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File 125153003943.png - (126.55KB , 600x400 , NPTT.png )
35681 No. 35681 ID: bde1b8

>The NPT Tramline is a free service provided to all residents of Neotis. They are meant to seat 3 people comfortably, but can hold as many people as will fit. There are currently 890 stops on the Tramline, each within a half a mile of at least 2 other stops. The trams work with each other to reach the input destinations without crashing. All stops are on the left side - the right tram car is not for passengers, and contains the tram's generator and AI. The Tramline drops passengers off at elevators, which exist solely to go between the Tramline and the ground level.

>The Tramline is 40 feet above ground level at most times, but it rises and falls as necessary. The cables that support it are held aloft by massive concrete pillars in the middle of the streets. Each cable is capable of supporting up to 4 tons, enough for 5 trams simultaneously on a single cord. Latest estimates put the tramline at having more than 16000 miles of cables.

>There is some resentment to the Tramline system, because while the service may be free, fast, efficient, and almost 100% devoid of accidents, privately owned vehicles are prohibited. The stated reason is to promote personal health and fitness, as well as prevent accidents. Many find this reasoning sound but annoying. Many others find this reason to be complete and total bullshit. On the upside, however, where you live and where you work need not have any correlation.

Currently, Coralina knows 2 destinations for the tram line: 000 - Vresch's Manse, and 302 - The Church of Nihilism Tech.
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No. 35682 ID: bde1b8
File 125153008664.png - (49.75KB , 600x400 , 1.png )

Right after breakfast LeVerne told me Vresch wanted to show me something. I'm not sure what that means and that terrifies me a little. Anyway, apparently he's wherever this elevator lets out. It only had two buttons - up and down, neither giving me any indication of where the hell I am going. Since the floor I'm on is 40 feet up, I'd assumed it'd bring me to the ground floor.

We've been going down a while though. I think we are well past the ground floor.

Incidentally I've always wondered what these weird little 1 inch ledges in elevators are meant for. They don't work all that well for leaning against, but I guess its better than nothing. They always remind me of those gift boxes, where the top is slightly bigger than the bottom so it can slide together nicely. It makes me wonder if elevators are meant to collapse in on themselves.

I could be overthinking this tho-
No. 35683 ID: fead7d

Ooooh! Let's visit the suicidal zealots!
No. 35684 ID: bde1b8
File 125153013667.png - (53.67KB , 600x400 , 2.png )

Oh, crap. we're here.

More importantly, I still haven't decided how I'm going to answer Vresch. The answer is probably definitely yes, but... Eh. I'll let you debate this again, and we'll go from there. Last I recall I was divided between "Refuse and see what he does" and "Reveal the blindness ruse to show we're clever."
No. 35685 ID: bde1b8
File 125153016914.png - (51.79KB , 600x400 , 3.png )

I might need to pick which one to go with pretty damn soo- holy shit.
No. 35686 ID: bde1b8
File 125153021128.png - (139.11KB , 600x400 , 4.png )

What the hell is that.

"Coralina... so glad you could join me. Rastin will be with us in a minute, and then you can meet the whole crew."
No. 35687 ID: 95484a

No. 35688 ID: 9e9b47


Well ask what it is. I think it's the crystal that represents the world's magic btw.

You should refuse. If you don't he's going to try to get those new robotic eyes in your head asap.
No. 35689 ID: fead7d

Oh well, I think we can stop deluding ourselves. Vresch is probably the kind that has cameras absolutely everywhere. If so he already knows anyway.
Well, I think, you should take the job. It's the only way you're getting close enough to him to banish him eventually. Ah damn you could've used the time in the elevator to create a banishing circle. Had you done that, maybe you could've surprised him with a summoned creature (In case he really doesn't know you were bluffing) and just thrown him into the elevator for quick banishment.
Well... maybe next time, eh?
No. 35690 ID: 904da4

Theres always the option of being truthful, in that you feigned blindness because you had no idea as to Vresch's intentions, and so decided that any potential advantage you could establish seemed wise at the time.

Also, WTF is that?
No. 35691 ID: 33bb8b

Is that the eyeclip in your hair again? Its hard to see the side of your face from here.

This voice actually has no advice to offer on the matters of revealing or agreeing, but until a decision is reached, no need to spoil the ruse by giving away that you can SEE there is a crystal here. Let him exposit for a while.
No. 35692 ID: 904da4

That seems like an entirely unwise idea. We have no idea what kind of defense systems are built into this place. Haphazard plans are something we really want to avoid. The more we plan this out, the better our chances to succeed (barring some incredible event which provides us with such an opportunity).
No. 35694 ID: bde1b8
File 125153195148.png - (137.17KB , 600x400 , 5.png )

>Is that the eyeclip in your hair again? Its hard to see the side of your face from here.
Yes. It is.

...I'll hold off on answering him about the position for a little longer.

"Vresch... W-what... What is THAT?"

>Don't ask him about it, let him exposit. Remember, trying to feign blindness here.

"Oh, nothing much. Just the source of all magic on the planet, the mainframe of the magical internet."

"I... uh... What the hell are you DOING to it?"

"Would you believe... nothing? I CAN'T do anything to it without its owner's permission. Unfortunately, she dislikes me and Rastin quite a bit. Maybe she'll like you, though. Come with me, there's a monitor on the side here."
No. 35695 ID: 06fc25


I support this. Vresch seems like he can appreciate a clever person, but I doubt he has patience for people who continue a ruse long after the jig is up.
No. 35696 ID: bde1b8
File 125153231656.png - (102.30KB , 600x400 , 6.png )

"Most of the connections here are infrared, x ray, and audio sensors. We can vaguely make out what's inside, and we can hear well enough. In addition, she can hear us. Of course, if she WANTS to talk, she can do it much better than we can, but this works for when we want to talk to her."

"Vresch? Who are you talking to?"

"Ah! We're in luck, she's awake."

"This is someone new, isn't it."

"Yes, it is."

"I'm going to hate him, aren't I."

"Just give her a chance."


"Yes, her. Hope, meet Coralina. Coralina, Hope."
No. 35698 ID: fead7d

Greet her. Uh, try to sound polite but independent.
No. 35699 ID: 476456

OH HELL NAW, dont talk to that bitch.
No. 35701 ID: 904da4

No. 35702 ID: f44349

This is PERFECT.
This is exactly the kind of edge we need against Vresch.
Hm... If we could find some way of communicating our true intentions to Hope she might trust US with some of that magic...
Be careful though, she's a treacherous one.
No. 35703 ID: 904da4

Treacherous isn't the word that seems most appropriate, here. Or at least, not the only one.

Howabout...egomaniacal? Homicidal? Sociopathic? Deceptive? You wanted to banish Vresch? I think you might have found a new priority target, here.
No. 35705 ID: 95484a

We reiterate: SHIT.

So she's still alive. Be polite to her. It might not make a difference, but it couldn't hurt. We don't know the specifics, exactly, but if she's somehow still in charge of that thing, you don't want to be on her bad side. Even if she does seem well enough trapped in there, at the very least, you'd make a bad impression for Vresch.

Whatever you do, don't make fun of her name.
No. 35707 ID: 034a30

Ask her if she's an angel. Be very, VERY careful how you react to her reply.
No. 35708 ID: 476456

The second she gets rid of vresch she will try and take over the world,and fuck it up worse than vresch did.dont let her out of that box without a plan.
No. 35710 ID: 6faa8c

Alright, Coralina.

Time for us to give you something that we are honestly useful for! Knowledge.

That there is Hope. She was in the group that killed one of Rastin's bodies. (he was cloned, the little asshole) However, she then betrayed this group, taking the whole of magic for herself to make 'a new world'. The leader of this group from the past managed to seal her inside the crystal itself. Seems Vresch let her out again. God damnit.
No. 35714 ID: 45afb1

Coralina, beware. I remember this being, she used us once to save a hero, then destroyed us. I don't know how she did it, but she did. This being works in mysterious ways Coralina. Beware.
No. 35720 ID: cd08c0

Oh, this just gets better and better.

I agree, be polite. No good will come from being rude to "the owner of the source of all magic", right?

I like this. Do this.
No. 35727 ID: 789c25


Or uh, just be like "Hello Hope."
No. 35732 ID: bde1b8
File 125156093659.png - (103.94KB , 600x400 , 7.png )

>Reveal to Vresch you're not actually blind.
...I'm not sure now is the best time anymore... Hopefully a good moment will pop up. If it doesn't... well, just tell me when I should mention this, okay?

>Seems Vresch let her out again.
By the looks of it, no, he didn't let her out again. She's still inside that crystal. He just hooked up a ton of stuff so we can talk to her anyway.

>Warnings about Hope
...Thanks for the heads up.

>Greet her. Be polite. Ask if she is an angel.
"Hello Hope. It is nice to meet you."

"Yeah, yeah, you too."

"You look like you have a wing or something. Are you an angel?"

"Yes. I'm the angel who will one day lead this world from darkness... as soon as I get out of here."
No. 35733 ID: f98e0b

Ask more about what happened to get her in here in the first place (let's see if Kara is in this continuity, and what she's up to)
No. 35734 ID: e4a18f

Ask Hope why she's trapped, see what she says.
No. 35735 ID: 789c25

Yeah, so uh, you may have noticed that she's fucking insane.

"Isn't that what Vresch is doing too?"
No. 35736 ID: 789c25

We already know Kara's in this continuity. Good luck finding her though.
No. 35737 ID: 9e9b47


I think hope might not know that because she's been sealed in a crystal.

Ask Vresh if they intend to free Hope.
No. 35738 ID: aca360

She's as much an angel as Vresch is. Be careful.
No. 35740 ID: bde1b8
File 125156216127.png - (257.20KB , 600x400 , 8.png )

>"Isn't that what Vresch is doing too?"
"Isn't Vresch trying to save the world, too? Why not help him?"

She practically explodes at me. "He's a DEMON! A MONSTER! A BLASPHEMY! Such things will never exist in my world, in my perfect world! There will be no crime, no war, just peace! Only perfect people in perfect houses with perfect lives! Anything else will be DESTROYED!"

Vresch adds "Calm down, Hope."


>Ask how she got trapped
"Well I uhh... Hope, lets change the subject. How did you get stuck in there anyway?"

"Grr... Fine. A vigilante threw me in here, 16 years ago. She wanted to stop me from saving the world, so I had to destroy her. If I ever find her, she is DEAD. Dead dead dead dead dead dead dead."

I agree with the not letting her out part now.
No. 35741 ID: 9e9b47


Ask HOW she can be let out. If only so we can do the exact opposite. Try and make her feel like you're entertaining the idea of trying to free her. Say you'll help get back her lost wing and arm when she's out.
No. 35742 ID: cd08c0

Tell her a perfect world sounds nice! Of course, she has no way of telling it's a lie...
She's been stuck in that crystal for 16 years, with only Vresch and Rastin to talk to. I bet if we're even passably agreeable, she'll be quite appreciative for the company.
No. 35743 ID: bde1b8
File 125156344211.png - (73.06KB , 600x400 , 9.png )

>She's been stuck in that crystal for 16 years, with only Vresch and Rastin to talk to. I bet if we're even passably agreeable, she'll be quite appreciative for the company.
This makes sense.

>Ask HOW she can be let out. If only so we can do the exact opposite. Try and make her feel like you're entertaining the idea of trying to free her.
"So, Hope... how can you get out of there? I mean, there must be some way out, right?"

Vresch: "Coralina, what are you-"

Cora: "Shhh, trust me on this."

Vresch: "...Well okay."

Hope: "Oh that's easy. Just touch the crystal. Would you do that for me, dearie?"

Vresch: "Don't you dare. She'll possess the body and try to find a way to open the Crystal from out here. We've lost a fe-"

Hope: "Quiet, demon!"

>Ask Vresh if they intend to free Hope.

I turn away from the monitor for a moment. "Vresch... you don't intend to free her, do you?" I whisper.

"Oh no. No no no. No way. She'd kill us all and end the world in fire. We want to keep her in there. Right now she is easily the strongest thing on the planet, the god of all of magic. I thank the hells every day that its near impossible to get out of that crystal."

Hope speaks up again. "Girl. Whatever your name was. What did you do to get Vresch's trust anyway?"
No. 35744 ID: 9e9b47


"Summoned him." Screw what the demon living in the crystal thinks.
No. 35745 ID: aca360

I wonder what Vresch would do if he knew what the crystal actually is...

Which reminds me, Xom must be around somewhere.
No. 35746 ID: bde1b8
File 125156428348.png - (214.58KB , 600x400 , 10.png )

>Screw what the demon in the crystal thinks.
"I summoned him."

No. 35747 ID: bde1b8
File 125156436552.png - (18.98KB , 600x400 , 11.png )

The screen burns out.

Vresch sighs. "Now we need to replace another set of sensors."

Hope responds "Serves you ri-" before Vresch flips a switch, cutting her off.

"Well that's enough of that for now."
No. 35756 ID: 6164e0

...now seems a good time to come clean to Vresch on the eye thing.
No. 35758 ID: cd08c0
File 125156573586.gif - (5.84KB , 400x400 , SoRonery.gif )

Now you've gone and upset the little omnicidal maniac! Say you're sorry.
If it's any consolation, you lost control and didn't think he'd do any of this.

> "Well that's enough of that for now."
Yeah, we're probably not going to be able to talk to Hope much until she calms down. Leave her to her CRUSHING LONELINESS. Let's go do something else. Like... talk to Vresch! Or Rastin!
Ask Vresch what he wants the crystal for, anyway.
No. 35761 ID: 1afd58

s-stupid vresch. It's not like Hope secretly loves you or anything.
No. 35771 ID: 7eda8b

Say "Huh. That sucks. So let's talk business."
No. 35781 ID: 9e9b47


Ask why he's brought you here to meet with Rastin and Hope. Is he gonna kill Rastin or something? People usually don't like being told they're not king anymore.
No. 35805 ID: a3b36a

It's probably fairly obvious now that you're not blind, if by some chance he wasn't watching your every move with cameras.

Ergo, now is a good time to sit down and chat and explain the ruse. Vresch can't be -all- bad if he's against freeing the omnicidal maniac.
No. 35808 ID: 9e9b47


>Vresch can't be -all- bad if he's against freeing the omnicidal maniac.

Or he just doesn't want something worse than him running around. Just because someone doesn't wanna release a world-burning monster doesn't mean they're a stand-up dude.
No. 35818 ID: 789c25

Perhaps, but regardless, this does seem like a good time to reveal that we're not blind.
No. 35837 ID: 1afd58

Given that we commented on her wing, i think it's a little already revealed.
No. 35843 ID: 7eda8b

I would've preferred to refuse his offer, then change our mind, but we have utterly failed to hide our sightedness.
No. 35851 ID: bde1b8
File 125158099640.png - (207.77KB , 600x400 , 12.png )

"Huh. That sucks. So let's talk business."

"Of course."

>now is a good time to sit down and chat and explain the ruse.
I agree. "Well, you've probably noticed this by now, but I'm not actually blind. It was a ruse because, well, I didn't really know what to expect, and feigning weakness seemed a good idea at the time."

"Yes, it was a tactically sound decision, I agree."

"...You knew, huh."

"Well yeah. As soon as I noticed your hair clip with the eyeball on it, I knew. Well, not as SOON as, so much. I should give you some credit. It took me a minute after that first meeting to piece it all together."

>Ask Vresch what he wants the crystal for, anyway.
"Well, uh... What do you want with the crystal, anyway?"

"I think that should be obvious. It controls all of magic. The wielder of the crystal can do nearly anything. The problem is, Hope is the wielder of the crystal, so we need to convince her whatever we want done is a good idea. Needless to say, she's done very very little for us."

>Is he gonna kill Rastin or something?
"So what are you going to do with-"
No. 35852 ID: bde1b8
File 125158102811.png - (220.92KB , 600x400 , 13.png )

Rastin is here. "I love it when they don't put up much of a fight~"

"Oh, hey there, little guy. My my, you're certainly looking more womanly and less glassy."
No. 35854 ID: f98e0b

Welp if she didn't put up much of a fight even though she has an integral taser then this was probably how she wanted to go. Why I can't imagine, maybe she was giving him ROBO-AIDS.
No. 35861 ID: 9e9b47


Or she did put up a fight. Rastin's not a pushover.

Greet Rastin vaguely. Ask Vresh what we're all here for again anyhow.
No. 35864 ID: 6c80cf


Look behind you. Also, I wonder what would happen if Hope tried to possess us, the orb.
No. 35865 ID: f98e0b

Hey yeah touch the orb to the crystal!
What could possibly go wrong!
No. 35867 ID: 789c25

... It could have been someone else.
No. 35871 ID: 789c25

Reply something like "This shape is more convenient for locomotion, among other things."
No. 35872 ID: 789c25

"This body" actually, would be more ambiguous.
No. 35873 ID: a35ac6

Ask him how his meeting went.
No. 35889 ID: bde1b8
File 125158454180.png - (212.35KB , 600x400 , 14.png )

>Snarky reply. Ask how his meeting went, ask Vresch why we're here.

Cora: "This body is better for locomotion."

Rastin: "Ha, izzat so?"

Cora: "It is. How did the meeting go?"

Rastin: "Very smoothly. We came to an agreement, wrote up the new law, briefly argued semantics, and then I sent her on her way."

Cora: "...I see. Anyway, Vresch, why are we all here? Is there some point to this?"

Vresch: " Of course there's a point! We're the crew who runs the world. I control the tech, Rastin controls the people, Hope controls the magic. Rastin, this is Coralina. She'll be replacing you... if she wants to."

Rastin: "When?"

Vresch: "In about a month. You still have some things to put in order."

>Look behind you.

Hope waves. I nervously wave back.
No. 35891 ID: f98e0b

uh oh
I hope rastin doesn't do anything to try and keep his power.
Watch your pretty little ass, Coralina.
No. 35898 ID: 1f5d37

Wait and see how Rastin responds before you say anything one way or another. You might want to lie until you have Vresch alone before you tell him you're gonna take the position (assuming you are).
No. 35909 ID: bde1b8
File 125158545515.png - (212.52KB , 600x400 , 14.png )

>Wait and see how Rastin responds before you say anything one way or another. You might want to lie until you have Vresch alone before you tell him you're gonna take the position (assuming you are).
...This sounds like a good idea.

Ras: "So, what? I'm being replaced? Just like that?"

Vre: "Pretty much, yes. Your reputation is horrible, and you are considered a tyrant. I had need of a tyrant to get this far, but now the world doesn't need fear. It needs peace."

Ras: "You know I won't go out peacefully."

Vre: "I'm giving you the option to do so right now. I don't want to have to kill you, you did your job well enough. But I will if you force my hand."

Ras: "...Fine. I'll give up peacefully when the time is right."

Hope cheers. "Yes! No more Rastin!"

Vresch adds "Of course, if she declines, then you won't have to worry about it. What do you say, Coralina? Do you want to be queen of the world?"
No. 35910 ID: f98e0b

No. 35911 ID: 9e9b47


No. 35912 ID: 476456

Maybe so!
No. 35913 ID: 95484a

"No. But I'll do it anyway."
No. 35914 ID: 45afb1

No. 35915 ID: c73b9f

"Could be a good change of pace.
No. 35916 ID: f4963f

"Yeah... yeah. I could do that."
No. 35917 ID: 1f5d37

No. 35918 ID: f78140

No. 35919 ID: 0a81ea

It seems to be the best way to help.
No. 35921 ID: 099247

No. 35922 ID: cd08c0

After all, the people with the most freedom... are the ones at the very bottom, who have nothing to lose... and the ones at the very top, who make the rules... aren't they?

Let's trade places with Rastin.
No. 35924 ID: 789c25

Not really, but I'll do it.
No. 35925 ID: 6faa8c

Happy hope is happy.

"Yes." and THEN reveal your sight.
No. 35926 ID: 1afd58

Yes is my opinion
No. 35928 ID: 9e9b47


Before you answer, ask what he does with the humans he rounds up from the cities.
No. 35929 ID: 5ba271

Sure, I'll have it.
No. 35934 ID: f98e0b

We already did
No. 35939 ID: bde1b8
File 125158769238.png - (99.89KB , 600x400 , 15.png )

Cora: "...No."

Vre: "No?"

Ras: "Yes!"

Hope: "NO!"
No. 35940 ID: bde1b8
File 125158771633.png - (73.63KB , 600x400 , 16.png )

Cora: "But I'll do it anyway."

Vre: "Oh."


Hope: "YESSS! No more Rastin!"
No. 35942 ID: 1afd58

Well, see what Rastin does.
No. 35944 ID: 9e9b47

Offer Rastin position as advisor.
No. 35946 ID: cd08c0

Ask Rastin if he'd like to hang around as, y'know, our sidekick or something. In a lower office.
We could really use the guidance! After all, he's been running the world for like a decade now.
He could be our SIC. He could even help run some of the paperwork so we can do... other things. Like plotting!
No. 35949 ID: 476456


More like hire him as a personal smother us in our sleep assistant
No. 35951 ID: f4963f

Did... we just troll Rastin?

Oh fuck yes.

Victory dance.
No. 35952 ID: 01383e

offer rastin position as woman-killer, whenever we need a woman killed. it could come up!
No. 35953 ID: 789c25

"However, as I'm told that Rastin has done a good job in the past, I'd be willing to keep him on. Since this is primarily a PR concern, he naturally would have to remain out of the public eye, but that shouldn't be excessively difficult."
No. 35954 ID: 9e9b47

We need some answers now that we're the leader. Seriously, where do the humans go? Being a human ourselves this has to be a concern.
No. 35962 ID: bde1b8
File 12515892624.png - (214.89KB , 600x400 , 17.png )

Vresch: "Very well! Meeting adjourned. Rastin, come with me. Cora, you can either come with me or stay here with Hope."

>Ask Rastin to be our advisor
...Right now this does not look appealing. Maybe if he has some hidden redeeming quality I will discover later, but otherwise... no. Just... no.

>We need some answers now that we're the leader. Seriously, where do the humans go? Being a human ourselves this has to be a concern.
"Vresch, one question quick."

"Yes, Coralina?"

"What do you do with all the people you bring here, anyway?"

"...I let them live here. They're my citizens. Neotis needs a population, after all. I'll fill you in on how the government works this afternoon. You have a lot to catch up on..."
No. 35966 ID: 48f106

A great victory has been accomplished this day. But we probably just omnitupled the chances of him trying to shank us.
No. 35967 ID: 1f5d37

Find out what he does with the humans he rounds up. Now that you rule the world, it's something you should really know.
No. 35968 ID: 1afd58

Stay and chat with hope. Say that what you did was an accident, and you are trying to make up for it.

Tell her that you just want to change things for the better. To remake the world, as it were. You can't let her out, but maybe she can help make the world a little better, through you.
No. 35970 ID: e3f578

Ask if Jacob might be a clone or using a strand of DNA of the original Jacob you once knew unless Vresch has left or something similar, since he does look like him after all.

Otherwise turn to Hope, the way she cheered for the mother of her rival replacing Rastin seems suspicious, she may have use of you. Apologize when your sure Vresch can't hear you about releasing him, that it was just your innocent childish curiosity to study summoning magic. That you were confident you meant no harm, and it seems Vresch doesn't care for Harming others anyway. Try your best make her your friend, you have to. But let her know that the reason she was likely locked up is that imperfect people are afraid of her, that they won't want to die.

And tell her... Hello, thank you for smashing us and betraying us. Yes, us... the orb. and reveal it smugly.
No. 35971 ID: cd08c0

Rastin's on the way out, and Vresch says he'll fill us in later.
Why not spend some time with Hope? We can talk about... I don't know what we can talk about. Surely there's something we can ask her.
No. 35984 ID: 789c25

Are we even capable of communicating with Hope now? She burned out the machinery.
No. 35986 ID: 9e8fed


That might be a good idea. There's even a very slim chance (read: HAHAHAHAHA NO) that it might slightly deflate Hope's God complex to reveal that she can't really end us.
Furthermore, we have a wayyyy more stylish ride than her angular orange behemoth.
No. 35989 ID: 6faa8c
File 12515927753.jpg - (86.74KB , 469x428 , 1247394365934.jpg )

Trollface Rastin just before he leaves.

Pic for reference.
No. 35996 ID: cde660

Ask Vresch if you can have Rastin killed regardless of his actions.
No. 35998 ID: cde660

>That you were confident you meant no harm,
Be specific and say that the original authors were too horrendously stupid to understand that Vresch was a demon of technology and wrote him off as a virtually powerless entity.
No. 35999 ID: 43d730

The use of interpretive dance.
No. 36003 ID: 7eda8b

This is great. If he actually lets Rastin live, that means that you can probably leave later and not be killed for it.

Y'know, Vresch is still a tyrant, but he could be a lot worse.
No. 36017 ID: 9e8fed


Yeah. For a despotic dictator, he's a pretty okay guy.
No. 36058 ID: 82920c


...aw shit guys, I think we could be dealing with the cyborg demon equivalent of Vetinari.
No. 36060 ID: 43d730

>Cyborg Vetinari
I just widdled myself.
No. 36061 ID: 9e9b47


Fuck. Even I have to concede that this may be true. I guess that makes Neotis Ankh-Morpork then.
No. 36062 ID: 6faa8c
File 125160553273.jpg - (10.86KB , 231x298 , 1246818607534.jpg )

>Cyborg Vetinari
No. 36064 ID: 6164e0

Then where is Vimes?

How can you have a Vetinari without a Vimes?
No. 36065 ID: 789c25

Perhaps Kara is Vimes.
No. 36067 ID: fdc826

1. Find Kara.
2. Acquire booze.
3. Miraculously kill everything that moves, while simultaneously saving the world, and possibly killing a kid for chewing gum.
4. ???
5. Profit!

...Failing that, >>35970 .
No. 36068 ID: 64d98f

Vimes is smarter and wittier.
No. 36069 ID: 82920c

well, at least he doesn't have any eyebrows he can raise at us.

That I can see anyway.
No. 36072 ID: bde1b8
File 125161011487.png - (206.72KB , 600x400 , 17.png )

Vresch and Rastin have left.

>A great victory has been accomplished this day. But we probably just omnitupled the chances of Rastin trying to shank us.

>Questions for Vresch
We'll spend all of next chapter answering those, face to face with him.

>Are we even capable of communicating with Hope now? She burned out the machinery.
She's been talking just fine through that projection of hers.

>Stay and chat with Hope.
"So, uh... Hope. I didn't mean to summon him, you know. It was a mistake. I didn't mean any harm..."

"...What are you trying to say here? You trying to apologize? Get some sympathy out of me? I've been locked in here for 16 years, because of that god damn pumpkin head. 16 years. Its a looooong time, girl. A loooong time. I don't give a damn about your mistakes. You fucked up, and that is that."
No. 36073 ID: bde1b8
File 125161013710.png - (76.28KB , 600x400 , 18.png )

...What a bitch. I just want to...

>Try your best make her your friend, you have to.
...Calm down, Cora. She could be useful.

>But let her know that the reason she was likely locked up is that imperfect people are afraid of her, that they won't want to die.
"...Hope, you do realize the reason you're locked up is because no one is perfect, right?"

"What are you talking about, I'm perfect. I can make people perfect. I can do anything."

"...Right. But not everyone WANTS to be perfect. Sometimes people like to do things wrong, or just have fun, or do something forbidden. Screwing up is just a part of being human."

"If its human to be imperfect, then I'll just destroy all the humans."

"...And that's why humans want you to stay in the crystal! Does this make any sense to you?"

"...But I'm perfect."

"...Of course you are."

No. 36075 ID: 795b36

well turn her world upside down.

If she can't understand that she ISN'T perfect and therefore cannot make a perfect world.
No. 36076 ID: 6faa8c

I honestly think it would be best to either a) destroy Hope eventually, or B) find a way to seal her in there to the point where she could not possibly escape, not even in projection. Making 'friends' with her and 'using' her is too damn dangerous. It's like going steady with a hand grenade! We have enough to worry about. Be nice to her, but never, ever trust her to do anything for you.
No. 36077 ID: 6faa8c

Coralina: Become aware that Hope is far better endowed than you are.
No. 36078 ID: 789c25

Naw. No point, and it would be easier to just turn her world slantwise.

"You may be perfect, but most things are not. Destroying all imperfections may be a noble goal on one level, but true freedom only comes when people are allowed to deal with there own flaws. Without freedom, there is no difference between perfection and void. And therefore, only with imperfection can true perfection ever exist."
No. 36080 ID: 7eda8b

Say "Let's be blunt here. You're not perfect. You can't even define perfect. You're crazy and want to murder everyone for vaguely defined reasons that don't make any sense. Me saying this will make you flip out, of course, but that's just cutting to the chase. Give me a heads-up if you decide to stop being crazy."
No. 36081 ID: cd08c0

She's not... really perfect. She's missing large chunks of her arm and wing.
Not to mention, based purely on metagame knowledge, she's missing the parts of the crystal that would allow her to regenerate those body parts, alter her appearance, or create life.
Last we saw, that part was running off somewhere with a dapper gentleman's cane.
No. 36082 ID: fdc826

Remind her that someone with a missing arm isn't exactly "perfect".

Really, though, I doubt there's any way Hope will be too useful, as she's quite clearly batshit insane (even more than she was before Kara shoved her in the box). Coralina's better off trying to find a way to destroy her.
No. 36083 ID: 89ccdd

>We'll spend all of next chapter answering those
Oh Cora, you delightfully fourth wall-breaking rascal.

You could engage Hope in a philosophical discussion on how her definition of perfect might be the universal or actual definition, how the universal depends on the average of all viewpoints, and thus any extreme (or even any single element) cannot be correct.

Or you could take a physics approach and mention that nothing will be perfect until there is no longer any entropy to cause chaos. All particles must be equidistant from each other, which can only happen with the Big Freeze, when the universe as a whole no longer has the ability to perform work.

Or you could adopt a pragmatic point of view and remind her that a world without conflict will be cripplingly boring with nothing to achieve and nothing to be done.

Or you could just be realistic and bid her farewell...
No. 36084 ID: 476456

I think you should have a private discussion with vresch about how dangerous hope really is.
No. 36085 ID: 789c25

Guys, telling her she's not perfect is a seriously stupid idea. I know she'd batshit insane, but understanding her insanity and working with it is not out of the question. Honestly, crazy people are much easier to manipulate than sane people.
No. 36087 ID: cd08c0

>>35864 >>35865
Hey, weren't we going to see what would happen if we touched the orb to the crystal?
No. 36088 ID: cd09e8

Crazy people are also much more likely to turn on you. Working with her is a great way to screw yourself over later on down the line, so if you have some sort of grudge against your future self, go for it.
No. 36089 ID: fdc826

You've got a point.

Though... hey, I have an idea. She wants to kill anything that's not perfect, right? Just convince her that she's not perfect, and we don't have to worry about destroying her; just touch the crystal after she offs herself and we're good.
No. 36091 ID: bde1b8
File 125161263794.png - (76.07KB , 600x400 , 18.png )

>Coralina: Become aware that Hope is far better endowed than you are.
I... God dammit. At least I still have two arms.

>Making 'friends' with her and 'using' her is too damn dangerous.
...I am beginning to agree with you. Very strongly.

>Turn her world upside down.
"Let's be blunt here. You're not perfect. You can't even define perfect. You're missing an arm, you seem to be trying for some sort of one-winged angel thing, and you want to murder everyone for vaguely defined reasons that don't make any sense. You're completely and entirely insane! Okay?"

That was probably not the best idea, but damn, it felt good. It seems to have stunned her to silence for now, at least.
No. 36093 ID: 48f106

In before Aeris'd.
No. 36094 ID: 6164e0

I have to admit curiosity as to what would happen myself.
No. 36095 ID: 476456

Get out of there before she gets all weepy and you have a change of heart.
No. 36096 ID: 789c25

Goddammit. I wish I could deal with this myself instead of having to work through an overly emotional and socially inept puppet queen.

...I'm sure Vresch will soon share this sentiment.
No. 36098 ID: 6c80cf


"No, you aren't. Otherwise, you would try to find a peaceful method of changing everyone, instead of going the path Ras would take if he had enough power to crush the planet. That is to say, subdue everyone by force and kill anyone who argues."
No. 36099 ID: 795b36

good job, now explain to her that if she assists you she will be doing a lot more good with her power than she would just sitting there and disagreeing with everything.

We aren't aiming for perfect, but we are trying to do a lot better than either of the two clowns she's talked to.
No. 36100 ID: 7eda8b

Don't listen to the angry voices. Maybe if more people told her the truth, she'd have snapped out of her crazy in the last 16 years.

Might be time to leave to let that sink in.
No. 36101 ID: bde1b8
File 125161356931.gif - (67.58KB , 600x400 , 19.gif )

>good job, now explain to her that if she assists you she will be doing a lot more good with her power than she would just sitting there and disagreeing with everything.
"But, if you'll... hey, wait..."

...She's gone.

>Goddammit. I wish I could deal with this myself instead of having to work through an overly emotional and socially inept puppet queen.
If you're getting angry over me getting angry over being insulted for doing my best, then I doubt you'd do much better.

>Don't listen to the angry voices. Maybe if more people told her the truth, she'd have snapped out of her crazy in the last 16 years.
...I hope so.
No. 36102 ID: fdc826

Now, try and convince her that, while it's impossible for anyone or anything to be perfect, you're trying to make the world as close to that definition as possible.

Well, that is if she doesn't kill herself. In that case, touch the crystal.

...But, in any case, I would also like to know what would happen if we were touched to the crystal. In addition to satisfying my curiosity, this would give us a chance to see Hope's reaction to seeing the orb she destroyed, and possibly talk to her.
No. 36105 ID: 7eda8b

Well, that went about as well as could be expected.

Let's go talk to someone else.
No. 36107 ID: 9e9b47


Oh just leave. Go and check out your new throne room then I suppose.
No. 36108 ID: 43d730

Get the throne switched out, at least.
No. 36110 ID: bde1b8
File 125161418267.png - (31.01KB , 600x400 , 20.png )

>...But, in any case, I would also like to know what would happen if we were touched to the crystal.
...Me too. Well orb, I'll let you settle this.

Do we go, or do we first see what happens if I touch you to the crystal?
No. 36112 ID: 9e9b47


Touch us to the crystal. Fuck yeah
No. 36113 ID: f78140

touch us to the crystal first.
No. 36114 ID: 795b36

might be wayyyy too risky. Perhaps another time?
No. 36115 ID: 7eda8b

What's the worst that could happen?
No. 36116 ID: fdc826

Touch us to the crystal. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
No. 36118 ID: 43d730

Hope jumps the link, summons the demon of antitech, neutralises Vresch, and begins killing everything ever using ridiculous magic powah.
We (meaning us AND Cora) get to act as a host until Hope figures a way out, probably in horrible pain and with a wing for an arm.
No. 36119 ID: e8d8be

Touch us to the crystal. But first draw a binding circle just in case. Shes a divine being so maybe the binding circle will work on her.
No. 36121 ID: 904da4

Don't do it. I don't trust this at all. Remember, if we can see your mind, who knows what she could do to it through us.
No. 36122 ID: 789c25

>If you're getting angry over me getting angry over being insulted for doing my best, then I doubt you'd do much better.
Nonsense. I'm perfect.

Do it. All that'll happen (probably) is we'll be able to talk to Hope.
No. 36123 ID: 95484a

Advising against actually touching us to the crystal, but if the voices make you do it, at least don't be touching us at the same time, so she's less likely to jump into you, or however that works. Hold the necklace loop.

Actually, do you know anything about possession-type magic that might be useful here?
No. 36124 ID: 904da4

Nothing good could possibly come from this.
No. 36127 ID: e55c57


She gets trapped in the Orb with us.
Can you imagine the sagebombing?
No. 36128 ID: 48f106


Try to understand, Coralina; we would give advice to Hope out of the desire to do good! But THROUGH us, she would wield a psyche too insane and rapist to imagine.
No. 36129 ID: 904da4

HELP HER? Bitch, last time we "helped" her, she Thanked us for bailing her ass out, then proceeded to SMASH US. Like hell I'm gonna help her again.
No. 36130 ID: bde1b8
File 125161629439.gif - (135.22KB , 600x400 , 21.gif )

>Touch it!
Well alright...

[To the person saying hold it by the cord... Well I dun wanna redraw this, even though that makes a lot of sense]
No. 36131 ID: 904da4

Oh for fucks sake!

*Braces for horrible consequences*
No. 36132 ID: bde1b8
File 125161643086.gif - (26.64KB , 600x400 , 22.gif )

I, uh. I don't know what that did.
No. 36133 ID: f78140

oh boy!
*brace for horrible consequences*
No. 36134 ID: 795b36

uhh... shake us a bit?
No. 36135 ID: 95484a

Huh. We don't either. Maybe Hope's in here! Roll call!

Oh, right. INFINITE psyche. I'll just ask then. Hey, Hope! You in here now?
No. 36136 ID: ed8d8a

She shall join us! one more voice trapped in the eternal cycle of advising our masters to greatness and then sleeping away the decades. One more perspective for the infinite psyche. One of us! One of us!
No. 36138 ID: fdc826

Did we absorb some magic or something?

Oh, please say we can shoot fireballs. C'mon, try to shoot a fireball at something. That would be soooo cool!
No. 36139 ID: 476456

Maybe we can shoot lightning or something...

No. 36140 ID: 48f106

There's already a "Hope" in here, though...we'd have to find the one who's crazy.
No. 36141 ID: 739632


It's Hope!
No. 36142 ID: 9e9b47

It's too bad we're voices.

Otherwise we could see what's going on in here. What's all that orange for?
No. 36143 ID: 789c25

I think we got some of the magic, guys. Kind of like Nic.
No. 36144 ID: 95484a

Hey, yeah! Maybe we can levitate! Think happy thoughts, guys! Lifting thoughts! HRRRRRNNNNG!
No. 36146 ID: f44349

That was underwhelming.
I kind of expected... idunno, magic lightning, or an explosion or something.

You... quit having the same name as the psychopathic villain!
It's confusing! Lop off a vowel or something. You can be Hop.
No. 36147 ID: 7eda8b

Now we're perfect.
No. 36148 ID: bde1b8
File 125161742551.png - (20.70KB , 600x400 , 23.png )

>What's all that orange for?
...I don't really know, but I think I'll find out sometime soon. I think I'll just... leave now.

>I kind of expected... idunno, magic lightning, or an explosion or something.
I did too...
No. 36149 ID: 6c80cf


We're orange now.

I guess we could try making an eye of swirly orange and try winking at you? Hnnn.
No. 36151 ID: 48f106

No, wait, I've got it; find six more orbs and repeat the same process. Then you can just WISH you'd never summoned Vresch!
No. 36152 ID: 48f106

Well...guess it's time to get some answers, then. Until then...

I support this full-heartedly.
No. 36153 ID: bde1b8
File 125161821885.png - (73.50KB , 600x400 , 24.png )

"...Huh? What's this clear patch here?"
No. 36154 ID: 9e9b47


No. 36156 ID: f78140

it's us again.
you opted to smash us last time, so don't expect anything useful from us this time.
No. 36157 ID: 476456

You hurt George, you monster!

Sixteen years is like five minutes to us.
No. 36158 ID: f44349

...Hello, Hope.
I'd say it was nice to see you again, but it really isn't.
No. 36159 ID: bde1b8
File 125161861075.png - (54.50KB , 600x400 , 24.png )

"Oh... Its you bastards. Good bye."
No. 36160 ID: 9e9b47


Well, at least tell us what you've been up to in here. I see you've made a room for yourself.
No. 36162 ID: 7eda8b

Hey, hey, you wanna hear a joke?

'All syllogisms contain three parts. Therefore, this is not a syllogism.'
No. 36163 ID: 789c25

See you, I suppose. It's not like you can leave.
No. 36164 ID: fdc826

Last time we saw her, we found out the hard way that she can break whatever material the Orb is made of with her bare hands.

Let's just hope she doesn't decide to punch that "clear patch".
No. 36165 ID: f44349

Wh- hey!
Get back here!
You can't ignore us!
I'll start singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall and never stop if you don't get back over here!
No. 36167 ID: fdc826

Oh, and this also confirms that part of Magic has been transferred into Coralina's Orb. We should totally get her summon Xom next time we talk to her.
No. 36169 ID: 789c25

Pretty sure summoning doesn't work that way.
No. 36172 ID: 904da4

We are not particularly durable. Simply being dropped on the floor is more than enough to at least chip off a sizable fragment from us, or do you not remember what happened with Master Muschio and Finesse?
No. 36173 ID: a3b36a

At least she has good taste in dolls. I wonder what Muschio would think of that likeness.
No. 36174 ID: fdc826

Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I seem to recall Xom coming from a piece of crystal towards the end of KaraQuest. Or, I guess the crystal transformed into Xom, now that I think of it.

I don't know, it's 3 in the morning and I'm not thinking straight. All I know is that Coralina now has a small piece of the embodiment of magic itself, and we can probably do some awesome shit with it.

And, >>36172 has a point. Either way, Hope may have just been given a means of escape.
No. 36175 ID: 904da4

Not if everyone keeps shut about it :)
No. 36177 ID: 904da4

Then again, if we're lucky, it may have been a simple transferal of power, not structure.

In other words, just because some of the crystal's magic is in us and vice versa, does not mean the crystal is any less difficult to destroy than it was before. A small part of it simply now has different magical properties.

However, if thats not the case, then let me remind everyone, that Hope told us herself that she's not very good with plans. Hence, I think she might not figure it out as long as no one clues her in.
No. 36178 ID: bde1b8
File 125162042276.png - (140.79KB , 600x400 , Epilogue1.png )

"Oh hey, Hope! I brought this cute boy down here for you~! Except, oh, sorry. You seem to be stuck. I'll just send him on his way then."
No. 36179 ID: bde1b8
File 125162080520.png - (202.20KB , 600x400 , Epilogue2.png )

"Hey Hope, I ordered you some pizza. Thought maybe we could eat it together. Here, have a slice... aw man, now its all over your crystal. I guess I'll just eat the rest, if you can't eat nicely."
No. 36180 ID: 789c25

Man, look at Rastin, bringing Hope all these nice things. I wonder why she doesn't like him?
No. 36181 ID: bde1b8
File 125162127670.png - (166.54KB , 600x400 , Epilogue3.png )

"Hey Hope, I brought you a game we can play together! Its called Mario Kart. Here, you get this controller."

>Minutes later
"Oh c'mon Hope, this is pathetic, I've lapped you again! Its like you don't even care."
No. 36183 ID: 789c25

You know, it should be possible to wire up Mario Kart so that Hope can actually play it, considering the type of interface Vresch has got going.
No. 36184 ID: 48f106

...that's just horrible. True, she's an insane homicidal superbeing but... Mario Kart, man.
No. 36185 ID: bde1b8
File 125162176737.png - (19.75KB , 287x198 , Rastin Success.png )

>You know, it should be possible to wire up Mario Kart so that Hope can actually play it, considering the type of interface Vresch has got going.
It is completely and entirely possible, yes. But that would defeat the purpose!
No. 36186 ID: 48f106

Asshole. I hope you get killed by a girl.

No. 36188 ID: 789c25

You know, you may have been told this before, but uh... you're a bit of a dick.
No. 36192 ID: a35ac6

You should totally act like your going to free her, only to say your recieving a page or something at the last minute so you have to go.
No. 36193 ID: 276781

An awesome dick.
With awesome dick moves.
No. 36208 ID: 6164e0

What if you wire up the controls so she only gets intermittent and laggy control? Gives her a momentary illusion of fairness, but then reality sinks in and she gets far more pissed off than conventional trolling tactics could ever get her.
No. 36210 ID: fc832e


Err, Hope? Hope? You still there? Hey, hey, I got an idea. We're a little bored so we were just thinking about stuff we could do.

You wanna play a game? :3
No. 36212 ID: 099247

We can't play THAT game with her, she's only got one arm!
No. 36213 ID: ae3d44


We are the orb of infinite psyche. We are creative. We will find a way.
No. 36216 ID: 43d730

Still pretty hard to croquet with a wing for an arm.
No. 36217 ID: 961ddb
File 125165365421.jpg - (3.06KB , 238x195 , KERMIT.jpg )

No. 36218 ID: fc832e

Uh, well, actually, I was thinking we could play something like DnD. Y'know, 'cause you only need dice and people, and since Hope can make stuff I figured...

Th-that is, if you're not busy or anything! We, err, don't mean to impose, so if you can't find the time or anything, that's okay...
No. 36225 ID: 334591

Yer givin us a bad name, cowtowing like that.
No. 36231 ID: 9e8fed
File 125165983246.gif - (5.62KB , 800x600 , Cowtowing.gif )


I'm pretty sure it's okay for us to play a game or two with ol' Hope here. You know, for old times sake.
No. 37662 ID: ab91ae
File 125195883280.png - (112.55KB , 600x400 , CRT.png )

*Ahem* I ask that you please save your questions until the end, Coralina.
No. 37663 ID: ab91ae
File 125195888314.png - (73.35KB , 600x400 , 1.png )

Alright, lets start from the top. Neotis currently has a population of approximately 30,000,000 people. As you already know, I get them by having my CRT model guardbots scour the landscape for survivors. My goal is to make Neotis the greatest city on the planet. If all goes well, Neotis will cover the entire planet, and everyone on the planet will be a resident. All of Earth will be Neotis. But for now, we cover an area a bit larger than New York.

The state, I mean. Although most of that is automated agricultural fields and wind turbines, the fact still stands that the city is huge.
No. 37664 ID: ab91ae
File 125195891288.png - (79.69KB , 600x400 , 2.png )

The economical system of Neotis is similar to Communism and Feudalism mashed together with most of the stupid sucked out. Every citizen falls into one of three categories: Unemployed, Worker, or Teacher. Your class determines your 'pay.' However, as I think I mentioned before, I have removed money from the system entirely. Therefore, their class determines what benefits they get.

The Unemployed class gets the bare basics: 1 room apartment with a kitchen, basic healthcare, basic dental, and typically low quality food. They share a bathroom with the rest of their floor, which is between 3 and 7 other Unemployed, usually. They get 2 luxury tickets per week. Its not much, but more than enough to live off of if one felt excessively lazy.

The Unemployed class consists mostly of children and new refugees. Refugees usually stay in this class for a week or two before being bumped into another class once they find their niche. The Unemployed class makes up approximately 3% of the population.
No. 37665 ID: ab91ae
File 125195899078.png - (80.65KB , 600x400 , 4.png )

The Workers class gets treated well, for without them the city would collapse. They get a 1 bedroom apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. They get full healthcare, dental coverage, and as much basic food as they require. Basic food is any food not purchased with luxury tickets, such as caviar, prime steak, and snow crab. They get 10 luxury tickets per week, give or take 3 tickets based on the nature of the job.

The Workers class consists of almost everyone with a job. Manual laborers, retail clerks, repairmen, farmers, food prep, artists, entertainers, architects, engineers, religious workers, anything. There are a few exceptions, which I'll get to with the Teachers class. 91% of the population is in the Workers class - the extra 8 luxury tickets are more than enough incentive for most people to work.
No. 37666 ID: ab91ae
File 125195905141.png - (81.87KB , 600x400 , 5.png )

And lastly, the Teachers class. They live in 3 room apartments with living room, kitchen, and bathroom - a veritable suite. They get the same benefits as the Workers class, and 20 luxury tickets per week.

The Teachers consist of those who are absolutely vital to the thriving of an intelligent society - Teachers, doctors, and leaders. Leaders are people who own their own businesses or head a religion.

Its worth mentioning the guest room you were staying in is inferior to the rooms the Workers class get, but still better than what the Unemployed have. We can get you your own, improved room later.
No. 37667 ID: ab91ae
File 125195912288.png - (92.27KB , 600x400 , 6.png )

However, every class has certain inalienable rights. These consist of, and I hold closely to these as a matter of pride: The right to opinions, the right to weaponry, the right to gather, the right to legal protection, the right to learn, the right to privacy, and the right to create. I can go into further detail on any of these after the presentation, if you'd like, but most of them are very similar to your old American rights.
No. 37668 ID: ab91ae
File 125195915469.png - (98.71KB , 600x400 , 7.png )

Last topic is what Rastin has been up to. As leader, he has been forcing people into Neotis, and preventing them from leaving. No one knows about the rights I mentioned above. They are enforced, but not mentioned anywhere legally. People assume they do not have such rights, because Rastin keeps them here. So they tiptoe around the law, thinking their actions need to be kept hidden, like Miss Leda's taser.

The idea is that when you come in, you will propose these rights to the people. You will give them freedom, allow them to enter and leave the city as they wish. I needed a demon, Rastin, to get here. Now I need an angel, Coralina, to make sure we stay here. And that is everything I can think of that you need to know right now, but I am sure you have many questions for me. Now is the time for them.

Also I am pretty sure he blinked on purpose in this picture of him.
No. 37670 ID: 795b36

Don't you think it's going to seem a little suspicious if we keep the same primary economical system in place? It sounds fantastic, but any suspicion might cause an uprising.

Also I assume the right to opinion doesn't include the right to protest.
No. 37671 ID: 1689ab

Oh, quick question here.
Yeah... so... I'm guessing the cyclops thing you've got going on is your eye and all... but whats with the headphones? Do they serve as ears... do you have ears under them? Whats the deal?
No. 37672 ID: f44349

...Alright I'm just gonna state the obvious here...
"The right to weaponry?" Aren't you worried about an armed uprising? I mean, even if you've got all the biggest guns it's still a bit of a problem isn't it?

Also please elaborate upon the right to "create."
No. 37673 ID: 782100

Why did you do this? What possible motivation could you have?
No. 37676 ID: 6faa8c

I find it interesting that Vresch isn't doing anything outwright evil: He seems to actually care about people.

Perhaps it's because Vresch is a demon made, essentially, BY people? I mean demons of fire, rage, and lust, those are all ANIMAL things... but technology strives for the betterment of man.
No. 37684 ID: 192956

That would make sense machines exist to be the tools of humanity, maybe thats part of him feels oblicated to fullfil that role. At the very least he isn't doing the entire "illiminate free will" thing.
No. 37685 ID: 782100

Perhaps instead of serving humanity as an aspect of technology, he's trying to do the opposite. Maybe he is using humanity as a tool to refine technology further. Trying to reach the technological singularity, at which point, of course, his demonic aspect would be nigh omnipotent.
No. 37689 ID: 9b5a49
File 125196419389.png - (589.24KB , 640x512 , 1232595902516.png )

>the right to weaponry
Elaborate please.
No. 37701 ID: d7ea8a

Can't we keep a few natural spaces in the planet? I guess you'll make "oxygen plants" or somesuch, but some people like to climb mountains and walk in forests. Access could cost luxury tickets i guess...

Either way, a world that's city only would probably drive people nuts eventually.
No. 37703 ID: 01383e

goddamnit vresch

I hate the city

how dare you not leave hermit reserves!
No. 37705 ID: ab91ae
File 125199137668.gif - (95.60KB , 600x400 , 9.gif )

>So uhh... what's that thing on your head?

No. 37706 ID: ab91ae
File 125199142934.png - (84.75KB , 600x400 , 8.png )

>Don't you think it's going to seem a little suspicious if we keep the same primary economical system in place?
I suppose so, but it takes a lot more effort to change an economy than it does to change politics. I had to build Neotis from scratch to get where we are now.

>Right to weaponry
A citizen may own any technology or weaponry they own a permit for. The government is not allowed to seize permits or anything owned by nature of a permit. Permits cost luxury tickets based on their value.

>Right to create
You are entitled to the ownership of any technology or business you yourself created or inherited. You are entitled to take legal action against anyone stealing your intellectual property.

The furries will have a field day with this one.

>Why did you do this? What possible motivation could you have?
Coralina, I'll let you in on a little secret. Every person has their vice. Every demon has their vice. Mine, is pride.

Neotis will be the greatest city on the planet, because I refuse to settle for anything less. Even if it means the rest of the planet is a barren wasteland full of nutjobs and amish, I will ensure Neotis will be perfect.

Also life would be quite boring if I just killed everyone. People keep making new toys for me to play with, so getting them all smart and in one place is a big help.

>Can't we keep a few natural spaces in the planet? I guess you'll make "oxygen plants" or some such, but some people like to climb mountains and walk in forests. Access could cost luxury tickets i guess...
Oh, I like that idea very much. I knew you were clever.
No. 37709 ID: 95484a

Can't help but notice that "living" isn't one of those rights.
No. 37710 ID: 7eda8b

"What kind of 'play' are we talking, here?"
No. 37711 ID: 01383e

well if you INCLUDED living, the you can't very well have machine sentients then can you? or full-machine-replacement humans?
No. 37717 ID: 95484a

Sure you could. Machines can have the right to live as much as anyone else. Maybe they might not be able to actually do it, but they could still have the legal right to do it.
No. 37718 ID: 06fc25

Frankly, I see nothing to be gained by opposing Vresch. Even if we somehow banished/killed him, the world would collapse. Humanity would descend into barbarism and a new dark age would be upon us.

I say we work with him to create a better world for mankind. Since he seems to be considerate of your ideas, you can ensure that flagrant abuse or enslavement of humans never becomes an issue. You wouldn't want Remi to be turned into an automaton under his control now would you?
No. 37724 ID: 2cbe3e


Why would the world immediately collapse? People lived for a long time before Vresch showed up. We wouldn't be without technology at all or anything. We'd have a period of rebuilding, but why does that mean we'd descent into barbarism? Humans have been through a lot before and lived.
No. 37727 ID: 789c25

Oh, so he has the death penalty. That doesn't seem too harsh to me.

I do notice, however, a that a fair trial isn't necessarily guaranteed, (unless that's what legal protection is supposed to mean?) Not that I think Vresch will be particularly unfair.

The right to gather, the right to privacy, and the right to learn are all fairly self explanatory, but how does the right to opinions work?
No. 37731 ID: 2af4d3

Ask him what his long-term goals other than a Utopia covering Earth is. I mean the guy's a demon. Has he already moved to the top of the demon hierarchy due to him conquering the world, at least practically conquering it? Is he now the Devil? If not does he wish to overthrow it? Does the Devil even exist or did we make that bit up and not demons? Is there a God or Gods? Does he wish to usurp them if so? Is that even possible? Are we the only sentient life in this universe or does he plan a galaxy, universe even, spanning empire?
No. 37732 ID: fdc826

Well, I'm officially on Vresch's side here. He doesn't seem too bad, and the whole "psychological need to make Neotis the best civilization on Earth" means he's not going to screw everybody over. And if there are any issues with his system, then Coralina (and, by extension, us) could work to remove them.

And I still want to see if we can shoot fireballs and shit. It would be awesome if we could finally do something directly, without having to tell someone to do it.
No. 37734 ID: 06fc25


I believe Vresch is a daemon, not a demon. There is a difference. While dangerous, his nature may not be inherently antagonistic towards humanity.
No. 37738 ID: 2af4d3

True, but Vresch seems smart. I believe he must have goals beyond Earth. If he has fellows who are also powerful and he is already not top dog, he may try to make himself the leader. If their are more powerful supernatural forces he may wants to try to do the same, they would seems to be among the only threats to him at the moment. Likewise for alien societies if he can't control their tech for some reason. Maybe he's only allowed dominance on technology created by Humanity, so he may wish to use us to eliminate an Alien threat or to give them the same "Join or die" deal he gave humanity.
No. 37744 ID: 2cbe3e


Vresch is never called a daemon. He was summoned from the Book of Demonology, and is called a demon multiple times.
No. 37745 ID: 192956

Will people be able to leave the city.
No. 37746 ID: a02fcd

I wouldn't assume exacting translation of something out of this realm is Coralina's forte.
No. 37748 ID: 06fc25


And? It's just a word. I was pointing out that his behavior is nothing like a Christian demon, so we should not assume similar motivations.
No. 37749 ID: 72ae58

>technology created by Humanity,
... And Satan did appoint the demon Vresch, to preside over those things created by man, and not by god...
No. 37757 ID: e3f578

Alright, but you said children take up 3% unemployed. I know the question sounds stupid but does that mean children live separately from their parents in unemployed quarters or do they get to stay with their families in worker quarters until you've deemed them old enough to work for themselves and thusly moved to unemployed quarters?
No. 37759 ID: 2cbe3e


They had to READ the book to find out what the spells did and what they were summoning. Obviously that IS their specialty because she's a summoner who summons things out of this realm. Plus, who's heard of a book of Daemonology. That's just lame.
No. 37761 ID: 2cbe3e


His behavior is very much LIKE a Christian demon. Not all demons, even in Christian mythology, are snarling wolves. Lucifer and all of the demons are ANGELS who fell from heaven. In fact, the main sin of the fallen angels was pride. Vresch seems to have that in boatloads. They thought they were better than God and especially better than man. Instead of being happy with their lot, they aspired higher. True, he doesn't possess people like a NEW Testament demon, the kind Jesus drove out, but he acts plenty like an old-school demon for sure.
No. 37816 ID: 034a30

...well, damn. This all sounds awesome.

What are the main threats to Neotis, Vresch? I mean, no matter how perfect a society, let alone one led by RASTIN, there's usually some tightly-knit crazies trying to mess things up.
No. 37882 ID: ab91ae
File 125202103948.png - (86.30KB , 600x400 , 11.png )

>Will people be able to leave the city.
Once you take over, yes, the plan is that people can come and go as they please.

>I know the question sounds stupid but does that mean children live separately from their parents in unemployed quarters or do they get to stay with their families in worker quarters until you've deemed them old enough to work for themselves and thusly moved to unemployed quarters?
No one is required to live anywhere. People can, and often do, live with other people. Children usually live with their parents until their parents kick them out. If a child has no home, they get their own Unemployed level apartment, just like everyone else. If they can find work, they can move up to the Workers level apartments. Going to school 6 days a week is the most common work option taken by these children, usually by ones who one day want Teacher level apartments. Some are contented with the unemployed apartments, however, and that's where the 3% comes from.

>Can't help but notice that "living" isn't one of those rights.
...I wondered if I was forgetting anything... The right to not get murdered is rather important, I would think. I'll add that to the list of rights.
No. 37883 ID: ab91ae
File 125202127491.png - (63.56KB , 600x400 , 12.png )

>What about God? The Devil? Other demons?
Now now, lets not bring philosophy or theisms into this. We're running a city, not a pantheon.

>After you spread out to the ends of the Earth?
Well, I'll think about that if I make it there.

>What are the main threats to Neotis, Vresch? I mean, no matter how perfect a society, let alone one led by RASTIN, there's usually some tightly-knit crazies trying to mess things up.
Well, there is some dissent over a variety of different issues. The political landscape of Neotis is varied and uncertain. I'm glad you met Remi - her people have accepted my rule rather well, and are one of the supporters of Neotis. I run the beaurocracy of Neotis almost entirely by myself, so I don't have time to deal with politics. That is what you're here for.

First off, you'll need some political group backing you, so it doesn't look like you popped out of thin air. That's what I expect you to be doing this next month - find a political movement to join, and with my help we'll boost you into high standing among them. From there, we'll get you set up to take out Rastin. This way, when the switch happens, people will be significantly less suspicious of Coralina, the girl who lead the Rary Cybernetics Movement into power than they would of Coralina, the random blind girl.
No. 37884 ID: 476456

Church of tech crazies for representation!
No. 37885 ID: c42be6

Maybe we should get a list of organizations? See what our options are, get a chance to see what different groups of citizens have to say about the place?
No. 37889 ID: f21281

"...why would Hell spawn a demon who lords over computer technology, when there wouldn't be any computer technology for millenia to come?"
No. 37896 ID: 92bbc1

Ask him his opinion on >>>/questarch/22438
No. 37900 ID: f98e0b

eat a bug
No. 37902 ID: 95484a

Didn't he just say we're not talking about philosophy and theology now? We're trying to convince him we'll do a good job at world-ruling, not have a nice conversation. Vresch seems like an all-business kind of guy. Efficient like a machine, get it?

We should ask about the organizations we might join, but we should also ask about which ones we should be careful of. If he doesn't know - possible, since he said he doesn't have time for politics - we should see if there's anyone besides Rastin who would be useful (and ideally, in the know about Vresch) that we could ask.
No. 37905 ID: ab91ae
File 125202974894.png - (67.92KB , 600x400 , 13.png )

>Maybe we should get a list of organizations? See what our options are, get a chance to see what different groups of citizens have to say about the place?
I'll go get that for you.

>...why would Hell spawn a demon who lords over computer technology, when there wouldn't be any computer technology for millennia to come?
...When the gods gave the demons their powers, they blessed us with choice. Many chose primal elements, things that would help now. Fire, Ice, Earth, Sky, Death. I had no interest in such things. I saw what man made, his meager tools and his meager toys, and decided to take a gamble. My dominion was the creations of man, instead of that of the gods. You could say I won that bet.

You are free to leave at any time, Coralina. Please be back by midnight if you'd like to sleep here - Jacob shuts the doors then. If you aren't back in time, I am sad to say you are on your own.

I'll be back with that note momentarily.
No. 37912 ID: dc3ed5

Go visit Remi, maybe even have a nice sleepover~ :3c
No. 37914 ID: 034a30

I say we stay here, and think over our options. It seems like staying with Vresch is the best bet for now (and humanity), our initial objective. Of course, that choice is entirely up to you.

Once we get that list, we should ask the following their opinions; Jacob, Rastin, Jacob again to confirm how Rastin tried to troll us, and Teabot.
No. 37921 ID: f21281

"So you're not really the Demon of Technology then. You're the Demon of Manmade Creations."

"...does this mean you could make a Golem out of the Empire State Building?"
No. 37925 ID: 43d730

You know, just out of curiosity.
No. 37933 ID: f373c2

>Demon of Manmade Creations
>not Demon of Technology

There's really not much of a difference. Pretty much anything made by man is an example of technology, however primitive.
No. 37953 ID: e8d8be

So when you chose your 'element' you were instantly shaped to the form you have now? Or has your body advanced as human technology advanced?

What happens to you if every human alive dies, would you cease to exist?
No. 37972 ID: 034a30

No. 38176 ID: b61b02

It isn't like she can do anything.
No. 38178 ID: f2de2f
File 125209856297.jpg - (24.41KB , 100x100 , 8Iav.jpg )

>implying she won't escape as a plot point.
No. 38182 ID: 1027a5

So what's the healthcare policy in Neotis?

Also while this isn't to do with the city it is relevant to us working for you. Is there an afterlife? And will we go to hell for working with you? While I think you're doing good work, you ARE a demon.
No. 38250 ID: ab91ae
File 125211244217.png - (42.37KB , 600x400 , Too lazy for a background.png )

It doesn't take long for Vresch to return with the list. He also wrote down their Tramline number, and if he had it a bit of advice. I probably won't have to meet all of them, but I should meet more than one, I think.

Arcanitech - Combining Magic and Technology since 2074! Leader: Jay Henderson. NPTT 318 - look for the Ignometics building.

Bleeding Hearts - Promoting peace and happiness in the world! Leader: Seras Nightsun. NPTT 210.

Church of Life - Working to make immortality a reality! Leader: Ragas Melin. NPTT 451. Be careful.

Experientialists - Experience everything life has to offer and more! Leader: Mitch Erane. No actual headquarters - ask around for Mitch. Usually somewhere around NPTT 440.

FurReality - Expressing your inner self! Leader: Naveen [no last name]. NPTT 136. Ask for Naveen. Trust me on this.

Men's Club - Only the Strong deserve to rule! Leader: Kal Royale. NPTT 403. Be careful.

Neotis Weaponry Association - Protecting your right to protect yourself. Leader: Michael Portman. NPTT 404. Be careful.

Nihilism Tech - If you're going to die anyway, do it on your own terms! Leader: Remi Leda. NPTT 302.

Retirement Association - Protecting the rights of the elderly! Leader: Christoph Goldsman. NPTT 185.

Sorcerer's Guild - Bringing magic to the people! Leader: Terra Kisaki. NPTT 440. Might be a good stop to learn more about magic.

Technotics - Advancing technology by the minute! Leader: Lisa Iwakura. NPTT 009. Based underneath the internet cafe Cyberion.

The Secluded - Seeking safety in a terrifying world. Leader: Edwin Burton. NPTT 308. The entire block is their territory.

Transcendants - Be anything you want to be! Leader: Dr. Ivanis Simic. NPTT 131. Don't touch anything.
No. 38253 ID: ab91ae
File 125211252297.png - (29.47KB , 600x400 , Hair cuttan gaems.png )

Vresch turns to go. "I have a lot I need to get back to, Coralina."

"Wait, one question quick!"


>Is there an afterlife? Will I go to hell for working with you?
"...I don't know the answer to that, Coralina. But I can say you won't go to hell."

And then he leaves.

I should also probably get a haircut while I'm in town - any styles you want to suggest? If not I'll just clean up the mess of hair I have now.

[Chapter end because I know that between the discussion on where to go and the hair styles incoming, we're going to fill this thread to bursting. Next chapter will start with Coralina doing whatever we decide to do first.]

[Also my apologies for cutting out Cora's opinions in this chapter, but I was trying my best to cut down on the wall of text.]
No. 38262 ID: 9b5a49

>Neotis Weaponry Association
Might want to check out that weapons group at some point. There is a chance that when you “overthrow” Rastin they may perceive you as weak and that it would be the perfect time to attempt to seize power before you are settled. Even though really you already have control and could likely crush them it’s probably a good idea to curb as much civil unrest as possible so your ascension to power appears to go smoothly.
No. 38263 ID: 520fde
File 125211388846.png - (28.43KB , 600x400 , Rastinredux.png )

You'll need a look that you know people will follow.
One that speaks of dashingness and daring!
You really only have one choice.
No. 38265 ID: 3fbe6d

Arcanitech - Go there. Let us see if Ignometics is still around. They were nice to us the last time we met.

Bleeding Hearts - Sounds emo. Your call, boss.

Church of Life - Sounds good. Let us take a look.

Experientialists - Avoid. Hippies are weird.

FurReality - NO! Just ... just no.

Men's Club - Nope.

Neotis Weaponry Association - Ehh.

Nihilism Tech - Go there. Remi is an interesting person.

Retirement Association - We are not elderly or to be more precise. You are not. So no.

Sorcerer's Guild - Learning is always good.

Technotics - As a mechatronic I have to say that this sounds like a good place to start.

The Secluded - An entire block? Sounds powerful. Visit.

Transcendants - No.
No. 38266 ID: 795b36

hrm, Definitely want to avoid the unsafe ones if we can. Although being dangerous can help us once we are in.

Nihilism would probably be the least suspicious and easiest choice.

However we could learn a lot from the Aracantech and the Sorcerer's guild.

... man I'm totally split here.
No. 38268 ID: 789c25

Arcanitech seems the most powerful; that's probably who we want to get appointed through.

The Sorceror's guild could be a good choice as well, and Vresch recommended we go there to become apprised on the thaumic situation.

I also confess a sort of morbid curiosity in FurReality. If magic has allowed them to have biological body mods, we might be able to get a new eye - one which is not vulnerable to Vresch's manipulations.

The Secluded may have some minor boons that could be useful. I doubt it'd be anything to important though.

We've already talked to Remi, and Nihilism Tech has nothing much to offer us (besides a possible romantic option, which won't really be lost if we choose to go elsewhere for now and for our backing.)

It would probably be best if we visit the Neotis Weaponry Association at some point to arm ourselves, but that should probably wait until Vresch gives us some Luxury Tickets so we can actually buy stuff. Otherwise, I don't anticipate it being too useful.

Also, Coralina, your hair looks pretty like it is~
No. 38270 ID: 9e9b47



A Thaum is the basic unit of magical strength. It has been universally established as the amount of magic needed to create one small white pigeon or three normal-sized billiard balls.

Thus, discussing something "thaumic" means something magical. Thank you and good night.
No. 38271 ID: 789c25

Options not listed are inconsequential.
No. 38299 ID: cd08c0
File 12521160012.gif - (7.12KB , 600x400 , Nothope.gif )

I like your hair as is, Coralina! Although, you looked pretty good with that hairclip before.
Maybe we could just get it cleaned up a little, and then find a nice head accessory to add some colour? Something like another hairclip, or a ribbon, or some forehead goggles or something.

No. 38309 ID: 476456

The ninhilists seem like the easiest choice. but it wouldnt hurt to visit a few of them
No. 38311 ID: 6164e0

Well, previous bearers of the Orb have had consistantly fair dealing with Ignometrics.

Might as well check there first.
No. 38328 ID: a3b36a

Arcanitech - Might be a good candidate for support.

Bleeding Hearts - Sounds too wishy-washy. Get on their good side, but not a support candidate.

Church of Life - Another to get on their good side of. Not sure if support candidate or not.

Experientialists - Sounds slightly hedonistic. Be careful. Perhaps get on their good side.

FurReality - ... If this is what I think it is, you might need to watch your back for either more 'feral' sorts, or more amourous sorts. If you get on their good side, though, they'd probably stick with you. Not really your main support, though.

Men's Club - Title says it all. They probably won't listen to you because you are the little girl.

Neotis Weaponry Association - Get on these guy's good side. Perhaps drop 'plans' to make weapon carrying more acceptable. ...but be careful, as suggested.

Nihilism Tech - Remi Visit~! :3 Might get on their good side. Potentially support candidate.

Retirement Association - While you aren't elderly, perhaps if you go and show them some respect, they'd support you. ...but not a backing candidate.

Sorcerer's Guild - This one has promise, considering you're a summoner. Logically, it'd make sense to come from here. Or, you could get their support easily. Get on good terms to learn more magic stuff.

Technotics - Always handy to be friends with research-oriented people. They might be a good one for support.

The Secluded - I'm sure getting Rastin out of power would make them feel more safe. Visit these guys. Get on their good side. Probably not good for main backing

Transcendants - Maybe visit, but follow advice and don't touch anything. Probably not for us, but it'd be good to get on their good side.

I'd reccommend Arcanitech or the Sorcerer's guild for main backing, but getting on as many groups' good sides as you can is probably a good strategy. Only one that might be actively hostile is the Men's Club.
No. 38337 ID: 7eda8b

The Furries and the Transhumanists are natural allies, but they've clearly had a falling out since they're separate. I vote we visit them both and combine them into a human enhancement biotech pan-faction. This will give us a rationale for our sudden rise to power, in addition to perhaps giving us "technology" (in the form of biological enhancements and the like) that Vresch cannot manipulate. We would like a new eye, wouldn't we? As well as a base of power we can some day use against Vresch himself.

There is, I grant, the possibility that Vresch can control absolutely everything created by human hands, metal, flesh, or otherwise. In that case, it might be best to go with factions who are trying to become something other than human...
No. 38338 ID: 197650
File 125212093044.png - (37.58KB , 945x630 , 125211252297.png )

No. 38341 ID: da0629
File 125212136292.png - (38.74KB , 600x450 , Queens Hairdo.png )

My meager attempt.
No. 38342 ID: 9e9b47

Coraline, your hair looked nice. I don't think you should change it.

I say visit the Sorcerer's Guild and the Secluded. They're the lest tech-oriented, and the group furthest from Vresch's reach in theory.
No. 38360 ID: 5ba271
File 125212406694.png - (20.16KB , 600x400 , Mukyu.png )

I'd vote for Sorcerer's guild.
No. 38375 ID: c73b9f
File 12521261063.png - (24.15KB , 600x400 , 125211252297.png )

Afro a no-go? Think again!
Neotis is totally in the *heart* of retro culture right now.

You gotta get with the times girl! Old times!
No. 38376 ID: c73b9f
File 125212639735.png - (45.10KB , 600x400 , 125211252297.png )

Or choose the ever-popular mowhawk!
No. 38399 ID: 2edfa8
File 125212969158.jpg - (76.68KB , 600x400 , drillsandwavvy.jpg )

No. 38400 ID: 9e9b47
File 125213032875.png - (21.16KB , 600x400 , derp.png )

No. 38410 ID: e498d9


Coralina would make a great Patchouli. :3
No. 38412 ID: 7eda8b
File 125213923198.png - (51.45KB , 500x500 , beret.png )

This says "I am here to overthrow our oppressors, so do exactly as I command."
No. 38413 ID: 492750

Ok guys, we all know what to do:

Transcendants - Be anything you want to be! Leader: Dr. Ivanis Simic. NPTT 131. Don't touch anything.

No. 38414 ID: 7eda8b
File 125213964854.png - (66.22KB , 500x500 , business.png )

This one's more "I am a businesswoman or possibly your math teacher, so do exactly as I command."
No. 38415 ID: 1689ab

I'm gonna go ahead and vote for this.
No. 38416 ID: 7eda8b
File 125214070467.png - (65.83KB , 500x500 , evita.png )

Maybe more of an eva peron sort of thing.
No. 38417 ID: 192956

This would work well with the youth but may not work well for older populas you'll come off as a rabel rousing fad. (like the hat though)
This is good it's simple and has a sort of motherly feel to it. Someone who is not only caring, but wise beyond her years.
Too princess Liaya.
No. 38419 ID: 904da4
File 125215183235.png - (113.69KB , 600x400 , 12498977719.png )

I think we all already know what hairstyle works, here.
No. 38420 ID: f98e0b

Yeah, no need to change it. It's cute.
No. 38422 ID: 904da4

Regarding backing:

Has potential.

>Bleeding Hearts
No good. These guys are the least likely to stage any kind of worthwhile uprising against Rastin, so it wouldn't make much sense.

>Church of Life
I'd be hesitant to associate yourself with any kind of religious organization, personally. Tend to get messy later on.

The description makes these guys sound rather disorganized.


>Men's Club
Unless there's something you're hiding from us, Coralina, this ones a no-go.

>Neotis Weaponry Association
I'm not really sure about this one. Instinct says no.

>Nihilism Tech
It might be nice to check this place out since you have some friends in the establishment, but remember: The goal is to have you REPLACE the leader of the organization.

>Retirement Association

>Sorcerer's Guild
This is a good one. At least check it out, because this will give you access to what you need to know about magic. In addition, if you want to keep your abilities a secret from the larger population, then these guys are going to be the most likely to recognize that seal over your eye.

Check them out. You don't hecessarily want their backing, but its good to know what they're up to.

>The Secluded
Find out what their about, but do not use them as backing.

What is this I don't even-

Basically, you're going to want to know what Arcanitech and Technotics are up to, your WANT the resources of the Sorceror's guild, and Nihilism Tech will also be a good one to visit since you already know the head.
No. 38430 ID: 5ba271
File 125216351190.png - (30.76KB , 600x400 , Myon.png )

No. 38433 ID: 099247
File 125216655436.png - (26.22KB , 600x400 , Marisa Quest.png )

The M stands for Marisa. Honestly.
No. 38435 ID: 5ba271
File 125216673266.png - (96.94KB , 600x400 , OH GOD IT\'S ON FIRE.png )

No. 38442 ID: e84fc5
File 125216763763.png - (85.29KB , 500x535 , Viva.png )


I think it could work with the older generation, you just need to spin it the right way.
No. 38447 ID: 91843d
File 125216842868.png - (55.52KB , 600x400 , Coralinasnotentirelyideallife.png )

Girl, I know the thing just for you.
No. 38451 ID: 492750

Out of the mists of chaos he rides, bike in his crotch and sword at his side!
Doom Rider.
Na na, na na.
He fights his own war, takes his own track, If he doesn't bail he might make his points back!
Doom Rider.
Na na, na na.
Son of Slaanesh, full of desire, He does cocaine and his head's on fire!
Doom rider.
Na na, na na.
Fights with fury of a dozen men, Spends two turns on the field then he's gone again...
Doom Rider.
Na na, na na.
His bike squeals as it ploughs on through the nearest guard, His skull is flaming as his daemon sword gets hard!
Doom Rider.
Na na, na na.
He's a killer and he's bursting out for fun! Screaming off, now he's gone, someone rolled a one!
No. 38465 ID: 5ba271
File 125217667995.png - (96.71KB , 600x400 , Hanako.png )

Can only end well.
No. 38477 ID: 5ba271
File 125217974548.png - (85.25KB , 600x400 , Why didn\'t I think of this earlier.png )

No. 38505 ID: cde660

>No good. These guys are the least likely to stage any kind of worthwhile uprising against Rastin, so it wouldn't make much sense.
They seem the MOST likely to oppose Rastin to me.
No. 38551 ID: 904da4

Pacifists don't stage successful armed uprisings against tyrannical super-dictators.
No. 38561 ID: c42be6

I thought we were more going for peaceful transfer of power.
No. 38605 ID: 57c44a

I reckon Ignometics is probably a good bet to start out. We know that about 16 years ago they were actively researching magical healing, and they got to analyse Hope's power a little; this means they have a good chance of being able to help us right off the bat with our eye. We might be able to pay our way by allowing analysis of the Orb, and even better we might get some clarification both about what that orange has done to us and by extension the crystal Hope is locked in.

Besides, I want to see how Jay is doing. He seemed like a nice bloke last time.
No. 38609 ID: 4e0411

Nobody said they were pacifists. If they're really trying to live up to their ideals they'd be planning to murder Rastin in some fashion or another.
No. 38620 ID: 57c44a

Why does the name Seras Nightsun ring bells for me?
No. 38694 ID: b61b02

Nobody said they were pacifists. If they're really trying to live up to their ideals they'd be planning to murder Rastin in some fashion or another.
No. 38838 ID: 33bb8b

I actually really like this one.
No. 38896 ID: 904da4

Because you know more about their ideals than "spread peace and harmony," amirite? The very concept of peace doesn't lend itself to violent uprisings, so either they're pacifists, and thus useless, or hypocrites, and thus unstable and hard to take seriously. Kinda like Greenpeace.
No. 38900 ID: 904da4

Behind the scenes, yeah. But I don't really understand what the point of all this would be if publicly Rastin just went out and said "Well, it was fun lording over all of you with my unstoppable army of robots and techno-fuckery. Now I know you all probably hate my guts, what with the whole ruining the global economy and slaughtering anyone who didn't accept my rule, but please try to give a warm welcome to miss Coralina, to whom I will be bestowing my rule."

It just seems disingenuous if a horrible dictator just passes his rule off during the prime of his life. THen again, if a peaceful public transfer of power is indeed what we're going for, then excuse my error. I misunderstood. I had thought the goal was to have no connections between Rastin's rule and Coralina's.
No. 39225 ID: ee7de2

Use THIS as your look right now, and through the uprising-

-and THIS as your Queen of the World look. You may want to practice the basics of CQC with this look, though.
No. 39307 ID: f373c2

Or maybe they're just practical. Sometimes, the best way to spread peace is to make war on the warmakers. It's not always possible to reach an agreement; some people just don't care enough to be reasoned with.
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