ready to throw it at them
No. 410431 ID: 5029d1

you better have dodge skills
No. 410432 ID: 8db51b

State that you are here on a diplomatic mission!
No. 410434 ID: b85f8c

Meh. Tell it to go fetch its master. If it throws the rock, cut it in half in midair with your badass sword. Then tell it again to fetch its master.
No. 410436 ID: 97486c
File 133671755829.png - (171.55KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

The Imp throws the rock


Fluffly slashes the boulder in half!
No. 410438 ID: 97486c
File 133671768716.png - (236.07KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

However both halves don't just magically stop. Still being propelled foreward, the top half slams into her thick skull.
She grips onto Golem's arm and curls up slightly as the lower half collides with.. Well, her lower half.

In shock Fluffy lets go of Golem's arm and starts to plummet to the ground.

No. 410440 ID: 5029d1

learn to fly from a penguin.
No. 410444 ID: 5e3d1a

The trick to cutting flying boulders in half is clearly to give the blade a little twist at the end so the parts separate at the correct angles.

Perhaps the garden is an invitation only area? In hindsight it was rude not to approach the entrance first. You should probably scream very loudly for help while looking for something relatively soft to land on like water or trees. Think you can do an emergency divine slash-like attack with the flat of your blade with enough force to slow your descent using air resistance?
No. 410445 ID: 97486c
File 133671881361.png - (207.15KB , 800x600 , 20.png )


Fluffy continues to fall. She yells out for help. Just when she's about to give up hope something grabs onto her hand.

Fluffy tries to sense who her savior is but there is some kind of horrible cutting sensation in her forearm distracting her.

No. 410447 ID: 5029d1

keep yelling until it stops
No. 410451 ID: aa8dbe

Ok, that is Emily. Aka the golem with BLADE HANDS. Get her to pull you safety quick while you still have hands. Asking her to be gentle may also help. She is a nice girl, so being nice can likely lead you to the doctor.
No. 410455 ID: 97486c
File 133672114666.png - (73.56KB , 553x600 , 21.png )

"Please... Take me to a Doctor."

The Golem Girl nods and flies Fluffy up and into the castle.
Fluffy's party is wherever party members go when they aren't being used as she is taken to an infirmary.
Once there the Golem Girl flies off. As Fluffy is being healed by the Doctor he examines her.

>"... Abel sent you didn't he?"

"!! Uhm, yes! He wants you back!"

>"Hmm. I suppose I can go. But I'm so close to a cure.. Do you think I can stay just a bit longer?"

"Sorry, orders are orders. You gotta come back."

>"Oh? And if I refuse?"

This could get hostile if I don't answer right.
And no, letting him stay is 'not' an answer.
No. 410456 ID: 5029d1

why does letting him do what he wants so bad? aren't heroes supposed to protect freedom?
No. 410457 ID: 8db51b

Ask him if he can bring his research and findings and all that stuff! If he needs Overlord's dudes, Then, uh.

Well, we can figure that out later!
No. 410460 ID: a2fa74

He is a DOCTOR.
He almost has a CURE.

Are you seriously considering KIDNAPPING a DOCTOR to keep them from CURING THE PLAGUE just because somebody said some nice words to you?
That's both evil and horribly selfish. Not heroic at all.

You agreed to a RESCUE mission, not kidnapping and trafficking sentient beings!
No. 410461 ID: f70e5e

why? if he doesn't want to leave than this changes from a rescue mission to a kidnapping, and kidnapping a doctor who's working on a cure for a horrible disease is a rather villainous act.
No. 410462 ID: 5029d1

[HRRRNG, send message to other eye. fluffy with doctor, come in and say "what's a pretty girl like you doing here" to confuse her]
No. 410464 ID: aa8dbe

The guy's work is important. Very much so to help stop the spread of plague spreaders. If he finishes it, many, many lives could be saved. However, you have been given orders and following them may mean he loses the chance to do so here. Tell me fluffy, you want to help out as many people as possible correct? To be a hero? What is considered more Heroic. The praise of one man you know, or the thanks of thousands you do not?

Well, if you decide to continue with the Mission, mention whom also came with you. The guy called.. Forrest was it? Probably a reason why he picked him to come with us. Maybe they know each other?
No. 410469 ID: e3aff6

Abel asked for the doctor back, but did he say when he wanted the doctor back by? Abel wants the doctor to return safely, and trying to rush things could endanger that.
No. 410472 ID: f70e5e

I just had an idea for a possible comprise, ask the doctor about how long he would need to find the cure, if its only a few days send a message back to Abel asking if he wants you to let him come up with a plague cure, or risk extracting an unwilling high value target. point out it will be very messy and likely cause further issues with the doctor if he is extracted against his will.
No. 410488 ID: b9e291

Obviously Abel just wants to stop anyone from curing the plague. He will want the doctor to leave even more if you tell him the cure is close. In fact, Abel may kill the doctor if you tell him that. Just like he killed you. A swift end to any curative progress. The doctor will resent having to respawn and start over, but Abel will get what he wants. See how that works?
No. 410494 ID: cd6e04

a hero would let him stay.
No. 410496 ID: 214bf9

Ask him how close he is to a cure, we could wait a day, maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe two, but after that we should probably take him back to Abel.
No. 410497 ID: ed9476

No. 410502 ID: 9a022d

Yes clearly you should keep the doctor safe and help/pester him so that you can escort him back at the earliest opportunity.

Beware of that Forrest guy though.
No. 410521 ID: 166adc

You're a true hero, Fluffy, don't forget that. Why, if you helped him, he could get his cure done faster, perhaps quickly enough that Abel won't find anything amiss!

And naturally, getting him home safe and sound is key. Even fighting near him could end poorly. What if something breaks and falls on him? what if his research is ruined? Once he gets this cure finished, you can escort him home without a single innocent being at risk. If you feel the need to fight the Overlord and his minons afterwards, it's a relatively easy trip back.
No. 410542 ID: b85f8c

A Hero doesn't blindly follow orders. Ask how long he needs. Maybe you can get away with being a little late.

Also I don't think Abel said WHEN you had to be back. He just said "Go fetch my doctor."
No. 410558 ID: 252e1b

There are lots of ways to buy time. Most of them involve getting into trouble though. Go find someone and ask for a fight, but not one to the death or anything. Call it a spar.
No. 410791 ID: 0afc3a


This is true, but he's not likely to be patient, either. Ask how long the doctor thinks he'll need.

If it's unreasonable, see if he can't take back what he needs with him, instead.
No. 412138 ID: 97486c
File 133709519992.png - (180.07KB , 884x487 , 22.png )

You guys are right. I'd be a pretty lame hero if I stopped him from saving people.

Fluffy nods and rubs her chin.

"Well Doctor I don't think I'll just force you to leave.. How long do you think it'll be til your work is done?"

>"To be perfectly honest it may take me as long as a month."

"A month? That's a bit too-"

The Overlord, Emily, and Rose bust into the room.

>Overlord: "Fluffy?"

"!!! Overlord!"

Fluffy jumps back and pulls out her blade.

"My Arch-Rival!"

>Overlord: "What?"

>Rose: "My lord, can we just kill the girl already? She's been such a pest."

>Overlord: "We have nothing to gain from killing her. Fluffy why don't y-"

"Let's battle!"

>Overlord: "What? But what will that d

Battle Start.
Placement Phase, unit limit 3

>Forest: "Fluffy.. I think it would be better if we avoided a fight.."

"This man is the lord of all the demons in this castle! If we take him out then we win!"

>Forest: "Sigh.. Very well. I'm more suited for hand to hand combat so place me where you see fit."
No. 412139 ID: 5e3d1a

Everyone in front row! Fluffy on the North, Forrest in middle and Golem on the South.
No. 412142 ID: a2fa74

This is a terrible idea, and I won't help you with it.
No. 412143 ID: b0d466

Deploy yourself at the top north, deploy the doctor behind you, and Forest just south of you
No. 412147 ID: f70e5e

ok now i'm just confused. abel throws you in prison and cores out your chest when you try and escape, but he calls you a hero after and your willing to die for him, but the overlord treats you well despite the fact that you have broken into his home three times now, and infected his troops with the plague, and you attack him every chance you get. what the hell fluffy? also you do know that if your comrade dies in here he's gone forever right?
No. 412148 ID: 97486c
File 133709912936.png - (211.14KB , 884x487 , 23.png )

The units are sent out. Your move

I attack him because... He's the big bad evil guy.
That's who Heroes fight, right..?
No. 412150 ID: a2fa74

No, Fluffy. Evil is defined by actions.
You were born as a Demon. You decided to be a hero, and you have ACTED towards that goal.

This guy? He was 'born' as the Overlord, but what has he actually done? So far all you know is that he's been tolerant of you repeatedly breaking into his home, fed your starving friend, fetched the doctor to cure you of the plague that your friend unleashed, and is helping that same doctor cure even the worst-suffering victims of the plague.
I hate to tell you, but that sounds like stuff a Hero would do.
Oh, and he's forged an alliance with a convent of priestesses and paladins; seriously uber-good Heroes like that wouldn't do that unless they thought he was an ok guy.
No. 412151 ID: cd6e04

you know Overlord is somewhere between a Hero and a Demon, right? he's not truly evil. probably more of a Hero than Abel, actually.

coincidentally, I'm about as evil as the Overlord, so I'm not helping you either.
No. 412152 ID: b0d466

They do, but only when they're actually doing something evil! Like demolishing a village, or trying to kill you because you are a hero, or sending someone to kidnap someone else...waaaait~

But yeah, he didn't even threaten you before you called out for battle; that's called "JUMPING THE GUN" and it's not a good hero move.
No. 412167 ID: 5029d1

heroes fight to protect the weak and innocent. TRUE heroes. not just the class Hero.

so tell me fluffy. why do YOU fight? a reason other then "that s what heroes do" that's why does a hero fight, i want to know you.
No. 412187 ID: 3ce5b2

You're really hopeless. We are telling you, point-blank, that you are wrong about this guy being a villain of any sort. We've given you reasonable, logical arguments, and we've even compared the path you're taking to the path he's taken. If you're still going to break into this man's home and try to kill him, if you're going to be that stupid, there's no reason we need to be here, and there's no reason we're going to help you against him while he defends himself against your stupidity and probably kills you. You deserve it. Just hurry up and die before you mess up any more of the good Overlord's doing.
No. 412194 ID: c4a1fc

This. Seriously, I hate characters that don't learn. It's taken her this long just to start thinking about how she might not be right after all. Fuck this, Overlord is a far better guy. Let's just let Fluffy die and Overlord can have his other eye back. Whatever happens, I'm out.
No. 412215 ID: 256d52

What makes him the big bad evil guy, Fluffy?
No. 412316 ID: 6ed27a

No, Don't let Fluffy die. Although if everyone dies, she's definitely the one Overlord would save, so idk if that counts as dying. Anyway, it is our duty as eye voices to not INTENTIONALLY screw over our host.
No. 412319 ID: c4a1fc

Our host if Overlord. Fluffy's a thief/looter.
No. 412354 ID: 5029d1

we are in battle. the doctor is not. the rules of engagement are in play.
No. 412485 ID: 68ff50

Maybe, but there's a whole checklist of shit you forgot to do first:
-Make sure they actually are a badguy
-Make sure that attacking/killing them wouldn't just make things worse
-Give the badguy a chance to reform before trying to kill them
-Make sure you can survive attempting to kill them or that your chances of success justify your sacrifice of the time, effort and blood spent trying
-Make sure you have at least some chance of success

You did not do even one thing on that checklist yet you lazy-jackass slacker! You are now no longer a hero, you are now a lazy-jackass slacker, mark this change on your character sheet. It is permanent until you redeem yourself.
Don't worry too much about it, your lazy stupidity is about to get you killed and make you fail your mission. Then either you really die or you get to explain to Abel how you abandoned the doctor to go try and attack someone that didn't attack you or even hinder you, causing an incident that may lead to a war DESPITE HIM TELLING YOU NOT TO DO THAT YOU MORON!

Honestly, Abel's kind of dense, but he at least got that much right.
No. 412494 ID: 5029d1

oh and the golem that stopped you from falling to your death is there too.
No. 412527 ID: 97486c
File 133714663230.png - (209.86KB , 884x487 , 24.png )

But... It's... Heroes are...

All of Fluffy's units move up as far as they can.
Waiting for opponent.
No. 412538 ID: b85f8c

Alright fine but I gotta warn you, if you use Overlord's sword against him he's just going to reflect the attack back on you at double strength. So you'll have to approach this fight indirectly.
No. 412539 ID: 5029d1

indeed, the sword channels chaos. and the overlord is a golem OF chaos. it's like trying to kill a lava monster with fire.
No. 412817 ID: 97486c
File 133721984651.png - (181.18KB , 884x487 , 25.png )

I'm not listening to y-
Wait? I can't use the blade on him? That's stupid! How the hell do I fight him then!?

Opponent fled.

What? No, I challenge him again!

Battle Start.
Units set. Waiting on opponent

Anyway, how do I even fight then?
No. 412822 ID: 04b86a

Really, Fluffy? You're really going to force someone who honestly doesn't want to fight to kill someone to protect his own life? I thought you were a hero, not a villain!
No. 412824 ID: 6e44d2

Use hugs.
No. 412828 ID: bdb3f8

really? you are going to try to figure out how to attack him while you are stuck on the battle map and not when you are just walking around and able to actually do stuff that might help?
No. 412838 ID: 5029d1

use something else. try convincing him to surrender. give him a heroic speech
No. 412851 ID: b85f8c

That's true, he really really hates hugs. If you hugged him enough he'd give in and do whatever you wanted.
No. 412858 ID: 5029d1

not saying the sword itself wont work. saying the super move that harnesses the power of chaos. of course you can slap him with a slab of metal but the sword's true power would fail.
No. 412862 ID: f70e5e

i'm mildly curios what you think will happen if you beat him. this is his castle, the odds are very high he will simply re-spawn. if not, his followers are going to be angry past the point of rational thought, and at least one of them (she's level 20 and has a sadistic steak by the way) would take it hard enough to hunt you down and get revenge. not to mention since the doctor doesn't want to leave you have no reason to fight him. this is befor we even touch on the fact that by forcing a fight your putting your friend the monk in danger. he's human, if he is defeated hear he will stay dead.
No. 412878 ID: 5029d1

fluffy will stay dead too, her class is hero now. she will DIE in the demon world, despite bwing a native.
No. 412900 ID: fa9f7e

Fairly sure we've moved on to the next thread, since I doubt we're advising both sides of the battle and Overlord 9(?) is more recent.
No. 412903 ID: 97486c
File 133722550240.png - (162.15KB , 884x487 , 26.png )

So I can't use Divine Slash then? Hmm.. Okay...

A 1 on 1 fight... That'd be so cool! Like a real hero!

"Wait wait wait!"

Forest and Golem are withdrawn.
Unit Limit is now 1.
Waiting on Opponent.

"You vs me overlord! Let's do this! Let's make it happen!"

I can still beat him if I just slash..
And now Forest and Golem are safe.
No. 412914 ID: fa9f7e

Okay, he has a gun. If you stay far back, he will *murder* you. Seriously, that gun is lethal. Stay withing 1 space of him AT ALL TIMES. Forgo attacking if you must.

I know that the sacrifice attacking for moving thing isn't how combat works, but let's see if Fluffy believes it
No. 412928 ID: b85f8c

I bet you can deflect bullets with that sword. Just hold it in front of you and concentrate. I dunno if you can run at the same time but you won't need to!
No. 412930 ID: 5029d1

you were really close with cutting that boulder, just had the wrong angle. you are tall but not wide. needed to cut it from top to bottom and it would of totally worked. so move and use your action to get into a deflection stance.
No. 413071 ID: 97486c
File 133724467117.png - (180.73KB , 884x487 , 27.png )

Fluffy moves up and stops. The Overlord moves over and fires at Fluffy. She's unable to deflect the tiny projectile and takes 25dmg and is knocked back a space!

"D-dammit... It didn't work..."

I guess bullets are just to fast? No point in trying to block them again..

>"Tell me Fluffy.. What are you trying to accomplish anyway? I'm curious. Are you trying to stop a cure from being discovered? Maybe promoting the plague?"

"What!? I'm doing no such thing!!"

Does he think -I'm- the demon here!?

Anyway the bullet plan didn't work! I need new advice!
No. 413072 ID: b85f8c

There's nothing for it. I guess you'll just have to run up and smack him with your sword a bunch.
No. 413078 ID: 04b86a

I don't think he's so much implying that you're a demon or Demon as that you're a villain. The title of Hero, capital H, just means that you're a warrior that's associated yourself with the human realm; it says nothing about how good or evil you are.

What exactly have you done that he's aware of that's actually heroic? Who have you done something to help at least in part for the sake of helping them, instead of solely for some sort of monetary gain?
No. 413090 ID: 09e5bf

Try accusing him of kidnapping the doctor to create a super plague. Figuring out the overlord's evil plan should confuse him long enough for you to get a few good hits in.
No. 413101 ID: 5029d1

well tell him why you ARE here. so he knows this is a righteous battle.
No. 413103 ID: e359f5


Why ARE we here anyway? To retrieve a Doctor who doesn't really want to return? To disrupt the progress of a cure? To break into a man's home and murder him with his own sword because of crimes we THINK he might commit?

How can we call ourselves a "Real" Hero when we keep acting like the villain?
No. 413247 ID: 7a2104

Well the reason ultimately is that Abel sent you, is it not?
No. 413263 ID: 68ff50

I'm remembering a conversation you had earlier:
You said, "You can't just lock me in here! I'm really a hero!"
Your jailer said, "Uh-huh sure. And I'm the god of sarcasm."
He thinks you're a violent threat to peace and prosperity, as Abel did, because of what you did in both cases to justify that perception.
In Abel's case you hid your identity and violated the rules of his realm to enter it. Perhaps you had reason for that, but you did break his laws.
In this Overlord's case it's because you have taken multiple rescues from multiple fates as bad as death or worse that him and his underlings gave you (heroic actions, yes?) and repaid them by repeatedly breaking in to his home to threaten him. In this specific occurrence he has even spared your companions from the fate that may be brought upon them by your attempted assault even, which doesn't make sense if he is a villain. That's not a villainous thing to do; they try to eliminate all witnesses they cannot convert to their allegiance when they are not the dominant power.

Justify your actions as a thief, mercenary kidnapper and prospective murderer, or accept that he is right to identify you as a threat to peace and prosperity.
No. 413306 ID: 6ed27a

You can do this Fluffy! Just try to close the Distance.
No. 413338 ID: 8346d2

Throw the goddamn sword.
No. 413339 ID: 6a5a08

This. He wants to fight ranged? We'll fight ranged too! That's what heroes do, they adapt!
No. 413852 ID: 97486c
File 133742701954.png - (173.88KB , 884x487 , 28.png )

No it's not... It's really not like that.. I just... Dammit!

Fluffy tosses her blade at the Overlord and... Actually manages to hit, scoring 29dmg.
However her attack drops to 20 and her Acc drops by 5.
Instead of attacking the Overlord shocks Fluffy by talking to her.

>"Listen Fluffy, I know you want to be a hero, but Abel has deceived you. I am no villain. I can help you find where a real one is though, if you let me... a sinister Tinker. So sinister that even in my less proud days I was forced to seal her away for everyone's safety."

"Shut up! Just shut up! You... You 'have' to be the evil one! All the things you did.. You can't just erase something like that because you lost your memory! What happens if you do remember!? What happens if you become evil again and I had just given up trying to stop you!? What kind of Hero would I be then!?"

I spent my whole damn life being good so I can try to be a Hero.. How can he claim to be a good guy just by doing a few nice things the past few weeks?
No. 413858 ID: 8346d2

Hey Fluffy, your naivety is kinda cute, you know that? There's no chance of winning this battle and you know, your death will be meaningless. There will be consequences, however. War, thousands deaths.

I'd like to say that goodness isn't to extinguish the evil, but to promote good. However, who would believe in this fairy tale? Who cares about the welfare of others when you can have the title of "hero" by bringing the head of the "enemy"? Frankly, I don't care anymore. My last hope, you, was lost. Go, do whatever you want. I bet this will at least satisfy the hunger for carnage and blood of some.
No. 413859 ID: 385f21

If you were just as good for "your whole life" as you're now, it's no wonder you don't have friends.
No. 413862 ID: 5029d1

fluffy. stop and look at yourself. you are a demon that became a hero. that's an amazing feat. but think, that's how you are too, a demon that was good for a while, no other heroes will accept you since they will think of you how you just thought of the overlord. and if heroes showed up in your village, they would of tried to murder every one of them, simply because they are demons. fluffy, please, be a real hero, not someone that kills everyone that simply has a CHANCE to be bad. be like killing all puppies because they have a chance to poop on your carpet.
No. 413891 ID: b0d466

It's called "reforming", Fluffy--when someone who was bad tries to become good. As a Hero, you should be encouraging this sort of transformation!

Sure, you'll need to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't slip back into evil, but at the same time you don't want to be discouraging him from doing good things by attacking him while he's working on them!

I think it helps if you think of "Being Good" as a default state of most sentient things, and "Doing Evil" as the thing you want to prevent them from doing. There may be exceptions to this, but as a general guideline for HEROES it works.
No. 413894 ID: cd6e04

you could stay by his side, just to make sure,. after all, if he really is good, killing him would be evil. you aren't evil, are you, Fluffy?
No. 413970 ID: e3f578

Have you never heard of redemption? The epic stories of bad men trying to right their past wrongs by doing good things and giving back to society? Would you rather bad men continue doing bad things instead of trying to correct them? Do you expect for bad men to kill themselves if they truly want to redeem themselves? Is that the only choice Fluffy?
No. 414059 ID: 97486c
File 133746473468.png - (106.74KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

Fluffy waits to hear Overlord's reply. He thinks for a moment.

>"One who believes even demons can be redeemed."


But... That's... I know I did it but he can't...

>"You are a perfect example that even someone who's a demon can become a hero if they try hard enough. That's what I'm doing."

"You're trying to be a Hero too?"

>"In my own way. My older self was far to cruel to truly be heroic but I think I can achieve it. You've seen the good things I've done. Even the doctor I 'kidnapped' was only for good."

To cure me he said.. To cure everyone with the plague.

".... Maybe.."

Maybe he is good..

>"Why don't you join my team? You can help me do good and maybe even 'keep an eye on me' in case I try to do anything evil."

.... I could keep an eye on him, so to speak. And if he really is evil I might be able to gain some useful intel..

".... Okay."
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