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File 125235152376.png - (30.19KB , 777x777 , 0BBQ Title.png )
39302 No. 39302 ID: aba0a3

[ For Quest Discussion please come to #tgchan on irc.rizon.net ]

Bubble Bucket Quest, Chapter 01.
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No. 39303 ID: aba0a3
File 125235163335.png - (160.30KB , 777x777 , BBQ001.png )

You come to your senses after resting for quite a long time. You do not remember coming to where you are currently, but the empty bottle of liquor in your hand, and the other empty bottles surrounding you gives you a hint as to why you do not. You have a headache pretty bad, and the last thing you remember is that you were in a bar in the Capitol City of Mostro Island, Pura Pura Village of the nation, Rainbow Islands.

Rainbow Islands is a series of islands, the largest of which, the seven, are considered the mainlands of the nation. The main population on these islands are of a race called Bubble Touched, which you happen to be. The Bubble Touched are very human, but have traces of dragons in them, displayed in minor physical features such as your tail.
No. 39309 ID: aba0a3
File 125235190010.png - (209.86KB , 777x777 , BBQ002.png )

So first coming to first, being that you do not have amnesia, your name is Asali Zakiya, a psychic Bubble Touched. You're a wandering nomad looking for a good time, or at least you were having a good time, as of right now you are pretty lost. But at least you have your natural ability which was...

There are six choices of races in which you could be.
Red: You can generate fire filled bubbles.
Purple: You can tame animals.
Green: You can make status altering candy.
Orange: You can teleport/warp (usually short) distances.
Blue: You can generate water filled bubbles.
Yellow: You can generate electricity filled bubbles.

(This also determines the color of your scales).
No. 39311 ID: f98e0b

No. 39312 ID: 795b36

No. 39313 ID: ab91ae

No. 39315 ID: 9d3a22

Bubbles... filled with fire? Sold.
No. 39316 ID: 67925a

Teleporting sounds fun, Orange!
No. 39319 ID: c82778

Blink, blink, blink, And I like the color Orange too.
No. 39323 ID: f98e0b

Gentlemen, we have here an opportunity to be dragon/bubble-people from an island of rainbows who make "status altering candy", read club drugs.
If we let this chance go I will cry.
No. 39325 ID: 24e1e5


Green! Candy power!
No. 39326 ID: f4963f

No. 39331 ID: 64f8ae

Purple you retards!
No. 39332 ID: 4e0411
File 125235253050.png - (94.72KB , 237x425 , Elecman.png )

No. 39334 ID: a9cdb7

Purple for monster taming obvious.
No. 39339 ID: 1f66ea

Yellow, totally yellow.
No. 39341 ID: 007a2e

Bawwwwww why can't we have more than one ;_;

Umm...Err...Voting blue to be awkward since no one else has.
No. 39342 ID: 1689ab

Get Equiped with... BUBBLE LEAD!
No. 39345 ID: 6164e0


No. 39348 ID: aba0a3
File 125235366463.png - (167.24KB , 777x777 , BBQ003.png )

[ 4 votes for Orange when I went back to work. ]

Former Sherbert clan, left and joined the Zakiya. Right now your headache and the hangover is preventing you from zipping through space right now, unfortunately.

Awesome, well at least you can use that ability to your advantage as you try to figure get back to your hotel and get your stuff--Damn, does your head hurt bad. It's either the alcohol, or your mind, or both.

Headaches are pretty common with psychics.

Hm, what was your psionic ability exactly?
No. 39349 ID: 1f66ea

Telepathy, being able to read another's thoughts and all that jazz.
Usually extremely useful.
No. 39352 ID: ab91ae
File 125235404436.png - (11.76KB , 227x227 , momdadawesome.png )

The ability to conjure bubbles filled with electricity.
No. 39357 ID: ab91ae

But more seriously, telekinesis. Chucking cars and whatnot.
No. 39359 ID: 67925a

Pyrokenisis! Setting things ablaze is always helpful.
No. 39360 ID: 24e1e5

Hypnosys! Make people with weaker minds than you obey your will!
No. 39364 ID: 558cb0

Clairvoyance! Never get snuck up on again!
No. 39366 ID: c82778

Oh what fun you can have when you combine teleportation with telekinesis.
No. 39368 ID: 1f66ea

Personally, I think telekinesis is sorta less useful if you can, you know, Warp to the thing you want to mess with anyways?
No. 39369 ID: 62ec90

Your Psychic Ability is the manifestation of physical matter with your mind.
No. 39370 ID: fb7dab

Precognition. Don't know if that would be usable in any way, but it could be fun.
No. 39371 ID: 4e0411
File 125235485259.jpg - (331.47KB , 808x1200 , Cronal_GTCG-AoD.jpg )

Mind tricks all up in this bitch.
No. 39373 ID: ab91ae

I'm going to have to change my vote off of Telekinesis and go with Clairvoyance. Definitely a good match for teleporting.
No. 39374 ID: 9d3a22

Seconding pyrokinesis. Setting shit on fire is always a good thing.
No. 39376 ID: 1f66ea

Yeah, I'd switch mine to Clairvoyance as well. Close enough to what I had in mind in the first place anyways.
No. 39381 ID: efa41b

Just quoting to call attention to this point.

And I'd like to go with Telepathy. Clairvoyance is cool and all, but if we need to see things in a different place, we can just be in that place. Telepathy allows us to see others' thoughts. It's an irreplicable advantage.
No. 39395 ID: 520fde

This. A thousand times this.
No. 39399 ID: ab91ae

>If you want to see another place, just teleport there.
Have you ever heard of LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP? That is what we are doing here. Teleporting past a door is nice and all, but if you warp right in the middle of a bunch of mobsters, you gon git raped. It'd be nice to take a peak first, no?
No. 39404 ID: 1f66ea

That's absurdly situational, though, our teleportation is short distance only, and if worst comes to worst, we could warp out.
Telepathy is a better choice than Clairvoyance, but both are better than telekinesis or Pyrokinesis by far.
No. 39413 ID: aba0a3
File 125235733584.png - (167.44KB , 777x777 , BBQ004.png )

[ Pre-cognition/Clairvoyance with 3 votes at the time I started. ]

There you go. Although you are fairly young, you're not very good at either of your abilities so you need to be careful with using them. (Once your head clears at least).

You think to yourself, "Well, time to do something about this, because the liquor's gone." While you drink the last of it.
No. 39415 ID: 520fde

No. 39417 ID: 5eea01

What's that thing rolled into one of the bottles? A treasure map?

Also, search your backpack (it IS yours...right?)
No. 39423 ID: 6164e0

Lets go get some water and drink a shit ton. We will start feeling better soon thereafter.

Or be more badass and cure hangover with more booze.

So quest for water or more alcohol.
No. 39448 ID: aba0a3
File 125236010984.png - (169.78KB , 777x777 , BBQ005.png )


Yeah, that is your bag. So you pick it up. Since your right arm is unusable and in a sling, which you don't remember why it's in a sling but it hurts to move so it's possible you broke your arm when you were, or before you started drinking.

Having the pack allows you to have up to four items on hand, even accessible in very dangerous situations if needed.

You step aside after sliding the pack up and over your left shoulder and pick the map out of the bottle.


You open up the scroll...
No. 39450 ID: aba0a3
File 125236028783.png - (46.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ006.png )

[ The orange marker is your current location ]

Well, apparently you are on Wormwood Island, which you've never even heard of before. You put the map away for now, it doesn't help you too much yet.
No. 39452 ID: f21281

Why is the sunlight black.
No. 39453 ID: 24e1e5

Search the drawers for anything useful. After that, open dat door and see where it goes.
No. 39454 ID: 62ec90

Ok, so here's the plan.

You're going to get up; rise up out of that bed and strip. Strip so you can get a shower. Shower so you don't smell like piss and whiskey. Then, after you shower, you're gonna find some clean clothes. You're gonna put on these clean clothes. Then you're gonna march back into that bathroom to brush your teeth and piss. Why are you pissing? Because everybody has to piss in the morning.

Then you will wash your hands. We'll know if you aren't washing your hands, because that's sick. You don't want to be a sick person. You don't want to get other people sick. Why? Sick people never get laid.

After that you're goin down to the drugstore. Why the drugstore? Because the drugstore has drugs; that's why. Drugs and booze. If you don't have a drugstore, then find one. If you can't find one then son, you are one damn stupid son of a bitch. Walk down the road and look at the corner to your left.

There's the drugstore.

Boy you're gonna walk into that drugstore and you're gonna say hi to the clerk. Why? It's polite. You young schmucks need to learn what the word polite means. Better yet, you're going to give the clerk the definition of the word 'polite' before you do anything else. After you give the clerk the definition of the word 'polite', you're going to walk down the third aisle from the door. Down at the end of this aisle is the bathroom. I want you to open that door, enter that bathroom, and wash your hands. Again.

Then you're going to clean up that bathroom after yourself, because you're a good person. You will scrub that floor, scrub that sink, and scrub that toilet until it's so clean I can eat my pad thai on it. After you clean the bathroom, THEN you will find the asprin.

Once you find the asprin, you will take the 24 count bottle. You do not need anything larger than the 24 count bottle, and you will WASTE anything larger than the 24 count bottle. After you get the 24 count bottle, you will go to the back of the store and pick out a six back of whatever repugnant bear piss it is that you drink, and you will bring it to the counter.

You will then hand the clerk five dollars. Any more and I will kick your sad, sorry ass straight back to that dank shithole you dared to climb out of this morning, and any less and I will personally come down there and make sure you understand why I told you to give the clerk five dollars. After that, you will let the clerk keep your change, because you don't need that change. Change is for the weak. You don't wanna be weak.

After your purchase is complete, you will thank the clerk for allowing your cheap previously drunken ass to even set foot inside his or her beautiful store. After you're done kissing the clerks ass because that is all you will ever be good for, you will go straight back to your dark and dirty ass cubicle you call a home, and think about how to piece your sorry ass life back together. If you can't think, then ask a friend. If you don't have any friend which you probably don't, then ask the clerk.

After you ask the clerk, you will polish his or her shoes.
No. 39455 ID: efa41b

Why are you see-through?
No. 39456 ID: fb7dab


Well, it certainly wouldn't hurt to take a peek outside.
Before you do, check those drawers on the left to maybe find something usable as a weapon - after all, you don't know this place, people might be hostile.
If you don't find such a thing, there are enough bottles on the floor for that matter, boozehead.
No. 39458 ID: 795b36
File 125236106374.jpg - (13.74KB , 297x201 , pssshhaaaawww.jpg )


well let's get exploring
No. 39478 ID: aba0a3
File 125236311060.png - (172.16KB , 777x777 , BBQ007.png )

You're drunk. Maybe that's why.


You step across the room and take the liquor bottle to use as a weapon if worst comes to worst, and proceed to pull all of the drawers open. They all seem empty at first but then you see four--oh no only one. One Golden Seal. You're not sure what it is but you put it inside of your pouch if you need it.
No. 39481 ID: fb7dab


Take the seal between both of your hands and close your eyes, try to concentrate on it. See if you can feel what it's needed for, what it's linked to or who might have put it there. [Psy - precog]
Who knows, maybe you can do that with your still not that sober head :3
No. 39482 ID: 62ec90

Open a window or turn on that desk lamp or something. I've never seen anything up on a wall that radiates blackness.
No. 39484 ID: 24e1e5

Let's get out of this sad room and go EXPLORE.
No. 39501 ID: aba0a3
File 125236497142.png - (121.70KB , 777x777 , BBQ008.png )

Unfortunately the headache still prevents you from doing so.

You turn on the lamp, but you don't entirely enjoy the experience.
No. 39503 ID: fb7dab


Open one of the drawers and puke into it to feel better and recover from the shock.
...alternatively, turn away from the light, sillypants.
No. 39504 ID: 62ec90


Really. Go make some coffee you deadbeat.
No. 39513 ID: 49667a

Is the protagonist a girl? I think so, but I'm not completely sure...
No. 39516 ID: 62ec90

Thigh-Highs and a skirt.

It's a woman or a crossdresser.
No. 39523 ID: aba0a3
File 125236702552.png - (117.94KB , 777x777 , BBQ010.png )

[ As well as some other suggestions that were similar. ]

You step over to look outside and check the door and shake off your daze. You don't at the moment need to vomit but your vision is a little off, as you've experienced.

Along the way you squeeze your breasts to ensure that you didn't lose them while you were drunk. You didn't. You feel better.
You take the doorknob and try to open it...
No. 39525 ID: aba0a3
File 125236710728.png - (130.46KB , 777x777 , BBQ011.png )

The door isn't opening, it seems to be locked. This isn't good.
No. 39526 ID: c82778

Please let that not actually be there. In blood. All over your room.
No. 39528 ID: 641541

Let your eyes adjust to the light and scan the room more carefully.
No. 39529 ID: 62ec90

Woman, you have one messy fuckin period.
No. 39531 ID: 1f66ea

Just step away from the door, stay in the light, and examine your surroundings. What're those eyes?
No. 39534 ID: 1f66ea

Also, check and see how that cross matches up with those holes in the wall by the corner.
No. 39542 ID: 1689ab

write on the wall: "Don't let them" in blood. underline the them.
No. 39548 ID: 120ca8

Oh, hey, there are four dots on the wall. Try using the Golden Seal on them.
No. 39552 ID: aba0a3
File 125237001444.png - (94.91KB , 777x777 , BBQ012.png )

You look away from the door and notice the mess. Your body shakes heavily, and it isn't fear. Something like pain. It isn't your period at least, so you take some solace in that fact.

You certainly wouldn't put on a miniskirt with feminine hygiene products hidden below.

You take note of the message on the wall near the bed, and adjust your eyes. The strange blackness in the dark is missing. Maybe you are sobering up.


You step over to the other side of the room, climbing onto the bed to make sure you stay in the light and place the Golden Seal on the wall.

The wall begins to crank, crack, and slide. You keep your hand away. It slides back slowly and after it hits the back, an Old Watch and 2 Points are sitting there. You take all of it.

Points are the monetary units in this world. If you earn enough of them, it may be possible to purchase something later.

You're not broke now! That almost offsets being in this room.
No. 39556 ID: 7eda8b

>Green: You can make status altering candy.
Oh my god this is the best power ever.
No. 39557 ID: f21281

Is your arm broken or something?
No. 39559 ID: 120ca8


Also, check what time is on the old watch.
No. 39621 ID: aba0a3
File 125237561217.png - (100.79KB , 777x777 , BBQ013.png )

The watch is dead. It's stuck at around 5:500000.

From what you can feel, it is broken. It feels incredibly bad when you move it.
No. 39623 ID: 6faa8c

Very well, let's move out.

What-all are you wearing, total? Might become important later.
No. 39625 ID: f21281

The ceiling corner is leaking.
No. 39642 ID: 4e9b58

Hug Tom.

Also, check ceiling.
No. 39643 ID: f21281

Turn around, look at the ceiling corner.
No. 39681 ID: aba0a3
File 125238018197.png - (343.68KB , 777x777 , BBQ014.png )


You check the ceiling.

[ Tuesday 4:30-11:PM Eastern -5 GMT Weekly ]
No. 39687 ID: ab91ae
File 125238091958.png - (24.28KB , 373x290 , what is this I dont even.png )

No. 40015 ID: aba0a3
File 125244417350.png - (97.71KB , 777x777 , BBQ015.png )

Your eyes dilate at the shock of something piercing straight through your chest. The blood loss, and the time has sobered you up enough to use your abilities. Good news!

But now there's this creature, and the spike through your torso is most definitely a problem to consider.
No. 40016 ID: 43d730

Warp to a hospital.
Any problems with this idea I should know about?
No. 40017 ID: 476456

Precognition would've helped like FIVE SECONDS AGO
No. 40018 ID: 308dd6

Uh. Uhhh. Can you warp to the roof to get out of reach?
No. 40020 ID: 476456

Teleport to the lamp, focus it on the creature, then teleport to a hospital.
No. 40024 ID: 1f66ea

Warping is only short distance.
Warp out of the room.
No. 40025 ID: 24e1e5

Warp out of the room would be a good start.
No. 40041 ID: f21281

Chain-warp then.

Keep warping in short jumps.
No. 40051 ID: 1f66ea

I see a 1 underneath the precog and the warp symbols, I think those are use limits, could be wrong though. >_<
No. 40055 ID: aba0a3
File 125244838220.png - (126.81KB , 777x777 , BBQ016.png )

You panic, and you don't think you can handle this monster, so you use your warp powers, leaving a cloudy shadow of an orange umbrella in your place...
No. 40056 ID: ed8d8a

sad monster D: he just wants to play
No. 40057 ID: aba0a3
File 125244877577.png - (37.70KB , 777x777 , BBQ017.png )

You appear, perfectly on your feet outside of the door, on the porch. You feel drained, and have to wait a while before your warp ability is available once more. There don't seem to be monsters here. There's a toilet, and a chained up trapdoor on the porch. But you can see out into the distance. There's a mine up against the mountain to the west, and a small building to the northwest.

The grass and paths along the small island are pretty boring and empty. To the north and south is the ocean.

Oh dear Gods, you shiver violently and look away from the water. You are deathly afraid of it, and wouldn't dare going towards the sea. There must be a way without it anyway. Science and Magic have progressed after all.
No. 40061 ID: 1f66ea

Examine the toilet, also we need to find a way to stop that bleeding there before it gets too serious.
No. 40073 ID: 24e1e5

We can examine the sorroundins later, now the priority is find a way to treat that wound. Someone with medical knowledge would be the best choice, but at least let's find something to use as bandages.

Let's head toward the building to the northwest.
No. 40079 ID: f21281

Avoid trapdoor - creepy lookin' face on it.

Getting the sneaking suspicion that funny faces = HORRIBLE HORRIBLE RAEP.
No. 40083 ID: 43d730

I'm sure it just wanted to hug you.
Through the chest.
No. 40084 ID: 476456

You might have to patch that up yourself.
No. 40087 ID: 276781

Priority one, apart from NOT DYING FROM BLEEDING, should probably be to get a portable magical or technological light source.

Going out on a wild guess, the shadowy thing probably doesn't like the light very much - therefore, a portable, magical source of sunlight (or a common flashlight) could be an effective weapon. Or possibly just a deterrent.

But hell, anything's better than getting stabbed in the chest again.
No. 40107 ID: bffa2a


You have a sucking chest wound. Mayby you should repurpose your hand wraps for makeshift bandage to keep you alive for 5 more minutes. Really, tell us if there's any magic healing that would be readily available around here. You need some fast.
No. 40130 ID: bffa2a

Use clairvoyance to find healing.
No. 40132 ID: aba0a3
File 125245295764.png - (34.88KB , 777x777 , BBQ018.png )

You take a small step to the toilet, kneel down, and cringe. You have mixed feelings. The negative is that the water inside of the toilet still has the slight hints of piss in it. The positive is that two points are sitting there, so you take them and do your best to keep from vomiting and succeed...
No. 40133 ID: 92ab53

Is that an eye in the back o' yo' head?
No. 40134 ID: aba0a3
File 12524530435.png - (25.66KB , 777x777 , BBQ019.png )

Thinking there might be someone to help you with your injury, you travel towards the lonely shack in the northwest...
No. 40136 ID: aba0a3
File 125245315493.png - (30.91KB , 777x777 , BBQ020.png )

You arrive at the building. It doesn't seem as welcoming as you hoped. It seems to be a store with the, "DISKOWNT," on the building. However you stop before the porch as eyes are staring at you from beneath.
No. 40138 ID: 24e1e5

Yay, more friends!

Try to use your Clairvoyance to see what they are and/or see inside the building.
No. 40139 ID: bffa2a


You're not getting better by waiting and you can't warp for a long while. Jump over, open the door and stay in the light.
No. 40148 ID: aba0a3
File 125245513054.png - (298.62KB , 777x777 , BBQ021.png )

You use your Clairvoyance.

Awesome, someone's in there after all!
No. 40155 ID: f21281

...t'would seem this island has had a breakout of the CRAZY.
No. 40157 ID: 24e1e5

That guy looks totally friendly and cool.

Ok no, let's GTFO. Try the mine next to the mountain, instead.
No. 40158 ID: 1f66ea

Looks like an honest guy, though let's not bother his meal, hmm?
Head to the mines is my suggestion, 's a better idea as of now, we have no business here yet.
No. 40159 ID: 795b36
File 125245554331.jpg - (19.11KB , 360x188 , trial of the dragon.jpg )

man you chose the absolute worst place to pass out in didnt ya?

moving along, let's uh, run.
No. 40169 ID: bffa2a

Clairvoyance is the most useless ability ever, Get in the barn.
No. 40218 ID: aba0a3
File 125246007825.png - (27.39KB , 777x777 , BBQ022.png )

The place itself was ominous, but that vision just encouraged what you were starting to think.

You turn tail and slowly trudge south down the island. The silence is very daunting to you, as you like to be with company, and partying. The ground was dead, and everything was empty. You arrive at the mine...
No. 40222 ID: aba0a3
File 125246024785.png - (29.49KB , 777x777 , BBQ023.png )

The mine is not much different than it was out in the field. There's nothing, and nobody here.

You see a pile of rubble, the entrance to the mine, a watering hole, and what seems to be a trailer. You shrug with your only working arm to emphasize to yourself how frustrating this is.
No. 40228 ID: 036360

Exactly how... durable are we? A normal person would be very much dieing right now with a wound like that.. seems we have 'anime character' toughness. Would be handy to know our limits.

But more on topic..lets check out the trailer before heading into the mine, it might contain something useful.
No. 40229 ID: 276781

Inspect WATER and TRAILER.
Try not to think about how deadly this WATER could be in large quantities.

Try to pay attention to surroundings and be ready to tele-GTFO at a moment's notice.
No. 40242 ID: 4e9b58

Poke rubble with a stick or something in case there's something living in there. If safe enough then search for something useful, like a better weapon. A bottle won't do much against pliable shadows.
No. 40249 ID: aba0a3
File 125246275739.png - (27.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ024.png )

You walk around the dying flower and look at the water. You poke your finger in it. It looks crystal clear, and beautiful. Thankfully it isn't deep, and it isn't open water so approaching it is much easier. You're not thirsty however. Your wound seems to have just stopped bleeding. It's still open. It feels like your right arm does.
No. 40250 ID: bb795f

Searching the rubble could yield nice results.
No. 40260 ID: bb795f

Of course, using some of that water on the dead flower could prove to be fruitful as well.
No. 40280 ID: aba0a3
File 12524642564.png - (27.06KB , 777x777 , BBQ025.png )

You move away from the water and start digging in the rubble. Soon after you begin you feel a very definite vibration underneath it all. You dig for just a moment before an orange piece of cloth sets across the rock underneath the ones you just lifted up.
No. 40288 ID: bb795f

Pick up the orange cloth, then head back over to the water and try using some of it on the flower.
No. 40314 ID: aba0a3
File 125246691216.png - (370.87KB , 777x777 , BBQ026.png )

You pick up the orange cloth.

[ See you next week. ]
No. 40342 ID: 64f8ae

errr that's not a cloth.
No. 40344 ID: 1afd58

Well, it IS a cloth, it's just surrounding a corpse.
No. 40430 ID: d75ae0
File 12525066911.jpg - (22.53KB , 306x227 , picard_wtf.jpg )

>[ See you next week. ]
>next week
No. 40452 ID: f21281

>bitching about a once-a-week updated quest
>sees all the other quests that are updated every day

...seven continuous quests not enough for you?
No. 40466 ID: 1c907d



[ Although the IRC Channel is a more direct way to speak to me, here is an, "answer," to your dismay. ]
No. 44965 ID: aba0a3
File 125304648069.png - (32.56KB , 777x777 , BBQ027.png )

As you lift the cloth from underneath the rubble, you drag a uniformed skeleton miner out from underneath. The vibrations continue and you keep pulling. Just to get it all the way out. Your insides tremble. Some of it is the sight of a skeleton, the rest of it is the realization this might be a human. There is a war going on elsewhere in the world. Humans are being murdered relentlessly by robots.

There could be robots nearby. Keeping alert is a good bet. (Being that a lot of robots despise not just humans, but all organic creatures).

Your mind crashes back to the skeleton in your arms. There is a Vibro-Hammer attached to his belt. You take that and push the skeleton as far as you can. It's not very far, but you finally scream about it. The skeleton, and a few things you've been encountering.

It's a defensive mechanism to try and keep your calm, and almost ignore your desire to panic in order to survive. You release everything in your lungs and then fall silent. The echo of your voice returns to you.

With that out of the way, you look back around you. You place the bottle in your pouch and put your new hammer in its place if you need it. Then you examine the skeleton more thoroughly. He has a wallet in his pocket. You swipe the 4 Points he was carrying for your own, and take the Empty Wallet along with you.

You say out loud, "Now what, Asali. Now what?"
No. 44967 ID: 43d730

Scoop some water on the flower, then try the door.
No. 44969 ID: fd1292

I take the Vibro-Hammer if it'd make a good weapon. Anything to give me a sense of control over my surroundings.

I also try giving some water to the plant. Who knows, it might have some magical properties or something.
No. 44970 ID: 89def2

Fill the bottle with water.
No. 44975 ID: aba0a3
File 125304914868.png - (34.38KB , 777x777 , BBQ028.png )

You walk over towards the small barrel looking thing of water and fill your bottle with it. You sprinkle some of the water down on the flower.

In sheer moments the flower begins to rise up off of the ground, and glow a neon shade of blue. The flower blossoms open. You smile and admire the flower for a second...

"Yo, yo, yo, what is this shit, dawg. Wait, huh. Man this is not the party any mo'. Well at least I'm less dead, more chance of a party comin' back right? Righteous." The flower wiggles around in a very supple manner.

"Oh uh, right. Yeah! So there's a couple of them points buried a little over there." The flower points to the dirt, and you dig it up and add the 2 Points to your money pool.

You continue to watch this flower. Which door were you meaning to take, the Mine or the Trailer?
No. 44976 ID: 89def2

The trailer door seems to have a code or something, also dat face again. Let's try the mine.
No. 44979 ID: aba0a3
File 12530498156.png - (34.60KB , 777x777 , BBQ029.png )

You go towards the mine. There is a lock on the door. It is a three number combination lock. You're not going to try and guess a 1/1000 chance. (Well, maybe)...

Hopefully there's a clue somewhere, or you'd spend forever on this.
No. 44980 ID: 89def2

Let's try the other door, then. Maybe there's a clue there.
No. 44982 ID: 62ec90

Your math is wrong. It's actually a 1/720 chance.
No. 44985 ID: 4e9b58

Make a kissy face back at the number dial, maybe it'll open.
No. 44987 ID: ed8d8a

3 digits, 10 numerals, 10x10x10=1000 combinations
(takes a bit over 10 minutes to brute force check that many numbers on a tumbler lock like this)
No. 44991 ID: aba0a3
File 125305284624.png - (38.88KB , 777x777 , BBQ030.png )

You step across the ground and go up the steps into--upon first glance, seems to have been the Foreman's "office."
No. 44993 ID: 5eea01

What is that faint outline? The chair? Also, there's something behind the cabinet. Check it. Cheeeck iiiiit.
No. 44995 ID: 1f66ea

Well, looks like we've bumbled into somewhere unwanted again, give a greeting Mr. Ghost behind the counter.
No. 44996 ID: 1f66ea

Oh wait, that's a chair, disregard that.
No. 44999 ID: 89def2

Check behind, inside and above the cabinet.

Check the drawers in the desk, check under the desk, and under the chair.

No. 45003 ID: 476456

Use precognition to see the code you'd use to open the door :3c
No. 45005 ID: 4e9b58

There's an x over the eye. That means clairvoyance can't be used right now.
No. 45007 ID: 197650

It looks like there is something behind the cabinet, check it out.
No. 45008 ID: aba0a3
File 125305503252.png - (42.04KB , 777x777 , BBQ031.png )

Ghost, chair? You don't see either of those, so you check out the cabinet.

You check the cabinets. They're empty. You try to move the cabinet, but with one arm it's really awkward and you're way too weak to move it.
No. 45010 ID: 89def2

It seems like there's a piece of paper behind the cabinet, try to pull it out.

Also check the desk for drawers, or something under it.
No. 45011 ID: 197650

The grey thing from >>44991 seems to be missing, was it a ghost?
No. 45012 ID: 5eea01

Looks like there's something sticking out from behind the cabinet. If it's paper, try pulling it out.
No. 45018 ID: aba0a3
File 125305627521.png - (41.37KB , 777x777 , BBQ032.png )

You peek around at the cabinet and try to pinch at the tiny corner of paper clamped between the metal cabinet and the wall. It won't give way but you damage the paper and make it even harder to take hold of.

You give up and go through the desk, and find a fork and knife in one of the drawers. It smells a little funky but that doesn't bother you.
No. 45019 ID: 43d730

Use the fork to prise the cabinet away from the wall.
No. 45021 ID: 5eea01

There's an upset-looking ghost behind you. Is this normal?
No. 45022 ID: f21281

Try to remove the drawers from the cabinets, then move it. The majority of the weight in filing cabinets is from the drawers.
No. 45024 ID: 5eea01

Also, you seem to be capable of using Clairvoyance again. But on what....
No. 45035 ID: aba0a3
File 125305832263.png - (52.76KB , 777x777 , BBQ033.png )

You take a look at your knife, the wall, the heavy cabinet, and you scowl at the wall with defiance. However, before you do that, you shift all of the cabinet drawers open. Then you use all your might and cunning and tip it over.

As you tip the cabinet over, you turn and face a translucent ghost. You freeze up slightly as the ghost screams in your face.

The ghost looks down at the floor and twiddles his psuedo-hands together.

"D-do y-you b-b-by chance have the t-time?" He blushes softly. He was shy, and seems to be pretty afraid of you.
No. 45038 ID: 5eea01

Tell him it's 5:00.
No. 45044 ID: 1f66ea

Tell him you don't know, but show him the broken watch and explain about it anyways.
No. 45054 ID: 4e9b58

I've got 5:00.

Also, emergency cash? Nice.
No. 45055 ID: aba0a3
File 125305978910.png - (78.56KB , 777x777 , BBQ034.png )

You show the ghost the watch you found, and tell him, "The closest thing I can tell you is 5:00, but the watch is broken. I'm sorry, little ghost."

The ghost simply gazes with adoration for the watch for what seems like forever to the ghost. His eyes wide and sparkling. His mouth open, but in the most minuscule way.

He very gently, and with a high pitched voice pipes in, "That's my watch." His voice is but a whisper. "Please?" His little ethereal lip quivering up towards you.
No. 45057 ID: 1f66ea

Give 'em the watch, not like we have much use for it anyways.
No. 45058 ID: f71f97

Befriend the ghost! Ghost friend!
No. 45066 ID: 8e61e3

I would agree. The watch is broken and there is little use for it.
No. 45067 ID: d51fa7

Unless the watch is the key to unlocking its power and it attacks us or something.
No. 45070 ID: 8e61e3

Well, if that does happen, we do have a teleport to use.
No. 45071 ID: 4e9b58

But how can you say no to that face? You can't.
No. 45073 ID: aba0a3
File 12530619719.png - (50.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ035.png )

You decide to give him the watch.

The ghost holds the watch to his face, his tentacle like arms shaking. "I don't have m-much," The ghost plops down onto the desk and he hands you a single Point.

"Ghosts cannot remember too much. This was mine before I died. My name is Bob. Same as the combination to the mine if you need that... (since I have so little money). I'll just sit here and try to remember more."
No. 45074 ID: 1f66ea

Well, Bid him farewell, ask if he wants to come along if the rest of us want to, otherwise go back to the mine and put in 808.
No. 45075 ID: 4e9b58

Ask him how he died. Might be good to take note of it and avoid whatever it is. If it hurts his feelings then offer ghost hugs.
No. 45076 ID: 4e9b58

And see if "Emergency Cash" has any significance.
No. 45077 ID: 8e61e3

Some information might be a good idea to have first. We should ask, if he remembers.
No. 45078 ID: f71f97

Promise Bob that you'll help recover his memories. Sidequest rewards rule
No. 45079 ID: 632862

Hmm, "my name is bob, same as the combination"? The combination must be 808.
No. 45080 ID: f21281


Hmm. Either 808 or 202?
No. 45090 ID: aba0a3
File 125306500587.png - (50.95KB , 777x777 , BBQ036.png )

You leave the ghost to his moping just long enough to take the envelope off of the wall. Inside of the taped up envelope is 2 Points. You step back and set your hand on the desk.

"Bob, do you remember anything else? I'll try to help you if I can."

Bob turns his head, having assumed you left for a little bit. He sounds a little less anxious now.

"Well, I was doing all of the mining by myself because no one came into work, and this dark shadowy figure came up, and smashed my skull in. That's all I can remember beyond being pushed into a pit. I can't remember if I had a family, or anything else."
No. 45091 ID: 4e9b58

Maybe if he comes with you into the mine it'll jog his memory. An extra set of eyes couldn't hurt either.
No. 45092 ID: 1f66ea

My sentiments exactly, let's do that.
No. 45093 ID: aba0a3
File 125306575360.png - (42.02KB , 777x777 , BBQ037.png )

You smile and pat the desk, "Come on, Bob. Come with me to the mine, maybe we'll figure out something."

Bob looks at the floor, "A-as long as you stay w-with me."

You both step out of the office.

[ Slight pause, will be back in 20-40 minutes. ]
No. 45130 ID: 4e9b58

That means we can't teleport away. We'd leave Bob by himself.
No. 45140 ID: aba0a3
File 125306890330.png - (33.91KB , 777x777 , BBQ038.png )

When you get outside, the first thing you notice is that the glowing flower has... left. But there is a piece of paper where it was. Bob seems to have left your side.

Now he's too busy spazzing out over the skeleton in a mining jumpsuit that you found earlier.
No. 45141 ID: 4e9b58

Uh oh, that's probably his body.
No. 45142 ID: 43d730

It's probably him.
See if he wants it buried or something when he's done, but check the paper in the meantime.
No. 45143 ID: d51fa7

Read Note
Hug Bob
No. 45145 ID: aba0a3
File 125306922499.png - (56.86KB , 777x777 , BBQ039.png )

You go towards Bob, and pick up the neon card.
No. 45148 ID: 476456

Well, things are looking up.
No. 45149 ID: 43d730

Not sure if wait wat.
No. 45151 ID: 1f66ea

That Dimitri sure is one swell fella, we should go ahead and confront Bob now.
No. 45170 ID: aba0a3
File 125307071340.png - (33.31KB , 777x777 , BBQ040.png )

You finally make it to Bob, and you kneel down and try to set your hand to him. Normally people are unable to talk to ghosts, but for some reason, which may revolve around your being a psychic, you find you can.

You pet his head and ask, "What's wrong?"

"This is me." Bob says, trying to hide in his arms.
No. 45174 ID: aba0a3

talk = touch
No. 45177 ID: 476456

"Aw that sucks, i'm sorry man."
No. 45179 ID: 962d6b

tell him he looks like he was, and still is, cute.
No. 45180 ID: 1f66ea

Yeah, try and comfort the poor guy.
No. 45183 ID: 8e61e3

Apologize for his death for comfort, but note that they should move on..and while we're at it..we..should probably use some of Bob's old and torn clothing to finally deal with that hole in our chest that's no longer bleeding.. I can't imagine that being healthy to still keep it open. Makeshift bandage is better than nothing.
No. 45187 ID: 4e9b58

Perhaps mention that you accidentally pulled him out earlier, so he knows it wasn't some random graverobber, then ask if he wants a proper burial? Better than nothing.

Also he might want his wallet back. Are there any pictures in it?
No. 45200 ID: aba0a3
File 125307334721.png - (413.63KB , 777x777 , BBQ041.png )

You try to comfort Bob.
No. 45576 ID: 4e9b58

Yes, hugs come first.
No. 46959 ID: aba0a3
File 125333947542.png - (464.69KB , 777x1444 , BBQ042.png )

"Bob, as a ghost, one cannot be so surprised if they find their corpse. Cheer up, and take this, this is your wallet." You say.

"O-oh. Well thank you..." Bob squeaks.

"My family." He waits a very long time, and he takes shape of the picture of himself somewhat, even if still translucent and vague. "They are probably waiting for me."

"You should go to them, Bob." You say, doing your very best to mask the discontent in losing your only company.

Bob sheds a final tear as he glows and vanishes into the next plane, ending his existence as a ghost...
No. 46960 ID: aba0a3
File 125333959460.png - (22.41KB , 777x777 , BBQ043.png )

With Bob gone, you give a soft sigh. Although he was a friend, that was almost expected. At least Bob was happy, where ever he was now.

With a sense of respect, after tearing apart his uniform for your makeshift bandages, you bury his bones under the ground and out of sight.

You feel incredibly good. There's a slight speckle of some sort of power or energy in your aura. You can feel it. It makes you feel calmer.

The orange strips are ready for your bandages...
No. 46962 ID: aba0a3
File 125333969525.png - (291.05KB , 777x777 , BBQ044.png )

You remove your sling carefully and remove your bandages.
No. 46963 ID: 8eabc1

Critical failures on first aid rolls suck.
No. 46964 ID: aba0a3
File 12533397949.png - (24.75KB , 777x777 , BBQ045.png )

You are speechless.

What shall you do now?
No. 46965 ID: 8eabc1

Does it hurt still? Can I move it? Does it have any strength without muscles?
No. 46966 ID: aba0a3

It still hurts about the same amount, but it is holding together on its own, and moving as an arm should or it would have scattered on the floor.
No. 46967 ID: 8eabc1

Hmm, I check for any cracks or breaks that might be causing the pain. And also I need to take off my shirt to see how far this bone-ified effect goes. :3
No. 46969 ID: 632862

and then Asali was a zombie.
No. 46970 ID: ed8d8a

Why, I would say it goes to about the shoulder.
No. 46971 ID: 7fdd91

We should probably get our barrings first. There isn't much to do about this new situation but to cover our wounds. After that, we should head into the mine using the combination that Bob told us.
No. 46975 ID: 8eabc1

But... we should be thorough and check just to make sure. In a world with talking flowers, assume nothing. =P
No. 46978 ID: aba0a3
File 125334577948.png - (264.84KB , 777x777 , BBQ046.png )

There's nothing wrong with your bones. You want to take a look at your wound, and to clean your shirt and miniskirt.

You step over to the well, and take off your clothing. You look at the wound, and find nothing there but black stains, just like on your face.

You clean yourself off, and wash your clothes.

Once your clothes are washed, you dry yourself off, and look towards the mine. The gate gives you a small tinge of sadness, as you miss Bob once again.

You close and open your skeletal hand, moving your fingers around. Do you want to keep it like this, or wrap your makeshift bandages around it to hide your condition?... Or just carry on...
No. 46979 ID: 6550ad

I would hide it for now, we can remove the sling anytime we need to use both hands.
No. 46980 ID: 7fdd91

Well, walking around with this wouldn't exactly be the best thing socially.. It'd be better to wrap it in the makeshift bandages in a way where we'd still be able to use the limb as needed. At least until we find some clue as to what condition this is.
No. 46981 ID: 276781

Hide it. But before doing so, is there any way to test latent abilities our skeletal arm may possess? (Death touch, drain touch, some form of necromancy, etc.)

Also, try hard to clear memory fog, see if that gives us any answers at all. Have we always been this way, did we do something that caused this, or do we not remember anything at all?
No. 46985 ID: aba0a3
File 125334813485.png - (21.60KB , 777x777 , BBQ047.png )

You wrap your new bandages around your skeletal arm, and stretch it out. The pain is pretty much gone. Your strength was coming back, not that you were incredibly strong to begin with, but it's a good feeling. You hang your bag around your shoulder and to your bag so it's less awkward to carry. Now you have both arms available.
No. 46986 ID: aba0a3

No, this arm being like this is completely new to you. Whatever happened last night when you are drunk must be the reason.

You have no necromancy oriented abilities, or your scales would have turned black. The Styx clan are the only clan who can deal with such dark magic.
No. 46987 ID: 641541

Try to peek through the =w= door with Clairvoyance.
No. 46988 ID: aba0a3
File 125334891737.png - (22.30KB , 777x777 , BBQ048.png )



The gate to the mine responds, activating in response to the password.
No. 46989 ID: 276781

May as well put the code in the door and continue on... cautiously, of course.

Must've been a hell of a drinking binge.

Not only waking up on this island, but with a terrifying skeletal arm as well... does our clan have any sort of bad relationship with the Styx, something that might have made one decide to fuck with our arm - or are we just a raging jackass while drunk?
No. 46992 ID: aba0a3
File 125334960983.png - (40.85KB , 777x777 , BBQ049.png )

You definitely have never had any problems with the Styx clan to your recollection. You are also, as you've been told, are a pretty laid back, and flirty drunk.

What lays in front of you is a dark mine.
No. 46993 ID: 6550ad

Go inside, carefully.
No. 46994 ID: aba0a3
File 12533504573.png - (38.09KB , 777x777 , BBQ050.png )

You update your map, and enter the mine...
No. 46996 ID: aba0a3
File 125335139213.png - (26.21KB , 777x777 , BBQ051.png )

The mine is pitch dark.

...You can't see a goddamn thing, this is probably not a good idea to go in here. Where should we go instead.. unless you're very confident about exploring everything without any visual references in this darkness. (Which you don't want to do).
No. 46997 ID: 5eea01

Well....it damn sure looks like this way is blocked until you find a light source. The only place we haven't explored is the...'diskownt' place. It's scary, but it's not like you have a lot of choice here.
No. 46999 ID: 962d6b

yea I fear you may be eaten by a grue... or glue... I dunno. Back to Diskownt? brave the scares?
No. 47000 ID: 276781

Perhaps our skeletal arm would serve as an effective scare tactic to ward off the proprietor, should it decide to look at us as a meal.

The fact that it still works normally, that is.
In any case, I'm all for taking the GTFO route. We don't seem to get along with darkness too well.
No. 47002 ID: aba0a3
File 125335414415.png - (20.67KB , 777x777 , BBQ052.png )

You exit the mine, and go out of the mine site in order to strut back to the DISKOWNT building. You step up onto the porch, and take out your hammer, just in case. A lot easier to hold with both hands.
No. 47003 ID: 6550ad

Knock on the door. If there's no response, proceed to go inside cautiously.
No. 47004 ID: aba0a3
File 12533561647.png - (71.00KB , 777x777 , BBQ053.png )

You knock on the door!
No. 47005 ID: 6550ad

Alright, screw subtlety, go inside and fuck shit up.
No. 47006 ID: 641541

Hmm, that was a little forceful. Peer inside from a medium distance, letting your eyes adjust to the darkness inside.
No. 47007 ID: aba0a3
File 125335666053.png - (15.20KB , 777x777 , BBQ054.png )

You enter the Diskownt building, and are greeted with an empty shop counter, and a sign that says closed. Nobody's here, beyond the random noise now and then from rodent like creatures.
No. 47008 ID: 641541

Stand near a wall and listen out for anyone approaching from behind, and ask politely if anyone's there.
No. 47009 ID: 6550ad

Jump over the counter.
No. 47010 ID: 5eea01

If there's a bell, ring it. If not, knock on the counter and yell "I have money."
No. 47013 ID: aba0a3
File 125335866881.png - (15.12KB , 777x777 , BBQ055.png )

You approach the counter quietly, and back up against it, "Hello? Is anyone there, I have money!"

After a long moment, you hear a very faint, "Read sign," from deep inside of the building, in the darkness.
No. 47014 ID: 5eea01

No. 47015 ID: 641541

Read the sign but don't sacrifice your view over the counter as a result!
No. 47016 ID: 6550ad

Say to the darknes: "The sign says FREE MUFFINS PANCAKES INSIDE"
No. 47017 ID: aba0a3
File 125335886922.png - (16.05KB , 777x777 , BBQ056.png )

You lean over and read that closed sign.
No. 47018 ID: 641541

Place the fork 'n' knife gingerly upon the counter.
No. 47019 ID: 6550ad

Put the fork 'n' knife on the counter and yell "There you are. Now, where are my pancakes?"
No. 47020 ID: aba0a3
File 125336075746.png - (18.21KB , 777x777 , BBQ057.png )

You take the fork and knife you have in your pouch and slide it onto the counter.

"Already had some silverware! Come and get it?"

You state, sort of confused at this 'store,' so far.

The closed sign slams across the counter, and out of the way, when the clatter of the fork and knife being picked up hits your ears. You back up to see over the counter when a large monster slithers somewhat outside of his counter.

"Thank! Here." The creature drops 1 Point down to Asali with one of his four arms, and he draws his arms back, and smiles nice, wide, and fang-filled.

"You here shop?"
No. 47021 ID: 641541

"Sure! What do you have for sale?"
No. 47022 ID: 6550ad

See if you can buy a flashlight. And pancakes.

And ask where do you are, and where is the nearer civilized settlement around.
No. 47023 ID: aba0a3
File 125336119368.png - (24.87KB , 777x777 , BBQ058.png )

"Sure, what do you have?" You ask, calming down a bit, and putting your hammer away. It seems you were afraid of this place for nothing... Maybe.

Skraig nods, and he puts his utensils aside, and pulls a piece of paper out, "These what have! Diskownt for you."

He seems excited, even if he has cheap junk. He likes to buy and sell.

"Skraig also want bottle. Stranger have bottle?"
No. 47024 ID: 47a878

Considering we can give this creep the bottle, we may as well buy everything he has in stock.
No. 47027 ID: af9412

Just buy all the buckets you can afford, it'll be awesome.
No. 47028 ID: 641541

Definitely buy the pretty light! And maybe the bucket... Buckets are always good to have.

I don't think the cone would fit, though.

...Unless it's part of a drill?
No. 47032 ID: 6550ad

Sell him the bottle and buy everything.

And what about the pancakes?
No. 47033 ID: 47a878

...ask him why that list is blood-smeared?
No. 47034 ID: aba0a3
File 125336355024.png - (46.53KB , 777x777 , BBQ059.png )

You buy everything, which costs 7 Points.

You give Skraig the Bottle, and in exchange he gives you Some Kind of Stick.

This gives you a total of five items, one of them will have to be stored in your pocket dimension.

Items in your pouch can be used at any time, anything in the pocket dimension can only be exchanged when everything is clear. If there's combat, or a time consuming situation, the items here are inaccessible. Which item(s) will you keep on hand?
No. 47036 ID: 641541

I'd say leave the invitation and stick in the pocket dimension for now.
No. 47038 ID: 276781

Did Skraig say anything about the stick, or does he know anything about it?
If it's significant, we might want to keep it out. If it's just a regular old stick, we may as well stow it until we find a use for it.
No. 47041 ID: 47a878

If we put that bucket on our head, will it still use up one slot of the active inventory? If not, we shall do so!
No. 47042 ID: aba0a3
File 125336497093.png - (25.97KB , 777x777 , BBQ060.png )

Skraig shrugs about the stick, and continues to eat like a gentleman.
No. 47045 ID: 57a81c

Thanks Skraig for his assistance and politeness, but indicate we really must be on our way, politely of course.
No. 47046 ID: 47a878

Get the drill, stick, bucket and light in your active inventory and get the fuck out of there before he gets the idea to take you for dessert. Don't turn your back to him, to be sure.
If he makes some moves, teleport out of the store and make a run for it. You already saw him eating somebody/you in your vision earlier, better not letting it come to that, baby.
No. 47052 ID: 15f6d6

Drill stick, light and hammer in active inventory
No. 47054 ID: 47a878

That hammer is already in the weapon-slot and doesn't seem to use up one inventory-slot.
No. 47144 ID: 632862

This could very well be him eating a rat. Just like he is now.
No. 47156 ID: 47a878

Sure, it could be. I would rather not want to find out. He seems to be one messy carnivore, he would eat a cute Bubble Touched, I'm sure.
No. 47198 ID: aba0a3
File 125338749553.png - (18.84KB , 777x777 , BBQ061.png )

You thank him politely for his help, and begin to walk out. Skraig speaks up after finishing his meal.

"ONE SEC, uh. Skraig look cakes of pan. Stranger do Skraig favor. Find Skraig big fresh bone."

You agree, reluctantly. Where are you planning to go now?
No. 47199 ID: 15f6d6

Lets get that femur we foolishly buried earlier and give it to him. The ghost is gone, so it's not like we're going to get haunted.
No. 47203 ID: b8a1ab

He said fresh bones. I doubt that's fresh.
No. 47212 ID: 6550ad


Let's try anyway. Let's go for the bone.
No. 47240 ID: aba0a3
File 125338935110.png - (16.62KB , 777x777 , BBQ062.png )


Yeah, Skraig probably wants the marrow. Those bones aren't fresh.
No. 47257 ID: 6550ad

Hmpf, alright... It's not like I like that stupid bone or anything.

Head toward the mines, using the flashlight to light your path.
No. 47299 ID: aba0a3
File 125339125895.png - (53.01KB , 777x777 , BBQ063.png )

With your flashlight, you get a pretty weak, and short traveling light to give you an idea of what's in front of you. You begin walking into the mine...
No. 47304 ID: 62ec90

Shotguns with Hammerhead rounds normally work best in mines. They like to spawn lots of shit right in front of you.

Stay to the edges, and keep an eye out for loot-ables behind crates.
No. 47342 ID: aba0a3
File 125339298653.png - (103.06KB , 777x777 , BBQ064.png )

You step along the tracks, looking forward.

This has been the worst hangover ever, and probably the start of something much worse.

"I shouldn't drink anymore," You grumble to yourself, eyes on what the flashlight was revealing to you...
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