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File 132532219899.png - (94.70KB , 700x500 , 517.png )
376435 No. 376435 ID: 281eec

We seem to have a bit of an infestation..

>"Yeah that's the Wall Screeching Demon Hawk. Screecher for short. Pretty annoying little buggers."


>"... I think my ear is bleeding. Anyway those things really like high places. And girls."

"How do we get rid of it?"

>"We coul-"


>".... We could just lure it out and attack. There's quite a few though, it may be unwise."
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No. 376437 ID: 1310c4

Maybe we could have Styx put together some wall-mounted defensive cannons. Automated ones. Then they just blast down anything that approaches any part of the castle except the front door and isn't a minion.
No. 376439 ID: 6a5a08

Canon golems.
No. 376440 ID: 6a5a08

Cannon too.
No. 376441 ID: 40cb26

Infestation? How many of these things are we talking? We don't want to get swarmed that's dangerous no matter how strong or weak they are. Which is also good to know. Scan!
No. 376443 ID: 453e62

what about having a slime go out there and crawl down it's throat? melt it from the inside.
No. 376454 ID: e3f578

Go to a brothel, buy some hookers and use them to lure them away to some close by tower. They like girls and high places.
No. 376456 ID: 281eec
File 132532531535.png - (35.80KB , 700x500 , 518.png )

"Styx do we have any weapons to take them down?"

>Styx: "Had. We lost them after the attack. The castle had a stock of Exploding Net Cannons for just such an occasion. To make them would take me some time.."

You scan the.. Bird thing.

Screecher Lv5
SPD: 4(flight)
ATK: 15-20


Howl: Can inflict either Confusion or Paralyzed.

How annoying..


How very annoying..

>Meagan: "That isn't good."


>"That call. It basically means 'Fresh Meat'. Though not in the eating sense. Any minute now th- yep see."

She points out the window. There's a swarm of them approaching the castle.

>"Honestly I never thought I'd see one up close. Though really now that I think about it I'd rather not see them up close."

You can hear the screech coming from different sides of the castle.
No. 376457 ID: e3f578

Quickly, someone get me some prostitutes, some duck tape, a kite, and a carriage. Then meet me in the courtyard

No. 376458 ID: a2fa74

You have at least one sufficiently powerful minion. Have her decimate a few of them with ease.

Actually, have anybody that can do more than 70 ranged damage per round start culling them, assisted by two-person groups of anybody who can do at least 35 ranged damage per round.
No. 376459 ID: 453e62

ask if the screech is magical in nature or if earplugs can prevent it.
if we engage battle mode it should limit their number and let us fight them a couple at a time.
No. 376461 ID: 40cb26

Ugh, how big is the swarm? We may need to pull out our ranged units and fill them full of holes. Do we have some defensible areas we can fire from and not be attacked?
No. 376465 ID: 281eec
File 132532735273.png - (132.15KB , 555x500 , 519.png )

It seems you can not make any moves against them without actually challenging them to a battle. How odd. The court surrounding the castle would suffice as a battle field but the problem is there sheer numbers.

You summon Shana.

"Shana, I need you to fight these Screechers."

>"!! Anything for you my Lord!"

She sees one from outside the window and leaps back into a wall, shivering.

"??? Is something wrong?"



>"M-my Lord I c-can't f-fight! N-not them!"

"? Why not?"

>"I can't I just can't!!!"

Is.. She afraid?
No. 376466 ID: a2fa74

Call her back inside
"Now, please explain."
No. 376467 ID: 453e62

awwww fuck. she must of had an... 'encounter' with them before.

hmmm.... open the front door just wide enough they can get in. have a few get in then slam the door shut behind them and fight the ones inside.have styx jury-rig a door slammer.
No. 376468 ID: 40cb26

Ask her if they are somehow dangerous or if she has an... issue, with them.
No. 376469 ID: e3f578

This is an opportunity to test your new body's capabilities. Listen, we need to lure them inside, into hallways to separate them from their numbers. Open and close doors, put them in cages and use Lenion to help with traps, stuff like that.

Lenion probably has dealt with these beasts before. She could be a good adviser on what to do if our demonologist can't come up with anything.
No. 376472 ID: e3f578

secondary suggestion
Walk into the battlefield and inspire her. Tell her this is why you dislike using fear, it can make even the most powerful weak. It is now time to show the power of loyalty and affirm her that you will help her fight off what she fears most. These beasts will not have a stronger control over your unit then you do, you will not allow it.

Shout to the demon Hawks that these are your women. You will not let them have them. And our high castle too.

Third Suggestion
Tell Styx to power down the hover thing and lower everybody.
No. 376482 ID: af25e0

Bring Shana back inside and ask her to explain.

Have Alice take shots at them in the meantime.
No. 376508 ID: 453e62

no one is outside, she saw one through the window.
No. 376517 ID: 9f16b1

Well maybe Styx can whip up some kind of earplugs that reduce the effectiveness of their howls? Any chance you could make some exploding/fighting puppets with Silva?

Then would it be possible to lure them into fighting at a choke point in the courtyard or entrance hall? If you could poison your weapons and use bestow flame spells beforehand then that'd be awesome.
No. 376519 ID: 453e62

yes, have a puppet outfitted with bombs and then when they swarm it, it self destructs.
No. 376532 ID: 6a5a08

Check what exactly the number of enemies is, compared to the number of allies we have. Most of us are over Lvl 5, so we could possibly overpower them without losing in numbers.

The bomberdoll idea is also nice.
No. 376544 ID: f70e5e

considering what the kind of reaction probably implies, we should call shana back. also we should look into wiping these things out on species level. but for now we should find out how many are out there. also ask if we have firing points on the wall that would let us safely snipe them.
No. 376671 ID: 281eec
File 132539086810.png - (140.67KB , 700x500 , 520.png )

No no you can't fight someone outside of a actual staged fight. That's just how it works, don't ask why. They may be special occasions but this is not one of them.

You take Shana outside.

"What's wrong?"

>"The birds... My lord I can't attack... I can't oh god please don't make me fight them"

You hear something shatter.

No. 376673 ID: 3947e9

Well she is obviously got a phobia... so she should stay out of that fight. Send her to hide in the barracks and bring in your other troops
No. 376674 ID: 6a5a08


... Hey, it's breaking the rules! Inform it that it cannot attack our windows outside of a staged fight. Then punch it in the face through the window..
No. 376688 ID: 453e62

punch it to start up the battle. if the punch connects the start firing the gun through the hole.
No. 376693 ID: eb672d

Think we can lower the castle and then rise it quick enough that we smack all these buggers with the ground? Might spook them.

Also, tell everyone to brace for impact if that happens.
No. 376697 ID: a2fa74

Attack the bird through the window. It attacked outside of combat so that rule is broken.
No. 376709 ID: e3f578

Explain to her that they peck something else with something else than their beak, they don't go for eyes. But you won't force her, but christ man, just go stand up for your women damn it. Get 'em caught in the hallways, seperate them and turn the entire castle into something similar to the battle screen zones we pick from in different lands. You know the "4, 5, 8, ?, Boss" selection screen?

To do this, just use your most physically attractive women and lure them into different hallways and force the group to split up.
No. 376740 ID: 2eac65

Get Shana somewhere safe. She's very stressed out and we should let her rest.

Can we talk to the hawks? We might be able to deal with them without violence.

If not, have our forces retreat to lure them into the castle. Their flight is too big an advantage in open air.
No. 376742 ID: a5a86c

>Explaining away a phobia


Phobias are irrational sources of fear of a specific object that severely and irrationally inhibit function in prescense of the object.

Being afraid of fire because it burned you is trauma. Being afraidof fire because it will burn your soul and destroy everything you love and oh god why is there fire get it away make it stop is a phobia.

I have said it on this board once. I will say it a THOUSAND TIMES. You cannot make someone overcome a phobia, even briefly, with reason.
No. 376747 ID: fc22d7

...Uh, I'm sure saying that won't help her phobia (in fact, I have to wonder if you're trying to troll her). Also, see >>376742

Upvoting luring the birds into the castle. Get all the girls into tight places, restrict their flight.

And let's get started on some explosive net cannons building. After this's dealt with, we should get comprehensive defenses built (gods know what other demonic pests there are out there). Styx should know what kinds of defenses we need.
No. 376764 ID: 9a34be

Upvoting lure them into a specific, single part of the castle, downvoting using multiple locations, or using the girls as bait, which is a horrible idea.

They've already broken a window, so lure them in there, then take them out as they come through. Hell, maybe they'll cut themselves on the glass.
No. 376766 ID: e3f578

I didn't think of it as a phobia, though yes, I did just want to freak her out a bit more and see her reaction.

I only suggested using the girls as bait because that's really the only thing they'd go for and splitting them up because they have massive numbers. I know it's horrible, but it'd be effective, especially if we can divide them into smaller, manageable battles. I mean are we just going to punch them all to death en masse in the battle grid? I'm sure they'd fill every square on the screen!
No. 376772 ID: 453e62

except they can't, the battle grid will be our ally for this encounter, forcing them to fight in smaller numbers.
No. 376781 ID: f70e5e

or we could call everyone to the window, the one square choke point. we do not want to scatter when facing Superior numbers.
No. 376782 ID: 6a5a08

If we're gonna initiate combat, +1 to window choke point.
No. 376786 ID: 6d546b

if we lose units they just respawn here. I don't really see the challenge.
No. 376787 ID: fc22d7

Window choke point isn't a bad idea, though it could backfire (with the other birds breaking through other windows and then surrounding us). I think we should just cluster in the most defensible location in the castle. But as for the limited numbers... this could turn into a major battle of attrition, you know. Imagine a battle with replacements popping onto the battlefield to replace the ones we kill.

And let's not forget this's the demon world. We will want those resurrection rings on our human units.
No. 376798 ID: 1abb0b

I agree with getting in a defensible location that has no windows whatsoever in the room to defend in. Rather than have several fighting us at once, reduce it to 1 or 2. Maybe even 3 is fine.
No. 376801 ID: 6a5a08

We could hole up in the Teleporter Room. If we need to flee, we can teleport to the Slime Village and regroup to take back the castle.
No. 376808 ID: af25e0

This is basically the right idea.

Fight using the window as a choke point for now.
I don't think it will work in the long term, as we have other windows. Once they start to break in other places, we should pull back to an easily-defended room.

We're not letting a bunch of horny batmen drive us out of our fortress.
No. 376809 ID: 453e62

what about nix strips naked and dumps her bucket of acid on herself? they try to grab her and their feet melt off.
No. 376870 ID: c91e2b
File 132547577674.png - (162.76KB , 700x500 , 521.png )

At that moment you hear windows smash at other points in the castle.

Before you do anything you hear Meagan.

>"My lord we are now in a state of Siege. You'll need to engage the enemy in battle like this. It's basically going to be a Castle Defense battle."

"Castle Defense?"

>"Yes my Lord. As it stands the enemy is now attacking from 4 different points in the castle so you must split your troops accordingly. You will only be able to command one group personally, whichever group you decide to place yourself in, and the rest will fight on their own. In a Castle Defense battle you don't need to worry about anyone dying other then the group your in. If the group you are not in loses the battle.. Well they'll survive. After that whoever they couldn't beat will go against your group."

"How many enemies will each group fight against?"

>"Enemies usually fight in groups of three. Usually. Also you must consider who you are fighting. If, for instance, we were being attacked by a large group of angels and you put a bunch of demons in one group and paladins and healers in another the angels will ignore the latter group and attack the former more."

Okay.. So you need to split off your troops into 4 groups with you in one and be prepared to take on three Screechers.
No. 376871 ID: 453e62

want at least a tank, offense, and healer in each group if we can. need to count shana out because she is paralyzed with fear.
unfortunantly we only have two healers so they should go in the group with the lowest hp. think we, the overlord, are a tank at the moment because we are effectively lvl 10. so our HPs are pretty good. offense are glass cannons, such as ruby and alice.
No. 376872 ID: 40cb26

So... to make sure there is an even chance for all of our units we need to balance their combat abilities into effective teams while also equalizing how much the birds will collectively want to molest each group.
No. 376873 ID: cb0cc3




Slime Queen
No. 376881 ID: e3f578

The closest group goes saves Megan before she suffers trauma, please.
No. 376882 ID: 6a5a08

Rev Ring on Ruby, since she can die here. Solaris should be at less risk.
No. 376885 ID: 453e62

> In a Castle Defense battle you don't need to worry about anyone dying other then the group your in.
No. 376889 ID: 6a5a08

>don't need to worry about anyone dying other then the group your in.
>group your in.
>Ruby in our group
No. 376894 ID: c91e2b
File 132547843627.png - (19.71KB , 627x440 , 522.png )

Is this good?
No. 376897 ID: cbc294

Just in case this isn't covered somehow, Shana and Megan should be defended by Overlord group, unless outsiders can completely avoid combat/consequences.

we also had a slime guy I think? send him with one of the all female groups I suppose.
No. 376902 ID: 453e62

yeah looks good.
i guess in team rose?
No. 376908 ID: 453e62

if we can't really put him in anything then his job is stalling. if a team loses he has to jump into the battle and just run around in circles.
No. 376909 ID: cb0cc3

Those groups all contain at least one hot girl, one tank, and one support character. I'm willing to call that good enough.
No. 376910 ID: 3947e9

We need a fifth group to guard the non combatants like megano and shana
No. 376913 ID: 453e62

could be siege mode prevents them from being attacked.
No. 376963 ID: 6a5a08

Have Alalia and Leon help protect Meagan and Shana. Alalia will be motivated by avoiding rape (by BIRDS). Leon will be motivated by avoiding rape (by Slime Queen).
No. 376972 ID: 252e1b

Put the fastest runners each in their own group, and then load the Overlord's group up with the top troops. Instruct the solo defenders to flee as soon as they engage, so as to let the Overlord's group deal with the attackers.
No. 376982 ID: 018187

So, we should keep at least 2 slimes with Lenion so she has sacrifices.
No. 376986 ID: 40cb26

Meagan doesn't fight, but she can. Leon should be safe enough around her. Alalia can just close her box. And even if Shana doesn't defend herself she can still run and has enough hit points not to be in any real danger. No need to worry about them.

I would also like to suggest swapping Kass with Solaris in our group. Not that either group is more effective either way but... I'd rather we kept a closer eye on her, than risk her going through the failure event. And her summon may end up important if we get in a secondary battle.
No. 376987 ID: 6a5a08

I'd prefer switching Ruby and Kass, and giving Kass the ring, as that way only one lowHP caster is at risk of dying.
No. 376997 ID: 40cb26

The thing about that is Kass' armor keeps her protected from even being targeted, so Ruby would be more likely to receive attacks that get past us. She'd be the best one to hold onto the ring then. Unless... might Charm backfire in this situation? Well even if it did having Kass' magic gives us an edge
No. 377006 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah, I agree Kass might be better in our group. I was just saying, switch out Ruby instead of Solaris. Less squishy casters running around for us to protect (unless Solaris takes a squishy caster form).
No. 377033 ID: 40cb26

I can't see the sense of putting both of our healers in one group. It's bad enough that we're leaving the other groups without these strong units, I'd rather replace ruby with someone less useful here. Or put her in another group and leave it as just us and Kass. Then she gets the ring and that's that. We'd have pretty good odds still.

Alternately, leave Kass where she is and send Ruby there for a rather safe and strong 4 girl group, while the very versatile Solaris stays with us and wears the ring. I think she can change her mode as needed without losing a turn.
No. 377044 ID: c91e2b
File 132555118145.png - (109.41KB , 689x428 , 523.png )

You don't think you'll need to worry about anyone else being injured that's not in a fight. You do however decide to switch out Ruby with Kassandra. You current party is now Kassandra, Solaris, and yourself.

All your other units begin their fights.
Silva, Nix, and Alice are being attacked by 5 Screechers.
Rose, Emily, and Ruby are being attacked by 4 Screechers.
Lenion, Lun, and the Slime Queen are not being attacked.

-Placement Phase-
No. 377049 ID: 453e62

Lenion, Lun, and the Slime Queen go on the offense then. birds don't want to fight them, then they will bring the fight to the birds.

anway, you on the left near that bird, solaris next to you and kass in the back.
No. 377052 ID: 6a5a08

Lenion&Slime Queen: Be greatly insulted, and go on a rampage against the tasteless birdfiends.
Lun: Be dragged along.
This for placement.
No. 377054 ID: 3fd4fb

What form is Solaris taking this fight? Important to know for placement purposes.
No. 377059 ID: c91e2b

Archer mode
No. 377061 ID: 3fd4fb

Hmm. Overlord front/center, Solaris left/center, Kassandra left/rear.
No. 377064 ID: ec74d7

We should start combat with Solaris rooted so that she can deal a LOT of damage. 30-40 damage is quite a bit, especially if they can not miss.
No. 377065 ID: 5f55fe

I think we should back into the right side of the placement area. Kassandra in the corner, with Overlord in front of her, and Solaris to the side. If we give them any room, they will most certainly ignore the Overlord and target the other two.
No. 377077 ID: 453e62

root seems to turn her into a turret. and then with the point blank power she could do a LOT of damage to anything that gets close.
No. 377079 ID: c91e2b
File 132555846571.png - (123.26KB , 689x428 , 524.png )

-Units placed.-

-Battle start. Your move.-

>Kassandra: "M-my lord... Please don't let them win.."
No. 377080 ID: d14d3e

"You can trust in me to protect you."
No. 377081 ID: 4bdd79

Solaris: Root.
Kass: +Accuracy on Overlord.
Overlord: Shoot the nearest bird.

This shouldn't take too long.
No. 377082 ID: 453e62

pretty sure sword is more powerful. so run and sword the nearest bird, after +accuracy.
No. 377087 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord: Slash Bird to immediate left
Solaris: Root
Kass: Group Accuracy+
No. 377089 ID: af25e0

We should take them out in clockwise order.

Do this, making sure that the Overlord's action comes after the accuracy buff.
No. 377094 ID: 6a5a08

G Accuracy+ on Lord and Kass, to be more specific. Root means autohit.
No. 377098 ID: f70e5e

we should stick next to Solaris and shoot while she keeps rooting, they don't have a ranged attack so we don't have to worry about chasing them down.
No. 377100 ID: 40cb26

Damn, can we send any message to our unaccosted 4th party? Or how about Megan? If we can have her tell the 4th party to join up with the other two groups - Lenion and Lun go to Silvas group and the slime queen goes to the others. I think we'll be ok here...

Solaris isn't going to attack this round and her attack won't need accuracy, we'd be better off if she did something else. Let's have her summon the trinity beast!
No. 377115 ID: 0adc60


Kass has an attack of 0, so you might as well just use a standard +acc.
No. 377138 ID: 1e9d01

I think Kassandra should use her turn to cast Group +Def on Overlord and Solaris.
No. 377144 ID: 6a5a08

Same mana cost. Figure it can't hurt.
Sword is stronger and this one could be in range of Kass. Remember, these are birds, they may have faster movement like the gnome.
No. 377145 ID: 6a5a08

Also G Acc+ gives +4, standard is +3.
No. 377328 ID: c91e2b
File 132564731215.png - (139.68KB , 689x428 , 525.png )

Solaris uses her skill Root.
Kassanda casts +Acc Group on Overlord and Solaris.
You move and slash at one of the screechers dealing 20dmg.
No. 377329 ID: c91e2b
File 132564752621.png - (134.70KB , 689x428 , 526.png )

The Screechers all move.
One slashes Solaris dealing 17 dmg.
Solaris is bleeding.
No. 377330 ID: 6a5a08

Kass heal Solaris.
Solaris attack the one Point Blank. With Point Blank.
Overlord attack nearest approaching bird.
No. 377331 ID: ed57e8

kass summon demi angel. solaris attack, overlord attack.
No. 377332 ID: af25e0

Have the girls move to the bottom corners of the map. Kass heals Solaris and Solaris attacks.

We stay on the inside and keep attacking.

If either of the girls gets hit twice by an enemy, it will probably kill them.
No. 377334 ID: 5f55fe

We need to move Kass and Overlord to block most of the birds from getting to Solaris. I want Kass to either heal or summon demi-angel, and overlord to attack if they are in range. Solaris should attack the adjacent one once. That should kill it with the x2 and x1.5 multiplier. If I'm being crazy, and that isn't enough, she should use rapid shot as well to finish it off. We need to give her some breathing room.
No. 377335 ID: ed57e8

wait, did some calculating, point blank shot with root could do 60 damage, add that to overlords 20 and we have over 70. as long as we funnel them so only one can get a hit off at a time we can kill them.
overlord move the one to yur right. solaris attack the one to the elft, kass heal sol. repeat attacking with overlord then sol then heal.
No. 377337 ID: 6a5a08

No. 377338 ID: c91e2b
File 132564907207.png - (136.04KB , 689x428 , 527.png )

Kassandra heals Solaris to full Hp!
Solaris fires her arrow doing an amazing 60dmg killing the screecher instantly!
Overlord slashes at a nearby screecher dealing 17dmg
No. 377339 ID: c91e2b
File 132564930826.png - (127.17KB , 689x428 , 528.png )

The screechers move in. Two of them close in on Solaris and attack.
One crit hits dealing 40 dmg!
The other hits dealing 17 dmg!

Solaris is killed..

Restart Battle Y/N? (5 Restarts left)
No. 377340 ID: 6a5a08

No. 377341 ID: ac6c03

No. 377342 ID: af25e0

No. 377343 ID: 40cb26

No. 377344 ID: ed57e8

No. 377345 ID: c91e2b
File 132565001834.png - (162.63KB , 700x500 , 529.png )

Restarting from last Checkpoint...
>"My lord we are now in a state of Siege. You'll need to engage the enemy in battle like this. It's basically going to be a Castle Defense battle."

"Ah a Castle Defense battle. Okay then."

>"As it stands the enemy is now atta- Oh, you already know what it is?"

"Of course I do, why wouldn't I?"

>"Oh.. Well.. Huh, that's odd... Anyway my Lord uhm... I really lost my train of thought.. Just uh make sure to organize the groups well. Consider what your enemy is after and make the groups based on that. You really don't want a Castle Defense battle where more enemies are attacking one group as opposed to the other."

"Right. How exactly does such a situation happen?"

>"Again it's based on the enemy. For example you wouldn't want to stick Lun, Lenion, and the Slime Queen on one group because our current enemy will have no interest in them and swarm the other groups. This could be very bad, people may even die. Also be sure to equip the Rez rings to the ones on your group since they are the only ones who have a chance of dying."
No. 377348 ID: 7c31d2

Ah reloading, the best perk of being a rpg main character.
No. 377349 ID: ed57e8

okay, we need to splice the groups a bit. our old set up obviously did not work out for us.
No. 377350 ID: af25e0

Overlord, Lenion, Alice
Solaris, Ruby, Kassandra
Emily, Slime Queen, Nyx
Rose, Lun, Silva

The last person in each trio is the "pull", and each group has at least one "cooler" who won't attract enemies.
No. 377351 ID: 3947e9

didn't she have a resurrection ring?
Also, we should personally lead a team whose members are all unkillable in the demon world.
No. 377353 ID: eb672d

Cygnus has the right idea there. Evenly split parties that have a draw, but also a good, hearty balance with sturdier characters for us.

We did not give Either Solaris or Kass rings MrTT. Would probably be wise to give one to Lenion.

Let's take this as a lesson alright? Size up the enemy, figure out their strengths, and distribute accordingly.
No. 377355 ID: 6a5a08

This. O-lord, Rose, Silva.
No. 377358 ID: e3f578

If so Alice gets placed into the group that Rose was in for Cygnus's list.
No. 377360 ID: 3947e9

3 demons, nice... good team, lets do it.
No. 377367 ID: 40cb26

Judging from the last time, I think how many birds our units attract is as follows:
(2) Ruby, Rose, Kass, Solaris, Alice
(1) Emily, Nix, Silva
(0) Overlord, Lenion, Lun, Slime Queen

My suggested parties, most should pull 3 birds:

Kass, Nix, Slime Queen

Alice, Emily, Lun

Ruby, Solaris, Lenion
>Pulls 4 birds, but is a strong team and can revive.

Rose, Silva, Silva's Doll, Overlord
>All demons, none will die. No healing so give ring to Silva in case things go bad. Doll can explode if needed.
No. 377368 ID: 6a5a08

Excellent. +1 to you.
No. 377370 ID: 40cb26

If we field a Slime with Lenions group that will help even more, since if and when it dies that puts her into a rage. If we can put a slime into the other groups that should help a little as well. I'm not sure how many we have, though.
No. 377380 ID: 5f55fe

I told you guys it was more important to surround solaris T.T

oh well. Take two, action!
No. 377389 ID: 281eec
File 132566280497.png - (106.82KB , 689x428 , 530.png )

You split up your group like so:
You, Lenion, Alice, Demi Slime
Solaris, Ruby, Kassandra
Emily, Slime Queen, Nyx
Rose, Lun, Silva.

All groups are being attacked by 3 Screechers.

-Battle start-

-Placement Phase-
No. 377398 ID: af25e0

Fill the back (bottom-left) row, with Overlord to the right, Alice to the left, and the demi-slime in the middle. Put Lenion in front of the demi-slime.
No. 377425 ID: 40cb26

Lenion in the front middle, Demi Slime at the front right, Alice behind Lenion and us next behind the slime.

The Demi Slime doesn't need protecting, it has a weak attack attack and is meant to sit and be cute... and send Lenion into a rage when it is inevitably splattered.
No. 377428 ID: 0adc60

alice goes on the bottommost square with Overlord, Lenion and Demi Slime on the three remaining squares adjacent to her, allowing noone to attack her.
No. 377437 ID: 6a5a08

No. 377577 ID: c91e2b
File 132573073680.png - (121.97KB , 689x428 , 531.png )

-Units placed.
Your move-
No. 377579 ID: 40cb26

Lenion steps 2 forward and one to the right, whip attack the bird on the right. Alice also moves 2 forward and one right, shooting the bird. If the bird on the right Overlord moves forward 2 and right 1 and shoots it, otherwise forward 1 and right 2 and shoot the far bird. Demi Slime moves forward 1 and right 2 and looks cute.
No. 377588 ID: ed57e8

sounds good.
No. 377589 ID: 1854db

Let's try to keep the formation tight this time. They can't surround our squishies if there's no space to do so. Alice should never have more than one open square next to her at any time unless she is out of range of any enemy.

...she should probably stay out of range all the time anyway, due to her low hp. Also she may as well start off the fight with rapid shot.

hmmmmm... I wonder if the screechers will attack Overlord if he takes off the mask?
No. 377590 ID: af25e0

Have everyone sit tight.

When the enemies move, only the closest one will be able to attack and we'll be able to obliterate it next turn.

Moving just puts us in a position where we can lose a unit to a bad roll.
No. 377617 ID: 3947e9

is that a miniature enemy near your units?
No. 377618 ID: 299ed3

That would be our demislime.
No. 377649 ID: fc7101
File 132574530003.png - (125.83KB , 689x428 , 532.png )

Demi Slime uses Being Cute
Everyone else goes on defense.
The screechers move into position.
One strikes the Demi Slime dealing 20dmg which kills it instantly.
No. 377650 ID: fc7101
File 132574533514.png - (152.97KB , 689x428 , 533.png )

Lenion goes Berserk!
Your move.
No. 377653 ID: 1854db

Have Lenion Bite the nearest one.

Alice should Rapid Shot the next-nearest bird while moving a square to the down-left, Overlord should cast Fire on the same target while also moving that direction. Uh, he'd have Fire by equipping the staff arm on his off hand, of course.
No. 377655 ID: af25e0

Hm. The Screecher that killed the demislime was able to move five spaces.

Have our berserk tamer grapple and bite the middle enemy.

Have Overlord step up and attack the Screecher that killed the slime and have Alice shoot it.
No. 377693 ID: 5f55fe

Well, the bite is one turn after. Besides, she's berserk. It's not like she'll listen to us at this point anyway.
No. 377728 ID: 0adc60

Lenion: bite second-closest rapebird.

everyone else: keep surrounding Alice and use your strongest attack on closest foe. including Alice herself.
No. 377821 ID: fc7101
File 132582840137.png - (132.48KB , 689x428 , 534.png )

Lenion moves and bites the second closest Screecher.
Alice and you attack the closest one dealing 40 dmg!
No. 377823 ID: fc7101
File 132582852633.png - (132.99KB , 689x428 , 535.png )

Two screechers surround Alice.
One start to attack when Alice glares at it. It trips up and slashes at itself dealing 40 dmg and killing itself.

okay really it rolled a 1

The other misses it's attack.
No. 377824 ID: 40cb26

Overlord: Move one square and shoot the bird by Alice.
Alice: Shoot the bird next to her.
No. 377825 ID: af25e0

Overlord moves and melee attacks the bird next to Alice. Alice attacks it as well.

Lenion finishes the other one.
No. 377830 ID: 1854db
File 132583036134.png - (129.31KB , 689x428 , battleplan.png )

I see a way to prevent Alice from getting hit on the enemy's turn. Move her to the green space, and Overlord to the blue space. The orange area is the movement radius of the remaining bird.

Alice should use rapid shot now, because why not?
No. 377832 ID: fc22d7

Uh, that specific bird just moved six squares last turn. I checked and doublechecked. I don't think playing keepaway will be practical.

Double shoot is go though.
No. 377841 ID: 0adc60

rapid shot at point blank range. Overlord may stay where he is and attack twice.
No. 377845 ID: 1854db

...what?! You're right. But, they have speed 4, what the fuck's going on?!
No. 377887 ID: 5f55fe

No. 377918 ID: 6a5a08

They must be pulling a Fire Emblem and Shoving each other forward.
No. 377962 ID: fc7101
File 132589421787.png - (136.00KB , 689x428 , 536.png )

Lenion rips and tears the Screechers neck out. She's still in a rage.
Alice moves back uses Double Shot dealing 30 dmg.
Overlord moves and slashes dealing 18 dmg
No. 377964 ID: fc7101
File 132589451772.png - (123.49KB , 689x428 , 537.png )

You hear a crash and something begins crawling through the window.
A Screecher far bigger then the others enters the battlefield.

You get the feeling that this is the Boss.
You can sense the other groups were successful in beating their opponents. You may bring one person over with the exception of Silva.
No. 377967 ID: 3947e9

Finish off the underling and then focus all three of you on the boss, that way its the last to die and we can tame it with lenion! (boss tamer!)
Also, action economy is better that way.
No. 377969 ID: f72f26

have lenion tank the boss, while the other two finish the other bird

bring in Ruby as back up
No. 377972 ID: 3947e9

is ruby a human or a demon? I am not sure what black mages are.

Also, let it come to us.
No. 377973 ID: 1854db

Whoa, 200 hp. Um...

Wait. It has a neck. Lenion should Bite it. Alice can use either Dark (draining Overlord's hp) or Light Arrow to boost her damage to +10 against the last screecher, and Overlord should use Scan on the boss.

I don't think it really matters who we bring in, but just in case Bite isn't an instant kill in this case (the description says USUALLY) we should bring in, oh... Ruby. Have her first action be to cast Fire Armor on Lenion.
No. 377974 ID: 453e62

toss up between ruby and kass. kass would let us heal lenion so she can tank it for who knows how long.
No. 377979 ID: 40cb26

Darn unit limits. I want to say Kass but it's a bit risky if we can't give her a ring, although I don't think we'll lose with her supporting us. Rose might be good here too, but we have melee and ranged damage and no healing, that's the role we need to cover.

A variety of human I think, but what really matters is if she is a Hero or not. She is and so is more at risk here. If she had the ring I'd say go for it. And I don't like letting it get close, we need our tanks to engage and support to be as far as possible.
No. 377981 ID: 6a5a08

No. 377995 ID: 4bdd79

Nothing could possibly go wrong.
No. 377997 ID: 6a5a08

Actually, Scan it first. If movement is lower than the others, bring in Kass so she can heal us while we whittle down the boss. Otherwise, voting for Rose.
No. 377999 ID: 5f55fe

Rose. For a number of reasons.
No. 378015 ID: 40cb26

Well, in warrior mode she has good hp but abilities better suited to large groups. As an archer she has offense but we know how fragile she is, but she is perhaps less likely to be hit. Either way she can switch to healer and revive someone. So overall it isn't a *terrible* idea but I'd sooner bring Kass or Rose or Emily.

Actually what would really be nice is swapping out Alice for Silva, if it's the effective number of units that is preventing that. It would keep Alice safe, at any rate.
No. 378016 ID: 453e62

you guys do remember that overlord powers let us bring back one person after the battle no matter what right?
No. 378018 ID: af25e0

I really doubt Bite will one-hit-kill a boss enemy. Most likely it will just do a lot of damage.

I second this, if scanning it first is an option. We need to know what we're up against stat-wise before we know who to add.
No. 378020 ID: fc7101
File 132590868792.png - (121.33KB , 689x428 , 538.png )

You spend your round casting Scan.
Boss Screecher

Screech: Can cause confusion or paralysis.
Charm: Inflicts Charm on enemy. MP 1
Mass Charm: Inflicts Charm on all enemies. MP 3

It's now the other units moves. You can still bring a unit in. You may also swap out a unit.
No. 378021 ID: 453e62

okay, lenion is too angry to be charmed right now. and alice is too tsundere, like with the mirror incident. emily would obviously be immune. but not sure about the others.
No. 378022 ID: 1854db

>Mass Charm
>MP: 2

Charm is still a problem. Send in Emily. Then only Lenion will be vulnerable to Charm, and... uh... well okay that's still bad but there's nothing we can do about it. At least she'll be immune to Lenion's Bite attack, and won't die even if Lenion smashes her.
No. 378026 ID: 6a5a08

Emiry time
No. 378027 ID: fc7101
File 132590974360.png - (126.31KB , 689x428 , 539.png )

You decide to send in Emily.

>Emily: "Hello my Lord~~"

It is still your other unit's turn.
No. 378028 ID: 453e62

alice shoot the screecher next to us to finish it. lenion charge the boss and do whatever.
if emily can attack the screecher too then do so.
No. 378030 ID: 3947e9

the remaining monster has 22 HP. Last time we did 18 HP with a slash and Alice double shot for 30 HP damage.

Alice, double shoot the minion near us for the kill, if it survives overlord finish it off. If it dies overlord use ranged attack on enemy boss.
The two meleer's close in on the boss and chop chop at it until it falls.
No. 378032 ID: 1854db

Alice already used double shot, she can only do it once per encounter.

Emily should RUN towards the boss, Lenion should advance and begin a Bite, Alice should use Dark Shot +10 using Overlord's HP to take out the last Screecher.
No. 378033 ID: fc7101
File 132591139794.png - (134.28KB , 689x428 , 540.png )

Alice drains 10HP from you and fires at the last Screecher, killing it.
Emily runs to the Boss.
Lenion growls and moves to the boss.
No. 378034 ID: fc7101
File 132591144289.png - (128.45KB , 689x428 , 541.png )

The Boss uses Screech on Emily. It does seem to affect her in the slightest.
No. 378035 ID: af25e0

Everyone moves to the boss screecher and attacks it if possible.
No. 378036 ID: 1854db

Alright, time to begin the pounding. Emily move up to it and slash slash. Lenion get up to it and BITE.
Overlord move towards it and shoot. Alice can do the same thing, and use Dark Shot again... +15 this time.
No. 378037 ID: 3947e9

why didn't the overlord attack last round?
No. 378038 ID: fc7101
File 132591224945.png - (86.14KB , 700x500 , 542.png )

You can not attack when you cast Scan of course.
Lenion attempts to Bite the Boss.
The moment her teeth sink into it's neck it gives off a terrible Screech.
Lenion is Dazed and takes 15 dmg.
No. 378040 ID: fc7101
File 132591255510.png - (139.49KB , 689x428 , 543.png )

Everyone moves into place and attacks.
Overlord Shoots dealing 15dmg
Alice drains Overlord's HP and deals 35dmg
Emily Double Slashes dealing a whole 32dmg.

The boss is down to 112HP
No. 378042 ID: 453e62

good thing lenion has tons of HP. round of normal attacks next.
No. 378043 ID: fc7101
File 132591271832.png - (124.67KB , 689x428 , 544.png )

The Boss slashes at both Lenion and Emily but misses.
It seems it is too large to fly overhead and thus can not move from it's current spot
No. 378044 ID: 1854db

Everyone use the same attacks as last round, except Lenion, who can just claw it.

Hmm. Can Overlord switch his blade for the staff arm, then shoot and cast at the same time? If so we should do that since we're standing still.
No. 378046 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah, get some magic up in here.
No. 378049 ID: fc7101
File 132591339529.png - (117.19KB , 689x428 , 545.png )

Emily slashes at the Boss scoring a Critical Hit dealing a total of 64 dmg!
Lenion claws at him but misses.
Alice fires her bow but misses.
Overlord switches to a Staff Arm. He can not perform 2 actions at once like Emily but he does cast Fire dealing 17dmg.

The Boss retreats!
With Emily!
No. 378050 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord: Attempt to tap into the power of chaos
No. 378051 ID: 453e62

can you fire the overlord beam from here and not risk hitting emily?
if not then grab the control whatever for the castle and chase after it. solaris in archer form sit on the closest side to it and root and fire at it.
No. 378052 ID: 3fd4fb


"Alice! Shoot him down before he gets away- take as much of my HP as you need!"
No. 378053 ID: 1854db

Uh. What?!

We can't let it get away! Order Solaris to use Entangle or something similar on it! Get Lenion to burn a Slime to ensnare it! Have every ranged unit focus fire.
No. 378054 ID: fc7101
File 132591394090.png - (67.39KB , 700x500 , 546.png )

You have every ranged unit you have focus fire on it as it attempts to flee. Everyone's attack whittles down the last bit of it health and it releases Emily
No. 378055 ID: fc7101
File 132591409295.png - (46.87KB , 700x500 , 547.png )

You then remember you live in a floating castle.
No. 378057 ID: 6a5a08

Emily: You then remember you can levitate and fly back to the castle island.
No. 378058 ID: 1854db

Emily: Utilize Levitate to slow your fall and land safely.

Overlord: Form a small away team to collect Emily from down there.
No. 378059 ID: af25e0

If Emily's levitation doesn't work for some reason, have Kass summon her angel friend to catch Emily and return her.
No. 378060 ID: fc7101
File 132591468144.png - (93.45KB , 620x700 , 548.png )

Emily pulls herself upright and slowly falls down to the castle ledge. You go down in time to see her land on the court.

>Emily: "My Lord I love the legs you gave me so much cause if I didn't have them I would've just kept falling and broken apart again :D"

-Castle Defense Battle Over-
Loot: G500
Screecher Wings x 4
Charm Scroll: Casts Charm on one enemy. One use.
Lenion has Tamed the Boss Screecher.
No. 378062 ID: 299ed3


What was the first time?
No. 378070 ID: 40cb26

Note to self: look into emergency "falling to ones death" countermeasures for our other units. Anyone but Emily and that would have gone very badly.

>Lenion has Tamed the Boss Screecher.
I hope she can teach it to shut the hell up, or it's getting sacrificed the moment we find something worth throwing it at.
No. 378076 ID: 1854db

Well she got smashed by Lenion once...

Also, give HUGS to Emily, and congratulate everyone on a successful defense.

Next order of business is I suppose... Hmm. Ask Alice if she likes the idea of improving her bow through alchemy. Or if not, if she has any ideas on how to make the thing stronger. Also, I want to improve Overlord's equipment somehow, along with Emily's (though that is less of a concern since she can hit twice)

Was there anything else on the agenda? We could go down and scout out some of the Moon Orbs...
No. 378080 ID: af25e0

Go talk to the members of the other groups and check on everyone.
No. 378085 ID: e3f578

I suppose I should have saved this song for a bigger victory than over our own siege, like a siege we start ourselves against Abel, but fuck it

Overlord, light a cigar, sit on your throne dramatically
No. 378087 ID: e3aff6

A cigar? We are an overlord, not a mob boss. Sitting there looking vaguely sinister works though.
No. 378093 ID: c0e69a

Attach wings to Overlord's body, gain the ability to fly.
No. 378117 ID: 3947e9

>Also, give HUGS to Emily, and congratulate everyone on a successful defense.
I wholly uprove of hugs based reward system!
No. 378127 ID: 0adc60



where do you put the screecher boss though?

also, what happens if the screecher boss catches a unit and, uh, does to it what screechers usually do? we really gotta be careful about this guy!

at least we can use it to keep Shana in check though, teehee.
No. 378132 ID: 3947e9

>where do you put the screecher boss though?
Build tamed monster pens?
No. 378139 ID: cf49fc

That would be a good idea. However, it is a Wall Screeching DEMON Hawk. Give it to Styx, she might enjoy such a uniquely HUMONGOUS oddity.
No. 378142 ID: 453e62

put it on top of the high tower. ordered to simply keep all other screechers away.
No. 378154 ID: 5f55fe

Let's sacrifice it as soon as it's convenient in battle. Lenion needs a new hat. >:3
No. 378155 ID: 146bca


Boss screecher.

If Shana goes full Yandere on ourself or any of our other minions, we can use it to keep her in check.

Just a thought.
No. 378159 ID: 5f55fe

Styx? Don't you mean Meagan?
No. 378162 ID: 3947e9

voting AGAINST sacrificing it.
No. 378167 ID: cf49fc

Right. Sorry. I'm bad with names.
No. 378181 ID: 0adc60


let's just make sure the humongous oddity doesn't enjoy her.
No. 378183 ID: cf49fc

Nay worries. I'm sure her extremely cavalier attitude towards demon safety protocols won't affect her work in this case.
No. 378244 ID: 85879a
File 132597642552.png - (97.94KB , 700x500 , 549.png )

No. You don't hug things unless they are bleeding somewhere and a hug is the only thing possible to help stop said bleeding. Emily is fine so no need.

"Good job everyone, you all performed well."

Everyone seems to like the compliment.

"Meagan, please see to our new Screeching Demon."

>Meagan: "With pleasure my Lord."

She flashes a rare smile.

Now.. What to do today. There are many things you suppose. You could hunt down those orbs and maybe confront Abel, go train some more in the Land of Trials or it's brother island, the Cave of Memories.
You have quite a bit of money so you could go shop once again.
There's also a few things you could deal with here like Rose, Shana, Alice. Maybe meet with some of your troops and see how they're doing.
No. 378245 ID: 453e62

let's see shana about her apparently crippling fear.
No. 378251 ID: 3fd4fb

Compliment Alice on her performance in combat. Mention a particularly nice shot she made to help save Emily.
No. 378254 ID: 39a13f

Cave of Memories
No. 378257 ID: 85879a
File 132597842244.png - (73.70KB , 307x500 , 550.png )

That is something you've been meaning to check out but first lets check on Shana.

You find her exactly where she was before but curled up and muttering something you can't quite make out.

No. 378258 ID: 146bca


Say "They're gone now. We have defeated them all." Then ask. "Do you have a history with those creatures?"
No. 378259 ID: e3f578

Shana, chill the fuck out they're dead now or in Lenion's leash. She's good at her job, we'll remind her to keep it clear from you.

Now come on, out with it. What's up with the fear of birds?
No. 378260 ID: 146bca


Sit down next to her when you do this.
No. 378269 ID: 3fd4fb

Remove mask and gently tell her that everything is okay, we've defeated the demon hawks. Ask her to tell us why they scared her so much.
No. 378317 ID: 5f55fe

Make her move her hands to look at you, forcibly(gently) if she ignores you when you address her. She's thinking about her fears too much. Get that image out of her mind by letting her look at something comforting, you.
No. 378319 ID: 3947e9

Downvoting this post.
Upvoting the other 4.
No. 378369 ID: 85879a
File 132599582269.png - (97.22KB , 453x500 , 551.png )

You take off your mask and sit beside Shana. She looks up at you and stops shaking.

>"M-my Lord..."

"We defeated all the Demons, they're gone now."

She seems to calm down when you say that.

"So what's the story behind this fear?"

>"I... I don't want to talk about it..."
No. 378370 ID: 252e1b

Pick her up and carry her away someplace she knows will be safe. Your quarters or something, it doesn't really matter as long as she feels safe there.
No. 378372 ID: 453e62

"you may not want to, but you NEED to. this is why i do not feel using fear is better then loyalty. look what fear did, it crippled my most powerful minion."
No. 378373 ID: 3fd4fb

Look into her eyes and take her hand while placing a comforting hand on her other shoulder. Work that Charm effect.

"Shana, you can trust me. I will listen. Please, tell me why you're so afraid."
No. 378374 ID: e3f578

"I think I deserve an explanation for saving you."
No. 378378 ID: 40cb26

Well that's fine if she doesn't want to explain it... but we need to know what else is going to be a problem for her. Was it about these specific creatures, or will any avian - big, small, dangerous or harmless - have this effect on her?
No. 378379 ID: f70e5e

No. 378384 ID: 85879a
File 132599729357.png - (66.79KB , 392x500 , 552.png )

"Shana, you can trust me. I will listen. Please, tell me why you're so afraid."

You place a hand on her shoulder and look her in the eyes.

>"I... I barely remember.. I just keep having this dream where a bird is flying away with my heart.. Or someone's heart.. I don't know... And it makes me really sad."
No. 378387 ID: 252e1b


Better check if she has a heart. Put your ear to her chest and listen for it.
No. 378388 ID: 453e62

sounds like something the cave of memories could fix if they actually help with memories.
No. 378389 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Ask her if she ever had a boyfriend.
No. 378391 ID: 5f55fe

Actually, it's quite possible, it was our literal heart. Although that's probably not it, since I don't think she was around when we got beaten. >.>
No. 378392 ID: 453e62

we never had one.
No. 378394 ID: 85879a
File 132599878247.png - (82.58KB , 345x500 , 553.png )

"Did you ever have a boyfriend?"

She looks shocked at the question.

>"W-why are you uh.. Asking that..?"


>"Of course not my Lord! You're the only one for me!"

... I think she may have taken that the wrong way.
No. 378395 ID: 1854db

"I'm flattered, but I meant before you came into my employ."
No. 378396 ID: 453e62

"so then, it eliminates it being a metaphor for having them taken from you"
No. 378397 ID: 252e1b


Check her for a working heart! If it was stolen we need to get it back!
No. 378399 ID: 40cb26

"I'm not even a boy, technically. I could easily slap on a pair of tits and it would be no different to me. I'm just trying to figure out what is or was going on with you."
No. 378400 ID: 252e1b


The Overlord has shown male patterns in his behavior, and picked a face that's male. All he needs is a detachable penis (aka an "Archie" upgrade).
No. 378402 ID: 3fd4fb

This seems good.

I don't think she would take this well. Don't say it.
No. 378409 ID: 146bca


Voted down.


Voted up.
No. 378431 ID: 85879a
File 132600840093.png - (91.60KB , 345x500 , 554.png )

"So then, it eliminates it being a metaphor for having them taken from you."

>"The only one who can take my heart is you my Lord.."

... Well at least she seems to be better.
No. 378439 ID: 6a5a08

"Perhaps the bird is symbolic of Dark Mana, and the heart your life force. Shana, can you explain Dark Mana to me? Is there a way to cleanse it from the body?"
No. 378441 ID: 40cb26

"Yes well that's fine and all, just please be aware that we tamed the boss screecher so avoid going outside if you don't feel up to it.
No. 378453 ID: 6e44d2

Man, our face is awesome!
No. 378458 ID: becb83



i don't know whether to laugh or cry at that statement.

anyway, ask more about that mana thing.
No. 378474 ID: 453e62

put the mask back on so we can talk to her normally.
No. 378478 ID: d292f2

Hmm. Perhaps you should feel for a heartbeat?
No. 378479 ID: 1854db

Dark Mana is probably it, but she already explained it to us, at least somewhat.
No. 378493 ID: 5f55fe

Well, from what I understood, dark mana drains away on it's own. Sloooowwwwwwlllllyyyy.
No. 378501 ID: 3fd4fb

I see no way this could possibly be misinterpreted or go wrong, particularly while she is Charmed.
No. 378503 ID: f70e5e

put the mask back on (mental note, ask styx for a platonic setting)
"a recurring nightmare like that usually means something. do you think it might have anything to do with the dark mana build up?"
No. 378516 ID: 146bca

"Perhaps it has something to do with Dark Mana. I would like to know more about it."
No. 378533 ID: 252e1b

Yes check her for a heart
No. 378548 ID: 4f6150

Well let her know that there's no problem with her having a weakness. Perfect subordinates are boring anyway.

How about talking with Solaris? We haven't actually spoken to her since she joined I think. After that - Cave of Memories! Alice should totally come along to the cave because it sure doesn't sound like it would bring up a mysterious foreshadowed past or anything!
No. 378582 ID: 5f55fe

This sounds like a great idea, once we wrap up things here with Shana.
No. 378602 ID: af25e0

I really doubt she's missing a heart.

Check anyway, just in case.
No. 378615 ID: 3947e9

how? cut her open and reach inside and see if you can find it? (DO NOT DO THIS!)
No. 378616 ID: 85879a
File 132608639464.png - (225.69KB , 700x700 , 555.png )

Hmm.. No she has a heart. It's beating rather rapidly in fact.
It'd be easier to tell if all this cloth and flesh weren't in the way.
No. 378618 ID: d14d3e

Go ahead and get rid of the cloth.
No. 378619 ID: 453e62

but she needs that flesh.

"hmmm, looks like we'll need to have a dream specialist for this. in the mean time i suggest you ask lenion to help you get over the fear, if we have to fight more bird like foes i can't have my most powerful minion freezing up"
No. 378621 ID: e3f578

Stoically not give a fuck about what you're doing, like a doctor. "Huh, well, I figure out what the hell the whole heart-bird thing is about eventually. Probably a curse. You piss off anyone that can curse you with irrational fears?"
No. 378629 ID: b8123b

I fully support not giving a flying fuck and continuing diagnosis. Leave out the irrational part though.
No. 378634 ID: 3fd4fb

We've already confirmed that she has a heart; what more exactly are we thinking that we'll find out from a thorough examination? Its presence or absence was all that was relevant to our investigation here. No need to continue that; we can move to other points of logic.
No. 378635 ID: 5f55fe

Ok ok, enough teasing her. Let's leave her be for now, just telling her that she can voice her concerns at any time.

Let's talk to Solaris, see what she thinks of everything, possibly learn more about her.
No. 378656 ID: 3947e9

yes; and as he said leave out the irrational part
No. 378658 ID: 40cb26

We're tending to our subject. She said she was afraid of having her heart taken, and said it belongs to us. Literally we checked her for it, that just leaves us to confirm the rest.

Unequip her top from under her outfit, keep our fingers on the stop, and say "Yes... Mine. No bird or anything else will take it. So try to not be afraid of that."

As we leave mention in passing that we tamed the boss screecher, so if she still doesn't feel up to it not to go outside.
No. 378665 ID: 252e1b


Yeah sure, ditch the clothes if they're in the way. Then put your ear to her chest and listen to her heart for awhile.

Say something like, "Your heart rate is still very high. But your heart is there, safe and sound."
No. 378668 ID: 85879a
File 132610750351.png - (181.54KB , 700x500 , 556.png )

I de-equip her top and place my head close to her chest.

"Your heart rate is still very high.. Don't be afraid anymore Shana, it's there, safe and sound. If the dream happens again feel free to come talk to me."

She doesn't respond. It seems she's still a bit tense from the attack, it's best to leave her be.

You decide to check on Solaris and find her with Alalia.

>Alalia: "Stupid freaking... There you are! Do you know how fucking difficult it is fighting off fucking molesting bird demons inside a damn box!? I'll tell you, IMPOSSIBLE! The only thing that saved me was the fact I can't be pulled out of this damn thing!"

>Solaris: "Hello my Lord. That was an amazing battle."

>Alalia: "Don't ignore me dammit! I'm a fucking mimic and I deserve a bit of respect around here! I should at least be warned of an attack or something!"

>Solaris: "She's a bit upset."
No. 378670 ID: 1854db

Hmm, she's right. Let's install an alarm bell or something to prevent this sort of issue in the future- our noncombatant troops getting in trouble when we're invaded.
No. 378672 ID: a2fa74

"Your lid doesn't lock?"
No. 378673 ID: e3f578

You're alive and sane. Quit being a baby. In this business, creatures that don't understand the concept of NO are going to be the least of our problems.

Meagan got hit worse. It sounds like they didn't manage to get a finger on you. I think she's fine, she really didn't seem to give a fuck.
No. 378675 ID: 0adc60

uh. sorry brah.

I never knew Solaris was so... womanly.
No. 378681 ID: 40cb26

"None of us had warning and everyone needed to fight at once. Besides I thought you could... you know, close the box? What do I need to buy you a lock? A weapon to defend yourself? Wheels to escape with?"
No. 378696 ID: 146bca


Upvoting this.
No. 378700 ID: 146bca


Also add,

"Of course they would hardly be an issue if someone would share their gold, so that we could buy proper defenses for this fortress."
No. 378701 ID: 4f6150

Put a lock on the mimic box -> "Problem solved."

Joke aside maybe Styx can whip up some kind of alarm as previously suggested. Also tell Alalia she does have a point and if she wants you can promote her from 'noisy furniture' rank to 'militia' rank. Then she can join the others at the frontlines if the fortress is attacked again.

As for Solaris take her aside for a chat. Ask her how she fits in since joining and see if she's happy staying around after you kind of intimidated her into joining. Also mention that the last battle feels like it could have gone very badly for her somehow...
Other topics to discuss:
* Does she want or need any equipment? Funds are good at the moment and she deserves a reward.
* Ask a bit about how the whole Gaian thing works. Does she have any other forms?
* What was she doing with Max before you turned up?
*Prod that offshoot coming out of her head and ask what it's for. Does she prefer sunlit rooms?
* Does she have any friends or family? They might be welcome to visit the castle if she wants to see them.

Also I'm really curious as to what Solaris would see when Overlord takes off his mask... A subtle warning might be in order before taking it off however.
No. 378744 ID: 40cb26

We really shouldn't ask this, she eats the stuff for fuel so it's like telling her to return xp. And she is probably still sore about the jewelry we hawked off. Right now we should be offering her more shinies and not the other way around.

A lock for the inside would actually do her some good.
No. 378750 ID: 85879a
File 132614648441.png - (85.68KB , 700x500 , 557.png )

"None of us had warning and everyone needed to fight at once. Besides I thought you could... you know, close the box? What do I need to buy you a lock? A weapon to defend yourself? Wheels to escape with?"

>"Wheels! Get me some wheels so I can actually move a bit better! And yes I can close the box but I can't lock it easily, just sorta hold the lid shut."

"I'll have Styx make you something. Solaris, can I speak with you for a moment?"

>Solaris: "Sure."

She follows you into a empty room nearby.

>"So what's up?"

"I was just wondering how you like the castle so far."

>"It's pretty cool. Floaty and all that. The people here are cool so that's nice."

"Good. I want my units to be as comfortable as possible. Speaking of which do you require anything? Sunlight perhaps? Maybe some weapons?"

She laughs.

>"No no I'm good without sunlight, I don't plan on having kids any time soon. As for weapons I'm set. My body can change itself so I can just make weapons whenever I want."

"I was actually curious about that.. How many forms can your body take?"

>"Uhm... You've seen two, Healer and Swordmaster.. My only other one is Archer but I could gain more as I level up."

"Hmm.. Oh you wouldn't happen to have any friends or family do you?"

>"Friends sorta but my people don't really have much for 'family'. My parents left me as a little pod a few years ago so I didn't get to see them much."


>"Yeah. After we're born we get sunlight for a few days then we go into a little ball mode and stay like that while we change. Parents usually place us somewhere were we won't be eaten instantly and after we hatch we can fend for ourselves."

"That's interesting. But you said you'd just hatched a few years ago."

>"Yeah I'm... 4? 3? I lose track. For my people such a thing really isn't important."

"I must admit, as I gain more unique troops I'm amazed at the difference in culture and biology.."

>"Yeah my people are pretty out there. Judging by your group you have quite a few unusual ones.. And a lot of girls. You're not trying to like build an evil overlord harem are you?"

"Of course not."

>"Uh huh... Well I'll be keeping my eye on you."

She smiles at you letting you know she's mostly just playing around.

>"Oh not sure if you care but I saw the mimic pocket some stuff after the chaos."


"What exactly was it?"

>"Some gold stuff? Not sure exactly."
No. 378752 ID: 453e62

and she sure it was pocketed? not just stuffed in her gob? hmm... we'll talk with her again later.
No. 378753 ID: 146bca


No. Talk to her, now.

She's a mimic. We need to see what she took. It could be important.
No. 378758 ID: 40cb26

Eh, that's expected. We still need to do something about increasing her loyalty to us, confronting her about it right now won't help with that. I assume it's just some gold from after battle, and not from our stockpile or elsewhere.

I know, let's just randomly give her a hundred gold. Make up some semi-plausible reason. We might be able to guilt out a confession, or at least make her feel bad about it.

She seems rather... mature for being so few years in age. Not only that but she recognized Silva when her companions didn't. Inquire as to why that is.
No. 378760 ID: 453e62

racial memory?
No. 378765 ID: 146bca


That's a better idea than mine.

Give a hundred gold with mask off. "Here, Alalia. I decided, since you've been trusty enough not to take from me, to reward you. It's a just reward, after all. It would be more, but I don't have much. What with needing to repair the fortress and all."
No. 378772 ID: 453e62

No. 378778 ID: 6e44d2

Guilt tripping is pretty fucking weak, especially for a military leader. Seriously?
No. 378791 ID: 146bca


It's low, I admit, but the only other option is to confront her, be pissed off at her, and lower her loyalty. Given that, I'd prefer the guilt trip.
No. 378794 ID: d292f2

I support the guilt tripping. If she does end up admitting to taking the stuff, we say that we appreciate her honesty with us but that we are still a little disappointed in her. She can keep the gold we give her though.
No. 378795 ID: 5f55fe

I like Solaris, she's chill.
No. 378810 ID: 146bca


And if she asks why we're rewarding her for not stealing from us? "Why, I can't have you starving now, can I? If you're hungry in between payments, all you need to do is ask."
No. 378812 ID: 40cb26

I also think before we leave that we should ask Solaris if there is any kind of gear or item that she can't create but would be useful for her. Or just that she would enjoy.
No. 378841 ID: 85879a
File 132616955476.png - (15.89KB , 700x500 , 558.png )

"I should go check.. Wait.. If you're that young then how do you know about Silva?"

>"She's been around for quite some time. There are few heroes who aren't at least aware of the name. And the split down the center is... Well you can't miss it can you?"

"Very true. Well then I really should go check on her.. Oh and if there's anything you would like don't hesitate to ask."

>"I'll keep that in mind Overlord"

She smiles and walks off.

You see Alalia's chest. As you approach it you take off your mask and prepare G100. The box opens as you approach and Alalia pops out. You can see her glaring but the expression only lasts a second as she sees your Charmed face. It softens into an emotion you're not exactly familiar with..

>"M-my lord... Uhm.. What is it?"

You hand her the G100.

"Here, my Beloved Mimic."

>"W-what are you giving this to me for? You want a wish or something? Well that's not enough you id-"

You shake your head.

"It is just a simple gift for you. It's the least I can do for you. I would give you that and so much more if I had more money.. But with the repairs to the castle... I'm sorry.."

Her mouth opens wide and she dives into her chest. When she comes out again she's pushing some gold and golen trinkets to you.

>"Here! It's some of the gold I'd taken from the Slime King! Don't cry!"

"Thank you Alalia."

>"It's... It's not a problem my Lord.. I would give up all my gold for you.."

She leans in close.

No. 378843 ID: d14d3e

Unicode stare. As hard as you can.
No. 378845 ID: becb83

is the overlord mister long dark hair?
is that girl in a box hitting on you?
What would be the outcome of a man and mimic relationship?
No. 378846 ID: 453e62

eh, give her a kiss.
No. 378847 ID: 1854db

If we don't hug, kisses are out of the question. Just put on the mask and thank her. If she gets pissed, we can just respond with the fact that she's still stealing from us.
No. 378850 ID: 146bca


Eh, second.
No. 378853 ID: 3fd4fb

Putting on the mask at this point would probably be a poor decision. We started up the charm thing, we'd best keep it running until we're gone.

Touch her face gently and tell her that we will remember what she asked us, and what she's said here. Then take her gifts, turn and move off. Hopefully that will leave on a positive note and extricate us from this.
No. 378858 ID: 146bca


Changing vote. Seconding this.
No. 378859 ID: 3947e9


Although I kinda feel bad about taking all that money from her....
No. 378872 ID: 5f55fe

We will return plenty of money once we have a bit more to spare. I will make sure to include it in our budget as we go forward.
No. 378881 ID: 0adc60

no kissing.
No. 378924 ID: 146bca

Also, let's check out those golden trinkets she gave us after we leave.
No. 378928 ID: e3f578

I don't
We would have had sooooo much gold if she wasn't a fucking thief. Well, she's a thief in my book.
No. 379022 ID: 9b7464

Shana will undoubtedly enter due to Murphy's law and then shit will fall so hard it'll turn our sphincter into a primordial string
No. 379032 ID: bd7afe

It would be cruel to take further advantage while she's charmed, and she seems to expect some show of affection. It may be best that we don't put the mask back on in her presence, or she may realize something's up.

Touch her cheek, or chin, or pat her on the head.. something relatively minor. Praise her generousity again, then get out of sight.
No. 379078 ID: af25e0

Give her a kiss on the forehead; it's a show of non-romantic affection that's hard to misinterpret.
No. 379127 ID: a90cee

No. 379128 ID: 85879a
File 132626845456.png - (39.55KB , 585x371 , 559.png )

You touch her face, thank her again, and walk off.

You do not hug and you do not kiss. Anyone.

As you leave you place on your mask and examine her 'gifts'. Most of it is simple gold coins from various lands and the occasional golden necklace or ring.

G400 added to inventory.
No. 379130 ID: ed57e8

is that a clock necklace?
No. 379136 ID: 85879a
File 132626893634.png - (54.62KB , 528x500 , 560.png )

Well you can't exactly call it a clock as the face has no number and both hands are the same length.

One of the hands are still moving though.
No. 379138 ID: e3f578

almost looks like a compass
No. 379139 ID: 1854db

Wait a second is this the fucking Goldeon Watch? Hold it and say someone's name you know.
No. 379159 ID: 0adc60

stop guessing and show it to Styx.
No. 379160 ID: 85879a
File 132627532316.png - (95.59KB , 582x500 , 561.png )

You decide to bring it to Styx to examine it. You enter her chamber and place it on her work desk.

"Styx, would you mind telling me what this is?"

She goes up to the watch. She studies it for a moment before taking off her mask. Her eyes go wide as she examines it further.

>"My lord.. This is the Golden Watch. It's a legendary artifact.."

"Really? Alalia had it.. What does it do?"

>"It varies. Legends say that whoever holds it is doomed... The Watch counts down to an unknown event that will inevitably cause great harm to the one wielding it. The fact that it changed hands from Alalia to you means only that you were meant to take this."

Well.. That isn't good.

"Is there any way to get rid of it..?"

>"You can try but it will always return. And ignoring it won't do any good either."

She looks up at you for a moment and you can tell she's deciding if she wants to be standing next to you at the moment.
No. 379162 ID: e3f578

Is the great harm physical to that person or can it be emotional or metaphorical? And you can't be killed, so does it actually mean that the harm is going to have to be a pretty big deal?

If it just stops at physical, you can take eradication again, we'll just leave a journal and set of instructions around, and leave the body. BAM you come back with no memories but all your shit. Sure, you'd lose your levels but as long as you keep everything else, s'all good. Now if this watch will do that and destroy everything you have... now that's harm.
No. 379163 ID: 0adc60

giggle at her reaction. how can you tell when the countdown will end? what kind of bad event are we talking about? what kind of bad events have happened in the past? can its curse be removed, and if so, by whom? can it be sold for a good price? what happens if you wear it?
No. 379164 ID: e74c30

Its unlikely the watch causes the event, it wouldn't be considered "legendary" if it did. More likely it can help it dealing with the event. No reason not to keep it.
No. 379165 ID: 40cb26

Any other stories with it? Does it have some useful function?

Oh and make note of which hand is moving which way, I suspect the calamity only strikes when the hands meet.
No. 379168 ID: 3947e9

it doesn't necessarily cause the calamity, merely tell you when it will occur. So if we can read it we can be better prepared.
No. 379197 ID: 146bca

"I am a Chaos Golem. I change and shape my fate how I see fit. I will not let some trinket dictate my doom."

Epic donning of Golden Watch around current body's neck.

"My destiny is not preordained. I will challenge fate, and win. Styx, begin to work on my next upgrade. I want to be able to eject myself from it, if need be."
No. 379207 ID: 3fd4fb

Well, the nature of predictive items is that we can't really know whether the watch is causing the event or merely warning us that it's to come. Let's be optimistic and take its presence to mean that something big and nasty was in our future anyway, and the watch is merely letting us know about it.

Can we read the timer and figure out how much time remains to us before we need to be ready for... whatever?
No. 379218 ID: 4f6150

If you were meant to take it then that doom was sure to befall you in the first place.

Also it needs to be tested. Strap it to a boomerang and throw it out the window to see if it comes back to your hand every time. You might end up inventing the perfect boomerang weapon. Might as well enjoy yourself, for your days are numbered.
No. 379221 ID: 0adc60


I don't care much for the theatrics, but an eject function is indeed useful to have.
No. 379238 ID: a2fa74

"Invariably, everybody is doomed. This is simply convenient.

Oh, relax. It's not predicting anything terrible before that time."
No. 379245 ID: eb672d

You know, it kind of occurred to me. We are technically only half of us. We are missing our other eye, remember? I mean, we did read in the book that we had two eyes (and we know our other one is with Fluffy.) so in this case, would it affect both sides, or just one? If that's the case, someone is not going to have a happy day.

Second is the tale of the clock. While the horrible fate thing is an issue, it seems odd that it's destined for one person.

Let's think of it in a time line sense. Guy finds clock and knows it's bad so hands it to Dude. Takes dude a while to figure it out, but when he does, victim gets it. Clock reaches zero and victim gets the curse. Like the hot potato version of death. Person with the watch last gets the 'fate'.

Either way, we need to figure out a bit more on the subject. Doom can be subjective too and it just has timed Summon Ex-mother-in-law on it.
No. 379253 ID: d292f2

This raises a good point. If the watch will always find its way back into the hands of the doomed one, it is impossible to tell for sure who that one really is. Even assuming that the legend is accurate, we could simply be a means by which the watch is ferried to the true doomed party.

Point is: vague legends do not intimidate us. Least of all ones with multiple valid interpretations.
No. 379254 ID: 097807

Which isn't to say we shouldn't at least take precautions, especially regarding ensuring the safety of our staff.

But yeah, what past does this thing have? ANy stories about what 'doom' it's previously administered?
No. 379284 ID: f70e5e

we are made out of chaos, so if it does something by messing with fate we might be resistant to immune. though if the doom is just something that attacks you once the timer hits zero we would not be any more resistant to it than anything else. "does it do anything useful? and how long do i have until whatever doom it has goes off?"
No. 379290 ID: b6edd6

Ask if it is indestructible. If so, we might try drilling a hole in it to study its insides and maybe install some bolts in to stop the hands (assuming it causes the doom rather than just predicting them).
If it is indestructible, we can probably find some use for an indestructible object.
No. 379303 ID: bd7afe

Have to wonder if it's there to warn against the problem, or if it will attract it.
No. 379309 ID: 1854db

Okay, first, we need an estimate of the time that the event will occur. Second, we need to find out what sorts of events happened to other people that had it. Was it a directly damaging event, or indirect? If we can just leave the castle for a moment when it's about to occur we can minimize collateral damage. Plus, we can use some sort of scrap body for it, to minimize the cost of repairing ourselves.

If it's indirect we're fucked.
No. 379513 ID: e1c764
File 132640623140.png - (36.79KB , 588x407 , 562.png )

"What kind of disaster are we talking about here?"

>"It varies.. It could be something as simple to breaking a limb to complete annihilation to those you know and love. Legends tell tales of men who were ruined. There is a lot of debate as to whether this artifact brings about the disaster or simply warns you of something already about to happen.. There are also tales of the clock randomly stopping for people and nothing bad happening to them.."

"Can I not just pass it on to someone else like Alalia did to me?"

>"No my Lord for it is already ticking. Once the hands start moving it is bound to you. If you can get it to stop ticking, naturally not by destroying it, then you can pass it on."

"It's destructible?"

>"It's not easily destroyed but it's possible. However it will simply reform itself and appear on your persons at another time.."

"How much time does it say I have?"

>"...... 4 hours."
No. 379514 ID: 6af537

Uh... The only thing I can think of is the Mad Tinkerer incoming.
Not much we can do in 4 hours. Maybe go to the Shopkeeper Bro? He might have something interesting.
No. 379516 ID: 6a5a08

Ask Fabro.
No. 379519 ID: 1854db

Okay, inform everyone that a negative event will happen in four hours. Have everyone on high alert and move about in groups of three or four. Make sure Shanah goes along with two people she can get along with, and if Styx can make some wheels for our mimic in time she should do so.
No. 379521 ID: e1c764
File 132640841853.png - (42.40KB , 600x500 , 563.png )

You tell everyone to prepare and to stick together for the next 4 hours and have Styx work on wheels for Alalia. You go and see Fabio.

>"Ovahlord my main man. What can I do for ya?"
No. 379523 ID: 1854db

Level Up? Is that just, like, a thing to level up one unit or what?
No. 379526 ID: 6a5a08

Show him the Watch. "I'm fucked and need to kick fate in the ass. Got anything?"
No. 379527 ID: e1c764
File 132640940383.png - (36.98KB , 600x500 , 564.png )

"What's a level up?"

>"Basically what it says ma man, levels up a unit by one level."

"Ah... Fabio, I need you to help me with something."

You show him the Watch.

The shop is closed.
No. 379532 ID: 146bca

No. 379533 ID: e3f578

Ask the clock nicely what's up?
I'm sure most people just leave it alone and ignore it or try and hurt it, maybe it just wants to talk, you know? It wants to be noticed.
No. 379534 ID: 1854db

Bugger. Alright, get back to base. I think we should be alone in the courtyard at the appointed time. That way we could like, get hit by a meteor or something. Oh, and switch ourselves over to a scrap body, like the floating platform, so that we don't get our upgraded body destroyed.
No. 379535 ID: 7c31d2

Right, we need to see if Styx can add an o to the watch's name.
No. 379536 ID: 146bca

Or even better, make a new body with bare minimum needed to function, and add something to eject us from it last minute, so that we don't lose our memories again.
No. 379537 ID: 146bca


Wait, we need more information. Ask Styx how the previous owners got it to stop ticking.
No. 379540 ID: b3a1a2

First thing's first: Check on everyone on the castle you have time for, make sure they're doing okay. Especially Shana, since the dark mana things could be the source of this bad news. Make sure our mimic gets those wheels. Do these things within three hours.

If by the end of three hours the problem has not resolved itself or at least made itself evident, un-equip everything and sneak out of the castle, leaving notes to everyone in case you aren't back soon. Whatever that watch is foretelling, it'll hit you, so you should make sure that you're as far away from the rest of your assets that could be hurt in the fallout (It's not like you're doing it because you care about anyone! St-stupid minions...)
No. 379542 ID: c0e69a

I don't think you two fully understand the paradox of the situation.

We know that there is going to be a potentially disastrous event within four hours, but because it is an event ordained by fate to occur, any action we take to try to prevent it could also be what causes it in the first place.

For instance, by leaving the castle to protect our minions we may doom them if they are attacked and we are not there to lead. Or by removing ourselves from our new body we may be powerless to stop the catastrophic event.
No. 379544 ID: 146bca


Which is why we need more information.

No. 379545 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah, give it a shot. Why not?
No. 379551 ID: ed57e8

yeah we just need to be ready for anything.
No. 379563 ID: ac6c03

This is the right way of thinking. Let's just be on our guard and ready to spring into action.
No. 379564 ID: af25e0

Stay alert and check on people, but don't tell anyone else about the watch.
No. 379566 ID: b6edd6

One preparation I think we should do: lower the castle to slightly (a bit higher than the height of a humanoid) above ground level. Sure we could be attacked by a sandworm or something, but I think the things that can go wrong from being near the ground are not as bad as the things that can go wrong while high in the air.
No. 379568 ID: 5f55fe

This is why I think we should just chill on our throne. Laugh maniacally at fate. And deal with shit as it comes our way.
No. 379581 ID: 252e1b


Yeah it's an unspecified and unknown fate. Just chill out somewhere for four hours.
No. 379600 ID: 0adc60

wear it.
No. 379653 ID: 79c297

Let´s go someplace isolated just in case. 
No. 379771 ID: 53859d

Obviously, you fine gentlemen have never heard of self fulfilling prophecies.

The harder you try to "Mitigate" an unspecified Bad End, the more likely you are to bring it to fruition.

Case in point, that suggestion about "De-equip everything and leave the castle?" Oh look, we're now unarmed and unequipped, and who knows what will try to take a poke at you while you're vulnerable!

Like I said, Business As Usual, mythically and historically speaking, people who try to "Fool" portents of doom, or make them go away by changing their routine, almost always are the direct cause of it.
No. 379773 ID: a44b2c

>Isolation, dropping weapons

Don't try to evade it, try to be ready for it! You don't want to be in a position which weakens you- If anything, you have to be at your strongest to win.

Try calling Fabio back and not speaking about the clock, perhaps you can buy something to help you.
No. 379790 ID: 146bca


I still say we ask Styx how the other possessors of the watch stopped it.
No. 379811 ID: 4bdd79

When the timer reaches zero, I will start playing Justin Bieber music. That shall be the great tragedy.
No. 379854 ID: 5a2a66
File 132661170337.png - (61.72KB , 554x500 , 565.png )

No, no change in operations. You will keep everyone on edge but you will in no way weaken yourself. That would be foolish.

You call out for Fabio for a few moments then, after seeing he has no intention of returning, you go back to your castle.

Knock knock


You could have sworn your castle was a good hundred feet off the ground..
No. 379855 ID: ed57e8

this is ether the instigator of doom or the chance of saving.
open up.
No. 379857 ID: eb672d

...Bloody Jehova's witnesses. They ALWAYS find a way.

Welp, have everyone on standby and open the door. If they wanted to siege us they could have just flown in. Awfully polite of them.
No. 379858 ID: 3947e9

Maybe its the angels again... or the doom bringers.
No. 379859 ID: f70e5e

in the past being open and polite has been an effective way of confusing would be attackers. open the door and be polite, but have your troops on stand by just in case.
No. 379860 ID: 6a5a08

Lift up your mask and open the door.
No. 379862 ID: 5a2a66
File 132661379808.png - (259.54KB , 934x895 , 566.png )

Well opening the door hasn't hurt before..

As you open the door a short girl storms in, pushing you aside as she examines the castle. Behind her is an old butler looking person with a noticeable stoop.

>Butler: "It could use some repair miss but it is still in fantastic condition."

>???: "The place is a dump. I wish to go back home."

>Butler: "Miss you and I both know you can not go back now."

>???: "Nnnn... Fine fine. Bring in my luggage would you?"

You notice the butler isn't moving.

>???: "Golem, get my things."
No. 379863 ID: 6a5a08

Scan it.
No. 379865 ID: eb672d

Scan, be polite and inform them that while we are being polite, this is our castle and we would VERY much like to know why they have decided to come here and set up shop so to speak.

...I have this odd feeling this 'princess' is going to make Shana look like Emily.
No. 379866 ID: ed57e8

play dumb to try and get info.
"i am sorry but you are not the registered master of this castle. please state name and rank and i will see if you are qualified"
No. 379868 ID: 5a2a66
File 132661482254.png - (89.13KB , 582x500 , 567.png )

You decide to scan her.
Lilith LV 14 Succubus

SPD: 3(minor flight)

Charm: Inflicts Charm on target.
Charm Mass: Charms multiple targets 2MP
Kiss: Drains 1/10 of target's HP
Fire: Inflicts 17 fire dmg.
Joyful Ending: Touch attack, target is surrounded by a black cloud obscuring it and the caster. Paralyzes target for 1d3+1 rounds.

>Lilith: "Did you hear me? I said get my stuff."
No. 379869 ID: 8e7808

Tilt head.
No. 379870 ID: 9a34be

"You seem to have mistaken me for an ordinary golem. I am the Overlord, and this is my castle. Might I ask why you've come?"
No. 379871 ID: 6a5a08

"Chaos Golems don't work that way."
No. 379872 ID: 338c67

Pick up her luggage, call for the mimic.

"Seek you the Overlord, my lady?" when the Mimic arrives, tell her to take the luggage to the best room in the castle. When or if she says "yes", lead her to the throne room, summon your people, and sit down on the throne.

"What is it?" you should ask, with a shiteating grin on the throne.
No. 379873 ID: ed57e8

more support for my plan
"beep, i am sorry but you are not the own of this castle, i must ask you to provide proof of ownership transfer or leave the premises, beep"
No. 379874 ID: 3947e9

I am against pretending to be a dumb golem.
Also, are we at all resistant to charm?
No. 379875 ID: ed57e8

no see, the plan is at the end we go "i found toying with you to be amusing, but i could of ended you any time i felt like it"
No. 379876 ID: 5a2a66
File 132661593421.png - (223.72KB , 700x500 , 568.png )

You are the Overlord! You will not be ordered around in your own castle by anyone!

"You seem to have mistaken me for an ordinary golem. I am the Golem of Chaos, The Overlord, and this is my castle. Why have you come?"

She places her hands on her hips and smiles at you.

>Lilith: "The Overlord? That idiot died years ago so don't try lying to me again. I am Lilith, the daughter of the Demon of Lust and I've come here to claim a castle of my own. This is it and no one shall say otherwise."
No. 379877 ID: 338c67

"oh boy I've wanted to do this since forever I AM THE OVERLORD, BITCH, AND THIS MY CASTLE! MINIONS, TO MY SIDE! CLOSE THE GATES!"
No. 379878 ID: ed57e8

"...golems can't feel lust"
No. 379879 ID: 8e7808

I am in full agreement.
Inb4 the Butler executes a TPK
No. 379880 ID: 6a5a08

Hold up the Golden Watch, "You sure you want to be near me right now?"
No. 379881 ID: eb672d

...scan butler, look at her unphased and simply ask.

"Out of curiosity, is it only you and the butler who has come here? I take it you are the strongest one as well, correct?"

If so for both, summon everyone and then speak. "We would rather NOT give up our home your 'highness' and if your next answers are not polite, respectful, and understanding of your current position, then we will have to defend our home."

Follow that by staring right back at her with your GOOD eye.
No. 379882 ID: 21a619

You wouldn't happen to have need of a watch, would you?
No. 379884 ID: ed57e8

hmmm... taking off the mask and looking gorgeous for a moment, and then basically ripping our face off would be rather disconcerting.
No. 379885 ID: 338c67

>implying that is not the point
No. 379886 ID: f70e5e

also make sure to scan the butler before the inevitable fight.

we should try and be reasonable here, explain that this is our home and we have just spent a considerable amount of effort in repairing it, surely she is not so churlish that she would simply try and steal someones home while they are still working hard to try and repair it? also if she tries to charm us again start ignoring her and only talking to her butler, if the butler asks about it explain that your don't find people rude and foolish enough to try and use charm in the middle of a converstion with a golem with talking to. also while talking get the troops ready, this is going to turn into a fight but a reputation for always making at least a token attempt at diplomacy would be nice. also making an ass of her prior to the battle would be funny.
No. 379887 ID: 3947e9

I seriously suspect the golden watch warning might have to do with her... or more likely her butler. Scan him.

Also, DON'T destroy your face just to look cool, it was expensive!

Also also, "Chaos cannot be killed, only delayed."
No. 379891 ID: eb672d

Mr TT, our face is held on via MAGNETS. We can take it off with ease and then snap it back on.
No. 379892 ID: 3947e9

doh, I fail... nevermind then go ahead and do that :P
No. 379895 ID: 49d4d7
File 132661893396.jpg - (70.99KB , 418x455 , PyramidHeadRapeTime1.jpg )

You know something if we weren't a sexless golem, this here Golden Watch may look something like this
<------pic related

But since its not, how about I beat seven kinds of shit out of you.
No. 379897 ID: beb6d7

try and take it, you punk ass motherfucker. call your minions and scan the butler. did anyone else come with them?
No. 379903 ID: b82a1d

How long has it been since we got the watch? Are we due for doom right now, or do we still have an hour or two? Since the answer might make a difference to how we treat her.

I'm kind of worried taking on a level 14 when we're all level 6, but we're not letting her have our castle. Try taking off our mask to deal with her; I'm curious what effect it would have on a demon of lust.
No. 379906 ID: 1854db

Err. I think we should treat her as if she is a princess. So ask her if there is a way that we can prove to her that we still own this castle, and that she cannot just take it. Besides, she said it was a dump. Why can't she go home, exactly?
No. 379913 ID: e3f578

The Overlord cannot be killed, he is a being made from true chaos. He only begins anew. If you truly wish to own this castle, you must buy it from the legal owner in bargained terms. The territory belongs to the Overlord until the end of reality, when chaos is all that will remain unless something of equal or greater value is traded for it.

And trust me, legal matters are of great importance here. Without the deed, you're nothing but an overblown squatter and thief. Surly a Succubus such as yourself wouldn't reduce your title as such. It's unbecoming.

This is a little too polite to act with such a presumptuous bitch, but I'd love to call her out on her basically just squatting.
No. 379914 ID: af25e0

"The mortals who damaged my old body years ago were no more than an inconvenience. I have been whole once again for some time now; impinge upon me at your own peril."

Shana outranks her by six levels. Scan her "butler" to see if he's more of a threat.
No. 379924 ID: a2fa74

Scan the butler then take off your mask.
"A few things: 1: It was months, not years. 2: I got better. 3: You're an idiot."
No. 379928 ID: 11ed32

Hold up the Golden Watch while saying >>379877 , and say, afterwards, "Not to mention, something bad may happen around here. Whether it be you attacking me or a meteor hitting me or a giant space flamingo octopus attacking our walls, something bad will happen. Do you relally want to be here while it's happening?"
No. 379929 ID: f244f6

Chaos Rage time?

Chaos Rage time.
No. 379931 ID: 6a5a08

Once our threat works and they undoubtedly counter with their own, add in.

"That all sounds very impressive, but I am the Overlord." Show her the eye and continue, "And this is my castle. Now, I couldn't help but overhear you saying you cannot return home. Why is that, if I may ask? I may be willing to allow you to stay here, or perhaps even help, but while in my castle, you will follow my rules."
No. 379936 ID: 146bca

"Oh! OH! Is this really happening? 'Cause I can reaallllly just kick something's ass right now!"
No. 379937 ID: 146bca


Nah, don't take this suggestion. I just felt like making a DBZA reference.
No. 379938 ID: 146bca

This is my real suggestion: Follow this.
No. 379941 ID: eb672d

Also, in the very likely case she decides to start combat, simply go 'Very well', then pimp slap the spoiled rotten royal.

Though... to be honest, I am more interested in the butler than I am the princess. Looks like the good sort of butler and from the way he acted towards her I am pretty sure he doesn't want to take her shit.
No. 379942 ID: 5f55fe

Leave the watch out of this. Telling her about it would accomplish nothing. She's dead set on taking this castle. I think I will take great pleasure in kicking her ass and handing her back to her mom saying, "Did you misplace this?"

So who's up for changing this to LilithQuest? XD kidding
No. 379953 ID: 3947e9

I honestly think she will be an excellent addition to our minions.
No. 379970 ID: 5f55fe

As neat as it would be, I'm concerned what repercussions there would be for enslaving a daughter of the Demon of Lust.
No. 379978 ID: e3f578

>I'm concerned what repercussions there would be for enslaving a daughter of the Demon of Lust.
None, since she can't go back home and I bet they had a falling out and got banished by her.

I base this off of completely nothing except for that demon of lusts are probably big bitches that get up in each other's grills all the time.

You know what, actually, she can have a room here if she pays rent. She's not a squatter if she pays rent or gets enslaved.
No. 380026 ID: 1854db

Ah, hang on. Everyone we showed the Golden Watch to ran away. Show her the watch!
No. 380030 ID: eb672d

...No showing the watch to the person who thinks she has the right to own this place. She is a bit too cocky for such a thing to phase her by the looks of it.

You know, maybe we should recruit her... as our maid. She can serve under the butler.
No. 380089 ID: 3947e9

Showing her the watch will convince her that we are about to be destroyed and she is the one to destroy us...

Actually it is quite possible that the ruination is not from HER but from her mother and her entourage following in her footsteps and obliterating us.

Perhaps prudence is in order... Why don't we play the servant for the next four hours so she thinks she is in charge until the time ticks out. Oh yes... if we do that, order the minions to hide from her.
No. 380091 ID: 146bca

That might work.

Heck, it might stop the watch from ticking.
No. 380094 ID: 97486c
File 132669614928.png - (126.18KB , 700x500 , 569.png )

You scan the butler.
Butler Lv20 Butler

No special abilities. At least none that aren't powered by items.

>Butler: "Miss.. That is indeed the Overlord."

>Lilith: "Eh!? But he's dead! You told me he was dead!"

>Butler: "It seems I made a mistake miss.. Perhaps we should take another castle.."

>Lilith: "No! I said this place is mine so it's mine!"

>Butler: "Miss please remain calm, we don't want an incident."

Lilith blushes.

>Lilith: "Shut up! You, Overlord person! My father is the Demon of Lust and I am heir to his throne! You'd better respect me and give me your castle or else I'll tell him of your disobedience!"

You decide against showing her the watch, she may use such knowledge to your disadvantage. Getting the attention of the Demon of Lust would not help in this situation..
No. 380101 ID: 338c67

"Ma'am, while I certainly respect your father, I very much doubt he would like to know his daughter has ran off and is attempting to steal other people's homes - with his name, no less, not careful subterfuge or force, thus damaging his reputation terribly. Furthermore, I doubt you are on good terms with him - why else would you leave with so much luggage if not permanently? Finally, you shall address me as Overlord, or Sir, not 'Overlord person', or 'Mister' or 'golem' or 'guy', despite those being technically correct. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can discuss housing arrangements and suitable compensations for your shelter and food. Come to my throne room, please?"

And take her to the throne room.
No. 380103 ID: 3bad4c


Nobody pushes you around.
No. 380104 ID: 1854db

How about we give her a tour before we decide anything? Then she can decide if she wants to stay or not.
No. 380105 ID: 46c430

"I will give you my respects, and as honor demands extend an offer for hospitality. Come, there are more comfortable places for us to talk. I can only assume you've traveled far and would likely appreciate a chance to sit down and rest?"
No. 380106 ID: fa9f7e

Eh, Mister and Guy are technically anatomically incorrect, but the English language does default to male pronouns. Also, appeal to the butler. He seems more reasonable and Lilith seems to rely on him.

A tour seems like a good idea. While you're at it, take the mask off and see if you can charm the daughter of Asmodeus (That's the lord of lust, no?) purely for the lulz.
No. 380108 ID: eb672d

"'Princess', you seem to be over stepping your boundaries. You may be a heiress to a throne, but you seem to forget two simple things. One: People respond quite a bit better if you actually treat them with respect. Two: You can't report ANYTHING if we enslave you.

Besides, if you are the heiress, where is your army? SURELY a princess would have plenty of minions to deal with me, but all I see is you and your rather impressive Butler.

So here is my proposal to you; Both of you surrender and we can talk like gentleman about this entire situation. If you choose to attack, then we fight. A bit of a warning; We win, then you will be this castle's Maid. Princess or not. If we get the Butler as well, you will be serving under HIM. Your choice."

Also, NO giving in. This royal pain will abuse her power and will likely be our ill fate. At best she will be another disowned child. At worst, we capture both and they can never leave serving as our servants.
No. 380111 ID: ed57e8

how about have rose come out? explain that rose owes her father a good deal for her existence.
No. 380113 ID: f70e5e

No. 380115 ID: 79c297

Taking what is ours? Hell no. but perhaps if she asks nicely she and hers may be allowed as guests. With only the most basic of conditions required - that while living under our protection she swear allegiance to us... Not servitude, be sure to point out. Simply to act in each others best interests.
No. 380116 ID: af25e0

Her butler/bodyguard is strong enough that the outcome of a fight wouldn't be certain.

I recommend we give her one more chance to back down, and treat her as a "visiting sovereign" if she accepts.

Essentially, go with >>380101 .
If that doesn't work, call our minions.
No. 380123 ID: 97486c
File 132670047624.png - (159.33KB , 700x500 , 570.png )

"Ma'am, while I certainly respect your father, I very much doubt he would like to know his daughter has ran off and is attempting to steal other people's homes - with his name, no less, not careful subterfuge or force, thus damaging his reputation terribly."

>"Hey he gave me permi-!"

"Furthermore, I doubt you are on good terms with him - why else would you leave with so much luggage if not permanently?"

>"I'm trying to go off on my o-!"

"Finally, you shall address me as Overlord, or Sir, not 'Overlord person', or 'Mister' or 'golem' or 'guy', despite those being technically correct. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can discuss housing arrangements and suitable compensations for your shelter and food. Come to my throne room, please?" "


With a slight poof Lilith changes form

>"Dammit look what you did!"

>"I warned you miss."

>"Shut up! I will not be treated like this! You WILL give me this place Overlord."
No. 380126 ID: 338c67

"So you will force me into such a crude display as combat. Very well, I warned you. Twice, even! Comrades!"

Summon ALL YOUR PEOPLE. "One last time: Back down, and I will consider you a friend. Don't, and you are a target."
No. 380127 ID: 1854db

Tell her that if she's going to take the castle, she'll want to meet the staff. Shall we take her on a tour before she takes over? Wouldn't want her to be disappointed, right?
No. 380128 ID: beb6d7

No. 380131 ID: eb672d

Call everyone. We are going to make her into a maid yet.
No. 380132 ID: 46c430

No, no, don't escalate things, we risk the butler getting involved, and if he does we're screwed.

Maybe appeal to said butler for advice and help in convincing his charge? Actually, yeah, I think we should take the butler off to the side for a quick quiet chat.
No. 380135 ID: eb672d

Conil, he may be level 20, but if you noticed his stats, he only does modest damage compared to other characters we have and have no real special skills.

Just because he is high level does NOT mean he is deadly. Honestly, all we need is Kassandra with the ring and we can heal any damage he does with one spell.
No. 380136 ID: 79c297

"I am offering you a chance for a mutually beneficial arrangement. Surely the heiress of such a mighty throne can find the capacity to engage in such a simple negotiation? The most basic of alliances? Or does it fall to your servant to handle the speaking for you, because you can't keep your clothes on otherwise?"
No. 380137 ID: 46c430

He got to his high level somehow. Even if he appears weak there might be an arsenal of magic items in their luggage. Plus, Lilth can charm our healers away and turn it into a battle of attrition that they'll win. The idea of fighting these two makes me edgy... Lilth wouldn't be sent out with a weakling as her protector.

At the very least, let's try our damndest to not be the one to throw the first punch. There's other tacks to try here, and the golden watch is counting down to -something-.
No. 380138 ID: 299ed3

Does this include the Screacher?

If so, This would get very funny very quickly if it does.
No. 380141 ID: eb672d

A battle of attrition? Really? You seem to forget that we could very possibly just summon our entire team here. Second, one of our healers is wearing clothing with that passive charm so she's safe. Finally, we have Shana, Alice, ourselves and several units. If they knock out one of our units, we can Overlord beam which has been known to do tons of damage. It isn't attrition if we dog pile them and kill them in 1 turn.

You are quite literally telling us to roll over and let her command us because the watch scares you. So what if they are high level? They are a support unit who can charm one unit a turn, and a melee unit with 10 more hp than that boss screecher and NO special abilities. Besides, you seem to forget we also have items and gear AND half our units can respawn here.

We are the Overlord! This female dog's daddy sat on his throne and let heroes do his dirty work and she is using that dirty position against us to try and make us bow down.

We want to defy fate? Well here is the perfect time to do so! Because if fate goes the easiest path, then our ruin would begin when we give up.
No. 380142 ID: 338c67

Also, keep in mind that several of our units can drop without much cost, since they will respawn without further harm. And when we win, we can simply enslave Lilith. Or her butler. It's a victory either way, having a butler would be awesome.

We have superior numbers, our own big guns, etc.
No. 380150 ID: 46c430

Enough with the bloody speech, ok? Because I'm not saying 'Let's just give up and go away' mate.

Or the doom the golden watch foresees is us attempting to fight and getting our asses kicked. Who knows what the hell it says?

I'm not saying we should give up. I'm not saying we should fight. I'm saying we should keep exploring all the options -other- than those two, because there still are some left.
No. 380152 ID: f70e5e

we can win a fight but it will be costly. I am willing to bet butler has some nasty items. also did you notice how she said her father gave her permission? he almost certainly knew of our return, if he sent her here that means he wants her to fight us. it could be that he hopes we enslave her, it could be he hopes she beats us, or it could be a test. either way going into a fight that a potential enemy wants us to is something I would rather avoid.

"Your father gave you permission? Now that is interesting. He almost certainly knew of my return, so why would he send you to claim my castle without proper support?"
If she says he probably thought she could defeat us say in a rather sever tone something along the lines of "Do not forget I am the overlord, with an army I built from nothing I nearly brought the world to its knees."
Then finish with
“I don't feel like being used in someone else’s scheme. So I will give you one more chance to settle this peacefully."
No. 380159 ID: 80b862

I think we can win a fight rather easily. If we equip Shana with the metamagic rod and have her spam Hand of the Dark God she can take out over half of the butler's HP in one turn. Throw in Alice and our staff arm and we can take him out before he even has the chance to do anything. And since we're immune to most status effects, Shana is too obsessed with us to turn against us, and Alice is too stubborn to be charmed, if we only use those three then we won't have to worry about anything Lilith does on her turn.

...Let's give her one last chance to back down first, though. Even if I know she won't. "No. And if you insist on attempting to take my castle from me one more time, then we shall have what I expect to be a very short battle that shall result in you staying here as my maid."
No. 380162 ID: 8e7808

Turn to her. Lift up your finger and point.
Turn and leave.
Mask optional.

Guys, no reason to get hot under the collar. She's just a kid trying to strike out at prove something her dad and is desperately trying to make her first encounter a success.

Seriously, chill. If she even decides to attack, this is your castle, all your units are at your fingertips. Show that you have no trouble handling this without your minions and you will get over a lot of headache in future interactions.
No. 380165 ID: 3947e9

Don't be so cocky. In a fight its her level 14 self plus the level 20 butler and then whatever unit she charms. If she charms shana thats another level 20 on their side and things go bad, fast. I am not saying victory is impossible but we are not absolutely sure of victory and shouldn't rush. Not to mention there is still the doom coming in 4 hours time and I definitely want to know more about why she left home.

If we do fight, lets not try to do permanent damage or soak shanna with more dark mana. Those are bad ideas.

Could we make a bet with her? A controlled fight, not to the death, loser serves winner?
Appeal to her pride.
No. 380166 ID: a2fa74

That probably changed her stats. Scan her again.
"Mmm... I think I see the problem. You left or were sent away because you've been relying on raw force and family resources, and you need to spread your wings, so to speak, and learn how to succeed with only your own abilities.
I can help with that."
No. 380172 ID: beb6d7

you we made her grow some boobs? she's welcome.

also: nope.
No. 380178 ID: 6a5a08

"A Succubus embarrassed by her body? I've never heard of such a thing. Regardless, I am offering a compromise. You stated you were unable to return home, and as such I don't think you should be picky with your allies."
No. 380212 ID: 5f55fe

She has an involuntary fanservice mode? Oh boy.

Anyway, we don't want to embarrass her any more. So hold back on the teasing. If we push her buttons, she'll attack, and I would prefer just talking her out of this. And the butler would probably help Lilith even if the butler thinks Lilith is wrong.
No. 380214 ID: bd7afe

Flip your mask up. The butler may realize its a charm of some sort, but he also seems to want this encounter to go off without a fight, as well.

The butler may well have gotten his levels from thrashing people Lilith has already stunned senseless. Or by being a realy good butler.

She's clearly used to taking what she wants, or receiving immediate, unquestioned obedience from others. Acting more like a child of nobility, than nobility herself.

Address the butler "Is this her first time out of the palace?"
No. 380226 ID: 9a34be

>Charm Face
>Talk to Butler

Yes, he will be clearly rational and this will not backfire in any way. Seconding.
No. 380269 ID: 146bca

Thirding. Our charmed face may have some good effects on this incident.
No. 380272 ID: cf49fc

Face plan is best plan. Also, we need more sexual tension in this quest. MORE!
No. 380388 ID: eb83a6

They've been closely associating with the Demon of Lust. Won't using the charm in our face, which inspires attraction, BACKFIRE HORRIBLY?
No. 380392 ID: beb6d7


whatever might have given you that idea?
No. 380424 ID: 6af537

(warning: meta-gaming)
This just reeks of a set-up by the author in response to our solving every problem with generous helpings of mind rape. Yeah, I'm exaggerating, but still.
No. 380425 ID: 5f55fe

Which I why I said we should chill, and not tease/embarrass her anymore.
No. 380427 ID: 80ffd9

I agree. Do NOT use the "Rape Face".

[x] *summon Boss Screecher* "Or I could use you as a live in test for my latest addition to the team. Your choice."
No. 380430 ID: beb6d7


it's not a rape face! it's more like a... sexual harassment face.

which should be used if you ask me, but whatevs.
No. 380438 ID: 3947e9

Considering that she has CHARM and he is her butleryguard (a butler / bodyguard, who is clearly more powerful then her) and probably had to keep her at least somewhat in line... I would bet he is immune to charm.
No. 380481 ID: 6e44d2

Yeah, no face charming. Keep the mask on. Not worth the risk.
No. 380482 ID: fa9f7e

Mask stays off. Reason with butler. If it fails, summon Boss Screecher, explain about testing new toy. If it dies, Overlord Beam, summon everyone else.
No. 380512 ID: 6af537

>If it dies
You mean, when it dies?
Also, can we keep it docile after the summoning? If it is going to attack the moment he sees the butler succubus, it's not a very good intimidation tactic.

Or the Screecher might have been her pet.
No. 380513 ID: fa9f7e

...Hm. Are Screechers actual demons are are they just called demons? If it's an actual demon, we might not want to just throw away its life in this world.
No. 380534 ID: 79c297

Check the wiki, the screecher is much weaker and more docile now.

Demonic, but classified as a monster. It would die permanently anywhere.
No. 380555 ID: b82230

Indeed. Besides, it produces screechers for Lenion to use. Don't waste it yet. Either way, no using the face, keep the mask on(or go with the showing our true eye plan) and be ready for combat.
No. 380572 ID: 97486c
File 132687249042.png - (117.88KB , 700x500 , 571.png )


You turn and leave, fully prepared to defend your castle if need be.

>Butler: "Excuse me, Overlord."

You turn to face him. With a shush he calms down Lilith and turns her back to her normal form. He turns to you.

>"I apologize for the Miss's behavior, she is not used to not getting what she wants. I understand this is your home of course but would you consider perhaps leaving it for a short while?"

"I will not. My units live here as well and I will not just force them all out."


With a light bop the Butler taps Lilith on her forehead with his tail.

>Butler: "I beg you to reconsider. You see Miss is trying to form her own army so to speak. She has set her sights on this castle and well.. I am obligated to help her accomplish anything she desires. I would really prefer to avoid physical... Conflict."
No. 380576 ID: 338c67

"As would I. However, an arrangement: Running an army is a difficult thing. It might be wise to help her learn of it for a time before she finds herself one, yes? I made similar mistakes. She can help me for some time, and I can teach her how to properly be an..." chuckle, "Overlord. Job training! Experience! And none of the risks! She can even live here. Tell you what, I'll even help you find a better place! Or, perhaps, build one! We can work together, and in doing so, forge a great alliance."
No. 380578 ID: 1854db

Okay, okay. We want to stay in this castle along with our troops, and she wants to lead an army and take charge of a castle. These goals are not completely at odds with eachother.

Maybe we could serve under her? We retain control over our army, and we get paid for our service, but she gets to send us into battle. Which demon did we prefer in the war? The Demon of Lust or the Demon of Pain? If we agreed with the Demon of Lust's outlook then this would be a good opportunity for us. Being part of a bigger army might even allow us to stand up to Abel, and the Tinker would be less of a threat.
No. 380583 ID: 46c430

"As would I. However, I also possess obligations to my servants, and this -is- my domain. So, it would appear we are at an impasse. Perhaps some sort of compromise could be struck?"

And then, yeah, try to negotiate stuffs. Perhaps we let her stay here as we scout for and help her conquer a different castle or base of operations?
No. 380584 ID: 431fa8

"I certainly have no desire for conflict. And I did say I was willing to discuss arrangements- she can stay here and take a wing of the castle in exchange for acting as my vassal if she wishes, for example. But what is mine is mine- and perhaps you should ensure that her desires change, if she objects to that and you wish to avoid conflict."

>Maybe we could serve under her?
We aren't serving under anyone that petty. We're the Overlord, not the Abused Underling.
No. 380585 ID: 79c297

Walk up closely to him and speak quietly. "As would I... I especially would like to avoid my obsessive, maniacal and equal in level to you dark mana user to find a reason to finally lose her last bit of control because a young succubus decided to steal from her master. It's not even a threat, I really want to avoid that. So do you."

Then speak up. "Moreover, I think it would be in both of our best interests to join in some manner of alliance. Building an army is no easy task, after all. Perhaps side by side we could achieve something... greater?"

This is when you remove your mask, of course.
No. 380586 ID: 3947e9

We need to make a bet with her where we have some staged fight and loser serves the winner. We could put a time limit on it too if we must.

>Overlord job training
It is workable but I seriously doubt she would accept.

>We serve under her
Totally unacceptable.
No. 380589 ID: 6af537

>we could serve under her
Excuse me, WHAT?

Seconding this.
No. 380591 ID: 71819b

we are the overlord, in due time every demon will serve us
No. 380596 ID: 79c297

>under her
Now now let's not dismiss this out of hand. Imagine using her a ea figurehead as "she" amasses a powerful army - an no one need know Overlord is back in force. Of course depending on her reasons that may not work, but it's a thought.
No. 380598 ID: 6af537

Then we'll have to carry out her orders, and that'd be so awful that "counterproductive" doesn't even begin to cover it.
No. 380605 ID: 79c297

That's what I meant by figureheads and reasons, she'd have to only want to seem to be successful but not really want to bother. A willing figurehead. I doubt that's the case but it might be.
No. 380606 ID: c0e69a

But let's not give her an entire WING of our castle, no one needs that much space for themselves and a single butler.
No. 380611 ID: 79c297

If she is going to have an army she would need that much.
No. 380613 ID: 3947e9

did you miss the part where she RAISES AN ARMY?
I also don't trust her to not attack us afterwards to conquer us.
No. 380615 ID: a2fa74

"I could see to it that she's trained in properly using her powers. She has yet to even try them, and as her caretaker I would hope you would guide her to the best way to do things."

Take off your mask
"I know a bit about charming people, but much about manipulating them. You need to be able to control a powerbase before you can build one. That I can teach."
No. 380620 ID: f70e5e

this is a good idea, but maybe phrase it differently.

"does she have any experience leading troops? and i don't simply mean on the Battlefield. keeping your troops loyal and ready to fight can be quite difficult, and the cost of failing to do so can be quite high."
if he admits she does not have much experience (and i doubt she does)
" perhaps I can be of service? I will teach her how to build and run an army, as well as provide room and board in exchange for her and her units assisting me in battle from time to time?"
No. 380624 ID: b1d564

Ok, one thing I have to say. The face? Minor charm worked into it. Using it here as any kind of bargaining lever would be silly.
She's the daughter of the damn demon of lust traveling with her personal butler, I'm sure that whatever tiny charm is on our face wouldn't even register to her senses if she lived in Lusts castle for any period of time.

Plus anybody who can pick up charm spells would see it more as a threat than anything else. Revealing your face now is like pulling out your sword against a tank. An ultimately futile action but still registering as hostile.

That said. Offer to rent out a wing of the place to her(bout 100G) for a time and work out details after a weeks time. Make it clear that you are being very accommodating here and that she should take it or leave it.

I don't know what kind of forces this chick has outside that we haven't seen yethopefully not something along the lines of 136 lv10-handmaidens and some big ass travel golem but I can't imagine someone like her only having one servant unless that guy was very, very good at his job. I don't want overlord to become his job.

Threatening with Shana also acceptable if they can't see reason. She can kill anybody in a single hit, I'm sure he wouldn't like that to be her.
No. 380627 ID: 46c430

Don't mention Shanna, and no planning to use her dark mana spells to one-shot people. Technically I suppose we could bluff, but it'd be a terrible risk, because if they try to call it we'd have to either put Shanna on the spot or lose face by backing down.

Honestly, none of this is really looking great. We're in quite the bind, here. If the options really do come down to fight or leave, if nothing else, we might be able to get some sort of 'duel' match where we put some people up against the butler in a nonlethal battle, winner takes the castle. Dress it up in formality rather than risk a knock-down, drag-out bloody battle.
No. 380629 ID: af25e0

Letting them know that Shana is currently a glass sword would be a bad idea.

I vote for this, though I don't expect her to accept. I think this is going to come down to a fight, probably a 1v1 duel.
No. 380631 ID: 146bca

No. 380637 ID: e3f578

Did she just not call this place a pig sty? You can't bequeath your castle, not one you've spent so much money and time on, to a individual who didn't even really want it until we told her she can't have it. And defenently not without GREAT compensation.

We have too much respect for this castle. And The Overlord would lose all of his respect if he simply moved out for some up-and-comer, hell, a potential enemy in times head. A probable enemy, seeing as how petty the woman has turned.
No. 380643 ID: 22936a

"Perhaps I would consider a... Partnership."
No. 380654 ID: 3087d0

Just pointing out, instantly conceding even something like a partnership or some other compromise is unlikely to result in an acceptance from someone like this. I would reccomend showing a bit more reluctance, but also clearly remaining open to negotiation. Asking the Butler if he can think of a compromise would also be a good idea.

"As would I, however, it would be very impractical for me to simply leave at the drop of a hat. I don't suppose you can think of any solutions to this problem?"

If this fails, then investigate compromises, bets, deals, duels, etc. But DO NOT simply concede anything immediately. We are in no rush, we can afford to negotiate, and show our reluctance.
No. 380656 ID: 4f6150

RADICAL PLAN: Lilith's father is incredibly powerful by the sounds of things.

Can a new castle be created through some kind of means? Then Lilith could have the old castle if she can arrange for Overlord and company to have her father's FULL protection while the new castle is being constructed. This is good because there's a clock counting down towards terrible doom. An alliance with a top-tier demon and his army might just be the ticket to safety.

I don't like abandoning ship, but in this case staying static might just be a bad plan. Do the chaotic thing.
No. 380669 ID: beb6d7


too bad, mugga! dis here castle belong to Overlord's ballas, so you gon' hafta find yo own damn casle before me an' my peeps pop a cap in yo ass.
No. 380756 ID: 25d645
File 132692336428.png - (116.30KB , 597x500 , 572.png )

"As would I. However, I also possess obligations to my servants, and this -is- my domain. So, it would appear we are at an impasse. Perhaps some sort of compromise could be struck?"

Butler looks far less worried.

>"Very well, we shall compromise. Exactly what do you have in mind?"


>"Miss we are really not in a position where we can afford a defeat are we?"

>"Shut up!"
No. 380757 ID: 338c67

"Simple. We teach her how to be a proper overlord with a fully loyal army - and find her a proper home. Maybe even build one. In return, we may call on one another as allies.
No. 380758 ID: ed57e8

she may have a room and the use of the barracks for any troops she recruits.
No. 380759 ID: 1854db

We could have her take the best room in the castle, and be allowed to make requests of us. Mainly those requests would work towards finding another castle for her, and perhaps help her in finding recruits? Oh, and those requests that fulfill her living requirements. She is a sort of princess, after all, so she probably expects a life of luxury.
No. 380766 ID: f70e5e

we should keep in mind how this is viewed, if we give her too good of a deal we could end up looking weak. I think the basics of the deal should be that we will teach her how to be an overlord, in exchange for her assistance in battle, and an alliance once she establishes herself. as for her living arrangement's, how about basic officer level living conditions provided for free, but we will assist her in improving her living conditions by providing contacts and expertise. basically she would pay no more than what we would pay to achieve the same level of upgrades.
No. 380768 ID: 510737

this sounds like a decent idea.
No. 380774 ID: beb6d7

simple. we beat the shit out of her end enslave her, and she gets to live here as our servant as we slowly trick her into believing we're actually on her side. y'know, same thing we've pretty much been doing up until now.
No. 380779 ID: 79c297

Be sure to include some responsibilities on her part, at least lending assistance when the castle itself is under attack.
No. 380780 ID: ff80cc

This seems great!

Also, remember that we're going to need an area for her soldiers once she begins to establish an army. Perhaps, we could build a second barracks? Even after she moves out it will have a purpose.
No. 380785 ID: e7aeec

No. 380805 ID: 146bca

No. 380847 ID: 97486c
File 132694955114.png - (125.88KB , 598x479 , 573.png )

"Simple. We teach her how to be a proper overlord with a fully loyal army - and find her a proper home. Maybe even build one. In return, we may call on one another as allies."

>"Hmm, sounds reasonable to me. Miss?"

>"No! No no no no NO! I 'want' this castle! It's mine! I will fight you for it!"

>"Miss please, you really shouldn't-"

>"Shut it! This is my only chance and you're helping me take it!"

The butler turns to you.

>"I'd really rather not.."

He looks like he's desperate to not have to fight.
No. 380848 ID: 338c67

"You can quit and work for me. Once we finish her, I'll enslave her, and it's like nothing ever happened. Deal?"
No. 380851 ID: 431fa8

"Your only chance? You have one shot, and you're squandering it by fighting someone with decent odds of defeating you? How long do you expect to last on your own with that kind of reckless attitude?

"Stand down, girl. I have been courteous and more respectful than you deserve, but thinking that means I lack power is a mistake you will quickly come to regret."
No. 380852 ID: b82230

*sigh* I'd rather a full out fight, but I like that butler too much to risk losing him.

"All right then, how about a duel? You wish to lead an army but a great leader shows skill in both in combat and in command. Just you and me. One on one. I don't use my army, you don't use yours. I win, you will simply serve me along with your butler. You win, you get the castle. That way, you can say to your parent that you have bested the overlord with your own hands. Sound fair?"

Scan and get ready.
No. 380853 ID: ed57e8

i think obligated means bound by demon contract. if we fight her he HAS to fight for her.

"your one and only shot, and you you wish to risk it all. i could have the castle turn off with a though and it will free fall to the ground and shatter"
No. 380854 ID: fa9f7e

Given that he's managed not to snap and murder Lilith by now, I'd think he's quite loyal to her. That sounds stupid.

Then say something along the lines of what 380851 said.

If that still fails, summon your army, tell them to get ready to fire/attack at the slightest provocation. Hopefully, hair triggers/the equivalent will mean they'll attack and hit Lilith, Charm or no.
No. 380857 ID: f70e5e

"this is exactly what I would teach you to avoid, you are ignoring a mutually beneficial option and forcing yourself into a no win situation for empty pride. if you lose your journey end here, if you win and defeat me the fail-safe will destroy the levitation ring, achieving much the same result."
No. 380858 ID: 79c297

Take off the mask and ask her again to work with us. If that STILL doesn't work then tell the butler that if his highest priority is the ladies continued health and well being then you can promise him that - but only if she faces us alone.
No. 380859 ID: fa9f7e

Hey butler, if she can't talk, she can't order you to do anything. I suggest we "accidentally" gag her, ignore all forms of sign language, and store her somewhere so she can cool down.
No. 380860 ID: 97486c
File 132695150564.png - (141.64KB , 700x500 , 574.png )

"All right then, how about a duel? You wish to lead an army but a great leader shows skill in both in combat and in command. Just you and me. One on one. I don't use my army, you don't use yours. I win, you will simply serve me along with your butler. You win, you get the castle. That way, you can say to your parent that you have bested the overlord with your own hands. Sound fair?"

>"Overlord, sir. I'm afraid I can not allow that. Use someone in your army and she will use me. I can not allow the misses to fight. We will see who leads their army the best, hmm?"

He takes off his overcoat, removes his hair bands, and grabs a cane.

>"I'm ready when you are."

You hear something ticking.
No. 380861 ID: fa9f7e

Check the watch, and then summon Shana if all goes well. Tell her that Butler is her champion and you need her to be yours. Then summon the rest of the army, and establish that Lilith is forbidden to interfere. If she does, the ranged units will kill her instantly. Tell your army that if they interfere, you'll lose face.
No. 380862 ID: fa9f7e

"Lilith has shown a complete lack of self-control. She will need to prove that she possesses any if she wishes to lead an army and not be betrayed and/or defeated. If she fails to control herself during the duel, her life is forfeit and you are automatically disqualified. Acceptable?"

Also, don't actually kill her if she does, just enslave her. Having someone's life in your hands doesn't mean you're required to kill them.
No. 380863 ID: b82230

...Do not use Shana. Do you hear me? Use Lenion. Equip her with the revive ring and let her use her monster tamer abilities first. We want him slowed, weakened, and unable to work effectively.

She is melee and can take a hit. If he has a single item that casts reflect, it's over with Shana.
No. 380864 ID: f70e5e

I think agreeing to a duel when we don't have an advantage would be a bad idea, us v her would have been in our favor since we are immune to charm, her and her butler V us and someone else is in there favor since she could easily charm any one of our people.

" a duel is one thing, but a two v two duel sounds suspiciously like shes simply trying to maneuver me into not using my entire force, while she brings everything she has to bear."
No. 380866 ID: fa9f7e


Good idea.


It's not 2 vs. 2. He said he can't let Lilith fight.
No. 380867 ID: 338c67

While Shana is probably our best bet, she's also unstable and will probably kill him. :c

Lenion might be better.
No. 380868 ID: ed57e8

yeah lenion with a rain of demi slimes and demi screechers and the revive ring.
No. 380869 ID: f70e5e

we could use shana and simply have her use her instant kill spell.
No. 380870 ID: 338c67

No. 380873 ID: 886a4d

Hmm I thought they might be our Doom. Heres a thought give Shana both Pheonix Rings so she has 3 chances vs what is probably a very powerful demon. We are after all betting our castle on this.
No. 380875 ID: af25e0

As likely as it is to end badly, Shana is our only real choice. Winning with Lenion would take a -lot- of luck; her cheese won't work because this is a 1v1 boss fight.

If we actually keep control of Shana during the battle, we should be able to kite and use abilities like Flare and Mega Ice.
No. 380876 ID: 5f55fe


I don't want to create an over reliance on Shana.

Why did we propose a duel in the first place. This is such a bad idea.

But yes, Lenion with the ring, and anything else we can give her. We have healing potions for things like this. If she can wear any of the magic armor, let her have it, (although I was pretty sure she couldn't equip any of it)

Give her the burst shoes too, those were +1 movement, right? Who knows, it might help.
No. 380877 ID: 431fa8

"I'm sorry, but those terms are not acceptable. I will duel her personally, but I have no interest in a contest of proxy champions. If she wishes to bring minions into it, then it will be all my minions against all of hers- and unless I am quite mistaken, you will be at something of a numerical disadvantage."
No. 380878 ID: b82230

Also, you forget her rose whip is a range 2 weapon right? Demi slime immobilizes for 4 turns. We can just stay out of range and keep whipping him.

Also, for all those complaints about worrying about him using items, you are more than willing to use Shana, who's only offensive is magic. If she is silenced, if he can reflect, or if he is immune to magic, we lose.

We can't keep relying on our one trick pony or we will be just as bad as Lilith.
No. 380882 ID: 79c297

Uh... I though we had some hours left? Check the time, see if it moved up.

As for Shana, I agree we shouldn't rely on her for everything, but this is a one on one against a level 20 warrior, we have no real alternative.

Alternate plan? Send all our units to the surface, wait until the clock ticks down, if the castle and us are still standing when it's over with then we can proceed with the duel. If they see the watch we may avoid a battle at all...
No. 380883 ID: 5f55fe

Something else we can do, we have a charm scroll and a slime wand. Now, I couldn't actually find what the slime wand did, or even when we got it.

Still, anything we can use to get an advantage.
No. 380884 ID: 79c297

Uh... I though we had some hours left? Check the time, see if it moved up.

As for Shana, I agree we shouldn't rely on her for everything, but this is a one on one against a level 20 warrior, we have no real other option than to send Shana in with instant death.

Alternate plan? Send all our units to the surface, wait until the clock ticks down, if the castle and us are still standing when it's over with then we can proceed with the duel. And if they see the watch we may avoid a battle entirely...
No. 380885 ID: 9c3363

This should definitely be included in the rules.

To Lilith: "You're glad that you don't have to fight, aren't you? So afraid of pain, yet you do not hesitate to inflict it on your underlings... Never will you be worth anything while you think like that, and your downfall is nigh."

Also we should really investigate the composition of Butler's forces. (I refuse to acknowledge Lilith as a commander.) Is there a detachment of demons outside the gates, or are these two alone? (In the latter case, consider just swarming them.)

Also discuss Demon of Lust with Styx, if we have time. Won't he come knocking if we manage to hurt Lilith hard enough?
No. 380886 ID: 5f55fe

No, they are here by themselves. They wanted to gather an army.

Don't worry, as long as we only fight the butler, the Demon of Lust probably won't care. It's the butler's job to protect/obey Lilith.
No. 380888 ID: b82230

It's not a matter of levels here, it's a matter of overall risk. Shana may be powerful, but we are going up against a fellow veteran fighter. He wouldn't be stupid enough to walk into a duel and not have a defense against a potential weakness and while Shana is level 20 MAGE which you keep forgetting.

Remember when we thought we were okay with the siege battle? Remember how we had to retry? Remember the data that Shana will EXPLODE if she reaches a certain dark mana level? We are risking our lives on using her right here along with the lives of our minions.

She may be powerful, but this feels like the sort of thing which has a chance that can back fire horribly and we are now hearing the doom clock TICKING. We are tempting fate too much right now.

Besides, if Lenion wins, she will likely level TWICE and we could also equip duel revive rings on her.
No. 380889 ID: 431fa8

Guys, seriously, why are we even contemplating accepting this 1v1 battle that the butler is proposing?

If Lilith is not going to make this a duel of lords, then we don't go to a duel of someone else as the next option- we go to the use of all force available, hers against ours. That means we bring the whole damn army, and if all she can field is a butler then maybe she shouldn't have picked a fight with someone who has more troops than she does.
No. 380890 ID: ed57e8

that is a good point.
No. 380892 ID: f70e5e

this is a good point actually. I think having all our demon troops, (and a few humans with the raise rings) start filing into the room would be a good idea, give her one last chance to accept our deal if/when she refuses to accept we gang up on her with our army.
No. 380893 ID: f6106a

Don't use Shana. If we use Lenion, she gets the phoenix ring, Shana's necklace of life, magic power armor if she can wear it, burst shoes, super potion, and all the other potions.
No. 380896 ID: 79c297

That sounds fun and all, except for how many of our unit would risk death that way.
No. 380897 ID: 886a4d

I could be misremembering but don't demons revive when killed while in the demons realm? It'd be our subjugatted heroes who would be at risk of a permanent death.
No. 380898 ID: f70e5e

safer than a one on one champion duel. if we only use demon troops there is not much risk. though we may need to say something to justify it so we don't come off as a prick.
say this to Lilith
"A duel of lords always has meaning as it is those who lead putting there lives on the line, however a duel of champions only has meaning when both sides are evenly matched, for champion or not it is still the lord sending others into battle. it is only more than an empty gesture when it severs to lessen losses on both sides. I will not increase the risk to my people by accepting the one form of combat that would compensate for your foolishness. if you insist on violence you may fight me alone, or face my army."
No. 380917 ID: 9c3363

Yes, (chaging my vote to) this.
No. 380918 ID: 3947e9

upvote. Also perhaps we should summon all our troops as a bit of a show?
No. 380920 ID: b1d564

No. 380929 ID: d3fd88

No. 380930 ID: 338c67

No. 380939 ID: fa9f7e

This. But go with the duel versus Butler with Lilith's life on the line if she refuses. By that time, she'll be angry and hopefully easy to taunt into disqualifying herself and making her our slave.

Also srsly check the watch.
No. 380940 ID: fa9f7e

In that case, if the butler objects to our taunting Lilith, say:

"Of course I'm testing her. A real war will be no easier. This is meant to be a test of Lilith, not you, after all."
No. 380942 ID: 146bca


No. 380952 ID: beb6d7


me too. just... pick something that can take down a level twenty you guys.
No. 380959 ID: b1d564

Also, check the watch
No. 380961 ID: 146bca


That wasn't actually a downvote. I Derp'd because so many people agreed with it.
No. 380986 ID: 3947e9

Only if you get a moment of privacy. Don't let them see it.
No. 380998 ID: 79c297

Why not? They might just run away. Of course we might prefer they share in our supposed doom, but there is the chance that they are that doom. Sure would be convenient if the sign of the threat they posed managed to prevent the threat they posed.
No. 381010 ID: 79c297

Let's look at what happens if we do bring Shana in to fight.

First off, no Dark Mana.


We make this VERY CLEAR to her.

Now then: By the numbers, Shana should be able to take out the butler in three rounds using Hand of the Dark God if they all hit. That is assuming that he doesn't have more than ten points of damage resistance. I also expect Fear and other status effects will be resisted be equipment so lets not rely on them, but Hand has Fear and if it works, great.

Three rounds also means 60-90 damage to her assuming all attacks hit. It's close, and a crit or item induced boost could hurt her too much before her magic can take him out. We will give her a revive ring of course, but it's still risky with a few unlucky rolls. So if we do use her, swap out her shadow range increasing staff for Ruby's double casting one. That much damage output will be hard for him to deal with, and combined with the revive ring it will be hard to take her down before she does. For extra safety we can also swap out her armor for Kass' sailor suit, just as long as her normal armor isn't providing too much of her hp. Put the speed boost shoes on her too just in case it matters.
No. 381011 ID: 510737

I think a fight would be bad...what if the watch causes all of our attack to be critical fails, and their attacks to be normal criticals...or I might just be paranoid
No. 381013 ID: 1854db

I agree, she should use the doublecast to deliver massive damage, and wear the special outfit for extra defense.
No. 381017 ID: 79c297

Oh whoops, she already has speed increasing shoes, so never mind that bit.

Also another idea comes to mind: Send in Shana to duel the butler, then attack Lilith with the rest of our forces anyway. It will be delicious treachery.
No. 381018 ID: ed57e8

hmmm... yes, her goal is to take as long as she can.
No. 381024 ID: 79c297

If we can enslave the lady, we own him too... probably. Then no one at all has to die. Also probably. The ticking clock makes everything uncertain. We'll play it as safe as possible and hopefully the countdown stops.

Of course that may only delay it for a while, we win at all but especially like that and the demon of lust is going to be pissed.
No. 381025 ID: fa9f7e

No, no, no, you bloody idiot. It was shit like this that got us killed last time. We do not want to piss off THE demon of Lust. Killing his daughter in fair combat is risky enough. Betraying her is even worse. Even if he doesn't like her, he may consider that disrespect to her is disrespect to him. You're worried about seeming weak? We ARE weak at the moment compared to the great powers of the world.
No. 381033 ID: 79c297

Well if we defeat and enslave her then we can go back to the figurehead idea. Supposedly our army is hers, but we are in complete control. We can even pretend that we have been enslaved by her. It isn't like being known as the reborn overlord and his new army does us any favors. I think she would go along with it at that point if she doesn't want to seem like a failure to her father.

And it isn't like a fair victory will do us much better. If keeping her enslaved is a bad idea we can just release her too. We can also have her pretend that she did actually work out a split alliance, maybe even work in releasing her into a deal for an actual one. We have lots of options this way.
No. 381053 ID: 5f55fe

Yes keeping her enslaved is a bad idea, unless for some reason she wants to when this is all over.

We want LOYAL minions, remember? I also don't want the demon of lust kicking our ass.
No. 381054 ID: 146bca


I doubt he'd care. My bet is that he kicked her out of the house because he was sick and tired of putting up with her shit. She's a spoiled brat after all.
No. 381070 ID: 5f55fe

Some people like to pamper spoiled brats. Just saying.
No. 381079 ID: ed57e8

say "look at that!" and point behind the butler
then rip off your mask, lean lilith over and smooch her
No. 381080 ID: 3c0232

My understanding was that as Overlord we Do Not Kiss. Taking of the mask might be a good idea though.
No. 381101 ID: a2fa74

This. Completely this.
No. 381112 ID: b82230

You know, I like the getting Lilith to fight idea... let's make her REALLY want to brawl with us. After all, the butler may be stronger, but Lilith is the boss.

"Ah, I see... Lilith is afraid. I found it odd that her reactions changed when she found the truth about me and actually believed it, but this is rather sad.

After all, what self respecting leader would hide behind their butler when things get too scary for them? Why, if your troops saw you do such a shame full display, they would laugh at you so hard. Maybe give you a few mocking names, like SUCKyoubus. PErhaps the demon lord of COWARDICE? No... you don't strike me as demon lord material now... maybe a MID BOSS. Someone the heroes would have to fight to even get close to the Demon Lord.

But I guess if you like being some RUNT who likely left because her daddy was so disappointed in him, then by all means, protect yourself with your butler when you had the chance to fight like a true demon lord."
No. 381114 ID: af25e0


Bringing ourselves down to her level wouldn't be very Overlordly.

I also don't think the Butler will let her duel us one-on-one. He's strong enough to prevent it, and orders from her dad to protect her trump any orders that she gives him.
No. 381117 ID: b82230

Going down to her level would be matching our strongest unit against her strongest unit. Going lower would be to use the duel to attack her. We wanted to duel her as one leader to another. Her butler butted in.

A true leader and overlord knows how to limit casualties and use the weakness of the enemy against them to help bring out a desirable outcome.

We go out, we may lose a unit or two. We use shana, she may explode and we lose more. We are uncertain about Lenion even though she may stand a better chance if the butler pulls something.

A large battle also means one flees to warn the Lord of Lust. A duel does not. Add to the fact that an ENRAGED succubus may not want to kiss us and the fact we would be immune to her charm, we would have a great chance of winning against her with no real worries about casualties or wasting important items.

Also, if we are using our pretty face, we can say 'By the way, you will never be as pretty as me.'
No. 381120 ID: f70e5e

if we keep the high ground it will make working with her or the butler after the battle much easier, so we should avoid baiting her overtly.
No. 381122 ID: b82230

To be honest, we will likely need to convince them after wards anyways. Lilith is going to be a problem one way or another. She's way too prideful and the best way to make her obey is to strip away her pride. Beating her in combat helps, but using a tactic that anyone with a bit of will power or common sense will easily wipe her smugness away.

Not to mention we COULD just talk to them after the duel and say that if such taunts and tactics draw her ire, she would be endangering the butler who was willing to put his life on the line to fight for her along with herself. Make the insults and burns function as hard knocks lesson in leadership.
No. 381143 ID: 3947e9

Am I the only one who realizes in a 1v1 fight lilith is probably stronger then us?
No. 381145 ID: 146bca


We have no sex drive. Her Charm won't work on us.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we can remove our mask. Sh would be enthralled, and unable to attack.
No. 381146 ID: 3947e9

1. You assume she is vulnerable to charm
2. I said lose battle not get charmed. We are immune to charm but not to damage and she is higher level..

>Relevant stats
HP: 105
ATK: 17-20 with blade 15 with gun (Seldom misses)
SPD: 3 Spaces, 3 spaces minor flight

SPD: 3(minor flight)

Kiss: Drains 1/10 of target's HP
Fire: Inflicts 17 fire dmg.
Joyful Ending: Touch attack, target is surrounded by a black cloud obscuring it and the caster. Paralyzes target for 1d3+1 rounds.

Yes we are immune to charm (which is why I didn't list it)... but are we immune to fire? paralysis?
If are are not immune to paralyze we WILL lose.
If we are immune to paralyze we will most likely win, unless she gets lucky and wearing a resurrect ring can take care of that.
No. 381147 ID: beb6d7


uh. Awesome McButler already said she ain't gonna be fighting.
No. 381149 ID: 3947e9

But a lot of people are coming up with plans into trying to wrangle that 1v1 fight. I am saying that it is not a smart course of action to pursue. Accept that she will not do 1v1, give the little speech and then summon your army for an army vs 1 awesome mcbutler.
No. 381160 ID: b82230

We've seen overlord resist most damage effects and if you recall we do have several potions to heal ourselves with. A factor we keep forgetting.
Not to mention the various items we can borrow from our troops to power ourselves.

Beside, Awesome McButler may have said so, but he is still the butler, not the boss. Besides, taunting and insulting a cowardly(or stupid) foe is what we've done before, and we'll do it again. May as well get a kick out of her reaction and see what comes out of it.
No. 381168 ID: f70e5e

we can give up a turn to heal 1/3 of our health. none of her attacks do more than 20 damage. we would heal about 30 each time we rest. we could take her simply by resting until she runs herself out of mp.
No. 381171 ID: 3947e9

I am aware, I did the math and I said so myself. the problem is her ability to paralyze.
If we are not immune to paralyze she can easily stun-lock us in a 1v1 battle since the paralysis lasts 1d3+1 rounds per cast.

Its an easy victory if we are immune to paralysis (unknown) and charm (we are). And an impossible battle if we are not immune to both.
No. 381178 ID: 3c0232

The damage isn't that bad, and besides if we are breaking the agreement in order to attack her, why duel? We bring out Emily and all of our demons and have at her.

Not sure on the paralyze bit, the screecher could cause that as one of it's two screeching effects, and Emily just ignored it entirely.

And as a construct we can still use potions... right? It's never actually come up.

You missed the part where we take extra damage when we do that. That method only works when the enemy can't hit us.
No. 381180 ID: 3947e9

>We bring out Emily and all of our demons and have at her.
That is my whole point. We should drop this 1v1 nonsense, bring our army, and attack her with a group.
No. 381181 ID: b82230

Oh in a normal situation I would agree MR TT. Paralysis is a nasty effect. However, it seems preeeety obvious that this particular move uses some.. rather sexual techniques to do so and we sorta kinda don't have any parts.

It will likely end up with her trying to go for our special parts and finding nothing there.
No. 381191 ID: 5f55fe

I'm willing to bet, against us, she would just hug us. Clearly, that would be much more effective against us.
No. 381192 ID: 3c0232

Just so everyone is keeping this plan straight, 1v1 is still the challenge so that the butler is occupied with Shana while we attack Lilith. I'm not sure if she can communicate to him like we can with troops, but because battles are isolated by the wall he can't interfere even if he realizes what we did. He might make trouble elsewhere, though.
No. 381193 ID: f70e5e

I thought the plan was to use our army. her strongest unit is about as strong and better suited to solo combat than our strongest unit. why would we risk putting our people out of a home by allowing a duel of champions?
No. 381196 ID: 3947e9

no it isn't. 1v1 is overlord vs lilith. And we dumped that plan and instead will simply use our army vs the two of them.

Where we keep non demons away so they don't perma die.
I think we should also keep shana away as she can explode from dark mana or be charmed and one shot kill our own troops.

You are correct
No. 381200 ID: 3c0232

>1v1 is overlord vs lilith
It was supposed to be that, yes. Now it's the butler vs one of our units, which pretty much has to be Shana. Which we will let go ahead - and while that is going on we can attack Lilith with the rest of our forces.

Which we don't have to do, as Shana has pretty good odds of victory if we set her up right.
No. 381201 ID: 3947e9

you are the only person here to have ever mentioned (just now) attacking lilith while shana fights the butler, also that is a terrible idea.
As far as I can tell having shana fight the butler in a 1v1 was rejected with an overwhelming majority. overlord v lilith is the only 1v1 that was ever seriously considered by people (and was rejected eventually)
No. 381225 ID: 3c0232

I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure what the hell the consensus here is anymore.
No. 381248 ID: c4a1fc

Hey, we're a chaos golem. Let's channel us arguing to use some sort of Chaos Beam to murderlize the two of them.
No. 381255 ID: ed57e8

HALF of a chaos golem.
No. 381258 ID: 6a5a08

Wouldn't that be incomplete, and thus even more chaotic?
No. 381287 ID: 97486c
File 132711602931.png - (81.73KB , 700x500 , 575.png )

Oh god you're head...

Okay let's look over all the plans...

>Sneak attack Lilith while Shana/Lenion fight the butler.


>Taunt Lilith


>One on one fight, Shana vs Butler


>One on One fight, Lenion vs Butler

Tick tock tick tock tick tock

>Kiss Lilith


>You vs Lilith

Tick tock tick tock tick tock

This is stupid.. You need to pick a plan right now and go through with it..

>Butler: "... Are you ready Overlord?"


One of these will have to do..
No. 381288 ID: 146bca

Guys, GUYS! Remember.


We're doing this? Awesome McButler and Lilith have to make a choice, that way.
No. 381290 ID: 146bca


Also this and/or this should be said.
No. 381291 ID: 6a5a08

Examine Golden Watch.
No. 381292 ID: e3f578

fuck it shana vs butler
No. 381295 ID: 146bca

Let me clarify.

Start off by saying this:


The say this:


And if she still refuses, say this:

No. 381296 ID: 1854db

I noticed something. The watch ticks louder when we consider plans that would end in bad things. So let's avoid those. The butler DOES NOT want her to fight, that is the weak point here. And apparently using shanah against him is a bad idea. He's probably got magic reflect or immunity or something. Or maybe he'd say that since we couldn't order Shanah around properly that we lost even though she beat him. The Lenion kiting strategy sounds like it would work...

But I want to see what that fast ticking is about. Let's taunt Lilith.
No. 381297 ID: 146bca


Also: NO. it's that attitude which will cost us the battle.
No. 381298 ID: c53845

No. 381300 ID: b82230

Huh... this is informative. Normally I thought it would go high and low, but that ticktockticktock throws that thought away.

Considering what we were thinking, I guess it makes sense that the BIG ticks mean that it will bring about doom while the normal ticks mean time goes on.

But the quick ticks... maybe it means something helpful? Either way, I am sticking with Taunting Lilith, but I'll also stick to using Lenion vs butler or ourselves versus Lilith.
No. 381305 ID: 4bdd79

Lenion vs Butler seems to be the best option.
No. 381312 ID: 5f55fe

Huh. That is an oddly convenient curse on a watch.
No. 381314 ID: 6a5a08

What about Nix? She's strong, immortal, has status-inflicting moves, and shouldn't be too easy to kill. Maybe give her a revival ring too.

Or maybe it's not a curse at all? Maybe it warns men of the path that leads to their doom.
No. 381316 ID: 5f55fe

Lenion has more HP, and has potential to attack without retaliation. Nix is a decent choice, but we want a big pile of hit points to ensure she doesn't get killed.

Poisons could potentially be resisted, or if he's immune. Probably not, but it could be. However it is highly unlikely he is immune to being stuck with demi-slimes.
No. 381318 ID: 97486c
File 132711868324.png - (29.67KB , 311x286 , 576.png )

"I'm sorry, but those terms are not acceptable. I will duel her personally, but I have no interest in a contest of proxy champions. If she wishes to bring minions into it, then it will be all my minions against all of hers- and unless I am quite mistaken, you will be at something of a numerical disadvantage."

>Butler: "Very much so. I will however do my best if it comes to that. Miss?"

>Lilith: "No! That's so stupid, we should just send in our bests ones not our whole army!"

You know for a fact that the butler is her 'only' form of army.

"A duel of champions only has meaning when both sides are evenly matched, simply because, champion or not, it is still the lord sending others into battle. I will not increase the risk to my people by accepting the one form of combat that would compensate for your foolishness. If you insist on violence you may fight me alone, or face my army."

>"I... Uhm...."

She looks very confused. She turns to Butler, her eyes show that she is unsure of what she needs to do.

>Butler: "While a one on one fight would be fair I simply can not allow Miss to be harmed. I will take on your army, and she will lead me. However I would prefer you not use any rings. That is my one and only requirement. Do you accept?"

No. 381319 ID: 510737

that's either really smart or not smart at all...I throw My lot in with him!
No. 381320 ID: c53845

Sounds awesome, so long as he abides the same.
No. 381321 ID: ed57e8

do revive rings count or does he mean only field changing rings?
No. 381323 ID: 510737

I vote yes.
No. 381324 ID: 6a5a08

"Define rings, and do the same rules apply to you?"
No. 381325 ID: 5f55fe

I'm pretty sure he means revive rings. It is an unfair advantage, if we had units that could revive to full HP. We can select our units out of Rose, Emily, Ruby, Silva, Lun...

Honestly, I don't even remember who counts as what. Can someone please refresh my memory as to specifically who respawns where?
No. 381326 ID: 46c430

"She wants to make her own way in the world, yes? You cannot protect her forever. She'll have to sink or swim on her own merits sooner or later."
No. 381327 ID: 1854db


Let's not send in anyone that could die permanently. That means our army would consist of Rose, Emily, Nix, Megan (she'd like this fight, it's against a demon!), and Silva.

If at any point he uses fire or disintegration-based attacks, we can tell Nix to leave the battle. Or if we can't send in all of the units, we can just leave her out.
No. 381328 ID: a2fa74

"I believe that is Miss Lilith's offer to make, but those terms are not quite satisfactory.
Two alterations:
First, that you would not be allowed to use rings either.
Second, that revival rings are permitted but any troop so revived must immediately leave the field."
No. 381329 ID: 3c0232

Well... let's try to avoid battle one last time. We clearly have the advantage now, although not as much as they might think.

TAKE OFF THE MASK, and ask Lilith to reconsider. Tell her that you simply do not want to lose, but winning is also problematic. You will end up with one of them taken down, the other enslaved and you end up right on her fathers shit list. Tell her that being a leader isn't just about victory in battle, but knowing when to fight, when to flee and when to negotiate. If she truly wants to prove herself to her father she needs to reconsider attacking.
No. 381330 ID: 5f55fe

We aren't required to enslave everything we beat. Remember? It's an option.
No. 381333 ID: 146bca


No. 381335 ID: 146bca


Also do this, except DON'T take off the mask. I remember the clock ticking quite loudly when a suggestion that we kiss Lilith was brought up. I don't want her infatuation.
No. 381337 ID: 146bca


Here's what to say.

"Lilith, this is your last chance to reconsider. I do not want to fight. If you truly wish to be a leader, then you must know when to fight, when to flee and when to negotiate. If you truly want to prove yourself to your father, then I strongly urge you to reconsider attacking."
No. 381338 ID: c4a1fc

These. "I refuse to risk any of my troops in an idiotic battle for a spoiled brat's ego. Unlike you, I value my troops and try to treat them well. If you ever want to become a demon lord, you will have to do the same or be betrayed. How, exactly, do you think that I allegedly died last time, hm?"
No. 381339 ID: 146bca

First, say...


Then, say...


And if she still wants to fight, say

No. 381341 ID: 97486c
File 132712115624.png - (101.82KB , 689x428 , 577.png )

"Lilith, this is your last chance to reconsider. I do not want to fight. If you truly wish to be a leader, then you must know when to fight, when to flee and when to negotiate. If you truly want to prove yourself to your father, then I strongly urge you to reconsider attacking."

>"Forget it, we're fighting!"

"... Very well then. Butler, if we fight I also request that you not use rings yourself and that we are allowed to use Revive Rings on units but if they revive that way then they are immediately removed from the fight."

He considers this for a moment.

>"Very well then, shall we begin?"

=Battle Start

Placement Phase

Limit: 4 Units.

Lilith has placed her unit

After last units are placed there will be a roll to decide who goes first=
No. 381344 ID: 146bca


I say Lenion, Nix, Kassandra, and Us.
No. 381345 ID: b82230

Kassandra(ring) Rose, Emily and Lenion(ring). A balanced formation of tougher units and a healer with no offensive magic users. Emily and Rose cannot die and Lenion can still use the demi slimes.
No. 381346 ID: 6a5a08

Nix, Emily, Rose, and Lun.
No. 381347 ID: 146bca

Changing my vote to this.
No. 381349 ID: 6a5a08

We only have one ring, though, don't we?
No. 381350 ID: 5f55fe

Overlord, Nix, Kassandra, Lun

Give Nix the burst shoes.
No. 381351 ID: 431fa8

Definitely have to bring Shana. It would be crazy to go into combat without our highest-level unit on the field. Give her the dual-cast weapon. Then Rose, Emily, us.
No. 381355 ID: c4a1fc

Shana's nuts and she might asplode. Don't risk that. And we have a necklace that functions like a revive ring, iirc.
No. 381356 ID: 3c0232

These are terribly low level parties. A sure reset in each case. Lenion could be worth using alongside Silva, but still too easy to take down against a level 20 non-beast unit.

This is the high damage, defense and enslave when done party:

Overlord - So we can enslave; Placed at rear center.

Silva - Counts as two units, equipped with burst shoes revive ring (she may not die, but why risk the hassle?); Placed front and center

Shana - Equipped with revive ring, Rubys staff and Kass' armor. Placed behind Silva.
No. 381357 ID: 5f55fe

No, Shana is still too volatile in my opinion. We will do just fine with Overlord, Nix, Kass, Lun.

Lun has some nice effects, and I feel it should be effective. Especially since he can just run to the other side of the field (away from the butler) to use it.

I think Nix is a better choice than Lenion, for variety, and the poisons could be useful.
No. 381358 ID: 6a5a08

>relying on the high-level unit you get early game instead of leveling the initially weaker ones who become superior in the endgame
No. 381359 ID: 5f55fe


Also, I forgot to mention in my previous post. Don't forget that Nix has a defense of 5, whereas Lenion has no defense. That makes her a lot tankier.
No. 381360 ID: b82230

Oh hey, remember how using Shana caused the doom clock to tick ominously? Let's not send her in.
Like I said, no offensive mages in case of reflect which he could have.

Besides, you seem to forget the SCREECHER boss we killed who had 10 more hp and more dangerous moves.

All thing considered with his tactical knowledge he is likely equipped for attacks that he would have trouble with. Mainly range and magic.

Emily can do critical damage quicker and attacks twice.

Lenion has demi slime which can immobilize and a whip with range 2.

Rose has a spear, jump and is also pretty sturdy while Kasandra can heal our units and buff.

Besides, using Silva as 2 units will leave us weak in a worse case scenario. Do not do that.
No. 381362 ID: 6a5a08

I'll back this instead, with Kass and ourselves carrying a ring. Nix regenerates, and we can reenslave Lun if he dies. Lun's cards can be powerful if we get lucky, and Overlord is our best tank. Nix's paralysis and poison will be nice if he has no immunities. Kass' healing and buffs will help keep the tanks holding up against the boss, and those summons are good last-ditch moves.

Also, we still have no fucking clue what Trinity Beast does, do we?
No. 381365 ID: 1854db

Guys, why do you even WANT to enslave the butler? He's level 20, sure, but he has NO ABILITIES. If we enslave him we don't get any of his items either. And he has awesome items, I bet.

Also we're not really that strong in combat yet. We need better offensive power.

I think we should go with this >>381345

I don't really think Shanah should join the battle. We got Bad Ticks from that option. I'm thinking the dude has magic reflection or something. Lenion can probably solo it, but the others joining in are good insurance.
No. 381370 ID: c53845

Did you not see the poise and care he used through this whole deal? He's been an excellent, upstanding gentleman. I'd rather have him than an annoying loli.
No. 381373 ID: 3c0232

The best advantage is to keep him here, rather than let him report to his other boss. Maybe not worth the loss of his gear, so that's why we'll pressure Lilith to call him off before the final blow is struck.

Shana wasn't good to use against him solo, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't be effective against him. More likely she would have been taken down or disabled before she could win. Or she just used instant death again like an idiot and then proceeded to explode.
No. 381374 ID: 1854db

We can't enslave Lilith anyway! Let's get his loooooot!
No. 381376 ID: b82230

Yeah, and last I check, Shana isn't a team player yet. We don't want her to try and show how great she is by just going all out and exploding.

Besides, with a lower level crew, we can likely level them each once, maybe twice against this guy and levels are always nice. Especially for our veteran units.
No. 381378 ID: f70e5e

shana is by a wide margin the most powerful unit we have. if we don't use her we may not be able to beat this guy. just make sure she understands the we have enough of an advantage that she doesn't need to use dark mana and it'll be fine.
No. 381383 ID: af25e0


This is fine. We can take him down with four of our regular units.
No. 381386 ID: 3c0232

It's not like she is going to hoard all the xp this way. It's a better comparison to swapping out weak pokemon to a strong one so that you can actually beat the thing you are fighting.
No. 381387 ID: 6a5a08

If (and it is still a bad plan) we use Shana, say first: "Shana, I must ask you do not use the Dark Mana. I lost someone I cared for to it's taint long ago, so far back I had forgotten. Don't make me have to lose another to it."
No. 381392 ID: f6106a

Overlord, Nix, Kassandra, Lenion. Hand out rings as necessary.

Overlord is tanky and the gun rarely misses. Nix can paralyze things. Kass can use accuracy plus to improve chances of paralysis and summon trinity beast so we have another unit on the field. Lenion can sacrifice demi-slimes to make him stuck and if we have any(don't remember) screechers for paralysis.

No Shana because using her is risky. We also want other units to level, but mainly don't use her due to risk.
No. 381393 ID: 807ed3

use Shana, and only Shana.
No. 381400 ID: 886a4d

Overlord is a must. We want this butler for ourselves and with him under our command we can probably subjugate the brat.

Heres the others:
Kassandra with Metamagic staff.
Nix with paralyzed sword and shoes equipped.

We want to keep this guy from attacking as much as possible. His sword screams one hit kills to such low levels. Damage is a secondary concern. With Nix we don't have to worry to much about her dying unless his sword immolates its targets and thats more a wrath demon.
No. 381401 ID: 385f21

No Shana, but whatever else that makes most amount of sense.
No. 381430 ID: 146bca

Okay, that seems like a good idea.
No. 381440 ID: c4a1fc

This sounds reasonable.
No. 381450 ID: 5f55fe

Am I the only one who thinks enslaving the butler or Lilith is a bad idea?
No. 381451 ID: c4a1fc

"is"? Yes. "could be"? No, you're not the only one. Remember some nonspecific doom is coming soon. If you can get him to give in before he dies, ask him what would happen if you did anything like that. It's generally best to get as much information as you reasonably can. The problem is finding out how much is reasonable and how much is too much paranoia and caution.
No. 381452 ID: 385f21

Enslaving Butler is only a bad idea if we can't detain Lilith immediately after that. Enslaving/detaining Lilith is only a bad idea if 1) the Demon of Lust gives a shit about her and 2) we can't sufficiently enhance the truth about her whereabouts if the daddy comes to us.
No. 381464 ID: c1aa67

>we don't have to worry to much about her dying
You sure? I thought she isn't as immortal as she was before, now she is only ageless and immune to piercing weapons.
No. 381467 ID: 807ed3


it is pretty obvious that if we enslave Lilith, the Demon of Lust is not unlikely to retaliate in a manner most devastating to our cause... I do however think that we could safely enslave McButler, as his reckless challenge and subsequent loss obviously is his failure to protect the esteemed daughter.
No. 381469 ID: 886a4d

Her stats say that shes effectively immortal unless her body is completely destroyed.

Hmm that might be why Abel is witholding the 'cure' imagine a legion of immortal warriors who owe their very minds to you.
No. 381470 ID: 807ed3


also, yes, McButler is more than likely to cut down Nix with ease, as she's not even half his level- you shouldn't deploy her. Kas and Lenion are pretty good ideas though, and we'd need the Overlord for enslaving this guy- assuming nobody else cares for my previous suggestion of Shana.
No. 381471 ID: 1854db

Look at the wiki. She can still regenerate from wounds. Only fire and disintegration can kill her. At which point I suppose she would respawn... I wonder if she would respawn as a plaguebringer or plaguespitter?
No. 381474 ID: 886a4d

Oh dear I just had a thought. I think Shana is our doom. We never got how large the explosion it could be and looking over the previous examples of her fighting she is obviously greatly contaminated.

A bomb
and a ticking clock.

No. 381480 ID: 5f55fe

While this isn't a terrible assumption. They are hardly immortal. An opposing army merely has to have fire mages in the back of the army to incinerate corpses before they can heal.
No. 381486 ID: c1aa67

We were facing a perfect storm of dooms, a few were Shana related. That doesn't mean we can't use her, the danger of sending her in alone is far greater than putting her in a team.
No. 381502 ID: 97486c
File 132720720528.png - (127.93KB , 689x428 , 578.png )

You send yourself, Lenion, Kassanda, and Nix into the battlefield.

>Butler: "May the best Overlord win."

Your move.
No. 381507 ID: 5f55fe

Kass: +def group on overlord and lenion. Nix already has some defense, should she be targeted.
Nix: Approach and throw a jar of poison
Lenion: Approach and use a demi-slime
Overlord: Approach and use gun.

The three approaching, should stay in line, and move to maximize the distance the butler has to go to reach Kass, should she be his target.
No. 381511 ID: 5f55fe

(An addendum to my post, I realized Nix may be a smidge too far away to reach with a jar. If this is the case, then she should just coat her blade with poison, and move as I said anyway.
No. 381513 ID: 6a5a08

Overlord: Move one right, one forward. Shoot Alfred the Butler.
Nix: Coat sword in paralysis venom. Move two forward.
Lenion: Move one forward.
Kass: +Def Group on Nix and Lenion.
No. 381514 ID: 146bca


Hey, whoa, let's not forget who's wielding the doom watch now, huh?
No. 381515 ID: 886a4d

If the metamagic staff did get equipped have def group cast on everyone.
No. 381518 ID: 6a5a08

And also who has the most HP.

Besides, I'm still not sure the watch is what it seems.
No. 381568 ID: 807ed3

everyone scatter as you move forward. just in case.
No. 381642 ID: 211112

We gotta watch our MP usage, remember she only has 7 MP, I would suggest only casting group def on Overlord and Lenion for now. We may need a lot of mana for greater heals, or summons. Casters recover mana pretty slowly, so we gotta be careful about that.
No. 381671 ID: 97486c
File 132729794456.png - (147.69KB , 689x428 , 579.png )

Nix moves and spits poison on her blade.
Lenion moves foreword. Target is not in range for Demi Slime Attack.
Kassandra charges 1mp and casts +Def Group on Lenion and Nix costing her 1mp.

Overlord fires at Butler dealing 10dmg
No. 381672 ID: 97486c
File 132729807786.png - (129.10KB , 689x428 , 580.png )

The Butler runs.

>"Go on, attack."

No. 381674 ID: c53845

Commit no violent action on him. buff everyone, charge everything, move out of likely attack range.
No. 381676 ID: b82230

Back off a bit and prepare the salvo.

Gun, demi slime, throw poison, and group defense up on Overlord and Kass. Keep a one square distance for the moment.
No. 381677 ID: c0e69a

No. 381679 ID: 1854db

Kassandra should move 1 square down-right and summon trinity beast.
Overlord should stand where Kassandra was and shoot.
Lenion should stand down-left from where Kassandra moves to and use a demi slime attack on him.
Nix should toss poison at him at range.
No. 381694 ID: 807ed3

okay, get the fuck out of there. seriously, run.
No. 381695 ID: 146bca


No. 381697 ID: c0e69a

>Summon Trinity Beast (Spell) Costs 2 Mana. Summons Trinity Beast onto the battlefield. Trinity Beast can not be controlled by the Overlord and will perform any action it wants to.
>can not be controlled

This seems like a risky idea and a waste of MP, just have Kassandra use +Def Group on herself and the Overlord or use magical beam on the butler
No. 381699 ID: 9c3363

Disperse and get away from him. Then noone attacks, apply buffs and stuff; Overlord try thinking of attacking. I want to see if the Clock'o'Doom reacts to total damage or proximity.
No. 381702 ID: 53859d


He's got some kind of counterattack prepped, he's smart and canny enough to know that "Charge into the middle of an enemy group" is going to end badly under normal circumstances.

Therefore, he's got a trap for you, and pouring on the damage is going to end badly.

Scatter the group, continue wearing him down.
No. 381704 ID: 3947e9

uh... are we the overlord wearing a resurrect ring? Cause we really should.
No. 381705 ID: 3087d0

Keep your distance, and attack only at range. Preferably the longest range possible.
No. 381706 ID: 807ed3


he's not the one who could die- his body can be repaired. I don't remember if the castle was in human or demon lands, but the most vulnerable of our minions who could die in battle right now should wear the resurrection rings in the item phase.
No. 381709 ID: 4bdd79

He's either trying to get us to hit each other, or trying to get us to hit him with our high-damage melee so he can absorb or reflect the damage.

Overlord: Move up 1 so Lenion's out of your line of fire, then shoot him.
Kass: Magical Beam.
Lenion: Back up 1 space and attack with a Demi-Slime.
Nix: Throw poison.
No. 381711 ID: 6af537

If we go with than, we should be prepared to dodge our own attacks.
No. 381721 ID: 3947e9

Can be repaired, but can't exactly direct the battle if we are damaged. Also last time we lost our memories
No. 381725 ID: 2eac65

His stats say he doesn't have any special abilities of his own. That means that either

a) he's got some powerful magic item,
b) another ally is about to pop in, or
c) he's bluffing.

Just a wild guess here, but I think that harming him could give the princess a RAGE mode, like ours. In case that happens, let's keep getting in some early buffs. But we might also want to get in some damage, in case he's trying to stall for something.

Kass: +Def Group on Lenion & Overlord.
Lenion: Move back, attack with whip.
Others: Move back slightly.
No. 381995 ID: 97486c
File 132746962382.png - (142.97KB , 689x428 , 581.png )

+Defense doesn't stack! Kassandra casts +def on Overlord since he's yet to receive the buff.
Everyone but Lenion retreats.
Lenion takes a step back and attacks with her whip dealing 27dmg!
No. 381997 ID: 97486c
File 132746984175.png - (135.79KB , 689x428 , 582.png )

The Butler smiles at Lenion.

>"Impressive, very impressive."

He moves up to her.

>"In my... Line of work, I've been trained to take considerable damage."

He slaps her across the face with his cane dealing 54dmg! Kassandra's spell kicks in and reduces it to 46dmg.

>"And to deal it back twofold."
No. 381999 ID: 5076d3

>Hey, don't attack him! he's gonna counter!
>Attack anyway
>He counters

Just... just gang up on him. And hope he does that every time he uses that ability.
No. 382000 ID: ed57e8

hmm... lenion change places with nyx and she attacks... HIS SWORD!
No. 382003 ID: b82230

Welp, this is obvious. He can counter for damage but he needs to be in range. No wonder a lenion butler match was a good idea.

Like I said before, shoot, poison and demi slime and have Kass heal lenion and have Lenion use her item phase to drink a potion
No. 382005 ID: 1854db

Kassandra should summon Trinity Beast (IT ONLY ATTACKS ENEMIES GODDAMN IT), Overlord and Nix should attack, Lenion should Heal herself.

Death by degrees.
No. 382006 ID: b82230

Also, make sure to have at LEAST one square between the unit and the butler. The demi goo will immobilize him so he doesn't move up to a unit.
No. 382008 ID: 1854db

Oh and guys, the butler used both his move and attack turns to Run. He didn't use an ability to activate the counter-damage. He's got an item that does it passively.

Keep in mind we scanned him and he had no abilities. It's his equipment that's doing this.
No. 382009 ID: 0fda43

Oh... I thought the Defense buff only worked for one turn.
No. 382010 ID: b82230

...except he just used a move action to go up to her and then a standard to attack right there?

Seriously, just immobilize him. He may be able to do double damage, but he still needs to be in range. His range is one. Many of our units have range attacks. Demi slime is one of them.
No. 382014 ID: 886a4d

Pity we don't have a way to disarm him somehow. He seems pretty reliant on that sword for his counter.

Alright I second the idea of throwing that demi-slime at him. Also have Nix throw a paralyzing poison bottle at him. Kassandra should heal Lenion and the Overlord should attack him.

Heres the tactics I suggest for the next couple rounds. Have each of our heavy hitters (Nix, Overlord, Lenion) alternate turns in attacking him. That will spread out the damage he does. Kassandra will heal with magic and the other people who aren't attacking that turn will do none-damaging attacks like poison bottles or potions to help Kassandra from running out of MP. I suggest once Kassandra is down to two MP she summons the Trinity Beast. Pity we don't have any more mana crystals since we definately could use them.

We also have a Charm Scroll and Slime Wand according to the inventory page which we can use.
No. 382016 ID: 2eac65

Well, now we know how his ability works. Now how to circumvent it? I wonder how long he can wait before returning damage he takes. If he has to do it the same turn, this shouldn't be too much trouble. He might need to counter the same person that harmed him; watch to see if he does that.

Perhaps we can bypass his ability by poisoning him; that might not count as returnable damage. I wouldn't bet on it, though.

Everyone: Move Back.
Kassandra: Heal Lenion.
Nix: Use Paralyzing Venom.
Overlord: Use beam attack.
No. 382017 ID: f70e5e

the butlers basic attack is not that strong, but he seems to be able to move ant counter. we don't know how it works if there are multiple sources of damage so I suggest we spend the next turn debuffing him. have nix use toss poison, and have Kassandra summon her trinity beast. we have Lenion use the demi slim to hold him and then pound on him from out of his range.
No. 382019 ID: 49d4d7

Why are we even suggesting Summoning the Trinity Beast? It won't listen to any orders and will attack anyone, and look we have more guys in the field, so the likelyhood of the trinity beast attacking the butler is slim. If it was the demi-angel, i'd understand as it has a chance to stun the butler.

Nix: use Paralying Spit and whack the butler.
Kass: Heal Lenion.
Overlord: Shoot the butler.
Lenion: Move back. If the butler countered Nix and only Nix, whip him another time.
No. 382020 ID: b82230

And why are we having Lenion whip when she can call upon either the demi slime which can immobilize or the demi screecher that can paralyze?

We can set up one turn for making sure he can't move to our units BEFORE pummeling him.
No. 382021 ID: 807ed3



also consider using Kas' armor ability from where he can't reach her.
No. 382022 ID: ed57e8

No. 382023 ID: b82230

And to make it official:

Lenion: Move 1 square away, use Demi slime.
Nix: Get in range and toss poison.
Overlord: Use one mana crystal on Kass
Kass: Heal Lenion.
No. 382027 ID: 1854db

NO GODDAMN IT IT ONLY ATTACKS ENEMIES! Ask Larro before you assume that a summon randomly attacks us even though it's not said anywhere that it might. Not following orders != attacks allies.

He Ran last turn. Fucking pay attention.
No. 382032 ID: b82230

Db, first off his first round was a full run towards our group. The second round, last round, was a move action followed by a attack because lenion is one square away.

Two, while the trinity beast would likely attack enemies, it won't act on our commands that means it won't shield our currently wounded unit while means that while Kas casts this, she can't get a decent heal. Healing our main damage, tank AND the one with two rather useful abilities in this fight is more important than summoning someone the butler might not even attack.
No. 382034 ID: 97486c
File 132747610898.png - (139.54KB , 689x428 , 583.png )

Everyone moves.
Kassandra heals Lenion for 39HP.
Lenion uses her Tamer Attack and burns up 1 Demi Slime. The attack hits Butler dealing 15dmg and causing paralyses.
Nix throws Poison at him inflicting Poison.

>"Hmm... This will be troublesome."

Butler ends his turn.
No. 382035 ID: b82230

Yup, just as I thought. He can't move close, he can't counter.

NOW we whip, shoot, use the magic armor's beam move and the like. Have Nix support for now and use healing items to heal lenion to full since her melee will likely cost her.
No. 382036 ID: 886a4d

I saw Nix should attack this round since he is paralyzed and that generally means his attack is disabled. We need to knock him down as many HP as we can while he can't use his counter.
No. 382037 ID: b82230

Actually, demi slime immobilizes, not Paralyzes. He can't move, but he can still act. But since his only action is melee, it's the same thing at range.
No. 382039 ID: 5076d3

No. 382040 ID: 1854db

Lenion whip him.
Overlord shoot.
Nix move in and cut his face open. We can heal her next round if he retaliates.
No. 382041 ID: f70e5e

this. nix will end up taking it on the chin, but we will find out if he can use the double damage strike on a unit other than the one that hit him. if he deals nix double what she does he can only mirror damage, if he deals her double either what someone else did him, or double the combined damage he takes then he's buffing his attack stat when he takes damage. again its risky for nix but shes in no danger of dying and if he drops her he will end up eating an overlord beam to the face.
No. 382052 ID: 6af537

Why are you guys trying to bring an unknown potentially dangerous element into what is already a boss fight? We should experiment with Trinity Beast in a controlled environment, not when our life is at stake.
So then, everyone fall back a bit, continue to pelt him from range and keep him immobilized. Kass cast +def on self too.
No. 382076 ID: 53859d

And don't get sloppy, again, this guy is smart, and a born Item Master. He says "Troublesome", but I doubt he would have brought only one gimmick to the fight, and "Make sure he can't move and pelt him from afar" is the logical response to a melee counter master.

Therefore, don't get cocky and try alpha striking him, he may very well have a one-shot item that lets him counter all attacks at range--which is what I'd do in his position.

Keep wearing him down, keep him locked down, but above all else, Do Not Rush, and don't put yourself in a position where he can wipe your whole party out.

Above all else, don't let the Doom Clock convince us to be hasty. Self-Fufilling prophecies are a bitch, and this thing smacks of being one.
No. 382080 ID: f6106a

If Nix attacks, she needs to use paralyzing spit first. Kassandra should summon Trinity Beast. Kas is the one who summoned it and has charm, plus we're fighting a demon and have no actual demons on the field. The chance of something going wrong seems minimal, and it puts another unit on the field.

If she doesn't use Trinity Beast, I say go with +Acc Group on Nix and Lenion.
No. 382122 ID: 807ed3

from the Wiki:

>Summon Trinity Beast (Spell) Costs 2 Mana. Summons Trinity Beast onto the battlefield. Trinity Beast can not be controlled by the Overlord and will perform any action it wants to.

I guess it technically doesn't say it will never attack you too...

let's not summon the Trinity Beast.
No. 382123 ID: 6a5a08

Paralyzed means the unit cannot use its move phase. He can still attack. Don't approach with Nix until we're sure we can finish him off.

Nix remains there and coats blade with paralyzing poison.
Lenion uses whip.
Overlord shoots.
Kass casts +Accuracy on Lenion and Nix (Overlord's gun practically never misses anyways)
No. 382130 ID: 1854db




No. 382132 ID: 80b862

It'll count as an allied unit, though, which means the only ways it could help the enemy would be through indirect means like standing in our way or something.

Summon the Trinity Beast.

Okay, you haven't seemed to have gotten the message previous times but I'll try again.

IRC logs or it didn't happen. Outside information is only believable if we can see the source. Seriously, it isn't that hard to just copy and paste a few lines of text into a post here, or into the quest discussion if it isn't immediately useful.

No. 382133 ID: 7d31e0

Summon the Trinity Beast
No. 382144 ID: 25d645

It's legit, summons won't attack friendly units unless stated otherwise.
No. 382154 ID: b82230

Ally or not, I would rather not summon it for several principals.

One, it costs 2 mana. Kass has 7 and a good bit has already been used. We want some spare in case we need healing and accuracy seems more important than another fighter.

Two: If it's melee it will likely last one turn when that counter is used. We do not know it's damage or health so we could be wasting our mana on something that does 10, maybe 20 damage.

Three: You seem to be forgetting that we know nothing about him but are willing to use another unknown to combat him. For all your talk about 'taking it safe' this seems rather risky if we don't have healing or our main attacks don't hit.

Kass should just use Accuracy + Lenion so we have two mana left.
No. 382170 ID: fa9f7e

This. Keep the Beast in mind if we get backed into a corner and experiment with it later. Until then, fuck no.
No. 382175 ID: ed57e8

is a mage doesn't move they charge mana.
No. 382179 ID: 80b862

Thanks for reminding me.

Kass, don't forget to use your Move Phase to charge.
No. 382184 ID: 1854db

Guys. 2 mana is not a lot, considering this fight looks like it won't take more than like 4 more turns. It's not like we're going to cast it repeatedly.

Also she still has what, 6 mana left? She hasn't been moving much, so she's been charging mana each turn and each spell she's cast cost 1 mana. If we don't move her again this fight she will literally never run out of mana even if we summon the fallen angel too.


I don't think you guys realize just how easy this fight is going to be now. I guess if we want to make it ludicrously easy we can wait until he's unstuck to use Nix's paralysis poison. Then he'll be helpless for even more turns while Overlord and Lenion smack him around.

Not like we'd need the extra effort. If we had sent Lenion in alone she would've had a high chance of soloing him by throwing all our expendable mobs. Even if we only have 1 demi slime, 1 regular slime, and 1 demi screecher that's 7 turns of him sitting there getting smacked around. She does about 30 damage on average so that's 210 hp. She can take one retaliatory hit so that's 240, and the final hit is 270. If she misses while the butler is stuck that's a problem, but crits make it easier too.
No. 382265 ID: fa9f7e

Pride goes before the fall. But yeah, until we've proven otherwise, do something like this.
No. 382274 ID: eb83a6

We've been here for 2 turns. One of which Butler spent closing range, and the second one saw his plan foiled because of paralysis.

This means that, worst case scenario, he now has another plan. And we can't afford to be ill-prepared for that, considering the clock.

Even if he doesn't have effective ranged weapons, for all we know, he might have a way to counter paralysis. Don't become complacent. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Bottom line, Trinity Beast is not guaranteed to be of any help, and there's a real chance of it becoming a liability. Don't summon it in this fight. We'll test it out later, on some low-level beasts in the middle of nowhere.
No. 382280 ID: 1854db

Dude, if he had another option he would've used it instead of sitting there doing nothing last turn. He is helpless.

Also no, there is absolutely NO real chance of the trinity beast becoming a liability. It CANNOT attack our group. The worst it could do is NOTHING.
No. 382294 ID: 886a4d

One things about his counter is that it could add up all the damage he takes in one turn and return it two-fold. Adding the Trinity Beast to that might very well mean the difference between barely surviving and dying to his counter.

My suggestion is to keep him immobilized for as long as possible. Attack him with ranged attacks only. Keep throwing bottles at him. Kassandra should charge mana and buff accuracy. Once hes free demislime /paralyzing sword him until hes frozen again then repeat.
No. 382337 ID: 6af537

It could wonder into our line of fire. Or a missed shot could get it. I'm not sure if it will still remain docile after that. This has been pointed out already.

As for Butler doing nothing, he might be charging something.
No. 382387 ID: 1854db

Those things cannot happen in this combat system.
No. 382391 ID: 1854db

Also no the butler isn't charging something, he CAN'T because he has NO ABILITIES. All his combat effectiveness depends on passive effects, most likely from his equipment though I honestly have no idea if Scan detects passive class-based effects.

You're just plain making up shit now anyway. Stop being a paranoid fuck and use the goddamn summon.
No. 382405 ID: c4a1fc