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File 132194219236.png - (41.38KB , 600x450 , 392.png )
367161 No. 367161 ID: 9da432

Hmm.. That girl was interesting.

As she leaves your castle you can feel an almost invisible force return to you. A sort of consciousness perhaps?

Anyway almost all the Rust Monsters are gone now. You wonder as to how they even got there in the first place..
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No. 367163 ID: 1854db

What, we don't get to remember the sword's nature and who the girl was and what happened? What a rip.

Well first get a lock on the main door, and second, ask Meagan what direction they came from. There must be some huge crack in the wall somewhere to have let that big one in.

Also, can Meagan fight or did she just sortof distract the big one while you and Nix took care of it?
No. 367164 ID: 453e62

yes we need to find how they got in and fix it.
No. 367166 ID: 40cb26

Rust monsters are vermin that feed on metals and we're sitting on ruins. Of course they infested the place. Good that we got rid of them it's hard enough to repair everything as it is.

Speaking of, we have enough money to get some repairs underway. How long for those barracks?
No. 367174 ID: 9da432
File 132194453038.png - (90.93KB , 600x450 , 393.png )

Door is done already. And it seems Meagan can hold her own in combat if she truly needs to. She said she hates fighting demons and monsters though and heroes don't interest her.
As for repairs we still need to wait for Styx to finish working on the Barracks. That will be done some time in the week.

While the place may be in ruins it was not abandoned. Surely the surviving members of my group would have noticed them before the problem got out of hand.
No. 367175 ID: 453e62

... what does megan have?

... was she breeding them?
No. 367177 ID: 1854db

Ask Meagan what's she's got there.
No. 367178 ID: 3fd4fb

How are our finances at the moment? And our armory? If we have any significant amount of funds, we might wish to consider upgrading our forces' equipment again.
No. 367181 ID: 6e44d2

Also, add to the to-do list finding out about any legendary sword that had some sort of deep connection to you.
No. 367193 ID: 89ba64

It's fine if Megan doesn't wish to fight. That's not what we hired her for.

What I'm curious about is how a few of our members are faring. How is Alice doing? How is Lenion feeling after our brief venture to her homeland? Has Alalia stolen anything when we weren't looking? And how is Silva holding up?
No. 367196 ID: 40cb26

Well yeah they were certainly eating from the inside up, and just happened to show themselves now. Well it doesn't matter anymore, but between sword wielding interluders and other vermin we should make a point of having regular patrols.

These are relevant concerns, check on them. And get general info as to what happened with those damn bugs.

Also... [Remember what happened from the swords perspective]
No. 367251 ID: 1444d5

>While the place may be in ruins it was not abandoned. Surely the surviving members of my group would have noticed them before the problem got out of hand.
What are the chances Emily has been keeping some... pets.
No. 367283 ID: ea0b33

more likely they are megan
No. 367307 ID: 22936a

Ask Styx about the enchanted sword herolady had. Shit was powerful.
No. 367318 ID: 5ea5c3

No. 367344 ID: 9da432
File 132200675204.png - (59.27KB , 292x429 , 394.png )

Finances are good enough http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats#Current_Inventory

Though you could always use more money. As for the blade, well you'll get to that later. First thing's first.


She stops and turns to you.

>"Yes my Lord?"

"You wouldn't happen to know anything about the rust monsters would you..?"

>".... Yes."

"And what would that be?"

>"Well my Lord they eat metal."

"I meant as to how they got here."

>"Ah yes well.. I 'may' have brought an egg here for study. I forgot and well.. Yeah. Sorry."

"Please don't do that again. Speaking of bringing odd creatures into the castle, what is that in your hands?"

>"Oh this thing? Nothing much just a tentacle demon known as Qwirjood. Completely harmless to constructs and males."

No. 367346 ID: 6a5a08

"You are neither... I think?" Give Meagan a skeptical look.
No. 367349 ID: 55f0cc

>Completely harmless to constructs and males.
Discrimination! This thing doesn't know The Rule? If it's pretty...
No. 367350 ID: 453e62

"several people living here are nether of those."
No. 367351 ID: 42e7cd

"...You are neither of those things."
No. 367356 ID: 3fd4fb

"Megan, from now on inform me immediately when bringing new things into the castle. And limit your activities until we can have proper holding areas and labs constructed; that rust monster debacle is a clear demonstration that we don't have the personnel and facilities to keep our experimental subjects secure."
No. 367360 ID: f31dfc

Pretty sure she's a she. Also, may want to keep an eye on it seeing as most of the residence are female.
No. 367374 ID: 6a5a08

"Also, it seems to be sticking a tentacle into your cheek. Just a warning."
No. 367378 ID: a0a221

No. 367379 ID: 9da432
File 132200959526.png - (66.48KB , 401x450 , 395.png )

"Megan, from now on inform me immediately when bringing new things into the castle. And limit your activities until we can have proper holding areas and labs constructed; that rust monster debacle is a clear demonstration that we don't have the personnel and facilities to keep our experimental subjects secure."

>"My Lord I can assure you that while we may not have the proper equipment I am more then capable enough to handle such monsters. The Rust Monster thing was a simple error. I didn't think it was one capable of laying eggs and certainly not that fast. I don't even know where it got it's food supply from."
No. 367380 ID: 42e7cd

...Wait, where DID it get fed? None of our units have heavy armor.
No. 367381 ID: a0a221

...I believe this is the part in which shutting up nets the best results.
No. 367382 ID: fdacff

accept what she said. its not like more mistakes are liable to occur before repairs are complete and she will have the proper containment.

Also ask her to find out what it was eating.
No. 367385 ID: 453e62

it must of found a hidden cache of weapons and/or armor. or our armory has a hole in it. ask her to tell you what methods there are to making sure that thing stays where it is supposed to. so we know to like, not open certain doors or such.
No. 367386 ID: 3fd4fb

"I accept that it was a simple error- but that doesn't mean it will not be repeated in some form. You are skilled and knowledgeable, but no one is perfect and mistakes happen. Speak with Styx about what would be necessary to construct a reliable holding area. I would prefer that you get at least one assistant as well- we don't have any other demonologists, obviously, but if someone has an interest in helping you it will at least be two sets of eyes checking for problems."
No. 367392 ID: 6a5a08

"Meagan, don't argue please. Speak with Styx about a containment area for the creatures, and let me know when you bring them in. We can't afford security risks in our already vulnerable lair."
No. 367393 ID: 9da432
File 132201061620.png - (22.67KB , 600x450 , 396.png )

That is a very good question..

"I accept that it was a simple error but that doesn't mean it will not be repeated in some form. You are skilled and knowledgeable, but no one is perfect and mistakes happen. Speak with Styx about what would be necessary to construct a reliable holding area. I would prefer that you get at least one assistant as well, we don't have any other demonologists, obviously, but if someone has an interest in helping you it will at least be two sets of eyes checking for problems."

>"Hmph.. Very well my Lord."

Meagan walks away with her tentacle demon.

Now, let's see what those rust monsters were eating..

You go downstairs where the attack happened. After looking around for a moment you notice a hole in the wall leading to an otherwise sealed off room. The hole is to small for you to squeeze through.
No. 367394 ID: 42e7cd

Call Nix. Let's open up this fucker.
No. 367398 ID: f31dfc

Hmmm... send in some mass produced slimes. We aren't sure what's on the other side. For all we know, we have multiple big bads sealed away.
No. 367401 ID: 3fd4fb

Sending in a slime to scout would work well. They can fit through very small spaces.

Although we don't seem to have combat stats for any of our slimes at the moment. Hopefully that doesn't mean they can't fight for some reason.
No. 367403 ID: 453e62

the slimes could get through. maybe styx has some blasting powder.
No. 367406 ID: 40cb26

Waaaait a minute, is this the same sealed off area that the crazy tinker bitch was in? Time flow was different there and I'm sure there was metal, that would explain this mess neatly. If not then we still have a mystery.

Get our slimes here to scout the area past the hole. Then equip the staff, if they can't open it wider then we'll have to risk blowing it open more that way.
No. 367412 ID: 9da432
File 132201295016.png - (31.52KB , 600x450 , 397.png )

you decide to send in one of the smaller slimes from the Slime Queen.
After a few moments it returns with a few gold coins.

"Gold..? Is there more in there?"

It nods.
No. 367414 ID: 6a5a08

Have the little slimes bring it out a little at a time. We can have Styx work on accessing it while we're out heroing. I mean conquering.
No. 367416 ID: 42e7cd


Should we really bring this out in the open with the mimic around? I'm starting to think we should just ditch her.
No. 367417 ID: 40cb26

Hmm... ok, let's assure a safe and thorough extraction. Get Styx in here with whatever hardware she needs to take care of this.

...And keep our mimic the hell away.
No. 367419 ID: f31dfc

Keep our resident mimic away for the moment. We may be sitting on a gold mine.
No. 367420 ID: fdacff

we need to cure her not ditch her...

We need to find the proper entrance or make a new one through this wall. Time to explore your own castle better.
The gold would be safe in the treasury as we posted guards and told them the mimic is not allowed in, lest she eat our money.
No. 367421 ID: 453e62

good thing gold can't be corroded, whatever other stuff was hidden in there is probably useless.
No. 367422 ID: 3fd4fb

Get Styx. For all we know, there's a door somewhere that opens up right onto the other side of this wall.
No. 367423 ID: e3f578

I'm voting we give the Mimic her own damn house nearby and forbay her from entering the castle without permission. That or ditch her, because no matter how eventually useful she can be fuuuuuuck her stealing our shit.

It's either that or we train her to be more obedient because we really never got a chance to discipline her properly. Just aroused her like once and that's not a real punishment.
No. 367427 ID: 6a5a08

-1 to ditching/banishing
+1 to training/curing
No. 367429 ID: d450ab

>we need gold
>more gold on the other side
Burst through the wall

No. 367430 ID: f31dfc

I'd rather train her and cure her than banish her.If we banished our units when they were useless, we would be down a few key people.
No. 367433 ID: f6106a

It's not that she's useless. it's that she eats our money.

If there's no monsters inside that room, I say we have the slimes count is and only bring some out at our order. Make it our money vault, since the Mimic can't get in.
No. 367436 ID: 9e781d

do not banish or excomunicate the mimic, just have her help in an empty room for a while.
No. 367451 ID: 9da432
File 132202489267.png - (27.85KB , 600x450 , 398.png )

The Mimic, Alalia, is locked away in Meagan's room when you or her aren't around to keep an eye on her. There's no point in wasting a potentially good unit.

You order Styx to begin work on the small hole and soon it is big enough for you to squeeze into.

Wow... Certainly not a fortune but there is quite a bit of gold here. There is also some rusted up metal that is being used to make a crude nest of sorts and a chest.
No. 367454 ID: 453e62

have someone who isn't a robot made of metal gather those eggs and bring them to megan. then check the chest.
No. 367455 ID: 3fd4fb

Paranoia demands that we inspect the chest for traps before attempting to open it.

Aside from that, awesome! We got loot!
No. 367456 ID: bbe107

Another mimic? A dragon hoard?
Oh, I see eggs in the nest, better get those to Megan before they hatch into more feral rust monsters.
No. 367457 ID: 1854db

Are there any other exits out of this room?
No. 367461 ID: 9da432
File 132202638347.png - (45.75KB , 600x450 , 399.png )

No other exits it seems.. You have Meagan take away the eggs, a task she seems very eager to do.

You store all the gold away bringing you to a little over G1,400.

The chest doesn't appear to be trapped. You open it rather easily.

Inside is a... You decide to discard the Odd Photo.
No. 367462 ID: 9da432
File 132202643592.png - (109.46KB , 600x450 , 400.png )

The chest also contains a journal of sorts. Most of the pages are destroyed and it is written in a language you don't understand.
No. 367466 ID: 3fd4fb

>Inside is a... You decide to discard the Odd Photo.
By discarding it, we have essentially handed it to the first minion to be nearby and curious. That photograph is now in general circulation and totally out of our control. I wonder who grabbed it...

>The chest also contains a journal of sorts.
Ask around, see if anyone else recognizes the language.
No. 367469 ID: bbe107

Don't discard the photo... its cute. Keep it.

Immediately spend as much of the gold as needed to buy what you need to fully repair the castle (yay!), including flight mechanism and everything.

Ask your styx if she recognizes the language, you will have to somehow translate it. This was a room sealed from all sides hidden in your castle, it must have been a hidden storage / emergency cache that you made before dying and coming back. The photo is further evidence of that.
No. 367470 ID: 453e62

doesn't that look like your eye... maybe you have two modes?
No. 367472 ID: 9da432

Slight mistake you realize that you have a total of G2,400
No. 367473 ID: 1854db


I wonder if this is your creator's journal.
No. 367474 ID: 46c430

Where did you get said 'Translation' from?
No. 367475 ID: 40cb26

Uh guys, that pic was of Silva. Might become far more trouble than it's worth...
No. 367476 ID: 1854db

It's a code used in previous quests done by the same author. If you want to know how it works... well, try figuring it out. It shouldn't be too hard with the letters I've revealed.
No. 367477 ID: a2fa74

It's a simple cypher


Also, let us SEE the picture before discarding it since you're terrible at identifying things that are important.
Check the back of it as well.
No. 367480 ID: 9da432
File 132202773424.png - (49.13KB , 600x450 , 401.png )

Very well.. You decide to keep the Cute Photo.

As for the journal..

The more you stare at it the more it makes sense to you..
To my most cherished creation,

I hope that when you read this journal you ########
That would make me the happiest mother alive :)

It started off with a simple question. If golems can be created out of the elements such as Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth then why not make them out of other things? Flesh, steel, plastics.
That is my goal. To make a ####################


And then he spoke!

I hope he considers me a ########################

A golem formed out of ######. Even his actions fit him.
Not only has it made him one of the most unique golems in the universe but it's even given him the power to grow. He has a unique way of solving problems.


Tsarl the Lord of Pain is still fighting the Lord of Pleasure. Today my creation expressed his own opinion on the matter. While he has stopped surprising me with his own unique way of thinking this particular comment surprised me. He sa############################


The battles have ravaged the Demon World far more then any other. Our little home, at the edge of the Chaos Spiral is getting ever so closer into the combat zone.
At this point what happens to me doesn't matter. I just want the life I created to survive. Though in all honesty I don't think he can ever truly ###


That's it. The rest is rotted away.
No. 367481 ID: 3fd4fb


Keep this journal safe. There are all kinds of crazy magics in the world; maybe we'll be able to find something that can restore it, or divine what it once said in full. It sounds like the tale of our creation.

If that Cute Photo is of anyone we recognize, we should probably show it to them. They would probably care as much as we do about mysteries of the past sealed away in a previously unknown room, after all.
No. 367482 ID: 453e62

perhaps that is what motivated you in the past, the fighting between the kingdoms took your mother.
No. 367483 ID: 1854db

Keep this journal very close to you at all times. Also, let's look into ways of restoring the text. Time magic, perhaps.

Also, we have a very straightforward task we can do right now. Ask Styx what your eye is made out of.
No. 367484 ID: 453e62

ah yes, get a time mage to reverse the flow of time on it. good idea.
No. 367485 ID: 40cb26

Mother... huh. We will trust Styx with this, no one else. We will talk with her about it later, she should be able to help us work out more we could alone. Finish investigating and securing the area then let's get out of here.
No. 367488 ID: f70e5e

that photo looks a little bit like syliva, not her but maybe a demon of the same species? also that image next to the eye diagram looks like a picture of that weird orb that slyiva has instead of a chest.
No. 367496 ID: 9da432
File 132203982794.png - (127.79KB , 650x650 , 402.png )

The photo 'is' of Silva.
There's nothing more of interest in the area, time to see Styx again.

>"Hmm... This book does seem to be about you. But most of the thing is destroyed, I can't read it. If I could just decipher some of these notes then I'd at least be able to see what it is you're made of.."
No. 367497 ID: 453e62

tell her the idea of a time mage rewinding it to like.. 50 years ago.
No. 367499 ID: 1854db

Is she saying she can't read the code at all, or is she just having problems with the damage? If the former, help her with the translation. Also, she's not to discuss this with anyone else until we figure out if this puts you at risk.

Why the heck was Silva's picture in there though? Very strange... unless your previous self had a more intimate relationship with her than we're aware of.
No. 367500 ID: a2fa74

Too far. Ask the time mage to first determine when it was last written in, and then rewind it to as it was just after that.
I would expect there to be an entire circle of magic related to the restoration, preservation, and managing information of books. Librarimancy?

This takes priority, so send somebody to ask for an estimate on the cost of book restoration.
No. 367501 ID: 9da432
File 132204179994.png - (72.23KB , 650x650 , 403.png )

You'd rather not consider any previous relationships with Silva..

"Is it possible for a time mage to restore this?"

>"Perhaps.. Time magic is a tricky thing my Lord. Even the time mages only know combat spells. And a rewind... Well it's just not possible. A few seconds maybe but not one of this scale. There might be people who are able to restore it with magic but that's only if all the pieces are here. Some pages are completely gone with others on the verge of crumbling to dust."
No. 367502 ID: 453e62

still, restoring the pages with the important details such as what you are made of and who made you would be enough.
No. 367503 ID: 1854db

Lost to time. Frustrating. What the heck is that symbol? Is there any way to tell who wrote this? A signature somewhere perhaps?

Also if we're not investigating the picture, get rid of it. Or give it to Silva, I dunno. We could let her decide what to do with the thing.
No. 367504 ID: a2fa74

Put it back in the chest so it's with all the OTHER parts that detached in there, and send Ruby to ask the Mages if they have anybody who can restore damaged books.
Newbie mages probably mess up books all the time, and humans probably have a lot of infrastructure. They probably have magic for librarians to deal with this sort of thing.
No. 367505 ID: a2fa74

Actually, does anybody here know any mages that can do that? Ruby? Kass? Megan?
No. 367506 ID: 9a2f0a

Let's get our floating disc up and running. With our newfound status as an Overlord with a bit of disposable income, we gotta keep our cash secure. I don't want a case where a complete idiot hero just waltzing in our double doors again.
No. 367507 ID: 9da432
File 132204327178.png - (74.91KB , 377x422 , 404.png )

"What does that symbol mean..?"

>"It is a 'map' of the Chaos Spiral. An ever-shifting landscape that the castle currently resides in. There are few demons in this land."

"Hmm. I think I have an idea."

You make a quick trip back down and grab the box and bring it to Meagan. She had fought the Rust Monster using some form of book magic so maybe..

>"Oh damn.. This is in bad condition. Uh.. I can try to restore it a bit. At least make it so the pages won't turn to dust.."

She starts chanting. The book is lifted out of your hands. You can see some of the pages stitch together and becoming whole. the book looks like it's in great condition now.

You can read a bit more.

That is my goal. To make a golem
that transcends the elements.

To make it not out of the things
that form the universe but out of
the laws that control it!


And then he spoke!

I hope he considers me a mother~
It'll be like the son I never had.
To think that ############
could be used to create him.
Does that mean the other laws will work to?
################ as gravity?


>"That's it. Can't restore it any more then that."
No. 367508 ID: 453e62

woah, you are made of PHYSICS. not gravity since that is mentioned. probably not thermodynamics. inertia?
No. 367509 ID: 1854db

...we're made out of evil? Or suffering? Pain? Death? Entropy? ...Chaos? Yes. I think we're made out of Chaos.

Wait. At the edge of the Chaos Spiral? Is the castle at the edge? I wonder if we could track down the original location where we were created, if the castle is not it. If the castle IS it, then perhaps we should get a layout of the castle and check for more secret rooms.

Thank Meagan profusely.
No. 367512 ID: 453e62

we can't be chaos. we want to UNITE the world. a thing of chaos would want to make chaos. also chaos isn't even PHYSICS.
No. 367516 ID: a2e2f2

we are order
No. 367521 ID: 1444d5

>opposite of chaos
>made of law(s)
No. 367544 ID: a2fa74

"Thank you, Megan. Do the events mentioned tell you anything about when this was written?"
Call Emily here, and give her a hug.
No. 367552 ID: 6a5a08

We are clearly made of the Fourth Wall.
No. 367558 ID: 3fd4fb

Well, this is certainly something to think on... and it tells us something else. Are we still living in our creator's home, or is it somewhere else in the Chaos Spiral, unknown to us? We should spend some time looking through our castle, ensuring that we know every corner of it, in case there's anything else that catches our eye. Failing that, after the castle is repaired we should begin sweeping the immediate area, looking for points of potential interest.

I am inclined to show Silva the picture, though. She's lost much of her memory, same as you- any vestige of the past is something she would likely be happy to see. Besides, she looks so happy in that image...
No. 367566 ID: 40cb26

Hmm... looking at the first bit it seems that when it was written golems had yet to be made of flesh and steel. Yet clearly that's been a thing. It may well have been that our mother is also the first to create those, ask Meagan where and how they were first created, and by whom.

We can have her look at the diagrams as well, but Styx should do better with that. Actually get Styx here with Meagan so they can put their heads together.
No. 367592 ID: b0326b

No. 367593 ID: e3f578

If you are from the same creator, Silva is made from entropy and you from order, obviously. So I think she's the only one that can really kill you, that or Time since all is eventually reduced to entropy through time. This is obvious thanks to your established previous personalities, Silva wanted to destroy everything and for you to control it to the last bit. You would kill things that would be threats to your control because control IS you.

All right, so Silva and a Time Golem are your biggest threats, otherwise you're immortal. Cool beans if that theory is true. A Time/Entropy Mage could be a threat too but that would be dramatically disappointing if one of those killed you off if you've had no previous relationship with one another.
No. 367619 ID: b0326b

now that I've think about it...if we are made of the law of the universe we are not really order, more like we are chaos, order and time.
No. 367620 ID: 453e62

just ONE law of the universe, not all of them.
No. 367647 ID: f31dfc

Actually, chaos might not be too far from the truth. Remember, there is a law of the universe know as the Chaos Theory. The butterfly effect being one example of it. It's still a basic rule and it seems to make sense to how old us rised to power(in war, most people wouldn't think of a third party being the cause of their downfall). Heck, our splintered, yet connected mind is a great example.

Hell, we are doing it AGAIN with what happened to the sword. Small pebble making a big splash. So yeah, that may be it.

Anywho, with the funds we have, let's work on repairing whatever we can first before upgrading gear. We need to get off the ground.
No. 367676 ID: db9a6c

Yeah, let's repair the barracks ASAP, then work on getting the Levitation Ring in working order. BDJXDJDXENSI. That'll be the password to input if we ever need to land.
No. 367677 ID: db9a6c

Yeah, let's repair the barracks ASAP, then work on getting the Levitation Ring in working order. BDJXDJDXENSI. That'll be the password to input if we ever need to land.
No. 367678 ID: db9a6c

Yeah, let's repair the barracks ASAP, then work on getting the Levitation Ring in working order. BDJXDJDXENSI. That'll be the password to input if we ever need to land.
No. 367700 ID: 9da432
File 132210911727.png - (209.69KB , 600x500 , 405.png )

Chaos... The word seems to fit you. The thousand swirling voices all going through your head.. Yes..

"Thank you Meagan, you've been a great help."

>"No prob."

You head off to Styx's lab. With the amount of money you received you feel it is time to upgrade.

When you ask about upgrades Styx pulls out the charts with a few additions made to it.
She says she can also make the fixes instantly for an addition G100 a piece. When asked how she shrugs and says that's just how it works.
No. 367701 ID: 453e62

give her a weird look and ask if she is part mimic. then pay 1100 to get this thing airborne again.
No. 367702 ID: bd7cc2

We are 5 gold short of repairing everything. Let's get everything but the alchemy lab fixed up.
No. 367703 ID: f70e5e

we could zip out and do some trivial encounter for the last five gold, or we could pay to have the flotation ring finished instantly. 105 gold probably would not take that much longer in a strategic sense to get than 5 gold.
No. 367705 ID: 40cb26

Basically this, but let's leave the court undone for now, and do both the labs. Since they actually matter.
No. 367710 ID: 7bad44

everything but the alchemy lab
No. 367715 ID: e3f578

Save Court and Alchemy lab for later, ask Styx about buying shops and investments and other methods to get more revenue in without having to go battle for it ever time.

This is just so she doesn't have to reveal this gameplay mechanic like she did just now with the instabuild ability. We'll know about it know and with these games there's ALWAYS an investment mechanic.
No. 367725 ID: a2fa74

Lets get everything but the court, then have Styx grind Alchemy to max rank and start making potions to sell for mad dosh.
No. 367730 ID: 3947e9

100 to fix everything instantly? or 100 per item for instantly fix it?
No. 367733 ID: 94dd4f

What does the Court do? And the Alchemy lab? And why don't we sent out so minions to get the last gold?
No. 367734 ID: 9da432
File 132212409370.png - (209.92KB , 600x500 , 406.png )

"Explain to me what exactly the court and alchemy lab do."

>"Well my Lord the court merely makes the place look more presentable. Gives any guest you invite over the feeling that we are have recovered far more then we truly have. A good first impression so to speak. The Alchemy lab allows me to brew potions that not only you could use but we could also sell them. I can make potions out of the various monster bits you bring in. Some of them can sell for quite a bit."
No. 367735 ID: 40cb26

What about the demon Lab? I get that it would be Megans area, but what is it good for? Besides keeping her pets from destroying and molesting us all.

Still leaning towards fixing everything but the court right now.
No. 367737 ID: 786012

>everything but the court right now
No. 367743 ID: 453e62

let's spring for the instant on the floatation ring.
No. 367745 ID: 1854db

Hey wait a minute, we should save some of our cash for shopping. Who knows what kind of awesome special our merchant bro has today?

Leave the alchemy lab for now. I agree we should get the demon lab and FD up immediately though, and with the 100g instant fee.
No. 367746 ID: 786012

... Actually yeah, that's a good idea. We can always come back and insta-build the Alchemy Lab after a visit to the Merchant Bro.
... Moreover, we can visit him before we commit to any spending.
No. 367749 ID: a1d7ad

Flotation, we don't want more uninvited guests.
No. 367762 ID: ac6c03

No. 367773 ID: 4bdd79

About how much money does the alchemy lab make each day? If it can pay for itself within a month then let's get it right now.
No. 367775 ID: 3947e9

how long does it take to fix each thing without the instant fix payment? because if its not too long I am perfectly fine with waiting. That is, fix everything but the court, slowly. Starting with the floatation ring.
No. 367776 ID: 48847b

lets repair the floatatin ring istant andd everithing else slow
No. 367780 ID: 6a5a08

We only have 1400, that's not enough.

Get floatation ring and screw the instant bonus. We're going to see Favibro.
No. 367788 ID: f70e5e

i thought we had more than that, i mean we got 1000 gold from the unit reel thing.
No. 367794 ID: 453e62

we do.
No. 367802 ID: 6a5a08

Didn't we give that to Rose or something?
No. 367821 ID: 40cb26

Nah we just had her do the reel spinning, the cash is ours. I think some of the other boons would have effected her specifically though.
No. 367822 ID: 9da432

current inventory is kept here http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats#Current_Inventory
It'll always be as up to date as possible.
No. 367823 ID: f31dfc

You know, we could just sell a few potions and get everything right there. Like one or two.
No. 367837 ID: 6a5a08

I say go see Favio first. If we still have enough after, we get the labs and floatation ring with quickbonus.
No. 367840 ID: 9da432
File 132217756176.png - (254.61KB , 650x650 , 407.png )

You decide to spend G1100 on the floatation ring and having it fixed instantly. No longer shall any heroes barge into your castle.

As soon as you pay for it you can hear the stone fragments of the ring move back into one another. The castle shakes as it slowly rises into the air.

After a few moments the ring settles and moves around the now floating citadel.

This is better. This feels better. Seeing your castle being rebuilt makes you proud.

Now.. You can pay for more repairs or see Fabio. You still have G1395
No. 367843 ID: bdb886

500 for alchemy lab, then see our bro
No. 367846 ID: 35bcde

Alchemy and Demon labs. Long-term gain before pretty trinkets.
No. 367847 ID: 1854db

Ask what the demon lab will do aside from keep the tentacle monsters away from our troops. Then buy it anyway.

The barracks still has another week 'til it's done, so we may as well pay for the instant upgrade on the lab, too.
No. 367848 ID: 6a5a08

Demon Lab get for Meagan, so we don't have to deal with rampant monsters.
See Fabio.
No. 367921 ID: 94dd4f

Alchemy and Demon labs.
No. 367922 ID: 76f3c5

Alchemy and Demon labs
No. 368004 ID: 3947e9

alchemy and demon labs. Non instant.
That would only leave the court unbuilt. And the court is decorative.
No. 368012 ID: 9da432
File 132220981750.png - (58.26KB , 600x500 , 408.png )

You decide to buy the demon lab bringing you down to G895 and then visit Fabio.

>"Ovahlord mah main man! Got a new deal for ya bro. Long Throw Gloves. Let's a unit toss another unit up to 3 spaces in place of a move action. Interest ya?"
No. 368016 ID: 40cb26

Haha oh wow, that's hilarious! Hell yes!

Look into armors, we need some real survivability for our troops
No. 368019 ID: 35bcde

Nope. Alchemy lab. Thanks but no thanks.
No. 368020 ID: 252e1b


We can put off the alchemy lab for something that cool. The tactical possibilities are endless!
No. 368021 ID: 35bcde

We'll buy it later with our profits from alchemy. Geez, he just says SALE and you guys buy anything he's selling...
No. 368023 ID: 40cb26

It's more like one of a kind items that he'll sell off to someone else first chance he gets. The lab isn't going anywhere but these gloves might. They'll be useful in the battles that earn us more money so it's worth it to get now.
No. 368024 ID: 453e62

get dem gloves.
No. 368025 ID: f70e5e

eh, the gloves don't sound that useful. I think we are better off buying some equipment for nix. she's still using whats basically hand me downs.

also an on unrelated note, if we can find out how old that journal we found is we can find our our age.
No. 368026 ID: 3947e9

don't get the gloves, cool but not that useful.
No. 368027 ID: 1854db

Buy now buy now!
No. 368028 ID: 53859d

You've obviously never played Disgaea, having the ability to throw your healer/weakened person/aggressor halfway across the map is never a bad thing.
No. 368040 ID: 12c242

yeah buy glows, we can make some money sending someone farming
No. 368044 ID: 4bdd79

>have Solaris enter tank mode
>throw Solaris, completely bypassing the move speed restriction
No. 368047 ID: 6a5a08

Gloves get
645 left
We can still get alchemy lab
No. 368050 ID: bd7cc2

Another vote for gloves and alchemy lab.
No. 368051 ID: bd2a40

Get the gloves and look to see if we can improve the armours/weapons of all of our people at least a bit.
No. 368093 ID: 2dff97

hells yeah buy them! and equip 'em on Overlord so he can throw dissidents into nearby chasms.

alchemy lab is also okay because we need the monies.

PS: see if Silva is ripe for the milking.
No. 368155 ID: 9da432
File 132227401695.png - (70.30KB , 600x500 , 409.png )

You decide to buy the long throw gloves.

>"Nice doin business with ya. Just in case you forgot rank 1 equipment cost G15, Rank 2 is G25, Rank 3 is G100, Rank 4 is G150, and Rank 5 is G200. Each Rank give +5 stacked damage and some other nifty effects. So Rank 5 give +25 dmg per attack."
No. 368156 ID: 453e62

let's bring rose up to rank 5.
No. 368157 ID: 35bcde

Alchemy labbbb
No. 368158 ID: 6a5a08

Actually yeah, alchemy lab can wait. But before we commit, ask if Fabio has any Construct parts for ourselves and Em.
No. 368159 ID: f7bff3

We dont need upgrades, we need money. Buy the lab.
No. 368161 ID: 1854db

>+5 damage per rank
This is much higher than it used to be. Advances in smithing techniques?

...speaking of money and Rose, where is Rose? Didn't we send her out to hunt?
No. 368166 ID: 9da432
File 132227609039.png - (125.45KB , 650x650 , 410.png )

Actually that's a good question.. Where is she..?
Just in case you send them back to the castle.


You suddenly feel as though you gained G500.
No. 368167 ID: cb0cc3

Having deadlier troops is likely to bring us money faster than the lab will, as they are more capable of taking on larger challenges successfully.

Rank 5 equipment for Rose. If we can get Rank 5 stuff for Ruby while keeping her double attack capability, that would be good, too. I want to take both of them out killing things.
No. 368169 ID: 40cb26

Rubys double attack is just an effect of her fancy staff. Which would be her weapon that we don't need to replace. Rank 5 robes for her would be a good idea though. Who we need a full rank 5 set for is Rose and Nix.
No. 368170 ID: 6a5a08

Get lab and a Rank 5 Equipment set for Rose.
No. 368173 ID: cbc294

Don't forget to congratulate Rose, and compliment her for a good job. As that is well, a really good job. Can you do hugs? we should do hug.
No. 368179 ID: 1854db



+5 bow for Alice! Delicious ranged physical damage, guys.
No. 368180 ID: cb0cc3

Alice still has enough morale problems that I am disinclined to sink money into her combat capabilities.
No. 368190 ID: f31dfc

Rose deserves good gear for her hard work. She probably gained a bunch of levels too!
No. 368191 ID: 3947e9

get the lab, the lab will get you more money which pays for itself and then some.

Don't get +5 weapons for anyone right now. Every plus costs significantly more but adds the same amount as the previous plus. Its cheaper and better to have every piece of equipment have a plus rather then overspecialize.
No. 368202 ID: 40cb26

We really need to do something about her already.
No. 368203 ID: f31dfc

Maybe, but Rose is the one actually doing the work. She goes out there and she does her job, so we may as well give her a reward for being loyal and to show her we want to help her get strong.
No. 368204 ID: 5f55fe

She definitely deserves a gift for her hard work. Better equipment is certainly in order, but I don't know how much of a present that is. Maybe a day off? Or if she can suggest something that she wants. I don't want her to feel like she is under-appreciated.
No. 368206 ID: 453e62

a very nice gift could be just what it takes to break the ice queen exterior of Alice.
No. 368226 ID: 1854db

Hmm. How about a +3 bow for Alice and a +3 spear for Rose, then?

Or we could just buy rank 2 equipment for EVERYONE, on the cheap. Keep in mind that is +10 damage (well actually base equipment is supposed to give +5 damage anyway so maybe it's effectively +5? That would also work out smoother as far as gold efficiency is concerned), which is a lot at our levels, and only 25g each piece. Also rank 2 equipment would be better than anything we currently have on anyone.
No. 368231 ID: 453e62

i thought everyone had rank 2?
need at least rank 3 stuff
No. 368232 ID: f31dfc

Ok, pretty sure a bow isn't even going to phase her loyalty. She's a ice queen, but it's obvious she prefers actual competence than gifts. Remember, she hates gunners because they are cowardly. Trying to buy her loyalty will just decrease it.

Rose on the other hand has self esteem issues, mainly with her heritage and strength. Giving her a reward for hard work and to show she has gotten strong will not only motivate her further, but will also set a 'work hard, be rewarded' dynamic. A boon if we want out soldiers to do better. Buying gifts for one or another who do nothing sets the opposite example, even making it seem lazyness or insubordination are rewarded.

So yeah. No item for Alice until we take her out in the field, level 5 for rose. I think the level 5 weapons and armor come in a set too I think, but I am not sure if that still applies.
No. 368233 ID: e3f578

Consider getting her a gift card at the world's most famous brothel. She'd probably would like that.

Probably. Nonetheless, the reaction would be humorous.
No. 368253 ID: 9da432
File 132233826267.png - (53.39KB , 600x500 , 411.png )

You'll thank Rose when you next see her.

For now you get some Rank 2 weapons for your troops bringing you down to G1770.

>"Will that be all Overlord? I couldn't help but noticing you didn't get anything for that fly archer you got. You know Archers do love bows. Maybe a kit so she can take care of hers some?"
No. 368256 ID: 453e62

40G for a deluxe one
No. 368258 ID: 44766a

Yes, get the deluxe version if he has one.
No. 368259 ID: 40cb26

Hmm well, it can't hurt. Might soften her up a bit?
No. 368268 ID: cb0cc3

Fine, bow repair kit. Also ask if he's got any good construct parts; Emily could use some upgrades. So could we, for that matter.
No. 368275 ID: 6a5a08

She said she hates gunners because they throw away their guns and treat everything like a tool, right?
Getting her the kit would allow her to maintain her bow, possibly upgrade it, instead of getting her a new one (which might insult her).
No. 368324 ID: 1854db

That's really smart.
No. 368331 ID: 5f55fe

Yea, I can't see her wanting to switch bows unless her current one is beyond repair. I could be wrong though.
No. 368340 ID: 9da432
File 132236980915.png - (60.26KB , 600x500 , 412.png )

You decide to get her the Bow leaving you with G1750.

>"Thank mah man. Anything else you'd like?"
No. 368342 ID: 1854db

Rank 3 armor for everyone that can wear it, except for Kassandra who has something better anyway.
No. 368344 ID: 453e62

hmm, yeah sure.
No. 368346 ID: 6a5a08

Do we have the Alchemy Lab? If not get that.
If we do, ask about construct parts. We already upgraded the others, let's see about ourselves and Emily. Also the Silva Doll.
No. 368366 ID: cb0cc3

Construct parts. Important.
No. 368374 ID: e3f578

Other: Yourself

I just figure seeing him fight as a merc on our side would be pretty cool, seeing his abilities or something. Okay, really, I just would like to purchase a sparring match between him and Overlord. Just because it might be fun and cool.
No. 368376 ID: 2dff97

save the gold for the mimic.
No. 368399 ID: 38c26a

I think we should put some trust in Alalia (The mimic)

Give her our money to hold on to, as long as she doesn't eat more than half of it. And if she keeps to that, then later we might trust her to hold onto more.

I feel she might be lonely/hungry at this point.
No. 368404 ID: 9a34be

I say we get the alchemy lab, or construct parts, and then give the remainder to the mimic, for similar reasons.
No. 368407 ID: 453e62

don't GIVE it to her. you need to TEACH her not just hand over a sack of cash. put a small amount of gold in front of her and have someone ninja-guard it. she tries to touch any then our ninja appears and bops her on the head. if she goes... let's say a half-hour, without trying to eat any then she will get 10GP to eat. carrot and stick. stealing will get her hurt, stick, while obedience will reward her, the gold/carrot.
No. 368418 ID: 38c26a

When I said give her the gold, I meant make her promise not to eat all of it before giving it to her.

I feel that the whole carrot/stick thing is a bit too much. Show her a bit of trust and see where that leads.
No. 368423 ID: cb0cc3

Why are we willing to spend hundreds of gold gambling on an attempt to get her trust, when we have people who are already loyal that we can be rewarding and equipping with that gold? I have to say that we should be looking for a way to the mimic's heart that isn't through her stomach, as it were- a relationship that's essentially based on bribing her will only last as long as our available funds, not to mention that it'd be costly in the extreme. We ended up with what, a quarter of a percent of the elder slime's treasure hoard? Less? Expecting the mimic to act anything like we want her to when it comes to money is foolish.
No. 368428 ID: 03e972

She can do things that we haven't even gone over. We don't know to what extent the things that she can do. And I don't mean to feed her gold as a bribe, but she works for us now, and I want her to feel like she is needed, wanted to have around. To that extend, I thought we should let her hold onto and protect our money. I feel that giving her some responsibility might improve her attitude, whereas treating her like a prisoner would only server to further her noncooperation.
No. 368429 ID: 1854db

I think we've established by now that the mimic won't willingly give us the gold that is rightfully ours. What reason do we have to believe she would not lay claim to gold that we give her on purpose to 'store'?
No. 368477 ID: 03e972

Because we ask her to. Look, even if it's not likely to succeed, I still feel it is possible and worth attempting.

She took the money that was "ours" because it wasn't ours at the time. And then she was reluctant to give it up later. We'll deal with it if it happens again. It's not like she's going anywhere fast.
No. 368479 ID: 6a9fdc

Yeah, it wasn't ours at the time. And neither was she. At the time, she belonged to the king slime. GUESS WHOSE ROOM FULL OF GOLD SHE ATE.
No. 368483 ID: 9da432
File 132245813047.png - (45.63KB , 600x500 , 413.png )

You'll deal with the mimic later along with the Archer. For now you decide to check if Fabio has any construct parts.

>"Sorry Overlord, I don't deal with those. Might wanna snag a few from other constructs around and about. All I got in Other is Rings and Potions."
No. 368485 ID: 453e62

well let's see about rings. they can be apparently very useful. also ask if he knows about recharging revive rings.
No. 368498 ID: 6546f8

ask if he know where we can buy construct parts
No. 368508 ID: 1854db

Let's see what rings and potions he's got.
No. 368510 ID: 2dff97

don't buy no rings or potions.
No. 368521 ID: e57c0b

let's see what he's got then buy alchemy
No. 368535 ID: 9a34be

If we keep looking at what he's got we're going to keep impulse buying instead of actually getting that alchemy update and then maybe doing something with the mimic, so no, let's not look at what he has, and upgrade alchemy.
No. 368544 ID: 6a5a08

Check if he has an Anti-Ring Ring.
Because these faggot ring users need to be taught a lesson:
WE are the only ones allowed to have plot devices!
No. 368566 ID: 4bdd79

No. 368605 ID: f2055d

Nah, I doubt that's possible. Besides, the rings and things keep it interesting.
No. 368651 ID: da2457

Well we have 1750g left we could buy the alchemy lab and still get more gear it not like we're strapped for cash like we normally are.
No. 368661 ID: 252e1b

We should save some money so the Overlord can get the Archie attachment.
No. 368686 ID: e2d21e

we shold buy some level up for the overlord
No. 368691 ID: 453e62

Speak softly and carry a big stick.
we got the speaking softly down well, but we need a big stick. so gain levels will do that.
No. 369654 ID: a4a7f4
File 132298638220.png - (40.27KB , 650x650 , 414.png )

You decide to leave for now and pay for the Alchemy Lab. You pay an additional G100 to have it done instantly.

Styx explains how it works.

>"When you kill monsters sometimes you'll get monster parts. On their own they can sell for a bit but when combined with other parts they may make something amazing. For example let's take these three slime parts you got earlier. I can combine them to make a new item. Would you like me to do this?"
No. 369655 ID: 453e62

sure, slimes are chemical blobs, who knows what it can make.
No. 369658 ID: bdb886

With exuberance, my lady.
No. 369661 ID: 3fd4fb

Sure, why not? They're not doing anything for us at the moment.
No. 369662 ID: 6a5a08

No. 369664 ID: a4a7f4
File 132298937428.png - (82.01KB , 650x650 , 415.png )

"By all means."

Styx combines the items and makes Royal Jelly!

>"Now we can either sell the item or use it for more Alchemy. We can even combine it with Weapons or Armor. Though.. Those results tend to not be as stable or desirable as just items. Unique though."
No. 369665 ID: bdb886

>Royal Jelly

I vote for keeping it - though, combining it with armor might make for...interesting results.
No. 369666 ID: 453e62

i wonder if we could combine 3 royal jelly into like, imperial jelly.
No. 369667 ID: 3fd4fb

Hmm. That's pretty lucrative. Can our loyal slimes produce slime parts on their own, or is that only possibly by killing slimes? 150G is nothing to scoff at, so if we can reliably manufacture this it could be an alright source of income. Plus random fun slime-enhanced items, obviously.
No. 369682 ID: 69fbba

No. 369684 ID: 40cb26

Before selling anything we should look into what else it might be useful for. After all while we want money, power and utility will get us there surer.

Let's just be sure not to get hung up on a few good combinations we find because there are far more things we can discover.
No. 369734 ID: 2dff97

you should combine it with an egg.

do we have to use 3 components, or can we use 2 or 4 or whatever?
No. 369825 ID: dd7b82
File 132304552229.png - (31.05KB , 650x650 , 416.png )

"Can we combine more then three items? Also what does the Royal Jelly do?"

>"The Jelly is most likely useless beyond it's alchemical properties. As for how many items you can Alchemize you are limited to three but can use two if you desire. Would you like to try anything else?"
No. 369826 ID: bdb886

>List components available.

No. 369827 ID: 3fd4fb

Combine three of our ten potions.

And our three mana crystals.

Strongly consider combining the two results of these operations.
No. 369828 ID: dd7b82
File 132304600464.png - (51.27KB , 650x650 , 417.png )

You combine three Mana Crystals and create and Mana Gem.
Grants No MP loss for 3 rounds.
No. 369829 ID: bdb886

>Combine three mana crystals.
>Combine result with Cloth Armor +
No. 369830 ID: 453e62

ohhhh. neat.
No. 369831 ID: dd7b82
File 132304605002.png - (48.25KB , 650x650 , 418.png )

You combine three Potions and make a Mega Potion.
Heals for 45 HP.
No. 369832 ID: 35bcde

Royal jelly, Mana gem, staff.
No. 369833 ID: bdb886

I have to agree.
No. 369834 ID: 453e62

ask styx what her best guess for what would happen if the mana gem was combined with the magic suit. also ponder combining the royal jelly with one of those eggs,
No. 369835 ID: 453e62

why add the jelly? seems a waste to me.
No. 369836 ID: dd7b82
File 132304643195.png - (54.20KB , 650x650 , 419.png )

You combine the Royal Jelly, Mana Gem, and Vintage Healing Staff+ to create the Slime Wand.

Can be used to summon Slimes onto the battlefield. Limit of 3 slimes. 20% chance of summoning a Slime King.
No. 369837 ID: 453e62

be a good time to ask about summons, are they created creatures or are they pulled from somewhere else?
No. 369842 ID: 1854db

Is that an equippable item?

I think we're mostly out of ingredients... let's upgrade our body, next. Throw like 500g at it.
No. 369843 ID: 3fd4fb

Make a second Mega Potion. Those are way better than our standard Potions.
No. 369854 ID: 6a5a08

Attach the Slime Wand to us as an add-on in place of our fire staff.

Combine Vintage Spear and Vintage Whip to create Extendo-spear!
No. 369858 ID: dd7b82
File 132305661498.png - (85.22KB , 650x650 , 420.png )

You make a second Mega Potion.
You start to make something else when Styx stops you.

>"My lord.. I'm glad you are enjoying the Alchemator but we are going to run out of stuff at this rate. You need more ingredients."
No. 369859 ID: e3f578

Make a face similar to a kid that can't play with his favorite new toy anymore.
No. 369860 ID: 453e62

"oh, yes, of course."
ask about how summoning works.
and let's give everyone the new stuff we got. especially alice. need a personal touch when giving it to her.
need to give her the new bow and say "in battle i expect you to use the most powerful weapon you can. but..." and then give her the maintenance kit "i see no reason you can't keep the old one."
No. 369863 ID: 3fd4fb

I second this motion.

Giving everyone their new equipment all at once when they're together might be good for building morale, and a personal touch for Alice couldn't hurt.

Then it's time to go out fighting again, I suppose. The eternal need to level up and gain loot calls.
No. 369864 ID: e3f578

in fact, have a daydream about combing Styx, Lenion, and Solaris into one super awesome unit, then make a sad face because that's impossible. Also horrible because it would ruining their lives and personalities.
but it would be a cool unit.
Then tell Styx to get cracking on a temporary fusion method so you can make cool units without all the horrible moral quandries.
No. 369866 ID: 6a5a08


Also seconding handing out upgraded wepons. If that was Kass' new staff, give her the slime wand and we'll keep the Fire Staff. Alice gets the repair kit.
No. 369877 ID: dd7b82
File 132306009701.png - (101.00KB , 700x500 , 421.png )


You equip everyone's new items to them. Their stats change and some gain new abilities


You decide to hand Alice her bow repair kit personally.

"Alice, I had bought everyone some weapons but I figured you'd appreciate this a bit more."

She takes the kit and glares at you.

>"Don't try to buy my loyalty idiot."
No. 369878 ID: dd7b82
File 132306012982.png - (153.15KB , 700x500 , 422.png )


She leaves.
No. 369879 ID: bdb886

>I-i-it's not like I'm loyal or anything, geeze!
No. 369880 ID: 453e62

haha, she will never admit it. anyway let's go do stuff.
No. 369881 ID: 1854db

Hmm, I wonder if Alice would agree with upgrading her bow via the alchemy lab?

Well anyway, let's level up our body. Dump like half of our remaining funds into it.
No. 369882 ID: dd7b82
File 132306148771.png - (17.95KB , 296x456 , 423.png )

You decide to upgrade your body a bit.

>Styx: "Hmm... Sorry My Lord. I need another item to level you up. It is a device known as an ENC Tag. You could probably find one in Psicrest. It would cost around G1,000 but someone may be willing to give you one as a reward."
No. 369884 ID: 6a5a08

What if
We alchemize our body
With Mana Crystals
No. 369885 ID: bdb886


Ask Styx to come, so you are certain you're getting the right thing.
No. 369886 ID: 453e62

to Psicrest!
No. 369891 ID: dd7b82
File 132306220647.png - (102.37KB , 474x669 , 424.png )

You go to Psicrest. Thankfully another city that isn't in ruins.
Not many monsters here though.. There are plenty of people wandering around and a decent sized shopping district.

A few people stare at Styx and you.
No. 369894 ID: 453e62

ask around.
No. 369902 ID: 1854db

Find a merchant. Perhaps we can get some info from them about employment opportunities.
No. 369903 ID: bdb886

Find a merchant with the item.
No. 369913 ID: 80b862

Wait, Psicrest? We'd better keep a look out for that Esper we were asked to hunt down.

No. 369916 ID: 6a5a08

Go to Level 6 Encounter
No. 369919 ID: 3fd4fb

Inquire of Styx if she knows why we're attracting stares.
No. 369921 ID: 8251cf

No. 369926 ID: 40cb26

Quiety ask Styx just out of place she looks, and consider having her remove her mask for now, and maybe obscure the appearance of our own eyes design.

Then look for a merchant. Let's have Styx do the talking as we will take the role of her follower/minion construct.
No. 369928 ID: 2dff97

is that a ball?
No. 369945 ID: a4a7f4
File 132307144634.png - (165.68KB , 700x500 , 425.png )

That is a ball.. In fact it looks similar to the one the tribe leader had described. As you approach it a girl walks up to you.

>???: "You had better be careful around here. Wearing that symbol.. Well not many people appreciate what That Man did."

You notice people in the street have stopped and are staring.
No. 369946 ID: 453e62

"but you wear it openly as well, perhaps you could explain why you aren't stared at. privately if you wish."
No. 369951 ID: 1854db

Ask her if she'd rather talk somewhere people won't stare.
No. 369952 ID: e3f578

"Good, I was going for edgy and offensive today."
"What's up with the four stars, they just decoration or are you happy to see me?"
No. 369953 ID: f70e5e

both of these. also don't mention the stars in the open. I think she's an old minion who remind loyal but went to ground.
No. 369954 ID: 0bf6b8

Hmm yes, that would be understandable. He was a rather dreadful man I hear.
No. 369960 ID: 40cb26

"Why do you wear it, then?"

Must be one of out former units, still loyal to us. Excellent. We need to talk with her, somewhere more private.
No. 369961 ID: cbbba4

No. 369965 ID: 786012

"Yet you've remained loyal, even in exile. Perhaps you can show us a place where we can have some privacy? There is much we must talk about."
No. 369970 ID: a4a7f4
File 132308476972.png - (367.23KB , 700x500 , 426.png )

"Yet you've remained loyal, even in exile. Perhaps you can show us a place where we can have some privacy? There is much we must talk about."

>???: "Hehe... There's really no need."

She spreads her arms and the air around her chills. Dark tendrils move about her body and an odd gust passes through the area.
You feel Fearful.

The people who were once staring retreat. Some stumble backwards and fall flat on their backs in their attempt to flee.

>???: "We have plenty of privacy right here My Lord."
No. 369972 ID: 252e1b


"Expedient. A bit showy, but expedient. When I lost the final battle, I lost more than my little empire. I lost my memories. What's your name? How long have you been living here?"
No. 369974 ID: 786012

"You've subjugated an entire settlement? And you're the reason this area is devoid of monsters, I presume?"
Smile; clap your hands a few times.
"Bravo, bravo! That's commendable devotion you show!"
Stop clapping. Adopt serious facial expression.
"However, I believe you've missed several important developments in your zeal. This is no fault of yours; but I must be honest with you on this. For you see, while I'm the closest thing you'll find, technically I'm not your Lord. You may consider me his heir, though the full story is a bit more complex. I've assumed the title Overlord by right of succession, but my policies have been significantly changed to reflect the lessons I've learned from the previous Overlord's defeat. So, I'll reiterate my request: shall we make ourselves more comfortable for this discussion?"
No. 369976 ID: 786012

(Err, yeah. Combine >>369974 with >>369972 somehow; we should ask for her name sooner rather than later, I think.)
No. 369977 ID: 40cb26

Neat. But I was hoping to keep things more subtle. Oh well... let's be just a bit cautious here, despite her loyalty. Or because of it. If we show ourself not enough the Lord she remembers it may not keep.

I like the first bit, but let's not admit to all the amnesia yet. Just say our memory is lacking, and for her to identify herself and debrief you on what she knows of the attack and afterwards.

The entirely of the "honest" bit is a bad idea. At least right now. We don't want another mess like with that artificer.
No. 369978 ID: 786012

The artificer (tinkerer, I think the correct term is) was hostile from before we even knew of her. What this situation reminds me of more is the Silva encounter. This time, however, we don't have a Subjugation Potion (or whatever it was called), and, as you can recall, we had a rather tense conversation with Silva after the tinkerer told her about what we've withheld from her. My opinion is that by being honest from the start, we can limit the resentment the truth will induce in our new acquaintance in the worst case, or even gain some respect in the best case. (Flattery and commendation were tailored into my variants of speeches exactly for that purpose: preventative damage control.)
No. 370009 ID: f70e5e

we should avoid denying connection to the previous overlord, but we should be open about the memory loss.

" it good to see more of my servants have remained loyal. I apologize for not recognizing you,but I lost my memories along with everything else when i was defeated."
No. 370014 ID: 6a5a08

No. 370017 ID: 18ee21

No. 370038 ID: e3f578

I like this too, but we should also be open about changes in personality and tactics as well. Including improving diplomacy skills and reduce impractical cruelties. Just to get everything out of the way, be it conflict or just necessary information, immediately.
No. 370084 ID: 53859d

You also have to keep in mind that the reason the Overlord failed last time was because he didn't really foster the loyalty of his Minions.

So, probably best not to assume she'll gladly "Return to the Fold" so to speak.
No. 370085 ID: 25d645
File 132313097033.png - (141.65KB , 700x500 , 427.png )

"Expedient. A bit showy, but expedient. I still must insist on a more private place to talk."

>???: "Very well my Lord."

She takes you into a nearby building. When you walk in she closes the door and gives a small curtsy.

>???: "It is good to see you again My Lord. I thought you were lost forever when everyone had betrayed you."

"That is partially true. After my defeat I lost my memories. Right now I am rebuilding everything."

>???: "What!? You lost your memory!? I'm so sorry my Lord! Oh no... Then you probably don't remember me. I am Shana your Shadow Mage. You had sent me to psicrest to keep the city under your control. I couldn't make it to the fight when it happened... I felt so terrible about it all."
No. 370086 ID: 453e62

... her stars are going up way to fast, i'm sus. but let's just watch for now.
explain you have come here looking for an ENC Tag, and a sphere.
No. 370087 ID: bdb886

Absence makes the heart grow fonder~

"In any case, can you tell me about the town? I'm looking for a specific item at the moment. I aim to get it legally - I will explain later."
No. 370088 ID: e3f578

So how long has she worked under us? If a while ago, before Styx joined, ask if she knows anything about Lugh and any personal history such as your creation, just in case. She sounds like a total fan girl. But yeah a suspicious total fan girl.

Also, excuse Styx and yourself for a small moment of conversation to ask Styx privately if it's possible to fake loyalty stars.
No. 370090 ID: 1854db

Oho! So, is the city still ours? Ask her how it's being operated, exactly. With our different angle on how we run things, we might want to make a few changes.

Also ask about the two objects we are looking for. I have a feeling that the orb has something to do with the city being taken over, however, so we may have to abandon that quest.
No. 370091 ID: 25d645
File 132313240539.png - (99.37KB , 700x500 , 428.png )

"So this city is still mine?"

>Shana: "I'm afraid not my Lord. When you fell so did control. I could still take it over if you want me to. I think I could defeat everyone here in battle. I am level 20 after all."

"I'll uh... Think about that. At the moment I have more pressing matters. I need two items. An ENC Tag and an Orb that was stolen and brought to this town."

>"I know where to get the tag easily and I think I may know where the Orb is. Please wait here a moment."

She leaves.

".... Styx. She scared me. 'Me'."

>Styx: "Myself as well my Lord... I don't remember this girl... Though I suppose that may simple be because she was still out here when I started working for you."
No. 370092 ID: bdb886

"Quickly: When again did you start working for me?"
No. 370098 ID: 1854db

...yes, if we know when Styx first joined us, and this girl claims to have joined after that, then we'll know she's lying. And also that she's somehow faking her loyalty stars.

Ask Styx if she knows exactly how the loyalty star detection thing works.
No. 370099 ID: 3fd4fb

"Do we have anyone still with us who would likely have known her? Or at least known what I was doing in Psicrest?"

I am also curious as to how she immediately recognized us as the Overlord, in spite of our clever disguise- can all our minions innately tell that we're the boss regardless of what we look like, or what?
No. 370101 ID: 40cb26

I'm inclined to take this girl at her word, it's not like Styx or our record of anything can prove something amiss. Besides she does have that strong loyalty and I doubt that can be faked. Don't ask how the loyalty detection works, but ask if it is infallible.

When she gets back we need to inform her of our... policy changes. No sense wasting what little good will we have mustered so far on a single powerful unit laying waste to the populace.
No. 370108 ID: bd7cc2

I don't think she recognized us as the overlord, she just recognized the symbol we're wearing as the overlord's.

And yeah, get more info. I don't trust this.
No. 370139 ID: a4a7f4
File 132315397754.png - (145.40KB , 545x500 , 429.png )

"Do we have anyone still with us who would likely have known her? Or at least known what I was doing in Psicrest?"

>Styx: "I doubt this.. I didn't know about it. Though I did only start working for you a little over a month ago.. Still you told me more then anyone else."

The door opens up and Shana walks in.

>"Orb obtained my Lord. We may want to leave. I'm certain the people who live here will not appreciate me taking their main source of income."
No. 370140 ID: 453e62

awwww fuck.
grab on and teleport back to the castle. then ask what it is.
No. 370141 ID: 6a5a08

Well then, time for absconding.
No. 370143 ID: b6edd6

Is that the same orb we are looking for? How long has it been here? It probably would need to have been here for quite a while to become the main source of income.
No. 370144 ID: 3947e9

could she explain a bit? what was the orb used for?
No. 370145 ID: 40cb26

Dammit! We should have gotten the tag first. Oh well too late to worry about that now. Plans and questions will have to wait.

Run like we stole something. Because... yeah.
No. 370146 ID: 3fd4fb

"Yes, that will likely be a problem for them. You got the ENC Tag as well, I trust? Is there anything else here worth seizing before we go?"

If she says no: "We're off, then." And teleport home.
No. 370152 ID: a4a7f4
File 132315674140.png - (236.53KB , 700x500 , 430.png )

"What..? What exactly does the ball do?"

>"Basically it makes gold."

".... Let's go. You got the ENC Tag right?"


You decide to abscond. Back at the castle Shana rolls the orb to you. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a tag when suddenly Emily crashes into her.

>Emily: "Shana! It is you! I thought you were dead for so long!"

>Shana: "Haha and I thought you were taken apart."

>Emily: "Nope! Still here! It is so good to see you!"

>Shana: "Hahaha yeah wish I could say the same. It is good to see the castle is still here at least. Anyone else around?"

>Emily: "Well right now it is me and Lenion and Solaris and-"

>Shana: "Anyone I would know?"

>Emily: "Rose and me and Styx and Silva."

>Shana: "Woah wait, Silva's here?"

>Emily: "Yes but she's good now!"

>Shana: "Man.. What happened since I left?"
No. 370155 ID: bdb886

"I became a better man."

Swag out of the room.
No. 370159 ID: 3fd4fb

No. Not only might that offend since she obviously liked the old Overlord, we have talking with her still to do and we need that tag.

"Emily, please field that one; your memory is more complete than mine and I would be interested in hearing your take, anyway."
No. 370160 ID: 2dff97

Emiry is the best flesh golem ever.

let's use that orb a bit.
No. 370162 ID: 453e62

yes, ask emily what she remembers between her leaving and us waking up. then we can explain the rest.
No. 370165 ID: 1854db

Oh DUH, of course Emily was here longer than anyone else.

We gotta ask her about Lugh. Right now though, give our recovered trooper a summary of the events, and... uh, is she REALLY level 20?!
No. 370171 ID: 3947e9

Awww, you are cute together.

>Orb makes gold
You know, I would have felt bad for them if it was making water or food or a cure or something but a town living off a magic orb of free gold... Bah, let them get real jobs.
Also, now that we absconded lets hear a more detailed explanation.

>Shana: "Hahaha yeah wish I could say the same
So mean T.T

>Silva is here
Silva also lost her memories.
Nothing more nothing less. The less people know exactly what the better.

>I became good
Well... last time we had an ultimately noble goal. But we were really really mean to our troops and a few other character flaws. We aim to fix those and to have good PR. We still want to conquer the world though.
No. 370172 ID: 6af537

Is that really so surprising? Remember, she cleared out all of the Psicrest suburbia.

Also, in the best traditions of TES, we now have to decide if we take the gold-making orb for ourselves or return it to whoever requested it in the first place.
No. 370174 ID: 40cb26

Tell her that since we lost all our memories we had to start over from scratch, and this time we've taken a different approach to things. Describe what has gone on up until this point, and then ask her what the deal is with that orb.
No. 370177 ID: f70e5e

i hope taking the orb doesn't cause us problems down the line. granted it was ours in the first place but we did just piss off an entire village, and allot of people are looking for an excuse rather than a reason to come down on us. it might be wise keep an eye on the village and make sure it doesn't suffer mass starvation or anything from losing the orb.
No. 370179 ID: f31dfc

In case she still asks questions after emily explains, simple and brief may help.

"Basically, I woke up as a eye with no memories, slowly rebuilt the force with the aid of Rose, Emily and Styx, reunited with Silva who also lost her memories, managed to cure a plague spreader enough that she regained mental control and her own thoughts and managed to have a group of heroes apologize to me and offered aid after they unsealed the old tinkerer. Add the facts that we have a couple of new followers, aided a bunch of slimes, and was planning on giving that orb to a tribe, all and all we have been busy in the last bit.

..Oh, and I now have a face. I think I got the hang of smiling *smile*"
No. 370187 ID: 10d7fd

No. 370210 ID: 6a5a08


Also, have Styx try to replicate the Orb, or figure out the alchemical recipe for it. If we can copy it, we can give it back to Psicrest, give one to whoever wanted it, and keep one for ourselves. Screw the economy!
Plus, having it would make the Mimic superloyal.
No. 370216 ID: 6af537

Indeed. Remember to keep Alalia away from the Orb in the mean time though =)
No. 370251 ID: 53859d

Again, this does not, in any way, coincide with what we know.

What we know is that we did Very Fucking Little to foster the loyalty of our previous batch of minions. Yet here we are with someone who claims to be from the last group, and likes us more then Rose, Kassandra, and Nix. All people that we have gone to /Great/ lengths to win over.

From a town named PSICREST.

She's mindfucking us, and Emily isn't exactly known for being suspicious--or for that matter, particularly strong of will either.
No. 370252 ID: bdb886

We did send her away. Maybe she thought differently due to seperation?
No. 370262 ID: 453e62

hmmm, how about a small test. what we are a golem of. if she guesses right then ask her how she knows that. if she says we told her, then ask why we would of told her but not styx?
No. 370298 ID: 53859d


I'm going more on the whole "Nobody rung a bell in her head until we brought Silva out, and Silva was world famous". And the fact that she's never /Actually Said/ anything that wouldn't be "Common Knowledge" persay, and that we didn't suddenly start seeing her Loyalty Stars (Which are suspiciously high given what we know of our past). Until after using a /Mind Effecting Magic Spell/, which we know hit us to some extent because /We Felt the Fear/

While it's entirely possible she somehow managed to uniquely remain Loyal even after a delay like that, I'm not willing to buy it, especially with the Tinker in play, hostile towards us, and /Very Good at Mindfucking people/.
No. 370303 ID: 6a5a08

We saw the stars before the spell:
But in the room after they went up by 1/2:
No. 370304 ID: f6106a

I'm... actually pretty sure this is true. Emily just said she'd know Styx. Styx does not know her. Scan this girl. Also the orb if you can. I'm worried it's a bomb or something.

Ask Styx if you normally need eye contact or something for mind screwery or if her mask might block it for another reason.
No. 370319 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Yes, ask Emily why Styx would know this woman.
No. 370321 ID: 6a5a08

Not while she's here. It's better if she doesn't know we're catching on if she is bad, and if she's good, us being suspicious of her might hurt loyalty.
No. 370468 ID: 0ee607
File 132330383436.png - (94.86KB , 700x500 , 431.png )

You pull Styx aside as Emily and Shana talk.

"Styx, is it possible she's using psionics to mess with my mind?"

>"Highly unlikely my Lord. The way Psionics works if you suspected you were under it you'll most likely break it. True Psionics wouldn't even let you feel doubt. And can you see her Loyalty? That can't be faked since it's a unique skill to only you."
No. 370471 ID: 1854db

Well that's a load off our mind. Thank her and then go see what Rose is freaking out about.
No. 370473 ID: bdb886

In any case, have a round of introductions. I think we'll be keeping the orb, for now, as payment for being lied to (We were told the theif was a single person, not an entire city.) by the people who sent us to get it.

Once intros are done, it's time for another upgrade~!
No. 370475 ID: 7c31d2

I think we should ask Emily what happened to the giant fire breathing pumpkin construct
No. 370476 ID: 0ee607

Please look at the Dis thread.
No. 370532 ID: 40cb26

Good enough for me. While I'm sure Emily is talking to her about things that have gone on, have Styx debrief her more thoroughly. As for us, let's go see what Rose is so spazzed out about.

Also think about what we are going to DO with this level 20 unit. We could rely on her for much, but if we bring her along in our battle team against weaker enemies it be a waste of her talents or against things appropriate for her it would be too dangerous for our other units.
No. 370544 ID: f31dfc

I see her as sort of a area protector unit. While she would be helpful in any fight, the fact she kept an entire area enemy free speaks volumes of her skill at guarding a location. She could even serve as our head of security when we start up that plague spreader healing community.
No. 370547 ID: 0ee607
File 132331805667.png - (78.90KB , 444x500 , 432.png )

You figure you'll keep the orb. No one lies to you.

You go up to Rose and ask her what's wrong.

>"W-wrong!? N-no it's n-n-nothing! I uh... Gotta go water the tentacle demon..."

She starts hurrying off.
No. 370550 ID: bdb886

"You're shaking. Are you cold?"
No. 370551 ID: 3fd4fb

"Rose, if you're going to lie to my face, you should at least make an effort to do so competently. Emily and Shana appear to be occupied with their own conversation, so we have a moment to speak. You have some issue with Shana which I can't remember, at a guess?"
No. 370553 ID: 40cb26

Rose is certainly not saying something but we'll bother her about it later.

Well we aren't sure it was a lie, exactly. A city had it but it could have been stolen by an individual on their behalf. At the very least it is more important than the job we thought we were doing. Definitely hold onto it for now, we have a lot to learn about the what why and how here. Let's go ask Shana about it.
No. 370554 ID: 453e62

grab hold of her hand and spin her around and look her in the eyes "anything you tell me will be just between us, okay?"
No. 370566 ID: 0ee607
File 132331971212.png - (116.02KB , 532x500 , 433.png )

You grab Rose's hand.

"Rose, if you're going to lie to my face, you should at least make an effort to do so competently. Emily and Shana appear to be occupied with their own conversation, so we have a moment to speak. Do you have some issue with Shana which I can't remember?"

>"Uhm no it's uh... It's really nothing my Lord. Just one time we were playing around and she b-broke my mask off.."

"Broke it off?"

>"Y-yes. It's uh... Attached to my head. Like a second horn. It's part of being an imp. She uh said it was an accident but... I just don't want to be around her okay?"
No. 370567 ID: b6edd6

"Rose, is there something I should know about Shana? If there is some issue it would be best to discuss it before it causes any trouble."
No. 370569 ID: bdb886

Oh god, don't tell me - she's a bully. A big mean psychic bully.
No. 370570 ID: 3fd4fb

"...yes, I can see how that would sour your relationship. If she did that sort of thing often, then it could cause morale problems here. Rose, for the moment I'll depend upon you to see that the others are appropriately informed about her history and personality; later we can speak more in private."
No. 370571 ID: 1854db

Ask her if that sort of accident happened much with anyone else.
No. 370572 ID: 453e62

give her a hug and tell her to go someplace quiet and write down all the stuff she remembers shana doing. we will stay with shana so she doesn't need to worry about her being found out.
No. 370574 ID: 0ee607
File 132332041775.png - (179.59KB , 700x500 , 434.png )

"Did something like that happen with anyone else..?"

>"I... I really don't want to talk about it.."

"Fine. Go with Meagan and write about it. I need this information okay? I'll stay with Shana."


She quickly runs upstairs.
No. 370576 ID: 453e62

turn around and laugh and walk back over and say "oh that rose, she said she needs to water the tentacle monster"
technically true.
No. 370577 ID: 1854db

Ask how those two are getting along, and if she wants to meet the other troops.
No. 370579 ID: 3fd4fb

Let's shift the topic to business and give Shana something new to focus on.

"Shana, not to interrupt your catching up, but I would be interested in spending some time conversing with you on more serious matters. I have been attempting to determine exactly what went wrong in my last attempt to conquer the world so that this time around I can use better methods, and the insights of someone I had trusted enough to put in charge of a sector could be invaluable. Unfortunately none of those who remained loyal after my fall were significantly involved in strategic planning."

Let's not mention Rose to Shana at all. It's clear that Rose wouldn't appreciate having attention drawn to her.
No. 370580 ID: 453e62

she clearly saw her leave and i want to make it seem like rose told us something inconsequential instead of revealing shana's past, which she wont like.
No. 370581 ID: f5ff99

You know what, I think I might know what's happening.

You've got a grade-A Yandere on your hands.

So happy to see you after being gone for so long that she gains another half a loyalty star? Check.

Faking enthusiasm for meeting the other girls around you for appearance's sake? Check.

Possibly injuring other girls that get near you? Check.

Going to kill you if she ever finds out you don't love her and only her? Check.
No. 370583 ID: b6edd6

What kept her from going nuts at our past self when we actually had a harem?
No. 370584 ID: bdb886

Simple: we sent her away.
No. 370586 ID: 21a619

Also she's level 20.
We'd probably have killed her.
No. 370587 ID: 46c430

Ohhhhhh crap...
No. 370589 ID: f70e5e

we should take Shana aside and explain the shift in our methods.
"I know being cruel and callous to our troops and brutal towards my enemies led directly to my defeat. Iare going to try and avoid making enemies faster than we can deal with, and I am going to put the welfare of my troops much higher on my priority list. if you has any issues or questions please don't hesitate to ask me.
No. 370590 ID: 453e62

No. 370591 ID: e3f578

Stop getting paranoid, we have hardly much evidence that she's insane for us practically moments after meeting her and getting one story from Rose, which was described as a suspicious accident, but still nothing more.
We'll deal with a conflict if it arises, let's not seek one.

I'd like more information on Lugh and the Tinker, she probably has the most on them since Silvia's forgotten everything. Anything notable about our own life is important too.
No. 370592 ID: f70e5e

this is not a confrontation, its informing her of a shift in policy. we act like we have no reason to think she's crazy, and just want to make sure that she understands that we are using different methods. confronting her would be asking her about when she broke roses mask, which we should not do until we are sure shes stable or we are strong enough to take her in a fight. she might pick up on us not trusting her so we migt want to have a reason for that ready. either we got a bit paranoid after our defeat and the situation we found her in seemed to good to be true, or we are unconformable around someone who knew us well but we don't know at all.
No. 370619 ID: 84b916

You don't take chances with yanderes.
No. 370621 ID: 20f620

This yandere stuff is really jumping to conclusions. Though it's not unlikely that she's particularly violent in general or otherwise dangerous. We'd have to observe her.

Asking her about our past sounds like a good idea, though. Possibly a mention of our shift in methods due to our previous defeat.
No. 370631 ID: d199dc

>This yandere stuff is really jumping to conclusions. Though it's not unlikely that she's particularly violent in general or otherwise dangerous. We'd have to observe her.

Exactly! She could easily just enjoy harming other (like silva was... or still is?). Or who knows what... you don't have to confront her to ask her things though. Just avoid going into lecture mode.
No. 370636 ID: 786012

It's only paranoia if they aren't out to get you. I think there even must be an entry in the (optionally Evil) Overlord List regarding that.
No. 370638 ID: d199dc

We didn't say its paranoid we said its jumping to conclusions.
She could be Yandere... she could also be a sadist, maybe she likes to secretly keep the other minions terrified of her and scares them of speaking up about it... it could also be other things... or it could be nothing at all but an unreasonable phobia caused by a genuine accident (although I somehow doubt that).

PS. whatever you do, do not let her find out what your other minions are saying about her. If she does do things to them we don't want her to scare them into silence.
No. 370645 ID: 40cb26

Relax guys, all we have to do is send her off to track down that tinker. That gets her out of our hair for a while and could get one of them killed. Or at the very least we'll all be higher level before she shows up again. We just need to make *damn* sure that Shana knows not to be around her without earplugs, we don't want them having a conversation.
No. 370668 ID: f31dfc

You know, sometimes a pen is just a pen and not a mini nuke.

For all we know she could actually be a klutz. High level doesn't mean you don't trip over every step if you did it all the time at level 1.

We can play it by ear, but we are NOT sending her to her death/on a wild goose chase/ to smack the biggest tree in the forest with a herring. Besides, like I said before, she would be great as base commander if we managed to gain some territory. We just keep in touch this time.
No. 370676 ID: 6a9fdc

Never confront a yandere? Yeah, that would be good advice. IF WE WERE A SPINELESS DOORMAT ANIME PROTAGONIST.
No. 370681 ID: 453e62

it's not fear, it's knowing we cannot beat her at this time. no one we have can beat her so she would kill everyone easy.
No. 370712 ID: 25d645
File 132338570122.png - (76.85KB , 329x500 , 435.png )

Yandere? What the hell is a... Nevermind it doesn't matter. No point in accusing someone of something when they can easily tear you to shreds. You are at a disadvantage here. If she is... Crazy then you just led her to your base. To where all your troops are.

Best to play it safe.

You approach Shana.

"Sorry, Rose was having troubles with a tentacle demon."

>"Woah... Uhm.. Okay."

"Anyway I wanted to ask you what exactly did I do wrong that led me to my downfall? What happened to me?"

>"There was nothing wrong with you, it was your troops! You were perfect and you had the greatest plan! No other demon had the same goals as you. You just couldn't keep your troops in line. You were to soft on them. You needed to put more Fear in them. Fear is far more powerful then loyalty. Because they didn't fear an respect you they turned against you the first chance they got. From what I heard it was actually Styx's doing."


>"Who else could have lowered the castle? Heroes can't normally fly. At least not thousands of them. She had lowered the castle to let them in."

"But she was wounded in the battle."

>"Well I'm sure at the start they thought she was an enemy as well. I mean she 'is' alive now right? They realized their mistake and spared her from death."
No. 370714 ID: 453e62

yeah she's a nut but let's play it up.
"but i can't get rid of her even if i wanted to, as my only tinker i need her for maintenance, otherwise this body could fall apart, we'll need to find a new one first. anything else?"

also, the castle rather obviously fell from the sky, with the fact that the flotation device was shattered, not just laying down.
No. 370716 ID: 1854db

I really doubt it was Styx, but that is an interesting question anyway. We could ask Rose and Emily what they think. Hey, Emily is right here, ask her if she knows who lowered the castle.

Personally I think it was a small group of flying heroes who infiltrated the base and sabotaged it. We should SAY that this is more likely than Styx betraying us- because we know she is loyal to us. Tell her that we know she's loyal.

Also tell her that we're not using fear at all right now and doing just fine. At this point it would also not be unreasonable to tell her that she should not be using fear on our troops either.
No. 370718 ID: b6edd6

But then she would just try to find a new tinker.

Instead we should say:
"Shana. Do you remember the unique abilities I have as the Overlord? I can see the loyalty of my followers.
I can understand why you would be concerned, but I know Styx would not turn against me. Now that you mention it, a tinker has turned against me though. Do you remember the tinker with the blade-arms?"
No. 370720 ID: f70e5e

we should give her an explanation for why we are abandoning fear as a means of control.
" fear can only go so far, and it makes your minions far more likely to turn on you if you are ever in a position of weakness. this time i'm going to try earning the loyalty of my troops. if nothing else a sudden change in approach is more likely to make those we defeated me last time hesitate while i regain my strength rather than destroy me while I rebuild."
No. 370721 ID: bdb886

>Insinuating Styx did it

Bitch I will have you naked and cleaning this hall faster than you can say "angry" so you best stop that talk this god damned instant.

"Respect and love are stronger than fear. Fear goes away the moment the subject is in a position of strength, backed by others. Fear is an illusion. Fear is insipid, mindless, innefficient. Soldiers who love you will follow you into hell without even being told. Soldeirs who fear me have the initiative and self-reliance of a garden statue."
No. 370723 ID: b6edd6

>Angry lecture about the ineffectiveness of fear
>Right after a threat
No. 370725 ID: 1854db

This is probably our best bet on having her agree to work with us using our methods rather than abandon us or work against us. It's not very good in the long run, but in the long run we'll have stronger units that will be able to take her out if she becomes a threat.

OH and ask Emily if she agrees that we were being too soft on our troops before the castle fell. Or that fear is the best way to keep troops in line.
No. 370727 ID: 6a5a08

The threat wasn't in quotation marks, they didn't mean to say it.
No. 370728 ID: bdb886

Not a threat, a punishment.
No. 370729 ID: 1e3433

When you fear something you wish to get away from it or destroy it, when you love something you wish to preserve it. The only ones that should want to kill us are our enemies and even then it would be preferable that they respected us.
No. 370732 ID: e3f578

Grumble, say that you'll investigate further, but right now rebuilding is most important as well as adapting new methods. Many say that you were too cruel and impractical and justified their actions through that fear. Say that you've even taken to books about the philosophy of war and leadership to learn more from many intelligent scholars and generals.

You were done with having one style of lordship when you "died", it's adaptation from situation to situation from here on out. You will be scary, cruel, kind, or stoic whenever it's necessary. One hand for shaking, another behind your back to hide a dagger and you will be and have been like that for everyone, no exceptions.
No. 370733 ID: af25e0

"From what you -heard- it was Styx's doing? Where did you hear this?"
No. 370740 ID: 40cb26

Act concerned about it, but insist that we'll handle matters of suspicions ourselves. After all she wasn't here when it happened right? Now change the subject, talk to her the current problems with the artificer and how she tried to kill us all. You are all still to weak to oppose her, but Shana is not. Tell her that she needs to track her down, stop whatever she is planning, and take her out if possible. If she kills her you'll be so thankful and grant her any request.

Just tell her not to ever let herself hear a word she says, it messes with your mind.
No. 370760 ID: a2fa74

"The way I understood it was that I was too aggressive, and failed to maintain a secure power base. I had a horde of weak units controlled mostly through fear, and when pressed the low morale caused a rout. Then the fewer more powerful units I had were overwhelmed without supporting forces acting as a buffer.
At least, that's what I've inferred from statements of people who were there on both sides of the conflict.

You're wrong about Styx, by the by. Angels joined the attack, and the flight system wasn't shut off, but destroyed."
No. 370763 ID: 453e62

yes yes, good point. she says someone told her.
No. 370765 ID: 25d645
File 132339629633.png - (351.68KB , 700x500 , 436.png )

"First of all I believe that Loyalty is far better then Fear. Fear makes the person strike back once they sense weakness while loyalty would ensure that they fight with me when I am weak. Second I highly doubt Styx would betray me like that. I can sense her loyalty and the flotation rings where destroyed when saw them."

>"Anything is destroyed when it falls hundreds of feet to the ground! Trust me the man I heard this from isn't the kind of person to lie."

Styx approaches you.

>Styx: "My Lord, I have finished working on your new bod-"

Shana raises her hand and grabs Styx with dark tendrils. She lifts Styx off the ground.

>Shana: "I can prove it to! Not only about the Flotation Ring but that Fear is far better then Loyalty. She may be Loyal to you but is she honest? Only Fear can help with that.."

You can now switch from seeing Loyalty Stars to seeing Fear.

>Styx: "My Lord what is she talking about!?"

>Shana: "Go on, ask her!"
No. 370767 ID: bdb886

"You speak to me of Loyalty, and you apprehend my people without permission. You speak to me of Fear, and you nearly kill, or hurt, my people. Stand down. I no longer care for your theories or your 'proof'. Find a room in the barracks and stay there unless called, Shana. I will not discuss this further."
No. 370768 ID: 4bdd79

No. 370769 ID: 1854db

We can prove her wrong, now. First, tell Shanah that if her accusations are true, she is not to harm Styx. Also, that she should let her go immediately.

Tell Styx that if she was responsible for the floation ring being disabled, she should tell you. You will not be upset- it led to learning a very valuable lesson. She helped you see the truth.

If we do manage to coax a confession out of Styx, we can then tell Shanah that fear is best used to draw the truth out of enemies, not allies.
No. 370770 ID: 453e62

look at styx and wink the eye that shana can't see
"styx, shana says someone told her that you turned off the floatation system, do you know if she is telling the truth?"
No. 370772 ID: 6a5a08

"Shana, put her down. Styx, Shana has a reliable source which says that you betrayed my previous incarnation, by lowering the fortress for the heroes. I can find out if this is true from you, or from the testimonies of others. I'm asking you first because I trust you. Explain."
No. 370773 ID: 453e62

no she SAYS she has a reliable source. just because she THINKS it was reliable doesn't mean it is.
No. 370775 ID: 6a5a08

I'm playing this so that Shana doesn't turn on us. We have to make her think we believe her.
No. 370776 ID: 453e62

we already said we don't believe her. doubling back wont help. and getting styx out of the line of fire first by having shana put hr down would be for the best.
No. 370777 ID: b6edd6

"Without loyalty from a few of my followers, and Styx's loyalty in particular I would be under a pile of rubble rather than standing before you today. Would you prefer that scenario? Styx has been directly responsible for my revival, and could have simply not woken me if she wished my ruin."
No. 370778 ID: a2fa74

Sigh. Signal for Rose and Emily to come here.
"She's convinced you shut down the floatation ring in the attack, and she has decided to act out of turn. Say what you know about what happened to the flotation rings that day. But first..."
Unequip EVERYTHING from Shana
"I do not tolerate my people assaulting each other."
No. 370779 ID: 25d645
File 132339766413.png - (210.07KB , 551x500 , 437.png )

"Shana, put her down. Styx, Shana has a reliable source which says that you betrayed my previous incarnation, by lowering the fortress for the heroes. I can find out if this is true from you, or from the testimonies of others. I'm asking you first because I trust you. Explain."

>Styx: "My Lord I know of no such thing! I would never betray you!"

>Shana: "LIAR!"


Shana looks at you, startled.

"She says she didn't do it. Now put her down."

>Shana: "But my Lord-!"

"I said put her down Shana. Now."

Shana glares at you for a moment then releases Styx.

"You will never grab another one of my people again. Not without my permission. Do you understand?"

>Shana: "... Yes my Lord."

"Styx, I'm sorry about that."

Styx doesn't reply.
No. 370780 ID: a2fa74

"Shana, who is this 'source' you spoke of? I will investigate your claim, and the first step there is learning more about whence it came."
No. 370781 ID: 453e62

"head over to the barracks and meet the new recruits"

turn to styx "let's see the new body"
after you are out of earshot say "sorry about that, she is... something else. i think i know why even my old self sent her away. tell how to make up for what just happened.
No. 370784 ID: 6a5a08

No. 370785 ID: 1854db

Wait a moment, and say nothing, looking at Styx. Also check her Fear.

If she continues to say nothing, then we speak to Emily next. Rose is busy.
No. 370788 ID: 25d645
File 132339896491.png - (58.59KB , 392x447 , 438.png )

"Who told you this anyway Shana?"

>Shana: "... I can't say."

"Tell me."

>Shana: "Just someone who used to work for you.. They're dead now."

You shake your head.

"Go to the barracks and introduce yourself to the others. Don't harm anyone."

She nods and leaves.

"Now Styx, let's see that new body."

Styx silently leads you upstairs.
As you enter her workshop she takes off her mask and faces you.

>"My Lord... Do you really think I betrayed you?"
No. 370789 ID: 6a5a08

Do this also.
No. 370790 ID: 453e62

"no, but we need to follow the clues about why some others apparently thought so."
No. 370791 ID: bdb886

"No. Never. You're the most loyal, useful, kind, helpful subordinate I have. Out of everyone here, I trust you the most." smile. "After all, if I didn't trust you, I wouldn't let you mess around with my body, now would I?"
No. 370792 ID: b6edd6

"Of course not. Unlike Shana, I actually understand what loyalty is. Besides, if it were not for your help, I would still be an inactive mechanical eye.
We just need to keep Shana from doing something crazy for long enough to send her on another away mission. Maybe against that other tinker."
No. 370793 ID: a2fa74

"but if I didn't have you answer then she might have just killed you outright. She doesn't seem that stable."

Also hug her.

"We need to find out why she blamed you, though. If somebody is sowing discord then we need to stop them."
No. 370794 ID: 40cb26

"Absolutely not. I owe you my very existence. The way she treated you just now shows her to be unstable and obsessive, wishing to take your place as my favorite. I see now why she was stationed away from here so long... she must have been a problem. And more so now since none of us have the power to keep her in check."
No. 370795 ID: 1854db

"I think you did what was best for me."
No. 370796 ID: 44766a

Give Styx a hug.

To Styx: "No, I trust you."

To Shana next time we see her: "I have seen the results of the Path of Fear with my own eyes. Do you want to know what I saw? I saw my Empire torn Asunder, my Army Abandon me, my Body Destroyed, and my very Consciousness Shatter. Do you know what saw when I awakened? I saw the few Loyal enough to stay when there was no guarantee that I was coming back. Think on that."
No. 370797 ID: 453e62

actually.. she may of tortured the person who told her until they gave her a name. and she felt that it was believable.
No. 370798 ID: 6a5a08

Ask Styx how much it would cost to take you up to Level 20, just in case we need to deal with her.
No. 370805 ID: f70e5e

"of course not. you earned my trust when you stayed behind and rebuilt me. I'm sorry i even asked that, but shana is... unstable. if she felt i wasn't taking her accusations seriously she might have decided to take things into her own hands."
No. 370821 ID: b6edd6

I cancel my suggestion and support this one. This one says it better.
No. 370825 ID: a60f86

No. 370829 ID: cddeab

Mention how she was there from the beginning when we woke up. Regardless of what happened before, we are willing to give everyone a clean slate, since in some ways, that is what we got.
No. 370873 ID: 3bad4c

Tell her:

"I don't care either way. I don't owe any loyalty to my former self because I cannot and will never remember him.

Not everyone that I've gathered here sees it that way, though."
No. 370892 ID: ddf353

even if she did, I'm glad. Overlord v1.0 was a total dick who had it coming. so no hard feelings either way.
No. 370893 ID: bd2a40

Yup, say you believe her if she says she did not, but even if she had, it would not matter. The Overlords previous incarnation had it coming anyway..
No. 370926 ID: 3947e9

This inability to read minds is frustrating as heck...
We should hunt down the old tinkerer to steal her mind reading eye.
No. 370937 ID: af25e0

It's possible that she did lower the fort, but had a good reason for doing so that didn't involve treachery. Shana may be bringing it up and deliberately leaving out context, or she may be unaware of the reasons.

"No, I am certain of both your loyalty and hers. Now, she is obviously suspicious of you. If you have an account that can directly refute her claim, why keep it to yourself?"
No. 370941 ID: 3947e9

>"No, I am certain of both your loyalty and hers. Now, she is obviously suspicious of you. If you have an account that can directly refute her claim, why keep it to yourself?"
Thats an outright accusation

I would just go with "I do believe you, her loyalty is high, and she seems so certain, but she must be mistaken"

Invistigation can be done without rightour accusation. For exmaple "I want your help to convince her that she is wrong about you, I do not want distrust between my followers. Could you tell me every detail you remember about that night? Maybe we can figure out why she thinks you betrayed me and point to her the error in her logic".
No. 370954 ID: 453e62

i'm serious guys. she probably found a old follower and asked them who betrayed the overlord. they said "i don't know" so she just started torturing them and eventually they named styx. and then killed them for not telling her when she asked the first time. the problem is she thinks information given under duress is at all accurate.
No. 370995 ID: a4a7f4
File 132349938389.png - (83.81KB , 342x500 , 439.png )

"Of course not. You've earned my trust when you stayed behind and rebuilt me. I'm sorry I even asked that, but Shana is... Unstable. If she felt I weren't taking her accusations seriously she might have decided to take things into her own hands."

The answer seems to put her at ease. She's still not saying much though. She silently puts some new armor on your body.

"Impressive. I feel more powerful."

>"You are. You're now stronger then most of your troops. The upgrade cost G300 and that's all I can do for now."
No. 370996 ID: e3f578

Punch an open fist, circle you neck and crack it
it's fighting time
LETS GO SON! Fuck yeah just randomize it who gives a fuck what it is let's go punch something.
No. 370997 ID: 40cb26

Let's ask Styx what to do with Shana, such a powerful but dangerous girl. She's earned the right to have a say in that, I think.
No. 370998 ID: a4a7f4
File 132350002773.png - (44.87KB , 389x500 , 440.png )

"So Styx.. What do you think we should do with Shana?"

She places her mask on again.

>"What do I think my Lord? I think we should seal her away in the same room that held Beatrice and then rip the room out of the castle then toss the room into the nearest Void. Of course this is just my opinion"
No. 371000 ID: cb0cc3

"That seems impractical. Not only do we lack the collective power to seal her into that room given her strength, I doubt we'd be able to feasibly move it once she was inside. I appreciate the sentiment, but we need plans we can actually use."
No. 371003 ID: 173528

I think it's just a matter of getting to know her better and sorting out her misinformed view on things. It seems like a waste to get rid of a loyal minion like her before trying harder to make her fit in.
No. 371010 ID: 1854db

"Now now, she's obviously far less evil than Beatrice. Her methods may be lacking but she is still of use."

GUYS. Why do you think she's crazy? She just likes FEAR! Styx is obviously hiding something, but doesn't feel like it's worth the risk to tell us, and we are letting her get away with it.
No. 371011 ID: 40cb26

"Would... that work? It is tempting. But if we tried and failed to do that we would may have another Beatrice on our hands. She was sealed by my far stronger past self, after all. But that gives me an idea, why not send her to track down and kill Beatrice? I'm not sure if I even care which of them lives through that encounter. And by the time she is done or done for we should be strong enough to handle whichever remains."

"Best case scenario they destroy each other. Worst case, Beatrice talks her into betraying me. Maybe you could make some exceptionally effective earplugs to give her to help prevent that. But even if it came to pass, I am still more comfortable with that than keeping her here."
No. 371013 ID: 453e62

laugh a little. "that is a good plan, but we don't have any geomancers to pick the room up with."
No. 371014 ID: 173528

Entirely against this idea.
No. 371043 ID: a4a7f4
File 132350532154.png - (92.23KB , 700x500 , 441.png )

"That seems impractical. Not only do we lack the collective power to seal her into that room given her strength, I doubt we'd be able to feasibly move it once she was inside. I appreciate the sentiment, but we need plans we can actually use."

She grumbles a bit.

>"She thinks she can come back and accuse 'me' of being a traitor? I mean where was 'she' when you were being attacked? I lost my eyes in that fight.."

"I know Styx."

>"Emily are you actually going to say something or are you just going to stand there all day?"


You turn to see Emily staring at you. Her face seems to be have become more flushed.
No. 371046 ID: 40cb26

Uhh... did Shana say something to her, or is it about the way we look? Her expression doesn't make much sense in either case. Just ask whats on her mind.
No. 371047 ID: 453e62

strike a sexy pose!
No. 371048 ID: a4a7f4
File 132350581157.png - (227.44KB , 700x500 , 442.png )

"Emily? Emily...? She okay Styx?"

>"I'm not certain my Lord... It's hard to tell what that girl is thinking sometimes."
No. 371049 ID: 453e62

point finger on one cheek, thump on the other and look deep into her eyes. to check if her pupils are dilated, of course.
No. 371051 ID: 40cb26


Eh, might as well. Say "Maybe she likes my new look?" And then do some macho flexing pose and see if she reacts.
No. 371052 ID: a4a7f4
File 132350688335.png - (255.08KB , 700x500 , 443.png )

"Maybe she likes the new look?"

For no real reason you decide to flex.
No. 371053 ID: e3f578

Sigh and say that you knew you've should have found some way to get the goatee upgrade.
No. 371054 ID: 453e62

No. 371055 ID: f31dfc

*nose slowly bleeds* No. Quiet yourself. This is perfect. No changey.

*ahem* We should look at some valid spots to investigate and train.
No. 371056 ID: e3f578

because this may end up being a distraction in battle. We can guess you must look like a standard, heroic and quite chiseled prince. A goatee would draw attention away from that, throw the look off.

Come on Styx, if you can throw money into insta-building there has to be a way to throw money into insta-goatee-ing
No. 371058 ID: 40cb26

"That settles it, I suppose. I didn't think she had such impulses. Troublesome. It seems you outdid yourself with this design, perhaps something more villainous than heroic would be better for the next upgrade. In the meantime is there a visor for this helmet? Covering the face should help snap her out of it."
No. 371059 ID: 453e62

wouldn't being distracting be a good thing? our troops can get used to it. while the enemy can't.
No. 371060 ID: a4a7f4
File 132350916936.png - (93.71KB , 433x500 , 444.png )

You decide to place on your mask.

"... I think she's broken."

You move to the side of her.

"She's just staring off now.."

Ah well. She'll recover.

There's still many things to take care of. What's first on the agenda?
No. 371062 ID: f31dfc

Also, we are trying to LOOK the hero! We do NOT want to make people assume we are the bad guys and alot of people would likely shoot first, ask questions later... and judging by the intelligence of our frequent encounters, a goatee or 'villanous' look will start causing more heroes to come after us.

Besides, we can distract foes like this and a charisma boost always helps with diplomacy. Not to mention we are trying to move away from our previous incarnation's tactics.
No. 371065 ID: bdb886

"Well. I'll take this as a sign of your excellent design abilities, Styx."
No. 371068 ID: 453e62

first order of business is check the sphere. how fast can it make gold? if 100 or less gold a day then bring it to the village and trade it in.
No. 371069 ID: 40cb26

We get a full report from Shana about that damn troublesome orb.
No. 371072 ID: e3f578

Punch the shit out of some stuff
Or look up the thieves' guild, just because
you might get some form of payback with investments or interesting allies, gain disguises and insights into rumors
get an official alchemist to help you with your favorite toy, suggestions, and recipes so we don't have to experiment with everything
More investments!
OR perhaps take over our first city
No. 371075 ID: 7c31d2

Lets go fight a boss!
No. 371090 ID: 6a5a08

Let's go to Alemor.
No. 371092 ID: cb0cc3

Well, Shana is probably in the barracks being abrasive and actively degrading the morale of all our other troops, but we can probably let that happen for a day or so before publicly and visibly slapping her down with a speech about how we do things differently and she'd better support us or get shipped off elsewhere again.

For now, let's learn that orb's exact characteristics; if it can't produce gold that quickly, we might as well complete its associated quest and get the large lump sum offered. Otherwise we can sit on that for a bit.

And let's go hunting again. Somewhere with fairly difficult battles, good for leveling.
No. 371219 ID: 3947e9

we should go maskless more often.
Our current maskless visage appears good, upstanding, etc. Obviously there is no connection between such appearance and a person's true nature but people make that assumption and it will work in our favor.

Emily obviously has a crush on us.
No. 371315 ID: 9ffa57

As if infinite loyalty wasn't any indication. Doesn't change much, she'll get over the distraction.
No. 371326 ID: a4a7f4
File 132358953024.png - (211.81KB , 700x325 , 445.png )

First thing's first.. That Orb.

You call Shana to you so she can explain it to you in better detail.
She goes up to the Orb and presses against it's side. The side moves in and after a moment a gem comes out from the side of the orb.

>"It's that simple. The gem easily fetches G500 on the market. You can only make one once maybe twice a day. Any more then that and it'll break down and cease to work.
No. 371329 ID: bdb886

>500 guaranteed a day

oh man

That's a keeper
No. 371331 ID: c0e69a

See to it that the orb is placed in a secret and secure location in the tower immediately.
No. 371332 ID: cb0cc3

Hmm. Can it do anything else? Not that manufacturing gems isn't great and all, but...
No. 371333 ID: f31dfc

I dunno. Great item, but the negatives are right there. We took it from a human town and we did say we would bring it to the tribe. Would hit our rep badly as oppose to just giving it to the tribe. The fact the town SAW US will only draw attention.

So yeah, we head to the tribal village and have them explain. Has to be reason why they did not inform us(though it's pretty obvious why)
No. 371334 ID: a4a7f4
File 132359076464.png - (57.39KB , 349x260 , 446.png )

"Hmm.. We should probably return this."

>"What!? But my Lord this can help finance your army! The money from this thing... Just a few days of waiting and you'll be rich!"

"It was part of a mission. They may have lied about it but it's rather obvious why. They were afraid that what you're considering would happen."

You pick up the gem. It's as bright as a ruby.

"How does it even work? Perhaps we can remake it."

>"I.. I'm not certain my Lord. We could open it but that might break it."

Well you already have one gem. Perhaps that's enough?
No. 371336 ID: 6f9630

Well, we can always take out time before retuning to the village, say about a week or so, to complete the quest we were given. That should give us enough money to do a real renovation of our castle, and have enough time for them to think that we didn't welch on our part the deal. If they ask why we took so long, we can say that we needed the time to level up our forces to deal with such a high leveled foe.
No. 371337 ID: 453e62

they offered 6000G for it. take 12 days for it to produce that amount. but, we can go and ask about it, and teleport away if they get angry.
No. 371338 ID: 40cb26

We need the full story here, so that we can be sure that they even deserve to get it back. And whats in it for us? This is more important than a mere favor, although the honor of our word counts for something too. Ask Shana the how why and when of it, if she isn't sure get Lenion in here too. Then no matter how much we learn, we should take ourselves to the elder and demand answers and/or adequate compensation.
No. 371340 ID: 1854db

Yes, waiting 12 days is a bit of a bother.

But uh, how do we know that it was actually stolen? Shanah would know the history of the orb- confirm things with her before we complete or abandon the mission.
No. 371343 ID: e3f578

An easy justification is that we'd need to find a buyer for every single gem, and eventually the rarity will wither since so many of them will be out in the market.

Standard economics, I can't even know how a town managed to get use out of this thing for as long as it's been there. It should have been rendered useless a while ago when demand would go null. Unless these gems have alchemical properties of course. Get Styx to study the gem first, these may have more use then just being a fancy gem rich people on the market buy, which may be why demand still is high.
No. 371344 ID: f31dfc

Either way, while 500 a day is good, that's 500 a day with a hero's wet dream. We can find safer methods of cash. Still, we should figure out as much as we can.
No. 371345 ID: e3f578

Styx and Meagan should, both of their expertise should be able to make the process go quicker.
No. 371348 ID: 80b862

I just looked back at >>/questarch/362579 and noticed something interesting: she was borrowing it. Now who exactly can afford to let someone borrow something that produces blood gems that are large enough to be worth G500 apiece?
No. 371354 ID: 252e1b

Probably borrowed it like a kender handles your stuff. No doubt she intended to return it eventually. One day. Maybe.

Well, no harm done.
No. 371355 ID: cb0cc3

I notice when reading that she says she wants it back at any cost.

Shana was rather public about our acquisition of that orb- our fortress is now the place she'll be sending other reward-seekers. We'll end up with a steady stream of heroes coming here even aside from the Psicrest bunch.

Do we have our defenses ready for that?
No. 371357 ID: f31dfc

Either way, we need answers. For all we know she may have 'borrowed' it from a elder dragon who eats the gems like rock candy. I don't want to be around when it comes searching for it's snack dispenser.
No. 371362 ID: a4a7f4
File 132359688033.png - (92.87KB , 555x500 , 447.png )

It's definitely best to have this returned.. But not until you learn more about it.

"Shana what can you tell me about the orb?"

>"Uhm... Nothing my Lord. I've told you all I know about it."

You decide to have Styx and Meagan analyze the gem and orb.
A bit later the two return to you looking rather grim.

>Styx: "My Lord.. I was studying the gem."

>Meagan: "And I did the best I could with that orb. Damn thing's impossible to really study without opening it."

"What did you find out?"

>Styx: "The gem is a very powerful ingredient. It can be used to enhance anythings healing properties. I did a few more tests to determine what it is.."

>Meagan: "I helped with that. It's actual blood. Like Blood Gem isn't just some fancy title on it. That's actual solidified fucking blood there. Whatever's in that machine turns blood into a gem."
No. 371363 ID: 453e62

okay wow, WHERE the fuck does it GET the blood? if it comes from inside then most likely something is ALIVE in it. i want to bust it open now.
No. 371364 ID: f31dfc

Ohhhh... oh crap. Yeah, we are giving that to the village and we are going to have quite a few questions.

Whatever is inside that thing cannot be good if it pops out gems made of pure blood.
No. 371367 ID: a4a7f4
File 132359815561.png - (157.61KB , 700x500 , 448.png )

"Wait.. The blood can't come from nowhere."

>Styx: "Exactly my lord. We thi-"

>Meagan: "I know what's in there."

She pulls out her notebook and flips a few pages before stopping at a drawing of a odd looking creature.

>"Their known as Moon Children and they were hunted some time ago during the last Demon War. The Pride and Greed demons needed something to patch up their troops and once they found out about this breeds unique blood they were hunted to near extinction. Hell 'I' haven't even seen one. So this means that there's probably one of them in that orb right now and is being used to make these gems."

Shana shoves Meagan aside.

>Shana: "Well my Lord just said he needs to return it. I can sorta see why. If we bring it back in pieces or not working they may get mad."
No. 371370 ID: bdb886

Wait wait wait

If their blood was all healy, what about THEM? did they have any powers? Hell, if we crack this thing open, I'd bet we could get ourselves a second healer...
No. 371371 ID: 453e62

place the orb in your inventory and let's pay the tribe a visit. and ask them if they know about what it does.
No. 371372 ID: 40cb26

"Saving the life of such a creature may be valuable as well... In any case, I want to talk to the elder about this first."

"Oh and Shana? Do be a bit more respectful. That means no shoving."
No. 371373 ID: cb0cc3

Hmm. If our experience with Nyx is anything to go by, saving people from horrible fates is a fast track to acquiring additional highly loyal servants. Ask Styx and Meagan if they think they could crack this thing open safely and extract the person inside. Not that they should do so right now, just that they should make sure they know how.
No. 371377 ID: ddf353

open it. free the moon dude.
No. 371387 ID: cf49fc

Yeah, I think we should CRACK DAT BITCH OPEN. Make ourselves a Moon Princess! Or possibly Prince.

Speaking of that, is there a SINGLE DUDE in our force, besides the Overlord?
No. 371391 ID: 05b25c

No. 371392 ID: a1d7ad

He isn't on our force
No. 371393 ID: 7c31d2

Leon is male
No. 371395 ID: 05b25c

No. 371396 ID: 7c31d2

Well, we refer to him using male pronouns atleast
No. 371400 ID: ddf353


he's more brotastic than anyone on our force. in fact, we should build a shop for him at our castle and other places and set them up with shop golems and shit when the time comes.
No. 371402 ID: a2fa74

Cut the orb open, remove the captive, clean out all signs that it was used recently, then return the orb to the chief.
Optionally, have Nyx donate blood to the machine. This will ruin it, and likely render its workings incomprehensible.

Tell her it like this when you found it, and it looks like they were shoving random creatures in it for some reason.

She will be pissed, but then you just play dumb about what it is and blame it on the town. That means asking for full payment.
No. 371405 ID: c4a1fc

No. No. Ignore these fools. You have no idea what a Moon Princess/Prince is capable of. You have no idea why it is in there. Do you want to be as stupid as the armored knight who opened the door? Do NOT unleash unknown forces because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Learn EVERYTHING you possibly can before doing anything. Do nothing. Promise nothing. Keep the risks of each choice in mind.
No. 371410 ID: a2fa74

If they were hunted to near extinction then they're probably not so great at defending themselves.
Besides, we need to get the orb back to the chief as soon as possible so she won't think we did anything besides retrieval.
No. 371414 ID: cf49fc

Aw cmon. Have you seen that movie where Vampires harvest humans in Blood Factories?

Magic Ball is the same thing. Even if Moon Princes turn out to be HYPER EVIL, he'll be so weakened by having his blood drained we can just slap him once and kill him.
No. 371420 ID: f70e5e

" a steady source of income is useful, but a powerful indebted healer, especially one that can be safely used in the demon realm is far more valuable. what can you tell me about the temperament of these moon children? and do you think the one in there has remained sane?"

when we are around shana we should make sure that the pragmatic reason behind everything we do is either obvious or spelled out. if she thinks we have gone soft she might turn on us. also we need to take her aside soon and have a talk with her.
No. 371425 ID: 3947e9

Ok so "using it more then twice a day may break it" is actually "using it more then twice a day may kill the victim inside".

I say we release it. Not only do we gain a super valuable healer that has NOWHERE else to go so they will gladly serve us. We also look really damn heroic. (and I have to admit it does tug my heart strings, the poor thing). Its bad really PR to willingly and knowingly traffic in sentients in such a manner (heck we opposed it even before losing our memory)... In fact we should make it a quest to hunt down ALL such orbs, steal every single one, and free the beings and have them form a tribe under our protection (think infinite loyalty from there right there)

Just don't go back to the tribal village while leveling up and gaining power. We have a flying castle so its not like we are easy to assault. We stay away from those who asked us to bring it back until we are sure we can fight them if they get hostile or demand the creature that was inside when we do return it... And if they do go hostile then remember the "fight queen to rule tribe" is an option... she is just strong as fuck. So its not like we have no other option there.

Oh yea... as super healers they might know something about nyx.
No. 371426 ID: 1854db

I have to agree; we need to find out more about the Moon Children before we decide to release this one.

Personally I would be okay with getting a smaller-value blood crystal a day (because hey, she can give blood willingly) and having an additional high-loyalty unique unit in our troops.

We seem to be amassing rare treasures at an astonishing rate...
No. 371428 ID: 1854db

How about we return the orb with nothing inside it? And ask who they borrowed it from...
No. 371430 ID: b59cf4

i like this...
No. 371433 ID: b6edd6

Hmm, that would be fun. She did just ask for the orb back, after all... And I am sure being mechanical would give us a great poker face.
No. 371434 ID: f31dfc

Welp, solution is clear. We go to the tribe, ask them what they know, then fill in the rest ourselves. If they didn't know they were using a slave for coinage, we inform them and hopefully free the person. If not, we could try to duel her for what we will use the orb for.

Either way, whomever truly owned this MUST have known what's inside. We may have to live up to the title's name at this rate.
No. 371437 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah, we take out the Moon Child, reseal the orb, and return it to the Queen.
What could possibly go wrong?
No. 371445 ID: de01b0

Hold on. This thing has been trapped in a ball so long that its species is only mentioned in books while having its blood constantly sucked out of it. The Moon Child inside might be COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY INSANE.

I suggest keeping the orb closed, harvesting a few gems and doing a LOT more research discreetly. Maybe discuss the matter with that queen at some point to see if you can share the harvest if opening the box seems like a bad idea...
No. 371448 ID: 6a9fdc

We are the perfect ruler, and the perfect ruler does not forcibly remove the blood of its subjects to create money. Who knows, maybe once the moon child is free, blood can be VOLUNTARILY given to be formed into gems. Or we'll have another loyal vassal. The freeing should probably be done in a secure location, at any rate, just in case they are not agreeable upon being freed.
No. 371450 ID: 9ffa57

I still feel we want to maintain good relations with the slimes. We should talk to them about this. Hold onto the orb for now, go back and talk rationally about this. See if they know how it works, and what is in it.
No. 371459 ID: 8dec9f

The...slime ? What about the slimes ? We were getting that orb for the Beastmasters queen last time I checked. Where do the slimes enter into the equation ?
No. 371480 ID: f6106a

Voting for opening it up, taking the thing out, sealing it back up, and then handing over the empty orb. Keep Kassandra on hand to heal the moon-child mabob as it comes out, as disconnecting it may be damaging. That should help make it loyal, or at least not attack on sight. Being freed and healed by the same group has gotta count for something.

Oh, and hide/sell the gem first so it doesn't think we've been harvesting it's blood.
No. 371514 ID: 173528

We definitely need to talk to Shana soon about her attitude and try to make her less hostile to others. If we just keep slamming her down and leaving it at that, it's only going to decrease her loyalty and do nothing productive.
No. 371571 ID: a4a7f4
File 132366916330.png - (72.58KB , 329x385 , 449.png )

Hold on. Before any major decisions are made you should first get as much info as possible.
You shoot Shana a disappointing look. She looks away from you and frowns.

"I'm going to speak with the Tribe Leader. Styx, Meagan, watch over the orb."

You teleport to The Wild and confront the Leader.

>Leader: "You again. Have you completed the mission? Or is there something else you want?"
No. 371572 ID: 3fd4fb

"I'd like to talk about that mission, if possible. I did some checking on that orb, and found out some rather disturbing things. Do you know what it does- or rather, how it does it?"

If she doesn't know there's a person inside it getting bled for the gems, tell her. If she does know, find out how much more she knows about the being inside and who the orb belongs to, if possible.
No. 371573 ID: 453e62

"i have found it, but it is being guarded by more then just the thief, apparently it is a valuable item for an entire city. what does it do that an entire city would value it?"
No. 371574 ID: 9ffa57

Derp. I had my wires crossed. I meant relations with the tribal people, not the slimes. I already forgot who had given us the mission >.>


I think we should tell the leader that we found the orb, and that we know of it's nature. See if she knows or cares that the moon child is in the orb. If she insists on having it back, knowing all of that, I say we return it. I don't want bad relations with these people, despite the moral issues with keeping the moon child in the orb.

Besides, we are the Overlord, we do not have to be Mr. Nice all the time. Returning it will not only give us a nice sum of cash, but show that we are helpful, reliable allies.
No. 371575 ID: a4a7f4
File 132366993271.png - (91.95KB , 700x500 , 450.png )

"Actually I did complete the mission. I must say I had heard what the orb did and tested it out myself. Do you know what it does?"

>"Yes. It makes valuable gems."

"No... Do you know what it does."

She stares at you. Her voice takes on an edge of hostility.

>"I am aware. And I want it back."
No. 371577 ID: 1854db

Tell her alright, but you're interested in getting one of your own. Ask her who she borrowed it from, so you can contact them and do business.

(we will leave and never come back)
No. 371579 ID: 1854db

Oh, and as we're leaving, do a passive scan on the settlement to see what level it is. We'll want to eventually conquer this place, I think, and replace the leader with Lenion once we get her loyalty at 4 stars or higher.
No. 371581 ID: 173528

Can we scan her without her knowing? Tempted to say we should fight her and solve the matter that way.
No. 371582 ID: 3fd4fb

"Tch. A mere six thousand gold for such a prize... it'll pay you that back in a couple weeks once in your hands, and that's completely neglecting all the other opportunities for profit that knowing the orb's nature opens up. Your offered reward is practically robbery."
No. 371583 ID: 453e62

"very well" leave and never comeback
No. 371588 ID: e3f578

"I can't help but feel sorry for the poor girl inside that orb, suffering for eternity as others profit from her pain. Perhaps more gold can ease my conscience a little."
No. 371589 ID: e3f578

or man, I forget if we know it's gender.
No. 371591 ID: 453e62

yes, they did. read the other chapters.
No. 371592 ID: 252e1b


"I took the job, I'll complete the job. But there's a piece of information I'd like upon completion. Call it a bonus for quick work and no trouble. I want to know who you borrowed the orb from originally. I suspect it's a person I've had dealings with in the past, and if that's the case I want to reunite with that party. If the third party turns out to not be who I thought, no harm done. And if it does, you'll have given me a useful lead to reuniting with someone I thought lost to me."
No. 371594 ID: f31dfc

...Quick scan her. Check her level.

If she explained herself, I would have been fine with her, but quite frankly she can shove her attitude so far up her rectum she coughs up blood gems.

I say we scan her, see if we can take her, and challenge her to a duel. Time to take the royal pain down a notch.
No. 371595 ID: 40cb26

"Quite frankly, I don't think the trouble and the item is worth all of 6000 gold. Two weeks of holding onto it would be better profit. And besides money, here I am trying to be diplomatic, and it turns out the item is the very livelyhood of the land? Nevermind what is within it... No this will not do."
No. 371598 ID: 453e62

i like this one, pushes SLIGHTLY for something that should be immaterial.
No. 371603 ID: f70e5e

well crap, we are now within stabbing distance of someone who will probably kill us for saving the moon child. if we think we can take her, we fight her over this. otherwise we should turn it over, but make a note to come back and free the poor thing when we are stronger.

can we tell what level she is? Shana might be able to fight her.
No. 371611 ID: 7bd540

the orb is a cruel, wretched device of torture. I mean, that shit is literally blood diamonds. break it.

No. 371618 ID: 3947e9

Fight her and her guards ALONE? Madness!
And a one on one challenge is no good as we haven't upgraded ourselves to max level yet, either. Nor acquired powerful weapons for our selves.

Subterfuge is necessary here. I am in favor in trying to get info about the source from her... and then just teleporting away (with a "I shall go retrieve it"; which is a semi truth... you will bring back the empty orb with you when you come to conquer them in the future). Not forever though, just until we or one of our minions are strong enough to take her on in single combat for leadership of the tribe. At the moment go back, release the poor creature, and reassemble the orb, empty.

Also, it is possible that she has a personal grievance against this particular moon-child or is being coerced into getting it or some such. Unfortunately I do not think we are in a position to ask as she could just order her guards to attack us all together.
No. 371622 ID: f31dfc

In all fairness MrTT, we don't have much in terms of timing. Of our melee fighters, we are the strongest. At least level 9 if not 10. A one on one duel is our safest bet. Especially if we do a no outside help rule(she can't use her monster tamer ability to use her monsters, we can't get buffed by our buddies.).

We do it now and we can avoid her deciding to just shoot us if we go against her. We have a strong bargaining chip with the fact that we have it, but it's there. Maybe set up a neutral dueling spot at and time(1 hour or so so she can't mass forces) and we use that time to buy a good sword for ourselves. Maybe a shield or some more defense. We have the money to buy the high tier stuff.
No. 371624 ID: 453e62

lenion was lvl 8 and this leader is MUCH more powerful then her. being lvl 10 does not mean we can fight her.
No. 371629 ID: 3947e9

> At least level 9 if not 10.
Styx can make us level 20 just by paying money... and we can then equip a full suit of level 3 gear for +15 boost to various stats, again just by paying money.

Her being the leader of a tribe of warriors she is probably very high level, and her tribe having owned the orb that makes free money before her gear is probably really high level too.
No. 371631 ID: f31dfc

True, she may be powerful, that's why she's the leader, but you forget one thing. She's a high level melee class and we can use both a gun AND a magic staff.Equip those special shoes and we can at least score some hits before melee.

Either way, we need to scan first to see how strong she truly is.
No. 371677 ID: 9ffa57

Return the orb! I don't see such a big deal about this. Don't make it seem like her threat is what made you give it back, stay calm, maybe say something like "Of course, it is yours after all."

I want these people on our side. And while this alone may not do it, it is just the start. Besides, the funds would really help.
No. 371679 ID: a4a7f4
File 132368212655.png - (74.77KB , 329x385 , 451.png )

"Quite frankly, I don't think the trouble and the item is worth all of 6000 gold. Two weeks of holding onto it would be better profit. And besides money, here I am trying to be diplomatic, and it turns out the item is the very livelyhood of the land? Nevermind what is within it... No this will not do."

She gives a small smile.

>"Of course. How rude of me. How about I just not kill you? Does that seem trade? Surely your life is worth more then G6,000"


Can not scan properly=
No. 371681 ID: 3947e9

Alright, so we managed to go with the worse possible dialogue of them all making her outright agreesive and ruining our reputation in her eyes. Such that now she is saying we will NOT get the money and obviously our reputation with them suffers. Horrah to us.

Since we completely botched any chance of diplomacy here our only real option is to abscond... or maybe fight her but that seems unwise. Just tell her "I see, I will go get it then" and teleport away to your stronghold. DO NOT COME BACK unless its with an army.

We can then choose on whether to use it for money or release the being inside. Turning it over to her is no longer really an option.
No. 371682 ID: 453e62

"actually i am worth less then 6000G. instead i will call worth my champion"
get shana, tell her this will be easy, tribe like this is rule by strength, so being the strongest automatically makes you the leader of them.
No. 371684 ID: 6f9630

Shana is Lvl 20 right? Come on Shana is stronger than this bitch. We can beat her.
No. 371685 ID: 1854db

"You suck at negotiation. Let's get this over with."

Summon Shanah here, and tell her we need information from this person- the name of the person she borrowed the orb from. Give Shanah permission to use any methods she wishes.
No. 371686 ID: d60822

She can't actually kill us. Although her attempts might inconvenience us substantially.

And even apart from the fact that she can't kill us due to us being immortal, she can't kill us because Shana can totally take her.

There is no need to shy from this combat.

Further, if we defeat her she'll consider us her mate, which would almost certainly leave us in charge of her tribe. That'll set us up for Shana to retake that town, and will give us our first foothold in this world as well as a tax base.
No. 371687 ID: d60822

>[01:44]<Larro>she's not attacking she's just not giving anything in return for the orb now
Oh well in that case

Tell her that killing us is far beyond her abilities. We should demand fealty in exchange for it. Nothing else even comes close to being an adequate price. But really, we want her to force us into combat, I think. Dominating her physically is our best option considering the marital culture of this tribe.
No. 371689 ID: 3947e9

We are about level 10... we are ALONE with a level 15 boss AND ALL HER ARMY.
Can we AT LEAST summon our own army BEFORE trash talking?
No. 371693 ID: d60822

She'll be here if a fight breaks out, though. We can teleport our forces to us then. That's sort of how it works.
No. 371694 ID: b818eb

Heh, life. Funny thing about that...

In any case, you have to realize that strength is a big part of this culture, you obey the strong, and if you don't obey, you had better be stronger, so unless you think you can take her alone (I doubt it) you had better think long and hard.

Also don't call shana. Calling shana might screw you over in the long run (e.g. shana beats her[maybe], queen has to listen to shana, shana now has lots of playthings).

Best thing to do, even though it might end up with you having to fight, is not back down, never back down or it will put you in bad position for future arrangements.

If you don't care about future arrangements other than beating the crap out of her, give her the orb and bug out. Take the 6000g, make a sizable investment in becoming badass, then come back and wipe the floor with this Civ. That way you get to fight at your best and with help.
No. 371699 ID: d60822

Shana is loyal to us. Giving her playthings that are less vital to us than our current ones is probably not bad. Giving her a chance to do something we can commend her for is rather imperative, I think. We must consider her psychological state from a perspective of "how do we fix it" rather than just "how do we work around it". At any rate, our previous incarnation trusted her to rule a city, and while that version of us had flawed judgement that ultimately led to our demise, her governance doesn't seem to have had any particular negative effects. She wasn't the most popular ruler, since she was overthrown when we died, but we can deal with her governance policies later. She's competent enough that we shouldn't avoid taking the tribe for want of a ruler, at least.
Besides, no reason we can't leave the current ruler in direct control.

Shana's the only viable choice.
No. 371703 ID: a4a7f4
File 132368540399.png - (89.92KB , 528x459 , 452.png )

Your army is always at the tip of your fingers.

"I think this negotiation has gone a bit sour. Now, before my men destroy you I must ask.. Where did you get such an orb from?"

She stands up and cracks her neck and fingers.

>"If you beat me I'll tell you everything."

Battle Start
Placement Phase

Limit: 1 Unit

>"No grudges. Sometimes things can only be solved through battle."
No. 371704 ID: 453e62

shana, in the back. durr.
No. 371706 ID: 1854db

Who else? Send in Shanah. Far away as you can get her.

Opening shot should be Mega Ice. Freeze is a killer.
No. 371707 ID: d60822

Yeah, Shana. Furthest back/right gives the enemy the longest run-up and thus gives Shana the most time to incapacitate her. Hand of the Dark God might be a one hit kill. If not, two hits will almost certainly do it. Which means a run-up is a decent defense.
No. 371709 ID: 6f9630

Also we should put the slime queen ans Lenion in too. If the Slime queen can produce demi slimes, Lenion can use her Tamer attack to immoblizevthe boss. Then all our ranged an wail the crap out of her.
No. 371711 ID: 1854db

>Limit: 1 unit
We can only put in one troop.
No. 371712 ID: 6f9630

Then looks like Shana it is then.
No. 371714 ID: a4a7f4
File 132368618812.png - (99.81KB , 528x459 , 453.png )

You decide to place Shana in the back. This will prevent you from Recruiting or Taming anything.

>Shana: "My Lord is placing me in combat once again... I must not let him down.."

Your move.
No. 371717 ID: 453e62

let's open strong! hand of the dark god!
No. 371718 ID: 1854db

Mega Ice. Don't let her even get one turn. Remember this is a Tamer, who can use powerful attacks by sacrificing captured monsters.
No. 371726 ID: a2fa74

Not captured, allied.
The difference is that she can sacrifice any monster in her faction. Which happens to be a monster town.

No. 371728 ID: 7bd540

agreed, mega ice.
No. 371729 ID: 6f9630

I gotta go with the flow of this. Not only will this allow the chief to chill, it also proves how stone cold we are. I mean we not only freeze our foe out of all her turns and put her on ice, but also show how she's an absolute zero at tactics too.
No. 371732 ID: 786012

Should we tele-whisper something into Shana's lovely ear while she's wiping the floor with the opponent?
No. 371738 ID: f70e5e

hit her with mega ice to immobilize her and then pound on her with hand of the dark god.
No. 371747 ID: 3947e9

>"No grudges. Sometimes things can only be solved through battle."
Pretty cool of her, I like that. I don't know why you would want to put her down...
The ice then hand of god strategy is just sound strategy though. Stunlock then hit with big guns.
No. 371788 ID: a4a7f4
File 132372854547.png - (113.04KB , 528x459 , 454.png )

>Shana: "No my Lord... I can't risk it.. She could break out. I need to kill her 'now'"

Shana moves and casts Thee-Ad.
Tribe Leader is killed instantly.
No. 371789 ID: a4a7f4
File 132372860342.png - (24.32KB , 381x341 , 455.png )

You can not enslave so you instantly get some loot.
No. 371790 ID: a4a7f4
File 132372866353.png - (91.38KB , 381x341 , 456.png )

>Shana: "I did it my lord, she's dead."

The tribe stands around you stunned
No. 371793 ID: b6edd6

"We asked that you use a non-instant-kill spell for a reason. This fight was supposed to be part of a negotiation, and we still needed to find out about the orb's origin."
No. 371794 ID: 1854db

Ask if she's alright. What are the negative effects of that spell? Also ask the tribe where the respawn will occur. I think it would be interesting to observe.

We can yell at her for disobeying a direct order after we find out if she's okay. (But goddamn it that is not acceptable, how does she have 4 loyalty but disobey a direct order?!)
No. 371795 ID: 6a5a08

"Shana, your nose is bleeding."

Also, won't she just respawn? Or is she not a 'Hero'?
No. 371796 ID: 1854db

No dude, it was a fight to the death and she said she'd tell us after she was beaten. IE, died. So, Shanah didn't fuck that up; the only thing she risked was herself.
No. 371799 ID: 6af537

Well, who doubts that Shana's yandere now?
No. 371801 ID: f31dfc

Annnnd our main title quota has just been filled. WELL I think we screwed the pooch. We just outright killed her instead of the normal method, our lead is gone, and Shana our highest level character is most likely going to face mental feed back if not be rendered weak from that.

So yeah, we REALLY should have went in ourselves because now we have a whole lot of nothing except a bunch of shocked beast masters who may kill us.
No. 371803 ID: 1854db

Guys, you are forgetting that HEROES RESPAWN
No. 371805 ID: 9a34be

Okay, to be fair, she might have been able to wipe the floor with us if Shana handn't instakilled her, so while we should probably remind her that we asked her to keep her alive, it's not really the hugest of deals.

Not like yelling at her will bring the chick back so we can finish questioning her, anyway. Somewhat more important is making sure Shana's okay. We don't want her killing herself for our sake.

I get the feeling that most of her disposition is probable our (past selve's) fault, we probably sort of brainwashed her into being this way. I think she needs help and support, not admonishment for actions we probably drilled into her as second nature.
No. 371806 ID: a2fa74

"I am a bit disappointed, Shana.
When I give an order it is to be followed. I allow suggestions, not disobedience."
No. 371808 ID: d60822

>No my Lord
Dammit. This shit is unacceptable. We cannot have minions refusing to follow combat orders.

It might also be suitable to now tell the tribe that they shall fall under our indirect governance.
No. 371809 ID: b6edd6

Right (well, probably respawn. Her power might have done something strange with that.)

Before saying anything else we should ask how long it will take the tribe leader to re-spawn from that.
That would serve either to reassure the tribespeople or establish that we weren't planning on permakilling her (and also inform us how much trouble we are about to have with them).
No. 371811 ID: 40cb26

"Disobeying my orders is simply another way of letting me down, victory or not. But what is done is done... tell me what side effects did using that power have? On you, or otherwise."
No. 371812 ID: f31dfc

Ok, if she respawns, let's forget the scolding and more focused on the fact she used a spell with a side effect. Might have messed her up big time.
No. 371813 ID: a4a7f4
File 132373057798.png - (164.26KB , 700x500 , 457.png )

"Disobeying my orders is simply another way of letting me down, victory or not. But what is done is done... tell me what side effects did using that power have? On you, or otherwise."

>"W-what...? But... Sorry my Lord.. The spell doesn't do much to me or the target... It doesn't really m-"

A bright light flashes from outside the tent. You go outside and see the Former Tribe Leader Respawn in the center of the village.

>TL: "Well... I must say I didn't expect to be taken out in one move. You defeated me. You may have anything you want and ask me any questions. I will not lie."
No. 371816 ID: 1854db

Okay, ask her who the man she borrowed the orb was. Also, ask her why she believes it is okay to use the orb in the first place! Are Moon Children horrible monsters or something? Is the one in the orb insane at this point? Would they try to kill us if we let them out? We should probably find out before we release the one in the orb.
No. 371818 ID: f31dfc

Well, that's done with. No harm done.

"*sigh* It's fine Shana, you tried to do what you thought best for us. I appreciate that. But I'd rather you not pull stuff like that. I value all my servants and I don't want them to take unnecessary risks on my behalf."

Then we ask the questions.
No. 371820 ID: a2fa74

"I choose you as my prize."
Equip her with something so she doesn't have to cover herself
"Now, who did you 'borrow' the orb from?"
No. 371822 ID: d60822

>You may have anything you want
We will have her fealty, and nothing more. We'll keep the orb and the (comparatively) paltry sum that we gained upon her defeat, but we'll not take anywhere near the G6000 she offered us before.

>It's fine Shana
That is not true. It's unacceptable. Do not tell her falsely that we accept it. Commending her on her ability wouldn't go amiss, if we want merely to cheer her up, but lying to her about what we do and do not tolerate is a horrible idea, almost as horrible as the idea of tolerating direct disobedience in combat.

She's more useful to us here, in the long run.
No. 371823 ID: b6edd6

Agreeing with this.
No. 371825 ID: ac6c03

Agree with this
Except from the "nothing wrong" part this is alright.

After speaking with the tribal leader, first inquire if Shana is alright. Next we need to speak with Shana in private. Find out exactly what Thee-ad does and it's side effects on her. We do not need her taking unnecessary risks. Still, she did do a good job in dispatching the enemy, and her decision may have been wise, but in the future she should follow orders and bring up potential alternatives when the opportunity presents itself.
No. 371826 ID: f31dfc

With a normal servant I would agree. However you are forgetting two things; One Shana is one who would most likely kill a kingdom to please us and 2 she has the power to back it up. Scolding her would not help and HAS not been helping us. We need a gentle touch with a psyche like her's and all we have been doing is slapping her for every mistake and not trying to actually fix her constructively.

You guys hate it when she used fear? She's a yandere in love with us. Considering that type, just saying the equivilent of 'you should have obeyed' instead of 'you did your job, but you should have obeyed in case something went wrong.' is likely to make her afraid and fear displeasing us. Which would create a cycle where she would do more dangerous things to try and appease us only for us to scold her more to the point where SOMETHING happens and we have nothing to blame but ourselves.

In short, you want to discipline? Fine. But making it bloody constructive unless you like using the same methods Sarah used on Styx.
No. 371827 ID: 1854db

I agree with this, but we should tell Shanah very soon that we're not punishing her for any of these recent slip-ups, and if it's true that there's no big problem with using Thee-ad then I suppose her only fault here was simply not asking first. I'm guessing that it's not a good spell to use when fighting multiple opponents? Like, it cripples the caster temporarily? We should ask her more about it.

And ask her if she's feeling alright. How is she adjusting to the new Us so far?
No. 371829 ID: a2fa74

Make a note to pull her aside LATER and tell her something like this:
"It's trust. I need to know I can trust you to do what I tell you to do. You didn't trust my order in combat, and you didn't trust me to investigate sabotage when you interrogated Styx against my wishes. Worse, that hurt morale.
I can't work with somebody who I can't trust and can't trust me. You're better than that."
No. 371832 ID: 6a5a08

No. 371841 ID: a4a7f4
File 132373519821.png - (300.39KB , 700x500 , 458.png )

You glare at Shana to let her know that you aren't done talking to her.

Though honestly you fear her. Just a tiny bit.

"So who did you borrow the orb from?"

>"A man known as Abel. He captured the demons and sealed them away within that ball. To repay for their sins I believe."

"What? That's... Why the hell would you even use such a thing?"

>"Money.. There is no reason other then that. I did this to help my Tribe."

You shake your head.

>"There are more. Besides the one you now have. He's given them to several lands. I assume he has more himself."
No. 371843 ID: a2fa74

We need to detect evil on the orb's prisoner, but we are going to put an end to this Knights Templar bullfuckery.
No. 371844 ID: 1854db

Ask her what sins the Moon Children committed.
No. 371845 ID: 453e62

"the only sin of the 'demon' he sealed in that ball is be born with special blood. has he said anything about where else he has been?"
No. 371846 ID: 3fd4fb

Well, that guy's a dick.

"Do you know which lands have them?"
No. 371849 ID: d60822

>You glare at Shana to let her know that you aren't done talking to her.
That was pointlessly hostile.

>A man known as Abel
Huh. An odd name to choose.

Not gonna lie, that's a pretty good reason.

Anyway we should bring up the vassalage thing now.
No. 371850 ID: 173528

If we do open this thing up, we're going to need to find a way to help this tribe out. Since we are kind of taking away a huge source of income from them.
No. 371851 ID: b6edd6

We should do this.

Hmm... I guess their alchemical properties explain how there can be orbs constantly generating them without de-valuing them much.
No. 371852 ID: d60822

They didn't have it anyway. We should help them out, but we should aid all of our subjects.
No. 371853 ID: a4a7f4
File 132373604412.png - (153.76KB , 600x500 , 459.png )

"What kind of sins did the Moon Children commit exactly?"

>"... None as far as I know. I did not question his judgement."

"What lands have them?"

She marks the lands that she knows have one.
No. 371854 ID: f31dfc

Abel? Oh no. Oh hell NO! That's Abel the Savior as in Abel the KING OF AN ENTIRE COUNTRY. Yeah, no wonder he would have multiple orbs filled with these poor guys, the guy is the hero king of lawful stupid land!

Looks like we have our main trouble maker right here and it's pretty obvious we are going to have to deal with him eventually. I think we are going to need a plan for this guys.
No. 371859 ID: a2fa74

That's why I said "Knights Templar".

Ok, appoint the former leader to be your regent for The Wilds, then we can go crack that orb open.
No. 371860 ID: 3fd4fb

Get her to tell us what resources are available here. She said we can have anything we want, so let's take inventory.

>I think we are going to need a plan for this guys.
Plan for the moment is to try to avoid bringing his wrath down on our head long enough to build up a decent army. Our current team would get punked by any decent force, though Shana helps a lot with that.
No. 371863 ID: 6a5a08

Command the Queen to swear her tribe's loyalty to you. Have Lenion go there periodically to watch for any problems they have, so that we can protect them.
Ask Styx and the others about Lily and Goldland.
Detect Evil on Moonchild, and release if you don't detect any.
No. 371864 ID: 1854db

...wait why does our map have a hole in it? We need to buy another one without a hole.

But yeah. Abel. Lawful stupid. Granted, he could be right in that these guys deserved it... we need to find out more before we do anything rash. Do we have any way to contact our cleric friends? Maybe Kassandra knows.

Ask her what she knows about Abel.
No. 371866 ID: 453e62

open it and then let's head to goldcliff.
No. 371867 ID: d60822

Oh right, we know who Abel is. Let's not go for more of these until we're done figuring out what to do with them. Once we're ready to potentially provoke Abel's ire, we'll take the ones in Lily Island and Goldcliff.

As for right now, unless we want more info, let's finally get to the discussion of vassalizing this group.
No. 371875 ID: e3f578

Umm, so is Shana or us the Tribe Leader now?

You know what, fuck it, I say free the moon child.
No. 371919 ID: 3947e9

1. Conquest. She is to remain the tribes leader... Only now under you. Don't make her walk around naked... Do have her visit the castle daily for an hour or so to report in and socialize with your troops.

2. Shana: constructive criticism please. First "Are you alright Shana, you are bleeding from your nose and I do not want you to hurt yourself just to impress me". - Good employee relationships are IMPORTANT!
"What was that attack exactly?" - We need to know to better strategize.
"I admit I am very impressed with your power and skill in that combat Shana. However that is eclipsed with my disappointment at intentionally ignoring orders. I am very open to suggestions for improvements to my strategy and will happily receive such input, whether I choose to eventually use it or not I would like to see you follow orders otherwise."

3. Moon-child: Free her in a fortified room with our strongest units present in case it does go nuts. Try to restrain her if that is the case. We could always give her a mind-wipe if she is TOTALLY insane or even shove her back in the orb if we disassemble it carefully; but I am sure with some care she will recover... at least enough to match our other loyal psychos.
No. 371922 ID: a4a7f4
File 132375080419.png - (214.14KB , 700x500 , 460.png )

First thing's first.

"Hmm. I'll need to investigate this. But first I want your people to swear loyalty to me."

>"You are the Lord of the one who defeated me correct? Very well. We will help you in any way we can."

"I'll send Lenion here to check in on you guys. I need to look more into this Orb business.."

You teleport back to your castle.
There's no way of telling the nature of the creature within the orb or what state it's in.
No. 371923 ID: 453e62

open it like an egg, if it's insane and evil we can kill it, if not then yay.
No. 371926 ID: 252e1b

Examine the slot where the gems come out. An existing opening is always a good starting point. Call Styx and Meagan to help you.
No. 371928 ID: 3fd4fb

Get Styx and Meagan over here. We need professional opinions on how to crack this thing open safely, without harming the occupant inside, and we need to know what likely state they will be in when they emerge. They can take some time trying to analyze the orb if they need to.
No. 371933 ID: 1854db

Yeah, set those two on investigating a safe way to open it and some way of determining if the creature inside is mentally stable or intensely evil or what.

While they are working, let's talk to Shanah, and we should not be condescending, hostile, or wordy. Just ask if she's alright, and if so tell her that the only objection we have is that she used the spell against our orders. If she had merely discussed it with us first it would've been fine; we can spend time to do that in a fight due to how turns work. Outside of a fight things are not so simple, and we'll have to handle that on a case by case basis.
No. 371934 ID: 3947e9

Seriously, have this talk with Shana, the creature in the egg was there for years a few more minutes will not make a difference. We need to strike here while the iron is hot.

we have had two of our people, one of which is our resident tinkerer, examine this egg.
Ask Megan-O and Styx how to best open the egg. Have Megan-O prepare first aid for treating a demon. Also, do demons permanently die if killed in human or demon realm? Do it in the realm where its safe. If its human realm do it right off the village we just got in their most remote hut with guards OUTSIDE (we don't want to scare it).

Have with us our healers (both of them) as well as Shana, and our top fighters... weapons sheathed and made to look friendly. Be sure to be the closest to the egg when it opens, not too close. As soon as styx and the other open it have them withdraw and approach the moon child to talk to her. Everyone else is to stand back. If the moon child collapse have healers rush in to treat her while you continue to talk to her and reassure her/make a bond.

And make it clear to shana you want it friendly and if hostile you want it restrained, not dead... So not to kill her unless YOU say so. If she is insane we restrain her for treatment... unless she is overwhelmingly powerful.
No. 371937 ID: e3f578

When reprimanding Shana don't just scold her, use skillful manipulative techniques to make her realize what she did was stupid on her own. As in asking her questions and twisting her answers into incompetent ones.

Like ask
"What were you doing out there?"
"I was ensuring your victory, sir!"
"Oh, so your the one that define's what is and what isn't a victory for me? Now just why aren't you running things now if you are so confident in your decisions? Why were you stuck in some backwater, superstitious hole of a village for so much time doing jack shit if your so capable of making decisions for me? How did that village slip through your hands if your so intelligent?"

Run her self-confidence into the ground. Make her think she's incapable of doing anything without her say. Her hubris is making her disobedient, take that away from her and she's yours. Do not, I repeat, do not fall prey to your fears of her power. If for a second she thinks your weak in this state of undeserved pride, then we lose control of her. Act as though you have much power yourself and that you could take her and crush her.
No. 371938 ID: 3947e9

>Run her self-confidence into the ground.
I am going to have to oppose this approach. and I disagree about it being "skillful manipulative"
No. 371939 ID: 173528

Agreed. Her problem isn't her self-confidence. It's the fact she's desperate to please us and she's jumping the gun as a result of it.
No. 371942 ID: e3f578

I don't have the skill to display a more slick and appropriate insulting questions kind of thing, I just tried to supply an example sorta of what I was talking about.

I find she has a lot of hubris and I'm tired of being nice about insubordination through talking. At least, when they behave like sociopaths. Alice, okay, we can try nicer disciplinary techniques with people like her but for units like the Mimic and Shana, people with lack of moral restraints or comprehension of the situation, need to be dealt with in harsher terms. Remind them that they work for us because they owe us or, in Shana's case, googoogaga over our commander SWAG. Harsh punishments for illogical insubordination, which can include degrading them. I don't care, whatever works, but I think it should be harsh.
No. 371952 ID: 173528

It just seems like that's not needed yet seeing as we haven't had an in-depth talk with her at this point on this issue. Mostly we've just slammed her down and said "No. Don't do that." and left it at that. Personally, I think the stick isn't necessary yet. Not until we've tried the carrot a little more.
No. 371954 ID: f70e5e

shana's issues are not because of hubris, they are because she is insecure about her position, and because she is used to how the old overlord did things. if anything we should cut her some slack until she acclimates. we also need to explain some of the key differences in our methodology.

but for now we should work on opening the sphere. we should try and do so in a way that keeps the equipment intact, a machine that turns blood into money has a fair amount of non evil uses if you have enough people who trust you.
No. 371955 ID: a4a7f4
File 132375474566.png - (294.44KB , 700x500 , 461.png )

We'll worry about Shana later. First comes the Orb

Styx informs you she can open it and most likely not damage the Moon Child within it.
You tell her to go for it.

With your units behind you and ready to act in case of the worst you have Styx open the Orb.
No. 371956 ID: 173528

Oh Emily. You amuse me so.
No. 371957 ID: a4a7f4
File 132375527095.png - (207.80KB , 700x500 , 462.png )

The orb is opened and a body tumbles half out of it.
The Moon Child doesn't seem to be conscious.
No. 371958 ID: 3fd4fb

Healers apply medical. Others stand by.
No. 371959 ID: d60822

Where's Kassandra? That thing needs some healing.
No. 371960 ID: f31dfc

Welp, best heal her/him up and get him/her to a nice safe spot. Some soup, a bed, maybe talk to her calmly when he or she wakes up. Don't know how long s/he's been sealed up, but we want to at least try to comfort the poor fellow.
No. 371961 ID: 40cb26

Let's get Kassandra on it, and Solaris if the Apple of Life is needed to rouse her.
No. 371962 ID: 3947e9

Get her in a comfy bed, healers heal, demonologist care, you stand nearby holding her hand and say reassuring things as soon as she wakes up.
No. 371964 ID: a4a7f4
File 132375603404.png - (136.66KB , 700x500 , 463.png )

Solaris takes the Moon Child and carries them to the infirmary as Kassandra casts healing spells. You have Rose and Lenion follow after them to keep watch.

Now that that is mostly taken care of you can deal with problem people like Alalia and Shana.

Or you can watch over the Moon Child.
No. 371965 ID: d60822

Everyone's all together now. We want to talk to the people with remaining problems alone. Let's go for Shana first, since she's fresher in our mind. We must impress upon her the importance of following orders, and that our servants are all assumed to be loyal by default. We should tell her that although her council is valued, she should not make a decision for us unless we are available. We must also impress upon her that she's competent in the manners of war, and we appreciate her contribution. Ultimately, we may want to give her a task to go and destroy monsters and heroes for us to accrue funds. In the likely event that she's very successful at that, we'll be able to give her praise that she's legitimately earned.

We should also figure out what the deal is with thee-ad.
No. 371966 ID: 40cb26

Shana is the more pressing matter so lets deal with her first, but we must be sure not to forget about the mimic.

Also, equip Lenion with that new whip.
No. 371968 ID: 173528

It might also be worth finding out who told her more about what happened during the attack. If it was a minion that escaped, he was likely disloyal and could have told lies to try to escape her alive.
No. 371969 ID: f70e5e

i've been thinking about how shana might have thought styx was the traitor. when we were defeated a decant majority of the worlds wanted us dead, probably including a number of shapeshifters and illusionist. it is possible she is lying, but need to start showing her some trust or she may snap soon.
No. 371972 ID: 1854db

Let's go with the moon child and ask Rose about how the castle fell. Were there intruders in the castle before it fell?
No. 371980 ID: a4a7f4
File 132376558992.png - (72.90KB , 405x500 , 464.png )

You approach Shana. Before you can speak she talks to you.

>"My Lord.. I apologize for going against your actions.. I only did what I thought was best for you.. That girl had unknown powers and I didn't want to risk it. I will do my best to not take any action in battle unless you request it."

.. That addressed most of the problems.
No. 371982 ID: d60822

"Thank you. That is satisfactory." She seems to have the idea.
We should send her out to kill things and bring in money. It might be advisable to keep her around until we see what happens when the Moon Child awakens, though.
No. 371983 ID: 1854db

"Very well. In the future, whenever you have an idea of ways to improve my battle plans, merely inform me and I will decide what to do based on that. The turn will last as long as we need it to.

And good job in the fight. That spell is impressive. What are the side effects, exactly? Are you alright?"
No. 371984 ID: 173528

We can't leave it just at that. We still need to address her whole fear needed in your minions and the loyalty of others. We need to address why she's like that I imagine.
No. 371985 ID: 453e62

No. 371987 ID: 3947e9

"Thank you. If you do come up with an idea please let me know, I am open to suggestion and appreciate the input. Flexibility is a good if I am not available for discussion, but in this case I was right there the whole time"

>And good job in the fight. That spell is impressive. What are the side effects, exactly? Are you alright?"
No. 371988 ID: d60822

>side effects
She already indicated to the negative there. It might be better to ask simply "how does it work".
No. 371989 ID: a4a7f4
File 132376689517.png - (46.79KB , 388x500 , 465.png )

"Hmm.. Very well. However if you do come up with an idea please let me know, I am open to suggestion and appreciate the input. Flexibility is a good if I am not available for discussion, but in this case I was right there the whole time"

>"I will my Lord."

"I must admit though that spell was impressive. Surely there must be a cost to such power."

>"Well.. There is. In a way. Certain spells I have use my Life Force to cast them. They are called Dark Mana spells. The Life Force will return after a short rest but the Dark Mana leaves residue within my body. The body can only take so much of this before it.. Well explodes basically."

"Wait.. This could kill you?"
No. 371990 ID: a4a7f4
File 132376693771.png - (97.35KB , 700x500 , 466.png )

She grabs your hand.

>"I would die a million times for you my Lord."
No. 371993 ID: f31dfc

Well, that does solve most of the our group thoughts on the subject, it's more the fact she decided to use such a powerful move with such backlash first. In a tactical way, if the backlash was bad, you could have been given more than a nose bleed if it's possible. In a personal way, having our men do risky stuff to please us when it could harm themselves would make us worry. Same with in fighting. We had a huge army and it crumbled because there was no true loyalty or camaraderie amongst our units.

If we can have our army respect us and work together, we could very well gain back what we lost with a smaller force. Of course, if you are worried about something you can talk to us about it, but TALK first OK? A lot can be done with words and being civil.
No. 371994 ID: d60822

"Your dedication is admirable. However you are far more valuable to me alive. Avoid dying, and as much as possible, avoid contributing to a situation that will inevitably lead to your death."

"Is there a way to purge the residue from your body?"
No. 371995 ID: f6106a

"I would prefer it if you didn't die."

Take off the helmet for this discussion. If she reacts similarly to Emily, tell her

"Now, how do you feel right now? Is it fear? In fact, would you say fear is the root of why you serve me at all? You are very loyal, so much so that you do your best to ensure my success even when I'm not there. Now compare that to most of those who previously served me out of fear. They did the minimum, didn't they? Always looking for a way out of my service while doing their best to never attract attention or risk my wrath.

Now, of my previous followers, how would you rank your own service in comparison to them? You would say you served me more fully and ably I would bet. That is loyalty. That is what I wish to engender in those who follow me. I don't dislike your enthusiasm for service, but the way you're going about that risks harming others who would serve me the same way, and risks turning their loyalty into hate and fear.

Which is something else you seemed to have missed. Fear, when cultivated through means beyond simply seeing someones power and thinking "Wow, wouldn't want to fight them" almost always garners hate as well. Which almost always leads to betrayel"
No. 371996 ID: 1854db

Hold her hand, and say "Your devotion is admirable. Let's hope that won't need to happen. Can you tell how much it builds up? Will it go away after a respawn?"

We need to know if it's a permanent death even if she dies from it in the human realm.
No. 371997 ID: 453e62

good job, this.
No. 371998 ID: 1854db

I dunno if we need to be that wordy and preachy. Merely asking if she fears us might be enough for her to get the hint.
No. 372002 ID: 3947e9


Also, ask her if there is a way to clear out the residue.

Also we should be walking around with our face exposed all the time. We paid good money to get a face in the first place, lets use it!
No. 372005 ID: e3f578

Ask Shana what you've done for her in the past to inspire such dedication? Parents murdered, killed the murderer before they got to you? Freed you from imprisonment? Please give the overlord the full details, no bias or buttered words that you just take pride in working for such a powerful man please. We already know that.
No. 372008 ID: a4a7f4
File 132376947590.png - (292.40KB , 700x500 , 467.png )

You decide to remove your mask.

"Shana, I don't want you to die. I would much rather have you by my side forever. Tell me Shana... How do you feel right now?"

>"W-what my Lord?"

"How do you feel? Do you hate me?"

>"N-no my Lord! I could never hate you!"

You gently lift her chin up and stare into her eyes.

"Then try to understand that I do not want to rule with hate. I would much rather prefer.."

You smile warmly.

"That you love me."

>"My lord..."


"Shana, I would rather you not die. You are far more valuable to me alive then dead. Now Shana please tell me. How do you feel about me right now?"

>"W-what my Lord?"

"How do you feel? Do you fear me?"

>"N-no my Lord! I could never hate you!"

You fold your arms.

"Then try to understand that I do not want to rule with fear. While fear may have my men not want to risk attacking me at that moment it also sows hatred in their hearts. That hatred is exactly what lead to my downfall last time. No this time I would much rather lead with Loyalty"

>"My lord..."
No. 372009 ID: 453e62

okay, next person!
No. 372010 ID: 3947e9

Alright, that went well. Surely she understood your well formed logic and has taken it to mind.

Now go check up on the moon-child.
No. 372011 ID: 453e62

oh wait, we also need to ask who gave her the information about styx.
No. 372012 ID: d60822

Right then, that's taken care of. Observe Moonchild's status. If nothing has changed we can proceed onwards. If it's awake we likely want to deploy Shana once any potential Moonchild violence issues are resolved.
No. 372015 ID: a4a7f4
File 132377079732.png - (32.23KB , 653x478 , 468.png )

You put your mask back on and try to check in on the Moon Child but Solaris tells you they aren't ready to receive any visitors yet and to check back later.

You decide to check on Alalia.

She's in a room near Meagan's. When you enter she looks up at you.

No. 372016 ID: 1854db

"Ready to give me some gold today?"
No. 372017 ID: 453e62

"i was wondering, how did you end up in possession of the elder slime?"
story be perfect way to pass the time, and endear her to us.
No. 372018 ID: 173528

The sad thing is, we can't even attempt to fix this since we think she got the gist of what we're saying... Now I want to know our back story with her even more.
No. 372022 ID: 173528

Is this what Emily went through earlier when she saw us? Maybe the mask is necessary.
No. 372023 ID: a4a7f4
File 132377163650.png - (52.41KB , 457x395 , 469.png )

"You ready to give up the gold yet?"

She pops out of her chest and grins at you.

>"Listen, I'm a Mimic. Contrary to popular belief we are not little chests that store gold and junk for you. We're fucking Mimics. We trick people and take gold from them. You have a better chance of getting gold from a dragon then from me. Besides that Elder knew the risk of putting me there."

"Why did he even put you there in the first place?"

>"Like you care? If you must know I was travelling with some people and they died. Pretty sad. Some people had invaded the town they were staying in and killed them as they slept. Thought I was just a normal old chest and once they found I wouldn't open they tossed me aside. Some slimes found me and brought me to the elder. The rest is history."
No. 372024 ID: 173528

Ask her if she knew someone by the name of Emsee.
No. 372025 ID: 453e62

"i didn't know mimics traveled. how was that working out?"
No. 372026 ID: a4a7f4
File 132377225125.png - (52.13KB , 364x485 , 470.png )


"I didn't know Mimics 'could' travel."

She reaches foreword and lifts herself up on her hands.

>"I can walk like this. Just not for very long."
No. 372027 ID: e2d21e

remove mask
No. 372028 ID: 453e62

"that" remove mask "is rather interesting, i am sure you must of had fun" slight smile.
No. 372029 ID: 3947e9

aww, thats cute.

Tell me, is the gold eating an actual curse like the elder said? Somethat that goes beyond just being a mimic?
No. 372030 ID: 1854db

Grab the chest as she's upside down like that. Maybe give her a little shake.
No. 372031 ID: 3947e9

No. 372032 ID: a4a7f4
File 132377302188.png - (159.06KB , 700x500 , 471.png )

You remove your mask again.

"So is gold eating a curse like the Elder said or is it just part of being a mimic?"

>"I suppose you can call it a c-"

She looks up at you and gasps.
Her hands slip from under her and her chest swings foreword. The weight of the chest moving foreword bends her body into an odd angle.
You hear a loud crack.
No. 372033 ID: 1854db

Aw hell. Ask if she's alright. Check her pulse or... something. Bring her to our clerics, or use a health potion.
No. 372034 ID: 453e62

uhhh... we should of let her right herself first. pick her up and make sure she is still alive.
No. 372035 ID: e2d21e

move raelly close to her and ask if she is ok
No. 372036 ID: e2d21e

No. 372037 ID: 453e62

think this should be a lesson, don't talk to people who are upside down.
No. 372038 ID: 173528

Was just wondering if you were the same person who did a quest thread on /tg/ about a mimic since it was the same character.

Huh. I wonder why Styx isn't affected by us being maskless but everyone else seems to be.
No. 372039 ID: 453e62

if she is fine then hold her in such a way she wakes up looking at you and say "i'm sorry, i didn't know i would startle you like that"
No. 372041 ID: e2d21e

No. 372042 ID: a4a7f4

I am and the quest is canon
No. 372043 ID: 3947e9

Hurry and check up on her. IF she isn't fine summon megan-o and solaris ASAP to get her to the infirmary ALSO.

No. 372044 ID: a4a7f4
File 132377373404.png - (83.26KB , 700x500 , 472.png )

You move in to check on her.

>"Ow... I can't feel my toes...."

"You have toes?"


"So you're okay?"

>"About as okay as I can be with a broken back. I'll be fine. Mimics can heal themselves well enough.."
No. 372045 ID: 173528

Is the quest ever going to continue?

Maybe we should get someone to heal her anyways. Having a broken back must suck. Especially since we caused it.

"Why were you so surprised when you saw me?"
No. 372046 ID: 453e62

put your arm under her back, just under the shoulders, and carefully lift her up until she is is mostly up. "sorry about that"
No. 372047 ID: 1854db

"So, I heard if you can use money to grant wishes. How much do those sorts of things cost? Is there anything you're saving up for?"
No. 372052 ID: a4a7f4
File 132377470432.png - (14.14KB , 488x500 , 473.png )

You gently lift her up

"I am sorry about that. It was careless of me. If I had known my new face would scare you I would have.."

>"N-no it's fine really.. I like it.."

"I can't stand to have cause you such pain.. If there's anything..."

>"N-no really.. It's fine.. Just hold me.."

"Anything for you my beloved Mimic."

"Sorry about that. Didn't mean to shock you or anything."

>"N-no it's fine really.. I like it.."

"Having your back broken? That is an odd thing to enjoy.. I'm going to get Kassandra. She can hea-"

>"N-no really.. It's fine.. Just hold me.."

"Okay... I think the bones are healed again"
No. 372053 ID: 453e62

wait a moment then set her down in the chest. "i must be off, see you later"
No. 372054 ID: 1854db

I think at this point even Mr Oblivious should be able to tell that something odd is going on with our face. But let's not ruin the moment for our 'beloved Mimic'. Wait until you're sure the bones are healed before letting her go (hold her for a few more moments) then put back on the mask. Ask her about that wish-granting thing that Meagan told us about. We can give her gold for her to do special stuff?
No. 372058 ID: 0583a2

let's show our face to Styx and see if she knows anything about it.
No. 372066 ID: 9a34be

Okay, we should probably put the face away for a while, thing's an aphrodisiac powerful enough that we're probably breaking several international treaties just by being so goddamn gorgeous. Special Occasions, reserve it for them.

Once the mask is returned to its proper position, inquire about the wishes.
No. 372071 ID: 3fd4fb

Our face is the best face. This is awesome. Styx is the greatest tinker ever.

Hold her for another minute or so, until she feels ready to move, then thank her for talking to us, put our mask back on, and get going.

Next person is... Silva, I think. We can ask her if she knows anything about the Moon Children, if she knows anything new about Abel, and how she's been doing in general. Her memory is going to be spotty but it's better than ours, so she might have something.
No. 372075 ID: e3f578

This face may be the best face but it's going to be a distraction and potential consequence in the future.
That goatee I've been asking for? Making it detachable, so go to a disguise kit or something. I did suggest making contacts with a thieves guild earlier, they probably got great disguises for spying and shit.
No. 372081 ID: b6edd6

Why do we need a goatee when we have a helmet already?

also this.
No. 372083 ID: 3947e9

We aren't done here!
>"I suppose you can call it a c-"
She was saying it IS a curse and NOT a mimic thing... please confirm.
If this is really a unique to her curse and not a mimic thing we should cure her somehow.

So yea, ask her where she was going with it before falling.
No. 372087 ID: f70e5e

we need to ask styx about the face thing, it really seems like there is some sort of charm attached to it. even if she says she did't build anything like that into it we should get it tested. its possible that its an unintended interplay between our new body and our core systems.
No. 372088 ID: 3947e9

I am pretty sure its just a pretty face combined with humorous author
No. 372098 ID: a62200

Hold for a little longer and then lock up the mask and finish the questioning.

also, I saw this in my head with music and a sudden breeze blowing up out of nowhere. Maybe a few rose petals.
No. 372112 ID: e3f578

Just for flair, mainly. And there may be times when we want to use our face but not in a pretty boy way. Goatee may actually make us scary, intimidating, or very respectful the same way this pretty boy face makes us look and sound romantic.
No. 372118 ID: af25e0

I really want to see Silva's response to the face, but having both her and Shana under its "effect" sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Finish talking to Alalia for now, and we'll see Silva next (with the mask on).
No. 372133 ID: 40cb26

Even with healing, it doesn't do for our minions to be breaking their backs from moving around. Tell her we shall have assign Styx give her wheels in some manner or another, so she should think about how she wants it designed.
No. 372145 ID: 6a5a08

No. 372161 ID: a4a7f4
File 132383644258.png - (60.78KB , 352x471 , 474.png )

You hold her for a few more moments until her back fully heals.
You put your mask back on. She blinks a few times then shakes her head.

"So tell me more about these Wishes. I heard you could grant them in exchange for money."

She places her hands on her back and cracks it a few times. She twists and turns as if testing it out then folds her arms.

>"Yeah I can cast Wish in exchange for some gold. The more gold the better the result of the wish. Pretty awesome reality warping stuff. It can even bring back people who are Really Dead."
No. 372162 ID: 1854db

Ask her how much it would cost to find the location of someone. With or without a name. Alternatively, finding out the name of someone.

I'm interested in finding out where Mother is. Though you should say "My creator".
No. 372164 ID: 453e62

ask how much it would cost to wish her curse away.
No. 372166 ID: d60822

That could be useful but we're better off just not letting our people die.
No. 372168 ID: 264279

She could fix the book that details Overlord's creation, with the right phrasing.

Or possibly restore memories, old skills.. Like, perhaps, how Emily was created, and how to modify her further. Imagine: Hands!Legs!
No. 372169 ID: a4a7f4
File 132383732425.png - (60.92KB , 352x471 , 475.png )

"How much would it cost to find someone?"

>"Maybe five hu- wait.. Does the person have some sort of special meaning to you?"

"I suppose."

No. 372170 ID: d60822

"You were going to say G500. Why did the number change?"
No. 372172 ID: 1854db

Good idea. With that we might not need to pay to locate Mother.

Ask how much it would cost to restore a journal so that all the pages are legible.
No. 372174 ID: 453e62

start moving your hand towards her stomach, stop right before touching though and say "are you sure that's the price?"
No. 372177 ID: a4a7f4
File 132383775494.png - (61.48KB , 352x471 , 476.png )

"You were going to say G500. Why did the number change?"

>"Cause I figured you'd be willing to pay more for someone you care about."

"... What about restoring the pages to this journal?"

You show her the journal.

>"Oh wow.. I can sense a lot of love contained within that journal. G2,000"
No. 372178 ID: 1854db

"1,000 and I'll get some wheels for your chest so you can move around easier."
No. 372179 ID: 453e62

seriously, do this.
No. 372181 ID: d60822

When/if we actually need to purchase something, we'll barter with the mask off. For right now, there's no point in it.
The belly poke is pleasure.
No. 372185 ID: 453e62

ah, but i left it open to interpretation. is it lower price OR we poke, or lower the price AND we'll poke?
No. 372186 ID: b6edd6

If we just throw around our mind altering face whenever we need a bargain, the effect will wear off by the tie we seriously need it.
No. 372188 ID: a4a7f4
File 132383926370.png - (148.06KB , 700x500 , 477.png )

You move you hand closer to her stomach. She tries to move away.

>"W-woah there! Uh... Did I say G2,000? I meant G1,000!"
No. 372190 ID: 3947e9

I still want to know if her gold eating is really a curse. It sounds like she was about to say "I suppose you can call it a curse".

Also, why doesn't she wish herself to be cured from it or wish for a mountain of gold?
No. 372191 ID: 1854db

No. 372194 ID: 453e62

move slightly closer.
No. 372195 ID: af25e0


Much better.

"A thousand it is, then. Restore the journal pages first, of course."
No. 372196 ID: f31dfc

Welp, that was easy but we should still give her wheel. We don't mind paying for services, but if she gets greedy it likely won't help her.
No. 372197 ID: a2fa74

"You should probably know that cost is the reason I avoid using your services. Things like these would be nice, but I couldn't possibly justify putting my followers in danger by diverting critical funds for them.
Now, keeping in mind that an honest price will earn you much more gold in the long run, how much do you need for these two things?"
No. 372198 ID: 3fd4fb

It occurs to me that Meagan could probably tell us how much gold a mimic would actually need in order to accomplish any given task. We could refer to her to stop ourselves from being cheated here.
No. 372200 ID: a4a7f4
File 132384130930.png - (79.84KB , 487x500 , 478.png )

"That's better. Now fix the pages."

>"Well my magic is activated by money. I can't do anything until you pay me."

"Very well."

You pay G1,000.

>"Now state your wish once more and I'll grant it."

She grins.
No. 372201 ID: f31dfc

Ok we are going to need to word this carefully. We mess this up, we REALLY mess up.

"I wish the journal was restored to the condition it was in when the last entry was entered on it's pages including the last entry itself."

We say anything related to previous state without explaining it properly and we could very well end up with a book with nothing in it.
No. 372203 ID: 453e62

"i wish that this book" hold up the book "was restored to the condition it was in seconds after the last entry was written"
No. 372205 ID: 40cb26

Oh she had better not fucking monkeypaw us or I swear we'll press that button until she's comatose and drooling over herself.

"I wish that this book be returned to it's earlier undamaged condition, when all the words that had been within it were clearly legible."

That should cover it.
No. 372208 ID: af25e0


Use this one. I deleted my original suggestion because it didn't cover this case properly.

If she tries to cheat us, she'll get a visit from Meagan or Shana.
No. 372210 ID: 1854db

"Restore this journal to the condition in which its author intended me to find it."
No. 372214 ID: 453e62

this is pretty cool sounding.
No. 372216 ID: af25e0


...Do we know that the author intended for us to find it at all? This suggestion might result in losing the journal entirely.
No. 372217 ID: b6edd6

This, but remember to include "words and images" instead of just "words".
No. 372218 ID: 1854db

Yes, the journal had part of it addressed directly to us.
No. 372219 ID: e3f578

Restore the state of this book to prime condition, the condition as of which it would look, including text, pictures, and all it's contents looked like about a few minutes after the last entry was made. The wish must conform to the my intentions in my mind precisely, no genie bullshit like the stuff associated in fables where I technically get my wish but I encounter a misfortune due to wording or loopholes. The word bullshit is confined to it's most commonly used definition in slang, not actual literal shit from a bull. In other words, this wish must allow me to learn everything there has ever been in this book, no fable-like loopholes allowed. In the case data has been erased in this book, instead of jumbling the words or drawings into an unreadable or incomprehensible mess when this information is restored, footnotes will detail what has been erased previously as though a professional scholar wrote them. Give me, the full unabridged version of this book I have shown you and asked that you renew.