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File 131811998705.jpg - (329.03KB , 800x600 , CBSF-Title copy.jpg )
356862 No. 356862 ID: a8ae97

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No. 356865 ID: a8ae97
File 131812081617.jpg - (254.46KB , 777x618 , cheren map.jpg )

:cherenicon: OK, here's the map. I'm here, which is pretty far in enemy territory. I can go west, which is more wilderness-y area, and less chance of getting caught if I steal something or blow up something by accident or on purpose. If I go too far I may hit the front lines, though, which is not where I want to be caught in. If I head east, the roads are better, but there's going to be more crap-bolds with their snotty little fingers all over everything. That's farther into their territory, and the general direction that I came from. I could head south into the swamp but I'm not going to because fuck that.

The grey roads are like, shitty medieval stone roads, but they're better than the brown ones which are shitty dirt roads. I'm pretty much just inside the 'borders' of dribbleglibblewhatever, but not far enough to be out of the frontier where they don't have a solid grasp on everything like they supposedly do further up north. That direction is right out, by the way. That's how I got in this mess.
No. 356868 ID: 2563d4

Go left.
No. 356869 ID: 4bdd79

Go west.
No. 356871 ID: ddcedc

West sounds good, the buggy should be able to handle wilderness and shitty roads.

Any idea where the closest allies, or at least less unfriendly, people are? Being on your own will eventually backfire.
No. 356882 ID: 1854db

Yeah, also you gotta start pushing out babies, Cheren. How old are you? Are you gonna start a family before you go grey and weak and wobbly and unable to hold your damn gun straight?

Oh yeah also go west.
No. 356886 ID: 3b202e

No. 356887 ID: 35bcde

West, north, then follow the river into the mountain. Probably a dragon there or somethin.
No. 356894 ID: a8ae97
File 131812347760.jpg - (150.19KB , 1000x600 , raod01.jpg )

All right, heading west. I've gone a few hours' travel and I can see some shit apparently going down farther up the road. It could be some other raiders attacking a truck, by the looks of it.

Don't know. Towns are less likely to be hostile the farther west I am.
If I wanted your opinion I'd beat it out of you. Jackass.
No. 356897 ID: ddcedc

Well, stay hidden for now and survey the situation through the scope of your rifle.

Are other Raiders save by the way? Or are they likely to kill you and take all your stuff if given the chance? Might be an opposing gang or something.
No. 356909 ID: fa2f8d

yeah, scope it out.
No. 356931 ID: a8ae97
File 131813039585.jpg - (86.11KB , 598x600 , fight1.jpg )

:cherenicon: Looks like a bike and two other vehicles attacking a fuel truck. It's unguarded, which is unusual. I can tail them but I can't drive with a rifle in my hands and I'd need to catch up to see what's actually going on. They probably don't notice me at all right now.

Dunno, I guess it depends.
No. 356932 ID: 35bcde

Wait until they stop the truck then snipe them.
No. 356934 ID: e83f6a

No. 356939 ID: 1854db

Er... why? I think we should, y'know, team up with other Sergals when possible. We don't know who's driving the truck or anything.

I think we should drive up on the side to check out who they're raiding.
No. 356960 ID: 72d8c7

Drive as close as you need to figure out who's who. Obviously if they're cutebolds in uniform don't side with em and oppressed citizens obviously would be friendly enough. But fellow outlaws are unpredictable. They may be friendlies, or they might be the sort to shoot and loot anyone they can.
No. 357013 ID: 197a62

tail 'em until something happens.
No. 357020 ID: 383006

I support this plan.
No. 357021 ID: 8c0848

See if snipe the gunner, then rush in and mow down the rest.
No. 357023 ID: 3b202e

tail them, try not to kill other sergals if possble
No. 357036 ID: 2563d4

Snipe out a tyre on the fuel truck.
No. 357045 ID: a8ae97
File 131818993718.jpg - (193.15KB , 1000x600 , drivingforward.jpg )

:cherenicon: All right, you guys seem to be confused about how either driving works, or possibly shooting a scoped rifle. You can't exactly do both at the same time unless you want a scope embedded in your eye socket or something. I'll drive ahead to get a better vantage point, then I can start shooting. This will have the advantage of getting a closer look as well. I think I see two sergals and maybe a gobber. I can drive ahead, stop and shoot the rifle, or I can try to get closer and shoot with my revolver without stopping. Since they're keeping up with the truck I can easily get ahead of them.
No. 357047 ID: 8e18cd


But they are sergals. Why would you shoot a sergal?
No. 357049 ID: 0c0df8

Shoot the guys.
No. 357050 ID: 0a36f2

Don't shoot em until you absolutely have to. They are not necessary friendly, but probably your only real chances for allies out here.

Are there factions among Raiders or are all independent gangs?
I mean do you recognize any symbols or colors that would give an hint about how they would react to you? The outfits they wear look totally like yours.

If you think it's kinda safe drive closer and yell at em if they need help or something. If they react badly you can still race away.
No. 357052 ID: 3b202e

this, shooting everyone that isn't a snotfucker is the worst thing you can do
No. 357064 ID: a8ae97
File 131819455027.jpg - (238.01KB , 1000x600 , combat2.jpg )

They don't seem that organized to me. Most people travel in smaller groups; attracts-FUCK hit something! OK never mind, I'm good- less attention.
If they shoot at me would be a good reason.

Looks like the two on the other side blew out one of the tires, the red vehicle shot something at the cab but it didn't look like it dealt much damage to it.
No. 357066 ID: 0a36f2

Well, as lame that might be, do you even have anything to win from taking part in that combat?

Helping the Sergals is a risk because you don't know what they are going to do with you after the combat, and fighting em is an even bigger risk. Kinda doubt you really have a chance against a group of well armed Raiders.
And even if you, by luck, succeed it won't really be worth it. Neither the truck nor the drivers are worth risking your life for.

Better speed away and look for something that's less of an gamble.
No. 357096 ID: 1854db

Hey watch out, there's something else up ahead.
No. 357098 ID: a8ae97
File 131820158137.jpg - (126.79KB , 1000x600 , company.jpg )

All right, I'm getting out of here. Shit, looks like an ambush!
No. 357101 ID: 33f152

See if you can get a look at that other vehicle.
No. 357102 ID: 35e1a0

is the tank attacking the raiders? if so then attacking the raiders as well has become more profitable. snipe some bitches.
No. 357105 ID: 0a36f2

Are you serious? Whoever commands the tank is not going to give Cheren any reward for turning on her own kind, a bullet in the head is more likely.

Watch what's happening from fucking far away though, through the scope and in cover.

No point getting involved, but you might wanna stick around if you can stay hidden, for looting after it's over and such.
No. 357111 ID: 86160c

Wait, since when can Sergals drive cars?

Anyway, you should hold back and assess the situation from afar.
No. 357115 ID: 1854db

We have an anti-tank rifle. Let's use it to shoot the tank.
No. 357118 ID: 4bdd79

AT rifles are only really effective against lightly armored vehicles. Against an actual tank, it's no more effective than the other rifle.
No. 357120 ID: 1854db

That may be correct in modern times, but it was in fact created to pierce the armor of early tanks. Heck, even today AT rifles can pierce the armor of light tanks. That looks like a light tank to me.

No, attacking the raiders is not profitable at all, since tanks = cutebolds and the cutebolds are genocidal. They will kill Cheren even if we help them.
No. 357159 ID: 2563d4

>All right, I'm getting out of here.
Continue doing that, then.
No. 357171 ID: 197a62

let's not fuck with the tank.
No. 357173 ID: e83f6a

well, get the ell outta ere !
No. 357175 ID: 35bcde

Park, ditch the car for a minute, and AT the tank.
No. 357192 ID: a8ae97
File 131821691944.jpg - (111.67KB , 1000x600 , lay low.jpg )

:cherenicon:Not everything with tracks is a tank, you know. That's way too small to be one, and way too fast. I'm going to get out the big rifle and lay low away from my car. I'm pretty well hidden, and the car is on the other side of the hill. Well shit, there goes the red one. Those things have some kind of rapid fire cannon on 'em. The other one missed though. Which one of them should I shoot?
No. 357193 ID: 4bdd79

If we're going to shoot: Fire on the armored vehicle's turret. The armor there is thinner, so even if it's heavier than it looks it should still seriously damage it.
No. 357201 ID: 1854db

Shoot the one that has any chance of seeing where you shot from.
No. 357204 ID: 3b202e

the closest one, duh
No. 357231 ID: 063c28

Why are we taking part in this engagement at all? We don't stand to gain anything; we should find somewhere safe to wait it out and/or go around.
No. 357238 ID: e2020c

Shoot the right one first then shoot the left one.
No. 358437 ID: a8ae97
File 131872615654.jpg - (285.46KB , 1000x600 , combat3.jpg )

Damn it! First shot missed. I got one on the second though. It slides to a halt with black smoke pouring out of the engine. Other one's still going though. These bastards are fast. He barely misses the other car with whatever kind of heavy machine gun is on there.
No. 358444 ID: 1854db

No. 358456 ID: a8ae97
File 131872907007.jpg - (266.40KB , 1000x600 , combat4.jpg )

:cherenicon: Almost missed this one! They're moving fast. It's stopped shooting, I think I hit the driver or maybe the gun. It's starting to slow down. What should I do now? Go down there or stay hidden?
No. 358458 ID: 9dba7d

stay hidden for now, make sure that other tanky tank is dead
No. 358464 ID: 1854db

Wait. There could be more.
No. 358470 ID: a8ae97
File 131873246073.jpg - (111.02KB , 600x600 , found a sergal.jpg )

:cherenicon: I'll stay put for now. The other vehicle coasts to a stop, the engine still running. If I had to guess I'd say there's a shitload of guts all over the inside of that cockpit. Looks like somebody's hiding in the grass, maybe the passenger of that truck that got smoked.
No. 358471 ID: 9dba7d

>>358470 sneak as close as you can to him
No. 358475 ID: 72d8c7

I say you remain hidden, but try to crawl to a new position. If there are surviving enemies it is likely they would make an attempt to locate your position. They may try to guess-fire in your general direction or send soldiers to find you. So move.
No. 358491 ID: a8ae97
File 131873830258.jpg - (157.88KB , 600x600 , fire.jpg )

:cherenicon: Well, the sergal is creeping toward the remains of that truck, not gonna find much anything in there. I think I hear the other two coming back.
No. 358492 ID: 1854db

No more enemies coming yet? Get your butt down there, and see if you can help with recovering wounded.
No. 358562 ID: c991a4

stay put and aim.
No. 358585 ID: 9dba7d

yeah, this, no need to kill EVERYONE you see you know
No. 358600 ID: 7da0cb

Get your Emergency Nurse Outfit out of the First Aid Kit and see if you can help.
Stay alert though, the whole single-handedly killing two tanks should convince em not to mess with you, but you never know.
No. 358604 ID: a8ae97
File 131878989443.jpg - (176.89KB , 1000x600 , sergalgrass.jpg )

:cherenicon: Hey, you, keep your head down. You hurt?

:drizzle: Oh crap! You scared me! I'm OK, but I gotta go check on my friend.

I can hear the other two vehicles getting near now. Probably following the cloud of smoke pouring off this truck.
No. 358606 ID: 7da0cb

By other vehicles you mean the other Sergal vehicles, right?

Go with blue and check on his/her friend. Put that first aid skill points to use for once.

Also try to get some information out of them about who they are and what they do here.
No. 358614 ID: 383006

Ask him if he knows first aid before we go wasting supplies. Yeah, it seems pretty cool to help these guys out, especially if it involves shooting people.
No. 358615 ID: c991a4

cover him.
No. 358637 ID: 72d8c7

Give him some cover. Try to find a vantage point to cover him, keeping in mind spots that might conceal enemies.
No. 358669 ID: a8ae97
File 131880407121.jpg - (195.80KB , 1000x600 , goblins.jpg )

:cherenicon: I'll cover you, but you're not going to find anything in there.
:boz: Drizelle, what are you doing? We should get the hell out of here before more show up!
:drizzle: I have to check!
No. 358673 ID: b79855

Just let him check. It won't take more than twenty seconds for him to find the bad news. If you're fucked in twenty seconds you're probably fucked now.

Presently, scan for something hostile and shoot it.
No. 358676 ID: 7da0cb

Yeah ok, first aid won't do much here.

I guess you could give Drizelle an lift to their hideout before more Cutebold troops show up.
If the other vehicles are Goblin sized they won't have room for an Sergal.
No. 358677 ID: 383006

Cover the other APC or whatever. You probably just got the driver. Somebody might come out of it with a gun.
No. 358679 ID: 35bcde

Go loot the tank.
No. 358680 ID: 35e1a0

didn't someone fly out of the truck when it was shot?
No. 358690 ID: 063c28

Be ready to shoot the driver coming out of the tank with the damaged engine, as he's almost certainly still alive. Be prepared for passengers coming out of either, unless you're sure they're one-man affairs.

Can you drive one of those things? If the one with the working engine would accomodate you, and the gun's intact, it'd be a pretty sweet ride.
No. 358692 ID: 1854db

We definitely need to get the AT rifle set up again.
No. 358702 ID: a8ae97
File 131880968754.jpg - (155.79KB , 600x600 , nothingahappening.jpg )


No sign of additional movement from the vehicle there. The engine's still running. If I want to take a closer look I'll need to get out my pistol instead of lugging this thing around.

Their other vehicle just pulled up. They'll be lucky if they find enough of the other driver to fit in a cigar box.
Yeah, That would be Drizelle.

I couldn't fit my ass in that thing much less drive it.
No. 358705 ID: 9dba7d

>I couldn't fit my ass in that thing much less drive it.
you should lay off the sausages then fatty
No. 358710 ID: 35bcde

Tell the goblin to jump in then. Or at least rig the thing to explode or something.
No. 358743 ID: a8ae97
File 131881337624.jpg - (145.43KB , 1000x600 , push rod.jpg )

:cherenicon: Checking the one with the damaged engine first. I think that's some engine part sticking out of its head.

That hole is barely big enough to shit in, so your head would fit. I might be able to shove that gobbo in there though, speaking of which.

The yellow car's pulling up now.
No. 358745 ID: 35bcde

Yeppp. That's a write-off. Introduce yerself.
No. 358773 ID: 1854db

Next car.
No. 358787 ID: a8ae97
File 131881856896.jpg - (228.61KB , 1000x600 , group.jpg )

:cherenicon: I'm Cheren.
:menji: Thanks for the assistance, you really saved us back there. I'm Menji, this is Frixz. You seem to have already met Boz G. and Drizelle. And unfortunately our mechanic was in the other vechicle. We've been raiding occasional kobolds traveling this road, but they must have set up an ambush this time.

:cherenicon: Can any of you drive that thing? I think it's still good.

:boz: I might be able to, if I can fit in there.
No. 358796 ID: 1854db

Let's check out the downed vehicle. Maybe help her toss gore out of it.
No. 358798 ID: 383006

Shove goblin tits in the thing. Free vehicles are awesome.
No. 358806 ID: a8ae97
File 131882063825.jpg - (224.33KB , 1000x600 , fake tits.jpg )

:boz: OK, Somebody take my grenades. This thing is covered in guts! What the hell did you shoot this thing with, an anti tank rifle? I think the controls are kind of fucked. We could pull it if we had a chain or something. The hideout's not too far from here. The radio's going off, they're asking for some kind of report I think, it sounds like "frblblslblbl."
No. 358845 ID: 1854db

Tell her she guessed right.

A chain, huh? Maybe we can salvage something from the wrecked jeep.
No. 358854 ID: 7e8fd2

Unless you can get something set up real quick you better just leave the tank.
No. 358868 ID: a7b8f8

You aren't a mechanic or the one riding the tank, so tell them it's their call to spend time rigging it. But inquire about escape and evasion, namely where there hideout is. Quickly see if you can loot anything worthwhile from the wreck and the dead. Oh and go retrieve you car and AT rifle in the meanwhile.
No. 358877 ID: 1444d5

If you can keep the engine idling, you might be able to just tow the thing.
No. 358879 ID: 2563d4

Free grenades! Awesome.

No. 360444 ID: a8ae97
File 131942147830.jpg - (174.40KB , 1000x600 , base.jpg )

All right, they have a tow chain. We get out of here before reinforcements show up and they turn off down some road, and I use the term very fucking loosely, that looks more like somebody dumped a shitload of stone blocks all over it. Their base is in some kinda ruins, looks like.
No. 360457 ID: 383006

Well, let's go inside and see what their deal is.
No. 360528 ID: a8ae97
File 131943080226.jpg - (230.34KB , 1000x600 , base2.jpg )

This looks like a bunch of shit people dumped off.

:cherenicon:Where's the door? There's just a bunch of shit piled up all over the place.

:boz: You have to go in through the trunk of this old car, pretty smart, huh?

This is fuckin' dumb. Should I go in there or what?
No. 360536 ID: b79855

Insult them. Finally let them persuade you to go in, but have all of them go ahead of you in case of shenanigans.
No. 360548 ID: 1854db

Ask them where they store their vehicles. Just out in the open like that? Seems risky.
No. 360555 ID: 72d8c7

Tell them that the 'bolds are gonna figure this place out pretty easily and that they'll all die. Suggest maybe piling more worthless junk here to obscure the stone-frame that practically screams "secret-underground-ruins-turned-hideout."
No. 360560 ID: 35bcde

They must have a back entrance. Or two. Anyways, what's stopping the bolds from just smoking them out?
No. 360567 ID: bde240

go on, get in there.
No. 360615 ID: 383006

go on in.
No. 360736 ID: 86160c

Ladies first, Cheren (That means YOU!)
No. 360780 ID: 857d4b

Climb in someone's trunk? What are you retarded?

Let someone else go through first.
No. 360814 ID: db03a4

get one of the other sergals to go first
No. 361065 ID: 73eb25

No. 361115 ID: c703db
File 131960268689.jpg - (275.43KB , 1000x600 , junk in the trunk.jpg )

:cherenicon: All right, but one of you go in there first.
:boz: Ok, Fine, it's totally safe. See?
She went in and didn't come back out, so it may be legit, though I still have my doubts.
:cherenicon: You do realize this is a really obvious location, right? Especially with cars sitting around all over the place out here.

:drizzle: Oh no, we cover them up with tarps. This place was destroyed a long time ago, but there's still some underground stuff that isn't flooded or collapsed.

:cherenicon:It's still fairly obvious to me.
:drizzle: We've been hiding out here for a few weeks, this is the first time we've seen any sort of retaliation.
No. 361119 ID: 35e1a0

fine, but if this place gets attacked while we are here we reserve the right to yell 'i told you so!'
No. 361120 ID: 16090e

Won't help complaining about it any more, best to just go along with it.
No. 361151 ID: 1854db

Alright let's go in. If they shut the trunk on us we just start shooting through it.
No. 361159 ID: 72d8c7

That's cause a few weeks is how much time someone would take to observe your movements and plan the appropriate death-raid.

Now ask if they atleast have a secured escape route. If they don't have even an unexplored path to deeper levels of an ancient complex, then holy shit these guys are crawling into a rattrap.

But we do want companions, so otherwise follow them in. Just in case though, make a mental note right now of where you and their survivors might flee following said death-raid. Remember any local tree-lines and the such.
No. 361230 ID: 2563d4

So, they're just going to leave the looted cutebold vehicle with active radio right outside their door with nothing but a tarp over it?

Do they like being gassed in their sleep, or would they like to at least kill the battery to that thing first?
No. 362199 ID: 607593

there are other small ruins fairly close by. Most underground installations or operations are discovered by associated equipment or activity.

I suggest:
1) park some of the vehicles near the other ruins that are close. follow the tracks back to the road and fork up the grass to minimize the impressions on the terrain. don't bother if it's impossible to mask/remove the ruts.

2) establish parking spots for the vehicles. somewhere to make them look deserted or part of the ruins. park them in the same spot in the same direction every time. if you need to back them up or turn them around, do so on the rocks.

3) establish a more secure escape route. should the little snots discover this base of operations, it'd be hella easy for them to crawl in the trunk, drop in a gas grenade, and wait to smoke you out, or just have a tank shoot at the only door until it all collapses and fuses the metal together, sealing you in.

4) search the tunnels for other entrances or exits. we have reason to believe that kobolds may have vehicles capable of digging into the earth and they might use them if they consider you a big enough thread (which, if you're doing your job correctly, you should be). find choke points, fallback areas, escape routes, etc.

5) while exploring try to map or make a mental map of the underground complex. the availability of protected and stealthed mobility is crucial in guerrilla warfare, and would work wonders for you and your sniper tactics should your base come under attack.

on the other hand, if you don't plan on staying here more than one night, disregard 4 and 5 and suggest 1 and 2 to the others--3 is crucial though.
No. 363396 ID: b12a32

Good to see Cheren finally has some friends! Let's work on keeping them alive. And if you don't mind my flattery miss Cheren, I do believe you may very well be the most skilled and dangerous individual here.
No. 365700 ID: c6408e
File 132132968811.jpg - (161.03KB , 1000x600 , entrancehall.jpg )

Wow, whoever built this thing had a serious case of Short Man's Syndrome. Didn't stop if from getting completely shot to shit though.

The tunnel we came in through is apparently some kind of side entrance to a hall or something. The other side of this place is a giant pile of rubble, probably from getting blown the fuck up if my expert opinion is right.

There hasn't been any army presence at all, apparently. Well until just now. These ruins are all over the place.
They say that most of it's flooded behind the big doors. Nobody's checked it out beyond using it to get water from.

No, the bright pink one cut the engine.

Yeah, the cars need to be moved around some, and the captured one is hidden as well as we can get it. I'm gonna boss them into making these changes too, that should help us keep hidden.

No shit, I think so too.

Do I need to start exploring right away or should I do something else first, or talk to somebody?
No. 365702 ID: db03a4

what's that blood covered thing in the spikes?
No. 365707 ID: e55966

lets go exploring !
No. 365721 ID: 1854db

You've got some first aid knowledge. You could assist treatment of the wounded dude.
No. 365747 ID: 9173b6

I was just saying. I'm your friend too you know. Anyways, yeah, go splorin.
No. 365748 ID: 9173b6

Wait! Changed my mind. Heal the wounded!
No. 365750 ID: 72d8c7

Offer them aid, and mention your concern over them being trapped like rats under the likeliness of kobold death raids. Just don't forget to look for an escape route eventually.

And at some point, you should try and salvage the captured armor. If you can't get it running properly, you could probably shove it into the entry hall with all of it's guns facing outwards. It'd make a great and unexpected fighting position against the kobold kill-mechs, especially if it has any heavy weapons.
No. 365751 ID: 9173b6

I like you. You know your stuff.
No. 366206 ID: c6408e
File 132150651452.jpg - (148.00KB , 1000x600 , stairs.jpg )

:cherenicon:Well, nobody's seriously injured, so I'll take a look around. There's a bunch of fallen down rocks and shit in here, but there's a flooded stairwell towards the back. It's dark, and the only light source I have probably isn't waterproof. It definitely looks like it goes down there a ways.
No. 366208 ID: db03a4

take off your suit and dive right in!~
No. 366211 ID: 1854db

We'd want a waterproof light source (even a weak one) and ideally some manner of breathing down there. Wait, we have a lightsource? What is it?

Also I wonder how it flooded? Rainwater? If we can cut off the source of flooding we could drain the place.

Oh hey, you took of your helmet for the first time I can remember. Nice diamond mark, toots.
No. 366242 ID: 607593

be careful about exploring these ruins, and especially careful about exploring underwater caves--there no guarantee besides DM fiat that there will be air pockets close enough and frequent enough for your explorations to be reasonably safe.
Also, if this is the only other exit, you should probably try to find another. It'll be easy as hell to track you if you can get out(assuming you can even get to the surface back there) and the weight of your equipment (that isn't water damaged) will increase from being wet, not to mention that swimming while wearing all your gear will be pretty hard if the passage is of any considerable length.

The enemy of your enemy is your friend, but not your best friend. Find out more about them, where they're from, what they're doing out here, and most importantly why they're out here. Not everyone has the best or selfless intentions or motivations, and it would be good to know which of these people you could count on in a fight not to turn tail or betray you.

How long are you intending to stay here? Gonna stay and fight with them, or continue west after a bit?
No. 366243 ID: e55966

lets not go down. try to get a waterproof light or find the source of flooding
No. 366328 ID: 9173b6

At least take off your boots and let your feet breath. You've had them on for as long as I've know you.
No. 366335 ID: b497b7

Let's not go down, exploring underwater stuff isn't a good idea for people that need, you know, air.
No. 366358 ID: c6408e
File 132158945608.jpg - (79.75KB , 1000x600 , nose.jpg )

:cherenicon: The water is really clean and clear, so I guess it's from rain or something? I don't know shit about rocks and dirt and crap, maybe it just comes out of the ground or some shit. There's some little tiny stupid fish.
Well, I don't exactly have a diving hat, maybe there's some shit lying around that I can fuck with. I'll go talk to the others. What should I ask them about?

>>366328 Well I'd definitely do that if I had to swim. There was a retarded guy that drowned that way trying to cross the river, you know. Wait, you better not be one of those feet people.
No. 366361 ID: b497b7

imagine using your pointy face to catch one of those stupid fish for a second.

Either way, when's the last time you had a bath? You could probably use a bit of freshening up, you don't want people calling you a dustback and actually have a dust-covered-back.
No. 366363 ID: 73eb25

Ask if they've ever checked what's down the flooded way.
No. 366364 ID: 1854db

Maybe you can get like, a waterskin or something to hold air in. Oxygen bladder! Or something more high-tech.
No. 366396 ID: 72d8c7

Or cleaned automotive tubing/hoses. Like from any of the junk autos.
No. 366404 ID: 9173b6

Dang it! You figured me out! ^.V.^
No. 366413 ID: 063c28

You kind of need (extremely) high pressures to hold a useful amount of air, considering that, at atmospheric pressure, one breath = one lung-volume.

It's not particularly urgent to go exploring down there unless the kobolds are known to have underwater specops teams for this kind of thing. Focus on improving the security and stealthiness of the hideout first—though after all you've been through, taking an hour or so to bathe and relax might not be a bad idea at all.
No. 366427 ID: 1444d5

There's always the Ghetto Surface Supply route: find two engines, hook them driveshaft-to-driveshaft, and fiddle the valve system on one to exhaust on the compression stroke, or just use a 2-stroke. Remove the fuel feed, and give it a damn good clean out. Hook the 'exhaust' to a hose, and voila! You have an air supply. Be careful not to dive below about ~30m or you'll get giddy from the nitrogen PP, and make sure the exhaust from the running engine is ducted FAR away from the pump intake.
No. 366442 ID: 2563d4

That would be kind of sensible.
No. 366607 ID: 1854db

Or we could... find an actual air compressor. Modulate the output so it doesn't burst your lungs and there we go. Or ignore the output and just fix it to a mask that has a pressure regulator on it.

Heck, ANY kind of pump could be jury-rigged for this.
No. 366711 ID: 94ea59

Cheren this is absolutely imperative. Your entire life has been a mere prelude to this moment. Destiny awaits you and it is located squarely within that flooded staircase.

Investigate it, Cheren. It is your duty, it is your fate, it is your sole purpose in life.
No. 366714 ID: 9173b6

I hate to sound rude fellow voice, but Cheren can be whatever she wants to be. Her future is not set in stone.
No. 366724 ID: 9c8d4f

can you even call those things you got feet?
No. 366748 ID: b6edd6

Well they aren't Nydemore feet, but they still have claws on them.
No. 366779 ID: d9f012
File 132182070620.jpg - (159.19KB , 1000x600 , found some crap.jpg )

I don't need a bath, there's a bunch of more important shit to do anyway.
All right, I'll check around to see if there's any shit like that.

The fuck? Now I'm no mechanic but this sounds like some kinda choking machine.

I'm gonna check and see what we have here. Looks like some old inner tubes and a hard rubber hosey thing or some shit off of a car. They actually do have an air pump, it's hand powered and can fill tires. I can actually swim, there was a river near where I grew up.

:cherenicon:Have any of you gone down there yet?
:boz:Umm, not really. None of us can swim, but I've stuck my head down there and it doesn't look like it goes down any farther than the stairs. It branches off after a while but looks to me like it stays horizontal.
No. 366781 ID: 64a114

Just try it.
First with the pump and hose, and if that's no good you can look for an air bubble or something
If you have experience swimming you'll be able to determine how far you can safely go.

Ask them for condoms or something to make your tiny flashlight waterproof.
No. 366796 ID: d9f012
File 132182427761.jpg - (61.67KB , 600x600 , kerosinepissinglanterndick.jpg )

I don't think a jimmy hat will make this waterproof. Unless it's for a would be a really fucked-up looking dick that gets pretty hot and pisses kerosene.
No. 366797 ID: db03a4

so a dragon cock?
No. 366799 ID: 35bcde

You should probably get that kerosene pissing thing looked at.
No. 366800 ID: 64a114

I mean the tiny one you got from the metal thing you dug up in the desert, not even sure where you have that monstrosity from.
No. 366804 ID: d9f012
File 132182755748.jpg - (178.39KB , 1000x600 , tank trap.jpg )

Almost forgot to look at this. Looks some dumbass drove a tank into a pit trap. It's an older style one, too.
:cherenicon: "Who did this?"
:drizzle:"It was there when we got here, probably whoever was attacking this place originally."

There's some nasty brown water at the bottom.
No. 366805 ID: d9f012
File 132182760203.jpg - (50.41KB , 413x377 , badly drawn hand.jpg )

Oh, shit, I forgot I had that. I got this one off the table. Still don't have any jimmy hats, but I think this thing might actually be waterproof now that I dig it out of the bottom of the bag.
No. 366806 ID: 25d956

Can we rig the tubes to the plastic tube and tape them together into a retarded snorkel? We need to explore the water.
No. 366808 ID: 64a114

>don't have any jimmy hats
Didn't they teach you about safer rape or what?
Anyways, off to your watery grave adventure you go.
You should prob only take what's neither going to hinder you while swimming nor going to get damaged, the knife seems like a good choice.
Dunno bout your other stuff.
No. 366810 ID: 35bcde

But... Why is it still in there? Gawd, this place needs work.

Anyways, ask for a condom or plastic bag or something?
No. 366813 ID: 2563d4

I guess this. You can hold your breath for ten minutes, right?
No. 366815 ID: 1854db

Air pump and hose seems like the most reliable method. Though actually if it remains horizontal there might be air pockets. No idea if we'll actually NEED an air supply. And it sounds like you don't really have much length in the hoses available... Eh, it'll help I guess.

Now strip down to your skivvies.
No. 366871 ID: d9f012
File 132183989026.jpg - (178.93KB , 1000x600 , stairs.jpg )

Ok, we can fashion the tubes into some kind of err, long tube. This can be pretty easily hooked up to the pump. I'll take my knife and flashlight, anything else?

What's with you people and rape?
Let me check my bag for a vehicle that can lift a fucking tank. Damn, I think I'm out of those.
Ten minutes? Do I look like some kind of fucking porpoise? I can probably go for two or three minutes, but that's a lot of time when you're holding your breath.
No. 366872 ID: 8c0848

>Do I look like a fucking porpoise

I dunno. Maybe from the right angle.
No. 366873 ID: 35bcde

Uh, let's not experiment with the engine right now. Explore until you run out of tube I guess? Anyways, a series of pulleys and simple leverage could let you move that tank easy. Then you... I dunno, have another tank trap and a rusty tank.
No. 366876 ID: 35bcde

Wait shit, you have an engine. That tank is the easiest thing to move.
No. 366886 ID: d9f012
File 132184310144.jpg - (138.37KB , 1000x600 , cheren ass.jpg )

I'm not fucking with that tank right now. It's been down there for who knows how long, it's not going to get any less broken if it stays down there any longer. This hose is nasty and it tastes like an old fucking tire. I see two paths ahead, one looks like there's some light coming out of it.

Remember when I said I couldn't swim? I was lying because I didn't want to drown to death in a fucking well in the middle of nowhere.
No. 366887 ID: 453e62

light could mean air.
No. 366888 ID: db03a4

head for the light
No. 366889 ID: 25d956

Is that blue sliver up there light? Is there light up here? Check out that light! Also, see if there is anything still good (doubtful) in the cutebold car deal. Its presence does imply that this was some trap that flooded everything, which means there could be some way to drain it.
No. 366891 ID: 35bcde

Light is generally good.
No. 366892 ID: 1854db

Nice butt.

Go check out that light. The tank is probably seized up and worthless now, but there could be something IN it. Make a note of it for later.
No. 366903 ID: d9f012
File 132184501715.jpg - (138.71KB , 1000x600 , cheren ass 2.jpg )

Toward the light there's an alcove with a hatch in the floor, another hall, and looks like a room up ahead.
No. 366912 ID: 1854db

A hatch in the floor, eh? If we can find some cable or something we could try opening it from a distance to drain the water.

Get into yon room. Hey, did you discuss how long they should pump air, or how you'll signal that they can stop pumping, and when to start again?
No. 366925 ID: 505b82

Light and a surface up ahead it looks like.
No. 366926 ID: d9f012
File 132184718652.jpg - (182.79KB , 1000x600 , fungus room.jpg )

This room's got some nasty glowing shit on the ceiling. There's a bunch of stone containers on the floor I can stand on. There's some air up at the top, it's musty smelling as fuck.
No. 366927 ID: 35bcde

See if the fungus glows underwater. Bring some back. Potentially good for something.
No. 366937 ID: 1854db

Bleh. What's that brown shit? Are those more containers, with their lids above the surface of the water? I'd suggest looking inside if that's the case.

Aside from messing with that we should go check the hallway next. Just get a quick look at the layout of the flooded area before we go back and tell the others then investigate something in more detail.
No. 366971 ID: 72d8c7

check out the containers, and remember you're looking for an escape route. Loot is a secondary otherwise. Also, dont breathe too much of the musty air, its probably bad for you, and you'd want to preserver it's oxygen in case you need to actually use it in escape.

So head back under and explore a bit more.
No. 367000 ID: 9173b6

Oh my word you are beautiful.
Huh. Blue glowing stuff! I'm getting a really weird sense of Deja vu........It's nothing, let's keep moving.
No. 367128 ID: d9f012
File 132193349960.jpg - (111.41KB , 1000x600 , floodedhall2.jpg )

OK, I can turn down this other hall and see what's there if I leave the hose here. I didn't really need it to get to this room. I could also continue down and see what's off the other way pas the rusted out tankette.
No. 367144 ID: 1854db

Oh, let's explore where the hose can reach first, before venturing past its length. So check out the other hallway at the tank split.
No. 367302 ID: d05ef0

Agreed, safe and methodical exploring is best.
No. 367434 ID: d9f012
File 132201931979.jpg - (138.83KB , 1000x600 , hall3.jpg )

Ok, there's a stairway not far down here, and a non flooded area. Looks like two halls; each one lined with doors.
No. 367435 ID: db03a4

check the doors for locks
No. 367448 ID: 73eb25

Do that super cute shake off your fur thing for us.

What does it smell like in here? Explore random hallways. Be careful for traps. Check only one 5-foot square every 6 seconds and roll a d20 then add your skill modifier.
No. 367458 ID: 1854db

Go in the nearest door.
No. 367615 ID: 83eff1

Płease do this Cheren. We love you and wanna see you do something cute!

Also, I made a DERP. Cheren doesn't wear boots, she wore a full body suit. That was explained in the first chapter, my bad.
No. 367622 ID: a1becc

Hmmm, looks like gunfire in here.
No. 367902 ID: 063c28

Search the everything!

So long as there's no danger of the others retracting the hose any time soon, anyway. Would suck to get stranded.
No. 369023 ID: 3b77a8
File 132271467964.jpg - (99.51KB , 1000x600 , room1.jpg )

:cherenicon:If you people are talking about that thing dogs do you kind of need to be a dog to do that. Frankly I'm insulted.

There's not so much random hallways as there are two hallways. Both end in a big fuck-off pile of collapsed rocks. There's four doors down the hall closest to me, I'll check the first one of those. The second hall is a lot shorter before the rock pile and there's only one door.
First one isn't locked. Why the hell are the hallways so tall if the rooms are so fucking low? There's some kind of thing that's shaped like a bed but it's made out of stone. There's broken rocks all over the floor and the smashed remains of a stone box or something in the corner. Doesn't look like anything else is in here.

It smells like wet stone I guess. And whatever this slimy stuff on the floor next to the water is.

Yeah, there's even some old green brass all over the floor. Looks like small rifle rounds. Probably from a kobold machine gun.

Even if they did retract the hose I could swim back to the entrance easily enough. It's not actually far.
No. 369098 ID: e55966

look under the bed
No. 369102 ID: 38ff66

Well at least dry yourself SOMEHOW. Never said you were a dog, just worried you would get cold.
No. 369116 ID: 1854db

Looks like there's something in the ruined box.
No. 369150 ID: cdb8cb


You think looking like a dog is bad? There is nothing more humiliating than looking like a drowned rat.
No. 369152 ID: 3b77a8
File 132277205539.jpg - (129.94KB , 1000x600 , hall4.jpg )

There's some spider webs under it.

It's not cold, and I have to swim back any way.

Yes, there's a bunch of broken rocks in it.

Should I just keep going down here in order or what?
No. 369154 ID: c7fb02

Sure, there's no indication what door might have something good. So you mite as well check em out until something cool shows up.
Watch out for traps though, whole thing smells like dorfs to me.
No. 369155 ID: 2563d4

>Should I just keep going down here
Sure why not.

Search all the things until you find something interesting or run out of stuff.
No. 369175 ID: 25d956

Check the partially opened door one door down first.
No. 369251 ID: 1854db

Check the door that's cracked open already.
No. 369294 ID: 3605e5

You should be careful not to take too long or at least go tell the girl pumping that you're not drowned or anything and don't need the hose anymore. She also might not want to be pumping forever when you don't need it. Not to mention she's pretty much stuck to pumping even if she is needed or the place gets attacked.
No. 369390 ID: 3b77a8
File 132287212863.jpg - (113.90KB , 1000x600 , room1.jpg )

All right, this room looks like a grenade went off in it or something. There's bones on the floor and the slab thing is broken up in the corner.

Good idea, I've gone back and done that. When it comes time to go deeper I'll let them know.
No. 369395 ID: 1854db

Check under the rubble. Then to the room on the end of the hall.
No. 369606 ID: 3b77a8
File 132296625784.jpg - (75.27KB , 1000x600 , box.jpg )

:cherenicon: There's a box wedged into the stones but I'll be fucked if I can get it out.
No. 369607 ID: d45433

maybe you can't get it out, but it seems as if you could possible force the box open anyways. That way you could get what's in it and just leave the box where it is.
If not, proceed to the next room.
No. 369613 ID: 1854db

Go back and get a crowbar. Or some other prying tool- a car jack or something similar?
No. 369741 ID: 3b77a8
File 132302863031.jpg - (136.11KB , 1000x600 , door2.jpg )

Nah, it's fucking stuck in there good.
Yes, let me detach my regular tail and attach my monkey tail so I can swim carrying a huge fucking chunk of metal.

Checking the second door now, I passed over it to check the one that was open already. It's stuck. Fuck, the last one is stuck too.
No. 369743 ID: 37fa53

Maybe you could get some rope, tie it around whatever tool you have that could be used to either get the box out or force the doors open and pull it through the flooded area after swimming.

If that's stupid go wherever you haven't been yet.
I guess down the other hall where you'd need the hose? Make sure to tell em in that case.
No. 369748 ID: 1854db

Blow it up, then. See if the goblin's willing to spare a grenade to find out what's in the box.
No. 369749 ID: 73eb25

Hold the crowbar with your PCH.
No. 369751 ID: 2563d4

>can't hold a crowbar while swimming
If only you had a third prehensile appendage.

Hell, you've got handfeet. You've got pants with an elastic waistline. You've got all kinds of scraps of material to tie it to you with. If you can't move an relatively small lump of steel between two relatively close air pockets you're letting the whole problem-solving mammal side down.
No. 369752 ID: 35bcde

Stick the crowbar in your mouth.
No. 369766 ID: db03a4

yeah can't you just stuff it into the waistband?
No. 369855 ID: 5aae31

Just hold it with your PCH and swim back.
No. 370065 ID: d088df

causing an explosion in the secret half-collapsed hideout seems like a bad idea.

One thought: get your tools of choice, wrap them in some rope with a long lead. do your swimming with the other end of the rope wrapped around you, then pull the tools after once you've got a stable spot with air.

Also consider just breaking the end of the box open, over trying to pry it loose.
No. 370123 ID: 3b77a8
File 132314646215.jpg - (98.28KB , 1000x600 , door7.jpg )

I don't feel like drowning in some fucked up idea to drag rope and shit around under the water. If I can't wear it I'm not swimming with it. The box is made of stone anyway, I'd have to have a big fucking crowbar to smash it open. I'll check the last door before either going back or checking out the other way.

Shit!, I think I heard movement. Sounds like it's coming from there.
No. 370124 ID: 9c7c3b

You don't smash stuff with a crowbar, silly. You pry it open.

Investigate that noise stealthily.
No. 370125 ID: ec0bf5

You could have just shoved it in your... mouth... to carry it. Sergal on down there and go into the alcove.
No. 370167 ID: 1854db

Sneak, and scout. It's probably some snotnose.
No. 370185 ID: c3ec0a

No. 370682 ID: 3b77a8
File 132337511365.jpg - (82.06KB , 1000x600 , esekelton.jpg )

:cherenicon:It looks like some kind of fucking skeleton standing around in there. I've heard stories about this kind of shit happening. It hasn't noticed me at all from the way it's just kind of slowly shuffling around.
No. 370683 ID: 5aae31

Uh... from those stories, how durable are these skeletons, and do you know if there's one there might be more?

...Let's get out of here. We're wet, naked, and without a proper weapon. I mean sure, you have a knife, but this thing needs a club or a polearm or something. Let's go.
No. 370684 ID: 46e033

Well you like bones, right? For chewing on and burying and such.

You think you could take it out with your knife? It won't bleed, you'll probably have to smash it to "kill" it.

Stay in stealth mode to find out if there are more around, if it's a horde you'll have to get the hell outta here.
No. 370689 ID: 1854db

Back off. Let's check the other hallway, maybe we can find a more weighty weapon in there.
No. 370702 ID: db03a4

it's a good idea to leave, you really can't kill what is already dead
No. 370708 ID: 2563d4

If you can't carry tools, you sure as heck can't beat up a decaying skeleton with your puny noodle arms. Run away and leave it for a Northern to deal with.
No. 371465 ID: 3b77a8
File 132364728812.jpg - (89.51KB , 1000x600 , hall4_2.jpg )

:cherennakedmad:Ok assholes, you get down to your underwear and go swimming in some cold ass water dragging a heavy ass peice of metal after you and then you can get on my ass about it. I checked them all; four doors on the left, and one on the right. I can go back, or I can go check out that other hall underwater.
No. 371466 ID: 5aae31

Go ahead and get out of there, go back to the group.
No. 371494 ID: 1854db

Check out the other hall.

Hmm. Y'know, a good length of sturdy wood would work well against a skeleton... and it would probably float enough to not be a big deal to carry while swimming.
No. 371511 ID: db03a4

go back to the group before they all get wiped out by bolds or something
No. 371533 ID: 3b77a8
File 132366167511.jpg - (141.76KB , 1000x600 , boat nose.jpg )

Ok what now?
No. 371534 ID: b6edd6

They might want to seal off that hallway. There seems to be nothing useful there, and I think skeletons are amphibious.
No. 371536 ID: 35bcde

Report all that's happened. Take a nap and plan some defenses in the morning.
No. 371537 ID: 5aae31

Get dry, get your things, and go drink with your new friends.
No. 371540 ID: db03a4

ask if they have any idea how to handle the undead
No. 371550 ID: 3b77a8
File 132366389556.jpg - (66.17KB , 556x550 , ok listen.jpg )

OK, Let's see.
Sealing off the hallway would also seal off the
only source of drinkable water they know of.

:cherennakedmad: Hey there's a fucking skeleton down there and it's walking around.
:frixa: Umm, OK what do we do about it?
:cherennakedmad: Do I have to think up everything around here?
:frixa: Well we never went down there. Haven't seen one in here before either.
:cherennakedmad: Do you know how to fight them or something useful?
:frixa: Umm, sorry. I guess you should hit them real hard or something.

I don't know what kind of lazy fuckin malingerer you are but I've got better things to do in the middle of the damn day than take a fuckin' nap. What kind of defenses?

This would be a great idea if anybody but me had any damn booze. I'm not giving all my beer to other people unless they're giving me something back. Something alcoholic. The only thing here to drink is this fucking water from who knows where. With fish shit in it, probably. Fish probably just shit all over everything like birds or something.
No. 371554 ID: 1854db

Find a sturdy but not-too-heavy bludgeon, like a piece of wood or a short pipe. Any sort of blunt instrument that we can swim with.

If there's nothing appropriate, get the hose running again to check out that unexplored hallway. Well, actually let's check out the TANK first.
No. 371593 ID: cc296e

Walking dead huh? This may not be important, but could you guess what species the skeleton belonged to? Also, skeleton's are not what I'd advise fighting unless you had a weapon that could erase matter. Since we don't have one of them, see if there's something around you could use to make a trap for him/her.
No. 371601 ID: cdb8cb

Rig a trap at the water's edge. Smash to pieces anything that tries to come up. This could have no reprecussions whatsoever.
No. 371761 ID: 2563d4

Pretty much that.

The safe option would be tripwires and bells.
No. 372899 ID: 3b77a8
File 132408366720.jpg - (171.21KB , 1000x600 , tank2.jpg )

Anything heavy enough to be used as a decent weapon is too cumbersome to swim with.
Uhh, what should I do with the tank then? Stare at it? Or is there something specific I'm looking for here? It's fairly intact except for the fuckload of rust, probably because it's sitting in some shit-nasty lookin brown water.
Hmm, about gobbo height, but stouter, I'd say. I'm not some kind of biologyologist or what the fuck ever.
Not feeling specific today are we? Let me get out my fuckin magic boot and pull out a boulder and some string and a tiny crane to lift it with. Oh and a magic floor tile to set the whole thing off when something steps on it.

This is definitely doable, there's plenty of shit lying around here. Maybe not bells exactly, but some empty cans and shit to make noise.
No. 372907 ID: 1854db

I meant the one in the flooded tunnel, but this is interesting- the hatch is open. Ask the goblin if she checked in there yet.
No. 372914 ID: e3aff6

You mean ask whether they voluntarily climbed down into the pit full of sludge and metal spikes?
No. 372953 ID: 56f9e4

ask the others what they do to pass the time between raids
No. 372998 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, me too.

And rigging up noisy crap around both the entrance and the water route seem like a worthwhile use of time. Or telling the others to do it while you go poke around underwater.
No. 373430 ID: da3113
File 132426107263.jpg - (148.15KB , 1000x600 , faffing.jpg )

Oh, oops. That one probably has nothing in it but rusty shit anyway.

Has anybody looked in this thing yet?
:boz: No way, look at that nasty ass water!
:cherennakedmad:Well what the fuck have you people been doing in here then?
:drizzle: Well, no, I mean, we've mostly been moving junk around and seeing if anything's useful. Our mechanic is dead now, though, so there's no way to tell what's good or not.
:cherennakedmad:OK, well one of you string some cans and shit in front of this stairwell, I'm going back under water to have a look at the other shit down there. We can discuss the nasty ass water at a later time.
No. 373483 ID: 1854db

Okay. Off to the unexplored hallway.
No. 373532 ID: 0e2986

I don't have any ideas at the moment, so I'll just compliment you for morale. You are a very pretty lady Cheren. ^.V.^
No. 373565 ID: 2044df

Make that unexplored hallway your bitch
No. 373613 ID: 56f9e4

inform the others that you are their new warboss and demand that one of them go with you
No. 373615 ID: da3113
File 132435326697.jpg - (108.16KB , 1000x600 , stinky room.jpg )

It comes out in another room. Looks like this whole fucking air hose thing was pretty unnecessary. It smells like shit in here, fuck. Like, double rotten shit. Ugh.

you don't have to suggest something every update. No reply is better than a suggestionless one
No. 373619 ID: 1854db

Sulfur? Shit, I don't know what stinky gas could be. It's not methane- that's odorless...

Check the stairs down- those flooded too? If not, may as well go look and see what's down there.

...hey, this means the water isn't coming from anywhere. It could be drained, if we can figure out a place to put a hole.
No. 373668 ID: 2563d4

Get down those stairs and see if the air improves. Don't step in any decaying people.
No. 373713 ID: 1444d5

>strong decay smell
The room may be oxygen depleted. Unless that next stairwell has formed a water-lock, you might need to drag the hose with you.
No. 373730 ID: da3113
File 132440276312.jpg - (129.23KB , 1000x600 , hall5.jpg )

:cherennakedmad: OK, this goes to a fuck-off big hallway. I can hear running water farther ahead, and there's some cold ass water all over. I can make a door out ahead on the left, and I think there's one farther down on the right.
No. 373737 ID: 2563d4

Follow the source of the running water.
No. 373750 ID: 1854db

Get in that door on the left.

Hey, how are you doing on body heat? Hypothermia would be bad.
No. 373760 ID: c0a773

Agreed about the hypothermia.
You should really shake the water out of your fur, it's just logical.
Also the take the nearest door etc.
No. 373802 ID: da3113
File 132443012185.jpg - (115.04KB , 1000x600 , rock room.jpg )

It's not freezing cold, just fucking annoying cold.

The water isn't really running in one direction, but it's probably coming from farther down the hall. I'll check out the first room, then. It's full of rocks and shit.
No. 373803 ID: 9cb4b3

What's that rectangle of darker grey there?
No. 373806 ID: da3113
File 132443216245.jpg - (198.57KB , 1000x600 , floodedmine.jpg )

Some stair hole that goes way the fuck down. I will need some kind of diving hat if I wanted to go down there, which I don't.
No. 373807 ID: 56f9e4

have some sort of mental map of where you are?
No. 373829 ID: 1854db

Let's go to the other door then. But first, grab one of those metal pipes. If there's another skeleton around that'd be better against it.
No. 373991 ID: 0e2986

Yeah, I second a metal pipe too. Or a rocket launcher, but I'll take what I-er, you can get.
No. 373996 ID: 2563d4

Good plan.
No. 374285 ID: 982a24
File 132458033268.jpg - (117.15KB , 1000x600 , hall5.jpg )

Umm, the third floor underground I think. Which means the water is a floor up, and the entrance is a floor up from that.

Even better than a pipe, those are a couple of big hammers and a pick. I'll take one of the hammers. There's another one of 'em in the hallway now, should I sneak past it or just run up and try to smash it?
No. 374287 ID: 9cb4b3

Smash it if it's just the one, you don't want it around to help out others if you're in a bind later.
No. 374289 ID: 453e62

be careful, could be more lurking in that dark behind it.
No. 374293 ID: 2563d4

>And a pick
Any chance of getting that back to where the wedged box was?

Smash the damn thing. You don't want the undead shambling around under where you sleep.
No. 374306 ID: 56f9e4

smash it
No. 374310 ID: 453e62

oh fine, but if you see ANY movement in the water assume the worse and back off.
No. 374323 ID: 1854db

Smash that fucker.
No. 374334 ID: 784dcc

sergal smash
No. 374379 ID: 83ae92
File 132459816740.jpg - (292.30KB , 1000x600 , fight2.jpg )

:cherennakedmad:Take this you fucker!
Oh shit! Fuck! This thing won't go down! I'm knocking pieces off it left and right!

Shit, I'm hurt!

Fuck.. It didn't stop till I shattered the skull off of it...
No. 374384 ID: 83ae92
File 132459832680.jpg - (97.50KB , 420x585 , fightafter.jpg )


Shit, that took a lot out of me.. I need to rest for a bit. It's finally stopped attacking. I'm going to need some time to heal, but I can still keep looking down here. I wouldn't want to risk another fight. Should I keep going or go back?
No. 374392 ID: 56f9e4

how bad is the bleeding?
No. 374401 ID: 83ae92
File 132460053221.jpg - (130.73KB , 1000x600 , whiskey shot.jpg )

Not bad, it's stopped already. Hurts like a motherfucker though. I'll hit everything with some of this emergency disinfectant to make sure though.
No. 374402 ID: bfe7b2

head back
No. 374405 ID: 2563d4

How unexpectedly nimble for the undead.

Venture forth.
No. 374449 ID: 1854db

Engage sneak mode and peek into the next room.
No. 374942 ID: cdb8cb

You are now aware that skeletons having no muscles must move by unholy power.

You are now aware that no practical limit to how much unholy power.

You are now aware that no practical limit to how fast their arms move.

You are now aware that their arms can be attached to flat blades.

You are now aware that skelicopters.
No. 375260 ID: 4c07c6
File 132494261627.jpg - (115.34KB , 1000x600 , control room.jpg )

What the fuck are you smoking?

I can check out the next room real qui- shit, just what I need in my life. There's a bunch of fucking levers in here. what the fuck did I do to deserve this?
No. 375262 ID: 56f9e4

pull down the 2nd green one
No. 375263 ID: 453e62

the one on the far left is the only one that is already on, turn it off.
No. 375266 ID: 4bdd79

rolled 2 = 2

If I roll a 1, flip the leftmost lever.
If I roll a 2, flip the one next to it.
No. 375270 ID: 43d6ac

See where the manhole leads to
No. 375286 ID: 2563d4

No. 375302 ID: 1854db

Pull up the far leftmost lever.
No. 375347 ID: 9cb4b3

I think that we know from our years of experience and professional expertise that pulling unlabeled levers in ruins is a bad idea.

See where the manhole cover thing leads.
No. 375435 ID: 4c07c6
File 132500658091.jpg - (101.03KB , 1000x600 , nose2hole.jpg )


Ok these are getting left alone for now since you people can't come to an agreement. My expert opinion is that this metal door goes to the flooded rooms up above here. I can also assume if I pulled the iron lever and it didn't break off because it's fucked up with rust or some shit there would be a fuckton of water coming out of this hole.
No. 375438 ID: 9cb4b3

>Emma Chapter: Pulling a lever floods the room with magma

>Cheren Chapter: Pulling a lever floods the room with water

New rule: Never pull levers in Cutebold Slaughterfest.
No. 375452 ID: 2563d4

>I can also assume if I pulled the iron lever and it didn't break off because it's fucked up with rust or some shit there would be a fuckton of water coming out of this hole.
Well that's one way to drain upstairs. You can cling on to the ladder and hold your breath while tonnes and tonnes of water flood past you until it finally abates enough to let you surface, right?

Pull that one golden lever that's incongruously up when all the others seem down.
No. 375541 ID: bfe7b2

brace yourself, pull and or break the iron lever
No. 375598 ID: e1359e

Pull the lever. Just make sure that you are an accomplished swimmer.
No. 375604 ID: 1854db

>golden lever
Pretty sure that's green, and is for the farms. Which is likely what's flooded the place. I believe resetting it to the default position (up) will allow the water to drain away. It's hard to be sure, though.

I don't think pulling the iron lever is a good idea, since the water coming out of the hatch would be moving really fast. Cheren would either have to get out of the way of the water really fast or tie herself to something and be sure that she can hold her breath for as long as the water continued to move at high velocity.

...I'm really curious as to why there's still air here, actually. Either the source of the water is at ankle height or something shut off the flow which was previously enough to flood the mines.

Maybe we should check further down the hall before doing anything?
No. 376161 ID: 834466

I hate seeing you hurt. As for the levers, leave em. Unless you are immediately obstructed by something.
No. 377780 ID: fc8508
File 132581590686.jpg - (136.81KB , 1000x600 , thatsnotmud.jpg )

OK, I'm not going to fuck with these damn things right now. I'll check out the rest of this shit first. There's one other door before the big hall ends in a fuckload of rocks. I can't quite see everything in this big room, but this room seems to be shitting out a slow stream of nasty-ass mud. Not at any noticeable rate, but from about here on down the floor's covered in sticky ass shitmud. I think there's another skeleton in there, I don't know if I can take another one.
No. 377785 ID: 9cb4b3

You can't take another one right now, you need to rest and if you come back you need to figure out how to come back with a proper weapon. Or just find another way in here.
No. 377788 ID: 1854db

Peek your head in there and look around a bit more. Try to remain unnoticed. How well do you think you could sneak in that sticky mud? Is the skeleton having trouble moving around too?
No. 377789 ID: 2f6dbf

Any way do get your leather armor safe through the water? Like in an plastic bag.
Seems like the main attack of those skeletons is scratching, some leather might actually help here. Or maybe water proof your hand-cannon, not sure how or if that would be possible.

Also get the others to help you. No need to do it all alone and after you scouted the area even a worse swimmer should manage it.
No. 377984 ID: d75142
File 132589859995.jpg - (171.75KB , 1000x600 , pick some.jpg )

Hmm, can't see much without actually going in there.
I don't have any waterproof bags or something like that. Getting some others down here doesn't sound like a bad idea, though. Who should I take? One person is going to have to stay behind to do the air thing because they're all shitty swimmers.
:cherennakedmad: OK, what kind of skills do you people have?
:drizzle: I can, umm, fight and I'm an OK shot. I studied this place's history, well, some, so maybe I would be able to figure some symbols and stuff out.
:menji: She's being modest. Drizelle is the best fighter here. I know some first aid and a bit of surgery, and I'm an OK fighter. Mostly I drive though.
:boz:I am basically awesome at everything. I can drive anything, I know a lot about shooting, and I'm good at throwing and an expert in hand-to-hand combat! I also know all about setting up traps and -
:frikz: I'm a decent shot, and I also know some tracking and survival skills. Mostly I do the driving and the cook-
:boz:She's terrible at fighting! She should stay here and do the air thing.
No. 377985 ID: 1854db

Take the fighty-sergal, the purple goblin, and leave behind the other goblin and the medic. We won't be able to bring any first aid supplies through the water so it's not really a useful skill, and it's probably a good idea to leave more than one person on this side.

After the skeletons are busted we can tend to wounds.
No. 377993 ID: f9b0db

>first aid supplies
I've got another crazy-ass idea. if the first aid kit is anything like I imagine an combat med-kit it should be waterproof enough to get at least an handgun or two through the water. Even if some moisture goes through, revolvers ain't exactly high-tech that breaks if getting a bit wet.

Except for that take the purple suicide goblin and make out with Drizelle.
I mean make her come with you.
No. 377994 ID: 2563d4


And I guess the magenta goblin can tag along if she insists.
No. 378073 ID: 9cb4b3

Take the two sergals with you.
No. 378403 ID: 56f9e4

take the sergals and the pink one
No. 378412 ID: d75142
File 132600182270.jpg - (166.31KB , 1000x600 , wet sergals and asses.jpg )

:cherennakedmad: OK, now which floor do we need to go to, the first one, with all the doors, or the one I was just fucking around in with the levers?
No. 378419 ID: 9c7c3b

Well first you need to stop looking at his penis.
No. 378462 ID: 2563d4

The one where you just were with a skeleton to thump.
No. 378481 ID: 1854db

Go to the one you were just at- you can get some improvised weapons there and take out the skeleton fairly easily, then see if translating stuff helps figure out the levers to drain the water. The other skeleton should wait until after the water's drained so that we can take it on with better equipment than absolutely nothing.
No. 378482 ID: 1854db

Oh, and share your combat experience with the others so they know how best to fight the skeleton.
No. 378486 ID: 453e62

oh, speaking of levers. ask if they have seen anything that looks like it would be lever controlled. like exposed gears or things.
No. 379210 ID: 02173b

Room with all the doors, levers are bad.
No. 385894 ID: 898bd3
File 132900543449.jpg - (276.29KB , 1000x600 , competent melee fighter.jpg )

All right, I got a gun down here in the first aid box, and -

:drizzle: GYAAH!

:cherennakedmad: Ok fine I'll let her take care of it. It looks like they can't even hit her.

Well. That's been taken care of. which room should I check down here now?
No. 385897 ID: 2563d4

All of them. :V
No. 385898 ID: 82a03b

Go back to the box wedged in the stone.
No. 385932 ID: 1854db

Yeah. With more than one person there, we should be able to do something with it.
No. 385968 ID: 82a03b

There's also the fact that we have, you know, TOOLS.
No. 386382 ID: 1d5569
File 132918679248.jpg - (133.36KB , 1000x600 , box2.jpg )

Well, we can't really drag any tools down here because there's like two flooded halls between here and there. I can bring Ogre over here though. She's pretty damn strong from the looks of it, and might be able to get it loose.

:drizzle: "It's stuck , ms. Cheren. I can't get it out."
:cherennakedmad:Well fuck. "Maybe we can come back to it if we figure out how to drain the water out. And stop calling me that." I could shoot it I guess?
No. 386397 ID: de39df

try helping her pull it out before wasting ammo
No. 386600 ID: 2563d4

What, not even from >>374285?
Go smash all the rest of the undead, then.
No. 386613 ID: 1854db

...you know what, let's just check the room on this floor that was occupied by that skeleton, which made us pass it up before. After that we can swim over to the lever room and see if we can translate.
No. 386659 ID: 1d5569
File 132923391433.jpg - (137.55KB , 1000x600 , loot1.jpg )

No, that's the original problem. There's two flooded halls between where the hammers and shit are and where this dumb ass box is.

We'll go smash up that other skeleton on the other side of these rooms, which is no problem now that Drizzelle is with us. The room the skeleton was in has a stone chest in it. Must have been watertight too, because there's a fairly nice sword in it wrapped in some oilcloth. That's all the doors upstairs that aren't completely jammed closed.
No. 386695 ID: 2563d4

...probably shouldn't wreck that trying to pry things out of crevices with it.

On the other hand, if you can't get a crowbar down here, you'd never get that back. Pry away. :V
No. 386706 ID: b6edd6

You could probably tie a rope around the sword, pull an end of the rope through the underwater rooms, then pull the sword through. Actually you could do the same with a crowbar.
No. 386724 ID: 1854db


Alright, time to get to the lever room. I guess we can take the sword if it's not any trouble, but don't go out of your way to bring it along. We can always collect it after draining the place.
No. 386867 ID: 82a03b

Before you nick your nice new sword, take a length of bone from one of those skeletons and use THAT as a lever. Also, did Boz come with you? Because there is a glowy-eyed pink goblin in the door there.
No. 387576 ID: 1d5569
File 132961487517.jpg - (165.96KB , 1000x600 , control room2.jpg )

I intend on doing, err, not doing, exactly that, because a sword isn't a pry bar.
well if we had one in the first place that might be an idea, assuming it doesn't get stuck on the shitload of crap in the way.

I could just use this scabbard it came with.

I think we've wasted enough time with that damn thing. I don't particularly feel like making bones into fragments of bones all day.

And no, I brought the other bright pink goblin. What the fuck makes them weird colors like this I'll never know.

We'll head back to the lever room then, should we just start yanking on shit or what? Only other place we haven't been is the room where the skeletons came out of on the third floor. Well, third basement level I guess. With the lever room and shit.
No. 387630 ID: 1854db

Aren't there some labels or something to translate at all? We brought the non-fighty sergal for a reason.
No. 387685 ID: 2563d4

Explore/clear out the other room first, then.
No. 387811 ID: 1d5569
File 132970489423.jpg - (125.97KB , 1000x600 , poomudroom.jpg )

:cherennakedmad: Ok, the other room is ass deep in this fucking mud, but at least there isn't much else in here. I think this is where the water is coming from. There's some steps up and another damn doorway to my right. One of these brass gates is open and the water's coming out of there.
No. 387813 ID: 1854db

Oh hey green doors and green levers, what a surprise.

We could peek through the door, I guess! Probably nothing interesting there but it's worth at least taking a look.
No. 387814 ID: ed57e8

yeah that seems color coded, peek through that gate and if nothing go back and have them switch the green levers so the doors change.
No. 387929 ID: 2563d4

No. 388022 ID: de39df

pull green levers
No. 388123 ID: 53cc90

pull the lever and think the green will drain the shit out of here
No. 388124 ID: d84d24
File 132984623911.jpg - (161.35KB , 1000x600 , machineroom01.jpg )

Well, this room isn't ass deep in mud at least. There's a hole in the ceiling I can see daylight through, and some kind of big ass machine in the middle here. Why does this shit have to be so damn complicated? What the fuck was wrong with whoever built this place?
No. 388129 ID: c3ec0a

leftovers of a historic entity, nothing to waste good curses on, curse fucking bolds instead!
No. 388131 ID: 1854db

This looks like a pump to get water out of this room. The hole should lead to a windmill. Try pulling the lever. The windmill may be broken though, which means it'd have to be cranked by hand. What's through the cracked wall in the back?
No. 388133 ID: 1444d5

If it connects to the outside, turning it on is probably going to be a great big WE ARE HERE signal to anyone outside.
No. 388155 ID: d84d24
File 132986627896.jpg - (122.38KB , 1000x600 , machineroom02.jpg )

Well there's another room through the crack with the same thing in it but with more rocks on the floor. The windmills did look broken when I drove up. Cranking this thing by hand looks like it will be a serious bitch. I'll make the goblins do it or something.
No. 388179 ID: 1854db

How about we go back and switch the green levers, then check the other green door in here.
No. 388181 ID: ed57e8

the crack makes that moot. if these pumps do pump out this floor they would be a good idea to use. can then maybe check out a floor down.
No. 388199 ID: 1854db

Does it? The door doesn't open directly into the other room. Besides, there's rocks blocking the exit. There's a space beyond the closed green door that we can't see. I'd like to reveal it.
No. 388234 ID: 5ed8eb


Put the goblins on the task and take a patrol on foot.
No. 388551 ID: d84d24
File 133003661720.jpg - (175.17KB , 1000x600 , river.jpg )

OK, checking the other door before I go back. Looks like it leads to the same place as the one right next to it, some kinda underground river with a sandy bottom. Looks like the ceiling gets lower on both the upstream and downstream sides till it goes underwater completely. I'm not gonna swim in that shit, that's a good way to get drowned real quick. There's some gratings farther downstream, about where I'd suspect the two pumps to be.

Well, both have doors with rocks spilled into them, it looks like this hallway went on for a lot longer originally.
No. 388579 ID: 1854db

So... the pumps dump water into the river. Closing the green gates and operating the pumps would move water out of where the pumps are. It's too bad there isn't actually much water in the pump rooms... but it's a start.

Now, we could hook up one of the cars to the broken windmill to operate the pump while nobody's down here. Then we could just pull the rusty lever to de-flood the place, assuming we can do it without getting fucked over by the water rushing through.
No. 388668 ID: c3ec0a


This sounds like a solid idea.
No. 389144 ID: d84d24
File 133030573774.jpg - (130.05KB , 1000x600 , mawsandpaws.jpg )

I'll holler at them down the hall to flip the green levers.... Looks like they definitely control the gates down here. We have both of them closed now, is there anything else we should fuck around with or do we need to figured out the next problem of who is gonna pull the trapdoor lever.

Yeah, This should work, assuming somebody figures out that second part. I'm not sure how anybody is going to keep from getting their ass beat by water if they open that trapdoor.
No. 389159 ID: ed57e8

rope, the switch puller is tied to something, or climbs up the wall a little?
No. 389164 ID: 1854db

Oh, also, those levers right next to the green ones are probably for the pumps. The very rightmost lever... I dunno what it's for. There's what looks like a door symbol right above it, maybe it's for the main doors? Have we even SEEN any other gates?

Those other levers are uh... fuck, I don't know. Have we gone basically everywhere? This place has confused me. Why don't we just start experimenting with them? The small levers on the right side seem relatively harmless.
No. 389298 ID: d84d24
File 133038309905.jpg - (94.16KB , 694x576 , cheren map so far.jpg )

Yeah, we have been everywhere we can get to for now. Here's how it's all laid out, we are in the control room there.
No. 389299 ID: 1854db

I'm thinking the levers on the right side of the room all control things in areas we can't get to at the moment.

So... I'm thinking we could put something on top of the grating that gets opened via that lever, so that it partially blocks the opening. Then when the lever is pulled the water flow isn't as powerful. Or rather, the water flow doesn't have as much volume behind it. It will be very high pressure so whoever pulls the lever needs to stand out of the way of the jet.

After pulling it though they can get to safety easier with a lower flow.
No. 390725 ID: d84d24
File 133107086327.jpg - (87.15KB , 1000x600 , control room.jpg )


That's a good idea, but we don't have any of that shit down here, so unless somebody has a better idea I'm gonna send everybody upstairs and yank on this fucker.
No. 390727 ID: 1854db

We could... wedge something under the lever then put a grenade under it? So that the explosion pushes the lever up? A stone slab might work.
No. 390728 ID: ed57e8

could break something.oh wait i got it! loop a rope through the top rung of the ladder then down to the lever, tie it on. then grab the other end and back up as far as you can. pull it and bam lever pulls, you are safe.
No. 390760 ID: 1854db

Oh hey that's safer and simpler! Yeah, use the ladder rung as a pulley.
No. 390911 ID: d84d24
File 133109683338.jpg - (165.69KB , 1000x600 , cutebold technique.jpg )

Well, once again, I don't have any of that shit, so fuckit! Here we go!
No. 390914 ID: 3e85e3

No. 390917 ID: 1854db

Swim for the stairwell!
No. 390966 ID: 11ef65

Get the fuck outta here and towards dry land or the most likely air-bubble and wait until everything calmed down.

Also see if you can lead the other Sergals to safety if they are close, they probably get confused by loud noises.
No. 391155 ID: c3ec0a

Shit!! Shit!! Shit!!
Get the fuck out!!
No. 391529 ID: d84d24
File 133134729151.jpg - (122.72KB , 1000x600 , it is one sergal deep.jpg )

There's no more water pouring out, so it's about this damn deep. It's still moving slowly so something is going on at least.

Yes, I made sure to get them out of here first, they're up top hooking the car up to the windmill shaft. I don't know if i trust them to do things unsupervised. Goblins are notorious fuckwits.

I'll be at the stairs soon, should I check anything out up there or just go topside?
No. 391531 ID: ec0bf5

Is the hatch with the water still open? Check what's in the area above.
No. 391533 ID: 1854db

Look around in the fungus room.
No. 391562 ID: 04e8d9

Go topside, there might be snakes in the water or something. Or piranhas. Or something equally bad.

Like a tentacle monster.

With teeth.
No. 391694 ID: c17c06
File 133141890152.jpg - (140.43KB , 1000x600 , fungus room dry.jpg )

It goes up to the hallway above that I swam through earlier.

Now this is what I want to see, damnit!If we can find somebody to fix this fucker it would kick ass.

Anything else before I head to the top?
No. 391697 ID: b1f5fb

Is that a distillery?
No. 391698 ID: 91b1a6

Omg,it looks like some kinda dorfen distillery.
See if there's booze left or maybe it's even still functional.

If the barrels are full you can get roaring drunk with your new Sergal buddies.
No. 391700 ID: 2563d4

Can you get either that sword out or a crowbar to that crack now the flooding has moved?
No. 391701 ID: 1854db

What's in the stone box on the right?
No. 391702 ID: ed57e8

oh yes.
No. 391738 ID: d5ee6f

Open the stone box!
No. 391754 ID: c17c06
File 133143915215.jpg - (63.97KB , 1000x600 , box crap.jpg )

In the box there's some spoons and shit. I think there's some liquid in the barrels though. Hopefully it's good still.
No. 391755 ID: 9c7c3b

Dude, it's probably Dwarven stuff. It'd still be good to drink after sitting next to a nuclear reactor for a few years then being filtered through a trash heap.
No. 391764 ID: 1854db

Let's take a crowbar to that stupid trapped box then.
No. 391837 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, but it's been underwater. It might have been diluted. D:

Crowbar, box, sword.
No. 391850 ID: c17c06
File 133147810872.jpg - (106.44KB , 1000x600 , coins.jpg )

I'll check on the barrels last. I don't want to be drunk till I'm sure it's safe. Now I'll go get Drizelle to smash open that fucking box with a pickaxe. Hmm, there's a nice bit of gold in it, turns out.
No. 391917 ID: d63417

What else could there be to do?
The skeletons are deader, right?
Guess you could also survey the surface and see if your splashing around had any visible consequences.

Is the underground river navigable? Could be an decent escape route with some raft or something.
That and sentries, the gobbos, would be the first thing to make the whole thing less of an deathtrap.
Except for that, check out everything you had missed before draining the basement, like the tank I think. I barely remember.

I hope you got it in your heart to draw an awesome Sergal kegger, or barreler, when this thread ends
No. 391933 ID: 1854db

Nice. Now how about we check out that sunken tank in the tunnel? It's probably complete scrap but maybe there's something in the pilot compartment that survived.
No. 391996 ID: ec0bf5

Is that worth a lot? Put it in your... in your... oh yeah you're pretty much naked aren't you. I assume it would be uncomfortable to use that thong thing to hold it, so you're probably just going to want to carry it back if it's worth anything.
No. 392008 ID: 3e85e3

Swallow it. Gold doesn't oxidize, so when you need it again you can actually poop gold
No. 392010 ID: fa9f7e

It can be dissolved by aqua regis, aka nitro-hydrochloric acid. Who knows what Sergals have in their bellehs? Eating it isn't a good idea.
No. 392267 ID: 9ae92e

Do you have any way to carry it back that doesn't involve weird shit, even if you have to make a return trip for it?
No. 392854 ID: c17c06
File 133177745615.jpg - (180.71KB , 1000x600 , it\'s broken.jpg )

I'm no mechanic but if I was I'd probably say it's fucked. I'm pretty sure there's not supposed to be swords in an engine.

You are both retarded.

Yes, in my hand. It's like, right upstairs, I can just dump it on the floor and come get it later if I wanted.
No. 392859 ID: 1854db

That's the engine compartment not the pilot compartment!

Look under the tank though. If the swords are angled from up under the engine, maybe something interesting is down there?
No. 392862 ID: ed57e8

dem dorfs man. sworded an engine to death.also yeah, maybe the crew had something sweet. or the dwarfs.
No. 393399 ID: c17c06
File 133194687415.jpg - (102.98KB , 1000x600 , underneath.jpg )

Looks like they came up out of some holes in the floor. What should I check next?
No. 393401 ID: ed57e8

ah, was just a sword trap. check crew for GRENADES
No. 393402 ID: c4a1fc

Oh shit, a white pixel that isn't part of your fur! It's an explosion! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!
No. 393403 ID: 832169

Carefully search the crew
No. 393569 ID: 4bdd79

He's not that much of a dick.
I think.
No. 393592 ID: c17c06
File 133200667460.jpg - (141.75KB , 1000x600 , inside.jpg )

I found a fish. It's not big enough to eat or anything. I imagine the crew left it here after the engine got fucked up.

It doesn't look as bad as I'd expect from something that's been sitting under water for who knows how long. It smells fucking bad though.
No. 393595 ID: d5ee6f

Take the fish. Go find the others, let them know you have a hell of a lot more room now.
No. 393596 ID: 1854db

Ah, this tank is a bust.

Let's just go up and tell the others we found booze.
No. 393598 ID: 1854db

...but uh, watch out for traps. We swam down here, now we're walking up.
No. 393599 ID: 8e3d36

Also post an sentry outside in case all that messing around was somehow noticed.
One of the gobbos.
No. 393637 ID: c17c06
File 133202836408.jpg - (264.54KB , 1000x600 , this looks safe.jpg )

I threw the fish back in the water. Fucking fish. I'm pretty sure the water is a bit lower now. I didn't really notice anything on the way up. They're all up there right now fucking around with the car.

:cherenicon: Ok, how's it going up here?
:drizzle: I'm pretty sure it's working, the thing is certainly turning.
:cherenicon: Shouldn't one of you be standing watch? Even if it is getting dark, we don't want to get ambushed.

:boz: I was doing that just a while ago. There was one of those Kathartes guys and his cart going down the road a few minutes ago, but I haven't seen any other traffic. I didn't get any closer to it though, those things creep me out and I wasn't wearing a shirt. No signs of anything else though
No. 393677 ID: 1854db

Kathartes? What is that, one of those weird bug things we saw and got really high off of being near?
No. 393703 ID: c17c06
File 133204042839.jpg - (55.08KB , 476x476 , not low enough.jpg )

:boz: You don't know about them? Those horrible bird men? I hear they steal your organs and replace them with machines so they can eat them later. Somebody I know totally knew somebody that got kidnapped by them, and she woke up in a barrel full of ice with this big line of stitches across her belly, because they took out her liver and ate it! And there's anot-
I get the picture.

I've heard stories about bird people, some of the old people call them 'navrea' or something like that. I've never seen one, the stories all say they're nothing to worry about. They are like little people that dance and sing, like those moks but less creepy. This goblin is about as full of shit as a kobold's nose. How scary can a bird be?
No. 393704 ID: 1854db

Let's spy on them! Use the sniper scope, they can't be that far off.
No. 393728 ID: d5ee6f

When bullshit concerns dangerous stuff, better to be safe.
No. 393729 ID: 88e5ad


well, you could find that out for yourself.
No. 393744 ID: 3e85e3

You cannot even comprehend the terror that is the mighty peep.
No. 393781 ID: d5ee6f

Honk her boob.
No. 393802 ID: 2563d4

May as well scour the road with the sniper scope for the moment I guess.
No. 393821 ID: 9f34df

Heya Cheren! I'm back! Oh, and bird people? Please don't underestimate them. As for spying on them, please don't.
No. 393822 ID: 9f34df

Cheren's a lady, remember?
No. 393842 ID: c17c06
File 133208933976.jpg - (102.46KB , 1000x600 , cart.jpg )

I don't have my gun with me, but there's a spyglass I can use. Yeah, it's some thing pulling a cart. Not anything I can make out what it is though. I can let it pass or I can go put some pants on . It's not moving that fast, I could probably catch it easily just running down there, not to mention using a real vehicle.
No. 393844 ID: 2f8080

Guess you could put your new warband to the test and raid em.
Have the others flank em and set up an trap on the road ahead. You can then follow them and cover the ambush with your rifles and snipe em in case they resist. Take the prettiest of the Sergals with you, as a spotter.

Take your time to properly prepare and gear up though. It's rally not important enough to risk anything.
No. 394213 ID: c17c06
File 133220790825.jpg - (125.97KB , 1000x600 , fingerpoint.jpg )

OK, we're about 200m away from the road here, so if we're gonna attack, should we just charge down there or what?
No. 394221 ID: 063c28

I'm not sure it's a good idea to attack someone so close to your base of operations; if they come back later with friends, they'll have no trouble finding you. Do we even need any resources right now?

If we must attack them, wait several hours until they're further away so it doesn't give away your newfound, if temporary, home.
No. 394222 ID: ed57e8

attack starts with you shooting out a tire. not here further down the road a bit. they pull over and while looking at it you jump them.
No. 394272 ID: 3b3540


would it be possible to lay an ambush further down the road?
No. 394285 ID: 88e5ad

you could just approach 'em in a friendly manner first.
No. 394319 ID: 9f34df

Normally I would agree, but I'd say set up a trap and see who the occupants of the vehicle are first.
No. 394337 ID: 2563d4

They're not 'bolds, so unless you're desperate for something they're likely to have, leave 'em alone. Not worth drawing attention to the camp.
No. 394373 ID: 3b3540

Maybe send someone for recon? If it's worth noticing, it's probably worth examining.
No. 394374 ID: 1854db

I think we should get our pants on and get closer to see what's in the thing via spyglass without revealing ourselves.

And ask the others if it's even a good idea to attack the thing. Do they think it'd be worth it?
No. 394477 ID: 71840e

I got a feeling they might be gypsylike. If true they are probably no friends of the Kobold Reich. If Boz G is remotely right they might have knowledge of cybernetic technology! Lets be cautious but not hostile.

Set up an ambush point with snipers overlooking the wagon just in case things fucks up, then have someone wait in plain view or approach the caravan to check the dudes out. Perhaps trade can be made or a new mechanic recruited.
No. 394548 ID: c17c06
File 133229657933.jpg - (174.24KB , 1000x600 , cart2.jpg )

:cherenicon: All right, I'm gonna go check it out. I want whoever's the best shot to cover me. What else do you know about these guys? Should we attack them and take their shit or what?
:boz: I heard they have magic, and they probably have some guns too or something. everybody has guns.

:menji: Well, there is only one of them. Then again, there's only one of them, traveling by itself at night. That's something I might be wary of.

:boz: They have all kinds of creepy technology stuff too, mechanical eyes and hands and who knows what else! It might be worth a lot of cash if we can steal it all.

I don't trust any of them not to fuck this up, so I'll scout ahead myself. I found a good spot, and I haven't been seen yet. I'll take a look at - ok what the FUCK is that thing? I can't even tell where its face is. Does it even have one or just some fucked up wrinkles of skin?

I assume that vulture looking motherfucker is the nevrean. Certainly doesn't look like the stories though. I thought they were supposed to be like, little brightly colored singing peeping guys. There's some figures on the roof too, I'm gonna assume they're gobbos from the retarded coloration, but they're not moving, and kind of in weird positions. So do I approach this guy, shoot at him, or just go back inside and drink till morning?
No. 394579 ID: 9f34df

Approach, he may be a slaver. Freeing the goblins will get you positive karma. If they turn out to be slaves I mean.
No. 394584 ID: ed57e8

once everyone is in position shoot the beast in the gold ring on the front. appears to be a mechanical eye.
No. 394665 ID: e0a638

More guns for us is cool, they might have body integrated shit we cant use, but they might also have trade goods adapted for other races. I'd keep a close eye on those goblin looking things. The way they sit they look like guard dogs ready to pounce on aggressors.

We don't know how dangerous the nevrean can be either, looks pretty bulky under that cloak... AT rifle might be useful.

I guess if we want potential implants we approach the guy and trade. Otherwise knock an AT round in its chest. Hope the others got machine guns or something to mow down the goblins if they start sprinting towards us or something.
No. 394670 ID: 88e5ad

approach him. not too closely, but close enough to talk, and more importantly, have him see the big fuck-off cannon you'll be holding in your hands.

maybe bring someone else with you so he realises you're not alone.
No. 394680 ID: 2563d4

Leave it alone.
No. 394687 ID: ddc50f

I think the creature in front is known as a WHAT THE FUCK!?! Monster. The brid is definitely not a nevrean. The stories you heard were pretty accurate. Givin the whole scene here, I inclined to take the rumors the pink gobo gave you as at least fesabl. Careful if you shoot the beast, it might not have vital anatomy. It might not even be alive. Mechanical or undead maybe? We've seen enough of the latter today.
No. 395065 ID: 61e7f9

For god's sake leave it the fuck alone. You have enough shit to deal with already.
No. 395067 ID: b766d0


Go dry off instead and make sure all your gear is in order, talk to the others about maybe getting back to wherever they are from.
No. 395182 ID: 9f34df

Actually, I really don't want you to get hurt. Lets just stay out his way.
No. 395183 ID: 1854db

I say we ambush it as planned, once it's a good distance away. Shit that creepy needs to get shot.

Snipe the vulture with... the smaller rifle. Continue sniping anything that continues to move in any aggressive manner. The others can approach afterwards.
No. 395184 ID: 200b72

Approach and act like you were lost asking for directions then perhaps inquire about their business.
No. 395289 ID: 428ef1
File 133254981793.jpg - (172.29KB , 1000x600 , fluffy.jpg )

OK, fuckit, I'm gonna go get drunk.
So where are you guys from and how'd you end up here?

:menji: Well, I was born really far to the west of here. I never knew my real parents, the goblins I was raised with said they found me as a baby. We had to move around a lot, we could never stay in any towns for long. The group eventually decided to head for somewhere farther out to get away from the snotters. I figured I'd had enough running around from them, and went out on my own.
:boz: We made a farm.
:menji: Yeah we did. We though they'd moved on, but then they started laying rail around where we were. Coming from the east, as usual. So we kind of had to run for it. We met up with Drizelle and the rest of the gang a while after that, but everybody else we were raiding with is dead now.
No. 395293 ID: a43a6c

Continue being fluffy.

No. 395323 ID: 428ef1
File 133255803022.jpg - (140.87KB , 1000x600 , licklick.jpg )

Oh yes, this will do nicely. I'm gonna get shit faced!
No. 395324 ID: 428ef1
File 133255828097.jpg - (287.10KB , 800x600 , CBSF copy.jpg )

No. 395325 ID: 12c19f

Assume the post-hangover "oh god did we fuck" afterscene.
No. 395326 ID: ed57e8

oh man, we missed so many secrets we don't even know how many their were!
No. 395328 ID: 428ef1

Instead of info dumping in the quest ask any character questions you guys have in questdis or ItQ
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