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File 131766825349.png - (186.98KB , 500x400 , title2.png )
355404 No. 355404 ID: 3bd8ec

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No. 355406 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131766828528.png - (140.10KB , 500x400 , 145.png )

"... are you going to put me down yet?"

"Oh come on, let me have this."

"I thought you said you had a bunch of things you wanted me to do. I can't do them if you're just sitting here hugging me!"
No. 355407 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131766831888.png - (142.50KB , 500x400 , 146.png )

He grumbles at me, but finally lets go.

"Right. The, um... trials. Okay. Um. Which one of these would be good to start on..."

He looks over the list for a moment.

"Aha! This one'll work. I need you to go into the nearest town and buy me, um... a calf. Maybe two."

"A calf?"

"Yeah. Um, I... don't remember exactly how much those cost, so, uh..."
No. 355408 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131766836855.png - (162.55KB , 500x400 , 147.png )

oh my goodness this is a lot of coins

"That'll cover it, right?"

"yeah i think it will"

"Well, what are you waiting for, then?"

okay, um

... Right. He wants me to go into town. I should probably go get some clothes from my place before I head out there, and a pack to carry all these coins... or I can just get new clothes and stuff when I get to town. I'm pretty sure they won't arrest me or anything for being naked, but I haven't been to town in a few months.
No. 355410 ID: 61d0dd

onward to towns and hugs!
No. 355411 ID: b7169d

Aw he's such a sweetheart, why not ask if he has anything you could take with you? Might be easier than heading home again
No. 355412 ID: bf95d9

I want to see where you live, so get some clothes from your home first please.
No. 355419 ID: 2cf073

Aww. Might as well go straight to town, no time for clothes, we have a mission!
No. 355453 ID: 1854db

I'd say go get your own clothes instead of spending his money on stuff he didn't tell you to buy. You should ask permission to make the detour to your house OR buy clothes though.
No. 355465 ID: ec0bf5

Definitely don't spend his money on clothes, this might be part of the test. But let's not go home either, that might also be part of it. We need to do this as efficiently as possible, let's go straight there and straight back.
No. 355470 ID: 0d7a83
File 131767475836.jpg - (19.11KB , 360x188 , HUURRRR.jpg )

No. 355474 ID: 36b100

just have Lys illusion up some clothes.
No. 355614 ID: 78b9fc

Get some clothes from your place. Under no circumstances do you spend the dragon's money on anything but a calf. Taking longer is better than that. Also don't name the calf. Trust me on this.
No. 355887 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131776140690.png - (160.26KB , 500x400 , 148.png )

Alright, I'll just go straight to town, I guess.

Although you've got a good point.

"Can I buy new clothes with some of this? Mine got stolen the other day."

"Sergals wear clothes? Uhhhh sure whatever just hurry up."

Well, that was easy.
No. 355892 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131776157133.png - (73.69KB , 500x400 , 149.png )

Eryhkeh has apparently been sitting out here the whole time... ?

"Hey, you're not dead!"

"... No, no we're not."

"So, did you get uncursed?"

"Not exactly. He says he'll uncurse me but first I have to do a bunch of stuff for him."

"Oh. Mind if I come with? I don't have anything better to do today."

"Sure, go ahead."
No. 355893 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131776159998.png - (131.25KB , 500x400 , 150.png )

Hmm. I don't remember that wall being that big.

"You sergals are so paranoid. What are these guys even afraid of?"

Should I just walk on up there, or try to sneak in, or...

Seriously, that wall used to be, like, a fence. This is a little unsettling.
No. 355895 ID: ec0bf5

Walk up to town slowly and ask them what's going on. Make sure to go ahead of everyone else so they know they're with you, they shouldn't attack you, seeing as you're all grey and white and not brown.
No. 355896 ID: b6edd6

Do those look like the same people who guarded the town beforehand? Sudden fortification and a different set of guards might mean it has been taken over.
No. 355911 ID: 1854db

Sneaking seems unlikely. Just go ask what's going on.
No. 355935 ID: 0d7a83

No wait before you talk to them have Lys turn invisible and check it out. THIS IS A SNEAKING MISSION.
No. 355964 ID: d6ae01

Good luck hiding your money from the probably-corrupt guards. Uh, retreat and get some pants. I don't really want to have to instruct you on how to hide the money otherwise.
No. 356199 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131784840315.png - (114.46KB , 500x400 , 151.png )

I guess I'll just walk up there?

I don't think I've seen either of these guys before, but honestly I can't even remember what the guard looked like last time I was here, so... I dunno.

The one with the spear notices me first.

"Hey! Uh, who're you?"

"No 'halt, who goes there?' Unprofessional."

"Quiet, Eryhkeh! Um, I'm Saikhan, and these are my friends. I live over northwest of town."

"Huh. ...why are you naked?"

"My clothes got stolen. I was actually coming into town to get some new ones."

Somehow I don't think telling him I'm here running errands for a big dragony thing is gonna win me too many points.

"I guess that makes sense."

"So... what's with the big wall? It looked more like a fence last time I came to town."

"We've hit a pretty rough spot lately. There's some kind of power struggle going on over in Tsagaan, so we have to be prepared in case any of that makes its way here. A group of bandits from that area have already raided Rashant down the road. And we've also heard that there are some, uh, magical beasts getting active around here. So we're being careful."

Wow. Sounds like a lot is going on.
No. 356201 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131784848455.png - (111.58KB , 500x400 , 152.png )

"Anyway, I don't see any reason why you can't come into town."


"Didn't even ask about me at all. Heh."

Well, that wasn't so---

"Eh, Zorig. Aren't you going to ask why she's walking around with an armful of gold?"

"Oh! Um. Sorry, I didn't even notice."

"Pay more attention to what's important."

"So. Um, Saikhan, was it? Why do you have an armful of gold but no clothes?"

Okay quick guys I need a cover story. If they're worried about magical beasts I definitely shouldn't tell them I'm buying stuff for a dragon.
No. 356202 ID: 35e1a0

"well since i don't come to town often i buy all my stuff at once. and better have more then enough money then risk not having enough and having to hike back home to get more"
No. 356205 ID: 1854db

Oh just tell him you got the gold for doing a job after your clothes were stolen.
No. 356210 ID: 86f168

your home got raided by the bandits he mentioned and they took everything you have, so you borrowed enough money from your friends here to buy back the things you need to live.
No. 356213 ID: ec0bf5

Let's be pretty much honest but leave out the part about the amtsvdragon. Just say that a friend of yours wanted you to buy him some livestock and gave you some money.
No. 356227 ID: 29e6ea

Yeah, say your home was raided while you were out bathing/swimming and all that was left was some gold you had hidden away for emergencies. Your clothes were in your home, and were some of the things stolen. No idea why they'd want clothes, but say that the "bandits" took entire boxes in their rush and your clothes were in one.

Or something.
If they ask about your friends, say they're your friends and wanted to support you in this time of need/you're staying with them.
No. 356232 ID: 4bdd79

Tell them that a friend of yours gave you the money. You were given so much because he also wanted you to pick up some supplies while you were in town.

Hey, it's true.
No. 356241 ID: d6ae01

This isn't rocket science.
You followed a map to secret treasure at the bottom of a spring. Someone stole your clothes while you were diving for it.
No. 356280 ID: 84b916

Tell them you swam in the pool of Bad Luck, and you clothes got stolen. The gold was from a friend who claimed he was always lucky thanks to a blessing he had gotten from someone, and took pity on you.
No. 356602 ID: d6ae01
File 131802930152.png - (118.41KB , 500x400 , 153.png )

"I got this from a friend of mine who wanted me to buy some stuff for him, since I was going into town to buy new clothes anyway."

That's close enough to the truth that I don't feel bad.

"Sounds alright to me."

"Just a moment. Your friend can't come into town himself?"

"Well, um--"

"And he didn't have any clothes for you?"

"... um..."

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were consorting with some kind of magical creature!"

Uh oh!
No. 356603 ID: d6ae01
File 131802931923.png - (127.32KB , 500x400 , 154.png )

"Nah, I'm just fooling."

"Gan, that was mean..."

"Maybe. But it's fun to have a little variety in life. Beats just sitting out here leaning on my sword all day."

"So... can I go to into town now?"

"Sure, go ahead. I seriously doubt you're capable of anything nefarious."

I'm glad that's over with.

"Actually, say. Hey, Zorig. Why don't you escort this nice young lady to wherever it is she needs to go? Tell Suren to come out here and spell you, and tell him I said so if he complains."

"Th-thank you!"

Zorig pulls the gate open.

"So, what all were you here to buy, Saikhan?"

Where should I have him take me first?
No. 356605 ID: 35bcde

Probably to Suren soz he doesn't get in trouble, then buy moocows, then buy clothing because you don't want to run out of dosh first.
No. 356616 ID: 1854db

Let's check out the calf/two calves first. We already told him we were buying something for someone and he's gonna be following us around anyway apparently so there's no way to hide it. We should pay for them and arrange for them to be at the gate for when we leave.
No. 356628 ID: b67897

get some clothes. take so long choosing he gets bored and leaves.
No. 356629 ID: 78b9fc

Seduce Zorig.
No. 356703 ID: e40e3a


All this.
Seduce by way of trying on skimpy/attractive outfits before buying something nice.
Or just ask silly things like "does this make my butt look big?" to get back at him for that guy's mean joke.
No. 356707 ID: d6ae01

Pants are apparently a bigger deal than you were letting on earlier. Get some.
No. 356709 ID: d3b959

With this ladys luck the guard's going to be happily married.
No. 356710 ID: d3b959

So no, Lets get some clothes.
No. 356770 ID: ec0bf5

Get the cow first. I don't think she's gonna want to seduce him, though, we all know who she really wants. (it starts with F and ends with ISH)
No. 357041 ID: e99ac6

Ask Zorig how much gold he reckons some cattle/calves would cost, but go buy clothes first because you have to show them you have your priorities right.

Also get something rain proof if you think you can afford it. Bonus if it has a hood that Lyskir can hang out in.
No. 357796 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131846512481.png - (101.62KB , 500x400 , 155.png )

I don't think I really know how to "seduce" someone.

"I think I'm going to get some clothes first."

"Alright, um, the best place to do that..."

He leads me down several streets to a building near the middle of town, and gets kind of lost in thought on the way.
No. 357797 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131846516594.png - (134.24KB , 500x400 , 156.png )

"And here we are. Hey! Purev!"


"This girl wants to buy some new clothes. You can help with that, right?"

"Well, sure. Come on in, miss!"

"Alright, Saikhan. Go ahead and get some new clothes. I, uh, gotta go find Suren and tell him to head out to the gate, but when I get back we can head on to wherever else you need to go."

He takes off before I can even say anything.
No. 357799 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131846519879.png - (49.27KB , 500x400 , 157.png )

"So, what'll you be wanting, miss?"


You guys got any ideas?
No. 357801 ID: d6ae01

Check the half-off bin. You've spent half this quest without clothes, after all.
No. 357807 ID: ac6c03

Something with.. Blue.
No. 357815 ID: 86160c
File 131846833624.jpg - (25.67KB , 500x400 , Space Sergal.jpg )

Sergal Stormtrooper/Space Marine!
No. 357816 ID: 3b202e

aaaaa what happened to the pile of gold you where holding!
No. 357838 ID: 1854db
File 131847349291.png - (46.86KB , 500x400 , PompaSaikhan.png )

Eryhkeh is missing as well. SUSPICIOUS. OH and also Zorig totally has the hots for you.

If you really want your outfit to rule, then I'd suggest this.
No. 357846 ID: d6ae01
File 131847546671.png - (56.54KB , 500x400 , so forgetful.png )

"Oh, um, you forgot your giant pile of money."

No. 357875 ID: feca36

This, absolutely.
No. 357877 ID: a98f5c

i just remembered how you're cursed and stuff

maybe don't get a mecha suit it will malfunction always.

on the other hand i have no suggestions myself so i'm just going to end this post now
No. 357879 ID: 625da3

buy somthing comfortable and durable, you 'll probably need to run a lot with your luck (sorry for the sucking grammar)
No. 357883 ID: 1dd221
File 131850821732.png - (45.98KB , 398x398 , SaikCoatLysrobe.png )

I think this... orange to make her blue eyes stand out,a coat to make traveling easier, a hood to protect her and any head-travellers from the rain... pockets to store stuff...

terrible drawing skills to prove I'm no artist...
No. 357891 ID: b6edd6

That's it! You should get wizard robes!
No. 357906 ID: e99ac6

No. 357917 ID: 372336

omg internet I love you.

Maybe you should get a stylish and contemporary hat, and nothing else - it will make people think that you are trying to make some sort of clever statement, and they will think of you very highly for it.
No. 359248 ID: f61b94
File 131898376882.png - (67.16KB , 500x400 , saikhan_paperdoll.png )

Doesn't Saikhan want a wizard hat?

If we're going wizard robe, we need a hat to match.
No. 359328 ID: 383006
File 131899363392.jpg - (34.95KB , 500x400 , papperdoll.jpg )

No. 359334 ID: c0e5fe

Seconding this.

But this is adorable and needs a recommendation as well.

Don't you dare close the opportunity window for this until I get to have a go!
No. 359342 ID: ce4a4d
File 131899518248.jpg - (46.89KB , 500x400 , legitimate outfit.jpg )

This outfit seems pretty legit.
No. 359344 ID: ec0bf5

Yes. We need clearly labeled hats. This is the best choice.
No. 359353 ID: b7169d

Oh wow I actually like this one.
No. 359359 ID: b7169d

This one (thing didn't popup, ugh)
No. 359458 ID: ac6c03

Love this.
No. 359472 ID: 4bdd79

No. 359475 ID: 15a721
File 131907409849.png - (67.74KB , 500x400 , 131846519879.png )

No. 359486 ID: 6fa1ef

This is the first one I've really liked. Cute, and it'd actually go decently with a wizard hat too.
No. 359676 ID: 3bd8ec

If you're wanting to get one in you'd better hurry; I'd really like to update this again.
No. 359677 ID: 0d7a83


I like these two combined.
No. 359681 ID: 6fa1ef

Huh, not a bad thought.
No. 359705 ID: 4bdd79

Changing vote to this.
No. 359721 ID: db03a4

voting this
No. 359736 ID: 2d6d07

She doesn't need armor. She needs hugs. (and she's a magic-user anyway?) Clothe her in
No. 359746 ID: b23e8c

Even magic users need armor, though. She's a sergal, for hug's sake! She'd be a disgrace without armor!

Voting for this
No. 359752 ID: 61da40
File 131918248332.png - (64.22KB , 500x400 , JC Saikhan.png )

"Sometimes you need to make a silent hug."
No. 359783 ID: 210977

No. 359794 ID: ec0bf5

>>359475 This one is pretty, and would look very nice with the hat from >>359248. Whatever you do, get that hat. It is the very best hat.
No. 359797 ID: 383006
File 131921184939.jpg - (28.04KB , 500x400 , shirt.jpg )

Geez guys, only reasonable choice.
No. 361101 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131959784996.png - (116.60KB , 500x400 , 158.png )

I like the look of that green one, even if it is silly.

I explain the outfit to Purev, who thinks for a moment, then tells me to wait for about five minutes.

He comes back with pretty much exactly what I described!

"It's a good thing you're pretty normal-sized; this could have taken a while otherwise. Luckily I was able to make all the parts of this from things I already had on hand."

No. 361102 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131959787364.png - (111.35KB , 500x400 , 159.png )

I pay for the outfit -- it only costs four of these coins! How much money am I carrying around? Actually, I should probably get a pack on my way out of here.

A few moments later, I've managed to get the outfit on.

"Hey, Lyskir! How do I look?"

"... a little silly..."

"Well, I like it."

Zorig hasn't come back yet. I could wait for him to show up, or poke around in the local area now that I've actually got clothes on.
No. 361105 ID: db03a4

poke around in the local area, you still have plenty of gold left
No. 361108 ID: 78b9fc


No. You're buying a baby cow. You're not going to spend any more money until that. You're not going to screw this up.
No. 361164 ID: 1854db

Looks like Lyskir is trying on some clothes. Be a pal and buy something for him if he doesn't have any money.
No. 361321 ID: 372336


A custom made dress in 5 minutes for 4 coins? those are probably made of solid gold, and so with them you could probably buy the farm that the cow came from, if you wanted. So, Miss Wealthy, knock yourself out (try not to literally, knowing your luck).
No. 361359 ID: b1e92c

Buy a small pack so we dont lose our things again, then the cows.
No. 361360 ID: b1e92c

Oh, ask if Lyskir wants any clothes.
No. 361426 ID: eea290

nice but it shows pretty much o.o
I'd have tried the combo >>359677

How about a belt with pokets and pouches?
Everyone uses backpacks.
No. 361752 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131983305065.png - (92.01KB , 500x400 , 160.png )

I don't know where to buy a cow. I guess I could ask Purev, or wait for Zorig to get back.

"Hey, how much for a pack?"

"You can have one for free, miss!"

"Uh... thanks!"

How much money did I give him?

Oh well.
No. 361753 ID: 3bd8ec
File 131983307322.png - (62.20KB , 500x400 , 161.png )

Since you guys don't seem to be sure about it, I guess I'll just wait around in here some more.

"So, um, Lyskir, what exactly are you trying on there?"

"I... um... I wanted to see what wearing a shirt felt like, but... it's way too big."

"I can see that. Do you want me to buy it for you?"

"Um... not really, no."

What is taking Zorig so long?
No. 361754 ID: 1854db

Let's go out and check!
No. 361755 ID: ec0bf5

Ask if they sell livestock anywhere, and then go out looking for him.
No. 361757 ID: 87f760

Awwr...maybe the clothes seller has a bit of scrap material for one so small she can make into a shirt to try and see if he likes it? However, asking about buying livestock is more important, so definitely do that.
No. 361765 ID: 476456

oh man go to the pet store and buy him a tiny little shirt
No. 361799 ID: d6ae01

You have two options here. You can either help Lyskir find something in his size, or you can shrink yourself down again and give him the outfit you are wearing.
No. 361972 ID: ce1bb5

How about we find him an outfit he would like and shrink that down?

Draw time?
No. 362102 ID: cd4c54

>Concern about magical beasts
>Bad at magic anyways
... if we do get something for Lyskir let's get something made normally.
No. 363409 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132033507061.png - (122.79KB , 500x400 , 162.png )

No magic! Even if the guards hadn't mentioned that the town is on the lookout for magical beasts, I'm pretty sure that trying to change the size of things would have a terrible (if comedic) outcome!

"Do you want me to ask if we can get something made that would actually fit you?"

"I, um... I'll stick with my hat."

Well then!

"Um, Purev, was it? I'm looking to buy a calf. Do you know where I could do that?"

"There's a marketplace on the other end of town where the local farmers come to peddle their things. I don't know if there'll be anyone selling livestock today, though. You might have to head out to a farm if that's the case, but I'm sure Zorig will be able to help you with that."

"Well, thanks for the tip, anyway."
No. 363410 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132033509746.png - (90.51KB , 500x400 , 163.png )

I guess I can at least poke around a little bit. As long as I don't get too far away from this store Zorig should be able to find me.


It looks like there's some sort of commotion down the street! I can't see exactly what's going on, but a bunch of people are formed up in a circle over there.
No. 363412 ID: 1b93ce

Is that guy naked? What's the point of having a clothes shop if half of you run around commando anyway.
No. 363413 ID: 35e1a0

that's a statue. notice the stone platform. anyway walk up calmly and ask what's up.
No. 363414 ID: a189a4

what stops you from running around naked then?
Some people just feel good about their bodies.
I would run around naked ... but i'm doing people a favour by not doing so.

A coloured statue ... well it COULD be a dude/dudette standing on a stone.

Looks like a poser trying to boast. Just keep your distance and listen,
We don't want to get involved in odd side quests and complicating a simple walk to the shop to get two calves mission.
No. 363415 ID: b6edd6

It has the same point as a hat shop when most people run around without head-wear.
No. 363417 ID: f78d49

No. 363540 ID: 67bd53

Adorable outfit! Might as well see what's up with the crowd. You may even make a new friendly friend! ^.V.^
No. 363639 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132044460766.png - (106.66KB , 500x400 , 164.png )

It's actually pretty weird for someone to be naked out on the street like that.

I head down the street to see what he's saying. Everyone watching looks kind of bored...

"The government is trying to control your mind! All this stuff about magical beasts trying to conquer the town from the inside out? Nonsense! It's just a farce, so that we let them double the size of the guard! Soon enough they'll confiscate all our weapons, and then where will we be?"

Okay, I guess this isn't really out of the ordinary after all.

Except... something about that guy's eyes bothers me...
No. 363640 ID: ec0bf5

Ask if he's a magical beast because of his weird glowy eyes.
No. 363641 ID: 1854db

Don't accuse him of being a magical beast unless he has a really shitty explanation for his eyes being that color. Or glowing. Are they glowing?
No. 363700 ID: db03a4

have Lyskir cast some sort of detect evil spell or something on him
No. 363701 ID: db03a4

.....or if casting is a bad idea, just loudly point out the fact he's naked
No. 363702 ID: c7b6c2

Try not to stare at his penis.
No. 363705 ID: 4bdd79

Tell him to put on some pants, then point out his strange looking eyes.
No. 363710 ID: 063c28

>Try not to stare at his penis.

You know you want to.
No. 363754 ID: 2c39e1

He just got Pink eye.
There is absolutely nothing suspicious about him.
No. 363762 ID: 9c8d4f

oh oh I know. just ask him why his eyes are pink.
No. 363765 ID: b12a32

Oh my. ^.V.^ Perhaps he's naked to gain more attention. Seems to be working!
No. 363768 ID: d6ae01

It's just an eye infection. Stop being so rude.
No. 363769 ID: 453e62

yell "well what if they are right and you are just paranoid?"
No. 363780 ID: b12a32

Tell him he makes a striking figure, like a lovely statue.
No. 363785 ID: f61b94

Disprove him by informing him you're here as an agent of a magical beast.

Then go somewhere else because for the love of infinity it's a crazy guy on the street nothing can possibly be plot relevant here move along now
No. 363792 ID: 5004a5

There's definitely some shenanigans going on, but it would be a bad idea to get involved. You're an outsider, you have a tiny wizardlizard and there's a dragon that's relying on you to provide it with some calves.

Maybe ask around a bit discreetly like: "Excuse me I'm not from around here. Who is that guy and does he doe this often?"

Then be on your way.
No. 363905 ID: b12a32

Poke him in the belly for adorable image. ^.V.^
No. 363973 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132061200618.png - (116.23KB , 500x400 , 165.png )

Um... I don't know if I really want to confront this guy while there are a bunch of people around. I'm kind of actually running an errand for a magical creature, and I don't think I'm a very good liar...

I could heckle him about not wearing any clothes though.

"Hey! Why are you naked in the middle of the street?"

"Clothes are just a construct of our corrupt society! Why don't you try freeing your mind for once?"

"And what's with your eyes?"

"I was born with these eyes!"

He goes back to ranting, and no one really seems to have paid me any mind. Actually, a couple of people seem to have left.
No. 363974 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132061203211.png - (131.65KB , 500x400 , 166.png )

I'm really not interested in what this guy is saying, so I start looking around the square.

It looks like it's mostly just residences around here. I really wonder why they bothered putting this square in if they weren't going to put any shops on it.


That guy just robbed that house blind!
No. 363988 ID: db03a4

No. 363990 ID: 4bdd79

No. 363994 ID: c71597

You can't let such criminal scum get away without any repercussions. After him!
No. 363996 ID: f61b94


So it was a diversion tactic the whole time.

Raise awareness of the theft! Point and shout or something! Preferably stand away from the source of the distraction in case he tries to stop you drawing attention to his cohort.
No. 364002 ID: 1854db

Are you sure that isn't his house?
No. 364004 ID: 0d7a83
File 132061657154.jpg - (68.90KB , 407x378 , scumsense.jpg )

No. 364095 ID: f71948

Forget this brave hard working thief.

We all know this sergal is used by a higher force to make the town lower the number of guards.

The eyes are a clear sign for this!
Tell the Guards that this person is dangerous and should be arrested and interrogated immediately!
No. 364142 ID: d6ae01

No. 364238 ID: b12a32

Tell your little lizard friend to summon smoke for awesome entrance on bad guy! He'll be terrified! Oh, and try not to steal Darkwing duck's lines.
No. 364268 ID: 990804

No. 364271 ID: b12a32

This is exciting! I can't wait to see that crooks face! Careful though, he may have buddy's to gang up on you. Might wanna call Zorig!
No. 364386 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132072313656.png - (133.22KB , 500x400 , 167.png )


"Stop right there, criminal-- I mean, hey! Stop! Thief!"
No. 364387 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132072323749.png - (131.17KB , 500x400 , 168.png )


Wow, that guy is fast.

Should I run after him, or try to find a guard, or what? I've only got a moment to think about this before he gets out of sight.
No. 364389 ID: d6ae01

Run and scream! Multitasking is fun!

Alternatively, run while sending your famili-- Lyskir for guards.
No. 364420 ID: 1854db

Get Lyskir to use loudvoice to get some help while you chase the guy down.
No. 364424 ID: 78b9fc

Ride Lyskir after him!
No. 364425 ID: b6edd6

Lets avoid using magic in public in the town that fears magic. We still need to buy stuff here.
No. 364484 ID: 9def57

OK WTF noone else notices the other shit going on?

What is this purple sergal doing? she looks like she's counting something ... and had really big eyes when you shouted thief.

Also Lyskir just pulled a bag out of his hat ...
No. 364489 ID: 9c8d4f

do nothin'.
No. 364490 ID: c71597

He's running, that means he's guilty! After him!
No. 364495 ID: ec0bf5

Run after him WHILE calling for guards!
Also Lyskir is a silly.
No. 364501 ID: b6edd6

That is a good point. Take a moment to check if you still have your monies with you.
No. 364563 ID: 4ac702

The purple guy might have thought you were pointing at him. Dont worry.

And I think Lyskir wants you to go smack the guy in the face with your new purse.
No. 364569 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132079760443.png - (57.91KB , 500x400 , 169.png )

"Hey! Thief! Someone get the guards!"

I chase after him! He's got a head start, but I think I can catch up to him!
No. 364570 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132079768412.png - (69.41KB , 500x400 , 170.png )


"Uh... heh... Lyskir... did you... see... where... he went?"

"He went around this corner for sure. I, um, I didn't see which way he went after that."

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea... I have no idea where I am now.
No. 364575 ID: 9def57

... get OUT OF THERE!

No. 364576 ID: db03a4

remind yourself to take up cardio the next time you have free time
No. 364586 ID: 9173b6

Be careful! I don't want you to get hurt. None of us do.
No. 364594 ID: e79d6a

Look up.
No. 364669 ID: 9173b6

I get the feeling this guy might know something. You should probably look up.
No. 364931 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132097372877.png - (73.47KB , 500x400 , 171.png )

I'd love to get out of here, but I have no idea how to get back to where I was before. That guy took a lot of turns.

"U-um... S-Saikhan..."
No. 364934 ID: 1854db

Someone's behind you. Identify then react.
No. 364946 ID: 78b9fc

No. 364965 ID: ec0bf5

Say hi!
No. 364966 ID: c7b6c2

You gon' get raped.jpg

Uh, yeah, better run some more. Or confront your would-be attacker.

Oh, jeez, maybe we're just paranoid.
No. 364970 ID: b6edd6

Well we do have one and a half wizards in our group, which he won't be expecting.
No. 364996 ID: 063c28

Quick, cast sparkle! I mean fireball!

Actually, you know what? Hug the mugger! Muggers never expect hugs.
No. 365039 ID: 9173b6

Yes! Ours is the hug that will Daaaaawwww the heavens! Besides, you look too tired to run you poor little thing. Might as well strike (and by that i mean hug) Pre-emptively.
No. 365903 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132140713570.png - (78.30KB , 500x400 , 172.png )

Y... you want me to hug this guy?


I don't think I'm going to do that. I think I'm just going to back away slowly...

"... oh."
No. 365905 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132140715540.png - (45.25KB , 500x400 , 173.png )

-- clunk --
No. 365906 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132140717132.png - (41.57KB , 500x400 , 174.png )

Ugh... What happened? Where am I?

My head is killing me. I feel like throwing up.
No. 365908 ID: 453e62

throw up then.
No. 365910 ID: c7b6c2

..."hugs": 2?
No. 365915 ID: 1854db

Saikhan where is the gold


Actually come to think of it you haven't been carrying it for a while. Did you leave it at the clothing shop?
No. 365981 ID: 9173b6

Nuuuuuu, Saikhan! >.V.< those jerks!
No. 365997 ID: 2eac65

Ooh, that's harsh. It seems this has become a rather unfriendly place. Note to self: Track down and harshly punish muggers.

First order of business: check yourself for injuries or other unpleasantries. Then, check your equipment. Then, the surrounding areas. With luck, the muggers will have left a scent trail wherever you are, and we can use it to track them down.
No. 366052 ID: 2a14a4

Where is Lyskir ... i hope they didn't eat him.

Atleast you don't have a reverse bear trap on your head ...
No. 366080 ID: 9173b6

Omigosh! Lyskir! Call out his name, we have to make sure he's safe! And we'll get those muggers. You'll see!
No. 366224 ID: cd4c54

Actually Lysker's been invisible before.. if he was caught and nearby we'll probably see him. If he were LOOSE and nearby though he might be invisible waiting for a chance to help us...
Just stay quiet for a bit, get your bearings and senses.
uh. Try not to throw up unless you actually need to?
No. 366241 ID: 9173b6

You're right, he has turned invisible before. He's probably getting reinforcements or waiting to cast some kind of cool situational spell.
No. 366367 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132159283332.png - (38.27KB , 500x400 , 175.png )

I don't actually want to throw up. I just feel nauseous. Don't think I've actually been injured, at least.

I'm pretty sure my pouch just got stolen. I definitely had it after I left the clothing shop.

"Lyskir? Are you in here?"

... Guess I'm alone, then.
No. 366368 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132159285774.png - (29.47KB , 500x400 , 176.png )

Urgh... I can barely see anything in here. I'm definitely in a room, but I have no idea where it is.

I've never been much of a tracker... Nothing in this place smells familiar at all.
No. 366369 ID: 453e62

now would be a good time to make a huge explosion, just blast the door off it's hinges.
No. 366370 ID: 1854db


There's a slightly more lit area in that corner, we could check that out.

Or you could stand right in front of the door and try to use magic again, hoping for a random effect that helps!

I guess you could just try opening it, too.
No. 366379 ID: cdb8cb

Great, just great. Now you are going to have to beat up a den of thieves, magic thieves at that, to get your coins back to buy a calf or two so that the dragon DOESN'T EAT YOU OH GOD
No. 366400 ID: b7169d

Are you alright aside from the nausea? We wouldn't want you hurt, despite our inanity.

However there are a lit doors we can see, check through it carefully.
No. 366402 ID: 9173b6

Those fiends! How DARE they attack a adorable little lady like you! Try and feel your way around. Watch where you step though, who knows what's on the ground.
No. 366438 ID: ec0bf5

Try the door. If that doesn't work, try the door forcefully. If that doesn't work, try the door destructively. If that doesn't work, try the door thermonuclearly. If that doesn't work, sit and mope in the corner.
No. 366447 ID: 2eac65

Are you sure you can't recognize any of the scents? Even something as basic as "another sergal" could be a hint, if nothing else in this place is familiar.

Either way, let's search the room thoroughly. Wait a bit for your eyes to adjust, listening for nearby noises, then start with the floor to make sure you don't trip on anything. Then take a look at the walls and ceiling.
No. 366523 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132174177338.png - (29.49KB , 500x400 , 177.png )

I'm not expecting much, but I'll go ahead and give the door a shot...

Yeah, it's locked.

I guess I'll try looking around for something else in here...
No. 366524 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132174190536.png - (96.10KB , 500x400 , 178.png )


What the hell?!
No. 366525 ID: d6ae01

Oh crap, it's a Tezakian. Try not to wet yourself; they see it as a sign of submission and/or corruption.

Pay him a compliment, then beg him not to shoot you.
No. 366526 ID: 1854db

Ask who that is and where you are.
No. 366527 ID: 453e62

"haha what? what's so funny?"
No. 366546 ID: cdb8cb

No. 366547 ID: 9173b6

Compliment him on his awesome Tezakian pants! This should make him less hostile!
No. 366549 ID: 83feea

No. 366550 ID: 9173b6

Nuuuuu! He might has magica!.......Maybe he can teach you?.......
No. 366913 ID: b6edd6

Ask if he is here to save you. He probably thinks you are one of the robbers right now.
No. 366985 ID: 1258c9

this and >>366547
No. 367008 ID: 180ec2

Demand to know where those glowing eyed thugs have taken you and why they're robbing houses and attempting to subvert the town's policy!
No. 367287 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132198554369.png - (137.57KB , 500x400 , 179.png )

Majicka? What?

"What? What's going on?"

"I knew you had to be in here somewhere! Those guys who mugged and kidnapped you were not subtle about it at all!"

"Who are you?"

"Ah, pardon me. I am the great Nilaka, and I am a hero!"

"... a hero?"

"The forces of this world have granted me with supernatural luck and magical powers, and in return I have pledged my life to heroic acts!"

I think this guy might be insane.
No. 367288 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132198557878.png - (169.53KB , 500x400 , 180.png )

"And I couldn't let such a beautiful girl as yourself be kidnapped!"

... did he just lick my hand?

"Well, alright, I suppose you did end up getting kidnapped, but now I'm here to rescue you!"

I'm... just going to pretend that didn't happen.

"Where is 'here,' anyway?"

"I believe it's a basement or dugout or some such. Anyway! No point in staying here any longer than we have to, right?"

I follow him into the hall.
No. 367289 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132198560191.png - (61.75KB , 500x400 , 181.png )

"No, wait!"

"You didn't take out those guys?"

"A great hero never plans things all the way through!"

... what.

I... guess this is up to me, then.
No. 367291 ID: 453e62

sneak up and slam the back of his head.
No. 367292 ID: 196d1b

Tell him to stand back, and duck. Then try to cast some sort of attack spell at him. Don't open your mouth, though, with your luck you might accidentally cast TALK SUPER LOUD AND LET HIM KNOW YOU'RE HERE! Your spells have a tendency to blow stuff up, which is perfect right now.
No. 367294 ID: 3d7a30

is anyone but me disturbed by the fact that his arm has disappeared into that bag up to the elbow?
No. 367299 ID: ea0b33

i am more disturbed by the fact he sparkling...
No. 367304 ID: 1854db

I think the bird really IS superpowered. Anyway just sneak up and give him a haymaker to the back of the head.
No. 367317 ID: 5ea5c3

go to he s right, hes both blinded and partially deaf...I don't now shit about sergal,how good is their earing?
No. 367337 ID: 299408

It's obviously a bag of holding.
No. 367376 ID: b326f3

Is it too late to complement Nilaka on his awesome purple pants? Because I think you should.
No. 367413 ID: d6ae01

Dude's about as subtle as a bag of rocks in a dryer. His job is to run past the mugger while screaming. Your job is to wait until he gets out of earshot, then grab your stuff and get away before either of them come back.
No. 367425 ID: 4bdd79

Throw the bird at the sergal.
No. 367426 ID: 784dcc

Well one can't kiss a hand with a beak, so he licked it. Be flattered.
No. 367453 ID: db03a4

shoot him in the butt with a magic bolt
No. 367574 ID: 2eac65

How many others are there? Last we checked, there were at least two, possibly three if the thief you were chasing was in cahoots with them. Better ask about the rest of the gang before you do anything reckless.

Hang back for a bit and watch what he's doing. If he's just sitting there looking through your stuff, and the others aren't too close by, you might as well sneak up and knock him out.
No. 367613 ID: 83eff1

Woot! New party member get! Ask if Nilika has a spell that can make noise at a faraway location to distract this guy and get your stuff while he's gone.
No. 367614 ID: 83eff1

Also, he liiiiikes you. ^.V.^ (heck, don't we all? You adorable little lady you)
No. 367639 ID: d7f2e6

Sneak attack! Get him while he is distracted, then grab your stuff.
No. 367650 ID: cdb8cb


Yes, flip that sergal the bird.
No. 367834 ID: 063c28

Send the bird sprinting out as a distraction like the glowing attention magnet he is, then grab your stuff and either give chase and doubleteam the sergal or quietly sneak out another way.
No. 368415 ID: 372336


Go into sneak, get your bow and put an arrow in his back, for a 3x sneak bonus

Ok, I suppose this isn't Skyrim...

um... what is in the room, if you can sneak past him to pick up a hard object, you could thwack him one and sneak past the others (ask the bird how he did this).
No. 369333 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132285322592.png - (103.83KB , 500x400 , 182.png )

"How the heck did you even manage to sneak back here?"

"I'm... not entirely sure! I think the guard may have believed that I was too implausible to actually exist!"

"... Whatever. Look, can you cause a distraction or something?"


... wow.
No. 369334 ID: 3bd8ec
File 132285325792.png - (53.89KB , 500x400 , 183.png )

Well, they've run off into the next room. Lot of shouting going on.

I'll just go ahead and take this back, I think.
No. 369335 ID: 1854db

Sneak out!
No. 369336 ID: 3d7a30

you must help yon insane bird in his fight with the sergal bandit
No. 369339 ID: d6ae01

That bird will escape improbably, but ONLY if you leave him out of your sight. Make your escape, he'll be right behind you!

...Which way is the exit, again?
No. 369345 ID: 453e62

help him fight! it's two against one and this time you are the side with two!
No. 369349 ID: 2eac65

How good are you at fighting? If you think you can take on a guard on your own. go and look for an exit. If not, help your rescuer with his bandit; then, you can team up on any others that come.
No. 371831 ID: 372336


Well the bird is now obviously real in the eyes of the guard(s), so his way of getting in won't be your way of getting out (not that it was in the first place). You've caused a loud commotion so stealth is out of the option. If you are good at fighting, fight your way out. If you are not good at fighting, then now is the time to use your lack of magical control to make something interesting happen (well, in the hope that it will give you a chance of getting out, at least).
No. 372305 ID: 0e2986

Get in there and help! Get a big heavy object you can knock the dude out with (NOT the Tezakian!) and be on your way! We must escape so we can go questing and have fun. ^.V.^
No. 381157 ID: 14cc84

See if there are any more heavy (and potentially valuable) objects to put in your bag, then use it to knock out the guard. If Nilaka hasn't already done so, that is.
No. 386129 ID: 97bd86
File 132910334839.png - (144.26KB , 500x400 , 184.png )

I don't know if I'm any good at fighting...

... then again, it looks like I might not need to be.
No. 386130 ID: 97bd86
File 132910337985.png - (91.47KB , 500x400 , 185.png )


"Oh... um... he... might have set me off a little bit with a comment about my heritage. My mother was not a pigeon, thank you very much!"

Nilaka kicks the sergal in the face.

"So... how many more people are in here?"

"I counted at least six on my way in. Seems to be a bit of an infestation, really."

Odd... it doesn't seem like anyone is coming. Surely they heard all that?
No. 386132 ID: ec0bf5

Check him for weapons and ask Nilaka if he's seen your lizard wizard.
No. 386133 ID: b6edd6

Look behind you in case they are just sneaky about it. Then loot the box.
No. 386134 ID: 1854db

I'd say you'd be very LUCKY if they didn't hear. So that's probably the case.

Look in the chest, yeah. Quietly.
No. 386135 ID: 9c7c3b

So you can't fight and the other guy got KO'd by a birdy kick to the face? Are you people made of glass or something?

Commence the search for your magical enabler.
No. 386136 ID: d6ae01

Check that bounteous mimic over in the edge of the frame.
No. 386150 ID: b7169d

It's likely that either

A: Something else happened down below
B: They aren't there
C: Waiting on you
No. 386173 ID: 369d34

Get Nalaka to shut up, and listen intently for anything odd. It's very strange that you haven't already been dog-piled after that kerfuffle.

What kind of sergal gets taken down by an overblown canary? This guy old or sick or something?
No. 386296 ID: ec0bf5

The guy DID claim he had supernaturally good luck and powers. You should probably warn him that you have supernaturally BAD luck so he knows to be careful.
No. 386333 ID: 1b0f2f


Hugs: 12
No. 386520 ID: 97bd86
File 132919762253.png - (97.52KB , 500x400 , 186.png )

The chest seems to be full of... clothes? Really bland ones, too.

I don't think this guy is knocked out, but he sure looks like he doesn't want to try fighting Nilaka again.

"Hmm... where'd the rest of you cowards run off to? I know you "gang" types tend to be more bark than bite, but surely you're capable of a bit more than this!"

The sergal on the floor grunts, then spits out a very hostile "don't know."

"Well, we can't just walk off and leave you here unattended. Saikhan, is there anything in that chest that I could bind this rogue with?"
No. 386521 ID: 97bd86
File 132919764518.png - (115.65KB , 500x400 , 187.png )

We tie him up (he doesn't really offer much resistance) and go off into the next room. How big is this place, anyway?

"Hey, Nilaka, be real quiet for a second."

It's a little hard to hear, but someone is shouting somewhere up above. I wonder what's going on...
No. 386523 ID: 1854db

No. 386525 ID: ec0bf5

Take a peek upstairs, maybe Lyskir is magic fighting everyone to death up there! Come to think of it, where did your salazzafriend go?
No. 386549 ID: 369d34

Do the stairs head up to a landing or some other space where you could stand and not be spotted right away? If so, head up so you can hear better.

Yes, Nilaka should know about your bad luck curse. His good luck could react with your bad luck and have strange outcomes.
No. 386667 ID: b6edd6

Hey, Listen!
No. 387213 ID: 97bd86
File 132945001154.png - (93.44KB , 500x400 , 188.png )

I poke my head up the stairs. Doesn't look like there's anyone in here.

There's definitely something going on outside. It sounds like someone is... giving orders? I wonder what's going on.

... Come to think of it, where is Eryhkeh? Or Lyskir? I hope they're okay...

"This doesn't look good."

"What doesn't?"
No. 387215 ID: 97bd86
File 132945003711.png - (123.29KB , 500x400 , 189.png )

"See for yourself."

What on earth is going on out there?
No. 387216 ID: ec0bf5

Well, that one blue guy sure sees you. Wave hi. If you're going to go outside to examine what's going on you should grab a weapon that you know how to use, because it sounds like there's something more dangerous out there than prisoners escaping. That or you've just found one of your friends.
No. 387223 ID: 369d34

Maybe ask Nilaka what's going on, 'cause you don't have any idea. Are those the bandits out there? Are they taking cover behind that overturned banana cart?

If you grab a weapon, grab the ax. You don't know how to use it in a fight, but it can be used for other things, like chopping wood, and doors. Or knocking fools in the head with the flat side.

Is that a children's book of ABC's on the floor? Was one of the bandits trying to learn to read? Or maybe he used it to take notes. Take a peek in it.
No. 387231 ID: ec0bf5

You should probably stay away from those weapons. Nilaka's headfeathers are nowhere near poofy enough.
No. 387584 ID: 97bd86
File 132962073655.png - (96.17KB , 500x400 , 190.png )

The guard is looking this way, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually see me. I don't think those are bandits, either.

"Do you have any idea what's going on?"

"Not even an inkling, I'm afraid. Shall we head on out?"

I'm not going to figure this out if I just stay in here.

No. 387585 ID: 97bd86
File 132962075494.png - (112.33KB , 500x400 , 191.png )

I don't know what to make of the book; it looks pretty normal to me. I grab the axe and we head out into the street.

The guard seems to have noticed us now. I should probably---


What the heck was that? I can't see where that came from.

"You there! Get down! Hurry!"
No. 387586 ID: 1b0f2f

Look up!!!
No. 387588 ID: ec0bf5

Be a little cautious, and perhaps get ready to duck, but don't just hit the ground. If you actually get attacked you can blow yourself up again try magic again. This seems too suspicious to be taken at face value. Keep going out and look for what it is. Maybe ask the guard what it is too.
No. 387594 ID: 369d34

Getting down behind the cart and asking the guard and those other folks what's going on would be prudent. Maybe ask if they've seen a little slissa wearing a tiny wizard's hat who goes by the name Lyskir.
No. 387628 ID: 1854db

Get with the guard.
No. 388028 ID: 97bd86
File 132979091303.png - (160.94KB , 500x400 , 192.png )

Nilaka and me get down behind the cart with the others.

"What's all this then? Why are we cowering behind this cart?"

... I was gonna ask...

"There's... some kind of big monster rampaging through the middle of the town."

"A monster?"

"Yeah, this big red thing. We're trying to keep order by just telling everyone to stay down and not panic. It doesn't seem too aggressive right now but we don't want to risk anything."

... a big red thing? Hmm...
No. 388029 ID: ec0bf5

Ah, we were looking for her. Just say "Oh. Thanks." and walk off as disinterested and unconcerned as you possibly can look towards the center of town. In the event that this ISN'T Eryhkeh we're gonna feel silly but that's probably not the case. Let's just hope she doesn't get arrested.
No. 388034 ID: 9c7c3b

Saikhan no it's not going to be Rynh's mom why are you even thinking that these are entirely different universes agh
No. 388044 ID: 369d34

If it was a big red dragon, we're pretty sure he would have said "big red dragon." Could be Eryhkeh using some size changing magic, though if she'd do such a thing we don't know. Guess you'll just have to look for yourself.
No. 388059 ID: 1854db

I think we found our irritable red friend.

Let's go have a chat.
No. 388065 ID: b6edd6

Ask how it is 'rampaging' while not seeming too aggressive.
No. 388135 ID: 372336


This. Also, vault over the cart wielding your axe and yelling, only to be abruptly silenced by the realisation that the thing doing the non-aggressive rampaging is in fact your magical red spidery friend.
No. 388523 ID: 97bd86
File 133002246023.png - (164.50KB , 500x400 , 193.png )

"Hang on. It's 'rampaging,' but it 'doesn't seem too aggressive?'"

"That's what you call it when a really big monster thing is walking around, right? Rampaging?"

"... Uh huh."

I guess it could be Eryhkeh. Although I have no idea why she'd be, uh, 'rampaging' through the middle of town. It has been a while since I've seen her, anyway.
No. 388524 ID: 97bd86
File 133002249473.png - (167.08KB , 500x400 , 194.png )

"I think I'm going to have a chat with this 'monster.'"

"W-what? But it's a monster! You can't reason with monsters! They're... well, monsters!"

"I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing."

"That's the spirit! A true hero never backs down from danger, and never believes things to be as they seem! Let's not waste any more time, Saikhan!"

The guard is about to say something, but just shakes his head instead.
No. 388525 ID: 97bd86
File 133002252038.png - (132.52KB , 500x400 , 195.png )

"So, um, do you know where the center of town actually is?"

"I was under the impression that you knew where we were going! I've never actually been to this town before today."


I can't exactly ask around for direc--


"Hey, there you are! What happened to you?

Hey, it's Lyskir! And... that guy!
No. 388527 ID: 1854db

Tell them all about your horrible experiences at the hands of those awful men.

Oh right also tell that guard back there about the robbers, they should be thrown in jail and stuff.
No. 388541 ID: 18cf1d

Maybe they know what's going on!
No. 388545 ID: a7bb0f

Greet that guy.
No. 388553 ID: ec0bf5

Go say hi and reunite with party member, and I guess other nice guy. Tell them what happened and where you're going.
No. 388573 ID: 369d34

Remember that the guard's name is Zorig.

Introduce Zorig and Lyskir to Nilaka, the hero who saved you from your kidnappers. Zorig should be told where their hideout is, and that there's a member of the gang tied up there. Maybe ask Zorig if he'd be willing to take you to the center of town to see what's this monster that's making a big fuss.
No. 388803 ID: 97bd86
File 133019266067.png - (139.60KB , 500x400 , 196.png )

Zorig. Right.

"Hi guys!"

Lyskir jumps off Zorig's head and onto mine. Oof.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I got mugged and captured, but I got out."

"You got mugged? I thought we drove out the last gang."

"Doesn't seem that way."

"Guess we've got our work cut out for us. So who's your bird friend?"

"I am the great Nilaka, and I am a hero! The forces of this world have granted me with supernatural luck and magical powers, and in return I have pledged my life to heroic acts!"

"Is that so."
No. 388804 ID: 97bd86
File 133019268442.png - (138.43KB , 500x400 , 197.png )

"He helped me escape from the guys who captured me. I think he might actually be telling the truth."

"Huh. Well, anyway, Nilaka, I'm Zorig, and the lizard here is, um. L-something."


"That one."

"So, um. We're looking for the center of town. I think I might know what's up with the monster, but I don't know where the center of town actually is."

"I'll take you right over--- wait, did you say 'monster?'"

"Yeah? Isn't that why everyone is hiding and stuff? There's, like, nobody out on the street."

Zorig looks around.

"... you'd think I would have noticed that by now. Today's not been my day... Anyway, I guess I'll help you get to the town square, and you guys can bring me up to speed on this whole 'monster' thing on the way."
No. 388809 ID: ec0bf5

On your way over there, ask Nilaka how he got this "supernatural luck".
No. 388810 ID: 1854db

Explain that there's reports of some large red thing walking around, and everyone's in a panic even though the red thing isn't aggressive.
No. 388836 ID: 18cf1d

Do this and also completely fail to explain the monster thing as a result.
No. 388876 ID: 369d34

It's a big enough deal that people are flipping over produce carts to hide behind, even when whatever it is they're hiding from isn't anywhere near. Which is strange, 'cause it's hard to completely flip over a loaded produce cart, and it smashes the produce to boot. There's going to be quite a few angry greengrocers when this is over with.
Anyway, all we know is this "monster" is big, red, not particularly aggressive, and yet it's "rampaging." That's why we're going to have a look ourselves.

Lyskir rinding around on your head is cute and all, but it can't be doing your neck any favors. Make a mental note to maybe get a large backpack that he can climb into if he wants to rest, or if things get hectic.
No. 389418 ID: 97bd86
File 133045062661.png - (143.57KB , 500x400 , 198.png )

My neck is fine. Lyskir doesn't weigh all that much, really.

"From what the other guard told me, there's some kind of giant red monster thing that's just sort of hanging out in the center of town."

"'Hanging out?'"

"The guard said it was 'rampaging' but also wasn't aggressive. I dunno either."

"... Right."

There's a long, awkward pause, in which apparently none of us can think of anything to say. Instead we just walk.
No. 389419 ID: 97bd86
File 133045065144.png - (115.91KB , 500x400 , 199.png )

That's a good question!

"Hey, Nilaka."


"How did youuuuuuuuuuuu--"



that is

"Oh shit."

that is the biggest one of those red things i've ever seen

"oh my gosh"

i really hope that's just eryhkeh up to something
No. 389420 ID: ed57e8

nose pat.
No. 389421 ID: 1854db

Ask your invincible yellow friend to wake them up for you.
No. 389422 ID: ec0bf5

It sure has the same head protrusions as Eryhkeh. It's probably her doing something silly. Try waking her up.
No. 389423 ID: ebf73d

Wake up via HUGS.
No. 389427 ID: 88579a

Ooh! Seconding nose pat. The most companionable nose pat imaginable. If ineffective, then hugs.
No. 389492 ID: 369d34

Ask Lyskir if he knows if Eryhkeh can magically alter her size to this degree. Then try to wake it by yelling Eryhkeh's name, from a safe distance. You really don't want to be next to a critter that could accidentally squish you by shifting in its sleep.
No. 389559 ID: 97bd86
File 133053839894.png - (85.44KB , 500x400 , 200.png )

You're right. I should definitely have Nilaka do this.

"Hey, Nilaka, uh, a true hero would, um, take on such a beast by, um... look, could you try to wake it up or something?"

"Certainly! I'm absolutely fascinated by this creature!"

"So, um, are we gonna run away or something?"

"Not yet, anyway."

"Awake, fell beast!"
No. 389560 ID: 97bd86
File 133053847502.png - (97.81KB , 500x400 , 201.png )

"Bird, did you just call me 'fell?'"

"Well, I--"

"What kinda person calls anything 'fell' anymore? You're weird."
No. 389562 ID: 97bd86
File 133053867548.png - (95.15KB , 500x400 , 202.png )

I can trust Eryhkeh, right?

"So, like. You came right up to me and deliberately woke me up. Either you're completely retarded, or else you're the ballsiest bird I've ever met. I can respect that. You get a pass."

Do I actually trust Eryhkeh? I don't remember!

"I, ahem, that is, I am the great Nilaka, and I am a hero! The forces of this world have granted me with supernatural luck and magical powers, and in return I have pledged my life to heroic acts!"

Didn't she make jokes about me dying earlier?

"That's adorable. Are you here to slay me or something? Am I already a target after, like, two hours?"

Nilaka why are you pointing right at us

"Slay you? Hardly! My friend here wanted to talk to you!"
No. 389563 ID: 97bd86
File 133053872723.png - (68.83KB , 500x400 , 203.png )

"Um, Lyskir, has Eryhkeh ever done anything like this before?

"... no..."

"Your friend, huh."

"Saikhan, your bird friend is an idiot."
No. 389565 ID: ed57e8

doesn't actually want to eat you. just explain the situation
No. 389566 ID: 97bd86
File 133053900707.png - (93.31KB , 500x400 , 204.png )

"Oh, great. More sergals. Gimme one good reason why I shouldn't, like, eat you, or, I dunno, something."


what do I tell her
No. 389567 ID: f2848c

"HELLO I HAVE MISTAKEN YOU FOR SOMEONE ELSE SORRY ABOUT THAT. SO HEY WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE?" If this fails, grovel and avoid wetting self. You just got those clothes.
No. 389568 ID: 1854db

Hmm. This could be Eryhkeh, pretending not to know you. Or it could be someone completely different. Maybe you should say that they reminded you of someone who was much smaller.

Or you could say that you're here on an errand from a MIGHTY DRAGON and if they eat you they'll regret it.

Or you could say you just want to talk, and you don't know what they mean about being a target. Were other sergals bothering them?
No. 389569 ID: ec0bf5

Apologize and say that they look exactly like a friend of yours who you were looking for. Ask if they are related to Eryhkeh, because those head things are usually pretty distinguishing.
No. 389575 ID: d2067b

Say that they gave the entire town upset and that they need to stop being so huge in town. You thought that they were ok to wake up because they looked like your friend had made herself huge.
No. 389581 ID: c6ec33

Comment on how your friend Eryhkeh is missing and you accidentally mistook her for Eryhkeh because she's the same species and totes an awesome sorceress and would probably do stuff like become huge just for fun. And you WOULD say that they look almost exactly the same except in a non-racist way and except for the fact that this one is pretty large and Eryhkeh was like puppy-sized in comparison.

Apologize for the mistake and ask if by any coincidence they HAVE seen Eryhkeh wandering around?
No. 389582 ID: b7169d

Ask why she's sleeping in the middle in town.
No. 389585 ID: 3ed2dd

Everyone seems to be scared about a giant creature being in the middle of town even though nobody knows why you are here, so I thought It would be best to try talking to you to see what's up instead of making assumptions.
No. 389645 ID: 369d34

"Um...because...uh...er... Because I'd taste terrible! I'm all fur and sinew and wiry muscle! And..." Grab Lyskir and hug him to your chest. "And I promised I'd protect Lyskir in his travels! Please don't take such an adorable slissa's guardian away! ...Pretty please?" Make the most pleadingly pathetic expression you can think of.
No. 389752 ID: 97bd86
File 133064440603.png - (133.49KB , 500x400 , 205.png )




"You obviously want to say something, so spit it out already."

"I um sorry for bothering you I just um you look a lot like someone I know um except bigger and um they are in this town somewhere I think and um I figured you might be them because um they would be the type to suddenly make themselves huge for fun but um I guess you aren't them so um um um"

"I'm going to pretend I understood any of that. Anyway. Your explanation has been found unsatisfactory. Or something."

oh no

No. 389754 ID: 97bd86
File 133064444149.png - (92.33KB , 500x400 , 206.png )

"So, I... I--pfffhhh. Hahahahahahaha."


"I can't even get all the way through this. Seriously, you should see the look on your face right now. Ahahahaha."


"Oh, come on, you dumb sergal. It's me! I wasn't even trying to pretend I was someone else! You're no better than Lyskir, I swear."

"Oh. Um. Haha."

"So, uh, this town is not exactly fun to terrorize. Everyone just ran and hid. Unless you've got something you really need to get done, I have a bet to go win."

Uh... I feel like I missed the part where she explained what was going on.

And I think there's something I still need to do...
No. 389755 ID: ec0bf5

Wait, a bet? Ask her about that.
No. 389756 ID: 4d899a

Something you still need to do? Probably clean up your urine. She really got you.

Tell her to get small again so the people stop being too scared to go outside.
No. 389757 ID: 1854db

Yeah let's go get the dragon's food. And tell your red acquaintance that she's not very nice.
No. 389785 ID: 18cf1d

Tell her she's a big meanie.
No. 389787 ID: 18cf1d

Also ask her why she's huge. Seriously need an explanation on that.
No. 389816 ID: 369d34

Ask if terrorizing towns is something Eryhkeh just does for fun, or is this just for a bet? Also, she's a big huge meanie-head, and should go jump in a lake.

How did Lyskir not know Eryhkeh could do this? ...Did he lie?
No. 392260 ID: d6ae01
File 133159119108.png - (62.41KB , 500x400 , 207.png )

"You're mean."

"So what if I am? It's not like I'm hurting people."

"Well... uh..."

I don't actually have a good response to that.

"Anyway, um, why the heck are you huge?"

"Well. While you were off doing whatever it is you were doing, I decided I'd snoop around a bit. Just to kind of see what was up. So, I followed this shady-looking guy who was robbing people's houses."

"I think I met that guy."

"There was someone robbing houses? Damn it all."

"Yeah, for the number of guards in this town, you're pretty awful at your jobs. Anyway, I tailed the guy for a while and eventually followed him to where he was hiding out. Mostly he'd just stolen random junk. I think he might have a disorder or something. But I did find something pretty cool in there. I don't know where he found it, but he had some kinda reservoir for magical energy in there. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what it was."

"A... reservoir?"
No. 392261 ID: d6ae01
File 133159122421.png - (125.55KB , 500x400 , 208.png )

"It looked like a big rock with a bunch of weird designs carved into it. I recognized it right away, and I figured it'd probably be better if something like that wasn't sitting around in a crazy guy's house. So I dragged it out of there. But the thing was, it was a really heavy rock, so I just decided to go ahead and pull all the energy out myself, since I know the incantations."

"And that made you enormous?"
No. 392262 ID: d6ae01
File 133159125186.png - (113.73KB , 500x400 , 209.png )

"Pretty much! I wasn't exactly expecting it to happen, but I'm totally okay with this. Being small enough to sneak around a town like this has its advantages but this is way more fun. Anyway, after that, I freaked out the locals a bit, but they're all scaredy cats so after a while I just took a nap. And then you guys woke me up."

Well, I ... guess that all makes sense.

"Wait, what was that about a bet?"

"You'll see, don't worry."
No. 392263 ID: d6ae01
File 133159127391.png - (63.96KB , 500x400 , 210.png )

Oh, right!

"Uh, I think I was supposed to get a calf or something."



"I think I scared off the guy in the market who was selling those probably two or three hours ago. He's probably skipped town by now."

... Welp.
No. 392264 ID: ec0bf5

Oops indeed. Ask Zorig if he knows where the farmer or whoever sells the calves lives. Then I guess we can ride the salazza all the way there. Letting us ride is the least she can do for terrorizing the city and scaring off the person we're supposed to meet.
No. 392270 ID: 1854db

Well we have to get one. Ask our guard friend if he knows where we can find the nearest cattle ranch or whatever. Also tell him to quit being a wimp and come out of hiding.
No. 392313 ID: 369d34

We should probably get that magic reservoir, even if it is drained. Don't know if Zorig would be cool with us taking it, though; It is technically stolen goods. Maybe Zorig will look the other way as thanks for finding that kleptomaniac. Even if he doesn't, having it locked up in the guard barracks would be a safer place for it.

...Uh, there's no danger of Eryhkeh losing control of that power and exploding, right? 'Cause if there is, maybe she should put some of it back in the reservoir. Enough to get down to horse-sized from house-sized.
No. 393278 ID: 55c4cf

+hug and grind
No. 393310 ID: fc8f8f

Find a farm outside the town and go cattle rustlin'
No. 393448 ID: d6ae01
File 133195340840.png - (102.47KB , 500x400 , 211.png )

I guess I'm just going to have to deal with Eryhkeh being like this.

"Should we be worried about that magic reservoir?"

"Nah, it's just a worn rock now. All the runes and stuff went away when I broke the seals."


"Hey, Zorig. Come on out here."

He climbs out from behind the bush with Lyskir on his head and eyes Eryhkeh nervously.

"So we're trusting the giant red monster thing now?"

"I can hear you just fine."

No. 393449 ID: d6ae01
File 133195343796.png - (90.02KB , 500x400 , 212.png )

"Anyway, uh, do you know where I can find a calf? It's kind of important that I get one but Eryhkeh here chased off everyone in the market."

"Well... you could probably get one from a farmer in this area. Most people around here do that for a living, so I'm sure someone has cattle."

"I guess we'll head off and take care of that, then."

"You're leaving already?"

"I have other stuff to do today. I'll be back soon, though, I'm pretty sure. But unless you want to help me run errands I think you should probably be guarding the city?"

"The city will be fine. I want to do something interesting for once."

I guess he's coming too, then. Why are so many people interested in me running errands?
No. 393450 ID: d6ae01
File 133195346612.png - (104.55KB , 500x400 , 213.png )

"Okay, look. I really don't think too many people are going to be interested in talking to me right now. If you let me do my thing, I can get you a calf, but if you're gonna do it your way I probably shouldn't be involved."

Maybe riding on her back out to the farms wasn't the best idea. Everyone is nowhere to be seen.

I guess we'll have to leave her over here... Although I'm not sure if that's more or less risky than whatever"her thing" is.
No. 393459 ID: 1854db

Have her stay a good distance away from the farm. Then go knock on the door and say you wanna buy a calf.
No. 393461 ID: ec0bf5

Just tell her to stop terrorizing people or you can't hang out with her. Get down and knock on the door.
No. 393464 ID: 369d34

Ask Eryhkeh if she could go lay down behind some trees or something. Nothing personal, but this poor farmer is not going to come out if she's in sight.

...What's up with Lyskir? Is he excited, or just holding on for dear life?
No. 393466 ID: ed57e8

look close at those 'cows'
No. 393474 ID: b6edd6

Well if nothing else you could always take a cow and push a bunch of gold under the door. It is still probably better to ask first.
No. 393828 ID: 9f34df

Awwwww! Lyskir's enjoying himself. And I agree with the hiding erykeh (is that prounounced right?) behind some trees option.
No. 393967 ID: 97bd86
File 133212375791.png - (88.90KB , 500x400 , 214.png )

"Put me down and go ... hide behind something. I think I got this."

"You're no fun."

... I guess that counts as hidden.
No. 393968 ID: 97bd86
File 133212380345.png - (44.41KB , 500x400 , 215.png )

I knock on the door.

"Is it gone?"

"Yeah, it went over... somewhere else. Look, I'm in a hurry - do you have a calf you can sell me?"


Okay I'm just getting this done already. I pull out a handful of coins and shove them at him.


"I don't even care if this is the right price at this point. Good enough?"

"S... sure..."

There. This has taken way too long. Am I forgetting anything else or can I go give a cow to the green guy already?
No. 393969 ID: f2c010

Just get the damn plot coupon to the exposition dragon!

I mean, uh, get the calf to the dragon.
No. 393970 ID: ec0bf5

Ask Eryhkeh if she needs to do something about that bet she mentioned, because if not, we're going to get ourselves uncursed. Bring that oddly slissa looking cow over to Rodozi.
No. 394016 ID: 369d34

If the farmer is still watching, take the calf over to Eryhkeh and have her pick you both up and walk off. That'll freak him out. Then get directly to Rodozi. No sidetracking. No sightseeing. This trial already feels like its taken ages.
No. 394034 ID: 1854db

We could easily get two.
No. 394047 ID: 369d34

Oh, right, Rodozi did say "maybe two." Well, you almost certainly overpaid for the calf by a wide margin, so the farmer shouldn't mind if Eryhkeh steps over the fence and takes another one. Let her have a little bit of fun.
No. 394125 ID: 3356a7

Wait, we hadn't any hugs since some time, am I right?

Saikhan hug farmer,
Nilaka hug Zorig hug Lyskir
and Eryhkeh stop hugging the tree and hug another calf...
No. 394129 ID: 1854db

uh we should probably pay a little more for the extra calf I mean we have plenty of gold anyway
No. 394257 ID: ce15d1

He made like a tree and leafed.
No. 394320 ID: 9f34df

Onwards! To rodezi!!!
No. 394321 ID: 9f34df

Rodozi, sorry.
No. 395137 ID: 97bd86
File 133248157735.png - (110.97KB , 500x400 , 216.png )

As soon as I turn around, the farmer slams the door shut and locks it. I guess he's not even going to watch to see if I actually take a calf or not.

I walk back over to where the others are.

"I don't suppose you could carry a couple of those for me?"

"Whatever." She stomps off toward the farm.

"What do you need calves for, anyway?"

"I have to give them to some dragon-looking thing so he'll get rid of a curse that makes it impossible for me to do magic."

"There's a dragon around here?"

"... yeah?" I guess I never really explained what was going on to Zorig. (Or Nilaka, but I get the feeling he's not particularly concerned.)

He looks puzzled for a moment, then shrugs. "Whatever. We're supposed to be on the lookout for magical creatures, but it hasn't bothered us so I'm just going to pretend I never heard anything."

"Here's your stupid cows. Let's go."

Wasn't this mostly about me hugging people at one point?
No. 395138 ID: 97bd86
File 133248161534.png - (97.11KB , 500x400 , 217.png )

It doesn't take nearly as long to get over here with Eryhkeh carrying everybody.

... I guess it also helps that we aren't kind of searching randomly.

"So this is where the dragon lives? We thought this place was abandoned."

"It's a mess inside. He might have just moved in."


"... maybe he'll be willing to teach me now..."

"Okay, so. I'm gonna hang out here again. Once you get done with whatever it is you're doing in there, tell him I want to see him outside. I really don't think I could get through that door if I wanted to."

"Uhh... okay?"
No. 395139 ID: 97bd86
File 133248167412.png - (178.07KB , 500x400 , 218.png )

I head on in, and everyone except Eryhkeh follows me. Not really sure what Zorig or Nilaka are expecting.

"WHO DARES-- oh, it's you."

I see this guy is pretty much the same as ever.

"Wait, it's you! What the heck took you so long? It's been, like, hours! I can see the town you went to from the front door! Do you have any excuse, at all?!"

No. 395140 ID: ed57e8

"my bad luck curse kicked in again and i was mugged."
No. 395141 ID: 1854db

Yeah, you got mugged. Mention that that glowing gold bird saved you though.

Oh and introduce your guard friend.

...the dragon's gonna be all intimidating again isn't he.
No. 395143 ID: 1854db

Oh and also Eryhkeh found some hunk of magic that turned her huge which scared all the merchants that were selling calves so we had to go find one outside the city.
No. 395144 ID: 12c19f

Cattle snake?
No. 395145 ID: b6edd6

You were delayed by the curse of bad luck that your deal was about in the first place.
No. 395168 ID: 369d34

Short version: "My bad luck curse kicked in."
Long version: You were mugged, knocked out, and kidnapped, then rescued by Nilaka (point at Nilaka,) all while Eryhkeh found and sucked up the magic from some mystic rock, became gigantic, stomped around town for a bit, and scared off everybody, including the merchants, so we all had walk out to a ranch to buy these calves before coming back here. (Take a deep breath after that long run-on sentance.)

Hug Nilaka in the hope that you two's luck temporarily cancels each other out and you can take a short rest before everything goes nuts again. This has been a one crazy long day, and a nap would be great right about now.

Oh, and tell Rodozi that Eryhkeh is outside and wants to speak to him.
No. 395181 ID: 9f34df

Engage hug protocols!
No. 395215 ID: a83682

No. 395242 ID: 734c82

Tell him you're lucky that the town didn't quite get burned to the ground with all the stuff that's happened. Ask if there's anything else that needs to be done before you can be uncursed. Give him back the rest of his money, also.
No. 396087 ID: d6ae01
File 133273879328.png - (175.93KB , 500x400 , 219.png )

"When I went into town, I got mugged. And kidnapped. And just when I thought I had that all cleared up, Eryhkeh went and turned into some giant monster thing and scared everyone off. I don't think having me do stuff while cursed is a good idea."

"Grrr. Whatever. I guess--"
No. 396088 ID: d6ae01
File 133273882504.png - (176.89KB , 500x400 , 220.png )

"Wait. Did you say 'Eryhkeh?'"

"Yeah, she's waiting outside. She mentioned something about a bet?"

He stomps off without saying anything else.
No. 396089 ID: d6ae01
File 133273884471.png - (78.76KB , 500x400 , 221.png )


It sounds like they're shouting at each other outside. Should I go see what's going on, or would that be a bad idea...?
No. 396092 ID: d6ae01

What? This isn't even a choice. Hug one of those snake-Dilias and get the hell out there!
No. 396093 ID: ed57e8

No. 396103 ID: 12c19f

Cattlesnake I say!
No. 396107 ID: affb00

More like cattledragon.

Oh god and he wanted a calf
No. 396110 ID: 12c19f


The pun is still there.

Also who cares we got him three full grown moolizards.
No. 396115 ID: affb00


Pun? What pun oh dammit
No. 396131 ID: 369d34

Go see what's going on, and bring everyone else, including the cow-lizard Lyskir is so enamored with, but stick just inside the doorway. Their argument might end with fireballs and lightning flying around, and having some thick masonry to hide behind would be prudent.
No. 396149 ID: 8e9e17

Well a little peek around the corner shouldn't hurt. Lets have a look!
No. 396160 ID: b85f8c

Lyskir looks like he's having fun. Ask him if he's having fun.
No. 396203 ID: 196d1b

Ask Lyskir why the cows look like him. They even have the slissa horns and the slissa colors and the slissa udders!
No. 396204 ID: 12c19f

>slissa udders

I beg your what.
No. 396469 ID: 97bd86
File 133290262079.png - (118.58KB , 500x400 , 222.png )

What are you talking about? These are totally normal cows.

I think they're related to kliss-- slipper-- lizards in the same way sergals are related to wolves, but I'm no expert.

"Hey, uh, Lyskir... why do you like the cows so much?"

"cows are awesome okay"

Uhh... whatever.

"Saikhan... why are you on top of a cow?"

"I'm going to go figure out what's going on outside."

"Why does that involve riding on a cow?"

"It just does, okay?"

Zorig sighs.
No. 396470 ID: 97bd86
File 133290268488.png - (71.78KB , 500x400 , 223.png )

I manage to coax the cow into walking up to where I can peek through the doorway.

Sure enough, they're shouting at each other. I have no idea what they're saying, though. Sounds like some other language.

"So what were you actually planning on doing about this?"

"I dunno."

Maybe I should have thought of a plan before --
No. 396471 ID: 97bd86
File 133290273061.png - (91.33KB , 500x400 , 224.png )

No. 396472 ID: 97bd86
File 133290275812.png - (84.51KB , 500x400 , 225.png )


What just happened?
No. 396474 ID: 196d1b

No. 396481 ID: ed57e8

look at her with puppy eyes and say "he was gonna break the curse."
No. 396486 ID: 063c28

holy fuck what

okay whether or not this turns out to be a prank, this is unconscionable.
No. 396493 ID: ed57e8

also looks like she cast BUSTA WOLF
No. 396505 ID: b85f8c

Complain that you were going to have that guy help remove your curse. Whine at Eryhkeh that now you're never gonna get it removed.

Whine really annoyingly.
No. 396509 ID: 369d34

Retreat behind the door frame, then ask Eryhkeh what the flying fuck was that?! Be prepared to run away really, really fast. She just might have gone mad with power.
No. 396609 ID: 2fa6b4

Make this face: O.V.O.........sorry, I know that wasnt very helpful, but I got nothing after seeing that.
No. 396660 ID: 12c19f

Make the biggest doe eyes and tear up, screaming about all the trouble you went through just for the angry giant shrimp lady punching out your only hope for being uncursed.
No. 396969 ID: 97bd86
File 133306700495.png - (84.74KB , 500x400 , 226.png )


"Why did you do that?!"

"Hey, I just did you a favor."

"What?! How the heck was that possibly doing me a favor?!"
No. 396970 ID: 97bd86
File 133306702937.png - (80.63KB , 500x400 , 227.png )

"He needed to loosen up a bit, I think. Plus, I won the bet. I totally get to do that anyway."

"Hitting him with a giant fireball isn't 'loosening him up!' And what bet are you talking about?!"

"Well, I guess it wasn't exactly a bet. More like a 'challenge.' I looked at it like a bet. Basically, I was Mister Giant and Green here's apprentice, or student, or whatever you want to call it, for a couple months earlier this year. It worked out okay for a while, but the guy has some depression problems because he got kicked out of the Cool Dragons Club or something and now nobody will talk to him. I tried to help him out--"


"Look, I really do do nice things for people sometimes. Anyway, we kinda got in a fight because he doesn't like talking about his problems and it ended with him telling me to go away and only come back when I was better at magic than him or something like that. I don't remember exactly but the important part was I had to beat him in a fight. And I totally did!"
No. 396971 ID: 97bd86
File 133306704858.png - (99.84KB , 500x400 , 228.png )

"That's great for you, I guess. But he was gonna uncurse me! Now he's, like, dead in a crater or something!"

"Look, if I were better with curses, I could totally uncurse you myself, right now. Besides, he would've just kept adding weird tasks until he got frustrated with you and kicked you out because he can't deal with his stupid emotional problems. This is probably way better for you."

"How is not getting uncursed better?!"

"Trust me, okay? Like I said, I did you a favor."
No. 396974 ID: a83682

Call her a Naughty Slazzy.
No. 396975 ID: 12c19f

See if he's genuinely dead or just badly wounded. I think he's twitching.

Also glowing white hot. Definitely scorched something awful.
No. 396976 ID: 180ec2

Ask how you'll be able to do anything if you're still cursed! Also... is dueling actually legal here? Poke Rodozi with a stick.
No. 396977 ID: 265919

We should focus on hugging more, as hugging is the cure to our curse!

So hug anyone anywhere when available...
... like the depressive/slain dragon (if not totally dead) giving him some kind of sympathy!
No. 396979 ID: 12c19f


No. 396989 ID: 369d34

Er... I think that Big Green Dragon with emotional problems is about to rise out of the crater and drop the proverbial magic hammer on Eryhkeh's head. It would be prudent to put some distance between you two right now. Run over and hug Rodozi.
No. 396992 ID: b85f8c

Tell her she's got issues of her own if she thought that it was appropriate to blast someone with a fireball just because they bet they could beat them in a fight. There are less destructive ways to demonstrate that! Like pinning him down with a wall of force!
No. 397023 ID: 2fa6b4

Hug Rodozi and say you're glad he's ok.
No. 397132 ID: b6edd6

You probably shouldn't hug him at the moment. That tends to bad a bad idea with burn victims.
No. 397175 ID: 2fa6b4

I hate to admit it, but you're probably right. I withdraw my last statement.......with a lot of effort. >.V.<
No. 398679 ID: 97bd86
File 133355639987.png - (73.95KB , 600x500 , 229.png )

I'm about to yell at Eryhkeh again when I notice it looks like Rodozi is climbing out of the crater.

... What the heck?

"Ughh... what on earth did I get hit by?"
No. 398680 ID: 97bd86
File 133355642796.png - (131.80KB , 600x500 , 230.png )

"Um... are you okay?"

"I got this killer headache, but I think I'm gonna be just fine... wait, who are you again? You seem familiar..."


"Oh yeah right you're the girlie with the curse. I'll get that fixed up for you in a jiffy, once I can see straight again."

What did Eryhkeh do?
No. 398683 ID: 97bd86
File 133355651989.png - (78.55KB , 600x500 , 231.png )

"Okay, chickadee, you're all uncursed and stuff. Thanks for getting me the cows and all that, although I can't remember what I was gonna do with those."

I don't really feel any different from before... Did he just call me "chickadee?"

"So, um, do I still need to do the rest of that stuff?"

"Well, it'd be pretty chill if you did. Plus I'm gonna be helping your little lizard pal out with magic all the time so I imagine we're gonna be hanging out a lot anyway."


"Sure thing, brosketball! I got nothing better to do lately."
No. 398684 ID: 97bd86
File 133355656836.gif - (187.49KB , 600x500 , 232.gif )

"Actually, you know what? Outside of this headache I feel way better than I have in forever. C'mere, you guys."

Wait what

"Put me down!"

"You too!"

"Whatever, you sap."
No. 398685 ID: 97bd86
File 133355660357.gif - (126.39KB , 600x500 , 233.gif )

I don't think this really went the way I was planning on, but I made a bunch of new friends.

I think I can live with this.
No. 398687 ID: 97bd86
File 133355669909.gif - (627.04KB , 600x500 , 234.gif )

"Seriously, put me down already!"

"Oh, come on. Lemme have this."
No. 398688 ID: f2c010

Magic, the best cure for all that ails you! No, really, all that ails you. Consult your local witch doctor for more information.

Only 17? We're going to have to do better next time!
No. 398703 ID: bccf7b


Bestend :>
No. 398830 ID: 03ee4e

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