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File 133184645586.png - (74.53KB , 550x499 , 710.png )
393058 No. 393058 ID: 97486c

>Nin: "Let me read it dammit! Give me the letter! Is he asking for me!?"

You ignore the tiny ninja and read the note.

Dear False Overlord

Sorry I could not address you by a more formal title. You see the world as a whole is quite unsure of what to call you. You live where he lived, use a few of the same minions, even have certain abilities and mannerisms. But it has come to my attention that you run the place far better then he had. If you could reply with a proper title in the near future I will be sure to address you as such from then on.
Now, I am aware that recently you ventured into my Land. While here you recruited one of my doctors and kidnapped my ninja. The ninja is regrettable but far less of a concern then my doctor. I would very much like to have that man back in my lands within the next few days if possible.
You see I am not a violent man. I do not enjoy fighting. It can be so... Chaotic. If you want you can keep the ninja and simply return my doctor. That seems like a fair enough deal for you even though I, personally, am still losing out on one of my loyal subjects.
If you wish to reply simply teleport a letter back to my Land and I will receive it shortly.

With thanks, Abel.

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No. 393060 ID: a3b384

Oh ho ho oh. Yes let the little ninja have a look.
No. 393061 ID: ed57e8

"he says i can keep you as long as i give back the doctor."

write a letter
'dear lord abel,
i was forced into the situation when i simply wanted the doctor come cure some of my people of the plague, but then the ninja in question knocked him out and was about to get other guards so i was forced to restrain her and carry them both out. they are both in good care and the doctor will return when he wishes to.

from, (not sure what to put here, ideas?)
No. 393063 ID: 07eaf7

My apologies for inconveniencing your minion. I was unaware - I thought the doctor was a freelancer, not someone in your actual employ. As it stands, he is working on a plague cure here, with my help. There are several important things he needs here, so I sadly cannot return him. As soon as he is finished, however, he will return to you - you can probably administer the cure much better than I. Your resources far outstrip mine.

What a relief to finally hear a voice of reason! Here I was worried you may set out to kill me simply for my location and people. I'm glad you can be reasonable. I've yet to call myself something besides Overlord - but I do have a new symbol now, which I'll use to seal and sign this letter. I'm glad you're okay with me keeping the ninja, she is quite the rapscallion! You train them well, she is very loyal to you.

I believe we can work together for the good of this land. May this be the start of something wonderful.


The New Overlord

Have the ninja look over the letter you recieved - in fact, make it freely available for anyone to read.
No. 393065 ID: b6edd6

We should ask the doctor to write something as well. Hearing it from the doctor will probably be more convincing than hearing it from us.
No. 393069 ID: 1bd35f

"My apologies for inconveniencing your minion. I was unaware - I thought the doctor was a freelancer, not someone in your actual employ. As it stands, he is working on a plague cure here, with my help. There are several important things he needs here, so I sadly cannot return him. As soon as he is finished, however, he will return to you"

Everything else, I have to say no to. We also need a better title than 'New Overlord". We were working on a name a while back, use that.

Agreed. But make sure we read it first, don't want him 'accidentally' sending out classified info.

Don't let her see the letter, just hide it badly and let her go steal it herself if anything. I think it would have a better effect.
No. 393074 ID: fa9f7e

Sounds good. And let's not go with Abel. Given that we're not trying to spite him, it'd be pointless if he doesn't recognize it and counterproductive if he does. Still going with Calmasis.
No. 393076 ID: 6e44d2

Wait, didn't we come up with a new name? Like Solomon or something? We should use that in this letter. I know there was already a huge debate about this, but come on, people, let's just pick one and get on with it.
No. 393078 ID: fa9f7e

Meh, not a debate as much as a lot of people suggesting stuff. And in my opinion, biblical names are a bit pretentious atm. Considering Abel has a kingdom's resources and super magic armor/weapons, let's not come of as arrogant/openly hostile.
No. 393079 ID: 6e44d2

Also, this.
No. 393087 ID: 2122e8

Dear Abel;

I apologize for the abduction of your ninja and doctor. While the ninja was purely accidental, the good doctor was needed to help heal a small plague breakout before it grew severe. He is in good health and will return as soon as he finishes his research to improve his cure for the Plague. We too have been working on something to aid those affected, so a collaboration was eventual.

It is nice to hear a reasonable response for once and to be sure we will do well to try and treat your servant well. She did give us a bit of a run around, but hopefully this exchange can help broaden her horizons and perhaps teach her restraint.

In closing, I thank you for the polite response and I give you one in return. I will take to heart your words and have already changed my symbol. Hopefully my new name may help clarify my intentions.

Until we speak again;
(Razgriz was one of the more popular names and it had no religious meaning. It did have a very nice song attached to it though.)
No. 393091 ID: 95cda2

Say the doctor is being paid for services rendered with the chance to research a cure for the plague. He is not being held here--he is allowed to return to the Land of Abel whenever he so chooses. (It's the truth, after all)

I think a politely phrased rebuke for artifacts such as the blood-gem producing orbs would not be out of place in this letter, but let it be known that you are open to negotiations concerning ending those practices/peace in your time/etc.

...and sign it with your symbol instead of any name or title. (Both new and old symbol should send a clear message)
No. 393092 ID: 431fa8


My title is one of the many things which I inherited from my predecessor, and while it bears a number of dubious associations I am nevertheless not inclined to discard it.

I do apologize for the disruption of your Land, but it was vital for the health of several of my followers that the doctor be persuaded to assist them. I have placed no holds upon him, and he may leave at his option; if you wish to send him letters or dispatch a representative to persuade him to do so they will not be impeded in that task. Just the same, until I am confident that the health of my followers is restored I cannot in good conscience send him away unless he actively wishes to go.

That said, I am not certain how long he will require to restore their health and it is entirely possible that all will be well and he able to depart within your specified few days, in which case I may well be able to take you up on your generous offer to keep the ninja.

I look forward to many mutually agreeable interactions with you and yours in the future.


Do not change our name. Symbol yes, but the name is ours.
No. 393099 ID: 4bdd79

No. 393101 ID: 7c31d2

No. 393109 ID: 1854db

WAIT. Wait wait wait. We should only send anything if we can ensure he won't be able to hijack our teleport when we send it.

I would also like to add in the letter that we think his use of the Moon Children is despicable.
No. 393116 ID: cf49fc

Big negatory on that one, comrade.
1.) If he could control teleportation to that degree, he'd probably just warp the doctor back without sending a letter.

2.)This guy publicly crucifies and tortures demons to death. Just because. And he has an army of invisible death ninjas. Insulting him is a really, really spectacularly awful plan.
No. 393122 ID: e3f578

I like this, but the reason we discussed changing our name is because The Overlord name comes with annoying baggage.

Razgriz is the most popular pick of them. I suggest a formal title of Overlord Razgriz, where we can keep old name at the same time, but fully establish ourselves as an individual different from our predecessor.

I can't help but want to ask a little bit about the Ninja's and other followers of his' behavior. Is Demon lover a serious cultural insult he supports? It's very annoying getting accused of loving something when you're just working professionally with colleagues. We should hint about future concerns in the letter as well that we may bring up in full detail later, the prejudice is annoying and inconvenient for a prosperous and orderly community. A better foreign policy and outlook may be far more practical in business affairs, etc. But don't do it in a passive aggressive manner here, we don't want to insult the man in the first letter. That's why I suggest just hinting concerns.
No. 393137 ID: 2122e8

Indeed, I agree with Dirtbag. Going by title alone will make it hard to make alliances or use diplomacy. Badass Overlord did a lot of stuff that's pretty nasty and considering how many people attacked us thinking we were the OLD overlord, a name is pretty much crucial right now.

There is another reason why I think we need a name. Remember how Overlord went berserk? That was due to a connection with the old overlord. Our means of dealing with that is making Emily strong so she could not be harmed easily. Forming things that separate us from the old us may further serve as means to prevent the old personality from showing up. The more anchors we have with the present, the less chance we have of drifting to the past. Besides, the name will make us more approachable.

Again, I also suggest making the Garden as well. We will likely be receiving guests soon enough.
No. 393147 ID: 6e44d2

Politics, bro. He holds a lot of cards, so we've got to pick our battles. One day, we'll be powerful to overthrow him, and then, it won't matter whether or not he knows we think he's despicable, because we'll be in charge.
No. 393204 ID: a2fa74

"Overlord" is, in this case, both a title and a name. Keeping it as a title is fine, but we do NOT want to keep it as a name.
If "Razgriz" is what won the vote then it would be "Overlord Razgriz". Identify with that.

Also, rather than saying the doctor is still healing our people we should say that he has taken up residence while we repay his services and is free to come and go as he pleases.
That puts it in a context where if he were to be removed then it would be harming the doctor, not us.

Also, we should note that our intent in capturing the ninja was only to question her, and the only reason she has not been returned is because she chose suicide instead of revealing her orders or what she knew of the old overlord. She was apparently unaware that she was in the demon realm.

Also? Let the ninja read his letter.
No. 393205 ID: e3f578

Her reaction will be palpable.
>he has taken up residence while we repay his services and is free to come and go as he pleases.
though I worry that you're wording of this implies the doctor has become a traitor to Abel. It's much better to admit he's just staying here for research purposes of his own free will, to help the infected better. We should tell Abel we'll let the doctor know Abel's requested to return to the lands as soon as possible, so he'll haste, probably. The man's a scholar, and you know scholars, always not giving a shit about anything else than what they're researching.
No. 393206 ID: 1854db

I agree with letting Nin read the letter.
No. 393219 ID: 88e5ad

he will fuck that doctor's shit up if he gets his hands on him, so you'll be doing him a favor by not sending him back. but do inform him.
No. 393222 ID: 6868bc

Okay-- manipulative idea. Worriedly refuse to let the ninja read the note, tell her it really isn't anything she should have to worry about, act concerned for her feelings. She's a ninja, obviously she'll find some way to sneak a look at the note. When she does, not only will Abel come out of it looking uncaring, you'll end up looking concerned about her feelings when, by rights, you really don't have to be.
No. 393223 ID: 1854db

We don't have any indication that Abel actually mistreats his citizens. Just demons.
No. 393237 ID: ed57e8

bahahahaha. awesome
No. 393239 ID: ed57e8

also yeah, he is magic hitler basically.
No. 393244 ID: 53859d


Remember Tour Guide? I'm pretty sure he's running a pretty totalitarian government.

On the remark... How much do you want to guess that the Plague is something that Abel's exploiting (As he holds a monopoly on the cures, and he's more concerned about getting the plague doctor back then an elite ninja/assassin/minion). As part of a power grab? You've got a Cancer Mage that's running around and wasn't apparently strangled at birth (Adorable as she is, you can't deny that letting Summoner run around is in /Anybody's/ best interests). Yet enough people know about what she is that damn near everybody keeps her from eating, and pulls right the fuck out on sight (Except Fluffy, who's not exactly running on all cylinders, and Overlord, who's currently a Blank Slate).

I dunno, something's going on here. We need to talk to the Plague Doctor about this letter, Nin is a gamebreakingly powerful asset (Who only lost because she did something stupid that seemed like a good idea, and because she couldn't instakill Overlord), and fanatically loyal to Abel, yet he's willing to give her up (And she'll be loyal to us too probably if Abel tells her to) that easily.
No. 393304 ID: 97486c
File 133193399526.png - (102.56KB , 550x550 , 711.png )

You draft up a reply.


My title is one of the many things which I inherited from my predecessor, and while it bears a number of dubious associations I am nevertheless not inclined to discard it. If you wish to give me a name you may call me Razgriz. The Overlord Razgriz.

I do apologize for the disruption of your Land, but it was vital for the health of several of my followers that the doctor be persuaded to assist them. There are several important things he needs here, so I sadly cannot return him. As soon as he is finished, however, he will return to you.

That said, I am not certain how long he will require to restore their health and it is entirely possible that all will be well and he able to depart within your specified few days, in which case I may well be able to take you up on your generous offer to keep the ninja.

I look forward to many mutually agreeable interactions with you and yours in the future.

The Overlord Razgriz

You seal the note with your new symbol.

>"Hey, you jerk! Let me read the damn letter!"


"Oh no... I really don't think you should. Emily, would you please dispose of this?"

You hand it to Emily. Nin runs up to her and easily snatches it from her hand.


She starts reading the letter.
You see her face go from smug, to shock, to utter betrayal and sadness.

She starts crying.

>"He... He'd just give me up like that..? To get back the doctor?"
No. 393307 ID: ed57e8

"you were loyal to him, but did he ever show he was loyal to you? that's why i got so angry when you made fun of emily, because i CARE."
No. 393313 ID: f70e5e

I think the best thing we could do in this situation is be sympathetic, don't try and get her more angry at able, don't use it as an example of why we are a better leader, just try and comfort her. maybe even point out abel has no reason to think she's being mistreated if we are confident that she won't grasp any straw to try and rationalize this. if she asks why we are suddenly being nicer to her say
"no one deserves to be simply thrown away"

if we are kind to her the simple contrast between us comforting her and able throwing her away will do more for getting her loyalty than anything else we need.
No. 393314 ID: ed57e8

ohhh, nice.
No. 393318 ID: e3f578

"Abel's a ruler, not a sentimental man. A doctor is more rarer than a soldier, and that's all you are to him. What do you expect? We're you personally trained by him? A daughter? A lover? No, you were a tool. As are many under him. This is not unique to his leadership, all rulers must think this way, you should have expected this. The greater good is more important than you are. Did you read the part where he complimented the way I accomplish things? We're more alike than you thought, huh? He complimented a 'demon lover'."

I don't like the some of wording you put in that letter. You made it sound like you own the doctor. Abel might take that as a sign of overt aggression.
No. 393319 ID: 07eaf7

No. 393330 ID: 88e5ad

say that Abel is an idiot. which he really is, so you won't even be deceiving anyone this time.

don't bother comforting her, it's way too obvious and not classy in the least.
No. 393333 ID: c4a1fc

Mhm. Don't touch her, though. It'd break the mood, and Overlord isn't a touching kind of entity anyway.
No. 393340 ID: 1854db

"Perhaps the doctor is just that important."
No. 393352 ID: b5319e

>"no one deserves to be simply thrown away"
BOOM, headshot.
No. 393359 ID: a2fa74

Err... He's a plague doctor, and he cures the plague instantly. You told Abel that either you're having him cure plague spreaders or you're spouting bullshit.
No. 393361 ID: 97486c
File 133194255480.png - (102.64KB , 537x517 , 712.png )

"He is a leader. To him you are nothing more then a pawn. A thing to be thrown away once it has fulfilled it's usefulness. To be honest though.. I don't think anyone loyal should be thrown away like that."

Nin just starts crying even harder.
You won't hug her or anything. You don't do those things.

You are about to call Kassandra in to comfort her when Lilith drops in.

>Lilith: "There there, it'll be okay."

She wraps an arm around her.

>"Come to my room for a bit, you look like you could use a cup of tea."

The two of them walk off.

The letter is not final, just a draft.
You make a note to change that part though.
No. 393365 ID: 88e5ad

hey, do we have the moolah we need to upgrde our body? 'cause we should.
No. 393371 ID: 1854db

No, more importantly, let's visit Fabio and get us some BETTER PARTS for Overlord.
No. 393372 ID: 53a742

Indeed. Right now we are kind of under equipped compared to our other soldiers. The time orb, some components and some cash may get us some neat stuff.

I suggest regeneration, defenses, or improving our dark energy weapons. Perhaps improve them so they can serve as arm blades that can shoot blasts of dark energy? Maybe a dark energy shield of a much larger scale as well?
No. 393374 ID: e3f578

Equip her some pants, at least. She'll be looking down at her legs as she cries a lot, to manipulate her successfully, we can't have her reminded of what we have directly done to her.
No. 393386 ID: c4a1fc

Yeah, this.
No. 393388 ID: 97486c
File 133194528758.png - (56.04KB , 600x500 , 713.png )

You decide to equip her pants back on. They are shortly De-equipped.
Stubborn girl..

You go to Fabio's.

>"Overlord mah main man! What can I do for ya?"
No. 393389 ID: c4a1fc

Yo. What's that Goldeon used for? Can it be used to upgrade constructs or other awesome stuffs? Also, what's this Time Orb thingmajig for?
No. 393391 ID: 07eaf7

Lets get that chunk of goldeon. No reason NOT to.
No. 393392 ID: ed57e8

we know the watch it is made from the stuff. so it is obviously REALLY FUCKING MAGICAL.
No. 393394 ID: 1854db

The Goldeon is rare... but I'm not sure what we could use it for at the moment, aside from alchemy... but let's buy it!

Also ask to see his stock of parts that Overlord could equip. And also any equipment Solaris could use.
No. 393395 ID: c4a1fc

Also, immediately alchemize your body with the Goldeon and Time Orb. Don't stop for the laws of causality or physics. Just do it. Now.
No. 393396 ID: 7472ad

Yes. Do this.
No. 393415 ID: 5f55fe

No, I think we should hold onto the orb for now. Don't be so hasty. We should be patient and see if a better opportunity presents itself.

If you want to buy and use the goldeon, fine, but the orb is an interesting commodity, and I don't want to use it up so soon. It may seem like a good idea at the moment, but the continual investment into our minions is a better plan.
No. 393419 ID: 88e5ad

yeah, do ask for stuff Overlord can rquip. and do buy the goldeon, because I recall we needed it for... something. I forget. I bet Styx would know.
No. 393425 ID: 6a5a08

Ask what the Goldeon and Time Orb are first.
Then we can do that. Maybe even alchemize our body with the Goldeon Watch too. See if we can't get some or all of the Day Eater's powers, and whatever he hoped to gain from the Watch. It clearly has synergy with the orb.
No. 393485 ID: 6e44d2

How did nobody yet catch that Lillith is seducing your ninja right now?
No. 393487 ID: 53a742

because we simply do not care. Let lilith have her fun.
No. 393490 ID: 6a5a08

We originally offered Nin to Lilith regardless.
No. 393492 ID: 49d4d7

I was wondering if we should get some armor or HP enhancers for our melee troops. It looks like we may be fighting Abel and his troops quite soon and a strong defence would be necessary.

Also, I'd really like to see Silva in battle so we can see how good she is with our troops, but the fact that she takes up 2 slots is annoying.
No. 393493 ID: 6a5a08

To be fair, Silva's abilities are pretty damn powerful.
No. 393494 ID: ed57e8

lillith said her seduce power would be hard to use. most likely not because of it being a girl, but because she loved something else.
No. 393496 ID: 49d4d7

Well, the ninja is currently emotionally distrought and Lilith is taking the opportunity to make her a minion. After Nin swears loyalty to Lilith (and us by hierarchy), we should congratulate Lilith on a smart move.
No. 393508 ID: 1444d5
File 133197345734.jpg - (13.37KB , 134x216 , Goldion_hammer.jpg )

>Chunk of Goldeon
I think we need this.
No. 393747 ID: 7d7f79

Another crack at the letter:

Greetings Abel,
I seem to have acquired the title of Overlord with my command of the remains of his reign so it wouldn't be inaccurate to call me that. However, my name is Razgriz, and I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
Currently your doctor is unharmed and I have every intention of returning him to you that way. I need his help to deal with problems that are his specialty. He remains here voluntarily and under my protection until I can return him home; if there's any particular emergency that necessitates his attention I can pass that on but he will want to return here after that is dealt with actually.
The reason for that is I have had some rather unfortunate experience with the plague here and he is currently studying my own experimental attempt at curing an advanced case of it which achieved results he finds interesting and important, possibly leading to new methods of curing or even preventing the plague. If you wish to verify this yourself you are welcome to visit or send a representative to do so; I will also show him this letter and transmit any correspondence he may require.
The circumstances of my visit to acquire his aid were unfortunate and hopefully don't require discussion in detail. I would like to set up a protocol for us and our representatives to visit each other without being unexpectedly assaulted in the future, and look forward to your correspondence on the matter.
Sincerely, Razgriz.
No. 393760 ID: 88e5ad


here's my take on the letter:

'sup dude,

I'm keeping 'em both, and if you don't like that you can go fuck a goat.

No. 393763 ID: 97486c
File 133205157557.png - (37.00KB , 600x500 , 714.png )

You decide to buy the Goldeon setting you down to G1230.

"Fabio, can you tell me what this Time Orb does?"

You show him the item.

>"Hmm.. Never seen it before. That's not somethin I'm used to mah man.. I'll buy it offa ya. G20,000?"

"I think I'll hold onto it for now. Do you have any weapons I could use? Or Solaris my Gaian?"

>"Hm hmm hmm... Of course I do. What would ya like? Something that blasts holes in things or are ya more of a slice an dice kinda man?"
No. 393765 ID: 1854db

Oh god are we low on funds now.

I think we've been doing very well with the gun, so let's get a better gun. Can we wield two?
No. 393767 ID: ed57e8

jumping through the air while shooting two pistols?
No. 393770 ID: 431fa8

Blasting would be nice. More convenient and flexible, generally.
No. 393776 ID: e3b66d

Considering how awesome Fabio is, I'm wondering if he could put a gun onto a sword for us.

Because that would be awesomely awesome to the power of awesome squared.
No. 393779 ID: a3b384

Both have their advantages but given our lack of traditional skills something interesting and versatile would be best. An unusual weapon or one with multiple uses... actually with this logic a gun would be best. A gun with unusual functions, like doing greater damage at close range or to do area damage.
No. 393783 ID: 88e5ad

slicing. we don't have a lot of tanks and I'm thinking Overlord is a really good one, with his high HP and immunity to most effects.
No. 393813 ID: cf49fc

But he if his body blows up, that's like a zillion gp down the drain. I say some kind of automatic weapon.
No. 393824 ID: c4a1fc

If his body blows up, I doubt gold will be our primary concern. Firstly, something was powerful enough to get through our army- especially Shana- and then destroy the Overlord. Second, we're fucked anyways.
No. 393825 ID: b67a4e


Given that we can switch out weapons fairly easily, instead of one wondergun, maybe we should just pack several kinds of gun, if they're available?

Heck, given we can use multiple styles of weapon, frankly I think we should pack at least one of every kind we can use that has a distinct difference. The path to success begins with being Crazy Prepared.
No. 393829 ID: 228285

A gun weapon is the way to go. It works better with the scanning role. Also the strongest and smartest enemies are either likely to be highly dangerous up close or fast enough to avoid melee.

I say ask Fabio for some kind of heavy ranged weapon. A dark energy emitter, disintegration ray, lightning cannon or anything else like that really. Might be cool if it has claw fingers on the end so that in melee an enemy can be grabbed with business end of the gun arm for max damage, but that would be more like a backup surprise for things that insist on getting close.
No. 393847 ID: 95cda2

Can we equip more than one weapon, or more than one type of weapon? If so, can we keep the gun we already have and get a bladed weapon as well?
No. 393855 ID: 88e5ad


I thought that already was our current setup.
No. 393857 ID: e3f578

How much would it cost to combine our gun with a better gun, to take an archer's philosophy with guns?

Just add more gun to your gun.
No. 393943 ID: 2122e8

Honestly, we have a bunch of long range units and a bevy of good melee units, but no real mid range unit type aside from Rose in terms of physical power.

Guns are a straight line, so if the enemy attacks us in a angle or behind cover via magic, we cannot hit them.

I suggest a energy based weapon. Sword like at close range and can fire a burst of energy at further range.

We used energy weapons before, why not improve on that? Heck, we can make them arm mounted and then dual wield them.
No. 393982 ID: fa9f7e

Grenade launcher? RPG? It could be homing, and it'd go in an arc, which a straight line of energy wouldn't. Also, our "energy weapon" consists of a desperation attack. I don't think that's a weapon so much as a magic thing.
No. 393984 ID: 88e5ad


he means like back when we were a flying eyeball. which is not bad thinking, actually.
No. 394133 ID: 25d645
File 133218735673.png - (36.97KB , 600x498 , 715.png )

That would require alchemy which saves on money actually.

"Do you have any sort of Energy Gun I could buy?"

>"Energy? You'll have to be a bit more specific then that Overlord."

"Like... Force. Something that uses magic. It needs to able to be used at close range as well as long range."

>"Hmm.. Sorry, don't have such a thing in stock. It's possible to make one and I can sell you a few elemental guns for G100 a piece if you want."
No. 394137 ID: e3f578

Can we use the element of plasma or maybe Plutonium?
I mean, if you can make a golem out of theoretical elements like Chaos, I imagine Neutronian golems and more specific scientific elements are possible. And I figure if you can make a golem out of it, you can make a gun out of it.
No. 394141 ID: 7c31d2

... How would you make a gun out of fire, water or flesh?
No. 394145 ID: e3f578

That's the beauty of it
Somehow it probably works
This world's engineers are insane.
No. 394148 ID: 7c31d2

... I want a meat gun now.
Ask Fabio if he sells guns made out of meat!
No. 394155 ID: 6a5a08

Clearly, we need a gun that shoots Chaos.
No. 394157 ID: d09277

How about a gun that launches grenades of concussive force? They might not be spectacular at doing damage but the explosion has a certain radius, and pushes everything inside to the nearest square outside. Might add a new layer to combat, let us rearrange the field a bit.
No. 394159 ID: fcf88e

Why not use what we have?

Styx probably has the dark energy blade and guns from our eye form. All we need is to alchemize them together. Maybe add Goldion to fully improve them.

I think it would work since the weapons have similar power sources.
No. 394262 ID: 97486c
File 133221431821.png - (44.48KB , 550x342 , 716.png )

"What about some kind of force grenade launcher? Something that pushes enemy units would be useful."

>"Hmm hm hm... Possible Overlord my man. Such a thing though would be a bit weak. Maybe 15dmg? Maybe. But it'd hit anyone around it and push them back so that might be very useful. Wouldn't be able to push them off the map though ya know? I can make one for ya for... G700."
No. 394265 ID: 1854db

Meh. Ask him how much raw damage he can get out of any gun. I'm interested in what our maximum potential output is at this stage.
No. 394267 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah, ask what the maximum raw power we can get out of one is right now. Also if he has anything interesting we can use to alchemize things.
No. 394270 ID: ed57e8

after we get it we can add the fang and mak it a poison nade launcher. hits a bunch of dudes and poisons them. overkill.
No. 394274 ID: 431fa8

Thought. Get grenade launcher. Get deadly blaster gun. Alchemize-> ???
No. 394281 ID: 88e5ad

hey, we can alchemize that up. sure.
No. 394299 ID: 97486c
File 133221895671.png - (28.30KB , 550x341 , 717.png )

"Maybe something more powerful?"

>"Well Overlord guns just aren't all that powerful. Not normally made ones anyway. The most I can do for ya is boost the damage to 20-25 and make it blast one target away. That's about it really."
No. 394300 ID: 6a5a08

"How much for that, and do you have any alchemy ingredients?"
No. 394301 ID: ed57e8

so guns are very easy to use but lack power. need big croosbow. like something between ballista and crossbow.
No. 394302 ID: a3b384

Works for me. We'll look into strong weapons later, this is solid enough for now.
No. 394305 ID: b6edd6

I am kind of in favor of getting the splash one and alchemizing it later. (And that also lets us choose which direction we move them in, unlike the other gun.)

With the splash, the sides push away from the center of the blast, but what happens to a unit in the middle of the blast?
No. 394306 ID: e0877a

Buy it.
He said NORMALLY made ones, that doesn't mean we can't alchemy up a crazy cool gun we make ourselves.
No. 394310 ID: 1854db

Let's buy the grenade launcher and alchemitize it with a fire elemental gun and maybe some other ingredient. Or maybe TWO elements?

Oh wait, we have to save some money to buy something for Solaris too... Ask if there's any ingredients we have that are particularly valuable but not useful for alchemy.
No. 394317 ID: 97486c
File 133222506706.png - (39.96KB , 559x463 , 718.png )

You decide to put the Force Gun on your 'Maybe' list.

You ask Fabio how much some of your items would sell for.

::7 Potions G15 a piece
::Super Potion G20
::Cloth Armor Plus G50
::Slime Wand G250
::Vintage Spear+ G100
::Vintage Healing Staff+ G100
::Vintage Whip+ G100
::Vintage Dance Ring+ G100
::Steel Sword G10
::Vintage Robe+ G100
::Hard Leather Armor (Rank 3 Armor) G150
::2 Screecher Wings G10 a piece
::3 Bundles of Spider Silk G30 a piece
::2 Thorny Tentacles G30 a piece
::1 Fruit of Wisdom G100
::1 Unknown Fruit of Unknown Powers Which, When Consumed, Can Have Many Effects Which Can Either Be Good or Bad Depending On Several Circumstances None of Which Are Fully Understood G250
::2 Lilies G10 a piece
::Dread Fang G 100
::Qiang(Rank 2 Spear) G50
::Jester Ring (Rank 2 Ring) G50

>"That's the best I can do mah man."
No. 394322 ID: 1854db

You know what, let's sell all our Vintage weapons.
No. 394327 ID: 88e5ad


I dunno man, some of that stuff is better than what our current units have. for example the healing staff might be better than Kas' current one, though I'm not really sure. same with Lenny's whip. and Shana isn't wearing a robe right now, so she could use the vintage robe.

I think the cloth armor and the steel sword are Nin's, but I'm unsure.

but yeah, the vintage spear, the vintage dancing ring, the qiang and the jester ring can go.
No. 394329 ID: 1854db

And equip Kassandra with the Slime Wand.
No. 394335 ID: d5ee6f

Have Meagan pluck the thorns from the tentacles and alchemize them with the healing staff.
No. 394336 ID: e3f578

Hey, did we leave Shana back at in The Wilds?
I mean, she might have been having nonstop diplomatic sex for the past... ever.
No. 394363 ID: fa9f7e

Hm. Oops.
No. 394365 ID: 88e5ad


something tells me it would be good to assign her to Lilith by having her beat the leader up. plus we never got to test her combat capabilities, which seem to be fairly suitable for one-on-one combat. she could probably take a lv 15 with a resurrection ring.
No. 394368 ID: fa9f7e

She's level 20. Why would she need a resurrection ring? Or does the level 15 have it? And she 1-hit-KO'd the tribe leader, though admittedly with an instakill ability.
No. 394369 ID: 88e5ad


uh. I tried to say that Lilith should beat her up. the tamer boss, I mean. not Shana.
No. 394371 ID: 6a5a08

Sell the rank two weapons, we'll use the vintages for alchemy.
Ask how much the Force Gun would cost.
No. 394372 ID: 6a5a08

Referring to Jester Ring and Qiang.
No. 394411 ID: 1444d5

We might need them for That One Boss Where The Weakest Weapons Do The Most Damage.
No. 394492 ID: c4a1fc

There have been no signs of such a boss. And even if there were, the rank 1 weapons would be best.
No. 394602 ID: 97486c
File 133230573941.png - (39.96KB , 558x463 , 719.png )

You sell the Cloth Armor, Steel Sword, and Rank 2 weapons.
You now have G1390

Fabio says the Force Gun will be G500.

You've been shopping for quite a while, you'd like to speed things along now.
No. 394611 ID: d09277

Sure, gun sounds reasonable, and then I think we're done here. To the alchemy station! And then somewhere where we can make easy money.
No. 394613 ID: fcf88e

Let's get the plasma gun and get back to base. I suggest we check up on the Doc and his progress and get his voice on the matter.

After that, we need to get our prepwork done. Make the castle presentable, talk to the Doc about the poison spitter village, and the Elder Slime if we can set it up in his territory. We have been delaying it long enough.
No. 394615 ID: ed57e8

suggest what you want to alchemy here. instead of going there and then asking for items. gun +fireballs?
No. 394618 ID: 97486c
File 133230879087.png - (23.91KB , 488x437 , 720.png )

You buy the gun for G500 leaving you with G890.

You teleport back to the castle, go into Styx's room and activate the Alchemy Machine.

You hear a conversation taking place outside as you contemplate what items to craft.

>"So do you like him?"

>"I love him~ He's the best Overlord and he watches all of us and for Gift Day he got me this beautiful dress a-"

>"No no no I mean 'like' like. Like do you like him?"

>".... What?"

>"Arg... I'm asking if you're in love with the man you st---! Just... Do you love him?"

>"I love him lots~ And I love Rose and I love Alice and I love Meagan and I love Nin and I love Lun and I love-"

>"Oh god this is hopeless.."

Styx gets your attention.

>Styx: "My Lord, I must warn you that you can't really use alchemy on things that are inherently incompatible. For example mixing a holy staff with a dark mana orb may not be the wisest thing."

You nod and listen in on the conversation once more.

>"----- like romantic love. You know, kissy feely stuff. Boyfriend girlfriend type of stuff."

>"What's a kiss? Is it like a hug?"

There's silence.

>"Seriously...? It's... It's like a lip hug and.... GAH, HOW THE HEL-"

Styx speaks up again.

>"My Lord, I really need you to listen to this. If you try to mix things that simply could not work well together you may even end up blowing up the tower. This is very important. There will usually be a warning before you try such things."
No. 394619 ID: ed57e8

goldeon watch, time orb.
nothing can go wrong :V

but seriously, dread fang in the middle with thorny tentacles. make some kind of death tentacle. then mix that with gun. shoots death tentacle bullets.
No. 394625 ID: 1854db

"Thank you Styx, I'll be careful. Do you have any notion what things I could use the Time Orb with?"

Haha sure let's see what that first alchemy formula makes. Should be interesting. As for what to use the result with... that and the Goldeon.

I want to combine the 3 spidersilk we have too, see what that makes.
No. 394627 ID: ed57e8

second person is obviously emily. first is not anyone she listed.
No. 394628 ID: 431fa8


Perhaps... could Styx and/or Meagan inspect the Time Orb, the Chunk of Goldeon, and perhaps our other ingredients and tell us a little more about them?

Because my instincts tempt me to the Burst Shoes, Chunk of Goldeon, Time Orb combination and I'm not sure if it would do what I think it would do.
No. 394629 ID: d09277

Thorny tentacles and fang for one. Three spider webs for another. Neither of those should conflict with each other. Quietly tell styx that you understand. Can we tell who the non-Emily voice is?
No. 394630 ID: 97486c
File 133230975852.png - (41.32KB , 488x437 , 721.png )

"Thank you Styx, I'll be careful. Do you have any notion what things I could use the Time Orb with?"

>"Time Mage stuff? I'm not certain as to what the item is so I can't really say.."

She gives an uncharacteristic shrug. It seems she's bothered by not knowing what it is.

You combine the three Bundles of Spider Silk to make...

Silk +

How... Expected.
No. 394631 ID: 49d4d7

I was thinking we alchemize the three Bundles of Spider silk together.

With whatever we have from that, we add a Thorny Tenacle and either a weapon or armor. That would probably make it sticky and spiked which would be good for Lenion's Rose Whip
No. 394633 ID: 97486c
File 133231020202.png - (33.94KB , 488x437 , 722.png )

You listen in on the voices again. One is Emily, you'd know that voice anywhere. The other you feel may be Shana.

>"So would you be fine if I ever dated him?"

>"Uhm... I dunno."

>"What do you mean?"

>"I don't know how I'd feel about that~"

>"It's a simple question. I mean if we ever did go out I'd be very happy and so would he. You want that right."

>"Uhm... Yes~!"

>"Then it'd be okay, right?"


>"You... you can't just switch from yes to maybe. It's a yes or no question."

>"I don't know.."

>"Just think, seriously. Picture us going out. Doing lovey dovey stuff. Kissing and stuff."


>"Oh I can read it on your face. You look mad. Well a-"

>Styx: "My Lord, I think I've heard of such an orb.. I'm going to look over my notes for a moment.."

She retreats to the back of the lab.

The two of them have stopped speaking again.

You decide to combine the Dread Fang and Thorny Tentacles.

Warning: The results of these items, while not deadly, are completely unknown. Do you wish to combine them anyway?
No. 394634 ID: 1854db

"Uh, Styx?"
No. 394635 ID: ed57e8

can you poke it and make it elaborate on that. is it going to make an explosion? if not then DO IT!
No. 394636 ID: d09277

Hell yes we do.

And oh shit, of course it was Shana. She will make it so hard to let her down easy. Maybe clear your throat loudly and say "I DON'T KISS OR HUG PEOPLE, SHANA."
Yeah, that'll go well.
No. 394637 ID: 49d4d7

For Alchemy!
No. 394639 ID: f70e5e

lets pretend we didn't hear that for now, we don't have the full context and when it comes to romance you need the full context. though if someone makes advances of a romantic nature towards us we should have a prepared response. something like

"i'm flattered, but any sexual or romantic inclinations i had in my previous incarnation were learned behaviors, not something inherent to my nature. I have not had the time to relearn such behaviors so for now at least i don't think i'm capable o feeling romantic love. though it is something intend to eventually peruse, but not until I have fully reestablished myself."

if they ask why you intend to wait say you understand that the emotions associated with romance are very strong, and your not sure if you could keep it from affecting your performance as a leader, as such your going to wait until your position is not quite so precarious to try and learn about love.

we might also want to consider asking Styx about this,(namely why our old self was interested in sex, be we are not) its embarrassing but the complete loss of sex drive might imply something about our nature.
No. 394640 ID: ed57e8

no yelling.
No. 394644 ID: 1854db


We should think to ourselves, "How do I show affection?"
No. 394651 ID: 97486c
File 133231254114.png - (36.73KB , 488x437 , 723.png )

You decide to craft the items and create...

The Fanged Whip: +11 atk, inflicts Bleeding on enemy unit.
That's interesting.

You interrupt Styx's study for a moment.

"Styx, I was wondering why my older self seemed so interested in sex but I do not."

You hear a sudden scrape and turn to see Styx has almost fallen out of her chair.

>"Ah well uhm.. It may be that you're missing that uh part of you? I could tinker and add it back if it uh bother you that much."

She sits back down in a more comfortable position.

>"I mean you seem more kind then your previous incarnation so you might not be as brutal as you once were so uh maybe it would work?"
No. 394653 ID: ed57e8

play dumb
"what do you mean?"
No. 394654 ID: 1854db

Tell Styx... that maybe we should leave it like it is. It would serve mostly as a distraction, and with your face charmed as it is, it wouldn't be fair to potential partners.

Alright, let's try the Goldeon with the gun. Oh, and throw our old gun in too.
No. 394655 ID: d09277

Ha, she took it.
That's fine, though. We are a leader, not a pimp. Tell her you were just curious. Then, thorny whip with gun?
No. 394656 ID: 49d4d7

No weapon and weapon alchemy. We don't put Fanged Whip with the gun. Fanged whip is pretty powerful as is and I don't wanna lose it. Give the Fanged Whip to Lenion.

Ask what happened when my libido was around. what was I like at the time?
No. 394657 ID: ed57e8

he is saying whip and two guns. the gun part will win out and become a better gun.
No. 394658 ID: 1854db

Oh, and as soon as Shanah's done talking to Emily, let's send her out to kill weak stuff for money. Just y'know make sure she's aware not to fight anything she'd need dark mana for. Even if it would make a lot of money for us. It's not really a high priority mission, she's just the best we have at it.
No. 394659 ID: f70e5e

"honestly i'm not that bothered by it, it just seemed odd that something as fundamental as the presence or absence of a sex drive would change after I was reconstructed. as for adding a sex drive I do not think making such a fundamental change to my mind while i am still Establishing myself would be a good idea."
No. 394660 ID: ed57e8

not a sex drive. a dick.
No. 394661 ID: 49d4d7

I get the two guns into a better gun, but why the whip? It's so much better when compared to our current whip. Plus Bleeding is a petty good debuff, especially against enemies with lots of HP
No. 394662 ID: d09277

He asked why he's not interested in sex, and this is where the conversation went. I get the impression the two are a...

...package deal.

No. 394664 ID: a2fa74

"Well, then would you create those parts for me? Something you'd consider fitting for me."
No. 394666 ID: 97486c
File 133231459110.png - (32.11KB , 488x437 , 724.png )

"It's fine Styx. As it is such a thing would only serve as a distraction. I was simply curious as to how such a thing could simply have vanished."

Styx seems to relax a bit. She goes back to her notes.

>"You did suffer a rather traumatic wound. It's changed a lot about you. I remember some times you would summon a bunch of succubus a- Oh hey here it is.. Okay one more second.."

You decide to place the Fanged Whip and Force Gun to see wh

Warning: The following combination is dangerous. It may either explode or produce an unusual item.

You take them out.
That doesn't work.

>"Okay... A Time Orb amplifies any Time Mage powers and can even allow them to cast some spells without wasting MP."
No. 394667 ID: ed57e8

odd. the other guy could use it to teleport. it wasn't listed in his skills so the orb alone was the cause. insert goldeon, speed shoes and orb.

if that doesn't work have styx put ob and our eye in.
No. 394668 ID: 1854db

Ugh, no.

No. 394669 ID: 88e5ad

let's not get a dick. it'd just make things cheesy.

the time orb seems pretty nice. we should keep it in case we get a time mage. hell, maybe even Ruby could branch off into time magic once her level is high enough.

don't we have like tree whips now? we should alchemize 'em together. which incidentially is what we shoulda done with the dancing rings we had. we sold those, right?

ask Styx what you can do with the chunk of Goldeon.
No. 394684 ID: d09277

Combining things isn't always beneficial. I think maybe we'd be better off cutting our losses with this whip rather than risk making it worse.
No. 394686 ID: fcf88e

I am half tempted to ask Styx if she can set up a sort of system that allows us to safely tap into the time orb. If it can make a time mage cast spells with ease, perhaps it can give us some basic time magic?
No. 394700 ID: 431fa8

"That's interesting. I'm tempted to try alchemizing it with something, but perhaps... Styx, do you you think you could integrate it into my body so I could use at least some time magic?"
No. 394719 ID: 6a5a08

Time Orb + Goldeon Watch?
No. 394770 ID: b6edd6

If you are going to do that you might as well add in the Chunk of Goldeon.
No. 394772 ID: 6a5a08

The Day Eater seemed to believe the Watch and Orb specifically were connected, or at least had synergy. Adding more isn't always better if you only need two for a special alchemization.
No. 394774 ID: ed57e8

not really, he was going to trade the orb FOR the watch. simply, he felt the watch was a better time artifact.
No. 394783 ID: b6edd6

I thought the Goldeon Watch might be connected in some way to the Chunk of Goldeon (unless that is just a type of metal or something.)
No. 394784 ID: 6a5a08

I think Goldeon is just a kind of metal.
Yeah, rereading you're right. Still, it might be something to try.
No. 394855 ID: 97486c
File 133239456601.png - (33.27KB , 488x437 , 725.png )

You place the Goldeon Watch and Time Orb in the alchemy table.
It seems the results won't explode at least.

>"Is it possible to combine this with myself? The Time Orb I mean."

"Hmm... It 'is' but it wouldn't give you the same benefits. You're a chaos golem so I highly doubt it would do anything for you. I don't have the ability to change you into anything else but that."

"Just wondering. Also what will this Chunk of Goldeon do?"

>"That will enhance the power of anything you mix it with. It's very versatile and can even stabilize what would otherwise be dangerous combinations."
No. 394859 ID: 88e5ad

No. 394860 ID: ac6c03

No. 394864 ID: 431fa8

So tempted to throw Burst Shoes into this. Walk through time, you know you want to.
No. 394865 ID: fcf88e

Hmmmmmm, maybe we should try using the goldeon to improve our self? I'm not talking armor, but our frame itself. Make it more durable, stronger, possibly with more health included. Should take less goldeon to improve the frame than make pure goldeon armor.

Not only that, but the the stabilization might allow for a more stable buffer for the time orb. While it may be a awesome combo, it may be junk as well... or it may produce another day eater.
No. 394866 ID: 1854db


Shoes+orb+goldeon. Teleport shoes!
No. 394877 ID: e0877a

Potential time travel would be pretty nifty.

Is the Goldeon Watch a "one of a kind" artifact or are there multiple scattered throughout the world?

Also, seconding Goldeon body improvement.
No. 394882 ID: 49d4d7

Gotta say Goldeon body improvement sounds great. Let's get some work done on this grill.
No. 394884 ID: e440a4

Just these two things. let's see what it does before we add something else to the mix.
No. 394887 ID: 88e5ad

we gotta level up the body sooner or later anyways.
No. 394910 ID: fa9f7e

Idea! Break the Chunk of Goldeon into several smaller Chunks of Goldeon. Repeat this for infinite Goldeon. It doesn't say how big a "chunk" has to be anywhere.
No. 394948 ID: 3bad4c

Hmm.. Time Orb plus Watch would probably yield some sort of "rewind disastrous combat turn" device.

It would mean having the watch wouldn't be so 'bad'.
No. 394950 ID: 33d15f

I'm not fond of us using both the chunk of goldeon and the time orb on us right now. But if people really want to go with this combination of time orb plus the watch, I'm fine with that.

Lets just get this over with and move on. We really need to finalize our letter to Abel and send it on it's way.
No. 394974 ID: a06505
File 133245132230.png - (37.87KB , 488x437 , 726.png )

That doesn't seem to be possible..

You decide to mix the Goldeon Watch and Time Orb.
It creates....

The Goldeon Watch?

That's odd..
You hear it ticking and for a moment you panic. You then notice that the clock now has an actual clock face on it and is merely keeping time.
No. 394975 ID: a3b384

That... huh. Well I guess we stopped it from being the dangerous thing it was before, so yay? Take it to Styx and see if it has any special properties besides keeping time.

If nothing else, we can use it to bluff others into thinking doom is imminent.
No. 394977 ID: ed57e8

play with the dials.
No. 394980 ID: a06505
File 133245258793.png - (68.28KB , 550x550 , 727.png )

You decide to twiddle one of the dials.
The hands spin backwards and in a flash you find yourself outside of the castle.

>"What the!?"
No. 394981 ID: ac6c03

The eye... perhaps we are seeing the process of Overlord's creation
No. 394982 ID: ed57e8

oh wow this looks cool. look around.
No. 394989 ID: a3b384

Yay time travel. Or whatever. Let's see what we can learn, investigate! Look at the person next to us there - no wait, is that us or are we seeing ourselves from somewhere else? That could indicate if we can change the past or not.
No. 394995 ID: a06505
File 133245749378.png - (71.84KB , 550x550 , 728.png )

Hmm... You seem to have lost your body.
Styx is floating beside you without her robe or mask.

You hear a loud crack.

>"My Lord! The Floatation Ring has broke!"
No. 394996 ID: ed57e8

ah, we are at the battle. let's find you.
No. 394997 ID: a76cbb

No. 394998 ID: 6a5a08

We're at the Overlord's last battle then. Let's go to the throne-room and see Badass Overlord in action.
No. 394999 ID: a2fa74

Sure, but lets keep an eye out for survivors. We should be recruiting anybody who didn't die.
No. 395000 ID: c4a1fc

Do we even have a physical existence? If so, hide. No need to be mistaken for the "real" overlord by the invaders or an impostor by your forces.
No. 395003 ID: a06505
File 133245842841.png - (204.70KB , 550x550 , 729.png )

You enter the castle, passing through a wall as though it weren't even there.

Inside you see your older self surrounded by warriors. He slams his fists together and roars unleashing a frightening attack that instantly vaporizes those around him.

You hear Emily yelling from behind him.


No. 395007 ID: a06505
File 133245877372.png - (89.49KB , 550x550 , 730.png )

Another group of Heroes charge at him.


He fires another blast of pure energy out of his hands. With a slight turn he manages to slice the approaching group in half.

>"Is this the best you got Heroes!? I've taken down Demon Lords far more powerful then any of you!"

It seems no one notices you.
No. 395010 ID: 88e5ad

I bet he's this badass because he has the sword. man, I want that fucking sword.
No. 395012 ID: 431fa8

Rose is there. Go look at her more closely.
No. 395013 ID: ed57e8

rose is up top there.
go to the treasure room and see if anyone is taking anything really valuable.
No. 395019 ID: c4a1fc

I see no sword.
No. 395020 ID: 6a5a08

Check the treasure room, or search for your mysterious ally who seems to have vanished.
No. 395117 ID: f70e5e

you notice how he seems to be using inherent powers rather than weapons? i think when you have both eyes it lets you throw around crazy amounts of power, as big ass energy beams.
No. 395146 ID: 97486c
File 133248441038.png - (36.10KB , 459x375 , 731.png )

Styx is still with you. The two of you float up to see Rose staring down at the fight, horrified at the whole scene.

>"Let's avoid my room. I'd rather not be around when the attack happens again. Still this is fascinating. We can see exactly what happened in the past from any perspective.."
No. 395147 ID: 97486c
File 133248448149.png - (43.10KB , 550x550 , 732.png )

You head down to where the treasure room is.
It's as empty as when you went down there recently.

There is a small machine there.

>"A miniature teleporter. That would explain a lot actually. When I cleaned it was nothing more then scrap metal."
No. 395148 ID: 431fa8

"Do you know where anyone who remained loyal would be right now, if they were still alive? I'd be interested to see if any of them escaped... though I suspect that we won't be so lucky."
No. 395149 ID: a76cbb

"Any way to track the other end of it in the present, now that you're aware it was there?"
No. 395150 ID: 1854db

Of crucial importance is finding that other surviving minion.

Let's do a quick tour. Barracks first, then the courtyard, then... anywhere else we missed.
No. 395151 ID: 88e5ad

hmm. maybe we can get it working again.

where was Shana?
No. 395152 ID: ed57e8

in that town we found her in.

let's try... the barracks maybe we can see some old minions.
No. 395174 ID: e7fb3a

try to figure out your range of movement later and if you can still teleport. Use for scouting and espionage when necessary
No. 395185 ID: 6a5a08

No. 395310 ID: fcf88e

You know what? This is a golden opportunity. Remember how we wanted to know who tricked rose and did a lot of the stuff? We now have the chance to know. It could save our asses later on and if he does show up, we'd at least know he is not someone we should mess with.

Not only that, but we can use this to see where our remains ended up and possibly see the heavy hitters of Abel's army. After all, I don't expect them to be fighting Badass until the final wave. Have the rank and file be used to soak up Badass' best attacks and then come in as big damn heroes and gain fame from it. Besides, I am pretty sure whom we have with us is whom remains of our previous army.

Short version: Find out who made Rose betray us, keep an eye out for any Heroes who would likely be major trouble makers for us, and watch the final battle and after math.
No. 395334 ID: 97486c
File 133256572965.png - (233.25KB , 550x550 , 733.png )

You return to yourself and see a red haired spear user fighting with your old self.

>"Man, makes you wish we had Silva here, hmm?"

>"That girl left. We do not need her help in this battle."

>"Just saying we could use her gentle touch. Should I teleport and grab her? I'm sure she'll help if we just toss her in the battle hmm?"

>"The teleporter is compromised. I doubt anyone who's retreated is still alive."

>"Hmm hmm.. That's no good. Guess I can't bail on you when things get too messy."


>"Hey, I finally got you to laugh."

>"That's the last time you'll hear it."

>"I hope not!"

The two of them slay more heroes.

>"Hmm hmm.. They have to run out sometime."

>Overlord "Somehow I doubt that's going to happen."

>"Well I got your back so let's do this hmm?"
No. 395338 ID: ed57e8

he seems like someone you trusted implicitly. not sure what will happen next...
No. 395341 ID: 97486c
File 133256678855.png - (98.27KB , 550x550 , 734.png )

Styx flies up to you. It seems in all the commotion you didn't even know she'd seperated.

>"My Lord! The teleporter! It leads to the Land of Abel!"

The world fades to black.

Styx falls and lands in her lab in the present. You follow shortly behind her.
The watch has stopped glowing.

>"How odd. It has time travel powers now.. No not travel... That's incorrect. More like we can simply see what happened. But my Lord that teleporter in the treasure room led straight to the Land of Abel! I saw many of the people from our castle there to."
No. 395342 ID: ed57e8

did you see anyone you knew to be loyal? if so that would mean the teleporter was hi-jacking the signal making anyone that tried to flee go there.
No. 395347 ID: f70e5e

loyal or not no demon would flee to the land of abel. i find the fact that tel-porters can be comprised like that disturbing. it also means there may be another traitor, even under charm magic i doubt rose would sabatoge her friends means of retreat.
No. 395349 ID: ed57e8

try another dial
No. 395353 ID: fcf88e

No thank you on pressing the other button. If one is the past, the other is the future and I would rather not deal with a BAD FUTURE.
No. 395356 ID: 6a5a08

Could the Fruit Of Many Things be used to enhance our body? It seems like a Chaos thing.
No. 395359 ID: d09277

It's possible that the old overlord set the teleporter to go to the land of abel to punish deserters and traitors. Just throwing that one out there.
Don't get greedy with your new toy. I have a feeling the "stopped glowing" thing means it needs a while to recharge...hopefully it wasn't single-use.
Ask Styx who the red-haired spear user was and where you might be able to find him/her if still living, or where to find the body if not.
No. 395366 ID: 88e5ad

cave of memories. let's get a roll on.
No. 395374 ID: fcf88e

Couldn't handle the cave of memories before, still won't at the moment. Honestly, let's focus on using the goldeon chunk to improve our frame and then check on Doc for what his thoughts are on the letter.
No. 395377 ID: 6a5a08


>"The teleporter is compromised. I doubt anyone who's retreated is still alive."
Think that might be possible.
No. 395395 ID: 88e5ad


dude we didn't even try the cave.
No. 395399 ID: fcf88e

We didn't try the cave before because the cave basically said we should come back when we are at least level 10. The majority of our units are level 7-8. We are not ready in the slightest.
No. 395466 ID: b85f8c

Let's not go commit suicide in the Cave of Memories.

Send Shanah out to hunt for money (and tell her not to fight anything that would require Dark Mana), and let's visit the regular ol' Land of Trials place. We could try our hand at the championship!
No. 395472 ID: 6a5a08

Also remember to finish and send the letter.
No. 395473 ID: 6f9630

Well, we could send people to hunt for money. We do need it for better equipment and to clear the courtyard. I suggest three groups of three or four.

First Group will consist of Shana, Lun, Lenion and Nix. Shana will be the leader. I don't think we have to beat around the bush here with Shana. Tell her our primary objective is to get money. Secondary objective is to get everyone some experience. Also, no using Dark Mana.

Second Group will be Silva, Alice and Kassandra. Silva will be leading the group. I was thinking since Silva was a subcommander when we were badass, we could try to get her to remember her leadership skills.

Third group will be Lilith, Nin, Solaris, and Rose. Lilith will be leading. We will frame it to Lilith as a training exercise. Now that Lilith has gained the loyalty of a minion, let's see how she does in leading a group in combat.

Ruby can choose what she wants to do. Go with any of the groups or stay in the castle and do whatever

Overlord and Emily should go to the Land of Trials for tag team action and hopefully emotionally bonding moments.
No. 395475 ID: 6a5a08

This first, and once we have Doc's opinion, touch up the letter and send it.

This second, it seems like a good plan with structure and reason.
No. 395492 ID: e440a4

These two, but also send silva out to fight since she cannot into championships, too.
No. 395500 ID: e440a4

And see if you can enslave a Myurii for Meagan to experiment on. Why? No reason.
No. 395528 ID: 4129db

*Smack* Bad thoughts! No!
No. 395531 ID: e440a4

Bad thoughts? Did you read her description of the thing? It's got time magic! That seems useful, right? Plus, it's apparently a caring and giving lover, so it can't be all bad.
No. 396527 ID: 97486c
File 133291460803.png - (73.07KB , 376x550 , 735.png )

A what..?

Anyway you decide to combine your armor with the Goldeon Chunk.
It's completely used up and your armor has taken a certain shine to it. Styx informs you that it should now take less damage from physical attacks.

You thank her and leave the watch in her possession so she may examine it.

Now, before you can even write any sort of letter to Abel you should first see if you even need to keep the doctor. You walk to where he is examining Nix.

>PD: "Ah Overlord. I was just coming to talk to you. This is a fascinating half cure you have here. A little damaging to the epidermis but efficient. I must confess though that even with a complete removal of all the poison glands a full restoration to the subjects previous self is near impossible. At least that's my hypothesis. I could, theoretically, remove all the glands within miss Nix here and see what happens but that might be a bit dangerous to us both."
No. 396531 ID: b85f8c

Ask why it would be dangerous.
No. 396533 ID: ed57e8

you can see why it would be dangerous to her, but why dangerous to you?
No. 396534 ID: a76cbb


Hey Nix, you okay there?
No. 396536 ID: fcf88e

It would likely be wise to stabilize as opposed to cure outright. Right now, stopping them from sliding back into a plague spreader state would probably be helpful. Would give you a good staging ground to work on the full cure too.

Coincidentally, we were planning on starting a small village for the Poison spitters in some friendly slime territory. Slimes tend to be poison resistant so the weakened venom will likely not affect them and a key resource for the procedure is near-by.

Since Nix shows memory loss and some people may consider the 'half state' to be just as bad, a village there for them can help their mental recovery, allow them easy access to what they need, and in a area where their spit will not harm anyone. What are your thoughts on that, doctor?
No. 396548 ID: 97486c
File 133291647648.png - (43.62KB , 550x550 , 736.png )

"Nix, are you ok?"


>"She's been like that since we started. Anyway a few of the poison glands are either too small to safely cut out or they're attached to organs that I'd be worried about damaging with burns or other cauterizing methods. There might even be a few in her head."

"Then is it possible to instead use this half cure to create a society for them? Help them live on their own not simply wander around and mindless drones?"

>"Anything is possible with the enough money and resources. Even a cure might be possible. I personally however do not have the means of gaining either of those things."
No. 396551 ID: a76cbb

"But you work for Abel." pause. "No, wait, this makes sense. Give me an estimate of what you need."
No. 396552 ID: ed57e8

"do you mean abel doesn't give you supplies you ask for? even though he knows you could make a cure?"
No. 396553 ID: b85f8c

We do. And so does Abel, to a far greater degree. However, from what we've seen Abel would not agree with curing plaguespreaders born of demons, would he?

Hmm. Ask him what resources he'd need for the full cure.
No. 396554 ID: fcf88e

Well, the land may not be that hard to do. We can go to the Slimes and try to negotiate. As for supplies, we are willing to lend him the tools if it helps with the plague spreaders.

Also, let us not forget the letter. Abel wants you back and having a written response from you may alleviate any worry. You can be honest with us if you feel you are being forced. We will not tell Abel.
No. 396557 ID: f70e5e

before we start pouring resources into trying to find a cure we should try and find out about how many plague spreaders there are. considering they are fairly weak and most people have kill on sight policy when dealing with them there may not be that many of them.
No. 396583 ID: 6f9630

I think Nyx needs to spit or whatever to remove some of the poison.

Hmm, if the doctor goes or is forced back to the land of Abel, why not inform him that we have some contacts there; Kassandra's sisters. If he can get the churches on our side or at least neutral on this issue, that's a huge diplomatic coup against Abel.
No. 396662 ID: fcf88e

Yeah, Nix spits to keep the poison levels down, but a more stable means of doing so would be wise in my opinion. Plague spreaders are likely rather common honestly. They explode when hit, their abilities can make the infected become a plague spreader as well, and unless you have fire, they cannot be truly killed. Hell, to make a full cure, we would need to somehow stab and cure those vital zones without damaging them. This would either require tons of money we do not have, or somehow getting materials that could burn, then heal instantly which would mean pheonix feathers.

Making a place for the plague spreaders would be much cheaper and a lot quicker as well. Remember, the Slimes live in ruins. All you need to do is make them a bit nicer and you have housing and such.
No. 396838 ID: 97486c
File 133300396855.png - (57.19KB , 550x550 , 737.png )

"Wouldn't Abel be willing to give you the supplies?"

>"If I were to present him with this partial cure then maybe but I would have to find a different plaugespreader. He wouldn't accept someone... Like Nix."

You understand what he means.

"Well what kind of material would you need?"

>"Gold. Lots of gold. And people willing to work with these people. It can be quite dangerous. There's a good number of people infected and it would take an even greater number of people to work on curing them. We don't even know how to track the Spreaders down."

You see Nix still hasn't moved. Her mouth seems to be filling with something. On impulse you poke her cheek making poison spill out of her mouth.


"Nix? What happened..?"

>"I... It's rude to spit and I don't know thi.... S Man so I kept it in.... And it sorta got out of... Hand. Sorry. Did he find... A cure..?"

"No, nothing yet."

She nods.

>"That's ok-k-kay. I didn't get my h-hopes up.. Too much."
No. 396840 ID: ed57e8

well you have a tribe of tamers at your command, they may be able to track them. and the slimes could possibly distribute it. since they could get in close without getting infected.
No. 396844 ID: fcf88e

Well, as it is we may as well talk to the slimes and see if we can set up the refuge. A half cure is far better than no cure given to them and while it won't be a 'full' cure, they will be able to lead semi normal lives... so long as they have buckets on hand.

Also, inform the doc of the note and ask him to send a note with yours so that Abel knows you are not in danger and are here of your own free will.
No. 396858 ID: b85f8c

Hmm yes if slimes are immune to the plague like constructs are, they'd make the perfect assistants. On the other hand we could just make a ton of golem assistants for the task.

Tamers tracking the plaguespreaders sounds like a good idea too.
No. 396869 ID: a760e9

tell him about the letter.
No. 396876 ID: b1960f

fucking genius, plus she is adorable...
No. 396886 ID: b85f8c

Oh, yes.
No. 396903 ID: a2fa74

"Lack of resources, Nix. If we can gain him the backing of Abel then there is hope. If not a cure, then at least improved quality of life."

Order your tamers to start tracking down plague spreaders, and your various immune minions to capture at least one.

Ask Shana if she is resting between sessions with the tamer leader, and ask how it went.
No. 396925 ID: fcf88e

I don't think we should allow Abel the chance to go for the full heal. If we ever do go out against him, having him be the one to 'cure the plague' would make it a lot harder to garner support and say we are the good guy. We do not want to give Abel any more of an advantage then he has now.

Incidentally, we can round up a plague spreader or two, use our partial cure on them and have the doc watch the procedure. He can then set up shop in a neutral area(slime village) and improve himself from there.
No. 398330 ID: 97486c
File 133342681871.png - (89.45KB , 550x550 , 738.png )

"Lack of resources, Nix. If we can gain him the backing of Abel then there is hope. If not a cure, then at least improved quality of life. Doctor, I'm going to work on getting more people who are infected to at least get partially cured. In the meantime I want you to write a letter along side mine to tell Abel you are here willingly. And check mine to see if there is anything there he'd object to."

He nods and takes your letter.

>"Nix stay here with the Doctor, I need to check on something."

You walk up to Shana. She seems to be daydreaming a bit as she looks out the window.


>"!! My Lord! H-how are you?"

"Good. How did everything go with the Leader?"

>"Oh god... My lord.. She is insatiable... The entire day.. By the end of it I couldn't even feel my legs..."

"What did you guys do?"

>"She had us hunting animals as big as a house all day.. It was scary.. And I couldn't even use my magic.. And birds... Oh god the birds... I did it all for you my Lord"
No. 398331 ID: 54103e

Chuckle quietly.
"Your every sacrifice is a testament to your undying loyalty. I appreciate it, deeply. Trust me on that."
No. 398335 ID: 6868bc

She deserves a proper reward of some kind.

Perhaps something personal.

Like a personal massage from her dear Overlord to those sore muscles.
No. 398336 ID: fa9f7e

This. First say: "...Wh--Ah, yes. Hunting. Of course." Then avert your eyes for a bit.
No. 398337 ID: 431fa8

"I appreciate your willingness to take up any task on my behalf, even those which make you uncomfortable. You did well, I trust."
No. 398338 ID: ed57e8

toosle her hair.
No. 398340 ID: b85f8c

"I thought she was expecting sex. Regardless, your service is exemplary."
No. 398346 ID: 6f9630

"You did well. I expected such a result from one of my most loyal people. You should rest. I do not want to lose you to exhaustion"
No. 398376 ID: 97486c
File 133343503664.png - (96.49KB , 550x550 , 739.png )

"I appreciate your willingness to take up any task on my behalf, even those which make you uncomfortable. You did well, I trust."

>"Of course! I will always try my best to do what you order!"

I nod. She is so loyal to me.

"I'll be sure to reward you. Once I can think of something suitable."

>"Well... We could go out.. Like, on a date.."
No. 398377 ID: b85f8c

Oh fuck.


Tell her it would be inappropriate for a commander to date their troops. Yeah.
No. 398383 ID: 54103e

"It would not be apropos for me to date my troops - I am sorry, Shanah, but you ask of me something that might destabilize the loyalty of my people."
No. 398384 ID: 3ce5b2

Tell her that, while you appreciate her devotion to you, that you have to keep your priorities straight. Getting power and stability for everyone that you care about must come first. If she understands that, then the two of you could go on a friendly outing of some sort.
No. 398385 ID: fcf88e

"You know how I am Shana. I am not one for being touchy feely and with the current situation, taking a break may cause trouble... however, perhaps you would like to come with me as I check up with the slimes? It's quite a bit calmer than the wilds and they are rather peaceful so long as you play nice."

Next stop, slime village to set up the foundations for the Poison spitter refuge.
No. 398389 ID: 8d892b

"Unfortunately, Shana. I cannot show favouritism to any one of my troops. Such things will destabilize the morale and loyalty of all under me. However, if we make it a whole group thing, like a picnic, I will acquisce to such an idea."
No. 398395 ID: ed57e8

"if i go on one date, everyone who has any sort of feelings for me will want one as well and declining could cause a drop in loyalty. simply, while i am flattered, i cannot date anyone.
No. 398400 ID: 16da88

I see nothing objectionable about this. let's go on a date!
No. 398407 ID: 5bf190

Well, let's not be hasty. Ask her what sort of date she was thinking about. Where, and what do?
No. 398411 ID: 6e44d2

It could be a secret date.

... We lack equipment...
No. 398413 ID: e3f578

"I would say it's inappropriate for me to go on a dinner date, a movie watching, or other romantic activities, because it is. However, if you can find an alternative activity we can both enjoy, something tasteful and respectful of a man of my stature, maybe. I should let it be clear that I am celibate this incarnation, so if "that" is part of your desires, than I must respectfully inform that you will be disappointed. At most I enjoy eye candy. If you desire a more physical romantic relationship, then I'm afraid you'll have to find someone else, or find a way to convince me that celibacy is overrated in terms that a man with no sex drive can understand."

Just be plain and out forth with it all. We shouldn't step around the issues that a romantic relationship with the overlord will be a bit dull outside our charms.
No. 398414 ID: aaa66b

Super do it.
No. 398419 ID: fa9f7e

"Hm. I am afraid that I do not do well with emotions such at that, but I was about to check on the slimes. It's rather nice there, and it's also fairly peaceful if you don't start anything. We could find somewhere private and see how it goes. Would that satisfy you?"
No. 398556 ID: 97486c
File 133350812950.png - (44.84KB , 550x550 , 740.png )

"You know how I am Shana. I am not one for being touchy feely and with the current situation, taking a break may cause trouble... however, perhaps you would like to come with me as I check up with the slimes? It's quite a bit calmer than the wilds and they are rather peaceful so long as you play nice."

She looks a bit disappointed but nods.

>"Okay, I can do that. I would still prefer if we can get some alone time later.."

You say nothing. The two of you leave the castle and teleport to the ruins of Cineta. The Slime King is there. His center crystal turns in your direction.

Hmm. I did not expect to see you again so soon. What brings you here?
No. 398557 ID: c4a1fc

"I wanted to see if the heroes were leaving you alone. Shana here is my best unit. I brought her for backup and company."
No. 398558 ID: b85f8c

Breach the topic of the partially-cured plaguespreaders living here.
No. 398570 ID: 96e0ea


"Well, I'm here with Shana for a short rest. Is everything all right? The heroes still harassing your slimes?"

If slime king says yes, tell him about the plan of putting a plague spitter village in his lands. As they are only vulnerable to fire and the slimes immine to poison, this could be a good deal.

If he says no, ask if he'd mind going into a trade agreement. Slime fangs and a piece of land for a plague spitter village for security from heroes. Surely that's a win-win deal.
No. 398595 ID: 97486c
File 133351231578.png - (25.42KB , 550x550 , 741.png )

"Well, I'm here with Shana to check up. Is everything all right? The heroes still harassing your slimes?"

"Nothing has happened. Life has been quiet since you last came here.

"That is good. I'm glad you are finally doing well. However, the main reason I came here was to make a trade with you."

"A trade?"

You nod.

"I'm working with a doctor who believes there might be a way to fully cure the Plaugespreader illness. However at the moment there is only a partial cure. These people are now sentient but lack memories and are still poisonous. If possible I would like just a bit of land and some Claws and in return the cured plaugespreaders will live here and protect your people full time."

"Hmm. I agree to this. However it is because you have proven yourself trustworthy in the past. The ones who stay here, if they harm my slimes you will be the one to pay."

"Fair enough."

That was easy. Shana wanders around and examines the land a bit
No. 398601 ID: fa9f7e

You might want to establish what paying means in this context. Then go spend some quality time with Shana, if only to check her sanity and Dark Mana levels.
No. 398604 ID: 431fa8

Thank him, tell him we'll be back when we have some people able to move in, and go talk to Shana.

"See anything interesting?"

"You know, I never asked you how we met. My memories are incomplete, but I'd appreciate hearing about it."
No. 398605 ID: 3ce5b2

Make absolutely certain that the slimes will be immune to the disease, even if it's just to make sure that the slime king knows you care. Also yeah go for a walk with Shana, see how she's doing, maybe broach the subject of her romantic interests. If you can do so without angering her, try to explain that it's not something you're into anymore.

No. 398611 ID: b85f8c

Yeah, this is about right.

I don't think we really need to talk about romance so explicitly, unless she presses us for more information.
No. 398632 ID: 97486c
File 133352185943.png - (91.50KB , 550x550 , 742.png )

You thank him and go check on Shana.

"See anything interesting?"

>"Not really. This place is a wreck. Most I've seen are a few Slimes."

"This is where they've been forced to stay. Hopefully this all works out and they can have some guardians."

Shana looks at you and smiles. It's a sad smile.

>"You've changed."

"Have I now?"

>"Mmhmm. When we'd first met you were far more ruthless. I liked that."


>"But you've still got that same loyalty about you. You care for your troops."

She leans against a piece of rubble.
No. 398633 ID: 97486c
File 133352188831.png - (77.59KB , 362x430 , 743.png )

>"I really like that about you."
No. 398634 ID: 3ce5b2

Lean on the rubble next to her. Say something about how that's strange, because you were under the impression that your precursor was less loyalty-inspiring than you were. Shana herself said that he created more loyalty through fear than anything else.

Let her talk about old overlord for a while. bitches love it when you listen to them and shit.
No. 398637 ID: ed57e8

lean back and go 'hmmm?'
No. 398639 ID: 431fa8

"I would be interested in hearing more about my past, if you're willing to tell me. When did you first hear of me? How did you come into my service? What was I like, that you say I have the same sort of loyalty now as before? I've heard little of this."
No. 398643 ID: fcf88e

Ahhhh, so our ruthlessness wasn't what makes her love us, it's our loyalty. Kind of sad. If she didn't learn that 'fear is better than loyalty' lesson from that unknown guy, she'd likely be a very nice person.

We can do head pats right? Pretty sure head pats don't count as hugs or touchy feely stuff.
No. 398646 ID: 97486c
File 133352354489.png - (115.75KB , 550x550 , 744.png )

No head pats.

"You'd said I'd ruled through fear rather then loyalty."

You lean on the rubble beside her.

>"No. I mean maybe some were loyal to you. I know I was.. What I mean is even though you could be cruel you would not let anything bad happen to them. If someone attacked your troops you made sure you got revenge. While most were enslaved there were still a part of your group and you took care of them as such. Fear is a very powerful tool indeed but if you are not loyal to those who fear you then you are nothing more then a slave driver."

She leans against you. A bit too close.

>"Some people could see that in you and were genuinely loyal."
No. 398647 ID: ed57e8

"i see, yes i suppose that hasn't changed.
so, how did you end up with me?"
No. 398648 ID: 431fa8

Don't push her away, but don't encourage her, either.

"I am glad to hear that. I am still not certain of my exact motivations before, but the more I learn the more it seems that I was not so different from my current self once, and it was years of failure and bitterness which drove me to ruthless slaughter. I hope to discover more of myself, in time.

"But what of you? How did you come into my service, and choose to devote your life to it?"
No. 398655 ID: 16da88

yeah, get her to tell you about the past.
No. 398790 ID: 97486c
File 133360975922.png - (88.25KB , 550x550 , 745.png )

"I am glad to hear that. I am still not certain of my exact motivations before, but the more I learn the more it seems that I was not so different from my current self once, and it was years of failure and bitterness which drove me to ruthless slaughter. I hope to discover more of myself, in time... But what of you? How did you come into my service, and choose to devote your life to it?"

She frowns a bit.

>"To be honest my Lord... I'm not exactly sure. I remember I had fought against you once. And.. That's it. My memory seems to get fuzzy before that time. All I know is since then I have been your most most loyal servant."


You have a feeling you know what happened.
No. 398792 ID: 60eae6

The potion
No. 398794 ID: ed57e8

huh, apparently we used it before. ... let's be on the lookout for silva coming on to us a bit hard.
No. 398795 ID: fcf88e

Corruption potions; One helluva drug. I think we should not use those things as much as we want to. Might bite us on the ass. Only thing we can do is treat her and Silva like people, not slaves.

Let's head back and see if there is anything of interest. Got to be some events going on in the world.

Also, we need to make that garden and tidy up the place.
No. 398796 ID: a2fa74

"Oh. Probably a corruption potion. I doubt he would have shared that secret with you.
If it's any solace, I doubt he would have let you live otherwise."
No. 398799 ID: fcf88e

...Seven, that is a HORRIBLE idea. You do not tell someone with deeply seated emotions that they are artifical. Especially someone with strong emotions like Shana. This is a bad idea in every way shape and form.
No. 398800 ID: 97486c
File 133361272723.png - (94.82KB , 550x550 , 746.png )

You say nothing. The two of you spend the next few minutes in silence next to one another.

You rise from the rubble and look around. Nothing more of interest is happening so you decide to return to the castle.

As you look outside you see the place really is a mess. You call down Styx and notice she's using the new symbol you'd come up with.

>"I thought I'd try it out."

You nod and ask if there is a cheaper way to pay for the garden repairs.
She thinks for a moment.

>"You could hire Chaos Imps my lord. They are cheap and hard workers. Each Chaos Imp costs around G200 but they can cut in half the cost of any labor."

"Interesting.. Where can I get such creatures?"

>"There is a Recruitment Center near the edges of the Chaos Spiral. It's a simple matter of teleporting there."
No. 398801 ID: 8db51b

Let's move! We should totes get some.
No. 398804 ID: f70e5e

we might want to look into getting a psychic healer for shana at some point, I think fully undoing the effects of the corruption potion would be suicidal but we might look into mitigating some of the damage to her mind, maybe make her less obsessed with us.
No. 398805 ID: ed57e8

ponder what would happen if you poked one with your eye, ask styx about it.
then away we go.
No. 398807 ID: 97486c
File 133361541164.png - (97.14KB , 550x550 , 747.png )

Tinkering with past mind wipes will probably not lead to anything good.. You decide instead to simply go check out this possible workforce.

Getting to the Recruitment Center really is only a short teleport.
The buildings look like giant stone monoliths. They are places near the edges of one of the many floating land masses of the Spiral.

You step inside. The building has a single chair and one booth.
The receptionist glares at you.

>"Hello. What do you want?"
No. 398808 ID: 8db51b

Glare back, assert dominance. This is YOUR domain, right? so to speak.

Ask about recruitment.
No. 398809 ID: 96e0ea

"Good day, miss. I was told that this is the place to hire Chaos Imps. I'd like to hire one."
No. 398810 ID: 299ed3

Ask her how her daughter Meagan is.
No. 398814 ID: 3947e9

I do believe we need more then one imp.
Also her being the totally hot milf of a mom of megan is OOC knowledge that overlord doesn't have.
No. 398817 ID: 7c31d2

Rose wanting a dark haired spear user was OOC knowledge too
No. 398819 ID: 16da88


oooh, so that's why he seemed so familiar.

tell her you're looking to recruit some chaos imps... and maybe a chaos librarian.
No. 398826 ID: fa9f7e

See if you can recruit her. Put her in your harem along with Meagan. They will be the only members of your harem.
No. 398827 ID: fa9f7e

Just to be clear, Overlords will never use the harem. Just put them together and leave them alone forever.
No. 398828 ID: bb0c2f

"You, but that is a topic for another time. For now, could you please tell me about these chaos imps you're rumored to hire out?"
No. 398829 ID: bb0c2f

Also some variation of "You seem familiar, have we met before?" from our totally-clueless-in-love and-pick-up self might be in order.

(sage for doubleposting)
No. 398832 ID: f70e5e

no hitting on her, saying she seems familiar sure, but remember the overlord doesn't have a sex drive. lets ask her how much a chaos imp would cost to hire.
No. 398833 ID: e3f578

"Let's see, I'll have a number five with an order of curly fries, a light salad, a number 12, one cookies and cream blizzard, and two Chaos Imps. If I could get some Horsey sauce to go with that I'd appreciate it."
No. 398841 ID: ed57e8

yes say there is something that seems really familiar about here but you can't put your finger on it. does she have a relative?
No. 398845 ID: a3b384

Say that you are here to see about recruitment, obviously. But rather than getting some right now, you want to look into selection, pricing, and possibly long term multiple hiring arrangements.
No. 398849 ID: 6af537

Of course we're not hitting on her! Overlord is much more clueless than even I am, therefore he can say that with a straight face and mean it. Hilarity ensues.
No. 398852 ID: 60eae6


Also, tilt your head, stare at her intently, get closer, open your mask for a better view, stare more.
"No...that would be too much a coincidence."
Shut mask.
No. 398906 ID: 97486c
File 133367543457.png - (74.09KB , 487x482 , 748.png )

I glare back. With the mask on it's not very obvious.

"Do I know you from somewhere?"

>"I highly doubt that. I'd remember someone with.. Well like you. Now what do you want?"

"I've come here to hire some Chaos Imps. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about them such as their type and how much they cost."

>"Really? -sigh-."

She pulls out a large dusty book. Without even bothering to wipe off the layer of dust she opens it.

>"Hello and welcome to the Recruitment Center. Here you can get Chaos Imps which will blah blah blah. Okay, here we go. There are two Imps available. One is for Labor and the other for Combat. The Labor ones are G200 a piece and will work until over 2 times their value is used up. For example you can have one Imp work on something that would normally cost G430. When he's done he'll vanish. You can also hire one full time for G400 in which case they'll work with you pretty much forever. Then there are combat ones that go for G300. These can be used in normal battles and you'll see the enemy will be compelled to attack them first. No matter how much damage they actually take they will always last up to 5 hits before exploding. However they are better used for Castle Sieges. During that time most of the enemy troops will try and fight them as opposed to your normal troops. Some may die but more likely then not you'll be left with a few after the Siege. Aaaand that's it. If you want me to explain it again I'll just hand you the book to read yourself."
No. 398908 ID: b85f8c

We have a bunch of stuff to build. Remember, we unlocked a bunch of extra expansions. Let's get a full-time imp and 2 combat imps. Mostly for sieges, I'd think.
No. 398911 ID: 431fa8

"That book is sizable. What else is in there?"

"In any case, I will hire a Labor Imp full-time."
No. 398912 ID: 49d4d7

Dammit, if we had gotten a Labourer Chaos Imp, we could have saved a heapo money. No matter, we should hire one Labourer Imp for working on new buildings and one Combat Imp for guarding the base when we're not not around.
No. 398914 ID: c4a1fc

Ask her if her name is Nekkoh. That's Meagan's last name, no?
No. 398917 ID: 282655

Might as well buy, say, three full time labourers if you can afford it. There's going to be a lot of stuff to upgrade.
No. 398920 ID: 6a5a08

No. 398923 ID: ed57e8

does getting more then one full time do anything?
No. 398939 ID: 97486c
File 133368763192.png - (87.33KB , 550x550 , 749.png )

"Does getting more then one full time Imp do anything?"

She sighs again.

>"They can only do one thing at a time so getting more allows them to either work on a project together or work on two separate ones. Now, do you want one or not?"

"I'll hire one full time Chaos Imp and one Combat Chaos Imp."

You pay G700.

>"Great. They've been sent to your place. Thanks for coming by. If you have any complaints then bring it up with someone who's not me."

You stare at her.

"Is your last name Nekkoh?"

>"!? No... It's Dera... Why?"

"You resemble someone who works for me. Her name is Meagan Nekkoh."

>"Meagan..? She's in the demon world?"

"Yes. Do you know her."

>"Meagan... She's my daughter."

There's silence for a moment.

>"... How is she?"

"She's doing very well. She's very happy where she is right now."


She looks disappointed.

>"Well good. Whatever. Look you got the imps now get out of here."
No. 398940 ID: d3b959

Tell that you could ferry a letter if she wishs?
No. 398941 ID: 6a5a08

Skedaddle back to base. Let's go to the Land of Trials and get cash to upgrade our pad.
No. 398942 ID: fa9f7e

"Ah, I'm not done. I'd like to know what exactly a Chaos Librarian is. Also, have you ever heard of a chaos golem?"
No. 398947 ID: b85f8c

"Whatever you say, lady."
No. 398954 ID: 97486c
File 133369148702.png - (92.67KB , 550x550 , 750.png )

"Would you like to write a letter to her perhaps? I can deliver it to her."

>"Just tell her she ruined the best years of my life."

I won't.

>".. Before I go can you tell me what exactly a Chaos Librarian does?"

She gives you an odd look.

>"Really? I can't tell if you're stupid or just playing dumb. We're librarians. We tend to libraries. That's it. What the hell else are we supposed to do? Toss books around and kill people with the decimal system?"

"I was simply curious. Chaos being don't always do what they're told to."

>"Well news flash, we do."

"And what about a Chaos Golem?"

>"A golem made out of chaos?"

She thinks for a moment.

>"That's not normal."

"Why is that?"

>"Golems, by their nature, control things that they're made from. A Stone Golem would be able to move rocks, a Wooden Golem would be able to control wood. Chaos... Well see it'd want to control chaos. Bring order to it. But that goes against it's very nature. It would bring order, or control, to chaos but then end up just creating more of it. Something like that is bound to just self destruct at some point."

Self destruct? You seem to have no trouble being surrounded by order. Even your older self seemed to go against it's inherit chaotic nature.
No. 398956 ID: 2153a4

Smile, lift mask.
"Let's just say I'm surrounded by impossibility."
No. 398957 ID: 431fa8

"Interesting. My thanks for your advice. Good day."

Go home and tell Meagan we met her mom.
No. 398958 ID: f70e5e

your old self had both cores. its possible that your connection to chaos is weakened when you are runing off of just one core, meaning no crazy energy blasts but judgment less impeded by our nature as a chaotic entity.
No. 398959 ID: b85f8c

I know how it works. You control chaos, and bring it into order, and by doing so take the chaos into yourself. The outside is chaos controlled(order), the inside is pure chaos, uncontrolled.

Or maybe it's that there's a happy medium where there's a bit of chaos but you give it direction and form? Some control, but not enough to lose all the chaos? That seems a bit more of a balancing act and more likely to backfire... Eh.

Anyway, thank her for her time and let's get back to base. Maybe tell Meagan we met her mom.

And no mask-lifting!
No. 398970 ID: 6e44d2

I think the chaos is inherent in the fact that I could say, "Hey Overlord, do a backflip and punch yourself in the groin!"

Although, I suppose everyone has the potential to do silly bullshit whenever they want. Hm...
No. 398972 ID: bb0c2f

It's just Narrative Physics. Whatever we do, the GM Universe will screw with us more. Therefore, chaos. Self-destruction doesn't have to be literal, as in exploding.

>>398957 This. No mask-lifting.
No. 398977 ID: 04b86a

We haven't been trying to control chaos, though! At least, not in the way she seems to be implying. We've just been trying to destroy systems of order that are, you know, inherently bad. Like the plaguespreaders being stuck as mindless beasts that just spread the plague to even more people.

The previous Overlord, though... Well, he attacked order, too, but he seemed to be doing it with the end goal of bringing everything under his rule. Of making all order his order. Thinking about it, that's really the kind of thing you'd expect from an order golem. At least, I think that's how it'd work. Ask how an order golem would act, if such a thing existed.
No. 398978 ID: 6a5a08

"And a Golem of Order?"
No. 398988 ID: 16da88


excellent question.
No. 399015 ID: a3b384

"Reminds you of what happened to the Overlord, doesn't it? But I wonder if a different result is possible, if some balance could be kept."

"And what about a golem of Order?"

We should probably just check out some books on golem making, at this point.
No. 399029 ID: 3947e9

Remember your mother had to work long and hard to invent a way around these limitations. Which were thought impossible until she figured out a way.
My guess is that it has to do with the recursiveness of order and chaos. (patterns of chaos in order, patterns of order in chaos)
No. 399189 ID: 97486c
File 133378995610.png - (124.64KB , 550x550 , 751.png )

"And what about a Golem of Order."

>"Well they'd have it easy. Unlike a Chaos Golem when they try to control their element, or law in this case, they just get more Order. It balances out. A golem like that would probably be very preoccupied just trying to maintain order wherever he is. It'd be interesting to throw a wrench in their plans.."

She grins sadistically.

"Well thank you for the Minions. I'll tell Meagan you say hi."

>"Yeah whatever."

You teleport back to the castle. As you walk out of the teleporter you see Meagan holding an odd creature.


She turns and sees me.

>"Oh hey, welcome back. I saw the Chaos Imps. Very nice."

"Thank you. What creature is that?"

>"Oh this? Nothing really just a baby spine ravager cough cough."

"What was that?"

>"Nothing. It's just a little demon I want to run a few tests on. Don't worry, it's a male and there shouldn't be any more of it's kind in this kind of an area."

"Just be careful please.. Oh, I saw your mother while I was hiring the Imps."

A look passes over her face.

>"Oh? How is she?"

"She's doing well."


She... Looks disappointed as well. You sense this family did not get along very well.

You see Shana teleporting back.
No. 399190 ID: 0909f6

spine raveger?
ask what appened betwen her and her mother
No. 399192 ID: 49d4d7

Ask about the spine ravager. Do not ask about Meagan's family. Its not our business. Go with Shana to Nix to ask her to be the plague spitter village leader when we set it up.
No. 399209 ID: fa9f7e

"I don't like having to pry, but is what happened between you and your mother ever likely to become relevant to me or any of my other minions?"

Can't be too careful, after all. After that, ask about that demon.
No. 399231 ID: cfb2fc


spine ravagers are in the third treed
No. 399232 ID: fcf88e

Let's avoid bringing up family issues. It never goes well. Get the imp working on the garden, talk to Nix and the Doc about the village being set up, and offer Nix the chance to basically be the village's 'big sister'. Help them understand their new forms, teach them the rules, and make sure they don't cause trouble until they can fend for themselves.
No. 399233 ID: fa9f7e

I agree, but we should at least make sure it won't bite us in the ass later somehow.
No. 399236 ID: 1841bb

thank you kind sir for finally posting this link
No. 399237 ID: 49d4d7

Well, get the slimes to help take care of the spine ravager, as they have no vertebrae and all? I dunno, just shooting ideas.
No. 399330 ID: e0c3b7

Tell Meagan that you understand that her research is her business but that you would like to avoid a repeat of the rust monster debacle.
No. 399351 ID: b85f8c

Teleporting back from where?
No. 399990 ID: 97486c
File 133403764793.png - (47.81KB , 429x522 , 752.png )

"Meagan is there anything about your fight with your mother that may harm me in the future?"

>"I doubt it. She's basically just a huge bitch."

"Just checking."

From the Slime Village.

You send the Chaos Imp Worker to fix up the Garden. Once he finishes all that's left is some expansions on the Barracks and the Demon Lab.
You go see Nix and the Doctor and explain the plan in more detail. Nix agrees to watch over the other Spitters when everything is set up there. The Tribe Leader will send over any Plaguespreaders she happens to find.

The Doctor hands you a sealed note from himself to Abel. You make another revision to your own to make it clear that you don't mean that you own the Doctor or anything.

Is it okay to send it now?
No. 399991 ID: b85f8c

Seems like it.
No. 399997 ID: 97486c
File 133403844202.png - (55.45KB , 550x550 , 753.png )

You send the letter off.
As you walk back upstairs Ruby approaches you.

>"My Lord, there's a letter for you."


You open the new note.

Dear Overlord,

I'm glad you wrote back so soon, that is unless you actually took a long time to reply in which case please disregard my earlier enthusiasm.
I have received your letter and promptly burned it. You see I'm sure the note is filled with many excuses for why you broke into my land. Perhaps some of them are even good excuses. But excuses are just that, excuses.
Now, I still do wish to complete the trade I mentioned in my previous letter. I hope that in your reply you agreed to it. I expect my Doctor back soon.

Signed Abel

No. 399999 ID: ed57e8

have meagan make copies of the letter as fast as her paper magic can process and spam him!
No. 400001 ID: b0d466

Send Abel another letter---this one just has to look like a letter on the outside. Instead of writing with ink, write with gunpowder or something that'll make an impression when he burns it. If we can make it magically write "YOU ARE A JERK" in glowing letters when he tosses it into the flames that'd be great.
No. 400002 ID: 2153a4

Good thing we have a perfect FUCKING memory. Someone go get the old letter, copy it, and file it away somewhere safe. Copy this one, too.

No. 400003 ID: 2153a4




This is not how you diplomat
No. 400004 ID: fcf88e

Everything seems set. We just send the letters and get to work on other matters. Maybe we should try mercenary work? Get our name out there enough that people will be willing to side with us or we get the chance to do so.

Could also try reclaiming some of old overlord's stomping grounds in the demon world. Gives us a chance to train our demonic units in safety and I bet there are a few villages or towns near the castle.
No. 400005 ID: b85f8c

Send it again, on unburnable stationary. Regular envelope though. He'll burn the envelope and be presented with the letter, ta-da!
No. 400008 ID: 673411

We have a semi-functional cure right now. At the least, we can maintain our status quo.

Tell the doctor that Abel is not taking any of your letters, so to prevent any misunderstanding, he must tell Abel what is being done personally. It fulfills the bargain, and it may be possible to work out a way to develop the cure even from Abel's land.

If the doctor feels that he must stay, or that his safety or freedom could be at risk by returning, respect his wishes, but be ready for a fight.
No. 400010 ID: ed57e8

No. 400011 ID: 2153a4

Here is the letter:

Lord Abel

I am assuming burning my first letter without reading it was a mistake. Thus, this one is fireproof, so no such mistake can occur. I am also creating copies of all our correspondence, so that no misunderstandings of intent or communication breakdowns may ever occur.

Regarding my visit to your city, which I found interesting, there was no military intent involved. I, in fact, prefer to have neighbors rather than vassal states. It makes for interesting times, such as these. The Letter I just sent earlier (enclosed with this one) reminds you why the doctor is doing what he is doing.

If you intend to ignore me, please do not send further letters. They will be regarded as nothing better than letters of similar intent: Advertisements, scams, and attacks.

And I know you are better than that.

Sign it, of course, and write a copy of the letter you sent out previously. It is imperative that the letters be legible and impervious to acid, fire, cutting, etc. Pound them in steel if need be, and keep copies of all corrospondence in a safe place.

If Abel invades you, go to the church and make your case for shelter from a madman.
No. 400012 ID: f70e5e

wow, abel is an asshole, if we reply we should use a stone tablet rather than paper. I don't think abel is willing to comprise on this. the message he seems to be sending is that if we don't give him the plague doctor back he will simply crush us, and is not willing to negotiate. we should ask the plague doctor if he would be able to help with the poison spiter village while living in the lands of abel.
No. 400017 ID: 6e44d2

Yeah. That.
No. 400018 ID: 04b86a

There is only one response to him refusing to read our letters: we must send him a howler. Or a reasonable-responser, I'm not picky. Go back to Meagan and ask her if she can make nonflammable letters that pass on their messages by talking instead of being read, because that's quite frankly the only way we get our message across without delivering it in person.

>you broke into my land
Wut? We walked in. Through the main entrance. We even allowed the tour guide that greeted us to show us a bit of his land despite having an emergency on our hands, and coincidentally gave the army time enough to have tea before confronting us. We didn't even try to bypass the wards that are supposed to call the army onto any evil beings that cross over their threshold. In what way did we break in?
No. 400020 ID: b0d466

You can send him the message carved into stone or something similar
No. 400021 ID: 49d4d7

Maybe we should add something to the letter.

"I hope you didn't burn the letter from the doctor addressed to you."
No. 400025 ID: f70e5e

this, though talk to the doctor first. it would be a nice jab at abel, but only if the doc backs us up on it.
No. 400050 ID: 70591e


fuck yes.
No. 400066 ID: 3947e9

>Got letter, burned it, wrote back
Abel is a total fucking loon. The only reply he is expecting is his doctor back... And even then he will probably still attack us.
I think we should stock up on human and golem units to take him out when he inevitably attacks us.
No. 400073 ID: b09357

Pretty sure he actually had this letter drafted right after the first one, left orders to have any reply burned and this sent and then waited to get his doctor back.

Quite frankly he disgusts me.
No. 400095 ID: b0d466

Yeah, talking to the doctor first is probably a good move here
No. 400108 ID: 6a5a08

Show the letter to Nin, an explain how he had ordered you letter o be burned anyways. "He cares nothing for his people, or anyone besides himself. All he wants is to create his ideal order, and any who resist or cease to be of use are disposed of. I want a world where all are equal. Whether this is chaos or order is irrelevant. It is the cause I believe in."
Ask if she would like to join you. If she refuses, offer to let her return to Abel's Land to deliver you and the doctor's letters.
No. 400136 ID: 3947e9

leave nin alone for now
No. 400137 ID: ed57e8

wut? she already figured out he doesn't care about her.
No. 400151 ID: 7c31d2

So, anyone else here thing Abel is another chaos golem?
No. 400152 ID: c4a1fc

Nah, Order golem sounds more likely, what with the whole "us and Abel are polar opposites' thing we have going. Besides, shouldn't this be in the questdis?
No. 400279 ID: 97486c
File 133412131945.png - (99.28KB , 550x550 , 754.png )

You decide to send another letter, this time is is engraved in steel and sealed within a stone box. You ask the Doctor for another copy of his note and if he prefers it here or not. He says he doesn't particularly care where he is so long as he can work.

Nin seems loyal enough for now so there's no need to upset her further.

As you send back the note, along with previous copies and a another one from the Doctor Styx approaches you.

>"My lord... This seems a bit childish."

"I refuse to be insulted like this Styx."
No. 400280 ID: 97486c
File 133412135882.png - (90.91KB , 550x550 , 755.png )

You wait and a few moments later you receive a reply written in a larger iron tablet.

Dear Overlord,

I'm sure the bit of metal you used to make your last note must have cost your kingdom dearly so here is a small chunk back. I would give you more but I think it would be an insult to send metal that my men had ripped from your former form's citadel back to you, I'm sure you can understand.
The cure you mention in your last letter is rather interesting but I can assure you that the Doctor can just as easily perform any needed operation here. Not only are we better funded but he will not have to worry about any dirt contaminating his work area.
Now I do agree that it is best for you if we're simply neighbors rather then enemies, this is why I have given you the gift of a warrior (which I am sure has at least doubled your army), but I still want my Doctor back.
I'm very hopeful he will be returned soon enough unless you would rather I pick him up myself.

Signed, Abel.

No. 400281 ID: 673411

If he is willing to let the doctor continue their research, this would make a good opportunity to work together. With funding and help from two sides, the task could potentially be accomplished more quickly.
No. 400283 ID: b85f8c

Alright, that's that. Moving on.

Hmm. We don't have any pressing issues now do we? How about we go somewhere new? Pull up the map again.
No. 400284 ID: b85f8c

Wait, who's that on the stairs?
No. 400285 ID: b0d466

So, who else wants to start asking other allies opinions about this jerk-face Abel?
No. 400286 ID: 431fa8

Hrm. We need to change our shoulderpad to use our new icon.

In any case, we've told Abel what's going on here; there is no need to continue indulging in this exchange of messages. We have other matters to worry about, and for all Abel's threats there is some time yet before he will move to reclaim the doctor.

Who is that on the stairs? What are they up to?
No. 400287 ID: b09357

Ok, you know what, we got what we needed from him, the guy doesn't mind going back and Abel, while an ass, is making a reasonable request to have somebody who works for him returned.

Of course there are undercurrents here, but this isn't worth Abel coming to ruin your shit. Even if we can take him (which I doubt), the battle would surely undo to the castle what you have been working on, and put your people at risk.

Give him back, let him work from the land of Abel and go bitchslap Abel in a few years.
No need to be stupid and hung up with pride.
No. 400290 ID: 673411

Do we have a way to let the doctor get in contact with us if something goes wrong? If so, make sure it gets applied. If not, try to get a way quickly.
No. 400291 ID: 97486c
File 133412277283.png - (224.60KB , 550x905 , 756.png )


Anyway there is no need to continue this pointless squabble. You will keep the Doctor until Abel is close to invading your land.

There is no one there.

Anyway there is much of the land you have yet to explore. With no other pressing issues you pull out a map of the lands.
No. 400292 ID: b0d466

I like the sound of ???
No. 400293 ID: b85f8c

Sure, let's find out what that is.
No. 400295 ID: 431fa8

That can probably be accomplished more effectively by asking our minions than by going there, though.
No. 400305 ID: 49d4d7

I'd rather go for Violet Shore. Back in Chapter2 it sounded like a pretty good place to get some money.
No. 400307 ID: fcf88e

That warring spot may be a good place to check out. If they have armies that can duke it out with each other, unifying them and putting them under our rule may be a great way to bolster our forces.
No. 400321 ID: 6e44d2

Man, Abel sure was condescending in his last letter. He implied us poor, implied our conditions dirty, and implied our army small. He also threatened invasion. Kind of a tosser.

Anyway, yeah, go somewhere. I dunno.
No. 400326 ID: bb0c2f

Gift of a warrior? Is he speaking about the ninja, or is that some other warrior? Perhaps the one we glimpsed on the stairs?
No. 400327 ID: 923fca

Was Meagan. Baby Spine Ravager, remember? It probably lacks fully developed ravagers, but its going through the motions.

you know, like teething. Meagan will be fine.
No. 400330 ID: 70591e


it's Nin. Meagan seems to pull all kinds of wierd creepers out of her ass, so I assume it's nothing to do with Abel.


sure, this.
No. 400346 ID: 6a5a08

Land of Trials
No. 400351 ID: 3947e9

Remain goal oriented.

1. Conquer territory / people: We already have one territory (the tribesman), and the potential for another (the slimes territory + cured plague-spreaders). The cured plaguespreaders could also have a safe haven for cancer mages who don't want to harm people (in theory they couldn't reinfect them). Acquiring the other moon child orbs from abel's allies would weaken them (no 500GP super healing item/day stipdend) and give us the population needed to restart their tribe under our patronage.
2. Level up soldiers (quality over quantity).
3. Get a bunch of money to upgrade your body to max (level 20 equivalent) should really be done ASAP.
No. 400353 ID: 3947e9

... tell the chaos imp to finish megan's creature containment lab before the garden, please!
No. 400429 ID: 0f1a12

Lets check out ???
No. 400450 ID: 6a5a08

??? is probably the final boss zone full of things that will slaughter us.
We should head to the Land of Trials or the Wilds to train more. Then we can go to the Cave of Memories once we don't suck.
No. 400483 ID: 97486c
File 133420880431.png - (126.43KB , 550x550 , 757.png )

There is little use in revisiting old lands. They become dull after a while. Now is the time for a new land, one that is not even named on the map.

You teleport to ???.

You find yourself on the shore of the island. Inside there is a dense dark forest. You hear sounds all around you but most come from the forest. As you take a step to the trees the sounds suddenly stop.
No. 400484 ID: b0d466

Don't move, see if the sounds return.

If they do, take another step.
No. 400487 ID: 431fa8

Did we seriously just come here without so much as asking our advisers about it? God dammit. That's what they're there for. What's the point of gathering up knowledgeable people if we don't use them?
No. 400490 ID: b85f8c

Oh dear. There may be a reason why nobody's been here. I say bring up the battle map to see how strong stuff is around here.

Then we probably warp back to base after discovering everything is like level 30.
No. 400491 ID: ed57e8

IS there a battle map?
No. 400495 ID: fcf88e

Why did we go to the unknown island with no name? The last revealed place was pretty much meant for level 10 and up.

Check the area carefully and be ready for anything.
No. 400500 ID: 70591e

dive headfirst into the forest with no regard to the consequences of this action whatsoever.
No. 400511 ID: 3947e9

Stand very still and observe, be ready to teleport away.
No. 400535 ID: 97486c
File 133422362143.png - (58.04KB , 550x550 , 758.png )

There doesn't seem to be one. That means that there is no one here or simply no fighters..

You stand still for a moment and soon the sounds return.
You take another step..

You take another one.
Still nothing.

You eventually find yourself traveling into the woods. The trees cast heavy shadow on the area. You can't see very well..
All around you there are signs of life. A snapped branch, some overturned leaves, and every once in a while a faint whisper.
No. 400539 ID: 6e44d2

I think you need the ninja to do the stealthy thing here. There are probably elves or some shit hiding from you. Find them.
No. 400540 ID: b85f8c

Go "Hello?"
No. 400544 ID: 97486c
File 133422775088.png - (63.08KB , 550x550 , 759.png )


You hear a shuffle and feel something pressed against your neck.

No. 400545 ID: b85f8c

"Am I trespassing?"
No. 400546 ID: e3f578

"While you managed to have a sword against my neck and I can barely see you, you're posture looks flawed. You can't possibly be carrying your weight well to use that sword effectively, and fighting like this would be awkward.

I am also interested in your ability to fight without a battle screen, granted this may not be a truly offensive action and trigger but still, I dunno. If that happens, you're posture won't matter, but it's not of a high level warrior."
No. 400547 ID: 46c430


Not this.
No. 400552 ID: 256d52


Less is more. Do that.
No. 400553 ID: 97486c
File 133423033427.png - (42.74KB , 550x550 , 760.png )

"Am I trespassing?"

>"..... What does that word mean?"

You're a bit taken aback.

"It... Means entering someone's land without permission."

>"... You can have my permission if you tell me what you are doing here."

"Nothing. I am simply an explorer. I noticed this place had no name on my map so I decided to come see it for myself."

>"Jahall Saer"

"Excuse me?"

>"That is the name of this place."

"I see, thank you."

You feel her pull her blade back a bit.

>"Forgive me. We don't get many visitors. It's been a while since I-we've ever even spoken to someone."

You try to move but you feel the blade press against you once more.

>"I did not give you permission yet."

"If you want I can just leave."

She stares for a moment.

>"... You have my permission. Just stay out of the village."

She pulls back her blade.

=Battle Map is now open.=
No. 400554 ID: b85f8c

Before we do anything, ask permission to hunt as well.

Also mention that you are for hire if she or her village have any problems that need solving.
No. 400555 ID: bb0c2f

Overlord, would you please tell the guardian that, while failing to determine his or her gender from outside appearance alone, the voices in your head nevertheless think him or her visually appealing? And they also wish to know his or her name.
No. 400559 ID: ed57e8

it says 'her' several times.

anyway. open dat up and see what haps.
No. 400560 ID: bb0c2f

Whoops, indeed it does.
Should we ask whether the village is easily recognizable as such?
No. 400561 ID: 70591e


sounds good.
No. 400569 ID: fcf88e

Welp, that is an elf if I have ever seen one. Open up the battle map and see what this place has to offer once we ask permission to hunt.
No. 400585 ID: 6e44d2

Also, we should invest in better eyes. See if Styx can provide some night vision or infrared or something.
No. 400618 ID: 97486c
File 133426808128.png - (113.13KB , 550x550 , 761.png )

"Do I have your permission to hunt in these lands as well?"

She considers this for a moment.


"Thank you. What is your name miss?"

>".... Rachael."

"Miss Rachael. If there are any missions available that you or your village have then I will be more then willing to complete them."

>".... If you can win a fight here I will consider it. Not against anything weak though."

"Very well then."

>"... Good luck stranger."

She vanishes into the woods.

The battle screen opens up.
Wow. Quite a few of these battles could tear you apart easily.
No. 400619 ID: 6e44d2

Let's go to some other place and grind EXP.
No. 400621 ID: 3ce5b2

Holy shit those are high numbers. Given its neighbors, I don't even trust that 5 to be defeatable very easily.

Thank her for the time and mention that you might need to regroup before tackling anything here. then pick somewheres else!
No. 400623 ID: fcf88e

Damn... that is one big ol' enemy group in that 96. Let's avoid it.

Honestly, we should test the waters with one of the 15-16s. The two 15s I see have their strongest creature at 6. Should be easy enough and we do need to level some of our units.
No. 400624 ID: ed57e8

No. 400625 ID: b0d466

Explore without fighting or entering the village???
No. 400628 ID: 886a4d

Either the 15 (1) or one of the 15(6). My guess the 92 is the village itself.
No. 400629 ID: 6a5a08

15(6) seeks non-impossible. Hopefully.
No. 400631 ID: 70591e

15 (15)

then sic Lilith to see what she's capable of.
No. 400641 ID: 96e0ea

Any of the 15(6) or the 16(5) is acceptable
No. 400642 ID: 67e689

So we're going to do the 92 (20), right? No? Why not? Good point. Perhaps after a while we could fight that 20(20).
No. 400647 ID: dbb7ff

No. 400649 ID: 3947e9

15(15) is a single creature whose level is 15... I like fighting single enemies so lets do that.
No. 400653 ID: fcf88e

I suggest against fighting singular high level enemies. The day eater was rather low, but he was very capable of wreaking our shit. Not only that, but we have no idea what type of monsters there are here. I'd rather not fight a level 15 or 20 equivalent of the Day Eater or what the Butler COULD have been.
No. 400655 ID: 6a5a08

Low levels like that are deceiving, as they usually have a dangerous gimmick. Remember when we found Nix? And the Demon Mirror? Only reason the Mirror's charm didn't turn us on each other was because we brought the healer, the rebel, and the main character.
No. 400667 ID: f70e5e

I say we hit the 15 (6), most of our units are above level six so we should be able to beat it.
No. 400708 ID: 97486c
File 133429200244.png - (238.19KB , 769x627 , 762.png )

You decide to take the 15(6).

Battle Start

Ghoul Lv6
Ghoul Lv5
Ghoul Lv4

Placement Phase
No. 400709 ID: ed57e8

hmmm... nix could be good. depends if biting her causes horrible thing to the bite-ee. but she would also be immune to the effects of zombification. keep her protected and kass' healing should be devastating
and... let's have emily.
No. 400710 ID: 431fa8

Can we deploy six units, one per space? I'm thinking Rose, Emily, Nix in the front and Ruby, Kassandra, Lun in back. Might as well hit them hard.
No. 400712 ID: 97486c

Unit limit is 3
No. 400717 ID: b85f8c

Before battle, ask Lenion if she's interested in this fight. We haven't been giving her as many fights as we should.

Let's put in Kassandra, Lun, and Meagan. Just cuz.
No. 400726 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord is front and center and scans first turn, this is standard procedure.
Nix to Overlord's right, Kass behind Nix.
No. 400728 ID: fcf88e

Ruby, Kass, and Nix would be a good idea. Ruby can double cast fire and hopefully kill them quick.KAss's holy magic can also be painful to them and Nix can act as a buffer/defensive line.

Overlord or Emily can also serve as front line as well. Either way, Ruby and Kass should equip angel rings either way.
No. 400756 ID: 252e1b


This is a good plan. Let's use it.
No. 400765 ID: 97486c
File 133430320660.png - (258.17KB , 769x627 , 763.png )

You decide to send out Kassandra, Meagan, and Nix.

>Meagan: "What..? You want me to fight? Hmph... If I have to."

Your move.
No. 400768 ID: b85f8c

Meagan: Scatter and put Runes on ALL OF THEM. Except for the ones that our allies are about to step on I suppose.
Nix: Move to the upper-right of Meagan to attack that zombie in front.
Kassandra: Move behind Nix and cast Group Heal on all the zombies. Hehehheh.
No. 400778 ID: fcf88e

At the moment, treat this as a fighting retreat. We do not know their speed, but it should be 3. Keep a 4 space gap between us until we are ready.

Kass use group heal on zombies, move back three.
Meagan: Charge runes, move back 3.
Nix, move back 3.

Pages don't damage allies and be sure Kass and Meg have angel rings on.
No. 400779 ID: 3947e9

For the love of all that's holy scan the enemies with overlord first thing.

Ghoul is a type of undead and after plague bearers, cancer mages, aging spells, and other oddities we fought I want to see if enemies have a "fuck us over" ability.

If they have an FUA (Fuck You Ability) then retreat before they can use it, if they don't then fight.
No. 400797 ID: b85f8c

We cannot scan with Overlord as he is not in the battle. You are being dumb again.
No. 400805 ID: 3947e9

WTF, overlord was just there hunting in the forest... so let me get this straight, we teleported him back to the castle before teleporting other units in to fight enemies with unknown abilities that might infect them with god knows what since we refuse to scan our enemies before fighting them?
No. 400808 ID: 70591e


stop being not excellent to each other, man.


sounds good, but Nix might as well throw a spit grenade at 'em.
No. 400825 ID: 6a5a08

This is why I said we put Overlord in the battle.

Can Meagan do some kind of Explanation of the enemies?
No. 400836 ID: edf7c9

It can be fun sometimes to face the unknown.

Anyway, Meagan may not know everything. Remember she is a demonologist, not an undeadologist.
No. 400837 ID: ed57e8

nix, the melee unit. is immune to their crap because she is already infected with a worse virus.
No. 400863 ID: b85f8c

Overlord is there, but outside the battle. He has to be in the battle to scan. This is a very simple concept.

Anyway, and this is directed to everyone- Overlord doesn't gain exp from a fight. We should only use him in missions against special enemies or those who have an enemy we want to recruit.

Besides, these are just undead. At worst, they can inflict our units with Zombie. That *is* an annoying status ailment and lasts after battle, but we have the doctor at base, and he'd definitely be able to cure it. Perhaps for a fee, but still.
No. 400891 ID: 3947e9

>We should use him against every UNIQUE enemy we have yet to face so we can use scan.
No. 400902 ID: b85f8c

When was the last time we saw the same enemy twice? I think only the slime queen fight had any return enemies.
No. 400958 ID: 97486c
File 133436981472.png - (276.33KB , 769x627 , 764.png )

Meagan charges her mana then scatters the pages of her book and casts Cursed Runes costing her 1 MP.
Nix moves up and slashes the closest Ghoul dealing 24 dmg!
Kassandra moves and casts Group Heal on the two not attacked ghouls dealing 20 dmg a piece! She loses 2 MP.
No. 400959 ID: 97486c
File 133437002059.png - (273.94KB , 769x627 , 765.png )

The Ghouls move in to attack.
Even with their limited intelligence they know to avoid the seemingly innocent pieces of paper on the ground.
One attack Kassandra dealing 23 dmg! The Power Armor absorbs most of the attack taking the dmg down to 13. Kassandra is near death!

Two attack Nix dealing a total of 40 dmg! Her Plate Armor absorbs a bit of the damage making it 35dmg.
No. 400965 ID: 4bdd79

This is bad. Very bad.

Meagan: Take one step to your left.
Kassandra: Stand where Meagan was. Group-heal Nix and yourself.
Nix: Same as last round, keep attacking that one ghoul.
No. 400966 ID: 97486c

Front Ghoul has 51 HP remaining
The one to the left has 40 and the last one has 45
No. 400967 ID: 256d52

Sketchy asked me to pass on his suggestion since he can't post:
kass, down one, left two, summon demi angel and hope for "cure all". Nix, attack again, then left two down one. meagan...second verse, same as the first.
No. 400971 ID: 256d52

I'd say Kass retreat and cast group heal on herself and Nix, Nix attack the same ghoul and then pull back and Meagan cast Aer and then position somewhere she can lay down as many new pages as possible without getting ganged up on.

Scattering those pages everywhere is going to create a spectacular mess!
No. 400972 ID: b85f8c

Kassandra: move left of Meagan and use Group Heal on you and Nix.
Meagan: Use up the non-diagonal pages to Sharpen Words.
Nix: Try coating your blade in Paralyzation poison before attacking with it. Hit the lowest-hp ghoul.
No. 400974 ID: fcf88e

...why did we just move Kass only one square? They are MELEE UNITS! They would have tank hp and good melee damage! Move the units down and to the left. Force them to get onto the squares with paper. Be sure to heal up.

Remember. We have healing POTIONS. Potions use up the item action so we can still move and act.
No. 400981 ID: edf7c9

Do our units trigger the mines? I'm going to assume they don't.

Have Kass retreat across the mines and heal herself and Nix.

Meagan should go down one, so she is standing on the mid-far mine. This allows her to spread more mines next turn if need be, and not likely be exposed to attack.

Nix, step down one, to the next mine, and attack the nearest Ghoul. This way, only one side is exposed unless they step on a mine.
No. 400994 ID: 97486c
File 133438264398.png - (373.49KB , 900x627 , 766.png )

Meagan moves.


The pages fly around her. 2 of them strike a nearby Ghoul dealing a massive 40dmg! The Ghoul is brought down to 5 HP!
Another page flies and hits a Ghoul dealing 20dmg! The Ghoul is brought down to 20HP.
Nix coats her blade in Paralyzing Spit but misses her attack.

Kassandra falls back.

>"H-help us, Angel!"

The Demi Angel appears and casts Cure All bringing her and Nix back to full HP!
Meagan is unaffected.
No. 400996 ID: 97486c
File 133438308367.png - (280.00KB , 769x627 , 767.png )

The three Ghouls surround Nix and attack.
2 of the attacks hit and deal 20dmg a piece. Her armor absorbs 10dmg making the total 30dmg.
The last attack misses.
No. 400999 ID: 04b86a

Nix: Use a potion on yourself and attack the highest hp ghoul.
Kassandra: Move a space to the right and use Magical Beam!
No. 401000 ID: 256d52

The Power Armour's Magical Beam shoots all enemies in a 5 block line, right?

I think it's time for the Magical Beam!
No. 401001 ID: b85f8c

Looks like we won.
Kassandra: Heal Group on the two closest Ghouls.
Nix: Finish off that 20-hp one.
Meagan: Uh... you could... no I guess you can't really do much except Scatter pages again. Maybe Sharpen Words with them afterwards, just to see it.
No. 401008 ID: b85f8c

Uh if we're using Magical Beam! we should use it on a line of enemies. In which case nix would want to kill the zombie on the right.
No. 401010 ID: fcf88e

I'd suggest against the beam. Save it for the last ghoul if it survives. Group heal can kill two of the ghouls easily and we can lure the other near the untriggered pages.

Make sure Nix drinks a potion as well. Got to keep her healthy.
No. 401011 ID: b85f8c

Actually Nix is mostly-immortal so drinking a potion wouldn't be really necessary at this stage in the battle.
No. 401012 ID: fcf88e

A potion means if we fumble or they crit, Nix isn't sent scattered across the forest floor. NEVER forget that the die can hate just as easily as it loves you.
No. 401013 ID: 97486c
File 133438723459.png - (269.16KB , 769x627 , 768.png )

Kassandra casts Group Heal taking out the two weakened Ghouls in one hit!
Nix attacks the one near her dealing 25 dmg!
Meagan casts Sharpen Words making the nearest pages become a blade.
No. 401014 ID: 97486c
File 133438738816.png - (244.41KB , 769x627 , 769.png )

The last Ghoul moves and spits up some goo on Kassandra.
Kassandra has been inflicted with Zombie!
No. 401015 ID: 6a5a08

Nix and Meagan: Attack.
Kass: Move back into the corner.
No. 401016 ID: b85f8c

Goddamn it I thought that other one had 5 hp, not 51 hp.

Nix, Meagan: slice it up.
Kassandra: Smack it with a Heal.

Let's see how much the doctor charges to cure Zombie.
No. 401017 ID: 04b86a

Aww, he zombified her. :(
No. 401025 ID: 6f9630

Kass, use your pain, your love and all your feelings in a BEAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!'1111Q!!!!
The other two of you, watch and help finish the guy off if it misses.
No. 401026 ID: 3947e9

>Kassandra has been inflicted with Zombie
At least we have a doctor
No. 401027 ID: fcf88e

The doctor can stop the plague. Not that sure about zombie. We do know that the wizard tower can sell us the cure though.
No. 401037 ID: 70591e

I for one have always wanted to have an undead healer.
No. 401047 ID: ed57e8

plague is WORSE then zombie. is why nix is immune to zombie.
No. 401501 ID: 97486c
File 133452344683.png - (54.09KB , 550x550 , 770.png )

Meagan slashes dealing 100 dmg! The Ghoul is instantly killed and the battle won.
Kassandra is sent back to base to be healed. G100 of the gold you'd won in the battle is used up to heal her leaving you with G50.
No. 401502 ID: 97486c
File 133452355022.png - (94.27KB , 550x318 , 771.png )

You return back to the battle screen and see the field is still mostly the same.
You could continue fighting or return to Rachael, though you're not entirely certain where she is.
No. 401503 ID: ed57e8

i doubt a few ghouls is strong enough for her
20(5) next
No. 401505 ID: 673411

I'd avoid returning to her until we've beat one of the squares with level 10 monsters at least.
No. 401506 ID: 70591e

do a 16 (5).
No. 401507 ID: b85f8c

That fight was pretty tough... but sure, let's go for a 20(5). It'll probably have a 4-unit limit rather than 3. If it doesn't we can just back out.
No. 401512 ID: 886a4d

Lets take out the level 20 thats soloing. That probably would satisfy her wish you kill something strong.
No. 401513 ID: b85f8c

Are you mad? Generally we have to use the same number of units as the enemy, so it'd be 1v1... We'd have to send in Shanah unless we have a perfect matchup.
No. 401522 ID: 886a4d

We have the butler too. Hes under our command.
No. 401532 ID: fcf88e

The butler is under Lilith's command, not ours. I also suggest against fighting one level 20. We would lose someone regardless and using our strong units won't level up or strengthen our weaker units.

Stick with the 15-18 range for now in terms of encounter level.
No. 401533 ID: 81b336

No. 401534 ID: 04b86a

That 20(5) sounds doable.
No. 401536 ID: 6a5a08

16 (5) or 20 (5)
Nothing over level 10 yet. Our guys need to work their way up or they'll level up on way higher units, and then the weaker ones won't give any Exp.
No. 401539 ID: 97486c
File 133452867854.png - (168.24KB , 769x400 , 772.png )

You decide to take on the 20(5)

Battle Start, Placement Phase.
Ghoul x 3
Ghoul Lord

Limit: 4 units.
Kassandra is still being healed.
No. 401540 ID: 2fe09b

Overlord, to scan the Ghoul Lord and fight without fear of zombie status

Alice, because she can stay out of ghoul range and continually deal damage

Meagan, because she was pretty badass before

Rose, to kill them with fire?
No. 401541 ID: b85f8c

Switch out Lenion for Meagan, so we can Tame the ghoul lord.
No. 401545 ID: ed57e8

you mean ruby
No. 401553 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord, Lenion, Alice, and Ruby.
No. 401578 ID: 70591e

Overlord, Emily and Rose because they have team abilities, and Lenion to tame the overmook.
No. 401579 ID: b85f8c

Okay, clarifying the positions I'd like: Overlord and Lenion should be in the left front row, alice and ruby should be behind them.
No. 401582 ID: b85f8c

Okay, clarifying the positions I'd like: Overlord and Lenion should be in the left front row, alice and ruby should be behind them.

Also let's send out some other units to hunt in low-level areas. Pair up Lun and Emily in a team, specifically. Also send Shana out to a mid-level area where it'd be trivial for her, just so we can get some moolah. Tell her not to fight anything that requires dark mana to beat, or has a chance of killing her. She is not to use dark mana at all for this mission.
No. 401586 ID: 97486c
File 133453681963.png - (187.67KB , 769x400 , 773.png )

You send out Lun and Emily, and Shana out to fight some low-mid level monsters with very specific instructions for Shana.

Your units get into position, your move.
No. 401591 ID: 4bdd79

Alice uses Blitz on the ghoul lord.
Overlord shoots the ghoul lord if he can, otherwise he just shoots the nearest ghoul.
Ruby uses Flare on the ghoul lord if it's still alive. Otherwise, she uses it on the nearest ghoul.
Lenion attacks the nearest ghoul.

The Rape Train has no brakes.
No. 401592 ID: 70591e

everyone focus on one unit at a time. Overlord and Lenion move one space up and attack left ghoul. if it lives, Ruby casts flare and charges mana. if it still lives, Alice flies up and shoots it.

if the currently targeted ghoul dies during this turn, switch to attacking the middle ghoul.
No. 401595 ID: 3ce5b2

Guessing the leftmost ghoul is on the rightmost of the two squares he appears to be standing on? I'm also guessing the ghoul lord can heal the regular ghouls. We might want to try to push our way around and attack the ghoul lord directly. but I guess that's situational.
for now, let's do this, but overlord scan
No. 401599 ID: 6a5a08

No. 401600 ID: b85f8c

First, everyone move 1 square left to get in the corner so that we can guard our squishies. Except Alice, she should move up 3.
Lenion should use a slime attack of some sort on the far right ghoul to lock it in place so it can't get at our units!
Overlord should Scan the Ghoul Lord.
Alice should use Rapid shot on the ghoul on the left, Ruby should double-cast Fire Armor and Flare- on herself and the left ghoul respectively.
No. 401604 ID: 04b86a

Let's SCAN them before we do anything else.
No. 401607 ID: b85f8c

Oh, that's true, we can scan before committing to a battle plan.
No. 401609 ID: 97486c
File 133454298986.png - (187.66KB , 769x400 , 774.png )

You cast Scan!

Ghoul Lord Lv 5 Elder Ghoul

Is a Zombie.

Immune to Poison, Zombie, Paralyze, Charm and any other mind altering effects.
Can not be damaged while any ally ghouls are on the field besides a Ghoul Lord or Lich.
Unded Revival: MP 3 Revives a fallen Ghoul at full strength.
Desecrate: MP2 Turns target into a Ghoul. Requires a roll of 17 or higher to succeed.
Poison Goo: Shoots a poisonous goo at the opponent. The opponent becomes Badly Poisoned.
Zombie: MP2 Inflicts Zombie.
Boo!: MP2 Inflicts Fear.

Regeneration Rank 1: 10% HP Regen per round.

HP: 80
Atk: 20
Spd: 3

Immune to the same things as a Ghoul Lord

Zombie Goo: Has a chance to inflict Zombie, Poison, or Paralyze.
No. 401615 ID: b85f8c

Oh jeez. This is bad. We should wear all the ghouls down until we can kill them on the same round.

Anyway like I said, everyone but Alice go left 1. Alice go up 3 instead.
Lenion: Use a Demi Slime attack on the far right ghoul, so it can't get at Ruby ever ever ever.
Alice: Light Arrow +10 on the far left ghoul.
Ruby: Double-cast, use Fire Armor on self, Flare on the center ghoul.
No. 401616 ID: 6a5a08

To note, Alice fly up, not move forward.
No. 401618 ID: 04b86a

>Can not be damaged while any ally ghouls
>Revives a fallen Ghoul
>Turns target into a Ghoul. 20% Chance of success.

Okaaay... Assuming we want to fight, our best shot is for us to destroy all three ghouls and the ghoul lord in a single turn, so that there's no chance of revival.

Alice: Equip the demon wings, fly up three spaces, and shoot the center ghoul with a +10 light arrow.
Ruby: Charge, and double-cast Flare on the ghoul on the left.
Lenion: Use a demi-slime on the ghoul on the right.
No. 401619 ID: 6a5a08

This actually, Ruby should focus on massacring everything rather than armor. Lenion can stop the ghoul on the left from moving into line-of-sight to zombify her with a slime.
No. 401622 ID: 04b86a

Hmm... Yeah, that's a good idea, if not for the reasons you described (squishy wizard is squishy, and since the Overlord can't move this turn we can't use your formation). Have Lenion use the demi-slime on the left ghoul, and have Ruby attack the right ghoul. I just realized the left one is too close to magic, anyway.
No. 401630 ID: e3f578

I don't think a single RPG game has ever designed a boss fight this unfair, let alone a random battle.

Ruby: Weep in the fetal position
Lenion: Go on a tantrum
Alice: Continue as normal
Overlord: Attempt Diplomacy with Ghoul Lord
No. 401631 ID: 70591e


you never fought Omega, huh. lemme tell you this is nothing. we will ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH


this is a good idea. I guess we'll have to wear them all down equally instead of focusing on one at a time.

Ruby should fire up everyone's weapons so when the ghoul lord is revealed and everyone attacks it, we do max. damage at one turn.
No. 401634 ID: f70e5e

sounds like a plan.
No. 401638 ID: 673411

This is, at best, a 23 on the unfair scale of boos fights.

where 1 is fair, and 100 is most unfair.

Go with this. If nothing else, we need to drop two ghouls at a time, minimum.
No. 401658 ID: edf7c9

I just finished beating all three Etrian Odyssey games. All the random fights are this hard. No bitching.

Keep in mind, the Ghoul lord can only resurrect one ghoul per turn, so we wear down the three ghouls and take them all down on the same turn, and hopefully take a shot at the boss. If he manages to resurrect one, that uses up his turn, and lets us kill off the rezzed ghoul and attack him again, not to mention it will burn his mana. We should be fine, we just have to use some potions perhaps. Don't be afraid of consumables.
No. 401684 ID: 97486c
File 133456141870.png - (193.49KB , 769x400 , 775.png )

Alice uses Light Arrow and fires but misses.

Ruby can not reach the Ghoul on her left so she cast Double Flare on the Ghoul to her right after charging mana dealing 50dmg!

Lenion uses a Demi-Slime attack dealing 23dmg to the Ghoul on her left and leaving it stuck for 2 rounds!
No. 401685 ID: 97486c
File 133456169959.png - (195.76KB , 769x400 , 776.png )

The middle Ghoul moves and attacks you dealing 20dmg! The Goldeon Armor negates some of the damage making the dmg only 15.
The Right Ghoul attacks Lenion and crit hits dealing 40dmg! Lenion growls and shrugs off the attack reducing the dmg to 20!
The left Ghoul stands there and does nothing.

Ghoul Lord casts Fear on Alice! Alice no longer wants to attack the Ghoul Lord!
No. 401686 ID: 97486c

The Left Ghoul is actually stuck for 4 rounds not 2
No. 401688 ID: 6f9630

Alice: Attack the unwounded ghoul.
Ruby: Use Fire on the same ghoul
Overlord: Move one step to the left and attack the same ghoul.
Lenion: Move one step to the left and attack the Right ghoul
No. 401690 ID: 6f9630

By right ghoul, I mean the one that took 50 dmg
No. 401694 ID: b85f8c

Ruby: Move 3 right and cast double Flare on that leftmost ghoul.
Overlord: Move 1 right and 1 down then shoot the ghoul in front. This moves it out of range of attacking Ruby.
Lenion: Don't bother moving, just whip the 'center' ghoul.
Alice: Dark+10 the 'center' ghoul using Lenion's hp.

All ghouls should have quite low hp at this point.
No. 401700 ID: 04b86a

Alice: Move one square right and one square up and fire one arrow at the Ghoul in front of the Overlord.
Ruby: Walk two squares to the right and then cast flare and fire on the top left Ghoul.
Overlord: Attack the Ghoul in front of you.
Lenion: Sacrifice another demi-slime to stick the Ghoul in front of you.

We're probably going to need Ruby to attack the Ghoul Lord, so we should avoid letting her get below 2 MP.
No. 401711 ID: 70591e

just... reduce all the ghoulds to minimum HP without killing them unless you can kill all three of them. I'm too sleep-deprived for this shit.
No. 401749 ID: 7e3704

Just flee. Even if we somehow manage to kill all three ghouls in the same turn, we have one turn to kill the ghoul lord before he starts the goddamn train on us again, and alice won't even be helping in that endeavor. and killing all three in one turn is going to be ridiculously difficult anyway.
No. 401750 ID: ed57e8

if we kill all three only one can be fixed a turn. we can keep them dead until it burns out it's HP.
No. 401774 ID: e440a4

but as soon as it resurrects a single ghoul, it's back to being invulnerable until we kill that ghoul again, and it's likely going to be able to resurrect the other ghouls before we manage to do that since each ghoul has 80 HP.
No. 401786 ID: b85f8c

Uh guys the Ghoul Lord has 20 hp. Any of our units could kill it in one shot.
No. 401791 ID: ed57e8

it will also run out of MP. can't cast res all day.
No. 401872 ID: 97486c
File 133462982833.png - (192.43KB , 769x400 , 777.png )

Alice moves and fires at one of the ghouls and hits dealing 40dmg with her dark arrow!
Overlord shoots at another one but misses!
Ruby charges mana and casts Double Flare on the ghoul Overlord missed dealing 50 dmg!
Lenion whips a nearby one dealing 23 dmg!

7HP for L Ghoul.
40HP for M Ghoul.
7HP for R Ghoul.

All three ghouls miss their next attack..
The Ghoul Lord casts Boo! Ruby is no longer willing to attack it.

Your move.
No. 401875 ID: 431fa8

Alice: Dark +15 the center ghoul using Overlord's HP to kill it.
Ruby: Fire on both the left ghoul and the right ghoul to kill them.
Overlord: Attempt to kill any ghouls that someone missed and thus didn't kill.
Lenion: With all ghouls dead, move forward three and whip the Ghoul Lord to death.
No. 401883 ID: 6f9630

This then. With the caveat that if anyone of the ghouls is still up, Len whips em down.
No. 401885 ID: 70591e


and if nobody missed, Overlord kills the ghoul lord.
No. 401890 ID: b85f8c

This should work, yeah. Though actually if Alice misses her dark arrow shot then we're kinda boned, and it misses 45% of the time. I suggest she uses Blitz instead. She needs to hit twice to do 40 damage, and that has a 36.8% chance to not happen, which is better.
No. 401896 ID: 97486c
File 133463518427.png - (195.22KB , 769x400 , 778.png )

Alice fires a barrage of arrows at the center ghoul dealing a total of 100dmg! It dies (again) instantly.

>"Stay dead."

Overlord moves and shoots another ghoul killing it.
Ruby casts Flare on the last one.

Lenion moves up and whips the Ghoul Lord dealing 23 dmg, killing it!
No. 401897 ID: 97486c
File 133463530899.png - (59.87KB , 550x550 , 779.png )

Ruby and Lenion gained a level!
Once defeated the ghouls crumble away, unable to be tamed.

>Lenion: "Matters not. I do not want zombie people anyway."
No. 401898 ID: 97486c
File 133463540257.png - (92.77KB , 550x318 , 780.png )

It seems that unlike the other battle areas the one here remains unchanged.
You can fight once more or try and find Rachael.

Kassandra is healed!
Emily and Lun return to the castle having gained 1 level each and G200!
Shana returns to the castle with G500!
No. 401899 ID: f70e5e

lets go find Rachael. it seems there is nothing but ghouls to fight here.
No. 401900 ID: 431fa8

Hrm. One more battle, I think; let's see a 16(5). That'll probably be a four-person battle; plan on bringing Overlord, Kassandra, and Silva. We don't fight alongside Silva enough.

While we do that, send Shana, Ruby/Lenion, Emily/Alice, Solaris/Nix, and Lun/Rose out hunting elsewhere. Might as well bring in some income.
No. 401901 ID: ed57e8

find rachael, and ask if this place is nothing but ghouls.
No. 401904 ID: b85f8c

Let's find Rachael. I tire of fighting ghouls.
No. 401905 ID: 3d39ed

Second, we really need to level up our minions.
No. 401917 ID: d7f7ba

I agree. We've not been using Silva at all.
No. 401919 ID: 6e44d2

No. 401922 ID: 97486c
File 133463969968.png - (84.02KB , 550x550 , 781.png )

You tire of fighting but agree that others should gain some levels. You send the ones listed out to gain some experience and gold.
In the meantime you search for Rachael.

She is not where you last met her so you wander around for a while.

After some walking you hear her voice.

>"-- beat them then he's worth possibly being found. Thanks again for the bread, no one makes it quite like you Liana."

She doesn't seem to notice you. You move a bit closer and see her near a store.
Now that you see her out of the shadows you wonder what kind of creature is she..
No. 401924 ID: ed57e8

you were warned not to enter the village. so stay 'outside' the village.
No. 401925 ID: b0d466

Remember to stay out of the village! You haven't gotten permission to enter yet.

Just wait a bit, don't try to conceal yourself or anything, and she'll probably come up to you if she's done with her business in the village.
No. 401931 ID: 70591e

clear your throat.
No. 401932 ID: b85f8c

Agreed, stay outside the village.
No. 401941 ID: 6f9630

Is there a road leading out of the village? If there is , just rest beside the road and wait for Racheal to talk to you
No. 401945 ID: 6a5a08

Stay out of the village area.
No. 401969 ID: 9beecc

Is she delivering a basket of goodies to her grandmother? because that is awesome.

>what kind of creature is she..
No. 401977 ID: 6e44d2

Scan her. That'll tell you.
No. 402096 ID: 97486c
File 133471957382.png - (83.95KB , 550x550 , 782.png )

You decide to cast Scan

Rachael Lv None of your business

Skills and ablilities:

???: Permission. It's very rude.

She looks over at you.

>"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I defeated the monsters like you'd asked."

She looks over at the shopkeeper.

>"I'll tell grandmother you said hello."

She walks up to you with the basket still in her hands.
No. 402097 ID: 97486c
File 133471982323.png - (67.08KB , 550x550 , 783.png )

>"Did you now? Hmm.. Then maybe you are strong enough.. Tell me, have you heard of a man known as The Overlord?"

You are not quite sure how to approach this... Technically you are no longer that old form but you also are still the Overlord.
A white lie will do here.

"I've heard of him. Why?"

>"He lives on this island."

"What? 'The' Overlord? How do you know this?"

>"There is a symbol on his chest plate. It is the same symbol. That is all the proof I have however. Less then a year ago he came to this island and caused much sorrow. As the Lead Guard it was my job to defeat him but... If you could help me defeat the man my people will forever be in your debt."

This makes no sense.. You have no memory of coming here. And it seems the man is 'still' here.
No. 402098 ID: 2fe09b

Imposter, bro.

Agree to kill him, later reveal that imposters are annoying as fuck and you mean them no ill will.

Wither that or it's future - you and fuck, we are not getting into that shit.
No. 402099 ID: ed57e8

oh bitch, someone stole your name. BUT. it could be someone simply carrying on where we left off. could test them by asking things anyone that worked in our employ would know.
No. 402100 ID: 4a8986

maybe the other guy how helped you when the heros attacked the castle, the guy from the flashback?
No. 402102 ID: 299ed3

I would suggest asking for imposters location so we can find out who we are going up against before we commit to anything.
No. 402103 ID: b85f8c

Wait, this could be that guy that went missing after the battle. Agree to help her defeat him. Don't say "kill".
No. 402104 ID: e3f578

"That isn't the Overlord. The Overlord has been presumed dead, though now resurrected and gathering forces once more on the mainland, though with different priorities. The man you're referring to must be one of his old underlings high rank enough to earn a sigiled armor, or perhaps more simple, an imposter that took armor off a dead corpse."
No. 402105 ID: ed57e8

yeah no. let's not spoil things.
No. 402106 ID: 97486c
File 133472251342.png - (95.58KB , 550x318 , 784.png )

"Do you know any more about him."

She shakes her head and reaches into her nearly empty basket. She pulls out a Battle Map with one area circled.

>"All I do know is that he is here and is level 15. But beyond that I know little else.. Oh, avoid the Rank 92 area please. The beast that slumbers there is sacred to us."

The battle may be a bit difficult..
No. 402107 ID: ed57e8

ask what lvl she is, so we know what kind of support sh is bringing to the fight. if it's a mortal man lilith may get a chance.
No. 402109 ID: 97486c
File 133472451143.png - (95.36KB , 550x550 , 785.png )

"May I ask what level are you? I want to know what kind of support I'll have before fighting anyone."

>"All you needed to do was ask."

She pulls out her blade as her stats appear.

Skills and abilities-
Reprise- Turns any miss into a hit at the cost of 1AP, passive ability.
Parry- Possibly block an opponent's attack. Followed by Riposte.
Riposte -Deal x 2 dmg at opponent after a successful Parry. Costs 2AP
Appel- Inflicts Fear for 1 turn. Costs 1AP
Double- Attacks twice in 1 turn. Costs 2 AP

>"I'm a tough fighter but.. I tend to tire out quickly. You may use me in this battle however you want. However I must insist that we kill the man. I won't rest until I know his soul is burning in the underworld."
No. 402110 ID: f70e5e

"could you be more specific about what exactly he has done to deserve death?" after she responds too that, assuming his crimes are below the level of serial orphan murder say
"I will help you make sure he cannot harm anyone else, but i would prefer not to kill him. Life is precious and should not be taken lightly, and I feel that everyone deserves a chance at redemption."
No. 402112 ID: b85f8c

Well, alright, we'll kill him. I want to scout him out first though to see how many units he has. If he has like 5 units we have a chance of winning. The more units he has, the better off we are, because we will be able to put in more of our units as well.
No. 402113 ID: 04b86a

"I'd prefer to know what he's done before killing him, however since he has wronged your people I'm willing to submit to your judgement on the matter."

If we want, we can probably bring the Tribe Leader to the fight. Let's invite her before heading out.
No. 402116 ID: 6e44d2

We may want to recruit him. He may be a former underling of ours. I'd rather not take her along, so that we can talk to him openly. Tell her that you have no room in your roster for her class type. Time to go grind more levels. Also, get Styx to upgrade your body.
No. 402118 ID: 3734f6

"You seem trustworthy & a good person. But I cannot morally commit to killing someone without even meeting them."
"I do promise to ensure that I will stop those who would prey on your people"

There we go, full of loopholes. Takes the moral high ground. And allows us to go and enslave another powerful unit, possibly with a brainwipe thrown in for good measure.
No. 402121 ID: b85f8c

Err, wait, we just sent out a bunch of people to autohunt. We might want to wait for them to get back before we attempt this fight.
No. 402125 ID: fa9f7e

These sound good.
No. 402135 ID: ed57e8

uhh. guys. killing him with us in the battle will let us enslave. meaning killing him in the battle is what we have to do.
No. 402150 ID: 6a5a08

Don't refuse to bring her, but tell her some of your companions are still scattered about hunting on their own. Ask if she can wait through one more smaller battle before fighting the 'Overlord', to give them time to return. Ask if the 5(5) has any nasty tricks up it's sleeve, or if it would be suitable for this purpose.
No. 402151 ID: b0d466

Yeah, we should wait for our guys to return from autohunt.

Subjugate is an option too, guys~

Does the village have a shop, and may we have permission to shop there?

Does anyone else in the village/area know more about the opponent?
No. 402154 ID: 3734f6

I am pretty sure she will NOT accept this sort of technicality.
If we decide to subjugate then indeed we will kill and enslave him.
But I am pretty sure she wants him perma dead.
No. 402159 ID: ed57e8

and enslave is the only way to do that if his respawn is on the mortal plane. need to take him to the demon world to execute.
No. 402235 ID: 97486c
File 133479445577.png - (82.59KB , 550x550 , 786.png )

"Can you tell me what it is he did to deserve death?"

>".... I can not personally. But surely, having heard of the Overlord and his past deeds, you agree that he must die. Not only for the evil things he has done to this island and her people but for the world at large."

I can't really answer that in case she finds out who I really am later on.

"Well I still need to get ready before I fight him. Most of my troops are gone and I'd like to get some more help if that's fine with you."

She nods.

>"I understand. You can't simply jump into a battle like this."

"Is there a shop here that I can use."

>".... No, there are no shops."

"Weren't you just in one?"

>"I mean there are no shops you can use! You do not have my permission!"

"Okay okay. Is there anyone I can talk to here, perhaps?"

>"You're not allowed to enter here so no."

"Perhaps you can bring them out here?"

>"Stop asking me to do things for you! Go get the help you need and return here!" She looks off to the side, ".... Please! That means you have to now!"
No. 402236 ID: ed57e8

hahaha, okay get your units and let's be off, two pat strike, first hit is recon.
No. 402237 ID: b85f8c

...this seems a little suspicious.

Maybe you can ask Lilith to get Nin to scout out the place and see what's really going on.
No. 402238 ID: b85f8c

...hey wait a minute, she didn't even say what she was giving us as a reward! We don't do work for free!
No. 402239 ID: b0d466


Since we're not allowed in the village and she doesn't want us around it either, should we set a time and/or place to meet up for this fight?
No. 402241 ID: 299ed3

First, we should have a quick battle with him so we can scan him.

Also, in case he was involved with us before we died, we should bring Emily and Rose along to see if they recognize him.
No. 402243 ID: 3734f6

The tsun is strong with this one.

Also, don't go to him without your army as he may choose to attack you rather then talk.
No. 402252 ID: 97486c
File 133479866173.png - (239.72KB , 904x717 , 787.png )

"Very well. Like I said I need to get my troops ready. Also what am I getting for doing this?"

>".... G10,000"

"Do I have your word on that?"

>".... Yes."

"Good. I will return by nightfall."

>"I'll be waiting."

She turns and runs back into the village.
You decide to check out your opponent first, maybe scan them and learn who he is and what he can do.

=Battle Start
Rings Activated! No retreat. No scan.

>FK Overlord: "Well well.. I was wondering when someone would come by again. Now we shall fight! No running away, no scanning! THIS WILL BE A MANLY FIGHT!"

=Placement Phase=
No. 402253 ID: 2fe09b

If he's modeled after you, his loyalty ratings must be absolute shit. Time to turn his minions against him!
No. 402255 ID: ed57e8

i see two archers. our archer is better. range attacks are key here. as well as flight. so emily alice ruby kass
No. 402256 ID: 21d0e4

MANLY Overlord requires our best, as his minions average at level 10.5.
No. 402257 ID: b85f8c

"Again? I think you are mistaking me for someone else, impostor. The Overlord is dead, you know."
No. 402258 ID: 21d0e4

I think he means a new person has come, not that a specific person has come a second time.
No. 402259 ID: ed57e8

oh ok, us, kass, lilith, nin, meagan

plan is to distract while nin ninjas them
No. 402260 ID: a2fa74

"This imposter is hiding in the woods, while my minions and I live in the Overlord's castle.
My minions have a health plan that includes dental and resurrection.
Would any of you like to sign on with me instead of dying?"
No. 402261 ID: ed57e8

us middle, lillith and nin to the sides, kass and meagan back sides.
No. 402262 ID: b85f8c

Oh whoops, misread that.

Ok since we jumped the gun our only available units are Overlord, Kassandra, Silva, Meagan, Lilith, and Nin. Meagan probably might not want to fight these guys, and would be pretty bad anyway. So let's put in:
Overlord in the back, Silva in the front, Lilith in the back, Nin in the front, closest to the ladder.

Lilith has MASS CHARM. I don't think we'll need a healer, and we have potions anyway.
No. 402263 ID: 299ed3


But to make sure were not poaching employees from somebody who is in the same position as Shana was,

Ask him if he knows a flesh golem named Emily and if he knows anything about a tinker entombed behind a wall.
No. 402264 ID: b0d466

No. 402266 ID: 21d0e4

>No retreat.
No. 402267 ID: 04b86a

"Wait. It's possible to scan people?!"

In the row closest to the enemy: Silva, Overlord, Nin.
Put Lilith in the back-right corner, with a Phoenix Ring.

Now then, let's make it clear who he's dealing with right from the start.
"Who are you and why are you using my name?"
No. 402272 ID: 97486c
File 133480774136.png - (263.17KB , 904x717 , 788.png )

You set your troops and shout


The man looks down at you.

>"Overlord? And Silva!? Holy shit I thought you guys had died!"

His companions look at him.

>"Relax ladies, this is the old Overlord. I'm still the new one. So yeah, how'd you get back from being not dead?"

"I can never die. Now tell me, why are you using my name?"

>"Nothing personal man, just seemed like a good title. Must be really nostalgic though, seeing your old items and stuff. It looks like you rebuilt a bit too. I'll be sure to take your new items..."

Your move.
No. 402273 ID: fcf88e

Throwing glove. Equip overlord with it and Invis Nin. Throw her up to the group, commence attack.

Remember that the enemy has ranged units known for low HP. Move in quick and fast and take them out. Once they are gone, we can truly fight.
No. 402274 ID: a2fa74

Lilith: Mass Charm them
Overlord: I gave a speech; use it.
No. 402275 ID: fcf88e

OH WAIT! We don't have Nin because SILVA uses TWO SLOTS! God bloody damn it. We have no real fighters, no damage dealers or ways to effectively do ANYTHING with underpowered units.

Bloody. hell.
No. 402278 ID: f70e5e

have lilith use mass charm, then use the throwing glove to try and get siliva up there with them.
No. 402279 ID: b85f8c

>Throwing Glove
Oh god I forgot about that, and this IS the perfect time to use it. Yeah, throwing Nin is good. If Silva can do that, she should do so instead though, as Silva can't actually do anything at the moment aside from run up and hug the cliff so she doesn't get shot.
ok so:
If Silva can throw Nin up there, she should do so then move up and right along the cliff towards the ladder.
If Silva can't, she should just move, and Overlord should toss Nin instead and do nothing otherwise.
If Overlord doesn't have to toss Nin, he should move 1 left and shoot the archer up there.
Lilith should Mass Charm the mages. And an archer if she can manage it.
Nin should go invisible immediately, and move through any allies created or dead corpses created to get near FK's back. Not right next to him though.
No. 402280 ID: b85f8c

We do have Nin. We have Overlord, Silva, Lilith, and Nin.
No. 402281 ID: f70e5e

quick question, how would climbing that ladder work? and would something bad happen if a unit got attacked while climbing it?
No. 402282 ID: b85f8c

Amendment: Have Silva stay within Overlord's walking distance. Next turn, we have her de-equip the gloves and hand them over to Overlord, who throws her in the middle of all those deliciously squishy units.
No. 402283 ID: ed57e8

throw ninja invisible death. lilith mass charm. offer them a ultimatum, join or die.
No. 402287 ID: 97486c
File 133480975470.png - (268.49KB , 904x717 , 789.png )

Silva and Lilith have the Revival Rings now.

It seems once we reach the ladder we are instantly moved to the top space.

Silva equips the Long Throw Gloves and throws Nin to the top of the battlefield.
Since this used up her action phase she can not move.

Nin turns invisible and moves behind enemy lines.

>FK: "There's a ninja 'round here! Everyone guard your backs!"

His groups nods.

You need to move 2 spaces, not one, to get in range to shoot the Left Archer.
She takes a direct hit for 25 dmg and is pushed back one space!

Lilith casts Mass Charm! The Left Mage is Charmed! The Left Archer is not charmed.. FK Overlord is not charmed.. The Right Archer is charmed! The Right Mage is Charmed!

It is not yet time. You sense they are still loyal.
No. 402289 ID: f70e5e

i thought charmed units had to obey the thing that charmed them? or does it work differently when we use charm? well if lilith can command the charmed units have them all attack the fake overlord. regardless have everyone go for the ladder.
No. 402291 ID: 97486c
File 133481078388.png - (266.62KB , 904x717 , 789.png )

Silva and Lilith have the Revival Rings now.

It seems once we reach the ladder we are instantly moved to the top space.

Silva equips the Long Throw Gloves and throws Nin to the top of the battlefield.
Since this used up her action phase she can not move.

Nin turns invisible and moves behind enemy lines.

>FK: "There's a ninja 'round here! Everyone guard your backs!"

His groups nods.

You need to move 2 spaces, not one, to get in range to shoot the Left Archer.
She takes a direct hit for 25 dmg and is pushed back one space!

Lilith casts Mass Charm! The Left Mage is not charmed.. The Left Archer is not charmed.. FK Overlord is charmed! The Right Archer is charmed! The Right Mage is not charmed..

It is not yet time. You sense they are still loyal.
No. 402292 ID: 97486c
File 133481112028.png - (273.83KB , 904x717 , 790.png )

>Lilith: "hehehe.. Attack your 'former' allies."

FK Overlord slashes at the Left Archer dealing 35dmg!

>LA: "Ow! M-my lord... Why...?"

>FKO: "I can't help it! My body is moving on it's own! Everyone, kill S-silva!"

The Left Mage moves and casts Shadow on Silva dealing 20dmg!
Left Archer weakly shoots at Silva dealing 20 dmg,
Right Mage moves and casts Shadow on Silva dealing 20 dmg!

Silva is severely wounded..

RM: "One more! Lilian, attack her!"

The Right Archer attacks the Right Mage dealing 25 dmg!
The Right Mage is severely wounded.
No. 402294 ID: b85f8c

Have Nin threaten to kill FK unless he ends combat and submits to us.
No. 402295 ID: fcf88e

Ok, this is why we don't bring silva to fights. Honestly she's a bloody pin cushion. Use item phase to use the potions on her.

Shoot the weakened mage. Lilith knows fire so burn the weakened archer. Then have Nin back stab the charmed archer. Silva can rest.
No. 402296 ID: fcf88e

And no we are not threatening FK. Because if we fail and that move does not one shot her, then all those uncharmed units get to fire again. We want them dead so they CAN'T do that.
No. 402297 ID: ed57e8

kill FK. then threaten everyone else with certain death unless they quit.
No. 402298 ID: 6e44d2

Oh man. This is really going well. Sweet.
No. 402299 ID: 6e44d2

Kill FK last. I want him subjugated in our mailed grip. Actually, even better, I want his items, too. Let's kill his units and force him to surrender. We want that armor and we want this butt monkey.
No. 402300 ID: b85f8c

I would like to bring up at this time that this guy is probably a Demon, as he is quite evil. Demons respawn in the demon realm, not here.

We have no reason to Enslave him. We need that armor.
No. 402301 ID: b85f8c

Talking does not replace our combat turn!
No. 402302 ID: 97486c
File 133481280655.png - (270.86KB , 904x717 , 791.png )

Nin Backstabs FK Overlord


He drops dead.

You move and fire at the wounded mage killing him instantly.

"Last chance... You all can stop fighting now or we 'will' kill you all."

The Left Mage agrees and stops fighting!
Left Archer does not agree.
Right Archer is charmed but still does not agree.

Still your move.
No. 402305 ID: b85f8c

We didn't die because we're an elemental golem. Not because of our armor.

Well that's that I guess. No Enslaving the fake overlord.
Silva: Chug a Potion and get up against the cliff face so the archer can't hit you.
Lilith: Go cast Fire on that rebellious noncharmed archer.
No. 402306 ID: 97486c
File 133481576108.png - (261.40KB , 904x717 , 792.png )

Lilith casts Fire and takes out the wounded Archer.
With only a Charmed enemy unit left the battle is already over..
No. 402307 ID: 97486c
File 133481600290.png - (84.57KB , 550x550 , 793.png )

You get an amazing amount of Loot!
Silva has gained 2 levels!
Nin has gained 3 levels!
Lilith's stats have been altered in the Updated 1.2.2 patch!

There is a massive amount of loot. You could just not take it but you really don't need another archer.

The Shadow Mage that retreated requests that he be allowed to go back home because he didn't no that you were the real Overlord and oh god please don't kill him he has a wife and kids.
No. 402308 ID: 256d52

Oooooh, that's some sweet looking gear, the False Overlord is an idiot and you'll be more popular with Permissions Lass. Go with the gear.

Shame we won't get to question him.

You can be generous in victory - let the mage go if he'll answer some questions about the idiot.
No. 402309 ID: fcf88e

Great. This was practically a wash. Silva ate the exp of two units and gains 2 levels. Kass is still low level because silva, we can't interrogate the fake so we have no idea who put him up to it, and Nin is technically Lilith's unit so we don't even get to use her often.

At least we get some good armor and a reward.
No. 402311 ID: 3734f6

mmm, profitable.

They had rings that prevented scanning and retreating. Try to locate those (styx might help).

Mage is free to go, also welcome to join our army.

apply as much of the 10k reward towards upgrading overlords golem body to level 20 equivalent.
Then find a level 1 monster and do this >>/questdis/361126
No. 402312 ID: 6f9630

I wonder should we get the shadow mage to deliver a letter to Kass' pals so that they can tell us how things are happening in the land of Abel. They can tell us about the political situation, about if Abel is mobilizing for war, any information would be good.
No. 402313 ID: 97486c
File 133481842246.png - (98.05KB , 550x550 , 794.png )

That is indeed some sweet looking gear. You look forward to trying it on.
You approach the Shadow Mage.

"You may go if you answer a few questions."


"First tell me everything about this fake Overlord."

>"He bought some of your old armor from this guy called Fabio around when you were defeated and he decided to call himself the Overlord! Said we'd both become famous some day if I joined his team! So I figured, why now? Most of the places though we got pretty badly beaten or kicked out of recruitment places. Then we realized the armor let us take control of people so we did that and that's how we got those Archers and the other Shadow Mage. Went around for a bit longer to level up then we came here oh god is that really Silva she looks even more scary in person... Oh, sorry. Right so we came here and expected to take over but there wasn't anyone around to enslave. Everyone was just locked away in that little village. Anytime we try to go near it we're driven away by some furry elf girl. Uhm... That's all I can really say on the man.. He's just some punk who happened to find your armor."

"Hmm. You may leave now."

He bows.

>"Thank you so much. I will tell all the Shadow Mages how kind you are."

He teleports away.
With the battle over you go to meet Rachael and tell her the good news. It's a bit early though so you end up walking around the village.
One thing you notice is that, even in midday, it is completely silent.

You find yourself at a moss covered entrance.
No. 402314 ID: b85f8c

No, we're not supposed to be early. We should return at the correct time to report our story. Let's go alchemize our old armor with our new armor.

Also maybe sell the extra gear we got to Fabio. What does the Shadow Robe and Shadowstaff do?
No. 402315 ID: 6f9630

Knock at the side and shout "Hello". If no one answers, do what >>402314 suggests
No. 402316 ID: 3734f6

Good idea, the old armor lets people enslave too so it might boost our enslave capability
No. 402317 ID: 3d39ed

Wait until we have recieved our reward before alchemizing the armor, we may need to hang onto it as proof that we killed him.

We should ask Fabio if he has anymore our old stuff.
No. 402319 ID: c7b5ab

Mark the cave on the map, then go to Rachael and get your reward. Ask about what's in the cave.
Also I want to learn that trick to restrict scanning.
No. 402322 ID: 49ff09

wear that motherfucking armor.
No. 402323 ID: fa9f7e

This. See what it does before alchemizing, compared to your current armor.
No. 402326 ID: 6a5a08

Go back to the entrance and wait.
No. 402328 ID: e3f578

Make sure it's not cursed first!
Talking to the elf girl will be a bitch if she thinks you're FK Overlord, not to mention a number of other people.

I mean we got stuck in that battle when we investigated, who's to say we're not going to get stuck in that suit?
No. 402337 ID: 6a5a08

Wait, guys, what if
We Alchemized the Old Overlord's armor with Emily's dress
Giving her better defense and the ability to Enslave?
No. 402338 ID: 6e44d2

We need to combine our old armor with our new body and then modify it so it matches our new aesthetic.
No. 402340 ID: 03a711

We could just... you know... put the armor on an armor stand for display, as a memory of our former self.
No. 402341 ID: 886a4d

We also should ask Fabio who sold him that armor. Might give us a lead on our downfall.
No. 402350 ID: 6e44d2

Fabio won't give us that intel. He may sell it, however...
No. 402351 ID: f70e5e

we should ask fabio if he has any of our old items still in stock.
No. 402427 ID: 97486c
File 133488455482.png - (49.66KB , 600x500 , 795.png )

That idea does have some appeal to it... And it seems this armor isn't even as strong as your current one. You do want to go talk to Fabio though. You have some time before the girl is to appear anyway.

Shana has returned with G200!
Ruby/Lenion returned with G200!
Emily/Alice have returned with G100!
Solaris/Nix have returned with G100!
Lun/Rose returned with G50!

Alice has gained 1 level!
Solaris has gained 1 level!
Nix has gained 1 level!

You reach Fabio's shop.

>"Overlord mah main man. How's it going?"

"I've been better. I came to ask you a question. Just now I fought someone who was using my old armor. One of his associates said it was purchased from you. What can you tell me about that?"

His smile never falters.

>"Overlord mah man I don't take no sides in these kinda conflicts. I just sell stuff and buy stuff. Someone has something that belonged to someone who everyone assumed is dead, I buy it. Sorry if it caused you any trouble."

"No no, I'm not blaming you for doing business, I simply want to know who you got it from in the first place."

>"Can't say Overlord. That kinda stuff can hurt my business. Unless you're willing to cover for any potential damages I may take."
No. 402430 ID: e19626

*looks at the price for info*...
*looks at available cash*...
Fabio you bloody magnificent bastard.
No. 402433 ID: 431fa8

"Answer me this, then- have you got any other items that used to be mine in stock?"
No. 402436 ID: b85f8c

Ouch, that's way out of our price range. Let's just buy 5 mana potions/crystals and some Rank 2 weapons for Nin and Solaris.

Also sell all the rapiers and archer equipment we just got.
No. 402437 ID: b85f8c

Also some armor for Solaris. Hmm.

Let's make a note here to get Emily or somebody to ask around if anyone in particular wanted better equipment or is missing something they need.
No. 402440 ID: b85f8c

It turns out she can equip any type but only when appropriate for her form, so keeping a spare set of each type of armor is a good idea.
So let's get a rank 2 of each type.
No. 402442 ID: 97486c
File 133488692159.png - (49.63KB , 600x500 , 796.png )

"Do you have any other items that may have belonged to me?"

>"Not a one mah man. I could tell you who bought them but..." He points at the price again and shrugs.

"It's fine. Just get me seven Mana Crystals and some Rank 2 gear for a Ninja and my plant-girl."

He puts 7 Mana Crystals, a R2 Stiletto with R2 Cloth Armor, along with Rank 2 Heavy, Leather, Cloth Armor for Solaris.
The total is G220

>"That all?"
No. 402444 ID: 431fa8

"Unless you've got anything else interesting or unique, yes."

I'd kind of like to pick up a giant pile of healing potions for alchemy purposes, but whatever- we can worry about that some other time.
No. 402446 ID: 6f9630

Sell a Yew Bow and Leather Armor and buy 3 Healing Potions. That's all
No. 402447 ID: b85f8c

I dunno, let's browse his Other stuff again.
Also what about a weapon for Solaris? Does she have to use class-specific ones? Well dang. Maybe we should just check with the Tamer tribe's store to see if they have any multipurpose equipment for her.
No. 402457 ID: 97486c
File 133489410682.png - (40.73KB , 550x550 , 797.png )

You decide to sell the Yew Bow and buy 3 more healing potions. That leaves you with a G10 profit.
You ask him if there is some kind of morphing weapon Solaris could use. After considering for a moment he presents you with a Wooden Staff.

>"The powers in this will change to suit her needs. G200."

You decide to buy the staff and thank Fabio. Giving it a test you note it gives +10 atk, +2 MP, or +3 Range depending on her form. There may be more that's yet to be unlocked.
It's getting late so you decide to see Rachael. you find her standing at the meeting place you two had agreed on.

>"... Ready to fight?"

You explain that you've already defeated the man and present his armor as proof. At first she looks furious but then she gives a small smile.

>"Well.. So long as he is dead. Here, the G10,000 we agreed on. My people thank you."

She hands you G10thouzand
No. 402458 ID: 3734f6

So, you were not able to find his rings that prevented scanning and prevented enemy escape?
No. 402459 ID: b85f8c

That's not real money, is it.

Also did you explain that you were intending to simply scout out his forces and he trapped you via use of a magical ring?
No. 402460 ID: 6f9630

Time to get angry. Threaten her.

"I suggest you pay me what you owe me. Or there will be trouble."
No. 402462 ID: b85f8c

Well I dunno about threats. We DID fail to do as she asked- she specifically asked for us to help her beat him. We went and did it on our own, so we did not technically do what she told us to do.

Still, we did do her some good, so we should get paid something. Possibly a reduced payment, 10k was a lot for a simple combat mission anyway.
No. 402463 ID: e19626

...god damn it all. That's not even real. Thousand does not have a z in it. Hell, it's not even the same grammatically. We risked our lives for that bull with mediocre rewards and almost losing our units and she pulls this just because she can't have her petty revenge? Bloody hell.

Of course, if we just WAITED instead of just trying to scout an unknown unit under equipped, we might have gotten the actual money.
No. 402464 ID: 3734f6

Hold on threats
Why would we take a reduced pay?
No. 402465 ID: b85f8c

I... just said why? We didn't do what she asked. In fact, she said it was her job to kill the guy, so by doing it without her we made her look bad.
No. 402466 ID: a2fa74

Explain he had a ring that made it so anybody who saw him was stuck in a fight to the death.
Ask why she's so upset that she wasn't there for his death?
No. 402467 ID: e19626

She asked us to help her. Not that she must be in combat. Help can be acting as her champion in her stead. Help can be setting the forest on fire to weaken them. She never specified so she has no right to complain.

So yeah. She is going to pay for full price.
No. 402468 ID: 97486c
File 133489871990.png - (83.85KB , 550x550 , 798.png )

".... Did I do something wrong? Did I offend you?"

>"Offend? Uhm... No. I don't think so.." She looks at you confused, "Why? Do you think the amount I gave you isn't enough? I can speak with the village to possibly give you more."

"The problem isn't the amount the problem is the money itself. This is obviously a piece of paper with a rather poorly spelled amount on it."

She nods.

>"Yes, it is."

"This isn't real gold."

>"What!?" She takes a step back and appears to be genuinely startled "But... I'd gotten that money from the largest bank in the village.. They would never trick a captain of the guard like that.."

She looks at you again after regaining her composure.

>"It is probably just that you are not used to our currency. I'm sure any place that exchanges money would be more then glad to take that from you."
No. 402469 ID: b85f8c

Uh, yeah. Let's ask for more examples of her currency. Maybe visit the bank in the village? Actually you know, if this isn't our currency it might not be worth 10,000 in our currency. How about we use it to buy things in her village? That would be good for her economy would it not?

Or we could just ask her to come with you to Fabio to confirm that the money's worth something.
No. 402470 ID: e19626

Whoo boy, poor girl doesn't know about exchange rates.

"Alright. We can take it to the bank and convert it to gold coins. Shouldn't be a big deal. After all, if you paid them the gold for the note, you should be able to get it back if you exchange it right?"
No. 402471 ID: b85f8c

Oh yes, you're right. She said there's a bank in the village so obviously we can go straight there with her and exchange it.

Emphasis on WITH HER. Don't let her run off. She might not even be the captain of the guard.
No. 402473 ID: 3734f6

"well, if it is a form of local currency then only your bank and village and perhaps a few other specific locales deal in it" (they have a bank in such a small village?). "This means that the only place in the world this money can be spent is in this village. Would you mind showing me to the bank" (and potentially local stores to spend it on high liquidity goods if it is genuine currency but no conversion is available).
Make sure to stay with her until this is resolved.

I doubt she is seriously trying to trick us considering we just proved ourselves able to defeat the enemy threatening her village that she couldn't defeat. We know where she lives and are very powerful.

Also, "You should know, I meant to bring you with me to the fight but I got caught while scouting and had to engage prematurely, I still won"
No. 402474 ID: 97486c
File 133490059490.png - (107.38KB , 550x700 , 799.png )

"Alright. We can take it to the bank and convert it to gold coins."

>"Uhm... We don't use coins here.. Only paper money."

"Hmm. Then I may as well spend it here."

>".... Maybe the bank does have coins. We can check. But only there, ok!? You only have permission to go there!"

You nod.

"That'll be good enough. Lead the way."

Without warning she grabs your arm and runs with you into the village. It takes all you can to avoid being dragged along. The two of you run into a large building.

>"There's a line... Oh, Deada! Come on, he's open. This lane is for captains only."

She leads you up the line. You quickly notice that this place is just as quiet as the rest of the village..
When you reach the teller you simply stare in utter confusion.

>"Deada, we were wondering if you had any gold coins in the back that we could exchange this note for? Yes that's the man. I told you he showed some promise. Deada we.. No... He needs golden coins not paper..... Well?"

"... Well what...?"

>"He asked if you were willing to instead simply spend the money here."

"I... Uh..."
No. 402475 ID: b85f8c

Tell her the truth, that the Overlord wasn't the one wearing the armor. It was an impostor. Then tell her what happened to the real Overlord. Every detail we have so far. Including when he woke up with no memory, and only three remaining minions.
No. 402476 ID: 6f9630

.... I think another name for this island is Undead Isle.

So, break the delusions or go along for now? Might as well go along with it. Lets see what we can 'buy' here?
No. 402477 ID: 408709

...oh sweet bloody hell
is that a leaf in his hear
This is a village of mannequins and woodchippings. Girl is crazy a la 'I am legend'.
Maybe everyone got turned into ghouls? Maybe she was just crazy from the get go.

Or maybe this is totally legit in some odd way. Magic world, can't rule it out.

in any case.
"Please explain why you are talking to a statue."
No. 402478 ID: 3734f6

The poor girl must have lived in total isolation for so long that she created a set of imaginary people to keep her company.
We aren't getting our coin here (unless there is some hidden unlooted cache somewhere in the village).
Best we could hope for is to get her (recruit), this would be good for her mental health but must be approached very carefully.
We could just kill her and then enslave but that will result in low starting loyalty.
I think we should play along for now and find out, finding they lack the coin suggest that she keep the paper money and instead come work for us.
Alternatively we could try to convince her she is talking to puppets.

Neither is ideal though.
No. 402479 ID: a2fa74

"I don't hear anything, but ok."

I'm thinking we should use the 'money' to hire her, since the threat to her 'people' is over.
No. 402480 ID: 7e314f

Use to money to buy her
No. 402493 ID: fa9f7e

Well, she's almost certainly crazy. Do be sure to look into petrification curses and the such, though, just in case.
No. 402505 ID: 3bad4c

Laugh. Absurdity is for laughing at.
No. 402511 ID: 3c321c

Island full of undead, wanting to kill Fakey, and being the captain of the guard? Poor girl likely suffered from the old hero standby; was out of the village for a day and when she came back, everyone was dead.

If we are going to break it to her, we do it softly and gently. Breaking an illusion with no regards to her can just cause her to mentally break down.

Use the money to buy her services as a body guard and have her get use to our castle. If she asks whom we are, we tell her honestly though I believe using our 'name' may help as well.(Remember, we picked out a name for a reason.)
No. 402514 ID: ed57e8

actually, this could be a situation where a corruption potion could be a kindness. get rid of this horrible nightmare of a life and start fresh.
No. 402518 ID: 3ce5b2

are we in any way equipped to provide psychological treatment to someone? I am going to guess no. If we can't make any headway with her by talking it out with her right here, I don't know that recruitment is a good idea.

As for what to say right now, maybe start with some behaviors that wouldn't be acceptable if they were all real people. Turn around and have a seat on the bank table and continue talking like it's not a big deal. Maybe ask her where all the ghouls came from.
No. 402530 ID: b0d466

Yes. Yes we are willing to spend the money here. ((After we spend the money we should ask to meet the "sacred beast" with her))
No. 402553 ID: 4407a2

actually, yeah. The whole island is full of ghouls. I'll bet the 96 square is a necromancer or something.
No. 402554 ID: 431fa8

>Use the money to buy her services as a body guard
I like that idea. If the money turns out to be worthless to everyone except her- well, then, there's nothing for it but to spend it on her. And more minions are always nice, even mercenary ones.

>corruption potion could be a kindness
Let's not if it can be avoided.
No. 402565 ID: 6e44d2

Ask what wares they have on sale. Maybe we can buy it with their currency and sell stuff to Fabio.
No. 402569 ID: cf49fc

Yes, maybe they have something useful so we don't have to go back to the fortress with some manky old armor that'll probably possess us and some paltry baubles.
No. 402675 ID: 9718f3

You should probably take a closer look at the "people" standing in line too.
No. 402725 ID: 97486c
File 133500143741.png - (153.55KB , 800x600 , 800.png )

It seems that 'everyone' here was made in a similar way to... Deada. A quick scan reveals.... Nothing. They're a bunch of sticks and stones.

I decide to take a seat on the desk.

"It is possible to buy things here I suppose. What does this village mostly have?"

She gives me an odd look like she's not quite certain how to react to this.

"I know you are all fencers but none of my troops are.. Well I'm certain you must have potions and stuff. We could always use more of those."


"Or even any alchemy ingredients you may have. We can always use that as well."

>"Will you get off his desk!?"

I look back at the 'man'.

"He doesn't seem to mind."

>"It... He's too shy to say anything! Now get off!"

"Oh if it's not bothering him I don't think it's that big of a deal."

>"J-just do what I'm saying!! Please!"

"Wait.. Maybe I can hire you."


"I can use more troops. You seem to be a capable fighter."

>"I can't just leave the village! I'm the Captain of the Guard, these people need me!"
No. 402726 ID: fa9f7e

Move them into my fortress. It's well-defended and not infested by ghouls.
No. 402727 ID: a2fa74

"I could just put this place under my protection. I station a few troops here, and if anything shows up they can't handle I can have an elite strike force here in seconds. You could even be on the strike force, if you like.
That would make the village much safer, you know.
Don't you agree, Daeda?
Daeda says yes!"
No. 402730 ID: ac6c03

This is excellent.
No. 402732 ID: fa9f7e

No, it isn't. Using her delusions to go against her wishes is a terrible idea. It'd probably screw her up worse. Just convince her that transporting them to our castle/garrisoning our troops here would be safer.
No. 402733 ID: e3f578

They can always hire a new CotG, you know? Surely you have been training someone for the task?

Or maybe you should be be forward with it, sort of. "These people can't speak or move, girl. They're cursed into sticks and stone, can't you see? Notice how they can't speak to me, or how they react? This man is not shy, he cannot move his twiggy arms without your assistance and cannot speak unless through you, and neither can the rest of the populace. If these were ever people, then they have been cursed with you as their only means of expression because only you can communicate with them. It's a torturous experience to watch and never move for eternity. You owe it to these people to fix them, figure out what did this to them, you know?

Or have these people always been like this. Tell me, girl, where were you born? If you made these stick people to make it seem like there's people here, it means you aren't feral and were raised around people, and there's these buildings here, and that means something up and took them. Let's find out, shall we? Then destroy it?"
No. 402735 ID: fa9f7e

That would be excellent for provoking hysteria or a comatose state. Since we want neither of those, let's not. The girl's already stressed enough.
No. 402755 ID: 3734f6

No. 402769 ID: b0d466

What if we go ask the SACRED BEAST if it'll take up that job instead?
No. 402770 ID: b0d466

We could also bring in Kassandra to help us out in this--she's a healer, maybe she covers mental health as well
No. 402775 ID: 49ff09

start making out with the banker. tell him you love him too.
No. 402794 ID: 3734f6

get off the table, its upsetting her and does not benefit you in any way
No. 403068 ID: 97486c
File 133505704734.png - (144.01KB , 800x600 , 801.png )

It doesn't but it was a bit funny. You get off the table. The relief that shows on her face is rather sad.

"I could put this place under my protection. My troops have defeated the one harassing you so they are more then capable to defend this place."

She shakes her head.

>"I appreciate the offer but this is my job as well as the other guards here." She gives you an odd look, "Why are you offering to do so much just to have me join you?"

"I just think it would be useful to have someone as skilled as you work with me."

>"No, that's not it. Tell me the truth."

Hmm.. You could just bail here and buy some random things from the store here. You are in no way a 'people person'.
No. 403070 ID: 12f270

"Very well, the truth is that I believe your money will be of no use in other areas and your selection of goods here will be poor; you are likely the most valuable thing this village has to offer me and I am loathe to leave this location when the best it has is so close to being mine. Further I have a fondness for acquiring servants, particularly attractive and powerful females, which often drives me to efforts towards acquisition disproportionate to their value. I want you, and if having you requires a certain amount of effort be spent monitoring your village for incursions it is easy enough to pay that price for a man of my resources."

If she seems reluctant, take off the mask and say "Are you sure? You will have no reason to regret joining me, I am certain."
No. 403071 ID: 6a5a08

"From my perspective, this bank teller is a mannequin. I was concerned about your mental health as a result of isolation, but let's face it, subtlety isn't my greatest attribute."
No. 403072 ID: ed57e8

wait, is that a giant X scar on the back of her head?
No. 403073 ID: a2fa74

"The truth? Is that what you really want? Fine, then.
The truth is that you're living a delusion because you can't handle reality.
The truth is that all these 'people' are mannequins you made to cope with loneliness.
The truth is that you and I are the only living beings in the village.
The truth is that I wish to offer you friends and a chance to heal.
The truth is that I want to learn more about what happened here so I can, if not restore everybody, then at least see to it that justice is done.
The truth is that it's long past time to wake-up, Rachael."
No. 403074 ID: b85f8c

Tell her it's because you feel sorry for what happened to her.
No. 403097 ID: 3734f6

tentative yes (unless a better plan is found)
No. 403103 ID: b85f8c

Scar? Why there could be. She might be brain damaged, in which case we could see about healing her.
No. 403120 ID: 3ce5b2

Pretty sure that's just two chopsticky things holding her hair up.

I really don't know that she's going to be worth the trouble. Quality over quantity of minions, remember? But, we've forced the issue, and now she wants an explanation, and she seems pretty well-versed in detecting deception (somehow). Maybe something along the lines of "I am putting together a small team of friends and co-workers with unique skills. It looks like living in this place has taken a toll on you. I thought you would get along with them, and have something to offer in terms of your skills, as well as being able to get away from here. If I misjudged and that's not what you want, that's perfectly fine. Now, where is this shop?"
So we're playing up the facts that she'll have companionship and be actually useful just in case she wants to reconsider, but if not, no harm done. We can probably see her later anyway.
No. 403135 ID: 4bdd79

This is best.