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File 133315962778.png - (214.88KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard73.png )
397242 No. 397242 ID: f72f26

over two thousand lives were placed in my trust.
I was their guardian.
I was to protect them.
I broke that trust.
Now I listen to the screams of my kinsmen, hundreds already dead.
One way or another I will make sure this never happens again.

first thread
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No. 415851 ID: f72f26
File 133791619378.png - (184.57KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard109.png )

the strikes comes before I even can attempt a plan, I attempt to dodge but my injured body is just to sluggish to respond, hefting my shield I go with the only option left to me and hope it's enough . . .
No. 415852 ID: 132b99

shoot straight down!
No. 415865 ID: 9cb4b3

Shoot it's vulnerable back!
No. 415975 ID: 3f47eb

see if you can blow its tail off, use the boots to jump across to the other wall and shoot!
No. 416159 ID: f72f26
File 133806506893.png - (151.39KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard110.png )

Pike: "what are you doing? why did you stop"

Engineer: "this severed cable it's cut was made to relieve pressure on the core . . ."

Kimb: "mind the lines you idiot."

Engineer: " . . . this creature knew what is was doing, effectively it's transformed the reactor into a massive-"
No. 416162 ID: f72f26
File 133806536451.png - (289.37KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard111.png )

two secure lines snap and a burst of ray fire fries the engineer

Engineer: "EEEeeeeak!"

Pike: "no!"

what does Pike do?
No. 416164 ID: 87d18a

Guessing his next words weren't going to be 'Candy Factory'. Get someone on the radio or another engineer to figure out how to power the reactor down some without turning it off- Don't really want to be fighting these things in the more dark.
No. 416173 ID: b9e291

Apparantly the Core is going to explode because it is not under pressure. Punch it until it is under pressure again.
No. 416180 ID: 082302

Try to pull the engineer up, he might be still alive enough to keep working.
No. 416182 ID: 214bf9

Or at least well enough to tell us what we need to know
No. 416194 ID: 9cb4b3

Grab the engineer, keep them alive and if you can't do that, examine the cable, see if you can reconnect it easily. If you can't do that, shut the damn thing down.
No. 416382 ID: f72f26
File 133813986422.png - (178.62KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard112.png )

Pike: "she's still alive but it looks like she's got some sort of burn damage to her suit, if we get her to the scrub cleaner-"

Kimb: "then just do it"

Kimb turns towards the reactor controls

Pike: "NO!"

Kimb: "What now?"

Pike: "Zane ordered us to keep the reactor active!"

Kimb: "Zane's not qualified to make that assessment, I am."

Pike: "there's got to be another way to fix the reactor!"

Kimb: "Like what?"

Pike: "well you're an engineer-"

Kimb: "a weapons engineer, not a reactor technician."

Pike: "what if we put it down to half charge."

Kimb: "an expert couldn't adjust its output capacity. Stop being a fool you heard the tech, this things a giant bomb now, shutting it down is the only responsible thing to do."

I gotta follow orders, I can't be a traitor again, gotta do things right . . . there's one way to fix the ship, a method even I can employ . . . a forbidden method.

does Pike tell Kimb his Idea?
No. 416383 ID: 9cb4b3

No. 416384 ID: 132b99

"i have an idea, you wont like it, but we are out of options and i am not telling zane i knew something but kept it secret"
No. 416385 ID: 214bf9

Forbidden method? Do it!
No. 416386 ID: 14a1d0

Forbidden means it's awesome. Do it!
No. 416393 ID: e3f578

Yep, duh
No. 416460 ID: f72f26
File 133815521545.png - (201.20KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard113.png )

Pike: "Kimb you act as if we only have one option left to us and I agree."

Kimb: " I don't have time-"

Pike: "but shutting down the reactor is NOT that option. I am not a traitor I will not play into that creatures hand, I am not a tool!"

Kimb: "debatable"

Pike: "our only option to save this ship is to perform the Ritual Of The Unspoken Word"

Kimb: . . .

Pike: "one life to save a thousand is not too much to pay! how can you not agree."

Kimb: "Koza told me you had gone mad, I can see he wasn't exaggerating"

Pike: "Listen to what-"

Kimb: "No. I'm shutting it down. Take the Engineer to the ScrubCleaner."

Kimb refuses to speak further and turns back to the controls.
No. 416462 ID: 132b99

"i WAS crazy, because i didn't know the truth or have a goal of my own. i have one now, to save this ship. and i will do everything in my power to do that."
No. 416463 ID: 9cb4b3

Stab Kimb from behind with your awesome slicey devices.

Perform the ritual and use Kimb as the sacrifice.
No. 416465 ID: 132b99

hell no, that's as bad as it gets. use YOURSELF. even with death you will get the biggest fucking medal, and the most badass tombstone.
No. 416593 ID: 9cb4b3

We have to do this quickly and we have to stop him from shutting down the core. It's the best and fastest way, we need to backstab.
No. 416629 ID: 5c94e7

Kill the one who stands to destroy us all.
No. 416636 ID: e3f578

Say "fuck you" and that you're sacrificing yourself see what he does about it.
I kinda want to see what he does about it.
No. 416638 ID: 132b99

exactly. you say you'll do it and he will see how fucking serious you are.
No. 416661 ID: dcd48d

This, pretty much.
No. 417022 ID: f72f26
File 133833449402.png - (176.38KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard114.png )

the ritual must continue after the sacrifices death, there's only one way this can go.

Pike equips his CutterBlades
No. 417023 ID: f72f26
File 133833453877.png - (175.43KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard115.png )

Kimb dodges
No. 417024 ID: f72f26
File 133833457759.png - (166.92KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard116.png )

Pike blocks
No. 417026 ID: 132b99

no you fool, you should of let him hit you. then you tell him "i'm already dead, do it"
No. 417029 ID: f72f26
File 133833483911.png - (225.35KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard117.png )

Kimb fails to dodge

Pike: "Forgive me Kimb, I didn't want it to end this way . . ."

Kimb: "Burn in hell you murderous bastard."

after spitting his last breath Kimb collapses.

Pike: ". . . I wanted it to be me."
No. 417032 ID: 132b99

do the ritual as fast as you fucking can.
No. 417036 ID: e3f578

Then you should have hesitated. Now you must live with your crime for the rest of your days. Don't waste his death. He wouldn't have if you died, he would have taken the opportunity. You killed a great man today, make sure he stays great, and died so that the bug's may fail.
No. 417041 ID: 9cb4b3

No. 417042 ID: 22c05c

Do what must be.
No. 417159 ID: f72f26
File 133835697164.png - (156.75KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard118.png )

two weapons left destroyed, and their wielders are left momentarily stunned, Zane recovers first.
No. 417160 ID: 132b99

jump down, reverse gravboots to drop faster. slam cutterblade into it and start shooting.
No. 417335 ID: 6fe4ee

Blast that mother fucker with your big gun, then possibly do as >>417160 suggested
No. 417364 ID: 9cb4b3

We still can't get too close, we need to get a little bit of distance and then shoot it with our big gun again, hopefully the injuries will slow it down enough to where we can kill it right now.
No. 417610 ID: f72f26
File 133844124123.png - (156.15KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard119.png )

I see my opening and take it, firing my weapon straight down into the Tech-Leech's back
No. 417612 ID: 132b99

drop gun, it's empty now right? get out rapid laser. in one hand if possible and blade in other. and jump on it. reverse boot power to drop faster.
No. 417686 ID: 9cb4b3

Nope, she's still got one shot left! Aim another for it's back, finish it!
No. 417687 ID: 214bf9

Move, get the CutterBlade and go for the eyes!
No. 417696 ID: 132b99

*recounts* first shot she missed she said she had 2 left. after bot distracted it she got a hit. and she got a hit now. no shots left.
No. 417707 ID: 6fe4ee

Look at the post after the miss, the spoiler, 3 shots left then, one left now.
No. 417709 ID: 214bf9

Oh, well let's use it then, but let's move to prevent being an easy target.
No. 417952 ID: f72f26
File 133856591298.png - (133.37KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard120.png )

writhing in pain the creature darts back, but not far enough

Its still alive . . . now my gun is out of ammo . . . I don't feel so good.

No. 417960 ID: 214bf9

Time to switch weapon to the CutterBlade and finish it. Go for the eyes Zane, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!
No. 417972 ID: 886a4d

Your bleeding pretty badly... but you best finish this so no more need to get hurt.
No. 417979 ID: 132b99

fire rapid laser while closing in.
No. 418407 ID: 9cb4b3

Order your remaining troops to chase after it and finish it and get your ass to medbay. Radio pike telling him you need medical assistance out here right now.
No. 418449 ID: bdb3f8

What remaining troops? If we lose sight of it now, it will find a way to heal most of this damage again while killing more civilians. Press on brave Zane, this is how heroes are made.

Suppressing fire with a light gun while you close on it. That's the hand laser if firing the rapid laser will slow you down. Anything you can do to slow its escape and keep it in your sight. If it is trying to dodge, it is not moving as fast.
No. 418912 ID: 3f47eb

the miracles of Astrainian medical tech can heal you from these wounds, but the Tech leech can too, this needs to end NOW. drop your current empty weapon (unless you can recharge it from your power pack...?) and start firing again, dont let it get away!

and where is that backup??? (and the robot who was helping you)
No. 418992 ID: f72f26
File 133894127288.png - (128.47KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard121.png )

"Rapid laser is clearly the choice weapon in-

the creature quickly smack Zane off the wall.
No. 418994 ID: f72f26
File 133894155696.png - (238.82KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard122.png )

Before Zane can react the Tech-Leech's arm slam down on her destroying her last last shield generator.

toxic voices begin to fill her mind.

?????:"ahhh that's much better. DON"T YOU AGREEEEE?"

Zane reaches for her gun, the creature slides it out of reach.

?????:"KSSSSSHHHHRRRRRK! your combat prowess is almost as impressive as your inconceivable ability to disable my trap, I WILLL PRY THAT SSSSSECRET FROM YOUR MIND!!! "

Zane: "Pry somewhere else you filthy alien worm!"

?????: "I think we've both had enough exercise for one day, DO NOT FURTHER FUEL MY HUNGER! now is the time for civil discourse OR YOUR DEATH, you decide."

the creature pauses for some sort of response.
No. 418996 ID: 132b99

hrmmm.. can't get a good angle for a blade. could maybe do something with the laser but it probably wont kill it before it kills you. talk "fine, talk"
No. 419004 ID: e3f578

"What do you even WANT? What makes all this death worth it? Or are you just having sadistic fun?"
No. 419005 ID: abb30a

not to be morbid, but does the suit have a self destruct? Killing this thing is of paramount importance, and you knew the risk of death going in.
No. 419018 ID: a47043

> your combat prowess is almost as impressive as your inconceivable ability to disable my trap
"I'm even better in bed."
No. 419050 ID: 9cb4b3

Respond simply with "FUCK YOU!" and RAGE yourself some fight back in you.

Pike: Enter and stab the shit out of that thing. Or if not pike, some robots go in and shoot the thing, or some remaining soldiers go in and shoot the thing, SOMEONE SHOOT THE THING!
No. 419115 ID: a2fa74

"What trap?"
No. 419212 ID: 6fe4ee

You have a grenade? If so, you know what to do.
No. 419219 ID: 3f47eb

No. 419492 ID: f72f26
File 133905473012.png - (234.25KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard123.png )

Zane considers setting off an Energy charge, to blast both of them into nothing

?????: "an unwise move, you'll be dead before you punch in the first code. I SEE INTO YOUR MIND ANY ATTEMPTS TO DECEIVE ARE FUTILE!

Zane: " . . . fine talk."

?????: "at least you posses that much wisdom."

Zane:"What do you even WANT? What makes all this death worth it?"

?????: " I want what all creatures want: TO ESCAPE, TO SURVIVE. I think you will help me with this, confirm my suspicion and you will live. All I need is a promise of servitude, for a promise is all a telepath EVER needs."

Zane feels she could make one solid swing with her CutterBlade before being felled.

?????: "you honestly think you are a match for Infestor Lord?! your shields were the only thing protecting you from my mind, from my poison FROM THE FULL FORCE OF MY WRATH. do not be so swift to slay yourself!."
No. 419496 ID: 132b99

"and why should i help? my life is nothing compared to all those that live on the colony. right now, inflicting even one more wound on you, is worth death."
No. 419503 ID: dcd48d

Don't respond, don't think about it, don't make a speech, just do it.
No. 419504 ID: dcd48d

Don't respond, don't think about it, don't make a speech, just do it.
No. 419511 ID: e3f578

"I serve the Alliance! I can't serve anything else! I can't be a traitor! If you want to survive, than just leave this ship. Out an airlock, out an escape shuttle, whatever. Just stop killing civilians and call off your infected. This ain't a deal, it's the most reasonable option!"
No. 419523 ID: d5ee6f

Say nothing cut it cut it cut it
No. 419529 ID: e3d099

Don't cut the thing. Keep talking. Make a speech. You have to stall it until *COUGHcoughmumble*
No. 419533 ID: 19a758

Action speaks louder than words.
No. 419534 ID: 9cb4b3

Stall it, say you might, but don't say yes and don't submit, just say you're listening, then cut off your external speaker and make a distress call to all channels saying "I NEED BACKUP NOW,the monster has me PINNED DOWN, LITERALLY, SOMEONE GET IN HERE AND SHOOT IT!"
No. 419535 ID: d5ee6f

It can read minds, stupids.
No. 419536 ID: 214bf9

Never surrender, your loyalty belongs to the Astarian Alliance. Fill your mind with your loyalty, think of the national anthem or something, just anything that you think it powerful enough to push the bug out.
No. 419558 ID: f387a1

Too bad you're not a sick bastard with a messed up mind.
No. 419668 ID: 118cf5

Don't think. Act!
No. 421103 ID: f72f26
File 133948921094.png - (235.65KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard124.png )


Zane swings wildly

InfesterLord: "KSSSHHRRK! You wish so strongly for your death, I will not deny you-"
No. 421105 ID: f72f26
File 133948935990.png - (207.71KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard125.png )

InfesterLord: "KSSSHRAAH!"

Pike: "Get back you alien menace!"
No. 421108 ID: 132b99

dive for the rapid laser, turn around and FIRE!
No. 421119 ID: 927efa

No. 421203 ID: 9cb4b3

Zane: go full rage mode with that axe for massive damage
No. 421206 ID: 214bf9

Once again.

Go for the eyes Zane, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!
No. 421283 ID: f72f26
File 133954118576.png - (185.64KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard126.png )

the tech leech flees

I lunge after the beast, but my wounds catch up with me and I am unable to keep up.
No. 421284 ID: 9cb4b3

Yell for Pike to bring a medkit, a medical bot or whatever he can down here, stay still and keep pressure on your nasty wound there.
No. 421285 ID: 132b99

and then, while you are down, he must keep chasing it. he cannot let it stay still and heal.
No. 421299 ID: e3f578

"That fucking thing is almost dead, Pike. Don't let it flee. LET'S END THIS FUCKING PROBLEM! ..I'll just lay down here though. Comfy floor."
No. 421410 ID: f72f26
File 133956225797.png - (194.28KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard127.png )

My suit will keep me stable and alive as long as I don't move too violently

Pike: "Zane, the creature is escaping again! if we hurry we can catch it."

Zane: "My injuries are to deep, I'll only slow you down Pike. The creature's almost dead you need to finish this alone."

Pike: "Zane you're better then this! we must fight on to the death, fight regardless of wounds fight until one can fight no longer!"

Pike is technically correct and the glory is tempting I could push forward, I could continue powering my armour to compensate for my injuries. but the longer I strain my body the greater the risk for permanent damage.
No. 421413 ID: 9cb4b3

No, regroup, even at half strength only two against it is suicide, you need more men to go with you to kill it properly. Get your wounds treated, too.

Astranians should never fight in small numbers if you can avoid it, you work much better in groups and you still have tons of militia left, we need to plan and pick our final battle with it wisely.
No. 421414 ID: 132b99

"my shield is compromised, it can read my thoughts now. so it will be able to hear me coming. i can serve at best as a distraction. take the direct route, you cut it off." just walk/ don't run or do anything strenuous. and don't stop thinking "i'm gonna kill you"
No. 421415 ID: e3f578

Also technically, you can no longer fight if you view the amount of wounds doesn't allow you to move on.

Only if you can fight through the pain is when Pike is correct. When the pain is too much for you to handle, then you stop fighting, because you're incapacitated. Which doesn't necessarily mean death. You can't fight if you're incapacitated, that's moronic.

Tell him you'll only continue fighting if he promises to never slow down and wait for you, or even try to save you. That is to risk the mission. Tell me you two, is the fight and your glory or the mission more important? Honestly, I view killing that creature far more important than your life, but that could be different to you. Whatever you believe in, tell Pike to never ever slow down or wait for you, no matter what. You kill that fucking thing you fucking fucker. It has no health bar and that's mainly because of a single soldier. If Pike's half the fighter you are, which is apparently worth 4/5's of its health bar, than he can take it down alone if you don't make it.

Please, end this Pike. Not for glory, but for the mission. The mission.
No. 421422 ID: f387a1

Go. Not for the glory, not because of the mission. Don't throw the weight of your decisions on the shoulders of others. Death is when you stop trying, is to be afraid of living the way you choose. Why do you fight? Do it for yourself, do it because that's how you choose to live.
No. 421433 ID: aaeb1c

You have no shields, you can track it through the ship, thing might be able to control you ifyou get too close, going after it now is retarded. Go get backup, new shields, AMMO FOR YOUR GUN, and get your horrible wound fixed up. Just what good do you expect to do against him in your condition? Seriously, going after it now is retarded.
No. 421434 ID: 94c9d1

Pike does not have the gun that did all the damage, the gun that is now OUT OF AMMO, and Pike could be one shotted in melee for all you know
No. 421586 ID: 118cf5

The end of this monster is in sight Zane, and it is your duty to see it through. You said it yourself. "One way or another I will make sure this never happens again." Now do your duty.
No. 421951 ID: f72f26
File 133965893711.png - (255.68KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard128.png )

I try to contact Koza for reinforcements . . .
no response
I try to contact Hoft and Dosk for reinforcements . . .
no response

The Disintegrater only uses outdated RayTech batteries. I keep several in my Locker in the Marine RestChambers, there may also be spare shields there. Coincidently the quickest route to the RestChamber is down the same path the Tech-Leech went.

I gather what remaining soldiers I have left

HazardSoldier: "Sorry Sergeant, that bridge knocked the sense clean outta me"

Zane: "it's good to have you back."

HazardSoldier: " . . . the rest didn't make it."

Zane: "there'll be enough time for mourning later."

Speaking of mourning I notice that Kimb and the Engineer are not with Pike, I fear what sacrifice must have been made to fix this ship . . . Should I confront Pike on this?

I'm no commander but the best option seems to be to press foreward, and hopefully distract the Tech-Leech long enough for Pike to cut it off and move in for the kill. With his impact shields Pike might just stand a chance.

No. 421953 ID: 132b99

no, you don't want to be thinking about it, otherwise the tech leech may learn of it and he tells the rest of his kind somehow. if you are both alive after it's dead, you ca talk then.
No. 421961 ID: e3f578

First priority is to get your shields back on and charged up.

Give your disintergrator to the person you think is the best shot if you can't aim it very good in your state.

Make a joke to a fellow weapon lover that they don't make Raytech like they use to, referring to your disintergrator, and that this shit chewed it to bits. I wonder if you can jury rig more generators, does this ship have a Raytech expert on alive? And can convert other peoples weapons or combine them with a few parts to act like them on current batteries, even if it makes them a little unstable the sacrifice will be worth it.
No. 422026 ID: 214bf9

All we need to know is if they managed to fix it or not, the details can wait
No. 422028 ID: 9cb4b3

Alright fine, go down that path and grab the batteries and extra shields, but try to relax a little, don't make your wounds worse if you don't have to.
No. 422191 ID: f72f26
File 133972131690.png - (182.30KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard129.png )

I order Pike to move on ahead, I leave the plan vague, that way the Tech-Leech can't use it against us.

now I clear my mind filling it with only a single thought.

one thought as I march towards the RestChamber towards anything that awaits me, towards anything that bars my path.

this thought, call it a mission, a goal, or task consists of but one element, that of my enemy's ultimate destruction.

from this point on there is nothing more.

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