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File 132573794411.jpg - (183.10KB , 800x600 , princess coffee.jpg )
377607 No. 377607 ID: 16a987

This is a short quest to get used to my new toy. Graphic style will probably change as I get used to my pad

>You wake up face flat on the cold icy floor. Your breath is white like small clouds... You don't know where you are or what happened.

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No. 377610 ID: ed57e8

examine room.
No. 377611 ID: 252e1b

Examine self for injuries, identification, or tools. If none are apparent, examine your clothes for makers marks or logos.
No. 377621 ID: 16a987
File 132573886824.jpg - (230.69KB , 800x600 , trapped.jpg )

>The room is made of ice. I'm trapped in this cell, the bars are also made of ice...

>You are the Coffee Princess. You are uninjured, but you've lost your Royal Saber. You can't leave without it. Your clothes are devoid of logos since they were woven especially for you by the royal tailor.
No. 377624 ID: a9ba96

>Themed Princess
>Imprisoned in a chamber of Ice

Oh buy, I think I know what time it is
No. 377626 ID: ed57e8

examine the bars for cracks.
No. 377633 ID: 16a987
File 132574127076.jpg - (246.79KB , 800x600 , TheBars.jpg )

>The Bars are made of thick ice, they are far from perfect, covered in cracks some are very deep.
No. 377634 ID: af25e0

Try to squeeze between the bars.
No. 377636 ID: 6f1d54

Wave to Gunther.
No. 377640 ID: ed57e8

try shaking the bars near a big crack
No. 377645 ID: 16a987
File 132574474936.jpg - (207.24KB , 800x600 , HelloPenguin.jpg )

>You shake the icy bars at a weak point breaking a bar in half, Which reminds you: double check bar strength of own dungeon.

>You squeeze through the gap made by the broken bar and are freed from your cell. Now you must find your Saber and make it out of this dungeon.

>You wave to the penguin

-Why hello there Miss Gunther. How are thou?

No. 377658 ID: af25e0

Have a quick glance out the window.
No. 377663 ID: 14428f

Can You take a section of the broken ice bar as a blunt weapon? It's better than nothing while finding your saber. Unless you have sweet kicks. Then go with sweet kicks.
No. 377671 ID: 8490bc

Acquire Miss Gunther.
Equip Miss Gunther.
No. 377679 ID: bdb3f8

Careful there miss, Gunther is an unpredictable beast who at least theoretically works for your captor. Better be nice.
No. 377682 ID: e3f578

Gunther is the real villain of this quest
no doubt
That penguin is the most evil, vile thing one can lay eyes on. I dread the day it actually does something to our favorite heroes. But they're not here now.

Man, fuck swords and why you can't leave without it. Leave without it. Princesses use their fists and attitude as weapons.
No. 377683 ID: 7c31d2

All the penguins are Gunther, how do we know this is the ultimately evil one?
No. 377721 ID: 0adc60

No. 377746 ID: 16a987
File 132580502183.jpg - (164.97KB , 800x600 , mountain tops.jpg )

>You peer out the window, the view is rather pretty from here... You appear to be in the Ice kingdom.
No. 377752 ID: 16a987
File 132580567094.jpg - (121.54KB , 800x600 , Aweapon.jpg )

>You cant really kick in this dress... But yes your kicks are pretty sweet. You grab the broken bar as a blunt weapon.

>You decide to avoid Gunther seeing how she might work for your captors.

>Were you to return without your Royal Family Saber, Oh the dishonor it would bring for loosing it... You'd likely be striped of your rank, or worst sold to an evil king for pocket change... No you must find it.

>We'll have plenty of time for that back home. You dread to think your captors seek such time... No we must escape, But how?
No. 377786 ID: be60b8

does the room you are in right now has a door? if yes, club it until it open
No. 377798 ID: 16a987
File 132582164032.jpg - (212.07KB , 800x600 , kitchen.jpg )

>You find a door and smash it open... the next room over seems to be some kind of kitchen... There are two doors other than the one you smashed open. A voice calls out from the room behind you.

-Honey I'm home... Hehe... It's funny cause I'm gonna marry you... Wait where'd you go? Gunther did you let her out?!

>Oh no! Your captor's returned, what do you do?

No. 377801 ID: 453e62

is the oven big enough to fit in? it's made of ice so i highly doubt it's ever used.
No. 377811 ID: 16a987
File 132582579825.jpg - (164.03KB , 800x600 , InTheOven.jpg )

>You Hop in the oven before he notices you, It's dark, cold and cramped...

-Now where is that girl? Coffee Princess... Where are you..? Oh I can't wait to drink her coffee hair... Ehh... Whats this? The oven's leaking?! Better call a plumber.

>You hear the man walk out
No. 377814 ID: 453e62

pop out and pick a random door between the two unopened ones. since you don't know which way is better.
No. 377816 ID: 2be5ee

No. 377819 ID: f70e5e

that's probably the guy who kidnapped you. he's turned his back, strike now!
No. 377827 ID: 16a987
File 132583018450.jpg - (227.98KB , 800x600 , Crash.jpg )

>You Leap from your hiding place and dash towards the first door you see... This room's a dead end, The Ice king's inside.

-Heh? Princess!

>You leap up high and bring the rod down hard on his head!

-*huff* Not as much finesse as a fine sword but... Well it get's the job done

>The IceKing's is out cold.

No. 377828 ID: c0e69a

Take his crown (it's his source of power!) and hide it somewhere.
No. 377831 ID: e3f578

Yes yes yes take it and wear the crown
Become evil Frappuccino Princess plus beard
No. 377835 ID: becb83

and don't forget the tea bagging
No. 377840 ID: f70e5e

don't just leave him there, either tie him up or finish him off.
No. 377905 ID: 16a987
File 132588000143.jpg - (162.80KB , 800x600 , crownOwned.jpg )

>You perch the crown on your head. A cold wave glistens down your body, filling you with power.

-Stop right there Ice King!
No. 377907 ID: 0d7a83

wait what does this make you now? The Ice Tea Queen?
No. 377908 ID: 16a987
File 132588038442.jpg - (206.05KB , 800x600 , HerosArrive.jpg )

-That's not the Ice King silly, that's the Coffee Princess *Gasp!* And she murdered the Ice king!

-How dare you kill somebody?! Quickly Jake we have to stop her!

No. 377909 ID: 453e62

"he's not dead! i just knocked him out for being a creep."
No. 377912 ID: bdb3f8

oh man, iced coffee is so much better than regular coffee way to go princess.
No. 377921 ID: f70e5e

"from doing what exactly? all I did was knock out my kidnapper and steal the source of his power"
No. 377954 ID: 16a987
File 132589311160.jpg - (189.86KB , 800x600 , explanation.jpg )

-from doing what exactly? all I did was knock out my kidnapper and steal the source of his power

-Wait what?

-he's not dead! i just knocked him out for being a creep.

-Oh okay then... Is there anything we adventurers can help you with?

No. 377957 ID: 995f9d

Help finding the saber?
No. 377958 ID: 7c31d2

Help kidnapping princesses
No. 377959 ID: f70e5e

lets stick to finding the saber.
No. 377966 ID: 453e62

explain you need to find your royal saber.
No. 377968 ID: 6f1d54

Coffee Princess: Fall under the influence of the magic powers of the Ice Crown and become the Iced Coffee Queen
No. 377971 ID: e3f578

(Is this pre- or post-Finn and Jake watches Ivan Petrovic's video? They should be a little concerned that she's wearing it unless they're being kinda dumb and forgetful)

Get that saber. In fact, raid the contraband cabinet. There's got to be loads of free shit.
No. 378001 ID: 16a987
File 132590339855.jpg - (140.85KB , 800x600 , hight.jpg )

>you explain that you must find your Royal Saber and that they should help you look. The agile adventurers jump to work looking for your sword.

>They look high...
No. 378003 ID: 16a987
File 132590342354.jpg - (168.32KB , 800x600 , low.jpg )

>And they look low...
No. 378008 ID: 16a987
File 132590512250.jpg - (189.68KB , 800x600 , thesword.jpg )

>Until eventually the sword was returned...

-Your sword madam...

-Thank you young man... You've made your self of great help. I do how ever need your help for but one more thing...

No. 378009 ID: 7c31d2

Power! Also, get him to help you steal some princes/princesses
No. 378010 ID: e3f578

No. 378011 ID: 453e62

home. you need to get back to your princessing. and i doubt the ice king is much of a threat anymore.
No. 378023 ID: c460ad

No. 378048 ID: 1b0f2f

Love. We are totally macking on this guy.
No. 378061 ID: a2fa74

NotFinn is completely sweet on her, so we should totally give them a happy ending.

She's a double-princess now. She doesn't need power.
No. 378114 ID: affe26

No. 378116 ID: d911e9

No. 378157 ID: e3aff6

No. 378158 ID: 8d34af

Secret inner anser - POWER
Oh delicious power. No more kidnappings. If you can just keep that crown then you can fulfil all your desires!

Public answer - LOVE
Time to make your move on that sexy Biscuit Princess. You were always meant to be together, right? There's no point in staying around here.
This kid seems the kind of guy who gets shit done. You could make promote him to a coffee knight for his aid in finding the sword.
No. 378161 ID: f70e5e

i think we can combine power and home, just take the ice king back with you. that way the coffee kingdom will be able to annex the ice kingdom with great ease and he won't be kidnapping anymore princess. if you play your card right you might end up running the coffee kingdoms new territory. just be sure to take the crown off if you start getting the urge to kidnap a princess of your own.
No. 378166 ID: 6b0689

No. 378168 ID: cf49fc

No. 378352 ID: 16a987
File 132599359491.jpg - (151.11KB , 800x600 , PowerDoWant.jpg )

>Power! yes... We must have it... We will! But how and under what form? What ever it may be we will have all of it! Muahahaha!..

-Eum... Princess? What is it you need my help for?

No. 378359 ID: f70e5e

you just captured the ice king, and stole his crown. swipe his kingdom.
No. 378360 ID: 3c585f

that jerk candy princess is always bragging about how she's tastiest. but soon we'll show her!

all we need now is the milk kingdom's power and we will have all the power of coffee ice cream!
No. 378366 ID: 1854db

Ask him to... help you decide what to do with the Ice King. Banishment? Imprisonment? Servitude?
No. 378376 ID: e3f578

We must conscript the ICE KINGDOM
Nip this conflict in the bag
NO longer will the Ice King be able to kidnap princesses if he has no subjects or power!
No. 378380 ID: 4f6150

2nding getting together with the milk kingdom. The coffee ice cream potential should be harnessed for fun and profit the greater good.

Also perhaps the penguins would be willing to switch allegiance. Anyone around that can speak to penguins?
No. 378444 ID: c0e69a

Before we can annex another kingdom, we must become a Queen!
No. 378448 ID: f70e5e

we should stay good though, or at least keep the appearance of staying good. evil rulers tend to have relatively short life spans. that said, lets ask for help securing the ice kingdom, for the good of its residents of course. anarchy is bad and the ice king was a terrible ruler so us taking over really is for the best.
No. 378723 ID: 16a987
File 132613475807.jpg - (188.89KB , 800x600 , Theydecide.jpg )

-euh.. yes, I need your help deciding the ice kings fate... Should he be imprisoned? Exiled... or made to servitude perhaps?..

-Banishment! No Imprisoned! Nonono Imprisonment where ever he was banished to!

-Service. He should work off his crimes... Charity work you know?

-Very well, I shall put him to good use. I can take care of things from here... May I call for you if I need help?

-Yeah sure, We'll always be here to help!

>The boy and his dog take their leave through the window...

>You turn to the humble miss Gunther...

-Miss Gunther... I am conscripting this kingdom, as of now it is mine... Will you comply?


-good to hear, As of now I am naming you Baroness of the Ice kingdom. Make sure the former Iceking understands his place. He works for YOU now...


>Yes... The next kingdom to fall under our reign shall be the land of milk... But first... That Bonbon princess... I'll capture her like a fort! Besides it's on the way...
No. 378725 ID: f70e5e

lets not capture any princesses. we just saw why that's a bad idea. if we want to gain power lets be smart about it. that probably means going slow, but it beats getting killed. the best plan would be to consolidate the ice kingdom and then attempt to make alliances with at least one other kingdom, that would leave you in charge of a large enough power block to just conquer everyone without bothering with the whole princess kidnapping thing.
No. 378728 ID: 453e62

why would we capture her? capturing doesn't get us anything unless you marry them.
No. 378729 ID: 4f6150

Why needs to conquer by force when you're naturally full bodied, aromatic and best served HOT!

You should quickly make sure things are under control in the Ice Kingdom before heading out to the nearest ball or other royal event to announce your rise as a new force. Perhaps they can be reasoned into joining you? Also a perfect chance to get close to Bonbon.
No. 378864 ID: 16a987
File 132617413777.jpg - (198.76KB , 800x600 , tothegalla.jpg )

-Why would I kidnap a princess?! W... Why do I want to?.. I must be going crazy... besides who'd want all that sweet, fluffy, curves and adorable face... No! I want power! World domination... Erh... I've got a headache...

-*Blush* Why thank you... But... I don't think I could do anything... Like that... Am I talking to myself?!

>You check up on the Ice king... He's not gonna be happy about this... Gunther seems confident about her new position... You leap out the window and sail with your new found powers.

>There is a ball in Midtown today... Plenty of important figures are gonna be there...
No. 378868 ID: f70e5e

power starts with yourself, if you don't have power over yourself you can not truly hold any power. the crown is affecting your mind, it is robbing you of your power over yourself. land and take it off. you already stand to control two kingdoms given time and proper political maneuvering. risking it all by using something that robs you of self control is foolish.
No. 378869 ID: 453e62

have your top wizards find a way to get the crowns powers without the crazy mind shit.
No. 378966 ID: 4f6150

Nah, just roll with it. You've just managed to come out on top of a very stressful and dangerous situation. Some side effects are to be expected. Surely you'll feel more like yourself if you get to be in a more princess-like environment.

The main problem is that the crown seems so easy to steal. Can anything be done about THAT?
No. 378972 ID: 16a987
File 132622517554.jpg - (170.38KB , 800x600 , IthrewItOnTheGround.jpg )

>Land in a forest, It's calm and no one is around... You remove the crown for an instant to clear your mind.


>You hurl the golden crown to ground screaming in fear!

-No... nonono that's not me... That isn't me! I don't want to... I don't want power, I don't want to kidnap my friends! It's not me it isn't...

>Tears run down your cheek as you stare at the evil crown...

-_ _ _
No. 378973 ID: 3fd4fb

Well, you have to use it at least a little bit more- with its power you should be able to transport yourself to someone trustworthy and strong who can either destroy it or seal it away, so that no one else is controlled by its sinister magics as you (and presumably the ice king before you) were. You can't go wandering around powerless in the middle of the forest; that would be dangerous and the crown might fall into untrustworthy hands.
No. 378974 ID: f70e5e

don't put the crown back on, but your can't just leave it lying there. its powerful and evil, it must be either contained or destroyed. do you know the way to the nearest settlement?
No. 378976 ID: 528bf9

where's your royal saber!?!
If you still have it, smash the evil crown! Break it! Cut it into peices with your sword or crush it under your sweet kicks!
No. 378985 ID: 1b0f2f

Turn it into a harmless little flea! Then put that flea in a box! Then put that box inside another box! Then mail it to yourself and... SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!
No. 378989 ID: 4f6150

Bet you NEED it. Perhaps you could reforge it into something you only use. Like a tool.

A crown makes you a king, but a hammer doesn't make you a carpenter.
No. 378991 ID: 14428f


By the way, those two adventurers have had plenty of opportunities to destroy or seal away the Ice King's crown. At the very least they could take it with them so that he has to come get it back.

They never do.

In fact events would suggest they just...give it back to him.
There's gotta be a reason for this.
Maybe it's the devil you know. You know?

Also, use your saber to slit the sides of your dress. Sweet kick access granted.

With that and your saber you should be fine even without ice power.
No. 379016 ID: cf49fc

Do this. I love that movie.
No. 379019 ID: d14d3e

>Also, use your saber to slit the sides of your dress.

No. 379039 ID: 16a987
File 132624422147.jpg - (195.80KB , 800x600 , accessGranted.jpg )

>You cut your dress down the leg giving you access to your legs. You can now both run and kick.

>The nearest settlement is not to far away, you saw it as you flew moments ago.
No. 379042 ID: 784dcc

No. 379044 ID: 16a987
File 132624605657.jpg - (162.16KB , 800x600 , ToStrikeDownTheEvilCrown.jpg )

-I do not need that evil thing... Nor do I need power or kingdoms... I'll put an end to this folly.

>You kneel down, holding the crown between your knees... You lift your holy saber high and focus on the target at hand.

-Be quiet demon crown, I shalt send the back from wens thou came!

>You strike the golden ornament breaking it clear in two
No. 379045 ID: 16a987
File 132624607314.jpg - (153.04KB , 800x600 , ItHasEscaped.jpg )

No. 379048 ID: 14428f

Whoa, don't do that! There could be unforeseen-

I really shouldn't have gone off to have that sandwich before giving advice.

Uh, new advice. Run, don't walk to the nearest settlement. Before you become a frozen coffee treat.
No. 379049 ID: f70e5e

and this is why powerful cursed objects are best dealt with by experts. best case scenario that's just an uncontrolled release of magic, worse case scenario you just unleashed some sort of super powerful ice monster.
No. 379061 ID: 10c91d

At least take it with you!... Pretty please?
No. 379063 ID: e3f578

ugh, please, you could have been the guardian of that thing
the person that suffered its evil affliction for the sake of others, true, you would grow powerful, but if you held onto your evil greed for power instead or princesses, you could unite the land
And be the villain Ooo desrves
No. 379075 ID: 16a987
File 132625181530.jpg - (263.49KB , 800x600 , IceDemon.jpg )

>You look up past and beyond the frozen mist. There stands a massive being of ice and darkness...

-Thou arth a fool to think killing me so easily... I will crush you, and then I'll retake all of Ooo!

>If you run to the village it will put it in danger, but you may find help.

>Your right, I should of burdened my self with its affliction... But now it's out... What now? Flee? Or slay the beast...

-_ _ _
No. 379083 ID: 528bf9

FIGHT! Put your blade to his skin and see wich is harder! Melt his heart and his body with your burning hot coffee vengence! And if all fails you might have to use... That techneak...
No. 379087 ID: 3fd4fb

Can you reasonably slay it? If you've got any sort of chance, you'll have to take it- this was your mess, you have a responsibility to clean it up.

But if you'll just die pointlessly, then your best course of action is to flee and try to get others who might be able to defeat the monster.
No. 379089 ID: ed57e8

yeah, if you have a hard time with it get those heroes. they have fought the ice king a LOT they probably know tons about fighting ice things.
No. 379090 ID: f70e5e

fight. but don't be afraid to run if it looks like you can't win. we don't want him having the element of surprise when he starts rampaging.
No. 379093 ID: 784dcc


No. 379098 ID: 7bfeb5

I note your dress is still blue. It doesn't look as though destroying the crown accomplished much.

Yet, anyway.
No. 379102 ID: c7b4c4

Melt him with your hot body.
and by that I mean he is made of ice, he's going to just melt.
No. 379103 ID: ed57e8

MAGIC ice.
No. 379110 ID: 14428f


Yeah, unless she's got magic coffee powers to blast him with, let's not go hot vs. cold. In this one rare case, I suggest against a hug.
No. 379111 ID: 2ae337

Hot coffee in the lap hurts like crazy! Spill hot coffee on his legs!
No. 379132 ID: e3f578

Repremand him in a forth-wall breaking way for even knowing what Ooo is. If he was inside the crown this entire time he's been on the Ice King's head, he can only possibly know about pre-mushroom war earth.

No. 379247 ID: 16a987
File 132631294365.jpg - (190.85KB , 800x585 , Hitting hard.jpg )

-And my hands are still frozen... but my mind is clear now. I know who I am.

-It's true, I shouldn't of unsealed this beast, but now it's to late!

-You mean that technique? The gengetsu nenshou nami, it would probably slay him... But it would leave my soul weakened... If it was to fail, I'd be done for...

-I am prepared to run if I can't fight him, but I must at least try. I must undo this mess.

>You charge the beast wielding your sword at the ready. Leaping high you splash hot coffee before striking with your blade. The heat melts his skin and helps your blade through but you only manage a dent into him.

-Damn! I can do this, but it wont be easy!
No. 379248 ID: 16a987
File 132631296687.jpg - (174.61KB , 800x600 , Bonbon the candy princess to the rescue.jpg )

>The icy demon swings his heavy arm at you, knocking you to the ground! You're dazed and winded from the blow...

-*Tsh* Any more hits like that and I'm a goner... I'll have to retreat for now...


-Wha? Who?!

-I'll save you coffee princess!

-B-b-Bonbon?! What are you doing here?!
No. 379249 ID: 16a987
File 132631297951.jpg - (204.77KB , 800x600 , Oh well that sucked.jpg )

-AAAhhh! Save me! Save me mocha!


-Muahaha... all to weak, I shalt devour you and turn you into my first iced princess... This kingdom shall be mine and all the princess to! Aahahaa!..

>The monster tosses the sweet girl into his massive gullet, you hear a splash as she falls into his belly...

-Aah... help! it's cold in here!

-_ _ _
No. 379252 ID: 0f1a12

Call for that boy and his dog.
No. 379262 ID: 4f6150

Time to brew up a storm! Raise your arm in righteous anger and take your sword to his neck while he's busy gloating.

Then finish with a pose and say "Decaf-itation" as his head falls off.
No. 379265 ID: 528bf9

now's the time to use your special attack! It has to work!
Strike him down with your gengetsu namu nami attack, but aim it well, you musnt harm that pretty princess.
No. 379270 ID: 1444d5

So it's hard on the outside, but liquid on the inside...
Time to go get your gun princess back.
No. 379283 ID: f70e5e

wait, hold on. this might sound crazy but what if you let him eat you? its fairly easy to hit something from the inside after all.
No. 379293 ID: b6edd6

I don't think we can safely assume that his freezing innards are less dangerous than his fists.
No. 379306 ID: 16a987
File 132633653178.jpg - (212.27KB , 800x600 , In the mouth of the wolf.jpg )

>You let out a wail. In hopes those adventurers hear you. At least maybe they can finish what you might not be able to.

>You run at the mighty beast and leap higher than you've ever jumped before.

-Eat me you ice demon! I want to be your princess!

>The monsters mouth snaps shut with you inside it. Let's hope this is a good idea...
No. 379307 ID: 16a987
File 132633654006.jpg - (225.62KB , 800x600 , Ice cold skinny dipping.jpg )

>Not much choice at this point.

-Oh noes you two?!

>You start Ripping off your dress...

-W-w-Wat are you doing?!

-Undressing, So should you!

-What! Here? Now? I... I'm not ready for this!

-Arg! I don't have time for this!

-You're right, take me now!
No. 379308 ID: 16a987
File 132633655101.jpg - (199.34KB , 800x600 , gengetsu nenshou nami.jpg )


>A swirling wave or steaming hot coffee jets from your sword beaming outwards!

-Aarrhh! Damn you! This world is mine! it is my birth right! Ahh! I'll never be dead you wench! My soul lives on in all that dies! in all the hates and in all that feels the cold touch of greed! I'll be back! just you wait! I'll be ba...
No. 379336 ID: 1854db

...hot lesbo victory sex in the bushes?

No, probably not. Get yer clothes back on and give the smoldering corpse a few kicks for good measure. Then I guess, it's time to see if we can find our way back home.
No. 379339 ID: d14d3e

Our dress was torn off. :V putting it back on may or may not be possible.
No. 379342 ID: 528bf9

>Here? Now? I... I'm not ready for this!

Full of win. Knowing that your attack probably tore all her clothes off and she's most likley clinging on to your leg for dear life.
You win coffee princess, you win.
No. 379378 ID: 16a987
File 132634942948.jpg - (210.32KB , 800x600 , Pose Like a Champion.jpg )

>You stand triumphant, sword hoisted high above your head, your enemy slain, The princess is safe at your feet... Today was a long day...

-Is?.. Is it over? *Gasp*! Y-your hair?!

-Ugly isn't it? The gengetsu nenshou nami converts almost all of my soul into raw spiritual energy. Leaving me with only a single lock of my soul... Don't worry it grows back...

>You fall to the ground, the soft mud lathers your back... It's still hot from the coffee waves... Your exhausted, burning that much of your soul took it's tole on you. Indeed were it to not have slain the beast you'd no chance against him...

>Indeed, both our cloths are gone, save a few scattered remains...

>Thank you...

>There's no corps left to kick, everything that remained melted into the ground, he's tree food now. You know where you are and how to get home. Perhaps through the forest to avoid peering eyes... Sex? With Bonbon? I doubt either of us have the strength to... Besides she probably doesn't feel that way for us... No, she probably just see's me as a friend.
No. 379386 ID: 1854db

>You're right, take me now!
Yeah, she doesn't.

Hey, what's that blue thing in the tree behind and to your left?
No. 379388 ID: 1b0f2f

E-even the soul b-between your legs...
No. 379408 ID: 14428f


Hey, I'm just happy you're stacked.
I mean alive.
Both, really.
No. 379420 ID: c460ad

>No, she probably just see's me as a friend.

>You're right, take me now!

You can't possibly be that dense, can you? Regardless, sex doesn't seem like a good idea right now. You're both exhausted. Just keep in mind that she does not just see you as a friend.
No. 379460 ID: a43af4

How embarrassing! Use the remaining cloth scraps and wrap them around your head like a towel.

Does Bonbon have any special abilities? Is her kingdom anywhere close? Go there if you can. Also invite her to a secluded skiing holiday for when you get out of this mess. Just you, her and a warm cabin with a log fire in the mountains... who knows what could happen...
No. 379481 ID: f70e5e

your "friend" responded to you telling her to take her cloths of with "take me now" she's interested in you romantically. though right now probably isn't the time for that sort of thing.

you need to make it to town before you pass out. would it be possible to make some sort of crude covering so you don't show up at the town naked? that is unless bonbon was out here as part of group. if she's not alone that would make getting decent as easy as asking to borrow someones cloak.
No. 379580 ID: 16a987
File 132643156840.jpg - (199.90KB , 800x600 , Rest and gather your strenght.jpg )

>*Sigh* You're right... I didn't notice in the heat of the moment, I didn't even hear what she said on the spot... I was always worried about how she'd react, guess I wound up convincing myself it would never happen. I'm glad we have something now...

-Bonbon, did you bring anyone with you?

-Hmm? No, I set out alone to save you from the ice king. But I found you here on the way... Why?

-Oh euh... Well never mind then.

>That's some torn fabric from the suit Bonbon was wearing...

>Glad to be alive as well...

>*Blush* Yes... the technique used up all the hair from my body, even down there...

>She can dance the ballet, Sing like a bird and bake a fine cake... But aside from that she kinda a dolt... That's what worries me... She's fragile, her bones are made of candy and her body's made of marshmallow... Why did she risk herself fighting? She could of gotten hurt. or worst, she could of died...

-Remind me... Is your home nearby?

-A few hours, You?

-Half a day, we'll go to your place. Once there we'll find a way to sneak in okay? Ack! I have to rest first...

>You move over into a large bush... bonbon Picks up the visible discarded pieces of clothes, scurries over to you and gets comfortable...

-we're far away from everything so I don't think someone will find us, plus we're nowhere near the roads.

-After all this, I'm gonna go exile myself for a while... at least until my hair grows back a little... I *Yawn*~I want you to come with me... Just you and me alone somewhere...

>She's asleep... Her soft skin pressed against yours, She snores ever so gently with a tiny hum... *Yawn* I need to rest now... Just a little... Just enough to get moving...

I Just wanted to draw something cute before going along with the quest~
No. 379631 ID: 528bf9

~coffee time, come on grab your friend and go to very distant lands, with Mocha the princess and Bonbon the princess, fun times never end, it coffee time~
No. 379656 ID: e3f578

Your samurai cowlick hair looks stupid as hell on you
Grow your hair back fast, next time you use all your coffee hair, use it all instead of leaving just a cowlick. Your no samurai.

Where in the hell does a Coffee goddamn princess learn weird as hell martial arts techniques? Did you happen across some pre-mushroom war ruins with old shitty foreign videos where people call out their attacks and just shout 'em out and decided "Hey, you know what would be cool? Dressing up my cool magical attacks with BIG FANCY FOREIGN WORDS I DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF, just like in my sentai shows!"

Who taught you this stuff? This isn't very princessy, unless you're like Muscle Princess.
No. 379701 ID: 14428f

[?]D'aww. :3c
Also, quest hug unlocked. [/?]
No. 379707 ID: becb83

yessssssss, we suddenly got the hot coffee mod. Lets load that sucker up!
No. 379739 ID: a2fa74

Well, if that's how things are then you should consider merging your kingdoms.
No. 380257 ID: 16a987
File 132676394546.jpg - (264.39KB , 800x600 , heros arrive again.jpg )

>You wake up to the sound of two young adventurers.

-Something is very wrong here!

-I keep telling you it's fine!

-Nooo! First there's no monster and now they're unconscious!

-It's fine Finn! I've got everything under control.

-What's going on!

-I'll tell you later.

-Nooo! what's happening? why are they naked?!

-I'll tell you later!

-Why is she grabbing her boob! Why is she bald? What is all this!

-Finn! I'll handle this, just stay here


>The dog stumbles on over to you covering his eyes...

-Sorry about all this princesses... We heard you scream and figured the worst. But I guess it wasn't that kind of scream *He~heh* I'll leave you two alone.

-_ _ _
No. 380260 ID: 1854db

Tell him it was that kind of scream but you won the fight against the monster anyway. Tell him you'll say more once you're more presentable.
No. 380263 ID: ed57e8

"no it was, may notice my lack of hair, it was consumed to beat the beast. do you perchance have some clothing?"
No. 380288 ID: 16a987
File 132677515520.jpg - (241.46KB , 800x600 , This will do for now.jpg )

-no it was, may notice my lack of hair, it was consumed to beat the beast. do you perchance have some clothing?

-You used your hair?

-Yes, I'll explain more when I'm more presentable.

Okay sure, Hold on.

>The dog twists around grabbing large handfuls of leaf and bundles them up with string from his friends pack...

-Here. It's not quite presentable... But it should last at least until we return right? Heheh... Try not to have to much fun before we get back~

Eh?! *blush* It's not what you think!

>The dog swoops up his companion and stretches away...

>it might be difficult, the breakfast domain and the candy domain haven't been seeing each other eye to eye for a while now...

>Hot coffee mod?

>Using all of my soul could prove somewhat lethal, it's how my late master died... I don't really chose where it goes, it just burns from the top up. But I do agree with you, I'm Pretty ugly... Unlike my two sisters, the king isn't my biological father, My real father was a great warrior, as tall as he was strong and fast, he saved my mother from a bear and I was later conceived, my mother then married the coffee king when I was young. I never found out who my real father is... My step father, Lord Van Hüt, noticed my striking potential, had me trained and put me in charge of the guard.and there you have it.

>I think those two are off to look for clothes for us, what should we do in the mean time?

-_ _ _
No. 380293 ID: 7c31d2

Prolonged makeout session.
No. 380298 ID: ed57e8

sit down and start talking about a merger of your two respective kingdoms. if they are next to each other you could have the new area be a neutral ground where candy and breakfast people can talk.
No. 380303 ID: 1b0f2f

Why merge the kingdoms? They're fine just as they are. You can treat each other nicely without being the same kingdom.
No. 380304 ID: becb83

+1 to the man in the pointy hat
No. 380319 ID: f70e5e

so not the time.

you should probably tell the kid about the ice monster. it said it was going to be back, it could be the kind of thing that can't be predominantly killed, it was ranting about how it would come back as it was melting. there is also probably a reason it was sealed rather than destroyed
No. 380321 ID: 338c67

Oh yes.
No. 380325 ID: a2fa74

Yes, this sounds about right.
Also, naked lesbian makeouts are best not done in front of adventurers.
No. 380326 ID: 1854db

The kid's gone. When he comes back, sure.

Now's a good time to sit down and ask your admirer how she really feels about you.
No. 380330 ID: 784dcc

sounds marginally better than
Adding impulse to both, but tiebreaker impulse to former
No. 380419 ID: 14428f

Don't look now, but Bonbon has an adorable nosebleed.

You're probably overloading her candy brain with your hardly covered mocha butt.

But eh, let her. Not only is good for inter-kingdom relations, you also probably work out more than most other princess. You deserve to have your lunge toned figure admired once in a while.
No. 380819 ID: 16a987
File 132694520957.jpg - (197.74KB , 800x600 , derailling from the PLOT.jpg )

~Bonbon... Remember what you said yesterday?

-Mocha... I... I've always...

-It's okay Bonbon... I know...

>You lean over your sword.

-You're... You're really beautiful... I just...

-Keheh! Then come and get some...
No. 380820 ID: 16a987
File 132694522072.jpg - (211.11KB , 800x600 , kissing naked in the forest.jpg )

>The pink haired women walks over to you and with a swift movement you grab her and begin to kiss... You lean up against a tree but eventually slide down, resting her on your leg you grope her plump behind with your nimble digits...

-*Gasp* I've always wanted you Mocha... Your all I've ever dr-

>Your tongue rubs and strokes hers within her mouth, her mouth tastes like sweet candy, you lick her tongue wanting more... her nose drools mounds of blue blood on your face, which pools and spills onto your body... Her warm, squishy marshmallow body presses onto yours. Bonbon's pelvis rubs slowly against your leg...

>Throughout all this you wonder to your self... Where am I going after all this? Do I even have a goal? what is it I want to do?

-_ _ _
No. 380825 ID: 528bf9

well i dont know where were going from here. When those guys come back, take the clothes ride the dog back home and have sex, all in all if we dont find sometying to do this quest is over. A very good end if you ask me!
No. 380839 ID: f70e5e

that ice monster probably needs to be tracked down and sealed away again, preferably in something less like a crown and more like a giant stone tablet with "danger, sealed monster inside. can corrupt people with even brief physical contact" chiseled into it. you also need to see about absorbing the ice kingdom if only so its people don't have to deal with anarchy or an incompetent king. but for now you have a new girlfriend to have fun with.
No. 380840 ID: becb83


that is all i want to see
No. 380845 ID: 1854db

Going home, maybe making peace between your two countries... uh... finding out why she's bleeding from the nose so much...
No. 380937 ID: a2fa74

Remember that the Adventurers could return at any moment.
Also, you should obviously go get married because life is clearly hard and fast here.
No. 381035 ID: 16a987
File 132702415177.jpg - (212.83KB , 800x600 , chapter end.jpg )

>Upon the heroes return you warn them of the impending return of the wicked ice demon and leave it in their trusting hands... They escort you to your new lovers castle where you prepare for a splendid exile in a skiing resort, during which your soul made a full recovery.

>Several months later Mocha and Bonbon got married in the small town of strudel. After which the land of breakfast and deserts eventually meet ways and a new belt of kingdoms and townships bridged them together... within said belt, Mocha founded a town known for its chocolate coffee...

>And so our beloved heroines lived happily ever after and never had any kids, Because they were lesbians...

No. 381040 ID: 1b0f2f
File 132702459806.jpg - (35.91KB , 600x338 , finn-adventure-time.jpg )


>And so our beloved heroines lived happily ever after and never had any kids, Because they were lesbians...

This does justice to Adventure Time
No. 381061 ID: 1854db

Congrats on finishing your first quest.
No. 381064 ID: 14428f

Loved it start to finish.
Planning to do fan art.
No. 381144 ID: becb83
File 132706049855.gif - (1.99MB , 640x640 , jokerclap.gif )

an epic tail of intrigue and delight, it was an honor
No. 381151 ID: ad57b7

No. 381586 ID: 784dcc

Need one more, dude.
No. 381589 ID: 784dcc

oh, and
>And so our beloved heroines lived happily ever after and never had any kids, Because they were lesbians...
Just because they're lesbians doesn't mean they didn't have kids.
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